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ww fs 3 , w N Q:-415 F' 'Y Q Y . '-- . W' :XM - IL fr P' , ' ' " ' - ' .N mf" frfff 'N 'J 1' 3, . ' si if ff .Q mr- Zh' , 3 4 , , -w n A h ,Luz - W A ,iz vm, J, -.X fv KSQMMQ ,, , ,il f - f.. ' fm .ef aA.f9,gE - - V' 5 t , , . ,Rh M ,, ax.. A fn L 'X S.:- i . -s ' in af Q Q A -" 1 .iv 5 ' lx .- fi i ,1,A ,J ,if in f A ,l ' 4 wt",.Q' K f e .Y I Q g i , , V U 'K ww Kyiv 41 Q A Mw X '. .. s Tax' -1 ,Dawg RAM. FK 5:4 , u j an x M is -X A . f VXA x Q. 'Tx' H.: , ,Q A54 05 ,,,,, 'mn 'Q' .v X R Q' A N L Q, I v It ,zu , . ' ' " ' f' 'M ' .Q rm X .... Us ff , awp M , V tL"l? 4 lmxlgvzr f '- " Q V, KL X, f .. ,fax -FQ YL S, X - . g 3 Q5 4. y .M k an el, Wswqf- W ek L Q N, N V V -S v.. 'Kg' M .. x X ' ,Q ,X- . W W, X, M in , WX U. Q. K "' 4- 9-.wrm N gwnm A R ' l V' X an gun if' .n , A 5 Q ,., L xy LL fwsfg' tb Ui Wu- e, M My . .,,x,, . xx 4 A ...M pf B 4. ,fd 44 fa M . ., gat 1.5 I I , Q " Q. uw I 1-4 fm Q- ' I 3 gs ,N R 'Wk . . Q 4 4 sw ,,,,,.n- . 1 'f Q JPG? 1 THE RED FOX FOR 1959 Presented by THE SENIOR CLASS OF FOXBORO HIGH SCHOOL Foxboro, Massachusetts FACULTY FOREWORD SENIORS Th b k d p T T p T T lol Th T T CLASSES SPORTS ACTIVITIES CANDIDS .. I 1 039' 'i"""'K 7" DEDICATION In appreciaTion, vve, The Class of 1959, dedicaTe This, The 22nd ediTion of The Red Fox To Mrs. Mary Sullivan. As our class advisor for Three years, you have shown your sincere in- TeresT in us, boTh as individuals and as a class. You have given willingly many hours of your Time To help us in our exTracurricular acTiviTies. You have been paTienT and undersTanding when we were wrong and have given encouragemenT when iT was needed nnosT. And so To you, Mrs. Sullivan, wiTh much graTiTude, we dedicaTe This ediTion of The Red Fox. SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE There is much in the world for you as seniors to look for- ward to with great optimism. Probably the greatest source of optimism is the freeing of nations that for many years have been under the domination of stronger nations, or the freeing of the masses in countries where a dominate ruling class has held them in serfdom. This is a long slow process and has been going on for many years. More recently the movement has seemed to accelerate. This is good. At the same time there is the danger that some of the new nations or released people may fall under the influence of others who in the guise of helping actually do much harm. It would seem to be our responsibility as educated, think- ing citizens to be aware of the good things that are happen- ing and also of the bad things that can happen and exert ourselves toward peace and freedom for all nations and all people. THE SCHOOL COMMITEE Mrs. Raymond Heffron, Nlr. Allan Catheron, Mr. Charles Taylor, Mr. Gerard Kennedy, Chairman, Mr. J. Loyd Hayden, Mrs. Lawrence Powers. PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE Students are sometimes puzzled because after twelve long years of study they have commencement exercises-since com- mencement means the beginning! Today, a high school education can truly be said to be only a beginning-the beginning of preparation to a more advanced educational training. Once a high school diploma was ample to earn a liveli- hood for a great number of people. But times are changing -with the advent of automation and the electronic age even a college diploma has become commonplace and not a guar- antee to success. Specialization is the key to the future in all fields of en- deavor. Therefore, at commencement each of you must have set your eyes on educational and career, goals which lie be- yond high school if you are to be successful in a fast chang- ing world. Know your goal and then make your plans on how you will achieve it. This will be your commencement on the road to success. H. W. WARD ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL S MESSAGE lt is always difficult to put into words any thoughts that might, in some small way, benefit graduating Seniors. How- ever, I hope that you give some consideration to the follow- ing: as you face the problems which we all meet in life, you will come upon two possible methods of solution. You may be swayed too much by your emotions, lose your temper, and attempt to use force or to evade the issue. This course will only result in frustration and unhappiness. lf, on the other hand, you face your difficulties with obiectivity, and analyze them carefully, you will find real satisfaction in over- coming these obstacles. ' It is easy to be gracious and charming as long as all goes smoothly, but it is the difficulties and the manner in which you overcome them that will reveal your true personality. We hope that what you have learned in the public schools of Foxboro will help you to achieve a better life. JOHN J. AHERN 35 35 E' 55 E 2 W-1jbl""fT7UW U:-l'U-I gsm 3J702OU759l-3'CDfD!Ll 583' 3E2'3'??Q2:53555 0.52 37022.13-Q'4Q:Img:Da 5, 2 mQl3m:'I3'4f,2'.o. 1 fn fn 5533? 3-65 41 2 " 70 c-4: 3 O3ZR4l'Fl 1 an cn 0 m -3 Q. U, . 3. -Q ... w -. ., fb 5 3 QP' a 0 m fn w rn 1 3 Q-3 gg e 6 3 El' -1 7 "1'1"1'1DfHm l l959 RED FOX STAFF CO-EDITORS: Mary Jane Baker, Mary Michelmore LITERARY Lila Solclani, Co-Editor Robert Shuker, Co-Eolifor Mark Powers Kenneth O'Brien JaneT Brimner Connie Rizzo Jeanne Jette Helen Ridley Sandra DeVaux Maureen Kelley Elsa Meekins Lucy Warren Sherwood Smith Joseph Connell MWGHHUm I- cn -o -4 l"5'T'I-IL-U r- I gg -4 O 13-mogmzocglcoa-YE G'O"'o3m0"'Q'-4N-w-Z gcgr3m5',aQ20a,6'n 39 C-l " 3' N403 CD mr- QCU 3mU7C 1 Ewan ggogmmgqgq LQ Q29 Ugg-ob prcm rn 14 Co-5-oUfp.,-4 2 0,410 20212 me ff' mo? fDom-4-- Om fD.,.'.n -.47C,4 U1 QJQ. l'I'I '4,"'Q- N -x:,g QT 0: m 0.9! 6' Q2 9 1 m O Q, 1 S' 'Y gi W 5 X 2 CREW 9 R MRS. DORIS SULLIVAN Commercial Subiects -Q... MR. CONRAD PENSAVALLE U. S. History, Problems of Democracy MR. THOMAS ARMSTRONG Algebra, Plane Geometry Trigonometry MRS, GLADYS BEERS French, English MR. EDWARD SHEEHAN Mechanical Drawing, Inclus- MRS. HELEN LIPNER English MR. SAMUEL CASHMAN Consumer's Mathematics General Science, Physics Applied Physics Mies. MARY SULLIVAN trial Arts MRS- AUC? BRAWN Commercial Subjects l-elm' En9l'5h MR. ROBERT DOLLOEE -,-:ga .5 Chemistry, Geometry MRS. MILDRED HART English I I MR. STEVEN LEVANITIS and MR. BERRYMAN MINAH Industrial Arts MRS. BETTE GLOBUS Biology X... ti' MR. VERNON OLDHAM Guidance A . 1 I Q ss x. -+- .I MISS JANE KEATING U. S. History, English MRS. MARJORY HARRING- TON and MRS. PRISCILLA MR. ALVIN PEARLMUTTER MORTON MR. THOMAS HUGHES Civics, World History Home Economics Economics, WOfld HISIOVY I. .r is-if I S i' MISS HELEN HENRY Librarian IWNAAXW MR. ALVIN BALL Music, Band MISS ANNA DIVITTORIO M u s i c Appreciation, Glee Club MRS. NATALIE McCOMB Girls' Physical Educafion MR. WILLIAM TONER Boys' Physical Education MR. ALVIN STEWART Boys' Physical Educafion Mies. MILDRED coYNE A MR. EDWARD KAUNEU5 ff MRS. MARJORIE McALONEY Shop Math Secretary ggwmj if N9 ? K 0 5' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President S, ,S Vice-Presiclenfi Secretary ,,,,,, Treasurer ,, 7 Knowledge is SENIGR CLASS TERRY DURNING ADKINS 102 South Street College Terry . . . Sweet and charming . . . "Really?" . . . Oh, those parties! .' . . True Polygon . . . Jennifer . . . College From Hamilton Central High School, N. Y., 2. Glee Club 2, Prom Committee 3, Yearbook Staff Business Manager 4, Driver Training 3, Social Committee 3, News- paper Club 3, 4, President 3, Science Fair 3, Senior Play 4, AA Member 3, 4, An- nouncements 4, Assembly Participation 4 RONALD WALLACE ASPRAY 28 Lakeview Road Industrial Arts "Ashtray" . . . Quiet and red hair . . . Norwood Arena . . . Cars . . . Lunch box . . . "Oh, to own a brand new Plymouth" . . . Automotives Industrial Arts Club, Secretary 4, Assembly Participation 4 PETER GLEN BAILEY 53 Cocasset Street College "Beetles" . . A twinkle in his eye . . . "WouId you please repeat that?" . . . Love that cackle . . . "How Great Thou Art" . . . College Math Club, Vice-President 2, Chemistry Club 3, Student Council 4,-Drivers' Education 45 Yearbook Staff 4, Assembly Participation 4, Typing Award 17 AA Member 3. MARY JANE BAKER 9 Maple Place College Mary Jane . . . Cute and blonde . . . All those A'sl . . . "But, I like being smalll" . . . True Polygon . . . Pembroke Field Hockey FTL l, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 3, 4, Basketballl, FTL 2, 3, Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Women's Club Honorary Membership 2, 3, Social Committee l, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, Ring Committee 2, Girls' State Delegate 3, FHA l, Junior Red Cross 2, Cremistry Club 3, Art Club 4, Athletic Association Council 3, 4, Varsity Club 4, Office Secretary l, 2, Distribution of Diplomas 3, Driver Education 3, Yearbook Co-Editor 4, Science Fair 2, 3, 4, lst Prize 3, MIT Science Fair 3rd Award 3, Senior Play 4, Assembly Participation 3, 4, DAR Good Citizenship Award 4 JOAN EDNA BEAUREGARD 219 Cocasset Street Commercial Joan . . . Pleasant and full of fun . . . "Devoted" . . . Loves to dance . . . "Let's gol" . . . Secretary ber 4, Pep Squad 4, Driver Education 3 LAWRENCE RAYNOR BIRKBECK 3 Thurston Street Industrial Arts Larry . . . Dark wavy hair . . . Distinguished pipe . . . "Doesn't that grab ya?" . . . Good head for figures . . . Air Force Honor Roll l, 4, Prom Committee 3, Athletic Association, Treasurer 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Business Managers Club 4, Social Committee 2, 4, Driver Education 4 Arr Club 1, 2, Newspaper Club 4, Yearbook staff 4, Typing Award 2, 3, AA Mem- JANET ELLEN BRIMNER 92 North Street College and Business Jan . . . Neat and petite . . . Such nice clothes . . . "Love is a Many Splendored Thing" . . . "Doesn't That Get You!" . . . Medical Secretary Student Council I, Social Committee I, 2, 3, 4, FI'A, Secretary 2, 3, Ring Committee 2, French, Secretary 3, Prom Committee 3, Drivers' Education 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Newspaper 2, 4, Office Girl 4, Assembly Participation 4 JULIE ANN BURKE 332 Central Street Commercial Julie . . . Such a pretty smile . . . Singing . . . "Treasure of Your Love" . . . Newspaper Deadlines . . . Airline Hostess Dramatic Club l, 4, Glee Club 3, Fox Tox, Editor-in-Chief 4, Driver Education 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Typing Awards 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, National Library Week Winner 3, Reader's Digest Honor 3, Assembly Participation 4 BETTIE ANN CARL 155 East Street Commercial Bettie . . . Quiet and pleasant . . . Homework . . . Typing . . . Sewing . . . "l Don't Know" . . . "lt's Only Make Believe" . . . Secretary FHA I, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Typing Award 3, Assembly Participation 4 NANCY DELORES