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wp I .s , A 1 J 31 J 1 4 E Y' ' ,i,wj4,:,,wf ,'-. f I f f JWLDVNF """ NXN .," OUR ECHO is a recording of this year's Work and play at Fox High School. We hope our recording is one of our"top ten." This jukebox of memories will bring back pleasant thoughts of our district football championship, 6-B conference basketball and track championships, Fox Flash and FFA honors, and the many trophies earned by the music department. You will be reminded of many good times with teachers and friends. The annual staff is pleased to present this 1955 Our Echo to you as a token for your remembrance. The Editors Shirley Morgan Hope Allen Winnie Wheat IT'S IN THE BOOK Introductory Buildings Qecause of you Faculty Administration gnjoy yourself Classes Congratulations to Someone Queens Honors mugged Auf might Sports cglzat Qang of mz'ne Clubs Organizations ifwalding Qelzinrf you Grades In Memoriam A .ix 5- N v. 5. GRADE BUILDING. The snow glistens to bring out the splendor of this brick structure which was erected in 1935. f ,-S. . N f, ' .. A Sq., ew - Q i JUNIOR HIGH BUILDING. Junior high students are accommodated in this rock structure which was ndded to the campus in 1939. ine Lgrts Qullcllr D 'S RA - .11 R if .sont ,wnin ' K A n to-' 'Q -, ns,.3iJ1 f 4 .Ir- :1'oi.f"j. .-'sa' "L "1'f,5.f'-,afar -- 35 I ,. W1,,,f,O:'f-.ish-ji""' 4- '95-?',A5 :him .4 nf' 'A I ' mf 'w-Qs-W Q. , agp- 3. 1 ggg' ,I Z, I, I VS 9 4 J: 3, In .f V ' K Q' A k"N'f vw we-fx V S..-M, Wlvr, ' SENIOR HIGH BUILDING. , Through these doors pass the citi- zens of tomorrow. Date of construc- tion was 1937. gales agile Spotlight . L , ,.,, .W -P .. , , wr Q4 f.QxM V . , , . W' 1 ' fbiflwv-gm Ji A kM.,V5e -3,eei?A' 4, ,,. , M if U is mg-ymmge., ..,. K . 1 ' 4 -ll wr 3 lf 1 A 4. D 1 1' ,if . lege, , K V -Ek X, K .,.. x.Vk tcgi ROLLING ALONG. The eleven busses of Fox Sm-hool luring many students to school each day. The eleven busses, which are so important in getting the students to and from school each day, have a seating capacity of forty-eight to sixty-six people. The busses cost from 34,500 to 355,500 each. ' 'il HALF DoNE. Student. hl H - A11 d '- ish the new building. Q ep alvey re fm Go - Workers are ssentia! Ml'X'HANIf'S AT WORK. Newman Walker and Boots Taylor check the motor in one of the busses. ..45. HARD WORK ERS. Tom Hoggrard and Erwin Walker, custodians, find time to rest between jobs. A q S. f - an -., , V Wt ......,. ,,,,, . 2 '::'. 5 --""' E 5 5 S . . ' """""'......- Y ifff fi X ff --W . 1'-ww V y I Q it '-A ff . . .,e1, if T Lk i. cffqebg is Q' Zfgiiif T i ..,. V L tat :'- e Q' 'i f . 2' 4 LN. -. L L, YOUNG CHAUFFEURS. Bus drivers, Jimmy Martin, Joe Moody, James Hall, Herman Wright, Ralph Williams, Bryan Davis, Clinton Webb, and Fred Paul, hand their daily reports to Mr. Buck. A new dishwasher and French frier were eat there daily. It is a big job to peel the 175 purchased for the school cafeteria this year. - They make cooking easier for the five cooks pounds of potatoes It takes for one 'day' ITOX who prepare food for the 485 students who Students COHSUITIC 90 83110113 Of Ulllk dally- CHEFS SUPREME. Pink McCartney, Hattie Wiley, Mrs. H. A. Gaddis, Mrs. A. E, Garrison, and Mrs. T. J. Hendricks gather around the new dishwasher, as they wash dishes for the many who eat their good cooking. ""' if Vxwftgiifwh' "1"""I Ra if ,ee , I . u-19:4 -v I V . if 4 .. - l 'gn' u "Vit 9.-F ., gi .. 'L , M X Glass Fleziners. llziulzx l'Ipley and Sharon 'I'owle's help Miss Betty Brown clean the win- Woodworkers. Sam Vernon, Leo Trezldway. Richard Reid, flmw IU the lll1I'Hl'Y- und Derryl Selby use the different equipment in the shop building. Glasswork gnterestfing ,vw ll? Vleunine' l'p. The boys home economies class with their sponsor, Illrs. .lurk llenson, shine up the trophies. Ilony Subject. Mr. Ogden points out pans of the skull to Shirley Baker, Gary Reynolds, and James Presgrove. Busy. Newman Wzillier grivesliryun Davis, Office Foree. Anne Stalleup, Margie liaison, Sue llollingsworth, Ilermun Wrigrlit, and Joe Moody pointers on Patsy Willis, Judith Garrett. and Jeanne llarris discuss working: welding. in the office. A l nanny 3 JV!fLXfV,2.,.L.C1 QCCIUSQ O IZU fir-,F .+,rx . , ,,,.. ' '.. '--1-f W f Xhltlx 7+-,. tvx -' ' -w '-1- Y -, . ' -. ah... 'op', ,f', ""'u-n-.K -in-5,i..,'.' 4.4 S'l'.Hl'I'lNG THE DAY. Putting in- structions in l1'ilC'l'l0l'S' boxes is the high school principal, M. S. Rzxvun. . . Q Lgcfnunzstrators uarclntecf 65 ucatfionaf C9aac1'!1't1'es Othzl Mcillnsson Zlllll Jess Phipps zitlemleml the National School Bourcl Convention on Feln'uzu'y 233-26, at St. Louis. Missouri. The five members ofthe lmourml of education and the zulministrntion keep things running smoothly for the seven hunclrerl fifty students of Fox school. Parents are invited to visit school at any time. TIME FOR A BREAK. A liai'dwo1'king member ofthe hoard of' education is Hayes li. Ward. ,gl 1 .ff , ...Q .. 68 1 l'l,0l'K WA'l'f'lll'llL, Merle Watson, .Lfl'?lfl0 '54 4 school gwim-ipal, checks the clock in his office A qv' SHOW 'l'lfNll'l. Uthu Mcfllzisson, clevkg Austin liverett, president: and W. N. Towles, vice-p1'es- islentg inspect some of the new audio-visual equipnim-nl. SMILING. Jess Phi u is niemlmer, examines the . Y . . plaque on the new brick bllllfllfliil. l i r 1 A I l ff . -10- 1 6 K nv- f vi VITAL S'l'A'l'IS'l'ICS. Records for all students en rolling' were typed by Mrs. Mary Henson and Mrs. llorruee .lo VV:1tson. Ashmore Alexander Hadley Brown 3 p..--Auld .J -7 -Q- SCHOOL DAYS. Stacks of books disappeared as Miss Ruth Norvill checked them out to students on enrollment day. GE'l"I'ING OLD. Dr. C. R. Trammell explains that poor eyesight causes many reading: failures, as he demonstrates the telebinoeular to Fox teachers. Mrs. Thelma Garrett, Miss Lora Maynard, and Mrs, Patricia Hamil. m Fox teachers have 100 per cent member- ship in the Oklahoma Education Association. Each teacher has special duties in addi- tion to class and activity sponsorship which include gate duty at ball games, hall duties, and committee membership. Open house was held to observe NEA week November 7-13. Fox school is both well staffed and Well equipped. Each FHS student is offered an equal opportunity to prepare himself for the future. ALEXANDER, MISS MAMON. Union University, Jackson, Tennessee, B.S .... enjoys reading and sew- ing . . . OEA member . . . teaches third grade . . . second ycar at Fox. ASIIMORE, EDWIN. Southeastern State College. B.A., Colorado State College of Education, M.A .... member of OICA and Red Red Rose . . . enjoys fishing . . . teaches band and chorus . . . sponsors Music club and senior class . . , seven years at Fox. RADLEY, M RS. MABEL. East Central State College. ILA .... OEA member . . , enjoys cooking: . . . first grade teacher . . . eleven years at Fox, BROWN, MISS DE'l'TY, Attended Mu1'ray State Col- lege . . . Southeastern State College, B.S, . . . teaches ninth and tenth grade English . . . sponsors highschool library and 4-H . . . enjoys basketball . . . member of OEA . . , S hours on ll1Z1StC1'lS degree . . . one year at Fox. acuity tmrovtcfes ofeacferslujo BUCK, CARL. Southeastern State College, B.S., Oklahoma AKLM, M.A .... Superintendent of Fox schools since 1948 . . . at Fox twenty-three years . , . member of OEA, NEA, AASA, and Red Red Rose . . , hobbies are hunting and fishing. Oklahoma and Central United States delegate on transportation to the regional convention of the American Association of School Administrators in St. Louis, Missouri. BURAL, MRS. CAROLYN. Southeastern State Col- lege, B.A .... member of OEA . . . likes to play basketball . . . has taught junior high English and spelling three years at Fox . . , sponsors 4-H and eighth grade. CANNON, MRS. ROMINE. Southeastern State Col- lege, B.S .... member of OEA . . . eight years at Fox . . . enjoys cooking . . . teaches sixth grade , . . spon- sors grade 4-H. COHEA, MISS ROBERTA. Harding' College, Ark- ansas, B.S .... enjoys cooking . . . teaches third grade . . . third year at Fox , . . member of OEA and BSLPW. Buck Bural Fox Garrett FOX, MRS. OLA. East Central State College and Southeastern State College, B.S. hobbies include cook- ing, housekeeping, and house painting . . . twelve years at Fox . . . teaches fourth grade . . . member of OEA. GARRETT, MRS. Tl-IELMA. Attended Central State College and Southwestern State College , . . South- eastern State College, B.S. enjoys sewing . . . fifth grade teacher . . . OEA member . . . eleven years at ox. GRIMES, MRS. KATHRYN. Southeastern State Col- lege, B.S .... O E A member . . . likes to read . . . has taught first grade at Fox four years. GRIMES, BILLY RAY. Southeastern State College, B.A .... member of OEA . . . enjoys fishing . . . six- teen hours on master's degree . , . teaches math . . . sponsors' Math club and junior class . . . four years at Fox. Cannon Cohea Grimes Grimes --'Sf '-ug, hd! 40 ' COACH OF CHAMPS. Fox Quarterback club fctcd Coach Skelton and his district championship team with a football banquet. Mrs. Skelton eyes the food, while quarterback Johnny Fisher seems to have another interest. TIME OUT. Orientation week wasn't all work for teach- ers, Ogden, Watson, lVICCl'CZll'y, Trammell, Monroe and Treadway. Hamil Henson REU TAPE. "At last wa-'re through!" Sighs of relief came on enrollment day when Mrs. Carolyn Bural, Miss Lovell Scifrcs, and Miss Betty Brown found everything' o.k. and dismissed enrollees to check out books. Good citizenship and character development along with a growth of knowledge are the prime objectives of the Fox teachers. Faculty members reported for duty Aug- ust 16. They attended a reading conference directed by Dr. C. R. Trammell of Southeast- ern State College. Some of the audio-visual machines demonstrated were the telebinocu- lar, tachistoscope, Keystone reading pacer. and the SVE automatic changer. L. G. Skelton, coach and audio-visual di- rector, held an audio-visual workshop. Teach- ers learned to operate the three new reading machines purchased by the school and the 16mm filmstrip projectors. Other professional meetings attended by the Fox faculty were the state teachers' meet- ing at Oklahoma City in October, the County teachers' meeting at Ardmore in November, and the district teachers' meeting at Durant in March. f usd' v ,ir . Kirkpatrick LeBeau -l4- 1 i in-di' gfrlfl' -ul 5 McCreary Maynard Monroe Monroe N orvill Ogden Ravan Rubottom HAMIL, MRS. PATRICIA. Central State College, B.A ,... University of Oklahoma, M.Ed .... teaches elementary and highschool art . . . one year at Fox . . . Member of OEA. HENSON, MRS. MARY. Attended Southeastern State College and Oklahoma A8zM, B.S .... enjoys sewing . . . member of OEA, NEA, OVA, and AVA , . teaches boys' and junior high home economics . . . sponsors Sub-Deb club, FHA, and Pep club . . . two years at Fox . . . Fox Highschool graduate. KIRKPATRICK, RAYMOND. Southeastern State College, Oklahoma A8zM, B.S .... member of OEA, OVA and AVA . . , teaches vocational agriculture . . . sponsors FFA, Agriculture club and junior class . . . two years at Fox . . . Fox Highschool graduate. LeBEAU, MRS. MARIE. East Central State College and Southeastern State College, B.A .... enjoys cooking , . . teaches second grade . . . thirteen years at Fox . . . Fox Highschool graduate. McCREARY, RUSSELL. Southeastern State College, B.S .... enjoys hunting, fishing, and athletics . . . sponsors Junior High Athletic club and seventh grade . . . teaches seventh grade science and American his- tory . . . junior high football and basketball coach . . . assistant highschool football and basketba-ll coach . . . second year at Fox. MAYNARD, MISS LORA. Southeastern State Col- lege, B.S .... likes to design clothes . . . member of OEA and NEA . . . sponsors Foreign Neighbors club and seventh grade . . . teaches history and geography . . . eight years at Fox. 115- MONROE, MRS. DELENA. Southeastern State Col- lege, B.S .... enjoys cooking. . .four hours on master's degree . . . teaches second grade . . . fourth year at Fox. MONROE, MERLE. Southeastern State College, B.S. . . . Oklahoma University, M.Ed .... enjoys teach- ing school . . . sponsors fifth grade . . . four years at Fox. NORVILL, MISS RUTH. East Central State College, B.S, . . . enjoys reading and sports . . . member of OEA . . . teaches highschool English . . . sponsors Dramatic club, Fox Flash and freshman class . . . seven years at Fox. OGDEN, JAMES. Southeastern State College, B.S. . . . enjoys hunting . . , member of OEA . . . teaches chemistry, biology, general science, and eighth grade science . . . sponsors Science club and freshman class . . . seven years at Fox . . . four hours on master's de- gree . . . member of Red Red Rose . . , Fox Highschool graduate. RAVAN, M. S. Oklahoma A8zM, M.S., Southeastern State College, B.A .... enjoys teaching school . . . member of OEA, NEA, and Secondary School Princi- pals . . . High School Principal . . sponsors Student Council and Physical Education club . , . nine years at Fox. RUBOTTOM, MRS. LORRAINE. Oklahoma College for Women, B.M.Ed. and diploma in piano . . . enjoys cooking . . . member of Sigma Alpha Iota . . . teaches piano , . . four years at Fox. SCIFRES, MISS LOVELL. Murray State College . . . Oklahoma A8zM, B.S. . . . member of OEA, AVA, OVA, and NEA . . . enjoys reading and basketball . . . sponsors Sub-Dch club and FHA . . . teaches vocational home economics in highschool . ..fll'Sf year at Fox. SKELTON, MRS. JUANITA. Hardin-Simmons, . . . . Oklahoma University, lVI.Ed. . . . likes tc ride horseback . . . teaches' first grade . . . four years at Fox. SKELTON, LLOYD. Southeastern State College, B.S., Southwestern Louisiana Institute, Oklahoma University, M.A .... cnjoys hunting and fishing . . . member of OEA and NEA . . . audio-visual director . . . teaches auto mechanics, football and basketball coach . . . sponsors Lcttermens' club and sophomores . . . six years at Fox . . . Fox Highschool graduate. TREADWAY, LEO. Southeastern State College, B.S. , . . enjoys chip carving . . . member of OEA . . . teaches shop 1,2,4, and 5 . . . sponsors sophomores and Chip Carving club . . . two years at Fox. TROOP, MRS. MAUDE. East Central State College, B.S .... member of OEA . . . collects salt and pepper shakers . . , teaches fourth grade . . . has been at Fox twenty-two years. WATSON, MRS. DORRACE JO. Southeastern State College, B.S .... enjoys watching sports . . . member of OEA, NBT, and OAJD . . . teaches typing 1 and 2, shorthand, and bookkeeping . . . sixteen hours on master's degree , . . sponsors Journalism club, Our Echo, Pep club, and senior class . . . six years at Fox . . . chairman of Carter county business teachers. WATSON, MERLE. Southeastern State College, B.S. . . . member of OEA and NEA . . . enjoys fishing and hunting . . . sponsors 4-H club and sixth grade . . . five years at Fox . . . grade school principal . . . six- teen hours on master's degree . . . member of Red Red Rose . . . Fox Highschool graduate. WILLIAMS, J. T. Southeastern State College, Okla- homa ASLM, B.S. . . . member of OEA . . . assistant football coach . . . sponsors Lettermens' club and eighth grade . . . enjoys fishing and hunting . . , first year at Fox. JMVLDLLLLQL njoy yourse 'Hind-1. x ing-.