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.,Q::f-4,- ,gsm . WI 3- mi u', , ,. f Q. , -, Y 'Q 3,1--,gg ' " '- fy-Ajie ' ' L.. .gj" . P N , ..- ,. . jff.1-L ' , f -, , . xg! Y. k Y . .V IA, -:L inning ? 3, , ,, ., xfixvq, -:..5:::.f1? V,i,Vm5. ,"'v, J -J EJ W W i. I J ' ' -'- A. 'glwgf - -' f 1 :"a. -V , J 1amg:' .-,,..,:4-,,, ,,- 1 K. , , " v- ' ""-2- iff . "ff Ly. ., ,f 5.'AiL j : - -, Q-'Yi'-A ,L V . . X . 5 - 1 J, ' - '.-15 ?-gli,-,-.5 ij., 33.-..l , his ' A 5. 4' si v., '. rc.. W i' gf, " -J 4 3' I 1- 5 I- -. 4 Au, 5- I A., N ,f f , -0, 4 ' V 'J mx gs x 9' 2 -nl A. 41, W 1 . 5 V f y 1 . X Q - 6.-411 I' LSA 'yt J ,ff 4 4 A 'vs 24 ww y , "a"'.' Q- , -Y if' -Jr? 5: -3 - 1, I 1 t',.' . ., ., - E112- :ia ,Y Lx-1-,. ., , - K . ' -f Nfv- '14'l '- " "F:-,. . . .- ,- - " P 5'1iT'.f--.:-L-A' . MHZ- :"7' - - '- '- , +5-.:gs..-,rf-wr few ' -'-Q.. ., V ,-W.. T ..,-- - .f .- -ff-we-v' .- . am. , V: , , 4 .: V .T-xv I 235. .I-,T V L,,f3.,,, ,,-Z,-cm gg, -V ,1:,-?.- x-.2i'5,,:-g- 47 -. I , ,Y :,1,, -V ,, - ,-:--Q55 . .2 - -3- ,:..'f-n -Q. gl - V ' ' -' ,P 'Q-1-5 ' ' ' 1:1 1 14' " .ig?":,:::f:g'j , ' v- ' .1 THE CLASS UF 119416 presents the ninth volume of THE RED IFUX New Wm Q mvH : Q www wmv . xmmmmd mum :mmm Qumran: umm an x Q li as v v,4W,g, -4 Z.'1:- gl 'A iii Q3 ' Wk NN Q, wmffxzf: . mmm w 5' k 5-lj this ff' f 1 Q EKU , f -'-- -- ' . fi .kate ww Q . gms Wai, s,w2Hg,'ffg sam, , ' H X W' iam 'gg , :a:'g,fQ.-,:.: R C CONTENTS Dedication In Memoriam Faculty Seniors Cllasses Sports . Aetivities FOXBORO HIGH SCHOOL llfoxlboro, Massaelmusetts INEDIICCATIIUN With affection and appreciation, we, the Class of Nineteen Hundred Forty-six, fondly dedicate this Year-book to our Senior adviser, ' Mrs. Helen Hazen Lipner. As Freshmen, We all looked forward to classes under her genial guidance. As Sophomores, We enjoyed her pleasing inter- pretation of English and appreciated her constructive criticism. She inspired us to read good books. As Juniors, we found deep satisfaction in her dramatic ability and her literary appreciaton and tastes. As Seniors, we realize how vital a part Mrs. Lipner has played in our lives. Her sympa- thetic understanding and her special interest in each one of us make us regard her as a valuable friend. "-wr' In Memoriam The morning of November thirteenth found a grieved and saddened student body at Foxboro High School. It was hard tobelieve that Mrs. Nellie Inman, their beloved teacher, would no longer be seen among them. Yet the memory of her innate kindness, her deep wisdom, and her broad understanding will always dwell in their hearts and minds. Some- thing of her gracious personality, her quiet humor, and her joy in living has become theirs. Because of her, they will be better able to cope with life's problems and responsibilities. 45 1 i agf 4 s ' . , .g . ' , 'tru REQ. .5- xFEf"7.gI tsimfi 1 Y? A 1, . A Message to the Graduates If we, whose life work is the education of boys and girls, could leave with you, who are completing one phase of your education, a single concept for you to carry with you into adult life, I think it would be that of social responsibility. Upon the shoulders of the graduates of the past several years has rested the responsibility of national defense, of preserving for us our American way of life. That objective has been accomplished at bitter Cost. Now there rests with your generation the responsibility of proving that this sacrifice has not been in vain. You are the parents, teachers, law-makers, voters, and taxpayers of the future. Upon you depends the winning of permanent, constructive peace. History cannot be allowed to repeat itself. We are on the threshold of an Atomic Age which can be civilization's greatest blessing or deadliest curse. With your generation, then, rests the problem of learning to live peaceably with your neighbors so that never again will the forces of evil be unleashed against mankind. Bigotry and intolerance are always the earmarks of ignorance. Today, as an aftermath of the war, hate is rampant throughout the world. There are many wrongs in our world, but hate will not solve our problems. If peace is to reign on this earth, we must learn to live with our fellow men of different races, religion, and culture. We must be sensitive of the needs of others both within our own country and throughout the world. Always strive to understand and be tolerant of the views of others. So fulfill your obligations of American citizenship that permanent peace, friendship, and good will may yet prevail for all mankind. 9 HERBERT E. HoY'r, Superintendent of School.: Page Eight lpiriincilpaillgs Message 'liofilaly you :irc i'c'zu'liingg um' uf tllc- iiiipurtzuit milf-smm-5 in your lifm' .imii'iicx. l wixli it wvrc in mx pmvci' to szwc mu trmii rlu- llk'1ll'f2lk'lll'S wliicli am' iiwvirzilmlm- tu Nt fit im. Yam will NllllK'I' mliszippiuintim-nts. llow'm'x'ci', tlivy will lic iiiorc tlixui li iliiim-.I lux Ilim- tlirill Xllll will L-xiic-i'im-:iw fmni tlw kiiuw'la-algv of ll juli wvll klUlll'. ll, :lt rllllll' fiiturv timv, iuii fm-1-l clisszltisliul witli rlic spa-oil uf your progress, pininlvi' llim- lollmuiig liit ul plillnsuplix :mil trutlit "Illini llr'lt'l' flux X11-llil'l't'Il lim' lizwl fllll lmlf, llilm firfw' frzilfvl lmx Ilt'7't'I' A'fl'U7'l' nor xolzffllf, Q Ulm lll"?'l'I' 'itwjhl ix ,Yfl'IllIfl1'I' In Il lullgfll, ll'lm m'r'i'1' llflllllffll, ln'-rw' Ilmllqrflllf' ll llwic is In lw pvzm' :mil pi'uspc'i'iri in rlii- wurlil, wx- must :ill vultixzitm- tulvrxl mil lllllli'l'5TJllHllIlQ ul :ill i':la'm's :incl a'rc'c'mls. llfl' 'liliv wurlcl lizis allllclvllly grown smzill. No lollgvl' ilu Kiplingls woixls linlml ' 1 . " Q: Nt ix lfzisr, Quill NY:-at is NW-sr, :xml iivwi' flu- twain sllzill im-cr." liutlivi' tim rllir l 1 rlii- lfgixr ix now NUM :mil tlic Wlcst is now lznsr, :xml cwr tlic twain sluill nicer. lim um- iiiurc wiml: in :ill rliings lic- siiitm-i'c'. llllrt nn unvls fm-cliligs luiowiiiggly uinl wiiic-iiilwi', wc in-1-il mmm' guml cxziliiplvs :mal fvw1'r pl'c-Ccpts in tllis life. VVlNl"lIil.lJ C. l'o'i"1'iiR, l'rim'if1r1l nf l"nx!1urn lliyll Srlmul. I'u51r Kim wa Yearbook Staff LOUISE FALONE, Editor-in-Chief BUSINESS AND ADVERTISING Carmelita Mandin, Editor Edward Peterson Herbert Mosher Norma Smith June Egner Madeleine Weir Peter Groome Mary Lynch Barbara Schools TYPIN G Frederick Smallwood, Editor Elizabeth McKay Lena Narciso Sylvia Potter Edna Dumas Marion SPORTS Roger Mann, Editor Robert Tripp john Schulz Francis Smith Clare Kennedy Robert Ferestien Frances Pigeon ART Helena Jodice, Editor Mary Livesey Phyllis Groome Christine Myers Sally Inman ff' I O,-5 I , Page Ten Jeanne Hoffman Eudora Anthony Janice Brown Phyllis Knox Jean Goodwin Childs joan Davison PHOTOGRAPHY Richard Hennessey, Editor Marjorie Moulton Anne Svenson Kathleen Sweeney Lorraine Britton Francis Clark MUSIC Anita Burrill, Editor Delia Perkins Virginia Kelly Jean Beach Alice Mowatt ii? Q . ,, 4 fx. ' . 3515 ,Q ' 'nog 40.6, 0 Q. Q:.:: .fs Q 0 Q S f 5 0 'OO 1.0 1' s o 'Q v A 0.0 Qu ' ax x0 g U S ' S s Q ' 0 X:Sss:r5 5.'l I' Q 1 , ,254 , by 55 C4 5, 5 5 6 sg! ' q'l ' . W Qs Q X. 5 ' ' 0 , 0, v 0, 1 x 0 f 4 Q O I 0 D ,vfsx .'QA -f -af . f5 5 I' X XR. 'Q 671 'OX Qgx - fy ,'4 LOUISE P. INMAN Subjects Taught Geometry, Algebra I, II, Trigonometry, Solid Geometry Colleges or Schools Attended Tufts College MARY TAYLOR HIXON Hot Lunch Manager Subjects Taught Cooking, Sefwing . Colleges or Schools Faculty Members ,,,mng,,, Il! GEORGE MOLAN Subjects Taught Driver Education, Shop, Mechanical Drafwing Colleges or Schools Attended Fitchburg State Teach ers' College WINFIELD C. POTTER Principal Subject Taught American History Colleges or Schools Attended Brofwn University Attended Framingham State Teachers' College FREIJERIC W. KEMPF Subjects Taught Vocal Music, Band, i Orchestra MARY E' SULLIVAN Colleges or Schools Subjects Taught Attended B00klH'f'P1'l9 1, U, General Boston University, Harvard Business, Typing I Colleges or Schools Attended Salem State Teachers' College, Boston University DoRIs E. SULLIVAN Subjects Taught Shorthand, Typing, Commercial Lafw, Office Practice, Commercial Geography, Consumers Education Colleges or Schools Attended Salem Teachers' College CHRISTINE SMITH Subject Taught Freehand Drafwing Colleges or Schools Attended Washington State Normal School, Massachusetts School of Art, Emerson College of Oratory MARGARET DONNELLY Subject Taught English Colleges or Schools Attended College of Mount Saint Vincent Bmumka C. SHEVLIN Subject Taught Physical Eiluratiun, Coach of Girls' Basltcthall Colleges or Schools Attended Rhodr' Island College of Education, Univrrsity of Wisconsin Hamas V. HAZEN LIPNER Subject Taught English Colleges or Schools Attended I Smith, Boston Uniwrrslty MABEL A. JENNEY Subjects Taught Mathcmotics, Drafwing Colleges or Schools Attended Hyannis Stutc Tt't1Cllt'fI,' Boston University Faculty Members ,IOIIN P. CERTUSE Subject Taught Physical Training, Boys' Coach Colleges or Schools Attended Brofwn Unifvcrsity I TH Eonokc T. CIOODVVIN Alssistant Principal, Gunlancc Dircclor Subjects Taught PATRICIA KIRBY Subjects Taught Gcnrral Scicncc, History, Civics, Geography Colleges or Schools Attended Gorham Tfachrrs' Collcgr Gcncrol Sci1'ncf,'Cl11'mistry, ALICE D. BRAVIZN Phynu' Biology Subjects Taught Colleges or Schools Latin, Mrdirfval and Modern Attended History, flncirnt History llliilillrhizry Collcgr' Rosen A. CIIRARDIN Subject Taught Traching of Social Suhjrcls Colleges or Schools Attended Km-nr Stair Tfachcrs' Collcge, Springfrld College, Boston Unifurrsity Colleges or Schools Attended Collrgf of Lillrrul .-lrts, Boston Unijzrrsity KATHARINE M. HASTINGS Subjects Taught English, French Cqjlegcs or Schools Attended Radcliff Collcgc, Middle bury, French Summcr School Class Poem With caps and gowns comes serious thought, Of words, of work, of creeds, But with the knowledge school has brought, We have the pow'r for deeds. We've learned the Ways of different men, From different states and lands, We'll learn the traits of each, and then We'll know what each demands. And with demands comes prejudice, Of boundries, rights and laws, So then, we cannot be remiss, And lose a worthy cause. With constant vigil every hour, These rights of man we'll find, We must with knowledge gain this pow'r For good of all mankind. 1.14.13 F EECQEQEFEJQJD I R , Z 2 M li ,H I i S I' 12 ff sa A 4 Wx, Q, Senior Class Officers President -- EDWARD PETERSON I'icr'-Presidenz - ROGER NIANN Serretary -- ANNE SVENSON Treasurer - HELENA JODICE CLASS COLORS CLASS MOTTO Blue and Silver "lVith knoulzzlge power Page Sixteen C l ass Class Class Cl ass CLASS DAY HONORS flistory -- VIRGINIA KELLY Poem - JUNE EGNER Prophecy - LORRALNE BKITTON WWII - FRANCIS CLARK RLCHARD HENNESSEY EUDORA ANTHONY Commercial "EUDDIE" 188A Mechanic Street TYPIST Shz' is so wary rrrrr-vrd and quiet Sha' is ralhrr hard to knowf Ojfirc fwork fwill be her dict, They .ray .thc ha: a beau. Glee Club '43, '45g Cafeteria '43, '44, Typing Award-35 words '44-g Yearbook Staff-Typistg Senior Play-Usher. .IICAN LOU ISIC BEACH "GINGER" 39 Leonard Street Shr has a lI'11l'l hratl . find a romplarrnt azr, With truth, it ran hr said Yearbook Stal?