CASTELLI 430 South Street "Nan" . . . Shy and quiet . . . Loves to draw . . . "Gee Win" . . . "My True Love" . . . Loves to dance . . . Secretary Commercial Art'Club I, 2, 3, 4, Driver Education 4, Prom Committee 3, Social Committee 1, 2, 3, 4, Typing Awards 2, 3 ROBERT BRUCE CHEYNE 230 Main Street College Bob . . . Tall and blonde . . . Cool trumpet . . . "That'a the way it goes." . . . "Moonglow" . . . Gentleman Farmer Band l, 2, 3, 4, Band Council 3, Science Fair l, 3, 4, Driver Education 3, Music Activities Club Award 3 LOYD CHILDS 472 South Street Industrial Arts "Fuzzy" . . . Tall and handsome . . . Football . . . Red and white bug . . "Oh, those muscles!" . . . Courteous . . . Farming Football l, FTL 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Track 2, 3, 4, Cl1ef's Club 3, Varsity Club 4, Proiectors Club 2 GAIL ELNORA CLARK 11 Centennial Street Commercial "Pinkie" . . . Blonde and pretty . . . Pete . . . "May You Always" . . . Gondola . . . "UnbearabIe!" . . . Hairdresser Newspaper 2, 4, Art Club 3, Social Committee 1, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, Yearbook Staff, Advertising Manager 4, Typing Award 2, 3, 4, Driver's Education 2, Homeroom Business Manager 1, Glee Club 1, Assembly Participation 4 JOSEPH FREDERICK PATRICK CONNELL 202 Central Street Industrial Arts "Joey" . . . Good dancer . . . Oh, that Buick . . . Drums and Gene Krupa . . . Lila . . . "Think You're Funny, Bunny?" . . . State Police Ot"Fioer Pnoiectors Club 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Vice-President 4, Band Council 3, 4, Student Selectman, Student Govemment Day 1, Glee Club 1, 2, Football 2, Assembly Participation 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, Senior Play 4, Social Committee 1, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, Prom Prince 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Dramatics Club, Vice-President 4 NANCY ANN CONWAY 225 Main Street Cgmmercial "Nan" . . . Such a sparkling smile . . . Letter writing . . . Our peppiest cheer- leader . . . Joe . . . Hairdresser Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, 4, Softball FTL 1, 2, 3, 4, AA Council, Secretary 3, 4, Prom Committee, Co-Chairman 3, Assembly Participation 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff, Photography Editor 4, Social Committee 1, 2, 3, Newspaper Club, President 4, FHA 1, Student Council 2, Art Club 3, Typing Award 2, 3, Prom Princess 3, Senior Play 4, Monitor 2, Honor Roll 4, Cheerleaders Club 2, 3 JOHN HENRY CRAWFORD Leonard Street College John . . . Blonde and good looking . . . Skin diving . . . "What a brain" . . . Lunch Period . . . College Band i, 2, 3, 4, Band Council 3, Assembly Participation i, 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, Uniform Manager, Band HELLEN LOUISE DARLING 6 Bassett Street Commercial Hellen . . . Red hair and a friendly smile . . . POD class . . . "You Cheated" . . . Richie . . . Salesgirl FHA 1, Dramatica 2, Typing Award 3, Newspaper 4, Assembly Participation i, 3, 4 BRUCE HERBERT DAVIS 29 Carpenter Street Commercial Bruce . . . Courteous and quiet . . . Dancing . . . Senior class . . . "My True Love" . . . Homework . . . Navy Science Fair i, 2, Art 4, Assembly Participation 4 SUZANNE DAVIS 184 Chestnut Street Commercial "Susie" . . . Long hair and blue eyes . . . Edsel . . . Roller-skating . . . "Forget Me Not" . . . Secretary FHA 1, Newspaper Club 3, Art Club 4, Typing Award 2, 3, Field Hockey 2, Yearbook Stat'-f 4, Senior Play 4, Driver Education 4, Fashion Show 'l, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 SANDRA JEAN DE VAUX 3 Church Street Commercial "Sandy" . . . Sophisticated brunette . . . "Good, old freshman year" . . . "It's Almost Tomorrow" . . . At the cleaner's with Pat . . . Air Line Hostess Glee Club 1, Maiorette 1, Cheerleader 2, Class Ring Committee 2, Prom Committee 3, Art Club 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Pep Squad Leader 4, Social Committee 1, 2, 3, 4, Decorations Chainnan 4, Assembly Participation 4, Fashion Show 1, Student Govem- ment Day 'l, Drivers' Education 4 MARSHA JOAN DUDLEY 233 Main street Commercial "Marty" . . . Pretty blonde hair . . . Swimming . . . "Everybody Loves a Lover" . . . Lifeguard . . . Waves Typing Award 3 Glee Club 1, Athletic Club 2, 4, Business Manager 3, 4, Field Hockey 2, 3, 4: RACHEL ABIGAIL ELLSWORTH 44 Granite Street College "Rae" . . . Capable and courteous . . . Decoration Committees . . . Animals . . . "That's the breaks" . . . Stardust . . . Artist Art Club l, 2, ,3, 4, Honor Roll i, 2, 3, 4, Driver-Education 3, Math Award 3, Prom Committee, Co-Chaimwan Decoration 3, Yearbook, Art Editor 4, Social Com- mittee i, 2, 3, AA Member 3, 4, Museum Art Classes 3, Mass. School of Art Classes 4, Senior Play 4 1 CHERYL ANN FIELD 9 Glenwood Avenue College Course "Cherry" . . . Quiet and always a smile . . . Homework . . . "For Goodness Sakes" ...Barry...Nurse FHA I, Home Ec Club 1, Dramatic Club 2, Typing Award 2, 4, Chemistry Club 3, Newspaper Club 4, Prom Decorating Committee 3, Driver Education 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Social Committee 3, 4, Athletic Association 3 OWEN MANUEL FORREST 12 Morse Place Industrial Arts Owen . . . "Hot dog?" . . . Shop class . . . "Sweet Little Sixteen" . . . Hot Lunches . . . Air Force Proiector Club 1, 2, 3, President 4, Social Committee 2, 4, Assembly Participation 4 JOHN CHARLES GALLAGHER 214 Ntaln Street General "Johnny" . . . Tall and good looking . . . Football . . . "Five more plays" . . . "Don't Be Cruel" . . . State Policeman Football 2, FTL 3, 4, Track 2, 4, Chef's Club 3, Driver Education 3 JOHN MICHAEL GREEN 223 East Street College "Mike" . . . Good worker . . . Bashful and courteous . . . Nature lover . . . Study forestry at Stockbridge Science and Weather Club 1, 2, Science Fair 1, Chemistry Club 3, Driver Education 4 ! CHARLES ROBERT GRIEFITHS 34 Union Street College "Chas" . . . Tall and handsome . . . Trumpet player . . . Trig whiz . . . "How Great Thou Art" . . . Basketball . . . Electrical Engineer Basketball l, 2, FTL 3, 4, Baseball 2, FTL 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3: Chemistry Club 3, Athletic Club 4, Varsity Club 4, National Honor Society 3, 41 Driver Education 3, Science Fair 'l, 2, University of Massachusetts Mathematics Club Award 3 EDWARD GUERRINI County Street General "Eddie" . . . A grin and twinkling brown eyes . . . North Attleboro . . . Girlsl . . . Prom Prince . . . Undecided Baseball 1, Prom Prince 3, Athletics Club 2, 3, Ring Committee 2, Chef's Club 4 ROBERTA LOUISE HANNA l4l Central Street College "Bobbie" . . . Cute and friendly . . . Party girl . . . Dancing . . . "Who, me?" . . . True Polygon . . . College FHA I, Student Council 1, Science Fair, lst Prize l, Student Selectman I, Junior Red Cross 2, Ring Committee 2, Business Manager 3, Newspaper Club, Assistant Editor 3, Driver Education 3, Prom Committee 3, Talent Show 3, 4, Art Club 4, Modem Dance 4, Yearbook Staff, Subscription Editor 4, Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Social Committee 2, 3, Office Secretary 2, 3, 4, Basketball Manager 3, 4, AA Member 3, 4, Class Secretary 2, 3, 4, Announcements 4, Senior Play 4, Assembly Participation 3, 4 CAROL ANN HARRIS 43 East Street Commercial "Pixie" . . . Short and full of f get out of here" . . . Secretary Dramatic Club 1, Glee Club 2, 3, Art Club 4, Typing Award 3, 4 un . . . Typing class . . . Lunch period . . . "Oh, ROBERT LINCOLN HAWKES 29 Palmer Road College "The Blob" . . . Tall and solid . . . Fast cars . . . Sharp dresser . . . "The Twelfth of Neveif' . . . College Student Council 3, Basketball 2, Baseball 2, Football 3, 4, Driver Education 3, Prom Committee 3, Science Fair 3, 4, Chemistry Award 3 I BRUCE KEITH HEALD 'lO'l Summer Street General "Hill Billy" . . . Railroads . . . "That's Life!" . . . Going to Easton . . . Stockbridge Agricultural School Athletic Council 3, 4, Proiectors Club 3, Business Managers Club 4 ANN ELIZABETH HEFFERNAN 364 South Street Commercial Ann . . . Attractive green-eyed brunette . . . Pep Squad . . . "Oh, those embarrassing moments in Mr, Pensavalle's class!" . . . "Because of You" . . . Eating . . . Secretary Glee Club T, Social Committee 2, 4, Prom Committee 3, Junior Prom Hostess I, Art Club 3, Driver Education 3, Pep Squad 4, Typing Award 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff, Treasurer 4, Assembly Participation 4 NANCY JANE HOEY I4 Cocasset Street Commercial "Nan" . . . Friendly and gay . . . Dislikes conceited boys . . . Goofing off . . . Dates . . . "I wish" . . . Telegraph Operator Meiorette lg Prom Committee 35 Cheerleader 25 Cheerleaders Club 1, 25 Typing Award 2, 3, 45 Newspaper Club 3, 45 Drivers Education 35 Yearbook Staff 45 Social Committee I, 2, 45 Senior Play 4 JEANNE BARBARA JETTE 19 Foxhill Road Commercial "Jeannie" . . . Cute and blonde . . . Baby sitting down Bunny's . . . Hot rodders . . . "Temper, temper" . . . Secretary Transferred from D.A., Fall River in 25 Dramatics Club 25 FTA 35 French Club 35 AA Member 45 Assembly Participation 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Drivers Education 35 Social Committee 3, 4 KENNETH PAUL JOLLY 15 Community Way Industrial Arts Butch . . . Cute and quiet . . . Star halfback . . . "Oh, those muscles" . . . Sports . . . Undecided Football l, 2, 3, 45 Track l, 45 Athletic Club l, 2, 35 Chef Club 45 AA Council 3, 4 BEVERLY LOU ISE JONES 15 Leonard Street College Jonesie . . . A smile and a hi! . . . Football games . . . Comey's . . . How Great Thou Art . . . "Oh! Drat." . . . Teacher Softball FTL 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band President 4, Science Fair 3rd Prize 1, Driver Education 3, FTA 2, Orchestra 1, 2, 3 LOIS ANN JUERGENS 24 Pine Acres Road College Lo . . . Smart, shy, and pretty . . . "Oh, those social committees" . . . Battle Hymn of the Republic . . . Bombing around with Rachel . . . College Honor Roll Award 1, 2, Junior Red Cross 2, Art Club 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Alternate for Girls' State 3, Prom Committee, Publicity Chairman 3, Science Fair, Honorable Mention 3, Office Secretary 4, Drivers' Education 3, Typing Award 2, Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Play 4 MAUREEN ELIZABETH KELLY 30 Meadowview Road Home Economics Mo . . . Always smiling . . . Home Ec class . . . "What a riot!" . . . "Love Me Tender" . . . The only girl in POD . . . Dietician FHA Treasurer 1, Dramatics Club Treasurer 2, Art Club 3, 4, Driver Education 3, Prom Committee 3, Yearbook Staff 4 JANET ELAINE LEE 281 Cocasset Street Commercial "Leezy" . . Cheerful and energetic . . . Sports . . . "Silhouettes" . . . Mansfield . . . Airline Reservationist Class President l, Class Treasurer 4, Student Council I, Treasurer 