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 - Class of 1969

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Text from Pages 1 - 200 of the 1969 volume:

1 .. 1 f F aw' V' ...- PL 8. ' if Q W.. I Q A-' I 1' -..V .....W....., .-.-.., ...V ,...,, . - 4 h V I ,, AM. A ., x '5 1 H " f- ' 9 ' - Lij g giZ.ii.j1j,Qi11g11iiii:.fini'M gg if ijg - -fm " 'W T "' af' b"'w' H"iy,xgyQ::t1i,fv2'sm.4. '2',4 .N "Il, .. V 'W 'Y 3 5 ' ' me A ' 8, .- . UM A- H fa Hg f , dl., ,al , ft ' f' ir- A' ' ," A Q 'VJ1'ff' I "1 "" M ,I C. Q! A . 1 4 ' V I. JP ' t F7 . 7 F' :' ?'?'s A --"U " "' Q A 414. tl A I - Qx , L d 1 0. , hy. A , MA.- . Q-.- -,.N.,. ... ..... m.,..A...--,-,,,-- -44 ,,,., -,,, -U M-- ,N ,md ,W A-4 My - fi - -W 1 .., i4.. -.,.- 1 X 1' 3 : li , , Q u"'fr:,1i , .,. . x . ,.,Y.,. .. , .-..... .., A , g . 1 hp-."'f-,,--. ,.',..,nAz' -rn. 1- ' .0 -A . .1 , CWi3mMQxp'xtt,. 11,-.FZ H ' A " Ps " x'0.. 5 nf '4't"1 t3i' j ' auf' 'Q' Q' , 9. nlIem.s.,Q. L, s.. .. X 5 2 fm.-3-1--Q wf, .ffs'iwi", . . -,'1::-fr-ffm: "-.wxf1Aw1-f.- .,.f.nA,.:. R511-rm V P13517-3, -- L1 . . . - :,1.?a.-inf. .' 5 A fl, V S - . -..I Y1.a.x,..-H .. A -. .,.,a, ,. -45 5 , I If-jgrxz Y. iv .Tl . I T. 'R -' b ,., , . Ii QSf,:'1Q,1..,,..,,,,f..."!"...L:4+......-L-- - -1. , r. I - , . -b y . I I ,I 1: .. I 5 -IQTQ-4 , . . I, . , .. E, - 1 I . , " I" '-ies--an .N -.,M,.-.,,.'.. .. - I ' .r . I. .I.T,:,1,I AN I ' A I A.: -9-,fr-vkq'-'i.,-,,-1,2 Q 6, ' -T-.1,i-.4-...,:.. ........ , f---III ,A-Tu so U- --A M- I I " ' " " I . Vg, , .. ' - M: .a-Q1 , ,fs.,uA, N... , .I,,,,v ,Iv ,I ,LLIIf,,I! II' I IJ I 1 ' - Quan 0 -so-. -.r.:...a..f '-uuc:..n-.sem-vr..f ' 'mum - ' Q . . T 'H 7 I - III .. AI. I ,if ,,., .jr I 'P H" -Q.. .....,n' , 'A -if--ai 4 'liw .,. 7 f 1 , G 30 ff-+ ,- F! L- I -y 3 1 .. I I .. I Ig' II ,. I tr. 'Ins . -.MMIII I , X, - . 1 ' . II , 'Q 5 ff I , 'gf' Q1 'npr 'II Y , ..- in ganna - mf-,lilf V TW 'F I4 ..I',' 1 Q5 'Q' "I .. "' nf, FL yt I .: . djs, :Inq :LGI 74'-J. Q s I ure-uv!-Q-..-if:......-.w,-k,,..,., -. ne- 1- -'f 3- - -', 1.1 . . I .I 'I' , 1 1 Fd A l .. Y .-..- .. :,.........:...:........... , :I sl v . . If I. ' -I A- . g, T.. - - - Q' 'wh ,. f ', " 1 N .1'.', - .' fr .I lv ....-.NM -Ii ix...-1.4. ,-r'-- F - N .-.......-.,,, .1 -.-.1 -.. ' I, my, '. Q 4, 4 I, 2- Q . - - - -ff "y'a'1'Uu 1' u-- .H . . .. . A I ' Q ' I'. " ' " '- ' Q7-'A - -.-...I-.J--,-w.-...., I , 'z s- ' .-- ' I Ig' Ia? Iy,5..,p3.,s..-QI :p .f4 . .. ' 1 ' ' gg Q - - 1 ---. 5- .A -..-.-.-.-..., . Q Q QQ ' 7 f M. . . . X 3 Ja- ,-xg..-Q -. Jw.. v - . QI ' - ,U 4 JI r ' 1:7 - , , s w '---X, , ' 1 I. ig I -' 4 I i, .1 ,. I. 3' v Inu-, Z 'fi ' ..' .ka ' ' up ' :YP ' ' ' """ -'vka '5'i2- "J 3555- 'va' -, - '.' ' - - M K9 1 ' . 2-'Iv' 4 :Ig W N-I .:...:,-,,-,.,A l .' . . S .WE A J' Svc .""'Q I : I I ' 'ff' a Q,- -5. q'I,f P-.-'M . I , . 1 -I .5 - 3 I. -.' .. .,,,,,,, II . sl- , 'I F , I . . , gi., Y :lv Y 1 W i uksfjffy, rv-, .L g,,,.',f.,,,.,,Q,I I VIFIIMI I ig .19 IWJ I H U: .' I ' 4... 3""'2l',: Q.....-i1:Z..i"'if '445-'f'-fw V H V " , ' , """"" LIQ2-:.,JQ.L1,1,,q. ' 5 P '27 N4 ' '9 5 if va .Q w Q Y' 1 ,. AI QQ f mg QI, I , ..,. . I 1 QI - g-gqnggl Qc . .'H'V,: I .1 . "IMT 3 , 12 ' , ' - A I I .:. . 'hcx -.--f M'ilg' vial mai 2-da 5LH5g -Ib I-....n-. -0 'fcfzq'-f ' ' "' L' -+ mg WI., .. .-.. I-he-,II w-5-auumusr-wsu . ,IIN ""-fr-trail 4fonh..,,,, 44... ' , -fm-41-1--v J -1 v., P 'Iv f-I vh- ' 1. "VI " ' Av: - w--xi-A-5 S: .,'1:sQL::-4f.f:.,4. - I-.-if-N ,. I h I,.:L.:4.u..p1-11-fr-I , 4 21::f::"f"! ' - fiw-v-fn..Z.-- f-f....,.I- .IGI -gi '1zc.x4,.. . .fi --MAE .rI 1 I swag. s . MK - 'S Ii VI a Ii. 5-J 'A f-N 7 ' f I F x I v. V f 41. .nggfp x . '-'72 :S ,E ., -g.I,I..5. I, ,,, ' -Zllt'i',.i1!'2E'. .. .143 . anus,-Jl,,,.f.I x 1 I Y. ... F. I 5 A -1 ' ,x W A 1 - , I ' f II V - ----.,.-.....w- A I, n ,Th - ,I v .f.........N..,.L 4 X' Q' . ' 1 ...a 1 ? . 7 ' I ln Y A ,Z 'H "' A . .Q .I 'I kI 9 Q ' 1 - ' ' ' V Q x Q l , . A , r -3, f fry? 5 Q. ' ' "bl 1 x 1 'va ' .X 4 D iw, Q A . -1 y .V " .,.E9"? "' expr- '-vv-91 If 4 I, wwf?-19'-T " r .1 em an. ,V : " . i T1 fE'- 1 " ' lsr' v. ww nf , ,I 1 , 1- A 1, ST: -, I . lm. ' "f"' -'mf' "Q,1'v1 E '- ' ' - 'I .f I af., I...,.. ,. ' - L' ' J... , I """"' " "0 ,, II, ' M V I . . , I. I, .... ,, ,- ,.,....x. -I I ,.,, ,-, ,... 2 ,. , , I . -. I ,I I , ,I, - I -V ' ,--- - - v . ax. ,I ,. II QI, .1-E ..... - - - ' "LJ '. - " " - ' ,III 'qv-'1I-3 - it X II , I , I ,-. , . 