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1. 7747 ' New I 4 .gr . '95 " H ,.. ul 0 i The Editors of the tepth vblume of "The Red Fox" hope that, in glayis to come, this Yearbook will serve as a reminder'to the graduatirig classg a reminder of precious memories and cherished friendships. ' We feel that it also has value for the rest of the school in serving as a record and review of the past year. And so We submit this, our year- book to you with the earnest wish in mind that you will treasure it always -"Among Your Souvenirs." ., iz 15,3 .QQ 5 2 Z z as 3 21 5 5 JK LATION WSe.Wuor.S I C,l.qa5e,s QWBLQW N S P opts X1 gk The Class of I947 With grateful pride and sincerity Dedicate this edition of "The Red Fox" To COACH JOHN P. CERTUSE For his high ideals of true sportsmanship, His untiring efforts, and deep loyalty. Modest about victory, patient in defeat, Courteous always, as becomes a born gentleman, He offers an inspiring example in noble and Worthy living. tw ""l G Tnessage to tlze Qracfuates HE writings of the Stoic philosopher Epictetus contain the followingiline, "Difficulties are things that reveal the real man." This philosophy is probably a little too realistic for high school students, and yet, it is around these few words that 1 wish to center my message to the Seniors. If you look backward over your school career, you will find that each year brought added responsibilities. Home, church, and school have all worked toward the development of a self-reliant individual, ready to face life with courage and character. Whether you go on to college or enter your life work at once, you will immediately be faced with many more responsibilities. You will be expected to make many decisions by yourself, govern your own conduct, and assume responsibility for your own mistakes. You will find many things in life to annoy, retard, and disappoint you, and your happiness will depend upon your ability to overcome these obstacles and, more important, upon the manner in which you overcome them. As you face life's problems, you will very frequently discover two possible methods of solution. You may yield to your emotions, lose your temper, and attempt to use force or to evade the issue. '1'o do so will bring nothing but unhappiness, and the result will be an embittered, frustrated personality. lf, on the other hand, you face your difliculties calmly and reasonably, weigh carefully your own abilities, and analyze your problems conscientiously, you will find real joy and satisfaction in overcoming the obstacles which sooner or later confront us all. lt is easy to be the kind of person you wish to be as long as all goes smoothly, but it is the difficulties and the manner in which you overcome them that will reveal the kind of person you really are. The Foxboro schools have had a share in building your character and we hope that what you have learned will stand you in good stead in the years that lie befo1'e you. Heunisiei' E. HoY'r, SllpL'l'f7llt'IILl6'7lf of Schools. Faye Six Q Cl Tncssuge lo tfzc ClQlll.UI'S Non lmyv noyy l1'ill'lll'Kl nhf- Ulllllllllilllllll ol X-MII' lllllll Nl'lIlIlDl l'lIlt'l'I' :nnl nn' lllbtllll In vcvuyv yon: 1llI7llllIIllN xnnl to lawn- lln- world. Non: Intl' zulu-:nl null ln' anon- ronnmlm, nnnrc lmlllnng. Xon yylll lnzw vnu-N annl LLITLIIVI :upomil-ilillm-N, zu linn' gow ull. Nunn Inu ulyynyx ln-1-n ll l'l1INN non-nl llll ily vgxrclfmrllcss :mal llLIlllll1'llI'll'CllIk'NN mul l Inopn than lhvw IIJIIIN will lu- 11 lllL'NSllIL.L In lln- clay- Zllltilkl nl :1 world yslwrv lllL'I'1' IN No nlnvlx :till :nnl llINII'lINl. I yyonlll :uk yon In ll'IIH'llllll'I tllul lI1lillYlIl1'NN ix lnorr lllllillllllllll lllun IIl1lll'I'lIIl Quin lln-rv ix an nivln- lol l'Xl'lf om- ol yon. Many of you llalyr mlvllnilr plllIIN ln: Iln- lllllII'l' nm' mv lIIll't'Il2llIl. ll yon vnjoy your yyork, yon will ln' voxxlvlllvml Jllikl, llli'l'K'lUI'i', Nlll'l'l'N5llIl 1.1-1 nnn Illl' Iyln' ol yovamon yon urc l'L'I'lJIlll yon mlm-fm-. ll yon fnnl yonrsm-li nn Noun- hclml an yon Iwi ix llIlNlIll1'Ll, do not lll'Nll2IlC to mulyu :I l'll.lIljLL'. 'l'ln-ru iw ZIlN'SIyN un opunixng ywnlgm yonuchoyy, il yon nu- slutvrrnim-nl. limp in nnml llllll no Inn- onlyidv yon: lilllllly is irnlcu-Nlvcl in yon: IIlIlIl!ll'N. "'I'ln- Nlnm lnnxl go on. .X lIIl'Il1lly zlllilnmlv :nnl ll lolm-lzinl lllHlt'l'NlillILllIIj1 UYl'lAl'UIlll' ll'l'IIIl'IIlllllIN 4lliNlllK'll'N l'a-yy ,woplv IVIIIIIIII l'Ill'IIll4'N yyln-n yon I'l'ZIllX gal to lIllklK'I'Nl1IIIll lllt'llI. Cnooll lfllllllll' annl ll1!IllYllIt'NN Io yon ulll Wm: ll'.I,lI l, I'o1 Ilk Pllllflflfll uf l'u,yfw1w llfffff Mfmul Puff: .Sw-ull C9-he yearbook Staff JANET SPILLAN E, Editor-in-Chief J.s'si.s'tant Literary Editors PHYLLIS CEEARY, CLAIRE PEACH, NANCY LILLYMAN b'u.s'inex.x' and Jdfvertising Jrt john lylorton, Editor joyce Holmberg, Editor lylarjorie McFaul Dorothy Fox Rudolph Narciso Joan Sanford Alberta Kelly Robert Ardrey Guy jodice Gordon Herrick Jean Truax Typing Sports jean Turowski, Editor Kenneth Pillsbury, Editor Alice Brown Donald Thrasher Brenda Liedka Richard Clark Phyllis Colby Bernard Lombardi Angelina Jolly Flora Candela Barbara Hansen , Wallace Smith Louisa Foster Photography James Roach, Editor Dorothy Pomfret John Lynch Walter Cady Sonja Clark Joyce Smith Ann Ruminas Kenneth Turner Mus'ic Marjorie Kay, Editor Diane Hanson Leigh Godfrey Page Eight me XJXQQLQ acuity -JAMES R. LARMN Subjects Taught Gfomrlry, fllyrllru, Triyunumrlry, Solid Gl'll7Il1'll"L', G1'n1'ral lVlatl1vmali1'x Colleges or Schools Attended Tulum' Univrrxily, Unifvvrsily of Jlabama, Unifvrrsity of Colorado, Oklahoma fl G7 M w""Wr 'UB Unokma Momn A Subjects -Taught b lJl'l1'I'l' l:'tluc'afrun, lmluytrml ljtlucallon, llflffllanifal Drafwing Colleges or Schools Attended Fitvhllury State Tl'6lL'lll'l'5, Callvyz' VVINFIELD C. Porrek Principal Subject Taught .J rnrrifan Liislury Colleges or Schools Attended BI'U'LCll Urzifuwsity, Rhode lxlund College uf Education ARNo1,o M. DIXUN Subject Taught Band lnxtruflor Dozus E. SUl.r.1vAN Subjects Taught Shurthamf, Typing, Comnn'r1'ial Lafw, Ujfirr' Training, Cornmrrrial Grugrnphy, l.'un.funmr.v Etllllflllllll Colleges or Schools Attended Salrm Tc'ac'h4'r.r' Collvyz' ..Y-- acuity llIil.l5N Il. LIPNER Subject Taught English Colleges or Schools Attended Slllilll Cullrgr, Buxton Unifvrmily Amen D. HRAWN Subjects Taught I , Lalin, World llixlury, l,'1fuu'.w, Prulllrlns of D:'mur'rary Colleges ur Schools Attended Collrgr' of Lillrral .-'lr!.v, Buxton Uni'vL'r.fily ROBERT A. QHRARDIN Subjects Taught Trazhing of Social Subjzvls Colleges or Schools Attended Kwm' Stair T1'a4'h1'r.r' College, Springjfcld College, Boston Unitvzwity JOHN P. CERTUSE Subjects Taught I'hy.virul Etlumriorz, Boys' Ullllffl, A lg rbra Colleges or Schools Attended Brofwn Unifvcrsily VAHAN j. Avemsum Subjects Taught Grurral Scirnw, Chl'IIllJll'y, Pl1y.rif.r, Biology Colleges or Schools Attended Tufts College, Boslun UIliWL'f5l1y Dxnsx' D. S'1'lut-P Subject Taught Enylixh Colleges or Schools Attended Salvm Tz'ut'hr'rJ' Collryr, Buxton Unifu1'r.rity aculty MARY F. SUl,t,1vAN Subjects Taught English, Fl'l'7ll'!l Colleges or Schools Attended Boston Uniwrxily, Radrliffff, llliddlvbury Ifnfrzfh Svhool Mmm. A. -IENNEY Subjects Taught llv1dl,l1'77lllfll'J', Drufwing Colleges or Schools Attended llyannu Stull' TFHt'lIl'f5, Collvyz Boxlon Uniwmify MARY E. SULLWAN Subjects Taught lio o kA'l'1'pllIg, Gl'7l1'fdl Bu.vinr.u', Typing, World History Colleges or Schools Attended Sulom T1'ar'hz'r.f' College' Bruton Uniqforxity Dokomv N u1.soN Subject Taught l"rt'z'ha11d Drafwing Colleges or Schools Attended Mu.r.rac'hu.sott.r School of Hr! l',x'lRxcm J. KIRBY Subjects Taught U4'llrrul Sr'i1'n4'1', Hutory, l.'i11i4'.v, Groyraphy Colleges or Schools Attended Gorham T1'a1'hrr.r' Cullryr acuity MARY E. S'ro'1'r Subject Taught I'hy,rirnl liduvntion, Girls' Coaflz Colleges or Schools Attended Po.f.r1'-Ni.m'n, Boufvi Srhool of Phyxiral Eduralion, Tufts CHNA Wrirrmiousla, R.N. '1'ruini'ng I f,'hrl.wn Mrmorml llosjntal, Buxton Uni-versity Sfhoul Nurru, Dirvrtur uf Norfolk County llrnlth f1:.ror'ia- tion, Chairman of Saul Sala MARY 'I'. Hxxos llot Lunch Manngrf Subjects Taught Cookzng, Sewing Colleges or Schools Attended I"rorninghnm Stun' T'rarlu'rx' College GRACE BARR Subjects Taught I'urol Muur, Ufl'fll'Jfl'll Colleges or Schools Anemlcml .'lmr'riz'nn Instituto of Normal Mrthods Srhuul for Musir Suju'rfviJor.f at Chicago and Boston Buxton Unifmvzvity, N. Y. Unifvrrsity Bufalu Uniwwily Il1a,v.varhu.u'tt.r Exlrnxiun Clark Uniwnity Stntzr T1'uz'll1'rJ' Coltrgr, Worc1'.vl1'r Stull' Tra1'h1'rJ' Collryr, North :ltlanu TT, 'W' V 1 N' L. X, 1 WT N KX x P' fig! , H' f X 'x CQD3 I ku mf, Q Xj N X M SSX Ir if ,Fixx fag W .iw M Q-:.z7f! fi fmfff j ww Qin WN 'J My C535 K fx 1 X 1 ' S 1, IN 2 XXX' 9- Kg 7 .P f V eyhfef? X N f fi J ' 'Q lf,l X 4 XA9 4 616188 QOQITL The time when friends and classmates part Comes all too soon along the way. With happy thoughts and a joyous heart, We've walked unfearing till this day. We pause, not knowing what the test Of life will bring, or what our mark Will be, the poorest or the best In God's review. We now embark Upon the journey we must take, Not looking back on days we knew, But striding forward. No mistake Must stop us now, in things We do. From this time on, the Way We plod, Depends on conscience, will, and God. C. E. P. Pg6t X X , QXFW fb OV Dtartlrzg another mag Pj llflzt ll Class Class Class Class Qlll'OI' GJCLSS QXECQIXS President: JAMES ROACH lfire-President: GUY JUDICE Secretary: MARY SULLIVAN Treasurer: FLORA CANDELA CLASS COLORS Green and Silver CLASS MOTTO "Our ilzouglztsf our I'Ulllllll'f are our own." CLASS DAY HONORS History: NIARY SU1.1.1vAN Poem: CLAIRE PEACH lsruphecy: JANET SPILLANE Will: NANCY LILLYMAN, KENNETH PILLSBURY Pagr Nimdem ROISICRT ARIJRICY "BOB" General 21 Bird Street Engineering Six feet and one inch - 208 pounds! What's that - a giant in the class? No, it's just our "Bob" - tall, dark, and handsome. Co-cap- taining a very successful year of football was this great tackle's worthiest honor - and a grand job he did, at that! Bob's good-natured- ness and his willingness to help others will surely bring success to one who so greatly deserves it. Football, '43, '44, '45, '46, First Team Letters, '44, '45, '46, Co-cap- tain, '46, Basketball, '46, '47, First Team Letter, '47, Baseball, '45, '46, '47, First Team Letters, '45, '46, '47, Track, '46, '47, Varsity Club, '45, '46, '47, Athletic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47, Glee Club, '43, '44, Social Committees, '43, '44, '45, '46, Prom Committee, '46, Recess Dance, '44, '45, '46, Ring Committee, '46, Year- book Staff - Art, Senior Play Com- mittee, '47, Student Council, '43, '44, '45, '46, Monitor, '44, '45, '46, '47 -- Captain, '47, Junior Red Cross, '43, '44, '45, '46, '47, Senior Reception Committee, '47, l+'RANClS li. BEDARIJ "FRAN" General 83 High Street Radio Technician Science is his field, although he seems to get through his other sub- jects without too much effort. Out- wardly quiet, almost shy, those of us who really knew him would quickly declare this bashfulness to be untrue. Fran is serious by nature, but is the possessor of a keen sense of humor. Honesty and dependabil- ity dominate his personality. Our best wishes to you in the future, Frannie! Glee Club, '43 and '44, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47, Ri JY V. BRACKlC'l"l' "ROY" General Sherman Street College Career Roy is the answer to any maiden's prayer with his handsome build and flashing smile. Noted for his ready laugh and enormous appe- tite, Roy will be remembered long- est for his outstanding ability to "shun" school work. Co-captain Brackett's line plunges talways good for at least five yards? were the object of the entire school dur- ing the football season. Proud owner of a dilapidated jalopy, which is usually filled to capacity, Roy is good-natured and fun-loving. He and Johnny Duarte are inseparable. A joy to know, a pleasure to like - that's our Roy! Football, '43, '44, '45, '46, First Team Letters, '43, '44, '45, '46, C0- captain, '46, Varsity Club, '45, '46, '47, Glee Club, '45, '46, '47, Social Committees, '44, '46, '47, Prom Com- mittee, '46, Monitor, '46, '47, Ath- letic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47, Senior Reception Committee, '46, Basketball, '45. X .