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1 , Wm His? fr E1 gf: vii: -Gf'Q fm?" 'Y Q -Q f - 'Q ,ni ' ' ' 1 , , , f, , KED1-TX or I8 53 presknted by, THE E ORCLASS Foxboro H i la School Foxnono, MASSACHUSETTS Dedication For his unTiring efTorTs in guidance, we, The class of 1953 dedicaTe This, The sixTeenTh issue of The RED FOX, To Mr. John O. Barrows. WiTh his kind undersTanding aTTiTude and paTience, he has helped many of us choose our TuTure careers and occupaTions. He has helped us undersTand The many problems which face The young people of Today. We Thank you, Mr. Barrows, wiTh The deepesT sinceriTy from The boTTom of our hearTs. To the Class of 1953 The person who is successful in earning the respect of his fellow citizens or in earning money for material things is the one who sets his sights and proceeds toward his goal. He uses criticism to improve himself, he uses disappointments to strengthen his perseverance, he uses minor failures as lessons for future action. He prepares himself by all the study, formal or informal, he can make available. He goes to school, any school that will prepare him for his life work. So I say to you, go to school as long as possible to become proficient in your chosen vocation. You boys will find your schooling or your job interrupted by military service. Don't let this deter you from your ambitions. Use the experience to the best of your ability for the sake of your country. On your return you can then plunge into your own personal affairs with a greater knowledge of people and the affairs ofthe world. As a final thought to all of you, to each boy and each girl, why not adopt a motto something like this, "No matter how well l did the iob today, I shall try to do it a little better tomorrow." CHARLES G. TAYLOR Superintendent of Schools LJ I PRiNCiPAi.'S MESSAGE C5 Egia'-, .,, e. ,Cyan A . cn' ' V- H Q .V B 0 'Aria :"?'. ' 9 Your teachers unceasingiy to instruct you in -.4,-32.4, J ' 'fl5I:,f' -c' .,. the tundamentai knovviedge ot """5"P1'-M-+32 subiects essentiai tor successtui careers in industry or the pro- tessions. Aiso by exampie and precepts your teachers have en- deavored to make you good citizens. You young peopie graduating today vviii in a tevv years become the backbone ot your community. You wiii be caiied upon to assume re- sponsibilities intiuencing the iite, the tone and the progress ot your community. You in America enioy the greatest advantages, and op: portunity ot any peopie in the vvorid. You aiso inherit the greatest responsibiiities. Be toierant and you vviii become more understanding. tt is vvorthvvhiie to make good triends and desirabie to be abie to work with others. Remember ruies and reguiations are necessary. Without these iavvs it vvouid be unendurabie chaos. ' hts ot others and they vviii respect yours. Respect the rig 4-,.. -11- have iabore L 5 3 ' pu.-s .-.I .vw-'S t 1 wf'Y,l',s1'ff9.,:,..Vu . M M x gy' -'-np3W,'w. nn t Ili ALVIN H. BALL Music Director ARTHUR B. BRAINERD Chemistry, Biology, Physics, General Science, Student Coun cil Advisor JOHN J. AHERN Social Science, Basketball GLADYS W. BEERS English, French, Yearbook Ad- visor ALICE D. BRAWN Latin, Social Studies JEANNETTE BRIGGS English, General B u s i n e s s, Commercial Geography, School Paper Advisor ANGELO CHICK Art Director SHIRLEY F. INMAN Home Economics JEAN FEARNLEY Girls' Physical Education, Girls' Coach BERRYMAN D, MINAH Industrial Arts CHARLES W. LIBBY Mathenatics, Finance Officer HELEN H. LIPNER DORIS E. SULLIVAN Commercial Subiects English MARY E. SULLIVAN General Math, Typing I, Book- keeping I and ll HUBERT W. WARD Assistant Principal of High School THOMAS J. RUGGIERO Director of Physical Education, Assistant FootbaIl,Coach, Base- ball Coach ALVIN L. STEWART, JR. Director of Athletics, Football Coach, Track Coach GINA F. WHITEHOUSE School Nurse Diff .P X., .vu V .su I2 an 9' UIQ Quiclknex ff X! ANNE HARRIET Ast-iav College Course 28 Oak St. Physical Education Coach Good looks and fine athletic ability make up our Anne, Always willing to help and there when you want her, we're sure she'll go far. Basketball 51, 52, 53, Field Hockey 51, 52, 53, Athletic As- sociation 50, 51, 52, 53, Social Committee 50, 51, 52, 53, Prom Committee 52, Glee Club 52, 53, Varsity Club 53, Moni- tor 53, Yearbook Staff 53, Office Work 51, 52, 53, Pro Merito 52, Assembly Participation 50, Cheerleader-Sub 51, Usher at Graduation 52, French Club 51, 52, Drivers Education 52, Science Fair 51, 52, Art Exhibit 50, Girls' Sports Club 50, 51, 52, Typing Award 51, 52, 53, Lunch Counter 52, 53, Girls' State-Alternate, Caps and Gowns 53. HELENE ANNE BARRY Commercial Course 31 Cocasset St. History Teacher Pretty hair, sparkling eyes, and nice clothes make up Helene. Well liked by all her classmates, we are sure she will be a success. Athletic Association 50, 51, 52, 53, Social Committee 50, 51, 52, 53, Prom Committee 52, Glee Club 50, 51, Canteen Repre- sentative 50, 51, Monitor 52, Pro Merito 52, Assembly Par- ticipation S0, Class Day Honors 52, Dramatic Club 52, Girls' Chorus 50, 51, Student Council 52, Science Fair 52, Typing Award 52, 53, Shorthand Award 53. Jovce MAUREEN BENT "Joycey" Commercial Course 21 Carpenter St. Physical Education Teacher One of the most athletic girls in the class, Joyce is always working her hardest. We're sure her ability to work and get along with people will help her gain success. , Basketball 50, 51, 52, 53, Field Hockey 52, 53, Social Com- mittee 5O, 51, 52, 53, Prom Committee 52, Senior Reception Committee 52, Varsity Club 52, Monitor 52, 53, Yearbook Staff 53, Class Day Honors 50, 5.1, 52, French Club 50, Drivers Education 52, Girls' Tennis Tournament 50, 51, Sports Club 51, 52, Typing Award 53. Josem-4 Louis BRioHAM "Joe" industrial Arts 7 Maple Ave. Forestry .Ioe is good natured, shy and quiet, but out of school he for- gets his shyness and gives forth his views. His quiet way and reserved manner makes him one of the most respected mem- bers of our class. Athletic Association 51, 52, Social Committee 51, Prom Com- mittee 52, Monitor 52. CAROL ANN BRITTON "Britt" College Course East Street Nursing Short, cute, and quiet best describes Carol. She loves Foxboro High and is always doing something to benefit our class. Carol was chosen for our Jr. Prom Queen in 52. Her ambition is to be a nurse and with her patience and earnestness we know she will reach her goal. Softball 53, Athletic Association 50, 51, 52, 53, Social Com- mittee 5O, 51, 52, 53, Prom Committee 52, Class Officer, Secretary 50, 51, 52, Glee Club 51, 52, 53, Yearbook Staff 53, Pro Merito 52, Assembly Participation 50, 51, 52, 53, Magazine Drive Captain 51, French Club 51, 52, Girls' Chorus 51, 52, 53, Prom Queen 52, Science Fair 50, Field Hockey, Manager 52. KONRAD CHRISTOPHER BROWN General Course 154 County St. Marine Engineer Konrad may be one of the smallest fellows in the class but his great sense of humor makes him outstanding, always smiling and ready for mischief, he will be missed by all his classmates. Social Committee 50, 51, 52, Glee Club 51, 52, 53, Yearbook Staff 52, 53, Science Club 50, Boys' Chorus 51, 52, 53. A iiffif, 1 w g I - i f V M N f , we 4 R ,A A ki 35 ,L,1 - 1 FRANCIS CROVVELL BUCKLEY "Buck" College Course 25 Main St. College A witty remark and a quick smile identity Francis on any occasion. A favorite of teachers and classmates alike, we know he'll be tops in everything he does. Track 52, Social Committee 53, Prom Committee 52, Yearbook Staff 537 French Club 52, 53, School Transferred from, Boston College High 52. BETTY FLORENCE CLARK "Bet" College Course South St. Physical Therapist Betty has a sweet way of being both serious and friendly at the same time. Her patient and understanding ways will be an asset to her in her nursing career. Field Hockey Manager 50, Social Committee 50, 51, 52, Prom Committee 52, Glee Club 50, 51, 52, 53, Monitor 52, 53, Office Work 51, 52, 53, Usher at Graduation 52, 'Girls' Tennis Tournament 50, 51g Science Fair 51, 52, Girls' Sports Club Secretary 51, Cafeteria 51, 52, 53, Caps and Gowns 53. JOHN FREDERICK