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llltln-Yfv frwfwr W Y H..-A-Y . S . , ,,,. r ix w 3 fi ,.v , '+L f ' : ' 7.14 , Wi" 540' - - ml , mr, if S1,,., - K ' 1 - V 2' 4 , :' U 1 " 6 if W ,K -, V my lx ,q "i Ax 4 ,N , Y :,,,,xgjl. ,ay ' 3 A . . , a , 1 f .,., J' 1-"Jim ' -M 4 bi' In A 1 ' li . f, .VZ ., A . 1, t J , 5 W Tgff , V H -in f j , 13: ' 5 " '1 Q .1 'Ts QQ.: -A ' Q' iL,,f,'Jfv.1'Q - '- , ' '- 335, ' " ' 1. ,, .. . 5 ,9 ,, I , Q5 ' ' sg' 'L , bf ' ' 5 f' . . V 7 X, , A W A' 'r.. Q, ,. 7 F ' 1 ' 1:54, Q? .k' . wg ,1 A . , , ' 5' ' ' .rf h A: 'ri ', '.f:f, - ' -i N' ,. 9 XL ig. V B. jr Q. Y ,gif , . .-,. 3 ltyz K - Q - A R-'ff 4 ' - F,:f . 03- Aa V X V -1 L '4'1, 'J .y k. 0- , . ' -. ' ' 'Q . ' ,- 'A - . , . HW, - 'Y' 2. Q43 Ap ,W fg El, 2. t' , , Iwi, lf: ffm V' 5 , . , ,lv ' 'I 1 ., 1 .f -. :,Qf" "fx V", A N , ' ' - W' u ' ' sm' V , , ' , f' 'Q Ari' Q, ,, I .,',., . . , V An QL K W Q ,.,,, , ' " X T" fx 4 ' 53 - g , in K . '4 f ' X 4' fr- A ,iff ew , ,gg H' : f . e - ' ,N L4. ' . y, . ' b ' ' 1:1 ' ff ' . , v w , . w ft 5 ,,. U 33,17 G.. 4' Q-M '.- '- , K .hy " ., .v 1, ri 4 ef- 'W f , - u w ' N Ag Wf , 'mx MX., X nfl-, M. fry: ,,J my i 5- 1 ' Q-, K ,, Q, -A ,J -MA ., ' .,-ff.: ' ,L '7 -, , 1 . Hy ,, Q , X . 4 , " V ,fq,2" '52 , nf. . ,A ,ggi fy. f W , 1 , ,S , , , -.,,, .57 M ,rl-V , V, ,W L ., ,- ' jk., ff ,.,, , jf 54 X54 'QXJXQ X , 1, ,fn 51' ww, f --A. , , W , 1 - New - ' I ,':', K A Y - , 3 ,. +G' - , x P . .f , W .K 5. K ' .K ky . . . .Sf . k ' , M V , .v'Q.h:5 J L - . 64:1 , . J f ,if .H . :Ig 53 V whit, 434 -, ffl! , 3 "IA , 19,-' Q W- A ' Q ., 1 4 If ' -1-fa il Q1 "1j,y1'l Y 'w, ' .U 'j,wjg,,3F- wh J Y .gtk .KJ V-ff, - YAY 4 1 J ,X . 5, 'W . , 4 My 1.1 f " A--' f L, 4 , if f Tw. .ff Yqf2.f' ' W , ,fy 1, 1 M mx, M 3? ' Q J. , H 0 . 4 ' A 5 4 F' Ar, :M E l I THE RED FOX for 1954 T I-IE SENIOR CLASS Foxboro H1319 School DEDICATION Although the Class of 1954 has never known Mrs. Brawn oflicially as an advisor, it would be impossible for us to go through four years of school in F oxboro High without becoming aware of her devotion to the student body as a whole and to any person she has taught. For many years she has benefited the Whole school with her untiring efforts on the magazine drive. As for us as individuals, whether We have needed her in our school problems or in planning for the future, we have found her outstandingly and unfailingly willing to help. So to Mrs. Brawn we now dedicate this 18th edition of the Red Fox. Page Two SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE TO THE CRADUATINC CLASS OF FOXBORO HIGH SCHOOL- CLASS OF 1954: As you approach the mile post of graduation from high school, you might pause to think about education in its broad sense. You will, no doubt, recognize that every experience you have had and every person you have met has con- tributed to your education. The formal part, the twelve grades in school, is our way of providing a common background of knowledge and a basis for vocational competence. Even this twelve years of "schooling" can be broken down to two parts. The first is that which deals with books and related activities. The other has to do with you, an individual, as part of a large group. You have learned how to conform when conformity is necessary. You have learned when, and especially how, to be different when your own character and personality require it. You have learned how to be a cooperating member of an athletic team or a musical organization or a play cast. You have learned how to be a member of an audience, to show respect for the efforts of those who are taking part in some presentation, whether it be a game, a play, or an assembly program. For many of you, your "schooling, will end in June. For all of you. education will continue throughout your lives, What you make of your lives will depend, then, upon how' well you use all of these educating experiences. CHARLES C. TAYLOR, Superintendent of Schools Page Three PRINCIPAUS MESSAGE ' I might express my message to the Class of 1954 in one word-faith. I say faith because an optimistic faith is the requisite most to be desired for a happy and successful life, and yet today, strangely enough, is possessed by few. You need faith in yourself, faith in your fellow man, and faith in the future of America if you are to be genuinely happy. You are today standing on the brink of an era, which, in my judgment, has never been paralleled before in history. Your generation stands at the cross- roads of either unbelievable progress and prosperity or of failure and destruction. You people will be instrumental in choosing which of the two you will travel and therefore must be ready for this decision. You are equipped for this task with the finest education that any generation in history has obtained. Before you lies the most unlimited field of opportunity that has been available to any graduate to explore. And you face no technical or economic problems which have not been met and conquered by many of the classes before you. The going after graduation will not be easy, of course, but it will never be nearly as tough as you expect it to be. True, you will be dejected, disheartened, and disllusioned by events in your later life but do not let these inevitable aillictions of all mankind disrupt- or destroy the indomitable faith you now possess. Men of past generations have allowed these passing disturbances to so dominate them that they lost belief in the really big things of life and became trapped in the quicksands of doubt. Do not allow this to happen to you. As the poet said it, perhaps much better than I, "If you really believe, the impossible can happenf' HUBERT W. WARD, Principal of the High School Page Four 111- FACULTY x X4 4- X we ffZ'T rf - Q X 2 Mg in MR. MR. MR. AHERN Assistant Principal U. S. History BALL Music Band, Orchestra, Glee Club Bfmnows Guidance MRS. BEERS French English French Club Advisor Yearbook Advisor Mas. BRAWN MR. Latin U. S. History Problems of Democracy CARLOW Assistant B oys' Basketball Coach F A C MR. CASHMAN Physics Applied Physics Driver Training Weather Club Advisor MR. CHICK Art Instructor Miss FEARNLEY Girls, Physical Education Girls, Sport Club Girls' Varsity Sports Coach Mns. INMAN Home Economics Mn. LIBBY Mathematics Yearbook Advisor Page Six U L T Y MRS. LIPNER MR. MR. MR. MR. English Dramatics Club Advisor MILTON English Student Council Advisor MINAH Industrial Arts PAINE Industrial Arts RUCGIERO Boys' Physical Education Boys' Basketball Boys' Baseball Ass't Football Coach MRS. SIBLEY Home Economics Future H omemakers of America Advisor MR. SLEMMER Civics Commercial Geography Projectors' Club Advisor MR. STEWART Boys, Physical Education Football Coach Boys' Track Coach MRS. DORIS SULLIVAN Commercial Subjects School Newspaper Faculty Advisor MRS. M. SULLIVAN Commercial Subjects MRS. WHITEHOUSE School Nurse Page Seven First row Ueft to rightj: Lawrence Brunell, Otis Downs, NValter Durham, Judith Ardrey, Marilyn Peach, Frank Heffron, Michael Shea, Karin Hernblad, Lorraine Gayton, VVilliaIn Braye. Second row: Mrs. Gladys Beers, Carolyn Street, janet Turcotte, Patricia Mulherin, Martha Griffiths, Marcia Congdon, Eleanore Dooley, Mary Sanford, Marjory Metcalf, Mr. Charles Lihhy. Third row: Jane Fairhanlc, Mary Carolyn Buckley, Emma Freeman, Lorinda Bluemer, Jann Spaulding, Nancy Dodkin, joan Dodkin, Helen Schromm, Priscilla Romipglio, Eleanora Cataloni, Selma Roberts, Elaine Cook. Fourth row: David Colburn, joseph Lillyman, George Fuller, joseph Cardinute, NVilliam Andress, Larry Bearcc, Gerard Lynch, Alan johnson, Raymond Metrano. YEARBOOK STAFF Editor-in-Chief, FRANK HEFFRON Assistant Editor, WILLIAM BRAYE Assistant Editor, NIICHAEL SHEA BUSINESS STAFF LITERARY STAFF WValter Durham, Business Manager Marilyn Peach, Literary Editor xvllllillll Andress Mary Carolyn Buckley joseph Cardinute Elaine Cook Eleanora Cataloui Nancy Dodkin Eleanor Dooley lane Fairbank George Fuller Emma Freeman Russell Harnden Allan Iohnson Marjory Metcalf joseph Lillyman Raymond Metrano Marcia Rosberg Priscilla Romiglio Carlton Smith TYPING STAFF SPORTS STAFF Helena Schromm, Editor Larry Bearce Lorinda Bluemer Ronald Flanders Shirley Gallagher loan Dodkin Mary Sanford Lorraine Gayton Carolyn Street Doris Sullivan PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF ART STAFF MUSIC STAFF Otis Downs, Editor Judith Ardrey David Colburn Jann Spaulding Karin Hernblad Patricia Mulherin Selma Roberts' Page Eight SENIORS 'TX -N .-xx .,. x 'X A x J XR-KRW!! K X if -TM - 5 12 -ff WILLIAM HAYS AN DRESS "BILL" Red Fox Motel COLLEGE FAVORITES! Pastime-Fooling, Expression-"Shut up!", Tune-"Robe ot Calvary", Sport-Basketball, Person-Nancy, Pet Peeue-Girls late for dates, Best Characteristic-His height. Basketball, F TL '52, '53, Athletic Association '53, Yearbook Staff '54, French Club '54, Transferred from White Plains High School, White Plains, New York. IUDITH ANN ARDREY .KJUDYH 21 Bird Street COLLEGE FAVORITES: Pastime-Drawing, Expression-"Let's have a partyl", Tune-"Scatterbrain", Sport-Field Hockey, Person-Leo, Pet Peeve -Decorating committees, Best Characteristic-Artistic ability. Field Hockey '50, '51, FTL '52, Captain '53, Athletic Association '51, '52, '53, '54, Social Committee '51, '52, '53, '54, Prom Committee '53, Class Oflicer, Secretary '54, Glee Club '52, '53, Varsity Club '51, Girls' Sport Club '51, Canteen Representative '51, Monitor '52, Year- book Staff, Art Editor '54, School Paper '51, '52, '53, '54, Dramatic Club '51, French Club '53, Girls' Chorus Club '53, Science Fair, First Prize '51, State Science Fair at M.I.T. '51, Class Will '54, Senior Reception '51, '52, LARRY SAYLES BEARCE "LARRY" 241 South Street COLLEGE F AVORITES: Pastime-Sleeping, Expression-"He's quite hairyl", Tune -"Ricochet", Sport-Basketball, Person-"The Chief" and Mrs. Bar- rows, Pet Peece-Homework, Best Characteristic-Tall and blonde. Basketball '50, '51, '52, FTL '53, Baseball '51, '52, FTL '53, '54, Monitor '52, '53, Yearbook Staff '54, Stock Room '54. Page Ten LORINDA JANE BLUEMER "LINDA" 88 South Street COLLEGE FAvoiu'rEs: Pastime-Basket weaving, Expression--"Where's the party?", Tune-"Deep Purple", Sport-Baseball, Person-johnny, Pet Peeue-Egotist, Best Characteristie-Smile. Field Hockey '50, '51, '52, FTL '53, Softball '50, '52, Athletic Association '52, '53, '54, Social Committee '51, '52, '53, '54, Prom Committee '53, Typing Award '51, '52, '53, Girls' Sport Club '51, '52, Yearbook Staff '54, Assembly Participation '54, School Paper '51, '52, '53, '54, Dramatic Club '51, '53, '54, French Club, Secretary '51, Fashion Show '53, Food Sale '51, '52, Science Fair, Award '52, Driver Education '52, Record Poll, WHDH, '54, Glee Club '51, '52, Girls' Chorus '50, Ol'l'ice Work '52, '53, Science Club '50, '51, '52, WILLIAM REGINALD BRAYE "BILLY" 22 Linden Street COLLEGE Favoiurrzs: Pastime-Eating, Expression-"Guess what?", Tune- "Five Foot Two", Sport-Basketball, Person-"The Chief", Best Clmructeristic-Small stature and blond hair. Baseball '52, Mgr. '51, Basketball '51, '52, Mgr. '53, Athletic Associa- tion '51, '52, '53, '54, Social Conuuittee '51, '52, '53, '54, Prom Com- mittee '53, Monitor '51, '52, Yearbook Staff, Photography '54, Oflice VVork '53, Dramatic Club '54, French Club '53, Science Club '51, '52, Driver Education '53, Science Fair '52, '53, LAWRENCE ALFRED BRUNELL "LARRY" Lakeview Road GENEIIAL FAVORITES: Sport-Hunting and fishing, Pet Peeve-Neckties. Basketball '51, Social Committee '51, '52, '53, Prom Committee '53, Class President '51, '52, '53 Vice-President '54, Glee Club '51, '52, '53, '54, Monitor '53, Yearbook Staff, Class Will '54, Assembly Participa- tion '52, '53, School Paper '51, Dramatic Club '52, Student Council '51, '52, '54. Page Eleven MARY CAROLYN BUCKLEY "M, C." 25 Main Street COLLEGE FAVORITES: Pastime--Reading, Expression-"It makes the same differ- ence", Tune-"La Donne Mobile" Sport-Sailing, Person-Bishop Sheen, Pet Peeve-Back seat drivers, Best Characteristic-Red hair and freckles. Basketball '53, '54, Field Hockey '50, '52, FTL '51, '53, Social Com- mittee '51, '52, '53, '54, Prom Committee '53, Varsity Club '54, Office Work '51, '52, '53, '54, Typing Award '52, Girls' Sports Club '53, Yearbook Staff '54, Pro Merito '53, Assembl Participation '51, '52, '53, '54, French Club '52, '53, Food Sale Chairman '53, '54, Science Fair, Prize '51, Debating Society, Vice-President '54, Athletic Associ- ation '51, '52, '53, '54. IOSEPH JOHN CARDINUTE ..JOE,, 142 Spring Street COLLEGE FAVORITES: Pastime-Playing cards at the Ere station, Expression- "Don't bust me will ya, I'm a light bulb", Tune-"Love Walked In", Sport-Football, Person-Connie, Pet Peeve-English teachers, Best Chamcteristic-Personality. Football '50, FTL '51, '52, '53, Basketball '51, '52, Track, FTL '53, Athletic Association '50, '51, '52, Varsity Club '54, Typing Award '53, Monitor '52, Yearbook Staff '54, OHice Work '54, Assembly '53, '54, Science Club '51, '52, Boys' Chorus '52. ELEANORA VERONICA CATALONI "NORAD 167-A County Street COINIMERCIAL FAVORITES: Pastime--Sliding down the banister, Expression-"Hi Doll", Tune-"Crocodile Tears", Sport-Dancing on his feet, Person -Chet, Pet Peeue-Big Mouths, Best Characteristic-Long sharp nail. Basketball '51, '52, Softball '50, '52, Typing Award '52, '53, '54, Monitor '50, '51, Yearbook Staff '53, '54, Dramatic Club '53, '54, Girls' Chorus '51, '52, Camera Club '52, Art Exhibit '51, Lunch Counter '51, '52, Food Sale '51, Canteen Representative '51, '52, Shorthand Award '54. Page Twelve ROBERT HARRY CLARK "BOB" 2 7 Shaw Place GENERAL AND IND. ARTS FAVORITES: Pastime-Tinkering with cars, Expression-"That what your tryin to tell me, joe", Tune-"Tropicana", Sport--Football, Person'-B51 Goodwin, Pet Peeoe-School hours are too long, Best Characteristic-Good natured. V Athletic Association '54, Social Committee '51, Monitor '51, Drivers Education '54, Industrial Arts Club. ' VERNA CONSTANCE CLARK "VERN" 394 South Street COLLEGE FAVORITES: Pastime- Driving my "new" car, Expression- "By crackyl"g Tune-"O Mein Papa", Sport-Swimming, Person-Charlie, Pet Peeoe-Phoniesg Best Characteristic-Sincerity. Social Committee '53g Prom Committee '53g Class Officer, Secretary '5-3g Glee Club '52, '53, Senior Play, Usherette '52, Pro Merito '53, Assembly Participation '51, Girls' State '53, Usherette, Graduation '52, School Paper, Assistant Literary Editor '51, '53, Music '54, Dramatic Club '51g Girls' Chorus '52, '53, Ring Committee '52, Drivers Educa- tion '52g Usherette, Pops Concert '52, School transferred from Med- field High School. DAVID CARLYLE COLBURN ..DAVE,. 124 Mechanic Street GENERAL COURSE FAVORlTESi Pastlme-Jerking sodag Expression-"All right alreadyll"g Tune-"Lord, Kee-:E Your Precious Hand on Me", Sport-Ice skating, Person-Billy Gra am, Pet Peeue-Tall girls, Best Characteristic- Piano playing. Athletic Association '51, '52, '53, Glee Club '52, '53, Orchestra '52, '53g Band '52, '53, Typing Award '53, Yearbook Staff '54, Office Work '54, Assembly Participation '58g Boys' Chorus '52, '53, Drivers Education '53. Page Thirteen ELAINE VINCENT COOK "ELAINE" 185 Central Street COLLEGE FAVORITES: Pastime-Knitting, Expression-"What do ya mean?", Tune-"Stardust", Sport-Basketball, Person-Ray, Pet Peeve- School, Best Characteristic-Neatness. Field Hockey '50, '51, FTL '52, '58, Athletic Association '51, '52, '58, '54, Social Committee '51, '52, '58, '54, Prom Committee '58, Varsilg Club '54, Typing Award '52, Girls' Sports Club '51, Yearbook Sta '54, OH'ice Work '54, Pro Merito '58, School Paper '51, French Club '52, '58, Food Sale Committee '58, Science Fair '51, MARLENE ELIZEBETH COOK "COOKIE" 84 Main Street COMMERCIAL FAVORITES: Pastime-Traveling, Expression-"No commentl", Tune- "I Love You Truly", 'Sport-Basketball, Pet Peeoe-English tests, Person-Mom and Dad, Best Characteristic-Naturally cur y hair. Basketball '51, '52, '58, FTL '54, Field Hockey '52, '58, FTL '54, Softball '51, '52, FTL '53, '54, Athletic Association '51, '52, '58 '54, clee Club '51, '52, ess, '54, varsity Club '54, Typing Award, '53, Girls' Sport Club '51, '52, '58, Monitor '51, '52, '58, Yearbook Staif '54, Office Work '52, '58, '54, Shorthand Award '54. MARCIA MAE CONGDON ROSBERG "MAIZIE" 188 Beach Street COMMERCIAL FAVORITES: Pastime-Painting, Expression-"Well, we finally did itl" T une-"You Wonderful You", Sport-Ice skating, Person--Norman, Pet Peeoe-School, Best Characteristic-Patient and understanding. Glee Club '51, Typing Award '52, '58, Yearbook Staff '54, Olice Work '54, Assembly Participation '51, School Paper '51, Drivers Education '58. Page Fourteen IOAN ELIZABETH DODKIN "IOANIE" 28 Bockhill Street COLLEGE Favonrrnsz Pastime--Listening to the radio, Expression-"I don't know", Tune "Stardust", Sport-Golf, Person-Jane Froman, Pet Peeue-Fresh boys, Best Characteristic-Nice blue eyes. Basketball '54, Field Hockey '51, FTL '52, '53, Softball '51, Athletic Association '51, '52, '53, '54, Social Committee '51, '52, '53, '54, Prom Committee '53, Glee Club '51, Varsity Club '54, Girls' Chorus '51, Girls' Sports Club '51, '52, '54, Yearbook Staff '54, Girls' Sports Editor '54, Oiiice Work '53, '54, French Club '52, '53, '54, Drivers Education '53, Science Fair '51, WHDH Record Poll '54. NANCY REEVE DODKIN "NANCE" 2 Granite Street COLLEGE FAVORITES: Pastime-Knitting, Expression-"Ya knowll" Tune- "Deep Purple", Sport-Hockey, Person-Bill, Pet Peeve-Conceited boys, Best Characteristic-Cheerfulness. Basketball '53, FTL '54, Field Hockey, FTL Athletic Association '51, '52 '53, Social Committee '52, '53, '54, Prom Committee '53, Class Officer, Vice President '52, Secretary '53, Glee Club '52, Varsity Club '54, Typing Award '52, Girls' spans Club '51, '52, canteen Repre- sentative '53, Yearbook Staff '54, Pro Merito '53, '54, Cheerleader '52, '53, Co-Captain '54, Usher at Graduation '53, School Paper '51, '54, French Clu '52, '53, '54- Student Council '54, Debating Society '54, Science Fair '52, Assembly Participation '52. ELEANOR ANN DOOLEY "ELLIE" 52 Elm Street CoMMEac1Ar. FAVORITES! Pastlme-Sliding down banisters, Expression-"Oh great", Tune-"One Moment More", Sport-Roller skating, Person-Nick, Pet Peeve--Teachers, Best Characteristic-Nice teet . Field Hockey '50, '51, '52, Typing Award '52, '53, Girls' Sports Club '50, '51, Yearbook Staff '54, O ce Work 52 '53, '54, Assembly Participation '51, School Paper '51, '53, Girls' Chorus '51 '52, Camera Club '52, Art Exhibit '51, Lunch Counter '51, Food Sale '51, Science Fair '51, Homemaking Exhibition '54, Page Fifteen OTIS KENNETH DOWNS no Ea Oak Street COMMERCIAL FAVORITES: Pastime-Hunting, Expression-"Hot Dog!", Tune- "Robe of Calvary", Sport-Hockey, Person-Sam, Pet Pee1Je-- Conceited girls, Best Characteristic-Personality. Track, FTL '52, Monitor '51, '52, '53, Yearbook Staff, Photography Editor '54, Oflice Work '53, School Paper '52, '53, Science Fair, First Prize, General Science '51. WALTER GEORGE DURHAM "WALT" 105 South Street COLLEGE F AVORITESC Pastime-Sleeping, Tune-"Ebb Tide", Sport-Football, Person-Myself, Pet Peeoe-Girls, Best Characteristic-Friendliness. Football '50, FTL '52, '53, Basketball '51, '52, FTL '53, '54, Track '51, FTL '52, '53, '54, Athletic Association '51, '52, Social Committee '52, '53, Prom Committee '53, Class Officer, Treasurer '52, Senior Play '54, Varsity Club '54, Canteen Representative '51, '52, '53, '54, Monitor '52, '53, Yearbook Staff '54, Pro Merito '53, '54, Magazine Drive Captain '52, School Paper '53, French Club '53, Science Club '51, '52, Student Council '53. JANE KAY FAIRBANK HJANEU 4 Market Street COLLEGE F Avonrrrss: Pastime-Sleeping, Expression-"Where'd ya get the first clue?" Tune-"Blue Moon", Sport-Checkers with Necco wafers, Person-Bob, Pet Peeve-Loud mouths, Best Characteristic-Nice clothes. Field Hockey, FTL '52, '53, Athletic Association '51, '52, '53, '54, Social Committee '51, '52, '53, '54, Prom Committee '53, Varsity Club '54, Girls' Sports Club '51, Canteen Representative '52, Year- book Staff '54, Oflice Work '53, Pro Merito '53, School Paper '51, '52, '53, '54, Dramatic Club '52, '53, Secretary '54, Girls' Chorus '51, '52, '53, Science Fair '52, Food Sale Committee '51, '52, '53, '54, Senior Picture Appointments. Page Sixteen RONALD EDWARD FLANDERS "FAGGET" "RON NIE" 207 Cocasset Street COLLEGE FAVORITES: Pastlme--Wine, Women and Words, Expression-"Imag- ine thatl", Tune-"Rags to Riches", Sport-Basketball, Person- EstherdWiIliams, Pet Peeoe-Bill Braye, Best Characteristic-Good nature . Football '50, FTL '51, '52, '53- Basketball '51, FTL '52, '53, '54, Capt- Track '51, FTL '52, Atbletic Association '51, '52, '53, '54, Social Committee '51, '52, '53, '54, Prom Committee '53, Glee Club '51, '52, '53, Varsity Club '54- Canteen Representative '51, Monitor '51, '52, Yearbook Staff '54, Office Work '51, '52, Assembly Participa- tion '51, '52, Science Club '51, '52, Student Council '53, Prom King '53. ALFRED ALLAN FORREST "FREDDY" 122 Morse Place GENERAL FAvom'rEs: Pastinw-Watching television, Express-ton-"Hot Ziggaty- Zag Nuts!", Tune-"You, You, You", Sport-Baseball, Person- Sandra, Pet Peeve-Problems of Democracy, Best Characteristic- Generous. EMMA RUTH FREEMAN ..EM,, 77 Chestnut Street GENERAL COURSE FAVORITES! Pastime-Collecting records, Expression-"That's lifel", Tune-"Tenderly", SHN-Bow ing, Person-Dinah Shore, Pet Peeoe -Wise guys, Best C ractenlstic-Rosey cheeks. Field Hockey '51, '52, Athletic Association '51, '52 '53, '54, Social committee '51, '52, '53, '54, Prom ccmmittcc '53, Glee Club '51, '53, Typing Award '52, Yearbook Staff '54, Pro Merito '53, '54, Assembly Participation '51, '52, '53, '54, Women's Club Honorary Membership '53, Girls' State, Altemate '54, Magazine Drive Captain '54, School Paper '51, '52, 53- Dramatic Club' '54, Drivers Education '53, Play Committee, '54, Office Work, '53. Page Seventeen GEORGE EDWIN FULLER "GEORGE" 43 South Street COLLEGE FAVORITES: Pastime-Sports, Expression-"What do you mean?", Tune-"Ebbtide", Sport-Football, Person-Jann, Pet Peeoe-Home- work, Best Characteristic-Wavy hair. Football '50, '52, FTL '51, '53, Basketball '51, Track '51, Athletic Association '51, '52, '53, '54, Social Committee '51, '52, '53, '54, Prom Committee '53, Glee Club '51, '52, '53, Bank '54, Yearbook Staff '54, Office Work '53, Assembly Participation '51, '52, School Paper '53, Dramatic Club, Treasurer '54, Varsity Club '54, SHIRLEY ANN GALLAGHER "SHIRLEY" 31 Rock Hill COMMERCIAL FAVORITES: Pastime-Roller skating, Expression-"Oh, fine!", Tune -"Trying", Sport-Basketball, Person-Ronney, Pet Peeve-Teach- ers, Best Characteristic-Naturally curly hair. Field Hockey '51, Social Committee '51, Typing Award '53, Short- hand Award '54, Girls' Sport Club '51, '52, Ollice Work '53 '54- School Paper '51, Transferred from Rockland High School, Rockland Massachusetts. IDA LORRAINE GAYTON "LORRAINE" 7 Bentwood Street COLLEGE FAVORITES! Pastime--Knitting, Expression-"I don't smoke, sports you know!" Tune-"Bewitched", Sport-Basketball, Person-john, Pet Peeoe-Bad manners, Best Characteristic-Naturally curly hair. Basketball '50, '51, FTL '52, '53, Captain, Field Hockey '50, FTL '51, '52, Softball, FTL '50, '51, Athletic Association '51, '52, '53, '54, Social Committee '51, '52, '53, '54, Prom Committee '53, Glee Club '51, '52, '53, Varsity Club '54, Typing Award '52, Girls' Sport Club '51, '52, '53, Yearbook Staff, Sports Editor, Prophecy, School Paper '51, '52, '53, '54, Assembly Participation '51, '52, '53, '54, Dramatic Club, Vice President '52, '54, French Club '52, Science Club '51, Secretary '52, Girls' Chorus '51, '52, '53, Science Fair '52, 3rd prize, '53, Senior Picture Appointments '54, Food Sale Committee '51, '52, '53, '54, Debating Club, Treasurer '54. Page Eighteen WILLIAM JOSEPH GOODWIN ..BILL,, Willow Street INDUSTRIAL ARTS COURSE FAvoRr'rEs: Pastime--Collectin stam s- Ex ression-"He ou kids n H s Q , P y , get off that roof. Tune- Dragnet , Sport-Basketbal, Person- obert Taylor, Pet Peeue-Short study periods, Best Characteristic Cood natured. Athletic Association '54, Monitor '52, Industrial Arts Club '53, Drivers Education '54, Music Appreciation '52, MARTHA ELLEN GRIFFITHS "MARTY" 31 Union Street COLLEGE FAVORITES: Pastime-Talking, Expression-"Don't be bitter", Tune -"Christian Cowboy", Sport-Collecting doughnut holes, Person- Dick, Pet Peeve-Short fellows, Best Characteristic-Smile. Field Hockey '52, FTL '53, Athletic Association '51, '52, '53, '54, Social Committee '51, '52, '53, Prom Committee '53, Typing Award '52, Girls' Sports Club '51, '52, '53, Yearbook Staff '54, Pro Merito '53, '54, Assembly Particifaation '53, '54, Oflice Work '54, Magazine Drive Captain '54, Schoo Paper '51, '52, '53, '54, French Clu '52, Girls' Chorus '51, Student Council '54, Drivers Education '54, Science Fair '51, Art Exhibition '51, Debating Society '54. RUSSELL WILSON HARNDEN, IR. ..RUSS,, 41 Granite Street COLLEGE FAvoR11'Es: Pastime-Working on my car, Expression-"Next week maibeln. T une-"Rags to Riches", Sport-Ice Hockey, Person- Iac Webb, Pet Peeue-Homework, Best Characteristic-Quietness. Baseball '51, Athletic Association '51, '52, '53, Social Committee '51, '52, Prom Committee '53, Glee Club '52, Monitor '52, School Paper Eg, '32, Science Club '51, '52, Boys' Chorus '52, Projector Club Page Nineteen ,-we-fr f 1"r.mgg.,1 HENRY WARREN HEATON "HOMER" , Neponset Heights Avenue INDUSTKAL Arvrs FAVORITES! Pastime-Teaching cars to roll over, Expression-"What does that word mean?" Tune-"Margie", Sport-Donkey Baseball, Person-Mr. Ward, Pet Peeve-Cars faster than mine, Best Character- istic-Businessman. V Prom Committee '53, Camera Club '54, Arts Club, Vice President '53, '54. FRANK HALSTED HEFFRON "FRANK" 105 Central Street COLLEGE FAVORITES! Pastime-Eating, Expression-"I stand on my fifth amend- ment", Tune-"Pomp and Circumstance", Sport-Basketball, Person -Uncle Tiger, Best Characteristic-Very diplomatic. A Football, Mgr. '52, Basketball '52, '53, '54, Track '51, '52, '53, '54, Athletic Association '53, '54, Social Committee '54, Prom Committee '53, Class Oflicer, Vice President '51, President '54, Varsity Club '54, Pro Merito '53, '54, Assembly Participation, '51, '52, '53, '54, Boys' State '53, French Club '53, '54, Science Club '51, Mass. Student Govemment Day '54, KARIN ELIZABETH HERNBLAD KHICKU 30 Main Street COLLEGE FAVORITES: Pastime-Art, Expression-"I don't understand com- pletely", Tune-"Stranger in Paradise", Sport-Sailing, Pet Peeve- Physics class, Person-George, Best Characteristic-Sweet, young and innocent. Basketball '53, '54, Social Committee '53, Yearbook Staff '54, School Paper '53, Assistant Art Editor '54, French Club '53, '54, Transferred from William Cullen Bryant High School, New York, New York, '53, Debating Society '54, Prom Committee '53, French Club, Vice Presi- dent '54, Pro Merito '53, '54, Assembly Participation '54, Art Exhibit '53, Junior Arista '52. Page Twenty ALLAN WAYNE JOHNSON 'fDOC" 44 NValnut Strcct COLIINIEHCIAL F,wolu'ries: Paslime-Bay State Drug Store, Expression-"For cri- cyel", Tune-"Heart ot My Heart", Sport-Baseball, Person-Frankie Laine, Pet Peeue-Noscy people, Best Characteristic-Easy going ways. Typing Awarcl '52, '53, Yearbook Staff '54, Pro Mcrito '53, '54, Stock Room '54. IOSEPH BENEDICT DAMIEN LILLYMAN ..JOE,, 2:3 Gilmore Street CoL1,1-:GE l"AVOlll'1'l'IS3 Prnvtime-Livin 1 on XVashington Street, Expression- "Mothcr and I!" Tune-"Ire'l'and Must Be Heaven Cause My Mother Came From There", Sport-Coing to school, Person-Liberace, Pet Peeue-Millionaires, Best Clmrueteristic-Clever, talentecl, original. Athletic Association '51, '53, '54, Social Committee '51, '53, Orchestra '51, '53, Senior Play '54, Monitor '51, School Paper '51, '53, '54, Yearbook Staff '54, Assembly Participation '51, '53, Dramatic Club '54, Science Clulm '51, Play Committee '54, Camera Club '54, Boys' Chorus '53, '54, Debating Society '54, Transferred from Mount Saint Charles Preparatory School, XVoonsocket, Rhode Island, Music Appre- ciation '54, CERARD DAMIEN LYNCH "UNCLE TIGER" 14 XVcst Leonard Street COLLEGE FAVORITES: Pastime-XVomen, Expression-"1t's been a pleasure to do lmusiness with such an old and well established firm", Tune-"They Co Wild Over Me", Sport-Soccer, Pet Peeue-Mumbles and Repub- licans, Person-Linda, Best Clulracterisfic-Never gets macl. Athletic Association '51, '52, '53, '54, Social Committee '51, '52, '53, '54, Prom Committee '53, Clec Cluh '54, Band '54, Monitor '51, '52, Business Manager '53, '54, Debating Society '54, Assembly Participa- tion '51, '52, '53, '54, Boys' Chorus '54, Paper '52, '53, '54, Music Appreciation '54. Page Twenty-one MARJORY ANNE METCALF "lNlARClE" 16 Centennial Street COLLEGE FAVORITES: Pastime-The accordion, Expressionf-"XVho are we talk- ing about now!" Tune-"Stardust", Sport-Colt, Person-Lew, Pet Peeue-Braces, Best Characteristic-Sense ot humor. Athletic Association '51, '52, '53, '54, Social Committee '51, '52, '53, '54, Prom Committee '53, Clee Club '51, '52, Varsity Club '54, Typing Award '52, Girls' Sport Club '51, '52, Canteen Representative '51, Yearbook Staff '54, Office YVork '53, Assembly Participation '51, '52, '53, '54, Cheerleader '52, '53, School Paper '54, Dramatic Club '54. RAYMOND JAMES NIETRANO, IR. HRAYU 168 Main Street COLLEGE FAVORITES: Pastime-Eating, Expression-"'Taint neither", Tune- "Allez-Vous-en", Sport-Basketball, Person-Elaine, Pet Peece- School lunches, Best Characteristic-Friendliness. Basketball '53, FTL '54, Athletic Association '51, '52, '53, '54, Social Committee '51, '52, '53, '54, Prom Committee '53, Yearbook Staff '54, Assembly Participation '51, Magazine Drive Captain '51, Stock Room '54, French Club '52, Science Club '51, Projection Club '54, Science Fair '51, PATRICIA MAUREEN MULHERIN 'CPATU 16 Community Way COBIBIERCIAL FAVORITES: Pclstime-Daydreaming, Expression--"Better late than nevcrl", Tune-"My Darling Patricia", Sport-Basketball, Person- Myself, Pet Peeve-Impatient people, Best Chrzrrzcteristic-Cute smile. Softball '53, Athletic Association '53, '54, Glee Club '54, Typing Award '53, Yearbook Staff '54, Office NVork '53, '54, School Paper '54, Drivers Education '54, Transferred from Mission High School, Roxbury, Mass. Page T wenty-two DAVID EDWARD NEWELL "DAVE" 130 North Street INDUSTRIAL Arvrs Fnvonrrzsz Pastime--Bowling, Expression-"Next week, maybe!" Tune-"Oh, Mein Papa", Sport--Fishing, Person-Jackie Gleason, Pet Peeue-School, Best Characteristic-Personality. Athletic Association '51, '52, '53, Monitor '52, Assembly Participation '52, Science Club '52, Industrial Art Club, Board of Directors '51, '53. PRENTICE LEE ORSWELL "LEE" 152 South Street INDUSTRIAL ARTS Fnvonmzsz Pastime-Radio-Television, Expression-"Real gone!" Tune-"You, You, You", Sport-Baseball, Person-june, Pet Peeue- Shop, Best Characteristic-Bom in Califomia. Baseball '53, FTL '52, Athletic Association '52, '53, '54, Industrial Arts Club, Treasurer '53, Vice-President '54, Transferred from Verdugo Hills High School, Intujunga, California. MARILYN JEAN PEACH "BONNIE" 28 Pleasant Street COLLEGE FAVORITES! Pas-time-Talking, Expression--"That's real shaggy!" Tune -"Tenderly", Sport-Basketball, Person--Earl, Pet Peeve-Mous- taches, Best Characteristics--Big green eyes. Basketball '51, '52, '53, Field Hockey '50, FTL '51, '52, Athletic Association '51, '52, '53, '54, Social Committee '51, '52, '53, '54, Prom Committee '53, Senior Reception Committee '51, '52, Class Oilicer, Secretary '52, Vice-President '53, Glee Club '51, Varsity Club '54, Typing Award '54, Girls' Sport Club '51, '52, Canteen Representative '52, '54, Monitor '51, Yearbook Staff, Literary Editor '54, Office Work '54, Pro Merito '53, '54, Assembly Participation '51, '52, '53, '54, Class Day Honors, Womans Club, Honorary Membership, Girls' State '53, Cheerleader '52, '53, Co-Captain '54, Magazine Drive Captain 53, School Paper '52, News Editor '53, Editor-in-Chief '54, French Club '53, '54, Vice-President '53, Girls' Chorus '51, Student Council '51, Secretary '53, Prom Queen '53, Science Fair '52, Senior Picture Appointments, Art Exhibit '52, Diploma Distribution '53, Debating C ub '54, Food Sale Committee '51, '52, D.A.R. Award '54, Badmin- ton Champion '54. Page Twenty-three SELMA BOND ROBERTS "SALLY" 30 South Street COLLEGE FAVORITES! Pastime-Parties, Expression--"Live it upl", Tune-"Stan dust", Sport-Tennis, Person-Mr. Milton, Pet Peeve-Irish Step Dancers, Best Characteristic-Personality. Basketball '52, Field Hockey, FTL '53, '54, Athletic Association '51, '52, '53, '54, Social Committee '51, '52, '53, '54, Prom Committee '53, Glee Club '51, '52, '53, Varsity Club '54, Girls' Sport Club '51, '52, '53, Canteen Representative '51, '53, Yearbook Staff '54, Oflice Work '52, '53, Assembly Participation '51, '52, '54, Magazine Drive Captain '53, School Paper '51, '52, '54, Dramatic Club '51, '52, '53, '54, Science Club '52, Girls Chorus '52, Student Council '52, WHDH Record Poll '54, PRISCILLA DOROTHY ROMIGLIO "TILLIE" 91 Chestnut Street COMMERCIAL F AVORITES1 Pastime-Driving, Expression-"All rightyl", Tune-"Oh Mein Papa", Sport-Basketball, Person-Joseph Noonan, Pet Peeve- Oral topics, Best Characteristics-Cute smile. Athletic Association '51, '52, '53, Social Committee '53, Glee Club '54, Shorthand Award '54, Typing Award '52, Girls' Sport Club '51, Year- book Staff '54, Oflice Work '54, Drivers Education '53, LEE SALLIE "MARCHIE" 110 Main Street HoME MANAGELIENT FAVORITES! Pasttme-Riding, Expression-"Oh heckl", Tune-"That's Amore", Sport-Driving horses, Person-Moira Shearer, Pet Peeve- Cold weather, Best Characteristic-Gracefulness. Typing Award '53. Page Twenty-four MARY CATHERINE SANFORD "MAR" 57 Cross Street COMMERCIAL FAVORITES! Pastime-Driving car, Expression-"Oh daml", Tune- "Stranger in Paradise", Sport-Ice skating, Person-Cliff Dahlstrom, Pet lfeeoe-Teachers, Best Characteristic-Ability to get along with peop e. Social Committee '53, Glee Club '54, Typing Award '52, '53, Office Work '54, Yearbook Stalf '54- Girls' Sports C ub '51' Drivers Educa- tion '53, WHDH Record Poll '54, Shorthand Award '54. HELENA MARIE SCHROMM "LEE" 20 Walnut Street COMMERCIAL FAVORITES: Pastime-Dancing, Expression-"I'll 've you a shot in the headl", T une-"Secret Love", Sport-Basketglall, Person-Perry Como, Pete Peeoe-Problems of Democracy, Best Characteristic- Smile, giggle. Softball, FTL '53, Athletic Association '52, '53, '54, Social Commit- tee '51, Senior Reception Committee '52, Glee Club '53, '54, Short- hand Award '54, Typing Award '52, '54, Girls' Sports Club '51, 52, '53, Yearbook Staff '54, 0fIice Work '54, Girls' Chorus '54, Drivers Education '53, Art Club '54, Art Exhibit '52, Usherette, Open House '53, '54, Basketball '54. IOHN CHRISTIAN MICHAEL SHEA "MIKE" Chestnut Street COLLEGE FAVORITES: Pastlme-Dancing, Expression-"Son of a Gun!", Tune- "My Wild Irish Rose", Sport-Skiing, Person-Senator Joe McCarthy, Pet Peeve-Deadlines, Best Characteristic-Walking. Basketball, Mgr. '54, Baseball '50, '51, Athletic Association '51, '52, '58 '54, Socia Committee '51, '52, '54, Prom Committee '53, Class Ofdcer, Treasurer '51, '54, Glee Club '52, '53, '54,'Bank '54, Senior Play '54, Monitor '52, Yearbook Staff '54, Assembly Participation '51, '52, '53, '54- Magazine Drive Captain '51- School Paper '51, '52, '53, Dramatic Club, resident '54, French Club '52 '53, Science Club '51, Student Council '52, Operetta '53, '54, Basketball, Score Keeper '53, Drivers Education '54, Debating Society, President '54. Page Twenty-hoe A-, .s QQ ,L 'ai 9, fs., Ariat. ig:-fa P z. M it My .mism- ar i i::L'.:2,r dw V. ii f ,td '-a JN. .llc heir, -ai?