-Typistg Senior Play-Mrs. jones. LORRAINIC FRANCES BRITTON General NKIPSYY East Street NURSE fl: a lruding lady and in creative theme: Shr had talrnl and imagination,- With hrr low' for .frhool and her :kill supreme, She 'wax really the top xensalion. Glee Club '44, '45g Cafeteria '43, '44, '46g Social Committees '43, '44, '46, Assemblies '45, '46, Athletic Association '46, Prom Committee '45, Senior Play Committee '46g Senior Play-Helen, Class Prophecyg Yearbook Staff-I-'hotographyg Tri-Hi-Y Club, Recess Dances '4-6. Thai .the always playr fair. Commercial Music Glee Club '43, '44, '45, Orchestra '43, '44, '4-55 Athletic Association '46, l Page Seventeen Q JANICE EVELYN BROWN Commercial HJA-NYY 154 County Street SINGER Petite and dainty with a sunny smile, She dashes to and fro: Her 'warm friendliness and' cheery style Make her a joy to know. Glee Club '43, '44, '45, '46g Orchestra '43, '44, '45, '46g Marshal- Graduation '43g A Capella Choir '44g Social Committee '4-6g Senior Play-Stenographerg Yearbook Staff-Typistg Pin Committee '46g Athletic Association '4-6. ANITA MARIE BURRILL General "NITA" 24 Mechanic Street BACTERIOLOGIST fl fine combination Of brains and good looks, lllake her a sensation At both parties and hooks. Glee Club '43, Class Treasurer '-435 Social Committees '43g Prom Committee '45g Athletic Association '45, '46g Basketball '4-63 Senior Play- Juryg Assemblies '46g Oratorical Contest '4-65 Yearbook Staff-Music Editor. MARION EDNA CHILDS General "MARY ANNE" South Street MISSIONARY She lowes to fwork, she lo-ves to laugh, She's happy all the time,' Miles away she twill make her path As a missionary in a foreign clime. Glee Club '43, '46, A Capella Choir '43, Orchestra '43, '44, '45, '463 Cafeteria '43, '44g Senior Play-Usher, Yearbook Staff-Typistg Athletic Association '46g Typing Award-42 words a minute. Page Eighteen FRANCIS LESLIE CLARK Pro Merito COHCEC "CLARKlE" 9 Clark Street Him-1 Scuoot. TEACHER IIe',t fond of practical joker, Ile lowes a bit of je,rt,' When he'.f tearing mort of ur folk.: You'll fnd him at hi: bett. Glee Club '-1-33 Social Committee '43, '44g Assemblies '44, '45g Oratorical Contest '45g Football-Manager '44, '4-Sq Basketball-Manager '45, '463 Baseball-Manager '45g Prom Committee '45, Senior Reception Committee '4-53 Boy's State '45g Senior Play--judgeg Senior Play Committeeg Senior Play-Publicity Committeeg Class Willy Athletic Association '46g Yearbook Staff-Photographyg Varsity Club '46g Monitor '45, '46, JOAN MARILYN DAVISON "JOANY" Dancing with her nimble feet Makes her lwild fwith glee, She like: her music fart or rfwevt, Just watch her and you'Il ree! Play-Usher. I Commercial . 168 Mechanic Street - HAIRDRESSER Glee Club '44, '45, '46g Cafeteria '45g Social Committee '-Hg Senior EDNA JANE DUMAS Commercial East Street Sranooxnvmsn A pretty brunette with eye.: .to bright They muse your heart to flutterp An aetrrrs in her 'very o-wn right, With melodrama to make you stutter. Glee Club '43, '44, '45, '-463 Cafeteria ,43, '44, '45, '46g Orchestra '-433 Athletic Association '46g Assemblies '46g Senior Play-Aliceg ., Yearbook Staff-Typist, Typing Award-51 words '46. W. 3 Page Nineteen JUNE HARRIET EGNER Pro Merito General IKJUNEY7 146 High Street DIETITIAN Tall and stately, fwith a poetic flare, A little bird just told me- June likes the cool and crisp sea air For her heart is in the na-vy. Glee Club '44, '45, '46g Social Committees '45, Senior Play-Publicity , Committeeg Senior Play--Iuryg Class Poem, Yearbook Staff-Business S and Advertisingg Athletic Association. LOUISE MAE FALONE Pro Merito Commercial "TOOTIE" 95 Central Street PRIVATE Secanmkv A fine athlete, a student adept, She is alfways on the go,' PVh1're she gets her everlasting pep l'm sure I'll newer knofw! Glee Club '44, '45g Athletic Association '43, '44, '45, '4-6g Girls' Basket- ball '43, '44, '45, '46g First Team Letter, Student Council '43g Monitor '43g Social Committees '43, '44, '45g Vice-President '44g Senior Reception Committee '44-g Usher-Graduation '44g Typing Awards-31 words '44g 47 and 51 words '45g 61 words '46g Prom Committee '45g Ring Committee '45, Assemblies '45, '46g Senior Play-Elaineg Senior Play-Publicity Committee, Chairman, Office Girl '4-65 Yearbook-Editor-in-Chiefg Varsity Club '46. ROBERT JULIAN FERESTIEN General "FINK" Central Street VETERINARY , His rlothes are alfways pressed, His hair is alfways neat, He alfways loolrs -'well-dressed From the top of his head to his feet. Athletic Association '44, '45, '46g Vice-President '44g Social Committees '44, '45g President '45g Monitor '45, '46g Varsity Club '45, '46g Boys' Basketball '4-4, '45, '46, First Team Letterg Football '44, '45, '46g First Team Letterg Baseball '45, '46g First Team Letterg Senior Play-Andyg Yearbook Staff-Sportsg Track '46. Page T fwenly JEAN BARBARA GOODWIN Commercial "POLOCK" Main Su-egg HAIRDRESSER Jean ran be so 'very still She does not make a sound,' Or, if it be her will, Her noise causes all to frown. Glee Club '45, '4-65 Cafeteria '-455 Social Committees '44g Senior Play- Matrong Yearbook Staff-Typist. UPEPIKED Trurks, ears, and even hooks Obey at his rommandf Business and Advertisingg Track '46. PHYLLIS JUILIANNE GROOME College 1-PHILU 153 Main Street COMMERCIAL Anrrsr With paint box and pencils Phyllis plies her ar!,' In profiles or stcnfils She has no counterpart. Glee Club '44, Cafeteria '4-3g Assemblies '43, '4-43 Social Committees '43, '45, '46g Athletic Association '45, '463 Prom Committee '45, Senior Reception Committee '-453 Senior Play-Juryg Senior Play-Properties: Yearbook Staff-Art. PETER REV ELL GROOME General 153 Main Street RESEARCH ENGINEER Just swatrh and see how fwise he looks With a ruler or wrench tn hzs hand! Orchestra '43g Red Cross '44g Senior Play-Clerkg Yearbook Staff- Page Twenty-One RICHARD ALLEN HENNESSEY General "DICK" 34 Lakeview Road DRAMATIC Correa If you think his socks are loud, Just fwait 'till you see his tie! He'll allways stand out in a crowd, 'Cause he's sure to catch e-'veryone's eye! Glee Club '43, '44g Athletic Association '44, '45, '46g Social Committees '43, '44, '45, '46, Monitor '45, '46g Assemblies '43, '46, Cafeteria '43, Magazine Drive Captain '43, '44, Prom Committee '45g Senior Reception Committee '45g War Stamp Captain '45g Class Willg Junior Achievement: Senior Play Committeeg Publicity Committee-Senior Play: Senior Play- Mr. Barkleyg Yearbook Staff-Photography Editorg Recess Dance '44, '45, '46, JEANNE MARIE HOFFMAN Commercial HJEANNI1-3" 3 High Street SECRETARY She's fond of fun and noise, She's fond of lively chatter, She's fond of girls and boys, But especially the latter! Glee Club '43, '45, '46g Orchestra '43, '44, '45, '46g Cafeteria '43, '44g Typing Award-36 words '44, Class Treasurer '45, Girls' Basketball '45g Senior Play-Juryg Yearbook Staff-Typistg Athletic Association '45, '46g Typing Award-42 words and 45 words '45, SARAH LOUISE INMAN Pro Merito College "SALLY" 41 Mechanic Street A31151- Often she is just a hit late But so good-natured, fwe are angry rarely,' An artistic career seems the fate Of honest, dependable Sally. Glee Club '43, '44, '45g Social Committees '43, '46g Orchestra '43g Athletic Association '43, '44, '45, '46g Girls' Basketball '44, '45, '46, Prom Committee '45g Senior Reception Committee '4-St Cafeteria '45g Tri-Hi-Y Presidentg Senior Play-Foreman, Senior Play-Publicity Committeeg Oflice Girl '46, Yearbook Staff-Art. Page Twenty- Two . HELENA NATALIE JODICE Commercial HNEEIY Spring Street Costume DESIGN Ann CONSTRUCTION She like: to make her clothe: .ro much She ulws, and Jews, and .rewr- She ha: that nice, profesrional touch With .ti1k:, or wwools, or calicos. Glee Club '43, '44, Cafeteria '44, '45, '46, Social Committees '44, '45, '46, Ring Committee-Chairman '45, Student Council '45, Class Treasurer '46, Senior Play-jury, Yearbook Staff-Art Editor, Typing Award-3'l words '45, Athletic Association '46, Typing Award-56 words '46. VIRGINIA ADERENA KELLY Pro Merito ' General "GINNY" 48 Main Street Ptnmsr "Ginny" ir alway: the grander! sport, She help: with a cheery :mile Keep: our money straight, gives a prompt report, For another like her, we'd walk a mile. Glee Club '43, '44, '45, '46, Girls' Basketball-Manager '43, '44, '45, '46, First Team Letter, Social Committees '43, '44, '45, '46, Assemblies '43, '44, Student Council '43, '44, Secretary '43, Orchestra '44, '45, '46, Athletic Association '44, '45, '46, Class Secretary '45, Usher--Graduation '45, Girls' State '45, Oiiice Girl '46, Magazine Drive Captain '46, War Stamp Captain '46, Canteen Representative '46, Class History, D.A.R. JOHN CLARE KENNEDY Pro Merito General . "CLARE" 40 Baker Street An athlete by preference In football, basketball, and baxeball too,' A Jtudent par excellence, Taking pride in all that you do. Social Committees '43, '44, '45, '46, Assemblies '43, Prom Committee Chairman '45, Ring Committee '45, Boy's State '45, History-Civics Medal '45, Varsity Club '43, '44, '45, '46, Athletic Association '44, '45, '46, Monitor '45, '46, Football '43, '44, '45, '46, First Team Letter, Basketball '43, '44, '45, '46, First Team Letter, Baseball '43, '44, '45, '46, First Team Letter, Senior Play-O'Callahan, Yearbook Staff-Sports. Representative '46, Senior Play-Publicity Committee, Senior Play- Prompter, Yearbook Staff--Music, Varsity Club '46. Page Twenty- Three PHYLLIS MAY KNOX Commercial "PHYL" Cocasset Street SECRETARY Neal, -wholesome, and trim, To be a secretary is her aim, Cheerful and full of fvim, She surely will win fame. Glee Club '43, '44, '45, '46, Girls' Basketball '43, '44, '45, '46, First Team Letter, Typing Award--32 and 40 words '45, Athletic Association '46, Oflice Girl '46, Senior Play-Press, Yearbook Staff-Typist. lNIARY STEWART LIVESEY General "LIBBY" 147 Main Street INTERIOR DECORATOR Glancfs from tlzofe eye: of green Are knoiwn to make us .rmile,' A fwit that'J subtle, fute, and keen, Keeps ur .smiling all the while. Glee Club '44, '45, '46, Orchestra '43, '45, '46, Athletic Association '43, '44, '45, '46, Social Committees '43, '45, Cafeteria '44, Oratorical Contest '46, Senior Play-Jury, Yearbook Staff-Art, Motto and Construction Committee '46. MARY LOUISE LYNCH General "LYNCHY" 14 W. Leonard Street NURSE Sheff alfwayr laughing, She's alfways gay, She's alfways joking, The whole long day. Glee Club '43, '44, '45, Social Committees '43, '44, '46, Athletic Associa- tion '44, '45, '46, Prom Committee '45, Assemblies '45, Senior Reception Committee '45, Cafeteria '46, Senior Play-Jury, Senior Play Publicity Committee, Yearbook