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Q 1 Q s a A Y . 1 Ml . 1? '47 ff ........4u ! J 2 if S 5 5 2 3 1 n Q T 2 lrwn in 1. 22 Sy M, D i fn-- 9 WW, . ""I gJV'3yf, ,qgQh'4 ' 5,2 .WM mf - w '1.u,,u.,QIy 'QEKV rv -" .wh , , .h J, ,, 7.3 ,QA vm : , H' Ib' : gt W X, , -Q, imc: , if. ' . N fi? 11 f ' I ? ,S' 1 . 4,54 'ft Lf' A3231 fflfv. .tn ggfvfaiifq :L n - i .,. gg, 1 V. 1 1' 1 'K G' . L, -'r ,321 , - '. 1 av'-sowr H-.. of i 1 ga'-' .fn '-ml' fr vb 'fzwi' 33W ,:. .'-.K--g hi, :?. 4 .l , ,U- git S . . , I ,fl I I r i P' K fa , Qs... I 1 4. 2 ' i. 4 P ' W , if A "f. r is WXvPi' fn 3-SQ? if-If w pf w ga? f - ,, 'mx-f, , my Y X W:- niwff iff A A Aw Q, ry ol 6 1 'fi ' 21. . ,, . Ma. fa '14 1 4 W V if ' 1 aj n Z 1 QE: rm ' ' 5 flap CATCH THE SPIRIT! Look back at the year. Remember the things that couldn't be put in this book. Dates, good friends, the good times and the tears. Put this book aside. Lay it in a box, closet, or on a bookshelf. Some day you will forget these little things. What a certain person looked like, who shared your locker. One day pull this book out, blow off the dust, and relive some of the best times you spent in high school. This book can bring back memories like , . . crowding in the bleachers pizza again playing red rover, red rover snow days football games weekend parties dressing out getting up early walking himfher to class E.T. war ball crowded hallways M'A"S'H day beer nights catsup in the bowling balls driver's tests bathroom graffiti Mrs. Levy's exams early dismissals Mr. Kasey's rock concerts senior hall blocks sandbagging red and white rainy Mondays flirting in the hallways no toilet paper sleeping in class boring bus rides the 1982 WORLD SERIES 8th hour detentions arrows in the gym ceiling Mr. Howell's sense of humor Graduation at Busch Stadium if A , ,W arg "l just got paid and lost it all on one machine," said Bobby Arnold, junior, at the Game Arena. His? i ,Ei hind wav- , f.-ailif Senior Mark Chapman and sophomores Stacy Wieland and Troy Mann demonstrate how "starving wrestlers eat after a meet." Better watch that weight guys! "Boy, do I wish I had the money for diamonds , . . !" remarked Kim Birkner as she shopped at South County. WEEKENDS WERE MADE FOR . Many Fox students think that Monday through Friday afternoons were created for only one purpose. This purpose is to give them time to meet and decide what they are going to do or where they are going to hang out Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. This may not be true for some students, but it does fit a majority. There is always time to "hang out". lt doesnt' matter how much homework is assigned, how many hours anyone has to work at their job, or what kind of responsibilities they have. They will find time. "Hanging out" somewhere on the weekends is a popular activity for Fox students. The benefits of "hanging out" are inexpensive and fun. One inexpensive place to "hang out" is the South County Mall. Both guys and girls hang out there, and for some of the same reasons. Rhonda lkewood, senior, and sophomores Debbie Craig and Sue Downey spend their time at the mall to go shopping and the guys. Jack Deck, senior, spends his time there looking for girls. Another popular and inexpensive place to "hang out" is some one's party. Rodney Cooper, senior, and Tim Davis, senior, go to the parties to have fun and meet all the new people that are there. Tim Hanebrink, senior, finds his girlfriends house a good hangout. "Hanging out" sometimes does involve money, as shown by Terry Mikel, senior. Terry loves White Castle hamburgers so much that he hangs out at the White Castle restaurant in South County. Barb Eichelberger, junior, and Lana Costephens, senior, find Rock Roll-A- Rena a great hangout because "you can meet every type of person there." The Game Arena is the most popular hangout for most Fox students. lt seems like everybody has a different reason for going there. Rocky Davis, senior, goes for the excitement of the video games. Larry Conn, senior, goes to see the cars in the parking lot. Dan Blair, junior, visits the Game Arena because he can find every- body else there. Then there is Rob Adams, senior, who goes to the Game Arena because "there's nothing else to do in Arnold!" lt doesn't really matter what the reason or the purpose of "hanging out" is. As long as everybody is having fun, that's all that counts. by Rich Craig fl. Bill Politte scores 91,352 points playing "Super Cobra" at the Game Arena ln Arnold. Lisa Heibel enjoys going to Bee Tree Park "because it's close by and so beautiful in the fall." WJ ,As E , 0191115 4: DNV-me H , , 4 N, , ,H , f V V 3 Q 72 6 W 42 ii' Q9 ' 1 ' 2 4 4 fi sf M 'wi 3 "The disc jockey was the best. He knew what he was doing and made the night very enjoyable," stated junior Tom George about the Homecoming Dance. "lt was the most successful dance for Fox in the last 10 years," added Tom Caffery. The Home- coming Dance capped off such events as Spirit Week, Homecoming assembly, and the football game. Spirit Week produced a great deal of excitement at Fox. There were dress-up days throughout the week: Hat Day, Over- all and Buttons Day, Western Day, Back- wards Day, and Red and White Day. The Seniors won the Spirit link competi- tion by purchasing 437 links. There was also a banner contest: The Seniors, The Drama Club and Mrs. Karl's art class won in each of the categories. ln the Ms. Lind- bergh contest, Pat Sweeney took the hon- ors. Pat won for his impersonation of a cheerleader. At the Homecoming assembly there was a twinkie-eating contest, with the athletes doing the honors. The biggest crowd ever showed up for the football game. Fox won the game 21-0, against Lindbergh, with junior John Gang- loff tying a school punting record of 64 yards. The Fox defense held the Lindbergh Flyers to only 2 first downs in the first half. During halftime Sheila Stock and Tom Pummill were announced as Homecoming King and Queen, with maids and princes juniors Gina Gross and Kevin Jacobs, and sophomores Jennifer Taliaferro and Craig Catt. The Fox Auto maintenance classes 1: "I need a comb," said Gina Crross, junior, 2. "Filling up the bra was the hardest part of getting dressed," replied Tom Pummill, senior. 3. "Everyone is staring at us today," exclaimed Kim Rainey, senior. 4. "Here they come!" yelled Janelle Lacey, senior. 5. "I can't believe l'm doing this," replied Pat Sweeney, senior. 6. "l can't believe l won!" exclaimed Sheila Stock. showed their stuff at halftime, with 20 cars driving around the track. "Brad Egge- meyer's 1968 Chevy Camero was the most showable. The Seniors won the float com- petition with Garfield stomping his paw on an airplane fthe Lindbergh Flyersl. They were awarded 515.00 and 10 pts. toward the Spirit stick," said senior Rodney Coo per. Those who participated in Spirit week considered it a great success. "Next year we look forward to seeing more people participate," said student council presi- dent Amy Dierker. While more student in- volvement is needed, the Homecoming Week festivities and a Homecoming foot- ball victory enhanced the school spirit and Warrior pride many already felt. by Richard Craig la h,.,n I g '4- ' 4. T si? sg ' , -qs' N 1 ' ' .- I , I Gif' 'ri-3 MlSSOC.lRl'S BEST Since its founding along the banks of the Mississippi in the l800's, St. Louis has been a cen- ter of recreation and summer fun. A favorite spot for all-day excite- ment is Six Flags over Mid-Amer- ica, located just west of St. Louis. Six Flags features such rides as the long flume, the Highland Fling, and a thrilling roller coaster ride on the Screaming Eagle, ln the downtown area, summer afternoons would not be complete without Cardinal baseball. The Red Birds battled their way into the 1982 World Series, and defeat- ed the Milwaukee Brewers four games out of seven to clinch the Championship. The St. Louis Zoo, which is one of the country's finest, houses many of the world's most exotic species of animal and marine life. Kids and adult alike can ride the train through and around the en- tire zoo, and also visit the gift shops and museums. South of the city, in Missouri's river valleys and hills, is Camp Sil- ver Mines, a favorite spot for hikers, fishermen, and canoeists. There, and many other places in the St. Louis area, are attractions that make it a worthwhile place for summer fun. by Adam Thornberry "They have white-water races every summer at Silver Mines," said Lonnie Smallen, a one-time resident of this area. "lt's a race against the clock, and dangerous, too! Students with an A average received tickets to two Cardi- nal baseball games free of charge. ,X "" Top Left: "I got open in the lane, and took the shot," replied Keith Kraus, Senior. The Basketball Warriors lost their Homecoming game to Mehlville 63-57. Top Right: Sophomore Dave Montgomery was "pretty embarrased about walking through the gym with a sprained knee." Here he escorts Kelly Reese. Bottom Left: "Ricky and l both burst out laughing when Scott McGrael flubbed his lines during the Coronation assembly," said Kim Birkner, Junior. Bottom Right: Junior Kenny Jordan grabs the rebound and heads toward the basket. ' f'fwf6f+f?':!.., W d A , 2 , fff. F, I ,-AJ, ,f Dx! 10 Z . ,.A..y ...y. i WW Q 3 S ' 5 Circle photo - "I hope that I don't trip over my dress," thought Donna Melton, Senior, as she walked across the floor to her seat. 66 V00 The 1983 Winter Coronation festivi- ties started off haphazzardly but fin- ished with style. During the school as- sembly, coaches introduced the varsity and B-basketball teams and the wres- tling team. The winners of the corona- tion included Rodney Cooper, Kim Birkner, Rick Eisenbeis, Kelly Reese, and Dave Montgomery. "This was the first year to introduce your partner over the microphone, and that made it a real- ly scary experience. Scott McGreal and I both introduced our partner as "es- cort" instead of "I am escorting." Then Gina Gross forgot the crowns in the locker room," stated Rodney Cooper. That evening Fox lost its basketball game by the score of 63-57 to Mehlville. "I wasn't really disappointed because we played a close game. The home crowd helped us keep it close. Plus, Mehlville is a nationally- ranked team, so we played real well," added Coach Wright. The following evening students danced to the theme of "You and I." Professional D.J. Gene Wentzel headed the program for the I I3 people in atten- dance. "I would consider the dance very successful, because even though we didn't sell many advance tickets a lot of people showed up at the door," added Student Council sponsor, Mrs. Hodge. by Rich Craig fi: ' 'GETTING INVGLVED' ' Opportunities were endless this year for students who had the time and desire to be "active". Group participation in clubs and organizations provided the oppor- tunity to be involved, and school pride expressed itself in many ways. "Students should not feel the need to be on a sports team to feel a part of the student body," agreed Shawn Burgan, sophmore. Activities around school includ- ed dances, costume contests, food and toy drives, and candy sales. The Spanish and French clubs saw plays and planned dinners, DECA members participated in "Senior Citizens Day,g and the FHA club sponsored pizza parties and a Halloween dance. Classes also offered many op- portunities to put students' inter- ests and skills to use. "I really en- joyed our trip to the zoo as part of Zoology class. lt really sparked my interest in the animal king- dom," said Doug Goldammer, ju- nior. Other activities around school this year were the result of stu- dents' imaginations. Whether they worked, went for pizza, or stayed home to watch cable TV, Fox stu- dents found many ways to make life more enjoyable and satisfying by Maria Pedrettl Debbie Cordell loves working at Pantera's because she has made many new friends. "l enjoy oils better than watercolors" said Mike Aiello about his painting class. fun Some of Mr. Kasey's display cases have includ- ed unusual specimens Iike Dennis Funkhouser. "Fox HA-KO printers do it in the darkroom," said Travis Van Buren jokingly. Tickets to events like The Who or the Steamers take a big slice out of one's paycheck. I usually eat two cheese Quarterpounders, fries, a coke and a cherry pie when l go to McDonalds," said Bill More, junior. 53 E2 I spend about 530.00 a week on gas. l'm gone more than l'm home," said Randy Lamb, senior. Seniors Perry Call and Mike Schuessler agreed that they spend anywhere from thirty to forty dollars on a weekend's entertainment. This is a very interesting question when talking about money. Money, it seems, is hard to keep for any length of time. Here is what some Fox students spend their money on: Marvin Cook, senior, junk food, clothes, gas for the car, and Quarter Pounders with cheese. He also added, "lf l had a job though l'd be a rich guy." Jim Curtis, senior, said: "l put my money in my car." Mark Dorsey, senior, spends his money on food, gas, enter- tainment, friends, cassette tapes, but "girls get the most." Rhonda lkewood, senior, shells it out for shoes, gas, clothes, mom, car insurance, and Chip- munk tapes. Debbie Crocker, senior, blows her money on gas, clothes, fun times, pork steaks, and Marine adver- tisements. Terry Mikel, senior, likes to buy Dorito cheese-flavored Nacho chips and pizza. Debbie Craig, sophomore, spends her paycheck on clothes, video games, McDonalds, and records. "l spend my money on junk but if l had enough l would buy a new Corvette." From these answers, it appears, you can conclude that Fox students love to eat and drive! MCNEY WHERE DGES IT ALL oo? "We could buy a lot of clothes if we had jobs," agreed sophomores Chris Zotta and Polly Mayberry. '1 :-.., 4 D, 3 TD k C Hi b O B 1 f T3 Far Y 444 nd Ci ale H ia OH S I", .Ee Kos, Marsha Maxey, .na-15.4. n--1 to have the required F6 8 you SCCDS s' fashion t the 1982-83 girl EE lT'l To 19" Hier, gl N-., 2 Cdl, allow shoes OD ks al' l'Tl oes Qno black sh sz white Nike following item EITTTSFS. QW dle an Oxford top, I' O od ans, lz cks, blue je SO nny fu feel akes people l'Tl Blick, sophomore, "l think today's casual look yna Da r." anothe E On relaxed around FE l'TlO The fashion scene for the guys consisted of the following: Oxford shirt, boat oxford shoes, and blue jeans. u are in! yO IS efl rnet these requirem have you lf 1 N'- 1 'f I f I . A 1 I I 1 sm 1 LISA BOCKHOFF1121: "Most of the kids are so nice here. I think this is the best school I've ever been to. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Balisg she's a very nice person." NORMA MARCEE1111: "I don't like the days it rains because you have to dodge buckets to get to class." PAM BURNETT1111: "Why do I like school? Because I get to look at all the great-looking guys!" TERRY PETERO1121: "Air conditioning in the first wing isn't fair to the rest of the school." LISA WEBB1111: "My favorite date was when I went out with a guy for the first time and he gave me a rose." MARTHA LESCH1121: "I think the smoking lounge needs a roof." KIM MOORE 1101: "I like this school year better because l'm a sophomore now and I get a lot more priviledges and have more friends." SHARON WILSON 1121: "Boston and Lynyrd Skynyrd are my favorite rock groups because they know how to rock." BILL JAMES 1121: "I liked Spirit Week because people look funny when they dress up." LACIRIE BEARD 1111: "I don't like school days when it rains. I have to walk a long way to art class and I usually end up soaking wet and my hair goes wild." GENE MESPLA Y1111: "I like to listen to the stereo after I get home from school because we can't listen to anything at school except the boring teachers." NEENA ALY1101: "I like Mr. Wright's Algebra II class because it's one of the few classes that's fun to learn." BRYAN GIER1111: "I feel there's a lot more spirit at Fox this year." BRIAN BASINGER 1101: "I liked the South African as- sembly. They were very entertaining." SHAWN BURGAN 1101: "I hate the cafeteria food be- cause we have pizza at least twice a week!" KIM BROWN1121: "I don't think Reagan is very bright: I wish Mr. Kasey would run for President!" LOU SCOTT1121: "They need a covered walkway to the art building." DOROTHY GRISHAM 1101: "Student Council is really fun and exciting to be in." LONNIE SMALLEN1111: "I like this school year because it's going by fast." WILBUR KEMP1121: "I like accounting class because l'm passing it." MAGGIE SMITH 1121: "I like, really enjoyed this year 'cause seniors are really spaz and everything, OK?" SHARI TOENNIES1111: "On snow days I like to go out in the snow and go four-wheeling." MR. WRIGHT 1math teacher1: "Blessed are those who can give without remembering and receive without for- getting." SUE WAL TON1121: "Going to Jeffco was the best part of my high school years. There are a lot of good memories that will never be forgotten." MRS. CA YSE1art teacher1: "The speed bumps by the art building are great. It slows down the drag racers by my window." 'I7 Zaxxon is one of the more popular of arcade video games around, Players must maneuver around many obstacles to reach their destina- tion -- ZAXXON III If Il' III LI I, I.. I III If I, U Ll I, L, I l'l I' I' r' , , , ,I l.ll...l..l ... The majority of the United States has used a computer each and everyday for the last year. The computer used varied from a video game to a office computer. Along with video and office computers there are home computers, home video games, and school computers. The video arcade games are by far the most-used computers today. Last year alone they grossed S5 billion dollars in sales. This S5 billion is twice the income of all Nevado casinos and three times more than the gate receipts and television revenue of major league baseball, basketball, and football! While these 20 billion quarters were being spent, 75,000 man hours were consumed playing them. ln the office computer race IBM leads by a slim margin. Apple, Texas Instruments, Atari and Radio Shack follow closely. ln the last 5 years these cor- porations have combined to sell 12 million comput- ers to businesses around the LI.S. They are used to calculate everything from the cost to produce a record to calculating the total income of RCA re- cords for the last 15 years. In home computers there is increasing popular- ity: 2 million have been sold in the last 5 years and the 1981 sales totaled 2 billion dollars. These com- puters have been used to manage home finances and even make heating and air conditioning more energy-efficient. The home video game has just started to make its presence felt in the market of computer technol- ogy. One billion dollars was spent in 1981 for Atari's, lntellevisions, and Colecovisions. It is esti- mated that 1 out of 4 homes will have a home video game by 1990. Finally, 1 out of 3 schools now employ a comput- er in some fashion. Fox is now using a Burrows small business computer. lt has 5 memory banks. Mr. Greaney, head counselor, said "it saves us ap- proximatley 7 weeks in hand labor." the computer can make schedule changes, drop slips, and tells how many students are in a class instantly. Fox's other new computers are Apples. They will be used next fall for data processing and simple program- ming in the math and business departments. Now that's input for you! By 1987 it is estimated that every school will be using a computer. The computer show was imaginative. The best part was the sound effects. That was awesome." said junior Tom George. Space ships, spacewars and laser blasts come to life in this artwork by Steve Wells. Busy hands are at work at Fox's small business computer, a Burrows B-80. is Q TTT' TTT ,La-Q rf" l ig This beastly orge and scantily-dressed woman glare on as the player tries to defeat them in electronic pinball. 19 JT iw MJ ro? , "S MANHAQ K . 81 Top right - "A friend and l have been working on his car for several months, but there is still a lot of work to go," said owner Pat Marz about his Volkswagon 'bug-.' Top left - Senior Scott Flamm has a '75 Chevy Malibu that "takes me everywhere in style." n A i Above - "I bought this Camaro and rebuilt most of it myself. lt has cost me 54000.00 so far," said junior Rick Jensen. For as long as one might remember, buses have been the major transportation to and from school. Some students, however, choose to drive their cars to school, and a couple of their cars are worth looking at. "I bought her for eight hundred, and now l'm selling her for six thousand," offered senior Mike Langhorst on his 1941 Chevy pickup. "lt has the original V-6 engine and lord know how many miles!" Mike joked. "l've put sixty-four hundred dollars into it, and have done most of the work myself." Mike's pick-up is cherry-colored with genuine wood planks that make up an authentic bed and railway. Traces of modern times can be seen by the 4-turbo jet wheels and the up-to- date license plates. Another vehicle that draws interest is the 1965 Chevy Malibu owned and operated by senior Steve Reando. Steve's machine is a aquarmarine blue color with a sharp white interior. "It has a 396 engine with a 4 speed, 4 barrel "carb," commented Steve. "l bought it like it is now about a year ago." With these dimensions one might assume this is a generally fast car, and it is. "lt runs a high twelve in a quarter!" added junior Tom Webb. "lt has won many races." While Langhorst has no idea of his gas mileage, Reando grimly experiences 9 to 10 miles to a gallon "if I don't push it." These vehicles are perhaps the finest examples of any two vintage autos on our campus. By Adam Thornberry 31 is Y, A- fl' , 1 1 .af IK wif av 'W--MQ. 'Tn' .. .1 9 Klum 7.1 'fi' Y as x' ...Q W . xf ' ' A fm " rvfi' ' fa Y Q sv I Jw! sw Y-if 6 'iiinf ' x X. fx X, 'XO VANISHING ACTS After ten years of wit and mad- ness M"'A"'8"'H leaves television. Hlvlvlvlvlvlfilfilf Flood waters receded, but Times Beach residents were forced to evacuate again because of dioxin contamination. SIWICSIFFICJICPICSICPIC' The NFL strike lasts eight weeks over salary disputes and franchise control. Plvlvlvlvlvlvlvlf The rock group "The Who" dis- band after seventeen years of sing- ing about teenage wastelands. 'IFUIUICPIUIOIUICSIC Doonesbury cartoonist Gary Tru- deau takes a hiatus after producing 4,300 strips. Plvlvlvlvlvlfilfvlf Jobs vanish into air as unemploy- ment climbs into double-digit fig- ures in October. Slfilvlvlvlvlvlvk Soviet premier Leonid Brezhnev dies after ruling Russia for eighteen Hlvlvlvlvlvlvlvk The 1982 World's Fair in Knox- ville, Tennessee ends after boasting a profit of over a million dollars. Slfilfilfilfilfilfilfilf John DeLorean's famous sports- car company hits hard times after DeLorean is charged with conspir- ing to sell cocaine to undercover Slvlvlvlvlvlvlvk lngrid Bergman dies of cancer at the age of 67. Sllilvlvlvlvlvlvlf 800 Palestinian men, women, and children are massacred as lsraeli troops occupy Beirut to prevent the dangers of violence and bloodshed. years. agents. 'llf9XTllIE2A. - fTopD The world famouse actress Grace Kelly ended her fairytale romance in an automobile crash last September. Among the 800 mourners in the century-old cathedral were movie stars, nobility and government representatives. 1PicturedJ Prince Rainer lll of Monaco with his daughter Caroline and son Albert, walk behind the coffin of Princess Grace. CBottom7 During the winter of 82-83, the chemical Dioxin was found in massive quantities in over twenty sites in the state of Missouri. Tests were conducted in many areas of Jefferson and Franklin counties, and residents were urged to evacuate the Times Beach area immediately. A federal buy-out of the land followed. fPicturedl Environmental Protection agents test the soil for contamination at an Imperial horse stable where dioxin-tainted oil was sprayed to control dust, IZZIIQIIIFIIC 9 83 1TopJ The season of '82 has been a year to remember for the St. Louis Cardinals and for the fans who followed them on the path to their ninth world championship. fPicturedi Fans form a line around Busch Memorial Stadium to buy tickets to the World Series. Many brought pillows and blankets for the long tiring wait, but on October 20, the fans found it to be well worth every minute. QBottomi ln October, seven people died of cyanide-poisoning that was traced to Extra-Strength Tylenol capsules. All Tylenol products were recalled nation-wide as panic swept millions of consumers. Before authorities were able to produce any suspects they conducted over 1,000 interviews and tested 2 million capsules. Several months later Tylenol was re-introduced on the market with three types of safety seals. STARS, SCIRVIVORS AND SPIN-OFFS Martial law in Poland ends after ten months. ?l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l4 Alien E.T. finds the heartlight of millions as the popular movie gross- es over 6 million in the first three Hlvlvlfvlvlvlfvlvk Barney Clark, 61, becomes the recepient of the first artificial heart. Slvlvlvlvlvlfflvlf 2,075 Moonie couples are wed at Madison Square Garden by the Rev- erend Sun Moon. Plfilvlfilfilfilvlvlf Sales of Reeses pieces rise 6595 after E.T. ate them in the movie and after M8M's manufacturers refuse to let E.T. eat their candy. Plvlvlvlvlvlvlvll Blue trolls, more commonly- known as Smurfs, Garfield, fancy shoelaces, hiking boots, and the tuxedo look hit the hearts and pock- etbooks of consumers in 1982. QIOIWIUIOIOIGICPIC They don't call it Enterprise for nothing: Star Trek Il: The Wrath of Khan was one of the biggest money- making films of 1982. 'ilfilvlvlfilvlvlvlf "Real Men" aren't eating quiche since the best-selling book was dished up, and "Val Speak" contin- ues to gag many with a spoon. FIOIUIWIUIOIWIUF' Ll.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop maintains "there's nothing constructive" in video games and that the mental- side effects are causing serious damage to "vi- Hlvlvlvlvlvlvlvk Eddie Murphy, 21, is the funniest talent to emerge from the new Sat- urday Night Live. Murphy plays a wise-cracking convict in his first movie 48 HRS. months. diots." FOREIGN STUDENTS A POSITIVE IMPRESSION They fell in with the kids beautifullyg everyone seemed to really accept them," stated Mr. O'Conner. They're cuter, more sensitive, and caring," is what Christophe Baud thinks about American girls. And he should know! Chris, as people call him, has made many female land malej friends while at Fox. Chris is an exchange student from the French Alps region in Europe. He is taking regular classes at Fox for the 1982 school year. Like most students, he doesn't like to do any homework, but he loves snowdays! In ways Chris is different from the students here, but he is also like them in ways. Like his many Ameri- can friends, he likes to go to the popular hang outs in Arnold, like Panteras or the Game Arena. To Chris his friends in France are slightly different from his friends at Fox. He states, "My friends at Fox do not have the judgement and Qsense 00 fun as my friends in France." Many students enjoy having Chris here at Fox. Diana Rinehart stated, "I love him, he's great!" "I like him, although it's hard for me to understand him some- times, his accent gets in the way," added Kim Rainey. If Christophe had the chance, he would like to live in the United States permanently. The main problem that would stop him from living in the states is having to leave his parents and friends. Chris prefers the way that our coutnry is run. He likes the freedom that he has here. Chris has been invited to come back to Fox next year for graduation. Everyone would like to see him again! by Tammie Collins 51' fs f-1. .5 I if i-as-sap: mwgg ww is 8 1 -it-fi,-gg Y!! ,"'fsfvfI'il" M. G I . N.. . . Ii-riggfg, 1, W' ' xx 55' 4 W , 'QA - A 'S 'jjrwk I wi "I think about my friends in France a lot. Yet, when I go home, I'm going to miss the friends that I have made here," replied Christophe Baud, junior. is X S . Q Q ali Xgt .1 K Fir? X at fl . Ai M 5 21955 aim' 13.5 ' :Qi BME v xv ,-S.. ' a , . W .iw -W . W M , Ml' 1593129 1 ff9?"'2fgj ,. -1 4' f J W el l" '?i,f'fzf'f.f+1niZzQ?