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- -'masse cv 6:2 as 2: E - 'Sf Compliments Of A FRIEND 5? 3 29 Q3 zSiQefal+ 11639-fasggi PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS .f..,. 'f I 1 - -, ew ff THE PHILOMATH I as ze T Howard S. Wells, O.D. OPTOMETRIST 34 UNION AVENUE FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Telephone mu "The Riches+ Child Is Poor Wifhouf Musical Training" GARINO'S RADIOS - RECORDS - MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - SHEET MUSIC 6I CONCORD STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASS. E. J. JENNISON JEWELER 8 UNION AVENUE Paul B. LeBaron, D.M.D. HEMENWAY BUILDING FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Tel. 5IO4 ANN'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 406 UNION AVENUE Phone 4I5I Special Rafe for Hi-Schoolers Shampoo and Finger Wave SI.00 Joseph V. Anghinelli rExAco ssnvnce STATION Fireslone Tires and Accessories 496 WAVERLY STREET Dial 6003 Corner of Winfhrop HENRY W. HUGHES D Ruee I s T "We Malte Our Own Ice Cream" :Q 26 UNION AVENUE Iceueflbkf PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS ?r2A?Ii7Z?4I 3.22 SQ- 5'L5..Q.Ii'l LIBRARY DEC 1 3 199i 2lrf-- THE PHILOMATH 5-gqgesur icvigpggf UR THEASTERN UNIVER ITY College of Liberal Arts Ofters a broad program of college subjects serving as a foundation for the understanding of modern culture, social relations, and tech- nical achievement. Students may concentrate in any of the following fields: Biology, Chem- istry, Economics, Sociology,Psychology, Mathe- matics, Physics, and English. Pre-Medical, Pre- Dental and Pre-Legal courses are offered. Varied opportunities available for vocational specialization. Degree: Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts. Admits men and women. College of Engineering Offers curricula in Civil, Mechanical lwith Aeronautical optionl, Electrical, Chemical, and Industrial Engineering. Classroom study is sup- plemented by experiment and research in well- equipped laboratories. Degree: Bachelor of Science in the professional field of specializa- tion. Admits men and women. College of Business Administration Offers the following curricula: Accounting, Marketing and Advertising, and Industrial Administration. Each curriculum provides a sound training in the fundamentals of busi- ness practice and culminates in special courses devoted to the various professional fields. Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Admits men and women. School of Law Offers day and evening undergraduate pro- grams leading to the degree of Bachelor of Laws. A minimum of one-half of the work ac- cepted for a bachelor's degree in an approved college or its full equivalent is required for School of Business Offers curricula through evening classes in Ac- counting, Management, and Engineering and Business, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration in specified fields. Preparation for C.P.A. Examinations, private accounting, and for the various fields of busi- ness and industrial management. Short inten- sive programs may be arranged. Co-educa- tional. admission to this School. Case method of in- struction. Admits men and women. Evening Courses of the College of Liberal Arts Certain courses of the College of Liberal Arts are offered during evening hours in the fields of Economics, English, History, Government, Mathematics, Psychology, Physics, and Sociology. A special program preparing for admission to the School of Law is also available. The program is equivalent in hours to one-half the requirement for the A.B. or S.B. degree. Associate in Arts title conferred. Special courses may also be arranged. Co-educational. Co-operative Plan The College of Liberal Arts. Engineering, and Business Administration are conducted on the co- operative plan. After the freshman year, students, both men and women, may alternate their periods of study with periods of work in the employ of business or industrial concerns at ten-week intervals. Under this plan they gain valuable experience and earn a large part of their college expenses. Your Guidance Officer - A Friendly Career Counselor FOR CATALOG- MAIL THIS COUPON AT ONCE NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Director of Admissions Boston, Massachusetts Please send me a catalog of the Q College of Liberal Arts Q Evening-College of Liberal Arts Q College of Engineering Q Day Pre-Medical Program Q College of Business Administration Q Day Pre-Dental Program Q School of Law Q Day and Evening Pre-Legal Programs Q Evening School of Business Name, .....,,.....,,....,.,. , FQ Address ,,........... .............. gi K -'ln ilitierei iledts...-Gi PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMATH f-143 FE Gi : Complimenfs of THE FRAMINGHAM MASTER SERVICE STATION, INC. THE NEW YORK STORE "DISTINCTIVE WEAR FOR WOMEN" lov CONCORD STREET Z2 FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Complimenfs of COmP'Ime"+S0f Framingham Lumber J. C. PENNEY CO. Company Dr. WaIIer V. Ewing Dr. Arihur W. Ewing We Can and Wi ave You Money - DENTISTS - YOUNG MEN'S, STUDENTS' no coNcono STREET AND BOYS' a CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS - Q FRAMINGHAM, MASS. gl 7:9 concono SQUARE, FRAMINGHAM QR Q 3 ?T5QQfOl' PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 4 rss' T H 'loess gn G , E5 ?5 I IIIIIIII.III IIIIQTE I I12:12IIIIII FRAMINGI-IAM TRUST COMPANY FRAMINGHAM, MASS. The officers of +he Framingham Trusl Company sland ready a+ all 'rimes Io co-opera+e wiih Ihe schools of Framingham. Classes will be given an opporI'uniI'y Io visi'r Ihe Banking Rooms ancl wifness 'rhe rouline work of a financial ins+i+u+ion, upon requesi. Officers are avail- able who will gladly visii' I'he classrooms ancl give brief +aIks on Banking Hislory and Development The Fram- ingham Trus+ Company is a local inslifuiion. I+ is in our fown +o render SERVICE - you are invi+ecI +o make use of i+s Iacilifies. RAYMOND L. HILLIARD, Treasurer "MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION" F e 'GY PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS E PHILOMATH PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE FRAMINGHAM HIGII SCHOOL Editorial Board Vol. XLII FRAMINGHAM, MASS., JUNE, 1943 No. I Editor-in-Chief . . .... . SIDNEY GREELEY Art Editor . . . . ALBERT GIARIJINI A xsis hurts NORMA BERNARDONI DORIS BIANCHETTI WALLACE BURGESS VIRGINIA DOMEY JEANNE DONNELLY ARNOLD FERRARI KATHLEEN GALLONI ERNEST HEDBERG MARGARET MACCORMICK A dminixtm !iz'c Board CELESTIA MATHIEU JOHN MERCHANT WILLIAM ROLLINS JOHN SPERANZA FRED VITALI ANNE WALSH RICHARD WHITNEY JANET WILCOX ROBERT YEATON CLASS HISTORY Business Manager . . .Assistant Manager . . Board: DOROTHY CHIAPPINI, ELAINE CROFT, JEANNE POLLY PIPER A dvertising Staff DONNELLY, . ALLAN NOX ES . . JOYCE CROFT DORIS GARBARINO. E. AVERY M. FERRITER . STRINGER M. BOYLE V. HALPIN . SWEENEY B. CLAPP L. HEIBER . WALSH D. CLINTON J. KEIR H. WELCH J. CONNORS P. SPAULDING M. YATES J. CROFT J. SPERANZA D. TOSTI TABLE OF CONTENTS h Page DEDICATION . . . 6 . Fred Vitali CLASS PROPHECY . 7 . Wallace Burgess, Mary Clinton, Jeanne Donnelly, Robert Yeuton . 6 CLASS WILL . . . THE CLASS OF 1943 . . . . . CLASS AWARDS John Dunn . v . 14 . 10 . 40 THE PHILOMATH --Q4 7 Q Glam On a morning dark and dreary, As I slept so weak and weary, I heard a knocking at my chamber door. My mother called me softly. Sh! She said, 'fGet up, you lazy bumll' Thus it was that I and a few hundred other sopho- mores commenced our high school careers. Wednesday, September 4, 1940, was quite a day, and no kidding. After being duly initiated by the seniors and juniors qwhich included being sent on wild goose chases, etc.J we forgave and forgot and set- tled down to just being the best class in the history of F. H. S. This was a breeze, for with such a swell bunch as we had, how could we fail? Don't mistake our pride for conceit, because anyone who belonged to our class had a right to be proud. In October, when the seniors had found out just how good we really were, they threw us the traditional splash, the Senior- Sophomore Dance. We elected Miss Fitzgerald as our class adviser, a position which ordinarily should have lasted for three years. Mr. Sullivan, however, thwarted our aims by marrying her in june. Who could blame him? In the middle of our sophomore year we elected class officers. That was a job and a half with the swell material we had to choose from, but so what! We were a class and a half ! The victors after final elec- tions proved to be Arnold Ferrari, presi- dent, Mary Clinton, vice-president, Peg MacCormick, secretary, and HHonest Johnv Silva, treasurer. After elections we studied tmore or lessj until May. Yes, you guessed it, came the junior Prom. The fellas, looking pretty sharp in "soup 'n f1sh,l' and the girls, in their variegated sacks, trotted off to Nevins Hall, where they showed even the upperclassmen a trick or three. We were just going strong when rcan you beat it! 7, in june, they closed the school on us. The teachers needed to re- cuperate and, naturally, we didn't deny them their vacation. Incidentally, we had one, too. The following September the teachers, being fully recovered, and we, feeling com- pletely refreshed, returned to the halls of our Halma mammyf' It was tough being juniors. We were duly respected by the sophs but nonchalantly scorned by the seniors. Since our first class adviser had been wooed away from us, we had to elect an- other. This time we chose Miss Neal. the most popular teacher at F. H. S. Next on the program were the junior elections. The following became our class representatives: f'Lefty" Morris, presi- dent, Mary Clinton, vice-president, Mary O'Malley, secretary, and Sidney Greeley, treasurer. We inaugurated these officers to serve for life, good behavior, or the dura- tion of the school year. Tempus fugited until May, when com- mittees were elected to prepare a junior Prom for the graduating seniors. As usual, we came through heads up and gave them a shindig which has never been topped in the annals of F. H. S. Then the seniors graduated and we, the juniors, were the "Big Chiefsw-for a week. Again came vacation time. We had run the teachers so ragged that they demanded ten weeks' time to mend their edges. Then ensued a peaceful summer. But all things must come to an end, and so did the sum- mer. But fast! One September morn we found our- selves yawning in school again bright and early. Well, early anyway. tfontinued on page lim 8 THE PHILOMATH 3 Elma P i. e PART I. Well, who would have believed it? There I was, Wally Burgess, fifteen years out of high school and playing second fiddle in Bob I'eaton's famous "one night stand" orchestra, although we did have ex- cellent musicians such as Robert Moulton, vocalist extraordinary, and Clijjfora' Milli- ken, clarinetist known throughout the country. As I was saying, while passing through Nebraska on our Way to Holly- wood to play an engagement, I noticed from the train window many old class- mates. As William Martin peddled fruit up and down the aisle, I looked out the window and saw Jim Waters shucking corn on his one-half acre farm. Also shucking were such notables as Lewis Pierce and Gino Basoli. As we passed through the next small town, I noticed iceman Louis Abelli and garbageman Robert Porter were performing their duties well. At Road Ditch, Nebraska, the train slowed down to let a road race pass. In the lead was Louis Bengiovanni, pursued not too hotly by Bob King and John Antul. They weren't really in the race but still lived in the sticks and were running to catch a bus. On the last farm as we left Nebraska, Margaret Geoghegan was observed milk- ing cows. We stayed in Running Water, Colorado, that night in a hotel run by Lucy Dauphi- nee, who had been so good at short chang- ing-er, I mean shorthand in school. As I entered the dining room, waitresses Helen Shearer and Marjory Brady rushed up to wait on me. On glancing at the menu pre- pared by dietitian Mary Cunningham, I feigned illness and left. Since Running Water was the home of the famous Perl- mutter Science Laboratories, where so many wads of cotton had been developed in the last war, I took a taxi, driven by Anthony Schiavi, to the plant. I was greeted by Murray Waldron, the vice- president in charge of the president, who always had looked over President Howard Perlmutter and especially his scientific papers. Mr. Waldron took me to the test- ing room, where Margaret MacCorrnick was testing the appeal of new cosmetics on a very interested inspector, Sidney Gree- ley. Passing on to the bookkeeping de- partment, I discovered Virginia Dexter keeping tabs on, of all things, books. On the assembly line femininity at its best was represented by old classmates Dorothy Burke and Mary Garrity. In the explo- sives room Francis Campion was testing powder. He was also testing lipstick and rouge. My brain awhirl, I left the plant by the main entrance, where guards John Merchant and Joe O'Connell were watch- ing all tand I mean all! J. The next day our train started on its final leg to Hollywood. I had a friend there, one Francis Carini, who was a critic, producer and director lwashings done dirt cheapb. He had promised to show me around, and sure enough, after meeting me at the station he took me to Gigantic Stu- dios to see such famous movie stars as Janet "It-ain't-what-you-do-it's-the-way- that-you-do-it" Wilcox, and that super wolf on the screen land in real life, tooi John "Valentino" Dunn. While on the set of 'fCharley Chan in Casablancafl