-I OIIN PHIL DOOR RICHARD H I' CAI' BABIES. Derrell Kunkel PUT YOUR LITTLE FOOT The Most Bashful out of 44 and Shnley Lawrence possess the Displaying "Tho Smallest and an Jam Smith and Rhuben Col Outstanding Personalities" in the Largest Feet" are Phyllis Car- ms serum class son and Carl Buck. emors Greate gfeacflines Mrs. Merle Watson and Edwin Ashmore led the senior class in a very eventful year. The seniors ordered their invitations from the Star Engraving Co., Houston, Texas. Money-raising projects this year were concession stands, a chili supper, greeting cards, and a barbecue supper. Hope Allen received the D.A.R. Good Citizenship Girl for Fox and Carter County. There are eleven seniors in the band and eighteen in the chorus. Mrs. Watson's first semester homeroom officers were president, Shirley Lawrenceg vice-president, Jane Smith, secretary and treasurer, Patsy Creel. Mr. Ashmore's first semester homeroom officers were president, Chick Cannon 3 vice-president, Jimmy Mar- ting secretary, Donna LeBeau: and treasurer, Mary Lou Eaves. The juniors and seniors attended a career con- ference at Ardmore in October. Seniors on the first semester honor roll were Carl Ronald Buck, Jay Paul Cannon, Hope Allen, Mary Ruth Black, Annetta Holmes, Donna LeBeau, Norma Johnson, Shirley Morgan, and Pat Taylor. l HE LAST ROUND UP. Our senior class of- ficers: president, Jimmy Starkey, vice-pres- ldent, Bryan Davis, secretary, Hope Allen: and treasurer, Shirley Morgan, check the calendar for a senior trip date. -18- SH BOONI OR SH BROOM The HAY E ANOTHER RIC ORANGE. Believe HOME COOKlN'. The senior class M0 T rl 'limi'-fl tw M111 Iflwk me thtll PU- Months 116 R-E-A-L-L-Y F6211 "Workhorses", ShirleY Morgan and ind Johnnx Fisher Chick Clnnon 1nd Fint Dee Horner. Jimmy Martin keep busy. ALLEN, HOPE. Pep club 1-2-4, president 4 . . . Library club 1-2 . . . Yearbook club 3-4 . . . homeroom vice- president 1. secretary 2, president 3, secretary 4 . . . football queen candidate 2, FFA queen candidate 3. Echo queen 4 . . . FHA 1-2-3-4, treasurer 4 . . . Business Manager of junior play . . . Fox Flash 1-2 . . . Our Echo staff 1-2-3-4, co-editor 4 . , . Junior High Student Coun- cil secretary 1 . . . librarian 1-2-3 . . . one honor pin. BLACK, MARY. Music club 1-2, pianist 1-2 . . . Dra- matic club 3, songleader . . .Journalism club 4 . . . home- room songleader 1-2-3-4 . . . chorus 1-2-3-4, three solos, girls quartet, girls trio, mixed quartet . . . FFA queen candidate 2 . . . FHA 1-2-3-4, songleader 2, pianist 3-4 . . Fox Flash 2-3 . . .Our Echo 3-4 . . . junior play, senior D ay- BUCK, CARL RONALD. Tennis club 1 . . . Lettermen's club 2-3, songleader 3 . . . Yearbook club 4 . . . homeroom reporter 1, vice-president 2, president 3 . . . band 1-2-3-4 . . . chorus 1-2-3-4 . . . FFA 1-2 . . . football 1-2-3-4, co- captain 4 . . . basketball 1-2-3-4 . . , track 2-3-4 . . . junior play, senior play . . . Our Echo 4 . . .State Honor Society 1-2-3 4 . . . American Legion Award 1 . . . Valedictorian 1 . . , twelve honor pins. CANNON, JAY PAUL. Photography club 1, president . . .Tennis club 2-3, secretary 2 . . . Yearbook club 4 . . . homeroom reporter 1-2 . . . band 1-2-3-4, president 4 . . . chorus 1-2-3-4 . . . FFA 1-2 . . . junior play, senior play . . . Our Echo 4 . . Boys' State . . . five honor pins. CARSON, PHYLLIS. Music club 1-2-3, vice-president 2, secretary 3 . . . Yearbook club 4 . . . band 1-2-3-4, twirler 2-3-4, clarinet solo . . . chorus 1-2-3-4 . . . FHA 1-2-3, pianist 2 . . . junior play, senior play . . . one honor pm. COLLINS, RHUBEN. Shop club 3-4, secretary 3 . . . FFA 1-2-3-4 . . . junior play . . .at Pauls Valley baseball 1-2.. . homeroom president 1, reporter 2. . .basketball 1. Ll L y I Iiurm 1 umm main ary t 4 Lh0lllN1 N etlnll I I I PHA I 4, will piwnluil 1 N 11111 xl ui alms lltllinun N 111111714 suis 1 Nu I X hollis Ilft H E. KRYSI KL lip cluli l iiliook P D1 imitics I PN I I :bla lumix club 3, f Q I N i in bus 111 ix or - 1- I H I i Nl- Y PN! SY 111 im ilu 4111111 IINILL 11117 ep L lub me mimi It pm lu dim us tooth ill un Al Ifucklisli 7 Our 20- FRAHIS, IilI.l,.'l':il1Io 'I'u11i1is clulvfl,sl-vim-t:11'y . . .l'iI1IIl'2ll'Vil1QI Clulm 4 . . , Imnwrunm Sl'l'l'0l2lI'Y Il. l'REEl,. PJx'FSY.'i'l'I1IIiS club l . . . lIl1lsiuc1uI12-II, se-cretziry 2, fl'C2lS1l1'l'l' 21 . . . Yv:l1'Imok vlulr -l . . . Imnivruuni sl-cl'elz11'y 1-Ll. l'0ll0l'll'1' 21 . . . luiml 1-2-73-4, YICI'-lIl'USilIl'IIl -I . . . 11211141 que-on czimlimlule 1-2 . . . cliorus 1-2-Il--l . . . FII.-X I-2-21 . . .junioi'pIz1y. S0l1IUl'1IiiIf' . . . Pk-Iwst:1fl'Al . . . l1ii'ls'Slzito. DAVIS. ARVIS. i,l'lIl'l'YI1Ul1S cluls 1-2-I!-1 . , . iIllYTIK'I'llUI11 I'L'IlUI'l1'l' .. . FFA Z-I3--1 . . , l'mxtlmII 1-2-II--I . . . lrzlck 1-ZZ-31-'l. DAVIS. BRYAN. I.vtto1'im-lik cluln1-2-Z!--1.i'v11m'tvl'I1.1ll'1'Si1I0ll1 4 . . . hunivrooni X'IL'l'-IJITSIIIPIII -1 , . . FFA 1-LZ-23-bl . . . lkmtlmzill 1-2-35-4 . . . Izziskvllmll 1 . . . lrcwk 1-2-21 . , . I1l1s1Il'iYui'II--1. Eaves Files Fisher Hale Hall Haney Q HENRY, LUCY. Pep club 4 . . . FHA 4 . . . chorus -1. HOLMES, ANNETTA. Dramutics club 1-I3-4 . . . Music club 2 . . , Fox Flash 4 . . . FHA 1-2-3-4 . . . Journalism 1. HORNER. ERNA DEE. Music club 1-2-3, program chairman 2 . . . Yearbook club -1 . . . band 1-2-3-4 . . . chorus 1-2-3-4 . . . annual queen 3 , . . FHA 1-2-3 . , . junior play . . . Fox Flush 4 . . , underclass favorite IZ . . . cheerleader 4 . . . senior play. JACKSON. BUDDY. Music club 1-2 . . . Lettermeifs club IS-4 . . , homeroom president 4 . . . FFA 2-3-4 . . . football 3-4. Jackson .Iohnson Kunkel Lawrence Lelleau Lewis Henri Holmes Horner I llkN0l1 NN .IACKQON I EONARD. Letteimens club 1 2 'l 4 S9Cl9t'115 3 vice-president 4 . . . chorus 1-2-'Z-4 . . . FFA 2-'S . . . footbfill 1-2-3-4 . . . "ck 1-2- - . M JOHNSON. VVILLIAM. Moved before g'1'aclLlation. .K . if KUNKEL. DERRELL. L9tt8l'1T10l1.S club 1-2-3-4, president 3. secretary unrl tl'eusurer 4 . . . chorus 1-2-3-4 . . . FFA 1-2 . . . 415 football 1-2-fl-4, co-captain 4 . . . lmzxsketbull 1-2-3-4 . . . track 1-2-Il-4 . . . Student Council 1-2 . . . senior play. LAWRENCE. SHIRLEY. Music club 1-2-3, secretary 2, presi- dent 31 . . . Yearbook club 4 . . . homeroom president 4 . . . band 1-2-Z3--1. drum solos. drum ensembles . . . chorus 1-2-3-4, con- trulto solo - - lmml queen 3 , . FHA 1-2-3, historian 3 . . OUP Echo 2 . . . Student Council 3-4, secretary 4 . . . senior class favorite . . . junior play, senior play . . . one honor pin. LE BEAU, DONNA. Music club 1-2, songleader 2 . . .Yearbook 23-4. treasurer 4 . . . homeroom secretary 4 . . . band 1-2-3-4, trombone solo . , . chorus 1-2-3-4 . . . FHA 1-2 , . . three honor pins. . . band queen czuididate 4 . W ' A LEWIS, BOBBY. Lettermens club 1-2 . . . Agriculture club 3-4 . . . FFA 1-2-4 . . . attended nine years at Fox. 21- LINDESMITH. BASIL. Science club 1 . . . Photography club 2 ...Art club 33 . . . Chip Carving club -1 . . , senior play. MARTIN, .IlMMY. Photopfraphy club l . . . Math club 2 . . . Table Tennis club 3, president . . , Lettermens club 4 . . . home- room president 2 . , . band 4 . . . chorus 2-23-4 . . . FFA 3-4 . . . basketball 1-2-Il-4 . . . track 2-JK-4 . . . bus driver 4 . . . Student Council representative 2-3 . . . FHA king 2 . . . four honor pins. MARTIN, .IO ANN. Uramatirs club 1-4 . . , Journalism club 1 . . . Art club 2 . . . chorus 1-2-3-4 . . . FHA 2. MEANS. NORMA. Art club 1 . . . llramatics 2-3-4. president 3 . . , homeroom reporter Il . , . Echo queen 1 . . FHA 1-2-3-4, secretary Ji . . . Fox Flash 2-S! . . . Our Echo 3. K6 if R Moody Morgan Moss Newman sf' , F' Parton Randolph Lindesmilh Martin Martin Means tm. MOODY, JOE. l.1-ttf-i'nu-11's rlub I-2-31-il . . , FFA 1-12 , . . basket- Q ball 1-2-21-4 . . . football 1-2-I!--I . , . track l-2-25-4 . . . bus driver syn 3-4. MORGAN. SHIRLEY. Library 1-2, president 2 . . . Yearbook club 21-I . . . bomi-room pri-silk-nt 1, president 2, treasurer 3-4 ... i'1l'llUlIlll'llll cvimlidalo 2 . . . football queen 4 . . . FHA 1-2-3-4 . . . Fox Flash fi . .Our Echo 3-4, co-editor- -Student council trvasurm-r 1, l't'Iil't'St'lll2l1lV1' 2-3, treasurer 4 . . . librarian 1-2-3 . . . om- honor pin. MOSS, TOMMY. Math Club 1-2 , . . Agrrirulture club 3-4, secre- tary and treasurer 52--1 . . . FFA I-2-fl-4, rc-porter 23 . . . football 1. NEWMAN. GEORGE. 'Pablo 'l'4-nois club 2 . . . Music club 3 ...Yearbook vlub I . , . rborus 2-Il-4 . . . basketball 2-3. PARTON. EDWARD. Musa' club l ,. , Photography club 2 . .. Whip Carving: club Cl . . . Journalism club. vice-president 4 . . . homeroom vivo-presicli-nt l . . . band I-2-Il-fl . . . Chorus 1-2-fl-4 . , , Our Echo 1 . , . si-nior play. RANlPOl.l'H. UOYLE. I.t-tlwmviils club 1-2-3-4 . . . homeroom president 1-2, vice-p1'esi1leiit 3 . . . chorus 1-2-3 . . . football 1-2-21-4 , . . basketball 1-2-3-4 . . . track 1-2-3-4 . . . junior play, senior play . . , Fox Flash 4 . . . FHA King 1. -221 SHEIIESTER lANE'l Ye xrbook club 3 4 lnnd 1 FHA - SHIRI EY C ATHERINE Ml sit club 1 7 Yeubook club bincl 1 2 3 4 clium solo mum mini 4 nus 1 ? 3-4 innu il queen L lllillfl att 1 FHA 1 2 3 4 senior pl xy. Xe ulmook club ' 4 homuoom x ice pies1clent4 -Xmeiican legion Au url 1 -X 1 7 Fo! Fl ish 4 Oui Echo BTARREH IIMMY 1 H1 P Letteimens club-1 senior 'Z Shebester Shirley Smith Starkey STURDIVANT, VIRGINIA. Yearbook club 1 . . . Dramatic club 2 . . . Yearbook club 3 . . . Dramatic club 4, secretary . . . football queen candidate 1 . . . FHA 1-2-3 . . . Fox Flash 1-2-3-4 . . . Our Echo 2-3. TANNER, NELDA. Pep club 1 . . . Library club 2 . . . Yearbook club 3-4 . . . FHA 2-3-4 . . . Fox Flash 3-4 . . . Our Echo 2-3-4 . , . library 1-2-3-4. TAYLOR. PAT. Tennis club, 1, secretary . . . Music club 2-3, reporter 3 . . . Yearbook club 4, reporter . . , homeroom secretary 2, reporter -1 . . . band 1-2-3-4, clarinet solos, piano solo, clarinet quartet, clarinet trio . . . chorus 1-2-3-4, accompanist 3-4 . . . FHA 1-2-3 . . . Our Echo 4 . . . library 1-2-4 . . . senior play . . . four honor pins. THURMAN. FRANK. Music club 4 . . . homeroom president 2-3 . . . band 1-2-3-4. trombone solos . . . football 1-2-3 . . , basket- ball 2-3-4 V - - Junior play . . . honor roll 3 . . . 4-H 1-2 . . base- ball 1-2. WORSHAM, DEAN. 4-H 2-3 . . . Letterrnenb club 3-4 . . . football 3-4 , . . basketball 3-4 . . . track 3-4 . . . senior play. WRIGHT, HERMAN. Lettermen's club . . . FFA 2-3-4 . . . football 1-2-3-4 . . . track 1-2-3-4 . . . bus driver 1-2-3-4. .231 umors. lsplay ings WORK AND PLAY. Discussing: plans for the busy year ahead of them are .loc Cartwright and Nadine Hogzgard, vice-presl Alivia Fheves Sammie tfhoatr llnrharn Clnrk Margaret tllnrk Burharn llnvis Patsy Dees Margie Eason Shirley Eznmn .limmy Eaves Merlem- Farris lluphene Firestone Marion Ann Fore Marquicttu Franklin Virgil Gnllop Wilma Griffith Nadine llnggfnrd Sue Hollingsworth forine Hopkins An outstanding cast of fourteen por- trayed characters in the junior play, "Deadly Ernest," a three act comedy presented February 3. The play was directed by the class sponsors, Bill Grimes and Raymond Kirkpatrick. Junior class members received many honors this year. Among these honors were Barbara Clark as candi- date for football queen and Patsy Dees as candidate for annual queen. Band members elected Sylvia Phillips band queen by popular vote. Class rings, purchased from Herf-Jones Company, were received January 26. As the year drew to a close, the juniors honored the seniors with the annual junior-senior banquet. dc-ntsg Jimmy lVlcGl:isson, prcsidcntg Sue Hollingsworth, sec- rctaryg .lack Nelson, prcsidentg and Sandra Vincent, secretary. .loc Cartwright ff' gk X 3 l xl- i in x 4 V X ' ' ' K 1 ,l f A v v .., 1 ck 2, " . L. x- v l . if .'