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0 THE RED Fox 19 5 Z THE SENIOR CLASS Foxboro H zlgk School d d . t . l We, the class of 1952, dedicate this fifteenth issue of the Red Fox to Mr. Frank L. Metcalf in sincere appreciation for the advice and friendship which he has given our class. The outings for us at his home will be long remembered as wonderful times and as a display of his genuine interest in our class. He has been unsparing of his time and effort. He has met our problems with enthusiasm and a willingness to help. For his under- standing and patience, we who have benejited, extend our deepest thanks. -73 .. 4 ' AWA4 4-If 5: . . Z P"ge'w" 7 4 bw aguhellhmabnfk wage To the Class of 1952: 'GI do the very best I know how -- the very best I can - and I mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what is said against me won't amount to anythingf- If the end brings me out wrong, ten thousand angels swearing I was right would make no dwrerencef, The man who said the above did much for this country of ours and for his achievements he was awarded with an assassin,s bullet. He might well have lived a dozen or more years if he had not always courageously faced issues and offered his best without regard to the possible results. In these days of graft and corruption, of petty pressures, and the general attitude that one should do no more than he gets paid for and as little as possible to cover the job, such a philosophy of Abraham Lincoln is not common. I am sure you know the word that is frequently used to describe the person who is more concerned with doing than receiving -- maybe you have used it in reference to some of your classmates who have been pretty conscientious about doing homework, preparing for tests, or even seeking extra assignments. Somehow, it is just not popular today to go all out on anything - to keep plugging and putting forth your best at all times, and calling the play as you see it is apt to get you into difficulty. You have learned a lot in your school years in Foxborough. Will you memorize the one and only assignment from me? Fix the quotation at the top of this page permanently in your mind. Finally, good luck to each of you. And don't forget to go to church regularly and pray daily. JOHN BLACKHALL SMITH page three Mm' af? exmye This is my last message to you as pupils of our school. My final thought to you may be embodied in this simple motto --'6Control yoursey and you will control others." To control yourself you must realize your own strength and weakness. We all have faults and we have our virtues. Remember this, a real friend is one who likes you and seeks your companion- ship in spite of your faults. .lust a few final reminders: be tolerant. Remember there are two contrasting viewpoints in most controversies. You have been taught to think for yourselves. You can do much to mold the character of your community. You have great responsibilities. Use your talents wisely and under trying circumstances -- keep your temper. page four I expect you to become worthy members of your community. A X X Q 0-ga sehwb Q o,6q'X0a' ddhhct S X 4 ff Ngo :bn Qqqye ,O 9 cqfd 'xhttrm er-sfvlf .wwf-S95 5 Page fi ALVIN H- BALL X JOHN O. BARROWS JOHN J. AHERN lVIusic Director . Cuidangg Dj,-0,-mr A x General Srienrzf ' W ff- Ik- Wm w L s o r f k,,. 'A kk 'M ,-r fa wi' ,, , " ' i ci 9532525 W' BEERS i A111515 D- BRAWN i MARJORIE M. BRIAND French Social Studies Home Management Yearbook Consultant ARTHUR B. BRAINARD JEANETTE BRIGGS Chemistry English Bmlogy General Business page six Physics General Science Commercial Geography Student Council School Paper Advisor Advisor - 531' ' .E M I l is l wx ,M .:,,.f,.f,, X as vain, -if f ffl? JOHN P. CERTUSE CHARLES CHAISSON Director lj Driver Athletics Education Phys ical Industrial Education A rts if Ji, ANGELO CHICK Art Director 2,1433 ,slr JEAN FEARNLEY HELEN H. LIPNER Girl,s Physical English Education Girl,s Coach 45 '-"-:Q .air .ff 1 " DORIS E. SULLIVAN MARY E- SULLIVAN Commercial Subjects General Math Typing I Bookkeeping I and II ' E FRANK L. METCALF Mathematics Dramatic Club Advisor Finance Of fcer wx, ff' GI NA F. WIIITEIIOUSE School Nurse page seven page eight cont QDIS DEDICATION ......... . 2 SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE . . . 3 PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE . . 4 FACULTY .,..... . 5 SENIORS. . . . 9 LITERATURE . . . . 31 POEM . , . . . 30 HISTORY. . . . 32 WILL .... . . 34 PROPHECY . . . 36 STATISTICS . . . . . 39 UNDERCLASSES . . . . 43 JUNIOR CLASS . . . . . 44 SOPHOMORE CLASS . . . 45 FRESHMAN CLASS . . . . 46 SPORTS ........ . . 47 ACTIVITIES .... . . 59 ADVERTISEMENTS . . . . 71 Seniors i vm, 161 Oak Street Walter in the play. ELIZABETH MARION BREEDE Commercial Course 4 :Betty s s East Street WAFS A shy smile, quiet voice, and twinkling eyes describe Betty. Her ambition is to see the world, maybe she will. We wish you all the luck in the world. Field Hockey '49, '51, '52, F.T.L. '51, '52, A.A. '49, '50, '51, '52, Social Committee '49, '50, '51, '52, Prom Committee '51, Glee Club '49, '50, Varsity Club '52, Girls' Sports Club '49, '50, '51, '52, Yearbook Staff, Office Work '50, '51, '52, Assemblies '50, '51, '52, School Paper '51, '52, Dramatic Club '51, '52, Girls' Chorus '51, '52, Student Council '52, School Correspondent-, Lunch Counter. DAVID W. BEARCE College Course GGDaveS! Store Manager Dave, so far, has followed in his brother's footsteps by working afternoons at the National and spending his evenings buzzing around in his old green jalopy. Dave kept the audience laughing as Uncle Glee Club '50, Typing Award '51, French Club '51, Senior Play - Uncle Walter, Yearbook Staff, Typing. , SHIRLEY ANN BROWN in fi ' 1'i" Commercial Course ' f e?" l' " 5 2 " -- kg colleen piyyqy , 155 County Street W,l1fS - 45' A cute smile, a pleasing nature, and a ready wit can best identify - our Shirley. Wherever she is, you'll lind her trying to patch up a couple. ,A A Good luck always, Shirley! Field Hockey '49, '50, '51, '52, F.T.L. '52, A.A. '49, '50, '51, '52, page ten Social Committee '49, '50, '51, '52, Prom Committee '51, Senior Recep- tion '51, Glee Club '49, '50, Band '52, Senior Play,- Paula, Shorthand Award '52, Typing Award '50, '51, '52, Girls' Sports Club '50, '51, '52, Canteen Rep. '50, '52, Yearbook Staff, Bus. an Adv., Office Work '50, '51, '52, Pro Merito '51, '52, Assemblies '50, '51, '52, Class Poem '52, School Paper '51, '52, Dramatic Club '51, '52, Girls' Chorus '51, '52, School Correspondent '52, Drivers' Ed. '52, Times Rep. '52. DONALD KENNETH CHILDS General Course 5 S n 9 7 Sou th Street College If you see a tall bashful blonde, you'll know that's our Don. For two years he has played a mean center on the football team, and can usually be seen buzzing around in his '36 Ford. Football '50, '51, '52, F.T.L. '50, '51, '52, Glee Club '49, Monitor '50, '51, Assembly Participation '51. ROYDEN G. COLBY, ,IR 5GBud,9 16 Garfield Street success. Good luck, Roy! Baseball '52, Stock-room '52, Senior Play. General Course Roy's work as a prop man for our Senior Play certainly helped its 5 5 'e'e-"'k aa1aa e"e Q JOAN PATRICIA COMEAU A , K V 1 General Course , 7 ' V ".1oanie" ,Y 36 Cocasset Street , A V' When there's a minstrel show in town, y0u're sure to find Joanie around. Her friendly and witty personality has made her many friends. - b A.A. '49, '50, Social Committee '49, '50, '51, Prom Committee '51, . "1' , 'r ' Glee Club '49, '50, Girls' Sports Club '50, Office Work '51, '52, Assem- blies '49, '5O:, Dramatic Club '51:, Girls' Chorus '49, '50, '51g Camera Club '4-9. page eleven 33 Leonard Street ' Art Education Along with Cynthia's talents goes a winning personality, which has made her a popular member of our class. She is always willing to lend a helping hand whenever there is anything to be done. Basketball '50, '51, '52, F.T.L. '52, Field Hockey '49, '50, '51, F.T.L. CYNTHIA ANN CooK LORNA RAE COMEY College Course "Lorna" 97 Central Street Airplane Stewardess Blonde hair, blue eyes, and fashionable clothes describe our Lorna. Afternoons, Lorna can always be found at Fuller's doing an efficient job. Field Hockey '49, '50, A.A. '49, '50, '51, '52, Social Committee '49, '50, '51, '52, Prom Committee '51, Glee Club '49, '50, Typing Award '50, '51, Girls' Sports Club '52, Yearbook Staff '52, Assemblies '52, School Paper '52, Dramatic Club '51, '52, French Club '52, Senior Play - Call Mistress. College Course '51, A.A. '49, '50, '51, '52, Social Committee '49, '50, '51, '52, Prom Committee '51, Senior Reception '49, '51, Glee Club '49, '50, Orchestra '49, Senior Play, - Mathilda, Varsity Club '52, Girls' Sports Club '51, '52, Yearbook Staff, Asso. Editor, Pro Merito '51, '52, President: Assemblies '49, '50, '51, '52, School Paper '51, '52, Art Ed. '52, Dra- matic Club '52, French Club '51, '52, President '52, Girls' Chorus '51, '52, Tennis Tournament '50, '51, '52, All-State Music Festival '51, '52: Drivers' Ed. '52, Science Fair Award '51, Washington-Franklin History 'Vledal '51. North Street ball '51, '52. page twelve FRED DAVISON '4Freddie" He loves a bit of Jest, He's fond of Practical .1 okes, V You'll find him at his best, General Course When he's teasing most of- us folks. Social Committee '49, '50, '51, '52, Prom Committee '51, Foot 9 YINCENZA FRANCESCA IDIM A RZ10 s"Wancy" 365 Uak Street wish you the best of luck in your chosen I A.A. '49, '50, '51, '52, Clee Club '50, '51, Work '52, Girls' Chorus '50. ANN DONOVAN 664Ann97 4 Oak Hill Avenue Occupational Therapy When Ann laughs the whole world laug forgetting that Physics and girlish laughter always be remembered for her wonderful school spirit. 1 Basketball '52, Field Hockey '49, '50, '51, '52, F,T.L, '52, A,A, '49, 50, '51, '52L Social Committee '49, tso, '51, Glee Club '49, '50, Band '49, '50, Senior Club '52, Girls' Sports Club '51, '52, Progra Rep., Sec.-Treas. '51, '52, Editorial Staff ' Assemblies '49, '50, '51, '52, Cheerleader '5 Usher at Graduation '51, School Paper '51, Club '51, '52, French Club '51, '52, Girls' Council '49, '50, '51, '52, Prom Queen '51, Civics Medal, Tennis Tournament '50, '51, ller quiet, friendly way has made many friends for Nancy. We 'areerl '52, Editor, '52, Dramatii' '52. f:0ll1llll'l'l'l:l11 Course .Vurse Typing Award '5l: Uflice DURUTIIY ANN DULAN College Course "Dotty" ll Basset Street C0lll'g0 A sweet voice and a neat way has won Dotty the respect of all her teachers and classmates. Watch out -- Lily Pons 4 here comes Dottyl Basketball '52, 1+'.'1'.L. '52, Social Committee '49, '50, '51, '52: Senior Reception '49, '51, Class Secretary '49, '50, '52, Glee Club '49- '50, Typing Award '52, Girls' Sports Club '51, '52, Yearbook Staff. 