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TframingF3am,5ouIFg9Jfiq5F4Scf3oof Qrabua tion Ziscercises Af ' fx f ,f is xX, xx. f Q Q ? K 1 E Q Q I f A -,X 5 LJ fb if? f' 1 Wx X Af Io xixgigg' if .1 M ' f- U .J I qi q X, Hilyxy SX ff, W ',!,j!! H -L X -. W -X 'Hfr4,C.L8 33011261166 Tiefb Sum e, 1968 VENIHUS, VIDIHUS, VICIHUS HE CAME. Pour years ago, la alpteaber, 196l, we, the class of 1968, entered Framingham South High School as innocent, wide-eyed freshmen. Little did we realise what was ahead of us: four of the happiest and lost fulfilling years of our lives. He were to leave an indelible mark with all our achievements -- scholastic, athletic, and social. HE SAH. As freshmen we came and we saw what was happen- ing in this new world all around us. 1953 WIS B PPGS3-denfill election year, and a mock election confronted us in our first few months. For many, this was an awakening to the political situation which had hitherto been unknown. But we weren't the only ones to be confronted with a new experience. The rest of the school was confronted with us. Due to our large numbers, rooms, such as the girls' and boys' dressing rooms, had to be utilized as classrooms to accommodate us. We also brought into the school the new French program which had started in 255 fourth SPBGE classes. Many upperclassmen must have been amazed and humiliated when freshmen could speak French as well as they. we really began to feel a part of the school when we were allowed to attend the football rallies and show our school spirit. KA year later we realized how lucky we had been when the next freshman class and succeeding ones were denied this pr1v1leae.l And then there was more bustle of school activity and spirit as everyone participated in the candy sale, Christmas projects, and ned Cross Drive. Of course, our class sold more fudge than anyone else! Remember, as we all innocently trudged out of school lugging our ten or twenty pounds while the seniors scoffed at us? But we d1dn't mind. We were doing something for our school and showing that we were the greatest class with the greatest spirit. And then we were sophomores--no longer were we low men on the totem pole. It was s whirlwind year of activity, starting with our football team winning the Bay State League title. Later, to amuse the English teacher, we spent many an hour writing about our gloriously exciting lives in our sophomore autobiographies. Then there was the delicious odor of formaldehyde emanating from our clothes as we devotedly cut up frogs in our biology classes. The science department had instilled in us such a craving for knowledge, that we all eagerly entered astonishing projects in the Science Fair and were the best represented class there. This was also the year for us to take the traditional sophomore testing to tell us where our aptitudes and abilities lay. Many a girl was quite surprised to find that she was perfectly suited for a Job as a plumber or engineer. At the end of this second year of high school, we were allowed to conduct elections for class offic- ers, who would lead us on to fame. The campaign period was a vigorous one with posters plastered on the walls, tags fluttering from girls' pocketbooks, and lollpops issued before the campaign speeches. The results were John Ferullo, presidentg Paul Calderon, vice-president, Pat Ritchie, secretary, and J1. Natlchioni, treasurer. And when the summer flew by and we were all too soon back in school. For two years. mystifgpd, we had quietly watched the activities of the upperclassmen: the long serles of tests, choosing colleges, sending in applications, and waiting for acceptanoes. we had seen all this, but we d1dn't realize the importance of it unitl we experienced it ourselves. But then, we were finally upperclassmeng we were Juniors. The threat of college acoeptances and rejectlons fluttered all about us. we now reg11ze hon important they were. Also, to give us a first hand knowledge of the careers or vocations we were considering, occupational conferences were held. And then we relearned the letters of the alphabet: PSAT's. NMSQT's, SAT's, and achievements seemed to be the most important end made us wonder lf it was all really worth lt. BUD. there was a lot more to junior year thrn just college worries. In music appreciation we had advanced from Tony Soul as freshmen, to Ted Tuscont and the Wlldmen as sophomores, to the Boosters Club's first Homecoming Dance and the I.B.C. dance with M.C.'s from WBZ as Juniors. Our class celebrities included Sally Halsh, who was selected as the finalist in the American Field Service Program and spent the next summer in Italy, and Bonnie Wilks, who upheld the reputation of our class in Drama Nite. No memories of our Junior year would be complete without mentioning the Junior Prom. At the beginning of the year the class officers had selected a steering committee to aid in putting on this gala affair. For many months they met and planned the prom, and en arduous but pleasant task it was. The steering committee meetings ran long while everyone haggled over whether or not those attending the prom would like strawberries on their ice cream. Klt was decided not to have the strawberr1es.J That year our class decided to break trad1t10D by holding the prom out of the school for the first time. Another change was the three Grand Marches which were held to accom- modate all the people on the small dance floor at the Meadows. All in all, the prom was a huge success, except for one minor difficulty. The cameras were so astonished by all the 'Moonlight and Roses' beauty around them, they forgot to function corectly, and so there are very few pictures around of the best prom South High ever had. Therefore, posterity will just have to take our word for this. The only thing left to add about Junior year was the hard work we expended on our theses. we all remember well how horrified we felt when this assignment was first explained to us. How could we possibly do all that work and put it all together in one paper? But somehow or other we all managed, and marched around proudly showing off 'my thesisu to everyone. However, for many of us it was not just an English thesis with which we were confronted, but a U. S. History thesis too, and somehow the due dates on both seemed to coincide. Yet, we d1dn't mind Kmuchl. Dedicated students like us thrived on sifting through volumes of books on the Civil llfn Andrew Jackson, and President Kennedy. WE CONQUERED. Then all of a sudden it happened! The class ahead of us had graduated and we were SENIORSI Fatlently, for three years, we had watched and waited for our year of glory and now it was here. Did we deserve lt? Of course we did! How did we fare scholastlcally? Hell, we sure had a 'ot of brains 1n our class. In all of our four years in h1gh school Maureen Donnel, who was also the state governor for a day. I we had an outstanding number of students on both honor rolls. And Other Pe0Ple, N 0 Worked hard On our Student Publ1C8t10hS which then in our Junigr year 511 these people finally get recognition reported on our social functions, were Susan Pike, who was editor when they were inducted 1nto the National Honor Society. It was Of the Crier Wnicn Von a T and G Honor AVard, and Alice Litter, the largest group ever to be inducted, and because of this some editor, and Kathy Martin, aSSiStBnt ed1tOr, Of the Philomath, of the seats for the Jun1ors had to be moved in behind the lesser 5 record of this Our senldr Year- Of COUFSQ, at all the proms number of seniors to fit everyone on the stage. Officers from our girls were the prettiest, and our princesses and queen testify our own class were then elected, who ably continued on the tradition to this: freshman, Rosanne Agostinellig sophomore, Mary Noonan, of lighting candles and making speeches for the Induction ceremony. Junior, Patricia Richie, and our own Queen Guenevere, Lindsey They were Gloria Anspach, pres1dentg Elizabeth Gould, v1ce-president, Goddard- In this CateB0Py of Soclability, we C8hhOb forget all Susan Reder, recording secretary, Mary Noonan, corresponding the foreign exchange students we were lucky to meet, helping ur secretaryg and Lorna Fraelic, treasurer. Also, there were two semi- to Widen our understanding Pe0P1e and Cultures- There were finalists in tne National Merit Test -- walter Perini and Marty Jens Nielson from Denmark, Teresa Perez from Peru, Haluk Ozemek Bregman, in addition to the many who received letter of commendation. from Turkey, and Our Own Ue10Ved Jane Ford fren England- D1d we conquer athletically? Besides brains, our class And n0W, We're at the 010Se Of Our senior year. It has was blessed w1th a lot of brawn. Ever since freshman year we Passed by Quickly and naPPi1y as we Were the le3derS of the SChOOl showed our outstanding ability with athletes such as Ralph Bowman, Our 5en10r Class Offieers--Bruce Swift, President? Sally Maisny Don Anderson, Kevin Kimball, and Paul Nardini. In our freshman vice-presidentg Mary MacNamara, secretary, and Jimmy Nat1ch1on1, year 50 many boys get 'FW jackets that the school nad to discontinue treasurer--picked another steering committee to organize our most the practice of giving them to freshmen boys in succeeding years. imP0rtant Class activities. First on the agenda was tne 5en10r In sophomore year, all of the football teams our boys were on had Class Play, Twelve Angry People. The actors of our class most winning seasons, showing the great prowess of our class in sports. effeCtiVely turned tnemselves into Jurdrs as tney struggled to Our sophomore team was undefeated, the J.V.'s had a winning season, decide the fate Of B y0unE DOY aeeused of murder in this tW0-nk and, last but not least, tne vap51ty was Bay State Champs with performance. And then there was the Senior Variety Show under such Sonngmgpes on it as Paul Nardini, Ricky Smith and Jimmy able hands of producer Barry Koch and director Amy Johnson. Ss Trombl. When basketball season rolled around, our school was against 3 n3Ckgr0und Of 3 sneak-easy in the 1920's with B12 Sal B tti . . victorious in maklng the Tech Tourney with our sophomores Steve ronze J as the M C ' this Show was something totally new and . . diff t f Kamin, Brad hawkins, and Paul Calderon on the team. Junior year eren or us, as we went back to the generation of Bonnie M Cl d . With f t our class athletes were again outstanding but the famed first y e as moving skits' full of hitherto unknown Senior t 1 t t fill 1 b t th t line in hockey comes most readily to mind -- Kevin Kimball, Don a en , 0 n e Ween e ac S' this performance never let , . V , the audience rest for a moment. AHOSFSOH, and NGC Dowd. Also, that year the gymnastic team won . , O S 1 fi ll d t l the Say State heague t1tle with many of our classmates on the ur en or year na y rew O a C ose as the most Souad coveted awards 1n the whole school were announced--the High Honor Group and Leadership and Service Award. As seniors, of course our boys were the mainstay for all teams, whether it was football, cross COuhtrY, sdeeer, High Honor Group Leadership and Service track, basketball, hockey, gymnastics, golf, tennis, or baseball. Anspacn, Gloria Ansnacn, Gloria X , Gould, El1zabeth Donnelly, Maureen To mention only a few outstanding names, we list football co- Martin, Kathy Ferullo, John t 1 N , Anne Provencher Johnson, Amy cap a ns ard1n1 and Smith, hockey co-captains Kimball and Anderson, Koen, Barry M 1 h S ll and baseball co-captains wayne Hawkins and Peter Eorghi. The Ngrginelapagl Ritchie Pat 1 1 hockey teams had a winning season and scored the big upset of the Smith, irnesi C a S 1ft B year when it defeated first place Needham. However, the boys W ' race E c t f t 1 ht t d ti t 1 ht weren't the only athletes, our girls participated actively 1n X ep or ommorrow n g a gra ua on' on S ' J 5 1968 1 our 1 t 1 ht t th 1 . Al h sports all of their four years too. Perhaps the year's biggest une ' ' S as n g oge er as a C ass t ough it is doubtf l if ll ld bl 1 ft thi k thrill goes to Sally Ma1sh whose softball team won their first u we 3 con ever assem e Aga n a er S wee ffor there 1s a huge and exc1t1 orld 1t1 J l t' h game in four years. Our cheerleaders, Joanne Mores1-capta1n- S ng W awa ng Us ' e S cpe we will al a b 1 th t t f ll th Joanne Cattani, Maureen Donnelly, and Gail Relzner, were always W ys remem er our C ass, e greg es one 0 a ' e Class of 1968. we did many things of which we can always be proud there to cheer on the teams, ably aided by our majoretteg under and let's hope again that we will always be remembered. Each one Margaret Lavalee. of us can alwa s be r d h h a nl d at d 1 1963 U f D1d we also conquer socially? Throughout our four y p ou W en e S YS' gra u E n ' or' truly, wE CAME, WE SAV, and NE CONQUERED. years 1n high school, our class d1d an outstanding job in Mary Noonan, Chief Historian contributing to all class activities. Our student council Maureen Donnelly, Assistant representatives worked diligently to make all the dances and drives a success, and senior year they were ably led by President Anne Provencher, Assistant C L A S S J I L L Kevin Kimball leaves his place in the penalty box to next year's co-captains. Terry NCCBFCHY loaves mis nhon Juann reputation to anyone who wants it. Joanne Horesi leaves four years worth of ki:ley'. le: mane- up to next year's cheerleaders. Jenny Ponta leaves her foolish pranks ana HT. C :,N tc next year's most comical girl. Gale Reizner leaves ner clue eyes to silly Ee-goai .. ner locker to Matny Lahfley. Paul -areini leaves his two front teeth uno fwntlstic spied to cutcn Aucrr. Booty Paul leaves his UConn nits Yrossn t . unc is lucay enoufn to have to 'G. Cris JQCUOTiCL legvff Hi' gugrtererc ,iliLU .j Lcj who is aoou: five incnis tiller. Steve 1 lip leave: niJ 3 -'-"s etbill 7LJC f?YCiE3 Jriu . I n3 leav ale L ellen e of inc 31:22 5 sex exactly as it U71 .ea lc 1'er,a Lintu 'ra,t. Maureen -ohne l, eau s South 'L-UeUO.IIv!!H Peter -er hi its' init leav- Lcretner as usual. JLhiCc Lelake leave: -r su-fcstion that we ornal our con- tract ultn .egtwool . 1 .S fc all future seniors. saroar QU lalven 4 r Hvise-cracainf aoilityn to Joauie beef: Qcx Au,erson leaves without sis license. ' Podl Cflderua leaves his left-hanueu jump snot to next year's tasletoall teas. P Joanne Cattani leaves with her rraauation rift--? - Ts-' ,u.ecn loscano leaves--never without a sale connanion. Jim Trombl leaves ---- friendly as ever. John Steacle leaves his escapades at North to Marty Grlnley. Carol Joyce, Pat Ritchie, Joanne Ferguson, Dottie Crosby, and Lindsay Goddard leave the South High UAn1mal Squadu only to establish another one at U. of Mass. Mike Richardson leaves his bones to anyone who thinks he is Hmeatyn enough to fill them. Eddie Resteghini leaves in his new red sports car. Cris Crowley leave the D. Q. and Famous without her presence. Judy Bell looks forward to school days at U. of Mass. Elaine Kindler passes on her repu ation as a gum pusher. Donna King leaves her head to Mr. Bagush. Susan Krailo sends George Bernard Shaw back to the library. Margaret Lavallee leaves her high nuleage tank to any stong- armed girl. Beverly Leith leaves word that she is practically hitched. Jane Levenson looks forward to French interests in future years. Patty McKee and Barbara Myers leave behind their fame of being a gruesome twosome who can conquer any foe. Ann Mahoney passes on a worn softball glove to next year's team. Ann Palanzl leaves B-33 without saying a word. Luanne Peso flys off to never-never land like Peter Pan. Linda Hill and Liz Hayes leave C-20 with Steve Garner. Alex Hunter leaves notehand to secretaries. Liz Hayes leaves instructions on how to have Chinese fire drills on Grove Street. Steve Garner leaves the immortal words Hwhat the heck do we have to do to do this for?H to Mr. Hamilton. Wendy Durgin leaves her horn to any girl who can fill her space. George D'Amora leaves as a master ln speaking Spanish. Mary Leonardo leaves her business brains to help the cafeteria workers keep track of the pennies that go down the garbage disposal. Pat Bronzettl leaves Sa1's Speak-Easy to anyone brave enough to take lt. Paula Cournoyer leaves her dancing ability to anyone who can fill her shoes. Colleen Duggan leaves one crazy microphone and a great voice to Mr. Jachowitz. Margaret McCarthy leaves her fantastic math ability to some undeserving junior. Bonnie Wilkes leaves her spirited personality to some life- less Junior. Susan Clarke leaves her sewing ability to the Home Economics Department. Nancy Cole leaves her long hair to any Junior boy interested in being a hippie. Jane Brassard leaves all her math tests and homework to some unsuspecting underclassman entering Advanced math I. Stephanie DeCicco leaves a set of well worn-out nerves from the variety show. Marsha Myles leaves one gold dress and a pair of gold stockings to some future sparkling graduate. Larry Smith leaves the senior girls to the junior boys. Nancy True leaves a garter from the variety show to be used as a slingshot. Pat Capstick leaves twelve successful varsity-sport Seasons as the indispensable water-boy. Tom Levanson leaves his heart to Miss Lampertl. Cay Bushnell leaves the nickname of uPantherH to any green freshman who can see in the dark. Gary Kach leaves a recipe for putting fortunes in baegals Walter Perinl leaves all his essays to any potential writt who needs inspiration. Robert Hare leaves his wig. Richard Kowalski leaves his ntweets' and Wquacksn to Raffl Kassabian and all the other members of the Howdy gang. Steve Brandon leaves his brain to science. Edmund Hall leaves a supply of game Jersies to the football team. Robert Locke leaves golf for hopscothh. Ted Jose leaves his sister to all of the Junior class wolves. Dave Lewis leaves his heart and Hsoul' to us all. Alice Litter leaves a year's supply of Excedrin to next year's Philomath staff. Eddie Guardlani leaves all his rides to the baseball team. Leslie Breed leaves the much used, out of tune piano. Marni Abu and Nancy Stephan leave two daily ice cream sand- wiches to Gale Roberts. Susan Reder leaves directions to North to next year's senior girls. Gloria Anspach leaves her striped dresses. Celeste Introinl leaves her sincerity to anyone who can live up to it. Sondra Davidonis leaves her artistic ability. Mike Vodoklys leaves the high school girls for happier hunt- ing grounds at U. of Mass. Butter Ferrari leaves Rat and Hammy to next year's senior girls. Ricky Smith leaves his one and only yellow card to any deserv- ing math student. Rozanne Agostlnelll leaves her weak stomach to be a nurse. wayne Hawkins leaves his sporting ability to some deserving Junior. Julie Natlchlonl leaves her way with words to the English Department. Linda Johnson leaves her artistic ability to the scenery com- mittee of next year's senior play. Virginia Meegin leaves her sparkling Smile to S0me 111-humored Junior. Carol Matheson leaves her school lunches to Julie N. Susan Oppici leaves her crazy sense of humor. Vicki Crager leaves her title of class flirt to some deSGPVinS junior. Larry Porier leaves his foot in a lawnmower and his arm in a sling. Bruce Hulme leaves his love-life and a sexy wa1ter's outfit. Christie Camuso and Eugene Barrows leave to become doctors or lawyers. Paul Manzella and Kevin Bagnall leave all their gym clothes to Mr. Strong. Bert Baker left at least six months before we did. Richard Dobson leaves high school but never Dawson Totten. Jeff Prince and Ronnie Rendell leave a blown up physics lab to Mr. Gaucher. John Henderson was forced to leave his wild gala life to answer the call of veterinary medicine at Purdue. Paula Gallivan leaves her mother in the medical room. B111 Dwyer leaves anything that he can't take with him. Don Glardlni leaves his car wrapped around a pole. John Mathieu leaves money????? Peter Bratica left bed to be here. Jim Reinhardt leaves his Hnaturaln blond hair. Maureen Finn leaves her old boy friend Gordon. Pat Edmonds leaves her drum that goes nboom, boom . . .' Steve Waugh leaves with a purple HHell's Angelsw motorcycle. George Novinger and Earl Dinsmore leavetalklng like magpies. Nancy Comolli leaves her freckles to any other Irish-Italian who wants them. Jim Quinlan leaves the mail box in front of Bond's. Dave Codd and Steve McConnell leave their red hair to be used in the school kitchen as steel-wool. Barry noch leaves his all-out campaign for UBlmo Lincoln.u Pam DeMarco leaves her book, One Thousand and One Italian Jokes. Jay Howard leaves his nMr. Tracku title to anyone who wants it. Odin Frltzvold leaves his artistic talent...especially his ability to doodle in class. Bruce Chaput leaves quietly. Pet Carboni leaves her fantastic driving ability. Mary Ann Wright leaves Mr. Hatch two pennies for the right ans- wer. Sally Maish leaves Miss Maloney to Pam and Juice. She also leaves her bugle nShut Up.n :Bn Bsendel leaves his position of supreme ruler of MHaendel's fQme like Levine leaves his unbeatable record of absences to the underclsssmen. Aly Johnson leaves her French dictionary to Mrs. Mack. Bruce Swift leaves his gavel with a sigh of relief. Sue Pike leaves her skiing ability to any deservingfunderclass- man. She also leaves the Crier to Abbey. Vol Haskins leaves her Psyched-Out Spiffle fringe. Debbie Aiken leaves her red hair to Leslie Harlett. llck Belles leaves A friendly neighbor. Jean Bronzetti leaves a new doorstep to the next marshal who gets her post. Pam AIIOTIBB leaves several inches of leg above the knee. Dennis Sobiewskl leaves the dance band to some capable junior. John Ferullo leaves his desire to be a jockey. Cecile Derouin leaves A. P. History after two years of continual hunger. Pattie Hackett leaves the Pep Squad and all its lively meetings. Ann Provencher leaves her dainty sneezes. Sue Bayes leaves tow years of A.P. History with HHaendel's Harem.u Mary Noonan leaves to join Shavey, at last: Lorna Fraelic leaves her Hdeadu tennis balls to next year's tennis captain. Bonnie Lytle leaves her desk in homeroom to some new little freshman. Helene Player leaves all the fun she had. Paul Ford leaves a better idea. Ned Dowd leaves his position in the penalty box to Chris Kimball. Greg lntinerelll leaves a metal pyramid. Mary MacNamara leaves Bruce Swift following her around. Kathy Redmond, Barbara Hoyt, and Roberta Warren leave a scene at Jane Brassard's house. Carol Slamin and Linda Brillhart leave their C-U make-up kit. Cheryl Tognacci leaves a well-used seat in the office next to Robert Richwein. Priscilla worswick leaves her absentee slips to Joanne Muto. Billy Sherman leaves two friends who will return next year. Dougie Pollard leaves his corn-popping ability to next year's chef class. Penny Little leaves a nickel. Helen Paletsky and Carolyn Dow leave for Cape Cod parties. Gerry Hardy leaves The Return of the Native to Thomas. .-,..i. ...A+--'f:-1-' Maureen Bethoney leaves her shorthand skills to next year'r senior steno class. Marsha Muise and Cindy Thistle leave Charlie and Bessie in school parking lot. Jimmy Natichionl left with all the money. Kathy Martin leaves with high honors. Cathy luminare leaves the art room door locked. Mike Gumben leaves a pack of Beech-Nut. Sue Geller leaves quietly. Brian Corbett leaves his freckles to Terry Adams. Elisa Diasio leaves her eyes open. Brad Blake leaves his ple cru5t recipe to Mrs. McDuffy. George Bliss leaves in a Hfriendlyn way. Bobby Brigham leaves the best ice cream. Ellie Buck leaves sig Sal's bar. Julia Rivers leaves for the big sea waters. Benny Clinton leaves his week-end nature. Sandie Welch leaves her airplane wings. Chris Welch leaves his name to a grape Juice company. Mary Sue Allison leaves her comparison of Cicero to anyone who wants it. Richard Lane leaves C-30. Ed Lehmann leaves his gymnastic ability. Lenny Lytle leaves his little blue Opel. Bill McBride leaves for Bedford. Robert Mooney leaves his wide-awake look. Kathy Moscatelll leaves question marks around school Dave Nichols leaves the shop. Dennis Orser leaves his trumpet. Charles Plourde leaves for the ball game. Janice Polamarenco leaves to see nSmitty,n Bob Quinlan leaves a stick of gum and his former Edsel. Joe Reisman leaves twenty volumes of notes from four years for anyone. Richard Otte 1eaves...still trying to win a handstand contest. Charles Leverone leaves memories of a great time in Mr. Alves' class. Richard Levy leaves in his V. U. with Ralph Bowamn. Richard Higgins leaves Hwell ya take and seen to Dr. Meegan. Kirk Jordan leaves his four years of experience in track. Walter Kanz leaves to Mr. Dada his u0ldsH Ron Harrington leaves for a career with First National. Bob Gibbs leaves for a good time with Smith and the Boys. Tony Folino leaves. Dave Wolf leaves his Falcon for a V. W. Wally Fuller leaves his experience as a Soccer goalie. Arnold Evans leaves to play football. Steve Fedorchak leaves 28 periods of soccer for a jacket. John Fiore leaves the crying student. Doug Eiss leaves his Plymouth with Stein in it. Jim Crawford leaves with Bob Gibbs. Kevin Abelli leaves for Marshfield and the surf. Olympio Arujo leaves experience as a soccer linesman. Mark Balkam leaves the dishwasher at Cushing. Paul Barley leaves a great bear hug. Tony Bartonlini leaves his lacrosse stick. Rocco Beatrice leaves his jovial smile. Dennis Benefits leaves Mr. HKU. Ralph Bowman leaves memories of trying to get a ride to the prom. Franny Butt leaves his clarinet. Carlo Castellana leaves to shoot pool with Frank. Barry Sugarman leaves his strong masculine chin. Bruce Whitney leaves his canoe in Gleason's Pond. Dawson Totten leaves his optimistic outlook on Americans. Steve Sasville leaves his term paper to Mrs. Savas. Ron Sawash leaves drags at Waushakum. Don Smith leaves his iron stomach. Chris Camacho hopes to leave behind a blue Falcon to any buyer or junk dealer. Sue Tolle leaves in her own car..HLong may she drive.H Roni Bache leaves her door with a sigh. Elaine Belloli leaves her crutches to anyone who pulls a knee. Sue Blue leaves her wide range of allergies to a puzzled doctor. Barbara Bock leaves HSock it to men notes. Karen Cartwright leaves as a blonde, brunette, or redhead? Barbara Stetson leaves a certain class with a few battte scars. Sugan Rosenhlatt leaves a mini-sized boyfriend. Richard Tarr leaves as the only Spanish Charlie Brown. Linda Rotelli leaves to next year's varsity team the dead tennis balls from practice. Terry Holmes leaves her opinion about diets..Ha pain.H Verian Elsemiller leaves with her silver award. Kathy Dowd leaves fantastic memories of the UIIGI with Mary Lou Conca. Jane Barbieri leaves away in her Blue Jay. Sandi Bonasoro leaves all the little crooked letters to next year's typing pool. Judi Gersh leaves a bar of soap for next year's purple- smeared typing pool. Debbie Verra leaves her height to Debbie Oca. CLASS PROPHECY - 1958 nLad1es and gentlemen . . . Please do not panic. This shelter is completely safe from any foreign element. Please remain calm. From time to time c1t1zen5 fpgm above will be coming down the elevator shaft . . . Also, word will be transmitted over the televiewers bringing us infonmation from various places in the world. I stress, do not panic. we are 1500 feet below ground level and of the ailing inhabitants, working diligently with the medical staff is M.I.T. graduate Marty Bregman who is trying to program a computer to cure simple nervous tension which is mounting in the complex. The problem of lack of communication which the language barrier is causing is being remedied by the introduction of a universal language. The has undertaken the task of Latin. The immortal words Latin Club, eager to be useful, teaching the entire population of a Latin scholar have finally perfectly safe.H So the immortal voice of Barry Koch, artist and HEHSCBSCEP, Opefled Oh 3 gX'1lTl SCSU? of 3 V8.SC bOITlb Sheltefh