Framingham High School - Philomath Yearbook (Framingham, MA)

 - Class of 1950

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Framingham High School - Philomath Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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QA X y 12 Q15 ,E 5555 if hw C99 g fp ESX ix XM? fd 3 Y' ,335 yqlx X55 E 305. my W WM 31 Awww if 1 E 37W afmwgggi ww!6mCxWW6 10 EEE E WEE ykffwam 5 Y Hi ' Q vii? ' s ER 5 J is M ESM R Qyyfwjw 22 QE wg Q MQ Tw QQ f"'kqf:.?,m wwf, WE fp My W f E M' CEQQLL 1 V , Y n,,-Y V ,.--'---f-- - ' juuxiug llur- ' . 1- 5-'iifgjccfw LfvLf1'xc4nw- ' in LL'-'P J ' Zi W' Q '4 fW a Tx" LET 'fi' ff W M LK, lp ' I x Un f ' f - Q QDf Y' KWQQZE Aigiu f3jV?MM9 Fix EE Spmfgw 5Zgiig.LAtmZL, E i V ck ' KN f ' ,f I 1 , do bf... cmcumm Qm,,fw 9LAJm,5QMhu, gg' ig: fig NX 1 wffiaafwfgsg Si fw-ep R MMM BMW Egg 5 df xi X m wwf FI ?Qg'2"9fpq-ggi S M i z22 Q52 ' ESSEQV g?b gg Xia, Ei A ' up :Ekb5?iF?ggi1SS ? .' 'QQ A igffww QEX2 SX MQW ff! T ,EWS4R z fi !BRARY ijinigglegmmmwfi i r r P PHILOMATH STAFF fi' TT' Q ., . -, W .1 , 1' " mai, fra' . 1 Q' H --0Uuewng.q.fa:1.g,' - 4 f 1 a s al. 'P avr EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Beverly Ward ASSISTANT EDITOR: Catherine Farley ART: BIOGRAPHY AND VERSE Joyce Bray Robert Chartier Dudley Redden Robert Chartier PICTURES: Barbara Caldwell Martha Chakiris Kevin Doran Richard Magrath Barbara Maguire Nancy Norris Patricia Walsh BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: Jane Flood Beatrice Higgins Judith Martin Jean McKean Helen Sullivan Judith Dyer Patricia Healy Harriet Lemchen Joan Martin Pauline Montal Joann Norton Thelma Petersen Alice Southworth TYPISTS: Jeanne Bligh Geraldine Bowen Jean Goss Carolyn Gray Doris Svendsen Amy Underwood !' .-.--..f -v -.-Q.-a.1,--.. -- V-- ' A -, -,vu ,Pnl ,app rj, , .J .I1.,,-,511 - ' - ff". X mamma-mga:-79..,.:,1:,.. 1- HL A -frffl " ' - " -- . ,.,. ',-,,.,,,,'. -- us: n vw- vw ' -3'-Qfin.v s4 v' 'K U' Y J.. u 'T 1 L- '1 v-I. 4, .- ,...----H ...L..-- - -T.-f-.. ,--- -A P ' I, f a e 1 "M" 'Vl"A"'-T' I v 1 ,L....- nl ' I' J' ,ga X We . A Qi Ei if SE ii! Eel . - ,f M,--A Q 39' ig. wif, -V 1- -M . ...- E , - ,.......... FRAMINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL A PUBLICATION BY THE MEMBERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS Plll Cl? 9 r' Jw' MR. MAYO M. MAGOON May eacli member of the class of V250 be blessed with good liealrlig be inspired to place service above self in home, in cburcli, ' cl be ambitious no make worthy contributions and iri commumryg an in positions o f responsibility, XQKWM MSD! 4710 MR. HERBERT PETERSON ln apreciation of his sympathetic understanding of high school ou h and its problems, we dedicate this issue of h " ' y t r e Philomathu to MR. HERBERT PETERSON who retired from active service on February 1, 1950. His marvelous sense of humor and his sterling character will conrin to all of us. ue to be a shining example FACULTY fam H' jx X J "WW ' ,ml " f ' 1. V 65 .. . , f Q , S G, ,f K 1 Q! Y fa f x r 6 , 7 ,,ffm,,,,,! .7 if f .. A- M2 all dni7 ! ii V , 4,115 Mayo M. Magoon, Principal ' 'lvl Alton W. Bush, Assistant Principal f 'W - " 7 , , A f A i S if A 1 I xl '., N0 . , vi' X if Xt J., ,J 1 I -x ,L V ,,1 I if fflf . i lf' . 1 l - kim. . ' , ' 1 x I I I. ' WQ ,ll hilt? ,l1Jl,L 1 . , .l'2J'7s 71 g ff- -Fl" A Mary Hobbs, Dean of Girls Elizabeth W. McConnon, Secretary Pearl Oliva, Assistant Secretary Janet Apperson, Latin Marion A. Benton, Modern Languages Curtis C. Brooks, Mathematics, Coach Alton W. Bush, Science Richard H. Charles, Social Studies Mary Cunningham, French john H. Daniels, Director of Athletics, Coach, History, Latin Angeline Ducas, English, French Hubert Edmond, Manual Arts Mildred P. Ellis, Social Studies Francis Galvani, Social Studies, Mathematics, Coach Desire Goldsmith, English Mary Hobbs, Mathematics Frederick Janes, Physical Education Boys Arthur L. Jones, Director of Physical Education Henry O. Kelley, Social Studies Anna K. Kirby, Commercial Elizabeth Lathrop, Librarian Helen H. Leland, Art George D. Lundberg, Social Studies Priscilla March, English Willa A. Moody, English Joseph B. Murray, Director of Music Margaret E. Newman, Household Arts Mary T. O'Hare, Commercial Mary E. O'Neil, English Alice H. Richardson, Household Arts Francis E. Riordan, Mathematics, Faculty Manager Arthur L. Ross, Commercial Otto Salak, Manual Arts Melville L. Small, Science Winthrop G. Smith, Science Mathematics Grace E. Squires, English M. Alice Stanton, Commercial Mary R. Sullivan, Physical Education Girls Frances Tyndall, English, Social Studies Michael Vodoklys, Mathematics, Science Ethel B. Wiley, Science ff "1 ,it f - W " th 5 H: , .T -1 R 'frrai if f 7242 f'4 1 x I '4r4. '-'W , -Z fi-kfij ff P , f' - . Z 6 j s , , ,, f ?,,f ' I f Gif if 1' : 1, f ,x g 2' l fgqj-I ff? 0 K K Z ' CQD rx .1 ' X X' S I, 1 . .1 5 ' ld Y gr f V 0,4 1 X X., ' N x ,L X f. x . , , X ,I Y 7 1' . l Q f i l ' i fu' X9 X VI sa qi y 5 ,l f', , ' I " N ' .. r J 1 n " 'Q ! -I O or 3 x f IM I 5? 1505 ii ion CLASS iuivi on MISS ANNA KIRBY For her patient understanding and kind assistance is our cl.1ss advisor, we .ire deeply grateful to Miss Amin Kirby. 8 ,,-,5-n,,f- 3 , l ti' P ..- ., if SENIOR CLASS ICERS AW I . Vw 4 may ui-QQ. Jr -' 'Ah' V' jxjlf X 1 . 2 1 ' V ' .2 ri L :sr , . ,f Af? , ig I. , X m y A I 'A ' it X i f-47 A- - ., ,UI l, I 1 4 gr 1 V' 1 , . , ,,,-,L .., ,fu lip' ,g-5, ,,f,-'iff .gf pagb f , ' 3 ' I ff' "T1'?f1'. . ,- 'C X' .. .4 f Af Jlilf' .fe ,.fy,ff if PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER CHARLES J. MURPHY "lt if more blertea' to gizfe than to recezz'e." Class President 4, Student Council 2, 3, 43 Baseball 3, 4, Football 2, 4g Aeronautics 3, 4, Secretary 3g Nominating Committee 3, 45 Christmas Projects 3, 4, Senior Play Ticket Committee 43 Chair- man Salvation Army Drive 33 Chairman Football Patrol Committee 4g Patrol Commit- tee Senior Sophorome Dance 3, 4, Junior Prom Decorating Committee 3. RICHARD MAHONEY "None but himself can be hir parallel." Baseball 2, Football 33 Hoc- key 3g Dramatic Club Z5 Class Vice-President 4. E ROSE GARBARINO "Life has nn blerringr like a prudent friend." Student Council 31 Student Council Executive Committee 3, Marshal 3, 4, Officer 45 French Club 23 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Senior-Soph Ticket Com- mittee 2, Football Dance Usher Committee 3g Sopho- more Handbook 3g Chairman Prom Ushers and Grand March Committee 33 Class Secretary 4. CHARLES A. FERRARI "Wearing all that weight of learning lightly like a flower." Marshal 3, Officer 33 Student Council 4, Ofhcer 4, Basket- ball Z, 3, 4, "F", Football 2, 3, 4, "F", Track 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Christ- mas Choir 3, 4g A Cappella Choir 3, 45 jr. Prom Decor- ating Committee 3, Class Treasurer 4, Nominating Committee 4. 'wr ,W CHARLES FERRARI, CHARLES MURPHYQ MISS KIRBY, CLASS ADVISORQ ROSE GARBARINOQ RICHARD MAHONEY 0".y J 'iz DONALD ABBOT "O .fleep it if a gentle thing, Beloved from pole to pole." Hockey 2, 3, 4, Hockey Cap- tain 43 Gift Committee 33 Glee Club 4. JOHN R.,uLXANDER "With malice toward none, with charity for all. with frm- nexf in the right." Student Council 2, 33 Vice- president Student Council 33 Student Council Executive Committee 43 Marshall 33 French Club-Treasurer 23 Band 2, 3, 43 Christmas Choir 2, 33 A Cappella Choir 33 Representative Student Coun- cil Convention at New Bed- ford 23 Chairman Homeroom Clothing Drive 2, 33 Cam- paign Manager 2, 33 Delegate to Fitchburg Convention 3g Patrol Committee junior Prom 33 Junior Nominating Committee 33 Sophomore Re- porting Committee 33 Dele- gate to Brighton Convention 33 Christmas Projects 43 Com- munity Chest Delegate 3, 43 Toast Class Banquet 43 Dele- gate to Melrose Convention, PAUL JOSEPH ALMEDA "The greatert truthr are the .tifnplert and to are the greatert men." Student Crier Staff 2, 3, 4, Assistant Editor 43 Nature Club 23 Band 2, 3, 43 Orches- tra 3, 43 Choir 43 Music Fes- tival Committee 2, 33 Ticket Committee Football Dance 23 A Cappella Choir 43 Patrol Committee junior Prom 33 Ticket Committee Senior-Sou homore Dance 43 Publicity Committee Senior Play 4. JOAN B ADAM "Oh, that my tongue were in the thun1ler'.t mouth, Then with parfion would I Jhahe the world." Dramatic Club 23 Broadcast- ing Club 33 Student Hand- book Typing Committee 33 Glee Club 2,.33 Lunchroom Marshall 231-Iomeroom Chair- man Christmas Project 3, 43 Usher at Graduation 33 Sec- retary of Safe Drivers' Club 43 March of Dimes Commit- tee 4. 3 if DINO AGOSTINELLI The face if often a true index of the heart. Aeronautics 3, 4. jf-ii i " i ,r ,L- 4 lfit' E ww,i s 1 . A A X Q., 1. I. 2 CHRISTINE R. ALBERICO "No one hnowr what the can do till the trier." Christmas Projects 4. .fi nl KENNETH F. ALLEN "A pleasing countenance is no .flight advantage." Football 2, 3, 4, Broad- casting Club 3, Presidentg Senior Play 43 Class Night Social Hour Committee 43 Trafhc Survey 4. ROBERT MELVIN ALPERT "Make hay while the Jun shines." Safe Drivers' Club 3,43 Usher Football Dance 4g Christmas Projects 4. ye ww . R 3' -9.2" as g-P M: Q-2 s P i CAROLINE E. AMBROGGI "Natural ahilitier are like na- tural plants, that need pruning hy rtua'ier." Dramatic Club 23 Student Crier Typist 43 Broadcasting Club 3, 4g Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Senior Play Property Com- mittee 43 Homeroom Chair- man Christmas Project 4. ANN MARIE BAVERI "Few things are imporrihle to diligence and Jhillf' Field Hockey 23 Softball 2, 33 Safe Drivers' Club 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 4. JOSEPHINE BELCASTRO "Music warher away from the soul, The dust of every day life." Softball 23 Dramatic Club 23 Christmas Choir 2, 33fA Cap- pella Choir 2, 35 Music Festi- val-Committee Chairman 43 Chairman Clothing Drive 3g Lost and Found Committee Chairman 33 Prom Refresh- ment Committee 3g Publicity Committee Football Dance 43 Decorating Committee Senior- Sophomore Dance 4g Class Night Social Hour 4. GERRY ATWELL "Laugh and the world laughs with you." Safe Drivers' Club 3, 4g jun- ior Nominating Committee 3, 4g Football Dance Patrol Com- mittee 3, 43 Junior Prom Ticket Chairman 3g Lost and Found Homeroom Represen- tative 33 Salvation Army Col- lection 3, 43 Marshal 43 Sen- ion-Soph Dance Patrol Com- mittee 43 Cap and Gown Committee 3j Football Dance Patrol Committee 4, Christ- mas Projects 2. Pa."?'i cf, ,dl JUNE LOUISE BALLARD ERNEST F. BARBIERI "A remarkable memory, "Rich in good workin" ,,. youu' Hockey 2, 33 Glee Club 33 Broadcasting Club 3. Vocational School. b hr. cb .XQAX AUDREY JEAN BEDARD "Love maker thoye young whom age doth chill, And whom he Ends young, keep: young Mill." Broadcasting Club 33 Lost and Found Com. 33 Prom Ticket Com. 33 Food Sale 3j Senior Play 4. DAVID A. BELFORTE "Ar merry ar the day ir long," Marshall 3g Basketball 2g Dramatic Club 2, 33 Music Festival Stage Committee 33 Band Concert Committee 35 Christmas Projects 2, 33 Pub- lic Address Program 2,' 3g Chairman Salvation Army Drive 43 Dramatic Club En- tertainment Committee 3g Chairman of French Project 2, 3g Ballot Committee 2, 35 Homeroom Red Cross Com- mittee 33 Prom Decorating Committee 33 Senior Play Cast 4g Senior-Sophomore Dance Refreshment Commit- tee 43 Football Dance Patrol Committee 43 Graduation Day Eommittee 43 Trafhc Survey ELIZABETH BENNETT "A good heart'r uforlh gold." Dramatic Club 33 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Christmas Projects 23 French Project 23 Knitting Club 43 Senior Play Proper- ties Committee 4. ROYAL BILLINGS "A merry heart lhat laughs at care." Band 2, 3, 43 Marshal at Football Dance 43 Brass Choir 2, 3, 4. JEANNE A. BLIGH "Wire lo rerolzfe. and patient lo perform." Dramatic Club 23 Broadcast- ing Club Committee 31 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 junior Prom Refreshment Committee 31 Graduation Usher Committee 33 Philomath Typist 43 Cur- rent Events Club 43 Senior- Soph Refreshment Committee 43 Senior Play Ticket Com- mittee 4. 'FI CHARLES BENT "Cheerful at mourn he wakes from .thorl repose, hrealher the keen air. and carol: ar he goer." Safe Drivers' Club 2, 3. JOSEPH C. BERNARD "Much ado about nothihg Student Crier Staff 2, 3, 43 Adv. Stall 2, 33 Football Z, 33 Track 2, 33 Dramatics 33 Glee Club 2, 3, 4j Assistant Editor of Philomath 43 "F" awarded in Trackg A Capella Choir 4. L LOUISE A. BERUBE "So mild, .ro merciful, .fo rlrong, Jo good, .ro panent, peaceful, loyal, lowng, pure." Dramatic Club 2g Broadcast- ing Club 3g Glee Club 2, 3g Graduation Usher 3g Knitting Club 4j Refreshment Com- mittee Senior-Sophomore Dance 4g Christmas Projects 2. JEAN A. BLANCHETTE "So placid and Jo relf contained." Basketball 2, 3, "F" Softball 2, 3, "F" Tennis 23 Broad- casting Club 3, 43 C-flee Club 23 Cap and Gown Committee 33 Knitting Club 43 Philo- math Stat? 43 Lost and Found 43 Ticket Committee Senior Play 43 Refreshment Commit- teeg Senior-Soph Oance 43 Red Cross Committee 4. PAUL A. BOTTAZZI "The quiet mind ir richer than a crou'r1." Marshal 32 Gym Club 2, 33 Band 2, 3, 43 Christmas Pro- ject 3. 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Prom Pat- rol 2, 33 Prom Ticket Com- mittee 33 Philomath Staff 43 Brass Choir 43 Captain on Traflic Survey 43 Senior-Soph Patrol 4j Senior Play Proptrty Committee 4j Senior Play Cast 4. ROBERT BOUCINI "All dressed up with no place to go." Football 2, 33 Hockey 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 4j Football Dance Committee 3, 43 Music Festival 2, 3, 4j Social Hour Graduation 4. OLGA BRATICA "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine." Safe Drivers' Club 31 Christ- mas Project 2g Philomath Staff 43 Student Crier Typist 3, 4. JOYCE KATHERINE BRAY "She mover a goddett, and the look! like a queen." Basketball 33 Dramatic Club 23 Broadcasting Club 35 Junior Nominating Commit- tee 35 Glee Club 2, 4g Philo- math Staff 43 Safe Drivers Club 4g Senior Nominating Committee 4j Graduation Usher 33 Decorating Com- mittee 3g Senior-Sophomore Refreshment Committee Chairman 4g Class Song Com- mittee 43 Class Night Com- mittee 4g Senior Play Cast 4g Senior Play Poster Commit- tee 43. MX GERALDINE D. BOWEN "The fun grew fart and furiourf' Softball 35 Glee Club 3i Christmas Project 33 Gradu- ation Usher 33 Typist Philo- math 43 Student Crier 4j Elec- tion Committee 43 Senior PlayCast 4g Property Com- mitte Senior Play 43 Usher, Senior Play 43 Senior-Soph Refreshment Committee 43 Intramural Basketball 3. .-r I ti' 'T "?' L WILLIAM BRADY "Like the eagley, I way horn to he free." Senior Nominating Com. 33 Senior Ticket Com. 33 Chair- man Polio Drive CFVSQ 33 Glee Club 33 Vocational School. .Q We .WY393 I ll . W BARBARA E. BRANAGAN "l would help others, out of a fellow-feeling," Student Council 33 Marshal 3, 4, Marshal Exec. Com. 33 Student Crier Adv. Staff 2, 33 Tennis 23 Cheerleader 2, 3, 43 Head Cheerleader 43 French Club 2, Vice-Presi- clentg Class Secretary 33 Prom Exec. Com. 33 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Co-Chairman H.R. Christmas Project 23 Chair- man of School Christmas Pro- ject 3g H.R. Discussion Com. 33 Football Dec. Com. 3g Football Dance Ticket Com. 23 Nominating Com. 3g Red Cross Drive 2. CARLO J. BRAVO "A constant friend if a thing rare and hard to find." Marshal 2, 3g Safe Drivers' Club 23 Senior Banquet Com- mittee 33 Graduation Dec- orating Committeeg Senior Decorating Committee 4. CRANE BROOKS "I like ufork, it fascinater me, I can .tit and look at it for hoary." Basketball 2, 3, Foot- ball 2, 3, "F" Track 2, 3, "F" Glee Club 2, 33 Ticket Com- mittee Senior Play 4. . , i A A 1 i Iliff ' 4 Q . ' if IX FRANCIS E. BRUNING "The talent of a meat parker. the morals of a money changer, ana' llJe mannerf of an um1'er.'aker." Projector Club 33 Home Room Ballot Committee 4. ALFRED CANESI "Everyman hai lair fault. arzil lmnerty if hir." Christmas Projects 3, 43 Vo- cational School. DORA CASELLA "The magic of a fare." Glee Club 2, 3, 43 junior Prom Refreshment Commit- tee 33 Music Festival Com- mittee 3. 4 fi. RALPH BUNK "lVl9er1 the zlisporiliurz if friendly. llye face plearerf' Marshal 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3,43 Football 2,3,"F"3 Aero- nautics Z3 Marshal Officer 43 Marshal Executive Committee 43 Baseball 2, 43 Senior- Sophomore Ticket Commit- tee 43 Football Dance Ticket Committee 43 Music Festival Stage Committee 23 Prom Patrol Committee 33 Class Gift Committee 4. MARILYN M. CADILLAC "A little zritla quie! if Ilye only flier," Softball 3g Dramatic Club 2, 33 Knitting Club 33 Glee Club 33 Sophomore Red Cross Committee 13 Usher at Senior Play 23 Student Crier Typist 33 junior Class Night Usher 2. -.