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I .1 f 'A NL? 34,11 , J ', ya . 'Zu 13? 57 ..,, 42115 JI' ' . , .. ff, V ,K I '5 Kw.vv 4 -ww 3' ' .Q , 1, -'1l'f V' , , Wmrf ' nf, p f A ,yun- 1- iff ,Qs . , 'lxw K. F. f , 1 ,,,'p.5gv, L, 4' 5K M 41, I x,,- , w M i , . 5. A , nys , my-. , ., X H, 1. K .M -- N , mx i F . Q21-gg , , XM' Il- - , '. "vi 7 .VLA 'wwvyh , 1. Q ix N , . V ' , 'Aix 4 ,ljh ', sf' xgkh x X sf ' ' A X ,I , V I V .ti ' . fiilglff vf- Q? nw, e-A,'l"" -2.5! ' J. X - Hmqngy .XX Q, .W A .'a.?.2 gk In , , " 'fi ' ' '53-2 151 f E X , , , an A. ,wa , A I L . Mk 4 '!'yg"r' , ffiwg . .- , inf df Q . gwlfaxggf B. ' - 1, A Q' if--574 . , G iff' ,- flv. , ,gif Q , , , .W F' 4 , e ff QQQAQLWQ-1 Ui 2' AA. W Umm xwu SQQA Qum.mM,,.m, using A W XQEZLU THE RED FUX for 1951 THE SENIUR CLASS of Foxboro H :gb School I i l CF ol With deepest appreciation for all his untiring efforts to establish a fine school newspaper and to build a Winning track team-We, the Class of 1951, dedicate this, the fourteenth edition of the RED Fox, to Mr. 'Charles F. Seaverns, Ir. Not only has he shown this interest and enthusiasm for sports and journalism, but he has instilled in all his students a feeling of pride for their school. His Willingness to help students after school has been appreciated by all. To Mr. Seaverns, who has been such a good friend to all, we say, "Thanks!,' Page Two Superintendent? Meffnge , Y- TO THE CLASS OF 1951- Frankly, I Iind it a bit difhcult this year to pour out words of wisdom and advice. I think you have a rugged road ahead of vou, but I don't know as though I feel particularly sorry for you. The history of our country is one of trying times and strong people who overcame the problems and diiiiculties. In other words, we have prospered as a nation in spite of all sorts of obstacles and seem- ingly impossible situations. VVith the welfare of my country at heart. I would be amiss to wish you smooth sailing and easy times. I think you will do all right. You will have to work hard for all you achieve-it will not come by waiting. XVoodrow Wilson once said. "Everything comes to him who waits-'provided he goes after what he is waiting for.' " That makes sense to me. Nlany people are alarmed at the condition of affairs in our worldg I certainly am concerned. By now you are convinced that your inalienable right to lead a normal life is to be, for a time at least, taken from you. You might well become a little bitter. for while we preach democracy and the rights of the indi- vidual. you will soon find that in these trying times you will not be consulted and your dreams and wishes will be ignored. Bly telling you that the sacrifices you will be called upon to make are for the purpose of preserving our American way of life for those who will follow you, will give you little comfort or relief. I am afraid that there will be days when you will feel you are "the goatv of a very demoralized civilization. VVhen you reach that stage. l suggest you spend a few hours with an American history book. An unknown author wrote a few lilies I want to leave with you:- "It's not the raps you get in life, Nor the daily encounters with trial and strife, But the way you face it. and fight it, and down it- That makes you a man among men." Good luck and keep your faith in God always. Iona: B1.ACKHAi.i. Smrrrn, Superintendent of Schools Page Three I Princglyvllff Merfage This is your commencement hour-it marks the first milestone of life successfully reached. Whether you continue in some higher institution of learningg or enter the Service or enter business Iieldsg you will encounter problems more complex than any you have met heretofore. In any case your real education is just beginning. The basic motive in our educational system is curiosity. Curiosity to understand the philosophy of our great thinkers of the past and now a greater curiosity to delve into the revelations being unfolded daily in this scientific age. These problems are yours-you have more than average intelligence. Upon you, the future prosperity of our nation depends. We have done our best to make you good citizens. Seek the type of work that you should enjoy. just a final word, strive to make those about you happy and you will be happy yourself. Contentment generally assures success! WINFIELD C. POTTER Principal Page Four A W, GCU WEWWTW -tv? Y J, Q, 1, gg- w '25, 55 IOHN AHERN Social Studies Basketball Coach BARBARA Y. BALDWIN Foods and Clothing Manager Lunch Room ALVIN H. BALL Music Director IOHN D. BALL Commercial Subjects Assistant Principal ,IOHN O. BARROVVS Guidance Director GLADYS W1 BEERS English French Yearbook Supervisor Page ALICE D. BRAWVN Latin Social Studies IOHN P. CERTUSE General Mathematics Director of Athletics CHARLES CHAISSON Driver Education. Industrial Arts ANGELO CHICK Art Director M. IRA DUBINS Chemistry Physics Biology Six lux I"1cAnx1,m' Girls, Physical Education Girls' Coach EIOSICPII NV. Cmsox Social Stuclics E nglish Lifcraturc liov.x4:1u' A. CIIXAIKIJIN PIELEN PIAZEN LIPNICR English FRANK L. B IE'rCA1.F Mathcmatics CHARLES F. Su.-W1-:1xNs, Alu English journalisnz Commercial Geography School Paper Acloiscr Track Coach DAISY D. STNPP Gcography ancl History Ennuslh H . 1,1 xc:o1,N I I. CRUSH Scicncc Jlathcmaiics NIAMQL A. 'IENNY Jlathcmalics Drawing Doms E. SU1,1,wAN Commercial Sulzjccfs GINA XVIIITEIIOUSE. PLN. School N ursc Pagc Scvcn FIN I DEDICATION ...........A4.........,,.........,, SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE FACULTY .S,.,,..........,,...,..,..., SENIORS ......S,....A LITERATURE ..................... YEARBOOK STAFF ......A POEM ,,.,......,..........,. HISTORY ,,4.., WILL ...,.,,.,...., PROPHECY ..,... STATISTICS . .......A.., . UNDERCLASSES ...,.... JUNIOR CLASS ..,..,......... SOPHOMORE CLASS ..,... FRESHBIAN CLASS ,...... SPORTS .....,V......I.,.,,A........, ACTIVITIES ., ADVERTISEMENTS 4.... Page Eight 1 ,, 'f X! if ffl " 9 Q53 fbi' T 1.145 4 , X F V qu-L ,N G fQ PP JOANNE MARIE AIMON E COLLEGE PREP. "Jo-Jo 241 North Street EXECUTIVE SECRETARY Jo-Io is a bright little girl with lots of pep and sparkling good humor. She can always be depended upon for an extra point in a close basketball game or another "ad" for the yearbook. Basketball '48, '49, 50, '51, FTL '49, '50, '51, Field Hockey '48, '50, '51, FTL '48, '50, '51, Softball '48, '49, '51 FTL '48, '49, 51 Athletic Association '48, '49, '50, '51, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, 51, Prom Committee '50, Senior Reception Committee '50, Glee Club '49, '50, Orchestra '50, Band '50, Senior Play-properties, Varsity Club '51, Girls' Sports 'Club '48, '49, '50, '51 Secretary Treasurer '50, Year- book Staff-Business and Advertising Mgr., Pro Merito 50, '51, Assembly Participation '50, School Paper-Circulation Mgr. '50, '51, Girls' Chorus '50, Ring Committee '50, Lunch Tickets '48, Usher- Glee Club Concert '48. ALICE LILLIAN ALLEN COLIAIERCIAL AL 71 South Street SECRETARY ' Daintiness, nice complexion and a sweet disposition are all assets of Alice. Her favorite pastime is square dancing. Social Committee '48, '49, '50, '51, Prom Committee '50, Glee Club '48, '49, Shorthand Award '51, Typing Award '51, Yearbook Staff Typist, Office VVork '50, '51, Usher at Glee Club Concert '50, Typed for X-Ray '51, Driver's Training '51, Lunch Counter '51, Senior Play Usher. NICHOLAS VVILLIAM AN AGN OS GENERAL "NICK" 145 North Street RADIO AND TELEVISION ENGINEER It's a bird It's a plane! It's Nick's new carl Yes, whenever you see a red car highly decorated with ornaments, you will know it is Nick's. With his nice smile and wavy hair, he makes a hit with everyone. V Athletic Association '48, 50, Senior Play-scenery, School Trans- terred from, Boston Trade High, School Projects in Shop. Page Ten JUDITH LAVERN ANDREWS Coi.i.EcE PaEv. "jUD 151 South Street Pin'sioTHEn.-xPv fNURSlNCJ Sketehing, writing, painting or singing,-name your art and look to find Judy dabbling in it-and with astonishing skill, tool Her cheer- ful disposition coupled with a serious, conscientious nature make her a wonderful friend. Basketball '48, Athletic Association '48, '49, '50, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, Prom Committee, Senior Reception Committee '50, Glee Club '48, '49, '50, Senior Play, llarriet, Monitor '51, Yearbook Staff, Poem, Office VVork '51, Pro Merito '50, '51, Assembly Participation '48, '49, '50, '51, Class Day Honors, Poem, Girls State Alternate, Magazine Drive Capt. '51, Dramatic Club '51-Sec.-Treas, Girls' Chorus '50, '51, All State Chorus '51, Caps and Gowns '51, Class Song '5l. is NANCY NIAE ANTHONY FREDERICK GEORGE ANTHONY CENEIKAL "FRED" 183 Mechanic Street NAVY If you see a head and shoulders above the rest moving down the corridor that's our Fred. In participating in football, basketball, track, and the school newspaper he showed this school what a real all-around fellow is. Football '50, FTL '50, Basketball '50, '51, FTL '51, Track '48, '49, '50, '51, FTL '50, '51, Athletic Association 48, '49, '50, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, Prom Committee '50, Varsity Club 51, Mon- itor '50, '51, Yearbook Staff-Business and Advertising, Assembly Participation '48, School Paper '50, '51-Rewrite Editor, School Tran- ferred From, Davenport. COMXIERCIAL 183 Michinit Struct PRIVATE SEC1xE'r.-mv Nancy is a girl liked by all her classmates. ller good humor and interest in sottball, basketball, and field hockey make her a favorite. Basketball '50, '51, FTL '50, '51, Field Hockey '48, '49, '50, '51, FTL '49, '50, '51, Softball '48, '49, '50, '51, FTL '49, '50, '51, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, '51, Prom Committee '50, Senior Reception Committee '50, Glee Club, '48, '49, '50, Senior Play-Usher '51, Varsity Club '51, Shorthand Award '51, Typing Award '50, '51, Girls' Sports Club '49, '50, '51, Yearbook Staff-typing, Oflice NVork '51, Assembly Participation '48, '49, Student Council '51, Glee Club Con- cert Usher, '48, Facility Play Usher, Red Cross Posters '48, Cate- teria '48. Page Eleven Senior Play, "Andy," THELMA AGNES BROVVN COBIBIERCIAL "THEL" 154 County Street PROFESSIONAL SINGER Little gal with a big voice! Thelma's petite figure and agility made her one of our ablest cheerleaders. Her lively personality and zip won her many friends and will certainly carry her through on a successful career. Basketball '48, Field llockey '48, Athletic Association '48, '49, '50, '51, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, '51, Prom Committee '50, Senior Reception Committee '50, Glee Club '47, '48, 50, '51, Shorthand Award '51, Varsity Club '51, Girls' Sport Club '49, Office YVork '50, Assembly Participation '49, '50, '51, Cheerleaders '49, '50, Usher at Graduation '48, Girls' Chorus '50, '51, Ring Committee '50. ROBERT WILLIAM BEARCE CZENERAL "BUZZY" Oak Street GOLF Voted "best line" and "playboy" in the Senior Statistics, Buzz his 1 special Wav with the opposite sex. He spendiliisl afternoons In the First National, but at night he's "The Roving Int Basketball '48, Athletic Association '48, '49, Glee Club 00 5 i ' LYNNE ALLYN CARLETON "CARLIE" COLLEGE PREP 48 Granite Street SOCIAL XVORR A tall, good-looking-gal With a witty line and ready smile. Lynne's interest and enthusiasm tor sports, dramatics, Canteen and other activi- ties Will always be remembered and appreciated. Field Hockey '48, '49, '50, '51, Co-Captain jr. Varsity '51, Ath- letic Association '48, '49, '50, '51, Prom Committee '50, Social Com- mittee '48, '49, 50, '51, Senior Reception Committee '50, Glee Club '48, '49, '50, '51, Senior Play "Elizabeth", Typing Award '51, Girls' Sports Club '49, '50, '51, Canteen Representative '49, '50, '51, Presi- dent '51, Yearbook Staff, Music Editor, Pro Merito '50, '51, Assem- blv Participation '48, '49, '50, '51, School Paper '50, '51-Circulation, Dramatic Club '50, '51, Girls' Chorus '50, '51, Play Committee 01, XYorcester Music Festival 51, Class Song. Page Twelve RUTH EVELYN CHILDS GENERAL "RUTHIE" South Street Music A sweet smile and friendly way makes up our friend Ruthie. Her literary ability can be found in the F oxcaster for which she wrote in har Senior year. Among her many interests, Ruthie likes music best of a . Athletic Association '50, Glee Club '48, '49, '50, '51, Typing Award '51, Yearbook Staff, Literary, School Paper '51-Feature Editor, typist, Girls' Chorus '50, Senior Play, usher. ' 22 Leonard Street town with his friend Dim. JANE DONOVAN COLLEGE PREP ICIANED Oak Hill Avenue COLLEGE Our Assistant Editor of the Yearbook is really quite a girll She is well mannered and soft spoken. Always neat, quiet, and refined, we are proud to have known jane. Basketball '50, '51, Field Hockey '48, '49, '50, '51, FTL '50, Athletic Association '48, '49, '50, '51, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, Prom Committee '50, Senior Reception Committee '50, Glee Club '47, '48, '49, '50, Orchestra '48, '49, '50, Senior Play, Irene, Year- book Staff, Assistant Editor, Pro Merito '50, '51, Assembly Participa- tion '48, '49, '50, '51, School Paper '50, French Club '51, Girls' Chorus '51 Camera Club '50 Pla Committee '51 Honorar Member of S ' 9 Y ' Y Woman's Club '50, '51, Representative at Worcester Music Festival '51, Page Thirteen WALTER HENRY COOK COLLEGE PREP "HANK" COLLEGE One of the unsung heroes of the school, Hank was Mr. Seaverns' right ,hand man last year as Track manager. He can be seen around Track '48, '49, '50, FTL '49, '50, Athletic Association '48, '49, '50, '51, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, Prom Committee '50, Senior Pla , Ollicer, Varsity Club, Canteen Representative '50, '51, Yearbook Stag, Photography, French Club '50, '51, Camera Club '48, '49, '50. VIRGINIA MARIE DORSEY COLLEGE PREP. 