Cook "Johnny" College Course 33 Leonard St, Undecided With his blonde hair and blue eyes, John is one of the nicest looking boys in the class, He gets along, well liked by all. Football 50, Baseball Manager 51, Athletic Association 50, 51, 52, 53, Prom Committee 52, Senior Reception Committee 52, Yearbook Staff 53, Assembly Participation 50, French Club 50, 51. CAROLYN ANN DARLING "Darlin" Commercial 6 Basset Street Secretary Carolyn is thoughtful, conscientious-an asset to any class. She is very athletic and a good sport in every way. We are sure she will be a success as a secretary. Basketball 50, 51, 52, 53, Field Hockey 50, 51, 52, 53, Athletic Association 50, 51, 52, 53, Social Committee 50, 51, 52, 53, Yearbook Staff 53, Office Work 53, Pro Merito 52, School Paper 52, 53, Student Council 53, Usher 52, Typing Award 52, 53, Girls' Sports Club 50, 51, 53, Bookkeeping Award 52, Shorthand Award 53. Joi-iN MARK DAvis "Jack" College Course B West Leonard St. Sports Store Owner Here's a lad that likes to putter around with anything that's out of order. We could never forget the line fob .lack has done managing sports. He has been a great help to the coaches. Good Luck Jack. Football Manager 52, Basketball Manager 50, 51, 52, Track Manager 51, Athletic Association 50, 51, 52, 53, Social Com- mittee 5O, 51, 52, Prom Committee 52, Senior Reception Com- mittee 52, Class Officer, President 50, Treasurer 52, Glee Club 50, 51, Monitor 52, 53, Yearbook Staff, Business Manager, Office Work 53, Assembly Participation, Typing Award 52, Magazine Drive Captain 51, School Paper 50, French Club 51, Student Council 51, Art Exhibit 49. Roaenr ALBERT DEVAUTOUR "Divy" General Course 227 Mechanic St. Draftsman lf asked to choose a typical Senior, we think our "Divy" would be the answer. His personality and friendliness account for his popularity. Captain on the football team and Vice President of his class, Divy did a great job at both. Football 50, 51, 52, FTL, Baseball 50, Athletic Association 50, 51, 52, 53, Social Committees 51, 52, 53, Prom Committee 52, Senior Reception Committee 52, Class Officer, Vice President 51, 52, Canteen Representative 50, 52, President 52, Monitor 52, 53, Yearbook Staff, Advertising, Assembly Participation, Magazine Drive Captain 50, School Paper 50, 51, Stock Room 50, Student Council 51, Science Fair 51, Art Exhibit 51. MARLENE Louise Doi.AN "Mar" Commercial Course 219 South St, Secretary At first impression Marlene seems quiet and reserved but with further acquaintance one discovers that behind those big in- nocent-appearing eyes, there's a teasing and mischievous per- sonality. A good student, Marlene is a favorite classmate and friend. Basketball Assistant Manager 52, Athletic Association 50, 51, 52, 535 Social Committee 50, 51, 525 Prom Committee 525 Senior Reception Committee 52: Glee Club 505 Yearbook Staff 53, Pro Merito 52, Assembly Participation 505 Magazine Drive Captain 50, Dramatic Club 52, Bookkeeping Award 52, Typing Award 52, 53, Shorthand Award 53. ART:-:ua HAYES, JR. "Poop" General Course 97 South St. - Musician Hayes is everybody's pal. A flash of his warm smile quickly puts us all into a good humor. An ardent music enthusiast, Hayes played all the instruments with everything he had. Hayes is a grand person to know, and one we will never forget. Football Manager 51, Track 50, Athletic Association 50, 51, 52, 53p Social Committees 50, 51, 52, 53p Prom Committee 521 Clee Club 51, 52, Orchestra 51, 525 Band 51, 527 Canteen Representative 51, Treasurer 51, Assembly Participation 50, 51, 52, Class Will 52, Boys' Chorus 51. JoHN VINCENT ENGLEY General Course 151 Main St. Undecided A tall, handsome lad, John is well liked by all his classmates. With his warm Irish smile he has been an asset to our class. To you John, we wish all the luck in the world. Athletic Association 50, 51, 525 Social Committee 50, 51, Prom Committee 52, Senior Reception Committee 525 Glee Club 517 Monitor 51, Boys' Chorus 52, Science Fair 50. GAIL ELIZABETH FITZPATRICK "Pima" College Course 211 South St. College Everyone will remember Gail for her warm smile and witty ways. Always willing to help out at socials and other activities -being a great addition to our class. Good luck, Gail! Field Hockey 51, 52, 53, Social Committee 50, 51, 52, 53, Prom Committee 52, Varsity Club 53, Monitor 53, Yearbook Staff 53, Assembly Participation 50, Class Day Honors 51, 52, French Club 51, 52, Drivers Education 52, Science Fair 52, Usher 52, Sports Club 50, 51, Athletic Association 50, 51, 52, 53, Typing Award 53. MARCIA MAE FOSTER College Course lB Sherman St. Nurse Marcia, full of fun and mischief, is liked by everyone. She is very athletic and a good sport in every way. She can usually be seen with her friends Gail and Joyce. Field Hockey 50, 51, 52, 53, Social Committee 50, 51, 52, 53, Senior Reception 52, Glee Club 50, 51, 52, 53, Yearbook Staff 53, Pro Merito 52, School Paper 52, French Club 51, 52, Drivers Education 52, Science Fair 52, Girls' Sports Club 50, 51, 52, 53, Assembly Participation 50, Athletic Association 50, 51, 52, 53. RONALD SANFORD Fos'rER "Ronnie" General Course 256 Central St. Undecided Ronny is the woe of our teachers. Always ready with a quip or a prank to keep the class in stitches. Ronny is easy to like, lun lo know. Track 51, 52, Social Committee 50, 51, 52, Prom Committee 52, Glee Club 51, 52, 53, Orchestra 51, 52, 53, Band 51, 52, 53, Assembly Participation 52, Boys' Chorus 52, 53. CAROL JOYCE GAFFORD College Course 90 South St. Undecided Joyce is thoughtful and conscientious-an asset to any class. She is interested in music, being an avid fan of all disc jockeys and a member of the Glee Club for four years. Her sweet personality will help her attain her dream of a disc jockey. Athletic Association 51, 52, Social Committee 50, 51, 52, 53, Prom Committee 52, Senior Reception Committee 52, Glee Club 50, 51, 52, 53, Yearbook Staff 53, Assembly Participation 51, 52, French Club 51, Girls' Chorus 50, 51, 52, 53, Drivers Education 52. DANIEL Joi-iN Gomes "Danny" College Course 165 County St. Undecided Danny has been our President for the past three years and is one of our hardest workers. He will always be remembered by Foxboro as having outstanding basketball ability. Best of luck, Dan! Basketball 51, 52, 53, Track 51, 52, Social Committee 50, 51, 52, 53, Prom Committee 52, Class Officer, President 51, 52, 53, Glee Club 51, 52, 53, Varsity Club 53, Monitor 53, Year- book Staff 53, Pro Merito 52, Assembly Participation 52, Class Day Honors 51, 52, School Paper 51, 52, Prom King 52, Boys' Chorus 52, 53, Science Fair 52, Art Exhibit 51. CHARLES GROOME General Course Main Sf. Undecided Charles seems shy, but those who know him realize he is a lot of fun with his dry wit and hijmor. Prom Committee 52, Basketball 52, Glee Club 52, 53, Social Committee 53, Si-HRLEY ANN GUERRINI "Shirl" Commercial Course 164 County St. Secretary A peppy cheerleader with a sweet smile describes Shirley proving that good things come in small packages. Shirley has been active in many sports and other school activities. To one of our cutest Senior girls, we wish the best of luck. Field Hockey 507 Softball 527 Athletic Association 50, 51, 527 Social Committee 50, 51, 52, 531 Prom Committee 527 Glee Club 507 Canteen Representative 52, 531 Monitor 527 Yearbook Staff 531 Assembly Participation 50, 527 Cheerleader 51, 52, 537 Student Council 527 Drivers Education 537 Typing Award 527 Bookkeeping Award 52. BARBARA ANN GuiLDFono College Course 110 Cocasset St. Nursing Barbara, a tall, attractive girl, has many pals. She seems to have a not too secret passion for skating at Brockton, hm? We're sure she'll carry out her ambition as a nurse. Social Committee 50, 517 Yearbook Staff 53: Assembly Partici- pation 507 French Club 50, 517 Science Fair 507 Sports Club 507 Typing Award 53. VAUGHN ALAN GUNRUD General Course 41 Summer Pl. Undecided Vaughn is a good natured, but quiet fellow always ready to ioin in me fun. With a serious side not often seen, Vaughn has many friends. Athletic Association 50, 51, 527 