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Text from Pages 1 - 92 of the 1956 volume:

gm 'Q hlfilflllll efforts and for suc ess of 1956 NEcho ghd bwv wi Mm vw Mr Aiello, in acpreciation of his in aiding us to achieve our goal his enthusiastic support, work, and in school athletics, we the class proudlv dedicate this volume of the l 4 ii7'. 'f my To .. , Q9 irnlrnnsltrntinn CW 'C gl ffm C' Q1 C XD 1. CJ F. B. Hippchen English lt T. A. Carpin J. Aiello Social Studies Physical Education iii. 5 X 'J Supervising Principal Driver's Training Science o o CEA kms. -nv- .,..,,, f""'H-x Q Q 45, HQ ' IH- .,2. E 1' 4' f if T58 ff, G H L 1 J? ' 4 1 . 4 K I A- 0I'Si T. Pallenski Music and Band Math Instructor X A r x N f b M' Anderson Mrs Carl Satterlee Commercial Studies School Nurse 432 P-PUPW ergo 'E' ii MW NNUAL STAFF 0 'fb of -XP' 6 191, It Op 69 0 09512 1? Seated: Sharon Feldbauer. Gladys Contrini.. Carol Fredrickson Betty Canal ...... Ronald Beimel .... Veronica DaCana1. Judy Cesa ..... ... Gordon Meredith.. Kay Caimi .... .... Jean Holtzhauser- Standing: Gus Johnson... Joe Pontzer. .... . Richard Portzer-- Walter Reiter .... Miss Anderson .... Bruno Pelleschi.. ................Art Editor ......Subscription Manager .......Advertising Manaaer ..... ........ Typist .....Sports Editor ...Literary Editor ....5ocia1 Editor ...Editor-in-chief ........Proofreader ...Assistant Editor ...Business Manager ......Pub1icity Director ...........C1ass Historian Asst. Class Historian 0OlOOlIOIUOlOOOlOAdviSor . ...Asst. Sports Editor C L A S S M O T T O O M P O S S I B I L I T Y T O R E A L I K i f T' 4 , KM A O 'w 1311111115 E' so P S VE xx. C Nw' ' h , "Lf 3 Q '.., A'rf "E P QQ A15 ' L. ' . Q'1" W in 3 P 'fix' .fl :ff q wg -440165, -3 Qivf if "'l 'j. , ,' 'v,,'f4,'- ' '.' V -' uv. A k ' Stanley Anderson NAndien Basketball,l,2,3, Class Play A. Treasurer 1. W S Q19 S f JS Carol Calmi ll U President l. Class Play M. Chorus l,2,3, C fl, fn' Ronald Eeimel 'Ronnie' Baseball l,2,3,4. Basketball l,2,3, Class Play 4. Baseball l 2,3,h. Q Q .Q M M fxuff 4 I Student Council M. 4. President 4. Student Council 4. Mmms4. C .f ff 1, W M tmwdyof fllx Elizabeth Canal nBetty Chorus l,2, ,4 Class Play 4 Sextet 2,3 Typist Gladys Contrini 'Gladi Chorus l,2, Class Play 4 Cheerleader 2 5 4 Sextet 2,5 4 Judlth Cesa Judi Chorus l,2, Class Play Secretary 2 Sextet 2,3, Student Cou I ,394-' 4. LL ncll Q, 'Q ii? F K xmfgf xg 3 .:3. . PE? Q51 X N X J Q15 2 , jgilf Veronica DaCaual HROHHY ll Chorus l,2,3,h. Student Council M. Class Play M. Carol Fredrick HV-id!! Chorus l,2,f,M Class Play 4. Sextot ?,3,h. Sharon Feldbauer 'Sherry' Chorus l,2,5,4. Class Play 4. Cheerleader 2,5,4. Sextet 2,5,4. Secretary 5, 'lffw I' 'ar rw QE I ijg F55 if , ,g.,.7,1,. .pf7,.q.g-,-. '.:..,,Ty.,1 . , ,,nus Ali?-X 'ET' Cecilia Gahr uCeclliaN Class Play 4. Chorus 4. August Johnson has n- . o n ia' sf' - ra 'A 1 , .-., 4 , u0J,- . llglu gi, . , ' M125 o """' I--. ' ll' anna ' nGus' ga 21 1U55" xlfdfvbwl President 2. is 56, 'g a g ,QL vice-President 3,4. fill, lsr: .gif Chorus 3. 4 '0. W' Basketball 1. Class Play 4. ' I R I f 1 m.mup Jean Holtzhauser Midge Chorus l,2,3,M,. Class Play ll. Cheerleader 2,3,ll. Sextet 2,3,h. Secretary 1. Treasurer 2,3,Lg.. Nu I C A 'J I-f S is Robert Lilja nRatsn Class Play 4. Chorus 4. Gordon Meredith nGordie' President 3. Vice-President 2. Student Council, Pres Basketball l,2,3,H. Class Play h. Bernetta iattiuz HBertn Chorus 1, . Class Play Q, 4' 53,6 F' Ei4Ju+Q is ' HX.. ' g Ria: , mi ., 'T x 3, 5 I 2 4 ll Mg?" 