-' cf IQMILY li. BRIGGS "EMMIE" Commercial 23 Maple Avenue Secretary Emily is an asset to any gathering with her quick wit and zest for fun. She is interested in music, as proved by her four years in the Glee Club and the time she spent in the Band and Orchestra. As she is the first girl in the senior class to become engaged, we wish her luck in the future. Glee Club, '44, '45, '46, '47, Band. '44, '45, Orchestra, '45, Basketball, '44, '45, Typing Award, '47, Short- hand Award, '47, Yearbook Staff -- Typist, Senior Play - Usher, Ath- letic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47. ALICIC V. BROWN "BLONDIE" Commercial 154 County Street Radio Career Alice has an easy-going disposi- tion, accomplishing things in a shy and modest manner. A lover of music and a capable president of our Glee Club. Alice has a natural, unaffected voice. Her daintiness and charm have made "Blondie" a favorite with us all. Petite and de- mure, she is delightful to know . . . easy to like. Athletic Association, '45, '46, '47, Glee Club, '44, '45, '46, '47, Presi- dent, '47, Yearbook Staff - Typing, Typing Awards, '45, '46, '47, Short- hand Award, '46, '47, Senior Play - Usher, Cafeteria, '46, '47, Junior Red Cross, '44, 45, '46, '47. WALTER R. CADY "WALT" General 18 Leonard Street Gunsmith If you want to become a fast friend of Wa1ter's, just start talking about hunting. Anybody who even owns a gun will vouch for that! Level-headed and dependable, "Walt" is inevitably seen with Archie and Harry. He is also inter- ested in photography, and likes to develop his own pictures. Best of luck, Walt, and may your future be successful. Glee Club, '44, '46, Yearbook Staff - Photography, Senior Play - Scenery, Cafeteria, '47, Monitor, '46, '47, Junior Red Cross, '44,' '45, '46, '47, Athletic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47, Social Committees, '44, '47. Z l+'l,.1 DRA I.. CAN IJICLA "SHORTY" General 170 Cocasset Street Sargent College Think of a small, quick person. Combine this with the right amount of humor, a dash of spirit, and intel- ligence galore. What's the result? - our esteemed class treasurer, Flora. Varsity basketball as left guard has been "Shorty's" main interest. We're sure her warm and loving nature will prove her worthy of all our high expectations. And high they are, for the little "gal" so in need of height! Class Treasurer, '46, '47, Basket- ball, '44, '45, '46, '47, First Team Let- ters. '46, '47, Field Hockey, '47, Var- sity Club, '46, '47, Athletic Associa- tion, '44, '45, '46, '47, Glee Club, '44, '46, Social Committees, '44, '45, '46, '47, Prom Committee, '46, Senior Reception Committee, '472 Recess Dance, '47, Pro Merito Society, '46, '47, Yearbook Staff - Sports, Senior Play - Prompter, Student Council, '45, Office, '47, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47, Magazine Drive Captain, '45. RICHARD L. CLARK "DICK" General 9 Clarlc Street U. S. Navy "Dick" is the lad who brightens many a dull hour by his dry humor - the type who forever has a kind word for everyone - tahemll. His rugged appearance speaks for itself as far as this fine athlete's ability in football goes. A credit to the class of '47 is our Dick - the tall fellow with the low voice. Football, '44, '45, '46, '47, First Team Letters, '45, '46, '47, Basket- ball, '45, Basketball Manager, '47, Baseball Manager, '46, Track, '46, Varsity Club, '46, '47, Athletic Asso- ciation, '44, '45, '46, '47, Social Com- mittee, '44, '45, '46, '47, Prom, '46: Senior Reception Committee, '46, Senior Play, "Dot Varnum", Mon- itor, '47. soma F. CLARK "SUNNIE" General 15 Rocichill Street Nursing A heart-shaped face. emphasized by deep dimples and numerous freckles, make "Sunnie" one of our "cutest" Seniors. As left forward on the girls' varsity, Sonja was a nat- ural at basketball. Adept at all domestic tasks, she especially excels in knitting and cooking - which traits will probably come in handy some day for her "Arthur." Nursing seems to be Sonja's goal - but how to keep a temperature down with a nurse like that! Her untiring patience and lady-like poise will surely bring her success. Basketball, '44, '45, '46, '47, Second Team Captain, '46, First Team Let- ters, '46, '47, Field Hockey, '47, Var- sity Club, '46, '47, Glee Club, '44, '45, '46: Social Committee, '44, Junior Prom, Refreshments. '46, Senior Reception Committee, '46, Yearbook Staff - Photography, Typing Award, Cafeteria, '45, Office, '46, '47, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47, Athletic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47. , A I'llYl,l,lS li. CULISY "PHYL" Commercial 16 Garfield St. Bookkeeper, Typist Natural and unaffected, Phyllis has fair skin, dark hair, and a warm heart. Proving that "Silence is Golden" in her reticent manner, she accomplishes tasks in an efficient, quiet way. She is deeply religious and may, in the future, become a missionary. Gentle and considerate, Phyllis will surely attain success. Glee Club, '44, '45, '46, '47, Year- book Staff - Typing: Typing Award, '46, Senior Play - Usher, Short- hand Award, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47. l'IlJWlN I". CRlCH'l'lJN "ED" General Lakeview Road Left guard on the football team. Eddie was right in there every min- ute tknees, elbows, and feet!! - we're only kidding, Ed. Noted for his fiery spirit and frank manner- isms, this boy is as carefree as they come. His humor, like an arrow, always finds its mark, yet it is never wounding. He is seldom seen with- out his car - even more seldom seen without a full car. Eddie revels in argumentation, and generally succeeds in winning his point. In the same way, we are certain he will win his way in life. Football, '45, '46, '47, Two First Team Letters, Basketball, '44, '45, Track, '46, '47, Varsity Club, '46, '47, Glee Club, '44, Athletic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47, Senior Play - Ad-, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47. .lt JH N A. lJllAR'l'lC "JOHNNY" General Box 200, Mansfield Athletic Director Formerly of the class of '45: We may well be proud of our veteran with his excellent record in the navy. Johnny brings efficiency and enthusiasm to every class and to every activity. Ever making use of his fluent conversational ability, he was often heard offering some surprising opinions on a variety of subjects. Johnny finds humor in every situation, but tests and exams can make him serious. Friends are his for the asking and the keeping. With his modesty and dependability, he knows precisely where he is going, and we are confident that he will reach his destination as an athletic coach. Participated in four major battles in the Pacific: Leyte, Luzon, Lingan Gulf, and Okinawa. Returned to school in '46, '47. Class President, '41, Football. '41, '42, '43, Three First Team Letters, Basketball, '42, '43, '44, Three First Team Letters, Baseball, '42, '43, '44, Three First Team Letters, Varsity Club, '42, '43, '44, Glee Club, '46, '47, Social Committees, '42, '43, '44, Junior Prom, '44, Recess Dances, '43, '44, Ring Committee, '44, Assem- blies, '41, '42, '43, '44, Senior Play - Program and Ticket Chairman, '47, Student Council, Vice-President, '44, Monitor, '42, '43, '44, Z ALLAN B. DVVYER "ALAN" General 12 Howard Ave. Chemist Allan's interest is chemistry. The whiz of the "chem" Class, he always had the rest of us on the run - even at times our esteemed "prof." Good luck in the future, Allan! May your name some day be associated with that of Einstein. Senior Play - Curtain and Lights, Monitor, '45, '46, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47, Senior Play - Pro- gram Committee, '47, LO UISA M. FC JSTICR "SHORTY" Commercial Mechanic St. Typist, Bookkeeper At first impression, Louise seems quiet and reserved, but with further acquaintance, one discovers that be- hind those big, innocent-appearing brown eyes, lies a teasing and mis- chievous personality. Friendly and loyal, she is unpredictable but full of fun. Her leisure time is evenly shared between "Bobby" and a cute little sailor not much bigger than herself. A member of the Glee Club, the world is a gayer place because of her presence. Glee Club, '44, '45, '46, '47, Typing Award, '46g Senior Play - Usher, Cafeteria, '45. DOROTHY L. FOX "DOTTIE" College 12 Garfield Street Nurse Dot - green eyes and naturally wavy, reddish-gold hair! Easily sur- prised, we found to our delight that Dottie blushes readily. Quiet and reserved, she has a soft, low voice. Good music is her greatest love, proved by her unswerving loyalty to the Glee Club and Orchestra lin which she plays the violinl. Peace- ful and sincere, Dot has an even- tempered, likeable disposition. Basketball, '44, Field Hockey, '47, Orchestra, '42, '43, '44, '45, '46, '47, Glee Club, '44, '45, '46, '47g Yearbook Stal?-Drawing, Typing Award, '46, Senior Play - Usher, '47g Junior Red Cross, '47, X liliR'l'RUlJlC A. l"Ul.l,l'lR "GERTIE" General 7 Howard Avenue College Quiet, yet very attractive, "Ger- tie" has a gentle smile and a sunny disposition. Endowed with great vitality and friendliness, she has a flair for clothes and works at Ger- maine's after school. Gertie loves dogs, especially her own "Cupid." Much of her spare time is spent with music and also reading, - that is, except when Charlie's home! A good student, Gertie is a favorite classmate and friend. Glee Club, '44, '45, Recess Dance, '47, Pro Merito Society, '46, '47, Assemblies, '45, '46, French Club. '46, Senior Play - Usher, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47, Memorial Day Services. '45. M PH YLLIS M. GICARY "PHYL" Commercial 6 Pettee Place Teacher Fire and ice her coloring! Acutely color-and-clothes-conscious. "Phyl" is possessed with a gift for poise and sophistication which make her master of any situation. Always one for taking life and its difficulties in stride, she greets each day and its problems fof which she has many, with all her menl, by her sparkling smile. Here's to the girl who cer- tainly will climb the ladder of suc- cess! Glee Club, '44, '45, '46. '47, Basket- ball, '44, Cafeteria, '45, Social Com- mittees, '44, '45, Typing Award, '46, Office Girl. '46, Senior Play - Stage Manager, Yearbook Staff -- Liter- ary Editor, Assembly, '47, Short- hand Award, '47, Athletic Associa- tion, '44, '45, '46, '47, Senior Recep- tion, '46. l,lClGH S. GUIJFRICY "LEO" General South Street Tool Maker His easy manner and nonchalant air are the continual envy of those of less serene temperament. Athlet- ically inclined, "Leo" was especially gifted at football - one of the mainstays of the Blue and Gold line. Congenial Leigh - always ready to agree to the propositions of his com- panions lbe they wise, or other- wisel! May your life be one con- tinual song, carefree and happy as you yourself, Leo! Football, '44, '45, '46, '47, Two First Team Letters, Baseball, '47, Track, '46, Varsity Club, '47, Band, '46, '47, Glee Club, '45, '47: Senior Play, "Nancy", Monitor, '47, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47, Athletic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47, Prom Committee, '46, Memorial Day Services, '46, Senior Reception Com- mittee. Z NANCYIKGUNRUD "NANCY" Commercial 121 Summe'r Street Secretary Nan is our proof positive of the truth of the proverb concerning small packages. Generally doing things on the spur of the moment, she inevitably finds in them the en- joyment born of the unexpected and the unplanned. She and Angie Jolly have been friends all through high school and are constantly seen together. She hopes to become a secretary and we all wish her luck. Fun-loving, entertaining, and re- freshing - that's Nan! Glee Club, '44, '45, Typing Award, '46, Senior Play - Usher, Cafeteria, '44, '45, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47, Athletic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47. BARBARAj.HANShN "BARB" Commercial Colonial Court Apts. Secretary Barb is frank and outspoken, with a happy-go-lucky air. She may be seen working at the local theatre where she is an usherette, and she may usually be heard snapping her gum. Barb, who has a keen sense of humor, has as Well a mania for speaking up at the most unusual if not the most unexpected mo- ments. We hear that her heart is in Korea. Is that right, Barb? Full of fun, but having an equally enjoy- able serious side, we wish Barb the best that life has to offer - partic- ularly "Norm"! Basketball, '45g Field Hockey, '47, Glee Club, '44, '45, '46, '47g Social Committees, '45, '46g Yearbook Staff -Typingg Senior Play - Usher, Athletic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47. , ,f lx. Xt x iff qs!! X ' . X. it, ,-,t , ,.,. A ,X V '45 qw? - , V. , v9"'2 . .af .. 2-'3:"f-7. A .' ',4,2 lHANhj.HANSUN "DIDI" General 167 South Street Journalism Diane and music! Each a reminder of the other! Her skill at playing the violin casts a spell over her listeners. "Didi" is also very good at writing and can't decide whether she wants to be a musician or a journalist. Diane's sense of humor can be counted on to carry her through any situation, and her care- free attitude has won for her a host of friends. An extremely smooth dancer, her ability on the dance floor is unsurpassed by any of her classmates. Energetic, vivacious, popular ..... Diane! Athletic Association, '44, '45, '46. '47, Orchestra, '44, '45, '46, '47, Glee Club, '44, '47, Social Committee, '46g Prom Committee, '46g Senior Recep- tion Committee, '46, Recess Dance Committee, '45, '46g Assemblies, '44, '45, '46, '47, Yearbook Staff- Music: Senior Play - Usherg Office, '45, '46, '47, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47. tit Jlillt JN I". HICRRICK "BLONDIE" General 'I'runs,lerrcd front Coe-Brown Academy Northwood, N.H. College Every class boasts one! One what. you ask? One Gordon - the name dc-noting comedy at its best. The comic of the school. Gordon's rare gift for wit is in evidence from the first bell to the last. But he, too. has his serious moments. Gordon has a definite and marked ability in the field of art. To one of the best. we say - all of the best! Football Manager, '47, Track. '46, Athletic Association. '47, Glee Club. '47: Social Committees, '46, '47: Prom Committee. '46, Senior Recep- tion, '46, Assemblies, '47, Yearbook Staff -- Art: Senior Play Commit- tee - Advertising, Senior Play - Helen Lyons: Junior Red Cross, '46. '47, Recess Dance Committee, '47, Magazine Drive. .IUYCIC N. HUl,MIil'lRCl "PUDDLES" Comm'cial 3 Pond Ave. Merchandizing, Styling Joyce could easily be a Power's model with her tall, well-propor- tioned build, clear skin, and her great affinity for clothes. Always neat and unruffled, she is the best- dressed girl in the class. A top-rate commercial student, Joyce is also artistically inclined. She is an ex- cellent roller-skater and may, in the future, make her career, profes- sional skating. Soft-spoken Joyce is an asset to any group. Class Secretary, '44, '46, Tennis Tournament, Glee Club, '44, Social Committees, '44, '45, Recess Dance, '47, Pro Merito Society, '47, Year- book Staff -- Art Editor, Typing Award, Shorthand Award, Senior Play - Usher, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47, Graduation