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- K mdiai- Puri-I Wi Wi' L. QL W, 'A ff 'sn -'- in' :L A 5 4515 13 ,,,,'.A, v. :.1 ' ff ,, 1 1' .3 ,.. jaw 42mj"e,: 51725 f Xgfmff, Zllgtv-. ,,. .5 :V vm 'FF W5 .I mf. v- Pr. 5' .Q mi Ng QQ 7.-.sf Q25 , 3555 T S zu 1 gig ,tie-'KP X + '44 -Q 513134 53557 ' , , , A :fi A f 'fgwfi A : S -Q w-me ,Q-2. A x., I 1, T11 A ,v .rm THE RED FOX for 1957 Presented by THE SENIOR CLASS Eoxboro High School lfuxm mlacm. Nlefxssuz lll' SlC'l"l'S DEDICATION In appreciation, we, the Class of 1957, dedicate this, the 20th edition of the Red Fox, to Mr. Vernon E. Oldham. As counselor and friend for the past four years, you have listened with patience and understanding to our many problems. We will remember you for the sincere interest you have shown in us as individuals throughout these past years. Page Two 599' 1 EW' 'QRS SUPERIN TEN DENT'S MESSAGE Living in today's world is becoming both easier and more difficult than in our grandfathers' day. Physically we have many aids to living that provide better food, keep us warmer, and take away much of the drudgery of the working world. Modern communication has made it possible to know what is going on any- where in the world almost as soon as it happens. This is a wonderful thing and has great value. However, this very opportunity lends itself to the dissemination of a great mass of rumor and counter-rumor that tends to keep people in an emotionally-upset condition. Hence, it is more difficult to live in today's world because of the great need for emotional stability. It can be hoped that your education has taught you to separate fact from rumor, to evaluate the facts calmly and to maintain a stable emotional reaction to all of the influences that press upon you. WM, Sllf7L'l'fllf61ldC'Ilf of Srlmoli Page Three PRINCIPAKS MESSAGE Cave man created or invented a wheel which turned on an axle, and that was the beginning of civilization. No doubt the neighbors of the inventor laughed at him and said it couldn't be done. This is the important lesson I would like to leave with you. To be successful, man has to be deaf to the doubts of well-meaning friends and never fear the penalty that the world dispenses for originality, ingenuity. and personal initiative. There is a philosophy which has been developing lately in the worldg it is called "crowd culture." Its intent is to keep us all in a regimented mental mediocrity. This typeeof thinking would not only destroy all initiative and free will, but would eventually lead to the loss of all freedom. Spurn this type of negative thinking. Make up your mind what you want in life. Get all' the infor- mation and training you need for your particular job or profession and then step on the power-don't be afraid to be right! I Prifzcipal of Foxbom High School Page Four ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE I have one belief which I would like to pass along to you, namely, that of working up to one's capacity. All of us are endowed with these certain talents and abilities. The fact that we are blessed with these special talents and abilities doesn't of itself make us any better than others. It is how they are used and 'developed that determine our worthiness. Each, in his own mind, knows whether an honest effort is being made, if it isn't, a loss of self-respect may result. The next time a difficult task or problem confronts you, make a more determined effort. The result and your-own feeling of satisfaction may both please and surprise you. Asiimmt Principal of Foxboro High School Page Five Fin! rouf, left to right: Rita Giovino, William Crocker, David Baker, Rita Grise, Susan Carleton Mary Daler, Donald Sloan, Lynda Olsen, Mr. Richard J. O'Leary. advisor. Second row: Mary Aimone Bernice Groce, Abigail Guild, Louise Hatch, Anne Donovan, Mary Ann Mulherin, Priscilla Findley Robert Hernblad, William Davis, Edmund Buckley, Eileen O'Hara, Helen Heffernan, Stephanie DeHaro, Sandra Dolan,fPatricia Sweet, Carol Meekins. Third faux' Robert Guerrini, john Schromm Edward Huntress. Peter Lovely, Francis Durham, Frederick Olney, Paul Morrissey. YEARBOOK STAFF Typing Rita Giovino, Edilor Mary Aimone Louise Hatch Phoiogmplay William Crocker, Edifor William Davis Francis Durham Paul Morrissey A rl Rita Grise, Editor Bernice Groce Abigail Guild Richard Vierkant Editor, SUSAN CARLETON Bmizzery David Baker, Edilor Mary Aimone Edmund Buckley Charlotte Cicciu Robert Guerrini Peter Lovely Douglas Wade Spam Lynda Olsen, C0-edilor Donald Sloan, Co-editor Priscilla Findley Leonard Noiles Page Six Lilerary Eileen O'Hara Mary Daler, Edilor Mary Aimone Dawn Clark Stephanie DeHaro Sandra Dolan Anne Donovan Louise Hatch Helen Heffernan Carol Meekins Patricia Sweet Mary Ann Mulherin Mari: Dawn Clark Bernice Groce FACULTY Mx xiii WW!!! TEAGMER W x - N XQPWQQ C Q33 55 fs "-'li-"- f'T J W! . 1 r ,, -M.: egg I 'L f' --- gg 1 in ww -I 5 - - X, ,. W Y .. . 3, I : +2f41P.is1EQ if sf - fag 5 I , . 'V' I W f' 525 MRS. HELEN LIPNER, Iifzglixh MR. RICHARD O'LI:ARY I S Ilnfrny lmlfln 1JL'lIl0l'7'zIt'f. RR-AR H RLR I - I -' .X ' I iQ T ififii-2771? ' - A my . " f Q - : . 2435 5 Q, :LM ...Q I. . kk ,,.. ,:x, Q, , LRfLfR we Jxfbz jk LVL fr if L ,. ,V . X, A MRS. GLADYS BEERS, Frem'!9. Iirzgfislv. I Af g Hg L ,kA. i' - Q f RRRRRR ' Qyx 'W In .. I is-P , I ki. i' 2. 552-. . K :fi .. 2 I-'QA 5' X I "LfffffA25 A M N I 5 I f Izei-iii , , 3 hw 5 . .. I MR.'I'HOMASARM- S T R O N G , Algvlmz. Plum' I rllltl Sain! Gvrmzutry. Tfign- MRS. DORIS SULLIVAN, COIIl7IIt'1'fj1I1 Snbjevn. 710 7I1z'f?'4j'. MRS. MARJORY MR, VERNAN QLDHAM, o'm,1m-ff, MRS. PRISCILLA HHN Te.. N i as MR RUIH Rl IDUIIUII f,!'A!Illlf7'Q. Shflff .Ilullm MR, ALVIN S'I'IfXVAR'I', lffmrfnflf .m.! 'lfnl Cfffmln N ffv. ' 2 IW NIIIIHI,f:r'HlIl1'lfj. 1,1 mmf! .Ihflfu 01.1114 I, x - , xx ! N NNW I y 6, , aw L MII ANC C '. H. if jf. fi ,fx IlU!IIlfK,lrl, L ' , , . . f Q ,r A3 'I XJ in f-Q INIf,f.OMI'I, l'lvy llhlflflfl. G I i I I I ix Q MR XY I I, I. I .N IXI 'I'UNIfR, Y l'fy1.m..'! l'.w"f..w.' fw. li,mf",ff1' MRS, AI.ICQIi IIRAXVN, l,IIflN, lfrflqffulv, ,,'fg,! lf,fIl,,ff',,!! 4 X 1 If I MR ALVIN IifXI.l., .IIff.,-I li.ur.uJ :nf k su 'Q-.ELA -lun ' Q... A RB, w .mwawhsii VI. .Q ' ' ? if F-S KU '31 , c fm' QB , 5 W 4645? D " 1. ' Nsfx fw f 59 74 mf! x jk ff x l ! x Page Eleven SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Plwjdezzf .SSS.77S..,.....,.,,... ..........,7SA.,..AS . . .,..,,.........,,,, Douglas Wade Vice Pfwidefzl .SS7,.S 7S..,, S usan Carleton Sew'efa1'y ,...S77,SSS7., .....,SS,77S M ary Daler T1'ea.vm'e1' aaa,A. , ...,............,aa. aaaa, R obert Hernblad MOTTO , "He haf arfaiezfea' 5zm'e5.r who Xml' fired wefl, laughed often and loved Hzzzvbf' COLORS Black and Silver Page Twelve CLASS POEMS COMMIENCEMENT Confulence for the yearx to come Ohjectire of many, achierecl hy .mme Maturity ahead for uf to face M ea'itation, too, muyt have ity place. liclucation .fl701l'.f uf hou' to act Nuclear of moxt powerful fact Culture, too, claims a 1'ital part, OUR PRAYER There are days we oft lament, How often time we hare mix-spent. N ow, again, we clutch the key To future goalf whate'er they he. Ana' that our zfowf may not he in vain That all our aimf we may attain. Humhl y, Lord, we ack Thy grace Endurance, a moft clefirahle art. If they Thy teachings do embrace. Maher ahore, Thou Who art moft complete Lynda Olsen Endou' u5 faith, forgive our hafe conceit. N olzle thoughtf are nou' our aim Time will .fhow our claim to fame. Lynda Olsen CLASS SONG -' Fmt Mu LM-' WE'nE' LEAVIN6- DEAR ULD FOXBORO T531 wsfli HEARTS AND FACPS To-NBRD THE S F .1 J -J Sf .SKY mm THE Woxwvow WEHVST GO THE SEEDS oF VIRTUE ouks J A. L-UU H-L-'e"LP4 ut! To SGW ALL THE NEM-RIES WEHOLD DEAR OF ALL THE Q FUN wevf Hno mn yen. AS m THiS womu we TAKE oun PLACE ALTHOUGH WE PART wE'RE NOT ALONE Fon HE wuo's ON THE I-ueussr THRQNE wan. ALWAYS as 'races av oua sum-: TO BE OUR EVERLASTING GUIDE DAWN CLARK BERN ICE GRQC E Page Thirteen vi. MARY CATHERINE AIMONE Mary 183 North Street Collegelcoufse Mary, one of the friendliest girls in the senior class, is known by everyone for her good naturedness. You can always be sure of a friend- ly smile followed by a cheerful "Hi!" wherever you happen to see her. Her main interests include sports, basketball being her favorite and a certain trumpet player. With her sparkling personality, Mary is certain to find happiness wherever she goes. Cheerful, sincere, fun- loving, that's Mary. Hostess at junior Prom lg Assembly Participation 1, 2, 3, 43 Weather Club 13 Social Committee 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 23 FTL 3, 43 Co- Captain, Softball 2, 33 Yearbook Staff 43 Class Secretary 1, 2, 33 Prom Committee 3, Prom Princess 33 Usher at Graduation 2, 33 Ring Com- mittee 23 Future Homemakers of America 2, SCCICYZIYQ Newspaper 23 Monitor 13 Canteen Committee, Secretary 43 junior Red Cross, Vice President 4g Office Secretary 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Drivers Education 33 Typing Award 43.Fashion Show 13 Ways and Means Committee 43 Class History 43 Physical Education Teacher 31 Badmin- ton Tournament 23 Future Teacher of America 43 D.A.R. Award 4. cal engineering. 3, 43 Canteen 4. DOROTHY LOUISE BIRKBECK Dolly 3 Thurston Street Commercial Course "Dolly," known for her friendliness and long black hair, tells us that "Love Is Strange." Could it be Frannie? In her spare time, she enjoys bowling with her friends. After graduation, Dolly plans to become a receptionist. We wish her the best of what the future may hold. Transferred-jamaica Plain High, November. 19553 Glee Club 43 Typing Award 3, 43 Shorthand Award 43 Drivers Training 43 Fashion Show 3. Page Fourteen DAVID RANDOLPH BAKER 9 Maple Place College Course The Business Manager of our Yearbook has a rushed schedule as he hops from staff meetings to basketball practice A member of the basketball squad for three years he is in demand because of hrs height and his well placed shots Quick witted Dave enjoys the friendly greetings of all as he goes through the school Dave ought to raise a high score in his future aspirations in college and then chemi Glee Club 13 Operetta 1 Monitor 1 Basketball Manager 2 Basket ball 3, 43 Social Committee 1 2 3 Prom Committee 3 Ring Com mittee 23 Track 3, 4 Driver Education 3 Class Treasurer 2 Yearbook Staff, Business Manager 4 Athletic Club 4 National Honor Society 'SELL ? YN' 3 H3344 D' - 32, EDMUN D GERARD BUCKLEY Burk 25 Main Street College Course Twenty years from today, we may see Buck's name on all news- papers as having made a valuable contribution to our knowledge of chemistry. For Buck, with his scientific interest, knowledge and ability, seems to be destined for the joys, triumphs and fates of a chemist. With Buck's talent for persuasive argument and his gentle sense of humor, it's useless to dispute anything with him. Glee Club 1. 