2'I": x .:3.,,.L . 1.359 y.xy.- W - .- . I ff? . , ,,.,.,.,',I,!g ,I-L, 0- - 0 A v- . ,.. Y.. "W ' -X ' . ' ' '-4' ' ' "- I I W I . ,,:h...G ,.,.--.- I I. . ,,.,,I- .,... II IDI V, I ,- I I A-mu M MII I,.W,....,..,...,.T:.:.h,.. I I .v,-.,,III I .W I wr .,I,, . " f " "" H5 -. J... an if U.. -x.,,,iv-II ,V I . ., ..,,,I, . . ,,.. II I ,I I II U., H-u I - , 4 -.-.v.'....-,4..n. .- 1 I -- .VY-Arsv - I, 'L ' ' " '- ...'-A ' ' 1 L-J. ......,... ...LY L.. ' Q J L"1" 2 "" " ' '- y ' QW, ., "7""'::'-:::g:IfgI -14333-M'-1 L , I I - It I, . Inu -V ,,, I,,I.I,uQ' ' . '.11ms.... , .. ' , by ' ' ".:. ..., .-...- 1 7 ' , w..-f,w ' 'f MJ- -A -. ,......,....,.,-.,- ,II I ,,I I .-M,-.III., . , I4 , .fy - , 12,2 -. , , '-r 1.--ff ,,-,.-- S.. f. ,, I I , . I I ,I I I -, I.. ' ,W .4 19 49' gi' Few and far between are the teachers who take the time and effort to truly devote themselves to their students. Fox, how- ever, has been favored with more than their share of these genuine masters. One such educator is Mr. Ted Smalley. Mr. 0 - Smalley has always been a friend and ad- D n visor to all his students. He has spon- sored many clubs and organizations and has been the school photographer . This is Mr. Smalley's last year here at Fox and we would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincerest and heartiest grati- tude for all that he has done for us. May u p V up H , he be remembered as one of the most ac- S liii S t A tive members of the Fox High School pm ' p Q Faculty. - ' t Here at Fox we are for- tunate to have a faculty that not only strives to give us the knowledge we need but who takes sincere interest in all of our ac- tivities and concerns. For their efforts we are deeply indebted. 1 'L ,K fm , K 25? ,ASQ .T.,xQ..g,,x, ff, . F flipox HUGH 'X I 4 7" WARRK3? fe f 'AVVZA bn 3 wi. S. 3,1 'l'4fgs++ Q 1 ,NMQIW "' ar N if lj , ., ', ,N A ., .2 Elgv 1 g ,w . . ' .I+ " nliflf ' 'P' 5 . EW P Q, 55 'S 3 S ,Q sw .H-if? ,jst x Q - 3 t ,Sl , , 'Ni 3-If-if C g s jaw Q M' Q ' 95' 'S s Xa, 0, 5 ii: mx gi 4 ,..f,, L, 4 K Q , M My ,M M- ae " vfkiwff ? ,px Q 'Qs ,, N ' 5 is 4. ...MAT X S Q g fl iiqg Nadu ff Q i , NL.. L f X Q :Y l 1 1 A I! 5 v Q 4 W R "Y ' ' K ' ,, wif Q ga P' I f N gf I !5 W!?ffIfif!1 WIN!! 1 461-awww 'HQ' mf' WWI H1 dv l W-wwf .M Q H5 ,R 6 M ji mwwfwlfmufwkwxx SN ,fS,,gi'?' VW N drug WWW , ...., Q ,.,.,..smmEm, .M 1 :,,.5Em,,, Freshmen juniors , ss Sophomores Seniors FACULTY Q ni K .. Q .0 H, ,, 'ff 144 mmumzmg f v mvaa , '14 aww: f J. 'Egg Board of Education --e--Wai tLeft to Rightj Mr. Martin Mall, Treas.g Howard Adams, Audie West, Richard Bowers, Leo Peck, Pres.5 Richard Morris, Charles Lilly, Betty Stamm, Sec. 'S Superintendent James Rickman Nolan Miller C. E. Brewer Assistant Assistant Superintendent Superintendent I2 Administration Richard Simpson Edward jackson Secretaries Estelle Hoffmann Hilda Starnes Secretary Secretary Counselors :FJ K .',, .. Howard Phillips Donald Vishino Paul Ward Language Arts Mary Boston B.S. in Ed. Arkansas State Paul Davis B.S. in Ed. Southeast Missouri State Claudette Helton B.S. in Ed. Southeast Missouri State SPECIAL EDUCATION Georgia jackson B.S. in Ed. Southeast Missouri State M,S. in Education Southern Illinois University KNO Picture Availablej gg. Charmelle Cashion B.A . Lindenwood College LaVerne Keller B.S. in Ed. Southeast Missouri State Donald Wiseman B.S. in Ed. Southeast Missouri State M.A. University of Mississippi Charlotte Scherer B.S. in Ed. Southeast Missouri State Roger Kephart Earl H1111 University of Missouri AB- and M-A. University of Missouri Cathy Wood B.S. Southeast Missouri State I.aVona Robinson B.S. Southeast Missouri State Sharon Thomas B.S. in Ed. Arkansas State University Edith Vineyard B.S. I5 University of Tulsa Mathematics Veston Broadway Drexel Frasure B.S. in Math B.S. and M.S. in Ed Arkansas State Arkansas State iviiki Charles Moseley Rennie Holt B.S. and NLS. in Ed. B.S. in Biology and Math Arkansas Stare Murray State University Richard Strong B.A. Central Methodist College B.A. in Ed. University of Missouri No Picture Available: Dawn Newton B.S. in Math and English Henderson State College . i 44-nl--7' "' K h. N., H Q. K. - X .5 5 t x? 1 C5- Chester Boston A.B. Illinois College M.S. Ed. Arkansas State Science Elouise Hawkins B.S. Oklahoma Baptist University Gary Whitledge B.S. in Ed. Southeast Missouri