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EDITH PENNUCCI, BEVERLY SAVAGE A.r,ri.I1anl Manfzgerix' JOAN COLE NANCY DYER ADELE HIGGINS JEAN MARSHALL Dixlrift AJIi,ftun1,I.' MAUREEN BARRY VIRGINIA BOUDREAU ANN DAWSON RITA DORAN JOYCE GOSLANT JOAN LUNDBERG DONA MAYO MARILYN MILLER EMILIE MOXON POLLY MILLIGAN BARBARA SEIDMAN JUNE TREVETT FRANCES PINNA CATHERINE QUINZANI JEANNE SAULNIER ANNE STEARNS ELIZABETH STANTON NORMA STAPLETON JEAN TAYLOR GLORIA WAGSTAFF DORIS ZIMMERMAN TABLE OF CONTENTS DEDICATION . CLASS HISTORY . CLASS PROPHECY . CLASS WILL . . . THE CLASS OF 1947 "AS THEY WERE" . CLASS AWARDS ATHLETICS . . . - . . . David Kuhn . . Peter Kastrinelis Teresa Civirenga Lois Mason John Paul . Russell Casella . . Page 8 9 11 17 19 52 54 55 To MISS MILDRED ELLIS sincere appreciafion for her kindness and helpfulness, we dedicafe H115 issue of The Philomalrln THE PHILOMHTH lass Sfgstory The morning was bright and sunny, but the faces of a certain group on that fateful day were sad and drawn. With the enthu- siasm of condemned men they entered that strange, sinister building. They were the appointed group to attend the sopho- more classes at Framingham High School. Oh, the melancholy of it all! Little did they know they were soon to become the leaders in the school. Little did they know they would be the illustrious, industrious, intelligent Class of 1947. The Senior-Soph Dance was the first social episode of our high school career. This dance is the annual event where the seniors find excuses to stay away, the juniors are indifferent about the whole thing, and the sophomores, bless their souls, take their hearts in their hands and appear at the hall with bells on, or anyway with clothes to fit the occasion. However, we sophomores had a wonderful time. We were now recognized as among the in- mates. To guide our class during this rocky period of our existence the administration appointed Miss Morse, Mr. Vodoklys and Mrs. Olsen fMiss Plantej. They were ex- tremely helpful in assisting our class along the "straight and narrow." In our silent manner we showed signs of coming leadership and promise. Yes, sir, three Q35 from our midst reached the de- sirable goal of the first honor roll. What is more, that term seniors had only one, and those juniors had no one on the high honor roll. Our first elections were things to behold. Vaudeville shows, music, and plenty of good old fight. After the paper had been cleared away and the weaker classmates buried, Peter Kastrinelis had been elected president, Francis Gavin, vice-president, Robert Cummins, secretary, and Lois Mason, treasurer. We were now an organ- ized body ready to rebel against all oppres- sion from upperclassmen. However, the sun was moving nearer the zenith and the boys were moving nearer Fenway Park. Yes, it was spring. We licked our wounds, bandaged our brains, and were off in ecstasy for a good rest. We promised our- selves to sit around and dream about how we would treat the new sophomores and shed a tear here and there for those who didn't make it. May they rest in peace. They tried. Soon, oh so soon, the day of reckoning was coming. Long lines filed to their class- rooms. But the year was 1945 and the Class of 1947 was a junior class. It was our turn to have fun. fOh, pardon me, little sophomore, I didn't mean to step on your face. Marshal, report this massacre to Mr. Sullivanj V The first official act was to elect Miss Wiley as adviser, to guide and counsel us. Little did we realize then what a helper and friend she was to become in the future. This year we held new elections for our junior officers. These elections were much different than those of other years . . . no music! From Room 110 Mr. Lundberg ap- peared through dust and ballots, with the results. Arthur Zinck was elected presi- dent, Fran Bertolino, vice-president, john Paul, secretary, and Ray Savi, treasurer. This result only goes to show it's a man's World. Report card time arrived and again three of our class inserted their names with understandable pride under the "first roll," a goal which we all desire but few of us attain. They were Russell Casella, Dot Dershowitz and Edith Pennucci. 10 liet- Now, the year was moving swiftly on- ward and spring was fast approaching. Every young girl's fancy lightly turned to thoughts of hooking a man for the Prom, and the boys' fancy was filled with excuses for going to Boston that night. Our com- mittees were functioning feverishly and the night was fast approaching. It would be interesting to measure the gallons of tears used by the ticket committee in plead- ing with the students to buy tickets. When the night arrived the whole affair went off successfully, however, and we all had a good time. On top of this, the class made money. A vote of thanks goes to all those who took part in this, the greatest of social events in high school. Here again was the awaited time. We watched the seniors leave for good, realiz- ing that we were lucky enough to return for one more year. With these thoughts in mind, we left for various jobs-the farms, the stores, and the Hemingway bowling establishment-to recuperate for another long grind in the next year. The summer over, we now prepared to re-enter "that building" as supercilious seniors-upperclassmen, and lords of all the school. We all felt proud when we walked through the halls brushing the sophs and juniors from our paths and hear- ing them say, "There goes a senior!" We realized all too soon, however, that we had to get down to business in order to graduate. As for outside activities, the an- THE PHILOMHTH nual senior-soph dance was held with great success, thanks to the hard-working com- mittee members and some impromptu en- tertainment. We elected our class officers in a new manner. First, on the recommendation of the administration, we had serious, worth- while campaign assemblies. Second, the class office candidates divided into parties -the Square Deal and the Round Deal. Interest ran very high and never was there a more successful election. The officers chosen were Robert Haughey, president, john Paul, vice-president, Kay Gormley, secretary, and Robert Sebastian, treasurer. Quickly following this, committees were established for graduation activities. The senior play, "Dulcy," was presented by a gallant group of our classmates, who had courage to face an audience and live. Finally, the Prom and the Music Fes- tival and Graduation rounded off the activ- ities. Class night will soon be gone and the good times at Framingham High School will soon be a memory for us. Assembling here as a class probably for the last time we look behind us, remember- ing what a great time we had in school. We are ending one phase of our life and enter- ing an entirely new and strange one. It is our duty to ourselves, to our homes, and to our schools to gather together the knowl- edge and experience we have acquired over the last twelve years, apply it, and strive towards success and the future. DAVID KUHN. :23X f THE PHILOMHTH -ea II lass fproplvecy It is now 1960. At long last the taxpay- ers of Framingham have consented to build a new high school. When the wrecking company started tearing the old building for should I say what was left of the old buildingj down, they unearthed a cache of money and an unopened crate of Popnlczr Science magazines. With them was found a note leaving the magazines to that class of the century, the Class of 1947, the money was left to be disposed of as best suited the executors, who curiously enough were jack Paul, Terem Clzfitenga, Lois Mason and myself. The other night each of the executors and I decided to locate an equal number of our old classmates to notify them of their newly acquired treasures. I say treasure because this issue of P. S. has a special article written by that fearless woman explorer who's been to the far- thest corners of the earth Qbut still can't find a manj Mmjoiie Marion. But enough of this, as the man in Westboro said, "I'm off!" My first thought was to visit the scene of the discovery. There I found Mr. Bush's three devoted assistants, Rnrr Cnsellcz, Bill Pcznarere, and Inn Dexter. Unwilling to lose any precious time while their new quarters were being constructed, they were continuing their research in a tent which they had pitched on the front lawn. Their main project of the week was to find out how many angels can stand on the point of a pin-without scratching their feet of course! Leaving my engrossed friends, I started to hail Anconemz Vercly'5 taxi, but I sud- denly remembered that I still owed her twenty-five cents from the time she drove me to the Saxonville jungle Club. You know, that night club run by the little girl from the big woods, joan Cole. So I hitched a ride on one of Bola Hnz'ne1"r new beer trucks. The driver, Wulf Cragin, told me how Marie Cnrczclonna and Lena Sclaiavi had started a rival company, but he said that Bob wasn't worrying because he had just hired those notorious gunmen, Bill Barrett and fini ClJn1riello to hijack their trucks. I told Walt about the books and left him at the Centre. At first I was un- decided as to whether I should visit "Skip" falias the little spoke in the big wheelj Ballon or Marilyn Beckzvifla, who is now the president of the State Teachers Col- lege. Noticing a "Do Not Disturbn sign on the door of Skip's office, I decided to visit the college first. On my way to the presidents office I met Wczlfei' Lecla, who is now a Latin teacher at the school. I stopped just long enough to learn about Dare B1'agg'J appointment as command- ing officer of the Larned Pond Coast Guard station. Marilyn was extremely glad to learn about her luck, for she had heard that in this issue there were plans for building a supercharged racing car. I managed to get a ride back to town in Bob Tu'onzey's new hearse. His assistant, Frank Donclero, sped all the way so that Bob's two secre- taries, Norma Vital! and Loniye Glorgi, could have it for their date that night. just as we were pulling into town, a police cruiser drew up alongside and forced us to stop. Police Chief Dave Knlan got out and gave Frank a good long lecture, just like the ones his wife, the former Helen Ross, gives him. Since some of the Class of '47 had moved away from the old town, I decided that I'd better contact them next, so I made train reservations for the following day. Thus the next morning found me on 12 lie-- my way to the station. As I passed the park, I noticed a group of people listening to a speaker standing on a soap box. Upon drawing closer, I recognized the orator as Amie Sfemvzs. She was yelling something about temperance, but I didn't get a chance to hear her, for just then patrolman Dom Ferrazzi and policewoman janet Clinton came along and broke it up. Anne's col- league, Nancy Dyer, kept beating Dom on the back and threatening him, but he wouldn't listen to her, even when she said that she'd get the best lawyer in the coun- try, Marz'i11 Cohen. Later, on the train, I met Miffolz Bzzrfee, who was going on his vacation. I-Ie's now foreman of section 1, bench 3, assembly line 7, department 3, in building 5 at the Tele- chron. In my afternoon paper I noticed that those two mad chemists, Fred Wfzlrla and Af Snow, had developed a new hair tonic. They were quoted as saying that their old principal, Mr. Magoon, was to be the first to try it. As the train sped through the countryside, I became aware of the passing landscape. For the last few moments we had been passing a huge fac- tory, which must have been miles long. The sign in front identified it as the Na- tional Safety Pin Works, specialists in diaper pins. Milton told me it was run by those industrial magnates, Ymzorick, Clmo, and Tzzrcfaj. I wondered if the Cum- mins' Zipper Plant, run by the Czzfzzmim' brothers, joe and Bob, would give them any serious competition. just then the man in front of me turned on his portable radio. I recognized joe COIIIIEIJS Philharmonic Symphony Orches- tra. The announcer, "Big john" Wfaalelz, remarked that Bill Wfjfffzllllj' and Merriff Young, who were playing first and second piccolo respectively, were in especially good form that day. The program was short-lived, however, for the owner of the radio suddenly began dialing for another THE PHILOMHTH station, For a second I heard the American Acca Pella Choir, conducted by Wd1'1'6'l2 Szizferr. The dial finally settled on the pro- fessional football championship game be- tween the Chicago Bears and the Framing- ham Collegians. joe Fe1'1'aro and Ed Koromz were doing all they could for the old home town, but what could they do against the Bears' great player, Fmzzk Fazzzari? All of a sudden the man whose radio I'd been listening to turned around, and who was it but my old buddy, Bob Hazzglaey. He told me that he was heading for Washington, and then I remembered that he'd just been elected to Congress. While we were talking, he opened his leather bound brief-case fthe one with the gold trimj and took out a box of Frank's doughnuts. Mr. Bertolifzo senior was re- tired and Fran was running the business now. Bob called my attention to the fact that the holes in Frank's doughnuts were more perfectly round than those in any others. After a while we got to talking about books and Bob asked me if I'd read Marfba Sa-z'age'i' newly published joke book, the one that has been banned in Saxonville. Suddenly the train pulled into the last station. As we left the terminal, I became aware of a large crowd off in one corner of the station. Elbowing my way through, I saw Ba1'ba1'a Seidman and Doris Mezlaemll. From what I could gather, they were being mobbed by autograph hounds. Their press agent, Lucille Oliver, said that they would make their next appearance at the Totem Pole, where they would sing with jack Cm'pez1ter'5 orchestra, his clari- net and his jumbo ice cream cones. At this point, my task being