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'J fx K jffl W9 K. X sf t. ' A :Sw f , ' 4 .Q e. 4, f Wm 5' 4 HE HERO 19 57 Foxhollow School Lenox, Massachusetts . p 1 Q, I' v -"0-' ,- . v, -' , 1 ' ' 1 , -Q ,E A! ,rs .A 9 I uw- ' nm .. K- I' 0 11 K., f 1 , ' , ' 1 ' v 1 aka " '-gl .ag - - , QQ... 'ii"3""" ' -if .Q . a- v so 1 .,-rg' im- , . 5 il .- +3 nf-jf u AA - vi -'ffgpmi-1 ', ,TY I .lf Nl' fi' ln.. . 4 , , 'E f , i . v - -v-.., H, .wi ' gf .U tar' , e ,. W- Q: -li N 3...-.-f J' ,Q A ...--4... 4 .-.-M., . .n by x "':. .WWW VMS:-qw ,LK .4 5. 431 m . 'i ii, -7. -pf f .V I at o -'F ., , V , . x x , -,1I4?dL,. I -' -1,.. .5 ,B .a',,1- . '.- , "f . Q.. We 59 Q5 . , . vi., Ni N' 'I , ,w ,ixa 745, ' ii In 'lxfv-www ,yi 5 .1 E, K, tm A' - ww m X wish: is I in I! f fm lvl! S X , m f.. .I Q ,ff 5 .1 1 , .-.,,1 -x , I 2 f A Jef Miss Farrell Miss Fowler Miss Moore Miss Firuski Miss Hasenpflug and Miss Thomas Miss Matza Faculty of 1957 MISS AILEEN FARRELL .............. Headmistress, English Literature and History B.A. Hons, Oxon, M.A. MADAME LOUISE ARNOUX ...,..l..,...., ,...... F rench Brevet Superior Certiticat de Fin D3Etudes Normales Certificat d'Aptitudes Pedagafique Graduate cle National Conservatory of Music of Lyons MRS. JEAN M. BREWSTER ..,.....,....,.....,....,......,..,.,........,..,, Alumnae Secretary MISS OLLIE FIRUSKI .......,...... Smith College MISS ONA MEIGGS FOWLER .,,....., A.B. Hissdale College M.A. University of Michigan Ph.D. Bryn Mawr College MRS. THOMAS D. GORDY ....,.. B.S. High Point MRS. JOHN KARPOE ...... A.B. Bates College MISS NANCY HASENPFLUG ....... A.B. University of Rochester Julliard School of Music 4 . . .. Riding Instructor Sciences and American History . Mathematics ,. ,... . ..,...,.. Mathematics Appreciation of Music rdf: Miss Royal, Madame Ziss, Miss Matza, Madame Arnoux, Miss Mg-5, Km-poe Fowler, Miss Farrell MISS CATHERINE MATZA ...........,.,.... R.N. St. Vincent Hospital, Chicago MISS ISABEL R. MOORE .....,....l..i.,,..,., ......l..,.....,. MISS ERIKA MUELLER l....,., .,... H istory Referenda at Law MISS MARGARET F.O. O'CONNOR ...... A.B. College of Saint Elizabeth A.M. Fordham University Ph.D. Candidate, Fordham University MRS. MARY PRETIGER ,....4.......... . ,.,,. . ,....,. MRS. ROBERT POTTER ....... .,.,.. Hillsdale College MISS GERALDINE ROYAL ........ B.S. University of Chicago MRS. DONALD RUTLEDGE ...,.,. A.B. Smith College MISS BERNADINE THOMAS ,.,.. A.B. Douglas College MADAME TATIANA W. ZISS ....,.,................,.. ...... Ph.D. University of Scophie and Belgrade 5 Nurse Secretary of Art and French Latin Bookkeeper Athletic Instructor Photography French English Italian and French Miss Mueller Miss Le Blanc Madame Ziss and Miss O'Connor '-I P r, N f " .xx ,Tang XII. L ii, gif M ", Q It , margl v ,R 4 Z ' , fi Q t 1 A , ' V L' 5: if 'gl ':fX:L""Q 9 'll Q I- .-L: ,V V 8 1 k .I v ' N 4: fn . 2. A ' -.L mffqfgf it-T,.fw 5 'XY ' ti s' f Uikri ' p ' 5.9 " ' 1 - 'N' . y, . n. A-,git f . ew.,b 'rx X- ' w. 1 ul' 5554i . Y, ,vi V AVA Af"w IIA fl fi Xwgf' x X X I 1 H Q A .1 A ' x f W Ll ,, ,:, f 3 2 5' fix," L X ""'L 4-31' wg X' Q.. iq? , --' - f if f 'X gag-:"5' 2 - Q - V55 5:-X uf R giwa-.Xxg 5 s 13 , N . L. Qi, Q 14' ,i."H5i:',, fa X gfiyqlu W Q , ' -Cubs-' .fb -4 ' K 1 -" A 9 5 ' fir' W 'wx 14- ' ' 5, T45 'J' a , 'ff '1'??f,fg, :' ' , ink , A if .:r.l. Q "Jfxy'vJ5 - .RF Q Af .np-. , , .1 ,, 'Max ,N r Dedication We, the class of 1957, are dedicating our yearbook to Mrs. Karpoe as a symbol of our appreciation of her unselfishness in making our sojourns at Foxhollow profitable. During her six years at Foxhollow she has given us of her time and knowledge, not only as a teacher but in other ways as well. She has helped us to organize our thoughts, but, above all, by her patience and understanding, she has shown us the way to a more mature comprehension of society. We wish her happiness in het new life away from Foxhollow, and we shall always remember het as a trusted counselor and a sympathetic friend. Class History September, 1955 saw the beginnings of today's present Senior class. Six scared but enthusiastic and excited girls began to inspect Foxhollow with wide, observing eyes. This big and spacious new home was later to become a large part of our hearts. So many new names to remember and so many new passages to get lost in! Later, when people got to know and understand our individual ways, we knew that we were really a part of Foxhollow. From then on Patsy Dodd, Ellen Lawford, Dixie Kudner, Betsy King, Betsy Wheeler, Anna Betndtson, Jean Spalding, Diana Knight, and later, Dee Onthanke, who arrived in the middle of the year just after xams, were full-fledged freshmen. Also in our class were the girls who had been here the year before as Rabbits, Nancy Stair and jane Parsons. Many interesting adventures made that year pass very quickly, and, before we knew it, Thanksgiving was past and Christmas vacation was upon us. When that had gone, there was our first experience of "horror week", otherwise known as exams, but that, too, soon passed, and we were facing spring vacation. Among the varying catastrophes in the Main House that year, one of the most amusing occurred when Betsy King and Nancy Stair had one of their harmless rangles in the blue room. Betsy, in revenge, ran her bath and carefully went downstairs to talk with Miss Matza in the backphall. Before long, buckets of water were pouring through the ceiling in the music room and in the front hall down into the basement. Upon discovery of the accident, the numerous freshmen ran into the bathroom with bed spreads and towels, stumbling in four-inch puddles. There they found Nancy sitting comfortably on the rim of the bath tub with her feet up, oblivious to the deluge. That added the crowning touch to the afternoon. At a later date the "End Six" famed themselves by indulging in a three hour water fight in their room. The result proved to be a large crack in the music room ceiling to add to the other marks of previous mistakes. We must not forget the "Pink Six" when we reminisce over our childish antics. Certain members of this room, especially Betsy Wheeler, Nan Rupert and Dixie Kudner, seemed to be fascinated by the art of swinging one's weight around the room at a fast speed, and playing ghost at night. Betsy was usually the victim, and Nan the one who exercised her strength. The following fall brought several new additions to our evergrowing community, and among the new recruits there were: Anne Morgan, Caroline Talmage, Sally Down- ing, Leanne Hansen, Wendy Shepard, Nancy Kretzer, Bunny Micolino, Chris Maclver, Judy Grose, Amy Connard, and Patty Wynn. These girls moved into the Main House, and the old ones were pushed out into the new atmosphere of the Katy-Did, and some even went to the Mount. In both houses were great enthusiasts in the art of cooking, and consequently they were often seen having breakfasts and suppers on weekends. ln the spring of that year Madame Arnoux and an enthusiastic, energetic, and boisterous crew of girls helped to perform the opera "Cib0ulette". Our Junior year proved that