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xllv' ' v '-'- r' " 'ur'v'q,-n my-aw thi' i LQ O ",wV ' W 4,JgQ.Y4 N 44 1 J Y A 'T' -'- ' wi, "f,. . f"-"N "., fs-,' .- :xp -, Q A .' 1 V L.-, 'JA 1 j 'Vu -'I Ju . ' . A k . -,- 1-as--,S A 1. 1 - V -Y - .,, , ,- . I A -., -,- . - ,- Q V . . - .O -1 .. '5X. , 15: 5. in . -4.'- J- f Y sV.,11,., -'Ir a . . h . -"'. ' I, . 'rar ik . , ,,+-qv 1 ' ., ' Li:-43 A 1-14- - . 1 ,s. tv- - .i'f.- V 1'-,L 2432.4 X ' ' ' VV. '7 , '57, JA. A . 'J I - po, 4 w -, - 'g ' - L ' ' '-J, 1:1 A 0' 1-1 'r , ' I ," O' , "F1- vl '-JV P ,.. "' ! .- . -15.5 Q . 'r Usr- AY " x '.'-vw X -. .. V 'D C X s,u n 'gfff' x ' Lf ..l 1 ' u x fi P Q -.' . s v-Q F.- -." . . '1 I C y, -n . fx . 1 4 1 1. s 1 I 4 I f I n , I Q 1 -'L t , ,fs . l - ' A . hr-1 A -moms ALI- - -...- -..A-v. L . . -4 -.. Qnhinng-. L .Lei . An-Iftimnn . I A. rl s. QL 4911 - st -- QB-v THE PHILOMATH --will A little folk farm 's'g... ' 5- for very small people Nursery - Kindergarlen Morning session 9 A.M.-I l:30 A.M. - Affernoon session unlil 4 P.M. Transpor+a+ion provided for bofh sessions. I8 BEACON STREET Telephone 6247 FRAMINGHAM MILLER'S "STORE FOR MEN" SMART SPORTSWEAR FOR YOUNG MEN Complimenfs of TRAVIS DRUG IRVING REALTY CO., FRAMING-HAM CENTRE INC. Complimenls of FRAMlNGHAM'S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE A L L E N ' S 35553-fron 'IGY-Q53 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS FPAMTNGHAMI PUBUC uaiww SEP 1 5 1998 2121-M THE PHILOMATH igqgwoi wuenaggga if gs-gf , unnunmununm A T E unmnrmuunlul lllIllmumnmummun lllll- gif , l Q J, L 1 I lnumunnumumullllll yfvffff, ffc 0-ffffffffff, , , ff - ff Av, f V FRAMINGHAM TRUST COMPANY FaAM1Nc1-rAM, MAss. The Officers and Direcfors of +he Framingham Trusi' Company exrend cordial greerings +o fhe srudenfs and faculfy of our High School. This is a local ins1'i'ru1'ion, in +he communify for your service. One way in which we may be of pariicular help +o High School s'ruclen+s is lhrough giving ihem an oppor+uni+y +o visi'r our banking rooms for +he purpose of wilnessing The rou'I'ine work of a financial insfiiufion. We shall be happy fo have groups 'From 'I'he High School avail +hemselves of +his privilege ai' any fime. ln addi+ion, we have officers who will gladly visi'r your classrooms for fhe purpose of Talking briefly on The hisfory and clevelopmeni of banking. Arrangemenrs 'For eifher may be made ai' 'rhe bank ai any lime. RAYMOND L. HILLIARD, Treasurer "MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION" 22 S? E9 Q3 fucsuefmf PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMATH EQ-EgS'Il9I' C9 Gi 5 E TRY HOMOGENIZED MILK RicI1 in ViI'amin D SUNSHINE DAIRY THE NEW YORK STORE "DISTINCTIVE WEAR FOR WOMEN" I07 CONCORD STREET " ERAMINGHAM, MASS. 9 Mechanic S+ree'I', Saxonville Telephone 6763 SAXONVILLE COAL COMPANY, INC Dealers in COAL - WOOD - FUEL OIL Complimenis of AVERY FURNITURE COMPANY AVERY'S CORNER, FRAMINGHAM "Every+hing for +I1e Home" 555Qerau wcsuefl?-?i PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 4 THE PHILOMATH ?QQQ'5Pl9ll IIQJFQQQ P ' f Q of lt 7 f INTERESTED IN EMPLOYMENT WITH A FUTURE fs If employed at the Telephone Company you'll be helping to win the war, because communi- cations is one of the most essential wartime industries. At the same time you will earn good money under pleasant working conditions. Here is an opportunity offering you far more than "just a place to work." Girls of the Senior Class should investigate this opportunity. Train- ing courses may be arranged so as not to inter- fere with studies or graduation. Girls in the junior Class are welcome to make inquiries look- ing to employment later on. Good salary from the time you start training, and prospects for advancement. Whether you stay with us a few years or many, you will find the wholesome, congenial atmosphere of tele- phone work abundantly worth while. Your teacher or vocatiomzl advisor can tell you more about work in this interesting industry. Q NEW ENGLAND TELEPHONE In TELEGRAPH COMPANY E '1 r l S9 Q3 4 z55Qeral+ fleuefliis PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMATH -+45 cw GE 2-.5 E FARMERS' CO-OPERATIVE EXCHANGE FARM SUPPLIES 9-Il Mayhew S+ree+ :: Framingham Cenire, Mass. A Fine Variefy of YOUNG MEN'S and BOYS' CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS a+ Moderafe Prices PERLMUTTER BROS. 246-248 Waverly S'Iree+ GORDON MANUFACTURING COMPANY BETTER COATS FOR THE BETTER DRESSED LADY Framingham Cenire F. DIEHL 8: SON, INC. WELLESLEY, MASS. ?35Qer0u IICMSIRQQ PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 6 Eg., THE PHILOMATH ?QQQ'5'i'l9i' ilqfjfcgjgglg 39 52 F5 E LAKEVIEW PRESS "BeHer LeH'erpress Prin+ers" FRAMINGHAM MASSACHUSETTS HELEN'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Specializing in PERMANENT WAVING - COLD WAVE MACHINELESS - MACHINE Complefe Beaufy Service I CENTRAL STREET, SAXONVILLE Tel. Fram. 65l8 Compiimenis of D. GARBARINO CC. .5 51 Q9 Qi iiffgfelf IIQBQES PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS T e Philomath PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE FRAMINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL Vol. XLIV FRAMINGHAM, MASS.. JUNE, 1945 No. I Editor-in-Chief . GILDA BEATRICE MARY BERTUZZI KENNETH BOTTY EDWARD BOYLE MARTHA BOYLE PERRY CACCIOLA ROSCOE CHAPLIN Edf!07'fcI1 Boufd ...... ., .NANCYFORD A .I ,lijfdllf I BETTY CLAPP GERTRUDE CLEMENTS TERRY COWLES JOHN GARVEY GEORGE GRIFFITH RICHARD HARE ROBERT JORDAN JOAN KEIR JOHN LIBERATORE ADELE MISALSKY RICHARD PINNA JANE WATERS LORRAINE zEI.I.ER Staff Artists .........,..... PHYLLIS BATER, CYNTHIA JONES Typists: LILLIAN ADAMS, SHIRLEY ANDERSON, MARION EVANS, HAZEI, GODDARD, RACHEI. LABAZIO, HELEN MAINS, ALBINA PANAREILO. CO-Managers . AlfIl1iIlfl1lir1fj1'L' Bmw! . . . . .IRENEDONNELLY.PRISCILLA SPAULDING Assistant Managers ..,........, PHYLLIS GOLDRICK, ELEANOR SAULNIER District Managers: VERONICA BROOKS, BETTY CLAPP, EDNA GERRARD. JOAN KEIR, LUANNE KING, ELLEN WALSH. District Assistants: MARTHA BOYLE, JACQUELINE BROWN, JANET CLINTON, JOAN COSTA. ANN DE LISLE, ELLEN DONNELLY, BEVERLY GRANVILLE, ELEANOR MACDONALD, JEAN MARSHALL, EDITH PENNUCCI, MARJORIE PARKER, LORRAINE PUTNAM, VIRGINIA ROSSI, DOROTHY SAULNIER, BEVERLY SAVAGE, LOLA TINNEY, IRENE VERRILL, VIVIAN ZELLER. DEDICATION . CLASS HISTORY . CLASS PROPHECY SNAPSHOTS . CLASS WILL . . CLASS AWARDS . THE CLASS OF 1945 ATHLETIC PICTURES nlllllllmllnluul TABLE OF CONTENTS Page . . . . . 3 . Robert Jordan ..... 9 5Bernard Kane, Robert Ablondi, ' 1Jean Clinton, Ellen Walsh . 10 . . . . . . . . I-1 . Kenneth Botty 19 . . . . . 21 22 56 8I:fH- THE PHILOMATH WE HUMBLY AND GRATEFULLY DEDICATE THIS GRADUATION ISSUE OF THE P H I L O M A T I"I TO THOSE MEMBERS OF OUR CLASS WHO ARE Now SERVING IN THE ARMED FORCES ' I OF OUR COUNTRY K ,gulf . v ., 'I 3 - .,. L5 - ,544 . 'I -.., . ,Q--" "- QW"--V' ,- 1 h QI" '-c'-4.1-,,:Q-9.-':Q.s,L4gT,.,S, 5.1 A,-kffgi fi - - ,f-,4:n... I ' - T ' Bti nina: Lit ' ' ' ' THE PHILOMATH -. 9 EllullllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllullllllllllulllllllllllllllnlllnlInuIIIIIllllllllllnlllllllnllllulllllullnnllnnl llluulllm G au Jlffutvuf Those of us with good memories can vividly look back to the close of the sum- mer of '42 to that thrilling day when we, the Class of '45, entered F. H. S. Little did the teachers realize the impor- tance of our class! Little did the upper- classmen acknowledge the persisting en- durance and the dominating courage of us, "the sophisticated sophomores." We had been here but a month when the seniors threw a shindig for us in Lin- coln School Hall. They called it the Senior- Soph Dance, and what a reasonable price for us Sophs! In the beginning our class appeared to be an ignorant one, for during the first term no one made the High Honor Roll. Many tears were shed, I presume, over this strange calamity! As tradition had it, each sophomore class elected a class adviser. The first choice of our class was none other than the petite and charming Miss Mary Cunning- ham. Her careful guidance and good lead- ership have placed our class in the ranks of the best. Our heartiest congratulations to her for such a splendid job! A few months later, there were still no names on the high honor roll for soph- omores. My, my, what shame on our class! Along in March came the results of our sophomore election! We chose Donald Chasse, Presidentg Madeline Falconi, Vice-President, Irene Vitali, Secretaryg and Paul Flaherty, Treasurer. A great surprise came o'er the Sophs in May. Yes, that rare miracle had hap- pened! That unexpected goal was attained tor something!! Kenneth Speigel made the High Honor Roll. Mother, pin a rose on Ken! The end of our Sophomore year was in sight and the summer vacation looked very promising! tPromising from the stand- point that we could stay up late at night and get up late in the morning! 1 When we returned to our "Elmer Mat- ter" in the following September, we were no longer those puny, undernourished sophomores! No, we had now risen to the rank of powerful and charming juniors! tSo we told ourselves! 5 The first name in the news during our junior year was that of Nancy Ford for her achievement in making the high honor roll. At last we were giving a true example of our class, scholastically and extra-cur- ricularly. For the second time in our high school career we were called upon to elect class officers. Our choices again turned out to be excellent, as We elected Robert Ablondi to be President of our Class, Nancy Ford, Vice-President, Martha Boyle, Secretaryg and David Edwards, Treasurer. Our years progressed peacefully until the time arrived for the arrangement of affairs for our junior Prom. We were very busy trying to make it the best Prom ever! Through the utmost efforts of all those in charge, the dance turned out to be a splen- did affair. Once again came the time of the year for the students to go home and sleep for ten weeks and the teachers to go out and work! fOr was it the other way around?! Coming back to dear old Framingham High School in September of 544, we were now on the last lap of this twelve-year job. We were seniors! Unbelievable, wasn't it? It seemed very strange every time we stopped to figure that in less than ten months we would graduate 1 ?b from F. H. S.! Getting right down to business we gave tContinued on page ll! El THE PHILOMATH iiiii iiiifiiii ifiii iiiii T i ii ifii E iffiifiii iiiii iifii ififiiifii ' G T T E G VVhile sitting in front of my wood fire beside the railroad tracks owned by Stuart Hoppin, and built by Richard Hare, eating the last of my de luxe dinner, which con- sisted of beans, beans, beans, and one meatball, I heard a rustle in the bushes be- hind me. Thinking some railroad "Dick" Cpolicemanj was on my trail, I leaped to my feet and was prepared for the worst. Suddenly a hideous shriek rent the air, "Killer"! There stood Bob Ablondi, look- ing hungrily at the remaining half of my meatball. We were overjoyed at seeing one another after twenty years of separation since our high school days. After exchang- ing a few censored remarks, we started comparing notes on the adventurous nature of our journeys. Bob having a yen for corn, I began telling him my tale of woe. My hobo career started after a long ab- sence from Framingham when I em- barked on my comfortable lounging place on the rails under the caboose of the fast moving Sunshine Dairy milk train, engi- neered by Mary Geoghegan. Later, when the train stopped, a strange vision greet- ing my eyes turned out to be police cap- tain Kenneth Batty, giving orders to offi- cer Frank Donnelly to tag Paul Flaherty, who is still speeding on the road to North Natick. CKeep trying, f'Antam- bol."j Watching the proceedings was Franeis Grady, newly appointed manager of the St. George Theatre, now the Old- St. George Theatre. XVith him were his ushers Herrnie Allyn, John Benejito, and head usher Peter Bent. The picture now playing at the Old St. George was entitled 'fTry and Ditch Me," starring Ernest Chiappini, Thomas "Burk" Connolly, and guess who-that's right, Thomas Major. Wanting to see my old classmates per- form, I reached into my pocket. Only lnlnlulunllulnluInllnlllnllllullunuululluullulluluIlulllnlllulllnnIIlnlnnlnnnllunIuluulnnnnmunnl lnununul nu ullllulllllolllllllill lil forty-nine cents there! I 'fborrowed," loosely speaking, a penny from Bruce Magoon, who, at the theatre entrance, was selling apples which he had purloined from Louie Verdy's market. He informed me that David "Diz" Edwards was now coach of the f'Toronto Tootsy" hockey team from Canada. After enjoying the movies, I dined in "Blackie's Restaurant," owned, operated, and managed by William Quinn. In his em- ploy as waitresses were Mary Gormley, Ruthe Powers, and Irene Speigel. The en- tertainment featured a dance number by Roscoe HCharley" Chaplin, and Franees Conza. The bar was being tended by An- thony, I drink more than I serve, Repucri, and Edward, I'll drink any man sober, Stucehi. . just then the swinging doors swung open and Ernest Finkelstein and Kenneth Speigel, Quinn's trigger men, walked in. I topped off my meal with a pineapple sundae, made of coffee ice cream, marshmallow, and nuts, whipped up by Donald MacEachern, in the drug store of the same name. At the break of day the next morning I sneaked aboard the China Clipper, which was warming its engines on Beaver Brook. When we took off, I was surprised to see, from my hideout, the plane being piloted by Ira Ward, with R iehard Strurn- sky his co-pilot. This was my first trip by airplane and I became exasperated Cen- raged, irritated, embittered-for those who don't know how to use a dictionaryl when I saw air-stewardesses, Betty Ann Haughey and Lillian Moran, serving coffee to the passengers, with none for me. How- ever, they soon slipped me a cup and dur- ing a short chat with them I learned that Madeline Ross and Richard Pinna had been maid of honor and best man, respec- THE PHILOMATH tively, at the wedding of John Del Prete and Vera Buchner. Del and wife now live in Saxonville in a log cabin built by Nello Conti, out of the logs left by the Indians. ljoke, jokelj The stork had visited them not once, not twice, not three times, but "BINGO"! four times. Del always did believe in mass production. Five hours later we landed in San Fran- cisco Bay, where I saw Roger Mullen, Thomas Murphy, Gene Oliva, Ray Le- veille, and Richard, "Look at My Mus- cles" Cassidy, trying to lift a gas hose to refuel the plane. Upon inquiry I learned that the motors to the plane were designed, manufactured, and assembled by James J. Ducey, Jr., and Company. Walking through 'fPiccadilly Parkl' I sighted a familiar stride coming toward me. Sure enough, it was Herb West, who is making the Navy his lifelong profession. I gathered from the apprentice seaman, junior grade stripes on his sleeve that ad- vancements are slow. He explained that he was married to Janey Waters, but un- like the Del Pretes, there were no little Wests. I spent the rest of the day and that night at his home, where I found Lucille Tuttle, his maid, working very hard. From them I learned that Vivian Zeller was now a model for Bob Walton, who owns the largest ladies' undies company in the world. QNice going, Boblj The next day in San Francisco I visited, through a knothole, a baseball game, in which I saw "Big Ed" Higgins, bat boy for the San Diego Sadies, fighting with Tony Bianchino, bat bo-y for the Detroit Daisies, over who could hit the farthest ball. "Big Ed" won with an infield fiy over the backstop. just then I felt a firm