43 Band l, 2, 33 Prom Committee 33 Social Committee 1, 2, 33 Baseball 33 Orchestra 1, 2, 33 Driver Education 33 Operetta 13 Assembly Participation I, 2, 3, 43 Massachusetts Science Fair 23 Yearbook Staff 4. SUSAN PADELFORD CARLETON Sue 48 Granite Street College Course Sue. a tall attractive senior. is one of the most helpful and generous girls in our class. She is an outstanding girl academically and socially. Her favorite sports are basketball, in which she excels, and baseball, providing a certain pitcher is playing. We shall always remember the wonderful things that Sue has done for our class this year. Woman's Club Honorary Member 2, 33 Hostess at Junior Prom 13 Assembly Part. 2, 3, 43 Weather Club 13 Social Committee 1, 2, 3, 4. Decoration Chairman 1, 23 Basketball 13 FTL 2, 3, 43 Yearbook Staff. Editor 43 National Honor Society 3, 4g Class Vice President 3, 43 Student Council 3, President 43 Science Fair Award 33 Prom Com- mittee 3, Prom Princess 33 Usher at graduation 33 Ring Committee 23 Future Homemakers of America, Vice President 23 Newspaper 23 Monitor 3, 4g Canteen Committee Vice President 4. ELIZABETH ANN CHISHOLM Betty Morse Place Commercial Course Petite, long blonde hair, and a cute smile, describes Betty to a Bowling with Paul occupies most of her spare time. Paul and she are a sure sign of "Young Love." With her outstanding ability to type 92 words a minute, she will be in great demand as a secretary. Typing Award 2, 3, 4g Shorthand Award 1, 23 Glee Club 3, 43 Newspaper Club 43 Fashion Show 13 Assembly Participation 4. Page Fifteen CHARLES WILLIAM CICCIU Charlie 13 West Leonard Street Charlie, who constitutes one-half of our ideal couple, is well known as our favorite chatterbox. He likes the parties given at "Mrs. Cish's." Always ready with a friendly slap on the back and a cheery "I-lil," we wish Charlie the best in the future. Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 1, 2, 3g Dramatics Club 1, Glee Club 23 Driver's Training 3g Monitor lg Assembly Participation 4. CHARLOTTE JOANNE CICCIU Churlolle 13 West Leonard Street College Course Dark hair and bright eyes best describes Charlotte, one of the most petite girls in our class. Her sedate personality and sweetness make her well liked by everyone. We wish her all the luck and hap- piness in the world. Transferred from Dominican Academy September, 1956, Teen Time WARA 4, Social Committee 1, 2, 43 Band lg Glee Club lg Girls' Industrial Club 11 Yearbook Staff 4g Drivers Education 4, junior Red Cross 4. DAWN ELESE CLARK Clark Bar 11 Centennial Street Commercial Course Always'laughing and full of fun, Dawn is a favorite of all. She can usually be found buzzing around in her Ford. Her agreeable and witty personality have won her many friends. We certainly wish her the best of everything the future holds. Social Committee 1, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 33 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Girls' Sport Club 15 Future Homemakers of America 13 Girls' Bas- ketball, Manager, 2, 3, 43 Field Hockey, Manager 1, Z, 4g Girls' Softball, Manager 1, 2, 3, Weather Club 1, Typing Award 2, 3, 43 Shorthand Award 43 Yearbook Staff 4, Drivers Training 31 Badminton Tournament 23 Assembly Participation 1, 3, 43 Fashion Show Ig Class Song. Page Sixteen F .Y JANET LOUISE CONGDON jan 188 Beach Street Home Economics Course One of the quietest members of our "society," but always ready with a friendly greeting-that's jan. She likes to draw and is quite talented at it. Her favorite person is obviously Marilyn. Certainly Jan will make a very good office girl and we wish her the best of luck. Art Club 43 Future Homemakers of America lg Social Committee 1, 25 Assembly Participation 4. WILLIAM PULSIFER CROCKER Sbagg South Street Industrial Arts Course Carefree and fun loving-that's our Bill. As photography editor of the Yearbook, Bil always looked forward to the times when he could miss a class or two in order to assist the photographer. His main interests include football and his beloved car. We all wish Bill the best of success in whatever he may undertake. Football 2. 3, 43 Basketball Manager 2. 3, 43 Track 35 Photo Editor, Yearbook Staff 43 Industrial Arts Club 45 Assembly Participation 4. PAUL ADAMS CUTLI R Bulrh 95 Summer Street College Course Butch, apparently quiet and self-contained. can really cut a caper on the square-dance floor. He's lived in "good ole East Foxboro" for quite a while, so his ambition to be :I farmer should be easily fulfilled. Weather Club lg junior Varsity Baseball 23 Glee Club 43 Assembly Participation 4. Page Seventeen MARY ELIZABETH DALER I Mary 201 Oak Street College Course Mary is probably the most accomplished girl in the senior class. Her favorites are good marks, Trigonometry, and George, in the reverse order! While at Massachusetts Girls' State last summer, she met Arleen, who has become one of her best pals. An eneretic, efficient worker, she is devoting much time to the success of our Yearbook as Literary Editor. Dramatics Club 1,. 2, 3, President 31 Massachusetts Girls' State 33 Assembly Participation 1, 2, 3, 4g Class Secretary 4g Distribution of Diplomas 33 Glee Club 1, 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Literary Editor of Yearbook 43 Operetta lg Social Committee 1, 23 Honor Roll l, 2, 3g High Honors 23 Basketball 33 Driver's Education 31 Physical Education Teacher 3, Ring Committee 2. STEPHANIE JANE DEHARO 43 Sherman Street Ste hanie fondl called Tenny has a lovely smile big brown eyes WILLIAM JARVIS DAVIS 41 Sherman Street MMU General Course Once quiet, always keeping to himself, "Jarvis" is now one of the most fun-loving seniors. His height and good build were an advantage to the football team. When jarvis isn't driving the boys to a basket- ball game, or some other place in his blue beach wagon, he is work- ing in his Dad's news-store. Football 2, 3, 45 Baietball 3g Glee Club lg Yearbook Staff 4g As- sembly Participation 1, 2, 3. College Course P 1 Y v 1 and a heart of gold. She will be a success, whether a housewife or a career girl. Her hobby, and also job at present, is baby sitting. Perhaps this experience has decided her on the career of a nursery school teacher. Future Homemakers of America 1g FHA Convention 13 FHA State Secretary 2g Glee Club 3g Dramatics 4g Yearbook Staff 4g Driver's Training 4g Christmas Assembly 43 Teentimes--WARA 4. Page Eighteen SANDRA JEAN DOLAN Dandy 267 South Street Commercial Course "Dandy," one of the best-dressed seniors, can usually be found riding around looking for a little excitement. Sweet and sincere- "Dandy" always has a smile for everyone. With her pleasing per- sonality. she is sure to succeed in her chosen profession of becoming a beautician. Future Homemakers of America 15 junior Red Cross 45 Social Com- mittee 1, 2, 5, 45 Girls' Fashion Show 15 Glee Club 25 Typing Award 2, 3, 45 Newspaper Club 35 Prom Committee 3: Shorthand Award 45 Yearbook 45 Assembly Participation 4. ANNE KYLE DONOVAN i Antlerr East Street College Course Antlers. with her friendly personality, always has a smile for everyone. Although she may be very studious, you can count on her to join in the laughter. or to add a joke or two. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and is respected by all. Yearbook Staff 45 Ring Committee 35 TeenTimes WARA 45 Drivers Training 3Q Social Committee, Ticket Chairman 15 Social Committee 1, 2, 3, 45 Prom Committee 55 Assembly Participation 1, 2, 49 Office Work 15 Honor Roll l, 2, 35 Fashion Show 15 Future Homemakers of America President 2, State President 2, Delegate to FHA North Atlantic State Conference 25 Class Vice President 25 School Paper, Editor 45 French Club 35 Monitor 15 Future Teachers of America 45 Motto ,Committee 45 Massachusetts Girls' State Alternate 35 Food' Sale Committee 4. GAIL ANN DUMAS Gay East Street Commercial Course Gail's nickname, Gay, suits her very well because she is always laughing and has a smile for everyone she meets. When she isn't working at the "5 and 10," she can be found sitting in the Coffee Shop, or just taking life easy at home. Operetta 15 Field Hockey 15 Glee Club 15 Newspaper 2, 55 junior Red Cross 45 Assembly Participation 4. Page Nineteen FRANCIS FREDRICK DURHAM Punrlay Central Street General Course A quiet fellow, well liked, a good sport and a swell football player all add up to one person-Frannie. Better known as "Punchy," he goes his way with a smile and a chuckle for everyone. Monitor 13 Glee Club 1, 23 Basketball 1, 23 43 Track 2, 33 Baseball 1, 3, 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Athletic Club 43 Varsity Club 4. TYLER GARDENER GAULT PRISCILLA LOIS FINDLEY Cilla South Street College Course Cilla may be tall in stature, but she is wide and expansive in personality. She can always be depended upon for that extra scoring point in competition, for her favorite game is basketball. Her talent for punching out those points carries over to a cash register, for she is employed by her Dad at Findley's Market. Sipping Mocha Frappes with Lynda at Ouimet's is one of her favorite pastimes. Badminton Tournament 23 Field Hockey 1, 23 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Softball 1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club 43 Girls' Sports Club 13 Athletic Club 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Future Homemakers of America 1, 23 Drivers Education 33 Athletic Association 4. Walnut Street General Course "Ty," who was voted the most musical boy in the class, has been a great asset to our school band. He can be seen at most sports events, either participating or as a loyal rooter. If he fulfills his ambition and becomes a chef, cooking will never have to bother joan. Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4g Football 4g j.V. Baseball 23 V Baseball 33 Assembly Participation 4. Page Twenty RITA LAURETTE GIOVINO 92 Chestnut Street RMU Commercial Course Rita, better known to all of us as "Ritzy," is usually seen riding around in her Dad's car or at Bernie's talking with the girls. She may be one of our smallest senior girls, but she has a big heart and is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone. She will make an ideal medical secretary. Basketball Manager 1, Basketball j.V. 2, Basketball Captain 3g FT L 43 Typing award 2, 5, 43 Shorthand Award 45 Student Council lg Yearbook Staff, Typing Editor 4, Softball Manager 2, 3, 43 Prom Committee 3: Social Committee 1, 2, 5, Assembly Participation 4g Girls' Sports Club lg Newspaper, Assistant Editor 35 FHA 2, Ath- letic Club 4. GEORGE GERARD GOODWIN George 125 North Main Street, Mansfield Industrial Arts Course George can often be seen playing grease monkey at the East Foxboro Garage, or bragging about his hopped-up Ford. On school momings he loves to play chauffeur. We are sure going to miss riding to school on those cold winter mornings. To you, George, we wish all of the luck in the world. Monitor 1, 5, Projectors Club 2, 5: Assembly Participation 4. DEAN FRANCIS GRANAHAN Zeke 30 Union Street Industrial Arts Course Zeke, a typical senior, has done a terrific job as president of the newly organized Canteen. Carefree and fun-loving, Zeke never fails to be the center of attraction, when he is dancing with Connie. NVith his friendly ways, he will succeed in his ambition to become a good chef. Social Committee 1, 25 Prom Committee 3, Industrial Arts Club 2, Basketball 1, 2, Football 1, 2: Prom Prince 53 Ring Committee 23 Assembly Participation 4. Page Twenty-one MARILYN GAIL GREENLEAF Mary 39 Union Street Commercial Course Quiet, but friendly-that's Mary. She enjoys just loafing around and can't stand snobby people. She and Jan have been practically in- separable friends for many years. A true friend and classmate, Mary deserves the best and we know she will work well and conscientiously in any office. Art Club 45 Assembly Participation 4. RITA ADRIENNE GRISE R. 101 Morse Street lm Commercial Course Rita, one of the cutest girls in our class, usually works at the Orpheum when she isn't at home writing letters. With her artistic talent, Rita has done a tremendous job as art editor of this yearbook. Her witty personality and cheerfulness will help her make friends wherever she goes. Rita is an accomplished actress, but prefers a career as a hair stylist. Student Council 25 Prom Committee 33 Social Committee 1, 25 Dra- matics Club 1, 2, 33 Honor Roll 2, 33 Monitor 1, Yearbook Staff, Art Editor 4g Office Work 3, 4: Typing Award 2, 35 Driver Train- ing 3g Assembly Participation 4. BERNICE LOUISE GROCE Bernie West Street College Course Bernie, a newcomer in her Sophomore'year, has made many friends at Foxboro High. She has a decided flair for acting, a pronounced artistic gift, an ability to write rock and roll lyrics. She will always be remembered for her quick wit, friendly ways and engaging smile. Transferred-Roxbury Memorial High, january, l955g Social Com- mittee 2, 3. 