Social Committee 51, 527 Prom Committee 527 Monitor 51. WILLIAM RICHARD HEARN "Pete" College Course 98 North St. Public Accountant Pete seems quiet and reserved at school, but that changes when he's out with the fellows. Pete can usually be seen with his pal, Danny. Athletic Association 50, 51, 52, 53, Social Committee 50, French Club. KATHERINE GRETA HONNORS "Kibby" Commercial Course 44 Granite St. Secretary Short and sweet, Kibby's cheerful smile is appreciated by everyone. Her calm patience and easy going ways will cer- tainly be invaluable to her. To a girl who deserves the best, all the luck in the world. Softball Manager 52, Athletic Association 50, 51, 52, 53, Prom Committee 52, Glee Club 50, 51, Canteen Representa- tive 51, Yearbook Staff 53, Magazine Drive Captain 50, Girls' Chorus 51, Student Council 53, Drivers Education 53, Science Fair 52, Class Day Honors 52, Sports Club 50, 51, 52, Social Committee 51, 52, 53. ROBERT C. HUNT "Bob" g Commercial Course Washington St. Undecided Bob may be one for not saying too much, but the little he does say hits with a BANG! He's always willing to help out, which he does in his own way. Good luck in the future Bob! Social Committee 50, 51, 52, 53, Prom Committee, Glee Club 49, 50, Yearbook Stuff, School Paper, Science Fair 51. ROSETTA MARION JODICE "Rose" General Course 136 Spring St. Physical Therapist A package of dynamite is our Rose, who is best known for her sparkling personality and a whiz as captain of the cheer- leaders. We wish her the best always. Basketball 52, 53, Field Hockey 50, Athletic Association 50, 51, 52, 53, Social Committee 50, 51, 52, 53, Prom Committee 52, Glee Club 50, 51, 52, Varsity Club 53, Canteen Rep. 52, Yearbook Staff 53, Assembly Participation 51, 52, 53, Typing Award 52, 53, Cheerleader 51, 52, 53, Class Day Honors 53, Prophecy. PHYLLIS MARIE Juuus "Phyl" Commercial Course Lakeview Road Secretary Brown hair and dark brown eyes describe Phyllis, a serious student with friendly ways and a friendly smile. Her easy going ways will carry her far. Social Committee 50, 51, 52, 53, Prom Committee 52, Glee Club 50, Yearbook Staff 53, Typing Award 52, 53, Book- keeping Award 52. Ano ALLAN KIVELA "Kiv" College Course 51 Sherman St. Advertising With his line style of basketball, pleasant smile and pleasing personality, Allan has the best wishes of all his classmates. Football 50, 51, 52, 53, Manager Basketball 52, Baseball 50, 51, 52, 53, Athletic Association 50, Social Committee 50, 51, 52, 53, Prom Committee 52, Senior Reception Committee 52, Class Officer, Treasurer 50, Glee Club 50, 51, 52, Canteen Representative 51, Monitor 50, 51, Yearbook Staff, Art Editor 53, Assembly Participation 50, Magazine Drive Captain 50, 51, 52, School Paper 50, 51, Dramatic Club 51, Student Council 51, 52, Art Exhibit 50, Transferred from East Walpole Jr. High School. . - - s- - - e . rs' j'a'1zsj Q q:yikfg . k " 1. lzffxieafi . X asses as X fly: R f if ELAINE ANNE LEBARON College Course 56 South St. College Smart and efficient, a leader in all our projects, She was always there when needed. Elaine and her pleasant manner was an asset to our class. Athletic Association 50, 51, 52, 53, Social Committee 50, 51, 52, 53, Prom Committee 52, Senior Reception Committee 51, 52, Glee Club so, 51, 52, sa, Yearbook staff ssl Pro Memo 52, Assembly Participation 50, 51, Class Day Honors 59, 51, 52, Girls' State 52, School Paper 51, 52, French Club 51, 52, Girls' Chorus 51, 52, Student Council 50, Play Committee 53, Art Exhibit 50, 51, Girls' Sports Club 50, 51, Mass. All State Music Festival 51, Passing of Diplomas at Graduation 52, As- sistant Editor, Yearbook 53. JUNE Louise Luowlc "June Bug" Commercial Course 23 Bird St. Secretary June is one of our prettiest Senior girls. Her quiet ways and serious expression break out into warm and friendly smiles that win her a wealth of friends. Athletic Association 50, 51, Social Committee 50, 51, 52, 53, Prom Committee 52, Senior Reception Committee 52, Yearbook Staff, Office Work 53, Pro Merito 52,' Drivers Education 52, Typing Award 52, 53, Bookkeeping Award 52, Shorthand Award 53, Sports Club 50. CATHERINE CECILIA McKAY 17 Fales Place Commercial Course Catherine is a reserved and well-mannered classmate. Always quiet, yet she has a hidden bit of humor that manages to creep out once in awhile. Social Committee 50, Glee Club 50, Yearbook Staff 53, Of- fice Work 53. MARGARET ELIZABETH MACKAY "Peggy" College Course Oak St. Home Economics For the beauty and brains combination, meet our Peggy. Her ready wit and pleasant smile will long be remembered by all her classmates. Field Hockey, Assistant Manager 525 Athletic Association 515 Social Committee 51, 52, 535 Prom Committee 525 Glee Club 52,' 535 Canteen Representative 525 Yearbook Staff 535 Maga- zine Drive Captain 525 French Club 51, 525 Girls' Chorus 52, 535 Science Fair 51, 525 Transferred from Grafton High School. Rosen? MOWATT "Moe" General Course 10 Vernal Ave. Undecided One of these deceiving chaps, Moe is quiet and serious to all outward appearances but really capable of much fun- making. He is well liked by both boys and girls because of his true friendship and fine sportsmanship. Good luck, Moe, and may the memories of Foxboro High School always be with you. Athletic Association 51, 535 Social Committee 52, 535 Prom Committee 525 Science Fair 52, First Prize in Biol09Yi Trans- ferred from Norfolk Agricultural School. Aucs ANN MURPHY "AI" College Course 36 Cocasset St. Teacher Genuine and popular, Al is a favorite of all-fellows, gals, and teachers. She is always ready to enter into the work, as well as the fun of school days, with her helpfulness and sincerity, Alice is a great asset to our class. Athletic Association 50, 51, 52, 535 Social Committees 52, 535 Glee Club 52, 535 Yearbook Staff 535 Pro Merito 525 Assembly Participation 525 Class Day Honors 525 School Paper 525 Dra- matic Club 525 French Club 525 School Transferred, St. Louis High, Webster Mass.5 Girls' Chorus 525 Girls' Sports Club 525 Prom Committee 52. .ii 5 il? .- -ax i' 91 5 . .. K , ,K I is all -ISE X fafgsf ,Sei :ba sy Q .st . .H-,. . f ' - REGINA ELIZABETH MURRAY "Gena" Commercial Course 9 Community Way Dental Hygienist Dark eyes and dark hair describe Regina. Although she does well in her studies, her main interest is a certain Dick. Gena's nice smile and teeth will be a great asset in any dental office. Field Hockey Manager 50, Athletic Association 50, 51, 52, 53, Social Committee 50, 51, 52, 53, Prom Committee 52, Yearbook Staff 53, Pro Merito 52, Office Work 53, Girls' Sports Club 51, Magazine Drive Captain 53, Typing Award 51, 52, 53, Bookkeeping Award 52, Shorthand Award 53. DORET MABLE NEWELL "Dot" Commercial Course 61 Mechanic St. Secretary Doret was voted "smartest" by her classmates. Her hobby of reading many books has given her the nickname "Book- worm,"-How is your letter w'riting overseas coming along Doret? Athletic Association 50, 51, 52, 53, Social Committee 50, 51, 52, 53, Prom Committee 52, Glee Club 51, Yearbook Staff 53, Office work 53, Pro Memo 52, Assembly Participation 50, 51, 52, Class Day Honors 51, 52, School Paper 50, 51, Dra- matic Club 52, Student Council 51, Play Committee 53, Me- morial Day 51, Typist at T. B. Exams, Bookkeeping Award 52, Drivers Education 53, Shorthand Award 53, Typing Award 51, 52, 53. JAMES ALFRED ROLLINS "Al" College Course 24 Mechanic St. Engineer Good dancer, curly hair, happy smile all go to make up Al, a fellow well-liked by all his classmates. As Editor of the Yearbook and President of the Pro Merito Society, he has proved himself an all-round good fellow. Football 51, 52, 53, FTL 52, 53, Baseball Manager 51, Social Committee 50, 51, 52, 53, Prom Committee 52, Glee Club 52, Senior Play 53, Monitor 51, 52, 53, Yearbook Staff Editor 53, Pro Merito 52, Assembly Participation 50, 51, 52, 53, School Paper Assistant Editor 52, Dramatic Club 52, 53, French Club 51, 52, Science Club 50, Play Committee 53, Student Council Treasurer 52, President 53, Science Fair 53. ADRIENNE Jovcs Russeu. "Dinny" General Course 51 Mechanic