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22,., ,im Wx 'mul naw fam cametdwg totally d6fble'zent..." 74a Uptime. .. 74a Ddzectiona... 746 Decadence..- 74e Sad 5 4' 746 2645... A 'Y L9 , t xy + I Q ,f .. Aj I M96 4 page 52 paw 52 page 105 4496 164 in appreciation for nineteen years of outstanding service we respectfully dedicate our 1984 ha-ko to James R. Rickman superintendent 1966 - 1984 1934 HAMO Fox High School Arnold, Mo. 68010 D d 1 ad. aaare? rm Mme. Hi, lea. Hayfs rr alma? Beaarer-. Yqa avay , oar X yyxsxa rrwey' a rara me AQ. xfirra. K know yyrwar you rrreaal Hey, is rrwar me rreyy year Beaaker-, Weary X 'yasr araaea 'rr aa, Ara-. X heard rr had a reakky srrarwae meme samerrwraa aaaar Der x'arHerear"? Berwrikerbxa, yearw, We yearbook 906 aeaaea ra rry a arriererxi aapraacrw Krixs year. Haw Thar's. a jalee. The same srarf rs ra me yearaaare eyery year! K . , rrwey waarea ro mdee We yearbaav , , , are , , , arirqae, mars aaa qrNorxaXaqaes . . . samerrixrwq We aa earxre WN! rwhars sa x'arHerear" aaaar rms year . Vixm-, ' r-.Ne . X95 earr ra,aa Serwake asea K We y r N rwea 2 , A D. were H r Appfooch Vwey araaaoxaa a xfxfrw. Yeah, mars wha 2 ,M l 2 - 'iii , ' 1 y, gg ijiwlllll , y ll-fir 1984 rools on a differenr approach: rnere was a new empnasis on ream spirir as rne fooroall, yolleyoall and wresrling saoads Caprored rop honors, Compurers replaced or supplemenred rexrooolss in Marn and Business deparrmenrs. Commoniry involve-menr neignrened as a new family relarions class began, and a proposed audiroriom and new rracls field give Fox Campos a new and differenr lools. Dram corps members Ulools differenr" as rney wear me Iaresr in eye fashion - Clay McClain, Milse Rice, Breda Wasnam ' and Roo Dadanerry. Lefr, Sreye Balser ralses a lore approacgn ro complering nomeworls, and John Simmons zeros in on nis wood proiecr. A Dfferen' Aoproocn A The Oprions 'i There ore mony oprions open ro srudenrsg rhe oorions rhey choose will offecr rhe enrire yeor. Concerning curriculurn, they rnusr decide wherher rhey will sroy or school oll doy or go ro Jefferson College for rechnicol courses for holf o doy, They nwusr choose which closses rhey will rolse1 procricol closses lilse shop, odvonced closses lilse AP. English, bond, rnedio comrnunicorion, erc. Once they decide uoon closses, srudenrs moy give presenrorions or reporrs for exrro credir, or build on oddirionol wood oroiecr, or suomir exrro moos ond drowings, Afrer closses, srudenrs srreom ioword rhe loclser rooms ro dress our for orocrice, or wonder rovvord Mr. l4osey's roorn for onorher chess rnorch, or even heod for Mrs. Hodges room ro corch up on Srudenr Council worls. The oprions ore endless. xx. 590 4089 - A Lettefm-K Q 996 'L sexy' . 6 46' Qerivt Vropoael n Coen to LA." dv 6 4+ 'u crfrnmfn. .. GB . You xr? ur-mrs N. nam.-xx XX. PJ' Y Ll RTW! '63 Mila . who L6 o a Louth 0 6 ueicos-2 t ve have e. . .neven-- ,ny not e ning: an touv-'00 vo. thre P-rnoX6 Ft. Lnux Yronvt--M19 Xauaa. UPNXO1 VYLLO, XIeXXo. C006 eve certa'.nXy are a Une-Xoovkny. 9. evenxng! V-use your henna--vlou-one, t urletn Heh, udcoul to LJ.,--Lbuer he universe but when the tour of Yau an you q,o'Z Yea--you Aelxnitexy grade cided to vacation in Mno1M even to uh oi t eXne r, you de things ' hanlknp s be the h A--uhera ion when tayi nerhn r you re cruKsinv. in bo0ke tha rxaht been Me you enyoyiny. your u kkudience sniekerd Noi. nod. non 'ihere ere e Xot oi von MnoXdX The nxght Xiie Xa fnntaetid vlhethe out in K-:kart waiting for the hxue Mpht ar-ecin nr 74c.n0na1d'e pickup vxndcv--there'e something lor everyo Knudxence Xeuu.hter5 Beheva it or not K vent to high aehooX here in LA. Yep, Fo-1. high Sthgm. Va not an the yearbovk, though. nobody ia goxng to teh ml that'a a picture of nd tio kidding.. You get then nrsat-Xookinv, senior pxeturea taken, and when the yearbook :ones out they'-se ueen the picture oil your drSyer'a Xtcenae. They ahc have then candide oi people you have never aeen beiore in your Xkie. Did theae peopxe reahy go to our ec.hooYl X don't kncv, but X have n theory. X thxnk there xa a sulH band ol peoph who trayd Iron aehufn to eehQ0X trying. to get their picture in the yearbook. no none of 'H V theaa peoph punt can hack Xater to aign the books, too. f They sure atmneh nine. ei Rick eriouaiy, you don' t know hav uany irtenda you have 'LUX " you ask peopXa to aign your yearbook. kt Xeaat the inscriptions gi-le you something interesting to read have I 1 you ever tried to read the atorief! The yearbook eta!! ceha it ":.opy." Yrobahw hecaun that'e what they do: copy the atorxea from the year heiore and ehange the nate. Riu they never have the right eaptiona on the pictures. our name has 'ore then Iour Xettera, tory Xabe1eA "ne-me teedefuafv' . . . MM Xi y uae axueya NNOLEXCER1 David, ve need to break. . . BNHS: in there a probXen'! Oh, that'e tight. um new mv. sogcffhnc KOTLLLY oxfvwfwrv W ? Q' W Q W Arlghgces Ch . ' OIC Webb Ziff and EO Indo . OOSG M1939 Mage Gnd OOI IU d DO Sreve Ed Oches Om I Gm ' CIWH5 IQGMIIIGV Ona HCI-IO lfgchmeid decdosg' O ef ' Gd: . look In Y dnfferem I-rem CIOI'IyIn I VQ Us Open 2 1984 Her G Y of UP Q Glowing Oprioms . Floshdomsrylesi Im Sweo Ce OI' T5Ify pO'OC+wI2 ire5S'f'Q ZIISVSI Army' ffqrher IDIVWSVV' IIQLJQ On . 'Deg 5 eVYfhInQ Ore bi-Eywhefe Zeen I G . ' S IIQII ,,'f1oIrCU, Ure rn S' Many S ond 9Se O of ' . DT' IQSDIVQCI Ore CVQQS' G IF! o Q of PDUIZQDUIQIIIY md new IC mUSic, HTIIITQVIUS in S Michoel HHQVH QIWQI-IO, JCCI-Sgon dgr-I . -IOSQIVQ-d ond Q Ong IWQ bIfeOIS Veryome Ve MOV VTIOV' 9 c - INQ- OVOIIQb IIOICG5 Sch Ie du ' Ore M OQI hour VIOQ If SI r H rhe ISI' exploim e SI'Teep,SeCIIOm Of S srud 5 eye O h GOIS dow CON orfem VW I'I'1e OICUIOIG DF F0 Problems mom CQVTI On O SCIyOEUT9r, Even preSeI ILJOCIyeS nr O Cfioiqes I, Vflriefy plzzo OI' Srud Of OI' Ch or SOIOCI enrsi I , I ' cregmps' Dlzzo SIZE . I I ICQ Th S ODTIQI-IS 5 1 09X 59' o A vvide ronge of X? closses ore ovoiloble for srudenfs. Counselor Jim: Gee, Bob, reody ro do your schedule? Bob, Srudenn Gosh, Counselor Jim, I don'r lsnovv. There ore so mony oprions. C.J.: Yes, rhor's rrue Bob. B54 Well, con you help me. C.J.1 Sure, l'll rry. Ler's see, Bob, you need Morh, English, Hisrory, ond Science. B.5.1 Bur which ones? I con rolee so mony differenr closses, C.J.1 Yes, in Biology, Morh, ond English you could become involved in rhe honors progrom, In rhe Advonced Plocemenr closses you con even eorn college credir, BS.: Wow! Whor obour o Foreign Longuoge. C.J- Well, Fox offers Sponish, Germon, ond French lon- guoges courses. B5 v Whor bour procricol business skills? Above- Senior phorogropher Michelle Lovvson develops film 7rh hour for rhe 1984 yeorbools. Righr- Senior Poul Johns believes molxing o hope chesr in shop closs "is o reol chollengef' 6 - Leopin' Lizordsl We hove ryping courses ond business closses. You con olso rolse compurer courses, business morh ond oc- counring. Or even ger involved in Disrriburive Educo- rion CDE? or Trodes ond lndusrries CTD vvhere you ger ocruol business experience. Golly, Counselor Jim, vvhor obour orr ond shop? We hove generol orf closses, drovving, poinring, sculp- fure, ond even honors progroms. We hove extensive shop progroms rhor include vvoodvvorlsing, generol merols, ond even ouroshop. So mony oprionsl Yes. There ore orher voluoble bur nonessenriol closses. We hove on excellenr speech ond debore progrom, os well os rodio ond TV. closses rhor runs o school relevision srorion, And home economics, foo, Leopin' lizordsl You could even help vvrire rhe school yeorbools in commerciol orr closs. Bur don'r you need vvriring slsills, creofiviry ond mofur- ify . . . You'd be surprised. Bur vvhor obour rhis schedule? Well, Jimmy Cricleers, rhere ore jusr os mony oprions. "'9"W 2? f'mM..Y""f f EW A AW if , ,Lf ,,' , my fi 46:4 ' 'X' ilk' Wlxif. 4 , , Zz V If Hu- , f xp ,W wif? he-, ye X Ai f . WWQQQ 1. , ,Q 'o I I 9 If l 4 al ? 4 U ., C v 0 9 4? I 1 e fz 0,1 an aw, 'Az x .Q 7 V 1 "ru . 'L ff A: , Q! ,AWS fl! Top righr-Senior Liso Allen procrice her oim for slseer shooring in gym closs. Piighr- Senior Holly Freemon pierces o design in o cloy por, Above- Tonyo Wollser, Kim Orphon, Neidio Fischer ond Chris Riclsel, ponder new ideos for Honor choir uniforms "We ended up weoring robes, very originoIl" soid Chris 6 - Leopin' Lizordsl 1 N' 'wil 15 25 M WW s ,.-4 Q wa, . . V 1' PC .Q Z 0 Q 0 O their lsnow how. Guest speolsers shore Fox High School wos groced with guests from oll wollss of life this yeot. Among them were o former concentrotion comp resident, on Arnold low enforcement photogropher, o Chonnel 4 sportscoster, ond o molseup expert. Voriety indeed is the spice of life. l-lorry Lenzo will tolse o terminotion of residence ony time over o rerminotion of life- Horry glodly occepted his wollsing popers from the Ebenzee concentrotion comp in Austrio. Mr. Lenzo visited Mrs. Muehlhouser's Bestsellers English closs ofter students reod The I-hdfng Pfoce by Corrie Tenboom. Before stoying in Ebenzee, Lengo endured the infomous Auschwitz comp in southwest Polond, While ot Ebenzee, Lengo, who is 5'1O", weighed only 80 pounds. Lengo now contributes to the Center for l-lolocoust Studies in Sr. Louis by lecturing on mon's inhumonity to mon. l'l hope we con prevent o recurrence of similor otrocities," he commented, One of Arnold's finest is Detective Honno of the Arnold Police Dept. Honno tollsed to photogrophy closses obout low enforcement photogrophy ond disployed photogro- phy equipment used for criminol investigotion. l-le showed students exomples of his worls, including o pictoriol series of o gunshot wound exomined loyer by loyer during on outopsy. Stocls on drool cups rose three points when Psegene Bowen brought Poul Alexonder to Mr. Miller's Rodio ond Television closs os o guest speolser. Poul Alexonder gove his story in "the business" ond then opened the floor to questions. Alexonder felt his success wos due to the help of others in the industry ond believes he owes o debt to them. Students in Clericol Proctice hod the chonce to be "ono- lyzed" by Noncy Croigs Ms. Croig, molseup ond slsin color expert, noted specific colors for eoch of the students' slsin tones ond identified everyone "by seosonf' 'lWeoring the oppropriote molseup ond colors suited to eoch person's complexion gives everyone the opportunity to lools their best," ogreed Ms. Croig. Students in Mrs. Morris's closs hod the opportunity to experiment with colors ond vorious products. Guest speolsers odded on extro dimension to sulject motter in mony closses this yeor. l'l reolly enjoyed listening to Detective Honno, it sounds lilse he reolly enjoys his job," commented one student. l-loving the chonce to listen to the experts wos definitely worthwhile! Secretoriol students listen os the speolser exploins the difference between slsin tone ond the "seoson" of colors eoch person should weor. Right, Detective Honno exploins how photogrophy olds detectives in solving crimes. 10 Podium Pounders ,W I ,P i IIE' ' ix Q E Q i iaigigk S i is -K.,: 7 Q24 vivVv"1y X . 3 It sf I Q wif if fy ' ' is E kia ,X s s 2 . V S X xx K Alf x x 'Yxilfs E 5245 . 73552 web , :Quai 'ffwssii pg: .. A A 2 X .A is W, f - R x x, . 'N 3 S. as 5 .. i Sf -Q K Zo Srudenrs give rhe communiry a helping hand Yearbools Insrrucror: Gary, I vvanr you ro vvrire anorher arricle. Gary: Do I have ro? I vvrore rhe arricle abour Japanese carrorsl I-lave Gerrrude or Willard do ir. Y.l.g Gerrrude is doing an arricle on rhe Sodium Porassium ATP' ase pump and Willardiusr finished one abour rars. Ir's your rurn. Gary1 Alrighrl Whar's ir abourP Y.l.g I heed an arricle rhar covers rhe vvay some of rhe clubs and organizarions become involved vvlrh rhe communiry. Gary: Whar I-:ind of communiry involvemenr? YI: Well .. you'II heed ro ralls ro someone from Srudenr Council abour rhe blood drive. Gary: Whar blood drive? YI.: Where have you been? Earlier rhis year Srudenr Council held rheir annual blood drive. They had srudenrs, reach- ers, and people from rhe communiry come in and donare a pinr of blood. The Red Cross broughr nurses who rools rhe blood. The blood helps resrocls rhe local supply. Gary: Ols, I see, Whar orher Isind of examples should I use? Yl.: Well, DE. has a "Senior Day" where rhe srudenrs TOISG the elderly shopping. Narional I-lonor Sociery donared some money ro rhe Arnold Panrry . . . and I rhinls rhar FHA 6 STUCO gave food baslsers ro rhe needy. Gary: Oh, yearh . . . I heard rhar Honor Sociery had a rocl+a- rhon ro raise money. YI.: I'm glad ro see you didn'r sleep rhraugh rhe enrire year! Use rhose examples in your arricle and rry ro incorporare rhe idea rhar some of our clubs and organizations really do a lor rovvard helping rhe communiry. Gary: CSighD. I vvonder when I ger ro inrervievv rhe cheer- leaders . . . 12 Reaching Our WWW Opoosre oogeiso Weoo wcrrs 'o' me Norse one her rorn or rhe Brood Drrve More rhon 350 ornrs of orooo were oorfored oy srocehrs DECA member Sosre Morrrson soys NI reorly enjoyed helprng rhe oroer forks shop ' The NHS-sponsored Rod+AfThon heroed rouse money for severor chorurres rn rhe Sr Lows oreo, Lefr, NHS member LoDonno Becker enjoys donong wrrh her porrner Kerrh Srmons ' Berow, Vorerre Homdron poses wrrh one of rhe womor' she herped shop or Torger during DECA's 'Senror Cinzens Doy " Doug Goroen odmlrs 'Xoerng sruos on bond ofds 'couse oondforos ore srods on me " Here rhe senror drsoioys has oonoforo ofrer oonorrng brood oorrng the STUCO Blood Drrye H 5 9 fin, oiagy 1 Q0 is Q srudenrs Q exercise rheir oprions in sporrs. Physical firness is a popular ropic rhese days, and physical acriviry has increased in and our of class. 'II played soccer rhis year because I like rhe game and because I've played ir all my life," said sophomore Brian Voss, Added junior Chrisry Johnson, "I play soccer ro keep in shape and ir vvorksI" The desire ro be physically fir is nor rhe only reason for being acrive. 'IYou have a lor of fun," commenred Nancy Mueller abour belonging ro rhe girls' sofrball sauad. IIIr's a good chance ro be vvirh friends." "Ir's a good vvay ro show school spirir - ro ger involved and parricipare," said Denise Moll. The large number of group sporrs available gave every- one a vvide range of alrernarives. Tradirional sporrs like foorball gained a boosr of inreresr, I'Ir was rhe besr foorball squad Fox had in many years, we came closer rhan anyone ro gerring inro rhe Srare playoffs," added Mike Boehner, Non-rradirional sporrs like Track and Cross Counrry gained populariry as individual arhleres ried or ropped previous records, The addirion of inrramural acriviries, like rable rennis and archery, gave non-arhleric srudenrs a chance ro in- crease rheir physical acriviry. Piaguerball, hovvever, vvas dropped rhis year due ro a lack of sponsorship and rhe graduarion of mosr ream members. "Sporrs are a vvay ro feel good abour yourselfg knovving your hard vvork has paid off in good healrh and a sense of accomplishmenr. " "We didn'r have an outstanding season rhis year, bur I enjoyed every game because if was a real challenge," remarked Greg McCarthy abour rhe I3-Team Daskerball season. 14 - Gerring Physical swiss i? :-L fA--1fg 1 35 sms ssss s i .fzxlfv ss K Q Left, Cooches Werner ond Heinemann worcn os Brendo Meyer spins ro rnrow rhe por. Beiow, "We nod ro do olor of fiexing before running," explains boseboll ployer Kyie Wilson Juniors Bryon Luoders ond Croig Kinder procrice "pins" during o PE closs, Mike Aboussie ond Scorr SI-:eggs run porrerns in foorboll procrice os Coocn Seors Iooic on. o '32 gl Q, as s brains and muscle are pirred againsr each orher when srudenrs compere. Musical nares floar down jock hall as Joe Consiglio and Adam Miller pracrice for rhe Srare Music Conresr in Columbia. Ar rhe orher end of rhe campus, Debare member Par Schaub does research ar a library cubicle for rhe nexr De- bare meer. Comperirion is a way of life for many srudenrs, l'They have fo rhinls, fhey have ro be a lirrle differenr, more original," said Mrs. Karl abour her Honors Arr srudenrs who compere in rhe annual Masradon Paris Arr Confesr. ul rhinls ir malses berrer srudenrs and improves rhe aualiry of rheir worlsf' "Ofren when Chess srudenrs go againsr orher schools rhey pur in more rime and energy for rhar march rhan Cunforrunarelyb, rheir everyday srudies," said Mr. Kasey. Junior Anna Hudsperh agrees, "When rhe Scholar Quiz ream pracrices offer school, irs more fun, more goofing off. Bur when we go againsr orher schools, ir's more profession- al," she said. "l lilse compering, ir malses me feel smarr when I malse rhe righr answer." Compering doesn'r always involve orher schools. llLasr year l ran againsr orhers," said Tracls arhlere Brian Radle, 'lThis whole year I worlsed by myself. l compere againsr rhe clocls, againsr my lasr rime. Compering forces me ro ser goals," Brian agreed. The rime and energy spenr does nor always show in desired resulrs, bur rhose who compere find many rewards in pirring brain-againsrebrain, muscle-againsr-muscle. "l'm going TO worls harder, rhe ofher people push me ro do berrerf' Top-Joe Consiglio and Adam Miller pracrice for rhe Srare Music Conresr Joe received an '1' for his flure solo Cenrer-Carl Faullsner and Wendel Mathis sinls in deep concenrrorion while compering in Chess. Dorrom-Seniors Bob Meyer, Kim Birlsner and Lisa Swafford won lsr place for their paper-mache masradon in rhe Masradon Park Conresr, io Dear lr QAM., lUP8 Lefr, Tlna Nlchols, Dana Coleman, and Karhy l-Ierrensreln display rhe flowers rhey received IO D E comperlrlon Scholar Qulz members Mary Slmmons, Deanna Temple, Bob Kupferer and Marla Narens face off agalnsr Ladue Below, Srare champlon Bruan lladle srrerches our his lead IO Cross Counrry comperlrlon 601 N.. I r 11: I ' iQ.'u-3' QQ Q,-if reochers rolse rime our ro sponsor school exrro-curriculors. Voices resound in Room 208 os onimored discussion rolses ploce ooour rhe Wunrer Coronorion Assembly. Down rhe holl ond oround rhe corner o group of girls srop by Mrs. Brengle's room ro checls on rhe deporrure rime for o Wresrling meer. These srudenrs ond indeed rhe enrire school depend on sponsors ro oversee school orgo- nizorions ond ocriviries rhroughour rhe yeor, "We vvorls yeor-round plonning ocriviries for rhe sru- denrs," soid Srudenr Council sponsor Mrs. Hodge. ul om involved in rhese ocriviries oecouse I like ro see srudenrs who ore proud of rheir school ond ore olvvoys rrying ro molse ir oerrerf' Mrs. Hodge ond Mrs, Brengle olso over- see rhe cheerleoding souods. l'We procrice yeor-round." Sponsors ollovv o voriery of clubs ond ocriviries ro confin- ue, ond seem vvilling ro spend rhe exrro rime needed ro ger rhings done. 'llr helps rhem develop o good self- concepr oy helping orhers," soid FI-IA sponsor Mrs, Thou- venor. HI enjoy helping rhe srudenrs develop inro berrer people." 'lThe nevvspoper sroff ond I vvorlsed offer school ro pur eoch poper our," soid Miss Lirrle. ul rhinls rhe sroff felr o reol sense of occomplishmenr becouse rhey hod ro give ir rhor 'exrro '." Giving ir rhor exrro is nor unusuol for reochers who cooch sporrs. "The Isids rhor ore involved ore imporronr ro me ond I lilse ro help rhem grow," commenred Mrs. Moxson. "lr lseeps rhem ovvoy, from orher influences ond I reolly enjoy cooching rhe sporrs I do." Wherher cooching soccer, orgonizing o food-ooslser drive, or plonning rhe senior rrip, mony reochers give rheir rime ond lsnovv-hovv rovvord molsing school more inrer- esring for everyone. Mr. Burler goes over music moreriol wirh rhe bond for rhe Spring Concert. "Mr, Miller ond rhe progromming srudenrs sroy offer once or rwice o weels ro rope progroms for rhe coble 16 - Giving Exrro chonneI," soid Chris Reifschneider. 5 S -M T' 5 Q' 3- X ,J M QWY' lm 1 4 i ,062 C562 of srudehrs hove opriohs of oh-rhejolo experiehce ohd college creoir, Mohy srooehrs do somerhihg orher rhoh orreho closses or Fox for holf rhe ooy. Some go ro Jeffco ro rolse orher courses while orhers go ro worls os porriclpohrs of rhe TGI or DE progrorhs. Fox Clh cohjuhcrioh Wirh Jefferson College? offers o vocoriohol rechhicol progrom which prepores srooehrs forloos ofrer hlgh school. There ore oheeyeor progrorhs such os EJQCTVOOTCS, rechhology pro- groms ih Microprocessihg, Rooorlcs, ohci Telecorhrhohicoriohs, or rwoeyeor progrorhs ih Doiloihg Trooes ooo Weloihg Techhology. Srooehrs ih rhis progrom rholse o pilgrlrhrhoge ro Jeffco for holf o doy ro leorh ohd worls, lm Disrrioorive Eoocorioh, corhmohly lehowh os DE, srooehrs leorh oooor rhorlserlhg, olsrrioorioh, rhechohoisihg oho mohogerhehr. Sroe oehrs srorr DE closses rhelrjohlor yeor oho rheh ore ollowed ro golh experience oy worlsihg for holf o ooy rheir sehlor yeor, The pro grorh oehefirs rhe srooehrs oy glvihg rherh volooole experiehce ohcl helps employers oy glvihg rherh o srodehr who hos some ohoer' srohoihg of rhe oosihess World, TGI is oosicolly rhe some progrorh, excepr rhor rhejoos ore more rechhicol. Dorihg rhe course srooehrs leorh ooour opplyihg for o job, feoerol oho srore rox oworos, rhohey rhohogerhehr ood ouyihg goods ohci services. Differehrjoos ore ovolloole ih ohyrhihg from oir cohdiriohihg ro elecrricol llherhoh ro rollorlhg. l'l lllse rhe oprlohs rhor ore ovoiloole for STUCJQI'WTS,H oooeo ohe holffcioy worlser. Sehlors Clhcly Arlelhs, Crolg Cwilslowslsi ohd Tommy Dleche worls porr-rlrhe for DE. credir 20 l-lolf-Doy Srodehrs 'X' Swdemrs harem ro 0 shop Iecrure. Below, Joe Harris is Empkvyee of me Momrh for Moy. Nix M. Hc1'Dcy Swoemrs - 2 Behind The Scenes Track members Margie Fuqua, Norolie Fuqua, Sue Arnold, ond Brenda Meier discuss rhe oppesirion while woiring for the next event. S 5 W"b,,,, Bw i' .Maw V M- .xxx ,T wfwfdw ww ifZ'm.,,. 'QL r Chris Gross works on her homework while woiring for rhe bus. 22 - Behind The Scenes 1 ,Mm I. 4' 11 4-J The Varsity Football squad garhers A1 JJ' I , 4. WM l is -dl Sally Sneed spends her srudyhall ryping for rhe Newspaper and Yearbook sraffs closely rage-ther ro listen ro Coach Kappler, Srudenrs spend rime afrer school, on rhe vveelsends, and even during rhe summer preparing for schoalerelared acrivie ries. lmparranr Narional Honor Sociery meerings or play pracrices occur afrer school and may Iasr for hours. Research for rhe speech ream or going ra a vvresrling meer can raise a lor of rime avvay from rhe vveelsend. Time spenr going ro leadership seminars, oand camp or fooroall pracrice may ralse up mosr of rhe summer vacarion. Neverrheless, srue denrs vvho spend rime behind rhe scenes believe rheir rime well spenr. Sophomore Crysral Lesrer said, ul really enjoy going ro speech ream meers even rhough I have ro give up a lor of my free rimef' Behind The Scenes Selling Success Sruco member Dana Blick sells silk flowers ro John Darillo during lunch. "Wanna buy a candy bar?" There was never a lull in fundraising, 1984 sryle. Food remained the favorire source of "funds", and mosr groups sold several differenf varieries rhroughour rhe year. Mosr organizae rions, reams, and classes used rhe opporruniry ro malse money for much-needed exrras. Sporrs reams lilse rhe foorball and baslserball squads raised money by selling flavored pope corn for uniforms and side baslserball goals. llThe baseball ream wanred an ourdoor baf- ring cage, so we sold M6M's for several weeks," explained fielder Milse Boehner. The ball ream was also able ro ger ream shirrs wirh rheir exrra funds. Srudenr Council, as in pasr years, has conrin' ued ro have "flowery' success in their fundrais- ing efforrs. The everfpopular colored carnarions for Valenrine's Day sold well, according ro STUCO member Doug Goldammer. 'lWe made a nice profir from rhe flowers, so we decided ro sell sills carsages for Nlorher's Day, roof' Why did Srudenr Council arrempr ro malse exrra money This year? When aslsed, Doug had only one reply. 'lWejusr wanred rhe money." The choir classes, on rhe other hand, were much more 'vocal' abour rheir monerary needs. 'lWe have ro sell rins of cookies!" ex- claimed choir member Dawn McClure in dis- rress. "We use rhis money for our rrip ro Kansas Ciry in May. I don'r lsnow whar l'm going ro do wirh all rhese coolsies if I can'r sell rhemf' Well, rhar's rhe way rhe coolsie crumbles. The newlyefarmed VOICE newspaper sraff also 24 A Selling Success x i 1 X had rheir hand in the coolsiejar. l'We balsed all these hearr-shaped coolsies for Valenrine's Day," commenred staffer Kim Birlsner. llWe had ro spend several hours afrer school one day icing all rhese 'cure messagesf Well, the icing would never dry and we had ro lseep pulling coolsies aparrf' Alrhough rheir messages may have gorren scrambled, the selling was a big success, according ro rhe sraff. Ulf wenr real well, whar we didn'r sell we gor ro ear," laughed Teresa Byrd. The Yearbools sraff came up wirh one or rwo original ideas rhis year ra supplemenr rheir rradirional money-malsing schemes. l'We sold candy and ads ro raise money for rwo color spreads," explained edirorein-chief Connie Reiss. Then rhe brighr idea for rhe 1984 Calen- dar Girls and Guys was born, and rhe sraff was able ro pur aside all furrher money-malsing. Wharever rheir morives, Fox srudenrs be- came auire adepr ar gerring rhar money! X XX.. ' X X? mv -- ,mv :mw..Q,,,,, ww ww 'S 3 5 V. Q, 'Veany Lefr-Candy bars were always rhe mosr popular Hem for sale ar sclwaah agreed Keily Berdmg Top-The Calendar GMS swga auragraphs IU me gym Nobby ra pramare sa1e5 Where was always somerhing for sale," said semar Marr Raya! A Sewmg Success - 25 26 - Porrlng lr Togerlwer Pulling lr Togerlwer Scorr Berry demorwsrrores rlfwe use of o Ile derecror lm Mr, Righr, Greg Perers crweclss rlwe All1ire's Psychology Gloss. llghrlng lm prepororlon for Q dromo performance Michelle Riley, Kurr Gem, cmd Mllse Froley lools over on Erwgllslw report, WN Q7 9 if Q 5 is WW ky Z 'wp 7' 'll ,R r qw: sr' Righr, German club srudenrs get rogerher ro discuss club acriviries and enjoy good rimes rogerher, Kim Birlfner and Darlene Trousdale hang up artwork for a lunchroom display. igwii A 4? R q fi nail' 08 Masr srudenis see only finished resulrs. They see ihe assemblies Srudenl Council purs on, rhe halls rhar are decorared for horneconnina by rhe cheerleaders or rhe yearbaols afrer irs corhplere. Whai srudenrs fail ra realize is rhar a lar of rirne and efforr ao info purrina rhese rhinas roaerher. For example, STUCO does a lor of fundraising Csellina painrer hols, ercb in order ro have assemblies and rhe orher aciivirles rhey sponsor, The cheerleaders spend a lor of fheir own rnoney and lime decorarina halls, nfialslna signs and cheering an rhe reams. Many oraanizarians such as Narional Honor Soclery, Speech and Debare, and FHA sponsor surnrher warlsshops io prepare members for rhe coming year. Puriina ir ioaerher ralses rime, lsnowehow, and rnosr of all, dedicarion and enrhuslasnn, Dyna l' Yaaemer - 27 District Starts Cable Station Danny Miller acjusts the image an the screen under the scrurinization of friend Pat Schoub. First-day jitters were evident as the Fox CON-o cable channel Isiclsed oft its grand opening in March. ln the programming room off the Medio Center, general manager and radio-television teacher Mr. Miller explained that television is an avenue open to surprises. This proved correct: the opening tape ot a February boslsetball game was shot at the wrong speed, as was the second, bacls-up tape Miller had on hand! "This is so exciting - television at its best," Mr. Nliller mugged. Eventually the cable station did get underway with another tape, and the rough edges were smoothed out. While no one will argue that CON-o is "state of the art" programming, the radio-television students are the first of the county's high schools to orchestrate an educational cable station for northern Jefferson County residents, lt isn't always easy. Sometimes players bob up and down the court at high speed and the sound 'lcomes and goes." Wires, a modulator, cameras, three television monitors and three video cassette recorders are all paclsed in one tiny room. But what they lacls in space, the students seem to malse up in enthusiasm. Initial programs lilse the hypnotist assembly, the '83 Busch Stadium graduation, sports events and the National Honor Society induction inaugurated the first year of CONAO Student programmers wotls diligently to achieve their goal, to give everyone in the school district their chance to appear on television. Students ot the Radio and Television class prepare all the programming and gain valuable communications experience. "I wouldn't have thought of going into communications without it," commented senior Scott Meadows. l'lt taught me how to worls with a camera and that's exactly what l wanted." 