Usher, '44. '45. GUY I". .IUIJICIC "GUY" General Spring Street U. S. Navy If asked to choose a typical senior boy, we think our Guy would be the answer. His personality and friendliness to all account for his outstanding popularity. Halfback on the gridiron, vice-president of his class, and president of a very suc- cessful Athletic Association were only several of the many offices Guy received - and carried out with his usual ability. , Class Vice-president, '46, '47, Foot- ball, '46, '47, Two First Team Let- ters, Track, '46, '47, Varsity Club. '46, '47, Athletic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47 -- President, '47, Glee Club. '46, Monitor, '46, '47, Yearbook Staff - Advertising, Senior Play - Ad- vertising, Social Committees, '45, '46, '47, Prom Committee, '46, Senior Reception Committee. '46, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47, Recess Dance, '46, '47. ' Z V ANGICLINA -I. JOLLY "ANGIE" Commercial Community Way Secretary True to her name, Angie is out- standingly the "jovial" type. Small and rosy-cheeked, witty, daring and impetuous are words that suit this classmate to the last degree. She is the typical friend. Though she may have troubles of her own, Angie's always more than willing to give consolation to anyone who seems to need it. A great amount of school spirit is evident in this little gal's mind -- especially when she cheered for the football team. tWe wonder if, maybe, Dick Clark had anything to do with her enthusi- asmll Even-tempered Angie will be greatly missed by each and all of us. Basketball, '44, '45, Glee Club, '44, '45, '46, Social Committees, '44, '45, Yearbook Staff -- Typist, Typing Awards, Senior Play - Usher? Cafeteria, '44, '45, Office, ,463 Jl1Hi01' Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47, Athletic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47. MARJURIIC L. KAY "MIDGIE" General 23 Leonard Street Nursing Sincere, understanding and care- free "Midgie." She loves Foxboro High and is always doing something to benefit our class. A member of the Pro Merito Society, Midgie proved to be an energetic and con- scientious student. Midgie likes to sew and knit, and makes many of her own clothes. Her lifelong am- bition is to become a nurse, and with her patience and earnestness, we are sure that she will reach her goal. Student Council, '44, Varsity Club, '46, Cheerleader, '45, '46, Pro Merito Society, Athletic Associa- tion, '44, '45, '46, '47, Glee Club, '44, Social Committees, '45, '46, Senior Reception, '46, Ring Committee, '45, Assembly, '46, Yearbook Staff - Music Editor, Senior Play, "Donald Mayberry", Junior Red Cross, Typ- ing Award. ALl5l11R'l'A A. KICLLY "SPEED" General 48 Main Street College Kelly! When you hear that name, with what do you immediately asso- ciate it? That's right - the Irish at their best plus laziness personified. Center guard of the girls' varsity, with that righting spirit and deter- mination for which she is known, Alberta excelled in basketball. Who's that, sleeping in the middle of class? - Miss Kelly, herself! We know she'll be successful in all her undertakings, and probably under her famed title of "Sleepy Time Gal." Basketball, '45, '46, '47, Two First Team Letters, Field Hockey, '47, Glee Club, '44, '45, '46, '47, Social Committees, '45, '46, '47, Prom Com- mittee, '46, Senior Reception Com- mittee, '46, Yearbook Staff - Ad- vertising, Senior Play - Properties, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47, Magazine Drive Captain, '46, Recess Dance Committees, '46, '47, Athletic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47, 0' X. ff X S, C t 'Y v , a ' I . ' we 2 J ' , , , Q ,ff XX ,, r 4' MARY l,. LANIJRY "MARY LOU" Commercial 180 Main Street Hairdresser Mary is one of Lakeview's finest! Her sense of humor is in evidence on every occasion. Her main inter- est outside of school seems to be 1 we'll say it in a subtle way! horse- racing. Could Furlongs have any- thing to do with her interest? Mary hopes to be a hairdresser, and her originality in hair styling is proof enough that she will be a success. Glee Club, '44, '45, '46, '47: Typ- ing Awards, '46, '47, Senior Play - Usher, Social Committees, '44, '45, '46, '47, Athletic Association, '47, Junior Red Cross, '47. ISRICNIJA li. l,llilJliA "BARDY" Commercial Mechanic St. Physical Ed. Teacher Brenda is one of those girls you can always count on for a laugh. Her great wit, in combination with her striking good looks made her one of the most popular in the class. A cheerleader and a member of the girls' basketball, Bren's interests are many, but she has an especially warm place in her big heart for a certain "Sonny." Basketball, '44, '45, '46, '47g Cheer- leader, '46, '47, Field Hockey, '46, '47g Orchestra, '42, '43, '44, '45, Social Committee, '44, '45, '46, '4'7g Prom Committee, '46, Recess Dance, '47, Assembly, '44, Yearbook Staff - Typingg Senior Play - Properties and Costumesg Typing Award, '46, '47g Cafeteria, '44, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47. NANCY A. LILLYMAN "NAN" College 24 Gilmore Street Child Psychiatrist As leading "man" in the Senior Play, "Nan" delighted everyone with her excellent portrayal of Henry. Her many interests include basketball and dancing, but she is especially recognized for her cap- able duties as president' of our Youth Canteen - and her ability to make things "click." Not to be omitted, her greatest interest is - of course - a man. Which one, we dare not say, because of "Nan's" adeptness at changing her mind. Her great love for children and her outstanding ability to get along with others will surely bring her success in the field of child psychology. Basketball, '44, '45, '46, '47g Field Hockey, '47, Varsity Club, '46, '47g Glee Club, '44, '47, Senior Reception Committee, '46, Assembly, '46g Year- book Staff - Literary Editorg Class Willg Senior Play - Henry Warren, Representative Girls' State, '46, Ju- nior Red Cross, '47, Canteen Repre- sentative, "President," Z X BERNARD C. LUMBARDI "LUMPY" General Cross Strect Airplane Mechanic "Lumpy" is everybody's pal. A flash of his warm smile quickly puts us all into a good humor. An ardent sports enthusiast, Lumpy played them all with everything he had - which, we think, was a great deal. If you care to risk your life by riding in - or ON - his jalopy, Lumpy's willing. Let's just leave it by saying that Lumpy is a grand person to know, and one we'll al- ways remember. Football, '43, '44, '45, '46, Basket- ball, '45, '46, '47, Baseball, '44, '45, '46, '47, Varsity Club, '47, Athletic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47, Glee Club, '44, '46, '47, Senior Reception, '46, Junior Prom, '46, Yearbook Staff - Sports, Assembly, '45, Re- cess Dance Committee, '47, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47. -MQ .3 JOHN F. LYNCH "CURLY" General 14 West Leonard St. Electrician Johnny doesn't need a shamrock in his lapel to let you know he's Irish. His ready smile, quick laugh, and twinkling blue eyes are proof positive! Johnny's curly hair is the cause for a great deal of "ribbing" - land envy!J on the part of his classmates. Full of fun, no gather- ing is complete without his pres- ence. We wonder what interests him so much down in Lakeview . . . or is that a secret, Johnny? We'l1 miss you, Johnny - but then again, so will Mary! Orchestra, '44, '45, Glee Club, '44, '45, '46, '47, Athletic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47, Prom Committee, '46, Senior Reception Committee, '46, Recess Dance Committee, '45, '47, Ring Committee, '46, Senior Play Committee, Senior Play - Jane, Yearbook Staff - Photog- raphy, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47, Typing Award, '46, MARJORIIC 'l'. MQFAUI. "MARGIE" Comm'cial 25 Gilmore Street Receptionist Margie has a striking appearance at all times with her dark curly hair and big brown eyes. After school, she is an efficient worker at the First National Bank. Always full of fun, Margie is included in all social gatherings. Her gay giggle identifies her anywhere, and her pet expression - "I guess you know!" makes the identification complete. She likes to knit, dance and play tennis talong with hiding her boy friend from too admiring eyes!J Her sincere personality has won for her a host of friends. Field Hockey, '46, Glee Club, '44, '45, '46, '47, Social Committee, '46, Senior Reception, '46, Yearbook Staff -- Business, Typing Award, '45, '46, '47, Senior Play -- Usher, Cafeteria, '44, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47, Magazine Drive Cap- tain, '46, Athletic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47, .1 A 4 ,... X I Z 2 A X4 ff , it ag. 1 V ' . I Qfff xl l X '22, A 14'-X ff . -V -7 'lflh ' A X L szfff' 1 Y f- , ff ,X 4, figs If .Il MIN l". IXIURTUN Rl?lIUl,l'l-l -I. NARCISU "MIKE" General "RUDY" Comm'cial 109 Cocasset Street . Navy Career A witty remark and a sharp re- tort identify John on any occasion. His comical antics and energetic ways have placed him at the top of our list. He loves music, is a won- derful dancer and a great "jitter- bugger."Always the life of the par- ty, John amuses all of us by his inimitable imitations. Talented in dramatics. his portrayal of "Mrs. Lyons" in the Senior Play kept the audience shaking with mirth. If he reached for a star, he'd find it - that's how sure we are of this lad's success. Track, '46, Athletic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47, Glee Club, '44, '45, '46, '47, Prom Committee, '46, Senior Reception Committee, '46, Recess Dance, '44, '45, '46, Ring Committee, '46, Assembly, '44, Yearbook Staff - Business Manager, Senior Play, "Mrs, Lyons", Representative to Boys' State, '46, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47, Magazine Drive Cap- tain, '44, '45. Spring Street Public Accountant Rudy - the Best-Natured fellow in our class! Loved by all who know him. people are continually calling, "Rudy, - laugh!" The reason be- hind this is that his genuine, hearty laugh is definitely catching. Always on the go, Rudy is included in all school affairs. Blessed with a beauti- ful voice, he is often heard singing snatches of his favorite songs dur- ing classes. Capable president of the Student Council, Rudy is always de- pendable - always welcome! Vice-president, '44, Track, '46, '47, Glee Club, '44, '45, '46, '47 - Vice- president, '47, Social Committees, '45, '46, '47, Publicity Committee, Faculty Production, Senior Recep- tion, '46, Recess Dance, '46, '47, As- semblies, '44, '46, '47, Yearbook Staff - Business and Advertising, Words to Class Song, '47, Senior Play, "Barb", Shorthand and Typing Awards, Student Council, '45, '46, '47 - Vice-president, '46, President, '47, Representative at Boys' State, '46, Monitor, '44, '45, '46, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47. CLAIRE IC. PEACH "PEACHES" General Central Street Teaching Dark eyes, expressive eyebrows - indicative of Claire's alert mind! Speaking in bursts of enthusiasm and in tones of earnestness, she never fails to express exactly what she thinks. As manager of the girls' basketball team, she proved her- self a diligent and untiring worker. Dependability, with her, is a virtue. Deeply sensitive, with a keen sense of justice, Claire is an enthusiastic, indispensable companion and class- mate. Basketball Manager, '46, '47, Field Hockey, '47, Varsity Club, '46, '47, Athletic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47, Orchestra, '44, '45, Glee Club, '44, '45, '47, Prom Committee, '46, Social Committee, '44, '45, '46, '47, Senior Reception, '47, Pro Merito Society, Assembly, '47, Yearbook Staff, Lit- erary Editor, Class Poem, Senior Play - Lyman Bosworth, Repre- sentative to Girls' State, '46, Office, '46, '47, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47. KICNNICTH VV. PILLSBURY "PILL" General 1377 North Street, Walpole Electrical Engineering A conscientious student and class- mate, dependability is the word which suits Ken to a "T," As presi- dent of the Pro Merito Society, he proved worthy of all our expecta- tions. Walpole girls seem to keep him busy, although we've found that the Foxboro gals are right in there pitching! And who can blame us, - Kenny's wavy hair and big brown eyes are only two of his more admirable qualities. He adds spice to any occasion with his sense of humor known for its subtlety. To a favorite of all, here's wishing you the best life has to offer! Baseball - Manager, '46, Track, '46, '47, Varsity Club, '46, Athletic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47, Band, '44, '45, '46, '47, Orchestra, '45, So- cial Committees, '44, '45, Prom Com- mittee, '46, Senior Reception, '46, Recess Dance, '47, Pro Merito So- ciety - President, Assemblies, '45, '47, Yearbook Staff - Editor of Sports, Class Will, Senior Play - Lorraine Joyce, French Club, '46, Student Council, '44, Monitor, '47, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47, Memorial Day Services, '45, DOROTHY li. POMFRICT "DOTTIE" Comm'cial 24 Sherman Street Law Stenographer Dot is a student interested main- ly in commercial subjects, excelling in shorthand and typing. With clothes galore and pretty blue eyes, Dot is attractive and fun-loving. A certain place in her life is reserved for "Spike," Dottie loves animals of any kind and any description. We found Dorothy a fine scholar and a true friend. Glee Club, '44, '45, '47, Yearbook Staff - Photography, Senior Play - Usher, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47, Athletic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47. HARRY R. REA, JR. "HARRY" General 69 Central Street Engineering Here's a lad who likes to putter around with anything that is out-of- order. At heart, Harry is really an inventor. Football