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Framingham High School - Philomath Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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O 'b 1, :"f'vr!1 l " , t ,1jY"!" L N - n , fJ . .I .I Ig , V x ' I V . 1 .gl , X ', - , ,Ja I "H , u' , ' . . I' I , o . 'f 1 .' an JN 4 f 'Y 1 . 1 U I r 1 , I .,r" ' F , . .? I, 'H' J 2I' I ', 'f' ' ' X 1M f I P5 . P a+ ' I 1 ff" N 9 ' if 4,7 ae- ., Il- 'fx In I ff' V V C 1 I ." .3 U. ,.' 5 1' J 5- - -4 wif U ' kv 'h fi: ' "lg" 5' lr. ' .' 'XL Ji :J ,Q had r' V ' -ffk'3'?' ag M -f f n - r . -14 IP,-' 6 W ' fa Q' '. I . 1 9. A . ' f'v. 425 ' '.fv"' I Q l' '-II' e". ..,, X . 4 I I . . 4 1 4- , .' I ' o . A ' . Y , 'a .A im fi.g!'f"a.'l.g.'. - " I f . THE PHILOMHTH -wt HOT TO BE CHCULFAIECD ?3'?3Q'5?l9l' "Q7IcI5I"5 TE G5 if 3 THE CLAM BOX UNION AVENUE - THE TUENPIKE TEL. 9218 TEL. 7992 FRAMINGHAM 1 C A R R O L L ' S Complimeflfs Of COSMETICS and PERFUMES Framingham's Distinctive A. TEMPLE BOWEN, V.M.D. Cosmetic Shop C. C. GREENE, Dealer - Dial 6521 MODERN METHOD LAUNDRY AND CLEANSERS BENDIX AUTOMATIC WASHERS Individual Laundries 8 Lbs. Dry Weight 30c, Including Soap Sanitary and Economical -1 207 HOLLIS STREET FRAMINGHAM A Q Telephone 3017 SQ 29 . QQ ztiiifronf neue-5254 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS FRAMINGHBM PUBLIC LIBRARY DEC 1 5 1994 Zilla THE PHILOMHTH fx Q 2 - R re ew We're never too busy to visit The Framingham Trust Company is a bank where busy men are never too busy to welcome a visitor. to be helpful when possible. and particularlyeto lend encouragement and assist- allC6 lo yulltll. Whatever your banking problems, we invite you to use our services. N0 account is too large . . . and none too small. Come in and see us soon. mmingfzam rafecirfzzim l ' C OM PANY ongmlng Member Federal Defosit Insurance Corporation I Q O 9 Q S2 r9 Q4 955356-Du "Cf?9?-if PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMHTH -91+ 3 FD ELS WALTER CHANNING REAL ESTATE 230 WAVEHLY STREET CHARLES A. DICKENS, Rep. CLAM SHOP HENRY BREAULT, Prop. LOBSTER-CLAMS-SEA FOODS 211 HOLLIS STREET Tel. 6915 Tel. 3771 I M ' l '- F R 5 me NEW YORK stone SMART WOMENS WEAR "Distinctive Wear for Women" 141 CONCORD STREET 107 CONCORD STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASS. FRAMINGHAM THE LELAND GRAY STUDIO SPECIAL scl-looL RATES ALL SIZES PHONE 5001 224 UNION AVENUE FRAMINGHAM, MASS. A-. Q9 Q.: 25593-ffblv 1ICeEi-SETS F:?iAMlN5IiHD.M PUBLIC LIBRARY Q55 1 5 I994 41s- THE PHILOMHTH so eg 25 23 ,T TRAVIS DRUG STORE T LUNCHEONETTE, BOOTHS, FOUNTAIN We Welcome All Students and Faculty l l CRESS CLOTHING CO. C01T1P1fmeHfS Of Manufacturers Of COBURNVILLE GARAGE, MEN'S CLOTHING Inc, T I At Factory-to-You Prices f GOOD LUCK ll 34 IRVING STREET FRIXMINGHAM TO THE CLASS OF 1948 Telephone 2-0077 I THE WARDROBE ,T 9 1 0 ' ' 7 ' L CLom,mGUuamsw""'5 'OR ME"e95qy- Distinctive Clothing for n IO3 Concord Sf, Framingham " Telephene 4252 MEN and YOUNG MEN 700 Worcester Road, Framingham Sales - B U I C K - Service 4.9 meg 2552-f9l' iifkf-L2-ggi PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMHTH Ifvfesyrf QE Q, 5 , ' HENRY W. HUGHES COmP1imeHfS Of DRUGGIST "We Make Our Own Ice Cream" 26 UNION AVENUE DI TUl.l.lO BARBER SHOP HOOM1 SMITH BUILDING J. GARDELLA'S WHOLESALE FRUIT and VEGETABLES WAVERLY STREET Tel. 5227 Compliments of DR. J. STANLEY HUNTER Compliments of ROXBURY RUG and CARPET COMPANY SAGE'S SOCONY TURNPIKE Hg PRAMINGHAM IUNCTION Anthracite Bituminous A Fine Variety of Young Men's and Boys' Clothing and Furnishings FRAMINGHAM CQAL at Moderate Prices COMPANY PERLMUTTER BROS. AUTOMATIC HEAT EQUIPMENT 246-248 WAVERLY STREET PHONE 6121 a TEL. 8018 Q Fuel Oil Masons' Supplies GIG! ZVAIE-ff9ll llfbfff Lbpjii PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS DEC 1 K mon QR, THE PHILOMHTH :D GQ IQ E GORDON MANUFACTURING COMPANY NEWER FASHIONS FOR THE MISS FRAMINGHAM CENTRE Compliments of Compliments ot TROWBRIDGE INSURANCE PETERSON'S GREENHOUSE AGENCY NEW ENGLAND QUALITY CHARLES A. POTTER STUART H. POTTER Carnations a Specialty Z7 HOLLIS STREET - Tel. 8231 Hear the LATEST RECORDS A1 Compliments of G A R I N O ' S MUSIC AND RADIO STORE THE DIXIE-LEE DINER si CONCORD STREET, Tel. 5969 FRAMINGHAM RADIO SERVICE Compliments ot 412 WAVERLY STREET All Makes and Models of Radios, Phonographs and Electrical W, T, GRANT CO. Appliances Q Auto Radio Installed and Repaired E 29 Q? ZEQQKSIP IICMQRTS PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS T e Philomath PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE FRAMINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL Vol. XLVII C FRAMING!-IAM, MASS., JUNE, i948 Edlluz'-111-Chief , MARIE BASTIEN PETER BOTAZZI BARBARA BUTTREY ALFRED COLLOTTA CATHERINE CORBIN ROSEMARY DORAN Ar: Edilom' ...... Tg'piIlI.' MARIE AGOSTINELLI INES AMETTI ANN ASHMAN MARIE BASTIEN RITA CAPRA JOAN DANIELS JEAN DELPRETE DOROTHY DIATELEVI BuI'i11eII' Mxlzrzger . AIIi,Ilr112l Alfzmzgem' Dimrirz Mmzagem' ADELE ATKINS ELIZABETH STANTON Dinricz AII'iI'tan!I'.' JOSEPH BERNARD BARBARA BRANAGAN A. JOSEPH CHAO ARTHUR CHAVES MARJORIE CLINTON MARCIA DAMON MARY DIANA PATRICIA FOLEY DEDICATION , CLASS HISTORY . I CLASS PROPHECY . CLASS WILL . . CLASS AWARDS . THE CLASS OF 1948 . "AS THEY WERE" . ATHLETIC PICTURES Edilwirzl Burn J AIIiIfruz1I- ENIO FACCHINI VINCENT EERRARO WILLIAM GEORGE GEORGE LENTONI JOAN MCLELLAN EMILIE MOXON GLORIA WAGSTAFF JANET QLIINN MARCIA RING JOSEPH SHAY WILLIAM SEARIAC HARRIET WARD ALLEN HAWKS, MARTHA WHITING, DOROTHY ZUCCHI ADA GRANDONI DOROTHY KELLEY LILA KNORR BEVERLY LEVENSON JOAN LUNDBERG MARGARET MAIN JANET MITCHELL IRENE OTTAVIANI Az2'n1ini,Il1'.zliz'e Board I VIRGINI EMILIE MOXON JOAN LUNDBERG BARBARA HILLIARD MARY HULETT PHYLLIS HUNTOON ELIZABETH JOHNSON JOSEPHINE LEONCINI BARBARA MATHESON DONA MAYO CATHERINE QUINZANI TABLE OF CONTENTS . Robert Campion LUCY PLONA MARY TAGLIAFERRI JOSEPHINE TAMBOLLIO BARBARA VALLIERE MARY VEIGA GLORIA WAGSTAFF MARTHA WHITING . . .PRISCILLA LEACH A BOUDREAU, JOYCE GOSLANT MAUREEN BARRY NORMA STAPLETON FRANCES PINNA VIRGINIA ROBERTSON JEANNE SAULNIER MILDRED SELTZER CHARLES STEEVES PHYLLIS WEISENFELD BETTY ZIMMERMAN Pa ge 8 9 . William George, William Ablondi, Rosemary Doran, Barbara Burrrey . 11 . Richard Acton .....18 . 19 . 20 . 54 . 56 l X, -W if f To MISS HELEN G. ROETZER In grateful appreciatiolzz of willing Jerzfice fhif lJ'J'll6 of THE PHILOMATH if mfpeflfzflly rlcfclifntwl. THE PHILOMHTH --ii 9 lass ffhkto ry Lightning tore the atmosphere asunder, thunder echoed violently around the world, but on earth, in the progressive town of Framingham, a different type of conflict was taking place. It seems that on this day, the doors of Framingham High School were thrown open and a new class of wailing sophomores was forced through them. As they, the sophomores, filed through the dark gloom, hisses, scorn, and jeers were cast upon them, but they were proud and confident, this Class of 1948, and the upper classmen were soon to learn to tread lightly on this powerful group of students. As we had proved to the seniors that we were a class to be feared, they felt it advisable to sponsor a dance in our honor, which, of course, turned out to be a great success. We then decided, with the help of the faculty, that a class of our calibre should have leaders, so class elections were held. The spirit was somewhat curtailed by the fact that campaign assemblies were not allowed, but even so, we rose to the occa- sion and selected Robert Belmonte, Presi- dent, George Lentoni, Vice-President, Kay Corbin, Secretary, and Robert Campion, Treasurer. Spring was fast approaching, and we felt it was our right to relax from our tedious studying by gazing around in search of a "prima donna" to escort to the junior Prom. Our girls, all of whom are on a par with Powers' models, were rushed off their feet by the upper classmeng but our gallant males, not to be denied, soon repulsed the attack, and brought peace and happiness once more to the fairer members of our class. Those who were able to find an available partner for the Prom declared that the social event was a splendid one with the girls in gowns and the boys c-o-m-f-o-r-t-a-b-l-y laced into their tuxes. This was the last big event for us as sophomores, for it seems that a two months' vacation was due us. On return- ing, for some reason or other, we were to be referred to as juniors. QWell, what'd ya knowlj We went back to F.H.S. in the fall, still We amazed by this mysterious revelation. were great, we knew it, but we were not the Ufl- conceited. Why, we even protected sophomores from the seniors, an act heard of previous to that time. Our first act as "little wheels" was to select Mr. Riordan as our class adviser. We later found that he had played the greatest role in bringing our class to its present status. fWhatever that may be, he did it.j At this time we were informed that an organization, known as the Student Coun- cil, had passed a ruling which allowed a class only two sets of officers instead of the customary three. This meant that our elected officials would serve us through our junior year, and new elections to see who would lead us as seniors would take place after the Prom. We then proceeded to prepare a Prom that was to excel all Proms. It was such a gala event that even the seniors stayed to the end, a practice which seemed to be outdated at the time. At last the tyrants left. Yes, the seniors, knowing that we were preparing a rebel- lion against them, decided to allow them- selves to be graduated and thus prevent disaster at the hands of the mighty juniors. We then proceeded to rule the school in a fair and just fashion. Why, as I remem- ber it, we even let the sophomores come into the lunchroom and sit down to eat with us. fHa! ha! halj 10 it-- Feeling that we had suffered enough at the hands of our beloved teachers, we re- quested a ten weeks' vacation, which was granted, provided we would return to school in September. This we consented to do only after considerable deliberation. When we were recalled to dear old F.H.S., a band, consisting of faculty mem- bers, was there to greet us. We felt grand as the lower classmen rushed about us, begging us to let them assist us in any way possible. Following the salutations, we prepared a dance, under the guidance of our oth- cers - who were john King, President, joseph Tosti, Vice-President, Irene Mc- Phee, Secretary, and Emil Macura, Treas- urer- to be held for the sophomores. THE PHILOMHTH This affair, like all others we undertook, turned out to be a howling success. While some of us were busy with our studies, others with sports, and others just being good followers, time began to slip through our fingers. First the Senior Play was here and gone, and next the Music Festival zipped by. Dizzier and dizzier we grew - whatever happened to Class Night? We became more confused, and finally through the mist of graduation we heard our names piercing the dim atmos- phere of Nevins Hall. We rose, received our congratulations, and amidst the famil- iar farewells and best wishes, our greatness began to fade, and the Class of 1948 took its place in the annals of history of the Framingham High School. ROBERT CAMPION. CXQQIB SENIOR CLASS PLAYS First Row-Barbara Buttrey, Dona Mayo, Rita Johnson, William Domey, Richard Condon, Carolyn Coyne, Johanna Clancy, john Rutter, Rosemary Doran, Joseph Coco. Marcia Ring, Joan Lundberg, Marjorie Colp, Sylvia Cooney. Second Row-Robert Pierce, Robert Belmonte, Webster Brockelman, Adcle Higgins, Catherine Quinzani. Mary Agostinelli, Dorothy Zucchi, Mrs. Moody, Barbara Valliere, Norma Stapleton, Anne Tambollio, Edward Mahan, David Flanders, Robert Langtry, Patricia Davitt, Judith Rice, Marie Calabrese, Dorothy Bertolino, Thelma Grossman, Paul Ablondi, Beverly McVay. Alan Kendrick. Lila Knorr, Richard Goldrick, Adele Atkins, Miss Roetzcr, Doris Anderson, Francis Mcrusi. THE PHILOMHTH "Will lass Qropbecy It has been said that "Time and tide wait for no man." In this case, however, the situation seems to be entirely reversed, for before you can say "Herman Shwartz is a schmoe" we find ourselves in 1958. I climbed into my rocket ship and took off for Mars. I was going to get a candy bar. fPun.j Ten years ago this trip would have been thought impossible, but we fool- ish mortals had not reckoned with the mental prowess of those two brilliant physicists, Marie Calabrere and Eilo Bar- barlora. Not only have these two per- fected the rocket ship and corrected an error in the calendar, thus giving us seven- ty-two hours a day, but Edo has also learned how to make the eight ball "on the break" without "scratching," Two big business tycoons, Allarz Hawks and Wil- liam Sizozv. quick to realize the possibilities of rocket ship travel, had opened a fac- tory for producing these planes. Since this was the first factory of its kind, it had, under the management of Frances Higgins and Elairze Berioiz, surpassed all previous records of manufacturing rocket ships. Turning on the automatic pilot, I settled back to listen to my favorite radio pro- gram, Hjust Plain Taloola," starring Mariorz MacLeod as "Taloola" with Bob Larzgfry as her witty husband, "Moe" Suddenly the commercial, advertising Mary Cd1'l50lI,J Kelley green pills, was in- terrupted to bring us an important news bulletin. "Flash! Bad Lorig'5 new book, Tbe Gay Caballero or My Weekerid Aa'- rferzlares at tbe Clab, had just been banned in Boston." The program continued with- out further interruption, and soon the wrestling match between Vita Diana, the woman champ managed by Rirbara' Baz- zell, and Beverly Lezferzrorz, the challenger, was being broadcast. It was rumored that Bev would emerge the victor because she had been instructed in the art of judo by that famous trainer and ex-marine, George jobriioii. Unfortunately I had forgotten to take Pazil Abloriililt and Bezferly Mr- Vay'5 new drink, "Ne Dormez Pas," which is guaranteed to keep you awake, and so I did not know what the outcome of the match was. I awoke just as the landing strip on Mars became visible. Glancing at my watch, I found it had stopped, but I guessed that the trip had taken approximately ten hours because I had had five o'clock shadow twice. As I made my way toward the factory, whom should I meet but Doris Ariilersorz and Rayrrzoizrl Czzririirigbaru. They ex- plained to me that they were looking for a suitable place on Mars to build another shopping center, but they had decided it would be better to look for a place on some other planet since Fran Meriz.ri'.t gigantic "Framingham Store," with its efficient sales staff of Arzrze Allerz, faire Clark, Lorraine DeCicco and jo Freeilrrzarz. was monopolizing the business in women's clothing, and that Grantls, under the able supervision of Marjorie Grover, was mo- nopolizing the department store business. Wliile we were talking, who