3, Athletic Ad- visory Council 4, AA Council 4, Typing Award 2, 3, Softball FTL 1, 2, Basketball FTL l, 2, 3, Field Hockey FTL I, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, Office Secretary l, Athletic Club 4, Junior Social Chain-nan 3, Varsity Club 4, Assembly Participation 4 RICHARD ARTHUR LEGG 5 Meedowview Road General "Leggsy" . . . Tall and dark . . . "Eat Your Heart Outl" . . . Pleasing personality . . . U.S.A.F. Pilot Baseball 2, 3, 4, Athletic Club 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Driver Education 3, AA 3, 4, Honor Roll 3, Prom Committee 3 THOMAS FRANCIS LIVIDOTI 296 Central Street General Tom . . Tall, blond and cute . . . "Foul Youl" . . . What a clown . . . "Devoted to Me" . . . Outstanding personality . . . Undecided Transferred from Cambridge I, AA 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Driver Education 4, Athletic Club 4, Yearbook Staff, Boys' Sports Editor 4, Athletic Advisory Council 4, Honor Roll 3, Prom Committee 3 , PATRICK ALBERT LYONS 25 Spring Street College "Pat" . . . Red hair and fun loving . . . Boston Symphony . . . Green thumb . . . Violin . . . College All-State Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, School Orchestra I, 2, 3, Driver Education 37 Math Club 2, Chemistry Club 4, Assembly Participation 'l, 4 ELSA RUTH MEEKINS 288 Central Street College "Squeeks" . . . Slender and cheerful . . . Clarinets and band . . . Math brain . . . "Beans" . . . Giggles . . . Teacher Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Science Fair 'l, 25 Yearbook Staff 4, Social Com- mittee 2, 3, Prom Committee 3, Assembly Participation 4 I JOSEPH JOHN METRANO 168 Main Street Industrial Arts "Joe" . . . Dark and handsome . . . Pat . . . Fords . . . Money . . . "Aloody" . . . "Chantily Lace" . . . Undecided Chef's Club 3, Assembly Participation 47 Social Committee 1, 2, 3, 47 Prom Com- mittee 3 MARY ELIZABETH MICHELMORE 6 Woodland Road College "Mitch" . . . Tall, blonde and pretty . . . Always busy . . . "Oh darnl" . . . Taking the cello to Boston . . . True polygon . . . College Field Hockey FTL l, 2, 35 Social Committee 1, 2, 35 Prom Decoration Chairman 35 Glee Club,2, 35 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Roll 1, 2, 35 National Honor Society 3, 45 Yearbook Staff, Co-Editor 45 AA Council 35 Talent Show 35 Science Fair 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 45 All-State Orchestra 3, 45 District Orchestra 45 AA Member 3, 45 Office Secretary 15 Senior Play 45 Assembly Participation 3, 45 Chemistry Club 35 Business Manager 4 FRANK NEAL MORRISSEY 355 Central Street College "Frankie" . . . Cute and personable . . . "OK Fellas" . . . Baseball . . . Every- body's Favorite . . . College ProIector's Club 15 Science Fair 'l5 Basketball 25 Class Treasurer l, 25 Ring Com- mittee 25 Prom Committee 35 Yearbook Staff 45 Student Government Representative 45 Driver Education 45 AA Member 3, 4 MARGARET CYNTHIA MORRISON 325 Central Street Commercial "Marg" . . . Beautiful eyes and a cute smile . . . Mansfield . . . Prettiest member of class of '59 . . . Riding around . . . Secretary Student Council, Secretary 25 Class Treasurer 35 Typing Award 3, 45 Prom Com- mittee 35 Newspaper Club, Treasurer 45 Drivers Education 35 Social Committee 45 Office Secretary 35 Assembly Participation 4 PATRICIA IRENE MURRAY 9 Community Way Commercial Pat . . . Blue-eyed blonde . . . The cleaners . . . Billy . . . Always a smile . . . Telegraph Operator Sofia' Commlffee l, 2, 3, 4: NeWSPaper Club 2, 4, Ring Committee 3, Prom Committee 3, Prom Princess 3, Yearbook Staff, Typing Editor 4, Typing Awards 2, 3, Assistant Field Hockey Manager 1, Honor Roll 4, AA Member 2, 3, Class Play 4, Assembly Participation 4 KENNETH LEE O'BRlEN 179 Mechanic Street College Ken . . . Tall and good-looking . . . Four letter man . . . Susie . . . Camping out with the boys . . . College Football 2, FTL 3, 4, Baseball 1, FTL 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, FTL 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Chef's Club 3, Class Vice-President 4, Prom Prince 3, Athletic Association, President 3, AA Council 3, Prom Committee Chairman 3, Social Committee 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Athletic Club 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Driver Education 4, Science Fair i, Assembly Participation 3, 4, Varsity Club 4, Student Government Day l THOMAS RAYMOND O'DONNELL 281 Central Street Industrial Arts Tom . . . Big and muscular . . . "Clancy Lowered the Boom" . . . Green and white Pontiac . . . Football . . . Millionaire Football 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, AA Vice- President 3, Assembly Participation 4 JOHN PATRICK OLIVIER 282 Mechanic Street "Johnny" . . . Witty and dependable . . . '51 Merc . . . Flashy sh'rts . . . "l own the Big 'M' " . . . State Trooper Art Club 2, Science Fair ly Music Appreciation 3, Chef's Club 3: Typing Award 2, 37 Assembly Participation 4 Commercial PATRICIA MARIA O'SULLlVAN 95 East Street Commercial Pat . . . Easy to get along with . . . "You don't say" . . . Russ . . . Likes everything . . . Undecided Glee Club 3, 4, Art Club 'ly Homemaking 2 JOHN PAWLAK 10 Leonard Street College John . . . Brown eyes and wavy hair . . . Kristy . . . Football . . . Our handsome Prom King . . . College Baseball l, FTL 2, 3, 4, Chemistry Club 3, Math Club 2, Student Counci' 4, Football l, FTL 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee 37 Class Vioe-President 3, Class President 4, AA Council 3, 4, Basketball 1, FTL 3: Boys' State Representative 3, Honor Roll 'l, 2, 3, Assembly Participation 4 MARJORIE ELLEN PEAVEY 52 Neponset Heights Avenue Commercial "Peava" . . . Friendly and Witty . . . Hanna's Restaurant . . . "Hi Schatz" . . . Bob . . . Marriage Glee Club 1, 2, Basketball 2, Typing Award 2, 3, 4, FHA 1 GORDON MARK POWERS H8 East Street College Mark . . . Good-looking and quick witted . . . Drums . . . Real hot ticket . . . "ln The Still Of The Night" . . . College Art Club lp Science Fair li Student Government Day lg Baseball 2, Ring Com- mittee 2, Prom Committee 3, Junior Prom Prince 3, Assembly Participation 3, 4: Driver Training 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Social Committee 4, Chefs' Club 3 IVOR GEORGE REUTER JR. iii Cocasset Street College "Egor" . , . Tall and Musical . . . Sharon . . . Motor-scooters . . . Band . . . Car- penter Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Drivers' Education 3, Science Fair 1 HELEN KATHERYNE RIDLEY 'l2 Baker Street College "Riddles" . . . Cute and full of fun . . . Our pretty Junior Prom Queen . . . True Polygon . . . "Wonderful, marvelous, absolutely fabulous" . . . College Student Council 1, 3, 4, FTL l, 2, Cheerleading 3, 4, Student Council, Secretary 3, 4, Assembly Participation 1, 3, 4, Honor Roll 1, Class President 3, Prom Committee 3, Social Committee 1, 2, 3, 4, Art Club 2, Yearbook Staff 4, Basketball 1, Athletic Association Council 3, 4, Ring Committee 2, Prom Queen 3 CRAIG JOSEPH RINGUETTE 34 Rockhill Street Core Program "Rinky" . . . Blonde and cool . . . Girls in Brockton . . . Cars . . . "You know what I like" . . . Air Force Chef's Club 3, JV Baseball 1, Art Club 2, Assembly Participation 4 CONSTANCE MARY RIZZO 27 Meadowview Road Cgmmeycial Connie . . . Pretty as a picture . . . Prom Princess . . . Boys . . . "The Great Pretender" . . . Nurse Class Secretary l, Fashion Show 1, Class Vice-President 2, Typing Award 2, 3, 4, Ring Committee 2, Prom Committee 3, Prom Princess 3, Social Committee 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Assembly Participation 4, Newspaper Club 4, Drivers' Education 4 s 33 19 Merigan Way "Shuke" . . . Well liked and intelligent . . . debating . . . Bay State Drug Store . . . Shuker-Daddy . . . "The Day That The Rains Came" . . . College Assembly Participation 1, 4i Chemistry Club 37 Yearbook Staff, Literary Co-Editor 47 Prom Committee 37 Youth Council Representative 3, 47 Model Congress Debate 3, 47 Driving Training 3 'ROBERT ALAN SHUKER CATHERINE LOUISE ROLFE 75 Willow Street College Cathy . . . Pretty and vivacious . . . Hutchins . . . True Polygon . . . "T'aint natural" . . . College FHA T7 Junior Red Cross 27 Student Council 37 Art Club 47 Prom Committee 37 Yearbook Staff Aj Assembly Participation 4 College SHERWOOD NELSON SMITH 136 Cocasset Street College-Commercial Woody . . . Handsome and friendly . . . fishing . . . Basketball star . . . "Don't know do yal" . . . College Football 37 Basketball 1, 2, FTL 3, 47 Baseball I7 Golf 2, 3, 47 Band 1, 27 Chefs' Club 37 Chemistry Club 47 Driver Education 27 AA Council 37 Yearbook Staff 47 Science Fair 1 LILA LOUISE SOLDANI 227 Central Street College Lila . . . Pretty and poised . . . "Geee, Marie" and dramatics . . . Joe . . . Melody of Love . . . Stuffed animals . . . Psychology maior Teen Time, WARA l, Basketball l, Typing Award l, Honor Roll i, 2, 3, 4, FHA, President l, Civics Representative 1, Office Secretary 2, 3, 4, Announcements 2, 3, Driver Education 2, Science Fair, Honorable Mention 2, 3, Dramatic Club, President 2, Social Committee l, 2, 3, 4, Assembly Participation ln, 2, 3, 4, Chemistry Club 3, Maiorette 3, 4, Band Council 3, 4, Prom Princess 3, Youth Council Representative 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Talent Show 3, Fl'A, Vice- President 4, Dramatic Club, Student Director 4, Senior Play 4, Prom Committee 3, Food Sale Committee 1, Yearbook Staff, Literary Co-Editor 4, Hostess Junior Prom I DAVID SWIERK North Street Core Dave . . . Playing the electric guitar . . . Blue Tango . . . Judy . . . Talking . . . "What Ever Will Be Will Be" . . . College Talent Show 3, Assembly Participation 3, 4, Chefs' Club 3, Newspaper Club 4 THOMAS HOWARD TH URSTON 314 sOUll1 Sffeef Genefgl "Tiger" . . . Red hair and tall . . . Ouimet's . . . girls . . . '50 Fords . . . To be a millionaire Science Fair l, Typing Award 2, Business Manager 3, Driver Education 3, AA Council 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Honor Roll 2, 3, Social Committee 3, Math Club 2: Reader's Digest Award 3 LUCY CAROL WARREN 34 Cedar Street College "Lucy" . . . Cheerful and Always a Smile . . . Reading . . . "As Long As I Have You" . . . "Tootaloo, Kangaroo" . . . Nurse Honor Roll 2, 45 FHA Secretary 15 Dramatics Club Secretary 25 FTA Treasurer 25 Chemistry Club 35 Newspaper Club 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Senior Play Committee 45 Junior Prom Hostess l, 25 Social Committee 'l, 2, 35 Junior Prom Committee 35 Science Fair Honorable Mention 25 Office Secretary 45 Pep Squad 45 Driver Educa- tion 35 Class Prophecy 4 RAYMOND CRAWFORD WEBB 131 Mechanic Street lndusiflal AHS "Ray C" . . . Cute curl . . . Hot Rods . . . "lt's All in the Game" . . . Sports car racing stable . . . Air Force Pilot Industrial Arts Club 3, 4, President 3, 45 Assembly Participation 4 W Wfzgiim 'gif Gian fffzqmln? Q! an ' Qmwgw Q QRDRQX fQ"2f6QlQ Si B ws Q E52 ii mMff,?f2513iy 5 Wilma 5 TM YMMMQRU Qwjggl MP Ei aiwgvwliy xamfi ffffwfgwf l Sqdwggfi Mfllfifjfwf R 22195 ff ff' S M Q Qjliww EV K W QMZZQ 5? 