maybe we were finally growing up, although disasters never ceased and fun was inevitable. The opening day of school brought another member of our class, Wendy Bell. She didn't remain with us for this year, but she added a bright spark while she was with us. Another addition, and a permanent one at that, was Sue Robinson. Sue has made a very definite place in the class by willingly taking over those odd jobs that everyone else was inclined to shy away from. Today we see Sue arranging our weekly Senior Suppers at the Mount. The class was, as a whole, at the Mount this year, and we again had many breakfasts and suppers, often including other classes as guests. The annual Spring Choral Festival in Hartford meant great fun for all those who were in the Glee Club. "Elijah" was our adopted subject, and this we tried to develop to near-perfection. The spring term passed by rapidly, and soon the athletic banquet was near. Every- one waited to hear the decisions for the following year's athletic positions. As a result, Anne Morgan was elected president of the Association, and Mariana Field became secre- tary. Betsy Wheeler became the new Tigger captain, and Betsy King, the new Cub captain. A day later, at graduation, we learned that Wendy Shepard, as president, and Patsy Dodd, as vicefpresident, were to lead us and the rest of the school the following year. Under them, our class representative was to be Chris Maclver, and the class secretary, Nancy Kretzer. This year has shown excellent cooperation from the entire school, which has helped the leaders to have fun with their work. At the beginning of this term we moved into the Senior Playroom in one gust, and now find the room our private haven from the rest of all the hustle and bustle. Still, fun is unending, and adventure is a very important part of our lives. Nevertheless we have tried to make "hard work and good order" our motto for this year. The most important activity of the year has been the performance of "Brigadoon," which we gave with Hotchkiss School. Among the leads, members of our class shone in the footlights. Although our class history ends with the coming of June eighth this year, the doors will open to our unavoidable future. But before we go, we wish to express our sincere appreciation to the test of the school for their staunch support throughout the year, which has helped us more than anything else. 9 President of Charity Committee, '56 - '57, Char- ity Committee, '55 - '56, Library Committee, '55 - '56, Glee Club, '54 -- '57g President of French Club, '56 - '57, French Glee Club, '54 - '57, Riding Council, '56 - '57g Riding Club, '54 - '57, Latin Club, '54 - '55, Heron Staff, '56 - '57, AMY ENDLICH CONN ARD R.D. iii, New Hope, Penna. ffAme!! Three Years Ti gger SALLY DOWNING 430 Mistletoe Way Cedarhurst, N.Y. "Sal" Three Years Tigger 4' ,fi Glee Club, '56 - '57g French Glee Club, '54 - '57 Latin Club, '54 - '55, Riding Club, '54 - '57 Heron Staff, '56 - '57. Secretary of Student Council, '56 - '57g Presi- dent of the Dance Committee, '56 - '57, Glee Club, '54 - '57, Hollow Howlers, '56 - '57, French Glee Club, '54 - '57, Varsity Hockey, '55 - '57g Riding Club, '54 -'57g Cub Varsity Hockey '56 - '57, Heron Staff, '56 - '57. NANCY JOSEPHINE KRETZER 20 Martin Court Kings Point, N.Y. "Nance" Three years Cub Qui? auf' T CHRISTINE MacIVER Old Ridgefield Road South Salem, N.Y. l M f Eilg,glf""gfl2i'Ef'il5'l' we f ,M tw MM' ll WWW M FW W 'I3 nfl We Student Council, '56 - '57g Clothes Committee, '54 - '56g Glee Club, '54 - '56g French Glee Club, '54 - '57g Latin Club, '54 - '55g Riding Club, '54 - '56g Heron Staff, '56 - '57, QCL77 1-LCQ, 'i ' 4' -L ij 4 X f ,J ,LL f l Cdlu JXZPILL j M Micfu OLLLC file, "Q" I , i L- ' A AJC' , T . fy 5 an-U f JO - 'wyl' "UTM, Leif ' ye pl L-- I ,Vow - , Q ,ti f , at 7 Q3 Kwan L , JQV tcce ,WI , Z-L DL' ' ' - ,Ui PAT' ,L L 3 lo! CN- , ,ci CQ!" , A 0 tffq' X W lf, NH-I QONV WENDY ELIZABETH SHEPARD V gi 5,1 mf' Father Peter's Lane J UQ.J3'L UL' New Canaan, Conn. fda Q! , O,Lf g 1 "Shep" 3 C341 VL" 4 Three Years ,JJ-fc Tigger V ' X! 'M , - our "' swf!!! WVU L 'V ' dv . Q" T' y ,z F .J I f I A X0 A Utxfc Cjccbw .ich Le" W C2cLf7 vVLdgCl,k,f" ' f Q ,c,"l--ff' www 'A7 O .te f L L c3""' af Lge' "" ' C9 -52' LL C' filo-Me' L5 1411.4 -. Z 'JK V"L6"x2 0" Of' r C .f L L 1 VL. CA"a'i-CL' n A-'L . i5'4""C"' ' 7 t , ef pvc. J' WL' MQ M1 ,4fU"7' , , yg2fU"' Q V' ' QA C -""" 'L f. C11 aim" vlffustftilfe W were ,'X.,f" CA tra' f?f- fgchjkxlf M SCJ VKAZSSMJQ 5, - f . Q President of Student Council, '56 - '57g Student l f Council, '54 - '57g Glee Club, 64- '57g Hollowazp it Howlers, '55 - '57g Hollow Howl, '55 - Treasurer of Latin Club '54 - '55' French 4 , , 1 f I Club, '54 - '55g Tigger Hockey Varsity, '56 - '572'1,VL Cf-Af! Tigger Basketball Varsity '55 - '56g Tigger Ten- nis Varsity, '55 - '56g Varsity Tennis '55 - 'SGQLR wah-0 l l ,QU 1 Ski Patrol, '55 -'57g Heron Staff, '56 - '57. G21 when ff,lAt. 'IO Suck' clear, X qw, Bona,-5 hood mmm HWMS cloudy mam? lu 'WL such iq begged Gnd sad 1 in 30,4 Qll tm -vmeoemu 35 L4 ow will ICXIOLO, TD wool Sctqgn PyCodf7Cfl.Qfl1LlQCd 04210631 -QMF ugQf96ZS l1u6,4f RWQJL 0'15'vQ5jL2, QWQ,-f5Cll5 T, tofu 'hoo-e, GN Wm mflkjonff Qrrmwtft -lkbro 'Yuclpk 'VC LLJYWQ' 20eflOQ'f5ifZ'Si"52,l'2f1i'2L iowa WVU- Wlmowadii vw 07504 we 'wltfhfmtqs m,f'f1o lwofw jg g'Zs'NCM-'ipf-Four Yearsujbxyfi 00.5 :co-efflfl LQQCLL, 33 -llfmmg tal, qhfs Wmbixmmk ,OK how r wtzl mS6'QtfUl? bhcalf cc, uuGS'5UJL pQ5Su'N X yklftcs luxouc '-S-X75 rj-gf CKZJJSCS ,Kar PM CDC? w!ftcw'1w,it et bettweml 55 donna ECB, if-1, . Nw , .-fi' ,- cqihif . . G' N GLU XXNJQJ SQ bb dia uc5l'ldL9v Clasbifgdqecdw cb? L5 QQQWCKCQQ3 "flWf5iKi'5Lfg-hfwds ap, Spot tm mpmf KQQ1-f'7'S"fXwCi to WH WWC f Gnd onOS3f S5Q.QCfcCCl of Wik- CDJIJD QU V041 1602 i ' l "5 1 Vice President of Student Council, '56 57 l - 1 v Student Counci , 54 - 57g Glee Club, '5 Dance Committee, '55 - 56, Clothes C tee, '55 - '54g Library Committee, '54 55 Latin Club, '54 - '55, Charity Committe 53 '54, Riding Club, '53 - '57, French Gle Cl b '55 - '57, Heron Staff, '56 - '57, 'll Editor of "Heron", '56 - '57, Editor of "Hollow Howl", '55 - '56, French Glee Club, '54 - '57, Latin Club, '54 - '55, Photography Club, 56 - '57, Riding Club, '54 - '57. JUDITH HOUSTON GROSE 11 Weybridge Road Great Neck, New York Hjudyll Three Years Tigger 'fc Af? LEANNE HANSEN 830 Park Ave. New York, 21, N.Y. 