is his favorite sport, but hunting gives him his greatest pleasure. The inseparable two of the Senior class are Harry and his buddy, Archie. His bright red shirt can be seen from any corner of the school building, and he is continually hearing the re- marks of his classmates on the sub- ject of "Angie" Good luck in the future, Harry! Football, '45, '46, Baseball, '45, '47, Glee Club, '44, '46, Social Commit- tees, '45, '46, Prom Committee, '46, Senior Play - Scenery, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47, Athletic As- sociation, '44, '45, '46, '47. L ffzf- ii? Ax ,fx X k QIAMIQS l,. RUACH "JIMMY" General Liberty Place Center on the football squad. Jim- my's quick thinking succeeded in getting the Blue and Gold eleven out of many a tight spot. It seems that intercepting passes was his specialty. Jimmy proved himself to be a capable and dependable class president, with his nonchalant. off- hand manner of conducting class meetings. As far as Jimmy is con- cerned. "All Roads Lead to Wren- tham!" - explainable by his con- stant company with a certain pert ldid someone say Curt?l Junior miss. Good luck to you in the future. James Lawrence! Class President, '46, '47g Football. '44, '45, '46. '47g Three First Team Letters: Baseball, '46, '47g Basket- ball, Assistant Manager, '47g Varsity Club. '45, '46, '47g Glee Club, '44g Prom Committee, '46g Senior Recep- tion Committee, '46g Social Com- mittees, '46, '47g Recess Dance, '47: Assembly, '46, Athletic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47 - Vice-president, '471 Student Council, '47 - Vice- president: Yearbook Staff, Editor of Photography, Monitor, '46, '47: Sen- ior Play, Advertising: Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47. ANN M. RUMINAS "ANN" General 46 Baker Street Nursing Ann is one of the talented in the class in certain respects - especi- ally when it comes to staying out of school three days out of every five! Her joking and impetuous nature have filled a spot in the class which would have been incomplete with- out her. To a "gal", with lots of vim, vigor. and vitality, we wish you all the luck and success the world has to offer. Glee Club, '43, '44g Yearbook Staff, Photography: Senior Play - Usher: Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47g Athletic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47g Senior Reception Com- mittee, '46. ,tom I-1. sfxxroko "J O" Commercial Cross Street Secretary Joan is a pretty, dark-eyed miss whose skill in dancing can scarce- ly be surpassed. She has a sweet personality and an easy-going dis- position. As a typist she is excel- lent. Her boyfriend from Concord keeps her very busy over the week- end. Good nature and willingness make her an ideal companion for play time or work hours. Brown- eyed. fun-loving Joan is easy to know - hard to forget. Glee Club, '44, '45, '46. '47g Year- book Staff - Artg Cafeteria, '46g Office, '47g Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47. JOHN A. SHAHABIAN "ARCHIE" General 14 Park Avenue Pro Football The most natural athlete in the Senior Class, "Archie" excelled in each and every sport. We were all dismayed when Archie was injur- ed during the football season. How could we forget his broken field running and surprise touchdowns? His one-armed fake shots in bas- ketball and his excellent pitching for the baseball team, establish his record as one of the best athletes F. H. S. has ever produced. To a born sports-lover, we wish Archie success in all his undertakings. Student Council, '43, Football, '45, '46, '47, Two First Team Letters, '46, '47, Basketball, '45, '46, '47, Base- ball, '46, '47, Track, '46, '47, Varsity Club, '47, Social Committee, '45, '46, Prom Committee, 46, Senior Play -- Scenery, Junior Red Cross, '46, '47 JOYCE F. SMlTH "JOY" Commercial 11 Maple Avenue Bookkeeper and Typist Joyce is proof enough that size has nothing to do with intellect. Her main interest is in the commercial field. Anyone that belongs to the Junior Achievement Dramateens will vouch for the fact that Joyce has a head for business. She is ex- tremely interested in photography, and her best friend through high school has been Dorothy Pomfret. Good luck in the future, Joyce! Drum Majorette, '47, Glee Club, '44, '45, '46, Yearbook Staff -- Photography Committee, '47, Senior Play - Usher, '47, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47. XVALLACE L. SMITH "WALLY" General 10 Park Avenue Coaching "Wally" is one of our top athletes. Captaining the basketball team was his biggest - and best - under- taking. Rumors tell that Wally has a certain blonde interest down in Florida, but "Rumors are Lying." Anyway, to one of the best sports ever known, here's wishing you the best - in everything! I ! Football, '46, '47, Basketball, '44, '45, '46 - Captain '47, Baseball, '45, '46, '47, Varsity Club, '46, '47, Ten- nis Tournament, '45, Yearbook Staff - Sports, Senior Play, "Vera Bailey", Monitor, '45, '46, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47, Athletic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47. B if' A4 1' ,A ,5, . f r A+ -4' Q 4 4 , ,Q ,X , 77- ' 'J N , Q' val ' .1 -Q " 'X ,lANl'l'l' ll. Sl'll,l,ANl'I "JAN" General 14 Bradford Street Journalism As captain of the cheerleaders and basketball team, "Jan" established herself as a born athlete. Firm in her beliefs, she can frequently be found upholding dear old Ireland. Jan's two greatest loves are rain and elevators - her pet hate, in- sincerity in others. Versatile, cap- able, and intelligent, Jan is a natu- ral leader. Although boys seem to be interested in her, Jan usually limits herself to one special "Guy," Destined to be a journalist, she is sure to be successful with her skill in writing. Basketball, '44, '45, '46, '47, Three Captain, '47, First Team Letters, Cheerleader, '46, '47, Captain, '47, Field Hockey, '47 - First Team Letter, Varsity Club, '46, '47, Ten- nis Tournament, '44, Athletic As- sociation, '44, '45, '46, '47, Glee Club, '44, '45, '46, Social Committees, '44, '45, '46, '47, Prom Committee, '46, Senior Reception Committee, '46, School Correspondent, '47, Pro Merito Society, Assembly, '44, Year- book Stafl' - Editor-in-Chief, Class Prophecy, '47, Senior Play, Adver- tising, Senior Play, Lloyd Maxom, French Club, '46, Typing Award, '46, Magazine Drive - Publicity, Junior Red Cross, Recess Dance, '47. MARY li. SULLIVAN "MARY" College 20 Garfield Street Mary is one of those rare combin- ations of brains and beauty. For the past two years, she has served as our class secretary, as well as the secretary of the Pro Merito Society. Mary can always be depended upon to do anything for our class. Much of her time is taken up by a certain boy named "Pete," Sincere, loyal, and clever, Mary is easily the first lady of our class. Class Secretary, '46, '47, Basket- ball - Assistant Manager, '45, Field Hockey, '47, Varsity Club, '47, Ath- letic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47 - Treasurer, '47, Tennis Tournament, '44, Glee Club, '44, Social Commit- tees, '45, '47, Prom Committee, '46, Senior Reception, '46, Recess Dance, '46, '47, Pro Merito Society, '46, '47 1 Secretary-Treasurer, '47, Class History, Senior Play Committee, Senior Play - Robert Grant, Wom- an's Club Membership Award, '46, '47, American Legion Civics Medal, '46, Office Girl, '47, D.A.R. Repre- sentative, Ring Committee, French Club, '46, Junior Red Cross. ' -Ill ZH Ui DNALIJ gl. 'l'H RASH ER "DONNY" General 252 Central Street Athletic Coach An authority on sports. Donnie's specialty is baseball - which team he captained this year. As "Lilly- bud," the colored maid of the class play, Donnie's great ability at im- personations was brought forth - much to the audience's delight! Given to his serious moments, though usually on hand with a joke and a smile, Donny is a lover of music - as well as the lover of a certain "Gerry." If Donnie's choice in girls proves anything, his choice in careers certainly ought to take him places - we hope! Football, '45, '46, Manager, '47, Basketball, '45, '47, Manager, '46, Baseball, '44, '45, '46, '47, Four First Team Letters, Captain, '47, Varsity Club, '45, '46, '47, Band, '44, '45, '46, '47, Glee Club, '47, Assembly, '47, Yearbook Staff- Sports, Senior Play - Advertising, Senior Play - Lillybud, Canteen Representative, '47, Representative at Boys' State, '46, Playground, '47, Junior Red Cross, Athletic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47. Z -IICANNIQ M. TRUAX "JEANNIE" Comm'cial 6 Pond Avenue Dainty and petite Jeanne has dancing brown eyes and a flashing smile. She is conscientious and ef- ficient, but at the same time is pos- sessed with a witty and mischievous nature. Noted for her hand-knitted sweaters and beautiful loafers, she is invariably seen with Joyce. Her main outside interest is "Arthur" - which is quite understandable. Small, sophisticated and completely feminine. her personality, as well as her face, radiates beauty. Class Treasurer, '44, '45, Basket- ball, '44, '45, Tennis, '44, Glee Club, '44, Social Committee, '44, '45, '46, Senior Reception, '44, Recess Dance Committee, '47, Pro Merito, '46, '47, Assembly, '44, Yearbook Staff - Art, Typing, '45, '46, '47, Canteen Representative, '45, Usher Gradua- tion, '44, '45. KEN N ETH j. TU RN ICR "TURNER" General 10 Pleasant Street Army Career His good humor and crisp man- ner of speech have won for him many friends. An extremely con- scientious student, Kenny really earned his good marks and his Pro Merito award. Kenny is particu- larly noted for his grotesque spell- ing - and when we say grotesque, we mean exactly that. He loves history, and some day, Kenny hopes to see the world. As a career he has chosen the Army, and we all wish him well in his endeavors. Athletic Association, '44, '45, '46, '47, Prom, '46, Glee Club, '45, Recess Dance, '47, Pro Merito, '46, '47, Yearbook Staff - Photography, Senior Play - Program Committee, Cafeteria, '46, Monitor, '46, '47, Ju- nior Red Cross, '47. -IICAN lXl.'l'UROWSKl "GENYA" Commercial 164 South St. Typist, Bookkeeper Our Polish "Genya" is a friendly girl with a Wonderful sense of humor, An ardent movie fan, Jean particularly loves Van Johnson and Frankie. A top commercial student, Jean is the kind of person who can be trusted through and through. Much of her time is devoted to Ju- nior Achievement where she serves as secretary. Her good nature has made her beloved by all her class- mates. Basketball, '47, Typing Award, '46, '47, Glee Club, '44, '45, '46, '47, Assembly, '47, Yearbook Staff - Typing Editor, Senior Play - Mr. Lyons, Cafeteria, '44, '45, '46, '47, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, '47, Junior Prom Committee, '46, ,,. ,At , ' 'R ,f , K , Eg ' xx ,v' .4-,p ef ,,,,qQ ! ISRUCIC li. WIQBICR "BRUCE" General Walpole lun, Walpole, N.H. Social Service Although Bruce comes at the end of the alphabet, he comes at the be- ginning of our popularity list. Tall, I. Louisa lfoster Z. Wallace Smith 3. joyce Smith 4. james Roach 5. Dorothy I'onitret li. Robert Ardrey 7. Phyllis Colby 8. Alberta Kelly U. Mary Sullivan Ill. Harry Rea I I. Brenda Liedka IZ. ,Ioyce Hohnberg I3. -loan Sanford I4. Bruce Weber I5. lllary Landry giey to Babies' ,V X 1 .SR Q X , , M u X , A - T r I , K ' 4 .2 W if f . Q nh vm n A fy .1 . W , iw' ,XX N m blond, and handsome is a perfect description of Bruce. He excels at tennis and skiing and drives a long, shiny car, which is usually filled with his friends lpreferably girlsl. In February, he moved to New Hampshire and is attending Keene High School. He is missed by all his classmates, especially Phyllis Geary. I6. Ann Runiinas 17. john Shahabian 18. Marjorie Kay 19. Gordon Herrick 20. Nancy Lillynian ZI. Walter Cady 22. Guy jodice 23. Kenneth Pillsbury .Z-Ir. Dorothy Fox ZS. Kenneth Turner lb. Flora Candela 27. Donald 'l'hrasher 28. Sonja Clark 29. john Lynch 50. Roy Brackett Pugr igoictures Class President, '44, Vice-presi- dent, '45, Glee Club, '44, '45, '46, Junior Prom Committee, '46, Social Committees, '44, '45, '46, Senior Play - Business and Advertising, Senior Play - Sophia Thayer, Athletic Association, '44, '45, '46, Recess Dances, '44, '46, Junior Red Cross, '44, '45, '46, Magazine Drive, '44, Senior Reception Committee. liniily Briggs Richard Clark Leigh Godfrey janet Spillane ,lean 'l'urowski -lean 'l'ruax Barbara Hansen Allan Dwyer Claire Peach Gertrude Fuller Phyllis Geary John lllorton Diane Hanson lVIarjorie Nlclfaul M. .S . ,J '-u. J' 1' Q ' U X' 1 -imlfi F . ... .f 5' A v if 'Q k ' W V 'sus ,M ,, . lk Q4 1' I A F g , if ,M .,5- .Q an :- S vi 7 if i .. IZ, . Q 32 f ffm - -4 2 he A 42 'N 'Jar ' 43E L' gawk: M' i v I Y ,. ,' ju if Q X .vm .14 '7f1 w:2e? ,Doi-2 vb-ff' Cb rs Kc f "'7'?LQ ff? Svacmgzn ff ,-4 75f1feA'g,, 6,S6f QSM wir? 3w7Lf4ffffj5ff26- mf 44.9413 V K 7--A -......M,TM,:-:4 AAA, K M-A MIM' , N 5 2 f . ..,...-asa...-..............,. Wh? . l'!7'6,7!