'GINNYU 242 South Street PHYSICAL EDUCATION INSTRUCTOR NVith a line a mile long and fine sports ability, Ginny seems to make triends wherever she goes. As a gym teacher her classes arc sure to be filled. Basketball '48, '49, '50, '51, FTL '49, '50, '51, Field Hockey '48, '49, '50, '51, FTL '48, '49, '50, '51, Captain '51, Softball '49, '50, '51, FTL '49, '50, '51, Athletic Association '48, '49, '50, '51, Social Com- mittee '48, '49, '50, '51, Prom Committee '50, Senior Reception Com- mittee '50, Class Officer, Treasurer '48, Orchestra '50, Band '50, Senior Play, Properties, Varsity Club '51, Girls' Sports Club '48, '49, '50, '51, Yearbook Staff, Sports Editor, Assembly Participation '48, Usher at Graduation '48, School Paper '50, Cafeteria '48, Usher at Glee Club Concert '48, Girls' Tennis Champion '50, Usher at Faculty Play '48. BEVERLY ANN DOUCETTE CORIBIERCIAL .QBEVU Cross Street SECRETARY Short, studious and an efficient class secretary for three years is our Beyerly. Her quiet ways and serious expressions break out into warm, triendly smiles that win a wealth ot friends. Basketball '49, '50, '51, FTL '51, Softball '51, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, '51, Prom Committee, Senior Reception Committee '49, Class Officer, Secretary '49, '50, '51, Glee Club '48, '49, '50, Senior Play, "Mercedes", Shorthand Award '51, Typing Award '50, '51, Monitor '50, Yearbook Statt, History, Oflice WVork '51, Pro Merito '50, '51, Assembly Participation '48, '49, Magazine Drive Captain '50, Usher at Graduation '50. PATRICIA KATHERINE DOWNS GENERAL 'TATU Oak Street SECRETARY Pat's nice smile and easy going disposition make her friendly to all. Her nice clothes and slim figure all add to her many charms. She likes knitting, making up unsigned petitions, and the color "Greene", Athletic Association '48, '49, '50, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, Prom Committee '50, Glee Club '48, '49, '50, Senior Play, Usherette, Typing Award '51, Ollice Work '51, School Paper '50, '51, Typist. Page Fourteen SHIRLEY BARBARA DUNDAS Co1,1.i-:can "SIllRL" 55 Ncponsct Awiiiic Tl-IACIII-Ill Shirlcy is our budding young actrcss. Bcsidcs acting, Shirlcy writcs ycry wt-ll as prow-d by hcr work on thc school papcr. llcr chccrtul, yct thoughtful naturc haw' lnadc ht-r a wondcrful fricnd and classniatc. Athlctic Association '48, '49, '50, '51, Social Conunittcc '48, '49, '50, Proni Connnittcc '50, Scnior Rcccption Coinniittcc '50, Glu- Club '49, '50, Scnior Play, Laurcttc Carpcntcr Stylcs, Girls' Sports Club '49, Monitor '50, '51, Ycarhook Staii' '51, Editorial, Pro N11-rito '50, '51, Asscinbly Participation '48, '50, '51, Class Day llonors '51, Prophcsy, Girls' Statc '50, Nlagazinc Driyc Captain '50, School Papcr '50, '51, . ' Q Nlanaging Editor '51, Drainatic Club '50, '51, Prcsidcnt '51, Canicra If Club '50, Nlarshal at Graduation '48, Nlcinorial Day Excrciscs '49, X, P . D.A.R. Award '5l. ' . , it ELEANOR FLORENCE FINDLEY Coxixiisiictim. UELE.-KNOB" 141 South Strcct Guu.'s COACH wcll as softball and ficld hockcy. Baskctball '48, '49, '50, '51, FTL '49, '50, '51, Co-capta '51, FTL '48, '49, '50, '51, Athlctic Association '48, '49, '5 Award 51, Typing Award '50, '51, Girls' Sports Club '49, '5 Ycarbook Staff, Sports, Oificc NVork, '51, Drivcr's Training '50, CONRAD CHARLES FLANDERS Coi,1.i:c:r: Piuev. "CONN1E" ' 207 Cocassct Strcct 'l'l':At:lHeli-Coactli NVith his dominating, torccful pcrsonality, Connic is a grcat lcadcr. As prcsidcnt oi thc class, quartcrback ot thc football tcani, or ' chairinan ot a dancc conunittcc hc provcd hiinsclt an all-round good fcllow. Football, '47, '48, '49, '50, l"'l'L '47, '48, '49, '50, Baskctball '48, '49, '50, 51, llascball 47, 48, 49, Track 50, '51, FTL '50, '51, Athlctic Association '49, '50, '51, Social Connnittcc '48, '49, '50, 51, Proni Connnittcc 50, Scnior Rcccption Connnittcc '50, Class Officcr, Prcsi- dcnt '49, '50, '51, Varsity Club '51, Monitor '48, '49, '50, '51, Ycarbook Stall, "Sports Editor", Pro Nicrito '50, '51, Asscinbly Participation 50, '51, Boy's Statc '50, Usher at Graduation '50, School Papcr, '50, '51, Sports Editor, Ring Connnittcc, Good Govcrnnicnt Day Rcprc- scntativc. Page Fifteen Tall, sliin, and full of fun dcscribcs Elcanor. As co-captain of tht Girls' Basketball tcaln, shc niadc a nanic tor hcrselt in this sport as in '51 Fit-ld Hockcv '48, '49, '50, FTL '50, Manager '51, Softball '48, '49, '50 0 '51 , . Glcc Club '49, '50, Scnior Play. Backstagc, Varsity Club, Shorthand 0, '51 IOANNE FULLER HIRAM DEXTER FULLER COLLEGE PREP. ..DEX,, 180 Cocasset Street MARINES With his good looks and winning smile Dex has proved to be one of the most popular boys in the Senior class. As co-captain of foot- ball, and a lighting tackle he proved that big things come in little packages. He reigned supreme as king of the prom. Football '48, '49, '50, '51, FTL '48, '49, '50, Co-captain '50, Track '50, '51, Athletic Association '48, '49, '50, '51, Social Commit- tee '48, '49, '50, Prom Committee '50, Class Officer, Vice-President, '51, Varsity Club '51, Yearbook Staff '51, Assembly Participation, Flag Bearer, Transferred from Needham Junior High, Prom King '50, COLLEGE PREP. 43 South Street RETAIL BUYER Nice clothes, an infectious giggle, and a bubbling humor are all indicative of Joanne. VVe hear that she keeps the Fuller car and a certain Attleboro fellow pretty busy. Field Hockey '48, '49, '50, '51, Co-Captain Junior Varsity '51, Athletic Association '48, '49, '50, '51, Social Committee '48, '49, 50, '51, Prom Committee, Publicity '50, Senior Reception Committee, Senior Play, Backstage VVardrobe Mistress '51, Girls' Sports Club, Yearbook Staff, Photography, School Paper '50, '51, Special Feature- "Foxy" Typist '51, Student Council '51. Secretary, Education Week Display '51, Red Cross '48. SARAH LUCE FULLER COINIINIERCIAL "SALLY" 180 Cocasset Street EXECUTIVE SECRETARY Bright blue eyes, blond hair, and a friendly smile, make Sally our pin-up girl. She has wonderful ability in basketball and a sincere and friendly way which has won her many friends. Basketball '49, '50, '51, FTL '50, '51-First Team Co-captain '51, Field Hockey '49, Softball '49, '50, '51, F TL '50, '51, Athletic Associ- ation 48, '49, '50, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, 51, Prom Committee '50, Senior Play, Backstage Make-up Mistress, Varsity Club, Short- hand Award '51, School Transferred from, Needham Junior High, Typing Award '50, '51, Girls' Sports Club, Secretary Treasurer '49, President '51, Yearbook Staff, Typing and Advertising, Office Work '51, Pro Merito '50, '51, Typist for X-Ray Survey, Red Cross '48, Page Sixteen ELIZABETH AUDREY CAM MON "BETTY" 52 Main Street Betty, our one and only red head, joined us in her Junior year and won many friends. With her humor, she is sure to be a success as a secretary. Senior Play, Ushercttc '51, Typing Award '50, '51, Monitor '48, Ollicc Work '48, '51, Assembly Participation '48, School Paper '51, School Transferred from, Malden High. THERESA CLAUDETTE CRISE "THRESE" Morse Street Pretty, sometimes quiet, and of a sweet disposition aptly describes Theresa. Although she likes softball and basketball, her main interest is-Dexter, of course. Basketball '51, Second Team Captain, Softball '50, '51, FTL '50, GENEliAL SECRETAIW ELIZABETH ANN COVE COLLEGE PREP. "BETTY" 28 Sherman Street EXECUTIVE SECRETARY Betty is one of our most conscientious senior girls. Attractive and always neat, she has a flair for being understanding and knowing the right thing to do at all times. Field Hockey '48, '49, Athletic Association '48, '49, '50, '51, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, '51, Prom Committee '50, Decorations, Senior Reception Committee 50, Decorations, Glee Club '48, '49, '50, Senior Play, Prompter, Girls' Sports Club '49, Canteen Representative '51, Yearbook Staff, Advertising, Photography, Pro Merito '50, '51, Assembly Participation '48, '51, Magazine Drive Captain '51, School Paper '50, '51, Business Manager, Dramatic Club '50, Driver's Train- ing Class '50, Usher at Facility Play '49, Typed for X-Ray Survey '51, Monitor During Visitor's Day '51, CONIINIERCIAL SECRETARY '51, Athletic Association '49, '50, '51, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, '51, Prom Committee '50, Senior Reception Committee '50, Class Officer, Vice-President '49, Treasurer '51, Clee Club '48, '50, Senior Play Nurse, Varsity Club '51, Shorthand Award '51, Typing Award '50, '51, Girls' Sports Club '50, '51, Yearbook Staff, Typist, Oflice Work '51, Pro Merito '50, '51, Student Council '49, '50, Usher at Clee Club Concert '49, Red Cross '48, Typed for X-Ray Survey '51, Driver Training Class '50, Page S eoenteen CERTRUDE HEYN E 40 Union Street Combine blond hair and sparkling eyes and you'll come up with Cert, whose favorite past times are having fun and collecting phono- graph records. Her pleasing personality has gained her many friends. Softball '49, FTL '49, Social Committee '49, '50, Athletic Asso- ciation '48, '49, '50, '51, Glee Club '49, Typing Award '51, Yearbook Staff, Typist, Office XVork '51. School Transferred from, Henry Ward Hall, Falmouth. WILLIAM JAMES HEFFERNAN CJENEHAL. "BILL" 34 Pleasant Street ELECTIIICIAN Bill is a fellow of many talents. His flashing smile is a welcome addition to any gathering. The Marines gain is our loss. Football '47, '48, '49, '50, FTL '50, Basketball '47, '48, '49, '50, Baseball '47, '48, '49, '50, Track '47, Athletic Association '47, '48, '49, Social Committee '47, '48, '49, '50, Prom Committee '50, Senior Recep- tion Committee '50, Glee Club '47, '48, Varsity Club '50, Canteen Representative '48, '49, Assembly Participation '47, Magazine Drive Captain '47, '48, Stock Room '48, Ring Committee '50. COIXINIERCIAL WILDA CAROLYN HICNETT 4 COBIBIEHCIAL "VVILLIE" 351 Central Street AIRLINE HOSTESS Efficiency personified-that's our Wilda. Her work on the Year- book has certainly been appreciated by the editors and classmates alike. A ready wit and cheerful disposition have won her friends in Foxboro and-elsewhere. Athletic Association '48, '49, '50, Social Co11mIittee '48, '49, '50, '51, Prom Committee '50, Glee Club '48, '49, Senior Play, Call Mis- tress, Yearbook Staff, Typing Editor, Typing Award '50, '51, Short- hand Award '51, Oflice Work '51, Pro Merito '50, '51. Page