played by John Silva the left Barbara years agoj, I saw Ted Stillwagon making love to Dot Tosti lstillf. Desiring a less romantic atmosphere, I left Francis and headed for the Stork Club, now run down by Arthur F ronda, who always vowed he'd get some- thing for nothing. He was not very ca- Q5 THE PHILOMATH pably assisted by Henry Weleh, bouncer, Richard Goodwin, doorman, and Dorothy MeKinstry, hat check girl. The fioor show was starting, so after tipping head waiter George Reni a dime, I was seated. First on the program was that famous dance team of Pauline Galvin and Stanley Kus- tron, closely followed by the police in the form of policewomen Vera M ontanari and Ruth Hoban. Next came the three Kube- linsky sisters, who were really Marie Chis- holm, Coneettina Guglielino and Wilhel- inina Long. They sang? The featured vocalist, Mary lPant-panty O'Malley, was temporarily indisposed, so a trio composed of Ruth Safstroin and Lucille Morini per- formed. After being revived, I sought something of interest, and sure enough I found man- about-town Harry Devine talking to- Jeanne MeAuley, who apparently didn't know Harry. As the clock struck one, I saw jogging my way those two insepa- rables, Al Haskins and Bob Norton. They were on their way home from their place of employment, the local pool parlor. In seeing them safely on their way, I encoun- tered Dana Leavitt, who ran a bookie establishment. Leaving Dana penniless Cmy dicej, I next came upon Mary Fer- riter and Dorothy Clinton coming home from Lockheed. They told me of the mis- adventures of Cynthia Foster, who is still in a certain history class, of Dawn Leon- ard, who has a very flourishing date bu- reau, and of Robert Johnson, who, turned down by all major, minor and semi-pro ball teams, finally joined the Phillies. The last person I saw before I entered my hotel was Mary Clinton, leading Charles Major by the arm. It seems Charles had been drafted late in 1943 and has been trying to get home from Devens ever since. As for Mary, well let's let her tell her own story. PART II. Yes, I'd like to tell you my story, as itis quite a tale. First, let me explain my pres- -+4 9 ence here in Hollywood. As a hat buyer of Fred Vitali's exclusive f'Chapeaux de Monde" shop in New York, I was sent there to arrange for a shipment of the much raved about plastic hats modeled by Marie Lavallee. I arrived one night at eight o'clock and went straight to Irene Mailhoit's house, as I always did when I went to Hollywood. She was a very suc- cessful secretary to those super-producers, Albert DeCollibns and John Collins. Since my business appointment was scheduled for eleven o'clock the next morning, Irene instructed her butler, Robert "Speed" Riehardson, to serve me breakfast when- ever I rang. However, I arose at seven o'clock, ate, decided to do some shopping, and then have my hair set. Eight-thirty found me entering a huge department store managed by Allan Noyes, who told me that he had two good tioorwalkers in Barbara Bryant and Olga Pezza, so I went to see them. They in turn told me that Gilda Aeeti, Irene Barrett and Tina Colombo were also employed there. Leaving the store, I noticed Aurora Cas- eiolini, who stopped long enough to explain to me that she was a reporter on the "Hollywood Gazette," now edited by Dick Ryan, and was going to court to write up the case of Otis Dyer, who was charged with giving Mary MeKenna's pet dog a butch. She said at the last hearing that lawyer David Gavin had had the jury in tears over the poor thing. Then off she went, and I meandered over to the "Dream Room Salon," whose proprietor was Arnold Ferrari. He ushered me over to his best hair stylist, Basil Verdy, who set my hair. After that he convinced me that I should have my nails manicured, so I sat at the table patiently waiting for the manicurist: however. when I saw George Mooney coming, I hastily changed my mind twoman's prerogative. you knowl. Then I dropped into a florists shop to buy a rare plant that I liked, only to find Tony Leonardo, the owner. with 10 ter- Mary Tambollio and Pauline Vella, his pleasing helpers. From there I took a bus, driven by Charles Foster, to Maureen .lIoran's Plastic Corporation. While find- ing a seat on the bus, Mary Hanley and a Little boy caught my attention. She told me that she was married and the little boy was her son, Ralph, jr. She also told me that recently she had attended the wedding of Melita Sargent, whose charming brides- maids had been Rita Welch and Mary Young. Bidding her good-by at the Plastic Corporation, I walked up the main en- trance into doorman Nancy Burkes tsince the last war you never can tell what jobs your old classmates might holdl. Entering the building, I was delighted to find Polly Piper, receptionist, Doris Gar- barino and Eleanor Gumben, efficient sec- retaries: Sis Mathieu, occupying the in- formation booth, and Francis Macchia- roli, janitor. As I strolled into the elevator, Thelma Cavatorta was breaking in Evo Castelli to run it. Rather than disturb them, I walked to Maureen's office on the fourth floor. She was busy at the moment, so I waited in the reception room with her private secretary, Patricia Bangs. We turned on the radio just as announcer Ruth Campbell stated that a contest was about to begin between housewives Molly Ducey, Kathleen Langley and Doris Bianchetti to see who could do a weekls washing in just five minutes with that colossal new soap, "Its Better than Swan." At that moment Maureen came out, so I don't know who won the contest. I selected our order, then with my business complete I rode back to town to meet my hostess for lunch. She took me to a quiet little tearoom run by Janice Connors and Margaret Irvine, with Bertha Seltzer cashier. After lunch I thanked her for a pleasant visit and told her that I was leaving at four olclock. On my way to the station I saw Dot Steaeie and Shirley Taft selling hot dogs. When I arrived there I saw Eleanor Gillis and Grace Stuechi, who had just got off the THE PHILOMATH train to give Hollywood a going over. I bought a magazine from Louise Murray, who had a newspaper stand, and boarded the train. I browsed through the magazine and saw several clever cartoons drawn by Dot McLean,' then I fell asleep. When I awoke I was home, that is, ex- cept for an hourls drive. I dropped into a little Fashion Shop to see an old friend, Majorie Dauley, who told me that Anna Palladino and Charlotte Putnam were going to Europe with a ballet troop, headed by Pat DeMauro. Then I picked up my car and started home. I had been driving for about half an hour when a motor car came speeding out of a street and side- swiped me. Thatls all I remember until I awoke in a New York hospital to see Dr. Jeanne Donnelly, who told me that I'd live, and that Lillian Minezzi and I had had a little bang-up, but we'd be all right. However, I found I had my head band- aged, a broken arm and a few scratches to keep me company. Before I dozed off again I saw nurses Dot Morehouse, Alice Lewis, Doris Kimball and Rosalyn Lebe- wohl stroll pass the door. PART III. I left Mary in the care of capable James Fair, who was an intern at the hospital. Then I left him in charge of Virginia Gal- lagher and Shirley Foster, who I knew would watch him very carefully. XVell, I hurriedly left the hospital for a conference in Boston. When I entered the taxi, the driver, to my surprise, was Fred Garry, who told me that he was now mar- ried to Virginia Domey. We raced to the airport, and I met my very attractive nurse, Winifrea' Acton, surrounded by such me- chanics as TommySaunders,James Rollins and John Tratiaglini. Rescuing her from the wolves, I hurriedly bought tickets from John Santos, who fiirted dreadfully with Winnie. We then boarded the plane and saw Clementina Nicoli as pilot and Irene LePore as hostess. After being comfort- THE PHILOMATH ably seated, I looked around and noticed a distinguished gentleman sitting on my right. After gazing at him for some time I asked if he weren't John Speranza. john told me that he was going for his annual visit to his former wife, Rita LeBlanc. After arriving in Boston, Winifred went to visit Pauline Dalton and Jane Suprena, who were now noted models. I went to the Professional Hotel run by Gilbert Par- menter, where many famous people stay. Among the guests I now found David Morse, who excelled in physics, and Bertha Perlmutter, who was known for her debates. I then called in a secretary to type some love letters. When Lillian Oliva and Evelyn Ralston both walked in, I thought the class of '43 was having a reunion. Evelyn told me that Phyllis Han- son was now the secretary to Sumner Viall, president of Saxonvilleg and he had as his private errand girl Marion H ughes. Then I went to the conference and heard a speech given by Douglas McDonald, who still had that "special wayl' with women. Paul Dyezewski illustrated his talk with fine drawings. Leaving the build- ing, I saw Roy Capra collecting stray dimes, so I took him over to the Copley Plaza, where I bought him a cup of coffee. He told me his old friend Leo Missaggia, who was a rich lawyer, passed him daily and wouldn't even speak to a poor old man. After slipping Roy a nickel I con- tinued on my way. A few streets farther on I noticed a crowd gathering, so I elbowed my way to the front and saw Audrey McGrath and Kay Galloni dem- onstrating a beauty preparation con- cocted by Marilyn Luey. It promised re- sults in two days, and so after looking at the faces obtained by UAudH or f'Kay,l' business seemed to be doing pretty well. Continuing my way, I noticed walking toward me a girl just out of a fashion magazine. Looking more closely, I ob- served the face of LaMora Heiber. Ad- vancing further, I saw Jean Hollander -+111 teaching Edward Guardiani and Charlie Flagg how to rhumba, a dance which in- cidentally was still in style. Celestina Antonioli was accompanying them on the accordion, while Flora Gittleson was play- ing the harp. I thought the sidewalk was a queer place for a dancing lesson, when suddenly Robert McLaughlin, a police- man, loudly entered the group, hollering something about breaking it up. It seemed that they were a team trying to get money illegally and had been caught more than once. Leaving them, I walked along. just as I was about to enter my hotel I heard a loud playing, and turning around, I saw Helen Graham stepping up high as drum majorette. Behind, Mary Boyle was swinging a march. Then glancing at my watch, made by Sybil Sehurzky, I quickly dressed for my date with Jaek Kinnarney. After calling Wallis Morse in to polish my shoes and Jeanne Wood to apply my lip- stick, I calmly waited for Jack. He didn't bring me any flowers because I guess he had spent all of his money for the tickets. During the opera he romantically held my hand while he ffdrooled" over Helen Tor- diglioni, who was singing. On the way home in the taxi I suggested that we stop at the exclusive diner of William Ryan. Jack looked doubtful and then counted his money again, but we finally got there. Barbara Sunzmerlin skated over on roller skates to take our order, and I practically had to hold jack in his chair. Even though the place was small, Bill managed to have Anne lVaIsh's act, which included Jean MeC'auley, Eleanor Fiorio and Annette Varieehioni. They certainly had enough encores. Eve- lyn Borghi had a tray of rotten apples that she was selling and Eleanor Canelli was selling stale bread. Suddenly there was a burst of noise, and amid ardent admirers Elena Guerra and Alma Morazzini en- tered. Elena rushed over to see me and told me that she had just left Elaine Croft and Gertrude Smith in a shooting gallery. 