-I .f4f"0, Uf5"ff5!Cf7.,lf 'fjzlsseef ff. jyegf Z?,f,' 0 ' 1a57'0fVf76f0D5 'W 69-fffffff 4 -.g ' G ass History Some words to the wise should suffice. So take heed all you undergradsl We're about to hand out some advice 'Bout the honors and failures we've had. Our troubles in High were a few - For learning we did what we must. But we kept our perspective in view, Our goal - graduation or bust. We'll take you along on our way And remark on events of each year. Don't be shocked at the things that we sayl We're really not being sincere. ln September, the year forty-three, We marched on the Richards and Brawn. We chose Jeanne, Joyce, Bruce, and Rudy -- No colors, no money, no song. We put on a dance one April night And waited for throngs at the door. They came by the dozens, all right, But our profit - just one dollar four! No worry for us on finance - Said we'd make plenty another year. We did not suspect that each dance Would leave us in red 'stead of clear. Our next teachers were Yukna and Goody Who had far more than a job to do. Our officers - Bob, Bruce, Joyce and Jeanne, Capable leaders, and good friends too. Page For The Sophomore dance was a social success. The hall it was wreathed in Christmas pine For profit - you're wise, you can guess - We lost six dollars and thought it finel Our third year at last we were sold When the question of rings came around The boys favored onyx and gold, So for once the girls had to give ground. The junior Social at Christmas time Was the event of the holiday season. Of course the refreshments were sublime. just two people passed out Without reason' The date for our grand promenade Was just around the corner. For weeks ahead we worked and slavedg Studies and books were "agonner." e When that night so fateful fell due, The hall was completely sold. Balloons, streamers, and roses too And forty-sevens in sparkling gold. Thus we ended our long junior year And went off for two-months vacation. The day we'd waited for soon drew near. We'd reached our Senior destination! With our hopes up high last September VVe started on that last long mile. We've had times we'll always remember, Some with a tear and some with a smile. t y-lfwu "Missus" Lipner and Sullivan now were Rather burdened to be more correct, With the task of bringing success To a class considered a wreck. The Senior dance was an old barn hop VVith a bit of Hallowe'en thrown in. Everyone danced 'til ready to drop And the noise makers created a din. The officers we selected this time Were the same as the year before - jim, Guy, Mary, and Flora were in line In bringing us from out debtor's door. . 3, .1 For the play we chose a comedy Entitled "Woe-man of Fifteen". Whether it will go down in history As a tragedy remains to be seen! blessed, We've published the annual year book Which truly's the best one yet. You'll like it, I know, but say look, For three dollars what'd'ya expect? We've finished our story, we're done. It's time we made up our minds now. Don't you think we've had our share of fun? I'll say! you're darn tootin'! and how! M. E. S Y Page Forty-tlzrft' G CISS HPI time is 1957. The place is one which we have all looked forward to, yet at the same time, dreaded-the Future. The Iiventl Oh, yes, the event-well, it seems that Janet Spillane, prize reporter on the Iiast Overshoe Gazette, is about to lose another job-unless- unless she can write a decent feature story by the following day. "O, K. Boss-you asked for it. For after racking my brains for an exclusive theme, I've decided to look up all the old class of '-l-7, and write my story on what has taken place in their lives in the past ten years." Gee! I wonder what all the Plaids" have been doing. Well, here I am, back in the old town. Guess I'll look up Alberta Kelly first and see how she's been making out. I see shc's at home and-yes, you guessed it! Alberta is still taking it easy-sprawled over a chair and dressed in her usual attire-dungarees, and her father's shirt. She doesn't even notice me at first-she's day-dreaming. I wonder if john Peter is still to blame for that far-away look in her eyes. Alberta informs me that Nancy Lillyman is now working for a wood-cutting concern in West Mansfield. She now has "saw-dust" in her eyes instead of "Star Dust." I also learn that Claire Peach, the Queen of our class, is now head cheerleader at Notre Dame. We always said her great love and devotion to the Irish would bring her luck. I'Opll.8Cy I think I'll go uptown and look around for some of 1ny other classmates. The first person I bump into is Jeannie Turowski, wl1o's now secretary to the mayor of Foxboro--Leigh Godfrey. Jean tells me that His Honor was elected because he managed to kiss all the right babies. Oh, to be eighteen again! As I continue on my way, I meet Roy Brackett, who is still working his way through W'eIlesley. Roy asks me to lunch, his next remark being-"Nothing over a quarter." Times havenlt changed, have they, Roy? In the now famous "Juke Box," we battle our way to a booth, and soon the headwaiter approaches- none other than Eddie "Car-Wrecker" Crichton, who is so glad to see Roy and me that he starts to sing. For some unknown reason, I find I've lost my two-bit appetite Qno reflection on your voice, Ifddiel so I again move on. But on my way out, I see another familiar face behind the counter. I guess Donnie Thrasher got kind of tired of being thrown out of the juke Box, so he broke his piggy bank and bought the business. f'Where there's a will, there's a way!" Wl1o's that, walking down the street? Ann Ruminasl Ann's working for the Imperial Vacuum Cleaner Company--she always was a great one for picking up the dirt. Ann tells me that Kenny Pillsbury is a famous radio actor--starring on the "It Pays to Be Ignor- ant" program. Experience ulwrlys lands a man a good job, I always say. Page Forty-four lt seems that jimmy Roach finally mar- ried Curt. They must be very happy-they're both so in love-with her. And limily Briggs is still going to a secre- tarial school. lt seems they wanted the "Palmer" method of penmanship, not the "farmer." Walter Cady, Archie Shahabian, and Harry Rea have now officially organized the well-known society "Women-Haters of America." They're still try ing to get the great chemist, Allan Dwyer, to join, but Ann says that Allan is more interested in his latest H202 Qperoxidej experiment from North Attleboro. And they say the age of miracles has passed . . . john lVIorton's ears got caught in a high March wind, and he took off - for parts unknown. Knowing john, and remembering his love for "skipping" things or places - Cespecially schoolj - this bit of information doesn't surprise me a bit. Ann tells me that Guy jodice joined the Navy and is now stationed in his beloved Ireland. He must be having quite a time with those stub- born irish colleens! Phyllis Colby is now owner of the "Make-up Box." Another Phyllis of our class, Geary that is, is giving lessons in "How to Keep a Man- Any Man!" Maybe we ought to change that to "How to TRY to Keep Another Girl's Man I" Boy-Life goes on............l Jeannie 'fruax is now giving professional lessons on poise. She always was one who knew the art of raising her eyebrows instead of her roof. I wonder what Brenda Liedka is doing. Ann silently hands me the latest copy of "Es- quire" and the first article to hit my eye is "True Confessions of a Lady"-written by Brenda. That ought to be good! Diane Hanson is now efficient secretary of the Chesterfield Cigarette Company. She must have found it cheaper that way! Sonja Clark entered into a convenient mar- riage, since she didn't even have to change her name. Nancy Gunrud and Angie Jolly are mak- ing money on their recently published book- "Skipping School Doesn't Pay lf You Get Caught." They ought to know-but then again, so should lil Who's that coming down the street, Ann? Lorraine Landry, wheeling a large baby carriage. The babies-Call six of them,-bear an amazing resemblance to Bob Ardrey. Seems that Bob finally caught up with his dream gal- after a long chase, though. l hear Flora Candela is still trying to reform "you know who"-that's right! Gordon Herrick! Gordon started out as accountant in the First National Bank, and worked his way up to the presidency. He always did have a way with figures. Francis Bedard is giving lessons on "How To Be the Life of the Party" or "Killjoy Was Here." Alice Brown is now owner of a shoe store. She's trying to perfect a pair of six inch spikes, Page Fort y- fm' so that she can come up to her six-foot man, but she's still got a long reach ahead of her. lNIidgie Kay is busy raising plump little boy scouts to star in future senior plays. And what used to be Perry's theater is now owned and operated by Dick Clark. Now he can see all the movies he likes. VVally Smith is giving lessons on "How to Play Parlor Rugby," and his partner is Dot Fox. Remember the night of the Senior Play, Captain? Huba! Huba! Rudy Narciso is making good money as a designer of women's handbags. I see Ann is carrying a new one - complete with a safety lock. Too bad they weren't invented ten years ago-right, Ann? Joyce Holmberg is official floor cleaner at Roll Land, and seems to think that business is picking up. Oh, Yes-what ever became of Gertie Fuller? Ann answers that Gertie is now a nurse, and had quite a battle the other day- wrestling with a ten pound baby boy. S'funny- 1 always thought she could handle any situation! ! Kenny Turner wanted to become an aviator, but never got farther than the tenth floor at Woolworth's, working as elevator man. Dorothy Pomfret is working on the atomic bomb. No reflections on the days at FHS when she tried to perfect the "atomic blonde,"--un- successfully. Barbara Hansen married her soldier boy, and has spent the past ten years in marital blitz!! "Ah-sweet misery of Love" . . . Johnny Duarte, always interested in the finer points of life, has invented a bottle of leg makeup that fills in between the toes. Louisa 'Foster is now a famous singer--her latest hit is-"Oh, Pat !-Open That Door!" john Lynch is a radio announcer over Sta- tion CYSI QCan You Stand lt?J. He ends all of his programs with the same remark-"Tune in again next week-same time, same station- same jokes!" l see Johnny hasn't undergone any radical changes in the past ten years. Joyce Smith has started a dress shop and specializes in hair ribbons. Knee length ribbons must be the style now. Mary Sullivan is now the proprietor of "Ye Olde Parker Clothing Establishment"- ffor Menj. Last time I knew, Parker's was in Mansfield, but it seems that Mary moved it to Sharon-for convenience's sake, of course. And now, after ten years time, Margie McFaul still hasn't changed. She's married, but I find her in the First National buying a new supply of "Ginger Ale." lVlary Lou Landry is raising mink, and business is booming. Her World-wide slogan is, "My minks are the best-the Fur is Long." Bruce Weber is now head of the Foxboro fire department. He finally did get his chance to be a "Big Chief." Page Forty-.fix I wonder what joan Sanford has been doing these past years .... I remembenthat she loved history, but I didn't think it interested her so much that all these years, she's been re-enacting the Battle of Lexington UQ and Concord. And last, but certainly not least, Bernard "Lumpy" Lombardi is still trying to figure out at way to make the Indian ride the buffalo on a nickel. Guess that takes care of everybody. After thanking Ann for all the gossip, l head for the bus, and aiter a jumpy journey, l'm back again in East Uvershoe. There's my boss, standing at the door to greet me-fwith a shotgun, of course.J Handing him my most unworthy man- uscript, I duck out into the back room to await the fireworks-which I assure you, are not long in coming. "Spillane . . . get in here!" Meekly entering, the editor looks up and shouts: "FantastiCl Anyone with an imagination like yours should give up. . . . You're fired!" So here I am-again-out walking the dusty streets, with another roll of newspapers in the bottom of my shoes. This career of mine is getting me down - maybe, l'd better retire to the old ladies' home. But after thinking the situation over, I have come to one final, lasting decision-"That's Life For YOU." J. H. S. Page Forty-:even Glass E, the class of 47, under the delusion that we are of sound mind and body, and com- pletely unaware of any opinions to the this she has done for us, and as an apology for all To the Faculty we leave a new marking sys- tem consisting only of the letter A. To the Janitors we leave a broom and dustpan with which to sweep up the few remaining remnants of what was once Foxboro High. To the Juniors we leave the suspense and ex- pense of being solemn seniors. To the Sophomores we leave our quantity of blinders to protect their inexperienced eyes from the glare of Mrs. Lipner's inexhaust- ible supply of "loud" scarfs. To the Freshmen we leave our reputation of unsurpassed charm, poise, and intelligence, and a wish for their success by advising them to follow our upright example. To the Junior High we leave several signposts, road maps, and guides to aid them in find- ing their Way around our spacious school Know what excuse will they have for being late for classes?J Boll Ardrey leaves his "Charles Atlas" physique to George "lVlighty-lVIouse" Lillyman. Francis Bedard leaves a gas mask to next year's Chem. class so that someone will be able to survive those "Oh so delightful" odorsl Emily Briggs leaves the secret of her success, or how to become engaged before graduat- ing, to any underclassman who is interested in "Knight" life. to be our last will and testament to F. H. contrary Cno comments, pleasej hereby bequeath S., as our final token of appreciation for all we have done for her. Alice Brown leaves still eating Wheaties, hoping that this will help her to come up in the world. lfValter Cady leaves a perfected "Yo-Yo" to the angel of the Sophomore class, john "What an Imp!" Fuller, hoping this will keep him out of trouble-as if anything could. Flora Candela leaves to all future class treasur- ers, a much used blackjack, pistol, and other weapons of torture to be used in extracting class dues from reluctant pupils. Richard Clark leaves to become a fruit grower. It is believed that he will specialize in "Peaches" Sonja Clark leaves her Harvard accent to Henry Vierkant. Phyllis Colby leaves her belief "Silence is Goldenu to Harold "The Voice" Richards. Here's hoping that he'll make use of it. Eddie Crichton leaves the devil in his eye to Billy "l' didn't do it" Lamb. .lolm Duarte leaves Donald Neally to Alice Schulz. At last her maiden's