-if Lrg-9-if A ! EDITH MURIEL SHEPARDSON AEDIEU 204 South Street COMMERCIAL FAVORITES: Pastime--Reading, Expression-"Hot the trot!" Tune- "Anywhere I Wander", Sport-Baseball, Person--Julius LaRosa, Pet Peeoe-Problems of Democracy. . Athletic Association '51, '52, '53, '54, Girls' Sports Club '54, Office Work '54, Drivers Education '53, Usherette, Open House '53, '54, Future Homemakers of America '54. CARLTON HUNTLEY SMITH "SMITTY" 10 Park Avenue GENERAL FAVORITES: Pastime-Bible Reading, Expression-f'I guessl", Tune- "It Is No Secret", Sport-Basketball, Person-Dr. Northcote Deck, Pet gciieve-24 hour day, Best Characteristic-Good natured, serious min e . Athletic Association '51, '52, '53, Tyging Award '52, '53, Yearbook Staff '54, Pro Merito '53, '54, Assem ly Participation '53, 54, Stock Room '54. IAMES JORDAN SMITH "SMITTY" 18 Glenwood Avenue ' INDUSTRIAL ARTS FAVORITES: Pastime--"Eating", Expression-"I guess!", Tune--"You Alone", Sport-Hunting. Athletic Association '51, '52, '53, '54, Social Committee '51, Prom Committee '53, Glee Club '53, '54, Monitor '52, '53, Assembly Participation '53, Stock Room '51, Science Club '51, '53, Industrial Arts Club '53, '54. Page Twenty-six IANN LOUISE SPAULDING ..JANN,, 25 Carpenter Street COLLEGI: AND GENERAL Favomnss: Pastime-Driving the car, Expression-"What did I do now?"g Tune-"Ebb Tide"g Sport-Golf, Person-Georgeg Pet Peeve -Problems, Best Characteristic-Nice complexion. Basketball '52, '53, '54, Field Hockey '51g Softball '51, Prom Commit- tee '53, Reception Committee '53, Glee Club '51 '52, Band '51, '52, Assembly Partici ation '51, '52, '54, Dramatic Club '54, Latin Club, 52, Transferred fI"om Mansfield High School, Mansfield, Mass. CAROLYN GENEVRA STREET "CAROL" 32 Linden Street - COMMERCIAL F.4vom'nss: Pastime-Movies, Expression-"Oh great!" Tune-"When Loved Walked In", Sport-Softball, Person-Perry Como, Pet Peeve -Teachersg Best Characteristic-Friendliness. Softball '51, '53- FTL '52, Athletic Association '51, Typing Award '52, '53, Yearbook staff '54, Shorthand Award '54, omoo Work '54. DORIS ANN SULLIVAN "DOTTIE" 6 Oak Hill Avenue COINIBIERCIAL FAvonrn:s: Pustime--Walking, Expression-"For gosh sakesl"g Tune -"Vaya Con Dios", Sport-Basketball, Person-Eddie Fisher, Pet Peeoe-Schoolg Best Characteristic-Cooperative. Basketball Mgr. '53, '54, Athletic Association '51, '52, '53, '54, Senior Reception Committee 52, Varsity Club '54, Typing Award '53, Girls Sports Club '51, '54, 0Hice Work '53, '54, School Paper '53, '54, Usherette Open House '52, '53, '54, Science Fair '52. Page Twenty-seven JANET HELEN TURCOTTE ..IAN,, 145 Spring Street COMMERCIAL FAVORITES: Pastime-Ballet dancingg Expression-"You're not too bright!" Tune-"I'll See You in My Dreamsng Sport-Basketballg Person-Kennyg Pet Peeue-Lowneysg Best Characteristic-Good natured. Athletic Association '51, '52, '53, '54g Social Committee '51, '52, '53g Glee Club '54g Yearbook Staff '54g Oflice Work '52, '53, '54g Assembly Participation ,544 Girls' Chorus ,545 Usherette, Open House '54g Fashion Show 53. JAMES FRANCIS WASELESKI "SKI" 188 High Street INDUSTRIAL ARTS F AVORITES: Pastime-Automobilesg Expression-"You dumb jack-o- lantern!"5 Tune-"Trying',g Sport-Footballg Person-Mr. Barrowsg Pet Peeve-Dictatorship at class meetingsg Best Characteristic- Dependability. Assembly Participation '58g Magazine Drive Captain '535 Student Council '52, '53g Industrial Arts Club ,52, '53, '54. Page Twenty-eight FEATURES fl 4 'J ' L M 0 P PL cj X H64 Ovxj CLASS WILL We, the Iackasses of the Foxboro "Bay Staten High School Stables, located at the corner of South Street and Carpenter Street, after causing stampedes when the last bell rings, are stampeding for the last time. We being of sound donkey sense, do declare this to be our Last Will and Testament. .... He Hewl ..... He Haw! To Mr. Ward we leave this morgue that once was F oxboro High School. To Mr. Ahern we leave a police whistle and a scooter so he can patrol the lunchroom more easily. To the Iuniors we leave the Beloved Fac- ulty. To the Sophomores we leave our unfinished formula on "How to make spit balls with- out getting your gum mixed in them" in hopes that through this they shall be as industrious, comprehensive, and as ange- lic as we. T 0 the Freshmen a word from those who have learned the hard way, "Always keep a great big brownie smilef, Bill Andress leaves still wondering where Nancy is. He can hear her but he can't quite see her. Iudy Ardrey leaves her tremendous shape to be divided equally among the under- nourished Freshmen. Larry Bearce leaves a crowbar to next yearis Senior Advisor so he can pry Skeeter "Who's dumb?,' Parker out of school. William "Ala Peach F uzzi' Braye leaves his first razor to be framed and put in the trophy case along side of his motto, "If at first there was no fuzz, I shaved and shaved until there wasf, Larry "Whois Paying lim Buyingv Brunell leaves before the diplomas are given out. Evidently he doesnit realize they're free. Mary Carolyn Buckley leaves her ability to converse clearly to Kevin "lust Call Me Hankv Bearce. Ioe Cardinute leaves his book entitled "Eti- quette at the Lunch Tablev or 'gSpoon It In with Your Fingersv to the Junior bo s in hopes that they won't slip on the garbage under his table. Nora Cataloni leaves for Mansfield in hopes sheill find some boys to taxi around. Robert Clark leaves his quiet ways to San- dra "Gabby-gumsi' Kivela. Verna Clark leaves her driving ability to Thatcher "Floor it here comes a corner" Carl. David Colburn leaves his ability at the piano to Marjory "Hot Fingersi' Michel- more. Elaine Cook leaves her modest and shy ways to Elaine "When I get 'em, I keep ,emu Wolveris. Marlene Cook leaves her old supply of sweat shirts to T shirt Tillie. Ioan Dodkin leaves her talkative ways to Bruce "live talked myself blue in the face" Rex. Nancy Dodkin leaves carrying a step- ladder. Eleanor Dooley leaves with the supply room. Otis' Downes leaves in Hip-boots. A Walter Durham leaves his sophisticated wolf calls "ruff ruff" to that singing cow- hand of the Junior Class, Doug "just call me yodels" Floyd. John Engley leaves still happy that he passed Junior English after three tries. Iane Fairbank leaves a pair of extra large ear muffs with hinges on them to enable the Dumbo of the Iunior Class to fly his way down to the goal line in next year's football games, Leo "The Leprechaun, Iodice. Ronald Flanders leaves his athletic ability to Ronnie "Anybody need a good man? Guenard. Alfred Forrest leaves a roll of tape to mend the broken hearts he has left. Emma Freeman leaves her quiet ways and sweet disposition to George "The Sainti' Wallace. - George Fuller leaves his ability to make up for lost sleep in Problems class to anyone who can think of a better way to Hunk. Page Thirty 7 Shirley Gallagher leaves a box of "Mother Murphey's Growing Pills" to next year's midget football squad. Lorraine Gayton leaves her wind to Russell "just call me Gabriell' Green. Martha Grifiths leaves her height to Char- lie "The Mouse" Cicciu. Russell Harnden leaves his out of town girls to Greg "Romeo'l Plakias. Warren Heaton leaves his unbroken record as the only boy who could fall asleep on a hayride. Frank Hefron leaves his outstanding scho- lastic abilit to that rattle-brain Einstein Bob "Sawdlhst brain" Richards. Karin Hernblad leaves to take over Emily Post's job. Allan Johnson leaves to become a member of the East Slobovian, Ethiopian, Black- footed tipy-toe, African Ubangie gum chewers club, with Red. Joe Lillyman leaves his latest book on "Why I turned part cockerspanieln to any junior desiring an A in Senior English. Gerard Lynch leaves all his expensive clothes to anyone foolish enough to wear them. Marjory Metcalf leaves her secret formula Q Peroxidel to anyone desiring to go bald. Raymond Metrano leaves his favorite park- ing spot to his cousin Leo "The Lovern Metrano. Pat Mulherin leaves her ability to win friends to jane Heaton. David Newell leaves to become a sound effects man for the "Zoo Parade." Lee Oswell leaves a pair of boxing gloves to Bruce "The Champ" Randall. Bonnie Peach leaves her true ways to Shirley 'Tm going steady but he won't be home this Weekend" Holmes. Sally Roberts leaves her book entitled "My Greatest Mistakes" or "To Heck with Men!" to that lover of the junior class Robert "They Go Wild Simply Wild Over Me" Huntress. Tillie Romiglio leaves still wondering how she got that traffic ticket. After all she was only going 90 miles per hour. Lee Sallie leaves her ballet slippers to Rose "The bulldozer" Kersey. Helena Schromm leaves a supply of chloro- phyll gum to next year's moldy mouth Freshmen. Michael Shea leaves still mumbling. Edith Shepardson leaves a supply of sun glasses to the juniors in hopes they won't be blinded by the flashy dressing of Roy "Just call me Uncle Jasbon Googins. Carlton Smith leaves a mufller to John Damarall so that when he blows his nose it won't knock the plaster off the ceiling anymore. ,limmy Smith leaves his Masculine build to Rocky "Watch 'em ripple" Moore. Iann Spaulding leaves her book on Powers Models to joan "I plan to be a model" Wells. Carol n Street leaves her ability to say nothing to Paul "The voice" Marsh. Dottie Sullivan leaves breaking the heart of Dave Guenard. Ianet Turcotte leaves her oflice ability to Ted "The Secretary" Julius. Iimmy Waseleski leaves to become Com- mander-in-Chief of all National Guard units in East Ethiopia. William Goodwin leaves a bow and arrow to that Indian of the Sophomore class DeGirolomo so he can shoot an arrow through the hearts of all the Pocahontases in the school. M ary Sanford leaves her unfinished book on "My True Confession" to Connie "Love ,em and Leave 'em" Goffinet. In witness thereof, We, the class of 1954, declare this to be our last Will and Testa- ment. Signed, sealed and sworn upon by us Iackasses. Witnesses: Ion MCFRANK "IcHY" HERMAN SNAPPER JAKE THE REPTILE MOOCHACHA LARRY BRUNELL JUDY Annmsx Page Thirty-one CLASS PROPHECY By LORRAINE GAYTON AND JANE FAIRBANK It was a hot, steamy day in june 1974. The place, deep in the jungles of darkest Africa. We were returning to the base camp with our Safari after two months hunting wild animals for the Bronx Zoo. At the camp we were greeted by a native who told us that the day before a tired runner had stumbled into the camp with a message from the United States. The letter informed us that the class of 1954 had done such great deeds, marvelous feats, and magnificent accomplishments that Foxboro High School had selected a room in honor of us. The room had a revolving scroll with each memberis name and accomplish- ments on it. Only our names were blank, for we were the last to be reached. They requested our presence at the dedication, and had sent a jet to take us there. As we boarded the super jet :f:j:7052311, we were greeted by the pilot, Larry Brunell. He told us a little more about this honor the class of '54 was receiving. While we were talking, over the loud speaker came the voices of Americais new singing duo, Mary Sanford and Tilly Romiglio, singing "Leave the Dishes in the Sink, Maf' At Foxboro, we were greeted by Frank Heifron who had become Superintendent of Schools. He showed us the large, velvet- draped, gold encrusted, roorn with its breath-taking atmosphere. In the center of the room, revolving on a pedestal, was the gigantic scroll. Here are the inscriptions found there. Elaine Cook and Raymond Metrano- Are now Mr. and Mrs. After 16 years of happy maarriage Ray has finally fulfilled his life's ambition. He is now the head keeper of the "Blue Hill Bird Sanctuaryf' Elaine is kept busy changing the water in the bird bath. She always was so neat. Dotty Sullivan-Is now working at M.C.M.