completed, I now turn the narrative over to Teresa Civitenga. The news that told me I was to aid in the distribution of the valuable discovery of Popzzlm' Science was given to me in a letter delivered by our good-natured mailman, THE PHILOMHTH Cbarlei' Levine. This meant I had to get busy so that I could leave almost immedi- ately. The first thing on my list was a visit to Roreinary Kelleber'5 "Curly Strand" hairdressing shoppe. Refreshed by a new "set" and a mani- cure, and having just twenty seconds to catch a bus to the airport, I outran jane Trez'ett'.f privately owned hte engine. Panline Lo-zeaa, the efficient bus driver, saw me from the corner of her eye. and stopped. As I hustled down Main Street, I was confronted with a perplexing bright- ness. It was Mary Lapina, wearing some of Kay's finest jewelry. Farther along I met Claire Ballentine, carrying boxing gloves, tennis rackets, baseball bats and bowling pins. She was on her way to teach Elaine Hogan'r oldest son to defend him- self against Nartlo Orcianelliir youngest daughter's flirtation. I was about to cross the street when a dignified character chanted, "One moment, but aren't you a school chum of mine?" I gazed for a few seconds and discovered it was Regina Canningbanz chauffeuring Margaret Francoear around the park. Walking still farther down, I passed by a store. There's nothing unusual about that, but there is in the way my olfactories were disturbed. Lonir Holzman and his attractive assistant, Marguerite Brozfelli, were mixing a compound which, when ap- plied to hair, would cause it to reflect in such a way as to match your wearing apparel. By mid-afternoon I was ready to leave the airport. I was assisted by the elegant stewardess, Peggy Gagen. She told me that jobn McCann, aided by Rita McDonald, was to pilot us to East jallopy. At East Jallopy I asked a crier yelling "Popcorn" for directions to the telephone office. The popcorn seller was Prircilla Hargranes. Chief operator Katbleen Knapp greeted me at the telephone office. Later on in the afternoon, operators joan 13 Savage and Eileen Hill joined us for sup- per. They told me much of the whereabouts of the others I was looking for. They also told me how Robert Singerle couldn't get over operator Olga Mi5raggia'.r demanding a nickel from him while he was testing phones on telephone wires. Many of our classmates had chosen busi- ness and commerce for careers. The fol- lowing morning I passed by Doris Len- .rignfr "School of Culture." I wondered to what advantage she was putting her charms. She was teaching joanne Maberlf daughter how not to behave when men were present. Farther along, my itinerary brought me to the "You-Name-It Hat Rack" owned by jorepbine Lelli. The chapeaus were de- signed by Ratb Morse. Still farther along, I gazed into the "Crystal Ball" under the proprietorship of Alberta Cole. She told me Ieanne Boiwortb had made a billion dollars. Jeanne had so much jewelry, so many sable and mink coats, gowns and whatnot that Elba Caitelli and Clara Sta- pleton were her recording secretaries. Alberta told me that I would find some friends in the Metropolis Building and also that I'd be taking a short trip. I hastened down to the Metropolis, where Loraine Canatorfa received me at Harold Baileylr office. He was a manager for Harry Conant. Harry, it seemed, could never quite decide on what girl was meant for him. He aimed to find out. Now he is the head in a modeling establishment. I walked down the hall to Harry's office. Yola Donati received me there. Barbara Atlanzr looked up long enough from her typewriter to say "hi," Harry showed me around the studio. His most fabulous models were "Bathing-Beauty" Patricia Farley, "Fur Queen" Barbara Marrb, "Per- sonality Plus" Vida Horan, and "Hubba Hubba" Nancy Pezza. They were being photographed by fnne Wooalwortb. Albert Cole was the proprietor of East 14 jallopy's outstanding night club. Soft tones greeted my ears as I entered. Anita Roa- gean with her magic violin was accom- panied by "Light Fingers" Rnfla Sturgeon at the piano under the direction of the "All Girl Harmonic Orchestra" leader, Nor- inand Dooley. Under his direction Marilyn Miller. Cole's favorite torch singer, blared, "I've Got a Yen for Men." Some of the gals in the chorus were jane Mnrplay, Theresa Lereille. Mary Hetlierfon, and jdCqIl6lflI6 Bonller. I was now set to take my short journey. I traveled as far as Westovershoe, Ver- mont. I met conductor Anthony Tanllaol- lio, who gave me directions to the farm- house of Kaflaarine Slajjelrl. Katharine, surrounded by small Danas and Hughies, answered the doorbell. She was surprised and glad to see me. We talked about old times. The farmers out in Vermont were not very modern so I had to use the tele- phone to call home. As I picked up the receiver, I heard various and sundry noises. It was the voices of Belfy Snzitla and Calbe- rine Steeifer. They were arguing over which one of them Ro ger Sniitli had prom- ised to marry. Catherine had a beautiful television radio. Virginia O'Brien and Aura Lee Benner were there entertaining as "The Television Team." Dorir LeBlanc heard I was in Westover- shoe so she invited me to her house for supper. She served a hearty meal and for dessert I had a chocolate cream pie from the pastry shop owned by Rath Dnnlaanz. Now that I had supped, I felt better and was ready to go back home. On the way I met Loir Maron. who told me many of her experiences which I know she would like to share with you. On looking over my list of friends I found that the majority had settled on the west coast. For my destination, which was California, Steplaen Flanders loaned me his new invention - an atomic-copter Q a com- bination of a P-38 and a helicopter run THE PHILOMHTH by atomic energyj. I landed on the roof of Carolyn Iru'in'r penthouse in the heart of Hollywood. As I reached the street, I encountered a great crowd. I soon found that the commotion was caused by the inevitable arguments of C yntlaia Claanaller and Lalferne Butler. No sooner had this cleared up than going around a corner, I ran smack into Connie Areno fnow Cap- tain of the Hollywood Police Forcej, who fined me 355.00 for hitting an officer. fBy the way, he finally got even with me after fifteen years.j While in the police station, I was entertained with a game of Chinese checkers by Bob Piccioli and Francir Stac- clai fbuck privates of the forcej. When they let me out, my next stop was at the "Hash Slinger" Restaurant, run by Florenre Doyle. Eleanor Sarno, Dot Pow- ell and Flo S peranza were the waitresses. After I complained about a sixty cent over- charge, I was immediately taken care of by the bouncer, Tlionzar Malloy. Since jinznzy Roberfron was the president of Metro- Goldwyn Mayer, I was provided with a pass to tour the studios, after a slight ob- jection from the treasurer, Art Hanznzar- land, whose records were slightly off bal- ance. By the way, jimmy appreciated the Popular Science most of all, since it brought back the precious memories of "Mel" Small's chem class. His interest. wasn't chemistry either! The first thing that attracted my attention was the beautiful voice of jane Milly, accompanied by the violinist of the age, jean Marrloall, singing "Who Split the Atoms in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder," by that famed composer, Kay Sweeney. I continued strolling along leisurely when all of a sudden I found myself flat on my face on the ground. I was both angry and astonished to find that I had been tripped by a gang of kids, the off- spring of the former Mary Parklaurrt, Georgianna Beafon, and Marion Davis, who were starring in "Three Buddies," THE PHILOMHTH written, produced and directed by Charlie Pantie. Before I had quite recovered, Keteria Correa came running toward me with her assistant, jean Taylor, carrying a first aid kit, casualties are their specialties. They informed me that Mary McLellan was married and a model housewife. I also learned that Marjorie Thomas was dating a different boy every night and that Dirk Murphy was taking up this practice. He had a regular schedule posted for dates: Monday, jean Flynn: Tuesday, Betty Mit- cnellg Wednesday, Louise Beaton: Thurs- day, Margarite Loonzer, Friday from 7:45 to 11:50, Rose Sinzonetta and from 11:59 to 2:40 P.M., Margery Preserzfatig Satur- day, Pauline Maloof: and Sunday was used for recuperating. These girls were consid- ered the "Big Six" of Hollywood Society. Having had my fill of movieland, I con- tinued to San Francisco to the "Franklin Primary School," of which Dot Randall was the principal. While talking, we heard a great commotion in the corridor and whom did we see but Rosanna Bertolino chasing her first grade pupil, Bob Piaten- tini, jr., down the hall. fTakes after his father, doesn't he?j A few minutes later, Beverly Savage came into the office. She was taking a refresher course in the sixth grade arithmetic taught by Edie Pennucci. It was now four P.M. and I decided to find a hotel to stay in overnight. I was directed by Betty Frazer. who was drawing cartoons on a street corner, to the "South- ern Gal" hotel, managed by june Galli- nzore and owned by Charlene Tuck. The bellboys, or rather girls, Audrey Morris and Aloina Banda, took my luggage and made me quite comfortable. Doris Scott, in her near green and red uniform, took me up in the elevator to the fourteenth floor, where my room was located. I are my supper, made by Rita Dangelo. the head chef at the hotel. The fioor show consisted of a duet by Penny Slaoup and Editla Tanzbollio on the piano and bass 15 fiddle, the guest of the show was the comedian Editla Speigel, who put on a three-act play by herself. After supper, I met Connie Norton, who invited me to a party at Rapnaella Palladino's apartment. fThe two inseparable pals are both ace newspaper reportersj I gratefully accepted the invitation and met Estlaer Zanella and Olizfe Ralston, who were there with their friends. We were enjoying ourselves and singing to our hearts' content when joyce MacDougall and josie Maselli Qfrom the neighboring apartmentj came barging in to inform us that we were disturbing their families. Ah, me! It certainly is a woman's world. Hold your seats everyone. Here comes the prophet of the age, jackie Paul. As I wandered into the Civic League and took my seat among the spectators, I saw Vivian Dalalrotla, Ployllis Knutson, and Edith Sliaugnnessy fnow Mrs. Sebastianj, watching a game. On the fioor playing basketball were Buck Sebastian, Ray Savi, Art Zinck and joe Tonzasi. They were playing for a team called the "Framing- ham Screebersf' During the half time the Framingham Girls' Professional Basketball Team took the fioor. Among its players were the former stars of F.H.S.: Kay Gornzley, Erannie Sanders, Dotty Derslio- zvitz, Dotty Robelen, Doris Zinznternzan, Geraldine Clark. Much to my surprise I found Howie Nickerson was coach and Fran Gazfin scorekeeper. After the games were over, I headed for the St. George Theatre. On the way I stopped at Toni Connors' drug store for a coke. Leaving, I noticed a large poster in front of the Memorial Building, "VOTE SQUARE DEAL, Sanz Wallis FOR SE- LECTMAN." Continuing my walk, I noticed Ed Onticciolfs fish market. Finally I arrived at the theatre. I stepped up for my ticket and was surprised by a cheerful "hi" from Marguerite Wood, working as a ticket girl. Receiving my change, I next 16 liet- entered the theatre. As I groped for a seat I was startled when Brace Maxwell, now an usher, stepped out of the darkness to help me. The news flashed on the screen, showing scenes of Palm Beach with Shirley McLean, Polly Milligan, Thelnza Darir and Florence DeC0llihzr.r lounging on the beach. The first feature started. It was the latest in the thin-man series starring Charlie Allen in "Shadow of a Doubt." The other picture was "Terra Takes a Vacation," starring Theresa Ahelli. The pictures ended, and on my way out I stopped to buy a three-cent paper for five cents from "T" O'Graa'y. Returning to my hotel room, I picked up the Daily Harri- rane, a newspaper owned and edited by john MacKinnon. Glancing through it, I noticed that F.H.S.'s oomph girl, Ann Wychstronz, was a big success at the "Old Richard" f"Howard" that used to be until Dick Lager took overj. Also on the same billing was "Dulcy,', alias Anna Pellegri. Both Ann and Anna were talented in singing. Reaching for a cigarette, I found that I had none. So I went down to the lobby and asked Vic Sfillwell, the hotel manager, where I could obtain some. He told me from Claire Dzrnphy, the cigarette girl in the lounge. Entering the lounge, I met Frea' I-Iahantrion and joe MrQ11acle, now stars for the Bruins. After exchanging remembrances, I found that joe had come downtown to get some more polish for his hockey trophy, when they decided to stop for a bite to eat. Also seated at another table were Alire O'Leary, Nancy Darzfir, Norrna Zanella, Dolly Firlelfo, jean Con- nelly and jorephine Conligiani. Their sewing circle was enjoying supper. After I had bought the cigarettes I wasn't very tired, so I decided I would go THE PHILOMHTH for a walk. As I walked, I thought how much the town had changed. I could look down the street and see john N eal'J sport- ing goods srore, Arthur Cuneenlt photo- graphic studio, Ealrnzznal Orfonlr machine shop, Millie D0oley'r beauty salon, "Evie's Lunch," run by Evelyn Rerliher, and jinz Brillharf and Dick Bzizzelllr candy store. Walking along, I met Mary McGrath, who is a secretary for the firm of Freal Garfigan and Ray Solari, lawyers. Starting back, I found I had walked farther than I had anticipated, so I rode back in Frank Dacey'5 taxi. I stepped out of the taxi as Chick Barr drove up in his car Qthat's what he calls itj. George Avery, Chick's chauffeur, jumped out and opened the door. Chick stepped out of the car, but as he did he bumped into Dick Szieleney, who was carry- ing a 500-pound piece of ice. There was a discussion, and when it ended I called the ambulance, which came almost prompt- ly. flt took them only an hour and a half.j The driver and doctor, who were john MacLeod and Phil Morre, jumped out and gently threw Chick on a stretcher and away we went. We arrived at the hospital, where Lorraine Near, the night nurse, checked the patient in. How long I sat in the waiting room I don't know, but it was seven copies of "E5qaire" later when Lor- raine told me Chick was all right. All that was wrong was that a bone was pressing on his medulla oblongata due to his fall- ing on his cranium. Then I retired to my hotel room to decide on what four should obtain the money found with the copies of Popular Science. After hours of deliberation I ar- rived at my decision - the cash would go to Pefe Ka.rlrineli.r, Terera Cirilenga, Loir Maron, and john Paul. And why not? We wrote the prophecy. THE PHILOMHTH I lass We, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Forty-seven, being of both mind and body, however unrelated the two, do hereby ordain and establish this document to be our last will and testament. In so doing, it is our expressed desire that this docu- ment be accepted as final in its entirety, that no disparagements be omitted or over- looked in any way, shape or manner, and that no clause, phrase, or word be inter- preted as laudatory. In more common par- lance, Qquotej "To the faculty: Here's where we get on and you get off" fun- quotej. CLASS BEQUESTS I. To the junior class we, the seniors, proudly devise and bequeath our expert knowledge and skill, gained through years of experience, in cutting classes, writing our own excuse slips, and abstaining from homework. II. To Mr. Magoon we leave a dam fspelled D-A-Mj, complete with hydrau- lic pumps, electric turbines, et cetera, to stop the flood of tears which students will shed upon the sounding of those prophetic words, "This is the last time you will hear these familiar notes-ding, dong, ding- over the P.A.', fP.S.