Stall-Business and Advertising. Page T-'wenty-Fo ur ' 17 CARMELITA THERESA MANDIN Pro Merito Commercial "CARMY" 173 Chestnut Street Szcnzrhnv With her charm and personality Everyone ir her friendg .4110 .the ha: real ability To reach :ucceu in the end. Glee Club '43, '44, '45, '46, Girls' Basketball '43, '44, '45, '46, First Team Letter, Athletic Association '45, '46, Senior Play Committee, Senior Play--Reporter, Yearbook Staff-Business and Advertising Editor, Varsity Club '46. ROGER PEABODY MANN UROGEU 82 North Street A leader for all to follow, 'Tir a bitter pill to rfwallbwf' Football '44, '45, '46, First Team Letter, Monitor '44, '45, Varsity President '44, Social Committees '45, Athletic Association '44, '45, '45, Senior Reception Committee Byrnes, Yearbook Staff-Sports Editor, Track '46, ELIZABETH WARREN McKAY Commercial -fuzz" Chestnut Su-get COMMERCIAL ARTIST She is gay, Free, and breezy, In a 'way That seem: easy. Glee Club '43, '44, '45, 246, Girls' Basketball '43, '44, Senior Play- Usher, Yearbook Stall-Typist. General MACHINIST A "Mann" of rportr or a social lad, "Home-work," .raid he, "makes me .radf Boys' Basketball '43, '44, '45, '46, Captain '46, First Team Letter, Letter, Baseball '45, '46, First Team Club '45, '46, Vice-President '45, '46, '44, '45, '46, Usher-Graduation '44, '46, Assemblies '44, Prom Committee '45, Boy's State '45, Senior Play- Page Twenty-Five HERBERT ANDREW MOSHER Pro Merito General "HERB" Sand Street AERONAUTICAL ENGINEER In .school he'.f alfway: quiei, But the rumor has begun That he really i.r a riot, And an awful lot of fun! Monitor '45, '46, Assemblies '45, Senior Play-Crandal, Yearbook Staff-Business and Advertising, Athletic Association '46, Track '46. IWARJORTE LOUISE MOULTON Pro Merito General "MARGIE" 14 Maple Avenue COLLEGE-TRAVEL Marjorie it a merry girl With ensemble.: and dreues galore, Keeping the boys' heartx in a whirl, .45 she fwallzs dofwn the corridor. Glee Club '43, '46, Athletic Association '43, '44, '45, '46, Social Com- mittees '43, '44, '45, '46, Girls' Basketball '45, '46, First Team Letter, A Capella Choir '43, Assemblies '43, '44, '45, '46, Prom Committee '45, Senior Reception Committee '45, Typing Award-31 words '46, Cheer- leader '46, Varsity Club '46, Office Girl '46, Senior Play-Peggy, Yearbook Staff-Photography. ALICE MARJORIE MGWATT General "POPEYE" 12 Vernal Avenue Hluxnltssszn Wherefuer Alice is afar Anita is hound to he, For boxom friends they are You all can readily see. Field Hockey '43, Athletic Association '44, '45, '46, Senior Play-jury, Yearbook Staff-Music. Page Tfwenty-Six Glee Club '43, '44, Girls' Basketball '43, '44, Girls' Softball '43, Girls' CHRISTINE MARIE MYERS Pro Merito 63 Neponset Avenue Full of moodx, and oftrn .thy With joy in fworle lwcll donr, Yrt nmwr fwill :he pau by A liltlr frolic and fun. Glee Club '43, '44, '45, '46, Social Committees '43g Assembly '43, Senior Reception Committee '45q Senior Play-Usherg Yearbook Staff- Artg Athletic Association '46. DELIA MAY PERKINS Coca sset Street I Sha' har a laugh that'.v mort hrarlyg I'm Jun' one and all fwill, agree, And fwhrn .fhr': thf life of the party, Both fun and good humor flofw fref. l l ' bl' ' G ee Cub '44, 45, '46, Assem les 44, Senior Play-Gert Grace, Yearbook Staff-Music. "CHRIS" "DELL" General EVANGELIST LENA PAULINE NARCISO Commercial COLIN!! 138 Spring Street SECRETARY llappy-go-lucky all Ihr day, Lrna lowrr to thatlrrg fllro .the laugh: in a .fprcial way, Wf are furry fond of thc lallcr. Glee Club '43, '44, '45, Social Committees '43, '44g A Capella Choir '-435 Cafeteria '43, '44, '45, Athletic Association '46, Senior Play-Usherg Yearbook Stall-Typist. Commercial SINGER Page Tfwvnty-Seven EDWARD ALFRED PETERSON Pro Merito College CKPETE,, 193 Main Street VETERINARY His gay Awil and laughter so mellofw, Combined fwith his ability to lead Make him a very pleasant fellofw, And an able president indeed! Class President '43, '45, '46, Social Committees '43, '44, '45, '46, Marshal-Graduation '43, Assemblies '43, '44, '45, '46, Monitor '45, '46, Prom Committee '45, Senior Reception '45, Usher Graduation '45, Boy's State '45, Oratorical Contest '45, '46, Glee Club '46, Football '46, Student Council '46, Magazine Drive-General Chairman '46, Senior Play-Publicity Committee, Senior Play-Mr. Gardner, Yearbook Staff- Business and Advertising, Athletic Association '46, FRANCES EVELYN PIGEON Pro Merito College "PIDGE" 175 Spring Street Docrck ' A flair for the musieal, a facile pen, A thorough studenl, a sportswoman too,' Energy and versatility fwithout end, Also a friend, tried and true. Glee Club '44, '45, Girls' Basketball '44, '45, '46, Captain '46, First Team Letter, Social Committees '44, Athletic Association '44, '45, '46, Women's Club Membership '44, '45, Senior Reception Committee '45, Washington and Franklin History Medal '45, American Legion Oratory Medal '45, Orchestra '45, '46, Assemblies '44, '45, '46, Oratorical Contest Winner '45, '46, Ofhce Girl '46, School Reporter '46, Senior Play--Olga, Senior Play Committee, Yearbook Staff-Sports, Varsity Club '46, Typing Award-37 words '46. SYLVIA ELIZABETH POTTER Commercial HSALU 88 North Street STENOGRAPHER To take trouble fwith a smile, Cool, calm and colleeted Is a fway that proves fworthfwhile, In a manner unaffected. Glee Club '44, '45, '46, Cafeteria '44, '45, '46, Social Committees '44, '45, Assembly '45, Typing Award-37 words '45, Senior Play-Jury, Yearbook Staff-Typist, Athletic Association '46, Page Twenty-Eight BARBARA lCS'l'lCLLIC SCHOOLS General "BARBIE" Central Street SECRETARY llrr john arf fwhnt youll fall "dry fwi!",' Sh1".r laughing all day long. "Barhir".r" ll girl A-who 4-will airways fl, For .fhr mukrs lifr' a mfrry Jong. Ulee Club '43, '44, '45, Social Committees '43, '44, '46, Athletic Associa- tion '44, '45, '46, Girls' Basketball '45, '46, First Team Letter, Prom Committee '45, Senior Reception Committee '45, Cafeteria '46, Senior Play-Press, Yearbook Staff-Business and Advertising. JOHN BAILEY SCHULZ General "-lOl'lNNlE" Green Street Manton. Resmucn John is our of our 1z'1'ry!l1r',vt llillll fall gootl looks, fzcith rourlrxy J'llfI'1'llll',' Surf' to rtaml frm in any tml, In xportr, or hooks, or l1fr'.f xrrm-. Football '43, '44, '45, '46, Captain '46, First Team Letter, Baseball '43, '44, '45, '46, First Team Letter, Basketball '46, First Team Letter, Varsity Club '44, '45, '46, Senior Reception Committee '45, Prom Com- mittee '45, Assemblies '45, '46, Athletic Association '46, Student Council President '46, Monitor Captain '46, Hi-Y Club, Brown Scholarship, Boy's State '46, Senior Play-Oscar Holm, Yearbook Staff-Sports, Track '46, l"RlCDlCRlCK ICIJVVARIJ SMALLWOOD Pro Merito Commercial "FRlCDI7Y" 21 Bird Street PUBLIC AccoUN'rANT llf'll fworh hartl lo warn ll rmmz' rlmong Ihr l11l.YlI1I'.l'J group, For four!-rr'pur!rr ix hit aim, mlm! hr".v .surf Io gr! his ".fcoop". Social Committees '43, '44, '45, '46, Monitor '44, '45, '46, Assemblies '43, '46, Senior Play-Publicity Committee, Senior Play-Dr. Lloyd Henry, Yearbook Stah'-Typing Editor, Typing Awards-37 and 47 words '45, Athletic Association '44, '45, '46, Hi-Y Club '46. Page Tecrrify-Nine 'f FRANCIS EDWIN SMITH General "FRANNIE" 154 Cocasset Street SPORTS PRoM0'rER A typical athlete, 'with shoulders broad, He plays an excellent game, Until someone upsets his record, ' Then his temper is aflame. Football '43, '44, '46, First Team Letter, Basketball '44, '45, '46, First Team Letter, Baseball '43, '44, '45, '46, First Team Letter, Varsity Club '43, '44, '45, '46, Track '46, Monitor '45, Athletic Association '45, '46, Senior Play-Attendant. NORMA SCHROTH SMITH Commercial "SMITTY" Morse Street HAIRDRESSER Norma is our fashion plate, With clothes the latest styl,e,' She can alfways get a date With her charming smile. Glee Club '43, '44, '45, '46, Girls' Basketball '43, '45, Social Committees '43, '44, '45, '46, Class Treasurer '44, Monitor '44, Senior Reception Committee '44, Usher-Graduation '44, Prom Committee '45, Typing Award-45 words '45, Athletic Association '46, Senior Play-Assistant Attorney, Yearbook Staff-Business and Advertising. l l ANNE BARBARA SVENSON General KKSVENH Mill Street NURSE Hlfways happy, full of cheer, She 'will make a perfect nurse, So respected and sincere, Her patients will never get fworse. Glee Club '43, '44, Social Committees '43, '45, Class Secretary '44, '46, Senior Reception Committee '44, Usher-Graduation '44, Student Council '44, '46, Secretary-Treasurer '46, Prom Committee '45, Senior Play- Assistant Attorney, Yearbook Staff-Photography, Athletic Association '46, Class Pin Committee '46. Page Thirty V KATHLEEN FRANCES SWEENEY Commercial UKAYU 153 Spring Street CLOTHES BUYER Quick ax a flath, .the'.t right on the hall, To cheer for our boy: is a pleaxure, Brim full of pep, :he yell.r for them all, With a cheery xmile, thrown in for good meaxure. Glee Club '43, '44, '45: Social Committees '43, '44, '45g Student Council '44g Cheerleader '44, '45, '46g Captain '46g Prom Committee '45g Senior Play-Pressg Yearbook Staff--Photographyg Varsity Club '46, Athletic Association '46. ROBERT WILLSON TRIPP KKBOBU In South Foxboro mort any day Robert will be found, To .tee if the wheel: go round. Football '46g Monitor '45, '46. MADELEINE IRENE ALICE WEIR General HDIDIH South Street Mlssiomtnv Her motto "To Serve," Her faith mort Jincere, Her quiet reserve, That'.v Madeleine Weir. Glee Club '43, '46g Cafeteria '44g Senior Play-Usherg Yearbook Staff- Business and Advertisingg Athletic Association '46. General Spruce Street AIRPLANE MECHANIC Tinkering with old ear: in hi.: unique way, Page Thirty-One weLl-UI h ' 4X 'fa 'ff f 2 w + Sc S OQDMJ 6 SC4 3 of bf " 1- Q ee V 'P Sr Q 'L w r . 'TER Q QKXWT SUNNY oi I ' QS- A3' ly H 3 9 SLQR TEST lu vi 4 kj .+ , ,, 'L 20 Q j'77','FvN't, S qv 1 ' ' uw. if 3 ' k M 'gr e 9' 1 0 ' .n 7 Qxqox MONSTROJ 'Ex . 6 Ox - .4 fjjk- 1 vin AT ,ll I xixig F44 QQ A zz' F .Q N .-P '-JPEG' X"-T7 'FOR A f its QQ QV 0 'X '9 3 'Z .L ,IO uw l 9 5 Q 'U I 1 7 9 on LOSE I ll. 0' "W on Q A ,ffm -ull mug 'fl1xQYfj" Q P -:NWT 6.9 H ' sf e xc' Q -'::' Jf,v',,w-N ru' X . X OU RCSSLII fx 'Ex 'C FSHDIT X f 95 CL'-YJ Y . 