Periodically the elevator hisses to a halt and many famil- lar faces appear. The chief of police, Jimmy Irombi and his captain, Michael Smith, make sure order is kept. Marshal-in-chief Terry McCarthy is heading the operation of directing everyone to their respective quarters, The governors are moving toward their executive offices , . , Bruce Hulme of Vermont, ihureen Donnelly of Massachusetts, Christine Crowley, governor of Cape Cod, Butter Ferrari of Wisconsin, Ellie Buck, governor of Greenwich Village, and finally, successor to Howard Hughes, Greg Intinarelli, the newly elected governor of Las Vegas. They will take over control of the complex for the duration of our time in this shelter, Other notable dignitaries entering with the governors are Cecile Derouln, ambassador to France, Jane Ford, ambassador from England, Odin Fritsvold, ambassador from Norway, Palma DeMarco, from Italy, and Olympio Araujo from Portugal. Between announcements and the bustling and moving about in the complex, activity is resumed corners of the retreat. In the northwest in the various the refugee children are receiving their normal education from the Future Teachers Club under the direction of Marsha Muise, Susan Rosenblatt, and Veronica Eache. However, total direction of the educational system 1s managed by Kathy Martin, superintendent of schools, Anne Provencher, direc- tor of higher education, and Tom Levenson, illustrious and well-loved principal. Mark sense cards are being distributed and everyone is asked to complete these for ldentification purposes and for clerical computations. This procedure is by Maureen Creasls, Linda Canali, Colleen Joanne Cattani, directors of the business shelter. The cards, when completed, will being attended to Duggan, and department of the be collected by the appointed couriers, Susan Reder, Susan Krailo, Elaine come true. NL1ngua Latina non mortua est - Latin is not dead.H Meanwhile the industrial arts graduates, Arnold Evans, Eugene Barrows, Chris Camuso and Edmund lmll are engaged in the construction of an uarcn tangent to the kitchen complex. within the kitchen, the former chefs'course graduate Tony Bartollni is serving as head dieticlan. Again the voice of Barry Koch lntervenes to dispel fear and anxiety: use will endeavor to maintain life as usual, and it must be remembered that man does not live by bread alone. Parties are being arranged by our social directors fal Ahaskins, Greg Intinarelli and Pat Ritchie. Future enter- tainment for your listening pleasure will be supplied by David Codd, conductor of the Boston Pops. Among the many members of the old South High bend who are with the Pops we recognize Denis Soblewskl, Leslie BQQEQ, vocalist Tue Purington and guest entertainer, David Lewis. Also, you will once again see the entire cast of the Senior larlety Show of 1968. There you will see Snoopy romping about while Richard Tarr still recites Shakespeare ln blang verse. we can already hear Bruce Chaput singing protest songs, but unfortunately there might not be much left to protest against after the war. Ernie Smith is holding the greatest audience by a mixture of comedy, dramatics and flamenco dancing. In the southeast sector, Dk Clancy's art students now directed by Linda Johnson, are presenting an exhibition entitled, Underground Art.H Occasionally, word from the outside world is transmittec over the televlewers in various corners of the complex. Nam areas of the world are still unaffected by the approaching war and many prominent people are still aboveground. We hav just had an announcement that President Swift declared that if the North Vietnamese continue their invasion of southern California they will be politely asked to come to his peace table. If they refuse, he will send the International Relations Club to attempt to solve the problem. Key figure who would go with this group would be Ann Mahoney and Cathy Belloli and other fonmer library aides. They will then be key-punched by the typing pool instructed by Mary Leonardo, Sand Bonssoro, Sue Tolle, Judy Gersh and Debb Verra. The world-renowned medical staff led by Amy Johnson, Richard Levy and other fonmer Tlsdell students will check all infor- mation gathered and wherever necessary will Join the shelter's own Florence Nightingales, Rozanne Agostinelli, Janice Delaney and Msrni Abu.1n ministering to the needs wismer. In other news, the American Steering Committee has mac another world-shaking decision stating that at the next National Teachers Convention Italian dressing would be substituted for Roquefort. Again, in national news, the National Association of Student Councils has expelled all but one of its members who were inexcusably absent while in the bomb shelter. Locally, the members of the world famous law firm of Dowd, Ballas and Ford,who recently gained the acquittal of walter Perini on a slander charge,are presently vacationing on an obscure Cape Cod beach catching rays despite the approaching holocaust. John Fiore, sportscaster on the televiewers has announced that at the world series held at the old landmark, Fenway Park, the Red Sox, led by slugger wayne Hawkins, defeated player-coach Billy Lbll1ver's Reds in six games. It is indeed surprising to find that 801 of the 1968 Flyers should be on the rosters of these two teams. Many celebri- ties were in attendance to cheer their favorites, including Pat Bronzetti, Celeste Introini, Joanne Ferguson and Patti Hackett. In other sports news, we have learned from Hdimpyu Fiore that at the world semi-1Jnal hockey playoffs at Learned's Pond, Don Anderson and Kevin Kimball led their teammates over a strong female team headed by PaulsCournoyer Bonnie Wilkes and Dottie Crosby. Ralph Bowman, star of our noble track team recently broke the two minute mile running with ten pound ankle weights and "low blacks." In a marathon 33 inning contest the U. S. Girls Olympic Softball team captured a titanium medal by a close score of 259 to 3. Larry Poirier place kicked the winning point for the Patriots for an upset victory at Bowditch Bowl. In a valiant effort for the opposing Minnesota Vikings John Ferullo was outstanding. Cheerlng for the victors, were our faithful senior cheerleaders led by Joanne Moresl, our majorettes led by Margaret Lavallee cartwheeled their way into the hearts of 50,000 spectators, former members of the Pep Squads. In many other athletic areas the approaching war has not affected the contests. Tony Manzella, Jerry Hardy, and Kevin Abelli, tri-captains of the U.S. Gold Medal Gymnastics Team, just defeated the Israelis at their capital of Cairo. Steven Kamin, Peter Dorghl, Brad Hawkins and Paul Calderon, along with other ex-super seniors, hold a slim lead ln the world volleyball championships. In a close second place are the American female contestants headed by Jeanne Eronzettl, Sally Maish, Carol Joyce, Lorna Fraellc and Linda Hotelli. Once again the elevator hlsses to a nalt and more refugees from above come out of the door. Israeli Prime Minister Tan Haendel and his harem of Nancy True, Susan Bayes, Susan Pike and Elaine Svenson enter amidst much commotion. Governor Donnelly, now opposing incu bent Bruce Swift for the presidency, greets them. J Other notable individuals seen exiting from the elevator are Cindy Thistle of the Thistle Vmlstle Company, William Sherman of the Sherman-Williams Paint, Kathy Redmond, test driver for Tonter-Scooter Company and Luanne P690 Of Pes-O-Pizza Palace. Suddenly the tense, business-like atmosphere prevalent throughout the crisis is broken by an announcement: nLad1es and gentlemen, we are pleased to inform you that your performance during this drill, I repeat drill, has been worthy of high praise. As I said, this eventwas e drill and we sincerely hope this practice will never be a reality in the future, You are now free to exit and resume your normal activities." CLASS SONG 1968 Our day has comeg It's time for good-bye To games lost and won, To heroes do or die We now leave behind The mem'ries of four years That we have spent here Our future time to cheer. Now as we part, We're leaving behind Some joy from each heart That's mellowed with the time, For here in these halls The laughter has rung loud From whispers to calls Of timid and of proud We now await The future aheadg We have been well tralnedg We're truly well bred, And each of us wants To be part of a team, A lesson we have learned To realize our dreams Eager to leave To face up to life, Our pathways to weave Without major strifeg Though problems may come We can solve them we know We feel life ahead Will serve us in good stead. Elaine Kindler Walter Perini waswwvtlwsmwagaiw. I 4 N 1 L N. ' T I I N l I r 1 , or 11 . Ar w I i in n,., 1? x 1,. Y 5 i in if E 52 3. 27 1 ---1-..:,m ,,2+'f-'-Zfbw a.,-- www - i,.l.Kea . 4 V fri' - 'tv'-, '.1.-5:25:55 - f - .fo JK I F3 B .M H ,. ,E -an-ggi M ,AI MQ, X . w "' V will K ' j.. . '-ffun.. 44' f . n ,.- 'if' I' ?"'3r "" , '- -- Q , ,f4?X"f" , 5,4-X., ,, ,. , N ef ' W '52, 4., ,-.. 1 , , ,'?' ' .'X.Tf" I ' g, I -'sis'-1 .:Qj:.fQif... :win-W V' , 1' A -ff' 1 W '-sua-gf' f-1 ...JI .Jig Q Q fh- J 444-4 0 """'9 1.- 'A' 1171 T x." 4' ,r,..:. 4 -"4.w. ,w ellie buck Qaida jolwsow gloaiaf auspadu eligabeflv gouldf susow 'IQAUU dame SUQMSOW susaw bwjes dwsu scagwwf wb dowd jog lwwofui lwtluj moscatdlw bwfi bww gwmugluuw, massadwsetts I 968 pldlomatlv wubedifoas bwgwpbjmwbvmsueditofvs Geatwweditms plwtueditows spofds 8430-'L assistant spofuts edits-as business mcwagwas business aduisofv fwtbleew mwvtuu, assistant eclitofu bawbwwf sbeulwv, aduisofu P10109 Our yearbook is about people, all the people who filled our four years at Framingham South High School. We can only equate our thoughts and emotions with those expressed by Ernest Hemingway in his work, A Movable Feast, ' '... new people came deep into our lives and nothing was ever the same again." Our teachers have guided us through the experiences recorded by history and literature, but there is more to learning than formal instruc- tion. Associations are necessary for personal development. Our individual development has been stimulated by guidance counselors, athletic coaches and instructors. Their united efforts have taught us to seek perfection in ourselves without destroying the strength and value of group harmony. We can find no better symbol for our cover than the tree-the tree of life, the embodiment of our development nurtured by so many people. alice katlaleewmwttiw Dedication Administra Sports Activities Seniors Epilogue Advertising matter, tion 84 Faculty jwfi if mls If wiljfkfdgrmifdg ! Y , i s r ,JS at A 'i r With helpful suggestions and patient understanding. Mary McDuffie has conscientiously guided our class. Her sparkling humor and Calm resolution have inspired and sustained us dur- ing our four years in high school. With much admiration and great respect, we the class of 1968 dedicate our yearbook to this teacher who is herself so dedicated. 7 Catherine Clifford began her career as a teacher of English in North Brookfield, Massachusetts, and came to Framingham from Penakook, New Hampshire. Mrs. Clif- ford taught English in Framingham for twenty years until 1948. She returned to teaching in 1957 and continued to distinguish herself as a dedicated teacher. This year Mrs. Clifford is retiring-from teaching only, never from the memory of her students. '-A uk 8 7 A M14 1 John Daniels came to Framingham in 1925. after four years of teaching in Newport, New Hampshire. In addi- tion to teaching social studies here, he coached many foot- ball and basketball seasons. In 1945, he became the Director of Athletics, a position he has enjoyed ever since. Mr. Daniels has dedicated forty-three years of his life to Framingham students. The many services he has rendered to both our social studies and athletic departments shall be remembered long after this year of his retirement. 9 4. f I .Q rr -v . I 9 4? c ,4 "9" George Keville, originally a native of Massa- chusetts, began his teaching career in New York City in 1921. Returning to Massachusetts in 1924, Mr. Keville became a member of the faculty at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester and later taught at Emmanuel College in Boston. In 1950, he began his career in Framingham. After eighteen years of devoted service to Framingham students, Mr. Kerville is retiring this year. We shall always remember him for his fine teaching of social studies and English. tw 9 O X H . "ww X, f-if ff!! .nw Dv" Q 1.5 , X: JZ:-:.'.' ., , ..,. .L ,Z--1 wq r.-we - az . Alice Stanton began teaching in 1930, in Wilmington, Massachusetts. Coming to Framingham seven years later, Miss Stanton was a member of the business department at Framingham High School and later a member of that same department at Framingham South. After thirty-one years of teaching some 5,000 or more Framingham high school students, Miss Stanton is retiring this year. She will always be held in the highest esteem by those many stu- dents whom she has influenced during her long career as a business teacher. c""'f:.a.'2i2 ggi byniifl, mmm Ev, ninemsn 'N 'ND Civ i -Ll i -GQ.. fi. ....--- I 2 X xi X gowawguide mwbcmwzadebotlv admzmmtwwegamvfg , 3 K Q. VV o co' OES To the members of the Class of l968: You are now graduates of Framingham South High School, Class of l968. You attended this school during a period of great general prosperity, but with real poverty in certain areas. There exists a condition of apathy or indifference on the part of many individuals, organizations, and agencies toward major problems and issues, such as elections, budget issues, crime on our streets, foreign policies and crippling strikes in industry by government employees. However, conditions are not as bad as they are made to appear by the press and radio and from the speake r's platform. Because our means of communication are more highly developed and sophisticated today, we are informed instantly of each incident and event at the local, state, national and international levels. Such speed lends itself to overemphasis. leading people to feel that conditions today are much worse than those of the past. This is not true. If our citizens both young and old will continue to believe in and practice respect for all lawful authority, these problems will be as satisfactorily resolved as they have been in the past. Be assured- of this. As it is inevitable that human beings will make mistakes, it follows that authorities, whether individual or governmental, will err. But if our form of government is to survive, rules, regulations and laws are necessary and must be obeyed. "To Strive is To Accomplishu is your school motto. I feel sure that the Class of 1968 will strive and accomplish much in future years. Your country looks to you. the fine citizens, workers and leaders of tomorrow to build a better world for all of us. We have confidence that you will do it. Sincerely yours. Ralph .l. Martin Principal Y , sclwolb JAP ALBERT G. REILLEY FRANCIS E, RIORDAN Supgrintendent of Sqhoolg Associate Superintendent !' 9 i l EDWARD J. MORAN GEORGE KING Director of Secondary Instruction Assistant Superintendent in charge ut Curriculum south . ' ,413 arm 9: sf 195 A RALPH J. MARTIN JOHN F. JOYCE Principal Vice Principal I I . -A J Y 1. 5' i i 39' r.-,':'C- ' 4 :Am .,. ,. 2 if tv 5 'YN - 157143 1 MM ,.... . , HERBERT W. WAUGH HENRY A. SCHLICKMAN Vice Prim-ipul Administrative Intern ,X -5 I .MS 'F'-fY?f3W'7i1-'Q Q . s 'X I " if 8 1 e . 'SX U' C' .10 , QQ ' Q --1 -.I'w-- 1 f. 'NSA I X mass s 4 1 '4 X , ' I 1 4 , : 4 an X 877. I' . I .n ' 1 V an I ' O n L ' vt. ' ' R .N A4-..x ELIZABETH G. MCCONNON PrincipaI's Secretary is-T S X1 X 1 JOAN L. ROUSSEAU Guidance Secretary X M fn ' RUTH J. FRANCIS 1 KX 4' 4- fs' " ,Arg JEAN E. ROUSSEAU Q B? vffz.. f ' Sf: - 450' A ' it . 1" I lf. 'X LENORE M. HORTON ,fs ffl' Jim L HELEN L. JOHNSON Vocational Secretary IU: f V . x DOROTHY J. LAWRENCE ,fn .fi 3. LOUISE I. RICHARD pn.. ff i X "WN VIZ?- NEAL COTTON Director of Art fi f x I RICHARD J, CLANCY ,X fvf '+- 1 ,' 'Q , . I-. 213 "..',-1.x I . ."' -', ' ,... ., -w c ' ' SI ANLIQY IU, IIACIUSII x gi.3m Y. 4 Y wg V 9 . ROBERT J. JACHOWICZ MATI T. RITVAL 91- CIIARLES HATCH Department Head 'VX Q' f i b 7 'm ' 5 'Q -F an ALICE V. DCCRISTOFORO Z3 115 I , X' K x w r 1 rv' ' Y If i- 1 N - :H F xi RICHARD J. KROPP 'YS x ' X X , MARIE B. MacDONALD Q-M, MARGARET J. MCDONALD THOMAS R. MURPHY I IRENE M. RILEY ,A ,. rv " H M. ALICE STANTON KX " 'ILL-'T' LOUIS J. TREVANI 5' Q. 3 Q.. N . ' N , -. X S , - 7 ,- 1, . V ' 1 R 1 1 ' ' b "T, 9 :,. .ff '-Y 25 J V , -.-x. ." WW mx. Q ' X L Q, is xl 2 I Mo. O f GREGORY F. X. HEBARD X JOHN E. NOVAK ' f J, 1 ' 1 'Q VIRGINIA LEWIS Department Head Q' I oe- N X- w 'K NANCY G. BALDWIN I--X tQiK MARY ANN BROCKELMAN 1 vi '86 DOROTHY R. CARTER .. 'x ,QWI 5 gal 41 I I M '.' - 1 .vyQ"QQ -of KATHERINE H. CLIFFORD fs-I ,fx t. M FRANCES FLAGG X THOMAS A, HAMILTON -, x L, N. . 1 l - 1' un. ,.,. K W 9 I .55 A ,f .J ' V ' Li 1 MADELINE HEINE -N X. , N I 3 ' 0 ELIZABETH HUNTER if GEORGE J. KEVILLE ,- 5-I ,W L A .aww , .1 1 - 1 I 'L .1 -1 7 . ,I 0' G 95 H 1 Y ,- . ' "Ii - ,fe L T" if TIS". B 4221, 'A ELIZABETH LATHROP ' "Q-.Q K ' 1 I . -I V- if .fix iz' F-fyi. I 'I -'.,:.r- I . -If A if MARY L. MQDLFFIE .6.Y . Q . X. 4' 'R W? ,-- -'- Es 4' . 1 ,M il WN nr' " v ,Q-vi- X V' rr, K MARY E. O'NEIL I BERNARD T. WHITE Director of Pupil SOPHIE G. SAVAS Personnel Services JOSEPH P. LOPES I z, A 4 : f 'I WSH f' I .",x,.5'f-'T' Q -, fJi',5 f . qgpf' ' 4 1 fffl li A 3224 ' , X . I I g .. s - . '. AFL' V.--f.: I . w"T?i"Y 'T .. I Y- , . 1, ' vw- - , Iiffvivsjif -- - 'f 'av . : 'pjfyygu R. Ltr: ' - ig '24 A- . f Q i,jm.,,v f A ' ...ia QKQW. 1? 'L xi' 3-1 f Jrm KATHLEEN ONESCHUK JOHN S. FRABOTTA Head Counselor BARBARA B. SHENKER DENNIS E. PORTER CT 'f... lv.. g 'B R pf If .I. 1 , I ' 1 f .YY A MARY C. PORTER II CAROLE A. CONNORS - A ' ' FLORA K. TAIT MARY I. QUEENAN an ' of I . 1 , . .Q- R i . --, x ""', MARION M. PRIM JOYCE F. FREITAG KATHERINE I. SCHOMER 20 7,3 'x fn - ICN 5 Ci LILLIAN C. KREGER Supervisor fl' Y,. BONNIE C. BAKER Q' ' 4 ix l ' , ,vw In I A-rvx Pei' vu, 4 A..-:L ' 'if 'gs -if' ' " 1 A :fm E A nrjibaiwiz' . JEAN E. ELDRIDGE MQ' my , '--.. .f . -5' Ac x .4 K. 1 4 , A ! A fx EDWARD C. CHAMPLIN ' A X MARION N, WHITTEN FRANK R. VISCARDI , 3 1 LEO S. LEVEILLE Department Head 5 ET! , "-r- - .v , I "jr 5 "' Wk! 'v,,. ,A - Ay 'IVE Vx ' Q Q- MARGARET E FLETCHER 2 I Q r xy' Pt 5 v 0- N I - .-e's.'1' 1 1' ELEANOR M. FREITAS ,-- , f 'rr fn in Ms .. , 451-. ANTONIA R. GUCCIARDI fvs I .2 FLORENCE R. MACK -vy- . 4 I b 'N R, . FI X! K 'Q' I ' 'NIGER A. MARQUIS .QQ ,J MARCIA A. PECKHAM , 1 v ELAINE M. SATLAK fi CAROLE A. SMITH . SN!! , v. ' J 1 H. YQ L ,H -9 - ' 4 -v- 4 RUSSELL A. ANTELL Department Head I 3 3, 4 - .. 5, L fi'-, :fix r- ,Q ' ,x ,. I f. Q . 'itslf . , ff L . -- " 1' '. . V' H .,, ".,- 'f'g,1 ' I? :TTA --- -' 'FEI' A I A ,. .L .1514 IN.v'j,1 ,H-',w,fv -1 j , . -4 , ,-4 x- I ,.., . AA. RICHARD E. ENGVALL 'L , 115 FRANCIS J. GALVANI 'sa-1' S' -1-wg-V-15 X Nigga? ' r 7 1 ' rx ,vu , 1 if '-L -f ALDO GRANDONI .Q r I i 9 .4 '-4 . was x ,Ne y ,KL bl GREGORY F. X. HEBARD IE.. ANNA M. LAMPERTI 'U' C . C7 x HELEN M. VANCAVAGE JOYCE M. MCKEOWN . '-Xa P P 14" 45 15 1 -as . - Wi 'ref' " A f-1 " I X V ANTHONY J. " ' " ' FREDERICK A. JANES MINNICHELLI Director SUZANNE M. WILLIAMSON L x I J . JOANNE MITCHELL ali? fx! JOSEPH T. PALANO ff.. .L ROBERT P. BELL 'GN ff'-f"f' . 4 ,..,- 4-L , .511 ..:.fif?5T Q ' . v' ' '5ZW'. 'K MAUREEN A. MALONEY JOSEPH ONESCHUK Director f Il 1 . 'I fs , X I al' ' ff TN MICHAEL J. VODOKLYS JAMES F. STRONG if ., ff 'E CATHERINE F. WALKER '91-3' IC If, 1 . 'n '13 ' A 1 THOMAS J. WOODCOME .dv ' T, H 7 iff 1 JOHN A. MIZEGAN Department Head ? Q5 ff. x! I R , 1. ' A I' if URBINO J. BARREIRA .xx V fr - ' '-'91 1 ' .4 'Wh-4. JOSEPH M. BREEN ,.-auf- A ww. ...M l 7 I7 1 If ALFRED E. GAUCHER , sf 'H?,1v ' I.. ., ? lg g . 7. - 'i'v.A1, Tai". : , 1 '. ,' nv' H2742 25 f. I HR L'C.'Ii G Ci REA LICY W Y J 4 '11,-1 - fi I nip X -ls, -vw 1 , 5 Cf . ,- "" Pe. Q f , I ,nc S" 1 1 N . 36 I PAUL F. HESTER uf f f . I - 1 C. ELIZABETH MINARDI N WW? . P ,Q . E .N x t . . JOHN E. NOVAK gb ROBERT 'If O'DONNELL , x fi I .xx K 5. 2 I PATRICK J. RANAURO -.. . I., . ,, V 9- . JISJQ. Tk . vx 'Q-4. I 'jk fx ROBERT J. TISDELL NN xw Y JOAN MARIE WALLS CHRISTOPHER T. GARRAHAN, JR. Department Head 5 X. I RICHARD H. CHARLES 'A x' K l vi' 5' 5. .I -ag. . 3' A ,v, fox 1 X JOHN H. DANIELS M? ,' "PIP EDWARD P. Dowuwc ' ., 1 . 2' , ,Lf ,.-. : X -I I Q 635 A B I 'lf KJ A . 1 .T -Lin I ,g rf, Q 4 r B lx x . 1' 'fi' ROBERT P. FLAHERTY 5 ,. ,fn "1 JOSEPH P. KEEFE Director 3 'Ax G5 DOROTHY F. JAN DA Y vi-M HENRY O. KELLEY ? GEORGE J. KEVILLE gg- 1. , . '. A- I .l --L mv .Isl 1' ' VICTOR C, RAM -'S -1 ?:'-1-52x56-Q.. .X Ni' , ,.- dsx . A 'Nun -1 ' aw 4: 553' 'I' . ' WILLIAM F. WELCH R 1 v .L 'EF 'fx I F X... JOHN F. PETERSON I ALBERT M. DeCOLLIBUS JOSEPH J. ROGERS 3 KET? I ?,.. .N 1 1 THOMAS W. FRASER 'CN 3 M fxnr' ' - 1 P , PAUL M. ZAIDO VICTOR W. TERRANOVA 1-'fr Pk N' , 'tr-.. ni 'A r x ' P 'E "' ? 'L WILLIAM A. MOl.LOY I 4.3 ROBERT E. THOMPSON sfx Z 6 p 60m3 -fzetmgmuwzdwtab spmtg " as A? -1.532 'Twin' o.-fir, -615' feamfmpfnovedfs ' 3 Q4-:gil - D -A F2 Q 4 Nr iid 0-W .3 ' C I . Y A- -z 0-lil. Row 1: Couch Alves, L. Smith, A. Lush, J. Lash. Co-Captain F. Lehman, C0 Captain A. Munzelln, D. Gamhon, M. Bregmun. Jack Morals. Row 2: J. Marshall 'i X, ET , Q1 Y .- L., 7 ' ' . s f K ' ' fr-1 x -L.. ... I. ' ' 1 Q 5 x J 5 'B F, ta" .,19,,,,,,, -f NL- ..-AEC A "1 1-in-...M A ig tlveougkoubtlws I, Marshall. S. Fedorchak, A. Bartolini, G. scyomm, G. Malloy, G. Clopeck. W. uller, C. Graham, J. Henderson. B. Galvani, J. Anderson, N. DiCicco. 3 1 ROW 1: K. Jordan, J. Howard. G. Rubenstein. D. Eiss, Captain R. Kowalski W! l Bowman, E. Dowd. J. Scngnelli. ROW 2: Couch Dowling. W. Harris, D. Kel, ' D V . BPeppet, B. Radler. I. Maddox, B. Mayer. K. Duane, B. Grace. S. Esrejanian, Tu3lCf, D. Bombaugh, B. Diamond, Mgr. The joint efforts of the cross country coach, Mr. Dowling, and of the team members made the season the success it was-six of the eleven meets were won. All team members enjoyed competing in the shot-put, the high jump, the hurdle, and the distant run. Hhhaouaugg- 743 .. -tg, MAJORETTE SQUAD: S. Martinelli, P. Kanz, D. Menino, L. Antonio, C. Holmes, M. Marino, B. L. Lincoln, C. Santelli, K. Roberts, D. Delano. Captain: M. Lavallee In addition to being half-time favorites at South High games, the majorettes and the band lend spirit and life to South rallies. AU' ,WJ -TA 1 ., .,,v,,,.,g,,,-,-.-x:11,f,,,3,,K, I . v. - U . L . .g 'f:"" .L Mel.. ' in - . . B J-, ll R Q I ."." " - I r . s -1 - L . . BAND MEMBERS: M. Allison, B. Bock, L. Peso, J. Wood, M. Gibbons, M. Grossberg, R. Palanzi, M. Miller, C. Cinelli, W. Robinson, D. Peppett C. Dalesandro, T. Cinelli, W. Durgin, D. Orser, D. Sobiewski, L, Durgin A. Lash, P. Delrios, E. Alper, J. Chute, W. Byrt, G. Lolli, P. Rose, J. Yee B. Whitney. P. Cambier, L. Chouinard, K. Chute, C. Lundberg, D. Kelley K. Balcom, A. Ober, R. Franchi, J. Lash, D. Bombaugh, J. Bell, V. Chamley, R. Orlando, J. Beedle, R. Fish, R. Franzen, P. Rose, G. Sobiewski, P. Flaherty, P. Munroe, D. Hughes, K. Kelley, T. Bererdi. A. Hunter, DRUM MAJORETTE: Kathy Flaherty tlwfsounds offsclwolspvwt lv-,gg I vi' i 1 if xx flip? ' 1.841 5 , T ,Q sN Pi, t 1 fe Y The faces and voices of our cheerleaders are familiar sights and sounds at all South athletic events. Their enthusiasm is con- tagious and has provided a spirited atmos- phere during rallies and games. The mem- bers of the squad are: Mary Tota, Gale Reizner, Jann Reizner, Diane Bellora, Terry Nobilini, Joanne Cattani, Bonnie Bowles. Maureen Donnelly, Kathy Langley. and Cap- tain Joanne Moresi. 33 6wslwew Row l: A. Hawkins, J. Rizoli, V. Becker, T. Cairney, G. Schoner. S. Cordella, P. Smith, W. Gorman, D. Spencer, P. Flaherty. M Mariani, D. Amato, J. Becker, C. Seavey. Row 2: L. Herendeen. G Levine, W. Byrt, A. Kaufman, D. Introini, A. Stephanini, J. Dia- mond, H. Beal, M. Reder, P. Svensson, W. Evangalista, B. Hartnett, Asst. Coach McDevitt, Coach Diatelevi. Row 3: R. Diana, R. Don- nelly, J. Clopeck, D. Henry, P. Mercorelli, D. Colona, A. Vaughn, J. Palanzi. 935' soplwmow 38215172 ll 8, Row 1: D. Gorman, R. Lawrence, T. 'S fy Pix 2 or Leonardo, D. Ducey, C. D'Alesan dro, M. Kamin, R. Orlando. Row 2 Coach McDevitt, J. Rudolph, H Doliner, M. Cappizoli. G. Soper, M Barber, E. Loring, M. Morelli Coach Trincia. Row 3: J. Carbino, A. Ferullo, P. Guardiani, P. Bar bieri, J. Torifo. Maaaaiag fffx 2,.6l'-10546 ,Q 2 T-1? l 40 Wi' 1 flp . i. l l ,72,fl,75?V5,fllaa Q73 83 85 jwam, 11011833 ALL Q Rim 1 R Smullul I Mm-ll,-r, R, Allen, M, Sullmm. V, Rhett, D'Amora, J. Zambcsi, J. Ablondi. M. Crane, Coach Badger. Row D Xanclii, J Dcnlizim, 'l Leonardo, J. Rhinehardt. R. Paul, W. 31 N. McConarIy, Robinson, F. Byrt, G. Kach. G. Sobiewskl, l,ClllJlll Row 2: Coach McDexiIl, Ii. Mcincrs, B. Baker, S. L. Ottaviani. J. Cairney, D. Tappan. McNally, P Moreau, lf. Rcslighini, D. Cardiff, li. Williams, P. 7- was Row 1: E. Hall. T. McCarthy. L. Poirier, M. Richardson, M Gumben, W. Dolliver, J. Trombi, K. Kimball. C. Jachowicz, Co-Captain E. Smith, Co-Captain P. Nardini, P. Caulderon. M Vodoklys. J. Ferullo, P. Borghi. W. O'Connor, A. Christopher Row Z: Mr. Daniels. Mr. Barriera. S. Rose. P. Capstick, T Mueller,'G. Kach. E. C-uardiani, A. Evans. M. Grinley, T Marchetti, S. Kamin. K. Bagnell, A. Auerr, J. Rhineherdt, B noatlvii Newman. S. Brandon. D. l.ewis. Coach DeLco. Coach Badger, Coach Jachowicz. Row 3: F. Meiners, J. Cairney. N. Mc- Conarty, D. Cardiff. J. Denham, F. Byrt, M. Smith. R. Paul. R. Robinson, M. Costin. D. Tappan. B. Baker, T. McCarthy W. Pezzoni, M. Lewis, M. Crane, F. Rhestighini. Row -1: W. Hawkins, J. Steacie, R, Nocton. B. Hulmc, G, Demora. just af 6w points The 1968 varsity football team, under the direction of Coach Bob Jachowicz and with Co-Captains Paul Nardini and Ricky Smith, won four games and lost five. Although South has had more successful football sea- sons in the past, it has never had a harder working or a more spirited team. These boys fought hard and well. As shown by the very close scores, North and Natick had slim victories-each won by only a touchdown. 35 IZ, wg- 1-, 5. 4. Y H U ro' . 9 Y fs, 4 rw 5 59' H-J i 1 , , , I 'U . 'a ' A fu-f S'-"' 4 ' K' Q. 1-, . A , I :xi A x ir? .. 3? ...- X ' ? I ,J I? .9 X 7 xl if df- XTS ,iltb F-' . v .AI '5 V' fl -1 ' z , . " 321, - , TZQ, I 'N ' 1 :QQ if ff." 8 ' N dl' I Y. aqwwv .ulffiia .I 9 . , . L. U- O wwf R Z 'Ubi FX uf 37 5 'Mita Row l: B. Wilks, L. Rotelli, J Ferguson, Captain P. Ritchie, C Joyce, P. Cournoyer, L. God dardi. Row 2: S. Gorevitz, Mgr. J. Notis, Mgr., P. Barley, P Hixon. S. Joyce, D. Breed, D Webb, E. Jones, Coach Walker Coach Peterson. jwdm, uafbsftg Row l: H. Maechi, C. Bian- chino, L Korklan. G. Perry, N. Prince. M. Ventura, B. Mack- son. C. Bachini, M. Chuidioni. Row 2: J. Notis, Mgr., S. Gore- vitz, Mgr., D, Wilson, D. Gum- bert, S.'Bennett, R. Mason, C. Peabody, E. Fournier, N. De- vine, Coach Walker, Coach Pet- erson. Row l- M Lrban, R. Kas ibixn J Suigmlli M Redtr C DAlesindro Travis D Lewis B Koch J Ablondi Row 3 P Hollenbeck D Kelley Captain R. Bowman, R Kowilski I Byrt S Essejxniin B Sugarman M MUFCJII B Mayer B Bombaugh B Radler R Levy J Maddocks A Hunter, Coach Dowling: Row J B Diiniond R Lauze T Curney J Zdmbffil A Ferullo A Obf-if T Pl-IMO H Glllgle If Miller, M Lewis, D Peppttt J Ferullo H Purington T Cinelli J 38 I 4 l l I, 'l M33 Row l: Susan Joyce, Barbara Bock,Capta1n Sally Marsh, Jean Bronzetti, Celeste lntroinl. Row 2: Coaeh Manta Hartshorn, Pamela HlXllIl, Adele Gur- llLlCCl0, Paula Barley, Elalne Klndler. Manager. jldtfbfv vofwffg Row l: J. McLaughlin. R. Ma- son, G. Stegmaier, S. Deeollnbus. S. Bennett. Row 2: Coach Tucker. M. Barber, S. Plke. Manager, R. Ramsey, C. Gar- rett, G. Wilson. M. Hawklns, E. Winslow, D. Seagnelli. 