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,v,wf Y is 47 N 'I -RH. L',9sefJFE fm : , .Q X , A w,,, ,,ffp,. ,W P 1 , ,I ., .I -, 5. I - 1: f w . Qgmf, , , , 'Hr 'sf mb' ' f ww. . -- 3 ff" 2' f . 5 x qv, X ',,, 'bil' . ., . ,, 'y3fs5?f-Qs, , - , .,g 4 G, u , qi , , '. agY?,3i,,v-'yx V Q. ,tg . N: 'f , -ktLYi,'xV3 7'7'r- J' f. 4' ' 5' , G. 3 . E35 6, IZ. v J - f , . . ' 4 , .yy A JW, Ui ' H Y . . Q L, R: L 4 -P: ' C 4 wg v . I jf. 5 , N a ' - . ' E 1.544 .-4 . i . , 1:-Q , I . A- 1 ., if 3' , . ,X , v -. Yr 5,314 F1 N '42J':ff'LC. 'J ' ,1 " ".fff4?" fr, ,vQg,AL, M ,- My V, ,hi X. M, X , , .Q 5453? N -P .. .- ' fffffaw'-Q21. . ' , ', , 2- A uf f . ' 1 . f l 2 e f , . 'A ' ', 1 -lww' 'F if H' a. gr, 1 . I A . v fu ' N, , G2 1 J W .wg 46: L1 vi I . "Wh , 14, xr W , - '-f,,r?4::y sf f 14 sv 1 M 4- f 5 . . 0 , 1 5, ,,, fl .Wk . f:.!,gV f- -iwflgf 7 'K qi Nj .km X R. ,fp X lx- ,. ,JP 3 A,,. T ' k if - 1 . .xl ,ts . rf H: T5 f E . E , 4 r , ., ,gas A, Y .xc-I 46 1' 392 . V" -A v A .2535 i-nhE.TlL5Ew-...J-, .QS lmswma may 'l'l11c Scalar Class ol: lllUXbUll"fLDlLllglll High Scllfcml nal' lllcdlcatlwlm Faculty Class all 948 lslrtclralry Umderclassnlcm Activities wg , 3 3 ' 3 ":" 3 f v R ' I' 4 . . . I' ,,,s..,, 5 4- 4.1141 Hg fi? if 'N ,Hx , X if 1 X Kr X K S, , 'tk if gg, .. . A Y fs ll , 'X X x V,-,., s -. 15231 FIN " :elif , x 4 5 A f-sf ff 3 5 -'Wu gf if JF X: M4 'fb' nr K , G5 T 'lllllie CC ass ml 119 8 Witli Sincere Gratitude and Appreciation Dedicate This Edition of "The Red Fox" To 'lllhe Citizens 0 Fexbornu lli l'nr pl'UYllllllj1 us with ll lim- CllllL'2lIlUIl1ll sy :tcm tlmt l5l'l'Pill'L'5 us lm' our plzluc in tlu- cmnnmnity, lfm' gixing Us :n lligll wlmol :xml zntlllctim' livlal wi-ll wurrlly ul plniw, lfm' rlu-ir inte-rest in nur 5l'llUUl functium :uul tlu-ir gc-l1cl'm1 Nuppurr uf our activities, lfm' lx-ing our parents and fricnmlm. 1 1 I 1 I S1'a!ml.' flrff lo riffllll Mr. George Broun, Mrs. Vorncliu liulnlwin, Mr. Mulcohn llull, Mrs. Dorothea lloward, Dr. Francis Leljzlron. f,'lI!ljl'lIllHI.' Mnlcohn H. llull Srn'r'l11l'y.' Cornelia li. Hulnlwin Ullfrl' .lIl'lIlfl1'l.Y.' Frzuieis li. Leliuron Dorothea ll, llowzilrl George B. Brown Members of the Foxhorough Selhroo Committee NVe, the Class of 1948, yyish to express to you our sincere 2lPpl't'Cl2lIlUIl for your genuine interest and for your complete cooperation with us in :ill our activities. hlore than this, We have the highest respect and zuhnirzition for your progressive and efficient supervision of our school system :incl for your constant ll11pI'UVClllCl1f of school condi- tions, wherever needed. At this time we desire to extend our deep grzltitucle to you for all you have clone for each one of us personally in marking our scholzlstic l72lClCgLI'ULiIltl rich and full and in preparing us zulequzitely for intelligent citizenship. liver on the alert for the finest in education, you will, we feel sure, zllwzrys olfer l'ioxhoro schools the very hest. Pngfr lwuf Scared lleft to rightl - Mk. H. RAvMoNu DANI-'oR'1'H, Supvrinlvmlrnt of lfoxburu Sclruulsg Mas. CA'l'lHiRlNE Rleimkusou, .S'n'n'lury o the Graduates of the CC ass of 119418 The message l would give to you, who have linished your high svhool career, is this: lie true to yourself. This means that you will search your soul to find out what you have to give to the world, and when you have the answer, you will let no ditliuulty, however great, prevent you from making your offering to your fellownien. You will weigh your desires and measure your talentsg you will hend your efforts toward further and more complete preparationg you will achieve a sense of destiny, and will eventually come to realize the deep satisfzution which comes to those who have been true to the very best that lies within them. H. Rrxvmroxu lJ.xNrfrm'rn Sllfll'I'illft,'Il1ll:'Ilf of Srrlmulx Q-ZS Page Fifuc is... Sgt, .fi K 1 my al . .sms g is .Mg Q.:-K i -' fi "-""""" Y ' WY' ' Sratnl flfft lu riglfljf Miss Virginia Dilj, Secleluryg Mr. VVintield C. Potter, Principal of Foxboro High. ' - - A Message to the Seniors This week you observe your C01IlIUCllt'CIllClll', ll IllllCSIUlll' in your life which at few short pears ago seemed so tlistzuil hut. us you reillinisu-, has ztrrivecl with lmewiltlering sutldenncss. As the years go lay you will rt-zilixc than "time is of the t'hSCIlCl'H. lJon't put off what should he done to-day, and reinemlmcr "first things first". You ll2lVl' :icquiretl niuth luetuul knouletlgc-. llowt-ver, other things nn- ol greater value: Sportsnizuisllip, Loyzilty, auul 'l'olerzun'e. Equipped with these qualities you are rezuly to nieet the Clllllltfllgtf of this gener- ation. Thus you will become more intelligent citizens with an adequate world buck- ground and will possess ll llL11Il2lX1C and just attitude towards all niztnkind. WlNl"lEl,lJ C, l'o'r'ricit l'1'iln'ijful of lfoxburu llfylz Sflmul Pug 1' Six Z, Bm t A L. .Xmeu D. Iitmmts Subjecta Taught: Lalin ll"urltl Iliyluly l'1'uf1lr'1l1.v nf U1'mutrzu'y Dottts E. SUt.t,tvA N Subjects Tztught: S11 ur! lm ml Tylfiflff ff'1lllIIllI'l'l'jtll ltufw Uffirr' Ywfllillillfl wk V '1NI+'1liI.lJ C. 1'u'1"1ntt I'riln'ilml Subject lllilllglllf .-llltrrimll Ilixlrn y jtxmns R. LARKIN Subjects Taught: Gro mrtry A-llgfrbra Trigfznmntrlry Solid Gzvmzrlry Gr'ln'ral Al ufhrma Bu.s'kt'lball ffllllfh VAMAN j. Avtiutstmt Subjects 71.21 ught: Cum NH'I't'iIll Gruylruphy l.'ul1.t'lllll1'!'.:' lftltnwlinlz JOHN l'. l'tsk't'Ust5 Subjects Taught: l,hl'V.Yi4'IIl llvtlllfllfillll B uyx' f.'r1at'h . Ilgfrlfra Clrlzzwtl Sl'il'llI'l' C11 1' III i.vlry Biology 1"l1yJiulugfy MARX' I". SUt,t,tvAN Subjects Tztttglttz lfngliyh I"r1'11 fb t- 4 --ug lim' Page' lifglzt RUIiI',K'l .L CIIRAKIIIN Slzlvjn-s'u'I':lx1gl1t: Sfllifll Sllhnm Nrllllfzlf S1 inn fix lyxm ll. 5'l'KlI'l' Suhjuct Tzmghl: l1'lljlliJ'h RU'1Hl,.Ruml Sllf7l'l'l'i.lIll' uf Ilul I,unw!1 I'ruyra1r1 Sllhjcvl 'l':1uf,1hl: llumr I1,llllIUlflj!.Y A. 13111 lm lL'ng1li.x 0 Ciumun-. Mm.AN Sulujm-vis 'l':lu7,:hI: IN!-wr' lllilllflllillll llI1fll.Yfl'i!ll lfxllllllfillll Mn lmuif ul 1j7'1l'LL'illfl lilauluarz J. Scuun' Sulmjeuta Taught: lin u A'A'l'I'pi7lfl fiI'lll'l'lll lillxillmn 'l'ypi11y l'. S. llfslury liluvr. linen Subjects Vrillljlilll l'nml Allljil' Ul'r'0r'.sll'rl .llzzyiv .'llffH'ui11fJul1 Fuyr' Nina .mu 44..- limzxulm Numux Subject Vlhllllghll l'l'1'1'!l!lllxl ljfdflkillff El.m xox lilmzxkxxm Subjects 'ldughri l'l1y.viral ffiiilfllflllll Ulrfy' lfu1l1'fl Gum Wurruuuusn, R.N. Sflllllll Nzzrxz' Mmm. A. jus NEW Subjects Taught: .H llfllfllltlfil J !JI'll'-'Ufilljl l'.x1R1c1,x j. Kuuzx' Sulvjects Taught: Ilicmlury Cifz iw' Cwugrajrfly C'AKl,I..bM1'1n Subject Vllilllflhll liaml Roumu' ll. BROWN, MJJ Srlmnl Pllysiciall Pugv Tan l'rn11l rnfw f.vrnlml lffr lu rigflllj - Lila Gayton, LaVerne Andrews, Amelia lJiMarzio, lidgar l'ornish, Leona Veter- son, .xllll Ferguson, Geraldine Urban, Virginia Day, Clark Hamilton. hiffllllif 7'0"LC Klrfl !n fljlllff - Barbara Curtis, Gardner Richardson Matthew Steele, Burton iVlt'l4I'l1llIl, jean Brant-ll Y ,Xnn Iingley, Bruce Ferguson, Carolyn Schwartz, Pauline jackson, Ann Potter, William Mt'.'Xlister. 'l'!1i1'll :nu ffrfl In rifflflj -- joseph Bedard, Ronald Nowlan, Alice Schulz, Rolsert Downs, Donald Pike, l'il'ZlIll'ls Dolan, livelyn Sullivan, Rolxerta Tripp, Louise Bagley, john Gaudet, Raymond VVaddcn. T e 'Year oo Staff At this time, we, the staff ol "'l'lw Red Fox," would like to express om dt-vp apprcriation to Xlrs. Alive U. Brawn for her splendid Counsel and assistanvm' in pri-- l'vZlI'lll'Lf our yvarhookl and to lxliss Xlary l"rances Sullivan for lll'I t-llit-it-m uoik in proof-reading our material. Also, we desire to express our thanks to the donors who gays lls their loyal support. NVQ request that you patronize our adxertisers whose generous aid ht-lpn-d us to finance this volume. lsinally, we wish to express our sincere thanks to all those who made this yearbook possible. Pagr Tfwelw' A1 Q. ff K5 Senior C ass OEHQQJPS i ll l",,l'l'.YI! Nl't'l'f'flII'j' .' l'l1'.Nl!llllf.' Kl.x'1"1'luau S'l'lzlal.Ii 'D r'lII.' l,.fxX'lauxra Axnmcxss Ylucalxnx IDM' ' I,leox.x l'1i'l'u1csux 'l'l't'll.YllI'l'l' H fl fllllllrfm' Il ol Cl flilss Histmx. X flaw IM-111: ANN Iflalusrswx flaws l'mpl1m'a'y: ,. . CLASS Cl DIA DRS Jlnrnnu llllll Silrrr CLASS XlfD'l"l'iD hula' lung you lim-, lull lmu' zwll. ASS IDAY Ht DNC DRS IRGINI.-X IDM' AI mx Hill N um. Clam Vhllz Kl..XlUx ll.xx1ll.'1'ux, NVll,1,mA1 AICALIS l'uyr' 'l'f1ifJn'l1 KEN N l'I'l'H L. AN DICRSON --KEN" 14 lfales Place iiliNliRAI, lle is a quiet fellow, not too well known by his classmates, but always ready to join in the fun. Dependable Kenny works at the Foxboro Com- pany afternoons and is a loyal member of the National Guard. "Silence is golden" seems to be his motto, but when we meet him out of town we have cause to wonder-How about it, Kenny? Athletic Association, '46, Senior Play Committee, '48, Senior l'lay-- Convict, Social Committee, '46. LA VICRNIC W. ANIJRIQWS happiness unlimited. Ll J U lSl'i li. BAOLIQY "'l'ORCll Y" Mechanic Street fifiltltlifill PRE"- "BUD" 151 South Street Ciietvttittxi. VVith his happy smile and winning way he is one of our most popular boys. His interests are many - from blondes to brunettes. As manager of advertising for both the Senior Play and Yearbook, he business ability. Bud left for the Navy in April enlisting for As a fun-loving fellow with personality plus, his worries showed his three years. are nil, his Athletic Association, '45, '46, '47, '48, Glee Club, '45, '46, Prom Cont- mittee, '47, Yearbook Staff - Business Manager, Senior Play Committee - Business Manager, Student Council, '46, '47, '48, Class Vice-president, '47, '48, Monitor, '45, '46, '47, '48, junior Red Cross, '45, '46, '47, Typing Award, '46, Otfice, '48, Magazine Drive Captain, '45 - Business Man- ager, '48, Social Committees, '45, '46, '47, '48, Canteen Representative, '48, Senior Pin Committee, '48. No class would be complete without a beautiful red head - and so we have Louise. With her gaiety, laughing good humor, and patient help- fulness, she'll always rate in our class. Louise is usually seen whizzing around in the family jeep that is overflowing with her pals. Her favorite sport is skipping school, and her greatest headaches are French and men. VVe'll never forget vivacious Louise. Basketball, '47, '48, First 'l'eam Letter, '47, '48, Field Hockey, '47, '48, First Team Letter, '47, '48, Softball, '48, Athletic Association, '45, '46, '47, '48, Glee Club, '45, '46, '47, Social Conunittees, '45, '46, '47, '48, Prom Committee, '47, Yearbook Staff - Business, Senior Play - Choir Girl, Class Secretary, '46, junior Red Cross, '45, Senior Reception Com- mittee, '47, Orchestra, '45, '46, Graduation - Usher, '47, Office, '47. Page I' ourl4.'1'11 liasketball, '48, First 'l'eam Letter, '48, Softball, '48, First Team Letter, ,lUSl'll'li l". lll'IlJARlJ "JOE" X3 lligh Street UENISRAI. joe is a boy of few words, unless he is sticking up for his rights. He is a spry and energetic fellow-worker with Bobbie Rockwood at the First National. Not a great lover of studies, he is always half way out the door before the last bell rings. Unusually quiet in school, we rind in surprise, he is quite a live wire when out with the gang. Athletic Association, '45, '46, Glee Club, '45, Senior l'lay - Convict, '48, junior Red Cross, '45, '46, '47, Senior Reception Comtnittee, '-l-7. JICAN li. BRUNICLL "JliANNll'1" Lakeview Road C0l.l.lztiE l'ki-:l'. Jeannie is our liveliest package. VVith her bubbling personality and infectious laughter, she has made the world much brighter. She gets a kick out of life, especially when she is helping others. A hard worker at any task, she quickly changes at the right moment to become the life of the party. ller interest in sports made her a natural at basketball and will carry her on in her career as girls' coach. Although her hilarious jokes and snappy line makes her one of our wittiest, she shows she has a serious side when she talks about her "Dick". Good luck, jean - you deserve the best. , '48, Varsity Club, '48, Athletic Association, '48, Glee Club, '47, '48, 'Social Committee, '47, Prom Cmn- mittee, '47, Yearbook Staff, '48, Senior Play Committee, '48, Senior Play --"llarriet", 'l'yping Award, '47, Uratorical Contest, '48, Class Prophecy, '48 '48, Field llockey, '48, First 'l'eam Letter XVILLIAM li. CORN ISll "lilJlJlli" 13 Leonard Street