43 Decorations 2, 3, 45 Prom Committee 3g Dramatics Club Treasurer 3, Vice President 4g Assembly Participation 3, Year- book Staff 4. Page Twenty-two ROBERT GUERRINI Bobby 30 County Street Industrial Arts Course Bobby, the cutest boy in the senior class, is often seen in Wrentham visiting Sandy or else out on the basketball court trying for another basket. Whenever you meet him you can be sure of a cheery "hello." With his agreeable disposition, he will go a long way in whatever he chooses to do. Football 13 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Social Committee 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club 43 Athletics Club 4g In- dustrial Arts Club 13 Yearbook Staff 43 Prom Committee 43 Assembly Participation 4. ABIGAIL EMMA GUILD Abby 8 Garfield Street College Course Abby. one of our most attractive and talented senior girls, finds her spare time occupied by a certain person from Attleboro. She has a strong interest in music and plans to further her abilities by attending King's College to major in music. We are sure that the future has much happiness and success in store for her. Majorette I, 2, 3, 43 Head maiorette 43 Future Homemakers of America 1, Chapter President 23 Glee Club 3, 43 Homeroom Busi- ness Manager 43 Student Representative of High School Athletic Association 43 Driver Education 33 Assembly Participation 4. JANET LOUISE HARRIS jan 43 East Street Commercial Course "jan" spends most of her spare time at the "Switch" with Bob and the rest of her friends. Her best characteristics are her cute smile and cheery disposition. We know these will play a large part in her success as a secretary. Field Hockey lg Typing Award 2, 3, 43 Band 13 Newspaper Club 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Art Club 13 Driver Training 33 Fashion Show 1, 2, 33 Operetta 23 Shorthand Award 43 Assembly Participation 4. Page Twenty-three PAULA LOUISE HATCH Squeezie 20 Pond Avenue College Course Louise's happy-go-lucky manner, and friendly laugh have made her a friend to all. Louise, who plans a nursing career, will certainly be successful. Her poise, quiet and dignified manner will aid her in reaching her goal, and help her to find all of the happiness in the world. Social Committee 1, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 2g Yearbook Staff 4g Driver Education 35 Basketball 1, 23 Girls' Sports Club lg Business Manager of School Newspaper 35 junior Red Cross President 4g Assembly Participation 1, 2, 4g Typing Award 49 Monitor 1, 2g Hostess at junior Prom 1g Canteen Committee 43 Office Secretary 1, 2, 3g Prom Committee 3, Fashion Show 1, 3, Future Home-makers of America: Class History 4, Ways and Means Committee 43 Class Motto 43 Girls' Shop 1. ROBERT WILLIAM HERNBLAD HELEN ANNE HEFFERNAN Helen 360 South Street College Course Helen, who came to us from Sharon as a junior, has amused her classmates with her funny expressions and tall tales. With her ever- present smile, she's sure to be a success in her chosen career. Transferred from Sharon High School 3g Basketball FTL 43 Soft- ball 3g Prom Committee 3g Yearbook Staff 43 Dramatics Club 3g Athletic Club 45 Assembly Participation 3, 4. Slim 18 Eastman Avenue College Course Bob, conscientious and good natured, has been an asset to our class. He has filled the job as senior class treasurer successfully. On the basketball court, he is known for his ability to get the rebounds consistently. Bob has a great sense of humor, and with his friendly personality, he will surely succeed in college. Newspaper Club 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 41 Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Weather Club 15 Senior Class Treasurer 4g Cafeteria Worker 1, 2, 3, 4g junior Varsity Baseball 25 Assembly Participation 4g Yearbook Staff 4, Class Motto 4. Page Twenty-four EDWARD GRAHAM HOLSKE Ed 137 East Street Industrial Arts Course Anyone who knows Ed appreciates his good nature. Although he has a quiet manner, Ed is usually ready for fun and a practical joke. He can usually be found either riding in or working on his trusty Ford. Auto mechanics is his future field. We know be will be suc- cessful. Social Committee 55 Industrial Arts Club 1, 23 Newspaper Club 43 Assembly Participation 4. LINCOLN SPEAR HOLSKE Hollywood 15 Sand Street College Course Linc, recently acquiring the name "Hollywood," is at his happiest when he's roller-skating or playing baseball. Small in stature, but mighty in personality, he's sure to succeed at whatever he attempts. Baseball I, 2, 3. 43 Football 43 Driver Training 32 Assembly Par- ticipation 4. HALBERT SNOW HOUGHAM, JR. Hal 6 Orchard Place College Course Tall. dark and handsome, Hal spends most of his spare time in the woods tracking down wildlife. preferably deer. Everyone-es- pecially the girls-knows that once hunting season begins in the fall. Hal will be out of circulation until january. Hal is certain to go far with his quiet, yet friendly and sincere ways. Track lg Monitor I. 2: Football 2. 53 Driver Training 3, Prom Com- mittee 3g Canteen Committee 'lg Assembly Participation 4. Page Twenty-five 'IWlE5l5"W""?5 EDWARD HUNTRESS Ed 8 West Leonard Street College Course Ed will always be remembered by his classmates for his sincere friendliness. With his unquenchable cheerfulness, we all know Ed will achieve,his goals in life. One of his greatest assets is the ability to debate well, and this should help him a great deal when he attends college. junior Varsity Football 23 Varsity Football 33 Student Council 2, 3, 43 Social Committee 2, 53 Prom Theme Committee 53 Driver Edu- cation 33 Student Council Treasurer 43 Glee Club lg Cafeteria Worker 1, 43 Monitor 1, 3, 43 Ring Committee 23 Yearbook Staff 43 Class Will 43 Assembly Participation 4. FRANK LESLIE HUSSON Ler Washington Street Industrial Arts Course Whenever you hear laughter, you can be sure Les is around. He can usually be found riding down Central Street or trying to figure out some way to get rid of his pet peeve--homework. His main interests are Pat Sweet and basketball. With his winning personality, he is sure to go far. Prophecy 4g Social Committee 4g Assembly Participation 4. VALERIE IRENE JONES Val 15 Leonard Street College Course This attractive, pretty-eyed gal finds great sport in racing to Mans- field every afternoon after school, where she puts in time at Martin's Fabric Shop. Val has an unusual talent for sewing, which will surely help her later on in her role as a housewife. Future Homemakers of America 1, 23 Glee Club 3, 43 Driver Train- ing 5Q Assembly Participation 4. Page Twenty-six WILLIAM STERLING KAY Billy East Street College Course Billy. one of the quieter members of our class. can always be found with one of his East Foxboro friends. BiIl's classmates are beginning to wonder if he is trying to collect as many cars as he has girl friends. Proiector Club lg Glee Club lg Social Committee 2. 51 Newspaper -1: Industrial Arts Club 'lg Assembly Participation 4. DOROTHY IRENE LAPLANTE Barbie 36 Morse Street Commercial Course Barbie, as she is known to her friends. spends much of her time writing letters to her favorite person, jimmy. She is interested in becoming a secretary after graduation. Her wonderful personality and good sense of humor will certainly help her to the top. Typing Award 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 53 Assembly Participation 4. PETER MICI-II AL LOVFLY Pele' 7 Park Avenue Commercial Course lf there was ever a marathon race to "NXfalpole." Pete. one of our most popular seniors, would surely be the first one to arrive. He would then bead to Ann's house. which is his favorite hangout. XX'ith Pete's sincere and friendly ways, he is sure to reach his life's ambition and become a terrific salesman. Football 2. 51 Yearbook Staff -lg Social Committee -lg Prom Com- mittee 31 Ring Committee Z1 Assembly Partitipation -1. Page Twenty-seven JOYCE LUCILLE LUDWIG jo ' 23 Bird Street ye Commercial Course Joyce, full of fun and spirit, finds a laugh in every situation. When she isn't working at the Little Shop, she is usually driving the family car filled with her girl friends, Sue, Rita, and Nancy. Joyce hopes to be a receptionist. Her easy-going ways and cheerful disposition will stand her in good stead in this type of occupation. Driver Training 33 Typing Award 2, 5Q Girls' Sports Club lg Moni' tor 2. l CAROL MARIE MEEKINS Carol 288 Central Street College Course Carol, our favorite bookworm, would rather read and dream about Dick than do her Trig. Her other interests include music, sports and people. Still undecided as to her career, we know she'll be a success in whatever she chooses. Band 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 4g Orchestra 15 Yearbook Staff 43 1?fam21fiCS 12 Social C0mmittCe 2, 5g Operetta lg Assembly Participa- tion 1, 43 Field Hockey 2g Fashion Show lg Office Work 4. PAUL CORNELIUS MORRISSEY Paul 355 Central Street Paul is dedicated to trains and has hopes of becoming an engineer after high school. Well known for his off-hand humorous remarks, Paul has a good time in school, as he enjoys teachers and fellow- students alike. Newspaper 15 Photography Club 4g Driver Training 45 Social Com- mittee 2, 3, 4. Page Twenty-eight MARY ANN MULHERIN Red 16 Community Way Commercial Course Mary Ann, sometimes known as "Red," has a true Irish personality. With her blue eyes and cheery voice, she has been Foxboro's cutest and peppiest cheerleader. Whenever there is a school affair or just a get-together, Mary Ann is sure to be there, laughing and joining in the fun. She is sure to attain happiness and success in the future. Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 President of Future Homemakers of America, Glee Club 1, 2, Newspaper 2, 33 Basketball 1, Cheerlead- ing Club 2, 3, President 4, Varsity Club 4, Treasurer, Girls' Sports Club 1g Class Will 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Prom Committee 33 Social Committee 1, 23 Girls' Industrial Arts 1. LEONARD ARTHUR N OILES Lennie 80 Main Street General Course Smiling Lennie, the shortest boy in our class, certainly lives up to the saying, "dynamite comes in small packages." This is especially true of Lennie when he plays football, for he is a wonderful athlete. Without the aid of Lennie, we are sure that the Foxboro Drum and Bugle Corps wouldn't have been so successful in competitions. Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 4g Varsity Club 4, Vice President of Class 1, Athletic Club 45 Prom Committee 3, Social Committee 1, 25 Assembly Participation 45 Teen Time, WARA 4. EILEEN FAITH OHARA Eileen 174 Central Street College Course Eileen, with her sweet smile, has made many friends since she came to Foxboro High in her sophomore year. She enjoys most of her trips to Cohasset to visit Wif. After graduation, she plans to enter nursing. Transferred from St. Mary's Central Catholic High, Milford, Mass., November, 1954, Dramatics Club 33 Glee Club 43 Honors 23 Future Homemakers of America 23 Assembly Participation 4. Page Twenty-nine FREDERICK HAMILTON OLNEY JR. E 38 Green Street my College Course Emo is always ready with a witty remark. He and his trusty old Ford are recognized as part of Foxboro standard equipment. The school just won't be the same without them. Beneath his carefree manner there's a serious streak in Fred. It will be this part that will make him a success in college. Basketball 1, 23 Social Committee 1, 25 Yearbook Staff 43 Assembly Participation 4g Class Prophecy 4. LYNDA ANN OLSEN Lynn 80 High Street College Course Blonde, blue-eyed, the most athletic girl in our class, and looking on life as an enjoyable task-thisfis a sketch of Lynda. She is a friend to everyone, and everyone is a friend to her. When you notice Lynn day-dreaming you may bet it's about her future as a good teacher. or she's wondering when jimmy will be home on leave again. School Paper Assistant Editor lg Sports Editor 21 Cheerleader Club 45 Basketball 1, FTL 2, 3, 4, Field Hockey FTL 1, 2, 3, Captain 4, Softball FTL 1, 2, 3, 45 Sports Club 1, Varsity Club, Secretary 43 Social Committee 1, 2, 3, Chairman 4g Prom Committee Chairman 33 Student Council 3, Yearbook, Sports Editor 43 Monitor 1, 2, 3, 4g Office Work 1, 2g Assembly Participation 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 43 Band 23 Majorette 1, Captain 2, 33 Science Fair 35 Dramatics 3, 4g Ring Committee 23 Contest Representative, Miss Sportswear 45 Future Teachers of America 43 Canteen Committee Treasurer 4g Physical Education Teacher 3. HELEN PAULINE OSULLIVAN Sully 95 East Street Commercial Course Helen, better known as "Sully," enjoys herself when she is bowling or riding around with her favorite person, Hago. With her pleasant personality and ready smile. she is certain to succeed in her ambition to become a secretary. . Industrial Arts Club 1, Newspaper 33 Future Homemakers of America lg Glee Club 2. 3, junior Red Cross 4: Driver Education 3: As- sembly Participation 4. Page Thirty NANCY JOAN PACKARD Nancy 263 Central Street Commercial Course Nancy has a rare combination of beauty and brain. She spends her spare time with her pride and joy, "Little Roya." Nancy is usually either exercising "Little Roya" or at the Bay State Raceway taking care of "Bomber." Nancy's favorite song, "The Girls Are Marching," goes well with her ambition to join the Air Force and see the world. Secretary of Future Homemakers of America 21 Typing Award 3, 41 Driver Training 4: Honor Roll 1, 2, 31 Girls' Sports Club 1. CLIFTON GRANVILLE ROBERTS JR. C1'ff 30 South Street I General Course Whenever you see someone riding by in the direction of the Head- In Diner with Harv and Glen. you can be sure it's Cliff. With his genial and friendly ways, Cliff is sure to be a success in his ambition to become a funeral director. We sincerely wish him all the luck in the world in his chosen profession. Industrial Arts Club 2, 3, 43 Assembly Participation 4. JOHN EDWIN SCHROMM john 46 Oak Street Industrial Arts Course John can always be counted on for a friendly greeting and a slap on the back wherever you see him. John's ambitions for the future are twofold: firstp to have his own architectural firm, and secondly, to live in a house of his own design. Football 1, 2, 35 Basketball 2g Track 1, 2, 3, 4g Baseball 25 Social Committee 1, 2, 5Q Athletic Club 4g Yearbook, Class Will 4g As- sembly Participation 4. Page Thirty-one HOWARD EDWIN SHEPARDSON Shep 11 West Leonard Street Industrial Arts Course Shep has spent his four years of high school making friends. He will be remembered for his active participation in the band. Although Shep's future is uncertain, we know that he will go a long way with his happy, carefree manner. Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 1, 2g Industrial Arts lg Assembly Participation 4. SYRENA BERNICE SILVA Bernie 22 Cocasset Street Comme,-cial Course Bernie's wit and friendly smile has made her a friend to everyone. Carefree, talkative, friendly-we will always remember her and her clowning around in class. Her sparkling personality is sure to catch her a millionaire someday. Future Homemakers of America lg Social Committee 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 2, Junior Red Cross, Treasurer 45 Typing Award 2, 3, 4g Short- hand Award 4, Driver Training 3g Assembly Participation 4. DONALD EDWARD SLOAN Donnie Central Street Industrial Arts Course Donnie, one of our most popular senior boys, spends most of his time in Hanna's having Judy wait on him, or else thinking about football and baseball. He always has a smile and friendly word for everyone. With his pleasing personality. he is certain to succeed in whatever he undertakes. Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 45 President, Athletic Club 45 Student Council 1, 2g Prom Committee 3g Prom Prince 3, Industrial Arts Club 1, 2g Yearbook Staff, Sports Editor 43 Toxteens Committee 4, Monitor 1, 23 Athletic Representative 4g Social Com- mittee 1. 2, 3, 43 Weather Club 23 Assembly Participation 4. Page Thirty-two JUDITH ANN SMITH Judy Cocasset Street College Course Judy, a cute little blonde, is almost always running around in a dith- er about something. Her afternoons are spent working at C0mey's Cleaners. Her favorite pastime at home is sleeping. Although undecid- ed as to her career, we know she will succeed in whatever she under- takes. , Future Homemakers of America, Secretary 1, 23 Glee Club 3, Driver Education 5, Dramatics Club 4. . PATRICIA ANN SWEET Tweefie 92 Central Street Commercial Course Small, cute. and happy, best describe Pat. Better known as "Tweetie," she is always busy running around in her father's car or sitting in Hanna's with the kids. With her sweet personality and willingness to help, she has been an asset to our class. We wish her all the luck and happiness in the world. Operetta lg Glee Club 1, 2, 3g Social Committee 1, 2, 3, 43 Fashion Show 1, ZQ Assembly Participation 1, 4, Ring Committee 31 Field Hockey Manager 2, 3, Softball Manager 23 Basketball Manager 2, 35 Canteen Committee 43 Prom Committee 35 Prom Queen 33 junior Red Cross. Secretary 41 Typing Award 33 Shorthand Award 4g Yearbook Staff. Prophecy 4g Ways and Means Committee 4. DANIEL FERDINAND TOPPING Dan 155 Main Street General C0ur5e Dan's quiet ways and shy smile have been his best assets. Yet he is always ready to join the crowd in hot-rodcling, or just having fun. We wish Dan all the luck in the world and hope he succeeds in what- ever he chooses to do in the future. Band 1. 29 Industrial Arts Club 1: Science Fair. Page Thirty-three KEVIN LEON VAN DEN BERGHE Kev Cocasset Street College Course Kev's most outstanding characteristic is his wavy red hair, but no doubt he will always be remembered as the only boy who rode to school on a red Harley-Davison motorcycle. His pleasant personali- ty and ready wit will take him far. Assembly Participation 4. RICHARD GEORGE VIERKANT R' 1: 206 Mechanic Street It Commercial Course Richard, one of the few boys in the commercial course, is a bright pupil and will certainly go far. He can usually be found drawing or watching his favorite sport, baseball. His favorite song, "Hard to Get," states clearly his attitude towards girls. He has many friends and will certainly succeed in his ambition to become an accountant. Prom Committee 3g Typing Award 35 Art Club 1, 4g Weather Club 1, Yearbook Staff 4, Honor Roll 2, 3, Shorthand Award. WILLIAM DOUGLAS WADE Doug 140 Green Street College Course Our efficient president for four years, Doug has been the backbone and leader of our class. Versatile and level-headed, he is well liked by all. Doug also excels as a baseball player and has pitched for our team for five years. None of us have any doubts but that he will "fly high" in whatever he may do. Band 1, 2, 33 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 39 Class President 1, 2, 3, 45 Massachusetts Boys' State 33 Prom King 3, National Honor Society 3, 4g Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4g Varsity Club, Vice President 4, Science Fair 2, 3, 4, Assembly Participation 2, 3, 4. Page Thirty-four SUZANNE WINSLOW Sue 12 Summer Place Commercial Course Sue is one of the neatest and quietest girls in our class, yet on further acquaintance, you find behind innocent brown eyes, a teasing disposition. After school she works at the National Bank or visits the Little Shop. She hopes to be an airline hostess and certainly has- all the qualifications to make a good one. Girls' Sports Club lg Typing Award 2, 31 Assembly Participation 4. Page Thirty-five JUNIOR PROM MAY 25 1956 Firrt row, left to right: Mary Aimone, prompterg Bernice Groce, Lynda Olsen, Stephanie DeHaro Anne Donovan, Susan Carleton. Semnd row: Douglas Wade, Donald Sloan, Helen Heffernan Edmund Buckley. Howard Shepardson. SENIOR PLAY "THE MAD HATTERSH Dirertor, Miss E. Olivia Pearson Srenir Direrlor, Mr. Berryman Minah PROMPTER Mary Aimone STAGE MANAGERS PROPERTIES: Louise Hatch Rita Giovino Dawn Clark Priscilla Findley LIGHTING AND SOUND William Kay Daniel Topping TICKETS Frederick Olney Page Thirty-seven SET DESIGN Donald Sloan Howard Shepardson David Curtis Edward Guerrini joseph Goffinet Erwin Klempner Robert Davis COSTUMES Eileen, O'Hara Abigail Guild PUBLICITY Edward Huntress Robert Hernblad self? ifkw- 5' ,X JK, sy VV 'If WF as i fE2'Kl ' ,Q Ak .ff K flbw' 's-.N--. ....,.,,,..f" I xx PA Q9 L 'Sl 'S E 3 M5 ,J A I 90 Z 'S-1' ff-' Q KX www' ME! 5 I - mfr' ' . x Q. if F E A T U R E S ' fo i CLASS HISTORY The day we've dreamed of for so long, Will soon approach, then we'1l be gone. So now it's time for you to hear, The history of our high school years. In the wondrous year of fifty-three, We entered high school, frosh to be. We looked around and then we said, "What happy years shall lie ahead I" Election time was drawing near, With much ado we chose that year: President Doug Wade, Vice President Len Noiles, Secretary Mary Aimone, and Pat Manning financial toils. Our freshman year was near an end, And social time was then the trend. Decorations were made in the shop, To brighten the hall for our "Bunny Hop." Bells were all ringing loud and clear, This was to be our sophomore year. With Mrs. Brawn, as Class Advisor, We knew that we'd be all the wiser. And with elections, oh so merry, Again we chose our Doug and Mary. Anne Donovan was elected our V. P. Dave Baker, treasurer, counted with glee. Now we sophomores were ready to sing, For we had been fitted for our class ring. Round ones, square ones, were our choice, And everyone had an open voice. The year was drawing to an end, And the time had come for us to send The invitation to you all. To attend our "Cinderella Ball." All rested up from summer vacation, We came back to our school location. Once more we saw familiar faces, When we, as juniors, took our places. Election time was in full bloom, Mary and Doug were elected soon. Sue Carleton, as Vice, took her stand, Bud Comey jingled money, to beat the band. Page Forty Now there was a rumorgoing around, Class rings had arrived safe and sound. Everyone rushed to room five to get Their class ring which they couldn't forget The biggest evening of the year, Was the prom which was very near. "Fantasy in Blue" was our theme, And all young faces were a-gleam. Pat and Doug could be plainly seen, As we elected them our King and Queen. Two lovely princesses, Mary and Sue, With Prince Dean and Don, whom we all knew For this was to be our very last year, Of high school memories held so dear, Socials, elections, proms, and such, Give this year its final touch. After we had counted all the votes, Mary Daler took over with notes. Sue and Doug no longer were sad, Our money was safe with Bob Hernblad. Now the yearbook was underway, Everyone had a lot to say, The yearbook staff worked vigorously, To produce the "Red Fox" for all to see. All were thinking of our class play, To be held this year in the month of May. Comedy, drama, what will it be? Everyone was curious. So they