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2 2. QR Z M V C,1C?""7'y Eu fy -S I ,Jy X NS S 424 M 2 M by QM x fy g ., I gy mfwciwww Qvfj gg awww Mjmibw 55 WMM 9 M5325 fig MO Q Eff 2, Www if SQ QD E E Mk W is 1 WMM gwvww W jfq'-Lai 245 'Hg gi SDM. WMM f D Aww ML,-Jaw Sym, ggi JE? M- Qi 's . kscgiiliklfgx XWXWMQMM M Qt-535 wwf? 55 'lst M M? WW Q9 imlewwg RJ LQWMW 7 Q 3 X Gsm My O jmfwy? X X 432. pk Q3 , fwwfzggymm 527 M My L 5 fwwbgwfm WMQWWJ THE ACADEMY REVIEW Published by the SENIOR CLASS OF FOXCROFT ACADEMY 1961 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Ist row: Dean Emcrita Ninetta M, Runnals, Helen D. Stitham, Elizabeth B. Kimball, Murray M. Stanhope. 2nd row: Sumncr R. Ward. Arthur L. Gilman. Ora L. Evans, Thompson L. Guernsey, Matthew Williams, Malcolm C. Arnold, Harold E. Chase. Absent: Maynard H. Beal, Louis O. Hilton, Orville W. Lanpher. Ora L. Evans ..... ..... . . ........,....... President Sumner R. Ward .....,..... Vice Piriesiidemf Helen D. Stitham .............. ........... S ecretary Murray M. Stanhope ........ .......... T rea,S'ure'r' JOINT BOARD OF FOXCROFT ACADEMY Mrs. Jane Grant William R. Culley Ora L. Evans Dean Enierita Ninetta M. Runnals Hale Stanley Matthew Williams SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Frederick L. Mossler T1x.1.soN D. THOMAS, Principal Attention please, one more announcement." GRACE M. CHASE, Secretmy "If you are in the building . . . " ACADEMY V 1 ., X if ., . sh it si Witt ROBERT D. BEEK Mathematics, J.V. Boys' Basketball Coach, Assistant Football Coach "How many of you are talking without permission?" I GERALD R. SUTHERLAND ALBERT F. HACKETT Jos' M. EARLEY Driver Ed., Football Coach, Guidance Director, English Assistant Basketball Coach Basketball Coach, Baseball "Don't you have anyhing to "The brake! The brakelv Coach do, Everett?" NClE1' iii' Q 1 W 1 PRISCILLA H. WHITE Librarian, English, Latin and Dramatics "You'll never make it!" .Q JAMES H. HOXV.ARIJ English, Dramatics "Very cute, Culleyll' its V 5-L lx ' an I ' E 1 F W I J i l . l '- is ERNEST F. LARY f all 1 F Science, Girls, Athletics l fy Director and Assistant 1 Boys' Coach 1 "Close your books up there in the back."' ARDIS F. HEwEs JOHN A. GLOVER LOUISE A. GERRISH Home Economics, F.H.A., Social Studies, Track English Dean of G1f1S "Don't they like ygu at "I donit know if this class "Haz1en't you anything to home?" will meet on Friday or not." work on?" FACULTY FRANKLIN L. GROVES SYBIL W. GRINDLE Science and Mathematics, Mathematics, Yearbook, Track National Honor Society "Report all breakagef' "Bring your tools tomorrow, class!" f i I EUGENE COFFIN LILLA R. ATHERTON ROBERT THORNE PHYLLIS H. WILEY Forestry and Agriculture, Musicz1lDircctor Musical Director Commercial Subjects and F-FA., Student Council H1-2-3-hir fr' ffrake if from the my Pony Advisor "Keep your eyes on your "To the tractors, menf, book" GWENDOLX'N TREFETHEN HEI.EN K. CAMPBELL ROLAND M. ZWIACKER EVERETT D, FOSTER French, Latin, English, Cafeteria Bookkeeper Custodian Assistant Custodian World History, Dramatics "Turn in your money by "Is your locker tugged?" "Do you have a pay?" "Vous Savez."' Friday" CLASS CDF '61 Rather than being frightened at the prospect of entering F.A. for the first time, the class of '61 thought it was a great idea and plunged head-long into everything possible. To lead us on our way we elected Tom Zilinsky, President, Stu Thomas, V. President, Jan Briggs, Secretary, and Bea King, Treasurer. We endowed F.H.A., F.F.A., the band' and chorus with various members of our class. The J.V. teams also received their share of our talented classmates and two of us even played varsity sports. Our number one project for raising money was the production and selling of Christmas wreaths. After enduring the tortures' of Freshman week and Freshman Reception, we vowed to gain our revenge the next year. The sophomore year of high school has always been spoken of as the "lost year," but not for us. We continued to contribute our talents to the various musical organiza- tions, F.H.A., F.F.A., and the majorette squad. Gur slate of officers -consisted of Ber- nie Chase, President, Tom Coy, V. President, Judy Ellery, Secretary, and T rav i s Knights, Treasurer. F.A. sports again benefited from our athletic ones, the varsity gaining even more of our members. Because of a number of reasons our class trip was denied us this year, so we did not have many projects. However, we did do very well during the magazine campaign. At last we gained our revenge and showed the freshmen no mercy. Under the leadership of Tom Zilinsky, President, Stu Thomas, V. President, Bernie Chase, Secretary, Travis Knights, Treasurer, we launched our third year at F.A. For the first time in many years the football team had a winning season, with a number of our huskier members contributing to this effort. Once more we strived to benefit the various organizations with our resources. For the first time we had a chance to display our acting and public speaking abilities and did so with confident airs and knocking knees. The celebrated contest play, " The Game of Chess", included three of us, while the one-act plays ut.ilized many more. After the prize speaking contest at Central Hall we sent three of us to the Penquis Speech Contest. They walked away with two second places and one third place. This year was a busy year for projects. We sold candy, fudge, ribbon and had bottle drives. Finally, we are Seniors! Again led by Tom Zilinsky, President, Stu Thomas, Vice Presidentg Bernie Chase, Secretary, and Travis Knights, Treasurer, we climbed to new- er and brighter heights. As always we have been active in all organizations, particular- ly in sports. For the first time in ten years the boys' basketball team had a winning season and the girls' basketball team captured the first championship since 1939!!! Needless to say, both of these teams were sparked by members of the class of '61 and were cheered onward by three excellent senior cheerleaders. Scholastically we really shone, 17 of us had an average of 85 or better. With class trip beckoning us, we picked potatoes, sold candy, ribbon, fruit cakes, pizzas and F.A. ties, held food sales and took over the concession stand for all football games and the ice cream business in the cafeteria. Already some of us have been accept.ed at various colleges! As we prepare to leave the sheltered life of high school, we feel the return of the emotions we felt as freshmen. Secretly uneasy, we square our shoulders and confidently plunge into the future. SIENJICOJRS SENICR CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT vlcE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Thomas John Zilinsky "Skin College Baseball 1, 2, 3. 4, Basketball 1 a 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Cap- tain 4, Most Valuable Player 3 Letter Sweater 3: Class Presiden 1, 3, 4, Harvard Book Prize 3 1 t National Honor Society 3, 4, Student Council 1, Latin Club 1, M.T.A. High Honors 4. if :' 4 ax Rr? X X , , 1 Y ea . E, t R 5' 1' it ' 1 Stuart Charles Thomas "Stu" General Band 1, Basket 1, 2, Football ball 1, 2, 3, Chorus 2, 3, Class Vice President 1, 2, 4. as ,, 'F 1 f yyii , ., ftifz 'I L V15 ,iw Q. ,,A,, A Bernard Eugene Chase "Ber1zie1' College Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Class President 2, Class Secretary 3, 4. . , 2 1-fi 53524555 5555235-152i 1 2 "1 :f l f . -ftffm -- f. M mm-f:Q:rf3QX??,r . xx - ttisaf.-zffffeigiNM 1 ' . .. S' if ' f . I kg,-,1 3' K -I - . . f , 2 . - . Q.. V, ' fi. f - ,.,.f ' :fit-, Q tz1iQg'?:'.5t:fw ' - -- fam-2 , if -W Travis Mary Knights 1rT7aU:: Commercial Class Treasure r 2, 3, 4, Junior Plays 3, Majorettes 1, 2, Captain 3, 4, Review Historian 1. Staff 4, Tri-Hi-Y Robert Charles Be "Bobby" Lionel Felix Bishop "Bish" Stanley Stuart Burbee Stan College General Agricultural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, F.F.A. 4 FFA 1 2 3 4 Science Club 1. 