-im ffl ,M 'W vfMywm,,,a- Q ,., ., K I t,,.- . 4, V ,1 FAVORITES 'T T HAMBLIRGER: Big Mac ICE CREAM: Chocolate SODA: Pepsi, Coke FOOD: Pizza, Shrimp BEER: Busch, Michelob PLACE TO GO: Parties, Cruising ROCK GROUP: Rush RADIO STATION: KHTR, KWK COLINTRYfWESTERN GROUP Alabama COMMEDIAN: Richard Pryor TV STAR: Tom Selleck PERSON: Jesus MOVIE: E. T., First Blood TV SHOW: Dynasty, Magnum SOAP: General Hospital SLIB. TEACHER: Mr. Bone SPORT: Baseball, Football BASEBALL TEAM: Cardinals FOOTBALL TEAM: Cardinals SOCCER TEAM: Steamers SEASON: Summer CAR: Camero DAY OF THE WEEK: Friday HOLIDAY: Christmas COLOR: Blue, Purple MAGAZINE: Seventeen, Dirt Bike I t meone to love only me - not every girl in Arnold" answere Crrubbs, Seniors, about her fan vw", v-v""' ,Ap-aw y fantasy is to see Pat Marz in a hot tub," dreamed Tracy Roedder, Senio FANTASIES KIM BAKER: To spend the rest of my life with Rick Springfield. LORETTA CAPPS: To have the wittiest and nicest guy in the world. KELLY COX: To get through one track season with no injuries. SHERRI DeGCIIRE: To be one of Americas top mo- dels. RICK EISENBIS: To have a million dollar wedding with Sandy. KIM HAYES: To be the only girl on a ship with 9,999 sailors for six months. SEAN HLILEN: To be a star football player for the Super Bowl champs. CINDY KIPHART: To be in a Hot Tub! ROBIN KRETZER: To get caught in a blizzard and have to stay a week with Tommy Herr. SANDY MLISER: To go out with Robert Redford. LESA NOBLIN: To go to Jamacia, marry John and hang glide, sky dive, and scuba dive. ROBIN O'DELL: To have a date with either Clint Eastwood or Tom Selleck. DEL PENBERTHY: To be very rich and tall. KELLY POOLE: To spend the rest of my life with Kenny Hollingshead. KATHY ROLAND: To be old enough to get married. LISA SAWDY: To go out with Keith Hernandez. MIKE SLLITER: I would like to go to Hollywood and meet all the actors like Lucille Ball and Dick Van Dyke. KAREN STILWELL: To have Eddie Van Halen for two weeks. JIM SWEENEY: I would like to be on a deserted island with exotic girls. FRIENDS A SPECIAL PART OF HIGH SCHOOL Kim Julian, Kim Owen, and Nichole Gossick, a well known threesome around Fox. "She's always there when l need her." At least thats what one senior has to say about his best friend. But what are friends REALLY for? Sue Heine thinks a friend is "someone who you can talk to and share your problems with." Veronica Holtman added, "to have fun with, and to be with a lot." When referring to Alan Schuchardt, Christophe Baud said, "when your in trouble, to make life easier, to have someone so your not alone, or just to be a friend." Mary Muehlhauser commented, "to talk to when you have a prob- lemg to go out with and party." Kelly Cross, whose mom is her best friend, believes that, "friends are for friendship." Debbie Craig re- plied, "to stick with a double date when'you can't get anybody else." Darla Bennet has her boyfriend, Tony Roy, "to talk about the joyous things in life." Lisa Barks wrote a poem that said, "True friends are forever, even when we go our own seperate ways in life, our sharing and our memories are still in our hearts and there they will remain for the rest of our days." Friendship is something that everyone has. This year at Fox, friends are what kept everyone in such good spirits. Whether it was a friend you just met in class, or one you have known for years. H151 IIIEVDRI 'Ui K HH F Mm, v W Lrnrsrxmm Nga ,.-mm R X Kfxf-, PLOP PLOP FlZZ FIZZ ... Many words have been used to describe eating, but when a person goes into a high school cafeteria, they will find many more vivid expressions. Words such as: pig out, pork, chow down, feed my face, and munch, just to name a few. Also one may notice different types of "munchers"i the cafeteria. t First there is the porker: a guy with a tray piled high with a school lunch, Suzi Q's, chips, donuts, and two or three milks. After inhaling this large amount of food, he makes one final stop at the D.E. store to finish off his appetite. Next, we have the faithful dieter: usually a girl who is always hungry, but when offered food, replies, "Oh, l'm on a diet." They drive you nuts with, "l'm so fat, l just have to stop eating." Most of the time they look as if they never started., Finaiiy, we have what every cafeteria would not be the same without, the moocher: someone always looking for food or money. These poor souls state that they will not survive the day without something to eat. They sit and stare at your food and pester you until finally you give them something to stuff in their mouths just to keep them quiet. Without the porker, the dieter, and the moocher our lunch periods would be rather dull. As time goes on we will soon learn that the faithful dieter finally starts to eat, the moocher will have to stop mooching, and the great porker will find that, as he keeps forking in his food, his best friend will certainly become Alka-Seltzer! by Becki Brinkman 4' ,,. .l "l usually eat junk food for lunch because l hate school food," said junior John Kitner. 1 '9!!"" "l usually eat junk food for lunch," said sophomore Janet Craig "l usually buy chips or something else along with whatever's on the tray," said Greg Long, junior, as he and Dan Roberts ate lunch. Wm if-if I WX, 4 is 'sg W eff . .uw -4 A .qs 3 K . .qt "l usually eat a little of this and a little of that," said Laura Weatherford, sophomore. , "Sheri and l just eat chips and ice cream for lunch," said Michelle Fox, sophomore. SIIJCMICMIIZIIQ tfimzirg As the water laps against the boat, fishing line sails out into the air and quietly drops down into the water. For sophomore Pam Atkins and her family, summertime means fishing at Table Rock. "We go every sum- mer," said Pam. "We leave as soon as school lets out, and we camp for about three weeks. lt's great!" Others find skiing a more interesting way to have fun on water. Water-skiing on local riv- ers and lakes is popular. "l go skiing on the Meramac River with my friends during the summer," explained Charlie Bollinger. "lt's convenient because it's close. You really don't have to go anywhere else." Top - Glen Petersen rides the trails behind his Center - Bee Tree Park is a favorite spot for picnics and relaxing for many students during Right - Kim Jones says about approaching summer "I like the fact that l got out of Indeed, for many there seems to be enough "activity" right here in town. "l'm going to work at Valley High this summer, and hope- fully meet up with some decent men!" said Robin Detter. And yet for others, summer days are as hectic and busy as the school year. Lisa Bau- mann gave us her summer plans: "l'm going to work this summer. Then l might go to Florida for two weeks. l am going to move this summer. And maybe l'll have a "sweet six- teen" party, too." Phew! Slow down, Lisa! Summertime, most will agree, is the perfect time to relax and be with friends. house on a Honda 110. the summer. Algebra ll early this year!" H.. Left - "We plan on going to the racquetball club this summer. lt's right down the road, so we can ride our bikes there," said sophomores Tina Brandhorst and Kim Baker. Below - "Sleeping late" is what Neena Aly - likes best about summertime. Here she sunbathes with Tammy Lavrrar Qrightj. 41 MV' ' . W , fl 4' Extreme left - '4Red Chief was born about seven years ago, and I started riding him when he was two. We let him run loose in the fields behind our houseg he's pretty wild," commented Tim Konersman about his horse. Left - "l enjoy riding the sandhills in Flat River on my bike every summer," said senior Kevin Stewart. B "TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME" lv! Top photo - Seniors get a birds-eye view of the World Champion Cards at the Senior Game. Above - Rodney Combs gets a little bored waiting for the Dodgers to get back in to the game. Right - That wild and crazy cardinal "Fred Bird" kept the seniors cheering the Cards to a 7-6 victory. ,mv Fox seniors look forward to many different things during the school year. Many think about college, graduation, getting out of school earlier than anyone else, and of course losing the friends that they have grown up with for twelve years. Because seniors all go their separate ways once they have been set free, special times together like the Senior Baseball Game produce great memories. 2 Left to Right - Prom Candidates arei Lisa Heibel and Phil Bonasia, Gayle Zarella and Tom Pummill, Lisa Fisher and Jim Fisher, Rhonda Reising and Perry Call. Retiring Queen Doris Inman and escort Mark Beck. Below - Charmaine McClain, Tim Brockhaus, and Steve Byrne Qrightj serve themselves in the buffet line. "WE'VE GOT THE NIGHT I ill X Prom night is a source of nervousness, excitement, and suspense for couples as they mark the close of the year. "I thought the Prom was the best dance I've ever been to," said junior Maria Pedretti. Senior Nita Thum agreed. "It looked like I pictured a prom would look like - the whole atmo- sphere was great!" In a break with past years, the 1983 Prom was held at a new location in Ellisville. All agreed that the revolving dance floor and tables on several levels was a nice addition. "You could see everyone there," said Nita. Couples danced to the theme "We've Got the Night" and feasted on a buffet dinner of ravioli, swedish meatballs, noo- dles, vegetables and dessert. At IO pm the music was interrupted for the coronation of Prom King and Queen, with seniors Tom Pummill and Denise Erxleben taking the honors. "It was a great time," concluded junior Shoona Bennett. "I would like to go back again next year." Right - Balloons explode from the ceiling as the 1983 Prom King and Queen are announced Left - 1983 Prom Queen and King Denise Erxleben and Tom Pummill. Below - Seniors Adam Thornberry, Chris Wertz, Karen Jones, and Robin Clemens were among the 460 couples who attended the 1983 Prom. in--V gf ,1 n 4' ,, , rv ,N 1 ? ,s,s .Mi gigs WJ Above - Junior Kali Clore said, "The -will prom was really great. The best part was that I was with Jay Kovarikf' Left - Junior Sue Heine and senior Rodney Cattoor dance to the music of the "Power House Sound System," 39 1 4, Wmwfw,-ftwfwsw. V W WMW9w , , - On Tuesday, May 24th, 575 seniors officially said farewell to teachers, books, and studies as they received their high school diploma. While it was an evening of endings and memories for many, it was also a first for the Fox graduates. Commencement exercises were held at Busch Memorial Stadium in downtown St. Louis where seniors were cheered by 6,000 "fans" as they walked across the field. The ceremony began with performances by the high school band and a "video history" of the district, shown on the stadium's new large screen. The graduates received their diplomas on a stage in front of the pitcher's mound, while parents and friends watched the cameras record the action "live," 'Alt was really thrillingg l loved it" said senior Mona Preble about the ceremony. High school days will certainly never be forgotten, and neither will graduation at Busch Memorial Stadium. , W., f .,, ....,, ---TMA Hg Top left Graduates receive well-deserved hugs and good wishes from friends Top right - Curt Sykes, Christy Jecklin, Steve Northcutt, Michelle Zielinski, Mike Allen, Jamie Poff Kevin Olsen and Missy Miller sing the national anthem Center left - The 1983 graduating class enters the Center right - "Celebration" is close Right - Dave Lingle gives the stadium grounds the theme at the of the ceremony salutory address SCHOGL ENDS . . . MEMCRIES BEGIN Left - Senior Jim Pounds practices the symbolic turning of the tassle. Below left - Nancy Hansen and Kim Lewis peek out of the doorway before the start of the ceremony. Below right -- Senior class sponsor Mr. Reid helps Tess Easterwood and Lori Welch find their places in line. SE IOR SUPERLATIVES Best Personality Most Senuous Biggest Heartbreaker Biggest Brownie Biggest Ham Biggest Chatterbox Most Gllible Most Athletic Super Senior Best in Art Most Talented Shortest Tallest Funniest Laugh Best Dressed Prettiest Hair Prettiest Eyes Best in Drama Most Shy Best Voice Best in Band Prettiest Smile Cutest Couple Most Absentminded Biggest Flirt Most Likely to Succeed Most Studious Most Outgoing Class Clown Tom Pummil, Amy Dierker Ron Freiner, Kim Portell Ron Freiner, Kim Rainey Tom Caffery, Terra Lawrence Tom Caffery, Kelly Porter Harold Weigand, Rhonda Dickerman Scott McGrael, Denise Erxleben Ron Freiner, Carol Rumping Tom Pummil, Amy Dierker Joe Potter, Robin Lewis Kevin Olsen, Anne O'Connor Bob Funther, Patty Heffernan Keith Kraus, Kim Boyer Mike Reeves, Kim Owen Rodney Cooper, Lisa Herrick Perry Call, Carol Rumping Chuck Smith, Kelly Porter Kevin Olsen, Sue Stocker Jim Gardner, Janet Walters Kevin Olsen, Myra Dake Dwight Kraus, Anne O'Connor Curt Sykes, Kim Blomker Rodney Cooper, Denise Erxleben Dennis Funkhouser, Kathy Adams Pat Marz, Carol Lima Dave Lingle, Lisa Kernan Mark Chapman, Lisa Kernan Tom Caffery, Amy Dierker Matt Williams, Kim Owens 3 4 oe ACTI A' i fi'-30' 1 w W M,-D Dankel Dr. Drda Mr. Frasure Mr. Moseley W Mrs. Pasken Mr. Pruett Mr. J. Wright In room 308 there is a math teacher who also how to make decisions about my future. MA I I I loves baseball and corny jokes. He teaches math like nobody else. This math teacher is Mr. Wright. "I really liked Mr. Wright's Algebra II class my junior year. Even though he would act a little strange. He has a good time, and we learn a lot. When I look back on my high school years Mr. Wright would be the first person I think of, because he was such a big influence," said Lisa Fischer, senior. Senior Ellen Hahn commented,"I really en- Said Mr. Wright. joyed Mr. Wright's geometry and Algebra Il classes. I learned a lot - not only math, but that you care and have patience for them, by Richard Craig I lg' .lm Q Top Left - Curt Tiefenbrum is studying vocational math "Because I'll need it when I go to Jeffco to learn electronics." Center Top - "I need help doing con- struction problems in Geometry," said sophomore Donna Repp. Center Bottom - "I thought Algebra was pretty easy, at least when Mr. Frasure explained it," commented Melinda lvie. Above - "Mr. Wright's jokes are pretty corny! Geometry isn't all bad, though, because he makes it fun," said sophomore Greg Catt. lc., Wm I M00 iffy .9 Capricorn Women born under this sign are famous for their beauty and intelligence, but tend to marry men who are totally devoted to birddogs and shotguns. Capricorns are born financiers, they have to be or they'd be broke. As business partners they are un- sympathetic, ungenerous, and accurate to the last detail. Capricorns should be IRS agents or auditors, where they can work alone. Capricorns are unable to make lasting friendships. They are nice people who spend most of their life wondering what went wrong. Mrs. Balis, Dr. Drda, Mrs. Glore, Mr. Ivy, Mr. Jenne- man, Mrs. Kozlen, Miss Little, Mrs. Roger, Mrs. Sala' bay, Mr. Snider, and Mr. Wright Aquarius You have a great imagination. If you are a politician, you tend to be more than a little loose with the facts. If you are a carpenter, you tend to blame leaking ceilings on acid rain. You are an all-around person who specializes in nothing. Aquarians are very impractical in the face of unpleasant facts, and start things they never finish. You have forgotten your wife's name and somewhere you have three sets of bookcases waiting to be finished. You never make a drastic decision. People like you because you make them look good. Mr. Alkire, Mrs. Farrell, Mrs. Guffey, Mrs. Hodge, Mr. Kasey, Mr. Kulik, Mr. Primm, and Mr. Zeitler Pisces Pisces are very hard workers at the things they care about. This does not include home, family, business or friends. You frequently promise favors one moment and forget them the next. You can be found in a video arcade when you should be home painting the livingroom. Nevertheless, you are quite genial and the life of the party. Pisces love to travel, but are quite careless with money. They are Karl MaIden's nightmare. Pisces are people only a mother could love. Mr. Brockman, Mr. Frasure, Mrs. Karl, Mrs. Kramme, Mr. Pruett, Mrs. L. Robinson, Mr. Seward, and Mrs. Thouvenot Aries You are quite intelligent and are quick to see the answers to problems, especially if they are some- one eIse's. You know what's wrong with your friends' children, but refuse to acknowledge that your child is overweight and dreadfully spoiled. You are diplomatic and entertaining, and would make a fine coach or counselor. You tend to indulge in fancy cars and clothes, but will try to con the grocer into giving you the bruised apples for free. People born under this sign aren't physically robust, and they have terrible memories. You constantly lock you keys into your car, and you are getting worse as you get older. Mrs. Cramer, Mrs. Rhodes, Mr. Dockery, Mr. Miller, Mr. Kappler Mr. Wright feels that his philosophy is what makes his math classes different. He said his philosophy is simple and basic. "I try to teach the kids at their own level. I try not to show them how much I know but let them show me how much they know. Some teachers show their intelligence by teaching above their stu dents, but what does it accomplish? I think the students try harder when you show them ------n--.-.'------------------.---.,--.------.--------.- - -.,,, , ,,, ,,,,, This page right - Gerlad Bouchard stares intently at the floor for answers. This page far right - "My favorite book is Remembrance. by Danielle Steele, because the characters are rich and it reminds me of the night soaps," said senior Rhonda lkewood. Opposite page center - Tim Sommers does not play the violin, but he play play "an occasional leg." Here he warms up the crutches. Opposite page right - Keith Kraus exhibits the rare African fungal disease "fungus of the tongusf' Opposite page bottom - Seniors Brad Eggemeyer, Ken Rainey, and Larry Conn exhibit symptons of an advanced stage of "senioritis." MF. Nklfe Mrs. Berryman Mrs. Farrell Miss Gant i Mr. Brazeal Mr. Langhamrner if-A 'es R, N t it ' t i 5? Q'-sa-. .NN !"Qs- l l Mr. Cookson Mrs. Cramer M155 Daniels 'wiv M' 0 li , Mr. Moss Mr. Reid Mrs, Rein SCDCIAL STUDIES Did Tim Sommers really break a leg try- ing to win the "History Day" competition? Not really! "I wrote a paper about the Ger- man philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and his connection with the first World War, the rise of National-Socialism, and the modern view of aggression. It was as much philosophical as historical," Tim ex- plained. "I wrote it for class as well as for the "History Day" competition." Tom won the district competition at Jefferson Col- lege, and will attend the state contest later in Kirksville. Tim obviously enjoys Social Studies. "Josey Garret said, 'History is to Man as Nature is to Things.' Social Studies is sim- ply the study of man. Of course it's easy to study for fexcept the dateslg it's always easy to study what you're interested in." How did Tim break his leg? "I didn't. I tore the ligaments in my left knee playing basketball. I managed to fake out my knee as well as my opponent." rtt. ' I Lx Taurus You are uncommonly good looking and have all sorts of talent to spare. Everything you do looks easy. You have superhuman endurance and are a natural athlete. You would make an uncommonly good surgeon, lawyer, executive or forest ranger. People born under the sign of Taurus are great thinkers, creative inventors, and very proud. Llnfortunately, you are quite a snob and a bore to everyone. This is a hard sign to overcome. Mr. Morris, Mrs. Cayse, Mrs. A. Cobb, Miss Gant, Mr. Whittenberg, Miss S. Cobb. Gemini People born under the sign of Gemini are dual characters, with one trait contradicting the other, You are nervous but enduring. You are overdressed, but never warm. You are alert, but tend to be scatterbrained. In fact, you are quite confused about everything around you, although you still have a good time. Gemini's should stay away from gin rummy games or else learn how to add and subtract. You are easily led, and tend to get lost in the woods a lot. Miss Ronsick, Mr. Butler, Mrs. Maxson, Mrs. Levy, Miss Barnard, Mr. Heinemann, Mrs. Wisdom. Cancer You are basically very artistic, but this makes you seem careless or worse to most people. You are easily bored and tend to do things the hard way. You should never attempt automobile repairs or carpentry, You will be the one shoveling snow off the sidewalk and onto your doorstep. People born under the sign of Cancer are idealistic, poetic, and spiritually developed, and would make good teachers or guides. You are the optimist who rarely learns. Everyone wants to play poker with you. Mrs. Santorski, Mr. Braudrick, Miss Bridges, Mr. Reid, Mr. Gilmore, Mr. Moss, Mrs. Robinson, Mr. Braudrick, Mr. Langhammer. Leo Leo's are very friendly and outgoing, and they have too many relatives and pets. They are kind-hearted, generous and sympathetic. People are always borrowing their stuff and they are too polite to insist on getting it back. Leo's are the meek that should inherit the earth. They always let others take the best parking spot and will allow anyone to butt ahead of them in line. They need to be taken care of. Leo men should have at least two daughters. Mrs. Berryman, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Ballard, Mrs. Domian, Mr. Duniphan, Mrs. Pasken, Mrs. Rein, Miss Takach, Miss Mueth, Mr. Holder, Mr. Moseley, Mrs. Petetit, Mr. Dankel. I 4 "My favorite book is "Fear of Flying" by Erica Jong," said Kevin Jacobs, ju- nior. "You've got to be kidding, right? All these books can't be mine?" exclaims Matt Guelker as Mike Mercer looks on. "l really like being able to work with high school students," said Mrs. Hodge. "l always get in trouble for talking to Marie Qleftjf' said outgoing Kim Baker, second from left. Also pictured are Tammy Edwards and Desiree Driver. iiQQns , s5'm"i'vd.a.i5-34 I " Ms. Barnard MTS. Bfehgle Miss S, Cobb Mrs. Garrett Mr. Heinemann Mrs. Hodge Mrs. Levy V1 7 g g V W, .,,., ,Nw -A Al V , , ,,f , V. , Z, v 4' ' '- . 4 , Z . Mr. McVay Mr. Miller Mrs. Miss Mueth Mrs. Robinson Mrs. Salabay Mr. F. Wright Muehlhauser ENGLISH Perhaps the toughest class for many seniors is the Advanced Placement English course offered by the English Department and taught by Mr. McVay. Students can only enroll in this class with the approval of their teachers, and even for this select group, the work is considered tough. A.P. English studies the works of the Anglo-Saxon period, The Renaissance, Me- dieval period, and of course the Twentieth Century. When asked to describe the cali- ber of the assignments, senior Rochelle Braun exclaimed, "lt's tough! We study the works of Keats, Shelley, John Martin, Wordsworth, Shakespeare, and others. Wordsworth is the hardest." At the end of the Year, each student has the option of "testing out" of college credit hours by passing a test. "The test grading scale is 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 C5 being the highest gradel. ln the past two years, no one has achieved a '5' grade, although we had several 4's and a few 3's," explained Mr. McVay. "The test is given by a college board and is graded on that level." ' www., l . -Q """""' ...tsnsssif ,.,.,....-me-M: ' Virgo Yours is an orderly mind. Virgos make excellent scholars, musicians, scientists, and philosophers. Yours are intellectual friendships, as you lack enthusi- asm and emotionalism. Virgos are thrifty and love to swap and trade things. You have a fine sense of I I its E z. L Y 3 .. 1 'git value, but your possessions own you. You like clutter - and you have married someone who is compulsively neat. When you find yourself guarding 6-ft. piles of old - magazines, seek help. as l f f-sms i i 1 Q Mr. Weatherford, Mr. Bishop, Mrs. Drury, Mr. Hood, Mr. Looney, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Ramaesire. , s A t if g 5 3 Q Libra Libras are somewhat unlucky and tend to be 4 Q . , 5 frustrated. You admire woodcraft but cut yourself a , g Q I E , 3 , J, , , K 4 lot. Your homemade decoys float funny and your .SE 4 gplw knots come untied. Libras have great mathematical ability and can be astonishingly accurate. You make good scientists and salesmen. Unfortunately, you also procrastinate a lot. You are the original guy who "should have been here last week." Whoever said "look before you leap" had you in mind, although you aren't inclined to listen. And you never have dry socks. Mr. Ballard, Mrs. Sextro, Mr. J. Wright, Mrs. Muel- hauser. '1 Scorpio You are the adventurous type who will try anything. Your garage looks like a sporting goods warehouse - bows, muzzleloaders, scuba gear, tele- scopes and an assortment of other mysterious ma- chines are gathering dust. Scorpios are long on enthu- siasm and short on patience and know-how. You have a lot of drive and willpower, but you draw two cards to a flush and leave the football game before the winning touchdown. lf you read this far, you probably skipped over the rest. Mrs. Seevers, Mr. Cookson, Mrs. Garrett, Ms. Pollock, Miss Marchand. Sagittarius Sagittarians are famous for being spend- thrifts. They search eternally for that "perfect bar- gain." And the stuff they buy on sale rarely fits. Those born under this sign usually enjoy financial success, although they are easily swayed by others with devious intentions. They are practical, sincere, and fond of horses. Sagittarians make good butlers and jockeys if they aren't dodging the law. Mrs. Abel, Mr. McVay, Mrs. Waldrop, Mr. Sears, Mrs. Brengle. maker,Q,h..Ha3tt Top - Honor Choir Middle - Concert Choir Bottom - Men's Choir l MF- Bl-mel' Mr. Johnson 1 ' ,e f Wef Jffi:isU'? 