-:A-.,,,:.m11--fm I a C4 4, any 3, 3, ww, BARBARA J. CALDWELL "Tir the loveliest ezfer was seen." Tennis 23 Mgr. Basketball 2, 33 French Club 23 Safe Driv- ers' Club 31 Glee Club 3, 43 Campaign Manager 23 Christ- mas Project 33 Football Dance Decorating Committee 53 Prom Decorating Commit- tee 33 Student Crier Staff 4g Philomath Staff 43 Class Night Banquet Committee 43 Senior-Sophomore Decorating Committee 43 Philomath Ex- ecutive Committee 4. ETHEL CARLSON "lI"ordr of lrutla and robernersf' Glee Club 3, 43 Publicity Chairman of Lost and Found3 Christmas Project 43 Home- room Lost and Found Com- mittee 43 Red Cross Commit- tee 4. JOSEPH CASELLA JR. "There ir rm Jubrlitule for lJar11' work." Christmas Project 3, 43 Club Committee 33 Nominating Committee 3, French Proj- ect Committee 2, 3, 4. J DELORES M. CASTRO "She has pretty brown hair, and speaks small like a woman." Safe Drivers' Club 2, Dra- matic Club 3, Glee Club 2, 3, Christmas Choir 3, Christ- mas Project 3, Knitting Club 4, A Capella 3, Senior-Sopho- more Committee, Usher at Senior Play 4. ARISTEDEMO J. CHAO "A little nonsense now and then, is relished hy the wisest men." Dramatic Club 2, 3, Gym Club 3, Glee Club 2, 33 Junior Prom Patrol Com- mittee 2, 3, Junior Prom Ticket Committee 3, Adver- tising Staff of Student Crier 2, President of Current Events 4. ARTHUR CHAVES "The force of character is cumulative." Advertising Staff Student Crier 2, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Nom- inating Committee 3, 4, Club 2, 33 Junior Prom Pat- Christmas Project 2, 3, Glee rol Committee 3, Marshal Executive 4, Captain, A Cap- ella Choir 4, March of dimes Home Room Representative 4, Chairman of Food Sale 4, Toast 4, Student Coun- ci . ALBERT A. CELLA "Whom with all praise I point at." Marshal 3, Hockey 3, 4, Safe Drivers' Club 3, 4, Junior Prom Ticket Committee 3, Club Committee 33 Male Oc- tet 4. 0 . .7 'Nz 2 if 4 i 1. it v , ft ' 7 X' f f, Q O -4411--4 . fp. t 3'i I a PATRICK CERUOLO "You will observe, it doesn't take a man of giant mould To mahe a giant shadow on the wall." 9' f as r -5 I MARTHA P. CHAKIRIS "Queen rose of the rosehud garden of girls." Lunchroom Marshal 3, Nat- ure Club 2, Safe Drivers' Club 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Campaign Manager 2, Christ- mas Project 3, Football Dance Decorating Committee 2, 3, Junior Prom Decorating Committee 35 Chairman Graduation Decorating Com- mittee 3, Philomath Staff 4, Student Crier 4, Senior- Sophomore Decoration Chair- man 4, Senior Play Cast 4, Senior Play Poster Commit- tee 4. ROBERT E. CHARTIER "Take it from me-he's got the goods." Basketball 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, Aeronautics Club 2, 3, 4, Publicity Committee Senior Play 4, Vice President of Aeronautics Club 4, Senior Prom Decorating Committee 3. DALLAS A. CLARK JR. "You can't have too much of a good thing." Aeronautics Club 2, Projec- tors' Club 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, Christmas Choir 3, A Cap- pella Choir 3, Food Sale Ad- vertising Committee 3, Music Festival Ticket Committee 3, Class Song Committee 4. 1 1 , 3 9 y., .4 THOMAS COCO "Let the world rlide, let the world go,' A fig for a care anal a fig for a woe." Art Club 2g Nominating Committee 3g Safe Drivers' Club 4. CHARLES JEWETT COLE "What a piece of work in a man!" Track 3g Marshal 3, 43 Christ- mas Project 3. RAYMOND C. CONTl "A little nonrenre nou' and then." Safe Drivers' Club 3. it I xx RUTH THERESA COLE CHARLES COLCORD "It'.r merry when friend: "To err ir human, to forgive, meet." divine." G1 Cl b 2, , 4g S ' Nature Club 2g Safe Drivers' P155 ptogerw Cgmmittejnfr Club 3g Christmas Projects 2. BEVERLY C. CO E "Whatever ir worth doing at all is worth doing well." Marshal 35 Dramatic Club 2g Broadcasting Club 4g Glee Club 2, 3g Junior Prom Usher 3g Football Dance Dec- orating Committee 3g Philo- math Staff 43 Safe Drivers' Club 43 Senior Play Usher 4. MARY J. CONLON "Fortune comer to all, that come: not late." Safe Drivers' Club 25 JOHN CORCORAN "The lad was ever a rover Loving ana' laughing and fun." Safe Drivers' Club 3g Prop- erties Committee Senior Play 4. X I RUTH ZILLAH COWERN "Too wise to err: too good to he unkind." Softball 23 Broadcasting Club 33 Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Senior- Sophomore Dance Ticket Committee 23 Safe Drivers' Club 4. VIRGINIA E. CROWLEY "Good words are worth much, and cost little." Dramatic Club 2, 33 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Junior Prom Grand March Committee 33 Projectors' Club 4g Proper- ties Committee Senior Play 4. ROBERT CUNNINGHAM "It is myself I portray." Safe Drivers' C1ub3 Glee Clubg Intramural Basketball3 Christmas Project. XXX EDWARD 1. CRAGIN "A uforkman is known hy his work." Football 2, 3, Hock- ey 2, 3, "F" Aeronautics Club 33 Music Festival Ticket Com- mittee 33 Assistant Campaign Manager 33 Current Events 43 Nominating Committee 4. CATHERINE A. CRONIN "When all is done and said, in the end thus you shall End, He most of all doth hath in hliss, that hath a quiet mind." Safe Drivers' Club 43 Glee Club 4. '21 af , 1 JOAN CROSBIE "In faith, lady. you have a merry heart." Dramatic Club Z, 33 Nom- inating Committee 33 Grad- uation Decorating Committee 33 Glee Club 2. 3, 43 Hos- pitality Committee 2, 33 Graduation Usher 33 Cam- paign Manager 33 Philomath 43 Aeronautics Club 2, 33 Safe Drivers' Club 43 Or- chestra 43 Senior Play 4. MARGARET T. CUNNEEN "He that mischief hatcheth, mischief catchethf' Softball 23 Library Service Club 2, 3, 43 Dramatic Club 33 Senior Play Ticket Com- mittee 43 Christmas Project3 Safe Drivers' Club 43 Student Crier Typist3 Lost and found Committee 2. SANDRA M. DALLAIRE "Wit to persuade and heauty to delight." Broadcasting Club 23 Glee Club 33 Senior Graduation Usher 33 Orchestra 43 Philo- math 43 Knitting 43 Food Sale 4. if 3 NUREEN M. DALTON "Bc'rml1 if :It ull I1 relzunlf' Student Council Secretary -lg Student Council Executive Committee rig Marshal 35 Stu- dent Crier Advertising Stal? -lg Library Service Club 2, 3, -l, Vice Pres. 5, Pres. Log Sophomore Dramatics Club 23 Glee Club Z, 3, ,ig Cam- paign Manager lg French Class Boxes 21 Football Dance Ticket Committee 31 Lost and Found Committee 33 Grand March and Usherinle Committee for ,Iunior Prom 53 Chairman ot Supply Com- mittee for Christmas Proi- ects SQ Senior-Sophomore Dance Decorating Committee 51 Cheer Leader -lg Rer Cross Drive L13 Senior-Sophomore Committee Dance Ushering 'lg Food Sale 5, -ig Tennis 23 Senior Play Usher 44, PATRICIA ANN DeCOl:lf "LauylJ yrinmalf into ,fl11clJert." Dramatic Club lg Broadcast- ing Club 51 Glee Club 2, 3, All Christmas Choir 3, 'lg A Capella Choir 3, Alg Knitting Club -11 Malte-up Committee Senior Play 44. ,lliAN B, DEMMA "Mi 11.11 mln! ln' tlmiyqlzt mul, 'lrnt' 111111 my 1,,,1lg,,Lq" - , . .. . l'ieltl Hotlxey -, we l' bolt- ball 1, Sale Drivers' Club R. filCL' f.lLll5 J, 5, IQ Stjrlltpr liraduation Usher ig Knitting Club I, Musit Eg Marshal l, ly A ERNEST DAMERI "Small IIJDIKQI mule lmao' men proud." Glee Club 2. 5, -33 Christmas Choir -ig A Capella Choir Al' lfestival Ticket Committee 5. fjfl ' rj CARMEN DANESE "Ile tfuzlcer fiie an dIIg6f.l' Basketball Z, 5, Baseball Committee 51 Red Cross lg Band Zg Senior Play Stage Drive -lg Football Dance -ig Christmas Projects -4. N .A Q 2 I Q 1 , "E,ge5 ' ,, -f?9 f?w l if-i, . i ,V .. X ANDREW N. DECINA "Honor amz' Jlmme from no fwnfilimz fire: Ac! well your parl, there all the honor lierf' Aeronautics Club 2g Safe Drivers' Club 3, Secretary. RENEE DelXIlI.LAR Here it 11 ifcizr and true i2lifl1.r1rn11,i' frrc'mf." Transferred from Sherborn High School JAMES A. DE PAOLO "For llle apparel of! prorliumr lhe man." Football 2, 5g Safe Drivers' Club 2, 53 Vocational School. , Z , Li f' I I RICHARD DIPIETRI "A faizhfal frienzl if a rtrong Defemef' Gym Club 2g Aeronautics Club 23 Nominating Commit- tee 33 Christmas Committee 2, 33 Ticket Committee 3g Track 2. MARY LUCILLE DIANA "Her face helokened all lhingr dear and good." Aeronautics Club 25 Safe Drivers' Club 33 Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Music Festival Ticket Committee 4g Prom Ticket Committee 34 Lost and Found Committee 33 Advertising Staff Student Crier 2, 3g Make-up Committee Senior Play 4g Christmas Project 33 March of Dimes Committee 33 Graduation Ticket Com- mittee 4g Grand March Com- mittee Junior Prom 3. LAWRENCE M. DONNELLY "Never exceed your rights and they will soon hecome unlimizedf' WILLIAM DESIATA "The pupil of impulref' Safe Drivers' Club 3, 4g Traf- fic Survey 4. gl s CAROLYN DEUARDDB ' "Her voice war ezfer mfr, gerzlle aml low." Sophomore Dramatics Club 2g Broadcasting Club 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Usher for Senior-Sophomore Dance 31 Christmas Projects 4. ' 0 til A RAYMOND L. DESLEY "Away from the zmrlzl aml in foils and carer." Nature Club 4. MARIE A. Di FRANCO "Charm: Jlrlee the right. hut merit trim the foul." Safe Drivers' Club 3, 4g Mar- shal 3. J. DORAN N gone dull Care! I prithee from me! Thou and I rhall nezfer agree." Art Club 2, 31 Philomath Staff 4g Photographers' Club 4. 1 HAZEL L. DUBE "Variety'J the mother of enjoyment." Safe Drivers' Club5 Glee Club 2, 3, 4. JUDITH DYER "Thy rnode5ty'J a candle to thy merit." Philomath Staff 45 Current Events 45 Glee Club 45 Christmas Projects 45 Ballot Committee 4. PATRICIA ANN FAIR " Who mixed rearori with pleasure, and zrirdom with mirth. " Tennis 21 Dramatic Club 2, 35 Library Service Club 2, 3. 45 Hospitality Committee 35 Christmas Projects 31 Senior- Sophomore Refreshment Com- mittee 45 Philomath 45 Safe Drivers' Club 4. 43 tn, Q '- -. RICHARD I. DUNHAM "A man of rtrife and a man of contention." Hockey 2, 3g Prom Ticket Committeeg Vocational School. W JOAN ELISE DUISIPHY "Moderation ir the rilken string running through the pearl chain of all virtuerf' Dramatics Club 2, 35 Hos- pitality Committee 3g Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Christmas Choir 3, 45 A Capella Choir 3, 45 Drum Maiorette Z, 3, 45 Head Majorette 45 Cam- paign Manager 25 French Christmas Boxes 25 junior Prom Grand March Leader 31 Christmas Projects 2, 35 Philomath Staff 45 Senior Play Usher 4. , . sc ,t . v I1 . ii' QQ. 'Nt' vi all I MARIAN DYAN "My tongue within my lip: l rein, For who talk: too much, must talk in vain." Student Crier Staff 45 Dram- atics 35 Class Night Enter- tainment Committee 45 Senior Play Publicity Com- mittee 4. CHESTER S. ELLIS "He twat capahle of adapting perron, and of playing hir himself to place. time and part appropriately under 1l'l,7df61'6f circunzrtancetf' Aeronautics Club 2, 35 Glee Club Z, 3, 45 Musical Fest- ival Tickets Committee 25 Prom Ticket Committee 35 Senior Play 43 Safe Drivers' Club 45 Salvation Army 45 UIQ March of Dimes Committee fl 4: A Capella Choir 4. CATHERINE E. FARLEY "Gll'6'!1x to horpitalityf' Marshal 5. Assistant Editor of Phl math 45 Student Crier 3, 4g Softball 2, 35 fre lub 25 Dramatics JIPICI 3 35 Library Service Club 4, Vice President 45 Glee ' lub 2, 3, 45 Christmas Pro- IN rch, Ushering and Ticket B! iii! 5, 41VJunior Prom Grand l .lim ittee 35 Graduation 'Dect ating Committee 35 Dec- C or' ' n Committee Senior S homore Dance 45 Class r het 43 Senior Play Promp- ter 45 Tennis 25 Ushering N ,f Committee Senior Sophomore VJ' X ,I l ff Dapge x45 Food Sale 3, 4. I V I 0 N MYRA LOUISE FARNUM "The gentle minde hy gentle deeds is hnoufnef' Safe Drivers' Club 2, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Band 3, Christ- mas Choir 3, 4, A Capella 3, 4, Student Crier 3, Chair- man Food Sale 4, Property Committee of Senior Play 4, Broadcasting Club 3, Lunch- room Bank Messenger 2, 3. ROBERTA FORSYTH I "As gentle as a lamb." Dramatic Club 2, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Art 2, 3, 4, Publi- city Committee Senior Play 4. FRANCIS P. GALVIN "Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep." Marshal 3, Football 2, 3, 4, Hockey 3, Music Festival Committee 3, Current Events, Football Dance Ticket Com- mittee 4. GINO L. FERRARESE "He is full of smiles, and he salutes every one whom he meets." Marshal 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, "F" Football 2, 3, 4, Broad- casting Club 3, Red Cross Committee 3. x , , Luce ,R L DJJ.-Q ---'-me .Ili 4 taiw- .fi . ,Whiz . at ' lj F " f if!!! U W: REGINA T. FLAHERTY "A face with gladness overspread! Soft smiles, hy human kindness hred!" fp. ar W I sf . . an f .5 .., af .f . lv ,Q , 5 Q Q 1 gf .3 yt 'x iriw JANE Lois FLOOD "Anil all that's best of dark and hright, Meet in her aspect and her eyes." Dramatic Club 2, 3, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Lost and Found Committee 2, Senior-Sopho- more Dance Ticket Commit- tee 2, Christmas Project 2, Graduation Ushering Com- mittee 33 Special Grand March 3, Philomath' Stan' 4, Broad- casting Club 4, Christmas Choir 4, A Capella Choir 4, Essay Contest 2, Football Dance Ticket Committee 4. CHARLOTTE G. FRENCH "Hope to the end." Softball 2, 3, Publicity Com- mittee Senior Play 4. FRANCIS R. GARBARINO "Woe he to him who reads hut one hook." Student Crier Staff 3, 4, Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, "F" French Club 3, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, A Capella Choir 3, Committee for French Boxes 3. JOAN ALICE GARBARINO "Life is a jen and all lbingt thou' il." Dramatic Club 23 Glee Club 2, 33 Hospitality Committee 43 Safe Drivers' Club 33 Knit- ting Club 4. ARNON T. GERARD "He is alufayr lauglairzg for he bar an irzhnlte rleal of wil." Aeronautics Club 23 Safe Drivers' Club 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Refreshment Commit- teeg Christmas Projects 4. F. A. GIALLOMBARDO "He um a man: lake him lor all in all." Glee Club 2, 3. I , .4 'I 9' ,' . ' 1 - I T K If .f f ' ' " , , ' NT!! 1 --ft ' , e f I-afsaa ' ' ., .27 ia' Ji, ,155 .lf .. AP M -ff' FRANKLIN GAVIGAN "I do not Je! my life al a pink fee" Hockey 2, 3, 4, "F" Gym 2, 33 Band 2, 3, 43 Chair- man Football Dance Ticket Committee 43 Track 2, 3, 43 homore Dance 43 Student Patrol Committee Senior-Sop- Councilg Faculty Student Com- mittee 43 Christmas Projectsg Class Night Ticket Commit- tee 43 Music Festival 2, 3, 4, 3 Q, 4. xg JOHN FRANCIS GAWALT "Fond of fun at Iona' can be." Glee Club 33 Christmas Proa jects 43 Vocational School. . J r t, , . " 5 ..1.:, '4Sgf'w,.Xg"Q . A 'v .,, 3'-A, 'yi' wif. NH?-!jx-. I .r 11. i,,, , . f. -' f 1- nv' v 1 a V vf- I , .- ,fr 'Jag f" f-.5... 4,aff N '..- we fwfr fr Q JANE A. GEOGI-IEGAN "Hang .torroug care will kill a cat! And therefore Left be merry." Basketball 2, 3, "F"3 Softball 2, 3, Captain "F"3 Tennis 23 French Club 23 Broadcasting Club 31 Glee Club 3, 43 Safe Drivers 43 Christmas Projects 43 Senior-Sophomore Dance Refreshment Committee 5 Red Cross 4. RANSOM C. GERARD "Lore 'em arm' leave 'em." Safe Drivers Club 2, 33 Glee Club 2, 33 Refreshment Com- mittee. FLORENCE E. GONFRADE "A thing of beauty if a joy forever." Dramatic Club 23 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Lost and Found Com- mittee 23 Softball 23 Tennis 23 March of Dimes 23 Senior Play Usher 43 Christmas Pro- jects 2. I Ar N. J JOAN M. Goss "Manners, the final perfect flower of nohle character." Glee Club 2, 33 Student Crier and Philornath Typist 4g Soft- ball Z, Knitting 4. WILLIAM GRANT "Father callf me William, Sitter calls me Will Mother calls me Willie But the feller: call me Bill." Football 25 Aeronautics Clubg Decorating Committee Philo- math 4. HAROLD N. GRAY "And ever in timer of need at hand." Golf 2, 3, 4, Golf Club 2g Projectors' Club 3, 4, Pres- ident 31 Glee Club 43 A Cap- pella 4g Food Sale Commit- teeg Patrol Committee Junior Prom 3. - 7 C 1' JEANETTE GRANDONI BERVERLY JOAN GRANT RUTH GRANT "Study to he quiet." "Friendly, kindly people are "The fairest garden in her , U hetter met than rlercrihetlf' looks anal in her mind the Glee Club 2g Knitting Club 4. wiiei, 5005. Dramatics Club 2, 3g Orches- tra 2, 3, 4g Knitting Club 4g Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Current Glee Club 4g Christmas Choir Events. . 3 1,75 'if ' .- ' ' 1 '.- 71 '-221 .5 + -V"15'?' f' , :' 'ff' 357' 7 A 'jbjfil , rj, ' -' i : jf' -' ' . ' 1 51' 5 raw I 'ff' lla l . 