-Sob, sobj III. To Mr. jones we leave an auto- matic pull-up and push-up counter to elim- inate the excessive amount of gold-brick- ing prevalent during calisthenics. IV. To Miss Squires we will an elec- tric-eye to open and close the door. It is hoped that with this bequest will come the end of those lethal cries from 229, "Close the door, Mar-rrr-vin!" V. To Mr. Vodoklys we bequeath a baby's rattle to keep his hands occupied while briefing the football team before a game. VI. To Miss Hobbs we leave forty -4417 CZQMI bales of paper plus fourteen dozen pencils with which it is hoped she can complete her much talked-of textbook, entitled "How to Be Perfect in Ten Easy Lessons", also, the latest recording of her trig. class's favorite song, "I Don't Know Why, But It Does." VII. To Miss Stanton we leave a free course in pole-vaulting plus a "Happy Landings" parachute with a lifetime guar- antee in case of failure to operate. VIII. To Miss Phillips we humbly be- queath a gyroscope and an automatic pilot to be installed in her automobile in the in- terests of public safety. IX. To Mr. Bush we leave the follow- ing comment to be inscribed on a plaque and hung above his desk in the office. "He, who laughs, lasts!" fperiodj, otherwise entitled "The Grass Is Greener on the Other Fellow." To quote his very words, "Since time immemorial, men of gray mat- ter have considered this statement more fundamental than the now obsolete Law of Gravity" funquotej. X. To Miss Williams we leave funds to provide her with a complete course at C.I.C. fthe Camptown Institute for Clair- voyantsj so that she may further increase her capacity for detecting beforehand the excuses students are to give for being dis- missed. PERSONAL BEQUESTS I. I, joseph Tomasi, do hereby cede to Dick fthe Kidj Acton, all legal tenure over my title as B.T.O. of the senior class. In so doing, I reiterate, "That's the breaks, Dick, that's the breaks!" II. I, Richard QSkipj Ballou, other- wise known as "Dapper Dan" and "The Little Spoke in the Big Wheel," leave to joe Coco my ability to sleep through classes, which has earned me yet another name, "The Big Sleep." 1 8 Eat.- III. I, Peter Kastrinelis, bequeath to Bob Campion, president-elect of the Stu- dent Council, my cares, wrinkles, and gray hairs, which I obtained while attempting to steer the "ship of state" through very rough seas, with the hope that he can keep his head above water. IV. I, Lewis Holzman, leave to George johnson my ability to "cloud the issue" in Mr. Lundberg's history class with disserta- tions on Newton's three laws of motion. V. I, Vida Horan, leave all the whis- tles and wolf calls I receive because of my oomph, red hair, and .mzfoir faire to Beth Stanton, who is by no means lacking in the above-mentioned commodities. VI. I, Bill Williams, leave my slap- stick humor and satirical remarks to john Grasso to further exemplify the old prov- erb, "The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer." VII. We, Mary Hetherton and joe Ferraro, leave to any budding romance of the junior class "our corner" outside of Room 336 to prove that true love can bloom even on barren ground. VIII. I, Dave Bragg, leave to the school my new mathematics textbook to be published in the year 1950, which will con- tain the famous "Bragg Theorem" on how to find the coefficient of adhesion of lip- stick. THE PHILOMHTH IX. I, Dorothy Dershowitz, leave to Mary Ann Leveille all the corners I took along with me while speeding, plus my Sears, Roebuck license and private parking place in front of the school. X. It is only just that we end this docu- ment with a quotation from a renowned personage in the annals of our own glori- ous history. With an excerpt from the memorable oration delivered by the emi- nent Professor john fA.B.C. Dingle- hooferj Paul at our sophomore election campaign assembly some two years ago, fquotej " . ..And in conclusion" fun- quotej, we bring this, our last will and testament, to a close. The above was recorded on the twenty- seventh day of the third month of the year nineteen hundred and forty-seven by the duly authorized class lawyer, Russell Casella. Witnessed Qthrough no fault of their own, by: Bill Panarese, discoverer of numerical numbers, Thomas "T" O'Grady, Dana fis my bow-tie straight or isn't it?j Balch, Martha fsnake-charmerj Savage, Joanne fthere's a corollary that states . . Maher. '25 65444 dz! 7747 ll WEEK tw. :SHED 9'-SQQCQSZ' -V W? L. 4 'p1F"4n5 'ZF' 'WV nfl 11' W? JD" 'Fi ID fa,,.!, rim MISS ETI-IEL WILEY CIass Adviser I945-I947 'A' CLASS ADVISORY COMMITTEE I944-I945 Miss Florence Morse Mrs. Conrad OIsen Mr. MIcIwaeI VocIoIcIys 22 THE PHILOMH CLASS PRESIDENT ROBERT M. HAUGHEY QBobj Student Council, 4, Exec. Com., 43 Marshal, 43 Plailomtzlb. 43 Baseball, 43 Class President, 43 Christ- mas Boxes, 2-33 Distributing Team, 2-33 Red Cross Drive, 33 Soldiers' Gifts Com.. 33 Graduation Ticket Com., 33 Floor Ch., Prom Ticket Com., 33 Music Fes- tival Ticket Com., 33 Infantile Paralysis Drive, 33 Ch., Sophomore Reporting Com., 43 Band, 2-3-43 Senior Nominating Com., 43 Honorable Mention, Leadership and Service. Curly-haired and handsome- Popular, I guess, ' 'Cause he got the votes at F. H. S. CLASS VICE-PRESIDENT JOHN PAUL Marshal, 3-43 Class Sec., 33 Class Vice-Pres., 43 Co- Ch.. Prom Refreshment Com., 33 Senior-Soph. Exec. Com., 43 Senior-Soph Dance Refreshment and Enter- tainment Com., 43 Red Cross Drive, 23 Football Dance Ticket Com., 43 Prom Exec. Com., 33 Class Prophet, 43 Co-Ch., Christmas Boxes, 43 Nominating Com., 43 Senior Play Scenery Com., 4. jackie is cuteg jackie is neat3 His personality can't be beat. THE PHILOMHTH CLASS TREASURER ROBERT SEBASTIAN Marshal, 2-3g Basketball, 3--1, Capt., -i,"F"gBaseb.1ll. 3--1, "F", Broadcasting Club Pres., 4, Class Treas., 41 Toast, Class Night, -ig Ticket Com., Football Dance. -1: Nominating Com., 4. Captain of the basketball team, l Treasurer of our class, He's the one who's captured The heart of a certain lass. CLASS SECRETARY KATHLEEN GORMLEY QKayj Student Council, 3-4, Cor. Sec. and Exec. Com., 43 Marshal, 3-4, Plailwmzzla, 4, Basketball, 2-3-4, Capt., 2-3-4g Field Hockey, 2-3g Softball, 2-33 Cheerleader. 2-3, Head Cheerleader, 4, Aeronautics Club, 2, Dis- tributing Team, 2-3, Christmas Gifts, 3-4, Class Sec.. 4, Glee Club, 23 Ch., Hospitality Com., 33 Ch., Receiv- ing Line and Usher, Football Dance, 33 Co-Ch., Usher and Grand March, Prom, 3, Prom Exec. Com., 3, In- fantile Paralysis Drive, 33 Ch., Refreshment Com., Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Publicity Com., Football Dance, 43 Senior Play Usher, 4, Class Gift Com., 4. Here is a girl known far and wide, For in her athletic abilities we take pride. 24 THE PHILOMHTH BARBARA ANN ADAMs fBarb, Bozzerj Lost and Found Com., 2-33 Co-Ch., Red Cross, 23 Co-Ch., Decoration Com., Football Dance, 43 Senior Play Adv. Com., 43 Graduation Usher, 33 Prom Deco- rating Com.. 33 Football Dance Refreshment Com., 33 Senior Nominating Com., 43 Senior-Soph Dance Deco- rating Com., 43 Graduation Decorating Com., 33 Class Night Toast, 43 Glee Club, 2-3-43ChristmasChoir, 3-43 A Cappella Choir, 43 Distributing Team. 2-3, Capt., 33 Infantile Paralysis Drive. 43 Surgical Dressings, 23 Blood Donors Drive, 2. Short curly locks. and a smile that's sweet, Barb is the dream girl ofa fellow named Pete. THERESA ABELLI fTermy Marshal, 2-3-43 Glee Club, 2-33 Distributing Team, 2-33 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Afghan Club. 23 Gradua- tion Usher. 33 Class Gift Com., 4. Terra's sparkling eyes and adorable smile Make Artie's life worth while. CHARLES ALLEN Aeronautics Club, 23 Christmas Boxes, 2. Charlie's here, Charlie's there! Florida! New York! Oh! just everywhere. CONSTANDINO ARENO Strictly a Red Sox fan. GEORGE AVERY Student Council, 3-43 Marshal, 3-43 Distributing Team, 23 Co-Ch., Prom Patrol, 33 Football Dance Patrol Ch., 33 Senior-Soph. Dance Ticket Com., 33 Graduation Decorating Com., 33 GleeClub, 3-43 Christ- mas Choir, 43 A Cappella Choir, 43 Ch., Senior-Soph Dance Patrol Com., 43 Adviser, FootballDanceCom.,43 Infantile Paralysis Drive, 43 Stage Manager, Senior Play, 43 Nominating Com., 43 Class Gift Com., 4g Music Festival Com., 4. Smooth, cultured, always neat, George is a boy who is hard to beat. J HAROLD BAILEY Marshal, 2,43 Philomulb. 43 Pres., Drivers' Club, 4g Prom. Decorating Com., 33 Graduation Decorating Com., 3g A Cappella Choir, 43 Graduation Cover De- sign, 2-33 Distributing Team, 33 Senior Play Publicity Ch., 43 Football Dance Decorating Com., 43 Football Dance Patrol Com., 43 Class Gift Com., 43 Music Fes- rival Com., 4g Graduation Honor Group, 4. Blond, sharp, and tall, I-Ial's a guy for whom all the gals fall. CLAIRE BALLENTINE Square Dancing, 43 Drivers' Club, 43 Glee Club, 3-4. Claire's unassuming manner will bring her success in life. RICHARD BALLOU Marshal, 33 Baseball. 2-3-43 Distributing Team, 2-33 Graduation Tickets and Announcements Com., 4. Now here is a boy who is known to be Sl1OI'IQ But his friendship extends a lot higher. THE PGHILOMHTH --+532 ALBINA BANDA fBimzj Afghan Club, 2, Glee Club, -1, Distributing Team, Asst. Capt., 3. She never goes out of an evening, She goes to bed at ten To dream about their future, When Eddie comes home again. WILLIAM F. BARRETT Hockey, 3-4, "F," 4, Aero Club, 2, Christmas Deco- rating Com., 2, Distributing Team, 2. Homework for him is not a bore, It builds his knowledge more and more. Louise LAURA BEATON fWeeziej Glee Club, 2-3-4, Distributing Team, 2-3, Chemistry Club, 4. Louise is sweet, Louise is shy, She catches many a person's eye. GEORGIANNA BEATON - Glee Club, 3, Christmas Packages Com., 2, Dis- tributing Team, 2, Red Cross Drive, 2, Drivers' Club, 4. Very pretty, A Also neat- For personality She can't be beat. AURA LEE BENNER qLeeQ Basketball, 2, Field Hockey, 2-3--l, Softball, 2-3-4, Safe Drivers' Club, 2, Band, 2-3, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Orchestra, 2-3-4, Distributing Team, 2-3. Always a joke, bright as a pearl- And oh! a diamond from Earl! Never a dull moment for him we see, As long as he is with our Lee. MARILYN BECKWLTH Tennis, 4, First Aid Club, 2, Broadcasting Club, -1, Ch., jr. Red Cross Com., 3, Senior Play Program Com., 4, Hospitality Com., 4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Christmas Choir, 2-3-4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Graduation Usher, 2-3, Music Festival Com., 4, Highest Scholastic Honors. The girl with all the right answers. FRANCIS L. BERTOLINO 1Berfj Marshal. 5, Christmas Boxes, 2, Class Vice-Pres., 3, Co-Ch., Prom Ushering and Grand March, 3, Christ- mas Gift Wrapping Com., 3, Red Cross, 2, Christmas Boxes. 2, Co-Ch., Senior-Soph Dance Tickets, 4, Graduation Tickets and Announcements Com., -ig Class Song Com., 4. Fran was always quite the lad, When it came to girls, he wasn't bad. ROSANNA BERTOLINO fflmzej Student Council, 2, Stamps and Bonds Com., 2-3, Glee Club, 2-3, Music Festival Ticket Com., 3, Christ- mas Boxes, 2-3, Distributing Team, 2-3, Soldiers' Gifts, 2, Salvation Army Drive, 4, Graduation Honor Group. 