'Wlusic Editor, Pro Nlerito '51, '52, Class llistory, School Paper, Fea- ture liditor '52, Dramatic Club '52, Girls' Chorus '50, '52, All-Slate 'Vlusic Editor, Pro fVlerito '51, '52, Class llistory, School Paper, F03- ture Editor '52, Dramatic Club '52, Girls' Chorus '50, '52, All-State Music Festival '51, '52, Assemblies '41-9, '50, '51, '52, A.A. '49, '50, '51, '52, Senior Play -V Choir. College Course hs with her. She keeps just don't mixl Ann will '52, Prom Committee '5l: Play - Barbara, Varsity m Chairman '52, Canteen 52, Pro Merito '51, '52: 0, '51, '52, C0-Capt. '52: Chorus '51, '52, Student Science Fair Award, '5l: page thirteen DORIS ALBERTINA DOUCETTE Cross Street Though one of the smallest gals in the class, Doris remains un- daunted because her size is more than replaced by her whip-like mind. A pride to all her teachers - is our Doris. Glee Club '49 '50 T in Award '50, '51, '52, Yearbook Staff '52, s 3 YP g Office Work '51, '52, Softball '52. page fourteen MARGARET ANN DONOVAN Commercial Course cspeggysa 15 Granite Street Private Secretary Peggy can be seen clacking away at a typewriter every afternoon and looking towards Mansfield at night. She, truly, is one of F oxb0ro's finest products. She is always reliable, and ready with a quip. Good luck to you in the future Peg! Field Hockey '49, '51, '52, F.T.L. '52, A.A. '49, '50, '51, '52, Social Committee '49, '50, '51, '52, Prom Committee '51, Senior Reception '50, '51, Class Treasurer '52, Glee Club '49, '50, Shorthand Award '52, Typing Award '50, '51, '52, Girls' Sports Club '50, '51, Monitor '50, Yearbook, Bus. and Adv., Office Work '50, '51, '52, Pro Merito '51, '52, Assemblies '49, '50, '51, '52, School Paper '51, '52, Dramatic Club '51, '52, Senior Play, Properties, Student Council '49, '50, '51, '52, President '52, Legion Civics Award '49, Usher at Glee Club Concert '49, '50, Usher at Faculty Play '49, Drivers' Educ. '52, D.A.R. Award '52, Caps and Gowns '52, N. Y. Times Rep. '52. Commercial Course Govemess JANE LEE DWYER College Course C 9 9 12 Howard Avenue Fashion Designer Jane's favorite haunt is Roll-land, where she has wowed all the people with her little known talent. She is a rabid football, basketball and - Mansfield fan. A.A. '49, '50, Social Committee '49, '50, '51, '52, Prom Committee '51, Glee Club '49, '50, Typing Award '51, Girls' Sports Club '51, Otiice Work '51, School Paper '52. ALICE LORRAINE ENGLEY "Artie" 151 Main Street Lots of fuu with mischief galore! - This spells Alice. She can be spotted riding around with Pat on the prowl for action. Many's the time were spent hashing the Foxboro males around at the Public Cleaners - eh, Alice? Athletic Asso. '49, '50, '51, '52, Social Committee '49, Glee Club '49, Girls' Sports Club '50, 0fl1CC Work '51, Girls' Chorus '50 '51, NATALIE CLAIRE GAUDET G5Nat,, 33 Railroad Avenue Teacher A pleasing personality and a sparkling smile. Nat will always be General Course Nurse DEXTER ALAN FAIRBANK General Course C CAI 9 9 4 Market Street Buyer Sharp clothes and girls seem to be Alan's main interests. His ever- lasting supply of wise cracks make him popular with his classmates but in Problems Class they are not appreciated. Athletic Asso. '49, '50, '51, '52, Social Committee '49, '50, '51, '52, Prom Committee '51, Senior Reception '51, Senior Play, Stage Manager, First Nighter, School Paper, Asst. Business Manager, Magazine Cap- tain '50, General Course 9 successful in every job she tackles. She has made her way into many hearts - especially a certain Jim's. Social Committee '49, '50, '51, '52, Prom Committee '51, Senior Reception '51, Glee Club '49, '50, Shorthand Award '52, Ty ing Award '50, '51, '52, Canteen Representative '49, '50, Yearbook, Edi- torial Staff, Office Work '51, '52, Assemblies, '51, Magazine Drive Capt. '52, School Paper '51, '52, The Fox Talks, '52, Dramatic Club '51, '52, Secretary '52, Girls' Chorus '52, Chairman, Play Committee, Lunch Counter '52, Typed for X-Ray Survey '51, Drivers' Ed. '51. page fifteen ELIZABETH JANE GILLIE College Course "Gill" Elm Street College A pile of Southern wit and a ready laugh to follow, Gillie has proved to be a necessity to the class! She is active in all sports, and a whiz at them all. She has worked hard for our class dances - remember the popcorn? Basketball '50, '51, '52, F.T.L. '51, '52, Capt. '52, Field Hockey '49, '50, '51, F.T.L. '51, Softball '50, '51: F.T,L. '51g A.A. '49, '50, '51, '52, Prom Committee 'SIQ Senior Reception '51, Varsity Club '52, Girls' Sports Club '49, '50, '51, '52, President '52, Yearbook Stall' '52, Assem- blies '52g School Paper '52g Dramatic Club '52. HEATHER GILMAN College Course 122 East Street Sl'll'llllfil' Rl'Sl'HfCll Joining the class in her junior year, lleatber has proved to be an outstanding scholar and musician. Perhaps someday you will see her name ranked with Einstein's - as a mathematical physicist. Basketball '52, Field llockey '51, '52, F.T.L. '52g A.A. '51, '52, Social Committee '51, '52, Prom Committee '51, Senior Reception '51: Glee Club '51, '52: Orchestra '51, Band '52, Girls' Sports Club '51: Yearbook Staff, Office Work '51, '52, Pro Merito '51, '52, Assemblies '51, '52, Transferred from Newton High School, Newton, Mass. All- State Nlusic Festival '51, '52. THERESA DENISE GIOVINO General Course 6 'Terry ' ' Chestnut Street Radio Wfork l Besides being remembered for her spaghetti parties, Theresa's friendly manner and continuous laughter will never be forgotten. Among her many interests, Theresa enjoys collecting pictures, especially ol' Roy. Athletic Asso. '49, '50, '5I, '52: Social Corrrmittee '49, '50, '51, '52: Glee Club '49, '50, Oflice Wrxrk '50, '51, '52, Assemblies '49, '51g- School Paper, Photographer '50: Girls' Chorus '49, '50, Prom Committee '51. ,-l,f page sixteen ROBERT ELLIOT GOVE General Course 5CB0b99 28 Sherman Street Undecided Bob, in his quiet way, has been a friend to many. A real worker, Bob can usually be found, after school of course, helping his father with his business. Social Committee '49, '50, '51, '52, Prom Committee '51g Senior Reception Committee '51. EDITH MARGERET GRANAHAN College Course GSJudy59 30 Union Street Nurse Basketball, Softball, or Hockey, choose your sport and you'll always find our Judy lending a helping hand. Lots of light and a hard working team mate, that's our Judy. Basketball '51, '52, F.T.L. '51, '52, Field Hockey '49, '50, '51, '52g F.T.L. '49, '50, '51, '52g Softball '51, '52,,F.T.L. '51, '52g Glee Club '49, '50, Varsity Club '52g Yearbook Staff, Sports Editor, Pro Merito '51, '52. JOHN GROOME College Course , "John" 153 Main Street Engineer V John -the boy with hidden qualities and a modest way. He is faithful in all his work, especially chemistry lab. - Mr. Dubin's little genius who concocted many new formulas. Athletic Asso. '49, '50, '51, '52g Senior Play-Carson, Yearbook Staff, Pro Merito, '51, '52, page SGUGTIIGBVI, RICHARD LEO GUENARD ' College Course '5Diek" Prospect Street College ll' you ever need an orchestra, ask Dickie. Always ready with a quick, sharp wit and a helping hand, he is certainly one ofthe finest. Football '49, '50, '51, '52, l".T.L. '51, '52, Basketball '49, '50, '51 '52, F.T.L. '51, '52, Capt. '52, Baseball '49, '50, '51, '52, F.T.L. '50, '51, '52, Capt. '52, A.A. '49, '50, '51, '52, Social Committee '49, '50, '51, '52, Prom Committee '51, Senior Reception '50, '51, Class Treas- urer '50, Vice-President '51, '52, Glee Club '49, '50, Orchestra '49: Senior Play 4 Jonathan, Varsity Club '52, Typing Award '52, Canteen Rep. '49, '50, '51, '52, Vice-President '49, '50, '51, President '52, Monitor '49, Yearbook Staff '52, Oflice Work '52, Assemblies '49, '50, '51, '52, Class Will, Boys' State, Alternate, Usher at Graduation '51, School Paper '50, '52, Dramatic Club '51, '52, French Club '51, Student Council '52, Camera Club '49, '50, Prom KingA'51, Ring Committee '51, Boys' Chorus '50, Science Fair '51, 1 JAMES FRANCIS HENNESSEY College Course 5 9 9 34 Lakeview Road If you should hear the sound of gay laughter and dancing feet you can be sure J im is nearby. Now he's off to college where he is bound to make good. Social Committee '49, '50, '51, '52, Prom Committee '51, Glee Club '49, '50, Senior Play - Matt, Typing Award '50, Monitor '49, Yearbook, Bus. Manager, Office Work '50, '51, '52, Assemblies '49, '50, '51, '52, Magazine Drive Capt. '49, School Paper '52, Dramatic Club '50, '51, '52, President '52, Camera Club '49, '50, Play Committee '52. page eighteen LEONARD FRANKLIN HIGGINS General Course scldennyas East Street Undecided Lenny's shy polite ways often change as fast as the weather when his face beams forth with the cutest smile. His favorite pastime is hunting l ? Baseball '51, '52, Orchestra '49, Band '49, Memorial Day Exercises '50 JOSEPH SIDNEY JOLLY General Course GG.I0e95 12 Community Vlfay Mechanic Ile has made a big hit in the hearts of some Sophomore girls with his flashy Plymouth and cute smile. He is a hard worker but has an easy going way which makes him liked by all. Football '48, 749, 'SOQ F.T.L. '50g Social Committee '49, '50, ,51g Prom Committee '51g Class President '49, Canteen Representative '52: 'Xlonitor ,S0. GiDick99 Main Street for our senior Social, and was it good! PHILIP WAYNE LAW College Prep Course "Peter" 38 Sherman Street Undecided Phil, a quiet, earnest student, has gained the respect of many. He has kept the social calendar of our class 'alive with his many snap- shots. Class Officer, Treasurer, '49g Yearbook Staff, Photographyq Pro Merito '51, '52g Camera Club '49, '50. RICHARD LANDRY 1 x General Course Undecided Cars and comments, that's Dick. Cars for a pass-time and comments for 5th eriod classes. Always willing to work, Dick made the cider Athletic Asso. '49, '50, '51, 'SZQ Social Committee '51, '52. page nineteen NORMA JOAN LEARY ' College Course CSJ0an,9 74 North Street College A pair of battered sneakers, a friendly laugh, and an active interest in all school doings remind us of Joan. Snappy clothes and a sharp wit make her well liked. A.A. '49, '50, '51, '52, Social Committee '49, '50, '51, '52, Prom Committee '51, Senior Reception '50, Glee Club '49, '50, Orchestra '49, '50, Senior Play-Sarah, Girls' Sports Club '50, Yearbook, Editorial Staff, Assemblies '49, '50, '51, '52, Glee Club Usher '49, Drivers' Ed. '52. FRANCIS ANDREW LILL YMAN College Course . 