hand on my shoulder and as I turned around, I saw a figure in a blue uniform. There stood Richard Anderson, now a policeman of the San Francisco police force. The beds in the prison cells in California are really comfortable. Occupying the next cell were Cliff Whitehouse and John "Houdinil' -+411 True, whose motto is UA hairpin will open anything." So he found out when he 'fpicked" the safe of Jacques Fauteaux, only to find jacques inside with his cool 559999. Therefore, he gave him a penny that had just been manufactured in Tony Cardi's wine cellar. Before too long I was released. Passing through Nebraska on my way East, I saw George Grijjith, now a plumb- er, repairing a water main on Leaky Lane. He informed me that Charles Bryant owned a haberdashery store and that his secretary was Rachael Labazio. The last thing I saw on my journey was Dot, Watch Your Whistle or I Wonlt Wig- gle, Cantall, dancing to the Hindu music of Richard Scanlon, which was being played on a flute made by Mario DiCieco. What did you see of interest on your journey, Bob? Yes, "Killer," I also have seen many of our classmates of '45, just a month ago I was traveling on a fast-moving, fifty-car freight train when we suddenly came to a stop. Looking up from my lower, I found myself at the Framingham crossing. There was Fire Chief Steve Durkee arguing with engineer Perry Cacriola about which would move first, the fire engine or the freight train. While this was going on. I noticed that the cause of it all was Amelia Falconi's five and dime store, which was on fire. The matter was settled when Police Chief Malcolm Flood decided to split the train in half. Since my train was to be delayed a few hours, I decided to give the old home town the once over. The first news that came to my attention was that James Burke had just been elected Mayor of Saxonville for the fourth term. He had defeated Louis Axtman by five votes. His hrst act as mayor was to move the High School to Sax or else to move Sax to the High School. Down the road a way there seemed to be another fire, but as I came closer I saw Raymond Bratica trying in vain to get his 12 ii-- old Ford going. It seems that Donald Beaton and John Banda had made a sub- stitute for gasoline out of Evening in Paris perfume and some home-made wine from Albert Sirnonetta's wine cellar. I also learned that the password into this sanc- tuary is three knocks and the chorus of "Show Me the Way to Go Homef' I soon left this crowd, for my yearning to wander kept me in no one place too long. As I walked back to my train, I heard the clang-clang of the trolley. I glanced up and there were driver Barbara Mtc- Grath and conductor Therese Healy, look- ing on while Muriel Norton sang the f'Trolley Song." Shirley McKenzie was selling cotton to Eleanor MacDonald and Dora Moeeia, two unfortunates who hadn't ear muffs. I decided it would be safer to walk. I kept on with my travels until I heard a hoarse cry, 'fDraw two." It was James Murphy, owner of the 'fYou've Gotta Have Two Bits to Enter Cafe," drinking his profits for the day. Since you had to be rolling in money to enter this tavern, I decided I wasn't very thirsty. Coming into the center of this flourishing city, I dropped into the park to rest my "aching backw and read the Daily Blow, edited by Alden Seltzer and Herbert Raphael, but the park bench was occupied by Walter Haynes and Phyllis Jost, who didn't even see me. Consequently, I hastened back to the crossing and to my open air compart- ment at the bottom of the hog car. I noticed that the railroad crew was busy righting a freight car that had been de- railed. It seems that Torn Donnelly, crew boss, had just finished laying some new track after having read a book called f'The Air Trains of the Futurefl Tom was try- ing to bring the future here by running the track up a banking. There was no harm done, for Tom's crew, which consisted of Jllaleolm Feldman, Robert Flayderrnan, Joseph Palladino and Lorraine Zeller, soon cleared the wreck. I heard later that Lor- THE PHILOMATH raine did most of the work. Along the Framingham-Ashland track was a bill- board which advertised the Patsy Diana racetrack, featuring Pat's world-famous horses. The billboard was one of Ralph Wardropt's, who is the famous artist, with billboards scattered all over the country. From my coach I could also se-e the road leading to Ashland. There was Marjorie Parker, bumming her way to the big city. Up on the hill on my left was a large sign. I quote, 'C 'You are now leaving the United States and entering Tripoli,' Silvio Mer- corelli, Puppet Governor. Passports must be shown to the General of the Province, Sergi Grandonif' I learned later the rea- son it was so hard to gain entrance. Yep, Irene Vitali and Eleanor Nei were the Royal Treasure. Looking to the right, I saw a large gunboat of the Tripoli navy manned by Arthur W alker, who had re- cently been discharged from the service with a rating of seaman second class. He had reached the pension age after twenty years of faithful service. Bud holds the order of the Purple Heart for wounds re- ceived while shaving in action and the Bronze Medal for being able to polish the whole starboard side of the destroyer be- fore lunch. The boat was shelling a canoe filled with Camp Fire Girls. I noticed Clara Woodin, Beverly Stowell and Bar- bara Long among the girls taking an unex- pected swim. Continuing on my way, I reached the city of Holliston. There I left my better half fthe boysl in rather a hurry when railroad dicks Beverly Granville and Arlene Pollard came along with their large billy sticks. The whole town had gone haywire after the World War and had elected all women officials. Albina Pane- rella and Dorothy Pestana were the local dog-catchers, chasing after Beatriee O'Leary's pet wolfdog that had been frightening all the Holliston men. Most of the men had left the town, anyway, after the ladies moved into office. William THE PHILOMATH Pinchook and Ernest Tullio, a couple of traveling salesmen passing through, were practically mobbed when Jenny La Penta, Luanne King and Julia Martin spied them. The O.P.A. chairman, Elsie Bianchetti, has put a limit on all available men. Each single girl is given two "meat points" a week. But Mujey Guerra and Eleanor Fantoni seem to have found a black mar- ket, controlled by Richard Giaccomuzzi and Robert Carlson. What a business! Of course, there were many girls, like Anna Abelli and Carmen Chao, who roped off their men before the rationing had taken place. They are considered hoarders by all the other girls. I decided I musn't stay any longer and Ann Stajield and Florence Woodman, two S.S. women, helped me make my decision. I bummed a ride in an old 1945 Cadillac, driven by William H obin, a factory owner who specialized in using lima beans com- mercially. He first started to make rubber out of them, but his scientists, Wanda Tredi-cucci and Nancy Tomasi, had found a receipt for making toll-house cookies. He offered me a few and dropped me off. I threw them away and broke Irene War- ren's CPlease No Squeeza Da Bananaj fruit store window. I was given ten days by judge Alice Machado. I was thrown into a cell with two lady hoboes, Jean Clin- ton and Ellen Walsh, who had landed in jail when they chased a cop and found later he was a she. Why look, t'Killer," speaking of the 'iBums,,' isn't that they jumping off that freight train? Well, my travels took me all over Amer- ica. Here's the tale of my wanderings. After graduating from dear old F. H. S., I enlisted in the Marines, received my training at the University of N. U. T. tNumerous Useful Techniquesj, was sta- tioned at Leatherneck as secretary to Col. Quentin Sewell and was courtmartialed for being A.W.O.L. As a result I was placed in,f'Running Water," a prison for 13 erring Marines. Here I met Helen 'Slug- ger," Devine, and Barbara, HI Love My Al, but, oh, You Kid," Luby. They told me that they had heard Betty Mahoney speak on f'How to Acquire a Slim Figuref' Her principal exercise for losing weight was turning the head from left to right slowly when a second helping was offered. Joyce Campion was walking back and forth on the stage, demonstrating the result of this process. Dr. John, f'Arf", Henderson told Nancy Clements she had acute pleurisy- she gave him a disgusted look and told him flattery would get him nowhere. They also told me that Priscilla Turner was Presi- dent at UU Demon UQ, where Mary Mc- Grath taught typing and shorthandg Rus- sell Cort was gas man in Utopia. He went to Greeley's home, and when Terry Cowles Greeley came to the door he said he under- stood there was something in her house that wouldn't work. Terry said, "Yes, Dick is upstairs." It seems that Dick left the Navy because he was subject to le mal de mer tseasickness J. When my sentence at the Marine prison was finished, I hopped a freight to New York, resolving never more to work. To my surprise I saw Virginia Lowe and Barbara Leslie farther back in the same freight I had chosen. They were on their way to star in John DeGregory's and Sij, "Gee, the Third one in on the Left Is Aw- ful Cute," Lebewohl's show, "Bloomer Girlsfl Billy Feehely and Jeanne Cross were being widely publicized for their very odd duetg Billy is to play the banjo, while Jeanne executes an unusual ballet step. They said that John "My Ideal Is Bennyw Brita was to play "Love in Bloom" exactly as did his idol. Having reached New York. we disem- barked from our luxurious freight car compartments, bade each other a fond adieu and went our separate ways. As I meandered down Fifth Avenue, I saw a huge red and green sign bearing the words, QContinued on page l5j 4 N 1 i E PHILOMATH Vera Buchner Angie Gentili Virginia Egan Iackie Brown Rachel Labazio Norma Benjamin Elsie Bianchetti Barbara Leach Marjorie Quinn Dolly Falconi Ernest Finkelstein Paul Flaherty Shirley Anderson Helen Devine Eleanor Nei Ellen Walsh Robert Iordan Sn Sidney Lebewohl Mary Bertuzzi Marguerite Bengiovanni Iohn Garvey Priscilla Spaulding Edward Stucchi Edward Higgins Viv Zeller, Tony Bianchino, Betty Mahoney First Grade, Hastings School Carmela Mangini Martha Boyle Terry Cowles Tom Donnelly and Phyllis Iost Ralph Sawyer lean Hargraves Iennie Dallamora Luanne King Cynthia Iones Edward Lewis Richard Cassidy Edna Gerrard Iohn DeGregory Warren Buzzell Beatrice O'Leary Priscilla Turner Gene Oliva Phyllis Bater Veronica Brooks Louis Verdy Malcolm Flood Quentin Sewell HIIIIUVLI 'I I I J-I-K, Glafu I7 "Flimsy Flab Forced into Physiquefl pro- prietor George Hopkins. Near the end of the next block I came to Dorothy Saul- nier's book shop. Upon entering, I found myself gazing at a huge volume about five inches thick. Blazoned on the Moroccan leather binding in gold letters-The Auto- biography of John Garvey, 'fThe Master Mind." When I replaced the book, Dotty Was coming toward me in a very cute Jane Colman frock, designed by none other than jane herself. She asked me to tea, and having nothing but a hole in my pocket, I accepted willingly. She men- tioned that she had recently received a let- ter from Naney Ford, who was a. teacher at our good old Alma Mater. However, she seemed to be trying very hard to outdo Einsteing she was slaving on a process of making six and six equal sixty-six. In her letter Nancy mentioned that Warren Buz- zell and Jean Hargraves, happily married, were now working at school as custodians. Mary Bertuzzi and Buddy married and were very delighted with Buddy, jr. Irene Pignoni was playing shortstop for the 'fGargoyles," who had won every game that season. Nancy had overheard Gilda Bernardi Calabrese telling her daughter, tContinued from page l3j who was starting out on her first date, to be a good girl and have a good time. The daughter quickly replied-l'Make up your mind, Mother." Tea was now over. I thanked Dorothy and was again on my way. Yes, on my way to Chicago and all points west. The first object to catch my eye as I sauntered along thoughtlessly, was a huge saxophone, dangling in a doorway. On the sign beside it was i'Sax Appeal Taught Here. Co-Owners, Patsy Paradis and Phyllis Kadraf' just then I heard two familiar voices, one explaining to the other the difference between a sewing machine and a kiss. One sews seams nice. and the other seems so nice. I looked over my shoulder to discover George DiCristoforo and Arthur Needham, apparently only re- cently interested in things domestic. One wore a sign, "Eat at Falconi's Famous Irish Fish Farm," owned and managed by Dolly Faleoni. Chicago certainly was a windy city-a paper. The Chronicle, edit- ed by Jeanne Allen and Veroniea Brooks, blew to my feet. There in great headlines was blazoned the latest airplane calamity. Betty Clapp, aviatrix, was giving flying lessons to Joan Keir and C. Jones, but 16 Jeannette Whittemore hadn't put enough gas in the tank, and the trio had crashed in Irene Donnelly's cow pasture, injuring three of her best jersey cows, and scaring the entire herd. The girls were rushed to Jane Cogan's hospital in Jaekie Brown's ambulance. Listed on the last page of The Chroniele were the names of the attending nurses-Cilla Spaulding, Barbara Lowe, Pauline Keefe, and Lillian Adarns. I have heard since that several weeks later Liz Harney delivered a note to the poor un- fortunates from Irene Donnelly. She said the plane crash had so affected ten of her best cows that they had given no milk for two weeks. Enclosed was a bill for 32500, made out by Marilyn Beers. In another section of the paper under i'Screen Gossipl' I saw that Larry Maroni, great pianist, had again been called upon to stand in for the greatest lover of all times, Jim, 'LI Let Them Love Me and Then I Leave Them," Lewis. It seems that every so often jim gets a yen for basketball and Larry is called in. Tony Basile produced Donald Chasse's and Pat Wales' last Him, "Yours Till an Elephant Nose," in which joan Davis the second, otherwise known as Joan Ryan, was a comedienne. Ginny Egan and Mary Capstifk are the noted writers of this gossip column. just as I was tossing the paper into the gutter, someone tapped me on the shoulder and bellowed, "Lady, watch where you're throwing that there paper -I have to sweep it up." When I turned I saw George, "Help Keep Our City Clean," Yeager him- self, with a broom extending two feet over his head-slight exaggeration. He told me that Bob Jordan was Governor of the city and had made him Colonel of the Street Cleaners' brigade. Well, I guess that's the extent of my travels. Ellen, whom did you see? Okay, gang. Here's my story. I know you all want to hear about our friends from Framingham High School, class of i-15, so here goes. It seems that I got the THE PHILOMATH travel bug along with the rest of you, and during my wanderings met and talked with a lot of our crowd. I saw Jean Gillis in New York, holding a job and her boss, too. Shels a private secretary to that ball of tire, Dafoe Ahearn. Her main job is putting on the envelopes the stamps that Dave licks. Good salary, though. Marian Evans is a gossip column- ist on the New jersey Bounce, with Hazel Goddard as assistant. The dirt that those two can scare up! And I do mean scare. Dorothy Barker is singing at Carnegie Hall right now, with "Fuzz" Knight as her manager. Nice work, boy! Martha Boyle, happily married, is living in Ashland, Mas- sachusetts. This was no news to most of us. I suppose you know her new name is Rice. Bob., jr., is cute, too. I saw all these kids while hopping freights up and down the New England coast, stopping now and then for a bowl of tomato soup. Remember "C" lunch? At this stage