St. Nursing A silly laugh best describes "Dinny." We hope that in your chosen career you will laugh your patients back to health. What's the attraction at Walpole, Adrienne? Field Hockey 50, Athletic Association 50, 51, 52, 53, Social Committee 52, Senior Reception Committee 52, Glee Club 50, 52, Yearbook Staff 53, Class Day Honors 51, 52, 53, Girls' Chorus 50, Drivers Education 52, Science Fair 52, Sports Club 50. DANIEL F. RYAN "Danny" General Course 98 Kersey Rd. Priest A quiet fellow with a heart of gold is our Danny. He doesn't have much to say, but when he does say something it is worthwhile hearing. To yod, Danny, we wish the best of luck. Boys' State 52 Ei.izAaETH ANN SPENCER "Betty" Commercial Course Vernal Ave. Secretary Betty is a petite, quiet, blonde, who is seen, but hardly ever heard from. Her life seems to center around a certain Mans- field boy. We wonder if Dave was attracted by her sweet smile? Athletic Association 50, 51, 52, 53, Social Committee 51, 52, 53, Prom Committee 52, Senior Reception Committee 52, Yearbook Staff 53, Office Work 53, Class Day Honors 52, Drivers Education 52, Girls' Sports Club 52, Shorthand Award 53, Typing Award 52, 53, Bookkeeping Award 52. ANNA JEAN SYLVIA Commercial Course 12 Pleasant St. Teacher Anna seems to be well liked by all her classmates as she was voted "Most Popular." Her pleasing personality and cheery smile will take her far in the world. Softball Assistant Manager 52, Athletic Association 50, 51, 52, 53, Social Committee 50, 51, 52, 53, Prom Committee 52, Class Secretary 53, Glee Club 50, Canteen Representative 51, Yearbook Staff 53, Magazine Drive Captain 51, Drivers Educa- tion 52, Science Fair 52, Typing Award 52, 53, Shorthand Award 53. JAMES BENJAMIN WALLACE "Jim" College Course 12 Glenwood Ave. President His easy manner and nonchalant air are the constant envy of those of less serene temperament. Athletically inclined, Jim was especially gifted at football. Congenial Jim, always ready to agree to the propositions of his companions lbe they wise, or otherwisel. Football 50, 51, 52, 53, FTL, Basketball Manager 50, 51, 52, Social Committee. IRIS HARRIET WEBB General Course Mechanic St. Home Economics Teacher We welcome Iris, who is back again with us this year. Well liked by all her classmates with her pleasant, quiet manner. lris has a charm all her own. Athletic Association 51, Social Committee 50, Senior Reception Committee 50, Glee Club 50, Yearbook Staff 53, Art Exhibit 51, Transferred from Los Angeles, California. YvoNNE ESTELLE WELSH College Course 205 South St. Teacher Yvonne is quiet, conscientious, and always willing to help. She likes sports and is a loyal rooter for all our teams. A swell person to know and one we'll always remember. Field Hockey 51, Athletic Association 50, 51, 52, 53, Social Committee 50, 5l, 52, 53, Prom Committee 52, Senior Recep- tion Committee 52g Glee Club 51, 52, 53, Yearbook Staff 53, French Club 51, 52, Science Fair 52, Sports Club 51, 52. MARY Esri-len WHITE "Mary" College Course Neponset Heights Ave. Nurse Mary seems to be a girl of few words until one gets to know her. She is sincerity combined with a wonderful personality. This combination will surely aid her in being a successful Nurse. Softball 50, Athletic Association Sl, 52, 53, Glee Club 52, 535 Yearbook Staff 53, French Club 515 School Transferred from, Framingham Jr. High, Science Fair 51. f f' I Eff L, Y i! Xl riff by lx, ff W K A. X 59 - X Q a gg' 614 s foam By CAROL BRITTON Over the threshold of this life we go, With heads held high and hearts aglow, Ready to help where we can and may, To make our world better day by day. The time has come when we must bid farewell To friends and classmates, loved so well, As life's journey takes each on our separate way Out to new horizons where our futures may lay. Now as we gather together before we depart There is a small prayer in each and every heart, A prayer to God with whom we abide, To be our leader, our helper, and our guide. 611155 Ofhcers President ,,,,,o,,,. ..,......... D ANIEL GOMES Vice President .-..,. ...... R OBERT DE VAUTOUR Secretary --..,,.,,,, .,,,,.,.,,....,--.....,.-., ....... A N NA SYLVIA Treasurer ....... ..c.,..,.....,................,..,.... J OHN DAVIS CLASS COLORS Maroon and Silver CLASS MOTTO "What we are to be, we are now becomingf' di ,Czhrafur 611155 Prophecy By RosE JoDicE After spending ten years in Italy, running my own spaghetti and pizza res- taurant, I immediately flew home upon receiving word that my old U. S. History teacher was finally being married, and I was invited to attend the wedding. I stopped off at my house first, to see how things were. After spending a few hours at home, I decided to take a walk up to Foxboro, and catch up on the doings of my classmates before going to the wedding. As I was walking up the street, I heard a lot of commotion in the woods. To satisfy my curiosity I looked in, and who else did I see but Gypsy Marcia Foster dancing to "I Got Bells On My Toes And Rings On My Fingers," with Norman "RebeI" Allen as the sole audience. Deciding I didn't want to disturb them, I continued my walk up town, and I saw John Engley coming down the street and I observed that he is now a gentleman farmer. All he raises is his hat. We stopped and talked for awhile, and he told me some news about some of my classmates. He tells me that John Cook, and Alan Kivela have started their own beer joint. They now have taken over Nellie's Cafe. Ronny Foster is a comedian. He recently invented a machine into which he puts stale iokes and the result is that they come out new and snappy. Charles Groome is New York's Beau Brumbmel. He is said to rise at 7 A.M. and has written a book entitled "The Man About Town." Joe "I'm not that type" Brigham has established his own dancing school special- izing in the "Hot To Trot, Ready To Gallop" iitterbug. His only pupil thus far is Barbara "l'm still wearing buckles on my shoes" Guildford. Elaine LeBaron has been elected National President of the International Ailuro- phile Society. Her pet cat, Blossom, has iust recently retired from the office of membership chairman of the local branch. Doret Newell is the president of the "Aching Hearts Club" and her staunch members are Phyllis Julius and Catherine McKay. The A.H.C. is for maidens disappointed in love. Their motto is "Down With Men." Alice Murphy is now a telephone operator. She simply adores her iob. She can now finish her latest book, "Who's Who, and What's New in Foxboro." Well John was in a hurry to tend to his work, so I bade him goodbye and started once more up to Foxboro. My next stop was at the Bay State Drug, where all the gang used to hang out. I spotted Marlene Dolan in there, so I decided I would go in and see how she was. To my surprise I saw her giving three little red-heads cokes, while keeping an eye on a certain big red-headed officer directing traffic outside the Bay State. She was quite surprised to see me, and we sat and talked for awhile. She told me quite a bit about some of my old friends. Shirley Guerrini is the owner of a doughnut shop. She attributes her success to her ability to sell the holes in the doughnuts to be used as fillings for macaroni. Joyce Bent is a dress designer. She has the odd ability to make beautiful crea- tions out of flour sacks and potato bags. Carolyn Darling has traveled all the way to Mansfield, and is now a secretary at the Mazzini Club. The graduates of Foxboro High really go places. Carol Britton, a wise chemist back in the good old school days, discovered a new element which she used in the manufacture of high explosives. Unfortunately she dropped it, hence she has never been heard from since. lt was time for Marlene's babies to take their naps, so she had to hurry off, telling me she would see me at the wedding. l left the Bay State, and I noticed a store which was advertised as "The Forty Niners Beauty Salon." inquiring about this, l was told that Betty Spencer, June Ludwig, and Adrienne Russell had decided to try to beautify the feminine popu- lation of Foxboro. Deciding l didn't want