should stroll by but Alice Hollamler and fthat's rightj jo Baxile. Both were pushing carriages in which sat two of the cutest tykes I have ever seen. One was twirling a baton and the other was playing catch with a bowling ball. just then I remembered I hadn't eaten that day, so I stopped in at Dick Cox'r res- taurant. There wasn't a soul in the place, so I wondered how he could afford four such lovely waitresses as Marjorie Colp, Irerze Garzfirz, Do! Dakai and Ami Crorzaiz. just then a tough-looking man came in and went directly to the back room. After 12 three quick knocks and two slow ones, the door opened and the man slipped two dol- lars to Dirk, saying, "joe sent me." Here was the answer to my question of how he could afford those glamorous waitresses. Wliile waiting for my dinner to be served, I put a nickel in the juke box and listened to the melodious strains of "Slap Her Down Again, Paw," sung by jolm Zmzellfz, the ragtime cowboy, accompanied by that famous pianist from Carnegie Hall, jolm Ezeiifzzz and his geometrically ar- ranged orchestra. Just as I finished my meal, in walked Lennie Drew and Rzmly Slzzrtlvj, those two brilliant students who had just graduated from the Sam Houston Institute of Technology. Lennie told me that he and Rudy had just invented a pair of galvanized galoshes, which are guaran- teed to protect you from being struck down by lightning. I also learned from him that Betty Bfzrrlay and Wfilllfzm Reazrrlozz, both former mayors of Saxonville who had been exiled to Mars when the Roundheads took over, were now working as ushers in Lozzir Pigffy "Tripoli Tambourine Theatre" and that night besides the regular show featur- ing those "Sirens of Song and Dance," Rally SlJlZIIg!Jl1L'.U"1', Shirley Poffer, I tene McPhee, and julie lVIc'A11zzlly, they would have as guests those two hockey stars, Tom Mizzlzleiz and Lloyfl Nolan, who would tell how they, single-handed, had won the championship for the Mugging Mudturtles of Mars. After much discussion, I finally per- suaded the boys to go to the basketball game between Athens High, coached by Sjrero Nlelegor, and Natick High. Spero had had offers from almost every big high school on Earth, but unfortunately he wanted to coach a team that was "out of this world." Incidentally his team's won and lost record was ninety-two and two, being beaten twice by F.H.S. jolw Moore, the assistant coach, later informed me that Spero had used fourth-string subs in those THE PHILOMHTH games because he couldn't bear to see his old alma mater lose. We waddled up to the box office on our knees, but unfortunately the sharp eyes of ticket seller june Clmppell spotted my jerry Colonna moustache and we had to buy adult tickets, which we gave to col- lector Nlary Malloy. Since there were a few minutes to spare before referee Bob Foley blew the whistle starting the game, we blended in with the crowd, watching Shirley Bligb give a punching bag demon- stration. She claimed that Brown and Horton's was the only store that sold a bag which punched back when you hit it. Tired of seeing Shirley beaten up by the punching bag, we went to our seats. Soon all the celebrities began appearing. First Nmdimi BI'llll6fffl, the opera star of Duffy's Tavern, came in with Phil, and a few min- utes later Kfzfberizze Rozzrreazz, the actress, fresh from her success in "The Iceman Had Red Hair," came in with Howie. I heard a long-drawn whistle, and turning around, I saw Powers' model Roralie Tre- flerm saunter in leading Eddie on a leash. The press was also represented by Gloria Il7tzg.rIfzjf, the editor of "The Inmates' Wailer," formerly "The Student Crier," and her side-kick photographer, Harriet Wmzl, They were interviewing that lum- ber mill tycoon, Cailyerifze Timnzazfzi, and it was a work of art the way they did it. As Gloria asked questions, Arla Gmmlovzi took Catherines replies down in short- hand and passed the sheet to typist Tlaelfmz Wflalflzzg, who after typing it, sent it im- mediately to the composing room by car- rier Pigeon. All this time Harriet had been snapping pictures. just then usher Merle Golflnzmz gently tapped me on the shoulder with a baseball bat and informed me that a message had come from Earth saying that an event of great importance was about to happen and that I should leave immediately. I rushed to my rocket ship and took off. THE PHILOMHTH Hoping to find out what this event was, I turned on the radio in time to get the last part of a news Hash which was as follows: "Police Chief forephine Tarnhollio has just found an unidentified man in the Sud- bury River with a block of cement fastened to his legs. His arms were broken in three places and his head had been twisted so that he was looking backwards. Foul play is suspected." Making use of my two-way radio, I called the police station, but I could hardly believe my ears when I was told the news that had amazed the world. After ten years, Vinny Pearl was at last graduating! I landed my rocket ship and ran to Bill Ahlona'i'i' house to tell him the news. When I revived him, I found that he also had something to tell me. WILLIAM GEORGE. After meeting Bill George, I went into "Al's Heavenly Emporium," which boasted sixteen barbers, and a girl for every chair. No sooner had I stepped through the door, than Al Collotta grabbed me by the arm and threw me into a chair. Between cuts from his chipped razor and jabs from the manicure girl, who was Priscilla Gahrn, I learned something of my old classmates. It seems that Loaii Perri, Dick Golelrick, and Big Etl Balhoni had control of all the barrooms and bookie shops on Hollis and Waverly Streets, and were slowly squeezing the competition out of Saxonville. Their biggest establishment, "The Roundup," advertised as positively the last week of Carolyn Coyne, the Queen of Burlesque. Frank lThis-gun-for-hirej Mangini, was their trigger-man in charge of collecting debts, and throwing bombs. I also learned that foe Toiti had a super deluxe, self- service gas station. Customers get their own supplies, and girls on roller skates collect sales. Heading the list of roving collectors were Theresa Franchi, Mary 1' 'ff 13 Ann Lereille, Gorila Loorner, and Lonife Pellegrini. ' When Al ranout of gossip, I picked up a paper and almost dropped as I read that Betty Maea7er's campaign to annex Hollis- ton to Framingham was successful, and that Gloria Sjtieigel, Framingham's Mayor, was sending two representatives, Peter Botazzi and Allen Morini, to investigate possibilities. I noticed that Frank Grange, America's foremost pianist, was now ap- pearing at the "Met." Finally having been shaved, manicured, and clipped for a "buck," I stepped out into the bustling street and saw Francer McCarthy, Commander of the Police- woman's Department, giving Dorothy Ber- tolino a ticket for going too fast in het doughnut truck. I started to walk across the street when someone pulled me back just in time to see Kay Lazfin, of the Lavin Truck Co., drive over the spot where I had been standing. I thanked my rescuer, Billy Allen. Talking to Billy, I learned that he and Will Roasrean were operating a pool-parlor with an opium room in the back. Also, that jim Hanlon was burning up both leagues in baseball, with fifty home runs and a batting average of 427, and joe Coco was the nation's highest money-making jockey. After talking with Billy for a while, I started to walk by the park and saw Rita johnron, Geraltline Hunter, Margaret Carley, and Phyllis Chiprnan standing in a crowd. I investigated and found that Dirk Conilon was standing on a soap box, tell- ing in long drawn-out words why we should vote for joan Daniels as Framing- ham's representative to Congress. How- ever, finznzy Gaziin and Phil Dyer, mem- bers of the efficient police force, came along, and dispersed the crowd. Strolling farther up the street, I saw Riehy Macrelli, struggling young engineer, supervising a group of men, some of whom I recognized as Leon Marrh, Henry Norton, and Toni 14 Regan. They were completing the work of the new underpass, which takes traffic under the railroad tracks. just then, the new, non-stop Super Chief, with Frank Faleoni, head engineer, whizzed through town. Farther up Concord Street, I looked in the window of a woman's beauty salon, and saw Charley Wdlk67', famous hair stylist, giving janet Quinn one of his famous creations, while Barbara While, Lnfy Plona, and Dorofby Kelley looked on in amazement. Up the street, joe Shay, dynamic criminal lawyer and his famous adversary, Roberl QHaven't-lost-a-case-yetj Zinrk, Framingham's District Attorney, were coming out of the court house. just about then, I got tired of walking around and headed for the nearest theatre. The Bijou, owned by Allen Cronin, was closest, so I bought my ticket from Marjo- rie Carler, the smiling ticket girl, and en- tered. While groping for a seat, I received a kick in the shins and was just about to roll off a list of words stored up in the back of my mind for just this kind of occasion, when Naney Back came along with her flashlight and found me a seat. In the newsreel Barbara Valliere was crowned Queen of the Lady Wrestlers. Barbara's advice to young hopefuls is, "Patience, fortitude, and the will to get ahead, plus a neck-breaking half-Nelson, will make any girl a queen." There was also a short subject entitled, "Life on the Riviera." In it I saw Marie Barlien and Barbara Hil- dretb lying on the beach, soaking up the French sun. The main picture was "The Life of Marjorie Main," starring Framing- ham's own Margaerile Hayer. Coming out of the show, I stepped into the new Wellworth, which had been re- modeled after the recent gang war staged in town had destroyed the dining room. Betty Sullivan, the head waitress, waited on me personally. She told me that most of the food I was eating had been raised on Clijord Knighfff collective farm. I THE PHILOMHTH paid my bill to Virginia lV0rrey, the cashier, and bought a package of cigarettes from Dorofby Diafalezii, the cigarette girl. Stepping out into the street, I encountered Adele Terroni, who told me she was now a career girl with an advertising agency. It was just about time for me to leave dear old Framingham, so I headed for the railroad station. I bought my ticket from Arlene Arbour, and proceeded to wait for the train. I noticed that Irene Dellaranla was running the magazine and candy stand in the station. Finally my train arrived, and as I was getting on I met Rorenzary Doran and Barney Batfrey getting off. These two girls had the unfortunate fate to wind up being old maids. However, they are having a swell time running a fraternity home for men. I'll let them tell you about it. WILLIAM ABLONDI. After we left Billy, we saw as we passed the railroad tracks Eddie Croafti, Carlo "Knock-em-dead" Galzfani, Claarlie Pon- Irenzoli, Francis Vitlori, and Dorn "Slim" Zajfno, hopping a freight to escape George Lentoni, president of the State Teachers College. Leaving the boys in their sad flight, we saw joan McLellan and Margaret Fanloni, co-owners of New- berry, Inc., in conference with Web Brock- elnzan. Listening in, we discovered that they were making plans to import Dona Mayo and Shirley Ellir, who, at that time, were demonstrating the latest fashion in horseshoes on Dave "Pop" Flanders' farm. Going by the bus stop, we saw sitting be- hind the wheel of a bus, jinnny Wal.rb, who had only recently won the Adele Afkinr award for slow drivers. jimmy told us that the new rocket buses were owned by Cynthia Baller, the reformed speed demon. Suddenly our ears were smitten by the strains of a beautiful song. Peering around the corner of Newberry's, our amazed eyes beheld jackie jewel! singing THE PHILOMHTH for the Salvation Army in the park. Bill Dorney was accompanying her on his tuba. Among the group throwing pennies at jackie and Bill, we spotted Nina Anzbrog- gi, Ann Arhnzan, and Rnrrell Clark. Sneaking around on the outside of the crowd was joe Coco, trying to sell Vincent Ferraro a bag of slugs. We found Marty Lynch crawling around under the benches, stealing peanuts from the pigeons. Leav- ing Marty to his little game, we meandered over to Bob Hinckley'r Hash House for a sody. Inside, we found that jacly Rice had been promoted to hostess because of her uncanny ability to snitch tips better than any of the other waitresses, among whom were Linda Pacheco, Mary Carley, Pat Dazfitt and Irene Haynes. Suddenly we were startled by a thick, creamy chocolate frappe which was poured playfully down our backs by soda-jerk Malen Barker. Im- mediately, cashier jean Frazer, bus-boys Robert Benejito and john Grarro, and fioor mopper, Yorke Mnrphy, rushed to our assistance. Before we could stop them, they tore off our soiled dresses, sent them to Dot Zacchi'.r Zippy Cleaners, and gave each of us a new outfit from jackie White'r Department Store. Dishwasher Dolly Frarer then came out to greet us, wiping her hands on one of Mary Agortinellfr hand-made aprons. Following her was Dick Acton, chef of the Hash House. They were anxious to tell us of the outstanding success of Bob Canzpion, who had recently been elected to the office of head "yes- man" to the seventy-third vice-president of the Fraternal Order of Firecrackers. Overwhelmed by Bob's exploits, we de- cided to take in a movie. Stampeding over to the St. George, we were greeted at the cashier's window by Barbara jones, who willingly took our money. As soon as we reached the lobby, doorman Shernzan Crawford grabbed our arms and twisted them until we finally surrendered and gave him our tickets. More of our money went -'-tif 15 into theatre manager jack Locke'.r pocket when we stopped at the candy counter, un- able to resist Kay Corbin'.r wistful smile. Stumbling down the dark aisle, preceded by Gardner Goalcl and his flashlight, we fell over Loair Zanchi, who told us that he was looking for his friend Tony Stacchi. Finally we found a seat, right beside our former inmates at F.H.S., Ann Dazixron, Minnie Ianiro, jean Hilton, and Nornza Stapleton. They were all sitting on top of Mary Cnnneen, because the five of them could get in for the price of one that way. Oh, well, girls will be girls! We were just settling down to watch the newsreel, which was about Fran Ciccarelli and his football Hot-Shots, when someone reached over and grabbed my candy bar. Naturally, I screamed bloody murder and all eyes turned on Prircilla Leach, who was calmly sharing the stolen sweet with Brace Pfeif- fer, her best beau. Near by was joan Lancl- berg, looking jealously at Bruce. Holding joan's hand and looking jealously at Priscilla, was Eclclie Mahan. fComplicated, isn't it?j We forced our eyes back on the screen and found that "john's Only Wife," star- ring john Ratter and johanna Clancy, was just starting. The picture was produced by joe Porcello and directed by Bob Pierce. Chief artist for the picture was Thelnia Grorrnzasn. After the first