t'o1.l.l14:r. I'iu1.i'. liddie's mild manner and agreeable disposition seem In apologize lor his bright, curly, red hair. As a lover of hockey, whenever there's ice, that's where Eddie goes. He's a good student in chemistry, because he likes it best of all. Eddie will always be remembered as the comical "Banjo" in thc Senior Play. Football, '46, Baseball, '45, Athletic Association, '45, '46, '47, '48, Lilee Club, '45, '46, Social Committee, '45, 46, 47, '48, l'roin L'ounnittee, '47, Yearbook Stall-Literary Editor, '48, Monitor, '48, Senior Reception Committee, '47, Band, '45, '46, Office, '48, Stock Room, '47, '48, Baseball Manager, '48, Track Manager, '48. Page lfiftcwz BARBARA A. CURTIS A-tvuR'r" North Street k'Ul.l.liliIa l'tu5l'. VVrentham Cult' am! 1n'rt--fualfy .vm'r--ll1z1l'.r um' Curl! To look at her innocent face, one would never dream her to be the daring, jovial girl that she is. Her quick smile and easy-going man- ner have made her dear in many-a-heart, especially jimmy's tor is it jim's?J. As manager of the girls' basketball team, Barb did a grand job. VVe hope her future holds as much fun for her as her high school days. Basketball - Assistant Manager, '47, Manager, '48, First Team Letters, '47, '48, Varsity Club, '48, Athletic Association, '45, '46, '47, '48, Glee Club, '47, Social Committees, '45, '46, '47, '48, Prom Committee, '47, junior Red Cross, '45, '46, '47, Senior Play - Choir Girl, Senior Recep- tion Committee, '47, Marshal, '45, Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer, '46, Year Book Staff, '48, Softball Manager, '48. VIRGINIA IC. DAY "UINNY" 29 Granite Street t'oMMertcnu, Ginny is an excellent writer of prose and poetry. Her sunny disposi- tion comes out in all her work. Always in demand in the oI'l'ice, she has been able to get a good background for becoming a secretary later on. A blonde with blue eyes and a sweet personality, Ginny has an unaf- fecled way of being everybody's friend. Athletic Association, '45, '46, '47, '48, Ulee Club, '45, '47, '48, Social Committees, '45, '46, '47, Prom Committee, '47, Ring Committee, '47, Yearbook Staff -- Music Editor, Typing, Senior Play - Properties, Student Council, '46, Class Secretary, '46, '48, junior Red Cross, '45, '46, '47, Typing Award, '47, Graduation - Usher, '46, Cafeteria, '45, in-0 Met-im, '47, othce, wx, Tri-Hi-Y, 46. AMICLIA O. ISMIXIARZIO A-Mtt'ktai"' 565 Unk Street t'otvnvteRctAt. Large brown eyes and raveneblack hair are two assets to Amelia's loveliness. A top-notch commercial student and ollice girl, she plans to become a telephone operator. Oftentimes her gentle manner is contradicted by her bursting supply of energy. As cute Miss Preen with her multiple screams, she made quite a hit in the Senior Play, Basketball, '47, Glee Club, '46, '47, '48, Social Committees, '45, '46, '47, Prom Committee, '47, Yearbook Staff - Typing Editor, Senior Play -- Miss Preen, Typing Award, '47, Office '47, '48, Shorthand Award, '48, Food Sale Chairman, '48. Puyz' Sixlrrn big smile frottt ear to ear and that rogttish look in his eye. A prankstet' l"RANL'lS ll. UULAN IIR. "l+'R.XNNY" 105 South Street tiutsttitmt. 'I'all, lanky, attd lrish to the c lrxl e. liveryotte likes Frannie, with his at heart, he has his more seriotts lllollteltts as well. Now in the Navy, he is missed by' all, especially by at Certain Sally. Ulee Club, '45, '46, Senior Play Cottttttittee, '48, Senior Play -- Radio Man, Athletic Association, '47, Yearbook Staff, '48, Prom Cotntnittee, '47. R4 Jl5lCR'l' W. lit JWNS "HUB" 55 Mecltatttie Street Lirutatttxt, 'l'all, friendly, Hob. Uttlwardly quiet, but once yott know him you can detect that mischievous twinkle in ltis eye. llc is generally seen with his pals, Bruce and john, in search of excitement. lle has a decided opinion on every subject attd loves to argue his points. Bob's favorite sports are fishing and hunting. He proved his ability and fighting spirit as tackle on the football teattt. llis pet trouble is wotttett -- but knowing Bob, we realize he'll tttake ottt fine. Football, '46, '47, '48, First 'l'eam Letter, '48, Basketball, '47, Athletic Association, '46, '47, '48, Prom Committee, '47, Ring Committee, '47, Yearbook Staff - Sports, '48, Monitor, '47, Varsity Club, '48, Senior Play -- Curtains attd Lights. Rl Dlil'iR'l' tl. l'1l,A "HUB" North Street liI',NI'.KAl. liob's big interest is fishing, and ltow lte revels in telling of the 24" pickerel he caught. lle has worked in garages for three years, hap- pily contettt, tinkering and puttering with tttotors. A talented lad, our Bob can even draw, especially cartoons. His slow, sweet smile is most ill' tractive. Best of luck in the future, Bob! Athletic Association, '45, '46, Senior Play Connnittee, '48, Yearbook Stall, '48, Ulec Club, '45, Senior l'lay - Deputy. f'ag1' St.'fUt'Illl'L'Il CLAIRE A. l'INGl,lCY "ANNIE" 151 Main St. t'oi.t.eoe Punt-. Ann has a sweet way of being both serious and friendly at the same time. She plans to train for nursing after gradtlation. She makes a cute clerk, presiding over the soda fountain at Ouimet's. Her main interest is Bill, which, of course, leads to another interest - sports. ller patient and understanding ways will be an asset in her nursing career. Athletic Association, '45, '46, '47, '48, Glee Club, '45, '46, '47, Cafeteria, '45, '46, Yearbook Staff - Business, Social Committees, '45, '46, '47, Senior Reception Committee, '47, Prom Connnittee, '47, Class Secretary, '47, Graduation - Usher '47. AN N U. FICRGU St JN --Aunt' 93 Main St. CUI,l.I'.l,l: PRl:l'. Ask for the scholastic genius of our class - and we bring forth Ann. She has a serious disposition, but now and then bursts forth with a happy smile. Always quiet and gentle, she is an industrious student and a help- ful classmate. A special ability in languages, and a flare for writing poetry, and playing the piano help to make Ann an interesting and de- lightful friend. Glee Club, '45, '46, '47, '48, Social Committees, '45, '46, '47, '48, Prom Committee, '47, Yearbook Staff - Literary Editor, Senior Play - Prompt- er, junior Red Cross, '45, '46, '47, Orchestra, '47, Pro Merito, '47, As- semblies, '48, Oratorical Contest, '47, '48, Girls' State Representative, '47, Memorial Exercises, '46, Class Poem, '48, VVomen's Club Membership, '46, '47. BR U C li IJ. FICRGU St 'JN "BRUCE" 144 South St. Comtrol: Sciuurirtc Bruce is an energetic worker as captain of the monitor squad and in charge of selling lunch tickets. His chief interests in school are mathe- matics and chemistry - as proved by his good marks in these studies - but his aim for the future is aviation. A hard and willing worker on a farm at home has made Bruce into a strong and sturdy fellow. Baseball, '46, '47, '48, Athletic Association, '45, '46, '47, '48, Social Committees, '45, '46, '47, '48, Yearbook Staff - Photography, Senior Play - VVestcott, Monitor, '47, '48, junior Red Cross, '45, '46, '47, '48, Cafeteria, '48. Page Eiyfflcclz hall, '46, '47, '48, 'l'rack, 47, One Mile, Varsity Club, 48, Athletic As- .lt JIIN P. tiAlllIl'Q'l' IIR. -,sro o" 33 Railroad Avenue iil2Nl1KfU- Johnnie on the spot -- but not when there is work to be done - especially homework. johnnie was co-captain of ottr fine football fC11lll- lle suffered many injuries during his time on the squad, but never ll quittcr, he carried on to the finish. Proud possessor of a whiffle ihlll marks him one of the gang, he is at regular guy, Although he seems 10 think that variety is the spice ot lite, he does have one consistency - Mansfield girls. lfootball, '45, '46, '47, '48, Co-captain, '48, lfirst 'l'eani Letters in lfoot- , t sociation, '45, '46, '47, '48, tilee Club, '45, Social Connnittees, '46, '47, Yearbook Staff -- Sports, '4X, Student Council, '46, Senior Play - Mr. Harker, '48, Monitor, '45, '46, '47, '48, junior Red Cross, '45, '46, '47, Prom Connnittee, '47, Senior Reception Connnittee, '47. ' t l t.n,A tu. t1AY'rt iN "GAY" lientwood Street Cotmetat l'rom. Combine beautiful clothes and attractive hair stylitigs with a tall, lithe- some figure and you come out with a becoming girl called Lila. She loves to draw and because she's so good we made her art editor for our Yearbook. Her height gave her added opportunities on the basketball court as well as helping her to find seats for the patrons at the Orpheum Theatre. First Team Letter, '47, Basketball, '47, '48, Athletic Association, '45, '46, '47, '48, Glee Club, '45, '46, '47, Social Committees, '45, '46, '47, '48, I Prom Committee, '47, Yearbook Staff -- Art Editor, 48, Senior Play Connnittee - Publicity, '48' Class Officer - Secretary, '46, Iuniot' Red Cross, '45, '46, '47, Senior'Reception Connnittee, '47, Pro Merito, '47, 'I'ri-lli-Y, '46, Softball, '48. r l , l y ,VVV f l,l'ISl,ll'I C. HAMl1.'l'ON "CLARK" 75 Main St. Coi,t,t',t.r. l'rom. Clark is the photography tiend of our t'ltlss. lle cannot be separated from that camera of his, and flashbulhs are his signature. As editor of photography on the Yearbook, he worked many long, hard hours, and did some splendid work. ll-ut Clark doesn't stop at just one interest. Ile also plays the piano for an orchestra at VValpole Youth Canteen. Maybe this explains why his interest in the fair sex tends to be there, Clark's fluent conversational ability and polished manners are the envy of the more reticent ones, lle loves history and seasons every conversation with a sprinkling of historical names and dates. A serious-minded boy, Clark has hitched his wagon to the highest star, and we are inclined to think that someday he'll reach right up and catch hold of it. Athletic Association, '45, '46, '47, '48, Ulee Club, '45, '46, '47, '48, Social Connnittees, '45, '46, '47, '48, l'rom Connnittee, '47, Yearbook Staff - Photography liditor, '48, Monitor, '46, '47, Monitor Captain, '48, junior Red Cross, '45, '46, '47, Senior Reception Committee, '47, Orches- tra, '45, '46, '47, President, Pro Merito Society, '47, '48, Uthce, '48, Uratoricai Contest, '47, Memorial Day lixercises, '47, School Correspond- - ' ent, '48, VVar Stamp Captain, '45, Captain - School Projector 'l'eam, '47, '48, Class Will, '48. Page NlllL'ft'I'll . PAULINIC xl. JACKSON "PAULY" lox Belcher Court t'oMMukcl.u. Mansfield Petite, lively Pauline - always accompanied bv Amelia. Paulv is one of our tnost efficient ofiice girls and wants to continue her connnercial work in the future. Une of her favorite dreams is traveling. Full of fun and spirit, vivacious Pauly finds a laugh in every situation. Basketball, '47, Athletic Association, '47, '48, Social Connnittees, '45, '46, '47, Yearbook Staff - Typist, Glee Club, '46, '47, '48, Senior Play -- Sarah, junior Red Cross, '45, '46, '47, Typing Award, '46, '47, '48, Protn Committee, '47, Cafeteria, '46, '47, Shorthand Award, '48, EUGEN li LAVV "GENE" 38 Sherman Street Guneumt, Gene is our honored veteran, A ineniber of the class of "45", he left to serve his country during the war, returning to join our class as a Senior. Respected by his classmates, Gene is an earnest student, planning to go on in his studies after graduation. With his diligent efforts to gain an education, we are sure Gene will some day gain the rewards he deserves. Enlisted man t'I'fSgt.J in charge of Pay and Allotment Finance Office at Fort Dix, New jersey. Glee Club, '42, '43, '44, A Capella Choir, '42, '43. l .5 VVILLIAM li. LILLYMAN "L1LL" Z3 tiilniote Street GENERAL Uur gifted conversationalist -- Bill has a wonderful fine, and puts it to beneficial use. He wants to be a journalist, and at present is gain- ing valuable experience by writing for the North Attleboro Chronicle. Master of every situation, Bill is easy to like - fun to know. Glee Club, '42, '43, '44, '45, Magazine Drive Captain, '43, Band, '41, '42, '43, Monitor, '44, '45, '46, School Magazine, '48. Participated in the Mediterranean Theatre, in the first naval force to occupy Trieste, North Atlantic War Patrol. Page 'I'-'wruly XVll,l,lAM ll. Nlt'Al,lS'l'l'1R "RED" , I5 Baker Street Cot.t.taotf 1'Rlil'. Red - the big little boy of our gang. Ile has xt llig spot in all our hearts, yet takes only a little space in our class. His stature has given him no limitations, however, as has been proved by his one-handed swishers on the basketball court. Sharp clothes, red hair, and .'X's ill chemistry tests, describe Red to tt llis favorite pastitne is parties and more parties - it must be the food. liaskelball, '40, '48, lfirst 