6 5 5' Q " a i A I' 4 ' l f4,1' .Hitt I x 3 m it ll, "Alai, 2 2 is z H qt. iff rtifav wi fr if M f Top - Junior Girls Giee Lgl..b Top Middle - Senior Girl's Glee Bottom middle - Mixed Chorus Bottom - Sophomore Choir MLISIC Mr. Johnson's choral groups were very active this year. The concert choir had the chance to perform at the newly-renovated Fox Theater during the year. Mr. John- son's groups received over 40 honor I rat- ings at district music contest in April, and many singers went on to receive honor I ratings at state music contest. The choir ended the 1982-83 school year with a con- cert on May 12. Mr. Butler's bands were also very busy this year. Besides joining with the choir for a Christmas assembly, the bands have par- ticipated in such activities as hosting 24 South African students for two weeks, competing in a marching contest in Roala, Missouri, and giving a pop concert in Feb- ruary. They received honor l ratings at both district and state music contests, played at the Fox-Lindbergh game at Busch Stadium, and held Band Day at Rax. ln May, Dwight Kraus received the John Phillip Sousa Award for his excellence in Symphonic Band, and Myra Dake was awarded the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award. 4- uvb. Xf- I R, s . FRS Top left - The 1982-83 Symphonic Band. Middle - The 1982-83 Concert Band. Bottom left - The 1982-83 Junior Varsity Band. Top right - The 1982-83 Senior Jazz Band. 2 was-I-I--h an!-f FINE ARTS .- .- ,, -, ---Q-----1-..----.-------.-------- ...7 "Some of the photographs hanging in the Photography room are pretty unusual," commented Randy Morrison, sophomore. Senior Dave Coughran helps adjust an art exhibit in the cafeteria. hid l Mrs. Abel Mrs. Cayse Mrs, Karl MiSS Little Mr. Morris Mrs. Santorski "lt's a really good class. We are able to check out the cameras for several days, and we develop and print our own film," said senior Tim Lindsey about the new Photography classes offered in the Art de- partment. "The first quarter is basically instruction: lectures, bookwork, quizzes," explained Mr. Morris, the Photography teacher. "The second quarter is perfor- mance. The cameras are checked out to the students and film is developed, prints are made, and other work." Mr. Morris has had an interest in photog- raphy since his senior year of college, when he received a camera as a gift. ln previous years he had a commercial busi- ness on the side, doing weddings and ad- vertising. He also handled the film process- ing for Crystal City High School's yearbook for several years. "Photography is only de- manding on the pocketbook. lt is a very satisfying hobby, and more and more pro- fessional people fdoctors, lawyers, etc.l use the hobby as a release from iob pres- sures. Students can do the same," he ex- plained. Matt Royal agrees. "I was interest- ed in photography," said the junior, "so l took the class. l learned a lot. In fact, l asked for my own camera for Christmas. Now my mom is getting after me for spend- ing so much on film and processing." Students occasionally produce some in- teresting photographs. "Some students brought in old family pictures," said Mr. Morris. "One boy had an old daguerreo- type of the James Gang." in PM-if 1 1 'tap 3 ssssv-. . K, . N in 'X ' dw Q s L , , lg RNQ. 7 ........ Q 3 I i f was ,T Y W .Wy xx Top Left - "lt was very enjoyable, unless you are a klutz like me!" commented Sophomore Kim Hayes about her art class. Here she hams it up with Doug Goldhammer, Tess Easterwood, and Darrin Garner. Top Right - "Working on the potter's wheel was frustrating, but it was also a challenge," commented sophomore Danny Bennett. "I really enjoyed trying to throw a pot." Bottom Left - Senior Russ Heine said "l was trying to paint a coffeepot and get it to look round." Bottom Left - "Move over Monet! We both like to do landscape paintings," said juniors Bob Meyer and Lisa Swafford. -R PRACTICAL ARTS R 'iiuf Jing, 2 L+ S 'L-H W 5 .. I it is , f ss 5 Top left - "My life ambition is to knock the world flat!" said senior Gina Roberts, at right. Here she clowns with classmates in Child Development rs Mrs. Petetit dass M . Kramme - Miss Takach MTS' Th0UVEI1Ot Bottom left - "l made a suit, jacket, pants, a designer skirt and top in Sewing class. lt's fun to pick out patterns and materials," said senior Tonya Schira. Above - When asked, "What's the matter with your cooking?", Phil Bonastia replied, Allen Shoecart frightj is the problem!" Mrs. Petetit said her greatest satisfaction in being a teacher is "believing that I have helped my students to have a better home and family life." In Child Development I she accomplishes this task by teaching about the human life cycle and doing pro- jects with children. To successfully teach these concepts, the students must be in- volved. "We had to get a hardboiled egg and pretend it was a baby. We gave it a name and filled out birth certificate," explained senior Darla Capps. "Then we carried the egg around for a week. 'The parents' could get a babysitter or have the father watch it for awhile. If we cracked the egg, our baby died. Then we had to fill out a death certifi- cate. We also had to evaluate what kind of parents we were. I really enjoyed it, and I learned a lot!" concluded Darla. Tracey Wilson really enjoyed another project. "We had a party for two, three, and four-year olds. We made placemats, bought food, and worked with the kids. It was great!" "It was a good class. I think it's a class that everyone should take because you learn so much," said senior Kim Julian. Since the students enjoy working with the children so much, a new class has been proposed. Mrs. Petetit commented, "To further enlighten our students we have re- quested a Child Development Il class for 1983-84. This class will involve having preschool age children visit for a six-week period. Many areas of child development will be covered for which we have no time in Child Development l." Junior Patty Coats agrees that the additional class will help. "There will be little kids to work with, and I think it's important to learn about family life." - .- - - - , -" as X I Q t 5 M. sw 3,1 3' Mr. Brockman Mr. Holder Mr. Morganfeldt Mr. Osgood Top left - Junior Danny Lipina cuts pieces of wood for his project. Bottom left - Sophomore K Jim Tucker builds a magazine stand in Wood Shop. W X. .Q ...I fi-3? s :A Above - Senior Tom Peel cuts Mr, Jennemann wood on a circular tablesaw. 3 1 '53 , wg, ft . V Mr. Sears Mr. Zeitler M FOREIG LA GLIAGE According to many Fox High School stu- dents one thing that makes the Senior High more interesting is the wider selection of classes. Among these choices there are the foreign languages. Fox offers a choice of French, German, or Spanish classes. Many students continue their study of a foreign language up to their fourth year. The ap- peal of a foreign country and its culture is so great for some students, that during the summer, they decide to take a trip to France, Germany, or Mexico. "Parlez-vous francais?" fDo you speak French?j Wes, a littlej. "Est-ce que tu l'aime?" QDO you like it?J "Oui, je l'aime beaucoup !" QYes, l like it a lot!"J Diane Streckfuss, junior, comments, "l have always thought that French is the most beautiful language in the world. I al- ways wanted to understand it. l continued taking French this year because eventually l want to visit France." This summer Diane will be able to go there in July. When asked what she remembers most about this year's French ll class she stated, "The "Oui, un peu." things l will remember will be "Le Coin Des mr 1 364 - ,MMYM Donna Checket listens to class discussion and wonders lf the end of the hour will ever come i W 5 ', 'E Sorry, 2 No Photo Mrs. Heavey Mrs. Kozlen Ms. Pollock Ni I 1 3- Q lf.. fm Momes' fthe children's cornerj and the male stripper for Ms. Pollock's birthday. One reason I enjoyed this class was our teacher, Ms. Pollock, who makes her classes more enjoyable." "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" fDo you speak German?"J "Ja, ein Bisschenf' IYes, but only a little.J "Machst du Spass?" CDO you have fun?j "Ja, ich mache Spass gem." lYes, I really do have fun.j Tim Braun, sophomore, said, "I took German because everyone said it was ea- sier than French or Spanish, and my sister also had it. I plan to keep taking it, because it will be easier to study when I take the language in college. Mrs. Heavey makes the class more enjoyable by doing a lot of outside activities instead of all bookwork." "HabIas espanol?" fDo you speak Spanish?J "Un poco solomente." IOnIy a Iittle.J "Tienes un buen tepo?" fAre you having a good time?J "Si, pero esta muy dificil!" IYes, but this is very hardlj Stacey Johnson, junior, stated about Spanish: "I have been to Mexico a few times and I go down to Texas every year near the border where the people speak Spanish. I decided I wanted to speak Span- ish, so I could communicate with them. I'm going to Mexico this summer on the stu- dent exchange program. My teacher, Mrs. Kozlen suggested to me that taking part in this program would broaden my knowl- edge of Spanish." by Stephanie Bond I5i'fA"fr'W'ih -1!!'AVaFi'A'i Center left - Mrs. Heavey discudses German "comic books" with Keith Carey as Rochelle Braun and Nita Thum watch. Bottom left -- "lt's alright, but I can't get the hang of it," said sophomore Joel Houser about language class. Here Joel irightj listens as Jim Weber describes a foreign film he saw. Above -- Joe Stampl finds the foreign language lectures "a little boring" but says it helped teach him good study habits. SCIENCE ------------ .va----- ..---------..--.-----------------.------------...-----.----------- ,l IQ. slim in E L,,. K . ' ,,.t...,,.,s.t..c,. ,. .. - Mr. White coaches Cross Country and classes. Miss Bridges Mr. Christ K X wx Mr. Gilmore Mr, Kasey Boy's Track in addition to his Science Li Mr. Hood i- in... Mr Weatherford Mr' White "The psychology of students" is Mr. Kasey's favorite experiment. "l ' love to do any little trick or gimmick to make a student learn," he said. I GMI' January 22, Precambrain Era, a young geologist is born. He is by chance of fate born above the Louisville Limestone forma- tion in Louisville, Kentucky. This young geologist is Mr. Kasey. "I have always enjoyed science and I have never lost my childhood curiosity in the unknown," stated Mr. Kasey. "I re- ceived my formal training and experience at Vanderbilt University, B.A. in geology, University of Tennessee, Master in Geolo- gy, and University of Missouri-Columbia Q6 year work not completedlf' Mr. Kasey did not always want to be a teacher. While he was a high school senior he made it clear. "I told my friends the last thing I would ever be was a teacher." In fact, he had another profession already picked out. "Until the spring of 1970 all of my training and work was directed to being a geologist for life. However, by the fall of 1971 I was teaching at Fox. Everyone who has seen Mr. Kasey's dis- play windows knows of his unique collec- tions. He has collected rocks, fish, medical equipment, and weather equipment from areas throughout the United States, Can- ada, and several European countries. He also receives many from donations, auc- tions, and flea markets. Mr. Kasey's most interesting job is try- ing to find new ways to "trick," "con- vince," and "browbeat" students to find their own love for learning science. His students seem to enjoy his experiments the most. Mr. Kasey and his students per- form close to 100 experiments a yearg in- cluding: Frankenstein Lab, Mind Warp Lab, and Time Vaults. Mr. Kasey has his followers and fans. Jeff Heath, senior, said, "Mr, Kasey is the coolest teacher in this school. You really miss something if you don't have him. pg- - - 4- --.-------..------..-----------.---.-.--.---..--------- ---- -, . K f . .. s . .. I , 1 t .t-, - - . I s L 't ' s s s 1. I cttt . . .... 2 i I if Ef.2ff,'5 gf--,L .. A , ---- -2-sum... W N S lvflqfilhfxv 5:2 g-:im 5 Q us... su. I s MT'W'----- ll mg I I 5 , 5.....5 ,. J . E is--www., ....,c..c ,....t....g..M.?.iM:wkNMAiwf IN W gas fr... Nw. Top photo - Ron McCann and Tina Marlow wait for a chemical reaction after dropping tin into acid. Above - "You mean our school lunches have this in them?!" jokes Mike Uhlmann as he looks into the microscope. ,S Tj ui M K O - ..........,, V git! "I feed Simon a couple of rats each week, or sometimes a guinea pig every other week. She's about three years old now," says Mike Mueller. ----- .. - may as S-QW E E E 5 Q' me i i Mrs' Cobb Mrs- Guffy Mrs, Morris Mrs. D. RObil'1SOl'1 R 1 i l . ' Q 4 i l Miss Ronsick Mrs. Seevers M,-D Seward Mrs. Sextro Mrs. Waldrop hu. Left -Senior Sheila Williams Hdaydreams about getting out of school" while she works at the adding machine. Right - Margaret Smith fingers the keys in Secretarial class. BUSINESS Many students decide to make business and secretarial practice their career, and Business Education classes prepare them for these jobs. Business Math, Shorthand, Typing, and Secretarial classes are offered, and students can then join the B.O.E. work program to receive "on-the-job" training as well. Junior Jaclyn Stockwell will take Shorthand class in the fall. "l think l will like shorthand because it can help me take notes in other classes. l also want to be- come a secretary." Donna Nowlin agreed. "I plan to make the secretarial field my career, and this class has given me an idea of a few of my duties." Also, it will give me a head start at Hick- ey Business College in the fall. l will be able to strenghten my skills further," said the senior. Business teacher Mrs. Waldrop enjoys having these classes. "My third and fourth hour classes are great! The girls call me 'Hot Rod' and are always putting signs on my wheeIchair." Mrs. Morris, also a Busi- ness teacher, recommends business classes in high school. "They provide job skills that can lead to a full-time career or help you in college." Q 'iq Dill Elf! z f y Linda Kuhlmeyer daydreams about "men" during her Business class. I W, 'Q "I would like to be a counselor because I like to help people," said Deleana Black when asked about her future plans. 5 1, J"""'k Betty Barton looks forward to being an "executive secre- tary" as she practices in her Secretarial class. PHYSICAL EDUCATION As the doors open to the weightlifting room, sounds of huffing, groaning and then concentrated silence can be heard. For weight-lifter Mark Parra, power-lifting is "a way to feel goodg to push yourself." Power- lifting is a form of competitive lifting which involves 3 different lifts: squats, bench presses, and dead lifts. "We train during gym hours," said the junior. "lt makes me feel good to work out. l wanted to build up my muscles, and have a chance to com- pete against others." Mark and many other P. E. students like having the chance to work out with weights. "I liked having the chance to im- prove my over-all strength by lifting weights instead of regular calisthenics and other exercises," said sophomore Brian Alexander. "Power-lifting provides an alter- native for students who aren't interested in some other sports. A lot of guys power-lift because of that." he added. Sophomore Sean Hulen has another reason. "Everyone thinks short people can't do anything! So l played football, I wrestled, and now l'm power-lifting. l started in the 100 lb. weight class, and now l'm at 125. l'd like to be in the 135 lb. weight class next year. -- ---.,------------.1------.-----1-1---------------.vp ., ,, ,,., .. ., 4 K ""sM. . 4' N' -ss., f ies - 1.i5?4Y5'.. Q55 xx - as Q -- . ,ss ,MQW . NNE. A .. Mr. Braudrick Mr. Dockery Mrs. Drury Mrs. Holland Mr. lvy Mr. Kappler Mrs, Maxson df Above - Sophomore Joe Nessel enjoys canoeing on the Current River during the summer. "l look like a 'river rat,"' said Joe. Above right - Sophomore Vicki Vetter works out in the weight room. -eft - Senior Patty Hite attempts to polish her bowling skills. SPECIAL EDUCATION Fox High School welcomes two new teachers in Special Education this year - Mr. Ramaesiri and Miss Marchand. Both teachers agree that their first year here has been very enjoyable. "The principals and fellow teachers have been very friendly and helpful, especially my co-workers Miss Marchand, Mrs. O'Connor, and Mrs. Sauer," said Mr. Ramaesiri. "They have made it interesting and fun. lt has been enjoyable seeing students from Seckman Jr. High where l formerly taught." Miss Marchand echoes his sentiments. "I had a fantastic first year at Fox Senior High. l UUIY enjoy the fine people l work with and feel lucky to have such a great group of students. "They're easy to get along withg l Like them both," said junior David Mathes. Teaching at the high school is a unique ekpenence. "The main difference in the high school is the different interests and values: they are young adults interested in cars, jobs, and dates," said Mr. Ramaesiri. Added Miss Marchand, "The first two weeks I felt like a freshman all over again. Hopefully next year no one will try to seel me an elevator pass!" ----.,------------- 7' 1 1 4 MFMMJX 1- I 5 4 5 ? 3, 5' 1 -Wfiifitt -- . JJ . - ' f ,fl tw iisi ifww .. A N if- f f VE -. . - . 1.2.3, rig. Q gs m, ' J .. C W jemory of Wexgy ginder -fluly 1' 1952 5' X Q 'iw 9. vt QQ '. we X f .. ' ., Q33 S . 5 K WN ,M Above - Rodney Bartinger checks his homework as Dean Williams watches a program on Channel 9, Above right - "l really like my teachers, especially Miss Marchand. She's alot of fun," said Jeanette Smothers. x Q Ms. Marchand Mr. Primm l MS. Rager Mr. Ramaesiri ----------------- C.O.E There are many work programs at Fox such as D.E., TSI, and B.O.E. These pro- grams are part of Continuing Education, and enable the student to have special training by letting them go to school for half a day and work at a training station the rest. These programs cover the three basic areas of work. "D.E." which stands for Distributive Education, covers retail sales, management, and business owner- ship. "TSI" stands for Trades and Indus- tries, which covers vocational jobs. "B.O.E." stands for Business Office Edu- cation and teaches office work. Each day around 11:30 about one-third of the senior class leaves to go to work. All of the students involved in these programs get one credit for the class and one for on- the- job training. Senior Tim Marchbanks says of D.E. program, "I think it's really worth it. l like working at Dolgins. We do alot of work, but we have fun doing it. It's like one big family." He adds, "It makes you grow up a little quicker, too. You start ,F""' j M Top - Bob Jackson, Chris Chatman, Rhonda Reising, and Betty Barton kid around with Mr. Whittenberg Right top - Senior Tom George discusses his job schedule with Mr. Duniphan and Mrs. Domian Bottom - TSI students "mug it up" for the camera. Top Row: Larry Conn, Al Zimmerman, Dave Shy, Bill James. Bottom Row: Kim Owen, Kim Julian, Christy Jeckel. Mrs. Domian Mr. Duniphan l X Www Mr. Snider Mr. Whittenberg paying your own bills and taking care of your own things." Brad Eggemeyer added this comment about the TSI program. "I like it alot. I got a good job at a record company right away. The classes helped alot. I learned to handle a job interview, and how to keep a job once I had it." Cathy Birkner agreed that job experience while in high school was important. "l'lI have a year's experience of office work when I graduate." Cathy's job in the B.O.E. pro- gram taught her alot about working in an office. But of course these programs are not all work. The clubs affiliated with the pro- grams, D.E.C.A. and V.I.C.A., set up pic- nics and skills contests with other schools that participate in these programs. "We had picnics with all the schools in our dis- trict. District competition was at South County Shopping Center: we competed for awards in general merchandising, food marketing, etc. Winners went to the Ozarks to compete with other schools in the Midwest. "I didn't win anything, but I had a great time!" said junior Sue Fox. The students agree that these programs give them opportunities that are fantastic. Charlie Wedemeier commented on his past two years with the program. "lt gives you the opportunity to learn to deal with busi- ness worlds. It was a really good exper- ience." Row One: Kevin Kneff, Tom Wilkinson, Alan Schu- chart, Cristy Jecklin, Nancy Houser, Brian Cook, Car- ol Lima, Bill James, Nancy Zoch, Louis Podgornik, Tammy Jackson. Row Two: Gus Mees, Doug Hutsell, Kevin Earls, Dwayne Lyman, Tim Bade, Debbie Per- strope, Michelle Bauer, Donna Melton. Row Three: Mr. Whittenberg, Mike Williams, John Highley, Bob Jackson, Todd Beauchane, AI Zimmerman, Sherri Mulkey, Laura Green, Row Four: Devon Kirk, Theresa Sturgeon, Tim Thornburgh, Bob Lewis, Tom Meyer, Chris Chatman, Dan Neff, Mr. Snider. Row Five: Ricky Amick, Nicole Hosick, Kim Owen, Donna Rodri- quez, John Honaker, Lis Kohler, Theresa Bruns, Faye Crutchfield, Sue Blecha. Row Six: Danny Massing, Kenny Rainey, Lora Yoder, Lori Clark, Wendy Llthoff, Casey Breeden, Karen Kay, Christy Wodicker. Row Seven: Bridget Helms, Bob Marty, Chuck Margherio, Larry Conn, Brad Eggemeyer, Chris Livingston, Tracy Merli, Sheila Stock, Sammy Holtman, Lori Goff, Gail Simmons. D.E. Row One: Mrs. Domian, Sue Crump, Cindy Prosser, Dianna Reed, Teresa Pursiful, Darla Bennett, Dave Coughran, Tina Givens, Jennifer Crites, Kelly Craig, Sheila Williams, Judi Beardsley, Cindy Ziegler, Mr. Duniphan. Row Two: Tammy O'Donnell, Tammy Rebsman, Lisa Griffith, Sheila Buchheit, Tracy Sum- mers, Kathy Shumaker, Amy Dierker, Lisa Fischer, Kelly Robinson, Kelly Kroeck, Denise Erxelen, Kelly Mueller, Cindy Grote. Row Three: Michelle Coleman, Stacy Carron, Debbie Cordel, Tom Picha, Paul Gag- non, Diane Kelper, Missy Meters, Dan Balmer, Kris Pourceli, Rodney Cooper, Tim Davis, Rhonda lkewood, Ronnet Nischwitz. Row Four: Robin Kretzer, Sharon Becher, Donna Nermore, Mary Johnson, Mi- chelle McGraw, Jackie Serks, James Webb, Cathy Crutchley, Shirley Smith, Tim Marchbanks, Lisa Crow, Jim Curtis. Row Five: Sherry Just, Diane Sals- man, Lori Mathews, Dana Leary, Lisa Pojie, John Guffey, Kim Carlton, David Diamond, Jeff Robertson, Cathy Adams. Row Six: Susie Morrison, Dave Diers, John Gangloff, Chris Hart, Tina Barrett, Leigh Weights, Toni Miner, Sue Williams, Kelly Morrow, Jill Schmidt, Jeff Sterling, Charlie Wedemeier. Row Sev- en: Kathy O'Brien, Missy Winkleman, Debbie Wil- liams, Tracy Cramer, Jeff Dieckmann, Jim Gangloff, Ryan Lewis, Kyle Wilson, Bob Hawkins, Mark Schischler. Row Eight: Michelle Reilly, Julie Gallina, Matt Guelker, Dennis Martin, Kent Sellers, Bob Lon- don, Anita Hantschce, Holly Freeman. BOSSES AND GUIDANCE Mr. O'Connor Mr. Vishino Mr, Howell Mr, Sauer Principal Ass't. Principal Ass't. Principal Ass't. Principal Mr. Ballard Mr. Bishop Mrs. Cilore Mr. Greany Mr. Looney Mr. Kulik Fox High School has always been a large school. but this year we made it to the top! For the 1982-83 school year, Fox had an enrollment of 1950 students, the largest in the state. When asked how they like being in such a large school, students gave many responses, both pro and con. Junior Kathy Crutchley said, "l think it's really neat, but it is so much harder to get to your classes, the halls are so crowded." Sophomore Mary Pritchett commented, "There are more choices for classes, and the activities are more interesting because there are more people involved." Joel Houser agrees. "l like the fact that it's large be- cause there are more electives in subjects like science and art. Some schools only offer a basic course and one advanced class. But the traffic jams in the halls are bad!" Kenny Mills, a sophomore, added, "The lunchroom is too crowded, the lines are too long. The back halls are also crowd- ed. Mr. O'Connor finds "the responsibilities vu staggering" in dealing with a high school this large. "You are constantly worrying about the students' success," he said. Still, the administration does not seem over- whelmed with the large number of stu- dents it must deal with everyday. "l have three assistants to help out," said Mr. O'Connor, "and many other people on the faculty which l rely on constantly." Now, if they could only put in traffic lights . . . .-.....-.-----.-a-----.-----..------.,---------a'-------.------------ ------- Q-Q---------1 Mr. Rickman Dr, Guffey Dr- Hudson Mr' Simpson . JSuperintendent Asst. Superintendent Asst- SUPeflmendem Asst' Supenmendem - s f ,,,L.. School Board - Top: Robert Little, Mark Powell, Norville Kraus, Richard Morris, Bottom: Margaret Kensler, Vernon Sullivan, Betty Stamm. ----- - .v .v --------------------------..-----------------------..--Q------.. 1 .z r 4 1 B8 ali' uv Above - "I enjoy the variety of duties and people," said Mrs. Mueller when asked waht she enjoys most about her job. Above right - "People keep calling the Guidance office and asking "ls this Fashions Unlimited?" said worker Laura Stroupes. ....,--v-H' f I I Mrs. B21rbag6llO Mrs. Benton Mrs. Blackwell Mrs. Gilman Mrs, Hartmann Mfg, Mills V l I Mrs. McKinsey Mrs. Mueller Mrs. Radke Mrs. Rhodes Mrs. Seabaugh Mrs. Sumner Mrs. Wisdom LIBRARIANS SECRETARIES AIDES AND NURSE The question has been asked, "who does the most work at school?" ln the fast- paced actions of a high school, there are many hard workers. But the secretaries, teacher aides, and librarians work very hard, often without visable results. They assist students, teachers, and principals alike by attending to the million and one details that it takes to keep the school running smoothly. ln fact, some say they are the "real bosses" of the school! snr- nn- -.-------------------.---.f---.r--4--4..--4.-------q---1---.Q-----------.. 1. vim, 1 s. H12 ff' A,-ef Above left -- "Working in the summer when no one is here" is the hardest part of Mrs. Barbagallo's job. Above right - Handling the phone calls "can be very interesting, especially toward the end of the school year." Above, Desiree Driver fills in for on of the secretaries in the main office. Left - The librarians agree that "more students should take advantage of what the library has to 8 offer." Here Vince DeGeare uses the card catalog. 69 4 The Cooks - Top Row: Lora Duncan, Millie Spoerry, Esther Brown, Norma Mouser, Jackie Dooly, Delores Wingbermuehle, Lola Cooper, Angie Vincent. Bottom Row: Wilma Conway, Shelly Mowery, Ilene Hovis, Beverly Farson, Susan De Gunia, Lorraine Heughe, Judy Robertson. The Bus Drivers .. What is a school? . .. A building with four walls and knowledge inside? Of course, but it also can be compared to the human anatomy. The students are like the blood stream always flowing through the veins fhallsl. The faculty are like the heart, giving "exer- cise" to the blood stream. The administra- tors are like the brains of the body, keeping the actions under control. But who are the people who feed, clean, and transport the anatomy? The cooks, custodians, and bus drivers are these peo- ple. These single and married moms, dads, and grandparents work hard to prepare food, to clean halls, and to transport stu- dents. These people are special people because they have a talent of associating with the students. "l really enjoy talking with the students while l'm working. This is my first year and these students here at Fox are greatl" re- plied Norman Baker, custodian. While working in a high school these people meet new faces and different personalities each and every day. "l have been working here at Fox for a long, long time and l have enjoyed every year. l've met a new person every day and the students have been cooperative and just fantastic," said Angie Vincent, cook. There are a total of 300 persons working at these jobs, keeping all the bodies of the C-6 District clean, fed, and making sure they are transported. They are the "guts" of our school! by Tom Gaffery ,,., M.