feature was over, jorie Ceccaroni put the lights on and passed the hat to raise funds for Necl Car- ran'r school for disabled hockey players. josie held the hat in front of us for a full twenty minutes before she realized that we weren't contributing. After intermission we were entertained by Paali Towne, the celebrated bubble dancer. Pauli had some difficulty keeping her balloons inflated be- cause Don Blanchette, sitting in the first row balcony, was throwing darts where they did the most good. The second feature was a comedy with Mackey Thonzar, successor to Maurice ie "The Lip" Chevalier, and Beffy Sleczr- leozixfki, successor to Vera Vague. Ann Garbarino and Anflrey Finkelsfein were rivals for the affection of Loziir Trazfaglini. On the way out of the cinema lthat's Chinese for moviesj we noticed George Railizfonyk, surrounded as usual by a bevy of beautiful girls, among whom we saw Greta Bjorknzan, Aflele Higginr, Barli Miller, and Par Dernzonil. Outside, on top of the National Bank, we saw a huge billboard heralding the arrival of Kafie Qninzani and her famous all-girl orchestra, featuring Dolly Earley, as vocalist, Marria Ring and her hot trumpet, and Marllaa Wfbifing and her violin. Next we went into the Reform School for Drifting Debs and Floating Fellows, which was owned and operated by Par Maroni and joan Meliigan. Joan and Pat told us that they had just brought in two of our old classmates, Ray Croflay and Clarence Snzitli. This was Clarence's second offense. He'd done a stretch before for ringing in false alarms. Leaving the school, we were immediate- ly run over by a jet-propelled automobile. Then the driver, none other than Nicky Melegor, picked us up, threw us in the back seat, and asked us if we'd like a ride up to Farm Pond to see the newly opened boat yard. Not seeing any means of escape, we said we'd love to. Off we went and we reached the pond in two and three-quarter seconds. fNicky told us that her car ran by atomic power!j At the pond, we fell out, and whom should we see swabbing the decks of one of the yachts but Alan Kendrick. Alan told us that he got his "swabby" experience from his many years in the Navy. V7e also learned that all the boats were the prop- erty of Reil King, mayor of the town. We were glad to hear that Red had graduated from a Harfoot to a flat-headed politician. Speak of the devil, as the saying goes, and in came Red, dragging behind him his THE PHILOMHTH wife, Lorraine Lanelrbarg, and their thir- teen little devils. You can see that Red's not superstitious. The reason for this fam- ily get-together was the christening of a new boat by Nanny Haagliey. The boat was to be christened "The Shack." We said good-bye to all our friends and got into Nicky's Atomic Auto. Getting back into town, we were thrown out by Nicky's boy friend, Emil Marzira, who needed all the room for his many Olympic medals, which he always carried around with him. We landed on the safety island in front of what was formerly the Memorial Build- ing, but which now housed the offices of Emilie Moxon and her Clean-Up Cuties, a new name for the Board of Health. As we passed, we waved to Emilie, and then we went into I-Iughes', which was owned and operated by Wanda Brailley, Ph.D., A.B. C., X.Y.Z., the head pharmacist. Wanda told us that she had added a floor show for the entertainment of the high school crowd. The show featured jane! Mitchell, as vocalist, and Playllir Grady and Carolyn Marlilen, can-can dancers. After a short one fcoke, that islj we went out on the Avenue and noticed a new dress shop run by Rifa Capra and Mary Tagliaferri. As we passed, we saw Irene Offazfiani cutting off some of the New Look dresses to make them over into the Newest Look dresses, which were fourteen inches above the knee. Iner Anzeffi almost knocked us over as she came rushing out. She cooled off just long enough to tell us that she had tried in vain to get Mary and Rita to go into business with herself and Margaret Main, co-owners of an exclusive Men's Store. Walking along, we stopped in amazement in front of the new high school. Rushing in before the last bell for old times' sake, we trampled over Bob Belnionle, the re- cently appointed principal of the school. Dusting himself off,'Bob gave us permis- THE PHILGMHTH sion to inspect his beautiful domain. As we snuck by the main office fwe just couldn't forget our old habitsj ,,we discov- ered new faces in that little office so famil- iar to the Class of '48. Sylvia Cooney and jo-A1111 Glearozz were the new inhabitants of the dismal dungeon. Continuing our explorations we saw Pa! Foley teaching a geometry class in the hallway between rooms 111 and 112. Noticing the strange location of a classroom, we asked Pat the reason and she told us that the new gym and cafeteria took up so much room that all classes had been forced into the cor- ridors. The gold-plated escalators looked invit- ing to our stair-weary eyes, but we just couldn't resist the special student elevators, with built-in soda fountains, run by chief operator femme Cazfaform, and her assist- ants Nimz Walker, Mary Veigaz, and Millie Lombawlo. As we stepped inside, Jeanne told us that she was just on her way to the Roof Garden, which was reserved for the pupils who wanted to take a sun bath in- stead of a trigonometry class. fBoy, have times changed along with the new prin- cipallj We decided to get off at the fifteenth N -kai 17 floor, which was just halfway to the top. The first one to greet us as we fell out was Rhoda Maron, whose second half of her dual personality had come out just before graduation, and in consequence, she was still making up time for playing hookey. We then caught a glimpse of Kafljleen Afldlllllllg, being chased around the corner by Belly "Buck" Devine. Coming out of the teachers' lounge, we saw Alice Mc- Gozfewz, now teaching sociology, Phil Tlfonmr, professor of the shop department, and A111111 Tambollio, head sewing teacher. Because we wanted to see the new gym, we took a short cut through a convenient laundry chute, Halfway down, we were stopped by loamze Kenney and jemzelte IVlfz1'e1zgbl, who were crawling up the Chute to escape the new girls' gym teacher, Buzz "Wolf" Searirzc. Burrowing around the fleeing girls, we bumped right into Buzz, who was trying to escape Lila Know, the boys' gym teacher. When we reached the bottom of the laundry chute, we were going so fast that we fell right through the cellar of the high school into the middle of the Earth, and no one has ever heard from us, or seen us since. BARBARA BUTTREY, ROSEMARY DORAN. Q is lass We, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Forty-eight, being the most industrious, wittiest and craziest class ever to graduate from F.H.S., leave this our last will and testament. crass BEQUESTS 1. To Mr. Magnon. we leave a new high school addition, with more floor space for the boys to sweep when making up time. 2. To Mfr. McCo1111o11, we leave a lie detector to use when the boys go to the office to get excused. 5. To Mr. Barb, we leave a new Pontiac Six for his trips to Maine, and a lifetime pass to the Maine vs. Bates football games. 4. To Mirr Sqzzirer, we leave a para- chute for her airplane trips to Texas, plus an automatic door closer for 229. 5. To the janitors, Mr. Ezlzerrofz and Mr. King, we leave twenty new brooms for the boys to make up time with. 6. To the painter, Mr. Crayton, we leave a new brush and a bucket of paint in hopes that he will finish the school by the close of the century. 7. To the Student Council, we leave Roger Moore and Mitt Hobby arguing over parliamentary procedure. 8. To the junior boys, we leave all our rights and privileges at Brush Hill and Farm Pond in hope that they will live up to our expectations. PERSONAL BEQUESTS l. l, fobfz "Red" King, leave all my duties as president of this great class to any THE PHILOMHTH 61629111 junior boy who believes he is worthy to follow my footsteps. 2. I, Robert "Scoop,r" Belmollte, leave my scandal sheet to a junior who can wreck as many love ahfairs as I have done through the school paper. 5. I, Dick Co1m'o11, just leave ........ . QThank Heavenslj 4. I, Erfzvizz "Alu'aqui'-ozz-fi111e" Brzlbozzi. leave my racing forms, treasury tickets, conduct cards and dismissal slips to my good friend, john Leonardo. 5. I, Carofyn "Te111j1fafio11" Coyne, leave my book entitled, "How to Catch Men in Three Easy Lessons," to Barbara Hilliard. 6. I, Fizzllrir "Moore" Merzzri, leave all my bow ties and orange socks to jimmy Campion, in hopes that he will dress as flashily as I. 7. I, Romfie Trecfeazz, leave Edward Pavia, together with a warning to all girls to stay away from him in my absence. 8. I, Daria! Fla1m'e1'.r, leave jim Quirk to mend the hearts I have broken in the junior class. 9. I, Mary Agortifzelli, leave all the junior girls the right to go hunting for men in Ashland. 10. I, john Zfznelln, leave my oratorical powers to Roger Moore. 11. I, Nea' Czzrmlz, leave my car to Pat Kelly. I hope that he will pick up as many as I have in Wellesley. God save the Commonwealth of Massa- chusetts from the oncoming students of F.H.S. Signed, R. DAVID AcToN, Any.. DI. HERBERT Tosri, J. Arovsius SHAY. THE PHILOMHTH 32qQ9il9Il Class Benefactor . Best Athlete . . Most Likely to Succeed . Class Artist .... Faculty Joy . Most Serious . Wittiest . . Most Popular . Most Industrious . Most Pleasing Personality Cutest .... Best Looking . Most Romantic . Most Sophisticated Best Dressed . . Best Mannered . Best Dancer . Most Poised . Biggest Flirt . Most Domestic . . Best Actress . Best Singer . -ea 19 dd fffaeafzala KXSQIW Girl Mary Carlson Barbara Buttrey Marcia Ring Dorothy Zucchi Martha Whiting Martha Whiting Rosemary Doran Barbara Buttrey Martha Whiting Barbara Buttrey Johanna Clancy Irene Garvin Virginia Worrey Irene Garvin Carolyn Coyne Norma Stapleton Irene Garvin Irene Garvin Patricia Desmond Mary Carlson Marjorie Colp Jacqueline Jewell Boy Robert Campion Francis Ciccarelli George Johnson Allen Hawks George Johnson George Johnson Richard Acton Joseph Tosti George Johnson Joseph Tosti Carlo Galvani Alan Kendrick Robert Hinckley Philip Dyer I.ouis Ferri Thomas Madden Frank Grange Joseph Tosti Philip Dyer Richard Acton Robert Campion Robert Belmonte Webster Brockelman S? '9 Q: Woffoii fucmilaai harm? 7 I F: df. CF' 495 av 3-tk 4-vzx 7745 MR. RIORDAN Clays Adviser 22 JOHN KING flledj Student Council, 43 Marshal, 3-4g Basketball, 33 Drivers' Club, 33 Class President, 4g Red Cross, 2-3-45 Usher, Natick-Framingham Football Game, 2-3-4, Christmas W1'apping Com., 2-3-43 Distributing Team, 2g Ticket Com, Football Dance, 4g Chairman, Ticket Com., Senior-Soph Dance, -ig Christmas Boxes, 2-3-45 Nominating Com., 4. This fellow, we all agree, is really quite a lad, I-Ie's surely the best president that we have ever had! THE PHILOMHTH JOSEPH Tos'.r1 Student Council, 2-3-4, Marshal, 3-43 Marshal Exec Com., 4, Captain, 4, Baseball, 3-4, "F", Football 3-4, "F"g Drivers' Club President, 33 Glee Club, 2-5-4 Christmas Choir, 3-4, A Cappella Choir, 2-3-4, Chair man, Prom Patrol Com., 33 Infantile Paralysis Drive 35 Christmas Boxes, 2, March of Dimes Com. Chair man, 4g Class Night Toast, 4g Class Vice-President, 4 Nominating Com., 4. 4 Of all our friends-both great and small- We like our "joe" best of all! a THE PHILOMHTH FF CERS IRENE MCPHEE fflflifkeyj EMIL MACURA Student Council, 4, Marshal, 2-3-4, Basketball, 2-5-4, Football, 2-5-4, Distributing Team, 2, Football Dance Patrol, 2, Red Cross Collection, 2, Ticket Salesman, Football Dance, 2, French Club, 5, Prom Music Com., 3, Soph. Nominating Com., 3, Music Festival Com., 2-5-4, Class Treasurer, 4, Band, 2-3-4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Golf Club, 4, Nominating Com., 4, Clothing Drive Com., 4, Chairman, Patrol, Senior-Soph Dance, 4, Chairman, Ticket Com., Foot- ball Dance, 4. Mac's the fellow who always has the situation well in hand. Marshal, 2-3, Assembly Marshal, 4, Aeronautics Club, 5, Broadcasting Club, Vice-Pres., 4, Class Sec., 4, Glee Club, 2-5-4, Red Cross Com., 2, Distributing Team, 2, Prom Ticket Salesman, 2, Graduation Flower Com., 3, Prom Refreshment Com., 5, Co-Chair- man, Hospitality Com., 4, Nominating Com., 4, Chairman, Refreshment Com., Senior-Soph Dance, 4, Usher, Senior-Soph Dance, 4, Senior Play Usher, 4. Mickey is a quiet gal, But she is a real, true pal. 24-r THE PHILOMHTH PAUL ABLONDI fRedligbt, Dagwoodj Marshal, 253 H0fkeY, 2-3-4, 2, Track, 3-4, 3-4Q Drivers' Club, 3, Distributing Team, 2, Stage Com., Senior Play, March of Dimes Com., 4, Graduation Day Com., 4. Happy-go-lucky+free as the air, Never a worry, never a care. WILLIAM ABLONDI Student Council, 3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Football, 2-3-4, "F", Nominating Com., 3-4, Senior-Soph Dance Tic- ket Com., 2, Chairman, Football Dance Com., 3, Chairman, junior Prom Ticket Com., 3, Music Festi- val Ticket Com., 3: Football Dance Patrol Com., 3, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Bonds and Stamps Com., 2, Monday Morning Broadcasts Com., 3-4, Class Prophet, 4, Stage Management Com., Senior Play, 4. Always happy, always neat, He's the kid that you should meet. RICHARD ACTON Marshal, 2-3-4, Baseball, 2, Hockey, 2, Campaign Mgr., 2, Football Dance Patrol, 2-3, Chairman, Prom Patrol Com., 3, Nominating Com., 3, First Floor Chairman, Infantile Paralysis Drive, 3, Christmas Boxes, 2, Stage Com., Music Festival, 3, Distributing Team, 2, Third Floor Chairman, Infantile Paralysis Drive, 4, Class Lawyer, 4. He once was meek, he once was mild, That was when he was a child. MARIE AGOSTINELLI . Broadcasting Club Play Com., 33 Softball, 2, Driv- ers' Club, 4, Glee Club, 2-3, Christmas Gift Wrap- ping Com., 2, Musical Festival Ticket Com., 3, Senior- Soph Entertainment Com., 4, Senior-Soph Refresh- ment Com., 4, Senior Play Make-Up Com., 4. Black curly hair and one swell smile- This is our Mary, a friend worth while. WILLIAM ALLEN Baseball, 2-3-4, "F", Hockey, 3, Distributing Team, 2, Old Clothes' Drive, 2. junie is a quiet lad And he always looks so sad. But you should see him Friday night When he begins to see the light. ANNE ALLEN Uvlickeyj Basketball, 2, Softball, 2, Tennis, 2, Sub-Deb Club, 2, Sports Club, 2, Glee Club, 2. The best girls, like Anne, sometimes come in small packages. NINA AMBROGGI ' Drivers' Club, 4, Glee Club, 2-3, Graduation Honor Group. When it comes to lessons- Nina always has them done, She's really as reliable As the rising of the sun. INEs JUDITI-I AM ETTI Shorthand Club, 4, Advisory Group, 4, Glee Club, 2, 4, Distributing Team, 2, Christmas Box Wrapping Com., 2, Lunchroom.Cashier, 3, Christmas Com., 4, Senior-Soph Usher, 4, Commercial Service Com., 4, Graduation Honor Group. Flashing teeth and eyes that smile. A good word for everyone makes her life worth while. THE PHILOMHTH DORIS ANDERSON Music Festival Ticket Com., 2-3, Broadcasting Club, 3, Graduation