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THE CPI-IILOMATH 'Pf'f4f'O'1e m.'ll'l..l'.'llllllllllllllllllI lllllllllll lllllllllll Illllllllll lllll lllllllllll lllllflllllllllllllla : Complimen+s of ' ROBERTSON'S - JEWELERS IRVING SQUARE Dependable Service for over 45 years Dow UphOls'rering Te'- 5'04 Service Paul B. LeBaron, u All Kinds of Furnifure DOMD. Recovered - Repeafee - Refinished E 206 HOWARD STREET, FRAMINGHAM A Tel' 5052 FRAMINGHAM, MASS. e. A. weeeweeue - R. R. Wadswor+h Complimen+s of ' Wadswor'rl1 Funeral - LEWIS FURNITURE Service COMPANY FUNERAL DIRECTORS FRAMING:-1AM's FOREMOST Regidered Emba'me'5 FURNITURE STORE SERVICE HOME 53 BEECH STREET Complimen'rs of DR. C. R. CROSBY mn lIlIlIIl'l" lauuuenulpllr.. E In PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTIZERS FTTAMTNGHAM PUBLIC-LIBRARY SEP 1 5 1998 Bllllllllllll llllllllIllIlllllllnlIllllunlnllulunlulllullnlnlll P"5'eT"0 THE CPI-IILOMATH . 'E' 5 A Fuel for Every Need E Coal - Colne - Oil - Wood VISIT : Dial bl2I 45 Concord Sheer Framingham Coal FRAMINGHAM CENTRE, MASS. Company KINGSBURY'S - On The Avenue - FURNITURE 5 PIANO One lool: will convince you of LOCAL S LONG DISTANCE TRUCKING IQ GOUIAJD 8052 BURDETT CQLLEGE cw... for gpg. Young Men and Women susmfss TRAINING Business Adminisiraiion-Accouniing lPacel, Secrefarial. Shorfhand, Type- ,,,mf,Jfo wriiing, Business, and Finishing courses. our apparel values One and Two-Year Programs. Previous MAKE THE Rlel-lil' START commercial Training noi required 'for MOVE STEADll"Y FORWARD enfrance. Leading colleges represenied ACHIEVE SUCCESS in aHendance. Siudenis from differem' Sfafest lwiih a Degree Plan for 'lhon Wriie or feleplione for who wish Nl Da o Evenin Ca alo Y r 9 P+ 9 anal in aalzhlion 60M ,W .,, T VOCATIONAL COUNSEL BEGINS IN my gy Q AND PLACEMENT SEPTEMBER U '. SERWCE iss STUART STREET, BOSTON . r.i.,,i..,... HAN....w00 Ei ------------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------'----------'------------'----------- E PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTIZERS THE CPHILOMATH Tara Three Qlllllllllllllnlllulllllllllll llulllnll llllnllllllullllllll E HENRY W. l"l Dnueelsr "We Make Our Own l 26 UNION AVE UGHES ce Cream" NUE Complimenis of THOMAS STEVENS Naborhood Slore 2 BEACON STREET PHONE 9222 FRAMINGHAM JUNCTION Candy, lce Cream, Tobacco, Magazines PATENT MEDICINES For Lower Prices on Cosmefics, E Toilef Ariicles and Pafeni' Medicines REMEMBER Carroll Cul Rafe PERFUMER C. C. GREENE, Dealer ll5 CONCORD STREET, FRAMINGHAM Wellworlh S'rores "THE PLACE TO EAT" TEA ROOM CAFETERIA NEXT TO ST. GEORGE THEATRE Tel. Framingham 3846 J. W. PARMENTER AND SONS Roxbury Rugs and Carpeis SAXONVILLE, MASS. Complimenls of BOND CUT-RATE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTIZERS ?'eF0"' THE CPI-IILOMATH FRAMINGI-IAM TRUST COMPANY The officers of 1'he Framingham Trusi' Company s'rancl ready af all limes lo co-operafe wi'l'h fhe schools of Framingham. Classes will be given an oppor+uni'ry 'I'o visil' +he Banking Rooms and wi+ness 'rhe rou'rine work of a financial ins+i1'u+ion, upon request Officers are avail- able who will gladly visii' The classrooms and give brief lalks on Banking Hislory and Development The Fram- ingham Trusi' Company is a local ins+i'ru'rion. H' is in our fown +o render SERVICE-you are invilecl lo make use of ifs facilifies. HERBERT E. TAYLOR, Treasurer lllllllllllllll PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTIZERS PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE FRAMINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL Vol. XXXVII FRAMINGI-IAM, MASS., JUNE, I938 No. 2 B usinexs Assistant MARY ACTON DANA CRAIG OLGA DECOLLIBUS JANE DEVONSHIRE ERMINIA ERRICO JEANETTE GARCEAU GERTRUDE GARDNER MARGARET HENRY HELEN I-IYNDMAN CHARLOTTE LANE EVELYN LANE BERTHA LOMAS ROBERT MAKER Manager. .......... . Business Manage1', . . BERTHA LOMAS STANLEY WORREY GRACE MCGUIRE JANE OBRIEN WILLIAM ABBOTT DOUGLAS WINSLOW DOROTHY CROSBY ARL1-:NE RYAN Editorial Board HELEN MASON EDWARD MONTGOMERY CHRISTINA NUTE ELINOR O'BRIEN JOSEPH PEP1 THEODORE SAULNIER CLARA SHULMAN THELMA RENI MARY THORPE JOAN TURNER WILLIAM WAUGH THEODORE WEBSTER and other members Of the Class of '38 . .......ANTONINA BRUNETTA .. ..........ELINORO'BRIEN A dministmtizve Board VERONICA CONNOLLY JOSEPH WOYTHALER HELEN O'DONNELL Advertising Staff JOSEPH HEALY ADA MCNEIL EDWARD WILCOX SHIRLEY NOYES DEDICATION . CLASS HISTORY . BOYS' PROPHECY , GIRLS' PROPHECY . SNAPSHOTS . CLASS WILL . CLASS AWARDS . . THE CLASS OF 1938 . SCHOOL SONG . TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 6 . Eleanora, Keene . 7 . John DeMille . 8 . Doris Gilgun . . 12 . , . . . . 14 . Richard Martell . . 19 . 21 . . . . . . . . . 22 . Words by Mary Van Ness . . 61 TO ALTON WILLIAMS BUSH In appreciafion of his faifhful work and coiiperafion Through The pas? years we respechfully dedicafe fhis issue of "The Philomafhu THE CPHILOMATH 'Page .SlC'I'L'll fffffffffffffffffffff ffiffffffiffffiiffiffffifffffff ffffff fiifffff fffff ffffffffffffiffffff 3 3 3 ffiifffffffffffffff f ElIllllllllllulllllllllllllllllulllulllulllullnluulunlzlllllnlnululllulllullullIllulllullI:ullnlllllllnnlllnlllln :lll I nlnl nunnnIlunInuIlullulllllllllullllllllm Most class histories begin by confessing how small, stupid and insignificant the members were when they entered high school. This statement cannot be applied to the Class of 1938. We were not un- usually smallg by no means stupid Calready having been exposed to nine years of edu- cationjg and, as is apparent today, most significant. In September, 1935, when 375 of us first investigated the possibilities of life in F. H. S., we found a. whole new addition waiting for us. We were very grateful for this pres- ent of welcome. Soon after our entrance we chose Miss Wiley as our class adviser. Her ceaseless effort and inspiration have been major fac- tors in the success of our undertakings. A little later the seniors welcomed us officially with the usual Senior-Sophomore dance, which was in the form of a Poverty Party. That was fine. Besides getting in free, we didn't even have to buy any new clothes because prizes were awarded for the most ffpoverty-stricken" costumes. By january 22 we were well enough ac- quainted with one another to elect our class officers. At our first campaign assem- bly we sat in awe at the lung and larynx power of some of our orators. Neverthe- less, we recovered in time to vote with the utmost wisdom, and elect Thomas Hobin, president, Frances Wright, vice-president, Josephine Keane, secretary, and Edward Loring, treasurer. We were very active in extracurricular activities, being ably represented on the Student Council, Directors' Club, Philo- math and Vox Ludi boards, and many clubs. In fact, the Sophomore Dramatic Club event went on the air, broadcasting a play over station W'NAC. We completed our first year of high school in line style, sure that we had made a good impression on the faculty and up- perclassmen. In the fall of 1936, 368 of us as juniors returned proudly to school. We elected Thomas Hobin,president,Frances Wright, vice-president, Jane Murphy, secretary, and Edward Loring, treasurer, to lead our class in the more important functions of that year. At that time a new system for the school publications was inaugurated, which proved a great success. Instead of the Vox Ludi the F. H. S. News was published biweekly, and there were only two issues of the Philomath, the literary and gradua- tion numbers. In the spring we selected our class rings, and chose such an attractive design that the seniors wished theirs had been the same. The Class of 1939 has followed our example. On June 11, 1937, we had a chance to re- turn the courtesy of the Sophomore-Senior Dance. We seized the opportunity and en- tertained the seniors at the most successful prom presented in years. The music went around and roundl' the hall literally, in the form of decorations, and everyone agreed that it was an outstanding event, socially and financially. After all this display of gratitude to the seniors, we competed with them in an athletic field day and carried off every- thing but the stadium. This gave our coaches an inkling of what they might ex- pect the next year. In September, 1937, we came back as superior seniors and proceeded to elect the same officers that we had chosen in our first year: Thomas Hobin, Frances Wright, Josephine Keane, and Edward CContinued on page 185 Ttzge Sigh! Qillllululllnnull lllllnlnln 'Ti-IE CPHILOMATH luunlllllnlllulIllllllnululllulllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIQ Eiinnnln uunnuun nlluunuluuuuulnlnlniluninnnuunnuninrlInnnnnlillnnInnuIlullIun:IeInlnninnnlinInInunnulnunuuuunlunllullng Boys' Prophecy As John Delllille seized his diploma and ran on the night of june 17, 1938, he kept on running, and twenty years later we still find him running, this time for garbage collector. He pulled up to the curb of the New Howard Theatre, now built upon the site of the old Gorman Theatre, in his lZ9 ante-dated ramblin' gas buggy. Manager James Capobianco was outside barking up trade and in the background was head cur- tain puller f'Old" Howard Garvey, trying to figure out why the crowds stayed away by the millions. Out of the door came a seedy-looking individual dressed in a natty suit of pressed dungarees and shined sneakers. He was the distinguished fore- man of the weeders from Tho-mpson Bros. farm and he went under the moniker of J. John Capstick. John decided to explore the town with the aforementioned Mr. De- Mille. The two then made their way down the "great white way" of Framingham, now known as Boyle Boulevard, which twenty years ago would have answered for Concord Street. It seems that the town political boss, Henry C. Boyle, Esq., B.A., P.D. and B.O., had developed a yen to see his name in lights and had forcefully re- quested the change. His honor, the boss, presented the two travelers with the skeleton keys to the city so that they could get in and out. Boss Henry had in his em- ploy one Thomas H. Hobin as janitor of the Memorial Building. For this small task Henry paid him 7Sc, which helped to keep him off the dole. According to 'fBossie" he was overpaid. Upon request "Bossie" pointed out "The Oasis" as the best night club in town. At the door, sporting a large handlebar mustachio, was the proprietor, a suave, portly gentleman, whom they recognized as Vincent Dornestico. Behind the counter, serving as houseboy, was Harry Foley. However, little Harry later became presi- dent of the Rag Swingers' Union. Vincent employed as his bouncer Ray ffHaymaker" O'Connell, who could take care of himself anywhere, that is if trouble didn't break out. Vincent said that Beaver Street had another tanktown carnival, so John and his companion leaped into the iron antique and were off in a cloud of smoke. Upon arrival at the dump it was learned that Charles f'Strong Man" Palanzi Qbefore the women got himl operated and ran a bull- frog leaping contest. Outside another tent Joe "Breezy" Pepi was advertising a prize magician. Eddie Shay was Pepi's pride and joy, but people wouldnlt give Joe a tumble. In front of the fat lady's tent Dick Martell was blowing off steam. The big attraction, however, was handsome Ed Sak-ooitz, All-American halfback from Walla-Walla School of Higher Knitting in 1944, Eddie the Apollo. Then a rumbling like thunder was heard, but nobody got ex- cited, as they knew it was only Irving Rubin, with his horse and team, in search of old refuse on the dump ground. After leaving the "carnie" they pro- ceeded to the armory, and there, in front of the street, was Corporal D. O'Boyle leading the awkward squad in their weekly capers. John DeMille, oncei a member of these graduated Camp Fire girls, stopped in surprise to see Robert Pickering and Francis Orchard, both good rookies, quiet- ly swearing at Leader O'Boyle. John thought his jitney was getting low on fuel, so he hauled into a filling station and as the buggy was being mauled they recog- nized a few attendants. Art Marino was there, dapper as ever, and he promptly proceeded to run more gas on the ground 'THE CPI-IILOMATH than he did in the tank. His attendants in- cluded ace business manager Jake Stein- berg and head of the complaint office, now quite deaf, "Clem" Waugh. Next, crossing over to the tracks, they heard a tremendous bellowing, and after looking into everything they found that John Fiore was putting his oratorical powers into practical use by calling trains for the B. 81 A. By following the nose of the jalopy they came across a honky-tonk called "The New Goff's Placef' run by Henry Tordiglione. There, tickling the ivories for his meals, was that king of swing, Jack Hart. He was playing for a stag party run for Louis Scagnelli's benefit. Louis was now running a portable, cut rate shoe shine box. The rumor was passed that the best show in town was put on at the New Howard by comedians Harold C olwell and Henry Scagnelli. Free admis- sion was given to all those over eighty who came with their parents. Mario Cr-oei was busily supplying the local F. H. S. baseball nine with baskets, knowing how much difficulty F. H. S. boys have had in fielding in the past. Also the remark was dropped in the two Gullivers' presence that Al Cardiff was employed at the carnival wiping the sweat off the iiying horses, while Jockey Clements was riding three winners at the Suffolk Downs race track. Bookie Tommy Tomasetti was sit- ting on the rail with a two-dollar ticket, en- couraging the bangtails home. Another thing john wanted to see was Gene B yrne's Hamburg Home in the darkest corner of Coburnville. Trowbridge f'Moth-Head" Bent, according to a good source, was em- ployed bringing in fresh dogs and cats for Gene. Fernando Sanchioni, known in higher society as f'Blackball," was said to be running a Beano House in upper Park's Corner. His best customer was Chief of Police Charlie Ewing, who threw away at least fifteen cents a week on this. nefarious business. After being told by twenty-three colleges that he would never be another 'Page Nine "Hank" Luisetti, "Burk" .Sherman finally grabbed wise and now was spending his time refereeing the Midget League Basket- ball games in the Civic League. Also from good source was the story that Jackie Norton was carrying on the family' tradi- tion by planting them as deep as ever, and Warren Sheridan was selling peanuts in Fenway Park. Next the two travelers buzzed into Montwait, where they found a blooming hamlet. Kenneth ftSoup" Hill had ob- tained a lot of improvements. Working on the local project 99-9f1O were the Pick and Shovel Kings, Burton and Arthur Carter, with Sydney Goodnow as night watchman. Sydney, alas, poor boy! was sleeping soundly in a fresh puddle of cement. Special Police Officer James Gage, of the neighboring settlement of Coburn- ville, was taking the dirt road to avoid being called to duty. So from there the two boys thought they would head back to civilization. The next stop was the Casino, where Louis Carini, Dana Craig and Charles Keefe were pro- moting wrestling bouts. When the wres- tlers didn't show up t'Muscles" Carini stepped in there with Craig. But this night they were lucky and had a main bout. In the squared circle "Irksome Irving" Markovsky was sitting on Robert Welch, while Bob was releasing a series of blood- curdling yells, much to the joy of the populace. The chief referee of the Casino bouts was R. Duseau, who had had his glasses knocked off earlier in the bout and, not being able to see, thought they were only shadow boxing and did not attempt to break it up. Continuous heckling was car- ried on from the two-bit seats by Lincoln Smith, who wanted to know 'fwhen they would take it out of the box? The: local police, represented by f'Flatfoot" Ken- drick, was restoring peace until he was struck by a decayed orange hurled by "Deacon" Van Yeaton. Patrolman Ken- drick was removed by loving hands, all the 'Page Ten L while saying, "I think the boys can take care of themselvesfl The battle raged until the ambulance, driven by John Hunter and John Van Vliet, came and cleared up the madhouse. jawn H. made a few of his barnyard cries and the mob quickly dis- persed, fearing the bull was loose. The two travelers soon left Carini's Crazy House in fear of their lives. Outside in the street Bobbie