'llt made me realize that l want to go to a college with a television station even though l'm going to major in engineering," said junior Curtis Thetford. The student programmers enjoy the challenge ot putting a program together, and hope to tap all the possibilities that go with having a cable station in the next couple of years. Cable Station Q 2 33 ss s 3 2 ss gl tv . K Mt Miller demonstrates camera operation to his 2nd hour programming class 5 ....,, - ,..,,N,,A .... -FF, -M i ,,,,,, -1, -f W, MWF ,f M... , M M, WW! 'VVVA r , f 1 f ' " MW f , r r r f f L ' r S I f, 7 ff f 4 I " H , ' 1, f , r ,,grw- f 'MLN f , 7 ff , ' g ' Yf'5ifZflt3 , H E fig!! , 4455-9 fwfr ff Jf,,gwQ,wrvr, f we " if ' rf , ,,,,,,!fg 7 , ,,,,,,,,V,, Q 'ff f 'F veirfjfjz' f , 4110 7, W r ,,,,.,,NN,. .X 4' ,,,,....-uw A wsmmnaxse 'gawk 1 ToofMr Mrler rmrervrews Currrs Therford coour me 'oosebdi game cgormsr Lindbergh CON-O programmers worm Busch Srocrum ocrrorv from mer progrommrrwg srornorw Lefr MiCrweHe Becker procrrces focusrrwg os Crwrrs Rerfscghrwemoer and Alrso Glordrrwo Worr me-rr rum Code Src' Of -QQ Campus Gels Facelifr "The covered walkway is josr grearl lr really molses the back of me school look nicer," sold Mlss Lime. Sealof Steve Plva worlss on a Algebra problem 30 - Facellfr wlewsaw-MH-MLW n , --viipiw farm- H5-aw ,V.,, b u, ,,,,, . ,, lv A nm , ,..l ,z ,f A. ,M ...,,gw- 35- 'Q - aa the new Apple compurer Rlghr, Jim Sweeney checks his prlnr-our la Camparer class K Workers lift the new lights into place around the athletic field. The campus was given a facelift in many areas this year. New cafeteria ables brightened the looks of the lunchroom and gave everyone a little more oom to spread out. Several weight machines were replaced in the weight 'oom with a new universal gym. The older universal gym and other weights Nere distributed to the three junior highs. 4 L l'The new weightlifting machines are pretty nice, although it's really crowd- ed in the weight room since they arrived," commented Mark Parra. Eleven new Apple computers were added to provide greater accessibility to 'he computers for all classes. "XVe've set aside computers for classes to do lab work," explained Mr. 3'Connor. One of the more visible improvements this year was the construction of a :overed walkway connecting the shop, art, and music departments to the main building. l'lt was sorely needed," remarked senior Laurie Beard. "I was tired of walking into my art classes soaking wet and with my hair ftlzzingf' Certainly the biggest addition to the campus this year is the construction of the new track. UA track at the high school is long overdue, we have had to drive to other schools for the last five years," commented Mr. Sauer. "We have been waiting a long time to provide our students with the facilities for track meets," added the director. Several years of fundraising spearheaded by involved parents John and Ruth Prapotnik were necessary to pay for the new facilities, The new track is expected to be completed during the summer. Also new are overhead lights for the track and football fields, which were added in May. Although construction has not yet begun, 1984 will be remem- bered as the year Fox began work on the new auditorium. l'The architect has been selected and is working on the auditorium now," said Mt. O'Connor. Students anxiously await the new auditorium for drama, radio-television, and music events while they enjoy the other improvements made. Facelift - S1 A Trace Gccurence Norhing brings rogerher differenr rypes of people berfer rhan ro see people from all wallss of life mal-ze fools of rhemselves. For rhis reason, rhe whole school was unified for a rare assems bly by Roy Beam. Jusr loolsing ar his name suggesrs mesmeriz- ing hypnotic woves and rheir possibiliries. On rhe surface, hypnorism would seem ro enroll charisma and a soothing voice. Acrually, Ray Beam is overqualifieds l-le has an MD. in Psychiarry which he considers his only career. The ossembly wenr over well. The large audience added o grear selecrion of candidared for hypnarism. Among rhe mero- morpheses to occur were Kevin Eberhardr acring lilse Johnny Weismueller and Jerome l-lawlsins dancing lilse Michael Jocls- son. The parricipanrs suffered many shors from Beams sleep gun which mowed rhem down over and over, There were a few hor momenrs, such as the hor sear, rhe burning coal on rheir body and rhe 120-degree day, Anorher scene involved "nudiry", Dave Montgomery was found ro be rhe only one really comforrable wirh his sexualiry. The audience really had a good rime, and rhe "performers" were given a much-needed memory boosr. Anyone willing ro be hypnorlzed doesn'r really have a rrance, or do they? Roy Beam coaxes rhe srudenrs inro a deeper nypnoric srare wirh his voice Qs 5 T' ' ' 1 ir., , iucccs as Kevin Eberhardr falls under rhe spell of Dr. l3eam's hypnoric powers while warching from rhe gym floor 32 - Trace Occurence Renee Russell commented, "l could remember whar was happening, buf l coulcln'r srop ir," K5 ooxox ooodxes xkeo xilexoecofooxe, Cow, Vxekscooexdef dew, ood Sxeve Nome, QW 'Lefwo Loqoo, ooae Koqexoer oekove xoe dooooq oeqos odk oixew xoe N ov 'V02 N ov ooo ooqoe . sox of xsxooe d A sooosoi ed o 5 iw cookexeoce e dooce Nood o ooxew Noe ode eo sod, Yoow Toe SRQQG N XOOQX X16-OO odoo Sxddeox Codon :koi Bodeexod xeoqo 5 oois edqed Xixodoewqo AUAC5 Ko Xorqe xovooox Koi woox QooXd oooroo Sodksoo oxoox Sdoxow Sooex Goo ev woe cgeoxf' Soe xwos 'pax ooe Koe x xoe oxoox wos o wed Wow! oodoox Mxx 'xcd SS Y QCXW0 dmc 'xNxxcooeX Soc. coooq oeooXe woo Ko qodoo Koxoq, seoxox Cdxoo Gio , ox " Moe, xoeie vids soqoex o Kew foocoeois ok Skeoce dxoo wos soy , soy , xoeo oooxo, er , Ooe oiexw wos oooocgeo oxo . dxkfomee woxco cesoked 'xo oewv eeo sooqs. Toe dowexeo :eo o s Xoe oew sooo Qoqoxoq oo'?' ' Box , oeo? Too? 5 odcooo oomie, deed oo 'xoodeoxe We xoxs A foxeoY' Sono eoxsodes o og eoqxoo soy ,woe XNXOOY CO0 O02 Qi Mdddw , odqooo oowie co sxoodord oxooqoeox A Woe. qos X5 qoxoox oove eodsed Koe eoooeiooes KO ieo Uoeox xo" XX woe oo eo5oX4 ode woe Koi dqooex ev ewooe, Pboweiv ewooe foxoqes XQCNJ 229 SOOQS OY YYNQ SOGLXWOQ Seoxoi xkxpe Nksoo ood C.owoX Ywmoxoo soow oo mem Xoxeax fooves. ood Oxooe gdsqooo wewooe eXse 5 Booo Pdqoev geeco oowoos xo e os Xoeq dooce 3 W ML W SOCWOD K 38 Cn The Scene Srodenrs spend rirhe offer schooi, on rhe weekends, ond even during rhe summer preporing for schoolerelored ocriviries. Icnporronr NHS meerings or pioy procrices occur ofrer schooi ond nfioy Iosr for hours. Reseorching for rhe Speech reonn nwoy roiee o lor of rinwe owoy from rhe weekend, whiie rirhe spenr going ro ieodership serninors, pond comp or foorooil procrice nwoy Weil rolse up rnnosr of rhe sornrner vocorion. Neverrheless, srodenrs who worls hours oehind rhe scenes oeiieve rheir rinne Weil spenr Jdiie Locnoerr CW, sroys ofier schooi Noecoose i ieorn so rndch frorn rhe FCA nweeringsf' Spending on hour eoch doy ond eighr hours on rhe weekend Worlsing on speech nnoreriol doesn'r ieove olor of rirne for onyrhing else, our Por Schodo C125 soid, 'il rhinis ir's worrh rhe rinne, l've ieorned o ior ond nner o ior of peopief' Riginr Senior Dove Deveyd' rowers me opposing 'eorn dpring rhe i-iiisooro rodrnornen chornpionship gorhe ..-.-4-a,.,.-.--4- Fox dofninored 'ne gocre ond corne norne wirh -131: .-I rhe isr oioce 'rophy XX 4 VX ifwi ff 3 5 1 i gf The Vorsiry Voiieyooll reorh proudly dispioys rheir isr pioce rrophy 3 On 'ne Scene Q N , Q? A H r 623601,-' A: 40' ' 1' 1 K 'ff H. Mr 1 Q ik Q 3. Ch The Move "rhe fohs ore reolly ihro rhe gomes rhis yeor, ohd ir moises for o prerry rowdy evehihgf' SPIRIT Csoir' yr? 1. Thor rhihg by which somerhihg rs reveoleo os oMve. CFox High School is on rhe move wirh more soirrr rhms yeor rhoh rr hos hoo for o Iohg rime.D 2. Livelihess, vehemehce, CThe closs of '84 wos or rhe cresr of o whole new wove of school spiriri 8. Ehrhosiosric loyolry, CWirh so mohy sporrs srors ir wos eosy ro ger Qooghr up ih rhe spirir of rhe veorb 4 Mood, fGGliOQ. CThe Chrisrmos spirir wos felr eveh more ihrehselv rhoh Usuoll 5, Exoremehr oooor some ploce or evehr. CUYOU could reolly feel rhe soirir im rhe oir rhis yeor," soid Dohhy Miller? o, Ghosr, Phohrosm, CThe soirir of rhis yeor will be wirh Us for yeors ro come? Abovef5ehror Tim Brockhoos shows whor he rhrhks of rhe D-reom duruhg o home gome RnghrfThe bond members ooded eryoymehr ro rhe gomes Korhy Horleobeds mosrers rhe Nornohor Ahmem Cehrerioreh Srudsmeyer growls ofrer porhhg dowh ohorher reooohd Oh rhe Move -1 .,5L J Jw? -0 fog!! f 0 Some people iiise Perry Denman go ro grear Iengrhs ro ger a kiss Here, rhe Januar displays his famous mahowls ' w .sw H L? M 4 'Q 1 'A X Hi 'D-N K rs. ' Large Cenrer phoro-"The Gang" show rremendous courage and spirir by iunches! F earing school Above-Seniors Deseree Driver and Goil Milier show what rhey do besr - cheerieading Lefr-Robin Johnson quniorb sings her hearr our ar rhe Homecoming game I I On the Move - 37 6 rj'-ff, :s' .Q lffg-Q ' ,. Ja' 1 4.4 W ,, he Q ,ML i , fa, a 1 S fx Elf, A ld- ,f .', ,S , 5 ffy., MET I 4'- vi, -A ,,xf'wE 34 2 gQ-we-4 JV wr Qi- E I may 1543 ,--4' Q55-Q-af-a--A . .45 sf "5 1 I,Q::: llgg 4' I 25' al' ms SJXX b- uxxb 'Q 4 .K 4 :ri 1 5 'ooimred foces were reolly oooulor P H Rughr - Sensor LeAnn Forcerrr ood Jumor Scorr Borger weor rrwerr scrwoor corors oorrog Sprrrr Week Below - Sermo' Roo Terr orsoroys has sprrur by oormmg rws foie Top !efrMel4rwdo Moerler drsoroys schoor sprrzr by weorrmg school colors LefrLorry Errror orsoioys foe 'hush rogsw he wow from womer oy mokrrwg were 'owe Lefryeohowe Newrooo ooo Lyov Ergrn weor foorsy rwo's ouog Sow' Week Dorrom !efrLyrwo Ergrrw ood Cmoy Rroehorr Choor ro rrwe Crowd x qi, L in I S 4 6 a g' .-... rlfwis yeor. FOX I-060 X S "qN.7J T: H, xii: 1 . :WOR BAND? r 5 x Wow. Mo xx I ,1 13' Too Servo' Kcreo Poores cooruea 'ee eoooc o' 'oe weef oy oo Nfwg mer 'ace Semors Keyrr Jacobs ood Lora Morrrwews drsoioy 'Herr comoomomsrw o oy oressrrg owe oo Two Dey Jomor Jef Srrepsoe Coos rr off by weorrmg rvs funky hor on hor ooy Crorg Brom Umrori rs Ureo ond whrre or! me woy " f. 'S i R 1 I S 1 95:4-5 ?,,,, if Q,i'ilGiu,, SQFQQ5 3s5':::::5. ,fd 'slilllli 1- f-M5 ff: s fill: E xg JM 5" f I I 1 R G fl JW WEE li? og, Ea 3 in I 't .:,. -.. 1 Q fi I 1 Q s 4 Ill-hm.,p,,:,.Sy,w4 k iv A ,, i f ' A Ki 5 4 ' 11" I ,, divx ' IOQ: ' if .1. E. in SQL. ag' 4 Aff , if "Xi A ,S Q K I lf I is .Hmmm - A conglomerarion of acrors, dancers, band members, and crew people converged ro produce fhe besr fall musical ro grace rhe gym srage in many a year "Guys and Dolls" ran rwo days, November 18 G 19, 1083, and succeeded in drawing, as Miss Nancy Muerh said, . . rhe mosf people ro a play since I have been here " Those who arrended gave rave reviews. "I loved ir," said Julie I-Cory C12D, "l didn'f realize how falenred people ar Fox are!" Kim Dirlsner C125 remarlsed, "Even with fhe problems wlrh rhe milses, everyone gave a grear performance!" The main performers: Regene Bowen C125 as Adelaide, Joe Consiglio C113 as Narhan Defroir, Connie Reiss C125 as Sarah Brown, and Marla Jones C105 as Slsy Masferson provided a solid basis. Supporfing casr members and dancers enhanced rhe performance. Once again, Mr. Burler direcred rhe orchesrra. He described rhe performances as Has one of rhe besr ones we've ever had, lr wenr off real well" Valerie McDonald summed up rhe feelings of mosr orchestra members in one word, "Reliefl We had a grear rime bur we're glad irs overl" Excifemenr, relief, and enjoyment are rhe feelings rhaf the play conjuled. Those involved felr rhe excifemenf of prepararion and rhe relief of a job well done while fhe audience experienced enjoymenr from rhe excellent performance. Top- The Mission Band sings "Follow rhe fold " Leff ro righr Missy Moore, Connie Reiss, Tim Bogowirh and Scorr Borger. Nicely Nicely Johnson CTerry Lesrerb confesses his sins in "Sir Down, You're Rockin the Boar," The Hof Box Dancers-Lisa Polere, Laura Wearherford, Kelly Sirez and Barb Reim-swlng ro "I Love You, A Bushel and a Pecls " Slsy Masrerson CMorls Jonesl explains ro Sarah Brown CConnle Reissl how a gambler feels abour rhe big hearrhrob Tilred photo' Adelaide CRegene Bowen? dazzles in "I Love You, A Dushel and 0 peck ll Onsrage - A1 The cheerleoders devore mony long hours ro decorore iocle holl for rhe gome The Worrior roorboll reom wos on rhe morls wirh o Homecoming vicrory over Lofoyerre 770 There wos o rowdy crowd wirh people lilse Jolie Kory who sold "Gee guys! Golly guys! Greor gome guys!" The crowd ond rhe reom's greor srorr were probobly o couple of focrors in rhe Worrior win Borh reoms were shor our in rhe firsr holf, bor on rhe Worriors' firsr possession in rhe rhird quorrer, rhey srormed down rhe field ond scored on on 11 yord poss from oborrerbocls llyon Lewis ro righr end John Polmer, John Gongloff rhen come in ro boor rhe exrro poinr. Afrer rhor, rhe defenses ogoin become rhe dominoring force of rhe gome. Senior Milse Boehner sold, "lr wos one of rhe mosr hord hirring gomes of rhe yeorf' His remorls is sopporred by rhe focr rhor middle Iineboclser Kevin Jocobs succeeded in nor only Isnoclxing our one of rhe Loncers, bor olso lsnoclsing rhor ployers shoe off. CLools our Lorry Holmes? Above righr, Bond ond Pom Pon members srond reody ro enrerroin rhe crowd Senior running boclx lim Sweeney, srrerches our o few exrro yords during Homecoming vicrory Senior Terry Gibbor ond Connie Forror designed rhis specrocolor senior floor Senior Vince Deguire disploys his worrior spirir by dressing up for Homecoming 2 On rhe Morlx Mark Gm Mir was me masr excirimg faarball game af me season." he Fax Warriors plow rrwro me Lafayerre Lancers darmg me Homecammg game 14 f ' ' -waimw-re ., -435 1 , .H-13:4 .. WA f Q4 "'i, . " . Se-mor John Gamgloff sreps rrwra me aperusrwg kickoff dawg me -iomecammg game A .nl ,............. Sophomare Srepharwre Newman wars her sruff darmrwg halfmme Pgfemg irygm rg me Norrongx Amrhem before me gn! K J! r. game Of 'he Maw 7 43 'lrhe donces ore becoming more populor now: hors off The 1988 Homecoming donce wos the best Fox hos hod in quite o few yeors. The lorge turnout wos ottributed to the footboll teom's defeot of Lofoyette 70 in the Homecoming gome. Senior Doug Goldommer soid it wos o llsuper donce, the best Fox ever hod, ond Student Council did o good job, but the best port of the donce wos the girl I wos wirh." The theme song wos "Don't let it End" ond the DJ. incorporoted the theme into his choice of music by endlessly ploying the some song over ond over. This yeor, the Homecoming coronotion tools ro srudenr council for on excellent job!" ron, Sherry Just, ond Dione Solsmon. Condi dores for Ising were Kevin Jocobs, Tim Vorgo, Rick Eisenbeis, Terry St. John, ond Ryon Lewis. The winners were Copen envelope, unfold po- per, reod, smile, cleor rhroot, ond onnounceb Dione Solsmon ond Kevin Jocoos. Senior condi- dote Connie Reiss hod this to soy, "lt wos good, o lot of fun, ond very mony mixed emotions." The donce continued on into rhe wee hours of the night with the hoppy couples ond the lonesome losers oll monoging to hove o good time. Senior footboll ployer Milse Boehner summed up the feeling of the mony portici- sheiio Srodf Gnd escort EUC SUWOG l ploce or the donce. The Condidotes for queen were Connie Reiss, Susie Morrison, Bobbie Tipe ponts. "l hod one Cexplirive deleredb of o good time." ?- , its . K 44-OnrheMork id Lori 6009 re F00 n . Q Sophomo nd Quee omi0Q Wlnnefs Ok Kevin .locODS 0 Kevin W -M"'nwepg3H0fneCMikeAb0ussiep '09 prkefondpflflfe M, .. - nd mf-fe . on sheiv O mort 0 ond Junior fn Dome Soigmon. ,, - fdl sn, 1. a . X Y, ,4 4 q, 4' ,W af '-In fa fri B 2 A ' ft Lf :lm . 3 f' -Q Y ef . au' 2 1, . I' 0- T nil: ff' nf is E 33 5 7 ff- 1 Becky Agnew My ond escort John Power CMB is fv iv Lp., 8 Cc dy LQ 406 WO 0 esff T 'EM M, 4 4? fr , , if fl is ff' Fr efef UO? Xl W v Q r 'Ph AgfS'.hg fr 4 'fiffw Q .gf , 34 -fd MOPNQ 4 omey x KJ Q uoeing friends meons olwoys hoying someone ro rurn ro for lunch money," Top-"Korhy is o reol good friend," sold iunior Dove Julion obour Junior Korhy l-lerrensreln Senior Volerie McDonald Crighrh ond fellow bond memoers Lindo Sruclsmeyer, Boro Reim ond Rob Dougherry rolse ir eosy ofrer lunch rio - Porrners in Crime Porrners ln Crime l'Whor do you lilse ooour school?" Asls olmosr onyone ond you will ger rhe some onswer rhor Sreye Wells offers: "being oole ro see my friends." Lindo Sruclsmeyer sold, "I won'r miss rhe school os much os oll my friends." Commenred senior John Word, 'lir's rhe only woy you con find our whor hoppened over rhe weekend!" Psorher rhon o collecrion of buildings, deslss or ooolss, Fox is people of oll lsinds - jonirors, coolss, princlpols, reochers, ond especiolly friends: porrners in crime. Bur whor sorr of crimes? Brendo Meier ond Norolie Fuguo senr 'lsecrer odmirer" nores ro rheir friend Lindo Sruclsmeyer. 'll vyos worred ooour rhem," sold Lindo, Bur so were Shelley Wollser ond Renee Russell when rhey sroyed our foo lore or on Adom Anr concerr ond hod ro oreols inro rheir own home. l'l guess Mom didn'r lsnow how long wed oe gone." Nor oll crimes go underecred. Por Schouo, Roo Dougherry, Don Blolr, Ed Slsoggs, ond Tim Sommers were coughr oy none orher rhon Mr. Simpson while ploying ooll in Mr. MilIer's srudyholl. They rold Mr. Simpson, "Mr, Miller lsn'r here righr now!" M X.,..w Top-Tereso Niclxless, Tricio Loyd ond Aniro Honrsclse "yuh ir up" for rhe comero fy , I-.,.e" Sweerheorrs Kim Kohls ond Bob Bolsmon pur rheir heods rogerher ro rhlnls of eoch orher. How do you molse o "srrong sondwich?" Pur Jeni Morgherlo berween Dorole ond Anno Srrong. W ? iii Keren BoQeNy and Rooney Lommerr heb memr Jumors Demse Lwndeli ond Trocey Under soy Ncheese " buddy DJ Bock dress for me game N I '. I. , J Q xii N E ,I 2 .r ' K3 fx X X X . UR X3 X 'Hear no eyrl, see no ew, speck no ew!" semofs Brevdc Me-fer, Norobe Fuguo cnc use Dweffmcrw 5x.. sswf,,,y 'fx Q X4 ,xx Q ,-NN W7 " .' A 4"r.,, fx f y 19 15,7 5 .V !.' -. - Nad? ' ff -'- I' ' -15 11. " V ' ' Porwefs mf Cr me VISITORS !Il'S'l' REPORT ' T0 0FFl1'E Some of rhe more "rhoCho" meh of Fox flex rhelr muscles ro impress our women Lefr ro rlghr ore sehuors ljieirh Luoders, Poul Adler, ohd Lorry Elliorr Porrhers lh Crirhe 'The besr porr of high school is shorihg good rirhes wirh friends." l ,GNN , JA, MAE 1 Doug Goldorhmer is the ifl prospecr for Mr Topf'Twihs?" No. "Frler1ds?" Yes, Declsy Lipsihslsi oho Audrey Hurr Uhuverse 1085. pose rogerher oh plcrure doy l'Splrlred spozos' Jorhes lozlhsl-ai ohd lleheo Edwords squeeze ro' gerher IO the holls 4 X x 1 , ,...,........-.-.K 5 1 ., b bl q kk.: bsbl K 5 brg: Q i f Q3 ,v 5 913 5 .fi 4 f 3 -,., + sms: ' I 7 2 3 4 5 6 7 B 9 O " ff SPN' -- Q ,.w W5 QR ,J v 4U 4 o P 1 W 'sa -s fs HF' 46 MH "-fc 1, X gf 1 I ..... xz 'Y 7: w Wa NN m 3' Ny N 'L---'...., Z 2 5 Semor Dove Dgvedy, JOOKS VO me oosker for rwo whvfe Dork WOY Cenrrok Sggp CoVorWoYior'1 Provides Breols Fr m Wiorer Blohs 'xdesolre our oosleerooll reom's defeor, we srill momoged ro hove one heck of o good rimef' Too-S emo' iorwo,ocre5 Goo Gross ooo Tum Brooshoos, Lon Movhews ooo lm Googlou Rgn: - chelle R Meerre D1OyS oefemse veyofe, Jorooo .gr-+. T 1 S wg W N 50 - Wwrer Cofongpom pm X , 1- . warg-:11:mfH'gM,, 'J 1 Q ' f, - Above nghr - Jomor comdioores Ammo Hodsoerh, Mwlse fvwler, Cody Jefger, Two Cowon, loom Ofomoor, Greg Cow Rwghr Soohomores Roh Tylef Scorr S!-zoggs, Kew Aodersoo, James Hood Km Smmrh, Croug Kroos Semor cofowocres Mu Hey ood Dove De Jooer Cfofg ooo Kee vl ,..,f.s.. Winrer Coronarian King Senior canaiaare Gina Gross is Jim SWQ-5-me mlgged me all smiles as Laura Byrne is fegrivirieg buy UOUQN crowned Queen by Sruaenr name 2nd place ar rne Council presiaenr Bobbie Spore Wfegiing Meer Tipron 1 ' Winrer Caronarion winners ,g :A saonamores Tiab Tyler and James f V gf, Hahn, seniors Laura Byrne and Doug . Goldammer Csranaing in for Jim Sweeneyi, iuniors Greg Carr and Joan O'Connor. lr may be sbocking, bur me usual elecrriciry accompanying rne Winrer Corona' rion seemed ro be lacking. Tne baskerball Warriors losr ro Parkway Cenrral by 111 poinrs, curbing enrnusiasm for me caronarion ceremonies afrerwara. Candidare Jim Sweeney was in Columbia, Mo. frying ro win me srare wresrling crown Cne came in seconclb, and ar leasr one orner canaidare for aueen aio nor snow, Tne general consensus abour me music was rnar ir maae one wanr ro l'Bang Your Head" alrnougln many felr rne evening was enjoyable aesoire me oreaicrable recoraespinning formar. Laura Byrne came away wirlw aueen's crown, and Jim Sweeney won rne nonors as king. As me evening came ro a close, senior Psicb Nlarnews commenrea "lr was an enjoyable experience." Lefr - 'Boogiefin down" ro rre runes of Nlicnael Jackson are Micnael Becker and Sreye Eaen i W Ne' Corona' oc oie morn X eve xN qw e QONQCBX XQQQ Cxxlvboo XX 4sQoXXeXoX5XXX1 X oe 'XOOXOQN OO We woe 0 C5 mom e OO Dec Xe SQ own eoxs OX XX X e eioos Yveq Kaos Xess ox! eqee CSOXXD me sow xXXXeXese eoxe 500 em X Xoces . 4 .zafff " " ' dmeeix 5 oxl 'X Xe o X 6 me Xwo NN' 0 Q00 OQO 'XO Qoq QXXQ' A X mem o 5,0 XX X' eXo OXSQ 5 vos CB ex! 3 X1 O X O os QX O X oooi e Koa X X4 QX Kei ok ve Nw Qoxsoe egnoixs. OXX5, QOQOXOX Xie ' oi 0X1eXfNXq0QX ci owl 6fQXeoC3XfXq ' 'XOCBNAXCOCS 5QO XXNex4 de 0646 N04 Qiekei awe x1endXqoQ4owe4fX 5. Yee smxiem me dxiedeo Xo SQ XNXOCXQXQ OOQRQXOA oie Xoiqe GOXNO, Nwe owed Kew ei seeclomis, OX QoXXXc5QoXXoO5oqOe QeoQXe 0eXooqoq Xo 0 Xeoqe XXXQX sveeses o 'XocBXX1'XOodioXXXeX woo XNXooXoq 0X A cos-X mom ded-SXOOC, xNXXeo Qoosxdefxoq XNXXGN seo Xdae . 52 - we Dxfeoxom ' 5 ,, , ,W QW , 7 if Soffoall Teani Laclss Consisfency llWe played fhe oesf we could," said pifcher Nancy Mueller, Hour rhe cornpefifion was jusf berferl" The Girls Sofrball sauad ended fheir '83 season wifh a o-12 record. "We had a few good hiffers, buf our defense fared bGST,H she said. Lefrfielder Trisha Amalong provided sfrong defensive and hirfing power. Offensively, Though, fhe girls' performance was nor consisfenr enough TO capfure more vicfories. Wifh only fwo seniors, mosr of fhe ream should rerurn nexf year TO form a solid squad. Wendy Boweles raises some pracrice swings as Diane Rielsen cafches Righf, Candy Lunsford fields a fly ball. Girls Sofrball Tearn, Row lfMichelle I-lannicls, Tracey Palime, Tracey Childress, Deneen Kelley, Diane Psielsen. Row 2-Karhy Roland, Brenda Reich, Nancy Mueller, Tarnrny Wymore Row 3-Coach l-lolland, Wendy Boweles, Candy Lunsford, Virginia Roland, Tricia Amalong, Tammy Bralse K' C C O V 54 ! Soffball ' 5? pi I3-Team Srruggles Through Season 'lWe won only rwo games, our were very close ro several orhers," said Coach Seward aoour rhe B-Team Foorball Warriors. Coach Seward cired no oursranding players rhis season, our said, Hall 29 of rhe players worlsed hard, Cweb would have had a berrer record if we were larger." While rhe squads' win-loss record is nor good, Coach Seward said rhey bear six reams in yardage gained. The Parlsway schools, in parricular, provided rough comperirion, Quarreroacls Reid Harrmann remarlsed "lr was a good experience and I hope we improve nexr year." "The rwa-a-day pracrices were lxillersl" said sophomore Guy Gasrriech B-Team Foorball, Row 1-T Varga, T. Summers, T Earll, S. Sl-zaggs, C. McClure, J Joplin, G Gasrriech Row 2-J. Taylor, 6. Zimmermann, L Warren, G. McCarrhy, Nl. Aboussie, B Jaclsson, P Marrin, D. Spangler. Row C3-K Wilson, S Schardan, C I-lric, I4. Swarr, R. Burler, ll Harrmann, B. Pererson, D Clines Row 444 Wairz, L Terry, J McCulley, N Orphan, J Jobsr, px Allen, W. Dieclsmann. Row 5-Coaches Bowers, Seward, Sears, and Paulsen. , B-Foorball - 55 Varsify Sauad Earns l-lard-Foughf Vicfories The 1988 varsiry football Warriors gave rheir fans somerhing TO cheer abour, Since joining rhe Suburban Wesr Conference four years earlier, rhe Warriors faced their roughesr comperirion in foorball hisrory. Bur rhings began TO change rhis season. The Warriors finished wirh a 7-8 record and a 512 record in rhe conference, good enough for second place, The campaign began on a down nore, as rhe Warriors looked lisrless in losing TO Vianney. Jusr as ir appeared ir was going ro be anorher long aurumn rhe team ripped off convincing vicrories over Oakville, Sr. Mary's, and Mehlville before a frusrrafing loss ro Parkway West. The ream rebounded though, and earned hard foughr vicrories over Lafayerre and Lindbergh, buf rhen losr a hearrbreaker TO Kirkwood which cosr rhem rhe conference championship. ln rhe end, rhe ream finished srrong wirh rriumphs over Parkway Cenrral and Norfhwesr. The ballclub iusr missed qualifying as rhe firsr feam in rhe school's hlsrory TO go ro rhe srare playoffs, and wifh rhe ralenr Coach Kappler and his sraff had ro pick from if was no wonder why. On offense, quarrerback Ryan Lewis srood ar rhe helm wirh such players as rhe Gongloff brorhers, and srars like running back Jim Sweeney and righr end John Palmer. An offensive line, led by B. J. Bock, Kirk Westmoreland and Dale James, blossomed info a solid effecrive unir. On defense, rhe big srrengrh came along rhe young fronr line. Kevin Whife, Wade Lawrence and Mike Wolff performed splendidly all year long and Kevin Jacobs became a leader of field also did rheir party by playing consisrenr, sready foorball all year f long. y lr was cerrainly a successful season for rhe Warriors, one fhaf will long remain in rhe minds of all the fans. S so M vorsiry Foorboii S Top-Senior quarrerback Ryan Lewis gives rhe play as rhe offense gers ready ro go head ro head. Cenrer-The Offensive explodes off rhe line of scrimmage l3orromfSenior Jerry Thomas chases down rhe Lafayerre quarferback. .. - ' 'X . -H I or . ,gi Y messsggg- K7 F F "': 8 if Senior Dale James said, 'The lsey ro rhe Varsiry reams success was rhe unify berween linemen and boclss " Row 1-R, Martin, S. Nelson, M Boehner, J. Sweeney, D, James, K Jacobs, lk. Lewis, R Eisenbeis, J. Gangloff. Row 2-J. Gangloff J Glass, J Thomas, S Whire, DJ. Docls, K. Wesrmareland, D. Pruirr, L. Elliorr, D Goldammer Row 3-R. Wells, T. Varga, M. Webb, P. Skaggs, J. Ward, S Langlier, T Mann, J Maddox, C. Dawidowslsi, G. Davis. Row 4-K. Wilson, K. Luoders,,D. Declue, T. Bauer, S Smallwood, D. Webb, P. Denman, J. Srnirh, J. Hawlsins. Row 5-J. Moore, D Manis, S. Lauders, L. Deane, M. Wolff, P. Zerillo, S. Whire, K. Arnold, B. Luaders, W. Lawrence. Row 6-Coach Kappler, S. Hulen, J. Palmer, K. Whire, Coach Sheldon, Coach Duniphon. Kirls Wesrrnoreland and Dave Pruirr lead rhe Warriors our of rhe hudclle, V . 