'Leo" "Grubbie" Three Years Cub Charity Committee, '56 - '57, Modem Dance, '55 - '57, French Glee Club, '54 ' '57, Riding Club, '54 - '56, Heron Staff, '56 - '57. Cub Captain, '56 - '57g Glee Club, '53 - '56, French Glee Club, '54 - '57, Heron Staff, '56 - '57, Hollow Howl, '55 - '56, Latin Club, '54 - '55, Hockey Varsity, '54 - '57g Hockey Junior Varsity, '53 - '54, Cub Hockey Varsity, '54 - '57g Basketball junior Varsity, '55 - '57, Cub Basket- ball Varsity, '55 - 57, Tennis Team, '55 - '56. ELIZABETH KING Old Concord Road Lincoln, Mass. HBetJy!l ffBetJ,H HKingl Four Years Cub X , N X All . dl if WW Qggwbi,-ii' 'QWM 33555 wel D w9XJ43gL vWDViJ ts 1 QM' l P d t f Lb y Co tree, '56 57 Cloth C mittee, 56 57g Heron Staff, '56 57 Glee Club, '55 - '57g French Glee Club 53 - 57g Riding Club, '53 - '57g Tigger Varsity H k k 55 - '57g oc ey Junior Varsity, '55 - '57g S P trol 55 - '573 Dramatic Committee, '53 '- 54 i Athletic Association, '56 - '57, Vice President French Club, '56 - '57, Latin Club, '54 - '55, Glee Club, '53 - '57, French Glee Club, '56 - '57 Hollow Howl Staff, '55 - '56g Heron Staff, '56 - '57, Photography Club, '56 - '57g Riding Club, '53 - '57g Hockey junior Varsity, '56 - '57g Lacrosse Varsity, '53 - '54, Ski Patrol, '55 - '57. f 1, -lg. .1 ffl V- -Vw ,.,i-if MARGARET ELLEN LAWFORD titgifgv . , . . Q 31 .ts 'W' 4 :2f'Q':f2??fiE T' Box 141, Laughlintown, Pa "Ellen" Four Years Cub . fl., 'w...f---, I A ' of 4, ffid. 4' a fu I' fly . A, , a aj -Vu-LC. nu:-:AJ y pn GJ-6. z. any 71 1- gn 1 ,- ,lg-1, ,I 1L ,' ' '-fi" 1 41.114 L,AJ.4ll -"d"'4"' .:1uLl. 4'l4-'34-4 'M .41 ,lui -uf' 67144. ALYCE GRACE MICOLINO 2 Dellwood Circle Bronxville, New York "Bunny" Three Years Cub VIUL 6 fi :AML A Juni, Quoin llOSL01!llAA4j yu, 54,5 fu'-A441 unquu 'vt ug, I ,tim -41.5 ,pcb , A .fel tg. M! MJ .L Wziwn ll '12 f Un, ahlzlccb Au...L.1f 4:11-gnc. will -tfffvufj - ru., -- f"'l'Ef Au 'I A - af I 'Il 7 6 f, if at-if Ania.. :Luft fir H : 17. I A -4 mic ' .Ll 1' U14 7 I fl flffl- fnilf. A 111. ,Mit f'M"f1"f' "' ' ' ' " "L" ,XL ,,-ruff: ring! - Wa' ffm 'W' M" jul- A.. au:lU'l44!l4fL """''1 LJ Library Committee, '57 - '57g Dance Committee, '55 - '57, French Club, '55 - '56, Hollow Howl, '55 - '56, Heron Staff, '56 - '57, Latin Club, '54 - '55g English Glee Club, '55 - '57g Hollow Howlers, '56 - '57, French Glee Club, '54 - '57g Riding Club, '55 - '56, Varsity Hockey, '55 - '56, Cub Varsity Hockey, '56 - '57, Cub Varsity, Basketball, '56 - '57g Cub Varsity Baseball, '55 - '56, 5 1, Arn. . JOSLIL 4,,.u.vx 4, R7 N.,fA.44L,l- 4, .I In 71- I c4'!"l?"4AA'li-X'-""-7' In 21 1, .,f,',. jul- ful' . '- '. . "LA Athletic Association President, '56 - '57g Ath- letic Association, '55 - '57g Tigger Captain, '55 - '56g Athletic Association Secretary, '55 - '56g Basketball Varsity, '54 - '57, Tigger Basketball, '54 - '573 Hockey Varsity, '54 - '57g Tigger Hockey, '54 - '57, Softball Varsity, '55 - '56, Tigger Softball, '55 - '56g Riding Club, '54 - '55g French Glee Club, '54 - 579 Heron Staff, '56 - '57. A SUSAN ROBINSON 17 Allendale Road Binghamton New York "Sw" "Sui:b" Two Years Tigger Heron, '56 - '57g Glee Club, '55 - '57g French Glee Club, '55 - '57, Riding Club, '55 - '57. Tigger Captain, '56 - '57, Dance Committee, '53 - '54, Dramatic Club, '53 - '56, Heron Staff, '56 - '57, Hollow Howl, '53 - '54, French Glee Club, '53 - '57, Hockey Varsity, '55 - '57, Tig- ger Hockey Varsity, '54 - '57, Tigger Basket- ball Varsity, '56 - '57, Softball Varsity, '53 - '56, Tigger Softball Varsity, '53 - 56. BETSEY WHEELER Hayes Road Stephany, Conn. "Bert" Four Years Tigger - mb ,ui wff' CAROLINE LAWRENCE TALMAGE 92 Auerbach Lane Cedarhurst, New York "Carrie" Three Years Cub Library Committee, '56 - '57, Heron Staff, '56 - '57, Latin Club, '54 - '55, French Glee Club, '54 - '57, Hockey Varsity, '54 - '57, Cub Hockey Varsity, '54 - '57, Basketball Varsity, '55 - '56, Cub Basketball Varsity, '55 - '57, Basketball junior Varsity, '56 - '57, Softball Var- sity, '54 - '56, Cub Softball Varsity, '54 - '56, Riding Club, '54 - '57. 1 President Clothes Committee '56 '57' Glee PATRICIA WELLINGTON WYNN 1557 Hampton Road Rydal, Pa. "Parry" Three Years Cub "5 XTC , xg V .i, Club, '54 - '57g French Glee, Club, '54,- '57g Modern Dance, '55 - '57g Riding Club, '54 - '56. K . I R S we - Q, 'I' Mfg . t yi X 5' 1 '5 A - CLASS MASCOT SANDY 27 NAME Amy Patsy Sally Judy Leanne Nancy Betsy Dixie Ellen Chris Bunny Anne Sue Caroline Betsey Wendy Patty MOSTLY SEEN Up after lights In the tub Hurrying Reading Spilling after dinner coffee Twiddling her hair Resembling African Bush- woman Exercising Knitting Relaxing Chewing on her glasses Dreaming Scuffing "Writing, writing, writing" In love Never finishing letters Straightening up u MOSTLY HEARD "I'll do it later" "Leanne, the lights" Talking "May I ride today?" "What's today's menu?" "mmmm . . . ssst" How ridiculous . . . after six weeks" "Let me tell you", "Hey" "just a minute . . . u Has anybody seen my - ?" Hey Gang . . "Let's finesse that one" "You dreamer." What do we Want for dinner?" "You're kidding." "Oh, He's sooo neat" "Holy Cow" To tell you the truth" 28 PET PEEVE Back-seat drivers Cigars 8: sub-ways Casualness Fences 6: stop signs "My but you've grown" "Are you in a bad mood?" "Rock n' roll" Bananas "No skiing today." "But you were such a cute baby" Putziger GREEN hats Cheerful people at 6:30 People "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Routine Postcards The Mount hill PARADISE Bath rubs Florence Yellow MG'S Honnedaga 8: hunting Paris M.G.A. A.W.O.L. Watching the sun rise Snowy ski hills Unorganized walks Horses-necks at The Stork Club Beach Sleep until noon "Sun-tan, wind-blown" Tigger Landslide Double chair-lifts Marriage 8: children WATERLOO Baby hair Math Keeping still Dogs Telling jokes Peroxide 8: Hair-cuts Telephone calls that aren't for me Dramatics Yarn shops Senior supper Raccoon coats and lollypops Good-byes D,D, Anchors Aweigh "The late late show" Tom-toms Staying in bed AMBITION To be sophisticated To marry a rich Texan Make the most of life Whipper-in To marry a southerner To be thin for once To live Fashion designer To travel To be an epkure To learn the Parallel Christi Private secretary Doctor Kindergarten teacher To see the world Bio-chemist Nurse WILL PROBABLY BE Chicken farmer's wife' Guide at the Alamo Hermit Beachcomer Adm. Byrd's asst. Thin just once Eliot dining maid Dietician Traveling salesman A dishwasher In a cast Lap-looking Sports teacher Haggard and worn Taxicab driver Studying reactions Patient Class Prophecy The year 1964 is drawing to an end, and we find Miss Farrell glancing through the latest copy of a well known sports magazine. The Olympics are over, having been held in Helsinki for the main part, and then in Austria for the winter sports. While sitting in her little apartment, beneath which the students of a girls' private school are labor- iously studying, Miss Farrell seems to recognize a few of the names. The winter sports are first described. It seems that a girl, Cannon Shepard, has greatly thrilled her fam- ous Swiss coach, Fridel, by winning the gold medal in the Slalom Championships. Further down the page, Miss Farrell stops at the name of Mellon Crawcord, who placed second in the Downhill Championships. A smile creeps up Miss Farrell's face when she re- members the days when these champion skiers used to ski down the slope at Foxhollow. Results of the indoor skating include two more well known names, Kris Lac Iven from Norway and Bally Frowning from England. They have placed third, and fourth, respectively, in the figure skating events. There are not many speed skaters in the U.S'., but one of them is Reanne Jansen, who placed third, the highest place ever received by a member of the United States Team in that event. After finishing the