Maker, known as 'fLittle Man, What Now?l', was attempting to set up a push cart business, but his inferior fruit was being borrowed and not returned by a large horde of youngsters who persisted in pelting him until lil' Bobbie cried out in wrath, "Oh, fudge on you. You naughty boys." Sitting back enjoying the whole scene was "Big Butchv Kennedy, retired rubber merchant, who now and then lent his arm to the worthy cause. As the travelers progressed, tidbits of news came to their ears. David Keir, who made up his mind he would break 100, was swinging madly at a golf ball at the F. C. C., and all that resulted was that Tony Johnson, his caddy, was put to sleep by the warm breezes that arose. Bill Irvine, weed- pulling demon, was frantically clawing the hair from Mother Nature's head on Larry Ellsworth's farm in Southboro. Bill canlt leave because Ellsworth owes him so much money he will have the farm in a few dec- ades. Under Bill's supervision was Gene Worrey, trying to get started in the farm racket. Dan Driscoll was trying to ease himself into the picture, but every time he came around Larry said for Bill to send him on his way. After this bit of news, which was sup- plied by ace keyhole reporter Theodore Saulnier, who divided his time between keyhole peeping and printing propaganda for the "Down with Everything" Party, led by Jakie Miller, who aspired to be in- spector of prairie schooners for Sherborn, the travelers were beset by an unusual blowing and snorting in their rear. At f1rst thinking the mechanical gazelle had blown 'THE CPHILOMATH a tire, they turned around to witness the strange spectacle of "Mac" MacLean run- ning with his same old facial expression, only this time with Richie Furbush on his back. "Mac" said they were making him do this for winning the B. A. A. Marathon for the last eleven years in a row. Others get a fighting chance this way. In the near vicinity was Vincent Ephlin parading up and down in front of the UCrown" with a boycott sign on his back. He said he lost a dime in a crack in the floor and wanted to be avenged. Inside Lenny M osearitolo was making whoopee and Guido Ceruti was nursing a glass of water while waiting for the sidewalks to be rolled up. Tony Sannicandro was attempt- ing to crash society, but owing to the boy- cott of the 'tCroWn" was unable to enter that secluded spot. Arthur Butler, mayor of Nobscot, had come to town, but had se- riously sunburned the roof of his mouth, and also he had brought along a pair of dark glasses so he wouldn't be dazzled by the bright lights. At this point Robert HBobbie" Doherty's paper hanging shop could be plainly seen. We all knew HBob- bie" would make good at this trade. Charlie Eaton had been "Bobbie's" first assistant, but he got tangled up in Bobbie's paste and stuck to the wall and papered over. Now he was demoted to ceiling washer. John Garrity was the best soda jerker of Hughes' drug store, and John Hoban, the soda guzzling king, his best customer. just then the antedated four- wheeled boiler stumbled and jumped in the direction of the Framingham Airport, and there, to the amazement of the traveler, it was seen that Edward UPudgy" Loring was the brains behind the works. t'Pudgy" offered to have the boys taken up in his new Hying spider. At the controls was that hair-brained aviation cracked skull, John Shea, who promptly turned the crate into the Dipsy Doodle number. Flying over Farm Pond they could make out Anthony Inglesi doing a rushing fish business by THE CPI-IILOMATH which he catered to the demands of Co- burnville. On the beach front was life- guard Lou 'fBiceps" Connor, who strutted around in a manner unlike his high school football days, when he spent most of his time on the ground recuperating from K.O. wallops. He was the object of looks of jealousy from Robert Delage, who al- though he grew six inches, found to his dis- may that it was into the ground he grew. "Tornado" Byrnes was racing a. motor- boat, and he raised such a splash that he swamped the boat. William Arcudi and Danny Pugliesi were running a salami sandwich parlor on the same lake front, and in Francis August they had a find, for that gentleman ate so many that he foun- dered himself and had to be given artificial treatment by first aid man Louis 'fMilk and Toast" Dragone. Landing safely back on "Mama" Earth, the two- lads were glad to get away, for Charlie i'Gassy" Richards was swinging a mean rag while wiping off the engine. George Richardson was driving a horse and buggy to town for travelers. In his spare time George rented the affair out to Rubin. Back to town went the jalopy, and it was found that Jackson Clough was the proprietor of the Clover Grille and catered exclusively to hangers-on. jackson set local fads by cutting his hair, then every- body else let theirs grow. Bob f'Dilly Dolly" Dalrymple and Francis Graham, former big idea men, were now doing a fine piece of work in holding local banks up with their backs. Stopping to talk for a while, the two forgotten men had their heads together trying to scare up enough for a cup of coffee. It was confided by them that Willie Abbott had turned hermit and was holed up in a fox cave on Nobscot Mountain. Harold Butterfield and Leonard Crawford were playing cards on the park benches, and when questioned why they wouldnlt work said it was due to machines 'Page 6'le1'eu taking their jobs tincidentally their jobs were "on relief"j. Harlow Andrews, Ted Boyd, William Buzzell and Johnnie Lawrence were in town from the farm and were all set to blow their checks. They said that when they hit town Uten cents don't mean nothinif' Abe Ayoob and Bob Marino were trying to sell the hayseeds a quarter share in Brooklyn Bridge, but they said if they couldn't have the White House they didn't want anything. A roar of static was heard from the roof garden of the Old Colony Hotel, and upon investigating it was found that Douglas Davies, Edward Orzeck and William Warren, old time silent men, were now running a "Vox Pop" program and were driving the people away with their chatter. They had Francis Cavatorta held down in a chair, and were asking him whether he preferred blondes or brunettes. He said, "I want to be alone." Parking cars for a living were those eccentric two, Dick Heald and Georgie Solomon, and they wished to find a resting spot for yours truly's overheated ash bar- rel, but connections couldn't be made. Then parading down the street with packs on their backs came those two ex- plorers, Tom Canali and Joe Morissey, who said they were going to attempt the re-discovery of Saxonville. Following close on their heels and pulling a large un- covered wagon were those human pack horses, Bob Mitchell, Eddie Montgomery and t'Big Boyl' Wharton, who, if they had showed that much dash in school, might not have had to stoop to this low racket. Albert M cM anus was the slave driver over this group and said nobody ever had to worry about his sparing the whip and spoiling the slave. John Burkes and Wesley Gray were working a 'fshake downn racket on Willie Brophy, whom they promised to take into their protective association if he raised the necessary four bits. Wild Bill could not, so they were taking it out of his hide. 'Page TIl'6ll'L' On the Memorial Building lawn Leonard Bruce and John Breault were still hunting for four-leaf clovers. On the only day they found one they both were hit in the head by some billiard balls thrown from the Peerless. Prep Pool Room by John Rous- seau, who thought he was playing ffboccef' Howard Davis was walking down the avenue attired in a ladyls dress and push- ing a carriage. His family was one place where the woman ruled the roost both literally and figuratively. Dominic Manzella had turned dance hall promoter. He was running a joint called f'The Run- Down Heel" and had for his best customers Brad Hixon and Dick Hilliard, who said they would learn to dance if it killed some- body, and they didn't care if it were them- selves. C Incidentally, neither did anybody else.l John Phipps and John Sullivan were also patrons, and could do the Charleston, square dance, two-step, the Fiore Turn, and all those fast, new numbers. The White boys, Georgie and Donnie, usually attended, but they had contracted a bad case of housemaid's knee from their trade, floor scrubbing, and had been ren- dered hors de combat. Don "Weasel'l Wenzell and James McLellan were run- ning the soft drink department, but didn't dare to mix their drinks. Burnett Feld- man, big-time, get-everything business man, held the seventh mortgage on the and had threatened foreclosure. joint f'Red" Ferelli, Manzella's lieutenant, paid him off in check dances. After having one dance the financial titan passed out and was promptly relieved of everything of im- portance by f'Dead Wood Dick" Hanley, who wanted the titan to share his wealth. William Moore and Robert f'Taylorl' Sweetland apprehended the rascal and threw him out, but not before they had taken their large slice. Seeing enough of such goings on, the two travelers crossed the street to a diner. Behind the counter was Paul Morse. Ernest Oppiri, Doug Winslow and Bob 'Ti-1E CPI-IILOMATH Sturgeon were slinging hash. The boys evidently had been disagreeing, for vege- tables and fruit lay scattered around, and Winslow had a pumpkin pulled down over his ears. In a corner Bob Stoddard and John "Dropkick" Murphy were putting away a feed, pinching salt shakers and stuffing the old fruit in their pockets all at the same time. This was the last resort, so the two travelers jumped into the gas- hound and were off in a cloud of dust and duck feathers. But before they could get out of the town Constable Theodore Webster, acting in his official capacity, peppered the tin ash can with his blunder- buss and forced the speedometer up to the great rate of twenty-two miles per hour. The bullets did not affect the solid rubber tires, and outside of harming the one-piece of paint nothing could damage the good old snorting jalopy. So back to that out- post of civilization fFramingham Centrel it went, and there it would remain for years to come. The travelers had seen strange sights and creatures and now they were content to hole up for another twenty years. john DeMille. Girls' Prophecy In the summer of 1950, twelve years after our extraordinary class graduated from F. H. S., I took my first trip around the world. My personal guide to Washing- ton on the trip was Miss Josephine CRedl Keane. She, world renowned guide and traveler, offered, for a meager 335000, to show me even the most remote places I might Want to see. We flew from New York to Washington on that transcontinental air line, owned and supervised by Christine McLaughlin. She had to take to the air because the ground didn't supply enough space for her driving maneuvers. The pilot of our plane was Louise Halley, who must have been Chris's first pupil--her recklessness was 'THE CPHILOMATH obvious-but due to the soothing charms of Bertha Lomas and Marguerite Bird, the two air hostesses, we finally landed with- out mishap in Washington. VVhile visiting our capital we met the first lady of the land, President Martell's wife, Miss Marguerite McLaughlin, whose secretary was none other than our speedy shorthand pupil, Pauline C asella. That evening we attended the President's Ball and had the pleasure of being greeted by prominent statesmen, including our world renowned Massachusetts Senatress, Elea- nora Keene. Looking on from the balcony were the two socialist reformers, Christina N ute and Celia Krasnogor. After the ball I left Josephine and caught an early plane to Chicago, where I stopped for about half an hour. The air line hostess, Blanche Dunn, charmingly greeted us as we descended from the plane. In a spacious restaurant near by I finally tasted the delicious food of Mary Decina and Eleanor Carbonello, the two best cooks in Chicago. My next stop was Hollywood, where I visited the spacious "Dav-Ley Studio," owned and directed by Virginia Davis and Laura Haley. There's always one way to get your name in lights-o-wn a studio and direct pictures. The picture they were shooting was entitled f'Life Alone Is Lonely," starring that new-found dynamic heart breaker, Mary Acton. In the mob scene were such unknown actresses as Gertrude Baker, Virginia Restelli, Amelia Warren and Nellie Suslowich. Peg Henry had finally crashed the gates of Holly- wood. She was the stand-in for the new box office breaker, Marjorie Chapman. My, but Peg had changed! The hairdressing department in the studio was supervised by the beauty specialist, Eris Chiudioni, who was ably assisted by Della Ablondi, Rose Turchi and Rose Ablondi. On an- other set I witnessed a scene from 'iLife with a Basketball," starring those great athletes Irene Kustron, Florence Ross and 'Page ffhjrleeu Barbara Richardson. Think what F. H. S. did for them! That evening I went to the Brown Derby and was shocked to see and hear that the master of ceremonies was none other than Louise "Sa.xie" Horne and her Mad Hatters, among whom was Nancy Leavitt, seated at a piano of her own in- vention-one without keys-while non- chalantly leaning on the piano and croon- ing in her lovely voice was Beatrice Bell. Louise was playing her 'fsax" and Joan Turner was beating out the rhythm on the drums. Anna Smith was waiting offstage to impersonate that new radio sensation, Mary Radioonyk. The Mad Hatters fur- nished the music while that sensational dance team, Doris Collins and Virginia Tumasizewicz, gave their version of f'Looping Through." The next day I boarded the S.S. Super- Lux, which made my memory of the Queen Mary look like a canoe. The ship was cap- tained by Dorothy Harrison, and D-ora Mailhiot, the stewardess, showed me my stateroom. My personal secretaries were Pauline Kwasek and Ann Lamagna-both of whom could speak four languages. The steamer was certainly the latest word in style and comfort, due to the exquisite taste and artistic designing of Constance Shaughnessy and Estelle Steingold. As the ship neared the dock at Honolulu I saw Peg Perkins and Margaret McGaughey basking on the beach, exercising all of their feminine charms on the opposite sex. The beachls largest and most exclusive hot dog stand was tended by an old friend- Faith Boyd. From her I learned a lot of the sorrows and joys of many of my class- mates. She told me that Dorothy Murphy was vacationing in Honolulu to recuperate from the misery of her fourth divorce. She also said that Polly Van Ness, who was the new ruler of Hawaii, had almost revolu- tionized the island. Bidding good-bye to Faith, I made my way to the nearest beauty shop. Imagine my surprise when I "ff Q gr? C ' . X fs, ' A 'yxg F' . WM.:- x ' M2 1' 5 9 1 fa r- ' 1 V-. 151 if Q 'i 'ws . 5 335 L . 1 'Y A J g ":.A V' it fi' ' 1 B+ f S RW! A . 7 kr . 1 li.: I 41 Il I I ' -A s . ..-. 9 .U . I fini U I. if if sim 1' N, ' Q 1, i ' ,, ' x N "TT 6 """ ,all Six. A.-r '53 C 1 'N X Q 15 5' if ',4N'M'1 lx aa... ' 'v -mils!! 1 .nw eau 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. S. O. 10. 11. 12. 1.3. , s Buck Sherman. Mrs. Ballou before the Prom. The 8th grade class at Saxonville. jackie Norton. Guess who? Eleanora. Keene skiing? Link Smith a la undies. Our hero, Mario Croci. Ruth MCHale. Sam Fiore. Boh Maker coming flown Mt. Washington. Maggie Kyte. Dot "Miss Saxonvillcn Harrison. . ' I. if " -Q U' ,Nl ' Mil, A , ' ' 4.45, ' f J -gagaaww ff " . Y 4 14. Barbara Miles and Company. 15 Cousin Dot and Cousin Mae Murphy 16. Line Buster. 17. Nancy Dove. 18. Lenny Crawford. 19. Dave Keir and Elinor's beret. 20. Joe and Chris. 21. Henry Charles Boyle, Junior. 22. Manager Dick. 23. Frannie and his brother. 24. Trowbridge Bent. 25. Norma Clatlin. 26. Carolyn Bjork. A, I Holy Cross is proud of them? "Bly: Chief" Lawson. Dora Mailhiot. Pussy Alden. Amelia Carreia. John Jigger DeMille. Bob "Injury" MacLean. Mary "Muscles" Acton. Mary Radivonyck. The only left-handed band leader in the country. The 8th grade at Jonathan Maynard. The fairer sex at Jonathan Maynard. Tofldy Reni. Mr. Daniels giving Boyle a hand? Mary Deasy. Cappy. Best looking? Dorothy Hancock. Red, Barbara, Chris, Laura and Helen. Elaine and Margaret. Kay taking a singing lesson. 