. " 1 N ' E on V, ff' ' A w"?' s M Teddy Hopkins Nada lnsrore Shirley lnmon Jimmy Jnrkson Gary Knight Gerald Kennedy .-qt. ' . iw . Y , 4 ,7 ,V I - - f X ,k 1 5, A N ia VVONDERFUL VVALKER. Barbara Davis pre- sented this daring exhibition of walking a tight rope during the junior-senior banquet in May. PRACTICE SET DAZE. Sue Hollingsworth, Margie Eason, and Margaret Lindesniith hur- riedly try to complete their practice sets. -aww Qualifying for the first semester honor roll by having at least an Ae av- X erage were Danny Wells, Alicia Cheves, Barbara Clark, Margie Eason, . Marquietta Franklin, Sue Hollings- ai 01' ,- worth, Nada Inscore, Margaret Lin- U K S T m K ki desmith, Carolyn Weaver, Winnie Mzfgafetgnjesmith Wheat, and Linda Williams. 4. QV if -Q . 1 ..l lr - -5 ' Q i ..Z2 M - s l 3152 M so in iq: I Y .Q I s 7' 'l s' 'ii :L s it - h - f - 1 Jimmy Mcfllasson Charlene Means Norma Mefford Bnhby Moore Douglas Morgan Dwayne Moss .lark Nelson Perry 0'Dell Pauline Oglciree Sylvia Phillips l-'ruddy Reed Stanley Richardson Mary Seals Don VanTreese Sandra Vincent Danny Ward Farolyn Weaver Ulinton VVehh Ronny Weldon Danny WVells VVinnie VVheat Linda Williams Ralph Williams June Wright jqctlvities eep Qgoplzomores usy TIME Ull'l'. Mr. Skelton, sponsor: Dt-rryl Selby, presidentg Carol Thompson, secretary: Fred Paul, vice-president: Judy Johnson, treasurerg and Ruby Clark, reporterg are having time out for conversation. Sophomores had the concession stand twice during our winning season of football. The profit made was added to Student Council funds. Just before Christmas the soph- omorescontributed money to buy a beautiful blanket for the Indian Orph- an's Home of Lawton. Queen candidates were Jane Moss, annual: Ruby Clark, footballg and Melissa Slagle, band. . sk " f Jimmy Atkinson ' ' Donald Austin K Juana Baker i Q V xi Paul Black " H K E 5 4 ' '-if N h f ai Joy Casey ' 4, Ruby Clark V I 'cv Barbara Crabb " ' . Beth Creel -" I Dale Daniel K a N Stanley DeArmond Q A i I X I A A J'-tx Q ' f ' 3 Linda Dickerson ,.,- James Dixon ab . , .. Theda Eaves ' Q Don Elledge si w Warner Fellahaum f, ' 5 -S y ' ' - y W Hemhell Files I W ,432 x " 35 " ii W .1 - A 1, A , K jg 1 si" N I Pla Joe Fisher ' x l Gene Fowler Jimmy Gooden 5 Peggy Groover N K 1' Katherine Hair N " . A NX Thomas Harmon H i' . ff 1 A " i Xi Jeannie Harris A .lammie HodKes . Tommy Hoggard "' - Garland Hooper Vernon Hurst Billy Jackson 'Q 4 4 K .- v .A is C Q.: XY Q x I 'xxx if 1,' Q, L 7 Y X , 'f:., .. - . J 5 Y Q- -if v 5' ,4 4 H r f,. ' - 'kwa vt - Charlotte Moody was cheerleader for the football and basketball season. Lloyd Skelton and Leo Treadway guided the class on their upward climb into high school. Those who were on the honor roll for the first semester were Warner Fellabaum, Joe Fisher, Thomas Harmon, Vance LeBeau, Rich- ard Reid, Linda Dickerson, Peggy Grover, Jean Harris, Judy Johnson, and Jeannetta Pierce. 3 fZ',,Jf Eaxzxzzp-rf 5 PIGS FEAST. Officers of Mr. Treadway's room seem to be enjoying themselves. Richard Reid is sec1'etary-treasurer, and Steve Stephenson is pres- ident. Officers not seen in picture are James Dix- on vice- resident, and Dale Daniel, re orter. I a P p . ,l , is fs. " an , nv- "' V 4 X Q -'Lx Joyce Jenkins , M A Judy Johnson ' Wayne Jones K ' t K W Vance LeBeau it ' 'v' il V, la -- ' f -' N J K ,, David Littlejohn 5 ja , V . Titus Marks . ' I . 4 4, '- Barbara Marshall :rf E. at I X Q i 'Q ' ..,,N . Charlotte Moody ' ii , A ' . ' 1' Franklin Morris Q N . I . . ' ' . A Patricia Morris I 'J A lr I S.. is 3 ' as fl K ax ., L- - '---Q fi .I 4 1 x " 'E 61. ,. -'fa , ' Jane Moss K 5 1, V V w k Q Harold McCreary . 9 M . -.N Edward Osmon Y I .N ,X It Fred Paul ! ' Jeannetta Pierce J , - 's ' . Richard Reid " .. S 54' I - B .V Q -4 Km f AIA Q A 5 S I - , 4- J X, Nancy Richardson f A K . Q S J A Q Darryl Selby 1 Q LX Melissa Slagle Y K 7 L Steve Stephenson A 49 - ' f Leila Sturdivant J J ,K 6 K u , K t A '-. Ruthie Thomas MN an M 1 Carol Thompson f Joel Watson - - F Charles Wheat Patsy Willis James Woulfe Betty Wright in TIIE BIG NIGHT. Twelve girls don their frilly short skirts to add to the attraction of queen erownimr. THREE MUSK ETEERS. Edwin Ashmore. James Ogden, and J. T. Williams smile as they sneak away with the loot, a box of charms. INAUGURATION DAY. Crowds gather around the capitol building' as Fox band members watch Raymond Gary beeome provernor. -12-30-27. Leave it to Carl Ronald Buck, Joe Fisher, Chick Cannon, and Harold McCreary to dream up the "Four Roses." HOLD THAT POSE. It wouldn't be a talent show without George Newman and Jimmy Eaves playing for entertainment. Singing is Jackie Eaves. 05 Q we X a e ourse om ortczole L- INTERMISSION. Ann McCreary, Euleah Trammell, Judy Garrett, Bonnie Newman, Kay Wooldridge, Minnie Lou Tapp, and Patricia Jackson laugh between classes. OLD BLACK JOE. Mrs. Merle Watson's home- room members, Jo Ann Martin, Mary Black, Wanda McClain, Jane Smith, Janet Shebester, and Patsy Creel, rehearse before the curtain opens. BATHING BEAUTY. Strong man Tommy Kun- kel gets ready for weight lifting-the discus, that is. FUTURE HOUSEWIVES OF AMERICA. Jim- my Starkey, David Littlejohn, Harold McCrea- ry, Carl Ronald Buck, and Chick Cannon serve a delicious meal in the cafeteria. DEEP STUDIERS. Sue Hollingsworth and Na- da Inscore look at the books they will be using' for their junior year. HOLD THAT FROWN. Herman Wright, Ollie Jackson, Derrell Kunkel, and Doyle Randolph watch football demonstrations. SITTING PRETTY. Sandra Vincent, Nadine Hoggard, Daphene Firestone, Corine Hopkins, and Margaret Lindesmith look at the birdie after a hard morning' in OIPA meetings at Norman. ind lillly Blevins James Bobbitt Mary Brandt Troy Calger Kent Calhoun Gracie Capehart Lee Roy Chevea Tommy Choate Jerry Clark Thelma Cox Bennie Darity Jimmy DeArmond Paula Epley Judith Garrett Mike Gray Kenneth Griffin Rose Gurley Bill Harris Weldon Horner Cameron Jackson Patricia Jackson Carolyn Johnson Eula Kennedy Neta Latham Dolores Lindesmith Robert Lindsey Ann Mc-Creary Janie McGahee LeRoy McKee Carol Means Q7 a"" 1 15 .n 3 I'8SllI'l'lQI'l Ipdfld -g6HOW!QC!gQ ei 1 -'R' il, ii' ,.: . E , ii ., N Q.. if if K .r . A .f - Q1 l , X in i . ...Q Q 'f Yi-c.v,Yl'Y-. "' 4' , ' , ., "i l if I W ' ', -7-'sn ' -aw' : if , E-K wi' ix W . ii" ' 'ai ri Z ax K b i? , X . WIN 4 aff, 'iiLgs,..i Q , P J " T" G l I C' 1 " . ,,.,. ,s 4 7' f ,qwi A., " qv kill lk -vw an V . "' ' i-: ' t A . x , -f SGIYIGSYGI' honor roll members who maintain ed an A or A- average were Billy Blevins, James Bobbitt, Gary Thurman, Bennie Darity, Judith Ann Garrett, Betty Sue O'Dell, Betty Jean Smith, Karean Vincent, and Kay Wool- dridge. BIG STEP. Graduation is an out- standing event for Mr. Ogden's freshmen who are lead by Kay Wooldridge, treasurerg Judith Gar- rett, secretaryg Euleah Trammell, reporter, Weldon Horner, presi- dent: and Scott Presgrove, vice- president. -30- V J x 1 .t . . ,. . .9 M Q ' N0 HELP WANTED. Mike Gray, presidentg Johnnie Nelson, secretary- treasurerg Kent Calhoun, vice-presidentg Ann Mcflreary, reporterg and Flora Wright, song leaderg ably fulfill their offices in Miss Norv1ll's homeroom. Freshmen are the at dividing line between junior high and high school. Assistedby their sponsors, Ruth Norvill and James Ogden, they will soon have their first experiences of a high school career. Class activities included a football con- cession stand to raise funds for their com- mencement and assembly programs. 5 K S x '21 t The freshman class held the majority of offices in the junior high Student Council with Mary Brandt, presidentg Bill Harris, sec- retaryg Billy Blevins, treasurerg Gary Thur- man, representative. Queen candidates and runners-up were Kay Wooldridge, junior high Echog Mary Brandt, footballg and Bennie Darity, band. i Frankie Morgan "' K Jackie Morris 1 Johnnie Nelson W -h I Bonnie Newman E uv I Betty 0'Dell 4,5 it ' Scott Preagrove l Q' V Y V P A r i K ig in I Raymond Revel ' A, N ,. Jerry Reynolds I it wa 5 , Opal Robinson K K W U ' ,gy ' Betty Smith H A A W Minnie Tapp . , V E A A - Y Gary Thurman av V X 1- a Q - -lt 0 at . l to ...W . aw Sharon Towles Euleah Trammell Brenda Vernon Sammy Vernon Karean Vincent Martha Watson Mary Weaver Kay Wooldridge Donald Worsl-mm Judith Woulfe Flora Wright Jimmy Wright ar' A 4 Q qw X4 , - N6 ' :ni I , ..v K Q' I . x Exams S Y X. H g -'f r I mmhg r J V 9 K Qt a ' K I M 3 , K 7 F' M' 2 l g L. i -31- Riln llnrnl-It linrlmrn lllnckhurn Tommy Hlnrkerhy Janice Blevins .lc-rry Holes .larry Briscoe .limmy Iiurlon l'l'lU-KY liyrnm Vivian flim- .lue l'unningl1:xm Pvnrliv Vunninghnm Gary lit-Armonrl Rohr-rl Eason lunl- lidt-len Nadine lilliolt llonry F1-llzihnum Gerald Gallop Allnn Grny Farnlyn Gooden Palsy Griffith Lynrln llnle llelcn llnsh l'nlri1'inllnskins Ronald Hodges Mollie Allen I N Clifton Almm ' , , , di . , fh St And rsn ' ' '55 ' ' ' Mi:heTAshmisren , ... Shirley Baker " Q 1 'V A ' . .gf X- i M - 1 ,Q-f,., 4 ff , Mui. - 1. . y Y 3 I ffl P ,, 1 if . W K N A , X I Q . X , gpg A ,mi Ll .LL l A'2 -f it - ,V ' 'kk A ' M, W -I l i ' , ,vi Q B I D l A I, V Vx A ' S-5 '. if , , Q., Q I , 4 ,Ltr - ' , :flu l Q A- K ,pw .- J , H , A -4 Q 5, i-.X . :V -A is-8 , J xjrx 4 L - . - , - Q.. . 4 Q - v' -gg" I xxw .... . ,f r ,. ' M ' . 4 wg ' SSS , l i" GAZFIRS. Looking into the future are Allen Gray, vic'c--presiclvntg June Edelen, secretaryg Ronnie Holl- ingsworth, .lo Welcher, presidentg Patsy Baker, and Sandra Irwin. Honor' Roll members having an A 01' Af average for the first semester were Michel Ashmore, James Presgrove, Mollie Allen, Rita Faye Barnett, Janice Blevins, Peggy Byram, June Edelen, Betty Morgan, Imogene Morse, Koleen Moss, Linda Kay Taylor, Betty Walk, and Jo VVelcher. L321 The eighth grade has sixty enrolled this year. Under the guidance of their sponsors, Carolyn Rural and J. T. Williams, they have accom- plished many things. Activities during the year were a football concession stand and an assembly program. Junior high football squad members picked Linda Taylor their queen. Other queen candidates were Sandra Irwin, junior high Echo, and Betty Walk, Band. .Betty Morgan served as vice-president of the Junior high Student Council. Representa- tives to the council from the eighth were Betty Walk and Jimmy Burton. Jo Welcher and Jeannetta Hull were the .lUUi01' high cheerleaders who urged the Lit- tle Foxes on to victory. ATTENTIVE LISTENERS, A lull in conversation is' un- usual for Mrs. Bural's eighth grade officers, James Presgrove, reporterg Koleen Moss, song' lcaderg Rita Barnett, presidentg Peggy Byram, song leaderg Linda Taylor, reporter: Donna Wells, secretaryg and Bobby Paul, vice-president. lgfitfi grade gains xperience Ronnie Hollingsworth " ' . Carrie B. Holmes , Tommy Hudspeth i .leannetta Hull " Sue Iiams .- , Sandra lrwin is we-A Y 1- K . H -fr 7 1 , Q. H e ' 3 .4 123' 'O .1 -- . . . V-.- ., , X S ,V we fl E . . sl yi K V 2 4 if emily' X . Q- ! i K Si W A Q. GY, in ft '55- -lxvl' 5 L M' Q ,Y 3 fe y A, J. in I rl' Lois Johnson Rose Nell Lefieau .ludy Lewis Betty Morgan Judith Morris Imogene Morse 0 Koleen Moss llohhie Ogletree Edwnrd Patterson fs' -'G W Robert Paul -J .lerry Perkins 'Q' i Billy .10 Petty f JC 1 James Presgrove Hershell Randolph Gary Reynolds Jimmie Sanders Sandra Shadden Mary Ann Smart Anne Stallcup Linda Taylor Betty Walk 8 Joyce Walker .lo Welcher ' , Donna Wells A I Johnny Barton Richard Black Bobby Bray Marvin Calger Dennis Csmp Emma Cathey Patsy Chambers George Cheves Joan Coaly Beverly Crabb Alan Daniel Warren Davenport Carl Lynn Davis Larry Wayne Delbeck Nelson Dixon David Dodd Sharon Dunn Jimmy Eaves Rdnnie Eaves Dewey Elledge Shelton Emberlin Oreta Farris Betty Firestone Keith Firestone Bennie Fletcher Richard Fletcher Dnnna Garrett Msrlynn Gooden Paul Groover Douglas Guy '1 V -an r ..-1 ' Nl' af v s a rs, ,J-C' sr .,.av- 1 I W , M L 1 Q, ,- Q 1 . -Q P K . 5 is ' ' A 4' 6 L , ' ,if . 'f-1 P l . . . f- '--E : Q tial ' ' -. 7 N1 'Lai D... VA! S E Q ' 1 ' f Qvl ., no V1 4 X 1 T5 f ,fi Q aafiazae.a1ess: t.s .. z -I is ,lg Q f. in OH, WHAT A DREAM. David Kennedy, vice-president of Mr. McCreary's homeroom, and Bryant Harmon, president, dream about a winter wonderland, while Donna Garrett, secrctary-treasurer, thinks about the won- derful time she will have in the snow. Seventh graders, comprised of seventy-six members, were confused by the new junior high routine. With the help of their sponsors, Miss Lora Maynard and Russell McCreary, their full house settled down to a new career. Rocille Wooldridge had the honor of be- ing candidate for both Echo and band queen. Donna Garrett gave the junior high foot- ball queen and other candidates a tight race. Mary Reynolds, Susie Herndon, Dennis Camp, and Warren Davenport represented the class in the Student Council. Assemblies in April brought a close to an eventful year for the Fox seventh graders. -34- if r M ' Seventh graders who qualified for the semes- ter honor roll by having an A- or better grade average were Richard Black, Bobby Bray, Dennis Camp, Warren Davenport, Paul Groover, Bryant Harmon, Monty Knipe, Earnest Parks, Jimmy Pierce, Odell Wood, Gary Woulfe, Charles Celcer, Emma Cathey, Sharon Dunn, Donna Ruth Garrett, Sondra Sue Herndon, Mary Ann James, Nancy Knutson, Mary Reynolds, Jean Thurman, and Judy Worsham. CLASS LEADERS. Searching for homeroom program information are Miss Maynard's class officers, Lloyd Hodge, vice-presidentg Sharon Dunn, song 1eaderg.Gary Woulfe, secretary-treasurer: and Bobby Bray, president. eventlz Qracfe Qoasts ofargest gnrolfment sv-6 r' Qi Y ,1 ' sf - W ' E- X 1 wx ,, v X , :ff -. -if-.f .,,f 4 5 ' -- o Q "5 ' pa' gi srl' . if gg, f r f S - , L 1 like as 6:4 Ronnie Harbour , Bryant Harmon I M Donald Hawthorne 1 J' i l fm' T ' X Susie Herndon ff' ' - t Charlotte Hodge J' . - X : -A E Lloyd Hodge , Q Barbara Haggard Billy Jackson Mary Ann James 'Q A 1 ' 1 J. Paul Johnson QS' I if . David Kennedy Elmer Kennedy .