Eighteen RONALD DAMON HODGES Scrrzrvriricz p "BONNIE" - N, 24 Garfield Street Navy X Talkative Ronnie, with his crew -cut hair and jovial manner, ilways has a story or a friendly smile for his many friends. Basketball '50g Transferred from Mansfield High School. WILLIAM JOSEPH HOLMES GENEHIXL "BILL" 5 Pond Avenue NAVY It's a tense yet exciting moment when Bill takes off for his high jump. As track Co-captain he puts his whole heart into the sport. He is usually seen everywhere with his pal jack. Football '49, '50, FTL '49, '50, Track '49, '50, '51, FTL '50, '51, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, Prom Committee '50, Glee Club '49, '50, Varsity Club, Play Committee, School Transferred from, Oliver Ames. EDWARD STANLEY HOSEPIAN ' COLLEGE PREP. "EDDIE" 117 Central Street CHEBIICAL ENGINEER As a chemical engineer, Eddie will no doubt keep things boom- ing. Though he has a serious side and is a hard worker, Eddie IS usually to be found in the midst of fun. Football '48, Manager, FTL '48, Manager's Letter, Basketball '48, '49, '50, '51, FTL '50, '51, Baseball '49, '50, '51, FTL, '50, '51, Athletic Associationg Social Committee '48, '49, '50, '5lg Prom Com- mittee, Senior Reception Committeeg Class Officer, Vice-President '50: Varsity Club, Monitor '49, '50, '51, Pro Merito '50, '5lg Assembly Participation '48, '51, Usher at Graduation '50, Dramatic Club '50- ' -' ' ' ' ' -' Cl l '49 '50, Student Council 50, 51, Camera ui , Page Nineteen NATALIE PRISCILLA JODICE "NAT" JOHN RAYMOND HOWARD CoLLEGE 'KJOH N N Y" 21 Centennial Street CoLLEGE John always stands out in a crowd. It's that brilliant orange neck- tie. Voted best dressed by his classmates, his sharp clothes may only be surpassed by his artistic skill. Football '49, Basketball '48, '49, '50, '51, FTL '50, '51, Co- captain '51, Baseball '48, '49, '50, '51, FTL '48, '49, '50, '51, Athletic Association '48, '49, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, Prom Committee '50, Senior Reception Committee '50, Varsity Club '51, Canteen Rep- resentative '49, '50, '51, Monitor '48, '49, '50, '51, Yearbook Staff, Art Editor, Pro Merito '50, '51, Assembly Participation, Class Day Honors, Class YVill, Usher at Graduation '50, School Paper '50, '51, Camera Club '49, '50, Ring Committee '50, Marshal at Graduation '48. GENERAL Spring Street COI.LECE A liyely little lass who has Won many friends among her class- mates. Natalie has run many a tood sale tor us in addition to her many other activities. Field Hockey '49, Athletic Association '48, '49, '50, '51, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, Prom Committee '50, Senior Reception Com- mitte '49, Class Otlicer, Secretary '48, Treasurer '49, '50, Glee Club '48, '49, 50, '51, Senior Play, Properties, Girls' Sports Club '49, '50, Yearbook Staff, Art, Ol'Hce XVork '50, Cheerleader '50, '51, Usher at Graduation '48, '50, School Paper '50, '51, Dramatic Club '50, '51, Girls' Chorus '50, '51, Ring Committee, Treasurer '50, Senior Play, Usher '49. DIMITRI ARIST LINARD COLLEGE "DlM" Chestnut Street ,ARCHITECTURE Dim excels in art and photography. YVith his quick understanding and genuine friendly outlook, he is well liked by all. His classmates showed their high opinion of him when they voted him "Most likely to succeed." Track '49, '50, '51, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, '51, Prom Committee '50, Senior Reception Committee, Glee 'Club '48, Senior Play, Dr. Hollister, Varsity Club '51, Monitor '48, '51, Yearbook Staff, Photogra hv El't ' P M ' '. ' ' ' - ' ' p , cior, ro erito 50, Assembly Participation 50, Magazine Drive Captain '48, School Paper '50, '51, Camera Club '49, '50. Page Twenty STEPHEN LINFIELD "STEVE, Main Street Stevie returned to us in the middle of his Senior year. His cute smile and pleasing personality make him a welcome addition to any class. Football '48, Baseball '49, Athletic Association '48, '49, '50, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, Shorthand Award '51, Typing Award '50, '51, Yearbook Staft, Typing, Office Work 51, Assembly Participation '48, CORIN NE MARIE "RENIE" 10 Mechanic Street A quiet manner and neat appearance identify Corinne. Her spare time is taken with her work at the local movie theater. Her ambition? . -to be a secretary, and wc wish her the best of luck in her work. Athletic Association 48, '49, '50, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, '51, Prom Committee '50, Decorations, Senior Reception Committee '50, Clee Club '48, '49, '50, Senior Play, Usherette, Shorthand Award '51, Typing Award '50, '51, Yearbook Staff, Typist, Office Work '50, '51, Faculty Play, Usherettc '49, Lunch Counter '51, X-Ray Survey, Typist '51, Glee Club Concert '48, '49, '50. ,1. COBUNIEIICIAL FAIUSIER JOHN DANIEL MCALISTER GENERAL ..JACK., 15 Baker Street UNDECIDED As Jack is descended from a long line of track stars, you should have no trouble recognizing him running from one Boston subway train to another. His goal? To pass along the torch of Senior tradition burning more brightly than before. Track '51, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, Prom Committee '50, Yearbook Staff, Photography, Assembly Participation '48, '49. METRANO COAIINIERCIAL SECRETARY Page Twenty-one Athletic Association '48, '49, '50, '51, Pro Merito '50, '51, DONALD ELWOOD MOSHER COLLEGE SCIENTIFIC HM on Sand Street UNDECIDED If you should see a tall, personable young man with a smile on his face, it's sure to be HMO". An ardent science student and member of Pro Merito he is sure to be a success in any field. Assembly '51. ELEANOR GRACE NELSON COLLEGE PREP. "ELLIE" 174 Spring Street COLLEGE Ellie with .her big, limpid brown eyes and slick, fashionable clothes is one ot our snappiest cheer leaders. Certainly her secretarial ambitions will be deeply appreciated by some lucky boss. Basketball '48, Field Hockey '48, '49, Athletic Association '48, '49, '50, '51, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, '51, Prom Committee 50, Senior Reception Committee '49, Glee Club '48, '49, Senior Play, Jennifer Cherry, Varsity Club '51, Girls' Sports Club, '49, '50, Mon- itor '50, '51, Yearbook Staff, Literary Staff, Pro Merito '50, '51, Cheer- leader '49, '50, '51, School Paper '50, '51, Dramatic Club '50, '51, French Club '51, Prom Queen '50. BARBARA JEAN NEVERS COLLEGE PREP. "BARBI" 35 Baker Street Ain LINE HOSTESS Barbara with her combination of sophistication, nice clothes, and sweet smile, has won friends among classmates and townspeople as well, for she is a popular waitress at Hanna's Restaurant. Athletic Association '48, '49, '50, '51, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, '51, Glee Club '48, '49, Senior Play, Make-Up Mistress, Typing Award '51, Girls' Sports Club '51, Office Work '50, '51, School Paper '50, Dramatic Club '51, X-Ray Survey Typist '51, Driver's Education '51, Visitor's Day Monitor '50. I Page Twenty-two BU lil Nl:-clmiiic Stu-ct N.u'AL Alu l'l0llCI-I you suw 4-itlu-r tlu' Cliristnms usscnilwly or tlu' sc- liim- sw-n sonic of Burts lnuuliworlc. Bi-siclcs win-lzling ai nu-un lm ul sings' llflllllllg uncl sccna-ry construction. Burt is known lor lus If iiilia-vtious luugli liusvlmll i' '. . Cnnnnitta-c '49, '50g Proiu Coininittcn-1 SL-nior llay, Su-iicryg Drzunutic Clulm '5l1 Cin l5L. Spring Stu-it Sliort, sliy, uncl quim-1, ulwuys witli 4 1- 1' .Mlm-r Lll'3lllll1lllUll lu- lc-uw-s to join liis lmrotlu-rs in tlu- Navy. .Mlilm-tic ,Xssouiutiou '48, '49g Typing :Xwurcl ,5ll. s nvru Clulx '-18. '49, RTON CAMPBELL NENVELL Com.:-QGE SClliN'l'lFlC "l3Ul'n'l"' uior play, you Us 'Til' Atlilvtic Associutiini '48, '49, '50, '5lg Socinl J RICHARD BRUCE NEWELL f1Nl'1l!.Xl. "DICK" 96 Nortli Stu-vt ljll,-Xl-"l'SXl.XN Lck is ilu- lun loving Mlittlv lllilllyj ol tlu' Svnior n-luss. llis grunt uc-ting ulmility is provvcl lmy luis lini- pvi'loi'inui1ci-s ut ussvinlilivs uncl in flu' Senior play. ill-tic Association '-18g Son-iul Conunittci- '49, '5llg Prmn Coni- ' oc '59 Svnioi' Pluv. lliu'i'ict's Song Typing Awurcl '5l: Asscinlmlx lurticipution '48, '511 Dniiluitic Clulm '51. JOSEPH Nisus Coxixirgncuxi. ulOF" 7 - NAVY 1 lri nclly sniilc- cle-scriln-s -loc. Page Twmity-tlwcfcf ADELAIDE POTTER A COMMERCIAL "ADDIE" 88 North Street SECRETARY Adelaide is always lots of fun and has many friends. She likes working in the oihce. Her easy going ways and her ability in the Commercial Course will carry her far. Field Hockey '48, Athletic Association '48, '49, '50, Social Com- mittee '48, Senior Reception Committee '50, Clee Club '48, '49, '50, Senior Play, Usher, Shorthand Award '51, Typing Award '50 '51- Yearbook Staff, Typing, Oflice Work '50, '51, Assembly '48. ' , RICHARD POTTER GENERAL "DICK" 88 North Street AIR FORCE Quiet, ambitious, husky, Dick enjoys square dancing. A reliable member of the track team, he is an earnest, and valued friend. His Air Force ambitions are sure to be realized. Track '48, '49, '51, F TL '49, '51, Social Committee '48, '49, Varsity Club '51. JEAN NANETTE RANDALL COMMERCIAL AJEANH 21 Gilmore Street SECRETARY Brown hair and dark brown eyes describe Jean, a serious student, with friendly ways, and a friendly smile. Her main interest is softball, and this year she is the manager of the girl's team. Softball '50, '51, FTL '50, '51, Manager, Athletic Association '48, '49, '50, Social Committee, Tickets and Refreshments '49, '50, '51, Prom Committee, '50, Clee Club '48, '49, '50, Shorthand Award '51, Typing Award '51, Yearbook Staff, Literary Staff, Oilice Work '51, Pro Merito '50, '51, Play Committee, Prompter, Lunch Counter '51, X-Ray Survey '51, Clee Club Concert, Tickets '50, Page Twenty-four IANICE HELENE ROACH COLLEGE ..JAN,. 315 Liberty Place TELEPHONE CJPERATOR As a peppy cheerleader Jan is tops! She is active in every sport and interested in clothes and in boys. Basketball '50, '51, FTL '51, Field Hockey '48, '49, '50, '51, FTL '49, '50, '51, Softball '49, '50, '51, FTL '49, '50, '51, Athletic Associa- tion '48, '49, '50, '51, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, '51, Glee Club '48, '49, '50, Senior Play, Wardrobe Mistress, Varsity Club 51, Girls' Sports Club '49, '50, '51, Cheerleader '51, School Paper '51, French Club '51, Girls' Chorus '50, '51, WILLIAM BRADFORD ROLLINS COLLEGE "BILL" 24 Mechanic Street ARCHITECT His llashing smile has won Bill a host of friends. For Bill, one of the Inost popular boys in our class, was active in all sports. As Hubert in the Senior Play and as a member of the Dramatic Club, he has shown his ability in acting. Football '48, '49, '50, '51, FTL '48, Manager '50, '51, Basketball '48, '49, '50, '51, FTL '50, '51, Baseball '48, '49, '50, '51, FTL '49, '50, '51, Athletic Association '48, '49, '50, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, '51, Prom Committee '50, Senior Reception Committee '50, Varsity Club, Canteen Representative '48, Monitor '48, '49, '50, '51, Yearbook Staff, Art, Senior Play, Hubert, Pro Merito '50, '51, Assembly '50, '51, Class Day Honors, Class VVill, Usher at Graduation '50, School Paper '50, '51, Dramatic Club '51, Student Council '51, Camera Club '49, 50, Ring Committee '50. VINCENT IAMES ROMIGLIO SGIENTII-'Ic ..VIN,, 269 Chestnut Street ENGINEER You might call Vinnie the Dr. Anthony of the Senior Class for, it there are any ponderous questions to be answered, he can answer them. NVe will long remember Vinnie as the 1110512 respected member of our class. Pro Merito '50, '51, President. Page Twenty-five JOHN LEONARD SANFORD GENERAL UJACK., South Cross Street FORESTRY Jack was one of our first classmates to join the service. With his rugged build and pleasing smile Jack is sure to be a success as a Marine. ' Football '47, '48, '49, ,505 Track '47, '48, ,495 FTL '48, ,495 Social Committee ,48, '49, '50g Prom Committee '50, Senior Reception Com- mitteeg Orchestra '47g Band '47, Canteen Representative ,485 Stock Room '48. THALIA MARGARET SCHAEFF ER COLLEGE "THAL,' Box 122 West Street NUTRITIONIST Thalia, who has done so much for our class all through high school, will never lack friends. No one will ever forget the big cakes she has brought to every occasion and those extra-special Thanksgiving night open-houses. Girlys Basketball Manager '50, '51, FTL ,50, ,51Q Cirlls Field Hockey Manager ,48, ,49g Athletic Association '48, '49, '50, 51, Social Committee ,48, '49, '50, '5lg Prom Committee '50, Senior Reception Committee '50, Glee Club '49, ,505 Senior Play 'KVida"g Varsity Clubg Monitor ,515 Yearbook Staff, Advertisementg Assembly Participation '51, School Paper '50, ,515 Advertising Manager, Girls, Chorus '51. FRANK HERMAN SCHULZ GENERAL "F RAN KU 173 Green Street ACCOUNTANT Frank will always be remembered by all his classmates. He has brightened many dull moments and classes by his dry humor. Football '49, ,50g Assembly Participation '48, '51, School Paper ,51g Dramatic Club ,51. Page Twenty-six NEIL BLACKHALL SMITH 51 South Stix-vt Pil1uQNo1.oc:is'r A witty c'oiix'vrsutiounlist, Na-il lincls huuioi' in any situation. 