Fox Township High School - Echo Yearbook (Kersey, PA)

 - Class of 1958

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Q.,-rm-f.....Ju xwggyfg, -,--: -:,- -.wg-rsf:G-':?P,, l-f--.-we 1 Compliments of HAZEL SMITH Compliments of BRODY 'S SMART SHOP Dagus Mines Penna. Ridgway Penna- MAURICE 'S CANDY STORE Dagus Mines Penna. COFFEE NOOK Ridgway Perma WOODLEY 'S Barbe r Shop Sporting Goods CHILDREN'S SHOP Ridgway Penna. ST MARYS RETAIL MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION Ash Shoe Store Bayer Furniture Store Berman's Daily Press DeLul1o's Shoe Store Eckert's Jewelry G. C. Murphy Company Jack Gross Men's Store .Tacob's Furniture Store Departzment Store Lower Furniture Store Murone's Music Store Pennshire Clothing Sears Roebuck Company The Deb Shop WKBI Radio Station a Y ' . f:. ':.g- '-'gLg.'-' X 4-"9 ...--' I-hi :Sf-1,15 "5-' ' - , v ,,,'g.g.-3...,3....- ':5e.9a11.:w' " 7 Zr.a19' L f Magnus 'BEAD i-1006 "WL ll rjh p r . ONG 1 EAMWQMQHW' ' CLHFFS PHARMACY Ridgway Tel. PR 3-3131 2.13 Main Street Perma., JAMES R. DINARDO Gene ral Contractor 510 N. Broad Ridgway Penna. Compliments of RIDGWAY WHOLESALE Tel. PR 2-2141 West Main St. Ridgway Perma. SAM 'S MEN S HOP Erie Avenue St. Marys Penna. BEN'S ESSO SERVICE Ben Rettger, Prop. Kers ey Penna. E Sz G AUTO PARTS Ridgway St. Marys J. J. EMMERT Barber Shop Kersey Penna. CORBETT CABINET COMPANY Elk County's leading builders and home owner's department store. Telephone Te-41-566 St. Marys Perma. Compliments of "The Store of Ridgwayu MIllER'S Compliments of CENTER SUPER MARKET FOSBERG 8. GREENE BUILDING CONTRACTORS New Homes Kitchens Roofing Siding Garages Bathrooms Aluminum Storm Doors 8: Windows Phone 5 - 415 5 Ke rs ey Pennsylvania JOHNSON'S JEWELRY Diarnonds Jewelry, Watche s , Silver 9 North Broad Street Phone Pr - 3- 4121 Ridgway HI WAY FURNITURE MART "Quality Home Furnishings At Carloads, Discount Prices." Phone Tu-5-6631 Main Street Kersey Penna. ELK ARCHERY XX le, aw ' "A FRIEND" 324 114 Allenhurst Ave. Ridgway Penna. KENDALL SERVICE STATION GIER'S NEWS - Jerry Kennedy at Wally Roliinson, Prop. 132 North Broad St. Ridgway Penna.. Sealte st Ice Cream Ridgway Penna.. McMAHONS GROCERY Phone Pr-21982 105 South St. Ridgway Penna. BONINI'S CONFECTIONERY 219 Main Street Ridgway Penna. INTERNATIONAL POWER METAILLURAGY CO. Ridgway Penna. Compliments of LAUDERS SHOE STORE Ridgway Penna. ISAACSON LUMBER CO. Phone Pr -2- 3181 Ridgway Perma. Compliments of LUNDS STORE Ridgway Penna. PEOPLES BLDG. 81 LOAN'ASSN. Ridgway Perma. TREND FURNITURE CO. On the Diamond St. Marys Penna. Compliments of KULGH BUICK Ridgway Penna.. Compliments of TWIN SPRINGS Compliments of ST. MARYS REXALL DRUG ELK COUNTY DAIRY STORE St. Marys Penna. Compliments of BUILDERS AND MANUFACTURERS SUPPLY CO. CENTRAL DRUG St. Marys Penna. St. Marys Penna. Compliments of C. M. WEIS DETSCH'S Plumbing and Heating Garage and Bus Lines St. Marys Penna. THE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE CO. OF AMERICA THE KIDDIES SPECIALTY SHOP George D. Sennett and Eugene Hyatt Phone Te-43-461 Local Agents St. Marys Penna. ALVIN J. PISTNER 81 SONS Million Dollar Highway Compliments of FERRAGINE'S Restaurant Sz Dairy Bar Million Dollar Hwy. Compliments of CENTRAL RESTAURANT St. Marys Penna. WILLIAMS CLEANERS Phone Te-4-1765 St. Marys Penna. Compliments of HOY'S St. Marys Penna. A. F. MARSH STATIONERY STORE Moo s e Building St. Marys Penna. FEDDER JEWELRY STORE St. Marys Perma. Compliments of ELK CANDY CO. St. Marys Perma. KERSEY TOWNE HOUSE Foods and Beverages Paul and Mary Powers, Prop. Kersey K Penna. .IAEGERS STORE Dealer in Gene ral Hardware Compliments of CRONK'S FLOWER SHOP GILDO LAVELLA Meats and Grocerxes Phone Tu-5-42.10 Ridgway Penna. Kersey R. D. 42 Compliments of Read the RIDGWAY RECORD RIDGWAY GARAGE for Local National World News Ridgway Penna. BADEAU'S TAVERN Beer-Liquor-Wines Phone Tu-5 -4476 Main Street Kersey Penna. SWANSON MERCURY SALES Phone Pr-2-4045 324 Allenhurst Avenue Ridgway Penna. Compliments of SURRA T.V. Sales and Service Tu-5-4264 Kersey Penna.. Compliments of H. AND DANIEL D. CORBE FUNERAL HOME Tu-5-6171 and Tu-5-6143 BEVERIDGE'S SERVICE STATION Gas Oil Groceries Compliments of V. C. JOHNSON STANDARD PENNANT CO. Big Run Penna. Compliments of VICTOR I.AVEI.I.A BURKE BROTHERS Congtruction, Service And Supplies Te-4-1519 St. Marys McDONAlD BROS. REPRESENTING JOSTEN'S Designers and Producers of Exclusive Class Jewelry, Announcernents, Name Cards Diplomas and Awards 920 Investment Bldg. Pgh. 22, Pa., CO-1-1196 BAYER-V0lK FURNITURE COMPANYV Complete home furnishings Ridgway Phone Pr-2-3112 Pennsylvania Compliments of FIRESTONE STORE St. Marys Pennsylvania IVAN'S MEN'S SHOP for Curlee clothes Jay Mar slacks Arrow shirts Resistal