1 ' lx A 1 IEE- f A1 l N .. E - H M.. N A N 1 N G - ...W Rv 4, R A-V s wig + W x M Y Mm 'f 'Y 'Q if W M qv '::,,f Reach for the Sky!" 'H QEATLJQ E 5 ,B- 4 2 H Q 7 4 z 5 i..i '53 4 Y x CLASS HISTORY By JEANNE JETTE, CONNIE RIZZO and SANDRA DE VAUX MOMENTS TO REMEMBER Our graduation is finally here. We approach it with a smile and a tear. Now it is time for us' to reveal The Time we have spent in our fpur year ordeal As freshmen we entered in '55, Full of fun and glad to be alive. We looked forward to our years with expectation And met our problems with full anticipation. With Janet leading, things were fine, And Alling as vice followed in line. While Connie kept the records clear, Frank yelled for money throughout the year. At the end of the year, Our first social was here. The lights were bright, the colors gay, We knew Rock and Roll was here to stay. With summer over we were back again. The "sophs" were the noisiest class then. To fool around, or to settle down, Was the question in the minds of all our clowns Election time was here once more, And Jackie Davies took the floor. Connie followed as our vice, Roberta took notes, while Frank named the price. That year as "sophs," this was the thing, Square vs round for our class rings. Finally we chose with pride and delight, The round, they won over without a fight. l2 As iuniors we met a brand new pal. We will never forget Mr. Pensavalle! Our class dwindled down to a scanty few, All that was left 'were "72." As president, Helen led the class. John Pawlak, as vice, took the task. With Roberta as secretary, we were pleased, While Margaret tried to collect our fees. The Prom we were planning with much tender care, Filled with big hopes that all would be there. Oriental Evening was a lovely scene, With John as our King, and Helen as Queen. Our final year was here at last. The previous ones had fled so fast. The '59 Red Fox was at our door, Edited by Baker and Michelmore. This year a marvelous change took place, Instead of a girl, John led the pace. For our vice, we would have none but Kenny, Roberta took notes and Janet tried for a penny. Our homework came so hard and fast, To us it seemed an impossible task. But once again we found good cheer, For our big year was finally here. Through all our good times and all our bad, We'll still leave feeling a little sad. So, farewell, Foxboro High, we'll miss you for sure, But in our hearts you will always endure. CLASS 'WILL We, the class of 1959, being of iovial spirit, quick wit, and-questionable character, do hereby de- clare this document to be our last honorable at- tempt at-writing a class will. To Mr. Ward we leave nothing but happy memo- ries-he's leaving with us! To Mr. Ahern we leave a large supply of aspirin for his principal's iob. We leave Mr. Sheehan-worn out, but far wiser. To the Junior class we leave our Wisdom and ln- telligence. To the Sophomore class we leave our Spirit and Drive. To the Freshman class-a moment of silence. Last, but not least, we leave to Mr. Pensavalle, a one-year supply of nasel spray and a carton of crying towels. Terry Adkins leaves to write a book entitled, "How to Throw the Perfect Party!" Ronnie "Ashtray" Aspray leaves screaming, "l'll never get married! No, NEVER!" Peter "l'm Not Confused" Bailey leaves trying to get his thoughts straight. Mary Jane Baker leaves with a monopoly on the first letter of the alphabet. She lust can't seem to get anything else. Joan Beauregard leaves her magic formula for slimness to the chemistry lab. Larry Birkbeck leaves the A.A. treasury empty. Heh! Heh! Janet Brimner leaves her cute smile and neat clothes to Sam "As lf I Need lt" Pawlak. Julie Burke leaves to start a newspaper that will rival the famed Foxboro Reporter. Bettie Carl leaves with seniority. ' Nancy "Rembrandt" Castelli leaves her artistic ability to the Grandma Moses of the freshman class, Karen Smith. Robert Cheyne leaves his chickens to scratch! Loyd Childs leaves carrying his car, it ran out of gas again! Gail Clark leaves waiting for the "Tea boat" to come in. Joe Connell leaves still trying to escape with one of Mr. Pensavalle's cars. Nancy Conway leaves to take a course in German. John Crawford leaves his winter skin-diving equip- ment to the "L Street Brownies." I-lellen Darling leaves to start her own gossip col- umn. Bruce Davis leaves all his old flames at F.H.S. to burn out. Suzanne Davis leaves to become a second Rapunzel. Sandy DeVaux leaves her nice clothes to Linda "Short-skirts" Buckner. Marsha Dudley leaves to start her own "Y.W." Rachel Ellsworth and Lois Juergens leave to join the art staff of MAD Magazine. Cneryl Field leaves still in second gear. Beep, Beep! Owen Forest leaves his cooking skill to the Fox- boro High School dietician. John Gallagher leaves his limited vocabulary to the original "Whiz Kid" of the eighth grade, Paul Brown. Mike Green leaves dragging his bone collection behind him. Charles Griffiths leaves in a blaze of pink, green, yellow, purple, andddddddd orange!!! Eddie "the wolf" Guerrini leaves his fondness of dear hunting to Paul "Casanova" Jodice. Roberta Hanna leaves her dancing feet to Richard "Arther Murray" Callahan. Carol Harris leaves her cheerful disposition to the WHOLE faculty. Robert "9O miles an hour" Hawkes leaves to fight a continuous war against the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Bruce Heald leaves to take over the New Haven Railroad. Ann Heffernan leaves her Pep Squad to be man- aged by Lee "pep is my middle name" Forrester. Nancy Hoey leaves her attendance record to any underclassman who doesn't like tests. Jeanne Jette and Connie Rizzo leave Mr. Pensa- valle in an advanced state of delirium. Ken Jolly leaves his shy, quiet manner to Carol "the screaming mimi" Mclnis. Bev "Satchmo" Jones leaves many punctured ear drums. Maureen Kelley leaves to write a song-There were 25 and only me, in my class of P.O.D. Janet Lee leaves her athletic ability to Jimmy "Watch Me Drive" Fraser. Richard "ah-so" Legg leaves his Plymouth to an expert on chinese puzzles. Thomas Lividoti leaves to write a book entitled "A Proper Word for Every Situation." Patrick Lyons leaves for Carnegie Hall and duel of violins with Jack Benny. Elsa Meekins leaves her butterfly net and collec- tion to Jim "Nature Boy" O'Donnell. Joe Metrano leaves his place in the senior class to Bob "l'm iust having fun" Peavey. Mary Michelmore leaves with her head in the clouds. Frank'Morrissey leaves his personable ways to certain unmentionable grouches. Margaret Morrison leaves her good looks to any underclass girl who needs them. Pat Murray leaves to ioin Billy on the weasel farm. Ken O'Brien leaves humming "How are you fixed for blades." 44 Tom O'Donnell leaves everyone black and blue. John Olivier leaves still insisting that the South won the war. Patricia O'Sullivan leaves to become the fastest typist this side of Mrs. Doris Sullivan's room. John Pawlak leaves his boundless energy to Fred "Geritol Jr." Peck. Mariorie Peavey leaves to open a restaurant called Mariorie's Mad Manor for Mouthless Midgets. Mark Powers leaves his charm to Bernard "Every- body loves a lover" Holmberg. Ivor Reuter leaves with his harem tagging behind. Helen "l've trapped another one" Ridley leaves her collection of boys' rings to Ferne "the flirt" Phillips. Craig Ringuette leaves his transmission scattered in front of the school. Cathy Rolfe leaves the corridors quiet. Robert "antidisestablishmentarianism" S h u k e r leaves his scholastic ability to lan "Einstein" Fraser. Sherwood "Bob Cousey" Smith leaves his basket- ball dribbling talent to Eloise "Tarzan" Anderson. Lila Soldani leaves her theatrical ability to June "the Ham" Robinson. Dave Swierk leaves in a cloud of smoke. Tom "Clutch" Thurston leaves his hot "5O" Ford to anyone who is in no hurry to get where they are going. Lucy Warren leaves screaming "Hey, Ma, I squealed in all three gears!!" Ray "C" Webb leaves his great strength to War- ren "Man Mountain" McLoud. Witnesses: Mark Powers, Kenneth O'Brien, Joe Connell, Janet Brimner, Jaret Lee, Ann Heffernan. END CLASS PROPHECY I, the spirit of the class of '59, was assigned the task of collecting the scattered members of this great class. The reason for this aggregation was a giant celebration which was being held in the town of Foxboro. It was the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and seventy-eight, exactly two hundred years after Foxboro was incorporated. I had decided that the only way that this celebration could be successful was to have our entire class there, since we represented the true, solid citizens of our fair community. I chose as my initial mode of transportation on this expedition one of those famous chariots of good cheer-a cast-off Foxboro School Bus. The bus had been slightly altered, and now had triple "carbs," a Cadillac engine, and the fastest acceleration of any vehicle in existence. The gaso- line which this vehicle consumed had been developed by Mr. Doloff's brilliant assistant, Helen "Watch out for the explosion" Ridley. When I checked the present addresses of the members of this exclusive body, I realized that they had scattered far and wide. Armed with this knowledge, I prepared to travel around this entire planet in order to collect them all. I realized that I must have a starting point, and I chose Europe. I planned my iourney'carefully, so that I could reach every person in the group. Thus, I embarked upon my iourney, which started at the new Trans- Atlantic bridge. l stopped to pay the toll, and then realized that the toll collector was none other than "T. C." Shylock Junior, Larry "Fast Buck" Birkbeck. I told him of the celebration, and he promised to tell any class- mates whom he encountered, to be present in Foxboro on this historic day. He informed me that John "Adorable" Pawlak was also there, and that he had the iob of electronics engineer. His was the tedious task of pushing the button which opened the toll gate. I had left the gate, and was cruising along this colossal structure, when I encountered Chas Griffiths, who was leaning against the railing, ad- miring this, his most successful feat in the field of engineering. He always said that he could do big things. I stopped to talk with him, and as we stood there, a startling yell penetrated from the air above. It was Nancy, "Hey, Rah Rah Rah Rah Rah" Conway, still flying high. We signaled her by Morse Code, and, satisfied that she got the message, I travelled