- A segl Monty Knipe J ' Nancy Knutson ,,. 9, 'Q Patricia Kunkel A A J Phillip Marshall 3, if J " Bertie Matthews W V x Willard Means ' ," hr' am, J ' - H - Adrian Melton l I v Sh' 9' .,., , lr, 2 K wat N Gloria Miller 59 ' W ' if s , 4 s ,Q V Sharon Miller Mary Morris Sylvia Nell Palmer ' Earnest Parks Q 6, i sn Q 3 .2 ! .. g F mi l .KST Nlll,l'i. This 11'l'Hlll1 of junior' high boys look as thoupih thm-V lmvl- wzlllwcl lhvil' l'wl mill l.l,Ul3l'I 'l'llU'l"l'l'IRS. Miss Mzlynzuwl :xml Nl 13 NluCr0al'y show ilu-1-lulflw-n points rllllllll ll ic- :llc WlIl'il'I, GIRLS. 'l'hz1I's lla-l'sc'l1c'll llznllrlolplfs sawing :ls hv xnuroumlwl lrv Illlll1Il'lllL1'll girls zmml Miss Blziynuiwl. Willinm Prough .lonn Rnilifl' Nou-lla R4-1-rl Ililly Risnvr Maury llvynolclx Urban Siu-lwslvr 'Kllcn Stvwnri Homer Smilli Mirlmcl Thompson Vlxlrn Thurman Sharon Tinsley Yirxzinin YV:itsnn .limmy wlgkillx llilly YYillizlms fV1lL'll Wmitlds Rocille Wooldridge .lurly Worshzim linry Vhiulfe ll IS K milf. f . Doris .lean Perkins Ardie Peterson Royce Petty Jimmy Pierre ,- N, ...- .Q If . , an -auf . J, -N ' N -1 . r - if i Q I - - A Q2 Q ' 11 - , I 1 ' 3 ' tq'.e' A'i"', ,J 2 i n ,,, ix x 5 hx 'E 1 nl Y .Q 4 1 - - ,T-'iq ai' 'A 77' 'H-1' lx lm i -1 ' 'Sf 7' . K . U ai. 4 'Y kv' Y ' r K Q gilrlifflzxw ' n fast ..,,.,.4 4 , . i wf2fw..,2 rea ongratufataons to Someone Q20 -pg. ,, - w-rg Q Q G 1 """"r- -w-,.' X,. glOpQ Lgikfl csnehior. .. Senior gfitqlz fgclzo Queen ix WOO!Jfl.JgQ Sjfeslzmen . . .kgunior gclzo Queen 5 . CSDlIfl'I'lC'g Wqflfgdll . . . Osznlor. . . LSBQIIIIOI' gfigfw cggnoibczff fgueen "Y , -Q-' wkyqpnlll"1f'E' f ? Y , 4 F oLQ'flC!Cl gnaylflf gfigh Ejootlnaff gjrincess Sy via vw .K -unior... Qancf Queen 3: if Mk -wig -1,-1 in ..,.:1.l.i 51 x 'i1.'1.'.: ,- " -if-1-5391555 A Cglze Gcmcfzgcfates Q Xu! K BABBPEXS 3335211 Sem01' Junior C21 X .1 xx .N S K NN. 2 az V ay RUBY CLARK Senior High Fqotball S0Ph9m91'9 1 -. . may I i ,N-JV .f -e if nr C' .U .Q Zb, rm J. K T 'null' 4a.:LS" , . Julgfgzlg-iglRg1:JD'1: Faseshlnagotbau ' f C .1 5,43 1 A - iff ' Y i 2 g? lf pb9mf'ffi 3 1 335 K Vi K. .- ..,,. 5f,,,KE,,E11,vM 5 , ., ,. . vk.. ,,,.. A ,..3,, MM 3 . Lv,,..L ' f k - 51' - . A Qt.. E13- Efi:,:fvJ' 4 F53-f ,gg , 'i'5,,g: ff, L 5 , . if x 'LLIL 'han H 1 X KK ' 1" yu mia i g! V 5-Q :jsf Y ,:g, -,k,..--.:. i . Q andmf2BR!vew , - , hL 5 L h .1'QH Bmw ,Eigkth M lA1 ,, ffl' 1,'- "f7 2 ':L'i'. A "A1 funk if K' . i f 1 IUI'S .K'I' PHX. t 1111 11tul:1t111ns 5:11 1- 111 111'41-1-v1111" 411lt11'I , ,, 1 its, W11111111 11l11':1t :11111 .l111- 1"is111'1', NYl1ll tri' 111111111111 1111 - '111' 1111 1111111 11111111 115 1 111111115 1111 1131 111111 12121 1111i11ts rv- 1-vtivvly 111 win 11111 11111st 0111-1- INl1l't1 11112111 IlXVil1'l1S. 1 ionors Cgrirzcg Ezufh sen111st111' Fox Student Council 2lVV211'l1S h11n11r pins 111 01I1'S1,2l11ll111j.!' students who have the highost, 1111I'I11J01' of points 1'0S1I1t1l1Q,' from sch111z11'shi11, citiz1111sl1i11, 2l11G11t12111C0, 211111 pur- tici11z1ti11n i11 QX1,1'21-C111'l'1C111211' activities. The pins nro pl1l'C112lSCt1 by the S1,1lt19l1t 1111111 FIVE. Zvzilous SL11111-nts, Curl 11111121111 Iiuvk Zllltl C'hi1'1q l':1nn11n, with 1112 211111 115 points, to11pu11 tht' SL'Il1t11' 11111 t1 1111111111 111111 p11i11t11s 1'1t1i1i1 'VS I 1. 1 ". 1 . 1. . ',. 1 4 ,, :- 1 " ,.. . ... .. 1 1 . .' 11 1151111 xx ns 1111111 1111nt 1,111 111111 133 1111in1s.S11i1'lvy M111'11':1nz111111111111- Allvn tic-11 :is vi1't111's for high point l11111111's with 118 points cash I Xl1l'1N'1'l'lll .ll'1Nl0liS. lriiliutivo :ind in- ll11S1l'1fIl1Slll'SS 111-1111111 Silllllllll' llllflilti' with ,.... 1 - 11111 11111111 11111 5llt 1l11111r11rsxx111t11 H1111 11.2 p11111ts 111 I1-111111111 int1111.l1111i111'C'1z1ss.Floss- . 1 ' 11-11 with HJ 111111 . 1 115. 1111111111 w111'1- .lllll N11-f11z1ss1111z1n11 111111111 Will- ,, , , , ,, , , , 5 1ll11N 111111 11111111 H" points l'2ll'1l, 111111 Iizmny lN"'U1't-l"Nl hulllnnlolutb' Tal" l ing! 1111111118 arc- Y:111c'11 11111111111 with E121 -44-. 11111nts 111111 '1'1111n1z1s 111111111111 with 1011 points. An 01111211I1l1l1l11L'1't11.I1t11111S. 117, wow 0:11'111111 115' 111111111 11i1'l11-1's1111 :ind .lL'21l1l1l'112l P1t'l't'l', .llltly ,111h11s11n cn- t1111siL1sti1'z111y 1111-01111111 11l'1' z1w111'11 1'111' 111111111 1111 12111 points. pleasant Cgjmiles Council from profits made in the Fox Den. Two boys and two girls from each class are eligible' for a pin. From the junior and senior high school, one boy and one girl are awarded a special pin for having the over-all highest number of points. DISTINGUISHED WINNERS. Seventh graders began their climb by winning honors. Bobby Bray came up with 151 points and Gary Woulfe had 134 points to become honor pin recipients. Sharon Dunn with 139 points and Donna Garrett with 140 points also received cherished honor pins N. s if ig 'P Ui 21, SIDE BY SIDE. Eighth graders continued their success when Mollie Allen and Janice Blevins accumulated 121 and 143 points respectively. Boys succeeding in earning honor pins were Bobby Paul with 71 points and Hershell Randolph with 77 points. SUPERIOR STUDENTS. Studious eighth graders, Betty Morgan and Michel Ashmore, received honor pins over all junior high school. Betty amassed a total of 144 points, while Michel hit the sweepstakes with 153 points, ..45.- SCHOLARLY FRESHNIEN. Honor pins were awarded to diligent learners, Betty Sue O'Dcll and Judith Garrett, who at- tained 112 and 115 points. Tribute also went to Billy Doyle Blevins with 103 points and Gary Thurman with 102 points. The sixty-one eighth graders had the highest class average in jun- ior high school, 52.36 per cent. Seventh graders came next with a close 49.71 per cent for their seventy-two members. Triumphant juniors had forty- nine enrolled and an average of 60.75 per cent. The forty-four seniors ranked second high with a class average of 58.90 per cent. Sophomores had an average of 52.87 per cent and an enrollment of fifty-three. Not too far behind were the fifty-two freshmen with an average of 48.88 per cent. 4 1 G ' 1 A A 1 ' , 5 Y l W 1 1 UfllOfS LHFLC! QSECHIOVS J HUC UH Sl'I'II'IIlS'l'ERS. Ilnnny Wzml gets 1111 lhe hall and not nnly puslivs out thv fuml lull givvs Merleiio il rifle with wisp' timing. .IIVY SERVANTS. Vlvlllllll? Whc-zll, Jimmy Jackson, llnnny Wvlls. nnrl l':1tsy Docs 1:14 rvzuly for thv work nlivaul. AMAZING PIISHERS. Jimmy lVl1'Gl:1sson, Virgriliizl Nlzissvy, and .lov f'2ll'lVVl'l1,Illl tzlkm- lhvii' Dll'Illl'0 lmvfow IDIISIIIIIIIIYIIIIIIU foocl. CIASSY ULUWNS. VIIOIIIUIX Kunkel and Chzirlviie- lNIv1111k l1-t1l1ufun1lwz1it:111fl1:ivoz1tirwlvxprvssimi. DIG 'I'IIA'I' CRAZY HORSE. A prznikslvi' 111 the IJIIIIQIICI nnlkvs n1:111yl:1ngl1s. LIVING l'I' lll'. Whnl is it 1' A skinny woman c11'.f1 hul- lnmi. Wnu Kiimvs? l"AllllI.0IlSl'ANl'lES,l'l1ickt'111111m1:1111l l'hyllisl'a11'- snn slnnrl all zntlvritimi. IVUXES 'I'RlI'I1I'l 'l'REA'I'. I'll'll2l Doo H0l'lNXl', Virginia S1 111'1livz111l, z1n1l Mary llwn Have-s mlispluy flnsliing srnilvs. ISIVI' SIIIVS MY WIFE. Mr. lluck :incl Mrs. Huck full in linv for :1 SHEIIISINJT. IIASIIING I'ISi'0Ii'I'S. .luv Moody and Ililllllil IAxI'Il'EllI 11111 qnivt for ll cl1:111g:u. 'l'l1z1l's Sflml'll1lllj.1'lIllllSll2ll. R Z! I f 1 "1 gf' N i .1 nl fvf ',2.f'.',1f3'1 3 m1wy.v..,.,w fr BA-Ili el . uggeal but might My V'-r-+-- -A!-.9 ,, f ' ' x li' is ',l ' fx vi., , I wi. it iA sw-:p1...g..L A .1 Q - ' A . x :V FLM' ' .1-V . A. .1-V X 4 , - ' fn. , -"V-' .L, ' . "P", '4 ' A . ' , - -"1-+4-- "x D' s ' .VY '-k" 'J - . ' 4 1 Q W4-', . . , ., CQ"P'1-, ' ' . V. ,,"'!"T JL., , "1" x , v..L. a'y'v .'y Y'q""T" ' -. ' 1 4 w -- "1-7 ' ' Q., -M-,, M ,..,1-- '44 wn', n - -L.. ., H' I N --'axe , ' -1- , . ., .. ' 4-YM. f,., 1 sv T1 .. Carl Buck 1661 .loe Cartwright 1761 .fm I 'r , K Q . fe" p 1 I 'E xii 57 Q A s . ' ' .. ' ' - , -I 1 la v.pI""w , ,.,. , JJ , 1' . ,-' Xl -.' ,,.- f ' Arvis Davis 1701 Bryan Davis 1571 Johnny Fisher 1501 Buddy Jackson 1681 Leonard Jackson 15 The Fox Foxes carried off the 6-B conference title and went through the year undefeated with only 13 points scored against them. Head coach was Lloyd Skelton. J. T. Williams and Russell Mc- Creary were assistant coaches. The Foxes opened the season by winning 14-0 over Duncan B. Next, they journeyed to Tisho- mingo to beat the Indians 35-13, the only time the Foxes were scored on this season. Temple came to Fox on Septem- ber 24 with the idea of beating Fox, but the Foxes stopped them Dundee, October 8. After a very hard fought game, the Foxes won 7-0. The Foxes won over Velma, October 15, 13-0. "Rising from the Dead," Fox massacred Healdton 54-0 on a very muddy field, Oc- tober 22. The Wilson Eagles proved no match for their rivals, the Foxes, who thundered to a decisive 80-0 victory on the Fox field, October 29. On November 5 the Foxes trampled the Ringling Bluedevils, 54-0. Breezing by the Marietta In- dians 46-O, the Foxes clinched the 6-B conference in their final game of the season, November 12. I Quick with H 26-0 Win- l Seven Fox seniors were chosen .-3 1 In a non-conference tilt on Oc- as members of the all-district ll' ' tebel' 1, FOX defeated Coalgate football team. They were Derrell -, f 20-0. Kunkel, end, Leonard Jackson, The conference opener was with tackle: Doyle H2111 delph, baekl Warner Fellabaum 1651 FSF A . W cd oxes an me pponents 90 I 'Es Don Elledge 1641 -.f ' YES, COACH. No, it's not a fight, just a friendly little ' M, - '- 2 chat between line coach, J. T. Williams, junior high coach, X Russell McCrearyg and three junior high football players, 'X Mike Gray, Kent Calhoun, and Weldon Horner. Hershell Files 1671 Q Q 1 in . - 1 "' ' 6 J 5. 'J ' . Q rw , , - ,Q wa, X' I Q "M A f Joe Fisher 1631 James Dixon 1611 Gus Jackson 1751 Jimmy Jackson 1521 Wayne Jones Gerald Kennedy 11 -QL- I' 5 i -N4 I l 1 L Q 5 '3 M... 5' . V , ' K 9 , A " XV 'X f V -1 ,A "" L , Y- -I DEI Nil - ' K f' ' ' eff X' ay. f S 5 Derrell Kunkel 4603 Joe Moody 4613 Doyle Randolph 4543 Jimmy Starkey 4693 Dean Worsham 4653 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Fox L 14 Duncan "B" LL Fox.. 35 Tishomingo L LL LL L13 Fox 26 Temple LL Fox L L20 Coalgate L L Fox L 7 fDundee LL L Fox L L 13 fVelma-Alma Fox 54 l'Healdton LL Fox LL 80 Wilson Fox 54 flitingling LL L L 0 Fox LL L46 +Marietta L 0 'Conference games ,. H LDTON'S TOMBSTONE. Coach Skelton holds one of the Foxes' most treasured trophies. The Bulldogs later went home defeated by the Foxes, 54e0. 6-Q Gonference Glzampionslup Carl Buck, backg Herman Wright, guard, Jimmy Starkey, guard, and Bryan Davis, center. Joe Moody, Dean Worsham, Ar- vis Davis, and Ollie Jackson re- ceived honorable mention. The 6-B conference coaches se- lected Carl Ronald Buck as out- standing back in the conference and nominated him for all-state back. He was selected for the sec- club feted the football team with a banquet. Taye Moore, science in- structor at Fort Sill Indian School, was guest speaker. "Mr, Touchdown U.S.A." and "Football Hero" were sung by a girls trio-Judy Johnson, Phyllis Carson, and Donna LeBeau, ac- companied by Mary Black. Quar- terback Johnny Fisher gave the response, thanking the club for Me ' 4 Herman Wright 4533 fm 4... .3 T Danny Ward 4613 Fred Paul 4563 w. Edward Osmon C653 ww . YQ, ond team. the banquet. M The football team is backed by a Fox scored a total of 349 points Q, very active Quarterback club. Of- during the season. State ratings A K ficers are R. H. Davis, president, issued at the close of the season by 1. '4' Chester McKee, vice-presidentg the Daily Oklahoman listed Fox as y ' -' and Shelby Horner, secretary- first in defense and third in of- treasurer. fense and rated Fox fifth among If November 24 the Quarterback classBteams. Jack Nelson 162, 'iii' l 3 w 3 T 3' lt! 4 vt fe Y Q L. va, sv- B, .',L V I .F,, :Q K 1 U Gary Knight 4583 Tommy Kunkel 4713 Vance Leneau 4703 Harold Mecreary 4591 McGfQQ'S2'nyc51, Dwayne Meee 4683 14.3 we Q W qasfgfsyi .. g' 6 if Q f' 'Xi' lfvifi lx , FOXY FOXES. J. T. Williams, line coachg Lloyd Skelton, head coach Fred Paul Bryan Davis Hershell Files Tommy Kunkel, Joe Fisher, Herman Wright, Arvis Davis, Joe Moody Gary Knight First Row Jimmy Jackson Dean Worsham, Gerald Kennedy, Johnny Fisher, Doyle Randolph Ollie Jackson Hal old McCreary Derrell Kunkel Second Row. Warner Fellabaum, Edward Osmon, Jack Nelson Jimmy Starkey Carl Ronald Buck Jimmy McGlas sonyance LeBeau, and Joe Cartwriht, Top Row. oxes ala 6-B G ampzons ap f 1 2' f HOLD THAT LINE. The Foxites are holding a mock scrimmage in preparation for the first game. Late summer practice puts the Foxes in shape by school time. PLEASE! YOU'RE MUSSING MY HAIR. The Foxes go all out to prove their super- iority on the gridiron. 