5 5Fran, U 23 Gilmore Street College A vocabulary a mile long, and a line of the same length describes F rannie. He has a way with the girls and is hound to be a success. Social Committee '51, Prom Committee '51, Senior Reception '51, Glee Club '49, '50, Senior Play-Loomis, Assemblies '50, 51, Class Day Honors, Pro hecy, School Paper '51, Dramatic Club '50, '51, French Club '50, Camera Club '49, 50, Play Committee '5l. 2 Maple Avenue School Paper, Adv. Manager '51, Fashions '52, Dramatic Club '51, '52, Girls' Chorus '52, Science Fair Award '51, Tennis Tournament '50: EVEL YN MARIE LOMBARDI "Toot" Commercial Course Private Secretary "Toot" may be heard at any sport played by F.H.S. With her fighting school spirit and wonderful cheering, many a team has fought to win. "BROWN" seems to be her favorite color. A.A. '49, '50, '51, '52, Social Committee '49, '50, '51, '52, Prom page twenty Committee '51, Senior Reception Committee '51, Glee Club '49, '50, Varsity Club '52, Girls' Sport Club '50, '51, '52, Yearbook Staff, Typist, OHice Work '50, '51, '52, School Paper '52, Pro Merito '51, '52, Assem- bly Participation '51, Cheerleaders '51, '51, '52, Co-Ca t. '52, Dra- matic Club '52, Girls' Chorus '51, '52, Girls' Basketball -'lVIanager '52, Assistant Manager '51. PATSY MAC IVOR Commercial Course 5 Cpat, 5 3 Church Street Entertainment Singing, dancing, or playing guard on the basketball team, Pat is bound to be a star. Always ready with a song,that makes you yell for more. Good luck, Pat! Basketball '51, '52, Field Hockey '49, '50, '51, F.T.L. '51, Athletic Asso. '49, '50, '51, '52, Class Oliicer, Vice-President '49, Glee Club '49, '50, Canteen Re resentative '49, '50, Assemblies '49, '50, '51, '52, Magazine Drive Capt. '50, Dramatic Club '50, '51, Girls' Chorus '51, '52, Typing Award '51, Tennis Tournament '51, '52, Girls' Sports Club '50, '51, LOIS FLORENCE MOORE RUTH ALYCE McCORMlCK College Course "Ruthie" 541 South Street Nurse Ruth, Canada's gift to Foxboro, joined us in our Junior year. With her quiet but friendly personality, she is sure to be a success in her chosen career. Social Committee '51, Prom Committee '51, Glee Club '51, '52, Senior Play- Marge, Typing Award '52, Yearbook Staff '52, Office Work '52, Assemblies '51, '52, School Paper '52, Dramatic Club '51, '52, French Club, Vice-President '52, Girls' Chorus '51, '52, School Trans- ferred from - Canso, Nova Scotia, Canada. College Course CCLO-F1099 130 Chestnut Street Child Nursing Lois, a girl of unlimited talents, has always worked diligently for our class. Her musical and artistic abilities -are known the town over. May your future be as bright as you have made our present. Field Hockey '50, '51, Athletic Asso. '49, '50, '51, '52, Social Com- mittee '49, '50, '51, '52, Prom Committee '51, Senior Reception '51, Glee Club '49, '50, Orchestra '49, '50, Girls' Sports Club '50, '51, '52: Yearbook Staff, Art Editor, Office Work '50, '51, Pro Merito '51, '52, Assemblies '49, '50, '51, '52, School Paper '50, '51, '52, French Club '51, '52, Girls' Chorus '51, '52, Student Council '51, Ring Committee '50, Drivers' Ed. '51. if 65 ,,.,, 4. .-'Vis V',-- fi? . 1: ?ig?Qglf i page HURT!!-y'-0718 JAMES T. NISIL Commercial Course CGJim,, 152 Spring Street Undecided Quiet and ambitious is our Jim. Alwa s ready to lend a helping hand in Problems. He'll be missed by his Spring Street Gang. Athletic Asso. '49, '50, 'Sh Typing Award '50, '51, '52g Office Work '52g Magazine Drive Capt. '4-9. DELIA THERESA 0'SULLIVAN 'fDee-Dee" Commercial Course East Street Undecided A quiet and efficient girl, Dee-Dee has made many friends in her class. A whiz in the typing room, she is sure to be a success. Athletic Asso. '49, '50, '51, '52g Social Committee '49, '50, '51, '52g Glee Club '49g Typing Award '51, '52g Office Work '51, '52. page twenty-two LESTER MICHAEL PAIVA General Course GCI-1es9, 159 County Street Undecided Curly hair and a broad smile, describes Lester. His main interests seem to be working at the National, puttering around his car, and girls - from Mansfield. Track '51g Prom Committee '51g Senior Reception Committee '51g Marshall at Graduation '49. VIRGINIA JUNE RENAUD Commercial Course "Pudgy" 185 High Street Undecided A quiet earnest student who has won many friends in her quiet way. Virginia has helped the school greatly by faithfully collecting and tabulating the absence list daily. Social Committee '50, '51, Prom Committee '51, Glee Club '50, '51g Typing Award '52, Assemblies '50, '51, '52, Girls' Chorus '51, 52. JANE CAROL REX College Course "jane" 260 Central Street College Long, dark curls, fair skin, and a cute nose are all features of Jane, the best looking girl of the Senior Class. Jane, working afternoons at Comey's Cleaners, is certainly their best advertisement. Basketball '49, Field Hockey '49g Athletic Asso. '49, '50, '51, '52g Prom Committee '51g Class Officer, Secretary, '51, Pro Merito '51, 52: Yearbook Staffg Usher at Graduation '51, French Club '51, '52g Tennis Tournament '50, '51. CYNTHIA ANN ROBERTS College Course 5CCyn9! 30 South Street College Short and cute, that's Cyn! Full of energy and pep, she's a whiz at Tennis and Basketball. A knack for clothes and driving pop's car seem to be her main interests. Basketball '52, Field Hockey '49g Athletic Asso. '49, '50, '51: Prom Committee '51g Senior Reception '51g Glee Club '49, '51g Girls' Sports Club '49, '50, '51, '52g Yearbook Staff '52g School Paper '51: Dramatic Club '51, '52, Sec.-Treas. '52, Girls' Chorus '51, '52g Marshall at Graduation '49, Usher, Glee Club Concert '49. page twenty-three CAROL JANE ROCIIE College' Course "Carol" 6 Centennial Street lfnrlcrialwl Carol always seemed very quiet, but remember Al's party? Quite a time! She can usually be found with her friends, Cynthia and Gillie. Basketball '51, '52, Field Hockey '49, Social Committee '49, '50, '51, '52, Prom Committee '51: Girls' Sports Club '51, '52, Yearbook Staff, Dramatic Club '52, Girls' Chorus '51, Usher, Glee Club Concert '50, Softball '49, Athletic Asso. '49, '50, '51, '52. BEVERLY ANN ROCKWOOD College Course G6Bev31 88 Mechanic Street flflissionary Beverl A uiet and enial irl who will alwa s be remembered Y - + fl S 8 '. Y for her exact memory and high scholastic honors. Field Hockey '50, Athletic Asso. '51, '52, Glee Club '49, '50, Year- book, Editorial Staff, Pro Merito '51, '52, Driver's Ed. '52. page twentyzfour JEANETTE MARIE SCHROMM General Course "Jeanne" 6 Clark Street Interior Decorator ' Her ready smile and soft spoken ways have won her many friends. Her interests are in softball, basketball, and especially Dartmouth! Basketball '52, Capt. Jr. Varsity '52, Field Hockey '48, '49, '50, Softball '50, F.T.L. '50, Athletic Asso. '49, '50, '51, '52, Social Com- mittees '49, '50, '51, '52, Prom Committee '51, Senior Reception Committee '50, '51, Glee Club '49, '50, Senior Play - Make-up, extra girl, Shorthand Award '52, Typing Award 1605 '50,' '51, '52, Girls' Sports Club '50, '51, '52, Yearbook Staff, Typing Editor, Office Work '51, '52, Pro Merito '51, '52, Assemblies '50, '51, '52, School Paper '50, '51, '52, Production Manager '52, Dramatic Club '51, '52, Girls' Chorus '51, '52, Ring'Committee '51, Memorial Day Exercises '50, geinnis Tournament '50, '51, '52, Typed for X-Ray Survey '51, Drivers' DIANNE RUTH S1Vll'l'1l College Course "Smith" 9 Bradford Street Nurse Dianne-An enthusiastic and energetic girl. She is always u threat on the basketball court and a demon on the hockey field. Uur class clown and the typing genius. Basketball '50, '51, '52, Field Hockey '49, '50, Co-Capt. '50: Soft- ball '52, Athletic Assn. '49, '50, '51, '52, Social Committee '49, '50, 51, '52, Prom Committee '51, Senior Reception '51, Glee Club '49. 50, Senior Play -Choir, Varsity Club '52, Typing Award '51, '52, Girls' Sports Club '49, '50, Yearbook, Editorial Staff, Office Work '52, Assembly Participation '51, School Paper, Sports Staff '52, Dramatic Club '51, '52, Camera Club '50, Drivers' Ed. '51. ROBERT STANKE 6GB0b99 Sherman Street Senior Play 4 Scenery Committee. General Course U ndcrided He has a magic touch on engines and it seems as if he could make anything on wheels run. Wields a mean hammer and chases all the -? WALTER STANLEY ,- General Course' S'Wa1t" Mechanic Street State Police Walter is the tall, quiet fellow who is always willing to help anyone. As Mr. Barrows right-hand man, he can usually be found running the movie projector or doing some other task. Stock Room '51, '52, Ofhce Work '52: Projector '51, '52. page twentyfive JOHN JOSEPH SYLVIA General Coarse G EJack9 9 17 Pleasant Street Millionaire Jack will always be remembered as the tall, dark fellow with a friendly smile. When he is not caring for his race horse, he can usually be found drinking a frappe at Lord's. ' Basketball '52, Athletic Asso. '49, '50, '51, '52, Prom Committee '51, Senior Reception '51. ROBERT CHARLES S YLVIA General Course 5 C Bob, 9 44 Sherman Street College Bob in his quiet, refined manner, has made many friends. He has proved to be an outstanding athlete and an asset to any team. As Herbert in the Senior Play, Bob proved to be quite a hit. Football '49, '50, '51, '52, F.T.L. '49, '50, '51, '52, Basketball '50, '51, '52, F.T.L. '51, '52, Baseball '50, F.T.L. '50, Track '50, Prom Committee '51, Senior Reception '51, Senior Play e- Herbert, Varsity Club '52, Yearbook Staff, Sports Editor, School Paper '50, '51. GEORGETTE MARYANN THEBERGE Commercial Coarse "Georgie" Neponset Heights .Ecretary Georgette joined us in '50, coming all the way from Plymouth, Michigan. Her chief interest in school is in the Glee Club. Quiet and sincere, Georgie has made many friends here. Athletic Asso. '51, '52, Social Committee '51, Glee Club '50, '51, Senior Play-Trimbly Girl, Typing Award '50, '51, '52, Yearbook V ' Staff '52, Office Work '51, '52, Transferred from Bentley High, Ply- mouth, Michigan, '50. page twenty-six NANCY LILLIAN TOOROK General Course iGNan99 Beach Street Armed Services Y If you see a friendly blond with a smile for everyone, that's our Nan. She played hockey for three years and was an asset to the team. Nancy's parties in the past will never be forgotten by her classmates. Basketball '49, Field Ilockey '49, '50, '51, Athletic Asso. '49, '50, Glee Club '49, '50, Pro Merito '51, School Paper '50, Dramatic Club '50, Ticket Committee '49, LLOYD TRUAX General Course "Lloyd" 6 Pond Avenue College A great football end, Lloyd has played varsity ball for four years. For blocking there's none better. His main interest outside of sports, seems to be down in Mansfield. Lloyd is the last ofthe Great Truax's, and is certainly one of the best. Football '49, '50, '51, '52, Co-Capt. '52, Basketball '51, '52, Track '49, Athletic Asso. '49, '50, Senior Reception Committee '51, Class President '49, Vice-President '50, Clee Club '49, Varsity Club '52. LUCIEN ANDRE TURCOTTE College Course "Louie" 145 Spring Street Automotive Engineering Tall, shy and quiet describes Lucien. As a car expert, he never tires of seeing them or talking about them. His afternoons are spent working at the laundry. Yearbook Staff, Photography, Assemblies '52. l l page twenty-seven AMY EDNA UMBS Commercial Course G GA m 3. 9 9 12 Glenwood Avenue Secretary Sweet natured and full of fun, Amy will make friends wherever she goes. Amy has always been ready to help make the decorations for our dances and her cheerfulness has made the work seem a pleasure. Athletic Asso. '49, '50, '51, '52, Social Committee '49, '50, '51, '52, Prom Committee '51, Glee Club '49, '50, Typing Award '51, Office Work '51, '52, School Paper '52, Dramatic Club '51, '52, Yearbook Staff '52, Typist, Drivers' Ed. '51, Senior Play - Extra Girl. l JOSEPH WILLIAM WASELESKI College Course 65.10679 183 High Street Electrical Engineer As president of the class for two years and Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook, Joe has done' a commendable job. His scholastic and foot- ball abilities have gained him outstanding rewards. Football '49, 550, '51, '52, F.T.L. '51, '52, Cmcapf. '52, Athletic Asso. '49, '50, '51, '52, Social Committee '49, '50, '51, '52, Prom Com- mittee '51, Senior Reception Committee '51, Class President '51, '52: Orchestra '49, Varsity Club '52, Canteen Representative '49, '50, '51: Monitor '49, '50, Yearbook Staff '52, Pro Merito '51, '52: Assemblies '49, '50, '51, '52, Boys' State '51, Magazine Drive Capt. '49, Usher at Graduation '51, School Paper '51, Stock Room '49, Student Council '51, '52, Play Committee '52, Ring Committee '51, Science Fair Award '51. MARGARET LOUISE WEBB Commercial Course '6Peggy" 183 Mechanic Street Secretary Peggy has perseverance, especially when it comes to getting a license. Besides being a good driver she is also a good student. Peggy came to us from Canton High in 1951. Athletic Asso. '50, '51, '52, Giee Club '51, Office Work '51, As- Education '52. page twenty-eight semhly Participation '51, Transferred from Canton Iligh '51, Driver's CAROL ANN WHIPP College Course "Carol" Belcher Court Nurse Though Carol has many friends in Mansfield, she is still loyal to Foxboro High School. Carol's sincere and friendly personality will surely make her a successful nurse. Social Committee '4-9, '50g Glee Club '49, '503 Athletic Asso. '49, '50, '51, '52. "Button" 146 South Street Whatever it takes, Mary has it. She become engaged. The best of luck in the Athletic Asso. 