of traveling I got a little sick of terra iirma and stowed away on a banana boat, heading for South America. I can't look a banana in the eye since that trip. Bananas for brea.kfast, dinner and supper, and mostly green at that. But before the trip was over I had to come out for air. Do you doubt it? Of course you remember how, after the Great War, women took over many jobs that before had been han- dled by men. Imagine my surprise at find- ing Shirley Anderson as captain, with Phyllis Bater as first mate and Gilda Beatriee head of the 'tblack gang." And how that gal could shovel coal! They made me feel right at home and I really enjoyed the rest of the trip. We docked at Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and I was stopped by customs inspector Margaret Dakai. She checked through my pockets quite thoroughly, and after find- ing only two safety pins, four fish hooks, a piece of string and a banana she let me into the country. THE PHILOMATH I found Dorothy Bourette on the court- house steps, waiting to get the story on a murder. A better reporter couldn't be found, and the city editor couldnlt usually find Dot. It seems that Helen Mains, a coffee plantation owner, had killed a coffee bean and was trying to put in a self-de- fense plea. Rugged country, this Brazil! just as I was going into the courtroom, Olive Dyer came rushing out the door with a camera clutched in her grimy little paw, screaming, "She'll get it! Shelll get it!" "Get what?'l I shouted. "The chair, of course. The poor bean didn't have a chance! " With this answer, Olly and camera dashed on. Upon entering the courtroom I found Marjorie Bennett fighting valiantly to save her client from the extra warm seat behind that little green door. Eunice Capen was leering at Helen like a cat that's about to have a nice mouse for lunch. Angela Colon- tonio was sitting with Jennie Dallamora on the bench reserved for the 'fsob sistersf' and both were crying into their inkwells. Not wanting to watch judge Peter Ferro pronounce sentence on the defendant, and not wanting to see the self-satisfied smirks on prosecuting attorney Capen's face, I left the courthouse. I hailed a taxi-copter-remember when they were on the ground and called taxi- cabs? Clambering in, I found Mary Christo driving it and trying to figure out how to let the flaps down. She set me down near the docks and told me that the trip was on her. Of course, I had no money anyway, but I was relying on my marvel- ous brain and good looks fahem! l. I hopped aboard another boat, making sure that it wasn't carrying bananas. I would have starved if mess girl Phyllis Huntoon hadn't sneaked me jelly sandwiches. We docked in San Francisco, going through the Panama Canal, of course. I jumped overboard so the captain wouldn't see me, and bumped into Dorothy Monahon, who was diving for hot --4 17 pennies that the passengers of the boats were throwing to her. When I reached the shore, I found Ralph Sawyer and Jane Sanford running a cold drink stand. They had been partners about six years, and still jane made the dough and Ralph drank it up. Good coke, you bet'cha! They in- formed me that Marjorie Quinn was sing- ing at the 'WVatch Your Coat, While We Take Your Girl" Club. She was known all over Frisco as "Muddy Margie" because of her deep, beautiful voice. Her specialty was "I Left My Brains in F.H.S."' Veronica Olszewski was a cigarette girl. Gee, you can get the things now! Every so often Lorraine Putnam, one of the chorus girls, decides to marry again, and ftRonnie" has to fill in. June Shepard, Adele Misalsley, Lola Tinney, lllarguerite Bengiooanni and Joan Costa are all in the chorus. With what they have, they can be. I left San Francisco and headed East. I met Katherine de Foleo in Kansas. She owns a 20,000-acre wheat field and is really taking it easy now. I saw Mary Burbank in Chicago, running a television machine and holding it on tall, dark and good-looking Andrew Errieo. All he does is smile all day at Mary. They told me that Norma Benjamin was down the street in the Rialto Theatre, starring in the play. i'Arsenic and Uh, That Face? Leave it to Norma. I left Chicago with everybody's bless- ings ringing in my ears and two quarters ringing in my pockets. Friends are swell. aren't they? My destination was Wash- ington, D. C., where I hoped to see Presi- dent Boyle. Yes, Eddie did it, as you all know. Why, I had even stayed in Cactus- needle, Texas, long enough to cast my vote for him. He carried practically every state, he always was strong tl cough. cough! 5. His secretary is Jeanne Casey. Private, of course. The First Lady saw Jeanne the other day, and I don't think she likes this 'fprivate' business. I really don't blame her. Cute kid, our Casey. I saw 18 Lillian Farren at the Earl Theatre there. Lil always was a good dancer. With Oswald Iarussi as her dancing partner she was climbing to the top fast. Ozzie held out on us back in F.H.S. about how he could dance. But Lil brought it out okay. Later, for dinner, they took me to a restau- rant, one of many that were owned by Edward Lewis. I always knew Eddie liked to eat, but I thought that was going too far. After all, restaurants cost money. Ed sat down and ate with us. I had forgotten how he could park that food away, but grad- ually memories came back when I saw him ripping his fourth chicken apart. He al- ways did like white meat. Barbara Leach, our waitress, was chased out of the kitch- en by chef John Liberatore, waving a hatchet. Johnny still gets excited easily. He stopped long enough to tell me that Irene Tupper was now married. Admiral Cunningham is very happy with his com- mission, too. After johnny had gone, Paul Ford, a singing waiter in Edls restaurant, passed our table. I left Washington and headed for Bos- ton, where I intended to see singer Ger- trude Clements, who had taken time off from her Hollywood contract to fill in for Anna DeFilippo, who ran ffThe Old Hub- bard" Theatre. Angie Gentili reigned supreme at the ticket window and Claire Kelly grabbed them at the door. Usher Edna Gerard showed me to my seat just as the curtain went up. Gordon Croft and Jean Langley were the main charac- ters in the musicals written by successful playwright Madeline Hill. After the show, which I enjoyed immensely, I was joined by Anna Joyee and Mary Mr'Carron. They insisted upon bidding me farewell, and asked the number of my drawing room on the train. I told them rail four, third from left, and they snickered right back at me with, f'Well, well. Coming up in the world. hey, Ellen?'l Nice kids. We met subpoena server Dorothy Mahoney, who said that she was looking for Rose THE PHILOMATH Salti. I didn't inquire why. You can draw your own conclusion. Dot offered me a job, as a result I had a bad cough- ing spell and muttered something about an incurable disease, so she went on about her serving. Anna and Mary left me in the South Station, where I proceeded to read the headlines of the papers until C arinela M angini whispered huskily in my ear, 'fWant to buy a pair of thot' nylons?" After much discussion, she realized I didn't want them. When I left her she was whispering in someone else's ear. Good luck, 'fMillie." I saw Irene Verrill and hailed her. She was just boarding a west- bound train and she finally "convinced" me that I should ride in her compartment with her. When we were settled and speed- ing on our way, Irene informed me that she was president of a ladies' lingerie fac- tory and doing quite well. Trying to hide a hole in my stocking, I said, f'Thatls nice," and smiled weakly. Mary M cGrail and Mary Missaggia were junior partners in this firm, and Barbara Pew was over in France at the moment, trying to buy some lace. For trimmings, I believe. Irene told me that they needed another buyer and said she thought Ild fill the bill. The train started to slow down at this crucial mo- ment. After explaining to Irene that I wanted a glass of water, I dashed out. So here I am, kids. Of course I saw all these people recently, but I believe they've gone still higher in their chosen profes- sions. They're all a swell bunch and I'm proud to have known them. I think even the teachers back in Framingham High School are, too. And you know? I think I will look up Irene when I go IVest again. I might even like having a job. BERNARD KANE, ROBERT ABLONDI, JEAN CLINTON, ELLEN WALSH. THE PHILOMATH mllllllllnlln 'NH' "l' ' "'lllll"'ll I "ll' l llll "I mlullllnl lull nun lnnnlulllllIIIlllllnnnlllunnnlunllunlun We, the class of 1945, being sound in both mind and body, attest to the fact that this document is our official last Will and Testament, and it is with complete realiza- tion and comprehension of the acts com- mitted that we bequeath our bountiful pos- sessions in the following manner. Or, in other words, "This is where we pay back the F. H. S. faculty for three years of sweetness and light." To wit: 1. To our dear friend, Miss Williams, we leave, besides our love, a f'Handy-Andy Red Cross Kit," so that she may further investigate the claims of HI'm sick as a dog --I want to go home." 2. We give, devise and bequeath to the capable lunch room staff two things, name- ly: 1. A book, 'CHOW to Butter Bread in Six Easy Lessons," and if this fails-2. A time bomb. 3. To the eminent raconteur, Mr. Cur- tis fcrossing the barb Dooling, we leave a bigger shovel, for it is noticed that his stories and jokes "ripen with age." 4. To Mr. Alton fif you passed my course you can call me joej Bush, we leave two phonograph records. The names of said records are "Give Me Stout Hearted Men" and "I'll Never Smile Again." 5. To our jovial friend and principal, Mr. Mayo fMy Hair Is Growing Thinner All the Timej Magoon, we leave a bottle of cue ball polish, a towel and the gentle re- minder, "It won't be long now, Mayo? 6. A little red scooter is to become the possession of Miss Mary Hobbs. This should, in other words, enable her to get around faster and accomplish much more. 7. To help combat the food shortage, the members of the Senior Play Cast leave behind all the eggs and corn which were so abundant on opening night. -4419 :nunlIIllullnlnnnllnullnuluru llll nunnlllum Wa!! 8. This year's football team leaves be- hind its victory over Milford to help prove the theory that nothing is impossible. 9. We, the baseball squad, leave to our coach, Mr. Daniels, a message. It goes: f'Cheer up, jack. Next year's bunch can't be any worse." Unquote. The following bequests are of an entire- ly personal nature: 1. I, Bruce Cnow don't tell me that red light is on againj Magoon, leave my jar of sunburn lotion to next year's goalie, with a fervent prayer that he will not be ex- posed to the burning red light as much as I was. 2. We, Killer Kane and Paul Flaherty, leave our cheer leaders' jackets to next year's cheer leaders for the miserly sum of E810 feachj, payable any time, any day, in the Hemenway Bowling Establishment, more familiarly called 'fThe Holef' 3. I, Vivian Cwhile the cat's away the mice will playj Zeller, leave my undeni- able OOOOoomph to any junior girl who can claim 111.1 cases of masculine eye- strain after she merely has walked by. f Pahdawn-did I say walked?j 4. I, Austy CBlind Manj jordan, leave my cane, seeing-eye dog and cup to any poor unfortunate who is as handicapped as I was. 5. I, Lillian faw, kids, donlt you think I should be president?j Moran, leave my charming smile, energetic personality and dynamic driving force to any junior girl who wants to be Uthe girl ahead of the man at the head of the senior classf' 6. I, Russell fdon't let my personality fool you-I'm rea.lly a wolfj Cort, leave my bones collection to the F.H.S. lunch tomb. All proceeds from their sale to be 20 Fe A- THE PHILOMATH "GROWING PAINS" First row: Therese Healey, lane Waters, Kenneth Botty, Thomas Murphy, Terry Cowles, Luanne King, Bruce Magoon, Vivian Zeller, lane Cogan, Betty Clapp. Second row: Norma Benjamin, Robert Wharton, Malcolm Flood, Nancy Ford. Dick Greeley, Richard Cassidy Mrs. Moody, Betty Mahoney, Lawrence Maroni, Ruthe Powers, Ann Stafleld, Ioan Keir, Robert Iordan. sent to Mr. Russell Cort, Backwoods Man- ner, Framingham Centre. 7. I, Jay Quinn totherwise known as the "Cisco Kid" J, leave my ten-ounce pool cue and my shining reputation as the "King of the Hole" to young Skippy Ral- lou. 8. I, Thomas Major, leave behind my ghost, which will, following my set pat- tern, haunt the high school for untold years to come. 9. We, Vera Buchner and john fFerdiel llel Prete. leave behind our three years' romance to prove that love con- quers all. IO. We, John twatch me blow this Emullllul horny Henderson, John tdittol Garvey and Larry tGirl of My Dreamsl Maroni, the senior members of "Henderson's jump Quartetfl leave behind the strains of our beautiful melodies. Phew. 11. And with that it's time to say "That's all f-f-f-folks." The above was recorded on the ninth day of the fifth month in the year of nineteen hundred and forty-live by the duly registered class lawyer, Kenneth J. liotty. Duly witnessed by: NANM' 499-44 1009? correct? Foxzn. PAUL fBurp3 Form, IJoN 1Aw, Lili lXlAt'EACllliRN, Tuoxms 4 Bucky CoNNoLLx'. Class Benefactor Best Athlete . Most Likely to Succeed . . Class Artist . Faculty joy . Most Serious . Wittiest . . Most Popular Most Industrious Most Pleasing Personality . Cutest . . Best Looking Most Romantic Most Sophisticated . . Best Dressed Best Mannered Best Dancer . Most Poised . Biggest Flirt . Most Domestic Best Actor or Actress . . THE PHILOMATH 616114 1440600 GIRLS Lillian Moran Norma Benjamin Nancy Ford Jacqueline Brown Nancy Ford Ann Staffeld Ellen Walsh Martha Boyle Nancy Ford Jean Clinton Therese Healy Vivian Zeller Vera Buchner Jane Waters Irene Speigel Joyce Campion jane Waters Jane Waters Hazel Goddard Vera Buchner Luanne King IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIEEIKlluulnnuuuulullnl ll BOYS Richard Greeley Ernest Chiappini Richard Greeley Ralph Wardrop Kenneth Speigel Malcolm Flood Kenneth Botty Bernard Kane Thomas Donnelly Bernard Kane Richard Hare Richard Hare John Del Prete Roger Mullen Charles Bryant Thomas Murphy Bernard Kane Lawrence Maroni John Brita John Del Prete Bruce Magoon CContinued from page 95 a rug-cutting affair for the sophs! if We still remember what a sophomore is, don't we?j Next on the bill came our election of senior class officers. We re-elected Robert Ablondi and Martha Boyle as President and Secretaryg and chose Jean Clinton, Vice-President, and Thomas Donnelly, Treasurer. just to show that our class had initiative, we went ahead and produced a Senior Play that really became a success. In i'Growing Painsi' the leading roles were taken by Luanne King and Bruce Magoon. Yes, all these events and those con- nected with graduation-the taking of the class picture, the Senior Prom, Class Night, the Music Festival, and Gradua- tion itself-will always be remembered in the hearts of the Class of 1945. As We leave Framingham High School with our diplomas, then and only then. shall we realize what it means-the true loss of our social gatherings, of our teach- ers, of all the good times that our class has had. Then, and only then, shall we see the signiiicance of going out and fighting in this war-torn world of bloodshed and de- struction, so that more people and more classes will be able to have and enjoy such splendid high school careers as our class. the UClass of 1945" has enjoyed. Robert F. jordan. gfsfw ' 2 , 4' UF' If :f'C 5 I4 3-t bag? QA V' sz-ng , a, 9 fa3w 'lf 337' 'I' HH, qu WP 5' ,F '51 , ai' in 053 'X' 9" A im usa I Hal 1' " ,v, 4m 'ls H1 'W . fiifl? 