1 Y any QA V . f- 1 5 :A 5 P J- - s C 'I nr Lb-Whos S 3 'JB u gf .Q Q9 T l"l Cla l 4, gc it BOY Francis Clark Herbert Mosher Edward Peterson Edward Peterson Edward Peterson Richard Hennessey Roger Mann John Schulz John Schulz Richard Hennessey Richard Hennessey Roger Mann Roger Mann Robert Ferestien John Schulz Herbert Mosher Richard Hennessey Roger Mann Robert Ferestien Edward Peterson Richard Hennessey Robert Ferestien Richard Hennessey Herbert Mosher Edward Peterson Roger Mann Roger Mann Edward Peterson Richard Hennessey Richard Hennessey Francis Smith Roger Mann Roger Mann Robert Ferestlen Richard Hennessey Page Thirty-Four Hall of Fame Smartest Most Studious lllost Likely to Succeed Did Most for the Class of '40 Best School Spirit Most Popular Most Athletic Best N atured Best Personality Sweetest Smile N eatest Tallest Shortest Youngest Best Looking Best Dressed Most Tac! Best Dancer Ideal Couple M ost lllusical Most Respected Most Streamlined Best Line Joy of the Faculty Bane of the Faculty Noisiest Biggest Time Killers Play-boys - Pin-up Girls Winies-1 GIRL Frances Pigeon Frances Pigeon Frances Pigeon Virginia Kelly Virginia Kelly Anne Svenson Louise Falone Anne Svenson Anne Svenson Anne Svenson Helena jodice June Egner Janice Brown Phyllis Groome Helena Jodice Helena Jodice Virginia Kelly Louise Falone Anne Svenson Virginia Kelly Anne Svenson Norma Smith Marjorie Moulton Frances Pigeon Delia Perkins Delia Perkins Delia Perkins Norma Smith Anne Svenson Delia Perkins Af. 1. XR 'RYBX C53 i Q wa W: E cm eu- C H '4 ' I ,. 5 ii Long ago in the Kingdom of Learning there was a Royal Castle known as Foxboro High. Ruling over this kingdom was King Potter. There, a class of royal subjects. the Forty- Sixers, were guided through their first year by Lady Brawn and Lady Richards. Page Peterson with his assistants, Anita Burrill and Abigail Kimball, acted as leader of the Forty-Sixers. They were granted the privilege of presenting a Ball in honor of their entrance to the Royal Castle. lylany members of the class received merits towards their knighthood by taking part in the sports of the kingdom. After a short visit to the Land of Leisure, the is sa I, Forty-Sixers returned and were taken in hand by Lady Yulcna and Lord Goodwin. Page lylann with his aids Louise Falone, Anne Svenson, and Norma Smith, took over the class. To celebrate their return they presented another Ball. A few new members were striving for knighthood and several proved to be very talented in the sport world. ln a short while it was time for the annual trip to the Land of Leisure. Lady Inman and Lady Sullivan were placed in charge of them on their return. Page Peterson with his able assistants, Roger Mann, Jeanne Hoffman, and Virginia Kelly, resumed his posi- tion as leader. The Annual Ball, a strictly in- formal Barn Dance, was very enjoyable. Later in the season a Starlight Prom was presented and was worthy of the finest royalty. This year the class received rings as souvenirs of the days spent in the kingdom. The final year of the Castle of Foxboro High was reached. Lady Lipner guided the class and Page Peterson continued with the assistance of Roger Mann, Anne Svenson, and Helena Jodice. Those who had been so aggressive in the seasonal sports attained their knighthood in the last year. The leaders in these sports were John Schulz, Roger Mann, Francis Smith, and Frances Pigeon. The King's favorite jesters presented in court a mystery play, 'iThe lylissing Witness." The entire kingdom was invited to attend this event. So delighted was the Royal Domain with the presentation that, at command, a repeat per- formance was given. The class was prepared to proceed with plans for compiling the Royal lylemory Book and their trip to the City of Wonders. But, alas, the time arrived for them to leave their beloved King and Court for they were ordered to higher courts of business and fields of learning. Thus, we leave these loyal subjects, but l wonder . . . will they all live happily ever after? V. A. K. Class Prophecy JUNE 13, 1950 My main interest, at present, is in the future, because I may spend the rest of my life there. With this in mind, I shall invent a device that enables me to see into the future. I shall have to take quite a few atomic pills, before I have the necessary brain power to make this invention. It consists of radar and produces a ray which can spot out various people and will flash a vision before me, of their actions in the future. I shall demonstrate. Take myself, for instance. I write my name on a piece of paper and set a dial at ten years. I concentrate the ray on the name and flash! What happens? I find myself as a nurse, busily engaged in assisting some famous brain specialist in New York. Now that you see how the machine works, I shall proceed to peek a sneak, I mean sneak a peek, into the future of my fellow classmates. Did I hear some one say, "You'll be sorry ?" Oh well, here goes nothing. I"ll concentrate my machine on Anne Svenson first. The ray finds her at the Massachusetts General Hospital, working as head nurse, and that looks like Bob Ferestien, breaking his own arm outside the hospital. Fink made a break for the hospital in order to get a break from Anne, I guess. In the same hospital, the ray spots out Virginia Kelly in one of the wards, with a leg and an arm elevated. Poor Virginia! She must have been driving another car. The scene changes, and I see Barb Schools wearing stripes. Yup, she is up the river. She finally got caught driving her car around the common, past the cruiser, and without a license. I turn the ray on Mary Lynch's name and immediately I see the Bay State, as might be expected., She must have bought the place, so that she could be behind the soda fountain, when a certain Charlie from Attleboro dropped in. My ray picks up Norma Smith up on Chest- nut Street. She is still living under the name of Smith all right, but it's been changed to .....Mrs. Louise Falone's name now comes under the ray, and I see that she has become a business woman. She now owns and operates the Lake Pearl Dance Hall. She decided it would be cheaper to buy the place. Incidentally, she also owns the bus line that goes over there. She always did have trouble getting to Lake Pearl. The ray picks up Janice Brown and Helena jodice in their new dress shop, designing their Page Thirty-Swan latest creation in a dress, "The Atomic Special" or "Standing Room Only." I see Carmelita Mandin has settled down in a cute little bungalow, since she left town with a hop, "Skip," and a jump. There's June Egner and Mary Livesey, busily engaged in writing their latest book, 'iThe Long and the Short of It." Herbert lllosher never took sports in High School, but I see that he has finally found a way to make up for the exercise he lost. He goes to the horror movies twice a week and lets his flesh creep. The scene flashes to Washington, as I focus the ray on Phyllis Knox. She is a secretary to some big shot. Foxboro High Office girls certainly go places! Bob Tripp's name is up next, and a little night spot comes into view. The sign post reads, "Tripp's Terrific Tea Room." Edna Dumas is working there as his cook. Her latest dish is the "Dunker's Delight," a doughnut with a handle. Next I see Jean Beach playing her violin in some symphony orchestra in New York. That's a reflection from the days when she played in the high school orchestra. The ray flashes to Broadway, and we see our old class comedienne, Delia Perkins, starring in Page Thirty-Eighl 'R 'f. a play called, "Glamour Gal." She always was an "Eyeful Tower," even in the "Senior Play Dazef' I put Roger Mann's name beneath the ray and a football game flashes before me. The female spectators, Cinstead of watching the gamej, are all swooning over the new coach, who happens to be none other than Roger. Times haven't changed much, have they? What's this? The radar ray spots the F. H. S. cafeteria, and there I see Kathleen Sweeney, still sitting there after all these years, trying to find a way to get out of those benches gracefully. The ray picks up Peter Groome coming down the street and we see that he is now a gentleman farmer. A11 he raises is his hat. I see that Fran Smith gave up the ice business and now works in a morgue. He is dissatisfied with his work though. He says that it's too dead. I see Francis Clark back in the F. H. S. Chem- istry Lab, busily engaged in some sort of atomic experiment. He is still determined to blow up that lab one way or another. I find Lena Narciso still eating at Sherwood's Restaurant, and she still likes the food done up "Brown," I see Marjorie La Moulton is a blues singer on the stage, on Broadway, singing the current hit, "What Happened to My Mann ?" Still focusing the ray on Broadway, I see that Clare Kennedy is the star in a new M.G.M. production entitled, "There'll Never Be Too Many Women," or "Variety Is the Spice of Life." Clare says that most of the trouble in the world comes from Miss-Representation. The ray spots Sally Inman in college, working for a MRS. degree. We see that Anita Burrill has married some millionaire's son. It must have been a case of love at purse-sight. It seems that Alice Mowatt is raising dogs now, and the ray picks her up, as she is walking down the street with her prize spaniel and its quin- puplets. The ray finds Jean Goodwin is a reducing specialist. The sign outside her shop reads, "Come In, What Have You Got To Lose ?" The ray picks up Elizabeth McKay in a little cottage. She married a radio comedian, and they now have three little punsters. Well, what's this that the ray is spotting out? -An All Girl Orchestra. - What connection could that have with my classmates? Why, there is a man leading the orchestra, and it's none other than Richard Hennessey, combining his two weaknesses, music and women. I see Phyllis Groome and Madeleine Weir making a business of designing bathing usuits. Their latest creation is the "General MacArthur Swim Suit," guaranteed to land a man on any beach. The ray seeks out Freddie Smallwood, and finds that he is still apparently trying to further his education. He always was interested in visit- ing "Schools" I see than Joan Davison now teaches dancing. Her latest step is the "Davison Twist." Eudora Anthony became heiress to millions, but due to the heavy taxes she says, "All I am, or ever hope to be, I owe!" Now I see an advertisement. It's an advertise- ment of Frances Pigeon's latest concoction. It reads "Is Your Pan Petering Out? Try Dr. Pigeon's Triple Threat Tonic, a sure way to reconversion l" The scene changes to the wilds of India, and we see Marion Childs and Christine Myers working there as missionaries. Sylvia Potter has taken over Fannie Farmer's business. Those years at Lowney's proved profit- able. Page Thirty-Nine Jean Hoffman has been elected the best dressed woman in the country since the Duchess of Windsor died. She always dressed well in school. I put Eddie Peterson's name beneath the ray next, and look what happens. I see him at NBC network. He has taken over the show "Can You Top This", by a new program of jokes. Pardon me, did I say jokes? The program was entitled "Peterson's Punk, Preposterous Punsf' His slogan is, "Laugh or Leave." Oh dear, to think the American public will have to listen to all that corn, as we Seniors do now. Page Forty The program was sponsored by Schu1z's famous, invigorating, "Moo-Cow Milk," guaran- teed to build you up or break you down. I knew Johnnie would become a famous man, one way or another. Well that takes care of all of my classmates, and I had better