Usher, 3, Hospitality Com., 3, Make- Up Com. for Senior Play, 4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Christ- mas Gifts, 2, Distributing Team, 2, Christmas Box Project, 4. Happy am I, from care I am free, Why aren't they all contented like me? ARLENE MAE ARBOUR Ticket Committee, Music Festival, 2-3-4, Glee Club, 2-3-4. Here's a girl who has it all, She is really on the ball. FANNIE MAE ASI-IMAN fflzznj Usher, Music Festival, 2. From Vermont this girl did come, To join in F.H.S.'s fun. ADELE ATKINS fD0llyj Dramatic Club, Vice-President, 3, Broadcasting Club, 4, Senior Nominating Com., 4, Ticket Com., Music Festival, 2-3, Surgical Dressings, 2, Red Cross Com., 2-3, Co-Chairman, Prom Refreshment Com., 3, Hospitality Com., 3-4, Gift Wrapping Com., 2, Christ- mas Box Com., 3, Graduation Usher, 3, Lost and Found Com., 3-4, Senior Play Make-Up Com., 4, Class Night Supper Com., 4, Graduation Honor Group. Dolly works at Whitey's 'Cause her brother owns the place, When you go in to eat there You'll see her smiling face. EDWIN FRANCIS BALBONI fEddiej Football, 2-3-4, Christmas Box Com., 2. He once was fat, now he's thin, See what DuBarry did for him! Eno BARBADORA Football 34 Track 34 C1 tain 4 , 'I I 1 , 'J KP I I , GymClub,2. Ed is a well-liked guy, He has something money can't buy. ELIZABETH BARCLAY fBezzyj Drivers' Club, 3, Broadcasting Club, 4, Glee Club, 2-3-43 Christmas Wrapping Committee, 2, Distribut- ing'Team, 2. Betty the "Boop" from Saxonville town, There's always fun when she's around. MALEN BARKER Marshal, 2-3. Sax boy makes good! if 25 full? THE PHILOMHTH JOSEPHINE BASILE U01 Shorthand Club, 43 Glee Club, 3-43 Distributing Team, 23 Christmas Gift Wrapping Com., 33 Senior- Soph Dance Refreshment Com., 43 Christmas Boxes, 23 Tickets and Announcements Com., 4. Shes always got a story, A joke-a laugh-she's game3 After knowing jo, You'll never be the same. MARIE BASTIEN Marshal, 43 Pbilomulla Staff, 43 Shorthand Club, 43 Glee Club, 3-43 Distributing Team, 23 Christmas Box Com., 23 Prom Usher, 33 Senior-Soph Dance Usher, 43 Lunchroom Cashier, 33 Grand March Com., Prom, 33 Lunchroom Marshal, 43 Class Night Exercises Com., 4. She always looks so neat and nice, You would never know she's full of SPiCCQ She looks an angel-acts like-well .... , Be careful if ever you're under her spell. ROBERT A. BELMONTE Student Council, 2-3-43 Executive Com., 23 Marshal, 3-43 Student Crier Staff, 2-3-4, Advertising Staff, 2-3, Executive Board, 3, Managing Editor, 4, Assistant Business Manager, 33 Manager, Hockey, 2-3-4, Chairman, Clubs Com., 33 Class President, 2-33 junior Nominating Com., 33 Senior Nominating Com., 43 Representative to Community Council, 33 Senior Play Cast3 Class Night Social Hour Com., 43 Leader- ship and Service Award, 43 Graduation Honor Group. "The true friend shows himself when fortune plays us false."-Ennius. ROBERT BENEFITO Drivers' Club, 3-4 Benny and noise-together go well, But just the same-we think he's swell! ELAINE J. BENOIT Field Hockey, 2-33 Softball, 23 Tennis, 4g Aero- nautics Club, 43 Glee Club, 3-43 Christmas Choir, 4g A Cappella Choir, 43 Red Cross, 23 Christmas Com., 43 Publicity Com. for Senior Play, 4. Elaine's a gal who -gets around- She finds her luck out of town3 Shes cute, friendly, so petite. Naturally we think she's sweet. DOROTHY ANN BERTOLINO fDofj Badminton, 33 French Club, 33 Drivers' Club, 43 Christmas Packages Com., 33 Ticket Com., Music Fes- tival, 33 Red Cross Com., 3. Dottie is the nicest girl That anyone could find3 She really ought to go places She is so good and kind. DONALD BLANCHETTE I Radio Club, 33 Stamps and Bonds Com., 33 Glee Club, 23 Red Cross Com., 2-3. F.H.S.'s gift to Brockelman's. GRETA BJORKMAN fGi-efj Marshal, 33 Basketball, 33 Aeronautics Club, 43 Glee Club, 2-3-43 Christmas Gift Wrapping Com., 33 We've heard Greta doesn't like her first name- As for the last one, that, of course, can be changed! THE PHILOMHTH SHIRLEY BLIGH Shorthand Club, 4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Commercial Service Com., 4. - Calm and thoughtful-Shirley. You'lI find her lots of fun. She-'s always ready to join the crowd Wlienever day is done. PETER J. BOTTAZZI fPe1ej Pbilovzuth Staff, 4, Band, 2, Glee Club, 2, Orches- tra, 2-3, Lunchroom Cashier, 4. Pete works in Liggett's drug store, He never is a bore. WANDA BRADLEY Basketball, 2, Softball, 2, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Dis- tributing Team, 2, Christmas Clothing Drive Com., 2, Lunchroom Marshal, 3. Quiet and nice, and a loyal friend. A helping hand she'll willingly lend. WEBSTER BROCKELMAN QWebj Hockey, 2, Band, 2-3-4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Orches- tra, 2-3-4, Christmas Choir, 3-4, A Cappella Choir, 2-3-4, Soloist, 2-3, Distributing Team, 2, Music Festi- val Com., 2-3, State Music Festival, 2-3, Senior Play Cast. Brockelman's Market has had quite a rise. For proof, note Web's "Large, Economy" size. NARDINA ANN BRUNETTA qNmzryj Drivers' Club, 4, Library Service Club, 3-4, Pub- licity Manager, Vice-President, 4. Nardina knows the reason why She gets an awful thrill: A lad named Phil from Ashland Makes her heart stand still. NANCY LOUISE BUCK QNazzj Lunchroom Marshal, 3, Band, 2-3-4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Orchestra, 2-3, Prom Refreshment Com., 3, Prom Usher, 3, Grand March Com., Prom, 3, Pub- licity Com., Music Festival, 3, Senior Play Usher, 4. - Nancy, with her pretty hair, Certainly makes the fellows all stare. BARBARA BUTTREY fBai-nip Student Council, 3-4, Recording Sec., 4, Executive Com., 4, Marshal, 3-4, Philonmfb StaH', 4, Basket- ball, 2-3-4, Captain, 4, Field Hockey, 2-3, Soft- ball, 2-3-4, Captain, 2, "F", Tennis, 3, Drivers' Club, 3, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Christmas Choir, 4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Stamps and Bonds Com., 2, Infantile Paral- ysis Drive, Com., 2, Christmas Box Com., 2, Chair- man, Christmas Toys Com., 3, Co-Chairman, Grand March Com., junior-Senior Prom, 3, Soph Reporting Com., 3-4, Chairman, 4, Head Usher, Prom, 3, Stu- dent Council Convention Representative, 3, Square Dancing, 3, Cheer Leader, 3, Head Cheer Leader, 4, Usher, Football Dance, 4, Usher, Senior-Soph Dance, 4, Patrol Com., Football Dance, 4, Christmas Projects Com., 4, Senior Play Cast, Class Prophet, 4, Leader- ship and Service Award, 4. Barnie has a personality That pleases every he and she. CYNTHIA BUTLER Field Hockey, 2-3-4, "F", Softball, 2-3-4, Tennis, 3-4, Badminton, 3, Nature Club, 3, Drivers' Club, 4, First Aid Com., 2. Cynnie is a reckless girl in her Pontiac, lf you take a ride with her you may never come back. 28F+ THE PHILOMHTH RICHARD BUZZELL Gym Club, 2, Distributing Team, 3, Prom Marshal, 5, Tickets and Invitations Com., 4. Both brains and personality- A rare combination! Don't you agree? MARIE VIRGINIA CALABRESE Glee Club, 2-3-4, Christmas Box Com., 2, Senior Play Make-Up Com., 4. Marie is shy, Marie is sweet, She's a pal . You'd like to meet. ROBERT CAMPION Student Council, 2-3-4, First Vice-President, 3, President, 4, Executive Com., 3-4, Marshal, 2-3-4, Football, 2-3-4, Track, 4, Class Treasurer, 2, Broadcasting Club, 2-3, Student Council Convention Delegate, 3, Christmas Box Com., 2, Chairman, Soph- omore Elections Com., 3, Clothing Drive, 2, Distrib- uting Team, 2, Student Senator, 4, Class Historian, 4, Leadership and Service Award, 4. Might, manner, and Mary. RITA CAPRA Marshal, 4, French Club, Driving Club, 3, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Distributing Team, 2, Red Cross Com., 2, Christmas Box Com., 3, Nominating Com., 4, Class Gift Com., 4, Graduation Honor Group. A toast! To the girl with the big bright eyes. When she goes by, the boys all utter sighs. MARY LOUISE CARLSON Student Council, 2-3-4, Corresponding Secretary, 4, Executive Com., 3-4, Marshal, 2-3-4, Basketball, 2-3-4, Field Hockey, 2, Softball, 2, Tennis, 3-4, Cloth- ing Drive, 2, Soph Play Cast, 2, Christmas Drive Com., 2, D.A.R. Alternate, 4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Foot- ball Dance Com., 3, Handbook Com., Chairman, 3, Sophomore Reporting Com., 3, Graduation Decorating Com., 3, Chairman, Hospitality Com., 4, Usher, Senior Play, 4, Music Festival Ticket Com., 4, Leadership and Service Award, 4, Graduation Honor Group. Ninety-nine and forty-four one hundredths per cent fun. MARJORIE JEAN CARTER ffvlargiej Szudenf Crier Staff, 3-4, Broadcasting Club, 3, Glee Club, 4, Distributing Team, 2, Class Song Com., 4, Highest Scholastic Honors. Kind, friendly and witty is she- ' This description suits her to a JOSEPHINE CECCARONI fjoj Ticket Com., Music Festival, 2-3, Ticket Com., Senior-Soph Dance, 3, Refreshment Com., Senior-Soph Dance, 3, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Distributing Team, 2. Josie is very sweet 3 To school each day she comes so neat, With a personality that can't be beat- All in all she's, quite a treat. ji AN CAVATORTA Ueamziej ' Drivers' Club, 4. Dark brown hair Sparkling eyes, Should we have To advertise? THE PHILOMHTH JUNE CH-APPELL French Club, 2-33 Glee Club, 2-3-4, Christmas Choir, 4, A Cappella Choir, 4. , A qui-et one, but full of fun. PHYLLIS EDNA CHIPMAN QPlaylj Drivers' Club, 3-4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Distributing Team, 2. She always has a pleasant smile, As a friend she's sure worth while. FRANCIS CICCARELLI fCl:vickJ , Marshal, 2-3-4, Basketball, 2-3-4, "F", Baseball, 2-3, Football, 2-3-4, Captain, 4, Christmas Box Com., 2, Clothing Drive Com., 2, Graduation Day Com., 4. Chick's a he-man- Quiet, silent, and strong, A football held is the only place Where men of that type belong. Joi-IANNA CLANCY Dramatic Club, 3, French Club, 4, Secretary, Christ- mas Com., 3, Co-Chairman, Prom Music Com., 3, Glee Club, 3-4, Christmas Choir, 4, A Cappella Choir, 3-4, Senior Play Cast, 4. Our walkie-talkie from Holliston's woods- This tiny prize package proves their fine goods. JANE CLARK Broadcasting Club, 3-4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Prom Decorating Com., 3, Bonds and Stamps Com., 2. jane is tall, jane is neat- In our opinion, She can't be beat. RUSSELL CLARK fRuf.rj Marshal, 4, Golf Club, 4, Glee Club, 4, Distribut- ing Team, 2. A pleasant personality-Russ is everybody's friend. JOSEPH Coco Marshal, 4, Baseball, 3-4, Chemistry Club, 3, Aero- nautics Club, 4, Infantile Paralysis Drive Com., 3-4, Senior Play Cast, Senior Play Ticket Com. What we think of Joe cannot be expressed, But to put it mildly, he's one of the best. ALFRED R. COLLOTTA Student Council, 4, Marshal, 3-4, Plailomalb Staff, 4, Clubs Com., 3-4, President, 3, A Cappella Choir, 4, Ticket Com., Football Dance, 3-4, Ticket Com., Music Festival, 3, Prom Ticket Com., 3, Lost and Found Com., 3, Senior Nominating, Com., Infantile Paralysis Drive Com., 4, Class Gift Com., 4. Al is witty, Al is smart, He knows the way to every girl's heart. 5,2 I? . Njfug. If 7,4 .THE PHILOMHTH RICHARD STEPHEN CONDON fDickj Marshal, 43 Football, 33 Gym Club, 23 Aeronautics Club, 43 Glee Club, 3-43 Ticket Com., Football Dance, 43 Senior Play Cast, Class Night Social Hour Com., 4. The girls all Hock to the A. 8: PF It must be Dick they go to see. MAR .JORIE COLP Student Council, 33 Marshal, 2-33 Dramatic Club, 33 Club Com., 43 Senior Play Cast, 43 Lost and Found Com., 3-43 Christmas Box Com., 33 Hospitality Com., 3-4, Chairman, 33 Glee Club, 3-43 Ticket Com., Music Festival, 23 Nominating Com., 43 Red Cross Com., 23 Graduation Flower Com., 3. Marjorie is nice and always gayg In our opinion she's okay. SYLVIA JEAN COONEY Marshal, 43 Lunchroom Marshal, 33 Field Hockey, 2-3 Aeronautics Club, 3, Secretaryg Drivers' Club, 43 Grand March Com., Prom, 33 Usher, Prom, 33 Co- Chairman, Decorating Com., Prom, 33 Glee Club, 2-3-43 Hospitality Com., 23 Soph Play Cast, 23 Senior Play Castg Class Night Exercises Com., 4. Syl keeps the boys in a whirlg She's a very busy girl. CATHERINE CORBIN flfnyj Marshal, 33 Pbilomazb Staff, 43 Broadcasting Club, 43 Class Secretary, 2-33 Prom Com., 33 Nominating Com., 33 Grand March Com., Prom, 33 Christmas Boxes Com., 2-3-43 Red Cross Com., 33 Ticket Com., Senior-Soph Dance, 43 Senior Play Usher, 4. A cute redhead from Pearl Street. RICHARD Cox Dramatic Club, Executive Com., 43 Distributing Team, 23 Check Room, Senior-Soph Dance, 23 Dance Check Rooms, 2-3. Dick has his English in 229. The line he hands the teacher would be a lawyer's dream. CAROLYN ELIZABETH COYNE Marshal, 43 Field Hockey, 23 Softball, 23 Tennis, 34 Dramatic Club, 33 Broadcasting Club, 43 Hospitality Com., 23 Glee Club, 2-3-43 Christmas Choir, 3-43 A Cappella Choir, 3-43 Infantile Paralysis Drive Com., 2-33 Red Cross Com., 23 Christmas Boxes Com., 23 Grand'March Com., Prom, 33 Prom Usher, 33 Christ- mas Toys Com., 33 Ticket Com., Music Festival, 33 Senior Play Cast, 43 Tickets and Invitations Com., 43 Graduation Honor Group. For a natural actress, she's our choice. What would Uncle joe do without her voice? SHERMAN CRAWFORD Marshal, 3-43 Gym Club, 33 Drivers' Club, 43 Senior Play Stage Com., 43 Tickets and Invitations Com., 43 Lunchroom Marshal, 3-43 Athletic Awards Assembly Com., 3. Sherman's where he is today because he never took seriously that war cry of the embattled faculty, "They shall not pass!" EDWARD PAUL CROATTI Track, 3-43 Gym Club, 2-33 Red Cross Com., 23 Christmas Boxes Com., 2-33 Infantile Paralysis Fund Com., 4. There ain't no use in all this strife An' rushin' pell-mell right through life3 It ain't no kind o' good,- 'N' I wouldn't hurry if I could! THE PHILOMHTH ALLEN CRONIN Although Allen is quiet and very shy, We all agree he's one great guy. ANN MARIE CRONAN Broadcasting Club, 3-4, Glee Club, 4, Salvation Army Com., 31 Grand March Com., Prom, 3, Refresh- ment Com., Prom, 3, Christmas Boxes Com., 3. Friendly smile and eyes of blue- Ann's our gal and Bobby's. RAYMOND CROSBY, JR. Hockey, 3, Chemistry Club, 3, Christmas Choir, 4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Distributing Team, 2, Tickets and Invitations Com., 4. The ocean has nothing on Ray's wave! MARY CUNNEEN Aeronautics Club, 4, Glee Club, 3-4, Lost and Found Com., 2, Hospitality Com., 2, Christmas Boxes Com., 2, Badminton, 3. Mary likes to practice poise, With it she gets all the boys. RAYMOND H. CUNNINGHAM Ray's sense of humor and buoyant style Make life pretty well worth while. MARGARET CURLEY Broadcasting Club, 4, Glee Club, 2 and 4, Bonds and Stamps Com., 2, Distributing Team, 2, Hospital- ity Com., 2, Red Cross Com., 2-3, Usher, Music Festi- val, 2, Marshal, 2. Margaret is a deburante And we are proud of her, When she goes out, the boys all say, "Oh, mamma, buy me her." MARY GERALDINE CURLEY fCurlyy Student Crier Staf, 4, French Club, 3, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Distributing Team, 2, Hospitality Com., 2 and 4, Red Cross Surgical Dressings, 2, Christmas Boxes