State jerry Weatherford B.S. Lambuth College W A, Lloyd Whitledge B.S. Southeast Missouri State M.A. in Ed. University of Missouri "Now watch it, it might explode!" I7 Woodrow Pinkley Cheryl Tarbet Dave Moody B.S. in Ed. B.S. in Ed. B.S. in Ed., M.A. in Ed Southeast Missouri State University of Missouri University of Missouri Social Wesley Alkire B.S. and M.A. Missouri State Teachers College Sylvia Cant B.S. and B.A. Southeast Missouri State Studies Leon Cookson B.S. in Ed. Memphis State Cooper Reid Lenora Hobbs Ted Smalley B.S. in Ed. B.S. in Ed. B.S. in Ed. Ouachita Baptist University Southeast Missouri State Southeast Missouri State MSE Arkansas State University I8 Business Education Gladys Compton Mary Guffey B.S. in Ed. B.S. Central Missouri State Southeast Missouri State M.S. University of Missouri Billie Sue Holt 4 University of Arkansas Gwen Morris Sharyn Sander B.S. B.S . Southwest Baptist College Northeast Missouri State Glenda Waldrop Donna Robinson B.S. B.S. in Ed. Southern Illinois University I9 Central Methodist F Martin Johnson David Butler B. of Music Ed. Murray State B.S. in Ed. M.A. Arizona State .sg 1 if. ' tm ri Irene McEneny R.N. School Nurse Applied James Osgood B.S. and M.S. Kansas State College Fine Arts Charlotte Carney B.S. in Ed. Southeast Missouri State Clara Messmer B.S. Southeast Missouri State F Az 2 ' 20 Ellen Rabenau B.S. in Ed. University of Missouri Gladys Rabom Librarian Arts Larry Holder B.S . Southeast Missouri State Physical Education No Picture Availablezi Bonnie Fields Gayle Nicolussi Judy V01-15 B.S. B.S. in Ed. Southern Illinois University Southeast Missouri State M.A. Ball State University Donna Scheeter B.S. in Ed. Southeast Missouri State George Wilson Gerald O'Connor B.A. B.S. Culver Stockton Southeast Missouri State M.A . M.A. Kirksville Southern Illinois University James Howell James Bishop B.S. in Ed. B.S. in Ed. M.S. Arkansas State University Arkansas State 2l Kitchen Assistants . , I 52 M, V , gr L ' it . in ii' , , I as sf- v - o r i is Q ' f , e - ' 1-1 - :'- ' W W 'V , 1 , r r is 5, li an-In W' fLett to right, Kathryn Oehlert, janny Schanz, Mildred Skinner, Lydia Miller, Dora Rodenroth, Wilma Conway, Norma Mouser, Dorothy Waugh, Gladys Welker, Armilda Howell, Fern Warner, Mildred Sullins, Dorothy Hollings- worth, Helen Mosier, Ann Forshee, Wanda Osborn, Mildred Spoerry. Kitchen Bus Supervisor Supervisor Mrs. Vincent Martin M211 22 l w ,fa , "Mmmmm . . . my fingernails look a little dirty."l "Ohh! That's your excuse!" 'Looks like there's a good job opening up Nort h." "I do! Ido! Idid!" Smi1e!!!!!! ,g- ff?-A if 1w.,,, What's so funny, Mr. Davis? "If I had a Hammer!" CLUBS 33 5 A .1 Q ff fr 'Z N Eff M 5 ' gk if i 'li NA' S ,. , ' sn 5, 5 fs -5, ,'-.4g,1,,' - . - 54.3" 4, -1-, W I , x :ji 5 , K. P, Q W Y ,, K .kv 3 K 75, fy .x l Q . at . if ' ' 1 A ! ii K: . ' 9 ,A A - I . ,:,.. gll , m ' .- K X if ,R i .V uw? ,., f 1 , , ye it , - ssgfff W 2, ' QQ' L 5 il -. ' QS vim Y . , ,K J HSN! 1 2 55- 5 x fill, ,, , t fe, , ,391 R 35? A if W' E537 9 . . wx ' 'L ,, . . ' Jw xv Q ww fi,?"Ff1'-5' - -ah., m 'r -:bi gi' ya iff Q21 M, j' if gy-5 Ek f m ,, M 2 ' 'Rial' , 'im 5, ' 1,355 .... Z.. if A9 X K iv ,Q Q ' 5 S , A if ROW 1 Officers fleft to rightj Sandy Pennington, Tx-eas , Lois Hall, V. Pres., Don Gruenewald, Pres., Linda Debra Bright, Reporter ROW 2 Peggy Wallis, Valerie Morris, Debbie Lashley, jo Ann Schneider, Bunny Morehouse, Kinney, joan Saunchegrow, Sharon Roper, janet McKean, Robin johnson, julie Beller, Bev Plymale, Debbie Lane, de Rozario, Karen Lowery ROW 3 Pat McKean, Diane Ramw Susan Burgan, Henriette de Rozario, Holly Prokasky, Raye, Pam Bowman, Pam Schenk, Dee Kerekes, Holly Maschmann, Anita Lewis, Linda Henson, jane Bock. ROW 4: kerson, David Bender, Vernon Cornejo, Chris Haire, Malcolm Noll, Gary Adams, Billy Brewer, Dennis Huffman, joe Mike Schlcker, jim Meese, Dennis Bulloch, Tom Frenz, Mike Whiteaker, Tom Hayes, Gary Walter, Glenn Buchanan, Student Council The Student Council plays an increas- ingly active role in school life. This year they sponsored such new things as the Domestic Student Exchange Program and the sale of school sweaters. Along with other clubs, the Student Council planned several events to raise money to put toward various items for the new gymnasium: a vinyl runner to protect the floor, and a backdrop curtain for the stage. This club, as