4 lun-lu'i's uncl stuclm-nts alike lincl t'I1i0Yl11l'llt in his slmrp, 11-ucly wit. lialslwllnlll '48, '49, '50, '51, l"'l'L '49, '50, '51, 134151-lmll '51, 1"'l'L '51 '1'llc1x '50 Xthl ' -M 't' '50 51 Sci' P11 ' L11 ' - 1 ' 1 Din-clout Varsity Clulmg Yvni'hook Stull, I,ih'i'ai'y Editor, Pro Mc-rito 50, '51, School '1'l'1l1lSll'I'l'l'l1 lroui, Stockhriclgv, Mass. OVi1li,uns lligh Schoollg Cguuc-ru Cluh '50, Coi.i.iac:l4: "S1l11"'l'Y" .- vm- . .'SUL'12llUI1 - , - 1 . -nor ay, 'lu-lniiu ROBERT ALLISON SMITH f1liNE11AL "BOB" 18 Clcnwoocl .-Xvviiiiv U. S. Nlfxiiixi-is CIOOC1-11Ll11l1'i'C1, l'un-1oving4xx'itli his llnsliy i1SS0l'Il11L'l11 ol' tivs unc clcup voicccl rc-ni.u'lQs, Holi will long ln- l'l'lll4.'lIIl7l'l't'L1 as thc Lou Cos tcllo ol the L-Liss. Sc-nior 1'liiy-Stugc Couiniittwg Athlm-tiv Association '48, '40, '50, CARHETT MICHAEL SPILLANE Q4 14 Br l1ucl's 1il1l'Il1S uri- umlix' .incl i'n1'im-cl null hc is L'l'l'11l1l11j' thi' lmail-wi llll'll1lN'l' ol tha- SL-niox' ulnwsi Svrious onu minute- nncl laughing thv nvx . you'1l lincl him cloing his iuuny lgislcs with nary an complaint, hut llhlllf' .1 clulcklv. llilslu-llmll cuptuiiig Allilc-lic Association '48, '49, '50, '51: Social Coinuiittva- '48 '40, '50, Prom Couunittu- '50g Class Olliu-r, 1'rc-siclmit '48, Xlonitor 48, '49, Ya-nrhook Stull, liclitoi'-in-Chic-fg Ollim- NVork '51, Pro N11-rito '50. '5l: Axscuilily Pau'ticipn1ion '48, '49, XIRIHQIZIIM' Drive Captain - Ushvi' ul Crucluution '48, School 1'Ll1X'l' '48, '50, '51, Eclitor-in-Cliicf: Stuclm-nt Council '48, Ciiimwm Cluli '48, '49, '50g Play Couunittcc- '51, 11ingCoiniuittcc-. ncllorcl Stn-vt 1'1lA11XlACIS'l' Col.1.lcc:i11 "BUD" '48, '1'l'ilL'li '48, '49, '50, '51, 1"'l'L '49, '50, '51, Co- Pagc Twcfnty-seven JOAN TEBEAU 'fJoAN1E', FRANCIS DANIEL STEIN GENERAL "BUTCH" East Street DETECTIVE If you have ever ridden in Butch Stein's fabulous Packard you will realize what the new B-36 is like. We all wish Butch the best of luck in his chosen profession, but how will he ever shadow anyone with his car? I lSocial Connnittee '51, Senior Play, Stage Manager, Dramatic C u 1. COBIBIERCIAL Central Street SECRETARY Ioan joined us in her senior year, transferring from Brighton High. Sparkling brown eyes and shiny black hair all add to her charms. Her work at the local 58110 and her interest in music and dancing keep her busy after school. BARBARA MAY THRASHER COLLEGE PREP. "BARR" 252 Central Street UNDECIDED Her sincere and friendly Ways have Won Barb many friends. She likes sports and is a loyal rooter for all our teams. A grand person to know and one we-'ll always remember. Athletic Association '48, '49, '50, '51, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, '51, Glee Club '48, '49, '50, '51, Senior Play, Backstage, Typing Award '51, Girls' Sports Club '48, '49, Yearbook Staff, Typist, Office 1Vork '51, School Paper, Typist '49, Girls' Chorus '50, '51, Driver's Education '50, X-Ray Survey Typist '51. Page Twenty-eight Assembly Participation '50, '51, Dramatic Club '50, '51. RONALD ANTHONY TURNER CIENERAL "FROCCIE" Spring Street Biocnmnsr Froggie's madcap driving and speed afoot will long be re- membered by his classmates. NVe all wish him the best of luck in his chosen field. Track '51, Cleo Club '49, '50, Orchestra '49, '50, Band '49, '50, "VANDY" 150 Spring Street One of the biggest boys in our class, Eddy biggest smiles. He has played baseball for tour ye a great addition to the basketball team. Basketball '51, FTL '51, Baseball '48, '49 Athletic Association '48, '49, Social Committee Committee, Senior Reception Committee, Senior ' itor '48, '49, '50, RICHARD GARDNER WESCOTT COLLEGE "DICK" Lakeview Road AERONAUTICAL ENGIN1-:Eu ,mn DESIGNER Airplanes-airplanes-and more airplanes, Dick never tires of seeing them or talking about them. A big wide grin and a mop of red hair also serve to identify this friendly fellow. Although at the end of the alphabet, he is tops on our list of grand people. Baseball '51, Athletic Association '48, '49, Social Committee '48, '49, '50, Prom Committee '50, Senior Reception Committee '50, Senior Play, Setting and Lights, Camera Club '49, '50, Monitor '49. Page Twenty-nine a n EDVVIN LEON VAN DEN BERGHE COLLEGE COLLEGE also has one of the ars and this year was 48, '49, '50 Play, Setting, . g. -v '50, '51, FTL '51, Prom Mon- . i f Preszdent ..,,...A,. ROBERT WILSON GENERAL HB UBB LESH Bird Street UNDECIDED Although "Bubbles" is small in stature you will find him bi ' . g in heart. To a small circle "BubblesU is both a loyal and true friend. fi? L21 lam ferr Conrad Flanders Vice-President ,....i... Dexter Fuller Secretary ....,..... ..,... B everly Doucette Treasurer ...,,. ..... T heresa Grise MOTTO "To open the door of success, you must first gain the key of knowledgev 5? CLASS COLORS Maroon and Silver Page Thirty W5 ef X -4 QM X os 29 ' I 7 'Z :ELI 5: L , L N 5. ,W 4 Al 4 , v-1 f .fl I? U28 'QA PO A' , 0 fra X 4 X ,AXSY QW1 First row fleft to rightj: Eleanor Nelson, Shirley Dundas, Gladys Beers, Garrett Spillane, Editor in Chiefg Jane Donovan, Neil Smith, XVilliam Rollins. Second row: Joanne Aimone, Lynne Carleton, Ruth Childs, lean Ran- dall, Judith Andrews, Beverly Doucette. Third row: XVilda Hignett, Dexter Fuller, Conrad Flanders, John Howard, Dimitri Linard, Virginia Dorsey. The Yearbook Staff GARRETT SPILLANE, Editor-in-Chief -IANE DONOVAN, Assistant Editor EDITORIAL STAFF Iean Randall Ruth Childs PHOTOGRAPHY Dimitri Linard, Editor XValter Cook BUSINESS AND ADVERTISING -Ioanne Aimone, Editor Dexter Fuller, Assistant Editor Conrad Flanders Sally Fuller TYPIN G XVilda Hignett, Editor Nancy Anthony Eleanor Findley Shirley Dundas Eleanor Nelson Ioanne Fuller Thalia Schaeffer Theresa Grise Corinne Metrano Elizabeth Gammon Patricia Downs Elizabeth Gove Adelaide Potter ART Iohn Howard, Editor Iudith Andrews SPORTS Conrad Flanders, Editor Virginia Dorsey, Editor Neil Smith William Rollins Francis Stein Virginia Dorsey Beverly Doucette Natalie Iodice Barbara Thrasher Alice Allen MUSIC Lynne Carleton, Editor Robert Bearce Sally Fuller Edward Hosepian Wfilliam Holmes Ianice Roach Page Thirty-two Poem This is a pensive time, This final year, WVhen, donning caps and gowns We do appear And take a humble seat Among the rest, These friends We've known and loved And called the best. WVe're leaving here, and Entering a life In speedy times, and sorry State of strife. Our knowledge, we do pray. will Bring a cease To wars, and then a world Of lasting peace. But if we hope to gain These blessings, too, There is one thing that we Will have to do. WVe'll love our Cod and neighbor, And perfect Our lives, to gain the goal That He has set. IUDITII ANDREXVS Page T hirty-three By BEVERLY DOUCETTE The Members of the Class of 1951 take great pride in presenting an account of their class history and welcome this opportunity to present it to the public. It is one filled with many happy memories which we will carry with us throughout life. Our only hope is that yours will be as happy a one as ours. Chapter 1 A somewhat nervous group of Fresh- men entered F.H.S. in September of 1947 admiringly observing those lucky Seniors and wistfully wishing that we were as far advanced. But wishful thinking was getting us nowhere. So we became resigned to our "fate" and soon got down to business. After a few weeks of getting acquainted with the teachers and the curriculum-getting "set- tledv so to speak-the time came to elect officers. Out of a large number of candi- dates, these four emerged victorious. Presi- dent, Garrett Spillane, Vice-President, Ed- ward Hosepian, Secretary, Natalie Iodiceg Treasurer, Virginia Dorsey. Soon prepara- tions got under way for our first big event -The Freshman Social. Vivid decorations, good music, good food, and a large crowd all helped to make our first major under- taking a wonderful success. S Chapter 2 September 1948 rolled around after what seemed to be a two-day summer vaca- tion and we made our debut as Sophomores. Conrad Flanders took over as Class Presi- dent, Theresa Grise as Vice-President, Yours Truly as Secretary, and Natalie Iod- ice as Treasurer. For our Sophomore Social we decided on decorating the hall so as to produce an under-water effect. The idea went over well and the affair was, like that of the previous year, a rewarding success. Chapter 3 This, our Iunior year, proved to be our busiest and most eventful one thus far. Experienced students were elected to hold class offices, each one having a previ- ous year in office. Conrad Flanders began his second term as President, as did Beverly Doucette as Secretary, Natalie Iodice as Treasurer, and Edward Hosepian as Vice- President. Time progressed along. We chose a Ring Committee, selected our rings and waited patiently for them to arrive. In due time our patience was rewarded and the rings arrived at last. Everyone expressed satisfaction with them and from then on we wore them proudly and seized upon any opportunity to show them off to the under- classmen and all our friends. Page Thirty-four IST For a change of pace we decided to hold our dance Mexico style. Realistic Mexi- can decorations were made up by the well known artists of our class. And once again our class "touch" didnit fail us and once more we claimed another success. And then, those magic words, the junior Prom. A Hurry of work followed and busy Iuniors began making decorations and getting things ready for the big event. That old problem-money-was partly solved by holding a few Food Sales to build up our Treasury. But the hard work and effort was certainly worth the enjoyment everyone had that night of May 12. King Dexter Fuller and Queen Eleanor Nelson reigned over the most Gorgeous Prom any class ever put on. The weather outside c0uldn't have been better, the music was delightful, and the gowns were an exquisite array of blues, pinks, whites and yellows. Chapter 4 Listen to the cheering! Well of course! Why not? We had become Seniors at last and we were proud of that title-the most sought after title among the underclassmen. To lead us through this, our fourth and final year, we chose Conrad Flanders for President, Dexter Fuller, Vice-Presidentg Beverly Doucette, Secretary, Theresa Grise, Treasurer. Soon after, plans were made for our social and we agreed to put on an informal Barn Dance. When the smoke cleared, we found ourselves 375.00 to the better and to say that we were surprised would be putting it mildly. A Play Committee was chosen and got to work on the task of reading over a num- ber of plays and selecting a suitable play for presentation on the stage. It soon an- nounced its choice of "Ring Around Eliza- beth", a comedy in three acts. Along about the same time, The Year Book Staff began work under the direction of Editor-in-Chief Garrett Spillane. We worked earnestly to make these two important events successful. Our story is ended, the time has come. And before we leave dear F.H.S. to take our places in this unsettled and tense world we would like to take this opportunity to thank sincerely the members of the faculty and all our friends for the wealth of