2, 3, 43 Most Valuable Player 45 Junior Play 35 Science Club 2, 3. Gary Anthony Bolstridge "Gary" General Regina Marie Bouley "Jeanie" Commercial F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Majorette 3, 4, Co-captain 4, Pony Staff 3, 4, Co- editor 4. Janet Marie Briggs "jan" College Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Chorus 1, 2, 33 Class Treasurer 1, Contest Play 4, Dirigo Girls' State 33 F.H.A. 1, 2, 35 Recrea- tion Chairman 3g Junior Play 35 Junior Speaking 3, National Hon- or Society 3, 4, Penquis Speech Contest 3, Review Staff 4g Senior Play 4, Softball 23 Student Coun- cil 1, 2, 3, 45 Secretary 3, 4. Nancy Ann Cambridge "Nan' General F.H.A. 1, 2, Girls' Chorus 1, 2 Junior Play 3, Junior Speaking 3 Librarian 4, Review Staff. Harold Wayne Chase "Ha1' General Baseball 35 Basketball Manager 4 Football 3, 4, Junior Play 3 Science Club 2. Fernald Moody Clark "Bunny" College Football lg Baseball 1. J jerry Jerome Clukey "jerry" College Baseball 15 Basketball 1, 25 Science Club 1, 2. l Nadine June Cobb "Ned" Commercial james Madison Jr. High, Florida 15 Dryden Central High QM yearl, New York 25 Geo. Wash- ington High, Guam 2, 35 Girls' Basketball 45 F.H.A. 45 Office girl 45 Review Staff 45 Softball 4. Thomas Harrison Coy "Tommy" College Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Band l, 25 Chorus 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Play 35 M.T.A. Honors 4. Michael Elon Crawford "Mike" College Band l, 2, 3, 45 Librarian 45 Baseball 1, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Dirigo Boys' State 35 Boys' State Band 35 Football Manager 45 M.T.A. Honors 45 French Club 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 45 School Equipment Manager 45 Science Club 1, 2. Peter William Culley "Pete" College Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 45 Contest Play 35 Football Manager 2, 35 Junior Speaking 35 Maga- zine Campaign 3, 4, general man- ager5 Science Club l, 25 M.T.A. High Honors 4. Charles Eugene Currie "Charlie" College Band 1, 2, 3, 45 President 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball Manager 2, 35 Football 1, 25 French Club 35 Latin Club 15 Mixed Chorus 1, 45 Science Club l, 25 M.T.A. Honors 4. Mary Elaine Dow "Mary" Commercial F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. F.F. George Raymond Crossman General A. 1, 2, 4. "George' Sharon Ann Dugay "Shorty" Commercial Band 2, 3, 45 Basketball 35 Chorus 25 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 F. H. A. Pin 45 Junior Play 35 Pony Staff 3, Co-Editor 45 Review Staff 3, 45 Softball 35 Pep Squad 15 Tri- Hi-Y 1. Judith Rogers Ellery "Judy" College Band 1, 25 Basketball 1, 2, 45 Chorus 1, 25 Class Secretary 25 F. H. A. 1, 25 French Club Treas- urer 35 Literary Club 45 Magazine Campaign Home Room Captain 1, 2, 3, 45 Majorettes 3, 45 Review Staff 45 Softball 1, 2, 3, 45 Tri- Hi-Y 1. Muriel Ann Dyer "Muriel" General Sara Orinda Dyer "Sara" Commercial F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 15 Chorus 1, 25 Pony Staff 35 Pep Squad 1. Charles Edward Edgerly "Charlie" Agriculture F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Jerry Erwin Emery "jerry" Agriculture F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Terrance Wayne Gallant "Te1ryJ' Agriculture Band 1, 2, 35 F.F.A. 2, 3, 4. Sharon Mavis Green "Red" Home Economics Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Drum Majorette 3, 45 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Steven Charles Harvey "Steve" General Dexter High School 1, 2, 3, Fox- croft Academy 4. 1 Paul Jerome Hayes "ferry, College Junior Play 3, Junior Speaking 3, Science Club 1, 2. Gerald Henry Hersey Hferryi' College Science Club 1, 2, 3. Larry G. Higgins "Larry" General Baseball lg Football 3, 4. John Clarence Ireland "Magoo" College Baseball Manager 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football Manager 23 M.T.A. Honors 4, French Club 2, Latin Club 1, National Honor Society 3, 4, Magazine Campaign H. R. Captain l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Review Staff 3, 43 Science Club 1, 2. Beatrice Mae King "Foe" College Cheerleader 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2, F. H. A. 1, 2, French Club 2, Junior Speaking 3, Latin Club 15 Mixed Chorus 2, Review Staff 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1. Roger Allen Knowlton "Kookie', College Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus lg Con- test Play 3, 4, Junior Play 1, Junior Speaking 33 Penquis Speech Contest 35 Review Staff, Senior Play 4. College M.T.A. Math Honors 4. Benjamin Thornton Howard "Ben Betty Mae Libby "Friend'l Commercial Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Co-Captain 3, 45 Junior Play 35 Pony Staff 3, 45 Editor of Pony 43 F.H.A. 1, 2, 35 Freshman Representative of F.H.A. 13 Mixed Chorus 25 Softball 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. Sweet- heart Candidate 35 Review Staff 3, 4, Planning Committee 3, 4, Prom Committee 3. Thomas Edward Lyford "Tom" General Basketball 1, 2g Chorus 1, 43 Football 1, 2, Science Club 1. Craig Warren Nelson "Nels" College Lynn-field High School lg Hebron Academy 25 Contest. Play 3, Lit- erature Club 45 Mixed Chorus 4, Prom Committee 3 5 Review Staff 4, Senior Play 4, Track 3, 4. Maurice Everett Marden "Martian" College Baseball lg Basketball 1, 23 Dirigo Boys' State 3, Football 15 Junior Speaking 3, Review Staff 5 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4. Janet L. Merrill "fan" General F.H.A. 1, 2, 3. Allen Patterson "Al" College Basketball, Golf 4. James Reginald Perkins "jim" General Chorus 4, Junior Play 35 Track 2. John Elwin Pingree "john" Agriculture F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary of F.F.A. 25 Pony Staff 3, 4. Sharon J. Preble "Sharon', General F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Minstrel Show 13 Softball 1, 2, 4. Donald Lewis Smeaton "Meaton!' College Contest Play 4, French Club 3, Literature Club 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Senior Play 4. Earlon Clarence Richardson "junio1" Agricultural F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4. James Allen Ruksznis "jim" Agricultural F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4. Rachel Scribner "Scrib' Commercial Basketball 1, 2, F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4 Pony Staff 3, 4, Review Staff 4 Softball lg Tri-Hi-Y. Q Dianne Elizabeth Smith "Smitty" Commercial F,H.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 1, 25 Majorettes 1, 25 Pony Staff 3, 45 Review Staff 4, Try-Hi-Y 1. Melvyn Smith Hillel" Agricultural Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 3. Dana Speed "Speedy" College Susan Ann Stitham "Hazel" College Band 2, 3, President 3, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian 2, Vice- President 3, President 4, French Club 3, Girls' Chorus 1, Latin Club l, Literature Club 4, Junior Play 3, Magazine Campaign, As- sistant General Manager 4, Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4, Office girl 2, 3, 4, Pep Squad 2, Plan- ning Committee Class l, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, Review Staff, Editor-in-chief 4, Senior Play 4, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Tri-Hi-Y President 1, M.T.A. High Honors 4. Meredith Louise Thomas "Dee" College Dirigo Girls' State 3, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Representative l, Historian 2, Secretary 3, Projects Chairman 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, junior Plays 3, Junior Speaking 3, Librarian. 1, 2, Penquis Speech Contest 3, Pep Squad, President 2, Planning Committee 1, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, Review Staff 3, Tri-Hi-Y Vice President 1, D.A.R. Candidate 4. Diane Marie Varnum "D inns" General Basketball 2, 4, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Girls' State Alternate: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4. Dorna Elaine Varnum "Dorna" College Band 1, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Cheer- leader 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Point Chainman 4, French Club 3, Latin Club 1, Junior Play 3, Jun- ior Prom Committee 3, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4. Dianne Sanborn Webber "Web b e 1" College Band 1, 2, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' State Alternate 3, French Club 3, junior Play 3, Latin Club 1, Mixed Chorus 2, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1. Steven Roger Wheaton "Steve" Commercial Pony Staff 4 Sheila Faye Zwicker "Sheila" College Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Degree Chairman 4, French Club 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 4, Re- view Staff 4, Softball 3, 4. Phillip Earl Trottier Phz General junior Plays 3 BEST DANCERS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED J. Ellery, P. Trottier T. Zilinsky, S. Stitham WHO'S WHO IN '61 MOST ATHLETIC S. Stitham, T. Zilinsky MOST SCHOOL-SPIRITED M. Thomas, L. Bishop CLASS CLOWNS T. Lyford, S. Stitham CLASS COUPLE J. Ellery, C. Nelson 5.3 MOST BASHFUL D. Smeaton, J. Merrill ww -. . . S" li'-fi TQ , ,M 4 -gg. X ' - f .52 9 'LC 50,33 MQAQEMY MOST FRIENDLY BEST DRESSED M. Thomas, F. Clark P- Tfottief, B- Libby JE" Q .... 