43 A Cappella Choir 4. iv CAROLYN RITA GRAY "AJ pure ar a pearl, and as perfect . . , a nohle and in- nocent girl." Student Council 4g Marshal 33 Art Club 2g Dramatic Club 3, vice president 33 Projection Club 45 Class Lawyer 4g Christmas Choir 3, 45 A Cap- pella Choir 3, 4g Glee Club 3, 4g Chairman Graduation Ushering Committee 3g Jun- ior Prom Usher 3g Hospital- ity Committee Zg Nominating Committee 33 Sophomore Handbook Committee 4g Chairman Clubs Committeeg Christmas Projects 4. NORMAN W. GROSSMAN "Me, therefore, sturlioux of lahorzozu ease." Driving Club 35 Aeronautics Club 4g Christmas Projects 3, 4g Prom Ticket Committee 3. EDNA GUY "Gentle of rpeerh. lzeneficenl of mimlf' Softball 23 Drivers Club 2. FREDA B. HEFFRON "The path of duly if the way In glory." Transferred from Sherborn High School. RICHARD HILDRETH "ll'r nice to get up in lhe - v momm , But i1'J nicer In lie in lzeflf Golf Club l, Golf Team 2 3, -I3 Vocational School. 24 .-W' VIRGINIA j. HALLORAN "The izfire woman it cured of amhzlwn hy amhilimzf' Softball 3g Tennis 23 Student Crier Typistg Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Sophomore Handbook Committee. Pin., ' 'fl ELEANOR MARY HARRIS "Knou'lez1'ge it folly unlerr it if quizled hy grace." Christmas Projects 43 Home- room Ballot Committee. My PATRICIA HEALY "The right of you if good for :ore eyes," Field Hockey 23 Softball 23 Tennis gl Dramatics Club 2, 31 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Orches- tra 2, 5, 43 Philomath 43 jun- ior. Prom Usher 53 Music Fes- tival Committee 33 Essay Con- test 23 Senior-Soph Decorat- ing Committee 4g Football Dance Ticket Committee 43 Grand March Committee 51 Christmas Project 43 Assistant Librarian for Orchestra 4g Senior Play Ticket Commit- tee 4. BEATRICE M. HIGGINS "There'J a language in her eye, her cheek. her lip." Basketball 2, 53 Field Hockey 53 Broadcasting Club Com- mittee 5, 43 Drum Majorette 51 Softball 33 Dramatic Club 2, 3. 41 Glee Club 2, 5, 43 A Cappella Choir 5, 43 Christ- mas Choir 3, 43 Essay Contest 23 Campaign Manager 2, 35 Prom Ticket Committee 33 Senior Graduation Usher 31 Advertising Staff 53 Assistant Manager Student Crier 43 Lost and Found Committee 4. FLFANOR MAE HILL "Il"i,n' In remlwe, pafient to ,In'rform." Dramatic Club 2, 33 Lost and Found Committee 23 Nomi- nating Committee 23 Hospi- tality Committee 33 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Campaign Manager .271 Senior Play 43 Broadcasting Club -13 Christmas Projects 43 Class Song Committee 4. f ,tt 'Ji ',.-.,.. I ' ' .-V. j'-g,r.lI'r rffgl' 'Tx 7' 3 V, v " DONALD R. HITT JUNE E. HOLDSWORTH RAYMOND C. HOLLIS "Call no man foe, hut newer "Life if not life at all without "His heart and hand hoth lozfe a stranger." delight." open and both free." Graduation Decorating Com- Glee Club 2, 35 Food Sale Track 2, 3, Track Manager Z, mittee 3. Committee. 35 Glee Club 2, 31 Christmas Projects 33 Prom Patrol Com- mittee 31 Marshal 45 Philo- math 45 Safe Drivers' Club 3g Senior Nominating Com- mittee 45 Patrol Committee junior Prom 3. FREDERICK P. HURST "He was a good man and fmt," Q LAURETTA IANIRO "Look not thou down hut up." A Safe Drivers' Club 2, 35 Glee ,Q Club 2, 35 Christmas Projects , . -ff? RULAND HOYT "Honest fame await: the truly good." 0 f'Lf"t DORIS D. HUTCHINSON "Swift-footefl to uphold the right, and ztproot the wrong." l Basketball 2, 3, "F"5 Field Hockey 2, 35 Band 2, 3, 45 5 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Knitting Club 4, Secretaryg Football Dance Refreshment Commit- tee Z5 Class Play 45 Prom Decorating Committee 35 Stu- dent Ctier Typist 2, 33 Philo- math 45 Campaign Manager 25 Music Festival 25 Art Club 25 Drivers' Club 35 Advertis- ing Staff, Student Crier 35 Christmas Choir 45 Class j Night Banquet Committee 45 Senior Play Property Commit- tee 45 Christmas Projects 35 Red Cross 3. NORMA MARY INSANI "Both Jhort and sweet, some my it heart." Safe Drivers' Club 45 Student Crier Typist 3, 45 Philomath 45 Christmas Projects 3, 4. 25 V 'ff X I J N I - A ?ffl,,,, wf V 1 FRANK W. JENNINGS 1 , W . A . v 11' K 1 f 3 STEPHEN PATRICK JOY 3 V "He like: a good "He war a gentleman in J whom I built an ahrolute Track 4. .fi g . mt." f X l ,f l.,-f l ' Football 2, 3, 4, "F"3 Drivers' ljlfy 3' ff. Club Vice-President 3i Glee lj t' Club 2, 3, 43 Senior Nomin- .ffjm 3 Q f 754 ll RUSSELL KENNETTE "Be a little on your guardg remember he ir an actor." Baseball 43 Projection Club 43 Senior Play 4j Senior-Sopho- more Decorating Committee 4 DOROTHY J. KINSLEY "A quiet mind it rifhcr than a L'fUIl'71,H Tennis 23 French Club 23 Safe Drivers Club 23 Glee Club 3, 43 Current Events Club 43 Senior Play Usher 4. ating Committeeg Graduation Decorating Committee 33 Class Song Committee 43 Christmas Projects 4. BARBARA KALINOWSKI "She har a fare like a henedictionf' Softball 2, 33 Dramatics 23 Broadcasting 33 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Student Crier Staff 43 Safe Drivers Club 43 Christ- mas Projects 43 Senior Play Ticket Committee 43 Sopho- more Handbook Committee 43 Philomath Staff 4. , , 'K iq, DORIS R. KEEFE "Love if faith, and one faith leadr to another." French Club 23 Safe Drivers Club 3j French Class Boxes 23 Glee Club 3j Usher for Football Dance 33 Ticket Committee Junior Prom 33 Refreshment Committe Junior Prom 33 Ticket Committee, Music Festival 33 Lost and Found Committee 3j Knitting Club 43 Food Sales 3, 4. JOAN F. KENNEDY "She doeth little hindnerrer- which mort leave undone or derpiref' Sophomore Dramatics 23 Broadcasting Club 3j Glee Club 2, 33 Student Crier 4j Refreshment Committee Sen- ior-Sophmore Dance 4. ELLEN KINGSBURY "Where did you get there eye: ro hlue? Out of the thy ar I came through." Junior Dramatics3 Glee Club 2, 43 Orchestra 3, 43 Christ- mas Projects 3, 43 Essay Con- test 23 Prom Committee 33 Special Grand March 33 March of Dimes Committee 3j Lost and Found Committee 3, 43 Broadcasting Club 43 A Cappella Choir 4g Senior Play 4. I s ,i H I , 5 if Jill! f n BEVERLY ANN KOHLER "What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness." Student Council 3, 4, Cor- responding Secretary, 4g Mar- shal Zg Nature Club 2, Dra- matics 3, President 3, Class Vice-President 3, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 3, 43 Chairman Soph. Electionsg Ticket Committee Football Danceg Nominating Commit- tee 3, Ushering Committee Football Dance 4, Food Sale, Chairman 3g Music Festival Ticket Committee 4, Massa- chusetts Girls State Repre- sentative. GILBERT P. LEONARD "Eat, sleep, drink and he merry." Student Council 3, 45 Mar- shal 3g Aeronautics Club 25 Safe Drivers' Club 3g Presi- dent junior Class 3, junior Nomination Committee 35 Student Council Convention at New Bedford 2, Christmas Committee 2, Chairman of March of Dimes Committee 3, Football Dance Decorating Committee 3g Book Covers Committee, Chairman 4g Sen- ior Sophomore Dance Decor- ating Committee 4. ROSLYN E. LEVENSON "Tis not a lip, or eye, we beauty tall, But the joint forte and full result of all." Softball 3g Dramatic Club 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Christ- mas Project 2g Lunchroom Marshal 3g Broadcasting Club 4, Club Committee 4g Gradu- ation Usher 3g Senior Play Usher 4. x ,pl . ,, J. ff ,. ,,lQv,p,. ,, tl it ll is CAROLINE' LANE ' 3 "lVhere joy forever dwells." Student Crier Typist 4, Philo- math Staff 4, Glee Club 4, Refreshment Committe Senior- Sophomore Dance 4, Senior Play Make-up Committee 4. l I-- MARIE LE BLANC "The good and the wise lead quiet lives." Library Service Club 3, 4, Safe Drivers' Club 33 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Knitting Club 4. fs C ,, 314,472 s. ul ,af HARRIET LEMCHEN "The delectable form which intelligence takes." Student Crier Staff 2, 3, 4, Philomath Staff 4, Dramatics 23 Program Committee 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, A Cap- pella Choir 3, 4g Football Dance Decoration Committee 35 Prom Decoration Commit- tee 3, Handbook Committee 33 Caps and Gowns Commit- tee 33 Senior-Soph Decora- tion Committee 4, Christmas Choir 3, 43 Senior Play Cast 4, Football Dance Publicity Committee 4, Campaign Man- ager 3. VIRGINIA A. LEPORATI "Those eyes, the silent tongue of love." Dramatic Club 33 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Senior Play Makeup Committee 43 Graduation Tic- ket Committee 4, Christmas Boxes 2, 3, 4. LEROY LOCKHART "It is a plague to he too handsome a man." Baseball 43 Trafiic Survey 4. iw, sg ,wt-1 , , .Y - 5, - V . , ,, . V A . . . .4 27 f CHARLES LOCKXWOOD "Society tzrritet late." Marshal 2, 3, -ig junior Dra- mtitics 31 Nominating Com- mittee 54 General Committee for Prom SQ Ticket Commit- tee Senior-Sophomore Dance 43 Refreshment Committee Football Dance gl Christmas Committee 2, 5, sig Patrol Committee Prom 2. 53 Lost and Found Committee 31 Prom Ticket Committee 53 Football Dance Patrol Com- mittee fi. BARBARA MACCHIAROLI "Comfort ye my people." Safe Drivers' Club APL Broad- casting Club 43 Glee Club 2, 53 Graduation Usher 5: Senior Play Usher fl. BARBARA lf. MacDONALD "She grcvtt you rritll tl merry Jmllef' Marshal 31 Philomath Stall -ig lfrench Club lg Sale Drivers' Club ,SQ Broadcasting Club -4, U -0 ff JACQUELINE Lockwooo "Aliml UIIIIIOI follow. nor zronlr exprerr, her infinite tzt'eetr1err." Safe Drivers' Club -lg Glee Club 2, 5, -ig Broadcasting 3. 26, FL DORA LGOMER "In tjI1lL'IIlc'f5 aml cmzhilence Jbtzll lu' yarn' ttrwigtlyf' Art Club 23 Glee Club 5, -ig Lost and Found Committee lg Senior-Soph Dance Ticket Committee Z3 Graduation Ush- er a. er? , .J ,,,i, , 1 i 'Q I ,A 4-pl A ANN LOWELL Hlllf?7'I'llv1'. merrily, Jball I life noun" Softball 2g Broadcasting Club 2, 53 Band 21 Glee Club 2, 5, -ig Christmas Choir 5, 45 A Cappella Choir 3, 43 Music Festival Ticket Committee Prom Ushering Committee 35 Prom Grand March Commit- tee 3g Student Crier Advertis- ing Staff 31 Election Commit- tee 5, 45 Senior Play Make- up Committee 4g Christmas Projects 3. LOUIS R. MACCINI "5'5e u'lJom I lore is bard to ' caicla will mnquer, Html. but O the glory of the 1l'l7Z71ilIg were the u'tm."' Gym Club 2, 31 Graduation Decoration Committee 51 Glee Club 2. RUTH MacLELLAN "In gOllcl!l0.f,f there are all Limli' of rritzltmzf' Basketball 2, 3, "ling Orches- tra 2, 5, 41 Lunchroom cash- ier 3. Joi-IN s. Macusoo. "Happy am I,' from care I'm free! Why aren't they all contented like me?" Hockey 2, 3, 4, "F"g Gym Club 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 35 Junior Prom Ticket Commit- tee 35 Patrol Committee. ARTHUR J. MARCHAND "We grant, although he had much wit, he was very :hy of ming it." Philomath Staff 45 Aeronau- tics Club 4. EDWARD B. MARMER "Good will ir the mightiest practical force in the universe." Aeronautics Club 3, 45 Tic- ket Committee Football Dance 35 Class Night Banquet Com- mittee 45 Christmas Projects 35 March of Dimes Project 4. arf, 5 ' . BARBARA ANN MAGUIRE "The hluxh it heautiful, hut it is Jornetinzer inconvenient." School Publications Advertis- ing Staff 45 Field Hockey, 2, 3, "Fug Softball 2, 33 Nature Club 25 Senior Play Publicity Committee 4g Senior-Sopho- more Usher 45 Student Crier 3, 45 Philomath Staff 45 Sen- ior-Sophomore Decorating Committee 4g Band Z, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Christmas Projects 2, 3, 4. GEORGE J. MALOOF "Call it a u'a.rte of time. thir taste For popular tuner, and yet Gooa' hy to care when you ufhiftle the air, Of the tune you can't forget." Band 25 Boys' Quartette 35 Football 2, 35 Vocational School. 1 5 .. "file, 'ii' f THOMAS C. MANNING "Whenever I feel like exer- cixe, I lie flown until the feel- ling pafreff' Hockey 2, 3, 4, "Fug Golf 31 Red Cross Drive 25 March of Dimes 35 Christmas Project 25 French Project 2. BERNICE I. MARKMANN "As if in the world they were hand in glove." Christmas Projects 25 Senior Play Make-up Committee 4. Art Club 25 Glee Club 25 ROBERT DAVID MARSH "He can are a quextion perti- nently, and gain a lemon reafonahly, when he has noth- ing to impart himxelff' Glee Club 35 Student Council 25 Junior Prom Ticket Com- mittee 35 Vocational School Good Government Nominee 35 Vocational School. JOAN THERESE MARTIN "A daughter of the gody, divinely tall, and mort divine- ly fair." Philomath Stal? 43 Basketball 23 Softball 33 Dramatics Club 2, 33 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Lib- rary Service Club 2, 3, 43 Christmas Projects 2, 3, 43 Lost and Found Committee 2, 43 March of Dimes Project 33 junior Prom Decorating Com- mittee 33 Graduation Decor- ating Committee 33 Senior Play Make-up Committee 43 Decorating Committee Senior- Sophomore Dance 4. JOSEPH F. McANULTY "lVell-timezl Jilence hath more eloquence than Jpeech. Nature Club 2, Treasurer! Aeronautics Club 31 Safe Drivers' Club 43 Christmas Project 23 March of Dimes Project 23 Patrol Committee Football Dance 33 Football Dance Ticket Committee 33 French Project 2. LEO Tuomas MCCALLUM "Knou'lezlge comer. but wixzlotft lingerJ." Student Council 23 Vice-Presi- dent 33 Executive Committee 33 Marshal 3, 43 Football 2. 3, 4, "li" Hockey Z, 3. 43 "F"3 French Club 23 junior Nominating Committee 31 junior Prom Committee 33 Band 2, 5, 43 Christmas Pro- jects 2, 33 Lost and Found Committee 23 lfootball Dance Ticket Committee, Chairman 33 Senior-Sophomore Ticket Committee, Chairman 43 Sen- ior Play Ticket Committee 4. QCP' ,- 'W JUDITH A. MARTIN "Cheerfulne5J and content are great heautihert, ana' are fam- our pfeterren' of youthful looks." Marshal 3, 43 Lunchroom Mar- shal Manager for the Adver- tising Staff 4, Student Crier3 Basketball 2, 3, Captain "F"3 Field Hockey 33 Softball 2, 33 Captain 23 Library Service Club Z, 33 Broadcasting Club Secretary 33 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Christmas Projects 2, 33 Framingham Contest 23 Bal- lot Committee 43 Senior Ush- er 4. -I WILLIAM M. MATHIEU "Win without hoarting. Lore without excufef' Gym Club 2, 33 Properties Committee Senior Play 4. it li : f .P I ., t 3 'xv Z.. . . h 3 ' 3 ' if !!-i Lgliz. P A MU' ' ?gQ'2ij,'.. . ,. 7' 1-I li! ii ALFRED L. MAYER "Lirten,' you may he allowed To hear my laughter from a cloud." Gym Club 23 Safe Drivers' Club 3, 43 Vice-President 43 Broadcasting Club 33 Book Covers Committee 33 Christ- mas Project 33 Junior Prom Ticket Committee 3. If FLORENCE M, MCCABE "StrentF6 through joy." Natur rClu 33 lee Club 23 Chri as r cts 3. Ji l -fi DAVID McCARTHY "lt matter: not how long we live, hut how." Philomath Staff 43 Aeronautic Club 33 Glee Club 2, 3. JOHN E. McCARTHY "Enough work to do, and Jtrength enough to do the work," Basketball 3, 4, Golf 2, 3, 4. MARY A, MCLAUGHLIN "For it war 'Mary', 'Mary', line at any name can he - " Safe Drivers' Club 2, Softball 2, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Christ- mas Projects 3, 4. EDWARD F. MEEHAN "He hoartr not wealth not high dercent, yet he may claim to he, A gentleman to match the bert of any pedigree." Safe Drivers' Club 2, 3, Art Club 2, Christmas Projects 4. ANN MARIE McGRATH "EHicient, innocent, rincere, of every frienrllers name the friend." Softball 2, Dramatics 2, Broadcasting Club 3, Safe Drivers' Club 4, Food Sale Committee, Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Senior Play Usher. JEAN McKEAN "A college joke to cure the zlnmprf' Student Council 3, Marshal 3, Field Hockey 33 Dramatics 2, 3, Broadcasting Club 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Christmas Choir 4, A Cappella Choir 4, Christmas Projects 2, Stu- dent Council Representative, Campaign Manager 2, 3, Sen- ior Play Publicity Committee 4, Philomath Candy Commit- tee 4, junior Prom Ticket Committee 3. ,j N ,i lllli I 5' - f iq' lil ,VU I uv jx it I 5. F 1. r, 9 C v ' uf '95, . ,,...x, , 1 . HH , ' ' is . r ...ww , if . 5 1, aumizk 2 v J MF, EDWARD MCLAUGHLIN "A calm ohserzfer of right and mutt." Marshal 31-Basketball 2, 3, 4, I' , Captain 4g Baseball 2, 5, 4, "F", Football 2, 4, "F", Class Treasurer, General Prom Committee 5, Christmas Pro- ject 3g junior Nominating Committee, Ticket Committee for Music Festival, French Project. RITA A. McLELLAN "The uiayfarer Perceiving the pathway of truth." Softball 2, 3, Tennis 2, jun- ior Dramatics 3, Glee Club 2, 3, Christmas Project 4. JOSEPH A. MERUSI "He knew the precire pry- chologzcal moment when to ray nothing." Baseball 3, Safe Drivers' Club 2, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Christ- mas Projects 4. ll ff' PAULINE DORIS MONTAL "The boiler dur. llye lzeller rlccilf' Student Crier Stall 2, 5, 4, Editor fi, Field Hockey 2, 5, "F", Softball 2, 3, Tennis 2, Nature Club 2, junior Nom- inating Committee 5, Prom Decoration Committee 32 Christmas Package Projects 2, 4, Handbook Committee 5, Publicity Committee Senior Play 4, Senior Sophomore Dance Usher 4, Philomath Staff 4. MARTHA JANE MORSE "The milflerr manner. and the gentler! heart." Philomath Staff 4, Safe Drivers Club 3, 4, Orchestra 2, Glee Club 2, 5, 4, Senior Nominating Committee 4, Make-up Committee Senior Play 4, Music Festival Com- mittee 4. RICHARD NARICE "He twat a lmnzinlig will a rlwiriinlig light." Football Z, Vocational School ELLEN L. MONTALBANO "Sl14i1'io11.f In pleare. ,ret rm! arhanlerl to fail," Student Crier Typist 4, Art Club 2, Treasurer 51 Glee Club 2. f... -3 ,. 