hats McGregor sportswear Mansfield shoes Formal wear rented for every occasion St, Marys Pennsylvania ST. MARYS WOOD SPECIALTY CO. Lumber, Building Materials Roofing, Insulated Sides Millwork and Cabinets Paints, Varnishes. ' Phone Te-4-4471 St. Marys N. St. Marys St. Pennsylvania SAV-ON HARDWARE 8. APPLIANCE STORE 213 Brussells Street St. Marys' Pennsylvania SERVIDEA'S For the Best in Furniture and Appliances Ridgway Johns onburg Compliments of ELK COUNTY SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION "The Friendly Association" lie pay You to save here Phone Prospect 2-7555 Ridgway 210 Main Street Pennsylvania Compliments of ELK BUILDING MATERIALS, INC. "Everything in: The Line of Building" St. Marys Trout Run Road Pennsylvania JOHN MILLER Domestic Coal Kersey Phone Tu-5-6001 Pennsylvania PARKWAY SUPER-MARKET ZANI'S APPLIANCES 0 Toby Pennsylvania S.B.F. SANITARY SERVICE Sealers of Keystone Concrete Septic Tanks Septic T3-Dk Cleaning and Installation Ditch Digging - Top Soil - Red Dog Kersey Phone Tu-5-6614 Pennsylvania DAGUS MINES GARAGE IMNDIIOVEP T0 U5 IORREPAIPF Gas, Oil, Tires, Accessories ' - A General Repairing and Servicing ' 'Q' Dagus Mines Phone Tu-5-6743 Pennsylvania fa, KERSEY MOTOR COMPANY S., - Ford Sales and Service Cars and Trucks Phone Tu-5-6242 Kersey Main Street Pennsylvania KERSEY BUILDERS SUPPLY Lumber and Mill Work Contracting and Remodeling Kersey Phone Tu-5-4345 7 -tal ISI i Q X an ,. Pennsylvania SICHERI GARAGE Compliments of JOSEPHSON BROS. IUIS Compliments of I HERMAN PONTZER GENERALQELECTRIC MAURICE MALONE 6 nn ELILIOT CO., RIDGWAY, PA. f KERSEY EAGLES AND EAGLES AUXILIARY I STRAUII BREWERY, INC nns 1 ania. .. .Q mi, f CHQV10 LEU FULTON AND KING CHEVROLET BUICK IEDVNAFLOW DRIVE 14,11 .4 sf ,. Q E J re et nnsylvania. CARBON CITY MOTCRS Plymouth-Dodge-DeSoto Dodge Trucks S ale s -Parts -Service St. Marys Pennsylvania SUNDELL AND SON GARAGE Plymouth-Dodge-DeSoto Dodge Trucks - -Willys S ales -Parts -S ervice Ridgway Pennsylvania For Ewiiitiisi Delive 1-ie s ,.. .. . can 1313? Wgfgmmn .,V, mmm MJ? D AAII WWI ...- we '.: 1 I Q :M Te -4- 1 664 St. Marys State Street Pennsylvania Pasteurized-Hornogenized Vitamin "D" Dairy Products Non-Fat Milk Buttermilk Cottage Cheese Chocolate MiJ.k Green Spot Orange Drink St. Marys Phone TE. 4-1978 Pennsylvania Congratulations and Suc ce s s to the Graduating Clas s of 1958 FOX TOWNSHIP LIONS' CLUB CHARLES B. YOUNG Auto Wrecking Salvage St. Marys Million Dollar Highway Pennsylvania Q' GATTo's srouze ffedb 3 1, IVI EMS meal 2 . VEEETAQLES - 'Q' I Dagus Mines .H 1 A M' AIE L0 BRCS. AMUSEMENT CO Automatic Music Systems and Modern Garnes We Service 12 Counties At Your Service Anytime Phone PR Z-2421 or Phone PR 2-9801 If No Answer Phone PR 2-1800 Ridgway 1 O2-110 N. Broad St. Pennsylvania Congratulations and Suc ce s s to the Gr aduating Clas s of 1 95 8 PURE CARBUN CUMPANY STACKPULE CARBUN CUMPANY Y w "Congratulations to the graduating class of 1958. We w1sh every mem- ber alife of s u c c e s s andhappi- ness." St. Marys Pennsylvania - M,LINnkm:,,m7k, .kV. V ,Hin ,, I ,,,:Q..,k,,:m ML, ,,, .. ,,,,.,M.A.,. ,,.v ,,.,.,,. , h.x. ,W..M, ..,, , f, ,,,,.,..,M..-,,,....A.., .,,, WM., .,,L, N , .,,,,,, ,..M,..,,N A.,.,.,.,m.W,W,W Mm-- 5955 .pf x X ww? " Q, 4.9. 1. AM.-.., N... 2 nv swf www ,m fx Wuxi X. ,, 40 16'-erlffwxw ,1: If MA 0 l 4 Our Washington Zriv On May 12, 1958, at 5:30 A. M., a group of sleepy-eyed Seniors,under the supervision of Mr. Aiello and Mrs. Satterlee, left for Washington, D. C. On our arrival in Washington we were greeted by Mr, Batchler who started us off on one of the most enjoyable trips of our lives. We visited Mount Vernon and the Lincoln Memorial. At the Arlington National Cemetery we witnessed the' impressive ceremony of the changing of the guards. The Capitol Building was just as beautiful as we expected it to be. The brave ones who climb- ed to the top of the Washington Monument arrived there breathless, but were thrilled by the view. Everyone enjoyed the trip to the Lotus Chinese-American Restaurant, and those who tried the Chinese food reported it delicious. The five Smithsonian Building s were fascinating. We all wondered how Lindberg had the courage to cross the Atlantic in his "Spirit of St. Louis" whichlooked so flimsy compared to mo- dern planes . We were disappointed because the U. S. Mint did not give out samples of its product. Rather than the Moonlight Excursion down the Potomac, we went to see Cinerama which was a thrilling experience. After three days of excitement and fun, a group of tired, but happy, Seniors arrived home in Kersey. 