5 , X W3 WF W L fsw ff wfvy' -+- Elibgyfn, 'g .' QW 5. Q!-E lim I ' 7 .fx gy avr, W . Q 4 vt' iw gg! . . ,,, ,,g ,mA ...s vm- . 1 in fx . THE PHILOMATH -A4323 f7Vliss Cunningham Class cfldviser 24Eee'- THE PHILOMATH ROBERT EDWARD ABLONDI QBobj JEAN FRANCES CLINTON Basketball, 23 Safety Club, 2g Student Council. 5--ig Marshal. 5--lg Salvage Club Exec. Com., 31 Class Presi- dent, 3--ig Infantile Paralysis Com., 3, Football. 41 Track, -ig Nominating Com.. -ig Senior Play Ticket Com., 45 Christmas Boxes, ig Class Prophet, 4. He has held his title high- He is just one real swell guy. Marshal, 2-5--ig Basketball, 2-3-43 Boosters' Club, 2g Citizenship and Morale Com.. 5, Exec. Com., 2g Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4g Lost and Found Com., 2-5, Ch., -13 Cheer Leader, 2-3. Head, -4, Football Dance Refreshment Com., 23 Soldiers' Gifts Com., 23 Red Cross. 2-SQ Student Council, 5--i, First Vice-Pres., 5. Cor. Sec., -4. Exec. Com.. 45 Infantile Paralysis Drive, 3, Prom Refreshment Com., 3g Chairman, Football Dance Ticket Com., 3g Ditributing Team, 53 Hospital- ity Com., 3. Ch.. 4g Bonds and Stamps Exec. Com.. 43 Class Vice-Pres.. -ig Make-Up Director, Senior Play, 43 Refreshment and Decoration Com., Sr.-Soph. and Football Dances, -ig Class Prophet, Nominating Com.. -ig Highest Honors, Leadership and Service. Always here, always there- How can Jean be everywhere? m f' L.. 2 Tl' lXlARTHA ELIZABETH BoYL13 Basketball. 2-3--i. Mgr., 23 First Aid. 21 Field Hockey. 2-5: Christmas Boxes, 2.-lg School Publica- tions Adv. Staff, 2-3--ig Student Council, 5--ig Marshal. 4--lg Class Sec.. 5--lg Football Dance Ticket Com., 3g Ch., Graduation Ushers. 31 Salvage Club, 5g Concert Com., 3, l'!11lf1m.11l1. -ig Broadcasting Club, -13 Bonds and Stamps Com.. -ig Nominating Com., -lg Sr. Play Make-up Com.. -lg Sr.-Soph. Dance Ch.. -ig Distribut- ing Team, -ig Banquet Toast, -1. Shes helped our class in time of stress And added much to our successg f - 1 . , L , . A fair player with one and all- a 1 u must ldmit slit son llic balll THOMAS EDNWARD DONNELLY Hockey, 2-3-4, Football, 2, Tennis, 2, Slllrfelll Crier Staff, 2-5-4g Boosters' Club. 2: Citizenship and Morale Com., 2-51 Homer-oom Treas., 2g Chairman, Christmas Box Decorations. 23 Homeroom Pres.. 51 Soldiers' Gifts Com.. 33 Chairman, Children's Christmas Gifts, 53 Prom Patrol, 5g Student Council, -ig Marshal, -lg Military Information. -lg Chemistry Club, -lg Football Dance Patrol, -lg Senior Play Adv. and Ticket Com., eh Class Treas., -lg Red Cross Drive Chairman. -lg Map Project Chairman, -ig Nominating Com., -lg Gradua- tion Honor Groupg Honorable Mention. Leadership and Service. Tom seems to study from morning to night: 'l'liat's why his marks are a bit of all right. THE PHILOMATH LILLIAN MAY ADAMS fChirkiej Distributing Team, 4. Her joyous ways are contagious- Accorcling to a certain soldier she knows! ANNA C. ABELLI Marshal, 2-3-4, Salvage Com., 2-33 Prom Refresh- ' ment Com., 3, Distributing Team, 2-3-4, Capt., 4, Christmas Boxes, 2,4, Football Dance Ticket Com., -4 2, 4, Boosters' Club, 2. is Anna has a persuasive manner! , "1 DAVID FRANCIS AHEARN ' Salvage Club, 4. ,. It's 9:20, Dave's on time! Our future Postmaster General, I betcha a dime. JEANNE ANNE ALLEN Salvage Club, 2, Conservation ancl Salvage Com., 53 Distributing Team, 3-4, Capt., 4, Afghan Knitting, 5, Dramatic Club, 4, Christmas Boxes 43 Graduation Honor Group. Jeannie is the one with the light brown hair, She and the Air Corps-what a pair. SHIRLEY ELIZABETH ANDERSON fGyp.ryy Dramatic Club, 4, Salvage Com., 4. Sugar and spice and everything! I-IERMAN BRYDEN ALLYN Herman's arrival Caused quite a stir. 1 He's a fast talking wolf without sheep's fur. A Louis EDWARD AXTMAN Aviation Club, 4, Military Information Club, 4. For any car, any model, any year, any part, visit Louie's junk yard up on Old Connecticut Path. RICHARD LEE ANDERSON In Military Service, March-june, 1945. Hockey, 4, Marshal, 4, Military Information, 4, Glee Club, 4. Dick was always quite the lad, When it came to girls, he wasn't bad. 26 'l'HE PHILOMATH JOHN JAMES BANDA Distributing Team, 3. His pleasing manner, his winning smile Always make June walk a mile. DOROTHY PEARL BARKER Prom Ticket Com., 3, Red Cross Drive, 2, Citizen- ship and Morale Com., 4, Home Room Chairman, Christmas Boxes, 2, 4, Glee Club, 4, Special Chorus, 4. Up to her earrings in mischief! ANTHONY J. BASILE Boosters' Club, 2, Salvage Com., 2, Senior-Soph. Dance Refreshment Com., 2, Soldiers' Gifts, 2, Mar- shal, 3, Basketball, 3-4, Red Cross Club, 3, Football Dance Patrol, 3, Christmas Boxes, 4, Salvation Army Drive, 4, Infantile Paralysis Drive, 4, Football Dance Ticket Com., 4, Music Festival Com., 4. Tony's dark but not too tall, He does his bit at each dance hall! MARY PHYLLIS BATER Christmas Boxes, 2, Bonds and Stamps Com., 33 Distributing Team, 3, Senior Play Posters, 4. Not a day passes that "Phyl" doesn't add another friend to her long list of pals. DONALD BEATON Football, 2-3-4. Though Don is quiet and very shy, All the girls give him the eye. GILDA ANNE BEATRICE fjillj Pbilomafla, 4, Football Dance Usher, 4, Refresh- ments Com., Sr.-Soph. Dance, 4, Softball, 4. Jill is cute, Jill is wise- 'Specially when She rolls those eyes! JOHN FRANCIS BENEEITO Salvage Club, 3-4, Exec. Com.. 3. Johnny and Natick are just like the buses, Both stop at Bunny's in spite of the rushes. MARILYN FRANCES BEERS QHejjierJ Salvage Com.. 8, Bonds and Stamps Com., 3-4, Salesman and Com. Chairman, 4, Distributing Team 3, Christmas Boxes, 3, Knitting, 3, Surgical Dressings 3, Red Cross, 3. Marilyn loves her G.l. Joe, XX'hen it comes to pep-she's full of go. 1 9 THE PHILOMATH -+427 MARGUERITE R. BENGIOVANNI fflflargaj Basketball, 2, Bonds and Stamps Com., 2-3-4, Citi- zenship and Morale Exec. Com., 3, Christmas Boxes, 4. Margie is a friend to us all. No wonder, 'cause she's like a doll. NORMA LYDIA BENJAMIN Basketball, 2-3-4, Capt., 4, Field Hockey, 2-3-4, Citizenship and Morale Com., 2, Salvage Club, 3g Prom Usher, 3, Softball, 3-4, Distributing Team, 3-4, Capt., 4, First Aid Pres., 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Volley Ball, 4, Class Play, 4, Mixed Glee Club, 4. Norma's got a laugh that's all her own! MARJORIE HELEN BENNETT Afghan Club, 4. Sugar isn't rationed when Marjie is around. PETER ANDREWS BENT Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Food Ch., 4, Infantile Paral- ysis Drive, 3-4, Broadcasters' Club, 4, Military In- formation Club, 4, Red Cross Blood Donor Drive, 4, Tickets and Announcements Com., 4. Pete is small and quite serene, His heart belongs to his Maxine. GILDA F. BERNARDI fGilj Christmas Boxes, 2-3, Citizenship and Morale Com., 3, Bonds and Stamps Com., 4, Marshal, 4. Always happy, always gay! The reason? Need you ask? It's Ray. MARY JENNIE BERTUZZI Softball, 2, First Aid Pres., 2, Christmas Boxes, 2-3, Basketball, 3-4, Bonds and Stamps Com., 3-4, Cashier, 3, Distributing Team, 3, Soldiers' Gift Com., 3, Pbifo- math, 4, Graduation Usher, 3, Senior Play Usher, 4, Gift Com. 4, Commercial Service Com., 4, Graduation Honor Group. Romances come, romances go, But Mary's is for keeps, we know. ELSIE E. BIANCHETTI Marshal, 2-3-4, Bonds and Stamps Com., 2-3-4, Chairman, 4, Salvage Com., 2-3-4, Football Dance Ticket Com., 2, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Student Council, 3-4, Infantile Paralysis Drive, 3-4, Distribut- ing Team, 3-4, Soldiers' Gifts Com., 3-4, Football Dance Refreshment Com., 3, Nominating Com., 4, Graduation Usher, 3, Class Gift Com., 4. Elsie and Eddie have it all planned- They'll run a little taxi stand. ANTHONY FRANCIS BIANCHINO In Military Service, February-june, 1945. Football, 2-3-4, Gym Club, 3, Baseball, 3, Salvage Club, 4. He was a star on the gridiron, now he's a star on our service flag in the Navy. I E333 -. Y a. 'sf . . xg ,.... .x1.....-. SA, - 28J-1+ THE PHILOMATH KENNETH JOHN BOTTY Campaign Mgr., 23 Szudenl Crier StaH, 3-43 Dis- tributing Team, 3-43 Pbilomaflz, 43 Broadcasting Club Pres.. 43 Publicity, Bonds and Stamps Com., 43 Pub- licity Ch., Sr.-Soph. Dance, 43 Football Dance Patrol, 43 Salvage Drive, 43 Class Lawyer, 43 Senior Play Cast, Properties, 43 Football Announcer, 4. When it comes to wit with ink and pen, Among the best, you'll find, is Ken. DOROTHY JUNE BOURETTE Basketball, 23 Distributing Team, 3-43 Red Cross, 4. If you need anything done, just call on Dot. She's indispensable! EDGAR JOHN BOURQUIN Entered Military Service, November, 1944. Tennis, 23 Citizenship and Morale Com., 23 Salvage Drive, 23 Aeronautics Club, 33 Prom Patrol, 33 Dis- tributing Team, 33 Military Information, 33 Gradua- tion Honor Group. A whiz at trig is this Navy man. EDWARD FRANCIS BOYLE Salvage Club, 33 Marshal, 43 Plailomalb, 43 Glee Club, 4g Senior Chorus, 43 Band, 43 Class Supper Com., 43 Gym Club, 43 Military Information, 43 Music Festival Com., 4. Good looks, nice clothes, and lots of fun- After him the girls do run! RAYMOND BRATICA Marshal, 23 Intramural Basketball, 23 Graduation Day Committee, 4. I live for women, money3 women, wine3 women, song3 and women. JOHN BRITA fM11mpyJ Football, 2-3-43 Basketball, 2-3-43 Marshal, 43 Aeronautics Club, 43 Gym Club, 4. "Our football hero." VERONICA HELEN BROOKS Field Hockey, 2-3-43 First Aid Club, 23 Conserva- tion and Salvage Club, 33 Prom Ticket Com., 33 Afghan Knitting, 33 Dist. Mgr., Adv. Staff, School Publications, 43 Chemistry Club, 43 Sr. Play Publicity Ch., 43 Distributing Team Capt., 43 A Capella Choir, 4. Vonnie likes the Navy, and she likes her G.l. Joe3 And everyone likes Vonnie, wherever she may go. JACQUELINE FRANCES BROWN Baseball, 23 Marshal, 2-3-43 Salvage Club, 2, 43 Christmas Boxes, 2-33 Bonds and Stamps Cashier, 33 School Publications Adv. Staff, 3-43 Distributing Team Capt., 3-43 Soldiers' Gift Com., 33 Prom Ticket Com.. 33 Map Club, 43 Sr. Play Adv. Com., 43 Com- mercial Service Com., 43 Graduation Honor Group. Jackie's easy-going and generous ways can't be beaten. THE PHILOMATH CHARLES H. BRYANT Intramural Basketball, 23 Track, 2-3-43 Marshal, 3-43 Stage Com., Sr. Play, 43 Nominating Com., 43 Christmas Boxes, 43 Dance Ticket Com., 43 Graduation Ticket and Announcements Com., 4. just call him "Muscles" Bryant! VERONICA Sl-IEILA BUCHNER fVeraj Boosters' Club, 23 Salvage Com., 23 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Bonds and Stamps Com., 33 Prom Re- freshments Com., 33 Prom Ticket Salesman, 33 Sol- diers' Gift Com., 33 Distributing Team, 3-4, Capt., 43 Afghan Knitting, 33 Chemistry Club, 43 Sr.-Soph. Dance Ticket Com., 43 Football Dance Ticket Com., 4. Pretty face with eyes of brown- A nicer lassie can't be found. MARY ESTHER BURBANK Home Room Basketball Team, 23 Distributing Team, 33 Glee Club, 43 Christmas Boxes, 43 Lost and Found Com., 43 A Capella Senior Choir, 4. The proud possessor of two twinkling eyes. JAMES WALTER BURKE Aero Club, 33 Mixed Chorus, 43 Military Informa- tion, 4. - He runs Dept. 2 in the daytime, and is Mayor of Saxonville by night. WARREN REED BUZZELL Speedy, fast and fearless! PERRY CACCIOLA Conservation Club, 23 Glee Club, 4. Perry has such handsome curls He gets his way with all the girls- Especially Mary! JOYCE HARTNETT CAM PION Basketball, 2-33 Field Hockey, 23 Student Council, 2, 43 Bonds and Stamps Com., 2-3, Cashier, 43 Christ- mas Boxes, 23 Distributing Team, 2-3, Capt., 43 Red Cross, 2'3Q Marshal, 3-43 Hospitality Com., 3-43 Prom Refreshment Com., 33 Chairman, War Clubs and Com., 4g Chairman, Mon. Opening Exercises, 43 Senior Play, Make-Up and Properties Com., 43 Nominating Com., 43 Blood Donor Drive Com., 43 Class Night Toast, 4. A busy gal is our jo, With always time to say hello. DOROTHY MARY CANTALL Bonds and Stamps Com., 3-43 Soldiers' Gifts, 33 'f Christmas Boxes, 4. Dazzling smile, eyes of green- 1 A We acknowledge Dotty's queen! ii .ffi va' Fe eva:- 7 A' ll -If 'ITT7 THE PHILOMATH EUNICE C. CAPEN fGfIIg6I', Glee Club, 2, Salvage Com., 2-3, Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Dramatic Club, 4, A Capella Choir, 4. Ginger's a winner. Bet on her! MARY PATRICIA CAPSTICK First Aid, 2, Afghan Knitting, 4, Senior Play Pub- licity Com., 4, Distributing Team, 2-3-4, Graduation Usher, 3. You can't get Mary down! ANTHONY PAUL CARDI QTonyj In Military Service, February-June, 1945. Football, 2-3-4, First Aid, 2, Track, 3, Christmas Boxes, 3, Military Information, 3, Soldiers' Gifts, 3, Map Project, 4. One of the best whom we'll never forget. ROBERT WILLIAM CARLSON In Military Service, March-June, 1945. First Aid, 2, Paper Salvage Drive, 3. Bob was always very quiet, Perhaps he was on a speaking diet! JEANNE ELIZABETH CASEY Field Hockey, 2, First Aid, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2, Red Cross, 4, Infantile Paralysis Drive, 4, Distribut- ing Team, 4, Class Night Supper Com., 4. Tall, slim, and perfectly groomed- She's our Casey-we're not doomed. RICHARD BURTON CASSIDY fKitrlaj Hockey, 2, First Aid Com., 2, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Marshal, 4, A Capella Choir, 3-4, Music Festi- val Com., 4, Senior Play, 4, Graduation Day Commit- tee, 4, Prom Com., 3. Plus all his pleasing personality, His naval dream is now reality. CARMEN CHAO First Aid, 2, Afghan Cluh, 4, Bonds and Stamps Com., 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Graduation Honor Group. Carmen's fine, Carmen's sweet. She's the one who captured Pete. Roscgoia V. CHAPLIN, JR. In Military Service, April-june, 1945. Aero Club, 4. XX'henever you saw Chappy You always saw Franny, too. But now he's in the service, Werlriiig Navy blue. THE PHILOMATH DONALD HALLETT CHASSE QDwzulj In Military Service, February-june, 1945. Class Pres., 2, Student Council, 2-3-4, Basketball, 2-3-4, Boosters' Club, 2, Salvage Com., 2, Marshal, 3-4, Stamps and Bonds Com., 3-4. Our Soph president made good! ERNEST CHIAPPINI Football, 2, 4, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Basketball, 3-4, Baseball, 3-4, Marshal, 4, Salvage Club, 4, Nomi- nating Com., 4, Football Dance Patrol, 4, Scenery, Senior Play, 4, Tickets and Announcements Com., 4. He's there when we need him. MARY M. CHRISTO We all wonder why Theres that gleam in her eye! BETTY LOUISE CLAPP Basketball, 3, Mgr., 2, Field Hockey, 2-3, Marshal, 2-3-4, Boosters' Club, 2, Sfudenz Crier Sltzjf, 2-3-4, First Aid Com., 2, Distributing Team, 2-3, Capt., 4, Red Cross, 2, Aero Com., 3, Christmas Boxes, 3, Planning Com., 3, School Publications Adv. Staff, 3, Dis. Mgr., 4, Afghan Knitting, 3, Chairman, Football Dance Decorating Com., 4, Chairman, Red Cross Hospital Gift Com., 4, Nominating Com., 4, Hospi- tality Com., 4, Co-Chairman, jr. Red Cross, 4, Broad- casting Club Sec., 4, Senior Play, 4, Property Com., Sr. Play, 4, Graduation Honor Group, Class Night Social Hour Com. 4. An enthusiastic girl, with a smile for everyone! GERTRUDE LOUISE CLEMENTS Pbilomalb, 4, Music Festival Committee, 4. Known for her bubbling personality and smile. NANCY CLEMENTS Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Citizenship and Morale Com., 33 Usher, Senior Play, 4, Music Festival, 4, Dis- tributing Team, 4. When you hear laughter in the school The cause is Nancy, as a rule. JANE BARGER COGAN Afghan Knitting, 3, Chemistry Club, 4, Distributing Team, 4, Senior Play 4, Graduation Honor Group. Janie is Cute, mOdest, Gracious, neAt, and Nice. ANGELA ROSEANNIE COLANTONIO fC0lliej Aeronautics Club, 3, Christmas Boxes, 3, Commer- cial Service Com., 4. A cute little secretary, a sweet little girl- Angie keeps the boys in a whirl. --it 31 ,gg Y . ' . ",.fx, , . i ' 4 .nw A ' .1-ff . . , , . sf ,S . -mari 1 .:. . tml: xifkggtk ,..m....:ii.x1i.LiQ . i sz ii-- - 1 ie 1 1-'gn , if THE PHILOMATH JANE COLMAN Red Cross, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2-3, Health Com. Vice-Pres., 3, Prom Decorating Com., 3, Sr. Elections Com., 3, Lost and Found Com., 3, Distributing Team, 3-4, Music Festival Usher, 3, Graduation Decorating Com., 3, Chemistry Club, 4, Football Dance Refresh- ment Com., 4, Senior Play Property Com., 4, Tickets and Announcements Com., 4. It needs an auto made of steel When Jane takes the driver's wheel. THOMAS PATRICK CONNOLLY Student Council, 2, Safety Club, 2, Campaign Mgr., 2, Marshal, 3, Football, 3-4, Senior-Soph Dance Re- freshment Com., 4, Football Dance Ticket Com., 4, Distributing Team Capt., 4. Clever, witty, handsome, and smart- Many a girl has tried his heart. NELLO CONTI In Military Service, February-June, 1945. Football, 2-3-4, Capt., 4, Basketball, 2-3-4, Boosters' Club, 2, Glee Club, 2, Intramural Basketball, 2, Mar- shal, 3-4, Exec. Com., 4, Safety Com. Pres., 3. Captain of our footabll team-what will be his rank in the Army? FRANCESCA ROSE CONZA Salvage Com., 2, Red Cross, 2, Aeronautics Club, 3, Distributing Team, 3, Football Dance Refreshment Com., 3. Frannie's a little bit of all right. JOAN J. COSTA Salvage Com., 2, Citizenship and Morale Com., 3-4, School Publications Adv. Staff, 4, Distributing Team, 4. Joan is not sure of her future, but whatever she does, she'll succeed! HENRY RUSSELL CORT, JR. TE Track, 2-3, Marshal, 2, Citizenship and Morale Com., 2-3, Christmas Boxes, 2, 4, Prom Refreshment Com., 3, Chemistry Club, 4, Military Information, 4, Football Dance Ticket Com., 4, Distributing Team, Capt., 4, Soldiers' Gifts, 4, Graduation Honor Group. Rusty shows his capacity for work at school, his capacity for shoveling at Thompson's farm. RRY LOUISE COWLES Boosters' Club, 2, Red Cross, 2, Sllldelll Crier Staff, 3-4, Citizenship and Morale Com. Sec., 3, Christmas Choir, 3, Graduation Decorating Com., 3, Prom Re- freshment Com., 3, Distributing Team, 3, Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Pbilomfzlb, 4, Dramatic Club Sec., 4, Senior-Soph Dance Refreshment Com., 4, Football Dance Refreshment Com., 4, Music Festival Com., 4, Mixed Chorus, 4, Senior Play Cast, 4, Class Night Social Hour Com., 4, Music Festival Committee, 4. If it be poetry, music, or news, You'll find Terry has all the clues. GORDON S. CROET, JR. fS0m1yJ Fire Brigade Com., 2, Aeronautics Club, 3, Christ- mas Boxes, 3-4, Military lnformation, 3-4, Soldiers' Gifts, 3, Marshal, 4, Salvage Com., 4, Football Dance Ticket Com., 4, Senior-Soph Dance, Usher Com., and Patrol, -I, Football Dance Patrol, 4, Paper Drive Com., -l. "Sonny's" cute and "Sonny's" fair- He'd be noticed anywhere. THE PHILOMATH MARGARET E. DAKAI QBettyJ Citizenship and Morale Com., 3, Bonds and Stamps Com., 4g Field Hockey, 4. Her charms and smile Ivfake life worth while. JEANNE ELIZABETH CROSS Glee Club, 5-45 Afghan Club, 4, Senior A Capella Choir, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. Maybe you've seen them- Jeanne and Lee, Wherever she goes. He will be. JANE V. DALLAMORA fHalf-Pi1zrJ Stamps and Bonds Com., 2, Distributing Team, 4, Christmas Boxes, 41 Football Dance Usher, 4. Jennie isn't tall, Jennie isn't shy, But how the boys all whistle When she walks by! MARIO CHARLES DECICCO In Military Service, January-June, 1945. Mario misses Anna, but those letters make up for it! GEORGE JAMES DECRISTOFORO Baseball, 3-4, Chemistry Club, 43 Senior-Soph Dance Ticket Com., 4, Chairman, Publicity Com., Football Dance, 4. George DeCristoforo is the name of our star pitcher. ANNA THERESA DEFILIPPO Glee Club, 2. Well liked by all her classmates. With her teachers she also rates. JOHN VINCENT DEGREGORIO Citizenship and Morale Club, 2, Stamps and Bonds Com., 33 Dramatic Club, 43 Distributing Team Asst. Capt., 43 Senior A Capella Choir, 4. Homework for him is not a bore, It builds his knowledge more and more. JOHN F. DELPRETli Football, 2-3-4, Intramural Basketball, 2, Salvage Com., 2, Pres., 3-4, Marshal, 5, Football Dance Patrol and Refreshment Com., 53 Distributing Team, 5-4, Co- Capt., 4, Basketball, 4, Military Information, 43 Senior-Soph Dance Ticket and Patrol Com., 'il Foot- ball Dance Patrol, 4, Christmas Boxes Com. Ch., -Ig Paper Drive Com., 4, Class Gift Com., 4. Each Saturday night to Sax lIe'd trot- But, after all, look what he's got! 33 Z is 1-+-9 -J 34 T 'Ra ,Q THE PHILOMATH HELEN Ti-iEREsA DEVINE QPoi-kyj Field Hockey. 23 Citizenship and Morale Exec. Com.. 2, 43 Soldiers' Gift Com., 2-33 Red Cross, 23 Basketball Capt., 33 Marshal, 3-43 Distributing Team, 2-3-4. Capt., 4g Chairman, Prom Decorating Com., 33 Christmas Boxes, 3-43 Lost and Found Com., 33 Grad- uation Decoration Com.. 33 Football Dance Ticket Com.. 33 Infantile Paralysis Drive, 3-43 Tennis. 23 Prom Usher, 33 Special Christmas Choir. 3-43 Senior- Soph Dance Refreshment Com., 43 Student Council, 43 Publicity. Senior Play. 43 Chairman, Refreshment Com.. Football Dance. 43 Volley Ball, 43 Honorable Mention, Leadership and Service. "Porky" gave her high school fame. Wfhat will be her future name? PASQUALE DIANA fPatryj In Military Service, February-june. 1945. Football. 2-3-43 Safety Club, 33 Marshal. 43 Broad- casting Club, 43 Christmas Boxes. 43 Bonds and Stamps Publicity. 4. The "Big Man" of F.H.S. KATHERINE MARGARET DEFOLCO fKayj Distributing Team, 3-43 Soldiers' Gifts. 33 Mixed Glee Club, 3-43 Senior-Soph Dance Usher. 43 Christ- mas Boxes, 4. A girl with a smile that no one resists. IRENE JANET DONNELLY Stamps and Bonds Com., 23 Salvage Team. 23 Health Com.. 33 Lost and Found Com., 33 Prom Re- freshment Com.. 5: Christmas Boxes. 3-43 Student Publications Adv. Staff, 3-4. Co-Mgr.. 43 Distributing Team, 3-43 Citizenship and Morale Exec. Com.. 43 Marshal. 43 Senior-Soph Dance Refreshment Com.. 43 Football Dance Refreshment Com.. 43 Senior Play Usher. 43 Prom Usher, 33 Graduation L'sher. 33 Class Night Supper Com., 4, Charming. cute. poised, serene- Sure enough! That's Irene. JAMES JOSEPH DUCEY In Military Service. March-june. 1945. First Aid. 23 Distributing Team Capt.. 5: Aero- nautics Club, 3-43 Military Information. 33 Band. 7 3 4 A mere technicalityl LESTER STEPHEN DURKEE, JR. fSrez'ej Christmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Marshal. 33 Soldiers' Gifts Com.. 3: Military Information, 3-43 Aeronautics Club, -13 Football Dance Ticket Coma 43 Senior-Soph. Dance Patrol. 4. Steve and good humor are one and the same. OLIVE BTAE DYIZR Salvage Com.. 2-3-43 Distributing Team, 3-43 Music Festival Com.. 3. In our English class you'll find Ollie racks her worried mind To help a person near at hand Get an A on his exam. D.-ivio CARLTON EDWARDS fDizj Fntered Military Service. December. 19-H. Hockey. 2-3-4. Capt., 43 lNlarshal, 2-3--lg Boosters' Club. 23 Student Council. 3-43 Class Trc-as., 33 Prom Decorating Com.. 33 Graduation Decorating Com.. 33 Red Cross. 43 Military Information, 'IQ Distributing Ti-am Capt.. 4. The hockey team had a good Captain. Too had the Xaxy thought so, tool THE PHILOMATH VIRGINIA ANN EGAN fGjIZllyD Salvage Com., 2-3, Christmas Boxes, 2-3, Distribut- ing Team, 3-4, Broadcasting Club. 4, Senior Play Ad- vertising Com., 4. Without her, stenographic practice would have been such a bore! ANDREW ERRICO Intramural Basketball, 2, First Aid Com., 2, Band, 2-3, Baseball, 4, Marshal, 4, Salvage Club, 4, Football Dance Com., 4, Distributing Team Capt.. 4. Andy lives on Waverly Street- The friendliest boy you'll ever meet. A small gas station he does run, But! After it's closed, does he have fun? MARION LOUISE EVANS fjizzxj Glee Club, 2, First Aid, 2, Marshal, 5: Distributing Team, 3-4, Asst. Capt., 3, Graduation Usher, 3, Sol- diers' Gifts, 4. Marion is cute and sweetg She surely is no phony. But though she smiles at all the boys. Her heart belongs to Tony. AMELIA LENA FALCONI Christmas Boxes, 2, Red Cross, 2, Citizenship and Morale Com., 3, Lost and Found Com., 4, Distributing Team, 4. Amelia's just the sort of gal. Who is everybody's pal. MADELIN G. FALCONI fDol!yj Boosters' Club, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2-3, Conserva- tion Com., 2, Hospitality Com., 2, Class Vice-Pres.. 2, Salvage Club, 3, Prom Ticket Com., 3, Distributing Team Capt., 4, Tickets and Announcements Com., 4, Graduation Honor Group. Dollie has a full time job, Writing to her handsome gob. ELEANOR J. FANTONI fPemzj Salvage Com., 2-3-4, Lost and Found Com., 2-3-4, Christmas Boxes, 2, 4, Infantile Paralysis Drive, 3-4, Distributing Team, 4, A Capella Choir, 4, Prom Dec- orating Com., 3. Eleanor is, oh, so true! For her no one else will do! LILLIAN MARY FARREN Glee Club, 2, First Aid, 2, Band, 2-3-4, Citizenship and Morale Com., 3-4, Exec. Com., 3, Lost and Found Com., 4, Marshal, 4. Though Faye's won the heart of many a boy. She always stays so sweet and coy. JACQUES MERCIER FAUTEUX Conservation Com., 2, Marshal, 3, Citizenship and Morale Com., 3, Prom Ticket Com., 3, Distributing Team, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. If it's wine, women, and song. Jacques' mind is never wrong. 35 36 X .1-2, sr C".'1-'V li 'ls ha 'iv nf I A nr!! J THE PHILOMATH MALCOLM FELDMAN Distributing Team, 2-3-4, Capt., 4. Mal is silent, Mal is tall, Mal likes Ruthy best of all. WILLIAM FRANCIS FEEI-IELY Bonds and Stamps Com., 2, Salvage Club, 3, Christ- mas Boxes, 3, Distributing Team, 3-4, Chemistry Club, 4. What a voice! What a trooper! For him wed trade in Gary Cooper. PETER FERRO Marshal, 2-3, Salvage Com., 2, Track, 3-4, Football, 4, Conservation and Salvage Club, 4, Football Dance Patrol, 4, Paper Drive, 4, Military Information, 4, Blood Donor Drive, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Clothing Drive, 4, Distributing Team Co-Capt., 4. Carmen, Oh, Carmen, where canst thou be? Peter, thy Romeo, now seeks for thee. ERNEST H. FINKELSTEIN Bonds and Stamps Com., 2, 4, Publicity, 2, Intra- mural Basketball, Z, Campaign Mgr., 2, Citizenship and Morale Com., 3, Bonds and Stamps Com., 4, Foot- ball Dance Publicity Com., 4, Distributing Team Capt., 4, Map Project, 4, Senior A Capella Choir, 4. Democratic, emphatic, and never erratic. ROBERT H. FLAYDERMAN Citizenship and Morale Com., 3, Distributing Team, 3-4, Intramural Basketball, 3, Tennis, 3, Track, 4, Chemistry Club, 4, Military Information, 4, Foot- ball Dance Com.. 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. Rob is thin, Rob is tall, To be a teacher he'd like best of all. PAUL JOSEPH FLAHERTY Health Com., 2, Class Treas., 2, INIarshal, 3-4, Christmas Boxes I-Iomeroom Ch., 3, Distributing Team, 3-4, Capt., 4, Military Information. 33 Gym Club, 4, Nominating Com., 4, Music Festival Com., 4, Citizenship and Morale Com. Pres., 4, A Capella Choir, 4, Football Dance Patrol, 4, junior Elections Com., 4, Class Night Toast, 4, Band, 2-3-4, Music Festival Committee, 4. Paul has personality- He'S also full of fun, Theres always more than one! IVIALCOLM LEONARD FLOOD, JR. Citizenship and Morale Club, 3-4, Dramatic Club, -I, Senior Play Properties Com., 4, Senior Play, 4, A Capella Choir, 4, Glee Club, 3. As "Professor" he is known, XX'ith a head of brains, not of bone. IJAIVI. FRANCIS FORD Military Information, 4. Arms. legs, eyes, ears and heart! XXf'lIo could be more human? THE PHILOMATH --+437 NANCY KATHLEEN FORD i Basketball, 2-3-4, Student Council, 2-3-4, Sludenl Crier Staff, 2-3-4, Christmas Boxes, 2, 4, Bonds and Stamps Com., 2-3-4, Exec. Com., 3, Distributing Team, 2-3-4, Capt., 4, Marshal, 3-4, First Lieut., 4, Exec. Com., 4, Soldiers' Gifts, 3, Football Dance Ticket Com., 3, Class Vice-Pres., 3, Prom Ticket Com., 3, Record Drive, 3, Hospitality Com., 3, Planning Com., 3, Afghan Knitting, 3, Surgical Dressings, 3, Editor-in-Chief, Plailomutlb, 4, Senior-Soph Dance Dec- orating Com., 4, Football Dance Ticket Com., 4, Stage Llgr., Senior Play, 4, Salvage Drive, 4, Infantile Paralysis Drive, 4, Highest Scholastic Honors, Highest Honors, Leadership and Service. Her cheery smile and friendly manner make Nan a favorite throughout the school. JOHN A. GARVEY Citizenship and Morale Com., 2-3, Marshal, 3-4, Prom Com., 3, Distributing Team, 3, Pbilomazb Stlff, 4, Sludenf Crier Staff, 4, Chemistry Club, 4, Senior- Soph Dance Ticket Com., 4, Senior Play Ticket Com. Chairman, 4, Band, 2-3-4, Tickets and Announce- ments Com., 4, Honorable Mention, Leadership and Service, Graduation Honor Group. A master musician, an honor student, and a truly "hep" old man. MARY ANNE GEOGHEGAN Marshal, 2, 4, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, First Aid, 2, Surgical Dressings, 2-3, Prom Ticket Com., 3, Conser- vation and Salvage II Club, Chairman, 3, Salvage Club, 4, Softball, 3, Distributing Team Capt., 3-4, Senior-Soph Dance Refreshment Com., Chairman, 4, Christmas Choir, 4, Music Festival Com., 4. Mary's hearty giggle is always ready! ANGIE MARY GENTILE Softball, 2, Salvage Com., 2, Glee Club, 2, Bonds and Stamps Com., 3-4, Red Cross, 3, Rationing Mar- shal. 3, Volley Ball, 4. Hair of brown, smile so gay, Angie s cheerful throughout each day. EDNA AGNES GERRARD Bonds and Stamps Com., 2, 4, Exec. Com., 2, Christ- mas Boxes, 2, School Publications Adv. Staff. 3-4, Sol- diers' Gift Com., 3, Senior Play Adv. Com., 4. Edna and Jackie are a pair seen together every- where. RICHARD PAUL GIACOMUZZI Uaceery Soldiers' Gift Com., 2-3, First Aid, 2, Aeronautics , ,,.. A Club, 3, Christmas Boxes, 3, Salvage Club, 3, Gym Club, 3-4, Military Information, 4, Broadcasting Club Treas.. 4, Glee Club, 4, A Capella Choir, 4. "jacker" gets a big joy out of living! JEAN THERESA GILLIS Broadcasting Club, 4, Distributing Team Capt., 2-3-4, Soldiers' Gifts, 2, Citizenship and Morale Com., 2. Many dream of "Jeannie" with her light brown hair. HAZEL EILEEN GODDARD QHo1zeyj First Aid, 2, Bonds and Stamps Com., 3, Salvage Club, 4, Distributing Team, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. An exception to the rule that you can't have every- thing. Y Y' 38 THE PHILOMATH MARY CATHERINE GORMLEY Salvage Com., 2-3-4, Treas., 3, Vice-Pres. Salvage A, 4, Basketball Mgr., 3-4, Marshal, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Distributing Team, 4, Lost and Found Com., 4. An Irish miss whom a certain soldier does miss. FRANCIS JOSEPH GRADY Safety Club, 2, Football, 4, Marshal, 3-4, Salvage Club, 3, Distributing Team, 3. Frannie's humor is very well known, In classroom it is often shown. SERGI GRANDONI Intramural Basketball, 2, Marshal, 3, junior Elec- tion Com., 3, Military Information, 4, Chemistry Club, 4, Graduation Nominating Com., 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Graduation Day Committee, 4. He's so tall hes tops! BEVERLY ANN GRANVILLE Surgical Dressings, 2-3, Bonds and Stamps Com., 3, School Publications Adv. Staff, 3-4, Knitting Club, 3, Dramatic Club, 4, Glee Club, 4, Mixed Chorus, 4, Senior Play Adv. Com., 4, Music Festival Usher, 4, Distributing Team, 4. Blue-eyed, dimpled chatterbox, That's our Bev with golden locks. RICHARD S. GREELEY Baseball, 2-3-4, Hockey, 2-3-4, First Aid Com. Pres., 2, Christmas Boxes, 2, Homeroom Pres., 2, Campaign Mgr., 2, Health Club Pres., 3, Prom Ticket Com. Chairman, 3, Graduation Decorating Com., 3, Football, 3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Student Crier Staff, 3-4, Student Council and Exec. Com.. 4, Chemistry Club Pres., 4, Football Dance Ticket Com., 4, Paper Drive Publicity Chairman, 4, Soph. Reporting Com., 4, Navy Day Program Chairman, 4, Distributing Team Capt., 4, V-E Day Program, 4, Map Com. Chairman, 4, Highest Scholastic Honors, 4, Highest Honors, Leadership and Service. Dickies got a "Dean's List" brain. GORDON DOUGLAS GRIFFITH Track, 2-3-4, Capt., 4, Student Council, 2-3, Mar- shal, 2-3, Boosters' Club, 2, Citizenship and Morale Com.. 2, Aeronautics Club, 3, Football, 4, Dramatic Club. 4, Soldiers' Gifts Com., 4, Pl5f10llIdfb Staff, 4. Wliy doesn't he have pity on the teachers? MAFFALDA M. GUERRA fpchflllllfy Lost and Found Com., 2-3, Glee Club, 2, Football Dance Com., 2, First Aid Com., 2, Conservation and Salvage Com.. 3-4, Distributing Team, 3-4, Capt.. 4, Grand March Usher, 5, Blood Donors Drive, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. Muffy is tiny and very nice, Everyone looks at her more than twice. Ric:-IARD FRANCIS HARE Distributing Team Capt., 2-3-4, Safety Club, 3, Red Cross Drive, 31 Prom Ticket Com., 3, Homeroom Pres., 3, Marshal, Marshal Exec. Com., 2nd Lieut., 4, Pbilamalb. 