'JV X. ' x .,,.a1' Raymond Mattivi HGoosen Basketball 1. Class Play 4. Chorus 4. Student Council 4. Student Manager 4. A 'Im ro ' 3' W5-fggw Tl' Joseph Pontzer A - CY Y NJ-Oskln 7 A Class Play 4. R ' Chorus 4: '1Y4v 3' if Nui" 1-it W A-R x. ,Q Bruno Pelleschi g' '25 nBrunon ' ' 7 Student Council I Class Play H. Chorus M. ffkis ' In . ff in I - Q3 5 Y Richard Portzer Dick Student Council 4 Class Pla 4 1 S 4g.l X W' .' X n n xx Q- xipu A . -1 ' Y ' H Chorus 4 . '5 Donna Reach llsisli Class Play 4. Chorus 1,2. Walter Reiter H7 'Snood N K 1- 1 an Class Pty . acf Chorus W -g 94 'L f Charlgzeigawson It I Alan Wildfire gfw Al Class Play 14, I gggigibgll 2 Z gigiispiav 4 ALMA MATER Hail Kersey, Hail all hail Noble and strong To thee with loyal hearts we raise our song Swelling to Heaven, loud Our praises ring Hail Kersey, Hail all hail of thee we sing. Hail Kersey, Hail all hail Guide of our youth Lead thou thy children on To light and truthg Thee when death summons us Others shall praise Hail Kersey, Hail all hail through endless days N 1 ff I ,f 5 Q , R ig .-ff-""' n 4 i 2 is 'I -,QW '5 f. ' Y! 1-M. ,. h A un-- Q Q P1 !- WQBRV ,. +4011 " 00 .-1 SENIUR CLASS HI TORY f me 'XL W t 1' y,gf73'ea' SCENE A living room in a home Time is evening Lights are turned on Mother sits readlng Sonny Boy sits in a low chair near a floor lamp reading a story book MOTHER SONNY BOY Bending over book and swelling, E N I O R H Say, mother what's S I O Is it something to eato Or maybe it's a bear 'N no, Sgnny Boy, Seniors aren't animals, they are people People just like you and me ' SONNY BOY HPeople Say, mother this story must be about S E N Sen, Sen iors Here's a picture of one of them Mother, there must be some of them at school They look just like this picture Mo ther, read me about Seniors CSonny Boy takes book over to mother Moves chair over near mother ani listens to her read D Mother, reading 'Once upon a time, a long, long tfme ago, nearly twe ve years ago, there were some little boys and girls These little bofs and girls did not go to school as you and I do They were not old enough to so to school So their papas and their mamas told them that when they were six years old they could go to school I So one day all of them were six years old When the school bell rang in the fall of the year, in September I think it was, all of these little boys and girls started off to school, with their books and tablets e school they went to was the Kerse School Of course these little boys and Y girls cculdn't read They couldn't write either But them if they would trr hard and study well, that some oloer they could go to high school The little boys and to high school and play basketball and baseball, and be stuoied and studied for eight long rears Then one day them they were ready for high school But all of the little boys and girls who started to school weren't ready for high school Some of them had not studied as hard as the should Some had moved away from town And some llttle boys and glrls left to go to high school there were Stanley Anderson Ronald Beimel August Johnson Robert Lilja Raymond Nattivi Gordon Neredith Bruno Palleschi Joseph Pontzer Richard Portzer Walter Reiter Charles Swanson Carol Calmi Betty Canal Judith Cesa Gladys Contrini Veronica DaCanal Sharon Feldbauer Carol Fredrickson Cecelia Gahr Jean Holtzhauser Bernetta Nattiuz Donna Resch Alan Wildfire their teacher told day when they grew girls wanted to ao in plays, so they their teacher told Hwell, when these boys and girls came to high school, they found many other boys and girls who were older than they were Some of them seemed to know much more than others They paraded around looking dignified and very important Now the little boys and girls found out these people had been in high school a long time Some of their teachers told them if they vould work four hard years they would know a great many things too ., as n R -5 ' W -. nl E5 -""" 0 Do O c , . 