12 re-- where they were determined to hit the gong. Elena pointed out Violet Green- wood, and her inseparable Tony was still with her. Elena then returned to soothe Jaek Clopeele, who had recently broken up with Mary and was now trying to heal his heart under the charms of Elena. After tipping the waitress two cents and wonder- ing if it were too much, jack and I started to walk to my hotel. On the way we saw Thelma lllarenghi, Mary MaeLeod and Josephine Ziehella arguing among them- selves as to which way was the shortest to the subway, as far as I know the argu- ment may still be going on. Then in a side street we noticed Dot Kennedy and Mary Geneseo practicing basketball for the big game at Natick the next day. Mary in- formed me that they had been practicing since morning and were about dead, but they weren't going to leave until they had made one basket each. On the steps to my hotel there was a long pause, and then Jack left, and I again entered my room. Virginia Pollena then tucked me into bed and saw that I had everything that I needed. The next morning Mary Mespelli, who was a very successful dietitian, called me and said Bobbie Yeaton and his cele- brated orchestra were in town. So I called Norma Bernadoni, who usually knew everything, and asked where Bob was. To my surprise, I found out that he was in the same building as I. So, quickly dressing, I madly dashed to his room and pushed my way through newspapermen. We finally had a few minutes together and he said that he was making a special trip to Fram- ingham, but I'll let him tell you about that. PART IV. Having had the delightful surprise of meeting my old classmate, Dr. Jeanne Donnelly, I then proceeded through the crowd. Suddenly I was seized from the rear. I turned around and saw "Lennie" Ball and Torn Ahearn. They wanted to know if they could join the band, but I THE PHILOMATH told them sadly, UNO!" The reason was that everybody hears good bands, but I hire only the worst musicians. It provides variety and nobody knows what to expect. That night was the night for the musical quiz show. Among the contestants were Franeis Areudi, Rita Beland and "Char- lie" Bracken, who finally bribed me into letting him get the right answer so that he could tell his friends that he was getting more and more brilliant every day. Seeing so many of my classmates, I asked over the microphone to have all the F. H. S. grad- uates of the Class of '43 come up to the bandstand and We would then have them play selections for us. The first to dash up was John Furber, the noted author, who wrote t'How to Be a Wolf in Better Than 38 Seconds, Woo-Woo! " Then came "Margie" Foss and her slush-pump ttrom- bone to youl. Her selection made Tommy Dorsey turn pale and even to a dark green. The next to play for us was Joan Sander- son, the boogie-Woogie queen of the piano. I found out from her that she had recently been in Hollywood, playing the female lead in t'Two's Enough, Three's a Crowd, I Want to be Alone!", while her leading men were Romeo Pendolari and Dick Crane tcalled Derrick for a liftf. Sudden- ly there came a weird scream. I rushed over to see what had happened. Someone had fainted. When I arrived on the scene, there was Dr. Edward Davis, the eminent veterinarian, giving Charlie Gardner a blood transfusion from a dog, while Charlie was yelling t'Woof-Woof" at some blonde who was passing by. Seeing that everything was all right, I returned to the bandstand and the Star-Spangled Banner was played. While playing it, I noticed that one fellow was sleeping. After he had been awakened by an usher, I knew that it was Edward Capobianeo, who worked days at the Carr Automobile Factory, where Sherwood Automobile fpardon mel Carr was president of the company. I then left the hotel to go home and sleep. THE PHILOMATH As I went out to the street, there were Jean Lee, Sheila Finn, Jean Geehan, "Dot" Chiappini and Irene Day all walk- ing with Austen Moran. I later found out that they were all working for the Powell Model Agency under the direction of "Stew" Powell. This was the place where girls went as B-24's and came out as P-48's. I hailed a cab and someone yelled back at me. It was Stanley Toezdlowski, the cab driver. He told me that he'd never learned how to drive but he liked to drive fast anyhow. After finishing a ride of sheer horror, I went into my hotel and finally to sleep. Tomorrow I would return to good old Framingham. The next morning I journeyed to the Boston Airport and went over to Yeaton's Yumping Yiminey, my plastic airplane that used air for fuel. tMr. Bush take note.J Having no pilot, I called the con- trol tower and asked for a complete crew to fly the plane. Soon after my crew ar- rived, and it comprised all my old friends. There were Miriam Luby, "Kay" Towne, Jeannette Smith and Barbara Shoup, who were considered to be the top Hight fiiers of the twentieth century. With a crew like this the band was content. After waiting two hours for the second fiddler to arrive, we took off for Framingham. After five long minutes we arrived in good old Framingham tfast plane, wasn't it? 3. There was a large crowd to greet us and give us cheers, mostly Bronx. Among them were Carl Goddard, Dario Guernieri, Dick Manning, Marie Hanagan, Mary Hill, and the number one racing car driver of the nation, "Lead Foot" Ernest Hed- berg. VVhile going up Union Avenue I saw a large billboard advertising the "jack Benney of the female world'l-Miss Bar- bara Turner and her violin. Along with Miss Turner were Mary O'Brien and Eileen Keeje, the celebrated yodelers. The accompanists were those three tender young gentlemen, Tony Pieeirillo and the -rl 13 clarinet twins, Joseph Messana and Vinnie zlllslfelltl. I journeyed to the high school, where I found that Donald Ephlin was the prin- cipal. It had been his one desire to be a principal, and now he was wishing to join the Foreign Legion or something worse. The school's math wizards, Fred and Bob Kinnarney, were trying to explain why two times two made four while two plus two made four also. These Einsteins were completely baffled. Jean MeGowan and Joseph .Viekerson were the heads of the English and French departments respec- tively. Both were teaching the modern slang to students who knew it much better already. I learned from Principal Ephlin that Ralph Langley and Robert Morini were generals at Washington. Arline Lina'- gren was an admiral in the Marines: this explains why the Marines were the best trained branch. She was able to get things done. Desiring to see all of Framingham. I called for a special bus from the Rovinelli Runaway Bus Company, ably headed by Libera Rotvinelli. Bidding Principal Ephlin good-bye, I rode to the Sudbury River Steamship Company depot, where Riehard Whitney was the man in charge. He was giving his hired hands, Paul MacDonald, Robert Wood and Fred Starzyk a mis- sion to carry out by kayak while he went to the ball park with me. I found out that Whitney had been fooling the public ter- ribly. He would send his hired hands down the river in a kayak and would have them smoke cigars so that from the smoke ris- ing people would think that it was a steam- ship. At the ball park I rooted for nine innings as Lefty "No-hit" Morris pitched a no-hit game. tOdd coincidence! I noticed that in the ball park there was a large Community Chest poster painted by the eminent artist, Albert Giardini. I finally returned to the business sec- tion of Framingham and did a little busi- tContinued on page S-H 14 THE PHILOMATH 55 elm Wall' f 5 'I ., Q' LAST WILL AND TEST.-XMENT OF THE ILLUSTRIOUS CLASS OF 1943 We, the Class of '43, being of question- ably sound mind and unquestionably sound body las witness the 1-A's about to be drafted 5, do solemnly swear and avow this document to be the expression of our heritage for those succeeding us, and for the faculty as a whole and as individuals tfor some of them certainly are individ- ual J. We, the aforesaid class, leave as re- quired reading several volumes of Sir Thomas More's Utopia for harassed and disillusioned members of the faculty. We, the woebegone, bedraggled, and completely supine Class of '43, leave to the more masterful members of the faculty a treatise on the dangers of inhibited self- expression. We, the slightly disgusted and more or less hopeless class, do leave to the future editor of the Sludent Crier a complete set of unused ideas twhich he undoubtedly will never usel for the improvement of said publication. We, the tongue-tied Class of '43, leave a dictionary of original pronunciations to Miss Benton. tWritten with Mr. G. D. Lundberg as contemporary author.l We, being mindful of everyone else's mistakes as well as those of our own, leave Mr. Small a new gas mask to replace the old one he keeps in his office as protection against those experiments that didn't turn out just as they were expected to. We, having often been rescued from the brink of a test, leave a set of printed in- vitations to be sent to friends in the armed forces. tThose who make them out should remember to state the time so that there will be a special broadcast in the middle of Mr. liush's physics class.l And now we come to the bequests of a more personal but equally irrelevant na- ture. I, Lefty Morris, being in a position of popular attention and therefore feeling the need for a bequest, leave my best wishes for the incoming class. I, Mary tBusybodyJ O'Malley, leave to some similarly gifted female of the next class my ability to out-talk any member of my class. We, Basil Verdy and George Mooney fthe 'fLaurel and Hardy" of F. H. SJ, leave Mr. Daniels a picture of ourselves to cheer him between the innings when things look bad. I, Fred tSheikb Vitali, leave to some in- coming Don Juan special directions for better grooming feven how to wave your own hairl. I, Red fHey! Look at Mel Waldron, leave to an unusually lucky member of the succeeding class my knack for con- sistently doing the wrong thing and having it come out all right. I, Don fHep-catl Ephlin, leave to some nervous soul the habit of ruining teachers' nerves by beatin' it out on anything with- in reach. I, George tMatchstickl Reni, leave a standing offer to tutor anyone in the "Reni system of dancing." This consists of lean- ing 'way over backward and letting your partner dance in a circle around you. I, Wallace tCutiel Burgess, leave to an innocent-looking member of the incoming class a list of dumb, disconcerting, but de- cidedly apropos questions for better heck- ling earnest pedagogues. I, Lou lAdonis7 Abelli, leave to the best-looking member of the next class my profile and my far-away look, which often THE PHILOMATH comes in handy when I am being asked a difficult question. I, Jeanne tDid-You-Hear-About-Sd and-So?J Donnelly, leave my ear for gossip and 'fnose for newsl' to anyone in the next class who has no self-conscious- ness or pity in her character. I, Elena tBashfulJ Guerra, leave open for pretty applicants my undisputed posi- tion as the quietest marshal. I, john tGenius?J Antul, leave a deep breath to the one in any future class who thinks that he can talk as long or as often as myself. We, Swede Hedberg and Uncle Bengio- vanni fthe 'fMutt and jeff" of high school J, leave Mr. jones a revised edition of track rules which will allow Swede to -+24 15 jump any way at all, and Uncle to run in every race until the opposition gives up. I, jean McAuley, leave to Sue Merriam a perfect voice for saying, ftI'm only tree an' a half years old." As given in Ward 228 of the Framing- ham Unsanitorium on the seventeenth day of the fifth month in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty- three, and duly witnessed by: Roberta Polepsky Eva Costello H. Victor Perlsputter Edwin Stillwagging and the class ltaw Jyer J. Antonius Duhnne. We, the Class of 1945 leave the High School! 01644 .Jfzlilaay fContinued from page 79 We were amazed to hear that again we had to elect a class adviser. Honestly, it was getting to be a routine. This time we elected Miss Wiley, who had also been ad- viser to the Class of '42, After working with Miss Wiley for a year, all we can say is, "There ought to be a schoolfulf' VVe planned a gala Senior-Sophomore dance to welcome the incoming Class of l45. It was a howling success, as anything promoted by our class would naturally have to be. Election time rolled around again and the class leaders were: ftLefty" Morris, president, Mary Clinton, vice-president, Mary O'Malley, secretary, and 'fPorky" Collins, treasurer. Our athletic teams under the leadership of f'Lefty,' Morris, Billy Ryan, Sid Gree- ley, Basil Verdy, and Bill Martin piled up an impressive string of victories and really gave the school something to root for. The days had gone by on roller skates and we found ourselves approaching grad- uation faster than somewhat. Before we knew it we were in the midst of gradua- tion activities. Junior Prom . . . Band Concert . . . Class Night . . . Music Fes- tival .... All these events seemed to trans- pire in a dizzy haze, or a hazy diz, or some- thing. Then on the night of june 18 we walked the "last mile" down Nevins Hall, up the stairs, across the stage, down the stairs. and back to our seats. We came out of it all clutching a diploma and we knew that this was farewell to F. H. S. forever. FRED YITALI. .15 5.11 A -5 v af iv Glrr-uilv 'A 'ts'-D T U :Al I-'45 . . A Q ., o"' Vu' I ' 1 A iv .4 C: uv? MQ Nu 1-va 5,-,,.. ll? r N I MISS ETHEL WILEY Class Adviser 61644 Gjfama .w ,...--..... , M-im' LOUISE CLINTON HAROLD LLOYD MORRIS Basketbail. 23 Student! Crier, 2-3-4, College Club. 23 School Publications Adv. Staff, 21 Class Vice-Pres.. 2-5--lg Cheer Leader, 2-3. Head Cheer Leader, 41 Stu- dent Council, 3-4, Cor. Sec., 43 Marshal, 3-43 Exec. Com., 3: Sr. Play Com., 33 Citizenship and Morale Com.. 5-4. Sec.. 3: Prom Ticket Com., 33 Spring Dance Com.. 3: Chairman Hospitality Com., 43 Senior-Soph Dance Com.. 41 Football Dance Com., 4g Senior Nomi- nating Com.. 43 D.A.R. Good Citizen Pilgrim-, 43 So- cial Hour Com., Class Night, 41 Class Prophet, 41 Highest Honors for Leadership and Service, 4. The sweetest vice-president F.H.S. ever had. MARY T. CDilN'lALLliY Boosters' Club, 21 Sub-Deb Club, Z, Christmas Boxes. 2-5--4, Dramatic Club, ig Football Dance Com., S3 Lost and Found Com., 51 Class Sec., 5-4, Prom Ticket Com.. ig Student Council. -lg Marshal lfxec. Com., L First Lieut.. -lg Salvage Com., -lg Nominating Com., lg Ho.p1tality Corn., -lg Senior-Soph Dance Com.. -lg Ticlcets .ind Invitations Com., 4, Honorable Mention. l.e.1tlersliip .ind Service. Sweet disposition and full of fun, Mary ii loved by everyone. Baseball, 2-3-45 Football. 3-43 Student Council, 3-4 Marshal, 5-41 Boosters' Club. 53 Salvage Com., 5 Class Pres.. 5-41 Health Club Pres.. 4. Who said you can't have everything? ir'k'k NOTE: In the following pages members of the class in military service are designated thus: i:On active service. +O:i inactive service. 'k'k'k THE PHILOMATH GILIJA ANN ACETI Italian Club, 23 Smooth Grooming Club Vice-Pres., 33 Stamps and Bonds Com., 3-43 Christmas Boxes, 53 Basketball, 4. Johnnie, Tommie, Roy or Bill,-which one could be meant for Gil? Louis TONY ABELLI Boosters, 2-3, Vice-President, 33 Football, 5-43 Bas- ketball, 53 Christmas Boxes, 3-43 Marshal Executive Com., 3-4, Lieut. 