4. Rosie is quiet, And oh so neat, She's a girl Who's hard to beat. 2 THE PHILOMHTH ,L JACQUELINE BOULTER Qjarlfiey First Aid Club, 2, Glee Club, 2-3--L, Senior-Soph Dance Ticket Com., 3, Football Dance Refreshment Com., 3, Economic Development Com., 2, Distribut- ing Team, 2-3, Capt., 3, Graduation Honor Group, 4. Quiet and serene all the day through, jackie makes Normie serene and happy too. JRANNE BOSWORT1-t Marshal, 3, Sllldellf Crier Staff, 3-4, Softball, 4, Tennis, 4, Broadcasters' Club, 2,4, Prom Refreshment Com., 3, Graduation Flower Com., 3, Football Dance Decorating Com., 4, Decorating Com., Senior-Soph Dance, 4, Patrol, Senior-Soph Dance, 4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Christmas Choir, 3-4, A Cappella Choir, 3-4, Distributing Team, 2-3, Ch. Ushers, Senior Play, 4, Class Night Social Hour Com., 4, Music Festival Com., 4. Always happy, always gay, You'll hear her laughter every day. JAMES A. BRILLHART Distributing Team, 2-3. A friend to all with a personality that can't be beat. DAVID BRALQG Marshal, 3, Gym Club, 3-4, Distributing Team, 2-3, Boys' State, 3, Band Concert Com., 4. A true lover of the outdoors. Wlien not in school you all know where to find him -hunting, of course! MILTON BURKE Basketball Manager, 3, Gym Club, 2. Tall and slim and perfectly groomed, He-'s our Milton-were not doomed. MARGLIERITE BROVELLI Red Cross, 2, Broadcasting Club, -ig Graduation ,gk Flower Com., 31 Red Cross Com., 51 Glee Club, 2, at iQ Christmas Boxes, 2, Distributing Team, 2-3, Gradua- 5 ww-if tion Honor Group, 4. So very nice and sweet, This is our Marguerite. LAVERNE BUTLER Aero Club, 2, Prom Patrol Com., 3. Usually quiet, sometimes shy- Witlu that personality he'll get by. CHARLES BURR Marshal, 3, Basketball, 2-3, Football Manager, 2-3-4, "F", Golf Club, 4, Prom Marshal, 3, Class Play Cast, 4, Class Supper Com., 4. The football team's pride and joy. "Chick" to them was a helpful boy. THE PHILCMHTH -+427 RICHARD BUZZELI. Gym Club, 2, Distributing Team, 3, Prom Patrol. 3. Away from school he stayed so long That "Buck" went to sing him a song- "Open the door, Richard." MARIE CARADONNA Red Cross, 2, Drivers' Club, 4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Christmas Boxes, 2, Senior Play Make-Up Com., 4. A quiet lass with a smile so sweet. She'll be friends with whomever she meets. RtIssELL CASELLA Student Council, 3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Sludem Crier Staff, 2-3-4, Managing Editor, 4, Football, 2, Aero- nautics Club, 2, Gift Boxes for Cushing, 2, Sophomore Reporting Com., 3, Prom Publicity Com., 3, Student Assn. Com., 3, Ch., Clubs Com., 3, Senior Nominating Com., 4, Senior-Soph Dance Publicity Com., 4, Fram- ingham Community Council, 4, Class Lawyer, 4, Highest Scholastic Honors. Russ is witty, Russ is neat, Russ is smart, he can't be beat. JOHN CARPENTER Student Council, 4, Marshal, 3-4, Baseball, 3, Foot- ball, 2-3-4, Hockey, 2-3-4, "F", Salvage Club, 2 Christmas Boxes Ch., 3-4, Band, 2-3-4, Orchestra, 3-4 Music Festival Com., 3-4, Prom Ticket Com., 3, Foot ball Dance Patrol Com., 3-4, Blood Donors Drive, 2 Red Cross Drive, 2, Class Gift Com., 4, Community Chest Drive, 4, Senior Nominating Com., 4. He may be round, He may be fat, When a friends in need Jack's always at bat. ELBA CASTELLI Marshal, 3-4, Broadcasters' Club, 2, Drivers' Club, 4, Distributing Team, 2-3, Christmas Gift Wrapping Com., 2,4, Football Dance Refreshment Com., 4, Grad- uation Tickets and Invitations Com., 4, Senior Play Make-Up Com., 4, Com'l Service Com., 4, Graduation Honor Group, 4. , She's the marshall at 231, Who stays on the job until it's done. LORAINE CAVATORTA Afghan Club, 2, Glee Club, 2-3, Distributing Team,2-3. Loraine's a girl happy and gay, Whose giggles we hear every day. CYNTHIA CHANDLER Music Festival Ticket Com., 3, Prom Usher, 3, Graduation Honor Group, 4. That slick chick with a pleasing personality. -IosEPH CHAO Uoej Joe comes from the Spanish main, tl" " To all of us he will bring fame. +- 28 Es' THE PHILOMHTH JAMES CHIARIELLO Marshal, 2-33 Pbilwmzfb Staff, 43 Basketball. 4: Basketball Manager, 2-3-4, "F"3 Drivers' Club. 43 Glee Club, 2-3-43 Cheer Leader, 4. Tall, with brown, wavy hair, When he goes by the girls all stare. TERESA CIVITENGA Marshal, 2-3-43 Prom Refreshment Com., 33 Music Festival Ticket Com., 33 Glee Club, 2-3-43 Infantile Paralysis Drive, 2-33 Christmas Boxes, 2-33 Lunchroom Marshal, 2-3-43 Christmas Gifts Com., 3-43 CO-Ch. Senior Play Ticket Com., 43 Senior-Soph Dance Ticket Com., 43 Football Dance Refreshment Com., 43 Class Prophet, 43 Lost and Found Com., 23 Community Chest Drive, 2g Graduation Honor Group, 4. Teresa is friendly and very sweet3 Shes also pretty and so petite. GERRY CLARK Marshal, 2-3-43 Basketball, 2-3-43 Field Hockey, 2-3: Softball, 2-3-43 Tennis, 43 Stamps and Bonds Com., 2: Aeronautics Club, 23 Afghan Club, 2g Drivers' Club. 43 Glee Club, 2-3-43 Christmas Choir, 23 A Cappella Choir, 43 Music Festival Com., 2,43 Salvage Com., 2-33 Distributing Team, 2-33 Prom. Ushering Com., 3: Senior Play Ticket Com., 4. Gerry is a hep cat And always on the beam3 She and Franny Gavin Together make a dream. JANET MARY CLINTON Student Council, 23 School Publications Adv. Staff. 2-33 Basketball, 2-33 Softball, 23 First Aid, 23 Drivers' Club, 43 Glee Club, 3-43 Christmas Choir, 43 A Cap- pella Choir, 43 Christmas Boxes, 23 Red Cross Drive. 23 Distributing Team, 2-3, Ass't. Capt., 33 Lost and Found Com., 23 Volley Ball, 2-33 Christmas Gifts Com., 2. jan's a true friend You'll all agree3 And we wish her the best At F. S. T. C. ALBERT E. COLE, JR. Pbilozmzlfa Staff, 43 Aeronautics Club, 4. Al's not timid, Al's not bold- He has a heart of solid gold. MARVIN COHEN Football Dance Ticket Com., 4. Marvin is a friend to all3 You can always find him on the ball. JOAN COLE P!ailm11.zfl1 Staff, 43 School Publications Adv. Stalf. 43 Basketball, 2-3-4, "F"3 Field Hockey, 23 Softball, 43 Chemistry Club Sec., 43 Glee Club, 43 Christmas Choir, 43 A Cappella Choir, 43 Prom Usher, 33 Infantile Paralysis Drive, 2-33 Grand March Com., Prom., 3: Distributing Team, 2-33 Graduation Usher, 33 Senior Play Usher, 43 Stamps and Bonds Com., 23 Graduation Honor Group, 4. joan is cute, joan is wise-3 And where did she get those laughin' eyes? ALBERTA MARIE? COLE Baseball, 23 Softball, 33 Afghan Club, 23 Infantile Paralysis Drive, 4. Always a friend to everyoneg Never an enemy to anyone. THE PHILOMHTH HAROLD BRADFORD CONANT Student Council, 2, Marshal, 2-3-4, Football,2-3, Hockey, 2-3-4, "F", Aeronautics Club, 2-5, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Lost and Found Com., 2-3, Christmas Wrapping Com., 2-3-4, Glee Club, 3-4, A Cappella Choir, 3-4, Co-Ch. Prom Decorating Com., 3, Red Cross Drive, 2-3-4, Distributing Team, 2-3, Commu- nity Chest Drive, 2-3, Waste Paper Drive, 3, Infantile Paralysis Drive Com., 2-3, Nominating Com., 3-4, Senior Play Cast, 4, Music Festival Com., 4, Red Cross Special Project, 2, Economic Development Com., 2. Clever, witty, handsome and smart, Many a girl has tried his heart. JEAN CONNELLEY Marshal, 4, Afghan Club, 2, Clubs Com., 3, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Lost and Found Com., 2, A Cappella Choir, 4, Graduation Usher, 3: Distributing Team, 3, Stage Mgr., Senior Play, 4, Band Concert Com., -1, Christmas Boxes, 4. Manners, poise, personality too, Without jean, what would we do? JOSEPH ARTHUR CONNER Red Cross, 2, Band, 2-3-4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Orches- tra, 3-4, Christmas Choir, 2,4, A Cappella Choir, 3-4, Distributing Team, 3, Class Night Social Hour Com., 4. Not a day passes that joe doesn't add a friend to his list of pals. THOMAS CONNORS Student Council, 2, Marshal. 33 Salvage Club, 2, Clubs Com., 3, Christmas Boxes, 4, Distributing Team, 2-3, Hospitality Com., 2, Class Song Com., 4. In the classroom he's quite shy, But outside, oh watch that guy! KETERIA CORREA fTe1-ij Marshal, 2, First Aid Club, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2-5, Ch., Flower Com., Graduation, 3, Prom Refreshments Com., 3, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Christmas Choir, 4, A Cap- pella Choir, 4, March of Dimes. 32 Community Chest Drive, 2, Distributing Team, 2-3, Asst. Capt., 3. Teri has a heart of gold, Personality, solid, too, So if yOu're looking for a friend, Well, kids, it's up to you. josnpi-ima CONTIGIANI U01 Softball, 2-3-4, Afghan Club, 2, Senior-Soph Dance Refreshment Com., 4, Glee Club, 2-3, Prom Refresh- ment Com., 3. Her charms and smiles make life worthwhile. MARIE COTUGNO Red Cross Club, 2, Stamps and Bonds Com., 2-3, Drivers' Club, 4, Glee Club, 2-3, Graduation Usher, 3, Senior Play Make-Up Com., 4, Christmas Projects, 2-3-4. Hubba, hubba, dong, ding. Our Marie has everything. WALTER CRAGIN Gym Club, 2, Broadcasting Club, 4, Distributing Team, 2-3, Campaign Manager, 2-3-4, Graduation Tickets and Announcements Com., 4. Tall, good-looking, good-natured too, Full of jokes, both old and new. QUE-fm THE PHILOMHTH josspt-1 CUMMINS In Service, August, 1944-july, 1946. A returned vet he is, you know. Tall and handsome, he's our joe. ROBERT CUMMINGS Broadcasting Club, 4, Class Sec., 2, Glee Club, 2, Graduation Tickets and Invitations Com., 4. A cute little guy From Framingham High. REGINA F. CUNNINGHAM Ueazzy Library Service Club, 4, Broadcasting Club, -lg Dis- tributing Team, 2-3, Capt., 3. Black hair, brown eyes, Recipe for paradise. VIVIAN ELIZABETH DAHLROTH Ufirj Afghan Club, 2, Glee Club, 2-3, Distributing Team, Vivian is cute And very sweet, Lucky is the boy She will meet. RITA DANGELO fSlHZJ'bi7l6, ' Basketball, 3, Tennis, 4, Red Cross, 2. 5 Brown hair, twinkling eye, Very studious and very shy. MARIAN JANE DAVIS Softball, 3, Volley Ball, 33 Basketball Timekeeper. 4, Stamps and Bonds Com., 2, Graduation Usher, 3g Glee Club, 2-3, Christmas Choir, 3-4, A Cappella Choir, 3-4, Christmas Boxes, 2, Homeroom Ch., Chil- dren's Boxes, 2, Distributing Team, 2-3g Red Cross, 2, Blood Donors' Drive, 2. Marian is pretty And has her choice of meng When she tires of one She just begins again. THELMA M. DAVIS QTloelj Plailomatla Staff, 4, Glee Club, 4g Christmas Choir, -lg A Cappella Choir, 4, Distributing Team, 23 Christ- mas Boxes, 4. Twinkling eyes and long brown hair, She got Bill with her baby stare. NANCY DAVIS Salvage Club, 2, Surgical Dressings, 33 Drivers' Club, 4, Distributing Team, 2-3, Christmas Boxes, 2-3. Nancy is a girl who is slightly shy, Wlmen she goes down the street, the boys say my-my! THE PHILOMHTH H31 FLORENCE DECOLLIBUS ' Salvage Club, 2, Broadcasting Club, 4, Prom Deco- rating Com., 3g Football Dance Refreshment Com., 3g Glee Club, 2-3-43 Graduation Usher, 3, Distributing Team, 2-3. Our Florrie is so-o little, so-o-O bashful, and so-o-o-o true. DOROTHY DERSHOWITZ Basketball, 3-43 Baseball, 2, French Club, 4, Paper Box Com., 23 Football Dance Refreshment Com., 33 Prom Ticket Com., 3g Graduation Usher, 3, Distribut- ing Team, 2-3g Infantile Paralysis Drive District Co- Ch., 2-3, Salvation Army Drive junior Ch., 3g Christ- mas Boxes, 2-33 Monday Morning Broadcasting Com., 23 Stamps and Bonds Com., 3, Senior Play Adv. Com., 4, Highest Scholastic Honors. Brains-looks-personality plus. YOLA DONATI fLeej Stamps and Bonds Com., 3, First Aid Club, 2. Yola is quiet, Yola is shy. But her ability You can't deny. JAMES O. DEXTER fDefj Marshal, 3-4g Philomatla Staff, 4, Baseball, 2-3-4, "F"g Aero Club, 2g Drivers' Club, 4g Band, 2-3-4, Orchestra, 3, Prom Ticket Com., 3, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Distributing Team, 3g Christmas Gift Wrap- ping, 3-4, Campaign Mgr., 2-3-4g Prom Patrol, 33 In- fantile Paralysis Drive, 2, Senior-Soph Dance Ticket and Patrol Com., 43 Senior Play Cast, 4g Football Dance Decorating Com., 4, Lost and Found Com., 4, Class Night Social Hour Com., 4. jimmy's delight is having fun, His trumpet excites everyone. Louis FRANK DONDERO Christmas Boxes, 3. A friend in need Is a friend indeed. MILDRED DOOLEY ' Bonds and Stamps Com., 23 Glee Club, 2-3-4g Dis- tributing Team, 2-3g Christmas Boxes, 2. Milly is so sweet and nice, But now her heart has turned to ice. FLORENCE DOYLE Glee Club, 2-3-4g Distributing Team, 2-3. Her quiet and reserved manner is known by all. NORMAND DOOLEY In Service, October, 1944-june, 1946. Pbzlomazla Staff, 4, Class Night Supper Com., 4. Tall and handsome with a lot of brain, Norm's won the heart of a certain jane. THE PHILOMHTH W' FRANK A. DIICEY Distributing Team, 2-5. Duce is cute, Duce is fair, He'd be noticed anywhere. RUTH DUNHAM Afghan Club, 23 Christmas Gift Wralpping, Z. On a typewriter Ruth's fingers do flyg Shell be successful, you cannot deny. CLAIRE ELISE DUNPHY Afghan Club, 23 Drivers' Club Sec., 43 Distributing Team, 2-3, Capt., 23 Salvation Army Drive, 2,43 Stamps and Bonds Com., 33 Football Dance Tickets and Re- freshment Com., 43 Christmas Gift Wrapping, 23 Com'l Service Com., 4. Claire is little3 Claire is sweet. Such a girl is pleasant to meet. NANCX' LEE DYER Lunchroom Marshal, 33 Softball, 2-33 Tennis, 43 Broadcasting Club, 2,43 Co-Ch., Graduation Decorat- ing Com., 33 Prom Decorating Com., 31 Senior-Soph Dance Decorating Com. Ch., 43 Football Dance Deco- rating Com., 43 Distributing Team, 2-53 Clubs Com- mittee, 33 Graduation Usher, 33 Lost and Found Com., 53 Paper Boxes Com., 23 Senior Play Usher, 43 Senior Play Adv. Com., 43 Senior Nominating Com., 43 Highest Scholastic Honors. Always here, always there, How can Nan be everywhere? PATRICIA FARLEY QPIUQ ' Distributing Team, 2-33 Glee Club, 23 Prom Ticket Com., 53 Prom Grand March, 33 Prom Usher, 33 Christmas Boxes, 23 Red Cross Com., 23 Senior Play Com., 43 Senior Play Usher, 43 Graduation Tickets and Announcements Com., 43 Pbilomazlv Typist, 4. Pat, oh so cheerful, Pat, oh so neat- This little combination is very hard to beat. JACQUELINE MARIE FAIR Qjarkiej Basketball, 2-3-43 Field Hockey, 2-3-4, Softball, 2,43 Prom Refreshment Com., 33 Distributing Team. 2-33 Music Festival Ticket Com., 2-33 Afghan Club, 23 Christmas Boxes, 33 Red Cross, 3-43 Glee Club, 2-33 Aeronautics Club, 4. The gal that gets around. JOSEPH FFRRARO Baseball, 2-3-4, "Fug Football, 2-3-4, "FHL Football Captain, 41 Graduation Day Com., -1. We all wonder why There's that gleam in his eye. IRANK P. FAZZARI Aviation Club, 2, Glee Club, 4. That shy guy from the vocational school. THE PHILOMHTH DCJROTHY FISTETTO - Basketball, 2-5, "F", Softball, Z, Red Cross First Aid. 2, Christmas Boxes, 2-5, Soldiers' Gifts, 2, Cloth- ing Drive, 2, Distributing Team, 2-5, Christmas Gifts, 4, Red Cross, 5, Drivers' Club, 4, Salvation Army Drive. 