7 0 s -- I , A HS- - - - - . a --E-N- - -R? . . .H . ----- 0, ' Y 0 I -- , - - - L - I 0 0 my 1 A e ' ll 0 Al O - Q """ on L 'D 1 . ' ' I l Il U 0 I I j , . Th u . A v , 0 V 9 1 1 N Q I ' ' ' U , V . yy . v x . other little boys and girls had come to take their nlaces.n So of all the 1 Y A Y 3 r I ' J , 0 A J ll L O Senior Class History--Page 2 'The Freshmen found high school was much dlfferent from grade schoo There were not so many subjects to study but they were much harder There was one subject that was the queerest thing If you didn't know what it was about, you just said, Let X be it Then finally you know what the answer was, even though you didn't know what it was all about Then there was a subject they called history, but it was all about dates, only not the kind you eat 'Afterwhile the freshmen found that another schoo After vacation when they went back to school again they anymore but they were sophomores Being a sophomore was freshman, only different A sophomore thinks he knows green, awkward freshman, only he doesn't He just thinks tle boys and girls werent little anymore but they were cr year had passed weren't freshmen just like belnv a much more than he does Our lib own up sophomores class meetlngs And you know lf the faculty is pleased with their work they Vell, they had some other queer things to study They bisected angles, and dissected frogs but bisecting an angle and dissecting a frog are just as different as eating toadstools and mushrooms But the sophomores had time being sophomores They were glad they had studied hard when they were little as their teachers had told them to so they could go to high school nThen school was out again and the boys and girls went home to play? No, they dldn't po home to play this summer, for they were grown up now, or they thought they were So they spent some of their time worklng They had to act grown up, for the next fall when ther went back to high school they were juniors Now juniors are queer people They know much more than the sophomores and freshmen but they are afraid of the class above them, they spend most of the year giving them parties and banquets, and planning commencement events for them They are servants for the high and mighty fouryear folks 'After the Junior ear was over, and vacatlon had come to an end, w a do you think happened? NQ,the school building didn't burn No, they d1dn't have any Christmas tree Well, I'lltell you what happened Vhen the Jun iors went back to school again, they weren't freshmen they weren't sopho mores they weren't juniors They were S9nlOPS1 They found out seniors were the highest and the greatest class in school And when seniors are seniors, whether they study or not,the faculty looks up to them because thq' are seniors And the juniors look up to them because ther are seniors And the sophomores and the freshmen are afraid of them because they are S6Ul0PS Seniors vet to do a lot of things They et to go to banquets They have graduate H And so it happened that after twelve long years the little boys an girls of this story grew into seniors After these boys and girls become Seniors they are given the great tion's capital, Washington, in the District of Columbia I nSo,Sonny Boy,from this story school of Yersev School, and what hard work And some day, if you llke the senlors of nineteen hundr t a dlploma Sonny Boy senior of Kersey High School too 3 Q fl' ' ,f opportunity to visit and tour our Na you see that SENIORS are a class in high they came to be after years of study and study you too can be a SENIOR, and just ed and fifty six, you will graduate and nMother, I like that story Some day I am going to be a V' ' ' 1. 1 1 3 . . ll ll , O U f Q ' l , . I H - L ' A 1 o . . B . O 3 3 X 0 L ' I' C J I u h 8 A ' ll I 0 -J I . J ., ' . ' 1 ' C I V Q SO .1 . ' o . Il . ' D o ' Y ' ' h t . Q A . U - I 3 1 3 o I n A 1 Q A, O Q u . . V . ll : . 1 d U I - . .J 0 X e I ge - un --..-- ' x N H A4 M ' 1 . I. A 4' X - f 1 5 ? ',4g: 1 I ,ge xx 5 , f If J? . I1 If , ' , In 1 T .Ja Rst-f K I QJ Ahrrdnsimrn N CYD Q . 6 . 