'Q ax ffdmi 3- , -' ' .. , .ff .Y Q A 'Page Sixteen met the proprietress, Mary DeMarini. Her head assistant was Rose Garbarino, who guaranteed you the best wave on the island. VVhile I was having my hair set, Ruth Herbert, the season's most popular debutante, came sauntering in, and in- stantly the shop was all confusion. Every- one ran to give Ruth any service she might desire. Left unnoticed, I departed. Boarding the Super-Lux again, I was quite astonished to see Evelyn and Char- lotte Lane smashing the ping-pong ball back and forth over the ping-pong table. These sisters have made history in that sport. In the music room Susie Silenzl was at the piano playing, while Susan Cara- donna gave a solo dance, "The Firefly." Among the spectators was the ever efficient Dorothy M ellin, waiting with a glass of water in case anything should happen. Gther onlookers were Gladys Beaton, Olga DCC-ollibus, Marion Hemenway and Gladys Jones, who were apparently very bored, as they were dozing peacefully. The boat docked at Hong-Kong, where the ship was met by such notables as Mary Carey, Carolyn Bjork and Mary Doran. They escorted us to the nearest hotel-if it could be called that-where, from the win- dow, I gazed upon a sight that shocked me. Like a parade, down the street marched about forty women with signs and posters, shrieking, f'Down with cigars, cigarettes, opium and liquorsf' These women belonged to the Women's Temper- ence League, many of whom I recognized: Marion Jones, Alma Hurlburt, Irene Ben- net, Angelica Basile, Jeanette Garceau, Elizabeth Mercer, Barbara Miles and Lillian O'Brien. Following the parade was Muriel Whitney, riding in a jinrikisha pulled by Leona Pierce. In a near-by Buddhist temple I recog- nized Priscilla Quinlan, Mary L. Murphy, Virginia Rorstrom and Barbara Tetley silently moving back and forth, now high priestesses. As I went further into the country I saw Rockina Piso and Lena T1-IE CPHILOMATI-1 Pompile wading knee-deep in the rice fields. The next day I hired a Chinese guide and crossed over into India. I visited the Taj-Mahal and was surprised to see that the sentinels guarding the beautiful build- ing were Louise Hyde and Daphne Ken- fway. Next I visited the Birds of Paradise, whose beauty was enhanced by the de- voted care of Minnie S ydow. Among the distinguished personages whom I met in India was the Sultan of Bolha-Dhan. In his harem, which is very seldom seen by anyone, were such rare beauties as Rita Paquette, Mary Murphy, Helen Mason, Thelma Reni, Clara Shul- man and Barbara Clancy. The Sultan ordered tea, which was served by four be- spangled slaves. I recognized them as Louise Dasoni, Mary Deasy, Madeline Dragone and Helen M aplebeck. From Bombay, India, I boarded a freighter littered with natives. I crossed to Mecca, where I witnessed the new dance sensation, Kay Pryor, who was sweeping the Arabian Empire off its feet. The boat, after passing through the Suez Canal, docked at Cairo, Egypt. It took a trip to the great pyramid of Gizeh and saw Emma Errico perched on the top survey- ing the desert. While I was there, Louise Carr went by on a camel. Emma told me that Gertrude Gardner had been kidnap- ped by a desert sheik, and when a rescue party had found them, she refused to re- turn with them. Next I visited Rome, Italy. Italy had become quite a place since Grace McGuire had succeeded Mussolini as dictator. She certainly had done wonders for the coun- try. At the Coliseum I saw Phyllis Bonner and Margaret Devine, who were employed as doorkeepers. From Rome I went to Monte Carlo. Being in a gambling mood, I stopped at the roulette table, where Jane Lovejoy was taking the bets. While I was playing and losing money steadily, I heard the 'THE CPHILOMATH orchestra start, and then I saw Marie Soma make her grand entrance. Marie is Monte Carlo-'s most sensational singer. When I was taken into the office to pay my debts, I was shocked to see before me Grace Philippi, who, being of a gambling nature too, had broken the bank and was the new owner of Monte Carlo. While I was going from Monte Carlo to Switzerland, I saw Virginia Simpson and Blanche Lareau racing on bicycles through the Alpine passes. When I reached Zurich, I hired a guide to climb the Matterhorn. After we had reached the peak, I saw the lonely cabin of a mountain hermit. I ven- tured inside and saw a much disguised Ruth M cHale. The world had been cruel to her and so- she was living apart from the world. From Zurich I went to Paris. The first of my former classmates whom I saw was Lilia Oldach. She was the owner of the most exclusive women's dress shop in Paris, where I went to a fashion show. Her assist- ant, lane Devonshire, with pins in her mouth, and surrounded by yards of ribbon and lace, was designing a dress for the Sec- ond Duchess of Kent, who, I learned, was the former Priscilla Williams. At the fashion show the loveliest gowns were being modeled by Eleanor Williams and Florence Hayes. After the style show I went to register at an exclusive woman's hotel and saw many of my former friends employed as bellhops. They were Ellen Orchard, Dorothy O'M alley and Anna- belle Donnell. The chief elevator girl was Eleanor Young, and Madeline Warren was the page boy. At the "Gay Paree" I saw Elaine Rice and Elsa Winch tripping around in shorts, selling cigarettes. Standing on the street corner just outside the night club, selling gardenias and boutonnieres was Nancy Dove. When I returned to my hotel I found, much to my surprise, that my next door neighbor was none other than Mrs. R. Duseau, the former Margaret Kyte. Taye SC'I'l'llfC'l'll From Paris. I boarded the Super-Lux and crossed the English Channel. On the way over we passed Anna Barbieri and Alma Statton swimming to England. I Wonder if they have reached there yet. After reaching London I met up with the chief of bobbies tpolicemen to usl, none other than Frances Wright. She must have got her training as a marshal at F. H. S. Her first and ablest assistant was Mary Thorpe. Along with them were such shrewd detectives as Helen Antnl, Mary Callahan, and Mary Donnelly. Scotland Yard certainly has competition now. That night I bought a book and a magazine at the Covent Gardens Bookstand from Emilia Carreia. I read in the magazine that Hattie Balcom and Helen Hyndman had been signed up with the Shuberts to play in Shakespearean drama. They got their training in F. H. S. when they gave such a dynamic performance in 'tPeggy Parks." The magazine a.lso contained a very interesting article on t'High School Romances Don't Last," written by Elinor O'Brien. Elinor, a prominent journalist, has written many successful articles for the London papers. The next day I went to a session of the English Parliament and there I heard a voice I had not forgotten and could never forget. It was that colleen, Helen Cooney, who was representing Ireland in the Co-m- mons and giving a forceful speech for Irish freedom. Opposing her with great power were those two English representatives, Catherine O'Connor and Antonina Bru- netta. From there I went to Wimbledon, where Shirley Cornell was fighting for the Davis Cup. Shirley played a very excellent tennis game and won the cup in an easy manner. Three cheers for Shirley. The next day I boarded the S.S. Atlantic for Boston. After a couple of days I was once again in the South Station and ready to entrain for Framingham. The first great change that I noticed when I came into Tage Elfgbteen Framingham was the new overpass. While I was admiring its beauty, Dorothy Han- cock accosted me, and we talked for over an hour. Dottie promised to show me the town, so we crossed the street and walked towards the Center. First we saw Mar- garet Healey and Adeline Testa. Dottie told me that Margaret had become Mrs. Owen Martin and that Adeline had be- come Mrs. Nattichione. They had just left their children at the kindergarten. We ate in Framingham's new diner, which Hazel Amsden and Mildred Bell owned and managed, where they cooked and waited upon the customers. I bought the Framingham Herald, whose editor was Norma Clajlin. The Framingham News now has competition. It was in the Herald that I read the an- nouncement of Joyce Murphy? engage- ment to Charles Mercer. We visited the Framingham Union Hos- pital and heard that Marie Galley and Marjorie Hawkins were the two best nurses available. In one of the beds was Rita C ronin, who was recuperating from a sickness which could not be diagnosed. Walking down Lincoln Street we saw the laboratory of Emma Saunders and Marion Schiaoi, the two greatest astron- omers on earth. Every two weeks, fo-r the past ten years, they have predicted the end of the world. On our way downtown we stopped at the new High School, and saw that Irene tContinued on page 613 Class History CContinued from page 75 Loring. Under these able leaders we have filled our positions of responsibilty most admirably. We entertained the Class of 1940 at a dance, and also celebrated our class "C" championship with a victory dance at the end of the football season. 'THE CPHILOMATH The Student Council, with Louis Carini and Richard Martell as presidents for the first and second terms respectively, carried out most satisfactory Student Associatio-n and Christmas Box campaigns. Our school newspaper, renamed The Student Crier, enjoyed a large circulation. Joe Pepi was the editor-in-chief. The hockey team reached the playoffs, and although we just missed the trophy, two of our seniors were on the All-Star team. Our other teams have also done their best. In February "Peggy Parks" visited our town. This was our Senior play, which filled Dennison Hall and kept the audience in gales of laughter or intent with interest. Helen Hyndman and Edward Shay were leading characters. The beginning of Community Life found an apprehensive group of seniors busily scribbling in little blue books in the hall once or twice a week, but as time went on we discovered that we really co-uld en- joy the talks after all. With the coming of spring everyone grew excited over his pictures. and ex- claimed with delight or dismay when the proofs finally arrived. These pictures were the beginning of our graduation activities, interrupted only by the May Carnival, in which we took an active part. As June drew nearer we began to realize that our public school education was near- ly over. Some of us profess to be glad, but when on this Class Day the gavel of office is passed to the junior president, we regret that we shall soon no longer be seniors. The Class of 1938 has upheld admirably the reputation of the Framingham High School. In years to come may we, its mem- bers, continue these activities in a larger scope so that the world may be a little bet- ter because we have been in it. Eleanora Keene. THE QHILOMATH Taye Nizzelewz iillfllili 1 lfill ifiiifiii lllllifiiiliiilllll lfiflifflll ifill 8 if ifii illiiii iilll C lllilllli l lllllflll Eunnnnlu nuuunnunuunnnnunununununnununannnnnununnunuununnunununununu:nlnnnnuuluunnnunnnnnnnunInuunnnnnunnuuuununulm Class Bequesfs We, the most dignified and the mightiest class of the Year of our Lord One Thou- sand Nine Hundred and Thirty-eight, of Framingham High School, in the County of Middlesex, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, being of a sound body and a. mind filled with genius and unimagina- tive powers, do hereby make this last Will and Testament. 1. We, the classiest class of classes Cin- cidentally this is the Class of 1938 if you don't knowj, leave to the lowly Junior Class all our pencil stubs, cut-up erasers, left-over conduct cards, petting corners, and last but not least our worn-out teach- ers. 2. We, the far too numerous Class of '38, leave behind in the office an application blank to be filled out by all who desire a parking space in the new addition and also the newly rumored portable building. 3. We, the class of wonders, leave to Messrs. Scanlon and McManus a trap door on each corridor to dump the dirt down and not put it behind the doors. 4. We, the Class of 1938, leave to the incoming Sophomores the dark and spa- cious areas of Farm Pond, and hope that they will live up to expectations. 5. We, the best Senior class ever to leave the portals of F. H. S., bequeath a deck of playing cards in the office for those trouble makers who find it difficult amus- ing themselves until the bell rings. 6. We, who make up the Class of 1938, do leave behind a few unfortunates who, through no fault of their own Qdoes some- body question that statement?j, were asked to stay around for another year to torment their teachers. 7. We, members of the Class of '38 who strive to be on the School Committee, make this promise to Mr. Charles, that when we reach our goal we will see that he is placed in Bill Scanlon's position. lNo, Bill is not being f1redg he will receive his pension. You know that janitors are re- tired at seventy.j 8. We, the fifth period class in College Physics, do hereby Hpool our pennies" and leave Mr. aloe" Bush an expensive pair of lineman's gloves to prevent him from get- ting any more shocks. Personal Bequesfs 1. I, Adeline Testa, am to be the first one married in the Class of 1938, and I dare Enis Franchi to get married as soon after graduation as I shall. 2. I, "Old Howard" Garvey, leave to Edward 'fSwishl, Mulvey the right to wear any colors that clash and also his pants up to his knees. 3. I, Margie f'You,re - the - one - I'm- after" McGaughey, do leave to my stooge, Louise Whitcher, the art of Hroping them ini' and hope she succeeds as well as I've done. 4. I, Vicento Archibaldo Percivalo Caseyo Secundo Wilhelmo Domestico, do leave to Mr. Ralphy Iaccopucci a black eye patch to impersonate Floyd Gibbons to speed up his talks and make them sound more interesting. 5. I, Dominic Manzella, do hereby allow old f'Panel-feet Moe" Brown the right to go down the corridors "trucking" 6. We, Bob Duseau and Maggie Kyte, having left school bag and baggage, do allow Arnold Frost and Shirley Walker to look like the pair who have been married for ten years. 'Page Tzwezzty 7. I, Nancy Whoo-Dove, do leave all my fortune telling and palm reading abil- ity to Frances Roy, in hopes she can tell as many lies and tales of woe as I have. 8. I, Charlie "Texas" Richards, do be- queath all my stamina and personality to my kid brother Wally, in hopes he will win as many mile races as I have and also break as many hearts as I have. 9. I, Irene Kustron, being of sound character and a friend to all, leave my athletic ability to Anna Devine, knowing that next year she will be Miss Stiles, star pupil. 10. I, Harlow "Gee - but- I'm - hand- some" Andrews, do bequeath to any t'Tar- zanl' the book 'tHow to Grow a Moustache Over Night," in hopes he may improve his looks as much as I have. 11. I, Christine McLaughlin, being one hard girl to get around, leave my bag of tricks to Jane Avery, with full instruc- tions to follow them to the limit. 12. I, the world's greatest "hot cha" man and original Ding Dong Daddy from Clark Street, john 'tKiss-Me-Again-Girls" Fiore, do hereby leave to Horace Taylor my secret way of always having the girls chase me and still being able to hold my head up among men. :THE CPHILOMATI-I 13. I, Christina Nute, leave my nat- ural blondeness to any one who can dye her hair in time. 14. I, Howard Davis, the Caveman of F. H. S., do leave my gorilla tactics to any- body who thinks he is as tough and rough as I am. 15. I, Josephus 'tRobin Hood" Pepi, Mayor of Coburnville, do give all my gangster vocabulary to Miss Squires, in hope she may some day understand it and then adequately add to it. In witness whereof, we, the illustrious Class of 1938, through our crooked and unduly authorized attorney Don Ricardo Martellio, afiix our seal and subscribe our signature on ther 15th day of June in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty-eight. God save the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from on- coming classmates. CSignedJ THE CLASS OF 1938. Don Ricardo Martellio CAttorneyD In the presence of Private DeMille, Private Orchard, Private O'Boyle, All members of Company C, National Guard. lt 'THE CPI-IILOMATH Tage 'Tuenly om EI SM' CI Class Benefactor Best Athlete . Most Popular . Mo-st Friendly Neatest . . Quietest . Best Dancer . Faculty Joy . Biggest Eater . Most Optimistic Most Pessimistic Jolliest . . Most Serious . Best Looking . Wittiest . . Smartest . Best Actress . Best Actor . Biggest Talker Biggest Gum Chewer . . Most Sophisticated . . Sweetest ..... Best Dressed . Most Likely to Succeed . Most Pleasing Personality Most Industrious Best Speaker . Class Artist . Most Domestic Tallest . . Shortest . xv. Elma Nwafuh Q9 Bovs Edward Loring Edward Loring Edward Loring Edward Loring David Keir William Warren Dom Manzella Robert Welch Arthur Sherman Charles Richards Henry Boyle Sidney Goodnow William Warren John Kennedy Joseph Pepi Robert Welch Edward Shay Warren Sheridan John Hunter David Keir Richard Martell David Keir Edward Loring Edward Loring Robert Welch Joe Pepi Donald White Robert Duseau Harlow Andrews John Russeau GIRLS Frances Wright Irene Kustron Josephine Keane Frances Wright Florence Hayes Eleanor Williams Dot Collins Eleanora Keene Ann Dove Celia Krasnogor Helen Cooney Ann Dove Eleanora Keene Amelia Warren Celia Krasnogor Eleanora Keene Helen Hyndman Helen Cooney Kay Pryor Elinor O'Brien Margie McGaughey Marguerite McLaughlin Josephine Keane Josephine Keane Eleanora Keene Frances Wright Olga DeCollibus Margaret Kyte Jane Devonshire Amelia Carreia J ,L ,?. ,f, 5 x ,t 4 .,+. 