4 Ei ,, , ' f M ,gif 1 .Y L' -I A 3-YQ-.. Q. To ,, A All ey A . , W A il ' 5.3 Elf 'Q X K iff" -SQlLfETgf'f:gf'Yf T E ,V Eff, 'f , f f 1 Y Y Q f f - L,,. , . , ' -V A lf' - 7QlQigQx,-X, f f",-,I ", 5, , . - f Q f ...,4.y,.,fi53?123n5F5'4' .fa - ff fmwf-ff, lv ., , ' . S A ' A 72 A 'El ilylx M' A K' . '- f- P 4' ' + A . - A LT ' A , - MOST SOPHISTICATED WOLF AND WOLFERINE X C. Nelson, M. Thomas B. Howard, D. Varnum CLASS MUSICIANS C. Currie, S. Dugay MOST POPULAR J. Briggs, T. Zilinsky Name Bell, R. Burbee, S. Bishop, L. Bolstridge, G. Bouley, R. Briggs, Cambridge, N. Chase, B. Chase, H. Clark, F. Clukey, J. Cobb, N. Coy, T. Crawford, M. Crossman, G. Culley, P. Currie, C. Dow, M. Dugay, S. Dyer, M. Dyer, S. Edgerly, C. Ellery, J. Emery, J. Gallant, T. Green, S. Hayes, P. Harvey, S. Hersey, G. Higgins, L. Trademark Eunice Green Olds New York pen-pal Grey Kaiser Engagement ring Sloppy hair-do Drawings Crew cut Black Pontiac Blue Volkswagen Crew Cut Pixie bangs Doris Peggy Motorcycle boots Little blue bug Nancy Long hair Gray fur coat Heavy perfume Jerry Sleeping Caig's ring Score chart Thelma Late for school Maroon pickup Mickey Blushes Fudge HOROSCOPE Last Seen At Eunic'e's Court House In Guilford On Cherry Street Writing to Japan Murphy's camps At the garage Slab city Selling ice-cream At Newport Feeding mink Basketball court Grange Street At grammar school Out of gas At K. C. M. At Rec Center With Eddie Y'Vith Donnie lNorking in cafeteria Black Plymouth Sleeping Looking for Craig Lanpher's Bowling With Rodney Flying by! Foxcroft Center Judkins Sweeping streets Cause of Death Reserves Reckless Driving 200-lb. lineman Shirley's driving! Talking too much? Driving without a license Tiny station wagon Linda and Betty His wreck Esso Station English Temper tantrums This ski jump French Angie Staying after school Choked on his trumpet Studying Too many life savers Home Ee. Home cooking Sleeping sickness Nancy Stone A fallen tree Pink license Fouls! Speed!! Paul Boat Getting his license Epitaph Take a flying leap! Censored Wicked, wicked! You think that I should? Oh, darn. Oh, my word! Why?? Cut that out!! I'll do that. No, Travis!! Oh, Mr. Sutherland! Oh, pickles I'll win it next year!! Yak! Yak! Well-? Don't be spastic! All right, Crawford! These darn cold mornings. I wonit Is this right?? Oh Dear Ho, hum! But Mr. Lary . . Ti'mber!!!! Strike! Cut, Judy! But, Herb . . .!! Whew!!! Up in the air, Junior birdman! Say, uh- Name Howard, B. Ireland, King B. Knights, T. Knowlton, R. Libby, B. Lyford, T. Mardcn, M. Merrill, J. Nelson, G. Patterson, A. Perkins, I. Pingree, J. Preble, S. Richardson, E. Ruksznis, J. Scribner, R. Smeaton, D. Smith, D. Smith, M. Speed, D. Stitham, S. Thomas, M. Thomas, S. Trottier, P. Varnum, Di. Varnum, Do. Webber, D. Wheaton, S. Zilinsky, T. Zwicker, S. Trademark Books Dodge Dent Betty V-W Tina Bea One point Crew cut Her silence Being late Red Ford Taxi Steve Wheaton Absent slips Blue Ford Green station wagon English Ford Mr. Howard Red Ford Anmy Uniform Farmer Alfalfa Sloppy sweatshirt Red pajamas Wedding band. Green Ford Dorna Stui-fed skunk Kenny John Letter sweater S tod 1961 Last Seen Picking on girls Low's Bridge At Titus Driving to Newport Going to Atkinson Writing to Germany In the office Telling jokes At the post office Judy's Down to Pam's At Salley's Typing room Mr. Lary's room At Joan's Speeding Typing room Play Practice Butterfield's At Reserves Doing chores At Dee's camp At Canodlin Home Haskell 8: Corthell Milking Doing push-ups Flirting With Mrs. Wiley On the beach At the Academy Cause of Death Girls!! Whirling blue lights Overwork?? Bunny He had his hair cut Father Time! Brochu Student Council Home Economics Keeping score at the camp Pam Geometry Gandy wrappers P. O. D. Jim R. He got caught John Basketball games at Harmony Sharon Dugay His drums Road wash-out in Atkinson P. II. parties The Air Force Sharon Preble Tom Lyford Electrocuted by her electric sheets A Judo Mono. fKissing diseasel Dirty hands Girls Dianne l'Vebber Epitaph Don't be afraid-I wonit hurt yo Guess what? If Bea does, Betty will! Gan't, I've got to do my English What timelll I pick ya up, Tina?? Oh . . the day they were born!! "Is that a fact." What now, Marion?? Oh- Let it all hang out! Munch! i'The girl that I .marry will be . . . ! ? ! ? I He makes ine so mad!!! Let's compromise Let's go, Jim But, Mr. Beck Heh! Heh! "Cut it OLIIS, X'Vhat??? Anybody seen my drum? Whats that? 'fYou laugh!" What are they saying?? That's a good one, Lyford! Oh, Dianne!! Psst. Dianne!! Ready!! Ready!! Huh? Oh, Shut up! Rats-a-Firtz Got to do my Algebra! Ll HARVARD BOOK PRIZE LETTER SWEATER ,E ,. Tom Zilinsky Tom Zilinsky ADVISORS AND OFFICERS Seated: T. Zilinsky, Mrs. Wiley, Nfrs. Grindlc. Standing: By Chase, T. Knights, S. Thomas-absent BOYS' STATE GIRLS' STATE 5 J r rr A X M. Marden, L. Bishop, M. Crawford M. Thomas, J. Brigg Mb lst row: T. Zilinsky, Briggs, S. Stilhzim, Ireland. 21111 row: B. Thomas, L. Wellington, S, Floyd, M. Thomas, R. Knowlton, M. Marclcn, C. Currie. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY M. T. A. AWARD Ist row: T. Coy, S. Stitham, T. Zilinsky. 2nd row: B. Howard, M. Crawford, Ireland, C. Currie, P. Cullcy Ist row: N. Cambridge, P. Hayes, Briggs. 2nd row: C. Currie, B. Howard, T. Coy, L. Higgins. 3rd row: T. Zilinsky, S. Stitham, Ireland TEN HONOR STUDENTS flVG-L13-hr it l M1-45. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. jan. Jan. Jan. jan. -Ian. jan.. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Apr. May May May May ,June June June June CALENDAR 6 School Begins Qunfortunatelyj 17 Lincoln-our first victory 20 Stevens Studio for Senior Portraits 24 Bucksporta-Ski scored 30 Freshman Reception-Such fun! For Sophomores! 1 Bar Harbor-Felix ran it! 8 Orono-A bitter day! 15 Hampden-Bernie carried 27 GreenvilleAWhat a game!! We won 40-14!! 29 Dexter-our last football game. 3 Senior Play-"Candida"-Mr. Howard sprained his 17 Football Banquet-Bish won the trophy. 22 Special Assembly-Character sketches 24-25 Thanksgiving-At last! 29 Round Robin-We beat Greenville. 2 Hampden-We start off with a win!! 9 Yearbook pictures-What a day! 10 Senior Christmas Sale-We made 100. 13 Greenville-Magoo hit 27 17 Schenck-Our first loss-darn glass backboards! 20 Dexter-Art Lester sank 17 21 Fall term ends-Rank cards!! 22-Jan. 2 Christmas Vacation-Here comes Santa! 27 Hampden-Magoo hit 27, again ankle. 7 Lincoln-There should be a height limit for basketball players. 10 P.C.H.S.-overtime loss to our worst rivals 14 Schenck-another loss 17 Greenville-we lost Barry, but we swamped em! 20 Lincolnf-Postponed-too much snow First Semester Ends-not rank cards again! 24 Orono-we lost 27 Lee--Ski pulled this overtime out of the fire! 28 Senior Food Sale-made a mint, as usual. 31 Dexter-a surprise upset! 2 Special Assembly-Dorna learned Judo! 3 Orono--a gallant fight-Magoo scored 25. 4 Lee-Ski poured in 30! 7 Roses to top ten seniors-Duh! 10 Milo-Girls won Penquis Championship!! 16 One-Act plays-The Juniors -display their talents 20 Winter Carnival-fun! fun! 20--26 First spring vacation-Sugarloaf here we Come! 3 Pop Concert-Mrs. Atherton Swings! 10 Junior Prize Speaking-Peter Piper picked a peck-a 14 Penquis Spelling-I before E, or is it E before I? 20 Penquis Speaking-the county's finest 24 Winter tenm ends-not again! 27 Spring term opens 14-24 Second spring vacation-Washington or Bust!!! 4 Special Assembly 20 Penquis Music Festival-Foxcroft takes honors 26 Prom-what a night 30 Memorial Day Parade-left, right, left, right 11 Baccalaureate-the start of a hectic week 12 Class Night-something unusual-we clown around! 13 Junior-Senior Banquet-our last gathering pick-a darn! 14 Commencement-and out into the big, wide, world. 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Bragg R. Bragan P. Bradbury Bell C. Baird J. Trottier M. Stevens S. Dyer C. Baird fwafgm w : exawf, ' ,- ,ss zff aqs... 5 f f F51 ' 151 Ziuxiri' resize we :z -.1-1.-f. ,.-f I :,,,.gsf21.:-,sf:xp-gil.:. K .2m2w'ftfTffw R. Bonsey -.,, Lz,A1 . - ",i11fifez:Qi2i 7 il-22 : iffW:.,x. K-1ia,,,, . f.l' ,. . Nnsivim mi " .- :.-, -- lm 42' if ., 2 ., A. Chase H. Dow . ,.,,..,.U-F. ..,,,,,,.. , , ,kk,k. ,.,,,,,, i,.,.,i.,. , UL.. Km v rv S1 K-A -U' -sxiiaxfz: S , K 'fQZ'fQ1:f4m5S:' 'U new fy, ,stiff-A -V MILL S.. X ya, Ki Q 5 W sw,s.,f f W,,,2 X K if os M 5? , X. :sa H- "5T i' F r 71' t:f,.Qfaszsfk.?1z1v2f B. Giordano S. Turner L. Barnes N. Buck President, Bob Thomasg Earl Robinson 755559 bi,?5fl2:w.s fiif lg: CLASS OF 1964 A. Gillespie R. Martin A. Brawn 45? .- ' 1 K f3,fll',-3355? ,-Q.. - i. 52511 .L L. Bell S. Bishop M. 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'ff Sigh? Ki 1E,:f?gi92giQfli fafffw S s5.EiMiff' ' gf.: .. 5 -Wi ww K I mz., ,.A, i J, , iz. -.r-.i.gW mer ge W. Noyes Advisors: Mrs. Trefethen and Mr. Glover Student Council representatives: B. Blood, L. Howe, ,... 7 kb. f Q . M 3 x eg .X ggi? iss. K KE ka., .QQ . is Q eff ,. A, A A. Perkins ' A s xi ,Q 3 iiiffifli ai ! Vw. K 1 N fx W r. A , . . S E. Smith gff?9f:!f1'f::5i71 5 eiifw ,, ,ss , K Q9 5 , --- . hs.. .7 . - .. Qs . Q 25 ,.. in X .ef W tr 54255: , A. i . +I' R. Thomas , W., S, . . -i if-M if V 25-fix! , .525-, . . if J . ,,,,.....,, S. Perkins ...ggi ,. S Z .f .fy - ss. K 'ls 45 S 5 K 1 V I is .. ,. . . .Wk if 525' Ki X X :gg N ima. it 'Www K1 5' QS- ' '-4 W. Smith H 7 . ' ' 1 X Q ' Q, S 3 - :wgmvi -ei -me 9-was? . , fs: f 15355221 26: -- ' X ELEM rx , .Q an R its 6 R. Thomas H i.sgg.:ig14. , 1 , S Q x S F' " f 4 LR M MS - 1 -52: EM 1. 2'M.e-.5,gf'aS3:f,': .safe ii. 1.:ff1eQiw jfs? f "W P 1.3 3. 2.355.454 N J. Plummer F. Soderslrom I. Tumosa R. E. Johndro f .L L.', ' 522 : Hai? .i... K ... ,V ,S A J. Johnston S. Merrill C. Olson Thomas ..1.