'I GREGORY MONTALBANO "From llae CfUZl'71 of lair bead to the role of hir foot, be it all mir1lJ." Philomath Staff 4, Safe Drivers' Club 2, Music Fes- tival Ticket Committee 3, Christmas Projects 3. N494 bl JAMES HENRY MORGAN "People my Ilmt life it the lhing, but I prfer reading." Golf 2, 3. 4, "F", Nature Club 2, junior Prom Ticket Committee 3, French Project 2. CLAIRE A. MURPHY "Folly ir the tlirvrt purmii of l741Ppi?16,'J.f uml beaulyf' Basketball Z, 5, "F", Field Hockey 2. 3, "F", Dramatics Clusb 2, Glee Club 2, Foot- ball Dance Ticket Committee 4, Food Sale Committee 4, Christmas Proiect 5. TERESA NAYLOR "I am llae mice of mflay. the hcralzl of lomorrrmf' Softball 2, Glee Club 2, Pro- jector's Club 3, 4. EVELYN LOUISE NEI "Anything for u quiet life." Dramatics Club 2g Safe Driv- ers' Club 53 Glee Club Z, 5, 45 Christmas Projects 2g Stu- dent Crier Typist 45 Knitting Club 4. CHARLES NOWOKUNSKI "He may have a mermge for the world." Lunch Room Marshal 4. BLANCHE L. OLIVER "He pmhtr mos! who rerver hen." Nature Club 25 Safe Drivers' Club 5, 4g Election Commit- tee. Y wx I ' rU .W cjfjjllv WR.. 1 pf' I S 1 QW jffj"fQ?2fh4 .M 7' . flff'fLff'lIl'A4 lit' WALTER S, NICOLAS "I Jhall have more to my when l'm dead." Hockey 2. 5g Gym Club 23 Aeronautics Club 5, 4g Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Football Dance Committee 5g Music Festival Decorating Committee 2, 5: Senior Play Committee 43 Christmas Projects 5, 4g Grad- uation Committee 5. NANCY GENE NORRIS "Her very frouvzs are fairer far, Than mziler of other maidem ,. are, Student Council Z, ?7Q Student Council Executive Committee 23 Marshal 3, 4g Sophomore Dramatics 2, Program Direct- or 2g junior Dramatics 53 Christmas Projects 5, 43 jun- ior Nominating Committee 5: Prom General Committee 53 Prom Decorating Committee 5: Prom Queen Committee 53 Caps and Gowns Chairman 55 Philomath Exec, Committee 4g Hospitality Committee Chair- man 5g Food Sale 51 French Boxes 2, 53 Senior Nominat- ing Committee 4g Class Pro- phet 4g Senior Play Usher 4g Campaign Manager 2, 5. sf JOANN NORTON "A jen hreahr no honey." Sophomore Dramatics 23 jun- ior Dramatics 55 Prom Grand March Committee 2, 53 Philo- math Staff 43 Senior Play 4g Glee Club 2, 5, 43 Christmas Projects 5, 4. EDWARD F. O'LEARY "Still water rum deep," Marshal 2, 5, 43 Football Z, 5, "Fug Safe Drivers' Club 5, 4g Hockey 43 Nominating Com- mittee 4. LORRAINE L. OLIVER "She war not merely a chip off the olrl hfoch, hut the old hlnch herrelff' Safe Drivers' Club 5, 45 Christmas Projects 5, 4. ,a JOHN M. OLSZEWSKI "He har the repose of mind which liver in ifrelff' Safe Drivers' Club 3, 43 Christmas Projects 3, 4. JAMES A. OUELLET "He maker light of farorr while he does them." Vocational School. ITALIA A. PASCIUTI "Laughter it a sign of the higher! menlal rul!iz'almn." Student Council 23 Dramatic Club 2, 33 Safe Drivers' Club 43 Sophomore Handbook Com- mittee 2, Glee Club 2, 3, fl. JOYCE ANN O'MALLEY "Her eyer are homer of Jilenl prayer." Field Hockey 23 Softball 2, 53 Tennis 23 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Lost and Found Committee 3, 43 Christmas Projects 3, 43 Hospitality Committee 2, 33 Dramatics 2, 33 Safe Drivers' Club 43 Senior Play Make-up Committee 4g Social Hour, Class Night 43 Philomath Staff 4. JAMES C. ORLANDO " appealr to the future." Drivers' Club 3, 4. I Qgx tgirl Flf'3'lll" GUIDO P. OTTAVIANI "Life ir nothing without friendship." Glee Club 2, 33 Senior Play Properties Committee 43 Book Covers Committee 4. WILLIAM J. PALLADINO "Bravery never goer out of farhwrzf' Glee Club 2, 35 Christmas Projects 3, 4. JOHN F. PELLEGRINI "Moderation, the nobler! gift of heaven." Safe Drivers' Club 2, 33 Glee Club Z. JANE PERINE "No sooner raid than done." Field Hockey 2, 3, "F" Soft- ball Zg Nature Club 2g Art Club Secretary 31 Broadcast- ing Clubg Christmas Projects 3. LORRAINE PIGNONE "Yer, we mutt ever he friendrf and of all who offer friend- ship, Let me he ever the int, the truest, the nearest and dearest." Student Crier Typist 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, "F", Softball 2, Captaing French Club 25 Safe Drivers' Club 2, 33 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Senior Play Usher 4. NORMA C. PONTREMOLI "The Jweetert .foul that ever looked with human eyes." Dramatic Club 2, Broadcast- ing Club 33 Glee Club 2, 33 Christmas Choir 3g A Cap- pella Choir 3, 43 Christmas Boxes 3, 4. I THELMA M. PETERSEN "Bright it the ring of words, When the right man ringr them." Philomath Staff 4g Dramatics Club 2g Safe Drivers' Club 3: Current Events Club 4, Vice- Ptesidentg Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Christmas Choir 3, 4g A Cap- pella Choir 3, 45 Christmas Boxes 3, 4g Senior Play Cast 4, French Packages 2g Music Festival Publicity 3. 0 -0 aye JOHN PHIL RICK "juicy Jufeetners Elly the air." Basketball 23 Field Hockey 2, 3g Softball 2, 33 Tennis 2g Broadcasting Club 3g Safe Drivers' Club 4g Band 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Christ- mas Choir 3, 4g A Cappella Choir 3, 43 Graduation Usher 33 State Music Festival 2, 31 Framingham Music Festival 2, 33 Senior Play Ticket Com- mittee 4g Prom Patrol 3. , tp ...e x ts Q J , 4' ' 3 'ii-f:5,,.: . , f it. ff I tr at 4 THERESA ANN PIAZZA "There ir nothing more fun than a 1z'ornan." Safe Drivers' Club 33 Glee Club 35 Graduation Usher 3g Student Crier Typist 3, 4g Make-up Committee Senior Play 4. JOSEPH M. POM FRED "Double, douhle, toil and trouble." Nature Club 2g Baseball 23 Student Crier Staff 4, Voca- tional School. NORM AND PONTREMOLI "A man must have a certain amount of intelligent igno- rance to get anywhere." Gym Club 25 Safe Drivers' Club 33 Junior Prom Decor- ating Committee 3. CHARLES V. PORCELLO "Little friemlr Uldl' prozfe grcal friemlrf' Christmas Projects 3,41 French Projects 2g Safe Driv- ers' Club 5, Presiclentg Gym Club. PALMINA PUGLISI "Great thirzgr are made of lizzie lbingrf' Student Crier Typist 4g Art Club Z. DIOSIZPH li. REARDON "Gull lrlwr llne man it-lm Hrrt l7II'L'!lfc'4l rlecpf' Baseball 21 Safe Drivers' Club 2, S3 Glee Club 2, 3. -ll Christmas Choir 5, -lg A Cap- pella Choir BQ Senior Sopho- more Patrol Committee 'lg Christmas Projects 2. ., at il ' 1 ati -:V , . in N, 1 ii . 'fi'f if CHARLES L, PRATT "The greul eml of life if no! krzorrlerlge. but action." Baseball -lg Glee Club 43 Christmas Choir 43 A Cap- pell Choir -1. M imp? Y MARION L. PRATT "You ree, llye-1' have hltezl' her In a T." Knitting Club Llg Glee Club 2, 5, -lg Christmas Choir 5, 43 A Cappella Choir 3, 4. ll 471.5 if " CURTIS PREBLE "Silence if the perfectert herald of joy." Safe Drivers' Club 3, 4g Hoc- key 2, 3, ROBERT E. QA FZEZI "God ir proud of lhore who are tall." Safe Drivers' Club 23 Aero- nautics Club 3. MARVIN W. RICHARDSON "Wire 10 re.tolz'e,' and palienl Io perform." Aeronautics Club 23 Projec- tor' Club 55 Traffic Survey 4. :fx ROBERT E. ROBERTS "Politeness wins the confiilenfe of princes." Senior Prom Decorating Committee 4, Music Festival Decorating Committee 3. MICHAEL SANTINI "Happy as a clam in high water." Gym Club 3, Glee Club 3, Safe Drivers' Club 3, Music Festival 2, 3. ROBERT SANTOSPAGO "Far off his coming shone." Dramatics Club 2, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Christmas Choir 3, A Capella Choir 3, 4, Intramur- al Basketball 2, Music Festi- val Ticket Committee 3, Junior Prom Patrol Commit- tee 3, Marshal 3, Philomath Staff 4, Football 3, Gym Club 3, Ticker Committee Class Banquet 4, Red Cross Com- mittee. ,X NADINE ROSS "She is pretty to walk with. and willy to talk zwith, arm' pleasant, too, to think on." Safe Drivers' Club 2, Christ- mas Projects 4. JEANNE M. ROUSSEAU "0 ROIIIEO, Romeo! llvherefore art thou Romeo? Knitting Club 4, Projectors' Club 3, Glee Club 2. ,J ., , .v it it l 3 .J M ab it 3 ll T . PHYLLIS ANN ROWAN "An easy-minzlerl soul, and always was." Student Crier Typist 4, Safe Drivers' Club 3, Knitting Club 4, Band 2, 3, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Christmas Projects 21 3. ANTHONY SANTOSPAGO "He is nezfer mean or little in his disputes." Football 2, 3, "F" Dramatics Club 2, Safe Drivers' Club 3, 4, Christmas Projects 2, 3, 4, junior Prom Patrol Committee 33 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, A Capella Choir 3, 4, In- tramural Basketball 2, 3, Homeroom Ballot Committee 2, 4, Christmas Choir 4, Senior Octette 4, Football Dance Ticket Committee 2, Football Dance Patrol Com- mittee 4, Senior-Sophomore Dance Patrol Committee 4, March of Dimes 4, Red Cross Drive 4, Senior Play Cast 4. DOROTHY SAVI "One cool judgement is worth a thousand hasty councils." Glee Club 2, 3, Dramatic Club 3, Christmas Projects 3, Food Sale 4. 335525, VILMA SCANSAROLI "Small, hut hou' dear to us." Basketball 53 Safe Drivers' Club 33 Graduation Decorat- ing Committee 33 Art Club 5, 43 Student Crier Staff 4g Senior Play Publicity Com- mittee 4g Christmas Projects 43 Traflic Survey 4. LOUIS A. SEVERI "There's nothing l have done yet, 0' my consczence deserves a corner." Vocational School. PATRICIA SKELTUN "As merry as the rlajf is long." I French Club 21 Dramatics Club 3g Prom Refreshment Committee ,271 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Softball 23 Chairman Senior Play Make-up Com- mittee 4g Aeronautics Club 4g Dance Ticket Committee 41 Ttathc Survey 4g Football Philomath Sponsorship Com- mittee 4. LUCIUS SCHLUSEMEYER "I hazfe laid aside business and gone a-fishing." Sophomore Dramatics 2, Pres. Club Z, 53 Christmas Choir 2g Projectors' Club 43 Glee 3, 4g A Capella 5, 4g Senior Play Cast 4, Class Prophet 43 Christmas Projects 4. FRANCIS SEARIAC "Gentleman is written legihly across his hrou'." Football 3: Gym Club 35 Glee Club 3g Christmas Proi- ects Committee 4. ,ll its Matti j EDWARD G. SEAVEY "Where our work is, there let our joy he." Printing Name Cards for Graduation 4g Aeronautics Club 4. an lf ,fe . itat? THOMAS R. SHEA "A merrier man, within the limit of becoming mirth, I rzezfer spent an hour's talk with." Basketball 2, 3, "F" Aero- nautics Club 2g Christmas Committee 33 lnfantile Par- alysis Drive 4. JANET SLATKAVITZ "And whereas thou move, gona' luck shall fling her old shoe after." Current Events Club 3g Glee Club 3, 4g Safe Drivers' Club 2. l v I M' .fi JOYCE SLATKAVKTZ 1 "Let hnouiledge grow from more to more." Current Events Club 33 Glee Club 3, 43 Safe Drivers' Club 2. ALICE SOUTHWORTH "Cato raid the hert way to keep good act! in memory war to refrerh them with new." Student Council 23 Advertis- ing Staff 3, 43 Field Hockey 33 Tennis 23 Dramatics Club 2, 33 Glee Club 2, 5, 43 A Capella Choir 3, 43 Christmas Projects 2, 3, 43 French Proj- ect Display Committee 53 Grand March Committee Junior Prom 33 Bus Marshal Committee 33 Graduation Decorating Committee 33 Sen- ior Play Cast 43 Philomath Staff 43 Student Crier Staff 43 French Projects Committee 4. DORIS G. STANDISH "Of mannerr gentle, of affection: mild." Junior Dramatics 33 Christ- mas Projects 33 Glee Club 3g Graduation Committee fUsh- ery 3g Lunchroom Cashier 3g Broadcasting Club 43 Senior Play Cast 43 Lost and Found Committee 4g Football Dance Usher 43 Food Sale 4g Ban- quet Committee 4. 1 unity X 0' KERMIT BOYD SMITH "Virtue ir hold and goodnerr nezfer fearful." Glee Club Z, 33 Intramural Basketball 23 Football Dance Ticket Committee 3, 4g Mus- ic Festival 2, 33 Football Dance Patrol Committee 4. X fYYl RICHARD SMITH "Fate tried to conceal him hy naming hint Smith." Rf? 'U LUCY MAY SOLOMON "Ground not upon zlrerzntx you know they are ezfer contrary." Art Club Program Committee 23 Dramatic Club 53 Property Committee for Senior Play 33 Glee Club 2, 5, 43 Christ- mas Choir 3, 43 A Capella Choir 3, 43 Lost and Found Home Room Representative 23 Philomath Staff 4g Grad- uation Exercise-Cover Design 23 Publicity Committee Senior Play 4. PRISCILLA G. SPICER "Her utordr are hondr. her oathr are oracler: Her lore sincere, her thoztghtr immt1culate." Dramatics Club 23 Broadcast- ing Club 3g Philomath Staff 43 Vestibule Display Commit- tee 43 Ballot Committee 3, 4g French Projects 5, 43 Senior riff Publicity Committee 4. U X :TU 'tb 641. 'I CHARLES sTEEvEs Q - ,"He that ir thy friend indeed. will help thee in thy V need." 6 Student Crier Staff 33 Glee ji-,li '-,' ' 1 . ffi?"e"'1f'5.' i 3 , xt' . 1 , ,ff3,.fgf-, Club 2, 33 Aeronautics 4g Sen- ior Nominating Committee 43 Christmas Choir 53 A Cap- ella Choir 3. PHYLLIS JEAN STIEVIENS "Her hear! I5 lme as mel." Stutlent Crier Atlvertising Stall -lg Safe Drivers' Club -'lg Glee Club 5. 43 Make-up Committee Senior Play -ig Tennis 4. DOROTHY SULLIVAN "Bleu zrifh lernlber irhore llflffllllifwf mit. mn mai e llllllllffllll' ffjeeffllf LII Irufdlkii liieltl Hockey 53 Art Clulw Treasurer lg Broaclcastinku Club 33 Christmas Projects -lg junior Prom Ticket Commit- tee 51 Stutlent Crier Staff 43 Glee Clulw -lg Campaign Man- ager 33 Senior Play Cast -4. DORIS M. SVIZNDSEN "fin zrrltwlirlpelzlihulf fulrlighler .I'Ih7diL'.l' Ihr' thy." lNIatsh.1I 3, -lg Lunch Marshal 5, 41 lfrench Club 23 Sale Drivers' Club 3, Secretary 31 Christmas Projects 2, 3, -Ig Glee Club 2, 3, -Ig Lost anrl Iftfuntl Committee 21 Senior- Sophomore Dante Ticket Committee 'IQ Senior Play Ticket Committee -ig Retl Cross Drive Homeroom Rep- resentative SQ Philomiith Staff -ig Community Chest 31 lirench Boxes Committee 23 Christmas Salvation Army Drive -lg Music Festival Com- mittee -lg Lunch Counter 2, ROLAND A. ST. PIERRE "He jared of life'r pfeamrer -All he could find." Vocational School. ELEANOR STUCCHI "Where the rlrearnr runnelh Jrnoothert. the water ir deepen." Safe Drivers' Club 2, 53 Glee Club 2, 45 Christmas Proj- ects 4. fi . X. A JEAN M. STURGEON "Of a good beginning cometh a good end." Basketball 2g Softball 23 Band 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 2, 3, 4g Christmas Boxes 2, 3, 45 Campaign Manager 33 Ballot Committee 2, 3g French Boxes Committee Zg Student Crier 43 Music Committee for Band and Orchestra 4. HELEN SULLIVAN "Nowhere :hall we find greater carzdor. cunrideraliorz and indulgence." Field Hockey 5g Dramatic Club 2, 53 French Club 35 Glee Club 2. 3, 4g Orchestra 3, 43 Campaign Manager 51 Prom Usher Committee 33 Hospitality Committee 3g Lost and Found Committee 23 Safe Drivers' Club 4g A Cap- ella Choir 4. STANLEY 1. SZRETTER "He'll find a way." Hockey Manager Z, 5, 45 Aeronautics Club 5, 43 Glee Club 2. ,.- - - -,iv ,T- rv' nf JU JOHN TAMBOLLIO JOHN TAYLOR LOUIS TERSONI "Ve.f.fel.f large may venture "He if at rimple as he it "The gloom of the world if more, hut little hoaty rhould forcible." hut a shadow. Behind it it keep near .rhore." , joy." Vocational Schoolg Gym Club 2. Marshalg Glee Club. I f ll . y I JAMES THEBADO "He hath a heart ar round at a bell." Student Council 33 Football 2, 3, 4, "F" Track 2, 3, 43 Art Club, Vice-President 23 Gym Club 3g Football Dance Patrol Committee 33 junior Prom Decorating Committee 33 Junior Prom Ticket Com- mittee 33 Graduation Decor- ating Committee 33 Marshal 33 Safe Drivers' Club 43 So- cial Hour 43 Chairman, Lost and Found 43 Chairman, Book Covers 4g Ticket Com- mittee Senior Sophomore Dance 43 Properties Commit- tee Senior Play 4. CLAYTON W. THOMES "All I know is juit what I read in the paperrf' Glee Club 2, 3, 4. 5 ly riff f A fri, fb , 90 sy WP We .2 FRED THEBADO "Behold the hright countenance of truth." Basketball Manager 33 Foot- ball Manager 3, "F" Footballg Track 33 Aeronautics Club 1, Assistant Secretary 3, Pres- ident 4g Glee Club 3, 43 Junior Prom Patrol Commit- tee 3. BARBARA E. THOMAS "Whate'er my fate ir, 'tit my fate to write." Dramatic Club 33 Glee Club 3, 43 Christmas Choir 3, 43 A Capella Choir 3, 43 Pub- licity Committee Senior Play 4. JOYCE E. THOMSON "As upright at the cedar." Safe Drivers' Club 4. 