first part of the article, Miss Farrell scans the paragraphs about track events. Here she is startled to find Hetsey Midget Peeler won the High Jumping Gold Medal. Miss Farrell pauses a minute and ponders this winner. Is this the same one that she knew for four years in the Berkshires? Still brooding, she reads on, only to find the name Tatsy Podd who placed second in the high jumping contest. Miss Farrell has a vague recollection of this girl's winning the high jump at Foxhollow one Field Day. The next topic is the winners of the shot-put and the javelin throwing contests, Tetsy Ling and Bancy Kretze! And Dashing Dudner won the Sprinting Silver Medal, followed closely by the Finnish girl, Rudy Hrose. Rudy, according to this article, was very lucky to have the retired sprinter, Hatty Lynn, from the United States, as her coach. In the news of the gymnastics team from the United States, Miss Farrell recog- nizes the name, Arlequin Bicolino, who seems to be the most accomplished member of the team. Ordinarily Miss Farrell would pass over the news of the wrestling team, but suddenly she spies the name of Rue Sobinson, which makes her pause. Ah, yes, Rue spent two years at Foxhollow! What a coincidence! Miss Farrell skims over the part on diving, and is glad to learn that Anne McMorkick Morlan has won the High Div- ing Gold Medal for the second time. Then Miss Farrell reads the final and sensational items in the report of the Olympics. The outstanding bits of news have nothing to do with athletic ability. Mamy Donnard, who placed sixth in the javelin throw, was offered a Hollywood contract! Miss Farrell smiles, remembering the Foxhollow actress in "Prigaloon". Before her smile can fade, she shakes her head in astonishment. Tarolyn Galmage, who placed second in the swimming events, decided to remain in Helsinki as the wife of the police chief .... Beneath Miss Farrell's room, the students rush out of study hall and down to the gym. She can't help wondering if these girls will be such athletes as the Class of 1957. 30 Class Will Patsy leaves her eyes to the High Lawn eows. Amy leaves her tact to Bobbie Brennan. Sally leaves her stature to Wendy Anderson. Judy leaves her love of riding to Penny Elliott. Leanne leaves her gift of stepping in garden rows to Miss Fowler. Nancy leaves her weight to Nancy Hayward. Betsy QKingJ leaves her "bird legs" to Barbara Trowbridge. Ellen leaves her knitting instructions to Sue Burlingame. Chris leaves her energy to Kathy Martin. Dixie leaves her hair to Andy Dunn. Bunny leaves her "never been known to fail" diet to Linda Anne leaves her "dainty" clodlhoppers to Miss Fowler. Sue leaves her nails and polish to Sue Welch. Wendy leaves friedl to Mariana Field. Caroline leaves her eye-teeth to Alice Browning. Betsy CWheelerD leaves Whitney a window shade. Patty leaves her sense of tidyness to the Main House. BABY PICTURE IDENTIFICATION 1 Nancy Kretzer 9 Patty Wynn 2 Leanne Hansen 10 Anne Morgan 5 Amy Connard 11 Sue Robinson 4 Betsey Wheeler 12 Caroline Talmage 5 Bunny Micolino 15 Sally Downing 6 Judy Grose 14 Patsy Dodd 7 Dixie Kudner 15 Ellen Lawford 8 Chris Maclver 16 Wendy Shepard 17 Betsy King 31 Stark , Q as X 1 3 Nu x ,G ii 'fa Q .E E F ' " I H P ' WW' . if Q 4? " ri Wi 53 pf ' in NE' '4 . 3 - A. . . u L tt. ef' N3 33 fi' 'K E F! 7' wir V M - w M., - ITALIAN CLASS Clcwses AMERICAN HISTORY SENIOR CLASS lst row: l. to r,: Amy Connard, Sally Downing, Betsey Wheeler, Judy Grose. Znd row: Anne Morgan, Chris Maclver, Wendy Shepard, Patsy Dodd, Nancy Kretzer. 3rd row: Ellen Lawford, Dixie Kudner, Bunny Micolino, Susan Robinson, Betsy King, Leanne Hansen, Patty Wynn, Caro- line Talmage. 'A N YF qw F' I H35 1, -is-I A 3 , . if I r 7 1 ,M X r ,- - JUNIOR CLASS lst row, l. to r.: Barbara Trowbridge, Cindy Maxcy, Diana Knight, Whitney Baldwin, Andy Dunn 2nd row: Margo Conderman, Ellen Corning, Mariana Field, Cintra Lofting, Betty Mead, Sue Welch 3rd row: Margo Hooker, Betsy Long, Beth Bauer, Kathy Clark, Sue Pyle, Judy johnson. fith row Wendy Anderson, Alice Dunn, Sue Burlingame, Roberta Frank. Absenti Casey Cagney, Kit Kelley., Bobbie Wood. . T xx ' x Z I 9 4 -, 'jx A t mf 5 C S 'fa SOPHOMORE CLASS lsr row, l. to r.: jane Stone, Elsa Mitchell, Patricia Hodge, Christine Allan, Susan Taylor, Anne Murray. 2nd row: Linda Stark, Susan Balogh, Sara Anne Garrison, Margo Hallowell, Mary Wheelock, Nancy Wilde . fr: ,,,, S x x S 5 ...I Q Y Y l I S F RESHMAN CLASS , f f , , r ' - 'Z 5 if KY .x 4 lst row, l, to r.: Lucy Faile, Susan Hay, Kathy Martin, Kathy McSheehy, Wendy jamgotchian, Alice Browning. Znd row: Barbara Brennan, Sally Carr, Nancy Hayward, Rosemary Creed, Elena Car- rillo, Debby Rutter, 3rd row: Isabel Burnham, Marlin Sutton, Diana Wilson, Dwight Pardee, Mizzie Dimpsey, Penny Elliott. 4th row: joan Meyer, Ellie Bowyer, Tildy Wisner, Judy Eriun. Lucia Trowbridge, jane Boynton. J '. Ib sf n ' my , H . .35 I ' if +3 N X .J ,rm A 1, r A . - I-.W - EAT-NIGHT '- K Q I ,I , at I , ,f"'h5 i, fp FREE TIME li' ANN ROBINSON PANTRY DUTY W MAIL TIME 3, I, 38 MAIN HOUSE GIRLS .X AC TIVIT IES STUDENT COUNCIL lst row, l. to r.: Chris Maclver, sen., Patsy Dodd, vice pres. Wendy Shepard, pres., Nancy Kretzer, sec. Znd row: Bizzie Burnham, fresh., Elsa Mitchell, soph.g Ellen Corning, jun., Margo Hooker, jun., Nancy Wilde, soph.g Marlin Sutton, fresh. With the exception of the Senior class, which has four representatives, each class has two representatives in the Student Council. Each Friday afternoon, the sugges- tions which have been put in the suggestion box during the week are discussed and are brought to Miss Farrell for approval for disapprovalb. The members of the Council enforce the rules of the school and give demerits to the violators of the rules. They try to set a good example for the rest of the school to follow. FRENCH CLUB L. to r.: Betty Lou Mead, Margo Hooker, Amy Connard, pres., Ellen Lawford, vice pres., Sue Welch. The French Club officers assist Madame Atnoux in the preparation and presentation of her operas and plays. They also help her during the weekly meetings of the French Glee Club. ,S at ,, ., n -ij.: U74 8 X. I X swssss X. Q A - 1 J HOLLONW HOWL STAFF lst row, l, to r.: Margo Hooker, Diana Knight, Kathy Martin, Sue Burlingame, Sue Taylor. 2nd row: Alice Dunn, Pat Hodge, Margo Conderman, Sue Welch, Cintra Lofting, editorg Sue Pyle. 3rd row: judy johnson, editorg Betty Mead. Our school newspaper gives students with creative and journalistic ability a chance to express themselves. This year's staff has many promising students on it. N",- -Sf qu. N014 'bf' HOLLOW HOWLERS Clockwise: Wently Shepard, Nancy Kretzer, Alice Dunn, Roberta Frank, Bunny Micolino, Andy Dunn. The HOLLKJW HOWLERS are a small singing group which sings at concerts and dances. . Q. w I . li. if l f ii ii . if , . lllll liltlllilills y E g ....yyy. , I W gk p pi lglll Y E if li l , ,, Q- fy 'wr 3 ' , W ,, . Q Q ., L. Q all xx K I. 