-w The Custodians - Top Row: Jim Rinehart, Calvin Perkins, Ed Noeth, Norm Baker. Bottom Row: Mr. Wilkerson, Mrs. Wilkerson, Mrs. Eckhardt. I-IA "l hope the book looks dramatically fs... X N Y tvvw different this year said Editor inCh1ef Tammie Collins. "We tried to change the entire look of our yearbook, because the staff felt that the book was beginning to look the same each year. A yearbook should reflect the current trends and the personality of the student body, and every year will be a little different," she added. Some of the changes that the 1983 HA-KO staff made this year include an all-color cover and color senior picures. "I think everyone was getting a little tired of the same red and white covers," said junior Maria Pedretti. "We also re- organized the pages within the book. We attempted to give everyone a little coverage, instead of just a few sports and clubs. Also, we tried to include more pictures of different peopleg not the same students page after page." Staff member Sally Sneed remembers, "Students were complaining because there wasn't any "autograph" space in last years' book. We offered autograph booklets this year to help solve that problem." Changes that future staffs will deal with hopefully include "more pages in the book and more people buying the book," said Editor Collins. "We should be selling our yearbook to a greater percentage of the student body. If we can present something they will want to keep, we'lI eventually reach that goal." 5 2 f. Zi , , f 4. .. izjjtfjgt 1 rs . . .fr a V, .f t 1 M - 1 V u ' fm ij" ., i ' 7 'Z 4 i Z , ff T v V z 4 , if - . H f A . 1' ,. " W, ' at ta .. W . ...., . ,. ., L Gif Wx 'mic Editor-in-Chief Tammi Collins Activities Editor Maria Pedretti Academics Editor Stephanie Bond SportsfAds Editor Tom Caffery and Rochelle Braun 1983 staff members: Amy Dierker, Richard Craig, Laura Fini, Travis Van Buran, Lisa Heibel, Pat Marz, Kim Collier, Lisa Brown, Cindy Hayes, Sally Sneed, Stanton West, and Adam Thornberry. We wish to give a special thanks to the following people for their help: Mr. Morris Darrin Tamul, Barb Peterson, Becki Brinkman, Marie Schaper, Miss Gant, M. Frasure, Mrs. Hodge, Coach White, Mr. Alkire, Mr. Butler, Mr. Johnson, Greg Smith f Garden Studios. Thanks also to the rest of the faculty secretaries, and administration for their flexibility and cooperation. Extreme Top Right: "You want an article that's how many pages?" questions Senior Richard Craig. Top Left: "We worked concession stands and sold clickers, autograph booklets, and candy in order to raise enough money to put the senior pictures in color," stated Senior Tammie Collins. Top Right: "Aftering working on the yearbook this year l think this yearbook will be the best Fox has ever put out," stated Senior Amy Dierker. Bottom Right: "l enjoy helping the rest of the staff come up with new ideas," said Adam Thornberry, senior. in l B 3 . its . . . J. ttitwk x I, JK ZW M ff, ,f if 6. 1 me , V. ,, A, ff ,, Luv' if Q' syllbwl ' , Z,, , . Wm t P I ni FOX FAX The Fox Fax Newspaper staff in 1983 was, unfortunately, almost nonexistent. According to Mrs. Salabay, "lt's almost impossible to find students who are willing to do the work in their spare time. Several students and l have been putting the paper together by ourselves for most of the school year." Mrs. Salabay said is was much easier to keep a cohesive staff when the newspaper was published as part of a Journalism class. Top Left - Senior Joyce Bradford helps out with some typing. Top Right - The 1982-B3 Newspaper Staff. Row li Stephanie Bond, Adam Thornberry, Miss Little, Tom Caffery. Row 2: Stanton West, Rochelle Braun, Richard Craig, Travis Van Buran, Tammie Collins. Row 3: Laura Fini, Kim Collier, Amy Dierker, Maria Pedretti, Pat Marz, Cindy Hayes. Qnot picturedl, Lisa Brown, Lisa Heibel, and Sally Sneed. Left - The Yearbook staff- SCHOLAR QUIZ Right - New-inductee Judith Ptasznik listens as the NHS officers give their speeches at the NHS induction. Extreme right - Scott Barger and Sharon Hatcher became Honor Society members at the induction in March. Below - The 1982-83 Scholar Quiz team members. Bottom row Cl. to r.i - Billy Fraley, Rochelle Braun, Myra Dake, Missy Moore, Anita Hantschke, Karen Klos, Sharon Hatcher. Middle row - Kim Orphan, Page Kowalski, Lisa Ennis, Kim Johnson, Anna Hudspeth, Chris Wright, Brenda Borgfield, Mary Simmons, Alice Bryant, Janet Walter, Eva Lagage. Top row - Emmett Gaddy, Laura Robertson, Angie Anderson, Lisa Kernan, Vince DeGeare, Diane Wright, LeAnn Falcetti, Mike Nettles. ' " 9 K -' " 1 v mw , f V , 11' Tit' Both Scholar Quiz and the National Honor Society are clubs which require a bit of "brains" and a considerable amount of time outside of school. Scholar Quiz is a game which requires great timing and recall. Two teams of up to six players compete against each other by answering questions on a variety of topics like English, Math, Mythology, Art History, and Science. Team members "bone up" on these subjects by being well-read. "Watching the news and reading the newspapers is a Nile. was it good way to keep informe," said senior Ro- chelle Braun. The Fundamentals, composed of six sophomores fAngie Anderson, Tim Braun, Mike Jordan, Mark Narens, Mary Sim- mons, and Deanna Temple! were this year's winning team with an undefeated record of ll-O. At the end of the year, Scholar Quiz members voted for an "All-Star" team that consisted of Alison Braun, Vince DeGeare, Tim Braun, Kevin Olsen, Rochelle Braun, Missy Miller, and Diane Streckfuss. The National Honor Society QNHSJ is com- 4 i lf f3,ig Wggm, S E posed of students exhibiting outstanding lead- ership, citizenship, service, and scholarship. The NHS concentrates on service, both within the school and community. This past year they organized "Teacher Turkey Day," served the spaghetti supper for teachers in the fall, sang carols to the elderly at Christ- mas, and sponsored the "Rock-A-Thon" to raise money for the flood victims in this area. Senior Kim Johnson said, "I really enjoyed participating in NHS activities. l think we ac- complished a lot." NHS Left - New-inductee Barb Reim and historian Missy Miller pose for a picture after the NHS induction. Bottom left - ln behalf of the Sequoia Chapter of the National Honor Society, Mr. Rickman presented a plaque to Mr. Jim Kessler, manager of the Arnold Rax, for all the help he has given to the NHS in the past. Below - the 1982 National Honor Society. Bottom row fl. to r.J - Tom Wilkinson, Pat Schaub, Rodney Combs, Gary Jones, Keith Kraus, Mike Langhorst, Second row - Mrs. Garrett Qsponsorl, Beth Jones, Cheryl Fox, Teri Fluegge, Alice Bryant, Keith Carey, Mrs. Balls Qsponsorl, Debbie Perstrope tpresidentl. Third row - Mona Preble, Myra Dake, Karen Klos, Kim Johnson. Fourth row - Rodney Bandy, Brenda Borgfield, Stacey Schardan, Chris Wright. Fifth row - Greg Weatherford, Kathy Wisnewski, Lisa Erzinger, Sue Stocker, Michelle Zielinski. Sixth row - Al eckhardt, Lisa Dietrich, Linda Stuckmeyer, Andrea Penberthy, Heidi Haring, Arlo Oviatt, Linda Vishino, Janet Stuckmeyer, Lisa Kernan. Ladder tbottom to topj - Kevin Olsen Qvice-presidenti, Rochelle Braun Csecretaryl, David Lingle ttreasurerl, Missy Miller fhistorianl. R MY' ww Q ,, 4 Perhaps the most thriving organization at Fox is the student Council better known as STUCO. Mrs. Hodge and Mrs. D. Robinson head a group of 85 students whose goal is "student participation" in school life. "This is a twelve-month club," said Mrs. Hodge. "We are active year-round." STLICO plays a big part in student affairs. They organize dances, assemblies, softball games, and offer scholarships and workshops for leadership development. Increased student participation was the main goal fmgnm M I a naw. 996 9 T Top Left - Sponsor Mrs. Hodge, Parlimentarian Diane Streckfuss, Treasurer Tracey King, Vice President Tom Caffery, President Amy Dierker, and Sponsor Mrs. D. Robinson. Top Right - Junior Bobbie Tipton starts thinking about her job as president of STUCO next year. Bottom Left - Row l: Mrs. Hodge, Stacy Hill, Karen Klumpart, Kelly Reese, Shelly Powell, Tammie Collins, Joel Cross, Tom Pummill, Mrs. D. Robinson, and Tom Caffery. Row 2: Angie Anderson, Steve White, Jim Gould, Karen Sutton, Joanna Koehrer, Kelly Porter, Sue Hazlewonder, Amy Dierker, Keith Carey, Tracey King, Julie Kory, and Rick Eisenbeis. Row 3: Lisa, Becky Dietzler, Dawn Sevier, Barb James, Joan O'Connor, Lori Mathews, Dave Julian, Regina McMiIlian, Gina Gross, Janet Craig, Diane Streckfuss, Tracey Willson, and Jenifer Crites. Bottom Right - "What is this poster supposed to have on it?" ask Senior Karen Sutton and Joanna Koehrer. 76 X' S- 11:-f this year, and STLICO achieved this with great success. For the Red Cross Blood Drive, 250 pints of blood were donated fcompared to 180 pints the year beforej. STC.lCO's goal for next year remains the same. "More students participation is desired," said retiring president Amy Dierker. "The big plus we have going for us is that students care, and want to have a voice in the school." added Mrs. Hodge. by Adam Thornberry STUDENT CGLINCIL R Q 5 Ste W 33 yn-we Q u Top - Sophomore Tim Chilton and Junior Jim Gould get things done in Student Council. Left - Senior Diane Rinehart asks Mrs. Hodge when she can start working on the Blood Drive. Bottom Right - Senior Robin Clemens seems to be making it while she gives blood to the STUCO Blood Drive, L . lg ' wwf' Qi , 3, f if rf? f' iwgic, ,, 77 VICA Above right - "lt's been two years now that l've worked here. l'm going to work the rest of the summer, and then l'm going to Arizona to become a truckdriverf' said Senior John Highley about his job at the Shell Station across from school. Above - "Working with the people here" is what Renee Nissel likes the most about her job at White Castle on Lemay Ferry. al in 3 W e 4 ,vs ff" : I 'ff' J 2 n 1 V 5 ,gn l L Above -- "The people here are greatg l learn a lot from them," said junior Sherry Just about her job at Rax in Arnold. 54 if f i 4 P Left - Christy Jecklin says of her job at Red Lobster: l've been working here one year now, and l have finally acquired a taste for seafood! Seriously, though, l really like meeting all the different peopleg that's the best part of this job. Below - "What do l like best about my job? The Money!" says Kim Julian. "I'm going to keep working here throughout the summer, and when l come home from college for the holidays I can fill in then, too." SIN' Left - Alan Shoecart enjoys his TSI if f class as well as the rest of his senior A W year. Qui! xiii DECA 'FU 'F Students' jobs are a central part of their life in this day and age. Whether working for experience, class credit, or "just for the money," finding and holding on to a job requires a large amount of time and energy. Above - Jeff Sterling carries merchandise for a customer at K-Mart, Right - "Rax is alot of fun - the people who work here are great!" said Debbie Huff about her job. Center photo - "l've been working at K-Mart for over a year now," says Paul Gagnon. He "luvs" his work! shelves at Schnucks. -' dm A Above - "lt's enjoyable work. I run the cash registers, stock shelves, and take deliveries," said Charlie Wedemeier about his job at Arnold Drug. Here he waits for instructions from the Pharmacist. Left - "I love my job, but l end up spending all my money on clothes!" said Sheila Buchheit about her job at Fashion Gal in Arnold. Left - Roger Parsons stacks groceries on the f Right - Mr. Miller delivers the introductory speech at the Night of Forensics. Extreme right - Diane Streckfuss presents her oratory, "The Great American Dream". Below - The l982-83 Speech and Debate Team. Front row - Mr. Tim Miller Qsponsorj, Tracey King, Danny Miller, Cheryl Fox, Rochelle Braun, Eddie Skaggs. Back row - Brent Cole Jami Poff, Diane Streckfuss, Sue Downey, Jennifer Crites. Not pictured - Tim Sommers. .qos agu- 1.36 ,lv fl MM SPEECH A D DEBATE , A Wi W 'are of Forensics. " . . . Others have tried to regain their youth through various means because they recognize its' worth. Youth is price- less. lt is America's hope for the future. Fresh, innocent, full of vitality - youth is America's strength," said Diane Streck- fuss in a speech competition meet. Diane is one of the three captains of the speech team. The other two captains are Tim Sommers and Cheryl Fox. One of the purposes of the speech team is to show students what it is like to com- pete in real-life events. Therefore, the speech team can act as a Broadway step or a challenging adventure. There are many different events the stu- dents can enter: Prose, Poetry, Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Radio Speaking, Duet Acting, Extemperan- eous Speaking, Oratory, and Debate. The speech team has had great success this year and has won numerous awards with their quality presentations. Sponsor Tim Miller said, "There ain't much of us, but what we got sure done good and had a good time doin' it." by Rich Craig Left - Sue Downey performs her humorous interpretation at the Night Below - Brent Cole waits for cross examination in his debate round BOYS' FCA Right - "l'm looking forward to the Spring Conference this year. Many FCA groups from across the state get together, and it's a good chance to get to know other people," explained junior Dale James. Below left - "I really liked FCA this year. It really helps if you are religious but don't get a chance to go to church very often. lt's a good way to get closer to other people," said Keith Holmes. Below right - "l enjoy the people in this group," said Rick Eisenbeis. Fellowship of Christian Athletes' Club meets every two l weeks at one of the members' homes. At these meetings, they talk about the Bible and discuss social pressures students are facing. Senior Jim Fischer comments "I like the group because it is the only group of it's kind at school. lt helps kids out of a lot of problems such as drinking, drugs, etc." Junior Mike Allen adds, "lt's a really neat thing to get in to. lt's a great opportunity to learn about religion." This is the third year for Boy's FCA and the group is growing larger each year. 1983 Boys' FCA, First row fleft to rightl: Mike Allen, Keith Holmes, Brian Bock, Greg Catt, Rick Eisenbeis, Kip Rupert. Second row - Davie White, Jim Fisher, Scott Richardson, Kyle Wilson, John Crangloff, Dale James. Third row -- Ryan Lewis, Kenny Jordan, Jim Ciangloff. iryoq cam ass this simplegest, , Y . might flunk life. 9Jl.xv!rrv1:fuv?wsw :'fw,v., lr ww: wfw:v,w, f 'fmt' . A FHA "lt's a fun group to get into," commented senior Vickie Podorski on FHA fFuture Homemakers of Americaj. "This is it's first year at Fox and we have more members than any other school in the state." The FHA club has held many fund-raisers OU :mi gamqli for Wefriv.!wmwf'i -,fwfr V " it W' f' ' ""' ' ' ' A Wk at my Htfxkfw , 'wmv 1 ' 1 wfwviffll-wif fxqzdlt ,frJ. .,,,. . , , thlshpast yejar dbakei salmes at Schrgucks, car . :Ms V was es an can sa e v ' ,M lukfictiljzfqmtWmefw-ikfvmria'wfmlwwf r if . l . y . S a e pald OI: charitable contributions as well as social paras Sw mee ww ww do 00 you Mimi ,Q ce! .i H., .z.,,wi.,w, W fwww Y: vi: Simttiff activities for the members. "On May 31st we will be leaving for the University of Missouri- Columbia for a state conference tournament." YESNO MM l'2,!1t?3!1Y ififhxhl 41 5 rf I tw! awww 'mfwfw H Cn we min my M f."1m,.?lY7A5k' .1 - www? ww ff twin,-M www ii iffwuw ' mi w W, nf ,f lwmzam n 44 fi v il ww ww' MZ. fi W gf' . f , Am .T 1. said Public Relations Director Laura Kestermont. "We will be learning more FHA skills. Laura is optimistic about the club for the 1984 school year. "We will be more organized and we hope to increase our membership even further. FHA is open to all students who wish to get more involved in community service activities and help others,' she said. ,gunman 0 rl. 'lfthfl Above left -,Senior Tammie Jackson models one of the many "designer dresses" of the early 1900's at the spring fashion show. Above - FHA members gather canned food for the needy. Left - FHA, First row fleft to rightl: Laura Kestermont, Sammie Holtman, Vickie Podorski, Terra Wright, Sheila Stock, Sue Hazelwonder, Amy Dierker. Second row: Mrs. Thouvenot, Tammie lvie, Cindy Clark, Carrie Helrich, Kim Turbeville, Paul Cartoni, Scott Ehrenreich, Denise G'Sell, Vickie Vetter. Third row: Lisa Hendrix, Kim Collier, Beth Martin, Scarlett McGrath, Gail Grubbs, Liz Hudson, Mecina Winkleman, Kanina Vines, John Ciangloff, Fourth row: Hank Ford, Angie Anderson, Michelle Reed, Jayne Faller, Jenny Grimmett, Stacy LeGrand, Debbie Aubuchon, Carrie Mikel, Todd Taylor, Melinda Aston. Fifth row: Donna Jesionowski, Tracey Lacey, Donna Hopper, Tracey Owsley, Debbie Brown, Ginger Hancock, Shelley Kirkpatrick, Wendy Hall, Tammy Edwards, Janet Poposky. 85 66iI1I'lIIE KUNG sc 'if Rhonda Sitzes portrays "Eliza" in a "King and I" ballet called "Small House of Uncle Thomas." CAST fin order of appearancej Captain Orton Louis Leonowens Anna Leonowens The Interpreter . . The Kralahome . . . The King ...... Phra Alack . . . Lun Tha .... Tuptim .......... ...............TerryLester Dan Thoma . . . Jami Poff . . . Arlo Oviatt . . . Al Eckhardt . . . Brian J. Bock . . . Bryan Portell ..... Ed Skaggs CherylFox Lady Thiang ........ .... M arty Bourgeois Prince Chululonghorn ........ Dave Starkey Sir Ramsay ........... Princess Yaowlak Chris Reidschneider . . Danna Anderson Wives, Priests, and Servants: Dorcia Brady Dale Christ Joe Consiglio Kim Cooley Scott Felty Kim Fields Anita Hantschke Lisa Hendrix Michelle Riley Sue Stocker Tony Lltz Melissa Isaacs Donna Jesionwski Dawn Jordan Karen Klos Terra Lawrence Tracy Mathes Chuck McClain Missy Miller Kathy Roland Scott Utry Ralph Wetzel His Majesty's Royal Children: Dennis Christ Daniel Cooley Mandy Cooley Garret Lawrence Angie Stocker The Royal Dancers: Eliza ............. Simon of Legree . Angel ......... Becky Agnew Todd Bowerson Laura Hasty Robin Lewis Regina McMillin Doodle O'Hara Ralph Wetzel Teresa Daughtery Jeremy Hutchinson Danny Keenoy Keith Long Kathy Williamson . . . Rhonda Sitzes . . . . . . Kevin Olsen . . . . Melanie Martin Mike Jordan Ken Kleinschrodt Michelle Lawson Anna Hudspeth Renee Russell Laura Weatherford . ge, 1 5 iii x y g g at 5 Q-C 2 5- Sm. it . 3 1 it pw, X Fox High School performed Rogers and Hammerstein's "The King and I" on No- vember 18 S 19, 1982. Over 100 students and teachers were involved with the play, whether in the large cast, the orchestra, or on one of the many crews. The setting of the play is the King's place in Bangkok, Siam in the early 186O's. As the story opens a widowed schoolteacher, Anna Uami Poffj and her son Louis fDan Thomaj arrive in Bangkok for Anna to begin her new job of teaching all of the royal sub- jects. But from the very beginning, Anna and the King fB.J. Bockj do not get along - their personalities clash, and they can't seem to agree upon anything. As the play slowly unfolds, many serious and humor- ous events occur which eventually land Anna and the King together. It looks as though they will marry and the play will end happily ever after. But the King discov- ers that one of his royal subjects Tuptim fCheryl Foxj and the Prince of Burma, Lun Tha fEd Skaggsj, are running away to be married. Angrily, the King winds up the whip to strike his subject, but catches An- na's menacing eye instead. The whip is dropped, and the King runs off clutching his heart, a broken man. Anna then decides she must leave Bangkok, but she pays one last visit to the dying King. While she is there, the King and his royal subjects con- vince Anna to stay. The King passes his powers to his son and dies happy. The curtain closes with Anna's head bowed in grief. Miss Mueth, Mr. Johnson, and Mr. But- ler combined their superb directing talents to perform one of the best musicals ever at Fox. ..-- - ..-.---..-----.---.. -------------- -v - ---------------------------- Top - The King of Siam speaks his wishes as his subjects stand in silence. Top - Lun Tha sings his love to Princess Tuptim Middle - Anna directs the song of the King's wives, servants, and children. Bottom - "What an experience! The black hairspray and Bottom - Anna is apalled at the way the King makes his wives bow down before him. Siamese-style eye make-up almost gagged me " said Robin Lewis as her make-up is applied. '--------------- DRAMA CLLlB The drama department at Fox has been busy throughout the year. Besides performing "The King and I" in November, the drama department has participated in other activities. This year's spring play was Thornton Wilder's l'Our Town". On request, the "Our Town" cast performed the play as a matinee for select English classes, plus two performances for the public. On April 22, the drama department held the second annual All-School Variety Show. Many talented people 'lstrutted their stuff" on stage that night. This year was the first year drama letters were given out. Terry Mikel, Lisa Webb, and Terry Lester were the first to receive the club letter. The drama department wound up its year at the state ITS convention in Kansas City in June, where they performed "Bertha, The Bartender's Beautiful Baby." 'f X H J y l .vw , , y ,,,Q,,..1 I vfjififg.. ...f1",!,. I ,- 1 ,fi 'fxkwrga ,gh it A .i f My . Aff" 34 W 541 liar... T "Q, .W ' ' q 4 ,V QW-" 3-1-If W. ? 3 ' N"-w i hfgvrimf g ' 421-.H if 4" ,W 9, The i982 83 Drama Club Bottom row Cl to rj Eddie Skaggs Brian Baslnger Second row - Mike Angie Anderson lent her help with make-up for .Jordan Rochelle Braun Terry Mikel Cheryl Fox Terry Lester Lisa Webb Third row - Carrie Mikel, "Our Town". T7 WWWWMW 1 'W i '- A . f V V. 1,443 ,,... , f Q 1 i 4 , ,AA,. t Q ,,,, .,.,, 5 it " , V,,,A. 91 ffiifi ff, W, ,, ,fff,2 4 ', 5795 , ' "' fr, ' "Zi P . --ff ' , 4 ,www JY ' 'hm V., . 'UV '- V ff w, f My t 4 4 .,.,, Z, uf 50 4: 3' 1 1 Q A t, , l' J ,.'.' 12, iii swf' it iaiif new tiyy J i k' "-,V ' 'W 6 " W, ,, ,A , t, M G , 4 , ,W m ,f I My ,V A I r ,W , Q. f ' ft 7,19 it ,, if WW if' ,, ,t f im, , f . .f, M, A ff haf if, ir, ,,,.:iWf-75 "" , ' '5 ,M ' " -i 7 " - fn if , -J , i T7 G 'W' i 'ifni,,.---'1 , ,J k,Z2,'3iift.ZW,,f2 Top left - Harold Weigand "rosins up the bow" of his imaginary fiddle for his act in the Variety Show. Top right - Lisa Webb lends her hand in the Sound and Light crew for the school plays. Above -- Miss Mueth clowns around with a student. Bottom left - Clay McClain displays his drumming talents at the Variety Show. A " 5 CM . 1 1 1 f 2 tg f .t 5 'X W Z .ggi ZS qi f 1 Vj if Af fi? I naw Q Q 'Z V fi? 141 if wk if 3 5 2 N rig ia 1 an-it ZA 3 f 4? 'W W saw XR x 0 5 gb if 23,1222 t if WWW mmm MF fir V H A W W ,Af me , V A.,,.. Q M 4 W If Z 44 Q! W at w 'Jag J 00 3 it wr Senior Theresa Bast and Senior Cindy Yount have a good time at their Spanish club dinner at Casa Gallardo. The 1982-83 Spanish Club The 1982483 French Club: Row l: Nita Thum, Lisa Brown, Tammie Collins 1PresidentJ, Mrs. Pollock. Row 2: Chris Kupferer, Patrisha Powers, Lisa Erzinger, Ronett Nischwitz, Teresa Erzinger. Row 3: Lisa Kernan, Alison Braun, Kelly Craig, Kim Johnson, and Jami Poff QVice Presidentj. X0 DLI GEGNS AND DRAGCDNS "Sorry, I don't know most of their real names," joked sponsor Mr. Hood when asked who belong to Dungeons and Dragons. DSD is a fantasy game requiring concentration and a bit of brains to achieve real skill. lt is a time- consuming game in which players fight mon- sters, have person-to-person combat and come back to life. Each game follows a story from monsters to castles to people, and each "person" takes on a variety of characteris- tics. "The Dungeon Master creates the imagi- nary setting for the games: monsters, build- ings, etc. Players must fight an array of mon- sters for treasurers," said member Ron McCann. Top photo - Mike Nettles checks the dice before a game. Right - "All our players are unique!" said sponsor Mr. Hood about club members. Above - The 1983 Dungeons and Dragons Club: First row - Diann Cunningham, Chris Kupferer, Mona Preble. Second row - Lynn Keevil, Rodney Bandy, Jamie Poff, Terry Petero, Mike Nettles. Third row - Mr. Hood, Stanton West, Dave Jasperson, Ron McCann, Mike Huber, Pat Schaub, Mike Frazier, Steve Wells. Q-, if ip ,T ,V,, y CHESS CLUB Checkmate! The Chess Club has probably been in existence longer than any other club at Fox. This group attracts students who enjoy a challenge. "You should try it," commented sponsor Mr. Kasey. "lt's a game that puts brain against rain. Since there is an absence of 'chance' in the game, the with the best strategy will win." ln recent years the chess team has competed with other schools in the metro St. Louis area of Missouri and Illinois. "lt is not difficult to learn," added Mr. Kasey. "However, in order to become a strong player 1 one must have excellent self-discipline to think of several moves in advance, and play frequently to learn tournament tactics." The chess club has shown great potential this year. "What is outstanding is the large number of girls that have joined and remained active," Mr. Kasey commented. Students can join the chess club any time during the year, so check this one out! Www is ,Mg if Above - Michelle Ambrose Qleftj plots her strategy as Tom Braun watches. Extreme left - The 1983 Chess Club. Left - "What's the matter, Diane? Did someone say 'checkmate'?" SCIENCE CLUB ww ff,hr X , Ri ht - Science club members Nita Thum and Q Emmett Gaddy keep a watchful eye on Mr. ' Moseley. , f fi. 'E - . , ' A tw. The 1983 Science Club suffered from "inertia according to most of its' members. "There wasn't much going on this year," commented Mr. Moseley. The Science club is open to interested students who enjoy experiments in the field of physics and other related activities Uwe usually win the STLICO softball game"i around school. This year there has not been the same level of interest and enthusiasm. Hopefully, the 1984 club will be more active. 