1 l l A l up,-lp . I X, is algo 5 I 'N 1 Zrf' T l - B lik! :fjflefi gf Q ul l f X lwslww Row lx R. Rebecchi, V. Becker, L, Barnstone, S. Karas, R. Halterman, A. Hawkins. P. Hanley, J. Becker. Row 2: Coach Trincia, N. Hamilton, P. Otenti, R. Haskins, J. Diamond, G. Bergman, T. Barrett, B. Hill, P. Joyce, D. Ransom, K. Ellison J llxX,'j lx xx-J ef Rib N .miiiiiic,,l ,miner Y 244 U x Q xr Ufxf' R dr' l 1l lr Xe J i' XJ, ,wiiwcig N2-l 1 f i, R 50 ' 'gLHlNG,y F P may ,in , . x 4 , :wi air ii 30' li -nfj. O w J OC 5 5 Rim ll B. Hawkins, N. Mason, R. Ryan. C. Flynn, K. Lock. Row 2: Coach DcLeo, F. Gross, T. Rust, P Wlieclcr. l. Finn, R. Parisi, I.. Ottoviani, T. Dolliver, P. Moreau. C Myrtagh, Mgr. ,, soutlv 605m twice ' ljnder the direction of Coach Bruce Grealey and with Co-Captains Paul Caul- deron and Steve Kamin, the 1968 varsity baskethall team won thirteen of its nineteen games. Undoubtedly the most satisfying of the thir- teen victories involved Fra- mingham North and Natick. The North team suffered de- feat twice at the hands of these boys and Natick once, winning a second contest by just one point. uangdg low l: J. Hamilton, Co-Captain P. Caulderon, D. Hawkins, J. Schlager, X. Auerr, D. Johnson. E. Walden, Mgr. Row 2: Coach Grealey. G. lubenstein, T. McCarthy, M. Richardson, L. Barberi, Co-Captain S. Camin. B. Hawkins, T. Marchetti, M. Friedman, B. Galvani, Mgr. 4 I 1 X .., X ' I Mr I 5 X. ggnwwsfics team f0kQ6 iwbmj state, fix- 6 IX XX: E, ii U 5 C 4 gg ik' , l ' ks R, ' second place, U91 ' ,j. a -, r K f 0,1 f I 'Tr D , ' Q A 4. Q A f sv f f tx . I I H ,BL -. 319' lvl ? South's gymnastics team took first place in six of its seven meets. In addition. Coach Whecler's team placed third in the state meet and is ranked second in the Bay State League. Row l: P. Munroe. M. Mayer. Co-Captain J. Natichioni. Co- Captain A. Manzella. Ci, Loli. P. Rose. P. Farley. Row '23 D. Tappan. R. Williams. K. Ahelli, D. Burr, J. Hardy. G. Malloy. R. Taylor. E. Lehmann. S. Hoar. Row 3: Coach Wheeler, R. Tarilli. Mgr.. D. Player. D. Pollard. G. Scyocurka. R. Franchi. G. Sohiewski, C. Seixi. R. Mer- corelli, Assistant Coach Woodcome. 4 -.3-1 . ' -. 'I HS.: HRK'- xy-.Q-fgfw 1- N 4 ' 110118 -N N Y N s XKYB' Q -. my v wvxsy V Rm-, I li limalluy. .I lidun, Ii Young, T. Dmmvun, B. Pczzom, Row 2: B. O'Conncll, D. Curdlff, R. Viull, C1w1JaSulI1xal1 46 "Nl-li skates .O 2.9 0 1 2-5-' s',o' I 0' l , 4 O, Q ' . cgvfo' 0 ,vp Q ,.,, a',' 4 . Lo ,O Q1 0 f'r 1' ,' ' a 4 5 :QV F g'v ,Q ,fo ef 9' o'a'4' o'.'af' f ' h, ,n , ,Af - 'v ' if 2 Q 'Q if ' ff f 1 'Af VA Elvnqouglv its busg game, season, lmasihj J Y .ow l: N. Dowd, Co-Captain K. K1mball.Co-Captaln D. Anderson, J. Avery. A. Whlttemore, D. O'Connor, 1. Vodoklys. Row 2: Coach Bell, C. Kimball. B. Merusi, J. Garvey. G. Clopeck, M. Grlnley, P. Flaherty Abelli. T. Dyer, T. Leonardo. v A -.. X V .Q X ' P J ,... 1 ra. fmu- 'l ' - X 3 Q Row l: C. Hixon, R. Goldrlck, B. Mansfield, J. Clopeck, S. Curran. J. Rxzoll. B. Smith. M. Slumgrlesmy. Row 2: L. Herendeen. M. O'Neil, J. Cole, E. Pezzoni, J. Rizoli, B. Silver. C. Duane. R. Pelllt1er.Co11cl1 Hull. Row 3: L. Terrazi, B. Farr, D. Greeley. D. Cardiff, J. Savage, J. Gushu. V s xi? N lil, L 2 I r I I 1 , i L U 4 1 -L 48 ,Q fldsmomwtistlwbesttlwwmlab cawgzw X affinities 49 Mr. Flaherty, advisorg M. Donnelly, presidentg N. McConarty, second vice-presidentg J. Cattani, recording secretaryg B. Bowles, corresponding secretaryg P. Ford, treasurerg missing-P. Nardini, first vice-president. S -lntgiwlxjrl 2.2 Q 'MN J 1 ROW 1: Mr. Flaherty, B. Bowles, N. lNlcConzirty. M. Donnelly, P. Ford, J. Czitlzini. ROW 2: G. Perry, M. Chiudioni, G. Wilson. L. Womboldt. T. Adams. P. Perente. C. Fried. C. Perry, P. Ritchie, P. Tsek- lenis. ROW 3: E. Resteghini, S. Alley. P. Joyce. H. Bzirss, T. Mueller, A. Brzindolini. R. Zucchi. ROW 4 B. Swift, M. Gipps, J. Ferullo, A. Auerr. ' P salemwlclvds pwjects mu-tbwts J .i . nw. buxpp, advisofv Umotlxg mudlwu, pwsidewb l wbmbjolwsow, viw-president panda, lviyow, swwtmg jean, nokia, bwaswwu stwmfg soplwmow' ms. soma, aduisofv wnalalfglxcclwif, what IMUWASD, vim-pwsfduda debowlv wdsow, 5801501115 M1105 pfdwe, beeasuwu 52 li fi li 1-, J Row l: R. Johnson, A. Roberts, A, Miller, C. Foster, C. Rogers, P. Hixon, J. Notis. Row 2: Mr Kropp, T. Nobilini, J. Keefe. S. Joyce, A. Bascom. J. Austin, D. Barss. Row 3: N. McConarty S. Nardini, T. Mueller, A. Auerr, M. DeCollibus, D. Howell. Row 4: G. Perry, G. Malloy, J Tierney, W. Pezzoni, P. DeSantls. fl ll ! WM A. SE O! O ms. ' , aduisofu b ' , idewt swwsil?la2s6if,ftZiRZptesfdeat lmaluj , swwiaag james ' ', bwaswwu .Pt stewmg 5 1 n xx Row 1: P. Hackett, M. Noonan, V. Haskins, L. Fracllc, L. Breed. J. Corley, M. McNamara. Row 2: A. Provcncher, C. Thistle. S. Muish. P. Norton, E. Dowd, M. Leonardo, D. Crosby, A. Johnson, Mm. McDuff1c. Row 3: J. Nutichioni, B. Swlft. J. Fcrullo, R. Locke, B. Koch. ii' . Q 4 1 4 , fx V9 ww PWM tug, S I - , , Wt-ww ,', ,,.,.u.....N.- A . 'CIP in eff- X-4' Bruce Swift: Harvard Book Award Elizabeth Gould: NCET Letter of Maureen Donnelly: Student Gov- Janet FTCHCTIZ Belly CrOCk6r Home- l9o7 Commendation ernment Representative, DAR mflkff of TOTTIOFYOW Award ' QW? T 1 4: X? Z' r Rovs l: Dr. Mccgain, advisor, S, Goldin. Row 2: H, Dolincr, T. Mueller. B. Swift, P. Hecht, M. Masionis. 56 Ng e dvgowwmembofu W 12, 1967? X YZ ,VZM ffm! S ' X N . - 772 X faafff s Joan Lawrence Li K Senior Queen ilgdljyyiifdwzzg me QWZNMQ4 - X fwzms e fgowz ,Edgy Mme, MQ wif! HZWJZZWH zilwmfg n,f,Mgy.M.m -.,-Q ,f-s. :ren ,, , If 711-,"., jr, , .", ff i f .P ff'!l-' " "rg, - 's-i Pat Ritchie Junior Princess ffm.- Che1'Yl Mafenghi Diane Bellora S0Ph0m0fff Princess Freshman Princess i 57 W Jeff - fi-nf ,iff Hp? mayb J gfx ' Z S W9 i0QW en OFFICERS: S. Reder, recording secretary: E. Gould, vice-president L Fraelic, treasurer: M. Noonan, corresponding secretary: G. Anspaeh president. Senior Members: S. Alley. M. Allison, G. Anspach S. Bayes, E. Belloli, B. Bock, J. Brassard, L. Breed C. Derouin. E. Diasio. M. Donnelly. P. Edmond J. Ferullo, L. Fraelic, P. Gallivan. E. Gould. D Haendel, A. Johnson. C. Joyce, A. Lash, M Leonardo, A. Litter, A. Mahoney, K. Martin, A Nardini, M. Noonan, W. Perini, A. Provencher, S Reder, E. Renzi, E. Svensson, R. Swift. D. Ander- D son, M. Bregman, J. Bronzetti, K. Jordan, Pappas, S. Pike, P. Ritchie, E. Smith, N. True. Wilksg Junior Members: A. Auerr. L. Bartlett, Bascom, L. Beatrice, M. Bundy, P. Ferrante, Galvani, S. Gorevitz, E. Grant. J. Gringorton, Guardiani, P. Hixon, D. Howell, R. Johnson, Lewis, E. McConarty, G. Malloy, C. Mzirenghi, Mueller, J. Nightingale. J. Notis, M. Oliva, H Reed, A. Roberts, C. Rogers, B. Swift, Advisor Mr. Kelley. B A B I B T ..4.4 N... - Q L Q L L Sally s Italian home family My stay last summer in Torino, Italy, as an Americans Abroad exchange student was the most memorable and exciting ex- perience of my life. When I first applied for A.F.S., I didn't fully realize what two months in a foreign home would be like. Then, when I was ac- cepted. I wondered whether I could do what was expected of me in two short months. Yet I had a wonderful summer with my family and learned more about Italy, her language and customs, than I ever could if I had come simply as a visitor. My sisters, brother, Mama, and Papa all opened their hearts as well as their home to me, and I will never forget them and what they did. As my stay grew closer to its end, I began to understand how truly wonderful the American Field Service Program is. I know it is the most worthwhile organization for-high school students today. It is surprising that the Italians do not know nearly as much about America as we know about their nation. By sending students over- seas, the A.F.S. helps to increase understanding and to establish better relations among nations. The main theme of A.F.S.: Walk together, talk together. O ye peoples of the earth. Then, and only then, shall ye have peace, is truly a firm basis for world peace and understanding. sallg moislv 62 Jane Ford. Sally Maish. and Janet Wheat, Janes American sister. News ji 'bf l Jane's own family Lx' I up if 4, 1' . I , nn . V ',,ycl 'E ig'jfs,,f-Eg. ,gf 3. . 9-I I Q w- llff -nw A . - si ,, . 5 1 f'i:r7'f:116 - - - ...A pf' --"'f f l imc. If I jr When I read former A.F.S. students' accounts of their year in America, I found that much of what they enjoyed and experienced was true for me also. The opportunity I have been given, of living and working in America as a part of this country, is one that I shall always be grateful for and never forget. Without the help and friend- ship of my really wonderful American family and school this experience could not possibly have been all that it was. Even now, I dread the thought of returning home and saying good-bye to a year of my life, a year of new friendships. getting up early, football games, snow, beautiful scenery, and many, many other memories. At the same time, I cannot wait for my first chalice to tell everyone in England, and any other country I am likely to visit, of the hospitality shown me during my year's stay in the United States. All that remains is for me to thank everyone as much as I know how. I hope that perhaps one day I will be able to return some of your generosity although I could never equal ll. law 63 WPW9 pool A,.f f I 64 "isa, Row l: L. Dullie, J. Gersh, D. Verrag Row 2: S. Bonasoro, S. Tolle, M. Leonardo, C. Duggan, Mr Hatch, advisor. ..-gg. 1 -1 2 5 ? Ti i 2 MEMIHQRS: Row l: B. Mellzcr, P. Dubc, D. Mcnino, L. Bovc, C. Nadcau, D. liccrs, D. Lokcrg Row 2: Miss Wiggins, advisor, li. Whales, S. WIILIICS. N. Glover, J. Warren, L. Morawski. D. Trust, K. llcrtandg Row 3: ll. Mindick. J. French. P. Cournoycr, B. Eldridge, C. Cronan, D. Slincy. Row 1: S. Galvan, J. Stoppel, S. Carboni. P. Oliverg Row 2: M. Pelegrini. E. Eldridge, M. Pelegrini, Miss Tale, advisor. 1 XXX-A.. X I . S ' .wr 1 . , fi ...QQ ' Row 1: J. Bronzetti, S. Joyce. B. Canal, C. Foster. V. Cmger. P. DeSzmtis. M. Noonan. J. Keefe, A. Cunningham, V. Bache: Row 2: Mr. Hester, advisor. S. Alley. E. Black. D. Baum. J. Cairney. M. DiCollibus: Row 3: K. Crosby, K. Kimball. D. Anderson. T. Mcfgirthy. W. Pezzoni, A. Bascom. D. Sloneg Row 4: P. Borghi. A. Rziwcn. R. Sawyer, C. Kramer. J. Pignone, K. Dutton. P. Norton. his-., MISS Q 1 in language lab aides nw. Qeveilbde audfof- visual dub , 1 4 . 1 . , , E . I .www ' 4 5 E KWH Row l: S. Bayes, D. Scagnelli, A. Litter, K. Martin, Mrs. Shenker. advisorg Row 2: E. Buck, E, Svensson, S. Rader, J. Howard, H. Palctski, E. Dowd, L. Johnson, E. Gould, G. Anspach. business and mg f' f- -.n Ark -..-W... .4....,.. A Lila ,--I vw I' K Mmunlulll, H Hlukcg Row 2' M. McLulnn, Mr. Zaudo, advisor, N biogwpluj awbumse S-I 0- .-X. L. l Row l: D. Aiken, M. Muise, E. Gould, editor, G. Anspach editor, E. Kindler, R. Warreng Row 2: M. Abu, M. Toscano, P. Hackett, L. Piazza, D. Stone, M. Noonan, K. Redmond, V Haskins: Row 3: Bi Wilks, J. Brassard. S. Rosenblatt, S. Clarke A. Provencherg Row 4: E. Belloli. J. Bronzetti, M. Donnelly. Q' "!Q"v my lf , , . v J l"- ,.l, A, , - gl , - ' -. . . - -V 9 , - L ? MR was , L l 'f A l D1-Q 5 Q nr ll?-l-C'f'l'l',lu 4-.V ,I V N L 'l - H1 crfl lM'- " 'l E "Hd lhe' 101' rop ill? Cv ' x. . 7 7'5fiQ? md L, n a l ll 1 Q M11 Q we l l ,l l llwllg mil-f,fll'x xl lg: ' ill! lnd l l 111 1 ' --lx l xl , W , MA llle , X 1 1,1 fl ms JIT? lln, llA1! 'Pfa ' RK-'XX f l l -. 2-, ft. J: ll' V QN4 Y 1 ln, in l lwl-ls l l' V f lr l ' WW ln" Twflll' 'lvl lb rilllllwlw . 1 19 . ?.x,k VSM XV wr X - ROW lla, ffXl'Lunf1fri21rl.liA. Rmobertg. Cx., DCf0lJlH: AQM1ller, M. Donnelly: Row 2: Mrs. Bukerxf 't wa -,mml W, gl-,,,: adV1sor,qQ:lQow,lH.lTfalbtskn-,lNT'lPrlnte, C. Frmd, Mrs. Baldwin, advisorg Row 3: J. Fiore, BQ M' "lm fl' .. , K W Nowak, nussmgf-LS.l'Piloefedllfoll-in-chief. l f ww: llWl' l l Un in " 5" X ' llwfl l ll l 5 l - t no l l n ww- lmolmll, -1 1 Nl ' l ,Sc xlwkl l ' fSlfl-.W 1' l ya V l 'Jxflall 1 QTY v '- lf ,l lllllfg NL?- DK lll6': Q! 2 e 5 i N tha t 'rox D H i xlll, M I ll . 1 4- 'Q ov new s v -. l M T f U5 I X ll' Q' .I CV: t A " ms - l l Ney mule was at Noe-dhan ' ' th -'73 P nfl? ,J all i v Hill 5 l ., gal lm 4 l , kin P fed ! 1 10 U woi1 l ll sg lolvfl ld L' 'rl l': " . . Ir, -K 4, .9 5. fi - 'LM 3, -i 'fi 3 ,L I Q arf- i X N 'n 1, f 1 .-T. T . . , .. .. Y. . ICY1 Q EiPf w . in -w ef "0 .. .r. '1 ' r ' U gli, ti I rw 'cisi WHTC WUC mrgnsr i lhnni .ia v Q i M. , mx' -- V ..,., -,-- S' 'E i O 5 1 snL:' 1 Ill "lr!!i ,F .... 1 1 " '--- Q, 2 I ' ' .. ii - 1 l . 1 i v I i V 5 5'--va. Z i i - . . 1 ' . w - N 7 k 1 ir. - i ir B1 .r i I .ifXjQ,g18w':1BQ.1XS1wSiFg1 K6 Pfogeis, J.1Guardiani, s. Gorevitz, M. Allison, D. 1 se,f' Grey, M. Chiudionig Row P fC.' C.GI.iiPSii?2Si, ERR berts, C. Derouin, A. Miller, M. Do ' C. dg Row 3: Mrs. Baker. , d i H. Paletski,.N. Prince, . Fiore, B. Nowak, Mrs. Baldwin, , . Wilks, D. Wetmore, IKQMTQ. M. Pressman, L. Fraelic, D. DiBisceglia, .Q ac s, . itchieg Row 5: J. Delaney. 1 S. Maish, B. McLellan. R. Scott. S. Lehan, P. Tseklenis, S. Rosenblatt, D. Stone. N! i C Row l: S. Rosenblatt, I.. Beatrice. Miss O'Neil, advisor, J. Barbieri, A. Muhoneyg Row 2: B. Wilks. B. Lewis, S. Reder. H. Creasia. G. Roberts. Row l: Mrs. Carter, advisor, S. Goldin, treasurer, D. Hziendel, president, J. Rob- ertson, vice-presidentg Row 2: E. Riegelhaupt, P. Hecht, R. Scott, B. Nowak, H. Do- lmer, J. Kichen. 72 if' V W f X OFFICERS: Row l: C. Fried, vice-president, E. Svensson. treas urer. A. Litter. president. missingfS. Pike. secretary. MEMBERS: Row 1: G. Wilson. B. Lewis, A Litter E Svensson C Fried A Proxencher S. Flanzbaum: Row 2: S. Magoon, M. Allison D Jose L Wfimboldt B Fitts J Gusirdiani L. Korklan, D. Trust: Row 3: J. Good, V. kondell E Belloli W Perini M Misionis B Good. E. Knoff: Row -1: H. Reed. P. Ferrante E Nlercorelli J Birbieri S Reder missin Miss Fletcher. advisor. MEMBERS: Row 1: Miss Vancavage, advisor, A. Roberts, C. Holmes, H. Reed. S. Stagg, Miss Gucciardi, advisorg Row 2: S. Goldin, L. Schloss, J. Wood, C. Cineilli, C. Lingham, J. Fram, D. Cannata, B. Burke, E. Walden, Row 3: C. Fried, D. DiBisceglia, S. Brandon, V. Kondell, E. Mercorelli, H. Booth, E. Riegelhaupt, ... - 3- S. Bengiovanno, D. Webb. K OFFICERS: A. Roberts, president, C. Holmes, vice president: H. Reed, secretary S. Stagg. program chairman. I5 :av dwtsclwu lzlub 5 ff Row l: Miss Peckham, advisor, M. Kaufman, W. O'Brien, C. Thistle, C. Crowley, Row 2: J. Artzhcrger. M. Brcgmzin, M. Pressman, D. Bombaugh, W. Perini, B. Reinap, R Warren. E ' 2 1 24 fi , , W ' 4 1 l Q W ., , 1 5 W , W 1 Eff 14 in ' 1 we Pl L Q 52 is 4 ' E51 Q Y P' 1 A gg E 45 if , ,. , if . .g V . ,,,: V V, ' , 7' " A. : NU 6 ' I , ' Q 3 2 - H E , E L 5 . P Lil , c. , Q J 1 Sl xr MEMBERS: Row 1: K, Bornstein. Mlss Frietas. advisor. P. Edmond, R. Dobson. P. DeMurco. M. Luwsong Row 2: E. Jones. B. Bock. N. Vaughan, O. Araujo, P. Cournoyer. T. Frieling. dub dfespaiiolb HDURID T- U I z V E V R A . . ............-, ngvs T , T i PM A 4 un ?5' . K. a, - ' x iq ' L 1 , Q 7 , V, . J" ,- ' 'S 12 , G3 I V 1ES iinxgepurrff A- .1 llnl LGHDIMRIA CORRZDA OE 70805 TOROS lrtilllitlnillli uomneo onrsea S P annuzn4,.1uWvI1o 4 f F? 1. 4 OFFICERS: R. Dobson, presidentg P. Edmond, secretaryg P. DeMarco, treasurerg mls sing-M, Cisneros. vice-president. . 1 , 7' Row li S. Swartz. C. Nadeau. J. Crrlngerten. L. N1anchun.J. Natale. Mrs. Flagg. udusor. B. Lexus. C. Rogers. B. uv'lll'iS. D. Trust. S. Cewel1er1g Row 2: S. Nlugoon. B. XYll5OIl. C. Lumlnarl, P. DeN1areo. Ni. .-Xruujo. I.. Alluzlo. Nl. Moore. S. Barss. J. Lexo. J. Frem. N1 NJCSIOIIIS. S. Carbom. B. Angermun. E. Kmdler. S. Gerexitzg Row 3 ag K. Andrews. D. Llberatorl. B. Burke. D. Bonanno. V. Pageo. J. Good. E. Nlercorelh. M. Keller. D. Henderson. B. Good. C. Dube. I.. Sachs. C. Llngham. S. fvialeronek. R. Murphy. J. Loveless: Row 4: M. Wrrght. Y, Kondell. R. Scott. H. Purington. B. Hill. M. Kauf- man. I.. Flynn. C. Taylor. S. Krailo. P. Cournoyer. HHH of-BIRIQIERS li Lexus. presldeul C R--5ers.x1eopres1der1I l. Nlenehen, seerclury Nlrs lAl.1gg.lnlNlw1' Miss Maloney. advisor. M. Allison, D. Hadfield. J. Shurpless, S. Goldin. L, Grey, M. Frzinchie S ' Pwsquw OFFICERS: P, Hackett, president, C. lntroini, secretary, P. Bronzetti,v11.e president J Corley treasurer ' e- -1 V ' 34- , I Y L ...M Q. E W.,--v-q.'.f aio? is l 3 5 .ns R gl lf, T1",' ' '. , Xa' a ' ' V V at "H J " I . 3, , :fi pa 1 1 J , T H HJ- ' 1 I I fly,-. V iv W tg.: . N X I 1' . 'fi ' .. 1 , V I I I Vx J ' v E ,fi '.1.vl i' l l R I J '- Rox-. I: V. Haskins. IS. Burke, N. Franzcn. J. Ahmadjian, C Lnminari, Mr. Clancy, advisor, C. Bushnell, K. Redmond. R. Warrcng Row 2: K. Wheildon, J. Wood, D. Liberatori P. DcMarco, D. Diliisccglia, P. Tscklcnis, J. French, A. 73 Shuxtcr, D. Camacho: Row 3: N. Mahoney, J. Ahmadjian, Guerrieri, J. Beal, S. Davidonis, J. Dobson, L. Davsfson Bartlett, D. Howell, V. Kondellg Row 4: M. D. Colllbus Koch. J. Mahoney, R. Smith, J. Mahoney, O. Frltsvold Purington, K. Gallant. Q7 Mr. Champlin. advisor, P. French, B. Wllks. P. Hecht, J. Slamin. J Row lip.FFCDCI1.M.KCllCYQROWZZJ.SlLiI'IllI1,NII'.ChllINPhI1,2ldVi50I',C,KlI1Li5ICdI.TV1.SPII1, B. LICIWCFIIILIII ww 1' I - I I' I I I I r I L d I I I 'I I I I I I r I 80 webuilcbflwladdefv bg uflwicluweffrisef 4 N Rx SQUJOQS seauofv dass 1 968 wk' 3 4'-Rv ., A 1, ,' 4, Q A tvnf' 5 vu ff' nl, x n X S w , nv- , nu. 1 tv . T A ' -FQ" ""- rr'u ' .s---. ,.' .hh ff-1-fi? I M O wt' --'- 2 if V ' H 'Inu pwsideuiis addftess 5 W -fi The last four high school 5 4.1. years have occasioned the end ' of our lives as children and the beginning of our lives as .5 adults. They stand as the sym- 5 bol of our transition from a sheltered. naive, and self- 'N' centered existence to an inde- pendent. knowledgeable. and meaningful one. In them we changed, developed and rip- ened both personally and academically into responsible and vibrant young adults. We constructed a solid and mature foundation in body and mind, and we discarded a juvenile one. We grew up in character. values, and ability. i ji Q- g. High school did its most meaningful work in the subtle molding ofour per- sonalities. Here. through the dynamic experiences provided by the school - the confiicts, trials, challenges. accomplishments, and joys - we have found and matured ourselves. We have built our character into something ofintegri- ty, and we have formed our outlook on life into something realistic and noble. We have developed faith, confidence, and pride in both ourselves and our ideas. We have gained the courage to support and defend them. We have learned how to discipline ourselves and attain goals on our own initiative. We have been taught how to make and form our own decisions and opinions objectively and ethically. High school has changed our childish idealism to realism, it has shown us what truly lies ahead: and it has made us aware ofour world and our position in it. Altogether, this school has shown us our potential and has taught us how to use it in the best possible way. In addition to this shaping of our personalities, the last four years have also brought about our academic and cultural birth. High school has started us on a quest for learning and experience and given us the basic abilities to find full and successful lives. It has taught us how to observe, understand. evaluate, hy- pothesize, substantiate with facts and theorize, and through trial and error it has shown us the value ofthis scientific method. We have learned how to ex- press ourselves and thus have been taught the worth ofcreativity and original- ity. High school has shown us the importance of courage. independence. and perseverance in personal and academic pursuits as well as the necessity of co- operation, sacrifice, and compromise in social ventures. It has started us offon a search for purpose and fulfillment in life. Altogether, the last four years of high school have prepared us for the major trials of our adult worldl now we must contend with them. bfuwcws' seuiofvclaaspwstdeat KEVIN LOUIS ABELLI The most manifest sign of wisdom isa continual cheerfulness. Retidy wl1u11everf1111 and t'.X'C'l'lt'NIL'I1I cull 1411 avid .vporls L'lIll1ll.Yl'd.YI .4 surfer in the true .S'L'lI.SL' af Ilit' word .llurirze h1'1il12gy ix l11'.i goal lil! lln' jlzlurc. Ashland H.S., Ashland, Mass.: Football 1.21 Volleyball 1,23 Indoor Track 1,23 Spring Track 1.2, Wrestling 1.2. Gym- nastics 1,23 Latin Club l,2g Science Fair 1,23 Junior Red Cross l,2, I-f5,H,3, Volleyball 3,43 Lacrosse 3,-1, Gymnas- tics 3,-ig Junior Red Cross 3.4. DONALD ANDERSON Popularity IS tlic prilc of 141'IL'IlLIllI1L'SS lrm' ljIllIlIIIl'X of tl l1'111l1'r Dwi 1 lI'lt'llIllil' p1'rx111111l11i'. tl lowi wil flllt' uf llii' lim! 111 l111t'Aw1'11111l l1'11111x llip. lufim' Al'L'tll'X point l1111'1ll'1l s1u'1'1'ii llocltcy 1.2.3. l'o-Vaptaiii -1. lcnnis t11-fgijillllliklgipllllll-If 1ossC.ot11ll1'y 1.1. Volleyball 134, MIIISIIQII 4, SL'lL'IlL'L' 1, fantly Salt- 1,234 IIIIIISIIIIJIS 1-'Mitts 84 .,,,,. 5 K Q 4. .pf J 44 ' GR' 'Sk ' I ROZANNE AGOSTINELLI A witty woman is a treasure. a witty beauty is a power. :llH11,VS f1're.rser1' w1'Il1 tlze hex! af IIISIU .4 flair for liumor Daricing eyes, Colorful nays .4 hulibling and capI1'va1i11g persorialily. Intramurals 1,23 Softball lg French Club 1,21 Drama Club 4g Pep Squad l,4g Candy Sale l,2,3.4: Christmas Projects 1, 2. 3, 4. MARY SUSAN ALLISON A true friend is forever a friend. Exceli' in all slit' float Deqo iiilerexl 111 HIIISIIL' l11q111'.s'i11've, i111l11 S'lI'I-0llA', Iill lL'llIlg'L'Ill .4 iul1111l1lt'jr1'e11a', al H11-VX Irying 111 f7lt'tIAt'. National Honor Society 3.41 Candy Sale l.2,3,-11 Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Jun- ior Red Cross l,2,3g French Club l,2,3,4g Latin Club 2,33 Library Aide 44 Student Crier 45 Band l,2,3,4g Music Festival l,2,3,4g Modern Dance Club, Vice-President 4. 'S Ts I 2. oline :L CN DEBORAH S. AIKEN Loyalty is the greatest virtue of the hu- man heart. .4 clieerful .smile for evervoiie Briglii, clever, and talented ariixi .4 sweet and zzrzajfecred sort ufgrace .4 collqge-bozuid girl. Philomath Biography and Verse Com- mittee 4g Prom Decorating Committee 35 Science Fair 21 Math Fair lg Interna- tional Relations Club 2, Music Festival 2, Glee Club 2, Junior Achievement 3, Pep Squad 1,43 French Club 4, Candy Sale 1,2,3.4g Christmas Projects 1.2,3,4: Junior Red Cross 1,2,3,4. PAMELA N. AMMERMAN The hand that hath made you fair hath made you good. .4 lull, .l'II'l'li1'Ilg lieauiy Brown eyes full cj 1'11110cc11ce .4 l71l,YL'l1l'L'V0llS dreamer al hear! flllilllllltll' .tight 1111 Ilia ski .x'lope.v. Basketball, J.V. Captain 3g A Cappella 23 Ski Club, Treasurer 2, Library Aide l,2,3,4g Library Collector 2.3,-13 Science Fair 2, Glee Club 1,23 Prom Committee 33 Candy Sale 4g Variety Show 3,4. MARNI M. ABU A beautiful face is a silent commenda- tion. Sparkling, abounding wiilz humor Soji smile, shy and fem1'11ine Dresses i11 the newest mode A sweetness all her own. Candy Sale 1,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Volleyball 3, Intramurals 2,31 Junior Red Cross lg Spanish Club 33 Ski Club 2g International Relations Club 4g Pep Squad 1,43 Philomath Biography and Verse Committee 44 Variety Show 2. fb' x 4,1 HELEN J. ANDERSON Her cup runneth over with merriment. W1-v fl'l4L'lIfllV ann' plt'CIS!1lll .4 iitirni Xt'II.l't' of lzumor .4 lmppj' .xmile I't'1'c'tlLI' lier goorl llt1lIIl'U Dl'.Xf7lll.l'.S' lzer ltllL'llIS ll11'1111gl1 sewilig. Candv Sale 1.2.3.-13 Christmas Projects l,2,3,:1g Gymnastics lg Ilome Econom- ics Club 2. i V JEFFREY ANDERSON A wise man will make more opportuni- ties than he finds. Silent but likeable personality Newcomer to South from .Newton Fine taste for fine cars .-I credit to any school. Newton HS.. Newtonville, Mass.: Home Room Manager. F.S.H.S.: Junior Achievement 4. M. VERONICA BACHE I am the master of my soul, Lives life to the fullest "Call me Roni, please, " A bubbly and spirited nature Journalism is itz her future. Pep Squad l,2,4, Vice-President lg PYOII1 Decorating Committee 33 Mar- shal 3,43 Science Fair 33 Language Laboratory Aide 33 Glee Club lj Music Festival lj Drama Club l,2,3,43 In- tramurals l,2,3,43 Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Ehristmas Projects l,2,3,43 Senior Play ..-sal df' 411 S. 4 1 i GLORIA S. ANSPACH A merry twinkle of the eye, a sunny smile as she passes by. Memories of laughter and fun Melodies offolk music and guitars The desire to learn and to give Happiness is a friendly smile. National Honor Society 3, President 43 Philomath Biography and Verse Co-Editor 43 Philomath Business and Advertising Committee 43 Home Room Representative 33 Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects l,2.,3,4Q Prom Com- mittee 33 Volleyball 31 Field Hockey l,2,33 Intramurals 1,23 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,43 Glee Club l.2,33 Musical Comedy 13 Music Festival l,2,33 Variety Show 3,43 Science Fair, Honorable Mention 2g Science Fair Committee 3.4: Library Aide 2,3,4Q Library Collector 43 Language Laboratory Aide l,2,3,4g Pep Squad 43 Future Teachers Club 43 NMSQT Letter of Commendation 4. DARLENE ATEN Keep true to the dreams of thy youth. Known as Dar by the girls Always ready for fun Never has an idle moment A capable bookkeeper for the future. Pep Squad lg Glee Club lj Music Festi- val lj Junior Red Cross l,4. ff . f -'ret-: f, . .. Y-g .lf l ,5. ' ,g:'?3ilQ.v,q7-f' Yfgq . OLYMPIO FERNANDO ARAUJO A man's manner is what becomes him. Comes to us from Portugal A n easy-going personality His ambition is to teach Answers to the name of Twist. Soccer l,43 Intramurals 13 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,43 Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects l,2,3,43 Spanish Club 4. KATHLEEN BABUKA The only way to have a friend is to be one. Booka is her name An animal lover forever Enjoys horseback riding Warm and friendly nature. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,43 Basketball l3 Field Hockey lj Home Economics Club 13 Language Laboratory Aide 2. 'e git 'i JOHN ANDERSON A man of cheerful yesterdays and confi- dent tomorrows, You know him as Andi' , Quiet but true personality An active .sports participant Engineering for the future. Basketball l,2,3,43 Baseball l,2g Soccer 2,43 Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Pro- jects l,2,3,43 Junior Red Cross l,2.3.4. 55 . 2 al, l in ' g , :P I, . 3. V' ' I 1 T N59 V4 . 'M ' 3 new-Q J 3 as f"" x X v iiift . 9255" ', ' Epi:-' 'N.. . 5 ,. V Qtr' E ' :gm ' g'flX- ' '5 .f . 3,12 Q. 'gif-A ' , 1- X5 r ,gifts .J 3475.75--Q1 " ff - is v 3' .ia KEVIN BAGNALL Silence is the most perfect herald of joy .Modest and quiet . . . lxl-viii Sincere and friena'li', too .4 determined sportsman Future physical t'Ullll't1lIiUlI tciirlicr Football I.2.3.43 Volleyball Ig Candy Sale l.Z,3.43 Christmas Projects 1.2.3.-lg Junior Red Cross 85 i Wah t .9 BERTRAM PAUL BAKER Easy to know, and easier to get along with. Personality plus . . . Abundant charm High-spirited football player Never a dull moment with Bert Bound to succeed in his chosen jield. Football l,2,3,45 Band lg Science Fair 1,23 German Club 2, Vice-President 3. xr it , "'f'i' 3 + . 'e ffeffi ,. il" A ' . - , ilfxh 'l.2'S'f ' A' 3-' '2-'tf'WJ' fl 1 .. 5- s . ,..,g- ri , :ww 7. vw . ---tw ig? nw 1345.35 .- .. l t 2.2 :Mit feat. . i n f -'L-73: 4 ". 'H' '.'.'i.. S EUGENE BARROWS Friendship is the gift ofthe gods and the most precious boon to man. Qiticlt-witletl, happy, considerate An easy-gatrig personality Y... Geno Always looltttiltg far t'.YCCl'lt'IlIl'lIl Iravelx wliere the action is. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects 1.2.3,-15 Junior Red Cross I5 Rifle Club lg Junior Achievement 3. 86 T RN 13? 45 JI 1 113' , . ,- gg'-'.' :gf,.' rx gg.. Q' n . ::5-'- -I, '. . ,:,.-:- i,',.- ,. . V,,:::y,u ,..- . X pg. I Nut ,:- 5... X ,Y . .....".x,. '. -,vxuuli - I.