prayer is answered. flllan Dwyer leaves much to the despair of Mr. Avedisian, who will have to solve his own Chem. problems from now on. Louisa Foster and .loyee Smifh leave still com- peting for the courtship of their mutual heart's desire, "Robert Rockwood." Page Forty-eight Dorothy lfox leaves a bottle of "Get up and grow pills" to her admiring "he-man," Neil Roche. - Gertrude Fuller leaves her numerous hair rib- bons to any underclassman who needs more bows to get more beaux. Phyllis Geary leaves . . . "unnoticed"!l Leigh Godfrey and Claire Peach leave their mu- tual prize possession . . . a bed of sham- rocks to Vincent Romiglio and Freddie jodice. Naney Uunrud leaves her hard-to-get attitude to Barbara "Woof-Woof" Peacock. Barbara Hansen leaves taking the shortest route to Chile QWilliams that isj to the tune of "Here Comes the Bride." Diane Hanson leaves a brand new hat to Mr. Hoyt. His old one is to be given to the town of Foxboro fwhich will use it to start a museum of antiquated relicsj. fDid vie say antiquated or delapidated?J Gordon llerrirk leaves Miss Mary Frances Sullivan still in full possession of her rank book through no fault of his. .loyee llolrnberg leaves her ability to take curves at sharp angles, to Shirley "Don't you like my . . . Personality" Cook. Guy .lodiee leaves his great spirit and determi- nation on the football field to all "The fighting lrishmen" of next year's squad. .lnyie Jolly leaves singing "Open the Door, Richard,"-Clark, that is. lllidge Kay leaves her title as the girl who put the "pep" in peppers to Bill "just call me Speed" Rex. Jlberta Kelly leaves her every ounce of vim, vigor, and vitality on the basketball floor to that super-dynamic player, Donny "The Flash" Pike. Mary Landry leaves F. H. S., but not F ur-long. Brenda Liedku leaves "Sonny" lylerriam to Nancy Kerrigan. lt seems she couldn't get him any other way. Nancy Lillylnan leaves a pair of binoculars to Bruce Wood so that he will be better pre- pared to enjoy any scenery that the Factory Pond may provide in the future. Bernard Lombardi leaves before the Senior Re- ception. Evidently he doesn't realize . . . lt's free! John Lynch leaves to become a surgeon. He was always good at "cutting up." lllaryie Mcl"auI leaves her latest joke book to several of the teachers who insist on telling the same joke year after year. John lllorton leaves his dictionary of appropriate words and idiomatic expressions for all oc- casions to any student who finds it hard to express himself. Rudy Narcisu leaves to make his living with figures-Bookkeeping, that is! Kenneth Pillsbury leaves picking up the pieces of his trusty Ford as he heads for Walpole. Dorothy Pomfret leaves her latest book "To Be or Not to Be-A Blonde" to Leona "Just Call Me Platinum," Peterson. llarry Rea leaves a fifth freedom Cfreedom from schooll to John "absenteeism" Gaudet, who will know just what to do with it. .lanzer Roavh leaves hoping that a certain junior will remain true to him, despite any tempta- tion that Charlie "Romeo" N isil might give. Page Forty-nine rlnn Rurninar leaves heaving a sigh admitting "Oh well, two days out of five for four years wasn't so bad after all." .loan Sanford leaves her surplus of dates to help solve the recreational problem of less for- tunate underclassmen. John Shahabian leaves his Way with women to Billy "Glamour-Boyu Fuller. lflfally Smith leaves, still insisting that just be- - cause he's an iceman, he is not going to give all girls the cold shoulder. .lunet Spillane leaves her ability to get along with the opposite sex to that up-and-coming ' 'Junior Ann "Don't touch mel" Ferguson. .lllary Sullivan leaves her ability to get high marks to any Junior who might need them. Don't all speak at once! Donny Thrasher leaves to make his permanent residence in the sub-Urban part of Foxboro. 1 Jeanne Truax leaves her beautiful loafers to Lila Gayton who is in urgent need of them. Kenny Turner leaves a huge library on biceps development to Jimmy "Man lNIountain" Stein. .lean Turowski leaves still wishing that she could have been understudy for lVIary Stott, just once, in "The Curtain Rises." Wonder what the attraction could bel Bruce Weber leaves his famous "Charm-Curl" comb to that up-and-coming hair stylist, Clark Hamilton. Finally, we hereby appoint as executor of our will, Kilroy, he being the only one deficient enough in intelligence to comprehend the true ingenuity of this document. Lastly, may we, the class of '-I-7 wish You, the beneficiaries of this will, success in every- thing you undertake. THE CLASS OF 19-I-7 Witnesses: Jo-jo Durfee Mickey Mouse alias Michael Rodent lggy Nomnom N. A. L. and K. VV. P. Page Fifty Seated lleft to riglitj -- .llarjorir Kay, .l1'ann1' Truax, Kl'IIIlffh Pillsbury, lllary Sullifvan, Flora Camlvla Standing lleft to rightj - Claire Prarh, A'1'7l!lI'lll 'I'urm'r, Joyrz' Ilolmbfrg, Janet Spillane. .mm erufo l'n-.viflrur--Klaxxmn l'll.l,sl:l'kY Sl'l'I'4'lIlI'-1" ,lll'l'Il.Y1ll't'I"-ix l ARY Sl' l.l,lV,xN . , . . . . . lll'. l ro Ht-rito Society is the national honor society of l". H. S. An average ot 8521 or hetter is requiretl cluring the iirst three years of high school to heeoine a um-mher ot this organization. Again in the nmldle of the Senior year, any stutlent who has rearlml at that time an S521 average for the four years may receive a certificate. lr is a great honor to belong to this group, since it is not only a state-wide hut a nation-wide society. To attain this goal is well worth all of your efforts. under' classmenl l'ag1w lfifly--ullr l"ilJI'I'IlR-IN-flillilf no AssIs'rAx'r Li'risRIxkY Enrroksz lmff to rigllli Claire l'each, h'difw'-ill-Clziwf,' janet Spillane, Phyllis Geary, Nancy Lillyman. BUSINESS AND ,AXDVERTISINGI flrfl tu riglzlj -- Rurlulpfz Nzzrriyra, l'IIOTc:t:RAI'IIY: flrft to right, i'1'11I1'I1j - Kenneth Turner, Marjorie lVlcFaul, Editor john Morton, .Xlluerta Kelly, Dorothy Pomfret, Editor james Roach, joyce Smith, Ann Guy jodice. Ruminasg frfznltllllfll-VValter Cady, john Lynch, Sonja Clark. SI'UR'I's: flfft lu riglllj +- Donald Thraallcr, WValIaI'e Smith, lVlUSlCI Uffl lv rigfllrj - Diane Hanson, Editor Marjorie Editor Kenneth l'illslvury, Flora Cantlela, Bernard Kay, Leigh Godfrey. Lomha rdi,. Richard Ulark. TYPINQQ: flfft In right, ,wrllwtlj - Barbara Hansen, Alice ART! flwft to riglftj - Rohert Ardrey, Dorothy Fox, joan Brown, Editor jean Turowski, Louisa Foster, Emily Briggs, Sanford, Editor joyce llolmberg, jean Truax, Gordon Herrick. flvft tu rigflll, .fflllltflllflj - Angelina jolly, Brenda Liedka, Phyllis Colby. HE Yearbook Staff, under the capable and inspiring guidance of Mrs. Brawn, spent long and active hours in preparing this edition of "The Red Fox." We feel, however, that if, in the future, when these pages are again turned by those whom we have attempted to present here-if, as they again meet the faces, the scenes, the faculty that were' once so much a part of their daily lives, there is awakened within them again beloved memories of our high school days at F. H. S.--then we may truly feel that the time and effort expended in preparing this book were not put forth in vain. THE Eorrons. " N ac nowlecfgments 'l' this time, we would like to express our deep appreciation to Mrs. Alice D. Brawn for her assistance and advice in preparing our yearbookg and to Miss Mary Frances Sullivan for her splendid efforts in proof-reading our material. Also we desire to express our sincere thanks to all who made our yearbook possible. We request you to patronize our advertisers who so generously helped us to finance this volume. Finally we express our gratitude to our donors who gave us their loyal support. Page Fifty-llzree Wifi? E. QI' L l"ront row lleft to rightj - lllary Sulliwan, lt'1'nm'!h Pillshury, Gllftlllll Ilrrrirh, Clairr Prarh, .Ivan Turofwxhi, .luhn .lIol'tnu, Jaarl .S'flillan1', ls'rur'r' ll'r'h1'r. Second row lleft to rightj - Rirhartl Clark, Wallarw Smith, Marjorie Kay, Naliry Lillyman, John Irynrh, Leigh Guilfrfy, Donald Thraxhrr, flllan Dfwyrr, Rudolph Narri.fu. Third l'ow lleft to rightj - Flora f.'aml4'la, Phyllir Geary, f1lll1'I'l!l Kelly, lirrmla Linlha. Cghe CSjCfll-Ol' mwldy "l-X Woe-Man ul Fifteen" N l,t'l't'lIll?l'l' I9 and 20, the Seniors presented "A VVoe-Man of Fifteen," a topsy-turvy comedy in three acts hy Alice Chadwicke. Ilndcr thc very capable direction of Mrs. llelen Hamm Lipper, the play was a great success. The plot, which was centered around the mischief and trouhle a typical ICC!!-ilgttl' gets into, was made even funnier hy the novel idea of the girls playing the boys' roles and vice-versa. 'l'h is was kept a secret until the night of the play and the audience certainly received an entertaining surprise. At this tin that it was. jane Lyons Thomas Lyons Mary Lyons Lilylmd Nancy Lyons llenry VVarren linrhara Drew Dot Varnum te, we would like to thank all those who helped make our play the success '1'li John Iryarh .Iran Turufzeyhl John ,llurlnn Dunalil Thl'Il,t'll1'f Irflflll Gndfrry Nanry Lillymarl Rally lYar1'i.m Richard Clark li CAST Vera Bailey Helen Lyons Lyman Bosworth Donald Mayher ry Rolvert Grant . Sophia Thayer Lloyd Maxon Loraine joyce IVallan' Smith Gortlon Ilrrrirh Claire Praeli lllarjorie Kay , Mary Sullivan lfrizrc lV1'her -lane! Spillanr hifllllfffl I'ill.fhury Stage Manager: l'hylli.v Cfary Scenery: lValIrr flatly, llarry Rea, Jehu Shahahian l'rompter and Sound: lflura Calnlrla, Louisa I'iUJ'fl'l' Curtain and Lights: :Illan Dfwyrr Properties: lirrmla Limlha, nllhvrta Kelly ' Page Fifty-fifve Q5 53' 4 MY ' ,, 4. -gb. x 2 f' rm?" 5 we is. s "fm, ,Juan- qs W L J FR- ,ark W sz i -is in 4-u A QOLAAQQA Front row Qleft to right, - Martha Mvlluylf, Gfraldim' Urban, Lrona Pftvryon, William Mcfllistcr, Matih'a'w Slwlr, Elm: Englry, Barbara Curtis, Paulinz' .lIlt'kJ07l, .lz'an1'ttr Small. Second row Qleft to rightj -Brun' Frryuson, Josfplz Brdard, Amvlia DiMarzlo, Virginia Day, Louixr Baglry, :17I7l Pottrr, xlrm Frrguyon, Ga1'dnr'r Rll'llll7'dJll7l, Raymond Warlllrn. Third row Qleft to rightp - Robwrl Ela, Rolzrri Rock-wood, Krfnnrth .fIm1z'r4'rn1, liw1'lyl1Sullifvan, Alia- Schulz, William Fullvr, John Gaudft, Burton Mrrriam. Fourth row fleft to right, - Lila Gaylun, Edgar Cornixh, Robrrt Dofwax, Fralzvix Dolan, Donald Pilar, Ronald Noulan, Brlly Puxt. LlI'lfL-OI' CLSS l'm-idmf: MA'r'rHEw STEELE l'iff-l'wyi1lw11.' VVILLIA M M K'Al.lS'l'ER Sf'f'l4l'f!ll'-1'.' ANN lfNul,liY Trm.vur.w': L1foN,x l'u'1'EksuN KU JTTU 'Navi' ilu' flax!" CUIA PRS liluc und Silver Pagf' Ififty-viglfl K Front row fleft to rightj - L1'atriz'1' Davis, Nanry Ca rraghrr, Joan Winyloiw, Carla Gunrud, Illarilyn Brouvi, William Rox, Ruth I.1u'a.v, .Vary l'r1'u', Jlarria Young, Lillian Turofwski, l.oi,r llillrr, .llmlwy Ru.v.w'll Second row lleft to rightj -- Barlfara l,'rl1an,1Vyrtl1' Riohzznly, .loyrr Dumax, Ella Ryan, l.orraim- Sylvia l,oi.r lfrillou, Ii0I'l'llllll' Lamlry, Nanvy llofward, llazfl Dolan, Rohrrfa Ijllfllllkf, lfarhara l,l'!ll4ll1'ln', .Allin Culhy, Grrlrmli' Grin, .-lliria Mrllon. Third rnw lleft to righlj - Nril Rnrlir, Urorgr Lillyman, ll'illiam Lamh, Samurl Kniyhl, Rita llmvim' Jru'qu1'lim' Small, Barbara Comrau, Mary Ellm Ellis, Brurz' Wooil, Philip Mrlluyh, llarry .lohuson nllhrrl llutrhins, Josrph MrKay. lfuurth row lleft to rightj - Donald Nwrly, Emil ,-lufhrlrl, John Fullrr, Rohrrl GI'l'l'IlQL'Il1lAl, Elfwou.l gllnrxr l4'illiam ,I0.H7ll'f,l,1l!ll lliygfim, Philip .,l1vwl'.mrzo,Charlrs Ryan, Sraulfy Ilillfr, Donalil f.'npr11,.lan1r.v l.y1i4'h lrifth ww lleft to rightj - Rohrrt ChiI.l.v, .larlnxr Slrin, Edmcard Winslofw, Ruuwll Srotl, Rifharil Nason, John Srxton, Nril l"i'rguxon, Ruurll lhvzl. CSjOlJl'lOH?OI'Q GlCl8S l,I't'.NlIll'lll - XVll.l.1.-na Rux l'll'l"l,l'f'JlIll'lll - AIARILYN Bnmvw .N'wn'rary --- MARY lhumi 'l'rm.v1u-w- -- Rl"l'li I.l'L'AS MKYIVIU Ullahit ix Il rahlw. lla' '1w'il7'c' a lhrrarl of il l'7'l'I'1' rlay, aurl al last 'wr' fluil ln' :minor bl'i'i'lh' il." CLASS COLORS Crilmun zunl Gold Prior' l"llIy-Him' First Row Cleft to rightb 1 Tania Toll, Batty flnnf ,Wor.w', iwargwry 1Wi'Kay, Wilma Rifa, Norma P!'llI'fIl'k, Charlm' Mmllixtffr, flllffrt Kflly, Rirliard Truax, Toni Ko nikowx, Barbara Alon rfimonf, Dianz' Canliam, Virginia Rorkficooil, lxlllflllll IITJI. Second row Qleft to rightp: liarlr' F1'I'!lllJ'IIl1, Willizim l.yl11'0,,-lill'if'l1 1.UlIlPl"llIJ', Carolyn lHr:or'1',Irr'ar' DiMarzio, Loiy IJl'll7llJ'IIll, Carolyn Maxvy, .Hargmrol .W4'lx'ay, B1'r1zir'1' Gwafy, Hlarjoriz' llllllllll, B1'ruir'1' Sallry, Ruth lylllllll, William Fo.vtr'r, Jr., .lllllll l3r1'z'dr', ,,1'.S'fl'l' l1'I1lhU7ll'j'. 'l'hil'd row Qleft to righlj : Walfrr Slfin, Raymond Calaloni, .lllflll GIll'1'!'Illl, I'.l'!lIlf'lJ' Niyil, Frril .loJir'1', A'I'llIl1'f!l Rif'har4l.voa, Rolfrrt rlqtllllllllll, 1vllll'1'Ill f1Ill'l'l'llll, Cliarlrx Carl, Roland Fo.slwr, f.'lar1'1irr' Ramla'l, .lllflll ,'1llfhI'l1'1. lrourth row Cleft to rightjz Raymonil ll'llf.Yll'l', llfrlfrrl lIr'.l.vfrom, lllazlhfw xlnlllolly, Briijalnill lvllyilll, lllary Frymoywr, Dolorws Mawliall, Jolzami K1'1zt1'1', Ilazrl Tilton, Norman Smith, DIY!!! l4l'Bllf0ll, Kirhard IIl't!J'fl'!lII1, Sfllllll'-1' Gilliw. Fifth row fleft to rightj : llfillialn lirrmlr, John Dolan, Ray I"rn'.vylbr, Rirlzaril I,a1iyill1', Raymond Day, Raylnoliil Smith, Gordon Gl'1'l'lll', Raylnouil sllo.v!iwr, Iiwnjaoiia flasvdlllfbllll, Goran! lfVf'lfli, Cliarlzzv A'i.vil. C7j"US!l,I 71 fl H U SS l1I'l'A'llll'llf.' AI,lilik'l' Klil,l.8' Irlfl'-l,l't'.Vllll'lll. RPCIIARD 'lxkl .XX Sww1f1f-y.