33 Student Council, 4, Nominating Committee, 43 Graduation Day Com., 4. A handsome athlete that suits any F.I-I.S. lass. Isn't that right, girls? WINIFRED MARIE ACTON Sub-Deb Club, 23 Christmas Boxes, 2-53 College Club, 33 Chairman, Graduation Ushers, 53 Football Dance Com., 33 Lost and Found Com., 33 Marshal, 43 Boosters' Club, 43 Salvage Executive Com., 43 Co- Chairman, Stamp Drive, 43 Tickets and Invitations Com., 4. A happy-go-lucky lass with the beauty of Old Erin. THOMAS JAMES AI-IEARN Stamps and Bonds Committee, 5. Tom will never be behind the eight ball - he cuts too much On the break. JOHN JULIUS ANTUL Model Airplane Club, 23 Tennis, 2-3-43 Student Council, 23 Chemistry Club Sec., 33 Christmas Boxes, 33 Sugar Rationing Team, 33 Senior Play Stage Com., 3, First Aid, 43 Honor Tenth. Assistant teacher in fifth period physics. CELESTINA ANTONIOLI Italian Club, 23 Dramatic Club, 2g Smooth Groom- ing Club, 53 First Aid, 5-43 Christmas Boxes, 3. A friend in every sense of the word. LEONARD E. BALL Christmas Boxes, 23 Intramural Basketball, 2, Ser- vice Distribution Com., 4. A quiet boy with loads of personality. FRANCIS J. ARCUDI Model Airplane Club, 23 Flying Club, 53 Christmas Boxes, 3, Intramural Basketball, 43 Military Inf., 4. Although Francis left us for the Vocational School, we will always remember him. THE PHILOMATH PATRICIA HELEN BANGS Public Speaking Club, 2, Dance Patrol, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2, Salvage Com., 3, Sfuderzl Crier. 4, First Aid, 4, Honor Tenth. She belies her noisy name. She says little, but pro- duces much. IRENE PATRICIA BARRETT Sub-Deb Club, 2, Safe Drivers' Club, 5, Football Dance Com., 3, First Aid, 5--ig Christmas Boxes, 5-4, Service Distribution Com., 5. A sweeter girl than Irene would be hard to find. RITA A. BELAND Sub-Deb Club, 2, Smooth Grooming Club, Vice- Pres.. 33 Safety Club, 5, Christmas Boxes, 5, Concert Usher, 5, Citizenship and Morale Com., -1. The one that keeps the boys on the run. GINO BASOLI Salvage Com., 4. Gino is not a quiet lad, but Miss Hall says, "Hes not too bad." NORLIA ANTOINETTE BERNARDONI Italian Club, 2-5, Cor. Sec., 5, Red Cross Service Club, 2, Dramatic Club, 3, Christmas Boxes, 5-4, De- fense Stamps and Bonds Com., 3-4, Pfailunmfb, 4. Norma always looks so cool and calm, but when Ray comes home, oh, does her heart beat! Louis ANTHONY BENGIOVANNI Track, 4, Conservation Com., 4, Publicity Team, 4. Benny is small, maybe that is why he learned to run. EVIELYN RITA BORGHI Stamps and Bonds Com., 5--i. Evelyn is a nice girl. Ask Butch- he knows. DoRis BIANCHETTI Basketball, 2, Field Hockey, 2, Sub-Deb Club, 2, Automobile Club, 51 Christmas Boxes, 5-4, Sugar Ra- tioning Team. 51 Marshal, -4, Football Dance Com., -4, Pfyilrmmfff. Al, Tickets and Invitations Com., 4. Personality, poise, and charm make Dot what she is. THE PHILOMATH MARY CATHERINE BOYLE Basketball, 2-3-4, College Club, 2-3, Carnival Com., 2, Field Hockey, 2-3, Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Salvage Com., 3-4, Football Dance Com., 3, Chairman, Record Drive, 4, Alt., Tickets and Invitations Com., 4. A boy from I-Iopkinton has her heart, but she shares her friendship with all. CHARLES HAROLD BRACKEN, JR. Dramatic Club, 2, Tennis, 3, Chemistry Club, 33 First Aid, 4, Capt., Publicity Team, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Toast, Class Supper, 4, Military Inf., 4. Fat and jolly, and a lasting friend. MARJORY RITA BRADY Smooth Grooming Club, 3, First Aid, 3, Salvage Com., Sec., 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Lost and Found Com., 4. Margie's cute, Margie's sweet. ln Zeke's heart she can't be beat. BARBARA MARIE BRYANT 'f Ping-Pong, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2, Citizenship and Morale Com., 3, Knitting Club, 3, Decorating Com. for Graduation, 3, Prom Refreshment and Ticket Com., 3, Slzzjem Crier, 4, Commercial Service Club, 4, Paper Drive, 4, Chairman, Decorations, Senior- Soph Dance, 4, Football Dance Com., 4. John and Barbara, Barbara and john-a combina- tion that can't go wrong. DOROTHY MARY BURKE Basketball, 3, Studenl Crier, 3-4, Carnival Minstrel Show, 2, Home Room Basketball, 3, Smooth Groom- ing Club, 3, Knitting Club, 3, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Stamps and Bonds, 3, Commercial Service Club, 4, Handbook Com., 4, Honor Tenth. Dot will never say "die", on that you can always rely. WALLACE J. BURGESS Ping-Pong, 2, Carnival Com., 2, Boosters' Club, 2-3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Safe Drivers' Club, 3, Stamps and Bonds Com., 3, Graduation Decorating Com., 3, Track, 4, Pfailmmzzly, 4, Safety Com., 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Service Distribution Com., 4, Class Prophet, 4, Social Hour Com., Class Night, 4, Military Inf., 4. The morale builder through his optimism and keen sense of humor. K RUTH ANNE CAMPBELL -" Ping-Pong, 2, Boosters' Exec. Com., 3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Citizenship and Morale Com., 3-4, Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Boosters' Club, Sec., 4, Class Supper Com., 4. Personality and vitality-Ruth has both. NANCY ANN BURKES Christmas Boxes, 2-3, Football Dance Usher, 2, Stamps and Bonds Com., 3-4, Softball, 3, Capt., Ra- tioning Distribution Team, 4. Nancy is faithful to Brownie. EL FR ED THE PHILOMATH EANOR M. CANELLI Smooth Grooming Club. 3: Knitting Club. 5: Ser- vice Distribution Com.. 51 Bonds and Stamps Com.. -4. Ellie. the girl with the twinkle in het eye. to help you out will always try. ANCIS DANIEL CAMPION, JR. Ping-Pong Club. 21 Christmas Boxes. 2-5--13 Intra- mural Basketball. 23 Tennis. 2-31 Student Council. 5-4. Pres.. 43 Marshal. 5--i3 XX'ar Council. 5: Chemistry Club. 33 Parliamentary Law Club. 33 Prom Ticket Com.. 51 Co-Chairman. Newspaper Drive. 51 Chair- man Senior Elections. 3: Football Dance Com.. 5-43 Citizenship and Morale Com.. -1: Senior-Soph Dance Com.. -13 Soph Elections. 3-43 Military Addresses Com.. 43 Highest Honors for Leadership and Service. 43 Class Gift Com.. -I3 Military Inf.. -I. Ow-o-o-o-ol 'Nuff saidf VCX-XRD FRANCIS CAPOBIANCO Football. 2-5--13 Basketball. 2. -ig Golf. 23 Manager. Intramural Basketball. 23 Christmas Boxes. 2. -ig Newspaper Drive. 31 Citizenship and Morale Com.. -ig Football Dance Com.. 4. Any girl would walk a mile to see his wavy hair and smile. ROY ROBERT CAPR.-X Prom Decorating Com.. 3: Marshal. -13 Conservation Com.. 4. A perfect specimen of a girl's heart throb. How about it. Lu? SI-IERVFOOD CARR Gym Club. 21 Intramural Basketball. 23 Christmas Boxes. 2--13 Safety Club. 43 First Aid. -I. Don't let Rocky get you perplexedg he gets that way from working at Duplex. FRANCIS FREDERICK CARINI Ass't Mgr.. Baseball. 2: Ping-Pong Club. 23 Boost- ers' Club. 5-41 Intramural Basketball. 2-51 Football. 2-5: Marshal. 5-43 Christmas Boxes. -lg Class Gift Com.. 43 Highest Scholastic Honors. ell Class Orator. 4. Moose likes Pope. Keats. and Damon Runyon 1l1ow'd he get itil. Evo CASTELLI Model Airplane. 2-5. Pres.. 21 Honor Tenth. If it's any information you need-hes always up Zu pair. At'RoRA IVIARY Castgtouxt Field Hockey. 23 College Club. 2-3. Sec.. 5: Hand- laotrk Com.. 2. Christmas Boxes. 2-51 Carnival Com.. 23 Citizenship and Morale Com.. 51 Salvage Com.. 4. Theres a lot of truth in the song: Youre a Sweet- lieart in a Million, Oli-oh-oh-oh. Anrmnz. THE PHILOMATH THELMA RITA CAVATORTA Sub-Deb Club, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2, 4, Safe Driv- ers' Club, 3, Football Dance Club, 3, Salvage Club, 4, Surgical Dressings, 4. Thelma isn't very tall, but she made her marine fall. DOROTHEA CHIAPPINI Basketball, 2-3-4, Marshal, 2-3-4, Pbilomulb, 2-3, Italian Club, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Carnival Com., 2, Field Hockey, 2-3-4, Boosters' Club, 3, Chemistry Club, 3, Knitting Club, 3, Student Crier, 3-4, Conservation Com., 3, Student Council, 4, Com- mercial Service Club, 4, Graduation Usher, 3, Chair- man, Refreshments, Football Dance, 4, Social Hour Com., Class Night, 4, Handbook Com., 4, Senior Nominating Com., 4, Honor Tenth. Dot has pretty brown hair and eyes, nearest of clothes, a brain that is wise. MARY JOAN CI-IISHOLM First Aid, 4. The redhead with the pleasing personality. DOROTHY ANN CLINTON Baseball, 2, Basketball, 2-3-4, College Club, 2-3, Dance Club, 2, Boosters' Club, 2-3-4, Red Cross, 2, Carnival Com., 2, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Citizenship and Morale Com., 3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Student Crier Adv. Staff, 2-3-4, Nominating Com., 4, Graduation Usher, 3, Hospitality Com., 4, Class Supper Com., 4. Gayety and neatness are two virtues she will never be without. JACK ROBERT CLOPECK Track, 2-3-4, Ping-Pong, 2, Student Council, 2-3-4, Football Mgr., 2-3-4, Christmas Boxes, 2-3, Intramural Basketball, 2-3, Hockey, 2-3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Football Dance Com., 3, Ch., Red Cross Com., 4, Class Gift Com., 4, Military Inf., 4. Easy with Mary, but on skates - Zip! JOHN EDWARD COLLINS Intramural Basketball, 2, Football, 3, Newspaper Drive, 3, Gun Club, 3, Christmas Boxes, 5, Stamps and Bonds Com., 3, Class Treas., 4. Porky is liked by everyone, enemies he has none. JANICE RITA CONNORS Basketball, 2-3-4, College Club, 2-3, Carnival Com., 2, Citizenship and Morale Com., 3-4, Sllzdenz Crier Adv. Staff, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Hospitality Com., 4. Hair and heart of gold. EMILIA A. COLOMBO Sub-Deb Club, 2, Safe Drivers' Club, 3, Stamps and Bonds Com., 3-4, Christmas Boxes, 3, Graduation Decorating Com., 3, Honor Tenth. A girl whose smartness and popularity are the envy of everyone. 24 le' PA IRIS THE PHILOMATH ELAINE M. CROFT Basketball. 21 Smderzt Crier Adv. Staff. 2-5-41 Typist. 2-51 Badminton. 51 Knitting Club. 31 Football Dance Com.. 31 Christmas Boxes. 5-41 Com'l. Service Club. 41 Handbook Com.. 4. Elaines always happy and always gay: these will carry her along life's way. RICHARD HENRX' CRANE Boosters' Club. 2-31 Ping-Pong. 21 Safe Drivers' Club. 3: Intramural Basketball. 2-31 Christmas Boxes. 5-41 Marshal. 4: Safety Club Pres.. 4. The best boys. like Richard. sometimes come in small packages. L'LlNE R. DALTON Sub-Deb Club. 23 Christmas Boxes. 2. 41 Marshal. 5-41 College Club. 31 Football Dance Com.. SQ Salvage Com.. 41 Graduation Usher. 5. If girls could be "tall, dark and handsome." she'd be the one. BIARY If.-KTHRYN CUNNINGHAM Dramatic Club. 35 Citizenship and Morale Com., 3-41 Christmas Boxes. 41 Honor Tenth. jolly and pleasant at all times. IYIARJORIE ANN DAULEY Safe Drivers' Club. 31 Stamps and Bonds Com.. 3-4. Marge is fair and sweet. shes the one Steve always IDCCIS. LL'cY BIARY DAUPHINEE Basketball. 21 Dramatic Club. 31 Stamps and Bonds Com.. 5: Com'l. Service Club. 41 51144416111 Crier Adv. Staff. 41 Christmas Boxes. 4. Lucy's in a lion's den. NY'ho shall it be. Russ or Ken? EDXYARD C. DAv1s Intramural Basketball, 21 Chemistry Club. 51 Sugar Rationing Team. 5. Eddie with the dark blue eyes and winning smile. N15 M. DAY Dramatic Club. 21 Christmas Boxes. 2-31 Basketball. 31 Field Hockey. 51 Citizenship and Morale Com.. 51 Com'l. Service Club. 41 Library Service Club. -1: Alt., Tickets and lnvitations Com.. 41 Honor Tenth. Irene is quiet. smart and sweet: she'll make a secre- tary that cant be beat. THE PHILOMATH PAT DEMAIJROT Home Room Basketball, 2, Football, 3, Basketball, 5, Intramural Basketball, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. The Benny Goodman of F.H.S. ALBERT M. DECOLLIBUS Flying Club, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2-3, Citizenship and Morale Com., 3-4, Military Inf., 4. "Bumming along the Turnpike." Wliere to, Al? VIRGINIA RUTH DEXTER Student Council, 2, Dramatic Club, 2-3, Marshal, 3, Stamps and Bonds Com., 3-4, Prom Refreshment Com., 3, Christmas Boxes, 4, Alt., Tickets and Invita- tions Com., 4. Ginny has the sweetest smile, seeing it is worth your while. HARRY H. DEVINE X! Marshal, 2-3-4, Exec. Com., 2, Ping-Pong Club, 2, Boosters' Club, 3-4, S. C. Rep., 4, Safety Com., 3-4, Pres., 3, Football Dance Com., 3, Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Student Council, 4, Senior Nominating Com., 4, Senior-Soph Dance Com., 4, Football Dance Com., 4, Class Gift Com., 4. I love the girls and the girls love me. VIRGINIA RUTH DOMEY Sub-Deb Club, 2, Smooth Grooming Club, 3, Pbifu- mtzlb. 4, Citizenship and Morale Com., 4, Rationing Distribution Team, 4. A sweet little miss. JEANNE F. DONNELLY Basketball, 2-3-4, Softball, 2, Field I-Iockey, 2-3-4, Sludenl Crier Staff, 2-3-4, Badminton, 2, Dance Club, 2, Red Cross, 2, Lost and Found Com., 2, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Boosters' Club, 3-4, Knit- ting Club, 3, Citizenship and Morale Com., 3-4, Prom Usher, 3, Pbilozmzib. 4, Senior-Soph Dance Com., 4, Chairman Intramural Basketball, 4, Class Prophet, 4, Football Dance Com., 2-3-4, Parliamentary Law Club, 3, Prom Ticket Com., 3, Graduation Usher, 3, Social Hour Com., Class Night, 4. The girl with the laughing eyes and sparkling smile. JOHN ANTHONY DIINNT Tennis, 2-3, Ping Pong Club, 2, Ch1'istInas Boxes, 2-3-4, Carnival Com., 2, Intramural Basketball, 2-3-4, Chemistry Club, 3, First Aid Exec. Com., 3, Sr. Play Com., 3, Graduation Decorations Com., 3, Track, 4, Marshal, 4, Student Crier. 