'l'eam Letter, '48, Baseball, '45, '40, '48, l"irst 'l't-am Letter, '45, '48, Varsity Club, '48, Athletic Association, '45, 40, '47, '4S, lilee Club, '45, Social Committees, '45, '40, '47, '48, l'rotn Cotnmittee, '47, Ring Committee - Chairtnan, '47, Yearbook Staff - Sports lidilor, Senior l'lay Committee - Business Manager, Senior l'lay -A Richard Stanley, Student Council, '45, '40, Class Vice-l'resident, '47, Monitor, '47, '48, junior Red Cross, '45, '40, '47, Senior Reception Committee, '47, Graduation - Usher, '47, Office, '48, Assemblies, '40, '47, '48, lioys' State Representative, '47, Tennis Tournatnent, '45, Memorial Day lixercises, '47, Class Vl'ill, '48, Glee Club Concert - Publicity Chairtnan, '47, Faculty l'lay - l'ublicity Chairman, '47, War Stamp Chairman, '45, Canteen Representative, '45, '40, Vice-l'resident of Canteen, '40, Senior l'in Committee, '48, Football Manager, '46. l'llll.ll' li. MICRRIAM "SUNNY" Main Street titesutmt. liurt distinguished himself on the football and track teams with his fast, sturdy legs. An all-around good sport, Burt loves fun and laughter, and takes great joy in being the cause of it. liveryone laughs with hitn - everyone loves his clowning - everyone misses Sonny, a Navy tnan HOW. Our best to you always. Football, '45, '40, '47, '48, lfirst Team Letters. '40, '47, '48, 'I'rack, '40, '47, Varsity Club, '48, Athletic Association, '45, '40, '47, '48, Glee Club, '45, '46, Social Committees, '45, '46, '47, '48, Prom Committee, '47, Yearbook Staff, Senior Play Cotntnittee, Senior Play -- "Sandy", Moni- tor, '40, '47, junior Red Cross, '45, '40, '47, Rt DNALIJ NV. Nt JVVLAIN A-nos" Granite Street t'ol.l.t', Sctttsrttttt' t 'l'alI and good looking, Ronny is the rave of all the underclass girls. l"ull of wit and bubbling over with good humor, he has one of the best lines in school. Gifted with an itmocent face, he can talk his way out of any situation. Ronny is an excellent driver, but can never be accused of being a slow-poke. Glee Club, '45, '40, '47, '48, Social Committee, '40, l'rom Committee, '47, Yearbook Staff, Monitor, '48, Band, '45, '40, Urchestra, '45, '40, Senior l'lay - "licvcrly". Page 'I'fu,t'111y-uln: l,lCt DNA A. Pli'l'l'IRSt DN "l'lC'l'l'I" 5 tiarlield Street Cot.t.ttot4: Ptucr. Sweet, blonde, and sophisticated, Pete is one of the most popular girls in our class. An A student, and member of the Pro Merito Society, she ranks high acadetnically. She is fl hard worker in everything - foremost as editor-in-chief of the Yearbook. Athletic Association, '45, '46, '47, '48, Glue Clttb, '47, Social Coin' lnittees, '45, '46, '47, Prom Ctmnnittee, '47, YC2lll70Uli Staff - liditor-in- Chief, '48, Senior Play Committee, '48, Senior Play Publicity Committee, '48, Senior Play - "june", Class ,1'l'63Slll'El', '47, '48, junior Red Cross, '45, '46, '47, Senior Reception Committee, '47, Band - Majorette, '45, Typing Award, '47, Usher - Graduation, '47, Pro Merito Society, '47, '48, OH-ice, '48, Assembly, '48, Girls' State, '47, Canteen Representative - Vice-President, '48, Tri-Hi-Y - Secretary, '46. lit JNALU IC. Pllild I "DUN" l 32 Baker Street Cot.t.aot4 Setttmtttt' llonnie is looked up to in more ways than one. He is the tallzxtl of us all, and is rrsprrwd as captain of basketball and baseball. His vertical appearance is emphasized even more by his little pal, Red. Good looking and good natured, he makes quite a hit with the girls - but his heart belongs to a certain "someone". l'lcrc's to a good sport in every way. Basketball, '46, '47, '48, Captain, '48, First Team Letter, '47, '48, Base- ball, '46, '47, '48, Captain, '48, First Team Letter, '47, '48, Football, '48, First Team Letter, '48, Varsity Club, '48, Athletic Association, '45, '46, '47, '48, Football Manager, '47, Student Council - Secretary, '47, Year- book Staff - Sports, Senior Play - Dr. Bradley, Social Committees, '45, '46, '47, '48, junior Prom Committee, '47, Senior Reception Committee, '47, Band, '45, '46, '48, Orchestra, '45, '46, Glee Club, '45, '46, Monitor, '46, '47, '48, -lunior Red Cross, '45, '46, '47, lli-Y Club, '4t,. ANN R. l'tJ'l"l'l'1R "ANN" 14 HIllxl'l Sttt-t-t Utmetott, Ann is a reserved and well-tnatntt-red classmate. Always quiet, yet she has a hidden bit of humor that manages to creep out when least expected. She spends most of her school hours dreaming of future ambitions and talking to her close friend, Evelyn. Her calm patience and easy going ways will certainly be invaluable for a farmer's life for is it wife?l. Athletic Association, '46, '47, '48, Ulee Club, '45, '46, '47' Social Com- mittee, '47, Yearbook Staff - Music, Business, Senior Play Committee - liusiness, 'l'y ping Award, '40, Otlice, '48, Band - Majorette, '47. Priya' 1"'l.Cl'lIfy-fQL'll goes his way, with a song in his heart, and a girl in his dreams. Husky and alert, llarold is Z1 top-rate pin boy at the bowling alleys. Enjoy life and the world is yours, Harold. Athletic Association, '47, '43, Social Comtnittees, '45, '46, '47, '48, lrom W WY? llARUl,lJ C. RICHARIJS "FLIP" Pratt Street tiicutaxfu. Always friendly to all - never a g l'mm uch enx' at crab, lla 1'1m ld nonchalantly Football, '45, '-463 Baseball, '45, '4og junior Red Cross, '45, '46, '47g Y Committee, '47, Senior Play - Expressman. l tiARlJNl'1R LI RICIIARIJSUN ".XKt'IIIl-3" t':n-pt-ntt-r Street t'ot.l,maf Scneurtrtc Arcliie was the memoralile star in our Senior Play, as the incotnparable Sheridan VVhiteside. As possesror of a gay and refreshing nature with a heart full of music, life to Archie is the rhythmic beating of his drums. llis orchestra furnishes that wonderful tlltlsic at the Youth Canteen every Saturday night. .X teasing eye and mischievous grin mark Archie as an impish rogue. Glue Club, '45, '46, '47, '48, Senior Play - Sheridan Whiteside, Band, '45, '46, '47, '48, Orchestra, '45, '46, '47, '48, Social Committees, '45, '46, '47, Athletic Association, '46, '47g junior Red Cross, '45, '46, '47g Year- book Staff -- Photography. Rt 7Bl'iK'l' l,. Rt DCKVVK it Dil "ISHN" XM Mechanic Street kil'1Nl'.K.Xl. Hob is the woe of our lt'21K'llL'l'N - always ready with a quip or a prank to keep the class in stitches. VVhenever we think of Hob, we all begin to itch, remembering his portrayal of Professor Metz and his cockroaches in the Senior Play. Afternoons and Saturdays tind him building pyramids with the milk cans at the First National. Usually full of fun and out- spoken, he is a bit shy when alone with a girl. Ulee Club, '45, Graduation - Marshal, 451 Red Cross, '45, '40, '47, Senior Play -- Professor Metz. r i . l Pnyr 'l'fww11ly-linen' ' .u,1c1+3 Ai. senurz "AL" tireen Street k'4ll.l.l'ItLI4. l'Rl'.l'. Aliee's vitality is outdone only by her sense of humor. As Lorraine in the Senior Play, she was a hewitching actress, and as right forward in basketball, she played high scorer in every game. Alice and her 1935 Plymouth are inseparable, and her pet pastime is to pack her Car with friends and drive around the countryside. Always a good sport, she takes great delight in teasing the teachers. Her enormous appetite gives good cause for her height. Versatile and attractive, "Al" made an able cheerleader. Basketball, '45, '46, '47, '48, Co-captain, '48, lfirst Team Letters, '47, '48, Field Hockey, '47, First 'l'eam Letter, '47, Varsity Club, '46, '47, '48, Athletic Association, '45, '46, '47, '48' Glee Club, '45, '47, Social Com- mittees, '45, '46, '47, '48, Prom Committee, '47, Yearbook Staff - Art Committee, Senior Play - Lorraine, junior Red Cross, '45, '46, '47, Senior Reception Committee, '47, Assemblies, '47, '48, Oratorical Contest, '47, Cheerleaders, '46, '47, Co-captain, '48, "Prom Song" '46, Softball, '-48. CARULYN li. SCHXVARTZ "CARRIE" Payson Road tiiamciml. VVe are greeted each morning by Carrie's gay smile and cheery "hello". Although the newest member of our class, her willingness to help and interested manner have caused her to gain many f1'iends. She is never seen without a handful of letters - it seems she intends to keep her old friends as well as to win new ones. She has many outside ill- terests which include ballet dancing and playing the guitar. Beautiful clothes and long, shiny, black hair are only two of Carrie's many charm- ing attributes. 'l'ransferred from Bridgewater 1948. Softball, '48, Senior Play -- Choir Girl, Yearbook Stall. MA'l"l'HliW S'1'liiil,lC ..MA,I.,1.,, Chestnut Street filzNl:kAl, Mall has been our ethcit-nt class president lor four years and eo- captam of our football team during his Senior year. His best friend is his harmonica. VVhenever he gets the blues, out it comes to chase them away. Heir of a dry wit and comical nature, he is the originator of Illtlll- erous jokes. Matt, receiving his diploma in April, left us to enter the Navy. Good luck, Matt - our loss is the Navy's gain. Football, '45, '46, '47, '48, Co-captain, '48, First 'l'eam Letters, '46, '47, '48, Basketball, '45, '46, Varsity Club, '48, Glee Club, '45, '46, '47, Social Committees, '45, '46, '47, '48, Prom Committe, '47, Ring Com- mittee, '4-7, Yearbook Staff, '48, Senior Play - Mr. Stanley, Class Presi- dent, '45, '46, '47, '48, Monitor, '45, '46, '48, junior Red Cross, '46, Senior Reception Committee, '47, Usher - Graduation, '47, Captain - Magazine Drive, '47, Canteen Representative, '46, War Stamp Cap- tain, '-I-5, Senior Pin Committee, '4-8. Pay 1' Tfwwzly-jour l'IX'lil,YN M. 8trl,l --rw-"' ,IYATN Stl K'0t'Atsst'l SlI't't'l Q'0I,I.I',4.l'. Sk'll',N'l'lI'lk' livelyn i- thoughtful and couacientioux - an asset to any clan. She is interested in music, having been a Hutiat in the orchestra and a tnetnher ol' thc Glcc C'lulv for four yearx, She has a great task trying to keep her thrcc lvcaux apart - lar apart' ller unttrtng etlort and willingness to uorlt will htlp her realize her career as it utcdtcal secrctarv. liasketlvall, '48, .Xthletic Aaxociation, '40, '47, '48, Kilee l'lul1, '45, '40, '47, '48, Social Conunittee, '47, junior Red Cross, '45, '40, '47, Band, '45, '40, '47, Orchestra, '45, '40, '47, '48, Typing Award, '47, Pro Merito, '47, llratorical Contest, '47, 'l'ri-Ili-Y, '40, Yearhoolt Staff, Senior Play - Mra. Mck'utcheon. Rt JlSlili'l'A l. 'l'lil Pl' "liliR'l"' Spruce Street Ul:M'.R.-XI. Soft-fpolten and shy, Roberta, we hat e diwcovered to our aurprise is posscssor of a delightful, dry wit. ller chance retuarlts and sly little jokes came thoae who know her to treasure her presence. VVe sincerely hope that all her wiwhea corne true. :Xthlctic .Xfnociatioln '45, '46, '47, '48, Social K'Ullllllillt'L', '47, jttlliol' Red fron, '45, '40, '47, Cafeteria, '45, '40, junior Proln, '47, Yearbook Stall -, Senior Play - Choir Girl. Ul'lRA1,lJlNl'1 j. L' RBAN 'iuuitiur' loS South Stu-ct lllI,I,I-t.l'. Piet-.t'. iicrty ia a typical tern-aget. ,Xlioutuling in energy and apiril, she wax co-captain ot' Iuasketlvall, a lively little cheerleader, and the leading lady of the Senior Play. Nlllll' of the many honora received ln Gerry haw changed her friendly manner. .X pleasing personality and xweet stnih tnake her top- on every ouek popularity poll. 'l'o a girl who tlexervex the heat, all the luck in the world. liasltetlvall, '45, '40, '47, '48, Co-captain, '48, lfirxt learn Letter, '48 Field Hockey, '47, First 'l'eatu Letter, '47, Varsity Club, '40, '47, '48 .Xthletic .'Xssociation, '45, '40, '47, '48, Secretary, ,'X..'X,, '47, Social Vout' inittees, '45, '40, '47, '48, Cilee Club, '45, '47, '48, Prorn Fonunittee, '47 D Ring l'onunittee, '47, Yearbook Staff-Literary liditor, Senior llay c'0lll- rnittee, rXrlvertisiin.:, Senior Play - Maggie, Student Council, '45, Claw 'I'rcasurer, '40, junior Red fron, '45, '40, '47, Senior Reception fotutnit tee, '47, Typing Award, '40, Pro Merito, '47, .hSNt'llll3llt'N, '47, '48 Uratorical Contest, '47, i'heerleatlers, '40, '47, '48, Co-captain, '48 6 Canteen Representative, '40, '47, '48, Secretary, '47, President. '48, VVal . i Stamp Captain, '45, Softball, '48, junior Proin Queen, '47, Best Citiven . --,, Al..-..