- ' .-.Q ..-n5',',u ...ev .k..i, I su...-u ...n s . NICHOLAS A. BALLAS The doors of wisdom are never shut. A boy of high ideals in law Intelligence inherited from the Greeks An earnest desire to succeed Stylishly dressed, indisputably handsome. Home Room Representative 3,45 Candy Sale l,2,3,45 Christmas Projects l,2,3,45 Steering Committee 45 Football 3,43 Cross Country lg Volleyball l,2,45 ln- tramurals I5 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,45 Computer Club 35 Ski Club 25 Science Fair 2,4. JANE BARBIERI Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows. The less routine, the more of life Full ofpep and .spirit for our Flyer team To teach mathematics is her ambition Warm, sincere, and friendly. International Relations Club 3,45 French Club 2,3,45 Language Labora- tory Aide 45 Prom Decorating Commit- tee 35 Pep Squad 45 Volleyball 3,45 Intramurals 3,45 Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,45 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4. 'Tx i CHARLES F. BAMFORTH Good character is human nature in its best form. An avid .sports enthusiast Prtjicient in tennis and skiing Displays coordination in his athletic activities A transfer from the sunny state of California. Bishop H.S., Santa Barbara. Calif.: Ten- nis lg Basketball lg Candy Sale l5 Vol- leyball l. F.S.H.S.: Basketball 2g Tennis 2.4. PAUL GERARD BARLEY Where all is harmony and calm and quiet. A happy-go-lucky, jovial personality Strong, silent strength Interests lie in mechanics A career as an electronic engineer. Rifle Club I5 Christmas Projects l,2,3,45 Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Audio Visual Aide 3,4. an X 'il' MARK BALKAM Silence is true wisdom's best reply. A man of few words Has a way with the girls Innocent eyes hide mischief A future French teacher. Christmas Projects l,2,3,45 Candy Sale l,2,3,45 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,45 Soc- cer l5 Volleyball 4. fi' HOWARD W. BARSS They who are the most persistent and work in the truest spirit are invariably most successful. A casual and sophisticated charm True example of versatility His humor brings man y good times A successful career is inevitable. Student Council 3.4, Second Vice-Presi- dent 35 Golf l,2,3,45 Hockey 15 Football l5 Volleyball 1,25 Prom Committee 35 Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4. V- cl- fr , ,. ., . .,,,-.,... 1 f "' 'S ' F f- I '- -f if Y ' if l I ' - 3. 34 . 3 ex I fi -. -E . 5 ANTHONY BARTOLINI The comic man is happy under any fate. .Never without a joke to tell Travels by V W bus Talented with his saxophone Always on the go. Soccer 3,43 Baseball 2,33 Lacrosse 3,43 Wrestling 23 Volleyball 23 Junior Red Cross 1.2.3,-13 Rifle Club 23 Junior Achievement 33 Science Fair 2,33 Band 1,21 Music Festival 1,23 Variety Show 3. ffrx If 'QA 'YN il. JUDITH E. BELL Comprehension must be the soil in which grow all the fruits of friendship. Honest and faithful to everyone Laugh-ability and a great sense of humor College-bound to train for teaching Sweet and smiling . . . Judy. Home Room Representative 3,43 Vol- leYball 31 French Club 1,23 Future Teachers Club 2,41 Ski Club 23 Pep Squad 112.43 Language Laboratory Aide 43 Junior Achievement, Secretary 3, Treasurer 43 Science Fair 33 Philo- Tath Biography and Verse Committee tl-"' ELAINE BATAKIS Today let me live wellg none knows what may be tomorrow. Known as Greeny to her friends Shows creativity through art C haracterized by independent action A dream to live on the West Coast. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Gymnastics 1,21 Junior Red Cross 1,23 Pep Squad 1,23 Glee Club 1,23 Music Festival 1,2. SUSAN JANE BEAL Let me not defer or neglect life, for I shall not pass this way again. Often seen at Famous in her Falcon Specializes in humor and good times Happiness is ten pounds of bubble gum One haU of a dynamic duo. Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects 1,41 Basketball 23 Field Hockey 2.33 Computer3Club 33 Pep Squad 43 Junior Achievement 33 Variety Show 1,2,43 Art Club 4. 'bf'-' M A ,,,... SUSAN M. BAYES Friendship is a tender smile, a kind word, and everlasting. Blessed with intelligence and sincerity Loyal of heart, high of purpose A warm and sympathetic nature A cheerful and treasured friend. National Honor Society 3,43 Home Room Representative 33 Tennis 43 Field Hockey l,2, Manager 33 A Cappella 2,3g Musical Comedy 1,23 Music Festival l,2,33 Mixed Chorus lg Glee Club 1,23 French Club l,2,3,4g Library Aide 2,3,43 Science Fair, Honorable Mention 23 Philomath Photo Co-Editor 43 Senior Play 4. ROCCO BEATRICE What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing. Friendly, sincere, outgoing . . . Rocco A truer Italian is hard to fnd Interested in a business career Ambitious, unique, likely to succeed. Debating Club 3,43 Junior Achievement Vice-President 33 Junior Executive Award 3, Science Fair 1, Honorable Mention 2. wav' O DAVID Bt They never talk who 1 Always there to help. Memorable good natui A friend to all . , . Da Quiet personality. l Candy Sale 3,43 C l,2,3,43 Junior Red C V an i J Q 'RTT 'S . .I HX4-I ELAINE FRANt The gift of gaiety may est good fortune. The curiosity of an it Hulk mttsic, poetry, at in teres ts Always looks on the l things An Italian and proud National Honor So Committee 31 Tennis Cross 1.2.3.-ig Candy mas Projects 1.13,-ig Pep Squad 1,41 Libr guage Laboratory An 23 Student Council lgl phy and Verse Comm' SL'SAN BELLOLI A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance. Di her, living is a joy That wild sense of humor .4 friend to all, a smile for all Hopes to beeome a dental hygienist. Science Fair 21 Pep squad 2,41 French Club -lg Band lg Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects 11.3.41 Junior Red Cross l,2.3.-1. I 7?- fe-fx-... E p J ' ., i ffy? - 1' "T f' .1 '71 ' 'f N I-1 '71, 1 1 ,ei tl l N ,v I fs.. -ilj I '20 'vs . I g - x IX Y I ff. ?i' I ' 4 C. L CiIilJRUI'. li BLISS No bird soars Init high if he soars with his ovsn wings. 1 tI'rib1lllHLflltfktrlltlllll' twirl loolst and eliarm rolled into one I twirl friend to litivi' aroinirl ltrighl liituri' lim aheiul lmschzill 4 Cgiiitly Sale l.l.3,-1. I hrist- iiias l'i1iji.'cls I.2.3.4. liiteriiatioiinl Re- l.illtills 6 lub 4 88 QMS DENNIS BENEFITO Friendliness is the secret of success, Quiet in his ways Extremely interested in ears .4 leisurelv manner Yearns I0 he a success in the business world. Candy Sale lg Christmas Projects 2.31 Rifle Club lg Audio-Visual Aide 4. ROBERT E. BLACKADAR Gracious to all. to none subservient, His interests inelude all sports From Newbiiriport, land of the clipper ships .4 friend to many '... Bob .4 creative arehiteet of the future. Newburyport H.S.. Newburyport. Mass.: Football 1.2.31 Track 1.21 Cross Country 3. F.S.H,S.: Candy Sale 41 Christmas Projects 4. AT 9 MAUREEN BETHONEY A friend may well be reckoned the mas- terpiece of nature. .4 smile is the nicest greeting .4 ble to make friends easily Ready with a helping hand Frequently laughing and chattering. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects 1.2.3,-41 Senior Play 4. BRADFORD DUNLAP BLAKE Give me a firm place to stand and I will move the earth. He goes up to "down Maine" .4 friend beyond compare His cause is never lost Hopes to find his future in the past. Philomath Business and Advertising Staff 3, Co-Editor 43 Science Fair 2. '76-,Q KQV. .f 'J i Q big . 7 5 if , GALE T. BELLORA The joy of youth her eyes display. Her eyes as sparkling as her smile Mirthful and charming . . . Terry Delightful and abounding vivacity Witty and winsome ways. Student Council 33 Prom Committee 3 Volleyball 33 Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christ mas Projects l,2,3,4: Pep Squad 43 Jun ior Red Cross 2g Variety Show 4. .L N :gf A 8 ,Y v li I N. v ,uty ' 3 ' ji . ' ,I I I SUSAN BLUE It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. .4 human dynamo, always on the go .4 eeep ls responsiliilily read il v Plans I0 he an interior designer .4 leader of leaders. International Relations Club 21 Science Fair 23 Musical Comedy lg Senior Play 4g Art Club 4. BARBARA J. BOCK The merit of originality is not novelty, it is sincerity. Sports eritliusiusr and purliclparit Clieehful and Conzpassionure Pltiris lo be u home ecozionzics Ieaelzer The girl will: Iliejlult '.,. Barb. Madeira Beach HS.. Florida: Band 1: Volleyball 11 Softball 1. F.S.H.S.: Ten- nis 3.4. Basketball 2.3.41 Spanish Club 4: International Relations Club. Repre- sentatiye 3: Library Aide 4: Band 2.3.41 Orchestra 31 National Honor Society 1 9.4. 5? KAREN BORNSTEIN Sweet. intelligent. and personable. A keen mind and u warm sense of humor Always very thoughtful und sincere Quietners and determination will lead I0 .success Oflgfl breaks jbrllz with merry peals of laughter. Candy Sale 1.2.3.-11 Christmas Projects 1.2.3.-1: Junior Red Cross 1.2.3.-1: Span- ish Club 2.3,-1, President 33 Interna- tional Relations Club 2g Art Club 43 Home Economics Club 43 Ski Club 21 Science Fair 21 Math Fair 1. -f-"" MONIQLE BOLDL'C Good nature is the beauty of the mind. Farorile Illlfklltlfllt' lx .lflilftll C f'L'l1Il'Vl'l,V expre.v.ted Ilzrozzgli sewing .4 l ways sniiling and friendly' .4 filllllft' l1a1'rdrt's5er. Drama Club 41 Home Economics Club 3.4: Candy Sale 41 Christmas Projects 4. JEDITH E. BONVINI lt's merry when friends meet. Fond lIIc'l7I0l'l'c'.Y of Ilic pas! Casual and Cult ',,. Judy .4 true friend always' Onward Ia l1a1'rdreSs1'l1g sclwol. Candy Sale 1.2.3.-11 Christmas Projects 1.2.3.-13 Junior Red Cross 123.4 3 fi. JL'Dll1lANN1iliOIiS1i ' N The thing that does the most and costs the least is a pleasant smile f f' Quiet und wrwie, t'fIIIXl!lt'l'tllt' of all 'V' 'UT - Iililll ofa lmmlrfzzl Xlllllt' X, .'lIultu.s and lst't'p.xfr1e11rls easily X - Her lulwzl t'.t'l11'hl'1t'rl In lzer url work SANDRA L. BONASORO Happiness isa by-product of an effort to make someone else happy. Hur beautiful !ItlI'l'fl'UNIL'Y lIL'I'ft1L'L' .4lwt1,1'.s ll kind word for t'i'erj'ur1c Has tl flair for XUWIAIIKQ Om' cozzlrl nor jifid L1 l7efIt'rjr1'w11l, Home Economics Club lg Pep Squad 1.21 Junior Red Cross 1.2.3,-lg Candy Sale 1.2.3,-lg Christmas Projects 1.2.3.-ig Typing Pool 4. PETER BORGHI Personality has the power to open many doors which character keeps open. Al ways ihipucealilv flrwsefl .4 profi'c1'c111 PIJICIIUF. tl baseball t'lIf7lL1l'II llIIL'lllgUIIl, good looking. perxoriublu Mill liked by ull . . . "The Borg. " Home Room Representative 1,2g Candy Sale 1.2.3.-11 Christmas Projects Marshal 3.43 Football 1,2,3,4g Volleyball 1.2.3.-lg Baseball 1.2.3. Co-Captain 4g Basketball 1.2.3. 79" Debating Club 3: Candy Sale 1.23.41 Christmas Projects 1.2.3.-11 Junior Red Cross 4g Art Club 1.2.4. Home Econom- ics Club 4. ,A Y RALPH BOXN'N1.-NN He walketh upon wings of the wind Clwwz' mid mniitul .41 Itllellldll and lltllllllfllal grit y Colm and .xmnify ffrcizfti' . s lmllrx .rlxpirex lo ln tl llltlltylyx' Cross Country lsitlt-or lziclt 1.2. Captain 3.4, Spring lracls l.2.f.-11 . . ,, . s 4 - ss - Projects 89 Science lfair -..M Jlllllitl' Red kfttss 1,2,.w.4, Laiitly Sale l.-.i.4. kl1V1sll!1.1s STEVEN C. BRANDON Friendship is a word, the very sight of which in print makes the heart warm. Dresses in the best ry' taste .allways flashes that winning smile l1isjrien11'ly personality is a true asset Horida fs lass is definitel 1' South fs gain. Dunedin H.S., Dunedin. Florida: Track l.23 Football l,2, Student Council 1,22 Key Club 1.2. F.S.H.S.: Prom Commit- tee 33 Football 3,43 Volleyball 3,43 La- crosse 43 Spring Track 33 Science Fair 33 Steering Committee 4. ,fn-1. gm L , -' s f ', . fa as 3, ' sf .ff .' ii' - . ' ., fr-14 ,el-3 3" if 1,2 . . , ,j'n..f:,f .re 1. .f 31 if -' , fffi:-1 1 Y. pf '31 V, . gf Q X3 . -' fi, rl A.-, V .Ln if 'L fl V , ROBER I JOHN BRIGIIAM Wit makes its own welcome, I stylish 1li'esxet' lfnlilij' I ftmiuiil and z'tiprn'iuiix nature l'firliws ltrinxig him ,lim and i',tt'ilemi'iiI 1 thtirm that twiiqiiers all 'ainly Sale l.2,3,43 f'llIISlllllIS Projects .3, !.c,4,4, Football l. Volleyball 2,3343 ll.i.I-.i-tball 2.4. Jtinior Real Cross l,2, t 1 90 754.3 JANE A, BRASSARD Promises may get friends, but 'tis per- formances that keep them. A faint blush as she smiles Delicate beauty ofa Dresden doll A sharp mind. a keen wit College, stepping stone to her future. Pittsfield HS., Pittsfield, Mass.: Stu- dent Pen l.2g Home Room Representa- tive lg Pep Club 1,23 Girls' Athletic Association l.23 Softball l,ZQ Field Hockey I3 Basketball 23 Junior Red Cross 1.23 Christmas Projects l,2. F.S.I-IS.: National Honor Society 3,43 Philoniath Biography and Verse Com- mittee 43 Home Room Representative 43 French Club 43 Drama Club 43 Science Fair 33 Pep Squad 43 Volleyball 33 Softball 33 Intramurals 3.43 Junior Red Cross 3,43 Christmas Projects 3,43 Candy Sale 3,4. MARTIN J. BREGMAN If a man empties his purse into his head. no one can take it from him, Uses his head and his -fT'L'l in soccer His ability will take him far Imported from St. Louis Capes with all problems readily. Horton Watkins HS., St. Louis, Mo.: National Science Foundation Summer Math Institute 33 Prom Committee 33 Soccer 2,33 Spanish Club 1,23 German Club 33 Track l. FS.H.S.: Soccer 43 Christmas Projects 43 Candy Sale 43 NMSQT Semi-finalist 4. if LESLIE BREED In music are graces which a master hand alone can reach. Radiant intelligence beyond compare Richlv blessed with musical talent The warmth of constant friendsltip Her many abilities will take her far. National Honor Society 3,43 Steering Committee 43 Gymnastics 1.23 A Cap- pella, Accompaiiist 2.3,43 Stage Band 3,43 French Club 13 Math Club I3 Com- puter Club 33 Library Aide 43 Library Collector 43 Science Fair, First Prize 33 Band l,2,33 Glee Club I3 Mixed Chorus, Accompanist 2,3,4g Music Festival l,2,3,4Q Variety Show l,2,3,43 NMSQT Letter of Commendation 4. RONALD E. BRIGGS His mind his kingdom, his will his law. Outgoing . . . wonderful friend to have En joys driving . . . a barn mechanic Summer brings water skiing Friendly. easy-going, enthusiastic. Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects l,2,3,43 Basketball 43 Rifle Club l,2,43 Junior Achievement 33 Audio-Visual Aide 3,4. if 1 PETER BRATICA Men of few words are the best men. E ven -tem pered, easy- going Always seen with the guys Pele . . . Full of .surprises Sparks will light up the future. Football 43 Volleyball 33 Lacrosse 1. . f' SWG' ,. N344 fb, 1 3 is ., nf. M ., . L - e 4 ' -3' s 'fstljf' Y 1 5 .1 LINDA M. BRILLHART A cheerful look makes a dish a feast. Friendl V and talkative Finds fun everywhere Endless vitality f... Linda Nzzrsiiig is her ambition. Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects l,2,3,-43 Jtinior Red Cross l,2,3,43 Pep Squad l.2.43 Junior Achievement 3, JEAN E, BRONZETTI Heart on her lips and soul within her eyes, A glowing smile for everyone Keeps order lull the halls .4 heart made cy' gold Ganial and fun-loving lldlllfe. Home Room Representative 3: Candy Sale l.2.3,4g Christmas Projects l.2,3,4: Prom Committee 31 Marshal 43 Vol- leyball 3.4: Basketball 3.4: Softball l: Intramurals l.3.4: Junior Red Cross 1,2.3,4g Pep Squad l.2,4g Science Fair 31 Philomath Biography and Verse Com- mittee 4g Senior Play 4. FRANCIS J. BYRT Courage never to submit or yield. Resolved ro play It cool Always ready for fun A keen sense of humor Desires to ga lo college. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Football 3,4g Volleyball l,2,3,4g Indoor Track l,2,3,4g Spring Track 3,4g Intramurals l,2,3,4g Steering Commit- tee 4, ELINOR BECK Eyery artlst dips his brush in his own soul. and paints his own nature into his pictures. Oflltgfllltll and talented . . . Elll' Speelal lAlIft'!'L'XIS in rnzzxic. url. and -ftllllltlll .'llalse.t and lseepx friends eaxll-1' Her LIVIIVXIIL' ah1'l111'e.x will Ialte lzerjar. Candy Sale 1.13.41 Christmas Projects l.2.3.4g Prom Committee 3. Art Club l,2.3.4g Philomath Art Co-Editor 41 Spanish Club 3g Mixed Chorus lq Junior Achievement 33 Drama Club 3. CATHARINE G. BUSHNELL On with the dance, let joy be uncon- fined. A horxewoman supreme Known I0 all as C L1-V One lzaU of the "Unholy 3-l " .4 proven dramalfsl. Variety Show 33 Music Festival l,2,3.4g A Cappella 3,41 Musical Comedy 33 Glee Club l,2g Language Laboratory Aide 3g Library Aide 1,21 Pep Squad l,2,4g Art Club l,2,3, Vice-President 4g Drama Club lg Senior Play 41 Junior Red Cross l,2.3.4g Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects 1.2.3.-43 Modern Dance Club 4. 'iiii-sr MARTA ARMINDA BCLNES No man is happy who does not think himself so. Heller known as twlilllll Friendly and outgoing Likes any kind ofxportx Enjoys .secretarial work. Candy Sale l,2,3.4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Spanish Club 2.33 Pep Squad lg Glee Club l.2. SUZANNE JEAN BUTLER It's nice to be natural and naturally nice. A certain .sweelnesx in lzer srnlle Generates' geniulily and goodness Ccnzjormulvle and modes! manner The aim to become an airline X Ie wa rd ess, Home Room Representative lg Candy Sale l,2.3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Volleyball 33 Intramurals 2,31 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4g Spanish Club 3g Drama Club 31 Pep Squad l,2,4g Senior Play Committee 4, C' PATRICIA liRONZE'l'll lihe cheerful liye longest in years, short- est in tears .4 merry sparkle IH lier tjret .4 XfIll'lIL'll tporfx erillzuwosl Her luugliler t'lIlt'I'llIIlIS c'l't'I'YL'I1II1' f'Sl'lt'IIllU' nallzre and ltlnd llktlfl, Softball 2.43 Intramurals 3.4. Prom Decorating Committee 33 Spanish Club 2.4L Pep Squad l.2, Vice-President 43 Junior Red Cross l.2,3.4. Candy Sale l.2.3.4g Christmas Projects l,2,3.4g Fu- ture 'leachers Club 4g French Club 43 International Relations Club 41 Lan- guage Laboratory Alde4 Home Room Representatlye 4g Volleyball 4, Qhs 4+- tfi .Q .li PAJQL CALDERON , Q" '-'s e ' Few things are impossible to diligenet ri.?"1-' V and skill. ' 1-' if ix . " 'Q Popular, ver'xt1I1lc. erierecrtt' I V Llkea I0 have tl good mm '... ITC J- as ,4 Xf7tlI'l,UPItUI kfiv'ei't'r. our tlefl-litzfrtlttl -' 'ar " , shooter ' .4 f7t1fIICl'f7tIlII HI nitmt' mt 'riortzlml , L',YU1lI7tIll't'.N U Student Council 1.2.4, Candy Salt l l.2,3,4g Christmas Projects l.1,3.4 Steering Committee 3. Prom Commit fi tee 3g Football l,2.3.4. Yollcy ball 2.3.4 x- -Y f Basketball l.I.3,4g Spring lracls 2.3.4 Y . Junior Red Cross 3.4. Spanish Club 3 Science Fair 3, Library Aide 3.4. lan ' 3 guage Laboratory Aide 4. Clas Vice-President 3 9' CHRISTINA CAMACHO Joking and humor are fun and often of extreme utility, A .setise of humor all her own .lliseliief ana' merrimetil Energetic' in all her endeavors Niee tlzings come in small pac'kages, Future Teachers Club 23 Glee Club I3 Softball l.2g Pep Squad l.2. 1- 3:--i'i.T.1sg1 XX IR' ,i ,fa ., 1, I -i 3. y,-,5y5s15.3-..- .3 -. , ..,: - . 1 I X KAREN R. CARTWRIGHT Amiable people radiate so much sun- shine that they are reflected in all ap- preciative hearts. Sinc'erily, it tolwn of her frietizlsliip .11 special interest in Westwood I he l'UIIllJI'lIt'Il qlialities of .x'lii't1e.s'.x am! humor A 'I l1l'dl'l'tIl1'l! friend forever. Westwood Senior II S., Westwood, Mass: Pep Squad lg Ifrcnch Cluh l3I-11. ture Nurses Klub I. I'i.S.II.S.: Ifrcnch Club 23 Home lfconoinics Club 23 Pep Squad 2, Glec flub 2. Caiidy Sale 23 fllIfISlIIlllS Projctts 2,3341 'Mmicm llanee fluh, Presitleiit 4 92 rg- as ZELINDA CANALI Of soul sincere3 in action faithful, in honor clear. C incl 1 '... gona'-h zimored Delightful personality Appealing ana' friendly smile Tomorrow holds many hopes. Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects l,Z,3,4g Junior Achievement 33 Student Crier 33 Softball 23 Intramurals l,2,3, PATRICIA M. CARBONI A faithful friend isa strong defense and a priceless treasure. .4 vivaeious smile Liked hy all . . , Patty Nice things to say at all times Eager to become a teaeher. Candy Sale l.2.3,43 Christmas Projects 1,233.43 Prom Committee 33 Volleyball 3.43 Intramurals 23 Ilome Room Repre- sentative 43 Future Teachers Club 4. PATRICK JAMES CAPSTICK My trade and art is to live. Happy ana' carefree ',,. Pat Dedicated to serving our sports teams Cars are dtfnitely one of his interests A special twinkle in his eye. Football, Manager I,2, Head Manager 3,43 Hockey, Manager 23 Candy Sale 1,2,3,43 Christmas Projects l,2,3,43 Rifle Club I3 Variety Show 2. JAMES P. CARNEY Life is to be fortified by many friend- ships. .4 gay smile and wink .4 alroll sense if humor Clothes make the man An expert at pool and cards Marian H.S.: Football l,23 F.S.H.S.: Candy Sale 3,43 Christmas Projects 3,43 Volleyball 3,43 Intramurals 3.4. ,. I 1 uv- ' X, R x . wx, , ig-, f CRISTI CAMUSO He that is of merry heart hath a con- tinued feast. A warm smile coupled with a quick wit Personable, affable with an unfailing smile Has that ina'epena'ent air about him Always the optimist . . . Cristi. Junior Achievement 23 Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Junior Red Cross I3 Rifle Club l. X X 5. 'FB SE, QL- CARLO CASTELLANA Hts good nature is without an equal, A4 good sport ana' a loyal friend .4 lilwahle pratilsster .4 slsillfiil hand, an tirtislit' talent Plans to attend art school, Candy Sale l,2.3.43 Christmas Projects I,2.3,43 Cross Country I3 Junior Red Cross 3, JOANNE CATTANI Personal beauty isa greater recommen- dation than any letter of introduction. Prvlly, p01'.s't'fl, and p11l1'.1l1t'fl SI-Vl1'.s'l1 . , , l111pt'1'c'al1l11 clrtcmed 4- fu W A- :T l Q 1 'T '?1:, 4 .- '1- Ntivio CASTELLI ,S 11' The most generous of all companions is iv N , i t - ' . -4 ' one xx ho lox es llfe. - 'vt .4 1111'scl11'e1'o1z5 twlrikle in ll1'.Y eyes ' 'bk F 1111-l11v1'11g and j11e11dl 1' l',,,-qw, 5t,,,5L, of 1,,,,,,0, A Iixvels as a .s'ua111.1'1rt'.s'.1 Happy ga 1111 A-1 . . . .Nick in Candy Sale 1.2.3.-13 Junior Red Cross 1.2.3.-13 Football 1: Volleyball 1,3,43 Basketball 1: Baseball 1.3,-1. 'Sv 1 ' -. GK 4, is s- ' ,- -...., . V- 7' 1 v Q5-S V n..1l-r' I ROBERT CLINTON Laugh and be merry. better the world with a song. llIf1Ill'lflllLlfIlSlI'C bu! one of the guys COIIIIIIOIILV known as BU1111-1' Found wlzcrever the fun ls .4 1rucj11e11d wlllz a greal pem'011al1'1-v. Candy Sale 1,2,3,4g Christn1as Projects lv-213,41 Football 13 Volleyball 1.2.43 Hockey 1,23 Junior Red Cross 33 Junior Achievement 33 Lacrosse 4. BRUCE CHAPLTT A comrade for every mood. HL11'l'lIQLf a good time all ilu' IIIIIIL' .Pfll.YI'L' 1.1 one of his I-lIlt'l'L',Yf.S' Dtjf1l1' plays the Aguilar .4 llvclv .YL'lI.1'L' 1y'l11111111r . . , Brine. Variety Show 21 Rifle Club 1.2. CHERRYL CLARK Love comforteth like sunshine rain. after .4 .YlIICL'l'c' and k1'11d 111a1111c1' A lruc ana' fIOI1L'5I fr1'e11d Yalwzled and FII-1'IllI77lC g,VIIlIIUXI So111ea11e special 1.11 mind for the f11l111't'. Ashland H.S., Ashland. Mass.: Gym- nastics Club 1. F.S.H.S.: Candy Sale 3, 43 Christmas Projects 3,4 CAROL ANN CHESMORE A smile is the whisper of a laugh. .4 loyal and Iruej11't'11d .4l1111-11.1 cheerful ana' .11n1'l1'11g Likes being called C lnppy Ilapcs Ia be a l1t111'drc.r.1't'r. Candy Sale 1,2,3,43 Christmas Projects 11.3,-13 Drama Club 43 Pep Squad 1. SUSAN JEAN CLARKE A true friend is forever a friend. ,4 .s'1111'lv 111ca11S 111o1'1' 1l1a11 1nu11y wards A flair khr the art af-H1,vl11'a11 .411 avid ski e11ll11zs1'u.1l Hope 111 become a IIOIIIL' 1'1'c111u1111's1. Philomath Biography a11d Verse Com- mittee 43 Softball 2.3.43 Candy Sale 1,2343 Christmas Projects 1,2,3.43 Ju11- ior Red Cross l,2,3,43 Prom Decorating Committee 33 International Relations Club 23 Pep Squad 1,43 Science Fatr 23 Mixed Chorus l,2,3g A Cappella 2,3,43 Musical Comedy 1,23 Music Festival 1,2343 Junior Achievement, Treasurer 3. 5' 1 ,pn fi Q-af Urnfqualed Iill j00,DllfCll'Ivl'V . Student Council 1.13, Recording Secretary 43 Cheerleader 2,3,4g Steering Committee 3g Prom Committee 35 111- tramurals 33 Pep Squad 1,43 Christmas Projects 1,2,3,43 Candy Sale 1.2.3,43 Junior Red Cross 1,2,3,4, DAVID A, B, CODD Mcn are all 111K cntors sailtng forth on .1 voyage of dtscox ery .4 1'11,111al1111111111'1' 11'11l1 11 11111t'l1 .rf IlllI'I1'1lIIllt1lII1' 11111111 1 Lfltlltltl ll 1 111 ll, 1 Lflxflf Ill ll Ill ndx S1 t s 1 11111 r 93 1 1 , 1 1 NANCY JANE COLE Friendship is an account that keeps gaining interest. Love for life and laughter Winsome personality, a pleasing smile Vivacious and beautiful .,.. N ancy A bright future ahead of her. Prom Committee 33 Candy Sale l.2,3,4Q Christmas Projects l.2.3,43 Spanish Club 23 Art Club 43 Pep Squad 43 Bas- ketball l3 Softball l. . -ty 1 rr f VICKI CRAGFR lt's nicc to be important. but it's more important to be nice. Sim wrt' ttritljrierullv to all llirtttttoui and livntritne Delta tllvf hettttty in her lace llH'tIl"v in the xpotltgltl fliiiily Sale l,2,3,4, Cfliristiiizis Projects l.1. Vliirslizil 3,44 lntitiniurzils l,2, Diziiiiai Club -l Pep Squad l,2,4. 94 ff-an .411 MARY COPPINGER The surest way to success is through determination. A cheerful. happy nature A bright outlook on life E vervone calls her Sparky A future airline stewardess. Basketball 1.43 Softball 1,43 132. Pep Squad JOAN CORLEY No spring, nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autum- nal face. E ver-present sunny disposition Gorgeous blue eyes Fun-loving and friendly Spirited and delightful humor. Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects l,2,3,43 Junior Red Cross 132.3343 Soft- ball 1,23 Pep Squad l,2, Treasurer 43 Glee Club l,23 Junior Achievement Secretary 33 Junior Executive Award, Achiever's Award 33 Steering Commit- tee 43 Homecoming Queen 4. v YN , A Ah 1 17" 3 c 5-'F if 9 BRIAN V. He is always laughing, for he has an infinite deal of wit. CORBETT Never turns down an opportunity for fun A desire to ltelp others is ever present lhe enjoyment of skiing and sailing never ends Corbie, hopes to stud V law. St. Mary's H.S., Westfield, Mass.: Debating Team l3 Candy Sale 1. F.S.H.S.: Junior Red Cross l,2,3,43 Jun- ior Achievement 3,4, President 33 Science Fair 33 Ski Club 23 Volleyball 3,43 Home Room Representative l,2,3,43 Candy Sale 2.3.4. PAULA J. COURNOYER Beauty is the smile of God. A hright girl with a lively personality Full of mirth and rnerriment An avid sewing enthusiast Bound for a college life. Home Room Representative 23 Prom Committee 33 Field Hockey 2,3,4g Mar- shal 33 Softball lg Drama Club 43 Home Economics Club 43 Pep Squad l,2,43 Li- brary Aidc4g Language LaboratoryAide 233,43 Science Fair, Honorable Mention 23 Variety Show l.43 Candy Sale 23 Christmas Projects lg Junior Red Cross l,2.3,4g Spanish Club 43 Senior Play 4. ffl., fra I 1 .K A, NANCY M. COMOLI The red-gold beauty of her streaming hair. The glowing color of lzer natural tresses Handy with a needle and talented, too A true and devoted friend Shows strength through seU-confdence. Candy Sale l,2,3,4Q Christmas Projects 1,2,3,4g Field Hockey l,2Q Spanish Club 3. -' A " .M l "X ,Q5 1 h, 1 Q""'Q-4 7 K JAMES ALAN CRAWFORD From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs. Easy-going personality . . . Interested in ears A flair for music through drums Answers to the name of Crock Graduation and the A ir Pbrce ahead. Band l,2,33 Soccer 23 Rifle Club l. MAUREEN L. CREASIA Some friendships are made by nature. some by contract, some by interest, and some by souls. Fun-loving and friendlv Sunny disposition Delightful and spirited humor Harm and sincere charm. Candy Sale 1,2,3,4g Christmas Projects 1.2.3,-ig Junior Red Cross 1,2,3,4g French Club 13 Softball 1,2,4g Intramu- rals 1,2,3,4g Gymnastics 11 Pep Squad 1,41 Volleyball 4: Future Teachers Club 41 Junior Achievement, Vice-President 43 Variety Show 4. 