-Mrs. Coberis Market. She's the head of the lettuce counter. Karin Hernblad - Always so absent- minded is now serving a 20 year term in Ping Ping Prison. It seems she gave one of her patients arsenic instead of aspirin. Jimmy Waseleski - Was featured in "Hot Rodv magazine recently for his discov- ery of a new power-packed home made fuel. It is made by boiling cast-off football socks. Bonnie Peach-Who was always so smart in school is now the champion Hop Scotch player of 1974. So far she has never been "Beatonf' Allan johnson-Now Doc johnson, has patented his latest medicine. It's a sure cure for what ails you. Mary Carolyn Buckley-Has surpassed Hugh E. Long's famous record of 18 hours of just plain talking. She used to practice during Problems and English Periods. Robert Clark and William Goodwin- Still side by side. They own the Peter Piper Diaper Service. Marlene Cook-Is now in Borneo. Sheis teaching the natives the "manly art of self- Page Thirty-two defense." Emma Freeman carries her Bar Bells. William Braye-Is running the "Little Willy's Cafef' On his days off from work- ing at his motel, Bill Andress hands out lunch tickets there. Alfred Forrest-Now owns "Forrest's, Fragile, Fragrant Laundryf, His motto is "Dirt's our business." Pat Mulhern-Has recently retumed from a trip to the moon. She is now writ- ing a series called "Strange People I Have Met." Eleanor Dooley and Shirley Gallagher --Are now singing in the chorus of the hit musical "Bums Prefer Brunettes." Jann Spaulding-Has invented a new cleaning gadget for travellers. You can wash your hair, brush your teeth, or clean your shoes with it. Janet Turcotte-VVho had such a hard time at Lowney's, is now the caretaker of a cemetery. She likes her work because she gets no complaints there. Sally Roberts-Is now singing with the army band of the French Foreign Legion. Helena Shromm and Carolyn Street- Are on a butterfly hunt in Innermost Morocco. Ronnie F landers-Has a modern farm which has hens that lay fried eggs, tomatoes that grow in cans, and cows that give pas- teurized milk. With all these' conveniences, he has plenty of time to keep up with his sports. Lee Sallie-Is now training horses for that enterprising gentleman, Gerard fTigerj Lynch. Martha Griffiths-Now runs a home for beggars called, "Kind Martha's Home for the Unwanted." George Fuller-After years of practice, has finally developed a method by which he can sleep without his boss knowing it. He keeps one eye open while the other eye rests. Linda Bluemer-Is completing her 19th year in Mr. Cashman's Driver's Training Course. She claims she doesn't know what those pedals on the floor are for. Marcia Bosberg-Has a home making show on T.V. Her sponsor is "Pepto Bismof' Marjory Metcalf-Has just written a book entitled "Metcalf's Dictionary of Im- pressive Wordsf' joseph Lillyman is writ- ing a supplementary booklet called "How To Use Themf' David Newell-Now draws a comic strip, "Little Annie Cooney." Nancy Dodkin-Is now a teacher. She has a course in how to dance comfortably on your toes. She says it takes practice. Nora Cataloni--Finally bought Hale's Diner. She changed the name to Nora's Nook for Wandering Nomads. Page Thirty-three David Colburn-Has taken over Liber- ace,s place on television. Edith Shepardson-Is playing the tuba in "Phil Spitalniis All Girl Orchestraf' Michael Shea-Always so interested in culture, took fencing lessons and is now the chief paper stabber on the clean up squad of Boston Common. Verna Clark-Now has a taxi service running daily from F.H.S. to Lowney's. Ioseph Cardinute-Is now the head bell hop at the Mansfield House. He car- ries the bags under peopleis eyes. Warren Heaton-Is conducting sight- seeing cruises around the Bogs in his yacht "Homer's Little Iewelf' Lee Orswell is a travel agent and books passage on these voyages. Walter Durham-Is now a sultan in Arabia. He has a harem of 105 wives. He always told us the women couldnit resist him. Russell Harnden is his private secre- tary. Out of town girls were always his specialty. Bob Mowatt-Now has his own garage. His best customer is Jimmy Smith. Iim's still working on his convertible. He's sure it will run some day. Larry Bearce-Was writing a sports column for the Record. He had to meet too many people so he retired and is writing a sports encyclopedia. Ioan Dodkin-Was voted "Miss Square Dance Caller of 1974,' by unanimous vote of the N.S.P.U.S.D.C.A., better known as the "National Society for the Protection of Unemployed Square Dance Callers- of America? Carleton Smith - Runs an exclusive men's store in New York. He features knee length knickers, and argyle longies. Judy Ardrey-Has given up her art work. Sheis making a big hit with her column entitled, "Mother Ardrey's Advice to the Lovelornf, Otis Downs-Is now ace photographer for the Foxboro Reporter. That completed the list of contribu- tions our class had made to society in the past 20 years. Now that the dedication is completed, and our names included, we are anxious to return to our work in Africa. We have received word that our Safari is on the trail of the rare freckled face toad, and are in urgent need of us. So we take our leave. Page Thirty-four CLASS HISTORY By NANCY DODKIN Now the class of "fifty-four", Finally at Commencement's door, Would like to leave to all, no mystery, Of its four-year high school history. Early in the fall of fifty, We, the Freshmen, fine and nifty, Started out for goals unknown, But, oh, we seemed so much alone. First, we held our class election, Which was to show the boys' perfection, As, much to all the girls, dismay, The winners came out in male array. Larry and Frank, Mike and Walt, All have really proved their salt. Our "Fairy Tale" social was a big success As other years have proved far less. After a summer of sun and fun, Our Sophomore year was then begun. Elections, as usual, soon were held, And Larry's charm was again upheld. This time Nance came' out in second, And Walt and Bon were also beckoned. Now the juniors, we, so bold, Our elections planned to hold. Larry, asbefore, came out victorious, Bonnie, Skeet, and Nance were joyous. Soon, in October, came our rings, Which we all thought were quite the things. The junior Prom was "the" big day, And the "'Evening in Paris" theme was gay. Then the big year approached at last, And we all soon forgot the past, For our Senior year was by far the best, With lots of work but time for jest. This year Frank was leader strong, With Larry and Mike following along. 7 Indy, too, is close behind, Seeing what records she can find. Next, of course, the Senior play, With all of us so scared that day. Our caps and gowns we soon would don, For that day we'd all awake at dawn. Our high school days are now all done, But our many memories have just begun. We held a "Mardi Gras of Stars and Song" With profits to help where they belong. Again vacation, short but sweet, And we were back to fill each seat. For the hopes we've had, the things we've accomplished, And the friends we've made, will always be cherished. Page Thirty-five CLASS POEM Past years were but a corridor, With problems 'round each turn, Each problem Haunted simple locks, The key was but to learn. And learn we did as time went on With each quick passing year, For time as teacher knows no bounds, Though subjects, joy or tear. The past has Hed on silent wings, Today will end its ride, But we shall meet tomorrow's sun With knowledge as our guide. IOSEPH B. LILLYMAN rf? CLASS SONG Many years have gone and ended in our memory, Girls and boys, with saddened faces, go in reverie, Leaving, fdonned in caps and gowns worn with so much pride, Through familiar doors we've known, to meet the world so wide. First, we feared what school would bring us in our high school days, Now, we think of everyone as down the aisles we gaze, Friends we've known for all these ears will soon be on their way, Please, dear Cod, protect and guidle them through each weary day. Words by ELAINE CooK Music by IOSEPH B. LILLYLIAN 753' CLASS OFFICERS President .............. ,... ................... ,.... ..... ,,..,......... ...,..,.,.... F r a n k H effron Vice-President ..,..... ....,..... L awrence Brunell Secretary ............... ...,.......... I udith Ardrey Treasurer .......... ,...... .,,..,,.... M i chael Shea Sir CLASS MOTTO "Education is a debt due from the present to the future generations" Sir CLASS COLORS Scarlet and Silver Page T hirty-six 1 50 42 STATISTICS 3 FB" Qu' SE IOR M912 -:Ffa 6 V55 Most Cflrcfrvc Slmrpcst Clathvs Typical Seniors Oldest , Q4 giiiixu " . Q- ,. ww fi Q 1 xr? 6 pp. , 5. 1, i ' ,L lf uv YK has AA M, 5 I Q Bvst Drvsxvcl Absrfnf-Mindzfrl Youngcsf Pvrfcct Gvnth'lllrln-Pcrfrct Lady . N .45 Knew? Q J 'xii C AIAKQ 9? X-1 3 5 Q . E 4- X 6 M Most Sfrvrlmlincrl Bust Lino-Bm! Dall' Night Owls Frivnllliusi 7 Nwwcmm'r.s' s '3 Q.: Q-XQJ Most Tnlcntvd Nui.s'iv.sI Most Vz'r.s-ufilc-Most Popular Best DUI!!!fl'I'S-BUOkll2Ul'IIlS Best Personality WL Alb -N QS-x Biggest Appvtites YVittiz'.s-t Most Rcfinml Best Artists Page Thirty-eight TATISTIC llwxl .Nrlulx .Uml l.ik1'll1 In .Vurrgl Ifirxf ' ' " A ' f ' " JV h vo ' Y ' : . 5 Y' . I ' . limi ,Yulmrfl X M9 ,Q,nB'n H XXV-Q' l .J " Q 'Q' N X 5 ,L Lu 'A 'l'1lH1',xl 5llm'14'sI .Y4'u!1'x! plc' Kimlrxl Huy l7rwn1m'l'.x Culm-I ffm: lfi,u:.!1'sI 'l'imr Krllvls Luzirxl XKWQ X ., . .- wt YN- ra A my YM W- Q X XX Um! 'l'1n'lful Um! f'unu1'l1i1ll Ulllf U'nlr1'rll14 .Uml f'nnyn'n ll1x'1 2 Q vsvxv' ,Hml Uuxirul N lk qw' YN- wg I Sm 5- IS4 xl .Srlmul Sprril 3'0- S vs. y. rlrlrxl .Umt l.ika'll1 In Sln'1'1'4'fl limi l,rmIri1l,: Hum' uf l"m'Il1l!l fugf uf lm I1 1 Hu lu. lilCli'l' ffl..-Xlih m' C,.Ax1.l,Axc III n .Uml llrpzrrululwlr Srlmul Skipzynwx Mm! Aflllrlif' .Uml lfuvhfnl limn' ,Uml for Finn Pllgl' Tllilffj-llillf' IUNIOR PROM -SENIOR SOCIAL A O First Row: Revolla Croornv. Eleanor Rockwood, Rosc Marie Kcrscy, joan XVells, Ricliarcl Knight. Xvillllllll Nlnlln-rin, David Cncnarml, Ella-n Englvy, .lanvt Blnnpus, Carol Gallagher, janv Rollins, Rntli Forrest. SUCUIIII How: Mrs. Gladys Bc-vrs, Elm-anora Mc-Kay, Marjory Spr-rrc'ci', Elaine XVolvL-ris, Maria Anagnos, -lnclitli Conwy, ,lc-ssiv Bowers, Mario Coflinvt, Evvlyn SClll'0l1l1H, loan XVliipp, Sliirlcy Morsc, Sandra Foster, joan Potts-r, Charlotte Peavey, joan Hartwick, Nlr. Charles Libby. Tlzird Row: Mario Ciccn, blanc Ilcaton, Tri-va Cornislr, Elizalmvtlw joncs, Panlinc lloolvins, Mary Cataloni, Patricia Ricliarcls, Constanuc Coflinct, Gladys johnson, -Ianvith Renaud, Sandra Kivvla, Mary NIL-Kay, Nancy Pcacli, Priscilla Kay, Elaine Xlorsc, Nlr. Sillllllbl Casli- man. Fourth Row: Pctcr Holskc, Ronald Parker, Frank Van Den Bergli, Donalcl Topping, Davicl Nic.