to stop in, l turned my attention to a store front which read "Second National Stores, lnc." Jack Davis, Proprietor. I started walking down to the high school to see what was down there. On the way, l met Kibby Honnors who is working as a secretary at the Company. We walked together down to the school and she told me more news about my classmates. Francis Buckley is playing the role of "Happy" in the 1963 version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Robert DeVautour recently won the Pulitzer Prize for the writing of the best play of the year. It was entitled "Four Years at Rocky Point," or "l Slid Through High School the Easy Way." Robert Hum is an eminent scientist. He has iust succeeded in crossing pine trees and apple trees in order to produce pine-apples. Hayes Ellis is breaking all records as a stock car racer, and Peg MacKay is banging the dents out of the fenders. Jim Wallace, in a strident voice is giving a series of speeches on WHY WE SHOULD HAVE BIGGER AND BETTER ANIMAL CRACKERS. Danny Gomes is still playing first base on the diamond of matrimony. Joyce Gafford is colorfully known as the "red-headed blues singer." Her theme song is "Love ls Like A Burning Flame." Gail Fitzpatricklhas taken over Fannie Farmer's business. I guess those weeks at Lowney's proved profitable. Kibby and l talked all the way to the high school. Yes old F.H.S. still looked the same, but appropriately situated near the high school is an ultra modern funeral home. The owner of the establishment is Konrad "the friendly under- taker" Brown. They said that there is always a speculative gleam in his eye which seems to say, "I'lI get you in the end." Kibby left me there, so I started up to the school, and-in a far off corner I heard someone say, "Me, iust think, little me, receiving a diploma." I looked in the corner and who else could I expect but Vaughn Gunrud still stunned over the fact that he did receive a diploma back in "53." I walked into the school and I saw that Ann Ashby is now the secretary there, with Betty Clark as her assistant. They always were good at running the school's business. I talked to Ann for a few minutes and she told me that Alfred Rollins had been playing the All American Fullback at the University of Hinky Dew Pew, until last week when he was hit by a truck, and now he is playing the All American Halfback. Iris Webb is back in California, working in MGM's studios as a iewelry designer. Swanks must have had some good influence on her. Regina Murray finally married Richard Newell. She has five little babies, and it is surprising what she named them: "Gertie," "Herman," "Sinclair," "Chloe," and "Bertha." There wasn't anything going on at the school, so I left and went uptown. I stopped at Hanna's to get a cup of coffee, and I saw that Mary White is now the owner of Hanna's. While I was sitting there drinking my coffee, I saw Yvonne Welch walk by the window with a puzzled look on her face. The poor girl is still undecided as to which one she will marry, Pete Hearn or Danny Ryan. She can't make up her mind due to the fact that Danny and Pete have always had such a close friendship with one another. I left Hanna's and I heard a lot of noise up in the common. I walked up and who else did I see but Anna "Don't Run" Sylvia and Helene Barry, selling used Clevenson pins to the Growing Democratic Party of Foxboro. Their main slogan is "Clevenson is in the White House waiting to be selected, Mike is in the garbage pail waiting to be collected, playing on their harmonicas "Old Soldiers Never Die." These two Democrats will never give up. I didn't want to interrupt the campaigning, so I bought a Clevenson pin for old times sake, and went home to dress for the wedding. After getting dressed, I went uptown and met the old gang and we decided to go to the wedding all together. When we got there, we expected a big celebration, but we were told the bridegroom had backed out. It seems he had forgotten the basketball game that he had scheduled for that day. mm ra -ss s I I 4 I mr -rx Q- A 7 s' J Klass istary By ALICE MURPHY Now that we are leaving the halls of Foxboro High We look back on all the days which have gone so quickly by, Hoping to bring you an account of these happy years, Of our Senior Class's progress through laughter and through tears. In the Freshman year we entered a timid little lot, With fear of upper classmen and lessons to be taught. John Davis was our President and Divy was our Vice. Pat Hall kept all our records, Danny our money matters nice. On March 17th came our first really big chance With St. Patrick's Day the theme, we really had a dance. June came, and our year of being Freshman was done And we all looked forward to a summer full of fun. September arrived and school started once again, And we began our studies as Sophomores then, With Danny and Fred, a good pair to combine, Carol as our Secretary and Allan keeping money on the line. A snowy, "Winter Carnival" was planned on then, The walls dressed with skaters and iolly snowmen. Now the year was over, and we were Sophomores no more As Juniors we were prouder than we had ever been before. The next year came and was filled with enioyments galore Especially the rings that everyone with pleasure proudly wore Danny was ahead again, Divy still in second place, Carol as Secretary with John keeping things going at a fast pace. The social was a gay one, we all had a lot of fun. Then came the big dance the one and only one. The Junior Prom with "Garden In The Rain" as theme And Carol and Danny were chosen as king and queen. The last year was by far the best one yet. Danny and Divy still going strong as our favorite set. Anna, as always, writing notes like mad With John still looking for dues that nobody had. Our record hop went over with a great big bang With every under classman we really had a gang. Now that we are Seniors, dreading to depart, With sad little faces and grief in every heart We look back, before turning that long last bend, Our four years of being classmates have come to an end. fssll 5 . 17 PKQQRUQ X ft? 5' in I Will ,And Cesfammf We, the class of 53, of supposedly stable equilibrium do hereby bequeath and relinquish all these our worldly goods and possessions to the underclassmen of Foxboro High School, knowing that they will use them wisely and sincerely and become, like us, industrious, intelligent, efficient, and entirely modest. To Mr. Potter we leave memories of the best Senior class ever. To the Faculty we leave our apologies for all the hardships we have given them. To Mr. Taylor we leave our appreciation for his support of our activities during our school year. To the Juniors we leave a good yearbook to copy from. To the Sophomores we leave our favorite song "l'll Get By." To the Freshmen we leave our high standards of courage and misdirected en- thusiasm. Anne Ashby leaves her athletic ability and slim figure to the Dagmar of the Freshman Class, Bernadette Columbo. Helene Barry leaves her good taste for clothes to Alfred, watch out for my lingerie, Forrest. Joyce Bent leaves singing O' Happy Day. Joseph Brigham leaves his sober personality to Thatcher, kill that green bug, Carl. Carol Britton with her piano, and Anna Sylvia with her violin, leave to play at next year's canteen. Konrad Brown leaves his philosophy on government in Problems Class to Bobby Brain Richards. Francis Buckley leaves his acting talent to Ronald, Loud Mouth, Flanders. Betty Clark leaves her outside boy friends to Mary, l'll take I2 of them Sanford. John Cook leaves a stack of notes to the lucky boy who can make the best use of them. Carolyn Darling leaves her intelligence to George, Mouldy Brain, Fuller. John Davis leaves his ability to get along with teachers, to anybody else who can make believe they're interested in their classes. Robert DeVautour leaves his shaggy beard to Walter, l broke my rubber razor, Durham. Marlene Dolan leaves to become Foxboro's first woman police officer. Arthur Poop Ellis leaves the poop to Ronald, external combustion, Parker. John Engley leaves his build to Margie, as if she needs