5 5 as if-9 rv? Qi 1 1 KATH RYN MARIE CURRAN To have the greatest blessing, a true friend. Uses art to convey her feelings A shy, quiet smile lights her face A friend to all, . . Kathy Headed for success at art school. Volleyball 13 Softball 1g Home Econom- ics Club lg Candy Sale 1,2,3,43 Christ- mas Projects 1,2,3,4. Vt 'R 'f DOTTIE CROSBY If you will laugh yourself into stitches, follow me. The versatile and vi vacious ringleader An active participant in school activities A singing heart. a blithe outlook The ability to make others laugh . . . Dottie. Student Council 1.2,3: Candy Sale l,2,3,4: Christmas Projects 1,2,3,4Q Prom Committee 33 Volleyball 33 Bas- ketball 1,2,43 Field Hockey 1,2,4g Soft- ball 1,23 Intramurals 1,2,3: Gymnastics 1: Junior Red Cross 1,2,3g Pep Squad l,4g Science Fair 23 Steering Committee 43 Home Room Representative 4. JOHN CROWLEY Youth is the time for adventures. Friendlv and casual. . . Jack Happyago-lucky, always having fun Enjoys sports, al ways on the move A future in accounting. Candy Sale 13 Volleyball 2,33 Indoor Track 2. 355 lg 'fit X Ai it. 1 -. K 55111101 . R Q ' 1 i Q Y 1,. 1 1 z ti. CHRISTINE CROWLEY That which is good is always beautiful. Sparkling eyes and personality A mind if her own Ardent sports enthusiast A touch of sophistication. Marian HS.: Student Council 33 Home Room Representative 13 Christmas Pro- jects 31 Prom Committee 33 Cheerleader 33 Pep Squad 1,2,33 Science Fair 3: Band 13 Glee Club 1,21 Student News- paper 33 Basketball l,2.33 Intramurals 1,2,3, F.S.H.S.: German Club, Secre- tary-Treasurer 41 Basketball 4. ANN MARIE CUNNINGHAM A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere. Graceful and gracious to all Irish eyes are always smiling One of our prettiest marshals Her sincerity will carry her far. Home Room Representative 1,23 Pep Squad 1,43 Marshal 3, Lieutenant 43 In- ternational Relations Club Zg Prom Committee 33 Drama Club 43 Candy Sale 1,2,3,43 Christmas Projects 1,2,3,4. CATHERINE CROCI A happy life consists in tranquility of the mind. A warm and sincere friend A whiz in the kitchen Leads a quiet lik Sweet, serious, and sympathetic. Candy Sale 1,2,3,41 Christmas Projects 1,2,3,4. 53 es. as -Q5 f MARILYN C, DALEY There is no treasure. the which may be compared unto a faithful friend. Mzturall v s weet' and serene Enjoys being with friends Hlund in the center offun A spires for a college ea'tieatiiit1 Candy Sale 12.3.-lg Christmas Projects l.2,3,4: Junior Red Cross 1.' 14- In- tramurals 1.2. 95 S3 1 ROBERT N. DALY To keep happy is what I try to do. Quiet humor. . , Bob Easy to get along with A light-hearted smile Serious and sedate. Football lg Boys' Pep Squad 4, 61" -s. ' X457 PALMA ma Mtuzco An Italian rnatlc from designs by Ml- cliaelarlgclo ,Natural talent for ltttttgtutleex I ftrelll' ttntl petite Italian llllflftl ltlllrttl for Iltt' ltetlttll' ttf ttf! lht' ttlnltti' and antlnlton to at hteve, lit-null Club 21,43 Art flub lj,-1 lluuiin I lub -l, language l.:iboratoi'y 'xille 4 filet- Vlula l, Spanish Club, llt',INIlIi'l -l 96 GEORGE D'AMORA Men of few words are the best men. .4 worthy addition to FS. H. S, There are often words in a silent look An atniahle sports enthusiast .4 friend well worth having. St. Viator H.S. . Chicago, Ill.: Football l,2,3g Basketball lg Spring Track l,2g Intramurals l,2,3g Wrestling 1.2. F.S.H.S.: Football 43 Track 41 Vol- leyball 4, JANICE DELANEY A campanion who is cheerful is worth gold. A joyous ring in her laughter Noted for her tgtytfrmt-tttit cheerfulness' An incessant smile for all Looks forward to a nursing career. Candy Sale 3,-lg Christmas Projects 3.41 Prom Committee 31 Pep Squad l.2,4g Student Crier 4, rd 1' ws. '- l SONDRA DAVIDONIS To be an artist is the divinely destined end for man. Sincerity reaps friendships Especiallv skilled in sewing The magical touch of an artist Anticipates further study at art college. Glee Club lg Art Club 45 Modern Dance Club 4g Pep Squad 4, DAVID MICHAEL DEL MONTE The laughter of men is the contentment of God. .-Ivid follower ty' Boston learns His laugh is worth a thousand words Quiet . , . a loyal friend in need Sure to be a successful accountant. Intramurals 23 Junior Red Cross l.2,3,4g Candy Sale l,2,3,4r l ,ix v 1 CHRISTINE DAME You must look into people as well as at them. Kipp y has a smile for all Unique artistic talent A treasured friend Cool, calm, and collected. Home Economics Club 43 Glee Club 3,43 Music Festival 3,4. l K 1 ft l .qugf x ,K A I f Q ' ' .537 ' I a-'-'k NEIL J. DENNY Where fortitude dwells, loyalty, bounty, and friendship may be found. FI'l'c'lII1'hV and sincere toward all .4 great guy to have as a friend Active in all sports .Al college life ahead. Football l,2,3,4g Baseball l,2,4g Vol- leyball 2.35 Intramurals l,2.3,4g Science Fair Zg Math Fair I. v CECILE MARIE DEROIQIN Comely. candid. worldly'-wise. .4 depth of feeling and comprehension .Natural kindness and natural beauty Intelligence. compassion and jriendship One who is gentle: one who is true. National Honor Society' 3,43 Tennis lg French Club 1.2.3,-1: International Re- lations Club 3.43 Library' Aide 3,43 Li- brary Collector 45 Science Fair, Honorable Mention 21 National For- eign Language Week Essay Contest. Honorable Mention 3: Student Crier 3, Assistant Editor-in-Chief 43 NMSQT Letter of Commendation 4. fefx Nqr-ff I .. K AJ ex Milf, it ,ff 014' ff"- fi. 1 x" f' X WILLIAM H. DOLLIVER Truth is the highest thing that a man may keep. The sportsman with a brain A subtle mischief-maker Evident drive and determination College and far beyond. Football l,2,3,4: Volleyball l,2,3,4g Bas- ketball l,2,3,4g Baseball l,2,3,4g Candy Sale 4: Christmas Projects 43 Junior Red Cross 4. 'VND l P' V ELISA DIASIO Through her expressive eyes her soul distinctly spoke. Eager for the unusual Fondness for talk, yet reserved .Magnetism of book world Excitement lights the way. Marian H.S.: Pep Squad lg Glee Club l. F.S.H.S.: National Honor Society 3,4g Candy Sale 13,41 Christmas Projects 2,3,4g French Club 33 Latin Club 2g In- ternational Relations Club 2: Pep Squad 43 Library Aide 4: Junior Achievement 33 Intramurals 23 Science Fair 2. EARLE S. DINSMORE Before Man made us citizens. great Na- ture made us men. Enjoys whatever he does A n easy- going personality Mathematics is his subject Has a bright future as an engineer Tennis lg Intramurals 3. AUS . lx C' " tl X Ll' 11 l Q f -Q STEPHANIE A. DICICCO The plainest sign of wisdom is a con- tinual cheerfulness. Always smiling brigh tlv Her sincerity wins her many friends Enjoys tra veling near and far Looks forward to a college education. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects 1.2.3,-lg Intramurals l.2g Junior Red Cross l,2.3,4g Pep Squad 4. RICHARD A. DOBSON The secret of success is constancy of purpose. GUUQ and baseball enthusiast His future lies in the field of medicine In teresting. com peti ti ve, friendly Success is likely to be his. Golf 25 Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Latin Club 2.33 Spanish Club 2.3, President 43 Science Fair 2,3,4g Student Crier 4. EDWARD J. DEVINE Let other men dwell on misery Friendly to all, sincere and ainusing A qualified sharpshooier Computer programming in his future Photographer of sorts ',., Eddie. Spring Track lg Rifle Club 2,3, Treas- urer 2, Vice-President 33 Library Aide l,2: Library Collector, 21 Junior Achievement 31 Student Crier 4. 'xerr' 'fir is 1 x, , 1 MAUREEN DONNELLY There is an excellence attainable by all who have the will to strive for it. .4 girl who is syiionvnious with versatilit-V .-1 successful president and spirited cheerleader Excels in all her aetirittes and endeavors Enjoys life to its fullest extent Cheerleader 3.41 Student Council. Cor- responding Secretary 3. President 4: Student Crier. Photo Editor 3. Feature Editor 4g National Honor Society 3.-lg Home Room Rcprcscntntiye 2. Pep Squad l,-11 French Club l.2. Plnlomgith Biography and Verse Committee 41 Science Fair 2: Language Laboratory Aide 11 Prom Committee 3 CAROLYN PHYLLIS DOW What sweet delight a quiet life affords. The one and only Dowsie Summer Hnds her surfng Blond, blue-eyed, beautiful Apple of many a boys eye. Student Crier 3, Photo Editor 45 Science Fair 25 Junior Achievement 35 Lan- guage Laboratory Aide 25 International Relations Club 3,45 Future Teachers Club 25 Drama Club 25 Ski Club 25 Pep Squad 25 Gymnastics 15 Softball 15 Field Hockey 1,2,3,45 Prom Committee 35 Candy Sale l,2,3,45 Christmas Projects 1,2,3,4. 5 13. 3" gg. - fv- A' I K. I- wi 'm 1, n MARY ELLEN DUNN In her tongue is the law of kindness. Cheerful, always' has u smile A loyal friend, fircvvr willing to help A ns wers to the name tn' Greta Aspirus to an ter the lnzmn'ss world. I Candy Sale 1 t 3,45 Christrnas Projects 1,2,3,45 ltinii.. Red Cross l,2,3,-4. 98 W 1 EDWARD BERNARD DOWD It matters not how long we live, but how. Youth is a stepping-stone to greatness Imbued with an infinite source of ready wit A demon on ice . . . Ned An untiring attraction to sports. Candy Sale 1.2,3,45 Christmas Projects 1,2,3,45 Steering Committee 45 Cross Country 2,3,45 Volleyball l,2,3,45 Hockey 1,2,3,45 Spring Track l,2,3,45 Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Junior Red Cross 3,45 Library Aide 3,45 Science Fair 25 Philomath Sports Co-Editor 4. COLLEEN C. DUGGAN Her very frowns are fairer far than smiles of other maidens are. fi.'l'V4'.St'c'lIl clicvrjfizliiess Radiant .smile and personality lflIIlIll.Xltl.lll'C skier Her vitality has no limit. Candy Sale 1,2,3,45 Christmas Projects 1,2,3.45 Junior Red Cross 1,2,3,4g In- tramurals 2,3,45 Volleyball 35 Ski Club 25 Pep Squad 1.-15 Junior Achievement 45 Typing Pool 4. COLLEEN M. DOWD A glowing personality shines through her smile. Full offun, liked by all Enthusiastic party-goer 5 Her friends know her as Dik X Eager for a nursing career. Pep Squad 1,25 Junior Achievement 35 Candy Sale 1,2,3,45 Christmas Projects l,2,3,45 Junior Red Cross 1,2,3. KATHRYN JEAN DOWD Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well. A Enjoys making others happy . . . Kathy Unique combination of artistic abilities Unusually intelligent and creative Always smiling and outgoing. 'FX ,N French Club 1,25 Future Teachers Club 25 Candy Sale l,2,3,45 Christmas Pro- jects l,2,3,45 Junior Red Cross 1,2,3,45 NMSQT Letter of Commendation 45 Art Club 4. X. THOMAS P. DUNLAP In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. Tall and handsome . . . Tommy . f A creative abiliiy in art ' 0 Travels by motor bike His pastime is skin diving ,, ' , W V Football 1,25 Lacrosse 1,45 Wrestling 25 N-Lf " Gymnastics l,45 Volleyball 4. X i l LAURA JOANNE DURGIN There is a smile of smiles in which all smiles meet. Understanding and friendly to all The compassion to be a nurse A French horn virtuoso Cheerful and vivacious . . . Laura. Basketball 25 Library Aide 3,45 Junior Achievement 3,45 Candy Sale 1,2,3,45 Christmas Projects 1,2,3,45 Science Fair, Honorable Mention 25 Band 1,2,3,45 Orchestra 1,25 Music Festival 1,2,3,45 International Relations Club 3, Vice-President 45 Senior Play Commit- tee 4. '--,,,f-' WENDY RUTH DURGIN The highest of distinctions is service. Loves activity and fun Her trumpet never fails Hopes to be a regtstered nurse One of the twins , . . Wendy. Softball l,2,3,4g Stage Band l,2,3,4g Band l,2,3,4g Orchestra 1,25 Music Fes- tival l,2,3,4g Brass Choir I,2,3,4g Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Intemational Relations Club 3, Secre- tary 4g Junior Achievement 3,45 Science Fair 2. . YTHFBP 1 " ff' , X, VERIAN L. ELSEMILLER Cheerfulness has been called the bright weather of the heart. Known to many as Vee An endless flow of wit Her sights set for the sky "A stitch in time. " Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Junior Red Cross 2g Musical Comedy lg Science Fair 2g Glee Club lg Music Festival I. xv... A tilli" , xy 7 THEODORE N. ECK Silence is man's chief learning. An energetic nature Enjoys the gaiety of ltje .4 quiet personality Success is sure to follow. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,23 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,-11 Rifle Club 1. DOUGLAS EISS Fleet of foot and light of heart. An asset to South 3 track team Loves good times Lots of 'get up and go" His future points to college. Cross Country 2,3,4g Indoor Track 2.3.43 Spring Track 2,3,4g Volleyball 25 Boys'Pep Squad 4. ' . ! Stl f., PATRICIA K, EDMOND A daughter of the gods. divinely tall. and most divinely fair, The persuttsiott ofjt't'et1tllt't1ess llie charm of L'lIllIllS1'tl.SlII .4 little nonsense now and then Shows an ability to teach, National Honor Society 3,4g Science Fair 2,33 Spanish Club 43 Future Tea- chers Club Zg International Relations Club l.2g Drama Club 33 Library Aide l,2g Pep Squad l,2,-lg Steering Commit- tee 31 Prom Committee 3g Softball lg Intramurals 3. Volleyball 3g Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2.3,4. STEPHEN R. ELDRIDGE Man is by nature fond of novelty. .4 quick and ready wit Life brings the un usual Shy and quiet .4 carefree nature. Candy Sale 4: Christmas Projects 4. ' fv- WILLIAM MICHAEL DWYER A man's happiness is to do a man's true work, Lured by the Challenge of g0U' A quiet smile that is always welcome Friendly is his nature College will lead to a successful future. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Golf l,2g Junior Red Cross l, 2,3,4. 13 i ""'m. 4-xi. Q ARNOLD EVANS Though he was rough, he was kindly, Devoted to football K ind -hearted and friendli' A quiet but defittite perst'ste1:i'.' .. M ti .4 trite good sport, Candy Sale l,2.3.-13 Christinas Projects l,2,3.4Q Football 2.3.4. Yolley hall 2. La- crosse 2,4g Wrestling 2.4, 99 ANN MARIE FEDOLFI Charm is that extra quality that defies description. Adorable in every way Shy and meek as a mouse Characterized by sweetness and friendliness Dark-eyed and attractive. Home Room Representative 3g Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4, Prom Committee 3g Junior Red Cross 33 Pep Squad l,2,4. 19' K ua, ... '-"V-H . JOHN K. FIORF A man of liope and forward-looking mind. flmhtttnttx, intelligent, able ,Sports are his interest lrue fourtialtxt 's worry of tleatlltnes .tl wtntexxfttl eareer in l7f'tXlIltitlSlIllNLf. Soccer l. Stntlcnt Crier 2, Sportslitlitor A IOO 1.5, . AMW' JOANNE L. FERGUSON Beauty is a manifestation of secret natu- ral laws which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever. An accent on fun and friends Dextrous, determined to succeed in life Fun to be with, always on the go An attractive appearance is always an asset. Home Room Representative l,2g Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects I,2,3,4g Prom Committee 3g Volleyball 3g In- tramurals 3g Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4g Pep Squad l,4g Library Aide l,2g Var- iety Show 3g Field Hockey 4. JOHN A FERULLO Men of great abilities are generally ofa large and vigorous nature. forever spinning jokes and puns Let his deeds speak for him .4 leader, a sportsman. and a scholar .4 friendly nature brings him many friends. National Honor Society 3,43 Class Presi- dent 31 Student Council 3,43 Home Room Representative 1,23 Steering Committee 3,4g Prom Committee 33 Football l,2,3,-lg Boys' State Represent- ative 33 Volleyball l.2,3.4g Indoor Track I,2,3,4g Baseball l,2g Spring Track 3,41 Intramurals 1.2.3,-13 Science Fair 2, Honorable Mention 3g Candy Sale l,2.3.-13 Christmas Projects l,2.3,-1. ik. j 7, fr e 7 .4 ,X , f N ANNE E. FERRARI Pretty to walk with, witty to talk with, and pleasing to think upon. Butter .,.. 4l ways has a shining smile Endless cjfusions of humor and wit Tall, graceful, and lovely in appearance Forever an effort to make others happy. Home Room Representative 3,41 Soft- ball lg Volleyball 3g Christmas Projects 3,43 Candy Sale 3,4g Drama Club 4g Pep Squad 45 Senior Play 43 Variety Show 4. MAUREEN FINN A good laugh is like sunshine. Her laughter heard throughout the school Quick to heh: a friend in need An enthusiastic basketball player Desires to enter the business world. Lowell H.S., Lowell, Mass.: Basketball 2. F.S.H.S.: Basketball 3. 2 H. r 'lui' . I . . 4 I V ' STEPHEN JOHN FEDORCHAK No task is too steep for human wit. Misclzitfana' fun rolled into one Soccer is Ste ve fs game Earnest and energetic worker A credit to any prtfession. Student Crier 4g Philomath Student Photographer 41 Soccer 2,3,4g Gymnas- tics 23 Junior Red Cross l.2,3g Candy Sale l,2,3g Christmas Projects l,2,3g Li- brary Collector 21 Language Laboratory Aide 21 Science Fair 23 A Cappella 2g Mixed Chorus lg Musical Comedy 2g Music Festival l,2g Orchestra l,2. J ' P -v-' I I 'Qu GAIL FISCHER And gladly would she learn and gladly teach. A great interest in books A fondness for small children A flair for music through song Nursery school teaching is her goal. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Home Economics Club 25 Glee Club l,2,3,4g Music Festival l,2,3,4. .- -v' DEBORAH LYNN FLAHERTY We have been friends together in sun- shine and shade. Known for her big smile Always willing to help a friend Special interest in water sports The desire to teach in the future. South Windsor H.S., South Windsor, Conn,: Basketball 1,23 Softball l,2Q Vol- leyball l,2. F.S.H.S.: Junior Achieve- ment 3,43 Candy Sale 3,43 Christmas Projects 3,4. IV' f TRUDIE JANE FRIELING 'Twas her thinking of others that made you think of her. Quietness hides inner joy Considerate of the feelings of all Enjoys twanging her guitar Love of all animals, especially horses. Eastern Christian H.S., North Haledon, N.J.: Christian Service Club 2. F.S.H.S.: Spanish Club 3,43 Pep Squad 4, 3 1 .as ff 5 U 'a JANE FORD Walk together, talk together, O ye peo- ples of the earth. Souths AES. studentfrom England Travel broadens her mind and heart A typical English horsewoman Abounding spirit and glowing personality. Sutton H.S., Surrey, England: Drama Club3 Current Affairs Societyg Religious Club. F.S.H.S.: American Field Service Exchange Student 43 Student Council 43 Senior Play Committee 43 Pep Squad 43 Modern Dance Club 43 Christmas Pro- jects 4. LORNA JEANNE FRAELIC Good temper, like a sunny day, sheds a brightness over everything, Lovely eyes and smile A bundle of spirit and charm Enthusiastic and energetic worker High qualtfcations of leadership. National Honor Society 3, Treasurer 43 Girls' State Representative 33 Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects l,2,3,4Q Junior Red Cross l,2,3,43 Pep Squad l,23 Student Crier 43 Computer Club 33 French Club 1,23 Volleyball 3,43 Field Hockey 2,33 Intramurals l,2,3,4Q Gym- nastics l,2Q Tennis l,2,3, Co-Captain 4g Steering Committee 43 Senior Play Committee 4. .49 1 I . , X X . fljgffpsi . li iii' PAUL C. FORD A sense of humor is a sense of propor- tion. Friendly and witty personality Known as a clown among his friends A dedicated ana' intelligent student A nticipates a career as a la nyer. Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects l,2,3,43 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,43 Foot- ball 23 Student Council, Treasurer 4g Science Fair, Honorable Mention 3. JANET ELLEN FRENCH The cultivation of the mind is a kind of food supplied for the soul of man. Sweet, sincere, thoughtful . . . Jan Enjoys a tennis match Seeks a career as a librarian Success is in her future. Tennis 2,3,43 French Club 2,33 Interna- tional Relations Club, Treasurer 43 Art Club 2,3,4Q Home Economics Club 43 Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects l,2,3,4. K .f-F 'vs' ANTHONY J. FOLINO The gift of gaiety may itself be the great- est good fortune. Known to all as Butch An avid car enthusiast His sense of humor is constantly apropos All sports interest him. Candy Sale 4g Christmas Projects 43 Football lj Indoor Track 1,23 Baseball 1. ,.-Q. '- i f ax-A. 9' 3 . K. 45 rt? 5 - . 5 ..- 'lwvw 17' ' l , J' ODIN C FRll'SYOl.l3 Any skill is ar joy to ti mari Sttpurlv artixtit' itlnlttt' lltltlylllltlllitlll 1it1i14rp.1in3tf Cool, Llllltl, :mtl c'tIl'cfl't'i' Llhtll' ltl Ylltft't't'tl Candy Sale l.2..i.4. llockcy l. .luiuor Red Cross l.I.3.-1, Art Klub 4. Scicucc lfgur l 3 IOI WALTER FULLER Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier. Owns a wide variety of cars A whiz at electronics Easy-going . . . Wally A keen and sparkling wit. Band l,2g Hockey 1,23 Science Fair, Honorable Mention 2g Soccer 43 Tennis l. ,-. I 1 'Mfrs -Qi!! JUDITH A. GERSH Happiness makes up in height what it lacks in length. A wnile on her lips, a twinkle in her eyes A constant flow of bubbling chatter ller 'feet ever ready to dance Hn' lIIl.X'I'lIlVl'WI1l.Y llfloizse. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,?.4 lypiiig Pool 4. lCf2 l '23 fe' .x "1 .,-.v x .3 tg PAULA C. GALLIVAN With malice toward noneg with charity toward all. A readv smile for wliomever she meets Qnietness houses a happy heart Enjoyment is found in swimming Travel and Ahnreign languages go hana' in hand. National Honor Society 3.4: Philomath Biography and Verse Committee 4g Prom Committee 31 Science Fair 23 Pep Squad 43 Spanish Club 43 Library Aide 44 Intramurals 23 Glee Club l.2g Music Festival lg Candy Sale 2,143 Christmas Projects l,2,3,4. STEPHEN GARNER Youth is to all the glad season of life. Looks for excitement and parties A charm all his own Tall, blond, and handsome Drama, one of his many interests. Litchfield H.S., Litchfield, Conn.: Drama Club lg Track l. Holliston H.S., Holliston, Mass.: School Play 2g Track 2. F.S.H.S.: Candy Sale 3,4g Christmas Projects 3,45 Junior Red Cross 3,4. ,fbi 'VY 1115,-any ANGELA GARFOLD It's merry when friends meet. A bubbling personality . . . Angie Enjoys horseback riding A never-ending smile Soon to be a medical secretary. Gymnastics lg Glee Club l,2g Pep Squad l,2,4g Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christ- mas Projects l,2,3,4. SUSAN FAYE GELLER A constant friend is a rare and hard thing to find. Moves about with a quiet air Always there to help A scjt wistfulness and .sweetness A basliful .sincerity is hers. Ski Club 21 French Club l,2,3.4g Drama Club lg Art Club 41 Glee Club lg Lan- guage Laboratory Aide 3g Library Aide 23 Candy Sale 4g Christmas Projects 41 Science Fair. Honorable Mention 3. JEFFREY D. GALLANT Art is the conveyance of spirit by means of matter. Always on the go and having fun . . . JLW' Likes being in the action Enjoys dances and sports Records and cars are among his in terests. Hopkinton H.S., Hopkinton, Mass.: Candy Sale lg Football lg Soccer lg Bas- ketball lg Intramurals lg Gymnastics lg Art Club l. F.S.H.S.: Candy Sale 2,3,4g Christmas Projects 2,3,4. ff' DONALD GIARDINI Let us be happy while we are young. Let the good times roll Cars have a certain fascination Is there mischief on his mind? Maintains a defnite charm. Hockey 1,25 Basketball 1,25 Volleyball l,2,3,4g Candy Sale l,2,3,4. ROBERT GIBBS Courage is the thing, all goes if courage does. Blond hair and blue eyes . . . Gibby His engrossing pastime is cars Always laughing with the bays A future as an automobile technician. Candy Sale 1.2.43 Gymnastics 21 Band 1.2. l 1' Us ur ANNE GUERIN Herself a fairer flower. Soft loveliness ana' winsome ways Artistic talent to paint and sketch Excels in fun and merriment Gentle of word, gentle of heart. Candy Sale l,2.4g Volleyball l,23 Bas- ketball l.2,33 Baseball 13 Golf 23 Field Hockey 33 Junior Red Cross 1,23 Drama Club 23 Art Club 23 Christmas Projects 1 MICHELLE GORMAN I have a heart with room for every joy. Casual and friendly i... Miki A happy and warm ina'ividual Quick-minded and artistically inclined De voted, in tel ligen t. seH -con Hden t. Candy Sale l.2.3.43 Christmas Projects 1,2.3,43 Spanish Club 33 Art Club 3.4. JILL GROSSMAN Variety is the very spice of life, Success is a sure thing Tall, attractive, and sophisticatea' The girl in the elieekered knit'kers' Sparkling pt'rsanality with a iouclz of irll. Home Room Representative 3.4. Candy Sale 1.2341 Christmas Projects 2.3.-lg Volleyball 33 Intramurals 1.2.33 Junior Red Cross l,2,3.4g Spanish Club 3.41I11- ternational Relations Club 43 Drama Club 33 Art Club 13 Ski Club 23 Pep Squad 1.41 Science Fair 2gG1ee Club lg Variety Show 2.33 Senior Play 4. 'f""hnu.,X X C 13- N W XQHY ' ui ,J , Y 'l t. 1 Y v I 1 l l -' i 1 j N . til I U, 1 4 v ELIZABETH S. GOLLD She shines intrinsically fair. A folk singer at heart . . . Li: Frail lavelinexs and gentle 1'i1tct1s1'I,i' Her hair, a cobweb filigree spun of gold Chere amie, a'elit'att' and etlzcrcal. National Honor Society 3. Vice-Presi- dent 43 Philomath Biography and Verse Co-Editor 43 Philomath Business and Advertising Committee 41 Candy Sale 1.21 Christmas Projects 1.2.3.-1: Field Hockey 23 French Club 1.2.3.-11 Lan- guage Laboratory Aide 1.2: Library Aide 2.3.43 Library Collector 43 Science Seminar Student 23 Science Fair. Hon- orable Mention 2,3g Student Crier. change Editor 33 Orchestra 1.21 Cxlee Club 2,33 A Cappella 3,41 Music Festi- val l,2,3.4g Variety Show 33 NMSQT Letter of Commendation 43 NCTE Achievement Award 4. EDWARD H. GUARDIANI Friendship leads to confidence and con- fidence leads to success. Energetic sportsman Never at a loss for words Capable of reaching many goals On ward to College. Football l,2,3,43 Volleyball 33 Christ- mas Projects l,2,3,43 Baseball 43 Variety Show 3. xii ,n-' Ei N X LINDSAY J. GODDARD Beauty doth of itself persuade the of men without an orator, eyes Generates geniality and goodness lngenuity sparkles within her Pert, pretty, proper Natural poise and grace are hers. Home Room Representative 1,2,43 Candy Sale 1,2,3,4g Christmas Projects 1,2,3,43 Volleyball 33 Tennis 23 Field Hockey l,2,3,43 Pep Squad 1,43 Glee Club 1. U! f--H ' S pl- 'lv KATHRYN GULLAGE From her shall be read the perfect ways of honor. Friend from a distant place .4 sunn,i' and sparkling smile .4 companion worth finding A cute and slit' personalitii Tnadelphia HS.. Wheeling. W, V3.5 Swim Club 2. Secretary 3g Y-Teens 1.2.31 Future Teachers Club 31 Pep Club 1.2.3 I03 MICHAEL GUMBEN One thing is forever good, that one thing is success. A great athlete worthy of much praise Gumby is always on the go Never too busy to offer assistance Will inspire and help others as a teacher-coach. Football l,2,3,4g Baseball l,2,3,4g Vol- leyball Z,3,4g Basketball l,2g Home Room Representative 25 Junior Red Cross 2g Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4. ."'L'f kan .. W Q ROIJFRI A. llARli Youth comes but once in a lifetime. .fllwttyx lattglittiig it up .fihottntlx with good nuttin' .4 letttler, not it follower .S'trive.s for the good things in life. Candy Sale 4.4, Volleyball 33 .lunior Red Cross 3 Vliristinns Projects 4. IO4 '- vi QQ ls. rx,- DAN HAENDEL A man diligent in his business shall stand before kings. Diltgent, sincere, and friendly A whiz at debating and history College-bound with serious objectives Sure to j9'nd success. National Honor Society 3,4g Debating Club l,2, Vice-President 3, President 43 Science Fair 2. JOHN HAMILTON An essential of a happy life is freedom from care. Hammy . . . Roams with the boys Interested in all sports Many comical remarks Nonchalant, easy-going. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Football lg Volleyball l,2,3,4g Basketball l,2,4g Baseball l,2,4g In- tramurals l,2,3,4g Junior Red Cross l 2,3,4. v t' ,QHA v' f 194 tx EDMUND HALL An essential of happy life is freedom from care. Often heard saying 'all right" Enjoys all types of sports Always ready and rarin ' to go Cameras and photography keep him busy. Football 3, Manager 45 Hockey 3,45 Baseball 3,4g Science Fair 2g Art Club lg Candy Sale l,2,3,4, Junior Red Cross 2. GERALD H, HARDY Wit and wisdom are born with a man. Greets all with a smile A friend ta everyone Summer activities on the water Marine biology for the future. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Football 23 Gymnastics l,2,4g Junior Achievement 33 Rifle Club lg Science Fair 2. R4 fax- -11" PATRICIA J. HACKETT Nothing endures but personal qualities. Brighnblonde, bubbling . . . Patti Elementary teaching is her goal A heart of compassion and a soul of excl temen t Her cup rttnneth over with friends. Philomath Biography and Verse Com- mittee 4g Pep Squad l,2, President 4g Prom Decorating Committee, Chair- man 3g Junior Achievement 3,45 Tennis l,2,3,4g Intramurals l,2,3,4g Gymnastics 1,23 Gym Show l,2g Field Hockey 3,4g Steering Committee 3,45 Glee Club 2,33 Music Festival 2,33 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4g Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2.3,4. .. . yu' ,.....M. vt RONALD P. HARRINGTON Good humor is the health of the soul. A quiet personality Good-natured and easy-going His nickname is Ron Determined to succeea'. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Language Laboratory Aide l,2,3,4g Junior Achievement 3. VALERIE HASKINS The secret of life tums out to be person- ality. Active in all kinds of sports Executive secretary . . . Val Loves to meet people and make friends Petite, versatile. talented. Tennis 1.21 Intramurals 2,3,4g Gymnas- tics 3,4g Candy Sale l,2,3.4g Christmas Projects l,2,3.4: Art Club 3,41 Ski Club 2g Pep Squad 1,43 Science Fair 3: Glee Club 1.2.31 Music Festival l,2,3g Var- iety Show 2,3,4g Steering Committee 4. 'His x -rvy 4,1 X s ..'l . gtg ZW' 3 X RICHARD L. HIGGINS His heart and soul fly with the clouds. Ambitious aviator His friends call him Higgy Devotes spare time to cars and planes Will get the best that life can give. Junior Achievement, Vice-President of Sales 3,4g Rifle Club l, Treasurer 23 Golf l,2,4g Science Fair 25 Candy Sale 2,3,4g Baseball 4. .Q-Vt . A: K -. . if . XA I - Xi W, M 6 gn . tl I . na Y I i r . X li g, N R . 2 ' A . ' X V l . lf, I ,qi-F if WAYNE CHARLES HAWKINS The great athlete is incomparahleg he is a mountain among men. Sincerely gains success . . . Hawkeye Jersatile: athletieallt' and I'lIlL'llL'L'llltllll' inclined Oh. what satiric humor A baseball captain, quick with the glove. Steering Committee 33 Prom Commit- tee 3g Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects 12.3.41 Football 1.2.3.-15 Vol- leyball 1.2.3,-13 Basketball l,2g Intramu- rals 1.2.3.-43 Junior Red Cross l.2.3,4g Baseball 1.2.3. Co-Captain 4. ELIZABETH ANN HAYES It is a friendly heart that has many friends, Uttered is many a word Happy, easy-going personality Spends her spare time sewing A true friend to all. Steering Committee 3g Prom Decorat- ing Committee 33 Intramurals 1,33 Field Hockey 2g Junior Red Cross 2,3g Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g International Relations Club 1,23 Home Economics Club 2g Pep Squad 1,43 Lan- guage Laboratory Aide 1,2g Science Fair 2g Variety Show 3g Girls' Track lg Future Teachers Club 41 Senior Play 4. Iii- ffm: i' " n KANDI ELIZABETH HAYDEN In cheerfulness is the success of living. A sweet personality Friendly toward everyone Lively and vivacious Airline hostessing is her ambition, Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Intramurals 1.21 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4g Pep Squad 43 Language Laboratory Aide 3,41 Junior Achieve- ment 3. JOHN HENDERSON There are often voice and words in a silent look, Never says no to excitement Called Bobby by his friends Soccer ranks hrs! among his interests Veterinary medicine lies in his future. Soccer 3,45 Spring Track l,2g Gymnas- tics 2g Rifle Club 1,24 Junior Achieve- ment 3g Language Laboratory Aide 24 Science Fair 2. fetsasg "yawn -If. f 7 I f :X 'rj ROBERT BRADLEY HAWKINS The superior man is he who develops in harmonious proportions his intellectual and physical nature. A tall, handsome basketball star A natural sports enthusia.s't who excels in all A winning personality, well-liked by all An all-American boy . . . Brad. Student Council 33 Basketball l,2,4g Baseball l,2,4g Volleyball l.2,3,4: Prom Committee 3g Spring Track 35 Science Fair 21 Intramurals l,2,3,4g Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4. .rf- . not fo- 's . 4 ' f "f1"'g'-:Ji -5 , .six "3 'iz 1 i K .. ft Q 1 ff it W N -.I LINDA HILL Friendship needs no words. Easy-going and lots of ltlllglls Makes fri'ena's easil 1' Alwa-vs yelling for the Flyers Qff to college in the -fltll. Future Teachers Club l. Pep Squad 21 Variety Show l.2.3g Candy Sale 1.2.3.-lg Christmas Projects 1.1.3,-1 l05 TERRY ANN HOLMES Life can only be understood backwards, but it can only be lived forwards. Discovers happiness in being happy A frm and loyal supporter of FSHS. Found where the action is Charm blossoms from her femininity. Candy Sale l,2,33 Christmas Projects l,2,3,43 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4. tyfvs Clil.IiS I Ii I.. IN I ROINI llcuuty pleases the eyes, while sweetness of disposition churnis the soul. fl blend Ufill1't't'lll1'XS and sh, 'tiess .4 captivating smile .AI promising career as it nurse fiulicly Sale l,2,3,4g Cflirislinzis Projects I,2,3,4g Junior Red Cross l,2,3,-13 Ilns- kelbzill 3.4. Intruinurzils l,2.3.4g Prom Dccoruting qniinnnttec I. 'Ski Club 23 Science lwilrl Pep Squzul l, Secretary-1 IO6 we - NANCY ELLEN HUBERT In goodness there are all kinds of wis- dom. Nance . . . a cherished friend Personality is her middle name A spirited Flyer booster To be a teacher is her goal. Pep Squad l.2,43 Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects l,2,3,4Q Junior Red Cross l,2,3,43 Prom Decorating Com- mittee 33 Glee Club 23 Music Festival 23 Future Teachers' Club 43 French Club l,2,4, ALEX HUNTER There is an inmost centre in us all, where truth abides in fullness. An honest heart . . . Sandy Main ambition is to conserve wilahltf' Willing to help at any time Sports and music fll his free hours. Woodbridge Senior H.S., Woodbridge N.J.: Cross Country 23 Winter Track 23 Spring Track 2g Golf 23 Debating Club 23 Dramatics Club 2. F.S.H.S.: Indoor Track 33 Debating Club 3, Secretary 43 Band 3,43 Christmas Projects 3,43 Senior Play 4. rr W ,,---sf- I , a -be fe il' . next, , .3 -sv gyffglee, X t- .' 3,9-:A xj, . V , . .5 ' r ' 1' v Q. 5 .1 , yt a x!! r3 it is . of it itil. sy 4 ff i sn: .3 3t x- gl.. 1 ffg ' L it QNX r?-2, 1 3 N, .fy ,gs- N I gg tQ15'g, Xagg 5. 1-cwx, 1. www- yi.: ,+A s 'tif 'iftffffffiii '- i' " i tim 335,357 Q'f'3 'X iff Ni- '07, 77,15 ,S 1-A: -X " If A-. 'ti L ,Lf A ,r -. BRUCE S. HULME Success lies in effort and ability. Tall, blond, and handsome Snow-skiing enthusiast Success is waiting for him Excellent choice for college. Christmas Projects l,2,3,43 Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Science Fair 23 Baseball lj Vol- leyball 33 Ski Club 23 Intramurals l,2,33 Football l.3,4. GREGORY INTINARELLI Pleasure is good, and man is for pleasure made. Well-dressed and handsome . . . Greg He lives in a world of soul Friendliness reaps popularity Business administration, his chosen held. Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects I,2,3,4Q Junior Red Cross l,2,3,43 Hockey l,4. 1.-rp-f. -reg: 1 ul' ! 113 15 lfvery friend it gtnmtt forever ,X f x r JAMES HOWARD Human history is in essence a history of ideas. A true dreamer for the perfect wave Good athlete and a friendly person A man with a mind of his own A career in sociology for Jay. Prom Committee 33 Cross Country l,2,3,43 Volleyball 2,3,43 Indoor Track l,2,3,43 Spring Track l,2,3,43 Boys' Pep Squad 43 A Cappella 23 Mixed Chorus I3 Music Festival I3 Drama Club 43 Jun- ior Achievement 33 Science Fair 23 Christmas Projects 43 Philomath Sports Co-Editor 43 Senior Play 4. ,yan . .Q . -C ,ax aa- 4 X CRISPIN JAMES JACHOWICZ Our character is our will, for what we will wc are. A demon on the gridiron Explosive eruptions tj laughter Dedicated to the pursuit in fun Future teacher and coach . Home Room Representative 1,23 Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects l,2,3,41 Science Fair l,2.3.43 Baseball l,2,3,4g Football 2.3.43 Volleyball l.2,3,43 Bas- ketball l.2. VIRGINIA MARIE MEGIN You never know what you can do 'til you try. A touch of mirth and merriment Always in the middle of the action "You 've got to be kidding me! " Nice things come in small packages. Candy Sale I,2,3,4g Christmas Projects 1,2,3,4g Debating Club lg Gymnastics 2.35 Field Hockey 1,25 Intemational Re- lations Club 1,25 Language Laboratory Aide 2,45 Pep Squad lg Prom Commit- tee 33 Future Teachers Club 43 Senior Play 4. . A Ex , ,Q FQ J' f W X K X , Xxx , . ii- , - . F Q ' fix ,.-v-,..-if MARSI-IA JEAN MUISE Serene will be our days, and bright and happy will our nature be. Shiny hair and sparkling eyes To lzer contentment is no foreigner Her sunny disposition brightens the day Happiness is living life. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l.2.3,4: Softball Ig Intramurals lgJunior Red Cross l,2,3,4g International Rela- tions Club 21 Pep Squad I: Junior Achievement 3g Philomath Biography and Verse Committee 4. jim ,. 1 EDWARD J. MORAN Silence is the most perfect herald of joy A quiet, pleasant personality Interests include summer sports Known to friends as Ed Headed for college next year. Football 35 Candy Sale 4. KATHLEEN L, MOSCATELLI A cheerful temper makes knowledge de- lightful and wit good-natured. Seldom seen without a smile Small in stature, but not of heart Fun and excitement follow wherever she goes A competent seamstress with never-ending ideas. Business and Advertising Committee 3, Co-Chairman 43 Library Aide 2g Prom Committee 31 Drama Club 41 French Club lg Pep Squad I.2,4g Intramurals l,2. jfs ROBIQRI ALAN M0fJNl1Y If you have in contented initial. you ligne enough to enjoy life fl litippy-gtrfltttki' attitutlt' I5 'S' Rtjft't'l't'tl ltr tts ,llntill ,lll mrts of cars ttitritgitt' htm f lfiijtiyx living with the jeitys, Cgintly Sale 1,2341 Cjliristiiias l'rtijccts l,2,J.41 Baseball l. JOANNE MORESI Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm. Radiates warmth and sincerity A- spirited touch of mischief Mistress of the megaphone Outgoing and friendly to all. Cheerleader l,2,3, Captain 45 Student Council 1,25 Steering Committee 3g Prom Committee 3g Marshal 2, Second Lieutenant 3g Home Room Representa- tive 4g Variety Show 3,43 Pep Squad 45 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4g Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4. DANA ROBERT MOULTON The destiny assigned to every man is suited to him, and suits him to himself. Retired lnintl drummer Quick humor, always joking Friendly nature ..... Dana One time stratght-shooter. Rifle Club Ig Band 1.2, tl". he flfir f 'i .yiirrf Q. MARY ELLEN MLTNGER Few can possess such qualities of cheer ful ways and friendliness. Quiet and sincere personality A pleasure to know Cute, considerate, casual An exciting future for Mary, Candy Sale I,-lg Christmas Projects I Basketball lg Field Hockey lg Softball I Gymnastics lg Junior Achiesement 3 Pep Squad 4. IIS VERNON MUSGRAVE So many things to do, so little time to do them. Generous to the cause Energetic personality Undying interest in cars Rates high with his friends. Candy Sale 1,24 Christmas Projects l,2. . ,X T I' .ia 1 A e " 5511- ma.Qf SUZANNE OLIVIA NEITZ The silence often of pure innocence per- suades when speaking fails. Soft-spoken and .sincere A pleasant outlook Carefree, cas ual, considerate Looks toward future hdf7f2IIIl'.S.X. Candy Sale 2,143 Christmas Projects l,2,3,4, Glee Club 2,33 Music liestival 2,3. tm ll6 ,,, 1: , Y ..-' .', ,113 ,, 5 ee . Y . 7 fs. "ax , -Q , . MARSHA ANNE MYLES Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves. A sweet personality Enthusiasm in all her endeavors Laughing and likeable Takes life with a touch of humor. Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects l,2,3,43 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,43 Home Room Representative 1,23 Intramurals I3 Ski Club 23 Senior Play 4. JAMES NATICHIONI Popularity is the prize of friendliness. Adrnircd and liked by all ll4L'l'I'lIlIClIlAfiJllOl1'S him everywhere Yalks his way out of any situation A versatile and capable gymnast. Gymnastics l,2,3, Co-Captain 43 Class Treasurer 3,43 Steering Committee 3.4g Prom Committee 33 Volleyball l,2,3,4g Baseball 1,43 Golf 2,33 Junior Red Cross 23 Ski Club 1,23 Language Laboratory Aide 3 Q. 11" tiilllmfiz bs 4' ii! is BARBARA ANN MYERS How softly and sweetly she speaks. - Sincere and friendly Her nickname is Barbs Sails serenely through life A business career in her future. Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects l,2,3,43 Prom Committee 3g Intramu- rals l,2,3,43 Junior Red Cross 3,43 Pep Squad l,2,43 Science Fair 2g Philomath Business and Advertising Staff 3g Glee Club l,2,33 Variety Show 4. 0 ARNOLD PAUL NARDINI Born for success he seems, with grace to win, with shining gifts that take all eyes. ,Q . N M, Q N An enthusiastic pigskin bearer, our gridiron great Brains and brawn that point toward success Unsurpassed in popularity . . . Captain Nards Judicious. omnipotent, enthusiastic . . . ' a leader. Student Council, Vice-President 43 Na- tional Honor Society 3,4Q Christmas Projects l,2,3,43 Steering Committee 33 Football l,2,3, Co-Captain 43 Volleyball l,2,3,4g Baseball l,2,3,43 Junior Red Cross I,2,3,4g Candy Sale l,2.3,4. JULIE D. NATICHIONI Virtue and happiness are mother and daughter. Attractive manner of personality and appearance Friendliness, a valuable asset Interests include skiing and swimming i Ambition to become an airline stewardess. YU' ' 3 x fix Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects 'lx l,2,3,43 Intramurals 2,3,43 Tennis 23 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4Q Ski Club 23 Senior Play 4. i JAMES G. NERI Friendship is to be purchased only by l friendship. .WK f89 Courteous and friendly toward all A man on the go A lover ij lil' and fun fl! Easy-going, a pleasure to know. Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects l,2,3,43 Football 33 Volleyball I,2,3,43 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4. DAVID NICHOLS That which befits us is cheerfulness and courage. Cheerful and considerate Always seen with a smile Makes and keeps friends easily Virtues of loyalty and sincerity. Soccer lg Candy Sale lg Junior Red Cross 1.2.3,-4. -4 I mx, lx ' N f K-14 7 Y if -,.q"tLl .I i sgggfs ix., Q' 4' ' I 5' ' ,-:. 1' ', t . DENNIS ORSER Let music unfold unlimited happiness. Musical talent revealed through his trumpet Tall, amusing, good-natured Commonly seen in the music room An affable and con vivial friend. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects 1,2,3,4g Baseball lg International Rela- tions Club 1,23 Band l,2,3,4g Music Fes- tival 1,2,3,4g Brass Choir l,2,3,4. - Neva iv-'K ns., Fixx MARY LOUISE NOONAN Heaven lent an angels beauty to her face. .4 synzplioiii' offsi-.'uuti1c.xs and s1'i1t'ci'i'ty .4 radiant wi1'lt'jor all who pass Sewing and Wtllw' skiing are her specialties fha future awaits a Hlt'lI'l'Cc1l li't' National Honor Society 3. Correspond- ing Secretary 4: Philomath Biography and Verse Committee 43 Steering Com- mittee 3.4: Prom Committee 3L Marshal 4g Library Aide 2.3.43 Science Fair 2g French Club 4: International Relations Club 1.21 Cvlee Club 2.31 Music Festival 2.31 Variety Show 3g Pep Squad 1.2L ln- tramurals 21 Home Room Representa- tiye 3.-lg Junioi Red Cross 1.2.3.-13 Candy Sale 1.2.3.-11 Christmas Projects 1.2.3.-1. PHIL O'MATH There's one in every crowd. Our professional caper cutter Favorite pastime fcensoredl Hopes are high for pizza pie Bound for the unemployment line. Ran for Class President 1,2,3,4g Lost for Class President 1,2,3,4g A.F.S. Reject 33 Monopoly Team 1,2,3, Co-Captain 4g Tiddlywinks Champion 4g Varsity Yo-Yo Team 3,45 Pig Latin Club l,2,3, President 4g Lonely Hearts Club Band 4g NATCH Letter of Condemnation 4. IQ' 4- 9 V BARRY OLIVER The actions of men are the best inter- preters of their thoughts. The coordination for all sports A quiet boy with a certain charm lntends to work after graduation His sincerity brings him respect. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Tennis 3. SUSAN E. OPPICI A smile from her bright eyes. A true friend forever Avid supporter of our Flyer team Quietly contented A career ahead at A. T ci T Candy Sale 1,43 Art Club 4g Home Eco- nomics Club 1,25 Pep Squad lg Christ- mas Projects 4. n.1. GEORGE NOVINGER Man is by nature fond of novelty. A vibrant and energetic nature Possesses the gift of gab Electronics is one of his hobbies A successful future in the broadcasting Held. Candy Sale 1,3,4. tx . I vi DONNA C. OTTAVIANI Serene will be our days. A winning smile and personality Full offun and laughter Skillful with a needle and thread Aspires a future in business. Prom Committee 33 Candy Sale 1.2.3,-1: Christmas Projects 1,2,3,4g Pep Squad lg Field Hockey 23 Gymnastics Z3 Jun- ior Red Cross 2.4. NANCY LOUISE OTTAVIANI To be merry best becomes you. Born with a smile A personality worth remembering Friendlv and kind to all A probable future secretary. Gymnastics 1,21 Pep Squad l,2,4g Candy Sale 1.2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Junior Red Cross 2,3,4. to C ing, .gr QQ ROBERT J. PAUL lndisputably a great, good, and hand- SOIIIC Ullill. Better known as Robby or The Baker An easy-going and friendly manner Always ready far fun A bility insures a successful future. Football l,2,3,4g Volleyball l,2,3,4g Gymnastics l,2g Prom Committee 3g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Candy Sale l,2,3,4 II8 d 'N JOSEPH M. PACITTI Longer liveth a glad man than a sorry one. A comical personality Eager for all types of fun Sports compose much of his spare time Easy-going and carefree. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Football 3. HELEN L. PALETSKY Zest is the secret of beauty. Captivated by the whirl of parties Friends from Coast Guard Beach to Paris, France A summer surfer, a winter skier As witty as she is wonderful. Ashland H.S., Ashland, Mass.: Student Council 1,23 Dance Committee 3, Clocker Staff 1,23 Pep -Squad 23 Christ- mas Projects 2g Candy Sale l,2g Aca- demic Award, History 2g Basketball lg Softball 2. F.S.H.S.: Philomath Sports Editor 4, Christmas Projects 4g Softball 3,4g Intramurals 33 Home Room Repre- sentative 4. If . ' -"4v .r A -'ur' 1 Q-,- xf V , .- 415 .. Y FI' I .S Q ji s.,,,' ANN ELIZABETH PALANZI A good heart is worth gold. A true friend to all Loves to have fun Cheerful and enthusiastic A career in hairdressing. Candy Sale I,2,3,4g Christmas Projects 1,2,3,4g Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4. DANIEL J. PAPPAS, JR. Silence and modesty are very valuable qualities in the art of conversation. The gift of .sincerity A true friend . . . Dan The warmth :fa smile A successful future in mathematics. Bartlett H.S., Webster. Mass.: Math Team 2,33 Future Teachers Club 3g Science Fair 2,33 Renssalaer Medal in Mathematics and Science 3. L? ., pt -..f RICHARD M. OTTE His lively moods a sprightly mind dis- close. An agile and talented sportsman A sharp, keen wit Possesses an out-going personality Active, energetic, and spirited. Soccer l,2,3,4g Gymnastics l,2,3,4g Candy Sale l,2g Junior Red Cross 1,2,3 'W 'Pista X 'aa NE 531' . -Ss." :-' Q. -fa V fav Nw, A XA . . vs.-Q-fmt... 'if' Fil - .jvlz .. V', f ' I I "ETSI 'Fw- WALTER W. PERINI Choice words, and measured phrase. above the reach of ordinary men. Never at a loss fir words Intelligent ana' searching mind Interested in .stereos and tapes A brilliant career as a mathematician. National Honor Society 3,-1g Candy Sale 2.33 Christmas Projects lg French Club l,2,3.4g German Club 2,3.4g Debating Club l.2,3,4g Computer Club 33 Lan- guage Laboratory Aide 2,3,4g Science Fair 25 Boys' Pep Squad 43 NMSQT Semi- finalist 4. LUANNE PESO It is better to be faithful than famous. Tranels in a certain Mustang On the Held with the band A talented and creative seamstress Pleasant and peaceful are her nays. Band 1.2.3341 Music Festival l,2,3,4Q Science Fair 23 Latin Club 23 Candy Sale 132,33-43 Christmas Projects l,2.3,4, -X Q i A DOUGLAS BRIAN POLLARD A sense of humor is a man's finest asset. One of the great chefs The ski slopes beckon him Possesses a sharp and keen wit A talented gymnast . . . Doug. Candy Sale l,2,3,4Q Christmas Projects l,2,3,4Q Hockey I3 Gymnastics 2,3,4. ' -'vt Us - "N vt., .' s 1' SUSAN LYNNE PIKE Nothing is achieved before it be thoroughly attempted. A diligent and qualtfed leader The knack for the unusual Sports bring her enjoyment Journalism is written in her future. Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects l,2,3,4Q Prom Committee 33 Basketball 23 Intramurals 1,43 French Club I,2, Secretary 4g International Relations Club 2,3343 Drama Club lg Ski Club 2g Pep Squad l,4Q Library Aide l,2,3,43 Language Laboratory Aide lg Science Fair 2,43 Student Crier 2, Feature Edi- tor 3, Editor-in-Chief 43 Business and Advertising Committee 4g Variety Show 3g Senior Play 4. CHARLES F. PLOURDE I will go anywhere provided it be for- ward. .Wore Commonly known as Chip Delights in coins and stamps .4 good friend to have Wishes to go on to College. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Baseball lg Rifle Club 13,43 Band 1,21 Music Festival l.2. if ' ildl a, Q it 'tr 'I lg , af. Q G. HELENE PLAYER The smile that is always welcome. Bubbly and beaming personality Blondes reallv do have more fun Natural and nice to know A desire to travel in the future. Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects l,2,3,4Q Junior Red Cross l,2,3,43 Pep Squad 4, LAWRENCE E. POIRIER Such strength as man has he should use. Tiger on the gridiron A giant among men Knock for making friends A future in electronics. Football l,2,3,43 Candy Sales l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects I,2,3,43 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4. CWM QI? 'S " rv" ,ig t, LAURA ANNE PEI RONE A merry heart goes twice the way Hnitl memories of New York Slow 'n ' easy personality Gabhing is her .spet'ialty A prospectivelt' stzccessf ul hairdresser. Newton HS, Queens, New York: Art Club l. F.S.H.S.: Candy Sale 13,41 Christmas Projects 2.3.4, Misa?-s - IVN. 'Q' Z -. I T94 . f- X i , ' I ., f 3. tt, JANICE BARBARA POLOMARENKO Faithful is a friend. Interested and interesting A loyal and dedicated friend An avid miter-skier A sincere desire to become a nurse. Prom Decorating Committee 3g French Club 1,23 Pep Squad l.-11 Language Laboratory .Aide lg Softball 23 Intramu- rals 1.23 Candy Sale I.1.3,-13 Christmas Projects 1.2.3,-1. II9 JENNIFER ANN PONTZ For the love of laughter, hinder not the humor of her design. A born comedienne Laughter and kindness win her friends Lively ways . . . long live fun We know her as Buck wheat. Home Room Representative 3,43 Candy Sale 2.3.43 Christmas Projects 2.3.43 Volleyball 33 Field Hockey 23 Softball 23 Gymnastics 23 Pep Squad 4g Science Fair 23 Glee Club 13 Mixed Chorus lg Music Festival I. it lf' ,, . X ROBERT J. QUINLAN Tomorrow holds no fears for me, since I have found today. .4 generous heart . . . Bob "Q " is his other name .Sports are a fa varite with him. C 'arefree with a quick wit. Soccer lg German Club 2. l20 J . x XX o . f it . 3 . ., A X p l . N , ' ' . fi '.' - -L 1 3. A , Q :es s . f . ss. was - - . gl - 1, ts - JT E " 35 -LUSH ' . ., AM . .,,. .. ti - .- 7 'i'.l31'3e5'ef ' ' 12 A 'L - v..-sgfgz' js.. -f : ' 1 5 ' 5' W5 if ffl? .ik L- . fi. 'llliiiiaiilgfc 'Q 2 JEFFREY B. PRINCE Music is a thing of the soul. Dejnite ability as a trumpet player Likes collecting both stamps and coins A sports enthusiast . . . Jeff Engineering is his chosen field. Marian H. S., Framingham, Mass.: Or- chestra I3 Intramurals 2. F.S.H.S.: Candy Sale 3.43 Stage Band 3,43 Band 3,43 Christmas Projects 3,43 Intramurals 3,43 Music Festival 3,43 Language Laboratory Aide 4. HAROLD C. PURINGTON Friendship improves our happiness by doubling our joy. Well-liked and easy-going Friends know him as Bud Life brings him happiness Future sees college ahead. Junior Red Cross I3 A Musical Comedy 23 Glee Club 2,33 Mixed Chorus 23 Orchestra I3 Music Festival l,2,3, Candy Sale 43 Art Club 43 Drama Club 43 Senior Play 4. Cappella 33 XT!-'Q X x QYTISL f 52" f ANNE MARIE PROVENCHER Those who bring sunshine to the lives ot others cannot keep it from themselves. Personality as .sparkling as her eyes Forever sweet and understanding Dedicated to a nursing career .4 song in her voice. National Honor Society 3.43 Science Fair. Honorable Mention 23 Science Fair Committee 3.43 French Club l.2,3.4. Secretary 23 Prom Committee 33 Intramurals 1.2.33 Musical Comedy 1,23 Glee Club 2.31 Music Festival 2,33 Vari- ety Show 3.43 Pep Squad l.2.4g Library Aide 2.3.43 Library Collector 2.3.43 Philomath Biography and Verse Com- mittee 43 Steering Committee 4. JAMES QUINLAN Friendship and cheerfulness are close companions. A sunny and jovial disposition lx'1'ntl-hearted and jriendlv A cheerful smile Ltr all Tra veling will bring him ad venture. Candy Sale 3.4g Christmas Projects 2.3.4. Football I. 95. .,.,'- 'US vs "4 1.-Q JOHN P. PORTER Silence is as full of potential wisdom and wit as the unknown marble of great sculpture. A friendly smile for all he meets Extends a helping hand to those in need A never tiring sports fan is he J. R will soon be a business executive. Moses Lake H.S.. Moses Lake, Wash.: Home Room Representative I3 Football lg Volleyball I3 Basketball I3 Baseball I3 Softball 13 Intramurals I3 Wrestling lg Ski Club I. F.S.H.S.: Candy Sale 2.3.43 Christmas Projects 2.3.4. 'Vari- "l...A-" 0,4 I 'Q' ROBERT H. RALSTON Where the willingness is great. the dif- ficulties cannot be great. Eager, energetic, capable Looks ahead to college Everlasting friendship Lots of fun, likeable. Candy Sale I.2,3.43 Christmas Projects l.2,3,43 Junior Red Cross I,2,3,43 Science Fair, Honorable Mention 2. ri. RICHARD RAMUNO Friendship is the most precious boon born to man. A challenge offun never goes unnoticed Cars are a constant source of enjoyment Mfver a lack of excitement when hes there Playing in a group occupies much of his time. Volleyball l,2,3,43 Football 33 Glee Club 13 Candy Sale 1,2.3,43 Christmas Projects l,2.3,4. tl a 1 ,lysx Av 'Q 'ily A ! X 1 , ,g.,.A jfs RONALD W. RENDELL The most agreeable of all companions is a frank man. A quiet boy, but a sincere friend Honest and reliable . . , Ronnie The coordination for gymnastics Sure to be a success, Gymnastics 1,2,33 Volleyball 2. fwk 'Ui -, ,. v-Y ' ,Q W . . . w,. A e - 3.-I V 4. if , I KATHLEEN MARY REDMOND Life, happy or unhappy. is extraor- dinarily interesting. Ready and pleasant wit A sharp mixture of Illinois and Massachusetts Bubbly, blonde, bouncy , . . Kathy A spontaneous and sparkling smile. Maine Township H. S., Park Ridge. Ill.: Pep Club 1,23 Ski Club 1,23 Girls Club 1,23 Girls Athletic Association 1,23 Latin Club 1, Secretary 23 Home Room Representative 1,23 Homecoming Com- mittee I,2Q Christmas Projects l,2. F.S.H.S.: Philomath Biography and Verse Committee 43 Candy Sale 3,43 Christmas Projects 2,3,43 Junior Red Cross 2.3,43 Prom Committee 33 Vol- leyball 3,43 Intramurals 3,43 Art Club 43 Pep Squad 43 Library Aide 3,43 Variety Show 3,43 Senior Play Committee 4. JAMES REINHARDT With will one can do anything. Kind, sincere, and true to all A witty and lively friend Gets along well with life Construction work for the future. Volleyball I,2,3,4Q Wrestling 23 Lacrosse 23 Football 3,4. ,,,,,Y,, ..., . I -an " 4 -ci 'A' '-P" ww, , i . ' I Ill' 1 K . ' 1 tilt" SUSAN C. REDER A merry heart brings sunlight to all. A blushing sweetness, a glowing intelligence Vivacious spirit for all she endeavors Her laughter as sunny as her smile A golden future awaits her. National Honor Society 3, Recording Secretary 43 Philomath Feature Co-Edi- tor 43 Philomath Business and Advertis- ing Committee 43 Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects l,2,3,41 French Club 1,2,3,43 Home Room Representative 2,33 Steering Committee 33 Prom Com- mittee 33 Tennis 23 Volleyball 33 Field Hockey 2,33 Pep Squad 43 Glee Club 1,23 Mixed Chorus 1,23 Music Festival 1,23 Language Laboratory Aide 1,2,3,43 Library Aide 43 Library Collector 43 Science Fair 2,3, Honorable Mention 23 French Essay Contest, First Prize 33 Student Crier 1,23 NMSQT Letter of Commendation 4. GALE LESLIE REIZNER A glowing personality shines through her big smile, Greets everyone with a smile A vivueious personality is hers Friendly attitude, optimistic outlook A nicer person cannot be fiund. Cheerleader 43 Student Crier 43 Home Room Representative l,3,43 Candy Sale l.2.3,43 Christmas Projects l.2,3.4, Pep Squad 1,43 Art Club lg Science Fair 23 Future Teachers Club 4. 