1501 HAPPY COACHES. The coaches were present- ed jackets by the Quarterback club for their outstanding work this year. CO-CAPTAINS. Coach Skelton congratulates his co-captains, Derrell Kunkel and Carl Ron- ald Buck, for the leadership and sportsmanship they have shown all season. Fable v w S s r l HUBA HUBA. The seniors display their jackets for all to see. Eleven sen- iors lettered this year. We're proud, but we hate to see them leave. ONE OF THE JUICIER MOMENTS. All is not work, as you can plainly see. ' The seniors really seem to be enjoying E cyrss s c'ic N . i the half-time activities. 151- The Little Foxes closed the 1954 football season with three wins, one loss, and one tie, thanks to the very capable coaching of Russell lVIcCreary. In the opener of the season, Fox smashed Dundee, 34-0, and followed up by beating the V-A Comets, 14-0. Wilson gave the fighting Foxes their only defeat of the season, 12-0. This did not discourage the Little Foxes, as they came back with a 6-6 tie with the Healdton Bull- , , , , , , , , - - - HIT THAT LINE. Th ' ' h' f' d ' dogs and closed the season by blanklng Ringling, 21-0. takes a little brain, Eldgggr ariilha liiats di The Little Foxes showed good sportsmanship and hustle to make a good ball team' teamwork at all times. F O OT BA LL SCORES Place Opponent Score Fox Dundee 0 Fox 34 Fox V-A 0 Fox 14 Wilson Wilson 12 Fox 0 Healdton Healdton 6 Fox 6 Fox Ringling 0 Fox 21 cattle o7oxes OPEN THE DOOR RICHARD! Bobby Paul will have to get a move on for a change if he wants to make the team. erit tmraise l"lGH'l'ING FOXES. J. Paul Johnson, Johnny Williams, Jerry Reynolds, Billy Jackson, Gary Reynolds, Jerry Bob Briscoe, Alan Gray, Allen Stewart, First Row. Bill Harris, Mike Gray, Bobby Paul, Lee Roy Cheves, Don Wor- sham, Cameron Jackson, James Presgrove, Donald Hathorn, Billy Blevins, Jimmy Burton, Michael Thompson, Monty Knipe, Second Row. Tommy Choate, Troy Calger, Kent Calhoun, Weldon Horner, Jackie Morris,Tommy Blackerby, Sammy Vernon, Tommy Hudspeth, Scott Presgrove, and Russell McCreary, coach, Top Row. HIGH JUMPERS Jackie Morris, Bill Harris, Kent Calhoun Jimmy Wiggins Weldon Horner Mike Gray Tioy Calger First Row, William Johnson Billy Blevins Jerry Rey nolds Sammy Vernon Don Worsham, Lee Roy Cheves and Russell McCreary coach Coach Russell McCrearv has done a splendid job with the Junior high boys Two trophies were added to Fox s collec tion when the little Foxes won the Davis tourn ament and were the runners up 1n the Plainview tournament. BASKETBALL SCORES Opponent Empire L Duncan Healdton Ringling Ringling Marietta Healdton Wilson do L Velma-Alma Dundee Marietta 53- l"0X l'AGERS.Jimmy McGlasson, Herchell Files, Ha1'0ld McCreary, Carl Ronald Buck, Gerald Kennedy, Frank Thurman, Derrell Kunkel, Johnny Fisher, Perry O'Dell, First Row. Jimmy Martin, Jimmy Jackson, Joe Moody, Joe Fisher, Dean Worsham, Doyle Randolph, David Littlejohn, James Woulfe, and L. G. Skelton, coach, Top Row. oxes cgake Glzampions 4293 Three trophies were added to their collection when the Foxes ended the 1954-55 season with twenty victories and three defeats. Coached by Lloyd Skelton, a former Fox basketball player, the Foxes captured the 6-B conference, winning ten games and losing two. They lost to Healdton 45-42 and Marietta 52-51. Fox cagers handed defeats to Healdton 65- 62, Rexroat 68-35, and Ringling 64-43 to win the district championship. At Healdton in the Oilfield tournament, Fox received a trophy for being runner-up. The Foxes defeated Springer 67-40, Hastings 36-27, and Graham 65-46 but lost to Bray in the finals 46-44. A total of 1437 points were scored by the Foxes during the season with 1096 points scored against them. REBOUND. O'Dell's right on time for the rebound GET HIGH. Derrell Kunkell has to Stretch high to be able with McCreary coming around to give a little help. to tip the ball to the waiting Fox team, -54- Sf! ,gf Fox ..,..,,, . .w.,. N ,,,,A,.,., Fox ,,w, ,.,..7v, ,,,, . A,.,, , ,,,AA,, , 7 Fox .,..7,7..,..V,, .A .,.,.,, .A ox... ..,.. A,A.A ,,.. . . , , BALL SLHEDU LE Empire ., 7.,, uncan uncan 'B" 'kRing1ing :W-A ,..v,v, .V7, . Fox Fox Fox Fox ..., ., ......7.,,,, ,,..., A ,x,.h . , Fox Empire ,... V , , f Grfylng oxes Cgake onors .-537' LET'S HAVE A LITTLE HUSTLE. The Foxes stay in shape by training. Jimmy Martin, Jimmy Jackson, Joe Moody, Floyd Reed, Jimmy McGlasson, Delton McKee, Tommy Kunkel, Dean Worsham, and Gerald Kennedy take a lap. 3 A BREEZY BUNCH. Floyd Reed, Joe Moody, Jimmy lVIcGlasson, Jimmy Jackson, Seated. Carl Ronald Buck, Dean Worsham, Jimmy Mar- tin, Tommy Kunkel, Raymond Hopkins, Jack Nelson, Gerald Kennedy, Second Row, Charles Wright, Jimmy Atkinson, Delton McKee, Jim- my Cartwright, Bryan Davis, Gary Knight, Freddy Recd, James Hale, Don VanTresse, Ar- vis Davis, and L. G. Skelton, coach, Top Row. ,qi JUNIOR HE-MEN. Jackie Morris, Junior Taylor, Jerry Bob Briscoe, Billy Boyle Blevins, David Boyd, Tommy Hoggard, Cameron Jackson, and Gus Jack- son, Seated. Alan Gray, Bobby Paul, David McCles- key, Paul Ray Black, Don Worsham, Warner Fella- baum, Carl Williams, James Woulfe, Tommy Hudspeth, Second Row. Kent Calhoun, Jerry Rey- nolds, Mike Gray, Bill Harris, Scott Presgrove, Bill Massey, Jimmy Burton, Ronnie Hodges, Gerry Rey- nolds, Vernon Hurst, Walter Cheely, coach, Third Row. David Littlejohn, Tommy Blackerby, Raymond Revel, Weldon Horner, Joe Fisher, Vance LeBeau, Sammy Vernon, and Edward Osmon, Top Row. I SECOND IN THE STATE. The mile ,i " relay team came in second in the state 5 .- , track meet at Stillwater last year. K ' , "-' Q-i 'fM'1"3'- 'f ' Q' y Members were James Hale, Carl Ron- I, -, .F i ff-Q I x.,.,w,!, - If H ald Buck, Jimmy Cartwright, and ' ' " U A U R 'o' 'M ' -,ii ' . Charles Wright. ,J 5 V' Q I L ' ci, 'S ' 1 1 ,, f S J 1' AQ Q ,., .Q E ,X J K 1' , jd K, 3 . 3' f Hear 5" A -. Wifi" ' l 'f G' , , .. 4' ' iw J L' f- it I it I . N qv A ' ' 'Sm cz, if i if X ,J ' f. V X l Y E- ,, I V B -I 4 V ff A X Q ...55.. H 071161: Qld Qcwg OIF me Ili' 'Q' wr. , N A X. -.J-va-, , 1 f ""T" -s-A ' ' .5 I, 4 V , "+R-r-: ' ' - i V ry . 4 .Q V ,v,.. 1 . .1 , ' a Q-F--,, A V , . 'vs' Q q"?' f 'N- .lohnny Fisher Danny Ward Shirley Lawrence Shirley Morgan l'rc-sident Vice-President Secretary 'l'rcasurer A donkey basketball game was sponsored by the council and it netted a profit of 3i116.77. In January a talent show was presented under the leadership of council representatives. This added a total of 55130.76 to the council funds. Christmas cards and bracelets were sold by members, and all the football and basketball concessions were under their direction. M. S. Ravan Mrs. Mary Henson lligh School Sponsor Junior lligh Sponsor lNTELLlGEN'l' LEADERS. Preparing for a busy year are the senior high Student Council members. Jimmy Martin, Barbara Davis, Danny Ward, Johnny Fisher, Shirley Lawrence, Shirley Morgan, Danny Vllells, Seated James Dixon, David Littlejohn, Beth Cree-l, Linda Dickerson and M. S. Ravan, Standing. L 1 - I I 'Q INIDUSTRIOUS WORKFRS D' ' b d A ,. 2 . iscussmg u get plans are the Junior high Student Council Sus1eHerndon Mary Reynolds, Betty Morgan, Mary Sue Brandt, Bill Harris Billv Blevins Betty Walk Seated Jimmy Burton Mary Henson, Warren Davenport, Dennis Camp, and Gary Thurman Standing A new method for handling money was adopted by the Student Council this year. Un- der this plan, all money made during the year was put into a Student Council fund. Each class in turn made a budget covering the needs for the entire year. The junior class turned in a budget asking for 353253 the seniors, Student councils zrect Hctzvztzes "WE'LI. BEGIN THE YEAR WITH A BANG." Mary Sue Brandt, president, tells Betty Morgan, vice-presidentg Bill Harris, secretary: and Billy Blevins, treasurerg of her plans for the coming year. 'Ll VARNIVAI, I,lFl'l. Karen Yineent and Iielloy Vheves know this is no fortune teller, hut one of their teaeh- ers, lill'S,'Fll0llllilfi1ll'l'l'lt. .L 5 , Y 1 llltlll S'I'l'll'l'l'IRl'I'I"l'l'IS. Phyllis Carson, Barbara Davis, t'atht-rine Shirley, t'arol Thompson, Judy Johnson, and Jane Moss led the FllS hand in several maneuvers at eaeh footlnall game during' hall' time. 4W""'-- "Q ,riwblw T QSDCllOOl 6DjClgS The Fox lligh School hand, under the direc- tion ol' Edwin Ashmore, has accomplished many feats this year. The hand is made up of 57 junior high and high school students. The drum majorette is Catherine Shirley and the l'ive twirlers are Barbara Davis, Phyllis Car- son, .Indy Johnson, Jane Moss, and Carol Thompson, The ot't'ieers are Chick Cannon, president: Patsy Crm-el, vice-presidentg Don- na Lelfleau, secretary-treasurer3 and Patricia Taylor, reporter. The hand sponsored the Halloween earn- ival and sold magazines to raise money. Den- nis Camp was the champion by selling 2570.25 worth of magazines. The FHS hand went to Lawton to hear the United States Navy band play. They were 'I'l'NICFI'l, lVll'SH'IANS, Patricia Taylor, Phyllis Carson, Jimmy Metllasson, Kay Wooldridge, Jane Moss, Sharon llnnn, First Row. lioeille VVooldridge, Mary Reynolds, Patricia Morris, Flora Jean VVright, David Kennedy, David Fletcher, Bryant, llarmon, Dennis Camp, Mary Brandt, Betty 0'Dell, Second Row. June Pldelen, Rose Nell LeBeau, Betty Walk, Johnny Barton, Danny Ward, Edward Parton, Miehel Ashmore, Dale Daniel, Thomas Harmon, Bobby Moore, Sharon Tinsley, Gary Thurman, Charles Wheat, Third Row. Jimmy Gooden, Alicia Cheves, Barbara Davis. and Chiek Cannon, Fourth Row. ..,....t,-W-at W-' M 1 RED HOT. Cheer-Leader, Patsy Haney, leads the ban a hot yell in a pep assembly, while Barbara Davis, Fisher, Donna LeBeau, and Ronnie Weldon use their ha Qgjtinzulating uszc also invited to participate in the inaugural parade and to attend the inaugural ceremonies at which Raymond Gary became governor. The band has added 33 trophies to their collection since Edwin Ashmore has been their director. Judy Johnson, one of Fox's prize twirlers, received a superior rating in twirling at the d in Joe nds. ULOWNING AROUND. Found on the side lines at the band carnival were Mrs. Ward, Mrs. McCartney, and Mrs. Jones State Twirling Conference October 16 in Ma- dill, Oklahoma. The band has played for some of the bas- ketball games at home to back up the boys. They also entertained at pep rallies and dur- ing the football games. During the half the band showed the crowd their stunts and marching abilities. Linda Taylor, Clara Thurman, Melissa Slagle, Jean Weldon, SarahJane Ward, MadeaniaHughes, First Row. Judy Johnson, Carol Thompson, Barbara Clark, Sylvia Phillips, Nelson Dixon, Phillip Marshall, Bennie Darity, Winnie Wheat, Second Row. Vance LeBeau, Carl Ronald Buck, Patsy Creel, LeRoy McKee, Joe Fisher, Ronnie Weldon, Frank Thurman, Johnny Fisher, Donna LeBeau, Third Row. Jimmy Martin, and Catherine Shirley, Fourth Row. "2u"5 "'T BLICNDING YOIFES. Vlara .lean Thurman, Susie Herndon, Koleen Moss, Peggy Byram, Mary Reynolds, Sharon Tinsley, Judy Worsham, Bennie Darity, Novella Reed, Patricia Kunkel, Charlotte llodge, First Row. Judy Johnson, Phyllis Carson, Nancy Richardson, Sharon Miller, Barbara Davis, Shirley lnmon, Nadine Hogfeard. Rose Gurley Kay Wooldridge, Carolyn Gooden, Ruthie Thomas, Second Bow, Patricia Taylor, Sharon Dunn, Janice Blevins, Betty Firestone, .loan Ratliff, Betty Morgan. Barbara Marshall, Pat Haskins, Judy Garrett, Ernn Dee Horner, Judy Morris, Third Row. Michel Ashmore, Dennis Camp, Bryant Harmon, David Kennedy, Johnny Barton, Anne Stallcup, Sylvia Phillips, Flora Jean VVrigrht, Paula Epley, Patricia Morris, Marjorie Files, Fourth Row, Herschel Randolph, Gary Thurman, Jimmy Gooden, Bobby Moore, Jimmy McGlasson, George Newman, Johnny Fisher, Edward Osmon, Thomas Harmon, and Vance Lelieau. uslc Cgfce tgtmosp ere THE OLD PIANO ROLL BLUES. Pianist, Patricia Taylor, smiles as she grallantly plays for the melod- ious chorus. TEACH ME TONIGHT. Gwendolyn Johnson pauses as Mrs. Arthur Ru- bottom, piano teacher, shows her the procedure for the next note. .-62.