'I ev l fa-ttf -4 41 rt ' Jfulfg' RICHARD THOUREN "Re1'elu!im1 ir afuuyr meamfciz' hy rapizrzlyf' French Club 23 Band 2, 53 Orchestra 2, 3, THERESA TIZIANI "Self're1'erence. self-knowledge. Jeff-rm1lml." Dramatics Club 33 Glee Club 2, 34 Knitting Club 4. GLORIA TRAVACLINI "Her ewr hc llhv Ihr' ririfcir Ahlniz' III .Slzilhfzry lallll' lI"hw1 the ilfilh iwlfu, hw face' II ,ttwflil .li lzlorifurli izflw mm." Safe Drivers' Club I1 Lilcc Club lg BI'1J1ltIL.ISIlII.I1 Club 3. ,iff I ANNE MARIE TIERNEY "She fha! 11115 fair and newer proud, Had f0!1,QIlf3 at twill. am! ye! 11115 7l6'1'lff lo1m'." Marshal 31 Dramatics Club 51 Glee Club 2, 51 Hospitality Committee lg Christmas Proj- ects 23 Football Dance Usher 33 Safe Drivers' Club 41 Lunchroom Marshal 5. K u ll MAE TIRRELL r 'lI'r merry when friendr lzleelf' Fieltl Hockey 23 Sophomore Dramaticsg Broadcasting 3g Aeronautics 43 Decoration junior Prom 51 Red Cross Drive 5g Senior Play Usher 4. i l MARJORIE TIRRELL "She ufalkr in beauty, like zhe nighl. Of cloudlerr chimes and rtarry Jhierf' Art Club 53 Safe Drivers' Club 4. ENRICO TOGNACCI "II is earier not 10 :peak a mmf af all. than to .rpeak more u'0m'r than we Jhouldf' Safe Drivers' Club 33 Glee Club 2, 5. FLORENCE IRENE TUCCI ".'Iggc'.3 SC'I'0?1lL'L'71. The Very ffrmwr nf yolflhf' Safe Drivers' Club 33 Glee Club 2, 3, -'lg Broadcasting Club 5: Make-up Committee Senior Play 4. 1' R, Q9 JY RALPH G. TUCK "A renior always feelr like the urzizferrity it going to the refill." Hockey 23 Aeronautics Club 23 Safe Drivers' Club 33 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Marshal 33 Mu- sic Festival Ticket Committee 33 Junior Prom Ticket Com- mittee 33 junior Prom Patrol Committee 5g Graduation Ticket Committee 43 Patrol Committee Football Dance 4. MARLENE H. VAN DUZER "Brevity ir the roul of wit." Safe Drivers' Club 3g Band 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Broad- casting Club 4g Studnet Crier Staff 4. BARBARA M. VITTORI "She uzzr ar good as the um fair." Dramatics Club 23 Glee Club 2, 33 Senior Play Make-up Committee 43 Christmas Pro- jects 3, 4. .MW ,IACQUELYN TURNER "Thine who 1111111 fewest thingr are nearer to the guilt," Softball 23 Tennis 23 Dramat- ic Club 2, 33 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 junior Prom Refreshment Committee 33 Graduation Usher Committee 33 Student Crier 43 Safe Drivers' Club 43 Music Filing Committee 43 Usher Senior Play 43 Lost and Found Committee 4. JEAN E. TYRRELL "Here comer the lazly, Ol to light iz font: lk"ill r1e'er wear out the everlasting flint." Advisory Staff 3, 43 Band 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 33 Orches- tra 2, 3, 43 Christmas Choir 3, 4g A Capella Choir 3, 4g All State Symphony Orchestra 2, 3, 43 junior Prom Refresh- ment Committee 33 State Mu- sic Festival Ticket Committee 33 Class Song Committee 43 Music Filing Committee 4. fy f ' ii , Aa v A .5 - 3' ix . AMY UNDERWOOD 'fonteniling with rote! in her cheek, who mort shall ret them off." Dramatic Club 2g Safe Driv- ers' Club 33 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Senior Play Cast 4g Senior Play Property Committee 4g Student Crier Staff 43 Philo- math Staff 43 Christmas Com- mittee 4. PRISCILLA B. VAN SIPE "I only rpeala right on." Transferred from Sherborn High School. JOHN A. WADE "Huntr half a day for forgotten dreamt" 'Y 43 FP .9 ff ' 3 , I Q .1,. . A Qt: 'A in f . ' A 4 ' I ti? ,A 3' r A AUGUSTINE WALDRON BERNARD F "He rpeaketh notp and yet there liet a corzzferration nz hit eyes." Hockey 2. 3, 43 Safe Drivers' Club 33 Christmas Project 23 Projectors' Club 43 March of Dimes Committee 43 Gradua- tion Day Activities. NATALIE WARREN "Good humor only teacher charmr to latt. Still maker neu' conquest: and maintain! the part." Field Hockey 23 Safe Drivers' Club 3, 43 Tennis 23 Christ- mas Project 4. JOAN WHITMAN "1 .thall laugh myfelf to death," Softball 2, 33 Dramatic Club 3, 43 Glee Club 2. 5, -ll Christmas Choir 3, 43 A Cap- pella Choir 3, -ig Christmas Project 3, 43 Hospitality Com- mittee 23 Salvation Army 3, 43 Senior Nominating Com- mittee 43 junior Red Cross Committee 43 Refreshment Committee 3. 44 ALKER "A little zrit har pleated me more by half. I didn? come here to learn, but to laugh." Baseball 2, 3, Football Manager 23 Philomath Rep- resentative3 Safe Drivers' Club 43 Gym Club 23 Music Fest- ival 43 Senior Play Property Committee 43 Christmas Proj- ect 43 Football Dance Com- mittee2. PATRICIA ANN WALSH "Laughing wit and roguirh eyeJ." Student Crier Staff 3, 43 Field Hockey 2, 3. "F" Softball 2, 3, Captaing Basketball 2, 3, "F"3 Nature Club 23 Dramat- ic Club 33 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 junior Prom Ushering Ticket Committee 33 Cheer Leader 43 Philomath 43 Advertising Staff 43 Glass Gift 43 Grand March Committee 33 Gradua- tion Card Committee 43 Red Cross Committee 43 Senior Sophomore Decorating Com- mittee 4. 40 S f V BEVERLY J. WARD "Tir education form! the the common mind jutt at the twig it bent, the tree'r inclined." Lunchroom Marshal 3, 43 Student Crier Staff 3, 43 Nat- ure Club Co-Chairman 23 Dramatic Club 3j Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Christmas Project Executive Committee 33 Chairman jun- ior Prom Decoration Com- mittee 33 Football Dance Dec- oration Committee 33 Gradu- ation Decoration Committee 33 Civic Music Association Student Chairman 33 Music Festival Ticket Committee 33 Librarian, Orchestra 43 Chait- man Poster Committee 43 Homeroom Discussion Period 33 Editor-in-Chief of Philo- math 43 Class Night Banquet 4. MARLENE C. WEST "Come and trip it at you go, On the light fantartic mek Christmas Project 43 Food Sale 4. DONALD G. WHITTEMORE "Lore it a beautiful dream." Student Council 3, 43 Marshal 33 French Club 23 Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra Z, 33 Christmas Project 23 junior Prom Ticket Committee 33 Senior Play Cast -33 Music Festival 33 Stu- dent Association Drive, Chair- man 43 Lunchroom Marshal 43 Football Dance 43 Senior Play Property Committee 4. I JEAN WILLIAMS "We grant although she had much wit, the war very rlay of uring it." Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Mt ELIA MARY D. ZAFFINO "Endurance is the crowning quality, and patience all the parrion: of great hearty." Safe Drivers' Club 23 Art Club 33 Philomath Staff 45 Student Crier typist 4. ROBERT ZONTINI "Good Jenre which only is the gift of Heaven." Marshal 45 Baseball 2, 31 Football 2, 3, 4, "F"g Patrol Committee 33 Senior Play Tic- ket Committee 4g Patrol Com- mittee Football Dance 4g Music Festival 3g Ticket Committee Senior-Sophomore Dance 4. IN MEMORIAM. Wayne T. Connolly March, 1933 - November, 1947 THE SENIOR MIRROR Pauline Montal joan Dunphy Judith Martin joan Dunphy Roset Garbarino Vilma Scansaroli Beverly Ward Thelma Petersen Barbara Branagan Florence Tucci Alice Southworth Barbara Branagan Italia Pascuiti Ellen Kingsbury Claire Murphy Patricia Fair Joyce O'Malley Mort Likely to Succeed Mort Talented Bert Atbletef Bert Looking Mort Sincere Bert Drefred Bert Artirtr Mort Dignijied Mort Drag with Faculty Seen But Not Heard Bert Actrerr and Actor Mort Popular Clary Witt Cutert Clair Flirty Worrt Driuerr Bert Natured 45 Charles Ferrari Charles Pratt Edward McLaughlin joseph Bernard john Alexander Robert Boucini Robert Chartier Kenneth Allen Leo McCallum John Tambollio Lucius Schlusemeyer Arthur Chaves Russell Kennette Gerry Atwell Kenneth Allen William Mathieu Charles Ferrari HI TORY Since I am not going to bother with pre- liminaries, I shall start with the fact that we commenced our renowned careers at F.H.S. on the morning of September 5, 1947. Yes, we were the class of 1950, that super-colossal class of 1950 CWell, stupendous anywayj. Most of the night before was spent in shining our noses, I mean shoes, in preparation for the prodigious task which we were to encounter. But quicker than you can count the number of marshals on one post, we were settled CAllah be praisedj. However, for the first few weeks we shuffied meekly about, because the upper classmen had some vague notion that they were superior. Come October, the seniors decided it was time for the annual clambake. Thus the Senior- Soph dance was held in our honor, no less. But good times proceed the bad, and next we experienced our first term exams. Being the successful class that we were, we took this trivial ordeal in a-a-er-a - we were thunder- struck to say the least! After overcoming all difficulties, we were soon in high gear, taking part in and con- tributing to the various activities of the school. Then election time came, and we selected, in hotly contested campaigns, Gil Leonard, presi- dent, Al Mayer, vice-president, Barbara Brana- gan, secretary, and Edward McLaughlin, treas- urer. At this time we also chose Miss Anna Kirby as our class advisor. Then, since we were ready for our junior year Cso we thoughtb, the "scoundrels" forced us out and barred the doors. It seems that it was time for the teachers' summer vacation. Thus we remained in this dejected condition for ten weeks. CH21 Ha Haj. Full of vim and vigor, we returned to our Alma Mammy that next fall. In reality we were fagged, but we executed our duties any- way. About then the town decided that it was high time we had a new cafeteria and gym. The class of 1950 had suffered enough, so work on the new addition was started in the early part of 1949. Well, the time was coming when the Sen- iors would be leaving, and it was traditional for the juniors to prepare a prom in honor of the seniors. Therefore, not wanting to be out- done, we prepared the best prom in the annals of the school history. When I say the best, I mean the best, it was simply lovely. When the prom was over, we became politically minded again, and the class elections were held. We reached a new high in our selections of C. Joseph Murphy, president, Richard Mahoney, vice-president, Rose Garbarino, secretary, and Charles Ferrari, treasurer. This was the last official act of the junior year, and in June we were politely told to leave Cand I don't mean the libraryj. We reached the pinnacle of success when we became Seniors. The efficient, capable, and industrious Cthis opinion is supposed to be unbiaseclj class officers started the ball rolling by giving the annual Senior-Soph dance. That popular Statesman John Alexander took com- plete control of the powerful Student Council. Next, under the direction of Mrs. Willa Moody, our Broadway Actors presented the play, "I Remember Mama". The performance was a magnificent bit of artistry, especially on the parts of "Mama" Southworth and Chris-er- Lushmer-a-Slumeryer - "Skippy", While I am handing out orchids, I want to congratulate the editors of the Philo- matb and Slzzdent Crier, the captain of the marshals, and the captains of the different sports teams for the excellent jobs they have done in making our class a success. Then it happened. You can believe this or not, but I learned this fact from someone who was there. On February 27, 1950, the long- awaited cafeteria was opened. Oh, what joy it was to sit down to eat our lunches. Yes, I said sit down. Two weeks later some of the braver stu- dents ventured to take the college board exams. "What fools these mortals be!" At last we were entering the homestretch. The musical festival, prom, and other activities came and went. Finally we are assembled for class night. Soon we will be graduating Cwe hopej and leaving those magnificent halls of learning. We shall miss the library, the differ- entsport events, the dances, and above all F.H.S. As we think of our high school days, we realize that high school life has been fun after all. We have the future ahead of us, but the memories of these last three years will always remain. CHARLES FERRARI HONORS HHHHET HONOR GROUP? Harriet Lemchen Pauline Montal SECOND HONOR Leo McCallum Eleanor Harris Charles Ferrari Beverly Ward Elia Zaflino Edward McLaughlin Thelma Petersen Rose Garbarino Barbara Maguire Thomas Shea joan Kennedy 'These names are arranged alphabetically. ""'These names are arranged according to rank. Lucy Solomon Alice Southworth GROUPH joseph Casella Caroline Ambroggi Martha Chakiris Barbara Caldwell Robert Santospago Edward Marmer Olga Bratica joan Dunphy Theresa Piazza Jean Bligh jean Sturgeon There will be a few additional names added to this list of pupils who meet the require- ment of at least 82'Z: average for three years. , . 'A , a-,, 7, 4 'l -. 1Qlli El l w a C -. ' c mi - I 1 41371 . EC 'J gn." Q !fa"'i : Q 3 " Ogg W 1-Q QP 1 '1- . V" N . X X flff x X ff 2 f x 4 f 3 " x 'Z X S ' Q 4 X ILL Be it remembered that we, the class of one thousand nine hundred and fifty, having reached the half turn of this most illustrious twentieth century and also the period terminating our high school education, do see it fitting and proper that we should bequeath and bequest that sum of our wordly and unwordly possessions to our in- structors and successors in the following order. We don't have much, but what we do possess, we leave willingly to anyone crazy enough to accept these items of our real and personal estate. l. We, the aforesaid class, have first selected two of our most important and constantly used wordly possessions: C17 We bequeath the old cafeteria to such under- classmen as may be foolish enough to prefer one-eighth of an inch elbow room and fallen arches to the great, wide, open spaces of our new dining room, 625 our slightly worn corridors and stairs to the incoming classes, who should take off another inch of surface in their three years here. As for our unwordly possessions we leave our ghosts to haunt any of the unappreciative persons who fail to carry out the provisions of the following: 2. To Mr. Magoon we leave a midget helicopter, fcanary yellow in keeping with the color schemel, to patrol our new lunchroom, plus a parachute to descend upon the little "Brinks Mobs" of Framingham High School. 3. To Miss Kirby we leave an unbreakable record of A-S-D-F by the Framingham Philharmonic typists, and a ride in the helicopter, for being such an understanding and patient advisor. 4. To Miss Squires we leave a long-sought-after water bubbler with a ten-year supply of chlorine tablets, in case she runs into impure H:O. 5. To Mr. Bush we leave a specially edited book entitled "Muscle Building the Scientific Way" by Chuck Salta. Also a secret, secret nook in the new gym, plus a sky-blue-pink gym suit with orange lace. 6. To Mr. Galvani we leave some new football equipment, namely, a hydrogen bomb, an atom bomb, arsenic, stillettos, cannons, blackjacks, and some neese, Cplural for noosej, all of which are to be used in the next game with thattcertain Natick team. 7. To Mr. Lundberg we leave a megaphone, Cnot that he needs ith, and an unbreakable, true-to-life, factual mirror to watch the faces he makes. 8. To Mr. Small we leave a new light-up-in-the-dark laboratory coat and a new element too secret to mention. 9. Now being a very original class, we don't leave, but take Miss Benton with us on a trip to Paris and back via the French underground, Cnow running from Framing- ham to Marseille hourlyj. 10. To all our new teachers we leave crutches, canes, and rocking chairs, along with this little poem, 48 When you first came you were gay and bright, Full of all kinds of speeches. Now you feel like worn out, exhausted old school teachers. But don't give up. Try to be gay! The first year's the hardest, they always say. Nou' for Ilia more perromzl beqzzeftr I. We, Beverly fCuddlesJ Kohler and Raymond fTreat-'em-roughj Hollis leave to any budding romance in the junior Class, "our corners" in F.H.S., to prove that love can bloom even on barren ground. 2. I, Claire Murphy, leave to Anna Poretta my sensational technique for cornering the fellows. CAnd I do mean cornering them.J 3. I, "Skippy" Schlusemeyer, leave to "Ripper" Keefe my ability to electrify an audience of over five hundred people with a timid little "But Vy"? 4. I, Crane Broks, leave to Billy CSpeedyJ Fox all my lightning speed, zooped-up energy, and jet-propelled vitality. 5. I, Archie Chaves, begrudgingly leave to Donald Anderson one elevator shoe, fas I need the other onej, so that he may attain greater heights in the basketball World. 6. I, Amy fSarah Heartburnl, Underwood, leave to any dramatically inclined individual in the junior Class my ability to walk across the stage and bring the house down. 7. I, Noreen Dalton, leave to next year's recording secretary of the Student Council, one stubby little pencil, and two bottles of aspirin. 