- . , , . , 48, hood hovermnent Day Representative, 48. Page 1'fu:a11ly-jim' DUNCAN R. WADDICN "RAY" 152 South Street CPENERAI. Social studies is his specialty - a scholar of world affairs. His general altitude gives forth a silent air, but involve him in a debate, and we soon find his other side. Ray is loyal to his South Foxboro pal, Bruce, eb I1 t i and they make a wonderful pair. Always keeping his convictions firm and fast, he does each day what he has set out to do. Glee Club, '48, Athletic Association, '-I-85 Senior Play - Radio Man. 111 S! if Ol 1-1 tit. ,, - , , 7 ' ' " Y- rlgvvr, ,I-lunar f - Page Tlwunly-six X if Personalities GIRL Geraldine Urban Geraldine Urban Geraldine Urban -lean Brunell Geraldine Urban Ann Engley Geraldine Urban Alice Schulz Geraldine Urban Leona Peterson jean Brunell Alice Schulz Ann Ferguson jean Brunell Jean Brunell Geraldine Urban Leona Peterson Geraldine Urban Lila Gayton Ann Ferguson Jean Brunell Leona Peterson livelyn Sullivan Geraldine Urban Pauline Jackson Evelyn Sullivan ke' Best Personality Best Svhool Spirit Best Dancer Best Sport Best Looking Cutest Smile illost dthletic illosl Popular S murtest Teachefs Pest Teaclzefs Pride B est Line W inienf Best Date rllost Likely to Sucreed Did fllost for l".Il.S. Best Dressed Most Resjlertezl llappy-go-lucky Best Build Youngest Ulrlest Shortest Tallrst Page Tfwvuty-riylit B OY LaVerne Andrews hlatthew Steele Clark Hamilton hlatthew Steele Burton lklerriam Robert Ela Donald Pike Matthew Steele Clark Hamilton Robert Rockwood Clark Hamilton Ronald Nowlan Matthew Steele LaVerne Andrews Clark Hamilton lklatthew Steele Ronald Nowlan lidgar Cornish John Gaudet Burton Merriam Edgar Cornish Eugene Law joseph Bedard Donald Pike The Yeaurlboolk Staff LEONA llli'l'ERSON, Editor-in-Clzivf .lsxislanl Liferary Editors filik.-XLUINE URBAN, ANN FERGUSON, lducmk CoaN1sr1 PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS and ADVERT ISING Clark Hamilton, Editor LaVerne Andrews, Editor Burton lhlerriam Ann Engley Matthew Steele Louise Bagley Gardner Richardson Ann Potter Francis Dolan Barbara Curtis Bruce Ferguson Ronald Nowl in Jean Brunell SPORTS ART William McAlister, Editor jean Brunell Robert Downs Donald Pike Louise TYl'l NG Amelia Di Marzio, Editor Pauline jackson Virginia Day Lila Gayton, Editor Ann Ferguson Bagley Robert Ela Nlatthew Steele MUSIC Virginia Day, Editor Ann Potter Page Tfwenty-nim' Carolyn Schwartz Class Poem The years have passed. Now We must part And each shall tread his separate way, A hopeful look, a joyous heart, To meet the challenge triumphantly. We wonder what the years can hold. Shall all obtain the cherished goal? Yes, only as our lives we mold Along the pattern of God's commands. We know the victory will be ours. Each song will be more justly gay, Each sorrow sweeter, for we have God to guide us day by day. V A. D. F. CTXZQYYD Class History We, the class of forty-eight, Herewith our history proudly state: Ours is a long and merry tale, So let us your attention hail. Septelnber, nineteen forty-four, VVe shuffled slowly through the door, The future then was wide and bright, And we had "just begun to light". Miss Hastings, and poor Mrs. Brawn Took a pill, then took us on! After trying to tame us for a year, Une gave up, but t'other's still here. Steele was president, Jim lVIacKay, Vice- Secretary, Gayton: that was nice, Treasurer Bagley handled our dough, Of which we had none, as you might know. The l"reshman Social, our big night, The hall was gay with Howers bright. Our conga line would not have lagged Had we not "zigged" when the others "mugged" Forty-five, and back again - The noisiest class were Sophomores then, Same old gang, with nineteen gone, We survivors carried gayly on. Goodwin and Sullivan were at our head, When Spring came, Mr. Goodwin fled! However, we were not so tough, The teachers just aren't strong enough. Matt Steele was our man again, Dick Carleton, Vice-President then. Gerry, as Treasurer, kept us out of a fix: I was secretary - messy politics. Our Social, on Saint Patrick's night, Had shamrocks green and streamers white 3 1 don't recall that we made money, But, sure 'n be 'gorra, that dance was a honey. Our Sophomore year was done, at last, And September came again too fast. As juniors now, we held what we owned, Sullivan and Larkin looked, and groaned. Our President, Steele, remained the same. Vice-President, McAlister, was the nameg Treasurer Peterson, we found quite wary, Miss lingley took over as secretary. We picked a committee, ordered class rings, Then slaved like mad to pay for the things! We're proud of the rings we chose to getg No other class has beaten them yet! Qur junior Prom - a nostalgic scene, iWe crowned Matt, king, and Gerry, queen, The music afforded romantic delight, But no balcony scene - it rained that night! September, nineteen forty-seven, And we arrived at that bit of heaven, Yes, Seniors - at last, the whole world knew it. Yet still they ask, "How dill they do it P" President and Treasurer remained as before, Should Andrews be Vice-President? Why, sure! By passing out candy, and flattering men, Dark-horse Day was made Secretary again. At our Senior Social, the hall was bare, Officials thought we'd start fires there. Refreshments were - well, the music was good, Did we make money? Who said we should? Page Tlzirly-one Ulilll? lllan xvllll Llama- to liinm-i"'. Ali, ya-xl Yi-5, nur Sc-iiiui' year, wc all zigrcc, A womlerful play, a liowling success. The lil-sr of allg what else cmilcl it luv? Two super performances, with no mistakes. Our class was small, easy to train it, As for Arcliic-'s wlieelcliair - well, no lwrakl-sl Fm wc'rc all brilliantg docs that explain 1 Q . , lllc saga is cmli-ll, tlic curtain goes dowilg A few tears arc slwcl by the folks of tlic town. XVc'i'e parting from friends, umlerclassmcn so clear, Yes, U'l'iI'C really lC2lYlllfll Cm' so it says lin-rclj V. E. D. Priya 1'l1i1'ly-lfwu Class Will Ile it remembered that we, the class of "-l8", being of questionable minds and possessing memories which do not go back further than the Senior Play, but knowing the uncertainty of life, do make this our last will and testament, hereby, revoking any and all previous wills, l O U's, lunch tickets, and financial obligations. After the payments of our just and numerous debts, we bequeath and devise as follows : Kennellz .lmlerron .. leaves his bodily presence in the English class to Joe "Kelly" Cataloni. Lal"ernr' flndrews .. .. leaves his title of "Class Wolf" to Albert "here l come girls" Hutchins. Louise Bagley . . . . .. leaves her red hair to Martha West so that she may carry the torch for a certain Freshman. Joseph Bedard . ..... leaves his hatchet to anyone who has an ax to grind. .lean Brunell ...... leaves her fifth period telephone bill to Foxboro High School, hoping that it will be paid eventually. Edgar Cornish ...... leaves his ability to make High Rock in pitch darkness to Bill "hold tight Baby" Lamb. - A Barbara Curtis ...... leaves her dainty figure to Gordon "Charles Atlas" Green. Virginia Day ...... leaves her ability to type to Bill "fumble fingers" Lynch. Amelia DiMarzio ...... leaves her efficient way of doing oflice work to Russell "if you want to use the phone move my feet" Bent. l"ranei.r Dolan ...... leaves his ability to curl up at the noisiest parties to Neil "eager beaver" Roche. H Robert Downs .... '. . leaves a stove to Mrs. Lipner for next year's Seniors so they won't get cold feet. E ' . Robert Ela ...... leaves-his balcony seat in the Casino to that Junior who will know what to do with it - George Lillyman. ' .Jun Engley ...... leaves still hoping that a certain Junior will have energy enough to get down to Lakeview. .Inn l"ergu.ron ...... leaves her 'ability to get all A's to the up-and-coming genius of the Junior Class, Philip McHugh. . Bruce l"erguson ..... . leaves his ability to do mathematical problems to Adrian "Brain" Tompkins. .lohn Gaudet ...... leaves his ability to skip classes to Bruce "lingers" Wood. Lila Gayton ...... leaves her speed on the basketball floor to Virginia "twinkle toes" Dorsey. A Clark Hamilton ...... leaves Mr. Larkin's voice ringing in his ears, "1 must be calm. He really can't help itl l must control myself." Pauline .laekron . ..... leaves her petite and dainty figure to 'l'halia "slim" Schaeffer. Gene Law ...... W illiafn Lillyman ...... leave for the second time. Pag el Thirty-three ll"illiam Illrfllisier ...... leaves sighing, "lt was a great 1'acket while it lasted. NVhat a soft touch!" Burton lllerrianz ...... leaves his favorite saying "VVouldn't that jar your -ear - - rear- l" to that up-and-coming Sophomore, Fred jodice. Ronald Noiclan . .... . leaves his ease of manner and charming ways with the women to Dean "Oh 'ou luckv urls" LeBaron. , v Leona Peterson .. .... leaves for the Mid-West because it seems that corn grows better there. Cornish that is. Donald Pike ...... leaves his height on the basketball floor to lfdward Hlllme. Fifi" Hosepian. ,Inn Potler ..... . leaves her easy going way to Billy "big boy" Heffernan. llarold Riehards ...... leaves his shaving outfit to Albert Kelly. U1n'dm'r Richardson .. leaves his Whiteside disposition to Paul "sunny skies" Higgins. Robert Rock-wood ...... leaves his cockroaehes to anyone who needs them. .lliee Schulz ...... leaves her marvelous skill as a driver to Ruth "bloody fenders" Lucas. Carolyn Sehwarlz . . . . . leaves her winning Ways with the boys to Lorraine Landry. lllalthew Steele ...... leaves the mystery of the fire-cracker explosion still unsolved. Evelyn Sullivan ...... leaves her height to Burton "here I am" Newell. Roberta Tripp .. .. leaves her quiet and subtle Way to Alicia "foghorn" Mellon. Geraldine Urban . . .. . leaves her California tan to Carla "Whitey" Gunrud. Raymond Waddell . . . . . leaves - he thinks. ln testimony whereof, we hereunto set our hand, and in the presence of illiterate witnesses, declare this to be our last will, this sixteenth day of june in the year of our Lord one thousand, nine hundred and forty-eight. CLASS OF "48" WILLIAM lVICALIS1'ER LESLIE C. HAMu.ToN On this sixteenth day of june "l948", the said William McAlister and Clark Hamilton made their marks on the foregoing instrument in our presence and we, as witnesses thereto, hereby subscribe our names. "RAs'1'Us" LARKIN "Roscoe" AVEDISIANL "KiNoF1sn" Porrea Page Thirty-four Class Prop eey 'lihe time is 1958 aml it hardly seems possible that ten years have elapsed since 1 last gazed down Y on good old F.l'l.S. 'lille last time l looked, l saw the "man who came to dinneri' enjoying a feed con- sisting of Room I0 tidbits - that's frozen food, kids! Room 10 is so cold! l saw a pretty brunette lingering outside of Room I crying, "Billy dear, see here, see here. I hate to leave you, 'hon', But you know l love you sog You'll always be the only one." And, of course, no one knows who these lovers were, or, should l say, are? l saw a -1--, but wait. Who am l? l am Fatty Wingflap, the guardian angel of the Class of "-l8". l promised the master that l would check up on every pupil of that class. 'l'he time came when my mission was to begin, and l, and my trusty pal, Creeper, left on a sun- beam. On our way down to earth, l explained to Creeper that we were obliged to report back at midnight to the master with our mission com- pleted. I had just finished that statement, when we landed in a fashionable city building. I real- ized that my friend, Fate, had directed our landing, so l knew that one of my wards must be near. l grabbed Creeper's hand, and we boarded an elevator. As we stepped in, l heard a familiar voice cry, "going up", and looking at the operator, l found him to be that dashing Casanova of "-l-8", Raymond Wadden, looking mighty handsome in his uniform. He's quite a philosopher now, and often remarks, "Well, life sure has its ups and downs." Following me into the elevator was a tangled mess of fish line, poles, nets, and flies, and under it all was Bob lila, proudly holding aloft the prize of his ten-day fishing trip - one undersized trout! As l stepped off at the eighth floor, my eye was attracted to a feminine figure draped around a chandelier, contentedly painting a surrealistic mural on the ceiling. Yes, it was Ann Ferguson, following her own artistic urge. Rembrandt, move over! Dodging splatters of purple paint, l climbed the ladder and began to talk with Ann. As we chatted, Ann told me that Bob Downs had left Foxboro, to become a professional lmnter. 