31Glee Club, Z-5. To be .1 hairdresser is Dotty's ambition, To you this may sound like repetition- We all know a success she will be, For everything she does, she does perfectly. DONTINIC FERRAZZI Basketball, 3-4, Football, 2-5-4, Band, 2-3-4. He must have something neat To have swept Irene off her feet. STEPHEN K. FLANDERS Marshal, 4, School Publications Adv. Staff, 4, Base- ball Mgr.. 5-4, Chemistry Club, 2,4, Prom Patrol, 3. Steve is a friend to'all, but his interests are strictly chemical. JEAN EVA FLYNN Basketball, Z, Afghan Club, 2, Drivers' Club, 4, Christmas Boxes, 2-5, Distributing Team, 2-3, Cloth- ing Drive, 2, Senior Play Ticket Com., 4. Saxonvilles cute contribution to F.H.S. BETTY FRAZER Philomtzfla Staff, 4, Citizenship and Morale Com., 2, Christmas Gifts, 3, Glee Club, 2. Blonde hair, brown eyes- Betty makes a hit with all the guys. MARQAR ET FRANCOEUR qivlargiey Glee Club, 3, Christmas Boxes, 5, Soldiers' Gifts Com.. 3. Sparkling teeth and a lot of curls, She has many friends, both boys and girls. PEcit,Y GAGEN Broadcasters' Club, 2, Drivers' Club, 4, Senior Play Make-Up Com., 4, Distributing Team, 2. Peggy has plenty of Hsavoir faire", Shes the girl with the shy little air. JUNE ELIZABETH GALLIMORE Distributing Team, 2-3, Christmas Gifts, 2, Pbilu- mtzzb Typist, 4. june and Marguerite, Marguerite and june, Wherever one is, The other will follow soon. 3419- THE PHILOMHTH FR ED GAVIGAN Marshal, 3-4, Siudeni Crier Staff, 4, Football, 3, Track, 4, Gym Club, 2-3,. Aeronautics Club, 2, Broad- casting Club Sec., 4, Glee Club, 3-4, Christmas Choir, 4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Prom Refreshment Com., 3, Prom Patrol, 3, Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Senior Play Cast, 4, Class Night Supper Com., 4. A hit among his classmates, And with his teachers he also rates. FRANCIS GAVIN Student Council, 3, Marshal, 2-3-4, Pbilomizlb Staff, 4, Football, 2-3-4, "F", Class Vice-President, 2, Class Night Exercises Com., 4. ' Gav is cute, Gav is sweet, just ask jerry, And shell repeat. FRED HAKANSSON . Student Council, 2, Marshal, 2-3-4, Hockey, 2-3-4, "F", Glee Club, 2-3-4, Christmas Choir,-1, A Cappella Choir, 4, Distributing Team, 2-3, 'Co-Capt., 33 Prom Patrol, 3, Christmas Wrappings, 3, Senior Play Scenery, 4, Music Festival Com., 4. To F. H. S. Hak did bring Plenty of glory, playing right wing. Louisa GIORGI Basketball, 3-4, Drivers' Club, 4, Distributing Team, 2-3. lf you need a friend who's always true Choose Louise-she is for you. PRISCILLA HARGRAVES Citizenship and Morale Com., 2, Bonds and Stamps Com., 3, Debating Club, 4, Music Festival Tickets, 3, Salvation Army Drive, 4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Christmas Choir, 2-3-4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Distributing Team, 2-3, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Special Properties, Senior Play, 4. We all wonder why theres that gleam in her eye. ARTHUR N. HAMMARLUND 'Basketball Manager, 4, Golf Club, 4. Art may be quiet in his classes, But he certainly makes a hit with the lasses. ROBERT E. I-IAVNER QBULQ Marshal, 3, Football, 3-4, "F", Prom. Marshal, 3, Distributing Team, 2-3, Graduation Usher, 3, Grad- uation Day Com., 4. His friendly smile and sparkling eye Leave many a girl to sigh and sigh. MARY HETHERTON Basketball, 2, Field Hockey, 2, Softball, 2-3-4, "F", Citizenship and Morale Com., 2, Christmas Gift Wrapping, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2, Distributing Team, 2-3, Infantile Paralysis Drive, 3, Highest Scholastic Honors. Mary seems to study from morning till night, That's why her marks are a bit of all right. THE PHILOMHTH --+435 ELAINE HOGAN Afghan Club, 2, Christmas Boxes, 12-3, Glee Club. 3, French Club, 4, Distributing Team. 3. Blonde hair, eyes of blue, To her studies she is true. EILEEN FRANCES HILL Library Service Club., 3-4, Pres., 4, French Club, 4, Red Cross, 2, Surgical Dressings, 2, Blood Donor Unit, 2, Glee Club, 4, Library Service Publicity Com., 4. Elly with her brilliant smile Makes her classes seem worth while. VIDA HORAN Marshal, 4, Red Cross, 2, Christmas Boxes. 3, Prom Com., 3, Glee Club, 4. Vida dazzles all the boys, And with the girls she shares her joys, Big brown eyes and auburn hair Certainly spell the word "beware" LEWIS I-IOLZMAN , Here is a boy who is massive and tall, He likes his radios, that's all! CAROLYN IRWIN Entered from Troy, Ohio, Sept., 1946. Tennis, 4, French Club, 4. Carolyn is the stuclious kind- Such a girl is hard to find. PETER KASTRINELIS Student Council, 2-3-4, Exec. Com., 2-3, Pres., 4, Marshal, 2-3-4, Exec. Com., 2, Student Crier Staff, 2-3-4, Football, 2-3-4, "F", Track, 2-3-4, Capt., 4, Broadcasting Club Vice-Pres., 4, Class Pres., 2, Prom Ticket Com., Ch., 3, Infantile Paralysis Drive, 3-4, Football Dance Ticket Com., 2-3, Graduation Ushering Co-Ch., 3, Council Soph. Reporter, 3, Glee Club, 4, Christmas Choir, 4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Stu- dent Assn. Drive Com., 3, Ch., Cushing Gift Boxes, 2, Chairman, Lost and Found, 3, Red Cross Drive, 2-3, Hospitality Com., 2, Representative to Framingham Community Council, 4, Football Dance Patrol, 4, Stu- dent Council Convention Delegate, 4, Prom Planning Com., 3, Class Prophet, 4, Senior Nominating Com., 4, Music Festival Com., 4, Graduation Honor Group, 4, Highest Honors for Leadership and Service. His sincerity and his winning smile Make Pete a friend worth while. KATHLEEN M. KNAPP Glee Club, 2-3, Christmas Wrappings, 2, Kay's a friend and quite a girl, She has the fellows in a whirl. ROSEMARY ANN KELLEI-IER fRo.ryj Red Cross, 2, Distributing Team, 2-3, Christmas Boxes, 2, Salvation Army Drive, 2, Glee Club, 2-3-4- Graduation Usher, 3. Rosie is a brunette Who always likes to dance, But Rosie hasn't met the man Who can put her in a trance. 5354..- THE PHILOMHTH EDWARD KORONA Baseball, 2-5-4, Capt., -1, "F", Football, 2-5--1, "F", Hockey, 4, Graduation Day Com., -1. To every guy and every gal Here is a fellow that is a pal. PHYLLis C. KNUTSON fPbylj Only a whisper W'hen she recites! Blonde, quiet And oh! so nice. DAVID ALBERT KUHN fPorkyj Student Council, 4g Marshal, 3-4, Capt., -1, Exec. Com., -lg Football, 3-4, "Fug Track, 2-5-4, "F", Salvage Club, 2, Prom Publicity Ch., 3, Prom Patrol Co-Ch., 51 Clubs Com., 33 Graduation Decorating Com., 53 Glee Club, -lg Christmas Choir, 4g A Cappella Choir, -lg Christmas Boxes, 33 Class Historian, 4, Stage Mgr.. Senior Play, 4, Honorable Mention, Leadership and Service. Here is a boy who is both strong and tall, In a football game he's happiest of all. RICHARD LAGER Marshal. 3-4, Chemistry Club, -lg Distributing Team. 5, PromTicket Com., 33 Christmas Boxes Co-Ch., -ig Band Concert Com., 4. A friend never to be forgotten. DORIS LEBLANC Red Cross, 3, Glee Club, 2-3. Speech may be silver, but silence is golden. MARY LAPINA Afghan Club, 2g Library Service Club, 2-3, Sec., 2-39 Red Cross, 2, Stamps and Bonds Com., 5, Drivers' Club, -lg Glee Club, 2-3. Mary, Mary, quite contrary, How far do you have to go To meet Danny from Wellesley way, To take you to the show? WALTER LECH Marshal, -'ig Citizenship and Morale Com., 2, Stamps and Bonds Com., 53 Chemistry Club, 4. Walter is truthful And not very shy, Wlien he raises his opinions How time does fly. fBooks, toolj f JOSIEPHINE MARY LELL1 Afghan Club, 2, Distributing Team, 2-3. A cute little girl with eyes of brown- Always a smile, never a frown. THE PHILOMHTH --+937 DORIS Ltitgirru Li2Nsit1N . Tennis, -ig Red Cross, 2, Chemistry Club, 3, Glee Club, 5-4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Christmas Boxes, 2g Distributing Team, 31 Lost and Found Com., 51 Christ- mas Gifts Com., 53 Prom Usher, 5, Senior Play Usher, -lg Stamps .intl Bonds Com., 5, lnfantile Paralysis Drive, 2. Leni is smallg Leni is prettyg But best of all. Leni is witty. THERESA LEVEILLE Softball, 3, Tennis. -lg Salvage Club, 2g Prom Usher, 51 Christmas Boxes, 51 Glee Club, 2-51 Music Festival Com., 2-5. Tessy is a chatterbox. Shes gabbing all the clay. No matter what the teachers say She still must have her say. CHARLES LEviNia In Service, October, 1944-August, 19-46. Salvage Com., 51 Distributing Team. 5. Charlie is a returned vet- I-le's sure of the future, you can betf MAROAMTE LOOMER First Aid Club, 2, Drivers' Club, 43 Glee Club, 53 Christmas Gifts Wrapping, 53 Christmas Boxes. 3. Margie can be serious, but only when necessary. JOYQE EDITH MACDOUOALL Citizenship and Morale Club, Z, Drivers' Club, -lg Distributing Team, 2-5, Glee Club. 4. I-ler heart belongs to Freddy. PAULINE LOZEAU fPo!!yj Glee Club, 51 Music Festival Ticket Com., 31 Graci- uation Usher, 53 Christmas Boxes, 2,4. An attractive girl, always jollyg A friencl to all, thats Polly. JOHN MACLEOD The Sax kid makes good. JOHN MACKINNON Marshal, 41 Track, 2-5--ig Distributing Team, 5g Prom Ticket Com., 53 Music Festival Com., 4. john is tall, blond and blue of eyeg jOhn's the boy who makes all the girls sigh. THE PHILOMHTH JOANNE MARIE MAHER Marshal, 3, Lunchroom Marshal. 2-3, Student Crier Staff, 2-3-4, Co-Editor, Plailomatb, 4, Basketball, 2-3-4, "F", Field Hockey, 2-3-4. "F", Softball, 2-3, Tennis, 4, Stamps and Bonds Corn., 2, French Club, 4, In- fantile Paralysis Drive, 2-3-4. Gen'l Ch., 3, Hospitality Com. Homeroom Ch., 3, Christmas Boxes, 3, Prom Refreshment Com., 3, Lost and Found Com., 3, Red Cross Drive, 3, Club Planning Com., 3, Distributing Team, 2-3, Senior-Soph Dance Refreshment Com., 4, Football Dance Refreshment Com., 4, Co-Ch. Chamber of Commerce Survey Com., 2, Graduation Honor Group, 4. A girl with a winning personality and a friendly smile. THOMAS J. MALLOY ,Defy Prom Decorating Com., 3, Prom Patrol, 3, Senior Play Stage Com., 4, Christmas Boxes, 2. Tommy is a quiet lad, His qualities are rare. If you ever are in need, Tommy will be there. PAULINE MALooF Glee Club, 3, Distributing Team Captain, 3. A dark-haired girl with eyes of brown. Always happy when Bill's around. BARBARA MARSH fBarbj Afghan Club, 2, Ch., Salvation Army Drive. 2, Prom Patrol, 3, Cushing Hospital Drive Chairman, 3. Barb's a little bit of all right! JEAN MARSHALL Marshal, 4, School Publications Adv. Staff, 2-3-4, District Mgr., 4, Red Cross Surgical Dressings Chair- man, 2, Debating Club, 4, Music Festival Com.. 3-4, Christmas Boxes, 3, Soldiers' Gifts, 33 Senior-Soph Dance Publicity Com., 4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Orchestra, 2-3-4, Christmas Choir, 2-3-4, A Cappella Choir. 2-3-4, Distributing Team, 2-3, Graduation Honor Group, 4. jean is tall, she is sweet, A girl like Jean is hard to beat. JOSEPHINE MASELLI ,joey Afghan Club, 2. Ambition personified. Lois MASON Student Council, 3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Plvifomatb, 4, Basketball, 3-4, Field Hockey, 4, Softball, 2-3-4, Ten- nis, 4, Stamps and Bonds Com., 2-3, Glee Club, 3-4, Class Treas., 2, Soldiers' Boxes, 2-3, Christmas Boxes, 2-3, lnfantile Paralysis Drive, 2-3, Prom Refreshment Com. Co-Ch., 3, Senior-Soph Dance Refreshment Com., 4, Football Dance Refreshment Com. Ch., 4, junior and Senior Nominating Com., 3-4, Christmas Choir, 4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Distributing Team, 3, Music Festival Ticket Com., 3-4, Senior and Sophomore Elections, 3, Senior Play Usher, 4, Class Prophet, 4, Graduation Honor Group, 4, Honorable Mention, Leadership and Service. She may be petite, But oh-aso sweet, Shes just the girl Wed all like to meet. MAR-JKJRIE MATSCJN Sllltfelll Crier Staff, 3-4, Exec. Com.. 4, Red Cross Club, 2, Golf Club, 4, Senior-Soph Dance Publicity Com.. 4, Blood Donor Unit, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2. "Margie, l'm always dreaming of you. Margie." THE PHILOMHTH BRUCE MAXWELL I Student Council, 2, Marshal, 2,4, Aero Club, 2,4, Glee Club, 3-4, Christmas Choir, 4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Distributing Team, 3, Senior Play Cast, 4, Gradua- tion Honor Group, 4. A gentleman and a scholar! JOHN MCCANN Saxonville's most successful iceman. MARY CAROL MCGRATI-I Basketball, 2-3-4, Field Hockey, 2, Softball, 2-3-4, Red Cross Club, 2, Library Service Club, 2, Surgical Dressings, 2, Lost and Found Com., 2, Prom Refresh- ment Com., 3, Prom Usher, 3, Graduation Usher, 3. Mary, Mary, quite contrary, Sure has her share of beaus, With big blue eyes and cheerful smile She's a girl that everyone knows. RITA MARIE MCDONALD QRO Plailomalfa Staff, 4, Softball, 2, Red Cross Club, 2, Hospitality Com., 2, Stamps and Bonds Com., 3, Drivers' Club, 2, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Distributing Team, 3, Christmas Boxes, 2, Senior Play Prompter, 4, Grad- uation Tickets and Announcements Com., 4. Turned up nose, eyes of blue, Ri's a pal, tried and true. MARY MCLELLAN Plailomatb, 4, Afghan Club, 2, Chemistry Club, 4, Graduation Usher, 3. Mary is a cheerful girl, Makes everyone feel bright and gay, If you have any cares or troubles She will smile them all away. SHIRLEY JEAN MCLEAN Sludenl Crier Staff, 2-3-4, Golf Club, 4, First Aid Club, 2, Prom Decorating Com., 3, Pbilomalb, 4, Football Dance Refreshment Com., 3, Graduation Decorating Com., 3, Graduation Usher, 3, Lost and Found Com., 3, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Senior Play Adv. Com., 4, Football Dance Decorating Com., 4, School Report Cover Design, 3, Program of Studies Cover Design, 4. Shirley is the kind of girl With laughing gray eyes and hair in curl That catches every boy's eye, But they all know that Charlie's her guy. JOSEPH MCQUADE Student Council, 3, Marshal, 4, Hockey, 2-3-4, Capt., 4, Distributing Team, 2-3. Joe is dark, plays hockey well, For an all-round fellow he sure is swell. DORIS MAY METHERALL Red Cross, 2, Lost and Found Com., 2, Christmas Boxes, 2. Doris is a friend of all, Vfhen in need feel free to call. She will help you out, we know, For she has a heart of gold. 4 THE PHILOMHTH MARlLX'N MILLER Sludent Crier Staff, -ig School Publications Adv. Staff, 5--ig Broadcasting Club, 23 Golf Club, 4, Square Dancing, 4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Distributing Team, 5: Soldiers' Gifts, 2-31 Christmas Boxes, 2-5-4, Infantile Paralysis Drive, 5. A girl not to be passed by. PAULINE A. MILLIGAN QPol!yj Student Council, 4, Marshal, 33 Aeronautics Club. 2, Broadcasting Club, -ig Glee Club, 2-3, Christmas Boxes, 21 Distributing Team, 3, Prom Usher, 3, School Publications Adv. Staff, District Mgr., 4, Football Dance Refreshment Com. Co-Ch., 4, Senior Play Usher, 4g Class Night Supper Com., -1. Thar never was a chile With a more appeasing smile. JANE MILLS Band, 2-5--ig Glee Club, 2-5--ig Orchestra, 2-3-43 Christmas Choir, 2-3-4. jane hopes to be a great musician in the future. Heres wishing you luck, jane. OLGA THERESA MISSAGGIA Stamps and Bonds Com., 2, Distributing Team, 2-3 Christmas Boxes, 2. Her mischief convulses her classmates and distresses her teachers. ELIZABETH MITCHELL fBeffyj Citizenship and Morale Com., 2g Drivers' Club, -I: Christmas Boxes, 23 Glee Club, 2,-1, Lost and Found Com., 2. Betty's quiet, Betty's shy, . But she's a friend Who'll get you by. AUDREY MORRIS If there is a man in Auclrey's life, She'll surely make him an ideal wife. PHILIP W. MORSE, JR. Baseball, 2, Track, 43 Aero Club, 2. A flier is what Phil would like to be. RUTH THELMA MoRsE QIHOIIUE, Glee Club, 4. A cute little lass, with twinkling eyes, Takes matters without a care, Of course! We all must realize Shes thinking of Richie Fair. THE PHILOMHTH IANEMURPIJY Student Council, 2, Lunchroom Marshal, 2,-1, S111- dent Crier Staff, 3-4, Exec. Com., 4, Basketball, 3-4, Field Hockey, 2, Softball, 2-3, Tennis, 4, Red Cross, 2, Library Service Club, 3, lnfantile Paralysis Drive, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2, Red Cross Drive, 2, Distributing Team, 2-3. Capt., 3, Senior Play Ticket Com., 4, Lost and Found Com., 4. Light brown hair and freckled nose, She brings great cheer wherever she goes. 