8. I, Ellen D. Kingsbury, leave my angelic baby blue eyes and little-girl ways to Joan Murphy. May she gather with them as many poor unfortunate males as I did. 9. I, Jane Geoghegan, leave to Jeanne Mullen one pair of slightly-worn, red flannels guaranteed to match her hair. 10. We, the most wonderful and glorious team of girls ever to adorn the halls of F.H.S. and going under the name of "The Lucky Strikes", leave our stringy hair, aching bones, damp towels, and "winning" streak to any other group of girls who have the nerve to go through what we have gone through. Written under the pressure of homework assignments, cut classes, worried teachers, tortured librarians, and heard "nights before", on the dark and dreary fourteenth day of March in the year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fity by Class Lawyer Carolyn Gray and wianessed by the following, who will also be responsible for any legal action taken against her. Dorothy Sullivan Russell Kennette Marian Dyan Edward O'Leary Joyce O'Malley 49 :. hflf' lf Dlx ,. ig if Y .K 7 1 xl A '-2' - -41" V I. fx I f -2 , ,., ,U 1 X - 155 ' K , ff lixwh' ,W f W I Q' .1 I. Wm' lil ill ll: it , U' xi 'io . ' , 'W' Ina: G , I -M, ff, at M I- H 2 ,, 4.5 .KK PRGPHECY This is .i written record of our trip into the future. Vile took off in our new ultra-dynamic Buck Rogers special on Wednesday, and landed two days earlier on Monday at an airport, run by Anthony Santotpago and Chet Iillit, in Holliston. Mayor liil O'Leary and Chief of Police, Torn Shea greeted us and told us to be on the lookout for dangerous Martin Richarilton who was suspected of smuggling vials of water inside bundles of news- papers! While in the waiting room of the airport, we watched television on channel -4,389 which is W.K.O.X.-T.V. and heard old "Pappy" Ken Allen. as M.C. The commercial consisted of a picture of janet anrl joyre Slatharitz posing for a "Which Twin Has the Toni" ad. We took a ride to the studio in Framingham and were passed out by Bnzzy Locbivootl in that same "beat-up old Plymouth." On the back of the car hung a picture of the Opera singer, jotephine Belcattro, whose last name was now spelled L-o-c-k-w-o-o-d. They were married by the Reverend Tom Coro, who had been helped through the seminary by joteph Mtflnitlty. It turned out to be a double ceremony as "Bingo" Hollit had taken the drastic step and mar- ried Bererly Kohler. When we arrived at the T.V. studio, we found that Gniilo Ottariani had made good use of this practical experience gained in the Senior Play. Soon we left the studio in a taxi driven by "Dizzy" Detiata, and as we were approaching the Railroad Crossing we were held up by a "Campaign Special" from which " john" Alexantler was making a speech. Incidentally, joe Catella, the state representative, is fighting to pass a bill so that we may have our new underground railroad station. Fire Chief, Charlie Steezfet, and his brave fire-fighters, Richaril Smith, Richartl DePietri, and Francis Britn- ing, will not be held up during an emergency then. This whole project will be financed by Charlet P. Morgan Cole. We got under way but were crashed into by a cab in front of Gorins. The owners, Hazel Dnbe. jeanne Rontteaii and Tereta Naylor, came out to see if we were all right. .ln the meantime Pauline Montal. Patil Alrneila, and Kevin Doran, Framingham News reporters, had arrived on the scene and were asking questions and taking pictures of everyone. We found out from our friends that john Oltzeie- .thi had become manager of Allen's and Al Mayer now owned the New York Store. Discovering that we were all hungry, we went into Framingham's new Automat and felt natural giving our money to Nadine Rott, the cashier. We bought a paper from a successful newsboy, Tom Taylor, and in it noticed a picture of Richard Mahoney, a professor of Physics at Harvard, with his two assistants, Leo McCallum and Charlet Ferrari. who had just completed their work on the new x-y- a-d KBTUJF bomb. f' In the advertising section of the paper we saw a notice of the grand opening of a sewing shop run by Martha Morte, Dorit Sz'enil.ten and Elizabeth Bennet. We also read of a sale going on at the "Margy-Mae" Hat Shop. "Margy Mae", of course, stands for Marjorie and Mae Tirrell. On the sports' page was a picture of Stezfe joy, who was scheduled to wrestle "Gorgeous Moe" the following night at Madison Square Garden. Inci- dentally, joe Reardon has retained his crown as ping- pong champion. In the picture of the All Star Hockey Team we recognized Donalzl Abbot, Bob Boiicini, lfranh Garigan. Iiil Cragin and Clint ll"alilron. We found out that there was also a girls' basket- ball team composed of jane Cieoglregaiz. jinly Martin, Rath MarLellan. jean Mi'Kean, jean Blanthett, Vir- ginia Croirley and joan Phillirirle, and read that Gino Ferrarete had finally taken over "Dicks" job at the Civic League, as referee. There was also a write-up of a basketball game, in which Ifrl Mt'- Langhlin, Carrnen Danete, and Fran Garharino all started and the picture of our track star, Crane Ucllllllltlllgji Brooks who plays on the Olympic Team pleased us. We found out later that there was also a "Mrs. Track Star" who is, of course, jane Flootl. The cry of, "Do you want to place a bet?" dis- trubed our reading and deciding to investigate, we found Francii Galzin and his assistant, Robert Clin- ningharn taking bets on all types and kinds of games. Soon appeared state policeman, Lonit Teiitoni with state policewoman, Florenre Cfonfratle, who had also decided to investigate the query. 5 Later we met Ralph Trick and Charlet Colcortl, who had just come from a big automobile show in Detroit and were very excited about their Mercuries and Oldsmobiles. After a minutes conversation, we had learned of further construction at the high school and so decided to visit the foremen. We entered the building and behold! jack Corcoran and Riitty Kennette were sweeping the fioors. We were surprised to note that they were not the janitors, but were still making up time for truancy. just then one of our group complained of an agonizing toothache. It did not take us long to realize that we should hurry to a dentist. Barbara Branagan and Ethel Carlton, now female dentists, did a quick extraction and just as we were leaving the office, we saw Amy Untlerreootl carrying in Barbara Kali- nouxtbi. Perhaps toothaches are contagious, but any- way we forgot about teeth and returned to the high school just as the ninth period was ending. Our new school committee, made up of Beverly Warfl, Pritcilla Van Snipe, Dorit Stanflith, Bob Santotpago and Ritty Chao, was in favor of a long school session. They had voted in a ten period day much to the disgust of the students. In 229 we found Pat Healy who had taken Mitt Sqnirer' place. Mitt Kirby't position had been filled by joan Martin who was now helping all the boys and girls with their love affairs just as Mitt Kirby had done "way back in '50". Mitt Kirby, incidentally, had long since retired to her farm where she is raising typewriters for a living. We went down to the office and found the Saxonville Kid, Lonit Mac- cini, replacing Mr. Magoon. His greeting was - "You ain't seen nothing yet. Step into the superintendents office." We did, and there sat Superintendent, Charlet Bent, another product of the peaceful little "carpet town." Before leaving school, we spoke to Noreen Dalton, Mitt Hnlilfi successor, who was busy teaching Solid Geometry in Room I IO. On ottr way to the car we spied Aiitlrctt' Duciiitr. the truant ollicer, in his old Plymouth pick-up truck. He was carrying two "screaming school skippersu into the office. As we drove tip Union Avenue in the general direction of the airport, we decided to stop at the photography studio. llarfilil Ciiuty and Alitii Clark were taking pictures of all the high school seniors and as we left lfrmiil llifiiiwf. a store proprietor, catne in with some groceries. Vile talked, all the while considering a trip by air. Because one of our members was afraid of airsickness, we took Miss Squires advice and bought chewing gum at the Center Food Mart rttn by Clttirltti l'fit'cc'llfi. Entering the hangar, we were assigned our plane by lfizricn 'l''t'i and Clhtrlct fxilllltlilflllrel and met ottr pilot, Ray Cmnt. Our flight was in the direction of the Sherborn area. There we landed and while taking a look around. we encountered Roy Loceliarf with gun in hand. We asked him about our old Sherborn friends, and he told tts that Arlliirr Mizr- clnniil had been recently elected mayor and had a drugstore built so that his friend Trim illimiiiiig could practice pharmacy. illifrlerie llvetl and Erecliz I-Ieffroii had been elected to the school committee and were busy solliciting funds for a new high school. Our next stop was in Saxonville where we landed behind the Ariifiii .mtl Rtirztnri Geritrrl turkey farm. They gave us their card which had been printed by Eilttutril Sc'ii1'c'y. Before we left, a truck, driven by our favorite ice-men, llwiillel' Niclmltti and Ritlplr Bllllk. pulled up. They told us that "'l'c'x" Rnliwlr had given up shooting "lnjuns" and had joined the Marines with Bernie Walker. As our plane had momentarily broken down, we called Carlo Bravo away from his station to fix it. While waiting, we decided to walk down to A1112 LOIl'L'lli,f house. She told us that Slizizley Szrefler and Arcbie Cbiizfet had found fame in the sports' world. "Starshoe" was managing the Boston Bruins Hockey Team, while "Arch" was coaching the football team at Notre Dame. Coincidentally, Willie Mfifbiezi was scheduled to box in the arena that night with Patrick Cerimlo, We heard the airplane start, so we said goodbye to Ann. We were all amazed that our engine difficulty had been caused by a stray golfballs contact with a sparkplug, until ,lobrz McCarthy and ,lim Morgiirz ap- peared on the scene. After retrieving the stray ball, john sliced it in the direction of Nobscot where Gerry Aftwell and his wife, the former Airrlrey Bcfclrirzl. live. We were anxious to get on our way, but while we were in the air a short time, one of our members got airsick so we had to stop to look for a doctor. The sign outside said Dorir Hrrtcbiizmri M.D. and Geritlclirzc' Bowen R.N., so we knew that our friend would be back on her feet in no time. Hun- ger returned so we entered a diner owned by Pizzil Botitzzi. who told us that we could have a meal "on the house." On our departure, he handed us the cur- rent best-seller, written by those two famous authors, Carolyn Gray and Dorothy Szillitvm. After thanking Patil for his kindness, we left the diner only to see over the theater marquee light- ing up the name of Eleanor Hill. She was starring in the latest torrid love affair under the superb direction of Doizizlcl Wbillenzore, with Richard Tbozrrerz as production manager. Scheduled to appear were Cliiirltw Prttlf, accompanied by llctlwi Sirllztwi and llttrricl lafiiicliciz at twin pianos, as well as Ellen Kiiiqiliirry. the accordionist, on the stage. At the door, l.u1riic' Berrrlie was selling tickets and Rirliiricl llnyl was collecting them. A sign outside the door told us that RCIIUL' Deillilliir. Royal Billings, and singer, joan llwltifmtiii were starring in the RKO. in Boston. Renee had given tip her career in Carnegie Hall to play jazz at the Philharmonic, while l3iirbrzrii 'llmiizttt was writing her music. All of this talent had been discovered by Peter Mirrriiy who now owns the First National Store. Across the street we saw Lfitcreizce Donnelly sleeping in the window of a store. Bob Cbiirfier was drawing pictures of him as an advertisement for Study Hall Mattresses. The owner of the store, Ed Mtirnier. told us that Larry hadnt changed a bit since school days, automatically going to sleep at 8:25 a.m. and waking up at 2:10 p.m. Boycz' Smilb. another advertising genious, was looking on saying, "I taught Bob all he knows." We saw a crowd gathering at the corner so we went to investigate. joe Bermzrcl, now a professor of philosophy, was giving a speech on a soap box. Doloret Ctitfro was fondly looking on and told us that she knew Joe before he was famous. There were three other classmates, lemme Bligla, jearirze Derrzrrza, and Smzclra Dallaire, milling around in the crowd. They told us that foyce Bray, Alice Sozitlatvorfla, and Diiricl Belforte were currently starring as the Civic League Players. Their most recent success was the sequel to "l Remember Mama" entitled, "I Have Forgotted Papa." We decided that we might find some friends down at the library so we scraped up some change to hll our gas tank at jolw MiicLeoil'.t Esso Station and drove in that general direction. After entering the new library, designed by engineer Normim Gmttriitui. we spotted three librarians, Marie LeBlanc, jackie Tirrizer. and Peggy Cifmieeiz. standing behind the desk. This new library has such tremendous stock of books that three secretaries, Barb Mizgiiire. Rare Gtirbiirirm. and Piif Fair, had to be employed to keep the records straight. The latest edition of the Fram- ingham News which was on the library table told us that joe Meriiri had won the last game for Frank Giiillomlmrdo with a sensational two run homer. The sports' page also revealed that Curt Preble had been signed with the Detroit Red Wings to tape their hockey sticks. The front page was enlivened with pictures of an attempted hold up of Newberrys, now managed by jobrz Pellegrirzi. The holdup had been foiled by the two Brook Street detectives, jim ami Frecl Tbebizclo. The president of the Framingham Trust Company, Biirlmru Crilciufell, was running nervously around the town waiting for Police Chief, Greg Mmzziillmiio, to catch the culprits. Lizcy Solomon, head of the Algonquin Council, had called out the boy scouts to track down the thieves who were still at large. By the way, we also saw that Myra Fizrizum and Ellen Mnrmzlbimo were recently appointed secre- tarihes to the U.N. Conference. Pri! Witl.tb and Miirtlm Cbczkirir came into the libarary just as we were leaving. The had just re- turned from China where they were serving as missionaries, They told us that lizciy Dyer and Reyizelle Corriirb had recently been named co-chair- men of the Foreign Relations Committee in South America. Joe Pomfred came up to us and gave us a sure thing at I-Iialehah. He said his buddy, William Brady, was riding Dick Dunham'J horse in the fifth race. Claire Murphylt horse was also running, but joe said she didn't stand a chance. He then suggested that we go to the Sinclair House to hear George Maloof and his orchestra entertaining the the dining room. Joan Crorhie was playing the cello with this group. Jean Tyrell was to play a flute solo. We listened for a while but left soon, after deciding to settle for a coke in the Arcade Drugstore. There we were served promptly by Jim DePaiilo who told us that his friend Richard Hildreth had become a great golf star. Our thirst quenched, we left only to note Marion Dyan behind the counter in Dietz Bakery. Three more of our friends, Evelyn Nei, Elia Zajfino, and Phyllis Rowan, were buying some cupcakes for a shower for Charlotte French. When we reached Penny's, we saw Jim Orlando sitting in the window. We spoke to him and found out that he had become manager of that store. Next, we went to the Memorial Building, as we had heard that Charlet Joreph Murphy was now chairman of the Board of Selectmen. We went down to see him but he was in session with his colleagues, Jane Perine and Eleanor I-Iarrir. The Town Treasurer, Dorothy Kiniley and her assistants, Jeanette Grandoni and Joan Kennedy, were busily giving their yearly report to the selectmen and women. We wandered down the hall but stopped suddenly when we heard a commotion in the town clerk's office. We heard Alhert Cella yelling at his secretaries, Marlene Van Ditzer and Patricia Shelton who looked very bored during this tirade. Continuing down the hall, we bumped into Donald Hitt who was fixing the ban- isters which had been broken by F.H.S. students. He told us that Beverly Cole and Ruthie Coufern were collectors of unusual animals, which they traveled far and wide to find. Going into Nevins Hall, we noted that a fashion show was in session. Dora Carella, Loretta Ianero, Dorii Keefe, and Vilma Scanraroli were demonstrating what the shorter girl was wearing. Rorlyn Lezfenron, now a famous model, was making the presentation. Dowstairs we dis- covered an auction, at which Dino Agoitinelli was handing a homely vase to Carolyn Derjardinr while Chrirtine Alherico and Virginia Leporati watched