on. Suddenly a red blur caught my eye in the rear-view mirror, and as it approached, I realized that it was Mary Jane Baker, bombing along in her little red sports car. She was finally bringing the last page of the yearbook to the publisherl She didn't have time to stop, because she was being pursued by Bob "The Blob" Hawkes, in his iet-propelled, rocket- special hot rod. He was accompanied by Governor Frank Morrissey, who was frantically waving his arms and yelling, "faster, fasterl" As I looked on in wide-eyed astonishment, both cars sped by in a cloud of dust. I continued my iourney, and soon encountered three members of the class. They were Rachel Ellsworth, Lois Juergens, and Nancy Castelli. Rachel was strenuously painting the white dividing lines, Lois was holding the bucket of paint, while stirring it vigorouslyp Nancy was industriously cleaning all of the paint brushes. I told them the news, and they gladly dropped their work and climbed onto the bus to accompany me while I rounded up their classmates. We talked about Foxboro, and the good old days at F.H.S. The time flew past, and we soon reached a gas station. We pulled in to fuel up, and discovered to our surprise that Ronnie Aspray was the owner. Ivor Reuter was the chief gasoline pumper, and John Olivier was in charge of the windshield wiping. Ronnie's Super-Sonic Service Station Staff running to fill our tank, while we went to fill our faces. We spied a hot dog stand, and soon learned that it was owned and operated by five more familiar faces. Its slogan was "Enjoy a Short Stop for a Long Dog," and it was managed by Bruce "A.A. Forever" Heald. We entered the establishment and found Marge Peavey waiting on customers. To one side sat Mo "The Mad Dietician" Kelly, who put the hot dog meat into the skins. She had on many medals for being the best hot dog stuffer this side of Frankfort, Germany. Joe "The Chef's Club Boy Wonder" Nletrano picked up the dogs and put them onto the grille. Suzanne "Crewcut" Davis did a neat iob of slapping on the mustard and relish. She then passed them to Marge, who served them to the customers. . We enioyed a hearty meal of hot dogs and then, after informing them of the coming celebration, prepared to continue our travels. They waved good-bye, and we were offl We finally reached the end of the bridge and were now in Ireland. It was here that we located tender-hearted Tom O'Donnell, who resided ln a multi-million dollar castle, where he rented rooms to retired football players. His chief gardener was Mike Greene, who took care of the "Green" houses in back of the castle. Pat Lyons had the unique iob of serenading several triangular-shape, purple-striped roses with tunes from his violin, We asked them to come to the anniversary party, and immediately left for France. We were to make this part of the trip by boat, so we were on the water-front. It was here that we came across a sign readings "Hoey's Hurry-Up Hauling and Tubby Tugboat Line." Upon entering the office we were confronted by Nancy, who was dictating to Carol Harris, her able secretary. She promised to ship our bus, which was no longer needed, to "way-out" San Francisco, where it would be waiting for us when we returned to the States. This transaction completed, we boarded one of her France-bound ships. Bruce Davis was captain of this fabulous palace on wheels, and he gave ues the list of accomodations. Going below deck. we found ourselves in an ultra-modern shopping district. Included in this section was Shukar's Snazzy Snack Shop, alias Bay State Drug Store Junior. He was giving away one of the specialties, called "Bob's Better, Baffling, Beatnik Banana Boats, in honor of one of his many birthdays. Bev Jones had a fast clean- ing service next door. She rented barrels while you waited to have your punts cleaned, and always had plenty of customers, thanks to Bob's ooie- gooie sundaes. The next store was Hellen Darling's Five and Ten. She scld everything from polka-dot shoe laces to banana trees,-with or without monkeys. We left Hellen and strolled out onto the deck, and were greeted by a great commotion. John Crawford, the first-mate, had dropped an anchor on his foot, and was being carried by Ken Jolly. Ken's football muscles were still very valuable. Cheryl Field, the nurse, skillfully administered the tried-and-true remedy of a glass of hot water ard an aspirin. Her loyal medical secretary was Janet Brimner. Janet always worked blindfolded because she couldn't stand the sight of blood. Elsa Meekins was also part of the hospital staff. We left the hospital, only to be met by Tom "Tiger" Thurston, who was strolling down the deck. He had made his million, but we "ain't gonna tell ya how." There we spied that international play boy, Mark "My, how the girls love mel" Powers, who was lounging on a deck chair. His eyes suddenly shifted, and as we followed his glance, we saw the ship's "Hostess" Sandy DeVaux. We felt that three was a crowd, and so we left. Before the ship docked, we had the celebration plans announced over the ship's loud speaker. As soon as we did land, a taxi screeched to a stop before us. Ray C. Webb was the safe 'n' sane driver. He drove us to the Eiffel Tower, where we were greeted by Jeanne "Let me show you around the tower," Jette. We gave Ray the news about the coming event, and then followed Jeanne up to the top of the tower. There we were greeted by the familiar sign which flashed: "Hanna's Restaurant." Inside the cafe we found Roberta "I Can Can Can" Hanna doing that famous Parisian dance to the accompaniment of Mary "Lightfingers" Michelmore with her real swinging "Mello the Cello," and Dave Swierk, who was getting a charge out of playing his "shocking" electric guitar. The champagne girl was none other than Joan Beauregard, and she was so delighted to see us that she gave us a free bottle of "Special, Sparkling, Fuzzy-Wuzz, Bub- bling' Brew." It was the best Paris had to offer. We hated to leave this gay life, but we still had a lot of traveling to do, and we were off once more, this time for Italy. When we arrived in the little town of Pazzouli, we were literally starved, and so we entered the first restaurant we saw. We discovered that Eddie Guerrini was the chef who was furiously pounding out pizza dough. He was famous throughout Italy for his secfet pizza recipes. Betty Carl had the pressing iob of squashing tomatoes for the sauce. Conchette Rizzo, who was still taking orders in her little black book, Vol. 7, came to the table to wait on us. She brought us pizza and cake, and when the bill was paid, we realized that she had given us a 3 lira reduction for old time's sake. While we were eating, who should come in but Janet Lee. She came over to talk to us, and inform us about another classmate who owned a ship. We followed Janet's explicit directions, and arrived at the designated establishment. We sauntered inside, only to be confronted by Gail Clark, who was having her hair touched up by Craig "The Nlarvelous Mad Bleacher" Ringuette. We heard a familiar voice from outside, and we rushed out to be confronted by Tom "Fowl You" Lividoti still yelling, "Gentlemen prefer blondes." Since so many classmates were now located in Italy, we decided to put an ad in the local paper. We went to the newspaper office to ask the editor, Julie Burke, to advertise the coming anniversary celebration, since no one should miss it. Thus satisfied, we left Italy and headed east to exotic Arabia. As we crossed a desert, we sighted the caravan of Kubla Ken O'Brien, the Bluebeard of the desert. After telling him about the big event, we left him with his harem, and traveled on. We penetrated deeper and deeper into the Orient, and finally arrived at Hong Kong. We immediately noticed the ads on the back of all the rickshaws, which read: "Ching Chong Drive-Wrong Auto School." It seems that Bob Cheyne had opened a Far-East branch of that well-known American auto school. Ann Heffernan was his assistant instructor, and she taught moonlight rickshaw driving, which included starting, stopping, and parking. 46 We left Hong Kong, and hopped a plane "down under" to Australia, and there we met Dr. Peter "Beetle" Bailey, who was still trying to put shoes on his converted clan of barefoot Aborigines. Peter said that he had seen another classmate, Terry Adkins, walking down an old country road, still wearing her Micky Mouse watch. On one of the nearby eucyliptus trees we saw a "Wanted" poster which read-Wanted-John Gallegher-for pickpocketing kangaroos out of season. We decided we wouldn't be able to find John, so we left word with some friendly head-hunters, and left Australia for Honolulu. On the plane, we were surprised to see Marsha "Dogpaddle" Dudley, who decided she could not get far in the Waves, so she ioined the Air Force. Later, she came down the aisle and assured us that we were in good hands, as Richard Legg was the pilot. Hearing this, a lady across the aisle fainted and Lucy "I iust love autopsies" Warren came to the rescue with some spirits Cof ammonia, that isl. She was now a full- fledged registered nurse. When we got to Hawaii, and stopped to refuel, we decided to go for a swim at Wakiki. There we saw Margaret Morrisson giving Hoola lessons to all the Service Nlen stationed there. Margaret's teacher had been the outstanding Pat "Wiggles" Murray. Pat came with us when we got back on the plane for San Francisco. Upon arriving in San Francisco, we entered one of the "way-out" caves to dig some of the local atmosphere. There we found Cathy "RaIphie" Rolfe sitting on the floor snapping her fingers saying "Man, this t'ain't natural." After visiting with her for a while, we made a brief side trip to Disney Land to see if any of our classmates had become successful in the entertainment world. There, to no one's surprise, was Lila "Lola" Soldani still struggling with Donald Duck and his elocution lessons. We gathered these newly-found classmates, and traveled east, toward Foxboro. Very soon we were rolling over the plains of Kansas. There we saw Woody Smith planting his own Sherwood Forest. He willingly ioined us in the bus to avoid becoming lost in his "Owen Forest." We moved continually forward, and finally arrived on the Atlantic Seaboard. Cruising along smoothly on the New Jersey Turnpike, we at- tempted to pass a familiar red and white automobile. Sure enough, it was none other than Lloyd "watch my dust" Childs in his little bug. He challenged us to a drag and off we went. All of a sudden we noticed a third participant-this one had a siren. We pulled over only to find that it was Joe "I'll fix Mr. PensavaIle's car yet" Connell. Fortunately, he remembered us, tore up the ticket, and ioined our iovial group. At long last we took the corner at crash corners and headed for