-Xlistcr, Loo Mc-trano, Iaincs Mvtcalf, Brnuc- Rm, Norman Ilarpcr, Douglas Floyd, Allmcrt XVl1itn-. Crvgory Plakias, rl-ll11ll'ClN'I' Carl. Fiftlz How: Edgar llvavcy, Ln-o nloclicc, Allx-rt Moore, .lolin Conwy, jolin NIL-ckins, Lawroircm' Davison, Allan Britton, Carl Slim-parclson, joscpli Dcvinc, kloscpli Sinitli, Rnsscll Crccn, Allan llanna. Dvan Swift, Ricllarrl Cook. Sixth llouf: Tlwoclorv -lnlins, Eclwarcl NlilL'Sl1llI10, ,lolin llc-llc-rnan, Lionc-l Clncnarcl. Cc-orgc llarrison, XValtvr Ric-liarclson, Rolwrt llnntrvss, Gcorgr' Dunlap, Arnolcl Xlulnnis, Rolicrt RlK'll1lTKlS. unior Class OFFICERS President XVilliam Mulhorin View-P1'c'.sif1c'11i David Cuenarcl Sccrzffury Ellen Englcy T7'f'llSll1'l'l' Richard Knight MOTTO "Kn0u'Ic'f1gc' is more Hmm CflIlll2IllC'llf to force." COLORS Blue and Gold Page Forty-two sl limi: -le-:xiii-ltv jolly, -Ianni-t Xlnlligaln, Yirgiiiiu Ric-hu-mls, Iingvniai 'l'l'um'v, Kam-n llillvr, Clifton Cnilml, NVon- ch-ll l.mii'y. Frank Knight, Nlnrjory Nlichchnorc. Nlury Nisil. Elizzihctli Nlcicr, Ruth Preston. Second How: Nlr. l'aiinr', .lm-ziiivtti' Alonvs. Bzii'lia1i'a1 Favor, Carol Andi-m-n, Shirlvy Collinvt, Nlairy Davis, Annvttv Cook, lflifailmvtli Smith, Jxlllll' ciilI'L'l'tlll, Xlnrjory Ludwig, Nlzu'ylyii l"ostvr, Elsit- lfrlcr, Shirlvy 0'Bricn, Putricizi Smith, XYinonn l'nll'm'i', Lu' Coixwuy, l,ynn1' 'lqllI'lll'l', Bl'l'llilKlt'it1' Cliillllllllll, Clziiri- Nliirphy, Mario McKay, Norvvn IH-aiu-y, Bm-tty tliillugln-r. Anita l'n-rry, Fourlli Row: Holx-rt Ciitvi'vi', Rohm-rt Nvwi-ll, Hogvr Smith, llaiyinoiicl Nh-Kay, llanrohl llolslw, john Ilqnniimll, lmroy Coogins, Donnlcl Swilt, Alain Rimllvy, Stainloy Mzikrnsh, llohvrt Cntls-r, lionnlml Clnnrnml, Ififlli Rout Myron Slim-puimlmii, Hohurt Strvct, jc-rry Sullivani, Williuin LuVaillvy, Rnlu-rt cil'K'l'll, l'4l'1'tl1'l'iL'li XYnson, Pi-tn-1' Cook, Elliot Loilcl, Alaunvs lfnglvy, -Iosvph Ngmlt-Ili, jaunvs llowaircl, Alun Curly, Brin-4' ilklllllkl. Clian'l4-S l'12lYUI'. Sophomore Class OFFICIICHS I,l'l'-S'illl'Hf NVcnclvll l.c'zn'y l'iff'-l'1'1'.s'irlz'lzt Clifton Cniltl Sl't'I'l'lIll'lj Kzircn llillvr T1'c'1l.s'111'1'l' l'l1'zn1l4 Knight XIOTTO "'l'l11' l'Il.S'it'.S'f 1JI'l'.S'UI1 to flz'f'1'iiff' ix om' urn wif." COLORS 131110 111111 Silwr Page l"0l'ly-tlzwc Freshman Class Mrs! Row: Albert Hunt, Howard Shepardson, Paul Cutler, Robert Braye, Bradford Potter, Paul Morrisey, Robert Guerrini, Lincoln Holske, Charles Cicciu, Tyler Gault, Harvey Sallie, Clifton Roberts, Harvey Hayden, Thomas Kelly. Second Row: Valerie Jones, Abigail Guild, Mary Mulherin, Louise Hatch, Camerina DiMarzio, Cynthia Starkey, Douglas NVade, Patsy Manning, Joyce Clark, Priscilla Findley, Susan Carlton, Patricia Clark, Linda Olsen. Third Row: Mrs. Mary Sullivan, Helen O,Sullivan, Janet Congdon, Bernice Silver, Susan Winslow, Carol Olivia, Joan Petersen, Chandler Abbott, Sandra Dolan, Mary Daler, Constance Chamberlain, Dorothy LaPlant, Mary Lou Sanford, Stephani De-Haro, Joyce Doucett, Gail Dumas, Mr. VVilliam Slemmer. Fourth Row: Mr. Lewis Milton, Charlotte Ciccu, Judith Smith, Gail Morse, Lucy Gilford, Donna NVarcup, Dawn Clark, Nancy Packard, Carol Meekins, Virginia Ashby, Janet Harris, Marylin Greenleaf, Rita Givino, Eliza- beth Chisolm, Fifth Row: John Schromm, Kent Metcalf, Richard Vierkant, George Goodwin, Edmond Buck- ley, Edward Holske, James Conway, Peter Lovely, Keneth Kirby, NVilliam Davis, Richard Hernblad, Hal- bert Huffum, Leroy Cooney, Richard Cox, Hilding Holmburg, Robert Brown, Jack Randall, Edward Huntress, William Kay, Joseph DiGirolamo. Sixth Row: Leslie Husson, David Baker, Nelson Doore, William Crocker, Donald Sloan, Daniel Topping, Dean Granahan, John Allen, Kevin Van Den Bergh, Charles Comey, Francis Durham, Robert WVebb, Bruce Randall, John Gallagher, Frederick Olney, Lynwood Levens, Ronald VVarcup, Gilbert Taylor, James Hooley. OFFICERS President Douglas Wade Vice-President Leonard Noiles Secretary Mary Aimone Treasurer Patricia Manning Page F orty-four ORTS IKYJQQ Q2 lx 4-M Ho F irst Row: Harvey Hayden Cmanagerj, Walter Durham, Leon Jodice, George Fuller, Ioseph Cardinute Qco-cap- tainj, Ronald Parker Qco-captainl, Arnold Mclnnis, David Guenard, Richard Knight, Paul Marsh tman- agerl. Second Row: Mr. Thomas Ruggerio fassistant coachl, Peter Cook, Russell Green, Norman Harper, Ronald Flanders, John McAllister, Leroy Googins, Clifton Guild, Mr. Alvin Stewart Ccoachl. Third Row: Leonard Noiles, Robert Cutler, Charles Conley, Wendell Leary, Elliot Loud, Frank Knight, Paul Turner, Bruce Randall, and john Heffernan. Football p Having lost only four seniors from last year, the "Blue and Goldv looked forward to a successful football season. Under the direction of Coach Alvin Stewart and Assistant Coach Thomas Ruggiero, the team was led on the field by Co-Captains Ronald Parker and Joseph Car- dinute. The managers were Iames Engley, Paul Marsh, and Dale Comey. The team receivedits greatest shock of the season when they were beaten in the opener by a big Northbridge eleven. From this point on, the boys took matters into their own hands. They tied a heavily favored North Attleboro team, and won six straight over Westwood, Weston, Franklin, Randolph, Walpole, and North Easton. The season ended with a tie with Mansfield. The team played its best game against North Attleboro, and it was certainly a moral victory although the score showed only a tie score. This was the best seasonis record since the great, undefeated teams of ,48 and ,49. ' The team,s seniors were Walter Durham, Ronald Flanders, George Fuller, and C0- Captains Parker and Cardinute. The whole football team wishes to express its most sincere thanks to Coach Alvin Stewart and Assistant Coach Thomas Ruggiero for the fine instruction, aid, and encouragement that they gave them. The team also wishes to thank the townspeople, the student body, and the Boosters Club for their loyal support during the season-win, lose, or draw. Page F orty-six First How: Bruce Rex, Ray Metrano, Bill Mulherin, Ronald Parker, Frank Hetlron, Captain Ronald Flanders. Larry B4-arcc, Walter Durham, William Andress, Dave Guenard. Second Row: Coach Ruggiero, Bill Braye. Manager, Albert llunt, Fred Olney, Lynwood Levens, LeRoy Cooney, john Gallagher, Paul March, Robert Cucrrini, Coach Carlow, Coach XVhite. Third Row: Arnold Mclnnis, Wendell Leary, Roger Smith, john Daman-ll, llarold Ilolskc, Robert Hernblad, Clifton Guild, Charles Comey, john Comey. Basketball The F oxboro High School Basketball Team, composed mostly of seniors, was one of the best balanced teams F oxboro has had in many years. Led by Captain Ronald Flanders, the team's seniors were Ronald Parker, Larry Bearce, Walter Durham, Bill Andress, Frank Heffron, Bill Mulherin, and Ray Metrano. The juniors who earned letters were David Cuenard and Bruce Rex. In pre-league games, the team won two and lost one, splitting with Franklin and beat- ing the Alumni. Foxboro lost its first Hockamock League contest to Randolph but then came back to win six straight, defeating North Easton, Stoughton, Mansfield, Sharon, and No. Attleboro. This gave the team a first place tie with North Attleboro at the end of the first round. In the second round, Foxboro lost its touch. They beat only Mansfield and Canton, and they lost to Randolph, North Easton, Stoughton, Sharon, and North Attleboro. The team tied Sharon for third place in the Hockamock League. In the South Shore Tournament, Foxboro beat Abington but was eliminated in the second game by Hingham. The second team won eight and lost six in Hockamock League competition. The team wishes to thank Coach Ruggeiro and Assistant Coach Carlow for their patience and encouragement. It was because of the coaches, knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm that the team succeeded at all. The team also wants to thank the student body, the cheerleaders, and the townspeople for their loyal support through the season. Page F orty-seven W xiii. iBaseball Front row: Munugm-r Rohn-rt Guvrrini, Arnolcl Nlclnnis, NVilliznn jolly, Allan Britton, lbuvid Cncnnrcl, NIQIIIQIQCI' Dali- Conwy, Couch Thomas Rnggciro, Buck row: Frank Knight, Douglas XVncle-, Alun Cady, LcRoy Cooney, Churlcs Cl7lllt'y, Brncc Rzmclull. Track Front row: john Allen, Lconurcl Noilcs, john Gallagher, Alhert Hunt, Paul Turner, john Hcflcriuin, Couch Alvin Stn-wart. Buck row: Rnssvll Crccn, Frank Hcflron, Tlmtclrer Curl, NV1-nclvll L1-ary, Riclmrcl Knight, XVa1ltvr Dnrhann. Page Forty-eight First Row: jane Fairhank, Selina Roberts, Elaine Cook, Lorincla Blue-mer, jutlith Arclrey, joan Doclkin, Mary Caro- lyn Bneklcy, Marlene Cook feaptainl, Martha Griffiths. Second Row: Miss In-an Fearnley from-lil, Helen Ridley Cmanagerl, janet Harris, Karin Hiller, Rose Marie Kcrsey, Priscilla Finclley, Linfla Olsen, Elaine Horse, Eleanore McKay, jane Rollins Qmanagerl. First Row: Helena Sehromm, Lynne Turner, Cynthia Starkey, Marlene Cook, Rose Marie Kersey, Rita Ciovino, Karen Hiller. Second Row: Eleanora McKay, Ruth Preston, jane Rollins, jean Fearnley feoaehj, Lynda Olsen, Dawn Clark, Priscilla Kay, Marie Cieeiu. Page Fifty C Ifirsl K11114: Rose Nlnrie Kl'I'St'j', -lt'2lIll'lfl' jolly, J1lL'f1llClllN' rl'lll'Ill'l', I,0I'l'illIlK' Gnyton lcuptniiil, Nancy Domlkin, Kill'1'll Hiller, l'riseill11 Kny, .Ioan Wells. Sc'1'm1r1 Row: Doris SlllllY2lIl flIlilllllgK'I'l, -lean l"t'2ll'llll'y teonchh, Nlnry clilflllyll llIIt'lill'j', Sillltlfil l"1lSll'l',AlllllL' Rollins, Nlnrlene Cook, Cynthia Sl1ll'l'il'y, Mary Anne Nlulherin, Claire c,'llI'lK'll, liitn c:ltlYll!lJ qnssistnnt lllilIlillJ,'l'l'l, Nancy l,K'RlCll Cnssistzuit lllllIl1ljlt'I'l. Tliirrl Rout Alunn Spuulcling. lqlillllt' U'ox'e1'is, Lynrln Olsen, Susan Carleton, Priscillal l"inclley, Karin llernlilutl, -loan Dotllxin, lll'll'llLl Girls' Basketball The Girls' lluskethzlll Tezun enjoyed ll very successful season this year. The team won seven gaunes while losing only four. This seasoifs record was the best in many years. The Captain was l,0I'l'2lilll' Guyton, and Xliss Fearnley, as usual, ably coached the teann. The girls wish to thunk Nliss Feurnley for the fine coaching perforinunce. They also wish the very best of luck to Girls' Field Hockey The season of 1953 was not too fruitful as far as the won and lost record is concerned for the Field Hockey Teaun. The 1nz1in problem this year was El shortage of players. However. those wl1o clicl stick with the tezun receivecl the henefits that all athletes enjoy. juclyA1'clreyw11sthe Captain. Nliss Fenrnley coached the team. The teaun wishes to thunk Nliss l"l'ill'l1li'j' and all those who supported the team through the season. Girls' Softball The Girls' Softball Tezun expects ll very successful season this spring. All those who plnyecl Oll lust years teaun ure returning. Good luck to Miss Fezlrnley and the tezun for the coming senson. St'lll'llIllIll. next ye11r's tezun. Page Fiffy-mu' W ACTIVITIES UQ f HQME EC. w l First Row: Eleanora Cataloni, jann Spaulding, George Fuller, Michael Shea, Lorraine Gayton, -lane Fairhank, Selma Roberts, Lorincla Blum-mer. Second Row: Carol Meekins, Joyce Clark, Elizabeth Meier, Marie Anagnos, Carol Gallagher, Marjury Metcalf, Nureen Peavey, Ann XVaseleski, Ellen Engley, Emma Freeman. Third Huw: RohertB1'aye, Evelyn Sehrmnm, Alluert Moore, joseph Lillyinan, Davicl Cnenarcl, Harvey Hayden, anal Charles Cieeu. First row: Nancy Doclkin, Mary Carolyn Buckley, Michael Shea, Lorraine Cayton, joseph Lillyman, Cerarcl Lynch, Second How: Karin Hernhlacl, Davicl Cnenarcl, Martha Griffiths, and Marilyn Peaeh, Page F ifty-four my i First Row: Mrs. Cladys Beers, Judith Comey, Revella Croome, Karin Hernblad, Douglas Floyd. Second Row: Ellen Engley, Claire O'Brien, Karin Hiller, Marilyn Peach, VVinona Puffer, Treva Cornish, Sandra Kivela. Third Row: Robert Huntress, Virginia Richards, Marjory Michelmore, Carol Gallagher, Eugena Tracy, janet Mulligan, Nancy Dodkin, William Andress. Fourth Row: Alan Hanna, Wendell Leary, Peter Cook, Law- rence Davison, janet Bumpus, and Iane Rollins. French Club The French Club consists of first, second, and third year French students and also those who have previously taken French. Mrs. Beers is the faculty advisor for the Club. Every month one meeting is held and conducted in French. Officers have been elected, and rehearsals have begun for some French skits to be presented in an assembly. The French Club is eagerly making plans for its annual trip. A French movie will be included in this year's trip. Sir Dramatics Club Under the capable direction of Mrs. 