knowl- edge bestowed on us to guide us in Olll' uncertain future and for the many happy memories which we shall carry with us. iff Page Thirty-five By AIOHN HOWARD AND WILLIAM ROLLINS YVe, the class of 1951, being physically unsound, mentally, unreliable, scholastically deficient, spiritually lost, and intellectually numb, sacrifice the following bequests as our last will and testament to our most unworthy successors C who are so badly in need of any sustenance however meager, that we, the beloved might give.Q- To the F aculty-we leave our utmost repen- tance for all the sins which we, from time to time, most grievously have committed by thought, word, or deed against thy divine majesty, provoking most justly thy wrath and indignation against us. The remembrance of them is sorrowful, the burden of them intolerable. To the Juniors-we leave our mature views, our keen mental capacities, our polished analytical powers, and our thoroughly developed intellectual abilities. To the Sophomores-we leave the example of a class that always came to school Monday mornings with their lessons well prepared. To the F reshmen-"Get out of town before itis too lateln Joanne Airnone-leaves her deadly eye on the basketball court to Elizabeth "Drib- blesb Gillie. Alice Allen-leaves one of Hutchinis toy lawnmowers so a certain faculty member can get a haircut. Nick Anagnos-leaves his ability to make out with out of town women to Ron "the proiilei' Foster. Judy Andrews-leaves her artistic ability to that rattlebrained Rembrandt Dianne Smith. Fred Anthony-leaves on his hands and knees. Nancy Anthony-leaves her powerhouse cut on the softball team to Doret "swing and sway" Newell. Buzzy Bearee-leaves his position as Com- munist leader in the Problems class to Ed Richards. Thelma Brown-leaves on tiptoes. Lynne Carleton-leaves her ability to look nonchalant while holding a high note to .Ioyce "the thrushi' Gaiford. Ruth Childs-leaves her ability to say so little so much to Heather "I Was vaccin- ated with a recording needle' Gilman. Hank Cook-leaves the fabulous tales of his love life to that captivating lover Lucien "Heart-breakerv Turcotte. Jane Donovan-leaves some of her excess gray matter to Al "General Math is my meaty Prew. Virginia Dorsey-leaves her outstanding athletic ability to Yvonne "jelly-joints" Welsh. Beverly Doacette-leaves the class records with all our secrets of making money on a social to the poverty-stricken underclass- men. Patty Downs-leaves Greene with envy. Shirley Dundas-leaves her all-round driv- ing ability to Al "floor it-here comes a pedestrianv Fairbanks. Eleanor Findley-leaves the secret of her "altitudinous" growth,-a box of Gro-Pup and a sack of Vigaro-to Shirley Guerrini. Connie F landers-leaves to become a pro- fessional football player for the Addis Ababba Ethiopians, that sensational African barefoot team. Dexter Fuller-leaves his Arthur Murray dancing technique to Nel "they're playing our songl' Lavigne. Joanne Fuller-leaves a new training rou- tine, arrived by mad sprints across the street to reach school on time, to Mr. Sea- verns for HIS track team. Sally F uller-leaves her shapely legs to joe "live got athleteis foot up to my knees" Lillyman. Betty Gammon-leaves her natural red hair to Patsy 'Tve dyed my hair so many times Iive got technicolor dandruffn Mac- Ivor. Betty Gave--We see is coiling up her line- she must be leaving too. Theresa Grise-leaves the class funds to Mr. Ahern so he can hire some basketball players and also this suggestion-that the baskets be made larger and the ball made smaller and one player placed on a step ladder. Gertrude Heyne - leaves her fingemail shavings to "Tootv Lombardi to help her get her claws on a man. Wilda H ignett-donates a jar of Veto from Ouimets for us to leave to next year's armpits. Ronnie Hodges - leaves a silver police whistle and a pair of roller skates to Mr. Ball so he can patrol the corridors more easily. Page T hirty-six WIL Bill Heffernan and lack Sanford-have left for the Marines with the recommendation that they be used for ornamental pur- poses only-being too valuable to risk in combat. Ed Hosepian-leaves to become star of a string of daytime serials-among them are "just Plain Hosepianv, "Backstage Hosepianu and "Hosepian Faces Life." John Howard-leaves his errorless baseball playing to Mike "gimme a rubdown Coach" Shea. Natalie Iodice-leaves her writing column in the school paper to up and coming true confessions novelist Nancy Toorok. Dim Linard-leaves his cute mustache to john "I shaved this morning but it grows like a weed" Olsen. Steve Linfield--leaves with a sad face say- ing, "They,re putting me out after all these years." ,lack McAlister and Bill Holmes--leave to become big time jockeys on the merry-go- round at Nantasket. Corinne Metrano-leaves a gross of movie tickets to keep those Sophomore "gang- sters" Ellis, Devautour, and Engley from the Boston "shows." Donald M osher-leaves Mr. Metcalf a self- erasing blackboard and an amount of chalk which, laid end to end, equals in length the radius of a circle whose cir- cumference is a straight line. Eleanor Nelson-leaves her bubbling en- thusiasm and pep to Doris 'Tm simply fatigued" Doucette. Barbara Neuers-leaves her jealously guard- ed secrets of attracting men to Ioan Leary. Dick and Buster N ewell-leave piggyback. Joe N isil--leaves-still baffled. Adelaide Potter-leaves to join the Ladies' Auxiliary of the French Foreign Legion. Richard Potter-leaves his line specimen of masculine development to Otis "stand back and watch 'em ripple" Downs. Iean Randall-leaves her job as cashier dur- ing lunch eriod to Skeeter "Nimble- fingers" Parllger. Janice Roach--leaves a string of broken 13- year-old hearts. Bill Hollins--leaves his locker room wise- cracks to Dick Guenard. He might as well have them legally-he'll steal them any- way. Vinnie Romiglio-leaves his Physics form- ula to Mr. Dubins-"The density of a pupil varies inversely with the square of the distance from the teacher's desk." Thalia Schaefer--leaves a ten layer cake to the only underclassman with a mouth big enough to eat it--Billy "Bugs" Braye. Frank Schulz-leaves a shovel and a pair of hip boots for self-preservation so the unsuspecting juniors can face next year! Neil "anybody got a butt" Smith-leaves a carton of Fatimas to any underclassman suffering from the "nicotine twitch." Garrett Spillane-leaves the truant oflicer with a vacation. Robert Smith-leaves his courage in selec- tion of shirts and ties to Danny White. Francis Stein-leaves for Hollywood to take Tyrone Power's place. loan Tebeau-leaves her makeup to Tonto. Ronnie Turner-leaves his supersensitive 20-90 vision to any underclassman who strains his eyes in the third balcony at the Casino. Barbara Thrasher-leaves her old Hamlet tests to Lloyd Truax to help him struggle through senior English. Ed Van Den Berghe and Dick Wescott- leave their legs to Canteen for the ping pong table. Bobby Wilson--leaves his scintillating con- versational ability to Freddie Davison. As the shades of our departure descend upon us, and we sadly prepare to leave behind the portals of this school of learn- ing, we bow our heads reverently and with our last sweet breaths of life, review- ing fondly the memories that will remain in our hearts, humbly decree that this will be made legal. Thus on this momentous fourteenth day of Iune in the year of our liberation--one thousand nine hundred fifty-one, here at the F oxboro High School, we inscribe in letters of gold our philanthropy, our gen- erosity, and our utter selflessness, as duly witnessed by- N rcic Nosrnu. EUPHRESNIA PANCHO PERSNAVITCH KATE SINIITH Page T hirty-seven By SHIRLEY DUNDAS Some persons have talents of seeing into the past and future. Others travel around on magic carpets, sit in time machines, or gaze into crystal balls. When it comes to writing accounts of their school- mates, lives, they have all the luck. With no tricks or magic, I, in 1961, an old maid school teacher, shall endeavor to write up the fortunes of the Class of '51 for the files of Foxboro High School. As we were the most brilliant and talented group ever to graduate, it is only fair that our records should be left for posterity. Sally Fuller and Theresa Crise have a flourishing business-a Pumpkin stand. Theyire making a fortune. It seems they "borrow" all their pumpkins as they did for our Senior Social, so their selling is all profit. lack Sanford and Bill Heffernan, after ten years of hard work in the Marines, Hnally got their first promotion the other day. As they march down the street in parade, .lack gazes coyly out of the corner of his eye at all the sweet young things, cheering him on. Guess that rigid training did- do something for him. He used to look 'em straight in the face. Bill marches along correctly too, "Left, right, left, left, left, right, rightf' Well, who could keep in step with the female crowd panting, "Show us your dimple, please, Billy?', john McAlister is honored as winner of the worldis largest harness race. Really! I mean itl He wonl! It seems that Paid was entered in the contest. The gun sounded, the horses were off. From his driver's seat in the sulkey, lack saw that Paid was tired, so, being the gentleman that he always was, he picked up Paid, put her in the buggy, grabbed the handles and trotted across the finish line-the winner by a nose! Betty Gammon works 24 hours a day for New York Central Railroad. To conserve electricity, instead of flashing red signals, Betty pops her head in and out of a win- dow. Besides trains, trucks, cars, and planes Stop for miles around. Hank Cook spends all his time at the LASS Cape. Heis turned into even more of a wolf than he pictured himself to have been in his stories of all his girls down there. Beverly Doucette has made progress in the work she became interested in during the Senior Play. Her pet mice are noted for their intelligence and will play dead if you hit them on the head with a shovel. Ioanne Fuller has a steady job at Cappyis now. Her appreciation there, after the Senior Reception of her Iunior year, was so marked that she's been hired to sit in the audience and giggle. We all know her years of practice were for some good cause. Buddy Spillane grew so fond of his old "Bessie,v the Ford, he has kept her all these years, and she still works "like a charmf' The only trouble with Bessie though, she interfered with his track practice. Now, with a hole cut in the floor, he's able to run and drive at the same time. The new manager of the Old Howard is a friend of ours-Bubbles Wilson. With a nickname like that what other job would match? Vinnie Romiglio has become as com- mon a name to the school children of today, as Albert Einstein was to us when we were in high school. His invention of a machine with a 10096 efficiency has revolutionized science. Dick Westcott designs airplanes for a living now instead of as a hobby. He and his pal Buster Newell are finishing secret plans for a new space-ship called "The Bean-Bagv. This creation has eleven modern rooms-so modern the boys hate to ruin the effect with a motor. Corinne Metrano has been married for nine years. She keeps pretty busy taking care of her children and, at any time, walk- ing by her house, one is apt to hear her mur- muring, "Do your homework now!"