'l'his interested me, so not long after my talk with Ann, Creeper and l left for the backwoods of Maine. Approaching the vicinity in which Bob was supposed to be located, we found him perched on a sign which read "No Hunting", and under that Bob was scrawling "You're telling me!" We later left Bob and headed back to civiliza- tion. On our way, we passed a jumbled heap of what was perhaps an old Pontiac, and beside it was john Gaudet, pasting the bare essentials together. lt seems that when the time came to get a sticker, john always used to wait for a rainy day so he wouldn't have to test his brakes. Well, I guess that his breaks finally caught up with him. As we stood talking to john, a sleek convertible screeched to a stop before us, the door flew open, and 1 heard a familiar voice call "Hello, there, l'll take you anywhere from San Francisco to Le Boot" CFrance, that isl. As we got in, l found the "ahem" operator to be "Aluscious" Schulz. As we skinned fences, took corners on the left-hand side of the road fshe must have been Mr. Molan's star pupill, Alice told me that she had traded her "humble Plymouthi' for a Ford. "Tell me, Alice, do you still have an attraction for Ford Convertibles?" After that remark, l found myself walking. As Creeper and l were passing a large build- ing, we were startled by screams and loud voices shouting, "Shoot! Shoot l" We dashed in, and instead of finding a murder scene, we found a basketball game. At first there appeared to be only nine men on the floor, but l soon noticed a scurrying red-head, ducking between the legs of a seven-foot forward, to sink a long shot and win the game. Yes, it was the star of the Celtics, our own Red McAlister, still forward, still dead-eye, and still dribbling. After a long talk with Red, he informed me that his old pal, Matt Steele, was doing wonder- fully well, since he had formed his Lonely Hearts Club, he received thousands of letters a day. l Page Thirty-five was told that every day several of his longest letters came from such girls as Ruthie, Ruthie, Ruthie, and Ruthie! l also learned that Louise Bagley had made good in New York, and was now singing at Billy Tulip's Ruby Horseshoe, under the name of "Temptin' Torchyn. Red told me that Joe Bedard was at Nlassa- chusetts General, and without waiting for a further word, l rushed over to the hospital. imagine my surprise when over the loud speaker l heard, "Di: Bedard, call surgery. Your nurse, Roberta Tripp, has just broken her ankle." It seems that Roberta was wandering down a corri- dor, dreaming of a certain piano player from New York, when she tripped over a broom and thus, the broken bone. On our way out, we heard a scream, and immediately the doors of the Psychopathic Ward flew open and a nurse streaked by. lt looked like Sally MacQuarrie to me, which may explain the loping figure of Frannie Dolan behind her. lr seems Frannie spends a lot of time in that ward, murmuring something about a refrigerator. Whether he stays at the hospital voluntarily, or because it is necessary, is unknown. Frannie stopped his chase long enough to tell me that Virginia Day was now working on her fifth novel, besides being president of the National Nlan- Haters' Association. She makes all the rules, but Ginny says, "Why follow them ?" Fran also told us that his pal, Bud Andrews, had become one of the best accountants in the U. S. and spends all his leisure time on his farm, raising "lVIellons". l learned, too, that Clark Hamilton was head photographer at the state prison. All of his photo- graphs were masterpieces in Rogue's Gallery. What can you expect, since he spent all of his senior year taking pictures of the faculty! Fran told me that Archie Richardson was nationally famous for his smooth music, and he had successfully taken over Gene Krupa's posi- tion as top drummer in the country. Leave it to Arch to drum up trade. After an interesting talk with Frannie, Creeper and l left. We were just outside when we heard the screech of sirens. This interested, us, and we decided to hop on one of the trucks and enjoy ourselves. Before long, we found ourselves at a blazing inferno, which was caused by a chemical explosion. Seems Ed Cornish had become a cele- brated chemical wizard. The explosion? Well, even the best of us make mistakes. Eddie, who was standing before the fire, told me that Ann Potter was doing very well as the finest organist in radio. He said that no matter what time you turned on your radio, you heard the mellow tones of Potter and her Pipes. l decided to visit the radio station and sec Ann. Half an hour later l sat listening to her, while her eyes were filled with tears, as she played, "Clair de la Lune," the theme song of the soap opera called, "Noble lVlary, Back of the Staging Nlotherf' The organ halted and before l knew it, I was on the edge of my seat, wonder- ing if llflary would win. Would she leave her present husband, Roger, for her old flame, Donald? Would she, could she, possibly, make Donnie trip over her love behind the staging? And what of her children? I became so engrossed that I failed to notice that the people who play ed the parts were my own wards. Mary was played by Evelyn Sullivang Roger, her husband, by Kenneth Anderson, and Don, the lover, by Don- ald Pike. Don told me that as soon as his radio contract expired, he would begin his studv of medicine. Apparently, his role in the Senior Play influenced him. Ken told me that his friend, Bob Rockwood was America's richest and most-sought-after bachelor. Apparently Bob realizes that married men may have better halfs, but bachelors have better quarters. JOKE! A i Creeper and l left the radio station and pro- ceeded on in our search for other pupils "-l8." As we walked along, we heard a voice say, "Now children, you do that assignment, or you can all pound sand." That sounded familiar, so I entered the building from where the voice had come. As I came into the room, l saw an attrac- tive blonde teacher sitting before a class of boys, and l soon recognized her to be Lila Gayton, who greeted me with a shriek and then pro- ceeded to tell me all the news concerning her former classmates. She told me that her old pal, Burton "Bunker" Nlerriam had left civilization for his one-1'oom cabin on the summit of Mt. Washington. And it is there that he spends all of his time stacking bee-bees and singing "Oh Bah-bee." 'Lila also told me that Barbara Curtis was doing wonderfully well with the Barnum and Bailey Circus. Luckily for me, the circus was Page Thirty-.fix performing in town, and I left Lila, hoping to catch the matinee. We arrived just in time for the show, and Creeper and I became really inter- ested. VVe watched eagerly all the acts, and then, as the horse acts came on, l was thrilled to see my ward, Barbara Curtis, come galloping into the ring, bare-back. And who should her riding and life partner be, but that handsome Prince Charming Bruce Ferguson! It seems Bruce wanted to start.a turkey farm, but, in order to be with his true love he joined the circus. After watching liarbara's act, Creeper and I wandered about, watching the sights. We heard a barker's cry telling of the magnificent weight-lifter. Imagine our surprise when we found him to be I-Iarold Richards. After his act, Harold told me that besides his performance, he posed for Al Capp, artist of comic strip "Lil' Abner". lf you want to see a human, handsome, Lil' Abner, look at Harold. We were just leaving Harold's tent when we noticed men - tall men, short men, fat men, skinny men, homely men, and handsome men - but all men, running in one direction, definitely headed for the same place. Creeper and I joined the mob and soon found ourselves at the end of a long line. Slowly it grew shorter until I stood face-to-face with a sign which read "Kisses: One Dollar", and, as 1 looked behind the sign, whom should I see with her sweet, smiling face and her ruby red -lips, but our own Gerry Urban. Gerry, who had become a sparkling Hollywood Star, was on a nation-wide tour and all the thousands of dollars she received were for charity. Well, Gerry wouldn't have done it unless it was for a good cause. And what a break for the "fellas"! , Well, we still have a few more stops to make. Passing through a small town, we were almost bowled over by a huge volume of poetry. Discov- ering which house it had come from, we peered in at an open window, and saw, behind a desk, Jean Iirunell, still trying to write poetry. Her inspiration, in the form of a large, "lip-stick- smeared" photograph of Mr. Avedisian, hung on the wall above her head. 'liime was when some- thing hung above his head! Remember, Mr. A? Waiideriiig farther along the street, I noticed a mailbox marked "Schwartz": I decided to stop in and see if Carolyn could be at this place. l found her surrounded by books and college men. lllust be fun being Dean of Harvard, and still more fun learning to pronounce "Haw- vawd". Carolyn told me that Amelia Dilllarzio was now head telephone operator of a large com- pany, and no matter when you picked up the receiver. you' heard Anielia's trained employees singing "Bell-Bottomed Trousers". Guess we've got her number. I also learned that Pauline ,Iackson had fol- lowed a similar ambition, and was employed by a rival telephone company, ,but Micky and Pauline are still the same old friends. The time is 11:30, and Creeper and l must leave soon. We went down to the docks, where we noticed Leona Peterson looking "Leigh-ward" over the ocean, waiting for her "ship to come in". Well, as the Senior Play put it, "Love conquers all." VVe were about to climb aboard a ship, when down the gangplank strutted the ship's'captain. His hat was so laden with braid that his ears were now located on his neck. As he walked past us, I recognized him to be William Lilly- man, and I noticed a husky army general was waiting for him. The general ,- Eugene Law. There have been no more wars since Gene and Bill fought out who won the last one, the Army or the Navy, when they occupied the two back seats in Room 10. We knew that our ship wouldn't be leaving that night, so we made our way to the airport, where we found Ann Engley, busily working behind a counter selling Boston Cream Pie. Evi- dently, Ann still thinks she's up at the First National handling a food sale for the struggling senior class. As we were about to board our airship, we noticed a distinguished-looking gentleman leaving a plane which had just arrived from England. lt was Ron Nowlan who, after his long sessions of arguing in the Problems of Democracy class, had become the U. S. Ambassador to England! Well, Creeper, here we are, home! Our mis- sion complete. The Master will be proud of its. J. 15. Biff -- Page Thirty-Ja'-vert r lw,-,,,. ,Vex 1111! 'X If W ll llllhl lu. aftu 1 +5 0 1 ,. I1 do ,. 0 N 4. . bwcut M UIIIUFIES W X . ' - Suki Nui - f "H V vwm ' vmhxxcsw, III :ll-,It mlm flu, ,IX R05 A Q M Ill thulc! LNG 1 C056 eNY A P. s I . alll. 4,14 lk, I .s, S xx 46 "fo, ,Q lnlolrx A1711 X Buddies Y wx XX Q50 .V X Xxx xx X XXX 1111111 R11mc.' 111'fl 111 11111111 George 1.lllYlllIlll, Clarla Gunrud, .Xlicia Mellon. LCZ1II'll't? Davis, Lois lliller, limlwurcl Rolwertson, Mrs. Sullivan, Mr. Larkin, joseph lvlljlillj, Marilyn Brown, Ruth Lucas, Lillian 'I'urowski, Marcia Young, Neil Roche. 1'1111111 Rllflil' 111,11 In 11111111 ,luyce l,lllIlZl5, Nlyrile Richards, l,Ul'l'ZllIlt' Sylvia, Ailnliry Russell, liurlwara Urlman, lilla Ryan, Lorraine l,ZIlllll'j', 'lean MacQuarrie, Hazel Dolan, Alice Colby, Lois Britton, Gertrude Grisc, Rita Devine, liarlmara Cornean, l'vnthia Blu:-incr, Mary Ellen lillis, joan VVinslow. I 1 l l'1111'11 R11fzc.' 111'fI 111 11111111 .Xlhert Hutchins, Donald Capen, james Lynch, Stanley llill1:', jacrue ine Small, Barham Y l'eauoek, Nanci' Ilowarnl, Mary Lou Prew. Roberta Davies, Roller! Childs, Emil Aulhelet, Elwood Morse, laul lll,LIQ.flI!S. '11111'l11 RlI1L'.' 11111111 11111111 Samuel Kniglil, llonulcl Neely, Vvlllllllll llosincr, VVilliuni Rex, Philip N1i'lllIl.fll, klaines Y S11-in, lidwurnl Winslow. Russell lieni. Neil lferpgusun, Alohn Sexton, Bruce VVuoLl, Charles Ryan, lhilip Avcrsano, xvlllllllll Larnh. Qll iuirmiiolr Glass 1'1'1'.x1111'11l.' lfilwarml liolwrlson 1111'-1'1'1'.v1111'11lJ hlzirilyn llrown Nl'4'l'l'1!Il',l'-I Ruth Lucas illl1'l1.Nl1l1'I'.' .losvpli Alcliny KH l'l"l'O U11111111 ix Il 1'111111'. II1 ii'l'!17't' I1 111111111 of 11 I'7'l'1'-1' 1111-1' 111111 111 101' f1'1111 in 1111111111 1lI'l'I1A' il." H ll ,1 :KH 11111115011 111111 011111 l'11111' l'111Iy 111111 R11-u. 11111 111 1111011 xllllk llxnviwn, In-:mr l7iM:1l1iu, Virginia RU1'l'xN'Wlllf, x1lll'L1iII'Q'I Nlrlizu, Ml, .Xu-niixizln Xllmll lxmllx Rnhzld llulx XI H111 num' hun: x ,, . :argl-rx NIm'K:1x, lfvlly .XIIIIV Nlurw, Mr. Nhull, Mzzrjmiu llilllllll, Xmnm l'um'u 111111.11611-'za' 11111111 1111f1l1 lin1iu1ug1.Xirnm -, ' 1' -N '. 