the name implies, is a council of representatives of the student body. Their task is to make decisions and discuss problems of the students. This year the Student Council has prove: to be an excellent one. Student Council Alternates K .... ,, I vm Left to right. ROW 1: Sandy Pennington, Treas.5 Lois Hall, V. Pres.g Don Gruenewald, Pres., Linda Michael, Sec.g Debra Bright, Reporter. ROW 2: Peggy Parker, Judy Blair, Deborah Reynolds, Denice Noll, Nancy Strite, Teryl Street, Susan Han- cock, Dian Vandiver, Sherry Christ. ROW 3: Arlene Scherrer, Janet Meade, Mindy johnson, Suzanne Fadler, Mary Politte, jean Downing, Donita Benck, Joyce Lilly, Linda Ritterbusch, Shannen Raye, Mary Topping. ROW 4: Donna Parker, Barb Conder, Sharon Stemler, David Gahr, John Duffield, Orville McIntyre, Frank Grass, Gary Helling, John O'Rei11y, Danny Crosby, Rich- ard Deason, Robert Sanders. Bonn P0lllf.CS I is so g. get J G ,W H-ffl ., S , "L" . 4, rl 1 "- A - - lg W if W 29 Honor Society ROW 1: fleft to rightJ Officers: Richard Deason, QPres.J Linda Saunchegrow, fTreas.J Linda Henson, QV. P1-es.J fSec.J. ROW 2: Jeanette Manes, Janet Lansing, Gwen Leach, Brenda Lackey, Bonnie Graff, Donna Parker, Mer Beverly Fox, Judi Helming, Brenda Boyers, Linda Rhodes, Sandy Reifsteck. ROW 3: Arlene Scherrer, Patricia Bauer, Kathy Lackey, Judy Ziegler, Janice Martin, Carolyn Kuntz, Alice Handlang, Anita Lewis, Nona Morgan, mann, Joyce Lilly, Sue Maxey. ROW 4: Jim Meese, Roy Markotay, David Goforth, Gary McLean, Jim Birkenb ett, Danny Crosby, Ricky Counts, Bill Hawk, Tom Frenz. r sor, Mrs. Scherrer. T their annual Slave Day, and bake sale, sold cand sent four delegates to th Convention at Independe On March 20, forty-thre members were inducted Honor Society, pledging the four ideals of the or tion: character, scholar leadership, and service ,aura Duffield, dith Bommer, armon, Linda Holly Masch- ach, Gary Gam The National Honor Society spent a busy year under its nev spon- ey held as sale , and State 6. new nto the o uphold iza- hip, if wr Q ,U Ri . NK is 3 N is ss Y . Q' in 5 K Y -gf' E H , "-. Q ,Q A QL x if ,mhf ,E-S fs ,Q 1' yi 5 - Q, 'Y l.O. I 9 . O 1 , F Q , Q x 1 gi? Q hV'Q 1: -'T ' ? ,. A ,g , ,a gi? ' 2? 4 "f::7:'5. Q D i?5? 4 Q H- , -1 I li 1 Q 4 3. , fi, if as ggi Q .-ff. O 1 53 9 ,uf 3 3 , fl sg. ..4,,, 4. Effie QQ if. I e. fa ii .wt 4.5 QQ F! Q 'W Editor Co-Editor Ha - Ko Sta ff Not many people realize just how much time and hard work it takes to make a good yearbook. It takes determination and even a few personal sacrifices. This year's HA-KO staff has come up with a recipe for a good yearbook: blood, sweat and tears. But it is all worthwhile when we see the happy faces of the students as they chuckle over the memories found in the yearbook. 32 Q s an 4 Fox Fax Staff N, gr 'nw , 4 ,rg , X .M Q wa., E First Semester ROW 1: fleft to rightj Nichol Poitras, Layout Editor, Connie Goodrich, Feature Editor, Holly Maschmann, Editor, Pat Asst. Editor, jean Downing, Asst. Editor. ROW 2: Shirley Nanna, Henriette de Rozario, ROW 3: Debbie Roach, Carol Monika Schlott, Monica Cauley, Nancy Pashia, Leslie Ellis, Pam Kinder, Donna Parker, Gwen Leach, Donita Benck, iert, Sha.ron Roper, Linda Collins, ROW 4: Tom Burns, jerry Downing, Photographer, Carl Fisk, Don Sikes, Dennis H ester Tilly, Morris Wells, Mark jaschke, Glenn Faulkner, Jerry Jester, Tom Frenz, Miss Vineyard, Sponsor. 34 Craven, cEneny, ue Wei- fman, Second Semester 1.-4 'KOW 1: fleft to rightj jean Downing, Nichol Poitrasg Co-Editors. ROW 2: jeff Layton, Tom Frenz, Monika Schlott, Pam Kin- ier, Marilyn Brewer, Pat Travis. ROW 3: George Couch, Carl Fisk, Frank Erb, Pat Harmon, june Hurley. ROW 4: Chuck Hager, ndy Boehm, Dan Ktmkel, Linda Bauer, Donna Parker. Pressing deadlines, interviews, sports write- ups . . . all have their place in newspaper work, and the Fox Fax staff put in long hours to publish an interesting and outstanding paper. r Newspaper sales were better this year than ever before, and that in itself should be proof that the staff has reason to be satisfied with the results . 