-sounds rather familiar. Betty Gove has a position in Ohio as private secretary to an engineer named Dave. Even after that training in Shorthand 1, she disproves all Mrs. Sullivan's theories about how model secretaries take dictation. Page Thirty-eight R P 4 Bonnie has a music store on 5th Avenue in NeW'York. His musical interest all started during the 3rd period General Math classes he spent in the auditorium playing records. Another New Yorker is Natalie Iodice. She has taken over Helen Hayes' spot as "first lady of the theatre". This came about after she vowed to make good when she didnit get that part in the Senior Play. Eleanor Findley, with her terrific drib- ble, is the first girl basketball player on the Celtics Team. In the short time he spent as a Prob- lems student, Bill Holmes developed an interest in Civil Service exams. After he tried one, he was placed in the job where he fitted-street cleaning. "Oh wellf' says Bill, "at least I pick up all the dirty. Robert Smith is author of a book titled: "How to Knock Her Eye Out in One Easy Lesson". Remember that pink necktie he used to wear? Eddie Van Den Berghe combines his hobby of fishing with his job of Hollywood Talent Scout. Who wouldnit enjoy that job -baiting hooks for girls? Thelma Brown has opened with her sisters at the Oval Room here in Boston. We wonder just what or whom is respon- sible for her theme song, "Carry Me Back to Old Virginnyv. Wilda Hignett has become a flourish- ing young inventor. Her most successful in- ventions are: pajamas which may be worn as shorts, and a plastic insert in lids of car trunks which will enable the driver to look through the flap when he's carrying extra passengers Cin the trunk that isl. I wonder where she got those ideas. .Ioan Tebeau is forever dashing thither and yon as an able employee of the Census Bureau. Little did she know that one day she'd be trying to get the same kind of sta- tistical information the Yearbook staff tried to get from her. Stevie Linfield, of course, has gone back to Maine where he spends his time raising potatoes and reciting Macbeth. With E only three boys in that Iunior English class of actors how could he forget it? Lately it's not Santa Claus you see on the roof-tops, but Eddie Hosepian. Operator of a television store, putting aerials is a com- mon task. Besides this, he has taken over the role of Kukla on the Kukla, Fran, and Ollie show. Cert Heyne has recently been made official pin-up girl of the Air Forces. So many of her class pictures went there ten years ago, it was only fitting. When Adelaide Potter swam the Eng- lish Channel last month the shores were decorated with big banners. They all said 'Tm sorry, Mrs. Sullivanln which of course has always been her slogan. Nick Anagnos has made loads of im- provements on his red jalopy. Besides hav- ing 900 horse power, it can go through fire or under water. These are handy little tricks, the way Nick drives. In Washington, Barbara Thrasher has taken a place as a Senator from Massachu- setts. Her Problems class arguments with Mrs. Brawn caused her to run on a platform for independent voting. Dim Linard, as a famous architect, has designed several modern skyscrapers in Foxboro. His skill is based on the fact that instead of a sketch pad, Dim doodles his talents on an Esquire Calendar. If you ever see someone heading toward a kitchen with a magnifying glass in his fist itis Francis Stein, a top detective of the F.B.I. Being a fine cook, he spends much of his time in the F.H.S. cafeteria trying to figure out exactly what goes into the udeliciousv meals. Pat Downs as usual is kept busy com- posing petitions. Her latest is a drive to make the countryis official color "Greene',. Thalia Schaeffer is, naturally, still knit- ting little yellow sweaters and roasting tur- keys. Things havenit changed much for her, only then she didn't have a family. The first Harvard coach to be a pro- fessor of science and mathematics as well, is Connie Flanders. It's quite a sight to see Page Thirty-nine the Harvard eleven go on to the field in horned rimmed glasses with books clutched in their paws. Renowned for his dramatic acting as Hubert in "Ring Around Elizabethv, as well as his part as the waywardhusband in the Dramatic Club skit, Bill Rollins has climbed the ladder to stardom. With his floppy wig and bare feet, who else could take the place of Milton Berle? Ruth Childs as well as being a mission- ary in Africa, displays her fondness for sing- ing. She gives out with "Bongo, Bongo, Bongo, I Donyt Want to Leave the Congoi' on a local network. In 1951 when lean Randall brought the telephone book to school by mistake, she decided it was fate. Today she works hard in the profession which really rings the bell. Ioe Nisil commands a battleship, "The Womanhaterv, in the Navy. Not even I could have chosen a more fitting name for loe,s ship. A dance instructor at the Arthur Mur- ray Studios is Ronnie Hodges. Bouncy- Bogey and Ballet are his specialties. Hannahis Restaurant has a new man- ager-Barbara Nevers. For only a dollar she will heat up a can of soup fif you bring itj and serve a dry roll and glass of water. Business is booming with Barbara. Husky Dick Potter now conducts his own square dance studio. His two star pupils and biggest "squares', are of course Nancy Anthony and Alice Allen, who finally broke down and gave the local lads a break. After being quiet for his first 18 years, Donald Mosher sounds off as a fish peddler in Gloucester. Any night you can hear him tramping the coast shouting "Fish,'! He still is very quiet at other times. Virginia Dorsey now operates a small booth at all Foxboro Field Days. The sign above it reads "Kisses',. It was surprising to learn that what she was selling was candy, since her favorite remark used to be, "I feel so-0-o smoochiev. Buzzy Bearce has achieved his goal in life. He was unanimously chosen by the people of Egyparabia to be their Sultan. We were sure he would be internationally famous with his "linen, Eleanor Nelson became a top-notch model. She now has her own shop on an exclusive street, where chic and elegance are her specialties. Miss America of 1961 is our own Lynne Carleton. She wins the title yearly. With her streamlined figure and dulcet voice, how could she lose? Neil Smith has succeeded in attaining two of his pet ambitions. In addition to being a professor at Harvard, he spends much time designing scenery for a very arty theatre. Dexter Fuller is a caretaker at a very large cemetery. After several years of serv- ice, his one and only complaint is, "It,s rather deadv. Still writing sports, Ianice Roach works with the thoroughness of a vacuum cleaner in picking up things. lust so as not to lose her technique, she leads the cheering sec- tion now and then. lane Donovan is as busy as ever. She is the oflicial accompanist for Margaret Tru- man on tour. In addition, she is a feature writer and literary editor for the Metropoli- tan Opera News. An up and coming advertising consult- ant is our 'Ioanne Aimone. She is invaluable to her boss. She not only gets the ad, but she writes it up, does the layout, keeps the books, and collects the bills. Where did she pick up that versatility? -Iudy Andrews and Iohn Howard are artists together. After the school days of quarrelling and paint brush battles they couldn,t get used to the quiet that came with graduation. They were married, and again the air resounds. Frank Schulz and Dickie Newell have a featured act on television. They do a ven- triloquist act and amaze the audience who never heard two dummies talk. With these hallowed words, I conclude this masterpiece, leaving it for all privileged people to read a hundred years from now. Page Forty Senior Cntcsf Elm-anor Nvlson liivhard Nc-wvll Has! School Spirit .loannv Alllllllll' Garrvtt Spillant' Play Boy-Pin Up K. Sally Fullcr llolx-rt B1-arct- .llost Allzleiiv Virginia Dorsvy Conrad Flanders Oldest Advlaidv Pottvr Dc-xtcr Fullcr Tallest Eh-anor Findlcy Fred Anthony Statirticr Quieiest Ruth Childs Donald Mosher Must Popular Lynne Carleton Conrad Flanders Has Done Most for Class Thalia Schaeffer Garrett Spillane Best Date Sally Fuller xvlllllllll Rollins Youngest Lynnc Carleton Edwin Van Den Bm-rghc Shortest Beverly Douccttc Richard Newvll Senior Best Nutured Theresa Crise Edward Ilosepian Tcucheris Pet Shirley Dundas N4-il Smith Host Likely to Succeed june Donovan Dimitri Linard Best Looking Eleanor Nelson Dexter Fuller Best All-Around Lynne Carleton Garrett Spillane Best Line Virginia Dorsey llohert Bc-nrce Statistic: Most Respcctezl ,lane Donovan Vincent Romiglio Teuclierls Pest Iohn McAllister Virginia Dorsey YVitfic.s-t Joanne Fuller Eclwnrcl Ilosepiaul Cutexl Cnzmle Tlieresu Crise Dcxtei' Fuller Best lJre.s.sL'zl jounne Fuller john Howard .Yy+o:..,'- ' Vw 'f Ko I gt 3 I Zfwm w .1 I x 6 ' I X Firs t Row fleft to rightl: Doris Doucette, Mary WVhite, Edith Granahan, Shirley Brown, Mrs. Brawn CAdvisorJ, Ann Donovan CTreasurerl, Richard Guenard tVice- Presidentj, Joseph VVaseleski CPresidentl, Jane Rex CSee- retaryl, Mr. Ahern lr-Xdvisorj, Natalie Gaudet, Jeanette Sehronnn, Jane Dwyer, Helen Canghlin, Virginia Rockwood. Second Row: Virginia Renaud, Nancy Dihlarzio, Delia O'Sullivan, Ioan Leary, Dorothy Dolan, Ioan Comeau, Amy Umbs, Dianne Smith, Elizabeth Breede, Georgette Therberge, Elizabeth Cillie, Lois Moore, Carol Roach, Ruth McCormick, Theresa C-iovino, Lorna Comey, Cynthia Roberts, Anna 0'Sullivan. Third Row: David Bearce, Iaines XYeir, Alan Fairba nk, james llennessey, Leonard Higgins, Evelyn Lombardi, Cynthia Cook, Carol XVhipp. Margaret Donovan, Nancy Toorok, Heather Gilman, Roy Colby, Philip Law. Francis Lillyman, Robert Stanke, Lester Paiva, Lawrence YVinslow. Fourth Row: James XVhite, Fredrick Cook, Fred Davison, -lohn Croome. Lucien Turcotte, YValter Stanley, Nelson Lavigne, Jack Sylvia, Edward Richards, Alfred Prew. Donald Childs. joseph Jolly, Lloyd Truax, Robert Sylvia, Robert Cove, Richard Landry. Albert NVQ-ir. unior Clary President joseph Wfaseleski V ice-President Richard Cuenard Treasurer Ann Donovan Secretary -lane Rex NIOTTO "Anything worth doing is worth doing wellf' COLORS Blue and Silver Page Forty-four First Row fleft to rightl: Shirley Cuerrini, Nancy Beach, Rose Jodice, Joyce Catlord, Mr. Dubins CAdvisorJ, Allan Kivela, Carol Britton, Daniel Comes, Fred Harding, Mr. Metcalf CAdx'isorl, llelene Barry, Alice Murphy Katherine llonnors, Betty Clark, Doret Newell. Second Row: Gail MacQnarrie, Lee Sallie, Elizabeth Spencer Iris Wt-hh, janice Snipes. Regina Murray, Marlene Dolan, Elaine La-Baron, Joyce Bent, Elizabeth LaValley Marcia Foster, Anne Ashby, Margaret Mc-Kay, Adrienne Russell, june Ludwig, Phyllis julius, john Davis Third Holt: Alfred NVhite, Konrad Brown. Richard Madden, Albert Nltll'NtlllItlI'tl, Richard Davies, Anna Sylvia Carolyn Darling, Yvonne NVQ-lsh, Gail Fitzpatrick, Barbara Guildford, Mary VVhite, Robert Ryan, Robert De Vantonr. john Cook, Vaughn Cnnrud, Robert llnnt. Fourth Row: Richard llearn, Alfred Forrest, Alfred Rol lins, Richard Morse, joseph Brigham, james NVallacc. Harold Doherty. Dale Meier. Ronald Foster. Charle Croonie, Arthur Ellis, John Engley, Robert Callagher. .lohn Olsen, Daniel White. Sophomore Clam I're.sir1ent Daniel Comes A'7iC'!'-Pl'f'.S'il1l'l1f Fred Harding Treasurer Allan Kivela Sc'crc'f11ry Carol Britton MOTTO n.llOl1Cl'llff0l1 is the key to lu1ppi11e.s's." COLORS Maroon and Siluer Puge Forty-7506 s 3 a v S 11r.sf Row fleff to riglztl: lane Fairliank, Ennna Freeman, Nancy Benoit, Carolyn Street, Mrs. Beers CAdvisorl, Michael Shea Vfreasurerl. Frank Hettron, Larry Brunell fPresidentl, XValter Dllflllllll QSeeretaryl, Mr. Sea- verns CAdvisorl, Virginia Madden, Sliirley Gallagher, Eleanora Cataloni, Claire Doueette, Edith Sliepardson, Second Row: Marilyn Peacli, Barbara York, Marjorie Metcalf, Doris Sullivan, Audrey Elliot, Priscilla Romig- lio, Joan Dodkin, Lorraine C-ayton. Marcia Congdon, Janet Tureotte, Helena Sclironnn, Elaine Cook, Lorinda Bluemer, Mary Sanford. Eleanor Dooley, Sally Roberts, Caroline Urban, Nancy Dodkin, Mary Carolyn Buck- ley. Thirf1Row: VVillialn Braye, llarold Ferguson, Otis Downs, Iosepli Lillynian, Larry Bearce, Marlene Cook, Martha Crittitlis. Evelyn Hunt. Margaret Bristol, Barbara Bristol, Judith Ardrey, Edgar Peavey, YVarren lleaton, Allan Johnson. Dean Swift. David Newell, Raymond Metrano. Fourth Row: Carlton Slnitli, Russell llarnden, James Slnitli, Curtis Crittin, David Rounlueliler, -losepli Cardinute, Edward Mellon, Ronald Flan- ders, George Fuller, Ronald Parker. Milliani Coodwin, Stanley Sniitli, lalnes XVaseleski, Robert Clark, Donald Topping, David Colliurn, Everett Lucas, Cerard Lynelx. rerloman Clam Pre,s'i11'cn1' Lawrence Brunell Vice-Prcsiclenf Frank Heftron Treczszzrer Michael Shea Secretary Walter Durham MOTTO "As cz man thinketlz, so is hc." COLORS Scarlet and Silver Page Forty-six I fffwfff 'IJ f , f'fA,J"z'i7J W.. ' ' 1 f H' , 1 1+ f l , Q 1 x W" gf -4.1. VN! gy' X -QX f Um X s ' Af- wrgzgi A , V AE M fawg,--:f'94f,,g5x-gfxvmwf . ww W'--. X f-M-.,,.aX. A I In W5 x ... K K few: wnr -4.... 