'ii f LIBRARY COMMITTEE Seated, l. to r.: Bunny Micoline, Dixie Kudner, pres.g Caroline Talmage. Standing: Linda Stark, Elena Carrillo. The purpose of the Library Committee is to keep the bookshelves neat and the books organized under sections. This facilitates reference work. Q' CLOTHES COMMITTEE L. to r.: Dixie Kudner, Alice Dunn, Linda Stark, Patty Wynn, pres. The function of the Clothes Committee is to help the girls keep their appearance as neat as possible at all times. It is also the duty of the clothes committee to be sure that the general appearance of the school is neat, including the bedrooms and playrooms. l CHARITY COMMITTEE L. to r.: Barbara Trowbridge, Susan Hay, Amy Connard, pres.g Leanne Hansen. r 1 yn. The "Fund Raising Committee" is in charge of the collection of money for various charitable purposes such as the Community Chest, Hungarian relief and polio and cancer funds. This is done by means of various functions, teas, and dramatic productions. it YF' DANCE COMMITTEE L. to r.: Nancy Kretzer, Bunny Micolino, Marlin Sutton, Barbara Wood, Chris Allen. It is the purpose of the dance committee to arrange social get-togethers with near-by boys' schools. We try to have two or three dances a term if other outside activities do not interfere. CHRISTMAS PLAY X biz Qi? . . 48. SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL 1 G m 7 d vii W-Q Jw in MQ H- ,g 5.2 ..:9 ' x W N- al 'ix . I n 2. lug M1 A A A ' xi-X . 1 . y S5 0 I fx gb N . ' T y i V: J w L k 5 .. gg V X, In .vfem W T' 5 3 1 L 4 X -' we- - X A xg 1 K - N fl ' 4 iq Q, 5- -' ' V ".. i s ' if zf' .. ig uv FRENCH PLAYS .www BRIGADOON 45 tl. HALLOWEEN PARTY 4 - f by 191 Q Q lx BUFFET LUNCH E' 1 A CHARITY SALE RAKE DAY INFORMAL SINGING 46 AT HLET ICS ATHLETIC ASSOCIA'I'ION 1st row, l. to r.: Betsey Wheeler, Betsy King, Anne Morgan, Whitney Baldwin, Diana Knight. 2nd row: Mariana Field, Mrs. Potter, Sue Pyle, Ellen Lawford. The purpose of the Athletic Association is to help the athletic instructor organize the sports program and to assist in the instruction. The main sports are: in the fall, Hockey, with outside competition as well as Tigger and Cub gamesg in the winter Basketball and Skiing are the occupations, with frequent trips to Bousquets during the week, and the spring means activities in Tennis and Softball. We try to stimulate interest in athletics as well as add to the character of the individual. Mrs. Potter ...............................,..............,...............,............,.,...........,.. Athletic Instructor Anne Morgan ..,... .....,. P resident of Athletic Association Mariana Field ...... ....,.. Se cretary of Athletic Association Betsy King .,............ ......,.............................. C ub Captain Betsey Wheeler ....., ....,.s.s.,....,....,...... T igger Captain Diana Knight ..,... ..... P resident of Riding Council Sue Pyle .....,..,.,,..... ......,... H ockey Representative Whitney Baldwin ,...,,. ...,.... B asketball Representative Ellen Lawford ......... ............... S ki Representative 48 . VARSITY lst row, l. to r.: Betsy King, r.i.g Betsy Long, sub., Sue Pyle, l,h.g Caroline Talmage, l.f.g Bizzie Burnham, l.w.g Alice Browning, sub, Whitney Baldwin, sub. 2nd row: Andy Dunn, 1.1.3 Betsy Wheeler c.f.g Ellen Corning, r.h.g Anne Morgan, c.h., Mariana Field, r.w. Absent: Roberta Frank, g., Penny Elliot, r.f. CUB VARSITY lst row, l. to r.: Margo Hooker, r.h.g Judy Johnson, r.w.g Caroline Talmage, l.f.g Nancy Kretzer, l.h. 2nd row: Sue Taylor, l.i.g Sue Pyle, c.h. Absent: Roberta Frank, g., Bunny Micolino, r.i. TIGGER VARSITY lst row, l. to r.: Betsy Long, l.h., Betsey Wheeler, c.f.g Wendy She- pard, l.i.g Sue Burlingame, sub., Bizzie Burnham, r.w. 2nd row: jane Stone, sub., Dixie Kudner, r.h.g Whitney Baldwin, r.i., Nan- cy Wilde, g., Mariana Field, l.w.g Anne Morgan, c.h,g Ellen Corn- ing, l.h. .o I - , I l I VARSITY lst row, l. to r.: Mariana Field, f., Whitney Baldwin, f., Andrea Dunn, g. 2nd row: Ellen Corning, g., Anne Morgan, g., Bizzie Burnham, f. CUB VARSITY lst row, l. to r.: Sue Pyle, f., Betsy King, f., Caroline Talmage, g. 2nd row: Alice Dunn, g., Kathy Clark, sub., Roberta -2 Frank, sub, Absent: Bunny Micolino, f. Q C Zi- H O We TIGGER VARSITY lst row, 1. ro r.: Whitney Baldwin, f., Betsey Wheeler, sub., Bizzie Burnham, f. 2nd row: Betsy Long, g., Mariana Field, f., Anne Morgan, gg Ellen Corn- ing, g. ,. i,.,,, if - 4 15 ,N-ws . 8-,,-r' SKI PATROL L. to r.: Wendy Shepard, Dixie Kudner, Ellen Lawford, Mariana Field. Absent: Kit Kelley. mm., fl pi Q N'-Q 5 . env! 'Sak H6552 if IW 'nz 1 fisxw-f,7 ,ilu ' K SKATING GYM wi?" . sK1ERs 5, SWIMMING GLEN RID! G f . RIDING COUNCIL I.. to r.: Elsa Mitchell fLadY7, Amy Connard CGiddyj, Betsy Long CP:-xulj, Judy Brion, assoc. 1PeterJ, Diana Knight, pres. fPrune7, Ellen Corning, vice pres. CCandyJ, Jane Boynton, assoc. fMouseJ, Alice Browning, assoc. CBombayJ, Sue Welch CGlenJ. Foxhollow provides free riding for her students. Out instructor spends many hours of hard work, keeping our horses in good condition and in good health. Since early riding days Foxhollow girls have picked a Riding Council president, under her is a council which helps lessen the burden placed on the instructor. The Riding Council is set up for those girls who are active and advanced in this field. They each demonstrate the most enjoyable riding techniques, and they try to plan outside activities for the Riding Club. These girls will tell you that good equipment, good health, clear trails, and enthusiasm go toward better equestrianism. if ' . ,A M' 45. was .QQ . Diana Knight, Miss Firuski, Ellen Corning. BOMBAY BONNIE CANDY GIDDYBUSKINS LATIN RHYTHM MESHAK MOUSE PAUL REVERE PETER PAN if . N PRUNE WHIP LADY WITH HER DONOR, MR. COYLE gh as 5 A sg A if is ,S S X Q MISS FIRUSKI WITH HORSES Asif' O GLEN, KATHY MARTIN UP TACKING UP OLD CHATHAM FOOT BEAGLES 3 ., 'wr ., lF,.Yf,,,,,9,,v, w, LITERA RY Le Journal De Madame fourdain Je suis, comme vous voyez, une femme du nom de Madame Jourdain - "Votre tres-humble servante", comme mon mari dirait! Mon epoux, Monsieur Jourdain a le bon et vieux titre de "marchand de France", et j'en suis here. Je vous raconterai une petite histoire, composee des incidents fous de notre maison pendant quelques semaines recemment. Lundi: Nous nous reveillons le matin. Mon Dieu! Tout est en clesorclre aujourd'huig c'est le jour de la lecon de danse. Monsieur jourdain court d'une chambre a l'autre. Il semble avoir perdu la tete, mais, non! Il n'a pas perdu sa tete, seulement son leotarde. Quelle idee! Des lecons de danse a son age! Vraiment il.a passe son quarantieme anniversaire, mais il veut apprendre a danser. Il veut devenir gentilhomme. Je lui ai dit que cela etat impossible, qu'il n'etait pas un gentilhomme, et ne pourrait pas changer sa naissance. Cependant il insiste. Il tient a se faire ridicule aux yeux des bons mar- chands et des vrais gentilhommes du royaume! Eh, bien, il faut terminer mon oraison. Mon mari a trouve son leotarclel Vraiment je vous dis, il ressembla une poule hautaine, qui a perdu ses plumes. Il pense que ses jambes sont les plus parfaites du monde, et quand je m'en moque un peu il est tres insulte. Mon pauvre mari, il est trop doux et trop aimable, car il croit tout ce qu'on lui dit. C'est la ranson de