38 NAME Kay Anthony Catherine Antonioli Sue Beveridge Darlene Bish Bonnie Brehm Regina Dallasen Dick Dallasen Diana Carrara Helen Erich Judy Freeburg Jean Gahr Sylvia Gatto Jim Glass Carol Green Harry Green Marylee Green Joe Gutowski Bob Hyatt Oney Johnson Dick Kalgren Avis Kemmer Dick Kugler Bob Mattiuz Bill Mereidth Bill Nero Herman Pontzer Danny Portzer Sandy Sandberg Laverne Schrieber Bruce Shuttleworth Bob Sidelinger Ken Swanson Patty Thompson Janice Wittman Seuiar Patterns Q22 USUALLYLE-E-lj EXPRESSION Athletic Out-Doors Could be Secretive Home Oh! Gee Moody At the Station You make me sick! Quiet With Sandra Go get a job - Sensible Writing letters Gad! Studious With the gang Jeepers! Athletic with the boys ooooH1 Fun Loving Wherever there's a party Ya know. . . Fearless In the Olds Well, I'm not Talkative Around Oh! ! ! Quiet Home I'll say Carefree With Jim Icky Poo Hot-Rod In Ridgway I'm glad ya asked Pest All over Weu ru be dipped Out-door VWith the boys Oh! Yea Calm Home Oh get out! Good-natured Around Don't fool around Tall In Toby Don't be dumb Friendly Places of excitement I gotta tell ya something Fearless Driving his Ford So ya are .Iim's Writing letters Holy crow' Bashful With Glass Smash it Flirtatious Around girls No sweat, young man Farmer In the fields Cripes Exaggerating St. Marys See you in church Story teller With Bill You son of a gun Kathy's St. Marys Can't you know Best Driver Ridgway All Righty Biggest Joker At Charles St. Going to Ridgway Shy Home Real Sexy Noisy Kersey See you later "Cool Cat" In the Stude Stick with your old Dad Bil1's In the Pontiac Didn't I teach ya better Going Steady With Jerry Oh my gosh 37 . Scniar Pfaphccy A streamlined rocket ship is loading at Gate 34 of the huge airport in Kersey. Our ship is in the capable hands of pilot Joe Gutowski and co-pilot Dick Kugler . We have no worries about mechanical failure, since our ship was checked by able mech- anics, Laverne Schrieber and Jim Glass. Stewardesses , Regina Dallasen and Jeannie Gahr, scan their passenger list and see the names of their classmates and teachers from Kersey in 1958. We find Bill Ne r o and Dan Portzer, the former President and Vice President of the Senior Class, in conference. They now control one of the largestairlines be- tween planets. Darlene Bish is the head stenographer for the company. Sylvia Gatto was the fi r st student to graduate from the Business College found- ed by Miss Anderson. Living on a farm back on Earth has been helpful to Bill Meredith. He has the first dairy farm on Saturnp Dick Kalgren and Di ck Dallasen are the star players of the gre at interplane- tary basketball team, "Comets", which is coached by none other than Mr. Aiello. Mr. Palenski is now heading the math department of one of the largest colleges on Jupiter. His assistant is Avis Kemmer. A chain of night club s on Venus has been started by Bob Mattiuz. By watching the gas pumps at her fath- er's gas station, Sue Beveridge gained ex- perience. She now owns the largest rocket refueling station in the Solar System. Bob Sidelinger and Ke n Swanson, the two "Cool Cats" of the class, now have their own rock and roll orchestra and are on their way to a personal appearance at a night club on Venus. Diana Carrara, who did such a wonder- ful job on our yearbook, is the editor of a ladies magazine on Saturn, "The Wornan's Home Assistant". Carol Green, who kept the people in the Senior room laughing, is now doing the same as a famous comedienne. One of the passengers, becoming air sick, was atte nde d by Sandra Sandberg, fli-ght nurse. Sandra receivedher training at the Kersey Community Hospital, which is under the supervision ofMrs. Satterlee. Judy Freeburg and Bob Hyatt are now in partnership selling toothpaste for the "Star Bright -Smile". Herman Pontzer, who was always good at telling a tall-tale while in high school, is now a famous author. His latest book, "Days in Old K.H.S.", is on the bestsell- er list. There I see Mr. Hippchen trying to teach the English slang to a Martain. He seems to be having trouble. Kay Anthony, who wanted to be a phys- ical education teacher, is running a physical fitness course for Martian students. The famed stenographer, Patty Thomp- son, on her honeymoon, w as presented a corsage of r a r e flowers, grown in Harry Green's greenhouse on Mars. She was the 500th bride on this flight. Janice Wittman, now M 1' s . Ge rald Steis, with her daughter, Annette, is on her way to Saturn to meet her husband. Mrs . Sicheri has started a music college on Saturn and Mr. Carpin is super- vising principal of her school. As a senior, Bruce Shuttleworth show- ed an interest in models like Jayne Mans- field. He now he ad s his own modeling a g e n c y . He is accomplished byhis head models , Oney Johnson and Catherine Anton- ioli. Helen Erich, always a fan of jitter- bug, now has a chain of dancing schools, She and one of he r instructors, Marylee Green, are on their way to Helen's school on Saturn. If Mr. Rogan thought teaching Latin to K. H. S. students hard, he must think his p r e s e nt job impossible. He is teaching Latin to Jupiterian students. 