Foxboro center. Everyone gathered at the High School football field for the Ioyous festivities. The great class of '59 had all arrived and was the center of attraction Kas usuall. When we had to part once more, to go our separate ways, it was with heavy hearts. But I, the spirit of the class of '59, will be rein- carnated wherever gay souls congregate and party-makers revel. Written by: Sherwood Smith Maureen Kelley Tom Thurston Lucy Warren Roberta Hanna CLASS PCPEM Though twelve years have so quickly swept us by, We are just beginning. Throughout these years the preparation has been made, And now we stand or fall. We have been taught that which is right and wrong. And now, within a short time, a decision must be made, The decision which shall formulate our lives. The wrong decision may mean ruin, the right success and happiness. We are now made to realize what has been our goal throughout these years, And we shall take that step on sure feet. Recalling all that has been ours to learn, And going forward ever learning more. CLASS SONG 'ffm' 'MY ' I ' i L07 HL 70 0019 NINUP IES 0F 700 DEAF HZ M4 Alf? . . . .,,e , , A . . . S. J, ffl? WI W!!! Eff 56' 71905141 WHIS' fWOUD UF 00 R 5041690 4701? I gi 1 J U13 I Q i CU! URS' G01 D HND B105 mf fafafvf WUWZXKS fam HND sffP,4fc,w7,4fff,4Q SOMHNFOTHEPS 70 SUCGFSS ff'ZfZ7. MRF 6000 FOPTUNZ' 141 PMQFS 5H!!V5 ffff' 626758 UF !V!fVf'7ffA! f7F7I' NINE! Mary Michlemore Helen Ridley SENIOR PLAY CAST Nancy Hoey Lois Juergens Roberta Hanna Terry Adkins Mary Jane Baker Mary Michelmore Robert Shuker Thomas Lividoti Richard Leoq Charles Griffiths Thomas Thurston Joe Conneil Larry Birkbeck Missing: Lila Soldani THE DEFIANCE OF DAVID CHARLES" DIRECTORS Mrs. Mildred Hart, Mr. Robert Byrne STHT3 5'Tl CS r 1 -902 Q MUST BSBHPUL A SX Q HOST 7"UfsiCdL ' IW 4 L 'W lk A Qi I , MUST fX"Ti5TiC l OLDEST. Beny Carl, Tom O'Donnellp YOUNGEST: Connie Rizzo, Mark PowerS- CUTEST SMILE: Janet Brimner, Frank MorrisseY- DONE MOST FOR CLASS: Mary Michlemore, Larry Birkbeck. TEACHERS PETS: Jane: Brimner, Charles Griffifhs- 50 MOST POPULAR: Helen Ridley, John Pawlak. MOST STREAMLINED: Anne Hef- fernan, Lloyd Childs. BEST DANCERS: Mark Powers, Ro- berta Hanna. CLASS FLlRTS: Connie Rizzo, Ed- die Guerrini. MOST RESPECTED- Helen Ridley. i Beverly Jones' John Gallagher, Mosr ARTISTIC: Rachel Ellsworth, Rohm Hawkes NIGHT . - . OWLS. Craig Rmguette, Margaret Morrison, TEACHER'S PESTS: J Mark Powers, eanne -lellef Tommy Thurston, g A Rizzo, Eddie Guerrini. BEST DATE1 Come . I , MOST DEPENDABLE: Richard Legg, Marsha Dud ey Julie Burke, BYUCC Healdr ,ECT RODS: LUCY Warren, John Olivier. CLASS CLOWNS: Nancy Hoey, Tom Lividoti. FRIENDLIEST: Pat Nurray, Larry Birkbeck. WITTIEST: Charles Griffiths, Terry Adkins. MOST AMBITIOUS AND MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEEII: Mary Jane Baker, Bob Shucker. MOST COURTEOUS: .ois Jeurgens, Frank Morrisey. Mosr DRAMATIC: Lila sogdangl Joe Connell. TYPICAL SENIORS: Helen Ridley, John Pawlak 75,4 'FO Mem MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT: Nancy Conway Ken O,Brien M Sherwood Smith. OST CHEERFUL: Roberta Hanna, Larry Birkbeck I S da DeVaux, John Pawlak. MOST ATHLETIC: Janet Lee, Ken NUIDIEST: Cathy Rglfer Tom O,DOnneH N 'TH , ancy oe BEST DRESSED: an Y O'Brier1. Y' BOOKWORMS: Elsa Meekins, Peter Bailey. Mosr MUSICAL: Mary Nlichlemore, Roberf Chevne- T k Mary .lane Bake If MOST STUDIOUS: Robert Shuc Sf, lnlfm Crawford. TALLEST: I Mich I vor Reufer, Mary Michlemoreg SHQR FIRST TO BE MARRIED: Magorie ae Green, Betty Carl. TEST Peavey, Joe Metrano. QUIETEST: B MOST TALENTED: David Swierk, efly Carl, Ken Jolly, Chew' Field Lila Soldani. I I fl BASH . BEST Loolclmcc Margaref Moms- FUI- Ken Jolly, Hellen Darling, Ronald AspraY son, Joe Metrano. UNDEQCLASIMEIV ' ' f fi: '71-gs P Q 1 41"-D S f vl' 1 5-Eff W sv 53 UNIOR CLASS FIRST ROW: Mary Ann Blais, Judith Fleischmann, Karen Murray, Patricia Clark, Deborah Wills, Lurline Perkins, Pamela Heaton, Beniamin Brunell, David Chisholm, John Smith, Joan Gallagher, Virginia Brooks, Gail Fraser, Judith Shepardson, Lois Granahan. SECOND ROW: Mr. Sheehen, Mrs. Gladys Beers, Virginia Colburn, Mary Sullivan, Shirley Barnes, Mary Gaeta, Lee Forrester, Saundra Stevens, Nancy Annon, Les- lie Hicks, Carol Metrano, Linda Emery, Becky VanDenBerghe, Barbara Dearborn, Diana Allen, Hazel Flem- ing, Sandra Netzer, Eloise Anderson, Ruth Schmitz, Nancy Blay, Mary Doucette, Diana Dube, Janice Street, Patricia Stevens, Mrs. Mary Sullivan. THIRD ROW: Donna Field, Jane Messenger, Carol Mclnis, Rose Erler, Jean Calderwood, Mary Rouille, Nancy Shepardson, Betty Lou Pyer, Joyce Henderson, Winitred Rich, Patricia Randall, Patricia Colwell, Gail Richards, Mary Roche, Diane Heffernan, Marsha Dadmun. FOURTH ROW: Howard Morse, Kenneth Duke, Steven Hougharn, Donald Bosworth, Peter Newell, Erwin Klempner, Warren McLeod, Paul Fitzpatrick, Dexter Crocker, Robert Hicks, Roger Hicks, Conrad Kaiser, Clyde Babbitt, Robert Lucas, Steven Holt, Bruce Roberts, Chester Svenson, William Cataloni, Dominic Coyle, William McNamara, Gary Smith. FIFTH ROW: Winston Doore, Bernard Holmberg, Bruce Mason, William Brunell, Donald Richards, Gordon Bennett, Bruce Congdon, Richard Baldwin, Peter Saparott, Bruce Bumpus, Robert Wetherbee, James O'Donnell, Peter Congdon, Neil Murphy, Robert Frye, David Sullivan, Karl Daclmun, Steven Grindle. President , ..... , , BENJAMIN BRUNELL Vice-President , , 7 DAVID CHISHOLM Secretary -, PAMELA HEATON Treasurer ., JOHN SMITH SOPHOMORE CLASS FRONT ROW: George Law, Donald Uliano, James Chisholm, James Hewett, Pamela Doiron, Maureen Ma- loof, John Waseleski, Dorothy Potter, Raymond Wills, Qoger Rochelle, Thomas Lyons. SECOND ROW: Ronald McKinnon, Robert Peavy, John'Julius, Robert Castelli, Joseph Milan, Alan De Vautour, Phillip Elliott, Peter Doiron, David Littlefield, Paul Jodice, Francis Harris. THIRD ROW: David Harris, Frederick Peck, Richard Graves, Lawrence Tivy, Paul Roche, Lewis Hatch, Allen Richards, Richard Callahan, Peter Nr-wel, Joseph Pignato, Kenneth Dooley, Gerald Smith, William Gately, Charles Goddard, Paul Yancowsky. FOURTH ROW: Robert Dubois, William ward, Robert Hearn, Randolph Baker, Jan VanDenBerghe, Hohn Ki-lly, Mark Donovan, David Aylward, Robert Spaulding, Thomas Burt, William Burke, James Calderwood, Robert Lynch. FIRST POW: Mrs. Globus, Marion Hallet, Ferne Phillips, Alice Garland, Mary Snow, Diane Janiszewski, Jurlith Strang, Sheila Roskuska, Janet Bryant, Mary Brunell, Frances lmbaro, Jacqueline Hardy, Sandra Rochelle, SECOND ROW: Mr. Dollot, Mr, Minah, Sherry Walls, Kristine McGoldrick, Linda McCasland, Janet Lyons, Anita Sanford, Dianne Juergens, Joan Gallagher, Patricia Dean, Rosemary Graves, Diane Collins, Priscilla Collins, Jane Harrigan, Suzanne Swift, Donna Sirith, Pauline Cutler. THlRD ROW: Jameson Ad- kins, Lois Brown, Nancy Heffron, Nancy Murphy, Gerrilyn Hardin, Verda Huxtable, Eleanor Oliveira, Jane Heffernan, Susan Hayden, Jean Durham, Judith Johnson, Mary O'Connell, Sharon Heald, Charlene Ouimet, Sandra Shuker, Janice Metcalf. FOURTH ROW: Donna Cestelli, Ruth Reuter, Lorraine Coulombe, Patricia Lonergan, June Robinson, Elizabeth Baker, Ann Temple, Marcia Leary, Laura Barros, Kay Pinkham, Ellen Hanscom, Sandra Paza, Marilyn Duke, Lois Morin, Sandra Secher. President JOHN WASELASKI Vice-President MAUREEN MALOOF Secretary DOROTHY POTTER Treasurer PAMELA DOIRON FRESHMAN CLASS FIRST ROW: Charles Topping, Ralph DeGraft, William Bearce, Robert Curry, Brian Cady, James Fraser, Charles Cady, William Ivatts, John Greenleaf, Charles Allen, William Bureau, Alan Grigsby, Arthur Rounds. SECOND ROW: Thomas Whipp, William Hawkes, Henry Van Gemert, Robert Peters, Richard Cheyne, David Hill, Richard Stahnke, James Metrano, Frederic Longebard, Robert French, Charles Trebino, Richard Lud- wig, Joseph Richards, Harold Parkenson, John Andrews, Robert Turcotte, Albert Keyworth, Robin Congdon, Richard Elliot, Chester Romiglio, Thomas Martin, Bernard Guerrini. THIRD ROW: Dean Dudley, Joseph Thibodeau, Roy Kirby, William Ronayne, Peter Comeau, Eric Sweed, Charles Beatrice, Joseph Perry, Wli- Iiam Perry, Norman Curry, William Bristol, Joseph Twiraga, Mark VanDen Berghe, James Housman, Thomas Cummings, Robert Walsh, George Reid, Irving Rockwood, FOURTH ROW: James Conway, Arthur Risotti, Bartlett Matthews, John Dreselehnke, Dana Congdon, Donald Tilliston, Thomas Peavey, Charles Housman, David Waterhouse, William Rider, Ian Fraser, Terrence O'SuIlivan, Joseph Mulherin, Donald Sanford, FIRST ROW: Mrs. Hart, Sally Cook, Karen Smith, Lorraine Mittenberg, Barbara Garland, Neal Higgins, Sue Bailey, Robert Guenard, Rae Ringuette, Paulette Young, Barbara Whipp, Frances Giovino, Frances Burlin, SECOND ROW: Mr. Pearlmutter, Carol Ann Gaeta, Alice Downs, Veronica Kirby, Theresa Whitty, Ruth Donovan, Patricia Hicks, Katherine Pignato, Margaret Belyea, Sandra King, Anne Parkhill, Susan Hatt, Karen Glazler, Ellen McSwain, Patricia Stuclley, Margret Webb, Catherine Schultz, Ann Holt, Cail Saunders, Mary McKinnon. THIRD ROW: Patricia Maloot, Barbara Kwiatkaowski, Nancy Dube, Vivian Lyons, Roberta Fischer, Joyce Sanford, Margret Lynch, Mary Ann Bent, Gail Landry, Cynthia Nowlan, Lincla Buckner, Janet Webb, Philomena Coyle, Noreen Julius, Mary Ann Rizzo, Cynthia Morse. President - ROBERT GUENARD Vice-President , , . SAMUEL PAWLAK Secretary .... . SUSAN BAILEY Treasurer E NEAL HIGGINS f S PO T5 -1-Xxx 4 ,fflffv -N- I 1 w --Q -1-'P,,.-, - , ff-U -,- ' f Q flffflllllf X I 1' ff A! 1 if ,AQ I X if r"' , 'I F v .Y ,ff ' 'I fy xl "J 1 r' .'s f ,' '31, 1 f 2' If ,. ' .. A , n 4 ' - lc,1,,q'J' IIIAAI1 A' 'lf ff nfl, ,fa , . -'las-F .Q .LN J"1'1 N P 1 I f f is , P ,,.'1'f-A: X I 1 'ff 1 Huff' .f f 2 f -, 1- W ,f V ff, l 1" ff ,J ,f 1 ,ff X fix 1 ,f , r ff O O O FOOTBALL . it 2 " A ...A l - FIRST ROW: David Sullivan, Kenneth O'Brien, Robert Hawkes, John Pawlak, Loyd Childs, John Gallagher, Kenneth Jolly, Thomas O'Donnell. SECOND ROW: Coach Stewart, Ben Brunell, Karl Dadmun, Donald Rich- ards, Bruce Bumpus, Richard Baldwin, Robert Frye, Alan Richards, James O'Donnell, Neil Murphy, Coach Toner. THIRD ROW: Steven Grindle, John Waseleski, James Calderwoocl, David Chisholm, Joseph Mac- Donald, James Frazer, and Dexter Crocker. Football during our last year at Foxboro High presented many thrills, the biggest of which was the startling upset over Oliver Ames by a score of T4-O. The team played very well and its spirit was a main factor in our successful season. Our of- fense was unstoppable, scoring T42 points, and our defense was invincible, giving up a paltry 33 points. The Mansfield game was one of the best played despite the loss. TEAM RECORD Foxboro Opponent 8 East Bridgewater ,,,, ,A,,,,,,... 