-z'- rr -3 ,.. Q .,.. .,,. , , it :X ,nfs P' x nw t 4 . f .5 F . .f wr 11 Q . ,ns S. Pratt ,Q i 'es 'wr l ,. se.....K.. U... s.,,t. . N ,..,, , .. E. S nb ' S X .. ,, :,.: ' 'K C. Speed s e w .: " ggi-fif 1:-1 Zz - 'A ' .sf 253522 - 1 'Z . R. Varnum f if zwslv. :ff H W. Merrill . 132 K .4 , X , . 5 V fy g 5. 8 35, - .. . f si W-:sir 2 .2 .f J. Page ' . sw1..r..Am.., . .V ' AEI '1 R?E5?JWn.i2r. ' Si .a 'TZ lu 3 s 5' m i S iii' as E. Robinson B. Stanhope Q -Y- .iis.,:',. . ..12:g.fL':'9Q ' xi A Y fe .. 3? S T. Wheaton 2:19 . . 285 'W x is X .Q H .V . W r 1 , Q. be ,NN R K in .., ,,,,.. 1 JUNIORS The class of 1962 has had a very busy year. To earn money for class trip we finished selling stationery and light bulbs. We also picked potatoes, had a food sale, sold Christmas wreaths and trees, pocket secretaries, and chocolate bars. Throughout the year we've sold fudge. Our class had the highest percentage of sales in the magazine campaign. Two of our classmates were top salesman. Many of us participated in Junior Speaking and the three one-act plays. We were very active in athletics this past year. Fourteen of our boys played football, seven were on the varsity basketball, four on the J. V. basketball team, and five play basket- ball. The class of 1962 supplied three players and a manager for girls' basketball. Four junior girls play softball. SUSAN HABER SOPHOMORES The class of 1963 is well represented with approximately twenty students on the honor roll each semester. We were very active in the magazine campaign with two top salesman. We are active in sports, band and chorus. We have one majorette, two cheerleaders, and a large number in the band and chorus. The girls are very active in softball and basketball. The boys almost make up the jayvee squad in basketball with a few on varsity. We had a few boys who did a great job in football. We hope we are a credit to FA. and will continue to be a credit to our Alma Mater. PRISCILLA BRADBURY FRESHMEN We entered our freshman year with 59 resident pupils and 18 non-resident pupils. At our first class meeting, we elected our officers as follows: President, Robert Thomas, Vice President, Nancy Buck, Secretary, Joel Patterson, Treasurer, Earl Robinson. Ronald Thomas, Lynne Howe, and Bonnie Blood are our Student Council representatives. Many freshmen are active in school organizations and activities. There are eight F.F.A. boys, twenty-seven F.H.A. girls, nine band members, four librarians, and sixteen in chorus. Ten boys and seven girls play basketball. Wie hope to be active and studious in our future years at Foxcroft Academy. BETTY JANE STANHOPE ACTJIVJIT IES ,umm fm, www sm u .awk ww .mar .sw W. Qf,ummw.1-mfnay,w.4m-aufwgram-f.,.LMr-,vmwfwxanmnzumszu-wfmfv wwmanmwfww -1 :ummm mam, v y. an .nmwmun BUSINESS STAFF T Ist row: C. lNclson, P. Culley, Ireland. 2nd row: D. Danforth, E. Anderson, M. Mar- den, R. Knowlton, Pe- ter Cully - Business Manager. TYPISTS Ist row: C. Judkins, Kinney, P. Plummer 2nd row: R. Scribner, Knights, D. Smith, Libby Qabsentj. EDITORIAL BOARD Ist row: M. Thomas, S. Stitharn, B. King. 2nd row: N. Cobb, S. Zwicker, Ellery, Briggs, N. Cambridge, Susan Stitham - Edi- tor-in-chief. STUDENT COUNCIL Is! row: Mrs. Hewes, G. Thomas, J. Moir, J. Briggs. 2nd row: B. Gerry, E. Anderson, M. Marden, B. Thomas, B. Blood, S. Zwicker, M. Libby, L. Howe. This year the Student Council experienced a change from the custom of electing a senior for our president. The Juniors conducted a vigorous campaign with the result that their candidates won the top two offices. We have had many worthwhile projects this year. We sponsored a student bus to Guilford, adopted an attendance program, sent all but one council member, who wasn't able to go, to the State Student Council Convention at Presque Isle, and helped the sophomores and freshmen create a little class spirit by encouraging Class meetings and projects. .fl l cf" f g f chad we View W fe JZW fwfr . ' rf fpfc-4-f22L,,AX Zi QLVLJX ' ya - JQQ, A ffgdjfzffgf' ' f . 0444! O 1 Zdhytgpogefff .WM BAND Ist row: G. Nelson, P. Pinkerton, S. Rukszni, G. Currie, J. Briggs, B. Blood, M. Crawford, G. Dunham, T. Bush, M. Sanborn. 2nd row: Mrs. Atherton, J. Raymond, M. McDonald R. Annis E. Danforth M, Preble S Dugay, M. Smith, D. Gammon, D. Libby, R. Knowlton, Anderson, JJ. Warren,,M.. Doore, S. Green, Mr. Thorne. 3rd row: J. Hewes, B. Stanhope, E. Parker, B. Giordano, G. Andrews, M. Bradford, C. Hall, S. Macomber, B. Grant, E. Delue, P. Fairbrother, S. Bishop, A. Plourde, R. Giordano, T. Conley, S. Hichborn. This year the band has grown in size and stature under the able leadership of Mrs, Lilla Atherton and Mr. Robert Thorne. Sixteen students from the Grammar School have helped us greatly at our performances. New unifonms have been purchased and several new instruments have been added. A 'music boosters organization has been formed by interested parents to help the music department. MAJORETTES Ixt. row: R. Bouley, T. Knights. 2nd row: P. Plummer, K. King, D. Hamel, Lanpher, Ellery, G. Clark, E. Smith. The majorettes have been a credit to our school this year with their excellent public performances at games and concerts. After diligent practice, they produced new original routines for football and basketball games. They marched in the Santa Claus Parade and on Memorial Day. They represented us well at the Eastern Maine Music Festival in Waterville and twirled at the Pop Concert. Under the able leadership of Travis Knights, this squad of majorettes has become one of the finest in Academy history. V, f I 1 Co-Captains: R. Bouley T, Knights. MIXED CHORUS Ist row: S. Zwicker, J. Perkins, I. Tumosa, H. Fairbrother, C. Nelson, L. Barnes, D. Danforth, F. Soder- 5' 'Sl owne-Qfmvar. HH 5-rn H www' --5-to DQNHD- go-,,, mc., og H-g'0g..""f-s E- E.-ZF,-lggrfzclt 'J' Ui' . rn' ' tu' JMU ' msn nl? 0533 S-2 D"of1of"-7+-gg QQSVD-5' fb- t'DUU?'wvv?" K- . :ln U E.,-. :gg E212 SEV 535 M 39 - Z T . .TWP Sw Q T r- U1 0 I O T C CD UZQ Om Ist row: L. Howe, N. Mallett, . Boone, D. Merrill, G. Thomas, . Speed, E. Anderson, L. Clark. 2nd row: S. Ruksznis, N. Buck, . Taylor, T. Conley, C. Currie, . Carter, L. Bishop, D. Webber, . Varnum. 3rd row: L. Huntington, D. Clukey, P. Culley, B. Stanhope, T. Coy, D. Gammon, J. Moir, E. Day, S. Isl row: C. Sargent, S. Boone, C Speed, S. Huntington, N. Car- ter, E.. Day, T. Conley, N. Buck E. Crabtree, R. Morrison, L Clark. 2nd row: Mrs. Atherton, B. Stan- hope, S. Ruksznis, D. Clukey D. Varnum, J. Cochrane, S Buzzell, M. Crockett, P. Pink- erton, I. Tumosa, L. Noyes, S Zwicker, D. Webber, S. Hall A. Godreau. 3rd 1ow: F. Soderstrom, A. Gilles- pie, E. Delue, P. Fairbrother S. Stacy, S. Butler, J. Nutter P. Bradbury, M. White, M Preble, J. Hewes, L. Barnes, J Bragg, D. Gammon. 1 N. Cobb, S. Stitham, S. Stacy, B. Stanhope. V OFFICE GIRLS LIBRARIANS Mrs. White, B. Blood, S. Hebb, E. Day, N. Car- ter, N. Cambridge, M. Crockett, S. Boone, S. Ruksznis, S. Scott. J. R. PONY STAFF Lanpher, B. Libby, S. Dugay, R. Bouley, J. Pingree, S. Kin- ney. Lewis, D. Smith, R. Scribner L. D'Andrea, P. Plummer, B Mclnnis, C. Judkins, J. Spauld- 'n M D M W'l T 1 g, . ow, rs. iey, Knights, S. Cummings, S Mountain, S. Wheaton, L Sands, B. Turner, S. Dyer. F. H. A. Ist row: S. Dyer, S. Richardson, S. Huntington, E. Cookson, M. Blodgett, L. Noyes, E. Day, B Merrill, Briggs, C. Johndro. 2nd row: Miss Gardiner, M. Crockett, B. Moore, D. Hersey, K. Jones, M. Preble, S. Emery, P. Fairbrother, E. Delue, A. Gillespie, G. Goodine, D. Clu- key, P. Pinkerton. 3rd row: R. Martin, M. White, Trottier, B. Blood, S. Zwicker, M. Preble, Nutter, S. Butler, R. Blethen, H. Dow, P. Brad- bury, C. Goodine. This has been a successful year for F. H. A. Our projects have been many an-d varied. Such projects as the UNICEF drive, during which we collected 3132.025 the an-nual Christmas box sent to a Belgian orphanage, and the presentation of a. creche to the local Dale Evans' room were among' the favorites. Many projects are as yet up-coming, such as the Chapter Birthday Party, Daddy-Daughter Date-Night falways a favoritelj, and Mother-Daugh- ter Banquet. Linda Clark was elected Vice-Chairman of District C at the annual convention held at Old Town this year. Ist row: S. Dugay, G. Pinkerton, T. Knights, N. Cobb, D. Webber, S. Zwicker, D. Varnum, P. Plummer, S. Haber. 2nd row: D. Hamel, R. Bouley, . Doore, R. Lewis, M. Lloyd, . Smith, S. Lyford, Hewes, . Preble, L. D'Andrea, S. Green, . Scribner, Mrs. Hewes. 3rd row: D. Varnum, M. Thomas, . Floyd, S. Scott, R. Strout, . Green, A. Brawn, M. Dow, . Stitham, L. Sands, S. Stacy. FUCAUZ Cnr'cn Ist row: L. Howe, L. Clark, R. Mor- rison, S. Boone, E. Smith, N. Buck, C. Speed, B. Giordano, C. Sar- gent, M. Doore. 2nd row: Warren, D. Gammon, G Cole, L. Higgins, T. Conley, C Baird, B. Gerry, P. Perkins, N Carter, P. Hersey, L. Bell, S. Hall G. Cochrane, C. Small. 