1. 5. Q I .-xx x 5-,. ', K Elm of 1932 MISS ETHEL B. WILEY 1 CLASS ADVISER 01444 Ufjicwr THOMAS HENRY HOBIN fTommyj ...... College Football, 2-3-4, Basketball, 2-3-4, Baseball, 2-3-4, Student Council, 2-3-4, Highway Safety Club, 2, Class President, 2-3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Golf Club, 3, Senior Boys' Sports Club, 4, Senior Nominating Com., 4. I like coffee, I like tea, I like Marge and Marge likes me. li,,,.. . .+q5,523V:... , FRANCES MARY WRIGHT cF1'6I7Zk, Framziej College Basketball, 2-3-4, "F," 2, Class Vice-Pres., 2-3-4, Hockey, Capt., 2, Tennis, 2-3-4, 2, Sec. Lost and Found Dept., 2, Directors' Club, 2, Biology Club, Vice-Pres., 2, Typewriting Club, 2-3, Student Council, 3-4, Sec., 4, Marshal, 3-4, First Lieut., 4, Bowling Team, Manager, 3, Winklots, 3-4, Sec., 3, Class Gift Committee, 4, Senior Play Usher, Award for Outstand- ing Leadership and Service. Frank is our Vice-President- A splendid girl is she, She pleases everyone she meets And fills us all with glee. JOSEPHINE MARY KEANE U01 ...... Commercial EDWARD F' LORING """"""""" Basketball, 2-3-4, 2-3, Girls' Athletic Club, Pres,, 2, Class Sec., 2-4, Directors' Club, 2, Marshal, 3-4, Athletic Club, 3, Home Room Director, 4, Dra- matic Club, 4, Winklots, 4, Picture Committee, 4, Nominating Committee, 4, Toastmistress, Class Ban- quet, 4, Good Citizenship Pilgrim, D. A. R., 4, Carni- val, 4, Sr.-jr. Athletic Com., 4, Honorable Mention for Leadership and Service, 4. Josephine, a red-haired lass, ls one of the favorites in our class. She has both brains and personality- We hope her dreams become reality. .College Football, 2-3-4, Baseball, 2-3-4, Hockey, 2-3-4, Vox Lzzdi, 2, Debating Club, 2, Class Treas., 2-3-4, Band, 2, Student Council, 3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Capt., 4, Car- nival Basketball Com., 4, Award for Outstanding Leadership and Service. He's won awards in everything. In sports he can't be beat, And if you want to laugh a while Then Ed's the man to meet. 'TI-IE CPI-IILONIATI-I WILLIAM ROY ABBOTT .,......,....... College Band, 2, Asst. Manager, Baseball, 2-3, Manager, 4, Hockey, 3-4, Chemistry Club, 3, Sllldefll Crier, 4, Football Manager, 4, Stage Technician, Senior Play, Boys' Sport Club, 4. When our football coach cried "Give me a man," , Wlilliam sprang up and swiftly ran. rf Q DELLA MARY ABLONDI ..... ....... C 07Illll?l'L'lt7l Girls' Flying Club, 2, Dance Club, 4, Harmonica Club, 4. Ablondis come and Ablondis go, But Della's the one that we all know. MARY PAULA ACTON ................. College , Student Council, 2-4, Marshal, 2-3-4, Dramatic Club, 2, Biology Club, 2-5, Secretary, 2, Hockey, 33 Golf Club, 5, Plyilonmtla, 4, Dance Club, 4, Banquet Committee, 4: Carnival Ticket Selling, 4. A Mary is cheerful, Mary is gay, Mary goes riding with Fran every day, - When she comes home, feeling tired and blue, She goes right to the phone to tell it to Lou. ROSE THERESA ABLONDI ...,........ Social Arif 'gli' Basketball, 2-5, Hockey, 2-3, Typewriting Club, 2, Dance Club, 4. Rosie is a "redhead" Who always likes to dance. But Rosie hasn't met the man Who can put her in a trance. PRISCILLA ALDEN QP11f.ryj ............. College Marshal, 2-4, Biology Club, 2-5, Literary Club, 2, Girls' College Club, 4, Riding Club, 3-4, Highest Scholastic Honors. Pussy is a studious girl, She always does her homework, But when it comes to having fun Her boy friends End her no shirk. HAZEL NATALIE AMSDEN. . . . . .Comozerrial Sewing Club, 4. With Hazel's smile and Hazel's laugh she is sure to get her way. HARLOW PIERCE ANDREWS ......... Commercial Track, 2-3-4, Basketball, 2-3-4. Harlow calls Margie his only pride- r. But the rest he keeps inside. fNot that moustache, however!J HELEN J. ANTUL ..............,,.... College Typewriting Club, 2, Girls' Occupations Club, 4. Helen has a smile so sweet For every person she does meet. A Taye 'TIz'e11ly-five ' Z., f' P . sy 7-gage T1z'e111y-Jl.x' CT H E CP H I L O M A T H ' 3 4'-I K WILLIAM ARCUDI ................. Social Am Airplane Research Club, 23 Boys' Aviation Club, 4. William likes to study and learng For education he does yearn. FRANCIS JOSEPH AUGUST fFl'dl177l6, . .Commercial Stamp Club, 2g Airplane Research Club, 2, Prom Patrol Committee, 3. Francis is a helpful boy, Always at his ease, , Especially when he's saying, I "Just step this way, please." J f' GERTRUDIE LOUISE BAKER fGertiej ..... College Dramatic Club, 23 Etiquette Club, 3g Girls' Flying Club, 4. Gertie goes to Milford To see her cousin fair. Is that all that she goes for Or is someone else there? ABRAHAM AYooB ffibiej , . .... Social Arif Boys' Sports Club, 4. Although this Abie has no beard, Still to us he is endeared. Q I ' . ANNA ROSEMARIE BARBIERI ........ Commerriol , ' Italian Club, 2, Basketball, 2-3-4g Gym. Club, 33 3 J- Glee Club, 4, Student Crier, 4. W A ' Q Anna's beau in Ashland does abide, E I We wonder if Anna will there reside. A' r ,e l 'H HATTIE R. BALCOM .................. College Dramatic Club, 2-34, Typewriting Club, 23 Senior Play. bw Our future Mary Boland. ANGELICA R. BASILE ffimzj ........ Sofia! Am Harmonica Club, 23 Basketball, 2-3-4, Typewriting Club, 3g Dance Club, 43 Girls' Occupations Club, 4. Sparkling teeth and a lot of curls, She has many friends--both boys and girls. GLADYS BEATON fGiggleJj ........ Commercial Etiquette Club, 3, Girls' Occupations Club, 4. Gladys is a girl happy and gay, , S ' , I Q Whose giggle we hear every day. Y Q . T H E CP H I L O M A T H Taye Tufeiily-.rez'e1z BEATRICE IRENE BELL ............' . .Social Arfr Here's a bell who may not ring, But we are certain she can sing. 'R MILDRED FRANCES BELL fMilliej .... Sorial Arif Dramatic Club, 2, Typewriting Club, 3, Dance Club, 4, Biology Club, 4g Fortune Telling, Carnival, 4. Want to know what will come to pass? just step up and ask this lass. IRENE M, BENNETT ............... Social Arif Basketball, 33 Tennis, 33 Sewing Club, 33 Girls' Occupations Club, 4. Her ambition A songstress to beg And in this position How happy she will be. TRowBR1DGE CLARK BENT. . . .... Sorial Am Chemistry Club, 3-4. Trowbridge is "Bent" but not broken-no, sir. MARGUERITE MARIE BIRD fhliggyj .,.... College Typewriting Club, 2, Marshal, 4g Dramatic Club, 41 Dance Club, 4, Carnival Fashion Show, 4. "Sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb-." CAROLYN OLGA B-IORK ............ Commercial Dramatic Club, 23 Girls' Etiquette Club, 3, Sfiidenl Crier, 43 Girls' Occupations Club, 4. Such a charming disposition And such a cheery smile Will get "Carol" over life's hard road, ' And will help her for many a mile. PHYLLIS NAOMI BONNER ......,....... C olle ge Typewriting Club, 2, Latin Club, 2, Sewing Club 'griasli 33 Girls' Occupations Club Sec., 4, Basket- a , . Phyllis is going to be a nurse- A charming one she'll rate, But we know we'll not be with her, For she's going to Westboro State. ARTHUR A. BONITO ............... Social Arif Pigeon Club, 2g Highway Safety Club, 2, Golf Club, 3. He's a basketball fan, "If there ever was one." He's a likable man, "If there ever was one." Page r1'll'tJllf'1'-Flgbf .1 of .' .A- A 1. Q ai 3' 9 'THE Q31-IILOMATI-I THEODORE P. BOYD fTedj ............ College Student Council, 2-33 Vox Ludi, 2, Airplane Re- search Club, 2-5, Sec., 33 Highway Safety Club, 23 Science Club, 2, Marshal, 4, Airplane Club, -4, Dance Club, -ig Carnival Movie, 4. Ambition is Ted's guiding star- He hopes to please Virginia R. FAITH BOYD Qlitzyj ................ Social Arty Dramatic Club, 2-3--lg Girls' Flying Club, 2, Senior Playg Banquet Committee, -1. Remember how hard it was to keep a straight face the night of the Senior Play? Ugh! Ugh! Looks as though Hollywood will call you. Faith. HENRY CHARLES BOYLE fjznziorj .... Social Arif Debating Club, 23 Intramural Basketball, 21 Basket- ball, 3-4, Capt., 43 Baseball, Z-5--ig Golf, 2, Directors' Club, 21 Football, 3-4, Marshal, 5, Golf Club, 3, Prom Ticket Committee, 3, Athletic Committee, 4, Carnival Basketball. 4, Dance Club, 4. Don't tell me now you've never heard Of Henry Boyle! Why, that's absurd! Captain of this and captain of that- But many an hour on the bench he sat. JOHN FRANCIS BREAULT .............. College Typewriting Club, 33 Christmas Box Committee, 5. Jerking soda's johnny's aim, For his brother's in the game. LEONARD BRUCE QLBIIJ ........... Comnzercial Stamp Club, 23 Motion Picture Club, 33 Aviation Club, -1. Robert Taylor certainly has to keep in the front row with a man like Len in the world. WILLIAM j. BROPHY flVfild Billy .... Comme:-tial Pigeon Club, 2, Highway Safety Club, 2, Biology Club, -ig Decorating Committee, Carnival, 4. Twinkling eyes and cheerful smiles Are this man's clever, charming wiles. JOHN R. BURKES fBzm6j .............. College Baseball, 2-3-4, Hockey, 3-4, Senior Boys' Sports Club, 4, Boys' Sports Committee, Graduation, 4. At baseball johnny is a star, And he plays hockey, toog But johnny doesn't like the girls- Too bad, alas, but true. ANTONINA MARIE BRUNETTA Qflmzj Commerri.zl Girls' Athletic Club, 25 Basketball, 3-4, "B," 4, Sewing Club, 3, F. H. S. Neu'.I', 33 Sluderzl Crier Busi- ness Manager, 43 Girls' Occupations Club, 4, Co- Chairman, Advertising Committee, Carnival, 4, Honor Tenth. just picture Ann ln a secretary's position, That seems to be Her main ambition. TI-IE CPI-IILOMATI-I HAROLD C. BUTTERFIELD, JR.. .. ..., College Glee Club, 4. u Has anyone heard Harry sing? A really truly second "Bing." ARTHUR MERRIFIELD BUTLER. . , ..... College Biology Club, 2-3. We all know Arthur is quite a boy- Yes, he's Nobscot's pride and joy. He's been round and seen a lot- There isn't much Lil' Art hasn't got! WILLIAM ALVIN BUZZELL fBz1ddyj . .Sorifzl Ai-If Chemistry Club, 4. No matter how you say it, It all adds up to the fact That he's one swell guy. EUGENE WILLIAM BYRNE Uonzadoy . .SOClr1lA1'l,f Basketball, 2-5, Intramural Basketball, 4, Football. 3, Typewriting Club, 5, Tennis, 4, Marshal, 4, Boys' Sports Club, 4. Gene is a very shy little lad, He's always smiling, never sad, He never gets angry, he never gets blue, I can't think of a single bad thing. Can you? MARY FLORENCE CALLAHAN QCQIJ . . .Sofilzl Am Typewriting Club, 3, Basketball, 3-4, Girls' Occu- pational Club, 4. Her name is Mary, But they call her "Cal", With that sweet smile, She's everyones pal. ROBERT E. BYRNE ............,.... Sofia! Ai-ff Intramural Basketball, 2, Biology Club, 2, Type- writing Club, 3, Senior Play, Refreshments, Carnival, 4. Bobo is our class Romeo- Of girl friends he has dozens. But now don't let him fool you, gang, Half of them are his cousins. JAMES C. CAPOBIANCO lCappyj ...... Sofia! Ain Intramural Basketball, 2, Basketball, 3-4, Marshal, 4, Senior Play Usher, Senior Boys' Sports Club, 4. Scene: The Gorman. Time: Every night. Characters: A good-looking usher named Jimmie and a gal called Virginia. THOMAS J. CANELLI .............. Commerrifzl Highway Safety Club, 2, Intramural Basketball, 2-4, Golf, 4. Tommy is a golf fan, He's a wizard on the green, The best score he has made Is a hundred and nineteen. 'Paige "l'z1'e11ly-nine Taye 'Thirty ...I 'K dv, ZA . ,ai te- l I 'TI-IE CPI-IILOMATH ELEANOR CARBONELLO ........ . . . .Social Arts Gym. Club, 3, Italian Club, 4. Eleanor is a very quiet miss, But to meet her is everyones wish. JOHN JAMES CAPSTICK fGrabbei-Q .... Sofia! Arif Dramatic Club, 2, Chemistry Club, 3-43 Chairman, Carnival Target Booth, 4. Not a matchstick, Not a toothpick, But just john Capstick. ALFRED VINCENT CARDIFF .......... Sofia! Ai-fr Airplane Research Club, 2-35 Football, 2, Intramural Basketball, 2, Hockey, 2-3-43 Senior Boys' Sports Club, 4. The best "Red-headed Ice Man" in F. H. S. SUSAN THERESA CARADONNA fSa.riej .Sofial Ai-ff Italian Club, 23 Athletic Club, 2, Field Hockey, 33 Typewriting Club, 3, Girls' Occupations Club, 43 Carnival Fashion Show, 4. Susie had two boy friends, She liked them both a lor, She tried to play the game fair, But they put her on the spot. Louis PETER CARINI .................. College Intramural Basketball, 2-4, Directors' Club, 2, Stu- dent Council Vice-Pres., 3, Marshal, 33 Football, 3, Chairman, Refreshment Committee, junior Prom, Chairman, Ushers, Senior Play, Banquet Toast, 4. I Theres something we've heard about Lou- Yes, a girl--is it true? Please act on the matter now, Rise, Mary, and take a bow! MARY CATHERINE CAREY ........... Sofia! Am Gym. Club, 23 Biology Club, 2, Etiquette Club, 3, Girls' Flying Club, 3-4, Basketball, 43 Field Hockey, 4. Mary has a little dog, And he is very sweet, And everywhere that Mary goes Tinker's at her feet. LOUISE DOROTHY CARR ....... .... S ocia! Arif Girls' Occupations Club, 4. Silence is goldenfeven to the hair! EMILIA CARREIA fTinyj ............ Sofia! Arfr Italian Club, 23 Biology Club, 3-4, Dance Club, 4. i She might be called a "shrimp," gi 3 But she is a 'Rwhale" ofa good kid. 'THE CPI-IILOMATH ARTHUR JOHN CARTER ............ Cozmzzercitzl Basketball, 33 Intramural Basketball, 4. Arty with his rod and bait Runs down to the river, "I wonder what may now awaitf Gosh! Another kiver." BURTON A. CARTER ............... Conznzercitzl Burt is very slim and tall- Montwait's handsomest of all. FRANCIS J. CAVATORTA ............. Sofia! Arif Carnival Construction Committee, 4. He may not be so handsome- His head it never swells- He isn't on the Honor Roll, But in cooking he excels. PAULINE T. CASELLA .............. Commercial Athletic Club, 2g Etiquette Club, 3, Basketball, 4g Honor Tenth, Chairman, Carnival Decorating Com- mittee, 4. What would Hodgman's do without our own Pauline? GUIDO JOHN CERUT1. . . .... Social Arif Basketball, 2. In my little Ford V-8 I merrily go to my date. MARJORIE ANTOINETTE CHAPMAN fHo1zeyj C 0 nz nzercial Margie, somehow, will not acknowledge What her heart cost to a youth in college. ERIS CLARA CHIUDIONI fT0nyj ,.... Commercial Italian Club, 2, Athletic Club, 2g Girls' Flying Club, 3, Dance Club, 4, Harmonica Club, 4. The "noiselessest" little girl in F. H. S. NORMA ELIZABETH CLAFLIN fBzm'diej Sofia! Arfr Knitting Club, 3, Highway Safety Club, 3, Sewing Club, 3, Girls' Flying Club, 4, Plailomafly, 4. Norma's everybody's pal- She surely is a grand, sweet gal. Ttzge 'I'lvir!y-ofze 'Page Tl1irlJ'-Izro 'TI-IE CPI-IILOMATI-I BARBARA JEAN CLANCY ............ C ommerrio! Etiquette Club, 33 Girls' Occupations Club, 4. Cute and sweet- Personality can't be beat! CHARLES L. CLEMENTS Uorkeyj ..... Sorio! Arty Highway Safety Club, 23 Boys' Sports Club, 4. What would happen if Jockey didn't have an errand to perform? JACKSON CLOUGH qJofkJ ........... Sofia! Af-If Dramatic Club, 23 Golf, 2-53 Directors' Club, 3, Pfailomolfa, 3. Where the-re's Jack there's his car. DORIS MARGARET COLLINS QRipperJ .Comozef-rio! Girls' Gym. Club, 2-33 Girls' Official Club, 4. Wher'er there's a dance You'll see Doris prance. HAROLD RALSTON COLWELL QlV!aizeyJ Sofia! AI-If Hockey Manager 2-43 Hockey, 33 Baseball, 23 De- bating Club Vice-Pres., 33 Chemistry Club, 4. Mary had a little lamb-and Colwell is O'Connell's. LOUIS OLIVER CONNER, JR. fG7'Zlll2pJl, C om merria! Airplane Research Club, 23 Football, 3-43 Baseball, 3-43 Student Council, 4g Marshal, 43 Senior Boys' Sports Club, 4, Vice-Pres., Intramural Basketball, 43 Graduation Committee, 4. Louie is an awful brute- Especially in a football suit. SHIRLEY CORNELL fD11rkyJ ............ College Directors' Club, 23 Latin Club, 23 Dramatic Club, 2-3-4, Vice-Pres., 2-33 Marshal, 3-43 Prom. Decorating Committee, 3g Captain of Tennis, 43 Carnival Com- mittees, 43 Honor Tenth. The course of true love may never run smooth, But Shirley and Bengy have found the right groove. HELEN THERESE COONEY .......... Commercial Biology Club, 2-43 Debating Club, 23 Dramatic Club, 33 Honor Tenth. "The human dictionary of the senior class." TI-IE CPI-IILOMATI-I LEONARD HARVEY CRAWFORD QBQI-Heyy Comniercitzl Basketball, 2, Hockey, 2-4, Vox Lodi, 2, Directors' Club, 2, Football, 4, Baseball, 41 Hockey, 4, Student Council, 4, Marshal, 4, Senior Boys' Sports Club, 4, Nominating Committee, 4, Intramural Basketball, 4, Honor Tenth. Let us know when a lassie you choose, As it certainly will be "Real News." DANA HENDERSON CRAIG .........., Sofia! AI-rr Directors' Club, 2, Highway Safety Club, 2, Air- plane Research Club, 2, Dance Club, 2, Science Club, Vice-Pres.. 32 Editor, F. H. S. Newt, 3, Senior Play, Szfzrlenf Crier Board, 4. Tall and dark and handsome- His name is Craig, you know, And is he swell to look at? Well, all the girls think so. RITA VIRGINIA CRONIN ...........,. Social Arif Girls' Occupational Club, 4. She always has a pleasant smile, As for a friend, she's sure worth while. lVlARlO CROCI Qllylzzgyj ....,......... College Football, 2-3-43 Basketball, 2-4, Baseball, 2-3-4, "F," 2, Hockey, 3, Marshal, 3, Senior Boys' Sports Club, 4, Picture Committee, 4. Mario's tall, and big, and strong, When he gets started, it doesnt take long. Among Lillian, Kay, Dinny, and Joyce Athletic Mario has his choice! ROBERT A. DALRYMPLE ...........,... College Football, 2-3-4, Intramural Basketball, 2-3, Hockey, 2-3-43 Biology Club, 2-3, Football, 3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Marshal Exec. Com., 4, Track, 4, Boys' Sports Club, 4, Program Committee, 4. His favorite girl's name is Helen. Why? LOUISE E. DASSONI ................ Social Arif Typewriting Club, 3, Dance Club, 4, Sewing Club, 4. When Ray first met Louise It happened at a dance, But when he followed her home, Louise was in a trance. FREDERICK HOWARD DAVIS .......... Sofia! Arif Debating Club, 2, Motion Picture Club, 3. Howie's the lad you'll always see Surrounded by gals in the li-bra-ry. DOUGLAS R. DAVIES fRedj ....,..... Social Arif Airplane Research Club, 2, Typewriting Club, 3, Boys' Sports Club, 4. His Phyllis is his only girl, His rifle is his only joy, And his Dusenburg is his only world. 'Page Tlvjzly-Illree .Q-,hu ' -of ' ef ef' f Tlzge Tbirly-font' .. , .4 . . s 1- 1 f are 121 . CTI-IE CPI-IILOMATI-I MARY ANN DECINA ............... Social Arif Italian Club, 4. Shes cute and sweet, This bundle of joy, For down in Alabam' There is a boy. VIRGINIA RUTH DAVIS fDlllllyJ ......... College Vox Lfzdi, 2, Basketball, 3-4, Typewriting Club, 3, Prom Decorating Committee, 3, Properties, Senior Play: Dance Club, 4, Dramatic Club, 4, Girls' College Club, 4, Chairman, Art Booth, Carnival. A door opens- Dinny's in, A door closes- Dinny's been. OLGA VIRGINIA DECOLLIBUS ........... College Typewriting Club, 2, Latin Club, 2, Marshal, 3, journalism Club, 3, Girls' Occupations Club, 4, Wlinklots, 4, Graduation Day Committee, 4, Fashion Show, Carnival, 4, Honor Tenth. She's quiet, friendly, an artist, too, For Olga we see success in view. MARY A. DEASY lzlflaej ............ Social Arif Biology Club, 2, Typewriting Club, 2, Etiquette Club, 3, Favor Booth, Carnival, 4. Mae is CHIC, Mae is sweet, Shes the girl you ought to meet. MARY THERESA DEMARINI ......... Commercial Motion Picture Club, 3, Girls' Occupations Club, 4. Mary is cute and somewhat petite, But, when it comes to fun she can't be beat. ROBERT F. DELAGE ..... . . . . . .Social Arif Biology Club, 2. Bob is petit-but hard to beat! MARGARET ALMA DEVINE lzlflirkeyj .Commercial Athletic Club, 2, Airplane Research Club, 2, Hoclcey, 2-3-4, Basketball, 2-3-4, Gym. Club, 3-4, Baseball, 3-4, Girls' Flying Club, 4. Oh, Mickey is so friendly, Alike with girls and boys, But to be with him on Saturday nights Is by far her biggest joy. JOHN RAYMOND DEMILLE ljiggery ..... College Football, 2-3-4, Basketball, 2, Intramural Basket- ball, 4, Track, 2-3-4, Student Council, 3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Chemistry Club Pres., 3, Dance Club, 4, Class Prophet, Boys. The man we call "jigger" Forever will last, The man of the hour And the man of our class. 'TI-IE CPI-IILOMATH JOSEPH ROBERT DOHERTY fPiey ........ College Baseball, 3, Dramatic Club, 2-3-4, Tennis, 4, Dance Club, 4. - Bobbie likes to walk, So he joined the National Guard, And you bet that he can talk To pass the buck so hard. JANE WHITNEY DEVONSHIRE ....,..... College Literary Club, 2g Dramatic Club, 23 Lost and Found Com., 2-4, Girls' College Club, 3-4g Winklots, 3-43 Editorial Board, Sfudefzl Crier, 4g Riding Club Sec., 43 Banquet Committee, 43 C0-chairman, Fashion Show, Carnival, 4. "A daughter of the gods, divinely tall and most divinely fair." VINCENT DOMESTICO ...........,.. Social Arty In Vinnie's sixth period English class He never fails each day to pass From the second aisle to the last, For he likes to talk. Alas! Alas! ANNABELLE ENID DONNELL ........... College Basketball, 2-4, Girls' Occupations Club, 43 Philo- matb, 4. First it was Carl, Then along came Red. Now guess what? Shes undecided. INIARY ELIZABETH DORAN ......,... Coozmereiol Girls' Flying Club, 2, Etiquette Club, 3. In school our May is I0 quiet- But out of school she is a riot. MARY V. DONNELLY .............. Conzmerriezl Hockey, 2-4, Athletic Club, 2-3, Baseball, Manager, 4, Girls' Official Club, 4. A pal to everyone. ANNE DOVE fNeznryj ............. Social Arif Basketball, 2-33 Dramatic Club, 2, Girls' Flying Club, 3, Hockey, 3, Ping-Pong, 3, Senior Playg Fortune Teller, Carnival, Honor Tenth. Nancy is a bright girl, Nancy is a palg When Nancy goes in swimming She's really quite a "Gal"l LOUIS JOHN DKAGONE ............ Commerriezl Debating Club, 2, Highway Safety Club, 2, Italian Club, 4, Dance Club, 4, Ticket and Invitation Com- mittee, 4. He rode his bicycle every day, And studied hard to make his way. Ttzge Thirty-fire 1 -I , Q If 'I' I1 ' 1 'Pzgfe Tlvi1'lJ'-.fl.x' L if aww, THE CPI-t1Lo1v1AT1-1 MADEI.INE V. DRAGONE flvfoddyj . . .Social Am Italian Club, 2-3, Sewing Club, 3, Biology Club, 4. Her swell disposition is known to us all, And when in need ofa real friend, upon Maddy call. DANIEL J. DRISCOLL .................. College Basketball, 33 Intramural Basketball, 4, Marshal, 3-4, Type-writing Club, 3, Prom Patrol Com., 3, Chem- istry Club, -lg Carnival Construction Committee, 4. He raises chickens, corn, and Cain. Danny's a boy with an active brain. ROBERT T. DUSEAU ................ Sorirzl Ai-fr Radio Club, 2, Airplane Research Club, 2. Duseau and Maggy, inseparable pair, Wlierever Mag Kyte, Duseau is there. BLANCHE MARIE DUNN ........ , . .Cozmuerriel Basketball, 2-4, Athletic Club, 2-4, Gym. Club, 5. Blanche and Moe are just like that- Many the hours they have sat Side by side in Moe's old car- Her memories of him are close, not far. CHARLES F. EATON lClmrliey ....... Social Art: Dramatic Club, 2-43 Airplane Research Club, 2-33 Prom Patrol Com., 3, Marshal, 4, Senior Play, Dance Club, 4. Charlie goes to dancing school, As a dancer he has fame, His partner is a Sophomore, Claire McNeil by name. I. VINCENT EPHLIN fSo1myj ........ Social Arif Radio Club, 2, Prom. Patrol Com., 3, Carnival Re- freshment Committee, 4. Sonny has a Ford- Takes it everywhere. just look for the Ford- Sonny will be there. CHARLES K. EWING fChic,ej ........... College Dramatic Club, 2, Track, 2, Hockey, 2, Prom Patrol Com., 3. One moonlight night in Miami Something was a-brewing- A mermaid crept out on the shore And spoke to Charlie Ewing. ERMINIA TERESA ERRICO fzlfllzzniej ...... College Athletic Club, 23 Italian Club, 2, journalism Club, 3, Baseball, 3, Girls' Occupations Club, 4, Girls' Olli- cial Club, 4, Sllldent Crier, 4, Girls' Flying Club, -4, Favor Booth, Carnival, 4. A giggle, a sigh, And Minnie goes by. THE CPHILOMATI-I ANTONIO FERRELLI flleel, Tony, .... Social Arif Intramural Basketball, 2, Basketball, 5-4. If the Barber-Colman A. C. lost Red They would be in the red. BURNETT Louis FELDMAN fBC'l'lZf9D ...,. College B-Bashful E-Earnest R-Reliable N-Neat I-Intelligent E-Energetic or should we have said Enough! JOHN CHARLES FIORE fscllllj ........... College Football, 2-5--ig Track, 2-3-4, "F," 2, Basketball, 3-4, Typewriting Club, 3, Prom. Refreshment Com., 51 Marshal, 43 Chemistry Club, 4, Vox Pop, Carnival, 4, Home Room Director, 4, Usher, Senior Play. We wonder why the girls all sigh Wlien Johnny comes a-struttin' by. HARRY ELLISON FOLEY ............ Social A1-if Harmonica Club, 2-4, Airplane Research Club, 2, Chemistry Club, 4. Harry is a great musician, The harmonica he plays. We'll assure him a position For his music does amaze. JAMES A. GAGE .......... . . .Social A1-fr Intramural Basketball, 5. jimmy has a paper route- And jimmy thinks It's swell Giving all a friendly smile As they answer their door bell. RICHARD DOWNES FURBUSH fDirkj ..... College Pigeon Club, 23 Track, 4, Aviation Club, 43 Grounds Committee, Carnival, 4. Quiet, modest and always a good friend, For anything great on him we can depend. MARIE ELIZABETH GALLEY ............. College Basketball, 3-4, Biology Club, 5-4, Hockey, 5-4. The one and only with a "schoolgirl complexion." ROSE MARIE GARBARINO ........... C07Illll6l'Cldl Dramatic Club, 23 Italian Club, 2, Girls' Flying Club, 53 Girls' Occupations Club, 4. In school Rose is quiet and sweet, But outside she's a riot who can't be beat. 'Page 7'l1i1'ly-.rerefl 79.156 'Thirty-eigbl 40 'THE CPI-IILOMATH GERTRUDE MARIE GARDNER ........ Commercial Girls' Flying Club Sec., 3, College Club, 4. Gert likes Tommy, Tommy likes Gert. Now when's the date-but we won't be pert. JEANETTE ADELE GARCEAU Umzj . . .Commerrial Girls' Flying Club, 3-4, Pbilomtzlb, 4. jan has turned her affections to a lad up Hopkinton way. JOHN FRANCIS GARRITY fHtmky ..... Social Ai-1: Golf, 2-3-4, Aviation Club, 4. john is the boy from Sax with the cheery smile, And for a camel he'd "walk a mile." JOHN H. GARVEY U-Iozwzrdj ........ Sofia! Arif Asst, Manager, Basketball, 2, Manager. Basketball, 3-4, Typewriting Club, 3, Basketball, 4, Boys' Sports Club, 4. Garvey is well dressed and Garvey's neat, He is also cute and sweet, Garvey's known as the ideal man And when the girls see him they fall with a bam. If. SYDNEY GOODNOW .............. Sofia! Am Dramatic Club, 2-4, Football, 2-3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Senior Play, Banquet Committee, 4. Syd is jolly and full of fun, He can show you how truckin's done. ANNA DORIS GILGUN QDOIQ ....... Coflmzerrial Basketball, 2-3-4, Marshal, 2-3-4, Girls' Athletic Club, 2, Baseball Manager, 3, Pres., Motion Picture Club. 3, Winklots, 3-4, Ring Committee, 3, Prom Decorating Committee, 3, Student Council, 4, Girls' Prophet, 4, Honor Tenth. Dot always has a sunny smile and cheerful words for everyone. WESLEY E. GRAY, JR. flyffb ....... Comzzlerfial Pigeon Club, 2, Highway Safety Club, 2, Basket- ball, 3, Baseball, 3, Marshal, 3-4, Boys' Sports Club, 4, Intramural Basketball, 4, Basketball Committee, Car- nival, 4, Class Gift Committee, 4. Wesley always does his work, And never does he care to shirl-c. EDWARD FRANCIS GRAHAM QTa:-zzeyj .... College Boys' Sports Club, 4. Graham is a well liked guy- He has the thing that money can't buy. THE CPHILOMATH LOUISE MARY HALLEY flazlzzj ....... Social Artr Typewriting Club, 2, Athletic Club, 2, Basketball, 3-4, Baseball, 3, Field Hockey, 3, Gym. Club, 3, Dance Club, 4, Girls' Official Club., Pres., 4, Gradua- tion Athletic Com., Girls, 4. Louise is a popular Saxonville lass, She is distinctly a girl with class, And if you dOn't believe it's so Why don't you go and ask Bobo? LAURA MARY HALEY .............. Cofizzizerrial Basketball, 2, Hockey, 2, Athletic Club, 2-3. Will Laura "middle-aisle" it with Carmen this June? RICHARD JOSEPH HANLEY ........... Sorial Arty Biology Club, 3-4, Vice-Pres., 4. Dickie is a paper boy, And also is a faculty joy, He always seems to study hard And never his record has he marred. DOROTHY CATHERINE HANCOCK qDo1fj Social Arif Directors' Club, 2, Band, 2-3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Type- writing Club, 3, Prom Ticket Com., 3, Winklots, 3-4, Student Council, 4, Carnival General Decorating Com., 4, Banquet Program Committee, 4, Senior Nomi- nating Committee, 4. Dot's friend joe Wfatts is quite a man When it comes to holding hands. DOROTHY ANN HARRISON fW'axiej . .Social Artr Basketball, 2-3, Dramatic Club, 2-4, Typewriting Club, 3, Wlinklots, 4, Carnival Favor Booth, 4. She'll probably be an "Iceman's" wife, But anyway, we know she's awful nice. JOHN JOSEPH HART Uackj ............ College Home Room Director, 2-4, Marshal, 3-4, junior Ring Com., 3, Class Night Program Com., 4, Senior Nominating Com., 4, Carnival Check Dancing and Minstrel Show, 4, Intramural Basketball, 4. jack likes the piano, Oh, so very well, But when it comes to women He thinks they're twice as swell. FLORENCE MARIE HAYES fFloy ...... Sofia! Ai-fr Girls' Flying Club, 2-3-4, Biology Club, 2, Fashion Show Com., Carnival, 4. Oh she is very petite, Also very, very neat. MAR JORIE ELIZABETH HAWKINS ........ College Basketball, 2-3-4, Cheer Leader, 2, Typewriting Club, 2, Girls' College Club, 3-4, Tickets and Invita- tions Committee, 4. In basketball she's very fast, And with the boys she's never last. Tage Tloirly-lzizze I4 , la g if VJ? Trage Forty 4' 63 19 .w A I I ,Y E . 3 lffb 1 lain 6 .f v ,--' ' . s .A A- -e 'F 'TI-IE CPI-IILOMATI-I MARGARET LOUISE HEALEY fI.onj . . .Social A1-tr Girls' Flying Club, 35 Girls' Occupations Club, 4. Margies so sweet and always so neat, She was just the girl for Owen to meet. RICHARD KIMBALL HEALD Qliizzzbollj . .Sorial Ai-if Bowling, Carnival, 4. Is it true that Dick's ambition is to be State bee inspector? MARGARET MARY HENRY fPegj .,.,.... College Dramatic Club, 2-4, Pres., 2, Typewriting Club, Sec., 2, Vox Lzndi, 2g Student Council, 2, Senior Play, 4, Slzldefzf Crier, News Editor, 4, Winklots, 4, Car- nival Check Dancing Com., 4, Home Room Director 43 Honorable Mention for Leadership and Service, 4' Highest Scholastic Honors. The redhead in the ten pretty girls. 1 1 MARIAN ESTHER HEMENWAY ........... College Student Council, 2, Vox Ludi. 23 Dramatic Club, 23 Etiquette Club. 3, Girls' Flying Club, 4. Marian is happy, Marian is fair, But when Dexter's around For no one else does she care. RUTH ISABEL HERBERT ............. Social A:-tr Typewriting Club, 2, Girls' Flying Club, 2g Basket- ball, 2-3-43 Hockey, 2, Tennis, 2, Dramatic Club, 3, Riding Club, 5-4, Bowling Club, 4, Girls' Flying Club, 4. Happy and everyones friend, She knows her lesson from beginning to end. KENNETH WALTER HILL ........... Social Ai-lr Ken surely tops them all- For he's over six feet tall. RICHARD FRANCIS HILLIARD ............ College Biology Club, 2, Lost and Found Com., 2, Boys' College Club, 3, Marshal, 3-4, Chemistry Club, 4. Dick is quite a quiet lad- A friendship with him is no fad, Dick and Doug are pretty thick, We hope together they will stick. BRADFORD ABBOTT HIXON, JR. ......... College Intramural Basketball, 23 Chemistry Club, 43 Band, 4. Bradford Hixon is his name. His only claim to fame? just put a racket in his hand And watch the ball fly o'er the land! TI-IE CPI-IILOMATI-I LOUISE VENESS HORNE fll"ee1ziej . . .Crzlzlfzzewlal Hockey, 2, Tennis, 3-4, Pbllozmglb, 4. Weazie plays a saxophone, And she plays II very well, And when she starts to swing it The music it sounds swell. JOHN JOSEPH HOBAN ......4.......... College Typewriting Club, 3, Harmonica Club, 4, Advertis- ing Committee, Carnival, 4. A quiet lad is johnny, A friend to all he knows. His kind and courteous attitude Is known where'er he goes. ALMA POWERS HURLBUT .............. College Basketball, 3-4, Hockey, 3, Bowling, 31 Girls' Occu- pations Club, 4, Nominating Committee, 4, Picture Committee, 4. First it was Harry, Then it was joe, But now it's that fellow In Maine, you know. JOHN A. HUNTER ffezzwz, Ulyrrerj . . .Social Arty Marshal, 3-4, F. H. S. Neuxr, 3, Harmonica Club, 3, Hockey, 4, Dance Club, 4. johnny has a charming way Of making the girls just come and stay. LOUISE CATHERINE HYDE fBeffyj ...... College Marshal, 2, Vox Llnli, 2, Dramatic Club, 2-31 Girls' Occupations Club, 4, Honor Tenth. Betty's favorite diversion is playing it la Duchin. HELEN WINSLOE HYNDMAN .,..,...... College Typewriting Club, 23 Dramatic Club, 2g Home Room Lost and Found Agent, 2, Winklots, 2-3-43 Girls' College Club, 3-4, Treas., 3, Pres., 4, Class Night Decorations Com., 3g Prom Refreshments Com., 51 Riding Club, 3-41 Bowling, 3, Marshal, 4, Senior Play, 43 Student Crier, 4, Home Room Director, 4, Honor Tenth. It's Harry during school time And E. B. in vacation, They give Our pretty Helen No chance for relaxation. ANTHONY RAYMOND INGLESI fTozzyj .Social A1-fr Intramural Basketball, 4. Tony is from Tripoli way- We see him go there every day. WILLIAM LLOYD IRVINE fBillj ......... College Football, 2-3-4, Hockey, 2-3-4, Student Council, 2-3-4, Treas., 4g Marshal, 2-3-4, College Club, 3, Boys' Sports Club, 4, Class Gift Committee, 4, Car- nival Minstrel Show, 4. Bill can shag But not with Dal, For when he shags He needs a gal. 