'Lipner, the Dramatics Club continued to pro- duce short plays and skits which were featured in many assemblies. Quite a bit of good acting talent was discovered and developed in this activity. Debating Society This year a Debating Society was instituted at FHS after an absence of many years. Under the guidance of Mr. Ward, intramural and interscholastic debates were held. ,One debate was heard over station WBET in Brockton. The purpose of the Society is to establish confidence in public speaking and to teach students to think on their feet. Page F ifty-Hoe Projector's Club First Row: Stanley Makrush, Jack Randall, Kevin Bearce, Richard Renaud, George Goodwin, Robert Braye. Sec- ond Row: Elliot Loud, Donald Swift, Mr. Slemmer C faculty adviserj, Robert Newell, john O'Sullivan. Third Row: Bruce Randall, Joseph Nardelli, Paul Marsh. , Industrial Arts Club Seated: Joseph Smith, Joseph Devine, Peter Holske, Albert White, Elliot Loud, Kevin Bearce. Second Row: Mr. Minah, Harvey Sallie, Stanley Makrush, Edward Holske, Jim Conway, Warren Heaton, james Smith, David Newell, Leroy Cooney, Clifton Roberts. Third Row: John Schromm, William Crocker, john O'Sullivan, Dean Swift, John Allen, Gilbert Taylor. Page F ifty-six Future Homemakers of A111CflCH 11111411111 l"l4mr: Alwiguil Cluilml, Slvpllillll IM' llilfll, 4lllIll'l ll.11'1'is, Claire' O'l'11'i1'11, llc'l1'11 fySlllllYilIl, Sl'1llt'll 1111 ffmzrlzz Jxllll l7m1m.111, Doris Sllllllilll, Cluil Nlurris, Patsy Nl111111i11g, ,lumly S111ill1, N1111c'y l,llL'liill'1l, Sflllllllllg I'1lill1Sl1 lon I1 lllllll Iums Klux xllll xlllllllllll D1 clllllx cllllllltlll lJiNl11fiu Nlux Nisil I ll '. .t'lhlllN - -Q .A , ', 2XNll1i ,,1a'a 111-1 flllllllllllll, llvlly S111ill1, Xla11'yl111 l'lllSlK'l', sllllilfil llulann, ll1'l'Illl'1' Silxzl, l1lll'f Uilllcml, Yi1'11i11iz1'Asl1l1y. 'Nlrs Silmlm' ll'z1c'11lty 1li1'm-1-t111'J. irls Sport Club lll'A'l lluut Cl11irv U'li1'i1'11, l':X1'lyll Sflllllllllll, l,illl'll'lil Nl11ll11-1111, l,o1'1'11i111' clilylllll, lNla11'jo1'y SDl'Ill'l'f, llosc Nlurin ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' mrl R011 lo 's lxm-ma-y, lllllll l'Ul'l'l'Sl, Nla11'11-C-11ll1111-t, lXill'l'll lllllvr, lJl4lSClll1l lxaly, Nw 3: 1 lll.'l' lla1lcl1, Dawn Cla11'lx Doris S11llix'4111, -Ioyc-4' lnulwig, B1-tty S111itl1, Nlilflvllt' Cook, Lynm- 'l'lll'll1'l', Cy11tl1i11 Sta11'lu'y, lXla11'y Nl11ll1c1'i11 Cluil l,lllllllS, lilifulu-tl1 .I11114-s, Li11cl11 Ulsvn, 'I'l1irrl Huw: liclitll Slu-p111'clsm1, lqlilllll' Nlursv, -lillll'l ll111'1'ix, Mur- jnry xll'lK'Rlll., c:lllllNllt'l' Almlmtt, Alllilll ljlllllilll, I'z1t1'1c-111 Rig-lmrmls, C2l1ulys.lulmsm1, Sumlrzn Kin-ln, Maria' Ciuciu l"Hlll'lll limr: llitz1Uim'i11o, Nancy l,l'ilL'lI, Cl1111'll1lt1' l'1'a1v1-y, Nancy l,All'liill'll, S11s1111 NYi11slow, cl0llSlillll'i f1llilllllN'l'llllll, a1111l l7c11'11ll1y l,a1l,l1111t. Pagv Ififty-.s'v12z'r1 S wm,,,m,,,,,..-.1-....v.,.,-.,. ...., i ? Q Q - fr L lr, - A ,A Jluiorettes: Elizabeth jones, Judy johnson, Lynda Olsen, Lynne Turner, Abigail Guild, Marie Ciceiu. Seated: 0055051 :Jens-fc. :gm-C2 -'5 7-076-- f"fp..2.L'-77" .- ::f':"4 Q FVHC- Q' dm -. :f'7'Z2:U5 -L A- 15'-:mO? :gif-'1 qfsuuv rw Aging-O "'..Sf1: 7 :n,. 52253-'Q 'LL,fT,v5r3,- ,r mf--f: -L' F551 5121E,,5-LQ 2951122 6 5f-Eff ziiep oi Q4Fa1E'w -1--mg..-.3 2224522 4.46 -.4 ,D "D,-'Og' ,.,.CE,-s- we 53-':.:O21 H3 '-1:-1.7' Lewis?-Q cn 'cur Hain Q 2'-lm' EEE g,g5'U:1::. GCC' 5L":sq?cfnr 5' 'D V PUHL-1 Hqegqg? o:1?5"f5Q5 .. -:-5 E05-pawn? -4 UI QQ' l'1'l"" . ,-,f-r AQO--,Q or:""f'D F- -I-E 'iz - f:,., Q..- J-4 ...,-lmv- Cf--4 .-.--,7 ages- E 'EFS :OD we v- mu 09",-5' 312- FF :HEEL ,-...-: 35.2.2 wzr-mf. EF' :C ...- D Q52-rs: ,Ci-.A f:mG"' ,7-:IAQS Ari' Cz ZTEEEW :1.-T' S 'ma4Q:g. HQQCZ .4,fc:-: I-15"1,'1',Z'If EE-753525 i ",, in A s Seated: Claire Murphy, Elsa Meekins, Edith Arguiuibau, Mary Miehelmore, Patrick Lyons, Harry Bowditch, Regina Wheeler, Edmund Buckley, Claire O'Brien, Douglas VVade, Bruce Lessard, Eloise Anderson, Kenneth Greene, YVillia1n Crocker, Neil Bearee, Carol Meekins, Lynwood Leavens, Dorothy McCormick, Charles Cieeiu, George Meekins, Jessie Bowers, Daniel Topping, Howard Shepardson, David Chisolm. Stnnzling: Donald Topping, Charles Comey, john Meekins, Tyler Gault, Charles Grirliths, Russell Greene, Paul Steeves, -lane Harnden, Mr. Ball Cdireetorl. Page Fifty-eight Firxf Row: llelena Sehromm, Lee Conway, Mary Daler, Lynne Turner, Shirley Coitinet, Ruth Preston, Priscilla Ilomiglio, Anita Perry, Aleanette jones. Second Hole: Nlr. Alvin Ball tdirectorl, Geraldine jackson, Patricia Smith, lilsie lirler, Mary Davis, Eugenia Tracy, Carol Gallagher, Nlarlene Cook, Susan Carlton, Marjory Xliehelmore, Ruth Forrest, Xlary Sanford, Shirley Holmes, Karen Ililler, janet llarris. Third Row: Elizabeth Gallagher, Carol Xleekins, Chandler Abbott, Marie McKay, Carol Andersen, Cail Dmnas, Annette Cook, janeith Renaud, Dorothy LaPlante, joan Potter, Sandra Kiveia, Pauline Hoobins, Mary McKay, Elizabeth Chisholm. Fourtlz Hole: Tyler Cault, Charles Coniey, Francis Durham, Lawrence Brunell, Wendell Leary, David Baker, Xiyron Shepardson, Charles Cieciu. Fifth Row: Ronald Cuenard, Peter Cook, john Meekins, Edmund Buck- ley, john Damarall, Ceorge Fuller, joseph Lillynlan, Donald Topping, Clifton Guild, Michael Shea. Glee Club Anyone in high school may be a member of the Clee Club providing he can give up one organization period a week, likes to sing, and has a Hair for dramatics. Une of the high spots of the past years program was the splendid job done by Nir. Ball and the Club with the operetta "Meet Arizona". This was so well received by the public that we are sure the good work will be carried on again this year. The Clce Club has also made our assemblies more enjoyable and interesting several times during the year, with the Christmas program one of the seasons best. Perhaps the greatest contributions the Clee Club makes to our school life is in the enjoyment the members get from singing in a group, the development of poise and ability in por- traying stage personalities, and the actual musical education and appreciation that comes as a result of just being part of the organization. The band this vear has been a great help in maintaining a high school spirit. It has participated in sports events, pep rallies, assemblies, parades and other school activities. Under the direction of Nlr. Alvin Ii. Ball the band has grown in both numbers and quality. Urchestra This year has seen a great improvement in the orchestra, also led by Mr. Hall. There have been more wood-winds added and the string section is growing nicely. The orchestra con- tributed a great deal to the success of the school operetta and has performed For many assemblies as well as for graduation exercises. Page Fifty-nine Student Council First How: Rita Ciovino, Nlartlia Crilfitlis, Mr, Le-wis Milton, Elcanore Rockwood, Nancy Doclkin, Svvoiicl Rtlllfi Alan Cacly, Arnolcl NIL-Innis, Tliirrl Row: Donald Sloan, Lawrcnre Brnnell, XVcnclcll Lvary, Cliarlcs Conwy. Pro Merito Society First Row: jane Fairlmank, Elaine Cook, Marilyn Poacli, Frank Heffron, Karin Hcrnlilatl, Mary Carolinv Buckley. Second How: Nancy Doclkin, Alan johnson, Carlton Sniitli. XValtc-r Dnrliani, Nlartlia CriH'itl1s, and Einina Freeman. Page Sixty Cheerleaders lfronl How: Co-Captains Marilyn Peach. Nancy Dodkin. Standing: Muriel Brown, Shirley Holmes, Lee Conway. Elaine Wovcris, Jeanette jones, Pat Smith. Weather Club The VVeather Club is an organization consisting of those interested in the subject ot meteorology. The fifteen-member club meets once a week during activity period. Mr. Cashman instructs and advises the group. At present the Club is making and publishing daily weather pre- dictions. At the meetings various topics of weather interest such as fronts, winds, and clouds are discussed. The Weather Club hopes to spread understanding and knowledge ofthe weather to its members. Newspaper - The "Blue and Cold". our high school newspaper, has been very successful this year. Due to the generosity of Editor Clark Samuel, the paper has been given space in the "Foxboro Reporter". Credit for the success of the "Blue and Coldn goes to its editor, Marilyn Peach. and its faculty advisor, Mrs. Doris Sullivan. Page Sixty-one SENIOR PLAY "AND CAME THE SPRING" Mr. Jeffrey Hartman... Elliot Hartman .,..,A..... Buzz Lindsay ,,.....,. Keith Nolan ,,.,....... Freddie North ,,,..,.. Mr. Fields ........... Alan Fields ......... Clancy ........,,.4....,.,.s.. Messenger Boy .........,. Mrs. Louise Hartman.. Midge Hartman .,,..A.,. Virginia Hartman .,..... Cast ULLER ,..,......IOSEPH LILLYMAN ..,.....,WILLIAM ANDRESS SHEA DOWNS ...,..i..LAWRENCE BRUNELL ....r.,r.,.......,DAVID NEWELL .......r.,..FRANK HE ........r..r,.i...,..WILLIAM FFRON BRAYE CLARK MARY CAROLYN BUCKLEY PEACH Carollyn Webster , ....,..,........ KARIN HERNBLAD Gaby Allen ,,,..,...... ,....,........,.,., N ANCY DODKIN Edna .......,.....,...... ....... P ATRICIA MULHERIN Mrs. Fields a,....,.. ................r. I UDITH ARDREY Christine Myers ..... .....,......,..........,..,...... .,...,.,... L O RINDA BLUEMER Play Committee William Andress Mary Carolyn Buckley Emma Freeman Karin Hernblad Joseph Lillyman Prompters Emma Freeman Jann Spaulding Properties William Braye Ioan Dodkin Russell Harnden Make-Up lane Fairbank Wardrobe Mistress Lorraine Cayton Scenery Committee Larry Bearce Walter Durham Raymond Metrano joseph Cardinute Alfred Forrest Lee Orswell Robert Clark William Goodwin James Smith David Colburn Warren Heaton james Waseleski Allan Iohnson Program, Publicity, and Ticket Committee Eleanora Cataloni Marlene Cook S Eleanor Dooley Shirley Gallagher Martha Griffiths Marjory Metcalf Frank Heifron fBusiness Managerj Elaine Cook Gerard Lynch Carlto Usherettes Selma Roberts Edith Shepardson Priscilla Romiglio Carolyn Street Marcia Congdon Rosberg Doris Sullivan Mary Sanford Ianet Turcotte Helena Schromm Page Sixty-two n Smith Your FIRST and LAST Date ot the year Foxboros Teenager New Years Eve Party Foxboro hlghschoolers will long remember theur own orlgcnal New Years Eve Party LAST bug event of 1953 and a grand FIRST step unto 1954 For 240 TGSIWBQSFS ll'llS OCCBSIOH WGS QGHUIYTS fun And It was a wonderful demonstration of Fox boros hugh esteem for nts young people as evndenced by generous support In tame and money Keep your date book open for the mght of December 31 T954 Steps have already been taken toward another Teenager New Year s Eve Party We ll see you there' Foxboro Teenager New Years Eve Party Committee I I difterent, colorful, exciting. ll ll ' , . I Page Sixty-three Compliments of FULLER BROTHERS Radio and Television Foxboro 402 Foxboro Massachusetts Compliments of FOX BORO LAUNDRY Two Good Places to Eat- HOME AND HALES DINER Hales Diner Opposite State Hospital Foxboro Massachusetts FAIRBANK CONGDON CO. Oldsmobile - Pontiac Sales and Service Tel. 401 115 Main Street Foxboro BAY STATE DRUG STORE W. I. AND I. K. O,REILL1' Beg. Pharmacists Telephone 949 Central and South Sts. F oxboro Compliments of FERGUSON BROTHERS Television and Electrical Appliances 57 Main Street Foxboro HEARN'S DAIRY North Street Foxboro Massachusetts GAARD MOTEL Route 1--Midway Between Boston and Providence Tel. 640 Foxboro Massachusetts Compliments of WAYNE'S CROFT MOTEL Compliments of VVALPOLE MOTEL Page Sixty-four L. J. CATALDO CG. CLOTHIERS Suits Topcoats Sports Coats Furnishings Sporting Goods Store of Co11Hdence FRANKLIN, MASS. FOXBORO, MASS. M O O R E ' S 2 STORES 32 Central Street and 18 School Street FOXBORO, MASSACHUSETTS Compliments of FGXBORO FIRE DEPARTMENT JONES SPORT CENTER EVERYTHING F011 THE