53' Q Ov O 0 I F up 'X rf C 3, F' 9 92 I 0 O! , . C1 ,V PF!- N We First Row: R. Gahr, D. Coppela, T. Petrocchi, L. Colly, P. Swanson, J. Parmi, J. Moyer, B. McMack1n, J. Anderson, J. Corbe, Nr. Hifpchen. Second Row: E. Gatto, J. Heigel, E. Newell, J. Raffiner, J. Palmer, J. Gahr, A. Wonderling, B. Hedberg, J. Dallasen, A. Wildfire, J. Helgel, J. Blessel, M. Singer. A J , 'FSO ff' J A 'I f AQ? R f JU l0R CLASS J Vw up 0 0 , + 0 1 x. h w Q i55yzJi,nNxX l.A7' W W X OFFICERS XP f' President -------------------- Eddie Newell Treasurer -------- -------- Bonnie NcMackin Vice President ----------- Allen Wonderling Secretary ----------- N -------- Janes Heigel Advisor ---------------------- Mr. Hippchen Q.. H!! fr" of X71 ,D-M-3, f' A--Q., AJ. rw we A ,Q We Q s ql Metso! ' 9- 'Pt First Row: R. Mattiuz, D. Bish, J. Freeburg, J. Wittman, A. Kemmer, S. Gatto, S. Beveridge, O. Johnson, D. Carrara, R. Dallasen, M. Keller, Mr. Aiello. Second Row: W. Meredith, H. Green, D. Young, R. Timblin, W. Nero, B. Shuttle- worth, J. Torzok, K. Anthony, M. Green, B. Brehm, J. Gahr, C. Green. Third Row: J. Gutowski, J. Glass, D. Kugler, L. Schreiber, R. Dallasen, R. Hyatt, R. Sidelinger, J. Flegal, H. Pontzer, D. Portzer, P. Thompson, H. Erich. x ' 0PHOMORE CLASS ' sw - :xt . Secretary President Vice-President Treasurer Class Advisor OFTTCERS Bruce Shuttleworth William Nero Dianne Carrara Daniel Portzer hr Aiello fx 99:9- 5 X V' A ZV, mv, 5 l ,Wim .vvlill E ...KW V I ,aw ,P . il . fi iK,, ei? syiig ts " First Row: A. Deemer, E. Timblin, G. Geer, J. Pontious, K. Clark, J. Saline, G. Euterbaugh, E. Swanson, K. Palmer, S. Chamberlin, S. Steinbiser, D. Dowie. Second Row: .B. Secco, L. Hedberg, C. Saline, R. Beimel, R. Wonderly, L. Tim- blin, I. Pontious, D. Oh1in,R. Quagliani, G. Swanson, P. Bianchi, K. Shutika, D. White, P. Stubbs. Third Row: G. Penn, J. Torzok, W. Wonderling, R. Arm- strong, K. Mosier, L. Gavazzi, B. Carr, H. Beimel, E. Mattivi, B. Carlson, G. Reiter, R. Cuneo, J. Mattiuz. EVE TH GRADE ssu,!xR In . OFFICERS Financial Secretary ------------- Gentle Mae Butgpbgugh 36CP9t9PY --------------------- ------------ Donna Dowie PP9S1d9Ht ---------------- -------------- Peter Bianchi Vice-President ---------------.--- -... Edward Nattivi Treasurer ----------------------- ------- Fsther Swanson AdViSOF ------------------------- --------- Mrs. Petitti Oi My 9 SE l0ll CLASS PROPHECY NEXS COMMENTATOR Here we are folks The date lS June 1,1976 Today we are vlvlnv news of an unusual vroup of people who vraouated from school 1U the same lass in Yersew, Pennsvlvanla on Nay 28, 1956 Althouvh at that tlme the class was consldered an unusual one, no one expected that from its member hip should come so many outstandlnp mer onalltles nvery member of the class has achieved notable success, and here is thelr record First is Bruno Ielleschi He has just set up his own rocket hip fill ing statlon on the moon Reaular flights are nom belna made lU the rocket hip wtose Chlef pilot is Captain Robert Lilja The pretty stewardess is Bernetta hattiuz Amonv the passencers today, I was plea ed to see Valter Reiter, who came to investivate the possibilltles of locatinv a resort ho tel on the moon News from Charles Swanson is, he has at last achieved his desire to own his own farm He 13 SP6Cl311ZlDQ in the productlon of animal products for synthetic fibers Carol Fredrickson and Betty Canal are leavin? tomorrow for Paris to take charce of the worlc famous fashion show to be eld September 22 1o75 Ilan Vlldfire, who always llked to drive his own car, has just won the Indianapolls Speedway Races Thanks to Tis ble bodied mechanlc Ravmond hattivi Richard Portzer became famous by his ingeneous plan for the collection of Federal Income Taxes Bv his plan all waves are paid directly to the aovernment, and the remainder IS mailed to the wave earner The medal