3rd row: S. Rukszins, S. Bishop, S Hichborn, L. Barnes, I. Tumosa G. Clark, F. Soderstrom, M. Libby, B. Stanhope, E. Parker. F. F. A. lst row: E. Johndro, E. Robinson, W. Noyes, A. Sally, H. Taylor, A. Clark, J. Plummer, R. Varnum, J. Raymond. 2nd row: E. Nickerson, J. Bell, P. Gray, L. Nicholas, N. Peterson, L. Flanders, R, Bell, D. Bolstridge, J. Emery, C. Dow, G. Crossman, A. Perkins, C. Edgerly, R. Varnum, E. Richardson, Mr. Coffin. 3rd row: M. Smith, C. Cook, D. Stevens, J. Pingree, T. Gallant, B. Burgoync, R. Morrison, W. Maheux, J. Rowell, S. Berube, L. Lamson, T. Simpson, E. Brown. DIRIGO CHAPTER F. F. A. Dirigo Chapter started its activities in September by attending an officers, training meeting held at Hampden the third week in September with most of our officers attending. The second Central District F.F.A. meeting was held at East Corinth Academy. In addition to the contests in potato diseases, weed and forage crops, our members had the pleasure of visiting the new agricultural shop, classroom, and gym which was to be completed by the first of November. At the Farmers' Fair at the University of Maine at Orono, our members completedin poultry, dairy and sheep, and judging con- tests, placing 15th in the state wide affair. Events to take place during the year will be our annual Eastern States Farmer Exchange Seed Sale, which is our new money making event of the year. This year we have a tentative goal of S750 of gross sales. In past years, we have been able to donate a total of S275 to the gym fund, mainly from our seed sales. Another project that will be carried out in the spring is the maintenance of five miles of the Appalachian Trail from Monson, west to Blanchard Village. Four years ago when we took this on as a project, this section of the trail was prac- tically impossible, but today, it has the highest rating given to any section of the trail. Other contests to be carried out during the year will be rope work, tool and material identification, creed speaking contest, F.F.A. speech contest, and chapter meeting contest. In August, an edu- cational exhibit will be displayed at Skowhegan t Fair in competition with the other chapters of the State. The winner at this fair is usually the state's representative at the Eastern States Exposition at Springfield, lN'Iass. SENIOR PLAY Smeaton, Knowlton, Nelson, Stitham, Briggs, Culley Rev. james M. Morrell .... Candida fMorrelI's wifej . .. . . . . . Proserpine Garnet fMorrell's Jecretaryj Burgess fCz1ndida's fatlzerj .. . Marchbankx fa young poetj Lexy Mill frlflorrellfs assistantj . . But you promised James!" . . . Peter Culley . . . Janet Briggs . . . Susan Stitham . . . Roger Knowlton . . . Donald Smeaton . . . Craig Nelson Mr. HOW2lfCl+DifCCtO-f M. Marden-Stage Manager CANDIDA FA SENIORS PRESENT EXCELLENT PRODUCTION OF SHAW'S CANDIDA A top-notch production of Candida was given by six Foxcroft Academy seniors last Thursday night. Everything about the performance of the Shaw play was excellent-the acting, the costumes, the make-up and the direction. It's a difficult thing for high school students to assume the roles of adults and make them convincing, but the six seniors-Peter Culley, Janet Briggs, Donald Smeaton, Craig Nel- son, Susan Stitham, and Roger Knowlton-accomplished this hard task and did it well. The students maintained a high degree of acting excellence throughout the three acts. They did not rush through their lines, but filled their speeches with all the necessary pauses that helped in developing the characters they were portraying. Not only did they remember their difficult speeches-indeed, those of Janet Briggs, Robert Smeaton, and Peter Culley, in the last act were extra long an-d intricate and they handled them easily-but everyone remembered to perform those directional bits that en- hance a performance, such as Culley warming his hands by the fire, Smeaton folding him- self up on the couch, Briggs putting the poet's shock of hair in place. Stitham remembering the proper facial expressions to show the effects of being tipsy, and Knowlton using his pipe for emphasis, The play was directed by james Howard of the Academy. Besides handling the serious portions of the play well, the cast did equally as well in the comic scenes-especially Miss Stitham who played an old maidish secretary to perfection. Members of production staff included Maurice Mardcn as stage managerg John Ireland and Lionel Bishop in ticket sales, Beatrice King as costume assistant, Sharon Dugay and Steven Wheaton did the programs, and ushering were Dorna Varnum, Meredith Thomas, Sheila Zwicker, and Dianne Webber. The Foxcroft Academy band-a vastly improvfed organization-under the direction of Robert Thorne played seven selections. Dr. and Mrs. L. J. Stitham, assisted by Mr. and Mrs. William R. Culley and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Nelson, entertained the Senior play cast following the play Thursday evening. Others attending were Mr. and Mrs. James Howard, Mrs. Gwendolyn Trefethen and Miss Grace Chase. -From the Piscataquis Observer Elementary, my clear Watson Mclnnis Morrison Haber IN THE SUDS A French tale of the victory of a hen-peeked husband over his shrewish wife. facquinot .............. Ronald Morrison His wife .... . .... Susan Haber Her mother . . . . . . Beverly Mclnnis A tccnagcr's trials and tribulations as she prepares for a really different party. lst row: S. Kinney, S. Floyd, S. Stacy, R. Lewis. 2nd row: C. judkins, D. Merrill, D. Hamel. SUNSTROKE ' H. D. Smeaton, B. Thomas, R. Knowlton, J. Briggs, D. Danforth ARIA DA CAPO-CONTEST PLAY Edna St. Vincent MiIIz1y's poetic fan- tasy poses thc ques- tion of the inevit- ability of war. JUNIOR PRIZE SPEAKING E. Anderson, Head Over Heels S. Floyd, The Sleeping Boy S. Haber, My Son K. King, The Littlest Angel S. Kinney, Lamentations of a Teenager J. Moir, Women Have No Sense of Humor R. Morrison, Challenge of Greatness B. Thomas, But I Am One Pierrot, D. Smeaton Cothurnus, Masque of R. Knowlton Columbine, Briggs Thyrsis, D. Danforth Corydon, B. Thomas Tragedy EXECUTIVES F. H. A. Ist row: D. Vzirnurn, Point Chair- man, S. Zwicker, Degree Ch.g S Stitharn, Pres., L. Sands, V. Pres. R. Lewis, Sec. 2nd row: C. johndro, Rep., C. Small Hist.g G. Clark, Parl.g L. Clark Treas.g J. Hewes, Rec. Ch., E Smith, Rep., N. Buck, Rep. F. F. A. L. Flanders, Sec., E. Brown, Sent. A. Salley, Reporter, Mr. Coffin, H Taylor, Tre-ras., E. Richardson, V Pres., J. Ruksznis, Pres.f-absent. STUDENT COUNCIL BAND J. Briggs, Sec., J. Moir, Pres., G. Thomas, V. J. Briggs, V. Pres.g C. Currie, Pres., S. Macomber, Pres, Q Treas.g J. Warren, Sec. THEY SAID IT COULDN'T BE DONE- Ist row: K. King, J. Ellery, L. Howe, B. Blood. 2nd row: J. Warren, S. Macomber, P. Bradbury, J. Ireland, P. Culley, S. Stitham, E. Ander- son, B. Stanhope, S. Stacy. ---But we did it!! This year, for the Hrst time since 1953, the annual magazine campaign netted over 32,000 Under the able leadership of Pete Culley, general manager, and Sue Stitharn and Sue Stacy, assistant managers, the campaign was a success. During the campaign, the seniors and juniors raced to an early lead. Although the juniors brought in the most money, the seniors' room 5 was high for individual rooms and won the fox, which they gave to Mr. Beck. Twenty-one students who sold over S30 attended the Ice Capades in Bangor. We hope that next year's salesmen can conduct as fine a campaign as that of 1960. TOP HOMEROOM-5 HIGH SALESMEN S. Preble, D. Speed, R. Scribner, Ireland, M1'. S. Preble, J. Hewes, D. Williams, S. Stacy, R Beck, and "Freddy" Scribner, G. Clark L Name Atrnes, Norman Anderson, Elsa Arno, Steven Blethen-, Richard Blodgett, Fred Bonsey, Sharon B-riggs, Mary Brown, Avis Brown, Dartha Brown, Rose Chase, Dan Clark, Roger Coffin, Donna Cummings, Ronald Cunningham, Dick Doore, Cyrus Doore, Roberta Dyer, Madonna Fairbrother, Mary Flanders, Sally Floyd, Catherine Greenier, Mitchell Grey, Robert Hall, Lorraine Hall, Steven Hanson, Sharon Harvey, Mary Hesketh, Roger Hibbard, Gary Higgins, Richard Howard, VVendell Howe, Brian Huli, Clyde Johnston, Nora Judkins, Valerie Kinney, Norman Libby, Robert Lougee, Walter Lunt, Jerry Lyford, Norma Mallett, Karl Meade, Johnston Merrill, Bub Merrill, Mathew Merrill, Melinda Noves, Carol Oulton, Faith Page, Ric Peterson, William Plummer, Sally Pratt, Robert Pratt, Shirley Preble, David Redmond. Wayne Rideout, Carol Ridcout. Delbert Shaw, William Shepardson, Peg Smcaton, Bob Smith, Sheila Soderstom, Janet Spaulding, Marie Speed, Linda Speed, Pat Stone, Nancy Sweetser, Sharon Tumosa, Eddie Weymouth, Mike Zilinsky, Joe CLASS GF '60 Where? PP? Husson U. of M. Army Dover Korea Dover Boston Art School Dover Fisher D. C. Colorado Dover Farmington Air Force Germany Dover Dover ? Dover D. C. D. C. Dover Wentworth Dover Dover Dover Farmington Dover Dexter Portland Navy Fryeburg Service ? ? Dover Guilford Pittsfield Dover Dover Air Force Air Force U. of M. Army Guilford Husson Georgia