- Ruby Clark, Rita Barnett, Donna Garrett, Mary Sue Brandt, Carol Means, Neta Latham, Brenda Vernon, Joan Martin, Jo VVelcher, Roc-ille Wooldridge, First Row. Betty Walk, Linda Taylor, Judy Lewis, Betty Smith, Sharon Towles, Melissa Slagle, Donna LeBeau, Barbara Clark, Margaret Clark, Alicia Cheves, Second Row. Daphene Fire- stone, Marquietta Franklin, Bonnie Newman, EuLeah T1'ammell, Jean Harris, Mary Black, Opal Robinson, Ann McCreary, Carol Thompson, June Edelen, Rose Nell LeBeau, Third Row. Patsy Creel, Catherine Shirley, Shirley Lawrence, Juana Baker, Barbara Crabb, Charlotte Moody, Sammie Choate, Betty Sue O'Dell, Danny Ward, Joe Fisher, Jimmy Martin, Fourth Row. Derrell Kunkell, Jimmy Starkey, Carl Ronald Buck, Harold McCreary, Don ?7anTreese, Chick Cannon, Frank Thurman, Edward Parton, Don Elledge, Darryl Selby, and James Dixon, Top low. when ox orus ings LET ME G0 LOVER. Edwin Ashmore takes time off from his music activities to show the little wife a jolly time, Each morning during activity period 107 voices under the direction of Edwin Ash- more and accompanied by Pat Taylor blended their voices in song. Again this year at Christmas time Dr. Jack Lyall was guest conductor for the an- nual Christmas program. Last year at the Durant District Choral Meet the mixed chorus received a superior rating, singing "Cherubim Song No. 7" and "So Dim With Tears." This year at contest the mixed chorus will sing '6Bless Thou the Lord" and "O Lord, Most Glorious." HUMEMAKE ?, , ,,,.., I! AMEDWA llOfVIl'IY CALS. Hope Allen, treasurer: Mary Black, pianist: Sammie Choate, parliamentarian: Juana Baker, sone'l4-aderg Winnie Wheat, presidentg Margie Eason, historiang Nadine Hogrgard, reporterg Marjorie Files, vice- lH'4'Sl4lf'Y1fl Jam- Moss, Miss liovell Sc-ifres, Sponsor, First Row. Patsy Dees, secretaryq Merlene Farris, Nancy ltirhzuwlson, Jeannie llarris, Patsy Willis, Leila Sturdivant, Joy Casey, Norma Johnson, Barbara Clark, Alicia Vheeves, IXlare'aret Clark, Barbara Ilavis, Charlotte Moody, Second Row. Melissa Slagle, Shirley Morgan, Jean- etta Pierce, Linda Williams, Carolyn Weaver, Shirley Eason, Norma Mefford, VVilma Griffith, Charlene Means, Crystal llale, Janet Shebester, lieth Creel, Third Row, Shirley lnmon, Sue llollingswortli, Nada lnscore, Daphene Firestone, Margaret Lindesmith, Mary Seals, Corine Hopkins, Ruthie Thomas, Peggy Grover, Theda Eaves, Mai-quieita Franklin, Shirley Lawrence, Flora Wright, Patricia Morris, Barbara Marshall, Barbara Crabb, and liinda Dickerson, Top Row. gd ifvorks Cgogetlzer High School FHA'ers strive to work together. In Sep- tember the club went to the sub-district meeting in Healdton. A Sadie Hawkins party and style show were planned in October and given in November. In December the club showed Christmas films after school. The club helped the junior high FHA make curtains for the home economics department. The girls were hostesses to the FFA boys at a Valentine party in February. During A lP00'I'BALL ISANQUET, Patricia March the Chapter attended the state rally at Okla- Jackson, Neta Latham, Jane Moss, and ' Charlotte Moody set the tables, fretting homa Clty' ready to serve the champion football boys. V V T M-M-M-M, GOOD. Melissa Slagfle, Jeannie Harris, Joe Fisher, Vlllfll Jill' MARRY ME? Mf'l',lCUC Far' Harold Mc-Creary, Patricia Morris, Nancy Richardson, and Carl ris models Mrs. lIenson's wedding' gown But-li prepare to eat, their Concocvtiofnsl in the annual FHA style show. 0 '- YOU'RE NEXT. Brenda Vernon gets ready to serve punch to a group of FHA'ers after the style show. WHAT'S CO0KIN'? The class looks on while Donnel Ligon, home service representative of Ok- lahoma Natural Gas Company, demonstrates how to make cinnamon rolls. F at A , ,A- J ofa 4? F -nun? ,fy RL 6, qv? QQ? MIJL 1-3.-l 'Q l Fox Junior High Future Homernakers of America face the future with warm cour- age and high hope, striving for 100 per cent participation. In January the FHA'ers gave a-utensil shower for the home economics depart- ment. They had a Valentine party in Feb- ruary and crowned their prince charming. During March they attended the rally in Oklahoma City for the first time. Cleaning rest rooms and the school- grounds, making money to buy material, and making curtains for the home econom- ics department were chapter projects. amor Cga ers Show ntlmslasm COOKS AND DISHWASHERS. Pearlie Cunningham, Jo Welcher, Bennie Darity, Kay Wooldridge, vice-presi- dent, Judy Garrett, president, Mary Weaver, treasurerg Neta Latham, songleader, Brenda Vernon, reporter: Judy VVoulfe, parliamentariang Patricia Jackson, secretaryg Dolores Lindesmith, historian: Barbara Blackburn. Peggy Byram, Koleen Moss, First Row, Patsy Griffith, Sandra Irwin, Rose Gurley, Pat Haskins, Molly Allen, Judy Lewis, Linda Taylor, Janice Blevins, Imogene Morris, Judy Morris, Rita Barnett, Joyce Walker, Mary Smart, Donna Wells, Carol Means, Second Row. Mrs. Jack Henson, Sponsor, Carrie Bea Holmes, Betty Smith, Sue liams, Billie Petty, Bobbie Ogletree, Martha Watson, Betty Morgan, Minnie Tapp, Linda Hale, Vivian Cline, Nadine Elliot Carolyn Gooden, Third Row. Rose Nell LeBeau, June Edelen, Betty Walk, Gracie Cape-hart, Johnny Nelson, Ann McCreary, Opal Robinson, Jean Cox, Faye Kennedy, Carolyn Johnson, Paula Epley, Ann Stallcup, Sandra Shad- den, and Joan Hash, Top Row. , ARF- al - iv Q RAFK ON THE FARNI, Thomas llzirmon enjoys a quiet talk with his pigs. ik i . M00 M00. Johnny Fisher smiles as he prepares his pet steer for the night, s FFA members strive to meet their motto, l'I,earning to do, doing to learn, earning' to live, and living to serve." FFA also helps high school boys to have excellent leafl- ership, CU-tl1l0l'2ll,lOll. and citizenship. Six boys won ribbons at the county fair. They were 5 Vance Lelleau, James Dixon, Dale Daniel, Gene Fowler, Thomas llarmon, and Perry O'Dell. Jggers earn Whzile ey Work Fl"l'llRE FARMERS, Raymond Kirkpatrick, sponsor: Joe Cartwright, Jack Nelson, James Dixon, Ollie Jackson. Tommy Moss, Johnny Fisher, First Row. Fred Paul, Thomas Harmon, Jimmy Gooden, Tommy lloggard, Gene Fowler, Vanee l,s-Beau, Freddy Reed, James Bobbitt, Second Row. Herman WVright. Dale Daniel, Danny Ward. Dwayne Moss, Jimmy Jackson, Stanley Richardson, Paul Ray Black, Donald Austin, Third Row. Bryan Davis, Rhuhen Collins, Ralph Williams, Don Elledge, Gerald Kennedy, Jimmy MeGlasson, Ronnie VVeldon, Vernon Hurst, Gary l7eArmonrl, Jimmy Wright, Top Row. iw 1 5 S Q E 1 as 1 ii 5 3 E X LJHWEW DEADLINE KEEPFRS. .lo XVclcher, Herschel Randolph, Koleen Moss, Marjorie Files, Bobby Bray, Donna Gar- rett, Ernest Parks, and Norma Johnson. Seated. Ruth Norvill, sponsor: Hope Allen, Margrie Eason, Shirley Morgan Shirley Boyer. Nelda Tanner, .lane Smith, Patsy Haney, Mary Ruth Black, Erna Dee Horner, VVinnie XVheat, Sam mic Choate, Doyle Randolph, Annetta Holmes, Mary Lou Eaves, Sue Hollinp2'sworth, and Barbara Davis, Standing Cgyox cgdfasfz Staff giecor s JC?fctlm'ties The Fox Flash is mimeographed and published bi-weekly by a staff of ac- tive members. Officers are changed each six weeks. Special editions are put out for Christmas, Valentine, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, and other occa- sions. The publication is sold for 35 cents a semester or 5 cents per copy. Approximately 250 copies of each edi- tion are sold. The Fox Flash was entered in the O.l.P.A. paper judging contest in March. The sponsor is Miss Ruth Nor- vill. PRFITX TX PIQTS Typing, up stones is a fw-.J fiequcnt nhoie for Mnv Lou lnavcs and Mfugoilc Films C LIDINTC I ICH! Ficulty adyisel Ruth Noivlll xcconip inicd thc staff to the O I P A confcicncc it Noini in in Octobei IHI. PREbS ROLLS. Sammie Choate and Doyle Randolph mimeograph approximately 250 copies bi-weekly. -m- , sk .- Mrs. Merle Watson Hope Allen Adviser Editor The pages of this yearbook record the 1954-55 history of the more than 750 students of Fox. The staff has attempted to show the school spirit along with the more tangible items. Our Echo of 1954 was recognized and awarded a t'First Class" Honor Rating in the annual judging contest held at the University of Minnesota. There were ratings received by only 23 per cent of 935 books entered for judg- ing. Fox received, 3130 points. First ratings were given to books receiving 2900 or more. This same edition was awarded a "With Highest Honors" rating in the O.I.P.A. con- test sponsored by Oklahoma University. Our Echo also received this top rating in 1951 and 1952. Annual Staff members attended the Oklahoma Press Conference at Oklahoma Uni- versity of Norman in September, 1954. Winnie Wheat Shirley Morgan Editor Assistant Editor Two hundred seventy-five copies of this yearbook sold for 253.00 per copy. A high school junior high, and grade echo queen race was held to encourage students to purch- ase annuals. Our Echo queen winners were for high school, Hope Allen with 51 per cent, jun- ior high, Kay Wooldridge with 28 per cent, and grade school, Sharon Ponder with 95 per cent. Individual pictures for the annual were taken by Buddy Brooks, Duncan, Oklahoma. Snapshots were also made by M. S. Ravan, principal, Carl Buck, superintendentg and Mary Sullivan, home economics teacher. The staff and club were sponsored by Mrs. Merle Watson. Staff members compile and edit the annual during study halls and after school. TIME OUT FOR ENJOYMENT. Donna LeBeau, Chick Cannon, Carl Ronald Buck, Patsy Haney, Norma Mefford For-ine Hopkins, Teddie Hopkins, Nadine Hoggard, Barbara Clark, Clubs and Organizations Edlt0TQ Seated. Shirley Lawrence, Sue Hollingsworth. Faculty Editorg Margie Eason, Queen Editor, Daphene Firestone, Nada Inscorc ' I ' lne ' . ' . Faculty lfditoig and Pault Oglctree, Standing 'wg ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION. Patsy VVillis, NIRIV Seals ffxtheilne Shnlev P ina Dee Hoinu Mugraiet Linde smith Sewted. Leila Sturdivant, Jane Smith, M'i1v Black Maiquietta Fianl lm Shnlev Fason Lune Hemv Janet Shebtstel Nelda Tanner, Patricia Taylor, Patsy Cieel Qpmts Fdltol and C601 ge Neyvman qtandmg gcfzo Staff? zrrors Cgiclzoof of PASTERS. Sandra Vincent and Daphene Fire stone work quietly on a page in the annual PROOF READERS. Shirley Eason and Nadine Hoggard are looking at pictures while Marquietta Franklin and Norma Mefford are busy at work. 1. YOUNG LADIES. Betty Smith, Bennie Darity, Judy Woulfe, Kay Wooldridge, Judy Garrett, Brenda Vernon, Nota Latham, Martha Watson, Nancy Richardson, reporterg Jeanetta Pierce, secretary-treasurerg Jeannie Har- ris, vice-president, Patsy Willis, president, Jane Moss, Lovell Scifres, sponsor: First Row. Mary Henson, sponsor, Betty Wright, Leila Sturdivant, Joy Casey, Rose Gurley, Carol Means, Sharon Towles, Ruthie Thomas, Joyce Jenkins, Ann Mc-Creary, liuleah Trammell, song-leader, Bonnie Newman, Second Row. Eula Kennedy, Carolyn Johnson, Charlotte Moody, Dolores Lindesmith, Theda Eaves, Opal Robinson, Mary Weaver, Paula Epley, Patricia Morris, Katherine Hair, Barbara Marshall, Patricia Jackson, Minnie Lou Tapp, Third Row. Jean Cox, Gracie Capehart, Flora Wright, Juana Baker, Barbara Crabb, Johnnie Nelson, Top Row. Sud-med gqeiglztens ocia Sub-Deb club members learn to be good host- esses by studying etiquette. Some of the top- ics discussed at their bi-weekly club meetings are good manners, proper table service, and how to be a good hostess. The club members are freshmen and sophomore girls. Objectives of the Chip Carving club are to further the interest of design and to stimulate talent for creative work. Members have all had one year of shop. The boys work on their indi- vidual projects at their bi-weekly meetings held in the shop. ip arving gnjoys gfancfwor SKILLED CRAFTSMEN. James Hall, Douglas Morgan, Stanley DeArmond, Richard Reid, reporter, Leo Tread- way, sponsor, Darryl Selby, Vernon Hurst, Virgil Gallop, Edward Osmon,Jerry Mashou-,secretary and treasurer First RowJimmy Eaves, Bill Crabb, Jimmy Atkinson, Basil Lindesmith, TitusMarks, Billy Jackson, Second Row, Not pictured are Rhuben Collins, Robert Lindsey, Frankie Morgan, Steve Stephenson, vice-presidentg and James Woulfe, president. -70- math rouses gnterests Students who have been enrolled in algebra or geometry may become members of the Math club. The purpose of the club is to create an interest in careers involving mathematics. Meetings are held in the high school math room every other Week. FUTURE MATHEMATICIANS, Bill Grimes, sponsorg Linda Dickerson, treasurerg Linda Williams, reporterg Wilma Griffith, Charlene Means, Beth Creel, vice-presi- dent, Peggy Groover, Barbara Davis, president, Charles Wheat, and Winnie Wheat, secretary. RISING FARMERS. Jimmy DeArmond, Vance LeBeau, Rhuben Collins, Gene Fowler, Dale Daniel, Paul Black, Donald Austin, Tommy Hoggard, Sitting. Ronnie Weldon, Ralph Williams, president, Stanley Richardson, Jimmy Wright, James Bobbitt, Freddy Reed, reporter, Thomas Harmon, vice-president, Tommy Moss, secre- tary-treasurerg and Raymond Kirkpatrick, sponsor, Standing. gI'l.CUltUf8-CSEIIOP promotes arming All vocational students are eligible for mem- bership in the Agriculture-Shop club. Mem- bers learn to use all farming tools and are taught how to build farm equipment. The club meets bi-weekly in the agricul- ture building. Some of the projects for this year were the building of a portable loading shoot, the repairing of the FFA pig sheds, and the trimming of the shrubs around the school buildings. 1711 flmettermen 19 rgcfvocates o-operation MIGHTY MEN. Jimmy Martin, Jimmy Jackson, Buddy Jackson, Jimmy Mctilasson, Dwayne Moss, Joe Moody, Herman Wright, First Row. James Dixon, Danny Ward, Ilcrshell Files, Joe Cartwright, Darrell Kunkel, secre- tary, Bryan Davis, president, Jimmy Starkey, cheerleader, Johnny Fisher, reporter, Fred Paul, Lloyd Skelton, sponsor, Second Row. J. T. Williams, sponsor, Doyle Randolph, Dean Worsham, Harold McCreary, Tommy Kunkel, Don Elledge, Wayne Jones, Jack Nelson, Gerald Kennedy, Gary Knight, Top Row, Not pictured: Leonard Jackson, vice-president, Arvis Davis, cheerleader. Qgjofo nsemlnle Cbisplays Q7-alent These highschool athletes strive to promote good sports- manship and encourage close co-operation between team- mates. To be a member, a stu- dent has to have earned a let- ter in athletics in Fox High- school. Ability to perform in en- sembles and solos was shown in Solo and Ensemble Club meetings. They have assisted in several grade school assem- hlies. MUSIC IN THE AIR. Ruby Clark, Gary Thurman, Mary Black, Alicia Cheves, Frank Thurman, Barbara Clark, Betty O'dell, reporter, Carol Thompson, treasurer, Edward Parton, Judy Johnson, secetary, Phyllis Carson, Michel Ashmore, vice-president: Edwin Ashmore, sponsor, Stand- ing. Margaret Clark, Mary Sue Brandt, president, Sitting. .