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Rfdlillll ,I :unix N1'111l111j1'.' H1113 Qxlllli' Xlnxm' . . . 1 . 1 f1111x111'11' Xl'll'gg1'1'x Xlvlxwx xlcm'l"l'mm f'.1"111' 1111111 l!llI.Kf 1111111111 f11111.x1'U. H11 flU'lA'N 111111 l1'111f111,x 1111 ff 111 11 11111. II11' ix'111K' 1.1 fm. LY HA PRS Hlllt' 111111 f1'11l1l l'11111 l'111l'1'-11111 111111 Rrmci Klrfl 111 1'11ff1fj linrtun Newell, .Xdelaide Potter, -Ioan -l2IlfliSUIl, lic-wrly liuuceltc, Miss 5HlllX l7m'aey, Natalie hluclifc, Garrett Spillane, lidward llosepian, hlu. lirawn, 'l'hclina liruwn, lilllllll lulrl Rivharrl Newell. ln, 'lm-an Rui dlll lumm lullu 1'11111iIlf11qc.' Klffl 111 lfgfflll Thr-resa Cirife, Ruth Uhilcls, Iilizalu-tli U'I,'m1nm', .Xnn Ry: Shirley llunalaa, juzinm- liniune, janice Roach, Barbara 'I'hrasher, lileanur Nelson, Corinne Nil ianu Nvw-iw, l'atriCia lluwnx. UN I'f11rJ linac: flrf! In 11111111 liclwzird hvilfll, Sziinucl 5l'lH'lllIlIIl, lzclwm lan Den lirrglic llemalcl M field, Ronald Turner, Francis Stein, Rohr-rt Smith, VVallur Cook, Vincent Rmnigliu, Rulwrt NWI- 1 sluhi: Mc.Xlister, Stn-plicn Linfield. Illlffll RufLL'.' flffl In rigffllj Vvlllllllll llulxnrs, Niclmlas ,xllllglllliy ,Xlirc Allen, Sally l'lllllk'l', Mania llllXtl lllll m liuvv, luclilh .X1ulrews, Shirley funk, Eleanor Fimlley. Iwnnc Carleton, lane llulmvnii, Thaliu Sch ILHLI N1 .'xIlill0IliY, VVilda llignctt, -Iuhn lluward, VVilliain Rollins. iflfl Rufzax' flrfl In flflflff Dexter Fuller, luhn liahliin, .Xllen Yurlx, lfranlx Schulz, RiCl11lI'll l'u 1 Jill NVilliam lfrviimyer, Frm-Ll .Xntln:ny', RlCllLlI'Ll VVQ-scott, Conrad lflanplcrw, Ruhr-rl licarcc. l'il'L'tl Baku luhn Sm li William llt'llt'l'IlLlIl, Freshman Cflllass f'1'1'.ii1l1'11l: Ciairrctt Sllllllllll' fi11'1'-l'1'1',s'i1f1'111.' lfclwzircl llf S1'1'1'1'l1111i'.' N1lf2llli'.lllKllK'l' 'liIl'Il.YlIl'1'l'.' 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S,lllu.l' lfumf !lfj! fu xml!!! limi- l,lDlll'K'lU', l'ilil2llll'Ill lill-vllv, fxlllll RKIVIIV, Slllllcx HININII, .xllll Iylllltllflh, lullllll Klllllqlllllll, lyblill Kl'5lllIlxqlll, xlLlI'ilXll xl1'Il3.Lt'N, NILIVX XX'llllc, .XIIIY l'lllll-, XJIIIIX l5lM:ll'flll, .xllllil U'5llllil:lll. l,lllll.l illllll-x, l't'lt'NRI lilllxillll, lit'Yl'lIf Rmkllllml, lfllrll Illlggilla, ,Il-llllvlll' Sl"lI'4lIlIIIl, Diillll' Slllilh. lflllll Kumi ill!! In fluff!! .Xllll-ll NVQ-il. llilltlllf QVXIIIVII, .Xllvr l'.Ilj.Lll'j, Vltlllll Kltlllllilll, Shllfllll lillmllgc. lwjllllllil kllllk, lullflllll-Ill lilililf, I':llli1'i:l XY:llNIl, NILIILLZIITI lllllllnzlll, Nzlllvx Vlxtllbllllx, l.llix :x11llPI'l', l.l-llzl fvlllillillll, .xllll Rgllldzlll. Nlll:lIll illllldll, Nlllgllllll Rl'll2IlIlI, bllllli' Ullxl-l', x11lI'IhIl I'lllkl.lN, .lllllllw xxl'Il'. vlzlllll-N NINII. lflnrlfl Nfl-14. ffl!! ll, llllflll I'zllll I'klIHl'I', f'llllIll'N XVvllll, .Xlllm-rl Rllllllxlll, RUIFVII 5XlXill, plllwpll liikillllllllllllllllw, Rllxdrll lkllllx. l.:lulvlll'l- XYlllNllm, lflm-mln-l'lm'k llllvlallll, Rlllll-ll Killlr, Philip l,.lls, R1lllL'I'l 5ILlllk1', blxllllw Ht'Illll'NNQ'N. Nllllvll Hlllllv, l.l-llllxlld lllggillg l.lllsll'll1'n- Nlzllllllllw, Rllflllllllll Mlllxzlll, l"l':llll'iN l,iiIxlll:lll. lj!!! Nfl-145 lf!!! !fl ruff!!! RIKJIJIIL1 l.:llldl'l, Ifl'lla-Nl YVlllll', l.ll1'ln'll 'l'lll'l'lllln-, Fltlllll 5KlXi1I, ,Illllll flI'1ltlIllt', xIliNl'llll blllllx, llllui l'llllx XYlIl l Nlllllll Illllllld fllilllx lllllllll Rfllllllll Xlflkli I'llll Ilulllilll l'lllL xxvlllkll Ikillll l I . I l' . Q ' . 1 . ' ' A I , 4 ' ' , ' ' ' ' I . K ' ' ' , Rlllllll l"llH'-I. Rllllzllli hllllilzlll, Grade llilii ht l'lt.Nllfd'llf.' Klvllzllll illll-llallll fill l'fl'.lf!lf1!!.' -lem-llll Ulillzllllllllllllzlw Nmllflvl f1l'l.',l!!ll'1.' I.Illl1I llll:lx NIH'l"l'U 'lfflllfllfnf fwfr!!! rluiurf jk llffflfl llfllfflf lllffh K! HJ H45 lffllfmu rm!! Nlfwlr l'rlyfl' I' ul lj 'ffll fr l'l'1lllf Rufio: flfjl In Hgffllf Shirley Guerrini, ,Xlive Nlurphy, .xllllll Sylvia, -Iuliu gn umm Min Kirlmy, lilzline I,L-lizirun, ixLll'it'IlIltf Russell, CZll'Ul liritiuu, Lee Sallie Buulx Fm ei n lucn .siflullif RIIQL'.' ffwfl lu rlgffflj .xlliill Kivelu, llorel Newell, lilizzllxeth Spent:-1', Ilillu in NlL'Kllf', Regina Murray, l5lll'l1ilI'l1 Guildford, Curulyn Hurling, Gail lwtvpuiiclx Ilclnm linux Xlmilim Dului Sliirlz-5' l':n'lsui1, ljlllllllkl l,lll'lt'I'. Tlmil Rufio: flwfl tu ruff!!! Murcia lfmler, .Xlfred i"m'rcwi, livcreil Lucas, Iulm lu ix Rivlizniml lluviex, Ruluf-rl Mowull, Allie-rl NlCNllIll2ll'll, lidwurd Mzzdden, .Xlfin u mx Hull. l'uur'lf'f lx'f,'fz:'.' flffl In rfgfllll Gail M:1cQu:1rric, Rulverl llc Vziumur, Runulnl I' mx Q Rirhzircl llezirn, joseph lirighzun, Richurcl Murw, llllf c- lillif, Rulverl lluul ilmilex in x Ryan, Dani:-l NVhile, vluzin l'illlSilIlIllOllN. iffflfl Rufio! Nfl! In riyfll! Ruaclrzl vlunlive, Phyllia Vlulius, xlulnes xxi.lll1H'K', Hamel 1 on Ill N Ricliziiil iI41ljllIl'. Rulwcrt .Xmlcrsuu, Kl'llIlCll! Liuuilwin, Xxuiuu' XV1-lah, lilifilulh I ilu Grade Seven lilflffllf Ill .' liziil Klzivfjuzil 1 ii' fur-l'n'.uzlrnl.' ,Mui ,flxlllvx 5'i'f11'1z11'.1' : -Iului llzlx iw 'I 'nm 111 Mlm! run: HI Kizuul lgllllllll KllJ'li'I'H IYIIIMIVIIII fn' mln' KIWHAPKS Hflli' mul Sllzw lIH!l1'1'Ul'fj' juni rfllllfr ,Ee-J K , "wk, 'I 0 iffy, ,Wi f if xt rl lo If 1 ,ll lf , fff ff" R' R Z . -393 -hart' Amen' . .Q 5 Perivlanelil ir rnailmi wus' e , to i h5K?n The Cast Ulm 'vlwn Allwvffd X 'Vg-I-S , .' ,ret rgz- . lI1l and Ch carries 'V jllllf lm. T e Senior Play December 19, and the lights were dimmed, the buzz of voices hushed, and the curtains were drawn for the opening performance of "The Man Who Came to Dinner." "Great dribbling cow Z" rang out the biting voice of Sheridan VVhiteside. Thus began the best production ever given at Foxboro High. Mr. Whiteside, internationally famous aa "critic, lecturer, wir, radio orator, and intimate friend of the great and near great," suffered a fractured hip when he fell on the Stanley doorsteps. During his recuperation, he appro- priated the Stanleys' home, friends, and servants, he urged their son to run away on a tramp steamer, he advised their daughter to marry a labor agitatorg he - but that's enough for the Stanleys. Sheridan Whiteside's secretary and Mesalia'e only editor fell in love, while Monsieur Whiteside, for purely selfish reasons, brought in exotic Lorraine Sheldon to break up 'ef , X X un. bet!-3 ll D tx W' M' the affair. lt didn't work. Pentprim drove his nurae wild: she quit. Eight hundred dollar telephone bills, octopuses, cock- roaches, mummy cases, broadcasts, wheelchairs, - these ' ' ' h as ordered out of the home, boomeranged on Sherry and e w ' ' bl 'ktnail quenched further action, and he but n little private ac " ' 'l'f'irs in peace. Upon leaving, straightened out hm tangled .1 a ' ' h doorstep, and fractured his hip. Repeat Whiteside fell on t e the above events! The cast showed great talent, ant ou. were given by Gardner Richardson as Sheridan Whiteside, Geraldine Urban an Maggie, Ronald Nowlan an Beverly Carlton, Clark Hamilton as Bert jefferson, Alice Schulz as 4' ' ' ' rnish as Banjo. Much credit Lorraine Sheldon, and l,dg.n Co - - riorted "the leach" so excellently. is due to thoae who sllll l twtandingperfortnancea X ' :ir Q 'i -ff -I l 4 1,,,,.,.a ine , uv , . .w LH . , . U W -' wing- f s tl ' nnli lender I 0 UIQ- Mt you -nn! :wmv fwalml lwfl In rigffllj - Virginia Day, Clark llumiltun, Axllll l'iCl'gll5Ull. fum! rum' flrft tu rigflllj - Leona l'cte1'sun, Lila Uaytoii, Evelyn Sullivan, Usraldinu lifllllll. im Meritw Scomciieity l'nf.vifl1'nr.- Qll..XRlx ll.-XMIIXIXIIN .N'f'n'rtr11'y-'l'rm.v11r1'r.' YIILQQINIA DAX llii- l'i'u lllvrlru hm'li'tx' Ia Thi' lxillltlllill lllggll Svlluul llmniur 5Uk'll'TN. lil urnlml lu lu-mimic cnrollccl in this swim-ri' il stllclvnr must lizxw :lt lvusr an 1-igliry-liw pm-1' uint znwidxgc' :lt thu- cml of his .luniur j'l'2lI'. If mlurnig his 5L'I1lUl' ll'2lI' hc is zlhlr to rzusv lm mzirlis tu rliis stzimlzml, hc i hi- wcuggriim-il fur ciimlliiicilt. Ccrtilifzitcs :irc zlwslrmlul ru :ull llll'llll7l'I'S iii their - :mini ll'1lI' :mil mi "I'2lllll2Il I H P ll'HlIl high si-liiml they 11-cciw Pm Mm-rim Society pins. l,L-zivingi l"uxlmro High Sclwul with ll Pro llleritu Suvivri :xwzml slums rhzir thi sriulcnt is zi cmiscicritimis worlu-r :incl has :1 high sclmlzisrii' stzmcling. l'lIffI'ffIl'1y'l'lg!lf x Z' - QNX Wx .-X' X. rf if 4,9 f , X M X X . Ap . N No l'l'UlllUHlh - lvul not with Ml. .Xnllmuy u' GA A: .X ' .xv 'x N Q ,, B23 ll' Ill " Ill' I -llg ,Hull 'lmjj Cd fllhxt. Clluflb. Lx Q cuxk'UW" v :E 1 dx N xc MZWV' I'r'nnl ruin' Urzzlrml fffl In rigzfllj - Neil Rovhe, Matthew Stn-cle, Norma l'eacm'k, l,ilVl'l'llC ,Xmlrcwa, ,Xml llunm' in tin-miiuc NV:ilfh. 1-fulfil rum' flwfl In rlgflzlj -- Luis Munro, Gzirrctt Spillane, Frm-d liukvr, Mr. C'i'rIuac, Ruswll licnt, Rziyirmml VVUVQ lzluinc l,l,'B2lTl7ll. Student Uiunnlciill f,I'f'.1'f1f1'llf.' l,AYlckx ia Axlmlms Ivil'l"l,I't'.YiIl,l'l1f.' Nlzll, Roslin Snwrury: Nom1,x Puwucx ,lll'l'll.KlIl't'l'.' Luis Mumua 'llliu Stualviit Cuunril of lfoxlmru lligll SL'llO0l lucggzui llulilillg 1Ill'l'fll1jl5 in tlu- mimlillc of tliv sclmul yczir. Aft:-1' tlw vlcctiun of nfficvrs, work l'lJllllllClIL'Cll upun :unriv- ilivs pcrrziining ru thc sclmul, Sllfll :ls zippointing lI1UlllIllI'S for corriilm' passing. 'lllic uutstzlmlinf pruicct of tlic Student Council fur l'l47-1048 luis lwvu rlu- l- . pulalisllmg of il sulmul livwspzipcr czlllcml Hllic liluc :mil Gold. l',:icli lll-llltlllllllj mlition lI1L'llIlll'S sclmul nutrs nf illti-rvst, cfalitori:ils, :mil lllllIl0I'llllS zilivulutvs. 'l'l1c- pi'm'i'c'ils frmn tllc szllc of tllis p:1pvr go into flu' A. A. fre-zisliry. Ar prvsciit tllc' Council is IIN'Cl'llllI :mil pl:uming1 fm' :ui 2llH2lfl'lIl' lllfllll' :luring tlu- laittm-1' part uf Huy. All mln-nr will hc' k'0lllpUhl'kl uf stumlvuts uf mir l"uxlm1'u Srlumlf. Puyfr' fflflj' Driver lEQllILIlLdl llU 11111111 Training ll 11111l11 1 1 1. 1 11 111 .1111l 'I'1'11111111., Nl 11 lN I111. 1 11 1 1 1111 1111l 111l1'111l11l 111111111 1111111 111 une M1111111 1 n1w 1 111r1111 11.1 1 111 NLIK 'V.1111 Nlll c1111 .111 .1l1'cud1 111111111111 1l11 11.111111' 111 bl 1 1 1 Il 1111 1111 1h1 111111 111ll 1'11111 1 1 11111111 1 lll 111, v11ll 11111t11l11111' 1111 111.11111. 111 c 111 ll 11111111 ll ll 1111111 ll 1 f 1 1 111h1111 ll l1111111' 111, th 111e1l 1111 1111111111 l 1111l111111111 Illll 1111 111 11.11111 11 111 1111111111 111 11111 llllllXl1lllll 11111111 1l11 111e111 Illkl l111,1l111.1 1 L1 1111 1 111.1 1 1 1 1 1111' lllllllll, 1 1 1 11l 11h11l1 1l11 l111,1111111 lf IIIIN 111 1111l11- th1 111111111 11.1111 1 1 1 Lt 1 . 111 lt Isl 111111 11e1e111iv1' 11111 1 11.1l11.1 lll l,llN1I ldllllllg f111 11.,h 11l11111l Xlllllh 11111111l that 1h1 11111 11 11111 Nl 111l11111 ll1ll'l1L 11111111111 l11 11111 .1 l' Rufw: flwff In Vlflflfj Barbara l'oster, joan jackson, Ihehna Brown, Beverly' Doucette, Barbara .Xnnont-, Diane 7 Canham, Adelaide lotter, Ann Ferguson, Miss Barr, Clark llamilton, Nancy' lloward, Corinne Metrano, Marilyn Brown, Marjorie llanna, Pauline jackson, Barbara Nevers. 