hide this machine before my classmates take care of me in some unpleasant manner, due to what my machine has prophesied. I will now take my leave, hoping that no one will take offense, because who knows what offense I meant? That's my one ray of hope. L. F. B. Class Will We, the Class of '46, do hereby declare this to be our last Will and Testament, and declare it is not the truth, nothing like the truth, so help us-Hannah. To MR. HOYT, we leave our thanks for a very "swell" year. To MR. POTTER, we leave a deep sigh of relief. . To THE FACULTY, we leave the memory of the best class ever to enter F. H. S. To THE UNDERCLASSMEN, we leave a completely new set of erasers to replace those worn out in this year's battle. EUDORA ANTHONY leaves a book of Emily Post's entitled, "Manners While Eating," to RUSSELL SCOTT. JEAN BEACH leaves her typing ability to FRANCIS "3-Words-A-Minute" DOLAN. LORRAINE BRITTON leaves to take up her position as a miner. She wants to dig Pete, -peat, that is. JANICE BROWN leaves a partly used bottle of "Come Hither" perfume, several man traps, and snares to JANET CI'm desperatel SPILLANE. ANITA BURRILL leaves a thermometer to ANNE ENGLEY to see how high her blood can Boyle. MARION CHILDS leaves a gag to MARGIE MacKAY to help her keep her mouth shut at all times. f FRANCIS CLARK leaves to have a good time with ALICIA MELLON. JOAN DAVISON leaves her famous title of "Butt-Fiend" to NANCY LILLYMAN. EDNA DUMAS leaves a set of false teeth to CHARLES LACEY to prove to him that his bark is worse thanvhis bite. JUNE EGNER leaves her marvelous genius for poetical expression to LEIGH Shakespeare Milton Poe GODFREY. LOUISE FALONE leaves to become a taxi- driver. It seems that plump drivers are the style in Foxboro. BOB FERESTIEN leaves a loaded gun, several knives, a rope, and some poison, to be used when anyone, who takes six subjects, can't stand it any longer. JEAN GOODWIN leaves a pair of ear-plugs to MISS SHEVLIN so that she can go to next year's Senior Play without embarrassment. PETER GROOME leaves to help Van Johnson take care of his feminine admirers. PHYLLIS GROOME leaves BOB ARDREY weeping and wailing in Room 1. DICK HENNESSEY leaves several pictures of Peaches to her old fan, JIINIMY ROACH. JEAN N E HOFFMAN leaves singing "Night and Day." SALLY IN MAN leaves her sweet smile and happy-go-lucky air to that tall, handsome Romeo, ALAN DWYER. HELENA JODICE leaves a television set to BILLY FULLER so he can watch her every minute. CGuess where she bought' it.J VIRGINIA KELLY leaves a large piece o green ribbon to GUY JODICE so he can cele- brate St. Patrick's Day in style next year. CLARE KENNEDY leaves. his athletic powers to BRUCE QCharm Curll WEBER. Page Forty-One PHYLLIS KNOX leaves RUDY NAR- CISO 55.00 to buy ANNE RUMINAS a new pocket-book, in which to keep her personal belong- ings. MARY LIVESEY leaves her doll-like size to BARBARA CURTIS. MARY LYNCH leaves to become a model for Borden's Milk Ads. CARMELITA MANDIN leaves hoping to "go to town" with a Skip. ROGER INIANN leaves his high scholastic standing to JOHN LYNCH. ELIZABETH McKAY leaves her favorite parking spot on Chestnut Street to JOHN SHAHABIAN, for him and ANGIE. MARGIE MOULTON leaves one for the balcony. ALICE MOWATT leaves her ability to get along with all of the teachers to ROY BRACKETT. HERBERT MOSHER leaves a reserved seat in that certain theatre on Hanover Street to CLAIRE PEACH. Then, she won't have to rush. CHRISTINE MYERS leaves her quiet, down-to-business attitude to those two jumpy, jerky Juniors, CLARK and THRASHER, who really need it. LENA NARCISO leaves a 5100.00 bill to LUMPY LOMBARDI, so that all students can open their purses and need not be afraid of having to give him any money. DELIA PERKINS leaves her pin-up figure to DONALD NEELY. EDWARD PETERSON leaves, holding up his good behavior, as an example, to HENRY VIERKANT. Page Forty-Two FRANCES PIGEON leaves reminding us all that Smith Bros. give the most protection to public speakers-"Chico" that is .... SYLVIA POTTER leaves her vim, vigor, and vitality to ALBERTA fLackadaisicalj KELLY. BARBARA SCHOOLS leaves a bottle of arsenic to MR. GOODWIN. K JOHN SCHULZ leaves that 1946 Chrysler Truck, he goes around in, to EDDIE CCar- Wreckerl CRICHTON. FREDDY SMALLWOOD leaves to see "Bubbles" in her new show. FRANCIS SMITH leaves singing, "Oh, Alice, Oh Alice! Where Art Thou ?" NORMA SMITH leaves declaring that all Smith families aren't in the ice business. ANNE SVENSON leaves her lady-like mane ners to SHIRLEY QSlineyQ COOK. KATHLEEN SWEENEY leaves two over- sized pillows to be used as ear-muifs to JOHN MORTON. ' BOB TRIPP leaves a pig to those well-known pig lovers, ROCKWOOD, WOOD, AND REX. MADELEINE WEIR leaves a pair of Polaroid Sun Glasses to any Sophomore who can't stand the sight of Mrs. Lipner's red scarf during Fifth Period English. Our worldly possessions, having been disposed of, we leave, hoping that no offense was taken for none was intended. Witnesses: Lauren Uust whistle, Bacall Horatio T. Klunk Kody Hoffman F LC-RAH Nm 1lIl'll He-ft In rightj W Sully Illlllllll, Ilwrffwrl .1ln.rln'r, f,'ar'1ln'lila .Uull.lln, l,IlIli.l'l' lfnfnrlw, l"1'ulnr.v 1 lirlrnn, I,'l1r'f.rll1lf .llywlin lllklllljl llc!! to rlghlj --- Llurf' lxrlllinlwy, l1nl'lL'!II'n! l'r'lrr.m11, .xIllV'llll'I1' Jlrfilllrfrl, l'H'1ff11fu K1-llr, l"rr.lf'1'i1l' Slll4lH4'lL'IlIlLl, I'.l'IllI1j.! Iflurlx Q ' .lunr lfgfnrr fZlh5f'lll,. Pro NIQe1rirt w Society l,I'l'.Njl!I'lIf - ll:-:Rl lilu' Nlusilrak l'iwf-l'rf.xiflf'ffl f lflcxxvls k'l,,x1u4 S1n'fl11fQ1' f--A 'All ISI4' l'1Xl,'iYlf 'l'rrf1.w1m'r "'f - Yllzmzlxlx K1-il.l.Y 'lllu' Pm Xlvritu Suvivty uf Class :X Kl:lsw:ln'lll1m'tIa High Svllouls llzls ll a'll:lpt1'x' lll l'nxlmru llxgll t5l'lI4Nll. I Ins lx rx Illlflllllill lIllI1UI'1lIj sfwlm-ty tn i'l1UllIl'IlQi' Jlllll pmlnotv hugh wn'lluI:ll'sl1lp :lml l'Xl4l'HK'I1I wtzlmlzlralw ui wlmul wurk. 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Iznnan, Plzylliy eaurbook Staff s I'im't11l'c .Xlmvc 1'1'I'1NfJ.XYD I'numc.1z.wm Seated ilcft lu riglmtb-.lruu f1Il1lxfflL'l1I, l"rul1'ri1l' SIVIIIHQCYIYIJ, l.n11i.w' l"ulu11r, lfllnfl' ard llf'11m',x'.v1'y, .Um'jnr'ir Allllllffllll, Stamling tiefx tu rigllty-.lulzfrr lirfmwl, .lui 11111' llllfffllllll, l'l1-ylfim' lx'l1u.x', .lmlu IJl1'l'i.VII71, Syl-N11 l'nlff'r, Ifnillll lhzrrzm, .Harfnlz lfllflllx, l.l'llll uYa1'f'i.m, lfr1uni.x f:l1ll'A', .lnnr S-z'r'11,v1m, llflflllljlll' lirfllu 11, fXY!lf!Ill'l'lI S'LL'l'l'lIl'-1'. PiL'YllI't' to the La-ft lilfslxlass Axxlv Sl'UR'l'5 Seated Qleft In I'iQ2,'hIH'l,llIIl,H' Ifrllurzr, LvIlI'V71I'Hf1I JIIIIILHII, Rnffwr Jlrlllll, Iffumm Ijiflfflll, Nnrnzu Smilff. Standing il:-ft xo riglxli--IIf'r!frrf .llu.x!n'r, Prfrr Grrmrlrr, lhffccflruf l'1'lrr.wl1, Jlfnlf- lfim' lfwir, .Vary I.J'lI1'!I, liarllura S1l1nnl.x Rnlwrf 1'.l'I'I'J'ffl'7I, Clarf' lx'r11f1fulY1', l"7'U1I1iA Smillf, .lflllll Sflzulz. A Yearbook Staff In presenting this yearbook to the public, we have sought in every way to make it the best publication possible. This year, the price was raised to 52.00 because we felt that this was an unusually reasonable price for our yearbook compared with similar publications of other schools. Acknowledgments At this time, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Alice D. Brawn for the many hours she spent with us preparing our yearbookg to Miss Katharine Hastings for the fine work she did in proof-reading our materialg to Mrs. Doris Sullivan who supervised the typing: and to Miss Barbara Shevlin who gave us many valuable suggestions and who also carried all our material to Bickford Engraving Company. Finally we express our appreciation to all who in any way, directly or indirectly, made our yearbook possible. We thank sincerely all those who so kindly and generously advertised in our yearbook or who were on our donor page. We urge you to patronize our advertisers as much as possible. Page Forty-Five 5555639 dfsle gui a ffxiggtlfo some imc! A I 0742 pf-,fygfg ffzpgg ggygf, 'Qoocf Lullkj MIC Q6?l'AfGy' , .am 5 cofonerffn ' K 8 ...Qu AI Mow 232' you are one beef Pam m 268 hQcff.f" Qfrfve Mffsmngv 1f1fiffm25x 'f" . f6u?e fvreffy cfeyeh Cranabf 'Qfczfedf fo yeffafofofes, ,ffngf but yea!!! never Q96 fbere 5?!f'J'LL fm fmufwz fm V f- .f 4' money ff? 'a!o,0f'e ltr-1 rnw tlrft tu rightj - .1l111'j11r11' .1I1111lf1111, l,1:11111' l"11l11111', l"1'111111'.v I'1111'1111, F1'111111.1' f.',1lVA', l,u1'r111111' l1'11'll1111, lI1'1'l11'1'f .1l11.wl11'1 R11l1111'.l Il1'11111'.s.-1'y, l:'1l1111 IJ11m11.v, J1'1111 l1'1'111l1. Vtllll' row tlvft tu rigghlj - l'1'l1'1' flr11111I11', f,'f1l1'1' K1'llll1'1ly,R111f1'l' Jlllllll, R11f11'I'l l't1'l'1'.1'ff1'lI, 111111. l.ff11l1'l', 1"l'1lIl1'j.Y Smtlfl f,'1111111'l1l11 .1l11111l111, .lllflll S1l111lz, lf1lf1L'111'1l' l'1'l1'1'.v1111. lhirml row th-it tu rightj -v .l1'1111111' Il11ff1111111, I'l1yll1.v lx'1111.v, lf111'l1111'11 .S'1f11111l.1, Sflllhl' I111111111, l'f1yllf.1 l1'1'11111111', JI111-1' I.-l'lll'lI, .I11111 .S'11'1'11.11111, lvtlflflllll lx'1'll-y, .l111I11 IfIlV'l'fH, lx'11lf1l1'1'11 Sf'1:1'1'111'-1',.Y111'11111 Sllliffl. The Scmimr Pllay "'l'lllC MISSING XVITX INS 11 Htl IIIIIIMIJN .mtl lllllllf 1-vvllltngx, slllllllllfj 31 :tml l'1i'ltl'llZll'j' I, tht- Si'lliIlI'N pl'un'11tctl "'l'In- Mi-Ning XV1ttlvw," at 1'm1l't1'111nn 1111-Intl: Illll 111 thru ltlx lx thlutmd lllldK'l'lIN'i'Ill1ZllDI1' NllIll'I'YINlltll 111 Mrs Holt-n H'l7t'll Ilt Th . 1' " , 5 .l Y Ili' I' x' AIIIIHUS R1-ztvh. 'I'hv play wil:- 1' llfflltll of tht- 1-ntirc play tulwx plzlvc in thu- SIIPVCIIH' Court, 'l'hi1'd llistrirt, County uf Hllllllflill 'l'h stun nf tht pllx annum- thn tlitl uf 1 Xtbllllg tcllux Hahn - - rvlllIlIg4lIIll'I'f, who has plc-11111-tl guilty tu 11 rhztrgc uf llHlll5lIlllKhll'I' on-11 thnugh shr li nnntwm-nl C l1't'llIllsI'lIlII'l .. -,- .- . 4 . 5 mldmlltt iw .t1,.1inxt het front tha- lN'f1illIlill1,I. Ht-1' IJlH'yl'l', :tlsu hcr fHllll'l', fl'll'N lu Clcztt' hot' uf thc l'hlll'jl,i'. WVith tht- Illlllt'ZlI'2lIli'l' uf .Xlivr Rztynmml, thr hl'I'l1ilN"5 xistcr, CYilit'IlL'l' turn- in hl'l' f.1xu1. Hn-It-11 IH atvqltlttccl and thc I71Nt1'1t'r .Xtturm'y, himwlf, is 1'o11vi1'tA'd, 1-Xu divltrc' p:11'tit'ip:tti1m was mad tn thc plwx It pruvctl tu hs il hugn- Nlll'1't'NN .Xt thu tum-, tht- bcniux' Claw unuhl likv lu 1'wp1'1-NN tt- dup 'lPltI'K'l'l'llltlll in tll t'tlIlII'IIlLlIl'd Ill Illilkllljl tht- plzlx Nurh Il tm-111111 tlwlt 'l'h c l'1lwl nf t'h1lI'lll'lK'l'N wcrv :ls fnlluwsz A111-11d.1nt utlgv C Tilllllill H11 rklvy C4lt'l'k Ui :1lI:1h:111 ll:-lvn D13 lla lixrluw lilstim' '11 ry l"1' 5Il'llllgl'Jll1hl'l' l'n1'111111.1 .S'1111lf1 l"1'111111,r l,'l111'k lf1'l'f11'1'f .Ur1.tfl1'1' Rlrl f1111'1l II1 11111',vy1"1' l,l'fl'I' Grrzrfltlr' f.'l111'1' lx'1'11111'JA1' l,111'r111111' lffflfflll 1'1l1'1A11L' S11111ll1c1111.l l3u1f1'1' .xlllllll I,11111.11' I"1ll11111 J1111111' lfl'Il'1L'Il 111'1':1siu11. 