1, Bonnie Brehm, am going to a pri- vate nursing case, a Martian business ty- coon now retired. fast Will ,Ami Testament Being of sound mind and body we, the Senior Class of Kersey High, do will and bequeath these, our earthly pos- sesions, to the Junior Class, this ninth day of May, l958, To Mr. Aiello, we leave a quiet home room. To Mr.Hippchen,we leave a class which always under- stands the English stories. To Mr. Carpins, we leave a class which always is onits best behavior. To Mr. Palenski, we leave a class whichnever has trouble understanding his math problems. To Mr. Rogan, we leave a Latin clas s which understands third person pronouns. To Miss Anderson, we leave a typing class which never leaves eraser dust in the typewriters. To Mrs. Sicheri, we leave a chorus which never sings off key. To the Junior s , we leave our ability to stick together in class activities. To the Sophomores, we leave the ability to enjoy their re- maining years in high school. To the Freshmen, we leave the kn ow le dge accumulated throughout our four years. ' To Mrs. Satterlee and Mr. Neureiter , we leave a class which doesn't believe in bothering them for the least little thing. Kay Anthony wills to Mary Dowie her good luck in P.A.D, Catherine Antonioli wills to Judy Anzinger her seatg may she enjoy it. Sue Beveridge wills to Sara McMinnher ability to get along with cheerleaders. Darlene Bish wills to Karen Lipsey her long hair. Bonnie Brehm wills to Diane Feldbauer he r ability to get her rooms mixed up and wind up in the wrong class. Diana Carrara wills to Dorothy Benton her ability to keep the car in one solid piece. Regina Dallasen wills to Karen Olson her ability to get good grades. Judy Freeburg wills Judy Carlson her old flames because she knows Judy is interested in dying embers. Sylvia Gatto wills Connie Hrusth her talking ability. To Joan Edinger, One y Johnson leaves her book entitled, "How to be a Genius in Four Easy Years". 35 Avis Kemmer wills to Rita Perry her extra curricular act- ivities. To Gloria Wildenauer, Patty Thompson wills her ability to take shorthand at 120 words a minute. Jeannie Gahr and Marylee Green leave their study periods to Charlotte Krise. Helen Erich leaves her ability to jitterbug to Rita Glass. To Jerry Cavalline, Dick Dallasen wills his physique and height. Jim Glass wills his "hot rod" ability to Maxine Mori. Harry Green leaves his ability to have fun, and yet not make noise, to Rose Dallasen. Bob Hyatt leaves to Bill Mosier what is left of the "Green Hornet". Joe Gutowski wills Jim Portzer his dancing ability and his luck in getting flat tires. Bill Nero leaves Hugh Malone his basketball ability. To John Secco, Bill Meredith leaves his neat physics book. Bob Mattiuz wills his ability to get along with other people to Joanne Comiotti. To Audrey Morelli, Dick Kalgren leaves his bla ck , curly hair. Bruce Shuttleworth leaves his picture of Jayne Mansfield to Raymond Gahr. Bob Sidelinger leaves his sideburns to Gary Lundin. To Lucy Mattivi, Laverne Schrieber wills all his quiet study periods. Ken Swanson wills Ronnie Young his ability to s tay out of trouble. Herman Pontzer wills Wayne Hedlund his abilityto tell tall tales, Danny Portzer leaves his ability tohave a good time to Bill Pitchler. Carol Green leaves her ability to raise cain to Janie John- son. Janice Wittman and Sandra Sandberg leave their blonde hair to Lindola Wonderling. Dick Kugler wills Bill Chamberlin his ability to get along with the teachers. A11 ,Autumn Walk. Slowly now the sun is sinking, Gently setting in the West, As I recollect our Senior year, The gayest and the best. Fourth and last of our four seasons Giving pleasure in its flight, Yearbook Advisor ,.,.,, Editor ....... Business Manager Class Editor , . . Assistant Class , Speeds by, oh, so very quickly Bringing our Commencement Night CLASS OFFICERS Editors ,,,,, Sports Editors . . Art Editor .... Advertisements . . . Mr. John Aiello . ,Diana Carrara . . Sylvia Gatto . . Avis Kemmer . . Bonita Brehm , , ,Daniel Portzer . Richard Dallasen William Nero . . .OneyJ'ohnson . . .Judy Freeburg Robert Hyatt Bruce Shuttleworth . . Regina Dallasen Patricia Thompson Sue Beveridge Class play "Hillbilly Weddin' " directed by Washington trip from May 12th to l5th Class color---Columbia Blue and Gray President ,,,, ,,,, W illiam Nero . Vice President. . . . . Daniel Portzer SubSC1'1Pti0nS- - Secretary ,,,, , Patricia Thompson P1'0f3f1'eade1' - Treasurer .... .... S ue Beveridge