'lv , -uw The French Club, sponsored by Mrs. Robinson, enjoyed many new activities this year. They held a French Dinnerg hosted a skating partyg and they partici- pated in the Fine Arts Assembly by performing the Can-Can. l fre nfhclub FFFF ROW 1: fleft to rightj Gale Lunte, Linda Henson, Nona Morgan, Linda Ritterbusch, Debby Daniels, Donna Boyers, Barb Sexton. ROW 2: Becky Erb, Pat Hawkins, Glenda Traudt, Deb bie Keller, Yvonne Howard, Nancy Jenner. ROW 3: Sue lmboden, Dave Baeumner, Dave Wall, Colette Bradley, Camille Marion, Mrs. Robinson. Spanish Club Th Spanish Club, sponsored by Mr. Wise- in n, studies S anish culture d music. T ey went to Sala Restau- r nt for their anish Dinner t is year, and hey Christmas arolled through ighland Park. ROW 1: fleft to rightj Connie Goodrich, Vice Pres., Linda Bauer, Treas., Holly Maschmann, Pres., Joyce Lillyg Sec. ROW 2: Brenda Dake, Marilyn Rickman, Pat Long, Henriette de Rozario, Genna Thornton, Alice Handlong, Claire l.ewis,'Pat Harmon, Pam Kinder, Lynn Far- rell, Susan Maxey, Brenda Stevens, Sue Yeager, Judy Blair, Carol Ringhofer. ROW 3: Mr. Wiseman, Randy Dean, Steve Long, Dennis Huffman. 36 A ROW 1: Mr. Boston fsponsoi-J, Kathy Daniels, Debbie Gitchell, Sherry Christ fRecor-derj, Linda Saunchergrow fSec.J, Connie Goodrich fTreas.J, Shirleen Stahl QPres.J, Marilyn Rickman, fVice-Pres.J, Janis Simpson fReporterJ, Nichol Poitras fl-IistorianJ, Teresa Ulrich, Judi Helming. ROW 2: Donna Dielschneider, Holly Maschmann, Linda Baer, Pam Wendt, Sandy Reifsteck, June Howell, Marilyn Brewer, I-lenriette de Rozario, Sharon Wichmer, Kathy Shy, Karen Stahl, Peggy Land. ROW 3: Joyce Lilly, Debbie Daniels, Becky Erb, Linda Ritterbusch, Claire Lewis, Elaine Arm- bruster, Melinda Harris, Meredith Bommer, Beverly Fox, Carol McEneny, Anita Lewis, LuAnn Lindwedel. ROW 4: Nona Morgan, Janice Scates, Barbara Conder, Terri Christ, Mary Dedear, Debbie Oliver, Rosalie Brewer, Gary Sher- N rill, Jim Boggs, Tommy Boggs, Phillip Amato, Dennis Huffman. N Future Teachers Association J The Future Teachers of America held many fund-raising campaigns this year. They sold wrapping paper at Christmas, and a va- riety of stationery and note cards . They took part in the F.T.A. State Convention at Columbia: and members served at the JCTA Banquet. Members who wish to do so can give up one of their study halls to put in time as student teachers in the elemen- tary, Junior High and even the High School. ROW '1: Connie Goodrich, Sandy Reifsteck, Shirleen Stahl, Nichol Poitras, Judi Helming. ROW 2: Debbie Daniels, Donna Dielschneider, June Howell, Linda Baer, , , , U Anita Lewis. ROW 3: Becky Erb, Claire Lewis, Beverly Fox, Tom Boggs, Jim Boggs. Tl11S O1'g3.l11Z3.II10I'l g1VeS these students great experience in the field 3, of teaching. Lettermen'5 Club 3- ' -11 9'-A '. 4.11315 , 'L " . Q' . , ' ,l Y K' I I fy C XY C ROW 1: fleft to rightj Steven Greer, Gary Sherrill, Dennis Huffman. ROW 2: Dan Giacoletto, Don Gruenewald Wayne Blindauer, Steve Hearst, Coach O'Conner, Calvin Nicholson, Kirby Ashley, Ray Ehret, Carl Fisk, jim Smith, Roy Mar- kotay. ROW 3: Richard Wicks, Don I-lirning, Tim Krapf, Tom Frenz, Gary McLean, Don Meyer, Dave Baeumnerjv v Adami, B111 Holstein, Bob Hill, Terry Felty, Morris Wells, Mark jaschke, Rocky Griffin, Don Brown, Eddie Blair, Ken Clar Gary Turner, jim Hawkins, Paul Cates, Dennis Warner, Vernon Cornejo, David Goforth, Butch Keller, Bill Casner, Q.. ,, Tom Utz, jim Muir. ROW 1: Qleft to right, Steven Greer, Rick Hoelzer, Carl Fisk, Ed Adami, Dave Goforth, Dennis K Uthoff, Bruce Smith, Mr. Broadway fsponsorj. Club 9 Q ? 0 , . - S 1-f 'S 'L Sei W "f"' 2 " E u 1 4 I , r ig if g J 9 Y so ' 15 1 Q' g V" if A 'il gi A 'A' il 3? QW? Q is A U 'X gig vw 'wifi K E6 , 9, 1 A 'fr . ' 'gf lt' I ' x, J 5 , . :i 'Q 5: .,.. wg A ff" gfT5 4' ',k-f" , 'V P Was. . ,H M 'L QQ ,f 38 ffl! sf. Bt' 5- ' ,fl ,mag Wgrxx ang I 9 f 6 5 'Q ' 'x " ,w,, I ,gf K I , ...MN W , 4 , .. , . 4 K I x - -. ii 1 . 4 . ff ' Archery Club The Archery Club was another new or- ganization here at Fox this year. Com- posed of students interested in learning archery skills, the Archery Club shot phies were given to the high scorers. Trophies were given to Linda Baer, High Scorer and Most Improvedg Bob Gallagher, High Scorerg and Jim Hughes, Most Improved. With such an increase in the number of students at Fox, new clubs are always welcomed. We all wish the Archery Club continued success. ROW 1: Qleft to rightj Mrs. Robinson, Linda Baer, Reporter, Ken Gravitz, V. Pres., Mike Whiteaker, Pres., Karen Windle, Sec., Pat Hawkins, Treas.g Mrs. Wood. ROW 2: Sherry Christ, jane Bock, Carol Ehret, Brenda Dake, Nona Morgan, Mary Dedear, Sandy Bullerdick, Sue Imboden, Connie Jackson, Rose Allen, Terri Christ, june Howell. ROW 3: Dana Ragsdale, Frank Erb, Robert Smith, Britt Cole, Leo Harrison, jim Hughes, Douglas Keane, Neil Bradford, Steve Muser, Steve Meyer. ROW 4: Ben Hasty, Dennis Edney, Scott Schmidt, Keith Zeitlez, Greg King, Phil Miller, Dennis Huffman, Randy Dean, Ed Zeller, Tom Burch. 