'SOQ Social Committee Assemblies '50g Dramatic Club '51, Girls' 4 MARY WHITE Cen er al Course Jllarriage is the first girl in the class to future, Mary. '50, Clee Club '49, '50, '51, Chorus '50. LAWRENCE WINSLOW General Course "Fritzie" 121 Summer Place Undecided East Foxboro is quite a place with "F'ritzie" and his hunting ambi- tion. Constant reports from his gun almost always bring down some- thing! That something must bc what he dreams about in classes. Senior Play - Scenery Committee. page twenty-nine page thirty dw tem Graduation' takes new meaning As our caps and gowns we don. Seated here 'mongst friends and teachers High school days -forever gone. Going forth we take our places In this world of toil and strife, Using knowledge that we've gained here Aiming for a better life. I f the path is rough and weary, As we journey on our way, Each of us should pray for wisdom 4 Guidance through another day. - Shirley Brown. 56155 Qdbetx President ........ . . . Joseph Waseleski Vice-President .... . . . Richard Guenard Secretary ...,... ..... D orothy Dolan Treasurer . . . . Margaret Donovan M55 Habits Blue and Silver ,Wife 'GAnything worth doing -- is worth doing well." 5? 6:-,, 1 ff hte Future page thirty-two fda 5 fkziwy Our Freshman class in forty-eight, Started out with spirits great, For here began a high school year, That we were sure would bring us cheer. With Truax leading we did fine, And Patsy followed right in line. While Dolan kept the records clear, Phil tended finance throughout the year. We gave a dance with Chinese theme, And had a Champion football team. The time flew by and June drew near, And then exams with tortured fear. Then 'twas summer time again, We'd next be members of grade ten. Sophisticated Sophomores now, And all the Freshmen to us bow. Our President, a Jolly man, Followed by Truax, mighty grand. Again the minutes Dolan read, And Dick then kept the cash ahead. We had a dance with Santa's sleigh, And Christmas lights with colors gay. Our football team won every game, With all their efforts, brought us fame. And then, our Sophomore year was through Our Junior year was seen in view. As Juniors we then took the stand, To undertake the things we planned. This year had many things in store, Like choosing rings we later wore. A dance enjoyed by one and all, And then we cheered for basketball. The prom had proven a lovely scene, With Dick as king, and Ann as queen. Our leaders for that year, you know, Where Dick and Ann and Jane and Joe. When summer came we had a date, At Mr. Metcalfis grand estate. So once again our work was done, And out we set for summer's fun. And now we're Seniors smart and sure, ,lust one more year to endure. With Joe as leader once again, Along with Dick, both able men. Our Secretary now was Dot, And Peggy held the cash we got. The first event we Seniors planned, Was a Record Hop, proven grand. Of course we gave our firm support, To dances, clubs, and games of sport. Until at last there came the day, We proudly showed, the Senior play. Our caps and gowns would soon be sent, So we rehearsed our last event. Our high school days were at their end, And soon a different kind of life we'd spend. Although we're anxious to depart, There's a touch of sadness in each heart. -Dorothy A. Dolan. page thirty-three flags 9607! We, the Class of '52, do hereby bequeath our following possessions to the under-classmen of this up-standing but rather worn-out institution. We believe ourselves to be sound in body, fif not in mindl and we consider these our last but greatest gifts to you. We hope you will cherish them with your jealous hearts and keep them for the remainder of your days in this house of learning. To Nlr. Potter we leave our appreciation for putting up with the office parties we had every 6th period. To the Juniors we leave all our medals and trophies, and the sincere understanding of teachers, so that they, too, will be as intelligent, industrious, comprehensive, and modest as we were. To the Sophomore's we leave this sound advice: "Don,t give up if you flunk every subject for three terms - remember there's a 4th term." To the Freshmen we leave but two words - '4Lay Low." DAVID BEARCE leaves his passionate art of love-making to Themo fHot lipsj Anagnos. ELIZABETH BREEDE leaves her well-filled bathing suit to Div fthe purple terrorj De- Vautour. He always liked the color. SHIRLEY BROWN leaves her dramatic talent to Rose fjust call me Bubblesj Kersey. DONALD CHILDS leaves a bale of grass to Coach Certuse so he won't eat all the grass off of next year's football field. ROY COLBY leaves this advice to the under-classmen: 4'The way to fight a woman is with your hat - grab it and run.', JOAN COBIEAU leaves her fuzzy sweaters and hair-do to Margie fI've got so much powder on, the fleas are scratching themselvesl Metcalf. LORNA COMEY leaves her job at Fuller's to the scourge of the Junior Class - Rosetta Jodice. CYNTHIA COOK leaves an unused list of statistics for next year's Seniors-and an automatic tommy gun to protect the Editors of the Yearbook. FRED DAVISON leaves all his tardy slips and Hblue bugw to Pete fthe muggerb Holske. NANCY DINIARZIO leaves her ofhce job to Joe fgez me out of class, will ya?D Cardinute. DOROTHY DOLAN leaves Romeo Rollins to Linda fany man will doj Bleumer. ANN DONOVAN leaves her reserved parking spot on Payson Road to her innocent young cousin, Arthur fPoop, ,Inj Ellis. MARGARET DONOVAN leaves and takes most of her Mansfield contacts with her. She doesn't want to lose this one! DORIS DOUCETTE leaves singing - "Fm in love again!" JANE DWYER leaves her secret reducing diet to the Ballerina of the Sophomore Class, Bonnie fTwinkle Toesj Peach. ALICE ENGLEY leaves all her stately silverware and salt and pepper shakers to Hale's Diner. She got them there in the first place. ALAN FAIRBANKS leaves all his steadies crying - "If you got the money, Honey, I got the time." NATALIE GAUDET, the president of the Worm Club, leaves her left-over love to Sandy fcome and get me girlsb Mellon. THERESA GIOVINO leaves some of her delicious meatballs to that wandering immi- grant Robert fl 'm fatiguedj Huntress. ROBERT GOVE leaves his scholastic ability and quick thinking to the Einstein of the Freshman Class Thatcher fMy report card is in technicolorj Carl. EDITH GRANAHAN leaves her athletic ability to Barbara fmum's the wordj Bristol. JOHN GROODIE leaves his treasured histrionic fall four linesD to Jean Brunell's sister Larry. RICHARD GUENARD leaves his understanding ways with referees to Alan fStoughton's my meatj Kivela. JAMES HENNESSEY leaves his book on how to tango with the women to George fl get icleasj Fuller. LEONARD HIGGINS leaves all his fan mail stored in the back of Rm. 2 to Ronald flfalentinoj Foster. JOSEPH JOLLY leaves sneaking out the back door! page thirtyfour RICHARD LANDRY leaves to join Lynch's death drivers. It looks like he's been keep- ing in practice with the family car. X PHILIP LAW leaves his keen methods of learning to Gerard fhypochondriac in disguisej Lynch. JOAN fthe sun did ill LEARY leaves her peroxide and hair tints to the golden girl of the Freshman Class, Janie fthe runtl Heaton. FRANCIS LILLYMAN wills his used and slightly abused line to anyone who's hard up enough to use it. EVELYN LOMBARDI, vice-president of the Worm Club, leaves to write a book en- titled - "How to get a man and keep him," or "My failures in Love." PATSY MACIVOR leaves singing-6'I'm going to dry-clean that man right out of my hair." RUTH lWIcCORlWIICK leaves still wondering why her theme on '4Cocker Spanielsl' didn't get an A. LOIS NIOORE leaves her arrangement of chopsticks to Skeeter fFungus F ingersj Parker. JAMES NISIL leaves a bunch of bananas and a book entitled - "the art of peeling ba- nanasl' to the Student Council. Now everyone can enjoy the meetings. ELIZABETH GILLIE leaves her well abused crutches and molded cast to next year's Girls' Basketball Captain, Dale llleier. HEATHER GILMAN leaves her tactful ways to Lionel fMoldy brainj Guenard, and apologizes to Mozart for lousing up his works. LESTER PAIVA leaves his curly hair to lllr. Girardin. JANE REX wills her '4Come-on Smile" and alluring charms to Sandra fl took the Charles Atlas Coursej Kivela. CYNTHIA ROBERTS and CAROL ROCHE leave to compete for Mother Superior in the Buddist Convent in Tibet. BEVERLY ROCKWOOD leaves wondering if Nlr. llletcalf uses Babo or Brillo to get his Ipana Smile. JEAN SCHROMNI leaves her collection of rings to be divided equally among the bash- ful Freshmen girls. VIRGINIA RENAUD leaves her eyelashes to Lassie. DIANNE SNIITH wills her book of wise-cracks to Doret fthe bookwormj Newell. WALTER STANLEY and ROBERT STANKE are leaving by motorcycle. "Take it easy boysg Mr. Potter is paying for the gasf' JOHN SYLVIA leaves blushing after his tender and romantic love scene with Barbara. It must have taken a lot of practice. BOB SYLVIA leaves the wide open space to next year's wing back, Jim fgolclen toe nailsb Wallace. GEORGETTE THEBERGE leaves to join the Woman's Slobobian Foreign Legion. NANCY TOOROK leaves to write stories for True Confessions. Her first one will be - 'QI Searched for Love in the Darknessf, or MWaiting for the Sun to Setf' LLOYD TRUAX wills his secret of skipping school to Bob fthe band-aid kidb Taylor. LUCIEN TURCOTTE wills his tall, handsome, swarthy, dashing and enchanting phy- sique to the ruler of the little boys, Jack firon fstj Davis. AMY UMBS wills her skill in handling a canoe full of boys to the Indian of the Junior Class, Shirley fPocahontasD Guerrini. JOE WASELESKI gives his powerful build to Albert fl'm big, Fm big, Fm bigll Rosinski. MARGARET WEBB leaves for Hollywood to take over Gorgeous George's job. CAROL WHIPP leaves to become the school nurse and says everyone will have phy- sicals,- even Dr. Buckley. MARY WHITE drops her book ,and runs out yelling - "I made it, Bobby, Let's golw LAWRENCE WINSLOW leaves to hunt bigger game than can be found in F. H. S. In Witness, thereof, We the class of 1952, of Foxboro High, leave through all available portals and remembering all the wonderful times we should have had, wade back in through the tears, to set our hand and seal, falso footprintsl to this,- our last will and testament. On this llth day of June one thousand nine hundred and fifty-two. COD SAVE THE FACULTY OF F. H. S. WYITNESSES: Nature Boy Buckley, ,lake the Snake, Dagmar, The Little Puflangar, Baby Face Barrows, Fearless F osdick Metcalf. DEXTER ALAN FAIRBANK, RICHARD GUENARD. 