4, Infantile Paralysis Drive. 4, Senior- Soph Dance Com., 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Citizenship and Morale Club, 4, Class Night Exercises Com.. 4. Dick IS sweet, but he's not Coy- l-le's Ii.H.S.'s glamour boy! 4 , MARY ELIZABETH HARNEY I L r THE PHILOMATH --,139 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Ch., 4, Bonds and Stamps Exec. Com., 2, Surgical Dressings, 2-3, Citizenship and Morale Com., 3, Distributing Team, 3-4, Blood Donor Unit, 3, Afghan Knitting, 3, Chemistry Club, 4, Senior-Soph. Dance Refreshment Com., 4, Senior Play Posters, 4, Map Project, 4. Lizzy is an active gal, Shes ready when you need a pal. JEAN FIELDING HARGRAVES Salvage Com., 2, Stamps and Bonds Com., 3-4, Childrens Toys, Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Blood Donor Unit, 3, Speaker jr. Town Meeting of the Air, 3, Alternate, 4, Surgical Dressings, 3, Dramatic Club, 4, Senior Play Usher, 4, Soldiers' Gifts, 4, Distributing Team, Asst. Capt., 4. She's in love with the world-that's all! BETTY ANNE HAUGHEY A new friend and a grand one! VUALTER JAMES I-IAYNES First Aid, 2, Dramatic Club, 4, Marshal, 4, Tickets and Announcements Com., 4, Graduation and Class Night Decorating Com., 3, Christmas Boxes, 3, Grad- uation Honor Group. l5s7ally's tall and debonair, And for him Phyl does really care. JOHN W. HENDERSON Hockey, 2-3, Tennis, 2-3, Citizenship and Morale Com., 2, Marshal, 3-4, Aeronautics Club, 3, Distribut- ing Team, 3-4, Band, 2-3-4, Afghan Knitting, 3, Chemistry Club, 4, Senior Play Ticket Com., 4, Music Festival Committee, 4. If the music is sweet or hot, Tenor-sax johnny is on the spot. THERESE JANE HEALY Stamps and Bonds Com., 2, Red Cross, 2, Aero- nautics Club, 3, Graduation Flower Com., 3, Christ- mas Boxes, 3-4, Exec. Com., 4, Marshal, 4, Dramatic Club, 4, Blood Donor Drive Exec. Com., 4, Senior Play Cast and Property Com., 4, Distributing Team, 4, Graduation Honor Group. Terry, with her turned up nose, Surely has her share of beaux. . 45... MADELINE G. HILL Christmas Boxcs, 3, Afghan Knitting, 3, Distribut- ing Team Capt., 4. N We won't forget her cheerful smile! l A EDWARD ALTON H1Go1Ns, JR. Baseball, 2-3-4, Student Council, 2, First Aid Com., 2, Intramural Basketball, 2, Marshal, 3, Basketball, 3-4, Salvage Club, 4, Senior-Soph. Dance Ticket and Refreshment Com., 4, Property and Ticket Com., , Senior Play, 4, Music Festival Committee 4, Gradua- tion Honor Group. Mr. Bush's pride and joy- , A very scientihc boy! i l l 40Jga--- THE PHILOMATH 3.-an I ,qv WILLIAM HENRY HOBAN fRedJ Aero Club, 43 Military Information, 4. He has the answer and all3 Red is always on the ball. GEORGE CHESTER HOPKINS Entered Military Service, January, 1945. First Aid Com., 23 Aeronautics Club, 33 Marshal, 43 Student Crier Staff, 43 Military Information, 4. Our star reporter with a million laughs! PHYLLIS LOUISE HUNTOON ST Basketball, 23 Salvage Com., 23 Safety Club, 33 Christmas Boxes, 33 Distributing Team, 3-43 Salvage Club, 43 Senior Play Adv. Com., 43 Field Hockey, 43 Softball, 43 Basketball, 4. Laughing, joking down the hall, Phyl brings happiness to all. UART BLISS HOPPIN, JR. First Aid Com., 23 Christmas Boxes, 23 Aeronautics Club, 33 Track, 43 Chemistry Club, 43 Gym Club. 43 Distributing Team, 4. Stuart's cute, Stuarts ta1l3 His friendly smile is liked by all. OSWALDO IARUSSI Distributing Team Capt., 3-4. "He is heard, but never seen." CYNTHIA ANNE JONES Basketball, 2-3-43 Softball, 2-3-43 Field Hockey. 2-3-43 Salvage Exec. Com., 2-51 Distributing Team. 2-3-4, Capt., 43 Christmas Boxes, 2-33 Smderzz Crier Staff, 3-43 Prom Ticket and Decorating Com., 33 Co- Ch., Afghan Com., 33 Soldiers' Gifts, 3-43 Prom Usher, 33 Graduation Decorating Com., 33 Handbook Cover, 33 Dramatic Club, 43 Football and Senior-Soph. Dance Decorating Com.. 43 Chairman, Map Project, 43 A Capella Choir, 43 Christmas Choir, 2-3-43 Hand- book Com., 3-43 Graduation Usher, 33 Graduation Honor Group. Shes A-1 in sports and A-1 in art, But she'S just plain "C" within our heart. PHYLLIS M. JOST First Aid Com., 23 Marshal, 33 Prom Refreshment Com., 33 Christmas Boxes, 33 Distributing Team, 3-4. Capt., 43 Dramatic Club, 43 Salvation Army Com., 43 A Capella Choir, 43 Senior-Soph. Dance Refreshment Com., 43 Senior Play Property Com., 4. Her hazel eyes so radiantly happy, Make Wiillyi the envy of many a chappy. ROBERT FRANCIS JORDAN Student Council, 2-3-4, Pres.. 4, Exec. Com., 43 Citizenship and Morale Com.. 2-3, Exec. Com., 23 Homeroom Vice-Pres., 23 Campaign Mgr., 23 Marshal, 3-43 Track, 33 Special Prom Com., 33 Jr. Chairman. Record Drive, 33 Chairman, Graduation Flower Com.. 33 Prom Decorating Com., 33 Soldiers' Gifts, 33 Phila- nmlly. 43 Conservation and Salvage Club, -lg Glee Club, -i3 Chairman, Jr. Elections. 43 Christmas Boxes, 43 Senior Play Cast and Property Com., -lg Class His- torian, -I. Bob has done it great job as president of Student Council. THE PHILOMATH PI-IYLLIS ANN KADRA Salvage Club, 2-3, Exec. Com., 2, Red Cross, 2, Distributing Team Co-Capt., 3-4, Surgical Dressings, 3, Christmas Boxes and Gifts, 3-4, Prom Refreshment Com., 3, Red Cross Club, 4, Infantile Paralysis Drive, 4, Senior Play Usher, 4. Phyllis' hair is dark and wavy, And appealing to the Navy. ANNA MARY JOYCE First Aid Com., 2, Distributing Team, 3-4, In- fantile Paralysis Drive, 3-4. Something's brewing inside Joyce, But we seldom hear her voice. BERNARD RICHARD KANE fKi!lef-J Basketball, 2-3-4, Capt., 4, Track, 2-3-4, Citizen- ship and Morale Com., Z, Marshal, 4, Chairman, Decorating Com., Senior-Soph. and Football Dances, 4, Band, 4, A Capella Choir, 4, Senior Play Cast, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Red Cross, 4, Cheer Leader, 4, Nominating Com., 4, Class Prophet, 4. In basketball he is a thriller, With the girls he is a killer. PAULINE ANN KEEFE First Aid, 2, Knitting Club, 4, Surgical Dressings, 4, Glee Club, 4. Pauline is small and very slim, And she is also hard to win. JOAN KEIR Student Publications Adv. Staff, 2-3-4, Salvage Com., 2-3, Bonds and Stamps Com., 2, Christmas Boxes, 2, 4, Jr. Planning Com., 3, Prom Decorating Com., 3, Graduation Decorating Com. Chairman, 3, Graduation Usher, 3, Soldiers' Gifts, 3, Distributing Team, 3-4, Capt., 4, Marshal, 4, Plailomfztla, 4, Afghan Club Pres., 4, Infantile Paralysis Drive Publicity Chairman. 4, Nominating Com., 4, Senior Play, 4, Volley Ball, 4, Class Night Social Hour Com., 4, Honorable Mention, Leadership and Service, Gradua- tion Honor Group. Personality plus! CLAIRE MARIE KELLEY Salvage Club, 2-3-4, Distributing Team, 3-4. Eyes of blue- Personality, too- A combination rare Possessed by our Claire. LUANNE FRANCES KING Basketball, 2-3-4, Field Hockey, 2-3-4, First Aid Com., 2, Salvage Com., 3, Christmas Gifts and Sol- diers' Gifts, 3, Surgical Dressings, 3, Distributing Team, 3-4, Capt., 4, Afghan Exec. Com., 3, Blood Donor Unit, 3-4, Red Cross Drive Kits, 3, Softball, 4, Student Publications Adv. Staff, Dis. Mgr., 4, Dra- matic Club, 4, Senior Play Cast, 4, Volley Ball, 4, Special Christmas Chorus, 4, A Capella Choir, 4- Drum Major, 2-3-4. Our leading lady in the senior play. WILLIAM LINCOLN KNIGHT Returned from Military Service, November, 1944. Gun Club, 3, Intramural Basketball, 3. F. H. S.'s war hero made a big hit with Dot. THE PHILOMATH JEAN ELIZABETH LANGLEY Bonds and Stamps Com., 2-5, Distributing Team, 33 Prom Ticket Com., 3, Graduation Usher, 3, Salvage Club, 4, Lost and Found Com., 4. When jean's eyes smile, the sun shines! RACHEL ANN LABAZIO Salvage Club, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. Connecticut's loss and our gain- She's full of fun and has a brain! BARBARA DORIS LEACH First Aid Com., 2, Aeronautics Club, 3, Christmas Gifts Com., 3, Bonds and Stamps Com., 4, Senior Play Adv., 4, Senior Play Usher, 4. Few words are needed to express Bab's friendly ways and cheerfulness. JENNIE M. LAPENTA Stamps and Bonds Com., 2-3, Christmas Gift Com., 33 Afghan Club, 4g Glee Club, 2-3-4. Jennie is quiet, but awfully smart. Look out, boys, she'll find your heart. ALVINO SANTOS LEONARDO Entered Military Service, December, 1944. Football, 3-4g Safety Club, 33 Ticket Com., Senior- Soph. Dance, 4, Patrol, Senior-Soph. and Football Dances, 4. Bino is a fellow we all like to remember. SIDNEY WILLIAM LEBEWOI-IL Basketball, 2, Citizenship and Morale Com., 2g Dis- tributing Team, 2-5-4, Aeronautics Club, 5, Corporal, Military Information, 4. That's our boy! BARBARA ANN LESLIE Marshal, 33 Salvage Club, 3, Bonds and Stamps Publicity Com., 4, Glee Club, 4, Band, 4, A Capella Choir, -l. Ont- of B1ll'b'S ambitions is to wait for Stan. RAYMOND L. W. LEVIQILLE First Aid, 23 Student Council, 2, Marshal, 2, Hockey, 3-Al, Chemistry Club, 4. Fiimous for his big grin! THE PHILOMATH --,443 CHARLES LEVINE Entered Military Service, December, 1944. Distributing Team, 3, Salvage Club, 3. Charley joined the Army early and left an empty place in school. EDWARD L. LEWIS Student Council Exec. Com., 2, Boosters' Club, 2, Homeroom Vice-Pres., 2, Christmas Boxes, 2, Foot- ball, 3-4, Basketball, 3-4, Citizenship and Morale Club Exec. Com., 4, Military Information, 4, Senior Play Ticket Com., 4, Band, 3-4, Glee Club, 2, Class Night Supper Com., 4, Graduation Honor Group. Brainwork, sports, and music to boot, Eddie's a boy the girls call cute. JOI-IN JOSEPI-I LIBERATORE Glee Club, 2, Aeronautics Club, 3-4, Pres., 4, Sal- vage Club, 3, Distributing Team Capt., 4, Student Council, 4, Pbilomutla, 4, Class Gift Com., 4, Gradua- tion Honor Group. A chemistry whiz! JAMES LEWIS Intramural Basketball, 2, Citizenship and Morale Club, 3, Basketball, 4, Baseball, 4, Class Night Social Hour Com., 4. "jimmy" is a basketball star, In this field he should go far! alfa BARBARA JEAN LOWE Christmas Boxes, 4, Senior Play Usher, 4, Gradua- tion I-Ionor Group. Sweet and pretty Barbara Lowe- She's the girl who's fun to know. BARBARA LONG First Aid Com., 2, Citizenship and Morale Com., 3, Bonds and Stamps Com., 4. There's a rippling rhythm to her chatter! is BARBARA LAWTON LUBY fDez'ij Bonds and Stamps Com., 2-3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Dis- tributing Team, 3-4, Capt., 4, Prom Refreshment Com., 33 Afghan Knitting, 3, Nominating Com., 4, Senior Play Property Com., 4, Infantile Paralysis Drive, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Blood Donor Drive, 4, Tickets and Announcements Com., 4, Graduation Honor ,,, Group. iw Barbara's really quite a gal, She'd have to be to go with All VIRGINIA BRIDGES LOWE Basketball, 2, 4, Salvage Com., 2, Marshal, 3, Afghan Knitting, 3, Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Soldiers' Gifts, 3, Distributing Team Capt., 3-4, Broadcasting Club, 4, Senior Play Make-Up Com., 4. Ginny is a quiet girl, but we want you all to know, You'll never find a better friend, no matter where you go. 44l5k---- THE PHILOMATH 'F""" l 'C' I", ...ns ELEANOR MARIE MACDONALD First Aid, 23 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Surgical Dressings, 23 Bonds and Stamps Com., 33 Distributing Team Capt., 3-43 Soldiers' Gifts, 33 Marshal, 43 Stu- dent Publications Adv. Staff, 43 Dramatic Club, 43 Red Cross Com., 43 Class Night Exercises Com., 4. Pretty as a picture, and nice to know. DONALD ALEXANDER MACEACHERN Intramural Basketball, 23 Marshal, 43 Broadcasters' Club, 43 Treas., 43 Military Information, 43 Red Cross Drive, 43 Senior Play Make-Up Com., 43 Christmas Boxes, 43 Prom Patrol, 33 Football Dance Patrol, 43 Tickets and Announcements Com., 4. Mac's not timid, Mac's not bold- He has a heart of solid gold. BRUCE ALEXANDER MAGOON Hockey, 2-3-43 Marshal, 2-33 Studenl Crier Staff, 2-3-43 Citizenship and Morale Com., 2-33 Distributing Team Capt., 2-3-43 Intramural Basketball, 23 Christ- mas Gift Com., 3-43 Afghan Knitting, 33 Prom Usher- ing Com., 33 Graduation Usher, 33 Track, 43 Christmas Choir, 43 Leather Drive, 43 Senior Play Cast, 43 Class Night Exercises Com., 4. The perfect "Give-me-girls" boy of F. H. S.! ALICE ROSE MACHADO Basketball, 2g Health Com., 23 Christmas Boxes, 23 Graduation Honor Group. Alice is nice and always gayg In our opinion, she's okay. DOROTHY ANNE MAHONEY Salvage Club, 3-43 Music Festival Committee, 4. Under Dolly's sophistication, there's a neat sense of humor! ELIZABETH ANN MAHONEY Salvage Exec. Com., 23 Bonds and Stamps Com., 33 Christmas Choir, 33 Prom Ticket Com., 33 Prom Dec- orating Com., 33 Lost and Found Com., 33 Music Festival Com., 33 jr. Planning Com., 33 Distributing Team, 3-43 Marshal, 43 Broadcasters' Club, 43 Hospi- tality Com., 43 Orchestra Librarian, 43 lnfantile Paralysis Drive, 43 Senior Play Cast, 43 Senior Play Property Com., 4. A smooth looking redhead with plenty of spirit. KATHERINE HELEN MAINS Bonds and Stamps Com., 23 Salvage Club, 3-43 Christmas Boxes, 3-43 Soldiers' Gifts, 33 Graduation Usher, 33 Tickets and Announcements Com., 4. Variety is the spice of her life. THOMAS JOSEPH MAJOR Conservation Com., 23 Aero Club, 33 Distributing Team, 3--I, Capt., 33 Red Cross Club, -13 Dramatic Club, -13 Military Information, 43 Football Dance Patrol, -lg Charge of Portable P. A., 4. Young 'l'om's cheeks are retl and FUSYQ Wfith the girls you'll find hc-'s cozy. I THE PHILOMATH CARMELA MARIE MANGINI Salvage Com., 23 Glee Club, 2-5-43 Christmas Boxes, 4. What a sunny disposition! LAWRENCE JOHN MARONI Student Council, 2-5-43 Stamps and Bonds Com., Z3 Marshal, 3-43 Aero Club, 33 Chairman, Christmas Gifts Com., 3-43 Distributing Team, 3-4, Capt., 43 Chairman, Ushering, Grand March, Prom, 3, Military Information, 43 Dramatic Club Pres., 43 Senior-Soph. Dance Orchestra Com., 43 Senior Play Cast. 43 Blood Donor Drive, 43 Chairman, 43 Infantile Paralysis Drive Publicity Chairman, 43 Music Festival Com., 4. Smooth, cultured, always neat- Larry's a boy who's hard to beat. JULIA MARY MARTIN Salvage Club, 23 Citizenship and Morale Club, 53 Distributing Team, 5-43 Salvation Army Christmas Gifts, 4. julie's heart forever sings, "He Wears a Pair of Silver Wings." MARY THERESA MCCARRON Health Club, 23 Salvage Com., 33 Christmas Gifts Com., 3g Red Cross Club, 43 Graduation Honor Group. To "Mac" we'd like to sing a song- If we're her pal, we can't go wrong. MARY A. MCGRAII. Health Club, 2-53 Christmas Boxes, 23 Salvage Club, 4. She gives us all-and Bob-that "top o' the world" feeling. BARBARA HELEN MCGRATH Salvage Club, 2-5-43 Distributing Team, 3-43 Tickets and Announcements Com., 4g Commercial Ser- vice Com., 4. Barb will come smiling through any task she under- takes! MARY CATH ERINE MCGRATH Bonds and Stamps Com., 2-3-4, Publicity, 2, Sales Div., 5, Christmas Boxes, 33 Distributing Team, 5-43 Christmas Boxes, 43 Lost and Found Com., 43 Senior Play Property Com., 4. Though Mary desires to be a teacher, When with Mikey, her desires grow weaker. SHIRLEY MARIE MCKENZIE Softball, 23 Christmas Boxes, 23 Health Club, 53 Sal- vage Club, 4. To our world she'll bring great honor- This heavy task we lay upon her. +445 'UD V161 CT? if 46 ad 'F-6 fcj . '53 J QS 'ev 1:-"' i- he v ,.