40 on both indoor and outdoor ranges. Tro- ROW 1: Ueft to rightj Denise Barton, Judi Politte, Bill Green, Carol Eggleston, Hemiette de Rozario, George Couch, Marilyn Brewer, Gayle Ecker, Mrs. Wood. Anne Wooldridge, Claire Lewis, Debbie Strite, Sue Fadler, janet Adams, Debbie Bright, Ilene Kinney, Sharon Roper, Kathy Marchi. ROW 3: Bill Hawk, Karon Windle Ringhofer, Judy Blair, joan Guthmiller, Marilyn Rickman, Brenda Dake, Gayle Kinney, Dennis Huffman. Drama Club The members of the Drama Club hope to inspire a greater interest in their fel- low students in the field of dramatic arts. They participated in the produc- tion and presentation of the school play "Dates and Mates". They took acting parts and did technical and make -up 'work backstage. This club is a group of really talented young people. , Carol is 0' Audio-Vis ual Hi ROW 1: fleft to righty Dan Giacoletto, Dave Halleman, james Lesch, Robert Goodall, jim Boggs. ROW Seabaugh, Scott Schmidt, Lester Tilley, Steve Long, Mike Schmidt, Steve Barron, Randy Dean, Mr. Safety Patrol Dave ROW 1: fleft to rightj Gayle Ecker, Karen Wagganer, Karen Rath, Shelby Fout, Lynn Farrell, Cindy johnson, joan Howell, Kathy jones, Michelle Warner, Betty Reichardt, Judi Politte, Connie Rath, Diana Gravitz, Andrea Cole Genna Thiornton, Donna Rosson, Sue Wiegert, jane Bock, Nolene Sotolar, Elaine Armbruster, Christine Buskuehl, Susan Burch. ROW Gray, Pam Ehlen, Barb Pizzo, Deborah Reynolds, Linda Cosgrove, Carmen Carrow, Karen Pyatt, Bunny Morehouse, Linda Pennington Carol Ehret Vir inia Ehr t Y H d ' ' 2: Linda Pam Stever, , , g e , vonne owar , Mona Hancock, Donita Benck, Debbie Dublo, Carol Mayabb, Karen Scholar, Mary Beth Blankenship, Debbie Baynes. ROW 3: Virginia Hill, joy Gross, Janet Chaffin, Brenda Ste Keller, Dawn Skaggs, Pam Hesket, Pat Long, Carol Hankins, Bettye Clement, Alice Handlang, Terry McKinnon, Schlott, Anita Lewis, Beverly Fox, Linda Henson, Linda Woodruff, janet Koch, Sharon Wichmer, Denise Barton. R nette Adair, Gail Dohack, Barb Sexton, Connie Ruxlow, Kevin Ragan, Mike Whiteaker, Ricky Clark, Mark Mast, laday, Mike I-Iallenberger, Frank Lowe, Bill Fox, Bill Hawk, Mark Haring, Herman Swallow, Torn Burns, Dale Loe Lesch. 42 vens, Karen onika W 4: Mo- anny Hol- ch, james Art Club gtg' ifi:'fi'.13'!'-3'3x SEATED: fleft to rightj Nichol Poitras, Pres., julie Bellerg Vice Pres., Pam Heskettg Sec., STANDING: Carol Mc- Eneny, Sharon McLean, Pat Coursen, Judy Ziegler, Tom Burns, Linda Ratliff, Andy Boehm, Patty Pace, Frances Mills, Ernie Smith, Greg King, Kathy Mahler, Wayne Blindauer, Miss Rabenau. SS we -fs wb, K- ft- Q 1m f iisiifii 1' 514527 .5235 The Art Club headed such projects as scenery for the play, arranging sample displays of their art work for the Sci- ence Fair, and coming up with colorful, if attention-getting posters to advertise school events . They also entered sev- eral projects in the South County Art Exhibit. The students here at Fox ap- preciate the time and effort the Art Club put in on various school activities. Guidance Secretaries ii, si ROW 1: fleft to rightj Becky Taylor, Donna Dielschneider, Linda Henson, Pam Childs, Laura Duffield. ROW Jeanette Manes, Gayle Ecker, Virginia Hill, Becky Dunard, Judy Politte. ROW 3: janet Koch, Gayle Kinney, Nona , Connie Ruxlow, Pam Kinder, Suzanne Imboden, Pat Conway. Office Assistants ROW 1: Linda Michaels. ROW 2: Denice Noll, Brenda Osgood, Connie Jackson, janet Mosier, Chris Stamm, Tory oper, Barb Pizzo, Meredith Bommer, Donna Deilschmeider. ROW 3: jerry Bennett, Gordon Bowling Terry Burgess. 