TYP15tS - - - Class Advisor . . . . Mr. -TOh1'1Aie110 Class membership . . . Thirty-four Mr. Rogan Social events: Record-Hops ' Graduated May 26th Magazine sale Christman Dance with music by the Five Aces Flower---White Baby Orchid Sold Christmas cards Received class jackets and sweaters Served Lion Club Dinners Motto--"There are no benches on the road to success ." if X fn- iw K I X. K T as- 'rs XXlll'llf-fee Q S 'fillulll if 'TIL Qc ' 34 All Autumn Walk Autumn leaves were fluttering gently through the fragrant autumn air, Offering a gay reminder That the trees will soon be bare. Frosty morning breezes blowing and a hazy sun at noon Tell us summer's swiftly going, Winter's coming all too soon. Time's clock needs no winding, CLASS OFFICERS: President ..... Vice President . . Secretary .... Treasurer , . , Class Advisor . , Class Membership . . . .William Nero . . . .Diana Carrara Bruce Shuttleworth . . .Daniel Portzer- . . Mr. John Aiello . . Thirty- e ight Needs no setting, and with care Hours are filled with joy and pleasure That we all are asked to share. Such is high school, bright and friendly, Four short seasons brief and gay, Leading on to one objective, Commencement--"the parting of the way" On this leaf I now have rescued As I stroll back through the past I find our Freshman ship a-sailing With this data on the mast: CLASS OFFICERS: President ..... Vice President. . Secretary ,,,,,, Treasurer ,,,,, Financial Secretary .1 . .Richard Dallasen . . .William Nero . . . . .Kay Newell . . . ,Kenneth Swanson Bruce Shuttleworth Social events: St. Patrick's Day Dance with music by, Tex Lamb. Field trip toBurns accompanied by Mr. Aiello I, i Trip to Pittsburgh a c c o mpa nie d by Mr, Cai-pin and Mr, Palenski ' ' First Coronation with Sylvia Gatto chosen as Queen and Raymond Mattivi as King. Syl- via is a member of the Class of '58 Bake sale I Candy sale Tumbling, twirling, blowing, whirling, More leaves scattered color near On this one a memoranda Of our Junior High School year: CLASS OFFICERS Class membership . , ,,,, Thirty-eight Social events: Outing to Sullivan's Farm Trip to Harrisburg under the supervision of Mr. Carpin. Thoughtfully I held this treasure Hoping for another chance To review our Sophomore season If but just one little glance. Tenderly I picked another, Tinged with red and green and gold, Gazed upon it for a moment And this story did unfold: President ..... . . William Nero Vice President . . . . .Daniel Portzer Secretary .... .... R obert Hyatt Treasurer .... . . Robert Mattiuz Class Advisor .... . . Mr. John Aiello Class Membership. . . . . . . .Thirty-Four Social events: Received Class Rings Halloween Dance with music by Tex Lamb Spaghetti Dinner Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom with Fairy- land Fantasy as the theme. King---James Heigel---Queen---Donna Copella, Music by Hal Fritz. First Post Prom in Fox Township Midnight lunch Show in Weedville Floor show at the Community Building Breakfast at 5:00 5 3 i FIRST ROW: D. Portzer, R. Kugler, R. Dallasen, W. Nero, B. Carpin. SECOND ROW: Mr. Carpin - Coach, R. Kalgren, L. Schreiber, J. Cavalline, G. Heigel, W. Beimel. Hascball "Laverne" "Kugie" "Bill" "Dick" "Dickie" "Danny" "fa wgkafw. fl?f-if'SQls,. ' FIRST ROW: D, Ohlin, G. Heigel, H. Beimel, C. Saline, R. Quagliani. SECOND ROW Mr Aiello Coach R Wonderly, P. McMackin, L. Rettger, R. Beimel. ,7. V. l6'ask email VARSITY SCORES VARSITY SCORES COMETSH OPPONENTS "COMETS" OPPONENTS Austin 28 60 Alumni East Forest 52 66 Houston Renova 53 66 Renova Ridgway 45 61 Bradford East Forest 69 A 31 Bradford f Weedville Z9 67 Houston Weedville 38 74 Titusville Clarion 48 69 Clarion Houston 45 74 Titusville Ridgway 57 60 Austin ' Weedville 44 68 All-Stars 30 FIRST ROW: R. Mattuiz, R. Dallasen, W. Nero, R. Kalgren. SECOND ROW: D. Portzer- Student Manager, G. Heigel, B. Carpin,P. MCMackin, J. Cavalline, W. Beimel, Mr. Aiello- Coach. "Walter" Varsity Hasketball 'Bil1" ' F ' 'Q '- , V! V k"E-LSM 4,5fe"" 1 "C 4 A L.. ' 'Um-wh-'Mf"ff ff.L-g.vz-L:',73-14325-521 I. h . L ....,.,,.,. . .. W' ' , 'J Lf- my ff., "Brent" "Dickie" I 1 11. 1 if 4 Il.. ,. , 5. ..,. . 'A - ' 1.' " . ..., I " 'f:':1.2Qfgi!Qf f- O rtrt SM- I?"-4: 56 .' FW X 11 .,f.1.T-,.., N., . , . 1 1 treretr W eete 7 'E . 41 'Fw 2 'AQ 3, I ix 2 4 K X ' A S32 Ks xxx X Q M 1 if X 3 X' N, X fi xg xr. A1 5 ' Q Q if if f .1 I 4. S ff? Y: Sw S 1 K e 'jaw Q- f My 'I MVFEI W if i' 'X Hi sf 4 wx Y N . 1 .M "" I ,, -ft, .