57 Boys Soccer Foces Difficulr Seoson The vorsiry soccer sguod didn'r hove rhe besr of yeors in 1983, bur ir moy rurn our ro be o blessing in disguise. The Worriors srruggled ro o of14eC3 record in only rheir fourrh yeor. One focror vvos inexperienceg rhis reom hod only five seniors, so o lor of younger members gor rheir feer wer, The seoson ended when rhe reom losr ro Doyless in rhe second round of disrricrs, bur rhey did occome plish o noroble feor. They coprured rhe consolorion chompionship of rhe Lindbergh-Wenrzville Tourno- menr, rhe firsr vorsiry soccer rrophy ever or Fox. Worrior defense vvos rhe reom's srrengrh, vvirh Terry Sr. John ond Bob Surfer providing good de- fense, The B-ieom continued rheir building process wirh o O7-8 record in rheir rhird yeor, Cooch Primm soidy "we ore conrinuing ro build consisrency in our pro- grom. We ore gerring more guys from Qrh ond lOrh grodes Cro loinlf' Alrhough ir vvos opporenr rhor mony ployers locked experience before joining rhe squod, progress vvos ochieved os rhe seoson pro gressed. HA lor of ployers hod o greor desire ro ploy," remorlsed Cooch Primm, Cooches Anselm ond Primm feel rhor rhey hove rhe nucleus for ci good club. 58 e Vorsiry Soccer PF . . A -f 2-S c .see dm, K qty' Top V "The cooch reolly drives us ond I rhinls ir helps o lor," sold lunior Ken Kleisschrodr "A reom concepr vvos olwoys srressedf' sold senior Ron Tefr Boys V Soccer, Row 1-S Senger, M Cools, D Schofer, C Scorr ll Terfr S Porrs L Pounds M Hurchinson S Hunrer, lk Pieising, D. Pioberrs Row 2-Cooch Anselm, K Kleinschrodr Nl l-lorvey D Slore J Be-nnerr B Surrer Czoplo, B Porrell, T, Sr John, J McKenzie, D, Willioms, Cmonogerb Coach Primm 'uw M 4' y 1 X x Q v 1' , , H Av A 3 H9g',iQW', 4 , f 1 va Q, -M 1 4 J I 'fx gym, V, ... ,ar-"'Q 'Z' K Ml V,-'fx' , n1pff-,w . 5 X 1 xx "Q 49- R fy xi Runners l-love Gursronding Seoson The girls cross counrry runners hod on oursronding seoson rhis roll. There were rnony new girls our for rhe reorn who hod never run seriously before, ond by rhe end of rhe seoson rhey were competing very well. The rhree reom leoders rhis yeor were Louro Byrne, Angie Keoring, ond Corhy l-lerrensrein, These rhree ploced in rhe Srore meer. Cooch Werner wos pleosed wirh rhe reom's perforrnonce, ond soid, 'Overoll ir wos rhe besr seoson for rhe reorn yer. lr wos the firsr yeor rnore rhon one girl mode ir ro sroref' 60 - Girls Cross Counrry 6 Trocl.: The BOO merer reloy reorn Liso Lerogin, Down Sevier ond Pom Keoring wolls ro cool down offer rhe roce, Junior Korhy Herrensrein goes oil our for srore comperirion Girls Cross Counrry, Row 1fNoncy Brenls, Krm Rodle, Kelly Eubonlss, Jenny Dore, Troci Diernnon Row 2-Down Sevier, Pom Gloizier, Louro Byrne, Corhy l-lerrensrein, Angie Keoring, Corhy Crurchley, Row 3-Declan Dierzler, Tornrni Declsernon, Debi Dude, Kelly Cox, Cooch Werner Girls Troclw, Row 1-Viclsi l-liclss, Rhondo l-lornpron, Anno Hudsperh, Dione Solsrnon, Brendo Meier, Norolie Fuguo, Louro Byrne, Kelly Cox, Sue, Arnold, Trocey Dierfnon, Korhy Ernling, Porn Keoring, LoDonno Becker, Andrea Morgon, Rose Byrne, Row 2-Arny Srondfill, Liso Lorigon, Wendy Lowrence, Kim Leonord, Suson Buxron, Cindy Weel-ze, Deonno Weil, Volerie Homilron, Becky Axley, Debbie Dolde, Angie Keczring. Row 8-Cooch Doclsery, Coach Werner, Cooch Tolsoch, Brion Bosrrom Crnonogerb, Becky Dierzler, Down Sevier, Poulo Boswell. ,iv fl f gf, 4 I fd f IJ 4 1 1 ,V ' . 'fb f , up 2 , Wiwr A ' . 1 ' V f ,- , ,, ,,hV , ,A , M ,X A, V, A ' as' 4 ,,,, '4 5' 3' Q - Q rr' W 'Tv . , 4 . , , V' 2 r if i 3, 1 Y M If 4, 2 gr as yi, Q reed :M 'fr The girl rroclssrers hod o lor ro feel good obour offer rhe '84 seoson ended. They senr rwo reloy reoms ond rwo individuol runners ro Srore where they fored well: rhe Qemile reloy ploced 7rh in srore ond borh reoms ser school records, Kelly Cox ploced fifrh in rhe high jump eyenr. 'lWe hod more girls our for rhe reom rhls yeor rhon ever before The young girls did surprisingly well, especiolly since rhey hod ro compere ogoinsr more experienced juniors ond seniors," soicl Gooch Doclsery. Louro Byrne, who holds rhe school record for rhe 800 merer, won o scholorship for her obiliries, os did Sue Arnold, Angie Keoring roises o gizmpse of rhe comoerifon while helping o reommore srrerch his ,-ll S . ,. X ,... X rc. ,. we T f I-oss, f wh. iii SQ '9PQ s swim c - ki ,X Righr, Lcuro Byrne worms up before her rurn or rhe rrocls Coach Werner gives odyice ro orher rrocla members Girls Cross Counrry G Trocla W ol The Boys Trocls reom hod rheir oesr seoson ever rhis yeor. They hod one reloy reorn quolify for secrionols ond rhey senr rwo people ro Srore, Brion Piodle won the rnile wirh o nevv srore record, ond Kevin Whire, rhe firsr from Fox ro go ro Store for rhe discus meer, foired very we-ll. Cooch Broudricls soid, "rhe reorn did very well rhis yeor oecouse we hod fine leodership from our five seniors." Moria Hern worlxs on passing his Mehlville opponenr during o reloy roce. ,l Lid Above, Torn Kirisiey fries ro berrer his posirion during o rhree mile cross counrry roce Righr, Junior Kevin Whire concenrrores on rhe discus rhrow o2 - Boys Cross Counrry 6 Trocls ...Q if-Ei. Lixag sci. ies- y ,gsm For vi ' -as , , g Qiif' s , , A .emo g C Q X . I tl Ki Q C . , mg N U if S+ it Q ' 1. - .4 Rig -'fs Runners Finish Strong Seoson ln 1988 the name Brian Radle became E synonymous with the Cross Country program. And after seeing his accomplishments, no one wonders why. Weele after week, meet after meet, Rodle lsept raclsing up victories. When the state meet rolled around in early November, the senior was still undefeated. But alas, the store championship was not in the offering, Radle had to settle for second that day, Even though Radle wos the "stor," he certainly wasn't the only runner that made a contribution to the squad, which Coach White said was the best team in the history of cross country here at Fox. Other runners who qualified for state were Steve McFadden, Stacey Wetland, Jeff Henderson, Tom Kirlsley and Jeff Boyd. All of the runners involved in the '85 season lsept moving, and Coach White feels that next year's program could be the best yet. Adom Miller fights far O good position during stare sectionals at Hazelwood Stacey Wetland and freshman Steve McFadden compete for team title at the secttonols Boys Cross Country, Raw 1-Brian Radle, Eric Sissel, Tom Kirlsley, Jacls Boyd, Steve McFadden, A ir -3 Stacey Wetland. Row 2-Joe Sousan, Brion Bosrrum, Wade Altmon, Adam Millet, Tim Helvey. Row 3-Coach White, Ron Hoell4er, Kevin Goloyda, Steve Money, Ken Fedals, Mark Hern Boys Tracls, letter FfKevin White, John Polmer, Jerome Hawlsins, Scott Smallwood, Terry St, John, Kirls Arnold, A, J. Phillips, Joe Checlsitt, Scott Weber, Randy Riclserman, John McCulley Letter O CCounterclocl4wise from frontl-Steve White, Scott Carey, Eddie Kline, Carlos Lino, Jeff Joost, Matt Forbis, Stacy Wetland, Brion Radle, Dave Devedyt, Kevin Sigman, Marla Weevil, Moria Hern, Jeff Raider, Mike Fischer, Phil Zerillo, Doug Goldommer, Letter X4Willie Kramer, Perry Denman, John Kirlsley, Maris Hern, Coach Draudrtcls, Coach White, Coach Heinemann, Kelly Kenser, Tim Martinez, Tom Kirlsley, Tom Aubuchon. Doys Cross Country 6 Tracls - O3 Wrestling Team Finishes Sixth In State Somebody forgot to tell the Fox Warriors varsity wrestling squad that this year was supposed to be a rebuilding season, When the season began, many felt that Coach Hopson had a team with much talent but too little experience. They pointed out that only two seniors, Mickey Wright and Jim Sweeney, had their names on the roster. lt looked like a down year for the Warrior matmen. lnstead, the younger guys pulled together and surprised everyone with and 8-2 duel meet mark. Other accomplishments included placing third in their own touranment and fourth in a tourney at Vianney. But the biggest shock came when the team finished sixth in the entire state. That's right, a team expected to be in a condition of restructuring, became one the premier squads in Missouri. Those qualifying for that state meet in Columbia certainly did themselves proud. Their names, with weight in parenthesis, are Stacy Weiland 61265, Wright 61265, Craig Kinder 61825, Kenny Vogel 61885, Sweeney 61455, Troy Mann 61555, Jerry Eaten 61675, Dave Julian 61755 and Randy Lowry 6heavyweight5. Weiland wound up taking sixth at the tournament while Wright took third and compiled a 88-1 record with his only loss being at state. Sweeney's final mark stood at 26-8 and he performed well enough to take second in Columbia. So in the end, a team that all the experts felt was in a state of change turned in one of the finer performances in the history of the school, And with the rich wrestling tradition that Fox has, that is a fine accomplishment. Coach Hopson has already said that since so much of the team is returning for next season, the squad should be stronger than ever. 64 - Wrestling Coach Hopson works on Mickey Wright's eye during practice. "Next year we should be stronger than ever," said Coach Hopson Junior heavyweight Randy Lowry is in the heat of battle during District competition V, , A .52 Z ' 1 Varsity Wrestling, Row 1- Jim Sweeney, Ken Vogl, Craig Kinder, Mickey Wright, Steve Hunter, Stacy Weiland, Bill Meyer Row 2-Steve McCord, Randy Lowry, Don Skaggs, Dave Julian, Jerry Eaton, Troy Mann, Coach Hopson .-l 'I 4 4 0' ,l 0 5 as! me .Zin-"' f Top-"I was really happy with rhe way rhe team performed rhis year," sand Coach Hopson. B-Team Wresrling, Row 1-Frank Bono, John Harr, Bob Toohey, Dan Thomas, Bob Meyer, Randy Davidson, Tim Marrin, Richard Dodge, Dob Golden, Andy King, Row 2-Mark Sieyers, Bredx Washom, Larry Pounds, Scorr Loaders, Dowd Manrs, Mark Webb, Dole Sponglee, Dave Reproghe, Bob Jedslin, Coach Sroffey. "AImosr anyrhnng can happen while youre on rhe mar, you jusr shoor IO and hope," sand Mrclsey Wrnghr X-diss, Q-W -Q- if ,N M f 9 'W Z fi '19, 14 Semor Dove Deveydr ond Paul I-ieommg WOIV for 0 rebound Paul Keoring druves rhe boselm ia' me ogoimsr Kirkwood durmg W c ccsc ,R ,,Nx j Q orsiry Doslserboll, Row 1-Scorr Srnollvvood, Ken Jordon, Poul lseoring, Dove Monrgornery, Rondy Knese, Greg Con Rovv 2fC5reg Weorherford, Dove Podgornils, Milse Miller, Rich Morhevvs, Dove Deveydr, Bob Anderson, Tinn Broclshous, Bob Surrer, Curr Therford. Boslserboll l-los Thriller Seoson Six seconds ro gol Monrgomery drives, goes up. Feeds ir down lovv ro Deveydr. He sloms ir! The buzzer sounds ond rhe Worriors win o rhriller Thus ended rhe losr of rhe 198884 edirion of rhe Fox Worriors vorsiry boslserboll squod, They vvenr ogoinsr DeSoro in rhe firsr round of disrricr cornperirion by o 5250 counr. Unforrunorely, rhe Worriors losr rhe nexr nighr ro Silsesron in rhe disrricr finols or Populor Bluff. The finol score vvos 61-54, ond ir lseor rhe reorn from rnolsing rhe srore rournomenr. Sriil, rhor DeSoro conresr rypified rhe Isind of exciremenr rhe reorn gove us rhis seoson, No morrer vvho rhe opponenr, o Worrior fon vvos cerroin ro go rhrough his shore of excired rushes ond lulls Cups ond downs? before rhe bollgome vvos over. Who con forger some of rhe greor gomes, Remember when Poul Keoring scored 31 ooinrs in rhe finols of rhe Hillsboro Tournornenr ro give Fox rhe chornoionshio over rhe hosr reonn? How obour when Ken Jordon ond Rich Morhevvs gor inro rhe srorring lineup ond rhe reom roced ro rne consolorion chompionship in rhe rough Merornec Chrisrrnos Tourney? Who con forger Dove Monrgornerys loyup or rhe buzzer ro beor Ool-:ville by one Poinr? Dove DeVeydr, big oo" cenrer, oloyed consisrenrly well every nighr lseoring, TNG lirrle guord C5'o"D ron rhe fosr breoles And of course Cooch Wrighr gor everyrhing up from his seor olong rhe bench The Worrios finished rheir seoson vvirh o 1711 record, ond 844 in rhe rough Suburbon Wesr Conference, o fifrh ploce finish in rhor leogue. Along rhe vvoy, rhe reorn husrled ond gove everyone rheir rnoney's worrh of Worrior Boslserboll '83, Vorsiry Boslferboli - B-Teorn Locks Uniry "ir fools rhis group over holf rhe seoson ro come rogerher os o reomf' soid Cooch Hubbord of rhe B- Bosleerooll squod. "Ir's difficulr for sophomores since rhey come from rhree differenr junior highs ond hove rhree differenr coochesf' The boys sguod foced rough comperirors like Poriswoy Wesr C"rhey were o good shooring reom rhor showed discipline ond poise"D ond won few of their rnorches, Once rhe squod did come rogerher rhey won six of their iosr seven gomes. "Hopefully rhey Ieorned enough ooour eoch orher ro help rhe vorsiry progrom in the next rwo yeorsf' soid Cooch Hubbord. O8 - Boys D-Doskerboll Above-Loren Sruclsrneyer orremprs ro olocls his opponenrs from rerrieving rhe boil Righr-The B-Teom Worriors go for rwo exrro poinrs Golf Team Misses Par "The whole conference" was Coach l3rocI4man's answer when asked who rhe roughesr comperirors were rhis season for rhe Warriors golf ream, The ream fared poorly, raising only rwo wins and rhirreen losses. Coach Broclsman cired Scorf Romero and Tim Boswell as rhe oerrer performers of rhe '83 squad, Senior Dana Leary shows her parring slsills. Below lefr - "Golf isn'r like orher sporrs, Golf gives me rhe chance ro compere againsr orhers and relax ar rhe some rime," said iunior Joan O'Connor Golf Team-Con posrsb, Joan C7'Connor, Caoch Broclsman, Dana Leary Sranding, Jeff Lomorre Tim Boswell, Joe Sousan, Sreve Underhill, Ralph Clemenrs, Sieve Mueller, Scorr Romero, Tom Czapla, Sean Halen, John Schuh O Golf - 69 Girls Shovv lmorovemenf l'There was a lor of improvemenr rhis year," said one of fhe girls Varsiry Baslaerball squad members, and Coach Hodge agrees. He com- mented, "we ran off vvirh six vvins in a row. They never gave upff The girls finished fheir '88 season vvirh a a 8-18 record, and placed fifrh our of eighr in conference. This is rheir besr record since 1980, and several members of rhe squad placed in all-conference records. The Warriors faced rough compefirors lilse Lind- bergh Cfinishing 2nd in Srareb and Fesrus CDisfricr winnerb, and came vvirhin one poinr and one second of gerring inro disrricr finals. The girls B-Daslsefball ream finished rheir '68 season wirh a Q-7 record. Coach Maxson de- scribed rhe ream as 'lrighr in rhe middle" on borh defense and offense and said, "rhey wer- en'f necessarily very good or bad." 70 Girls Daslserball Sophomore Terri Beclseman drives rhe line againsf Parkway Wesr. - "I like Daslserball because rhe comperirion is so rough ir's a real challenge," said Jill Sullinsr Girls D-Team Daslserball, Raw 1- Angie Keating, Tracy ChHders, Jill Sullins, Michelle Penrod, Karen Brewer, Jenny Doerr. Row 2- Dawn Kley, Tami Beclseman, Debbie Hummel, Mary Prircherr, Michelle Reed, Carhy Farrar. D D U beginning of rne gorne Q Srrooser, Peggy Powell, Crlsry Johnson, Coocn Hodge l l Sensor Sue Arnold goes up ogolnsr Porlxwgy Wear or rne 'Snoollng from rlne ourslde corner lS my besr snorf' sold Senlor Connie Forror Girls Vorsiry Boslserboll - Terr: Wllluorns, Connie Forror, Klm Foch, Paulo Boswell, Terry Glrls Boslxerboll Jvl Volleyboll Clinches Conference And Disrricr Chompionships Too shorr, roo shorrl Thor's vvhor oll rhe experrs were soying obour rhe Vorsiry Volleyboll souod. Whos going ro ger up rhere ro spilse ir? l-low ore you going ro lseep rhe orher reom from orroclsing rhe ner roo much? Even Cooch Drury hod ro odmir rhor rhe shorrness vvos o bir or o problem vvirh o reom rhor didn'r hove o ployer over 5'8" If rhis reom wos hindered by shorrness, rhey musr hove mode up for ir in somerhing else, Dy rhe rime rhe seoson come ro o close in eorly November, rheir record srood or on impressive 23- 3. Weels ofrer weels rhe vicrories lsepr rolling in. The Worriors clinched o leogue chompionship in rhe Suburbon Wesr Conference ond rhen were oble ro win disrricr chompionship. Wirh cinderello rhoughrs of o srore chompionship running through rheir heods, rhe seoson vvound up wirh o heorr- breolsing loss ro Sr. Chorles in secrionol ploy Off rhe courr, severol reom members received posreseoson honors. Seniors Sue Arnold ond Terry Willioms borh hod rheir nome on conference firsre reom while Junior Anno Hudsperh vvos ovvorded honoroble menrion, Orher srondours were seniors Liso Porje, Brendo Meyer, Dono Leory ond Joclsie Sorlsis ond junior Jill Corroor. The 1988 Volleyboll souod moy hove been shorr in srorure, bur in rhe finol vvineloss record rhey srond very roll, Top The Vorsiry Volleyboll reom lers our o hoop ofrer raising firsr or o Lodue rournomenr Cenrer-Sue Arnold reoches up ro blocls her opponenr Junior Anno Hudsperh sronds reody ro procrice her spilsing rechnioues Vorsiry Volleyboll, Row i-Shelley Porl-zer, Susie Johnson, Denise Moll, Anno I-ludsperh, Terri Wiliioms, Jocl-zie Sorlris, Liso Porie Row 2' Cooch Drury, Dono Leory, Michelle Declser, Jill Corroor, Drendo Meier, Sue Arnold, Joon O'Connor 72 W Vorsiry Volleyboll KY ie .. 'se-Q , i-sian - 1 M HARRIS ' ,JM . .. ,,. Q 5 Q 3 5 Q S - r 1 ze J -- r -D r "" 3 f f 'T' J xl A scss c T 1 El .i Michelle Penrod goes up for rhe block agoinsr Kirkwood Connie Diamond says "I love Volleyball, we had a good season rhis year!" B-Team Volleyball, Plow 1-Tammy Linder, Teresa Chapman, Karen Brewer CCaprainD, Michelle Penrocl, Missy Beauchamp, Deanna Weil, Sherry Parker, Row 2-Karie McKee Lori Esrepp, Connie Diamond, Rhonda Hampton, Peggy Powell, Judy Yeager, Bennie Diamond, Coach Tokoch. B Volleyball - 73 .. .z Girls Soccer Goins Liso Pohre Sheri McClellond Debbie Musielols Bobbie Tipron Tommy Picho Amy Shelby Crisry Johnson Pom 0 O Vorsiry Soccer-Virginio Rolond, Trocy Pollme, Michelle White, Korhy Rolond, Sondy Dillord, Kim Chopmon, Kim Foch Since the girls Soccer progrom wos srorred Or Fox rhree yeors ogo, wins hove been . .. well, hordro come by, ln focr, ir x seemed or rimes os if o vicrory couldn'r be boughr. Two wins in o yeor wos considered on occomplished feor. ,Bur rhings srorred ro chonge rhis seoson. While srill nor overpowering, rhe lodies fools ci srep in rhe righr direcrion wirh o 4-10-1 mark. The compoign srorred off iusr like rhe orhersq long ond frusrroring. The losses oiled up, mony by o single gool. By seoson's end, however, mony gomes were turned oround ond rhe reom goined respecrobiliry. Juniors Debbie Musielols ond Chrisry Johnson provided mosr of rhe scoring punch. Wirh five seniors leoving, Cooch Moxson hos o soid nucleus for rhe nexr seoson. Arlains O fi: ll I , " , . ' YH' 3' : f 1 "A 1- 'Y 'igi " , '5 -rss? V :Ls fs- ' g f '-'I-S5 Y 1? K Q ,sung 7 X ,,... ., , ' , e ' 5 8 'E ,Ju 4 , I2 5 W 6 S , W e . if s " -wi. ef is e s sex 'A if" is :SST V 'i-Q 4 5 , , - " 74 Girls Soccer . fe . , ,Q Q , is H D . . T . ff is Hi. . is - - A 4 T s Q s ss s -ix ff. - , .5.' 'fv ' V' 4 if -' - 0 ' Q " in ' ,T 'SM rc 'S' S., "'f . fi ' . fx, x .QQ R ' - . Y, . ,,.. W." X ' ,, ' S - L - i I 1 X- krkgigi, 4, avg .L X K . ,. . N ,. Lgss. uLP a 3.i Q ig ' giving'-',,smss:ei+S212'ss ifssi 3"'5"'s ,, if' Mes- A 1 X Z? ...wi S asain A A H.m-C335 B-Teom Soccer, Row 1-Heorher Srephens, Rosie Srrong, Tomi Beclsemon, Sondy Moll, Trocy Childers, Sherry Kerrlelsomp, Corhy Surfer, Volerie Forbis, Noncy Groy, Debbie Horinogel. Row 2-Monoger Denise Horrnogel, Drondy Briggs, Amy Tipron, Srocy Krorlse, Parry Williams, Kelly Berry, Erin Allen, Down Puzzo, Kelley Anderson, Sherri Robinson, Shellie Reese, Cooch Drengle Inrronnurols Srorred Inrronwrors were srorred rnis yeor for srudenrs who wonred rne cnonce ro porricipore in sporrs buf were unoore ro ploy on the scnoor reoms. Acriviries offered induded Toble Tennis, Archery, Volleyooll, oil which were coed, ond Boys boslserboll. Mony srudenrs enjoyed rne rnrrornurol ocriviries, ond rne PE. deporrmenr oions ro sponsor rnese groups ogoin nexr yeor, 3 Corny Forror enrered rrre orcnery meer 'becoose rr wos c ror of fun in P E Cross " if 1 nk CW , Brenr Coke worrs for rne rerurn dorrng 0 roole rennis rnorcn 3 S I Jrrn Sweeney enjoyed rne rnrronfwrol ocrrynrres oecouse Wt wos -me V'-' ' nrce ro porrropore rn co-eo sporrsY" -Q I lnrronvwols - 75 Baseball Winds Up Srrong Season All in all, rhe Fox Warriors varsiry baseball squad had a year rhey could be proud of. Unforrunarely, rheir season ended a lirrle earlier rhan rhey would of liked, The Warriors wound up rhe season wirh a 1547 mark and a Q-5 record in rhe Suburban Wesr Conference, which was good enough ro give rhe Warriors rheir firsr conference championship since joining rhe league four years earlier, Bur rhey closed our rhe year when rhey losr ro one of rheir arch-rivals, rhe Norrhwesr Lions, in rhe second round of Missouri Disreric iii comperirion ar Desoro by a score of 8-2. Wirh rhar loss all dreams of a possible srare championship, Cwhich would have been rhe rhird in rhe schools hisraryD wenr up in smoke, Srill, rhere were several srandours for rhe Warriors on rhe diamond. Mike Miller pirched aursranding ball, as evidenced by his 5-O record. He received help from Dave Monrgomery and John Gangloff, who spenr rhe resr of his rime ar rhird base. Kevin Eberhardr was srarioned ar second and was perhaps rhe clubs besr hirrer by years end. Carcher BJ. Bock shook off a mid-season slump and rurned in a srrong season. In rhe ourfield, rhe Warriors gor a lor of spark from rhe orher half of rhe Gangloff rwins, Jim, who performed in lefr field. Sreve Lararra kepr up his cusromary good defense in cenrer and became a rough our and power hirrer ar rhe plare. Randy Lowry, Terry Gibbar and Mike Boehner all came off rhe bench ro rurn in good showings. Wirh previous srare championships in 1978 and 75, coach Wrighr would have surely liked ro have looked back on anorher one earned in 1984 Excepr for an upser loss ro Narrhwesr, ir may have happened, Bur he and rhe resr of rhe club can look back on rhe season wirh pride. John Gangloff, a rhree-year srarrer for rhe varsiry squad, plays his posirion ar 3rd base. K7 f .K is-avi , ,J "5 ...zzriix K xx Varsiry Baseball Row 1-Rodney Mullins, Kevin Eberhardr, Jim Gangloff, Mike Boehner, Terry Gibbar, Dave Monrgornery, Glreg Carr, Glen Narions, Randy Knese, Sreve Lararra, Curr Therford. Row 2-Coach Wrighr, Kyle Wilson, Ken Jordan, Tom Gabberr, Mike Harvey, Randy Lowry. BOYD SUTTQV. Mllfe MQJYOO, Ryan LGWIS. SCOTY , Johnson, Brian Beck, John Gangloff, Coach Kappler 76 - Baseball 9 ff Sf- K - Lx -. rig an ,ef Q, XQKF' , .W .V X . Qqgpfx-ushuhm, urs wig - .. wife-Ska? - -ww-1, .,.,, , - M Q 41 Q? 2nd baseman Tim Freiner commenred, "I eryoyed ir We only finished 6-124, buf we nad a good mme." ' 20 l , Kevln Ebernardr nolcls his swung for rne perfecr plrcn. B Baseball, Row 1-llusry Burler, Bob Spangler, Tim Kos, Brian Voss, Brlan Pererson, Blll Cole Row 2-Coach Sears, Kenny Fedaly Tom Summers, Loren Sruclsmeyer, Kregg Kraus, Jay Domel-Q, Kenr Swarr, Tim Freiner Baseball - 77 Vorsfry Soccer, Row 1-Mellndo Mueller. Row 2-Joclsie Croig, Denise Sollers, Kim Jones. Row 3-Srocey Hill, Tino Nichols, Donno Checlsirr. B-Teom Soccer, Row 1-Susie Norris. Row 2-Gino Gibbor. Row 3- Srephonie Norris, Sherry Buchheir, Pom Nelson. Vorsfry Foorboll, Row 1-Renee Russell, Sherry Jusr, Karen Klernperr, Kelli Reese. Row Q-Cyndi Jerger, Dionne Solsrnon, Gino Johnson, Tommy Collohon, Eloine Eller. D-Team Basl1erbolL Row lfloby Drennen, Kim Boyer, Row 2-Tioh 78 - Cheerleoders Tyler, Poulo Rose, Amy Shelby. M I Il lk , WM, :WM f Z , ,,,,V w 22 fn W ff f- ,W if A 44' 4 ,ww A v,,,,A,,M,fJm , ff WWA I K We , , .A., W ,, MW, Z5 'fi 'V 5,4 Quufwfi ,vwwfflzwhw Bffeom Foorboll, Row Uomce Johnson Row 2 Tomy Boker, Down Jones flow 3-Shorom Long, Nomcy Groy va ' I Q3 exe YW 1.5 Q O J V LVfG5fflf?QLOUVO Roammer, Susve Norms, Ke-Hy Anderson, Gmc: Gwbbor, Debbie Swobodo, Nomcy Grey, Tomy Bake' Vorsffy Wresrmg, Row 1-Chew! Mossmg, Mwssy lssocs Row 2Tommy Comhon, Dommo Checkirr, Demise Mort Cheedecders Sideline Acfion One ofren wonders where rhe ocrion reolly is, rhe ploying field or rhe sidelines. Afrer oll, rhere ore other reoms performing besides rhe moin orrrocrion, ond rhey ore oll doing ir for the specroror. Ler's delve info rhe minds of rhe people who molse sporr worrh ploying. Even rhe moin orrrocrion, rhe ployers, spend some rime worching rhe gome omong orher rhings. In focr, benchwormer ond foorboll ployer Sreve Nelson soys, l'The only exciremenr l gor ploying foorboll wos wofching cheerleoders from behind while sirring on rhe bench." Mony orhleres hove probobly hod derriers os rhe sole inspirorion for porriciporing in orgonized orhlerics. Speolsing of inspirorion, whor obour rhe much moligned cheerleoding sguod leoving rhe cold ond roin while frying ro cheer up o rhunderous group of people. CAre cheerleoders o reincornorion of posrmen?D lr rolses o cheery personoliry ro do rhis job ond ir seems Srocey Hill Cever rhe cheerleoderb meers rhese reguiremenrs by her sroremenr, Ulloh roh sis boom bohf' Ar leosr ir wos done for o worrhwhile couse rhis yeor, winning seoson. Now rhor we've seen whor's on our cheerleoders minds, ler's find our whor goes through rhe minds of pom pon girls os rhey perform, Uppermosr on Liso Srerling's mind is, "l con'r woir 'ril rhis gome is over so l con ger our of rhis dumb uniform." Shelley Powell G Lorri Morhews ogreed rhor rhey hored 'iloolsing lilse o perlsing up princess." Neverrheless rhey do seem ro smile o lor. Also performing or holfrime is o bond of insrrumenr ployers, Bond members cope wirh phobies obour rubos folling over rheir heod or rrombones sliding lnro rhe bocls of rheir heod. l.oDonno Beclser ofren worries obour, "rhe foor folling off my fluref' Sounds lilse ir could be o condidore for on ompurorion. Whor obour rhof wonderful breed of mon, rhe specroror. They ore ofren oble ro come up wirh good suggesrions such os Srocy Weilond's, 'iWe need osrrorurf os rhor Lindbergh's cheerleoders won'r groze or holfrimef' Some find orher reosons for coming ro the gome. One con ofren heor Bobbie Tipron soying, 'Thor guy over rhere is cure." If W , 'lb J'9s A Why ,A Susie Norris, Pom Nelson, Sherry Duclfheir, Shelley Webber, ond Gino Gibbor srorr o chonr for sideline fons lkighr, Donno Checlsirr, Desiree Driver ond Melisso lssocs cheer on rhe Worrior wresrlers Top phoro-'il reolly enjoyed being o moscor, ir wos o greor woy ro show school spirirf' soid senior Bob Toohey 80 Sideline Acrion Lefr-"Poms nos been 0 greor experrence and 0 hor of fun," send senror Pxeneo Dwyer Beiowfxi enjoy gerrrng rogerner wrrr my frre-nos ond gerrrng rowdy," exdorrned Rrcky Ersenbers HI ioye gorng ro 0 Dosebcdl gonne wnerner we wan or lose," send sopnornore Mrke Surnprer Here Mrlfe, Doug Goidornnner ond Teresa Byrd enrer Duscn Srodwrn ro worcn rne WOVVIOV Boseboll reorn prey Lindbergh HI rnrnk rne fons' supporr rnrs yeor nos been gre-or"' odded Keren Kremperr os sne ond ner friends worcn 0 wrestling morcn. Nw' it fire asf Q -.., i v e - , -. L , Z SN ' 'ggr e e rr lxqb X . ., r . -.2 A .xi W' V-w.,...,nw.Wx...w,M, A Num WL Q?" Q ' oe Cseofgx no CQXJOXQ YYNQ We ' e .'X ese oiqo de , gg,fw as cox we 4994 ewdeoxs qv Omoo oo CXO 6005 ood oiqodxmomoo KNQX4 qvoxq OOC XNQQXAQOC ixqfxe KO W 6065, ow xocaooqoq KO ecvod fixmof fiNQQiXOQ XNXW owei acvo eeixoq owes. owen YQ? mem Nlkike oo Qxlf 'Xwowcgx YJQQOQOQXQXJ QNQ Kwoow OK dXQY'SCOOOX Mkfxoge UQOGKWSV qcxoed Ki ixooefxodode xdmq heb xixgna, co dxqixocg oo ioiexqo Qwsxoe, oi f5xqOQXx4 Q0 Lxdwkixee iooge HOW gvdxoq Oekeks XNXW x ciixcgnoixocg oo 0 CLKXOXOK oi deboxe xeom exe sxoixec we xqeay qoeqorneifgixgn xo mow 'xo We SQN ok 'W ow em Qooixooed O Q NN Qiqe new oew 0005 Qooded os 0 s W ooqvoox We xqeci 52 The D ecwgbms News 1 Q N I f at aff: 4' J 3 5 we , k - - ww X L ES? :f' F .Gfllhtful fi Vkycw Lewus memes rwmsen' com'orroONe 03 he worfs ow speech mcrermol ef y wfg 0 VW 0 ec 'fem Mwcoe r me NP 'ec , ejoyec ' ee' see C' yec' C' Fcx che' Teeeexee 'A' 'Pe eds We so elce " cfs Mrs Esrerwge Coe pose' crowns 05 'eccee' Ufwe' Cil'Cff,'Cn les' , 'es 33C'EC'GC Sy STUCO 'mg J O aceme Pore Gvls of Fox Hwgw' Q' '5 Vps' Kewr Wwe Mke ece'e9 Me eee' fee.