94 ' ,r , , W1 ' 1, 11, ,EV Above - i983 Science Club, First row fleft to rightj: Maggie Smith, Robin Lewis, Lisa Kernan, Ken Suter, Keith Carey. Second row - Curt Sykes, Michelle Zielinski, Chris Wright, Nita Thum, John Houser, Emmett Gaddy, Dale Christ. Third row - Patrick Bell, Brian Schmelig, Darla Capps, Rachel Hartmann, Rodney Bandy, Gary Jones, Caroline Kohler, Mr, Moseley. Fourth row - John Chalupny, Mark Dorsey, Al Eckhardt, Warren Stuckmeyer. Fifth row - Keith Kraus, Jim Elgin, Mona Preble. WEATHER CENTER Left - Heidi Haring checks the daily forecast. Below - 1983 Weather Center Club, First row tleft to rightlz Rochelle Braun, Todd Bowerson, Heidi Haring, Dawn Fehr, Tim Braun, Curt Tiefenbrum, Mr. Moss. Second row - Todd Mueller, Mr. Kulik, Jerel Eaves, Mr. Kasey, Heidi's friend, Laura Robertson, Mike Jordan. "l have a tendency to predict the most optimistic view of the weather," said Weather Center Club president Heidi Haring. "l make a daily forecast on the map - temperature, relative humidity, wind direction and speed, and barometric pressure. Then l call KRSH with the forecast at 2:45 pm and 5:00 pm. l'm also responsible for reporting the temperature to Channel 2 at 5:00 p.m." The Weather Center was initiated in 1979, and last year the center was placed outdoors between second and third wing. While the club has not kept records on their accuracy in predicting, they "are never very far off," said Heidi. ln February when the National Weather Service predicted four inches of snow for the weekend, Heidi recalls that she forecast only flurries. "Mr. Vishino teased me about it, but we only had flurries over the weekend!" Left - Jerry Miller checks barometric pressure to detect a change in the frontal system. LETTERMENS CLUB Left - Senior Sheri Deguire urges her team mate to get his "rear in gear." Bottom - The "Cheering section" perform one of their better routines. Left to right: Jason Smith, Scott Johnson, Greg Catt, and Jerry Moore. isis. isdn "lt was funny to see donkeys being pulled around and the players flipping over their backs," said sophomore Kelly Cox about the Donkey Basketball Game. The Lettermen's Club sponsored the basketball game as well as pizza-eating contests, picnics, and an open gym policy at school this year. "The club has been run in the past, but this is the first year fin a long timej that it has been organized," said assistant principal Mr. Sauer. The Lettermen's Club is open to any boy or girl who participates in Fox athletics. Above - Players and "partners" line up and try to determine which basket they're aiming at. Right - Sophomore Jason Smith finds that a male cheerleader gets a "raw- raw" deal when it comes to a uniform!" PORTS Q!! 5G?1s52' mm SA f Q 1 9 Top: Junior John McKenzie proclaims the victory symbol after scoring a goal. Top: Senior Mike Spinks practices dribbling in pregame Middle: Coach Anselm talks over team strategies before a conference match-up. warm-up, Bottom: Juniors, Terry St. John and Tommy George watch their team perform as they take a Bottom: Senior Mike Allen drives down the field to break from the action. attempt a goal against the Parkway South Patriots. Y ..... - , , ...... - - Y - - - - - - - , - QeSQ4IeZlK52Ze'QQ?QAxfQya?e2Z!4eQ24SZ!221!4rQ2QQQQQQ4QQa E E F R H Coach Anselm and John McKenzie help Senior John Chalupny off the field after recieving an ankle injury. Top Row Coach Primm Scott Senger Keith Carey Bob Sutter Terry St John Joe Doering John Chalcupny Coach Anselm Bottom Row Matt Cook Terry Glbbar Ron Tefft Tom George Mike Chalupny Mark Jordan Matt Cruelker John McKenzie illiiietlki EM? The soccer team did not have the most successful record but were successful in building a new sport at Fox. "This was a rebuilding year. lt's a young program and we're on the way up." said head coach Rick Anselm. The Warriors only won three games but had some excellent playing by seniors: Mike Allen, John Chalupny, Keith Carey, and Joe Doehring. "They are excellant players. John and Keith have been in there since the begin- ning of the program." remarked Anselm. This was the Warriors first year in the Suburban West Conference and they had their ups and downs but coach Anselm and the up coming juniors hope to have a successful future in Fox High soccer ew, ,rw QWZMQ? af mg Q 4' 6 Zn OPP , if Lindbergh fy Parkway Central M Parkway West Lafayette Mehlvllle Kirkwood is 'SQ S. 5 ,wfgggff wi it JU M Kimi? : my ,M H kliy y, 'rua ,wr MLB f My. af., 'H.fLJ,,,.,M MH " Wfw' 'M r mf 1,7 i if fi 53 M 'Vim r f," T LX' 'Vi 'f?,.,,,' je V ,V 45 1' V ' ","" if W. , ' Q . r r 7 2 W ,,' I A Qtr if 1 f A , LL N . - - if v.v. fy? - . - 'fl' i , P ' 'wie Q 1 U , . . , I 1 W I f' ,M y W 3 F ' ' ' ' ' ' 'QV' it if 1' Q A Q M V4 JH. J f V M ful I ff V H V, fr ' rw W A f - 1 J . f. , f 1 L. ' ,, 1 ,, I wmv 598?Z6?Ei3?Z??ZE22'4??E'E5EQZ?1Z?4Z?3SQ2i'Ei'1iZ?Z? 2, - , vvvvvvv vvvvvvvv - vQgQf5,g2v iZj5,.5 ,q A fit, ' 'f'fw,f l it if f Q tg I' x" Top: The supportive bench of the Warriors looks on as the defense stops an opponents drive, Top: Quarterback Ryan Lewis eludes a Vianney tackler to Middle: Kirk Westmoreland and John Gangloff lead a defensive surge against the Mehlville produce a Warrior first down. Panthers. Bottom: Senior Jim Fischer breaks a passing attempt by Bottom: The Warrior defense are set to stop the offensive attack of the Northwest Lions. Lindbergh. .A: ".-Ja.':522!4?1':28'l1:'4 'ez1ezfer!4if1s!4Z?4Z!1 ,,,, ,,,- , -vvv v Senior Kevin "Bubba" Earls leads a sweep against Parkway West. Row I: Tim Bade, Jim Gardner, Kevin Jacobs, Kyle Wilson, Jim Sweeney, Steve Douglas, Keith Luaders, Ray Martin, Ron Nelson. Row 2: Mike Helmbacher, Tom Caffery, Gary Jones, Scott Carey, Alan Schucardt, Mike Boehner, Jeff Potts, Bill Glaus, Dwight Kraus, Ken Mann. Row 3: Dave White, John Gangloff, Jim Fischer, Jeff Robertson, Dennis Funkhouser, Kip Rupert, Scott McGrael, Harold Weigan, Dale James, Mike Allen, Kirk Westmoreland, Ryan Lewis, Larry Elliot, Scott Richardson, Brian Schmelig, Rick Eisenbeis, B.J. Bock, Tom Stock, Coaches: Kuniphan, Dankel, Dave Pruitt, Phil Bonastia, Kevin White, John Palmer, Jim Pounds, Rodney Cattoor, Kevin Earls, Coaches: Sheldon, and Kappler. ---v -vv- :,,v ,,v---v--,44 f2AQ444 44. Fi 11 1151 The Varsity Football Team ended their season with four wins and six losses. The Warriors had a lO0'73 better record than their 81 season and were very com petltlve in their third year in the Suburban West Conference The best game of the year was approprl ately Homecoming The Warriors faced the Lindburgh Flyers in their fourth league game The Flyers came to Fox where the atmosphere was ecstatic as the school was ready for a victory The Warriors took control early and kept lt, as they shut out the Llndbergh Flyers 2 O lt was a good game, we played four quarters lt was a greal feeling and a great win remarked head coach lrv Kappler The Warriors ended with a 2 5 record in league play but will be competitive next year because of an excellant group of up coming sophomores and juniors, which are all ready for next year Fox Vlanney Oakville o ' 9 10 1 A 3 1 7, 6 10 15 1 8 1 p4 21 10 1 o 13 A defensive surge was led by Randy Lowry against the Parkway Colts. Row l: Coaches: Bowers, Seward, Sears, and Paulson. Row 2: Wade Lawrence, Steve Underhill, Kirk Arnold, Dan Webb, John Miller, Randy Lowry, Scott Smallwood, Don Skaggs, Ed Verhaeg. Row 3: Perry Denman, Mark Webb, Chris Dawidowski, Scott Langelier, Mike Wolff, Dave Montgomery, John Bielefeld, Jerry Moore, Brian Faulkner, Ralph Clemens. Row 4: Dave Mannis, Greg Catt, Steve White, Phil Zerillo, Tim Bauer, Steve Mueller, Scott Luaders, Jerry Maddox, Glen Nations. Row 5: Shawn Hulen, Bobby Wild, Darren Tally, Randy Davidson, Paul Potter, Jim MgGuirk, Darren Declue, Jason Smith, Jason Thomas, and Scott Berry. Chris Dawidowski reaches high for a Dave Montgomery pass against the Colt defense. Gtillliltmriiilinii Qitiititiiirr The 1982 B team football team ended their third season in the Suburban West Conference with an 82 record and a tie for the championship The offense of the young Warrior team outscored their opponents by 100 points With an average of 14 points a game the Warriors were led in scoring by Scott Smallwood 60 points l played o k but the linemen did a good job They were not big but they were smart They made the holes and l tried to run through them said Scott The defense of the B squad was one of pride and hussle The Warriors held seven of their oppo nents to one touchdown and three of them to two Jerry Maddox was the leading tackler with 45 The B Warriors ended the season successfully and were truly winners this year The good season also makes the lights shine on the Varsity s future Fox 7 27 7 30 10 3 28 14 17 19 OPP uuulnlv' sm IYXEQ mt . V 'wt-5 - +wlxt tx, :amass 'dll' Nea' .gy-..--16' 'D' ,wages 891"92'14' 'Z?'2-?ZZ?'5?3?4Z?E22AES?Z1?22'2 EQ'1 i?-?i??2 822? 2Z'1Z'A9Ei2"Z'12"fQ"11i?1?1l1?13i'25'3' Top: Chuck Scott shows dedication of an athlete as he plays with an injury. Middle: The Warriors attempt to make a successful against the Mehlville Panthers. Back Row- Coach Primm, Eric Cissell, Ken Klenschrodt, Joe Fischer, Mike Harvey, Randy Knese, Bryan Portell, Dave Slate, Middle Row- Top Czapla, Chris Roedder, Scotter Eller, Kevin Woods Steve Hunter, Randy Reising, Mike Frailey, Joe Consiglio, Front Row- Tim Bogowith, Mike Metzger, Mike Hutchinson, Chuck Scott, Stuart Schuchardt, Jay Domek, CCoach Brengle not shownl. mi ra a lt took a while to blend different styles of playing into one team Toward the end of the season they started playing well to gether remarked assistant coach Steve Primm about the 1982 B soccer team While their lack of experience showed in the team record of wins, losses, coach Brengle and Primm feel the team members were more comfortable and relaxed toward the end of the season This IS a new sport for many students, it will take time to build a strong, cohesive team Other schools have had a longer tra dition in soccer said Primm Our game was not as automatic for us, some of our guys still have to think about what they re doing ln the game, and It slows them 31 rr. ar" i ,ffl ffl '9 ,g , rK.f,1'g' 'ir down, he added , 'ill ,Wifi my ?L?',r a9,A .V , V, ICH, KW 'F lr! K i LQPLN' Z"V.'Q?,,'fe ' If' -A 1 M WT .f":L' at Parkway West - Q Kirkwood Lafayette jjj? Mehlville 7 ' Lindbergh Parkway Central tr Wi, L ,, U 'im V I :J 2 , ,,r, vi .ay r 4ffQ,iVs"P Q H . . If ' ' Ll 7, ll ' ' . . . ,, . . H . . , l ,Y 'ef'-H1 "' I ",'5aY!'-w' -1 "l4W'VfA ' sewn, w ,A 3. 1 r ,t 9 T 7, s 's 0 ' cw -ff A , ' 1 if -W - "f N' f " ,,3:,,f " NNW s'M,,r ,Z M' M 1 , 4. if 5 Y: X 'f..', 'X gm: pw v, ,Mt 4 -. fry X l lm. H fglwwwt ,... s ,. X 1 EXW at ,.,, yr.. 13? MA, S is W K ff ,f r 0 ,J i it Ongf I M 'Q if 476 9 My grin 1149 S ,fn rg Zigi' I H fl 4 5 Jtigfaw air 3: 1, 5, Gigli 2 A we 1 K f f riff' Q . ltr 4 4 K ,, fa . ,t 't rf ll . 31 l d A 8 's or ' ifaw ts' ,Q 'Z' Q' . swf-E1 mm? 3. 1' U' 0' 1 G W .ii 4 ,R ' it 1 , ,',f,gMll,M'l gt p 'Ms ff :ar , .jx if 336223 W? ' J Ya K? 'M 'M , 41 1' " X" ar Y las ., 'stab . Ax4f4f4Q!4?4.,,, - ,,,v-, ,,,,, -,v Right: Senior Ann O'Connor hits the ball to the opponent against the Lafayette Lancers. Row 1: Carol Rumping, Patty Hite, Anna Hudspeth. Row 2: Sue Arnold, Angie Schoenfeld, Dana Leary. Row 3: Ann O'Connor, Kim Boyer, Coach Drury, Sherry DeGuire, Brenda Meier. Row 4: Jackie Sarkis, Terry Williams, Lisa Potje. Coach Takach, Joan O'Connor, Jill Cattoor, Michelle Becker, Debbie Bade, Karen Weppner, Kim Fach, Row 2: Brenda Reich, Denise Moll, Shelley Parker, Sue Johnson, Sherri McCullen, Lori Tarrents, Row 3: Anna Hudspeth. .9 The 1982-83 "B" volleyball season was one of highlights and surprises. Fourth year coach Miss Sandra Takach, put to- gether a team that won 9 of 14 contests. ln the first tournament that Fox had ever hosted, the team placed second in the tourny behind Herculaneum. The team's overall performance was due to a "willing- ness for unity". "Out of all the teams l've coached, this one worked well together, supported each other, and was the most pleasant and en- joyable as far as personalities are con- cerned." remarked coach Takach. Being the coach of "B" volleyball, Miss Takach faced the problem of putting to- gether a team of girls from three different -g gggg junior highs. "They blended well together and had a l good team spirit which makes it better for ' when they turn varsity." . S 15-15st rkway 'ifze 13-2 15-15 Parkway 15-10 15a-rss' Mehivine D 3-18 6-S 12-1:5.g,.,, 5-13 1545 Q 544 1555 S 17-3 t , . 'ea 104 AQQ. Ql lll allll Wins G EIEQY IE IIIJG3 The Varsity volleyball team did well once again as they won the conference championship for 1982. The Warriors coached by Susan Drury went 7-O in conference play with some good playing out of the seniors. "l thought they played well. Carol QRumpingl, Ann QO'ConnorJ, Sherry CDe- Guirel Patty fH1teJ and Kim fBoyerJ led the team well as seniors stated Drury Another part of the Warrior attack was a supportive bench I had players that could play well and with this depth l could give my starters a break said Drury The Warriors have been a dominate team in the conference for three years With this and with some promising play ers the Warriors should start next year s season with the momentum Top: Dana Leary and Ann O'Connor look on as junior Lisa Potje hits the ball to the opponent. Bottom: The Varsity Warriors get ready for an opponents serve. L to R: Sherry DeGuire, Terry Williams, Sue Arnold, Carol Rumping, and Ann O'Connor. IZIHQ is 41 s 79 1504 SN 4 3 15 1 S I kt - 1 -1 if ??ZEi'Z4Q'ZZA33?E23?E'22i'Z4 iS' 43Ei' 3E'ZAi'1f'I2S?Z??' Junior, Becky Brinkman, awaits an opponent's pitch during a conference game. Junior, Michelle Hanick, pops a bubble as the opponent pops a strike. Junior, Diane Salesman, gets ready for the pitch. rx . 106 .4!4:?ZA:S:Q'4!-:?45!4!4: '45!45! 4:Z 4 :'ll ...,,,..,. Christy Johnson tags a Parkway South Patriot, as she slides into home. Becky Brinkman sets up and proceeds to throw an opponent out at first base. Row in Michelle Hannick, Tracy Von Arc, Cindy Schulze, Row 2: Sue Ahonen, Tina Nichols, Christy Johnson, Row 3: Becky Brinkman, coach Holland, Connie Farrar, Diane Slasman, Row 4: Virginia Roland, Cindy Farrar, Tracey Young. Gtlliw rliciiitii wmstuw W, we We had fun Thats how coach Hol is it land summed up the Warrior softball team s 1982 season Finishing their third year in the conference with a 8 win, 10 loss record the team continued to show im provement in pitching and defense lt s developing We re getting better as we go added coach Holland We play state champion teams and this gives us added experience The Warriors will lose two seniors which were a major part of the team Cindy Farrar was a good first baseman and Tracey Young did especially well in centerfield noted coach Holland Strong bench talent also helped the team considerably, which they hope to car ry over to the 83 season WRYR f sf--if-'V' A ' ,.... .t ,, X.. , . .. .M N . . css 1 ",,. f X ' '1,-: . ". 'fs ., A . .'Q.' N f , ..,, F i- ' 'ri if -T . a - cc, A - y s if T sics A' ,cae C - of at fgif Qc svafkwqiefw i ' rl 2 - ,. i ' c e Pafkfv of T0 F W if jl5X'i" , ,V ,N pf-A-wc . .. in 1 Lx rs v , k 'ff' 'At-2' 5 Ssgjts, c X'ms.f.t,, 'fi . A - me ,,.,,W.,,,s , X ' C. ' . K A . sc, -t .ui f ,rf ,wwbis-Q. 1 . . . . . , . ll Y ' Y ' 77 Cl , . ' i! Ll ' ' ' I! , . l Xi' 9 W il if Q 3-YS' Q E' s is ' vs iw X , Q ,Q .. N kgs.. sg isis tt f is X 'S N tg N t s ,Q X X it K S sw X ww Q cr Y 4 A at f X Q af sk tg x Ni f X N T hxevkx 'gag-si X 1 i ,ups ' X M ss X Xenia ,i ,K xi. age X 5? S ,Q lx ' smxxxx ,X ati K , Miki gs fan K e 5 T T S63 xc 3 1 A t X 3 Yi d f mmm i is Qggkst it ' 'S 1 w " O , M Y S Ss WJ is st X 1, is i tw Q we X-Q -.Mn Rx' R ci 3 ti A , Nt f t' egwk 1' .sg is Q H if te it r X ' if T x :li b J F , 3? tw ci, Q ss C 6 s H" 1 X- 5 sf N N X was ' jg tt cts Q it 2 at W ,R 'N 'Xl' A Q, X ha w ks-F , C 8 ' 3 ,N Q N I X it Q Q +-3 1 be X 1 X R s ,A -X X QQ x se sf Q t X Q' , 6 s K t , as ei S XR 15 1 4 as fx lk 385 xx t Q Q Q s N f 2 " X 5' - ,t in is t , f ,, Q fi 1 M 12 3 , 5 ess Nw , Q. as if E+ N if X SS 2 sk is we " Q t , 1 ., . , V . cg X R it N E N- X 4?24SI?4E2Z2222Q'6'4?4EI?4?2'222?4Q?4Z??4?E'2ASQ'1QEEl 107 "l'm going to work all summer and I think I will take it ltitlej next year," said Junior Mickey Wright. Mickey credits most of his success to his summer coach, Aaron Anyon. sph? ,aff .wt lug if 1 ' X K F .4 , Nj si if , Egg X in K t w , .1f--. tw X Nj: Center - Junior Kevin Jacobs fights off a pin by his opponent from Pacific. Bottom - Paul Howell, Tom Pummil, and Mickey Wright wait as they annou teams at the State Wrestling Tournament in Columbia. f ji, 7:4 E is J mf- s is nce the qualifying Top - Senior Jim Pounds attempts to escape from a tight spot. Bottom - Coach Kappler calls Senior Mark Chapman and his Northwest opponent out of bounds. I ' i t Kill? ti 'tw ts I an Top - Senior Tom Pummil, center, captured Fox's first Wrestling title at the State Meet, Junior Mickey Wright, left, and Senior Paul Howell, right, both took second place. H9-pound wrestler Tom Pummill plans to wrestle on Meramec Community College's team next season. fimmmilil QEFSQ3 ilillil SG S While uneven performances threatened to jeopar- dize their chances for victories early in the season, the Warrior "Mat Men" pulled together and pro- duced the wins needed to clinch their second Sub- urban West Conference championship in their three years in the league. The early problems came from the unexper- ienced upper weight classes The total years' exper- ience of those wrestlers was a young seven and they were having trouble with the more exper ienced wrestlers in the league But they quickly received the training needed to make them formida ble opponents The lower weights which have dominated in past years were as tough as ever this season Tom Pummll weighting 119 produced the first Missouri State Wrestling Championship for Fox l think it is pretty neat To get the championship l had to dedi cate myself l went to practices after the schools session and l gave up alot of things that most teens wouldnt have replied Pummll The wrestling Warriors as a team compiled an undefeated conference record and was sixth in the State as a competing team Coach Hopson and the rest of the team hope for a great season again next year Maybe we ll have even more State Champs said sophomore Jerry Eaton Fox Opp Northwest Kirkwood Parkway West Mehlville C E C Lindbergh Parkway Central ,Qu V 36 R g scf 26 g Q 47 24 C138 iti Sf sscst s :asf 34 S ' g 34 C C . if 19 C 57 C C 1' C C55 C C 8 CC As "floor general," Junior Paul Keating looks to solve the opponents' defense. Q 55. Row One Qleft to rightbz Louis Podgornik Greg Weatherford Paul Domick. Row Two: TOP - Senior Keith Kraus, an anfonfefenfe Selection, eYeS the Ron Freiner Paul Keating, Ken Jordon Eric Sutton Rob Daugherty. Row Three: Tim bucket for YWC- Brockhaus Warren Stuckmeyer Keith Kraus, Dave DeVeydt Rick Matthews Chris Ennis, Mike Langhorst. Bottom - Coach Wright gives last-minute instructions during a time-out. i i i Sir SE X "" T"A'--A-'TT"" "'A""'A""'AT" ""3E'4,'a"?29"'j, ,.af"Z2I?Z21Q'1?22Z?ZAa"'E'Z4i'Ei8Z A AAA'A'A' Top - Senior Warren Stuckmeyer grimaces as he prepares to make a shot. Bottom - Junior Dave DeVeydt battles for possession of the ball. Qoom Q UHGQ FQHQ "We had been playing well all season, so we thought we could beat them," recalled Ron Freiner about Tuesday, February 2, when the Varsity Bas- ketball Warriors collided with the Herculaneum Black Cats. lt was a game destined to be remem- bered. The score remained close throughout the gameg the half ending with a 23-23 tie. As Coach Wright explained, "The way our season had been going, most of our games had been close." With the start of the second half, the score continued to bounce back and forth between the teams. Coach Wright commented, "Our offense was slow, but we played with a lot of patience " As the end of fourth quarter neared Herky broke away with a one point lead During the last quarter we were missing a lot of free throws this could have lost us the game said Frelner guard With 2 seconds left in the game and Fox down by one point it looked very dismal for the Warriors Coach Wright called a time out and the team analyzed their situation Frelner re called Coach Wright said for Keith QKrausJ and l to go to half court and try to get the ball and then hope and pray for it to go in l was standing about a foot behind halfcourt when Keith threw me the ball Turning Frelner threw a shot from halfcourt that swrshed in just as the buzzer sounded lt looked like lt was headed in the right direction and l was really glad when it went in recalled Ron With this win Fox boosted their season average to 8 wins 10 losses Ron Frelner said this about their season s perfor mance Our defense helped a lot this season we had trouble scoring points He added l think Keith Kraus has been the most consistent player this season and Chris Ennis had been playing real well the last few games by Stanton West X X ox Nb X X X XXX 5 ,W 'Nlor x Cent g E , E xx X 5 xx sg WKSQQ its X ms s, Q-mms wssssssssx sssswm is g ms 1 . I Y , . Y , Y ' Y , , . Y ' 1 ' Y , ., K S S 'E' E V . S 2 A A it i 2 f sagi- ,. 1 ist .Size as 2 T M ' . 525, Q' ' ' ' '--- --1--K A X E XY t. ,X ,. ,.,,, ,,,., t . , .,,.. A ,,. , ,,,.. ,..... . .,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.... . .,,. , - K , ,Q Ss- s by ' 5 Q Ez! , 5, 3 :X . x52 : l ' X S 5 if S l XX S t 5 st ii , s Q lt ,Q eg S J sg, ma if K 1 X- - N f C hr s i' t 2 2 I . .. 1 w as 'ET if .. tm- t-isszfvife-Qs.i f 2 E t 5 r ..,. ci! - L. s f, s .w ., ng 2I"1'i3?f"?l 4Q'!A5Z1?2Q'4i' :'4g2QI!, ,,,,,. ,,,,.., .... , ,...,,.,..., ..,.. v , , , , , v v v 'mf 3' Row One Qleft to rightj: Terry Williams, Connie Farrar, Tracey Yount, Michelle Hannick, ' V Denise Melton. Row Two: Missy Miller, Sue Arnold, Caroline Kohler, Becki Brinkman, Julie Kory, Paula Boswell, Coach Hodge. L ,K Top Right: Junior Sue Arnold reaches for a way past unyielding Mehlville players. f Bottom Right: Junior Terry Williams stands ready to receive a pass from her team. N. 5 L .,,.,w"""' 7 ff W 'Qin we U 3SiS'13?E?S '1iifZ?L 1 xt C. .Q i-.4 -his -ai Top - Juniors Julie Kory, Connie Farrar, and Michelle Hannick wait for a rebound as the ball bouncs off the board. Bottom - Junior Michelle Hannick puts a shot up as teammates Becki Brinkman and Tracey Yount look on. titltlls sli m itun e s um m "The prospects for next year look bright." These are the words of optimistic Coach Hodge regarding the Varsity Girls Basketball squad. "Although the record may not show it, our team has made drastic strides over the last year," commented Coach Hodge. "The girls played with enthusiasm this year and l hope they play with even more next year." The Warriors finished l-6 in the conference and 5- 16 overall - a slight improvement over last year's record The team set a few records over the course of this past season They won their first conference game since the new merger two years ago and they increased their average points per game while cut ting down on their opponents output considerably With the exception of three seniors the varsity team will retain all of its players and add a few new faces to the line up With his second full season of coaching ahead of him Coach Hodge has a few changes to make We will play more man to man defense and less of the zone lt should open the door to a more exciting style of play Fox OPP Festus Desoto Oakville Windsor Hillsboro Mehlville Parkway West Lindbergh Kirkwood a 29 . 2 . 43 i y . , , . 36 32 ...V . ' V ' 2 '45 32 1 20 23 . ' iriri 1 V748 is y.y.yy. ' M T 36 .fy 25 J if 57 3? ' leii T211 'e J Freshman Reid Hartman shows confidence playing against sophomore players. 'Wm 3 s ' A K swiss, C J, C C , Q! ' 'ff .1-,cqQQ:jggg5gj,1s..-.. S' K K " fi f5,..:sasff:-5 x,:..w - view:-Mq.gsg-U i b .- ...,.. q:,l, t ,. :,W .R .Q ..f, :LQ Sophomore Mike Miller snarls as he pulls down a rebound. Qllf lllll F EES F 6 26 8 "Every coach should get the chance to work with a group like this," commented Coach Hubbard about this year's B-Basketball team. "This year's team was the most enjoyable group to work with," he praised. And he has the right to praise to the team - they set a new school record by winning more games than any other B-Basketball team at- Fox Q17 55 He attributes the team s success to its large size quickness intelligence and lack of disci plme problems Coach Hubbard admits that he expected the team to do well Last year s team tied the most wins record 165 and Hubbard felt this years team had the talent to surpass the record Hubbard says he had three players who especially contrlbut ed to team efforts He gives much praise to John Palmer When the year started and l saw John play l thought Llghhl But he has improved during the season more than any other player l ve coached ln fact he s the best rebounder l ve ever coached Coach Hubbard also praises David Pod gornlk and David Montgomery for their notable per formances in the championship game at the Park way basketball tournament Podgornik lead the team in scoring with 16 points and Montgomery showed great leadership ability Hubbard expects a good team next year but he doesn t feel that they will be the record setting team of this year ln fact he only saw one real flaw with this year s players They couldnt remember to bring their shoes and uniforms to the games' by Rochelle Braun X Q7 Gaksvifw XZ? W fy Wentmfifle f Ritenour Windsor Vianney Lindbergh J f Parkway West Kirkwood . , . Y 7 Y F , - it - 1- - , 1 U ts.. , - , . , - Y U - - I 1 , . . - v - , it - . . . ,, f f ,,g,,fg3gyf,,,g,:V ff ,, W-fw,',,z,f',wi, f wtf fi f :uf f,-f mf, ,, f.,wAfm4s,wgw ff, , H 'f-ff f f f f , V ff:,"isffL,f5 Z'?'W'5 ' ' " " " , ', f f Wi9E!.afl f' '?75f,,1Afi?" TH'f'4ff4'7f9: ' 'in , , , ,, t,,, ,, ,,. ,,,rh,'-,, 3 ,,., ,, ,, , 2'1ft:,f12,ffwzfwinfzitpfwzf .wat ,,ts,4vW',ftwmmf ,, ' if',,f1wizww,1tm, ',',fff,fwf,Zei?5w, 1, f , t,L,MWWJ,Liwgyg7,fgm,fg,z:Qi?Q2f "l Hg Q "" i'ffQg'iQgjQLgjZ?ZgQ7f? ', ' f fFf5'l"?i3?5'2,""fl ' 'I f'l,V:I:WiU?53i fl ,f ff ,,, ', 'V ,,-,,W,p,,ff , ' wfuwi,fffzewef4w2:,fiVti:3wf2f',f'fi'f,'iffL1 , ft :tgp f , I f , I , , 4, ,,t,y,eftc,t,,,.,, V, emazey Mzggytww ygf'frym,y,Q2m,W5,y::,",,' ,,'.t,f,ff 5 , ,f K A ,A ,,,, I 1 f, ,,,, Y 5 4 , " t , 'fLff-WEQW if f,f4m3z,1, ,g -w wiiiwfwfa f ,f ,g5f,,f,y' g VW W V, gim, ,f ,, ,, ,, ,L,,s,gsw,f,,ff,M7ff,,f ,, f, ,, it Wt. , ,, , f. V fu, fmt f , , , ' Y , ,y,fq,,:f,,,t W ,,ww ,ttmwte,:w,,wf,1 'ff,1,fi,,m:,t ,Mtv gn, tgft,4,,,,f,i:yw1gf',y1,1vm AQz,,iQ:f,Wfy,",g A 1E,'lE,2e2fGWf'f" '77 H f H "iV7li7W',?",'l K' X ,'V'W":"ff,' ' ' ' ' 'I ff' hw I 'L V , l'z,'l,'l:f',m , y 43, i t t M ,ttsti 23' ' 15,38 , 44 gm ,. .C ., , 'F 5 i , ss S l l g il lll? L ,Q nt! C nv' 3 as-1 -sv-no-M iw: ' Q ' N -w 32, . S- . W ,V ..