M. C. I. Air Force Waterville 9 Waterville Dover Dover Dover Theological Seminary U. of M. Husson Portland Husson Ohio ? Husson Bangor U. of M. Newport Navy Boston Art School Bowdoin Bury driving a truck studying polishing brass hauling grain working??? keeping house painting taking care of Bub being sophisticated taking dictation building bridges hauling pulp correcting papers flying buying air mail stamps with Gail at Collette's keeping house 9 fighting with Charlie making friends making shoes traveling to Fisher making wool adding groceries married to Ralph commuting to Bates running around 9 changing diapers getting leave writing to Abbot saluting washing dishes married roller skating making cloth sorting vegetables roller skating watching Dave shining airplanes doing K. P. commuting from Dover to Orono ? talking traveling home picking up after "Goose running from his roommate flying practicing nursing 9 nurses' training watching Norma speeding cleaning the trailer preaching doing milk tests guarding our Air Force cleaning house keeping busy?? budgeting married studying styling hair writing to Ric socializing swabbing decks writing to Farmington planning parties SPORTS Ist row: D. Thomas, J. Levensalor, H. Chase and friend, L. Bishop, T. Zilinsky, B. Chase, T. Coy, L. Higgins, A. Hanson, B. Thomas 2nd row: D. Spaulding, R. Morrison, G. Preble, Taylor, Moir, R. Albee, D. Lyford, D. Warren, C. Tyler, G. Thomas, Head Coach Mr. Sutherland. 3rd row: Coach Beck, Coach Lary, G. Rollins, J. Rowell, R. Bonsey, J. Page, R. Ruksznis and M. Crawford, Man- agers. I SCORING Lionel Bishop .......... . . . 28 Tom Zilinsky . . . . . . 20 Tom Coy ...... . . . 12 Bernie Chase . . . .. . 12 Barry Thomas . . . ...... . . . 6 THE RECORD 5 F. A. 7 Lincoln F. A. 6 Bucksport 55 F. A. 12 Bar Harbor 31 F. A. 0 Orono 38 F. A. 6 Hampden 7 F. A. 40 Greenville l-lf 5 Q as 2 if MOST VALUABLE PLAYER AWARD 1960 CAPTAIN Lionel B-ishop Tom Zilinsky F. A. 7 Dexter -4 6 , Q 5 Go, Felix!! It takes three!! Help!! Get out 'a my way, Looney!! 'SDN k s. 1 pg W. 1 W ,,.,,,......,f..,- v ,mm VARSITY Ist row: G. Thomas, D. Danforth, T. Zilinsky, J. Ireland, B. Thomas, A. Hanson. 2nd row: Mr. Hackett, L. Bishop, B. Chase, V. Hewett, M. Crawford, R. Albee, A. Salley, D. Lyford, Man- ager. THE Hampden Greenville Schenck Dexter Newport Hampden Lincoln P.C.H.S. Covertimej Schenck Greenville Orono Lee Covertimej Dexter Orono Lee P.C.H.S. Newport Lincoln RECORD We They 50 45 70 54 39 45 67 53 76 58 72 48 57 71 48 52 48 62 81 73 44- 72 61 58 68 72 48 63 80 34 50 48 58 48 77 80 CO-CAPTAINS John Ireland, Tom Zilinsky Ireland Hanson Zilinsky Thomas, Danforth Thomas, Chase Crawford Thomas, Bishop Salley Hewett Albee INDIVIDUAL SCORES B. G D. Tota 301 233 189 120 115 51 22 20 18 13 5 4 3 I Average 16.7 13. 10.5 10. 6.4 4.2 1.3 1.2 2.2 1961 PENQUIS CHAMPS Ist row: S. Creeng N. Cobbg S. Stithamg J. Ellcryg L. Wellingtong K. King. ' 2nd row: Mr. Lary, Coachg A, Godreaug M. Libbyg S. Emeryg P. Bradburyg S. Rukszmsg D. Varnumg P. Rollinsg S. Stacy, Manager. THE RECORD Higgins Greenville Dexter Higgins P,C.H.S. Greenville Milo Orono Dexter Iovertimcj Orono P.C.H.S. Milo We They. 25 12 34 32 47 32 33 22 33 29 41 32 57 30 25 15 33 35 24 14 36 27 51 34 CAPTAIN Sue Stithnm INDIVIDUAL SCORES Stitham King Wellington Rollins Howe Barnes Libby Ruksznis Small Total 160 118 104 42 4 4 22 2 1 Average 13.3 9.8 8.6 3.5 JAYVEES lit row: R. Coffin, R. Thomas, R. Thomas, D. Warren, D. Spaulding, E. Robinson. 2nd row: Mr. Beek, Coach, A. Green, E. Brown, H. Taylor, R. Chase, B. Burgoyne, L. Lamson, J. Bell, J. Green, J. Emery, Manager. THE RECORD INDIVIDUAL SCORES We They Thomas, B. Hampden 40 45 Warren, D. Greenville 39 37 sehenek 48 52 Thomas: R- DCX1561' 45 49 Robinson, E. Newport 48 53 B Hampden 46 50 ufgwnef B- Lincoln 65 63 Coffin, R. P.C.H.S. 33 54 . schenek 51 58 Spaulding, D- Greenville 46 68 Engstrom, G. Lincoln 55 37 T I H owne 44 58 ay Off - Lee 58 40 Lamson, L. Dexter 56 46 owne E5 55 Bellf J' Lee 46 43 Brown, E. P.C.H.S. 47 44 Newport 37 42 Noyes, W' Mr. Beek, Coach, R. Thomas, Captain. Ronnie Drives! Get him number 5! Nice and easy, Bob! JAYVEES Mr. Lary, coach. C. Small. G. Cole, L. Higgins, L. Barnes, A. Gillespie, P. Thornton, D. Clukey, J. Warren, E. Smith, L. Howe, J. Grey, manager. INDIVIDUAL SCORES THE Libby, M. 42 BHYHCS, L- 24 Greenville Ruksznis, S. 20 Dexter Thornton, P. 12 P.C,H,S, HOWC, L- 9 Greenville Small, C. 6 Orono Warren, J. 5 Dexter Cole, G. 2 Orono P.G.H.S. Out of my way, Mary!! RECORD W'e 4 12 22 23 4 6 21 26 The 22 7 17 30 5 8 19 22 Bauem sink ii, shim! Betty Libby, C0-Captaing Roxie Lewisg Dorna Varnum, Captaing Rachel Stroutg Lorinda Sandsg Bea Kingg Bonnie Gerry. CHEERLEADERS B. Libby, D. Varnum, B. King TRACK Mr. Glover, G. Thomas, J. Taylor, C. Nelson, J. Raymond, Mr. Groves. E. Anderson, L. Bishop, J. Moir, A. Hanson, A. Patterson, R. Morrison, Mr. Thomas. GOLF BASEBALL THE SCOREBOARD We They P.C.H.S. 7 4 Brownville Jet. 10 l l Milo 7 6 Dexter 9 1 P.C.H.S. Qextra imiingsj 7 6 Brownville Jct. 6 5 Dexter l 2 Houlton K5 inningsj l 15 Houlton C5 inningsj 3 O Dave tags him out! "Casey,' Currie POSITIONS Catcher, D. Thomas, pitchers, T. Zilinsky, D. Danforth, lst base, D. Chase, 2nd base, B. Libby, Short, B. Chase, 3rd base, C. Currie, Right field, D. Danforth, T. Zilinskyg Center- ficld, T. Coy, Left field, D. Albee. Team: P. Culley, M. Crawford, J. Rowell, B. Thomas, S. Salley, D. Cunningham, C. Doore, D. Warren. R Dana hits a homer! SOFTBALL Isl row: S. Zwicker, S. Boone, R. Lewis, B. Libby, D. Varnum. 2nd row: S. Stitham, N. Stone, M. Harvey, P. Shephardson, S. Sweetser, D. Varnum. 3rd row: L. Barker, S. Sands, M. Fairbrother, fManagerD, S. Ruksznis, L. Shorey, E. Parker P. St. Pierre, K. King, N. Carter, C. Small. L. Wellinglon Cabsentjg Mr. Larry, Coach. Catcher, R. Lewis, Pitcher, S. Stithamg lsr Base, M. Harvey, 2nd Base, K. King, Shortstop, L. Wellington, 3rd Base, P. Shephardsong Left field, S. Sweetserg Short field, B. Libby, Center field, D. Varuum, Right field, D. Varnum., THE SCOREBOARD F. A. 16 Higgins 11 F. A. 22 Milo 18 F. A. 12 Brownville 2 F. A. 9 Dexter 4 F. A. 11 P. C. H. S. 6 F. A. 6 Higgins 25 F. A. 11 Milo 8 F. A. 17 Brownvillc 21 F. A. 18 P. C. H. S. 5 F. A. 39 Dexter 16 WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF. . ? Tom Lyford .... Earlon Richardson Nancy Cambridge John Ireland .... Bea King ..... Craig Nelson . . . Dee Thomas . . Bea and Betty were separated John and Tom were in different homerooms Dee didn,t have headaches Ben caught Bea Judy and Craig were on time at least once in a while Bunny turned Republican Junior couldn't go hunting Sue lost her voice Sheila was late for school Allen kept quiet in physics class Bish couldn't go to Guilford Tom L. and Jim R. actually stayed after school Mr. Groves made everyone who talked stay No one sneaked ahead in lunch line Everyone ate all their lunch Pete had lock jaw Paul drove over 30 300 people reported for chorus Mrs. T. couldn't use her hands WHY ARE YOU HERE? Steve Wheaton . . . Pete Culley . . . Dorna Varnum . . Phil Trottier . . Paul Hayes . . . Don Smeaton . . . Nadine Cobb . . . "Bunny" Clark .. Dianne Webber . . . Sue Stitham . . . Ben Howard . . . Tom Coy .... Felix Bishop ..., . . . To drive the teachers crazy ...,.....To get some sleep . . . . . . The bus stops here .. . . Rest up for the weekend To be with Betty . . . .To regain my co-ordination Doctor ,made me stop drinking Mother makes me To keep M1'. Groves on the ball . . . . To get away from the barn . . To read educational books To save gas . . . To escape from Lanpher's . . . To be near "COACH" That's the law . . . That's what lid like to know .. . . . . To plague Mr. Beek To chase Bea . . . . . . . To play football . . . To eat in the cafeteria ODDS AND ENDS D sgSSi',,.?f gk ,yi-'.. xx f ' ' '- - WH' W- 1 Q N ,arf ' ' W5 - xg ,559 J g ' L 3 ,- My 1' A f 4 4 . , Iii " 'aj Q' f'f"' 5" ' ' -M A AS?52g?fa"lf3iv:'g?4f5?Hw2?fmW SSZVH1 ,VJ , . wg .Qt . , 1 9, ,A , All 1 5 ,,,, X 5 ah fri A' A uf 21. A " af v , 'Pg ff .,,, is fi'!'QFy f, Y . , rw QM . mil: g,i, z I .,, 'W H ., 111 sign - L, fd ' A gg KQQ Q - : ,z :inf vii H wx ' 511:59-ff. ., ..,. .,.:. ,,1. x ii sd 3 W , , at af-5. I ,Q H , W 1, , Q if Q' wx 4 Q ki W f W J x as F 'L 4, 1 Ag X Pg 1 v ., J ,E f or x . ,lg Q' 4 f if -W 144 , lj 5 gi 4 gre ,Ae mafia: ,, , W ms :H Q , uw in Y JA H ,f .fx , .. - .,,,.'ffQfhK2'. .-'w.Qffff4v51s,:-.- 13, 'ffflai ' W "4 i n - Li Wa, ,a .w.-m.- ay ., . , I W ,QM 5- ,, .f ,Q ., if N-,631-Mai!--2':3'?bri3i-':Z?fS mf.-ff -1 -gggk , w - f ,fu -.