1 lhtm' uhu xllllfllll .,1'l1ll 1111111114111 Rn'pm'l1-1' l.'111'1111'l1r11 .H1111.I111 Gvrt D1'l111 l'1'1'ki111- Olga l"1'11111'1',v Pi1f1'1111 rxliw' l:'J1111 1111111111 Axlllif R11l11'1'l l"1'1'1'.vl1111 f1lll'dlll'I4 If1lqc111'.l l'1'l1'1g11111 llnlm .l11l111 S1f111l: l'cpL11y .1l111'j111'11' .lIu11ll11'1 MIN AIUIIVS .l1'111l lf1'111!1 I'1Ul'Q'lllZlll ' - .S allj I111111111 l'11g11' l"111'ly-S1'1'1 W0 NO ig C X IL ax 55 55 E 11-fi ss 6 First row llefr to rightj - Harlmrn lflllljfll, jlllfffllllll Jolly, Nrzzzfy Gullrml, .Vary SlllllT'tHl, .IIIIIZIKY RIIlIl'll, Flora Crlmlflrl, Guy .lmlluy qllln' Iirn-uw, Dmzzr Illlllfllll, I,U1ll.H' F11A'l1'l'. Second row llc-fr to rightj - Joyff Slf1llfl,S0lIj!I lllnfk, h1!l1llj,'BVlff!l,V, .llarjurlf Jlffrzzzl, Pllylliy Cullfy, Ijflflllflj' Fax, .Vary l,uu I.1lll4lI'j', Juan Allllfllfml, Jflllllll' Irunx, .Uarjurzf Kay, D urnllfy l'0mfrr'l. Ithird row llc-ft to rightj f- Ilarry Rra, Ifllfwin fjflffllflll, lfalfwr lfmly, Nrnzfy Llllylllflll, Janfl Spillallr, JIYIII Bllfkll'-1', .'llln'rl11 Kwlly, Clairz' I'f'a1'l1, Rullnljvll lyIlI'l'lA'Il, lx'1'11m'Il1 Turn1'r, Jllflll Sfllllllllllllll. Fourth rms llcft to rightj - Grfnlnn ll1'fl'l1'A',.lUfIll I,j'Ill'!l,1fl'Il4'1' II'1'lu'r, Avfllllffh l'ill.vl1ury, .lolm Jlnrfun, Riflmnl lflurk, lI'ullm'f' Smith, lmlylf Cmljrwy, Damllll Tl11'1uln'r'. Junior Class l'f-mizlmf - -Ilxxllis Rfucu l'iff'-l'1'z'.x'lflw1f - GLY LIUIJICH Swwffzry - AI,-XRY Sli1.I,lv,xx y'l't'I1,VllI't'I' -- l"1.uR,x C,xNn1sl..x MO'l"1'U "True In Gull, rlvflll' to Cvflllllflw, 7'l'llf' to Self." COLORS Green and Silver Page Fiffy In I rms fllh mu - - V 'ight W- .,ll,1'l'fPlI limlunl, .1!l7lll',1' l,1lfZL'.ffIll, l,runu l'rfrr.enr1, lfllflfllfll l,'u'li.v, .l1'IllI1'lI'1' Snmll, Rl'1fmr'.f f.'lIl'lt'fllll In-nffllflff' lflufu, .lull lw'r'ffu.mr1, l'uullm' .lf1fl'.vur1, f,'f11Jm'1 Rrflnn.l.mr1, Iirllllvlllll llf Ilulwr. ruml rem llvil In rightj 7 Rn1nllJ.N'r1fu'lflll, I.'fm'k Ilmnlllun,l'j1'11i11n1 lhlr, Ruluwlfl 'l'rljvff, l,ur1i.w Ihlgflfy, .lu-riff' llmlgfr ,llnf .S41fllIlZ, lfuffrll Kml'f1L'nml, Krllllflfl .l11.lf'1'xr11l, Ifrlnr I',I'I'f!Il.HIll.- Inlgmr f.'ur1ll.rl1. Sophomrmrc Cllass l'w.vifIr11f -W XI vm min S'l'Iilil,Ii lin-l'r-wiflwrzf V RIYH XIQIJ CXlCI.I'l'1iN Sl'l'l'1'flll'Vl' f f YIRHIYIX llxx' 'l'mm11fw- V A Cll5icxl,lrlxlc l R .xx NH J'I"l'U U-N'4r'K' lflz' lI,l'.NfH U4 DIA IRS xl2lI'HUll :mal llulsl lhilzl nm tlvfz In right! -- Ilar'ul.l Riflfzmly, 1101111111 I'iA'r,IJff1m.'.l I,'f1prfl, l"1'umn ljlllllll, .luffn Uurnfrl, ll'illium lfllllrr' l'1lg1r l"ifIy-Ulf: Front row lleft tn rightb - fifllffll' Lillyman, John Wfhh, :lua'r1'y Rusxwll, .loan ll'i11.vlafu.', Carla Gunrull, ,Uyrllw Ri1'llanl.v, Jvyrz' IJIIIIIIIN, Gwfrmli' Grin, .llarilyn Brofwn, liarliara P1'afnz'lr, Jlarvia Ynungf, liarhara ,1It'lYIII7I1ll'II, I,ni.v llillrr, llfury l'll'I'h'1IIIf, Nril Rm'l1i'. Second row lleft to rightj -1iruz'1'S1nifl1, Lois Britlon, Lillian T1lI'IIiZL'.Yh'l, Lorraizlr Sylfuia, lYan1'y lllI'l.L'IlI'xl, Rila Di'fUim', .lliiia Jlrllrnz, Illlffllllll' l,11mlry, Hlflflllllllll' l1"i'ln'r, Jlary Prr'fu',lilla Ryan, :Iliff Cnlhy, l1I'I1f?'ll'I' IJafz'i.v, llazfl Dnlail, Cyillhia lil11r'mfr, liarhara fllllllfllll, Jarqflflinf Small, Jarnm Ljnrh. Third row llefl to rightj - lffilliam IAIINIII, lV11llrr lV1'ii', Burlnn L'lIl'l'l'lIIl71, lli'z1r'1' lVn1nl, llfilliam Rrx, Rifhanl Lilzfiflil, Rayinninl .1lu,vhrr, Philip A-lfuwxzirzri, Charlzxv Ryan, ,'1ll!I'ff llutflzirzx, Rifhanl Srhaaf, John lfullrr, Ifmil illlfflflfl, Philip .Uz'll11yh. Fourth row llc-ft to rightj - Rrilifrl Grf'1'11fLcr1ml, Ifl-zcrzml Dlorxr, Sfanlfy llillrr, Eillwanl lfinxlufw, Ru.v.wll Swirl, Samufl Akllifllll, Rlflllllll IXIIJYIII, Jamfs Stvin, Rohrrl Childs, Nfil fl'I'fl1IJlIlI, Rzzxffll Iifnl, Harry Jlllllljllll. Freshman Class l'rfzviflf'11t - xVlI,I,I.XM REX lrlt'l'-PI'FA'llll'IIf - ALICIA lX1EI,l,UN St'l'I't'flll'.1' - NORMA NI.-XIX 'l'r1m-:nw - CSEURGE Ll1.1,YMAN MOTTO' "Habit ix a fahle. IVF uwliie a llII'f'Y1i'l of if e1'w'y1lz1y, and at lax! 'LUI' finfl 'ICI' 171111101 break it." COLORS Crimson and Gold Payf Fifly-Tfu'u Illllll mu ll1-H 111 right? -'A .l11l111 .l11lf11'l1'I, 'l'1111111 Tull, liwlly .l1111 .1llIIA.Yl', T11111 A'IllliA'Il"l', 111111111 Rltfll, .l11l111 IJ11l1111, ll'1lll1'1 S11111, .ll111,1!111 ll'1',1l, JI11111' lf1111l1'y, lI'ill111111 I,,1'll1ll, !.'f1111'1'1',1 lfurl, l,Ili.Y II1'11111,11111, 1Y111'11m I'1'111111'L', 11111111111 R111l'f1:1111.l lf111l111r1l .l111111111', .f111l'11' I1'1A1'1'1l1'. 1111I 11111 11141 111 11111113 4 R11l1111 l"11.1l1'1', .lllfffl Krllry, l.'!1111l1'.1 .lI1.ll1,1'l1'11, ll'1llia111 l"11,1'I1'1', I1'1'111' l11.U111':111, J11111' ffflfllflllli 1l111111'ry II11111111, If111'lf111'11 Il1'11111'.1.11'y, ll1'r1111'1' f,'1'111'y, .lI111 1' IV1'-1'1r111y1'1A, .ll111'111'1'-1' .ll1lx'11y, I.'111'11l .1I11,x'1'.1'. .1I111'y 11114111111 I.'111'11l1'11 ,ll111111', IV11111111 .Y1.11l, l'11111'11r li111'1'111111, l.1'.1Iw1' .ll1lL1lll1'j', lI'1ll111111 Sl11'jf11'l1l, .l1'. lhllli 1 - ms II1-fl 111 righlb 7 f.'l111'1'1111' Rflmlrllf, R11-1'1r111111l slllfffl, lI1'1111'.l ll'1'lfl1, l:'111l1' l"1'1'1111.11111, Roy l711r,1ylf11', R11'l1111'.l l,1111111ll1', 11111111111 lx'1'11l1'1', II11l111'1',1' .ll111',1'l111ff, Jlrlzwl T1ll1111, lJ1'1l11 l,1'lf111'1111, fillfxlilll llr1'1'111', K1'11111'Il1 R11l1111'.l.11111, lI1'111'111 l,'111111fl. l111111h 11m tlwil I11 ripghll - 4 li1'1111y 1X'11.1'1111, Il111j1l111111 U'.S'11ll1-T1111, R11-1'11111111l lI11y,ll1'1'l11'1'l ll1'1l.1'l1'11111, ll'1lf111111 lf1'1'1'1l1', .llrlffflfil l11ll11111A1'. K11!1111.l 'l'11111.x'. R11y11111111l ll'111'.1l1'1, l.'fm1'l1'.1' ,Y1.v1l, R11lm1'.l II1'1l.1'l1'111n, Ri1'f1111'1l l.'l1'-z'1'l11111l. .IIIIIII ll'1'l1l1. 0 GIFHUIC IEIIQHWIT l'1'1.111l1111 Rl1'HA1u1 'l'1zl xx 1111-l'11-111111111 lil-"1"1'Y :Xxx Nlulzsl-. S11 1'1'1111'1--'l'1'1'111'1m 1' --rr Ii X!lI'.XIL.X :X1x111x 1-, NH J'l"l'U "f'.'-r'1'1'v1' 1111111 11111.11 1'1l11111l1' f11111.1'1'fj. H11 f1f111l'.1 111111 l1'1l1'fl1'11w 111'1 fflll ll1'ffU,' lfI1' 1if11'14' fl1.x'.H L'UI,l1RS IH111' :xml il11l1I IH1111' Iii!-fvl'-vl.lll'1'l First row lleft to rightj - Rirllanl Nrfwrll, l'im'rnl Rnmiglio, EIlfwaf1lIlo.w'pi1u1 William Rollin Tllrlma Bzoiun 131111111 llomwlfw, IJIIVIHIIYI Fostfr, lVilIla lllgnffl, Slliflry DUH1lll.f,JlIIl7I!I1' fllfllllllf, Avllflllll Jo Inf I'l1anor AFIJVIII Bzullara AI1'1fJ Ifurtou Nwuwll, R0lll'I'f ll"il.vo11, Ronald Tuz'nI'r, Josfph Nlxfl. Sevuxui row lleft to rightb - l'iryinia Dorsfy, plllrz' I-Illfn, Pnirifia Dofwnx, Elizalufll 0 I 0117101 Jzan Randall -lun R51111 Paula Sllfll, Nanfy ollzfllony, JIUIIKI' Roafh, Barbara Thrashrr, qlIlflaiIlr Poffrr bjlfzla Truflson Aorma fan Rall: Cllihlx, Lillian Parlewr, Ptllflflll Dumax. Third row Heft to rightj - Sl1'ph1'11 I,lr1fi1'lIl, lValtrr Cook, lVallfr lllain, Thomas lI7l'6I'lf Jolla Sanfonl John llouanl lfIlfIL'i11 I'11ml1'11ln'ryl1f, Jolla Balllfift, Rolfrrf B1'afz'1', Frm! Balerr, Cllarlfs fllIl!ll07lI Raymrzml llllhaj ll Illfam llolmn FV'!llIl'l.Y Slfiu, lfIl4u'arIl lVarIl, Robfrt Smilh. Fourth row Qleft to rightj - Lymzr' Carlrlon, Judith I4mlrrfw.v, Shirlfy Coyle, Rnlfanl Poftn Rnlnml W fszult Wzllzam ll1',lf'1'l'!II1lI, Cllllflhl 1"l1Imlr'r.r, Frml I-I Pago lfifly-Ifolzr nihony, Elvanor Fimllfy, Ellzallfth Gofvz Jounm fillltf Jam' Donolall Grade Seven l'n'.vi1lfvzI - WII.l.IfXNI ROIILIN'l'-1,I'l'.YlIlFlIf A IQIJWARD HtDSEl'I.'XN Swrrtory - -I.-xNIz DUNOVAN Treasurer - VIRGINIA DORSIZY MOTTO "Befair,'p1uy sqznzref' COLORS Green and Gold ,i, 5. E f XA! Q? 1. i,-L - First row Cleft to rightj,- Captain John Schulz, Rohcrt Ardrcy, Leigh Godfrfy, Jamrx Roarh,Ed1win Crichton Rlrhard Flork Francis Smith. M. Second row lfleft to rightj -- Rohfrt FI'fF5fil'7l, Clan' Kr-nnfdy, Roy Bfllfkffl, Guy Jodirf, John Shahahian, Coarh Crrtusf Coofh - JOHN P. CERTUSE Captain - JOHN SCHULZ Monagrr - FRANCIS CLARK jrxislarzt Monagrrx - RUSSELL BENT Page Fifty-Six - WILLIA M lV1C.AI.ISTER The 1945 football season was one of the most memorable in the history of Foxboro High School. The members of the team will remember it for many reasons- the privilege of working under Coach john P. Certuse, whose technique and knowledge of football were so inspiring to the squad that he brought out the best talents in each individual playerg the great victory over Nlanslieldg and the smart appearance and hard work of our cheerleaders. The members of the football team take this opportunity to extend their grateful thanks to the faculty for its sincere cooperation, and to the townspeople for their unforgettable support. The results of the season are given below: ' Foxboro '6 -If Weston 6 Foxboro 6,2 5 ' Stetson 19 Foxboro O Ashland 12 Foxboro 16 Medway 14 Foxboro Zyl Millis 0 Foxboro 6 St. Clements QSomervillej 6 Foxboro 13 Oliver Ames 13 Foxboro 14 Yarmouth 0 Foxboro 1+ Mansfield 0 Foxboro 26 Medfield 0 Extra! ! Extra!! Hornet Stung By Fox!! Over 30 long years ago the football rivalry between Foxboro and lklansfield began, and for over 30 long years Foxhoro was unable to prove its superiority. But they couldn't "out-fox" us forever. On that memorable afternoon of November 7th, more than 1,500 people turned out to see Foxboro knock the sting out of the f'Green Hornets" from lllansfield to the tune of 1-l' to 0! The game started with Smith of Foxboro kicking off to Mansfield. Capt. Eames received the ball on his own 30, and ran it back to his own 45. Uva and Kaye made two quick first downs. On the next play Uva broke away to Foxboro's I3 yard line, but the play was called back because of an off-side penalty. The next play saw Clark throw Kaye for a -l- yard loss. Kaye then punted into Foxboro's end zone, and Foxboro took possession of the ball on their own 20. VVith Ferestien and Brackett smashing the line, and Shahabian going around the ends, Foxhoro gained two first downs to the 45. Ferestien failed to gain on the next play, and then a.Kennedy to Smith pass was incomplete. Smith then kicked to Mans- field's 15 where Uva ran it back 5 yards to the 20. In the next three plays, Kaye and Uva picked up l-I- yards. Then the quarter ended with Mansfield receiving a 15 yard penalty for holding. The first play of the second quarter saw Uva getting off a quick kick to Foxboro's 18. Brackett then hit off tackle for a first down to the 30. A Kennedy to Schulz pass was intercepted by Uva, who was immediately downed. lfames was then thrown for a 10 yard loss on an end around. An incomplete forward pass followed. Then Palanza punted to Foxboro's 10 where Ferestien ran it back to the 20. From this point on Foxboro had complete control of the situation. Smith picked up 37 yards on an end around play to lX'Iansfield's -I-3. On a double reverse Ferestien scampered around left end for lq yards putting the ball on lX'lansfield's 2-l-. Brackett then picked up 3 more yards through the line, and Shahabian was