of award for science service is to be BWSPGSO, we hear, t Joseph Iontzer That llttle bundle of brains discovered a may to extract enerny from a snowflake and male enouah electrlc current to livht a flash light Vill wonders never ceaseo A motorles automobile has just been envented Two bP411l8Dt scien tists have the patent Patent number NXYZ has beer is ued to August John son and Stanlev Anderson Double and Son report a new book Just off the press It is from the pen of a well known auttores , Judith Cesa She is sald to have done her f1TSt writina in Kersey High School, when she wrote an examination paper that recelved a reyection slip Bin Sprinvs Collepe announces its new term bevinnina September 7,1076 A large enrollment is looked for, accordinv to President Ponald Beimel Remember vhat used to be called the Common Cold? Well, it is no more, thanks to Cecelia Gahr, who discovered its cause, and a certain preventive which costs very little, and is easily added to the air in all buildings I imagine there are very few of you who have ever heard oflonna Resch But really she is known to millions under another name, Zsa Zsa Gabor The class was invited to a dance held at the Monte Carlo, which is op erated by Glaovs Contrini and Sharon Feldbauer Jean Holtzhauser is now the head nurse of a naval hospital in Japan and is married to a wealthy naval officer Carol Caimi, vho has been teachinv school ln Alaska, is now tome for the summer Veronica DaCanal now is in Australia with Tab Hunter doing a picture called, nwish You Were Nine.n Last,and one of the least, there is myself, Gordon Meredith, news com mentator, gathering unusual news for thls station, and presenting it each Friday at this time. FT r . -, Q . ,- L ' ' J' I N 11: 1 - A v I . J V T . I I V1 U 4. Q ,, . A . , . S . . . 1-1 CW T V 1 L3 .J , . ,l f- , ' n sf - cl : . ' s - . Y . . ' I . 3 . I 0 . .J J ' o I v L. W r I , Q 1, Q D A ,N 1 ., . . .. - J . J " I I U , 1 . . . . . , , V I I Q ' , 1. b .,, 'I Y A 1 . , fs , 1 - 1- '- . ' 9 V ' V. - - , . i 5 . U L I L ' 1 . 1 Q - , A A g 1 ca . . c l F . 1 A I Y 7 " ' -1 T 1, . Ak ' V . O . , O ': ' , 1 1 . 1 1 ' ' J . n . V3 KJ 4 " . I II Y a . G . LJ O .L 1 . "- Y' ' - 4 , q . I .J A, U l - - K ' ' . ' " 1 S . . v J 1 I .. . . L s .J . fr N ' '1 3 ' " ' - .: ' U I J I I 1 -1 v ,, . o Y 2 4-' l -- . x 1 - w If . Q 4 I J -D . I 0 E NIR CLASS TO GUR HEIRS Teachers and Underclassmen of Kersev Hiph School, Greetings Ve the Senior Class of the Kersey high School, being now about ready to cast aside our hivh school wavs amide art for that sedate land of adult hood nd being mindful of the needs of those we leave behlnd in the Fersey Hich School,do by these presents declare our last will and testament to be l Our memories of high school me take with us, to cherish forever and forever 2 We leave behind us for other cla ses to follow, our fine record of athletic accomollshments and scholastic achievement 5 We leave to our faculty members oursincere thanks fa-their patience and kind interest in our velfare we trust that we shall not disanpoint them in wlat they expect of us 4 To thefreshman class of next vear we leave our wish for strenvth to stand up under the strain of enterinp rich school our ability when we were freshmen to quicklv adjust ourselxes to ChBD'lUF conditions nd our brill lance as soon attracted the attention of all in hich school sometimes to our areat embarrassment 5 To the sophomores, we leave the best vear of our lives now a hee tic memory Ve were not wise enouvh to be seniors, and we were too advanced to be fre hmen Ve had outgrown our freshman wavs, but had not yet made a stake for ourselves in the annals of the school even though some of us did make the athletic teams and show signs of developinv lnto real students 6 Ve request that the sophomores look up our record when we were 7 