Com., 2-3, Red Cross Drive Com., 3, Advertising Com., Senior-Soph Dance, 4, Publicity Com., Senior Play. Mary always has a word Of cheer to give to you, She's always nice to everyone, A lovely friend, and true. EDWARD CURRAN QN ed y Marshal, 2-3-4, Baseball, 2-3-4, "F", Football, 2, Hockey, 2-3-4, "F", Drivers' Club, 3, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Christmas Choir, 4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Prom Patrol Com., 3. Ned is a whiz on the ice, Off or on, he's very nice. Z 351' THE PHILOMHTH DOROTHY ELAINE DAKAI Basketball, 2-3-4, "F", Field Hockey, 2, Aeronautics Club, 3, Broadcasting Club, 4, Glee Club, 5-4, Red Cross Com., 2, Chairman, Graduation Ushers, 3, Lost and Found Com., 3, Tickets and Announcements Com., 4. Blonde and pretty is our Dot, At F.H.S. she's a big shot. JOAN MARIE DANIELS I Softball, 2-3, Library Service Club, 2-3-4, Pres- ident, 4, Drivers' Club, 3, Broadcasting Club, 4, Secre- tary, 4, Bonds and Stamps Com,, 2, Prom Usher, 3, Grand March Co'n., Prom, 3, Graduation Usher, 3, Lost and Found Com., 3, Glee Club, 3-4, Ticket Com., Prom, 2, Refreshment Com., Football Dance, 2, Christ- mas Boxes, 2, Red Cross Com., 2, Senior-Soph Dance Com., 4, Usher, Senior Play, 4, Tickets and Announce- ments Com., 4, Music Festival Ticket Com., 4. joanie is sweet-that we can see. She's the pin-up girl of the boys at B.C. PATRICIA ANN DAVITT fPa0 Tennis, 3, Drivers' Club, 3, Broadcasting Club, Captain, 4, Glee Club, 3-4, Distributing Team, 2, Lost and Found Com., 3-4, Red Cross Com., 3, Christ- mas Boxes Com., 4, Make-Up Com., Senior Play. Green are her eyes, red is her hair, For all good things she has a flair. Bright and smiling, never cross- Without her we'd be at a loss. ANN DAWSON Sfzzdenl Crier Advertising Staff, 3, Basketball, 2-3-4, Field Hockey, 3-4, Softball, 2-3-4, "F", Short- hand Club, 4, Glee Club, 3-4. She's a star in basketball, with personality plus. , LORRAINE ROSE MARY DECICCO fLoriej Drivers' Club, 3, Broadcasting Club, 4, Red Cross Com., 2. Lorraine's so sweet and always so neat, As a friend she can't be beat. IRENE DELLASANTA Glee Club, 2-3. x Irene has such pleasant ways, To know her is real fun. We always listen to what she says- She truly is a hon. BEssIE DEVINE fBettyj Glee Club, 3-4, Christmas Choir, 4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Christmas Box Com., 2-3, Ticket Com., Prom, 3, Music Festival Ticket Com., 4. A smiling face, a jolly way- That is Betty, so verry gay. PATRICIA DESMOND fDerj Marshal, 2-3-4, Smdent Crier Staff, 2-3-4, Executive Com., 3, Softball, 2, Drivers' Club, 3, Secretary, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Cheer Leader, 2, Hospitality Com., 2, Christmas Boxes Com., 2, Refreshment Com., Senior- Soph Dance, 2, Infantile Paralysis Drive Com., 2, Prom Ticket Com., 3, Prom Usher, 3, Ticket Com., Senior-Soph Dance, 4, Ticket Com., Senior Play, Clothing Drive, 4, Senior Play Usher, 4. Very pretty, lovely clothes- Pat looks good in any pose. THE PHILOMHTH VITA J. DIANA Broadcasting Club, 3, Drivers' Club, 4, Christmas Box Com., 3, Distributing Team, 2, Veterans' Hospital Collection Com., 4, Make-Up Com., Senior Play, 4, Softball, 3. Big browh eyes-sparkling smile- Here's a girl who's just your style. DOROTHY ANN DIATALEVI fD0lfiej Glee Club, 3-4, Distributing Team, 2, Decorating Com., Football Dance, 3, Prom Ticket Com., 3, Driv- ers' Club, 3, Shorthand Club, 4, Senior Play Usher, 4, Music Festival Com., 4, Softball, 2, Lunchroom Cashier, 3. From the top of her head To the tip of her toes, She attracts much attention With her pretty clothes. ROSEMARY DORAN Studenl Crier Staff, 3-4, Pbilomnzb Staff, 4, Adver- tising Staff, 3, Field Hockey, 3-4,"'F", Softball, 3-4, Square Dancing, 3, Badminton, 3-4, French Club, 5, Glee Club, 3-4, Red Cross Drive, 2, Ticket Com., Music Festival, 3, Chairman, Christmas Gifts Com., 3-4, Christmas Seals, 3-4, Senior Play Cast, Class Prophet, 4, Infantile Paralysis Drive Com., 4. Rosemary's full of pep and vim-a very witty girl. When she's around she keeps us all in a happy whirl. WILLIAM DOMEY Senior Play Ticket Com., 2, Student Association Membership Com., 3-4, Senior Play, Band, 2-3-4, Glee Club, 3-4, Orchestra, 2-3-4, Christmas Choir, 2-3-4, A Cappella Choir, 2-3-4, Rotary Club Delegate, 4, Graduation Honor Group. This strapping young blade won every maid's heart when on his tuba he played. LEONARD MARVIN DREW Lunchroom Marshal, 2, Baseball, 3-4, Hockey, 2, Assistant Manager, Football, 2-3, Manager, Football, 4, "F", Drivers' Club, 3, Broadcasting Club, 4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Ticket Com., Music Festival, 2-3-4, Dis- tributing Team, 2-3, Ticket Com., Senior-Soph Dance, 2, Ticket Com., Senior Play, 2-3, Ticket Com., Foot- ball Dance, 2-3. Lennie is a friendly boy from good old F.H.S., He'll help all when he can, so here's to his success. PHILIP H. DYER fPhi!j Marshal, 3-4, Track, 2 and 4, "F", Aeronautics Club, 3, Broadcasting Club, 4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Christmas Choir, 4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Distributing Team, 2, Christmas Boxes Com., 3, Class Gift Com., 4. To write his good points would "Phil" the book, But his looks, clothes, and manners we can't overlook! DOROTHY R. EARLEY fDollyj Distributing Team, 2, Drivers' Club, 4, Glee Club, 2. Dolly lives in Saxonville, The little village of the mill. SHIRLEY ELLIS I Glee Club, 2-3-4, Christmas Choir, 4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Usher, Senior Play, 4, Music Festival Ticket Com., 4, Basketball, 2, Sub-Deb. Club, 2, Drivers' Club, 4, Graduation Honor Group. If you need a friend who's true, Shirley is the girl for you. THE ,PHILOMHTH JOHN ERESIAN Track, 3-43 Aeronautics Club, Activity Com., 33 Clubs Com., 43 Band, 43 Glee Club, 3-43 Orchestra, 4g Christmas Choir, 3-43 A Cappella Choir,'3-43 Pianist, Glee Club and A Cappella Choir, 3-43 Ticket Com., Football Dance, 43 Clothing Drive, 43 Student Council Election Com., 43 Delegate, Rotary Club, 43 Class Song Com., 43 Graduation Honor Group. Piano-playing genius. "Genius is one per cent in- spiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration."- Thomas Edison. FRANK FALCONI Track, 3, Many laughs you will enjoy If you know this Franky boy. MARGARET FANTONI Drivers' Club, 43 Glee Club, 2-3. Quiet and. modest3 always a good friend3 On Margaret we have learned to depend. VINCENT J. FERRARO Marshal, 33 Plailomatla Staff, 43 Football, 3-43 Track, 3-43 Christmas Boxes Com., 23 Ticket Com., Football Dance, 2. Vinny was neat3 Vinny was sweet- That's all before he got tangled up with Voc. B. Louis FERR1 fL0lliE, Student Council, 43 Marshal, 2 and 43 Sludenl Crier Staff, 43 Track, 23 Ticket Com., Senior Play, 23 Prom Ticket Com., 33 Prom Patrol, 33 Ticket Com., 33 Nominating Com., 43 Christmas Box Com., 2-33 March of Dimes Com., 43 Co-Chairman, Christmas Money Com., 43 Co-Chairman, Football Dance Patrol, 4g Ticket Com., Football Dance, 43 Property Com., Senior Play, 43 Lost and Found Com., 43 Balloting Com., 43 Music Festival Com., 4. Louis and Kay are seen everywhere. Oh, my! but aren't they a wonderful pair? AUDREY JOANNE FINKELSTEIN French Club, 33 Drivers' Club, 43 Make-Up Com., Senior Play, 43 Glee Club, 2-3-43 Graduation Honor Group. Audrey is a girl of fung W'hen she tackles something it's always done. DAVID MARSTON FLANDERS Baseball, 2-3-4, Manager, 2, 4, "F"3 Football, 3g French Club, 33 Nature Club, 43 Prom Patrol, 33 Senior-Soph Dance Patrol, 43 Clothing Drive, 33 Ticket Com., 43 Christmas Boxes Com., 43 Senior Play Cast, 43 Band Concert Com., 4. Dave may be quiet, bashful and shy, But all the girls try to catch his eye. PATRICIA FOLEY fPafJ Advertising Staff, Szudenl Crier, 43 Library Service Club, 23 French Club, Secretary, 33 Broadcasting Club, 4' Glee Club, 2 and 43 Red Cross, 2. "Patience is POWCFQ with time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes silk."-Chinese. THE, PHILOMHTH ROBERT FOLEY E so Marshal, 3, Golf Club, 3, Ticket Com., Football Dance, 3. , Bob is tall and nice and neat- Someone like him we'd all like to meet. TH ERESA FRANCHI fTidij French Club, 3, Drivers' Club, 4, Glee Club, 3, Distributing Team, 2, Christmas Box Com., 3, Grad- uation Honor Group. "Tidi" is cute and so petite, She likes just everyone, And everyone likes Tidi- No enemy has she won. JEAN FRAZER Art Club, 3, Shorthand Club, 4, Glee Club, 4, Red Cross, 2, Commercial Service Com., 4. jean is happy, jean is gay, Because her heart Belongs to Ray. DORETTE 'FRASER QD0llyj Art Club, 4, Library Service Club, 4. Dolly reads the glamour books- For formulas on her good looks. Her pretty face, clothes and hair Make anybody turn to stare. PR1sctL1.A GAHM Glee Club, 2-3-4, Flower Committee, 3, Christmas Box Com., 2-3-4, Aeronautics Club, 4. Tall, dark and gorgeous, This gal of F.H.S. Well mannered and good natured, She is hard to suppress. JOSEPHINE FREEDMAN Uoriej , Badminton 3- Debatin Club 3 Golf Club 4 v 1 g a 1 r' . Graduation Honor Group. QQ, 'A Harvard has a claim on the Freedman name, When jo grows up, we'll all acclaim her fame. aa, Af F, CARLO GALVANI Basketball, 2-3, Football, 3-4, "F", Band, 2-3-4, Stage Set, Senior Play, 4, Graduation Day Com., 4. Carlo's a boy who's got what it takes, He keeps all the girls singing "I-Ieartachesf' ANN CLAIRE GAREARINO Drivers' Club, 3, Shorthand Club, 4, Glee Club, 3-4, Distributing Team, 2, Red Cross, 3, Graduation Usher, 3. Ann is sweet, quiet, but merry, ' She'll make someone a good secretary. Qglga- THE PHEILOMHTH .,. icy! I km.. ' JAMES GAVIN Football, 2-3, jim and june are quite a pair. They're seen together everywhere. IRENE LOUISE GARVIN Glee Club, 2-3-4, Christmas Choir, 4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Bonds and Stamps Com., 2, Prom Usher, 3, Christmas Boxes Com., 2, Music Festival Ticket Com., 4, Graduation Honor Group. Irene likes Wellesley-it's plain to see. 'Cause Danny lives theree-and her heart has he! JO-ANN GLEASON Glaorfiej Tennis, 2, Glee Club, 2, Distributing Team, 2. Shortie is cute, Shortie is sweet, Shortie's a girl you'll have to meet. WILLIAM GEORGE Student Council, 2-3-4, Executive Com., 4, Treas- urer, 4, Marshal, 3-4, Philomully Staff, 4, Ticket Com., Senior-Soph Dance, 2, Christmas Box Com., 2, Student Association Enrollment Com., 2, French Club, Presi- dent, 3, Lunchroom Marshal, 2 and 4, Chairman, Foot- ball Dance Com., 3, Prom Patrol Com., 3, Chairman, Sophomore Elections, 4, Class Prophet, Graduation Honor Group. When Bill's at medical school Many's the nurse who will drool, For lei femmes aren't ignorius Of our Bill-he's sure glorious! MERLE GOLDMAN Smdenz Crier Advertising Staff, 2, Debating Club, 3, French Club, 4, Band, 2, Glee Club, 2-3, Christmas Boxes Com., 2, First Aid, 2, Distributing Team, 2, Grand March Com., Prom, 3, Prom Usher, 3, Ticket Com., Senior Play, 4. Merle is singing all the time, She's happy all the day. When she is near-and it's a fact- The skies are never gray. RICHARD GOLDRICK QG0ldiej Football, 2-3-4, Gym Club, 2, Drivers' Club, Pres- ident, 4, Ticket Com., Prom, 3, Ticket Com., Football Dance, 3, Christmas Boxes Com., 4, Ballot Com., 4, Property Com., Senior Play, 4, Tickets and Announce- ments Com., 4. Dick is handsome and also neat, He has a personality that can't be beat. I GARDNER GOULD Hockey, 3-4, Marshal, 4, Golf Club, 3-4, Glee Club, 4, Prom Patrol Com., 3. Puck's a comin'! Stop it quick. Start a-runnin', Don't lose the stick! PHYLLIS GRADY fPloylj Broadcasting Club, 4, Glee Club, 3-4, Christmas Boxes Com., 3-4. They call her Phyllis, and what a gal! A real, true friend, and a worthwhile pal. THE PHILOIVIHTH ADA GRANDONI Shorthand Club, Secretary, 43 Glee Club, 33 Dis- tributing Team, 23 Commercial Service .Com., 4. Ada is the key To a pleasant pers0nality3 Turn the key and you will find, lt opens up a brilliant mind. RUSSELL FRANK GRANGE Glee Club, 3-43 Orchestra, 3-43 Christmas Choir, 3-43 A Cappella Choir, 3-43 Accompanist, 3-43 Class Song Com., 43 Graduation Honor Group. Frank never fails to please- "Saxonville's pride and his 88 keys." Joi-IN GaAsso Q C fairy Student Council, 23 Marshal, 3-43 Student Crier Staff, 2-3-43 French Club, 33 Glee Club, 23 Distribut- ing Team, 23 Red Cross, 23 Lost and Found Com., 43 Class Night Exercises Com., 4. Like a book-don't judge him by his cover, For facts reveal he's quite a lover. THELMA GROSSMAN fTlaelj Dramatic Club, 33 Make-Up Com., Senior Play, 43 Glee Club, 3-43 Graduation Usher, 33 Graduation Honor Group. We like the way she walks and talks, And the way she combs her hairg ln short, we find we really like Our Thelma, here and there. MAR JORIE RITA GROVER Glee Club, 2-3-43 Distributing Team, 23 Prom Re- freshment Committee, 3. Always happy, always gay, Life's worth while 'cause she's that way. JAMES C. HANSON Marshal, 2-3-43 Baseball, 2-3-4, Football, 2-3-4, "F"3 Hockey, 2, 4, "F"3 Ticket Com., Football Dance, 43 Distributing Team, 23 Senior-Soph Dance Ticket Com., 23 Ticket Com., Prom, 2-33 Class Gift Com., 4. "jimmy" is a baseball SIHTQ In this field he should go far! NANCY HAUGHEY Drivers' Club, 33 Broadcasting Club, 43 Glee Club, 2, 43 Christmas Boxes Com., 2-33 Distributing Team, 23 First Aid, 23 Co-Chairman, Prom Refreshment Com., 33 Cheer Leader, 3-43 Make-Up Com., Senior Play, 43 Class Gift Com., 43 Music Festival Ticket Com., 4. Nancy's tall and very nice3 Nary a heart has she turned to ice. ALLEN HAWKS Pbilomatla Staff, 43 Football, 2-3-43 Hockey, 43 Track, 2-3-43 Gym Club, 3-43 Prom Decorating Com., 33 Prom Patrol, 3. Tall, blond, not so shy,- Allen Hawks is quite the guy. 38 Univ if Wg, kzkgk 1 1 1 infix :, ' 4 THE PHILOMHTH Si IRENE HAYNES Drivers' Club, 4, Glee Club, 2. Irene goes to Brockelman's every day She says, to buy some meat. We wonder if it's really that Or just to see her "Pete." MARGUERITE ANTONIA HAYES Qivlazggiej Broadcasting Club, President, 4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Christmas Choir, 4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Ticket Com., Music Night, 2. Maggie's our true comedienne. Will her witty remarks ever end? X ADELE HIGGINS Sfzzdenl Crier Advertising Staff, 2-3, Assistant Man- ager, 3, District Manager, 2, Basketball, 2, Field Hockey, 3, Tennis, 4, Dramatic Club, 3, Drivers' Club, 2, Dramatic Club, 2, Band, 2-3-4, Brass Quartet, 2-3-4, Glee Club, 4, Orchestra, 2, Distributing Team, 2, Clothing Drive, 2, Ticket Com., Music Festival, 2, Sophomore Play Cast, 2, Red Cross Drive, 3, Property Com., Senior Play, Campaign Manager, 2, Graduation Honor Group. Adele is happy all the time, She thinks sadness is a crime. FRANCES j. HIGGINS Drivers' Club, 3, Broadcasting Club, 4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Christmas Choir, 4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Music Festival Ticket Com., 4. Fran is cute, a friend to all, She is always on