came to see. Award Day over, Class Day here. This is all part of our perfect year. "june eleventh," we all say, "Will be our Graduation Day!" That day we'd dreamed of, for oh so long, Now is here, and we'll be gone. Our faces, now, look toward the sky, With courage and hope we say good-by. CLASS WILL By MARY ANN MULHERIN, JOHN SCHROMM, and EDWARD HUNTRESS We, the class of '57 of Foxboro High School, Town of lfoxboro, County of Norfolk, State of Massachu- setts, and Continent of North America, being of unsound mind, and fragile body, do hereby make, scribble, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament. To Mr. Ward we leave a do-it-yourself automatic back scratcher kit. To Mr. Ahern we leave a 10 years' supply of paper napkins. May he still be here in 10 years. To the Faculty we leave memories of the nightmares that the Class of '57 has caused them during the past four years. To the juniors we leave all our old English themes to guarantee the same high scholastic standing achieved by the Senior Class of 1957. To the Sophomores we leave two more years in which to gain our poise, wisdom, and sophistication. To the Freshmen we leave a ladder so they can take one more step to success-the Sophomore Class. Mary Aimone leaves a book entitled, "How I Did My Legs Over in 10 Easy Lessons." David Baker leaves his book entitled, "How I Dis- covered Girls" to any shy underclassmen. Edmund Buckley leaves his appetite to Lucy "Chubby Chops" Warren. Dorothy Birbeck, Betty Chisholm, Janet Harris, and Helen O'Sullivan leave to join the gang. Sue Carleton and Doug Wade leave to raise a bunch of little Einsteins. Charlie Cicciu leaves with a box of starch so he can always keep his collars at attention. Charlotte Cicciu leaves with a box of elastics so she can stretch a few yards. Dawn Clark leaves with a life-time battery for her car radio and a meter so she can charge the correct fare. Janet Congdon leaves a book entitled "How to Look Kissable" to any Sophomore girl. William "Shaggy" Crocker leaves his one and only T-shirt to Joe "La Raunch" Prew. Paul Cutler and Joyce Ludwig leave for Parts Unknown. Mary Daler leaves her outside boy friends to Nancy "I'll take 10 of them" Annon. William "Jarvis" Davis leaves, hollering "I made it." Stephanie De Haro leaves her sweaters, two sizes too small, to the Blais twins. Sandra Dolan leaves her silence to the library. Anne Donovan leaves carrying Mr. Armstrong's lunch tray. Gail Dumas leaves to start her own Five and Dime store. Priscilla Findley and Bob I-lernblad leave together. We always thought they were made for each other. Tyler Gault leaves to guard the coast. Rita Giovino leaves one year's diaper service free of charge to Stephanie De Haro, the senior girl most likely to marry first. George Goodwin leaves his spark plugged diesel. Dean Granahan leaves his dancing feet to Harry "the snail" Whipp. Marilyn Greenleaf leaves to become a lady wrestler. Rita Grice leaves with a one-way ticket to Hollywood and some glue "so Rita will stick." Bernice Groce leaves to be head psychiatrist at F.S.H. Page Forty-one Bobby Guerrini leaves to be a life guard at Sandy's Beach. Abigail Guild leaves her favorite saying, "Oh, Mr. Di Loretto." Louise Hatch leaves to be a model in Esquire Magazine. Helen Heffernan leaves for Hollywood. She likes M.G.M.'s Leo because it has blonde hair. Ed "Hot Pipes" Holske leaves to build wider roads and sharper corners so he can take them the way he wants them. Lincoln "Hollywood" Holske leaves with a diploma. Good going, Linc, we knew you would make it even if Mrs. Lipner did have her doubts. Hal Hougham leaves many broken hearts in the underclasses. Ed HUHLICSS leaves to Staff 3. fl0I1-l1HlO!'l gfOC6I'y store. Frank Husson leaves regretting he ever sold his Pink Cadillac. Yalerie jones leaves to become a Missionary in Northwest Southern Siberia. Bill Kay leaves behind sweet memories of the "East Foxboro Gang." Dorothy La Plante leaves her sweet disposition to Pat Kaiser. Peter Lovely leaves his build to Lila "as if she needs it" Soldani. Carol Meekins leaves for Needham. Paul Morrissey leaves bragging about how he had shaved for six months and both times he cut himself. Mary Ann Mulherin leaves with a pair of safety glasses so she won't be waving to strange boys in convertibles. Lennie Noiles leaves his collection of broken hearts to Patrick "the up and coming Valentino of the Eileen O'Hara leaves with less "Faith" than when she started. Fred Olney leaves his Emily Post eating habits to our lunch warden. Lynda Olsen leaves her date book to Lois "I'll be right down" Granahan. Nancy Packard leaves for dead valley with her twenty mule team. Clifton "The Friendly Undertaker" Roberts leaves saying, "I'll be shoveling off." Bernice Silva leaves her tremendous shape to be divided equally among the undernourished Freshmen. John Schromm leaves with some insurance for his vocal cords. It seems they're the loudest in the school. Howard Shepardson leaves a broken heart in the Freshman class. Donny Sloan leaves for North Street. Judy Smith leaves to be the first woman officer at West Point. Pat Sweet leaves still wondering how she got that traffic ticket. After all, she was only doing 90. Dan Topping leaves for Wisconsin for his dairy Farm. Richard "Big Butch" Vierkant leaves to take over Mrs. Doris Sullivan's job. Suzanne Winslow leaves her sweet disposition and quiet ways to Billy "the Saint" McNair. WilnerJeJ.' THE LATIN LOVER JAKIUS THE SNAKEIUS T-SHIRT TILLIE THE MCDUCKS, HUEY, DUEY, AND LOUEY OLDY AND HAPPY BOTTOM. ' Sophomore class" Lyons. Page Forty-two CLASS PROPHECY By PATRICIA SWEET, FREDERICK OLNEY and FRANK HUSSON Foxboro Reporter Headlines, August I6, I962: "Class- mates of 1957 Return to Be Wed." Now, a year later, the story of that fabulous reunion and wedding must be recorded for posterity. Perhaps as exciting as the festive occasion of reuniting with old classmates and the wedding was the miraculous way in which the 6h members slowly but steadily made their way back to the old home town for the important occasion. Previous to the wedding, the couple had been separated by land and sea. The girl, Sue Carleton, had been living in Alaska near Wading River. lt seemed she always did like the name Wade. Her sweetheart, Doug, had been spending a year in Africa. Ten days before the wedding, Sue started on her journey by way of dog sled. First, she stopped at the Alaskan Trading Post, where she found Mary Aimone ready to leave for the trip to Foxboro. After purchasing the necessary supplies, she and Mary hopped on the sled and away they went! On their way through the state of Washington, they met two of their old classmates-David Baker, who had become a famous engineer for American Flyer Trains, and Edmund Buckley, who told them that he had completed four years of carpentry and was now an official bone sawer like his father. After inviting Dave and Edmund to join the party, they were amazed to find Dolly Birkbeck as a Stowaway under the dog sled. She always wanted to be a little different. The group was off again on their journey, now heading toward Idaho, where they picked up four more classmates. Charlie Cicciu proudly told them ol' his recent election as president of the F.B.l. 1Foreign Born ltaliansb. His sister, Charlotte, excitedly displayed her elevated shoes, which she was selling to all short girls interested in tall boys. just at that moment, a hiss went up as Dawn Clark, a model for Glamour Magazine, climbed aboard the sled. Dawn was followed by Betty Chisholm, who was wearing a Tiny Tot Dress of her own design. Off again to the adjoining state of Montana, where they came across two more of their classmates. Mary Daler climbed on the sled and happily told them of her latest and most successful movie in which she starred as Sweet Pea, Popeye's girl friend. They were surprised to see jarvis Davis, who jumped aboard and immediately started to tell everyone about his famous card-playing at "All Suckers Haven." Stephanie DeHaro wandered by and told the crowd of her new job as a kindergarten teacher. Everyone knew she would enter this field. We could tell by the "pupils" in her eyes. After inviting everyone to attend the wedding, they started off to South Dakota where they added three of their old buddies. They discovered that Anne Dono- van was teaching Trig in the local high school. Could it be that this interest originated in T.C.'s room during her high school years? Prize fighter, Francis Durham, jumped aboard swinging his fists. He always was a little "Punchy." Priscilla Findley drove up to the dog sled in her famous vegetable truck, yelling, "Fresh lettuce for sale." We always knew she would get a-head. The next state through which the classmates traveled was Nebraska, where they met five more of the gang. As they passed by a river, they saw Tyler Gault row- ing a boat, while reading his latest book, "How to Scrub the Deck in Three Easy Lessons," which he wrote after three years in the Coast Guard. Suddenly, they heard the screeching of brakes. It was Rita Giovino, still driving around in her father's '56 Buick which he hadn't traded in yet. Meanwhile, back in Africa, Doug Wade had started on his journey downriver in his non-skid banana boat which he had recently purchased from janet Congdon, the banana queen of West Bongo Bongo. After inviting janet to come to the wedding, Doug started on his journey through the Gold Coast. En route, he joined Bill "Shaggy" Crocker, who was running a home for shaggy fat people there. Passing through a small native village, they were astonished to see George Goodwin working as the local cobbler. A merry "ole sole" was he. George jumped on board and they were again on their way down the river. Imagine their surprise to discover that the swimmer who was desperately trying to overtake the banana boat was none other than Dean Granahan. It seemed he was always chasing someone. At the next village, they found 'Marilyn Greenleaf putting green leaves on brown trees, and Rita Grise, the famous Olympic Star, chasing another runner. Bernice Groce, now famous for her recent book, "Why Rock n' Roll Does Not Cause juvenile Delinquency," wa-s overjoyed to meet her old friends and to join them on their journey to Foxboro, just before the boat was ready to slide out of port, they heard a hot-rod pull up to the pier, and Louise Hatch jumped aboard. After seven days at sea, they arrived at Port Guinea where they met Bob Hernblad, who was the local window washer. Everyone knew "the height of his am- bition." Here they paused to enjoy a movie at the local theatre. The picture starred Lincoln "Hollywood" Holske as Lassie's replacement. While in Port Guinea, they stopped at the local Y.W.C.A. to pick up the judo instructor, Hal Hougham. Walking through the village. they passed Ed Huntress' Meat Market and noticed the sign, Mumbo Gumbo, which, translated into Eng- lish, means "Huntress' Haven for Hams." Before re- Page Forty-three turning to their boat, they saw two other boys whom they recognized to be their old classmates. Les Husson told them of his recent marriage to a "Sweet" girl. Bill Kay told of his success as a Model "A" dealer in Port Guinea. They were off to sea again, only to pass another classmate on' the U.S.S. Leo. Helen Heffernan had married a naval officer and could be seen scrubbing decks for him. With the sun setting in the West, they sailed into the beautiful harbor of London. While in the city, they visited the local carnival where they saw Dorothy La- Plante, who was the Fat Lady in the side show, 'As they wandered on through the crowd, they met Carol Meekins who told them that she was still going with the same boy and