4, Safety Com., 4, Senior Nominating Com., 4, Class Lawyer, 4, I-Ionor Tenth, Music Festival Com., 4, Military Inf., 4. From the girls john's not aloof, for you see john is a good kid. MOLLY A. DUCEY Sec., Ping Pong Club, 2, Carnival Com., 2, Safety Com., 3, Citizenship and Morale Com., 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Music Festival Com., 4. She's quiet, but oh, my! THE PHILOMATH PAUL EDWARD DYczEwsK1 Track, 4, Intramural Basketball, 4. The blond Hercules of the track team. EVERETT Oris DYER Intramural Basketball, 2-3-4, Airplane Club, 2, Chemistry Club, 3, Conservation Com., 3, Prom Patrol, 3, Salvage Com., 4, Rationing Distribution Team, 4, Military Inf., 4, Elections Com., 3. King of pool, especially at Polly's house. DONALD FRANCIS EPI-1 LIN Boosters' Club, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Ping Pong, 2, Carnival Com., 2, Marshal, 3-4, Fire Brigade, 3, Concert Ticket Com., 3, Safety Com., 4, Student Council, 4, Honor Tenth. Shucks, anybody would be popular if they rode fire engines. JAMES RICHARD FAIRT Intramural Basketball, 2, Basketball, 3-4, Baseball, 3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Boosters' Club, 3, Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Student Council, 4, Salvage Com., 4, Graduation Day Com., 4, Military Inf., 4. The baseball team's best hitter is Titter. ARNOLD E. FERRARIT Football, 2-3-4, Baseball, 2-3-4, Student Council, 2-3-4, Exec. Com., 2-3, Marshal, 2-3-4, Airplane Club, 2, Class President, 2, Boosters' Club, 2, Fire Brigade, 3, Prom Ticket Com., 3, Intramural Basketball, 3, Pbilomtztla, 4, First Aid, 4, Graduation Day Com., 4. Dark, sparkling eyes, and those dimples surely get 'em. MARY CATHERINE FERRITER Basketball, 2-3, Dramatic Club, 2, Marshal, 3-4, College Club, 3g Safety Com., 3, Lost and Found Com., 2, 4, Citizenship and Morale Com., 4, Service Distributing Com., 3-4, Studenl Crier Adv. Staff, 4, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Graduation Usher, 3, Football Dance Com., 3, Tickets and Invitations Com., 4. An Irish colleen with a friendly smile. SHEILA M. FINN Dance Club. 2-3, Christmas Boxes, 2, 4, Quiz Team, 2, Slzzdenf Crier Staff, 3-4, Safety Com., 3-4, Football Dance Com., 3, Spring Dance Patrol, 3, Intramural Basketball, 4. How so much charm and beauty are possessed by one girl we-'ll never know. EL15ANoRA V. FIORIO Italian Club, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Salvage Com., 3-4, Football Dance Usher, 4, Music Festival Com.. 4. She went "solid" at the U.S.O. THE PHILOIVIATH CHARLES Ostgoou FLAGGT Chemistry Club, 33 Christmas Boxes, 3. Charley's hair is long and wavy3 he hasn't brushed it since he was a baby. MARJORIE LOUISE Foss Salvage Com., 43 Automobile Club Sec.. 3: Lost and Found Com., 23 Christmas Boxes, 3. Always full of fun and vitality. CYNTHIA ANNE FOSTER Ping Pong, 23 College Club, 23 Carnival Com., 23 Tennis, 3-43 Chemistry Club, 33 Christmas Boxes, 3-43 Conservation Com., 33 Intramural Basketball, 33 Safety Com., 43 Publicity Team, 4. Friendly and helpful to everyone. CHARLES B. FOSTER Flying Club, 2-33 Safety Com., 33 Christmas Boxes, 3-43 Conservation Com., 43 Honor Tenth. A lad that will always be remembered by his class- mates. ARTHUR JOHN FRONDA Tennis Mgr., 23 Carnival Com., 23 Intramural Bas- ketball, 2-33 Quiz Team, 23 Chemistry Club, 33 Lieut., Patrol, Spring Dance, 33 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Prom Patrol, 33 Marshal, 43 Boosters' Club, 43 Salvage Com., 43 Senior Nominating Com., 43 Rationing Distribution Team, 43 Program Com., Class Night, 43 Military In ., 4. Absence makes the heart grow "Fronda." SHIRLEY IRENE FOSTER Tennis, 2-3-43 College Club, 2-33 Ping Pong, 23 Carnival Com., 23 Dance Club, 2-33 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Stamps and Bonds Com., 3-43 Badminton, 33 Prom Refreshments Com., 33 Graduation Usher, 3. A grand friend and a faithful baseball fan. JOHN ANDREW' FURBER, JR. Ping Pong, 23 Hockey. 31 Salvage Com., 3-43 Capt.. Distributing Team, 43 Christmas Boxes, 4. A.W.O.L. QA wolf on the loose.l VIRGINIA BERNADETTE GALLAQHER Sub-Deb Club, Vice-Pres., 23 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Dramatic Club Vice-Pres., 33 Lost and Found Com., 33 Football Dance Com., 33 Marshal, 43 Slndenf Crier Adv. Staff, 43 Com'l. Service Club, 43 Gradua- tion Usher, 33 Tickets and Invitations Com., 4. Happy-go-lucky and full of fun - she's a pal to everyone. ggifa.- THE PHILOMATH PAULINIQ ANNE GALVIN Automobile Club, 3g Citizenship and Morale Com., ln school Polly is quiet, but certainly makes up for it outside. KATHLIEIEN ANN GALLON! Ping Pong, 23 Conservation Coma 51 Christmas Boxes, BQ Prom Usher, 33 Pblfllllltlfb. A11 Stamps and Bonds Com., 43 Marshal, 2, 4. t, 5 Her heart belongs to Bob! DORIS ANN GARBARINO Red Cross Drive, 23 Football Dance Usher, 23 Christmas Boxes, 2-33 Boosters' Club, 23 Basketball, 53 Sfndenl Crier Adv. Staff, 5-43 Knitting Club, 33 Chem- istry Club, 53 Stamps and Bonds Com.. 51 Graduation Decorations Com., 53 Marshal, 43 Handbook Com., -43 Com'l. Service Club, Mig Honor Tenth. Pretty hair and eyes of broxvn3 Dot is known all over town. CHARLES LUDWRQ GARDNER Baseball, 2-5--13 Hockey, Z-33 Model Airplane Club, 2-33 Christmas Boxes, 23 Safety Com.. 51 Military Inf., -l. Charley is only shadow-boxing H he hasnt got in a 1'eal blow yet. FRIED GARRY Basketball, 2. Fred was very quiet in school, but outside we know dillerent. MARX' TH IERISSA GARRITY Basketball, 2-5--13 Baseball, 23 Plvifwmzlfi Adv. Stall, 23 Christmas Boxes, 23 Minstrel Show, Carnival, 23 Marshal, 5--13 Smooth Grooming Club, 33 Stamps and Bonds Com., 3--lg Prom Refreshments and Patrol, 53 Tennis, sl. Charming personality, ever true, shell always be a friend to you. Doius jiaAN Gi2i2HAN Ping Pong, 23 College Club, 51 Christmas Boxes, 33 Conservation Com., -lp Service Distribution Team, -1. A sweet smile, lovely blue eyes, and you have jean. -. DAVID VUILLIAM GAVIN Model Airplane Club, 2g Christmas Boxes, 2-5-A13 lntramural Basketball, 23 Gun Club. 51 Stamps and Bonds Ifxec. Com., 53 Prom Refreshments Com., 53 Boosters' Club lixec. Com., -13 lNIarshal, AI3 Salvage Com., A13 Military lnf., -1. The Romeo of XX'ausliakum. THE PHILOMATH MARY R. GENESEO Basketball, 2-3-4, Capt., 33 Baseball, 2-33 Flying Club, 23 Safe Drivers' Club, 53 Softball, 43 Salvage Com., 4. The best forward basketball player F.H.S. has had. MARGARET Ti-1EREsE GEOGHEGAN Baseball, 23 College Club, 2-33 Prom Refreshment Com., 33 Stamps and Bonds Com., 3-43 Capt., Sugar Rationing Distribution Com., 3-43 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Marshal, 43 Football Dance Com., 43 Senior- Soph Dance Com., 4. Her sunshiny smile is an advertisement for the Sun- shine Dairy. ALBERT GEORGE GIARDINI Chemistry Club, 33 Safety Com., 43 Pfyilwmzlb, 4. This young Rembrandt will be an artist of note. MARY ELEANOR GILLIS Public Speaking Club, 23 Safe Drivers' Club, 33 First Aid, 33 Christmas Boxes, 43 Stamps and Bonds Com., Bookkeeper, 43 Rationing Distribution Team, 5-4, Capt., 4. Ellie and Eddie are certainly slick. He's in the Navy. the Axis to lick. FLORA GITTLESON Shes the one who tries to keep the curls from her eyes. CARL EDWARD GODDARD Football Dance Com., 23 Safe Drivers' Club, 53 Christmas Boxes, 43 Soldiers' Gift Com., 43 Safety Com., 43 Military Inf., 4. J. J. Newberry's private handyman. RICHARD STOCKWELL GOODVUINT Track. 23 Automobile Club, 53 Stamps and Bonds Exec. Com., 4. The happy-go-lucky lad. HELEN ELEANOR GRAHALI Ping Pong, 23 Christmas Boxes, 2-52 Ring Com., 33 Citizenship and Morale Com., 51 College Club, 53 First Aicl, 43 Senior-Soph Dance Com., 43 Graduation Usher, 53 Soldiers' Gift Com., 43 Prom Usher, 3. Helen has a perfect personality, but all charms are for Bill. THE PHILOMATH Viouzr GREENWOOD College Club, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2-5--1, Carnival Com., 2, Boosters' Club, 3, Safety Exec. Com., 31 Ring Com., 3, Parliamentary Law Club, 3, First Aid, -1, Tickets and Invitations Com., -1. Her brown eyes fascinate everyone, especially Tony. SIDNEY F. GREELEY, JR. Tennis, 2-3, 2-3, Hockey, 2-3-4, Capt., -1, Football, -1, Pbifomiztfa. 2-3--1, Editor-in-Chief, 4, Boosters' Club. 2, Ping Pong Vice-Pres., 2, Christmas Boxes, 2, Student Council, 3--1, Exec. Com.. 31 Mar- shal, 3-4, 2nd Lieut., 4, Prom Ticket Com.. 5: Class Treas., 3, Sr. Play Usher. 33 Parliamentary Law Club, 33 Baseball, -lg Safety Club, 4, Chairman, -Ir. Elections, -ig Social Hour Com., Class Night, -1, Military Inf., 4, Highest Honors for Leadership and Service, -1. Tennis, hockey, football, baseball. X5C'hat, no field hockey? DARIO CHARLES GUERNIERI Basketball, 2-3, Italian Club, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2, -1, Intramural Basketball, 2, Marshal, 3--1, Parlia- mentary Law Club, 3, Chairman, Newspaper Drive, 3, Boosters' Club, 4, First Vice-Pres., Student Council, 3, Safety Club, -1, Capt., Distributing Team, -ig Pro- gram Com., Class Night, -lg Military Inf., -1. A witty remark, a hearty laugh - thats Dario. EDVVARD P. GLIARDIANI Hockey, 2, Flying Club, 2, Football. 31 Home Room Basketball, 3, Safety Club, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. Eddie is helpful and friendly to all. CONCETTINA E. GUQUELMO Italian Club, 2, Dance Club, 2, Basketball, 3: Stamps and Bonds Com., 3--1, Service Distributing Team, -1. Connie misses him, and how. Too bad, he's in the army now. ELENA GLTERRA Basketball, 2-3-4, Baseball, 2, Field Hockey. 2-3--1, Sub-Deb Club, 2, Boosters' Club, 2-3, Treas.. 51 Christ- mas Boxes, 2, Marshal, 3-4, College Club, 3, Hospi- tality Com., 3, Prom and Football Dance Usher, 3, Salvage Com. Exec. Com., 3, Pres., -1, Student Council Rec. Sec.. -1, Nominating Com., 3--1, Rationing Dis- tributing Team, 4, Senior-Soph Dance Com., -1, Co- Ch., Lost and Found, 4, Football Dance Com. 4, Parl. Law Club, 3, Wfar Council. 51 Graduation Usher, 3, Music Festival Com., -1, Honor Tenth, Highest Honors, Leadership and Service. Petite, cute, and popular - that's Elena. ELEANOR V. GIIMBIEN College Club, 2-3, Christmas Boxes, 2, Carnival Com., 2, Safety Club, 3, Stamps and Bonds Com., 4, Nominating Com., -1. Quiet and studious at times, but really full of fun and frolic. INIARIIE ANN HANAGAN Christmas Boxes, 2, Stamps and Bonds Com., 4, Sub-Deb Club, 2, Smooth Grooming Club, 3, Prom Refreshment Com., 3. Could it be the Irish in Dolly that makes her so friendly? THE PHILOMATH MARY K. HANLEY Sub-Deb Club, 23 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Smooth Grooming Club, 33 Prom Decorating Com., 33 First Aid, 33 Lost and Found Com., 33 Citizenship and Morale Com., 4. Everybody's friend because of her grand sense of humor. PHYLLIS HANSON Stamps and Bonds Com., 5-43 Christmas Boxes, 43 Prom Refreshment Com., 3. Phyllis is always sweet and gay, bringing joy throughout the clay. ALVAN Lissrus HASKINS Student Council, 23 Ping Pong Club, 23 Carnival Com., Z3 Marshal, 2-33 Safe Drivers' Club, 33 Christ- mas Boxes, 2-33 Football Dance Patrol, 33 Safety Com., 43 Soldiers' Gift Com., 43 Senior-Soph Dance Patrol, 53 Military Inf., 4. "Olclsmobiles are the laeif, I know." ERNEST E. I-IEDBERG Baseball, 33 Salvage Com., 3-43 Christmas Boxes, 3-43 Gym Club, 33 Service Distributing Team, 43 Mar- shal, 43 Track, 43 Pfaifonmlfa. 43 Military Inf., 4. Swede certainly has civic pride when it comes to speaking about Sherborn. MARY LUCY HILL ff Dance Club, 23 Safe Drivers' Club, 33 Citizenship and Morale Com., 33 Prom Refreshments Com., 33 Home Room Basketball, 33 Salvage Com,, 43 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Football Dance Usher, 4. Could it be the climate that attracts Mary to the wilds of Maine? LAMORA ANNA HEIBER Sub-Deb Club, 23 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Lost and Found Com., 2-33 College Club, 33 Rationing Distribu- tion Service, 5'43 Student Crier Adv. Staff, 43 Stamps and Bonds Com., 43 Surgical Dressings, 43 Senior-Soph gance gom., 43 Graduation Usher, 33 Football Dance om., . Neat, sweet, and trim, that's LaMora. JEAN MARIE HOLLANDER Sub-Deb Club, 23 Christmas Boxes, 2-33 Com'l. Club, 33 Dramatic Club, 33 Ring Com., 53 Student Crier Adv. Staff, 43 Com'l. Service Club, 4. A pretty face. and wavy hair, but she's true to Leo, so, boys, beware! RUTH ANN I-IOBAN College Club, 33 Citizenship and Morale Com., 3-43 Prom Refreshments Com., 33 Christmas Boxes, 33 Prom Patrol, 33 Rationing Distribution Team, 3-4. Though she seems to be with us in person, her heart and mind are at the Naval Academy. gzya.- THE PHILOMATH MARGIARET JOHNSON IRVINE College Club, 2-3, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Carnival Com., 21 Citizenship and Morale Com., 3-4. Her friendly ways are simply disarming. MARION RUTH HUGHES If Christmas Boxes, 33 Smdenz Crier Adv. Staff, -4g Com'l. Service Club, -ig Surgical Dressings, -1. She has a nice shy smile, Marion's a friend worth while. ROBERT C. JOHNSON Dance Club, 25 Baseball, 3--ig Conservation Corn., -ig Intramural Basketball, 2-3--ig Military Inf., -1. Called "Bib" for shortg when he's around, you'll bear about baseball whether you like it or not. EILEEN M. KEEFE Szzzdezzl Crier Adv. Staff, -lg Com'l. Service Club, 43 Surgical Dressings, 4. You hear songs of cute colleensg close your eyes and see Eileen. DOROTHY ELAINE KENNEDY Dance Club, 2, Smooth Grooming Club, 51 Stamps and Bonds Com., 3-4, Sec. Exec. Com., -ig Football Dance Com., 3: Soldiers' Gift Com., -ig Christmas Boxes, 4. . Dot has eyes of real, true blue. She's a pal who's loyal, too, DORIS LOUISE KIM BALL Carnival Com., 23 Smooth Grooming Club, 31 Christmas Boxes, 3, Com'l. Service Club, -ig Soldiers' Gift Com., 4. A smile for you whenever you meetg her personality can't be beat. ROBERT HIENRY KINU Intramural Basketball, 2-31 Quiz Team, 2g Auto- mobile Club, 3, Safety Club Exec. Com., 51 Paper Drive Com., 3, Stamps and Bonds Com., -lg Christmas Boxes, -1. Mr. Bush's best customer. FRIED R. KINNARNIQX' Dance Club, 2, Intramural Basketball, 3-Al, Christ- mas Boxes, 31 Safety Com., Alg Basl-tetball, -11 Military lnf 1 Could it be that Fred's wavy brown hair attracts jean? THE PHILOMATH JOHN J. KINNARNEY Model Airplane Club, 21 Hospitality Com., 21 ln- tramural Basketball, 2-53 Safe Drivers' Club, 51 Fire Brigade, 3g Christmas Boxes, 3-41 Safety Club, 4g Sol- diers' Gift Com., 4. That errand boy sure gets around - even to Quincy. ROBERT EDWARD KINNARNEY Christmas Boxes, 3-4g Capt., Distributing Service Team, 4. Bobby, Bobby, where did you get the duds? STANLEY ROBERT KUSTRON Intramural Basketball, 25 Christmas Boxes, 2g Mili- tary Inf., 4. The "Butter King" at Kennedys Market. if' CATHERINE M. LANOLEY Bonds and Stamps Com.. 51 Marshal, 4g First Aid, 4g Soldiers' Gift Com., 4. Sometimes mischievous, but mostly shy, the one who gets her is a lucky guy. RALPH F. LANGLEY X Ping Pong, 23 Dance Club, 21 Safety Com., 31 Con- servation Corn., 43 Christmas Boxes, 43 Alt., Tickets and Invitations Com., 4g Blilitary Inf., 4. The boy who knows all the answers. MARIE D. LAVALLEE Sub-Deb Club, 21 Ping Pong, 23 Christmas Boxes, 2-5-43 Carnival Com., 23 Health Com.. 5: Sr. Play Scenery Com., 31 Smooth Grooming Club, 5, Stamps and Bonds Exec. Com., 4. Pretty, charming, and loads of fun. ROSALYN LEBEWOHL Sub-Deb Club, 2-51 Com'l. Service Club, 31 Christ- mas Boxes. 