stopped for no gain. A Kennedy to Schulz pass placed the ball on the 9 yard line. Klansfield was given a 5 yard off-side penalty, putting the ball just four yards away from pay dirt. lt took Brackett just two plunges through ,the line to score Foxboro's first touchdown. Smith then kicked the extra point to make it Foxboro 7, hlansfield 0. Smith kicked off again. Uvaytook the ball on his own 25, and returned it to the 42. Tarte came in at right-half for hlansfield, and was thrown for a--l- yard loss on the next play. On the next play Tarte again Pay? Fifty-Seven f carried the ball and was thrown for a 15 yard loss. Uva kicked out of bounds on Foxboro's 43. The half ended with Tedesco intercepting a Kennedy to Schulz pass. Uva kicked off to Foxboro to start the second half. Kennedy received the ball on his own 9, and returned it to the 32. Smith was thrown for a 5 yard loss on an end around play. Ferestien then picked up a first down on lVIansfield's 49. The next two plays saw Brackett pick up another first down on Mansfield's 36. Ferestien and Shahabian placed the ball on the 25 for another first down. Brackett then hit off tackle to the 16, and again to the 9. Shahabian picked up 3 yards around end. Brackett then hit pay dirt for the second and final touchdown of the afternoon. Smith kicked the extra point making the score now, Foxboro 14, Mansfield 0. Smith again kicked off to Mansfield with Uva running it back from the 12 to the 22. A pass from Tedesco to Uva put the ball on Foxboro's 45, as the quarter ended. Tedesco picked up 7 yards on the first play of the fourth quarter. On the next play the whole line stopped Kaye for no gain. Capt. Schulz broke through and knocked Palanza for a 5 yard loss. Kennedy intercepted a pass intended for Capt. Eames: From here on it was all Foxboro as Kennedy, Brackett, Shahabian, and Ferestien picked up yardage at will. When the Whistle sounded ending the game, the ball was in F0xboro's possession resting on lVIansfield's 9 yard line. At last, the worm turned! Line-up: FOXBORO MANSFIELD R. E. Capt. Schulz Capt. Eames R. T . Ardrey Rockwood R. G. Godfrey Bolton C. Roach Mason and Cooper L. G. ' Crichton D'Agostino L. T. Clark Tedesco L. E. Smith Wheeler Q. B. Kennedy Piccolomini R. H. B. Ferestien Griffin L. H. B. Shahabian Uva F. B. Brackett Herrick Jodice Tedesco Tarte Kaye Palanza Page Fifty-Eight 1111111 l,'11fl1f1 1.'1'1l11.1f-, f,'l111'1- l1'1'Nr11'.lA1', R11!1rll I"1-rf-.1'lir11,.lnlm Sfflllll, l'xl'1llIl'1.Y Slllifll, ll'11llr11'1' Smiflf, l,'11f1f. Rllflfl' .1I11lnl. 113111159 1 M1111-:1111111z11111l 01111111 -- xl1111x 1'. l'1a11'1'1151' ffflffflllrll i R111:1e11 N1-XNN 111111111111-1' -1- 1'iR.XNt'lS C1..-11111 .l.1,1i.1l1111l .ll11m11fw1',1- - D11N 11,11 'I'1111.-1s111fR, .I1111N I-U1.1.11.11, 1',XllI. .111'1'111a1,1f'1- 11-15111-111-111 11111 111111 11111 51111111 -1111-1' -1 5111111 1'1-51 1l'UlIl f1111111'111. xY111I 4 1 1. . . - 1 1 . Q 1.111 K1'lll11'11N, 1111111-11 1'1'I'l'a1ll'l1, 1'1':1111'15 5lIIIT1I, 111111 R11111-1' N1111111, 11-111-11111-11 1111111 11151 11 11: 111111 1111111111111 III 11111 11 111111111 IN 11111111111 1'11x1111111 1111111 511111111 111111111 111 1 1 5l'1'llllIN 11lI'l"l1 111 5111111- 111 115 1111111-11111 11111111111-1115, Sll1'11 115 111111111111, NKHIY11 IX1f11'1Nl1'H, Y ' ' ' 1111151 511111111 I-1'111111l111, N4lI'11l 1'12lST1Jl1, 5111111111, 111111 5111111 111-111111-5111 N1-11'p111'1. 1111- Q - 111111111 11 115 1111-1' 8111111 C11-111111-'5. 1"11x11111'11 111111 111 1111- 1111-1'11'111-111111111 51'111'1- 111 5 7 111 jl, 1-'1111111111 111111 115 11151 11111111- 111 1111- 111'111'1111111 3131111111 11111-111 111111 'N111'11'1-11, 11111 11111 111 ll 1111 X5 - -1 111-11-1111-11 111 1111- 51-1-111111 g1111111- 111- II 511'1111g 0111-11115 1111111 S11111111 11-1 . .- J 111 1 1111111115 1111, lllll' 51-1151111 11'11511'1 Xl'I'j 1111111'1-55111-, 11111 1111- 11111111 111 r1-1111-1111111 15 11111 1-11-1'111111- 11115 111111111 1115 111-51 111 1-11-11 11111111- 111111 1111111111 1111111 11111111 111 1111- 1111111 111115111-. 1111- 51-1151111 1-11111-11 111111 51 1- 11111111111 1-'111111111'11 1'111x11111'11 1"11x11111'11 1"111111111'11 1'11lX1lllIAU 1"111111111'11 1'11x1111l'11 151111111111 73 1... 211 32 I5 34 I11 lil Sl 2x N1DI'11l . 111111111111 Nl .'x1llIllIl1 Y1lI'11l .x1I1L'1Hll'17 1111X'l'I' .X1111-5 1' 142111111111 1,1illllX'l11t' g1lIlI'1!ll 11111-11111'11 11115111-111 . 1 111115 111111 1-11-11-11 111551'5. 511.11 MARY ZX 38 Sl 21 211 -XS 2-1 +5 19 1911x1111 l'11 1"111111111'11 1'11lX1NlI'll 1"11x11111'11 1'111x1111l'11 1-'11x1111r11 191111 1111111 1"11x11111'11 26 52 3-1- 37 311 37 -1-6" 31 it M11115111-111 Sll1llI G1-111'111- 111111111111 S1111 1'1111 f111Yl'I' 111111-5 l'1111111'il11- N111'11'1-11 l1l'1l'Zlll5 K' ' 'I1llll'llZlIllk'H1 15111 34 I SS 43 -11 29 '11 52 111-5 111' I-'iffy-.11111 Seated on Hoor Qleft to rightj - Jan1'tSpillanf', Barbara Schools, Sonja Clark. ' Seated tleft to rightj - Louixz' Falonr, Mary Sulliivan, Nanfy Lzllyrnan. Standing Cleft to rightl - Coarli Barbara Slifwlin, llflarjorio Moulton, Phyllis Knox, Capt. Franfr: Pigeon, Carmrllta Mandzn .Iran Buflzlfy, Virginia Kelly, Manager. 0 9 Il Girls Baslketlba ll Coarli - BARBARA SHEVLIN Captain -- FRANCES PIGEON Manager - VIRGINIA KEI,LY Assistant Manager - CLAIRE PEACH Page Sixty This year the Girls' Basketball Team had one of the most successful seasons in school history. Out of the nine-game schedule, they won seven games and lost only two. They opened the season with an upset victory over a strong Alumnae team. VVrentham, VVestwood, and Attleboro then fell at the hands of the Blue and Gold. Mansfield invaded the territory of Foxboro, and, like Foxboro, was yet to taste defeat. Even the victorious must fallg Mansfield was defeated, and in the return game, Foxboro was beaten by the same live point margin that had made them victorious. Westwood again lost to the F. H. S. girls. By the heartbreaking margin of one point, Attleboro gave Foxboro her second defeat. Wrentham proved unable to outmaneuver Foxboro, and they wound up their season with a win. Much of the success of the team was due to the remarkable floor work of the guards. Excellent teamwork and a tight zone defense were the main features of their attack. The forwards played a fast, determined brand of ball which proved very effective. Foxboro students and townfolk alike are proud of the sportsmanship showed by the team- win or lose. The schedule is listed below Foxboro Foxboro Foxboro Foxboro F oxboro Foxboro Foxboro Foxboro Foxboro with the results: 20 ,..,. ,,...... A lumnae 18 14 ,..,.. ...... W rentham 12 33 ....., ...., W estboro 29 16 ..,... ,..,..,. A ttleboro 6 14 ..... ,...... M ansfield 9 14 ..... ,....,. M ansfield 19 12 ..... ,,.... W estwood 8 13 ..... ..,..,,. A ttleboro 19 17 ..... ..,.. W rentham 16 1IlNl 1'11w 111-fl 111 l'1j:1l11 - Rialmnl Nnmn, 11111111111 1Yr'1'ly, fflnrl' llrlmilfnn, l1'r'r11m'1l I.11n1lm1'1li, IJ111ml.l Tl1f'11.rl11'1',.l11llr1Srllulz Chu 1' Ix'1-lnnuly, Ruyfrr .1Inm1, lfilliarn Rrx, Nfil l"r1'1111.1f111,l,'11f1lai11 l"n1111'i.1' Smilll, Rllflfff l"1'r1'1ri1'11, fjllllfll Jnlln P. C1'rIu,11 111111 1'11w 111-11 111 11111111 - Ray I1'ra1'l'rll,.l11ln1Slmlmlfiull, llrlfi'-1' Rfa, Nril R111'll1', Jn1l11'.1' l.11f1L'.1'111l, lfmil ,'lutl11'l1'f, 111111111 f,'Ill'lIl..1'l!, l1'11lu'll .l1'1lrfy, .lllfllllf Rrulffl, lI11r11l1l R11'lmr11.1', lX't'lllll'flI l'Ill.1l1ury, Riflltlllf Clzlrfc. 111sc1111111111 !,'11111l1 --A -11l11N l'. t'1c11'1'11s1a .1Iam1yffr - R111111111 41.11111 1,'11pm1n - 1f11.11N1'1s 8111111 .l.1.11.1lfu1l .1l111myfr- 1':M1l. .XI1'l'111,1f'I' 15 11111' 111 1111-1111-1-11,1111 11111'1'1's1 111 1111s1'111111 1111s 111111111 111'1'11 11w11111'111'11 111 111x11111'11 1111111 S11111111. 1'x1lX110l'11 5111111115 111111 1l2lYl' 11111111011 111111-1111-1' 111 1111111 1111- S11111111111s11-1111 X11m111'1111s1-11s 1111s1-111111 1.K'1I1llIl'. ,1'1ll' 1l'i1Qlll' 1s 1111111111 111111 111111 ' '1111'1s11111s: ll1l1l1t'11. 1'1Il511'1'l1, xvl'S11'l'I1, 511111111-111, 111111 L1t'Il1l'211. 1'x1lX15l11'U, 111111-1111'1' 111111 N11111s111'111, 1,11Yl'I' .1X1111's, 511111g1111111, L111111111. 111111 511111'1111, Zl1'l' 111 1111- XV1-s11'1'11 1J11'1s11111. 1111- 11111111-1's 111 1'llk'1l 111x'1s11111 11111 11111'111'1111111' 111 1111- 1111111111s 111 11K'1t'I'l1l1l1L' il 1'1111111p11111. 1'11x11111'11 IS 111111111111 1Ul'XV1ll'l1 111 11 11111111 s1-11s1111 1111111-1' Q'U1lk'11 1111111 1'. Q'l'1'1lISi'. R1-11111111111 11'II't'l'II1l'l1 1111'111111- 1111111-1'1 1'Ql'l'1'S1'1l'11, R1111l'1'f A1'111'1'y, 1'11'11111'1s SIll1I11, 111111 R111g1'1' lxlilllll 111 1111- 11111111-111, 111111 .1fl11Il SL'1lll1X, 13111111111 '1'111'11s111-1', 111111 xV2l1121k'l' 81111111 111 1111- 111111-111. 1111111 1"r11111'1s 81111111 111111 1111111-1' 111111111 will s1-1- s1-1'1'11'1- p111'11111Q, 111111 Q11Zl1'0 KL'I1IlC11j s1'1'1'111g 11s l'1l1'L'11C'I'. 111 1111111111111, 11111111 p1'111111s111g 111115 111111' 1'111111' 11111 101' spring 11'11111111g. '1s1ll' s1'111-111111- is 11s11-11 111-11111': .Xpr M111 M115 A1111 5111, 11311 .XI St1111g11I1111 3 .Xt 5112111111 ' 7 .11 M1111s11c111 ' 111 lvllllillll 111111111-1 l-1 .Xt North IC11st1111 Mzly M115 M115 1v11l 1' A1213 S1lllI1.f1l1llIl 1111111101 S11111'1111 1111111101 11111115111-111 111111111-1 .Xt Cilllitlll North 1231311111 111111111-J Pagn' Sixly-Um First row Qleft to right! - I"ranfi.v Smith, Rohfrt F1'rf.vtiz'n, John Schulz, Rohfrl flrdrwy, Burton lkII'l'flIl7l1, Charlrx I,ar1'y, K1'nn1'lh Pillsbury, Ralph Potter Second row lleft to rightl - James iS'tz'in, Edfward Pflfrson, R0llI'7'f Tripp, Ilfrlzrrf Morhrr, Rudolph Narriso, John Murfnn, John Shzllmhizln. Third row Cleft to rightl - Managfr Gforgr Lillyman, Brufr Wrhrr, Gordon lifrrirk, Lfigh Gndfrfy, William Lamb, Guy .lotliug Edwin Crirhtun, Manager Richard Hfnnrssfy. Track For the lirst time in the recent history of Foxboro High School an active track team has been organized. The team has been appointed on a competitive basis and includes .lohn Schulz, Francis Smith, Clare Kennedy, lfdward Peterson, Roger lklann, Robert Ferestien, Herbert lllosher, -lolm Shahabian, Bruce Weber, Roy lirackett, Richard Clark, Ralph Potter, lidward Crichton, Kenneth Pillsbury, -lohn Morton, Robert Rockwood, and Burton llerriam. The boys will compete in the 50 yard, 100 yard, 220 yard, -H0 yard dashes, the half mile and the mile rung high jump and broad jumpg shot put and relay race. Training will be included in the regular physical education classes under Coach John P. Certuse. Uniforms will be furnished by the Athletic Association. Three track meets have been scheduled for the team-lVlay ll, lnterscholastic Track lXIeet at Foxborog May 18, Triangular Track lX'Ieet at Foxboro Cincluding hlansheld and Oliver Amesj 3 June 1, South Shore Track hleet at Oliver Ames. Best of luck in your new venture, Foxyl Page Sixty-Tfwo I4-ll tu right - lfnfwmfu KtlflIfl'l'Il Sficfrllry, .lzmrl Spillunw, .'llirrSrfn1lz, .llarjurir Alllllllfllll, G1'f'llli,llIl' l'rl1az1. lhlecerllealders Um- nl rhi- mum' things lwmxlmro is prmul of is tliv smart 1lDlM'Zll'1ll1L'C of livr Flin-i-i'li-:iili'is. Ni-wr has 21 murc cnrlii1si:isrin' group of girls lcd l"oxl1oru's clici-ring squzul. l mlm-r tlu- sup:-rvismn ut lliss lizirlmrzm Blu-vlin, :xml with Kay Swccriuy :is their Llziptziin, tllc girls pr':u'tii'r'cl 4-wry :1ftc'ri1um1 Pl'I'fl'L'I'lllf1 tllcir i'llc'c'l's. 