could Parry-no-more. She also said she had seen Paul Morrisey, who was cleaning up in the railroad business, he was the head smoke-stack polisher. He reported that'Mary Ann Mulherin was a spy for the red-heads and had appeared on Lennie Noiles' television program, "That's My Linef' Walking to the boat, they met one of their old Foxboro High School acquaintances, otherwise known as "Itchy." He told them that when he was in Foxboro, he met Eileen O'Hara, who was working at the Foxboro State Hos- pital. She always was a crazy mixed-up kid. He also mentioned that Fred Olney was repairing scooters for Ahern and Co. in London. He said it seemed they were always good friends? As they boarded the ship, Nancy Packard came riding up on her horse. She had just returned from training horses in the French Foreign Legion. They left for their final voyage to America and good old Foxboro. Meanwhile, back in Iowa, Sue had picked up Lynda Olsen, who owns a Yo-Yo factory, She always had someone on the string. She also picked up Clifton Roberts, who was measuring people for boxes, with his motto: Try my Lay-a-way Plan. With a crack of the whip, they left Iowa. Meeting no one in Illinois, they continued on to Indiana, where they were happy to say they met up with a "little" trouble-Bobby Guerrini, of the local police. He arrested them for parking their dog sled in a No-Parking Zone. As they arrived in the court a big surprise awaited them, the judge was none other than john Schromm. Every time he called for order, he would yell "Beer." After leaving court and asking john to join them, they departed for Ohio. There they received a tip on one of their other classmates, Bernice Silva, one of Arthur 'Murray's dancers. She was always a little bouncy. While visiting the local junkyard to buy a new runner for their sled, they met Donny Sloan, who was selling Windshields to kids who lose their tempers. They left Ohio and arrived in Pennsylvania where they dropped in on Judy Smith, who was married to a West Point graduate and had thirteen little cadets. Off again, this time to New York, where they stopped at a hotel. There they bumped into Pat Sweet who told them that she was working as a secretary to a trailer salesman. Frank-ly, she liked her job. They departed on the last leg of their journey through Massachusetts to Foxboro. On the portable radio they heard two of their other classmates, Daniel and Don Topping, singing their latest song, "Past the Other Udder to my Other Brother's Utter Hand." Entering Foxboro, they stopped at Kevin "Marlon" VanDenBerghe's Motorcycle Shop. He joined them and they arrived at the center of town to meet Doug and his crew who were to arrive soon. Standing on the corner, Pete Lovely, a classmate, was giving a speech for the Democratic Party to a group of Democrats. His slogan was "I never stole a nickel-all I want is the chance." He was interrupted by Paul Cutler who told Peter that he was standing on his blue suede shoes, and that Pete's pantcuff was caught in Paul's guitar. Back in the Port of New York, Doug and his fellow classmates were going through the customs. Richard Vierkant was the head Inspector. He was always a litle nosy. As they left the Customs House, they met Gail Dumas and Valerie Jones who had heard about the wedding and were ready to join the crowd. They also told them that they were "cleaning up" in the laundry business. Gail put the lipstick on the shirt and Valerie took it off. Their motto was: "Don't Kill Your Wife-Let Us Do the Dirty Work." The party boarded a train and they were off to Foxboro. In the dining car they met head chef Howard Shepardson, who was still stuffing his mouth. Finally, they arrived in Foxboro and were met by two of the high school teachers, Suzanne Winslow and Joyce Ludwig, who were trying to correct the bad English that was used by the class of '57. At the church there were only four classmates miss- ing. just before the wedding began, Eddie Holske drove his hot-rod, the Ford Convertible with the pink hood, down the aisle and announced that janet Harris couldn't attend because she was in a sanitarium fshe always said that sailors drove her madj. Abigail Guild was cleaning up in her father's greenhouse business, as head weed-picker. Sandra Dolan couldn't be there because she was in the jailhouse. Another Dolan in the station. The reception which followed surpassed in gaiety and hilarity any wedding party before or since-the first reunion of the class of 1957. Page Forty-four N Lf X .xx , ' l u f I I 1 4 X W ly l Xl aw W ff ,, Aims, Mm! Chu nc, Bob Cmcrvknx. xx' 0 CMYK. Nhvy css. Da X Hunt! fini: YA E W ads. Anne wfted: Suu Cadcton, Doug Donn NUM! RMI van If .V xxx R .f' fp Mfg, Nciiflce Iilfblwfcj- L H ynda Olsen ennic . 72,1 L ,bw I' PW ' M., ' I .y Dain, D f Awfrjy D, K, "I" Joh Q dun Clark. n Schfilmm C . 41,71 To 951 lvpin 5,5 KA J, P 1111, Cut ILT . Jan cg C lug . uw' 'HID Un J-Talon D, .znlvcl Mant Reimud: Stephanie DGHMO. Abkgan Gund, Cl Dong Vfndc, misskng. AIM' Flin, . K Pat Sweet LCHUIC Noil . QS' BP Sbfwlmlg Chndottc Ckccku, Lennie Nones. An:AIi,,,1Q , '13- .mllmf vfxsmn Emmy, BN Davis. Iygmll Sw U :1111f.rinC11aI,0tt On. Dou 110,-nf., Su . C. Cl 2-T Wfade 6 Carle- pf, lfcju Q . Aiglfzjdflkgk f DC,:1n lone D G,-an I ' d on - H711 Hu 11,0 n, M nfl-GS Shy, Ury 5 'In I v Dol 'Y ls,-, kbt ,bk . MII . ,J .Era-,B fm mfg,- K f 1 N ,x. XL. NN- ns I , 'T h mm, Sjmnlmlul. Nanny Pnnkar WW' HI Hv 71 v Hdcn .1 llIAL,llI1.lH, mxssxng, XWMXLA. pmwl I Qsixx inuUW" x . I mcg IJVII In Bw M.ll'7'fA'd.' Su-phv 'mf I? .-5hmU- BU :mic Dc-Haro, Puts Invcl . A161 D k Dunmk Y U11 W If gf. fulfill: XDJYL' Pm su K 'fltt " 1 HU -IXJYU Mmf AI lkvvlvmmxu- U1 M vw: ffm! I3ub.1lw'u: Mary Dnlcr Q-NM' lymh Ohm. Ind Huntrcss. Yhmklflhmtxn. A Q 1115 HM html SIN LUN Vw' H 5 Mm! Cfzlzfl, ur: D01 X mmw- L U U' f Mm SK X Vdllslm-, Mary Aimom W 5011! I A Il Mny Dnlcr, V BNN Mm! P0f7Il.!gIl',' Pat Sweet, Donnic Sloan. Nmzerfs Pete Lovely, Sandy Dolan. ' Q ! V Ideal! Cfmpla.' Charlotte Cicciu. Charlie Ciuiu. fllfnf Likely lu SllL'L'c'CLJ.' Sue Carleton. Doug Wade. cbd!! Wx-'WI U IU 1mlflll'f ful f M K Mhquxx 1 if UKJIXMC R Mud VlUk'mlA KK ' UMW. , RNA ,hffxlli MH-1 1 I Kllnu X. wi E Q A Lymkm unnlk' 5'h"m' I A11 A"""'J' D Hz' ww- MMY , mu- Y ,XO U Mn HLHLUNH' uk ' ULU W K M 1 H T A E Ax QHXNKJU. DAM' Chqlflu - ' , ,A ,,, AIM, 5UL Bw! lmnfffllly, PML LUNLIL RAIL i XX U ,K N-HY DH Strphanin' DcH.1m, PM N"vuLtU34-1I"fffC,,f. Cxh I muy, A ' 'L Hlllklc. V' 'H' lt' CM - ,EM A . 4-1- .ln r rr- -- . c Clfllll. .4 aqgvffg, Mm! 1Jv1l1.IlUl!'.' Mary Ann -'ff y, 5- Mulhcrin, Lcnnin- Nmlcs. 1fm,,JL,:I, .'lff,,,d,W ' '4l'.1lJw. H" fm n. " W Cyn Klfuly P . .IUI f-Ut ' fu M51 -- X 5.- W "' fu ,f . , Mm! I7f.m1.1ln'.' Mary D.1lcr. Dnug XXVJJLH i,f.11n C.fffI1 uv Dlmn C.I.u'k, lfrxmk Huswn - ,gf mmf 55 if ge Q' --M :,. sm' " A ' ff ,,, ' V' DWHIQ A 44. f 1' 8 z w 17411 -1 S, Il. I ' l','f,, .cnmp Num Dullyyh W N K 1 1 +0 G- N14 5 1 H' Alllx 'ulifufl , , D..-L Ann MMI hi' 5 M x1IA in x .K- Xhl- 1 K UNDER D CE ISH ICS JU 1011 CLASS From row, left lo right: Patricia Kaiser, William Peach, Frank Flagg, Donald Kierstead, Jane Harnden, James Schromm, Neil Bearce, Georgia Landry, Mrs. Gladys Beers, advisor, Dorothy Harris, Priscilla Forbes, Robert Davis, Donald Brown. Second row: Mr, Richard O'Leary, advisor, David Smith, Richard Murphy, Joyce Doucette, Alice Brunell, Catherine Dubois, Dorothy Collins, Judith Davison, Linda Beggs, Marilyn Andrews, Lorrencita Coulombe, Jerusha Ellsworth, Viola Davies, Harvey Sallie, Mr, Leo Millea, advisor. Third row: John Anthony, Stephen Foster, Charles Julius, Charles Johnston, Richard Greco, John Peavey, William McNair, Lewis Johnson, Russell Milham, Joseph Connell, Joseph Puffer, Kenneth Green, Bruce Lessard. Faurlb row: George Cook, Ralph Peavey, Harold Tallman, Joseph Doucette, David Morin, Harold Whipp, Walter Woveris, Richard Davis, Charles Erler, Robert Lamson, Richard Cox, Jack Randall, Norman Grise, Joseph Prew. Prefidenl .......... ...,....... N Gil BCHICC Vice Prefidenl ..... ..... J HITICS SCh1'0IT1m Secrelazry .....,.. ...,. G 6Ofgi21 Landfy Trggyurer .,,,,,, ..... J alle Harnden CLASS ADVISCRS Mrs. Gladys Beers Mr. Leo Millea Mr. Richard O'Leary Page Fifty-two lfirrl muy Iefl In right: Peter Bailey, Sherwood Smith, Michael Green, janet Brimner, Maureen Kelly, Constance Rizzo, jacqueline Davies, Roberta Hanna, Frank Morrissey, Patricia Foster, Elizabeth Carl, Helen Darling, Mrs. Alice D. lirawn, Advisor, Second wuz' Ruth La Plante, Ronald Asprey, Dominic Niklo, Mark Powers, jolm Olivia, Marie Perry, Katherine Rolfe, Rachel Ellsworth, Nancy Sanford, Carol Harris, Mary jane Baker, Gertrude Chisholm, Mrs. Mary Sullivan, Advisor. Third rnuu' Lois juergens, Marsha Dudley, Gail Clark. Mary Ellen Gaeta, Suzanne Davis, Grace McKay, Cheryl Field, Margaret Morrison, julie Burke, jacqueline La Clair, janet Lee, Ruth Ann Dooley, Nancy Conway. FIIIIYIIJ wuz' Bruce Heald, Ann Heffernan, Nancy Castelli, Patricia Murray, Sandra Dc-Vaux, Lucy Wfarren, Mary Michelmore, I.ile Soldani, Arlene Gordon, Nancy Hoey, Eleanor Tracy, Marjorie Peavey, jean MacKay, Helen Ridley, Beverly jones. Fifllw mum' Robert Cheyne, Bruce Davis, Edward Guerrini, Thomas O'Donnell. Raymond Harler, john Crawford, Owen Forrest, john Aylward, Lawrence liirkheck, Wilfrecl I-aPlante, Dale Comey, Craig Ringuette, joseph Metrano, Kenneth jolly. Sixlb ruux' Robert Varnet, Francis l.aCivita. Rohert Hawkes. George Meekins, Henry Bowditch, Lloud Childs, Charles Griffiths, lvor Reuter, Thomas Thurston, Richard Legg, john Shea, john Pawlak, Thomas Lividoti, Thomas jones, Robert Shuker, Earl Wliite. SOPHOMORE CLASS P1'e.riu'e111 . ...... .... j acqueline Davis Vice Plwizfefil ..,... ..... C onstance Rizzo Secr'elm'j' . ...... .. .... Roberta Hanna 'lifL'zI.1ll?'L'I' ..,. .... I frank Morrissey CLASS ADVISORS Mrs. Alice Brawn Mrs. Mary Sullivan Page Fifty-three FRE HMAN CLASS W 5 . . .,,?,,, . D, Fifi! wie, lefl In ri,qZvr.- Nanty Annon. Pamela Heaton, Dehorah Wills, Patritia Stevens, Mary Doucette. Dorothy MatCormatk, Betty Lou Pyer, Mary Roehe, Dianne Duhe, Gail Fraser, ,lanite Street, XX'endy Bowditth, Lynda Fmery, M11 Wfilliam Rex, advisor. Strand wuz' Patritia Randall, Saundra Stevens, -loyee Henderson, Ivfary Ann Sullivan. Donna Field, hfarilyn Peters, Nanny Shepardson, Nancy Blay. ,loyte Pearson, Lee Forrester, jean Kovitli. .ludith Marthand, joan l.aPlante. Judith w'IAigl1f. Third micx' Betty Lou Groves, Gail Riehards, Judith Fleisthman, jean Calderwood, Diana Allen. Ruth Sthmity, Floise Anderson, Barbara Dearhorn, Elivaheth Van Den Berghe, Sandra Netver, Marsha Dadmun. Virginia Colhurn, Havel Fleming, Carol Melnis, Bonnie Martin, Rose Frler, Judith Shepardson. Ifnznlfu mu? Brute Mason, Benjamin Brunell. james Foster, Erwin Klempner. Donald Bosworth, Donald Riehards. Bruee Congdon, Ronald Gaumont, Peter Saparoff, David Sullivan, Neil hfurphy, XX'inston Doore, Rohert XX'eatherhee, Thomas Milham, Dexter Crocker. Fjflb mu: Paul Cooney, Stephen Emus, David Chisholm, james O'Donnell, Lee Belyea, Gordon Bennett. Brute Rirhards, Bruce Bumpus, Rithard Baldwin, ,Iohn Nevers, Phillip Blay, Wfilliarn Brunnell, Vlohn Cummings, Peter Congdon, joseph Goffinet, Rohr-rt Frye, Ki art .s, ,r,Y,, -4 it T Firrr mug leff fn vjglifg Mary Ann Blais, Lois Granahan, Brenda Clark, Karen Murray, Roger Hicks, Robert Hitks, Gary Smith, Patritia Clark, Lurine Perkins, .Ioan Gallagher, Carol Ann Blais. Arlene Thihodeau, Mr. Fdxvartl Drake, advisor. Sound wzix' Howard Morse. john Smith, David Harris, Stanley Fverson, Stephen Holt, Joseph W'arren, Patricia O'Sullivan, Williziiii Cataloni, Robert Lucas, Leonard Flolly. Peter Newell, Fdward O'Malley, Rohert Peavey, Wfarren lvfc'I.eod, Stephen Thiheault, ,lvlm Strung, Chester Stevenson, Kenneth Duke. Conrad Kaiser, Chandler Wells. Bernard Holinherg. Brute Roberts. Stephan Hougham, Paul Fitrpatritk. S ix ilifswtf-Q SPORTS H Q me W aff dv aa?