enviously. Deciding it was time to leave, we almost stumbeld over Michael Santini who had fallen asleep standing up. He moved a little when he heard Rita McLellan shouting out her bids. Outside of Nevins Hall we beheld Francir Seariac and Clayton Thomer selling slugs for parking meters to Barhara Vittori and Italia Parciiiti. It didn't take officers Loiiit Severi and Richard Narice long to break up the group. They told us that Carl Bowery had designed the New Union Hospital and that Joann Norton was the head surgeon, while Olga Bratica was the head nurse. Phyllii Stezienr and Edna Gtty were nurses in the men's ward where Edward Meehan was recuperating from a serious skiing in- jury. Thelma Peterien, Beverley Grant, and Thereia Piazza were also in the hospital as the result of an accident incurred by chasing men down Franklin Street. Dora Loomer was their nurse and during re- lief she was replaced by Joyce 0'Malley. ln the employ of the hospital also are the mechanics Erneit Barhieri, Al Caneri, Robert Marrh, and Roland St. Pierre, while Jim Ouellet, and John Gaufalt are in charge of the ambulance fleet. Our friends the policemen told us that June Ballard, Priicilla Spicer, Jane Holdrworth, and Caro- lene Lane had invested money in tandem bicycles. We walked over to their shop in the hopes of having a ride. Graciously the girls consented, but we were shaken when a careening car driven by David Mc- Carthy swerved into us. Regina Flaherty, Jacquelyn Lockwood, Nancy McGrath, and Bernice Marhmann were passengers whom David was taking to a shower for Florence McCabe. Oflicer John Wade appeared on the scene in time to recommend Attorney Robert Alpert to "fix" the case. The only thing left for us to do was to hitch hike back to town. Beatrice Higginr, who just finish- ed her paper route, came along and offered us a ride. She told us that Billy Grant drew a daily comic strip and that Charlet Pratt and his talent scout, rank Jenningi, had just won the first prize on rthur Godfrey's show. At Hughes' Drug Store, Bebe stopped so we went inside and there was Lorraine Pignone drinking coke. She informed us that a bus was due any minute and that if we waited we would see our old friend Fred Hnrrt, now a smiling bus driver. We did wait and were glad, for from the bus came Blanche and Lorraine Oliver and Dorothy Savi all very smartly dressed. They told us that they were working for John Tamhollio and Norman Pontremoli, who ran a secretarial service. As we were in need of a secretary to take down our report, the girls recommended Mary McLaughlin. We hoped to reach her by way of phone connection made by operator Marilyn Cadillac. While we were delayed, we talked to Boh Zontini, owner of a suc- cessful night club, The Belvidere Cafe, where Jean Sturgeon is currently starring as a clarinet solist. In- cidently last week Norma Pontremoli, the torch singer, had top billing. Bob pointed to Joan Adam, Catherine Cronin, Norma Iniani, and Natlie Warren, who were headed for a new restaurant, operated by Caroline Amhroggi and Barhara Macchiaroli. On a billboard nearby we noted the advertisement of an all girls' baseball team. Among the names we read Ann Baveri, Mary Diana, Marie Di Franco, Roherta Forsythe, Gloria Travaglini, Virginia Hallo- ran, Florence Tzrcci, Joan Gorr, Ruth Cola, Anne Tierney, Barhara MacDonald, and Palmina Pugliii. Rohert Qnafzezi and Ray Deiley own the team, while Mary Conlon is the town trainer. Joan Dttnphy was leading the band. We'd love to have had time to see the girls in action but we had yet to visit the Court Building. There we met Joan Garharino and Eleanor Stztcchi, senior and junior clerks respectively, who told us that William Palladino and Joyce Thomion were probation officers in the town of Farmingham. Another bit of news that interested us was the publi- cation of Rath Granti' fifth book. Some record! Outside the building we met a few more of our classmates, Patricia DeCo1ff, Tereia Tizziani, and Jean Williamr, still in a hurry, They were so excited they could hardly speak and we've said so much that it's time for us to breathe. It might interest you to know that for "slanderous and malicious reports of fellow classmates" your four class prophets were sentenced to Fifteen years of hard labor and don't expect to see the light of day again. Cay Farley Lucius Schlusemeyer Nancy Norris Gilbert Leonard I l l J I l l A l i i i l l l i V l i l l i i t' -" x v w 1 5.7 1 WJ l If L I I f,, .. 17,29 , - ,..,, s ' MW ff , W 52,1 I J .. T3 e b , N My f ," !,' .'x Q Urllm. W -'i1:E5- -a ings :z----I 'lf -f' ' A , W d 4 P d ' . lx I f W x -.v- ...02'...'S h uf. l 9 '-va' ,rf ' 5.1-- 1- I X' X - Y -- 4 . 25- x Q Fj lilloskg ,VW I 5 - 7 Q W O .Q , Z f f-,:-' 'Q Q Nh U . xv -. Kwkflfi Q- nf 55,7 3 V Nj.: QXKNXWI. , Xxxygsitg. '--Zz, W, fW4f,,41y 1 .ff Xi' .-- ' I 5 xx X53 if W 044 WKMW' 2?'f005,':5'-few' 4 n " ,' U a ,Nw N-'Q' wr 'Ewan-.3',mZ"'.' Q X ,353-if ' ff 31 may ,IW 5.w1:.g51g,',e,fq 1 X ,' '. ' v ' 'o o 1' , N .f ,f I A W ig? .M I 7 ., lf g, x 5 X lg: ,511 if L 42 7 ' 7, - 1 4 ' G? f A . Z f K 1 1 X X I 1 A X ff f X f Q- 1, 2 WMM-'Q ff '74 xi ' h 'f ' 5x71 D 'f ff I ' f , . X ' I I fi 's.k'L'k Nix if XA M Xx 11' x ' im 1 J , ""' xx 7 I-. 1 qlw. I 4 if ,f I I, 1 I 1 fl, 5 Y Z. O x ,f la' 0 If I ." -4' I T' C 1 ? 141' Vip: . Y 'J' 4 Q O I 1' ,' 'H' 'Ml 0 I', I' 5 I ' ,I A 7 'I ,r ,. 1 ' Q .C - Katrina Eleanor Hill Mama Alice Southworth Papa Russell Kennette Dagmar Ellen Kingsbury Christine Doris Hutchinson Mr. Hyde Anthony Santospago Nels Chester Ellis Aunt Trina Aunt Sigrid Aunt jenny joyce Bray Thelma Petersen Harriet Lemchen Uncle Chris Lucius Schlusemeyer , EQMEYYEBEEQ MYER Director: Willa Astill Moody jessie Mr. Thorkelson Dr. johnson Arne Nurse l Nurse Z Nurse 5 Madeline Dorothy Miss Moorhead Clerk Scruhwoman - Hotel Guest: Amy Underwood Prompter: Catherine Farley Martha Chakiris David Belforte Kenneth Allen Donald Wlmittemimre Doris Standish joan Crosbie Geraldine Bowen Joan Norton Audrey Bedard Dorothy Sullivan Paul Bottazzi "IMZ..Fl.lX2.R," 7 4, 4. nav! 1 J ef id.. As I I '.,v ff." f ,,, " .f,yW5.'U, -L f g f f fiff "pg, IQ. '-N.fgrMfi,' if? 'mai .L '4 7' ,, fl? ' 'Q Q, fnfwiiu fu" ,V N'--V r, ' J-'21, , I 3 , 'u!,f'. ' yfznzy ,1 ,,. 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I X .IS I af ' ' ' I 13" QQ J .VM 5 'I if . v-KF if J "ff: f. 1 I - X. x .0 . - - 3f Ig, l'r57f" 22 'T in-GIS", 27 52' '.,s23 '--tl 25' I I. Al. J. D. S. li. Il. M. S. R Ir. VI. D. ls N. II. 9. VI. I III, lf. I I. L. Nimrturl fdistru IXIJAIJIIIYL' DIKJINL' llilllrcrli M.xal.uiiI lm flllcr, Nc: n'M..i1i-y M.1rmcr Sulumun K.. I'r.irr. M. Dulcr ll. li, Il. I5. IO. 1- IS IQ. 20. ll. wa Cnililxxcll Anilmiggi Martin DIIJYIIJI, I, 'l'ii-rncy Nufflx l.crmlicn C4 ixwrii Urnsmmn XYILIISII BL-nncrr . I.llI', Ii. Bl'JD.l.!.lII, GUESS XVI-IO? N. D.1lrun 60 lb 23 2-I 35 26 2 79 30 51 4 52 53 S. lay D. Stilnilisli F. Galvin D. Kinslcy I. Bray M. Wfcst D. Kccfc I Crosbie P. Spicer M. McLaughlin E. O'Leary 5-I. 35. 56. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. F. Jennings D Alwlwrr K Doran B. Warrl V. Halloran j. Flood E. Kingsbury R. Alpert D Wliirremore ? .4:b' af 1. 0 A W, 0 S ,S S I Q x fi WT.. 'mmw I W A Q GO HJOHN, I ff ' i nl me 1 llluillll 1 ""H"I 0 o i W DALY" 12Q IJ I Af, 5 f' . 6500 A S If 1 F: , 5 Q Q Sew: Q-4: 'Lxoaw' Sftvt -793 MLLIUAY Oulu GF Q GQ -4 . wx' -r ep" L N-.I vt Cpu! ay html f' Bu n K - , f su, Goa L E A Gy J c ' 1 WW ln Mfmucu fugez: . , ""' s"w"1f 4451.21 " 9.13.3- r a,4,2o,,, 3 , Dau! Imam. CWTEV mm mu" V Ein c AWG' usv. SIUFTY ofa, 4 e 4, QW06 11527140 A V, W. vi' Q4 ,. if 1, ,., . 'Kflff , X. 4- , Amiw , , , ' I I .n 1 'ff f Tx 1 ,Y 'lwl iy 5312: 'ilwxqsg , -N A' if T33 rs V- J -95 . 2.7 ,f Q r . T- v ,X J , .. ' 0 'U 4 qeafwia' it -2 .7 I, xv 3 ' ff 225 .za ' fi- '90 15 V v A li 4 -5 ,.., I SQ , "ff" 152451 95,1 ' lf, - A1574 'y 'H in ltiii 41 M-ch of C25 +4 Jul' 41 C'e!Q mi . , A, 451, fu'G"'fw.' -E ' W- ' ar .M L ' ' ' v K' , 1 , 'I '--A WOW 6,0 H XXX'-' ew 405 , W Qs 'Wim' W" -sg 0' 'iq Nl. G my ""'., 'W jlfl' 1,, 11, M x ,uf uw F 'Wu 11 "W Y 0 J aiu 'MII' ' i G 1 if K Wk r K MQW '-'-f eo ci' E 11" IS D 1.6 k ..-5 C3 xg 1 mUlN552 ' 1 1 Q' I A ii: ' " ' , , 'K 1' . x . A E5 'ff ' 1 1 'xl I Ed Crvlj 51 I? 1 1 ,Z-Pant Q Dori 650, - Q . mf kj 'Z ffl Hb 42,02 CQ'-Y ef 4 ,, 5. I' 7 it-,fi i s ll fs Nq- I0 'N L l 1 mi, G BASEBALL 'I'EAM First Row: A. Chaves, H. Ellis, B. Walk- er, E. McLaughlin, G. Ferrarese, Wm. Halliday, J. Merusi, R. Carter, and C. Murphy. Second Row: Assistant Coach Dick Devine, Wm. Cotter, H. Connor, R. Zontini, F. Giallombardo, J. Pom- fred, F. Garbarino, R. Bunk, J. Haugh- ey, P. Tordiglione, and Coach Ed Loring. Third Row: A. Paronto, R. Pascuchi, R. Falney, R. Colcord, F. Shube, B. Waters, D. Croatti, E. Seavey, and R. Thoma- setti. Fourth Row: J. Sheehan, C. Lund- berg, K. Morini, J. Pascuchi, C. Mes- pelli, A. DeCristoforo, F. Muri, and R. D'AlIensandro. Fifth Row: R. WagstaH, J. Turner, Wm. Halloran, B. Greeley, Wm. Mahoney, Wm. Dickson, C. De- Long, P. Reid, and C. Hanson. I if Q li l l GOLF TEAM First Row: H. Gray, J. McCarthy, R. Cintolo. Second Row: B. Cosman, J. Morgan, J. Davis, G. Robertson, R. F Hildreth, Coach Francis Riordan. I 1 I i I 1 ,....-1 1. "lr 1' ge. .'i' 1 6 I .7 11 tv 30 ffqi TRACK TEAM First Row: Wm. Beecher, J. Tambollio, C. Cole, C. Brooks, C. Ferrari, R. Burke, and R. Lockhart. Second Row: S. Dens- more, R. Hollis, J. Sheehy, R. Boucini, N. Rutter, and R. Kennette. Third Row: D. Sugarman, R. Goguen,'Wm. Tagliaferri, J. Stevens, D. Rabinson, and Coach Curtis C. Brooks. THE BAND 4' SC? Inn ,FDL .Msn '10 - -- , J C 1 B ffjzxff f 1- 1 4 5 wo ff f fffv . ' 1 ,lf f IN APPRECIATION The Philomath Staff wishes to express its appreciation to: Miss Mary O'Neil for her patient guidance as the yearbook advisorg Mr. George Lundberg for so ef- fectively managing the advertis- ing departmentg Dudley Redden for his kind as- sistance with the art workg Mr. Leland Gray for the class photographsg Mr. Sheldon Glew and Richard Magrath for their fine pictures of school activitiesg Our sponsors and advertisers, and all others who have contributed in any way to the making of this yearbook. . A -.-v-- -rw- a.... as-LE' -Q i'. 1-'EW JG 'NY 1 gag i 5. 'w.,J f an I w fr" "1 4 'Eff' 5 0 haf -F it K 'H , T-15 EQ f n',' IQ., , ...,. fr: '37 'vi- h3f.f:",w1y3' 'ts xx TRL V ' I, A " ' , , " i ' 1 v s O ' 4 M . Q s ' Q Q. I f 0 " . ll. ,Q sv F . . O .,, XJ K.. I Q ,Q M f . 4 AA, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Alexander Mr. Henry Bedard Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bennett Miss Marion A. Benton Mr. and Mrs. Frank Blake Mr. and Mrs. A. j. Blanchette Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bottazzi Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Branagan Atty. and Mrs. john Brady Mr. and Mrs. Curtis C. Brooks Mrs. R. Bryant Mr. and Mrs. Alton W. Bush Carta's Market Mr. and Mrs. Francis Carr Mr. and Mrs. Amadeo Chao Mrs. Bessie L. Cole Mr .and Mrs. Charles H. Cole Mr. and Mrs. George E. Cowern Mr. and Mrs. Stewart W. Crosbie Mr. and Mrs. Frank Crowley Miss Mary Cunningham Miss Lena Cushing Mr. and Mrs. Clement D. Dallaire Mr. and Mrs. james j. Dalton Mr. and Mrs. john H. Daniels Mr. and Mrs. Frank Demma Mr. and Mrs. George Desmond Miss Angeline Ducas Mr. and Mrs. john F. Dunphy Mrs. G. B. Dyer Mr. and Mrs. joseph Edelstein Atty. and Mrs. William Elkins Miss Mildred P. Ellis Mr. and Mrs. james E. Fair Hon. and Mrs. Louis W. Farley Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Flood Mr. and Mrs. Scott Foster Mr. and Mrs. Frank Galvani Mr .and Mrs. Dominic Garbarino Mr. and Mrs. james D. Geoghegan Mr. Lawrence Geoghegan Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gerrish Miss Desire Goldsmith Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Timothy j. Healy Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Higgins Miss Mary Hoban Mr. and Mrs. Charles lnsani Mr. and Mrs. William Keaney Mr. john S. Keir Mr. and Mrs. Henry O. Kelley Miss Anna Kirby Miss Elizabeth Lathrop S P O N S O R S Mr. and Mrs. William LeBlanc Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Leonard, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Leporati Hon. and Mrs. james E. Luby Mr. and Mrs. George D. Lundberg Rev. and Mrs. john Whitney MacNeil Mr. and Mrs. Mayo M. Magoon Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Mahoney Miss Priscilla March Mr. and Mrs. William F. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Mazzoli Mr. and Mrs. T. F. McConnon Mr. Neil McLellan Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Montal Mr. and Mrs. joseph Montalbano Mrs. Willa A. Moody Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Morse Michael Murphy Leeman N. Naylor Henry Norris Manuel Oliver Thomas F. O'Malley Miss Mary O'Neil Miss Agnes Phillips Mr. and Mrs. William L. Piazza Miss Alice Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Ross William j. Ross, jr. Frederick H. Salls Attilio Santospago Arthur Scansaroli Arthur C. Skelton Melville L. Small Winthrop G. Smith Howard A. Solomon South Middlesex Supply Company Miss Grace E. Squires Miss Alice Stanton Mr. and Mrs. john F. Topham Miss Helen Tozier Mr. and Mrs. Alexander F. Turner Atty. and Mrs. Walton Tuttle Miss Frances Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Tyndall Clyde E. Van Duzer Roy Vigeant Mr. and Mrs. William S. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs E. Warren Ward Alfred C. Whittemore Miss jeanette Whittemore Miss Ethel B. Wiley Miss Eva B. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zontini I I I I , . ,-ff, ljzga " ' -est! l:RAMlNCiHAlNl TRUST " and ., X all fi ,,-1,7-if N Illll -I, rimixiitsitgiifxixi HIGH i tj' :1l""'lll ' V llh., ill .1 it 65551 '- 'Tl Two local institutions whose purpose is lo fmifnl. In lryl lg, lil' 'Eli ll -?l"T5'inw ein' , . . ' I T nj the High School you are building character - If gl gjxg- 'Tiki lim lilill. - 1" '-" isis., " ii-ff guiding the development of our future citizensg X" 'iQ5IlI lIH ,. ' ifgiii ,, .l..lilli'l Pi ggigi those on whom we shall depend to keep Framing- Ai! ' l ham "out in frontf ' l l . j ill, ' ' i 'T' l :film Here .tt the Trust Company it is our constant aim T B l sl l ww 1 Will' Elf - ' l T to huild a hetter bank, .1 bank to which you may iirffl i Ll ' , l . . . , l'1:: , , i .if Il look with confidence when you need hnancial assist- T :t-I E55 Lg:-gf ,QQ '- 'fl !1'T if T25 1 V ' ance. I 'QI iff! I T :E ' ul X -I ' 1 , e . . lllt .ii gli, , I'r.imingham High School, too, has had a part in 1, " iil l lil igxfl -2s523.'.fl Fill! EEE? f 'e' i'Yi ' 'N"""t the successful growth and development of the Trust ifgsgigz M- '---l ifelilt Company, Of our fifty directors. officers and em- l' l, if Qlii? E' rm, sill 'K 'fren- e A - T?f""f"14, . 'T FRANK ployees, twenty-six are graduates of Framingham -ggssfv' 'Hgh I3-'.'. . High sumi, l 'guilt ti ' , . 1 -EQWGEE! -ig.: tiff s 'T 5 iii az" E To the school, its teachers and students, our cordial 4 r ' A " t . 1' il good wishes. il T l ' , sag E E 1 . r?'f . W 5 -tc li ':1'tzf: 'Hr Rise. I lhfin-5, - Q : if " or s "' ' t s 1 'umm ll f ll, HU' li. ' J 'i , ry 'u ,Mk 77' Q ,iii u-trim' ww. All ,ill U lg.. hw -Z Z f Yvll H Y lllnui XY!! l A BANK ron ALL Tm-1 PEQPLE ll' ESTABLISHED 1909 "mu, ,, 68 fx FRAMINGHAM F in N 51111040 101113 u t N 0 n u I Sum 1853 J BANK All Alb! fx of IIDII IL D1 P0811 IKXSUI AHXCI COIXPOIXAIION CUIIIIPKIIILIIIK A F R I E N D Complzzzzczzla 0 'W BAKERY X PRODUCTTIE Y 177 HART FORD STREI T FRAMINCJI-IAM, MASS Telephone 8602 1' H 7Q+bJi,3sg'i -NS ff? i' X, X.. W 0 -f .4 gi I 'rx' T: 1 . .N-I I X Vfffx' I TS .1 '1-- 1 I .. 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POTTER JOSEPH CASELLA, Prop. 37 HOLU5 STREET Telephone 8231 G A R I N O I S Complinzefzlf of Hear the LATEST RECORDS THE DIXIE-LEE DINER Ar MUSIC AND RADIO STORE 61 CONCORD STREET Tel. 5969 VIC'S ATLANTIC SERVICE Cmzzplimcfzn of HAVE GAS TROUBLES? W. T. GRANT CO. USE HI-ARC Spegigl 116 Concord Street School FRAMINGHAM, MASS RQHQS 13rid.1l Porrmirs Candid Albums 72 THE LELAND GRAY STUDIO SPECIAL SCHOOL RATES ALL SIUES 224 UNION AVENUE FRAMINGHAM MASS Phone 5001 Comp! mem 0 S on J STANLEY HUNTER TURNPIKE FRAMINGHAM JUNCTION Complzm my 0 ROXBURY RUG and GORDON MANUFACTURING COMPANY NEWER FASHIONS CARPET COMPANY FOR THE MISS FRAMINGHAM CENTRE ,. 