-aus. C ,, - , Q Top - Sophomores Terry Strauser, Kim Fach, and Amy Langhorst jump for the rebound. Bottom - Sophomore Terry Strauser battles with her Mehlville opponent for the jump ball. QQE EH S8 16 8 m ill in S iifilmi The 82-83 season of girl's B-Basketball ended in a 7-8 record, and they placed eighth in the confer- ence. This year's finish isn't exactly what Coach Maxson hoped for, but it leaves her with ideas for changes in next year's coaching tactics. "l guess we will alter our game plan moreg open up a bit," commented the coach. "Other than that, everyth- ing will basically be the same " The Warriors played tough all year and never lost by more than eleven points to anyone Coach Maxson agreed that this was a hard work mg spirited club The girls worked and played together as a team everyone worked for the whole of the team There were no bad attitude problems either Coach Maxson will be starting her second full year as coach next year and she feels her experience with this year s girls will help put to gether a winning squad with championship possl billties by Adam Thornberry Fox Opp Festus Desoto Oakville Hillsboro Mehlville kway West Qiindbergh Xlrkwood Northwest 23 To . .... f Y 33 18 :.k Ai kk -K . K I 7 t gf 48 rr-- ' r-.. Windsor 2 -. 33 C ili- 5 -CC ' 22 28 ' 16 16 24 23 33 28 .cgy .....g t 35 . 2i4i'Z?Z'42'A'Zk 83 5131 QQCQ S3 TIES li? Stay in the middle of the court and be ready' said senior Jeff Heath when asked about his game strategy Jeff is part of an eight man raquetball team that was formed at Fox three years ago The school doesn t sponsor us Kevin Kneff manages us and KSK Auto Repair chipped in to cover ex penses Jeff explained Despite not having a coach the 83 raquetball squad compiled a 7 3 record and played two games ln State tournament competition in January Added Kevin Kneff lt was alot of work but it turned out to be a pretty good season More people were there this year watching our games than ever before Senior Kevin Kneff is a three year veteran of the squad and is concerned about the future of the raquetball squad when he graduates l think there s alot of juniors that would be interested in playing he said Fox really needs a coach who can work with the players Kevin admitted that there were problems earlier in the year in getting team recognition for his raquetball special thanks to Dr Drda for helping us establish club status The team advanced to the tourna ment play offs but was squelched in the second game against Parkway Central 6 1 We could go further in the play offs but teams like Parkway Central have so many more advantages Schools with more support for their raquetball clubs have a better tradition going for them Kevin concluded lm hoping that raquetball gets a school sponsor next year and gains more support FOX Opp CBC SLLIH Vianney Mehlville Lindbergh Oakville Ladue Principia St Mary s players. He added, "The team would like to give a 2 5 4 3 4 . ' 3 4 S ' 3 7 to , O 4 A ' 3 l 6 2 ' ' ' 5 7 . ' O , pggg t 'W yuyqg .,E ,t5. ts e g Y? . 1 , T Q it sr in so 3 2 E 2 l 3 E 3 3 T fi. ' - S S55 f"3 K r E: k k k . . .... . .. - t M 'f A ' 3' S . Q. A Q t T t 'i :.: I ' - rf X23 "its Q if il '-': t S l t t S ti : 4 X XX! ilfvl l ' li Q 6 , Qlakt ,.' zr. g ' " fx t - . J: xx k-hV A 7 I 8 V - tt yf lx Top-"I lost the very first game of the season, but then my concentration picked up and I won the next seven games," said Senior Kip Rupert. Top Row: Jeff Heath, Kevin Kneff, Dave Lingle, Bruce LaChance. Bottom Row: Kip Rupert, Brian Schmelig, Curt Sykes. ,Qfg'l ! d:'d1?!l! 1 !4?2'14i:' .,,, ,,..v,,,,, - .... - ....,.. , - ,,,v,-,.. - v - - , - - - - -Q esta. M. - ..t, . ,Q tsss it Top Dana Leary sets her club before teelng off Bottom The 1983 Warrlor Llnksters llilEElk3ES3Q3 lE3S MESS QS C-D 3251151 0 "The game of golf is a very serious sport and should be taken seriously sand Coach Brockman The Warrlor Llnksters dld not have an lmpresslve record by the middle of the season Wlth half of their season completed they stood at O14 The team has suffered from uneven performances and this lack of conslstency has hurt However Coach Brockman feels that hls team does have the ablllty to wln When the team was ln a slump at the beglnnlng of the season the players defeated the coaches nn a practice match recalled Coach Brockman Senlor Klp Rupert leads the team with a 41 average ln conference play The Warrlors achieved two landmarks this season lt was the flrst year that female players have played with the team and freshmen are also Included this year The freshmen are domg well Dana Leary and Joan O Connor are playing especially well against the boys commented Coach Brockman Parkway Central Mehlvlfle Lindbergh Wdfthwest Kirkwood Parkway West 7 Vlanney n I - y l - . QW ? li lx' - ,Tw 3 , I fx T TT g T M3 T 2 lrv W rrtt rllltft g 2 vly TT T 4 1 W tcvl i y f W . llyr f ,rrrrst OPP wif yrrr f tftlltllrr T T rtff W WT W 242 Y 311' gy y yrry TyvlyyvgT Q yyTTyy T T M 234 T 279 trr T ttt't J w TTTTT T TT zsefive - U H - 2533 T f 274 - ' 182 of 2 240 g 2 6 ' T y pTtv 237, ------------W--H ---nv- --------------- ---.1:5221-:'22aQ2222za2224?2a'2z22Q3:':2222.eQz.afe'22vex"'fff'f8? Right - Scott Johnson ducks as Randy Knese returns the ball from second base, Below - Much to the enjoyment of the Fox crowd at the Fox-Lindbergh game, Cardinal utility M 4' infielder Mike Ramsey appeared to sign autographs, his A 1 Q3 s g ,- ' t , , Q nffq. i ,... , X X ig M in i . A, ,. l sq, 5' Q i M ., QI- , Q ts: I .. 1 at , lf .W K , I " , + 5 r Mike Boehner lets his bat fly at the Fox-Lindbergh game at Busch Stadium. E'c"ES?4?EZ.',Uo'f""'A3?2Z'I5EI?E'Z'AAA1?d:5'A'IEE5'AA AAAAA AAA A AAA AAA AAA AA 'A A- 'AAA4 A' AAAAA- -n'-- 33'-AA 118 -lun-gn auf an-wang Top - Ron Freiner tosses his bat behind him as he watches the ball fly. Middle - The 1983 Varsity Baseball Team. Bottom - The 1983 B-Baseball team. ililllli fll S S f it? U Q EFESB The Varsity Baseball season can best be de- scribed by senior pitcher Keith Kraus: "No com- ment." Coach Wright said, "This is my thirteenth year of coaching and it is our worst record so far. lt's not really anyone's fault. The hitting and the pitching have not come together at the same time. We'll play a game and the hitting will be great and the pitching will give up alot of runs. Or the pitch- ing will be great but we can't score." The Warriors have had some success and Coach Wright attributes this to his junior players Since we have only four seniors many of our players have not played together as a team before l think the juniors will start gaining in confidence as we go along Mr Sears The BTeam coach has nothing but praise for his team s efforts this year We have whatlcalla complete team We have speed good defense good hitting and excellent pitching We have ten to fifteen guys that could play on anyone s team Mr Sears went on to add l think that our strongest point IS that everybody wants to play and everybody wants to win lm really proud of this team he added . . . . . . U . 1 H ' 1 A 7 . . , . ,, 4 - ' 1 7 Y ' . v H ll - . . , . , . H , . if f - x if 1, " t T' 3' S 1' . , Q ww ff -1--. 'mf ' 3' X54-.M A gf . - ,,. is fx: W :ir f A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A fZ?2i' E?ZZ?4?? 4i'4i'Z? Z?,i"d3E'?' ' ' ' A 'Z -:,!E2'3J3E'1E',3?EQf.Z'2Z' ' Right-Senior Brian Radle sets the pace as he and senior Tim Byrne run in the Ladue Invitational. . , - .. " 1 ' 7 Above-"I was in third place and pushing," said senior Tim Byrne about the district meet at Cape Girardeau. Right, Front Row-Ken Fedak, Vince Vandever, Jeff Boyd, Brian Waldrop, Brian Bostrom, Cliff Hartsell. Back Row-Andy King, Joe Werner, Tim Helvey, Tom Kirkland, Stacy Wieland, Jeff Henderson, Steve Money, Chris Ailec, Coach White. Extreme Right-Carol Trammel, Kathy Hertenstein, Laura Byrne, Dana Yarbol, Beth Looney, Kelly Cox. ---,42IZ'eZE'1l!:i:5:,, runnin strongg manila fi st? "I just kept thinking - who's behind me, how far away are they?" remembered junior Brian Radle as he ran through the park with fifteen other runners. "The runner from Ritenour was really close behind me throughout the race I didn t know how long he or I would last or who would tire first Brian won the Ladue Invitational Meet that day and continued winning meets throughout the season He has be come one of the top cross country runners in the State added Coach White In addition to the regu lar cross country season Brian also ran in events sponsored by the Athletic Congress and the Ama teur Athletic Union which carry alot of prestige for the amateur runner I went to Kansas City Okla homa and Ohio to run in other meets after the regular season ended added Brian We run 5000 meters in cross country usually through parks explained the junior runner about this sport Speed and endurance are necessary and pacing is very important' Brian intends to keep on running after high school, and hopes to get an athletic schol arship to a local college I think I have a pretty good chance if I keep going keep working at it some 1. X Slkes Invitational SEMO A I Invitational vswwi E Eureka Cmiginvitatronal SA was Parkway Westglnvit 104381 NNN vc Metr Iwata S Ladue lnvitati W wx West Co t. ig-is - , l . . ,, . , . 7 - - .- ,, . . . , . , 1 It - I - , Y , H - .I , . - H 7 1 .. - - ! . ,, . . . . ., . . . . . ,, , . . . Kim - ,ts , rem is ,sw L. Q. ,K qi 1. 4 55- ' I -I . . we - f f f1 I T f' 3 4? ' ' - A L f I e .C .- ' Q . K- ,g y m .Ik ss -Wwe or gh . '- "4 I' 2 . . jg: -I 1--ff. gs' S ' A 3 E, .. f X tHanQoCka2lfiIWat10haI : Q 1 ' . ' -f X , - - 1 Q, X Q- , -if Be '1 iis' N'Egw., : .St 5' .. ' ' 9 . I ,Q A31 45' El se ed This IS one of the flnest groups of glrls I have had Coach Dockery sand about thrs year s grrls track team Coach Dockery was helped rn coachmg by Coach Takach and Coach Werner All three coaches feel that what makes a good track partlcr pant IS an athlete who IS dedicated and wrlllng to pay the prrce lt takes to be successful The time demand for gurls track rs great about twleve and a half hours a week of practice and then many Saturday meets that last all day To stay on the track team one has to make all practices and really work at what you can Coach Dockery belleves that from the vlewpolnt of consistency and Improve ment the three most outstanding gurls on this years team were Laura Byrne Sue Arnold and Tracey Yount The boys track team coached by Coach Brau drrck Coach Whrte Coach Heinemann and Coach Hubbard practices up to eighteen hours a week To make lt on the boy s track team the athlete must sincerely want to Improve their athletic ablllty Hard work and perseverance IS the only way to achleve the goals you deslre states Coach Brau drrck You must have the drlve and determlnatlon necessary to overcome obstacles ln order to reach those goals Coach Braudrrck belleves Brran Ra dle Tlm Byrne Alan Carter and especially Scott Carey exhlblt this drlve and determlnatlon the most 'AYWWQAW A-ww, wmmfmm f iii Ha wmauu Extreme above Carol Rumpmg races a Ladue opponent In the hurdles. Above Track runners workmg out ID the heat of the day WH! ll! ,ff Wy lg mi sz 951133 6cS' Z3?ZEQ'Z?ZS'E2'E?43?Ei?8f!ES'??' A A Q ' - l X The 1983 boy's track team. Row one - Steve Money, Phil Zerillo, Mark Narens QMgr.J, Tim Bade, Rocky Davis, Dave DeVeydt, Kelly Kenser, Mark Hern, Chris Aiello, Coach Hubbard. Row two - Coach White, Brian Radle, Alan Carter, Rick Eisenbeis, Terry St. John, Joe Potter, Jeff Boyd, Dave Podgornik, Greg Davis fMgr,J, Coach Braudrick. Row three - Coach Heinemann, Tim Byrne, Ed Meyer, Dave Pruitt, Scott Carey, Rich Stepanek, Jim LaPlant, Jim Bennett, Jerry Moore, Randy Parker. Row four - Jeff Henderson, Tim Hanebrink, Mark Jeffries, Duane Shafer, Steve White, Dave Reprogle, Vince Vandaveer, Tom Kirkley, Scott Weber, Kirk Arnold, Scott Smallwood. Row five - Tim Helvey, Chris Pfefferkorn, John Miller, Jerome Hawkins, Andy King, Stacey Weiland, Dave Mann, Kevin White, Wade Lawrence, Cliff Hartzell. , l 'MWUNMWQ l , " ,Q Kelly Cox clears the high jump. The l983 girl's track team. Michelle Bast, Sherry Buchheit, Angie Keating, Sue Ahonen, Debbie Bade, Michelle Beare, Tracey Biermann, Paula Boswell, Jill Cattoor, Kelly Cox, Becky Dietzler, Tina Godfrey, Valerie Hamilton, Cathy Hertenstein, Carol Huber, Tracy Owsley, Michelle Reed, Dawn Sevier, Laura Swafford, Carol Trammel, Sue Arnold, Laura Byrne, Debbie Cordell, Kathy Crutchley, Natalie Fuqua, Michelle Lear, Brenda Meier, Denice Melton, Kelly O'Hara CMgr.J, Dianne Salsman, Karin Bostrom, Lisa Fischer, Sue Hazelwonder, Carol Rumping, Regina Slinkard, Tracey Yount, Jeanine Potter 1Mgr.J, Laura Faupel, Michelle Andrews. Senior Karin Bostrom racing to make the relay connection. e3E:?a?aas2222:?z?22:?4m'e.Q:?222,Qz?zaEw?1.222'2' ...v--. - Y - - ---- - -23 '22f??f?2f?1?222f5S?13'22?-E4?22Z?2I?'22'- - Below-Boys 'B' Basketball Cheerleaders: Kelly Reese Ctopl, Becky Agnew, Karen Klampert, Jackie Craig icenterj, Tina Nicolas, Cindy Jerger, Elaine Eller ibottornl. Below-Junior Varsity Wrestling Cheerleaders: Denise Moll ltopj, Robin Johnson Qcenterl, Tammy Callahan, Cheryl Center photo-Varsity Wrestling Cheerleaders: Janet Bishop, Desirea Driver, Missy lssacs. Massingv Stacy Hill gbottomy, rf, 5 ,, f ,Xb ,ge QW l liwlf 1l"m""f ' it cw QM, 49" J' gf" a 1? N Ss 1x35 WW? W' I gi si I 4' 4, f : ts Above-Varsity Soccer Cheerleaders: Dawn Pryzgoda, Elaine Eller, Renee Russell, Jackie Craig ftopj, Above-'B' F0Otb21ll Cheerleadersr left tO right. Karen Denise Sollers, Desiree Driver, Regina McMillian. Klarnpert, Cindy Jergen, Cheryl Massing ftopi and Tammie Callahan Qbottomj, Kelly Reese ftopl and Robin Johnson fbottoml. . W lf! ' Below-Girls Basketball Cheerleaders: Donna Checkitt Qtopl, Chrissy Beck, Sherri Alden, Kim Jones, Paula Wood fcenterj, Michelle Beare fbottomj. sh iw irs file ti lml flil Ill UFS Students plans for the weekend often include the Friday night football game However many stu dents do not realize that there is another group of athletes behind the football players the cheer leaders These girls give up their time to support the school They cheer they make posters for the team and they do a lot to bolster the spirit of the team and school Most of all they do this with little recognition Sponsors Mrs Hodge and Mrs Brengle also de vote their time to help these girls do their job They pick seven squads for the different sports during the year The requirements to make a squad in clude cartwheels round offs the splits one cheer and one chant Voice control and availibility to com mit themselves to one and half hoursa night prac tice is also necessary Denise Sollers junior com ments Cheerleading requires a lot of practicing floor cheers and chants Denise also admitted that she has very little time for a social life during the week but has plenty of time on the weekends Angie Sarkis senior adds There is some time for other activities because I hold down a job and am able to keep my grades up Still she agrees that cheerleading is a demanding sport Tammie Collins senior summed up the sport of cheerleading by stating Cheerleading is a great way to meet new people keep in shape and learn more about differ ent sports l really enjoy it Stephanie Bond Above-Varsity Football Cheerleaders: Tracey Wilson ltopl, Angie Sarkis, Gayla Zerillo 12nd rowj, Dawn Pryzgoda, Janell Lacy, Terra Lawrence, Denise Sollers, Sue Stocker 13rd rowj, Diane Salsman, Dawn East, Gayle Miller fbottomj -as 'Ek Q a ' , . a y - I . X ' 1 ' I ' Y - ! ! ' 1 1 - U . . . . 11 - - it - 11 , . . . . ,, . . h 1 r 1 u - ' I .K , y Y . U . . Y Y Y - . . ,, .1 -. W ' x 'H WM. lim a? E03 me gs Qt? Glarlng flourescent llghts fllled the audltorlum Muslc to Robert E Lee poured from a tape re corder as the Warrlorettes performed thelr last rou tlne of the annual Metropolltan Area Pom Assocl atlon competltlon As the last notes dled away a capaclty crowd rose and cheered the 83 Pom Pom squad The hlghllght of the year IS the MAPA contest because lt lS considered the state Cham plonshlp said Mrs Howell dlrector This years squad placed flrst ln the AA dlVlSl0n Almost as coveted as the flrst place tltle though was the standing ovatlon the glrls received from the crowd at LIMSL for thelr performance Hard work has pald off well for the 1983 squad Durlng summer camp competltlon the squad won several flrst place awards for team and lndlvldual performances At the Mlss MlSSOUfl Festlval the Warrlorettes captured the flrst place sweepstakes ln addltlon to these state contests the Warrlorettes perform at all home football and basketball games and at several band contests throughout the year Many hours of practice are necessary to meet the demands of such a schedule The glrls must be dedicated replled Mrs Howell An average weeks practice Involves 810 hours and the glrls practice even longer durlng special weeks Even so captain Tracy Summers does not flnd the tlme demand overwhelmmg lts not that bad lf you really enjoy what you are dolng Added sopho more Carmen Stefano lt does take alot of your time only someone who was really Interested would enjoy lt Assistant dlrector Mrs Farrell clted other requirements necessary for pommers They need to be able to do spllts hlgh straight klcks keep time with music and be able to dance They also have to keep their grades up Sophomore Karla De Natale summed up feelings of everyone on the squad this season Everyone became really close and we had alot of fun together . - -Ve '1., fu' ' !'ll -. , 5, A 'A ' , w ' 9 , .5 I 1 'li IP' If QM: 2 tr N ,N by 'tff A :l ': ! rf' -,N ' -A 1-, Bottom' "l was saying to myself - l'd better not fall off the chair!" said sophomore Karla De Natale about her performance during a school assembly. l - .1 11 - 1 - 1 H . . . V - .1 gg n - 54 . y Y ' 1 ' I 1 - 11 1 - 1 Y ll - - 11 - U I Y l 1 . . ,,, i ll Y 2 . - .1 1 1 , . - '11 1 11 ..- 1 W n ' 4 f l l ' 1 1 5' I Y 0 92" ' I ., Q l Left-"lt starts to get really cold toward the end of football season in these skirts!" exclaimed senior Tracy Summers. Below4"We were performing our 'chair routine' and we had to walk over the chairs, balance on them, tip them in a circle, etc. lt took us about two weeks to get it right!" said Janet Craig, sophomore. rw. dl M49 wmv, Laura Weatherford, Shelly Powell, and Lisa Sterling keep time to the music during halftime at a basketball game. 1983 Pom Pom Squad - Row One: Carmen Stefano, Audrey Hart, Laura Weatherford, Shelley Powell, Lisa Sterling, Jennifer Taliaferro, Janet Craig. Row Two: Tracy Summers, Page Kowalski, Karla De Natale, Karen Flahart, Lori Matthews, Renea Dwyers, Susan Carter, Tawna Tyra. Row Three: Cindy Rinehart, Nancy Perkins, Ruth Simpson, Annie Mobley, Linda Stuckmeyer, Barb Reim. l "We practice with the band, and learn their formations so we can complement them," said junior Shelly Powell about the squads' routines during halftime at a football game. ,A-,y-5f.fy-,gf-,gff v ,,,,,, ,,,, J-7' ,,.,,,, , Y ...., -47 ' - , .AT , , .477-7' ,,,, -l.7'.A7'.A'!'.!:l'.A7'.f:l'.A'lJ7'.A7'-!-7' EIMS llltilicilci QQ S S E! The girls Soccer team concluded its second year under the coaching of Mrs. Maxson, Mr. Brengle and Miss Marchand. This year s team consisted of younger members Qmostly sophomoresl which caused some problems due to inexperi- ence. Because this is only the second year for girls soccer, many of the girls have not played soccer together before. Junior half- back Virginia Roland has been playing soc- cer for eight years, but this is her first year on the Fox team. A lot of girls have played before, and some haven t, com- mented Virginia. But the team does play well together. Because of the team s inex- perience losses outnumber wins. This doesn t seem to damper the players spir- its, tough. Everyone tries hard and puts out everything they have Virginia stated. Just because we lose a game doesnt mean we played badly. Losing just makes us set higher goals for the next time. The coaches spirits arent dampened much, either. We have a good group of freshmen sophomores, and juniors that we are looking forward to for next year Coach Maxson commented. Right now we are in the process of building and that takes time, she added. The team is aiming to produce a stronger kicking and passing team. They are doing well for this stage of the game, Coach Maxson praised. But ,we have a long road ahead. L vf fffmg,,f,?, Amy and Bobbi Tipton practice kicks and passes as the rain finally begins to let up. 1983 Ciirls' Soccer - Row One: Christy Johnson, Kathy Rowland, Jennifer Smith Am Tipton, Lisa Polete, Virginia Roland, Delores Eller, Susie Morrison, Bobbi Tipton Melanie Martin, Tracy Roedder. Row Two: Coach Maxson, Kelly Berry, Terry Strauster ,Kim Chapman, Dawn Kley, Sheri McClelland, Kim Fach, Sandy Dillard, Adrianne Jackson Regene Bowen, Gina Schlitter, Debbie Musielal, Elaine Long, Kelly Anderson Coach y Marchand, Coach Brengle. Y 7 7 7 7 ll 7 77 Ll Y! 7 7 7 Y ll 77 7 LL 7 17 7 7 LL 7 1 Y! 7 Ll 7 77 LL 17 46 77 Wt C tt S I mix r m Si W., st ----v-Y---v v- J.7'.!.7Z"!'J.7'.!.7'.!'J' ,f,7:f'-f.7'-fxA'f',f',4'f' ,A7',!7',A'A7',f' ,f,7',A'f'.A'!'.!.7'.l:!'.A'!'.A7'.l.7'.!.7'.A7' .I.7".A!'.A'l'.!.7'.!' .f' OPLE K w..K ,,,,, IWW pu 4. A "-"ll'II4VIIJ W "' ,SCI S MLECJEL ThCSaurus IN ' D" 'WUNARY umm ,Aw iw 33 J A-V 3 X' cf 21 2:6955 ew hw 4 .2,'P-.h-ima-P3y,,, ff w e W 'sglm ,die 1593 ' ' WH . , , fe?" ,Q qu. Y -Q., wr- ,, ,N Duane Abrahamson Kathleen Adams Waiel Ahmed Michael Allen Richard Amick Laura Ashby in l A.. Timothy Bade Denise Baer Daryl Ball Michael Balmer Rodney Bandy Lisa Barks C'- J.- , '-1-v Q , --Q... J , a I ' . R- Betty Barton Theresa Bast DeAnna Bateman Jeffery Bauer Michele Bauer Janet Baughman 4-,io 13 , P Judi Beardsley Todd Beauchaine Rick Bedbury Richard Beerkircher Patrick Bell Cathleen Birkner Y' .ffm-f nr f MMF' Janet Bishop Delena Black Frank Blair Kimberly Blomker Lisa Bockhoff Donna Bogowith 4' 0 'Cv Phillip Bonastia Brenda Borgfield Karin Bostrom Marty Bourgeois Barbara Bowling Kimberly Boyer Michelle Boyer Joyce Bradford ROCHCHS Braun Catherine Breedfrn fe' ,fx TT' -jv ,X M ,f ., ' , 2' 1'- I i '. K' Lisa Brown Teresa Bruns Daniel Brutcher Alice Bryant Sheila Buchheit fl- 'Y' Q Renee Burgan Kelly Burk Kathy Burnes Scott Butler Tim Butram 4,4 ' ix , 2 4 Thomas Caffery Perry Call Alan Carter John Chalupny Mark Chapman Kevin Boyer Kim Brown Janice Buehre Steve Byrne WI r - x Dale Christ vt- 'lb-' 'Ls- Robin Clemens Rhonda Clubb Ronald Cole Tammie Collins Rodney Combs Larry Conn Brian Cook Marvin Cook Karl Cooper Rodney Cooper Tina Coplin Lana Costephens .ew sf 11 'L --X ,, bf ' X P' .1 .- ul, WW' if Will Q ax I 4. , . Q 1 David Coughran Bob Counts Kelly Craig Richard Craig Jennifer Crites Debbie Crocker MW' uni W4 Judy Cross Lisa Crow Susan Crump James Curtis Mafia Cwiklowski Myra Dake Brock Davis Tim Davis Lanna Day Jack Deqk Sherri DeGuire Melissa Dell JL ' - Jeff Dieckman Amy Dierker David Diers Paul Domek Mark Dorsey Steve Douglas xx' , "4 Miva' 1 t I Rickie Douthitt Leroy Drieman Tom Duggan Kevin Earls Doug East Tess Easterwood 'S . CN ,gf f 4, 2' Y 3 5 .5 , ,. R is f' ' -wi , D if i All Alvin Eckhardt Brad Eggemeyer Kenny Ehlen Scott Ehrenreich Michelle Eichelberger James Elgin L L .. . l Delores Eller Anna Emily Chris Ennis Denise Erxleben Lisa Erzinger Teresa Erzinger fx ii 'Os -8 Loretta Everhan Wanda Farley Cindy Farrar Carey Faulkner Steven Feager Michele Fererro 1 4 L ,. . S7 5. 0,5 V H .. xp ' , wif . Kim Fields Lisa Fischer Jim Fischer Scott Flamm Theresa Fluegge Henry Ford 4'5- sgs.. - fs: Q., Q.. .J , WSW.,-' . f - .r ' -A L V ,Jus . . Cheryl Fox Lisa Fox Ron Friener Dennis Funkhouser Paul Gagnon Andrea Gamache JWQ -'Q -, it A., R, we 'av 4"Uh-at 1 z 3 K , X i 4 l . Jeff Garner Kelley Gibbs Tina Givens Bill Glaus Kim Golightly Edward Gordon .,' -- 1. .7 s 'K .L W? 4 Laura Green Tim Green Sheila Griggs Cindy Grote Karen Gummersheimer Ellen Hahn Terry Hall Cindy Hamilton Tim Hanebrink John Hanneken Nancy Hansen Laura Harding , . - :- 5 Heidi Haring Jackie Hart Cindy Hayes Susan Hazelwonder Jeff Heath Joe Heberlie ,Q il Patty Heffernan Lisa Heibel Russell Heine James Helfert . .,,,, 9' Q' 3 W -.- " . 1 '-'X , r.-,i Us .Ea 5 A . , 5 Lisa Herricks Diane Hertel Robert Hickman Gina Highfill JW' 'I' --Q, Tracy Hittler Kim Hobart Gary Hochstatter Dale Holdman Sonja Hosick Jon Houser Paul Howell Debbie Huff QTTA Carrie Helfrich Bridget Helmes John Highley Patty Hite -,-X -gg iv John Honaker Carol Horst Alice Hughes Donna Humphrey Liese Hutchison Douglas Hutsell Rhonda Thompson lden Rhonda lkewood Tammie lvie Bob Jackson 44 ,,.. if 5,4 sr. , l W , Tammie Jackson William James Theresa Jansen Call Christina Jecklin Donna Jesionowski Roger Johns 1 'is 5 Robert Johnson Robin Johnson Christian Johnston Elizabeth Jones Gary Jones Mark Jordan ,lv-Q 'qv 4 Richard Jordan Kimberly Julian Wayne Jurkowski Charles Kaufman Karen Kay Wilbur Kemp A fr 'a Frank Kerbler Lisa Kernan Debbie Kestermont Diane Kilper Debbie Kinealy Tracey King 2 i po " F..- Q. i i I, 1 Devon Kirk Tara Kleine Steven Kos Dwight Kraus 1. f wee x ff 1 1 Janelle Lacey Bruce LaChance Mike Langhorst Sheila Lauderdale Martha Lesch Lesa Lester .1 Denise Kline Kevin Kneff Lisa Koehler Joanna Koehrer I, . 99 CN r "H w 1,4 'Pw J' ' lp" i I . ff HMM A I . 4' A I 4 , , , Keith Kraus Kelly Kroeck Linda Kuhlmeyer Chris Kupferer 'is uw'-1,4 Randy Lamb Glenda Lancaster Linda Lancaster Jeff Lane 'C-1,7 Kim Lee Ramsey Nancy Lee Sylvia Lemons Todd Leonard q A -v Qindy Lewallen Kim Lewis Kirsten Lewis Robin Lewis v Carol Lima 96. , XX XX Paul Lindell Dave Lingle Margie Logan Eddie Loos Robert Louis Tina Luaders Dwane Lyman Roger McArthur Charmayne McClain Chuck McClain Dana McClain Karen McClay Charles Margherio its Am? Jana McCune Scott McGrael Scarlett McGrath Kenny Mann Tim Marchbanks I f. ,x i A - .4 Tina Marlow Beth Martin Pat Marz Daniel Massing Tracy Mathes 4'f"'1'o- Donna Melton Donald Mercer Ed Meyer Janet Meyer Carrie Mikel Terry Mikel 'T' MN Jerry Miller Missy Miller Tammy Mitchum '? if Y A .ff 1 if 1 X , , N tx 7 Dave Mullins Mike Muretich Thomas Myers Rhonda Nischwitz Ronett Nischwitz Dennis Niswonger Tami O'Donnell Kevin Olsen Kim Owen 'W w Chris Paul Kathi Pavlik Debbie Perstrope Sherry Morrison Kellie Mueller Sherri Mulkey pf" Joseph Naes Andy Naney Dan Neff Steve Northcutt Donna Nowlin Anne O'C0nn0r . if T' n - -es- , J, Hershel Owensby Wesley Page Roger Parsons af Terry Petero Missy Peters Glen Petersen 'lk F5 . 4 ,,,,A. 1 . . Connie Phillips Louis Podgornik Vickie Podgorski Jami Poff Ted Poley Bill Politte V Kelly Poole Janet Poposky Pam Porchey Kelly Porter Aflie P0tter Joe Potter bmi? .av viva-. "' 9+ Wx 'if X55 'I' Jeff Potts Mike Poucher Robert Poucher Trish Powers Dave Princivalli Andrew Pritchard K Cindy Prosser Dawn Pryzgoda Linda Pyatt Daryl Quillman Ken Rainey Kim Rainey 'WT VM Jerry Ramsey Kevin Ray Tammy Reagan Tammy Rebsamen Dianna Reed Michael Reeves il- "iz AW' ', J' Rhonda Reising Becky Ringhoffer Jeff Robbins Cherylynn Roberts Lori Roberts Jeff Robertson -0 ' 4.02: , t ilf' ,ttL3.t. is c Kim Robertson Laura Robertson Tracie Roedder Noel Roth Kelly Ruby Richard Rulo ' lf' , vw up 5- 'Z Vicki Rudolph Carol Rumping Rahdon Satterfield Stacey Schardan Ken Schiermeier Tonya Schira f 1 " .