'MARGARET MURPHY fPeggyj Marshal, 4, Citizenship and Morale Com., 2, Prom Patrol, 3, Clothing Drive, 3, Salvation Army Christ- mas Gifts, 3-4, Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Infantile Paraly- sis Drive. 3, Distributing Team, 2-3, Ass't. Capt., 2, Capt.. 31 Graduation Tickets and Announcements Com.. 4. Peggy is pretty, As all the boys surmise, But when they see Bob, Oh, what a surprise! RICHARD MLIRPHY Marshal, 3-4, Football, 2-3-4, "F", Salvage Club, 2, Drivers' Club, 4, Glee Club, 3-4, Christmas Choir, 4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Christmas Boxes, 2-3, Distribut- ing Team, 2-3, Football Dance Patrol, 3-4, Music Fes- tival Com.,4 , Graduation Day Com., 4. Always laughing, full of fun. Always talking and chewing gum. In chemistry, he's pretty quiet, But in English, he's a riot. TOHN P. NEAL Baseball, 3, "F", Baseball Mgr.. 2, Football. 4, Campaign Manager, 4. john Neal, they tell us, is very shy- Don't believe it-not that guy. LORRAINE NEAS Student Council, 3-4, Rec. Sec. and Exec. Com., 4, Marshal, 3-4, Marshal Exec. Com., 5, 2nd Lieut., 2, Christmas Boxes, 3, Lost and Found Com., 2, Ch., 3, Blood Donor Drive, 2, Refreshment Com., Football Dance, Ch., 3, Football Dance Refreshment Com., 4, Surgical Dressings, 2, Red Cross, 2, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Distributing Team, 2-3, Christmas Gifts Com., 4, Senior-Soph Dance Ticket Com., 4, Senior Play Usher, 4, Prom Usher, 3, Clothing Drive, 4, Football Dance Decorating Com., 4, Hospitality Com., 2, Class Night Exercises Com., 4. Punchy's dimples would break a fellow's heart, She has had Al's right from the start. HOWARD WILLIAM NICKERSON Marshal, 3, Cheerleader, 4, Drivers' Club Pres., 4, Glee Club, 3-4, Prom Ticket Com. Ch., 3, Refreshment and Publicity Com. for Football Dance, 4, Lost and Found Com., 4, Senior Play Cast, 4, Class Night Social Hour Com., 4. Howie works in a grocery store And there he meets girls by the score. He keeps their heads in a constant whirl Yet his heart belongs to just one girl. CONSTANCE NORTON Afghan Club, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2, Distributing Team, 2-3, Glee Club, 3. A lilting laugh and plenty of fun, Our Connie surely gets things done. VIRGINIA O'BRIEN fRedj Salvage Club, 2, Glee Club, 3. Virginia has a ready smile for any friend who passes bv. 425 THE PHILOMHTH ALICE CHRISTINE O'LEARY Afghan Club, 2g Drivers' Club, 4, Prom Refresh- Inent Com., 5, Graduation Usher, 33 Gift Wrapping Com., 2, Christmas Boxes, 2-5-4, Prom Patrol. 5: Senior Play Usher, 4. Those cute dimples and that smile Make Al's heart jump a mile. THoMAs O'GRADY Marshal, 3, Basketball, 2-5-4, "F", Baseball, 3-4, "F"g Football, 3g Golf Club President, -ig Class Night Exercises Com., 4. Basketball champ and a great guy to know. LIICILLE M. OLIVER QLHJ Afghan Club, 23 Graduation Honor Group, 4. The girl with all the answers. EDWARD OMICCIOLI qrllifrloj Marshal, 2-5-4, 2nd Lieut,, 5, Exec. Com., 3, Foot- hall, 2-5-4, "F", Prom Ticket Com., 3, Graduation Day Com., 4. Wltenever Eddie is feeling low We know just where he will go- Of Course, Most Natch, Up to See Flo. EDMUND j. ORTON Marshal, 43 Glee Club, 2-5-43 Orchestra, 2-3-41 Christmas Choir, 2. The Vocational School's Star Pupil. NARDO ORQIANELLI QSmifhj Marshal, 43 Distributing Team, 3. Nardo's grand, Nardo's fine, There is a certain girl from Sherborn He calls "Mine," RAPHAELLA PALLADINO Drivers' Club, -ig Glee Club, 2-32 Distributing Team, 2-3, Christmas Boxes, 2. We'll miss this lass with the shy little smile: Our days with her were all worth while. WILLIAM PANARESE Student Council, 2,-ig Marshal, 53 Sludenl Crier Staff, 4, Exec. Com., 4g Aero Club, 21 Drivers' Club, -ig Prom Ticket Com., 33 Distributing Team, 2-3, Capt.. 53 Lost and Found Com., Ch., 33 Glee Club, 43 Christ- mas Choir, 43 A Cappella Choir, -ig Stamps and Bonds Com., 2-3, Campaign Com., 2-33 Christmas Boxes, 5Q Red Cross Drive, 21 Prom Publicity Com., 5g Senior- Soph Dance Publicity Com. Ch., 4, Senior-Soph Dance Entertainment and Refreshment Com., 4, Football Dance Patrol, -ig Senior Play Cast, -ig Music Festival Com., 4. Billy is neat, dark, and tall, XX'hen it comes to studies, he's on the ball. THE PHILOMHTH MARY E. PARKHURST Qiviaiziej 1 Basketball, 2, Softball, 23 Drivers' Club, -ig Dis- tributing Team, 2-3, Red Cross, 3. Some people like blue, Other people like yellow, But Mary loves Red Cause he's her steady fellow. CHARLES PANTIE Basketball Mgr., 23 Distributing Team. 2-33 Senior Play Advertising Com., 4. Charlie is great. Charlie is shy, But when you know him He's quite the guy. ANNA PELLEORI fPegj Softball, 3, "F", Broadcasting Club, 2,4g Glee Club, 2-3, Distributing Team, 2-3, Christmas Boxes, 2-31 Senior Play Cast, 4, Music Festival Com., 4. This little lass with her pleasing way Captured hearts in the Senior Play. EDITH ANNE PENNUCCI Marshal, 3-4, Studenl Crier Staff, 2-3-4, School Publications Adv. Staff, 2-3-4, Ass't. Business Mgr., 5. Business Mgr., 4, Softball, 2-3-4, Tennis, 4, Stamps and Bonds Com., 2-33 Golf Club, -13 Glee Club, 2-3-4, Christmas Choir, 4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Distributing Team Capt., 2-33 Prom Refreshment Com., 33 Prom Publicity Com., 3, Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Co-Ch., Chamber of Commerce Survey, 23 Infantile Paralysis Drive Asst. Ch., 2, Co-Ch., 3, Senior Play Cast, 4, Highest Scholastic Honors, Always happy, always gay, A friend, a buddy every day. NANCY PEZZA Salvage Club, 2, Prom Refreshment Com., 39 Dis- tributing Team, 2-33 Red Cross Com., 2, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Glee Club, 2-3, Senior Play Usher, 4, Drivers' Club, 4, Never sad, never forlorng With Nancy as a friend you can't go wrong. ROBERT PIACENTINI Football, 2-3-4, Track, 2,4. The quietest boy in the class of '47, ROBERT PICCIOLI fPifriy Glee Club, 4. Though Picci is quiet and very shy All the girls give him the eye. DOROTHY POWELL fDo1tyj Sub-Deb Club, 2, Broadcasting Club. 2, Drivers' Club, 4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Christmas Boxes, 3, Music Festival Ticket Seller, 2-3-4. Look on Dot's third finger, left hand, And you will see she has her man. 43 , n. ,qu 44 THE PHILOMHTH MARGERY PRESERVATI Stamps and Bonds Com., 2, Distributing Team. 2-3, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Gift Wfrapping, 4. A winning smile, a charming way, Win Margie friends from day to day. OLIVE LOtIIsI3 RALsTON Marshal, 4, Field Hockey, 2, Tennis, 4, Red Cross, 2, Nature Club, 4, Christmas Boxes. 2-3. Olive with her friendly smile Makes our days in school worth while. DOROTHY RANDALL Tennis, 4, Broadcasting Club, 4, Glee Club, 3-4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Afghan Club. 2. If you have Dottie for a friend It will be a friendship that will never end. EVELYN VIRGINIA REDIKER fE1Iiej Marshal. 33 Softball, 2, Graduation Decorating Com., 3, Distributing Team, Ass't Capt., 2-3. After Evie leaves us in june We can expect her marriage to Ernie soon. DOROTHY ROBELEN Student Council, 3, Marshal, 3-4, Basketball, 2-3-4, "F", Field Hockey, 2-3-4, Tennis, 2,4, Red Cross Club, 2, Cheerleader, 4, Senior-Soph Dance Refreshment Com., 4, Glee Club, 2-3-4, Distributing Team, 2-3, Football Dance Usher. 3: Prom Usher, 3, Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Surgical Dressings, 3, Volley Ball. 2-3, Red Cross Drive, 3. Dot is cute, everybody's pal, just ask Chick. shes his gal. JAM ES A. ROBERTSON Distributing Team, 2-3, Prom Patrol, 3, Graduation Tickets and Announcements Com., 4. Always willing. always kind, A better friend is hard to hnd. ANITA ROLIOEAU Marshal. 4, Basketball, 3-4, "F', Field Hockey. 2-3-4, Softball, 2, Tennis, 4, Stamps and Bonds Com., 2, Senior-Soph Dance and Football Dance Refreshment Com.. 4, Clubs Com,, 4, Senior Play Adv. Com. Co- Ch., 4, Distributing Team, 3, Infantile Paralysis Drive, 2-3, Christmas Boxes, 2-3, Red Cross Drive. 2-3, Prom Refreshment Com., 3, Cushing Hospital Collection, 3, Surgical Dressings, 3, Salvation Army Drive, 2-3, Clothing Drive, 2-3, Volley Ball. 2-3, Glee Club, 3-4, Orchestra, 2-3-4. Librarian, Christmas Choir, 4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Music Festival Com.. 4, Graduation Honor Group, 4. Famous for her wit and that infectious giggle. HELEN FLORENCE Ross Marshal, First Lieut., Exec. Com., 4, Basketball, Z-5: Field Hockey, 2, Softball. 2-3-4, Volley Ball, 2-3, Citizenship and Morale Club, 2, Drivers' Club, 4, Graduation Usher, 3, Prom Patrol, 3, Clothing Drives, 2-3, Christmas Boxes, 2-3, Football Dance Ticket Com., 2, Class Night Toast, 4, Senior Play Usher. 4. A girl short in stature But never to be sold short as a friend. THE PHILOMHTH 45 FRANCES SANDERS fFl'i,ZllIIj6, u Basketball, 4, "F", Ass't. Mgr., Basketball, 5, Stamps and Bonds Com., 2-5, Red Cross, Z, Gradua- tion Ushering Ch., 5, Prom Ticket Com., 5: Christmas Boxes, 2-3, Clothing Drive, 2-3, Salvation Army Drive, 5-4, Blood Donors' Drive, 2, Distributing Team, 2-5, Football Dance Refreshment Com., 31 In- fantile Paralysis Drive, 3, Chemistry Club, 4, Senior Play Adv. Com., 4, Senior Play Usher, 4, Senior-Soph Dance Refreshment Com., 4, Graduation Honor Group, 4. A girl thats sweet, a girl that's fair, A girl with blue eyes and pretty blonde hair. ISANOR G. SARNO flilliey Afghan Club, 2, Red Cross, 5, Drivers' Club, 4, Glee Club, 2-3, Distributing Team, 3, Christmas Boxes, 5, Senior Play Make-Up Com., 4. Ellie's brains and good looks too Have brought Al to his Wfaterloo. BVVERLY SAvAoE Marshal, 4, Smderzl Crier Staff, 5-4, Plailomrzlb Co- Editor, 4, School Publications Adv. Staff, 2-5-4, Ass't. Business Mgr., 5, Business Mgr., 4, Softball, 2-5-4, "F", Tennis, 4, Stamps and Bonds Com., 2-3, Stamps and Bonds Publicity, 2, Debating Club, 4, Glee Club, 2-5-4, Christmas Choir, 3-4, A Cappella Choir, 2,4, Prom Publicity Com., 5, Christmas Boxes, 2-5, Christ- mas Toy Com., 5: Blood Donors' Drive, 2, Campaign Mgr., 2, Red Cross, 2, Bridgewater Delegate, 5, Clubs Com.. 51 Graduation Usher. 33 Music Festival Ticket Com., 5, Infantile Paralysis Drive, 3, Distributing Team. 2-5, Ass't. Capt., 3, Senior-Sophomore Dance Publicity Ch., 4, Class Song Com., 4, Graduation Honor Group, 4. Bev is smart, Bev is neat, She's a girl that a guy likes to meet. AN SAVAGE Lunchroom Marshal, 5-4, Softball, 2, Tennis, 4, Lost and Found Com., 5, Red Cross Club, 2, Glee Club, 2-5, Distributing Team, 2-5, I-Iomeroom Ticket Salesman for Senior-Soph Dance, Senior Play, Prom, 3, Senior Play Usher, 4. Never a dull moment! NIARTHA ISABEL SAVAGE Aeronautics Club, 2, Prom Refreshment Com., 5. Twinkling brown eyes, and a real nice smile- For Martha the boys will walk a mile. RAYMOND SAv1 QRayj Marshal, 4, Basketball, 2-5-4, "F", Baseball, 5-4, Football Mgr., 2-3, Class Treasurer, 5, junior Nomi- nating Com., 5, Prom Patrol, 5, Glee Club, 4, Christ- mas Choir, 4, A Cappella Choir, 4, Distributing Team, 2-3, Class Night Exercises Com., 4. Ray and Natick are just like the buses' Both stop at Terry's in spite of the rushes. NA SCI-irAvi fLilj Drivers' Club, 4, Red Cross, 2, Wrapping Christmas 7 Packages, 2, Distributing Team, -. This Lokerville glamor girl has plenty of Mit." Doais SCOTT Distributing Team, 2-5. To Doris we wish the best of luck in her nursing career. 