'l'llc'y WCM' zlvtivc iliiring lmtli flu- fourlvzill :mil lmskctlvzill sc-zisuiis, getting to :ill flu- 212111105 in spin- ot ll'1lHNlNJI'Y2lfl0ll ilifliciiltics. lfu-i'5onc should give :L roiiaing cllvcr for tlic CllCCl'lC21KlCl'S of lfoxlmro lliglll Puyi' Sixly- Thru First row lleft to rightl - Ciillfll Barllara C. SlII"UllH, Emil fqllflllflff, Jran Bzzrkley, Sn11jaAClarl.r, 'A'IIflll1'I'7I .Sa1,'1'r'f1fy, ,"1I'llll!'l'.V l'igwn11, l.II1ll.Yl' Ifalrnw, Sally Inman, Barlzara SI'lI00l5, Pllyllm Knox, flflflllflllll .lla11tl1n, William illr,-Il1.vf1'r, Coat!! Julm l'. Cfrlmr. Second row lleft to rightj - Nanry Iilllylfltlil, Claffr' Pt'a4'l1, Janet Spillane, l'irginfa Kflly, .llIllfjlII'lI' ,lIn11lIru1, .llary Slllllflfllll, Czwalilinr llfllllll, qlliw' Sfllllli. 'I'hird row lleft to rightj - Rllyfl' .llann, Roller! F1'r1'slifn, W'illiam Rrx, RllJ5l'llB1'7lf, l',1'ig1l1 Gotlfrfy, Rulffrl .-IrtIr1'y, ll'allarf glflllll Guy lntlin' .lnlfn Sflllllz, Jamey Slfin, Jolln Fuller. Fourth Rovw Clelt to rirghtj - Clan' Kfnnmly, Jolm Sflllfllllllllil, Jatnfs Rllllfll, I'-lillllflj Clark, .,lIllflllI"'LL' Sh'r'lr, Roy lirzlrlerll, Donald 1l!1I'!lJlIl'l', Edfwilz Crirlzion, Rirlzard Clark, Franris Smztll, ClllUAlI'5 Laffy. Varsity Clliui 'lille xY2lI'Slty Club of lfoxboro High School is :in active athletic UI'gj1lIllZ2ltl0ll composed of :ill athletes, girls and boys. who lmve ezirnecl one or more letters in any sport. 'llhe fundznnentzil principle of the Varsity Club is to encourage gootl sports- manship, for without it, the true purpose of pzlrtieiputing in sports is lost. This year the Senior members will be given fitting ziwurds in reeognition of their achievement. Bliss Shevlin und hlr. Certuse ure proud to have had the privilege of Coaching such co-opQrz1tive and sportsinunlilte athletes represented in the Yursity Club. Page Sixty-Four G1 C Eiudeht fauna 1 . 1045! 59-hlo Q 03-. PPI Q 0 o Drchesfr ...Z"' N 5 W i' X 0 The' rnuxic' lll'Il1ll'lllll'lll, nmln-r lhv :ihlc clircvtiuii uf Mr. I"i'cnlcl'ii' Xl lxcini ix mn ul' lhi nm! inipuilint in ilu -cl ml '. '- if :ind his assistant Miss lNl:1l'g:1i'cI lhinm-lly ' ' N ' I ' . 'll . The- Ulu- Chili, whivh is opp-n for im-iiilwi'-liip tn :ill high wlmul stuulciitx is one nf thc lurgew " ' ' "" ., . . I, if nm tha l.iig,1 sl nrg:iiiiv:iliun in thi- -clmnl. The purpose uf thi- Glu' Chili ix in gain cxpvriciivc in singing the lu-at vhurzil inusic, :incl l lximw lhm- unc liuinlrcml ur iiiuri- im-iiiliciw rcgurcl thix piriml is un ol thiii fixuftu 'l'h' ll . , ' 1, 1' '1' 1 ' Al ls XVIII' tha' p1'm'c1'cls frrnn ilu- .xlllllll Q'mi1'i-It will lu- uwil lu pnrvliaiu- :i llll'IllIll'llll fur thc lzitc Mrs. N ' mlvvuliun lu Ihr lumix Zlllil girls of lfiixlmm lligh Sclnml. elllu llllllllll, who, for inziny j'L'Zll'5, gave uf ln-i' llIIt'l'1'NI :ini lhn' Uwliq-Nri':i, whivh nuiiilu-rs uliuut IWt'llIj"flYl', han givcn lllllllj' lmura uf lil:-zlsllw to thc svllonl in playing 111 :nam-iiilslii-5 :iml fur :i wlimil ul' nur sing wr :irv pruml in cnjuy such ai lilfgl' iii:-iiilwiwliip. .Xll nf us :ippi'm-Cizilv tha- liuuis uf l!l'1lK'Il1't' ihut vnuhlv thi' ui'vln-strzi In gin' Nuvh mlm-liglnfnl pe-rfui'i1i:im'1-5. Thr luinil, lllHlK'l' Mr, Kcinpfk mlin-vlinii, iiicm-lx third pm-riml un Mumlziys. This in-:ir it ininilwra ailiuul lwciilvllirm pl:i-vm'i'x, ll ls jll'1lN'IlllL Fillilillj' :incl in tha' next fa-w j't'ZlI'h wc lnipc il will 4-njuy ll iliclillvn-I'sl1ip auth :ls wc haul ln-firm' thi' XVIII' Mr. -luhn llixun, Mr, lfrvml join-5 and Mr. XY:illci' llulc 1ll'L'1l'llllllIljL thc players in sinaill grunpa :ind lhcir wurli is vvrx llllIl'll zippi'm-viailcnl. G cc Cllmllb lfiixr nm' llcft in rightj - l'l1ylli.r IXIIIIIX, Ivan Unmffuill, Syl1'ia Putlrr, .IIYIII lirzlrll, D1-lin Pl'I'A'ilI,Y, l,'ur1rn'lilf1 .ll1u1.lin, .Yurnm Sfziilfl, .llarjnrir Jllllllfllll, liryirriu Krlly, .llzlilflrillw ll'wir, Iiilzm llizmzu, Juan 1Jlli'i.l'1IlI, .llariun I.'ln'l.l.v, l.'!ni.vli1n' ,llyr1gi, .Iwuunr Illltflllllll. M-ruml row llz-lit In righll M l.n11i.vr rU.l'f1'I', Jllllili' lil'u'LL'11,.llu1'4fa Ylllllljl, lfllfllrlfll .llf.YrlI11m'1l, .lltlflilfll lfl'1liL'1l, llllfull 'l'11mqc,il'i, HIIVIIIIVII I'r1un1'k, f.'j,'lIffll1l IfllIl'Nlz'I', ,llurjurir .'ll4I'i1llll, Sillljll Iflnrk, plnn l1l'Vjl1IJ'Illl, ,lizilwy Rini-ffl, I.ui.- llillrr, .llIll'.l' lj-z'r.i'1'y, .-Hi: 1' If7'lIfZL'll, l1lvI'l'ff1Il' l"rrJfl'f4 Hi. IK'l'l!lf7f, 'I'hir4l rnw ill-fr In rightl - Uilllllllll Lamlf, fillfilllfl' lcllflfllkiyllll, .llyrllw Ri4'lnll'il.i, .llury lfllll I,1lIlifl'V1', .llnfu llrllull, Rim llI"'!'lll1', Iluzfl Dolan, Juyff' llurrmy, f:l'l'fl'lli!I' Urhvr, Dorothy Prix, l'l1ylli.f Ifollfy, limily If1'fgfgf.v, l.rulrlilw IJtl'l'Iv.l', .lulm lfiilllrr, limi! .luIfn'lf'l. lfnurlli row lla-li! tu righrl - lirlnr lI'uu.l, f.'lmr'lr,v Ryan, .lllfwrl lIllfI'lIlIl.1', SIIIHIIVI hillljlflf, iylllltj' llnq4'm'.l, .Iran liiiiklw-1'. llurluun ffffnzruu, .Iliff Ifollfy, .lnurl Sfvillallr, lirlnw ll'wlfr1', Ruilulpll Nur'ri.w, Clark Ilaflzfllun, lfilgmr' f.vHl'lll.l,I. lfillh ww fli-fl tn rightl - llurulil ljllfjllll, Rulfrr! Urrffiiuuuil,Ru1111liliYufu'lall,llulmlill'iL'r,.lu!1u .llurIu11, llilliufrz Ifullrr, Rflflrllll f.'rll'f1'Ir1ll. Pugh' Si.Yl.l'-S1"l'4'll Fir. ' ' Ll ft to rightj - Rlfflllfd Truax, Rudolph 1VIlft'i50,.l0l1V7Z tgfllllllz, flnnf Sfvfnron, Edfward Prtrrxoll, Iflfwood .Maru st low e Second row Lleft to rightj -- Edfward Hoscpian, ,4l.l1frt K1-lly,In-gznm D0l'Jfj', Mrs. Brafwn, Wlllldm Mr.-Il1.vt1'r, ANI Rorhr Student Co im all Presidrnf - Joiix SCHULZ l'i1'l"lJfl'SiIll'IIf - ROBERT ARDRIQY Secretary-Trea.v1u'wr - ANNE SVENSON l"m'ulty 11Il7'iA't'l'S - Amen U. BRAWN Ronem' A. Gmrxnoix 'lille Student Council membership consists of three students from the Senior Class, two representatives each from the Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman Classes and two delegates from each class in the Junior High. This year the Council in its business meetings has kept careful records and made a definite study of parliamentary procedure. The President of this group has been made bv the vote ot the Council the Captain ot the lllonitor Squad. Also legislation has been passed providing for a complete monitor system ready to function the first school day in September. lxlilll' vleasinf and instructive assemblies have been ilanned entirely under the 5 l . direction ot the Council. lior tuture projects some consideration has been given to drawing up and adopting a code ot ethics tor our school and also to the compiling of a handbook for the students of Foxboro High. Page Sixty-Eight x X,, Q5 K? Eg Q X 1 I-7 X-xg ZEBAI sy O d- O HL ,SX O If-N-X KX vip' Q X B xziilg, M5 :vial my f 3. xr I WW , Y l, M A XL . X xg 1 Q x AQ? Q Ki xv S2 N! S xg K'-xx ,fy Cngifg by gl, X 7 gm 3 32 f-Q N-1 J Aff' Q 4 5,9 N W aft L S -fl GRN 43 XX ? 'xx x x Compliments of Foxboro Senior Grange Compliments of Roberts Funeral l-lome Compliments of the F. H. S. Music Department lflllflllflllli XV. lil'lMPF, Supervisor PURDY 160 Tremont Strcct Boston, Mass For many years the Official l'l1otog1'apl1cr for Foxlioro lligh School Special Discount Rutcs to all Students of Foxhoro lligll School L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro Massachusetts Class Rings and Pins Commencement Announcements Diplomas - Personal Cards Medals -- Trophies Clubs Insignia Represented by - C. B. GOODXVIN ' Attleboro Office Compliments of FOXBORO COAL COMPANY Lumber - Fuel Oils -- Paints ffng , g Good qiiiliff XVVBhes 15 34383, 'r N For ' J Q33 4 f -H16 y6c3I'S Q Ahead E., Along with that cherished diploma for which you studied so hard, please accept the good Wishes of your electric company. Good wishes for success in higher education or business life! Good Wishes for your future job of helping to build a better World! E YOUR ILICIRIC SIIVANI' Worcester Suburban Electric Company SPONSORS Francis E. LeBaron, M.D. Mr. S. C. Horne "A F riend' "A Friendt' Ferguson Bros. Miss Marion Chilson Mrs. Irving Dudley Mr. and Mrs. Carl Peterson Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Brown Mrs. Raymond Tripp Mr. Everett Tripp Cal's Service Station Mr. and Mrs. Gordon VVheeler Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Spencer Mr. Edward F erestien Miss Doris Knox Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pigeon Class of '47 Mr. Joseph A. Sweeney Mr. Albert Herschel Mr. Frederick Moore Edward Perkins, M.D. "A F riend" "A F riend" "A F riend" Samuel Law and Son Mr. Emil Schulz Joseph K. Lynch, D.M.D. Mr. George Hebert Mr. Walter Mann "A Friend" Mr. Bill Davies Miss Trudy Watson Mr. and Mrs. Minot Inman "A F riend" Class of '48 Class of '49 Compliments McKENZlE MGTORS , . LOIll1JlllllClllS of thc Foxboro Businessmenis Association io-oo3-i- Pioneer Store Albert Lawton Fairbank-Congdon Co. Fuller Bros. Newton's Insurance Agency Foxboro 5c - 5151.00 Ouimet's Drug Store Peaclfs News Store Cataldo's Moore's Dry Goods Eclclie's Barber Shop Comey's Cleansers Nardellfs Shoe Store Foxboro Service Co. Bay State Drug F. M. Perry Foxboro Coal Co. William McRae Milton G. Smith Roberts Funeral Home Cash Store I Hanna's Restaurant Welsb's Dairy Compliments of The Mansfield Bleachery Mansfield, Mass. jack lVlarshall's Restaurant Specializing in Spaghetti and Ravioli Steak Dinners - 2131.00 Lunches - 3.50 Open 12 A.M. to 12 P.M. GAS IS THE IDEAL FUEL 0 for cooking 0 for refrigeration 0 for water heating 0 for house heating Taunton Gas Light Company Boat Builder Donald Reed East St., East F oxboro Tel. 2275 Compliments of "The Juke Box" Delicious Sundaes - Soft Drinks - Fine Candies In a refined atmosphere, with courteous service. ,wma,mm,u.f.A .w-1,fqm MM Q Lp- ,. - mum - ,- V '- - V L ,V V V . I , , . J ' n i1'.,,,m : .1 2' g.. 3 K- -9F,,?,5-53.-,Q-.: ,?,,,,.,!5.A,5,E Q Q i, r ,, , ,. , ,.,. V- .F-,, :w i .. U Q A..v.W,-N V A - ,- 1 sa I A ' , . A --ga, , ,w YM, :.s'tT" '7 -'I .y , - .....- - f. Q ,, 1 5. 1 X azz . fn- - 1 xw iwfe ' W ' . .' . 'A .YJ . --"- : "YT," 1: ' V ' '-v,gf"'9.fYf' 2- W: . E " '-E12 .-" rf'5?" J"- 97' .ii 'W 'f' if '55'T'i'?'. ' 5' " X' " - FI' .fftw ' A U ' -NU f l " -9:13 dwg'-,tEf,,,5 , 12411,-.. .Q ' I 'Aff"i,"E" 4 fig? ,- "f.- 'ij' Efaeyfj , .' . 971 f-'T " " ' ' T 'i 7 ' 7 fi? 117592 ':f. ',2i-17-Jeni-?k iff' 1'lf1"'- ff ' ' ' ' . fy '3 rn.,- 1 .

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