676155 whffecy Well, here I am receiving my final reward for writing this historical data. It's warm down here and they tell me I look cute in red flannels. Oh well, I don't think I could have learned to play a harp, but I-was very good at the phonograph. Would you like to know my name? l was Casper lnkelfinker Il l, one-time president of the S. P. F. F. A. A. fSociety for the Preservation and Furthering of Female Appreciation in Americaj. Lucifer has instructed me to go up on Earth and find out about our future guests. The Hades Express stops at Payson Road where we see Ann Donovan sitting on the front steps with ten children around the yard. They all have basket-balls and wear marine hats. She finally roped the Marines down. It's nice that she built her house here - she always did like the scenery down here. As I pass by the National I see a '39 Ford parked out front. Looking further I see Dave Bearce sitting in the manager's cage throwing darts at a picture on the wall. Why - It's a photo of Alan Fair- bank! Oh well - all's fair in love and so forth. On leaving the National, I see a familiar figure walking down the street with a trail of swooning females in his wake. What do you know, it's Donald Childs still torturing the women. When is he going to get married? As I go down to the site of the Old High School, I see Roy Colby tearing it down. It seems Hoy went into the contracting business professionally just before the bids started on wrecking the building. He seems so interested in the work - we won't disturb him. Alan Fairbank finally married Heather Gilman. They loved each other so much and they do make such a cute couple. I see that they are having a little spat on what style of wallpaper to use for their new house - he wants pin ups, while she wants slide rules. Guess they will compromise as they always :lid and have the first photos of the noted hunter, Gargoyle Crunily, who has just returned from Lower Slobovia with a large cargo of the rare Plumley Oblongatus for Three Toed Dodo Birdj. John Groonie has started a wrestling arena in Plainville on a dirt road. His clientele is all female 1 he never did get over his double date with Freddy Davison 4 neither did she I'll bet! Dick Guenard has a house half built over on the other side of the Foundry Pond. When I asked him why he didn't finish it, he said he had to give his kids a chance, too. He and Shirley could always be found Mlooking around the new house" every Saturday night. Jim Hennessey finally became an undertaker. I hear he installs a juke box in every coffin and he plays polka music at the wakes. He has an advertisement in the paperg quote - "Come to Dancing Diggers, for all your parties - refreshments served any time with a small rover charge." Lennie Higgins got lost when he rushed out to Hollywood. Someone told him that the movies had a lot of Wlzipp to the roles. Philip Law is a motion picture producer - pretty soft Phil, lying on the sands of Hawaii, snap- ping photos of pretty girls all day. The town is still in confusion over Bob Sylvia's love life. With all the females in Foxboro, he is in the same position he was ten years ago. Oh well A keep trying, Bob, we're all pulling for you. Dick Landry still has car fever. He is looking for a car as smart as his first one. He can't find any more that will roll over for him. ,lack Sylvia has purchased a Heel of trucks to carry all the medals he has accumulated from all his past horses. Oh! Incidently, I heard he is starting up a glue factory and a dog food plant, wonder why, . . . l joe Jolly is still wondering how be got out of High School. He is writing a new book on - MHOW TO PASS THE HALLECK TEST IN 200 EASY VOLUMES.,i He doesn't seem to be selling them too fast. Cynthia Cook is still trying to work out a set of statistics that will please everyone - she is just starting out on her fourth truckload. Keep it up Cynthia, someone may read it all afterwards. Over in Ireland, Dorothy 'alt isnit practical" Dolan is trying to take the pot of gold away from the leprechaun -- who knows, she may still make her class trip. Natalie Gaudet is running a garage over in Attleboro 1 She has bought and sold many autos, but she isnit satisfied yet - seems she is still interested in one special Kerr. ,Ioan Leary is in the Five and Ten selling a new hair dye. Iim told. it's her own special formula. She calls it the "Strong Rays of the Sun." Her pet slogan for this product is -"Nature isnit always right - but H202 is! ! ! ! ! Lucien Turcotte, James Nisil, and Bob Cove have formed into a new thriving company called the Consolidated Industries of Aeronautical Designs. They manufacture aluminum planes to replace the outdated study hall models. They tried to drag Walter Stanley into it, but Walter has his atten- tions on automotive designs. Carol Roche is trying to teach a certain boy how to improve his car manners, but heis too busy with his dancing and embalming business. She says the only way she can see him is to drop dead! ! l l Judy Granahan and Beverly Rockwood have published a new book on Trigonometry for Mr. Metcalf, who never got his new set. Between each problem, they have a joke to help Frank keep the class bearable. page thirty-six The Town has hired Lonsdale Raceway for Lois "Speed', Moore - It seems they got tired of re- surfacing Cocassett Street for her evening spins. ,Ioan Comeau has started a car rental business. All the boy friends, ears and not enough time in the day to drive them all! The crowds swarm over to Roll-land every night to see Lorna Comey in her workouts. She took up comic roller skating. One night she fell and everyone thought it was Fournier fcorrection -funnierj. Theresa "Frieda" Giovino is still insisting that she will not be rescued from any burning barn again. Twice in two nights was enough for her. Cynthia Roberts can be seen over at Jones' Beach whistling for "Peter", She ran too fast the first time and lost him. The poor kidis pining away. Betty Breede and "Toot" Lombardi have started a man hater's club. "Toot" just got tired of chasing C. A. M. around because he still wouldn't notice her! he is too busy with his 5 kids. Betty just hates men on general principles. Shirley Brown is still pining for the Marine that got away. Maybe you donit know about this fella, or you're not sure of whom it is,- but Weir! I ! ! Hold everything! l l ! Thereis Amy Umbs sitting on the common pulling a flower apart. As I get closer I hear: "Eeny meeny miny mo A the years come in and then they go,- Each boy marries and I get rided, Because I 'm still so undecikledfi Nancy Dimarzio and Doris Doucette are working over at the Company. They are both trying to get the boss to play records in the typing room over there. Pat Maclvor has quit her job - someone in the front row had darts. She is now working for the F.B.I. as an undercover agent - biggest change she's made yet! ! l I Ruth McCormick is working in a dry cleaning place now 4 she always was good at picking up the dirt! Delia O'Sullivan has started a bus line down to East Foxboro. Now she can ride home from the Movies. Peggy Donovan is married and has a daughter. "Little Iodine" has just come home and told her mother that she has a date with a guy, but it's on the same day she gets out of Girls' State 1- Wow! Peg, what language! l ! ! Temper, Temper. Alice Engley has set up a nursery where the Publix Cleaners were located. She loves children so much. She says she is just hiding her time until "Howey,' comes back. Liz "Bold and Defianti' Gillie is driving a taxi now. She always had a habit of taking rides any old time. "This job isn't so much fun," she tells me, "there aren't any risks to it." Virginia Renaud is raising flowers down on South Street. She does a good business just when the report cards come out. - The school hasnit changed much, I guess. Lester Paiva is in the army, and doing a very important job. Ile cleans the insides of cannonsg no one else is small enough. Lester has his own built-in mop too. Jeanette Schromm is still trying out her special brand of 'Lfirst aid" on the youth of Foxboro, but instead of reviving them, she knocks them out again. Dianne Smith is riding around in the new car, day in and day out, waiting for the certain ex- employee of the Bay State to come back to her. She has such a peculiar reaction to his name -W mention it and she turns green, with anxiety? ? ? 'P Georgette Theberge, Nancy Toorok, and Margaret Webb have been taking extended English Classes, because they liked it so much the first time through. Joe Waseleski seems unusually relaxed and rested just as though he hadn't been doing anything - he hasn't. He is still recouperating from the class Yearbook. They ought to let him out anytime now. When I went in to see him, they asked me not to mention anything about the Book, or the Statistics, because he goes into a babbling frenzy when he thinks of them. Carol Whipp is still running. At the word physieals, you should see her speed pick up. Lawrence Winslow has a soft spot in his heart for Miss Briggs. and her sixth period study class. I don't think the feeling is mutual, though. Lloyd Truax is still puzzled over that confusing game of Basketball. The referee always got sore when he made a fiying tackle, or blocked a kick. Fred Davison is still trying to get that date in Mansfield. He can't forget the night she accepted him when he wasn't feeling too well. Bob Stanke has decided to go to college and can't make up his mind which courses to take: Basket- weaving, crochet, pool, ping-pong, or post ofiice. Well, that ends the Devil's diary, and I'm getting cold. The Hades Express turns around as if by magic, and heads back to the underworld. I'll probably get the dungeons for this revenge on literature, but if I do, I know that there will be a lot of company down there with me in a few short years. I can wait, I've got all the time in the world - but you haven'tl I ! l I'll be seeing you - soon. --Francis A. Lillyman. page thirty-seven 1, 'NA 1 Q 5 1 .., page thirty-eight M... "H-an htiffl -u 'Q de A ,,,: . H , Q--+4 F F A ST THE YEARB1 DOK itor - CYNTI A COOK Lilvruly Ed Editor-in-Chivf 4 JOSEPH WAS ELESKI 'JN f .Q-E.f:','E 1-.1595 E255 115- m 'UU iii? 3. midi 2380 Euan! Bqfbi 'Ugg .Claim D-4x-.92 32:5 O.: .0 Tag! ID.-Q-...rn Q-,aku 3.5.25 'uve fi '56 :seg 4.2130 ,mio Jdipqii cm ox- ,F LJ:-'jig cu-555.2 --'fic-Do ,-Efuvlz C3154 5525 ,Q2'3 CI 'px g,,:'drn 228: 'SEE AF- --A 1925 '5y5j"1 1-.Q ': QE .N D355 ' wr 552: .f:jE"7 ix'-'2-2 2585 :Eif- -Mani 2,0 .-Uv' 44:35 um h-Q ....,.qgs.1 E,"E'E3 ELSE: LD 'LC 0502 Ee-11 I-1-Ey, QEQQQS :vwH" :aa H .L-.SCM Emi,-1 ,wg-fan" 25,25 Q ev NE:g Fc.. H5022 Sinai Q.