1 iff O. .ef 73 CANCELLATION SHOE SHOP FAMOUS MAKE WOMENS SHOES SIZES 2 - I0 - WIDTHS AAAA - C Agent! for Smzcllerf. California Colzblcrf, mul Penuljo FRAMINGHAM, MASS. All Maker of Radio Repairezl - All MalPc.f of Telezirioiz Repaired Loral Dealer for Philco, Furla and Motorola Home, Auto and Telcvifion Racliof FRAMINGHAMS RADIO REPAIR SHOP HOPPER'S RADIO 84 TELEVISION SHOP 501-303 HOLLIS STREET - TEL. 7666 BROWN 6+ RTON or s AOP 218 Waverly Street Telephone 8650 ARCADE DRUG COMPANY FRANK FAIR, Reg. Ph. I-49 CONCORD STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Telephone Framingham 5654 Complimenu of BOND DRUG STORE FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Compliment! of QUALITY CLEANERS 81 DYERS 530 UNION AVENUE FRAMINGI-IAM, MASS. Complzma 1111 ACME SUPPLY CO YOUR FIRESTONE STORE 161 CONCORD STREET FRAMINGHAM MASS FrImInghfIm 7741 Frfxmmgham 9160 1675 CONCORD STREET 9 SCHOOL STREET HARDWARE B I E PAINTS ALBERT I ROUSSEAU If APPLIANCES RADIOS SPORTING GOODS SAXONVILLE MASS GASOLINE FUEL OILS TIRES BATTERIES LUBRICATION M I L K CONTAINS NEARLY ALL THE ELEMENTS TO NOURISH AND MAINTAIN GOOD HEALTH BE SURE IT'S HOOD'S EORQUALITY ,f,0f Q , . I' . ." AL 'S . ,. 75 DOM'S SERVICE STATION 846 CONCORD STREET JUNCTION Complimefzfx of LEWIS FURNITURE COMPANY ERAMINOHAMS EOREMOST FURNITURE STORE Complimenlr 0 FRAMINGHAM LUMBER CO DIAL 4561 BURKE BATTERY SERVICE WORCESTER TURNPIKE FRAMINGHAM CENTRE MASS Speczalzzed Repazrf ELM DEPARTMENT STORE INC 67 HOLLIS STREET FRAMINGHAM MASS PAUL B LeBARON D M D HEMENWAY BUILDING JOSEPH H STRACHMAN Mgr Tel 6391 Tel 5104 EDWARD .I CARBARY REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE Res Tel 7307 OfEce Tel 4714 SAXONVII LE MASS ' A f I 1 Q FRAMINGHAM, MASS. 76 Gizvi Wi? Q19 LAKEVIEW PRESS FRAMINGHAM MASS KAY JEWELRY CO 50 IRVING STREET FRAMINGHAM FININ DIAMONDS and GUARANTEED UVATCHES Open an Account No Interest No Cqrrymg Chqrges Irs OK to Owe Kay O WOODS 81 CO HARDWARE md BUILDING MATERIALS 161 WAVERLY STREET Phone 6117 KYNOCH SPORTING GOODS 104 HOWARD STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASS Tel 5541 DR. WALTER V. EWING DR. ARTHUR W. EWING DENTISTS 116 CONCORD STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASS ,Q I 1 fx 174, A S' 1 1 h-I i g lm I I 51 x ! KX 1 ly. ,1 fi : ' Q 4i ,V7 .fp , ,-. 177- x x 4 77 Telephone 5630 W M BUIANOFF CO Conzplzmefzlf 0 A BOWEN V M D FURRIERS and FUR DRESSERS 1639 CONCORD STREET SAXONVILLE MASS Complzmenty of E P GRACE OVER LIGGETTS CARROLL PERFUMER REAL ESTATE SINCE 1970 115 CONCORD STREET HENRY W HUGHES Complzmenly 0 DRUGGIST BRAVO S CITIES SERVICE We Make Our Own Ice Cream SAXONVILLE MASS 76 UNION AVENUE HOWARD JOHNSON S 170 WORCESTER ROAD FRAMINGI-IAM MASS Tel Fmmmghwm 4274 , k f V Tel. 3914 FRAMINGHAM, MASS. ' f I I 78 7'df1I!lIff71,f 10 . Cong 5 I CONlf7fINIL'IIf.I' of Gnzdzmtivzg Clan DR LEONI LESHAY CAMPEEILROAD ERAMINGHAM MASS Complzmwzifo .IEWELL INSURANCE AGENCY P A T R U N 0 S VILLAGE SEAL TEST STORE C0"1f"1"fe'ff ' 0 Open Every Day C071 eclzonery Soda Fozmtazn J R D E L L A Tobacco Lendmg Lzbmry WHOLESALE FRUIT 8: PRODUCE 7 ELM STREET SAXONVILLE Telephone 5955 CHAKIRIS THE TAILOR LVEHI' Tz11f07' Marie CZOIZJQJ Ladles Work A Speclalry 65 HOLLIS STREET CLEANING and REPAIRING FRAMINGHAM MASS PETER CHAKIRIS J MARINOFSKY Prop 94 HOWARD STREET Tel 7716 ERAMINGHAM MASS I ' A f f . , . O Hall-Mark Gfeeling Card! 79 1 SOUTH MIDDLESEX CO-OPERATIVE BANK F " IO2 CONCORD STREET l FRAMINGHAM, MASS. "The Bank for Home Folkf' I I L Complimenu of Compliment! of CALDWELL'S STORE BELL'S OIL SERVICE 1 g ERAMINGHAM CENTRE 51 BEACON STREET ' Dial 5411 FRAMINGHAM, MASS. HOWARD S. WELLS I Comfffmemf Of E. PERRY muesosu. , DAMERI'S FRUIT STORE - OPTOMETRISTS - Telephone 6221 for Appointment ' 205 HOLLIS STREET 34 UNION AVENUE ERAMINGHAM, MASS. I I SUNSHINE DAIRY For Good I-Ieallb DRINK SUNSHINE MILK For Enjogfmenf in Ealing SUNSHINE ICE CREAM so I ? - FITTS INSURANCE AGENCY P EELIIQEE, Ei 'J lififii in wa LGI?-Egg B H I I gf In E Emi: 3 mmm -3---up--1g ,rn-4.-. xa.."':.'.- A. -::..-1-1-:..--...--,.-1 A 1 ' EifZZ 2g-IiI?- ' ARTHUR M. FITTS, JR. 40 UNION AVENUE FRAMINGHAM Telephone 5761 FOR FLOWERS Anywhere Anytlme BUTTERWORTH S FLORISTS Phone 5555 5554 FRAMINGHAM MOTORS COMPANY DesOTO PLYMOUTH 555 UNION AVENUE FRAMINGHAM MASS PAUL GERRISH Manager Tel 8558 J E GUERTIN ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR WESTINGHOUSE DEALER Telephone 4191 C P LARRABEE TRUCKING and RIGGING BOILER and MACHINERY MOVING A SPECIALTY 64 WINTHROP STREET FRAMINGHAM MASS INSURANCE SPECIALISTS SINCE l872 'WING AM MP9 OBSERVING OUR 78TH ANNIVERSARY ROOM 5 SMITH BUILDING FRAMINGHAM MASS Telephone 5 5 5 9 I iw. '.A, A ,' N 'UI'-TQ 9- 81 We at Denn1son, want to extend our heartrest congratulanons and srncere best wrshes to the class of 1950 Thns, the year of your graduatlon, marks the begrnnmg of your quest for fame and fortune Some of you w1ll connnue your of you are gorng out rnto the workaday world Whatever your plans for the future, we are sure that you wrll remember the last few years as extremely pleasant and profitable Our wrsh 1S that the future w1ll brrng you a successful and satrsfymg hfe, a full measure of laughter wrthout too many tears, and human relatronshrps rrch rn love and frrendshrp 7 education in colleges or technical schoolsg some O 82 SCHALTENBRAND PHARMACY DANIEL I CONNELLY Regrstereel Pharmacrst SAYONVILLE MASS Telephone 7509 Wlmetlmer it's Ice Cream or Groceries, Dont Forget Your NeIhborhoocl Store MABLE ANN SPA 390 CONCORD STREET Tel 9286 MODERN METHOD LAUNDRY QUICK SHIRT SERVICE WET WASH an DRY CLEANING C NELSON FLORIST CORSAGES A SPECIALTY Telephone -4196 T e AT Name S S PIERCE C0 on the label zs your Guarantee of Quahty SPAULDING S KNOTTY STORE M eau G rocerzer Vegembler 5-45 UNION AVENUE Dlal 5749 MARGARET BOYNTON SOUTHWORTH INTERIOR DECORATOR Consultanon by Appomtment THE MEADOWS Luncheon Dinner and Danczng The Place Where All Dates Meet After The Prom , . 7 1 , - J 0 0 I d -I b I 'isa ' f. , E. c ,1 ' ' ,I-II,-In -Ex, . ":fmifI,,, cs Maxx! -,-,Le ,,,w., I I . I . . . I. .I n n C KERWIN'S SHOE STORES Framingham and Natick "THE X-RAY FITTING SHOE STORES" WHOSE BIRTHDAY COMES NEXT? Buy H15 Blrthday Present HASTINGS INC Complmzemf 0 ANGELO BARBER SHOP FRAMINGHAM CENTRE NESTO S SEA GRILL Speczalzrff nz Sea Food! Frzecl Chzclen Stanley Spagbellz Specnal Attentnon Crven Orders To Tfxke Out 11 AM 1 A M Dally Except Sundiy 717 HOLLIS STREET Telephone 9115 ST ANLEY W. JOHNSON, INC "FINE FLOWERS" 470 UNION AVENUE Tel. 4557 KING'S 3 WINTHROP STREET FRAMINGHAM MASS ICECREAM SODA CANDY SUNDRIES THE PEERLESS PRESS PRINTING 74 HOLLIS STREET THE NEW YORK STORE Dzvfznctzzc Wezr or Women 107 CONCORD STREET FRAMINGHAM MASS At I I f I ' f I - I A. I H 'L ' ' V , Y I fi I vw - . . .Y I K ... 4 3 . Complzmemf 0 CENTRE FOOD MART JOHN GRELOTTI 939 WORCESTER ROAD FRAMINGHAM CENTRE MASS Tel 7337 THE WARDROBE Inc FRAMINGHAM S SMARTEST MENS SHOP L DEMARINI CO CANDY FRUIT and VEGETABLES Complzmefzty 0 ERNEST A PETERSON PETERSON S GREENHOUSE 150 SPEEN STREET SAXONVILLE MASS SEAVER FLOWERS W H SEAVER al SON C omplzmenlf of GERARD FARMS WATER STREET FRAMINGHAM MASS Phone 7615 BROCKELMAN S MARKET FRAMINGI-IAMS COMPLETE FOOD STORE I 158 UNION AVENUE I I 85 HONEST QUALITY BUILT OUR BUSINESS TWIN MAPLE FARM WRIGHT S CREDIT JEWELERS D1 zmorzdj Wazflvef Bruin! Setr 58 Mam Street Hudson Mass 116 Concord Street Frammghftm Mass Tel 4791 TRAVIS DRUG STORE Prestrxpuon Pharrmcy N H Marmar Reg Pharmacxst Lzzmfaeofzczte Comzetzcf Grcefmg Cafdf 951 WORCESTER ROAD FRAMINGHAM CENTRE Phone Frtmmgham 4969 9051 Complzmefztf 0 UNITED NATIONAL STORE H WNG5 ron msn 8 FUR uowmf' I' m and Shih Telephone 4252 Complzmentf of Complzmentr of SAXONVILLE COAL COMPANY S H O E M A R T S7011 Cuff Go Uvrrnzg At lWrigb1'1 ' ' f -4 f' - . - ' I . 9 I 1 ' ' I I A Op, 86 Complimenty 0 Z73 sAxoNvlLus Ice co Fl2AMlNGll4M MASS 76 UNION AVENUE S T E V E N 5 S F GREELEY Owner TOYS GAMES DOLLS 32 UNION AVENUE FRAMINGHAM MASS MEMBER Nuhnnigi rImnuus " INVITATAOG Qlnuksnn Iunerzrl 4 mms 318 UNION AVENUE FRAMINGHAM MASS Telephone 3310 f I 0 D iv". G . T . C 0 . ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES 0 , --- P' 87 4 ik' .J N "wa FARMERS and MECHANICS SAVINGS BANK PARK AND FRANKLIN STREETS FRAMINGHAM MASS There 15 no subsrnrute for a savmgs 1cLount ln a Mutual Savings Bank ul. rf! -' a iQ't1f , I 1' f. I I , . .:'-': -' ' I . II 0 I I ' ,Iii I 7. I I - ff" -75 1 I I -, If '- f1f.I I f L' I. , I' if' Q5 syg. ' .IRI .I ' 'r YI I fig I In- LIJT lu!-in I I I-I. ' :Ii"T 'l j??fIAz.,:vIf'1.--,f.- vm -I ' I- I 93" 'A' 88 Y V 351, Ei WWKZQW 4 4 535 ggiffff lie YQ Eiixfwf W 6' Nfgwffwff l WLWWY9 2' QEWQMQEEEEMV6 M E1 5 6253, 11 Saks 5 ff? WWW ii m my QQMJEMQY 1 AW M M K? R D W awk? MMI k My Xwjlmw ,X 1 1 F AN H Wg? A13- , . r ' , i ,, M W, i. -U ,-:M -. ,f,7'jl f '- Y '.' bf-ru-"L,--fw I' -"j',1'f."Y41f-'lf ,--C . v.,vw..,,gA nr ,-Q., --.1 QQCV'-' FRAMINGHAM PUBLIC LIBRARY 0 1 1 K qraminglvam ghgb School graduation Exercises JUNE 15, 1950 General Theme "THE HISTORY OF FRAMINGHAMH E PROCESSIONAL Wilr March of the Priests-from Athalia - - - Mt-1Idt'1.I.rolJ1z HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA, Mit. JOSEPH B. Ivltiitafw, Director INVOCATION RAEEI YEsHaIfx MILLER SELECTIONS May Now Thy Spirit - - - - - Scfzuelk-I Annie Laurie ------- Arr. by Mauifitlfl' A CAPPELLA CHOIR, Mit. ,IOsEPH B. Moaitmi Director WELCOME AND INTRODUCTION CHAItI.Es MIIItI1HY, President, Class of 1950 GROUP PRESENTATION "THE HISTORY OF FRAMINGHAMU Part One- 1655-1710. Narrator--Lucy Solomon Pantomime - Establishing the Boundaries Thomas Shea, Leo McCallum, Edward McLaughlin Part Two - l71O4I8I2. Narratorr-Pauline Iviontal Pantomime TT Wfar and Epidemic joseph Casella, Thelma Petersen, Beverly Wfard, Martha Chakiris, Edward Marmer, Jeanne Bligh, Charles Ferrari Part Three- 1812-1900. Narrator-'Alice Southworth Pantomime - The Teachers' College Eleanor Harris, Theresa Piazza, 'lean Sturgeon, -Ioan Kennedy, Rohert Santospago, Rose Garbarino. 'Ioan Dunphy, Barbara Caldwell. Barbara Maguire, Elia Zafhno Part Four- 1900'1950. Narrator'Harriet Lemchen Pantomime-The Town Meeting Charles Ferrari, Olga Bratica, Caroline Amhroggi. Robert Santospago, Leo McCallum, Thomas Shea, Edward Marmer. joseph Casella. Richard Mahoney SELECTIONS Now the Day Is Over ---4- Arr. by Rizigztuld Cindy fAmeriCan Folk Songl - - - Arr. by Iiwjljllll A CAPEELLA CHOIR AWARDING OF LEADERSHIP AND SERVICE HONORS HY LEO MCCALLLIM and PRINCIPAL Mayo M. IVIAGOON PRESENTATION AND ACCEPTANCE OF CLASS GIFTS CHAItLEs IVIURPHY, President, Class of 1950 JOHN SHEEHY, Class of 1951, President-elect, Student Council ANXYARDING OF HONORS AND DIPLOMAS Mit. ROBERT ul. Buss, Chairman of the School Committee CLASS SONG SEECIAI. SENIOII CHOItiIs .-xNn SENIOR CLass FLAG SALUTE AUDIENCE AND Clmss, led hy Ritjiifxan MAIIONIIY, Vice-President, Class of 1950 THE NATIONAL ANTHEM SENIOR CI.Ass AND AUDIENCE. led hy Ma. VIOSIZPH B. IVIURRAY, Director of Music RECESSIONAL Marching to Victory ---- - - - 1-1.411 HIt.II SCIIOOI. OItCHEsTIt.'i The .IIIKIIQIICC is .tsltetl to stand while gixiduiites enter and leave 3603075 HIGHEST 'HONOR GROUP IIXJIIIIKN :lx'11n1gwI :lIpI1:4Iwlu':nII5J HARRIET LEMCHEN Ll'CY MAY SOLOMON PALILINE D. MONTAL ALICE SOUTHXWORTH OTHER MEMBERS OF THE HONOR GROUPS IN:nn1mw :u'r:mp:wI 'Ice lfrr Img In rank, : xunv I :IIpImIwt1v:IIIy II izunv rank! LEO THOMAS INICCALLUINI ELEANOR INIARY HARRIS CHARLES AUGUSTUS FERRARI BEVERLY JEAN XXIARD EI.IA MARY D. ZAEFINO EDXXIARD R. MCLAUGHLIN THELMA MARIE PETERSEN ROSE MARY GARBARINO BARBARA ANNE MAGUIRE THOMAS R. SHEA AIOAN FRANCES KENNEDY IOSEPH CASELLA. -IR. E. ROBERT SANTOSPAGO RICHARD DAVITT MAHONEY EDXXIARD BERNARD MARMER OI.GA MARY BRATICA -IOAN ELISE DI'NPHY THERESA A. PIAZZA -IEANNE ANN BLIGH IEAN MARGARET STIRGEON GERRY C. ATNXfELL ANN MARIE BAVERI SANDRA M. DALLAIRE II7DITH A. MARTIN CAROLINE ELIZABETH AMBROGGI MARTHA P. CHAKIRIS BARBARA JEAN CALDXWELL PATRICIA A, XWALSH BEVERLY CLAIRE COLE DOROTHY SAVI .IOSEPHI NE TH ERESA BELCASTRO HONORS FOR LEADERSHIP AND SERVICE 'JOHN R, ALEXANDER BARBARA ELLEN BRANAGAN ARTHUR CHAVES NOREEN MARIE DALTON CHARLES AUGIISTVS FERRARI INIIIIIIPVIN III f'.X ROLIX E AAI BRO! IGI lIt'IIL'I'JII IfngfIIaIx .XIIIIRICY IIEIJARIJ Clnthing ,I EAXN If IILI4 IH Iifmkkccpiug II,XRI!.XR.X BR.XN,Xh,XX SUQHII Studie- ,IOYCH IIRAY Art BA R BARA CALIJVV ELI, S41ui:IIStu1Iief ,IOSIiI'II CIXSEI.I,.X. JR. I"I'1fIIt'II NI.XR'I'II,X CIIAKIRIS S1Ici:IISturIicx .Nfl ROB ERT CII.XIC'I'I ER .Xrt .XR'I'IIl'R CIIAYICS S4,Qi:1I SIIIIIIIJS RICILXRID IPI-2I'II'1'l'RI SI: I .A rm JOAN IJI.'XI'I-IY Suci:lIStufI1cN PATRICIA FAIR Sf,ci:IISu1fIieN M Y RA EARN CM I'ingIisI1 CIIARLISS FERRARI Scicncng SUCIJII SIUIIICS 1N:nm-N :Irl'zn1gL-fI :IIpI1:1bctic:IIIvI ROSE MARY GARBARINO GILBERT POXWELL LEONARD LEO THOMAS MCCALLUM PAULINE D. MONTAL CHARLES I, MURPHY BEVERLY 'IEAN XXIARD HONORS IN PARTICULAR SUBJECTS w I A flwcwtc tfvt'1I 51-:ua QIIIIICCIS uL'I'L'SIII1II1'lIIII Scniwx' IIrgI1 SrI1'wIr ROIlIfR'I',X IfORSY'I'II I',Xl'I.INI'I NIUNIAI., OJ Xrt 433 Ifnglixh . lf- -1 c'll,.xlel,.u'1"rIi FR 1-Lxvll ylfjfif I K", QIUKIIINL-I I-II xIflIIIk'IIIJIIICs .. . , Srirfllfc sr, f..x1u:.xR1mm -I . , L21 S4.cmIStu1I1us KI! T MAI TUUIILE U I.I.Ii.XNOR ruulus weak MARINE' -'I' Iwmgluh 43? ' 5"f'flI5f11f1i1'S '-U I',XI.5IIN.X vl'nl.IsI U1 munxun rllI-1mr3'r1l 'Y1'W"1""H Xlvczltmxlznl Blutlx. Hr li- IUJHERT SAxN,I.USI,AV U 'lf H.xlcmr:'l' IIZMCIIIQN f5f"'.""'I I'3"KIiSI1 ljnglixh 43, N1rCIJII5IlI4IIt'N 'I' l.ljc'1 l's1sr'Hl,l'sIi XI lax' lil v,.ltl,,.,wmCN ,M S.w1:nISt1xvIn-N 5'f"A""" 'f' Llim' smnxlux ' r,xm:.x1c.x A1.xf:IJm1i I'f"K""' I111gIiNI1 LII glntml 13, 'rs-nc! b I,IJXN.XIQID NIAIQNIIHI KI1lIIH'!1I5lll4'S S-,fi:IISI1uIi.-N cg, M1 lf! RUIII'.Ii'I' NLXRSII .XIZICIQ SHI"I'IlXX'OR'I'II 4 I Yvwznlxmlznl AIJUII. lil IQHIIIIHII . .,. ,, . lI'III'I'II NI.XR'I'IN I.:EtiII1 W, Sfwiznl Studies Ill RIZIIIIQIIIIIIIICS LEU XIlC.XAI,I.L'5I I'RISIfII.I..X SI'ICI'QR Q, NI11IIIQII'IIllICx L51 .M-1 Scin-ucv f3j RIAIZVIIJIQIIC 'I.IRRIfI,I., L53 I,IJVI',XRIl NILI,.XI'IQIII.IN Sun,-i:nISt1uIi1-A SL'I1'lll'm' ID 4 v Q , Y III'.X I'.RI.Y XYARIJ l"'y MARX XII I,IXI,'f,IIII,IN ICIIQIISII 4' .min 1 n ,Xrr -vm II-11111I1I .XI111,11 LI11,1:1II1g:11111'1 .X1I,1111 II11111,Xg1.-11111I'1 IfI111-11111 H1111 ,XII11-11 ,I11I111 14.5.11-1-.:1:11I1-1 Ix111111111 I-..X11111 - 1 - .1 l':111l-I---111I1.XI1111-1l,1 lQ11I11:1 XI1-,11111XI1111'1 I':11'11I1111- lfI1,-.1I111I1,X111I11 l1111'1 If .X11'.1-II VI11111- I.11111x1. 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IJ1-I1.111I,X.I111111l1: XX'1II1,1111 IQ-1I1111 I" I11-N1.1 Il,:11-Ij11.X',g111'SI11-1111I11 IC1-,1111-111I I.11-.1- II1-I1j1 XI.11j I,1111II1 lJ1:.11.1 XI,1111 .X1I1'1111,1 I1,I1.11 I,1',111:111 XI,11'I, II111111 Ix1'111 I 11111- Il11.111 II.1.'1I I 1111111 II11I11 IQ11'I1,111l I1 -1111 II1111I1.1111 I11.1:1 I-I-11 II1111'1I11, XI111,111,I1.11111111-I11,.111 I'I11111151111I1111I'lII1- I',11111'1,1.X11l1I'.111' IXIII11-11111 I',I1f11I111I1I'.11I f1I11':1I,11111-1 I",111111111 I111111l.11111f I'111,111-1 II1,11I1 ,X11:1111I11-I'11111 II11-111.1 l,I-I.1I1111- I1111 I111 I-I11111I I-'11I11111I-111--1111 1I111E1111111I'11111' I1,1111 I'I1,1I11 I. XI IXIZILXXI IIIIZII SIIIIIJIII. l1I4.XIJI'.X'I'ICS .Il F1 In Ir. l'JiI1 l'1.11111- IQ.11.11I1q1111111 I11.111 .X 1151 II:11I1.1111-11 IQ11x1 H1115 I2111I1.111:111 I'1:111I,l111 XX :1NI1111g11111 11.11 I11I111l'I1.1111'.NIQ.1'.1'1I1 1.1111 .X I11-11pgI11-541.11 .X1111111I II1-1:1111 IQ,111x1111If. lI11.111I I'x1.111IQ ,X Il1.1lI11111I1.111I11 I'I1111111'1 If, I1111111'111I1- I11,111 51121.11 YI1-.1111-111 II. Il1.1111I11111 I,1111l1 1I11,1111I1.1111 IQIIIII -I.1111'i Il1.111I XX1lI111111 I',111.1111 I,1111Ij11lf11,1II1,1j, II.1111I1I X1,1IIQ1.1'1 X11 111.111 XX. Il111w111,11: I-l111l'I'111- X11g1111.1I11x1-11I11111 lI11Il111 I'.I1.111111' XI.11'5 II.1IIIx I',11111'1.1XI.1111'II1-,1Ij. I1111I.1 I1,II1II11111 Il1.11111'1Xl.1111 IIIUHIII- I 1I1I1'1-II1 C11'I1,111l .XlI1'11 II I',I1.111111 XI.11 II1II I1111,1I1I II. II111 I11111' It. II11I1I-11'11111I1 , . , Ix.1511111111I I , II11I,1- II11I.1111I Il111l I'111I1-111'I. 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Suggestions in the Framingham High School - Philomath Yearbook (Framingham, MA) collection:

Framingham High School - Philomath Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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Framingham High School - Philomath Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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