-MtiMf7'7' ,K . Y NH'f" ww .,,, ,L A W in-fwg.1.'3 ' w' , M. Y-. , if- ,.. Dick' -,....M Wt... ,. . ..,. oX015"5 ae Renaud 3 5 tm P S- ' ' M High Scboie, Sue , 90 attYVand Eters sean eggy Rogef 1 X 1 Acc ompanist Karen Clarinet Soloist Saxophone So1o1st Connie Maddie 'o o mvem 'ipxwrf Sr erodwznd 'Siu Owfw Gert 1'1o 969191, ' 3 IQB el-ty Senior 0416! Left to Right: O. Johnson, S. Gatto, J. Wittman, A. Kemmer, S. Beveridge, J. Freeburg, R Girls ' Klmrus FIRST ROW: K. Palmer, J, Pontious,M. Mori, G. Wildnauer, J. Johnson, L. Wonderling, E Swa.nson,S. Steinbiser, C. Hrusth, J. Edinger, R. Dallasen, D. Carrara. SECOND ROW: P Renaud, J. Anzinge'r,R. Perry, L. Dowie,S. McMinn, J. Wittman,A. Kemmer, S. Beveridge J. F re eburg , D. Dowie, L. Mattivi, K. Olson, B. Brehm. THIRD ROW: R. Dallasen, G Buterbaugh, P. Stubbs, S. Morelli, J. Thompson, J. Comiotti, A, Morelli., E. Gutowski, D Dollinger, J. Spangler, S. Gatto, O. Johnson. Dallasen, D. Carrara. 5 First Row: Mr. Carpin . . . Dick Dallasen Bill Nero . . . Diana Carrara Regina Dallasen Sue Beveridge George Heigel Dottie Dollinger Avis Kemrner Second Row: REPORTERS: J-li-lite Staff . . . . . Advisor . . Circulation Manager . . Sports Editor Assistant Editor J ..... ECHYOI' Associate Editor . . . . . . . . Business Manager . . Assistant Advertising Manager . . . . . . . Advertising Manager Phyllis Stubbs, Sandra Steinbiser, Kay Anthony , Jeannie Thompson, Sandra Morelli, Joanne Comiotti, Sara McMinn, Oney Johnson, Judy Freeburg. 26 Left to Right: Avis Kemmer, Treasurer - Sylvia Gatto, Secretary - Richard Dallasen, President - Mr. Carpin. Advisor - Herman Pontzer, First Vice President - Diana Carrara, Second Vice President - William Nero, Third Vice President. T , OFFICERS, . Student Eauncil FIRST ROW: T. Wildnauer, K. Olson, S. Gatto, S. McMinn, D. Dollinger, L. Dowie, G. Heigel, Mr. Carpin. SECOND ROW: A. Kemmez-,P. McMackin,W. Nero, R. Dallasen, J. Secco, B. Car- pin, R. Dallasen. THIRD ROW: E. Gutowski, P. Pontzer, R. Quagliani, J. Pqrtzer, D. Portzer, H. Pontzer, W. Mosier, D. Carrara. First Row: Oney Johnson . . Dick Dallasen. . Bill Nero . . . Sylvia Gatto . . . Diana Carrara , , Avis Kemmer , , , Bruce Shuttleworth Bob Hyatt ..... Judy Freeburg . . Second Row: Regina Dallasen . Patty Thompson . Sue Beveridge . Dan Portzer M. Bonnie Brehm . Mr. Aiello . cha Staff . . . . Art Editor . Sports Co-editor . Sports Co-editor . .Business Manager ......,...Editor . . . . . . Class Editor . . . . .Subscription Manager . . . . . . Advertising Manager . .Assistant Advertising Manager . .Proofreader .........Typist ...........Typist . . Assistant Class Editofr . . Assistant Class Editor . . . . . . . . Advisor Z4 f,,3ggpQ'1m . c v. K-. L Qf X1 H 1 -'W"4i 2, Kwai m hh f if ' , x dw S I xr ' if W 4,3 M Q 22 W..-vu ful?- .-f-Q 5 FIRST ROW: E. Saline, K. Nyquist, B. Timblin, G. Clark, B. Grosser, C. Renaud, B. Pichler, C. Young, M. Kemmer, T. Thompson. SECOND ROW: B. Geist, P. Dallasen, M. Hyatt, M. Guthrie, D. Anthony, A. Caimi, P. Brainard, M. Renaud, S. Hrusth. THIRD ROW: R. Reed, L. Keech, J. Himes, R. Quagliani, R. Freeburg, D. Renaud, L. Fassett, G. Himes, F. Robuck, K. Armstrong, Miss Johnson -- Absent. Eighth Grade ., nv 1 MM iff? OFFICERS Maddie Guthrie Secretary Raymond Freeburg President Margaret Hyatt Vice President Annette Caimi Treasurer Miss .Johnson Absent s.1- 21 FIRST ROW: G. G eer, C. Young, J. Dinsmore, D. Farley, L. Timblin, G. Penn, H. Beimel, R. Meredith, K. Mosier, J. Hirnes, S. Steinbiser, E. Swanson, S. McCarren, Mr. Rogan. SECOND ,ROW: A. Deemer, P. Pontzer, W. Wonderling, C. Saline, R. Armstrong, E. White, L. Dowie, R. Quagliani, K. Shutika,M. Collins, D. Ohlin, D. Gutowski, J. Wittman, K. Clark. THIRD ROW: L. Hedberg, S. Chamberlin, J. Saline, G. Reiter, B. Carlson, L. Gavazzi, R. Beimel, D. White, T. Wildnauer, J. DeWald, K. Palmer, J. Pontious, P. Geci. FOURTH ROW: G. Buterbaugh, P. Stubbs,G. Swanson, J. Mattiuz, P. Bianchi, K. Blessel, E. Mattivi, R. Wonderly, D. Spangler, B. Carr, J. Lee, J. Spangler, D. Dowie. Sfrcshnmn Glass Mr. Rogan Advisor Z0 FIRST ROW: D. Green, R. Hedberg, R. Harvey, T. Bauer, H. Himes, G. Heigel, W. Beimel, C Agosti, Miss Anderson. SECOND ROW: A. J'ohnson,V. Young,P. Renaud, D Dollinger F Tam bur1in,s. More1li,J. Th0mps0n,E. Gutowski,N. Pichler. THIRD ROW: B. oarpin, P. Ixjlchgiackin L. Rettger, R. Mattzuz, R. Hlmes, P. Sheeley, D. Swanson. Saphamare 611155 Miss Anderson Advisor 19 FIRST ROW: M. Dowie,D. Benton, G. Wildnauer, J. Johnson, J. Carlson, C. Krise, D. Feldbauer C. Hrusth, J. Edinger, M. Mori, Mr. Palenski. SECOND ROW: L. Wond e rling , R. Perry, A Morelli., J. Comiotti, G. Lundin, W. Hedlund, K. Lipsey, J. Anzinger, S, MCMiHH, R. Glass, K Olson. THIRD ROW: L. Mattivi, R. Gahr, W. Pichler,H. Ma1one,R. Young, J. Secco, J. Portzer W. Mosier, J. Cavalline, W. Chamberlin, R. Dallasen. fuuiar 611155 Mr. Palenski ' Advisor 18 Left to Right: Connie Hrusth --- Mr. Palenski --- Judy Carlson ------- Karen Olson ------- --- Treasurer --- Advisor -----Secretary -----President Sara McMinn ---Financial Secretary Left to Right: George Heigel ---- --- Secretary Miss Anderson --- ------- Advisor Pat McMackin ---------- President Harry Himes--- -- -Vice President Jean Thompson--- ------ T reasurer Left to Right: Dave Gutowski ---- ---Secretary - Mr. Rogan ----- ------ A dvisor Tom Wildnauer --- ------ President Donna Dowie -- Joanne Spangler Vice President --- ---- -Treasurer O lv' H5'5s qv f UNDERCLASSMEN ...A 45. axial .4l!'l""Q .. 