'Page Iimljuozle 3. A N QR, I Tlzge Forty-tzro THE CPI-IILOMATH GLADYS MAY JONES .................. College Stamp Club, 2: Typewriting Club, 2-3, College Club, 4, Carnival Fashion Show, 4. Gladys can cook, Gladys can sew, To camp this summer with Freddie she'll go. ANTHONY D. JOHNSON fTolzyJ ..... Soriol Arn Tony, you know, is really a wow! I-le and Ding and Mr. Dow, And all the rest of Gorman Road, Are on Framingham quite a load. CHARLES A. KEEFE Uleepyj ....... Commerrial Football, 2-4, Hockey Manager, 2-3-4, Highway Safety Club, 2, Motion Picture Club, Sec., 3, Basket- ball, 4, Marshal, 4, Dance Club, 4, Picture Commit- tee, 4, Tickets and Invitations Committee, 4, Home Room Director, 4, Stage Manager, Senior Play. A wonderful worker is this boy, And to whoever employs him he will be a joy. MARION LOUISE JONES ............. Social Ai-If Hockey, 2-3, Typewriting Club, 2, Dramatic Club, 3, Girls' College Club, 3-4, Carnival Booth Commit- tee, 4. Marion has no excuse to be late Now that she's driving a Ford V-8. ELEANORA ALICE KEENE .............. College Directors' Club, 2-4, Biology Club, 2, Typewriting Club, 2, Marshal, 3-4, Girls' College Club, 3-4, Bowl- ing, 3, Senior Play, Dance Club, 4, Carnival, Adver- tising Com., 4, Class Historian, 4, Highest Scholastic Honors. Eleanora likes to ski On the mountain tops, She goes sailing down the hill And very seldom Hops. DAVID W. KEIR fDaz'eJ ............... College Golf, 2-3-4, Capt., 4, Marshal, 2-4, Directors' Club, 2, Prom Patrol Com., 3, Carnival Check Dancing, 4. To David all things are possible-he captured the heart of a blonde enchantress, and moved a marshal post bodily to that other one in front of Room 114. ROBERT KENDRICK QBobJ .......... Social Arif Football, 2-3-4, Hockey, 3' Motion Picture Club, 3, Student Council, 4, Marshal, 4, Senior Boys' Sports Club, 4, Sec.-Treas., Social Com. for Banquet, 4. By all the girls is our Bob sought, But, alas, to them he gives never a thought. JOHN MAURICE KENNEDY QPeezrl9eJj .Corzzmerrial Baseball, 2-3-4, Biology Club, 2, Football, 3, Bas- ketball, 3, Typewriting Club, 3, Tennis, 4, Marshal, 4, Gym. Club, 4, Boys' Sports Club, 4, Nominating Committee, 4, Social Committee, 4, Home Room Direc- tor, 4, Intramural Basketball, 4. Wherever Johnnie goes He keeps the girls Upon their toes. THE CPHILOMATH DAPHNE DENNY KIiNW'AY ............. College Basketball, 33 Dramatic Club, 3-4, Lost and Found Committee, 33 F. H. S. Neztht, 3, Smale!!! Crier Board, 4. No boys for her-'just her books anti 'cello. CE EIA KRASNOGOR fnlitferbzfgj ......... Cffllege Biology Club, Sec.-Treas., 3, Girls' College Club, 4, Girls' Occupations Club, 4, Honor Tenth. Celia is joyful, Celia is witty, Shes also plump and really quite pretty, In her opinion Benny Goodmans grand, Boy! wed like to see her swing a band. PAULINE C. KWASEK .........,.... Cozzzmercifzl Sewing Club, 33 Field Hockey, 33 Carnival Favor Booth Committee, 4, Honor Tenth. Pauline is a friend in need, A real pal-yes, indeed! IRENE MARY KUSTRON .............., College Basketball, 2-3-4, 2, Capt., 3-4, Hockey, 2-3, 2, Capt., 33 Athletic Club, 2, Typewriting Club, 21 Literary Club, 33 F. H. S. Newt, 33 Bowling, 3, Baseball, 41 Marshal, 4, Student Crier, Editor, 4, Dra- matic Club, 41 Senior Nominating Com., 4, Class Gift Com.. -ig Home Room Director, 4. In basketball Irene shines, A forward sharp and keen, A friend to all And athlete fine is Irene. ANGELINA LAMAGNA fflmij ........ Comuzerelezl Art Committee, 4, Dance Committee, 4. Because you came to us late- Congratulations for your good rate! MARGARET LOUISE KYTE fillezggiej . .Commercial Athletic Club, 2, Dramatic Club, 2, Basketball, 2-3-4, Hockey, 2-4, Gym Club, 3, Sewing Club, 4. It's not do this or do that, but Duseau, with Maggie. EVELYN FLORENCE LANE. . . .... Commerrial Girls' Flying Club, 3-4. Rosy cheeks, sparkling teeth, Evelyn's the girl we like to meet. CHARLOTTE BEATRICE LANE Uhezw Shezwj College Basketball, 2-3-4, Gym Club, 2, Typewriting Club, 25 Athletic Club, 3, Slzzdenl Crier Board, 4, Dance Club, 4, Honor Tenth. Charlotte is a jolly lass, As smart as she can beg She writes to all the big leaguers, And hockey she loves to see. Tatzge Forfj'-Join' in ' 'UQ . 'R -4' 2 J. 'Y 46 4 THE CPHILOMATH JOHN JOSEPH LAWRENCE fBmldyJ ...... College Basketball, 33 Track, 31 Golf Club, 3, Marshal, 4, Dance Club, 4, Aviation Club, Sec., 4, Carnival Check Dancing Committee, 4. John can't decide which lassie to pick- Claims to them all he'd better stick. BLANCHE IRENE LAREAU .,........ Comme:-vial Although Blanche is a quiet miss, To be a sailors wife's her wish. NANCY LEAVITT. ..................... College Dramatic Club, 2-3-4, Typewriting Club, 2, Mar- shalg 4, Carnival Play Stage Manager, 4, Orchestra, 2-3- . Nancy is a friend For everyone to have, But does not lend her heart To anyone but "Trav." BERTHA ALBA LOMAS ..........,... Social Art: Vox Ludi, 2, Biology Club, 2, Winklots, 2-3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Plbilomotla, 3, Typewriting Club, 3, Vice-Chairman Prom Patrol Com., 3, Dramatic Club, 4, Sfzulezzf Crier, 4, Carnival Fashion Show, 4, Social Com. for Banquet, 4. Bill and Bertha, a perfect pair- . We see them together everywhere. ROBERT JAMES MACLEAN .........,... College Football, 2-4, Track, 2-4, "F," 2, Marshal, 4, Senior Play, Manager, Senior Relay Team, Dramatic Club, 4, Carnival Dramatic Com., 4. Bob is nimble, Bob is quick, But he can't jump higher Than four feet six. L. JANE LOVE JOY ..,.............. C ommerriol Jane loves to dance the old-fashioned Way, Because Jarvie dances only that way. DOROTHY MAE MAcNEiL ......... .... C ollege Biology Club, 2-3-4, Vice-Pres., 3. Dot always has a happy grin When to Millis she is chasing, And by gosh that very grin is there When the teachers she's a-facing. REGINA E. MACKENZIE. . . . . .Commercial Dramatic Club, 4. Regina likes a sailor fair Who takes her just everywhere. 'THE CPHILOMATH DORA ALICE MAILHIOT fDodoj ..... Sofia! Af-It Dramatic Club, 2, Gym Club, 3, Band, 3, Basket- ball, Asst. Manager, 4, Girls' Occupations Club, 4, Dance Club, 4. Dora is pretty, Dora is line, All the boys say I wish she were mine. ROBERT WINFIELD MAKER .......... Social Az-fr Football, 2-3-4, Intramural Basketball, 2, Hockey, 2-3-4, Track, 2-3-4, Manager, 2-4, Directors' Club, 2, IxIL1I'Sl1.ll. 3-4, Dramatic Club, 3-4, Pbilrmmlb Board, 4, F. H. S. Newt, 3, Student Crier, Editor, 4, Boys' Sports Club, 4, Dance Club, 4, Carnival, Construction Com., 4, Master of Ceremonies, Carnival Play. Bobbie is a Romeo- For any girl he'll come and go, But Bobbie always says with glee, "Geel I like my Beverly." DOMINIC MANZELLA fD0lll, ..,.... Social Arif Basketball, 3, Intramural Basketball, 4, Gym Club, 4, Dance Club, 4, Construction Committee, Carnival, 4. Eddie Sakovitz and "Kid" Manzella Each think the other is a wonderful "fella." HELEN CHISTINE MAPLEEECK ...... Commerritzl Flying Club, 2, Athletic Club, 2, Etiquette Club, President, 3. Helen has such lovely hair Which she claims takes little care. ROBERT MARINO. ..,.............. Commerriol Robert Marino, the brute of the class, Has broken the heart of many a lass. ARTHUR MARINO ................. Commerrial "Pretty Boy" Marino, Arthur to the girls, Is Robert Taylor, to the women, with everything but curls. RICHARD THOMAS MARTELL fDicky ..... College Debating Club, 2, Lost and Found Agent, 2, Direc- tors' Club, 2, Intramural Basketball, 2-3-4, Baseball, 2-3, Football, Asst. Manager, 2, Manager, 3-4, Student Council, 3-4, Treas., first half, 4, Pres., second half, 4, Marshal, 3-4, Typewriting Club, 3, Student Council, Convention Delegate, 3, F. H. S. Newt, 3, Chairman, Prom Patrol Com., 3, Dance Club, 4, Boys Sports glub, 4, Business Manager, Senior Play, Class Lawyer, Dick thinks that teachers are most absurd If they think he should be seen and not heard. IRVINO M. MARKOVSKY Cfoolfj ..... Social Arif Motion Picture Club, 3, Boys' Sports Club, 4. Looking down the corridors I saw a massive fellow, And when he spoke his voice was like A powerful organ bellow. Togo liorfy-fre KP.: ge For'ty-fix I... v 3 8' 5. . Y . I A ,. Q, . , , , T, . .ef Ir. " 44 If L , 1 CTI-IE CPHILOMATI-I MARGARET BIRD MCGAUGHEY fMtzrgiej .College Directors' Club, 2, Dramatic Club, 2, Typewriting Club, 2, Golf Club, 3, Marshal, 3-4, Girls' Occupa- tions Club, Pres., 4, Carnival Refreshment Commit- tee, 4. The sweetest thing this side of F. H. S. HELEN ELIZABETH MASON Q"Sir"j .,.... College Typewriting Club, 2, Marshal, 3-4, Motion Picture Club, 3, Student Council, 4, Pbilozmzlb, 4, Student Crier, 4, Girls' College Club, 4, Sec. She keeps them all as the apple of her eye, Bob, jug, Bill, and Cy. GRACE LOUISE MCGUIRE .............. College Latin Club, Vice-Pres., 2, Typewriting Club, 2, Bas- ketball, 3-4, Sewing Club, 3, Hockey, 3, Basketball, Manager, 4, Girls' Occupations Club, 4, Honor Tenth. A little bird told me-it must be so- That Grace and Fred to the altar will go. RUTH MCHALE. ................., Commercial Basketball, 4, Sewing Club, 4. Although she came to Framingham late, We've found Ruth a swell classmate. CHRISTINE ANNE MCLAUGI-ILIN fCl1icej C o 711 111 ercial Basketball, 2-3-4, Student Council, 2-4, Athletic Club, 2, Home Room Director, 2, Marshal, 3-4, Gym Club, 3, Ring Committee, 3, Dance Club, 4, Winldots, 4, Dramatic Club, 4, Senior Nominating Com., 4, Chairman Hospitality Com., 4, Cheer Leader, 4. Our Christine is a popular girl, We wouldn't part with her for anything in the world. MARGUERITE MARY MCLAUGHLIN. ...... College Student Council, 2-3-4, Typewriting Club, 2, Mar- shal, 3-4, Golf Club, 3, Dance Club., Sec., 4, Dramatic Club, 2-4, Sec.-Treas., 4, Chairman, Check Dancing, Carnival, 4, Social Committee, 4, Highest Scholastic Honors. She's beautiful and friendly, And always nice to meet. If you don't believe it, just let "Dick" speak. ALBERT LEo MCMANUS, JR. fPeIej ..... College Radio Club, 2, Chemistry Club, 4, Marshal, 4. Pete and science are sure to meet. But from the girls he will retreat. JAMES A. MCLELLAN fDorj ........ Commercial Marshal, 4. McLellan and Andrews-the inseparable pair- Wlmen you see one, the other is there. TI-IE CPI-IILOMATI-I MARGARET MCNAMARA. ........... Commercial When Margaret's in a schoolroom, Or at a girl friend's house, Shes so very, very quiet, She'd compete well with a mouse. DOROTHY MELLIN fDotQ .......... Comnzerriol Harmonica Club, 2, Dramatic Club, 2, journalism Club, 3, Typist, F. H. S. Newr and Plyilofmzzly. 3, Ad- vertising Staff, News and Plzilomatla, 3, Typist, Slu- defzt Crier, 4, Girls' Occupations Club, 4, Carnival Check Dancing, 4. Northeastern right now is the spot, And he cares for Dot quite a lot. ELIZABETH SYLVIA MERCER fBettyj ..... College Biology Club, 2, Literary Club, 2, Girls' College Club, 3-4, Honor Tenth. Betty has a boy friend, Handsome, blond and tall. We don't blame you, Betty, For liking him best of all. BARBARA G. MILES fBobrj ......... Commercial Directors' Club, 2, Flying Club, 2, Sewing Club, 3-4, Pres., 4, Band, 3-4, Marshal, 4, Dance Club, 4. Someone has taken the heart of Babs, Now on her we can keep tabs. ROBERT H. MITCHELL. ..........,..... College Intramural Basketball, 4. "Mitch" is handsome-what a heart throb! But to give us a break-that wouldn't be Bob! JOHN JOSEPH MILLER MESKAUKUS, JR. fBirzgj Sooiol Art: Football, 2-3-4, Basketball, 2-3, Marshal, 4. In football Bing is a great end, Because skyward he does trend, When he hits 'em- They stay hit! WILLIAM CHARLES MOORE ......... Social Am' Airplane Research Club, 2, Typewriting Club, 3, Aviation Club, 4. It may be "Moore," But never less. EDWARD CHARLES MONTGOMERY fBud, Eddie, College Track, 2-3-4, Aeroplane Research Club, 2, Chemis- try Club, 3, Ring Committee, 3, Advertising Staff, Pbilomalb and F. H. S. News, 3, Intramural Basket- ball, 4, Marshal, 3-4, Student Crier Board, 4, Home Room Director, 4, Property Manager, Senior Play, Class Gift Com., 4, Dramatic Club, Pres., 4, Dance Club, 4, Honor Tenth. Eddie is a track man. He's been raising an awful din- Whenever there's a track meet It's the other men who win. Tezge Forty-rezezz Tizge Forty-eiglvl vi, if Wa? if 'Q' . .' I '43 THE CPHILOMATH JOSEPH EDWARD MORRISSEY Qjoej .... Soriol Arif Baseball, 2g Highway Safety Club, 2, Basketball, 35 Marshal, 3-4, Motion Picture Club, 3g Gym Club, 4. joe works in a drug storeg A druggist he wants to be. When he tries to mix a formula A little iitt'ry is he. PAUL C. MORSE, JR. fzlloorej ....... Social Arif Harmonica Club, 2g Boys' Sports Club, 4. Paul is so shy that he always gets-by. LEONARD EARL MOSCARITOLO fllezzuie. Bnfflaj Sorial Arif Football, 2-53 Prom Decorating Committee, 3. As Dick Dead-Eye in Plmzfore Len by far got the highest score. Now in High School he's the wittiest wit, For Lennie sure has done his bit. DOROTHY THERESA MURPHY ....... Commereiol Girls' Flying Club, 4g Carnival, Refreshment and Check Dancing, 4. Dot, Dot, you're on the spot- Your pretty smile at last was caught. JOHN VINCENT MURPHY .............. College One time you could tell Murphy By his bright crimson hairg But now we know the silent one By the jacket he doth wear. JOYCE FRANCES MURPHY .............. College Honor Tenth. Where Joyce goes, so does Charlie- Oh, we understand! For these two go quite steady. My, ain't love grand! MARY CATHERINE MURPHY Qzvlzzrplaj .Social Af-fr Typcwriting Club, 2, Sewing Club, 3g Manager of Basketball and Tennis Teams, 4, Flying Club, 43 Winklots, 4, Carnival Bowling Committee, 4. If there were another war, And the Huns came over here, Blue-eyed Mae would knock 'em out And save our country dear. MARY LOUISE MURPHY fMoej ......... College Typewriting Club, 3g Prom Refreshment Committee, 33 Senior Play Usher, Girls' Occupations Club, 4g Dance Club, 43 Tickets and Invitations Committee, 4. Mary and Peg are kept on the go By their Red, Dick, Charles and especially joe. 'TI-IE CPI-IILOMATI-I JOHN LEO NORTON Uoeley ...,...... Sofia! Arn Highway Safety Club, 2, Directors' Club, 2, Mar- shal, 53 Prom Patrol Committee, 3, Graduation Pro- gram Committee, 4. Here, folks, is a handsome guy, He makes the high school lassies sigh. CHRISTINA KIMBALL NUTE ............ College Dramatic Club, 2-3-4, Typewriting Club, 2, F. H. S. Newt, 3, Student Crier, 4, Scenery for Senior Play, Carnival Play Committee, 4. She's always running-the dramatic club-or after a man-or just around. ELINOR KERWIN O'BRIEN ......,...... College Student Council, 2, Vox Lndi. 2, Dramatic Club, 2, Debating Club, Sec., 2, Golf Club, 3, Marshal, 3--1, Pbilomizih. 5--ig Sllzdelzl Crier, Advertising StaH', 4, Girls' College Club, 4, Tickets and Invitations Com- mittee, 4, Highest Scholastic Honors. Elinor's a haughty lass, With honors every year she'll pass. For dates with El the boys all save, But she is happiest with her Dave. DAVID VUILLAM O'BOYLE Uiggerj ...,., College Airplane Research Club, 2, Harmonica Club, 2, Riding Club, 3, Dance Club, 4. The little major of the "Mud Guards." LILLIAN MARY O'BRIEN QSZTQ ....... Sofia! Am Highway Safety Club, 2, Girls' Flying Club, 5, Biology Club, -1, Riding Club, 4, Student Crier Typist, 4. Sis has taken up baton twirling, looks as though our F. H. S. drum majors will have to be keener. RAYMOND B. O'CONNELL Ulezyj ..... Social Arif Baseball, 2-3, Marshal, 2-3-4, Vox Ludi, 2. Oakie plays the slide trombone, Theres fury in his tone. His curly hair and smiling face Say that he will win the race. CATHERINE LOUISE O'CONNOR ..... Commerriol Science Club, 2, Girls' Flying Club, 4, Honor Tenth. Another genius in the making. VIRGINIA LILIA OLDACI-I ............... College 4 Decorating Committee for Check Dancing, Carnival, Lilia has two dancing feet, And her clothes are very chic, But her thoughts now travel far For they're all in Panama. 