-. 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I I I I A BARNABY JONE5,Crime Dm, NIR THIRD EYEfSc1ence Fiction tl I. ma I WGN scoorw Dootcortooft I II I HBO FELLOWSHIP of CHRIS- I y TIAN 3:35 TBS LEAVE IT TO BEAVER BW I ATHLETE54 Boys Gnd Girls A PM 2 JEFFERSON Cccl-Comedy I The boys gather at Dave Montgo' Fiorence Ieaps at a once-in-a-Iitetime I mery's house to discuss faith. Across opportunity when ottered an executive town the girIs meet at Iuiie Lambert's position at a iarge hotei, First of two house to discuss missionaries. parts. Q SESAME STREET Ccci-Children A OUINCY-Crime Drama Quincy and Emiiy try to determine whether a young woman was mur- ' r committed 84 ' Decisions ' it SPANISH cLu13 nes, Sharon werson, Dawn Io dered by her boyfriend a suicide. COO mini I I todd Bo L "Q-.. ug Hpdrrirwg d rwewsoooer rogerrwer rs fun I hlse oermg dole ro hove dworces os ro wrwor we prrrwr Ir's mice ro see on orrrde rhor I've spe-mr hours on prnrwred on me from pogef' Corrwrrwemrs Teresd Byrd FHA Presrdemr Lourd Kesrermorwr rwores rhor rhe orgorwizdriorw sold cdrwdy, Cookbooks, sruffed dmmdls ond Jewevy os Weil os UOKGC goods ro fund rhemr chdrrroole ond sooo! ocrwxrues Ar lefr Lduro ond Jolme Dovzs owoir Cusrorrwers Cemrer phorofMissy Moore ond Tereso Nrddess ger reody ro serve refresrwrrwerwrs or rhe NHS umducrion ceremomes, Dons Mr BoHord Mrs Bomord Mrs, Berryman Mr Dwshop Mrs Dowfrvdrw Mr Droudrmds Mr DrozeoN Mrs Brerwgie Miss Brrdges Dedsxors - 85 KJUOF i Spanish Ciubrronr rowffkudrey Hurr, Trocy Johnson, Srocy Johnson, June Perero, Tonyo Foresrer, Srioron Long, Qnd rowiiory Cross, Joda Boyd, Micneiie Amsier, Angie Cosn, Denise Soliers, Rondo Wilson, Liso Pfirzinger. boclr row-Scorr Luoders, SCOTF Meodows, Tricio Loyd, Virginia Rolond, Desiree Driver Moc McKee, Mrs Kozien, Mrs Boiis, ii. kiisfi v alv- '?A ?Tii: . k-:exif f i E is U ffl". ,M 4 if rg Y, Q f figs, Wi2,K1,fi,:,-,gms 'ff Above, Micnoei Poinrer ond Kim Birlsner shore "me worsrjob of porring rne newspaper rogerrwer - ryping ir"' Beiow, VOICE Newspaper-Tereso Byrd, Kim V Birisner, Doug Golden, Micrioel Poinrer, Horny Tripp, Mory Prircnerr. Nor picrured Chris Pieifsdwneider. assi" ft A.'." I as JJ L sir FHAfronr rowfhris Suddurh, Cindy Arlsins, Jodi DeLone, julie Davis, DeOnno Robinson, Kaye Frenzei, Donno Moddox, Sheiiy Kirlsporrick. 2nd row-Sandy Moser, Terry Deon, Riro Barron, Kris Boesing, Sherry McCormick, Chris Ciork, Mrs. Thou- venor. book row-Michele Roed. Jim Wifed, Shown Burg-on, Angie Volner, Tornnniy Johnson, Pom Arlsins, NH5ironr row-Greg Weorhenord, Joe Consigiio, Miss Moore, Chris Dicieel, Tim Broun 2nd row Kenny Vogel Por Schoub Vince Degore, Sreve Money, Karen Klos, Audrey Hun, Mrs. Boiis, Tim Sommers Grd row-Shoron Hatcher, Mory Simmons, Tricio Loyd, Lindo Sruclsmeyer, Tereso Nickless bocis row Mrs Gorrer Barbie Srrong, Denise Soiiers, Ario Gyicirr, Liso Dierrich, Curris Therford, Dove Monis, Ar len, Tirn Bouer, Scorr Loaders, Robert Srucismeyer, ond Mike Horrns, 12 VOL ON OFF .n. 1. Deiis Cos 1 87 F, ' 'W' Z.,-if I J lfl -.ff ' ' 7 ' Tuesday Q PM 2 WOMAN TO WOMAN-Dis NSH FANDANGO-Game cussion Topic: the death N penaity, C60 Minh TMC MOVIE-Comedyi'My Favor- A HA-KO Everyone rushes to We Yeoh' Cqomim meet the deadiineg Vaierie 4 McDonaid checks a iayout, 10 AM 2 POQEQM5 'Mme QMS Wofif A Nucheiie Lawson snaps a iast if h eley Pgwei Tens Loffi A d photo, Tim Brocishaus woriss ST ews on 'Korea Fioiioff y I on captions, whiie Jeff Laiiy O ,Our The Osggnmem they i i missed in soc oio A furiousiy types away ' QV' yi H 5 pHlL DONAHUE Ekwifes of Q MISTER ROGERS-Children N Ce'eb""eS- C60 mm csii usri Foomfaii chicago ty LiF WHAT EVERY BABY KNQW5 Biitz at Michigan Panthers, U , taped yesterday. C8 hrs? i WGN MOVIE-Adventure Carib- y i bean," M9525 Pretentious 10130 2 LOVINGSQHOI costume swasbucisier, tea- turing the usuai staiwart 5 DREAM HOU5E,GOme l hero Uohn Payneb, beautitui X . h?'Oif'e,U5'ie'7e DSW Gnd Q 3-2-1CONTACTCCCD-Children y pirate viiiain Gtr Cedric Hard- N i WMU' QW 11 HOGAN'S Hmoes-comedy i , i ooo A PRESS YOUR LUCK-some i iy Q LETTER PEOPLE-Children 30 CHOIR gefofe me Chgif i iy y ii PLEASE DONT EAT THE DAI- warms up, Damon Taiiey X 5155 taises attendance. Mr. John- SO VICA Greg Jansen and Usa son discusses the proposed y Ennis iisten in rapt attention trip to Kansas City. t as Mr, Whittenioerg discusses taxes. 10185 TBS TEXAS-Serial i 85 - Decisiong i i i i i WATCH is on Fon it- gseia' un si mxtiisiai L, FESTNAL AND AND OiRS GO THEM CAPT ti ix ,,s, Y wt .iw -M5 ,f- fr E1 i ' ' E i 5 i MM W,,,M.,, 7 'Y '9 , 'Q ' Q, 4 f x f Q Z .ww , .s . W E is X if 7 X My , Hi, X!!! ZX! The hardesr parr of puffing a yearbools rogerher is 'lpleasing Miss Lirrlel" comrnenrs Kelly Cox as she worlxs wirh Doug Goldarnrner on layaurs, Cenrer phoro-Nexr ro singing, Terry Lesrer enjoys "being a spaz" wirh Arlo and Connie! Reflecring on rheir performances in 1084, Karla De Narale said "we have an excellenr squad rhis year " -. M YK. V, 'L 'V Delow cenrer"lYoo call 'rhar' J singing?" comnnenrs Mr Johnson Mr, Drodsman Mr. Durler Ms. Campbell Mrs, Cayse Mr, Chrisr Mrs, Cobb ,I A Miss Cobb Mr. Coolfson Miss Daniels Mr Danlsel Mr. Doclsery Mrs. Domian DY- Drdo Mrs, DVUVY Mr. Duniphan Mrs. Farrell Mr, Frasure Miss Ganr MVS Gorrerr Mr Gilmore Mrs Glore Mr Greaney Mrs Gaffey Ms Heavey Decisions - 89 l'iV ' Wcefronr row Lisa Ennis, Cindy Fischer, Teresa Black, Debbie Drown, Gino Johnson, Wendy Miller, Sandy Goosey, Donerre Vanmerer, Terry McBride, Cindy lssacs 2nd rowfCindy Arlfins, Farra Corciinale, Tammy Winrers, Cindy Morler, Robin Krerzer, Michelle Colernan, Karhy O'Brien, Carolyn Sluyrer, Kevin Jacobs, Jeff Fischer, Don Mobley, John Zuener, Craig Cwilflowsls' Grd row-Carla 4Cullurn3 Lee, Dawn Cloninger, Dawn 4EosiD Cheororn, Dawn Grosshom, Rodger Courrway, Bill Mills, Terry Rodlse 4rh row4Mary Muelhauser, Paulo Jansen, Tommy George, DJ Dock, Judy Prasznic, Kim Loch, Sharon Becher, Kelly King, Rodney G'Sell, Terry Gibbar, Roberr Tullocls, Mr, Snider, 5rh row-Terry Francis, Mr. Whirrenberg, Moria Pedrerri, Milxe Fey, Barry Meyer, Donna Reed, Kim Collier, Bob Mahoney, Gronr Janson, Brion Quinn, Larry Donnenburg. orh row-Michelle McGraw, Kelly O'l-laro, Morls E-lurchison, Jeff Land, Sreye Grorhe, Bill Denman, Lisa Morschel, Leigh Waiies, Dove Reece, Ron Lemmons, 7rh row-Tammy Edwards, Tammy Morley, Dawn Gibbs, Darlene Hursell, Tony Monria, Tony Zairz, John Kirners, Elizaberh Hudson, Penny Douge, Tom Weber, Rick Jenson, Doo Johnson J 1, ,er J: 4 1 J f K J 4 52 is - 5 if A " 1 ' Q ,ii J f yn fe W ' W" ef a ff' 1- ' , , ,fig , ., of ,Ji 4. 1 if , is xv ,, r , Q 'A 'Z .0 f '. 5 ' ff' L J i, ' irr L' T if, I , y ,, L i b , it 1: A , I? - 2 if My nk ,V V ii N L , , " i Ji '- '7 " '- IV . .L ,w n 1- d A 'A V Y h V V J , -A i or i i 1 if g V ' 1 K fi ' . 1 , vf gg -E J L Q4 W,i.,i , .,.i tmmi M2 ' A f , Fronr Rowe Carmen Srefano, Targa Foresier, Denise Dennnon, Audrey l-lurr, Shelley Powell, Chrisry Poe, Lisa Karnmen. Qnd Row-Laura Weorherford, Jennifer Toliaierro, Kathy l-iolslsenbecli, Lisa Srerllng, Mario Tricomo, Janer Craig Page Kowalski, Susan Carrer. Grd l1owACindy Fkineharr, Karla Deliioiale, Jeni Margneria, Karen Flaharr, Lorri Morhews, Kirn Smirh, Kim Huirr, Arh Row Srephonie Newman, Rurh Simpson Reneo Dwyer, Joan O'Connor Nancy Perkins, Leah Sirnp n, . , so Lynn Elgin, Annie Mooley. As li - Concerr Chofrelfranr- Virginia Roiand, Sherri Corhern, Danna Anderson, Connie Reiss, Missy Moore, Terry Lesrer, Dan Tharna, Jae Cansiglio, 2nd rowv Kris Thomale, Tricia Loyd, Karhy Roland, Lisa Polere, Karen Klos, Andre Glaser, Ed Skaggs, Mark Srnirh. Bra raw- Michelle Riley, Chris Biclsei, Dawn Fehr, Anna l-ludsperh, Roger Wells, Arlo Oviarr, Bob London, Tim Bedwell, Doug Roach. Arh row- Eva Lagage, Teresa Niclsless, Jofel Cross, Damon Tally, Miise Poinrer, Ron Tefr, Scorr Barger, Bill Frailey. 5rh raw- Elaine Long, Kim Orphan, Michelle Lear, B, J. Back, Milse Schurze, Bryon Porrell, Ken Kleinschrodr, Chris Reifschneider, Milse Neirles. Senior Girls Gleefronr rowfarmen Srefano, Missy lssacs, Regina Brown, Dawn Jordon, Sherri Carhern, Karen Klos, Kaye Frenzel, 2nd row-June Perero, Joel Cross, Annerre Gambino, Neena Aly, Eva Lagage, Zina Sample, Mary Berh Simmons, Wendy Hall. 3rd row-Cheryl Updegrave, Denise Linaell, Beth Looney, Michelle Beavre, Deseree Driver, Michele Riley, Cheryl Honey, Valerie l-larnilron, Karen Bagley, 4rh raw-Michelle Riebold, Barb Wearherhalr, Jackie Craig, Gall Miller, Renee Russell, Virginia Roland, Karhy Lagage, Donna Reed, 5rh raw-Teresa Srour, Michelle Lear, Brenda Bowling, Kathy Roland, Wendy Miller, Elaine Long, LeAnn Siacey, Sheri McClue. Honor Chofrfronr row-Tanya Walker, Terry Lesrer, Bryan Black. Qncl raw-Niedra Fischer, Regina Brown, Tim O'Brien, Mark Smith. Brd row-Connie Reiss, Karen Klos, Chris Bickel. Arh raw-Kim Grphon, Leah Larnae, Arla Oyiarr, David Mirchell. 5rh raw-BM Frailey, SCOTT Barger, Tim Chilton, ri. V OL is on OFF 1.1. 'N , JSC :Cf Soph. Chofrfronr row-K, MCKG-y, T. Wollser, .l. Poli, S, Holcner, S Norris, N Fischer, S Snepord, K Haynes, S. Norris, M. Crump. row QAC Sudderh K. Smith, W. Bowles, B. Bolsrrnon, B. Dlclsmon, D. Mirenell, T. Norris L. Lornpe, D. McClure, T. Jonie. row 3- C. Suodurn, To Choprnon, S. Douglos, J, losinslsi, G. McCarthy, T. O'Drlen, T, Shurze, P Willioms, J. Doerr. row A-C Polire, M. Joles, S Pedrerri, A. Gilman, W. Pere-rs, S. Golden, G. Gosrreiclw, l. Mclnryre, J. Slseif, DD, Gorensrein, row 5-S. Ausrerrnon, is Fischer, R. Hompron, G Kilrnon, M Sumprer, E. Deloy, M. Penrod, K. Flrsimmons, P. Powell. Jr, girlsrow 'lAMory Deol-zly, Cheryl Denrley, Debbie Aubuelwon, Windy l-Ioll, Somonrho Pip!-rin, Poulo Jonsens row 2-Liso Wodel, loner Spoerh, Glorio Kley, l4ir'n Cnomberg, Angie Kencode, Tino Penlngron, Chris Gross. row Sfloclsie Bielfleld, Gino Wilson, Suson Loose, Kim Lemons, Noncy Dingnorn, Horny Tripp, Conoy Toylor, Robin, McGrow. row A'Snerri MeClure, Leonne Srocey, Crysrol Srrelslen, Robin l-lolorools, Tnereso Brune, Tommy Cornbs, Tornrny Bornon. Mens Choirrow 1-Terry Lester, Doug lloocn Tim Bedwell, Morlc Dougnerry, Ed Scoggs row 2-Jomes Tucker, llondy Belleville, Roger Wells, Andre, Glosser, Scorr Singer, Brion Block row 3-Tim Chllron, Srocy Wielond, Rooney Mollor, Jim Gore-wood, Ken Cox, Ron Tefr, Keirn l-lolrnes. row A-Scorr Felry, Jerrel Aimes, Milse Allen, Keirh Allen, Arville Declwell. Pl ,MMT W5 v ,Mx li T-, 2 l .. K if ,C x . fl. l A My . 8 3 E "' r qi . -. A ax.: M -ale. ,.. L. . A .-s 1 P-.N r L A . 3 . ,Q Q Q, ' B c V so Q., ,- gk X.. ww ,off ,dxf if A .vw- B Shiv iiwsfn f dnnii lyQA , if HA-KO Yeorbools Sroff - fronr row- Dione Srreclsfuss, Kelly Cox, Michelle Lowson. 2nd row- Normo Morcee, Vince Vondoveer, Connie Reiss, Tim Sommers. 3rd row-Eric Monion, Jeff Lolly, Jeff Moning, Jomes Espey, Miss Lirrie. Bock rows Doug Goldommer, Mil-ee Boehner, Renne Dwyer, Tim Broclshous, Doug Golden. Mixed Gvarfronr row-Korhy Lirrrell, Coroi Ann Joclfson, Deboe Aubuchon, Kim Lunsford, Kim Boyer, Kim Ohlinger, Koren Goldsmirh, Bobbie Tipron. Qnd row- Micheile Kirchner, Ccirhy Woods, John Blankenship, John Dorillo, Dove Honlss, Morls VonDiver, Rick Homlyn, Deseree Driver, Paulo Jonson. Grd row'Sherri Wollser, Down Seevers, Bob Herrn, Sondro Lecho, Roger Wells, Eric Surror, Morniro Mills, Porri Kloepple, 4th row- Denise Melion, Normo Heed, .luoniio Womack, Greg Bess, John Simmerle, Psondy Lowry, Kevin Douglos, Bon Teffr, Debbie Hiclsmon, Cheryl Sfeorns. 5ih row' Renee Srruclsfuss, Sondy Tolley, Keirh Holmes, Wolrer Morgon, Dovid L, Psorh, Mil-ze Allen, Arville Bedweil, Connie Diomond, Melindo Owsley, April Lewis. f I MQ l OFF I Decsons 4.1. Q4 - Decisions .gieif Wednesday 4130 '2 BARNEY MILLER-Comedy ESN FISHIN' HOLE An air-traffic controller is y hauled in for trying to lsill Lllf AMERICAN ADVENTURE A Harris and a robber pleads not to be jailed. Nll4 TOMORROW PEOPLE-Scr ence Fiction 5 SCHOLAR QUIZ Lisa Ennis identifies the painting NSH OPRYLAND ON STAGE All-Xmerican Gothic" while , Tim Sommers berates Dan- 5130 '2 CHESS CLUB Vince DeGeare A ny Nliller tor not being battles with Dove Wagoner quiclser on the buzzer. for the life of his lsing. Nxt. i A Kasey schedules the upcom- A A 15 BEWITCHED-Comedy lmo- ing tournament. gene Coca appears as a be- ' who's A CDS NEWS-Dan Rather y fuddled tooth fairy tr ing to turn in her wings. Y Darrin1 Dicle Sargent. CBN LET'S MAKE A DEAL-Game 5 PM 245 NEWS Q SESAME STREET CCCJ-Children Gl'f'Y'lO0l' QVG- ll FHA Laura l4est ares information for the re- P gional meeting. CHlPs-Crime Drama Eager d 5 NDC NEWS-Tom Bralraw S0 AWC Nlr. Kasey checlss the eter before posting the forecast. HORSE RACING WORLD barom ESN l.lF TRAVELLER'S WORLD Nll4 MR. WlZARD'S WORLD-Sci- ce A string is used to en transfer water from a pitch- er to a bowl. l I I 113 for an easier beat, lon an Ponch iump at a chance for W Tempomry beech duty. GN WKRP IN CINCINNATI-Came Larry Wilcox, Eric Estrada. edy Trucls driven l-larvey l.em- 0 PM 245 NEWS becls. so GERMAN cLui3 Mrs, Hecyey Q MACNEIL, LEHRER NEW- X collects money raised from 5A'AOUAA the sale ot stale l'Gummy1 11 ONE DAY AT A TIME.COm- el edy Conclusion. Barbara their Bears", and Anna l-ludsp ' es to bring her mon- t promis ey to the next meeting. tries ro repay Ntarls for disastrous first date. L. 4 - Below, Riclr Eisenbeis, Kyle Eglin, and John Gangloff share I fU0, and fellowship Qt Q FCA meeting, German students Ral rw Hwetzel, Korri Phrlttpsy Miie H Uber' Andrea MOVQOD Dill ausdorf, Dawn Mcclure ond Keith Wilson get ready to brave they cold for some Christmas caroling, 'VCA 'eocfes yoo mow 'o shoe . even you chow " jokes Dole Jome5 os be shores owe ww? Cooch Sfwekiom Sw, ' ,P iff o vga nf A A. , . w 5 .2 4' 1 w A 'yr Q P 1- x 4.3 r Ay rf if fe , ,QE M fe ,mf ff , 'A'--an-Lf Y """'fA,,f fl AW Mr. Hewnemonm Mrs Hodge MI' HONGQV Mrs HoHood Mr Hood Mr lyy Mr Jewefmm Mr Jooosoe as. -x. Mr Koooler M5 Korg Mr Kasey M's Kozleri Mrs Wcrome M' Kms ' C' QWCNMVG' 'Q J3Y, 'E ' 1 1 l V Scholar Qaafronf row-Tim Sommers, Chris Suddurh, Page Kowlaski, Greg Wearherford, Mark Narrens, Mary Simmons, 2nd rawfVince De-Geare, Tim Braun, LeAnn Falcerri, Sharon Harcher, Marr McKee. back row-Angie Anderson, Anna Hudsperh, Mike Jordan, Par Schaub, Sue Harcher. German Oubfranr rawfhris Suddurh, Kory Phillips, Tami Beckman, LeAnn Falcerri, Cherrie Schmidt, Billy Fraley, Bill Hausdorf, 2nd row-Tim Braun, lim Heidom, Joe Fischer, Keirh Wilson, Mike Anderson, Mike Huber, Michelle Reed, back row-Becky Beel, Barb Hueir, Beth Wilkerson, Ralph Lierzl, Paul Adler, Anna l-ludsperh, Dawn McClure, Andrea Morgan, Anita Hanrschke. Q Below, Todd Bowerson, AWC President, checks for "rain" in rhe halls, "Carl and l were playing as a team against Steve Speer, and we smoked him!" comments Paul Ryder as he begins a second game wirh Carl Faulkner. , i , Q , iv. r x k ggs:.5-I-ij - ,E A f ' i . , K Q, Qs , A it - N W J-Neff.. S x ffe,-o exile. X x we we Q. X E ix ig, A- e si - K ':1?'?F i gy-of i. . -is . k , X ll I Q VOL Boys 5 Girls FCA4'ronr row- on OFF Shari McClelland, Carmen 1 2 3 -- Srefono. 2nd row-Scoff '-' Luaders, Kyle Wilson, Dave Monrgamery, Mike Boehner, Jim Sweeney Tray Mann. back raw'Doag Goldammer, I John Gangloff, Ryan Lewis, John Palmer, Scafr Langelier, Greg Cari, Jim Gangloff. Wearher Cenrerfroni raw, Randy Harrmann, Todd Bowerson bacls rawl-ieirh Allen, ,lerrel Ames, Mr. Moss, Chess Clubfronr row-Mike Anderson, Joe Raymond, S. Chris Suddurh, Mike Ashby, WHS bade rowf5reve Speer, Baa Hern, .lim Benneir, Vince DeGeare, Carl Faulkner, JEQETM 95 - Decisions ffff-rf" C W v ,K-gl M 42,1-',f,,f g".--"" .,,,j,:g4Lf""' "f "'ff gf! 'Z-XII,-',,,f-""' ' -4-Y Y I !m?tj,ff4:Y ,'i ! Thursdoy LOTTERY!-Dromo A long-oo sleoting-1500 meter ond the sent tother Clon Cypher? ice doncing iinols. hopes WS ,'leW.WeOllh WN A FRENCH CLUB Mrs. Pollocls help reunite him with his . d d. fomnyu O S2 mmion prize outlines o propose inner ' f mend- tor true French Cuisineg Stephonie Bond osl4s it the our- proves to he o test o ' d restouront serves hom ship for o stripper UU v l.onders?g ond o horried hos driver CEddie Borth? finds re' gem' lief in his winnings. Flohertyr 9130 il NEWS Ben Mvfivhv- Wh NlOfShOll CBN SPEECH AND DEBATE TEAM Nlr. Miller discuss debote Colt. C60 mln? hon ond A DECA Tommy Collo ome Howlflins serve Cosf Jer romers in the DE store dure ing lunch. stroregy with Tim Sommers in preporotion for the No- tionol tournomentg Donny Miller, Don Bloir ond Pot h ex- Schoup worls on t e temp file. l 5 CHEER5 A trustroted Dione ' Ghellev Long? leoves Cheers A p in seorch of o more fulfilling J, l Coreer ondoliberored Norm V A R I Y OJ, 4 me S H O W GQ, l i p pro l Vero. Somz Ted Donson. Corloz Psheo Perlmon. Clie, THAT'S 'I 'I 19 ll i 'X peot? , Q STUDENT COUNCIL Bobby resides over o Tipton p ' meeting Concerning the winter Coronotion. K 4' Ani METROPOLITAN CATSEDoCuf 'D il 'D ntory Stotters from New p me Yorlds Nierropoliton Muse- l ' how ref um of Art exomine l'nes hove been portroyed l l in ort, C35 min.? l l ml TMC MOVlEfDromo UN?Jlthout o 7: 30 pm dl TroCe." C2 hrs? l PM 2 ABC5PontsAoiymptC cover! ' L M Q oge Men s downhill, speed CCieorge Wendt? is on wl otter splirting up with ' t Friday Aprili3 l i l ff' A-:W if Miss Litrle MV- Moseley Mrs, Soloboy Mr Pruert 'kmmw fx-WM, wfwfw, rw ff'fY: MW Q, f 2 ' ' r?f4 ' 7' Q ',,f3Vi,f ,f " 4 4 r M ,. i ' How does rr feel ro be e rwrn7 Krm Boyer seys 'Toby as rbe greeresrl Vm glee were so dose, shes We , enorrwer me"' Here rney sbere dorhrng on 'Wwrn dey" of Sprrrr Week 5:5512 '19 DP" , u 1 9? , W A ...Ky K V All tr A " ' l 1: kj! Q' ' . K ', . v ' We ,. "We Neve New YerRY" screem seyenreen DECA members who errenoed o feoroey conference rn me Bug Apple ro Neern more obour merbserrng slxrils x, X. r EQ-on ,xg ' Mr Looney Mr Mcvoy Ms, Merchond Mr Mergenfelcir Mrs. Moxson Mr Muller Mfg Moms Mr Moms ,4 A s., . M - Mr. Moss Mrs Moenrnouser Mrss Muern My Qggggd Mrs Pos!-:en Mrs Pererrr Ms. Periods Mr Prrmm W Ms. Roger Mr Romoesire Mr Reid Mrs Rern Mrs. Rhodes Mrs D Robinson Mrs. L. Robinson Mrss Ronsrck 1. , ,QSGMX V1 L is ' x Q 5 , , Mrs Servorskr Mr Beers Mrs Seeyers Mr Sewero Mrs Sexrro Mr Snroer Mrss Teifech Mrs Teeoyenor Deesrons ul emoyed rhls yeor's Srudenr Council electron slmply because l won," Roo Dougherry sold os he smlled for rhe comero with Poge Kowolslsl. French Oubfronr rowflileclsy Llpslnslsy, llm Sweeney, Dlone Srreclsfuss Qnd row Donno Anderson, Koren Klos, Korhy WlS09WSlSl, Julie l4ory. odds row Emmerr Gdddy, Muse Polnrer, Arlo Oylozl fr on M 3 Pa s , L iss 4 ,Q V lv '55 it t X gf Q x y z l ' Y B 1 bzf, Q , Sly mf: Z! is I f " , . - 4 fs 2 J f w e .. , ' ..yy ,y wsllissillsfl rf., "3BQB2num- i,..,g X ffm P5 P, iw- 'ln 1,5 WS N I is 1 lx m fi i 'I f 5 ,if X NS f V I r n . , l f ig? Q 1 Q Hs gi 3" is . 'ik A Q 3, A A 5 3 l. M tix sa. A A gig h.e'Q'fQ 8 B' 1 K is y f ' ::-, f ,'1- 9:5 W.-W-eel 1? eee ff Q W QT 1e.1 Q eylf. X Q X Egf Srudenf Councflironr rowellob Golden, Kim Kohls, Doug Goldomrner, Gino Gross, Llso Webb, Dione Slosmon, Shelley Powell, Reneo Dwyer, Doug Golden, Bill Froley, Louro Roymer, Jenny Mclnrrye, Amy Tlpron, 2nd row-Lech Lompe, Bob Bolsmon, Cindy lerger, Kelll Reese, Sfocy Hill, Melundo Mueller, Susle Johnson, Clndy Rlnehorr, Amy Polnrer, Keren Klemperr, Lori Gonsmon, Cori Eclwords, Trocey Vonce, bode row-Mrs Bornord, Joner Crolg, Angle Anderson, Declsy Agnew, Joclcle Croig, Anno Hudsperh, Tim Chvlron, Rod Mulllns, Srocy Wellond, Elolne Long, Down McClure, Michelle Andrews, Angel Oloughlln, Bersy Bowen, Mrs l-lodge. Nor olcrured Bobbie Tlpron, Tino Schworz, Lorrl Mdrhews D.ECA Oub 'np if on wwwiwmvw gunuiv Speech 6 De-bofefronr row-Biil Coie, Por Schoub, Donny Miller, Doug Golden, Mike Nerrles, Mike Pointer, Tim Sommefs. 2nd row-Mr. Miiier, Srocey Cooper, Leann Foiceiri, Korea Kioss, Bobbie Tipron, Eddie Skaggs. back row-Keirh Wilson, Srepbonie Bond, Debbie See, Crysrol Lesrer, Keith Hoimes, Bill Moore Hey Meiindo Eosrerwood who: 5 your fovorire burron?" "Eoi your heori our I'm married," 1 I VOL ON OFF .n-.1- De: 5 one f WOW ,A df!-ff, ,j?T"fj.L - A ,F - - - Y Friday 11180 2 RYAN5 HOPE-Serial Mr. Butler goes over music seiections with Jozz Bond students Rothy Hoiien- 5 WHEEL OF FORTUNE-Game becis, Joson Smith ond Miiee Rice. L is THAT GIRL-Comedy 'T AFTERNOON 959 PA A 'Z ALL MY CHILDREN-Serial 'K O At b A DRAMA CLUB As Dione C h Q S M i Strecisfuss ond Robbie S C I XL Dougherty discuss judging U b L' L criterio for the Voriety t rn U S N Show, Renee Russel ond O U r t T Chris Reifschneider moise rn 5 X posters, e n t L i O f L T 5 NEWS t ii L e I' m L l it ALL IN THE FAMILY n 3 t e X L is FUGLTIVE-Dromo BW W I V X Xi ix L g A I '- L 1 0180 A A5 THE WORLD TURNS-Serial n I ia i WL E n .1 -F . L 5 DA Y5 OF outa LIVES-Serial n i if A I i Q LETTERMAN'5 CLUB Dove If . ft Deveydt ond Rich Mothews B 1 . I LN A shore ct privote joise, os Mr. ,S . X X N I! ivy describes upcoming fun' I I I L droising events A I . F L U tx t 'll l i L ii BAND Leigh Simpson ond ll 7 Lynn Eigin odjust their music S in preporotion for o concert. og K Oor L KO thaw 3: 3 O p m i 102 - Decisions L sq 5 "Playing rhe frehch horn was difficuir ar firsr, arid sriii is I have ro oracrice so i doh'r forger whar i've aiready learned," comrhenrs Juiie Chorr Here she pracrices wirh Rich Harrisoh and Maris Smirh Deiow, Miss Muerh shades oerweeh piay rehearsais Ml, Rickman Ml, Guffey MI. HUd5Of7 MI. 5lIT1p5Ol'l Superintendent Asst. Asst, ASSI- Superintendent Superintendent Superintendent i Mr, O'C0nn0, Mr. Howell Mr. Sauer Mr. Vishino pffncjpal Asst. Principal Asst. Principal Asst. Principal A Q The C-6 Board of Education: Norvil Kraus, Margarer Kensier Cpresidehrb, Berry ,A Sramm Csecreraryl Dads row: Verhah Sullivan, Marla Powell, Boo Lirrle, Richard Morris. L, Mrs Waldrop Mr Wearherford Mr Whire Mr Whirrenoerg Ms Wisdarh Mr F Wrighr Mr J Wrighr Mr Zeirier Deasiohs - 108 gb ? Y s Drama Clubfranr row-Lisa Ann Webb, Scooa Darger, Terranee Lesrer, Diane Srreclrfuss. Qnd row Elizaberh Chrisrapher, Dayna Blicls, Andrea Morgan, Kim Kohls, Bob Dalsmon 3rd row'Doraa Brady, Robin Morgan, Down McClure, Tim Braun bade raw-Jodi Kordy, Chris Re-ifschneider, Ken Kleinschradr, Rob Dougherry "When I fools bacls or rhe fall musical I will remember rhe fun rimes shared and rhe very special friendships I made," remarked Connie Reiss, Lerrerrnen's Club-fronr rowDove DeVeydr, Mr, Ivy, Rich Marhews, Ryan Lewis, Dana Leary, Joan O'Connor, Kim Fach, Crisry Johnson, Deanna Weil. 2nd row-Dave Mania, Scorr Luaders, Chris I-lric, Debbie Musielalr, Tiah Tyler, Janice Johnson, Karie McKee, Angie Keoring, Rhonda Hampran, Connie Diamond, Tammy Llndner. Grd row-Greg Carr, Keirh Wilson, Gail Miller, Sean I-lulen, Charlie Allen, Kirls Arnold, Tammy Callahan, Regina Gibbar, Srcicy Hill, Dale James, Jason Smirh, Riclr Eisenbels, Arh row-Kevin Eberhardr, Scarf Johnson, Anna Hudsperh, Cyndi Jerger, Dianne Slasman, Tami Beckman, Tracy Childers, Tricia Ame-lung, Brenda Meier, Naralie Fuqua, Rodney Mullins, Dave Monrgomery, John Gangloff. 5th row'Kyle Wilson, John I-lurr, Carlos Lima, Rodney Lammerr, Micl-:ey Wright, Terri Williams, Connie Farrar, Jaclrie Sarlris, Roy Marrin, Jim Sweeney, Mike Boehner, Terry Sr John, Jim Gongloff orh row-Brian Voss, Jeff Jobsr, Perry Denman, Marry Lamb, Ken Karzenberger, Sreve Nelson, Rob Daugherry, Sreve Hunrer, Dan Thoma, Bob Toohey. 