-J12.. YEA, YEA, RED AND WHITE. Charlotte Moody, Erna Dee Horner, Rita Farris, Jo Welcher. Sandra Irwin, Patsy Haney, Marjorie Files. ep Qoosts CQBGHI ora e SPIRIT POSSESSED. Sandra Irwin, vice-president, Marjorie Files, Patsy Haney, Jo Welcher, Charlotte Moody, secretary-treasurer, Erna Dee Horner, Rita Farris, First Row. Nancy Richardson, Merlene Farris, Patsy Dees, Charlotte Hodge, Ann McCreary, Judy Woulfe, Joyce Walker, Barbara Blackburn, Patsy Griffith, Koleen Moss, Peggy Byram, Linda Hale, Neta Faye Latham, Gloria Miller, Mrs. Merle Watson, sponsor, Second Row. Mrs. Jack Henson, sponsorg Jane Smith, Jeannie Harris, Patsy Willis, Leila Sturdivant, Novella Reed, Imogene Morse, Pat Haskins, Rita Barnett, Judy Worsham, Donna Garrett, Marilyn Gooden, Joan Ratliff, Virginia Watson, Donna Wells, Susie Herndon, Third Row. Johnnie Nelson, Margie Eason, Shirley Morgan, Juana Baker, Hope Allen, presi- dent, Mary Black, Barbara Hoggard, Janice Blevins, Judith Morris, Bobbie Ogletree, Shirley Baker, Judy Lewis, Emma Cathey, Sue Iiams, Mary Ann Smart, Patricia Kunkel, Nancy Knutson, Sharon Miller, Fourth Row. Shirley lnmon, reporterg Sue Hollingsworth, Nada Inscore, Teddy Hopkins, Daphene Firestone, Sammie Choate, Mar- garet Lindesmith, Ruthie Thomas, Peggy Groover, Jeannetta Pierce, Crystal Hale Paula Epley, Marquietta Franklin, Nadine Hoggard, Shirley Eason, Doris' Perkins, Norma Mefford, Brenda Nlernon, Ann Stallcup, Jean Cox, Eula Kennedy, Top Row, Pepsters attended all conference games and rooted their team to a perfect season. Red and white badges and streamers were made and sold to students. ramatics earns Stage Cgec niques To develop an appreciation of drama was the main objective of the Dra- matic club. They learned how to apply MAINTAINING DRAMA. Carolyn Weaver, Patsy Dees, Daphene stage make-up Hfld recorded H reading' Firestone, Crystal Hale, Sammie Choate, vice-president, Margie - - Eason, reporter: Mary Low Eaves, Annetta Holmes, Norma John- during the flrst Semester' son, president, Ruth Norvill, sponsor, Standing. Shirley Inmon, June Wright, Merlene Farris, song-leader, Jo Ann Martin, Sit- ting. Not pictured: Virginia Sturdivant, secretary. oreign, Tleiglzbors Shows riencfsluiv A,.-'f' FRIENDSHIP MAKERS. Billy Riser, Dale Eaves, Phillip Marshall, Paul Groove1', reporter, Jimmy Eaves, Sitting. Monty Knipc, Richard Fletcher, Nell Palmer, Novella Reed, song leader, Ardle Peterson, vice- presidentg Gary Woulfe, president, Patricia Kunkel, secretary: Adrian Melton, Lora Maynard, sponsor, Standing. 1,-gf Gimp asizes ome e CITIZEN BUILDERS. Carolyn Bural, sponsor, Jay Paul Johnson, O'dell Woods, Shelton Emberling, William Prough, Nelson Dixon, Ronny Harbour, Herschel Randolph, Allen Daniels, Carl Davis, Gloria Miller, Virginia Watson, Charlotte Hodqe, Donna Garrett, song leader: Rocille Wooldridge, reporterg Betty Brown, sponsor, Marjorie Files,vice-president,First Row.Joe Fisher, presidentgLarryDilbeck,-Jimmy Pierce, David Kennedy, Richard Black, Ernest Park, Bobby Bray, Ronnie Hollingsworth, Royce Petty, Willard Means, Barbara Hoggard, Sharon Tinsley, Beverly Crabb. Marilyn Gooden, Mary Reynolds, Judy Worsham, Betty Morgan, secretary, Second Row. Johnny Barton Gerald Gallop, Ronald Eaves, Douglas Guy, Dewey Elledge, George Cheves, Clifton Alton, Billy Williams, Gary DeArmond, Elmer Kennedy, Carolyn Gooden, Carrie Bea Holmes, Patsy Chambers, Mary Ann James, Clara Thurman, reporter, Emma Cathey, Rose Nell LeBeau, Joan Ratliff, Third Row. Franklin Morris, Bryant Harmon, Dennis Camp, Jimmy Sanders, David Dodd, Jerry Perkins, Robert Eason, Joseph Fellabaum, David Farris, Chester Anderson, James Firestone, Edward Patterson, Doris Perkins, Joan Coaly, Nancy Knutson, Mary Morris, Sharon Miller, Ann Stallcup, Betty Firestone, and Sharon Dunn, Top Row. .JM- CtQI'LCQ QRS' l'lOWlQC!gQ FUTURE CHEMISTS. Susie Herndon. Rita Farris, secretary-treasurer: B0bbyM001-9, pl-esi- dent: David Littlejohn, Sylvia Philips, Danny Wells, vice-president, Don Van Treese, and James Ogden, sponsor. Qhyszicaf gcfucation gets gxercise KEEPING IN SHAPE. Mollie Allen, Donna Wells, Pat Haskins, reporter, Koleen Moss, Peggy Byrum, Joyce Walker, Imogene Morris, Jo Welcher, presidentg Patsy Griffith, Pearlie Mae Cunningham, Shirley Baker, Billie Jo Petty, Judith Morris, Rita Barnett, vice-president, Sitting. LeRoy McKee, Bobbie Ogletree, Betty Walk, Sue Iiams, secretary, Barbara Blackburn, Mary Ann Smart, Janice Blevins, Judy Lewis, Linda Taylor, Lynda Hale, Nadine Elliot, Sandra Irwin, June Edelen, Jo Ann Hash, M. S. Ravan, sponsor, Standing. amor gfigfa .Ztlzletic lub ractices portsmans no GROWING ATHLETES. Gary Reynolds, Jerry Briscoe, Billy Jackson, Jerry Reynolds, Marvin Calger, Donald Hawthorne, James Presgrove, Allan Gray, reporter: Allen Stewart, First Row, Bill Harris, LeRoy Cheves, Cameron Jackson, Billy Blevins, Scott Presgrove, Jimmy Burton, Michael Thompson, Tommy Choate, Donald Worsham, Second Row. Russell McCreary, sponsor, Troy Calger, Weldon Horner, presi- dent: Kent Calhoun, vice-president, Mike Gray, secretary, Jackie Morris, Jimmy Wiggins, Tommy Black- erby, William Johnson, Sam Vernon, Bob Paul, Tommy Hudspeth, Top Row, EMM! fiQF?"fi'2 1' it I C7lz,e 0 re Q get THE DOCTOR'S HERE. Doc Stanley Richardson comes to the aid of Henry, while Nadine Hogpqard, Barbara Davis, Nada Inscore, Bobby Moore. Barbara Clark, and Danny Ward smile with amuse- ment. DEADLY EARNEST. Alicia Cheves, Danny Wells, Winnie Wheat, Daphene Firestone, Joe Cartwright, Marion Fore, and we think Jack Nels0n's hat came from Texas. READIN', WRITIN', AND 'RITHMETIC. Mr. Williams takes time out from coaching' to teach a little math. A BOY NAMED BEULAH. Derrell Kunkel, Pat Taylor, Johnny Fisher, and Phyllis Harmon watch lovely Beulah, Doyle Randolph. THE REST OF THE GANG. Other play cast members are James Hall, Dean Worsham, Patsy Haney, Edward Parton, Erna Dee Hor- ner, and Mary Ruth Black. MAN, OH MAN. Flashing smiles are shown by Janice Blevins, Betty Walk, and Bobbie Ogletree. WHAT'S THIS? Carl Ronald Buck, Basil Lindesmith, Chick Can- non, Catherine Shirley, Shirley Lawrence, and Patsy Creel get in a few laughs before the senior play. MILK CONSUMERS. Koleen Moss, Carolyn Gooden, Claudia Alex- ander, and Ann Stallcup drink their Vitamin-packed milk. FOOTBALL HEROES. Johnny Fisher, Leonard Jackson, and Der- rell Kunkel smiled when the first team was benched because of the high score. ogetlzer cglze gfappler We SLEEPYTIME GAL. Valentine fun tires Patsy Willis, Jane Moss, and Ruthie Thomas. DEARLY BELOVED. Mrs. Henson, Miss Scifres, homemaking teach- ers, and Miss Sheffield lead the entertainment at the FHA party. CHEST OUT, CHIN IN. Boy Scouts celebrate their week by wearing uniforms to school . BEHOLD THE KING OF KINGS. FHA King Jack Nelson, center, and King candidates, Bryan Davis, senior, and Harold McCreary, sophomore, show their winning smiles. HOORAY FOR THE KING. Jack Nelson was crowned by Margaret Clark. THINKING OF YOU, Pensive looks are displayed by Judy Woulfe, Brenda Vernon, Betty O'Dell, and Bennie Darity. SAY PEACHES. Marquietta Franklin and Sandra Vincent enjoy themselves. HAVE A BITE. Mary Sue Brandt loses half a candy bar when Her- man Wright 'takes a bite. PRETTY CHICKS. This moment will be remembered by Peggy Groover, Barbara Marshall, Charlotte Moody, and Barbara Crabb. - 1 i.?'iX Q M me 1483. ' , 2512 aw w,'x 1. DQ-'J O- oungsters tmerfornz CAST TAKES A BOW. Grade school students feel honored to participate in a talent show. PAIR OF CUTIES. Madeania Hughes and Bet- ty Hill, escorts for the sixth grade, patiently await graduation time. SWING YOUR PARTNER. Mrs. Cann0n's en- trants in the talent show dance with delight. NEXT IN LINE. The Fox Den never has a dull moment when grade sehoolers have recess. MR. SANDMAN. Wesley and Stevie Adell come out with their song to win first place in the talent show. SHOW' ME A SEAT. Usherettes at grade com- mencement were Judy Ravan, Gwendolyn John- son, Jean VVeldon, and Lynda Epley. READY AT LAST. Helping: the usherettes were the ushers, Larry Iiams, Brent Rogers, and Gerry and Jerry Mt-Glasson. MARCH OF DIMES. Grade children 1,20 all out to help in the fight for the prevention of polio by contributing: 3S9fl.80. 4 -an fffwfflbsa nw ww-wmwmu gm walking Qel, nd U 129, 4 ,,f X '. v. K Li"-1- l , L V w, v ' s 'Q . . -s--T4-A, . , . Qn"P""F-Y - ' -. , , . 4 ' LQn,,'.- 1 ,x- Y A+., V 1, X A. . tv 0 V ' X' A N" 4 1-1.,g...-V.. 1 .- 1 .Si ffm HW ,, 9 , l iff- je. , ' ii ' 5 . ' 2.5 .k,,, , 'if' .1 0 2 . me . , 4 - fa sg- ,miim 4 N ,X -' df 'T 4 ' 1 , ' ay' 55561 'TVR Q-,xi ' 4:23 fx ., f -1 haw' Www., f ,L f 1fx,si::., W . wwsf u., If - ww ' v ir f f L ' , 3,1-1 f iifu' 1-'s my. . pw, V -f h.a,fEfz.,mS '- wg K 4 g - A Y 1 f N i , .J ...W-sf MFI ODY IIANDQTAND Margaret Moss J ' L'ttl B b 1 1. - . 1 ,., anlce 1 e, o bie Miller, Annette Owens Larrv Hanev Bobby Batte Ira Jim McKee, Don Walker. Tom Stephenson., Larry Johnson, Charles Epley, Fddie Fold Iimmv Williams Sonny Lyons, Rack Row. Kay Wright, Christine Virgin, Garry McGlasson, Bobby LQIIQTCIWOOKI I 'Iwi ence Gee Michael racfe Qanc! Qlays imp e e o aes STICK 'EM UP. The outlaws are finally run down when the sheriff gets the drop on them. YOU MISSED. Angela Butler, Debbie Kennedy, and Barbara Treadway play jacks in the building entrance. GIRLS PLAY MARBLES!! NO? The six grade girls keep up with the boys and play marbles, while the boys watch over their shoulders. IT'S FALLING. Jean Weldon, Linda Epley, Sarah Ward, and Jan Collins, hold up their hands to play London bridge, while they wait for Linda Moody to pass under. DON"l' DARE LAUGH. Sonny Lyon, Mike Slagle,Gene Files, and Bobby Ledgerwood, pose for a snap before going in after lunch. if 'ii AKQ Q Dixon Donald Thomas Johnny Powell Roy Brown, Freddie Lodgerwood, Second Row. Jan Collins, Sharon Dudley Peggy McClain Gloria Mol ris Gerly McGlasson, Carol Gee, Front Row. rg Students mefax E Recess ON THE SIDE OF THE LAW. Danny Dunn, Freddy Tinsley, and Donald Raper uphold the law on the school ground and do away with all outlaws. RED ROVER, RED ROVER. The fifth and sixth grade girls play red rover during the noon hour. ' THE LINE UP. Mrs. Cohea lines up with her third graders before marching in. HELLO, WE'RE FROM FOX. Richard Nelson, James Ray Smart, Jerry Bloodworth, Billy Ray Shaden, Mack Elliot, James' Ratliff and Allen Cook are prepared and ready for anything. MAKE THAT SHOT. The fifth g1'ade boys line up for James Thomas to make a free shot. PPilNl-lPRL ' Illlmlflllllih ' Q Z . kk i Y A 'Niki J Q7 . W .... gb 1y . W g Sixtlz grade jqwaits Qracfuation L HPI hlNf UP. Mrs. Paul Cannon and Merle Watson st md by as the sixth graders recite their Mrs. Romine Cannon's homeroom nominated Jan Collins for Echo queen. They presented the exciting, humorous play, "Pumpkin Hill Grammar School Graduation," in assembly. Students who qualified for the first semester honor roll were Jan Collins, Calvin Gordon, Anita Emberlin, Lynda Kay Epley, Sue Fore, Carol Sue Gee, Sharron Gillaspy, Gerildean Mitchell, Vera Morris, Sarah Jane Ward, and Jean Weldon. "Dr, Quackf' a pantomime, was pre- sented by Merle Watson's homeroom for their assembly. Madeania Hughes was Echo queen candidate. The five students on the first semester honor roll were Michael Haskins, Larry Iiams, Leland Kelly, Betty Hill, and Joyce Jones. 'E .E-sus' ' x . j Betty Ruth Norma Evelyn Hill Hodges Hoggard Holmes 1 1 Qi X s"' -' S '- A A X5 e E- i ' ,E A I . . Bobby Troy Garry Gerry Ira Jim Ledgerwood McGehee McGlasson McGIasson McKee z 1 ' , ft" ' 4 tif 1+ .uv x i A ..... ' I' A L. ' i e uT?1'f', 4 . f MEHU . f S S f 'A - Clyde Judith Janet Roy Brent Betty .iimml Quick Rnvan ' Riley Robinson Rognna Raper Ross 1841 - 4 .ww ' N 1 1 .. .,, .53-I 3 V. , V ' "' I .. , 1'1" . ' V Xa X - .L - if ' A Harold Gerald Howard Tommy Judith Jan Mary Allen Barton Blevins Boatman Calvin Collins Cuff aw, jf' ' J 2, , .. 'iv we gi J - - J L ,ro 5 ' M ' ' H 7 'J if ' ef U.-"Q ' Glenn Anita Waldofn Lynda Gene Albin Charlotte Elliott Emherlin Emberling Epley Files Firestone Fore M! 5 jg' i i -LA ,tg 52.5, N t A- Y .Q n . f.', 1 x V ' -f Carol Lawrence Sharron Alvin Calvin Tommy Mirhael Gee Gee Gillaspy Gordon Gordon Hair Haskins ' L .Q .,.. f .ng L . f W -1' ' 1- f i seg' J . -.' ' A ll : ...4f' Y. Q2 J Madeania Larry Gwendolyn Larry Joyce Sandra Lelnnd Hughes Iiams Johnson Johnson Jones Jones Kelly .. . f 3 3 . Q as 2 .M , H L -J L L ., ' ., i af' ., 'f' lf I . A G ll ffl" 2 2: 1 K'- Gary Gerildean Linda Gloria Vera Lora Donald Melton Mitchell Moody Morris Morris Owens Palmer O' . Q i 1 Q , , I ,M . , I Q -L . mi Q, ia, K Q Q 4 R N X .Sw , K K - L L H n A - " - - . K in K ' 3 TQ - 9 1 2 g A . A .- . I ' n " Mike Linda Jessie Don Sarah Jean Val Slagle Sturdivant Vernon Walker Ward Weldon Wood -85. il I ' 5 i , 4 1 ' "" 4 , -1, t . ' , ' -f Q Y A a I 5 Ly, f J 4' J 'S - At. .fifti-if Bohhy Wanda Sharon Roy Linda Joe Linda llntte Biggs Bobbitt Brown Bryant Butler Castleberry A-Q v" N' 'u V ark. ' 'li -,st 4 -s i Q ,fi ' P K . 35' ' g X m -H ' A 4 x X vi Q T 5 r K A A K x ' X 'fa if " Q ,f A ' Sharon Donna Eddie Elaine Ginger Mary Ann .loan Dudley Farris Ford Gallop Gooden Gray Griffith i it ' A ' VV ' .7 - 1. t ,I x t. mn - a I M' in Sondra Wanda Barbara Phyllis Glenda Jackie Roy Hudspeth Hudspeth Jackson James Jennings Johnson Johnson ., I '. v G V P -4 N t . . " , A N 44 N. .A , X , V' x , ,,... 'J , . ' 1 ' , , L . K Jerry John Shirley Kenneth Noma Carolyn Carolyn Petty Powell Price Reynolds Riley Rodebush Rozzell . . ,. .Q Q y , t x. 