-6 Fifi! rou' left I0 right: William Davis, Wfilliam Crocker, Thomas O'Donnell, Lloyd Childs, james O'Donnell, Francis Durham, Joseph Prew. Serwzd faux' Mr. Alvin Stewart, Coachg James Schromm. Richard Davis, Donald Sloan, Leonard Noiles, Mr, William Toner. Coach. FOOTBALL From the first game in September to the Thanksgiving Game with Mansfield, the Foxboro Warriors fought their hardest with determination and drive in spite of stren- uous opposition. The team appreciated the support given it by the student body through- out the season. The players were grateful for the opportunity to have been associated with Coach Stewart and Coach Toner. It is hoped that the loss of the seniors will be offset by new and enthusiastic candidates in the fall of 1957. . . A Se ,,, Q t ..... 4' .rcrc r'rr ...c:' iltt 5 - "" 1 54' ' ' 2 t -- . ,.. if Q- -I .t ,k,, 5.5 fiiy rs' z I- : -- - 'X 4 f "2 , i If l.. it S Ama-i Ita ' -1 fi . Sv! t ' U -wil Fifi! mug left In riglzlx Leonard Noiles, Robert Guerrini. Suvnzd wizx' Frantis Durham. james Sthroinni, David Baker, Rithard Davis, Robert Hernhiad, Captaing Harold Xvhipp, james O'Donnell. Mr. Wiliialiii Toner, Coathg XX'illiam Crocker. inanagerg Harold Tallinan. manager. tix! BASKETB The 1957 Basketball team provided many exciting moments. The game with Mansfield gave the trowd something to theer ahout when the Blue and Gold won hy a margin ot' 59-58. The games were enthusiastitally hatked by the sthool and townspeople. The seniors who will graduate are as tiollowst Captain Rohert Hernhlad, Robert Guerrini. Leonard Noiles, lfrantis Durham, and David Baker. Page Fifty -sever GUR ATHLETES I Page Fifty-eight flllil 1 .3 P Q 187' 8003 SENIORS: Douglas Wade, Francis Durham, Mr. William Rex, Coach: Leonard Norles Donald Sloan, Robert Guerrini. i i l i l Page Fifty-nine BASEBALL ...M f"' A W:-. 41 Q .,,, . xi" FIELD HOCKEY TE M Under the able guidance of Mrs. Natalie McComb, the interest in Field Hockey has reached a new peak. Competition with neighboring schools has been keen. Although the games won did not exceed the games lost, the team has gleaned a higher ideal of school sportsmanship. The lessons learned will be climaxed by 'more successful seasons. Captain, Lynda Olsen, will be the only loss to the team. Sealed, left lo right: Marsha Dudley, Mary Jane Baker, Lynda Olsen, Captain, Mary Michelmore, Marie Perry, Gail Fraser. Standing: Judith Shepardson, Assistant Manager, Dawn Clark, Manager, Mrs. Natalie McComb, Coach, janet Lee, Mary Ann Sullivan, Eloise Andersen, Carol McGinnis, Betty Lou Pyer, Helen Ridley. GIRLS' BASKETBALL TE M ...A aj," v, As far as the annals of school history are concerned, the girls' basketball team had a successful season because they twice defeated their rival, Mansfield High School. Co- captains Mary Aimone and Priscilla Findley, together with Susan Carleton, Rita Giovino, Helen Heffernan, and Lynda Olsen will be missing from next year's team. The outstand- ing record of the j.V.'s season indicates their ability to form a strong nucleus for next year's team. First row, left to riglalf Priscilla Findley, Co-captaing Mary Aimone, Co-captain. Second row: Mary Jane Baker, janet Lee, jane Harnden, Helen Heffernan, Lynda Olsen, Susan Carleton, Linda Beggs, Carol McGinnis, Priscilla Forbes, Rita Giovino. Third raw: Mrs. Natalie McComb, Coachg Judith Fleischmann, Manager. Page Sixty 5 5 0 f ,I f'i "1!5ff '79 Dun ,K f 9 xiffa F, Q rg' Af . 1 W. ,. 0-'M--gx sf K v. Q E CHEERLEADERS FOOTBALL 1956 1 BASKETBALL 1957 ACTIVITIES fix L 7. me Z A ai E6 6' 42 BAD Fin! row, lefi lo right: Francis Imbaro, janet Bryant, Neil Higgins, Steven Legg, Dorothy Mac- Cormack, Richard Cheyne, Richard Stahnke, Richard Harpell, Peter Doiron, james Chilholm, Frederick Longabard, Howard Morse. Second muu' Jay Turner, Nancy Blay, Ellen McSwain, Elsa Meekins, Mary Ann Sullivan, Eloise Anderson, William Rider, joseph Cornell, Tyler Gault, Beverly Jones, Sherwood Smith. Third f011'.' Phillip Blay, Barton Matthews, Ivor Reuter, Charles Griffiths, Richard Cox, Robert Cheyne, john Crawford, Howard Shepardson, Peter Congdon, Thomas Burt. VARSITY CLUB I i ?5w 9'WwH1 Nllwlfs' f9i"1Wisi4'QNUR XPSPQHQMQSRFEIQISN wammxllllsiiimm lelarssvfwenlang XD! was W, c.. , , . sm mmm ffm' New maxaman if my mfr M M waxes .Q-we ww., K A-. W1 Lefz to fight: Mr. Alvin Stewart, Robert Hernblad, Mary Ann Mulherin, Priscilla Findley, Robert Guerrini, Lynda Olsen, Donald Sloan, Douglas Wade, john Schromm, Francis Durham. Mrs. Natalie McComb. Page Sixty-four STUDE T COUNCIL ilk 'Wx l s xx lgtls X . .,,, Nil na-an wi N 5. fs lfiril rniw, Inf! lu riglwl: jaiquclinc Davies, Margaret Morrison, joseph Prcw, Susan Carlcton, lfilwanl llunticsx, Mr liiiliaril O'l,n-ary. ailvinorg Patrimia Clark, Xiwfuid mir: Namy Conway, blomvpli llllill-C'l'. Neil licarcc, Douglas Xwailc, Daviil Chisholm, Davial Swicrk, llrufc Mason, licrnaril Holmlwcrg. lDt'lWOI'1lll Wills, EWSPAPER TAF F 3 Q' fyx A :Ui .S ag? 5 1, ' Mi . R 0 if l,-,11,,.LF, . mfg,-.M l A h .X , , " T' 1 f f- - F ' E l ,ykrr Sri fa u i Q15 ..,, D ,g ig di 1, D fr X. Ig. A '52 -1 , 1 2 in gf , fr ' Q f .Il D,-fy P-1-1' z ,x f N " . af 'Pm' f' 6 kip' llllll mu, lil! In rllqlvlf G1-orgla l..1mlry. Rolwcrl llwnlwlxnli Anna' Donoxan, lfilwaril llolxkm-, Mn Dorn Sullivan, Ailvisor. Slum! mn: ,lam-t llrrmncr, Gail Clark. Stn-plwn Foxtur, XX'iIIi.u11 Kav. l'.ltl'iLia Murray. lflilalwtli ffhlsliolm Page Sixty-fiw SCIENCE A D EATHER CLUB Fir-.ff row. lefl 10 figlyix Michael Green. john Smith, Mr. Samuel Cashman, Lewis Hatch, Alfred LaValley. Stephen Holt. Served row: Kyle Donovan, Robert Lamson, john Kelly, Bruce Roberts. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Fu-,rr mug left lo figbl: Warren McLeod. joseph Goffinet. William Crocker. Patrick O'Sullir'an David Harris. Mr. Leo Millea. advisor. Serena' wuz' Chester Svenson. Lee Belyea. Daniel Topping Donald Richards. Page Sixty-six ART CLUB '.A4dfL." ...iflsiff lst M .L lfjrsl mir. lull In rlgbfx Riiharnl Murphy, Harvey Sallie, Daviil Sullivan, jack Randall, Lewis johnson. Stffllld mia' Angelo Chinlc, arlxiswrg Raahcl lillsworth, Gcrtrunle Chisholm, Marilyn Peters, HL-lun Riillcy, ,Ianct Congilun, XX'illiam MiNair. Nancy Castclli, jane Harmlen, Wfendy Bowditch, Marilyn CircL'nlL'af. MATH CLUB PM Iflwl mir. lift fu ulqlirx llt'Hl.llT1ll'l liiuncll. Norman Griw, 'lhumas Tliurston, Brine Cimgilun. l'utur liailcy. blivfrzd mu, ,luhn llawlak, Mr. Thivmax Armstruniu. Advisor: Rinharil lialilwin, Dcxtei' f,rmlcc1', Page Sixty-sevmm DRAMATICS CLUB Firrl mug lefz lo righls Mr, Edward Drake, Advisor, joseph Warren, Mary Roche, Bernice Groce, Lila Soldani, Maureen Kelly, Lucy Warren, Donald Kierstead, Nancy Annon. Sefmzd wuz' Mary Doucette, Judith Smith, Patricia Randall, Cheryl Field, Virginia Colburn, jean MacKay, Chandler Wells, Diana Allen, Stephanie DeHa1'o, Rita Grise, Helen Darling, Joyce Pearson, Gail Richards, Saundra Stevens. Third wuz' Carol Ann Blais, Brenda Clark, Patricia Stevens. Diana Dube. Linda Emery, Robert Hicks, Roger Hicks. PROJECTORS CLUB Le!! lo right: Richard Cutler, Leonard jolly, Owen Forrest, George Cook, Bruce Heald, Mr. Alvin Pearlmutter. Advisor, Loyd Childs, George Meekins. Page Sixty-eight BOYS' ATHLETIC CLUB l"'t ,,,mf,,,, 1 K L Hg' l . Firir muy lvl! In fighl: Mr. William Toner, Advisor, Steven Thibault, Erwin Klempner, james O'Donnell, Nllfilliam Cataloni, Edward O'Malley, Frank Flagg, Robert Guerrini, Kenneth jolly. Serond wuz' Karl Dadmun, Ray Harler, 'Thomas O'Donne:ll, David Baker, Richard Legg, Francis Durham, Donald Sloan, Edward Guerini. GIRLS' ATHLETIC CLUB ,A Q, gf ' , .M l ,li , itll, I .if Fnxfl mug lvfl to fighls Arlene Thibodeau, Grace McKay, Rita Giovino, Priscilla Finclley, Helen Heffernan, Bonnie Martin, Gail Frazer. Sewna' faux' Mfr. Natalie McComb, advisor, Marsha Dudley, Sandra Netzer, Elizabeth Van Den Berghe, Hazel Fleming, Rose Erler, Janice Street, Lee Forrester. Page Sixty-nine JU 1011 RED CROSS 'Ilf--alll Fimz row, left to right: Russell Milham, Mary jane Baker, Betty Lou Pyer, Patricia Sweet, Mary Aimone, Louise Hatch, Bernice Silva, Judy Shepardson, Mrs. Mary Sullivan, Advisor. Serorzd row: Helen O'Sullivan. Patricia Studley, Roberta Hanna, Katherine Pignato, judith Sullivan, Dianne juergens, Marie Perry, Gail Landry, Harold Tallman, Third row: Carole Parker, Donna Field, Louis juergens, Anne Parkhill, Sandra Dolan, Margeret Webb, Judith Fleiscman, Cathy Rolfe. GLEE CLUB W Fifrl row, reated: Mr. Gildo DiLoret0, Advisor, Abigail Guild, Eleanor Tracy, Eileen O'Hara, Mary Michelmore, Patricia O'Sullivan, Marilyn Andrews, Lorencita Coulombe, Dorothy Birkbeck. Second row: jean Calderwood, Helen O'Sullivan, Dorothy La Plante, Valerie Jones, jacquiline LeClair, Paul Cutler, jack Randall, Berton Anthony, Viola Davies, Ruth La Plante, jerusha Ellsworth, Mary Daler, Dawn Clark. Third row: Patricia Kaiser, janet Harris, Priscilla Forbes, Nancy Shepardson, Betty Lou Groves, Carol Meekins, Elizabeth Chisholm, Dorothy Harris. Page Seventy flag FUTURE TEACHER OE AMERICA , . - XwX'H"""Nqfx-1 .G K x., g, I Lvl! In righry Diane Heffernan, Ando Donovan, Lynda Olsen, Linda Emery, Vlfcndy Bowditch, Mr 'Ihomax Armstrong. atlviaor. SENIOR SOCIAL :B ji? .QW Lvl! ro riglzlx Bcrnitc Grote. Mary Aimonc, Lynda Olscn, Susan Carleton, Rita Giovino, Mr, Howard Husth, Advisorg Mr. Angelo Chuck, Advisorg Patricia Swcct, Annu Donovan, Louisa- Hatch, Sandra Dolan. Dawn Clark, Page Seventy -one wed 5 Mi.. ,,,,. 1 ,.,...... ..,....... 'ff LWTN . 1-. X . 1 '5 7 1 Ak , 5 if ,V Elf gy., QF NSG 5. f. X X K I is X SN Q Q Y-NS at X f S' Q ' Ks N 1 wiv K S 4 Q 'Cr KX W we Rm x Y X s,nisgQ,k?skgg if 4 R Q fi 1 1 M' i ,ps we P xx X Q D A - " 5 K K gf W W YN , '3' Q 41 -Q... v k. x-. AWWiWMj,fwM My Q Gy? I' ff ' . MWMQMWMM W K W 'fl ZX? W MSWZOE Y ig A QV N F 7 cs 4 WA W QW Xfwff in WM X WW JMCQ 39639 Wafgjjfgwwiw W We , ,M DJW My wfzfjvflwgp' Pg wwfyfgzlw-w'W" ,fwpjfwdd MILTON G. E. SMITH Range and Fuel Oil. BoHIecI Gas, Heafing Sysfem Sales and Service I0 PARK AVENUE KI 3-2227 FOXBORO. MASS FOXBORO FURNITURE COMPANY scHooL STREET Eoxaono MASS JONES SPORT CENTER CENTRAL STREET Eoxsoko MASS FAIRBANK-CONGDON OLDSMOBILE - PONTIAC Sales and Service II5 MAIN STREET Tel. KI 3-54I0 FOXBORO THE LORD FOX FOXBORO MASS Pg4 PAUL MITRANO. INC. "Your Friendly Chevrolef Dealer" MANSFIELD MASSACHUSETTS BROCKTON TAUNTON GAS COMPANY Nafural Gas Is Besi for Cooking, Refrigeraiion Waier Heafing and Hea+ing BETHANY PILGRIM FELLOWSHIP Beihany Congregafional Church BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '57 MANSFIELD CAR DEALERS M f Id M ssachuseffs SHELL HEATING OILS IWoocI-Shell Headl WALTHAM OIL BURNERS KIRLEY COAL AND SUPPLY COMPANY Mansfield MassacI1useH's S f VICINO BUICK. INC. Chauncy S+. Exfension Mansfield, Mass. NICHOLAL VICINO, Pres. Tel. 335 MANSFIELD RECORD SHOP 340 Norllw Main Sf. MANSFIELD, MASS. Tel. II2I D. M. SUPPLY, INC. Lumber and Builders' Supplies 395 Oakland S+. MANSFIELD, MASS. Tel. I092 BROWN'S CATERING SERVICE Cafering Io Wedding Recepfions and Banqueis Tel. KI3-2650 355 SOUTH ST. FOXBORO, MASS. Complimenls of MANSFIELD CO-OPERATIVE BANK Home Loans - Savings Accounls TORRANCE FURNITURE CO. Mansfield Mass. Complimenls of COSMOPOLITAN BAKERY Tel. 2 I 0 MANSFIELD MASS. THE HERBERT E. KING AGENCY Charles A. Wheeler 206 NorI'I1 Main SI. MANSFIELD. MASS. "Every Type of Insurance" ATTLEBORO AND PLAINVILLE COAL CO.. INC. 38 Foresl' SI. ATTLEBORO, MASS. WELSH'S DAIRY Foxboro Mass. Page