3 We mm ,J sf my S! V Nl' n ?Ef:Qg,,,,., ,..,-A ii' rg N Jazz Bond lfronr raw-Bob Surfer Sreve Diva, Greg Weatherford, Mark Narens, Mark Daugherry, 2nd row-Chris Bsckel, Bill Fraley, Kevin Whire, Andre Glaser, Shane Engie. Srd rovy-Adam Miller, Clay McClain, Rob Daugherty, Sheri McClelEand, Scarf Barger, Darcio Brady, Connie Kraus. Nor picfuredr Sandy Dillard, Dwaine Hermann, Jazz Band lffronr raw-Jim LaPlanr Stephanie Newman, Allan Perar, Ken Flarraw, Jason Srnirh, .lackie Taylor, Kathy Hallenbeck, Jaan O'Connar, 2nd row-Julie Choir, Lisa Sterling, Rurh Simpson, Theresa Chapman Lynn Elgin, Par Jansen, Ed Kline, Grd row-Jae Cansiglia, Mike Rice Daddy Persrrope, Dwayne Boyer Jeff Glasser, John Maxwell, Marr Forbis, Nor picrurecl: Mike Singer, Mark leffries. Jazz Band lil-from raw-Teresa Maya, Scan Schardan, Kenny Myers, Rusty Burler, Ben Volner, Mike McGuirk, Loren Sruckmeyer 2nd rawfChris Roberrs, Leah Simpson, Clay McClain, Brian Peterson, Kregg Kraus, Bill Janes, Mike Ashby, Grd row-Kim Kahls, Sieve Brasch, Sreve Baker, Kenr Swarr, Jon Joplin, Nor picruredf Par Kemper, Scarf Rarneno. rf Diva' Q Junrar Varsrry Dandfronr raw-Sue Buxron, Dranna Trrpa, Karhy Mahoney, sherry Weber, Krm Larson, Marne Drunrs, Tina Bares, Nancy Dawson, Kina Hurrr 2nd rowfRhona Daaiey, Trna Vrcrsers, Brenda Richards, Annerre Snnrrh, ceror Langendarf, Denise Harrnaaer, Lrsa Grordrna, Kerry Shaennarse, Erarne Yarrary, Sue Ahanen, Wendy Lawrence, Karr Crore Gro rowfparrrcra Roarnsan, Porn Warrer, Bryan Adarns, Teresa Lewis, Chrrs Arerlo, Mrcherre French, Sandy Marr, Teresa Norrrs, Gienn Morgan, A J, Phrrrias, Scarr Berry, Hope Sorrs, Bob Harms, Paul Ryder Arn row Ke'ry Armor, Ran Larnb, Dayrd Messrher, Dave Srafe, Crarg Krnder, Marla Peer, Rrchard Crauser, Dave Orrrhan, Dave Uaaegraye Sreye Crocser, Todd Dupanr, Doo Hern, Rod Murrrns, Mrrse Asnby Srh rowALesa Wagner, Jerrre Looney, Brian Crauser, Nick Nrcrsorson, Boa Wyrde, Ed Lrrhaff, carras Lrnna, Ken Cunnrngharn, Paul Marrer, Ran Lernans No? arcrurea Darby rarooe, Joe aorro, Trnn Trrnn Evans, Trrn Hervey Varsrry Sympnonrc Bandfronr row Mrssy Moore Jae Cansgrro Decrey Lrosrnsrsr LeAnn Farcerrr, Crnras Roaerrs, Lrsa Srerrrng, Angre Cash Rocher Carry, Andrea Daerr, Krfn Jensen, Mary Srernner, Audrey Hurr, LaDonna Decree-r Qna rowfLeAnn Sracy, Deaore Hermann, Krrs Thonnare, Brenda Dowrrng Marare Faueere, Vrrgrnra Rorand, Trnn Braun, Sue Herne, Sharon Harcher, Amy Langhorsr, Deanna Ternare, Mrrse Jordan, Theresa Lear, rurre Charr, Scorr Darger Grd row'Dave Parrerson, Kerry Lexa, Lrsa Marscher, Renea Dwyer, Ken Gagnon, Lrnda Srucrsmeyer, Chrrs Brcrser, Karhy Rarand, Mrrae Harms, Jaan O'Cannor, Rurh Srrhasan, Marrs Narens, Drrr Frarey. Ken Frorran, Greg Weorherford, Marrs Srhrrh Arn raw'Mrr4e Nerrres, Cannre Kraus, Doug Roach, Sherr Mcflrerrond, Dorcra Brady, Jeff Graser, Dave Manrgornery, Jrrn Lopranr, Srephanre Newman, Sreve Prva, Arran Peror, Crorg cwrrfrowsrry, Baa Mahoney, Par Jansen, Rrchard Harrison, Kevin Whrre, Andre Glaser Srh raw Marrr Daugherry, Adam Mrrrer, Karhy Lagage, Doyrd Podaornrrs, Brecrs Washarn, Rob Daugherry, Terry Lester, Ed Verghaeg, Mrrse Rrce, Cray McCrarn, Ron Lemons, Bob Hern, Perry Denman, Jann Hurr, Nor picruredr Dan Drarr, Dwayne Herman, Doa Surrer, Dara Rerrn Var McDonard rf WI, rr T 'x 2 F L ef' The 0 fa fs 'P' 'W-QRSAMB ffms N ' 6 ' r 1 5' fe- ir L, I L L., f R,, s r r' rn i fv D A L d A , 5 , ly-:ga ys E , rr 4' Jedi Tnespran C'uaLQso Webb, Diane Srreclsfuss, Scorr Darger, Ken Krernschroor, Trm Braun, Chrrs Rerrsch nerder, Terry Lesrer 2? s 3 fx X L 1 3' i ui 'W R Y WH ,P 's rrr., sr, r . X Er ' ' 3, V' fs. .tesrfksi ' rl: 'Ax fi .v ., M, . . L .,., ..,: - r T Q 4 ,L A. 8 we .- ,yi ,H ,, N 1 X If s QQ Q X 4 Q r f ,. V ,. .,. .-se-army: 51 Pompon Qgpmiri Nancy Perkins watches fellow fl Pomporn flag girls as rney pracrice with rlie -I' . VOL marching bond. ON OFF ii .nhl- I TTT 'J -.Cf V. N ri N -L.L l' l Xi A performances. A Silsorslsi, J. l-lofforrh, S. Snapraugn, T Chadman, C Cunningham, C. Edwards, S. Alden, L. Gyrsb, K Masrers, T. Nelson. 2nd row-J. Porrerfield, J Mclnrrye, K. Zoelner, E Gross, D Berger, K. Klos, C. Lesrer, G Wilkerson, E. Harman, C. Romsey, B, Axley, J. Yeager, T. Lacy, J. Smirh, R. Spriggs, Grd row-M. Tricama, K Hollenbacls, R. Burler, C. Hric, T Wilson, B. Valner, K. Myer, M, Mc6uirl4, l.. Sruclsrneyer, D Sevier, D. Dierzler, D. Julian, T l-leisler, M Webb Arn row-T Criilron, D. Boyer, M. Forbis, D. Weil, E. Kline, S Sclwardan, is Galayla, Cu. Narions, T Mayo, J Mason, M. Noblin, S, Engle, D. Waldrop. brh row4S, Bauer, G. Perers, D Hummel, C Weelse, S Weiland, J, Henderson, D Persrrope, J, Thomas, P. Zerillo, C. Crasric, R. Siuclsmeyer, S. Richardson, J. Raymond. Nor picrured-M. Marrin, D Swaboda, T. Cummings, M Singer, M. Schurze, S. Concerr Bondfronr row-L, Simpson, L. Rush, D Museielels, C Trarnmel, A. Bach, W Bradshaw, P Bridges, 3131.33 - C 5 O+YYxc5W , Y 0006 XOQYQ 0 oqmoxed We C059 cows, We xled Wwe QR om xmas ood de WN Vw 'xododea We ewdeoxa ok Q vox woowec We vdsx Q x 5 ood Hosea KN ooqvoox We QOQ NW qoiqeooev ww we eqvew QXKO Qowes 2 dem, x es mow OWS ,K e pcixox Q02 5X ixo, K Kee 5 Q0 A oo, U8 Th e Rey Lok exe XNYXO Xoxl ed Q ' Qesx ce Mak o ed 'xo We sem CxqO A Qxcox WH' ,QW E Q iu..,,, ' in. 51--.. mi! Z aww Howouom Dey was one of We VTUVYTGVOUS spvmr swfvs deswgrwed durwg Spwr Weem Qrecedmg We Wwer Coforcmov Dreowmg of sandy DQCCPGS orc refreshmrwg surf ore Mark Sewers, Eric Mcmon Puck Emembems Tm Brockhous and Je? LQ! y Lei' - Accra Mllef 5 OAG of me Mary 'C e'w'ec smcefs X-NFO ejoy pknymg venous msvwvemrs ufwoer We dwrecmom of Mr Bwer Mwdde - Mere cre 'CJGVG' 'Pfgs 'Q do O me JCNOOM 'ece ec' Jw U5 Tcmmy CQUQNQA CAC Refee Hessen cemse 'eewsewes cm o'rwe's ww 0 meg mcg we HJW DU ycw soy My mme? C5145 Mke TeHmcf We Res' - 1C Guy Gasrriech and Randy Harrmann enioy watching 'g - ' volleyball games insread ' ' of playing' Sophomoresiophomores Srar Abbey loe Abernathy Milse Aboussie Bryan Adams Shari Adams Tammy Adams Brenda Agee Linda Agee Vicki Albers Louis Alberr Pam Albrirron Angelo Allen Bryan Allen Julie Alrmix Ricla Amelung Shelley Amorine Kelly Anderson Melissa Andrews Milse Anderson Tom Anderson Milse Angus Tina Ash Mil-ze Ashby Maris Avery Tom Aubuchon Sandy Ausrermann Jim Ausrin Ronnie Ayers Tom Bailey Arainerre Baker Sreve Baker Bob Dalsman Carolyn Dannerr Mike Barciszewslsi Michele Darrlerr 110 Soorwmofes Wrire Your C?wn Yearbools Copy 'Tir was rhe besr game dance conresr orher Cchecls one ever," said fnamel. The coach sponsor reacher orher Cchecls Q The coach sponsor reacher orher Cchecle one? agreed, l'They were grearf' said Mr,!Ms, Cname? lr was rruly a grear success. The class of lQ- once again showed grear school Chrisrmas American orher Cchecls one? spirir. l'They were well-behaved," said Cvice? principal O'Connor Vishino Howell Sauer orher Cchecls one? The crowd srarred arriving early. They were ready ro cheer dance perform orher Cchecls one? By game boogie performance orher Cchecls one? rime rhe air was filled wirh exciremenr noise smolse orher Cchecle one? "We won losr danced orher Cchecls one?," said gnome? l'l3ur And Cchecls one? we all had a grear rimef' In rhe end ir wa besr summed up by sophomore gnome? who said, llGee! Gollyl Wow! all of rhe above Cchecls one? Sophomores Sopl 'ri' if rr W as ' W Wx 10 5 1 25 f 'M 1 gg l I , 4 2 I , 05' 'Y rf f W '55 7 5? ifx fi nb 5 ,,,-,r i f A W? ff' , 3, E " , "., 3 5 3 ' f 3 A A nz A F 6 W 3 Z if CV Borroe Knw Bo5oen Mrcnere Bos' Sreye Borenncn Trno Bores Greg Booe' Gorgn Bouer Tornrny Boonnon Morrno Beorry LBAnno Becrs Tofnn Becrsernon Boo Becrser Mzrse Becner Greg Benner Kprry Berorng Dono Berger merry Berry Aron Bess Jocrsre Brerrrerd r-rope Brrcrn Jrrr Blrrsner Cneryr Broos Mrrse Brecrwo Honra Brecrnre Mornre B.Bnr1 Corrrs Bocrenorf Trfn Boehm Trfrw Bogowrn Ec Bonnerr Mnrxe Boneororxe Brron Bcsrrofn Trrn Boswerr Sreye Bowen Bersy Bowen Wenoe Bowrea Jocrs Boyo Morrs Boyd Dwoyne Boyer Km Boyer Joe Boysre' Tommy Brooforo Down Brodford Gory Brosner Renee Brrencnx Suson Brrefero Koren Brewer Down Brewer ' ' f"' , " ' 5 V ,. , K ' V VV '- ' . y V' ff" ' f lb ., ' V :V 3 f gg, . X " A 'ff S4 R' 5 'rr CRV ,lr J , 5 Ky, VV,f V A . , n - ' V ,,..,, , ,, VV ,G .. A V W- r V ' V3 ff V V Q EV 3 3 rw R ,V u W QV U V 5 N 1 ,'f, V ,V f V ' V r1?53ii V pg A A Z " , 'rrr 5 Z , V ' ""' ' 4 V V f 'Q A V i 3 B V A gy ,VV J g QV VV V VV . ,E H V V, . f ' .jf ' -35" f. " g Y V V rerr V B '-',, V 1 ff , . , V '- x V -- " p in Vf 7 HV-' ' ' I .,.. " ' ' V WV fV.fe 'I' V , VS. J ,, V . V AV 1 V . N V V 4, LV V QV V, , f, , P ai , ' if 4' 1- V , , V rr , 4 .,. 2 f' V .Q , V Q R M ,iff 1 V VV nu., V Q rr, , , my , ff.. ' V VV V . VV V1 V ,, , ff, V V,,, , X VV V VV VVV. , , V , V V .E -V ' . .VV V ,,, , f :V,,4, A,, i ,ryr V ,W B TV V, ' 9 , - X ' r A .V S ' 5 L' ' B ' "' ' X 'T I , ' ' V '- A Q, V' V"i- ' .V V " 3 -V-G - , A ' V ' it .Zz . 7" 4 5 Q ,. 4 , V M gr ix K RY r VA 7 ' K' ,L f r ' il 5 ' ,rrrr V , ' 5 . .. ' ' 9 r . SZ ,-L ' ., A 4 "5 ff V I 5 A i ,Vi , V ' Q ' A f . ' X H ,xr lr Biff f ,V 2 V, V mr. xg W " rr V 4 , .sf ' . ' V y rv ,gf 1 -. ., V. r Z " , - H . :,3,:z-A f ,V 1 1 f 4 , ,, 1 Lf 7 . ,Af S .V.,.g,, f fj',. ZH ,, V, We ,,,, 3 w ' r , 1 li rr tri! ff 3 V -, Vf ,',, Q' Q4 gi ry A r L, r 2 , 7 ,,,' V V . V 2 ' A V 2 rg 1 ,f B ' V , ' r 1 VV 'V " V - ' ,V .V "-' 70 , " 2 fr K , if- V V 7 V: 'V ' w , f UWWV W f' V'g,:Q1,.V'.V.Qz V U. ' -A '. 'Q' . ' .4uwlr:llh:. Y I mfg! , 4 V.., V' V g4j,,i'f a- ,. "- 0 " , Q V ' f V V W ,V , ., VV, ,V ,A V. , .,' Y, Z , V ,,,. W 'V A V' K . il : V if. ' 4 ' 1 a V ' ' HW 4, Y V f l z VV , ' 4 1 'V 4, " Mrrse Breyfogre Bonoo Broorxs Steve Broscn Brlr Brown Morrs Brown Boxonn Brown Kerry Brown Cnrrssy Broyres Teresso Brun Bondy Brurcner Trrn Broo Snerry Bocnnerr Bondy Bucrsner Korny Burg rmsry Burrer Suson Boxror Rose Byrne Roberr Cosn Mrssy Corronon Morrs Correr Crorm Corron Jurre Cnoobourne Dererx Cnonnoers Terso Cnoprnon Morre Cordrnor Joe Cnecrserr Trocy Crwrroers Cnrrs Crorre Anne Gosse Soono 4 1 in Rlghr - Shalslng hands wlrh Carlos Llma leoyes Deneen lselly speechless. Below - Torn Sumrners holds rhe rnoslslng rope for Susle Johnson os she hongs Chrlsrnwas decorarlons vi., Sonora Chlles Sherry Chllron Elizoberh Crlsrooher Julle Charr Dennls Cllnes Volerle Clouse Sreve Clouser Shane Cochran I 'f' Mllee Coffman A rli 1 Dull Cole 46 z Brian Coleman Q H ' Por Calllns Tornrny Cornos E V ' Mlchelle Conners , W lkoy Corhern A f' Blll Cox . A r G Llso Cox f lulle Crowford , , , henee Crews V ,L ,M r Jeff Chrlsrlon Cindy Cronls Caory Cross Charlo Crosse Tarnl Crouch Tandl Crouch Kenny Crump - Soohornores ,,", I l IA ,. 11521 iff x "" 1 ' ", '- - i 1' . M 'r W f' E 1 Q f J, x ' fluff: I-LM' W ' M5 Wk 6 'E Is i i Lev' L- sw, rr I Q Cf I if ff, 1 I 1 I J wi' in in XII N i ' I I i I ff! Donor Curless Kim Cushmon Tomi Cummings Chrisrine Cunninghom V yy H A Kenny Cunninghom I Loyd Dorren , A XL , ,i Melisso Deouchomp f -, -l f 3 Eric Deloy Denise Denmon Chris Dennison Greg Deveydr Donnie Diomond Connie Diomond Brion Dieclxmonn fjlff 'i' 'f'Ji I 'i'i'i CC Dwoyne Dielschneider V V ' A 5 U I A Melisso Dickerson gl .5 'V":'i J. Dielschneider , ii ,. "'i i I W Dovid Dierrich ' 1' I ' i'.. Richord Dodge I DZ? ,W Debbie Doldie V'V: . Joy Domels V 1 llhondo Dooley . 'H ,I Jeff Dowlin fll - A I " Tobey Drennon .,.., - 5 I Kim Dunn -ri 35 ' I' mr Q lg 2 ' ' 2,11 I I 4 K , ,,,V Srocey Douglos J 1' It ' S 1' ' T I 1? Todd Du Ponr Tom Eorl Tim Eoves ' 1 Corl Edwords 1 X, I John Edvvords -M Lorry Edwords Reno Edwords J x Whor Would You Do Wirh 587.DD? 'lDuy 87 school lunches ond send ihem ro Indio vvirh rhe chongef' Morry Lomb C125 'Go shopping for o dress," Connie Viroli C125 'Spend mosi of ii on my Cor ond some of ir on Sherry." Poul Porrer C115 'IAdd if IO my sovings for o rrip ro Colifornio or for college." Kim Orphon C125 "Poy some of my debrs from rhe ourrogeous clorhes I hove been buying." Milee Tellmon C115 'll-love o big porry vvirh oll of my friends," Leigh Woifes C125 "Poy for oll of the librory boolss l've Iosrf' Ron MCConn C125 'lDuy some of rhe vvildesr foshion designer Clorhes ond buy 10 boxes of Ding Dongs so Julie Kory ond I con finish our King Ding Dong wollpoper Collecirion in our locker." Kim Dirlener C125 'lDuy Juliono some Ju Ju Deors for College ond Eric: CMiChoeI5 Joc3Isson's Live Topef' Gino Gross C125 "Poy Frou Heovey oll her condy money." Anno Hude sperh C115 "Pur if in rhe bonls uniil I hove enoughr ro buy o irucle. Dill Dorsey C115 "I would fill my Cor vvirh gos ond spend rhe resr on my vvomonf' Ilondy Murdicls C105 l'Pur gos in my cor ond drive ro o worm plocel Poge Kovvolslsi C125 "I guess since l'm o sophomore no one will believe l'm porr of Loverboy, " remorleed Don Koehler SODDOYDOVGS A Piercing Lools At Earrings Decorative mutilation is common in many societies. Cer- tain African tribes wear plates in their lips, others use metal The ancient Mayas tied rings to stretch out their neclss. boards to their baby's head to flatten them, while other native South Americans pierced their noses. ln contempo- rary America the most common form of decorative mutila- tion is the pierced ear. Until recently only women participat- ed, but more and more males are joining in the practice. Griginally male homosexuals wore a simple earring to malse clear their preference, The practice spread to bilsers Cmotorcycle enthusiasts? and the contemporary 'lif it's on the right you're gay, on the left you're cool" was born. The practice of wearing an earring for men has mush- roomed since the surging popularity of Punls and New Wave music. l'lt loolss good with a bi-level CNew Wave? haircut," says Tammy Combs. Maria Pedretti believes ll they give a guy style and pizzazf' This practice has the same origins as the leather iaclset, painted faces, and safety-pin loolss that are other popular New Wave styles presently. These styles basically express a challenge to traditional styles and values. lllt's basically nihilistic," one University of Dallas researcher claims. Scott l-leigert and Brian Faullener, two eare ringed Fox males, seem to agree. l'At the time l thought it would be different." For many people the practice still has homosexual connotations. lllt's queer!" as Joan O'Connor says, Eric Sutton adds, l'lt is an insult to guys." Despite people lilse Dob Meyer who thinls wearing an earring 'lis Ultra Blaze" the ear-ringed males are still very much a minority. Lynn Elgin ' Scott Eller Lucinda Elliot ,lll i WA, ,, --for ,. , Keith Emery T . T' Shane Engle f , ' Jim Ehrenreich - Lori Estep 1? M W J .Y C3 Q I J Q 1 if ' iiffj , L, Dwayne Estes Tim Evans Julie Everiti Bill Font Cindy Farrar Liso Faullsner Marry Faulsrich Vickie Feager Ken Fedols Milse Felton Milse Feldhues Dave Fini Cindy Ferguson Milse Fischer ,.-LZ Tom Fischer David Fischer Joyce Fischer Niedra Fischer Kelly Firsimtnen Todd Flomm A - Tim Fleetwood xi Greg Foersrei Marr Forbis , Torga Forester 1" ,iff f Donna Foster ,V:,V i ' iz- I Lance French J --" - Peggy Frirzius 'AA ' WN Tim Freiner fil, J V 'Y 5' 114 Sophomores Milse Sumpter remembers that "When my parents found out Cabour earring? , . . boy, did l get in trouble!" I 1 1 ' fi:-, M,-, if .,mi,,f ,1f.':f,,f2",-'L f f Q 4' ff I fy W, f if W ! aj M Af X 4- Q f f l me 6 ik X ff 0 0 A an if J 4 2 f 1 Q 1 I 3 C will if rl Y K ' f ' , 2 2 ' C f gf -4, A X 9 1 , K fav I 4, Q f J f , f 7 42 y 4 J, ' J , fag t y s f' 1 y J , 1 3 Tommy Tromell soys rhe pesr rhing obour her sophomore yeor is Hmeering oil rhe new people." 5 mei. s g: X . .SN .5 5335 gm X - as HA-K0 Selecrs Winners Cf '88-'84 The Big Chi!! A A senior girl reocrs negorively ro rhe love of o sophomore. Terms of Endeormenr A A morher ond doughrer hove o Iirrle rolls wirh Mr, Howell. Hordog f Fox High discovers o new ropping for pizzo, Agofnsr A!! Odds A Sophomore survives worboll. The Deod Zone - Srory of o lovoole group of friends who spend rheir ofrernoons in rhe smolsing lounge. The Rfghr Sruff A Leffhonder finds life difficulr of Fox High. Uncommon Vo!or A Srudenr survives fhree yeors of school lunches. The Lonely Guy- Srudenr doesn'r hove enough rime ro shower offer PE A!! rhe Righr Moves - lf you wonr ro ger from Fox High ro Doiry Queen you're going fo hove ro molse . . . The Mon wfrh Two Brofns 1 Morls Sievers gefs exrro ropping on his pizzo. Spfosh A Ron Lemons uses rhe whirlpool offer foorooll procrice. Tonk - Srudenr finds unigue solurion ro Fox's porlsing problem. 5royin'A!ive - The horrowing odvenrures of Mr. Hood's chemis- rry clossi ,gi ,3 5 Q sg , v 5 , Regino Goge Kevin Goloydo Korhy Gollogher Lisp Gongloff ' ' Lori Gronsmonn X Guy Gosrreich Sreve Geiger Tim Geimer Dorrhy Gerheouser Gino Gibbor Morls Gierer Robbie Giese Amy Gilmon Jeff Gloeser -1 so 3 f ' 1 " f f ,V N4 H f ff ff V 2. gk WW Kerri Glenn Bob Golden Shane Golden Rose Gonzelez Dee-Dee Gorensrien Chorles Grohom Donnie Gross f f V00 Gfffin ' ""r -' sf Gino Grishom ,- T Chris Gross M , 5 ff in Erin Gross " Nancy Groy V 2 1 - H ' 1 s 'gf 3:5 ' Sreve Groy If Morr Guriey , W W ,rr ,,,,, ...,,.,. ., , ,, ,. f , ff W , 4 , ..,,,, Louis Hogene - if -'1.-cf ' ' VVV' Jomes Hohn 'fi .,-fr Jeff Homby Rich Homlyn ' Rhondo Hompron April l-londlong ,yi f ' Milse Honebrinls i ..-5: ,Z f 5-1 rr' . 1 z ' ' f , Sophomores Dave Hanks Elizabefh Harmon Bob Harmon Tina Hariman Denise Harrhagel Margarer Harringron Randy Harrmann Reid Harrmann Derron Harr Susan Harcher Chris Hayes Gary Hayes Kim Hayes Dave Helferr Eddie Henke Eddie Henson Carhy Herrensrein Debbie Hickman Travis Hirerbrand Joe Hobbs Bon Hoelker Karhy Hollenbeck Darrell Horrsell Chris Hric Kim Huerr Jim Hughes Cliff Huisenga Debbie Hummel Harlen Hunrer John Hurr Mike Hurchison Bob Jackson Bryon James Kay James Teri Janey Mike Jansen Darby Jurboe James Jasinski Roberi Jecklin Jeff Jerger Jeff Jobsr Janice Johnson Tammy Johnson Melanie Joles Becky Joles Jon Joplin Billy Jones Dawn Jones Par Jones Lisa Kammien Sonira Karch Angie Kearing Daneen Kelly Par Kempe Berh Kenney Darla Kenney Sherri Kessler Angie Kincaid Sherry Kessler Chris Kingsbury John Kirkly Gloria Kley Eddie Kline Tommy Kneff Mike Knighr Don Koehler Kim Kohls Jody Korre Tim Kos Larry Kramer Rich Kraemer Willie Kroemen Connie Kraus Greg Kraus Marr Konz Leah Lampe Sreve Landers 116 Sophomores J J f 6 , ' A ff I ' 7 i I J, 4 Ni, mg! 'L 'kiyiff J , 5 K' F ,L . V4 fy V721 . 4 K if 0 , fl' 2, 'K my f ' ,J 4 0 -4 7 1 ff .-A I fy 1, iv if yf fs r W! 4 W , , , 'G , 'A 4 2 l ' 'iii 4 if aff! av 7 f . ww ff Mfs f We WA? fjfb ff ,r 4 Af Q ff J, 1 Q, , ayfbf ff 7 1 Z 7 -ff ue' W fm, 4 Q J 44 af W 4 424 p i rr ' ' fl f iw:- av -, 'in' i. , i l 4 l 5 '53 l Q 2 ,. , W,.,w, W . A ,zy 2 1 735375 , J ,J if 5 J f , 1 f ,, C. f ii , 4 it , L .1 W ' 1 A , I i ,ii,i i r "N ,,,,, ' .V ,,,, , s,,s, 2? , A fl' gf M ' V' 5x 5 13: 3 VA..,,i.., . fi J. J i . ' v ,45 12? ,,,f Ji, w ,' 'VA 2 MZ, 4' , W! 4 iff. "' fm if , J Q 2 A! r ' , f 4, ,, i Xb . , rn J 'r'!sr 2fsac Z?i., ' " , .. , i s L Za , rr Q ' ' I ' . f . , - , ffl 95 if ar QM ff ui f x S 1 W 1 ff? f f ,- ,M ,, , i, L 4 ' Eff ,, i W 1 f ' 4 V n , I W f ,Jw f J ,M ' f if ' : ' if , . ff, YV N W 7 4 f if Q J 5 XR fl Q 1 Q ,ev , 4 Atlig e , .5,,., A, Q . S - f A. f in "' , ' ' I M ,M if ff? ff A' f ,V ,N x j 5 l egg , f i if ,, ., 1 xr L X Q Q f , ff maze, f ,, V J J X .. I5 QWSQX S x X x Swv, R X QQ 15 Q 3? 69 X 5, wins SZ - 4' 'M , ' , X 9 ' rw' ,Ziff 1 f 5 W ,J 3 ,, 4. Corda Langendorf Kim Larson Wendy Lawrence John Lawrey Theresa Lear Leslie Leasure Bryan Lee Michele Leonard Crystal Lesrer Tammy Levy Carlos Lima Tammy Lindner Tina Lively Doug Loeselsam Sharon Lang Jerrle Looney Candy Lunsford Donna Maddox Karhy Mahoney Kim Molorr Viclsie Manley Dave Mann Pam Mann Jeni Margherio Paul Marrin Tim Marrin Kim Masrers Christine Mayer Teresa Mayo John Maxwell Brad Mazdra Brian Mazdra Greg McArrhy John McCulley Dawn McClure Chris McCune Jim McGinley Robin McGraw Milfe McGuilr Gina McKay Korie McKee Jenny Mclnryre Marsha McNeely Shelly Medlocls Karhy Meinhardr Renee Melron David Messmer Donna Mercer Milse Merzger Scorr Meyer Kenny Meyers Phil Mezel Brenda Miller Rick Mimer David Mirchell Dill Mills Mornira Mills Sandy Moll Andrea Morgan Glenn Morgan Tommy Morrison JoeAnn Moore Tina Moss Nancy Mueller Naralie Mueller Rodney Mullins Kim Murphy Sieve Musial Debby Musielols Jill Naggi Cindy Naney Joe Nelson Tracy Nelson Pam Nelson Joe Nelson Srephanie Newman Franls Newron Sophomores Mlke Noblrn Srephonve Norrrs Sosae Norris There-so Norris Dove Nrswonger Al O'Brmen Trm O'Brnen SheHy Ocelku Vrckye Ogikfy Brion O'Horo Angel Olooghlrn Nfck Orphon Sue Orrmonn Dowd Orrmon , W f be ,f fig 9 , I 4. 34 1 , , fs- 2' ' 0. 6+ if .7 If A 1 ff f 4 ' .48 M x I ar. K t 0 , . as "uf '-vw " ff ' ff-.jksir ' " . -4' 'V 1-' . "Q: ' W25 f,. ?',' 1 - ' f f e i, 5 , , , Wm, X I A, Q I Above - "Being shorr rs whor mokes Mfe so rough on sophomores soys Joe Wrlson Top nghr - Trm Genmer soys rhe besr rhrng obour berng o sophomore rs meenng rhe new chicks or rhe Nunch roble Rnghr - The worsr porr obour benng o sophomore as Hbemng srrongied by juniors Hke Mike Terrond' Tobirho Osborn Angre O'Loughlin Trocy Pollme Chris Polmer Brion Porker Eye Porker Henruerro Parker Shorl Parker Enc Poulsen Sue Peclrerri John Peek Mork Pee4 Deb: Penrod Lrso Pfrrznnger 118 Sophomores yells Sue Pedrerru s V E In ,ufzf ,, H f H4 -1, mm: V y 53-f ' 1 Z" 5- - --aff e5 Q' If 7 Q .ir 4 I 3 f f .., ,ini ,.,.., 42. ., My W., M 1 , , , , y X ., ,,,. W2 I ago!! , W fl 5 4 M 5 , W Q Zia 79 A 3 E vi Mf ' 4 44 7 W 1, 17 'nihuu ei 2 .5 '4 ' Y v f . sg 5 '02 ff ii gs if Lyyy ,W - 1' an , ,,,. , slyl , 7 4 A - fi , Af f 'J r I 'P 4 ,V Lgmv .fn , ,-., we 4 ES, S SL is x Q a' S X .Q E few . 5' -4 S .Q ff . . EER X. ' Q .Q K 4 k ' -r 'K . fy . y , Af- 9 ' ' 9 51 . . X.: .i... . . s S' Y ' KP S 1' . as . .. f .FQ s " i . - is! 1: -sg, 1 L . X SN' l 1 J .- 5' ' fgfwq A- ,.-qw -K few .. : .5 as-5 -- - .W s. .. . - - S . is 5 - - - . , . F ,x Q XR , K vi Zip' .. 5 4,32 .Lf J., s Q . x L1 . ' . X" Q .' ga -J fl QL Sz. t K - ' K Sv. if 5 i 5 if X J , ' as s . 3 . .5 1 ,- . Q x . .l .. R I 1 .. ,Q . f ,. 1- as ' N as? N if if S .. .. A - eh. L 'Q ' X . Km'A - ' . X .Q -j is 1 .. y ., AL - S .F if -f ' ' J' S . nenn . S J s A J S W -3 fl S it . ' f- .f I .i w A Q A 1 5 .K S IK I P , i , , . it .9 1 +2 ' ef' A 4 . at. 1 , -. -5 7 Q K. , .. wikis: " SSW S Y K .--'- X S ' i xi 4 J I 5 1 3 - . its 'S --- 1 --.. . sh- -J -. . " S X A ' N by . f . iL'lu is .. Wx S f l? lf: -1 . fr- " ' , , -, 4 ' P:-I' Q . Y is ...Q .., 3 X ' s I A s . we X x 3 Q S A s 'i 'N J fa N Q Y Y X x . - . v X N sr E 8 Q 3 J K S SX A 135' S5 J 5 - ' .g X X an S . Q . . Q A. -- p g ., E 1 - 7' .. 51 f ' Y L .... ,...,ik . P .. ' i Mg . s 1' N. . 6 , .. Mlchelle Penrod Tuna Pennlngron Gene Persrrape Greg Perers Wally Perers Brlan Pererson Chrls Perera A J Phillips Kern Phllllps Marlanne Phillips Tammle Phllllps Tammy Picha Donna Piel Usa Pierce Samanrha Plplsln Kam Plsclarra Pam Plrrs Bryan Plahls Chrls Poe Julle Paff Judy Pollrre Krisrl Porrer Janer Parrerfleld Torn Pool Kelly Powell Peggy Powell Mellssa Pulllam Laura Purslfull Marls Pyarr Jlrn Ralrer Chrlsropher Ramsey Debble Ramsey Todd llansarn Laura Pxaymer Mrlxe Redd Jenny Reld Mllce Reurer Randy Rlclfermann Kevln Pxlebold Dennls lllebold Dlanne Riel-zen Chrls llaberrs Dan lloberrs Parrlcla lloblnson Chrls lloedder Mellssa llodemacher Scorr Romero Taml llornlne Julie Rasa Paula Rose Julle Rose Adnan llaybal Mllse Rufrahr Llsa Rush Yvonne Rush Melanle Rushlng Vlclsie Rurh Sue Sandeberg Burch Sandeberg Georgla Sandvoss Sreye Scorr Scarf Schardan Dave Schaub Terry Scheer Joe Schlsler Marr Schlsler Sandy Schura Gina Schllrrler Bob Schrnldr Tlna Schurze Andrea Sheffleld Amy Shelby Sheila Shepard Kelly Shoernalse Shelley Shopraugh Sracey Slener Marls Sleyers Sophonnares l O Angie Sikorski Debbie Simmons Leoh Simpson Mike Singer Scorr Skoggs Judy Skief Kim Smirh Roy Smirh Vicki Srnirh Liso Sneod John Sneed Debbie Soellner Hope Solis Lonnie Sommers Joe Souson Bryon Sowell Joner Spoerh Bob Spongler Tino Speors Sreve Speer Por Sr, John John Srevens Lourie Srokes Crisro Srricklin Jerry Srricklin Anno Srrong Koren Srrubinger Down Srruckhoff Loren Sruckmeyer Nick Srurgeon Chris Sudclurh Jill Sullins Tom Summers Mike Sumprer Kenr Sworr Debbie Swoeodo Jone Toylor Joe Toylor Robin Toylor Trocy Tennyson Lee Terry Tim Theiss Doug Thomas Amy Tipron Tommy Tromel Morio Tricomo Dionno Tripp Liso Trokey Trudy Tucker Por Tulleck Dovid Tupner Tioh Tyler Dovid Updegrove Trocy Vonce Mork Vonoiyer Jeanne Von Rhein Tom Vorgo Tino Vickers Chris Violo Den Volner Brion Voss Mike Woinz Brion Woldrop Cheryl Woldrop Doyid Wolker Tounyo Wolker Koren Wolrer Chris Worson Kevin Worres Angie Weorherholr Dorlo Weorherholr Shelly Weber Ken Weber Cindy Weeke Mork Wegel Deonno Weil Chris Weiler 120 Sophomores 3 .wi , M ,,gq,.Z3,,: f, Jay? f wg 4 ,wig rf V f 3 K 13" f 2 f 1 if? ' M, , A, 1 any V ""' f r gias f' .- . , ,, W, , , ai1'V6:Z"'f' ,Z -V f ,VV 55'gg' my V ,gir l f ,s' Q Q5 ,ff " " nj' M' 'V V , VV -- ,V ,gf if fr? Z V WD. ' 1. , V? 7 , 2, , J ' ar f ., .J 4 9? f . f 91 " aff M ' 'fe 44 4 V fi 'I i ff . ix 5.11 ,m f 22,1 -'f'V ' - -my V ,, VV ,, A ,, , ,V,-fm-,,: , W L W., if 44 ws 'S . A so 34V . 5 5355 , 6 W f 4 f ' A-1 f in " 4 f' 134 J 1 x vi, ' ,V-,Q f wr i', fi fii?ffii??S'If,. ,, X if , 'U X V S? Q , of wi v W r 2 'J J 5 W 4 J f If ,3 WV! , I I fggvggzg ' .:' 'iffy ,sw U55 -iv..-,1.giE:?i:, 1-, 'lf A T T V S , 'M H ,f ,. .QL V " ' J 1 , X V rw ' fggf ri " A ik V Z A " ,V + ' V V ' T f Q s ,il as gf ,. Q A Q, .ML Am, 1 ,:fv:s',f'Vs,' :maaivfi . . , , , ' " rw 1, 4 'Q J JV ,Yew if 5 A J , N 6 , T' 'ii , Q , af-V A ' I . f 'V ' 5 ,Q K 1 ?f it , f I ,A 32? ff f 3 ,21 Am W f 9 T 1 si 4- 9? f 1 'R 3 , .,,,,,, 5 I ,V V -mf ,Q w f f WQLJT . 215 -2 ll' ef 3 " is ' ' ' 7 4 ff - il. 1 5 , 'x f ff? 2 if ' , Ex AQ U: lv :VE Q Z' C 1 J V11 as ,, r W, . y ,V ffm' 'f ' . 3 S f f .ZW . J! 4 W MZ' x f " f ef, M 'Z :eff A , I f ' " "VJ VH Q12 V 5 YW Villa I . J gg, if ! 