1 Wg Mi ' ,bis U? ' HW. .,:4,-z. V I f 115 f" W , 6 gg, W' gy 5 nw.-: . ' WE ,,,,.,:5,.L,y 5, Wf- . Q Jai ' Jyagf, 5 if, 'M' W gm I' -of 'MW A ..,,..-f "In LAVERNE J. SCHRIEBER "Laverne" KENNETH L. SWANSON llKenll . 1-2. .- gzeuif " 1' R, L ,, lem .-:ri E N V JT' f if . n - . E, VZ L. O , T 5 A Z mm Q 1 - . . A Lf y it V E, . kfi xil' Ligfggifgfi 1 Q,-,W X f-f' - uwq v, fy, " 3114 V Vjp my 3 ij! A A , BRUCE E, SHUTTLEWORTH "Bruce" Scniar Elass EDITH P. THOMPSON llpatty-ll ROBERT J. SIDELINGER llBobll JANICE R.. WITTMAN uJ'ann ' ,J If 1 Qi E 5 5:5 is Af ,i:1QsgELffg, A ,Q pg- , M A mv my Q SJ. NL. ' ' 3 ROBERT R. MATTUIZ WILLIAM H. MEREDITH WILLIAM NERO uBObu llBi-ll!! nHoppYu HERMAN P. PONTZER. DANIEL L. PORTZER SANDRA L. SANDBERG llHerInll 5 llDanIl llsandyll A Q, ,gk K. ,sf 2 4? A gf JAMES M. GLASS ROBERT L. HYATT MARY O. JOHNSON llJimIl llBobll lloneyll EVERETT R. KALGREN AVIS L. KEMMER RICHARD H. KUGLER llDilckll "Avis" IlDiCkII K x 0.22 639 iii if Ph MX Q-Agikff I ,- .. flu? 5 .-555 1 , -P A 1 1722 Zflfii , 'wwizmxizsh - A A REGINA M. GAHR "Jeanne" EUGENE H. GREEN llHarryll SYLVIA J. GATTO 'IS-YJ-II The 1958 MARY LEE GREEN ll Maryll CAROL A. GREEN "Carol" JOSEPH M. GUTOWSKI llJ'oell BONITA M. BREHM ' DIANA L, CARRARA REGINA A. DALLASEN I "Bonnie" "Dee" , f'Peanie" 1 I Scnwr 6111.95 RICHARD S. DALLASEN HELEN L. ERICH .TUDITH A. FREEBURG llDickll llHe1ll llJ'ud-yll x ' H 1 fi MXH , Nw 74' in f Y x CATHERINE G. ANTONIO LI "Cathie" W -x g E 'Z-. Clic' 1958 SUE ANN BEVERIDGE llSueYI - KATHLEEN Ft, ANTHONY I nuKayvs KAREN D. BISH ilDarII -- -f,. -. - - ., , QV -Y mf A rg gp' 20. 3, My W-mf-wwmv:w.:-mwqw.,fn,w.1w-iffrm-A-wgawmfwmmmmn M - Senior Directory KATHLEEN ANTHONY - R.D. 1'fl, Kersey - Girls' Chorus l,2,3 - Mixed Chorus 3 - Hi Lite Staff Z,3,4. CATHERINE ANTONIOLI - R.D. 52, Kersey - Girls' Chorus l,2,3 - Mixed Chorus 2,3 - Band 2,3. SUE ANN BEVERIDGE - Kersey - Treasurer 4 - Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4 - Mixed Chorus 2,3 - Octet l,2,3,4 - County Chorus 3 - District Chorus 4 - Cheerleader 2,3,4 Captain 4 - Hi Lite Staff 2',3,4 - Echo Staff 4. DARLENE BISH - Irishtown - Girls' Chorus 1,2 - Mixed Chorus 2 - Band 2, BONITA BREHM - Dagus Mines - Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4 - Mixed Chorus 2,3- Band 2 - Echo Staff 4. DIANA CARRARA - Kersey - Vice President 2 - Student Council 2,3,4 Vice Pre s ident 4 - Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4 - Mixed Chorus 2,3 - Octet l,2,3,4 - County Chorus 2,3 - Hi Lite Staff 2,3,4 - Echo Staff Editor 4. REGINA DALLASEN - R.D. ff2, Kersey - Student Council 4 -- Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4 - Mixed Chorus 2,3 - Octet l,2,3,4 - County Chorus 2,3 - Hi Lite Staff 2,3,4 Editor 4 - Echo Staff 4. RICHARD DALLASEN - R.D. 52, Kersey - President 1 - Student Council 2,3,4 Treasurer 3, President 4 - Basketball l,2,3,4 - Baseball l,2,3,4 - Hi Lite Staff 2,3,4 - Echo Staff 4. HELEN ERICH - Shelvey Summit - Girls' Chorus l,2,3 -.Mixed Chorus 2,3. JUDITH FREEBURG - Kersey - Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4 - Mixed Chorus 2,3 - Octet l,2,3,4 - County Chorus 2,3 - Echo Staff 4, SYLVIA GATTO - Dagus Mines - Student Council 3,4 Secretary 4 - Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4 - Mixed Chorus 2,3 - Octet l,2,3,4 - County Chorus 2,3 - Cheerleader 2,3,4 Captain 4 - K.H. S. Queen 2 - Echo Staff 4. CAROL GREEN - Kersey - Girls' Chorus 2,3 - Hi Lite Staff 3,4. HARRY GREEN - R.D. 1542, Kersey - Boys' Chorus 2,3. MARYLEE GREEN - R.D. 1942, Kersey - Girls' Chorus l,2,3 - Mixed Chorus 3. JOSEPH GUTOWSKI - R.D. 1'1'l, Kersey - Boys' Chorus l,3,4 - Mixed Chorus 3. JAMES GLASS - Million Dollar Hwy. - Boys' Chorus 1,2. ROBERT HYATT - Kersey - Class Secretary 3 - Boys' Chorus 2 - Echo Staff 4. MARY JOHNSON - Kersey - Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4 - Mixed C horus 2,3 - Octet l,2,3,4 - County Chorus 2,3 - Hi Lite Staff 2,3,4 - Echo Staff 4. EVERETT KALGREN - Kersey - Basketball 4 - Baseball 4 - Transferred from RidgwayHigh School. ' AVIS KEMMER - ShelveySummit - Student,Council Z,3,4 Treasurer 4 - Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4 - Mixed Chorus 2,3 - Octet l,2,3,4 - County Chorus 2,3 - District Chorus 4 - Hi Lite Staff 2,3,4 - Echo Staff 4, RICHARD