- 230'-I QQLCU :cgi f5.2m3 .Amos gummy-I WN Z you W 9 vi xfffiiii' Dot QP' 255 Xi Q ge?" 00" ' vi' 04' ' o 0 eww' fikgYSi?E!0b 0 095 Giwoh Ngom TALLE ST Peggy Donovan, ,I ack Sylvia O5 W0 Nkww BIGGEST APPETITE Ann Donovan, Lloyd Truax SHORTEST Lester Paiva, Cynthia Roberts, Doris Doucette, Mary White YOUNGEST CBoyD David Bearce OLDEST fGirlj Ivancy Dimarzio DONE MOST FOR CLASS Theresa Ciovino, Dick Cuenard MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST DATE Cynthia Cook, Joe Waseleski Amy Umbs, Dick Guenard Bob Sylvia SMARTEST Cynthia Cook, Philip Law NEATEST , Dotty Dolan, Alan F airbank BEST DANCERS ,Ioan Comeau, James Hennessey BEST LOOKING ,lane Rex, Bob Sylvia QUIETEST Beverly Rockwood, Philip Law TEACHERS' PETS Natalie Gaudet, Joe Waseleski 1 BEST DRESSED Lorna Comey, Alan Fairbank CUTEST SMILE Joan Leary, Lennie Higgins MOST POPULAR Ann Donovan, Dick Guenard CUTEST COUPLE Amy Umbs, Joe Waseleski BEST SHAPE Betty Breede BEST BUILD Bob Sylvia OLDEST Joe folly YOUNGEST Shirley Brown CLASS CLOWNS Dianne Smith, Alan Fairbank MOST RESPECTED BEST SCHOOL SPIRIT Dotty Dolan, Philip Law Ann Donovan, Dick Guenard , J, ,L ,,...-f-4 Classes P08 - gg. f page fortyfour 1-., CLASS JUNIOR 51253 on-Q1 4-apg Ins-5 In-is-E :E455-4oU -gidg 34L'Q0:u U .QE-G 5581.20 " ,"'s.f Wgwmm Eh-isa Q- C-5.5503 ....'-P'-'QC .EEN H aww f 4: ,,:uen.... QKQ1: vt-:-50 Smzwzm cu' 'U ngggfq-7 L1 F-7Q.2s:3: 55434 232333 :'..'Tx-QED! U -n sig or we ,N 49915913 Z,.G5,.i 355.5 2 s..ur6?v-50 Owumzf QW .D 1-" ..-mug! PETS : -2.195302 ... 5' " ?.2.::4' :UQ .D 2,N:9f5..7 :Scsi 'Jcu so Emilia f,"o+-' .'5JnO's 1-':,2CLD.-Q g,.L,: c -aw-'oi-w ... 365751 U1,Y-1:3729 QB,-niviun 4-fn.-SNC vu....'-com QFSEH Nm -'E :, '-WJ mgiaisi ..:0.G.: v .EDQEOBQQ 29532 :sg 35,52 aJ...fe2 036295452 EET? DJ: +-Z":i'-:CQ- M .Seq .. . Q ' A::'E :S ESSAY-df! -'if-C"""-3-Tu c kfga: .-3 SQWN? OLD rn HEP-w Mao in O if .gg E vm, Em glgfgw H 4-3 cgiahiig -. -,N -. f'S3ie'3 Lgw-new-,EU JOHN DAVIS. urer, TOIZS NQT TTO I BR DEVAUTOURg Secretary, CAROL ice-Presidvnt, ROBERT SQI COME EL President, DANI CLASS MOTFO happinessf, lil 4'Morlzeration is the key Silver ll all Oil M ara ...F- ,F X SOPIIOMORE CLASS First Row Cleft to rightj 1 Nlary Buckley, Eleanora Cataloni, Sally Roberts, Mr. Brainerd, Marilyn Peach, Larry Brunell, Walter Durham, Nancy ,Dodkin., Mr. Metcalf, Jane Fairbank, Claire Doucette, Emma Freeman. Seeonrl Row: Lee Sallie, Priscilla Romiglio, Carolyn Street, Barbara York, Doris Sullivan, Marlene Cook, Martha Grifhths, Margaret Bristol, Lorraine Gayton, Marjory Metcalf Helena Schromm, Mary Sanford, Eleanor Dooley, Elizabeth Gallagher. Third Row: Dean Swift, Otis Downs, William Goodwin, Girard Lynch, Judith Adrey, Joan Dodkin, Elaine Cook, Linda Bluemer, Larry Bearce, Michael Shea, Alan Johnson, William Bray. Fourth Row: David Colburn, Frank Heffron, Ronald Flanders, George Fuller, Ronald Parker, Joseph Cardinute, Russell llarnden., Carlton Smith. CERS ASS OFF! A U M. DURHA ALTER H g Treasurer, W DODKINQ Secretary, MARILYN PEAC er - President, NANCY I "i UNELLg BR resident, LARRY FE UD N Pt :L K? E P N 0 MUTT ASS CL hef' a man thinketh - so is MAS QE: QS ,JUS QE be fn.. 245 .13 um page forty-six FRESHMAN CLASS .- ....,,,,A,.. ESFEFFQESE G0:gv?5'o,,,m..- Tv'4Bvw.2U.':'UE E,Bp:O4vs. 1-aa 1: ?D"Q"'Umn4 'vsiwmainwf - 4-v In .21 Of'D"c"'1o.2U'J :fine-'O .... "' 1... ,.i.u1..?.Q141-2 4 dawg! ..:5.2 fESfi'UN3i M 3saE.65:6H .-,, E:gN'5:ww- L. LY-1 as Z Qoeuac,-Q,-Q me-5.::2m mine 5511250-no-TV'-Hmm .... Ulouf-1.m rr nqoOo,-...T 215.2 :UD-5420.2 ,-,.5?wLn:O,-gm 'ev 'Pu "Qc :: ov QU 3 :vUOP'F,CQ .Qc -Zfgmgw-615-E -nee. ...- Tzf.-Qy., 090.-FQ CDSMSSQEWUE Higmilif-fa E-Egainf gi. ,:uggroofEQ'55w -521gH"'EnZ"-CE N ..:1:vQ'HQ visas! E-U D-4S3,gg4,.5uJ5: v-fv:::S.2E'EE".: 2QaB:a:2NO VH .N CDv5"l2g.2m. Z2P,E., ig 5-2f5gQd5TQgE'5 aa 3 F "Cla-wx-0 U 'GNQS3 f-'O Om 'Q-1.245 Q '- cggigigmeag-QL E 1'5E1:5H33 O ...,g fEC'1.EhDQ cn E'5EMff13g2.z5' cn -Q 40.-PH Um' 4 Emi-J'C4J. U 0 'U 4-I CI. Q ,N.sevgg,,..-.2 -- wr..-gon-P U-C' U QLf1As02E55QB , r: glgwrigogigmt Aiwa: 7,2 54" ""ms---" .-. fv0g:5OE1'g'E41 '-2 ov"r-som O EEU, . oh.: 1: Q1-53,1501-4319 "ZKb0h:'5f.'9 s: gm f-:5...m nw LQ wicca-'Sm 2':4L'.2o2'6og qS'.-Wasp:-59114 5522555223 who ---5 Tb Emi-Efflgwigasl-5 , ' su on gfgbgnfago ... LH-C: ,M-3. .22 BD 450653: w.2:sdi:1:?T:E w1:T,,-EN me Lliiqgipgcignhu -fa-.nfs '5 ':s.a:2. -Eg-CD'-1 gcce-I no oO 'Havana' -:F-YlJgN3..wg:.,, 4:2 Qf:'Eur'5S.'5i 1-:BE tgp 1-QKQN Q:QQgQWN2'Q ,E - 5,C.5::....oSbf,'ESfn ae EgE'- :vl- qgv 32 I-40 Emggpgzflg Wong L: M'-'S+-"uk'.2E'5' Womvkiyiupnsi- -.. .gaggqimsoia LgDQUmHwM?Di4.m President, BRUCE REXQ Vice-President, RICHARD KNIGHTg Secretary, ELLEN ENGLEYQ Treasurer, ARNOLD MC INIS. as standg divided we fall. United we ss CLASS COLORS Blue and Silver V F x s N N xx Q. S X2 X R 4 QQ? 'FM Q, yr 19 FOOTBALL Front Row: Left to rightg Co-Captain Lloyd Truaxg Albert Weirq Edward Mellong Don Childsg Robert Devaughterg .loe Cardinuteg Ronald Flanders. Second Row: Frank Hefferong Alfred Rollinsg Jim Wallaceg Robert Taylorg Co-Captain Joseph Waseleskig George Fullerg Bob iylviag Fred Davidsong Dick Cuenardg Dick Knightg Albert Rosinski, Thatcher Carlg Ronald arkerg Coach John Certuse. OOTBALL Handicapped by inexperienced men and lack of material, Coach Certuse man- aged to pull the team through with a four win, three lose, and one tie record. Small in size but big in fighting spirit the Blue and Gold boys surprised many of their opponents as well as the townspeople. After playing the best game of the year at Wareham the squad ended the season by bowing out to a strong Mansfield squad 25-14. To next years team and to Coach Certuse we wish you the best of luck for a successful season. F oxboro. . . . . .19 Northbridge .... . . . . . . 7 Foxboro. . . . . . 0 North Attleboro . . . . . . . .13 Foxboro. . . . . .13 Somerville Vocational. . . . 0 Foxboro. . . . . .34 Franklin ,........ . . . . . . 7 Foxboro. . . . . .14 Billerica ..... . . . . .21 Foxboro. .. ...31 North Easton. . .. . . . .13 Foxboro. . . . . .19 Wareham .... . . . . .19 Foxboro. . , . . .14 Mansfield . . . . . .25 page forty-nine Page fifty BOYS' BASKETBALL First Row flrft to rightjz James Wallace CAssistant Managerl, Ronald Flanders, Robert Sylvia, Richard Guenard CCaptainj, Coach Ahern, Ronald Parker, Daniel Comes, John Davis Q Manager J. Second Row: Peter Holske, Waller Durham, Charles Groome, George Fuller, Frank lleffron, Bruce Rex, Allan Kivela, William Bray. Third Row: David Cuenard, Robert Taylor, Joseph Cardinute, Larry Bearce, Gregory Plakias, Arnold Mclnis, David Bodie. KETBALL Under the able direction of Coach John Ahern the squad finished up in fourth place in the Hockomock League. Considering the lack of material and the in- experience of the team in general, the squad had a fairly successful season ending an eighteen game schedule with a nine win and nine lost record. Foxboro Foxboro Foxboro Foxboro Foxboro Foxboro Foxboro Foxboro Foxboro Foxboro Foxboro Foxboro ........ Foxboro Foxboro ...,.... Foxboro Foxboro Foxboro ........ Franklin . . . Alumni . . . Franklin .. Randolph . . N. Easton . Manslield . . Stoughton . Sharon ..... N. Attleboro Canton ,... Randolph . . N. Easton . Mansheld . . Stoughton . Sharon ..... N. Attleboro Canton .... page fifty-one '55 fm. x FY ,CLE 'FD is P15047 s Q9 4 , BASEBALL First Row fleft to rightj: Allan Kivela, Robert Taylor, George Fuller, Ronald Flanders, Richard Guenard, Ronald Parker, Joseph Cardinute, Robert Richards. Second Row: William Bray, Carl Shepardson, John Comey, Thatcher Carl, Bruce Rex, Gregory Plakias, Arnold Mclnis, Allan Britton, Coach Burgess. Third Row: Lee Oswell, Douglas Floyd, Larry Bearce., Alfred Rollins, Michael Shea, John, Cook, Lionel Guenard, David Guenard. BA EBALL The baseball team who will be under the supervision of Charles Burgess, a new member to our Athletic Department, is looking forward to a successful season. With the return of only a few veterans, this year's team will provide many of the younger boys with an opportunity to prove themselves and earn a position on the squad. Regardless of a rough nineteen game schedule, we are confident that the team will make a good showing, win, lose, or draw. page fifty three A . 6' mv germ, 3:55321 z is 'ww-we . W .. Ks'i2if1izsi1::,v,.:.'1 "sEf5f2f:.51i 3 I .ff lvlf l--I: :F g5i2'5ia4?E5iE553i5iif'fl"'7 in-'ff U lf H3251 if''l7555.?a552ffli??' ' S, .. , i V ei -ig'f?Z'ii11L'2i- ' '- K - l ' X 35? 21225 , , Y wZ,. ,, .. yijiwsg-1wn,+,.z, Maisie V- 1 ,A v,.,., ee TRACK TEAM First Row Cleft to rightlz William Jolly, Edgar Peavy, Walter Durham, Lester Paiva, Frank Heffron, Francis Buckley, Russell Green. Second Row: Peter Holske., John Silver, Otis Downs, Daniel Comes, Ronald Foster, Edward Mellon, John Davis, Coach Certuse. TRACK TEAM 1952's Track team, coached by ,lohn Certuse, is a young team but swift and courageous notwithstanding. It is entered in many meets and it is hoped that it will have a very successful season. page fiftyfour r A GIRLS" BASKETBALL First Row Cleft to rightj: Carol Roche, Cynthia Cook, Edith Granahan, Elizabeth Cillie CCaptainl, Dianne Smith QActing Captainj, Patsy Maclvor, Ann Donovan, Dorothy Dolan. Second Row: Marlene Dolan CAssistant Managerj, Cynthia Roberts, Jean Schromm, Priscilla Kay, Rose Kersey., Miss Fearnley, Joyce Bent, Ann Ashby, Marilyn Peach, Nancy Peach, Evelyn Lom- bardi CManagerD. Third Row: Ruth Forrest, Marlene Cook, Margaret Bristol, Heather Gilman, Carolyn Darling., Jane Rollins, Lorraine Gayton. i GIRL 'BA KETBALL The girls' basketball team had a fairly successful season losing only five out of twelve games played. The most exciting game played was at Attleboro. Foxboro held a close lead right up until the closing minutes when Attleboro took a five point lead which Foxboro could not overcome. On the victorious side in a game with Sharon, Fox- boro came from behind to win in the closing minutes. Each game was played with an unending drive. The team played together like one person. Elizabeth Gillie chosen as Captain was injured early in the season and was unable to play in any of the remaining games. Dianne Smith very ably took over as acting Captain. The accurate shooting of the forewards, the excellent defense of the guards and the team's unending drive led them to many victorious upsets over opposing teams. Girls' Sports Editor JUDY GRANAHAN Page iffy-Six FIELD HOCKEY First Row Cleft to rightj: Lorraine Gayton, Heather Gilman, Cynthia Cook, Dianne Smith, Edith Granahan, Margaret Donovan, Ann Donovan, Elizabeth Breede, Shirley Brown. Second Row: Carolyn Darling, Nancy Dodkin, Marcia Foster, Eleanor Dooley, Judy Ardrey, Yvonne Welsh, Martha Griffiths, Margaret Bristol., Gail Fitzpatrick, Joyce Bent, Lorrinda Bluemer, Miss Fearnley. Third Row: Emma Freeman, Eleanora McKay, Nancy Peach, Charlotte Peavy, Elaine Cook, Joan Dodkin, Rose Kersey, Marilyn Peach, Ann Ashby, Mary Buckley, Shirley FIELD HOCKEY This years' Field Hockey team, under the direction of Coach Jean Fearnley, bettered any previous record set by other Foxboro Field Hockey Teams. Gallagher. Teamwork was the key to the teams' success. Handicapped by the loss of many top players, the girls put everything they had into a game. They won over Hope- dale, who has beaten Foxboro for many years. Whether they won or lost the girls were ready for the next team. High scorers were Captain Judy Granahan, Dianne Smith and Cynthia Cook. The defense attack was led by Anne Ashby Cleft backl, Bonnie Peach Qcenter backj, and Betty Breed fright backl. The team wishes to thank manager Carolyn Darling for doing such a fine job. Foxboro ...... 