it, Metcalf. Gail Fitzpatrick leaves her high sophistication to Nora, let's go parking, Cataloni. Marcia Foster leaves to ioin- a gypsy caravaan. J Ronald Foster leaves his nickname "King" to John Heffernan. Joyce Gafford leaves to become a disc jockey on WHDH after Bob Clayton retires. Daniel Gomes leaves many broken hearts in the under classes. Charles Groome leaves the question of the desirability of supplementing spec- trophotometric curves with coloromatric values obtained by the automatic in- tergrator to the physics class of next year. Shirley Guerrini leaves her 37 Chevrolet to Leo, who needs a license, Jodice. Vaughn Gunrud leaves his astronomical height to Bill Slim Andress. Richard Hearn leaves his five by five physique to David Waddles Guenard. Katherine Honnors leaves to give Charles Atlas courses. A Robert Hunt leaves his parking spot with "Bubbles" to Don "any doll will do" Topping. Rosetta Jodice leaves her classy chassis to Janet "swing and sway" Bumpus. Phyllis Julius leaves to start a dancing school for any Junior high boys that are interested. Allan Kivela leaves numbers l, 2, and 3 in Mansfield to the Freshman "Tigers," Elaine LeBaron leaves her sweaters to Janeith "Boing" Renaud. June Ludwig leaves her shyness to Karen Hernbladt. Margaret MacKay leaves her good looks to Shirley Holmes. Catherine McKay leaves hollering "Ma, I made it," Alice Murphy leaves feeling certain that her flirting will catch her a prize. Regina Murray leaves her winning smile to Billy "Saber-Tooth" Braye. Doret Newell leaves her slippery syllables to Lorrainne "yak-ity-yak" Gayton. Alfred Rollins leaves his technique to James "my brother did it, so can l" Wasaleski. Adrienne Russell leaves to become a missionary in North-West Siberia. Daniel Ryan leaves his iob at the First National to Dick "who turned out the lights" Knight. Betty Spencerleaves to move to Mansfield so she can keep "Holt" of her man. James Wallace leaves his size to Joe "Man Mountain" Lillyman. Iris Webb leaves her half used package of silver hair dye to Linda "Rainbow Head" Bluemer. Yvonne Welsh leaves her polite ways to Rose "to heck with being dainty" Kersey. Mary White leaves her silence in all classes to the Gentleman of the Freshman Class Bill "grassy stomach" Doherty. Having thus disposed of these, our main claims to wealth, we the class of 1953, do at this time set our hand and seal to this document on this glorious day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty three A.D. Witnesses PUMPERNICKEL PERSNAVITCH WALEGO HERMAN HALITOSIS HOTINBRA I L , F' 'S 4 ' at il li.. fl Cutest Couple MARGARET MaCKAY, HAYES ELLIS Best Figure CAROL BRITTON Best Build JOHN ENGLEY Tallest Girl YVONNE WELSH Quietest Most Respected MARY WHITE JOSEPH BRIGHAM Teachers' Pest Class Clowns ROSE JODICE KONRAD BROWN Teachers' Pets Best Dancers HELENE BARRY ALFRED ROLLINS Shortest Boy VAUGHN GUNRUD Did Most for Class GAIL FITZPATRICK, DANIEL GOMES ELAINE LeBARON FRANCIS BUCKLEY Cute-st Smile REGINNA MURRAY GUNRUD Most Popular ANNA SYLVIA ROBERT DeVAUTOUR Most Athletic ANNE ASHBY ROBERT DeVAUTOUR Smartest DORET NEWELL ALFRED ROLLINS Shortest Girl SHIRLEY GUERRINI Tallest Boy JOSEPH BRIGHAM Best Dressed HELENE BARRY HAYES ELLIS Most Likely Oldest to Succeed JOYCE BENT ELAINE LeBARON JOHN DAVIS ALFRED ROLLINS Youngest REGINNA MURRAY RICHARD HEARN Best Looking MARGARET MacKAY ROBERT DeVAUTOUR Best School Spirit ROSE JODICE JOHN Most Talented JOYCE GAFFORD HAYES ELLIS nr. junior 671155 Par! f Jn L y 9 Mi ww- -.4 :veg , , A " XF.-, , I . ,.. vii-X j vig UPN vs. 15 N .s W Ja I ! 4' .7 . - J 'V f T- 'ff - ii -H' i1-V . - ., A rig-. ,-... .....:,g.,, , 1L , ff i-L... X fafkgw 8 Jjuv KW' ' X.-.,- , . ., ' 7, wr! F' . W Ml? 4 "', 7 ,olfla ' ' I ' ' I X. Xffa I ' , - 3 v Sakai- 3? is WN 4532 Mlm I A a 4 . V if it 1 Q .-,xl Q Q5 " Q3 9- S W 1 -- v,f",- . is-S, ' 2 Q, gk 9 1 M' ,fgiiifi wil :U ii' gd? 'Q' all af, any m :Q M' 5 F 5 15 43 5 A g 4. nam, H' 5 .,. :- S -N.-:Nb 1" I Q 3553 'Q "1--1. N Ss: r, ' l K fi : ff ' 5 M -af ,. ui. '- wfig-'QW Q J 1 'Y X X N gil , 'Q 4 x X xi' s ' Q K K5 f , k aw I ' R .xx cb S Q Af M' if . Mi. - Li 2" Y ,xsffii - K X ' H. , . , 3 5 ggggl. N Nw v1 A 43? 1 X X . ":gi.,Wh, FiigVi,,k 3' 5 R? W , . wr X .l:f:maw1' 1 fs Q g,,g2g,,QjQg 5 ,5 f ef 55 wifi?-T - , ik . Q Q F X V fx em K fs 5 M, 1 6 L . Sf - .N :ss A -4, ' ef. K , X' - 'K r-, nw x , is rs ' .- Ig? . SQ., , gy, if 4-E -5. A . ze.-Qi, gk., ' 2 , 1 A - Y-Q X. X -' 'Q Q , "'1 .,, cm Q, 5 x ..f T H-' ' ,5gQ3N3.i, 1. S x S K .ggi .S s, A ff' -z 1 , .5-:Nj Q- T 5 f .. Lf, EQ Ei 4 1 Us JW Q: " vfx:gm-gsm X if -if 5, I . 5 1 Q...aiD"l ,154 ixiiwfp-Q ss'EN,r . .sw N ggi- -,wit L, -Sw W M y Q ggi f QF? ' H Y S x NX flbwix . V X x ,i X x A, -is X A 'gr , wg Q wywy X-x A S-ew RVSXQQ xg NN Q 2f'g?s1g1Q: ' ns-Ax., mf Rf? -Q :aww 3 1 '5 -1 L LXtA Q 'Q K A . ,- 1 . X 42 Q ' - fa 5 K 44 A P3 Ui hm 'A' , 0 M. r '- x " +3 ,Q as ' s ' w ina, 2. -fa ,- diffs? f f q 2 2 xx- wk .Trib Q 3253551 .Q , uf Ti, Q: in T32 K M1 any .., , --sv V ., , f V915 , l x 6 5 Garcea nn A sil, yN BI' mbe, M Coulo rnadette Be Davis, Mary yn Foster, Mary Care Favor, Lynne Turner, Barbara 1 S ff Ha Balrba ra lil: rig 0 t ft rst- row, le Fi l"t SO d Shepar OH yt' rud, M UH G Ronald arsh, M Pau Carol Olivier, Robert Mclvor, ESIDENT, ALAN PR ACY, VICE TR , EUGENIA SS Karen Hiller, Shirley Holm O'Brien, O'Sullivan, hn Jo idley, R an All ll, arsha uel M an bert Street, M Ro W: TO urth Fo ASELESKI, W ANN RY, KSON, SECRETA AC J ALDINE ER G 1 NT ESIDE PR CA DY, t. dS lfre ,Wi DSI' Ross, Paul Tur id BV Swift, Peter Cook, D Donald V, 8 Cater ie rt Ro cia Patri allagher, yG Bett son, Pear e Erler, Lee Conway, Patricia RER, Elsi SU TREA a ley, LaV FT1 ia l, Wil arpel Weir, John H Pau Doherty, James Engley, TT1 5 Willi V, e Cy Jeanett naud, Re chard ,Ri ss Briggs W: Ml TO Second F. Foste Arlene nning, Ma FOW: tth .Fi Potter ford Howard, Brad SS rush, Jam ak M nley Ta een, S I' bert G Ro Anderson, Chandler olyn Peavey, Car h Preston, Noreen urphy, Rut M S Jolly, Cla r Al9b0TT, -lfiflel Nllllllgafl, Vlfginla RlClW5VdS, Nancy Reed, Marjorie Ludwig, Betty Wendell Leary, Joseph Nardelli, Robert Brown, Franklin Knight, Thomas Holmes, Perry, Shirley Goffinet, Jeanette Jones, Charles Favor, Mrs, Beers, Mrs. Marv Clifton Guild, Kenneth Ross, Donald Fisher, Edward Dumas, Harold Holske, John fl X U 'C GJ 'o an .. LI. E 3 in Z .. C U9 .o o CZ -CL .: E U7 ,. CD cv o 1 'd D o -J .. .Q E :Z fU sc U ie fU 'Sz gi yu: IUP- 042 ,am :7 me 55 Ein mm Q? 515 540 UE 52 an ':.-E' YU EE ai 'ofa EE IE 35 2:- mm LFC GJYD to 37 U C -5 F66 n O5 lx.: N4- :GJ 0.0 BS aa: ZLL! .ELF 35: :E qw H:- 35 Qu: 'Eg -Co l'U do 'DC has EE D ensi A 'Rx YI fi i U gif, 'J' -Q VTX :rv ' 5 J2dQ4,QZZ! , WN' JJ, , C4 QQ 4.4 f ' r,-1 ' f' f ' ' rf.Q'.ff u A, noi ii ,kx f' 41 ,f f f ff X X' X K 1 ' n J ' Q ,., ., ?"i.f-...fl ',.f-3 'B .LQ, mllil 'Qi ,, 7f if '55, ,, Xq ,ff 5 i . '15 4 , El! 'K "N , A A is F :gl gl U 1' gp 1. R Q 'kv ' 1 il 43 f Q ' v j. QAM.: 5, xl P , , Q f .K S Y i f ' 3 QH XA ,,4ur Q 3 Q-f 5 J g-?:iQil""'W gli I M xh m .. h Vi fav 1132? 5 . f ' EQ?-5MBif1ffx4, i? 'B u W gm' i, M su l ir MQ 3... f , ? !gf EH 5,111 Q cf'-f wi.-wg First row, left to right: Nancy Dodkin, Karen Hiller, Lynne Turner, Joyce Bent, ANNE ASHBY, CAPTAIN, Carolyn Darling, Lorraine Gayton, Evelyn Schromm, Marilyn Peach. Second row: Miss Fearnley, Jeannette Jolly, Carolyn Anderson, Ruth Forrest, Marlene Cook, Rose Marie Kersey, Priscilla Kay, Noreen Peavy, Eleanora McKay. Third row: MARCIA FOSTER, ASSISTANT MANAGER, Shirley Holmes, Sandra Foster, Mary Davis, Jane Rollins, Karin Hernblad, Ann Waseleski, DORIS SULLIVAN, MANAGER. Girls' Haskctball This year the Girls' Basketball Team had a fairly successful season, under the direction of Coach Jean Fearnley and Captain Anne Ashby. With one game still unplayed the team has four wins, and five losses. The last game with Mansfield will decide whether they have an even break of wins and losses. The girls' hardest games were with Attleboro. Their greatest win, which was over 'Sharon, showed great teamwork. Due to this they have broken even with all other teams. The forwards' accurate shooting and the guards' great defense work provided everything needed to be successful. The high scorer was Lorraine Gayton, with Anne Ashby and Carolyn Darling tying for second place. Manager was Doris Sullivan, and Assistant Manager was Marcia Foster, if- Wgwffff Q . SQ A-Q, X K E "' m 5' Q Q , sw gl 'E ix 3 if Q2 W ,K 5 wg gym gg fm gg , if 3 is W3 R if wxi 53? X9 Y: ' 'W is QE is 'SE ig 1' ' K if f 5 2... Q vga 'W I if au., iii Q ,335 55,3 :J ,, gs W? V GY if 1 ff? 53 Ds? Q 'im' gk 22 W9 Q 3 al xiiixf' x 1 QW in .tlfffjfll -1 am 3 4. is EQ ff X Qglgx-3-BII1. fnyjqfjf, 1-X 4 fa 'nr' -x x 13,15 I wi 5""A"z .. Ms J, ,- JM ,X A !l' W Q ifiiixf Hx '55 ,- - ,iw I . . .f f, f1'ff +W'.n 'W' ' . 