Seventy-six TIBBITS MOBIL STATION Mansfield, Mass. Tel. 547 Complimenfs of CORNER FLOWER SHOP Mansfield Mass. C0mPIlmenI5 of STEARNS NEWS STORE V. DECLEMENTE 8: SON Giffs - Sfafionery "Where Qualify Reigns" Toys - Books - Games Mansfield Mass. Mansfield Mass. Complimenfs of SANNIES BI-ISS BROS' DAIRY- INC' "'WI1ere Mansfield Sfyles Begin" Complimenfs of MANSFIELD MILLING CO. WafcI1es, Diamonds, Jewelry . SPIER'S JEWELRY SHOP. Fmo Wafch, Clock and Jewelry Repairing Tel. IO99 Mansfield Mass. ROSE GARDEN Complimenfs of SNACK SHACK Mansfield Mags, Norfh Affleboro Mass. Complimenfs of GEORGE'S CLEANING SERVICE SAY'-E5 DNRY BAR Mansfield Mass. Norfh Affleboro Mass. CARLTON M. BRIGGS Esso Heafing EVERETT I. PERRY Men's Clofhing Park Sf. Aflleboro, Mass. ALMA's RESTAURANT Y""'s Um" Gm' Roufe IO6 Soufh Foxboro, Mass. YARN 8K GIFT SHOPPE l80 No. Main Sf. Mansfield, Mass COmP'imen+S of FINDLEY'S MARKET LAWTONIS 90 Soufh Main Sf. Mansfield Norfh Foxboro Mass. Tel. 540 FCXCROFT GARDENS Complimenfs of THE LITTLE SHOP Page Seventy-seven H EARN'S DAIRY Foxboro MassachuseHs HAN NA'S RESTAU RANT Foxboro MassacI1useH's FLORAL CLUB RouI'e I Wrenfham FOXBORO ESSO STATION Rou'I'e I Foxboro, Mass. HALE'S DINER Foxboro MassachuseHs NORFOLK MARINE Foxboro MassacI1useI'Is Complimenis of FONTAINE'S MODERN HOME PRODUCTS INC. Television-Appliances Wallpa per-Paini'-Hardware Roufe I WrenI'I1am, Mass. I2I No. Main S+. Mansfield, Mass Mn.ADY's C I , Park Sh-ed ongraI'u ahons From SILLMAN'S SHOE STORE ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS Page Seven 43 Park S+. ATTLEBORO. MASS. ty-eight LAFAYETTE HOUSE Foxboro MdSS6ChUS6HS Complimenis of NATHAN -S. EMERY Foxboro Massachusefis BRUNELLI'S SUPER MARKET Franklin MassacI1use'H's HOWARD E. NEWTON Insurance Foxboro MassacI1useH's Congrafulaiions +o 'rhe Graduafing Class of '57 From W. H. RILEY 8: SON. INC. OuaIi+y Fuels NORTH ATTLEBORO TAUNTON ATTLEBORO MY 5-939l VA 2-I282 I-0402 Page Seventy-min SCHOLASTIC JEWELERS Complimenis of THE MANSFIELD BLEACHERY Complimenfs of STORK DIAPER SERVICE CompIimenI's of THE STAR HALFBACK OF FOXBORO HIGH SCHOOL I928-I930 DARLING'S GRINDING SERVICE Lawnmower Sales and Service 6 BasseH S+. FOXBORO. MASS. Complimenfs of A FRIEND STERLING MANUFACTURERS CO. Mansfield Mass. Mrs. OIney's OLTERRA KENNELS Dogs and Cafs Boarded BATHING - CLIPPING Dachshund Puppies for Sale Rouie I06 KI. 32426 Foxboro MUSTO'S BEAUTY SHOP Complimenfs of DR. E. M. PLONOWSKI Mansfield Mass. 9 Mechanic SI- KI. 3-5493 Complimenfs of Open All Year KI. 3-2334 A 81 B AUTO SALES Iand Service S+a1'ionI Nor'II1 Sfreei and RouI'e I FOXBORO THE RED FOX MOTEL Foxboro Mass. U. S. Rouie I and Sfafe 40 Midway Befween Bosfon and Providence Easfern Mofel Ass'n Duncan Hines Page Eighty-one Complimenis of FRESHMAN CLASS Complimenis of SOPHOMORE CLASS Complimenfs of JUNIOR CLASS SCHULZ'S DAIRY souTH Foxaono Foxaono MASS Complimenfs of A FRIEND P E h STOBBART'S NURSERIES and GARDEN SHOP E 1' C 1' I Sfreei R+. I40 Franklin, M huseifs OPEN DAILY 8 A.M. - 7 P.M. TEL. 800-W I.. J. CATALDO COMPANY CLOTHIERS Sui+s, Topcoafs, Spori' Coafs, Furnishings, Spor+ing Goods FRANKLIN, MASS FOXBORO MASS CompIimen+s of BIRD MACHINE COMPANY SOUTH WALPOLE MASSACHUSETTS Congra+uIa'rions From Your Fufure Home Agen+s FOXBORO REAL ESTATE I6 School Ki-3-8003 Pg Eghyh Complimenfs of JAMES J. PUTNAM, M.D. Kingswood 3-8278 PALMER HOT TOP DRIVEWAYSI Free Esfimafes Forresf F. Palmer, 4I Cliesfnuf Sfreef Foxboro, Massachuseffs MYrfle 5-6842 LE DOR JEWELRY CO. Manufacfuring Jewelers N. Washingfon Sf., Rf. I Plainville, Mass. T. Kingswood 3-8l70 FOXBORO MOTEL I Mile From Bay Sfafe Raceway U. S. Roufe I Grasso and A. Grasso Foxboro, Mass Complimenfs of HADDlGAN'S SUNNYSIDE SERVICE STATION U. S. Roufe I af Norfl1 Sfreef Tel. Wal. 568l ROME RESTAURANT Roufe I Norfl1 Affleboro, Mass. CANDELA POULTRY FARM Poulfry and Eggs Complimenfs of FISHES' GENERAL STORE Cocassef Sf. Foxboro, Mass. Cheswmuaf S+. Foxbo,-0 Tel. 57l HAT SHOP Open Wed. and Fri. Unfil 9 Daily From 9 - 5 Complimenfs of Complimenfs of MR. AND MRS. NICHOLAS NARDELLI A FRIEND CARROLL CUT-RATE PERFUMERS 42 Cenfral Sf. Foxboro, Mass. Morris Rankin, Prop. MO8-0453 RED WING DINER Roufe I, Walpole, Mass. Pina Ifalian Food Complimenfs of GREEN HILL RESTAURANT Roufe II5 Norfolk, Mass. Complimenfs of GEORGE'S CLEANING SERVICE Mansfield Mass. Complimenfs of SULLlVAN'S DONUT SHOP Mansfield Mass. Complimenfs of FOXCROFT GARDENS Complimenfs of THE TRADING POST Complimenfs of FlNDLEY'S MARKET GAYLON BEAUTY SALON 90 Soufh Main Sf. Cocassef Sf. Foxboro Mansfield, Mass. Page Eightv-four "' lgcsl qfwsgcs Y 4 X 0 e ' ' 6 - Q GRADUATES.. 'bi Wm for success and 5' happiness Through ' h year To come. Q n .asm 0 I W 2 Your Elecmc Servonl WORCESTER COUNTY ELECTRIC COMPANY Part of New Engl d Electric System llduxaa ..TZ:yfl"f? McKENZIE MOTORS CompIimen+s of M. E. HICKS AN'D SON, INC. THE SERVICE COMPANY PgEhf OLD CORNER STORE Wines - Liquors-Beer Frozen Foods-Groceries 50 Cen+raI S+ree'r TEL. 3-5504 CompIimen+s of A FRIEND CompIimen+s of A FRIEND CompIimen+s of FOXBORO BARBER SHOP 66 Ceniral S+. Foxboro ORVILLE'S NEWS STORE Foxboro Massachusefis Complimenis of A FRIEND Complimenfs of EDDIE'S BARBER SHOP A Foxboro Massachuseifs WALPOLE MOTEL U. S. RouIe I . sourr-1 WALPOLE MASSACHUSETTS THRIFT MOTORS Telephone Monirose 8-l3I0 Open AII Year Round Air ConcIi'rionecI Foxboro Mass, MARIO DE CRISTOFARO Manager Page Eighty-six Complimenis of A FRIEND DEVINE'S MOTOR SALES Mercury Sales and Service IZ3 MAIN STREET TEL. KI 3-5495 FOXBORO, MASSACHUSETTS Complimenfs of A FRIEND ALWAYS A BOAT SHOW Thompson-Old Town-Cenfury Sales-Service-Sforage Johnson Oufboard Mo+ors WAREHAM MARINE 81 SUPPLY, INC. Roufe 28 Wareham. Mass. FOX TOX P ge Eighty-seven Complimenfs of STAN'S AUTO ELECTRIC SHELL SERVICE 250 Cen'IraI SI'ree'I' FOXBORO. MASS. CompIimen'I's of FRANCIS A. BURNS. M.D. Foxsono MASSACHUSETTS Complimenfs of RAIDER'S VILLAGE AND MOTOR COURT Q RouI'e I Sharon, MassacI1use'Hs Complimenis of ST. MARY'S CATHOLIC WOMEN'S GUILD Foxboro Massachuseifs SMALL'S GREENHOUSE Garfield S+. Foxboro BAY STATE DRUG STORE W. J. O'ReiIIy, B.S., and J. K. O'ReiIIy, B.S. Regisfered Pharmacisfs Cenfral and SOLIII1 Sireefs Foxsoko. MASS. Complimenfs of BEL-MAR BEAUTY SALON CompIimen'I's of VINCENT'S BEAUTY SALON Foxboro Massachusei-Is Foxboro Massachuseifs HEATON S FOXBQRO Foxboro MassacI1useH's 5 ' Foxboro MassachuseH's Pkage Eighty-eight COMEY'S CLEANERS Foxboro MassachuseH's HILLTOP TRAILER COURT Foxboro Massachuseffs FOXBORO CASH STORE Foxboro Massachuseffs FERGUSON BROTHERS Foxboro Massacl1useHs Complimenfs of ELLIS F. BROWN Foxboro Massachuseffs Complimenis of DR. SHERWOOD W. STEERE DON CURRIVAN AGENCY Insurance of All Kinds HICK'S BAKERY 68 Cenfral Sf. Foxboro 3-2386 K" 343040 Foxboro MassacI1use++s "Firs1' in Savings, Unsurpassed in Service" OUlMET'S DRUG STORE ED PEAVEY'S Au+o Repairs Foxboro Massachuseffs HIGH ST. FOXBORO, MASS. Page Eighty-nin Congrafulafions To The Class of '57 From FOXBORO SAVINGS BANK Foxsoko MASSACHUSETTS ELLIOT M. GOVE. INC. Plumbing and Heating za SHERMAN STREET Foxsoko. MASSACHUSETTS REA-CRAFT PRESS Exfends Besi' Wishes To The Class of I957 BAKER-KOZAK Complimenis of A FRIEND N Y FOXBORO LAUNDRY Foxboro Mass. ORPHEUM THEATER Foxboro Mass. COLLIER'S. INC. Foxboro Mass. SMITH'S SERVICE STATION Foxboro Mass. GLENMERE COUNTY DAY CAMP Nor1'on Mass. GRACE E. DONOVAN Complimenis of A FRIEND Complimenfs of A FRIEND Complimenis of PATRICK LYON'S GREENHOUSE en+raI Sf. Foxboro, Mass. Complimenfs of FRANCIS E. LEBARON, M.D. Page N ty FOXBORO COAL COMPANY 29 WALL STREET KI 35336 Eoxsono MASSACHUSETTS Complimenfs of ROBERTS FUNERAL HOME 30 SOUTH STREET KI 3-547I FOXBORO MASSACHUSETTS Complimenfs of EPICURE PACKAGE STORE FOXBORO MASSACHUSETTS FOXBORO FIRE DEPARTMENT Complimenis of THE LITTLE SHOP Page Ninety-two Complimen+s of Complimen+s of A FRIEND A FRIEND Complimen+s of Complimen+s of HEAD-lN DINER GAARD MOTEL RlCCO'S BARBER SHOP Bes+ Wishes +0 +he Class of l957 3II Norfh Main S+ree+ WILLIAM T. MACALONEY MANSFIELD Mas+er Elec+rician I50 Mechanic S+. Foxboro ROSE GARDEN CompIimen+s of Mansfield Mass. MOORES 32 Cen+ral S+. I8 School S+. LORING STUDIOS New EngIand's Larges+ School Pho+ographers We Salu+e You Congra+ula+ions and +he bes+ of luclc. We a+ Lorings are proud of +he par+ we have had in helping +o malre your class bool: a permanen+ reminder of your school years, recording wi+h pho+ographs one of +he happies+ and mos+ exci+ing 'limes of your life. We hope +ha+, ius+ as you have chosen us as your class pho- +ographer, you will con+inue +o +hink of Loring S+udios when you wan+ pho+ographs +o help you remember o+her momen+ous days +o come. When you choose Loring por+rai+s, you are sure of +he fines+ craf+smanship a+ +he mos+ moderaie prices. Page Ninety-three ,Wx ""' ' "' re- ,. , XR X- Guiding t ill Chu A M. IE The rapid growth of automation in virtually every industry during the past few years has raised productive efficiency to a level un- dreamed of a decade ago. And the trend con- tinues toward even greater automaticity . . . toward the completely automatic plant. To this tremendous technological advance. Foxboro brings more than 40 years of creative engineering experience in measurement and automatic control. In every phase of manufac- ture, Foxboro Instruments are stepping up l lndustry's ' "Giant Step" efficiency . . . wrestinq richer yields of high quality products from lower grade raw mate rials . . . assuring safer, lower-cost operations . . . maintaining higher accuracy. To widen the future scope ot automation Foxboro is constantly designing and developing even more-advanced instruments . . . instrut ments that will set and maintain the efficiency standards ot tornorrow's industry. THE FOXBORO COMPANY creative engineering for process control FACTORIES IN THE UNITED STATES, CANADA, AND ENGLANI Page Ninety-four -t , 1-- Q N- P -1.- .-1-.i.... w 1 f ,-1 J A B 4 .f 1? Y' ,321 , 9 jf?-43. 'asf- -Q: 'Q 'A vAx 1 1 .fc xx 'AZN 1 21111, , . b 1 ' , t s E v t , QW- Q , , A- 6 ' ' vw. 4- A Q f Y ctw, Q I V ' ' L i S 4 Q.. A "5 . fo 1 -- , - ,f -- - ,. a ' N , 2 5 U' I -Q 1 . . ., 5-,S if ' . -R f x H X f ':,':xar::::'.- 5 J Z 3 4 X ' 4 I, Q Q- X 'L-uv I -A ng .1 W1 ' I ...-iii 2 1 2 I Y '3 'hr' Ltr wa, 'K 3 I V -'44wE,w ,T .7 K 'Q e-Q I W al x' Q nr Q. as Qu. x 5 GJ' sv z ..,.x S I-SL' 1 f Q-nv K E bm 'Af 6- 5 I, 4 Q"'1Px 5- e" is as, M., , - s-.....I.g1, 3 K f A' -K -VV-,,..L I. Or 1 f :Q , I , K kr . X 2" A is . ' f S Q L - I-f..-...J W 'W Q . ln.. I 4 1 5 e N v S N vp 1 .Y 1 'I v . U P 2 ' M S , L , M Y-.,...u..,, 1 N' O' ,- iwnfl t N I we .5 NW ' 3 S f, S 21 . A 1 z L 'Q 5 4 3 Q-v E 5 Q iw ,E 1 N1 I 1 I 4 I i if x - G ,H ,df ,Q xx u,N..X.wr .W A., A, - .,- S ' V-.....L. . . .,., f...:.....7......... "Cl"" J 5 AUTOGRAPHS gm, Page Ninety-six L11 , , , 1 ...-,.,, 'u-,g,2,'+,.,, I . r .w. 1-ww 4, .+ -A ,..:,..:1,:,- ,, .-aw' ' Q7 ' , - me-,,n.' , -':,e..w fb. r x f F V' f-'!'z 1'f:5 iivm fini? iaisidff ' is 2133 . ' " wi,.,A3 , , 5 .il : 2ii1:f I X,m ,fA',iT.1,i35.:!?.c:: :, ' -f.gffM1 f ' Q ..i ,. x . 1 n Aka , 4 2 Zzlighfk fflk, ,- 1. ff -.1 1 nw . :,:,,', .A..'5'-.,....KY..- , 1, .. . .. ,,,,,,M ,.,,,. .,, , ... , ff- , ..- Wm.. - Y- + 11-r -f.M....jf'fg,H ':?.f1:.fg ,N?,1gAE:.' A ijT"l2 ' ., , ,, . H, ,x ,. ,M ,P xi ? . , wb. L V .v E N I 1 M gx. i 1 1 . 1 , N r 1 w 4 1 1 1 4 3 Y 1 1 , w 1 l l i 1 i l 1 Q 1 3 W 4 N 1, l l 1 Q 1 p-- Mx 1. ,. 7',y":-1, ."- HX: x, ' . uhwg' !..f,:,4' F. ,M ,,g,,.,f:,.t5...Y 4 H mfffiiw ' , 'Fri f'u. v c".xn WW' . ? + "1 ' ' 1:2 ' - ,,,, .L -,:.f, A ve - ' v ' . 234- if 1'-F. Q 1 u . .C ...ann A. '.n.An.::,uv1 ., ..a.5v.'

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