-.. awww 1 , 3 N if zrl fcmnnorlx - I7 33 5 fm. f , M 151, as ,gif 5 Q a , , is , Z' Q ' , f ' 'S ME 9 ps. 5 aff!! Mr, Groves' Little Helpers Hieroglyphics ? ? ? Careful, Linda Careful!! Jim and His Harem l Alfred Hitchcock presents Practicing, Girls ? ? ? Cover-Up-Job Our Jolly Cooks Yes, boys, there ix a Santa. Taste gogda Sharon? Make-up artist. Joy, oh Joy! It's time for lunch!! e ieiei be i ,, ' f J, I f 1 tx ,.,, f f M va 1 Our Gym They hear their masteras voice -g h? Q-: .. . . ,Q me ,V ar f: fy:-f Q91 ,, 1 . .Q . k - f 2 e . iff A- .FW iwyfrgefxnfwfigefkrmws ' r be-rg - ir ' ii Xp: 'L ' Qi :Vkere r rfrf f 7 X. We . - L I1 is 9 7: gs-K 'FP if 'M if 5E'2ig 3 f.,,:1, -in New rrfejwligegrfewvww rir QQeriEQ?I5HiQQEQ5EWi "" 5 V "1' E A '- ' iSi??ffl'f8E'--Q' e'Qfii2 r . . -A wx 35,9 W 5 fre if What'ch:1 looking at, "Meaton,'? Sunstruck The Rifleman I llFlUW -fv--'-'fr ' V E Hey, Mr. Howard, you forgot something! Charge! H Camera-shy Isn't "Huckleberry Hound" on yet? Our Student Council President T.D.T. and FriCHdS "Donald Barrymorew Gruesome Twosome Take me to your leader!! 8th grade Basketball Team REMEMBER THIS? WEE' , Randy, Buster, jeff, Sandy, Sue, Stacy, Pete, Don, Judy, Pete, Butch Minstrel Show Dianne and Pete Girls Scout F ly-Up Maurice, Sue, Stacy ,O ww x anne and Dee Dee Ned Craiggedy-bug , - 593 5 W5 Sara and Bea QFM Y Phil .i 1 ffzywgufrff i L in-fi,.,,vg5. .. ,Agn , igfeiiyffg- -i ' E '11 11 , me .,V, , S L i , , X 4' WM 5 Q if if - . je-5 fy , -. . V M, W I Tommy, Gerry, bki Q i Q ,. -inf' ,,..' 5 1 .1 -Vihziiygg - ,MY ,. Q' 5' E' :ag -- -: 1 W5f,,gi2,f::,2g,,Q, ,fuk , Vi ,J - r ' 1' K J ' M' K1 F?gs2Vf"-- . :Mf:f22ff: - V -i :iff-A QQ Q.. - ., ---- 3 f ' A "" M ! ' wigs'-wV, - ,, A- ff , . V :fm V ,, frjw, ,Vx 1 ,5 I K I W I - xl liQ7'.5i3I'J f 1. ' A 5 'ss i f ' fi F22 V' 1 V , V f V fp, V- NV. V-:wav V, - . f 1. - :ff k . - -few -?V,fv-ff ::. u r"-. :I ' ' , ggi' . - z-eil"-' V V QW i 4 V, .- ...., QV.. . ,V -' 3- 1iSff .'lv153is'- he K ' ' rv v--- - - ,2 ' X : . fl W W wg: V- , i ,...,. ' 'W EW' W 'x' ' - 11 , j'.55:'g,2.rHi,gag- . .I wr? 9- ,gy -gf. f-f -V. 1: k,,f,,V ,,,-tyfgiggiiimi fmhsaggjz. ---- - -1 . A , M f . 'A ' -f7'?14g5es1gwfivAiVf , fffga 2 ,a1'X4iS1?h- V -g2.gsi.:- we ' -. V f P ' ., H J siiiifgfifiifii K' ' -W x! -V5 ixfffin-lV4W' ' A 14112-fw 1 - ,H . -1. V-J:.if--,pi , f f. is -f,25:,fg:xJ14X per u CY ., ,, ,,v, ., , ,, ommy, Ski, Nancy, Kitty, Joe , .83-1? YV,-i VV ,113 VgV .X ,, V V L nm ' ., ' is Sw i , 3. f 5 V 'V ,g s rw -Vvggf V 5-3-5,174-L:t,1f 'ja:, 25- ,z-I , , 55, X,-K J. I Haig fi .i V V ' uf , ii- E ' --ifVV1'ffi g f" ,, H 1 . .W ,if V ,V V. VQV, ,V 1 , . gE,,.VV.Vz-11-VV, w fV - VVVVV E G erry, Alan, Tommy, Ski, Charlie, Kitty, Nancy, Joe D1ane and Dorna Felix, Liz, Di, Johnny, Mary Di and Johnny Pete Sue Ski N Magoo Foe Tom W i pri- if S Y- f if 1-gggfgg ' . i -if iXn'IW5,i 1 L -I iftti' M 5 K Q Qi? N V K' 5 A -V f 33223 lf 4 is :if in Q ss rf F 52 I -:uf-wxef 5 I ,vp 1 22.235 f --1 -:- fu W" " H Q' v wr Him . 1 -rw-f ,,-we--1 -v " Zv'1,4,,0-g.,I' Bunny Rach Bernie sass,1'12mj,.. 5' M: 17: S ,tk VL 13,9555 ' 5: f 'ii 1li,Qbi:L - YJ-'l3ff"' ii :,. K . w-3 ' ,f Maurice Smitty Kool-:ie my A M: ,if sm .:a5!x- H ' 1-an-L?:af2ffxs v" 1a,,v vl if-r i I ,Q-2 579 55,-1.1.4, .54ElE':. A2255 ' - 'fl 'I ' HER ? : .,A1 ,,... ,. ,. QI My ,QQ , ' Qjff1QQQQl. , . V fm-gr .:. rr?-,A H K may f I- Q Charlie Jan Jim Dee Bish Friend Judy Phil Sheila ww 0. WSH' ' ' i? 'HE' -:" ' 'L " 'HA 1 -QIWJJ 773. KLM ju- . T ' 95 ,. 1, ' , s 11, in 1 W 451155157 " " L ' iigggf' 'I ' Q K gg - Wei. 15' , zmzsm ffi . 117' ' ,: ,: Zfk,-TM5 'Tm F51 "hi , is ,1ffb4,g' :ir 1 1 ,fs 'wifi Jw g 1' , -Mui V ,..,. , ,. -: 1 535 ,ws K, ,V . X iQ'f1i.f"..3 ,Q ' 4-wr-l', 3,ff5Ef k: Eff 2 7 l K -- STL E Jeanie A1 Di 13 . ,,..,.p+Qi ,, kg A! k y ,ar L It V, .,:.,L WM., , . , . , . W 5 1 in 5 3 N 3, Q P? v fm x i:, - . - ,i2, 5. my 'Q , .y K 5? 3 i 3 W ,1 iiii, y in Nancy Stu Sara -L ,q,,5553E1 7 ,,Ww,, g:f1wf 1 W, ,ur w w E .,, I , A K W: f: ff' 42 N my Q if 22524 W. .. , , , :V ., ,. X K uf '1 1 2 ,s craves YK ff , 'F , .f fL gi53ii?f'ii F jan Ben Bobby --vy Wm. iiis w f iff F ' K f .ws egg. QQ K gin ,. , . -fsrfgmw ,- 1 L yiseiifgs 5253557453 iii? jiri? Qai.22.si2i?:'?fff'v ' J gf-.zzzieqff is9Li5x'i'iQi 251 31755525 'D - flifQEQ!'I 'ii' 1535. VH? ,I ggiifefgagffiy ,, issifma 6 - i- wif-23 sal.-lf.-f: is ff., . xi 1 xfzuxsfsw 1, , i ' ' 'fii" ' . ' ,,L. .r , V .EKL-vwV .:..:-A ww - ,V ,.., 1. V, ...M H .,V xr- A .fag ,QM-.1 - -nm.. f f : , - af VX ' ". E .11 2131. ' ff"1?'?f!f1 a:2Qgf .wi-f.V.l iigfqgzggg-, fy r' Vw .Q f F- : V ' A--" xx -- 'Msg .- . .,,. . - A ,ig AZ.--2,13 - -ag, f. J , ,is V ' 'L-L'L'L 'S if . I -i n -1 if 55, , 'ifw' g gq."f',jj::j,-.1511 5 ,ae5:e, gV K x 'V ' ' 4 g f Charlie John ,JW Mike Gerry Jerry Terry 1'f L'1'j-'SEEN fwf:sg'M2gW3-wgfq.V:- ficiisfggg V,:Yf5mEi' 4if' ii fifif YY-2Ja?issi:,'fiEM if 2 l"'E5f4Ms?4sWk wf::i1::i.3' .1,2,.zw , " -+ eww -VVwsV,Q4:-X 'wi , ' WQSE - --'A sk 'if :sig-:www V: W '- f V54 ,. 1, .Vf.2':1' are "rr A . wh :?fj.gE'T'5i1fff5rg E1 i A . 'iff V w1ff.: 2 -DE F '-if Wi " 5 .1 " 'V ,. " Asif? V- u i! g f D Q l p ,af Q '-+ 4- .HM V A '11 -ixiffiizfsi 5 i-fs-4' r ' 'V V V- 5 11':1fff5 WHS' 5 ' HV 2' V- U V ' V . . i V ' L V A W. i f f , 1,Qgj. ' ' ' U setyfwb .V ' 'V' " :a i in 1 .swf-in 'A'-A. i. ,,:1::f i!i,lis1,.. I-3"-!"f'Y V'k' TU -"" V ' HE . V 1-fm: 0 "ff 4- gs-, n -, 2- vp' - I V .4 .:V - L .pk if f " - V' 'V 45 I nr 4 f i n' -5- -9 ' ' - .S TW- ff. , V A ' .iff Jim Jerry Larry Jerry Stan Smitty BUSHEL AND A PECK J. Ellery, S. Stitham, D. Webber, B. King, S. Mountain, T. Lyford, D. Danforth, M. Marden, R. Knowlton, D. Spaulding. Mm-en o 1, .. ffi fiffl W hawaii " A f RQ . . , ' 7 :f 4 E E u Y, s Ei E 5 2 i ? 3 if 2 E 2 e 1 i 3 3 2 E c 2 4 RECORDS 45 and saw, R.P.M.'s DAVIS BROS. FURNITURE GUILFORD, MAINE Zenith - Serta - Admiral Plus other name brands C0'm'pIimmtS of DiIIingI1am's 29 FRANKLIN ST., BANGOR, ME PIScallififflaixflilfnifinfanI' BINDERS OF THE ACADEMY REVIEW serving S avers and Home owners Fgxcroff Academy over 86 years Assets Over 37,000,000 Dover-Foxcroft, Maine "It Pays to Save where Saving Payf' I N y FOR SCHOOL TRIPS The safest way to travel 2, on your school trips is by charter bus. ll Expert drivers, familiar with the highways assure your safety as you ride , in luxurious, carefree comfort. I-',g2jC.r TTA-- xxx L - . ,Nj 'H' lklvlllmlull Charter Bus trlps "V xx are easy to arrange. We can help f alta you with your plans - even , Ei-fl- O- ' X' ,y ' make advance reservations for 'ff-Y f ' 5-,gm i 1 ' - you, if you wish, . ' , . , . P A - . -137:--g 1 il,-L -1 1 j" iv R Q' ' "K, 1 1 NDX'-'1 i E F 'L X I ,JrX -if all A ilv 41 K 'nz -I J ri ff Il1 .paa5W'7 Y Y 1 A .' gains! T! le ' ni' ' we' f Q I - L .Af fv li e if 5 if ' L 'Nt' fillilh w e 1 e gl - J ' e lr ' W f in ' ' - v J- -X , - 1' - Q. ' "' ' ' EL i f ry lwfg, J ,. . , , ' limi, When planning your school trips, consider the comfort, safety, convenience and economy of Charter Bus Service. We can take you anywhere you want to go - in U. S. A., Canada or Mexico. For information and rates, see , BANGOR your nearest Bangor and AND ook Aroostook bus agent or - ARUOST - write direct to: bqbn .vqby 1 gm? , A. TRAVIS, Malmager ' i 'amine if BANGOR AND AROOSTOOK Bus TOURS , HIGHWAY Divisim P. 0. Box 938 - Bangor, Nlame l OBSERVER PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS SUBSCRIBE NOW FOR THE PISCATAQUIS OBSERVER Compliments of DEXTER BOWLAWAY Dexter Maine Automatic Pin-setters WAlker 6226 Geo. E. Howard 81 Co. Insurance Dover-Foxcroft, Maine Phone 2400 KINNEY DUPLICATOR CO. Distributors tor: A. B. Dick Products BUTTERFlELD'S ICE CREAM FARM Smith-Corona Typewriters and G. F. Steel Otfice Furniture EostmanfKodaI1 "Veritax" Our Own Ice Cream Maine Made Impression Paper Light Lunches SIGI6 Banggfl Maine Phgne 2-844l I38 West Main St. EASTERN TRUST AND BANKING COMPANY BANGOR MAINE Offices OLD TOWN, MAINE MACHIAS, MAINE DRIVE-IN OFFICES CORNER FERN and STATE STREETS CORNER HAMMOND and ALLEN STREETS Offering COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE I INSTALLMENT LOAN AGENCY i 73-75 Central St. Bangor, Maine Graduation Cards and Gifts M. F. PRAY Paints and Wall Papers 1.4 Lincoln St. Dover-Foxcroft WEBBER HARDWARE H afrclware and Building Material Dover-Foxcroft, Maine Phone 4-2751 Best Wishes From The Coca-Cola Bottling Plants, Inc. 96 Thirteenth Street Bangor Maine Boyd 81 Noyes, Jewelers 25 Hammond Street BANGOR, MAINE PETERS' PHARMACY Registered Pharmacist 34 Main St. Dover-Foxcroft School - College CAPS - GOWNS - HOODS CHOIR and CHORAL APPAREL University Cap 81 Gown Co., Inc. Lawrence, Massachusetts's Music Co. 20-24 Broad Street Bangor, Maine New England's Largest and Most Complete Music Store WEATHERBEE'S Complete - Modern HARDWARE and HOUSEWARE Paints Plumbing - Heating Phone LOgan 4-3370 The Village Work Shop ROBERT G. HALL Buy-Antiques-Sell Refinishing Dover-Foxcro-ft, Maine COMPLIMENTS OF J. J. Newberry Co. Dover-Foxcroft, Maine 5 and 10 Cent Store School Supplies Writing Stationery COMPLIMENTS OF Cushing Coaling Co. H. M. Pullen Clothing Co. Clothing, Furnishings 8a Footwear Milo, Maine Tel. WI 3-7710 THAT MEANS THE ULTIMATE IN CLASS RINGS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, DIPLOMAS, CLUB PINS, MEDALS, AND TROPHIES JEWELRY'S