the ball. JEAN.HILTON Drivers' Club, 3, Distributing Team, 2, Prom Re- freshment Com., 3. A Tall and slender Lovely eyes, She walks by-oh! Hear the sighs! BARBARA HILDIIETI-I Drivers' Club, 4, Glee Club, 4. Barbara is charming, demure and sweet, Such a combination is hard to beat. ALICE HOLLANDER ,Aly Basketball, 2-3-4, "F", Softball, 2-3-4, "F", Field Hockey, 3, Drivers' Club, 3, Shorthand Club, 4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Band, 2-3-4, Drum Majorette, 2-3-4, Dis- tributing Team, 2, Chairman, Christmas Box Com., 2, Ticket Com., Senior-Soph Dance, 4. What a cute little steno she will make! As for brains, she takes the cake, As a sports girl we all know well, That Al is just simply swell. Ronmtr N. HINCKLEY Ticket Com., Prom, 3, Prom Patrol Com., 3, Patrol Com., Football Dance, 4, Patrol Com., Senior-Soph Dance, -1. Boh is calm, never in a flurry, But he will always have a "W0rrey." THE PHILOMHTH GERALDINE HUNTER Qjerryj Library Service Club, 5-4, Glee Club, 2, Christmas Wrapping Com., 2, Hospitality Com., 2. She's jolly and clever, a mischievous elf, The teachers all like her in spite of herself. MINERVA IANIRO fzlflimziej Glee Club, 2-3-4, Red Cross, 2, Graduation Usher, 5, Ticket Com., Football Dance, 2. Minnie is very quiet, Especially while in class, But when she gets outside of class, She's a different lass. GEORGE JOHNSON Lunchroom Marshal, 2, Marshal, 3, Student Council, 3, Baseball, 3, Bonds and Stamps Com., 2, Chemistry Club, 5, Aeronautics Club, 4, Prom Decorating Com., 3, Chairman, Student Association Com., 3, Glee Club, 4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Clothing Drive, 4, Highest Scholastic Honors. Handsome, strong and studious is he, There'd be heaven to pay if he got a JACQUEITINE JEWELL Uarkiej Broadcasting Club, 4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Christmas Choir, 2-5-4, A Cappella Choir, 2-3-4, Christmas Box Com., 5, Graduation Honor Group. Her songs are charming- Her smile disarming. Oh! RITA ALICE JOHNSON French Club, 3, Broadcasting Club, 4, Ticket Com., Senior-Soph Dance, 2, Senior Play Cast, Band Concert Com., 4, Glee Club, 2. Here's to the girl so studious and shy- But in French class-Oh, me, Oh, my! BARBARA JONES Music Festival Usher, 3. Although Barb comes from potato land We at F.H.S. think she's grand. JOANNE FRANCES KEANEY Glee Club, 4, Distributing Team, 2, Graduation Usher, 2, Senior Play Usher, 4, Drivers' Club, 4, Joanne has the prettiest smile, Which makes living worth while. With her fair skin and big blue eyes, All who see her are hypnotized. LORRAINE DOROTHY KELLEY fDolfyJ Glee Club, 2, 4. Not high hat. In fact, Dot is just a humble "Kel- Icy." 4 THE PHILOMHTH CLIFFORD J. KNIGHT Cliff is every teacher's joy, Because he's such a quiet boy! ALAN RONALD KENDRICK Football, 25 Chairman, Senior Play Scenery Com., 45 Marshal, 4. Alan went to California, but he soon came back5 We ,wonder what there is back here that he could ever lack! LILA KNORR Marshal, 25 French Club, 35 Broadcasting Club, 45 Glee Club, 25 Christmas Boxes Com., 2-35 Make-Up Com., Senior Play5 Graduation Honor Group. Here's a girl with joys and joys- She's got brains, looks, clothes and boys. ALMA LORRAINE LANDSBURG fLmzdryj Glee Club, 2-3-4. The girl with the perfect figure for modeling! ROBERT C. LANGTRY fB0laj Band, 2-3-45 Glee Club, 3-45 Orchestra, 3-45 Christ- mas Choir, 3-45 A Cappella Choir, 3-45 Music Festival Com., 35 Prom Patrol Com., 35 Senior Play Cast, Bob keeps the girls guessing if he C8115 . Perhaps he is their "walking man." KATHRYN LAv1N fKayj Student Council, 45 Marshal, 3-4, Second Lieut., 45 Sludem Crier Staff, 2-3-45 Dramatic Club, Secretary, 35 Lost and Found Committee, 3-4, Ass't Chairman, 3, Chairman, 45 Chairman, Prom Ticket Com., 35 Prom Patrol Com., 35 Nominating Com., 3-45 Glee Club, 3-45 Distributing Team, 25 Christmas Clothing and Food Drive, 25 Badminton, 35 Graduation Usher, 35 Blood Donor Drive, 35 Class Night Toast, 45 Senior Play Usher, 45 Graduation Honor Group. Here's a girl who can't be beat- She is generous, kind, and sweet. PRISCILLA LEACH QPi-irj Sludent Crier Staff, 2-3-45 Advertising Staff, 2-3-4, Assistant Manager, 3, Manager, 45 Basketball, 2-35 Field Hockey, 25 Softball, 45 Tennis, 45 Stamps and Bonds Com., 25 Dramatic Club, 35 Band, 45 Glee Club, 2, 45 Ticket Com., Prom, 35 Publicity Com., Senior Play, 45 Band Concert Com., 45 Soldiers' Gifts, 25 Campaign Manager, 25 Graduation Honor Group. Pris at a party- Pris on the street- A laugh that's hearty- She can't be beat. GEORGE LIZNTONI Pbilomrzlb Staff, 45 Gym Club, 2-3-45 Class Vice- Pregident, 2-35 Prom Com., 35 Nominating Com., 35 Athletic Award Assembly Com., 3. Our George has Tripoli all in a whirlg ' He has captured the heart of a certain girl. THE PHILOMHTH BEVERLY CLAIRE LEVENSON Glee Club, 2-3, Distributing Team, 2, Christmas Box Com., 2-3. v A friendly girl with a friendly way, To help us brighten every day. MARY ANN LEVEILLE Basketball, 3, Softball, 2-3, Broadcasting Club, 3-4, Christmas Box Com., 2, Usher, Music Festival, 3. Down the street they go chug chuggy- Mary Ann and the boys in her green buggy. JOHN THOMAS LOCKE Marshal, 3-4, Second Lieut., 3, Executive Com., 33 Basketball, 3-4, "F", Baseball, 2, Football, 2, Nature Club, 4, Nominating Com., 3, Prom Patrol Com., 3, Ticket Com., Football Dance, 4, Class Night Supper Com., 4. Where does John get those ideas of turning Hol- liston into a Metropolis? MILDRED LOMBARDO fzvlilliej Basketball, 2, "F", Softball, 2, Glee Club, 2-3. Tall, dark, and attractive, A swell friend, too, That's Millie- Our best to you. ROBERT W. LONG fBuddj Basketball, 2-3, Baseball, 2, Football, 2-3-4, "F", Christmas Box Com., 3, Ticket Com., Prom, 3, Prom Patrol, 3, Tickets and Announcements Com., 4. Buddy has the cutest blush- He blushes all day long. His looks may be deceiving, though, He's really very strong. GORDA LOOM ER Student Crier staff, 4, Library Service Club, 3, Prom Ticket Com., 3, Christmas Boxes Com., 2, Lost and Found Com., 3-4, Ticket Com., Glee Club, 2, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Usher, Senior Play. Gorda has the nicest smile- For it we would walk a mile. JOAN LUNDBERG Advertising Staff, Student Crier, 3-4, Tennis, 3' Distributing Team, 2, Bonds and Stamps Com., 2, Lost and Found Com., 2, Clothing Drive, 2, 4, Dra- matic Club, 3, Graduation Usher, 33 Campaign Mgr., 2, Prom Refreshment Com., 3: Christmas Boxes, 2, Infantile Paralysis Drive, 2, Ticket Com., Music Festi- val, 3, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Christmas Choir, 3-4, A Cap- pella Choir, 3-4, Special Octet, 4, Broadcasting Club, 4, Senior Play Cast, Highest Scholastic Honors. "How to Make Friends and Influence People"- Tell us unfortunates your formula. MARTIN P. LYNCH Gym Club, 2-3-4. He is quiet from dawn to night and from night to dawn. He's one little fellow we've nothing on! 42 THE PHILOMHTH MARION MACLEOD Basketball, Z, Softball, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Christmas Gift Wrappings, 2-3, Glee Club, 2, First Aid, 2, Red Cross Com., 2. After Marion will graduate She'll marry at an early date. RICHARD MACRELLI Track, 3, Graduation Day Com., 4. Dick and Betty are quite the pair, They're seen together, everywhere! CAROLYN MONA MADDEN Softball, 3-4, First Aid Club, 2, Drivers' Club, 3, Glee Club, 3-4, Distributing Team, 2, Christmas Boxes, 3. Everyone is wondering where Our "Hotshot" found that sophisticated air. THOMAS MADDEN ' Student Council, 3-4, Second Vice-President, Exec. Com., 3, Marshal, 3-4, Hockey, 2-3-4, Captain, 3, Distributing Team, 2, Chairman, Senior Elections, 3, Music Com., Prom., 31 Soph. Elections Com., 3, Chair- man, Salvation Army Drive, 4, Class Night Toast, 4, Nominating Com., 4. The number of "T's" friends is big. He's our favorite in the Bay State League. Hockey and girls he always chooses- ln either case he never loses. ELIZABETH MAEDER Student Council, 2, Lunchroom Marshal, 3, Library Service Club, 2, French Club, 3, Glee Club, 3, Cloth- ing Drive Com., 2, Prom Usher, 3, Prom Music Com., 3, Prom Ticket Com., 3, Home Room Hospitality, 2-3, Senior Play Publicity Com., 4, Graduation Honor Group. She's one of the best, no doubt it's true. For when under a test she comes blazing through. EDWARD MAI-IAN fBig Edj Broadcasting Club, 3, Gym Club, 3, Ticket Com- Inittee, Football Dance, 4, Prom Decorating Commit- - tee, 3, Clubs Committee, 4, Patrol, Senior-Soph Dance, 4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Christmas Choir, 4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Christmas Boxes, 3, Senior Play Cast, 4, Class Night Social Hour Com., 4, Rotary Club Dele- gate, 4, Graduation Honor Group. In spare Ed works with all his might I wonder where he was last night. MARGARET BETTY MAIN Softball, 2, Volley Ball, 2, Safe Drivers' Club, 33 Marshal, 3, Shorthand Club, 4, Glee Club, 4, Distrib- uting Team, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2, Patrol, Senior- Soph Dance, 3, Football Dance Refreshment Com- mittee, 4, Surgical Dressings, 2, Senior Play Usher, 4, Music Festival Com., 4. Blonde hair, blue eye-s, and lots of class, Has our little Scotch lass. MARY MALLOY ' Marshal, 2, French Club, 3, Broadcasting Club, 4, Glee Club, 3-4, Distributing Team, 2, Lost and Found Com., 3-4. Mary doesn't even yawn When she's with her handsome Don. THE PHILOMHTH FRANic MANo1Ni QTbe Major, Marshal, 3-43 Football Dance Ticket Com., 43 Cam- paign Manager, 23 Graduation Exercises, 33 Intra- mural Basketball, 43 Infantile Paralysis Drive, 43 Football Dance Refreshment Com., 4. The Mayor of Saxonville. KATHLEEN MANNING QKayQ Salvage Com., 23 Prom Refreshment Com., 33 Hand- book Com., 3. Sweet and shy, Yet she gets by. JEANNETTE MARENGHI fjeaniej Lunchroom Marshal, 33 Library Service Club, 43 Drivers' Club, 43 Glee Club, 2-33 Distributing Team, 23 Graduation Honor Group. In the play "Success" she'll have a big part. PATRICIA MARY MARONI Student Council, 3-43 Marshal, Marshal Executive Com., 5-4, Second Lieut., 5, First Lieut., 43 Basket- ball, 2-3-4, Capt., 2, Field Hockey, 23 Softball, 23 Tennis, 3-43 Glee Club, Christmas Choir, A Cap- pella Choir, 43 Infantile Paralysis Drive, 2-33 Clothing Drive, 2-3-43 Distributing Team Capt., 23 Ass't Chair- man, Football Dance Patrol Com., 33 Prom Ushering Com.3 Ass't Ch., Prom Patrol Com., 33 Music Festival Ushering Com., 33 Rep. to Framingham Community Council, 33 Ass't Ch., Football Dance Decorating Com., 33 Graduation Ushering and Decorating Com., 33 Senior-Soph Dance Patrol, Ushering, and Decorat- ing Com., 43 Chairman, Football Dance Decorating Com., 43 Cheer Leader, 43 Nominating Com., 43 Pub- licity and Decorating Com., Senior Play, 43 D.A.R. Good Citizenship Pilgrim, 43 Leadership and Service Award, 4. Pat has everything, ad infinitum, etc., etc. RHODA MASON Badminton, 33 Distributing Team, 23 Debating Club, 33 Golf Club, 43 Football Dance Tickets, 23 Music Festival Ushering Com., 3. A friend in need--a friend indeed- To help you out she'll always speed. LEON MARSH 3 Distributing Team, 2. Grant's couldn't get along without Lee. JUNE MCANULTY Safe Drivers' Club, 33 Glee Club, 43 Christmas Choir, 43 Graduation Usher, 33 Senior Play Usher, 43 Music Festival Com., 4. Cute and charming and full of fun, -Iiine's the friend of everyone. DONA MAYO Marshal, 33 School Publications Advertising Staff, 3-43 Softball, 2-33 Dramatic Club, 33 Broadcasting Club, 43 Distributing Team, 23 First Aid, 23 Prom Refreshment Com., 33 Graduation Usher, 33 Glee Club, 43 Senior Play Cast, 43 Music Festival Com., 4. Dona with her golden hair Makes the boys all stop and stare. THE PHILCMHTH ALICE MCGOVERN Marshal, 2-3, Basketball, 2, Broadcasting Club, 3, Library Service Club, 31 Glee Club, 4, Christmas Boxes, 5, Senior Play Usher, 4. Freckled nose, Curly brown hair, Wherever there's fun, Alice is there. FRANCES MCCARTHY French Club, 35 Surgical Dressings, 2, Home Room Red Cross Chairman, 3, Hospitality Com., 3. The police chief's daughter is our Franny, She patrols the high school, nook and cranny. JOAN MCLELLAN Marshal, 3, Plailwzmzla Staff, 4, Broadcasting Club, 3-4, Glee Club, 3-4, Christmas Boxes, 2, Prom Usher, 5. joan will get places, we all agree. Will she choose the bus or the model-T? BEVERLY ANN MCVAY Stamps and Bonds Com., 2, Dramatic Club, 3, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Distributing Team, 2, Prom Re- freshment Com., 3, Hospitality Com., 4, Senior Play Make-Up Com., 4, Graduation Honor Group. The day may be short, the day may be long, But Bevie is happy 'cause she's never wrong. NICOLETTA MELEGOS Nickie is quiet when Spero's around, But when he's gone, just watch her clown. JOAN FRANCES MEHIGAN Marshal, 5, Volley Ball, 2, Badminton, 3, Stamps and Bonds Club, 2, Dramatic Club, 3, Broadcasting Club, 4, Graduation Usher, 3, Music Festival Com., 3, Monday Morning Broadcasts Com., 3, Chairman, 4, Prom Ushering Com., 3, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Christ- mas Choir, 4, A Cappella Choir, 3-4, Distributing Team, 2, Salvage Drive, 2, Salvation Army Drive, 2-3, Soldiers' Gifts, 2, Football Dance Decorating Com., 3-4, Surgical Dressings, 2, Property Com., Senior Play, 4, Music Festival Ticket Com., 4, Graduation Honor Group. Trim of limb, shy of eye, Fair of hair-that's our joan. SPERO MELEGOS Gpeedoj Basketball, 2-3-4, 3, Captain, 4, Football, 3-4, Marshal, 3, Graduation Day Com., 4. Three cheers for Capt. Spero- For he's our basketball hero! FRANCIS MERUSI Uvloorej ' Student Council, 4, Marshal, 3-4, Football, 2-3-4, 3, Golf Club, 3-4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Christmas Choir, 4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Red Cross Drive, 2, Christmas Wrappings, 2, Christmas Funds Drive Chairman, 4, March of Dimes Drive, 4, Assembly Marshal, 4, Co-Chairman, Properties, Senior Play, 4, Football Dance Patrol, 2-3-4, Senior-Soph Dance Patrol, 3-4, Class Night Supper Com., 4. "Moose" is a quiet lad, The girls he always sways 'em, But when upon the football field Then "Moose" really slays 'eml THE PHILOMHTH IANET MITCHELL Uvlifrhj Marshal, 25 Broadcasting Club, 35 Golf Club, 45 Glee Club, 2-3-45 Christmas Choir, 2-3-45 A Cappella Choir, 2-3-45 First Aid, 25 Graduation Usher, 35 Christmas Gifts Com., 4. Gentlemen prefer blondes. lf you don't get the point to this, you're no gentleman! BARBARA MILLER Marshal, 35 Safe Drivers' Club, 35 Glee Club, 25 Home Room Chairman, Canned Food Drive, 25 Grad- uation Honor Group. Her friendly smile and quiet ways Will bring her joy through many days. JOHN RICHARD MOORE QMoej Track, 3-4. He never says a single word, Maybe it's because he's bored. ALLEN MORINI Marshal, 3-45 Nominating Com., 3: Ushering, Grand March, Prom, 35 Graduation Ushering Com., 35 Senior Play Ticket Com., 45 Tickets and Announce- ments Com., 4. Brown hair, Hazel eyes5 And for the girls He never sighs. YORKE WILLIAM MURPHY Basketball, 45 Football, 2-3, Manager, 25 Glee Club, 35 Tickets and Announcements Com., 4. Murphy gets "copyright" and the right to copy all mixed up! EMILIE MOXON Marshal, 35 Philomazb Staff, 45 School Publications Advertising Staff, 3-4, District Mgr., 45 Tennis, 35 Badminton, 35 Dramatic Club, 35 Glee Club, 2-3-45 Red Cross Drive, 25 Christmas Gifts, 2-35 Home Room Chairman, Salvation Army Drive, 35 Graduation Usher, 35 Hospitality Com., 45 Senior Play Make-Up Com., 45 Senior-Soph Dance Patrol, 35 Graduation Honor Group. Cute little Emilie's a hockey fan, Especially for a "Handsome" man. She screams and yells when they have the puck. This girl with bangs has brought-them luck. LLOYD NOLAN Marshal, 3-45 Hockey, 2-3-4, "F,"5 Golf Club, 45 Band, 2-3-45 Orchestra, 2-3-45 Christmas Boxes, 55 Music Festival Com., 2, 45 Band Concert Com., 4. With hockey stick or violin bow, Lloyd's the player who steals the show. HENRY NORTON QBudj Marshal, 3. "Bud" and his sharp car Are known by all, both near and far. 4Slk-- THE PHILOMHTH IRENE D. OTTAVIANI Glee Club, 243-43 Distributing Team, 2g Graduation Usher, 3. This girl is quiet and rather shy, But she will be missed at Framingham High. DOLINDA M. PACHECO Broadcasting Club, 4, Glee Club, 3-45 Christmas Boxes, 2. Dolinda loves Tripoli, with it she won't part. We wonder what boy up there has captured her heart. VINCENT PEARL Ufinj Gym Club, 3-4, Glee Club, 3-4g Football Dance Ticket Salesman, 2. A grin, a chuckle, a long, loud laugh, And Pearl's mark is reduced by half! Oh, Vinny! BRUCE BROOKS PFEIFFER Homework for him is not a bore, It builds his knowledge more and more. LOUIS PIGA Track, 35 Basketball, Mgr., 2, Gym Club, 2, Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of Louis Piga!