1 F, Qz!13,.Jl' I!1 M -gg L gal! .xwlg H ,n ?"'1'?'x 5. ...L rv 'v 3 Ig! Q SJW! 4 bxfa 4 4 . Q' .bxfiq K -' Y W ' W J 1' 4 ,, '.4,.v,, .. 5 9 fm: Z .?rcm'l1 61116 First row, left to right: Elaine LeBaron, Yvonne Welsh, Francis Buckley, Anne Ashby, FRANK HEFFRON, PRESIDENT, BONNIE PEACH, VICE PRESIDENT, SANDRA KIVELA SECRETARY, DOUGLAS FLOYD, TREASURER, Marcia Foster, William Braye, Gail Fitzpatricki Second row: Mrs. Beers, Joan Dodkin, Judith Ardrey, Rose Marie Kersey, Jane Rollins Karin Hernblad, Ellen Engley, Nancy Dodkin, Elaine Cook, Alice Murphy. Third row- Waltor Durharn, Michael Shea, Norman Harper, Janet Bumpus, Bruce Rex, John Corney Allan Britton. 1 I Pm Marita First row, left to right: Doret Newell, Alice Murphy, Daniel Gomes, Carol Britton, Alfred Rollins, President, Marlene Dolan, Regina Murray. Second row: June Ludwig, Elaine Le- Baron, Ann Sylvia, Gail Fitzpatrick, Carolyn Darling, Anne Ashby, Marcia Foster, Helene Barry. 'l Mg: 551' 1 6-5 1, . ' x , PQ 5 F QQ 'iv A D "mr um . , xx- X is X r in 'E ,Q Q , x 'E 3 i uf at - 4 4 -T 1 3 f. EQ , if 3 3 is ,vt Q .3 as 5 1 "wr: f- - Q , 1 1 A A SSL rl m ,,,4,A..,.,..h,,,M..,.,..,..,4 , ' h :iff J.-f""" f'fS5iH4.w 11 w 5 F' ' Y 4517 .lupg fm ' L ,sf B' 5 b Wx 5 ,Q Q z V 5 f 'Q A gg if ,- 5 - I U s 2 J 'M k"' 1 ,L ,. 'R -- W: -ffsvalvgw. , . M 31 Q54 .ali X li' 55? Wk? :m f ' N 2 :W . G 'H fm' A Y.. 53' 5 . Ala Q75 'Y 4-,W f ex nf 'n aw, ,, Mag 33 af' . - fm rf, -my ' A . Y-' P Q 1 Milf? SR fm I l k ws , .Q 3 ,ivy if fig '32 if '53 15 Q - -25554: 5 ' S n A we X' if ggi? k -:W i V N gk I 5 g 1? 4 4?-5' 4 Hg, 5? Q' , ,pw Y A -iv ., W .W ,yn N. X.. A-Ev - fx Y X 1 gr n Z' Y me V X . . and best wishes QQ c for continued success and future happiness ,Z gf . GRADUATES a ka Q 5 X Y 4 0 Your Eledric Servant 5 emma WORCESTER COUNTY ElECT RIC COMPANY ' 'T' 'l PAM or New ENGLAND ELECTRIC svsrsm V il l PERSONALIZED PORTRAITS Ano ws ALL none wma uc!-ns! There's magic in lights . . . add a light here, place a spotlight there, and your portrait takes on the appearance of real form and individuality. Your Vantine photographer knows how lighting effects can be best used . . . How easily they can reflect your personality. Your Vantine photographer knows best how to secure the sharply etched photograph your engraver desires of the important senior year . . . The victories of the athletic teams . . . The brilliance of social occasions . . . The Prom . . . The plays . . . The debates . . . The expression of everyday life on the cam us. That personalized portraits by Vantine are important is attested, to by the fact that over 300 schools and colleges repeatedly entrust their photographic work to Vantine. WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO 132 Boylston Street Boston, Mass. i L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS "KNOWN WHEREVER THERE ARE SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES" Class Rings and Pins Commencemenl' lnvilalions-Diplomas-Personal Carcls Club lnsignia Medals 8: Trophies Represenlecl by Mr. Thomas Galvin Lumber Fuel Oil Tools Hardware Reo Lawn Mowers l Mason's Supplies Shop Smilh, Skill Tools FOXBORO COAL COMPANY 29 Wall Sfreel, Telephone 336 FOXBORO, MASSACHUSETTS PIRES G SONS Plaslering Tile Selling Brick Laying Easlon 337R Complimenfs of COMEY'S CLEANSERS L. E. FIORE Family Shoe Sfore FINE FOOTWEAR REPAIRING SPECIALTY Foxboro 5c +o 5l.00 STORE WELCH'S DAIRY ORVlLLE'S NEWS STORE I6 Coniral Sfreef FOXBORO, MASS. Kirley Coal and SUPPLY CO. 208 Norih Main Sfreef Mansfiekl 340 Your Favorife Brands ai' Sannie's MANSFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS DON CURRIVAN Insurance Agency 72, Ceniral Sf., Foxboro, Mass. I06 Nor+h Main S+., Mansfield Phone Fox. 2386-Mans. 440 Musto's BEAUTY SALON COMPLIMENTS OF The W. C. FULLER CO Mansfield, Massachuseffs 0 V. DeCLEMENTE DepI'. Sfore 266-272 Nor'l'l1 Main Slreel' Telephone 277 Mansfield. Mass. SUPERIOR MARKET Norlln Sfreel' FOXBORO, MASSACHUSETTS SARRO'S MARKET Meals - Groceries - Provisions 457 N. Main S+., Tel. Mans. 68 JIMMIE'S SANDWICH SHOP Downy Flake Doughnuh Tel. I475 Complimenls of THE YARN SHOPPE Mansfield, Mass. SHAW'S SPORTING GOODS MANSFIELD. MASSACHUSETTS FLOYD A. TIBBITS Mansfield, Messechuseffs Compliment of DR. JAMES PUTNAM Norfh Affleboro, Maxsecllusehs MAKE up BOX WRENTHAM PHARMACY Foxboro,Massacl1use'Hs A JOSEPH H' COONEY Wrenlham Mass. SPIER THE JEWELER , - T Wafches, Diamonds, Jewelry B 8 M Tax' 235 Main S'I'., MahSfIeId Hgur Service Tel. I099 -i I I 1. ARTHUR WHEELER Mansfield, MassacI1use'Hs Tel. I 96-W COSMOPOLITAN BAKERY A. BIELAN AND SONS, Prop. Telephone Mansfield 2I0 Complimenis of MORlNl'S SUPER MARKET Mansfield, Massachuse+I's BOVAY ELECTRIC CO. I55 Counfy SI'ree'I' FOXBORO, MASSACHUSETTS Fm 37l -I -I Mansfield 702-M Complimenis of GEO RGE'S Cleansing Service HILLTOP SERVICE STATION Rouie U. S. I and l40 Foxboro, Massaclmusefh A'KEN'5' THE DANCE STUDES SERVICE STATIQN I3 Bird S+., Foxboro, Massaohusefls 6I Chauncy S+. Tgl, 453 CLASSES IN TOE. ACROBATIC, TAP. MANSFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS BALLET. CHARACTER 1 CROSBY STEAM GAGE 8: VALVE COMPANY THE ASHTON VALVE COMPANY Safefy 8: Relief Valve-Pressure Gages WRENTHAM, MASSACHUSETTS New York, Chicago, Dallas. Los Angeles, London, Paris ROBERTS FUNERAL HOME DU DLEY H I LL DEVELOPMENT Foxboro, Massachusei-l's HOMES FOR G. I. SEVEN ROOM CAPE COD HOMES APPROVED BY THE V. A. Prices: SIO,500 and UP Builder PIATTONI HOMES COMPANY Ageni'-A. J. SKEANE Telephone-Sharon 32Il imktikigziif V wr at -can :gl f Y faifmriffiic f -3231-1 -'lftwirh if 5 f'oifg:wyfmw.i z.s,52 , -2Q:g,3:ii,Q,fggq 'ws - 5 f if5ff?3,i H in V' A ifilivlt I , -, ..,, - -f' t1f.we - f fiyfi ZKKH ,Age Hook 67116 First row, left to right: Elizabeth Jones, Jessie Treva Cornish, Pricilla Kay, JANE ROLLINS, Bowers, SECRE- TARY, Mrs. Beers, Jane Heaton, Joan Potter, Sandra Foster. Second row: Elaine Morse, Eleanor Judith Comey, Nancy Peach, Shirley Morse, Schromm, Jean Hartwick, Marie Goffinet, Ellen McKay, Evelyn Engley. Third row: John Hefferon, Edward McShane, Lee Ors- well, Carol Gallagher, Janet Bumpus, Rose Kersey, Joseph Smith, Frank VanDenBerghe, David Boddie. Fourth row: Carl Shepardson, Albert White, John Fry- moyer, James Metcalf, Lawrence Davidson, Douglas Floyd, Richard Cook. si -150-Cc'-.. .!.E.'IQ.2'n"Q- 22222322 LU 'U 3 -E N'r5'2Igu-U7 4- .. LUUQCMEWPE Us-ESQECQU C"'1-lerqp O O C 20-5,1n'g"OE 0- K. -CD -.P-:p.. C'E'2oP-tw: O -'L 1..- C3-'5 Q..?:,'U-J L5 E.-'g'58E.c -Xaa Q. -gyci ou, o'-24' E '8 L.'OmQ2q,mC fUOC".'::-C' LJWLUNQZO. rv 7:5512 N Cm lllln -- ' "O2Z ,508 mmm an-L 2--53950 mcQw:E : 2-20350 P-fum 103 :4--C -- -323 0m3'9c:m Wufxiroazu -7-ru U-O-V7 S'6,Q2,c2'a5 ua21--- g'U .. +-Um, C 0 .o,,,-..: 'U'D.':'nOd'32 4:55.21-UQZ '-'- - Um QSLNOQUE mc-DCECWJ - --4, wc P- UC- n. 6-Q.n.n.'C?g .ifcnoqcu 35020 'ggw' Efmcxm-E ,j 25.9 T50 .... -- gsgciggg n.Q ,OL-U 'D- an :x'U200-EL2 ::n.LE.':n.'ux. 0"O ruD'Cf0 ca-CEO-0.21 "' UUu.QcU 0mrn,,,.,. lv Eiasggcz QCDE LCM mm" "OE ff, ...c "'7f0-a"'l- x. 'U 5. 01,30-sm Egghghifsg ECEXEEQQ mano 111172 ZQgn.,oOmL U -C'-Ubffv -CU-oom Q, 5..enC'-0 -C.. -E 'U.'o+-'U Qciwr-E259 3271655213 .bor- iggmgmgg-g ,.,, ... 26215253 --- J: Z U3 D P-log: -cu U UJCGDC gferg Emi' Zeng-SQTJE .,mS0 53"-AE-fra. -gmsC'a',0J.1l- U12-0-C.cE 4' ,um..0U- hc fUfU zmgfiggg 5-: 0333 ,aero 'UP' gg Eg.,,2f5?g- 34605209 07 0,15 on-E 'D as u F7510 434-N .cm ..