1 x l , s 1 t 1 1 i I 1 X 5 JOSEPH MARK REISMAN A wise man knows how to use words and how to use silence. A man of many thoughts Takes life as it comes Loyal to the cause Sincere, shy, and understanding. Candy Sale 2,43 Glee Club 3. n X ,CFB Il---uf' t ELAINE RENZI Sweet is the scene where genial friend- ship plays. Blessed with the gift ofa norm sinile Sincere and considerate, a true -friend Her dark eyes express the mood of her heart Enthusiasm reflected in her bubbly personality, National Honor Sociey 3.-11 French Club 1,23 Spanish Club Z3 Pep Squad 1.2.43 Intramurals 23 Softball 13 Home Room Representative 1.2: Candy Sale l,2,3.43 Christmas Projects 1.2.3.-lg NMSQT Letter of Commendation 4. Volleyball 4. 121 EDNNARD RESTEGHINI The essence of humor is sensibility. Never ceasing humor Enthusiastic sportsman Winters lead him to the slopes A bility to do all things, Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4g Football l,2,3,4Q Volleyball l,2,3,-13 Gymnastics l,23 Ski Club 23 Home Room Represen- tative 23 Prom Committee 33 Student Council 4. 11- 'IN 13 fa, , . , -at A C5 .Q ' LINDA ROIELLI 'or all without requestg that is . I success. Nutt 'ion to gtttcty .fln un, J comic Always tlrcsxctl in thc best of taste for Ltntlu. ttnpcntling lItIf7f7lAllt'.X.X. Icnnis 2.3, Co-Captain 43 Steering C'onnnittcc 3, Prom Dccorating Coni- inittcc 3. I'jlL'lll Ilockcy 3,43 Pcp Squad 2.4, ffaiitly Salt- l,2,3,-1, Scicncc Fair 23 filet- Club 23 Music Ifcstival 23 Junior Rctl Cross 1.2, I,-I I22 - .W-I PATRICIA L. RITCHIE Her beauty made the bright world dim, Personality, popularity, perkiness Cordial ana' considerate in all her ways An optimistic and energetic spirit Wit to persuade, beauty to delight. Student Council 2,43 Class Secretary 33 Candy Sale l,2.3,43 Christmas Projects 1,2,3,43 Steering Committee 33 Prom Committee 33 Tennis 2,3343 Field Hockey l,2,3, Captain 43 Gymnastics 1,23 Pep Squad l,43 Science Fair 2,33 Student Crier 1,43 Variety Show 4. JOHN RIZOLI To execute great things one should live as though one would never die. flhottttdttig in wit und humor Creator of variety A 11 ardent sports c'IIllIll,Sl't1.Yl Ipfscorts' gt't't1lt'XI orettttist, Candy Salc l,2,3,-13 Christmas Projects l,2,3,-13 Football l.2,33 Volleyball l 2 34' Intramurals l,2,3,4. s l av: I JULIA A. RIVERS Let thy speech be short, comprehending much in few words. Quiet but nice to know Loves to cook and sew Values her friends above all Future success as a dietician. Prom Decorating Committee 33 Stu- dent Crier 3,43 Library Aide 3,43 Home Economics Club, President 1,23 Future Teachers Club 23 Christmas Projects 4. SUSAN JANE ROSENBLATT Whatever she does, she does with all her heart. Warmhearted and winsome In individuality lies success A mischievous twinkle in her eyes Always a song in her heart. Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects l,2,3,43 Spanish Club 33 Future Teach- ers Club 2,43 International Relations Club l,23 Math Club I3 Library Aide 33 Language Laboratory Aide 3: Student Crier 43 Philomath Biography and Verse Committee 43 Glee Club 23 Music Festi- val 2. .,,- 1 3 gigs' ' " wr: -Tuff' MICHAEL RICHARDSON Look on the boy, and let his manly face steal thy melting heart. A man among men and among women Impressive on the Held as well as off One of the Senior leaders . . . Rich Knows how to have a good time. Football l,2,3,43 Basketball l,2,3,43 Baseball I3 Intramurals l,2,3,4. AP 1 7 . l i I X GREGORY C. RUBENSTEIN Vivacity and wit make a man shine in company. A never-ending wit plus an outgoing personality Interested in sports, especially basketball Fun to be with . . . Greg Plans to pursue business administration. Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Cross Country 3,43 Basketball 2,33 Spring Track 2,3,43 In- tramurals 33 Boys' Pep Squad 4. A19 , LOUISE MARY RULLIE Quiet and still, yet pleasant always. Willing to lend a hand at all times Quiet, but a good Companion Seeks a secretarial career Her friends know her as Lou. Candy Sale I,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2.3,4g Junior Red Cross 1.2.3,-13 Typ- ing Pool 4. .V "::- psi, -, , 4 ':" 5 ' .4 W 55 u ' ii, ' 1' " ilifiiv- s . 'ff X , A 'i 1 --gi-, :ga 4 ' z V ,U .', 1.x X x Qu ,...-qi, J C741-.-1 ,-XQG Ui, .::4....,j yvg, 1-V 'Bli- 1,,..-:::.A..'ff,'.f f N, ff-4 .- , . 3171-.....l'-ff ff' .13-3 - I , .,,,,,,......h-A 4. 5 ,,,-HQ... 1. -"'fQQ'11UY ..- X . 10.5 'V ' 'Ifinf A ,Y"..3 ' i :I .rv A' '121'.'E- '- SUSAN KATHLEEN SCANLAN Mind cannot follow it, nor words ex- press her infinite sweetness. Quiet by nature, yet friendly to all Always willing to offer assistance Art lies among her hobbies Her interest in people leads to nursing. Coolidge Junior H.S., Reading, Mass.: Art Club lg Gymnastics I. F.S.H.S.: Junior Red Cross 2,3g Library Aide 4, Science Fair 2,45 Glee Club 4g Candy Sale 2,3,4g Christmas Projects 2,3,4. '53 cc- STEPHEN SASVILLE Wondrous is the strength of cheerful- ness. Friendly among all who know him Talented with artistic ability Interested in traveling Hopes to become a commercial artist. Candy Sale I,2,3,4. DENISE SCAGNELLI What sunshine is to flowers. smiles are to humanity. Her friendships are always the lasting kind A girl with a gift ofgab Desires to find the elixir of life Delights in dabbling in dazzling designs. Philomath Picture Co-Editor 4g Candy Sale I,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l.2.3,4g Prom Committee 33 Volleyball l.2,3,4g Tennis 3,4g Softball I,2g Intramurals I,2,3,4g Musical Comedy lg Spanish Club 21 Drama Club I,2,3,4g Art Club I,2,3,4g Pep Squad l,2,4g Science Fair 3,43 Glee Club 1,21 Music Festival l,2g Variety Show 2,3,4. fi Q-'V i tx ffir- RONALD S. SAWASH As merry as the day is long. Enthusiastic sportsina n Enjoys hunting and Hshing Summers of fun and excitement A potential draftsman. Christmas Projects 1,23 Junior Cross l,2, JEFFREY L. SCAGNELLI Enough work to do and strength enough to do it. A whole-hearted traekman Jeffs interest is math A snimtf and capable person A future in aeronautical engineering. Cross Country 3,4g Volleyball 2,3,4g ln- door Track 3,4g Baseball 1,25 Spring Track 4, Captain 4g Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects I,2,3,4g Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4g Rifle Club lg Language Laboratory Aide 1,23 Science Fair 25 Home Room Representative 4g NMSQT Letter of Commendation 4. xg, Red ELLEN ST. JEAN A smile given is soon returned. Michigan 3 loss is our gain A friend to all she meets Possesses a s weel. delightful humor A limitless entltusiasm for sports. Newberry I-l.S., Newberry, Mich.: Stu- dent Council l,2,3g Class Secretary Ig Class Treasurer 3g Girls' Athletic As- Sociation l,2, Vice-President 33 H-H Service Club 2,3g Young Republicans Club 33 French Club 2,3g Pep Club l,2,3g Homecoming Committee 33 Prom Committee 3g Science Fair 31 Talent Show 3. F.S.H.S.: Candy Sale 41 Pep Squad 4. 'SLA' -9 ' 'fr 4b""'-" it . 4 ,N 1 PATRICIA MARIE SCHNEIDER Laugh and the world laughs with you. Keeps 41 Constant smile Flirtations personalitll' Intent on marriage Understanding and devoted' friend. Candy Sale I.Z,3,-11 Christmas Projects 1.2.3.-11 Junior Red Cross 1.2.3.-11 Home Economics Club Ig Pep Squad l I23 Q 5 BERTON P. SCHOFIELD To love the game beyond the prize. Baseball is his claim to fame Sincere and gentle is his manner A yearn for knowledge makes college his goal Commonly known as Bert. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects 1,2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,4. W Q 4 f-.. as---' 5 x z '12-Q, ERNEST R. SMITH By dtfferent methods men may excel, but there are few who can do all things well. Gridiron great . . . Captain Ricky llis wit and humor delight all Winsome personality with a pleasant smile Incentive to swre in life: destined for .siieress Ifootball l,2,3, Co-Captain 43 Steering Comniittrc lg Student Council 43 Cliristriiirs Projects 3,4g Hockey lg ln- door 'Irat I. 3, linscbzill l,2,3,4g Science Pair 23 NMSOI Letter of Commenda- tion. '24 . .., K. V' 9 ,,..nn-A no .8 N? GREGORY SCYOCURKA No receipt opens the heart but a true friend. Fun-loving and witty Enthusiastic and talented gymnast An expert hunter . . . Suki A future engineer. Soccer l,2,3,4g Volleyball 2,3,4g Gym- nastics l.2,3,4. DEBORAH SHOOK The pride of the artist in his art is pride in himself. Talented with a pad and pen Goes her lzapp y-go-luck y way Answers to the name Shooka Eager for a career in commercial art. Candy Sale 2,3,4g Christmas Projects l, 2,3,4. '?"f" K+! WILLIAM SHERMAN Life is yoursg make it what you will. Talented lead guitarist A soul of independence Ready when action calls A shy butfriendly nature. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Intramurals 35 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4g Variety Show 3,4, CAROL SLAMIN I've taken my fun where I've found it. Friendly with everyone A spirited sports enthusiast Always laughing and chattering Looks forward to a secretarial career. Candy Sale 1,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l.2,3,4g Tennis 25 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4g Language Laboratory Aide 3g Junior Achievement 3. 3 1 3 1 ' , .7716 A li All ,Zh if., ,f It H ' 2242? ' " I ff wid' . I i its if ', '1 X EILEEN SCOLLAY Her smile is the sweetest that ever was seen. Spirit lends charm to her beauty Classic collegiate casualness In the groove, alert, alive Her smile will bring her many friends. Fair Lawn H.S., Fairlawn, N.J.: Cheer- leader, Captain lg Prom Committee 2,3g Candy Sale 2g Home Room Representa- tive 23 Color Guard 3. F.S.H,S.: Pep Squad 43 Candy Sale 4g Christmas Proj- ects 4. -QB:-lbs LAWRENCE EDWARD SMITH Life is a jest, and all things show it. Tall, blond, good-looking . , . Larry Flirtatious toward the girls A wit that pleases all who know him Hopes to ,Und a career in mechanics. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Soccer l,2,3,4g Volleyball l,2,3,4g Baseball lg Gymnastics lg Art Club l,2,3,4, Vice-President 3. MICHAEL SMITH For though he is a wit, he is no fool, Considered a friend by all Ready when fun beckons A mixture of humor and wit An exciting life awaits him. Football l.2,3,45 Volleyball l,2,3,45 Gymnastics lg Prom Committee 35 Candy Sale l,2,3,45 Christmas Projects l.2,3,4. i t , S J 3 ' fi 4 i Y A ' -x , 3 .1 'A YT 1 xg A ' t , is X-L." 1 iff wfylg fe as if gk ffdl 11 5' ,by l3L,?,,.. I ,CV f . 'psf 'era x fv- - I -'lr' Q W?'.'f'ssZ'F' ' 1 l ,ZW I 1. Q f 't -L 1 ' Q ' r.f ii' , ' 4 7217- ' ,, 1. 1 X . 1 K' '1?7""fi39'-. fi' . - l i. NANCY MARIE STEPHAN A cheerful companion is worth gold. AI games shes the energetic one Answers to the name of Guppy Loves to joke and laugh Brings sunshine into the lives of others. Walnut Hill School, Natick, Mass.: Bas- ketball I5 Class Secretary l. F.S.H.S.: Prom Committee 35 Softball 35 Junior Red Cross 35 Candy Sale 2,3,45 Pep Squad 2,45 Junior Achievement 35 Va- UCIY Show 3: Christmas Projects 4. 'av ,f4u....4 DENIS PAUL SOBIEWSKI A man who hath music in himself. An exceptionally talented musician A well-dressed gentleman Easy-going nature Innate charm and manner. Candy Sale 2,3,45 Christmas Projects l,2,3,45 Volleyball 25 Rifle Club lg Stage Band l,2,3,45 Musical Comedy l,25 Band l,2,3,45 Orchestra l,2,3,45 Northeast District Band 45 Music Festi- val l,2,3,45 Variety Show 2,3,4, JOHN L. STEACIE He who lives in the anticipation of hon- est fame truly possesses happiness. Known to all as Stace Seeks fun out of living A friendly smile for everyone A casual, carefree attitude toward life. Football 45 Basketball 2g Volleyball l,2,3,45 Home Room Representative 25 Candy Sale l,2,3,45 Christmas Projects l,2,3,45 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4. I A 'K JACQUIE SPITZ Friendship burns with an inner glow. The magic of her twinkling eyes Talent exhibited in the literary held The desire to serve mankind Sincerity in her smile. White Oak Jr. H.S., Silver Spring, Md.: Chorus l. Springbrook H.S., Silver Spring, Md.: Library Club 25 Health Club 2. Yorktown H.S., Yorktown Heights, N.Y.: Drama Club 35 National Education Scholarship Honor Certifi- cate 3. DONALD A. STEARNS A companion who brings laughter is al- ways welcome. A hint of mischief in his eyes A delightful sense of humor A cheerful and friendly personality Fun willfollow him always. Hockey l,2,35 Football 1,25 Volleyball l,2. WILLIAM DONALD SMITH There is no companionship eq ual to that where laughter is abundant. Keen and witty personality Forever young at heart Fun always around the corner Aiming for college after graduation. Football 1,25 Volleyball l,2,3,45 Track 45 Candy Sale 4. I -544 BARBARA LEE STETSON A merry heart does good like a medi- cine. Vi vacious and. jriendlv toward all Horseback riding is her specialty Enthusiastic patron of the slopes A rt and design, her chosen -Helds, Girls' Track lg Ski Club Z5 Prom Com- mittee 3g Art Club l,-1: Science Fair 35 Candy Sale l.2g Chnstmas Projects 1.2.3,-15 Modern Dance Club 41 Lan- guage Laboratory Aide 4. I25 MILDRED M. STRAIGHT Who saw life steadily and saw it whole. Wins true friends by her sincerity Bubbling personality and beautiful eyes Enjoys dancing and people Entliusiastic in all her endeavors. Hopkinton Senior H.S., Hopkinton, Mass.: Student Council I3 Home Room Representative l, F.S.H,S.: Candy Sale 33 Christmas Projects 33 Junior Red Cross 33 Pep Squad 4. went' ' - 4 lm it f RUlSIiR li BRUCE SNNIFT. JR. It takes a vsise man to discover a wise IIIZIII. .Ilan with a eavel. . . liruce Rt'tIll,l', wlllirivig, and able -1 htfcn wrt, an lntclllgclzt minrl fuwh lllll wnrlrl, lIt'ft' l7t'c'r1Hli'X Class President 4, Student Council 4, National llonor Society 3,-1. Science ljtlll leant 3.4, llatvartl Iiook Award 33 lfitotball lj Volleyball 2,43 Hockey N .- ,V . . l,.'.,3,4. Sprint' .tack l, Science l'alr 21,4 NNISQ letter til Cimtttlllelltlil- lion -1 Senior lit. 4 l26 KYXIUN X '4' WILLIAM SCNDBACK In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. His genial wit is often displayezl Def! in the recom1rucI1'fm of mn1m'ci'cles .-llmlyx willlne Ia offer a liclplfig haml .S't'uln1 diving is one af lux NILHI-1' lmlilncs. Aucton Cate Academy. Rochester.N,H. F,S.H.S.: Candy Sale-lg Christmas Projects 4. ELAINE S. SVENSSON Golden sheen her hairg golden light her heart. Delicate beauty of a wind-flower A shyness born of serenity The magical touch of a poet Creative sensitivity to match a sunlit mind. National Honor Society 3,43 Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects l,2,3,43 Jun- ior Red Cross 23 Tennis 1,23 Field Hockey 33 International Relations Club 23 Ski Club gl French Club l,2, Treas- urer 3,43 Language Laboratory Aide 3,43 Library Aide 2,3,43 Library Collec- tor 43 Science Fair 23 Student Crier 3, Exchange Editor 43 Philomath Feature Co-Editor 43 NMSQT Letter of Com- mendation. W 1-uw" vfQ,i'f7"x . - 'ls'-1' q i' 'T 1-ba u 4 S. 'K--Q f ff ANNETTE MICHELLE SURRO Happy am Ig from care I am free. ,4 constant flow of words Lively an the dance floor Shell always be Nan .4 prospective hairdresser. Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects l,2,3,4Q Volleyball 3,43 Basketball 43 Junior Red Cross l,2. LARRY SWERDLOVE Variety is the soul of pleasure. Imaginafion surpassing all imaginations Aims for money and success Music is always there Talented dramatist, on the move. Glenbrook North H.S., Northbrook, Ill.: Soccer 13 Junior Red Cross I3 Stage Band I3 Band 132,33 Orchestra 33 Ger- man Band 33 Musical Comedy 1,23 Drama Club l,2,33 State Dramfa Festi- val 33 Science Fair I3 Music Festival l,2,33 Variety Show I3 New Student Committee 2. F.S.H.S.: Library Aide 43 Audio-Visual Aide 4. i ff,."' -GN ' 1?""' BARRY SUGARMAN Every time a man smiles or laughs, it adds something to his life. One should value his friendship A sense of humor is his Sports cars, floor shifts, and four speeds Fleet-fooled on the track. Spring Track 3,43 Indoor Track 4g Candy Sale 4. RICHARD JAMES 'IARR They like him most who know him best. .S1'f'mzol1' plans the ,future Slllt't'l't' and friendly in all Qlllcl and Illlllt'l'Xll1lllTIll.Q NILIIIIIUI' On In mllifqi' aml lt'tIl'lllillAlj. Candy Sale 1.2.3.-13 Christmas Projects l.2,3.-lg A Cappella l,2,-I. Musical Comedy l.2g International Relations Club 3, Mixed Chorus l,2.-li Music Fes- tnal 1.2.43 Drama Club -1. Spanish Club 4, Senior Play -l V JANET HELEN TERRASI A sweet content surpasses all wisdom. The best of all blessings is contentment Her happiness shown by her smile Quite at home in the kitchen Her friendly chatter is often heard. Candy Sale 1.2.3,-13 Christmas Projects l,2.3.41 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,-1. 1 RAYMOND TOMASSINI Skill and confidence are an unconquera- ble army. Always on the go and having fun A zest for all sports lmperishabl y cheerful outlook A future career in the armed forces. Candy Sale lg Football 1,25 Hockey 1.2, f JANIS W. THURSTON Happiness is not having what you want. but wanting what you have. A good friend to have Plenty of smiles for everyone Lots of spirit for the Flyers Active and energetic. Basketball 31 Intramurals 31 Junior Red Cross 33 Glee Club l,2,4g Music Festival l,2g Christmas Projects 31 Candy Sale 4. SUZANNE M. TOLLE Sweet, fair, loads of fung liked by all, disliked by none. A charming smile lights up her face Always thinking of the next person Sometimes known as Susie To become a teacher is her ambition. Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Candy Sale l,2,3,4g International Relations Club 2,33 Science Fair 25 Glee Club lg Music Festival lg Typing Pool 4. 3 -, 'OFM CHERYL ANN TOGNACCI An artist is a dreamer consenting to dream of the actual world. A sincere and true friend A ll smiles and laughter To live is to love life Have brush, will paint. Candy Sale l,2.3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,4g Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4g Girls' Track lg Home Economics Club lg Art Club I.2.3,4. PAUL TOMASETTI Quite a guy we must confess, in future years he'll be a success. Laughter irt his eyes Lively on the basketball court You know him as Sett A career in computer programming. Basketball l,2g Intramurals l,2,3,4g Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Volleyball 4. CYNTHIA MAE THISTLE A heart with room for every joy. Merry, fricrzdly, sincert '... Cindy A unique and individual personality Her drive and ambition will bring s uccess Her goal is to be an airline stewardess. Home Room Representative 25 Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Softball 23 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4g German Club 2,3,4g International Rela- tions Club 23 Language Laboratory Aide 23 Pep Squad 4g Steering Commit- tee 4. it " ' MALRIZIZN ANN IOSCANO The ancients culled beauty thc flower- ing of xirtuc. l'iii1t'ious and fuii-lorini l11t'.t'lititt.xlililt' c'IIt'lig'll' lht' t'HIllt1KllHlt'!1l of sirlt Pldtlnltll grain' iiiitl liit li' t.f't.1i" Iloinc Room Rcprcsciitatixc ll. Qiiitly . y w s ,ff Salle l.2.3.4. Cliiistiims l roiccts l.-.,-,-1. Prom Dccorgititig Coiiiiiiittcc F. Nol- lcy bull 3. l'lcltl Ilockcy l. liitr.iiiiii'.ils wa s w- - s l.-..t. Junior Red L toss l.-, Ski L ltilj -. Pep Sqtigitl ll.-l, l'liiloiii.itli lliogmipliy and Ycrsc Committee -I 4 ir DAWSON TOT TEN SIITCCTII5 is gi trait of true and noble mu n hood Citllllllllilllttllut will lllt smile St1t't't'u it-ill form' at tl wtutltx' lL'l1t'llt'l' Html of itinnp ilnzl unit t'nllt't'tlt1g .411 ingmzioio and IIIlflllAljlll't' mind. Rifle Club 1.3.4, Secretary 3. Treasurer 3 I - ,Q '17 CHARLES L.'RBAN Life without mirth is a lamp without oil. Clillwl Chuck by his frtwitls' Swings on and off the golfeourse Proof that wit is the spin' of lift' llwxlltiwtl to do great things. Clintly Sale l,2,3,-13 Junior Red Cross 214, Volleyball 2g Wrestling lg Art fliib l, Airplane Club l 128 tx 'Ji' 4' ff? 'ev-L' JOHN E. TROTTA Good nature covers a multitude of tal- ents. Quiet, nice, reliable friend Looks ahead to college Has an interest in drums Little in height, big in heart. Football i2Q Gymnastics 1. NANCY TRUST All succeeds with people who are sweet and cheerful. No one is overlooked by her kindness An inkctious smile for all Known as Twitty to her friends Happiness is found in painting. Junior Achievement 3,45 Language Laboratory Aide 24 Pep Squad 1,25 French Club 3,41 International Rela- tions Club 3,4g Drama Club 3,4g Art Club l,4g Glee Club lg Mixed Chorus 3, Music Festival 1,33 Volleyball 3,45 Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects 2,3,4g Intramurals 4. fry. - f' NANCIE LEE TRUE That inexhaustible good nature, which is in itself the most precious gift of heaven. A friendly and warm-hearted personality A rewarding career ahead in teaching Always ready to join in the fan A sports enthusiast full of spirit. Steering Committee 4g Prom Commit- tee 3g Home Room Representative 2,3,4g Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4g Pep Squad l,2,4g Student Crier 4g Philomath Biography and Verse Committee 41 Senior Play Committee 4. DONNA THERESA TULABA A woman who sews is at home with her own heart. A personality marked by sincerity Dedicated to the nursing profession A great girl who thinks for herseU A talent for helping the unfortunate. Candy Sale l,2,3g Christmas Projects l,2. fvxfg 3 l 1 JAMES A. TROMBI Good things come in big packages. The beef of the senior Class Indispensable on the defensive line Always a friendly smile for everyone Happy, jovial, genial . . . Jimmy. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Football l,2,3,4g Volleyball l,2,3,4g Basketball lg Baseball lg La- crosse 3,4g Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4g Variety Show 3. 'fil Vs . -t m 'Qwvr JOSEPH VARRICHIONE The truest end of life is to know life ' never ends. llie :nan with the rntglitv SIIIIIAQ n the center of t'.X'Cl'lL'Hlt'lIl l1'i't'r',l'liotl,l' is his friutitl .-1 pair ofpet'im1.xii'e eyes. X Dover-Sherborn Regional HS., Dover, fa Mass.: Football l,2g Spring Track 3. F,S.ll.S.: Football 4, I - ' f r A LINDA VERMEESCH Beauty is the gift of God. A dark, raven-haired beauty Expresses herseU' through art Loyal to all her friends A rt school, her ambition. Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4. I I X -'F 'YN 1 ' ,VZ 'O 1 STEVEN WAUGH The tools to him who has the ability to handle them. Lively personality proven in his casual remarks Capable in mechanical work Fascinated by cars and motorcycles Hopes to someday own a gas station. Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Hockey 1. si' JAMES S. VIALL Thought is deeper than all speech. A friendly nature An easy-going personality A staunch admirer of cars Sincere, sociable, spirited. Football l,2g Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4g Baseball lg Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christ- mas Projects 1,2,3,4. ROBERTA ANN WARREN Goodness is not tied to greatness, but greatness to goodness. A twinkle in her eye, a tam on her head True happiness arises from friendship Her youth is full of force and fascination Expert at driving her green Renault. Home Room Representative 25 Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4, Prom Committee 35 Volleyball 3,45 Soft- ball 3g Intramurals l,2,3,4g Junior Red Cross 3, German Club 2,3,4g Drama Club 4, Pep Squad l,2,4g Library Aide 4, Language Laboratory Aide l,2,3g Philomath Biography and Verse Com- mittee 4g Senior Play Committee 4. l'5"'Qg ,. 1,1 l MICHAEL VODOKLYS It is by vivacity and wit that man shines in company. A rugged athlete . . . Vodok A stalwart defenseman on the ice Many memories of great adventures Always keeps the ladies guessing. Football l,2,3,4g Volleyball 2,3,4, Hockey l,2,3,4g Lacrosse 3,4. CAROL ANN WATERS Here is a dear and true industrious friend. Quiet and reserved A pleasant personality Delights in sewing up a storm Seeks a career in the business world. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4, Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4g Pep Squad 1. I F f xk .W 1' DEBORAH ANN VERRA Give me your smile, the loveliest in your eyes. Warm and pleasant to all Good things come in small packages A friend worth jinding A future as bright as her smile. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4g Typ- ing Pool 4. 'J-T ti' "UA CHRISTOPHER CHARLES WELCH Bom for success he seemed. Active in many diverse Helds Never without a pleasant smile Enjoys skindiving and ,Hshing Aims for a career in the sciences. Hockey l,2,3,4g Volleyball 1.2.3,-15 Soc- cer l,2.3g Science Fair 2.3,-1, Third Prize 2. l29 SANDRA FRANCES WELCH A light heart lives long. Better known to all as Sandie Constantly laughing and chattering Interests range from people to music Aspires to be a secretary. Candy Sale l,2,3,45 Christmas Projects l,2,3,45 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,45 Art Club 25 Pep Squad 1. L 4- fl" U3 " 1 EDWIN WRIGHT Happy am I5 from care I am free. An easy-going and earijree nature Often .seen with the boys linjoys a good time , led A future career as it printer, Candy Sale l,2. rt 4 . I I o r BONNIE JANE WILKS Of all the virtues with which she is blessed, her laughter and personality lead the rest. A unique combination of beauty and wisdom Talented in any Held Bubbling over with liveliness and spirit Ceaselessly laughing . . . Bonnie. Nanuet H.S., Nanuet, N.Y.: Student Council l,25 Dance Committee 1,25 Modern Dance Club I5 Hostess Club 1,21 Ski Club 1,25 Drama Club I, Presi- dent 25 Pep Squad l,25 Glee Club l,25 Musical Comedy 1,25 Basketball 15 Field Hockey I5 Volleyball 1,25 Cheer- leader 2. F.S.H.S.: Home Room Repre- sentative 3,4g Candy Sale 3,45 Christmas Projects 3,45 Pep Squad 45 Volleyball 3,45 Field Hockey 45 International Rela- tions Club 3,45 Drama Club 3,45 Variety Show 3,45 Philomath Biography and Verse Committee 45 Future Teachers Club 4, Senior Play 4. DAVID WOLF The secret of life is in art, An imaginative flair for the arts Encompasses a lively sense of humor A true friend in every sense of the word Destined to be a Spanish teacher. Bayside H.S., Bayside, N.Y.: Swimming Team l,2. F.S.H.S.: Christmas Projects 3,4. J ff 'T cd. ig 1 ix g I' x ' ll 5 - X A'- l S I , I f I , - , g e- YTD 'Q xx" 'WXTSX 1 , f l 'VH CATHERINE ANN WISMER Sincerity and truth are the basis of every virtue. A genuine sincerity Eager for all types of fun Music draws her near The beauty of friendship is hers. Softball 3,45 Intramurals l,2,3,45 Vol- leyball l,3,45 Candy Sale l,2,3,45 Christ- mas Projects l,2,3,45 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,45 A Cappella 45 Musical Comedy 25 Glee Club l,2,35 Music Festival l,2,3,4g Science Fair l,2,35 International Relations Club 3,4. PRISCILLA ANNE WORSWICK Imagination is the eye of the soul. Easy-going personality A dreamer of the past A sincere friend in all aspects Her atnbition is to attend art school. Candy Sale I5 Christmas Projects l,2,3,4p Softball I5 Intramurals 3,45 Gymnastics l,3,45 Junior Red Cross 25 Home Room Representative 3,45 Inter- national Relations Club 25 Art Club 3,45 Ski Club 25 Pep Squad l,45 Variety Show 2,3,4. BRUCE RICHARD WHITNEY True happiness consists not in the multi- tude of friends, but in the worth and choice. Serious, purposeful, successful A rtistically inclined, a talented drummer Sports enthusiast, summer finds him ,Hshing Lured by the outdoors, afuture conservationist. Candy Sale l,2,3,45 Christmas Projects l,2,3,45 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4g Rifle Club 15 Volleyball I5 Basketball 25 Science Fair 25 Band l,2,3,4. 