To the freshman cla s of th s year we leave a warning that if you don't desire to have to work all the years of vour high chool, stop now By next vear it will be too late By that time vou will have acqulred with in you enough of the school spirit of Ke sey Hivh School that you'll never want to Vive up being a student 8 mo the juniors of this year, we leave our thanks and appreciatlon for the splendid wav in which they have executed all the activities of the high school of which they have rad charge 9 To theschool as a whole weleave this pennant and our class picture, that they may ever be an inspiration to those who maze upon them and they will exclaim as they look upon our likeness nAh, there was a class ves, class wonderful class lO To the future we oledve our best effort to l1ve true to the tradi tions of he Yersey Hivh School and to work that we may be worthy to be coxrted among the Qraduates of thls school In witness whereof we have hereunto caused the sivnature of the senlor president and the senior secretary to be affixed, and ve acknowledoe this document Unbe the official act of the senlors of nineteen hundred and fifty slx of the Persey Hiph School Done at Kersey High :chool,this day of nineteen hundred and fifty six Hich School Seniors W E President --5-'ZADCVZ fig? ec!-ve-tary U ' s I o W s A - --a . - ' ' 1 . C' A , --. . Y ' U O --? s I A. A A Q Y A F' U ' I I., I a --: nf J J ' L7 5 U ' s' , --8 - O --. I ' V --. - 11 n I' J ' S . A7 V . . g ' , . . 3 . ,V J , ,,,. Y , 1 juniors and they will find a model record to follow while they are juniors. -- s i ' ur a, ,, S . u . A u ' - 'YT U A 1 - KJ ' 'B 1 Q "J, U 1 . J 1 L J 3 " 1 . L 5'-- ' --. a --. . ll ""' 1 1 r w . " 43 A X ,W . x 1. J H ' . A .J . . 1 J . ' U 1 ' . L 0 -I - - - 1 -- K , , t if D 1:f1n1f1r5 fv A v V' 0' . Q 'H 'S .Vp- "?"1"-1 ' 5 fs? LV SU E l0R CLASS PLAY Vow' Leave it to vouna bill Jackson to vet himself into a terr hle 1am put can Xou blame him for not correctlnv a wronv imoression when35O,DOO are at stake9 You ee B111 is a Doctor o Philosophy and a colleae nrofe or, which eans he really can be c lled 'Doctor all right Yut his fiande, Ansel , has a wealthv crankv uncle who l'kes medical octors but is mmonzlv reiudiced avainst nrofessors So when Anvela brings Bill to eet Uncle Henr at the hosnital and introduces him as Dr Jackson, Uncle Henrv thinks and B111 i5o,ooo for the fir t life Bill saves And that reallv start: sometlinv for the re ular hos Stal doctor has to leaxe town suddenly,ard Dlll 1 called unon to rel in s veral humorous emervercies F1rst, it's a CVlCk6D bone a oatient svallora Bill extracts it with sugar tonvs One lau rable situ tlon follows another in Quick order until the worst of all hanpens a natient suddenlv develors anpend citis"Bf11 is then called unon to do the sur ery T'en, there are the antics of the two hosnital r ommates, Dodson and Puckett,to kee tlin in a ont nous unroar Puckett, iollv and extreme lv ischievous, and od on, wealthx, crahb and owerbearinv, kee the hos nital st ff in hot water from mart to finish And there are Jack, the witty orderl and funnv Dovie Plnkledink It was an excitwnv nlav worth seein C' Characters as rla ed I Henrv K Dodson August Johnson Angela Barren oladys Contrini Vr William Jackson Gordon Meredith Niss Holt Bettv Canal Patricia Prvor Carol Caimi Dorothy Carleton Judv Cesa Charlotte Nelson Jean Holtzhauser Ja k Benson Stanle Anderson 2 Ronald Belmel Jonathan Puckett Robert Lilja R Allan Wildfire Niss Cordelia Puckett Veronlca DaCanal NlS' Vovie Finkledink . Carol Freoricksan Lodie Blake . .. .Sharon Feldbauer Demented Patient Joe Dontzer W Wruno Pelleschi Old Maids Joe Uontzer 8 Havrend Nattlvi Niddle Aved Voman Cecelia Gabr Her Daurtter ......................... Donna Resch Promoter ........................ Pernetta Mattiuz Stace Hands.. ..Qichard fortzer, Valter Helter Charles Swanson Director .... ....... ........ Miss Anderson ' 3 ki f V x .. V fy ff Q. mb K' iz- 1 . Ablik 1 x I C 1 A5453 W xx L ly H . 'Q 4'sr Y 1, 4 : : 50 . 2' I I ifff'- l ' . , M . A 1 f . . S .. ' fx A l ss A m - 5 ' N . L 1- e D L . l c . 6 , r - . . . , , V W 1' A A -A I 1 he is a sur1eon..and no one corrects him because he nromises to give Angela , ' c . s . , W t N 2 ,.. H no '. .. pl s . 3 5 . N , . ' J. , J 7.'.. ,K ,. r, a ' , A A n .. A V , V ,i .. . . rv 'I 5 . . , ' s . . r 1 cs c i t , . c , V . . - m D s ,Y v ' , H , - EL Jn V- A 1- " ' fr a X, L . , A , Q. C A o T ' ' Y a B U o loans uno. X . lv F1 ' ltlllili OOD -' 0 - . V econ coo - CCOOIDOUIIOI IIUIOI U - L 00000 Ollllil ' nouns sooooooooooonoao L 1 l!UlOlOO0lCUlOOO C coil V .' , , Ill ' I . ' OOIDCCCOQII .. .' - C .. ....... ' ,I c t ...... ... . .... ... ' H ' ooo A " -- uoooosaouo A A' V.. . . '1 " . 1'-l snnooaoooooooaaaona . First Row: D. Resch, S. Feldbauer, J. Holtznauser. Second Row: B. Mat niuz, V. DaCanal, J. Cesa, B. Canal, C. FTedrickson, C. Gahr, C. Caimi. E lon , x cnonu ,ff J 'Ov' .lUNl0H CHORUS First Row: J. Parmi, J. Moyer, P. Swanson, J. Heigel, J. Dallasen, J. Cop- Ee. Secona Row: D. Copella, R. Gahr, T. Petrocchi, J. Anderson B. Mcmack- in, J. Blessef. , one ,Eff 75 , 'U First Row: C. Hrusth, R. Perry, E Swanson, G. Buterbaugh, P. Renaud, N Clark, S. Steinhiser, J. Anderson, 5. Dallesen, K. Clerk. Second Row: A Orsi llnstructorl, B. Carpin, D. Ohlin, G. Swanson, J. Mattiuz, G. Penn, R Sidelinger, G. Lundin, H. Malone. Third Row: R. Raffiner, D. Feldbauer D. Resch, H. Pontzer, J. Cavelini, B. Brehm, F. Himes, D. Swanson, W. Mere dith, C. Asosti, R. Beimel, E. Timblin. we 33552, cnoom BAD Q f A R, J First Row: R. Dallasen, A. Kemmer, R. Dallasen, R. Mattivi, J. Moyer, D Carrara, K. Caiwi. Second Row: O. Johnson, J. Parmi, V. DaCanal, J. Comi: otti, S. McMinn, K. Anthony, J. Dallasen, B. MoMackin, H. Pontzer, P. Swan- son, E. Newell. Third Row: B. Gatto, W. Reiter, R. Young, H. Malone, R Portzer, W. Nero. 1 7' NAME Stanley Anderson Ronald Beimel Kay Caimi Betty Canal Judy Cesa Gladys Contrini Veron1ca DaCanal Sharon Beldtauer Carol Fredrickson Cecelia Gahr Jean Holtzhauser Bob Lilja Bernetta Mat 1uz Ray hatti 1 Gordon Meredith Bruno Pelleschi Joe Pontzer Dick Portzer Charles Swanson Walter Reiter Donna Hesch Al W1ldf1re SE l0R LOW DOW TYPE Inquisltlve Athletic Gay Happy Go Lucky Dreamy Doubtful Jolly Hllbllly Impatlent Quiet Silly Late Good Natu ed Fun Loving Audrey's Slow Biggest Joker Studious Farmer Shy Loving Sly USUAL Y SEEN In the Red Devil Toby Central Rest Ridgway Bubs You name it Dancing fquare D8HClUg Johnny Kylerls Home Nith the Kids At the station Wlth Lenny p nGus 's Parls In the Ditch Helplro Dad Depends where you look Jer:y's Lucanlc's With Margie With Ray WXPRESSION 'Op op op op ' Giti 'hell for cryln out loudl ll fi Ye Gaads HHov Cute 'Who got 16 car?u Va La! 'Where we vol N "Me, I don't know HOh, Get ou HCut lt out! 'wanna Be VN dot Dosv' uFot a Ch w Al9N Nv1at's T at? H ere's the Party9H HYou hurt my feelin'sln 'ho Future in ltln nwell, whatta ya gonna do9n UNO Kiddln' Where's Bernet a ' 'Suttin ' ' L Q ' I - - - - Y' IV H . I 1 I g ' ll - - - all I lu ' Cl - , ll ll . D' J ' ' 1... l n ' Y . D fl' . ' V A LH . C tin X v ' fl Gus Johnson Lover Boy Drive-In uHi Sweetheartln 'W t. V E ' v P ' A H1 1 ' V. A TT t N 1 6 , . A ' 1:1 h H ' L Wh L .AO ' 1 1 'I . ' A U f 9 1' ' v ,n S APSHUTS 4 1 M Qin' W .5 Y 1 Q we xx 1 s.. as 4 X iW,.wQ1,g f' ,553 if 5 ,sk f 5 5 Q QF! i r ! pa 1 'fm I 1 ,A 'H nnf""5m Wiifaniiiaiefj N3'fe51i2.fQzfIei4?f1i1.'f5.slniialfggfatSfViidi9s2ifl5?'B2imi?ftgi Meredith. ,ff mn mr 6, BA KETBALL TEAM in .lu lon vfm mr f' Standin : B. Gatto, R. Mattivi, M. Singer, R. Dallasen, R. Mattiuz, W. Nero, 3. Afefio. Kneeling: G. Lundin, A. Wonderling, J. Cavallini, H. Pontzer. ...