1 lf -Y 1 1 l First Row Ueft to rightj: Fred Anthony, William Holmes, Robert Sylvia, Conrad Flanders leo-captl, Coach john P. Certuse, Dexter Fuller fco-captj, Richard Morse, Albert Weir, Alfred Prew. Second Row: Allan Kivela tmanagerj, joseph Waseleski, Lloyd Truax, Joseph Jolly, Donald Childs, James YVeir, XVilliam Rollins, Ron- ald Parker, Arthur Ellis Cmanagerb. Third Row: Richard Guenard, John Cook, Walter Durham, Joseph Car- dinute, George Fuller, Ronald Flanders, John Olsen, Alfred Rollins, Robert DeVantour. A Football XV ith only a few veterans returning from the great teams of 1948 and 1949 it was evi- dent that the 1950 edition of the Blue and Gold would have its ups and downs. The first "down', came with the fourth game of the season when Franklin handed the Blue and Cold their Hrst defeat in three years by a 12-6 score. Other defeats during the season were suffered at the hands of Wareham, Class D Champions for 1950, Billerica, and traditional rival, Mansfield. On the bright side of the ledger, victories were gained over Somerville Voca- tional, Wrentham, North Easton and Northbridge. The best game of the season from the local viewpoint was the thrilling, hard fought 7-0 victory over a big, fast, and well drilled North- bridge eleven. The Mansfield game also provided many thrills as both teams battled on practic- ally even terms throughout the game. A second period pass play provided Mansfield with their 7-0 margin of victory. Every game was well played and only inexperienee on the part of the locals prevented a more successful season. However, with many of this yearls Sophomores and juniors returning a great team is being looked for next year. , The team wishes to express their deepest thanks to Coach john P. Certuse and Assist- ant Coach john j. Ahern for the many trying hours of hard work they spent on the practice field. and for the wealth of knowledge they have bestowed upon us. Also the team thanks the towns- people and the student body, who lent their loyal support-win, lose, or draw. Foxboro .. ,. ...,. ..,..,,., :Z 6 Somerville Vocational 12 Foxboro .... T Northbridge .,.... ..,........ . . .. 0 Foxboro .... 27 Wrentham ......,..... ..,..... , . 0 F oxboro ,,,. 6 Franklin ....... ...., 1 2 Foxboro ..., T Billerica .. ..,.... ..... 3 3 Foxboro ,... 26 North Easton ..... ..... 1 2 F oxboro ..,. 6 Wareham ........ .....,..... 2 0 Foxboro ,..,....,. ,,....... ..., 0 N 'lansfield ,............................. 7 Coach-john P. Certuse Assistant-John I. Ahern Managers-Alan Kivela, Arthur Ellis Page Forty-nine .5 ...X ri yrs Q ' "' ami Silling Hr' I lo riglill: XYiiiiann Rollins. liiehnrii C:lll'Hill'4i. Neil Smith. l"ir.s-I ftlllff Conrnci ifinnciers, Rohert Sylvia. f l"rm'ml Jxlliillllly. john lIow.n'ml iC.ipl.i. liciixriiwi llosepirmn. tutlwin-tl Min Den Berge. beeonfl How: -lrnnes XYnll.re1- LNlrnmger7. Allan kin-1.1. liaiwmml Mellon, lionnlcl l'1n'ker, NYniter Dnrhgun. john Davis iNlanmger7. Conch john -I. Ahern. Tfzirrl lion? l.nrry Brnneii, Daniel Comes. liohert lDCx.1l1lf0ll!', lioimid lfinmiers. liieimlti Horse. l,nrry Ili-alive. The lmsketimll team. under the direction of Couch Alohn Ahern, started practice shortly after 'l'luinksgivin5.i. The teann wus comprised mninh' of seniors, all of whom were looking forward to il successful season. The team pluvecl tr twentv gtnne schedule, with six games coming hefore Christmas. 'll-anns on the schedule.'other than those in the lioekomock League, WGN' Pi2liIlYiil0. Flwlllkiill. liunciolph, and North Attlehoro. The teznn finished fourth in the Hockomock League with ii five won, five lost record. The season was completed with an overall uvemge of hetter than 500 per cent. Page Fifty-mic' .vl limi' flwll In l'f,LfIlfli ltivliiii-tl l'nltm-r. Cuiiriicl l"l4mclt'rs. xvllllillll llulim-s lilo-Cnptl. Cunt-li Clmrlcs l". Sl'.lXl'l'll'4. blix. C2.ii'rt-tt Spillimv LU:-Cgipt l. l"i'vcl Antlimiy. .lium-s XV-ir. Sfwnifl limb: -loliii Xiu.-Xlistvil NYi1ltm'i' l3lll'll2llIl. llimilri l.lllAll4ll, llvxlvr l"ulls-r. Damim-l Cluiiivs. ltmiulal 'I'm'm-r. Tlzirrl ltuzr: Nlliltci' Cook lxlilllilgvfl, liclwiirml Xlt-llmm. lfri-cl lI.u'cling, llmmlnl lflniiclm-rs. ltmmlcl lfusts-1', Daniel ltoniiilivlilw. Otis Downs. Tmcle Umlm-1' tht- la-zlclc-rsliip of Co-Cuptzliiis Clziiivtt Spillmw uiicl Xvllllillll llolmvs. l"oxlioi'o's tl wk tmun stsirtcll its tliircl vm-air. Dc-spite tlic- loss of many of lust youfs Sfllllilillltli tlirougli gmtluutioii. tlu-iv wus still Ll qmail mic-lvus ol' x'c'tc-mils rt-turniiig nrouml xvliom Concli Cllmrlcs Sca1x'v1'1is coultl lmilcl. Tlic- tm-:un is 1-iutc-xml in tlltt State- Nlvvt. South Slum- Nlwt. llockoinock livugm' Nlvvt. iml nizuw utlim-r cluzil mm-ts witli surroumliiig towns. lt is liopt-tl tlmt tliis yt-ui"s tczmi will lit- as sllccm-sslul ns its two pix-clm-L-ussoi's. Pzigz' Fifly-llzr1'1' l"ir,sI lion' NUI! fu riglitl: llonald Parlwr. Leonard lliggins. llolwrt Dt-Vantonr, Alfrvd Prvw. llichard Ulu-nard. Allan Kin-la, .Iohn Davis lNlanagvrD. Sccwmrl How: Charlvs llonnlu-lilc-r, XVilliain llollins. Nm-lson'igni', Coavh Nl. Ira Dnlxins, llarold Dolu-rty, lidward llosvpian, llolmcrt Sylvia. Tliirrl Row: G1-orgv l"nllvr. lliuh- ard NV4-scott, lfdwin Van Don llc-1'gln-, john lloward, Nlichacl Shva. Baseball This yi-ar's hast-hall tvam is faccd with thc- task of putting Foxhoro back on thc win- ning track. During tht' last two or thrve ycars lnaschall at Foxhoro High has not fared too succcss- fully. This ycar, howvyvr, nndcr the dirvction of nc-wly appointed Coach Nl. Ira Dnhins. a good tvain is hopcd for hy all. Tha- mound stall will lu- huilt aronnd fast-lmallcr Alfrcd Prvw and curyv hall artist Edward llosvpian. B1-hind thc- hat will he citlu-r Nelson Lavigne or Ronald Parkor. lnficld candi- datvs consist of lidwin Van Dc-n llmglic, Piicliard NVQ-scott, Robert DeVantour, john Howard. llolwrt Sylvia, and Alan Kivc-la. Outfit-ld candidate-s arc NVilliam Rollins, Richard Cnenard, Har- old Dolu-rty, and Charles llonnlwhlcr. Thr- tcani will compvtc in thv Hockomock licagnc against Sharon, Canton, Stoughton. Nlansfivld and North Easton. Pagc' Fifty-fire Front Row Ueft fo riglitl: Patsy Maclvor, Ann Ashhy, Edith Cranahan, Barbara Bristol, Dianne Smith, Joanne Aimone. Virginia Dorsey fCapt.D, Elizabeth Brecde, Elizabeth Gillic, Jane Donovan, Janice Roach, Nancy Anthony. Second Row: Jeannette Schromm, Marilyn Peach, Elaine Cook, Lorraine Gayton, Judith Ardrey, Shirley Brown, Eleanor Dooley, Mary Buckley, Nancy Dodkin, Ann Donovan. Third Row: Evelyn Lombardi, lleather Gilman, Cynthia Cook, Lynne Carleton, Yvonne YVelsh, Gail Fitzpatrick, Carolyn Darling, Margaret Bristol, Joanne Fuller, Lorinda Bluemcr. Absent-Eleanor Findley CManag4-rl. Girls, Field Hockey Under the direction of Coach jean Fearnley, the Field Hockey team had a fairly successful season. The hardest games were with Hopedale which has an experienced team. Captain Virginia Dorsey, Joanne Aimone, and Beverly Foster were high scorers. while goalie Nancy Anthony and center hack Judy Cranahan led Foxboros defensive attack. Eleanor Findley was the Manager. Foxhoro . ., .. 2 XValpole . 2 Foxhoro . , 2 Dean Academy Foxhoro . 5 Franklin .. .. . Foxboro . , . 0 llopedale ,. . Foxhoro ., ,. 2 Dean Academy Foxboro .. 0 Hopedale . Page F iffy-seven First Row fleft to rightj: Virginia Dorsey, Joyce Bent, Edith Granahan, Nancy Anthony, Sally Fuller fCo-Capt.J, Joanne Aimone, Janice Roach, Beverly Doucette, Elizabeth Gillie. Second Row: Thalia Schaeffer CManagc-rl, Carol Roche, Patsy Maclvor, Cynthia Cook, Jane Donovan, Theresa Grise, Dianne Smith, Evelvn Lombardi fAsst. Mgr.J. Third Row: Audrey Elliot, Marilyn Peach, Barbara Bristol, Lorraine Gayton, Margaret Bristol, Virginia Madden, Ann Ashby. Absent-Elcanor Findlcy CCO-Capt.J Girly' Bolrleetball The girls' basketball team enjoyed another very successful season. Led by Co-Captains Sally Fuller and Eleanor Findley, the team compiled an impressive record of nine wins, one defeat, and a tie. The tie was a thrilling 42-42 game with Sharon on their own court. Revenge for this game was gained later on in the season. The only defeat came at the hands of Attleboro, on their own floor, by a 32-27 score. Foxboro had won the first engagement between the two teams, 56-45. This defeat marked the second time in two years that Attleboro has spoiled F oxborois bid for an undefeated season. On the bright side, victories were gained over Westwood, Mansfield, Attle- boro, Sharon, Dean Academy, Alumni, and Rockne. Every game was well played, and it could be seen that teamwork was the key to suc- cess. Most of the girls were seniors, all of whom had been playing together for two or three years. These girls, along with a few juniors. comprised a team that functioned, not as six individual parts but as one well-drilled machine. The passing was good, the defensive play of the guards excellent and the shooting of the forwards accurate. These factors, plus a burning desire to win, produced one of F oxborols best girl teams. Page F ifty-eight Filsl lim: U1 fl lo l'f,f.fllfJ' Yirgini-1 Dorsm' Qnllx' lfullvr Yiuicv Anthon Two non-lc-ngut' gannvs am' sclu-clulocl with Xlhlp ' ' . . , ,, . I . . , X. lunict- ltogu-lr, 'l'ln-rosa Crist-, jozninv .-Xiinonc-. Svrorul ltoir: Nlnry lYhitc-. liclilh Cll'un.1lmn. lflimlmvtln Gillit-. blwunn' Sn-ln'onnn, .lcun ltninlull tN1nn4 ngvrl. .-Xlism-nt l'llvunor l"incll1-y. Girly, Softball This yn-nr. I-or thc- first tinw. thc- girls' Softhull tcznn will Q-oinpc-tc in thc- llockomocli l,m-:win-. 'IR-guns in this ll'ilQllt' consist of Stoughton. Sharon. Nlnnsliclcl, North Easton, uncl Canton. olv. ll tvzun which has giwn Foxhoro much trouhlv in tht- past. NVith Illtlllf' Yl'ti'l'klllS of thc past two nncl tlirvc yunrs returning. Foxhoro will lw uhlv lo lic-lcl an svnsoiu-rl nncl wvll-cl1'illa-Ll tvaun. lt is c-1-rtaiin that thc' girls will put forth thcir hc-st in mx-my gauuc in order that they nun' hccoinv tht- first solthull champions ol thc' llocltomock l,c'uguc'. A siiccc-sstlil sotthnll tc-ann would round out ll glorious yt-an' of girls' sports ut Foxhoro Iligh Sc-hool. Pagf' Fifty-nim' - ' -'Q-..f:f'1:.,::. fn-uf . .. ' X f " g s - f J xM 5 ,avi . :F 5. Z-W, ,W S0 QN 5027 7 X X1 w 2 X T 5 m J Q Q , QW- X . f Q, 1 X ff QQ? Q if Z Q A C. if Qvflm ENIENYS ,.. HAWK' Vmcbdg KX X4' M. 4 ,P x A J ' G 2 . E Xp XG XL ,-: ! .-.-.up - F .gig,3:p2ig5g?figif55?. jgfigggsxxggqeizijiswi :X -FJ' 5555255255525 3252553555255 .:.:.:.:.:.:.'. Q ,-.-.:.:.j.:.: . .g.:.:.:.g.g.:Z: 5 '.-.:.-.:.:.:. ! Z ::j:g:j.g.:.:.:. L ".'.'. l - ' f . :-:-:-:3:1:1:5:2 " ' QEEESSSEEEE' . irq' I W ' Maw 0. k mg, g. ,4- .5 . Q alfqnr X rib 'fl K JZ' W .3 ,Af U , f P Q JK Af Ll-E N CE QLEG 4 C n.uB Cum irlf' Sporty Club Under the able direction of Bliss ,lean Fearnley. the Sports Club provided additional interests and opportunities in girls' sports. This year bowling was the main interest and competition was keen. KLcft to right? Patsy Maclvor, Betty Clark. Sally Fuller First Row fleft to riglatj: lean Randall. Sally Fuller. Joanne Aimone, Nancy Anthony. Virginia Dorsey, Thalia Schaeffer, Janiee Hoaeh. Second How: Dexter Fuller, Dimitri Linard, Eleanor Nelson, Fred Anthony, Ther- esa Crise, Garrett Spillane, Coach ,lohn P. Certuse. Tlzi1'flRmc: Xllilliain Rollins. Conrad Flanders, Neil Smith. John Howard. liieliarcl Potter, Edward llosepian. xylllllllll llohnes. lhlissingl Eleanor Findley. Vdffllfjl Club The Varsity Club of Foxboro High School is made up of those seniors who have at least two letters in one sport, or a total of three letters in various sports, boy or girl. The club is under the direction of john P. Certuse and it is held as quite an honor to be a ineinber of this select group. Page Sixty-two .....