- Xlxiw lixisimiv ll'l'1'fl.Xlll'I'l'.' fll,XKl.l:S .xlL'Al,IS'l'I'Ik NI! D'I"l'O Ul2v7'l'I'j' man llIllA'l wrlaralf' lIllll.N'1'll-. llix lfooliv and frarllcrs IIN' lm! ln'lju',' lln 'zuwl' i.s l1i.v." C1 DIA DRS Blur :md Uuld Payw Xixly A 4 . op 4 lf- 5 lmnt row llm-ft In rightj - Harlan lv1"LL't'll,J0lIIl 11113-1li.rlrr, Barbara Foxlrr, Norma Carr, Garrrll Spillanr, Juannr plinmnr, lzllfwilr l'an Ilrllllrrgflny Slfirlry lJIllILll1.Y, John llofwalul, xlllrlzllllz' Pultrr, Tnrlma Bro-u'n, .IIl.ll'j7!l Nixil, Rlrllalul lY1'fLL'r'll. mul ruw Cleft tu riglntj - l,lIll'1'lll Rulniyliu, Rulfrrl ll', Elizabrln 0'Connur, Lillian l'ar'lc4'r, Joan Jarklmn, Nalalil' Jmlifr, Cllfllllll' .lI1'lrann, .-Iliff' plllrn, Palriria Dumax, lVillla Ilfgnrll, Palriria DII1L'lI.l', Harlfarn Nrfvr1'.v, lflranur AlI'lJ'llll, l1"all1'r f.'uul', Slwfvr' l,l!If1ll'lxl. lhircl ruw llcft to rightj - 1'lI'Illll'l5 Strin, Tlmmax l,inf1'lll, Iiflfwarfl Ward, Samnrl S1'fll'0lI1lIl, Donald lllusllrr, Ralfrrl Smiilz, Rlflllllnl Puilrr, lfaltrr Alain, Ronald Turnrr, Raymond lllflfay, llfllliam llolrnm, William Rollin, Izllfwanl Ilusrpian. I uurlh row llcft to rightj - .lunnnr l'llllll'l', Illfjlllllll llrnzwy, Sylfula 7ll'IIl'l,!'IllI, Janr Donufuan, Jnllflll .'Imlr1'fw.v Ilrlly Gnfw, Sllirlir Cuuk, lilranrn' lflf ll" In ' C l Iiarlrarn 'l'fll'!l.Vhl'l', Jani: 1' Rllllfll. 11 ry, jnm ar rlun, Thalia Sr'l1arff:'r, .-Inn Ryan, Nanry .-lnllmny: llllh row llufl lu rightj - l'.l'l'nI liakrr, Ruln'rI Ifl'fll'I'l', Junn lfalflflll, lflllialn l"rynmyz'r Rifllalul ll'r.v1'oll I"rnl jnllmny, Conrad Flamlrrx, William IIl'fl'l'l'IlIllll, 1"l'llIllm'St'lllllZ, plllvn York, .lUllllSllllf0I'1l. 7 Qoracle glglzt l,I4l'A'lIll'lll.' l'llJXXIN VAN lllfxlslcmallu I'im'-I'rf'.vi1lw11: Allmxxlc Amuxu Sm'vlary-Trwmm'r.- SHIRLEY Uuxmxs llli D'1"1'O "Tu ujwn lln' flour of .s1n'4'4'.v.v yun inns! flr.x'I gain lln' Rl'-l' uf l'llU'1,Ull'l1gf'.U CC HA PRS Blue and Silver l'ayr Sixly-um' Front row Cleft to rightj - Elizahrth Brvfilf, Ann Donafvon, Alan Fairhanle.r Cynthia Rohrrtx 4lfr1d Prnu John Syl-via, Jane Rox, Josfph Wa.fz'l1'.rki, Rohvrt Sylvia, Joxfph DiG1antomma.fJo Dafuul Brant Dalia 0'Sulliwan, Ellfn Higgins, Doris Douu'tt1', Brryl Smith. Second row Cleft to rightj - Jamvs Nisil, Lcxtcr Paifva, Philip Lafw, lvlary Whitt bhirlzy Broun Dian: Smith, Brfurrlay Rofkfwood, Patxy Marlfvor, Jvancttc Sfrhromm, Carol Rothz Many Mclluyh lzfvzlyn Lombardi, Edith .Marilyn Mfnyzxr, Rohfrt Hornf, Jamfx Hzfnn1'J.fz'y, Laonard Higgins Third row Cleft to rightj - I"rvd1'rick Dalvixon, Jamrs Wvir, Natalia Gaudrt Joan Comzau 41111 lznylzy Virginia Ranaud, Lorna Cfomcy, Jane Dfwyvr, Nancy Toorok, Maryarzt Donawon Fhzrzsa GIUWIIIICI Ann Randall, Dorothy Dolan, Cynthia Cook, Alfrml Shromm, Xlllmrt Randall Fourth row Cleft to rightj - Anna 0'Sullifvan, Janat Johnson, Amy Umhs Izrnryt Wfllfl llltllll Tunotti Allbfrt Wri1', Rirhara' Gufnanl, Lfzfwrmzrf Winslofw, Rohfrt Goivf, Roydzn C olhy lwzdfrzzla Cook llaroltl Cfapfn, Paul Fullrr, Elizahrth Gillir, Lois Moorr, Sharon Ellnlgf, Batty Parkrr Nanzy IJIMIIIZIU Fifth row Cleft to rightj - Lafwr1'nf'1' Mahonwy, Cfharlfx Wvhh, Raymond Mouatt Ronald .Sullzfuan llnhirt Sullivan, Richard Landry, Lloyd Tfuax, WrlltL'l' Stanlry, Josaph Jolly, John Groom: Rohzrt Fonxt Donald Childs, Warrfn Tripp. QITLCZQ 5819841 l'rvmlw11.- -losuru WAs1s1.11s1u l'iu'-l'1'vsiLlL'1tt: JANE REX b'ev1'elary.' LLOYD 'llRUAA Nl o'1"1'r D llnilvzl uw' .vlaml -- lliwizlvzl 'zur fr Cl PLC TRS Blue and Gold Page Sixty-liwo lll gpggxftb Front row lleft to rightj - Co-raptaia Rulwrt flrtlrry, Jamey St1'ia,I.1'igh Godfrey, James K0lll'lI, Edfwin Crifhtun, Rirhartl Clark Jolla Gaudet. Buck row tleft to rightj - Guy Judirw, Cu-rapzaiu Roy Brackull, lllatthwu: St1'ulf', William Rex, Barnard Lomlfanli. C9 ootdall Cuarlf - joHN l'. Chkrusif Cu-iaplaim' - Roy BkAcKE'r'r and Roseirr Antonin Mzuzagwr - DoNAi,n '1'nRAsnuk .Inn-lalzl illanayrrs - Uoiumow Heiuucx, DoNAi,n Pncu, Ai,uuk'r li1iI.l.N The I9-lb toothall season opened with the return of eleven letternn-n, along with twenty new candidates reporting for practice. The squad was coached hy ,lohn Certuse, and led in the field hy Co-captains Ardrey and lirackett. Midway through the season, two of the varsity hacks were injured, which weakened the team con- siderably. For the remaining games, a great deal of responsibility was placed on the line, - the success of the team being due to the co-operation of the line and the hacks. The spirit and determination which the Blue and Gold eleven kept throughout every contest resulted in their victories. The graduating 1llCII1l5CI'S of the football squad wish to thank Coach Certusr for the many hours of Work which he put in for their benelit, and would like to take this opportunity to extend to next years team - "Good Luck!" SCORING RESULTS: Ifoxlnoro, ll ...... Weston, 6 lfoxhoro, ZH l , Howard, 7 lfoxhoro, I3 . . Stetson, ZH lfoxhoro, ZH . Medfield, U Foxhoro, 25 . 'lVledway, H Foxhoro, 12 Yarmouth, IJ Foxhoro, 13 . Uliver Ames, ff Ifoxboro, li . . . Mansfield, ZH Foxboro, li ...... Dighton, 7 Page' Sixly-fuur l Imnr row tlell tu rightl - fllflll Sflllflllfllflll, Ilunalif 1',II'!lJ'lII'l', Conrad 1"lamif'r.f, l4'ull1u't' Smiffl, Rulrrrl .Ir.l1r'y, lfilliullz Razr, llrrllrlnl litlllllllllall. S und row Cleft to rightj - Rirlmnl Clark, I'flilip ,llt'lIuyf1, Rirhrlrd Truux, Conf!! C1'l'1urt', Donald Pike, lfillirlllr llr'fl'1'1'l11lfl, .lIllHl'.l Rnmll. 1 QULIS Qusdetbccll lhmtliq -IUIIN P, CIERTLYSIC l,'f1pmi11.- XV.xr,l,.xeiaSA1l'r'ir .lIf1m1ytfr.' Rretrxrui Cmnx illzlllnyer: JAMES Rtmell llli lmys rt-pulled lm' praeliee lleeemlwer 17 with thirty tu thirty-tixe eandidates. VVilh all the veterans gone, Cnaeh Certnae was determined to make a team out uf the hoyg wht, were new at the game, After praetieing for ahunt four weeks, they were ready to play their lin: gaine, which was Sharon at lfnxlmro. The lmys played a hard game and a good game ennxidering their inexperiente Sharon eame out on top hy a score of 52 to 30. Hur next game was at l'lainville and the lfnxlmrn live were defeated -lll tu 33. VVe then went tu Sharon where we were determined to put up a real tight. After a close game all the way tliruugh, Sharon edged ua nut hy tive points. Althungli the aehednle results prnve that the Fuxlvoro live suffered many defeats, the atndentx and tnwmpeuple enjoyed the Lfilllles, sinee must uf them were very close. The buys were always working and playing together as a team. Un lfehruary 22, the team went tn the liruekton 'l'onrnament sehedultd tn play Hanover. 'l'ln- lmys put up a goucl game out-seuring llanover the second half. llanover wun b a aware ul' 3+ to 22. The seasons reenrd was three wins and seventeen defeats. y The lettermen nf this year are Captain VVallaee Smith, john Shahahian, Donald Thrasher, Rnlmert ,Xrdrm-y, NVilliam Rex, llunald Pike, Bernard Lumluardi, VVilliam Heffernan, Conrad Flanders, and Richard 'I'ruax. SLTIIICDULE lwuxlmm .ill hluarnn 5.1 lfnxlmro 25 .Xlnmni I-'nxlmrn 35 l'lainxilIe 411 lfoxlmoru 37 l'lainyille lfoxlmru 31 Sharon 31, lfoxlmoro 17 North liastnn lfnxlmru Z3 Ymth liaxttm -H lfnxlmro 36 WVe5lw00d lfnxlmm Stl NYM-ntham 42 lfoxhuro 23 VVestw00d lfuxlmro 27 K'antun 36 Fuxhoro 36 VVest Bridgewater lfnxlmm Z2 Manalield 33 Fnxhoro 22 llanover lfoxlmru 40 xvlfllllllllll 35 Foxboru 37 Carlton Page Sixty-fwc Front row Cleft to rightj - !I,lberta Kelly, Brenda Limlka, Sonja Clark, Capt. .lllll1.'fSPilllllll', rlliu' Schulz, lflura Camlcla, Nanry Lillyman. Second row fleft to rightj - Claire Prarh fManag1'rj, Pauline .Illl'lm'.907l, Gwraltline Urban, Cuarh Mary Stott, Myrtlv Rirhardr, Lair Ilillrr, Barlmra Curtis fXIs.ri.vtant Managcrj. Third row Qleft to rightj - Amelia DiMarziu, Louise Bagley, Nancy Ilofward, Lila Gaylun, Jacqueline Small. Qolfls' Qasdetoall Coat-li: Mus. hlixm' 5'ro'i"r Cajwlaiu: ,lANli'l' Sl'll,l.ANll lllanagwr: Ctzukis lhaixeii 1JS.S'lSflllll jl1llllIlffl'l'.' IQARHARA h,iLfR'l'I5 THIS year the Girls' Basketball 'l'eam, under the skillful direction of Couch Mary Stott and Captain janet Spillane, had an average season. 'l'he girls were highly praised for their clean playing and good sportsmanship. The teamwork on the floor was splendid and the games well worth seeing. The schedule this year was the most extensive one lfoxhoro lligh has ever had for a girls' team. Although in the beginning the squad was somewhat unfortunate, in the end they were really chalking up the victories. The members of the Varsity wish to express their appreciation for the support given them by the student body. VARSITY SCIIEDULE l"oxhor0 22 Wrentham SU l'oxhoro 19 Uliver Ames Foxboro 15 Westwood 17 Foxhoro 12 Alumni Foxhoro 14- Uliver Ames +3 Foxhoro 33 Wrentham Foxhoro 21 North Attlehoro IK Foxhoro 30 Mansfield Foxhoro 10 Attlehoro 16 Foxhoro 22 North Attleboro Foxboro 21 Mansfield 28 Foxboro 20 Attleboro 7 I ayz' Sixty-six t ww fleft to rightl - Mary Hlnz l'll1.s Aamy llllyman Hola lamlrla Tom Ixomlerw lou lllllll Cnralllinr Lf'rl1an, Sonja Clark llyllf Rnl1arll.s Jafqullnu .Small Suomi mw fleft to rightj -- ,lllnrta Iullj Janrf Spllltllll linmla Lndlea Mary bullman H141 baliulfz loulu liaylry, Dorothy lfox, Nanvy lloluanl loafh Mary .Stoll HIS ia the first rum m rlu rcunt lustmx of huxhum Hlgll behuul thlr n h huekey team has spurt amd, as il result, Canton. Considering mlinl very well to keep ln leurs to come School. The great intereat dnxplned tlllS mor la 1 hopeful slgn First row fleft to rightj - llflanagvr William Fullrr, John Shahahian, Nvil Ferguson, Donald Pike, Captain Donald Thraxhvr, Rohort Ardroy, Jamfs Roarh, William Rox, William 1Wc,4liJlz'r, Rifharil Truax. Second row lleft to rightj - Brurz' Ferguson, Mjllllfl' Cady, Harry Rea, Leigh Goilfrvy, Conrad I"lamlz'ry, .lamry Lafwxon, Dean Le Baron, Norman Smith, Clarvna' Randall, Coach John Cvrtu.w. asehall Cora-I1 -Q joim l'. Cifnrusu Capzain W lJoNAl.u l1i1lRASUliR ASICBALI, practice started on April l-l, with .35 candidates answering Coach Certusels call. Since there were only four returning letternien, this gave a chance for the younger boys to show their ability and perhaps even earn a starting position. The infield was composed of Pike, Rea, Smith, Heffernan, and Captain 'l'hrasher, with Shahabian and Roach the battery xnen. The outfield should be quite strong as the season advances, with the return of Rex and Ardrey, along with the other boys who have been displaying unusual fielding ability. The schedule consists of games with Nlanslield, Sharon, Stoughton, Oliver Annes, Canton, and Cathedral High. Page Sixly-aight at row lleft to I'lg'hll - Grorgr l,iIIyn1un, Wifliam Lamh, John Sanford, Warren Tripp, IIf'rh1'rl Randall, lfulln' Main, Paul Fullfr. Jnmrzf Wrir. 'ond row tleft to rightj - ,-llhrrl llllffllillj, Rivhnnl Trnax, Wlilfillfh lIr'ffr'rnan, W'illiam Rox, John .S'hulmhmn, Philijl lllflluyh, Rnymoml Smllh, liwnjnmln Ulslllllfvllll, l,'lmrl1'.r fllr.-Il1.rl1'r, John Fuller. ird row fleft to rightj - l"ranriJ Bmlnrd, Brun' llfuod, ,Uatlhufw Jnlhuny, Rohvrt .'1l'Jr1'y, Conrad 1'Jllllnlt'l'J, Brrnurtl Lombardi, John Gaudet, John Dolan. JUG lll', truck tezuu started its TVZIIIIIIIQL on lxlilffll lb unnler the direction of kltbllfll john Certuse. 'l'hirty-live czuuliclzltes, most of them veterans of last year, opened the season. This is the second year ut l".ll.S. that we have hzul truck :uul we zultici parte il successful season. Our opponents ure such reams :rs Klnnsliehl, North lfnston, Concord, :uul orlwrs. The track events ure :ls follows: 100 yard dash, 220 yzlrcl clash, -HU yurrl run, SSH yard run, :tml one mile run. The field events include shot-put, broad jump. high jump, :uul pole vault. Pay L' Sixty-nmzf l urns, .Xliria Mellong middle ffrfl In riyflljf loin flf'-fl lu rlffllfl A ,Xlice 5C'lllll7, Ruth lirentla Liedka, janet Spillane: top - Geraldine lirlwan. J J J C UCI' CCL UTS llli cheerleaders this year were an unusually entliusiastit' group who have lseen active at all the football and basketball games. Under the eapalwlt- and skillful direction of Captain janet Spillane, the girls practiced hard every afternoon perfecting their acrolmatic stunts and improving their cheers. The girls wish to thank all those who supported the cheering at the glllllllh and showed that Foxboro High had real school spirit. l'uy11' h'1'1ul1lj' Front row Cleft to rightj - Marjorie Kay, Donald Thrasher, Roy Brac'lu'rl, Janv! Spillanr, Rolwrt A-lnlrry, llfallarr Smith, Flora Cantlrla. Second row lleft to rightj - Sonja Clark, .llary Sullifvan, Brfntla Lirtlka, Coarh Mary Stoll, Uoarh John C1'', Nanry Lillyman, :llln'rta Ki-lly, Claire' Peach. 'Q Third row Cleft to rightj - Guy .loiliny Harry Rra, Edfwanl Criehlon, Richard Clark, Bcrnuril Lumhartli, Lviyh Gotlfrry, James Roach, John Shahalfian. i arslily ii H li Varsity Club ol l". H. 5. is one of the most honored organization: of our school. All who are nienilmerf. of Illia club have learned the rules of good sporty inanship and lair play. To he a menilmer, a boy or girl num have earned two or more letters in any sport. Proper attitudes towards work and play, as well as splendid athletic ability have been emphasized. Under the able direction of lN1rs. Stott and Coach Certuse, the Varsity Clulm stands for real acliievenient. All Seniors, who are 1ll6l1lbCl'S, later this year will receive a jacket in appreciation of their line work. l'ayf' S1'fv1'l1ly-uni' Left to right - Jamcr Roach, Mary Sullivan, Geraldine Urban, Guy Judicc. cglze athletic ssoczlation l'resi1lenl: GUY jonicii I'il'l"l,l'l'.YilfKllf.' JAMES RQJACII Secretary- Giaaacnmis URBAN Treasurer: MARY Su1,L1vAN HIC Athletic Association of Foxhoro High consists of the entire student body, who have obtained membership by purchasing a seasonls ticket to all sport events. 