453g-- THE PHILOMHTH M. BARBARA SEIDMAN QBarbiej , Student Crier Staff, 2-3-4, Exchange Ed., 43 School . Publications Adv. Staff, 3-4, District Mgr., 43 Broad- casting Club, 23 Library Service Club, 33 Christmas I Boxes, 23 Golf Club, 43 Glee Club, 2-3-43 Student Crier Picnic Entertainment Com., 33 Infantile Paraly- sis Drive, 33 Lost and Found Com., 4. Barbs is a gal who's liked by all. EDITH ANNA SHAUGHNESSY flfdiej Lunchroom Marshal, 33 Tennis, 43 First Aid, 2g Nature Club President, 43 Christmas Boxes, 3-43 Class Night Supper Corn., 4. Edie and Buck are the cutest pair, They are seen together everywhere. PENELOPE SHOUP fP677?7Jl, Softball, 2-33 Tennis, 43 Red Cross, 23 Surgical Dressings, 23 Drivers' Club, 4g Square Dancing, 43 junior Nominating Com., 33 Orchestra, 43 Christmas Choir, 43 A Cappella Choir, 43 Distributing Team, 2-33 Prom Decorating Com., Ch., 33 Graduation Decorating Com., 33 Graduation Usher, 33 Football Dance Re- freshment Com., 33 Christmas Boxes, 2-33 Clothing Drive, 23 Cheerleader, 23 Senior Play Usher, 43 Foot- ball Dance Decorating Com., 43 Senior-Soph Dance Decorating Com., 43 Programs, Senior Play, 43 Music Festival Com., 43 Graduation Honor Group, 4. Penny will come smiling through any task she un- dertakes. Rose SIMONETTA Broadcasting Club, 2g Lunchroom Cashier, 33 Stamps and Bonds Cashier, 31 Football Dance Refreshment Tickets, 3g Graduation Honor Group, 4. The teacher's joy and a friend to allg Rose is the girl-the belle of the ball. ROBERT SINGERLI5 Bob's not bashful, Bob's not shy, And with the girls He's quite a guy. BETTY VERNETTI3 SMITH Red Cross Club, 23 Broadcasting Club, 43 Glee Club. 2-3-43 Blood Donor Unit, 23 Distributing Team, 33 Prom Refreshment Com., 33 Graduation Flower Com., 33 Red Cross Com., 43 Hospitality Com., 33 Highest Scholastic Honors. Smart, nice, and a friend forever. Room W. SMITH ln Service. july, 1943-April, 1946. Roger, one of our ex-G.l.'s, Catches all the girls' eyes. l ALBERT O. SNOW l Hockey, 43 Gym Club, 2-3-43 Distributing Team, 2-33 Stage Manager, Senior Play, 4. Al tries and does the best he can To capture the heart of his Joanne. THE PHILOMHTH --1447 RAYMOND SOLARI 3 In Service, March, 1943-March, 1945. Class Song Com., 4. Ray's not only a discharged vet- ui A handsome lad, he's hard to get. EDITH SPEIOEL Citizenship and Morale Com., 23 Square Dancing, 43 Glee Club, 23 Christmas Boxes, 23 lnfantile Paralysis Drive, 3. Edie is gayg Edie is spry3 julie's the fellow That caught her eye. FLORENCE SPERANZA Basketball, 23 Drivers' Club, 43 Christmas Boxes 2-5-43 Gift Wrapping, 2,43 Pbilomtzllv Typist, 4. Flo, who is so sweet and shy, Will marry Andy in july. KATHERINE STAEEELD Uftzyj Stam s and Bonds Com 7' Red Cross 2' Drivers' p . ., -, -, . Club, 43 Glee Club, 2-3-43 Orchestra, 2-5-4. Ass't. Librarian, 43 Christmas Choir, 2-3-43 A Cappella Choir, 2-3-43 Music Festival Ticket Com., 33 Distribut- ing Team, 2, Capt., 53 Christmas Gifts, 33 Senior Play Cast, 43 Music Festival Com. on Arrangements, 43 Graduation Honor Group, 4. A master musician, an honor student, and a truly hep gal. CLARA T. STAPLETON Red Cross, 23 French Club Planning Com., 43 Nomi- nating Com., 43 Glee Club, 3-43 Distributing Team, 53 Red Cross Com., 43 Hospitality Com., 43 Graduation Honor Group, 4. Her cheery smile and her friendly manner Make Clara a favorite throughout the school. ANNE STEARNS School Publications Adv. Staff, 2-3-43 Badminton, 23 Glee Club, 2-3-43 Christmas Choir, 4g A Cappella Choir, 43 Senior Play Ticket Com., 4. A smile and a cheery hello for everyone. CATHERINE STEEVES fKif1yj Marshal, 43 First Aid, 23 Library Service Club, 3g Safe Drivers' Club, 43 Red CrosS, 33 Glee Club, 2-3-43 Christmas Boxes, 2-3, Ch., 23 Senior Play Usher, 4. Not a day passes that Kitty doesn't add another friend to her long list of pals. RICHARD STICKN EY Football, 2-33 Track, 5-43 Glee Club. 33 Distributing Team, 2. Richie may be the president of the Cove Ice Com- pany some one of these hot summer days. 48 .l l THE PHILOMHTH VICTOR STILWELL Marshal, 3-4. Vic's sense of humor and buoyant style Make life pretty well worth while. WARREN STIVERS Glee Club, 2-3-4g Christmas Choir, 43 A Cappella Choir, -ig Aeronautics Club, 2. An indispensable member of the Broadcasting Club. RICHARD F. STUCCHI Aeronautics Club, 2. Richard, "Wliy don't you open that door?" RUTH STURGEON Marshal, 4, Afghan Club, 2g Glee Club, 2-5, Christ- mas Choir, 23 Lunchroom Cashier, 3, Lunchroom Bookkeeper, 33 Distributing Team, 2-3, Ass't. Capt., 3: Football Dance Ticket Salesman, 23 Com'l Service Com., -lg Highest Scholastic Honors. Looks and brains are not often combined, But early in life Ruth made the find. ANTHONY TAMBOLLIO In Service, November, 1944-june, 1946. Salvage Club, 2. Tony from the Navy hailed, To many lands he has sailed. KATHLEEN SWEENEY fKd.ffllJ Afghan Club, 2, Drivers' Club, -ig Band, 3g Glee Club, 2-3--ig Christmas Boxes, 2-33 Football Dance Refreshment Com., 4g Senior Play Ticket Com., 4: Graduation Tickets and Invitations Com., 4, Com'l Service Com., 4. To become a secretary is Kay's aimg If she doesn't, Leo will be to blame. IDA MAROLIERITE TAMBOLLIO fEdiej Glee Club, 2-5-43 Orchestra, 2-5-4, A Cappella Choir, 5--lg Music Festival Ticket Com., 3, Christmas Boxes, 2-5-4, Homeroom Representative to Salvation Army Com., 4g Stage Manager, Senior Play, 4. A student of the world is our girl "Edie," And we all hope her success will be speedy. JEAN LINDSEY TAYLOR School Publications Adv. Staff, 4, Basketball, 23 Softball, 2-33 First Aid Club, 23 Drivers' Club, -ig Prom Refreshment Com., 53 Glee Club, 2-3-4g A Cap- pella Choir, 4, Christmas Choir, 3-4g Distributing Team, 2-5--1, Capt., 5-45 Christmas Boxes, 3. jean is cute, she is slickg Her piano playing is quite a trick. THE PHILOMHTH JOSE PH TOMASI , Lunchroom Marshal, 2-33 Basketball, 3-4. "F"3 Baseball, 3-4, "F"3 Football, 33 Aeronautics Club, 23 Distributing Team, 2-33 Band, 3-43 Orchestra, 3-43 Christmas Boxes, 2-33 Prom Patrol, 33 Prom Ticket Com.. 33 Campaign Mgr., 23 Music Festival Ticket Com., 33 Class Night Social Hour Com., 4. The young man with the horn. MARJORIE L. THOMAS fzvlargiej Basketball, 2g Field Hockey, 2-33 Softball, 23 Red Cross, 23 Stamps and Bonds Com., 33 Drivers' Club, 43 Distributing Team, 2-33 Stage Mgr., Senior Play, 4. Talkative, mischievous, friendly, fun, Margie has a certain fellow always on the run. JUNE MARIE TREVETT School Publications Adv. Staff, 43 Tennis, 43 Stamps and Bonds Com., 23 Distributing Team, 33 Broadcast- ing Club, 43 Tuberculosis Fund Drive. 51 Christmas Boxes, 2-33 Red Cross, 33 Soldiers' Gifts Com., 23 Glee Club, 3-43 Graduation Tickets and Announcements Com., 4. june has brown and wavy hair, The boys at her can only stare. CHARLENE LOUISE TUCK Philomnfb Staff, 43 Red Cross, 23 Glee Club, 2-3. Big brown eyes and smile so gay Will take Charlene a long, long way. ROBERT TWOM EY fBobj Marshal, 3-43 Distributing Team, 33 Prom Patrol, 33 Prom Usher, 33 Christmas Boxes, 43 Band, 43 Class Gift Com., 4. What would "Uncle joe" ever have done Without our Bob to carry the drum? DINO TURCHI QTnrkj Marshal, 2-3-43 Baseball, 3-43 Football, 43 Track, 23 Aeronautics Club, 23 Glee Club, 43 Christmas Choir. 43 A Cappella Choir, 4. Turk is neat3 Turk is sweetg With the girls He can't be beat. ANTONETTA T. VERDY fNe1tiey Distributing Team, 2-3, Captain, 3. Where would Gorins' be without our Nettie? NORMA I. VITALI Distributing Team, 2, Capt., 33 Infantile Paralysis Drive, 2-33 Stamps and Bonds Com., 23 Salvage Drive, 23 Lost and Found Com., 3, Christmas Clothing Drive, 33 Christmas Boxes, 3-43 Broadcasting Club, 43 Senior Play Usher, 43 Com'l Service Com., 4. Always happy, always gay, Norma brightens TOny's day. 4 as-aa, 4 as THE PHILOMHTH SAMUEL G. WALLIS 13.11115 Student Council, 2-3-43 Marshal, 2-3-4, Exec. Com.. 4, Second Lieut., 43 Baseball, 2-3-4, "F"3 Hockey. 2-3-4, "F"3 Aeronautics Club Sec., 23 Soph. Reporting Com., 33 Graduation Decorating Com., 33 Mon. Morn- ing Broadcast Com. Ch., 2-33 Stamps and Bonds Com.. 33 Glee Club, 2-3-43 Christmas Choir, 2-3-43 A Cap- pella Choir, 2-3-43 Christmas Boxes, 2-33 Christmas Fund, 2-33 Distributing Team, 2-33 Prom Ticket Com.. 33 Red Cross Drive, 33 Senior and Soph Elections Com., 33 Senior-Soph Dance Ticket Com., 33 Prom Grand March Com., 33 Football Dance Ushering Com.. 5: Class Song Com., 43 Music Festival Com., 4. Sams a whiz on the ice- Ask the girls-he's pretty nicej FREDERICK WALSH Track, 3-43 Prom Patrol. 3: Graduation Usher, 3: Class Night Exercises Com., 43 Graduation Tickets and Announcements Com., 4. Always reacly to be your friend, He will be loyal to the end. JOHN HENRY WI-IALEN fjolamzyj Marshal, 43 Baseball, 3-4, "F"3 Football, 3, "FH: Aeronautics Club, 4. Always grinning down the hall, We're for Whalen, one and all. WILLIAM L. WILLIAMS, JR. QBUIJ Marshal, 2,43 Hockey, 2-3-4, "F"3 Aeronautics Club Vice-Pres., 23 Prom Ticket Com., Floor Chairman, 33 Band, 2-3-43 Orchestra, 3-43 Christmas Choir, 43 A Cappella Choir, 43 Salvation Army Christmas Drive, 3: Senior Play Cast, 4. Bill! Why don't you tell the girls Where you get those permanent curls? MARGUIERITE E. WOOD Distributing Team, 2, Ass't. Captain, 3. Marguerite is sweet, quiet but merry3 She'll make someone a good secretary. JUNE E. WOODWORTI-I Red Cross Club, 23 Safe Drivers' Club, 43 Distribut- ing Team, 2-3. A cheerful atmosphere wherever June is found. ANN WYcIcsTRoM Basketball, 3-43 Afghan Club, 23 Clubs Com., 3-43 Drum Majorette, 43 Glee Club, 3-43 Distributing Team, 33 Christmas Boxes, 33 Senior-Soph Dance Com., 4. One little two little Ann's little lnjun. ROBERT YANOSICK fPe1ej Marshal, 23 Aeronautics Club Sec., 2. Kind of Ifllll Kind of sharpg What's the secret of his heart? THE PHILOMHTH ESTHER ZANELLA Esther's quiet and sincere attitude make her a favor- ite with teachers and students alike. NORMA ZANELLA Stamps and Bonds Com., 53 Drivers' Club, 43 Christ- mas Boxes, 51 Salvation Army Drive, 53 Gift Wrrlp- ping, 33 Distributing Team, 2-5. Shiny black hair and a way of her own Are reasons why Norma is so well known. DCDRIS ZIMMERMAN School Publications Adv. StaHf, 43 Basketball, 2-5-4, 43 Field Hockey, 23 Softball, 2-5-4, "F", Tennis, 43 Red Cross Club, 23 Christmas Boxes, 23 Golf Club Sec., 43 Prom Refreshment Com., 53 Prom Usher, 53 Graduation Usher, 33 Hospitality Com., 43 Glee Club, 2-3-43 Christmas Choir, 43 A Cappella Choir, 43 Band Concert Com., 43 Distributing Team, 33 Red Cross Drive, Blood Donors' Drive, 23 Senior Play Stage Mgr.. 43 Music Festival Com., 43 Band Concert Com., 4. Some call her "Dee"3 some call her "Red"3 But "XWow!" is all that need be said. MERRILL YouNo Band, 2-53 Distributing Team, 2-53 Senior Play Stage Com., 4. The reason why all the girls do stare Is his wavy, curly hair. ARTHUR ZINCK Student Council, 43 Marshal, 2-53 Basketball, 2-5-4, 3-43 Baseball, 2-3-4, 2-5-4, Football, 2-3-4, 5-43 Distributing Team, 2-53 Class President, 33 Graduation Day Com., 43 Prom Ticket Com., 33 Senior Play Ticket Com., 43 Class Night Toast, 43 Senior Nominating Com., 4. As an athlete he's a thriller, And with the girls he's a killer. ARTHUR CUNEEN Aeronautics Club, 53 Senior-Soph Dance Patrol Com., 3. Could it be because he's bashful? Arty does seem very shy. We think these are the reasons A she can't catch his eye. .or V 17' 1 ,iv-' UR. ' 13 TA-' I I 4 I W w 'H' f Af it xx ,. S, J i S Q "-' ",, flwr, U 'silt i H A' f A Y i ' -0 . ' ---4 Jiang. up N, 5-fY THE PHILOMHTH It .431 "As They Were" Penny Shoup Bill Williams, Doris Zimmerman, cmd Iean Marshall Ioanne Maher Margaret Francoeur Rita Dangelo Polly Milligan Frank Dondero Lois Mason Iames Dexter lean Flynn Teresa Civitenga Ioe Conner Milton Burke Third Grade at St. Ruth Morse Pauline Lozeau Marie Caradonna Anna Pellegri Rita McDonald Robert Yanosick Mary Parkhurst Phyllis Knutson Marjorie Matson Marjorie Thomas Rosemary Kelleher Vivian Dahlroth Stephen's School lean Taylor and Beverly Savage Kathleen Sweeney Thelma Davis Anita Rougeau Charlene Tuck Betty Frazer Pat Farley Albert and Alberta Cole First Grade at Woodrow Wilson School Kathleen Knapp Claire Ballentine Ieanne Bosworth Shirley McLean l 54l THE PHILOMHTH EJ ----------------'-- ----------------------------- m GZQ44 Nwmah at GIRL S BOYS Class Benefactor . Best Athlete . Most Popular . . Most Friendly . Best Dancer . Faculty Joy . jolliest . Most Serious Best Looking . Wittiest . Smartest ..... Best Actress and Actor . Biggest Gum Chewer . . Biggest Talker . Most Sophisticated Sweetest . , . Best Dressed . . Most Likely to Succeed . Most Pleasing Personality Most Industrious . Class Artist . . . Most Domestic . . Best Singer . Cute-st . . Biggest Flirt. . Lorraine Neas Kay Gormley Lorraine Neas Polly Milligan Dorothy Robelen Marilyn Beckwith joan Savage Esther Zanella Vida Horan Dorothy Fistetto Nancy Dyer Anna Pellegri Dorothy Fistetto Lorraine Cavatorta Doris Lensign Marguerite Wood Doris Lensign Ruth Sturgeon Polly Milligan Nancy Dyer Shirley McLean Mary Hetherton Jeanne Bosworth Alice O'Leary Ann XVyckstrom Peter Kastrinelis Arthur Zinck Peter Kastrinelis Peter Kastrinelis Howard Nickerson Russell Casella joseph Conner Bruce Maxwell Harold Conant Richard Barney Russell Casella Howard Nickerson Richard Ballou Howard Nickerson Sam Wallis Richard Haughey john McKinnon Russell Casella Peter Kastrinelis Peter Kastrinelis Harold Bailey joseph Ferraro Sam Wallis Bob Haughey Howard Nickerson THE PHILOMHTH A44 ,xlib '1 ,F M-V .Db F Q i . viii! Pfmtogrfrflfar by SHELDON Guzw SSFF- THE PHILOMHTH -"' 7 ' V V P M N-:ml V , V, 4 " ' K 'f"':'f'1 l FOOTBALL First Row--D. Ferrazi, R. Campion, E. Macura, A. Zinck, J. Leonardi, E. Korona, Coach Galvani. Capt. J Ferraro, E. Omiccioli, D, Kuhn, R. Piacentini, F. Ciccarelli, P. Kastrinelis, E. Pavia. Second Row-J. Gavin, E. Barbadora, E. Balboni. R. Moore, R. Adams, W. Ablondi, R. Murphy, R. Long W. Seariac, F. Gavin, J. Carpenter, F. Muri. Third Row-Coach Vodoklys, D. Turchi, J. Tosti, J. Haughey, J. Hansen, D. Flanders, R. Goldrick, R. Cronin Coach Davis, Director Daniels. Fourth Row-V. Martins, R. Ferro. R. Goldrick, P. Kelly, R. Johnson, S. Melegos, S. Decina, C. Galvani, Y Murphy, R. Fornaciari, R. Havner. R. Peirce, G. Davis, B. Haertl. Fifth Row-Coach Witty, R. Condon. J. Hadden, R. Reardon, R. Zinck, J. Hetherton. ?ixth Row- Mgr, Drew, Mgr. P. Burr, J. lvluri, W. Greeley, P. Rinaldo, R. Macrelli, Mgr. J. Gondolfo, Mgr . Hynes. THE PHILOMHTH -1'-1157 ill lilii Zillilwl l lQi1iI-HQI Pliiu I Zi1 I 1111? 