44 Library Workers ROW 1: flefc to rightj Shannen Raye, Pat Drinnin, Kathy Shy. ROW 2: Karen Walter, Claire Lewis, joan Logan, Beth Anyan, Shirley Ross. ROW 3: Steven Gebhardt, Bella Clausen, Sandra Bullerdick, Pam Oster, Henry Swallow. ROW 4: Melvin Keller, Steve Gosney, Charles I-Iuighe, Gerold Seavey, George Couch. Mr. Mall's Office Workers Left to right: Karen Scholar, Brenda Boyers, Brenda Lackey, Donna Parker, Joyce McBroom, Chris Morrison 45 ur5e'5 Aids Left to Right: Dorothy Lambert, Mrs. McE.neny, Carol Mclineny, Gloria Brown. ROW 1: fleft to rightl Rosalie lkewer QPreS.j, jean Downing QVice-Pres.j, . Marilyn Brewer QSec.J Judy Blair fTreas.y Henriette de Rosario. ROW 2: Malcolm Noll, David ,Goforth, Dennis Huffman, Wayne Hanks, jeffrey e n C e Hanks, jerry Downing, Kim Stevens, Dave Wall, Mr. Moseley W B Club The members of the Science Club have worked hard this year but at the same time had fun. They had discussions on topics of science: they worked at the Science Fairy and they went on a campe ing trip to the Lake of the Ozarks. W are proud to have such a group of inte prising young scientists here at Fox. Music Department The two men re- sponsible for our outstanding music department are Mr. Martin Johnson and Mr. David Butler. Mr. johnson heads the vocal section while Mr. Butler takes care of the instruments . The music depart- ment of Fox has proved to be one of the best ever. This proof was shown both here at school in programs and at the state contest. These two very fine, very talented men deserve the grati- tude of the entire school. 47 s ti will f, fp i n giiig n h p J .,E. t c it Gi l5's junior Girl's Glee ROW 1: fleft to rightj Darla Shultz, Dolores Smallwood fReporterj, Kathy Daniels fReporterj, Donna Bridges QSe J, Yvonne Howard fFirst Soprano Section Leaderj, Carol Eggleston fPres.j, Marilyn Rickman fSecond Soprano Section Lead r, V. Pres.j, Brenda Dake 1Reporterj, Debbie Heskett, Pam Childs, Glenna Hodge. ROW 2: Beverly Berry, Lonnie Schicker, S an Birch, Pat Easley, Janet Keilholz, Janice Reifsteck, Sherry Dehner, Barbara Waller, Sharon Fisher, Dawn Quitmeyer, N ncy Strite. ROW 3: Karen Stahl, Sheila Wiles, Margie Poeppel, Debbie Baynes, Mary Howe, Carol Moore, Pat White, Brend Keenan, Michelle Parlow, Elaine Sansegraw, Rena Huitt, Dawn Skaggs. ROW 4: Sheila Seward, Cheryl Wood, Anne Woo ridge, Ilfrista Kelam, Glenda Boyer, Celeste Rutledge, Joanne Walsh, Sue Smith, Vicki Williams, Carmen Carrow, Ran en Wil- elms. The Senior Girls Glee and the Junior Girls Glee are two separate music groups, but they combine their voices for such occasions as the Pop Concert and the Spring Concert. The girls brought home a iii rating from District Music Con- test in March. The red and white jumpers designed and worn by the girls dis- played their spirit and pride in their group and their music . 48 w 9, i 1 9,,i 9fa.E 5? Mzi. ' Ex' ' ? Wav 'ii Q nl p y 13 w ill 4 'fl- ' 9 l'f5Q?'f'i'Sff '?Q if g3'2E1gi ,aa11'fMi A A 7' mil Am.: Concert Choir The Concert Choir had a busy cal- endar this yearg they presented a Pop Concert in the fall, they went caroling at Christmas, and they per- formed at a Spring Concert in May which was recorded and made into an album . But their most outstand- ing achievement of the year was the 411 rating they received at District Music Contest, a first in the history of Fox. The Concert Choir is composed of some of the most talented voices that can be found at Fox. This year this group has more than proved worthy of our praise and esteem. S, X ff 2 . V f l ye , ,X A 1. . rf t J 'K x si , T 5 ,U X Q' 2 ' A L 1 S f if i . .. A 4 Q 4 A .Q I ROW 1: fleft to righty Susan McClain, Joyce Hall, Kathy Shy, Dona Bates, Gayle Ecker, Debbie Lane, Kath Pisciotta, Lind Gray, Linda Shy, Henriette de Rozario, Denise Barton, Holly Maschmann, janet Mitchell, Suzanne Fadler, G en Leach, Pat Parham, Pat Drinnin. ROW 2: Brenda Boyers, Linda Henson, Brenda Lackey, Bunny Morehouse, Lo a ' Lynn Farrell, Debbie Keller, Lois Hall, Debbie Bright, Brenda Baer, Jane Bock, Margie Seward, grow, Valerie Morris, Sharon Gamlin, Diane Clinger. ROW 3: Ronnie Smith, Mike Roberts, Gary Sherrill, J e Scott, Gerald Longhibler, Mike Stevens, Rick Hoelzer, Terry Brown, Paul Cates, Hal Muser. ROW 4: Gary Helling, Ed Cla sen, Dan I-lash, Ga.ry Lackey, Gary Adams, Mark Mast, Butch Keller, Larry Sweeney, Carl Buchholz, Randy Faust, Roger Ha e, john Haas, Anthony Guerrich, Dennis Huffman, John Guthmiller, Ken Meinz, David Smith. I' 50 2. Kramm , Linda Talley, Parsons Linda Saunche- 'N x g a 1 - 5 s ? " gg 2 f f Q Q -awww 91. as 4 Y Ai' " 'WS' ,Mi m Q gr Honor Choir The Honor Choir was new addition to the vocal music departme this year. They met on their own time aftf school, and they per formed at such func- tions as the Kiwanis Banquet, the National, Honor Society County a Illi 