5-4: Citizenship and Morale Com., 41 Capt., Distributing Service Team, 5-4. Friend of all and foe of none. DANA GIBSON LEAVITT Sludenf Crier Staff, 2-3-41 Ping Pong, 21 Citizenship and Morale Com., 41 Christmas Boxes, 41 Intramural Basketball, 3-43 Military Inf., 4. F.H.S. ace sports writer. WL ' i.s-.-tel A' THE PHILOMATH RITA MARY LEBLANC Citizenship and Morale Com., 31 Prom Patrol, 33 Stamps and Bonds Com., -ig Christmas Boxes, 4. Rita and Dick are quite a pairg they rate most everywhere. JEAN LEE Honor Tenth. A friend like "Gypsy" is very rare. TONY A. LIEONARDO Military Inf., 4. A superman for superservice. DAWN ELIZABETH LEONARD Christmas Boxes, 2-3--ig Hospitality Com., 2g Quiz Team, 21 College Club, 31 Stamps and Bonds Com., 33 Marshal, -lg Citizenship and Morale Com., 43 junior Elections Com., -l. An all-around pal, with plenty of vim and vigor. ALICE DORQTHEA LEXVIS Marshal, Z, -lg Sub-Deb Club Sec., 21 Christmas Boxes, 2-3--lg Smooth Grooming Club. 51 Salvage Com., 43 Football Dance Com., -1. An appearance that's always sweet and neat makes Alice a treat that can't be beat. IRENE ROSEMARY LEPORE Basketball. 31 Baseball, 51 Dramatic Club, 51 Stamps and Bonds Com., 31 Prom Refreshments Com., S3 Foot- ball Dance Com., 51 Lost and Found Com., SL Christ- mas Boxes, 2-5-43 Safety Exec. Com., 41 Football Dance Usher, -lg Senior'Soph Dance Com., 4. Catch that look, catch that smile, cheerful and friendly all the while. ARLINE ETHEL LINDGRFN Stamps and Bonds Com., -ig Smooth Grooming Club, 31 Class Ping Pong Champion. 51 Sugar Rationing Team, 5, Com'l. Service Club, 4g Honor Tenth. Nice blonde hairg big blue eyesg she twinkles like a star in the sky. WILHIQLMINA M. LoNo Basketball Mgr., 21 Dance Club, 2g Christmas Boxes, 2, .lg Concert Usher, 21 Smooth Grooming Club, 51 Sal- vage Com., 5--1, Exec. Com., Alg Football Dance Com., 53 Senior-Sopli Dance Com., -l. Billies cute, Billie's smart. A certain sailor has Billie's heart. THE PHILOMATH MIRIAM FRANCES LUBY College Club, 2g Christmas Boxes. 2. -ig Carnival Com., 2g Chemistry Club, 3, Health Com.. 53 Prom Usher, 3g Slllcllenl Crier Staff, 4g Conservation Com,, 4, Marshal, 33 Rationing Distributing Service, 5--ig Honor Tenth. Mimi - cute, and loads of fun. MARILYN HARRIET LUCEY Ping Pong. 23 College Club. 3: Health Com.. 3, Prom Patrol, 33 Citizenship and Morale Com.. 4. Simple and sweet - or is she? A young lady who's going places, - but fast! MARGARET MACCORMICK College Club. 2-3. Vice-Pres.. 33 Lost and Found Com.. 21 Boosters' Club, 2-3-43 Pbilozmzlb, 2-3-4g Mar- shal, 3-41 War Council, 3g Citizenship and Morale Com.. 3g Prom Usher and Patrol, 33 Candy Girl. Sr. Play. 31 Sr. Elections Com., 3, Red Cross Sewing. 33 Sugar Rationing Team, 31 Slzzdenl Crier. 4, Senior Nominating Com.. 4, Ch., Refreshments. Senior-Soph Dance. 4g Honor Tenth. So joyous, with a laughing air. FRANCIS A. MACCHIAROLI, JR. Christmas Boxes. 2-3-41 Italian Club. 3. Intramural Basketball. 31 Safety Com., 4g Military Inf.. 4. The future Mayor of Sherborn. PAUL BOUCHARD MACDONALDSS Military Inf.. 4g First Aid, 4. An army private with the brains of a lieutenant. MARY CATHERINE MACLEOD Red Cross Service Club. 21 Dance Club. 21 College Club. 3: Stamps and Bonds Com., 3g Christmas Boxes. 59 First Aid, 4. A pleasing personality and plenty of friends. IRENE LOUISE MAILHOIT Safe Drivers' Club. 3g Marshal, 4g Salvage Com., 4. A nifty personality with a smile to match, CHARLES WALTER MAJOR Marshal. 2-3g Ping Pong. 23 Christmas Boxes. 23 In- tramural Basketball, 33 Chemistry Club, 3, Citizenship and lNIorale Com., 3-4, Handbook Com.. 33 Paper Drive. 3g Patrol, Football and Spring Dances, 33 Grad- uation Decorating Com., 3g Sludt-nf Crier Staff. 45 Military Inf., 4. jovial. jollylierj. cheery. 354239- THE PHILOMATH RICHARD JAMES MANNINGX Model Airplane Club, 23 Christmas Boxes, 23 Mar- shal, 33 Flying Club. 5. Dick built up the patronage of the St. George as Babe Ruth did for the Yankee Stadium. THELMA MARIE MARENGHI jr. Red Cross Service Club, 23 Flying Club, 23 Field Hockey, 23 Quiz Team, 23 Basketball, 33 Baseball, 33 Safe Drivers' Club, 33 Citizenship and Morale Com., 3-43 Christmas Boxes, 3. Keeps the morale of the army high. I 3 fi WILLIAM MILNE MARTIN ootball, 3-43 Track, 3-4, Capt., 43 Marshal, 3-43 Graduation Decorating Com., 33 Capt., Rationing Dis- tribution Service, 3-43 Christmas Boxes, 43 Soldiers' Gift Com., 43 Safety Com., 43 Class Supper Com., 4. - lf you can't find Bill, just look for a ring of girls- he'll be in the middle. BARBARA MASON Marshal, 2-33 College Club, 2-33 Stamps and Bonds Com., 3-43 Prom Patrol, 33 Nominating Com., 33 Christmas Boxes, 3-43 Graduation Usher, 33 Football Dance Com., 4. "Them there eyes!" CIQLESTIA M. MATHIEU Basketball, 3-43 Marshal, 3-43 Student Council, 33 Dramatic Club. 33 Salvage Com., 3-4, Exec. Com., 43 Field Hockey, 33 Nominating Com., 33 Christmas Boxes, 33 Pbilormzfb, 43 Boosters' Club, 43 Football and Senior-Soph Dance Com., 43 Program Com., Class Night, 4. The word is getting all around that Sis is the sweet- est blonde in town. JISANNIE MARIE MCALILEY Boosters' Club, 23 Quiz Team, 23 College Club, 2-3, Treas., 33 Dance Club, 33 Stamps and Bonds Com., 3-43 Nominating Com., 33 Ch., Prom Decorating Com., 51 Christmas Boxes, 33 Football Dance Com.. 33 Slu- fftfzll Crier Adv. Staff, 33 Marshal, 43 Football and Senior-Soph Dance Com., 43 Flower Com., for Grad- uation, 33 Rationing Distributing Service, 3-43 Home Room Basketball, 33 First Aid, 33 Class Gift Com., 4. The Blonde Duchess of F.H.S. BARBARA LEE MCBRIDIQ Ping Pong, 23 College Club. 23 Cliristmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Carnival Com., 23 lN1arshal, 23 Tennis, 3-43 Salvage Com., 33 Sr. Elections Com., 33 Chemistry Club, 33 Patrol, Football and Spring Dances. 31 Safety Club, -I3 Honor Tenth. Smooth is the word for our Miki! is D JEAN Mt1CAIII-IsY Salvage Com., -13 Soldiers' Gift Com., 43 Prom .' Refreslnnc-nt Com., 33 Football Dance llsher, 33 Christ- -' mas Boxes, 2. ' I L ...Jae .iff .' 4 1:1495 All girls wish they could have Vlt'.lIl'S wavy hair. THE PHILOMATH DOUGLAS JENNINGS MCDONALD Marshal, 2-3-43 Boosters' Club, 2-33 Pres., Citizen- ship and Morale Com., 43 Graduation Day Com., 4. This handsome lad was surely missed by F.H.S. girls when he went to Vocational School. JEAN IvY MCGOWAN Ping Pong, 23 Concert Ticket Com.. 51 Salvage Com., 43 Rationing Distributing Service, 43 Christmas Boxes, 4. A perfect person in every way. AUDREY ANN MCGRATH Dramatic Club, 53 Salvage Com., 3-43 Basketball, 2-33 Christmas Boxes, 2-33 Red Cross Drive, 43 Ra- tioning Distributing Service, 43 Alt., Tickets and In- vitations Com., 4. What we think of Aud can't be expressed3 but put- ting it briefly, she's better than best. MARY CATHERINE MCKENNA Dramatic Club, 2-33 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Prom Refreshment Com., 33 Citizenship and Morale Com., 3-43 Prom Patrol, 33 Marshal, 4. Possessor of a contagious smile and personality plus! ROBERT E. MCLAUOHUN Gym Club, 2-33 Ping Pong, 23 First Aid, 33 News- paper Drive, 33 Christmas Boxes, 3-43 Capt., Ration- ing Distributing Service, 4. A character about whom Only Alexander Vffoolcott could have written. X- DOROTHY R. MCKINSTRY ' Basketball, 23 Baseball, 23 Dramatic Club, 53 Stamps and Bonds Exec. Com., 4. Theres nothing like eating up the profits as the lunchroom cashier. Eh, Dot? DOROTHY MARILYN MCLEAN Ping Pong, 23 Dramatic Club, 33 First Aid, 33 Prom Decorating Com., 33 Sludenf Crier Staff, 43 Tickets and Invitations Com., 4. The Navy is surely keeping "tabs" on Dot for the duration. JOHN T. MERCHANT Safe Drivers' Club, 33 Intramural Basketball, 33 Salvage Com., 43 Golf, 33 Ping Pong, 23 Military Inf., 4. john, oh, john, what is your trick? Always smooth, neat, and slick. 7 38Jic--- THE PHILOMATH ' JOSEPH HENRY MESSANA Safe Drivers' Club, 3. The boy who thinks a certain girl named Marie is pretty nice. MARY A. MESPELLI College Club, 23 Carnival Com., 23 Christmas Boxes. 2-3-43 Jr. Red Cross Service Club, 23 Marshal, 2-3-43 Ch., Graduation Decorating Com., 33 Basketball Mgr., 23 Plyilonazfh. 43 Smdefzf Crier StaH:, 43 Graduation Usher, 33 Football Dance Com., 41 First Aid, 43 Dramatic Club. 51 Lost and Found Com., 43 Senior- Soph Dance Com., 43 Surgical Dressings, 43 Handbook Com., 43 Alt., Tickets and Invitations Com., 4. A girl we will always remember for her kindliness and friendliness. CLIFFORD JOSEP1-i MILLIKEN, JR. Model Airplane Club, 23 Intramural Basketball, 2: Salvage Com., 3-43 Paper Drive Com., 33 Rationing Distributing Service, 43 Christmas Boxes, 41 Track Team, 43 Safety Club, 43 Military Inf., 4. Mr. Thompson's hot clarinetist. ,si LILLIAN R. MINEZZI Badminton, 33 Knitting Club, 33 Safety Com., 31 Christmas Boxes, 3-43 Intramural Basketball, 4. The girl you'd take a second look at. I LEO JOSEPH MISSAGGIA Intramural Basketball, 43 Christmas Boxes, 4. His beautiful curls are the envy of all girls. VINCENT JOSEPH INIISTRETTAJ' Safety Com., 43 Rationing Distributing Service, 43 Iwlilitary Inf., 4. Some day he will be the manager of the First Na- tional Store. VERA MARY MONTANARI Basketball, 2-3-43 Baseball, 2-3-43 Field Hockey, 23 Safe Drivers' Club, 53 Stamps and Bonds Com., 4. F.H.S.'s basketball team will certainly weep for will they?j now that Vera has left. GEORGE ANDREW MCJONFY Football, 2-3--13 Baseball, 2-3-4, Mgr., 33 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Intramural Basketball, 3-43 Marshal, 3-43 Exec. Com., 43 Boys' Information Club, 55 Salvage Com.. -4. Mr. Five by Five with a line of jive. THE PHILOMATH AUSTEN MORAN Basketball, 2, Dance Club, 2. Austy dated many a girl, but that's all over now Qoh, yeah?J. MAUREEN V. MORAN Public Speaking Club, 2, Carnival Com., 2, Christ- mas Boxes, 2, Basketball, 3, Marshal, 3-4, Dramatic Club, 3, Football Dance Com., 3, Ch., Refreshments, Prom., 3, Lost and Found Com., 3, Handbook Com., 3, Salvage Exec. Com., 4, First Aid, 3, Senior-Soph Dance Com.. 4, Nominating Com., 4, First Aid, 3, Toast, Class Supper, 4. Chitter chatter along the hall - Maureen Moran is doing it all. ALMA LYDIA MORAZZINI Italian Club, 2, Basketball, 3, Safe Drivers' Club, 3, Citizenship and Morale Com., 4. Her modest answers and graceful air show shes wise and good as she is fair. DOROTHY ELIZABETH MOREI-IOUSE Boosters' Club, 2, College Club, 2-3, Marshal, 3, Citizenship and Morale Com., 3-4, Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Prom Decorating Com., 3, Graduation Usher, 3, Marshal, 4, Class Supper Com., 4. "Friendship is love without wings." LUCILLE MARY MORINI College Club, 2, Patrol, Senior-Soph Dance, Z, Sal- vage Com., 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. Happy in love - ho, ho, what a feeling. Hey, Roy? ROBERT GEORGE MORINI Ping Pong, 2, Intramural Basketball, 2, Track, 3, Safety Com., 3-4, Pres., 3. The Chief Soda jerker at the Saxonville Emporium. DAVID MORSE Safe Drivers' Club, 3, Military Inf., 4, Marshal, 4, Team Mgr., 4, Honor Tenth. The little fellow with the big ideas. BENJAMIN WALLIS MORSE, JR. Christmas Boxes, 4. Wally is thinking seriously about the future with a Certain Mary. qu gy. , . ---+ 39 -si, I-'Xa' FT' 4 -5 f- A,..Y,. . THE PHILOMATH ROBERT ALLAN BIOULTON Flying Club, 23 Citizenship and Morale Com.. 3-4g Safe Drivers' Club, 53 Marshal, 4g Christmas Boxes, 4, Military Inf., 4. The Bing Crosby of F.H.S. LOUISE THERESA ML'RR.AY Citizenship and Morale Com., 53 Stamps and Bonds Com., 41 Honor Tenth. Try to beat her to the answers, if you can! JOSEPH DEXTER NICKERSON Basketball, 2-53 Hockey, 2, Baseball, 2g Model Air- plane Club. Zg Safe Drivers' Club, 5g Gym Club, 3g First Aid, 3. Hes got a sense of humor that can't be beat. CLEMENTINA NICOLI College Club, 23 Safety Club, 53 Safe Drivers' Club, 3, Salvage Com., 4: Christmas Boxes, 4. "Clemmie" has the sweetest disposition in F.H.S. ALLAN M. NOYES Ass't hlgr., Golf, 23 Pbillllllnlfh. Z, Sllzdt-111 Crier Adv. Staff, 2-5-4, Ass't. Bus. Mgr., 5. Bus. Mgr., 43 Christmas Boxes, 2'5Q Carnival Com., 2, Safety Com., 5, Prom Patrol, 5, Marshal, 5-43 Boosters' Club, 3-4, Pres., 43 Chemistry Club Pres., 53 Football Dance Com., 53 Graduation Decorating Com., 53 Nominating Com., 5, Ring Com., 33 Parliamentary Law Club, 3g First Aid, 43 Capt., Scrap Drive, 4g Senior-Soph Dance Com., 4g Military Inf., 4. Al likes the girls and the girls like him. ROBERT P. NORTON Ping Pong, 21 Boosters' Club. 2, 4, Exec. Com., 2, Intramural Basketball, 2, Marshal, 5-43 Fire Brigade. 