-or is it-Eega Beeva? Oh, well-. LOUISE E. PELLEGRINI QLozzj Sub-Deb Club, 2, Glee Club, 2g Red Cross, 2. In school Louise is quiet and shy, But when she's outside, my, oh, my! R ROBERT PIERCE Football, 3-4, Monday Morning Broadcasts Com., 3-4g Co-Chairman, Senior Play Stage Properties Com,, 4. A wee bit bashful, a wee bit shy, Oh, Robert, won't you tell us why? Oh, no! LUCY MAY PLONA fLz1j Broadcasting Club, 33 Shorthand Club, 4g Prom Refreshment Com., 3, Glee Club, 4g Music Festival Usher, 33 Lunchroom Cashier, 3. Lovely blonde hair and sparkling eyesg That'S our Lu - she'll get by. THE PHILOMHTH -441447 CHARLES PONTREMOLI Basketball, 2-3, Track, 2-3, Christmas Boxes, 2-3, Red Cross, 2, Gym Club, 2, Marshal, 2., I-le isn't tall, but then again he isn't small, Well, don't worry! There's no fight. We all agree that Chuck's just right. JOSEPH PORCELLO Uoej . Marshal, 3. Joe may seem quiet, But he's really a riot. SHIRLEY POTTER QPQUJ Marshal, 3-4, Softball, 3-4, Tennis, 3-4, Stamps and Bonds Com., 2, Safe Drivers' Club, 35 Ticket Salesman, Prom, Football Dance, Music Festival, 2, Chairman, Prom Music Com., 3, Prom Usher and Grand March, 3, Music Festival Advertising Com., 3, Christmas Boxes, 2-3, Distributing Team, 2, Red Cross Drive, 2-3, Soldiers' Gifts, 2, Infantile Paral- ysis Drive, 3, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Christmas Choir, 4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Band Concert Com., 3, Gradua- tion Usher, 3, Nominating Com., 3, Football Dance Patrol, 4, Advertising Com., Senior-Soph Dance, 4. Shirley's tall and very cute, Her laugh is like a silvery flute. JANET MARY QUINN Marshal, 3, Advertising Staff, School Publications, 2, Home Room Chairman, Red Cross, Hospitality, 2, Football Dance Refreshment Com., 2, Broadcasting Club, 33 Pbilomazlb Staff, 4, Drivers' Club, 4, Christ- mas Boxes, 3, Senior Play Usher, 4. It must be Janet's lovely hair That causes all the boys to stare, For she's a girl who's full of fun And is known by everyone. CATHERINE QUINZANI fK4zfyJ School Publications Advertising Staff, 2-5-4, Bas- ketball, 3, Field Hockey, 3, Softball, 3, Ticket Sales- man, Music Festival, 2-3, Drivers' Club, 3-4, Prom Refreshment Com., 3, Glee Club, 2-3-4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Senior Play Prompter, 4, Music Festival Tic- 4. Katie has a humor streak- She's really very witty, But when she's quiet, then we say Q That she is very pretty. ket Com., GEORGE STEPHEN RADIVONYK QGenJ Christmas Boxes, 4. George is quiet, Seldom ever heard, Especially in English, Where he never says a word. WILLIAM J. REARDON, JR. Baseball, 3'4, Football, 3. "Still waters run deep." THOMAS REGAN To Tommy, the earth is exclusively inhabited by men! 48 kg..- I l I I l l ,4 fl' THE PHILOMHTH JUDITH RICE ' Smdenl Crier Staff, 3-4, Field Hockey, 2, French Club, 3, Senior Play Property and Publicity Com., 4, Glee Club, 3-4, Accompanist, 3-4, Christmas Choir, 5-4, A Cappella Choir, 3-4, Christmas Box Project Com., 2-3, Chairman, Home Room Canned Foods Com., 2, Music Festival Home Room Ticket Repre- sentative, 2, Class Song Com., 4, Highest Scholastic Honors, 4. Friendly, studious and never moody Combine to give us good-old Judy. MARCIA RING Marshal, 3, Pbilomtzlfa, 4, Basketball, 2-3, Field Hockey, 2-3-4, Tennis, 3-4, Broadcasting Club, 3-4, Prom Decorating Com., 3, Graduation Usher, 3, Band, 2-3-4, Hospitality Com., 2-3, Christmas Boxes, 2, 4, Salvation Army Drive, 2, Square Dancing, 3, Senior Play Cast, 4, Senior Play Advertising Com., 4, Band Concert Com., 4, Highest Scholastic Honors. Good-looking, artistic, personality-plus- On this no one can disagree with us. WILFRED ROUSSEAU fjznziej Baseball, 4, Football, 3-4. Junie is tall, but he's not shy- Some lucky girl will get this guy. KATHERINE ROUSSEAU Red Cross, 2, Glee Club, 2-3, Christmas Gift Wrap- ping, 3, Christmas Boxes, 4, Monday Morning Broad- cast Com., 4, Ballot Com., 4. Katie and Doozie are seen everywhere, Yep! Katie and Doozie are quite a pair. WILLIAM SEARIAC KBIIZZD Student Council, 3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Plailomalb Staff, 4, Football, 2-3-4, "F", Gym Club, 2-3-4, Athletic Assembly Award Com., 3, Nominating Com., 4, Foot- ball Dance Patrol, 4, Senior-Soph Dance Patrol, 4, Senior Play Ticket Com., 4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Red Cross Drive, 3-4, Class Night Supper Com., 4. What has he got that gets the girls? Why, it must be his natural curls. JOHN E. RUTTERV, JR. Uolatmziej Stamps and Bonds Com., 2, Golf Club, 3-4, Prom Patrol, 2, Band Manager, 3-4, Lunchroom Marshal, 3, Marshal, 4, Senior Play Cast, 4. He rides around in his little "tin-lizzie"- This curly-haired wit, making girls dizzy. RUTH ANNE SI-IAUG1-INEssY Lunchroom Marshal, 33 Aviation Club, 3, Safe Drivers' Club Secretary, 4, Glee Club, 4, Senior-Soph Dance Ticket Salesman, 2, Lost and Found Dept., 2, Christmas Gifts Wrapping, 2, Senior Play Ticket Com., 4, Prom Refreshment Tickets, 3. RutlIie's Pat went away, But in her heart he's there to stay. JOSEPH SHAY Student Council, 2, Marshal, 3-4, Baseball, 2, Senior Play Ticket Salesman, 2, Prom Ticket Com., 2-3, Distributing Team, 2, Music Festival Stage Com., 2-3, Christmas Boxes, 2-3, lnfantile Paralysis Drive, 3-4, Football Dance Ticket Com., 4, Class Night Exercises Com., 4. Wherever theres laughing and people are gay, You're bound to find our Joe Shay. THE PHILOMHTH --444 ELIZABETH SLECZKOWSKI Basketball, 2-3-4, Captain, 3, "F", Softball, 2-3-4, "F", Badminton, 3, Art Club, President, 3, Broad- casting Club Chairman, 4, Glee Club,'2-3-4, A Cap- pella Choir, 4, Distributing Team, 2. She comes from Sax, this softball star. We sing her praises near and far. CLARENCE E. SMITH When this class is over-wake me up! Huh? WILLIAM SNOW Glee Club, 2, Music Festival Com., 2, Distributing Team, 2. Bill is tall, .Bill is sleek, With joan He is a sheik. GLORIA JUNE SPEIGEL Broadcasting Club, 3-4, Red Cross Collection, 3, Senior Play Usher, 4, Senior Play Make-Up Com., 4, Graduation Honor Group. Gloria is friendly, Glo's petite. A nicer girl You'll never meet. NORMA STAPLETON Student Publications Advertising Staff, 3-4, Dis- trict Manager, 4, Dramatic Club, 3, Lost and Found Com., 3-4, Prom Refreshment Com., 3, Glee Club, 3-4, Distributing Team, 2, Graduation Usher, 3, Christmas Boxes, 4, Senior Play Prompter, 4, Gradua- tion Honor Group. NOrma's quiet, cute and neat, She sweeps everyone off his feet. ' ANTHONY STUCCHI fTofzyj Marshal, 4, Track, 3-4, Football Dance Ticket Com., 3, Senior Play Stage Com., 4. Tony is quiet and rather shy, But the girls all look when he walks by. RUDY STUCCHI Gtookj Gym Club, 2-3-4, Glee Club, 2, 4, Orchestra, 2-3-4, Christmas Choir, 4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Distributing Team, 2, Music Festival Com., 2-3-4, Senior Play Ticket Com., 4, Class Song Com., 4. Rudy is an ardent camera fan His pictures are a wow! If you want to learn the camera craft, N Rudy will show you how! ELIZABETH SULLIVAN fBe1fyj Marshal, 3, Softball, 2-3, Drivers' Club, 3, ' French Club, 4, Band, 2, Glee Club, 3-4, Band Major- ette, Distributing Team, 2, Senior-Soph Dance Ticket Com., 4, Hospitality Com., 4, Senior Play Usher, 4, Class Night Exercises Com., 4. Big brown eyes, A sunny smile, Make our Betty A friend worth while. THE PHILOMHTH MARY TAOLIAFERRI Shorthand Club, 4, Glee Club, 43 Red Cross, 2, Christmas Boxes, 3. Her keynote is generosity, Her sincerity comes from within, And when things seem to get her down, She bears it with a grin. ANNA TAMBOLLIO Smdent Crier Typist, 3-4, Shorthand Club Presi- dent, 4, Football Dance Ticket Com., 2, Glee Club, 4, Senior Play Make-Up Com., 4. A-lways quiet, N-oisy, never, N-ot a riot A-nd yet quite clever. JOSEPHINE TAMBOLLIO Glee Club, 2-3, Distributing Team, 2. josie'S very quiet- Throughout the livelong day, But after she's recited There's nothing more to say! ADELE TERSONI Distributing Team, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2, Gradua- tion Honor Group. Smooth and serene, She's neat and she's sweet, W'ithOut added spice, This girl is complete. ERNEST M. THOMAS Marshal, 3. Mac is qhiet, but not too shyg He catches many a girl's eye. PHILIP R. THOMAS Gym Club, 2-3. Phil's the king of the Vocational School. CAT1-iER1NE R. TIRAMANI Sllldknf Crier Typist, 3, Basketball, 3, Softball, 2, Broadcasting Club, 33 Shorthand Club, 4, Glee Club, 2-3-4g Red Cross, 2-3, Distributing Team, 2, Chair- man, Christmas Boxes, 4, Christmas Collections, 4, Tickets and Announcements Com., 4, Commercial Service Com., 4g Music Festival Ticket Com., 4, High- est Scholastic Honors. Some call her Rena, Some call her Kay, But she'll be on top All of the Way. PAULINE CAROLINE TOWNE QPMIIQ - Broadcasting Club, 33 Glee Club, 2, Christmas Boxes, 23 Music Festival Usher, 3, Displaced Chil- dren Fund, 4. Always laughing, full of fun, Pauli'S a pal for everyone. THE PHILOMHTH ROSALIE TREDEAU Basketball, 43 Aeronautics Club, 23 Football Dance Decorating Com., 43 Senior Play Decorating Com., 43 Senior-Soph Dance Decorating Com., '43 Glee Club, 2-3-43 Christmas Boxes, 23 First Aid, 23 Prom Dec- orating Com., 33 Graduation Decorating Com., 33 Graduation Usher, 33 Education Week Program Cover, 43 Publicity and Decorative Work, Senior Play, 4. How cruel the world is when graduation separates those otherwise inseparable-such as Ro and Eddie. Right? Louis TRAVAGLINI Distributing Team, 2. Slim's the boss of the Foundryg he comes to school in his spare time. BARBARA VALLIERE Shorthand Club, 43 Glee Club, 43 Prom Decorating Com., 33 Graduation Usher, 33 Chairman, Christmas Project, 33 Senior Play Make-Up Com., 4. Dynamic energy, Wrapped in a package small3 An ambitious girl, Loved by all. MARY ANN VEIGA Broadcasting Club, 33 Shorthand Club, 43 Prom Re- freshment Com., 33 Glee Club, 4g Lunchroom Cashier, 3. A girl as cheerful as Mary, A girl with such a smile, Is sure to get ahead in life And be happy all the while. FRANCIS VITTORI Frank is quiet though he's not shyg The opinion is, that he's a swell guy! GLORIA WAGSTAFF Student Crier Staff, 3-43 Editor-in-Chief, Philo- malb, 43 School Publications Advertising Staff, 33 Glee Club, 3-43 Orchestra, 2-3-4, Librarian, 43 Christ- mas Choir, 43 A Cappella Choir, 3-43 Lost and Found Com., 23 Christmas Boxes, 23 Clothing Drive, 23 Student Membership Drive, 2-33 Surgical Dressings, 23 Infantile Paralysis Drive, 2, Publicity Ch., 43 Fram- ingham Historical Society Essay Contest, 23 Senior- Soph,Dance Patrol, 33 Music Festival Ticket Com., 33 Prom Music Com., 33 State Music Festival, 33 Flower Com., Graduation, 33 T.B. Drive Publicity Com., 43 Chairman, Senior Play Publicity Com., 43 Class Night Social Hour Com., 43 Music Festival Com., 43 Grad- uation Honor Group. Virtuoso virtuous, Girl, oh, so Hirtuous. NINA MAY WALKER 157.0 Basketball, 43 Drivers' Club, 4g Glee Club, 3. Nina is the one girl in the class who certainly does take this note business seriously-fahemj. CHARLES B. WALKER Glee Club, 3. What's that noise over there? Charlie Walker must be there! 52ke-- THUE PHILOMHTH JAMES WALSH Marshal, 33 Drivers' Club, 43 Christmas Boxes, 33 Distributing Team, 2. Hair blonde, eyes hazel. The bus ride to Sax won't end. "Why is this?" someone asks. ' jimmy's lost his license again. HARRIET WARD Marshal, 23 Pbilomalb, 43 Tennis, 33 Badminton, 33 Basketball Mgr., 33 Dramatic Club President, 33 Glee Club, 2-3-43 Chairman, Clothing Drive, 23 Campaign Mgr., 23 Infantile Paralysis Drive, 2, 43 Christmas Projects, 2-33 Senior-Soph Dance Patrol, 33 Grand March Com., Prom, 33 Graduation Usher, 33 Distrib- uting Team, 23 Clubs Com., 33 Football Dance Dec- orating Com., 43 Senior Play Publicity Com., 43 Class Night Social Hour Com., 43 Graduation Honor Group. Laughing, joking, full of glee, That's Harriet we all agree. BARBARA ANNE WHITE fBarbj Sludenl Crier Staff, 43 Broadcasting Club, 33 Glee Club, 2-3-43 Prom Ticket Salesman, 23 Lost and Found Com., 4. Barbie is a friend to all- Ready at your beck and call. JACQUELINE WHITE Uarkiej Field Hockey, 43 French Club, 3-43 Glee Club, 3-4. jackie comes from Saxonville, A friend to one and allg If you're in need, just go to her- She's. really on the ball. MARTHA A. WHITING Pbilumtzfb Staff, 43 Tennis. 