-...,,. UQPQODOWDV' -:mq,E',j-QLD gc .snag- 0 O Urin- .. lb- 3 Q-C .9 L gn lv 0 -C 52555553 f22U'2-:mf fuxm Q so-7 s.C4"7 '-.5-'iv-Ugx Q-m2c'U ---C .?S8555ftil LL-al.A.l:D2mo 11:02 FI. BSO W Frederick pell, Har hn Jo SON, Conrad Brown , d al' aY, CK M arie GY, M 6 Conw Le Erler, ana Anagnos, Elsie Hvfon, M eG hife, Lorrain W COM PLIMENTS OF LORD FOX Mr. and Mrs. James F. Nolan Owner and Manager THRIFT MOTOR SALES Foxboro. Mass. VICKERY MOTORS Sou'I'l1 Main Sfreel' MANSFlELD, MASSACHUSETTS Complimenrs of A FRIEND CARROLL CUT RATE 42 Cenfral Sfreel' FOXBORO. MASS. FOXBORO CASH STORE comrumems OF LYON'S GREENHOUSES Complimenfs of FERGUSON BROTHERS 57 Main Sf.. Foxboro, Mass. Television and Elecfrical Appliances GAARD MOTEL Roufe I Midway Be+ween Bosfon and Providence Tel. 640 Foxboro. Mass. HEAD IN SERVICE CENTER General Repairing Generaior and Regulafor Body and Fender Worl: WELDING SERVICE Rouie I S. Walpole McKENZIE'S MOTORS DARLING'S GRINDING SERVICE 6 Basseif Sfreei Foxboro, MassacI1useH's ALBERT H. DARLING TELEPHONE 2403 COLLIER'S Sales and Service 5 Mechanic S1'reeI', Foxboro, MassacIsuseH's TELEPHONE 363 94C JONES SPORT CENTER EveryI'I1ing for Hue Sporfsman GEORGE H. JONES F I: M fral Shoo? ox oro. assac Tel. 956 Complefe Home Furnishings ai' Reasonable Rafes FOXBORO FURNITURE STORE GENERAL ELECTRIC and CROSLEY APPLIANCES Television Sales and Service Complefe Insurance Service J. VENNER MAKANT Insurance Agency-No'I'ary Public 5I Cenfrai S+ree+ Telephone 600 FOXBORO. MASSACHUSETTS Complimenfs of DR. EDMUND I. PLONOWSKI Opfomefrisf FOXBORO. MASSACHUSETTS Complimenis of DR. FRANCIS T. DeSTEFANO MANSFIELD MOTORS. Inc. - OLDSMOBILE - Sales and Service SUNNY SIDE SERVICE STATION H. B. ROLLINS and SONS TycIoI Gas, Tires, BaHeri9t. Experi Lubricafion Good Service Compiimenfs of A FRIEND Complimenfs of BEL-MAR BEAUTY SALON REA-CRAFT PRESS Exfends Besf Wishes fo The Class of I953 DUPREE'S TEXACO Service Sfafion Marfalr Lubricafion, General Repairs Telephone Mansfield 79l THE BEST FRIEND YOUR CAR EVER HAD' Complimenfs of A FRIEND FERNANDES SUPER MARKET Norfon and Nor'fl'1 Easfon Com plimenis of FOXBORO COFFEE SHOP Serving Excellenl' Food FITZPATRICK'S PIONEER STORE Foxboro, MassachuseHs LAURA'S SPECIALTY SHOP 33 Park Sireei ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS C. A. FIORE Family Shoe Sfore Tel. 86I W. Mans. 378 Norih Main Sireef, Mansfield HITCHING POST Wrenfham. Massachuseiis Complimenfs of BONNEY'S GENERAL STORE Mansfield, Massachuseifs PARKER'S Home of Fine Cloihing for 1'l1e Eniire Family l60 N. Main Sfreef. Mansfield BROWNIN6'S Specializing in Canaries-Dish Gardens I4 Clark S+. Tel. 573 Foxboro C. S. LORD. Reg. Pharm. 2I4 N. Main Sireef. Mansfield TEL. l02 MANSFIELD Complirnenfs of PEARSON'S AH'Ieboro, Massachusefis Complimenh of CATALONl'S Sales and Service Mansfield. MISSICDUSQHS Complimenfs of F. W. WOOLWORTH, CO. A'Hleboro. Massachuseih Cemplimenfs of FOXCROFT GARDEN GREENHOUSE "Say if villa flowers" Phone Fox. 7lI U. S. Roufe I, Foxbore. Mess. HEAD IN DINER Soufh Walpole, Massacl1useH's Open 24 hours a day Siop irliffer Earfies THE LITTLE SHOP Foxboro, Massachuseffs ICE CREAM - PASTRY CANDY - TONIC SMALL'S GREENHOUSE Foxboro, Massachusefls AL'S SOCONY STATION Foxboro, Massachusefls Foxboro 379 FISl"lER'S GENERAL STORE Foxboro, MassachuseI'I's ' l.ETTY's Feminine Wearables of Dis+inc'Iion COSTUME JEWELRY Mansfield. MassacI1use'Hs W . rg W , ., F 'TI' DR. FRANCIS E. LeBARON Compliment of THE FOXBORO BOOSTERS CLUB The Childrens Friend ELLIS K. BROWN A'H'orney-al'-Law MiIody's AH'Ieboro, Massaclmusoffs I Compliment of FULLER BROTHERS Radio and Television Telephone Foxboro 402 FOXBORO, MASSACHUSETTS LAFAYETTE HOUSE LEON PINI, Propriofor Foxbovo Nouoelwsoi-ls Two Good Places Io Ear - HOME and HALES DINER Hales Diner Opposife S+a+e Hosp. FOXBORO. MASSACHUSETTS RED WING Roufe I, Walpole, Mass. ITALIAN AND AMERICAN FOOD Telephone 5453 ' BAY STATE DRUG STORE W. J. and J. K. O'REILLY Reg. Pluarmacisfs Con'I'raI and Sou'Ih Shoah Foxboro. Massachusefls Telephone 949 DR. FRANCIS A. BURNS Complimenis of McLEOD'S FARM Farm Fresh Eggs - Dressed Poulhy' Wa pole,-Sharon Line 85 Main S+ree1', Foxboro, Mass 2526-Mac Phones 8225-Lew MRS. ROBERT BARTON'S GARDEN SHOP Compliment of CURTIS S. MILLER. 75 Granife Sfreef A'H'o""eY'5T'I-'W WEDDING and SHOWER GIFTS . -.-,,.,v. -I ,I f Complimems of HOWARD E. NEWTON. Insurance A FRIEND Foxboro, Massachuseffs UNION THEATRE VINNIE'S BARBER SHOP Affleboro. Massachuseffs and BEAUTY SALON A. H. SULKIN Complimenfs of GAYLON BEAUTY SALON ResicIen+iaI and Indusfrial Painiing Cocassef Sireef Tel. 458 Complimenfs of M. E. HICKS and SON, Inc. Coinplimenfs of GENE suM JUNIOR CLASS MARK EARL SOPHOMORE CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS THE SERVICE COMPANY L. J. CATALDO CO. CLCTHIERS FRANKLIN and FOXBORO Siores of Confidence Sui'I's TopcoaI's Sporis Coais Furnishings-Sporfing Goods Complimenfs of FOXBORO FIRE DEPARTMENT -l SlLLMAN'S SHOE STORE 43 Park S+ree+ AH'leboro. Massachuseffs EAST STREET GARAGE RICHMOND A. GIANNETTI, Prop. GENERAL REPAIRING Telephone I96 Wrenfham, Mass. Complimenfs of OUlMET'S DRUG STORE Complirnenfs of GREENLEAF FARM KELLY'S FLOWER BOX lFormerly Kersey Gardensl 98 Mechanic S+. Foxboro FLOWERS AND PLANTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS. Tel. 8203 OLD COLONY MOTORS, lnc 77 - 79 Wesf S+. Mansfield, Mass. TELEPHONE 757 DODGE-PLYMOUTH Doiler Dodge Job - Rafed Trucks Excelleni Used Cars Complimenfs of W. L. STEARNS 8: SON Esfablished in I873 MANSFIELD. MASSACHUSETTS Complimenfs of OLD CORNER STORE Foxboro, MassachuseHs Sears Oil Burner Range Service Compliment' of p. Q- Box 755 FOXBORO LAUNDRY ATTLEBORO, MASS. RECREATION BOWLING ALLEYS HANNA'S RESTAURANT "JlM" and "BEN" Complimenfs of MANSFIELD DAIRY ROSE GARDEN Mansfield, Massachuse'H's Y Telpehone 460 SPECIALIZING IN CHICKEN, LOBSTER, STEAK DINNER M00RE'5 wALT's BARBER SHOP 2 S'I'ores Cenfral SI'ree'r 32 Cenfral S+. I8 School S+. Foxbgl-Q' Mass. FOXBORO, MASSACHUSETTS Complimenfs of DR. S. W. STEERE London's AHIeboro's Largesf Sfore Near ihe Posi' Office Parking rear of 'l'he New Building Complimenis of EDDIE'S BARBER SHOP FOXBORO, MASS. ATHERTON FURNITURE CO. Chesier - Theodore - Lawrence - Giiberi Compleie Home Furnishings AHIeboro, Mass - Tel. l0520 HEARN'S DAIRY Nor+h Sfreef FOXBORO. MASSACHUSETTS CompIimenI's of Lawrence W. Foster Post No. 93 AMERICAN LEGION TORRANCE FURNITURE COMPANY PEDINI MOTORS Home Furnishers SALES AND SERVICE II2 N. Main S+. Tel. 670 Mansfield, RABSSBCIIUSBIIS Buick and Chevrolei' Mansfield, Massachusefls FAIRBANK CONGDON COMPANY OLDSMOBILE-PONTIAC Sales and Service II5 MAIN STREET TELEPHONE 4I0 FOXBORO. MASS THE CHICKEN COOP RESTAURANT Norfon, MassacI1useH's Roufe I23, AH'Ieboro ........ Norron Lines PRIVATE DINING ROOM F-OR PARTIES SANDWICHES REGULAR DINNERS -s . A l 9 --sl g l g 'i 1 f gl-is rs, I 2 Q' cr' f l N 1 I :X X s x 2 ,wx J, ,1 'x x how hot' is o rose? Accurately measuring the temperature of a rose - including the temperature-difference between petals, leaves and stem - is a feat requiring extreme sensitivity. Yet, a nationally-prominent horticulturist now does it with a standard industrial-type instrument q,,v,,ff' f wl'xX'tit sf fllf rl 7 recently developed by Foxboro. The instrument used is the new Foxboro Multi-Record Dynalog Electronic Recorder. Automatically, it keeps continuous records of 6 diFferent temperature points with extreme accuracy. . . on a single round chart. There's nothing like it! The Multi-Record Dynalog Recorder is only one of many Foxboro contributions to the advancement of industrial instrumentation. For any plant process involving the measurement or control of temperature, pressure, flow or other process variables, chances are that there's a new-type Foxboro System to handle it . . . better! The Foxboro Company, Foxboro, Mass. 0 0 O lllS'l'l"lllllell'l'C'l'lQll FACTORIES IN THE UNITED STATES, CANADA, AND ENGLAND 1 5 r 1 N , Q V L 3 t 1,1 ' Ink ' .4'fb:silIks1"fil7i.....

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