292 , ,V:,-,.,,- , ,A H . VM if V W W 9 Y f , Sophomores, because it's their first year, traditionally have problems with that wonderful center of knowledge, commonly known as the library. lt's pretty complicated remembering what color pass to bring, how to check out a book, and how to be quiet. In order to better understand the plight of the sophomores, let usjourney with Jane Doe as she contends with library procedural practices, Jane asks for a library pass from her advisor. Remembering that there are two different colors of library passes, she asks for a pink one because it's prettiest. She finds out that the colors serve two purposes: first, to tell if someone is coming from studyhall or a class, second, to discriminate against those who are color blind. The bell rings and she rushes from advisory in anticipation of a fun time and the somewhat more comfortable library. The bell rings right after Jane walks in. Noticing the librarian behind the table, Jane hands her the pass and starts to walk off. "But wait!" The librarian says in an annoyed tone of voice, "You need to sign in," Jane, not understanding why she must sign in when she's already given a pass, complies reluctantly. Then the librarian tries to give Jane back half of her pass. "Why are you giving this back to me?" Jane asks. "So you can give it to the librarian when you leave," is the reply. "That's okay, you can have it now," Jane says. Finally, Jane is forced to keep the slip of paper. Upon seeing the tables, Jane looks for someone to sit with. She sees a couple of comrades at one table and decides to join in. The librarian then does her famous "only two people to a table" routine which incurs a bit of grumbling. Quickly, the librarian states rather loudly, "no talking or you'll be kicked out of the library." This is probably why the US. has a problem with literacy. lmpressionable youngsters see the library as a threatening place thereby discouraging reading. Jane is the odd one Cin more ways than one? and ends up sitting alone. Jane decides to get something to read. She goes to the card catalogue and finds one of her favorite subjects, then moves on to put the old Dewey Decimal system into practice. She's pleasantly surprised to find that our library has the goodjudgement to carry Harlequinn romances. Satisfied with her choice, she returns to her seat to read. The book seems to have pretty good plots, imagery, symbolism, and structure, so she decided to check it out Calthough figuratively speaking she already hasl. She's disappointed to find out she has an overdue book because her friend Marcie used her library card. There's only one thing to dog accidently walk out without checking it out. A little later Jane sees people getting up. Unfortunately, so does the librarian. "Sit down until I go up there," she says threateningly, Finally, the guardian of books saunters up front. Jane sees that everyone must go through what looks like a couple of solar panels. Jane theorizes what they could be, something you stay between in summer that allows only the tanning rays of the sun to hit your skin, an X-ray machine that allows the librarian to see nude bodies going through, or lenses from a pair of giant punk-rocker sunglasses. Suddenly, it was her turn to walk through. Beep! Deep! Deep! A scream. Waves of humiliation coarsing through Jane's body, Jane falls to the ground thinking she will now have a criminal record for trying to steal a Harlequinn Romance. l'Please step out," says the librarian. Kids file past giggling. The interrogation begins ..,. ,Xen E i - D, E ,... iii Q S lk. Joe Wilson Chris Roberts, Debbie Musielak and Kerry Glen enjoy getting together both at school and during the weekend. Scott Wentz David Wentzel Michelle White Rick White Dill Wieberg Mark Wiegel Lori Wiethuchter Pamella Willard Theresa Willfred Gina Wilkinson Darrell Williams Don Williams Patty Williams Joe Wilson Sophomores - 121 T 25 Leif x 1.1 ' ' if-I' Kierh Wilson Sondy Wilson Tim Wilson Michelle Wisely Lynerre Wodicl-:er Poulo Wolfmeier Jill Wood Kevin Woods Curr Wrighr Kevin Wurrz Suzi Wylde Julie Wyricls Dono Yorbro Judy Yeoger Dorren Young Lonnie Young Tom Younr Bob Zoehringer Gene Zimmermon Kim Zoellner Milse Zohner s is 1' ii' fi Qi K f i w. ,T .ig SRT? T 'Q' I N 'X is fsizs ?f1s?1i3f5'W f 'L T :si-...Lssgfiffalfi 2 K ,, ci ..,, X X c Q 45 -5 -X . 5-515551.-. . ' Rs llg. J L... i,.. . , to sf . Q ' si eli, f. """""'N bww W Y D1 SR is Q Q 'iss .. 'R -- s Q Q yu X 'ss 2 X X sc 5 X XP r ,ws 2 Q . X LF! Whois His Porpoise? Upon heoring Duponr, whor comes ro mind, o chemicol com' pony or rhe Olympics? Olympics could very well be rhe onswer becouse Todd Duponr hopes ro compere rhere in rhe furure, How did Todd ger involved in swimming? lr oll storied when he wos oround one yeor old ond he fell in his bocls yord pool ond neorly drowned. Thus by o srrolse of bod lucls, worer srorred o "fire" rhor lseeps Todd swimming rodoy, Todd hos been swimming comperively since rhe oge of five. He srorred young, ond yer is srill dedicored enough ro prevoil rhrough difficulries such os, dish-pon honds, worer in rhe eor, webbed feer, boredom, ond rising or 4:00 every morning ro worls our. Todd worlss our rwo hours rwice o doy or ihe Presrigious Sugor Creek Sports Club which hos one of rhe rop reoms in rhe counrry. Losr summer Sugor Creels won rhe regionols ogoin in Arlsonsos. They competed wirh obour eighr srores. Obviously, if rolses rolenr ro be issued o poir of rrunlss from rhis club. During eoch worlsour Todd swims obour 9000 yords. He olso worlss our on Nourilus every Tuesdoy, Thursdoy, ond Sorurdoy. Todd's besr evenrs ore freesryle ond bocls srrol-ze. His besr rime in rhe 100 yord crowl is 52 seconds. He hos done very well compering wirh his oge group C15 yeor oldsb bur now he is going ogoinsr 18 yeor olds, since joining rhe senior group. "You hove ro do well ro be in rhe Senior group," Todd sold, "buf l'm gerring blown owoy or rhe momenrf' However he expecrs ro improve over rhe nexr few yeorsr Despite rhe rime swimming consumes, Todd does hove orher inferesrs. Surprisingly enough, one of rhese inreresrs don'r include lifeguording. He does ger 0 lsicls our of soccer rhough. He wos recruired by bond insrrucrors becouse of his copobiliry ro hold Iorge quonriries of oir Con obiliry very useful ro swimmersD, ond os o resulr now ploys rrombone for Junior Vorsiry Bond, Todd seems ro rhinls rhis obiliry hos done lirrle for rhe guoliry of sound issuing from his chosen insrrumenr. Ir should be nored rhor Todd is defecring ro Kirkwood rhis yeor ro be closer ro rhe pool, bur lools or rhe brighr side, he won'r be competing on rheir swim reom. Even wirh rhis in mind, os long os reruns of "Flipper" ore shown, rhe memory of Todd Duponr will live forever in Fox High School, probobly rhe mosr fomous swim- mer ro even come our of our school, - .W .s Tobie Drennen enjoys "meeting oll rhe cure guys ond daring" ro Todd Duponr hopes ro swim the 100 meter freesryle in 50 seconds becouse "l would quolify for o norionol poss rhe rime during her sophomore yeor meer in Coiifornio rhis summer " 122 - Sophomores U EHPEUQ QLUURS magazine Last month the school board reviewed a proposal to build a community center adjacent ro the Fox campus. This 51.5 million prqect would include a 2,000 seat auditorium on 8.5 acres southwest of campus, The center would primarily be used for school activities, lilse assemblies, and would be a "Home" for the drama department and radio-television communication classes. Funding for this prqect can be done without a tax increase. lr has been proposed to temporarily switch 50 cenrs of the present debt service tax levy to the building fund, Miss Mueth, drama teacher and play co-ordinaror at Fox, feels this prqecr would prove very advantageous athletic all-stars music mania fabulous favorites terrific tours to the school. weekend wonders fancy footwork tremendous topics great graphics Tremendous Topics James Rickman, superthtendenr of Fox C-6 schools, announced his retirement after nine- teen years. Teachers and fellow administrators acknowledge his role as the instrumental force in building Fox to one of the finest Cond largest? school districts in the state, During his tenure as superintendent, Mr. Rickman accomplished many things, but the annexation of Antonia and Hamrick schools, 1966 building fund levy, and overall good relations with the community are considered his greatest accomplishments. Our present gym Cfinished in 19665, the shop and art buildings and the Media Center have been build during Mr. Piickman's administration. Mr, Rickman feels he has been "blessed with a most rewarding job." ln February community voters approved o transfer of school funds that will allow a 2,000 seat auditorium to be built on the Fox campus. This 1.5 million prqect will be used for school assemblies, a lhome' for the drama and radio- television classes and available for community use when it is completed. The 1984 yearbook staff conducted a year- book 'cover contest' for this year's book This was the first time a student designed and drawn cover had been used. The contest was open to everyone and a first prize 525.00 award and free '84 yearbook was awarded 124 Paper Clips to Matt Royal for his interpretation of the theme "and now for something totally differ- ent." The Calendar Glrb of Fox? Sound crazy? the '84 Yearbook staff decided to come up with a different approach to fundroising, and thus two 1984 calendars were created, "The Calendar Girls of Fox" and "The Calendar Guys of Fox" sold for 54.00 each and featured a black 6 white photograph eoch month of a student from Fox. Photography teacher Jan Morris and Yearbook advisor Peggy Little put the calen- dars together in the fall. Sales were good, and the calendars became a 'hot' item at many other high schools in the area. Culture Clubs first two albums stormed the LP charts with lyrics and music that is "very cool, very catchy and never 'naf' Cover- doneD," according to its lead singer Boy George. The reason? "America, you know a good drag queen when you see one." US. Troops secretly and quickly over ran the tiny island of Grenada in pre-dawn Oct. 25, ousting Cuban soldiers and Soviet advisors "be- fore impending Cuban-Soviety take-over," ac- cording to the Reagan administration. While some countries formally criticized the overt, military action, Gtenadians expressed relief and gratitude. The Columbia soared into space Nov. 28, 1980 on it's ninth mission, carrying a billion- dollar Spacelob-the first true scientific research station in orbit. Soviets blasted out of the skies a civilian south Korean airliner that had strayed over Soviet territory. 269 lives were lost, including 61 American passengers. Calling the Soviet attack a "barbaric art", Reagan echoed the senti- ments of nations all over the world. 1,200 US. Marthes evacuate Lebanon after the failure of four-nation 5,400-man peace keeping force fails to silence the bullets. The Htness craze takes over as Jane Fonda's "Workout" leads a host of diet, fitness and beauty books on the market. Sally K. Ride C825 becomes the first woman in space as she joins the challeger crew as a flight specialist. Wetnam veterans insist their service in South- east Asia is finally acknowledged, when chemi- cal companies settled out of court for more than 5500000 over the physical f emotional ef- fects of Agent Orange toxication. The Day After, a TV-movie based on the aftermath of a nuclear war sharpens the de- bate over nuclear arms in the US. and Western Europe. The U.5.5.R. changes leadership twice as An dropov succumbs to illness 15 months aftei l3rezhnev's death. His successor? Konstautit Chernenko, C721 The oldest man ever to hola that countries' reins of power. Marines are killed in Lebanon after a trucl bearing explosives rammed the marine bar acks in Beirut, Lebanon. The US. team of athletes leave the Winte Olympic games in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia with c total of 8 metals, four gold, and the Russian say 'no' to LA. for the Summer games. Nutrasweet causes a diet food E: drink come back by replacing saccharin and cyclomates. The 56th Miss America, Vanessa Williamj becomes the first black woman to hold th title. ATGT splits and the market for long distance calls expands as the tele-communications field is forced to branch out. Girls Scout Cookies are forced off the market as pins and needles are found in many boxes in St. Louis. Jesse Jocksonjoins other Democratic hope- fuls Gary Hart and Walter Mondale as the first black man to run for President of the United States, Break-dancing leaves the streets of Harlem and takes center stage in music videos, dance halls and symphony concerts as the new pre- mier dance craze. Cabbage Patch Dolls become the most sought-after toy in decades as millions of par- ents frantically search for the doll for Christmas. John DeLorean goes to trial after being charged with conspiring a multi-million cocaine deal to save his faltering car company. Terms of Endeorment wins 5 Oscars, includ- ing Best Movie and Best Director, Athletic All Stars School morale was at an all-time high as the football and volleyball squads kicked off the fall season with impressive victories. Their enthusi- asm and hard work affected everyone, and school morale soared to an all-time high. The Athletic department of Fox High has managed to produce some very hard working and successful athletes this year, Following is a list of all players who were chosen as 1st team All-Conference players in Football and Basket- ball for 1984. Offensive guard-Kirk Westmoreland end-John Palmer back-Jim Sweeney Defensive tackle-Kevin White line backer-Kevin Jacobs back-Jim Gangloff Basketball Forward-Paul Keating Guard-Dave Deveydt The girls track team also produced winners, Girls Track Honor Boll-Post Dispatch 2 mi. 6 Mile 800 Sue Arnold Laura Byrne Laura Byrne High Jump Tracy Bierman Kelly Cox Kathy Emling Kim Leonard Angie Keating The following athletes placed at State finals: Brian Baddle- 1st in Track 2nd in Cross Country Jim Sweeney- Qnd in Wrestling Mickey Wright- Grd in Wrestling Stacy Weiland- oth in Wrestling Kelly Cox- 5th in Track To these people and many others not men- tioned we attribute the overwhelming success of all the athletic teams during '83-84, 5 X-I Music Mania just as the Beatles changed the course of rock-n-roll in the 'oO's, MTV and music videos have changed the face of rock in the '8O's. While some critics charge that there is too much violence, too tight a playlist, and too many unimaginative videos on music televi- sion, cirtis cannot argue with the channels popularity. Some of the best videos this year include Michael Jackson's "Beat lt" and "Billie Jean", Herbie Hancock's "Rockit", and the Roll- ing Stones' "Undercover of the Night," The following albums were also on many best-seller lists for 19841 1. Thirller by Cwho else? Michael Jackson. 2. Synchronicity by Police. 3. Eliminator by ZZ Top. 4. An innocent Man by Billy Joel. 5. Speaking in Tongues by Talking Heads. .30 millon and rising, that is the latest figure for the selling success of Michael Jackson's al- bum Thrillet. Michael Jacksons explosive suc- cess in 1984 rivals the success of the Beatles in the 'oO's with the impact he has had on to- day's music scene. The figures are unbeliev- able: Thriller won eight Grammy awards, Epic Records reports sales of over a million copies of the album per week, and there are nine songs on the album that have been released as top ten singles. Jackson's reasons for his success stem from a magnetic appeal and flashy dance steps combined with a smoldering vun- erability. The superstar is now seen every- where - on posters, T-shirts, buttons, dolls, and his trademark - one gloved hand - has become as popular as a Beatle haircut or Elvis- inspired sash. Concert Choir travelled to Tan-Tar-a Lodge and Resort in January when asked to perform at the MMEA CMissouri Music Educators Assoc? Convention. Students traveled to Tan-Tar-A by bus and stayed at the resort for two days. "We enjoyed swimming, being with friends and most of all singing for the huge audience," said Concert Chori President Terry Lester. The choir sang eight pieces for the select audience of musicians and educators related to the music field. "We are proud of a job well done and the audience rewarded our performance with an enthusiastic applause," said director Mr Johnson. Congratulations 1984 Concert Choir! Paper Clips 125 Congrarularions ro rhe following srudenrs who were chosen as 19841 All-Sfare Choir and Band members: All Srare-Choir Terry Lesrer- 2nd year Eddie Skaggs- 2nd year Joe Cansiglio- lsr year Karhy Roland- lsr year Kris Thomale- lsr year Scorr Barger- lsr year Alrernare, Michelle Lear All Srare Band Alrernafe- Mark Narrens Fancy Footwork Congrarularions ro rhe following seniors who received rhese scholarships: Julie Kory - Agriculrure Scholarship, Univ. of Missouri-Columbia Lisa Hadley - Curarors Scholarship, Univ, of Missouri-Columbia Rengene Bowman - Sr. Louis Univ. Scholar- ship Dna Bollefer - Hickey School Scholarship Dawn Rorh - Am. Legion Scholarship ro Lurh- eran Medical Cenrer-Nursing Lisa Ennis - Mo. Baprisr Hospiral Nursing Schol- arship LeAnn Falcerri - Honor Scholarship, Warrburg College Nm Picha - DECA Scholarship Karhy Msnewski -- Washingron Univ. Scholar- ship 120 Fancy Foorwork Parrick Schaub - CTA Scholarship Academic- Arch.-Kansas Srare Univ. Greg Wearherford - CTA Scholarship, Cura- rors-Univ. of Missouri Eric Brugge-man - REgenrs Scholarship, Norrh- wesr Univ. Nm Sommers - Nar'l. Merir Scholarship, Michi- gan Srare Univ. Dave Deveydr - Basketball, Track, Honor Scholarship, Wesrminisrer College Brian Radle - Arhleric Scholarship, Louisianna Srare Univ. Doug Goldammer - Earnesr S. Whearon Scholarship Barbara Reim - Phillip Morris Scholarship Tony Manria - Academic Scholarship, Bene- dicrine College Boo Kupferer - Curarors Scholarship, Univ. Of Missouri Barbara Srrong - Curarors Scholarship, Univ. of Missouri Diane Srreckfuss - Curarors Scholarship, Univ. of Missouri Wnce DeGeare - Curarors Scholarship, Univ. of Missouri, Jr. Achievemenr Arlo Oviarr - Curaror Scholarship, Univ, of Missouri Wrglnia Roland - Leadership, Arhleric Scholar- ship-Lindenwood College Ryan Lewis- Foorball Scholarship, Baker Univ, Terri Mllams - Volleyball Scholarship-Mo. Baprisr College. The following seniors received scholarship from Jefferson College: Lisa Dierrich, Doug Roach, Bob London, Damon Talley, Bill Fraley, Ed Skaggs, Krisra Pourclllie, Andrea Doerr, Richard Mafhews. The following seniors received scholarships ro Norrheasr Stare, Eric Bruggeman, Dave Deveydr, Tracey John- son, Ron Teffr. The following seniors received scholarships ro Sourheasr Store, Sreve Nelson, Sharon Harcher, Dm Picha, Au- drey Hurr, Sreve Lararra, Srephanie Bond San- dra Dillard Scorr Meadows, Lowell Powers, Sany Young, Dianne Salsman, Ryan Lewis, Rich Marhews. KUDOS ro: Nm 5ommersNar'l. Council of Teachers Wriring Confesr Award, lsr place in Srare for Debare En Exremp. Speaking. Anna Srrong, Lynn Hgin, Ken Vogl Joe Hsher Bob Kupferer, 6 Par Schaub for lsr place Mark Team ar Jeff. Coll. Rob Daugherry for John Phillip Sousa Award. Mark Narens for Alr. All-Srare Band. Nancy Perkins for lsr Runner-Up, Miss Missouri Pompom. Kim Birkner, Lisa 5 wafford 6 Boo Meyers for lsr place, Masradon Arr Show. Berry Marcee for Silver Cresr Award in Home Economics. Edole Skaggs, Danny Miller, Par Schaub, Diane Srreckfuss 6 Dm Sommers for Nar'l. Forensic League Double Ruby. David Diamond Berry Marcee, Norma Marcee Glohn Ossenforr for perfecr arrendance in high school. The following srudenrs are Teenager of rhe Monrhg Mecina Winkelman, Seprember, Bill Fra ley, Ocrober, Kathy Wisnewski, November Larry Ellior, December, Linda Sruckmeyer, Jan uary, Tim Picha, February, Kim Birkner, March Greg Wearherford, April, Connie Farrar, May Senior Brian Radle became rhe firsr rrack anc field arhlere in Fox hisrory ro win a Srare cham pionship. l3rian's rime ar srare in rhe 1600 mere was 410808, rhis sera new 4A Srare recorc and ranks as one of rhe rop 0-4 rimes in rhe narion. This remarkable achievement is nor sur prising for such a dedicared arhlere. Brian ha been working hard for rhe pasr rhree year and has accumulared quire a record, his sopho more year he qualified for srare and rook o5rl place, his junior year he rook 35rh place ir Cross Counrry and orh in Track for rhe mile Brian also ser school records in rhe mile a 41159 and in rhe rwo mile ar 9124. In his senio year Brian rook 2nd in srare in Cross Counrry and was Suburban Wesr Conference champ and Disrricr 6 Secrional champ in addirion rc being Srare champion in Track. l The world is a stage, At least it is considered l be so by many students at Fox, The Drama ub has achieved many things to be proud of is year. They started the year off with the wnual Halloween malseup worlsshop which uve children in the community the chance to 'ess as their favorite gouhl for Halloween. ln Svember the Fox High Drama Club presented we of the most successful musicals ever to 'ace it's stage. "The play drew record breals' g crowds, over BOO people came over both ghts, that is the largest audience we've ever :id here," said the play director Miss Mueth. :ter in the year despite the sad feelings of no aring play, the drama club sponsored still an' 'her successful production, the Third Annual ariety Show. This gala gave students the iance to show there hidden talents to the 'orld. We would lilse to congratulate the fol- wing students for their achievements with ie drama club and Thespian Society Honor Thespians- Terry Lester Lisa Webb rama Club Awards: Best Actoreloe Consiglio Best Actress-Psegene Bowen Best Supporting Actor-Terry Lester Best Thespian-Scott Barger We've done a lot of worls this year and it has layed off," said Drama Club Historian Lisa Jebb. l'We're loolsing forward to the new iuditorium and to many more successful proe luctions," commented Miss Mueth with an ob- 'ious beam of excitement in her eye. Conf iratulations Drama Club. "There ore three ways to what some peof le call God: science, religion, and art, I choose ie path of art through my writing," explained enior Tim Sommers about his involvement in wany writing and debate contests over the ost three years. Tim tools ist in State in Debate nd 2nd in Extemp. Spealsing this year. He ron the Natl Forensic League CNFLD Districts ompetition and will travel to San Antonia dur- ig the summer for the national finals. ln addi- on, Tim is a national finalist in the American History Day competition and winner of the Nat'l. Council of Teachers of English Award. Tim is easily in the habit of winning, and even more in the habit of worlsing hard. The National Merit Scholar summed up his desire to be involved by saying "you only get as much out of school as you put into it." Besides winning awards, Tim says that participating brings "lots of free trips" and 'lyau'd be surprised how many girls debaters picls up." He enjoys competing 'lto test my mental ability." Tim added, "Don't become reconciled, you can't become alienate ed until you've been connected." "I Love New York! "said twenty Distrlbutive Education students who spent four days in the Big Apple to attend marlseting seminars. The DE. students received advice and learned ad' ditional slsills for future job-hunting and careers. Between sessions, students ate, visited such attractions as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, World Trade Center, and the United Nations. 'Everyone really enjoyed the trip," commented DE. teacher Mr. Duniphan. IJ O ' '15 l I . A fn August C83 thirty-six band students vene tured halffway around the world to visit South Africa. These students performed at several festivals hosted by the Florida Paris High School, whose band students had visited Fox in the previous fall. They also toured Johannesburg, Kruger Wildlife Reserve, and gold mines. The fourteenfday visit was the culmination of many long hours of fundraising and band practices for Mr. Butler and many band students. Mr. Butler described the visit as a 'lance-in-a-lifetime ex- perience to perform in another country and learn customs. " Sprechen sie Deutsch? German club mem- bers Steve Balser, Anita Hantschlse, LeAnn Fal cetti, Anna Hudspeth, Chris Beel and Milse An- derson will have a chance to sharpen their slsills as they travel to Germany this summer. The German club students plan to spend twentye four days touring the German countryside. Se Senior! The Spanish club is planning a ten' day summer trip to Mexico City, Taxco, and Acapulco. Ballet performances, native follslore, crafts and visits to historic monuments are planned. Spanish club students Todd Bowerson, Dawn Jones, Sharon Long and Lisa Pfitzinger plant to soale up the southern sun. Weekend Wonders Congratulations to Stuco. This year has prov- en to be one filled with more spirit and class participation, The dances sponsored by Stuco, lr. Class and the Cheerleaders, added to the new rise in spirit at Fox. The Homecoming dance drew a large crowd as did the Winter Coronation dance and other dances held after baslsetball games. Prom was a definite success with a sellout crowd. And a new idea strucls the cheerleaders this year: The Senior Farewell Beach Bop. The seniors lilsed this idea, it gave them the chance to dress lilse a beach bum and dance the night away with the closest of friends. As the year came to a close, Jr, Anna Hudspeth summed up the dances in these words, l'They were a blast, it was great finally seeing people loolsing forward to the dances on Friday nights." Weekends open up many possibilities for activity. The dance craze has spawned night spots lil-te l'Beflexions" where teens can dance the night away. Almost every weelsend there is a party "open to the public" somewhere, Paper Clips 127 "My brorher and I had a parry, or should I say a convenrion, for abour 250 people," said senior Tim Broclshaus. Friends ofren meer af Ronnies 8 Cinema and false in a movie or fwo, and head ro CaIeco's ro ear afrerward. Wherh- er one has money ro spend or nor, Sourh Counry Shopping Cenrer always provides an evening of enrerrainmenr. 