53 Safety Com., 4, Class Supper Com., 4. Bobs quite the ladies' man - take a look -T what more could you ask for? JOSEPH FRANCIS O'CCJNNI3LL Golf. 2-5-4, Marshal, 31 Ping Pong, 53 Christmas Boxes, 3-43 Citizenship and Morale Com.. -lg lntta- mural Basketball, -ig Military Inf., 4. joe has a way with all the girls. lVl.ARY CATHERINE O'BRlliN Baseball, Z, Safe Drivers' Club, 31 Safety Com., 5. Quiet and a friend to all. THE PHILOMATH ANNA MARIE PALLADINO Stamps and Bonds Com., 3-43 Christmas Boxes, 43 Rationing Distributing Service, 4. Small and sweet. Can't be beat. LILLIAN E. OLIVA Dramatic Club, 23 Basketball, 33 Field Hockey, 33 Library Service Club, 3-4, Pres., 43 Knitting Club, 3.3 Christmas Boxes, 33 First Aid, 33 Slllclielll Crier Typist, 33 Salvage Com., 43 Prom Refreshments, 33 Honor Tenth. Lil is very lucky you'll see3 the number of men she has is three. GILBERT MAVERICK PARMENTER Safety Com., 3-43 Boys' Information Club, 33 Christ- mas Boxes, 3-4. One of the generations best philosophers. ROMEO J. PENDOLARI Safety Com., 4g Music Festival Com., 4. The name Romeo speaks for itself! BERT1-IA PERLMUTTER College Club, 2-33 Carnival Com., 23 Knitting Club, 33 Salvage Com.. 33 Christmas Boxes, 33 Safety Com., 43 Fire Brigade, 4. Bertha's one swell pal, and when she raises that eyebrow! HOWARD VICTOR PERLMUTTER1' Student Council, 23 Stzzdezzf Crier Staff, 2-3-4, Edi- tor-in-Chief, 43 Dramatic Club, 23 Christmas Boxes, 23 Carnival Quiz Team, 23 Handbook Com., 23 Intra- mural Basketball, 2-33 Tennis, 2-3-43 Chemistry Club, 33 Citizenship and Morale Com., Exec. Com., 33 Prom Ticket Com., 33 Waste Paper Drive, 33 Senior Play Scenery, 33 Marshal, 43 Health Com., 43 Military Inf., 43 Highest Scholastic Honors. Howie is funnyg Howie is droll3 Howie gets on the High Honor Roll. OLGA MARIE PEZZA Softball, 2-33 Basketball, 23 Public Speaking Club, 23 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Safe Drivers' Club, 33 Sal- vage Com., 3-4, Exec. Com., 43 Stamps and Bonds Com., 33 Capt., Rationing Distributing Service, 4. A little bit of a girl who believes in smiling from ear to ear. ANTHONY FRANCIS PICCIRILLO5: Football, 2-3-43 Basketball, 2-3-43 Track, 23 lntra- mural Basketball, 23 Military Inf., 4. "Midnight" strikes at dawn. Var 42 If '- A I Q.- : " , THE PHILOMATH LEVUIS FULLER PIERCE Safe Drivers' Club, 33 Intramural Basketball, 33 Vice-Pres., Safety Com.. 4. They dream of Louie with the blond curly hair. MARION POLLY PIPER Dramatic Club, 23 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Marshal, 3-43 College Club. 53 Citizenship and Morale Com., 3-4, Exec. Com., 43 Intramural Basketball. 3: Ration- ing Distributing Service, 3-43 Student Crier Adv. Staff, 3-43 Senior Play Com., 53 Co-Ch., Decorating Com., Graduation. 51 Prom Usher. 31 Tennis, 43 Senior-Soph, Football Dance Com., 43 Honor Tenth. F.H.S. will lose its sparkle when Mass. State gains a star in Polly. VIRGINIA C. POLENNA Baseball, 23 Sub-Deb Club, 23 Basketball, 43 First Aid, 4. The dark-eyed girl with mfb a far-away look. ROBERT E. PORTER Student Council, 23 Dramatic Club, 23 Handbook Com., 23 Student' Crier Staff, 3-43 Chemistry Club, 33 Parliamentary Law Club, 33 Citizenship and Morale Com., 3-43 Senior-Soph Dance Com., 43 Intramural Basketball, 43 Military Inf., 43 Honor Tenth. Our professor laughs the whole day through. u CHARLOTTE E. PUTNAM Safe Drivers' Club, 33 Safety Com., 33 Citizenship and Morale Com., 43 Christmas Boxes, 43 Soldiers' Gift Com., 4. Friends like Charlotte are hard to find. STEPHEN THOMAS POWELL Baseball, 2-3-43 Baseball Mgr., 23 Marshal, 33 Fly- ing Club, 33 Stamps and Bonds Com., 33 Christmas Boxes, 33 First Aid, 43 Military Inf., 4. Attention! Here comes Sergeant Powell! GEORGE BENJAMIN RENI Baseball, 23 Golf, 2-3-43 Christmas Boxes, 2, 43 Stamps and Bonds Exec. Com.. 43 Rationing Distribut- ing Service, 33 Military Inf.. 4. The Don juan of Dublin. EVELYN JANET RALSTON Basketball, 2-3-43 Christmas Boxes, 2-51 Field Hockey, 33 Pbilanztzlla. 53 Dramatic Club. 3: Stamps and Bonds Com., 3-43 Cashier, 43 Rationing Distribut- ing Service, 33 Prom Refreshments Com., 33 Com'l. Service Club, 4. Evelyn's heart to war has gone, and with it went a boy named Don. THE PI-IILOMATH ROBERT JAMES RICHARDSON lf Salvage Com., 3-43 Lunch Marshal, 43 Military Inf., 4. Confucius say - One who never speaks. JAMES EDWARD ROLLINS Camera Club, 23 Safe Drivers' Club, 33 Stamps and Bonds Com., 3-43 Pbilonmfb, 43 Military Inf.. 4. A friend to all who know him. RICHARD ALFRED RORSTROM Track, 3-43 Marshal, 33 Chemistry Club. 33 Prom Decorating Com., 3g Salvage Com., 33 Stamps and Bonds Com., 4g Intramural Basketball, 2-3-43 Christ- mas Boxes, 2-3-4. And then came the "Dawn," LIBERA ROVINELLI Italian Club, 2-33 Stamps and Bonds Com., 33 Christmas Boxes, 3. Chester is the one for Leeg he is somewhere across the sea. RICHARD JOSEPH RYAN Football Mgr., 3-43 Vice-Pres.. Boys' Infofmation Club, 33 Citizenship and Morale Com., 3-4, Exec. Com., 33 Christmas Boxes, 43 Capt., Rationing Dis- tributing Team, 4. Small in stature, but people look up to him just the same. WILLIAM ALLEN RYAN Football, 2-3-43 Basketball, 2-3-43 Marshal, 3-43 Gun Club, 3. The captain of a great basketball team. JOAN SANDERSON College Club, Rec. Sec., 23 Carnival Com.. 23 Christ- mas Boxes, 2-3-43 Tennis, 3-43 Chemistry Club, 51 War Council, 33 Salvage Com., 33 Music Festival Com., 33 Sr. Elections Com., 33 Red Cross Sewing, 33 Stamps and Bonds Com., 43 Nominating Com., 4, Soph. Elections Com., 43 Highest Scholastic Honors. The joy of the Boys' Glee Club. RUTH FRANCES SAFSTROM College Club, 2-59 Christmas Boxes, 2-33 Carnival Com., 23 Studeni Crier Adv. Staff, 23 Basketball, 33 Safety Com., 33 Prom Decorating Com., 33 Stamps and Bonds Exec. Com., 43 Highest Scholastic Honors. "Number, ple-az!" 44 THE PHILOMATH JOHN Aucusrus SANTOS Marshal, 4. The glamour boy of South Street. MELITA GERTRUDE SARGENT V Lost and Found Com., 25 Prom Refreshments Com., 31 Capt., Rationing Distributing Team. 33 Automobile Club, 51 Marshal, -ig Boosters' Club, -ig Christmas Boxes, 4. Melita. cute and neatg the sweet thing, her third finger wears a diamond ring. THOMAS RICHARDSON SAUNDERSF Safe Drivers' Club, 3. How do the Newton girls get along now that Tommy's in the navy? ANTHONY SCHIAVIT Baseball, 53 Military Inf., 4. Wfherever theres excitement, Tony's always there. SYBIL E. SCHURZKY Carnival Com., 2g Field Hockey, 31 Badminton, 3g Christmas Boxes, 33 Health Com., 4. Syb is quite an artist. BERTHA BEVERLY SELTZER College Club, 5, Stamps and Bonds Com., 5, Foot- ball Dance Com., 2, Salvage Com., 43 Christmas Boxes, 4. The girl with the glamorous hair and the sparkling personality. BARBARA ANN SHOUP College Club, 2-5g Carnival Com., 23 Christmas Boxes, 23 Citizenship and hiiorale Com., 33 Prom Usher, 51 Cheer Leader, 3g Red Cross Sewing, 3, Mar- shal, -13 Senior-Soph Dance Com., 43 Highest Scholastic Honors. The exception to the rule that you can't have every- thing. HELEN M. SHISARER Stamps and Bonds Com., -ig Rationing Distributing Service, -ig Christmas Boxes, 4. Blonde hair. eyes of blue. shes a friend through and "ttue." THE PHILOMATH A-,445 JEANETTE PATRICIA SMITH That smile of hers wins her many friends. JOHN SrLvA Marshal, 2-3-4, Ping Pong Club, 2, Class Treas,, 2, Football, 3, Student Council, 3-4, Boys' Informa- tion Club, 5, Safety Com., 3, Nominating Com., 3, Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Intramural Basketball, 3. Wherever Barbara is, you'll find johnny in the vicinity. MIRIALI GERTRLIDE SMITH Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Stamps and Bonds Com., 3-4, Prom Patrol, 3, Rationing Distributing Service, 4. The Wings on Gert's jacket flew away with her heart. JOHN SPERANZA Italian Club, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Student Crier Adv. Staff, 3-4, First Aid, 3-4, Dramatic Club Vice-Pres., 3, Senior-Soph Dance Com., 3, Pfyilrmzizlb. 4, Military Inf., 4. An actor Hollywood would really appreciate. FREDERICK H. STARZYK Tennis, 2, Ping Pong, 2, Automobile Club, 3, Fire Brigade, 3, Prom Refreshments Com., 3, Safety Com., 4, Military Inf., 4. Full of fun, always gay, these will carry Freddie a long way. DOROTHY STEACIE College Club, 3, Christmas Boxes, 3, Field Hockey. 3, Citizenship and Morale Com., 4, Salvage Com., 4. This is one good kid that doesn't come in a small package. EDWIN A. STILLWAGON Safe Drivers' Club, 3, Safety Com., 3, Marshal, 4, Stamps and Bonds Com., 3, SeniOr'Soph Dance Com.. 4, Capt., Rationing Distributing Team, 4, Football Dance Com., 4, Military Inf., 4. "Slender, tender, and tall," the original personality kid. Every day is ladies' day with Ted. GRACE STUCCHI Italian Club, 2-3, Marshal, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. The girl with the sparkling brown eyes. 46? THE PHILOMATH JANE MARY SUPRENA Smooth Grooming Club Pres., 31 Com'l. Service Club, 3-4, Chairman, 31 Studenl Crier Adv. Staff, 4. With a winning smile and jolly air she spreads joy and happiness everywhere. BARBARA L. SUMMFRLIN Smooth Grooming Club, 31 Christmas Boxes, 3-4. A charming sub-deb who sets a male heart a-Hutter. SHIRLEY JEAN TAFT Safe Drivers' Club, 3g Stamps and Bonds Com., 3-4. The girl who keeps "Russo" in a whirl. MARY GRACE TAM BOLLIO Italian Club, 2-31 Stamps and Bonds Com., 31 Sal- vage Com., 4. Charming personality, this is true1 ask Tlom, he thinks so, too. STANLEY WALTER TOCZYDLOWSKI Basketball, 2-3-4, Mgr., 3-41 Football Dance Com., 31 Marshal, 41 Safety Club, Exec. Com., 41 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-41 Intramural Basketball, 2, 4. Toz and the fellas get along together, but Toz and the girls get along better. HELEN PATRICIA TORDIGLIONE Dance Club, 2-31 Safe Drivers' Club, 31 Christmas Boxes, 41 Graduation Usher, 31 Football Dance Pa- trol, 2. To be like Helen, you must follow her rule. DOROTHY E. TOSTI Basketball, 2-31 Student Council, 2, 4, Treas., 41 Italian Club, 21 Carnival Com., 21 Marshal, 3-41 Philo- mtzlla. 31 Chemistry Club, 31 Knitting Club, 31 Com'l. Service Club, 3-41 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-41 Smdenl Crier Adv. Staff, 41 Football Dance Com., 41 Chair- man, Handbook, 41 Senior-Soph Dance Com.. 41 Grad- uation Usher, 31 Prom Ticket Com., 31 Capt.. Ration- ing Distributing Service, 3-41 Dance Club, 2-31 Class Supper Com., -I1 Nominating Com., 3--11 Honorable Mention, Leadership and Service. Neat, sweet little girl - she keeps them all in a whirl. KATHERINE MARIli TOXVNE Sfndwzf Crier Adv. Staff, 21 Marshal, -13 Citizenship and Morale Com., 41 Red Cross. All BUUSICYS' Club, 32 Graduation Usher. 51 Carnival Com., 21 Christmas Boxes. 2-5-4. Speaking very frankly, Kathy prefers the Navy. THE PHILOMATH jot-iN JOSEPH TRAVAGLINI Christmas Boxes, 33 Rationing Distributing Team, 33 Basketball, 43 Military Inf., 4. The wise cadet who took the Sergeanrs daughter to the Prom. BARBARA TURNER Citizenship and Morale Com., 3-43 Ping Pong, 2. The lucky gal with the Friday night dates. ANNETTE M. VARRICCHIONE Christmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Basketball, 33 Italian Club, 33 Prom Com.. 51 Carnival Com., 33 Smooth Grooming Club, 33 Citizenship and Morale Com., 4. She's faithful to her lieutenant. PAULINE ROSARIA VELLA Badminton, 33 Stamps and Bonds Com., 3-43 Christ- mas Boxes, 3. Pauline-'s short, Pauline's sweetg shes a girl you'd love to meet. BAsiL T. VERDY Baseball, 2-3-4, Capt., 43 Intramural Basketball, 2-33 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Automobile Club, 33 Boosters' Club, 3-43 Prom Decorating Com., 33 Football, 43 Mar- shal, 43 Pres., Conservation Com., 43 Soldiers' Gift Com., 43 Graduation Day Com., 4. VC'hy is it that Basil is so fond of Natick? SUMNER WILLARD VIALL, JR. 'X Tennis, 2-33 Dramatic Club, 23 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Boosters' Club, 23 Chemistry Club, 33 Stamps and Bonds Com., 43 Rationing Distributing Team, 43 Military Inf., 4. What would the girls do without Sum? MURRAY E. WALDRON Ping Pong. 23 Chemistry Club, 33 Prom Ticket Com., 33 Baseball, 43 Hockey, 43 Marshal, 43 Military Inf., 4. The Human Comedy - not literally speaking. FREDERICK RAYMOND VITALIT Boosters' Club, 23 Christmas Boxes, 2-33 Chemistry Club, 33 Parliamentary Law Club. 51 Marshal, 3-4, Capt., 43 Student Council, 3-43 Gen'l Ch., Salvage Com., 33 War Council, 33 Gen'l Ch., Senior-Soph Dance Com., 43 Plailrmzrzzh. 3-43 Co-Ch.. License Plate Drive, 33 Ring Com., 33 Graduation Usher, 33 Ch., Patrol, Prom, 33 Patrol Ch., Football Dance, 43 Gen. Ch. Stamps and Bonds Com., 43 Football Dance Com., 33 Nominating Com., 43 Program Com., Class Night, 43 Rationing Distributing Team, 43 Cheer Leader. 43 Class Historian, 43 Honor Tenth3 Honorable Mention, Outstanding Leadership and Service. Fred and Barb are a perfect pair. They're together everywhere. 