7 S'r'tuz1ilRr1qc.' Klffl rn rfgflzll Mrs. Brawn, latricia Downs, lCleanor Nelson, Barbara Thrasher, janice Roach, Lois lliller, Lillian 'I'uroyvski, Marcia Young, joyce Dumas, Lorraine Sylvia, Geraldine Urban, jean lirunell, .Xmelia DiMarvio, Audrey Russell, Mary Engley, Margery lylcliay, Martha W'est, Betty Anne Morse. Tfliml Rofzvi Neff tu rigflflj Margaret McKay, Alice Allen, Elizabeth U'Connor, VVilliam Lynch, Vincent liuerrini, Dean Leliaron, Donald Capen, Gardner Richardson, Stanley lliller, lilwood Morse, Raymond Smith, l'hilip Mcllugh, Roy' lforsythe, .Xlberl Kelly, Raymond VVadden, Raymond Day, Ann Ryan, lilla Ryan, Ruth Childs. I'n11rllf Rofux' flfff In riyfllj fharles Mc.Xlister, Barbara llennessey, jean Randall, Mary' Davison, lrene Dilylarlio, Nancy' Anthony, Mary' lillen lillis, Cynthia liluemer, Barbara Comeau. Mary Lon l'rew, Hazel Dolan, Teresa lirise, lVilda llignett, Sarah Fuller, judith Andrews, lilizaheth Clove, Lynne Carleton, jolm Anthelet. Ifzfllf lfoftci Neff in rigflzlj Ruth Lucas, jane Donovan, Dolores Marshall, Mary l"ry'n1oyer, Marcia 'l'hay er, Ronald Noyvlan, Richard Danforth, Charles Nisil, Evelyn Sullivan, lfrancis Nisil, Gordon Greene, jean lVlacQuarrie, Rilil Devine, jacqueline Small, Roberta Davies, Barbara Peacock, Virginia Day, Alice Colby. Mixed lliloiru ' SI!fH'I"Z'l.Y0l' uf ,lim-it-,' Bliss Climcr, lfiyiut Music for the sake of music, for joy in both participation and listening, has been a part of our high school program this year. A class in hlusical Appreciation under the capable direction of Bliss Grace llair has been given each Wlednesday morning. lforty students have deeply enjoyed Kliss l5arr's excellent interpretation of dillercnt types of music and have had access to her wonderful musical library and her numer- ous phonoggraphic records. Our chorus has grown both in members and in musical ability. Our concert, toward which yve strive in both organizations, shoyved this advancement. lfeaturine small groups aml solos helped to make our program interesting and enjoyable, both for those taking part and our audience. lllrs. l3rayvn's help in taking attendance and her general assistance have been much appreciated both by' the students and their director. Page l"1'jty-lfuu Imfl to riylfl: Nancy Howard, jane Donovan, Cynthia Cook, Mary Frylnoyer, Mary Prew, Ruth Lucas, Neil Roche Albert Kelly, Evelyn Sullivan, john Authelet, Philip Mcllugh, Miss Grace Barr fSll1ll'I'Wl.f0!'j, Herbert Randall Donald Capen, Gardner Richardson. Orc estira The school orchestra this year is small, because of a lack of teaching instru- mental music in the lower grades. This is being rapidly rectified and opportunities are now being given in studying various instruments. Notwithstanding our difficul- ties, the small orchestra has worked faithfully and well, and has made a creditable appearance at assemblies, thc annual concert, and at Graduation. Miss Grace Barr, our music supervisor, is director of both the chorus and orchestra. She has had an extensive and splendid background in the world of music. Not only has she taught in high schools, but also in universities and colleges, and has lectured throughout the entire United States to music lovers and professional groups. I'uyr' Fifty-lfzl rr' Ifroul Rune: ffffl lu rigfflll .Xuu Donovan, Neil Roehe,john Authelet, ,Xlbert Kelly, Philip Mellugh, Herbert Randall Swwnzil Rum-.' Klwfl lu rzgllll Gardner Richardson, Betty-.Xnne Morse, Margery Nleliay, Donald Pike, Leonard Higgins joseph VV:1seleski, Gordon Greene, Mr. Smith. lVheu the band was taken over last September. there was a question as to N'llCl'llCl' lfoxboro High School had enough material lor a band or not. As time went on and weekly rehearsals were being held, the members showed increased interest. So much line progress was made in the short time of playing together that it was possible to have the band participate at the rllllillllhgllflllg Football Game, as well as playing at several sellool assemblies. Despite the handicaps of the severe winter weather forcing the eaneellatiou of school on many rehearsal days, there is every indieation that by next year we will have a bigger and better band which we expect will develop into one of the finest high school bands in this district. However, more members are still needed at the present time, so if any students are interested in joining the band, we would be more than pleased to have you take part. Congratulations, band uiembers, on your rapid progress and good luck to all of you. Miki, l,. 5fXll'I'lI lirunl lu.vlz'urlw' l'agfr'I"lfly ffllll gf SraIrJ.' Hrfr lu riyhlj Geraldine Urban, Martha West, Margery McKay, Ruth Lucas, Alicia Mellon, Alice Schulz. CC eer eatdeirs All through the footlmall and lruslicllvull seasons, those attending our gullies were led hy six enthusiastic cheerleaders. VVhether the teams were winning or losing, they were always lmehind the Blue and Gold, giving then: n lighting spirit -' urging them on to victory. 'I'his year they proudly possessed inegaphones which were purchased during the football season. 'l'hc cheerleaders would like to thank the students for their splendid participation. They hope that in future gullies they will keep on showing their ardent support and lively interest. Pay 1' lfifly-fifzlr' N . . llll I 4 lvJskcIlu1H felV1 ' C x QQZ. an f 4.14.1 N. spviv Li C R VVM . si. '71 11- able gUl um! d l all '1 'J A . uv A cn-L uvwx K-, K n1ACh an X .CQ KQLXULE . XN'1C' ' ,f XXvP- X X .N 41 . L lhc Yu Wm if 13' A r KJV 'X Jigqggig, , L Q I 1 lc . 14172, U1-'I c I xf xlfwb, l"5 .r.IfD WHIII' Coach Certuse and Co-captains Steele and Gaudet led the team through a satisfactory Ifirsl kufuu' flrfl In rigfhlj XYilliam llosmer, Richard Truax, VVilliam Rex, Burton Merriam, Matthew bteele, Conrad lflanders. Charles Carl, Rolwert Downs, Raymond Worster. Snffrltl Roux' flrfl In riyflflj t'oaeh Certuse, james Stein, Matthew Anthony. Russell Bent, joseph jolly, Richard Dan- forth, liarl lferguson, Donald Neely, Edward Hosepian. llfiootlballll Cou4'l1.' john l'. Certuse f.'n-mp!ui11.v.' john Gaudet and Matthew Steele tllu11ayv'r.' Donald Neely .-l.v.ri.vI1n1l A'Ullllll1ll'l'.T.' lidward llosepian William Rollins ilillv footlwall season for 1947 gave promise of a fine team when 30 candidates reported for the first praetire. Graduation had dealt a severe hlow with our squad, taking the greater part ot' the lloys of 1946. llowever, the team, though inexperienced and young, gradually took shape with a few veterans taking the lead. The season opened with a defeat Ivy Weston. liven though our lvoys lost, the team showed that they had good fighting spirit and sportsmanship. During the season, though hard hit hy injuries, the team eatne through with many victories for "The Blue and Gold". 'I'hanksgiving Day lwrought forth the annual rivalt'y of Foxlvoro and Mansfield. Both teams played a hard and fine game hacked up hv a large crowd of enthusiastic supporters. I-oxhoro, after a disqualified touchdown, lost to Mansfield 13 to 7. season, with t'esults as follows: I. Foxhorn 6 VVeston 2. lfoxlioro 25 llowllftl 3. lfoxltoro I9 hlillis 4. lfoxhoro I4 liilleriea S, lfoxlvoro I9 M ed w ay 6. Foxhoro 7 Franklin 7. Foxlvoro 14 Oliver Ames X, Foxhoro ll Somerset 9. Foxhoro 7 Mansfield Page 1"ifly-.uwerl lfrunl Rfmc: K,vmI1'J lrfl In rigffflj Richard Truax, Conrad Flanders, Capt. Donald Pike, VVillialn Rex, Philip lVlcl ugh Suomi Rn-un' flffr In right! Manager Richard Langille, james Lynch, VVilliarn Rollins, john Howard, Edward Hose l'nxlmro l'iUXllUI'II lfoxlvoro lfoxluoro lfoxlvoro lfoxluoro lfoxlvoro lfuxlroro I pian, Coach james Larkin. Tlnrtl Ruac: flwjl fu rlgffllj john Dolan, Neil Ferguson, Russell Bent, kfvlllllllll Heffernan, XVilliaxn Mc.Xlister B S9 as ettlball Y 1 ,',, lllflf J: 1.,1 Q,1i.l.ui-til. f,'1lfJf!llll.' ,ll Donald l'ike !Ill!lflI'l'.' Richard Langillt' l.1JlJllllIf 1llul1ug1H.x.' john .Xulhe let l,esler Nlahonvv lilll' haskethall season went into full swing.: December lXlh alter a short lapse ol time lroln loothall. 'l'he teain this year was under the supervision of Coach ,laineei Larkin, and caplaincd In Don Pike. Letlerrnen returning for another year were Don Pike, VVilliain Rex, Conrad Flanders, Richard Truax, VVillia1n lleflernan. The season was not too good from the VVin-and-l.osI columns, lrul it was a scrappv learn, :always in there fighting. lo Hlll opponents ooo. Uni 1'et'ol'tl lfoxlmoro compiled 5240 points, throughout the season, was hw wins and len losses, SX .Xltnnni 29 Canton 25 Sha ron SS XVrentham 29 Dean ,Xcadm 43 Mansfield 31 Sha ron 46 lloward -ll 36 -lf: JI ix -H Sl Sl Sl SlllWlNl,XRY l'11y1' 1' ijly-czylzl oklworo lfoxlmo ro ox lroro o xlmo ro oxlvoro oxlworo oxlmo ro l'rox inet-town XY renlhaln Canton lfoxlworo Legion Mansfield Uliver Annes llean .Xcadernx Xvvxlutrrrll Nllflll . l'UXln1l'U W . , . mul lfnfux' kwulrnl lfjll In ziyffllj Lila Clayton, AlZll'llllL'lllll' Small, Iarix llillvr, .Xlicv 5i'lllll7, hvraldiln llI'll'lll ji-'nn hllllllll XIIIIX lllmllcl lmn glu 1 ' , , Kc lia f-ff,ff.ll6ff-15 flwll lu llfffll! klnanm' .xllllllllij lxllllj' lill1.Zll'j', livlty .Xnnv lNIurn-, lil:-anm' lfimllc-y, Mary l'rn-sv, I,ill1ln ll'llIllNNlxl Hlllilll 'xinmm Nli llillkl LIN :':, -,.NN4, xr. 'f1ir.l lx'nf11.' llrf' In ffyfflll Marx lillrn lillis, llazul Dnlal, Alllilllll .xlllll'l'N'5, Virginia llurauy, Marvin Young. Gi1r'lls9 Bas emtlb llll f,'fmfl1.' Mi-x l':lt'2lllUI' lzmlwarsls .lIunuyr'r.' liarlmra llllfllh .l,.,vi.xlnuI .'llIllIIl,IlI'I'.' Mary l'1lle'n lllli- llniw xc ll llw Girl! liaslwllvall 'll-:nn had a very colorful and Nlll'l'l'5Nflll wasun. Tha' squad NIl1Il'lxt'll lvy f'll'l'2IjDl1llllN hu llkllllt' l'rlwan :Incl .Xliw Schulz lust nnly lwn LIZIIIICH and Iird unc, ilu- unofficial i'llLlllllll0ll5l'llIl ganna- againxt .'Xltlclvm'u. .5 .- lln N4 I-on wnnc In a vluw wnh 1 lvmqnmt glun lu' thc linmlm-rs' Clulv 'n ilu I lfIXlIIl ll was fullnwm-rl lv-V a danrx' at lfnxlmrn lligh School. lllm' lK"llll lus VN llw llrs 'Z ' I I . V . .. , ,, ' .41 I ta nn fmxx nal- this xg ll, lull Cnuh lclwaxmls fuls mnlulnnl that llil arm' IYl'UllllNlIll1 and ilu' Nunn- rllivi:-nl gnarmls will vnalu- hm-I' ll'1llll nm-xl .war at lfnxlmro lligh win .Xllnnnav lwrxlmrn l'l7Xl1lH'lJ Xlllvlmlu I'l'llllI1Illl Sl'llliIJllI,lC 32 l"Uxlml'u 42 30 lfllklllllll Z6 22 l'luxlvm'u 32 45 Duan -HP SX Nilflll .'Xlllm'lmru ZX -l7 Mzlllslin-lzl 2-l 32 l"1Nlml'u 39 Puyr' I4 UXlNYlAll lh-an lfnxlmrn lfnxlm ro .Xltlclxurn F - l nxlmln fo Mansfi:-ld Fifty-llillz' 30 31 34 ZH 38 I9 25 .Xllll'lltll'0 l' uxlmru VVCM wnnml W' I't'llI ll :nn lfnxlvo ro l'.lIXll0l'Il lllgll l"uXlmI'u V - - onac. This l'Vl'lll pruspm'Is lll'!llY victories 33 28 28 I9 38 7 3.. 37 ran! Rnfux' Klrff In 111111112 Richard 'I'1'11ax, Philip lVlcll11gl1, Neil l'lCI'j.fll5Ull, R111 l'1UI'SfillE, C 111111111 D111 NVillia111 Rex, Coiiranl l9l:111ds1w, Neil Roche, YVillia111 llc-He1'11z111. limi' Rufz1.'.' flffl lu riyflil VVillia111 Mu.X.lis1er, W'illiu111 Rolling, Rll'l'liII'Ll fiHL'lllll'Ll, jmnca l,y11l1 l lllL l11g,11s1 , Riahurd lJlll!fUl'Il'l, He-11j:1111i11 NLIMJII, Aluhn lluwzlrcl, Bl'lll'L' l"e1'1:11r.1111, Rz11'1110111l C':11al1111i, L'11.1cl1 K e N aseballll I,'f1f11'l1,- slmix l' CliR'l'lSl-, f1lllf3fllilI.' lJ11x1x1.11 P11411 .llflllll-lf1'l'.1.' l':lJlL.fXR C1111x1s11, C11.x1c1X ll1xx111,'1'11x w 111111111111 l,11,1,1'A1,1N, A1,111111'1' ll1'11'111Ns 'lllll' l1z1s1'l111ll an-z1s1111 1'11llc1l z11'1111111l 1111 April ls, slmrtli 11111-1' Sllflllh 11111 pisifticc-. l"11xl1111'11 was i11 the xvl'SH'l'I1 lDivisi1111 K'lJIlll3L'TlIlQ nggziimt Klzuisficc 1-Xim-s, S1111111l1r1111, Sl1z11'1111. z1111l Llilllfilll. ' lim 11111111i11g l1tt11111111 VVilli1111 Ru Nlll l'11 WW 1- l1:11l , 4 .,1 lilL'll2lI'll ,llTll2lX, 111111 ljflllillll Pike. Sc-xcrul 111111131 Zlllll 11111111 1111' tllc sport SL'lllil3lTl.Ii l"11xl1111'11 ill S11111gl111111 l"11xl1111'11 Ill Sl1z11'1111 l"11xlm1'11 111 M1111wfi1-lil l:111l1111 111 l'11xl1111'11 11l1 lzg1N11111 S11111gl111111 ill l'lUXl1lll'tt lf11xl1111'u :11 N11 Sl1:11'1111 at l"11xl1111'11 lx1llll5l'll'ld :11 l+'11xl111111 l"11xlm1'11 ill clllll N11I'lll lillilllll ill lfupilmifi l'ay1'.5'1:,1,1 g11s1111. C11111'z11l l l1111l1 IN ising p1'11spc1't5 April 211 .Xpril 29 Many 3 lvlllj I1 lvlllj' III Mui' I3 lvlllf I7 lwllly 241 Nlllj 2-I Max Z7 l'lI1lllf knfu' Lrrulrrl lrfl In rlylfll lNlurgcry Mcliuy, Bully .XIIIIC Mursc, Adelaide Puller, Nancy lluwanl, Luis llillcr, 'l'lu-lnrn liruwn, Murjnric llunna. Ywmllll knfu' flrjl In llllflff lhulizl Mzliueflr-r, junior Roach, ,Iounnc .Xirnonc-, june llnnmun, litllj' Linn-, Mary Prew, lNl:1I'l'i1l Y0lIllj1,l.illl2Ill lilll'lHVhlxl. Thin! linac llrjl In riyhl! Mary lillcn lillis, Cynthia l5luc1ncr,Lynnc Carleton, Luuisu liuglcg, Virginia Dorsey, juan Bruncll, jun-quvlinu bnrull. Field H00 ey Altlnnrglr liclml llUk'liCj is 21 L'UlIlll2ll'ilIlNl'lj new sporl nt lfnslunm lligll School, umm girls slruwcrl 4-ntlnrsinsm :uid turned nut for thc first practicc. Nliss lfmluzllxls, our new cnzicli, liars wurkcnl witll tllc girls, tczlcllillg flll' rules zulml playing-pnsirinns nf tllc gzunc, in order to lvuilcl il stronger tc-ann. Sllu liclicvcs tlmt nur lim-lil lrnclu-5 tcznns in tlru future will lic zllwlc tn clrzlllcngc sucwssfully sclmnls nl' uluzll si7L' :uul in nur rlzrssilicu bC'IllClJUl,l'l lmxlunrn H yvillllllll' l"uxlmru ll llnpcnlzllk' lk-un .Xvzulvxm lfuxlmru lfoxlmrn U l'UXlllllll if lwnxlmlu Ilnpcmlulv 4 Puyw Slxlj' nm' ll1'IIll ,Xrmlmr lillllllbll If rn nklin lfnxlml u I'lI'YIllf Ru-u' f.Vl'1lfl'A1 frfl In rigfflfj -Iohn Gaudet, Geraldine Urban, Matthew Steele, Mr. Cc-rtusc, Vvlllllllll Mt'.Xlister nom! Rum' Klrff lu rigflllj Barliara Curtis. ,Xlive Schulz, Burton Merriam, Robert Downs, Donald Pike, Louise liagley, Lila Clayton, jvan Brunell. 