-YM, l Front rout flefl In riglatl: llavniontl Nletrano. Michael Shea, lfranli lleflhron, Mr. Ira Dubins, YValter Durham, Lor- raine Cavton. SITUHII lime: Robert YVilson, Alfred Rollins, Lorinda Blur-mer, NVillizuu Brave. Sezenee Club On completing its second year at Foxboro High School. the Science Club. under the direction ol' Nlr. Dubins. has gained in popularity. Nlany experiments. projects and enjoyable activities are sponsored bv this club whose object is to help in every way to find new hobbies and opportunities for its members. l Cheerleaders The Cheerleaders attended every game during the football and basketball season and really did a grand job in lead- ing the eheers. They practiced very hard perfecting and working out new cheers. They wish to thank all those who supported their cheering at the games. Kneeling flcft In riglltl: Ann Donovan, .laniee Roach. Evelyn Lombardi, lzleanor Nelson. Seemul How: Natalie jodice, Rose jodiee. f i Top: Shirley Cuerrini. Page Sixty-three First Row Ileft to righfi: Marilyn Peach, Joseph YVasL-leski, Frank Metcalf CAdvisorD, Edward lloscpian fPresidr-ntl, Joanne Fullvr. Doret Newell. Second How: john Davis, Ann Donovan, Nancy Anthony, XVilliam Rollins. Mar- garet Donovan. Lois Moore, Larry Brunell. Cstudent Councill Front Row Ueft to riglzti: Betty Clark, Gail MacQuarrie, Jane Donovan fDirectorP, Eleanor Nelson, Vice-Prvsiclentg Allan Kivela, Secretary: Ann Donovan. President, Edward Madden, Sccretaryg Mrs. Beers, Facility Adyisorg Alice Murphy, Janice Roach. Second How: Joyce Gafford, Barbara Guilford, Joyce Bent, Mary XVllltL'. Cynthia Cook, Gail Fitzpatrick. Yvonne NVclsh. Elaine LcBaron, Jane Rex, Janicv Snipes, John Davis. Third How: Ann Ashby, Lois Moore, John Cook. Richard Hearn, David Bearcc, YValter Cook, Alfred Rollins, Francis Lillyman, Richard Guenard. Marcia Fostvr. CFrer1Ch Glubj Page Sixty-four First How flcft to rightj: Ioanne Aimone, Eleanor Nelson, Shirley Dundas, Mr. Seaverns, Faculty Advisor, Garrett S Jillanc, Editor-in-Chicfg XVilliam Rollins, joseph YVase-leslci, Thalia Schaeffer, Ruth Childs, Conrad Flanders, Elhzabeth Govc. Second Row: Doret Newell, Shirley Brown, Natalie jodice, Elizabeth Breede, Dimitri Linard, Robert DeVautour, Ann Donovan, Fred Anthony, Natalie Gaudet, Joan Leary, Theresa Giovino, Elaine Cook, Patricia Downs, Elizabeth Gammon. Third Row: Janice Roach, Joanne Fuller, Lynn Carleton, Allan Kivela, Daniel Gomes, john Howard, Michael Shea, Robert llunt, Lorraine Gayton, Barbara Bristol, Margaret Bristol, Lorinda Bluemer. CIhe Poxeasterj O 0 D Student Council This year, under the direction of Mr. Metcalf, the Student Council has tried to build a foundation of tasks and activities for future years. Many assemblies were planned by the council, and its members acted as Masters of Ceremonies. French lub This year, under the supervision of Mrs. Gladys Beers, Le Cercle Francais was orga- nized after an absence of several years. The members have taken part in assembly programs and, in their bi-weekly meetings, have enjoyed French songs and games. "The Foxcnrten' The F oxcaster was published again this year under the capable direction of Mr. Charles F. Seaverns, Jr. There were eight issues printed which gave the students much experience in this field of work. Page Sixty-five First How fluff to riglitl: llelene Barry, Shirley Brown, Sally Roberts, Natalie Jodice, Mr. Ball QDirectorJ, Janice Roach, Ann Donovan, Lois Moore, Jeanette Schromm. Second Row: Barbara Thrasher, Jane Donovan, Eliza- beth Breedc, Ruth McCormick, Thalia Schaeffer, Judith Ardrey, Joyce Caftord, Marcia Congdon, Claire Dou- cette. Third Row: Evelyn Lombardi, Elaine LeBaron, Judith Andrews, Lynne Carleton, Cynthia Cook, lleather Gilman, Margaret Bristol, Pat Maclvor, Dorothy Dolan. fGirls' Chorusj o e U mmvztic Club The Dramatic Club of Foxboro High School has become one of our liveliest organiza- tions this year. Under the direction of Mrs. Lipner and Mr. Metcalf, two, one-act plays, "The First Dress Suit," and "Finders Keepersf, were performed with enthusiasm. Several skits also were presented in assembly programs. Y The club has given the students opportunity to act or to watch their friends perform. All its members are proud of its success. Pro Merito Societ The members of the Pro Merito Society are the honor students of our class. Member- ship is awarded to those who have attained an average ot eighty-five percent or better at the end of their Junior year. Girly' Claorur A fine Girls' Chorus as well as weekly classes in music appreciation is the result of a reorganization of the entire music department. The chorus has taken part in several assembly pro- grams and eight of its members were chosen to attend the All-State Music Festival at NVorcester- certainly an honor and a thrill for them. Page Sixty-scuen I Senior Play RINO AROUND ELIZABETH Comedy by CHARL ARMSTRONG By Permission of Bakerls Plays CAST Laurette Carpenter Styles ..o.o ..,..,.., .,.,... ....,..... S H I RLEY DUNDAS Hubert Cherry ...............,.... .,.......,. ,........., N V ILLIANI ROLLINS Mercedes ...A..A..,.....,......,.A. ...... B EVERLY DOUCETTE Vida ...,......,..,.....,..,. ..,..,.. T HALIA SCHAEFFER Jennifer ,..r..,..,......,..... .,...... E LEANOR NELSON Elizabeth Cherry .......,. ........ L YNNE CARLETON Irene Oliver .........,..,. .........r,,. j ANE DONOVAN Harriet Gilpin ....... .....,.........,................ I UDITH ANDREW Ralph Cherry l.r..,,., .....,..,.......,.........,.... C ARRETT SPILLANE Andy Blayne ..,... ....,..A.....,,.........,..,...,,........ R OBERT BEARCE Policemen .,..,,. ,...... V VALTER COOK, JOHN MCALISTER Nurse .......... ......,.............,.,,....,..,...,.. T HERESA GRISE Dr. Hollister ., .,,l... ..,.... . .. .......,4.,............,............. DIMITRI LINARD Junior ......,,... ...........,.,....................,,......................,.,...,..... R ICHARD NEWELL Directed by Mns HELEN H. LIPNER Page Sixty-eight Dear Readers: Class of 1951 F oxhoro High School June 13 We wish to thank the following advertisers for their support. They have supported usg We would appreciate it, if you would support them. CARRETT SPILLANE, Editor-in-Chief Page Sixty-nine Compliments of FULLER BROTHERS RADIO and TELEVISION Telephone Foxboro -102 Foxboro, Massachusetts Compliments of A FRIEND 18 Bird Street Foxboro. Massachusetts THE DANCE STUDIO Classes in TOE - ACROBATIC - TAP - BALLET - CHARACTER Two Cood Places To Eat-HOME and HALE,S DINER I'IAI.E'S DINER Opposite State Hospital Foxboro, Massachusetts FOXBORO LAUNDRY CO. THRIFT MOTOR SALES DODGE and PLYMOUTH Sales - Service 6 South Street Foxboro 505 Approved G.I. Flight Training CARLETON-WHITNEY AERO SERVICE, INC. Wilkins Airport North Attleboro SMAI.I.'S GREENHOUSES Telephone 2841 Foxboro, Massachusetts Compliments of STORK DIAPER SERVICE Telephone Foxboro 923 N. NARDELLI SHOE STORE SHOE REPAIR 41 Central Street F oxboro, Massachusetts Page Seventy Tvlvphmlc 956 JONES SPORT CENTER EVERYTHING FOR THE SPORTSNIAN C1-urge H. jonos S14 C21-ntml Strvct Foxboro, Massachusetts Cfmnplirzzrwzts of FOXBORO FIRE DEPARTMENT Cmnplinmnfs of McKENZlE'S MOTORS FAIRBANK CONGDON CO. OLDSMOBILE - PONTIAC Sf1lc's11r1dSc'ruic'0 115 Blain Stu-vt Tvlephom- 410 Foxbom, Niussachusctts BAY STATE DRUG STORE XV. -I. UR:-illy. BS. - I. D. O'Reil1y. BS. 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Fuller Mrs. Mary Heffernan Page S eventy-eight Compliments of THE FOXBORO COFFEE SHOP SUPERIOR MARKET North Street Foxboro, NIRSSZICIIIISEIIS FOXBORO CASH STORE Cmnplimcnfs of THE ORPHEUM THEATER Compliments of KOCHIAN RUG COMPANY RECREATION BOWLING ALLEYS MOORE'S DRY GOODS STORE COMEY'S CLEANSERS LUNIBER FUEL OIL TOOLS HARDNVARE REO LAXVN NIONVERS XVESTINGHOUSE YOUNGSTOXVN SHOP-SMITH SKILL TOOLS FOX BORO COAL COMPANY 29 XVuIl Street TUIUPITOIIP 336 Foxboro. XIQISSZICITUSCIIS Page Seventy-nine Compliments of MANSFIELD BLEACHERY ELLIOT M. GOVE Plumbing and Heating HEAD IN DINER South Walpole, Massachusetts L. J. CATALDO CO. CLOTHIERS Franklin and F oxboro Stores of Confidence SUITS - TOPCOATS - SPORT COATS FURNISHINGS - SPORTING GOODS Page Eighty M. G. M. GARDENS FRESH EGGS, PoU1,TBY, FRUIT and VEGETABLES S5 Nlnin Street Phones 2526- 2379 Foxboro, Massachusetts "Our 25th Year in Business" 1926 - 1951 SARKIS RADIO and TELEVISION SERVICE 20 South Slain Street Telephone Mansfield 95 Xlansfielcl, Nlassaclmsetts FOXBORO HOUSE Good Food - Special Parties Route 1. Foxboro. Massachusetts MRS. ROBERT BARTON'S GARDEN SHOP 75 Granite Street lllezlcling and Shower Gifts Compliments of THE FOXBORO HAT SHOP AIKEN'S SERVICE STATION Sunoco Gas and Oil 61 Chauncy Street, NIanSHe-ld, Massachusetts, Tel. 468-R MORINI'S SUPER MARKET Mansfield, Massachusetts DEVlNE'S MOTOR SERVICE Telephone 495 F oxboro, Massachusetts Compliments of DR. SHERWOOD N. STEERE FOXBORO 5c to 51.00 STORE FASHIONS FOR YOU Always At . . . GERMAINE CARTIER Telephone 522 F oxhoro, NIk1SSllCI'lllS9ttS Page E ighty-one Compliments of DR. JAMES J. PUTNAM Compliments of SILLMAN'S SHOE STORE 43 Park Street Attleboro, Massachusetts ATHERTON FURNITURE CO. Chester C. Gilbert - Theodore W. Gilbert - Lawrence B. Gilbert Complete Home Furnishings 32 South Main Street Attleboro, Massachusetts Compliments of SARRO'S MARKET Meats - Groceries - Provisions North Main Street Telephone Mansfield 68 MansHeld, Massachusetts PEDINI MOTORS BUICK and CHEVROLET Sales and Service Mansfield, Massachusetts ROSE GARDEN Specialty in CHICKEN - LOBSTER - STEAK DINNER Accommodations - Banquet - VVedding - Parties SNACK SHACK Kelley Boulevard Route 15:2 North Attleboro, Massachusetts Compliments of THE W. C. FULLER CO. Mansfield, Massachusetts Compliments of Central Street EDDIE'S BARBER SHOP Foxboro, Massachusetts Compliments of 57 Main Street FERGUSON BROTHERS Foxboro, Massachusetts Page Eighty-two NORCE APPLIANCES - TELEVISION FRED BAKER CO. PLUMBING and HEATING OIL BURNER SALES and SERVICE Residence 145 North Street Foxboro 2092 Store 46 Central Street COLLIER'S SALES and SERVICE, INC. 5 Meclmnic Street Foxboro, Massachusetts Telephone 363 M. E. HICKS 8: SON, INC. MOTOR TRANSPORTATION Foxboro, Massachusetts Compliments of ROBERTS FUNERAL HOME CUIIIIIIIIHUIIIS of LORD FOX MR. and MRS. JAMES F. NOLAN, Owner-Manager Page Eighty-three WELCH'S DAIRY COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE J. VENNER MAKANT Insurance Agency - Notary Public 51 Central Street Telephone 600 Foxboro, Massachusetts THE LITTLE SHOP VARIETY Ice Cream - Candy - Tonic Compliments of LEON PINI BEL-MAR BEAUTY SALON Compliments of L. E. FIORE FAMILY SHOE STORE Fine Footwear - Repairing A Specialty 66 Central Street Foxboro, Massachusetts Compliments of DR. FRANCIS E. LeBARON Complete Home Furnishings at Reasonable Prices FOXBORO FURNITURE STORE General Electric and Crosley Appliances - Television - Sales and Service HEARN'S DAIRY North Street F oxboro, Massachusetts B 81 M TAXI Foxboro 2451 Page Eighty-four , V . - XX 4 fx - G .f -If A Ni 9 f d f-jwlfx Q 1' L5 e xl ffff' . X f 4 , , , O W f f I N f PERSONALIZED PORTRAITS AND ws ALL DONE wm-I ue:-ns! Thereis magic in lights . . . add a light here, place a spotlight there, and your portrait takes on the appearance of real form and individuality. Your Vantine photographer knows how lighting eitects can be best used . . . How easily they can reflect your personality. Your Vantine photographer knows best how to secure the sharply etched photograph your engraver desires of the important senior year . . . The victories of the athletic teams . . . The brilliance of social occasions . . . The Prom . . . The plays . . . The debates . . . The expression of everyday life on the campus. That personalized portraits by Vantine are important is attested to by the fact that over 300 schools and colleges repeatedly entrust their photographic work to Vantine. WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO 132 Boylston Street Boston, Mass. ea- Emp' Paeu Extends B EST WISH ES To The CLASS QF 1951 Page Eighty-six 171,20 Eighty-seven AUTOGRAPHS Q?7a"Nf'TSfD LI

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