FIN EST CRAFTSM EN MQW aa FOX AND GINN, INC. Freight Dept. Phone 3-6751 12 Howard Lane Bangor Fox and Ginn Moving and Storage Co. 195 Thatcher St. Phone 2-6757 Bangor, Maine A. W. Gilman 81 Co. Grain Ku Feed Insurance Dover-Foxcroft, Maine THE COUNTRY STORE KIMBALL'S A TRADITION CSince 18385 Merrick Square Dover-Foxoroft., Maine Compliments of Guilford Dry Cleaners Guilford, Maine THE GENERAL STORE R. F. D. No, 2 Dover-Foxcroft, Maine Clothing and Footwear for all the family Sporting Goods - Groceries Gpen weekdays 8:00 - 9:30 Sunday 10:00 - 5:00 Dover-Guilford Rd. Tel. LO 4-7717 COMPLIMENTS OF Bickmore's Barber Shop Dover-Foxcroft, Maine N. H. Bragg 81 Sons BANGOR, MAINE Automotive Parts and Equipment Industrial ancl Welding Supplies Telephone 7311 ROWELL'S GARAGE RAMBLER - TEMPEST PONTIAC - G.M.C. TRUCKS Sales and Service Dover-Foxcrott, Maine D. E. MURCH Painting cmd Papering LO 4-2063 Dover-Foxcroft K. C. M. Co. Texaco Gas and Oil BILL CULLEY Tel. LO 4-2300 Dover-Foxcroft, Maine Kitchen's Restaurant Cosmetics Magaiines Cigarettes Kc Tobacco Candy Sundries Western Auto Associate Store RCA Whirlpool Laundry Equipment Zenith and Sylvania T. V. HERRING BRCS. FREEZER MEATS Western and Native meats sold every Friday and Saturday at our Slaughter House on Dover-Guilford Ro-ad. One Pound or a thousand at wholesale p ' I DOVER MOTOR CO. NEW CHEVROLET CARS AND TRUCKS BUICK OPEL CORVAIR SALES - SERVICE USED CARS SUNOCO GAS AND on LO 4-3395 19-25 Summer St. Dover-Foxcroft, Me BISHOP'S "On the Square" Dover-Foxcroft., Maine Tel. LOgan 4-2123 Clothing and Footwear For the Entire Family PAGES I. G. A. East Corinth, Maine BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1961 DEL'S BARBER SHOP Located in The Lanpher Block 'fWoocZ is good for the sole" Complete Shoe and Zipper service Parcel Post orders receive Prompt Attention Wood's Shoe Fixery 119 Franklin St. Bangor, Me. COMPLIMENTS OF GREAT NORTHERN PAPER COMPANY 6 State Street Bangor, Maine Compliments of Chase 81 Kimball Oil Company Dover-Foxcroft and Guilford LO 4-3324 TR 6-3000 HUSSON COLLEGE Maineis Lwrgest School of Business Training Accredited as a Specialized College of Business by THE ACCREIDITING COMMISSION FOR BUSINESS SCHOOLS Terminal Courses: Executive, Legal, Medical, Liberal Arts, Technical Scientific Secre- tarial, Stenographic, Typing-Clerical, Shorthand Clerical, Business Administration, Accounting. These are of one and two years' duration Degree Courses: B.S. in Secretarial Science, B.S. in Accounting, B.S. in Business Ad- ministration, B.S. in Business Education. These are of four years' duration FREE CATALOG C. H. HUSSO N, PRESIDENT McDONALD FORD SALES E. Main St. Dover-Foxcroft, Me. FORD, MERCURY and FALCON Sales and Service CROCKETT'S BAKERY We appreciate your patronage and hope to serve you always Tel. TRiangle 6-4491 Guilford, Me. ColleHe's Restaurant Specializing lin: Lary Funeral Home Philip Annis Steaks A 62 Summer Street, Dover-Foxcroft, Maine Seafood . Dial LOgan 4-2071 Chicken 31 Elm Street Milo, Maine Union Square Dover-Foxcroft Dial william, 3.2231 COMPLIMEN TS OF The Style Shop Smart - Distinctive Inexpensive Women's and Childrens Wearing Apparel and Furnishings Main Street Dover-Foxcroft, Maine Compliments 0 f GOULETTE'S I. G. A. FOODLINER Guilford, Maine Norman's Bottled Gas Company Your Utility Gas Dealer Gas and Electric Appliances Hardwick and Roper Ranges Penlield Gas Water Heaters Philco - Bendix Washers and Dryers' TRI-COUNTY CLEANERS Dry Cleaning Service Rug Shampooing Union Square Dover-Foxcroft LO 4--2631 First National Stores, Inc. SELF-SERVICTE Home of Quality Foods DOVER-FOXCROFT, MAINE JIM SALLEY, Mgr. and CLERKS A. T. GELLERSON 8: CO. Dover-Foxcrolt, Maine Leading Malcers ol Appliances Television and Furniture Appliances, Radio and TV Service Phone 4-2784 "On The Riverside" A. E. ROBINSON I3l South Street Dover-Foxcrolt, Maine Mobilgas Mobiloil Mobilheat Kerosene Lennox Furnaces Sundstrand Burners Sales X4 Service Phone LO 4-253i HASKELL-CORTHELL CO. Dover-Foxcroft., Maine Clothing - Furnishings - Footwear Prep. suits - Topcoats Boys' and Girls' Dress Shoes Flowers For Friendship Corsages, Wedding and Funeral Designs Telegraph and Landscape Service Early Bird Greenhouse Telephone LOgan 4-7549 SINCE 1859 T J , f, i ' A 8 EVERYTHING IS T0 SATISFY OR MONEY BACK' i Q - T 0 7-55: ' 1.155 f .-' 1 9 if - Pride Sales Agency Guilford, Maine Manufacturers of Small Wood Turnings THE DILLON HOUSE ROOMS and BREAKFAST Proprietor, MRS. LAURA M. DILLON 30 Water St.. Milo, Maine Wllliams 3-7775 MEISNER 8: HERRING, INC. Telephone LO 4-3376 JOHN DEERE FARM MACHINERY Full Line of Repairs KINGS ARROW PINE Corporation Manufacturers of White Pine, Spruce and Plolax Gas Northern Hardwood Building Material-lron--Hardware Dover-Foxcroft, Maine ll Summer Street Dover-Foxcroft Tel. 3378 For Graduation Beautiful Rings Distinctive Jewelry "Gifts That Last" Elgin-Bulova--Hamilton Watches Titus Jewelry Store Compliments of Mooseliead Manufacturing Company The Merrill Trust Company Dover-Foxcroft, Maine Complete Banking Service Depos-its Insured The Partners In Industry MAINE LEATHERS, INC. and its EMPLOYEES Stiop at your Local independent Food Store and buy Stoi4ely's Finest Foods. ARTHUR CHAPIN CO. Bangor, Maine Distributors COMPLIMENTS OF Thorne's Quality Cleaners We Clean Everything From Ties to the Daintiest of Gowns "Quality Cleaning Does Make A Difference" 83 Union Square Tel. 2811 J. M. Thorne, Prop. F AYSCOTT LANDIS MACHINE CORP. Manufacturers of Textile and Shoe Repairing Machinery Dexter, Maine Are you thinking of Furnishing or Refurnishing your home? Why not come to WARD'S in DOVER-FOXCROFT and look over their fine line of nationally advertised lines such as: Kroehler Living Room Furniture Simmons Springs and Mattresses Daystrom Breakfast Sets Berkline Chairs Brandt Tables Rembrandt Lamps Frigidaire Refrigerators Maytag Washers . . . and many others. Royal Typewriters To the students of Foxcroft Academy and surrounding towns, following are a few Graduation gift suggestions: Bulova Watches Desks Samsonite Luggage Study Lamps Lane Cedar Chests Record Players The public is cordially invited to visit our store at any time, we are open Fri-day evenings. P E W A 8 DIAL 2641 DOVER-FOXCROFT Best Wishes to the Class of '61 KORITSKY'S DEPARTMENT STORE Dover-Foxcroit Guiltord, Maine Compliments of SCENIC RESTAURANT Dexter, Maine ALL HOME COOKING WAlker 4--3824 GORDON ROBINSON Sea Food Dealer Lobsters a Specialty Dover-Foxerott, Maine TEMPESTA MOTORS Dodge and Plymouth Dealers Dexter, Maine ANNIS' LUNCH "A Good Place to Eat" Good Luck to the Graduating Class Get more out ot lite, Go out to a movie CENTER THEATER NAPA DARLING'S Quality Parts, Automotive Paints and Batteries JOE'S SHOE REPAIR SERVICE HUGH COLE'S ESSO RIVERSIDE SERVICE STATION Compliments of Y BEACH'S GULF SERVICE STATION J. L. PAINE 8: SON Telephone 5-3202 Wholesalers of Monarch Products Fruit, Produce and Eggs East Corinth Maine Compliments ot STACY'S I. G. A. MARKET Thomas Home Bakery and Coffee Bar Catering Service Free Parking LO 4-2870 KA' On the Square Catering to F. A. Students For all their Drug Store Needs Prescriptions A Specialty LANPHER'S DRUG STORE Orville W. Lanpher, R. Ph. Prop. Dover-Foxcroft, Maine We give Profit Sharing Stamps, To Always Look Your Loveliest Your Hair Needs Professional Care Curly Bob Shoppe 45 South Street Tel. 25-11 Riverside Greenhouse DOVER-FOXCROFT, MAINE Telephone LO 4-2491 Flowers Telegraphecl Anywhere COMPLIMENTS OF The Blethen House HOTEL ancl MOTEL Dover-Foxcroft, Maine Coinplimernts of ANN'S RESTAURANT East. Corinth A. ffl-J W' , aim!! '71 7 , sri! ' 1,5647 Kwai, -f 5 ,M f fb W IJ . , f , fj ,fr wr! J , QV' r ,f ' Ji' " ,ff 'Y AVI' W fb! , -MJ AZFJ jffff L43 "T f V - LV xii! opw Jim wb i :Q ! f 1 J pu All W J Mi Lf' A1711 pw I rf WV' ' f diff! From the Press of Furbush-Roberts Printing Company Inc ' WW5GEW55+ ,- r 435 Odlin Road Bangor The staff and sponsor of the Academy Review wish to express their appreciation to the following patrons who so generously contrlbuted to this 1961 edition: Francis W. Bradbury, M.D. Harold T. Gerrish, D. M. D. Mr. Dana M. Anderson John W. Ellery, Optometrist C. W. and H. M. Hayes Mr. Franklin A. Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Mayo Rev. J. W. Meisner C. F. Noel, D. C. L. V. Robbins, D. D. S. Harold R. Sherman, D. V. M. L. J. Stitham, M. D. Superintendent's Office Paul D. Taylor, D.,O. Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Williams +0 fm .JV fzfeyfw 'BQ X7 - swam Q digg F MOJWAQ 5 MM iffy i Q RQ we J Q , V Q N Q93 b,Ww MQW R E XX hw W6 QE N U Ox, ,gg I 2 Wwywmi X2 C S? Yagkmv-r if W M 55 E WIMQD cbwfgxvgywyk QM 'H E Eaambmw M Q 2 .. 6' " Q-Lg: XXQAWMM . BW MA "f VJKM7-25917 Q? wk wfwwf 'WE N Q 1 My mi 3 MWSSXQW xy WW 3 xi BMW it R16 LVM ww WWA! li MS M' 5 JmW"'f X Q0 WX X 3 QE M VN fi N rw MQEWMZ Emi fy M? V WW 4717 . fwggfa C2751 5

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