48130 THE PHILOMATH ' JAMES L. WATERS? Football, 4, Salvage Com., 4, Highest Scholastic ' Honors, Military Inf., 4. This big Nebraskan with the booming laugh rates high as athlete and scholar. ANNE MARGARET WALSH Tennis, 2-3-4, Student Council, 2, 4, Public Speak- ing Club, 2, Dramatic Club, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2-3, Basketball, 3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Slzzdefzf Crier Staff, 3-4, Ping Pong, 3, Knitting Club, 3, Football Dance Com., 3-4, Prom Refreshment Com., 3, Sec., Citizenship and Morale Com., 4, Lost and Found Com., 4, Pfailomalb, 4, Toast, Class Supper, 4. A foe to none, a friend to all, our Anne is "Queen" of them all. HENRX' WILLIAM WELCH, JR. Boosters' Club, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2, 4, Intra- mural Basketball, 2-3-4, Safe Drivers' Club, 3, First Aid, 3-4, Prom Patrol, 3, Track Mgr., 4, Marshal, 4, Sfzzdezzl Crier Adv. Staff, 4, Nominating Com., 4, Soldiers' Gift Com., 4, Military Inf., 4. A blaze of color and then Henry walks by. RITA W. WELCH Christmas Boxes, 2, 4, Lost and Found Com., 2, Automobile Club, 31 Prom Refreshments Com., 3, Sal- vage Com., 4. Eyes of blue, a friend that's true. Come on, boys, thats your JANET MARIE WILCOX Dramatic Club, 2, Boosters' Club, 2-3-4, Hospitality Com., 2, Lost and Found Com., 2, Marshal, 3-4, Cl71'lSIID2lS Boxes, 3-4, Prom Com., 3, First Aid, 3, Pbilmmzfla. 4, Salvage Com., 4, Soldiers' Gift Com., 4, Graduation Usher, 3, Program Com., Class Night, 4. Janet has the boys in a whirl. RICHARD GEORCE WHITNEY Public Speaking Club, 2, Cheer Leader, 3, Philo- miztla, 4, Stamps and Bonds Com., 4. A member of the Merchant Marine with only one borne port and only one Barbara. JEANNE CLAIRE Woon Basketball, 2, Ping Pong, 2, Smooth Grooming Club, 3, Citizenship and Morale Com.. 3-4, Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Sllldelll Crier Adv. Staff, 4. Jeanne is cute, Jeanne is smart, Don in Norfolk holds her heart. ROBERT BIITLER Woon rl NF' , Hockey, 2, Camera Club, 2, Boys' Information Club, 3, Safety Com., 4. Wfliars the attraction in Marlboro besides roller aa.-f.11E J.- skating? THE PHILOMATH ROBERT ARNOLD YEATON Baseball, 23 I-Iockey, 2-5-4g Christmas Boxes, Zg -1 Pbilomalla, 3-4g Boys' Information Club, 3g Mara shal, fig Class Prophet, 4g Meat Fund Show, 33 Carnival Minstrel Show, 2g Senior-Soph Dance Com., 4g Military Inf., 4. Harry james and Frank Brimsek combined into one swell fellow. JOSEPHINE MARIE ZICHELLA Italian Club, 2-5g Stamps and Bonds Com., 3-4g Nominating Com., 53 Alt., Tickets and Invitations Com., 4. Boys and girls find her full of fung if you want a pal, jo's the one. 3f"!"fi -+4 49 aww' '-E GQ 25 Class Benefactor Best Athlete . Most Popular Most Friendly Faculty Joy . jolliest . Most Serious . Best Looking Wittiest . . Most Sophisticated . . Sweetest . . Best Dressed . Most Likely to Succeed . . Most Pleasing Personality . Most Industrious Best Speaker . Class Artist . Most Domestic aiiikceni Gian Awmcfa GIRLS Mary Clinton Mary Geneseo Mary Clinton Mary O'Malley Joan Sanderson Mary OlMalley Louise Murray Janet Wilcox Anne Walsh Jean Lee Elena Guerra Barbara McBride Mary Clinton Mary Clinton joan Sanderson Polly Piper Dorothy McLean Barbara Bryant Bovs Fred Vitali Harold Morris Fred Vitali Fred Vitali Howard Perlmutter George Mooney John Antul Louis Abelli Bob Yeaton Robert Moulton Dick Crane Arnold Ferrari Fred Yitali Fred Vitali Howard Perlmutter Francis Campion Albert Giardini john Silva S? ei inf-hff3??i SUP- THE PHILOMATH Ill , ll, First Row: W. Ryan, J. Waters, H. Sibson, R. Pavia, A. Ferrari. A. Soma, H. Morris, H. Druggan, E. Bel- fOl'l1, L. DelPoi0, G. Mooney. S. Greeley. L. Abelli. Second Row: E. Capobianco, J. Brita, J. D6lP1'6lG. G. Dassoni, B. Verdy, R. Conti, R. Devine, D. Hixon, R. Bernardi, A. Otenti, P. Diana, R. Gray. Third Row: R. Walker, D. Levandofsky, E. Chiappini, T. Donnelly, J. Beaton, R. Foley, F. Acton. J. Regan, XV. Martin. Fourth Row: J. Clopeck, R. Adams, R. Cola, Mgr. R. Ryan, Mgr. J. Hobin. Fifth Row: Mr. Hayes, Asst. Coach Davis, Coach Daniels, Mr. Lawson, Mr. Magoon. 5 l Q .. - A First Row: M. Waldron, R. Ycaton, J. Clopeck, S. Greeley, D. Hixon, R. Gray. Second Row: Cogicli MacPherson, R. Vt-nne. D. Edwards. J. Cunningham, A. Soma. W. Mzxmotte, Mr. Magnon. Third Row: Mgr. J. DeGozzaldi. J. Henderson, A. Otenti, R. Greeley. B. Magoon. T. Donnelly, R. Murphy, W. Walsh. THE PHILOMATH A-2451 First Row: Mr. Magoon, E. Introini, L. DelPoio, R. Quinn. W. Ryan, H. Druggan, H. Sibson, T. Piccirillo Coach Daniels. Second Row: S. Toczydlowski, E. Capobianco, R. Cola, A, Rubin, D, Chasse. D. St. Andre. N. Conti D. Levandofsky, W. Flynn. Third Row: Mgr. A. Lewis, B. Ottaviani, C. Adams, B. Kane, R. Foley, Mgr. R. Kinsman. Front Row: A. Walsh, J. Donnelly. D. Chiappini. M. Genesco, V. lllontanari, E. Glll'l'l'1l. M. Boyle. Second Row: Mr. Magoon, V. Polenna, F. Shine, D. Furbish. A. Roach, Y. Bcrtufzi V. Halley, D. Lowe, R. Bertozzi, G. Aceti, Miss Stiles. Third Row: M. Mespelli, A. Misalsky, A. Abelli. R. Salli, C. Jones, N. Benjamin. V. Lowe, J. Clinton, P, Huntoon. J. Campion. M. Boyle, S2l2+e- THE PHILOMATH CFP 'Pt- is QI-"4 ' V if f 'l--v'-K "...4tl F11'stlkRow: B. Kane, E. Hedberg, L. Bengiovanni. W. Martin, J. Clopeck, R. Buliung. R. Wa er. Second Row: H. Welch, C. Milliken, H, West, W. Burgess, J. Dunn, G. Grincith, R. Eastman. Third Row: R. Cort, R. Rorstrom, P. Dyczewski, R. Gray. Coach Jones. l l 1 1 l :Tal I 1 'J ii. . 1' 'F ' H .gt-Q Nxt Front Row: J. Henderson, R. Venne, H. Perlmutter. W. Marcotte. T. Donnelly. Second Row: A. Seltzer, Mr. Lundberg. M. Silverstein, J. Bourqum. E PHILOMATH -4453 First Row: S. Powell, S. Greeley, A. Ferrari, J. Fair, B. Verdy, M. Waldron, H, Druggan, C. Gardner, R. Johnson. Second Row: D. Askins, J. King, R. Devine. D, Hixon, F. Acton. Third Row: R. Foley, F. Clark, Coach Daniels, E. Higgins, R. Greeley, J. Donnelly. JN CLASS SONG 1. We go forth from thee, O high school, Prepared to meet the world, To show that we of '43 Have all our flags unfurled. We see in thee examples of real democracy, May visions of them lead us on to victory. 2. Our thoughts will e'er be with thee As we march along life's way. That thy glory and thy honor Will ne'er decrease, we pray. Thy sons and daughters, we, in that great faith will light, And onward through the ages flaunt the blue and white! Music by Barbara Shoup and Joan Sanderson Words by Margaret Macforlnick THE PHILOMATH FOOTBALL TEAM Framingham Winchester Framingham 6 Brookline 14 Framingham Watertown Framingham 12 Maynard 6 Framingham Norwood Framingham 19 Milford 0 Framingham Fitchburg Framingham 19 North Quincy 13 Framingham Belmont Framingham. 6 Natick 7 HOCKEY TEAM BASKETBALL TEAM Framingham Harvard J. V Framingham 40 Brookline 20 Framingham Wellesley Framingham 36 Marlboro 23 Framingham Norwood Framingham 58 Wellesley 23 Framingham B. C. High Framingham 31 Milford 30 Framingham Needham Framingham 25 Natick 44 Framingham Walpole Framingham 53 Wellesley 44 Framingham Waltham Framingham 52 Marlboro 42 Framingham Watertown Framingham 37 Milford 38 Framingham Wellesley Framingham 28 Natick 52 Framingham Walpole Framingham Needham Framingham St. Mark's Framingham Stoneham Framingham Melrose GIRLS' BASKETBALL SENIORS JUNIORS Won 7 Lost 2 Won 1 Lost 1 Framingham Wellesley Framingham 19 Wellesley 28 graminglaam gogfcingon Framingham 28 Wellesley 12 raming am s an Framingham Wayland SOPHOMORES graminggam Xellisley Won 2 Lost 0 ramlng am ar Om Framingham 16 Wellesley 14 Framingham Ashland Framingham 30 Wellesley 28 Framingham Concord Framingham Hopkinton JUNIORS and SOPHOMORES Won 5 Lost 0 Framingham 28 Hopkinton 17 Framingham 23 Ashland 11 Framingham 27 Ashland 19 Framingham 35 Concord 10 Framingham 39 Hopkinton 19 TRACK TEAM Framingham 26 St. Mark's Framingham 15l2 Wellesley 5612 Framingham 23 Wellesley Framingham 37 Walpole 35 Framingham 35 St. Mark's BOYS' TENNIS Framingham 3 Wellesley 3 Framingham 4 Wellesley 2 BASEBALL TEAM Framingham Walpole Framingham 2 Natick 11 Framingham Marlboro Framingham 8 Wellesley 9 Framingham Milford Framingham 3 Milford 3 Framingham Natick Framingham 2 Natick 9 Framingham Wellesley Framingham 1 Natick 3 81014 paopfnecff CContinued from page 137 ness of my own, I hired Barbara Mason, Barbara MrBridr and Dirk Rorstrom as my new vocal trio called "Two Cuties and a Wolf." I never found out who the wolf of the three was. My day in Framingham had ended perfectly and, as I saw the lights of my home town grow dimmer as we drew away from it, I hoped that my travels would soon bring me back again to my old classmates of '43! Wallace Burgess, Mary Clinton, Jeanne Donnelly, Robert Yeaton. THE PHILOMATH THE MARIDOR LOBSTER - STEAK - CHICKEN DINNERS Locaied on Rouie 9 - +5 55 G5 E Complimenis of E. GARBARINO CO. 354 WAVERLY STREET Dis+ribu+ors of BOSTONIA BEVERAGES S2 S2 59 Q3 ZSSQQKGI' nfsueflks PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 56E+'- THE PHILOMATH FE G1 Complimenis of 7 AVERY FURNITURE COMPANY AVERY'S CORNER, FRAMINGHAM "Every'rhing for 'rhe Home" Shop aT I CARROLL CUT RATE KERWIN S SHOE GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS STORES D ' BUY- Framingham and Naiicln Rubmsfein, Lenfheruc, Lelong, DuBarry, Co+y, Max Fado' and ma"Y 'We "TI-IE x-RAY FITTING SI-IOE STORES" C. C. GREENE, Dealer Dial 652I Peerless Dye House COmPIime'1+S of OLEANSERS AND DYERS go,-man'S Ba,-ber Shop Work Called for and Delivered CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MARINOFSKY, THE TAILOR BUILDING 78 I-IOLLIS STREET TO BE A GOOD SOLDIER TRAIN ON MILK and ENJOY THE BEST IN SUNSHINE DAIRY PRODUCTS Q9 Q3 RMQEQII +IGu+9??f PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMATH -+457 5-5 ' Warren E. Henderson WALK-OVER SHOES Complimenfs of 30 UNION AVENUE J H FRAMINGHAM, MASS. . . Telephone Conneciion CompIIimen'rs of K I N G S B U R Y I S CALDWELL'S STORE on me Avenue FRAMINGHAM CENTRE O u Juniors a SpeciaII'y Dm' 34" HOSIERY - UNDERWEAR Complimenfs of CompIimen+s of fhe LEWIS FURNITURE SPAULDING FRAMINGHAMS FOREMOST FURNITURE STORE 545 uNloN AVENUE Lei' us co-opera're for be+'fer business Flowers are Necessary . . . . phone 3533 for BUTTERWORTH CLINTON AND CONCORD STREETS S QUALITY - SERVICE - PRICE Q, Bonded member of F.T.D.A. Q59 yiifkfolf -:Queer PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 'I- an 6, Za GP? sa a+ T- THE PHILOMATH cw 52 fi Q BROCKELMAN'S M A R K E T "FRAMlNGHAM'S COMPLETE FOOD STORE" 'A' Complimenis of PERLMUTTER BROS. 'k Complimenfs of FRAMINGHAM'S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE A L L E N ' S 99 Q3 SXQQKOII A A +lCh29??i PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMATH -4459 r F. C. BROWN MIL'-ER'5 2 -THE TAILOR - "STORE FOR MEN" Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing 'A' Special Prices for High School Sfudenfs SUITS MADE To ORDER Home of Beller Grade Merchandise ICE CREAM IS A HEALTH FOOD Enjoy lce Cream a+ Home and af your Favorife Soda Founfain - az sums- IT'S HOOD'S While Hardware Co. HARDWARE - PAINT - OIL VARNISH 'A' III I L L 6 R' S Imarl Women? Wear Agenls for: BAY STATE PAINTING PRODUCTS Woodworking Machines and Supplies I4I CONCORD ST., FRAMINGHAM, MASS. SEAVER BROS. J. - FLQRISTS - 5-.0-25 STORE 673 CONCORD STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASS. FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Tel. 8223 gf Flowers for AII Occasions Q9 3556245011 'ICM-gl PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 3' S? Q-I ii BOPP- THE PHILOMATH FE G1 fa x' V . I . ILf,, I I ' ll S f l ! N H ' MQQQQ F., R' 171,111 If un N ' ' ' 15 .UO 3 a H f f' 1 2 f f A I9 gf 5 I I I 5 I f ll ld is ' 5' wr eg I u I I I 5 -L:-Q I, u' Ill 1 5 .- I m 1 A n- u n ' ' A Q . 4 g U" fi ' - '5 L :S 42 5? P Y N , b -4" AH:4az+'ifzmsMg - X. ,iv-,4 FARMERS and MECHANICS SAVINGS BANK PARK AND FRANKLIN STREETS FRAMINGHAM, MASS. 'A' "There is no subs+i+u+e for a savings accounf in a Mufual Savings Bank" 31? Q? MQQQIQA 462523: PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMATH 4461 ca ff: 5 Complimen'rs of 25 . Complimen1's of The Framingham News THE HOME PAPER OF .The Puri+an Laundry SOUTHERN MIDDLESEX 57 KENDALL STREET COUNTY Anl'l1raci+e Bifuminous Complimenfs of FRAMINGIEIAM CQAL CCMPANY ROXBURY RUG ancl AUTOMATIC HEAT EQUIPMENT CARPET COMPANY PHONE 8088 Fuel Oil Masons' Supplies LAKEVIEW PRESS F RAMINGHAM MASSACHUSETTS Q9 QQ 2552-QGSII TIGBQQ PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 62IE-- THE PHILOMATH cb G12 S 2-s f 5 KYNCCH SPORTING GCODS STORE FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Spor+Swear complamems of COATS QUALITY CLEANERS 2t3EF1H.RTS SWIM WEAR AND DYERS S H A S TI N G S' THE CCKELL STUDIGS - PHOTOGRAPHERS - BATES STATIONERY CO. aooxs - CARDS - FOUNTAIN PENS rvPEwRurERs E O E Q9 Q3 rifiefov 'IGH+9?41 THE PHILOMATH A-,463 :R 52 5 RIVER BANK FARM 5 Complimenis of HOT T1!:,IAAl:RtLCgN-TVEESTE DOGS All Kinds of Ice Cream Roy Goddard Greene - Music srumos - TRAVIS DRUG AMSDEN BUILDING FRAMINGHAM CENTRE Appoinfmenf Call 6200 ABNER WHEELER HOUSE 6 LuNcHEoN - DINNER 680 Worcesfer Road Phone 6608 S9 Q3 2555-Qefav 'IGEQQQS PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 64 E+ '- TED E THE PHILOMATH THE LELAND GRAY STUDIOS SPECIAL SCHOOL RATES Q9 Phofographers +o 'rhe Classes of '37-'43 53' 224 UNION AVENUE, FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS Phone 500I ARCADE DRUG CO. ECHO FARM C0- FRANK FAIR, Reg. Pharm. J' A- TURNER- ""'P- THE PRESCRIPTION STORE MILK - CREAM - ICE CREAM I49 coNcoRo STREET 262 HOLLIS STREET FRAMING-HAM, MASS. phone 5776 BEST OF LUCK FOR THE FUTURE TO EVERY MEMBER OF THE CLASS OF '43 from The Sophomore and Junior Classes of gg F.H.S. Q 99 Q9 935Qef-JI Ievfbgs PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS ZW ggggewuf :U Gi 25 E Complimen+s of Sears, Roebuck Q Company Framingham, MassachuseHs 29 Q? siifflefauf fleueiik O I O A S R

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