1 Hingham. . . Foxboro .0 Braintree .. Foxboro . 2 Canton .... Foxboro .3 Stoughton . Foxboro .2 Hopedale .. Foxboro ...... 0 Oliver Ames Foxboro .1 Randolph . . Sports Editor JUDY GRANAHAN page fifty-seven GIRLS SOFTBALL First Row Cleft to rightlx Doris Doucette CManagerD, Joan Dodkin, Margaret Bristol, Lorraine Gayton, Elizabeth Gillie, Edith Granahan, Dianne Smith. Second Row: Judy Ardrey, Carol Roche, Carolyn Darling, Margaret Donovan, Martha Griffiths, Rose Kersey, Lorrinda Bluemer, Coach Fearnley. Third Row: Jane Fairbank, Ann Ashby, Marilyn Peach, Eleanor Dooley, Shirley Gallagher, Eleanora McKay. GIRLS' SOFTBALL In the season of 1951 the Girls' Softball team won the Hockomock League Championship by winning all of their league games. Another successful season is looked forward to this year, with many girls plan- ning to come out for the team. Girls' Sports Editor JUDY GRANAHAN y page fifty-eight Qc: s X X XX nsf mmf X S 'if-HX!! N-'Sig' WW Page Sixty CLUB C DRA MNT I fig: SE'-L' M052 Em .-51? 5522 QC O GJ 'aGa- E525 U NCC Q4 aging EE 51 of C :Eglin S0525 UIQ.-nb P MDF i515i HQQQQ N :.g 2525! E-O 3 EQCJQO u,g.fg75f4 5.25:-Ex J'-I : .:: VH N .-gvlm Eigif .QQKE ,Zff.'9.Q'E'E ggsgzi :EQ i F' 0 Sjrii P1 DEQ :-,QL::Dx EMM? :Eggs rage E ,-giqgm vhhg .-CX-f-CQPX. QQHOE af-'SH Q nz! 4352, ,Q eu: :Maui E'aEE"gE Vw SU,-Emwg Hitw- li:5Q SW -S was-523 'zn-tbvzlg 'SCSU San.. 5 qgneo 0-cs 55325 3255: QEEQ2 I M ml '- 20 F6 1:53579 kwa 9 p-520.-, Um D UB M . ganlzations H busie H. lgh Scho 01,5 F Oxboro Cof On Self .H 1-1 S1 0 5 O 1.4 D-4 ic Cl ub has again M III ra D The I cn 3-s li 02 his-4 Q39-1 3,5 82 DH ED? S5 Q3 E A 'mga gm GJ U93 Q -'5 Q.. HJ OU :sm go 4-V O2 fs: 'v-40 ,mfs CD5 +4 Sm mo O.-CI H+-2 UD 2-SV 1.12915 :gg 'Gam Cla.: :song no-U" 0 im 593 '-:QU .Jag 2'aW L'5'gg'5 s-'Ii 'ni 8 362 ,I-I -ag? EM M2 'ES-S D Q' 38 N EQ-Suggs i 5245 -' r: Uggmcs ,NQECQ EU ig El 55. 5 Bug, EE Sa OS CQ:-A 92 ig ,Q ca .a:, E22 Nb .ug U3 :E 333 S Q v-V2 no Q C QQ I2 is E: 'GE QC 'E LO ,JO .-xx... :L8 if E5 'Z Pu LE'5?".g-'aw I dr '55 'U S .Lf F-4 mi! 25 E33 4: 2' fm Hs.. g ,S .2-5 1-F HQ -S: " ::CnE.J 5E",U-2 O - .E :EE .QQ :BQ Tern 55-5 E: f-'52 Z!! ,gl- fi--2" ww L-1 23 22' :T 'Eg ,IN CUPE E2 5: .EQ""Ou: cn.. Qv, cs 'U IQ- gi: f E5 fd .EOE E5 Z5 ,is .. -:H :E -if :um V: EE sg 'if Q. mf,,0A: 'Es-E2 ""o ii ,-X f -2 ,x .Q 9, wa 3: 1... :Q 7: 1. C5 U -s .E 4-a U Olga-'IE H-4 153 fijf.: QE 4-E-H H-l .Ei HE 624: +4 EL. 2.12 -cf.: C54-I zn"U ws: .cm IT1 ' QE MQ-7 Pg? EE PHE ,Cd :wx as-1 1: .21 in QE '-5-J 249 0-9 f-HCI O55 QU -25. 'Gm 252 ld 'Ga 33 -ga QU xr 02 as-5 QED QD f,3.c 'UF 5 ,S E :s E 3 St ll Ilgt IH... Framingha 313 al iv Fest .F-. Sic .State Mu ,-1 4 GJ .c Q-I 1: I-1 Panic 0 lpated rn L.. U .-Q E 0 E 'U GJ 4-I C3 3 03 we 4-I rn O E Page sixty-on 6 1 '11 First Row Qleft to rightj -Judy Ardrey, Doret Newell, Joan Leary, Natalie Gaudet, Alfred Rollins, Ann Donovan, Elizabeth Breede, Shirley Brown. Second Row- Miss Briggs, Dianne Smith, Rose Kersey, James Hennessey, Cynthia Cook, Carolyn Darling, Evelyn Lombardi, Dorothy Dolan, Mrs. Sullivan. Third Row- Marilyn Peach, Amy Umbs, Alan Kivela, Francis Lillyman, Richard Cuenard, Elaine LeBaron, Jean Schromm, Cynthia Roberts, Marie Cicu. PRO MERITO OCIETY Becoming a member of this national society is an honor much esteemed and proudly upheld by its members. TQ gain membership a student must have attained an average of 85123 or better for the first three years of his high school career. Membership is extended at the end of the senior year to those students who have gained the required 85fZ,, and to those already members, who have retained this average, a pin is awarded. First Row Qlefl to rightj - Edith Granahan, Elizabeth Gillie, Robert Sylvia, Richard Guenard, Elizabeth Breede, Dianne Smith. Second Row-- Evelyn Lombardi, Joseph Waseleski, Cynthia Cook, Ann Donovan. page sixty-two THE FCJXTROTTER lfnder the capable direction of Miss Jeanette Briggs, the staff worked dili- gently to produce a line paper. This year the Fox-Trotter was published in four issues with an extra edition devoted to basketball. The publication was changed this year, from a printed sheet to a mimeographetl paper. First Row Cleft to rightl - Lois Moore, Jeannette Schromln, Evelyn Lombardi, Philip Law, Cynthia Cook, Shirley Brown, Beverly Rockwood. Second Row - Edith Cranahan, Ann Donovan, Margaret Donovan, Joseph Waseleski, John Groome, Jane Rex, Heather Gilman, Dorothy Dolan. VAR ITY CL The Varsity Club membership is made up of Seniors who have at least two letters in one sport, or a total of three letters in various sports. Last year it was decided to discontinue the purchasing of jackets because of the high price. The Varsity Club has decided to raise the money needed with the aid of the school. page sixty-three Left to right 4 Elizabeth Gillie, Ann Ashby. fCirls' Sports Clubj. First Row Cleft to rightj -Marjory Metcalf, Evelyn Lombardi, Ann Donovan, Rose Jodice Second Row - Nancy Dodkin, Bonnie Peach. Top - Shirley Guerrini. fCheerleadersJ. page sixtyfour GIRLS' SPORT CLUB The Sports Club, under the direction of Miss Jean Fearnley, enjoyed many outings this year. Some of the outings were Roller Skating, Bowling, and Ice Skat- ing. Officers President - Elizabeth Gillie Secretary-Treasurer - Anne Ashby Program - Ann Donovan Sports Editor - Judy Granahan DRlVER'S EDUCATION First Row Clcft to rightj 4Jean Schromm, Joan Leary, Evelyn Lombardi, Margaret Donovan, Cynthia Cook, Shirle Brown, Beverly Rockwood, Marcia Foster. Second Row- Ann Ashby, Jane Dwyer, Lorna Ciomey, Jane Rex, Gail Fitzpatrick, Anna Sylvia, Virginia Renaud, Joyce Bent, Shirley Guerrini. Third Row- Doret Newell, Adrienne Russell, Joyce Gafford, Natalie Gaudet, Elizabeth Breede, Delia O'Sullivan, June Ludwig, Katherine Honnors, Elizabeth Spencer. Q Drivers' Education D. CHEERLEADER The Cheerleaders worked very hard this year perfecting new cheers and pep- ping up the crowd. This was the first year the school bought uniforms for them, and also the hrst year they had a chance to enter a Cheerleaders' Tournament. ,Ql- though they didn't win, they learned a lot and enjoyed themselves immensely. They wish to thank the school, the students, their coach Miss Margery Briand, and the townspeople for giving them such marvelous support throughout the year. page Slxly First Row Cleft to rightj - Judy Ardrey, Elizabeth Breede, Mr. Brainard cAlIUiS0fD, Alfred Rollins, Margaret Donovan CPresirlentD, Ann Donovan. Second Row-Elaine Morse, Treva Cornish, Sandra Kivela, Allan Kivela, Richard Guenard, Ellen Engley, Shirley Cuerrini. Third Row- l6arry Brunell, Arnold Mclnnis, James Waseleski, Michael Shea, Albert Rosinski. fstudent ouncilj. TUDE T CO NCIL This year the council was under the supervision of Mr. Arthur Brainard. A great deal was accomplished by this student governing board, including the pur- chasing and selling of Foxboro High School bookcovers. Plans were made for pro- jects to be completed in the coming years. page sixty-six G Q Z' CLIN! liP4C,ll ,- lfli 5 2 .: E Cf. fx 'r I 5: U ri P4 .1 L.. QQ TF 5 it 5 U L. 5 f-1 2 E I L -Q E r- J R' -. E :L e an Wu X., L' A -.f L.. 1 M as -J as L' E :F O -v in 75 fn v C - CU L L.. C v .- J x.. E U Vs. .1 ... Q 2 fx -. 5 1-L . 1. Q Q .. E V S 5 x Q n L V-Q L 0 -4 O .1 1: s.. -A -. .4 0 L- CB DD L.. :vs 2 fx B 'S .. 5 r .. ill f-r H E Nl -U1 53 Q E O -J L C 1: A.. 2 E - N .EH P .. z a. A I L.. 0 GJ wx - L - Z fi Q 'F 5. s. -Z I E A Hu A .4 2 ,1 .. .2 J: - C in , , if A Q ... - L S - -- I L L .. "1 . a 5. ef .t 2 E L.. f-. .4 rx w K I. 1: f l.:'s.. fu.':ca ?a:2 Ji ,EFT - . , Pg - 225 - anew r-wg , f'-E 2 3: x - - Sf' ami LD " J: ff o h f? flu f 1:35 Z-2: 44 21 S4 as : . 45222 532 ,, 3 E Kms C'-if' 'E m 'Z' EZ! at 5 EE 23g .'.1'.,: nc? mqjg E24 mf: , U-'PS . Q C2 vs : .Emu ?'A'i .Z is-2 ff g - 055 EUE f 4511 : if la!! . V J: 54.2 C4251 1-: . N ,- 5 Ei? e - z -F Cl? N5 .- jgtd ,- : 352 . - .. 1- :: .5 41" . : E425 -1 f5 'E .gs f- . sz " 9x -2 9 5 .E 2: 5 EE ip evo'- Lplilfd 5 PM C : ZH .: :E :E 7: 5 E Li N525 f A-Ui -D TE Dx Q 1'-Q5 E V1 5 JU ,-vnu-4 .1522 'SIE .LGT-El' C m e if JIM: UB CL NCH 1 It A 'R '15 D UC re 2 B, I' Rf! Ja as Q fu 3 CD This year, the French Club, under the capable guidance of Mrs. Beers, was quite aetive. Th two most outstanding events were the entertaining of two French girls, one in February, and one in April, who were born in Paris and grew up in France, and are now attending American schools Their visits delighted and entertained all the members, as well as adding to their knowledge o French customs. A-.M A' rgs ,.Vk ages sr 52111322 play ' N 77 Frieda . . . Herbert Cage , Sarah Gage . Paula Gage . . Barbara Cage . Marge Cage . . . George Husted . . Jonathan Rockwood Mathilda Rockwood Mr. Loomis . . . Uncle Walter . Matt Rockwood . . Carson .... Trembly Girl . . Minister ..... Htllllalfy Tl'lE1W THE CAST THERESA GIOVINO . . ROBERT SYLVIA . . . JOAN LEARY . . SHIRLEY BROWN . . . ANN DONOVAN RUTH MeCORMICK . . . JOHN SYLVIA . . . . RICHARD GUENARD . . CYNTHIA COOK FRANCIS LILLYMAN . . , DAVID BEARCE .JAMES HENNESSEY . . JOHN GROOME . . GEORGETTE THEBERGE .......,....,...,...LESTERPAIVA The Choir . . .Dorothy Dolan, Elizabeth Breede, Dianne Smith, Patsy MacIvor Mourners . . .Jane Dwyer, Lorna Comey, Joan Comeau, Alice Engley, Elizabeth Cillie, Carol Roche, Jeannette Schromm, Amy Umbs Pall Bearers ..... Donald Childs, Walter Stanley, Lloyd Truax, Joseph Jolly Three Neighbors ....... Virginia Renaud, Cynthia Roberts, Nancy Toorok Under Study for Marge , . ............,... Shirley Brown Properties ......, . . Jane Dwyer, Edith Granahan, Peggy Donovan Prompters . ....,. Natalie Gaudet, Evelyn Lombardi Make- Up . Call Mistress . Wardrobe Mistress Organ Music . . . Lights and Curtain . . . , . . . Jeannette Schromm . . . . Lorna Comey . . . Joan Comeau ............LoisMoore . . . . . . . . . . , . . .Robert Gove,Royden Colby Scenery . , .Donald Childs, John Groome, Heather Gilman, Roy Caby, Leonard Higgins, Robert Cove, Richard Landry, Lawrence Winslow, Robert Stanke Usherettes . , . Joan Comeau, Nancy DiMarzio, Peggy Donovan, Jane Rex, Beverly Rockwood, Doris Doueette, Mary White, Margaret Webb, Delia O6Sullivan Directed by HELEN HAZEN LIPNER page sixty-nine Lumber - Fuel - Oil - Tools, - Hardware - Reo Lawn Mowers Westinghouse - Youngstown, Shop Smith, Skill Tools FOXBORO COAL COMPANY 29 Wall Street, Telephone 336, Foxboro, Massachusetts .:: , N , 4 V M ' I 3 W, 1--. I lk ,. K Vrrki, H 1 5 A K k . .Q if V. 4 x -,,1f ii Lk , 4 . K " 4 gf T I so as S 'i-7 5 V I I as aire ' ,Q X .. lx . I I mn, K ,. I an 'yiu rl -:. , ,- ' K VV yn H 'F H ,gn L 7 . - 1 .L:..