KUGLER - Million Dollar Hwy. - Boys' Chorus 2,3 - Basketball 3 - Baseball 2,3,4. ROBERT MATTIUZ - Dagus Mines - Treasurer 3 - Basketball l,2,3 - Baseball 4. WILLIAM MEREDITH - R.D. 52, Kersey - Boys' Chorus 3 - Band 2,3. - WILLIAM NERO - Dagus Mines - Vice President I - President 2,3,4 - Student Council 2,3,4 Vice President 4 - Basketball l,2,3,4 - Baseball l,2,3,4 - Echo Staff 4 - Hi Lite Staff 4. HERMAN PONTZER - Kersey - Student Council'2,3,4 Vice President 4 - Boys' Chorus l,2,3, 4 - Basketball 1,2 - Baseball 1. DANIEL PORTZER - Million Dollar Hwy. - Treasurer 2 - Vice President 3,4 - Student Council 4 -,Student Basketball Mgr. 4 - Baseball 2,3,4. SANDRA SANDBERG- Dagus Mines - Girls' Chorus 1,2 - Mixed Chorus 2. LAVERNE SCHREIBER - Million Dollar I-Iwy. - Boys' Chorus 1,2 - Basketball 2,3 - Baseball 2,3,4. BRUCE SHUTTLEWORTH - Dagus Mines - Financial Secretary l - Class Seci-etary2 - Boys' Chorus 2 - Echo Staff 4. ROBERT SIDELINGER - Kersey - Boys' Chorus 1,2 - Mixed Chorus 2 - Band 2. KENNETH SWANSON - Dagus Mines - Treasurer l - Boys' Chorus I - Band 2. PATRICIA THOMPSON - R.D. 1941, Kersey - Class Secretary 4 - Girls' Chorus 1,2 - Mixed Chorus 2 - Echo Staff 4. JANICE WITTMAN - Dagus Mines - Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4 - Mixed Chorus 2,3 - Octet 1,2,4 - County Chorus 2, 8, JOHN J. AIELLO Social Studies Physical Education Lock Haven State Teachers' College - B. S. FRED B. HIPPCHEN Social Studies English Clarion State Teachers' College - B. S. University of Pittsburg - M.E. THEODORE P. PALENSKI Science Mathematics Clarion State Teachers' College - B. S. ANNA C . SATTERLEE School Nurse St. Francis Hospital- R. N. L 4 H. MAY ANDERSON Commercial Beckley College THOMAS A. CARPIN Supervising Principal Science Indiana State Teachers' College - B. S. Pennsylvania State University M. E. fNot Picturedj JOHN M. ROGAN English Foreign Language University of Denver - B. A. ESTHER K. SICHERI Music Seton Hill College - B. M. uperlfisirzg Principal ..... This you owe to yourself and to your loved ones--to be your own best self and to act so that you may attain the highest level of achievement and satisfaction m o r ally, spiritually, socially, and educationally, of which you are capable and so justly deserve. .zLWW,4.ew,4.x.f Beard Of Mucatian Eugene Hyatt - George Sennett, Vice President - Henry Holtzauser, Treasurer - George Copella, President - Mike Eberl, Secretary. 6 9011 Cawnshizf 9acully ,4 Keeiew Of yesterdays .... It is with mixed emotions that we, the gr adu ating Seniors, leave our beloved Fox Township High School. For it is the friend- ships and experiences sh ar ed here which in later years we will hold in our hearts as dearest. Never have we .wished away these precious moments, but in the years to come many are the times we shall wish them back. Our wishes will not be in vain, for by summarizing the m emory of these golden years may we realize the joys and pains of our yesterdays- "Our golden yesterdays at Fox Township High School" ...... Cable 0 Ifautenfse FACULTY--- - 5 sEN1oRs --------- - 8 UNDERcLAssME1l1'--- -f- 17 A ACTIVITIES ------- --- 23 SENIOR MEMORIES --- --- as "There are no benches on the road to success." l Chunks. . . We, the Senior Class of 1958, give thanks to Mr..Tohn Aiello who has assisted us in our four years of high school study, has helped us attain our many goals, and who has advised us in our personal matters. A We take this opportunity to wish him much happiness and success in the future. ADVISOR TEACHER FRIEND... Alum Mater Hail Kersey, Hail all hail Noble and strong To thee with loyal hearts we raise our song Swelling to heaven loud Our praises ring Hail Kersey, Hail all hail of thee we sing. if Hail Kersey, Hail all hail Guide of our youth Lead thou thy children on To light and truthg Thee when death summons us . Others shall praise . Hail Kersey, Hail all hail through endless days

Suggestions in the Fox Township High School - Echo Yearbook (Kersey, PA) collection:

Fox Township High School - Echo Yearbook (Kersey, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Fox Township High School - Echo Yearbook (Kersey, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 70

1958, pg 70

Fox Township High School - Echo Yearbook (Kersey, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 58

1958, pg 58

Fox Township High School - Echo Yearbook (Kersey, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 70

1958, pg 70

Fox Township High School - Echo Yearbook (Kersey, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 74

1958, pg 74

Fox Township High School - Echo Yearbook (Kersey, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 69

1958, pg 69

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