'Varsity Qllulb l'mvi1lw1r.- MA'r'r u im' S'i'iaifi,i2 I'iff'-l,I'l'.X'illt'llf.' XVl1,1.mM lXlCAl.1S'l'IER Sl'l'l'f'fIll'j'.' filiRAl.DIN lf URISAN Vlll'l'!l.k'I1I't'l' : -loux Gfxlfnifi' This your the Varsity Cluh of lf. H. S. is quite Slllllll Clllllpllfffll to other years. 'l'o he ll iuciuluvr il studcut nulst earn two or more lvttvrs in Il sport. 'l'his 2lClllC'Vl"IIlt'IlI represents long hours of pi'aL'ticc :uid rt-al athletic zilwility. Untlc-r tht- skillful supervision of Nliss l'illVV1lI'llS :incl Coach Ct-rtusc, thc Varsity Club stantls for the hc-st in sports :mtl i't'zunwork. Ar tht- and of tht' school your, all St-niors, who :irc nu-tnlwrs, will i'w'f-iw sport jzu-kt-rs, :ls a Y'l'XV2lI'tl for the-ir zltlllm-tit' prowess zuul lim' pt-rfortnuntu Pug 1' Sixty-tfzuo Hill Nfl-lc fwuluf lfjl IH llflflll RlK'll2ll'Ql NL-wg-ll, Min lidwurds, Mr. l'crlu-c, l.Ul'l'LlllllI bylxiu, l'll21l'lL'3 Furl. :null Rnfu' flrjl In fmfflj in-mga lvillhll, -john Duxix, juwpll Di lillllllllllllllllbll, lilurn' Vlkurnl, Mullllcw Steelc- Ilnyl 'I mam, Rux iwfuxllw, Iniuallnl lluwpiun, William Mc.Xlihlux. 'llllhne At' llc lic Assmziiautji lm l'l4'.Nllf1'lll.' lVll.l,IANl Xli'Al,IS'I'l'.R , , . . I nr I 1f-.wlw1r.- L ll.XRl,Iz5 L Ann, Nr'1l1'!rlll.' lim sl-3 Wrnm 'l'1m.mfw : lxms fum llnm-.M xx All 5llltll'Ill5. mlm :ll tlu- lwgilllllxlg ul vuvll M-lwul ya-zu' pulu'l1:m' El 5l'1l5Ull IlL'lil'I rn ull spur! me-nts. zmlltmullzltlfxllly l5l'L'llllll' IllQ'lIllTl'l'5 ui ilu- Ixxllllvllm' Awmclzltlml ul lfmlmm lligll Sulnml. lim-I1 llmm-mnlmm rlmmcs l'l'l1l'l'M'lll1lllNl'5 In lUl'llllll1ll1' pulirim-5 lm' ilu' 4-nlixv IllK'llllll'l'5llllY :xml In llirvcl 2lk'llNlIlK'5. . . . . . , 1 . . l mlm' Ilu' :llvlc kllIl'K'lIUll ul Xllss luslwzxulw zulml Luzlvll kk'l'llI5t' Ilu- tlllllllllllllllill lmf prmvn me-ll xmrlluy ul tlu- bllllpllll ul cn-:ll mlunlcnl. l'ayf-.S'1.x'IJ-lllnf ., . , Q1 Q n 0 t Y Y ' , Squeezing Profit Margins or Machines ggijfe y qm o 0 ri' " j iii t: ::: ez: ::: ner . . . to offset hugh production costs? A. :1,3,,, mg' QQ QQQQQQ .gi A . H i t i . ' 'fi ... .I Yi, . Squeezrng profit margins or ma- Foxlroro better-engineered auto- 4 555 Chines?'l is a Challenging question matic process Controls have proxed " "' 1"'W,5g,jr f l . that many industries must face today outstandingly successful for nearly M1 . . hut itfs easier to answer than ever before. With modern instrumenta- tion applied to its full capabilities, you can squeeze marhines and get a Cornlrination of Constructive, perma- nent advantages impossible to get by squeezing profit margins. Through automatic prof-ess control Foxlyoro is helping industries like Petroleum, Textiles, and Food not only to invrease productivity per man and rnuvlrine, but also to improve product quality and reduce spoiluge. 40 years. lndustry has learned to de- pend upon them to reach new heights of production efficiency. lf your production involves the control of process variables -tern- perature, pressure, flow, liquid level -look to Foxboro first, for your answer on how to offset high costs. hvrite for complete information on Foxlroro lnstrumentation developed for your specific imlaslry. The Foxlroro Company, 120 Nepon- Bel Ave., Foxlroro, Mass.. U.S.A. OZQQQR YANKEE INGENUITY GIVES THE ANSWER Yankee lngvnnily is still u very vilal in- ffIll'lH'L' in lllllllflfllg lIll5llI1'5S to New England. Time and again il has been the rnaans ul solving pralflerns for irulnslry Ilia' wnrlal uuer. l"uxl1ar0's many uulslanfl- ing roalrilzulions lo tht- Halal of process control rejlerl its prarln-al importance. ll has been a major vl4'nu'al in Fax buro's a'i.sravcry of many llaxif fIflIIl'flIll'S of in- slrurnvnlaliuu and original engineering of inslnunwrls anrl their uppli:-ations. Yankvz' ingcnaily is mart' than "flower- nvsx in fonlriring ar in wailing" ll often nzvans "doing llu' irnpossil1le" simply and fwnronrically. 1 5' IASIIIONS 101i YOL Al WAYS Xl - e- eed GERMAINE CARTIER . nw IUXISUHU MASS. X ISII TEDDY S BEAUTY SALON For the new look in halr styllng, To compliment your eprmg outfit 33 t l Nl RAI S1111 14 1 1l'l 100 IOXBORU NlAbb Compllments ROBERT S FUNERAL HOME Lumber Fuel O11 Hardware Ideal Power Lawn Mowers WCSt1HghOUSC Laundromats Refrlgerators Stoves Mobll-flame Bottled Gas Foxlboro Coal Company Tel. 336 Foxboro Mass. 3 1 1 41 1 T A. v rf A T 1 flap-I . 'Q 1,-Q.. A , ll , ,- L . . I' . . . - . Qfvf V- qv- ref . Q .. 4 1 4 l 4 1 In .L 14 AA.. A ,L . O , . .- .- O f 9 lL. G. Balfour Co. Attleboro Massachusetts Class Rings and Pins Commencement and Announcements Diplomas Personal Cards Medals Trophies Club Insignia REPRESENTEIJ BY TOM GALVIN Compliments of MANSFIELD BLEACHERY , . Luulplnuiculs of TAUNTON GAS LIGHT COMPANY S A N N I E ' S "Where Mansfield styles begin" BAY STATE DRUG STORE L. J. CATALDO CO. Men's Store FRANKLIN ulld FOXBORO PEACH'S NEWS STORE OUlMET'S DRUG STORE FOXBORO 5? to 51.00 STORE MOORE'S DRY GOODS STORE HARRY M. NATSIS 1'R0v1s10Ns - FRUIT - LIQUORS - w v nib 1,1-nlrul Slrccl FUXISUHU, MASS. Old Curnvr Store Tm-l S W A N K I N C . A'1"l'LIi1501iU MAssAc:11Usu'1"1's Compliments of MANSFIELD PRESS C0lIllJ1ilI1ClllS of W. L. STEARNS 81 SON MANS1"lICl,lJ list. 1873 CUIIIIJUIIICIHS of POMF RET LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS MANSFIELD MASSACHUSETTS MUSTO'S BEAUTY SALON m1ANs1+'1r:1,n, MASS. KIRLEY COAL 8z SUPPLY CO. Master Kraft Oil Burner Electric Furnace-man Anthracite Stokers 208 NO. MAIN S'l'liElC'1' MANSFIEI .IJ 2WQf 0gfGLASS 0F '48 mg For yull. my young fric-mls I sec an happy I X radiunl future- . . . lwiglilclwcl by joyous wi X cloclric living. Coiigmtlilzilioiis pals, and Z In-sl of luck. - ' n v xt A -""" I X S. : X Paddy Kdaaeatt it Sb ' Your Electric Servant Af' D WORCESTER SUBURBAN ELECTRIC CO. PART OF NEW ENGLAND ELECTRIC SYSTEM 'I'l"l Compliments of H. H. SELTSAM Contractor 700 FUXISUIIU F RANK'S TRAILER SALES and SERVICE STATION .lC'l'. ROl"l'E 1 and 110 FOXISOIIO, MASSAClII7SE'I"1'S IIOIIIIDIIIIICIIIS of DEVlNE'S MOTOR SERVICE MAIN S'l'lIEE'I'. FOXISOIIO Tel. 1195 - 24-Hour Wrecking Service - COllllJll1llClltS of ELLIOT GOVE - CONTRACTOR - Trgr. 360 roxisoi-xo CUIlllJlllIlClllS of L. E. F IORE FAMILY SHOE STORE Fine Footwear Repairing a Specialty 66 CENTRAL ST. FOXBORO Conlplimeuts of COLLIER'S SALES and sERv1cE INC. tlUIlllJlllllClllS of RAlDER'S VILLAGE ROUTE I XVALPULE - SHARON LINE Complete Insurance Service J. VENNER MAKANT INSURANCE BROKER Notary Public 51 Central Street TEL. 600 FUXBURO MASS Compliments of McKENZlE'S MOTORS Compliments of F AIRBANKS - CONGDON I . IAIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIS of F OXBORO SAVINGS BANK STORK DIAPER SERVICE IPL IOXISOHU Ms LITTLE SHOP 1 UXISOIIU FOXBORO CASH STORE EDDIE S BARBER SHOP IIVXIIIAI SIRIIAI IUXIEOIRO GREENLEAF S FARM SMALL S GREENHOUSE IIOIIIIJIIIIIUIIIS of "I . " .' V' COIIIDIIIIICIIIS of II I 2131 " .' , Conlplilnclnls of Cmnplinxunls of s Ilomplimcnls of 1 ' IIOIIIIJIIIIICIIIS of 1 Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Pike Mr. and Mrs. Carl O. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. lrving E.. Rockwood Mr. and lVlrs. john P. Gaudet Mr. and Mrs. William H. McAlister, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. joseph F. Beclard Mr. and Mrs. Josiah B. Ela Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Downs Mr. and Mrs. William C. Law Mr. and Mrs. Perry E. Curtis Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Bagley and Mrs Abraham L Schwartz Mr and Mrs Lesterl Tripp Mr and Mrs Dennis F Dolan Mr and Mrs. C Rea Potter and Mrs Walter H Lillyman Mr Emil Schulz Mr and Mrs Martin Ferguson Mrs E. Mae Sullivan and Mrs Bernard P Urban Mr and Mrs Leo W Brunell Mr and Mrs Harold G Richards Mr and Mrs Albert L Day r and Mrs ohn H ackson Mr and Mrs Eldon B Ferguson Mr and Mrs Horace E. Cornish Mr Cesare DIMHFZIO Mrs E.lvaA Hamilton Mr and Mrs Kenneth S Nowlan Mr and Mrs Robert A Steele Mr and Mrs GordonW Anderson Mr and Mrs Burton P Merriam Mrs lcla Gayton Vlr and Mrs Clare E Engley Mr and Mrs GordonW Andrews Dr. . . Mr. . . ' i I Mr. . . i I I Mrs. .Catherine Richardson Approved G. I. Flight Training CARLETON - WHITNEY AERO SERVICE, INC WILKINS AIRPORT NOHTII ATTLEBOIRO COIIIIJIIIIICIIIS uf W. C. FULLER CO. SPORTING Goous - HARDWARE - 1-'URNHURE Tlil.. 216 MANSFIELD AN ORCHID TO Tllli CLASS OF '-I8 FROM "THE GAL WITH THE HOB" ul KERSEY GARDENS TEI.. 810 FOXISOHO GOOD LUCK AND ISICST XVISIIES I'l'Olll THE F RESHMAN CLASS COIIIDIIIIICIIIS of THE JUNIOR CLASS Ilumplinlcnts of THE SOPHOMORE CLASS IIOIIIIJIIIIICIIIS uf THE PARENT-TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION COIIIPIIIIICIIIS of F OXCROF T GARDEN GREENHOUSES "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" l'. S. IIOLYTIC 1, PHONE FOXBORO 781, FOXBORO, MASS. F OXBORO FURNITURE CO. GENERAL ELECTRIC - CROSLEY - NORGE -. Avv1,1ANcEs Florence K Glenwood Ranges Complete Home Furnlsllers I,OCA'I'ED N EXT TO FIRE STATION TEI.. 2103 COIIIIJIIIIICII ls of LEON PINI COIIIPIIIIICIIIS of ' KRITZIE'S AUTO PARTS IiOIf'I'E 1 FOXBORO, MASS. llomplimen ls ol' ORPHEUM THEATRE Compliments of F OXBORO FIRE DEPARTMENT Conlplimcnls of FULLER BROTHERS RADIO STORE 'r1f:1,. amz ifoxlsouo, MAss. Compliments of REA-CRAF T PRESS ll Bukcr Strccl F'OXBOPnO, MASS. l'liUl'. ISBUCIC l'U'1"1'l'Ili 'l'l'Il,. 2521 ,gx xl X X X iygvgvgfg swv 5 ff Q f -Q Q ,gk , , ORIENTAL 8: DOMESTIC RUG CLEANERS 19 MARKET STREET, FUXBORO, TEL. AISH Compliments of F oxboro Hat Shop F oxboro Trading Post The Juke Box Hanna's Restaurant Head In Diner McDonald's Farm Dairy Foxboro Laundry A. C. Lawton F 8z H Clam and Chicken House Mansfield Record Shop Compliments of BILL and KAY HENNESSEY'S 101 Compli mon ls of "A F RIEND" COIIIPIIIIICII ls of WELSH'S DAIRY llumpliulculs of FERGUSON BROTHERS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES 57 MAIN S'1'lIEl'I'1' FUXISOHU IIUIIIIJIIIIICIIIS of STAGE COACH INN EST . 1810 ROUTE 1 FOXISUHO, MASS. COIIIIJIIIIICIIIS of STILLMAN'S SHOE STORE -13 PARK ST. ATTl'.EI3OP10 Compliulcnls of COMEY'S CLEANERS Compliuxculs uf THE FACULTY 31 ii' 1 V Wiilvi ' ww, V4 ,Vw -. 2 X - 'Tw-sie. wv- ..1,. fm..- ..,-VW, hifi, Y , V, ,. . '.., - '.,-A " .EU r ' ff .,+ A " 1.,,': XVQ my . 5... Q4 vs. 5 -' 1 1 ff Ve. .. sd' V P 5 W ' VM 5. :M ,, :LV . 4., V -ir. ,mr . :rv V-4 4 -,1,., . 4 , , mg: . .: fin. ' - V. V ggi , 'JE ...Nw ,W r V ga. , 1 ' W W fq. Ei -.Q . ' x . . 1 3 .,,, V . .- - 4' ' 5 ' f' '-V 1, ' .mi K L , A, L A ' ' . Q -4 . ff 4 . .JV , ,QV img - - -3: ,, ,a my 4- W x . ,V , V , ' ' V ' ' g G ,f.1 P. V. ' -- , V mai: 4 , , . ' -- V' 'Nur 'V , ' . iii? . ' fy Q, .msgs . '14 ,M .5 v. - V?'A5'5g5',,-,1'd'L.V ' E. , V 'F' 'gym- . - .. If ,V .pg - ,gm L .NV .- . . 4 ,. ,ir Q V ff' 'V u' ' 3 V. ' .Q . ns: - -5 ' 1 . ' if'-L.: J " ' 1' Mfr-ziqfiilff 'fe ,Q , Q 2, ' .4 13, , V ,V ' .N ,f f ' , . Law-,L ,igltwwj Na, 5, f xv A -- ,pfw . .1-.1-yi V: M .V -nf, VV ,L VV, . .wg ,D,'9fli'.'f3, W, . . K, JEKVLKW-Xfgifl, 5 V Q iffy- ' ' V V 'V L My 1 K -,531 .cfm .. ' W' ,..1,,g1fff.:'b' V: . ' f 2'iVv1'L - X - 5 ' S -'.,'VVa,xg ny Nw- V, -.V A ww . .V f 1-V., - w Af' ,. -mf' ..- W.. .Va 1- 1 '.f., ' f VW.:,..V . ,'v.1.g.e-V . Q - . Vfgl' ,gp.:w,-m?j - Agp.. , ,M ' 5VW:'Vf'19f,' Mg- . VV , up ' , I .FJ . 1 . -11 .L V-Vff ' " V sa". .. ., f gV M Q, fn. A . ,K .yiFgQV':MW K V-Q f . ,c-: , Q. . ag.. V VWQX3-cf," ' ..-iq , wwf ,Q , ,- ' W' 1 . , 5 .. ,'?'J-' - 1 .A .' ,.,, ,z.,V, 'V k nj ' ,, V .fr fm V '- . MV- V. 4 'J-'i'v1'f V - V ,. ,L 'g.le1t1,j-lvgg K. " g- H 3.5, .i , .. ' V- " ',-awzm . . .f- . 5' ,SM .5 -24 V. f ,. .1 ,fff."-"1!' 3 ' Rf fi .5 ' 1 " , V vig-51' ' I 1qvE.,,7?.::,L...' f . V , V . A ,Qi v V. 521 , 5 V, ay,'f'X:!V 'uf . 44 V V . in ,,: " K 4 .. " .. ' . - .' .. .V 'Mn 'Fi' '9'iTT-J L V K ' Q"""f"' 1? A ..V 'fV:ff"x .V .- - Q V we . ' . I V , .nw J., -V . . -f -' 'K W'-V'.3+Fsfiffff.s al, 'L-'?:.'g -' ' ' ',ij'V, ' j f'Iwy'i'1A-fe 1. V... fr'-' , -- n1'..t am' . ',egHJ3n'4g"j , , 3. FZ .ki Nw" ' . VS :ff v' - X if., Q.-SV.-V '45 f. 4. '4 " a2Lz ' i2

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Foxboro High School - Red Fox Yearbook (Foxboro, MA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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