la richesse. M. Jourdain etait si sage et si plen d'humour quand il n'avait point d'argent. Mais maintenant qu'il a fait fortune il devient comme un petit enfant bete. Eh, bien, 'notre maitre orguilleux arrive. Il dit a mon monsieur - "Comme vous etes beau, aujourd'hui, seigneur! Ce costume vous va parfaitementln Mon mari sourit, avec un air entendu, et il dit "Merci" et fait une reverence assez ridicule. Il croit tout ce que son maitre lui dit. faimerais etrangler de mes mains ce maitre pretentieux. je sais qu'en verite il ne s'interesse que dans l'argent de monsieur. Cependant il faut me taire. Apres l'entree de notre grand maitre il commence a instruire mon mari dans les pas qui sont a la mode a la cour. Pensez-vout qu'un jourdain ira a la cour? Jamais, mais, c'est la vie. Tout cela donne beaucoup cle plaisir a Monsieur Jourdain qui pense qu'il atteint la vraie distinction du gentilhomme. Quand la lecon est finie il vient a moi pour me montrer une nouvelle danse. Oh, ie voudrais rire beaucoup. Il ressemble a un elephant gai, mais comme je l'aime, je ne lui donne qu'un petit baiser. Mais le grand moment n'est pas encore arrive. Aujourd'hui monsieur le comte, 58 ,, . ofa 5 W Dorante, nous fait l'honneur de nous payer une visire. Cer homme est un vrai gentil- homme de la cour Cer aussi un vrai friponb. je le deteste! Cependant il flatte Monsieur Jourdain qui l'admire et aussi lui donne beaucoup d'argent. Pour sa visire il faur que Monsieur jourdain porte son nouveau costume. Quelle affaire! Il lui faur une heure presque pour s'habiller et quel costume! Il est de toutes les couleurs du monde. ll est si brillant qu'il me fait mal aux yeux. Et quelle elegance! Il y a de nombreuses decoration, des bijoux, et il est brode richement. Mon- sieur pense qu'il resemble ainsi a un vrai gentilhomme, mais meme son valet ne peut que rire, quand il apparait, comme un paon brillant et stupide pret pour le bal. Cependant son maitre, qui n'est pas encore parti, le complimente, et aussi demande encore de l'argent. Enfin il s'en va, mais nous n'avons pas la paix longtemps. Le comre Dorante arrive, avec son laquais. I1 est habille d'une maniere tres riche, mais plus simple que Monsieur. Cependant il nous caresse, il nous sourit, disant a Monsieur, "Mon cher jourdain, vous etes un plaisir pour les yeux, votre gout est impeccable que je suis heureux de vous voir. - Monsieur, ainsi flatte est tres content. Et il ne peut faire assez de compliment a Dorante. En depit de cela je remarque avec plaisir, qu'il n'a pas oublie la grande quantite d'argent qui lui est du par Monsieur le genril comte. Son esprit est encore tres vif, concernant 1'argent, mais Monsieur le comre a reponse a tout et tout en parlant de rembourser, s'arrange pour emprunter encore, l'inso1ent! je pats pour parler a ma frlle aimee, Lucile. Pourtant j'ai idee que mon mari partage un secret avec le comte. Peur-etre veut-il gagner quelque dame de la cout, er pense-t-il que je serais jalouse. Quelle erreur! Mon pauvre jourdain, que j'aime si tendrement, est trop vieux et trop ridicule pour que je sois jalouse de lui. Assez! Il faur que vous rencontriez le cher object de l'affection des jourdains, Lucile. C'est notre seule enfanr, une jeune frlle jolie er pleine d'esprit. Lucile elle-meme a son probleme depuis que nous devenons de plus en plus eleves. Elle aime un jeune marchand, beau et cl'un caractere sage et amusant, Coviante. Ce jeune homme est tres honnere et il ne veut pretendre faussement au titre de "gentil- homme". Mais mon mari est si change par cet horrible comre qu'il ne permettra que Lucile se rnarie qu' avec un "gentilhomme". Cela est impossible, Lucile aime Coviante, et elle ne se mariera avec aucun autre. j'espere trouver un moyen! Maintenanr retournons au salon. J'entre. Les hommes se raisent immediatemenr. Je me doute de leur conversation. Cependant je pretends que je ne sais rien. Dorante, qui semble un peu embarasse, trouve qu'i1 est necessaire de partir. je dis "Ah, monsieur, je le regrette". Vous voyez que je suis aussi une mauvaise friponne si je le veux. 594 Ce soir la, a table, il y a une bataille au sujet du mariage de Lucile. jourdain devient furieux, et ma pauvre fille est reduite en Iarmes. Quel malheur! Monsieur n'est plus l'homme avec qui je me suis mariee. J'en ris parfois mais il y a de la tristesse sous ce rire. Mardi Un autre jour, et une autre lecon. Aujourd'hui le professeur de philosophic arrive. C'est un meilleur acteur que le maitre de musique, mais lui aussi ne reve qu'a l'argent. Mercredi Aujourd'hui il faut que je visite ma soeur. J' aime vlsiter ma famille, qui est simple et plein de joie, et d'histoires.amusantes. Elle etait une fois, tres jolie, et elle est encore tres attractive. Ell est aussi tres sensible Cquelle difference pour moib. Malheureusement quand j'arrive chez elle, je trouve qu'elle est tombee malade, et je ne peux pas la voir. Il faut retourner chez moi avec beaucoup de personnes habillees dans des costumes gais et riducles. Mon mari devient tres rouge quand il me voit. je lui demande ce que cela veut dire, et ce poli comte me repond, "Oh, Madame, je suis ravi - je donne une petite soiree pour mes amis et votre gentil mari m'a prete la maison." Je suis furieuse mais il faut etre polie. Je recontre une grande dame, couverte de peinture qui s'appelle Dorimene. A ma vue, ils se levent tous et partent sans faire leurs adieux. je pense qu'ils sont absolument bourrus! je vois que nous n'aurons jamais la paix! Mon mari est vraiment fou, ma lille est malheureuse, et de suis fachee contre toutes les personnes qui ont casse notre vie. Helas - Dimanche Ainsi les jours ont passe cette semaine, mais je vois que peut-etre il y a encore de l'espoir. Mon mari commence a realiser son erreur. Ma lille s'est mariee jeudi avec "son altesse le grand turc" - quelle histoire! je voudrais avoir le temps de vous la raconter. Coviante s'est deguise comme un turc oriental. Cetait tres amusant. Monsieur etait decu par notre ruse, et ils se sont maries avec son consentement. Monsieur devait tire quand il a trouve son erreur! Il aime vraiment Coviante, et je pense qu'au fond du coeur il est content du marriage quoi qu'il semble tres furieux, et qu'il crie a voix haute qu'il deteste sa fille adoree. Dorante nous visite encore, meme aujourd'hui, mais j'ai un plan pour disposer de lui. je veux le garder pour un temps . . comprenez-vous? Maintenant il faut vous dire, "Adieu." Vous pouvez appeler ces papiers, "Les Memoires d'une 'Petite' Dame" Cquel humourj. "Hurrah pour la Bourgeoisie" sera le titre. Avant que je m'arrete, je regrette mes erreurs, mais tout le monde sait que je suis une simple femme qui n'a pas eu une tres bonne education. Excusez-moi. Amy Connard 60 3 g, K S X Q its . A T Q' S. 1 x V I L4 FRENCH DRAWING ROOM, THE MOUNT 61 MT he Chase M The sun was coming up slowly beyond the purple mountains in golden streaks. There was a white mist rising from the ground which concealed all but the mountain peaks. The half moon still shone pale in the grey sky. Another day had begun. One wandering ray of light fell on the clearing at