'l 9 6 Yarmouth ,,,, , . ,,c,,c, W O 32 Westwood ,, O O Weston cccccc .,c. 8 O Franklin ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .... O 40 King Philip cccccccccccc cccc 0 42 West Bridgewater ,..., O... O l-4 Oliver Ames ,.,...,.,. ..,, O O Mansfield ,ceEEEEE,,,,.,vvcccc.,,,,cc,.,c,,,,,,, 6 SENIORS l TEAM IN ACTION "A word of ad BASKETB LL FIRST ROW: Erwin Klempner, Sherwood Smith, Co-Captain, Sam Pawlak, Dexter Crocker, Steve Grindle, Alan Richards. SECOND ROW: Ken O'Brien, Co-Captainp Jan VanDenBerghe, Charles Griffiths, Bruce Bumpas, Richard Baldwin, James O'Donnell, and Coach Toner. Although this year's Basketball team's wins did not exceed their losses, the team gained valuable experience under the direction of Coach Toner. In the game with league leading Oliver Ames, we kept pace until the final quarter. This proved to be the most exciting game of the season. The following valuable seniors will be lost to next year's team: Co-Captains Sher- wood Smith and Ken O'Brien, and high scorer Charles Griffiths. TEAM RECORD Foxboro Westwood o,,,,,o,,, 37 Foxboro Oliver Ames FOXbOfOsese-sees Canton aaaaoo uuuu o , 71 Foxboro Stoughton u FOXb0r0 Sharon ,,,,,,,o ,,,,, 7 9 Foxboro ,,,,,,,, Franklin , Foxboron King Philip ,,u,o,u W 64 Foxboro o,,u,o, 5 Randolph l:0XbOFOmU Yffffr Mansfield ,,,,,,,,, 55 Foxboro Mansfield Foxboro Randolph ,,,, 65 Foxboro King Phillip FOXl3OFO Franklin , ouuu uuuuu 5 A Foxboro uuuu or uuuu o Sharon Foxboro Stoughton ,,oo , 77 Foxboro Canton Fox boro Oliver Ames 71 Foxboro Westwood ,, BASEB LL FRONT ROW: John Pawlak, Kenneth O'Brien, Thomas O'Donnell, Coach Levanitis, James Schromn, James O'Donnell, Richard Davis. SECOND ROW: Dexter Crocker, David Sullivan, John Collwell, William Brunell, Robert Frye, Edward O'Malley, Thomas Lividoti. THIRD ROW: Jan VanDenberg, Neil Murphy, Donald Richards, Charles Griffiths. BATBOYS lN FRONT: Bernard Guerrini and Robert French. The baseball team is looking forward to a very successful season this year under the supervision of Coach Steve Levanitis. Only one starter was lost from last year's team. Returning seniors will be Tom Lividoti in center field, catcher John Pawlak, shortstop Ken O'Brien, first-baseman Charles Griffiths, and Tom O'Donnell. TENNIS Left to right: Steven Grindle, Dana Congdon, Charles Griffiths, Bruce Congdon, Dexter Crocker, John Midwelmore. TRACK KNEELING, let-t to right: Robert Frye, John Smith, John Gallagher, Donald Richards, Alan Richards. STANDING: Beniamin Brunell, David Chisholm, Loyd Childs, Bruce Bumpus, Kenneth O'Brien, James O'Don- nell. GOLF Left to right: Sherwood Smith, Eric Sweed, Dana Congdon, Robert Spalding, William Burke, Bruce Congdon, William Bristol. -- l M CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Carol Mclnisg Susan Swift Patricia Colwellp Nancy Conway, Captainp Pamela Heaton: Frances lmbarog and Helen Ridley. FIELD HGCKEY FIRST ROW: Gail Fraser, Sherry Wells, Co-Captain Betty Lou Pyer, Co-Captain Mary Jane Baker, Janet Lee, Marsha Dudley, Janet Bryant. SECOND ROW: Managers Donna Field, Judy Shepardson, Janice Street, Eloise Anderson, Elizabeth Van Den Berge, Mary Sullivan, Donna Smith, Coach Natalie McComb, Manager Anita San- ford. The Varsity Field Hockey team under the excellent coaching of Mrs. McComb had its best season yet. They were undefeated, with no ties. They scored forty-five goals and only six were scored against them. Leaving the team this year will be three seniors, but with the strong iunior varsity players, these positions should not be hard to fill. We wish next year's team the best of luck. A... ull . . 5,--C. l 'EAM RECORI Foxboro 3 Stoughton . .,.... H , ...... ..,, . 1 4 Canton , ,,,, , l 'l'l Randolph W .. 0 6 King Phillip ,... 1 2 Stoughton , ,,,, 1 5 Canton , 0 4 Randolph ,, 0 3 King Phillip O 4 Oliver Ames ,,,, 2 3 Oliver Ames .,,, . ..,.. . O GIRLS' BASKETBALL FIRST ROW left to right Eleanor Olivera, Verta Huxtable, Mary O'Connell Rae Ringuette SECOND ROW Donna Smith Anita Sanford, Dottie Potter, Janice Street lCo-Captainl, Gail Fraser CCO Captalnl Janet Bryant Eloise Anderson Sherry Wells. THIRD ROW: Betty Lou Pyer, Donna Field lManagersj Joyce Sanford Hazel Fleming Barbara Dearborn Carol Mclnis, Roberta Hanna, Sandy Rochelle fManagersD Miss Hicks lCoachl The girls basketball team under the coaching ot Miss Hicks had a successful bas ketball season this year. As there were no seniors on the team the whole squad will be returning next year. We hope they will have a winning year Foxboroc Fox boro Foxboro Fox boro Foxboro Foxboro Foxboro Foxlooro, Foxboro Foxboro Foxboro l TEAM Recoiao Stoughton Easton , E, Easton , ,,ca Stoughton Sharon c,,, Randolph , Mansfield , King Philip Sharon Canton ,,,, Westwood King Philip N X Q ' ...Ns Y gr- -- u . ll 'SM S. i,l r K' ?? if ,sk v. Af N 6 Sy, SE ls. 1 ff km e F5515 E i aw K if r an 'P as ff N 3 if Q Vz kjy 'x ' ff" -1' HP E-i gf A 4Q 1 ,.: W f,' mm f f A': f '1 '- 4 f , A',' 1 H W 1 'es-, Ag if . Bra, iS f gg KH 3 sk K N V , Q 3, I ,Q , , X S ,,, , Q ki' 'P lg g gl 24 -bi.. Q25 3 H V np- mm 'C' 4: ,- x S- is , 5' 1 ' f Q Efg E, gi my ff' X gi -5 -, yu . , Aiiigx X x Er Y . A fi. 72 L Af 1 E 7 7? M . inn 3 AQTWITNES ff Qs f ' ' Q I f lfaf ' v 3? 09, " rj, 1 -ea" 5 4? . h . i 0, f v mm f 35 jf 3 Q 69 BAN FIRST ROW: Patricia Stevens, Charlene Ouirnet, Patricia Randall, Mary O'Connell, and Lila Soldani. SEC- OND ROW: Patricia Maloot, Betty Lou Pyer, Patricia Studley, Karen Glazier, Dorothy Potter, Mary Brunell, Maureen Maloot, Mr. Ball, Eloise Anderson, Nancy Blay, Philip Blay, Neal Higgins, Michael Annon, Joseph Connell, Linda McCasland, Howard Morse, Barbara Brown, Sue Bailey, Cynthia Nowlan, and Susan Hatt. THIRD ROW: Roger Johnston, Charles Trebino, John Keyworth, Claire Reuter, John Michelmore, Christina Ouirnet, Frederic Longabard, Thomas Burt, Elsa Meekins, Polly Mitchell, Ann Holt, Lorraine Short, and Frances Burlin. FOURTH ROW: Alice Doiron, Diane Hicks, Dana Congdon, Ellen McSwain, William Mc- Swain, Dale Gillespie, David Reuter, Peter Doiran, Veronica Kirby, Judith Holmes, Vivian Lyons, Gail Saunders. FlFTH ROW: William Ricler, Peter Congdon, David Aylward, Bartlett Matthews, John Crawford, David Emus, Robert Cheyne, Mary Sullivan, Beverly Jones, lvor Reuter, Margaret Maxey, and Margaret Belyea. R E 5 ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION COUNCIL FRONT ROW: Mrs. Natalie Mccaomb, Judy Shepardson, Larry Birkbeck, Nancy Conway, Ken O'Brien, Mr William Toner, Mr. Thomas Armstrong. BACK ROW: Helen Ridley, Janet Lee, Dottie Potter, David Sullivan Tom Thurston, Bruce Heald, Linda Buckner, Richard Crocker, Mary Jane Baker. PEP SQUAD W. Q... mage nk FRONT ROW: Deanna Le Clair, Paula Grindle, Janet Dearborn, Judy Craddock, Diane Brackett, Ann Hayes, Joyce Colwell, Dotti Kvviatowski, Janet Anderson, Dottie Grant, Sandra Richards. SECOND ROW: Harriet Allen, Patricia Murray, Sally Flaherty, Sherry lvatts, Karen Temple, Maureen Ward, Paula Gildersleeve, Diane Paza, Lorraine Short, Nancy DeGraft, Sandy de Vaux, Co-Captain. THIRD ROW: Cathy Dillin, Pa- mala Grindle, Karen Webber, Carol De Marzio, Mary Milham, Chris Davidson, Lois Mittenbury, Lynne Webber, Mariorie Baker, Sandra Conway, Ann Heffernan, Co-Captain. 1 CHEMISTRY CLUB FIRST ROW, left to right: Sherwood Smith, Donna Field, Judith Shepardson, Mr. Dolloff, Leslie Hicks, Jane Messenger, Elizabeth Van Den Berghe, and Gerald Smith. SECOND ROW, left to right: Kyle Donovan, Robert Hicks, Paul Fitzpatrick, Hazel Fleming, Bruce Congdon, Roger Hicks, Peter Saparoff, and Bernard Holmberg. BUSINESS MANAGERS CLUB FIRST ROW, left to right: Nancy Blay, Marsha Dudley, Mary Michelmore, and Leslie Hicks. SECOND ROW, left to right: Mary Brunell, Dennis Jondro, Paul Jodice, Joyce Sanford, Jan Van Den Berghe, Marcia Leary, Dana Bearce, Sam Pawlack, Henry Hatch and Mr. Armstrong. DRAMATICS CLUB FRONT ROW: Mary Roche, Pat Colwell, Pamela Heaton, Gail Richards, Ruth Schmitz, and Carol Mclnis. BACK ROW: Rosemary Graves, Nancy Heffron, Lila Soldani, Joseph Connell, Joseph Pignato, Joseph Mulherin, Mr, Edward Drake, advisor, Peter Congdon, Robin Congdon, Marcia Leary, Jamie Adkins, Ann Temple, and Julie Burke. wt 'W 5 33.4 CHEFS' CLUB FIRST ROW: Kenneth Jolly, James O'DonneIl, Robert Frye, Neil Murphy, Robert Newell, and Karl Dadmun BACK ROW: Richard Graves, John Smith, Lawrence Tivy, Erwrad Guerrini, John Waseleski, Gerald Smith William Ward, Lewis Hatch, and Mrs. Harrington. FRENCH CLUB Left to right: Joyce Henderson, Mary Roche Dominic Coyle, Catherine Schultz, and Ju dith Fleischman. STUDENT COUNCIL , , IS om, Helen Ridley, Patricia Colwell. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Globus, Linda Buckner, Susan Hayden, Ann Holt, Elizabeth Baker, Eloise Anderson, June Robinson, Jane Harrigan, Mary.SulIivan, Deborah Wills, and Maureen Maloot. THIRD ROW: Peter Bailey, Steven Grindle, Joseph Pignato, Kenneth O'Brien, Joh P lk ' ' n awa , Benlamln Brunell, James Fraser, Robert Guenard. NATIONAL HO SOCIETY FIRST ROW: Lila Soldani, a y , d Mrs Alice Brawn, advisor. BACK ROW: dn , Janet Lee, Charles Griffiths, and Mary Jane Baker. NOR GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW: Mary Ann Blais, Chester Romiglio, Joan Gallagher, Lois Granahan, Pat , Robert Guenard, Robert Peters, and Miss Divitorio. SECOND ROW: Carol Metrano, Philomena Coyle, Nancy Shepardson, Mary Rouille, Roland Blais, Alice Downs, Vivian Lyons, Mary Snow, and Betty Lou Pyer. Bel ea, Sandra King, Joseph Mulherin, Arthur Risotti, Ian Fraser, OW Norman Curry Margaret y THIRD R 1 , It nd Thomas Cummings. Anne Parkhill, Susan Ho , a INDUSTRIAL ARTS FIRST ROW: Mr. Minah, Thomas Peavey, Thomas O'Donnell, Raymond Webb, Ronald Aspray, and Chester Svenson. SECOND ROW: Owen Forrest, Lawrence Birkbeck, Dana Bearce, Donald Tilloison, William Burh- rig, Harold Parkinson, Terrance O'Sullivan, John Cummings, and Mr. Levanitis. THIRD ROW: Mark Van Den Berghe, Richard Turcorfe, Kenneth Jolly, Roberf Peavey, Karl Dadmun, Richard Callahan, Pafrick O'- Sullivan, and Conrad Kaiser. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Mrs. Hart, at desk, advisor. Left to right: Irving Rockwood, Pat Clark, Linda Emery, Lila Solclani, Pamela Heaton, Dianne Janizeueski, and George Reid. ART CLUB FIRST ROW: Sally Cook, Karen Murray, Carol Harris, Cynthia Nowlan, Gail Saunders, and Maureen Kelly. SECOND ROW: Paulette Young, Mary Michelmore, Carol Mclnis, Rose Erler, Ruth Schmitz, Lee Forrester, Virginia Colburn, Patricia Randall, Dianna Collins, Patricia Lonargan, Nancy Conway, and Mrs. Coyne. THIRD ROW: Joseph Milliarcl, Roberta Hanna, Catherine Rolfe, Mary Jane Baker, Lois Juergens, Suzanne Davis, Bruce Davis, and Nancy Castelli. NEWSPAPER CLUB FIRST ROW: Mrs. Doris Sullivan, Carol Mclnis, Jamie Adkins, Julie Burke, Editor, Nancy Conway, Diane Juergens, Kay Pinkharn, and David Swierk. SECOND ROW: Gail Clark, Cheryl Field, Pat Murray, Lucy Warren, Nancy Hoey, Ann Temple, Marcia Leary, Laura Barrows, Karen Glazier, Margaret Morisson, Lois Morin, Christina McGoIdrick, Eleanor Olivera, and Laraine Mittenburg. THIRD ROW: Barbara Kwiatkowski, Helen Darling, Terry Adkins, Joan Gallagher, Nancy Heffron, Pamela Dorion, Cilla Collins, Verda Huxtable, Con- nie Rizzo, Jeanne Jette, Rosemary Graves, Janet Brimner, and Frances Burlin. FOURTH ROW: Mary Bru- nell, Carol Gaeta, Robert Hicks, Fred Peck, Peter Saparoff, Bernard Holmberg, Roger Hicks, Paul Jodice, Ferne Phillips, and Francis lrnbaro. PROJ ECTORS' CLUB Left to right: Charles Topping, David Hill, James Newell, Richard Cheyne, Eric Sweed, Dana Congdon, Bruce Heald, Mr, Pearlmutter, Randolph Baker, William Bristol, William Cataloni, William Burke, Joseph Richard, Mark Donovan, Robert Walsh, John Kelly, Brian Cady, Leonard Jolly, Warren McLeod, Owen Forrest, Alan Grigsby, Lee Belyea, George Law. SCIENCE AND WEATHER CLUB FIRST ROW, left to right: Neil Beach, Merrill Rollins, Joseph Meomartino, Richard Brouillard, Robert Green, Jorn Dreselehnke, Lois Hazord, David Waterhouse, Kevin McNamara, John Rooney, Richard Randall, Barry Rochelle, Michael Melton, Charles Street. SECOND ROW: Ralph Giordano, Terrence Lyons, Robert Greco, Wilson Whitty, Girard Pepin, Philip Leavitt, Frank Twitchell, Russell Brown, Neil Kaiser, Robert Sweet, Paul Mangion, Edward Hanson, and George Warren. BOYS' ATHLETIC CLUB FRONT ROW, left to right: Tom O'Donnell, Charles Goddard, Erwin Klempner, John Pawlak, Dexter Crocker, Steve Hougham, and Edward O'Malley. BACK ROW, left to right: Jan Ven Den Berghe, Richard Baldwin, Charles Griffiths, Bruce Bumpus, Ken O'Brien, Tom Lividoti, Alan Richards, and Mr. William Toner. GIRLS, ATHLETIC CLUB FRONT ROW, left to right: Marsha Dudley, Catherine Kelso, Anita Sanford, Sandra Rochelle, Janet Bryant, Sherry Wells, Karen Smith, Donna Smith, and Dorothy Potter. BACK ROW, left to right: Mrs. Natalie McComb, Nancy Murphy, Sandra Shuker, Judith Sullivan, Mary O'Connell, Sandra Paza, Janet Lyons, and Jane Heffeman. w ie:i12Sis"43"' . 1 f':f Zs:s .3 is is , X wfI ,ff ' ' f .A "A. "'A"' .ifigfsissfaw'isswsiflg i . W, f 'Mika . . as, ' -' 1.:2Pfe2H,i 'ifiafffai A " ' A , - ff5:zff'wfz L f:2iT?2:s5QL A 'f' . WH L 4, ,E WS M 5325 ,. X Y 2 ,AL ,, . Q .. K gg 1 X lik 1 be 'X' 1 ws F , 1 , , 2 d ggx K 2 ff X 'KE' w -xi-glgrr, gk J, W ' 'Y 5 W v -Vixikaieiii ' 11 -- " .J - 1 f f V, K " 35 Ffa , N , M G.-25 X S ggi 'T K ill - K-...gjg . gg ' :L K 5 :1 ff, K . 'g T i QA Y., ,aug iii O -rw m Q 'Q .W W, Q f i 'm . 5 I.. 9' 2' y ffh , K 4 Gp -X F ing- f" A W. ,W gf .ax ,W ' f , ff' me wf 4 L- 1 A , S .. ,, M., .f . . N Wi sf f 4:1 Q wff,, m gi: V1 .L 1' Lf? V ,JZ w T! k " " 1 Y ,uk ,sw W . g 23514 if H -, -f fix- . - , .. Q K i isgiwgl A s.: wi 'Wa Y' 'rg x X N ? 'Ng ' . X .N 5 P' -Alf ww' l , .Kr iii X .,.-...U Uv-.-,.. -, ,s,5. V X X yw A I ,. Q 1 ,X v j - " rx X vi N l A X M,,,f x1.,,.,.-fe ibn Q, N ' E Z SWEET swrov M M Q f Besl Wishes GRADUATES for Success and Happiness ihrough lhe years lo come. REDDY KILOWATT Your Eleclric Servanl' WORCESTER COUNTY ELECTRIC COMPANY Part of New England Electric Service FOXBORO 5c TO S I .00 STORE Besf Wishes +o lhe Gradualing Class from M. E. HICKS 8: SON MERIGAN'S Besf Wishes coNsTRucTloN co. VICKERY MOTORS CENTRAL sr. Foxaoko MANSHELD Complimenfs of LAWTON'S NORTH Foxsoko MASS. ROME RESTAURANT R+. alfl Nor+h AHleboro MANSFIELD MILLING CO. MANSFIELD MASS. Bes+ Wishes 'Io 'Ihe Class of '59 FOXBORO ART ASSOCIATION COMPLIMENTS or FOXBORO POLICE Besi' Wishes From fhe FOXBORO BARBER SHOP THE HERBERT E. KING AGENCY CHARLES A. WHEELER Comple+e Insurance Service 206 NORTH MAIN ST. MANSFIELD Tel. ED 9-899l -8992 FOXBORO COAL 8: OIL CO 29 Wall S+., Rear FOXBORO, MASS. TEL. Ki 3-5336 Nighis. Sundays, and Holidays MYr'Ile 5-5l83 BROCKTON TAUNTON GAS COMPANY Natural Gas Is Best tor Cooking, Refrigeration Water Heating and Heating Best Wishes From the CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY ALLIANCE YOUTH BROWN'S CATERING SERVICE Best Wishes Catering to Wedding BAY S-I-A-I-E DRUG STORE Receptions and Banquets TEL. KI. 3-2650 355 SOUTH ST. FOXBORO ED PEAVEYIS CompIimen+s AUTO REPAIRS of A FRIEND HIGH ST. FOXBORO Complimenfs of MOORE'S Mansfield, Mass. CLOTHING STORE Congrafulafions 'ro 'I'I1e Class of '59 From FOXBCRO SAVINGS BAN K Foxsono MASSACHUSETTS COMPO CHEMICAL CO. MANSFIELD MASS. MRI KK! WNLII CompIimen'l's of RED FOX SNACK BAR Besf Wish SS FRESHMAN CLASS THE LORD FOX R+. JH Foxboro Drive-In Savings Convenience FOXBORO FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION I CENTRAL sT. Foxaolzo Complimenis of FOXBORO FIRE DEPARTMENT Congrafulafions +o +he class of '59 MCKENZIE MOTORS FRANCIS E. LEBARON, M.D. FOXBORO, MASS. D. M. SUPPLY, INC. Lumber and Builders Supplies 395 Oakland SI. MANSEIELD TEL. ED. 9-Io9z Complimenfs of SIvIALL'S GREENHOUSE HOME PRODUCTS GARFIELD ST. FOXBORO MUSTO'S BEAUTY SALON MANSEIELD, MAss. Complimenfs of WHITE SWAN MOTEL Main S+- Fofbofo TI-IE GAARD MOTEL SMH-HIS "Clean as a Clinic" FLYING A ROUTE I . FOXBORO SERVICE STATION K" 3"'3"8 MILTON O. E. sMITI-I STAN? Fuel Oil- Heafing Sysfems Sales - Oil Burners - Service AUTO ELECTRIC SCH U LZ'S DAIRY GREEN STREET FOXBORO ST. MARK'S , EPISCOPAL Hg Y'P'F' ,, Z, I Complimenfs of DR. SHERWOOD W. STEERE ' in s ree ' SHARON 92 BH 9 SI I MAss. MILADY S ATTLEBORO Besi Wishes WILLIAM T. McALONEY From +I-ge Masfef Elecffician FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS uso MECHANIC STREET FOXBORO OF PINE ACRES ROAD BURTON L. HERMAN 'NSURANCE GREENLEAF FARMS 80 Federal S1'ree'l' Room 809 BOSTON. MASS. 90 ROBERTS' FUNERAL HOMES FOXBORO. MEDFIELD. MILLIS Tel. Ki. 3-547l Congra+uIa+ions From +he RED FOX MOTEL RT. I FOXBORO Com pIimenI's of CHI KAPPA ZETA Firsf BapI'is+ Church FOXBORO JOHN H. NEWTON Insurance I8 SOUTH ST. FOXBORO I if Congrafulaiions I' Q Io I'he Class of I959 'M 'I K A is FFOITI Ihe In 1 , FOXBORO Y R fy ' s , FURNITURE COMPANY !,,.8-EHR 'lvxyi J an "Where our Dreams Become eali I CompIimen1's of F ERNAN DES Bes+ Wishes From I'he SERVICE COMPANY ORVILLE'S NEWS STORE Complimenfs of MORSE AND FORESTER'S GENERAL STORE DR. LOUIS POLANSKY MRS. OLNEY'S OLTERRA KENNELS Veferinarian Dachshund Puppies Boarding-Clipping ALL BREEDS ROUTE I06 VICINO BUICK CO. GEORGE'S CLEANSERS MansfieId's Mosi' Modern PIan'I' MANSFIELD MASS. CALL AND DELIVERY SERVICE 4 NO. MAIN ST. Ed. 9-7742 BETHANY CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH PILGRIM FELLOWSHIP OUlMET'S DRUG STORE L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY "Known Wherever There Are Schools and CoIIeges" CLASS RINGS AND PINS Commencemenf Invi+a+ions-Diplomas-PersonaI Cards Club Insignia-Medals and Trophies Complimenis of 'HILLTOP , TRAILER COURT DUPREE S TEXACO TEL. EDgewood 9-9060 C"m"'ime"+S of VINCENT'S BEAUTY SALON PAWCK LY0N'5 AND BARBER SHOP GREENHOUSES 70 CENTRAL STREET EOXBORO EOxBORO MASS HALE'S DIN ER EOXBORO MASS. MOCDONALD FARMS Com plimenfs of A FRIEND Bed Wishes Complimenfs From of NICHOLAS NARDELLI STORK DIAPER H Complimenis of BOATS AND MOTORS CURTIS MILLER NEPONSET LAKE FOXBORO MASS. MARGARET K. DCNOVAN . REALTCR Comphmenfs of 22 Main S+ree1', Foxboro, Mass. Office-Ki 3-5I2I ROUTE I WRENTHAM Home -Ki 3-2I22 FOXBORO ESSO . SERVICE CENTER Dnner-Res+auran'I' R + I F b W'en+"-im JIM coNBoY, Prop. Besf Wishes SOPHOMORE CLASS CompIimen+s of JOLLY CHOLLY ROUTE I NORTH ATTLEBORO Compliments of MANSFIELD BLEACHERY Besi' Wishes From +he FOX TOX DON PUTNAM FORD SALES PAUL MITRANO, INC. I2 PRATT ST. MANSFIELD Phone Ed. 9-8937-9-8938 Besf Wishes CompIimen+s of Class gf l959 SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. FARRINGTON MANSFIELD MASS. TEXOL CORPORATION WALPOLE, MASS. CompIimen+s of AUTO PARTS GLENMERE Tel. EVergreen 4-3536 COU NTRY DAY CAMP Besi' Wishes From +he ROSE GARDEN MANSFIELD HEARN'S DAIRY Foxsono MASS. FRANCIS A. BURNS, M.D. Foxsolzo MASS. HANNA'S R ESTAU RANT Foxsoko, MASS. BeS+ Wishes From LAROSE HOMESTYLE CANDIES CUMEY 5 CLEANERS ROUTE I NORWOOD, MASS. Candies Made and Sold on Ihe Premises DR. E. PLONOWSKI OpI'ome+riS+ FERGUSEN BROTHERS FOXBORO MASS. STERLING MFG. CO. Complimenfs of WAYNE'S CROFT MOTEL AND MOTOR COURT MANSFIELD MASS. ROUTE 1 Ki 3-5666 Foxaoko ' F. J. RIZZO Complimems REAL ESTATE of FOXBORO MASS' RED WING DINER Ki 3-8l60 98 Focvory alignment of the MXAO Controller - the insvrumenl thc! iniroduced the first reliable, close-tolerance control for industrial processing. Foxboro makes a better instrument . . . or Foxboro doesn't make it! REG U S PAY OFF. Creative Design and Manufacture of Instruments and Instrument Systems for Measurement and Control of Process Variables. The Foxboro Company, Foxboro, Mass., U. S. A. 99 DARLING'S GRINDING SERVICE Lawnmowers and Engines Repaired To Ihe Graduaiing Class of '59 Congra+uIa+ ions May Ihe Years Before You Be as Happy as Those Jus'I Pasf. Complimenfs of FOXBORO REAL ESTATE CompIimen'l's of CompIimenI's of FOXBORO MOTEL BAKERY MANSFIELD MASS. TORRANCE SHOE STORE FURNITURE CO. 43 PARK ST. A1'rLEBoRo MANSHELD MASS' WELSH'S DAIRY Foxsoao MASS. CompIimenI's of ST. MARY'S CATHOLIC WOMEN'S GUILD FOXBORO MASS Complimenfs of CYO sr. MARY's CHURCH Besf Wishes JU N IOR C LASS FAIRBANK CONGDON CO. Oldsmobile-Ponfiac-Vauvhill Sales and Seryice 6 SOUTH ST. TEL. Ki 3-54I0 FOXBORO Bes+ Wishes fo +he Class of '59 STANLEY REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE DEVINE'S MOTOR SALES MERCURY Sales and Service 101. LORING STUDIOS New Englond's Largest School Photographers WE SALUTE YOU Congralulalions and besl of luclc. We al' Loring's are proud of 'l'he parl' we have had in helping lo malce your class book a permanenl' reminder of your school years, recording wilh pholographs one of 'lhe happiesl' and mosl exciling limes of your life. We hope l'ha'l', iusl' as you have chosen us as your class pholographer, you will conlinue 'lo lhinlc of Loring Sludios when you wanl' pholographs fo help you remember olher momenlous days lo come. When you choose Loring porlrails, you are sure of l'he 'Finesl' craflsmanship al' 'lhe mosl' moderale prices. CUNEO'S HEADD-IN DINER DECLEMENTE'S SUPERIOR MARKET GROSSMAN'S GAYLON BEAUTY SALON OLD CORNER STORE FINDLEY'S MARKET ALMA'S RESTAURANT TIBBITS ART'S ATLANTIC STATION CANDELA FARM HUGO'S SERVICE STATION JIMMIE'S BARBER SHOP CARROLL CUT RATE LITTLE SHOP ROAD SAINTS DR. SCHPINER SWIFT'S FLYING A SERVICE POLYGONS if . 9 W Yjwiw in- E 4, . Q 'fffj gf4f9, f3f1f:f 5:4 1,6 if 41 f M ' f':j Q use "--.,,M,,lif Vu W WU' nik lv v, 4' ,MN v ' wma W my iff-gs X A QS I , Q ir '-W ,aw Nw Ai, ., 'fi 1 5 . - , W'+'L 7gEi X 2 1 ., 5 tg V, , 4 I gf. , K X F Q iii? kt . K E31 5 i - - l 1-fs sf Y, -f 'az ww fs 3

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