-6' 0 ff7'3-l X V, N 1 ,N R" P, F' ' Monica Schisler Phillip Schmidt Jim Schneider Angela Schoenfeld Kim Schomaker Alan Schuchardt yhpw' 1-Qiwf Y lily' ,M it 4. i Michelle Schwent Rudy Selinger Debbie Sever Kristine Sheer Chris Shoemaker Kathy Shumaker ,N l David Shy Troy Simmerock Gail Simmons n,- -queu- M! VV Perry Simmons Stacy Skaggs Mark Sluss 11:7 Mike Sluss Mike Sluyter Allison Smidt Steve Spradling Rene Stemler Jeff Sterling Maggie Smith Melody Spangenburg Mike Spink Kevin Stewart Tim Stock Tom Stock ,f Susan Stocker Ron Stohl Tammy Streckfuss 1 F' A -. Theresa Sturgeon Mark Sullivan Tracy Summers , -,g , Viz! -f-w-ffl 1 Dave Strubinger Janet Stuckmeyer Warren Stuckmeyer n Y. Ev- --, ef 3 Ken Suter Karen Sutton Pat Sweeney ,T W' 11 R T Curtis Sykes Terry Taylor Terry Thomas Peggy Thompson Scott Thorsen Nita Thum Brian Tipton Michael Toohey 'fi' f ,et ., Kelly Tucker Kim Turbeville Tawnya Tyra Bob Llhlinger Y 11,7 A.,,J Anthony Lltz Travis VanBuren Wanda Vandeven Dave Venable Adam Thornberry. Tim Thornbough Billy Treat Gary Tucker -f M1 1 Michael Uhlmann Scott Lltry IQ Dianne Virgin Kanina Vines Linda Vishino Janet Walter Susan Walton Charles Wedemeier W'-naw' Alan Weeke Harold Weigand '7 Y-ni V, X M if Dale Weisler Lori Welch David White Teresa White Karen Wiemer Phillip Wiykerson A 1 H., . ,. A., ' wtf ,Wm T' S JI iff l l i, ,K Tom Wilkinson Mike Williams Sheila Williams Peggy Willis Karen Wilson Sharon Wilson ai M 'L fx Q, at " Tracey Wilson Tammy Wisdom James Wood Christine Wright Terra Wright Lora Yoder wmg, rf 'Of .,,,-of Darlene Young Dennis Youngerman Cindy Yount Ken Yount Tracey Yount Gayla Zerillo 1i,,.a:9 ww'-'1-'lf' Cindy Ziegler Michelle Zielinski Sheli Zimmerle Nancy Zoch RORY ABERNA TH Y DUANE ABRAHAMSON KA TH Y ADAMS ROBERT ADAMS WAIEL AHMED R. MICHEAL ALLEN FCA 3 yrs., Lettermens 3 yrs., Soccer 2 yrs. RICHARD AMICK Football 2 yrs. TERRY ARMSTRONG LAURA ASHBY MELINDA ASTON TIM BADE Football 3 yrs., Track 3 yrs., TSI 1 yr. DA VE BAER DENISE BAER Honors Art DARYL BALL MIKE BALMER RODNEY BANDY Honors Algebra, Honors Trig., Chess 1 yr., DSD I yr., NHS 2 yrs. JOE BARBEY Football 1 yr. LISA BARKS FCA 2 yrs., Sr. Girls Glee 2 yrs, Honors Choir 8 Concert Choir 2 yrs. JEFF BARNES BILL BARR BETTY BARTON THERESA BAST DEANNA BA TEMAN JEFF BAUER MICHELE BAUER GEORGE BAUGHMAN JANET BAUGHMAN JUDI BEARDSLEY Drama 1 yr, DECA 1 yr, Sr. Cabinet. TODD BEAUCHAINE RICK BEDBURY RICH BEERKIRCHNER PATRICK BELL DARLA BENNETT DONNA BICK MARK BINKLEY CA TH Y BIRKNER JANET BISHOP Cheerleading 3 yrs, Lettermens 1 yr. DELENA BLACK FRANK BLAIR SUE BLECHA German I yr, FHA 1 yr, VICA 1 yr, KIM BLOMKER LISA BOCKHOFF KARL BOESING DONNA BOGOWITH Lettermens 1 yr, FHA 1 yr, DECA 1 yr, Cheerleading 2 yrs. KEVIN BOHLER LESA BOLM PHIL BONASTIA FCA 1 yr, Letterrnens 1 yr, Football 3 yrs, Baseball 1 yr. BRENDA BORGFIELD Scholar Quiz 3 yrs, Chess ITreas. 19831 2 yrs, NHS 1 yr, Honors Art. KARIN BOSTROM Track 1 yr, Honors Trig. MARTY BOURGEOIS Sr. Girls Glee 1 yr, Concert Choir 2 yrs. BARBARA BOWLING Sr. Girls Glee 2 yrs. KAREN BOWLING KEVIN BOYER KIM BOYER Lettermens 2 yrs, Volleyball 3 yrs, Softball 1 yr. MICHELLE BOYER JOYCE BRADFORD ALISON BRAUN French 3 yrs, Scholar Quiz 1 yr, AP English. ROCHELLE BRAUN NHS fSec 19831 3 yrs, ITS 3 yrs, German fTreas. 19821 2 yrs, AWC 2 yrs, Scholar quiz 1 yr, Symphonic S Jazz 3 yrs, Yearbook Editor l yr, AP English STEVE BROOKS GLEN BROWN KIM BROWN LISA BROWN DECA 2 yrs, Jr. Cabinet, French 2 yrs, Cheerleading 2 yrs. TERESA BRUNS Sr. Girls Glee 1 yr, VICA I yr CASEY BREEDEN VICA 1 yr, Honors Art DAN BRUTCHER Track 1 yr. ALICE BRYANT SHEILA BUCHHEIT DECA 2 yrs, FHA 1 yr, Pompoms 2 yrs, Sr. Cabinet JANICE BUEHRE French 3 yrs, VICA I yr, Basketball 1 yr, AP English RENEE BURGAN Cheerleading 1 yr. KELLY BURK MARY BURNES BOE 1 yr. SCOTT BUTLER FCA 3 yrs, Mens Choir 3 yrs, Syphonic Band 3 yrs, Lettermens I yr, Football 2 yrs, Baseball 2 yrs. TIM BUTRAM SENIOR IN DEX TIM BRYNE Track lCaptain 19831 2 yrs, Cross Country lCaptain 19821 2 yrs. STEVE BRYNE TOM CAFFER Y STLICO Nice-Pres. 19831 3 yrs, FCA 2 yrs, Lettermens 2 yrs, Spanish 2 yrs, Newspaper 1 yr, Football lCaptain 19831 3 yrs, Wrestling 1 yr, Track 2 yrs, SuperWarrior, Student of Month. PERRY CALL DA VID CAMACHO VINCE CAMPISE DARLA CAPPS Science lSec. 19831 1 yr. Superwarrior. KEITH CAREY German CPres. 19831 2 yrs, NHS 3 yrs, Soccer 3 yrs, Golf 1 yr, AP English. ROBERT CARTER KEVIN CA THCART RANDY CA TTOOR RODNE Y CA TTOOR Lettermens 1Vice-Pres. 19831 2 yrs, Football 3 yrs, Track I yr. JOHN CHALUPNY Science 1 yr, Lettermens 1 yr, Soccer 3 yrs, Baseball 1 yr, Basketball 1 yr. BROCK CHANDLER MARK CHAPMAN FCA I yr, Lettermens 1 yr, NHS 1 yr, Wrestling 3 yrs, Cross Country 1 yr, Honors Trig. CHRIS CHATMAN DALE CHRIST Science 1 yr, Scholar Quiz 1 yr, Mens Choir 2 yrs. CHRIS CHRISTENSEN LORI CLARK VICA 1 yr, Cheerleading 1 yr, Sr. Girls Glee 2 yrs. ROBIN CLEMENS Cheerleading 2 yrs, Jr. Cabinet, Sr. Cabinet, Sr. Girls Glee 2 yrs. RHONDA CLUBB SHERRY COFFMAN BRENT COLE Lettermens 1 yr, AWC 3 yrs, Speech 2 yrs, Golf 2 yrs, Baseball 1 yr. MIKE COLEMAN TAMMIE COLLINS sruco qrreas 19821 3 yrs, French lSec Ev Treas 1982, Pres 19831 2 yrs, Jr. Cabinet, Cheerleading 1 yr, Yearbook Editor-irr Chief 1983. RODNEY COMBS NHS 2 yrs, Spanish I yr, Honors Trlg., AP Calculus, AP Biology, LARRY CONN VICA 2 yrs, Honors Art BRIAN COOK FHA I yr, VICA 1 yr, Soccer 2 yrs MARVIN COOK Lettermens 1 yr, Football 3 yrs. KARL COOPER Football 3 yrs, Baseball 1 yr. RODNEY COOPER DECA 1 yr. DOUGLAS COPELAND LANA COSTEPHENS FHA 1 yr, Sr. Girls Glee 2 yrs, DAVID COUGHRAN DECA 2 yrs, Sr. Cabinet, Honors Art. BOB COUNTS KELLY CRAIG DECA 1 yr, Scholar Quiz 2 yrs. JENNIFER CRITES STUCO 1 yr, Speech 1 yr, German 1 yr, DECA 1 yr. DEBBIE CROCKER Honors Art. JUDY CROSS KELLY CROSS TODD CROUCH LISA CROW DECA 2 yrs, Newspaper, Jr. Cabinet, Sr. Cabinet. SUSAN CRUMP DECA 2 yrs. SHIRLEY CRUTCHFIELD VICA 1 yr. JAMES CURTIS DECA 1 yr, Football 1 yr. MARIA CWIKLOWSKI Spanish 1 yr. MYRA DAKE Spanish 3 yrs, Scholar Quiz l yr, NHS 2 yrs, Concert Choir 2 yrs, Jazz Band 3 yrs, AP English, Nat'l. Merit Finalist. BROCK DAVIS TIM DA VIS Track 3 yrs, Concert Choir 2 yrs. LANNA DAY JACK DECK JOHN DECLUE STUCO 1 yr, Concert Choir 2 yrs, Mens Choir 2 yrs. SHERRI DEGUIRE Lettermens I yr, BOE 1 yr, Volleyball 3 yrs, Basketball I yr. MELISSA DELL French 2 yrs, FHA 1 yr, BOE 1 yr, Track 1 yr, Cheerleading 1 yr. SI-IELLY DIBLASI DECA 1Treas 19821 2 yrs. RHONDA DICKERMAN FHA 1 yr, PomPoms 1 yr, JEFFERY DIECKERMAN STUCO 1 yr, Football 1 yr. AMY DIERKER Lettermens 1 yr, STUCO tPres 1983, Vice-Pres 19821 3 yrs, FHA 1 yr, Cheerleading 1 yr, DECA 1 yr, Track I yr, Superwarrior, Student of the Month. DA VID DIERS DECA lTreas 19821 2 yrs, Basketball I yr. JOSEPH DOERING Soccer 1 yr, AP Calculus. PAUL DOMEK Spanish 2 yrs, Football 1 yr, Basketball 3 yrs, Symphonic Band 2 yrs. MARK DORSE Y Science 1 yr, Football 1 yr. STEVE DOUGLAS Lettermens 1 yr, Football 3 yrs Wrestling I yr. RICKIE DOUTHITT TINA DOWNS LEROY DREIMAN THOMAS DUGGAN Chess 1 yr. KEVIN EARLS Lettermens 1 yr, DECA 1 yr, VICA I yr, Track 2 yrs, Football 3 yrs, DOUG EAST TERESA EASTERWOOD PARTRICK EAVES Baseball 1 yr. AL VIN ECKHARDTChess fSec'Treas 19831 2 yrs, Mens Choir 2 yrs, Concert Choir 1 yr, Honors Trig, AP Calculus, SuperWarrior. BRAD EGGEMEYER VICA I yr. KEN EHLEN SCOTT EHRENREICH Mens Choir 1 yr. MICHELLE EICHELBERGER JAMES ELGIN Science Nice-Pres 19821 1 yr, Honors Trig, AP Calculus. DELORES ELLER STUCO 2 yrs, Soccer 1 yr, SuperWarrior. TERRY ELLIOT ANNA EMILY JOHN ENNIS DENISE ERXLEBEN German 1 yr, DECA 1 yr. LISA ERZINGER French 3 yrs, Symphonic Band 2 yrs, NHS 2 yrs, Track 1 yr, Cross Country 1 yr. TERESA ERZINGER French 3 yrs, Symphonic Band 1 yr, NHS 1 yr. LORETTA EVERHART WANDA FARLE Y CINDY FARRAR Sr. Girls Glee 2 yrs, Softball 1 yr. CAREY FAULKNER STEVE FEAGER . WILLIAM FERERRO MICHELLE FERERRO KIM FIELDS Sr. Girls Glee 2 yrs, Symphonic Band 3 yrs. LISA FISCHER JAMES FISCHER FCA fPres 19821 3 yrs, Football 3 yrs, Baseball 2 yrs. SCOTT FLAMM TERESA FLUEGGE HENRY FORD CHERYL FOX Speech 3 yrs, Drama 3 yrs, NHS 2 yrs, Concert Choir 2 yrs, ITS fPres 19831 2 yrs, Honors Trig, AP English Student of the Month LISA FOX RON FREINER Baseball 3 yrs, Basketball 2 yrs. MARK FRIED MARK FROMM DENNIS FUNKHOUSER DECA 3 yrs, STLICO 1 yr, Lettermens 1 yr, Football 3 yrs, Track 2 yrs, Raquetball 1 yr, Sr. Class Treas. PAUL GAGNON DECA 2 yrs, Concert Choir 2 yrs, Mens Choir 1 yr. TIM GAINES JULIE GALLINA DECA 1 yr, FHA 1 yr, Jr. Cabinet, Sr. Cabinet, Basketball 2 yrs, Sr. Girls Glee 1 yr, Honors Art, LOU! GALLO ANDREA GAMACHE ROBERT GAMMON JAMES GARDNER JEFF GARNER JOHN GENTHER MARK GEORGEFF KELLE Y GIBBS BOB GINTHER PAULA GIPSON TINA GIVENS WILLIAM GLAUS LAURA GOFF Honors Art. KIM GOLIGHTLY EDWARD GORDON NICOLE GOSIK LAURA GREEN ROBERT GREEN TIM GREEN Track 1 yr, Football 3 yrs. SHEILA GRIGGS CINDY GROTE DECA ITreas 1982, Sec 19831 2 yrs, Sr. Cabinet, Honors Art, AP Biology. BARBARA GRUBBS continued on page 183 Paul Adler Mike Aiello Laurette Allen Lisa Allen Mike Allen Wade Altman Kerry Armor Danna Anderson Bobby Arnold Sue Arnold Elaine Ary Cindy Atkins Deb Aubuchon Kim Baker Danny Balmer Kathy Barbagallo Tina Barrett Mike Bartlett Rita Barton Christoph Baud Mary Baekly laurie Beard Bryan Beck Sharon Becker Tim Bedwell Becky Beel Randy Bellville Phil Belmar Tim Bennett Cindy Bibb Debbie Biehl Craig Binkley Ronnie Bird Kim Birkner Sharon Birmingham SOAPS CLEAN LIP The tube glows faintly in the daylight hours. Nothing to do. The only thing on Channel 30 or 11 is an old movie made in 1936. What's on 2 or 4 or 5? "Admit it, you bum. You killed Mary. I should have known. Now you 're going to try to kill me and the baby." Meanwhile Victoria is planning to catch Jeff with her step- sister, Susan. Governor Young is paying Shawn to stuff ballot boxes. George's mistress's illegitimate daughter is going to have an operation by handsome Dr. John who is cheating on his wife who is secretly snorting cocain whenever she gets the chance. Ah yes, the SOAPS are on. Robin Kretzer, Anita Wamhoff, and Terry Francis, as well as others questioned, went for "General Hospital." Sonya Hale, Clara Hertenstein, and Kali Slore all tune in to the "Young and the Restless." And of course there are those who don't "turn on" for either of those shows. They twist the dial for "As the World Turns." Rumor has it that even some guys sneak a peak at the soaps. Bob Arnold, Scott and Rich Daniels, and Skip Albert enjoy watching "Soap." One guy, who insisted on remaining name- less, admitted under close questioning that he sometimes catches "All My Children." No matter what your choice of daily TV fare, one thing is for certain. The Soaps are taking over, and no one wants to miss an episode. by Sally Sneed sm. it L. ak-45, "Aw c'mon, let's go to lunch" yell Juniors Becki Brinkman Julie Kory and Gina Gross. covered 2nd base This is her twelfth year at bat Bryan Black Julie Black Teresa Black John Blankenship Todd Bliven Rodney Boatwright B.J. Bock Mike Boehner Kris Boesing Penny Bogue Tina Bollefer Stephanie Bond Scott Boone Mike Boushey Regine Bowen Scott Bowen Brenda Bowling Jeff Boyd Brian Boyet Jim Brake Becki Brinkman Tim Brockhaus Anita Brown Cindy Brown Scott Brown Tim Brown Eric Bruggeman Tim Bullinhton Chris Bunch Laura Byrne Loretta Capps I Fara Cardinale Scott Carey Paul Caritoni Stace Carron Kim Carlton Regina Carter Kim C-apman Gina Charleville Darrell Cheatham Tracy Childress Tony Chilton Kenny Christopher Kevin Chrunister Dwayne Clines Dawn Cloninger Kali Clore Rich Clouser Patty Coats Jay Coffman Brian Cook Kurt Cook Marie Cook Matt Cook Michelle Coleman Kim Cooley Stephanie Cooper Debbie Cordell Shelli Cornock Elmer Cothern Roger Cowrtway Kevin Cox Gerald Crisman Jamie Cronk Diane Cross Kathy Crutchley Carla Cullum Diann Cunningham Craig Cwikiowiski James Dale Scott Daniels Larry Dannenburg John Dattilo Bob Daugherty Mark Daugherty Terry Daves Scott Davidson Dennis Davis Jammie Davis Jim Davis Julue Davis Patty Davis Greg Dees Vince DeGeare Steve DeGuire Angie DeGonia Jodi DeLane Robin Detter Bill Denman Dave DeVeydt Dave Diamond Dan Dickerman Lisa Dietrich Sandy Dillard Steve Doak Andrea Doerr Barb Dolde Bill Dorsey Mark Dotson Dana Douglas Kevin Douglas Deseree Driver Floyd Duncan Renea Dwyer Dawn East Melinda Easterwood Derek Eaves Tina Eddington Mike Edwards Tammy Edwards Lisa Ehrenreich Barb Eichelberger Rick Eisenbeis Monty Elders Larry Elliotte Lisa Ennis Leann Falcetti Jayne Faller John Farley Connie Farrar Scott Felty Mike Fererro Laura Fini Cindy Fischer Jim Fischer Karen Flahart Michelle Flamm Ken Flotron Dale Fluegge Sue Fox Bill Fraley Terry Francis Dave Frazier Mike Frazier Mike Fuller Natalie Fugan Rodney G'Sell Emmett Gaddy Jessie Gamache Rick Gambino Jim Gangloff John Gangloff Darrin Gardner Don Gastriech Kim George Gail Geitz Tom George Terry Gibbar Bryan Gier Andre Glaser John Glass Doug Goldammer Doug Golden Sandy Godsey Larry Graham Dawn Grossam Edward Green Lisa Griffith Danette Grim Jennifer Grimmett Gina Gross Steve Grothe Linda Grzyb Matt Guelker John Guffey Kevin Hadley Lisa Hadley Ken Halbrook Sonya Hale Wendy Hall Mike Hammers Ginger Hancock Mickey Hannick Anita Hantschke Terrell Harper Roxanne Harrah Joe Harris Matt Harrison Rachel Hartman Sharon Hatcher Bill Hausdorf Bob Hawkins Sue Heine Mike Helmbacher Gene Hensly Dwaine Hermann Bob Hern Matt Hobart Steve Holland Veronica Holtman Mark Hutchison Barbara Huett Darlene Hutsell Cindy Isaac Missy Isaac Kevin Jacobs Barb James Dave Jasperson Grant Jensen Keith Jensen Rick Jensen Paul Johns Cristy Johnson Gina Johnson Mary Johnson 5-YEAR PLA : "IT'S A BLIMMERIH "It's a bummer!" quoted senior John Sandlin, who is current- ly enrolled at Fox on the five-year plan. Entering the 1982-83 school year, many seniors are faced with the dilema of not knowing whether or not they have enough credits to graduate. When asked if this was his last year, John commented, "Prob- ably, but the extra year was worth it. I've got to have that diploma!" The question surrounding this issue seems to be: Why are so many students having problems getting or graduating out on time? Possible answers could be that students become bored and frustrated with themselves and school, don't have the ability to keep up with the rest of their class, or become plain lazy. Many guidance counselors and teachers tend to agree that student laziness is the problem, and Jim Marlan and Mike Schussler agree. "I didn't do my homework and goofed off quite a bit. l'Il have to go an extra year," commented Jim, a sophomore, "l'll need at least three more credits." And, as Mike, a senior, admitted, "I screwed up, it's really my own fault." Solutions to the problem have been offered by many, but for these students there seems to be only one remedy. "I think they should cut the credits back down." suggested junior Greg Deer, who will also need three more credits to graduate! "I pull cars out of the snow and go fourwheeling in the winter," said Junior Randy Murphy. Here Wendel Mathis, Randy, and Dan Hoffarth wait to go sandbagging. Page Kowalski, now a Junior, says she has "been playing the xylophone for the last six years. I started in the sixth grade." Stacey Johnson Steve Johnson Tracey Johnson Dawn Jordan Rick Jordan Sherry Just Steve Kaufmann Paul Keating Maureen Kelley Jim Kendall Daneen Kenkel Melody Kenser Laura Kestermont Don Kincaid Kelly King John Kitness Patty Kloeppel Karen Klos Dan Koehler Jana Kolthoff Tim Konersmann Julie Kory Jay Kovarik Page Kowalski Robin Kretzer Todd Kugler Robert Kupferer Kim Lach Eva Lagage Jeff Lally Marty Lamb Rodney Lammest Jeff Land Steve Laratta Keith Larkin Kathy Laschke Gidget Laurent Michelle Lawson John Leach Michelle Lear Dana Leary Robby Lee Dave Leist Karen Leland Ron Lemons John Leonards Terry Lestor Ryan Lewis Tim Lewis Brian Lexa Dan Lipina Becky Lipsinsky Lori Lively Mark Lochiro Dave Loera Bobby London Glenn Longhibler Debbie Lowon Tricia Loyd Keith Luaders Karen Lutz Bob Mahoney Rodney Mallott Tony Mantia Duane Marburger Betty Marcee Norma Marcee Cindy Marler Paul Marler Lisa Marschel Dennis Martin Ray Martin Chris Martinez Tim Martinez Mike Marty Denise Massara Windel Mathes Lorri Mathews Richard Mathews David Mathis Shawn Mathis Bill May Cynthia Mayberry Terry McBride Tammie McCandIess Ron McCann Sherri McClure Lisa McCord Ron McCutcher Valerie McDonald Darrin McFarland Michelle McGraw John McKenzie Kathy McKinney Chris McKnight Regina McMilIin Dawn McVey Scott Meadows Bob Medlin Brenda Meier Gene Mesplay Barry Meyer Bob Meyer Jimmy Mikel Mary Miler Gail Miller Terry Miller Wendy Miller Bill Mills Melody Miner Toni Miner John Minogue Danny Mobley Dave Money Missy Moore Bruce Morris Suzie Morrison Kelly Morrow John Morse Lisa Moseid Larry Moss Randy Murphy 'Sandy Muser Donna Naramore Mike Nettles Teresa Nickless Kathy O'Brien Angie Oransky Kim Orphan Arlo Oviott Tammie Parmely Steve Payne Mark Parra Maria Pedretti Andrea Penberthy Nancy Perkins Vickey Pfaff Tim Picha Steve Piva Mark Podgorski Mike Pointer Paula Politte Tommy Politte Chris Ponnath Karen Poores Bruce Portell Lisa Potje Jean Potter Beth Potts Kris Pourcillie Shelley Powell Alan Powers Judy Ptasznik Dave Pruitt Ron Pumfrey Theresa Pursifull Brian Quinh Terry Radke Brian Radle Cherie Ramo Teresa Ramo Tony Range Greg Rasnic John Raivie Connie Russ Barb Reim Dave Reese Donna Reed Scott Redd Scott Richardson Albums- 57.9 Stereo- 5395 Debbie Rickman Michelle Riley Doug Roach William Robinson Jim Rodgers Virginia Roland John Rost Dawn Roth Mathew Royal Tony Ruble Brian Rulo Scott Ryan Dianne Salsman Leslie Sanders Jackie Sarkis Lisa Sawdy Shari Scott Pat Schaub Marie Schaper Cynde Schlosser Cheryl Schmidt Jill Schmidt George Schmitt Mike Schutse Debbie See Kent Sellers Mike Setzer Steve Sherrill Dina Shoemaker Paul Sikorski Eddie Skaggs Carolyn Sluyter Lonnie Smallon Charles Smith Cindy Smith WHAT DCDES IT Taco- 69C CCDST? Big Mac- 51.25 9 .00 Concert Ticket- 510.00 - 517.50 Movie ticket- 54.00 - 52.00 Qchildj Cassette tape- 58.99 Cowboy boot s- 560.00 Concert T-shirt- 510.00 - 515.00 Class ring- 5125.00 Lettermen's coat- 575.00 Hair cut- 511.00 Levis- 520.00 I Nike- 540.00 My -W.. lzod shirt- 520.00 ....r. r it ----.. 6'Pack Busch- 53.00 LLLLLLZLLLS lce cream fone scoopl- 60C Pizza Qlargej- 58.80 Medium soda- 55C French fries- White Castle- 45C 24C Junior Sue Heine led the marching Warriors in the Arnold Parade. annum DECA student Jill Schmidt escorts an elderly man into the store for Senior Citizen's Day at Target. I as 5 i . " af' no 7f4'gif,g,, H MgLa x 'f',.',,r:,. ' f f M f ,A J fm ggmw , Wi +1 T. -Y " N '27 "',qfvQ,f42,f.,L,f1?A'y f. fe - - Debbie Smith Pam Smith Shirley Smith Sally Sneed Denise Sollers Tim Sommers Bruce Spangenburg Tony Speer Ron Stadler Robbie Stafford Terry St. John Jocelyn Stockwell Tammy Straher Diane Streckfuss Barbie Strong Laura Stroups Linda Stuckmeyer Eric Sutton Lisa Swafford Jim Sweeney Steve Syberg Damon Talley Sherry Tarrants Charles Taylor Ron Tefft Becky Thatch Lisa Thoma Jerry Thomas Julie Thomas Kim Thomas Kirk Thomas Tammy Thomas 1 Tracey Thomas Cary Thornton Lana Thrower Bobbie Tipton Shari Toennies Laura Torode Joe Treat Robert Tullock Michelle Turnbough Tracy Vance Valerie Vancleave Tim Varga Ken Vaughn Connie Vitall Angie Volner Tina Vonarx Vicky Von Derhaar Leigh Waites Greg Walker Anita Wamhoff John Ward Tina Ward Terry Watkins Greg Weatherford Lisa Webb Julie Weber Tom Weber Lisa Wedel Roger Wells Steve Wells Tina Wery Tuesday West Kirk Westmoreland "WHAT DO YOU DO TO ESCAPE THE WI TER BLAHS?" ERIC SUTTON 1115: I go to girls' houses and play basketball. RON PUMFREY 11151 I like to Ski. I went to Aspen ODCG and broke my leg. JIM SWEENEY 1115: watch movies on the VCR. KIRK ARNOLD 1105: I don't like winter! GAIL MILLER 1115: talk on the telephone. KELLY COX 1105: sled-riding and snowball fights! We used to go RODNEY CATTOR 1125: I like to go bumper-skiing with my to Arrowhead with our sleds, and it was wild! friends and camp out. DARRIN TAMUL 1105: ice-skate on the lake behind my house. SUE HEINE 1115: build snowmen with Rodney. Last year I fell in. DANA COLEMAN 1105: make igloos in the snow. JANET CRAIG 1105: Mrs. Howell, I practice Pom Poms! LISA VIOLA 1105: sit home and watch soap operas. DAWN MCVAY 1115: sit in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate. KIM HAYES 1105: burn frozen pizzas in the oven. CINDY RINEHART 1105: nothing: I just suffer through them MR. KAPPLER: do honey-do's. TRACIE WEST 1105: punk out while talking on the phone. BECKY LARONGE 1105: I like to draw or ride my horse. I put bells on Dusty and we go for rides in the snow. MRS. KARL: When I'm by self and I have the winter blahs, I eat. A I 'S Vince DeGeare likes to "invite Diane down to my house and pretend we're in Hawaii" to escape the winter blahs. I f iz 2 1 W - L "I enjoy the wintertime because the snow is so pretty," commented Julie Davis, right, seated here with Paula Politte and Teresa Black. Scott Wheat Steve White Travis Whittley Beth Wilkerson Jim Willfred Bob Williams David Williams Lisa Williams Michelle Williams Susan Williams Terri Williams Terry Williams Holly Wilson Kyle Wilson Rhonda Wilson Mecina Winkelmann Tammy Winters Teresa Wirtel Dearl Wisdom Kathy Wisnewski Bridgette Wood Margaret Woods Tim Wymore Sandy Young Richard Yount Anthony Zaitz John Zeuner Kevin Zoellner Lisa Abney Paula Abrams Kim Adams Renee Adams Becky Aenew Sue Ahonen Chris Aiello Skip Albert Sheri Alden Brian Alexander Kieth Allen Becky Axley Neena Aly Michelle Ambrose Dennis Amick Michelle Amsler Angie Anderson Bob Anderson Kevin Anderson Sue Anderson Michelle Andrews Albert Anthony Melissa Appleby Kirk Arnold Karen Ashby Sherry Ashmore Pam Atkins Mike Aubuchon Lauren Aucoin Bill Austin Theresa Barbagallo Annette Bach Debbie Bade Carl Baer Linda Baer FIRST DATE BLUES Dating is a fact of life for most high school students, and most of the students at Fox don't mind it at all! Lisa Blackoff, a senior, gave an interesting answer when asked about her first date. She stated, "My first date went just fine, except he didn't have enough money to get us into the show! He was embarrassed, his face turned red." When Mi- chelle Becker, a sophomore, was asked this question. she replied, "Well it was not boring. We spent our time getting to know each other." Some people, although, find that getting to know each other can be the hardest part of the first date. According to some students the nervousness can drive a person crazy. "l was very nervous," senior Wilber Kemp said. "So nervous that I didn't know what to talk about or how to start a conversation." Senior Class President Tom Pummill remembers being very nervous on his first date. He said, "My date and I were both afraid to even eat in front of each other. lt made both of us feel dumb." Most students agree that once a person gets over these kinds of problems dating can be fun and exciting! Sophomores Tracy Johnson Lee Dean and Chris Beck take it easy during their lunch break Dawn Fehr, sophomore, remembers the most embarrassing moment she ever had was on a date when "I crunched into a nacho chip with hot sauce and lt broke apart and fell everywhere!" Y ' H WMW f , QQ 2 W , 5 ,, c f M at , Winn W M Aw 'm SQPHQMQRES Karen Bagley Rodney Baitinger l Kim Baker Scott Barger Brian Basinger Tim Bauer Jeff Bazwell Tammy Bazzell David Bearden Michelle Beare Christine Beck Jeff Becker Kathy Becker LaDonna Becker Michelle Becker Tracy Becker Arville Bedwell Chris Beel Shank Beers Paul Belmar Shannon Bender Terry Benner Danny Bennett Tim Bennett Scott Berry Greg Bess Chris Bickel Joan Bielefield John Bielefield Tracey Biermann Angie Black Kathy Blakely Tammy Blechle Dayna Blick Robin Boehm Charles Bollinger Sherri Bolm Bruce Bopp Stan Borawski Paula Boswell Todd Bowerson Terri Boyster Michelle Brackett Sari Bradish Wendy Bradshaw Dorcia Brady Tammy Brahe Tina Brandhorst Chris Brandt Tim Braun Stephen Breedlove Jennifer Brewer Pamela Bridges Scott Brinkley James Brooks Toni Brooks David Brown Jeanette Brown Regina Brown Sue Brown Patrick Bryant Tammy Bullington Shawn Burgan Burt Craig Tammy Callahan Laura Calvin Susan Carter Rachel Carty Derek Case Angie Cash Greg Catt Jill Cattoor Mike Chalupny Don Chapman Donna Checkett Tonya Chiles Tim Chilton Eric Cissell Cindy Clark Randy Clark Ralph Clements Mickey Cline Bryan Clouser Patty Coats Dana Coleman David Conn Joe Consiglio Belinda Cook Matt Corzine Kelly Cox Debbie Craig Jackie Craig Janet Craig Scott Crittenden Joel Cross Dawn Crossen Chuck Crostic Rodney Boswell Michelle Crump Tammy Czapla Tom Czapla Rich Daniels Lonnie Dannenburg Tony Datillo Machelle Daugherty Randal Davidson Greg Davis Sandra Davis Tim Davis Chris Dawidowski Nancy Dawson Lee Deane Ruth DeBusk Daron DeClue Michelle Delay Robert Delgman Stephanie DeMoor Karla Denetale Perry Denman Frank Diebold Becky Dietzler Dalynn Dirickson Bill Dorsey Sue Downey Kathy Drysdale Ruth Duggan Julie Dunn Jerel Eames Jerry Eaton Jeff Eberhardt Kevin Eberhardt Steve Eden Tom Ehlen Debbie Eichelberger Elaine Eller Kathy Emling Tami Ems Tom Eubanks Diane Fair Tammy Farris Brian Faulkner Carl Falkner Laura Faupel Margie Faveere Dawn Fehr Shanaree Fenton Jamie Ferguson Jeanine Ferrero Rhonda Fenley Charlie Firestine Dawn Fischer Joe Fischer Renee Fischer Tom Fitzgerald Robert Flotron Sherri Fletcher Christy Foster Michelle Fox Mike Frailey Don Fraley Judy Frazier Michelle French Kaye Frenzel Patty Frost Margie Fuqua Tina Fullerton Tom Gabbert Daryl Gaertner Kenny Gagnon Annette Gambino Shelly Gansman l Kurt Genz Alisa Giarding Stacy Gibbs Jeff Gietz Tina Godfrey Lisa Goff Karen Goldsmith Traci Graves Ron Green Diane Greene Ted Greeno Kevin Greer Diana Griffey Dorothy Grisham Kim Gross Stan Gross Debi G'SeIl Natalie Guelker Keith Gurley Lisa Haar Robyn Halbrook Valerie Hamilton Cheryl Harey Angie Hankemeyer Mike Harmo Richard Harrison Ricky Harry Renee Hart Scott Hart Cliff Hartzell Mike Harvey Troy Hathaway Jim Haynes Kim Hayes HTELEPHO E CONVERSATIONSH L.A. QLOWER ARNOLDJ Honest, Carol, he was so very sharp. A real babe. Very good- looking. When I saw him I nearly' freaked out. We were at South County. Helen and I, that is. He came up to me and started talking to me right away. I couldn't remember him. It was really wierd. He's Janet's older brother. He's got a 4-wheel drive pick-up truck. Jacked up way high with the big tires and those special wheels. Well anyway, we spent all day looking for shoes. Couldn't decide on Nikes or hiking boots. We couldn't find any Calvins on sale, so we're going back next week. My hair dryer burned out and I had to get another. Mom was really unglued. You can't get your hair to feather right unless you have a dryer and curler. Mom let me use the Famous credit card. This real clod was in the appliance department. I mean a real zero. He thought