'lihis year the A. A. has been more active than in the past. The niost important activity was sponsoring a very profitable dance, the proceeds of which were used to purchase jackets for the Varsity Club. livery pupil in the school participated in the election of officers. It is the duty of the ofilicers to represent the student body and to aid the Coaches in the activities undertaken by the association. The purpose of the organization is to promote and guide the athletic and social activities of the school, a cause indeed worthy of the support of each student. Page Scfvunty-tf1.uo 2... CUVLJELQJ Joxcplz Wasflfxki. Donald Cupfn. First row Lleft to rightj - Diane Canham, William Frymoyor, John nIutl11'lr'i, Emil r'1IllllL'll'l, Nfil Rorhr, .lack Sylfvia, Bftfy flnnz' Morsf. Second row lleft to rightj - Mr. Dixon, Alhvrt Kelly, Stanlry Ilillcr, Maryrry ll1a'Kay, Philip lllflluyh, Third row Cleft to rightj - Gardnfr Rirharilson, Conlon Gr1'1'n1', Donald Thra.fh1'r, Rohrrt Grrrlzfwootl, K1'nnrth Pillshury, Imiyh Coilfrry, John Sllllfllfll. Fourth row Cleft to rightj - Barry John.von, Slanlwy Uillir, Kirhuril Nruon, l1l'Ul'lj'll Sullifvan, Samuel Knight, egnstrzunents tcpluyed hy Qancl emit ers lill.S'A' l'z'n'N.vsion lizirry johnson Samuel Knight Clarimffs Neil Roche Robert Greenwood Gordon Greene Stanley Gillie -lack Sylvia Trumpet Albert Kelly ,lolin Authelet joseph Wlaseleski liririlwzz' Philip Mull ugh ,iillio Willizlni Fryinoyer Harold Capen Pays Scfvunty-four Diane Canliain Betty-Anne Nlorbe Marjorie Mclizu Emil Autllelet Kenneth Pillsbury Donald Capen Gardner Richaidbon Flute Evelyn Sullivan Trombone Stanley Hiller john Sanford Trillhpcl and Jllo Leigh Godfrey Richard Nason Donald 'l.lll1'Zl5llCl' Cglte Ball!! PON the resignation of Mr. Kenneth MacKillop, jr., at the beginning of the school year, Mr. Arnold Dixon organized the band. lllr. Dixon has supplied new music for the use of the band. The band's reper- toire now consists of several concert numbers in addition to the usual parade routine. Under his able direction, results are beyond anything that has been accomplished in previous years. By transferring some players to different instruments, a better balance has been obtained. This also gives the band, as a whole, a deeper and fuller tone quality. Mr. Dixon has provided instruments for the use of students wishing to join the band. He has also given many hours of his time repairing instruments for the students, as well as giving individual instruction to the various members of the band. The results are outstanding. The band has appointed its own committee of students to endeavor to obtain more members. This committee consists of the following students: Barry Johnson Gardner Richardson Joseph Waseleski Evelyn Sullivan Diane Canham The members of the band want to thank Mr. Dixon for all that he has done for them. To the members of the band that will continue next year, the Seniors leave this message: "Put your best eilorts in band practice and give Mr. Dixon the co- operation he deserves, then Foxboro High School will become the leader of all surrounding towns that have High School Bands." 5- E. Page S event y- f-'ue Left to right - Nanfy Howard, Ann Ffrguson, Mary Frymoyfr, Mis: Gran' Barr fSuprrwiJorj, Dianr Hunxon Dorothy Fox, Lvigh Godfrvy, Noi! Roflrf, Gordon Grrfnr, Efvflyn Sullifvan, Albrrt Kelly, John .4uthvlvt Ruth Lucas, Jllury Prcfw, Gardmv Richardson, Emil Hutholct. Garcfzestra IGH School Orchestras over the entire country have been sadly depleted during these trying war years. However, as pupils in the grades enter High School we hope for many recruits. Our orchestra has suffered badly from lack of time for rehearsals, but we are gradually growing in numbers and shall play for some assemblies and also for graduation and at the joint concert with the Mixed Chorus. The orchestra is under the direction of Nliss Grace Barr, Nlusic Supervisor. Page Sufumly-.fix First row lleft to rightj - N. Prarork, B. .4imum', W. Riell, B. Mor.r1', M. MrKay, M. West, J. Brolwn, .'lli.v.v Gran' Burr, R. Narfisu, L. Fo.vlr'r, I.. Hiller, M. llanna, D. Cunham, T. Iforliluw, M. Mc'Kay. Second row lleft to rightj - xl. Mellon, li. Curlix, J. Dumas, E. Briygy, B. lIlIIIA'l'!l, M. Mrlfaul, I.. Turumcrlci, fl. I'il'ffjll.FfIII, .'l. Poltfr, I.. Sylvia, xl. Russell, M. Iiroqcn, P. Jaekson, B. Sallry, I.. Ijrnnixon. Third row lleft to rightj - J. 'I'urnfwsl'i, C. Praell, P. Geary, N. Lillyman, J. .'Illllll'll'l, G., J. lfullrr D. l.rIx'arun, D. Thrasher, M. St1'rli', B. P1'aruz'le, D. llansuu, D. Pamfrrt, nl. linylry, M. L!lllill'j', G. Lfifllllll I.. l'r' Ifourth row lleft to right! - IV. Lamll, J, Sanford, J. Small, R. D1wi1's,R. lJI"Ullll', xl. Colby, lf. Rj,'1lll,lI. Comeau, N. llufwaril, lf. Sullifvau, I.. Gaylun, lil. Ellix, I.. Bagley, ll. Tilton, lil. Frymuyrr, li. Pusl, .-I. Sfllulz, J. Rrutrr, pl. ljllllllfzlll, G. Lillyman. Ififth row lleft to rightj - D. Fox, l'. Day, P. Cullly, G. Grnvlr, D. Capwn, E. lllurxr, IV. lluslner, R. Nufwlau B. Lombardi, .l. Morton, C. Nisil, L. Godfrey, J. Lynch, fl. Kelly, B. Licdlra. LIXIQCJ OI' l .l S l'rr,mlmf.' Amen liitowx l'irff l'n'i-ifl.f1i1.- RL'D!JI.I'H NARCISO lCCi HXIING familiar with beautiful CUll1pUSlI'iUllS through active participation in singing is one of the greatest joys musie can afford. 'l'he Chorus this year is under the direction of Miss Grace Barr, our music supervisor, who has had a wide and varied experience in all phases of musieal appreciation. NVQ' hope to Climax our rehearsals with a Concert, presented hy the chorus and the orchestra. This year those Seniors, llol' members of the ehorus, will he given eoinplimentary tickets. Although we have a large meinlwership in the Chorus this year, we plan to enlarge ir as interest and enthusiasm grow. Page S1'fzw'l1ty-.wzwll v 1 l e C Front row lleft to rightj V- Neil Rrn'l11', Jlllllff Roach, Rudolph Nar1'i.m, Durmlil Pike. Second row lleft to rightj - .lnlnz Syl'L'i11,Rf4'l1arJ Truax, illr. Giranlin fFar'ufZy :1JfUI.1'1'rj, Carre! Spillum .lulln Ilnfwuril, .lll.l'l'f7fl Uifliantolnlnaxso. 9 J . estzlcfenl ,o1uzc:Ll l're.vi1lenf.' Rl noren Nuaciso Ilift'-l,I't'.Yl1lt'llf.' AIAMMS lifmcll 5'errel11r,1'.' Nun. Roeuia 'l'1'eax1zr'er.' IJIJNALD llllili lfnrulfr ,'lfl1'i.o'f.' Roizliirl' A. liIRARUlN H1-, btullent Louncil ol l'oxhoro High School consists ol two IllCIIllK'l'5 ot the Senior Class, two representatives each from the xlunior, Sophomore, and lfreslnnan Classes, anal two delegates from each class of the -Iunior High. This group has regular meetings in which the inemhers lnake valuahle sugges tions anml plan methods of assisting the Administration. Recently, the Council pulw- lisheml a Stuclent Hznulhook for hoys and girls entering the High School. 'llhe Council has also inacle plans for drafting a constitution. 'llhe student holly has shown line spirit in supporting the projects nnlorsecl ln their Council and in cooperating with theln in every way. Faye S1'fLw'11ly-wiyfll PLSPHSEZ PATH ON I 26 OUR A DV e 5 I XRWWY 5 E-. f X! E M 4 Works Wonders i J L... . Where Yankee Ingenuit Lis j ill III "X I I .+ " . . Here, in the little New England town of Foxboro, Massachusetts, a group of scientists. engineers, and skilled craftsmen keeps Yan- kee Ingenuity in the limelight with extraordi- nary contributions to industrial control. Its products, Foxboro Instruments, are highly regarded and widely used throughout the world . . . from New England to New Zealand. In a little over thirty-five years, this select group has pioneered many outstanding irn- provements in the control of temperature, pres- sure, flow and other process variables. It has developed many of the principles: engineered many of the refinements: and discovered to Offset Rising Costs many of the applications for industrial instru- mentation. No other group manufacturing similar instruments has contributed so many important "firsts" to the science of industrial instrumentation. The results of this Yankee Ingenuity are reflected by new highs in efficiency for more and more industries . . . greater output at lower cost with a minimum amount of spoil- age. No wonder modern industry counts heavily on the products of this Yankee Ingen- uity to offset rising costs. The Foxboro Company. Neponset Avenue. Foxboro. Massachusetts, U. S. A. IN NEW ENGLAND-such industries as tex- tiles, dairying, pulp and paper, to mention but a few, are benefiting today from Foxboro ln- strumentation. A typical example . . . Foxboro Pasteurizing Control, shown at the right, which holds milk temperature variations constantly within lfl0OF. IN NETHERLANDS EAST INDIES-the petro- leum industry puts much faith in the simplicity, accuracy, and trouble-tree operation of Foxboro instruments. The illustration below shows an Indonesian adiusting a Foxboro Controller. I--...... REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. .B H .t fa: Q RECORDING ' CONTROIIING - INDICATING I N S T R U M E N T S L. G. BALFOUR CO. Attleboro Massachusetts Class Rings and Pins Commencement and Announcements Diplomas Personal Cards Medals Trophies Club Insignia licprcscnlcml by C. li. GOUIJVVIN Compliments of MANSFIELD BLEACHERY Fashions for You Always at - - - QETIHQICIZE Uazfiafc Fuxlsolao, MASS. S W A N K I N C . A'l"l'l,lil50li0 1x1AssAc:1lLfs1a'1"1's .A Good W it Wishes If 1 For IQ YQ: . AV Q9 The Years 0 J Ahead if Along with that cherished diploma for which you studied so hard, please accept the good wishes of your electric company. Good Wishes for success in higher education or business life! Good Wishes for your future job of helping to build a better World! E YOUR ILICTIIC SIIVANI' Worcester Suburban Electric Company Compliments of C. Y. 0. W. C. Fuller Co. SPOIKTING GOODS .en IIAIHJXVAHE ef l"l'llNl'1'l7Rl'I Tcl. Mansfield 216 CUlIllJlllIlClllS of H Pomfret Laundry MANSFIIQLIJ MASSACllUSl'1'l"l'S Complimcnls of W. L. Stearns 8: Son MANs1f1lf:l.1J Est. 1873 llUllllJlllllL'lllS of Stork Diaper Service FUXISUHU Tcl. 9225 Compliments of TAUNTON GAS 81 LIGHT CO. Cumplimcnls of Peach's News Store Compliments of I Ouimet's Drug Store Cmnplimcnls of F oxboro Cash Store Compliments of Harry Natsis FRUITS GROCERIES 50 Central Slrcul Foxlmro, Mass. Compliments of J. V. Makant INSURANCE ISHUKER NUTAHY PUISLIC I 51 Central Slrcct Tcl. Fox. 600 Foxhoro, Mass CUIIIIJUIIICIIIS of The Service Company CUllllJ1illl0lllS uf 5c to 51.00 CUlIllDlillll'lllS of y Moore's Dry Goods Store C0lIllJliIllClllS of ? Walt's Barber Shop E CUllllJlilllL'lllS of McKenzie's Motors Compliments of L. E. F IORE Family Shoe Store FINE Fl JO'l'NVI'IAH Pu-pairing u Specially Cumplimculs of BENNET BROS. General Auto Repairing .lcl. Routes 1 and 110 136 lil'llil'Zli Sl. Foxlmru FUXISUHU, MASS, Compliments COllllJiillll'lliS of COFFEE SHOP nfoxnonu. xmss. of Bay State Drug Store All Orchid lu the iiUllllJiilIlCIliS Class Of 'QI7 from "f --'1'1Q114: um. wrru T1114: 110147 al F oxboro Hat Shop KERSEY GARDENS Tel. Foxlmro 8-10 llomplinlcnls of Devine's Motor Service MAIN ST.. FUXISOHU 'll-l. Fox. 195 24 Hour Wrecking Service iiUllllliilll1'lliS of THE LORD FOX Cmnplilmims iiOllllJiilllL'lllS uf of CLEMENTlNA'S LEON PINI Two Good Places to Eat HALE'S DINER and HOME Compliments of MANSFIELD PRESS Compliments of HERCULES POWDER CO. Compliments of HENNESSEY'S 101 Complimcnls of Sarro's Market MICATS GROCIGRIES E e PHUVISIONS Tcl. Mansfield 68-M North Main St., Mansfield, Mass C0llllD1illlClllS of Andrew Holmberg Tcl. 2290 EGGS P0lfLTHY East Fuxboro, Mass EDDIE - THE BARBER '15 0 NXUST Cnmplimcnls of Beauty S1llman's Shoe Store l Sa on 1115 mini ST. A'1"1'1.r:1so1m MANSFllCl.IJ CUllll7li"l0l'lS Cumplimcnls of of Collier's Sales and Recreation Bowling Service lnc. Alleys llumplimcnls of Culnplilncnls RAIDER'S VILLAGE of l""l"C 1 The Show Boat XVAl,l' SHARON LINE 1 , C0llllJlllllt'lllS Lumpluncnis uf uf F I N E ' S BENTLY PORTER 59 Park Sl. Alllclmro, Mass. llomplinlculs Bay State Optical of Company A'1"1'l.lClSOllO, MASS. H O U L E ' S ' AlUIllll'ilL'llll'0l'S of Gold, Jewelry Gifts A'1"l'I.l'IlS0liU, MASS. Gold iillcd, und Shell Eyewear Compliments of Dr. Sherwood W. Steere Compliments of McDonaId's Farm Dairy Cumplimcllls of Ferguson Brothers ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES 57 Main Strccl F oxboro Cumplimcnls of Fairbanks-Congdon UUIIIPIIIIICIIIS of SmaII's Greenhouse Compliments of Hearn's Dairy Complimunls of Henderson 8z Sun HUG CLEANERS I9 Marks-I Slrevt Tcl. 491 or 820 CUIIIIJIIIIICIIIS uf F oxboro Supply Co. W-Mm E. J. Authelet ' WILLIAMS OIL-U-MATIC SALES X SERVICE STOKUI. STOKERS Tcl. 2272 7 Baker Sl., Fuxlmro CUIIIIJIIIIICIIIS of F oxboro Laundry Compliments of THE LITTLE SHOP REA-CRAF T PRESS ABBOTT HOUSE A FRIEND HEAD-IN DINER COMEY'S CLEANSERS TRADING POST FOXCROFT GARDENS 1810 HOUSE PETER DeGIROLAMO THE JUKE BOX HANNA'S RESTAURANT L. J. CATALDO MRS. LEOLA WOOD .Ievclet's Patrick Lyons F erguson's Radio Shop Newton's Insurance Agency CUllllJlllIl0lllS of Morton's Dairy MILK and CREAM Atherton FL7liNl'l'lUlili COMPANY Complete Home Furuisllers 32 So. Main St. Attleboro, Mass. P. O. Box 416 COIl11llllI10lllS of Welch's Dairy N. Nardelli - Shoe Repairing 41 CENTRAL STREET FOXISURU, MASSACHUSETTS Shoes and Rubber Footwear CUlI1lJlllIlClllS of The Parent-Teachers' Association Compliments of Junior Achievement Compliments of The Class of '48 Compliments of The Class of '50 Complimeuls of The Faculty For Future Flying . . . Carleton-Whitney Aero Service, Inc. XVILKINS AIRPORT North Attleboro K U ,,,,, , ,Aw , , , W ffsffw, ,, , Compliments of . SENIOR PARENTS Gas ls The Ideal Fuel O 10111001 N1 l101i111l111l11iX1 Y O 1011 XXA111 111iA'1'1N1i O 1011 HOUSE 111'IA'1'1N1 TAUNTON GAS LIGHT COMPANY Comphments FOXBORO COAL COMPANY Lumber Fuel O11s - Paints From A F RIEND" I1 The Plerce Hardware Co. 1 L 111 1ALNI101N All 1' Ouliiilcrs f' I 111' I 4' C 4' I 'I 1 ' '10, 41 Y 7 1 4: 1 1. of aa 11011111111 cnls of C f. ,X ,. . 101111 c c llc IC LLL' YG ' J-R11 J CQ! O 11 -gp-L 'L- if I J- ,.f

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