'nl A ,z yi I ' J 1, r la David Elizabeth .Ioyee Martin Donna Nancy Don Thompson Tivis Trammell Vincent Walk Ward Watson Qfa Q Cgackles CS5tUdl.8S Merle Monroe's homeroom presented a very exciting play "Daniel Boone Killed a B'ar." The homeroom nominated Glenda Jennings for Grade Echo queen. They had eighteen with perfect attendance. Semester honor roll members were Bobby Batte, Ronald Thomas, Martin Vincent, Wanda Biggs, Mary Gray, Glenda Jennings, Carlene Morris, Barbara Stewart, and Jane Woulfe. -86- 'X ff s , ff W 1 N 3 , ' 44- I , 3 Tl A I 3 -3 5 6 ' Glenn Carolyn Walter Barbara Mary Michael .Ian Celcer Cole Crabb Crouch Dilheck Dixon Drlgger P. I I I. ' ,,q K 1 s G "'.. f V 1 ff . ' ' , V K 1 .W Q ,,, we 4. ' . ,, t V . 4 L or A a X. ly- Shirley Nancy Larry Anna Letta Linda .lane Griffith Hair Haney Harbour Henderson Hodge Holcomb . N as ' ' wM,..faE ...- " . A, ' ' 'I i Q 0 , ' N, ' ' ' T - lb f " 1 . - -D .4 - Ralph Judith Sue Bobby Cliflene -llldb' -limml' Kettlewell Knipe Means Miller Morris Mc-Gehee Paul ,af 1 . Q , 4 4 N'-I sf, J' i n H 4. r , ', 'uv' 4,4 N I K 1 'G' 1- Annette Gary Raymond Tom Barbara James Ronald Ruth Smith Stallcup Stephenson Stewart Thomas Thomas ws his , . - A W ' A A' A ff. INTERMISSION TIME. Mrs. Alva Garrett and f Merle Monroe smile as they entertain their stu ' , 7 -,at l . dents with a movie ,., . , f ,f f ,-A i S - Wanda Tommy Linda Emery Wiggins Worsham Woulfe Yeager Mrs. Thelma Garrett's homeroom pre- sented a three act play, "Love Pirates in Hawaii." They nominated Jane Holcomb for their annual queen. They had twenty with perfect attendance. Mrs. Thelma Garrett had ten on the honor roll the first semester. They were Larry Haney, Ralph Kettlewell, Jimmy Paul, Gary Smith, Sharon Bobbitt, Anna Harbour, Son- dra Hudspeth, Shirley Price, Carolyn Rozzell, and Carolyn Cole. -871 l 'T W.. I ourtlz Qracfe .mractices Qooc! itizens tp SMILING TEACHERS. Mrs. Maude Troop and Mrs. V. E. Fox are the proud sponsors of the two fourth grade homerooms. SONG BIRDS. Jimmy Harbour and his class- mates screnade the gradeschool during the fourth grade assembly program. if A V fi' V s Hg, -S i 6 ' V if , x Janice Carolyn Bill Little Madison Moody '- dz? ":'.. ' Carol Billy Richie Sclfree Shadden Shrnder Mrs. V. E. Fox's homeroom was greatly honored when Carolyn Wheat was nominated for the Echo queen this year. An exciting play was presented by Mrs. Fox's class, The name of the play was "Thirty Minutes of Santa Claus". The homeroom had eight on the honor, roll the first semester. They were Allen Cook, Harold Williams, Linda Kay Black, Nedra Crouch, Barbara Groover, Janice Little, Christine Virgen, and Carolyn Wheat. Linda Gayle Blevins was Echo queen candi- date from Mrs. Maude Troop's homeroom. The homeroom play entitled, "Christmas Angels" was presented in an assembly. Thirteen were on the honor roll the first se- mester. They were Linda Gayle Blevins, Nelda Faye Boles, Geary Keith Burton, Ronny Davenport, Rae Nell Hicks, Jackie Herndon, Nelda Kay Lewis, Joyle Lindsey, Linda Ann Morgan, Margaret Ann Moss, Mildred Robinson, Mary Lee Smith, and Larry Joe Johnson. 4 if Denny Barbara Terry Jimmy Griffin Groover Hale Harbour , . . t ,r K 1 f A 4 ,, , vw-1 fi i i h x Linda George Marie Margaret Morgan Morris Morris Moss in C , , . -N fy . J, .. N C K fe ' , : ., , A l C , , ' 4 James Mary Harley Billy Smart Smith Stewart Sturdivan -88- f W ' gf f' A A i A A g J. .-Q4 , M5 it M " J r ,C , S v v , x 1 1 .1 V I V A Q 5 l.,Qjf':l A N - 53 . Morris Mary Linda Linda Jerry Levita Allen Berkley Black Blevins Bloodworth Boatman riff , I I 5 ,- ' 'Os 3 A h en.. K Nev' 'f W 1 is fs f A f 414' L, V CF- 5 Q 5 ' .. .. .. I Nelda Geary Spencer Allen Nedra Douglas Boles Burton Cline Cook Crouch Cunningham ,J x - A Q ., 5 T 'il Q QWQI'-f M f ,L f Q 0 .. 1 I QP 'M' 2 . 1 1 'P 9 s . bln Q J if I A Tommy Ronny David Mack Charles Billy Cypert Davenport Driggers Elliott Epley George .e A 1 X, h . Q It If N , , ' , ' - 1 s Qi 9 gg S Nr g, 'V W 4 P n , ' , M 4 W . 4 - N- J' " lysngde, .I 1 v if uf' A H, J K "9 Jacklyn Rae Nell Glenn Larry Freddy Kay .loyle Herndon Hicks Hurst Johnson Ledgerwood Lewis Lindsey Q " , 1 , f-- t ' ,4' l V. ' ,r . A 154 ,li f' 1 Ae 'D Richard Roger Peggy Wanda James Ruby Mildred Nelson Owen Palmer Quick Ratliff Ratliff Robinson J , .vm ' ' f lx . . - 3' ' is gi Q Z J 1 ,,, 1: L V 4, , . , ,dvi , , 'l n v L. WM- J. K, A Cljrlifilw Terry Carolyn Harold Johnny Eddie Kay Virgen Weldon Wheat Williams Williams Woods Wright .-891 A , ani I 5 Roger Andrews Jo Ann Cunningham 2. Sam Haggard Norman Norvell :W . 'fT"Q: x'T', .I Danny Selby Marilyn Thompson Annette Ashmore Jimmie Denny Q Shirleb' Hopson 4 1 -J 'if .J Clarence Petty A Jerry Smith I Betty Watson R V sk . ' 'Z Q , f. ',,,"' as -. 2 if i -5 M feggig. f, -'ev 1 ,Q : K A 1 A Q f 1 Nelba Sherian Vickie Earl Edith Baker Barnes Batte Biggs lloatman HW' 'A xy .. J 'sa' k A .i . , WX 2 -11: . 5 ,V f ,, at x - 1- . N 1 """' N- fb' Q "' X XX E l X fd Ev s Lindel Linda Mary Kerry Richlrd Dodd Emhelin Fellabaum Fisher Fosbury -.9 sf A . yr'-:yr 1-ff 1 K 9 ! l I ml . 0 ' n X sol 2 -J l ei i A - I - l. - , Q 1 - ' . K Lynn Linda Alvin Jeannette Marilyn Hurst Irwin Jackson Jones Kelly f ' 'A , ki x- D ' ii' Q 'ff f Y ' 4 6 Betty Gary Sharon Raymond Charlene Pruitt Reed Reed Reynolds Ruth J' f ' 1' ig: c i sa 1 Agar' -- --' 1: ' T .ig x 'ng-.. , ' L 9 , A Linda Sharon Kenneth .limmy Tony Spencer Stallcup Starkey Sullivan Tate ,If H ' ' ' 1 1 4 W N ff ' xxl X ,sv L E Q I' e i of ' e Helen Edward Edward Sue Joe Wiggins Wiley Williams Willingham Wuulfe -90.. , ,K . ' Y -12 ,, ' 1 ' -h 4 5 G 7... . . Lag. .i,k Q ,N f Kenneth Glenda Barbara Lessie Jerry Julia Glenndel Boles Brown Calvin Capehart Cathey Coaly Collins ls.. e ' - xdi""'! ' ,- Marie Judy Billy Charles Robert Loretha Bunny Fore Gooden Griffith Griffith Gross Henderson Hill i ' - .nr f-Q.. ' ' ' . i V 4 l i : Q"'? ""' L. . c E' A g, P , A I K ,J . l ., h J MTN W i A N Harold Etta Bernie Joe Robert Wanda Georg Kennedy Lindsey McClain Mitchell Morgan Morris Mors glllllf! QIUCJQ WQQPS I'OgI'QSSl-ng Miss Mamon Alexander's class presented as its assembly an opera, "Magic Gingerbread." Vickie Batte was annual queen candidate. Miss A1exander's students who were on the honor roll for the first semester were Vickie Batte, Barbara Calvin, Jerry Cathey, Julia Coaly, Judy Gooden, Robert Gross, Bunny Hill, Shirley Hopson, Linda Irwin, Bernie Mc- Clain, Betty Pruitt, Charlene Ruth, Linda Spencer, and Edward Wiley. A delightful comedy was presented by Miss Roberta Cohea's homeroom entitled, "A Basket Full of Laughs." Their annual queen candidate was Annette Ashmore. The stu- dents on the honor roll for the first semester in Miss Cohea's homeroom were Annette Ash- more, Marilyn Kelly, 'Sharon Reed, Jimmy Sullivan, and Joe Woulfe. ......-.1-m+""""',Q , gc ycrc or r ON DUTY. Mamon Alexander and Roberta Cohea watch the grade children at play. ..9l- econ grade gxcels Ht School work s Donna Haskins if, Kenneth McClellan Dennis Rue JUMPING FKOGS. Standing' proudly in front of the bulletin board are Mrs. Rayford LeBeau and Mrs. Merle Monroe with four of their sec- ond grade students. Growing flowers was the class project in Mrs. Merle Monroe's second grade. Their annual assembly was a cute play entitled, "Goldilocks' Adventure". Mrs. Monroe's class nominated Donna Holder as candidate for annual queen. The students on the honor roll for the first semester in Mrs. Monroe's room were Dar- lene Dilbeck, Doris Blevins, Debrah Kennedy, Sue Kettlewell, Diane Moody, Alice Reynolds, Joseph Russell, Barbara Treadway, and Marilyn Walk. The enjoyable operetta, "Molly Be Jolly" was portrayed by Mrs. Rayford LeBeau's class. They se- lected as their annual queen candidate, Romona Jones. Mrs. LeBeau's students on the honor roll for the first semester were Wesley Adell, Sharon De- Armond, Sandra Davenport, Jerry Lanig, Joe Mc- Cartney, Suzanne Jennings, Romona Jones, and Jack Wilburn. 3 I f I sa -f ' ' " 5' - 4 -1 Q1 x ... ez J e A 1 Leda Sandra Sharon Darlene Crouch Davenport DeArmond Dilheck 1 X n r. K i , - ' 1 vs W '- .':, a ,bu - f , K ' o . . 1 ' M 4, Patricia Gail Donna Cleta Suzanne Elton Hathorne Haggard Holder Hurst Jennings Johnston . f " Q 0 7 fw i n pod!" V . 5 '17 x .bg if ,- 1 ' J . ef W V ,, . ,s , , I -5 A , A A ,Q K Larry Billy Maxine Leona Mary Diana McKee Matthews Mefford Melton Melton Moody ' ' , X 'fbi' is X 4 L A y f AK s 5 if g ' 5 .Lf ' i 3 J J oseph D lana Vernon Peggy Ann Barbara Russell Shelby Shadden Smith Tate Treadway 192- N.: 4 . ::. so N -w , , W, ' ,,,. IF Q 'fr 3 ff Wesley Glenda Quincy Adell Airington Allen ll 4 K i , .., 'N ,, -o ' i' " " i "d if! .f?z.l Angela Ronnie Delbert Butler Byrd Capehart A ,', N' K 5 A X . xr if ' Kenneth Billy Donna Fletcher Fore George , A i Q D Ramona Debrah Sue Jones Kennedy Kettlewell 1 as Q' f I J ' i - P , e 5 1-f.: 'W . xx.. ' 5 " ee. Clinton Mack Thomas Owen Paul Price x 9' ' : 5 Q v , I X i 1 - .- Marilyn Terry Butch Walk Ward Wiley Duane Batte 10" . Z. 4 " D i si .1 .lerle Dean Capehart r-I K .a 4 gn 07 .limmy Gross - N- ,.. ,. A Jerry Lanig dl' pf' ae 16' AM . , ,ur . -.. kj, Terry Propst .1 'K' W, s N V4'fl,,, . .A Billy Williams ,, .. " Z' l 'S 0 Kd 5. Xe, J .gf A F I . ...: Doris Tommy Marilyn Blevins Blevins Burton 4 2' 'F ,. V 3 , K4 'e' X j --4' ' N -1- i -1-' ' 4 -:r Roy Bernice Donnie Castleberry Collins Conner ' Q. ,g e f, a -Q. : y , V . .. , s l A 1 we ua- f W X Jimmie Linda Freddie Griffith Griffith Haragan G K 1 4 4, ' and . Q ! ,0, .U Jeanne Joe Jimmy Lindsey McCartney McClain I I , ,Q . Q. A .. . Alice Larry Johnnie Reynolds Reynolds Robinson S . ' - in an 'l Sharon Winford .lane Wood Wood Worshlm 193. 11 X I 4 i ...A Q 4 4' A - ' " W' e K 4 . . Q . 'A i - V ' . Y, x K i 40 k . W Y Q I i X A i a 1 T L .-A A iw. ,. l , Carol Virgil Gale Charles Josephine Jessie Acree Adams Arnold Bartlett Biggs Boatman ' - -5. m , x I I V W x , if s S is - uf I -J N I ' 6 K I - X ' ' , . . ' r ' 6 K XJ A' M ' I ' ,KT so Lxgav-. nik Q A .limmie David Mary Jim Danny Jackie Ilarity Davis Davis Dodd Dunn Eaves ,Q Wx, t L .Q D L ' . , is N Q V ' 4 at " 1.1 4 ... . 2 -0' N kv 1 i 'Q ' .fy Q ffm. ,S- Gary Judy Glenda Louise Michael GUI! Hodge Haggard Hunnsucker Johnson Kirkpatrick Lahmen "f . I 1 1- -'- 'K 1 .gr J .-. 'fu M Q Q . A 9 ' ll ll 'ly 'ala A 4 L . . ai , A 11 - i1'9!-x AM: Mildred Pat Larry Sharon Jimmie Ronald Paul Petty Perdue Ponder Ragsdale Raper A , 5 -fl - f jf .. -9' 2 . 4 1 5 f , . ' I U . Ai 3 . X' i T ' v ,Q N. Dwane Robert Freddie Johnny Richard Harold Stevens Stewart Tinsley Trusly Wilburn Wiley glrst Qracfe oup es earn ing Uyltlz play .ga 3' Barry Boles t .3 as .iA. Robbie Emberlir Y -... f-up Francis McClain I Eddie Riley o 'O ,an Melvin Wilkins Reading and writing are no stumbling blocks for these first grade students. They began their new world of learning sponsored by Mabel Bad- ley, Juanita Skelton, and Kathryn Grimes. Qualifying for the first semester honor roll in Mrs. Skelton's room were Elnor Elaine Dan- iels, Lois Mae Files, Jackie Sue Gooden, Elaine Johnson, Jerry Cooper, Larry Hale, and Eddie Rilesy. H' , gr sa 'M 'A 1 i - I 1 55" 9' r s 1 Q 3' 5 if l .1-Y L- -X ' 1 A it - .":'5 axrnbin Johnny Ettie Jean Paula Jerry Ray Calloway Capehart Collier Cooper Clour . a fi it ' ,. B 4 7 1 Y N 2 " -' ,".z " ' Q ,,,. it I filly xy' in .5 1. or Lois Phillip Jackie Jerry Janis Files Fosbury Gordon Gordon Griffith ,I 04 vi 'lv 'Q 9 H an it fe V , ...- , 'J' , ' . J . 4 - Fredda Odas Carol Steve .Aubrey McClain Mefford Melton Morris Nichols 414 5 S . ' Q n V ' Q ,.-. ,L ,I , fm. ' iid' ' A ' Q-it f J f S' J K Sharon Larry Ronny Marion Billy Rue Sisco Sisco Smart Smith 1 X , 1 ' - .L f - ' x . 'X . .N ,Q 5 I . Sherrie Gary Sue Williams Wise Wright Students on the honor roll for the first se- mester in Mrs. Grimes' room were Danny Dunn, Jerry Gordon, Steve Hamil, Jimmy Ogden, Ron- ald Raper, Larry Sisco, Ronny Sisco, Freddie Tinsley, Gail Arnold, Carol Melton, and Sherrie Williams. Mrs. Badley's students on the honor roll for the first semester were Fredda McClain, Frances McClain, Mildred Paul, Mike Kirkpatrick, Melvin Wilkins, and Jimmie Don Ragsdale. ...9 51 Q 4 .L Davey Elnor Cross Daniel l R Larry Steve Hale Hamil 1 . ' " V ,,-vm, V 'S A A " ' - ' Estelle James Norton Ogden ,f i y up , S 'E' l:?L.j.r, sk 3, ,jj wgkg ' v - -ss ,ziwzz-f :ff A Oneta Albert Staggs Steele GOOD WORK. Juanita Skelton and Mabel Bad ley look on as Kathryn Grimes hands Lalry Pei-due his daily paper. QA.. J af- ' .-- Lf , ,- .,f'ff,,, wg--wff, 9 ',fi-wg-w '- Mwwfwf fN5f3A3?X -HLA' 2' K--, Cd , ,W - ' ' - Xp f I ,!-7 , cw-f. . IV, - nw . ,, XJQJZQ, 4- - 121+ ' sy L ,lv X A ,, ,,f,-X,,,- , , Qqgwm QgWQ g THw,,,Qg3aL4 !gkx . Q f:H5'wf?Q hf-g5x2?-w iWQ, f i , ei fm. t I W :Q K , vi V fy . Z K U ' , w 1 . :af-if' ---' '-,,w 5 f -1- '- wfg,w V , f 1 Q. WW-, , 2, , 5 muh F . , , J I , -1, ' 12, x 9 ff ,L ' i ,yt T' Y X N? im.,1'w.: 4 ' 5 it H ,Q 'A .ASE , S ,S w A ma .1 , X' J Y-2" .. -wwf U,-N, .. wdhb fa 'E 35" 'z' A K lfxq, . ., ,, f' J . Mg J' . 1, .L .sys-,gig . V: Q' I 1. my A ,Q Wf wx N M M Qi 5 mr ,pm -,Xiixgf 'Y f QQWWM ' Q. 's:12,sQ".f- ' 'V - p .X ax 'Q 51 'H' x - ifmm 0' , Y 1, if iff- ilf. ' . , , U- 4, . ."'fL. G' ww? ,fl - , , A ii . .r-'M f 3 I ii .35 6 4- 4- J ,X 2 1. ' ,.,,M-.. H 1' X " 'Q r - A 3 Ri ,Lf L, Ae. N ,K s -- A-fi. Aff. ' , :xl ,Y X, v.. . cl - '11, , v-, my - fwq -.--5 , , 21 'E f?wf WW,M I ,Gui ,,, J SQ fp . w 1 A 1 x

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