the base of the hill. Into it stepped a stag, his pronged head held high, testing the morning breeze. The harsh chatter of a red squirrel fell on the uncaring ears. The stag stood motionless, wrapped in a golden haze. Like an explosive he shot from his bed. Dawn had brought him a new adventure. He covered the ground with easy strides and was almost upon the stag before the still- ness was shattered. The stag, startled from his reverie, left the clearing in one bound, and the chase was on. The scent was hot in his nostrils, it infused his brain. He ran as if for life, and gloried in the running. He heard not as his quarry's hoofbeats drummed the frosted earth, as the rotten branches crashed in his wake. Obstacles meant nothing. There was no time to choose the easiest path. He took everything in his stride, holding his head high to keep the scent. He didn't notice when the chase left the woods for the stubbled fields. His breath came in short gasps. He was tiring, but his quarry was also tiring. The first burst of speed was taking its toll. The stag was no longer bounding gracefully along, but ran in erratic leaps, driven by a mounting panic. How could he shake the restless demon that was pursuing him? The dog saw only the white rump, smelt only the rich scent, heard only the strangled sobs. The stag had run his race. He made one final bid for freedom in a fatal bound and fell back, exhausted, on the iron pronged fence. There was no further need for speed. The dog slackened his pace. To the cogent odor that had drawn him was added that of fresh-shed blood. He glanced at the once- noble stag impaled above him and, judging well the distance, sprang for the head. The hunter who had watched with worried eyes the ending of the chase now raised his gun. The shot rang through the woods and, as it re-echoed, the dog fell, dying, under the stag he had slain. 'He was a good lookin' hound," the hunter exclaimed as he turned toward his house and phone. "Too bad he had to chase deer." The sun stood free from the mountains and radiated its light irnpartially on the world below. Its merciless rays sought every hidden nook, even the shaded glade where the stag lay, revealing the dead and dying. For them the day was over. Judy Grose 62 L --Zn INTO NIGHT To watch A deer, The mountain brook, A rabbit small Rippling, May come. Falling, Here Laughing in its How O'er rocks. . Light, 'dark, light, dark, Flashing In the sun. Then crash! Splashing Through the gorge. Below - All calm, A quiet pool. Above - The green of trees, Waving Unheard beside the stream. All may drink, Or feast on growing green. From clear To golden beams, Sifting Slowly through the leaves. Then dusk. And silence falls About the wood. Alone, The sin ing Of the brook is heard, For here Is night. Ellen Lawford NIGHT AT THE KATYDID Lights out bell just rang, Five minutes late - Who's to blame? There goes Miss Brown - out on a date. Come on girls - 1et's quiet down. Downstairs there is banging, Could it be - someone's hanging? No, it's just the radiator, Come on girls, it's getting later. What's that thumping above my head? Has someone fallen out of bed? Et la voila, C'est Madame, All this noise she's trying to ban. Oh, dear, what was that? Could it be - the cat? I heard some laughter, Disturbing the quiet, Come on girls, it isn't a riot. 63 What was that buzz? Was it a bee? Turn on the light, I've got to see. Come on girls, It's time to sleep, Not to talk, and laugh, and eat. Put away all your books, , Please don't give such dirty looks. Lights must be off, When the bell rings, Why must I tell you? You know all these things. Really girls, it's getting late and Here comes Miss Brown, Back from her date. Elsa Mitchell The Journey They came slowly up the road through the colorless dawn like shadows left by the night. There was no motion in their bodies, and yet their feet scuffed up dust that settled behind them as quickly as it was raised. They lifted their eyes with each step they took, peering toward the horizon for the first red rays of sun. The woman held her lower lip clamped tightly between her teeth. It hurt her to do that, but it was the only way she could urge herself forward step after step. There was no other way to drag her feet, one behind the other, mile after mile. She whim- pered occasionally but did not cry out. At the top of the hill, they came face to face withthe sun. The sun was a quarter of the way up, cut in two by the treeless horizon. Down below them was a valley lying under a cover of mist that rose slowly from the earth. The woman looked at the man beside her. Red rays of the sun had begun to color his face like blood. But still his eyes were tired and lifeless. He looked as if he were balancing himself with great effort, and as if the next moment he might lose his balance and fall to the ground. As quickly as it had risen the sun shrank into a small, fiery ball that seared the eyes until it was impossible to look at it any longer. The man looked at the woman in the rays of the sun, seeing her for the first time since it had set the night before. Her face was paler, her cheeks more sunken. Without words, he started forward down the hill. He did not turn to see if she were following him, but went down the road draw- ing one foot from behind and setting it down deliberately in front of him. There was no other way he could move himself over the ground. He turned his head and looked back up the road, but there was nothing in sight. Then he looked down at the ground he was walking on, counting the steps he took with his right foot and then his left. . SILHOUETTES Tall straight buildings are silhouettes The river hugs the shore between, Against the darkness of the evening sky, And Hows quietly on its path of darkness As if cut from paper with holes poked through, The little lights on the tugs and barges Making a twinkling pattern. Move silently up and down. This is New York, as I like to think of it . . . A magic city, huge and glittering, Spectacle of light and darkness, Seen from the distant shore. jane Boynton 64 WWTW' ENCOURAGEMENT FOR BEGINNING SKIERS Said a friend of mine to me one day, "You really must go skiing - And feel the wind rush by your face And see your troubles fleeing." I said I thought it would be fun, And gaily trotted out. But when I started down the hill, I felt a sudden doubt. I felt the wind, I felt the cold, I felt the sudden drop. I tried to stem, I tried to check, And then I tried to stop. But I went racing down the hill - My bindings came unhitched: My skis stopped short, but I went on - Into a snowbank pitched. I slowly rose, shook off the snow, And stared straight down that hill. It stared my courage back to me And left me with a chill. At last I reached the level ground, And strangely felt no pain, I thought to myself, "That wasn't bad," And decided to do it again! And then I knew my friend was right, Because I did love skiing: I felt the wind rush by my face, And saw my troubles fleeing. I felt so free in spite of being Often under snow: The feeling was needed, and not the skill, So don't give in to woe! Wendy