- . I' at THE PHILOMATH Sirvio j. MERCORELLI Boosters' Club, 2, Glee Club, 2, First Aid, 2, Health Club, 3, Football, 4, Marshal, 4, A Capella Choir, 4, Blood Bank Asst., 4, Graduation Day Committee, 4. Our own little soda jerk! ADELE ELEANORA MISALSKY Basketball, 2, 4, Field Hockey, 2, Boosters' Club, 2, Salvage Club, 2-3-4, Christmas Boxes and Gifts, 2-3, Basketball, 4, Marshal, 4, Philomatla, 4, Distributing Team, 4, Handbook Com., 4, Football Dance Ticket Com., 4, Senior Play Property Com., 4. Eyes of green and lovely hair- A combination rather rare. DORA ANN MOcc1A QDixie Leey First Aid Com., 2, Citizenship and Morale Com., 3. Her heart belongs to the U. S. Navy. MARIA GLORIA MISSAGGIA Baseball, 2, First Aid Com., 2, Citizenship and Morale Club, 3, Surgical Dressings, 3, Afghan Club, 4. The little girl with the big heart! LILLIAN ELIZABETH MORAN Field Hockey, 2, Student Council, 2-3-4, Exec. Com., 3-4, Second Vice-Pres., 3, Rec. Sec., 4, Sludenl Crier Staff, 2-3-4, Citizenship and Morale Com., 2-3, Exec. Com., 2, Soph. Reporting, 2, Salvage Club Adv. Com., 2, Red Cross, 2, 4, Christmas Boxes and Gifts, 2-3-4, Ch., Children's Gifts, 3, Soldiers' Gifts, 2, Mu- sic Festival Usher, 2, Distributing Team, 2-3-4, Capt., 4, Marshal, 3-4, Red Cross Drive, 3, Ch., Senior Elec- tions, 3, Lost and Found Com., 3, Gen'l Com., In- fantile Paralysis Drive, 3, Ch., 4, jr. Planning Com., 3, Football Dance Ticket Com., 3, Ch., Prom Refresh- ment Com., 3, Graduation Usher, 3, Chemistry Club, 4, Hospitality Com., 4, Senior-Soph. Dance Gen'l Com., 4, Football Dance Tickets and Refreshment Com., 4, Ch. Programs, Senior Play, 4, Blood Donor Drive, D.A.R. Good Citizenship Pilgrim, Nominat- ing Com., 4, Highest Honors, Leadership and Service. Give this genius things to do- Hard or not, she'll see them through. DOROTHY AILEEN MONA1-IAN Red Cross Aid, 2, Stamps and Bonds Com., 2, 4' Christmas Boxes, 3, Distributing Team, 4. The girl with a genuine flair for fun. ROOISR MIILLEN First Aid Com., 2, Graduation Honor Group. just ask him anything, he'll either tell you the an- swer, or you'll think he did. ' JAMES D. MURPHY Intramural Basketball, 2, Student Council, 2, First Aid Com., 2, Track, 3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Exec. Com., Capt., 4, Aero Club, 3, Distributing Team, 3-4, Foot- ball Dance Patrol, Tickets and Announcements Com.. -l, Honorable Mention, Leadership and Service. XX'hen jimmy is tired, he takes a nap, So's he can dream of Betty Clapp. THE PHILOMATH -me-V347 THOMAS GERARD MURPHY First Aid Com., 2, Bonds and Stamps Com., 3-4, Marshal, 4, Military Information, 4, Senior Play Cast, 4. When the day comes to an end, We'll still have him to call our friend. ARTHUR JOHN NEEDHAM Track, 2-3, Aviation Club, 3, Military Information, Capt., 4, Gym Club, 4. Go out with all his buddies? NO, he stays home and studies! MURIEL AGNES NORTON Glee Club, 4, Distributing Team, 4. Muriel in her quiet way, Could make music every day! ELEANOR EDNA NEI Com'l. Service Club, 2, Citizenship and Morale Com., 3, Football Dance Refreshment Com., 3, Prom 5 Tickets Com., 3, Marshal, 4, Bonds and Stamps Com., . 4, Handbook Com., 4. She's cute as a button! BEATRICE ELIZABETH O'LEARY QBe1zt1yj First Aid Com., 2-3, Christmas Boxes, 2, Safety Com., 3, Salvage Club, 4. When Beatty went to high school She threw away her toys, She found that it was much more fun To play around with boys. AMY FRANCES O,DONNELL Stamps and Bonds Com., 2, Salvage Club, 3, Com- mercial Service Com., 4. Amy's eyes and cheery smile Bring her success all the while. EUGENE JOSEPH OLIVA fGezziej Safety Club, 2-3, Baseball, 3-4, Distributing Team, 3-4, Basketball, 4, Salvage Club, 4. An all-round fellow, with no favorites! VERONICA JEANNE OLSZEWSKI Club, Vice-Pres., 4. 2 Always laughing, full of fun, , .1 Always talking and chewing gum. "f" ' A In P.D. she's always quiet, ... , But in First Aid, she's a riot. A I JI Mis Salvage Club 2-3-4, Christmas Boxes, 2, Afghan 4 '36 'Na' Vu-.nj X' -. '-14' 3. -.-a v--, Novi R-ns 11 THE PHILOMATH JOSEPH RALPH PALLADINO Stamps and Bonds, 3-4, Military Information, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Distributing Team, 4. Dare-devil! ALBINA PANARELLO QAIQ Commercial Service Club, 2, Commercial Service Com., 4. A certain Marine has Al's heart. PATRICIA IRENE PARADIS Stamps and Bonds Com., 2, 4, Safety Com., Vice- Pres., 33 Christmas Boxes, 3, Distributing Team Capt., 3-43 Afghan Knitting, 53 Chemistry Club, 4, Senior Play Chairman Adv., 4, Graduation Honor Group. Our Patti may be tres petiteg she may be very still, But when it comes to language, her pal is old Virgil. MARJORIE LOUISE PARKER Bonds and Stamps Com., 2g Salvage Club, 5, Red Cross Club, 43 School Publications Adv. Staff, 4. The Eleanor Powell of F. H. S. BARBARA ANNE PEW Salvage Club, 45 Distributing Team Capt., 4. We all wonder why Barbara's so very shy. DOROTHY JOAN PESTANA Salvage Club, 2-3-4, Basketball, 2. Dark eyes and hair that's wavy, DOrothy's all for the Navy. IRIQNIQ MARlli PIONONE Salvage Club, 2-35 Safety Com., 23 Basketball, -1, Softball, 4, Bonds and Stamps Com., -lg Distributing Team, 4. This gal is "on the ball"! WII.I.IAM JOHN PINCHOOK Basketball, 2g Boosters' Club, 2g Aeronautics Club, 3, Salvage Club, Sec., -l. His motto is, "XXfoof, Vv'oofl" ' THE PHILOMATH RICHARD WILLIAM PINNA First Aid Com., 2, Health Club, 53 Pbilunmlh, 4, Broadcasting Club, 43 Gym Club. 43 Nominating Com., 4, Graduation Com., 35 Music Festival Com., 31 Sound Effects Chairman, 4, Glee Club, 2-3-43 A Capella Choir, 4g Christmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Soldiers' Gifts, 5-4, Afghan Knitting, 5g lnfantile Paralysis Drive. 5. Heres a guy from Tripoli, XXr'l'l0 knows just what the score should be. ARLINE M. POLLARD Bonds and Stamps Com., 23 Safety Club Exec. Com., 3, Soph. and Senior Elections Com.. 51 Salvage Club, 4. A nicer pal we've never seen Than this girl we call Arline. MARY RUTHE POWERS Salvage Club Exec. Com., 3, Glee Club, 5--ig Prom Com., 53 Broadcasting Club, 4g Music Festival Com- mittee, 4. She's bright and gay, and will beguile Many a boy with her sparkling smile. LORRAINE MURIEL PUTNAM Citizenship and Morale Com., 23 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4g Distributing Team, 2-3-4g Safety Club, 53 Li- brary Service Club, 43 Afghan Knitting, 4g Student Publications Adv. Staff, 4. Best of friends day and night, Friendliness is her delight! WILLIAM GERALD QUINN Distributing Team. 53 Christmas Boxes, 5-4, Citi- zenship and Morale Com., 43 Salvage Club, 4, Senior- Soph. Dance Usher, 4, Football Dance Ticket Com.. 4. Jay's so cute! He says he's shy, But all the girls know thar's a lie. MARJORIE MAE QUINN Library Service Club, 3-4, Citizenship and Morale Club, 33 Baseball, 4, Field Hockey, 4g Glee Club, 3. "Fluff" could even make Frankenstein laugh. just ask her, "I-low"? ANTONIO REPPLICCI QRarpj Distributing Team, 2-5-4g Christmas Boxes, 3-4g Salvage Club, 51 Track, 4. Run when he cuts a rug- Proclaimed by all "King jitter-Bug"! HERBERT LEE RAPI-IAEL Aero Club, 3, Track, 4g Military Information, 43 Distributing Team, 4. Ambitious, friendly, good-natured, and neat- The wittiest fellow one could meet. 444 Q QQN 'nl 5-'V I' 4 Q fi' THE PHILOMATH JOAN MARGARET RYAN Bonds and Stamps Com., 2-33 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Distributing Team, 3-4, Co-Capt., 33 Prom Re- freshment Com., 33 Knitting Club, 33 Surgical Dress- ings, 33 Salvage Club, 4g Senior-Soph. Dance Refresh- ment Com., 4. Joany's cute. Joany's quiet. But to beat her? Just you try it! MADELINE THERESE Ross Bonds and Stamps Com., 2-33 Christmas Gifts, 33 Knitting Club, 33 Citizenship and Morale Club, 4. Famous for her infectious giggle, wrinkled nose, and laughing eyes! JANE SANFORD First Aid Club, 43 Distributing Team, 4. Vfe think Sandy is just dandy. ROsE MARIE SALTI Field Hockey, 23 Christmas Boxes, 23 Basketball, 3-43 Bonds and Stamps Com., 33 Afghan Club, 4. Like her name-she certainly is an American beauty! RALPH HENRY SAWYER, JR. In Military Service, March-June, 1945. Safety Com., 23 Military Information, 4. Sawyer, our brave hunter, he Would even stop to shoot a flea. DOROTHY ANNE SAULNIER Citizenship and Morale Com., 23 Library Service Club, 2-3-4. Sec., 3, Pres., 43 Smdenf Crier Staff, 3-43 Aero Club. 3: Prom Refreshment Com., 33 Christmas Boxes, 3-43 Student Publications Adv. Staff, 31 Afghan Knitting, 33 Marshal, 43 Chemistry Club, 43 Nominat- ing Com., 43 Clubs Com., 43 Senior Play Property Com., 43 Tickets and Announcements Com., 4. Shes bubbling over with friendliness, good wishes, and lots of fun. KENN ETH P. SCOTT Entered Military Service. January, 1945. Intramural Basketball, 23 Marshal, 33 Aeronautics Club, 43 Military Information, 4. A definite addition to the U. S. N. and a definite loss to F, H, S, Ric.HARD IfRANcgis SQQANLON Aeronautics Club, Vice-Pres., 43 Exec. Staff, Mili- tary Information, 4. Of all our friends, both great and small, We think our Dick the best of all. THE PHILOMATH QUENTIN CURTIS SEWELL Marshal, 2, Exec. Com., 23 Conservation Com., 23 Football, 3, Mgr., 43 jr. Planning Com., 33 Chairman, Prom Com., 33 Infantile Paralysis Drive, 3-43 Dis- tributing Team, 43 Class Night Exercises Com., 43 Graduation Honor Group. Ability and brains spell-Quentin. ALDEN SEYMOUR SELTZER Tennis, 23 Sludenl Crier StafT, 2-3-4, Editor-in-Chief, 43 Citizenship and Morale Com., 23 Intramural Basket- ball, 23 Campaign Mgr., 23 Aeronautics Club, 33 Chem- istry Club, 43 Senior-Soph. Dance Ticket Com., 43 Senior Play Ticket Com., 43 Band, 2,3,43 Graduation Day Committee, 4g Honorable Mention, Leadership and Service3 Graduation Honor Group. He has edited our paper with the greatest of skill3 He'll find success if anyone will. JUNE MARJORIE SHIEPARD Bonds and Stamps Com., 2-3-43 Salvage Club, 2-3-43 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Marshal, 3-43 Dis- tributing Team, 33 Graduation Usher, 33 Knitting Club, 33 Red Cross Collector, 33 Football Dance Usher, 4. Very neat and very sweet- She's the one they want to meet. ALBERT GEORGE SIMONETTA Band, 23 Salvage Com., 2-3. Simple Simon was a pieman- He'll soon be in the Navy! IRENE SHIRLEY SPEIQEL Bonds and Stamps Com., 2-3-43 Christmas Boxes, 33 Graduation Usher, 33 Distributing Team, 43 Tickets and Announcements Com., 4. Irene is gay, and she's petite3 Good clothes and all, she's surely "neat," PRISCILLA SPAULDING School Publications Adv. Staff, 2-3-4, Asst. Mgr., 3, Co-Mgr., 43 First Aid Com. Sec.-Treas., 23 Safety Club Sec., 53 Graduation Flower Com., 53 Christmas Boxes, 33 Knitting Club, 33 Red Cross Drive, 33 Prom Re- freshment Com., 33 Lunch Marshal, 43 Dramatic Club, 43 Senior-Soph. Dance Refreshment Com., 43 Football Dance Decorating Com., 43 Chairman, Senior Play Ushers, 4. Cilla is gracious3 Cilla is gay3 And with her pep, she'll go a long way. MURIEL ANN STAFFELD fRedj Christmas Boxes, 3-43 jr. Planning Com., 33 Dis- tributing Team, 3-4, Capt., 43 Library Service Club, 43 Dramatic Club, 43 Senior-Soph. Dance Refreshment Com., 43 Senior Play Cast and Publicity Com., 43 A Capella Choir, 43 Highest Scholastic Honors, 4. This talented lass has plenty of class. KENNETH SPEIGEL Citizenship and Morale Com., 33 Chemistry Club, 43 Military Information, 43 Senior-Soph. Dance Ticket Com., 43 Football Dance Publicity Com., 43 Senior Play Publicity Com., 43 Highest Scholastic Honors, 4. His brain is good enough for two. If lost, what would his friends all do? 45? 'QQ 'N-if THE PHILOMATH BEVERLY GENE STOWELL Salvage Club, 23 Marshal, 3-43 Citizenship and Morale Exec. Com., 33 Marshal, 43 Christmas Boxes, 43 Bonds and Stamps Cashier, 43 Commercial Service Com., 43 Graduation Honor Group. If you see Bev rushing down the street, It'll be Eddie she's going to meet. EDVUARD PAUL STUCCHI XX'ar Com., 23 Distributing Team, 33 Aeronautics Club, 3-4, Pres., 43 Christmas Boxes, 3-43 Salvage Club, 33 Prom Com., 33 Marshal, 43 Military Information Exec. Staff, 43 Map Project, 43 Infantile Paralysis Drive, 43 Music Festival Committee, 4. Ed doesnt make a lot of noise3 he claims that the subtle technique succeeds. LOLA FRANCES TlNNEY Red Cross Com., 23 Salvage Club, 2-33 Distributing Team Capt., 3-43 Christmas Boxes, 33 Knitting Club, 33 Blood Bank Helper, 33 Red Cross Collector, 33 Graduation Usher, 33 Student Publications Adv. Staff. 43 Dramatic Club, 43 Senior Play Usher, 4. The girl with the excellent reading voice. NANCY ANNE TOMASI Distributing Team, 2-3-4, Capt., 43 Safety Club, 33 Afghan Club, 43 First Aid Club, Vice-Chairman, 4. So industrious and gay, Nancy has a charming way. WANDA Ti-iEREsA TREDICUCCI Baseball, 23 Citizenship and Morale Exec. Com., 33 Distributing Team, 33 Volley Ball, 4. Wanda, with her dark brown hair, Certainly makes the boys all stare! JOHN F. TRUE, JR. Football. 2, 43 Salvage Com., 23 Track, 3-4. He loves a good time, and he gets it, too-True! ERNEST ANGIZLO TULLIO Salvage Club, 3-43 Exec. Com., 33 Student Council, 43 Marshal, 43 Red Cross Com., -13 Graduation Day Committee, 4. Youll know Ernie anywhere, By his smile and wavy hair. IRENE MARJORIE TUPPER Commercial Service Club. 23 Christmas Boxes, -1. Why is Irene without a date? Wt-ll, you see, she has her "Straight." THE PHILOMATH LUCILLE TUTTLE Bonds and Stamps Com., 3-4, DiSI1'ibUIiI1K Tfllm Capt., 4. Al-ways pretty, al-ways neat, Al-ways witty, al-ways sweet, Al-ways, Al. PRISCILLA ADAMS TURNER Bonds and Stamps Com., 2, Field Hockey. 5-4, Citi- zenship and Morale Com.. 53 Soldiers' Gifts, 51 Slif- gical Dressings, 3, Distributing Team, 3-4, Capt., 4, Red Cross Service, 3-4, Red Cross Club, 4, Softball, 4, Special Senior Chorus, 4. A charming manner that makes her a grand person to know. ELIAS THOMAS VERDY Intramural Basketball, 2, Marshal, 53 Salvage Club Sec., 3, Chemistry Club, 4, Distributing Team, 4, A Capella Choir, 4. Always ready to be your friend, He will be loyal to the end. IRENE DONNA VERRILL Bonds and Stamps Com., 2, Christmas Boxes, 2, Citizenship and Morale Exec. Com., 3, Distributing Team, 3-4, Softball, 3, Student Publications Adv. Staff, 4, Library Service Club Sec., 4, Red Cross Club Exec. Com., 4. Continually "buzzing," PATRICIA ANNE MARIE WALES Co-Chairman, Aeronautics Club, 4. Often called a "bookworm," Fame she will duly earn. IRENE S. VITALI Boosters' Club, 2, Bonds and Stamps Com., 2-3-4, Chairman, Publicity, 4, Class Sec., 2, Christmas Boxes, 2, Salvage Drive, 2, Distributing Team, 2-3-4, Capt., 4, Student Council, 3-4, Cor. Sec., Exec. Com., 3, Hospitality Com. Chairman, 3, Marshal, 3-4, Cheer Leader, 3, Infantile Paralysis Drive, 3-4, Community Chest Drive, 3, Handbook Com. Chairman, 4, Chair- man, Prom Refreshment Com., 3, Class Gift Com., 4. Irene and Louie, Louie and Irene-Q When they're together, all's serene. ELLEN FRANCES WALsI-I Field Hockey, 2, Citizenship and Morale Com., 2-3, Exec. Com., 2-3, Sec., 3, Lost and Found Dept., 2, 4, Salvage Club, 3, Christmas Boxes, 3, Soldiers' Gifts, 3, School Publications Adv. Staff, 3-4, In- fantile Paralysis Drive, 3, Football Dance Ticket Com., 39 Marshal, 4, Pbilomalb, 4, Broadcasting Club, 4, Emblem Com., 4, Ticket Com., Senior-Soph. and Football Dances, 4, Class Prophet, 4. She's as fresh and wholesome as a flower in the May- Let's hope she'll be "Big Queen" some fine day. ARTHUR JOSEPH WALKER Football, 2-3-4, Track, 2-3, Marshal, 3, Salvage Com., 3, Nominating Com., 4, Class Night Supper Com., 4. Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of Bob Walker? 5 -as 54lE?-'- THE PHILOMATH IRA T. WARD, JR. Aeronautics Club, 4, Military Information, 4. Ira is a Hying man, Try and catch him if you can. RALPH LAWRENCE WARDROP Posters for Senior Play, Blood Donor Center, Bonds and Stamps, 4. Give him a pencil and a big sketch book And he'll draw a girl who'Il make Petty look. IRENE AGNES WARREN Distributing Team, 2-3-4, Capt., 4, Salvage Club, 4. Many a friend and many a lover Will win her friendship, you'll discover. MARIAN JANE WATERS Bonds and Stamps Com., 2-3, Prom Usher, 3, Dis- tributing Team, 3-4, Christmas Boxes, 3, Afghan Knit- ting, 3, Surgical Dressings 3, Blood Bank Asst., 3, Pbilomath, 4, Chemistry Club, 4, Map Project, 4, Senior-Soph. Dance Refreshment Com., 4, Monday Morning Exercises Com., 4, Senior Play Cast, 4. She has a lot of savoir-faire. Yes, janey's charm is very rare. CLIFFORD STANLEY WHITEHOUSE In Military Service, April-june, 1945. First Aid, 2, Glee Club, 3-4, A Capella Choir, 4, Military Information, 4. Clifford wanted to get into the Navy, But he missed the boat and lost the gravy. ROBERT F. WATTON Aeronautics Club, 3, Safety Com., 2, Broadcasting Club, 4, Glee Club, 4, A Capella Choir, 4, Senior Play, 4. In your tooth he'll bore a hole- To be a dentist is his goal! CLARA Lotnsrz WOODIN Citizenship and Morale Club, 3, Bonds and Stamps Com., 3, First Aid Club, 4, Distributing Team Capt., -1, Handbook Com., -l, Commercial Service Com., -l, Graduation Honor Group. The girl whom the teachers can depend on! jliANIiT'I'li ELIZABETH WHITTIEMORIE Stamps and Bonds Com.. 2-3, Christmas Boxes, 2-3, Afghan Club, -l, Lost and Found Com.. All A Capella Choir, 4, Distributing Team Capt., 4. Her success will never end Because she'll always have a friend. THE PHILOMATH GEORGE LAWRENCE YEACER First Aid Com., 2, Band, 2-3-4, Intramural Basket- ball, 2, Hockey Mgr., 3-4, Hockey, 4, Military Infor- mation, 4. Georgie, with his pants so short, Always has some quick retort. FLORENCE LILLIAN WOODMAN A Capella Choir, 4. A friend to all. VIVIAN VICTORIA ZELLER Homeroom Basketball, 2, Citizenship and Morale Com., 2-3, Exec. Com., 3, Public Address Com., 2, Library Service Club Pres., 5, Distributing Team, 5, Soldiers' Gifts, 3, Cheer Leader, 3, Knitting Club, 3, Blood Bank, 3, Red Cross, 3, Prom Ticket and Re- freshment Com., 3, Prom Usher, 3, Christmas Choir, 3, Graduation Usher, 3, Basketball, 4, Baseball, 4, Field Hockey, 4, Marshal, 4, Student Publications Adv, Staff, 4, Glee Club, 4, A Capella Choir, 4, Foot- ball Dance Decorating Com., 4, Senior-Soph. Dance Refreshment Com., 4, Dramatic Club Vice-Pres., 4, Class Night Exercises Com., 4, Class Night Social Hour Com., 4. This is Viv, each lad and chick. jack, be nimble! jack, be quick! LORRAINE MADORA ZELLER Homeroom Basketball, 2, Distributing Team, 2-3-4, Conservation and Salvage Com., 3, Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Knitting Club, 3, Red Cross, 3, Prom Refresh- ment Com., 5, Plailomalb, 4, Dramatic Club, 4, Senior lglay lliroperty Com., 4, A Capella Choir, 4, Volley a , . The poor dear is loaded down with bangle bracelets! llIIlllllllllllllllIIllIIlllllIIIIIIllllIIIllIIIllIIIllIIIllIIIllIIIllIlllIllllllllllllll 14 lllllllllln llllllllllllllllllulullunull llllnulllnlllln SSR- THE PHILOMATH . ,L . -.ity jf . -f-g.Aiim First row: E. Boyle, J. Powell, M. Burgess, B. Leslie, L. Farren, L. King, Mr. Thompson, Director. Second row: R. Eastman. P. Flaherty, B. Kane, J. Connors, P. Weisenfeld, R. Walker, J. Delisle. Third row: J. Garvey, A. Manning, R. Carpenter. T.-Cowles, W. Williams. M. Moody, P. Goldrick. L. Poirier. M. Young, W. Knight, J. Henderson. Foughlvrowz J. Dexter, R. Foss, A. Simonetta, A. Errico S. Durkee, A. Morgan. H. Devine, P. Norton, . Iagoon. Fiftg row: Seltzer, E. Higgins, A. Higgins, E. Lewis, J. Kingsbury, G. Fornaciari. D. Ferrazzi, M. Piper, . Cassi y. First row. J. Br1ta,O. Tucker, A. Leonardo. E. Faccini, L. Morris, P. Diana, N. Conti, Capt., E. Chiappini. T. Bizinchmo, Dt Mc-ad, A. FUl'I1IlCl2ll'l, J. Del Pretc, D. Beaton. Sm-cond row A Zmck, E. Korona, D. Ferrazzi, T. Cardi. J. Seaver, D. Peveri. E. Lewis, R. Greeley. A. Wzilkcr, R pl'lI'l'ZNOTl, P. Kastrinclis, J. True, G. Grillith, F. Grady, T. MacDonald. Third row' IC. fJllllC'ClOll, R. Stivknvy, C. lV12lCC0l'l1lll'k, A. Clll'Kll. R. Oleson, E. Guy. R. Czillzilizm. S. IXIL-rcorvlli. .I I"c-rrziro. .I Tomzisi, E. Smith, D. Porter. l"mirth row R. Alilondi, R. Mclluuh, R. Casclla. R. Pmccntuix, J. Gavin, .I Paul. S Chiuciiom. C' Burr, .I. C':i1'pviita'l, R. Szivl, F. I'c-sci, A. Monlnlbzmo. Fifth xnxx Q Suu-ll, lX1r.Jmu's Hmm iw.-. I' IJ1-vnu-, Mr Mziuomi, C'n:i1'li Ilxmwls, Ass! Uozicli Vocloklys, Mr. Ilnyvs. THE PHILOMATH -+1457 First row, left to right: B. Magoon, T. Donnelly. R. Greeley, Coach MacPherson, B. Bell, J. Savage, R. Welch, R. Freeman. Second row: Mr. Magoon, E. Guy, J. Seaver, R. White, D. Mead, H. Gustafson. S. Wallace, D. Scribner, Mr. Jones. Third row: W. Williams, P. O'Connel1, H. Conant, J. McQuade, R. LeMoine, R. Anderson, R. Galanti, G. Yeager. First row: J. Del Prete, E. Chiappihi, J. Lewis, B. Kane, Capiain, E. Lewis, E. Iliggins, J. Brita. Second row: Mr. Magoon, E. Oliva, T. MacDonald, A. Poretti, A. Fornaciari, P. Stucchi, S. Chiuchoni. .-X. Basilc. Mr. Jones, Coach Daniels. Third row: C. Pantie, T. Burr, R. Savi, R. Parabicoli, F. Bragg, A. Mason. T. O'Grady. A. Silcnzi. F. Cliuircllo. A. Varges. 58k+- THE PHILOMATH THEY LOST ONLY ONE GAME IN THREE YEARS - M. Boyle. M. Bertuzzi, N. Benjamin. Capt., A. Abelli. L. King. V. Zeller, R. Salti, J. Clinton, C. Jones, V. Lowe. N. Ford. A. Misalsky. I. Pignone. l"11:1 rm-. M Boylc, A Alum-ll1,,-X. lXl1mlsk3.V. l,uxx'1'.N, B1-mzmuln, .I Vlmlun, Ill. Bblllllll, H S4alt1,I.l'1gnm1L'. S11'llllfi :mx V Z1-Ilrr. .I 'l'1'uttl1-11 M lNlomly', .I Pmvcll, .I lXlc'Guv4-rn, IC. lXla-sp:-lll, N. limp. A. fQJIlllVilll, 'l'. Ilvnm. Al Maxim, 'l' livllull. Ml' lllmgrmn. C' .lUlll'1N, I, limp. lllllfl luv. Klux Stull-N, Nl f1ull1ul1'N'.M hanxfv, IJ Rulmrlm, .I Nlgzln-I1 lx K.mrnl4-,x. .l lnlc-, lll l'.al'kI1mNl, IJ 711111: 4 llllillll I' fhmlrlllvl-Q THE PHILOMATH ---A59 First row: J. Murphy, J. True, G. Triandinou, B. Kane, G. Griffith. Captain, P. Ferro, D. Porter, D. Mead. J. Bragg. Second row: R. Ablondi, M. Teel. R. Flayderman, H. Raphael, B. Magoon, A. Reppucci, D. Kuhn, D. Turchi. Third row: H. Swenson. P. Kastrinelis, R. Meyers, Mr. Hayes, W, Welton, J. DiRienzo, Coach Arthur Jones. fb? Q f if , .f- 4 'W . ,., -PV' 1 'KINI' 554 1--1 ' I M 4 im' ' AING6, NNW, . rv 4' R' xf First row: A. Fornaciari, J. Savage. B. Bell, E, Chiappini. Capt., E. Higgins. T. MacDonald. G. DcCi'istofoi'o. J. Lewis. Second row: E. Oliva, A. Errico. S. Chiudioni, R. Greeley. E. Guy, A. Zinck. S. Wallis. J. Del Proto. Third row: J. Neal, J. Casella, J. Dexter. F. Helene, E. Korona, R. Ballou. J. Ferraro. L. Poirier. Fourth row: R. Dyer. Mr. Hayes, Coach Daniels. B. Bray. I 60 IEW- Ekigfgilgbll FE Z T H E P H I L O M A T H G5 Z5 I K: S If If lfflfn' Ai" 5 ft nun .. ,:E 1I5"" :I ' nn"5:f::M'q 1-.X fq f lffulf' "Tu, ' K. I i W' II I ' 'H E ....- e' I if ,gg III ' ,4 II " ar- III 42 I -E ' III I AAI EIIIIQ "J -. - , 13 Ji 3 -I' ,Q ig: v 4 s I -if 1 X 4,.u4:?-f" FARMERS and MECHANICS SAVINGS BANK PARK AND FRANKLIN STREETS FRAMINGHAM, MASS. 'A' "There is no subs+i+uIe for a savings accouni' in a MuIuaI Savings Bank" F32 S9 I' ,Q QQQ "GY-RQ PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMATH an-,461 HJ G1 ES 2-E if MANCO PASTRY CO. DOUGHNUTS and INDIVIDUAL PIES A 19 Q-l iiiiierar 11629533 53 . . G1 25 VI+al AlFCT6'l:l Parls I LF 19 7 ' ,,q S' "" x' I , , - For The War Againsl' Japan lmmediafe employmen+ for s+uden+s and graduaies. Earn money helping our boys win +he war in +he Pacific. Help give 'rhem enough on +ime! Excelleni working condi+ions in modern plant For furlher informaiion apply ai 'rhe Personnel Deparfmenl. WARREN TELECHRON COMPANY ,. ASHLAND, MASS. L Q Buy Bonds in the Mightv Tthf S2 29 ' Q3 z'55C'2bfaII IICRQEDRELS PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 62 FS- -- THE PHILOMATH EQ QSQSSI' IIGJRQQQQQ ISD Gig 5 Warren E. Henderson WALK-OVER SHOES 30 UNION AVENUE FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Telephone Connecfion ITT I L L EI R' S I m ari Women? Wear I4l CONCORD ST., FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Complimenis of CALDWELL'S STORE FRAMINGHAM CENTRE Dial 34ll David A. Rober'rson WATCHMAKER and JEWELER Wafches - Jewelry IRVING SQUARE, FRAMINGHAM, MASS. TORREY'S Esso Service S'raIion TIRES, BATTERIES and SPAULDING'S KNOTTY STORE ACCESSORIES FRAMINGHAM CENTRE S45 UNION AVENUE Tel. 9I75 Tel. Szzn - HOWARD S WELLS Dr. WaI+er V. Ewing ' Dr. Ar+I1ur W. Ewing - OPTOMETRIST - - DENTISTS - 34 UNION AVENUE, FRAMINGHAM, MASS "6 CONCORD STREET Q FRAMINGHAM, MASS. fg Q9 Q5 iueueivrf PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMATH -+I 63 FE G I ig Complimenfs of Complimenrs of BOND CUT RATE LEWIS FURNITURE COMPANY FRAMINGHAM'S FOREMOST FURNITURE STORE CompIimen+s of Framingham Lumber Company Dial 436I ALBIE'S OIL SERVICE ALBERT J. ROUSSEAU, JR., Prop. Range and Gas, Tires and Fuel Oils BaH'eries I SCHOOL STREET, SAXONVILLE, MASS. Dial Framingham 9I60 Joseph V. AnghineHi TEXACO SERVICE STATION CompIimenIs of BURKE BATTERY SERVICE WORCESTER ROAD Paul B. LeBaron, D.M.D HEMENWAY BUILDING FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Tel. 5I04 Complimenfs of E. C. BROWN FiresI'one Tires and Accessories h T T e dl or 496 WAVERLY STREET Dial 6003 Q Cgrner of Vyfinflqfop F1 S9 QQI yb,,QswI+ neue- We PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 64 EQ.- ?3QQ'5il9l+ FE 'fi THE PHILOMATH -I GJ T E CERTAINLY - We are complying wiih Governmenf Delivery Regulaiions. BUT Flowers have proven 'Themselves necessary 'ro ihe American Way of Life. From BUTTERYVORTI-PS J. C. PENNEY CO. - FLORISTS - COR. CONCORD and CLINTON STREETS 1: FRAMINGHAM Flowers Telegraphecl Anywhere Phone 3533 Complimenls of Complimenis of BGSTON SUPPLY, Inc. 81 Complimenis of HARDWARE CQ. QUALITY CLEANERS PAINT, HARDWARE and AND DYERS E BUILDING SUPPLIES 2 32 S? 9 Q-2 kfiefanf neue-EDR-Q PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMATH --+365 if-Q-QQ'5il9Il 'ICUQEQQQE F9 GQ fl Q THE LELAND GRAY STUDIOS SPECIAL SCHOOL RATES 'k Pl1o1'ograpl1ers +o flue Classes of '37-'45 'k 224 UNION AVENUE, FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS Phone 500i Dial 3553 Special Raies on Towing Cars Est I9l0 FRAMINGHAM TAXI SERVICE and BAGGAGE TRANSFER Henry C. Boyle, Prop. AMBULANCE SERVICE - LIGHT TIRUCKING 7-Passenger Cars for All Occasions Henney Nu 3-Way Side Servicing Hearse Equipmeni lce Cream is a nufriiious foocl. Enjoy some every clay. Be Sure It's . . . l Q cock fee Gaeam L 52 2559.3-MDI' IIGBQSRTS PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS SBIR-'W THE PHILOMATH Profitable Vacations for E2 L9 ?i35Q4wlf STUDENTS AND TEACHERS Don'+ was're your spare rime during school vacarion - pur il' +o profifable use. lnferesfing full or pari'-+ime employmenr during 1'he summer monlhs is open for fac- +ory ancl clerical workers. Posirions are available +o bofh young men and women s'ruden+s or reachers. Many of fhese posi'l'ions have permanen+ possibiliries for s'ruden'rs who have com- plefecl fheir High School or College Courses. Hiring Subiecl' +o S+a+emen1' of Availabilify from U. S. Employmenf Service, 77 Irving S+., Framing- ham. 9 See Mrs. Crowley or Mr. Hussey ai fhe Employmeni Depar+men+. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS l Q5 1leuefZ?Ks THE PHILOMATH 43 67 EQQQS'?l9l' l 'IQRQM C9 52 5 2:3 ABNER WHEELER HOUSE LUNCHEON - DINNER 680 WORCESTER ROAD Phone 6608 Complimenfs of J. H. HOWARD ARCADE DRUG COMPANY Frank Fair, Reg. Ph. I49 CONCORD STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASS. ' Tel. Framingham 3654 A 559.3-HSI' vI6EQ9?9E PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 68 iff '- THE PHILOMATH EQQQQQSGDII IIGJFEQEE KERWIN'S si-noe SEAVER BRUS- STORES Framingham and Naiick "THE X-RAY FITTING SHOE STORES" SporI'swear COATS SLACKS S PO RT SH I RTS SWIM WEAR I-IASTINGS' Whire Hardware Co HARDWARE - PAINT - OIL POWER TOOLS i' Ageni' for: BAY STATE PAINTING PRODUCTS Woodworking Machines and Supplies Miss Mackey's School of Dancing - FLORISTS - 673 CONCORD STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Tel. 8223 Flowers for AII Occasions J. J. NEWBERRY CO. 5-I0-25 STORE FRAMING!-IAM, MASS. THE PEERLESS PRESS - PRINTING - 94 HOLLIS STREET The Drug Siore Nearesf +o +he High School UNION AVENUE sruouoz 326 UNION Ave., FRAMINGHAM Telephone 7956 42 UNION AVENUE I9 Q Mimi' 1162253 is PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMATH FD fi Complimenfs of SEARS, ROEBUCK and CO. A 44 69 67 E ECHO FARM CO. Woodman's Garage J, A, TURNER' Prop. and Service S+aTi0n MILK ,. CREAM ,., ICE CREAM GENERAL REPAIRING AND TOWING SERVICE 262 HOLLIS STREET l559 CONCORD STREET Phone 5776 Tel. Fram. 799I or 70l6 Complimen'I'sof On ihe Avenue The Framingham News ' THE HOME PAPER OF J""""sa SPec'a"Y SOUTHERN MIDDLESEX 5 HOSIERY - UNDERWEAR COUNTY E 39 T Q5 7592-QGUI' ilChQ,fi5?gQ PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 70 Fi- '- 3-2EQ'5?l9Il TE i-S THE PHILOMATH Complimenis of THE B8cW LINES Moron COACH SERVICE 38 32 S9 39 Q' ?'55Q?Ke-DI' flfidiffgfi PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS I THE PHILOMATH 4471 5 Q3 KYNOCH SPORTING GOODS STORE FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Telephone 534I BROCKELMAN'S M A R K E T "FRAMlNGHAM'S COMPLETE FOOD STORE" THE COKELL STUDIOS - PHOTOGRAPHERS - THE WARDROBE BOYS' AND STUDENTS' CLOTHING MEN'S CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS g "If i+'s from +he Wardrobe . . . i+'s correct" - 255245611 uGutfD??i PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 72 THE PHILOMATH EU GQ 'Q The E Hughes Drug Share Living Room Library - DRUGGISTS - "We Maize Our Own Ice Cream" 26 UNION AVENUE SOUTH MIDDLESEX SUPPLY CO. BUILDING MATERIALS Hardware - Painfs CompIimen+s of ROXBURY RUG and CARPET COMPANY Shop ai' CARROLL CUT RATE GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS - BUY - Rubinsfein, Lenfheric, Lelong, DuBarry, Cofy, Books - Greeiing Cards - S'I'a+ionery Gifis - Lending Library Framingham 466I 963 WORCESTER ROAD FRAMINGHAM CENTRE, MASS. CompIimen'rs of a FRIEND Peerless Dye House CLEANSERS AND DYERS MARINOFSKY, THE TAILOR 78 HOLLIS STREET Anihraciie Biiuminous FRAMINGHAM COAL COMPANY AUTOMATIC HEAT EQUIPMENT Max Facfor and many more PHONE 3088 Q C- C- GREENE, Dealer Dial 652l Fuel Oil Masons' Supplies E f, Q1 -WVQWI' flc5uQfl'??s PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS , g'1v:lf1-5' ',..'u,r , ',, f. ,'-L,Y.x:l'-'lg' 4, " .X 5?3?5.- 2 . - .An-, V . 'f' 4 1. 1' l'l" , . 'Sl 1 A'! J' 'Lrg 1 ' 4 'Lx ' . . X- A ' N iff .Q Nw ,Lal . F':"'vJHI,1'L'-41:1 V .-40.7 xv , 'o ' 1' 'Q' - , . 4 x I ll- 5 . ffq 1,4 ' 'g 4' , " u -.. . . 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' H' . L-BANK Lw-m':hI'fL'l'.u'Al Q ELI! An B: . ,Av-fc F" - ' f Q'- I J 'n x "I

Suggestions in the Framingham High School - Philomath Yearbook (Framingham, MA) collection:

Framingham High School - Philomath Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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Framingham High School - Philomath Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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