-- ' X lf Q l l1o 4 fl 5 I 3 3 i 1 Q ,M It 1 V it Q L. ., 5 cr' - , Q I 1 A W 'A 3 X Fairbank Congdon Company OLDSMOBILE - PONTIAC Sales and Service 115 MAIN STREET, TELEPHONE 410, FOXBORO, MASS. page seventy-one THE SERVICE COMPANY PEDINI MOTORS Buick and Chevrolet SALES AND SERVICE Mansfield, Massachusetts Compliments of: LAWRENCE W. FOSTER POST No. 93 AMERICAN LEGION Telephone 956 JONES SPORT CENTER EVERYTHING FOR THE SPORTSMAN George H. .lones 94 Central Street Foxboro, Massachusetts Compliments of: GRIMES LINEN SERVICE page seventy-two HEARN,S DAIRY North Street Compliments of: LEON PINI Foxboro, Massachusetts Compliments of: L E T T Y ' S The Herbert E. King Agency Charles A. Wheeler, Insurance 206 North Main Street Mansfield, Massachusetts Feminine Wearables of Distinction Costume Jewelry Mansfield, Massachusetts HILLTOP TRAILER COURT and Service Station Route U. S. 1 and 140 Foxhoro, Massachusetts L O N D O N ' S Attleboro's Largest Store Near the Post Office Parking rear of the New Building Complete Insurance Service J. Venner Makant Insurance Agency - Notary Public 51 Central Street, Telephone 600 Foxboro, Massachusetts Compliments of: LORD FOX Mr. and Mrs. James F. Nolan Owner and Manager KIRLEY COAL and SUPPLY CO. 208 North Main Street Mansfield 34-0 MOORE'S DRY GOOD STORE page seventy-three MUSTO'S BEAUTY SALON ELLSI K. BROWN Attorney- at Law Atherton Furniture Co. Chester C. Gilbert, Theodore W. Gil- bert, Lawrence B. Gilbert. Complete Home Furnishings 32 South Main Street Attleboro, Massachusetts Compliments of COMEY'S CLEANSERS Compliments of: ATTLEBORO SUN Don Currivan Insurance Agency 72 Central Street, Mansfield, Mass. Telephone Foxboro 2386 - Mans. 440 Compliments of: BEL-MAR BEAUTY SALON Compliments of: JOSEPH E. DONOVAN, JR. Attorney-at-Law B 81 M TAXI Compliments of: Dr. FRANCIS T. DeSTEFANO page seventyfour THE DANCE STUDIOS I3 Bird St., Foxboro, Massachusetts Classes in, Toe, Acrobatic, Tap, Ballet, Character Torrance Furniture Co. Complete Home Furnishers II2 North Main St., Tel. 670 Mansfield, Massachusetts M G M GARDENS Fresh Eggs, Poultry, Fruit, and Vegetables. Phones 2526-2379, 85 Main Street Foxhoro, Massachusetts VICKERY MOTORS South Main Street Mansfield, Massachusetts Compliments of: Ferguson Brothers 57 Main St., Foxhoro, Massachusetts Television and Electrical Appliances STERLING MANUFACTURING COMPANY Mansfield, Massachusetts THRIFT MOTOR SALES Foxboro, Mass. VINNIE,S BARBER SHOP and BEAUTY SALON MONROE'S BARBER SHOP WELCH'S DAIRY page seventyfive GRANDE and SON CONTRACTORS Everett, Massachusetts Complete Home Furnishings at Reasonable Rates FOXBORO FURNITURE STORE GENERAL ELECTRIC and CROSLEY APPLIANCES Television Sales and Service Compliments of: FOXBORO FIRE DEPARTMENT THE CHICKEN COOP RESTAURANT Norton, Massachusetts Route 123, Attleboro - Norton Private Dining Room for Parties W.J BAY STATE DRUG STORE . O'REILLY, B. S. and J. K. O'REILLY, Registered Pharmacists Central and South Streets Telephone 949, Foxboro, Massachusetts B page seventy-six Compliments of: Stork Diaper Service Telephone Foxboro 923 Dr. FRANCIS A. BURNS Sunny Side Service Station II. B. Rollins and Sons Tydol Cas, Tires, Batteries, Expert Lubrication, Good Service KERSEY GARDENS Telephone 2840 Foxboro, Massachusetts Dr. SHERWOOD N. STREET Dr. FRANCIS E. LeBARON GRACE ELLIS DONOVAN JUNIOR CLASS Compliments of: EDDIE'S BARBER SHOP SOPHOMORE CLASS Al page seventy-seven as Q X . . and best wishes Q J SA for continued success and future happiness CD Your Electric Servant 9 Q RK f LL 6 --T GRADUATES q i " X D ' 4 W SQUULIGLQZD WORCESTER COUNTY ELECTRIC COMPANY ...""1 W PART OF NEW ENGLAND ELECTRIC SYSTEM PERSONALIZED PORTRAITS AND lr's ALL DONE wlTH LIGHTS! Thereis magic in lights . . . add a light here, place a spotlight there, and your portrait takes on the appearance of real form and individuality. Your Vantine photographer knows how lighting effects can be best used . . . How easily they can reflect your personality. Your Vantine photographer knows best how to secure the sharply etched photograph your engraver desires of the important senior year . . . The victories of the athletic teams . . . The brilliance of social occasions . . . The Prom . . . The plays . . . The debates . . . The expression of everyday life on the campus. That personalized portraits by Vantine are important is attested to by the fact that over 300 schools and colleges repeatedly entrust their photographic work to Vantine. WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO 132 Boylston Street Boston, Mass. page seventy-eight Dupree's Texaco Service Station Marfak Lubrication, General Repairs Telephone Mansfield 791 "The Best Friend Your Car Ever Hadn L. E. FIORE FAMILY SHOE STORE Fine Footwear - Repairing Specialty FOXBORO 5c to 31.00 STORE Compliments of: Fuller Brothers Radio and Television Telephone Foxboro 402 Foxboro, Massachusetts FISHER'S GENERAL STORE Chestnut Street F oxboro, Massachusetts FOXBORO CASH STORE Compliments of: THE W. C. FULLER CO. Mansfield, Massachusetts Compliments of: GREENLEAF FARM A Compliments of: FOXBORO LAUNDRY CO. Two Good Places to Eat - HOME and HALES DINER Hales Diner - Opposite State Hosp Foxboro, Massachusetts page SeUenly'nlne SILLMAN'S SHOE STORE 43 Park Street Attleboro, Massachusetts RECREATION BOWLING ALLEYS Compliments of: Dr. CARL and Dr. HARRY SHPINNER Sarkis Radio 81 Television Service 'iSince 1906" 20 South Main Street, Mansfield Mansfield 95 REA-CRAFT PRESS Extends Best Wishes to the Class of 1952 Compliments of: RAIDER'S VILLAGE Walpole-Sharon Line Your Favorite Brands at SANNIE'S Mansfield, Massachusetts ROSE GARDEN M ansfield, M assachusetts Telephone 460 Specialty in, Chicken, Lobster, Steak Dinner Compliments of: DR. JAMES PUTNAM Mrs. Robert Barton's Garden Shop 75 Granite Street Wedding and Shower Gifts page eighty A HEAD IN DINER South Walpole, Massachusetts Compliments of: PEARSON'S Attleboro, Massachusetts Howard E. Newton, Insurance Foxboro, Massachusetts The Pilgrim Shoppe North Main Street Mansfield, Massachusetts ,Iimmie's Sandwich Shop 75 Downy Flake Doughnuts Tel. 14 North Attlehoro, Massachusetts SARRO'S MARKET Meats - Groceries - Provisions 457 N. Main St., Tel. Mans. 68 THE LITTLE SHOP Ice Cream - Candy - Tonic SHAW'S SPORTING GOODS Mansfield, Massachusetts C. S. LORD, Rhg. Phc. 214 N. Main Street Mansfield Tel. 102 Mansjield MAKE-UP BOX Foxboro, Massachusetts Martin Fabrics, Inc. 165 North Main Street Mansfield, Massachusetts Spier the Jeweler Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry 235 N. Main St., Mansfield, Tel. 1099 SUPERIOR MARKET North Street Foxboro, Massachusetts UNION THEATER Attleboro, Massachusetts MILADY,S North Attleboro, Massachusetts V. DeClemente Dept. Store 266-272 North Main Street hone 277 Mansfield, Mass. Telep Compliments of: Curtis S. Miller Attorney-at-Law J. Arthur Wheeler Co. Mansfield, Massachusetts Tel. 196-W PARKER'S Home of fine clothing for the entire family 160 N. Main St., Mansfield Dr. Calvin Wilkins Optometrist , North Attleboro, Massachusetts I page vightv one L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS Known wherever there are schools and colleges CLASS RINGS and PINS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS DIPLOMAS PERSONAL CARDS CLUB INSIGNIA MEDALS AND TROPHIES Represented by Tom Calvin Attleboro Office SC O L L I E R ' S Sales and Service 5 MECHANIC STREET, FOXBORO, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone 363 page eighty-two Compliments of: Morini's Super Marliet Mansfield, Massachusetts Compliments of: PEACIFS NEWS STORE Foxboro, Massachusetts Compliments of: NATHAN S. EMERY Baker Street, Foxboro, Mass. Compliments of: Dr. EDMUND PLONOWSKI Optometrist Foxboro, Massachusetts N. Nardelli Shoe Store Shoe Repair 41 Central Street Foxboro, Massachusetts POMFRET Laundry 81 Dry Cleaning Service Alphonso Tartufo - Joseph Falotico Compliments of: OLD CORNER STORE Foxboro, Massachusetts Compliments of: W. L. STEARNS Sz SON Established in 1873 Mansfield, Massachusetts Compliments of: OUIMET'S DRUG STORE, Inc. SNACK SHACK Kelly Boulevard, Route 152 North Attleboro, Massachusetts page eighty-three Aiken's Service Station 61 Chauncy St Tel. 468 Mansfield, Mass. Fernandes Super Market Norton and North Easton Albert A. Waterman Co. Inc. Taxi Stand at Depot Mansfield. Mass. Telephone 40 Fitzpatrick Pioneer Store , F oxboro, Massachusetts Attleboro 85 Plainville Coal Co. North Attleboro, Massachusetts C. A. Fiore Family .Shoe Store Tel. 861-W Mans. 378 North Main Street, Mansfield Bovay Electric Company Residential and Commercial Wiring Foxboro, Mass. Phone 2280 FLOYD A. TIBBITS Mansfield, Massachusetts Carroll Cut Rate 42 Central Street, Foxboro, Mass. Compliments of: Community Jewelry Shop North Attleboro and Norwood Conipo Chemical Co. Mansfield, Massachusetts Corner Flower Shoppe 2 N. Main St., Mansfield, Mass. Telephone Mans. 1064 Cosmopolitan Bakery A. Bielan and Sons, Prop. Telephone Mansfield 2 10 Edward H. Cruickshank,Contractor North Easton, Massachusetts Phone Easton 612-M Compliments of: FOXBORO COFFEE SHOP Compliments of: FOXBORO HAT SHOP Compliments of : Foxcroft Garden Greenhouse Say it with Flowersm' Phone Fox. 781 U. S. Route 1, Foxboro, Mass. Compliments of: Georges' Cleansing Service Elliot NI. Cove Plumbing and Heating 28 Sherman St., Foxboro 360 HANNA'S RESTAURANT 6GJim99 and G6Ben99 page eightygfour Norge Appliances, Television BAKER - KOZAK, Inc. Plumbing and Heating -- Oil Burner Sales and Service Residence 145 North Street FOXBORO 2092 STORE 46 CENTRAL STREET L. J. CATALDO CO. CLOTHIERS FRANKLIN AND FOXBORO Stores of Confidence Suits - Topcoats - Sports Coats - Furnishings - Sporting Goods F. E. Wills Insurance Agency Insurance and Real Estate North Main Street, Mansfield, Mass. FRESHMAN CLASS Compliments of: THE YARN SHOPPE Compliments of: Compliments of: The Foxboro House Good Food - Special Parties - Open for Luncheons - Foxhoro, Massachusetts H. ORVILLE DAVIS SMALL'S GREENHOUSE Foxboro, Massachusetts With sincere appreciation for our 'aservice with a smile" Compliments of: GENE and SUM THE STUDIO SHOP page eightyfve C0m,plimvnTls of: THE FOXBORO HOOSTERS CLUB The Childrens Friend ROBERTS FUNERAL HOME McKENZIE'S MOTORS MANSFIELD BLEACHERY page eighty-six f X43 M Tf fx NT n KN BEST WISHES FUR Ta-se FUTURE Kifkllllilll 1 yxlylglsliwlty fi I fi lfllfl x ' A Rx Q. I I COIVIPLHVIENTS DF THE VIAYOR Q 6 measures dew before it falls 'thats sensitivity for you . Here's a unique new device that shows dew "in the making" . . . long betore it becomes a source of trouble to the food or chemical processor, the blast furnace operator the warehouse operator. It's the first simple method ot reading dewpoint directly and continuously. This exclusive development, the Foxboro Dewcel, is in a class by itself. It works on an entirely new principle for humidity instruments . . . measuring actual humidity instead of relative. The Dewcel is only one of many recent Foxboro contributions to the advancement of processing efficiency. Instrumentation developed by The Foxboro Company for measuring and controlling temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level and many other process variables is employed in practically every I industry, and in nearly every country ot the world. ,f X, - I z st- s v ', I -I I tttt-t . ,.,.,. y . QQI s.,' Q ..,. a,,g,,g,,.q,qi Elly V I instrumentation FACTORIES IN THE UNITED STATES, CANADA AND ENGLAND

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