'Page For! y-lIll16 l I 72'-feF!!'ll 'THE CPHILOMATH ' ERNEST OPPICI fBIlff?l', ...,..,..... Sofia! Arif Intramural Basketball, 2-4, Boys' Sports Club, 4. His mater calls him Ernest, The boys they call him "Bust", But when he plays for Bar-Col You ought to see his dust. DOROTHY MARIE O'MALLEY fBe11yj .... College Athletic Club, 23 Gym Club, 3, F. H. S. Newt, 3, Girls' Flying Club, 4. To have Betty give him a smile each day "jello" comes from miles away. ELLEN MARY ORCHARD fEllj ...... Comme!-ria! Directors' Club, 21 Director, 4g Dance Club, 4. Ellen and Stan make a swell pair, And time for her Stan can always spare. FRANCIS F. ORCHARD QFre:zfbiej ..... Sofia! Af-if Student Council, 25 Boys' Sports Club, 4. First it was Helen, then Tod appeared, Now it is jean to whom he's endeared. EDWARD ORZECK ............,..... Social Az-tr Aviation Club, 4, Construction Committee, Carnival, 4, Honor Tenth. Hears all, knows all, says nothing. RITA M. PAQUETTE ..,............ Comnzerrial Gym Club, 3g Girls' Flying Club, 4. Rita-quiet, sweet and petite, When with Cy she's hard to beat. CHARLES GEORGE PALANZI .......... Sofia! Arif Football, 3-4, Track, 4g Gym Club, 43 Graduation Committee, 4. The girls fall hard for Charles, by gosh- Yes, very hard indeed: And Buddie C. from 228 Wislies he would take heed. JOSEPH FRANCIS PEP1 ffoej ..,......... College Basketball, 2g Baseball, 2-3, Marshal, 2-3-41 Philo- mallw, 33 Typewriting Club, 3, junior Prom Commit- tee, 3, Sfndent Crier, Editor-in-Chief, 4, Senior Play Committee, 4, Nominating Committee, 43 Class Orator, 4. Vfith Joe Editor-in-Chief of the Crier lt was always a call of do or die-r. THE CPHILOMATH GRACE M. PHILLIPPI .............. Commercial Athletic Club, 2, Basketball, 2-3--1, Gym Club, 3, Glee Club, 4, Minstrel Show, Carnival, 4, Typist, Sllldwll Crier, 4. To put Gracie in just four lines Is really a job for master minds, So here's the best that we can do- "All good things belong to you!" MARGARET MARTHA PERKINS fPegj . .Social A1-fr Vox Lzcdi, 2, Girls' Flying Club, 2, Biology Club, 2, Marshal, 3, Typewriting Club, 3, Prom Patrol Com- mittee, 3, Dance Club, 4, Girls' Occupations Club, 4. P-Pleasing E-Earnest G-Grand. ROBERT O. PICKERING .............. Social Am Football, 2-3, Airplane Research Club, 2, Marshal, 3-4, Prom Patrol Committee, 3, Class Night Decorat- ing Committee, 3, Aviation Club, 4, Dramatic Club, 4, Home Room Director, 4, Senior Play, Carnival Minstrel Show and Play, 4. Orchards pal is a little pert, But with his women he is an expert. JOHN HOWARD PHIPPS fjacky ....... Social Arty Radio Club, 2, Refreshment Committee, Carnival, 4. He gets to school right on time- Claims being late is a terrible crime. ROCKINA THERESA PISO Ulockyj .... Commercial Sewing Club, 3-4. Not quite as hard as her name implies. LEONA ALMA PIERCE .............. Commercial Girls' Etiquette Club, 3, Sewing Club, 4, Carnival Fortune Telling Committee, 4. Leona has a charming friend, And love will win out in the end. LENA R. POMPILE ................. Social Af-fr Biology Club, 2-4, Typewriting Club, 2, Girls' Fly- ing Club, 4. A smiling face, a jolly way- That is Lena, so very gay. KATHLEEN MARIE PRYOR fKayj ........ College Vox Ludi. 2, Directors' Club, 2, Typewriting Club, Athletic Club 2 Lost and Found Department 2' 2: , 3 , , Basketball, 3-4, Girls' College Club, 3-4, Prom Deco- rating Committee, 3, Marshal, 4, Check Dancing Com- mittee, 4, Dance Club, Vice-Pres., 4, Baseball, 4, Riding, 4. Kay's a tennis player, a swimmer of fame, And you can always Hnd her at any hockey game. fShe eats itll A a 'Page Iiiffjuolle Vw? "M 4 . -"3 Tage Fifly-Izzo Q. W ,f 'MQ 'Q-56235 , ya: - if Hifi ' Wf.-G: TI-IE CPI-IILOMATI-I DANIEL PUGLIESI .................. Soriol Am Tennis, 4, Italian Club, 4, Dance Club, 4, Carnival, 4. Danny is a chemist, There's nothing he can't do, But Miss Wiley says conlidentially I-Ie's also a master "chew." PRISCILLA DINAE QUINLAN ......... Social Arlr Typeyuriting Club, 2-3, Girls' Flying Club, 2, High- way Safety Club, 2, journalism Club, 3, Baseball, 3-4. Priscilla is a quiet miss, To us she is quite priceless! THELMA RITA RENI QToo'dyj .....,.. Sofia! Arif Dramatic Club, 2-4, Bridge Club, 2, Typewriting Club, 2, Motion Picture Club, 3, Marshal, 4, Philo- mtztb. 4, Student Crier, 4, College Club, 4, Dance Club, 4, Senior Play, Picture Committee, 4, Tickets aind Invitations Committee, 4, Fashion Show, Carnival, Toddy Reni, blonde and small, Hardly leaves us a man at all. Among her Fran and Vin and Dick Little Toddy has her pick. MARY M. RADIVONYK.. .,......... Coimzzerrial Marshal, 2, Typewriting Club, 3, Sewing Club, 4, Sfzzdefzt Crier Typist, 4. From Saxonville this lass does come, To catch her bus she has to run. VIRGINIA MARY RESTELLI Qffilzlzyj . .Coflzmerrial Basketball, 2, Girls' Flying Club, 2, Athletic Club, 2, Etiquette Club, 3-4, Girls' Occupations Club, 4, Check Dancing, Carnival, 4. Virginia has a winning smile And eyes of lovely blue, Now, boys, we put it up to you- just dial 4072. ELAINE RICE ................... Cozmzzerrial Basketball, 2-3-4, "F," 2, Girls' Flying Club, 2-3-4, Hockey, 3-4, Baseball, 4, Vox Pop Committee, Car- nival, 4. Elaine's bright eyes and cheery smile Will bring her success all the while. CHARLES H. RICHARDS, JR. QTexj ....... College Track, 2-4, Latin Club, 2, Directors' Club, 2, Chem- istry Club, 3, Gym Club, 3-4, Prom Patrol Committee, 3. On the track or in the water, The racing time our Tex makes shorter. BARBARA A. RICHARDSON fBobr, Rick, Richiej College Basketball, 2-3-4, "F," 2, Dramatic Club, 2, Gym Club, 2, Girls' College Club, 3-4, Lost and Found Committee, 3, Hockey, 4, Marshal, 4, Carnival Com- mittees, 4, Cheer Leader, 4, Honor Tenth. Barbara is athletic, And never did seem shy, But my, does She get red When Wesley Gray goes by! THE CPI-IILOMATI-I VIRGINIA RORSTROM. .............. C om mei-fiol Sewing Club, 2, Biology Club, 4. ' Our pretty, gay Virginia ls late 'most every day, The reason for her abstract gaze- About Ted she's that way. GEORGE L. RICHARDSON ............... College Football, 2, Basketball, 2, Directors' Club, 2, Base- ball, 3, Marshal, 3, Typewriting Club, 3, Track, 4, Boys' Sports Club, 4. George is about the only lad Who'd lend the last nickel he had. JOHN WILLIAM ROUSSEAU Gqzfeokyj .Soeiol Artf Radio Club, 2. johnny is a little "squirt," And is cute, though rather shy, But, my, girls, in cooking class Can he make a lemon pie! FLORENCE JEANETTE Ross Qlllouiej .... College Basketball, 2-3-4, "F," 2, Hockey, 2-3-4, "F," 2, Dramatic Club, 2-3-4, Sec., 2-3, Latin Club, 2, Student Council, 3-4, Lost and Found Committee, 3, Marshal, 3-4. "Friendship is love without wings." EDWARD J. SAKOVITZ Gokleyy ....... Sofia! Arty Football, 2-3-4, Capt., 4, Basketball, 2-3-4, Baseball, 2-3-4, Marshal, 4, Senior Boys' Sports Club, 4. Football is Eddie's middle name, And boy, how he can play that game! Upon the field he is very fast, And at parlor rugby he's never last. IRVING KENNETH RUBIN QBobey ....... College Intiamural Basketball, 2, Basketball, 3. Babe is cute-couldn't be nearer, Crazy 'bout Lillian-says no one can beat her. TONY A. SANNICANDRO Uozzfziej ..... College Football, 2, Basketball, 2-4, Senior Boys' Sports Club, 4. Tony is Miss Squires' pet, For her he would be quiet, But when he gets a bright idea He simply has to try it. FERNANDO SANCHIONI fBlockboll, Eighlbolly Social Arif Basketball, 2, Italian Club, 2. Dixie is a. ladies' man, With eyes of brown and cheeks of tan. flgage I7lrly.llu'ee We ...E V it ' fx Q 5 4.1, 7,439 Fff'9"f0f"' THE CPI-IILOMATI-I EMMA ELIZABETH SAUNDERS Goznzyj .... College Debating Club, 2, Dramatic Club, 3-4. Bright and smiling, never cross, Without her we-'d be at a loss. THEODORE A. SAULNIER, JR. flied, ..... College Biology Club, 2, Stamp Club, 2, Chemistry Club, 3, Sluelerzf Crier Board, 4, Carnival Advertising Commit- tee, 4. The holder of the most dangerous job on earth- Social fdirtj Editor of the Studenl Crier. LEWIS J. SCAGNELLI Gragj ......... Social Arif Typewriting Club, 3, Football, 4, Track, 4, Intra- mural Basketball, 43 Senior Boys' Sports Club, 4. No, not brothers-just cousins. HENRY WILLIAM SCAGNELLI QWeazel, Smgj Sofia! Artr Asst. Basketball Manager, 2, Manager, Basketball, 3-4, Intramural Basketball, 4. About Henry it was hard to write, But we can say he does his mite. CONSTANCE EDITH SI-IAUGHNESSY cCOI1IIl6, Sorial Arn Basketball, 2, Hockey, 2-33 Girls' Flying Club, 33 Prom Patrol Committee, 53 Dance Club, 4, Aviation Club, 4. Connie is sweet, Connie is gay. .. We wonder who will steal her heart away! MARION M. SCHIAVI fllflirkiej ....... Soriezl Artr Athletic Club, 2, Girls' Flying Club, 5-4. Whenever you want to have some fun Mickie's the girl to whom you should run. IRENE M. SHAW fR6716', ........... Commerrial Girls' Flying Club, 2-4, Girls' Etiquette Club, 33 Prom Patrol Committee, 3. Verne gave Irene a diamond ring, Which reveals to us what the future will bring. EDWARD JAMES SHAY. ................. College Latin Club, 2, Chemistry Club, 3, Marshal, 4, Senior Play, Dramatic Club, 43 Senior Nominating Committee, 4, Carnival Minstrel Show, 4. Ed's the fellow who cracked the jokes In the senior play and the minstrel show, folks. 'TI-IE CPI-IILOMATH JOHN M. SI-IEA Uobmziej ........,.... College Football, 23 Airplane Research Club, 23 Typewriting Club, 33 Track, 43 Dramatic Club, 43 Intramural Bas- ketball, 4. john doesn't go for bridge, But he certainly goes for Midge. WARREN M. SHERIDAN CR11f11Jj ..... Social Arif Baseball, 23 Airplane Research Club, 23 Football, 3-43 Hockey, 3-43 Ring Committee, 33 Marshal, 43 Bowling, 4. Hes the life of the party- A sportsman at heart3 And when playing football He does his part. CLARA SHULMAN ................. Commercial Winklots, 2-3-43 Dramatic Club, 2-3-43 Fortune Telling Committee, Carnival, 43 Pbilomalb, 4. If ever you see our Clara in a hurry You may be sure the reason is Murray. ARTHUR J. SHERMAN fBz1cLj ......,... College Football, 2-3-43 Basketball, 2-3-43 Track, 2-33 Lit- erary Club, 23 Seniors Boys' Sports Club, 43 Carnival Basketball Committee, 4. Buck is an ardent Romeo- A long, long ways for a girl he'll go. But Arlington seems to lure him most, And a red-haired gal sure makes him boast. VIRGINIA LORRAINE SIMPSON fGf?IIZy, Social Am Basketball, 23 Girls' College Club, 43 Carnival Favor Booth, 43 Honor Tenth. Virginia, in her chemistry class, Is quiet as can be, Until there is a question asked, Then her hand you'll see. SUSIE SILENZI ..................... Sofia! Am Italian Club, 2-33 Sewing Club, 4. Susie is a quiet miss, A friendly girl is she3 Susie's drilling is the thing Worth going far to see. LINCOLN W. SMITH Grinkiej ....... Social Arfr Astronomy Club, 23 Track, 23 Science Club, 33 Dance Club, 43 Marshal, 4. He trucks, he shags, with rhythm in his feet3 To this tall fellow, dancing is a treat. ANNE MARIE SMITH Gcottiej ....... Social Am Girls' Athletic Club, 23 Directors' Club, 23 Wink- lots, 3-43 Etiquette Club, 33 Girls' Occupations Club, 43 Style Show, Carnival, 4. Anne-New Hampton may not rhyme, But when together theres one grand time. Togo Fifty 7D"S'e Fllflm-Y T1-IE CPI-IILOMATI-I GEORGE CHARLES SOLOMON ........... College Chemistry Club, 4g Carnival Construction Commit- tee, 4. Georgie is a mighty man, But very nice to know. At least there are a lot of girls Who vouch that this is so. MARIE LOUISE SOMA ........,..... Commerrial Marshal, 2-33 Vox Ludi, 23 Dramatic Club, 23 Athletic Club, 23 Basketball, 3-43 Etiquette Club, 33 Prom Refreshment Committee, 33 Italian Club, 43 Minstrel Show, 43 Home Room Director, -13 Studenl Crier, Typist, 43 Honor Tenth. Who said that she was quiet? She's forever ever heard3 Especially in English Hers is always the last word. ROBERT STEINBERG fjfzkiej . . . . . .Social Arfr Radio Club, 2. It happened last summer, When his heart skipped a beat, For a cute Natick girl Whtaixi Bob thinks is sweet. ALMA MYRTLE STATTON ........... C ommerrial Dramatic Club, 23 Typewriting Club, 33 Girls' Fly- ing Club, 4. A grin, A little din, A lot of vim, And a few boy friends mixed in- That's Alma. ESTELLE STEINGOLD fEfmj ......,...,. College Girls' College Club, 4. ' Is Providence, R. I., Esta's "Blue Heavenn? ROBERT NEIL STODDARD fBobj ,..... Sofia! Am' Science Club, 23 Chemistry Club, 4. Stoddard, the "Sleepy" of the Seven Dwarfs, wan- dered away and found comfort in F. H. S. JOHN FRANCIS SULLIVAN .............. College Motion Picture Club, 33 Dramatic Club, 43 Favor Booth, Carnival, 4. , X N The wise man sayeth, it store is no sore. . ,, an 3' 1' 3 ROBERT STUROEON fErirj .......... Soriol Arif Eric is very shy and quiet, But his wave might cause a riot3 From Saxonville his girls he picks And to them like glue he sticks. THE CPHILOMATH ANELLIE ANN SUSLOWICH fNellyj . .,COIllll16l'!'ldl Girls' Flying Club, 23 Sewing Club, 3-4, Vice-Presi- dent, 4. She's true and sincere'- ,Iust one sweet dear. ROBERT E. SWEETLAND .... . . . . .... College Radio Club, 2. Robert is a true American, for he's in the "Sweet- land" of liberty. ADELINE ALICE TESTA ,..... ...Cozlzuzerrial Biology Club, 4. Because you are to be Larry's wife We're sure you will have a happy life. MINNA LOUISE SYDOW ................ College Typewriting Club, 33 Bowling Club, 33 Biology Club, 4g Honor Tenth. No one can beat Minna For neatness and for care. Challenge her for exactness In anything-if you dare. MARY Pi-ULOMENE Ti-IORPE ............ College Student Council, 2-43 Latin Club, 23 Typewriting Club, 23 Lost and Found Agent, 23 Basketball, 3-43 Hockey, 3-43 Dramatic Club, 3-4: Class Night Play, 33 Marshal, 43 Sludent Crier, 43 -Ir.-Sr. Athletic Commit- tee, 43 Property Manager, Senior Play3 Riding Club, 3-43 Highest Scholastic Honors. Mary's the athletic type- She likes to pitch a ball3 But we've all learned that Mary Likes dancing best of all. BARBARA MARIE TETLEY fBezb, Tetej .Social Arif Athletic Club, 23 Dramatic Club, 2-3-4, Vice-Pres., 43 Student Council, 43 Marshal, 43 Nominating Com- mittee, 4. Although she lives up the Center way, George visits her faithfully every day. FERRUCIO THOMAS TOMASETTI ...... Social Am Basketball, 33 Baseball, 33 Hockey, 33 Prom Patrol Committee, 33 Marshal, 43 Graduation Committee, 4. Tommy's a weakness for women, you know3 If theres a girl, TOmmy's sure to go. HENRY JOSEPH TORDIGLIONE fDz1ke, Goffy Social Arif Highway Safety Club, 23 Tennis, 43 Senior Boys' Sports Club, 43 Intramural Basketball, 4. Tordiglioni is quite a name, For 'twas "Goff" that gave it fame. ei? I 'Page lilfly-,i'c1'w1 ipage Fiffy-eight 1 ' QL' 45' ff. A 14,- sw --'I' V A 1 s 'TI-IE CPI-IILOMATI-I ROSE A. TURCHII. ................. Commercial Typewriting Club, 3, Harmonica Club, Vice-Pres., 4, Dance Club, 4. Mr. Ross's one and only little bookkeeper. VIRGINIA M. TUMASIZEWICZ Ueofziej Commercial Athletic Club, Sec., 2. "O O." to some means surprise, To others it's just "O. O.", But to Jeanie they are The initials of her beau. MARY W. VAN NESS QPolj ............ College Student Council, 2-4, Vox Ludi, 2, Bowling, 2, Tennis, 3-4, Marshal, 3-4, F. H. S. Newt, 3, Winklots, 3-4. Pres., 4, Student Crier, 4, Girls' College Club, 4, Dance Club, 4, Check Dancing, Carnival, 4, Usher, Senior Play. Polly doesn't want a cracker, Polly does want joy. And if you go and ask her sweetly- lt's that Parmenter boy. JOAN MARGARET TURNER fTonij ....... College Hockey, 3, Dramatic Club, 3, Ring Committee, 3, Student Crier, 4, Winklots, 4, Girls' Occupations Club, 4, Dance Club, 4, Banquet Committee, 4, Car- nival Check Dancing, 4, Highest Scholastic Honors. joan stands out as our favorite All because she's so considerate. AMELIA FRANCES WARREN lllflirkeyj Commercial Girls' Flying Club, 2-4, Etiquette Club, 3. Voted by the class the prettiest girl of all- Opportunity will surely on her call. JOHN VAN VLIET fB11dj . . . .... Social Am Chewing gum Keeps johnny mum. MADEI,.INE LOUISE WARREN ........ C ommerriel Athletic Club, 2, Basketball, 3, Baseball, 3-4, Gym Club, 3, Dramatic Club, 4. Her eyes so brown and her smile so gay Will take our Maddie a long, long way. CI-IARLEs WILLIAM WARREN .,,. ..... C ollege William is ever so quiet, But you should hear him play. just give him time and he'll be A symphony player some day. THE CPI-IILOMATH WILLIAM j. WAUGH, JR. fClemj ..... I. . .College Airplane Research Club, 2, Chemistry Club, 3, Base- ball, 3, Prom Patrol Committee, 3, Student Crier, 4, Senior Boys' Sports Club, 4, Dance Club, 4, Decorat- ing Committee, Carnival, 4. The Barney Oldfield of Framingham High. THEODORE NELSON WEBSTER fTed, Wfebj C0111 merrifzl He can write and he can play, We're sure to hear from him some day. ROBERT JOSEPH WELCH .....,....,.... College Home Room Director, 2, Latin Club, 2, Typewrit- ing Club, 3, Chemistry Club, 4, Banquet Ticket Com- mittee, 4, Target Booth, Carnival, 4, Honor Tenth. Big trees from little acorns grow. DONALD EUGENE WENZELL QDonj . .Social Arn Typewriting Club, 3. Don is the wild and woolly type, But to the girls he's mighty nice, And so on the road to fair Ashland, Youll See our Don using his hand. DONALD COOLIDGE WHITE ............ College Directors' Club, 2, Marshal, 3-4, Chemistry Club, 4, Chairman, Electrical Committee, Carnival, 4. D. White Says he's right, Pussy says he's wrong, And so on into the night- I wonder who will get the gong? ROBERT S. WHARTON fBobj ........... College Baseball, 2-3, Marshal, 5-4, Intramural Basketball, 4, Construction Committee, Carnival, 4. In summer days, when school's let out, Bob goes after bass and trout. MURIEL S. WHITNEY .... ...Social Arif Sewing Club, 3-4. Muriel has a flashing smile And eyes of sparkling blue, You might indeed walk many a mile To find a friend more true. GEORGE FRANCIS WHITE Ufflaizzaj . .Sofiol Arty Pigeon Club, 2, Aviation Club, 4. George is a very snappy lad, Always happy, never sad. 'Page Fifty-nine Togo Sixty dl 'THE TI-IILOMATH PRISCILLA WILLIAMS fPurryj. ........,. College Dramatic Club, 2, Typewriting Club, 33 Winklots, 3-45 Marshal, 43 Girls' College Club, 4, Favor Booth, Carnival, 4. Priscilla Alden had her john of everlasting fame, Priscilla Williams has her Don-but then, what's in a name? ELEANOR M. WILLIAMS ............ Cozzzmerrial Biology Club, 5-4, Carnival Fashion Show, 4. She was: A model in our fashion show. She is: A girl with lots of friends, you know. SEWELL DOUGLAS WINSLOW fDOIlg, .Social Af-tr Tvpewriting Club, 3, Advertising Staff, Plailomath and Sludenf Crier. 4, Biology Club, 4, Carnival Target Booth, 4. Gum chewer Douglas has one dumb trick That we have seen a lot- At once he starts on another stick As soon as he is caught. ELSA WINCH ..................... Commercial Dramatic Club, 2g Girls' Flying Club, 4. Elsa makes frequent trips to Medford. Can it be just to see her girl friend or is she holding something back from us? EUGENE A. WORREY, JR. ........,.. Social Art: Football, 2, Basketball, 2, Hockey, 33 Marshal, 3g Aviation Club, 4. He doesn't have to worry- A ladies' man is he, And yet he has to worry, For it's his name, you see. IVAN ALBERT YEATON, JR. Ufany ...... College Football, 2, Basketball, 2, Baseball, 2-3-4, Lost and Found Dept., 23 Student Council, 3-4g Marshal, 3-43 Prom Decorating Committee, 3, Class Night and Graduation Committe, 33 Chemistry Club, Pres., 4, Carnival Art Committee, 4. Ivan would have us think That he can put one overg But here's something we really know: He is no Casanova. ELEANORE MAY YoUNo ............ Social Ai-lr Biology Club, 23 Dramatic Club, 2, Sewing Club, 3-43 Carnival Art Committee, 4. Art and food are all her joys- She says she doesn't care for boys, But Youngie's Ames are very high- We're sure shell get there by and by. THE CPI-IILOMATH Girls' Prophecy tContinuerl from page 183 ' Shaw had replaced Miss Williams. Miss Priscilla Alden was in conference with Mr. Magoon. Miss Alden was the new presi- dent of Wellesley College. Dottie and I then walked downtown, where we met Regina McKenzie, Dorothy MacNcil and Margaret M CN amara. These three girls had worked in the Telechron for thirteen years and had finally come to the conclusion that clocks can keep perfect time even if they are run by electricity. I bade Dorothy farewell, and grateful to her as well as to all others who had aided me in gaining so much information about my fond classmates, I concluded that everyone had attained success each in his own inimitable way. Doris Gilgun. 'Paige' .S'i.x'ly-n11e mmm--mv mxnirvuummmu mmunn-u uunnumunnm School Song Words wriffen by Polly Van Ness Framingham High School, to you we singg Praises and glory their echoes ring. We will be loyal and always true VVith memories of you C memories of youl. In years to come in whate'er we do IVe will still faithful be twill still faithful belg Tribute we pay to you, in every way it's due, Our school of true liberty. Ellullnlllll E Your Local Business-Training Center Soufh Middlesex Secrefarial School II6 CONCORD STREET, FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS ANNE P. HOURIN, Principal LAWYER AND COURT REPORTER o 2 K Henan, X 1 as . . tg 51 Complete Preparation for Business E 9, 9 12.513125 , K- Ellllllllllll lllllllll lllllIllllllllllllllIllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll m PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTIZERS F HOSIERY LINGERIE 6,,,,,,,,,,.... nnuunnn P'I3L'5"I"3"I"'0 THE CPI-IILOMATH EIIIIIIIIIIHIUIIIV lllllllulllluluulllIullunllIIlululnllllullllllllllllm Tl"lE l.El.AND GRAY STUDIOS SPECIAL SCHOOL RATES . Pholographers 'ro 'rhe Classes of '37, '38 Q 224 UNION AVENUE, FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS Phone 500l SO YOU'RE FACING THE WORLD? Le'I' us help you gel' s'rar'red righ'I'! So 'rhai you may become acquain+ed wi+h I'I1e 'famous Clear Weave hosiery and lingerie, we ex+end 'fo all graduales and undergraduares a discounf of 100 on all Clear Weave regular priced merchandise on or before June 25, l938. S+op in 'today and ask for Miss Hea+h, manager of our Fram- ingham sfore. CLEAR WEAVE I I7 CONCORD STREET li PA1'noNuzr-: oun Aovr-:n1'lzr-:Rs 110, 'THE CPHILOMATH 't'fs45'V3'!' E ll lllllllllIllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I E NORTI-IEASTER UNIVERSITY DAY DIVISION College of Liberal Arts Offers a broad program of college subjects serving as a foundation for the understanding of modern culture, social relations, and technical achievement. The purpose of this program is to give the student a liberal and cultural education and a vocational competence which fits him to enter some specific type of useful employment. College of Business Administration Offers a college program with broad and thorough training in the principles of business with specialization in ACCOUNTING, BANKING AND FINANCE, or BUSINESS MAN- AGEMENT. Instruction is through lectures, solution of business problems, class discussions, motion pictures and talks by business men. College of Engineering Provides complete college programs in Engineering with professional courses in the fields of CIVIL, MECHANICAL QWITH DIESEL, AERONAUTICAL, AND AIR CONDITION- ING OPTIONSJ, ELECTRICAL, CHEMICAL, INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, and ENGINEERING ADMINISTRATION. Students select, at the beginning of the sophomore year, the course in which they intend to specialize. Co-operative Plan The Co-operative Plan provides for a combination of practical industrial experience with classroom instruction. Upperclassmen earn a portion of their school expenses and make business contacts which prove valuable in later years. Degrees Awarded Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science EVENING DIVISION QFOR MEN AND WOMEN5 Providing ronzplete crrzryiei' of 1n1i1'er.iiIJ grade, for high irhanl ,ifr.1d11atet who fzmz' it tztceiirztg to worh flillflflg the day hut ufzih lo ,imdj for f1U'f!9L'7' rzdztzizcefzzetzf. School of Business Programs in Accounting, Management, Law and Business, and in Engineering and Business, under instructors actually en- gaged in the fields in which they teach. 73W of graduates hold executive positions in business. Preparation for the C.P.A. examinations. School grants B.B.A. degree. Individual courses available to special students. School of Law Pre-Legal Department Furnishes to high school graduates a program of studies equivalent to the two years of college work required for admis- sion to the study of law. The School of Law Prepares for the bar examination and for the practice of law. Case method of in- struction. LL.B. degree conferred. Graduate: of Framingham High School may he admitted without examinatiom if grader are .tatirfartory to the Department of Admzrslonr. Catalogs or further information sent upon request NORTI-IEASTERN UNIVERSITY BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS E llllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllll llll llIIllllIllllllllllllllllllllll I U PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTIZERS P.ItQE' 5f.X'fYj'-jlllll' THE CPHILOMATH an -------'----------'--------- ------------------------------------------------------------------ rs: Jr' ' Mr 'Rfk Ig V I , ,Lai A 0 HM 'w if F FARMERS and MECHANICS SAVINGS BANK PARK AND FRANKLIN STREETS FRAMINGHAM, MASS. There is no subs'rH'u1e for a savings accouni in a Mufual Savings Bank" Ennlllllulll ulllllullllm PATRONIZE OUR ADVEFITIZERS THE CPHILOMATH 'Rzgv .S fxl, KENDALL HOTEL RESTAU RANT CATERING SERVICE No Pariy 'foo large or 'foo small - HEADQUARTERS 2 Rofary Club Luncheon, Monday, l2:I5. E Kiwanis Club-Luncheon, Thursday, I2:30. E Zonia Club-Second Wednesday evening and fourlh Wednesday noon of Ihe monlh E FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS "The Richesl' Child ls Poor Wilhoul' Musical Training" GARlNO'S Radios - Pianos - Musical Inslrumenls Sporling Goods bl CONCORD STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Complimenls of The Purilan Laundry 57 KEN DALL STREET Complimenfs of Peerless Bowling Alley Complimenis of KERWIN'S Deparlmenl Slore FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Complimenls of Gorman's Barber Shop CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BUILDING ECHO FARM CO. J. A. TURNER, Prop. MILK -- CREAM - ICE CREAM 262 HOLLIS STREET Phone 5776 Elllllllllll ununnuunnnnnnuninunuunuuuuunnnunnu nunuunnuu U... ,E PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTIZERS 6 5W.I""I-T 'T 1-1 E CP 1-1 1 L o M A T 1-1 E lllunllllluu lltllllllllllllll llllllllllIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIIE FOR SPORT OR BUSINESS WEAR GO TO H. P. HASTINGS Charles A. Po+'rer Cushing 8: Crisfman TROWBRIDGE INSURANCE AGENCY INSURANCE ROOM I PORTER BUILDING 27 HOLLIS STREET, FRAMINGHAM FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Tel. 823l Tel. 4BIO F. C. BROWN, THE TAILOR CLEANING, PRESSING AND REPAIRING SPECIAL PRICES FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS SUITS MADE TO MEASURE Complimenis of BROCKELMAN'S MARKET "FRAMINGHAM'S FOOD STORE COMPLETE" uaulnn lllllllllllm PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTIZERS EJ 'T H E CP HIL 0 M A T H 'P"fW' 57W"'L'1 5 -Children Who See Befler Learn More- Framingham Laundry HQWARD 5. WELLS I62 HOWARD STREET Opfgmeirigf Phone 7I63 34 UNlON AVENUE, FRAMINGHAM Telephone 622l Flowers 'For Every Occasion BUTTERWORTI-I'S C""""i'f'e"'S"f coR. CONCORD AND CLINTON STREETS ' FRAMINGHAM' MASS. zao HOLLIS STREET Tel. 3533 Dial 8265 Nash-Sales and Service-Willys Complimenfs of GORDON MANUFACTURING COMPANY 9 PLEASANT STREET FRAMING!-IAM, MASS. Dial 3442 Enllnunu .,,.,.,,,. . E PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTIZERS I 1 E Sfxlvl'-ezlqfvl 'THE CPHILOMATH EI EI J. P. Welsh Plumbing and Hea+ing Co. BALLARD OIL BURNERS 80 IRVING STREET Tel. 7382 lllllllulllllll llllllllllllllu llnllll KERWIN'S THREE SHOE STORES Framingham and Naiick "THE X-RAY FITTING SHOE STORES' SEAVER BROS. - FLORISTS - 673 CONCORD STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Flowers Telegraphed Anywhere W1 W. H. BARR BATTERY AND SERVICE STATION GOODRICH TIRES AUTO - ELECTRIC REPAIRS 245 HOWARD STREET, FRAMINGHAM Phone 5I5I H. L. JONES SOCONY PRODUCTS 345 WORCESTER ROAD Edward J. Carbary REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Res. Tel. 7302 Omce Tel. 47I4 SAXONVILLE, MASS. Complimenfs of SMITH, MILLER 81 HERMER, INC. "MAKERS OF SMART SHOES FOR WOMEN" NATICK, MASS. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTIZERS THE CPI-IILOMATH Tage Sixty mm me llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllulllllllllllllullllllllllullllllllllulllInulllIIlllnllnllllnlllnlInuIlllllullIluulullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllln E BATES STATIONERY COMPANY Boolcs - CARDS - FOUNTAIN PENS TYPEWRITERS IRVING SQUARE TEL. 5205 ? We Can and Will Save You Money YOUNG MEN'S, STUDENTS' AND BOYS' CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS CONCORD SQUARE, FRAMINGHAM Leverone Coal Co. COAL, CEMENT AND BUILDERS SUPPLIES HOWARD STREET NEXT TO SCHULTE CIGAR STORE FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Tel. 8088 Dr. WaI'rer V. Ewing Complimenfs of Dr. Ar1'hur W. Ewing FRAMING'-'AM -DENT1STS- LUMBER oo. l'fAf.iLf.ff.'I,S.1'lZii Dial 43... Complimen+s of MILLER'S The Framingham News THE HOME PAPER OF SOUTHERN MIDDLESEX COUNTY "STORE FOR MEN" HOME OF BETTER GRADE MERCHANDISE D nlllllllllllllllllllllllll ' E PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTIZERS Tage Sefenly 'THE CPHILOMATH D llllllll lllllllll E J. KYNOCH - SPORTING eoons - FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Dial 58I3 SaIIy'S Beaufy Shoppe FINGER WAVES - FACIALS HAIR DYEING - BLEACHING PERMANENT WAVING ROCH EFORD APT. I20 UNION AVENUE. FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Henry L. Sawyer Co. HARDWARE For Dependable Transporfaiion BUY A NEW OR USED FORD V-8 AT BuTIer Mofor Corp. AUTHORIZED FORD DEALERS FOR 24 YEARS KENDALL STREET Tels. 4355-4356 The New York S+ore "DlSTlNCTIVE WEAR FOR WOMEN" l07 CONCORD ST., FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Sleeper Insurance Agency I4 Park Building, Framingham 65 CONCORD STREET - PHONE 8068 nnnn nunnuuununnlnnnnuuu PATRONIZE OUR ACCEPTING THE SITUATION J. Hart faddressing business manl : My son left your firm because you called him a blithering idiot. Will you take back the Hblithering idiot"? J. Phipps: Righto. He can start again tomorrow. ADVERTIZEFIS :T H E CP H I L O M A T H 'Page S6'l'6!1ly-0726 mlnlIIulllIllIunnlunIllIIllIluIlullllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllll IIIll'IIllIINlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUUE SIUPIFOLK UNIVERSITY Co-educational O COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS Day and evening classes Culrural and pre-professional courses A.B., B.5. and B.5. in Ed. degrees COLLEGE OF JOURNALISM Evening classes Iauglir by edilors, iournalisls and adverfising men B.S. in Journalism degree COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Evening classes in Accounling, Banking, Fi- nance and Business Ivlanagemenl B.S. in Business Adminislralion degree SUFFOLK LAW SCHOOL Day and evening Divisions Pre-legal courses for lwiglw school graduales LL.B. degree, prepares for law praclice GRADUATE SCHOOL OF LAW Evening classes LL.M. degree Tuilion in all deparlmenls SI6O a year For calalogues and imcormalionz Call: Capilol 0555 lorl Wri+e Io: Suffolk Universily, 20 Derne Slreel, Boslon, Massaclwusells mluullulnun ' llllllllllllllm PATRONIIE OUR ADVERTIZERS 'Page Sez'e11fy-two :T H E QP H I L 0 M A T H R THE PAY sci-iooL G For Girls 52 Beacon Sireef, Bos'ron, MassachuseHs One-year and +wo-year courses in Academic and Secrefarial Science olifering, in addifion +o +he conven+ional business courses, fraining in ihe developmenl' of a'H'rac+ive and efficieni business personalily. The environmenf is homelilce and highly culiural. Cafalog. M. IRENE FAY Director and Vocational Adviser Complimenls of complamemsof L. L. Schal+enbrand PERLMUTTER BROS. SAXl3'f1ifE Complimenfs of AVERY FURNITURE COMPANY AVERY'S CORNER, FRAMINGHAM "Every+hing for 1'he Home" Enllllllllul llllllllllllulm PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTIZERS EP El Complimenis of a FRIEND 0.0 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTIZERS

Suggestions in the Framingham High School - Philomath Yearbook (Framingham, MA) collection:

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