5'-'Sl-'-'-IL" - .-- --. III- 1:- 1 1 A-5 Q f- I1 1: C sv II l ,1 :rmfm V., 1' . :in ,gf Q, 1 ,igvkzwlup 5' I It ' , I . I ' ---::..-..-:.":: ,, V Q ' QS 5 Q 'f l v J ' K 'Q -- 'fis i 'gm '59x"c'f "' 5' 134 gan Q94 A 'gn I 37 -4, g...,v faqs: - 5 6 .1 I 2 IN any x,-5 Z- W rv -wG,,.ga.f,iv'l 046, .,wf4'2 iw- N 29' Milla, L BASEBALL First Row-J. Ferraro, T. O'Grady, R. Haughey, S. Wallis, Capt, E. Korona, J. Whalen, A. Zinck, R. Savi J. Tomasi. Second Row-Coach Witty, W. Greeley, J. Hanson, J. Leonardi, J. Tosti, J. Campion, B. Haertl, J. Hetherton N. Curran, Coach Hobin. Third Row-G. Cronin, R. Fornaciari, N. Montgomery, L. Drew. J. Donnelly, J. Reid, R. D6C1'lStOfO1'O. Fourth Row-R. Zinck, A. Karb, J. Haughey, W. Reardon, G. O'Grady, S. Patch. Fifth Row-J. Neal, J. Davis, G. Johnson, R. Terp, J. Coco. , .. iv ,L Y .....w.4-f,..,...... iiwf- - -- Y - --- Y. 1 - JLH f ill, V.- .....i. . l HOCKEY First Row-P. Ablondi, E. Korona, H. Conant, S. Wallis, Coach Maker, Capt. J. McQuade, F. Hakansson, T Madden, G. Cunningham. Second Row-A. Tuttle, J. Carpenter, W. Williams, L. Nolan, B. Haertl, W. Greeley, J. Campion, E. Curran J. Reid, J. Hodder, S. Patch. Third Row-R. Belmonte, Jr., Mgr.: R. Keene, J. R. Davis, G. Gould, R. Kingsbury, W. Allen, W. Barrett Sr., Mgr. 535gt..- THE PHILOMHTH GIRLS' BASKETBALL First Row-Miss Whitcomb, A. Rougeau, L. Mason, J. Cole, D. Zimmerman, Captain K. Gormley, A. Wyck- Strom, J. Maher, D. Dershowitz, F. Sanders, H. Ward, Mgr. Second Row-A. Hollander, A. Dawson, P. Maroni, Jr., Captain E. Sleczkowski, G. Bjorkman, D. Dakai, M. Carlson, B. Buttrey. Third Row-M. Purcell, E. Stanton, D. Garbarino, J. Pennucci, V. Robertson, Soph. Captain M. Merusi, E. Johnson, J. Clopeck, S. Piper, M. Brady, M. Pellegri. BOYS' BASKETBALL First Row-A. Hammarlund, J. Aptt, T. O'Grady, S. Melegos, E. Macura, Capt. R. Sebastian, J. Tomasi, R. Savi, F. Ciccarelli, D. Ferrazi, A. Zinck, J. Chiariello. Second Row-Mr. Witty, J. King, C. Pontremoli, N. Montgomery, A. Karb, J. Haughey, A. Armstrong, J. Hetherton, R. Fornaciari, S. Decina, C. Galvani, J. Leonardi, G. O'Grac1y, Mr. Daniels. THE PHILOMHTH -J-S459 BAND Front Row, left to right-B. Hilliard, N. Montgomery, A Stillwell, H. Cosman, P. Almeida. L. McCallum, V. Robertson, E. Ryan, C. Galvani, J. Tyrrell, R. A. Reardon, B. Haertl, R. McKinstry, M. Young, D. Flanders, J. B. Murray, Bandmaster. Second Row, seated-J. Tomasi, J. Dexter, R. Haughey, A. Karb, R. Bradway, W. Brockelman. J. F. Quirk, 1. Davis, J. Clopeck, E. Green, A. Higgins, J. Carpenter, W. Williams, N. Kingsbury, E. Macura. Third Row, standing-G. Malooff, M. Ring, N. Buck, S. Williams, S. Eldridge, C. Terp, D. Ferrazzi. M. Purcell, J. Connors, B. Perlmutter, W. Domey, M. Damon, F. C. Bent, J. Sturgeon, J. Coit, R. Maconi, L. Nolan, D. Hastings, W. Toland. Absent when picture was taken-R. Twomey. TRACK girlslii Row-A. Piso, R. Stickney, A. Hawkes, J. McKinnon, Capt. P. Kastrinelis, E. Kohler, L. Piso, R. Adams, . uri. Second Row-J. Eresian, K. Whitehouse, J. Payson, E. Barbadora, F. Gavigan, V. Ferraro, G. Falconi, R. Piacentini. ghiri1iRow-Mgr.P. Ablondi, R. Bradway, E. Croatti, L. Piga, M. Zaffino, H. King, Mgr. R. Moore, Coach roo s. sofa.- THE PHILOMHTH l "DULCY" Alfred Gavigan, Rita McDonald, Howard Nickerson, Anna Pellegri, Harold Conant, Katherine Statfeld, William Williams, Edith Pennucci, James Dexter, William Panarese, Bruce Maxwell, Paul Burr. QIIIIIII Ill I I I III IIII I II I II I IIII IIIII IIII I IIII III I IIII ll IIIII IIIII IIIIIIIQ Compliments of the S E N I O R C L A S S Emu., IIII IIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I II I I IIIIIIIE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE E1 -'44 61 P H I L O M H T H KEAWE if af I-. U1 -1 f I: fn g l af? 'ti l' IVE PRX LAKEVIEW PRESS FRAMINGHAM, MASS. KAY JEWELRY CO. O. WOODS 81 CO. 50 IRVING STREET FRAMINGHAM HARDWARE and Home Of BUILDING MATERIALS FINE DIAMONDS and GUARANTEED WATCHES 161 WAVERLY STREET Phone 7826 "lt's O.K. to Owe Kay" NEAL'S GROCERY M I L L E R ' S PAUI-'5 Store for Men 31 COTTAGE STREET. SAXONVILLE SMART SPORTSWEAR Tel. Pfam. 5060 FOR YOUNG MEN Em IIIIII ""' ' HH' ""'""""""""""""""""" ""' "" ' "'""""""""""""""""""""""""' " PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 62 .- WARREN E. HENDERSON WALK-OVER SHOES 30 UNION AVENUE PRAMINGHAM, MASS. Telephone Connection nlunnunnunun1nn11nnn11nuu1nnu1Iun1IllulnnuII1unnuuunnulunnn THE PHILOMHTH El HELEN's BEAUTY sHoPPE Specializing in PERMANENT WAVING COLD WAVE Mcrchineless - Machine Complete Beauty Service 1 CENTRAL STREET, SAXONVILLE Dicxl From. 6518 Compliments of CALDWELL'S STORE FRAMINGHAM CENTRE Dial 3411 DAVID A. ROBERTSON Est. 1892 WATCHMAKEB and IEWELER Watches - Iewelry IRVING SQUARE, FRAMINGHAM, MASS. ACME SUPPLY CO., INC. 161 CONCORD STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Telephone sees SPAULDING'S KNOTTY STORE 545 UNION AVENUE Tel. 6221 HOWARD S. WELLS DR. WALTER V. EWING DR. ARTHUR W. EWING - DENTISTS - - OPTOMETRIST - 116 CONCORD STREET 34 UNION AVENUE, FRAMINGHAM, MASS. FRAMINGHAM, MASS. 5 E H. nun uunlnn :nun nuuu lnunu unln unuuu lulu nunnuuuun nluul nnlnun Iuun 1nnnnunnnunnnuunlnllllunl unsung PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMHTH -I +4 63 Eullnullnll nnllnulluuIllululnlllllulululllulllullllln E Compliments of Complfmenfs of LEWIS FURNITURE BOND CUT RATE Compliments of FRAMINGHAM LUMBER COMPANY Dial 4361 FRA COMPANY MINGHAM'S FOREMOST FURNITURE STORE Compliments of BURKE BATTERY SERVICE WORCESTER ROAD ELM DEPARTMENT STORE, INC. PAUL B. LeBARON, D.M.D N E ew mance at HEMENWAY BUILDING sz HOLLIS STREET Through the FRAMINGHAM, MASS. BABYLAND FURNITURE SHOP Tel, 5104 OPPOSITE THE HOLLIS THEATRE C 1' t f JOSEPH v. ANGHINETTI Omp 'men S O TEXACO SERVICE STATION F C BRQWN U. S. Royal Tires and Accessories , - The Tculor s 496 WAVERLY STREET Dial eooa I Comer Of Wimhfop 175 CONCORD STREET Elllllllllllll lllllllalllllllnlllllllll unnn uuulon l punnnnnnnnnnnnnnununlnulunnrunuluuunuulllllnlllllllallnlrlvlllllllllllll lglgg E PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 64 re 3- FOR FLOWERS Anywhere - Anytime BUTTERWORTH'S - FLORISTS - Phone 3533-3534 THE PHILOMHTH IIIlllnlnlIIlIlnlululIllIllllnlllIllulllllllnlnlllllllllnlnlllw FITTS INSURANCE AGENCY Arthur M. Fins. Ir. 40 UNION AVENUE Tel. 37e1 Compliments of DOMENICK'S FRUIT STORE Dial 9035 Compliments of J. C. PENNEY CO. WAVERLY BARBER SHOP Ralph I. Palermo, Prop. 454 WAVERLY STREET Telephone 4949 PATRUNO'S SPA AND GROCERY CONFECTIONERY - SODA FOUNTAIN - HALLMARK CARDS TOBACCO - LENDING LIBRARY Open Every Dey Te-1. 5955 7 ELM STHEET, SAXONVILLE Compliments of ANGIER CORPORATION Compliments of QUALITY CLEANERS AND DYERS lil PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS E PHILOMHTH E lllllll llluullullIIIIIlllnllllllIllnlluullnnlunln E T I'I E W A R D R 0 B E aovs' AND sruoeurs' CLOTHING MEN'S CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS "If it's from the Wardrobe . . . it's correct." L. DENIARINI CO. CANDY, FRUIT, VEGETABLES 158 UNION AVENUE Compliments of EASTERN PAINT AND PLUMBING SUPPLY CO 37-47 CLAFLIN STREET. FRAMINGHAM Compliments of C. W. HANSEN CO. QUALITY FURNITURE at REASONABLE PRICES 151 CONCORD STREET BROCKELMAN'S MARKET "FRAMINGHAM'S COMPLETE FOOD STORE" Compliments of GERARD FARMS WATER STREET, FRAMINGHAM Phone 7615 Compliments of FRAMINGHAM FLOOR RESURFACING CO. Dial Frcxm. 4060 E ul ulnlllllllllllllIIIlullllullnlnuIIlllllllllllllllImllnlulIIInlulnnllnlullllnlnlnllnlnnnn E PATRONIZE OUH ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMHTH El E1 454 ea Only Me gegimiag Three short years at Framingham High and you find that coveted diploma within your reach. To you, the Class of 1947, we at Dennison extend our sincere congratulations. We hope that the years ahead will be as pleasant and as profitable as those which have just passed. Many of you will soon be looking for jobsg you will be beginning then an entirely new phase of your lives. We feel, in this respect, that we have something special to offer. We do not have any jobs like those in your favorite movie. lt seems unlikely that a scout from MCM will see any of you girls pounding the keys and send you off to Hollywood. lt is also improbable that a young man who enters our employ will rise overnight to a vice-presidency. It is very likely that you will find, as many others have, that work- ing conditions at Dennison are excellent, that your fellow em- ployees are friendly and congenial, and that opportunities to advance compare favorably with those in any other plant. Whether you are a girl interested in an office or a factory posi- tion, or a young man who might like a job in our manufacturing or warehousing organizations, we suggest that you visit our Employment Office now. Mrs. Crowley or Mr. Hussey will be glad to tell you about any openings that exist. Don't wait and discover that the job you would have liked is gone. O WY' usually have a limited number of summer time jobs for both students and lenehers. If you are interested. our Employmenl Ungiee will give you further flelulls. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMHTH ---S167 Eulnlnunn nnnu unnlunllunuun annul nllunllnnllunn nnnnn uulllllllm ABNER WHEELER HOUSE l.uNcHEoN-DINNER 680 WORCESTER ROAD Phone 6800 CLOTHES FOR THE GEORGE T. STEVENS co. DISCRIMINATING IUNIORS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES TOYS - GAMES -- DOLLS bY s. F. Greeley, Owner Mol-I-Y ANN az UNION AVENUE PRAMINGHAM, MASS. ARCADE DRUG COMPANY Frank Fair, Reg. Ph. 149 CONCORD STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Tel. Framingham 3654 blluullllllll unllllllllulIIllIIullllluullllllulllillllulllnunllIllIIIullnllnllllnllnlllullulllnlnl nnnlllli PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 68 IIS I' KERWIN'S SHOE STORES Framingham and Natick "THE X-RAY FITTING SHOE STORES" THE PHILOMHTH IIIIIIIIInIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIInInIInIIIIIIInnnlluunullnllrlg TURNPIKE RUG MART 5 ROXBURY CARPET CO. RUGS and CARPETS Charles F. Greene Pram. 6560 203 WORCESTER ROAD, FRAMINGHAM 3 ELM STREET, SAXONVILLE Sportswear THE LIVING ROOM COATS LIBRARY SLACKS EooKS - GREETING CARDS SPORT SHIRTS STATIONERY - GIFTS SWIM WEAR LENDING LIBRARY at HASTINGS' Framingham 4661 FRAMINGHAM CENTRE, MASS. WHITE HARDWARE CO. HARDWARE - PAINT - OIL POWER TOOLS 0 Agent for: BAY STATE PAINTING PRODUCTS Woodworking Machines and Supplies THE PEERLESS PRESS - PRINTING - 94 HOLLIS STREET The Drug Store Nearest to the MISS MACKEY'S High School SCHOOL OF DANCING UNION AVENUE STUDIO: 326 UNION AVE., FRAMINGHAIVI PHARMACY Telephone 7956 42 UNION AVENUE 5 E ---- ------------------------------------------f-----------il------------------.------------------.--------------------.------- ---.--.---- EI PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMHTH --H-1369 gnu" """" """""' "" ' """""" ' """"' """" """ " 'mm BROWN G RTON Compliments of A A E C hop W. MASON 218 WAVERLY STREET Telephone 8650 F. DIEHI. 8a SON, INC. WELLESLEY, MASS. ECH0 FARM co' Compliments of 1. A. TURNER, Prop. FBAMINGHAMS LARGEST MILK - CREAM - ICE CREAM DEPARTMENT STORE 262 HOLLIS STREET A L I. E N ' S Phone 5776 KINGSBURYIS Compliments of O 'th A H e Venue THE FRAMINGHAM NEWS . . THE HOME PAPER OF Iuniors a Specialty SOUTHERN MIDDLESEX : HOSIERY - UNDERWEAR COUNTY ElllIlllllllllllIllIIllIllIIllIllllIlll'lllllllIllIIIllllllIIllll'lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll'lllllllll'l.'l'fl'I'Illll.'lllllll"'l"ll""' """ E PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 7059- THE PHILOMHTH Ellllllllllll nnlnnlnnllnl nInIInuIlluIIllInnllnnnnlnlnllulullm ak' Compliments of THE B8nW LINES MOTOR COACH SERVICE 'A' Enlulullll lululluIlllllulllIIIIllllnlnlIllllllllllllIIIlllnnllullluullIllllllultllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllb PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMHTH -I-S17 Enlnnnnnunnunnnlulnunununnlunnnununlununuu 'l""""""m BATES STATIQNERY co. Irving Squcrre HEADQUARTERS FOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES BARRON'S 76 UNION AVENUE FBAMINGHAM, MASS. MEMBER NulinnnfiSel5cIRIiITluriiciuus 'NVITATI Glnnksnn Funeral 4 uma 318 UNION AVENUE FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Telephone 2503 illllllllllll llIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllIllIIllIlllllllllllllllullllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllll llnllllullllm PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 72y:A-- THE PHILOMHTH .4 x, qllllllllllll lllllIllIllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllfg L- ' re gfl lg r 1 - N.: . . - 1 541g "M . , A f 'HL'L'-n l' 41?-,RP , 'io V .. , id 5 I - n , 4 "H fi? --UU' fy. i 'LH gf' i' L f eg 31 igje 1141, ij? a iz'QZ,' .. . ll -2 H1 1 --R?-5 f' 1 , .lf A .2 LII. ILQ ' 5,4 A1 1 W ,. JH Q5 Q, :Q-LL' g -I Q Jsighq . ' , E .4-151.24 S , , 4 FARMERS and MECHANICS SAVINGS BANK PARK AND FRANKLIN STREETS PRAMINGHAM, MASS. 'A' "There is no substitute for a savings account in cr Mutual Savings Bank" mnuulunu :nunInInnunuluIIlnlnullunullllllllulllnluunlllululnlIIIllunllIlullllulunlnuuln llulnllllll PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS "x 3, M. 7. 'M 2 .J mv W, U gwf B '41 x' lv' ... M" HI' Y N !" N- ' f 11 Jjjlxx , 1"'- 1- xlll' .KA f o v.. ,.' U 13' ' lp! 1 vLut.l ' 4 v "WN vs. f , II' If 1' X oi" I u I 'Q n' ' .., . n u ' A171 ,' 45 ' 5 ' 'is I 1 5: . Y 1 ' .x- "A xl, ' 'nik' 4 l'rx7 ' M' 5 -1-1 , .yv , . -'f 'Q.f."g4i"' '7I. 'f - wa ' ' ' 1 B - - o 'W-'oyfu' ,Nfl ' U J' :', . yr. Vi". v ',l".1L'1". A . . I . '.',' :I41 m 4 IQ. H1 . mf- 1 ' ,-MV!! J - , N 1 . X . 4 I D I vlf' . .1 .1,.'l If U" ' ' 51.1 .-mo' , 41 -x.',4' , 3..,.N.', ' , ,. 5, ll -bv 'M A I o ggbywlhilti 4 Af . Jf:.,,' 1.544 -.. " Ax ,Q l r 1 'I ljwv 5.

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