'iThe besr rhing abour S. Counry is loolsing ar all rhe men and buying wild clorhes," explained junior Karen Klemperf. When rhere is enough rime and gas, many Fox siudenrs can be found cruising Main Srreer in Fesrus, Fesrus. Cruising gives everyone a chance ro show off his or her ser of wheels and is also rhe perfecr opporruniry ro picls up members of rhe opposire sex. While mosr srue denrs feel rhe need ro go ourside rhe Arnold vicinify ro find enrerrainmenr, they sfill manage ro have a good rime, PINIOINL Fabulous Favorites FAVORITE MOVIEAFoofloose FAVORITE ACTORXACTRESS-Tom Cruise, Clinr Easrwood FAVORITE RECORD ALBUMAThri!ler, by Michael Jaclsson, 1984, by Van Halen FAVORITE ROCKXPOF' GROUP-Van Halen, Loe verboy FAVORITE VOCALlSTeMichael Jaclsson, Lionel Ri- chie FAVORITE TEACHER-Mr. Langhammer, Mrs. Pe- rerir FAVORITE RESTAURANT-McDonald's, Red Lob- srer 128 Paper Clips FAVORITE BOOKfChrisrine, by Srephen King, Flowers in rhe Arrfc, by V,C. Andrews FAVORITE FAMOUS FACE-Chrisfie Brinlsley, Mi chael Jaclsson FAVORITE CANDYfMGM's, Sniclsers FAVORITE CLOTHING STYLEfPunls-New Wave, Blue Jeans FAVORITE TV SHOXV'A' Team, Dynasry FAVORITE COMEDlANAEddie Murphy, Richard Pryor FAVORITE THING TO DO ON A DATE-Kiss and . . ., Go ro Movies FAVORITE DESSERT PLACEfTed Drewes, Baslsin Robbins FAVORITE VIDEO-"Thriller", Michael Jaclsson, "Bear Ir", Michael Jaclsson FAVORITE ATHLETE-Ozzie Smirh, Darrel Porfer FAVORITE SODA-Coke, Pepsi FAVORITE RADIO STATION-KWK, KHTR FAVORITE VACATION SPOT-Florida, Hawaii FAVORITE CAReMusrang, Camaro FAVORITE MAGAZINE-Sevenreen, Playboy FAVORITE HAIRSTYLE-Bi-level and spilsed, Long and curly Great Graphics Thanlss ro rhe following individuals for rheir help: Sally Sneed, Terry Lester, Mr, Morris, LeAnn Falcerri G Anira Hanrschlse, Mrs. Morris and rypf ing srudenrs, Mrs. Mueller, Mario Pedrefri, rhe Adminisfrarion, and all sponsors and coaches for rheir cooperarion. Special rhanlss ro Marr Royal for all his fime and ralenrs. The 19841 HA-KO Sfaff wasg Connie Reiss, Edifor-in-Chief Tim Sommers, Copy Edifor Valerie McDonald, Layouf Edifor Kelly Cox, Layoui Doug Goldammer, Layouf Diane Srreclsfuss, Copy Doug Golden, Copy Julie Lamberf, Copy Tim Broclshaus, Copy Milse Boehner, Copy Jeff Lally, Typisf Norma Marcee, Typisr Jeff Moring, Gopher James Espey, Promofions Vince Vandaveer, Phofographer Renea Dwyer, Phorographer Michelle Lawson, Phorographer Cover arrworls by Marr Royal. Endsheer arrworls by Marr Royal. Magazine arrworls by Bob Meyer, Kim Birlsner, Lisa Swafford. Sporrs arrworls by Bob Meyer. Hot Air Tom Kloseiossumed nomeb is nor one ro ser smoll gools. 'lWell, l'm nor or liberry ro rolls obour ir, bur l'm currenrly worlsing on rhe righrs ro o movie scripr l wrore for Hollywood," he odmirs. "Righr now rhey're rollsing obour Mi- choel Joclsson for rhe leod ond Sylvesrer Srol- lone os direcror. lr's o srory obour o smoll-rown boy who comes from o srricr counry where doncing is prohibire ed. The boy rebels, curs o record for Morown, ond becomes o gionr doncing ond singing suc- cess. Along rhe woy he olso srruggles ro win o foorboll scholorship ond londs o porr in o movie obour o 'good guy' who gers mixed up . . . well, professionol girls ond molses o lor of mon' ey. He hos ro molse o decision which offer he will rolse. l'm sorry l con'r rell you obour ir, bur irs hush-hush unril we ger o deol worlsed our." Tom soys he hos hod o busy yeorg wriring monologues for Dovid Lerrermon, plonning rhe 're-birrh' of Hoppy Doys ond orher pilor scriprs hos lefr him wirh lirrle rime for whor he colls "rhe lsid sruff mosr high school srudenrs indulge in over rhe weekend. llighr now l'm negorior' ing some prerry heovy deols, bur l'm nor reolly supposed ro rell onybody obour oll rhis," he soid, "You lsnow how show business people ore." No, Tom, how ore rhey? "Well, l con'r show you ony of my worls, bur ler me jusr soy rhor irs very originol ond o big hir wirh rhe Hollywood producers. Why, Sreven Spielberg rold me iusr rhe orher doy rhor my ideo obour rhe corrupr smoll-rown cop who is lsiclsed off rhe force, finds Jesus, ond becomes o high school counselor is very, very inreresringl And rhe scripr obour rhe menrol porienr who becomes o cofererio cools ond srorrs roinring rhe food wirh . . . well, l'm srill worlsing on rhor one. These ideos con'r ger our becouse every screenwrirer in Hollywood will be copying rhem. l've become such o success rhor I hove ro wrire under on ossumed nome ond hide my idenriry. They con'r woir unril I groduore ond con come our ro Hollywood." Gee, Tom, neirher con we. One of rhe srudenrs obove is Tom Klose Cossumed nome? Poper Clips 120 QUUL LQ1440 1 M, www bww zwlw EMU ULOIIW ,bww Um JWJJQU. M6941 mf WW57, MM: agbff. JN wwf MMWWJWWJWW mmf W MM A zlwwibwfjm Lmnwwf 5 4 LZMHLM JW wwifmw Lpuziwfg wi cjfpmu, wwf J W vom! Zfplyiiff WL Mwhthwk ,LLWUWQUVULUJ 6l,4 ZMWJWJWJZWWZ- U away fgyjckif JW 56 ' A ' ' wif f94u1J WHL zfbdf dwg? ' mowed? JJ JWCQOUWMM f bdlf!EOJZl1f 05 QYUWJ and my Q ,dgvwff MMM QL ww!! KQWL MAL W. gMWfMW c ZLGOWZL GWZZ M, ,UQQQL , L , AL DQ LJWUM MMMCM 5,9401 AQ'?j6M Qmdlfj WW fm W WW Wfmififi 75443303 Zfwwif MM wcmwfw UWOWWVWQW 0' gy M f , M35 Wuxi M WW book Feel The Power! We neorly hove o celebriry in our midsr nomed Dove Pseprogle. Dove is o powerliffer for rhe Fox Powerlifring reom. Losr yeor he fools Grd ploce or the High School Norionols in Normon, Olslohomo, ond this wos his firsr big meer. He ser o Nofionol high school record for his weighr closs by benching 325 lbs. Dove srorred lifring in 8rh grode, buf hos been involved in powere lifring for W2 yeors. lr's reolly inreresring how Dove gor srorred in powerlifring. Sreve Moy, o wresrler from Lindbergh who he hod wresrled, colled him up ro see if Dove wonred ro go for High School Norionols. Dove being rhe smorr guy he is, occepred, even rhough he hod only 3 monrhs ro prepore. Dove worlss our 2Vz hours, five doys o weels, ro ger reody for cornperirion. Ar rhe rnomenr he's squorring 518 lbs., benching 345 lbs., ond deod lifring 489 lbs. He is working our in prepororion for Norionol High School Norionols ogoin, Dove feels he should get firsr in his weighr closs becouse rhe rwo guys who finished in fronr of him losr yeor groduored ond vvon'r be compering. Losr yeor, Dove wos disquolified for nor going deep enough on his sguors. Someone should rell rhese guys, 'lhey, you rry ond go down forrherl" Dove Reprogle orremprs ro sq 400 lbs in rhe weighrroom JuniorsJunlors Juniors Juniors JuniorsJuniors I4 7, Jim Abney Liso Abney Poulo Abroms Sue Abonen Kim Adoms Renee Adoms Sherri Alden Beclsy Agnew Peggy Ah Chris Aiello Lon Airsmon Anrhony Alberr Milse Albrighr Cheri Allerirron Brion Alexonder Chorlie Allen Keirh Allen Tim Allen Neeno Aly Michelle Ambrose Dennis Ammicls Michelle Amsier Angie Anderson Bob Anderson Sue Anderson Melliso Appleby Michelle Andrews Kirls Arnold Koren Ashby Sherry Ashmore Pom Arlsins Milse Aubuchon Dill Ausrin Declsy Axley Annerre Boch LJOT Juniors - 131 Debbie Bode Corl Boer Jeff Bogwell Rodney Boiringer Kimberly Boker Tim Boner Tereso Borbogollo Scorr Borger Tim Bouer Liso Boumonn Tommy Bozzell Dovid Beordon Michelle Beore Chrisrine Beck Jeff Becker LoDonno Becker Michelle Becker Trocy Becker Aryille Bedwell Chris Beel Honk Beers Pool Belmor Shonnon Bender Jim Bennerre Scorr Berry Greg Bess Chris Bickel Joon Bielefeld John Bielefeld Trocy Biermonn Noncy Binghom Angie Block Korhy Blokely Steve Bolnkenship Tommy Blechle Doyno Blick Chorlie Bollinger Sheri Bolm Bruce Boop Poulo Boswell Rodney Boswell Sion Bowouski Dororhy Bowerson Todd Bowerson Terri Boysrer Wendy Brodshow Dorcio Brody Tommy Broke Tino Brondhorsr Chris Brondr Tim Broun Srephen Breedlove Jennifer Brewer Michelle Brewer Tereso Briceno Pom Bridges Jim Brooks Toni Brooks Dove Brown Jeonerre Brown Piegino Brown Por Bryonr Shown Burgon Tommy Bollingron Croig Burr Poul Byder Tereso Byrd Tommy Collohon Looro Colvin John Comven Suson Correr Rochel Corrhy Derek Cose Angie Cosh Greg Corr Jill Corroor Renee Coubble 132 Juniors .i is 'M A V X E J P S i K X Q is TP' . ..., . . e num. i is . , Y. .,.. J sir.: X x X Q .C ,,.. I ii,, ,,, C , ef Xxx C+ Ek XS 5 X C C i 5 r. k XX ., -,,. . N X is .F . s is sg, i rw I. A- . ,i : .... is 23 'ST A 2' R R s' c . i is X Q I TW' :avi X X X C 'F E 1 1 is is . Q if W X . J C Ri' R o Q, .s ii i ul' we fsAswiSnAi :ff J Eg Quesrions,Quesrions,Quesrions . Would you do o loyour for Ployboyfploygfrl? "Me Are you kidding!" Yes No No Commenr GTX, 541, 152 Do you like popcorn? Thor quesrion is foo personol for me ro onswerf' Yes No No Commenr OOM, AW o'Xs Do you believe in Sonro Oous? "Sonro Clous moy nor be o rongible, moreriol someone, buf he is cerroinly somerhing rhor does exisr- if only in rhe form of rhe spirir of Chrisrmos. Anywoy, I'm srill woiring for him ro bring me o choo-choo." Yes No No Commenr 242 oo? IOCZQ Do you wonr ro be famous? "I cerroinly wonr ro rosie o lirrle fomel" Yes No No Commenr om 292 102 Do you wonr ro be 1nfomous?"lf I con'r be fomous, I moy os well be infomousl" Yes No No Commenr ITM, 71? 171, Don Chopmon Donno Checkerr Tonyo Chiles Tim Chilron John Cibulko Eric Cissell l Bryon Clouser Psolph Clemenrs Mickey Cline Dono Colemon Dove Conn Joe Consiglio Kelly Cox Debbie Croig Jockie Croig loner Croig Scorr Crirrinden Jo-el Cross Down Crossen Chuck Crosric Jeff Crow Michelle Crump Tommy Czoplo Tom Czoplo Lonnie Donnenberg Tony Dorulo Michelle Dougherry Piondy Dovidson Juniors NN Deiow - Terri Doysrer displays rhe rorquoise oehdahr ahd oraceler she made ih Lubq we Jeweiry dass Right - "This is whar I rhihls of school IuhChes"' joked Mike Fraley X ' Sufi NM Qi' if ' ,wiv AX. QNX . I I we N il' X 51 Grefa Dfw I, Ziwi ff Tum Davis 'VII QQL, i Machelie Daugherty Chris Dawidowsisi . ,X , 3 Q . Nancy Dawson g A X ' N A K - Teresa Deah ' ' b Lee Deone - I . , is .g, K M , i s 1'2 QX X my-X ,. , X f - o f -,Nu ' 'f:X'f,. ' ""'X:::X r- X RX , -sr Xi " 'S E 5 f Xi x X, r 'X sn Q ,. .. ',::: Nr' fX1.'f si-.r Xr. .. .XX,,.:.:5: , Q ,.X, .X W- ,, 1- Ny gal +5 -sw X , V XXX ii 'S X X. M 3.5. " .' if 'T X X - X be Deborah Debeoux ' f Pwrh Debusia 2 X Daroh Decide . N Q X Michelie Deiay K "" T W F . X Q Doo Delgmah X "X, 1 -L is Srephahie Demoor Karia Demarale '5:" Perry Defifrm X X X "'X2Q Frahif Dieboid X X -"- Becky Dierzler ' Xl .IQ Di Domi - - X ri, Karhy Drysdole - I ff 1 'M Ruth Duggali sr ' ' Julie Duhh I 'xii ,P zb ' Xjh J K . ,, Jere! Eomes ,ii .:5.. .-,, 1 I IQQQ. JQVVY ECHO" ., ' :IE ":' qi' si' . X i ,,,, Ke-vih Eoerhardr ',,b ' LL ' i '. . , , - gs ' in 1 Sreve Edeh L4 i gi , , T : x 'Uk X. '- , 3 HT EUFWS is N - X i ii Q X X fi sis if Om Wen iiii X S ,:., , X XXX ::' 1 1 X: - . is M P M13 Mohry Elders n ' A A ESX , Q 0 . b XX X Q ' f :': ,: ,.-Xf : A XXX E 'f i " Eiaihe Eiler ' Tami Ems Tom Euoahixs ,rr X .lay Evahs ',. ' Km Fach -X s Diohe Fair Margie Fuqua - ji - 134 - Juhiors X X XA E Q K 2 'X K ff? -Sf, n .ENU M ff :- X- 1 . X Qs .Q is S S" fu-if 4 QF '. 5 - . si 5 St , X . ' ,, .f ,- sg:s',:sX:f:.X his - " E.-s:4.:X:-get , ,,XX .1 X -X : x .J X ks. .L S. 4. Orwell Was Wrong, Right? The dreaded year is upon us. But Orwell's bleals fantasy of Big Brother, the Ministry of Truth, and the Thought Police remains just that: a fantasy. Though one-third of the world CChina and the Soviet Bloc? suffers under the weight of totalitarianistic statehood, the rest of the world remains free of oppression. From South Africa to El Salva- dor, from the Phillipines to Libya, and from Chile to Spain freedom reigns. America, most of all, stands as an example of the triumph of human freedom. Orwell believed that by 1984 the government would watch our every move. But there is no "Big Brother" to watch over us. Mentioning Watergate, FBI wiretapping, or television surveillance in public buildings is begging the question, Only the ungrateful would suggest that computers impinge upon our freedoms. The centraliza- tion of personal and financial records and for-a-fee sharing of these files with potential employers, insurance companies, marlseting and advertising executives, and the government will but serve the mod- ern demands of efficient management. When and where you use your credit card, for example, is of course recorded and centralized for purely innocent reasons. "Big Business" not "Big Brother" de- mands computer billing. Orwell believed that by 1984 our thoughts would be controlled by forces beyond out control. Far from being controlled by "waves through the air" as the citizens of 1984, we live with the blessings of television. NBC, CBS and ABC will continue to assure that Americans do not thinls all the same thoughts. Despite occasional bools burnings, we remain safe from l'Thought Police," The House Sub-Committee on Un-American Activities saw to that and the House Sub-Committee on Communist Intervention in the Nuclear Freeze Movement contin- ues their worls. Orwell's 1984 postulated a 'Ministry of Truth"1 only the govern- ment's 'ltruths" reached the people. Our nation remains free from such manipulation. Voluntary prayer and Creationism will not invade our classrooms. Moral values are lsept out of school, and will not influence the proper teaching of sex education, literature, and histo- ry, The educators continue their valiant efforts to prevent anything from impinging upon their teaching of secular humanism, America also remains free of the infamous "Newspeals", the incomprehensible language of bureaucrats and the meaningless bob- ble of the uneducated. Meanwhile, the American government fighs for freedom around the world. We have had what President Carter called . . incom- plete success" sometimes, but we have had success as well. The American invasion of Grenada is such a success story. Though it was necessary to ban the press while troops made Grenada safe for freedom, and though, as one general commented, Uwe weren't micromanaging Grenada intelligence-wise until about that time frame" freedom and clarity triumphed, Asked to comment upon Orwell, Newspeals, and 1984, Fox stu- dents offered these responses1 l'The girl was spaz," said Scott Barger, Chris Reifschneider said "raise off, this is hoser stuff" and an unidenti- fied female remarl-red Hlilse Orwell goes, 'Everybody tallss New- speal4, l'm sure. What a dork!" ln the end, one can not but conclude that freedom has indeed won. Free from Otwellion horrors, we 'scoff at Big Brother and Newspeals. The Socio-Politico pseudo-entity U.5,A. is double plus un- bad. X , 5 1 -X Brian Faullsner Carl Faullsner Laura Faupel Marie Favute Dawn Fehr , , Janine Feretra 'F , laimee Ferguson s -4 " n . 3. ,.C:,L, t Q Rhoda Finley Charlie Firestlne Dawn Fischer Joe Fischer Renee Fischer Stephanie Fitzgerald Tom Fitzgerald bnerri Fletcher Robert Flotron Floyd Dugan Christie Foster Michelle Fox Milse Frailey Don Fraley Judy Frazier Michelle French Kaye Frenzel Patty Frost Tina Fullerton ,. Tom Gabbert Daryl Gaertner Ken Gagnon Annette Gambino Shelley Gansmann Je-ffGeitz Kurt Genz Lisa Goff Gina Gibbar Juniors Are you in favor of fhe Legolfzorion on por? I'No, I don't need pot to get high. " Yes 241 Do you Yes 4642, Do you 5500" Yes 481-J No No Commenf 672 OZ approve of drinking? I'lf vve didn't drink, we would all dry up." No No Comment STX, SOCK, rrusr rhe Presioenf of rhe US? "I have to, he still owes me No No Comment 2079 387, Do you plon ro marry in the next 5 yeors? 'Il don't plan on it, but I wouIdn't fight it." Yes No No Comment SOM 511, 181, Do you plan ro marry in the next 10 years? "I plan to marry after I finish college and career is well under way." Yes No No Commenr 6273 172 21?-J I I I l Kelly Reese does not favor legalizing por because "it makes people do crazy things." At right, Michelle Riebold and Robin Johnson. Stacy Gibbs f Kevin Gireer Karen Goldsmith Debi G'SelI Traci Graves Kevin Greer Laura Grooms Stan Gross Dianna Grilley Tina Godfrey Natalie Guelker Brion Gueva Liso Harr Robyn Holbrook Valerie Hamil Cheryl Haney Angie Hankmeyer Mike Harm Rich Harriso Rick Harry Scott Hart OO TOO 5 F1 Joe Hartma Cliff Hartzell Mike Harve Kim Hayes Susan Hayes James Hayn Jim Heidorn 130 f Juniors n Y 95 ,-ss. , nw. I 5 xx X INF Na if S is Q IN .- I .vc E S 1 1 ! J w 'N-qs., ,N N. F. -. Adam Miller: Piano Man Joann Marre Kim Moore Robin Morgan Walrer Morgan Jeff Moring Jimmy Morland Maria Morrow Jim Mosher Melinda Mueller Sreye Mueller Rodney Mullins Darren Meyers Jimmy Naggi Ernie Nanney Mark Narens Karen Neal Laurinda Neff Joe Nessel Lesa Noblin Tina Nichols Brenda Norden Ricky Noll Doug Nygo Joan O'Canner Denise O'Dell Vicki Odenrhal . Kim Ochs i s.. Julie Olds John Oshea Cheryl Owensby Tracey Owsley John Plamer Eve Parker Shelly Parker Susan Parker N ' 1 . There are some rhings eyeryoody knows aaour Adam Miller, He was Fox's rhird runner ar rhe Srare cross counrry meer rhis year. He is a good srudenr, in rhe upper lforh of rhe Junior class. He is also known ro be somerhing of a compurer whiz Whar many people don'r know is rhar Adam is one heck of a piano player. In his 12 years of work ar rhe keyboard Adam has won many honors, He wan firsr place ar Fonraonne College's Bi-Srare comperirion. He gor a 'one' ar rhe Srare Music Fesrival his freshman year, and has done well or rhe Stare comperirion rhe Iasr rwo years as well. Adam has played ar rhe Clayron Young Arrisr Chrisrmas perfor- mance rhe Iasr rwo years, rhough one year he gor ready ro play and announced his piece during rhe prayer. 'll rhoughr rhey were done," he explained. Miller is yersarile, our like all good pianisrs he has a classical base. He admirs rhaf he likes playing classical music more rhan lisrening ro ir, Adam also enjoys jazz, and works wirh his grandfarher's band. "They play pop music as well as walrzes and polkasf' Adam also enjoys playing rhe work of pop arrisrs like Billy Joel and Barry Manilow. "Early Manilow sruff," he srresses. 'll like performing Desi," Adam said, "lr's kind of a rhrill. Eyeryoodys lisrening ro you. lr's a way to show how you feel aaour, or how you inrerprer a piece." Asked if he rhinks playing rhe piano has helped him personally he said, "lr's made ir easier ro handle pres- sure. Afrer so long, l srill ger nervous our I know how ro handle ir, My hands don'r shake anymore, now my leg does." Miller has some pragmaric ideas aoour his ralenr as wellz "lr's my aesr hope for a college scholarship," Juniors 140 - Juniors nunforrunorely, I don'r rhinls o womon will become presidenr in rhe neor fururef' Hove you reod George Orwells 1984? "George who? YE5 No No C ommenr 281, 711, VZ, Would you like ro ride fonrosric experience! " Yes No 631, STX, 5'Z, in rhe Spoce Shuffle? Thor wouid be o No Comrnenr Would you vore for o womon presldenriol condidore? I wouldnr vore for her simply becouse she wos o womon Bur if she hod oil rhe necessory ouolificorions - you ber!" Yes No No Commenr 651, 151, 1641, Would you Nghr for your counfryP " reosons why- Ijusr would." Yes No No Commenr 651, 151, 211, ,, A , ,f"' , ,, "'!' f llyll s ,V 1 f fr ' .4 6 , Above - When osked if he would yore for o womon presidenr, Vince Vondoveer replied "no," Right - "I'm going crozy, get me our of here"' grimoces John Polmer in Sponish closs ,W M 3 i con'r give you ony porrioric Shown Sherriii Kevin Sigmon John Simmons Mory Simmons Michele Sims Rurh Simpson Ikhondo Sirzes Donnie Slsoggs Dovid Slore Scorr Smoilvvood Annerre Smirh Aprii Smirh Dob Smirh Croig Smirh Joson Smirh Iennifer Smirh Mory Smirh Denise Sneiling Donno Snoyulrs Donno Snyder Kim Snyder Dole Spongler Keilie Sporr DIII Sporlss Tomro Spence Liso Sproy Robyn Spriggs Teo Slsiies Leonno Srocy Joe Srompf Cheryi Sreorns Cormen Srefono Mory Sreime .Ieff Sreinmeyer Rich Sreponeis Do you beieye in God? I rhinls God is rhe embodimenr of mon's ioeos of whor rhe world shouio be 1 2 Juniors Yes No No C ommenf 871, 881, 71, Are you in fovor ofPremor1foIsex9 I wouldn I Isnow Yes No No Commenr 4842, 8841, 20 Are you in fovor of Co,o1folpunfshmenf9 If They Con Isill they Con be Isiiled Yes No No Commenr 562, 293, 15fZ, V- Are you in foyor of oborf1on9 No I rhinls ir is morolly wrong. " Yes No No C ommenf QW, 652, 152, Are you in foyor of eouo! righrs for women? Im IO fovor of eoool responsibility for women Yes No No Commenr 571, 2141, 220 Top - "I foyor eouoi righrs for women because rhey hoye rhe some responsibiliries os men commenrs Korlo De Noroie Righr - Woiring for heip in rhe Iibrory ore Denise Moil ond Sherri Below - "Friendship lilse ours is hord ro find," ogree Rurh Simpson ond Liso Srerling. fig For righr- "lr rolses intense concenrrorion ro figure our Mr Allsires' resr," commenrs Kurt Genz. 144 Juniors Are you lonely? "Terriblyl" Y95 No No Commenf 1452, 77CX-, 141, Are you hoppy wfrh your llfe?' l ve reolly been working on being hoppy. Somerinnes problems srill ger me down bur l rn gemng berrer or hondling them." ls beoufy only slsfn deep? "No, bur slsin sure loolss good on beouriful Yes No No Commenr 842 OCZ, 14?-s Do you love your porenrs? "They re super' Yes No No Commenr 917, OZ OCX, people!" yes NO No Commenr C352 502 12? Do you believe rhor money folks? All The lime Yes NO No C ofnmenr O 0 78 A-s 162 6 A Verlin Wilson Melino Wisely Milse Wolff Brion Wolfmeyer .luoniro Wornocls Sonic Wornble Loulo Wood Terry Wheor Dione Wrighr Terri Wrighr Bobby Wylde Tommy Wymore Eloine Yolloly Kim Yuille Chrisrino Zorro Jeff Zouodil Phillip Zerillo Fred Zumwolr senior closs of 1984 9 '10 ' 47 Pgul Adler Mllse Alello Loorerro Allen Cb Kerry Arrnor Boo Arnold Sue Arnold , 3 A- X 9' rl Tornffy Bolser Tlno Bollefer Donlel Bolfner Sh - .fd awed at M-f Cnrlsroone Dowd Loorle Beoro Snoron Decner .gg vi - D 1 l ,.f 5 Ronoy Belleyzlle Pnll Belrnor Turn Dolllngron ff 'V K v 1, Mllse Allen Pornelo Allen Donno' Anderson xy . X' S E Terry Arnold Clnoy Arlslng Debore Aooocnon l4o'ny Borbogolo Mnl4e Dorrlerr Rlro Borrow Tlrn Bedwell Rebecco Deel Ronolcl Blrd Deoole Dlenl Klnn Blrlsner Snoron Dlrrnlngnorn Senlors - M5 1 ff 0' Bryoo Bknck Doo BWOIV Todd Blweo Rodney Boorwwgm Boon J. Bode Mime' Boehner 1 C' tl Y 1 , V , , wi. 4 , ,,w u - Wowwv ,I ' V -an : , I J' ' i B t an 1 4 f Kms Boesrog Peony Bogoe Chrwsnoo Bolhoger Sreohome Bond Scorr Boooe Gerold DOUCVTOVU -se iv . ,. .,-5 em' g x fy ,X Q? Km Boolwofe Mwchoel Boushey Begmne Bowen Scorr Bowen Brenda Bowuog Jeff Boyd rf' 4, ., Crcmg Brrokley Beclsi Bruolsmom Tim Broclshous AWG UVOWKW Debbie Drowo Down Bfcwmog . I , 4 f- i 'i Eric Broggemoo Corus Bunch Foro Cordioole Pool Conrom SVOCGY COVVOB RGQWO COVVGV 146 - Semofs -vue wr' Gwoo Chodevme Down Eosr Cheofhofv Dwoywe Uwe Dowo Gomoger KOM Gore Rmb Oooger Povy Coors Sreve Cobefg MYCVwoeN Coemow MWCDQIEE Cobefooo Km' Co'Me' Doon Cook ,-4 Y' 'Fi' Horns Cook Morroew Cook KW Cooley Deofo Lee Come!! Mwche-Nle Coroocw Sheffy Cofoero 0-S- Vloger Courrwoy Dowd Cfosg Kevm Crowford Dwooe Cross Kovhr Crorchley Duomo Cumoimghom CVONQ CWMOWSN l-OVW DODDQDUVQ ROD Doogoerry Sqorr Dowosoo Dems Dows lO'T'V'W9 Dovms Semors - 147 ni X , lulue Dayls Parry Dayls Dayld Deveydr Dayud DlOfl'lODd Dlll Dorsey Marls Darson 'Vt I 7, Tlna Eddlngrdn Tarnrny Edwards Llsa Ennls LeAnn Facerrl 8 - Senlars 'Kr Q Vance DeGeare Sreye Deadlre Dull Denman ROL-,lm Derrer S. Usa Dlerrlcn Par Dlffey Andrea Daerre Dara Dalde .wr ' ,Q Jn"- ,A ., 'K t , v ,. T 'S .-. Hs , G , K, e A , -4-o-- Keyun Douglas Deseree Drlyer Renea Dwyer Mellnda Easrerwood 9 O in 2, Y . ,. Llsa Enrenrelcn Rude Elsenbels .Monre Elders Larry Elluar Jayne Faller Jann Farley Cannle Farrar Scarf Felry "' 'Q Laura Frm Cmdy Frscher Jeff Frscher Karen Fiaharr Mrchelle Framrr' Kem Florroa an ' X X r' V Dale Fruegge Sue Fox Br!! Frar'ey Harry FVEGMOG Mrlee Frczrer Dave Fraze' :eu H r , N i ?,. 1 I , Nararre Faaac Emraerr Gcaay Was Gamarmo Jrm Gamgroff Jam Garwgroff Darrrw Garaaer a- KN I n 2' Dom Gasrrerch Jrfe Garewaaa Gam: Ge-rrz Krm George Tam George Terry Graaar IQ 3 Dawn Grbtn Bryan Gre' Aware Glaser Jaeaay Grass Lawy Graham Dcwe Grassacm Sef arg -15 Luso Grnffrrb Jerwmfer Grrmmerr Qerglqj Gnyngm 1.5- -- vi X , Doug Gorderw Doug Gordommer Jrm GOUNG iii Q- I 1-if Keym Hodley Lusb Hadley Some HONG' 7:- 8 ,- e P? 4 r MncbeMe Horwrwucie Amro Homrscblse Terre!! Harper 0 :Y- Sborom Horcber Dual Hobsobrf Bob Hbwism 150 - Semors E 9 Gmo Gross Lnrudo Grzyb Sandy Godsey ?'r '4' tu I W , g . Morr Gbeblser Jobrw Gurfey LeeArwrw Hobbs Webby Hob Mrlse HOVTYYWQVS Gmger Hobcbde Roxorwrwe Horrob Joe Horns Roche! Horrmorwrw Y. f M4 I New , I Sue Herne Muse HGWVWOOCHGV Dworrwe Hermbrwb Mx , V X ft? J' " , K 5 ,KA Bob Hern Sreve HoMond ,Man 19 J ,ff 'S Alf V' wp , Q , xp- Kelrh I-JoJmes Veronuco Holrnwon Elwzobefh Hudson Dofboro HUGH ,cos Kwnwberiy Hurr Mom Hurchxnson Dodene Horse!! Cwndy Jssoc Memsso Jssocs Kevxn Jocobs S 'C Boro Jornes Dole JOPDGS Mory Johnson Srocey Johnson itfv -nv- -' .fv- O Keurh Jensen WCM Jensen Poo! Johns Gwno Johnson at 0 Trocey Johnson Down Jordon Kenny Jordon Sherry Just 33" ". J A J 1 4 Sreve Koufmonn Pool Keonng SIZFK x"Cp is X. Jam Kendo!! Looro Kesrernfvonr Don Kwncomo Kelly Kung Senxofs -an . 'hu ,f ,bf John Krrners Porry Kroe-ppeJ Poge Kowolslsr Roorn Krerzer Evo Logoge Jeff LoJJy J 'wi'- - 12' Korny LOSCJWJSS Grdger Loorenr Koren Le-Lond Ron Lernnwons 52 - Senrors J nf- Us 4190: 'UF Ill Donrel J4oenJer Johe Kory Joy Kovorrk ,,, -- Donno Kroopo Todo J4LJQJer ROUGH Kupferer Krrn Loch .1-lr .jf Morry Lomb Je-ff Lono Sreve Lo'orro Kerrrn Lormn K 1 MJCHGJG LOWSOVW John Leocn Mrcne-!Je Leor Dono Leory Jonn Leonord Terry Lesrer Ryan Lewrs Brion Lexo Jil? V. 4 fx T Helly Lexo Dm Lwpmo Becw LLQSLOSNS4 Lon Lwe-ly L50 Lwmgsfoh Doo Lomdfm flax X' ,-'. iv-. f.....f"!N Pcrroc Lovc Kew Lmdefs Kuff L B03 Mgfwgwew RQQAQV Moc" DQS-X9 MCT!-JQS? 1 f X'-, Defry Mcrcee Norma Mcrcee Cwoy Mcfxef L50 MCVSCHQW Dew-L5 MC"fX View Mcrfn A .Q ., 1- wel xx L v. Mme Morry Low Movwews Rwcrworo Momews Wmde! Meme-5 Jgfmeg More Cymmc Moyoew' --nf , 1 .- 1 1 Q Teffy Mdlfce- my MQCCAO She" MCC we Vg MQDOHOLC Mwcbexe MQGQ'-.-, JOM MCMCHOQQ Sew Q 54.15 J z ""'- Scorr Meodows Bob Medlln Sondy Meuser Brendo Meler Denise Melton Mllse Mercer 1 1,-'X ..., f . 4 , hs... ' l '. .1 Gene Mesploy Dorry Meyer Roberr Meyer Mory Bern Mules Debby Muller 50,1 Mmef 4, A ,, ,- l S Terry Muller Wendy Miller Blll Malls Tons Mlner John Mlnogue Don Mobley 5 lr: r Bill Moore Mngsy Moore Dove Money Tommy Morley Bruce Moms Suge Mgmgon M .. ' ' 1' ' 1' wi .K 1 ,L ' all l e K le Kelly Morrow John Morse Mory Muehlhouser Bondy Murphy Donna Noromore Sreve Nelson Senlors 4 fy Cheryi Nu!! Mwlse Nevwes Tefeso Nwcisless Scorr Notxlm 09 Korhy O'Bnem Kelly OHOVO Afwgec Ofcfwsw Wm Oroece Afo Ove" Mgng Dgfrg 'x ij vu-g-mx 'm'W'w.-F,,,,,,..gwe-x.,,,,.Eh u 4 O Dove Pc"e'sce Momc Pec'e'r 1 ft Amorec Pefwbermy Norway Perwms Tm Dgfry View P'c4f Tm Pwchc Sreve Pvc lg.-I Machine! Power Paulo Powre Tom Pohrre Keren Pooreg Mm, 'W' QQ 16, U50 Poqe Jeomme Power Befh Porrs Kms Powdlxe Shelry Powe-H Mon Powers Dove Prwrr Umm Qurfw SGPNOVS I 1 wx 'I 1 2 . ' Tefry Rcdke Bmw Rode Cherxe Remo Teresa Home Tomy Ronge John Rowve Donna Reed I Dwg Hmm 115 S5 Leswe Ser-cew 2 ,. 1 Barb Rew Comme Re-ass Sgorr Rzchcrdsofw Debtnue Vlwcsmoe Mvchelbe Ney V' , . . N1 ROGQGVS Vxrgmxo NONCVNO Down flow Mcynew floyo! Dxgmme Sdgmgn 0 ,,.. ei' ID " e-. Q 'r' 2,1 Lwsc Sowcy Pc' Scheer: Cyme Scwossef Owefwe Sqmmgr Ge-orQe Serve U' 'M L V milf? M1 Schmwdr Greg Scrum!! Show Scorf Debtme See Kem SeHers Sgorr Semgef Seexofs W' C- 4 ,, . , 'R S X Gene Shemron Sreve Sherrm DOJ Sukorsm Eddle Skaggs Owomes Srmrr CVWOY Sew' f ' N.. Q' 'Y ,,,. , . - .v 'j V -lf' gif I J 4,-41 X I ,1 .4 A we . i f if if Debbme Sfmrw Merle Smwh Dem Srwh Smrley Smwrh Deeuge Gcrwe' Tm Somrfwers 'Qs ave. 7 Once SOCTNQEFCQVQ Roecxc S'cC'e' Teny 5' JOM Josce ye Socwwexx Tommy Swcee' Lcqc Semi 4' U' . , -.