Shepard PRAYER FOR A PILGRIM O Christian, Christian, follow him Who put thee to the trial. Leave the City of Destruction, Watching all the while. O Christian, Christian, where is he, Who shows the Rocky Way? I think I heard Evangelist Revealing this to you that day. O Christian, Christian, why this load Upon my wearied back? Can I make it all the way With this great, bulky pack? O Christian, Christian, save me from This life of Mister Worldly-Wise. Protect me from complacency And all deceitful lies. O Christian, Christian, show me how To go the windy Path, Save me from the highway That leads to Satan's wrath. O Christian, Christian, ask thyself: Why this turmoiled test? Could it be that he Wants thee To have eternal rest? O Christian, Christian, give me Hope That I might find the Gate, And live with faithful evermore In God's own lightened estate. Cintra Lo fting 19 16 16 CALENDAR OF EVENTS 1956 -1.95 7 SEPTEMBER Seniors arrived School opened New girl-Old girl party ' First day of classes Kenwood Hockey games, Varsity and J.V. teams OCTOBER First dance lesson - Miss LeBlanc Lenox dance and Berkshire Festival Hockey game with Emma Willard First Community Concert Movie "Romeo and Juliet" Northfield Hockey, game Amherst Hockey Playday at Amherst Miss Maple from Scripps College NOVEMBER St. Agnes hockey game and Junior Halloween party Elmira College representative Miss Holmes from Briarcliff College Thanksgiving Day and Senior week-end DECEMBER Ski movie at Pittsfield Candlelight Services and Charity sale and Concert English and French Christmas Plays and Christmas party Home for Christmas vacation 66 JANUARY 11 Back to school 12 Senior morning scholastic aptitude tests 16 Community Concert 19 Movie "Bend in the River" 26-3 1 EXAMS: FEBRUARY 1-3 Mid-year week-end 9 Kenwood basketball game and movie "The Merry Widow 14, -15, 16 "Brigadoon" with Hotchkiss Dramatic Club 23 Movie "Camille" MARCH 2 Berkshire Glee Club Concert 8 Community Concert 9 South Kent dance 16 Senior College Boards 19 Community Concert 22 Spring Vacation began. APRIL 5 Spring Term began 13 World University Service 21 Easter Sunday MAY 8 Miss Farrell's Birthday and Free Day 10-12 Alumnae Week-end 18 Junior College Boards 19 Five School Concert JUNE 7 Annual Horse Show and Junior-Senior Prom 8 Field Day and Graduation 67 MR. 8: MRS. C. A. BOYNTON MR. 8: MRS. C. M. BRENNAN MR. 8: MRS. A. W. BROWNING MR 8: MRS. JAMES CAGNEY MR. 8: MR. 8: MR. 8: MR. 8: MR. 8: DR. 8: MR. 8: MR. 8: MR. 8: MR. 8: CAPT. MR. 8: MR. 8: MR. 8: MR. 8: MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. JAMES CARTER JOHN M. DODD ROBERT DUNN GEORGE ELLIOTT DONALD ERION HENRY FIELD JOHN GROSE WALDO GROSE NORBERT HANSEN W. O. HAY, JR. 8: MRS. LENOX M. P. HODGE MRS MRS. MRS. MRS. WILLIAM KING W. W. KNIGHT, JR. SCHUYLER KUDNER J. M. H. LAWEORD PA T R ONS MR. 8: MRS. HENRY LENNING MRS. E. B. LONG MR. 8: MRS. ELLICE MacDONALD, JR MR. S: MRS. MURDO MacIVER MR. S: MRS. MELVIN H. MCSHEEHY MR. S: MRS. JOHN H. MEYER MRS. MATTHEW MICOLINO, JR. MR. S: MRS. J. W. MIDDENDORF, JR. MR. S: MRS MR. S: MRS MR. S: MRS. MR. S: MRS MR. S: MRS. MR. S: MRS. MR. S: MRS. MR. S: MRS MR. S: MRS MR. S: MRS. MR. S: MRS. NELSON E. ROBINSON E. C. RUTTER W. HARDIE SHEPARD HENRY H. SILLIMAN VAN CLEEF F. L. VAN LENNUP DANIEL F. WHEELER F. A. WHEELOCK DAVID WILSON CHARLES WISNER RICHARD WYNN -'0"0"0 4-7'0'0'-'-0X0'040N0N0'40Y0l040K0l-040"0Y040'f9'04020l0 x9401'0 40f010'-046N040"9G06ff?04? Of WEST CORNWALL, CONNECTIC compliment! of PRINCESS PLACE MATS 0l?40V 6 4'0'-76 K?"0+'0' 40W7W1611?'91727Wv10'W10f0'W"6WC76'0f0N7G?0'6"0f0'W1'0176x Y HIGH LAWN FARM Complimentf LENOX, MASS. 014 Why jerseys? Jerseys have more "cowpower" - will produce more milk solids per 1,000 lbs. of body weight or per unit of feed consumed. All costs considered, studies show that they THE YANKEE MQTEL make more proht for the dairy farmer. It makes dollars and sense to own Jerseys. 9 G x9'0N0w0H02f0120K0140f20K0f'-0'10N0'M-Ov A fy 15 'Z ' M 8. ,lf x yuowx 'M wt gf? 411:21 Q 'ff 4446? QM ,E on - pa QWMQ Q l'!55oooo0eDa,!" id? Qtr 5 no ygof Q' 5' xfD0X 5 l 'ff . CE! E N 50' RQ " XO aa QQ Q Qgm Q If V X -5656 XQ6 9- X Li 5 X 'Q 0,,Qf6" ., N, 5'9" 8 bg? WMM Wo ' R060 :EQ so 's rvswoh-5 Qc, OHV 'Pop Q bev V A!'4reavPf W-me ewkf Y Q! 641 "NP O YQ? 56 xp . ,ofergi Q. Lum' 1011 4-'Jo Ll-to 71 'the ZGCV' 'D 9 5 f0ff0'920'6K0G01f0b6117Q0410 20'0'f0f Complimentf of PALMER LINES, INC C omplimentf Of KING TERMINAL I ndurtrial Real Extate 21 ELKINS STREET BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS 6 xv-Q0-ana-10-faswfanofwwonov 72 G0'6'G01'965' f'0' 0106101 Q . 1 x ' jYX rf! 4 X A ,V 3 5 . ff 4"2E A ,f4n ll V.-0 o if LZl755 JC5' N , A RX W 'Ib 7 '0K0f01f0'-0-f0f'0M0N0M0'N0-'-021026 0"0"7'0'7l9'0H0'64016Y0'J'0'610Y0'6f0"0N?'06H0'0176Y010N0Y -010142 x9K0l0f0'0l0"-0"-01'-0' 5 2 E 2 9 Z 2 S 5 xafawfawfwawfmmofawwadaofaweowwfaowwowwwwwwwvowaoovzow MRS. W. WILSON Complimentx of MR. 81. MRS. NELSON E ROBINSON 10"0f'0" 7 1?G0K0Pl7w0165l?'0f0"01 f10'40110G7l0"0f0fL7f0f40'Q71040'616 14 , x Pl Q ,gw 0 X 'f 3, G fp 2 N ' 5 N Q A, Q 0 V .f' QE. IQ- IEGEFS VICTBTHDILS '-05'05'07l0'Q?'55'0"0'47'0'40N0'C0'6W05'7555'40"0"0' 7 -0'0'0x Il9"010'0-10'-0f0-f010f 401010-f0N0'040N0-'Jil K76'6 4?WH040R7040'0'0'6N9040'0l0-196i040N70-W'0'0'0'6X0"?1?0 40'0"0'4710104?f0f0f10"010'1?WM6Wf7'?0'f0f Gonzplinzents of KRETZER CONSTRUCTION CCMPANY LQ 5 7 . 0v-0+'0110v0w0w0N040ff0I0'f0+10v'0-0:w:f0w0vv0x0w0v02w'v0w Compliment: of WHEELER AND TAYLOR GREAT BARRINGTON, MASS. L W Q XX G ONC'JO"51E'K'o Q EMOR5 i SFRQM THE Sophmowaeb X X w lllill- Nw Dm, 61+ -151. f lg.: f.:,::5Sm1 ' " Y W5 00"?20' 77 40f'0"'?G0"0l0l0'20l'020105'?6v20"6W27f0f0401 1' . ills- f ll DY' X i 3 1 Q N 'll . ZVLJLMPQ 710577 1956 - 195' 7 S' 'ui' f-I : X, 35' g ' - 15 l ,una If . F ' War 15107 OLUA 59' 'KU- s I QQ' Q0 I Q' 'G :S 5 L+: I ' ' -Q '9 'fb 2. : 4 Q . A Q 1 9 fe I I iloyai' Q IB. 'P I g 9 5.0, Q,- , Sv 'iff - L!1L'iELQlB1 .:!5u lluann IYFI I vc C0'50"0'i?'04'0Il0"90f0 wavy 'fb 7726 vip." 78 4010462 40'-0M0.f0u0w0 0-C0262-0' -'0'-1010-40101 - 5 . 1' f 3 ' fi V Ai W f N77 1 51 1 l ' My v Qt' 1 Xl T- lb EW, 97'9'40' 107C?'0' 7 xxxc if ,nk 80 ,Nr .L . r.i,3f,Ak , ,gm LM.. ,gf .Z ,J-2 :'1'-53:31 .-,'jk75'bh'-ga: ,Y P A ' ' AK PT ' 71 1,i,i-56555, fi Laffgrf? ' . ,EW 5 ' 51' -Ji! W 1 Lf? . '- -wiv i.g,' 1.35- ,' ' W 1 'xp 4 fl .5-iw 1 Plrfau' 1-3 .9"'Q.f' 1-Llfiy lx . :fi-5315 r ,f A n- 6 -f . 4 N ,Y , 42, ,w .-1

Suggestions in the Foxhollow High School - Heron Yearbook (Lenox, MA) collection:

Foxhollow High School - Heron Yearbook (Lenox, MA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 30

1957, pg 30

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1957, pg 13

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1957, pg 46

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1957, pg 6

Foxhollow High School - Heron Yearbook (Lenox, MA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 82

1957, pg 82

Foxhollow High School - Heron Yearbook (Lenox, MA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 33

1957, pg 33

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