-aw-"""""-rt Ag sawn N Wm S ,Pi SS WUI UIIIIW MN s X- i 4 I ua 0 i5O can Adve fi Mg ST MARYS Allen's coorts Sto e Bayer's Furnlture o Bull ders Supply Burke Brothers Central Restaurant Detsch Bus Line Eckert's Jewelry Elk Candy Co Elx nngineering Vorks Elx Motor Sales Co Feddcr's Jewelry Store Firestone Store Ger9's Music Sto e Grotzinper, G C Feed and Farm Machinery Guth and Guth Home Furnlture Hoy's Radio Service Ivan's Men Shop Johnson's Grocery Kiddies Specialty Shop Kronewetter's Dress Shop Lesser and Lesser eeweler Lyon, Ecole Marsh, A P , Stationery Store Nodern Dalrv Murone' Music and TV Store Pure Carbon Co St Marys Bakery St Marys Used Car Lot Schloder's Flower Shop Schloder Pontiac Shaffers Ice Cream Smith's Sports Store Stackpole Carbon Co Sylvania Wlectric Products Co c Twln prln s 1s, C Vestern Auto Assoc Store Each Star U-I Represents 3,5 OO 4 V 'z NX f an . -Wfw RVN 1 U 1 iii OHN DE E QUALITY FARM EQUIPMENT uri? A ,I , Nl Y 0 ll 'J v Y' 42, V ' C , a:-as-5, A se4, 45, aeas5 , '7 , f 48. 3 . ee9, ' 2 A, J 555 lO . ' ' . 6111. ' 0 U 15. s, A I' J 1 0 , n 0 fvv EIL? 15. l Q J W '51 , W17' ' A St ' ,' Z , 7 l 6 'T' . . 'J' 19- 'Lis 1 Sf 9922: T 42-25, Q 1 ,- 4924. . '. 9225. Z ' U Q60 S X as-,hx-esee27 , , 4628, , 29. St. Marys Drug Store wal: ' A ' 32. - r- '1 455, !!N 54. ef' 5' 52123 1 1 .12-fe9255. . I I in ll: N . ' - 456- . M . n . -SLE? k ,J ,ma . . as , 58. Ve' . M. K f 59 V ' ' 'A .5 E ,.' . ' hwsnigix' ,lk 'Q K 3 fqVffffig ' fdgfk A . mf an 9'-a Q' Q so f-PQ. x I I NKXR PI Il av iii H sl" W ll 41. 2. 3. 44, 5. 46. 47. B. 9. -X-9S1O ll 12 415 14 15 416 +17 6918 419 20 421 422 25 424 425 26 4427 28 429 1. 42. 43. 4. 5. 6. 47. 8. 49. 410. 411 412 415 14 15 416 44417 RIDGWAY Aiello Brothers Bonr1e's Confc. Brody's Smart Shoo Center Market Children's Shop Cliffe's Cronk's E A G Auto Parts Eagin's Hardware Elliott Co. Girton's Greenhouse Johnson's Jewelry Johnston Chevolet Keystone Hardware Klugh Buick, Inc. Lauder Shoe Store Linnea's Millers Merc. Co. Old Tyme Bakery Rich Motor Sales mil Ridgway Record I Ridgway Wholesale Co. Shen1ey'a I Q gags Smith Bros. .f fl' 3 Sundell R Son Garage 2 igf Swanson Mercury If Z I Thom's Studio Z A Thorwart Pontiac 3 g Togcery N KERSEY Badeau's Tavern Beveridqe's Gulf Service Dasus Mines Garage Emmert's Barber Shop Emmert's Tavern . Fa1cetoni's Confc. Gatto's Store Heige1's Confc. Jaeger's Store Johnson, V. C., General Merchandise Josepeeson Broghers' Kersey Motor Co. Pontzer's Store Sicheri's Garage Sicheri, Zita Swanson Brother's Store Young, Charles B. COMPLIMENTS OF STALDARD PENAANT COMPANY BIG RUN, PA , TEPFERSON COUNTY F LT AND CRENILIE AWARDS LETT S , FR , ENBLEMS, BANNERS, CAPS VL FEATURE A FINP LINE OF SWEATERS, JACKETS, TLE AND SWEAT SHIRTS BASTIAN BROS Co ROCHESTER, N Y DESICNERS ANP PRODUCERS OF EXCLUSIVE CLASS JEWELR Y ENGRAVED CONNENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS AND PERSONAL CARDS PRINTCRAFT CARD CO , NC GRADUATIWN STATIONERY SCRANTON 5, PEINSYLWANIA VASHINGTON TRIP ADXISOR TYRONE, PA ,G'P l!rlq iv, -'affix J J MALONE KERQEY, PA LILJA'S ESSC SLRVICE KERSEY, PA DAUER'S SPORT STORE ST NARYS, PA Each star Cry under name represents S5 oo GOOD LUCK SENIORS GIDCNDS -P f Y V T U I -A . v 1- vw - - flu , 1 . J SJ fl n u :E L A E 1 E f ' 4? I I J I O '- .1 .A . .J 1 V . 1 A 9 9666 . I . L V 5 S ' if g . xyl' ll, J ,f XX I , 1 ' 0 ERA' .'!!o ' !-- iii? 0 ' 'Q P 'l: 5. . ' -3 . . . P 24 .1 A, . 'Hip xNilliI'!, 4 IH ST' I 4? I l A I A e Q9 gy INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS Kunsus Cnty Publwsbevx Cover lunuiurturers look lrnders FAUOIY HOME OFFIKE

Suggestions in the Fox Township High School - Echo Yearbook (Kersey, PA) collection:

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1956, pg 20

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