- , -., - 11 X , X ' 1? . VS. , Dwome Srreckfuss Borbve Strong Undo Swdsmeyer Emc Surrorw U50 Swofforci loves Sweeney ,-Sq. 'W 1 ,,, rw -0 , . ....-.,, J V ., ix xx , F I Dofvoe Tcey Srweffy TCVGAVS Cvcves Toy 0' Roeoc Teff' Becey More use Vomc Se 157 J l l v.. if . w . ,V If erry Thomas Julie Thomas Kam Thomas Klrls Thomas Tracey Thomas Laha Thrawer r T l l Bobble Tlprah Brlah Tlproh Sharl Taehhles Laura Tarode Jae Trehr Sherry Treow is - :- Rob Tullaclf Mlchelle Turhbaugh Tracey Vahce Valerre Vah Cleaye Tlm Varga KENNY Vaaghh we-me Greg Wallfer Ahlra Wamhoff Johh Ward Tina Ward Greg Wearherfora Jlm Webb 158 - Sehlors ,M Q ,H 3 .4- is Llsa Webb Julle Weber Llsa We-del Llhaa Welsler Sreye Wells Tarago Wrrrel ,E V P1-if ' QN 1' 'V . , V k g i 1 in rf ffff e N K Knrls Wesrmoreloncl Scorr Wheor Sreve Wme Trovns Whnrrley pf filnitfx e ' e il 1 1 S NWA .X 1' Berh Wilkerson Bob Wulluoms mm Dowd Wmworrws Greg Wdhorrws Mwcheile Wulhoms Sue Wwlvoms Terrr Wwlnoms Terry Wwlhorrws 5' 6 A Q- 1 ni 2 Robyn Walls Kyle Wwsorw Rondo Wwsom Mecmo Wfmiselmomm Tommy Wurvers Korhy Wwsrwewskw 'I' 4 fx Brndgefre Wood Mickey Wrvgrwr Trm Wymore Deori Wrsdom Sondra Young Tomy Zowrz John Zeurwer Ke-vm Zoellmer Sewgrg - 159 gal' XXX AoovefHere ore some of rne X'Mccno Men 0' Fox" Senmors Sreve Wnvre, Don Dwosernnon, Mme Boosney, Dove Pun Movy Hdefe. Econ Wneof, dong Wmfn Jonuors Jerry Eo'on ond Dowe Scnenwene RwgnfSenofs Loorc Byrne and Mons Dorion owsomy rnewr freoosrmp on owcnxe Coy WOO -' Senmors U Lefr, Senxor Mwlse Frozmer roocnes up on nxs suoero orr work 'alyluii Be!ow, 'Anorner exonng ooy wn shop" for Senror Geroid Cnnsrnnon, Jonn Goss ond Torn Pee! .hu my 'HJ ,u lim!!-R.. Above Rxgnr Tne Tnree Moskefeefg sfwse ogow Ngnr Senwor Rwds Gcrnomno rnel!owxnQ our offer o nord ooys' worse PAUL ADLER MIKE AIELLO Honors Arr, Sr T-Shirr Designer MIKE ALLEN Mens Choir, Foorboll LAURE TTA ALLEN Girls Glee, Soph. Choir DANNA ANDERSON Concerr Choir, Soph. Choir, Sr. Girls Glee, Vico, Honors Algebro ll Kerry Armor Bond SUSAN ARNOLD Boslserboll, Volleyboll, Trocls ROBERT TODD ARNOLD DECA TERR Y ARNOLD CINDY ATKINS FHA, VICA DEBBIE AUBUCHON Mixed Chorus, Jr, Girls Glee MAR YANN BAILEY TAMMY BAKER DECA, Girls Glee, Soph Choir DANIEL BALMER KA THY BARBAGALLO UNA BARRETT DECA, FHA MICHAEL BARTLETT AP Colculus, Science Club RITA BARTON FHA, Jr. Achieyemenr CHRISTOPHER BAUD MARY BEAKLE Y Jr Girls Glee LAURIE BEARD Honors Arr BRYAN BECK Powerlifring SHARON BECKER TMA BEDWELL Honors Choir, Concerr Choir BECKY BEEL Germon Club 2 yrs, Srudenr of rhe Monrh RANDALL BELL VILLE Choir 2 yrs PHIL BELMAR Honors Arr SHONNA BENNETT CHER YL ANN BENTLEY Jr. Girls Glee DEBBIE BIEHL CRAIG BINKLEY KIM BIRKNER Honors Arr, News Ediror Voice Poper, Jr. Cobiner, Sr Cobiner, Colendor Girl 1984 SHARON BIRMINGHAM DECA, Jr Cobiner Bryon BLACK Honors Algebro, Mens Choir, Honors Choir JULIE BLACK Choir, FHA, Speech, Rodio G TV, Trocls THERESA BLACK JOHN BLANKENSHIP TODD BLIVEN Soccer 2 yeors RODNE Y BOA TWRIGHT VICA BRIAN J BOCK Lerrermons, FCA, VICA, Foorboll, Boseboll MIKE BOEHNER Lerrermons, FCA, Doseboll, Foorboll, 88- 84 HA-KO KR6 BOESING FHS PENNY BOGUE VICA TTNA BOLLEFER CHRBNNE BOLLINGER Science Club, FHA, Deco STEPHANIE BOND French Club, Scholor Quiz, Yeorbools Sroff SCOTT BOONE Honors Arr, Wrestling 1 yr KIM BOUL WARE DECA MICHAEL BOUSHE Y REGENE BOWEN Honors Algebro ll, Honors Americon Lirerorure, Honors English, Dromo, Sofrboll, Soccer BRENDA BOWLING Symphonic Bond, Sr Girls Glee, Choir JEFF BOYD Honors Trng, Honors Colculus, Sponish Club, Science Club, Trocls, Bosl-:erboll JAMES BRAKE NM BROCKHAUS College Prep 162, Lerrermons Club, Boslserboll 2 yrs DEBBIE BROWN TGI 83-84 ERIC BRUGGEMAN Doseboll, Foorboll LAURA BYRNE Winrer Coronorion Queen, Trocls 6 Cross Counrry C3 yrs. SCOTT CAREY Trocls PAUL CARITONI FHA KIM CARL TON DECA STACE CARRON DECA REGINA CARTER KM4 CHAPMAN DECA, Soph, Cobiner, Cheerleoding RORY CHAPPU6 GINA CHARLEVILLE DA WN CHEATHAM Sruco, Jr. Cobiner, Lerrermons Club, VlCA, Cheerleoding TRACY CHILDRESS TONY CHIL TON KENNY CHRBTOPHER DWA YNE CLINES DA WN CLONINGER KALI CLORE Bond RICH CLOUSER PA TTI COA TS JENNIFER COCKRIEL Dromo Club, Cheerleoding, Pom Souod, French Club, MICHELLE COLEMAN DECA, VICA, Sruco, Soph Closs Rep, Jr. Closs Rep. MICHAEL COLEMAN KM4 COLLIER KUR WS COOK Troclx MATT COOK Soccer 2 yrs KM4 COOLEY FCA, Choir, Girls Glee STACE Y COOPER Pom-Pons, Concerr Choir, Science Club, Speech G Debore, Dromo Club DEBRA CORDELL Germon Club, Lerrermons Club, DECA, FHA, Doslxerboll, Troclx ROGER COUR TWAY Wresrling DA VID CRAIG AP Colculus' KEVIN CRAWFORD GERALD CRBMON DIANE CROSS Sruco, Vorsiry Soccer Srorisricion KATHY CRUTCHLE Y DECA, Troclc, Cross Counrry ED CULLEN DIANN CUNNINGHAM French 1 yr, Boslserboll 2 yrs CRAIG CWIKLOWSKIDosIserboll, Boseboll SCOTT DANIELS Arnold Weorher Cenrer LARR Y DANNENBERG JOHN DA 77LLO ROB DAUGHTER TY Honors Algebro ll, AP Colculus, NHS, Lerrermons, Dromo, Thespion, Science Club, Boslserboll, Boseboll, Senior Closs Vice-Presldenr MARK DAUGHTER TY Trocls, Bond, Choir JULIE DA V6 FHA TAMMIE DA VIS French Club 1 yr,, Sruco 2 yrs., DECA, Soph. Choir, Choir PA TTY DA V6 DENN6 DA V6 JM4 DA V6 SCOTT DA V6 VINCE DEGEARE Chess Club, Science Club, Lirerorure Club, Scholor Quiz, NHS, Honors Algebro ll, Honors College Prep, Honors Trig, Trocls, Cheerleoding ANGIE DEGONM DECA JODI DELANE FHA 1 yr., Sofrboll 1 yrs, Trocls 2 yrs. BILL DENMAN VICA, Wresrling DA VID DE VEDYT Honors Algebro ll, AP Colculus, Honors College Prep, Lerrermons Club, Boslserboll, Trocle DA VID DMMOND Foorboll, DECA DANNY DICKERMAN Soph Cobiner, Foorboll Llso DIETRICH NHS, German Club, Sruco, Boslxerboll, Honors Arr, Americon Lir, AP English PA T DIFFE Y STEVE DOAK ANDREA DOERR AP English, Honors Americon Lir , Honors College Prep, Morching Bond, Symphonic Bond BARBARA DOLDE Sr Girls Glee BILL DORSE Y MARK DOTSON DANA DOUGLAS Bond, Trocls KEVIN DOUGLAS DESEREE DRIVER Sponish Club, Lerrermons, Choir, Sr Girls Glee, Cheerleoding RENEA DWYER Sruco, Bond, PomfPons DEREK EA VES UNA EDDINGTON BOE, Sruco, Jr. Achievemenr, Jr Cobiner, Boslserboll, Sofrboll MIKE EDWARDS LEA EHRENREICH Honor Sociery, Germon Club, Jr Girls Glee BARB HCHEERGER RICK EBENBEB FCA, Lerrermons, Sruco, Foorboll, Trocls, Jr, Closs Vice-Presidenr RICHARD EMMONS LLSA ENN6 AP Biology, Honors College Prep, Honors Americon Lir , Soph Cobiner, Jr Cobiner, Sr Cobiner, French Club, Scholor Quiz, VlCA, Vorsiry Bond, Cheerleoding LEANN FALCETTI Honors Algebro Il, Germon Club, Scholor Quiz, Bond, Soph. Choir, Sr. Girls Glee, Speech G Debore JA YNE FALLER FHA JOHN FARLE Y CONNIE FARRAR Honors Algebro II, Lerrermons Club, Dosl-serboll, Sofrboll SCOTT FEL TY Mens Choir MIKE FE Y JEFF HSCHER VICA, Sruco, Soccer Senior Index 1o1 CINDY HSCHER VICA KAREN FLAHARTSoph Cabinet, Stuco, Pom-Pans, Band, DECA MICHELLE FLAMM Cheerleading KEN FLOTRON DALE FLUEGGE DECA SUE FOX DECA, FHA, Softball BILL FRALEY German Club, Stuco, Scholar Quiz, Concert Choir, Honor choir, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band TERRY FRANCB Data Processing, VlCA DA VE FRAZIER MICHELLE FRAZIER Honors Art HOLL Y FREEMAN DECA NA TALIE FUQUA Honors Algebra ll, Honors Analytical Geometry, AP Biology, Honors American Lit., Honors College Prep, Lettermans Club, French Club, Track, Volleyball RODNE Y GSELL Wrestling DARREL GSELL EMMETT GADDY Honors Algebra ll, Honors Calculus, Honors College Prep, French Club, Science Club, Scholar Quiz JESSICA GAMACHE RICK GAMBINO JOHN GANGLOFF FCA, DECA, Lettermans, Football, Baseball JM4 GANGLOFF FCA, DECA, Lettermans, Football, Baseball MARY GAPSCH DECA GAIL GEITZ Honors Art, BOE KM4 GEORGE DAWN GIBBS BRYAN GIER Wrestling C3 yrs? JOHNNY GLASS Wrestling 3 years, Football 3 years DOUG GOLDAMMER Stuco, FCA, Baseball, Football, Track JM4 GOULD VICA 1 yr, Manager Volleyball 1 yr LARRY GRAHAM Basketball, Baseball DA XVN GRASSHAM VICA EDDIE GREEN LBA GRIFHTH Stuco, DECA DANNETTE GRWM VICA GINA GROSS Stuco, Senior Cabinet, Homecoming Queen 82-83 STEVE GROTHE MATT GUELKER Lettermans, DECA, Soccer LISA HADLE Y Honors College Prep., Honors American Lit., AP Biology, AP English, Advanced Chemistry KEVIN HADLE Y TROY HAHS MIKE HAMMERS MICHELLE HANNICK Honors Algebra ll, Honors College Prep, VICA, Softball, Basketball ANITA HANTSCHKE DECA, Scholar Quiz, German Club, Stuco, Girls Glee TERREL HARPER ROXANNE HARRAH DECA JOSEPH HARRB DECA, Football CHRB HAR T DECA RACHEL HARTMANN Spanish Club, Track SHARON HA TCHER NHS, Scholar Quiz, Band BOB HA WKINS DECA, Wrestling SCOTT HHGER T SUZANNE HEINE DECA, Band, Mcgorette GEORGE HELFERT MIKE HELMBACHER Football, Track GENE HENSLE Y FHA LEEANN HOBBS KEN HOLBROOK STEVE HOLLAND KEITH HOLMES FCA, Track, Football VERONICA HOL TMAN FHA - MARK HUTCHBON VlCA 1 yr, CINDY BAAC Honors College Prep, Lettermens Club, Softball, VlCA, Speech MBSY BSACS Lettermens, Cheerleading KEVIN JACOBS Football, Wrestling, Lettermens, VICA BARB JAMES Stuco, Sr Cabinet DALE JAMES FCA 3 yrs , Lettermans, Football 2 yrs., STACE Y JOHNSON Honors College Prep, Spanish Club GINA JOHNSON VICA, German, Cheerleading TRACE Y JOHNSON Honors College Frep, AP Biology, Spanish Club, Scholar Quiz SHERRY JUST DECA, Stuco, FHA, Cheerleading STEVE KAUFMANN Chess Club, German Club, Wrestling PAUL KEA IVNG MA TT KELLENBURGER JM4 KENDALL LAURA KESTERMONT Super Warrior January '83, Super Warrior Of The Year 82-83, FHA President 83-84 BILL KHAUSDORE DON KINCAID C YNDY KIPHAR T PA TTY KLOEPPEL FHA KEREN KLOS DANIEL KOHLER NHS, Science Club, Spanish Club JULIE KORYFrench Club, Stuco, NHS, AP Biology, Lettermans, Basketball JAY KOVARIK FCA, Lettermans, Baseball PAGE KOXVALSKI Honors Algebra ll, AP Calculus, Honors American Lit, Honors College Prep., Concert Band, Pom-Pans, Scholar Quiz, NHS, ROBIN KRETZER DECA 82-83, VICA 8384 DONNA KROUPA Stuco TODD KUGLER DECA ROBERT KUPFERER AP Calculus, AP Club, Math Club, German Club, NHS KIM LACH VICA, Cheerleading JEFF LALLYYearbook Staff '84, Lettermans Club, Basketball, Baseball, Football '80 MAR TY LAMB Lettermans Club, Cross-Country RODNE Y LAMMERTLettermons Club, Football 80-81, Volleyball Manager JEFF LAND VICA, TGI MICHELE LAWSON Jr, Cabinet, Yearbook Staff Photographer '84 JOHN LEACH MICHELLE LEAR Girls Glee, Concert Choir DANA LEARYLettermans, Volleyball, Basketball, Golf CARLA LEE TGI , KAREN LELAND FCA, Drama Club, Dungeons G Dragons RON LEMONS VICA, JA., Football, Track TERRY LESTER Drama Club Vice-President, Concert Choir President, Mens Choir President, Honor Choir B yrs, All District Choir, Guys G Dolls RYAN LEXWS FCA, Lettermans, Football, Baseball, Basketball KELL Y LEXA DAN LIPINA VICA, Bond BECK Y LIPSINSK Y BOE, French Club LORI ANN LIVELY STEPHEN COLBERG BOBBY LONDON Concert Choir GREGG LONG GLENN LONGHIBLER TRICM LOYD AP Biology, Spanish Club, NHS, Concert Choir KEITH LUADERS FCA, Football KAREN LUTZ BOB MAHONE Y VICA, TGl, Band RODNE Y MALOTT TONY MANHA Honors Algebra ll, Trig 8 Calculus, VICA DUANE MARBURGER NORMA MARCEE Library Worker 2 yrs, 83-84 HA-KO BETTY MARCEE GNDY MARLER VICA LBA MARSCHEL FCA, FHA RAY MARTIN DECA, FCA, Lettermans, Football MIKE MAR TY RANDY MASTERS LORRI MA THE WS DECA, Stuco, Pam-Pons RICHARD MA THE WS Basketball, Lettermans, NHS, Calculus DA VID MA THB CYNTHIA MA YBERRY DECA TERRY MC BRIDE TAMMIE MC CANDLESS DECA, Volleyball, Soccer, Calendar Girl 1984 RON MC CANN Honors Algebra ll, Honors American Lit , AP Biology G Calculus SHERRI MC CLURE DECA, Track, Drama, Girls Glee MARK MC CLURE LBA MC CORD DECA VALERIE MC DONALD STUCO, Yearbook, Band DAREN MC FARLAND KA THY MC KINNE Y DECA CHRIS MC KNIGHT DECA JOE MC MAHAN 162 Senior index JOHN MC MICHAEL MICHELLE MCGRAW DECA, TGI. SCOTT MEADOWS Honors American Lit , Spanish Club, Scholar Quiz, Football BOB MEDLIN Stuco BRENDA MEIER NHS, Spanish Club, Volleyball, Track DENBE MEL TON Track, Basketball MIKE MERGER GENE MESPLAY ROBERTMEYER CYC, TEC, Honors Art BARR Y MEYER JM4 MIKEL Choir MAR Y BETH MILES WENDY MILLER VICA, Cheerleading DEBB Y MILLER Cheerleading GAIL MILLER Lettermans, NHS, Sr. Girls Glee, Cheerleading TERR Y MILLER BILL MILLS VICA, TGI, Spanish Club TONI MINER Racquetball DAN MOBLE Y VICA, Soccer MBSY MOORE FHA, DECA, Band, Choir BILL MOORE Debate G Speech TAMMY MORLE Y SUSIE MORRBON FHA, Stuco, DECA, Soccer KELL Y MORROW DECA JOHN T MORSE LARR Y MOSS SANDY MUSER FHA, Choir DONNA NARAMORE STUCO 1 yr, DECA 2 yrs ,Poms STEVE NELSON AP Biology, German Club, Football, Lettermens MIKE NETTLES Band, Choir, STUCO, Speech TERESA NICKLESS RICHARD NBCHMTZ SCOTT NOBLIN KELLY O'HARA ANGIE ORANSK Y BOE KIM ORPHAN ARLO OVIA TT STEVE PA YNE MARIA PEDRETTI French Club, Yearbook 1 yr, VICA, Soccer Manager ANDREA PENBER THY NANCY PERKINS Varsity Band, Poms WCKE Y PFAFF BOE TTM PICHA DECA, Honors College Prep, NHS STEVE PIVA Honors Algebra ll, Band MARK PODGORSKI MICHAEL POINTER Voice Newspaper, Speech, Choir, Honors College Prep TOM POLE TTE KAREN POORES Honors Art, Basketball Manager LLSA POTJE DECA, Volleyball BETH POTTS BOE, Varsity G Concert Band KRBTA POURGLLIE DECA lyr SHELLE Y POWELL Honors College Prep, AP English, STUCO, Poms, NHS, Soph Choir, 1984 Calendar Girl Senior Class Secretary DA VE PRUITT Football, Powerlifting, Track JUDITH PTASZNIK NHS RON PUMFRE Y THERESA PURSIFULL DECA BRIAN OUINN VICA TERRY BRADKE VICA BRIAN RADLE Track, Cross Country TERESA RAMO DA VID REECE BARBARA REM CONNIE REBS Concert Choir, Honors Choir, Calendar Girl 1084, Soph Chair, Editor-in-Chief 1984 HA-KO SCOTT RICHARDSON Football, Wrestling MICHELLE RILEY DOUG ROACH ERNIE ROBINSON WRGINIA ROLAND NHS, Concert Choir, Soccer, Softball MATTHEW ROYAL Honors Art, Yearbook Cover '84 DIANE SALSMAN DECA, Lettermens, STUCO, NHS, Softball 2 yrs, Track 8 yrs, Cheerleading 8 yrs, Homecoming Queen 88-84 JACOUELINE SARK6 DECA, Volleyball, Soccer LBA SA WDY PATRICK SCHAUB NHS, Scholar Quiz, Science Club, Speech G Debate C YNDE SCHLOSSER JILL SCHMIDT DECA GEORGE SCHMIDT German Club, Football CHERRIE SCHMIDT DECA, German Club GREG SCHOLL DEBBIE SEE KENT SELLERS DECA SCOTT SENGER Soccer, Men's Choir GLEN SHEL TON PAUL SIKORSKI EDWARD SKAGGS DEBBIE SMITH FHA , PAM SMITH SALLY SNEED Yearbook 1 yr, Spanish Club 1 yr, BOE DENBE SOLLERS Spanish Club, NHS, Lettermens, Cheerleader TERRY ST JOHNS Track, Soccer, Lertermens JOANN STALLARD FHA DIANE STRECKFUSS Honors Algebra ll, Honors College Prep, Honors Amer Lit, AP Biology, AP English, Soph Junior G Senior Class President, NHS VicefPtes, Drama Club Pres, Thespion Pres, STUCO, Forensic Pres, Scholar Quiz, Literary Club, 1984 Calendar Girl, Yearbook 1 yr, SuperWarrior 1982, Cheerleader 1 yr, Soph Pilgrimmage, Most Valuable Member- Speech G Debate, NCTE Writing Contest, Se. Danforth Seminar, State Leadership Seminar, Finalist-US Senate Youth Program JOCEL YN STOCK WELL BOE, Drama Club,Honors Algebra ll BARBIE STRONG Honors Algebra ll, Honors Trig, Honors College Prep, Honors Amer Lit, AP Biology, NHS, STUCO, German Club, Honors Calculus LINDA STUCKMEYER Honors Calculus, Trig, Algebra ll, Soph G Junior Cabinet, NHS, Band, Poms JMA SWEENE Y Honors Algebra ll, French Club, Football, FCA, Track, Wrestling DAMON TALLE Y Football, Concert Choir, Soph, Choir SHERRY TARRANTS CINDY THHSS LEA THOMA TRACE Y THOMAS DECA, JV Band JERRY THOMAS FCA, Jazz Band, Soccer, Baseball, Football KIM THOMAS LANA THROWER Spanish Club SHARI TOENNIES JOE TREAT VICA MICHELLE TURNBOUGH ALERIE VAN CLEA VE Track KEVIN VAUGHN CONNIE VITALE ANGIE VOLNER LETGH WAITES TERRY WA TKINS Football LLSA WEBB Drama Club, Spanish Club, STUCO, Thespion Society, Senior Cabinet JAMES WEBB DECA JULIE WEBER LLSA WEDEL LINDA WEBLER ROGER WELIS TINA WERYSenior Girls Glee TUESDAY WEST KIRK WESTMORELAND DECA, Football MARK WHEELER TRA VLS WHITTLE Y BETH WILKERSON German Club, Honors Amer. Lit, Honors Art DA VID LEE MLLMMS Soccer Manager JM4 MLLIFRED SUSAN XWLLIAMS DECA TERRY WILLIAMS VICA, Wrestling, Soph Choir TERRI WILLIAMS Track, Volleyball, Basketball MICHELLE WILLIAMS BOB XWLLIAMS RONDA WILSON AP Biology, Spanish Club, Basketball KYLE WILSON Lettermens, FCA, Football, Baseball MEONA WINKELMANN AP Biology, DECA, FHA, NHS, Senior Girls Glee TAMMY MNTERS VICA KATHY MSNEWSKI SCOTT WOOD BRIDGETTE WOOD MICKEY WRIGHT Lettermens, Wrestling MWLLIAM WYMORE SANDY YOUNG DECA, Spanish Club, Drama Club Senior Index o of We geo! ,exooems f esoeoow seoxois f Koo ' o ox ooce, Wwe seoxoi bosebq-N oocoe, oo ofooxces ooo oooooocefoems is Wwe qeorooov exoii vos oxoxow okiefeox, OCXW Wdxxfxdf 'XXQS N me eo ' Yxoooeoxo o owooooxx ' scYNooX geo . 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Business Cords 6 Srorionery 4 Accessories for oII occosions ASR ABOUT OUR DISCOUNT PRICES Iris N Cornooe 710 Hign Horizon Drive, Fen'on, Mo 63026 Arnoids Independenrly Owned Professionoi Priormocy Arnold Drug Arnold Souore Shopping Cenrer 296-5666 DRU FREE PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY f, Hers 296 4934 TRIO GRAPHICS VAL 'mio aouenrlsmc specmmes :Nc Apprcusols r2sAuor2 CUSTOM PRINTING Q Fonn MAZDA 1728 Jeffco PO. Box 310 296 4858 , IQ C .1-To 1989 Ricnoroson Rd. Arnold Moo 613010 Q ui 5 'P I 'O Q af A 0' 1723 Jeffco - P o Box 527 ' Arnold, Mo 63010 9 ES. We Sell Bowling nr s Sllk Screen Prmtlng Available . ' 1 - 1 CI 55 or Rwcnordson Rd? L. RICHARD BRINRMAN JR. ATTORNEY AT LAW Q70 JEEECO BL VD. ARNOLD, MO. 60070 C0742 296-0600 HERRELL '5 MARKET 1015 MAIN STREET, IMPERIAL 467-5544 I-IR5 BAM VLSPM M-E 8AM -OPM Soi We Handle I-Iofknofff GTQGYIOQ Cor f S4I 'X A FLORISTS 5936 OIG Store oo erioI, Mo. o L, 404 'RN Rv , - K. JOHN G. 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Scott Heigert ond the Midnight Sun Top 40, Rods-n-Roll, Heovy Metol Porties, Weddings FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT JAMES 464-2112 xg C8143 464-1061 - 'fs ' K Q I 5 'Q STEPHENS PHOTOGRAPHY Wedding, Portroiture, Commerciol 4084 Jeffco Blvd. Stephen G Judy Smith Arnold, Mo. 68010 GARDEN STUDICD SENICDR PCRTRAITS WEDDING PHOTGGRAPHY M "Gord Srudfo fakes really good pic . I was given o for of ckgrounds IO pick FA M E eolly sonshed vvffh 296-8774 A E RICAN FAM I LY0 GTTO DRUG RICK LEFFLER 296-4978 CROSSROADS PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER HWY 21 5 MM Po. 00x 050 ARNOLD M , 00010 MON FRI. 90m ro 7pm SAT. 90m bp FOR PRESCRIPTIQNS coll Q42-0094 Q 0 JEFFCQ 0Lv0. C0145 200-0007 948-2700 ELDERS SERVICE QM R p 0 A ld M 9 00010 Tonighr We Celebrore 1 r eil , 5 The 1984 Prom courr us os follows Iefr ro righr, Dionne Solsmoh ond Lorry Grohom, Kim Birkner ond Rob Dougherry, Vkerirung Kung ond Queen Denise Erxleben ond Tom Pummilt, Gino Gross ond Jim Sweeney, Connie Forror ond Terry Gubbor, Down Jordon ond Roy Morran. 172 - Prom yiyj' , ,Wm new 1 A Af - W- -M S Tuxedos for women? Mory Johnson ond Mory MUeh!houser begin o new rrend in Prom rhreods, "Mike nsn'r roo bod of 0 doncerf' soid Junnor Ruth Sampson of her dore Mn-ze Boehner "He's no Mnchoel Joclason though " N. 4 1 - Y The 1984 Junior4Senior Prom was held ar rhe Counrry Manor House. "Tonighr We Celebrare Our Love," was rhe rheme song rhar evening on April 28rh, Prom King Jim Sweeney and Prom Queen Gina Gross began rhe dancing afrer coronarion, Due TO a record crowd and large hoopsl-zirrs rhe dance floor became a bir roo cozy, however, no one seemed ro mind. One person remarlsed, "lr was more exciring thai way because everybody was so close. You could dance wirh everybody ar rhe same rime. You didn'r have rhe chance ro feel srupid dancing by yourself," The 1984 was a nighr ro remember and a definire fun-filled evening for all Gina Gross and Jim Seeney were crowned Prom King and Queen for 1984 "Dancing was a blasrf' said senior Randy Belleville Below righr, many couples swing ro popular sounds of Michael Jaclason, Loverboy and Culrure Club Above Mike Miller displays rhe proper Prom arrire of rhe year Everybodys crazy 'bour a sharp dressed man girlfriend Eva Laggage Cseniorl Lefr, "Eva loolsed beauriful on Prom nighrf' said senior Milse Nerrles of his Prom 713 Seniors Picls The BIGGEST CHA TTERBOX SUPER SENIOR Bobbi Tipton, Tim Picho Sherri McClure, Milse Pointer ' PRE TTIES T HAIR Shelley Powell, Dole Jomes BEST IN ART Kim Birlsner, Milse Froizure MOST GULLIBLE 'Q' PRE TUEST SMILE MOST VUDIOU5 Gino Gross, Doug Golden MOST ABSENTMINDED """""""""". Sherri McClure, Kevin Jocobs MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Dione Srreclsfuss, Tim Sommers Korhfwisnewslsi, Por Schoub SHOR TES T ,,,.,. ,.... ,,...,- ,..-f ...f- MOST OUTGOING ...f V if Michele Lowson, Windel Morhis Rochel I-lorrmon, Kevin Jocoos 174 - Superlorives 4359 BEST DRESSED Gino Gross, Lorry Grohom . I f Gino Gross, Tim Broclshous BIGGEST FLIR T Reneo Dwyer, John Gongloff BEST VOICE Connie Reiss, Arlo Oviorr R dr BEST PERSONALITY PRE T77ES T EYES Louro Byrne, SVG-V6 Lorroro BIGGEST HEARTBREAKER 'UTES T COUPLE Forror, Terry Gibbor CLASS CLOXVN Julie Kory, Don Mobley BEST IN DRAMA Connie Reiss, Terry Lesrer MOST SENSUOUS Tommi Mcondless, John Gongloff '. air L , " 'n .. V , T " ' -:'-' Q if- ii Gino Gross, Tim Broclshous K MOST TALENTED TALLES T A Connie Reiss, Terry Lesrer Liso Dierrich, Dove Devydr BIGGEST HAM MOST A THLENC Sue Arnold, Jim Sweeney Kim Birlsner, BJ Dock FUNNIES T LAUGH Shelley Powell, Jim Sweeney BEST TN BAND Virginio Rolond, Rob Dougherry MOST SH Y Liso Hodley, Rich Morhews Lindo Gryzb, Sreve Wells Superloriyes "We visired Friririer World or Disney World ond reoliy erjoyed seeing oli rhe sighrsf' soid Terry Lester. Seniors Visir EPCCDT Seniors deporred in Moy for o four-doy rrio ro Wolr Disney World EPCOT Cenrer in Orlondo, Florido. The srodenrs roised money oll yeor ro be oble ro rnolee rhe rrip. l'Nor roo mony people wenr wirh msg we olmosr didn'r go oecouse of rhe lods of inreresr," soid senior Donno Anderson. Terry Lesrer seemed ro rhlnls if wos o successful rrio desoire rhe eorlier cornplicorions. 'We hod one hecls of o sooz rime. We rode lors of rides, goofed off, ond sow oll of EPCOT - everyone should see rhis plocef' The cosrle or Disney World is locored or the enrronce. Shoron Horcher, Milse Allen ond LeAnn Folcerri rest berween rides. vw 4' , .ffl 4 f-5, 14 .' N4 I r V.. 5' 1 " . , s 1' , 4-,Af I k.- v 'KH f ith 1 ,nu fx . Y gi- Q cf ",'f4I,s' 1 -"4'f'1 '65, ,. 41 N, ., , . U-'fag fx AV Senior Trip - 177 Seniors Visit Ballpark On May 1Orh, many seniors rool-Q rhe afrernoon off and lounged under rhe sun ro warcgh rhe Baseball Cardinals. The wearher was unusually cooperarive, and so were rhe San Diego Padres, whom rhe Cardinals whipped in easy fashion. Srudenrs were rransoorred from school ro Busch Sradium oy school ous, and some grunwoled. lllhe ous ride was fun, l felr lilse I was in lsindergarren rhoughi Bur ar leasr everyone else had ro ride foo," said Arlo Oviarr. "lr was a grear way ro begin all of rhe senior acriviries yer ro come." Rrghrflulie Kory Clefrb and Gina Gross Crighrb srand ro ger a closer lools ar rhe acrion Below, Lori Marrhews yawns as rhe afternoon sun and exciremenr begin ro false rheir roll is 9 WS' XS Suki . , fi Q at , . in 'ZX 1- 1- nu... ...uf l' - www ww, r 1 , 3 qv Sal 'X 3' is E 3, X as is .Q h 'A wx at 3 . . , , i f 5 Q 323 sf 7 W Keirn Larlsin, Diane Srreclafuss, Tom George, Karny Wisnewslsi, Roberr Kupferer, Page Kowalslsi, and Micnael Balmer srand in place during rne ceremony. wswwx AX """""""'5 'Q im . few ig R Salararorian Roberr Kupferer delivers his speech Psignr, Senior Class Presidenr Diane Srreclsfuss gives a few words as Principal Gerald O'Connor wairs by rne podium 180 - Graduarion 1984 Groduorion Is Big Screen Eveni More rhon o,000 vvell-vvishers rurned our Thursdoy evening, Moy Sisr, ro vvorch rhe 1984 groduoring closs receive iheir diplomos. For rhe second- yeor in o rovv, Fox's groduorion ceremonies vvere held on rhe boseboll dionnond of Busch Srodiunfi. Groduores ond porenrs olilse were oble ro vvorch rhe procession, oddress, ond receiving of diplomos on rhe gionr Big Bird screen. This yeor's oddress vvos given by reriring superinrendenr Jomes Riclsmon, vvho fold srudenrs 'Xrhe secrer of life is ro do vvhor you vvonr io do. Ir's up io you vvherher you succeed or nor, you moke rhe choices." Top-Reriring superinrendenr Jonnes Rickrnon gove rhe rnoin oddress ro Fox groduores. Cenrer Iefr-Voiedicrorion Korhy Wisnewsi-ri oddressed her 535 groduoring clossrnores Above-The Concerr Choir sings "SoIurorion ro rhe Down" for groduores ond porenrs. Piighr-The 19841 groduores vvolif in procession ro rheir ploces Groduorion - 181 Somerhing Torolly Different lr wos obvious from the srorr, Foorboll, wres- rling, rrocls - rhey oll hod rhe besr seoson ever, ln '84 one orhlere coprured srore rifles in rrocls ond cross counrry - o firsr, Pseloy reoms wenr ro srore - onorher firsr, More srudenrs wenr our for feom sporrs, Worrior spirir soored. And rhe inrromurols were olso srorred Worm breezes ond 85fdegree weorher hirs srudenrs os rhey opprooch shop ond orr closses under o covered wollswoy. A new oudirorium is proposed, o new rrocl-x is beginning ro be- come o reoliry. A dffferenr look, o new op- proochr Seniors ond juniors weor rhe loresr foshions, sophomores were older, wiser expressions. As rhe '84 school yeor drows ro o close, onorher rime begins: on Olympic rorchbeorer runs be- fore o crowded line of srudenrs in fronr of school. He runs posr, ond is quiclsly gone. The crowd disperses, rhe yeor ends. All 1974 sru- denrs would never be rogerher ogoin, bur for eoch of rhem 1984 would olwoys be some- rhing rorolly clfferenr. "This was the besr yeor l've hod so for," soid Connie Forror. Mr. Gilmore floshes vicrory signs os he srrides down lsr wing. 182 Somerhing Torolly Differenr Zia f 4 ,EM 13 A , f ,.,i 49 570 fy 712 4 f gm av , , wi, , 4' 762.124 is i , fmwrf, ffl, , zwfffmi iii? " hifi 7 2 W4 5 V ' W ,rm 'J q K fasfyf may Ai W wg, , fr 1 MVN, iii, , SQL, , f Wife' ,H r ,, J, V Kiss' Y "asf ai, L gg Tim Boswell sirs one our or the golf course. A,-M' Above, Steve Pivo disploys on overwhelmlng emlhuslosm for hisjoo during o 5rh hour bond procrlce "Forger me beef, wheres me Gold" floshed one slgn os me Olymplc rorclwbeorer ron posr me Fox compus ln eorly June Somerlwmg Torolly Dlfferenr ,wwwwfWWW,,wWMW,,WW WWWMWW-mmmmwmwq ww 5' tug " Ml' 164 - The End The Emd GSTWQ fa ometdwg totally ddfalez t LM ,cage 4 ,gage 52 449' 52 ,W 105 ,eagle 164

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