33 Debating Club Vice- President, 33 French Club, 43 Orchestra, 2-33 Distrib- uting Team, 23 Campaign Mgr., 23 Hospitality Com., 33 School Report Cover, 23 Senior Play Publicity Com., 43 Christmas Projects Com., 43 Highest Scholastic Honors. From Faust to L'H6te, tennis to slalom, Mart gets our vote, with the best of 'em. THELMA WHITING Golf Club, 33 Glee Club, 43 Distributing Team, 2. Thelma's bright eyes, and winning smile, Will bring her success all the while. Domitsuc ZAFFINO , Track, 3-43 Christmas Wi'apping Com., 2-3-43 Red Cross, 23 Music Festival Com., 2. This boy-tall, dark, and handsome- Comes from Tripoli way. The lucky girl that gets our Dom Should be happy, so they say! VIRGINIA WORREY fGimzyj Marshal, 43 Music Festival Ticket Salesman, 23 Drivers' Club, 2-33 Glee Club, 2-3-43 Lost and Found Com., 23 Prom Patrol and Ticket Collector, 33 Grad- uation Usher, 33 Senior-Soph Dance Patrol, 43 Foot- ball Dance Refreshment Com., 43 Christmas Packages and Wrapping, 3-43 Senior Play Usher, 4. In our English class you will find Ginny racks her "Worrey'd" mind To help a person near at hand Get an "A" on his exam! THE PHILOMHTH Lotus ZANCHI Zanc is quiet, Zanc is neat, His friendly smile Can't be beat. jOiiNNY ZANELLA Gym Club, 2-3-4, Aeronautics Club, 3. jackie comes from Tripoli-- A very brainy boy is he. DOROTHY ZUCCHI Pbilufutzzb, 4, French Club, 2-3-4, President, 4, Co Chairman, Prom Decorating Com., 53 Chairman, Grad uation Decorating Com., 33 Football Dance Decorat- ing Com., 4, Glee Club, 5-4, Christmas Gift Wrap- pings, 3g Christmas Boxes, 3, School Report Cover, 33 Program of Studies Cover, 5, Senior Play Publicity Com. and Make-Up Com., 4, Class Night Supper Com., 4. All "Dickied-up" in original clothes, The life of the party, everyone knows. Good looks, personality - these never stop, And put together make our Dot. ROBERT ZINCK fBabej Baseball, 2-5-4, "F", Football, 2-3-43 Prom Decorat- ing Cofn., 3g Football Dance Patrol, 2-3, Senior-Soph Dance Patrol, 2. "Babe" is Artie's little brother, But Mary can tell one from the other. MADELINE MANNING 1950-1946 In loving memory from her classmates Mwfiv' vi' 5 LM- 21 ' A X., ,J ,. ew , .ui ,Mig 4 v. af "" - 7 3' ,wx , V?-Q 3 A '31 X 8 J, , . 1 X B N. s ..-----"' -:ills As They Were" Harriet Ward Patricia Maroni Geraldine Hunter Richard Condon Iudith Rice Marcia Ring Donald Blanchette Dorette Fraser Katherine Corbin William George Irene Garvin Greta Bjorkman Mary Carlson Iames Gavin lean Frazer Webster Brockelman Io-Ann Gleason Beverly McVay Richard Buzzell Phyllis Grady Margaret Main Iosephine Freedman Merle Goldman Emilie Moxon lean Hilton Mary Veiga Francis Vittori Dominic Zaffino Patricia Foley Gloria Speigel Carolyn Madden Ioanne Keaney Leonard Drew Patricia Davitt Iune Mc!-Xnulty Iohanna Clancy Mary Curley Shirley Ellis Marie Bastien Iohn Locke Peter Botazzi Ann Ashman Doris Anderson Ioan Lundberg Iames Hanson Iohn King Ioan Mehigan Elizabeth Maeder Beverly Levenson rn ro CL' r' O Z CD ea 'II 52: -SHS: :93 56+ae- THE PHILOMHTH ,415 ' FOOTBALL First Row-J. Hanson, J. Tosti, C, Galvani, S. Melegos, R. Campion, R. Adams, W. Seariac, E. Macura, Coach Galvani, F. Ciccarelli, J. Haughey, F. Merusi, J. Leonardi, G, Cronin, R. Pierce, R. Fornaciari, E. Barbadora. R. Zinck. Second Row-E. Cragin, J. Hayden, J. Hetherton, R. Long, V. Martins, W. Ablondi, E. Balboni, R. Goldrick, S. Decina, A. Hawks. E. Pavia, B. Haertl, R. Lepore, Third RowfR Moore, R. Chartier. J. Bernard. D. Agostinelli, A. Santospago, L. McCallum, D. Hutchinson, Y. Murphy, A. Pignone, R. Chapin, Fourth Row' Mr. Witty, P. Kelly, C. Ferrari, R. Boucini, A. Chaves, R. Narice, F. Garbarino, F. Merusi, C. Brooks. Fifth Row-B. Walker, F. Thebado, L, Drew, A. Pearson, P. Rinoldo, E. Hanley, R. Mercorelli, R. Zontini, J. Gandolfo, G. Ferrarese, C. Danese. 1'1,,.f.,:,,i,,f,t I., sl,.f1.1.,,, 111,-ii, THE PHILOMHTH --,457 t x N . 3 .-W , -f - TRACK TEAM First Row-C. Brooks, F. West, J. Muri, K. Whitehouse, E. Barbadora, Captain, F. Falconi, A, Stucchi, G Burbank, H. King. Second Row-J. Gavigan, J. Thebado, V. Ferraro, J, Franzen, J. Payson, J. Eresian, E. Kingsbury, L. Mc- Callum, F. Thebado, R. Chapin. Third Row-Athletic Director Daniels, Coach Brooks, Manager Abloncli. BASEBALL First Row-D. Kadra, J. Hetherton, R. Zinck, F. Ciccarelli, Captain Hanson, J. Allen, J, Tosti, G. Cronin, L. Drew. Second Row-B. Haertl, J. Leonardi, P. McCarthy, A. Karb, J. Haughey, W. Greeley, E. McLaughlin, G. O'Grady, G. Ferrarese, R. Fornaciari. 'lghird Row-C. Terp, B. Walker, R. Montgomery, S. Patch, J. Reid, S. Decina, M. DeCristoforo, A. Chaves, . Bunk. Fourth Row-J. Coco, R. Ellis, G. B. Johnson, E. Curran, D. Beebe, J. Cafarelli. Fifth Row-Athletic Director Daniels, Coach Earle Witty, Assistant Coach Harold Seavey, 5844- THE PHILOMHTH ' -4- -i ..:- 'if' w f -M - A A - ' - A HOCKEY First RowfG. Cunningham, J. Hanson, B. Haertl. T. Madden. Coach Maker, L. Nolan. W. Greeley. E. Cur- ran, P. Ablondi. Second Row-C. Preble. G. Gould. R. Kingsbury. S. Patch. J. Hetherton. I. Reid. J. Campion. D. Abbott. E. Cragin, E. Tuttle. T. Manning. R. Moore. V. Martins. Third Row-J. Keane. R. Chapin, A. Cella, W. Nicholas. J. Davis. R. Tuck. W, Ducey. R. Dion. R. Ger- rard, R. Fisher, L. McCallum, J. MacLeod, S. Szretter. BOYS' BAS KETBALL First RowfP. Kelly, J. Haughcy, J. Locke, E. Macura, S. Melegos, F. Ciccarclli, E. McLaughlin. Y, Murphy Coach Daniels. Second Row-F. Thebado, D. Hutchinson. J. Hayden. S. Decina, R. Fornaciari. G. O'Grady. N. Montgomery, A. Karb, ,I. L.c-onardi, C. Brooks. Third Row R, Bunk. F. Gzirhzirinn, G. Fcrrni'csc. R. f'hm'1ici', A Ai'ms1rnng,'T'. Shay. F. Ferrari. A. Fhavos. THE PHILOMHTH -2459 4 ', I " Q - 1 . ll . . GIRLS' BAS KETBALL First Row: Miss Sullivan. R. Tredeau. A. Hollander. E. Sleczkowski. B. Buttrey. M. Carlson, N. Walker. P. Maroni, A. Dawson. Second Row-B. Caldwell. J, Pennucci, E. Norcross. I. Clopeck. E. Johnson. M. Meriisi. M. Flnrk. M. Brady E. Stanton, D. Garbarino. M. Pellegri. V. Robertson. Third Row-J. Philbrick. P. Walsh. J. Sturgeon. Dl. Mar rin. J. Geoeheean. .Tl 'Blanche-tte. M s , 1 Q ..,.., 2 .. .X ,N 71 If BAND First Row-C. Corbin, H, Young, V. Robertson. F. Gavigan, B. Hilliard. W. Brockelman, -I. Davis. J. Cloner-k E. Green. D. Hutchinson. W. Domey. J. Dunphy. F. Snow, V, Sweeney, Director Joseph Murray. Second Row-J. Demma. P. Rowan, R. Thouren. A. Karb. N. Montgomery, W. Galvin, R. Billings. C, Tr-rp, A. Higgins. P. Montal, P. Leach, M. Stevens. Third Row-J. Saulnier, B. Morse, S. Patch, D. Hastings, M. Purcell. B. Perlmutter, W. Toland, S Williams. J. Rutter, N. Buck, M. Ring, A. Stillwell. A. Hollander. ' Fourth Row-J. Quirk, C. Murphy, L, Nolan, R. Langtry. M. Damon, R. Reardon. G. Maloof. S. Eldridge P. Botazzi, J. Philbrick, J. Tyrrell. Fifth Row-J. Eresian, R. McKinstry. E. Pilotte. J. Foit, B, Maguire. D Flnnrlorz. E. Kingsbury. J. Sturm-on A. Lovell. D. Whittemore, P. Almeda. Sixth Row: E. Frankel. .T. Franzen. G. Burbank. G Johnson ., QOH' THE PHILOMHTH C9 Gi 25 26 Complzllzefzfx of THE SENIOR CLASS Compliments of FRAMINGHAM CLEANSERS 1508 CONCORD STREET TEL. 6144 M. G. MCCABTHY W. D. HARRINGTON, IR. KORDAY STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPHY PRAM1NGHAM'S NEWEST STUDIO SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS BRIDAL PORTRAITS CANDIDS TEL. 6282 116 CONCORD STREET ERAMINGHAM r9 Q1 ziifiefolf 'neue-SWE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMHTH 444 61 C9 53 fi L? SI l p- I ,,V U ' 5 ijiil-I 'pw QUVE PRN LAKEVIEW PRESS FRAMINGHAM, MASS. KAY JEWElRY CO. 50 IRVING STREET FRAMINGHAM FINE DIAMONDS and GUARANTEED WATCHES Open an Account No Interest, No Carrying Charges It's OK to Owe Kay O. WOODS 81 CO. HARDWARE and BUILDING MATERIALS 161 WAVERLY STREET PHONE 7826 KYNOCH SPORTING GOODS 104 HOWARD STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASS. - TELEPHONE 5341 MlLLER'S Store for Men SMART SPORTSWEAR FOR YOUNG MEN QEQMDI' weueflfiii PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS ke- THE PHILOMH H A511911 -'ww 18 G, QS za TURCHl'S BARBER SHOP 406 WAVEHLY STREET FRAMINGHAM Compliments of CALDWELL'S STORE PRAMINGHAM CENTRE Dial 3411 FARMERS' CO-OPERATIVE EXCHANGE FARM SUPPLIES 9-11 MAYHEW STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASS. TEL. S108 HOWARD S. WELLS E. PERRY TRUESDELL - OPTOMETRISTS - Telephone 6221 for Appointment 34 UNION AVENUE, FRAMINGHAM, MASS. 2549,-fC9l' PATRONIZE OUR FARGO SIGNS 242 WAVERLY STREET DAVID A. ROBERTSON Est. 1892 WATCH MAKER and IEWELER Watches - Iewelry IRVING SQUARE, FRAMINGHAM, MASS. SPAULDING'S KNOTTY STORE 545 UNION AVENUE DR. WALTER V. EWING DR. ARTHUR W. EWING - DENTISTS - 116 coNcoRD STREET ERAMINGHAM, MASS. neuefl ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMHTH --2463 T Compliments ot Compliments Ot LEWIS FURNITURE LAKESIDE MARKET COMPANY TEL' 5064 ERAIvIINCHAIvI'S FOREMOST FURNITURE STORE BURKE BATTERY Compliments ot SERVICE FRAMINGHAM LUMBER IGNITION - LUBRICATION COMPANY Goodrich Tires - Exide Batteries DIAL 4361 IENNEY PRODUCTS WORCESTER ROAD ELM DEPARTMENT STORE, INC. PAUL B. LeBARON, D.M.D. 62 HOLLIS STREET HEIVIENWAY BUILDING FRAMINGHAM, MASS. FRAMINGHAM' MASS IOSEPH II. STRACHMAN, Mgr. TQIA 5104 Tel. 6391 Compliments ot Compliments of F. C. BROWN FERRI'S SERVICE The TCIIIOI' STATION 175 CONCORD STREET S2 fl 39 Q-I QEQMDII IIGEEESETE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 64 if - THE PHILOMHTH T FOR FLOWERS Anywhere - Anytime BUTTERWORTH'S - FLORISTS - Phone 8533 - 3534 rms INSURANCE AGENCY 7 Arthur M. Fitts, Ir. F 40 UNION AVENUE Tel. 3761 FRANK'S MODERN CLEANSERS FREE CALL and DELIVERY SERVICE 20 BRIDGES STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASS. TEL. 3491 SHOP and SAVE ON SCHOOL CLOTHES At J. C. PENNEY CO. DEPARTMENT STORE TEL.4191 C. P. LARRABEE FRAMINGHAM AUTO SCHOOL 3 DENNISON AVENUE Learn to Drive the Safe Way Special Rates for High School Students CALL FRAM. 9693 FOR INFORMATION J. E. GUERTIN ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR WESTINGHOUSE DEALER Compliments of QUALITY CLEANSERS AND TRUCKING and RIGGING DYERS BOILER and MACHINERY MOVING A SPECIALTY 530 UNION AVENUE 5 64 WINTHROP STREET FRAMINGHAM FHAIVHNGHAM Y? Z9 QQ TEEQEDERE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMHTH S455 Ch l'l'l I 5 h HI I W C 2 'D I'l'l I -I 0 U C s 'U I11 I Q? MERCURY N103NI1 All Makes and Models - Body and Fender Work Complete Paint Iobs - Estimates Free of Charge Pick Up and Deliver VERNON SALES AND SERVICE, INC. 2 VERNON STREET WORCESTER TURNPIKE TEL. 5243-5244 Compliments of L. DEMARINI CO. EASTERN PAINT 81 CANDY, FRUIT and PLUMBING SUPPLY CO. VEGETABLES 37-47 CLAFLIN STREET 158 UNION AVENUE FRAMINGHAM SEAVER BROS' Compliments of FLORISTS 673 CONCORD STREET FRAMINHAM, MASS WATER STREET, FRAMINGHAM "FLOWERS TELEGRAPHED Phone 7615 ANYWHERE" rRANuNGl-IAM GIFT sl-lop sRocKELMAN's MARKET 3 DENNISON AVENUE LOVELY GIFTS - DISTINCTIVE HFRAMINGI-IAM'S COMPLETE CARDS FOOD STORE" LENDING LIBRARY Q EASY PARKING T59 Q-'E EISQQQII tleuefitifs PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 66+i+- THE PHILOMH H 1- -4 gl G5 0 Whatever you do . . . uc, at Dennison, want to extend to you, the class of 1948, our best wishes for your future success and happiness. Anil, especially, we want to congratulate you upon thc completion of your stutlies at Framingham High School. Whatever the future may bring, we are sure that you will remember the past few years with ever-increasing pleasure. We are surc of one other thing, too. If your immcfliate plains tlo not inclufle any further formal study, we can eontribute something to your future happiness. Dennison employs some 2400 people in its Framingham plant and about -100 more at Marlboro. Such a large organization naturally involves a wifle variety of jobs. Anfl even though a great many of the folks who come to work here stay a long time, there are bound to he some openings now and then. Perhaps your training and natural aptitucles fit you for one of the positions which we have available at this time. Goofl pay, good working conrlitions, congenial fellow employees, and a job near your home are what we have to offer. Mrs. Crowley or Mr. Hussey in our Employment office will be glaml to give you further particulars if you are interestetl. O HOWARD STREET FRAMINGHAM 52 fi 7'b'n6?:ff9l' PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMHTH A +5 67 QU eg 25 Q ABNER WHEELER HOUSE LUNCHEON-DINNER 680 WORCESTER ROAD Phone 6600 Compliments of ATLANTIC DIAPER ssnvlcs S. S. KRESGE CO. FRAMINGHAM 16 IRVING STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASS. TELEPHONE 4409 ARCADE DRUG COMPANY Frank Fair, Reg. Ph. 149 CONCORD STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASS. :, Tel. Framingham 3654 S 52 Si 59 Q-2 25592-QKSII 1lGjQfl5?3q2 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS ggye- THE PHILOMHTH CU 52 ii TURNPIKE Rue MART 33 KERWIN'S SHOE ROXBUEY CARPET co. STORES BUGS and CAEPETS Framingham and Natick "THE X-RAY FITTING SHOE STORES" Charles F. Greene Fram. 6560 203 WORCESTER ROAD, I-'RAMINGHAM 3 ELM STREET, SAXONVILLE WHOSE BIRTHDAY COMES NEXT? Buy His Birthday Present At HASTINGS', INC. LOU GENE'S MUSIC and GIFT SHOP 95 HOLLIS STREET, Telephone 7842 FRAMINGHAM, MASS. WHITE HARDWARE CO. HARDWARE - PAINTS POWER TOOLS FARM and MILL SUPPLIES 30-36 HOLLIS STREET, FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Telephone 7642 THE PEERLESS PRESS - PRINTING - 74 HOLLIS STREET MISS MACKEY'S SCHOOL OF DANCING The Drug Store Nearest to the High School UNION AVENUE STUDIO: 290 UNION AVE., PRAMINGHAM PHARMACY Telephone 7956 - 42 UNION AVENUE - T-9 QS? 2lhfQ.fQlr 'IC9UE'.z.:CfS PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMHTH 44569 ?:'3Ei'5'?59" "G3'7E599'5 Compliments of WOWN C' ORTON J porls T IOP W' 218 WAVERLY STREET Telephone 8650 Compliments of I 81 2 H O U S E P Il MERRIAM Q FUNERAL HOME ECHO FARM CO. - CONVENIENT LOCATION - CORNER PEARL AND SANGER STREETS Phone Framingham 7652 - 6259 K I N G S B U R Y ' S Drop In cmd Let Us Show You THE MARIDOR Our Collection of 653 WORCESTER ROAD "lONATHAN LOGAN" IUNIOR DRESSES Tel. 8737 n Q 20 UNION AVENUE E f' J- r-9 Q-2 25593-ff9l' me llfifgs PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 70 is -- THE PHILOMHTH cb GE 5 Q i' Compliments of T H E B 81 W I. I N E S MOTOR COACH SERVICE if 52 3 LED Q-2 55562-ff9ll 'ICM-ggi! PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE PI-IILOMHTH T BATES STATIONERY C0 Irving Square HEADQUARTERS FOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES +4 71 Gi Z5 I I ARRON'S 76 UNION AVENUE FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Menasp Nuiinnnfielfrmilflnriiriuns 'NvrrA1" uuksnn 7 unzrzrl 4 uma 318 UNION AVENUE FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Telephone 3310 '1 3, Q , Q5 yifief-an neueflka PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 7251-su THE PHILOMHTH ?ki'5'Pl9" c-In C5-5 E 3 6 Q T A Q . urn Qu. 'F-Q-, 1i,I?.xj,f A 2 'Negril V S V5'rf-1' ' 0 ' , rr, ""- fn 1- - T .' if .l" ' m tr Bin e S f'+l,,5,32I" ' A n f ' 1- "1 1 2:11 . up :I f' IMI f li 3': JB H A. IQ-UQ ' is 'AHQ . flim b A . :E -, A V 'L . A' DWG ' 513-Tfifif, 'i iZf3W:ff5Qs!g1g.,if,. 35 ' "ML FARMERS and MECHANICS SAVINGS BANK PARK AND FRANKLIN STREETS FRAMINGHAM, MASS. V "There is no substitute for a savings account in a Mutual Savings Bank" S2 Stl. S9 Q5 aiitfiefou weusfbikf PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Af. ,' 41, :fw M311 Y I" .Q M ' ' 0 O I . I 1 a . I f.. O I l 4 A I : x K "Vx H35 e,'. f n ' I an M' - RPL I.14,. f A w. '. u 1,'l 'vwll 0 4 4. , 1 Un .xf,1' l . n :arf if 75:54 . 'r . 1l.K Y 'i I x 1'L1-l-11,'!-'- A ' ?nf.tI1.'1..Jlx'i'lxn l ilu.. . .1 "Y .U

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