495' mr K l 0 I VVS ff? MARY ANN WRIGHT A joy that's shared is a joy made double. Beautiful, shining hair A glowing pensonality Her friends call her Canary A stylish model for the future. Drama Club 45 Glee Club l,2,45 Music Festival l,2,45 Candy Sale l,2,3,4: Christmas Projects l,2,3,4. GEORGE BOSWORTH A faithful friend is the medicine of life. Keen sense of humor Lives his life serenely Hzlues the gift of friendship Relishes the unusual. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects 1.2.3.-1. hir 5 4. -H V 'St pn... fb? GARY LEAVITT A genial companion is always welcome. Genial and sociable An easy-going nature Always likes being with friends A subtle touch of wit. Basketball l,2. RUSSELL GRACE The gift of friendship may itself be the greatest good fortune. A pleasant smile and disposition In constant contact with the world through his ham radio Scores strikes with his bowling prowess Yearns to further his education. Medford H.S., Medford, Mass.: Bowl- ing Team 23 Glee Club l. F.S.H.S.: Ra- dio Club, President 4. CATHERINE A. SILVETTI Friendship redoubles all joys. Enjoys the company of friends Ready for conversation In the midst offun . . . Cathy Sociable, candid, easy-going. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4. JAMES W. HALL A great artist can paint a great picture on a small canvas. Achieves immortality through singing Quick and talented with the paintbrush Spends rainy days absorbed in a book Summer finds him at the swimming hole. Spring Lake H.S., Spring Lake, Md.: Art Club 31 Mixed Chorus 3. F.S.H.S.: A Cappella 3g Mixed Chorus 3. LENORE DEGLIALBERTI Eyes of beauty, smile of laughter. Recently came to us from New York Sincere, friendly, vivacious Love for people and fun Happiness is her goal in life. Syosset H.S., Syosset, N.Y.: Dean's As- sistant l,2,3g Softball 2,3g Volleyball 2. F.S.H.S.: Softball 4. 'K 'P rv '-1 I3I t ',.a ,: GX , Q if -rt: fin iw- EDWARD BLACK Wisdom teaches us to do as well as talk, and make our words and actions all of a color. Talented and talkative A pleasant personality Candid comments in class High LJIIIIZ fir fame. Marshal 4, Junior Red Cross l,2,3,43 Airplane Club lg Glee Club l,2. RICHARD ALBERINI Talent is the capacity of doing anything that depends on application and indus- try. A comical personality . . . Rich SeU-contained student Pleasure in music and a good book A future successful machinist. Student Council 33 Home Room Repre- sentative 33 Candy Sale l,2,3,41 Christ- mas Projects l,2,3,4. MICHAEL ALVES Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternityl Mirthful, melltflous, mundane Jack of all trades . . . Mike Interests are cars and hunting Ambition to be an electronics technician. Candy Sale l,Z,3,43 Christmas Projects l,2,3,43 Glee Club lg Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4. STEPHEN ALLEY The winds and waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators. Altruistic, affable, Alley Conscientious worker Ambition to be an electronics technician Pastimes are hunting and mountain climbing. National Honor Society 3,43 Home Room Representative 4g Student Coun- cil 43 Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects l,2,3,43 Steering'Committee 3,43 Prom Committee 3g Marshal 3,43 Variety Show 3,43 Senior Play 3,4. JOHN ARENA A light heart lives long. Joyful, jovial, John Machinist par excellence Good fellowship with all A talented craftsman in woodworking Held. Candy Sale l,2,3,43 Christmas Projects l,2,3,4. ni 3' ln 4' A " r A All i - , T- - MH!! ' ' 't !'lllf,ff'i'l4 5 . -J , In l' f JW y 4' "li A ' 3 .1. , n ' , 1.' ' . 'V - A 'z , U- .sag . 5,-. JOSEPH CAMGEMI The secret of success is constancy of purpose. Sociable, genial . . . Joe A carefree and easy-going nature An eager sports participant Everybody 3 electronics engineer. Candy Sale l,2,3,4Q Christmas Projects l,2,3,4Q Marshal 43 Football 23 Soccer lg Basketball lj Baseball 1,23 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,43 Airplane Club I3 Rifle Club lg Glee Club l,23 Music Festival l. KEITH W. CROSBY Sincerity and truth are the basis of every virtue, Devoted. dexterous. dedicated Manipulator of many skills Enjoys sports and music A successful career ahead as an electronics technician. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects 1.2.3.-tg Junior Red Cross 1.2.3.-11 Mar- shal -11 Science Fair 3, P 5- : "qi :sf a4l"f', b ROBERT GODDARD Humtlity is the solid foundation of all the virtues. Sincere, sly, sociable Bowling strikes his fancy inclination toward music Headed for an electronics career. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,41 Airplane Club 1,25 Language llaboratory Aide l,2,3,4, Junior Red -ross l,2,3,4g Variety Show 3,45 Senior Play 3,4. -- 1 '72 it , I O"-s... 'U' X ANDREW DUNHAM Responsibility walks hand in hand with capacity and power. Carefree and casual , , , Andy A jovial disposition Interested in cars and motorcycles Future success as a machinist. Home Room Representative lg Candy Sale lg Rifle Club lg Glee Club l. KENNETH DUTTON Greatness lies not in being strong but in the right use of strength. A noncltalant nature Lives his life serertely The warmth of a smile Fascinated by jalopies. Candy Sale 3,4g Christmas Projects l,2, 3,45 Marshal 3,43 Junior Red Cross 3,43 Glee Club 2.3, 4-dxf' Pli l liR DALLA Mt JR.-X Good humor is one til' the best ttrticlcs of dress oiic cziii wear in sticic-lj Pcppy, pcttsirc. pciwiiiitililc in ,Vo niorc tttlcpl lmlihlt' sliootci' J A Pitcttloriiillt' tintl iwttitiitillri' int linctl Prim but "tippttttlt'tl" by len V Czttitly Silly' l.2.3.-lx Cliristiiigis Projects -:Ll k' , X ,R l.2.3.4g Alrpluitc Club ll. .lttiiior Retl t V 5 iff , Cross l.2.3,-1 V:-I 3 Q ' fi , 5 h A A be ti ROBERT DUNHAM Wisdom is to the mind what health is to the body. Daring and dashing . . . Dunham A predictable personality Enjoys the company ty' good friends High aims and ambitions. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Glee Club l.2g Junior Red Cross l,2,3,-4. RICHARD GEBHARDT No man can be wise on an empty stom- ach. Dcfnite and dedicated , . . Dick A talented sportsman in hunting A likable disposition A skilled and talented machinist. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Rifle Club lg Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4. 5 . -X-, Y,--My-F-fy it " wgsyz rv I 'YW5 . . - 'ff 'sl lv. qs- . 1 ff' ' rf t-ani' 53" .Ns if ' .-We " J-V 'CX a' . . A in ', -'gin ex ? .- I F, .4 I' " " -- e fr . .f y 1 if .s aa' ii aw gp. 1- .Q -so-:t-r. ' -Y X.. ' , ,L.'.., , in ff. : ' ' , .5" COLBY KRAMER Humbleness is always grace. always dig- nity. Tall and towering Friendship is tt precious gift Skilled and talented Promising future in the automotive field. Candy Sale l.2.3.-11 Christmas Projects l,2,3,4: Marshal 3,-1. I33 t SN y V as. DANIEL MCKENZIE A great mind will neither give an affront nor bear it. Energetic, emotional, exciting A stylish individualist Mechanicallv mindea' . . . Danny In the future, a success. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Junior Red Cross I,2,3,4. fs 4 4 L Av fa E-4 or v V29 wal . , DAVID STONE Life has no blessing like a prudent friend Cnnfttlctit, t'tIlldQl'IlItll, ctnrzely lruli' ttfftiltle cimipartmtt l.Ill'l'tIfVl' and mtisical pursiier Destrous uf tt lt'tlt'llltIg career Candy Sale l,2,3,4, Christinas Projects l,2.J.4. Marshal J,4. Baseball l,2g Jun- ior Rctl Cross l,2,J,4, Philoinzitlt Biog- raphy :intl Verse Committee 43 Glee Club 4, Music lfcsttxal 4, Variety Show 4, Stuilctil Crier 4 I34 . 4-we 'w Pb' '35 4 -115.1 CHARLES OUELLETTE An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Capable-and candid . . . Chuck Understands beat music Personable and sincere Programmed for a career in electronics. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Home Room Representative 2,3g Marshal 3, Captain 4, Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4. LEONARD PIAZZA To be doing good is man's most glorious task. Thoughtful, truthful, talented Impressive personality on stage Accomplished creative artist Fascinatea' by race cars and drum corps. Candy Sale l,2,3,4-3 Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Baseball Ig Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4g Philomath Biography and Verse Committee 43 Glee Club 41 Music Festi- val 4g Variety Show 43 Senior Play 4. 7 ,--4' "I if 'Q N.. PETER PASTORE Good humor is the health of the soul. Studious, stylish, serene Repeatedly replies "This is true" Relishes music and sports Electronics is his goal. Candy Sale 3,41 Christmas Projects 3,41 Junior Red Cross 3.4, ROBERT SAWYER Be wiseg soar not too high to fall. A lively and energetic nature Loquacious linguist Sociability is an art Adept at automotive accomplishment. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Projects l,2,3,4g Marshal 43 Junior Red Cross l, 2,3,4, Q5 1' K PAUL NORTON Character is a diamond that seratche every other stone. Energetic, efficient, enthusiastic Much knowledge of electronics A lanky, likeable character Boats are one of his interests. Candy Sale l.2,3,4g Christmas Project l,2,3,4g Marshal 4g Language Labora tory Aide l,2,3,4g Glee Club l,2g Junio Red Cross l,2,3,4. Tiff DAVID SULLIVAN Keep cool and you command every body. Adamant, altruistic, affable Calm, cool, and casual A talented and skilled mechanic Placid and serene. Candy Sale l,2,3,4g Christmas Project l,2,3,4g Baseball 2g Junior Red Cross l. 2,3,4. A Q 1' 1 , . 1 u" 4" ,A Q .1 L. I i A aff' 1-1 t 5 , i X X 5 X X ,- vw X ALAN TOWNE Knowledge once gained casts a light beyond its own immediate boundaries. .4ll1lv11'Callv inclined . . . .41 Deslincd I0 be a Ull'lI'flXIIldll A genial gentleman Trulhful, thoughtful, und tactful, Candy Sale l.2,3,4g Football lg Soecer4g Junior Red Cross l,Z,3,4. JOSEPH I.eBLANC The wise carry their knowledge not for display, but for their own use. .wI'fd'I710lIIl6fc'd and modes! .4 h unzorous spirit .4 friendly and congenial nature Interest and skill in lhe automotive Held. Candy Sale 1.2.3,-4g Christmas Projects l.2,3,4g Junior Red Cross l,2,3,-43 Glee Club l,2,3,4. ,as MJ E:- xx 'fl' - l X ' 3- Xl- l 1 mosblilwlg tasuccwb- i ' i Steve Alley Richard Alberini SQMi0fv WP most luuwwus fl, iw ,,A.- W I 1 I I Q 1 X N I n . N I - N Jenny Pontz John Rizoli wht L1 -f , ' Q xfr gf .off 9W'90' 941 'ew - 9019 'ew ook-aldv 'mffllfilf most school-spwted, u"l V i l ts. f, . x X . sim' , iqb 4. 1 x 'Q'-3 3 . . x .. In . Vx' xv. - ' Vicki Crager Larry Smith most "' " 41' tlwswiugws mosh Fniuwstigg Q 1, ' 'kr' . . . ,' J Q I ' 3- L- .. 3. . 1 ' ' .V , IU- 'N A U ' A f U f ,f .fr m 4 v 1. ,ggygss - . . 3.65513 34154 ' - 1'f'.Q,fi'Q:5Z'r .-- -0. - 4' N ',gJ',:'.:gi ' I . 7' if V' Q 1 K O . I 5 . i I T-'T' 'Q ve- tlw mpfwssmuiats Biff 2222 most aatfgtw Jane Ford Jim Trombi l37 uwtofw nosbaddmo 1 Sally Maish Kevin Kimball i .' 'ui' most umsotda if s g. I 'V YA ii Pat Ritchie Paul Nardini Wbwwlwpwph best looking Joan Corley dl '38 Mike Richardson 1 ll 'fl 1' 41 Liz Gould Walter Perini Chili i wus Q mosbtntedwtwzl, WI lasttgcoons mosblllwlgfasuccudf Maureen Donnelly John Ferullo I Maureen Toscano Nick Ballas dw vf.b.p.s most populmu M0 the paw-sdtws bestdaessedf Q 5 X Ln ff XV, Joanne Cattani Paul Nardini 1? Z 24 Af '," 5 Q A .41 , 1 'Q- ,l nf ., f, : 'K six 4 . ig V, - -.. HI rm! , most Fnagiaafiua 1 r Dottie Crosby Bruce Swift 4 . I , "' "'.4' S' 5 if i dw goolif-914155 wsbymdgu Mary McNamara Jim Trombi Leslie Breed Dennis Sobiewski dw musw new mosbmusfcalf X, , - x .- X A Q u I 1 ' illii y 4'- '- 1,1-7. J rl 1 xA GX Hwmwmgslwllbbefoufns www xx 1 I 1 I P I l 5 J 4 I r 1 i fs' '31 r 4 I I . Olrflwpwfvaw y I45 X X1 T 41 QE? ,unix l.. f Al' is - ' S s. 06 Uwe 1 km Qs ...V 1.5 +4-i-1 LL N W9 I Betsy if its . 3. 3 b 5, 34. nfs 'ii nr -It ' M.. '. rs," g,,,,.,,,,,, Sure doesn't taste I k t t juice!" I Check out that gorgeous bl d p in the grandstand I" oneu 152 Read it First in the FRAMINGHAM NEWS Complete Coverage of Your Activities GIOVANNI'S BARBER SHOP Hair Styling - Conventional Hair Cut 873-8731 Compliments of HAYDEN WOOD INSURANCE AGENCY COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE Compliments of MASCIARELLI .IEWELERS 43 Hollis St. Downtown Framingham 879-1900 "Your complete service Jewelers" MOODY OPTICAL CO. Co-op Shopping Center Franklin Street Framingham, Mass. 01701 Reg. Optician Tel. 875-1400 O. Glenn Moody BEST WISHES WAVERLY SUPER MARKET 684 Waverly Street Framingham JOE BROWN'S HOBBIES - SPORTING GOODS 7 Kendall St. Framingham 873-3500 872-3500 TOMMY'S TAXI, INC. Courteous Service Cars Equipped With Motorola Two-Way Radio Cor. Waverly and Concord Framingham Mass. Compliments of WEBB SUPPLY CO. Compliments of LAKESIDE JENNY SERVICE General Auto Repairs 461 Hollis St. Framingham 873-9058 Compliments of ALPENS Downtown Post Rd. Downtown Framingham Wayland Milford Best Wishes MARGE'S BEAUTY SALON 54 Hollis St. l Framingham, Mass. TOWN PAINT 81 SUPPLY CO. 26 Concord St. Framingham 875-4716 PROMPT, FREE DELIVERY SERVICE PHILMAC Phone E 877-5566 sms MAX WERNICK, as R.Ph Pl1C"mC'CY PHILIP s. KATZ, as R.Ph. 13 School Street Saxonville, Mass. E. F. GOULD 81 SON INC. Furniture Movers 875-4502 12 Charles St. l Framingham, Mass. ROX BU RY FLOOR FASH IONS Compliments of ROXBURY CARPET COMPANY Saxonville, Massachusetts 01701 l617l 877-5540 "Hands off, h "Coke, h Girl from l mi 5 I X X , .AA AL 4 15.7 is S T s'rF732'92f Of course it's Trombi - who else BUT . . . i i l l ' ' ' ZZZZZZ ...L Hit by a flying thermostat! l 54 CARROLL PERFUMER Perfumes 8. Cosmetics 155 Concord St. Framingham BATTISTA J. GUARINO ATTORNEY AT LAW Compliments of WOODLAWN BOWLARAMA Randolph, Mass. MR. 8. MRS. CHARLES L. BUSCONE Compliments of MARCONI'S RESTAURANT The Best in Italian Food for 30 Years THE WARDROBE 85 Concord Street Downtown Framingham Featuring Styles Designed for the Man With a Flair for Living Z NOBSCOT SQUARE BARBER SHOP 8A Edmonds Road Framingham Centre Framingham, Mass. 877-3955 THOM McAN I I 'I Concord St. Framingham BELLOLI CONSTRUCTION CORP. 57 Dow Street Framingham 872-0973 LESLIE G. FISHBEIN INS. 100 Concord St. Framingham, Mass. Auto Insurance - All Risks TABULATING SERVICE CORP. 339 Auburn St. Auburndale, Mass. Compliments of FRENI'S GARAGE 81 MARINA 645 Hollis St. Framingham 872-1278 873-9300 BANCROFT CAP COMPANY Framingham an you tell the rea brand X? ? 4 1 . . The Finest in Dresses . . . . The Best in Sportswear . . . . The Nicest in Formal Wear . . GORDON'S Rte. 9 Framingham Centre Wheel' I SPORTSWEAR "The store with more" " 125cm1fmS+- PINEFIELD PHARMACY Pinefield Shopping Center EASTERN WIPER CO. Soxonvmel Moss. ,N Free Delivery 877-2100 Wiping cloth - Oil absorbants Worcester, Mass. "Dear Abby The Phantom strikes again! v " 1-ig 1 I f l s ' ' V" K -.:f5?:., xpfl Buckwheat in the sky with dia- monds, ' 04 I" I , , ' 'iffy WNW..-V- 4, X, n f I gt 'rf' , , ,YI AIX -on ' . ,. If-I 0 ' 1 "Up, up and away," lgft MR. HAMBURG ROUTE 9 FRAMINGHAM Before you accept that first job . . . ok over your employer as carefully as he does you m If ' 4' What's the Company like anyway? Would I be proud to work there? Reputation for square dealing with employees? Pleasant surroundings? Will I be working with others my own age? Are they friendly? Do they socialize after hours? Will the boss be reasonable? Appreciate good, hard work, but won't explode if I make a mistake? Will I make a decent week's pay? Have a chance for raises, advancement, more responsibility? How about fringe benefits? Is the work challenging? I had what it takes to get through high school. Will they give me a chance to use my brains? Note: Many young men and women in this area can answer Yes to these questions. They work for New England Telephone. . . . before you graduate? Ask your Guidance Counselor Why not talk with our employment interviewer soon to tell you when and where to apply. Q" Part of the Nationwide Bell System fl! :- wEn land Tele h n Ne g p o e ,:l,-,wa 'li' zum 41 if z' 5 ft f Ei , iigfsff 615:94 'S "Give me your tired, your poor "Meet the Press." l C. "When you're having more than One... BATES NEWS CO. 1 Howard Street Framingham, Mass. Paper back books of all kinds for school uses and reading FAIR PHARMACY PATRUNO'S I co-OP SHOPPING CENTER Store for Your Every Need" F , h YCITIIITQ Cm 50X0'Wi"e AUTOMOTIVE Te' 8774867 srenno svsrsms, :Nc 203 Worcester Rd. Route 9 Framingham, Mass. Open Every Day 'Til 9 All Day Sunday eciaizin in uomo ie Sp l g A t bl Stereo Tape Players and Stereo Tape Cartridges. PIZZA WAGON INC. Round Up Shopping Center Framingham TEL. 877-2626 Featuring lo varieties of delicious pizzas and hot oven grinders. Specializing in Roast Beef Grinders, Veal Cutlet Grinders, and hot Pastromi Grinders. Also serving daily home made meals. Open 7 days a week. IO P.M. to I2 Midnight Call ahead and your order will be ready upon arrival. , 'bi' 1 Q , , J 5232.21 aw Compliments of FRAMINGHAM CAR WASH, INC. NICHOLSON EMPLOYMENT Undercoating - Polishing SERVICE Steamcleaning J0AN'5 330 Waverly sf. f-You.. stepping 1 WAYSIDE BEAUTY SALON INC. Framingham, Mass. Butch!" Specialists in High Styling 1310 Old Worcester Rd. -I-el Framin ham ' 873-3281 JOSEPH F. MAHONEY Metropolitan Life Insurance Company OFFICE: 180 Boston Post Road, West Marlboro RESIDENCE: 196 Horse Pond Road, Sudbury Office: 485-9660 Residence: 443-2690 myt O O Prom Dresses at THE BRIDAL SHOP Downtown Framingham COMPLIMENTS OF 11-'E VILLAGE GEORGE 81 JEAN YARN 84 TWEED SHOP PERSONIS Headquarters for Garland Skirts and Sweaters 943 Worcester Rd. Framingham Center fe F .2 Compliments of u could fire me for this, but ' PURITY SAVE MOR Pinefield Shopping Center Saxonville W Compliments of er put it under water first." WESTGATE NEWS AGENCY Qu 400 Waverly Street Framingham , Compliments of EBM A AIYTS! Framingham loO WORCESTER GAS LIGHT CO. Free Delivery 42 Union Avenue Framingham, Mass. 873-7441 Compliments of UNION AVE MARKET INC Framingham GOOD LUCK VINCENT'S BARBER SHOP Nobscot Shopping Center Pinefield Shopping Center Framingham ROUND-UP SUPERMARKETS Route 126 Saxonville Featuring Superb Heavy Western Steer Beef Open Nights Till 9 P.M. LEWIS FURNITURE CO. Fine Furniture at good prices See our large cedar chest display by Lane - with special Student Rebate Irving Sq. Downtown Framingham Leroy E. Berry, D.D.S. Arnold Grossman, D.D.S. Elmer S. Blake, Chiropractor Attys. Hargraves, Karb, Wilcox, 81 Galvani Salvatore V. Bonanno, M.S., F.A.C.S. Lawrence S. Hirsch, M.D. Howard S. Dinsmore, D.M.D. Lorna D. Johnson, M.D. Atty. Curtis B. Dooling Robert E. Johnson, M.D. Morris Fried, M.D. David D. Leavitt, O.D. W9 ww Kenneth E. Le Baron, D.D.S. Paul B. Le Baron, D.D.S. Julius Litter, M.D. Norman Nathanson, D.D.S. Thomas Paull, M.D. Seymour Saltzman, O.D. iwwtlw Allan H. Seigal, D.D.S. Grant W. Sharrow, C.P.A. Harvey S. Shelman, M.D. Attys. Sheridan 81 Randall Atty. Walter F. Sullivan Paul F. Sydow, D.M.D., M.S ' i - I 1 i , . "Smile! You're on Candid Cam- era!" I S12 Fl' , ,W XC., 1 ' X "Aw right! You asked for i'!" 1 4 D ' I "Chullo, luv," I64 HONEYWELL Computer Control Division Manufacturer of digital computers, modules, memories, and test products. BARRON'S Framingham's Only HOME MADE CANDY STORE 81 Franklin St. Downtown Framingham "AT THE SIGN OF THE GIANT CANDY CANE" Wholesale Distributors CARBONI'S SUPPLY 155 Hartford St. Framingham, Mass. Area Code 617 875-1611 872-0634 Peter Carboni KATZ PHARMACY, INC. S. P. Katz, B.S., Reg. Pharm. 765 Concord St., Framingham Compliments of WHITE HARDWARE CO., INC. 36 Hollis Street Framingham Framingham Stamp 81 'Coin Store FUZZY'S SPORTING GOODS 131 Concord St. Tel. 873-9147 KENDALL PRESS INC. I Stationers and Printers Drafting Supplies THE NEW YORK STORE 5 8 Irving St. Framingham "Distinctive Wear for Women" IO7 Concord Street Compliments of Framingham CLARK'S CLEANERS FRANIINGHAM FRUITLAND 262 Hollis Street INC. Framingham Wholesale Fruit and Produce Frozen French Fries Gnd toe. FRAMINGHAM TYPEWRITER Redi-Peeled Potatoes SALES 81 SERVICE Phone 875-I 761 Tel. 872-62415 872-6243 . . 104-106 Howard S, 75 Hollis St. Framingham Framingham, Mass. Compliments of WILLIAM R. ROWAN Factory Representative L. G. BALFOUR CO. TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO. Attleboro, Massachusetts "No, l'm not under the tl Hi there. Join the p "How sweet if is.I65 H we go gathering nuts in M y t l Q- tch O. Compliments of HENRl'S DINING ROOM DONALD A. POOLE Painting - Decorating - Remodeling 872-5772 WOOD LUMBER Compliments of 354 Waverly St. Framingham Electric Razor Wed. - Thur. - Fri. Service Mon. - Tues, - Sgt, 8:30 - 9:30 Shoe Shine 8:30 - 5:45 SHOPPERS' WORLD Barber Shop Lower Level Opp. Playland 873-9348 JOHNSON 8. GORDON .IEWELERS Shopper's World 872-1271 Framingham Compliments of KARAS PHARMACY Framingham Centre 8 75-571 I Compliments of DE COLLIBUS RADIO AND TELEVISION CENTER, INC. COLOR AND TV SPECIALISTS 597 Waverly St. Framingham Mass. 875-5200 FITTS Fo INSURANCE 40 Union Ave. 872-1227 Framingham McINTYRE ELECTRIC COMPANY Commercial Industrial Smoke and Fire Alarm Systems Electric Heat 195 Grant St., Framingham 872-7272 Compliments of I ANTI'IONY'S STEAK HOUSE SEAVER'S FLOWERS .-. 673 Concord St. Framingham, Mass. Phone 873-8223 E. DAMERI'S MKT. 205 Hollis St. Framingham Compliments of BARBER COLMAN CO Temperature Control Division Westwood, Mass. GASTON ANDREY OF FRAMINGHAM 1800 Worcester Road SAAB - ALFA ROMEO - ROVER 873-3434 Open Evenings STUART BEEF CO., INC. ' Hotels - Restaurants - Institutions I4 Waushakum Street Framingham, Mass. 872-9842 'Almighty Swami." , 3 I 5.4 e will never catch me!" I68 Congratulations to the Class of 1968 We know the sigh of relief that comes at the end of your final exam. Long years of study behind you, and a big wide world ahead. But even at that it isn't the final test - or the end of your learning. The biggest tests still face you in the choice and fulfillment of your life's work. Many plan for college, some must reckon with the armed forces. Others will seek positions in industry, trade, business. We, at Dennison, congratulate you on your past accomplishments, if your future plans call for steady employment or summer work, we'll be glad to discuss your problems with you. Our Employment Department will welcome the chance to outline opportunities existing in our offices, factory, and warehouse. DENNISON Best Wishes 'fo The Class of 1968 FROM THE FIVE FRAMINGHAM BANKS FRAMINGHAM COOPERATIVE BANK FRAMINGHAM NATIONAL BANK FRAMINGHAM SAVINGS BANK SOUTH MIDDLESEX COOPERATIVE BANK FRAMINGHAM TRUST COMPANY BANK Bank with Framingham Banks ROY O. LEONARD Industrial Maintenance Painting 543 Union Avenue I Framingham, Massachusetts DEMARINI'S 158 Union Avenue Framingham Tel. 873-8160 Q'-+. ' .tggtf . A V . - - - "l'57'i' Ref T' 4- Daddy, I wanna go home." Compliments of BRADY'S FLYING A. 1060 Old Conn. Path Saxonville, Mass. Tel. 877-4190 Compliments of THEBQWLI Framingham, Mass. NES MOTOR COACH SERVICE Compliments of Compliments of FRAMINGHAM-NATICK ANSWERING SERVICE ooiws rnun stone, mc. CHARM BOX me MISS Me, 269 Hfi"iS Sfff-fe' 2"2'i3i'ZT.,ffe' Ff0m'f'9l10m Framingham, Mass. l70 Telephone 873-3714 'rf Compliments of GIOVANNI'S li li Ii BANCROFT SPORTSWEAR BUTLER MOTOR CORP. Ford - Falcon - Thunderbird 1 199 Worcester Turnpike Framingham Tel. 872-4355 "Let me out of h T'?"i1'5lfY1! Per' ' Framingham, Massachusetts X 154. 'TES' 4' " ' "Eg - is , - iii, -,, L-2' 11'-'-iff +5213 fe ff 2 S12 ss,:- BRIDGES HIC-SHWAYS Best Wishes to the Class of 1968 BRUCE BULLOCK PAUL MYERS C' .A ' ' 1' ...:T- :is 1 9 ' f L . .. C ' f 1' " 'gh - , ,,....Z... . . - ff ,gl ,, , ' '- ' 1 ' f' V 1. I If f bvly -V V I I- 1 1 f, V ,, f 41 ff ' 1' LA' ' "There was a crooked ' --.en"'355gaf , V W hui: g ' built a crooked house BUILDINGS DAMS TUNNELS EBIN REALTY "Complete Real Estate Service" MORTGAGES - F.H.A. - G.l, LOANS 9 Hampshire Rd. 875-4453 Framingham, Mass. Call Anytime NOBSCOT PHARMACY Your Needs are as near as your phone "Look! The sky is f II gl 877-1000 2 Edmonds Rd. Framingham Compliments of LEAVENS CONGRATULATIONS MANUFACTURING COMPANY to The Cfficial Manufacturers of Class of 1968 Framingham South High School Rings E. F. EBELING District Manager :ns lgfl - Compliments of from the K WESTGATE NEWS AGENCY W Boosrsns M U 4O0FY::wL-eglllzoffmtreet The ' utter. I 72 CONGRATULATIONS To the Class of 1968 Congratulations 'fo the Class of 1968 From INGEMI S BARBER SHOP 78 Union Ave. Framingham li T and HIGGI G 291 Pleasant Street Framingham Center, Mass. 01701 Tel. 617-872-1501 from the ARDEN CENTER rom.1EaLv LITTLE TREE FARMS I L ,,w?' . ,M ,' L A wt V. Q ff' , h elected . . I-73 "-. Oulu SPOMSORS Mr. Ronald Ackerman Mr. 81 Mrs. Ronald G. Alves Mr. Russell A. Antell Mr. Stanley D. Bagush Mr. 8. Mrs. James Baker Mr. Urbino J. Barreira Mr. 81 Mrs. Fred A. Bayes Mr. 8m Mrs. Robert Blue Mr. 8. Mrs. Daniel D. Carter Mr. Richard J. Clancy Mrs. Kathgrine H. Clifford Miss Carole A. Connors Mr. 8m Mrs. Joseph Donnelly Mr. Richard E. Engvall Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert P. Flaherty Miss Margaret E. Fletcher Mr. John S. Frabotta Miss Eleanor M. Freitas Mr. Christopher T. Garrahan Jr. Mr. 81 Mrs. Bruce Grealey Miss Antonia Gucciardi Mr. 81 Mrs. Thomas A. Hamilton Mr. Charles E. Hatch Mr. 81 Mrs. Gregory F. Hebard Mr. 8. Mrs. Laurence F. Heine Mr. 8. Mrs. Paul Hester Miss Dorothy F. Janda Mr. 8- Mrs. John Joyce Mr. 81 Mrs. Joseph P. Keefe Mr. Henry O: Kelley Mr. 81 Mrs. George J. Keville Mrs. Lillian C. Kreger Mr. 8. Mrs. Richard J. Kropp Miss Anna M. Lamperti Miss Elizabeth Lathrop Mr. Leo S. Leveille Mr. Joseph P. Lopes Mrs. Thomas J. Mack Mr. 81 Mrs. Ralph Maish Mr. 8. Mrs. Ralph J. Martin Miss Margaret J. McDonald Mrs. Mary L. McDuffie Miss Joyce M. McKeown Mr. 8. Mrs. James McLellan Dr. 8. Mrs. John A. Meegan Mr. 8. Mrs. Richard Minardi Mr. 81 Mrs. A. J. Minnichelli Mr. William Molloy Mr. Thomas R. Murphy Mr. Robert O'Donnell Miss Mary E. O'Neil Mr. 8. Mrs. Joseph Oneschuk Miss Mary C. Porter Mr. Dennis Porter Mr. Patrick J. Ranauro Mrs. Blanche Rivers Mrs. Joan L. Rousseau Miss Elaine Satlak Mr. 8. Mrs. James P. Savas Miss Katherine Schomer Mr. 81 Mrs. Ronald E. Shenker Mr. 81 Mrs. Ivan R. Smith Mr. F. S. Spock Miss Alice Stanton Mr. James F. Strong Miss Flora K. Tait Mr. Robert J. Tisdell Miss Helen M. Vancavage Mr. Louis J. Vella Mr. 81 Mrs. Donald N. Walker Mr. Herbert W. Waugh Mr. 81 Mrs. Wilks Mr. 8. Mrs. Thomas J. Woodcome Mr. 8. Mrs. Paul M. Zaido South High Custodians The French Club The Art Department Community Apple and M-9 Terry, Helen, 8. Cheryl Steve, Ernie, 81 Mike Lu, Di, 81 K-9 Tim Mueller Liz, Pete, 81 Kristy The Sophomore Girls Janet, Julie, 81 Mary Sue U.S. History A.P. ll The English Department National Honor Society Butter 81 Smitty Bob 81 Jayne Hammy, Rob, 81 Jim Janie Austin The Commonplace ' First St. 81 525 Belknap Rd. The Silent Swinger Judy, Leslie, 81 Sue Bonnie 8- Clyde Fritz 8m Gretchen Joe, Dave, 81 Sharon "The Group" "The Penalty Room, C-25" D-1, F-Troop Senior Homeroom C-40 Seniors Juniors B-32 A-26 C-1 B-2 C-9 B-2 C-10 B-5 C-20 B-7 C-25 B-8 C-26 B-10 D-36 B-1 6 B-1 7 B-1 7 D-51 D-61 Thank You Mr. Ram Collectors' Club Carol, Dottie, 81 Joanne Undefeated Squad 6 Gale, Jennifer, 8K Jo-Ann Pam 8- Bill WITTNAUER Vee 81 Bob Brenda 81 Ed Bonnie 81 Clyde II Pat 81 Jane Spooky, T.C., 81 Vee Cindy 81 Steve Mrs. Brockelman's Seniors Armand, Addison, 81 Sherwood Shavey Fuegia Basket Wilt 81 Bill Joanie, Paula, 81 Helene Barb, Betsy, 81 Debbie B-21 Loves You! B-21 Strikes Again Vocationa Seniors in Room A-6 Vocationa Juniors in' Room A-8 Vocationa Sophomores in Room A-16 Vocationa A-2 HOMEROQMS Sophomores Fl'eSl'lmel1 B-1 8 5'35 B-1 9 boys 5-36 B-19 girls B'37 B-22 5-39 B-23 54' B-24 5-42 B-25 5-44 B-27 5-44 B-28 5-45 B-29 B-30 C-1 1 C-1 2 C-14 R autogwplw TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "YPD W4-,dd u hu Yialbooll An Vgylumldl 759 mubuotlxmgwaswwutlwsawwag

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