SPORTSMAN CEORGE H. JONES 94 CENTRAL STREET Tel. 956 FOXBORO, MASS Page Sixty-fue Compliments of THE FOXBORO HOUSE Catering to Parties Specializing in Best Foods and Pizzas Route 1 5318 Walpole Compliments of FLOYD A. TIBBETS Mansfield Massachusetts Compliments of W. L. STEARNS 84 SON Established in 1873 Mansfield Massachusetts SILLMAN'S SHOE STORE 43 Park Street Attleboro Massachusetts Compliments of MAPLE ARENA Your Favorite Brands at SAN N I E'S Brockton Massachusetts Mansfield Massachusetts HAMMOND ORGANS Organs Rented TORRANCE With or Without Music FURNITURE COMPANY Home Furnishers 112 N. Main St. Mansfield Telephone 670 MANSFIELD MOTORS, INC. - Oldsmobile - Sales and Service Free Pick-Up and Delivery Service HAMMOND ORGAN Rental and Repair Service Phone Brockton 2572-W Compliments of EDDIE'S BARBER SHOP F oxboro Massachusetts Page Sixty-six C om pltments of MATSAM STORES Mens and Boys Clotlun 761 North Mun Street Mansfield Complunents of SUPERIOR MARKET Shell H eatm Ozls Master Kraft and Wood I Shell Headj Ozl Burners KIRLEY COAL AND SUPPLY CO 208 North Mun Street Mansfield Tel 340 Complzments of SPIER THE JEWELER Nl msfield M Iss tchusetts Compliments of PIONEER STORE Mansfield Massachusetts ROBERT M COOK NI msfield Massachusetts SARRO S MARKET Mansfield Massachusetts Complzments of THE PILGRIM SHOPPE NI tnsfield Massachusetts C omplzments of PEDINI MOTORS Mansfield M Iss lchusetts Complmzents of CORNER FLOWER SHOP M tnsfield Massachusetts Complzments of NEWTON INSURANCE CO C omplunents of HILLTOP TRAILER COURT Route 1 Complzments of MAKE UP BOX C omplzments of GAYLON BEAUTY SALON Complnnents of LITTLE SHOP Com plzments of DR LEBARON Complzments of DR PUTMAN COMEY S CLEANSERS . . g . , s . g 2- f z ' 1 . z ' f I ' 1 ' 2 'z ' Ljornphnlents of C017l1JlllIl91'lfS of 1 1 ' 2 ' ' 1 , ' , 1 2 2 C I I U f 4 , I Page Sixty-seven Compliments of WELSHS RAW oulMET's DRUG STORE, INC. Compliments of MAZZI NI CAFE 425-429 No. Main St. Mansfield Your Choice of Pizza ATWOOD PAPER CO- Cheese, Onions, Salami, Pepper, Anchouies, Sausage, Combination, or Mushroom Orders to Take Out Mansfield 893 C0?7179lime'1t-9 Uf Compliments of GREEN'-EAI: FARM PHYLLIS DANCE STUDIO Attleboro Massachusetts Phone 545 Anthony Gaultier, Prop. TURNPIKE MOTOR SALES Guaranteed OK Used Cars ELLIS F. BROWN Attorney-at-Law Open Sunday Opposite 400 Club So. Easton THRIET MOTOR SALES ORVlLLE'S NEWS STORE 16 Central Street Foxboro Massachusetts F oxboro Massachusetts Page Sixty-eight Complzments of R E D F O X M O T E L GENERAL ICE CREAM CORPORATION SEALTEST INORTH ABINCTON MASS ROCKLAND 1620 Lumber Fuel O11 Tools Hardware Reo Lawn Mowers blue coal Masons Supplzes Shop Smzth Skzll Tools FOX BORO COAL COMPANY Telephone 336 29 XVALL STREET FOXBORO MASS MCKENZIE MOTORS ' f , . ' . x 1 1 n . . . 7 , . Page Sixty-nine Compliments of AUGAT BROS., INC. I ewelefs Finding Me.a,Spm,,m,j OLD CORNER STORE Stamps - Settings Attleboro Massachusetts Fgxboro Massachusetts Compliments of STANLEY MOTORS BGNNIEIS BAKERY 494 Pleasant Street Attleboro Massachusetts LAFAYETTE HOUSE M I LADY'S LEON PINI, Proprietor Attleboro Massachusetts Foxboro Massachusetts Compliments of LONDON'S Attlel9oro,s Largest Store DR. S. W. STEERE Near the Post Oflice Parking Rear of the New Building Compliments of ATHERTON FURNITURE CO. Chester - Theodore Lawrence - Gilbert EDDIE'S BARBER SHOP Complete Home Furnishings Foxboro Massachusetts Attleboro Tel. 1-0520 Mass. A Page Seventy L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS "KNOWN WHEREVER THERE ARE SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES" Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations - Diplomas - Personal Cards Club Insignia Medals and Trophies REPRESI-:NTED BY MH. THOINIAS CALVIN Compliments of MANSFIELD BLEACHERY Page Seventy-one DUPREE'S TEXACO SERVICE STATION Marfak Lubrication - General Repairs Telephone Mansfield 791 "T he Best Friend Your Car Ever H adv WALT'S BARBER SHOP Central Street F oxboro Massachusetts Compliments of BEL-MAR BEAUTY SALON FOXBORO 5c To 551.00 STORE VICKERY MOTORS South Main Street Mansfield Massachusetts MUSTO'S BEAUTY SALON DON CU RRIVAN Insurance Agency 72 Central Street F oxboro 106 North Main Street Mansfield Foxboro 2386 - Mansfield 440 Compliments of DR. FRANCIS T. DeSTEFANO WELSH'S DAIRY Complete Insurance Service J. VENNER NIAKANT Insurance Agency - Notary Public Telephone 600 51 Central Street Foxboro Page Seventy-two uf same y f Congratulatnons and the best of luck' We at Loring are proud of the part we have had In helpang to make your classbook a permanent remnnder of your school years recordnng wrth photo graphs one of the happrest and most excrtnng tumes of your photographer you wull continue to thunk of Lormg Studlos when you want photographs to help you remember other momentous days to come' When you choose Lormg portrarts you are sure of the finest craftsmanshup at the most moderate prlces' LORING STUDIOS New hnglands Largest School Plzotobraplzers Rea Gm!! Paeu pfunlead of gona Yfeaaiaak EXTENDS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1954 2 OU Q life! We hope that, iust as you have chosen us as your class I - ' , ll , I Page Seventy-th ree Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . Charles H. Andress . Charles W. Ardrey Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. SPONSORS Raymond Bearce Edwin F. Bluemer Francis C. Buckley Mrs. Elizabeth Cardinute Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Gardino F. Cataloni Mr. Harry Clark Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Colburn Mr. and Mrs. Creighton W. Congdon Rev. and Mrs. George W. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dodkin Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Dodkin Mrs. James F. Dooley Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Downs Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Durham Mrs. Gertrude H. Fairbank Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde J. Freeman William P. Fuller James F. Gallagher William R. Goodwin Robert S. Griffiths Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Harnden Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Heffron Mrs. Mary Hernblad Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H. Johnson Mr and Mrs. Walter H. Lillyman Mr and Mrs. John F. Lynch Mr and Mrs. Ernest Metcalf Mr and Mrs Raymond J. Metrano Mr and Mrs. Joseph A. Mulherin Mr. and Mrs. H. Wesley Newell Mr William A. Peach Mr. and Mrs. Clifton G. Roberts Rose and Vincent Romiglio Mr. and Mrs. John L. Sanford Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr . and Mrs. James F. Schromm Russell H. Shepardson and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. Milton G. E. Smith . Raymond E. Smith . Richard H. Spaulding . William A. Steadman and Mrs. . Jeremiah F. Sullivan . Joseph L. Turcotte Charles Street Joseph Waseleski NATURAL GAS IS BEST for Cooking, Refrigeration Water Heating and Heating BROCKTON TAUNTON OAS COMPANY Page Seventy-four ROBERTS FUNERAL HOME, INC. F oxboro Nledfield b Millis 471 133 70 CLIFTON G. ROBERTS JOSEPH A. ROBERTS WALTER F. REYNOLDS - 1 Q ,Q 5' f, Ea! IMAJAQJ ' ' Q G R A D U A T E S . . n f d gikypfy hzggrncgssssfhargugh ' the years To come. Q s xnsbxxn 6 2452 V 6'5I'm-14120 WORCESTER COUNTY ELECTRIC COMPANY Part of New England Electric System Complete Home Furnishings at Reasonable Rates FOXBORO FURNITURE STORE GENERAL ELECTRIC AND CHOSLEY APPLIANCES Television Sales and Service Page Seventy-fue Compliments of M. E. HICKS AND SON, INC. JOHN SEXTON 81 CO. MANUFACTURING WHOLESALE GROCERS P. 0. Box Js NEWTON MASSACHUSETTS Compliments of LORD FOX MR. AND Mas. JAMES F. NOLAN Owner and Manager THE SERVICE COMPANY Compliments of Lawrence W. Foster Post No. 93 AMERICAN LEGION Page Seventy-six Compliments of Compliments of STERLl NG MATSAM STORES MANUFACTURING co. Mansfield Massachusetts Mansfield Massachusetts Compliments of FOXBORO CASH STQRE BEL-MAR BEAUTY SALON CARROLL CUT RATE RECREATION BOWLING ALLEYS 42 Central Street Foxboro Compliments of HANNA'S RESTAURANT LYON'S GREENHOUSES Home Cooking Have Fun While Learning, Juniors! Plan Now To Save For A Senior Class Trip NENV YORK WASHINGTON Radio City - Uptown and Mt. Vernon - White House - Downtown N. Y. - Hayden 234 Clarendon Street Smithsonian Institute - Lin- Planetarium - United Nations BOSTON 16 MASS- coln 6: Jefferson Memorials - - Theatres - TV KEnm0rc 6,0980 Bureau of Printing 81 Engrav- ing fGrccnbacksJ - Annapolis Page Seventy-seven Compliments of Compliments of WESTERN AUTO STORES sHAvv's SPORTING GOODS Mansfield Massachusetts Manslleld Massachusetts Compliments of Compliments of DECLEMENTES STCDRE MORINVS SUPERMARKET Mansfield Massachusetts Mansfield Massachusetts Compliments of Compliments of THE UNION THEATER Q. A, FIQRE Attleboro Massachusetts Mansfield Massachusetts Compliments of Compliments of B Sf M TAXI MAPLEWOOD Foxboro Massachusetts Mansfield Massachusetts Compliments of Compliments of THE RED WING W, C. FULLER Walpole lvlassachuseus Mansfield Massachusetts Compliments of Compliments of FOXCRGFT GARDENS JOHN J. MCHUGH Foxboro Massachusetts Master Watclimaker Compliments of Compliments of HEADJN D'NER MAPLEWOOD GARAGE A Foxboro Massachusetts Compliments of Compliments of PARKERIS EAST STREET GARAGE Mansfield Massachusetts Wrentham Massachusetts Compliments of Compliments of George's Cleansing Service SMAI-L'S GREENHQUSE Manslield Massachusetts Foxboro Massachusetts Compliments of Compliments of COSMOPOLITAN BAKERY FISHER'S STORE lXiIz 111s Held Massachusetts Foxboro Massachusetts Page Seventy-eight DARLING S GRINDING SERVICE D 6 BASSETT STREET T I ph 03 FOXBORO C O I. I. I E R S SALES AND SERVICE 5 NIECHANIC STREET FOXBORO T ph FERNAN DES SUPER MARKETS WORTH EASTON NORTON EAST BRIDCEWATER SOPHOMORE CLASS JUNIOR CLASS I ALBERT H. ARLING e e one 24 I I 363 Compliments of 1 Compliments of Compliments of Page Seventy- I taking the menace out of a To dairy farmers, a cow's breath is a serious threat to farm buildings and efficiency. One cow exhales 2 gallons of water a day . . . a herd in a cowbarn creates enough moisture to cause barns to rot, hay to spoil, germs to multiply and milk production to fall QH. The unique Foxboro Dewcel removes these hazards . . . shows moisture "in the making", long before it becomes a source of trouble to the farmer . . . and to food and chemical processors, warehouse operators, and blast furnace operators, as well. It works on an entirely new principle for humidity instruments . . . measures actual humidity instead of relative. This exclusive Foxboro development is only one of many major contributions Foxboro has made to the advancement of processing operations throughout the world. Today, in the laboratories and on the drawing boards at Foxboro, are still newer developments . . . developments that will continue the Foxboro tradition of originating new and better ways to cut production costs and improve product quality. instrumentation Req. U.S. Pat. Ott. FACTORIES IN THE UNITED STATES, CANADA, AND ENGLAN ,fs Xidgy' H' ' 55 ' 4, ,EQ . 4. .4 rw +21- 1 wif" Pix, ' f ffg: X -3.152 ' ., - g. -i?,,1wL I LZ? iv,-S ,y 1,1 . vt' fi , A V Y ,AA-'.,1s.z,.,s" N, 3?-VY, . 131 ll, A lf-V-nf I da-'QQ' ,Ti ff' . , M -I 1 ,Q x Q-3, ., Q . ,QKF ,nf ,Q X-kr.-' , x ,Q :A ' omg MTW' x, ,, ,qv -r .4 .f.. .4 X, W JA, " 1 -Wim 'Y 9, 2, , 'I nl i L "1 f .lu ,4 I RIMA, x ' wap L , 4 55. . l 'E fs, jul WV lm . ., f rm .. Ik W 'ilk J, , 37. 'HTA ' 1 I Allis A 74 , wp. . 1 AC L L, -V ' . f if? L. "W .', vs . 39 :V , 1.3 ez' W :u ,

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Foxboro High School - Red Fox Yearbook (Foxboro, MA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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