I was my mother. Now, do I look that old? How about that new brain at school? Must have gotten his transcript from Yale. Really a nerd. Found some great eye shadow. Andrea says the color makes her barf. Call you back later. If I don't get my work done, Mom will ground me again. That really ticks me off. Bye. L.A. I LOS ANGELESJ Like, Totally Rad. I mean, REALLY. This totally awesome dud cruised us at the Gallerina. Like ultimately "GQ," I mean really. Totally Tom Selleck, you know? I was jazzed to the max, like, really. I acted totally jel 'til the gnarly dude barks he's Janet's older brother. Like I'm acting "cas" but way crankin', you know? A Mercedes, I mean like, a Mercedes really. Spent billys for a new mini and flats. CouIdn't find any awesome blouse. Like the crill at the shoe store is such a crispo, I mean, like, who doesn't have plastic? This bu fu thinks I'm my mother. Edged. TOTALLY Edged. My mom was fenced when I used all the hair spray and she's going in to the plastic surgeon. Really, have you seen the Pointdexter at school? Like he should flake to Yale. Found a totally awesome shade of mas- cara. Andrea says it made her rolf. Bell you later. I'm per-ear. Mom will pull the plastic if I don't perform. That like bums me out. TOTALLY, like, you know? Right. Sophomore Randy Lowery and his band set up to perform at the Oktoberfest. Sophomores Steve White and Curtis Thetford listen to Sean HuIen's stories during lunch. Susan Hayes Jim Heidorn Tom Heisler Jeff Henderson Susan Henderson Debbie Hermann Diane Hermann Mark Hern Cathy Hertenstein Kristin Hertlein Kathy Hickman Cheri Hill ' Mary Hill Robert Hill Stacey Hill Lisa Hilse Carolyn Hinkel Kelly Hittler LeAnn Hobbs Don Hoffman Julie Hoffarth Pat Holdgate Donna Hopper Joel Houser Carol Huber Mike Huber Anna Hudspeth Sean Hulen John Hummeli Steve Hunter Loretta lnman Delinda lvie Melinda lvie Kim lwasyszyn Adrianne Jackson Becky Jackson Patrick Jensen Michelle Jenkins Kim Jensen Cyndi Jerger Georgia Johnson Robin Johnson Scott Johnson Suzie Johnson Tracy Johnson Wilma Johnson Karen Jones Kim Jones Richard Jones Ronna Jones Mike Jordan Dave Julian Shawn Kammien Troy Kayser Dewayne Kelch Steve Kelch Angie Kelley Mike Kemp Joe Kenna Mary Kenney Kelly Kenser Rita Kenser Cindy Kerbler Eric Kessels Craig Kinder Andy King Chuck Kingsbury Tom Kirkley Shelley Kirkpatrick Tracy Kiske Gerren Klahs Laura Kleine Ken Kleinschrodt Karen Klempert Dawn Kley Kevin Klos Rob Klund Randy Knese Debbie Kohler Elizabeth Konieczny Mark Korhammer Matt Kovarik Annette Kraemer Mary Kramer David Kuhlmeyer Tracey Lacy Renee LaChance Kathy LaGage Ronnie Lamb Jeff Lamotte Amy Langhorst Scott Langelier Jim LaPlant Becky LaRonge Tammy Lavraar Wade Lawrence Rodney Laxton Mike Leeker Kim Lemons Diane Lewis Theresa Lewis Kelly Lexa Denise Linden Tracy Lindner Joe Lingle Kathy Littrel Steve Livingston Ellen Lloyd Elaine Long Beth Looney Susan Loos Randy Lowry Briant Luaders Scott Luaders Michelle Mabus Jerry Maddox Eric Manion Dave Manis David Mann Troy Mann Chris Mantia Angie Marburger Dave Marchbanks Denise Markos Shanda Marschall Melanie Martin Jo-Ell Mason Cheryl Massing Rick Maurice Polly Mayberry Paula McAffee Sheri McClelland Clay McClain Sherry McCormick Dennis McCoy Shari McCulley Jim McGuirk Mac McKee Pat McMichael Michelle Means Geoff Mees Tammy Melton Dave Meyer Sherri Meyer Adam Miller Danny Miller Mike Miller Pam Miller Gwynn Mitchell Donna Mitchem Charlie Mize Annie Mobley Steve Mobley Denise Moll Steve Money Bryan Moon Brian Moore Jerry Moore JoAnn Moore Kim Moore Dave Montgomery Walter Morgan Robin Morgin Jeff Moring Jimmy Morlan Tammy Morley Marla Morrow Jennifer Moser Jim Mosher Mary Muehlhauser Melinda Mueller Steve Mueller Todd Mueller Rodney Mullins Darren Myers Jim Naggi Cindy Naney Ernie Nanney Mark Narens Glen Nations Karen Neal Steve Nelson Frank Newton Tina Nichols Lesa Noblin Dan Nolde Rick Noll Brenda Norden Sheryl Nall Doug Nyga Kim Ochs Joan O'Connor Denise O'Dell Vicki Odenthal Kelly O'Hara Larry O'Harver Chris O'Laughlin Julie Olds John O'Shea Cheryl Owensby Tracy Owsley David Pallme Amy Palmer John Palmer Sophomores Robin Johnson, Kelly Reese, Tammie Callahan, and Michelle Jenkins cheer on the B-team football players. "Melinda, Brian, Tammie and l have been friends since we met in Junior High," said Robin Johnson, second from left. Sophomores Kim Jones and Michelle Amsler admit they do some pretty crazy - xo. l Carl Parker Eve Parker Randy Parker Shelly Parker Susan Parker Susan Parker Mark Pashia Michelle Pate Brian Patterson Dave Patterson Rudy Pavlik Del Penberthy June Petero Allan Petot Chris Pfefferkorn Chris Phillips Cliff Phillips Nick Phillips Lisa Pierce Samantha Pipkin Valerie Plemmons Jill Plumb Dave Podgornik Amy Pointer Lisa Politte Sharon Polk Bryan Portell Jackie Porter Paul Potter Steve Potts Larry Pounds Mike Praul Mary Pritchett Chad Prokasky Laura Ramsey Toni Ramsey Gary Randolph Toni Randolph Joe Raymond Michelle Reed Kelli Reese Sal Regna Brenda Reich Chris Reifschneider Randy Reising Dan Whitworth Donna Repp David Reprogle Debbie Reynolds Joann Rhodes Cathy Rice Mike Rice Brenda Richards Chandra Richardson Jeanine Riddle Dennis Riebold Michelle Riebold Cindy Rinehart Lisa Roberts Mike Robinson Eddie Rodgers Kathy Roland Chris Rosso John Roth Steve Rotty Michelle Roybal Arron Rudert Mariann Ruoff Renee Russell Tom Russo Zina Sample Renee Satterfield David Sawdy Duane Schafer Steven Schmidt Donna Schoults Stuart Schuchardt Robert Schwartz Tina Schwarz Chuck Scott Teresa Seavey Rene Seib Dawn Sevier Kim Shelton Shawn Sherrill Donald Siegler Kevin Sigman John Simmons Mary Simmons Denis Simons Jeff Simpson Ruth Simpson Rhonda Sitzes Donnie Skaggs Vicki Reed Ted Skiles David Slate Scott Smallwood Annette Smith Bobby Smith Craig Smith Jason Smith Jenney Smith John Smith Mary Smith Denise Snelling Donna Snyder Toni Sova Dale Spangler Tamra Spence Lisa Spray Robyn Spriggs Kellie Spurr Leanne Stacy Joseph Stampfl Cheryl Stearns Carmen Stefane Mary Steimel Jeff Steinmeyer Richard Stepanek Lisa Sterling Don Stickler Karen Stilwell Annette Stiller Pat St. John Teresa Stout Brenda Strout Terry Strauser Kim Street Robert Stuckmeyer. Robert Sutter Star Sutton Laura Swafford Rita Swaller Jennifer Taliaferro Darren Talley Darin Tamiel Lorie Tarrants Jackie Taylor Mike Tellmann Deana Temple Rick Terrell Curtis Thetford Chris Thies Dan Thoma Kris Thomale Jason Thomas Larry Thomas Bob Toohey Carol Trammel Kathy Tripp Darlene Trousdale Kirk Trtan Kim Tuggle Michelle Uhlinger Steven Underhill Cheryl Llpdegrave Eddie Llthoff Ron Vancil Vince Vandaveer Kathy Van Hoogstaat Cindy VanMeter Chris Van Rhein Eddie Verhaeg Vicki Veller Annette Vickers Lisa Viola Ken Volge Tony Vonderhaar Holly Voss David Wagner Lisa Wagner Michelle Walden David Walker Shelly Walker Pam Walter Tammy Walters Tracey Walters John Ward Diane Warren Breck Washam Laura Weatherford Barbara Weatherholt Dan Webb Julie Webb Mark Webb Scott Weber Stacy Weiland Karen Weppner Tracie West Matt West Williem West Lee Whately Ralph Wetzll Kevin White Steve White Daniel Whitworth Sharon Wibbenmeyer Robert Williams Tim Williams Melina Wilson Wendy Wingbermuehle Mike Wolff Brian Wolfmeier Joanita Womack JU IOR HIGH VS. SENIOR HIGH Many students were asked, "Which is better, Senior high or Junior high?" The only answer that was given was "Sen- ior high". When asked why they chose Senior high over Junior high there were varied responses, but freedom was almost always mentioned. Brian Schmelig, senior, "ln Junior high you were always pushed around. You had to do this and that, In the Senior high you're much more independent." Alice Bryant, senior, Mark Sluss, senior, and Alex Mettor, junior all simply said, "Freedom." There were many other reasons given that were not so obvious. Kip Rupert, senior, "More women". Jim Elgin, senior, "Alot of choice classes to take." Mark Dorsey, senior, "You get to drive to school rather than ride the little yellow bus." Carol Huker, senior, "Better looking guys." Tammy Basil, senior, "l'm back together with my friends. We had to split up when we went to Junior high." Skip Albert, senior, "The smoking lounge." The freedom gained in Senior high is because students have been taught to use their skills. ln other words, the more you learn, the easier it will be! By RICHARD CRAIG ii I i I Li -',,f g X if "Greg was so proud of his Fox jacket, he had to pose for a picture," said sophomore Tim Braun about the exchange student from South Africa. Z 5 V 5. Juanita Womack Sonia Womble Paula Wood Diane Wright Terri Wright Bob Wylfe Tammy Wymore Elaine Yallaly Kimberly Yuille Jeff Zawadil Phillip Zerillo Chrisina Zotta . K. Sophomores Amy Langhorst and Rich Harrison Cleft of netb struggle to keep the cage ball from falling on their half of the court. Here they play against the South African students. Fred Zummwalt 1.1- "l won second place in a contest on predicting the first snowfall," said Star Sutton, "so I won a trip to Mr. Howell's office. It's a dream-come-true for me and l highly recommend the tripito everyone!" g 517049 maaww , 464 5332 BW 467 5451 rx 61, , f STEIBEL S M NORM STEIBEL 13141 6314440 IILDLBUIQS MCcLuR2S61g1g25:3 6 Auro 418 Grandvlew Park Drlve P I M Arnold Mlssoun 63010 1345 JEFFCO BLVD ARNOLD MO 63010 ARNOLD DRUG 6 ARNOLD DRUG SOUTH Arnolds Independently Owned Professmnal Pharmacles ARNOLD DRUG ARNOLD DRUG SOUTH Arnold Square Jefferson County Shopping Center Professlonal Arts Bldg. 296-5666 464-1010 FREE PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY V 2' ' 'A 4' X1 . -2 ' - ' lil an 5? E ' . X1 , xvfl 'nn I ! State Road Bayiess Road Imperial' MO' 53052 St, Louis, Missouri 63125 O i nch s , . . 1 ' au Cclure I Inna A Il 2200 South 59th Street St Louls Mlssourl 63110 JOHN C PORTA Presldent 8 CO 'I I.4I'I 01111111 IX' II INII I' III LIIIIIASI ILQI I Sh pp QC MON FIQQNY EQTAQM 1623 JEFFCO BOULEVARD ARNOLD MISSOURI 63010 13141 296 2656 AI E QQ removes Bank FRIENDLY COURTEOCIS SERVICE ANTONIA IMPERIAL OTTO 948 2216 467 3450 948 261 1 B 13OIpIM62 COMPLIMENTS OF QIDEIIIQIIQIIIIIIYQ PASTRY SHOP Tool. AND ENGINEERING CRSEESOQQSQQZA 948 2444 I " I T I 'JIS I ft I" u"'nj III Fu Cu A T 'I lxl I.eL.llXI l..lIV"t I ILII I l"'JI I' ,, I I' I ' - l.0.IIlI'.I I --- II,II,II,I :'I,ICI 'lf I we , ' 'EI 3 - "1 Crossroads Paza o IH enter - am to m am to 6pm V I 'av ,LL 5 , E go J OX , ' o. 305 Q 'Whlrl 001 HOME piggy! 3 C65 Look m the Yellow Pages for the Whirlpool Dealer Near You Q .-,sz if 'R Q, :zz S mia a ,asm HEPQRELL S S3 QE 53333 MARKET LRESSWJ' G E303 :1x:s,4::5E:5 467 5544 Q if 3 Q9 0 2 :I .4 6 U : Ray and Larry s Flre Extmgulsher I - - SCFVICE x ' Sales and Service RAY LARRY Z?5ZJ6'i'ZFCO BLVD 296 8275 296 0705 61 67 ARNOLD MO 630 10 664 Idaho Arnold Mo 63010 Q 3363 13 Unlllllg I rw ' ,N ,, ,wg-NN H fp z:-3, - 4 , ,f N, zlzr'-, -..:- ., N 4. 4 L 'iw .::?2:155. --:::2::::rs.- Q - , lt' " 1 35: 51:1 if 24-"SE IE::-':5::2:5: W-1-:g:g4,..:.-L.::-.:..-::,4, . 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HUTH John Brttne P es de t Arnold Muffle Inc PO B x 157 1754 Jeffco Bl d A old Mo 63010 C3141 296 0904 LLOYD E JETT 3144640179 EDNA E JETT 467 3940 JETTCRAFT CUSTOM WOODWORKING BRING YOUR IDEAS G DIMENSIONS WE SPECIALIZE BOOKCASES CUSTOM CABINETS P Qbyp 543Hy6167s :pe IM 6 2 CHRISTINE S FABRIC CORNER if 16 VILLAGE PLAZA HWY 6167 ARNOLD MO 63010 5' QQZLEZN CHRISTINE HILL OWNER 223 Ferry Street JEHZCO Fenton M1ssour163026 295 6630 326 9950 SCRUMPDILLYISHUS ROBERT KING DESIGNED STYLED HAIRCUTS OPEN HRS MON FRI 88 SAT 96 SUN 102 TOUCH OF CLASS 6971 HWY 21 N 7 MERAMEC HEIGHTS ARNOLD MISSOURI 63010 BARNHART MO 63012 MENT PHONE 2879641 CROSQROADS AUTO PARTS EVENINGS BY APPOINT ..g..---s-P . l ra s I I' 'nn' ig OPEN 7 DAYS 3431303 TAYLOR RENTAL CENTER Russo S MEAT MARKET ARNOLD FEIYTON HIGH RIDGE SOUTH 926 Jeffco Blvd Spec' Ii ing old-fashxo ed m at counte ser 'ce. 9 COUNTY ' " la z in ' n e IPC ' f A I 1 r I n ' I' . , . , . O 4 V . In I ' 8-5 .M -sr Evenm p. ' 2 w - outl' m ria, o. 305 9 E-. ,.-.,. 4, ,.2. ,i f 32 110' 3 Q 0 I Q ' . 9 v if ' X 467-1039 ii Q " 5 5 Queen 0lW!Jfl7W9lW Max? WMM? 0 7 . PH 464-5688 , 'I 'fir i, 0, . KM I if x V W X! 9 'A 'Pay U V. '-uv. 351 ,. . . N2 A I-. ROCK ROLL O RENA ROLLER RINK 4153 JEFFCO BLVD ARNOLD MO 63010 FAMILY OWNED 6 OPERATED SHEAR ELEGANCE Fe SAI Lag is 11.51 E3 5 L y F y sr L M 63129 894 807 RON S BODY CRAFT TED FENDLER FUNERAL 324Z4"3538 B' d FREE ESTIMATES 6 Jff Bld 2965102 llllllll I IIUNAIX I I' 'Ll Xl MENS Q full service beau y alon if OLD PARK MAL 63010 457 ma err Rd. O . ' . 7 Compliments of rd ice n , O e co v . 30 e co v . 1 Q Q up Q 1 M0 - .:l"' ,- I I .. I .".ll..o I ul lll..l New 6 Used Book Buy, e fade ll... ,-, , - . l'. ..1'5' 'gf' 'L U' - I :Pu 'i n ii I1 g KS C Q IIOUUQUVOJIODIVUUUUIUIIUOUQUIUIUUUUVVU 3 ARS EEDT SANDRA KOHLER y BOOK 1 ,Z i Q r PLAZA If .Igglfld -Q AR - 232556 296-8388 MEREMEC SAFETY PRODUCTS 343 4194 INDUSTRIAL SAFETY 17 Herltage Court EXTINGUISHERS FIRST AID Fenton Mo 63026 SUPPLIES RAPPELLING GEAR -I DENOYER . ..- 'WB DANCE DRIVEWAYS ROADS PARKING LOTS PATIOS CHOICE OF COLORS SEALING WORK ALL WORK GUARANTEED ARQQQIQSQQHQ'-T STUDIOS 296 0396 464 3824 STEVE HEIBEL 287 6524 296 8169 AMERICAN FAMILYQ JEFFERSON COUNTY RICHARD W MORRIS PHONE 2969561 MQN THUR3 85 pg-IQNE5 FRI 88 4675400 1506 JEFFCO BLVD SAT 84 454 5350 ARNOLD MISSOURI 63010 314f296 7171 ARNOLD AUTO REPAIR INC JOE GANGLOFF MERAMEC HEIGHTS AUTO PARTS PHONE 2871183 J ff B 8 0 DON S GINNY ARNOLD MISSOURI 63010 MEYER ' 1 . , 1 ' 7 Y A I 4 fr 4: if if " ""' ' """"" IMPERIAL, MO 63052 ' I ' .' . ' 1 a , . 2065 Hiway 21 Arnold, Mo. 63010 . 1521 e I d : MONAFRI -6:3 SAT 8-5 OWNER CHOPS, STEARS, ROASTS ARNSQ-EFEEEQD INC' CHOICE AGED BEEF ARNOLD MO 63016 FRESH PORK CUTS 2960594 ARNOLD MEATS 155 MISSOURI STATE RD. PET SUPPLIES AQUARIUM ACCESSORIES OLD HWY- 91141 t LQNEDELL RD LAWN AND GARDEN 5533 WILLIAMS BUS. 2960203 Y I a PETS Home 2969324 Gf all 20 31191113 222231221 CQIGQDEZSQI CONVENIENCE STORE ' ' T BOB S DRIVE IN 467 5055 Paul and Judy Buchheit CIOsed Tuesdays 10 pm 5166 HWY 61-67 Imperial MO 63052 ARNOLD PET PALACE Everything for Your Pet 1502-04 Jeffco. Blvd. Arnold MO 63010 JOHN and PAT PFIFER A BE MSIE If If NW IIIIIHE wld. R E 296 6310 ARNOLD NURSERY Rzsszisossmsfaw WD 296 3422 JQHN L-JACK, MINQGUE ARNOLD OFFICE SYSTEMS A fd M' 1321 JEFRQO BLVD ARNOLD MO 63010 fm' 2968111 7701 Old Telegraph AUTHORIZED 8468111 Remmgton Rand DEALER 13143 296 8888 lr Q In - vs GLENDA L. WALDROP ' vw Q I1 If ,, an l ,al L Q 1 I Open 6 days 11:00 am- I TWA A N W CI I - X .6 MARY ww d COSIWQI ICS 467 6506 O dz QM WIUIUWAWI JM FR JOHN VOGLER PASTOR FR TOM WYRSCH ASSOCIATE PRINTING WITH PRIDE :HUBERCPRINTIHG CORP I314I 343 7711 MULLINS CONSTRUCTION 296 3288 E19 E19 0 GVCFAQEAW 5 A Metal Container ONE OF THE ANHEUSER BUSCH COMPANIES 42 TENBROOK INDUSTRIAL COURT ARNOLD MO 63010 5, -V Rx, 1,55 an IAL EXIT K . of f I x f X 1 ' If! LINDA I C Q I 6 Q4 SQQI W I 4 1 , .. i P B oo. CARPENTRY and CEMENT WORK 1679 S. HIGHWAY 141 ' FENTON, MISSOURI 53026 ' .- - 9 69 9? 0 . T 9 I T 9 8 ' 9 'E 9 I E , ,-9 -- W--9 .-G --H gig-- A X 'cf 'If if E Ev bb Corporation Comgrawlatfoms BENIQRS County Bank of Arnold 956 Jeffco Boulevard Arnold, Missouri 63010 314-296-2766 MEMBER FDIC 3771015 030585 FHA 1 yr, Cheerleading I yr, Sr. Girls Giee 1 yr. KAREN GCIMMERSHIMER ELLEN HAHA' Sr. Gifts Glee 1 yr, Pres. Scholarship SEMO TERRY HALL CINDY HAMIL TGI! French 3 yrs, Scholar Quiz 1 yr. TIM HANEBRINK Football 1 yr, Cross Country 2 yrs, Track 3 yrs. JOHN HANNEKEN NANCY HAIYSEN HE!Dl HARING NHS 3 yrs, German I yr, AWC fSec'Treas 1982, Pres 19835 3 yrs, Speech 1 yr, FHA l yr, AP English, Superwarrior. JILL HARMON TRACE Y HARRISON JACQUEL YN HART Symphonic E-and 3 yrs, Spanish 2 yrs. JACQCIELINE HART LAURA HASTY MARK HA TC!-IER CINDY HA YES Spanish 2 yrs, Sr. Girls Glee 2 yrs, Yearbook 1 yr. SUSAN HAZEL WONDER STUCO 3 yrs, Track 1 yr, FHA 1 yr. JEFF HEA TH JOSEPH HEBERLIE Speech 1 yr, German 1 yr, AWE 1 yr. PATRICIA HEFFERNAN LISA HEIBEL Yearbook I yr, FHA 1 yr. RUSSELL HEINE JAMES HELFERT CAROLINE HELFRICH BRHDGET HELM8 LISA HENDRIX LISA HERRICK DIANE HERTEL CLARA HERTENSTEIN BOB HICKMAN ROBIN HICKS REGINNA HIGHFILL JOHN HIGHLEY JERRY HILL PA TRICIA HITE TRACY HITTLER KARRI HOBART K!M HOBART GARY HOCHSTA TTER DALE HOLDMAN KEN HOLLINGSHEAD SAMMIE HOLTMAN FHA I yr, VICA I yr. JOHN HONAKER VICA 1 yr. MIKE HQPSON CAROL HORST SOIYJA HOSICK BOE 1 yr, Honors Art. JON I-IOUSER PAUL HOWELL DEBORAH HUFF BOBBI HGFFMAN ALICE HUGHES LHYDA HCIMMEL DONNA HUMPHREY BOE 1 yr. LIESE HUTCHISON NHS 2 yrs, AP English, Pres. Scholarship SEMO DOUGLAS HUTSELL STLICO 'i yr, VXCA 1 yr. RHOIYDA IKEWODD DECA 1 yr, FHA I yr, Track 1 yr, Symphonic Band 3 yrs. TAMMIE IVIE ROBERT JACKSON TAMM Y JACKSON WILLIAM JAMES VICA CPres 19839 1 yr. THERESA JANSEN DECA CPres 19833 2 yrs, Volleyball 1 yr. CHRISTINA JECKLIN Track 1 yr, Cross Country 1 yr, Sr. Cabinet Treas. DONNA JESIONOWSKI ROGER JOHNS KIM JOHNSON ROBERT JOHNSON Basketball 2 yrs. ROBIN JOHNSON CHRISTIAN JOHNSTON ELIZABETH JONES JEFF JONES JONATHAN JONES MARK JORDAN RICHARD JORDAN TIM JORDAN Soccer Captain 19833 2 yrs. KIM JULIAN WAYNE JURKOWSKI CHARLES KAUFMAN SENlOR INDEX KAREN KA Y EDWARD KEA TING' DAN KEEN L YNN K EE VIL WILBUR KEMP DARRIN KENNEY FRANK KERBLER LISA KERNAN DEBORAH KESTERMONT DIANE KILPER DEBORAH KINEALY TRACEY KING DECA 1 yr, Drama 1 yr, STUCO 3 yrs, Yearbook 1 yr. SCOTT KIRCHNER DEVON KlRK TARA KLEINE DENISE KLINE KEVIN KNEFF Raquetbail Wres 19831 3 yrs. LISA KOEHLER JOANIYA KOEHRER CAROLINE KOHLER Science Cfreas 1983! 1 yr, German 2 yrs, Basketbali 3 yrs, Concert Choir 2 yrs, AP Biology. MARK KORTE V STEVE KOS TRACEY KRAMER DWIGHT KRAUS KEITH KRAUS Science 1 yr, Lettermens 1 yr, NHS 2 yrs, Basebail 3 yrs, Basketball fCaptain 19831 3 yrs, AP Calculus, Honors Algebra. KELLY KROECK DECA 2 yrs, Jr. Cabinet, Sr. Cabinet. , LINDA KCIHLMEYER Drama 3 yrs, ETS 2 yrs, STUCO 2 yrs. CHRISTINE KCIPFERER VINCENT K UROSZ ' JAIYELLE LACEY Lettermens 1 yr, VICA 1 yr, Cheerleading 3 yrs. BRUCE LACHANCE Science 1 yr, Lettermens 1 yr, Raquetball 1 yr, Wrestiing 1 yr, AP Calculus. RANDY LAMB JEFF LAMMERT GLEHDA LANCASTER V LINDA LANCASTER KAREN LANDIS JEFF LANE LARRY LANE MIKE LANGHORST NHS 1 yr, Basketball 1 yr, Football 1 yr, Baseball 1 yr. SHEILA LACIDERDALE ROBERT LA YEAR ' TERRA LAWRENCE STCICO 1 yr, Lettermens 2 yrs, Jr. Cabinet Treas. Cheerleading 1 yrs, Concert Choir 1 yr, Sr. Girls Giee 1 yr. KiM LEE V HANG Y LEE SYLVIA LEMONS TODD LEONARD MARTHA LESCH LYNN LESSOR LISA LESTER KRISTINA LEVER CYNTHIA LEWALLEN KIM LEWIS KIRSTEN LEWIS ROBIN LEWIS Honors Art. ILEANA UMA MARK LIMPERI' PAUL LYNDELL TIM LINDSEY ANN UNEHAN DAVID LINGLE NHS 2 yrs, STCICO 1 yr, Baseball 1 yr, Raquetbaii 2 yrs, AP Calculus, AP Biology, Honors Trig, TOM LIVELY - CHRISTINE UVINGSTOPI PHIL LOCHIRCO MARGIE LOGAN GREG LONG KEVIN LUNG ED WARD LOOS GRACE LOOSER DENISE LORENZ' ROBERT LOUIS TINA LCIADERS LELAND LYMAN ROGER MCARTHUR CHARLES MCCLAIN Drama 1 yr, Wresking 1 yr. Mens Choir 1 yr. CHARMA YNE MCCLAIN STLICO 1 yr, FHA I yr. DAIYA MCCLAIN KAREN MCCLAY .IANA MCCUNE FHA 1 yr, Symphonic Band 3 yrs. SCOTT MCGRAEL SCARLETT MCGRATH FHA 1 yr, Honors Art. KEITH MCGCIIRK JOE MCMA!-ION DAN MACHIA JOSEPH MAI-Il.R KEN MANN Football 3 yrs. TIM MARCHBANK8 CHARLES MARGHEMO TINA MARLOW ELIZABETH MARTIN ROBERT MAR TY PAT MARZ DAN MASSING TRACY MATHE8 STGCO 3 yrs, Concert Choir 2 yrs, Sr. Girls Cilee 1 yr. SUSAN MATHEWS LISA MA TTHEWS MARSHA MAKE Y GUS MEE5 Honors Art BOB MELTON DONNA MELTON Symphonic Band 2 yrs, Jr. Vice-Pres, Sr, Sec., VICA I yr, STUCO 2 yrs, Cheerleading 2 yrs, Student of the Month DON MERCER TRACY MERLI EDWARD MEYER JANET MEYER JOE MEYER CARRIE MIKEL FHA 1 yr, Drama I yr, Sr. Girls Glee 2 yrs. TERRY MIKEL Drama iPres 19833 3 yrs, ITS 2 yrs. JERRY MILLER MELISSA MILLER NHS 2 yrs, ITS 1 yr, Scholar Quiz E yr, Sr. Cabinet, Basketball 2 yrs, Concert Choir 2 yrs, AP Biology, Superwarrior. TAMM Y MITCHUM SCOTT MORRIS Mens Choir 2 yrs, Concert Choir 1 yr, Track I yr, SHERRY MORRISON Schoiar Quiz 1 yr, Jr. Cabinet, Sr, Cabinet, STGCG 2 yrs, PomPoms 1 yr, AP Engiish. DOUG MOTTERT KELIJE MCIELLER' DECA I yr, Honors Art. MIKE MUELLER SHERR! MCLKEY DA VID fMCiLLIN8 MARY MCILLINS MIKE MURETICH TOM MYERS ANDY NANEY JOSEPH NAES DAN NEFF REHAB IYESSEL JIM NESTOR RHQNDA NISCHWITZ' smco 1 yr, spanish 1 yr, French 2 yrs, DECA 2 yrs. RONETT NISCHWITZ DENNIS NISWONGER STEVEN NORTHCUT1' DONNA NGWLIN ANNE CYCOIYIYOR ROBIN ODELL TAM! 0'DONNELL KEVIN OLSEN DA WN OSTER KIM OWEN HERSHEL OWENSBY WES PAGE SCOTT PARKER ROGER PARSONS MARTIN PASHM BOB PA TE CHRIS PAUL Lettermens I yr, Baseball 2 yrs. KA TH! PA VLIK RANDALL PA YNE TOM PEEL MIKE PENNINGTON DEBORAH PERSTROPE NHS QPres I983J 3 yrs, Concert Choir l yr, Speech 2 yrs, FCA 2 yrs, Jazz Band 3 yrs, AWC I yr, VICA 1 yr, Spanish 1 yr, Jr. Cabinet, Student of the Month. TERRY PETERO DSB I yr, Chess I YF, Track 1 yr. MELISSA PETERS GLEN PETERSEN CONSTANCE PHILLIPS TERRY P!CKRELL LOUIS PODGORIYIK Lettermens l yr, FHA I yr, Basketball 3 yrs, Superwarrior. WCKIE PODGORSKI FHA I yr. JAM! POFF Speech 1 yr, French 1 yr, DSO 1 yr, 1. Concert Sr. Cabinet. -'fl gf: V rusonozw Por.:-rv Blu. uourra KELLY more .mmrr poposxv PAMELA Porzcnev :rm Pom'Ez.z. V Azura Porrzm Drama 2 yrs, Jr. Cabinet, .105 Porrzm mar 2 yis, Basketball' 1. yr. I 'Honors Arn I V JEFF' P01175 V, ,C maonmr Porfcnsa I . V I I zzossmwocfcusa JIMV POCINDS5 V. VERIYAEIPOWELLV RV Vf PA mzcm Powfns Lmfr :lasers MorrAVpzzfarespa5an3 Vyfs,luHS?ziVym. I ' V A V1 yr, Honors Trig, Student ofthe Month.. . Dave rzrerncrvaarr. .mnnwspnrrcnaao SEVNVVVIIQRV IN osx AP Biology, , ROSEMARIE SCHRADER Scholar Quiz' 1 yr, V Spanish 3 yrs, NHS I yr, Jr. Girls 'Cilee I yr. ALAN SCHIICHARDT Lettermens 3 yrs, Football 3 ' yrs, . V . V I MICHELLE SCHWEPIT STGCO 1 yr, VICA 2 yr. Cheerleading' 1 yr. V RIIDY SELIPIGER . V' MIKE semen V V 5 DEBBIE SEVER 74" KRISTINE SHEERI V ' ' ' ,STEVEIII suoffmaxs cHRrsVsIroE2rmxE1r.' V reaonm SHUMAKER. g V V y DAWDSHYV . V 'PHILLIP SIECINSKI ' 'I ' ' 'A VV I, AV V. 'wyfsg 1 'V i. I N ,.--.' V I 'V V5 TERI.SIMMON3'jV. .5 . ., f I Q , V sracrsrmoas f Q Concert Choir l yr. , , , TONY IITZ Concert. Choir I yr, Mens Choir 1 yr. TRAVIS VANBGREN Yearboolvl yr. V V WANDA' VAIYDEYEN. ' m," V ' HANK VANMETER V , V DAVE VENABLE Superwarrior. ,V V DIANEVERGIIYU ' V Q V9 KANINAMVIIYES Drama 1 yr, Sparllsl'z'3VVyrs, AWC lyyr, Girls Qleeji yrp V ,, I V LIIIQAUISHIHQVVV.VVVfQi'VI VV ,y . A V . y .pygggg,4Lf.ggALg5gV,f,V,4, ..y. V V,Vg,V.VV, JAIIET.W4f1T15l?VSpanishVV3 yrs, .Qiriz fl V. w.V3lFiflfiHSl7.5'ftVAPfQi1lCI1?USU'wV r . gI3f1563YVWAI+?'Y93YVV'lI5 :S V V I D6iY5V,WARD:g1, V,L V Ii. HARRIQWAQRQI Y f 5 , ff. 5V f l?EDEHEI6'R5DECA.V21yrs1Vi I V I I V 5Ai.setNdWEEKEC3hgssf3,yrsgVV V lefsfllwffffxlflf I 5 I DA5SB'f7l5"f5I3kf3g., gV.ifV1'VfVVVV7T VV- fg VVV ,CIHDYVPRQSSERV V' V V V V V, V REGIIYAVSLINKARDTraekf2ymggfj' :Vg ijfff 'z VV,V V ,51,QRI9ll4fEfLCI1, 'V', V VV VmV. 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RICHARD RCILO V CAROL RUMPING Lettermens Ser: 1983 3 r l l Y , Coneert Choir 1 yr, Sr. Girls Glee I yr, Volleyball Qflaptain 19835 3 yrs, Track 2 yrs, Softball I yr, Basketball 1 yr, KIP RCIPERT JOHN SANDLIN ANGELA sfmrrrs V Rfwnon SA rrlsrzffrsrn szmcsv sc:-mnoazv was 3 yrs, FHA z yr, French 3 rs Track 2 rs Cross Countr 3 rs, Y I Y I Lettermens 3 yrs, Jr. Cabinet, Sr. Cablnexlz, A3112 Biol0QY, Honors Trig,, Pres. Scholarship SEMO. TERRY SCHEPIK KEN SCHIERMEIER TONYA SCHIRA MARK SCHISLER MONICA SCHISLER BRIAN SCI-IMELIG PHILLIP SCHMIDT .mmss SCHNEIDER V ANGELA SCHOENHELD V KIM SCHOMAKER Lt-:ttermens 3 yrs, STLICO 1 yr, Symphonic Bandifiyrs, Cheerleading 2 yrs, jj5V?5g2g4.:tfL4.g?gV. V555 fx V we ' g..4..r.Yg::rf., ,V V romV,smzm.V A IIVI V r VV - VV mfmgmzsmoruess V. V KEfTfl.3Nl"I?5RTV ',,V r Q 'lfgff V5fEf91?Yf8PAfi3EN3EIl'Gi' 5?VEQ 14 V ',AV'- 5 K VA r',, VV V. H 3TEYEg3PR8ULIN553V7J5 V R555 STEMLEPY VYTQ JEFF STERLING V ' JAMES STEVENSEUPI V Kevin srmvfmr SHEILA STOCK FHA 1 yr. THOMAS STUCK mr srocrr . SUSAN STOCKER NHS 2 yrs, WS 2 yrs, STLICO 1 yr, Sr. Girls Glue l l V RON STOHI. Concert Choir 1 yr, Symphonic Band I I yr, Jazz Band 3 yrs. V THAMAR STRECKFCISS ' DAVE STRUBIIYGER JANET STUCKMEYER NHS 2 yrs, Honors Trig., Symphonic Band I yr. WARREN STGCKMEYER Lettermens 2 yrs, Symphonic Band 3 yrs, Basketbal! 3 yrs, Baseball I yr. THERESA STCIRGEOIY VICA 1 yr, STLICO 3 yr, Cheerleading 3 yrs. V MARK sarrrvfuv vzcn. 1 yrg TRACY SCIMMER8 DECA 2 yrs, PomPorns Captain 198313 yrs, Honors Art. KEN SCITER AP Calculus. DAN SUTTON KAREN SQTTON PAT SWEEIYEY Lettermens 1 yr, Football 3 yrs. CURTIS SYKE8 Science 1 yr, Letterrnens l yr, VV Treck fifaptain 19831 3 yrs, Raquetbaill3 yrs. TERRY TA YLOR TODD TAYLOR Speech 1 yr, FHA I yr, TERRY THOMAS PEGGY T I-IOMPSOIY BOE 1 yr. ADAM THORNBERRY Yearbook l yr. TIM THORNBURGH WCA 1 yr. PAGL THOR'NTONi SCOTT TI-IORSEIY BONITA THEM French 3 yrs, Cheerleading l yr. CURTIS TIEFENBRKIM BRIAN 'UPTON Football 1 yr, Baseball 1 yr. LISA TITIIS MIKE TOOHEY BILLY TREAT GARY TUCKER V V KELLY TCICKER KIM TURBEVILLE French 1 yr, FHA 1 yr, Softball l yr, Symphonic Band 3 yrs, V ' TA WNYA TYRA Science 1 yr, French 1 yr, PomPoms Captain 19833 2 yrs, Honors Tr-ig. KEN UHLIG ROB HHLINGER MIKE UHLMANN KEVIN UNDERHILL Baseball 1 yr. WEPIDY CITHOFF VICA 1 yr. SCOTT UTRY Spanish 2 yrs, Mens Choir 2 yrs, Ifdf3ENiWIf3Pf5R:iV!IfTQV5f? 'l.' ?ifQVJ:,iV r4V', V l,"'V YVTVI V.Vs V VVVI 7119363 TWIEKIHSQNVYIQA fI'j5If.f yiffii ff V N151 Eyre! a ?Ql?GQit593Ilf9lf 9 27 yrs, WCA 4519255 j r . I ff ??'f1TiEf'? f5E?g5fVV'?'iy I MlCHEA2fli?fBLfASl?I9,l,lFV'IV I I I SHEILA WILLIAMS V PEGGY WILLIS V V LISA WILSON V , . V . SHARON WILSON . . . V TRACE? WILSON STUCO 1 yr, German i yr, Lettermens 1 yr, Cheerleading 3 yrs, KAREN .WILSON FHA 1 yr. ' TIM WlRVTEI.,Track 1 yr, Snperwarrior. TAMMY WISDUMI I V I CHRISTY WODICKER BILLIE WOHASKA V RICHARD WOLFMEIER V JAMES WOOD CHRISTINE WRIGHT NHS 2V yrs, Science 1 yr, Scholar Quiz V1 yr, Spanish fPres 19821 3 yrs, Jr. Cabinet, STLICZO IV yr, Symphonic S Concert Band 3 yrs, AP English, Rres, Scholarship SEMO TERRA WRIGHT FHAT yr! LORA YODER DARLENE YOUNG AP Biology DENNIS . YOUNGERMAIY CINDY YOlINTChess 1 yr, Spanish? yrs. KEN YOGNT , V V V TRACEY YOCINT Letterrnens I yr, Concert Choir 3 yrs, Softball 2 yrs, Basketball 3 yrs, Track 3 yrs. romf zezs Softball 2 yrs. V V GA YLA ZERILLO Lettermens 1 yr, Cheerleading 3 yrs' , , CINDY ZIEGLER DECA 'l yr. MIKE ZIEGLER ., V V MICHELLE ZIELIIYSKI FCA I yr, AWC 1 yr, V Scholar Quiz 2 yrs, STGCO 2 yrs, Jr. Cabinet, Sr, Cabinet, Science 1 yr, ITS l yr, NHS 2 yrs, Track 2 yrs, Cross Country 2 yrs, AP Biology, Honors Algebra. SHELI ZIMMERLE V ALBERT ZIMMERMAIYNV TOBY ZIP? ' NANCY ZOCH VECA l yr. VICTORIA RCIDOLPH MIKE SCHCIESSLER PAIILA BARR ALAN BASINGER JULIE BREWER V MICHELLE BAILEY -+-----M lily -ah ' ei- 58 Ama. x 1 '10- f '11 an. .1651

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