1' Convention, the Cou ty Chapter Meeting of t e FTA, and the Basket ball Coronation. ROW 1: Qleft to righti Linda Shy, Gayle Ecker, Debbie Lane, Kathy Pisciotta, Linda Gray, Donna Bates. ROW 2: Linda Talley, Debbie Bright, Brenda Baer, Sharon Gam- lin, Linda Saunchegrow, jane Bock. ROW 3: Lora Kramme, Mike Roberts, Paul Cates. ROW 4: Ken Meinz, Mark Mast, john Guthmiller, Dennis Huffman, David Smith, john Haas. Men's Choir The Men's Choir is a masculine com- plement to the Gir1's Glee, and although it isn't equal to the Glee Club in num- bers, the boys' en- thusiasm makes up the difference. The boys went to District Music Contest for the first time this year and are to be congratulated for a fine performance . ROW 1: fleft to rightj Debbie Keller fPianistj, joe Sciotto, Stan Cox, Edwin D nnis, Ricky Petrie, Ronnie Smith, Marilyn Rickman fPianistj. ROW 2: Paul McNea1E Lonnie Freeman, Dwight Ott, Dan Hash, Gary Richmond, jerry Janis, Lester Tilley, T Gary Helling, jerry Downing. ROW 3: Jim Boggs, john Taylor, David Bradbury Mast, Tom Courtois, Richard Wicks, Morris Wells, Unet Blown, Danny Seward Nickles, David Baumle. ROW 4: jim Chambers, Calvin Reed, Eddie Spengler, lm Webb, , Mark V JGPYY Keith Schaefer, Ronnie Fountain, Bill Green, Dan Ciacoletto, Kenny Nosser, Roger Vincent. 52 'ZW if M, 'ji' fij 5' i T A Concert Band The Fox High Concert Band was a A A familiar sight at home football games where they entertained the spectators at half-time. They also performed at the Pop Concert in Oc- tober and the Spring Concert in May. The Band went to District Music Con- test where they gave an excellent performance that received a iii rating. Officers: fleft to rightl Nona Morgan, Dave Baeumner, Pat Hawkins, Pat Brown, Laura Duf- field, jim Muir. PICCOLO: Pat Hawkins. FLUTE: Lora Kramme, Laura Duffield, Marilyn Terry, Gloria Brown, David Kopp, Janet Leavitt. OBOE: ' ' ' Dave Baeumner, Debbie Robinson, Pat jackson. BASSOON: Pete Wahlig. CLARINET: Susan Burgan, Nona Morgan, Betty Roberts, jim Siedler, Susan Hanne, Sue Imboden, Vikki Hitt, Roxanne Smith, Gene Olsen, Robert Achter, Nancy Get- tmgs, Diana Ramsey, Cynthia Dilliard, Connie Jackson, Toby Tucker, Mike Burgess, Linda Ratliff, Kirby Ashley BASS CLAR- I INET. Mike Rlchert, Byron Parkin. ALTO CLARINET: Alan Leutzinger, Debbie Terrill. ALTO SAXOPHONE: john Matlach, john Densmore, Keith Guehne, Dennis Warner. TENOR SAXOPHONE: Ed Adami, Cutis LaMont, Mike Griswold. BARITONE SAXOPHONE: Jane Bock, Jim Schuette. CORNET: jim Muir, Bill Casnar, Doug Hawkins, Barbara Coner, Dennis Bullock, Bill Rieser, John Sexton, Robert Terry, Bob Mitchell, Tom Walter, Ken Jenner, Ken Koehler, Larry Mayfield, Cliff Saunchegrow, BARITONE HORN: Scott Sharp, Steve jenneman. FRENCH HORN: Pat McKean, Scott Loewe, Steve Sanchez, Terry Bond. BASS HORN: Duane Harris, Pat O'Toole, Bob Ragan. TROMBONE: Dale Chott, john Melton, Charles Huighe, joe Pyle, Ray Oldham. PERCUSSION: Walter Michler, Margaret Nash, Bill Holstein, jim Green, jim Askins, john Duffield, Pat Brown, Mike Wallis, Terry Felty, Carol Mclineny, Carolyn Ward. iii? ROW 1: Cliff Saunchegrow, Robert Terry, Pat O'Toole, Duane Harris, Mike Burgess, Bill Rieser, Steve Sanchez, ROW 2: Nancy Gettings, Keith Guehne, Ken Jenner, Dennis Bulloch, Barb Conder, Curtis Lamont, Jim Askins. ROW 3: Scott Sharp, Tom Walter, Doug Hawkins, Toby Tucker, Sue Hanne, jim Schuette, Terry Bond. ROW 4: Debbie Robinson, Betty Roberts, Debbie Terrill, Pat Brown, Susan Burgan, Pat jackson, Lora Kramme. ROW 5: Ray Oldham, Vikki Hitt, john Melton, Joe Hyle, Mike Rickert, Rox- anne Smith, Frances Ward. ROW 6: Cindy Dillard, Mike Griswald, John Matlach, Scott Lowe, Robert Achter, David Kopp, John Sexton, ROW 7: Terry Felty, Jim Green, Steve Jennemann. Pe p B a n d The Pep Bands were a new addi- tion to the instru mental music department at Fox this year. There are two separate bands, the Confederates and the Yankees, and they played during half -time at our home bas- ketball games . Yankees Confederates ROW 1: fleft to righty Jane Bock, Nona Morgan, Pat Hawkins, Sue Imboden, Dave Baeumner, Gloria Brown, jim Muir, Connie Jackson, ROW 2: Pete Wallig, Linda Ratliff, Carol Mclineny, Pat McKean, Dale Chott, Laura Duf- field, Janet Leavitt. ROW 3: Bob Mitchell, John Duffield, Larry Mayfield, Bob Ragan, John Densmore, Dennis Warner. ROW 4: Diana Ramsey, Alan Leutzinger, Margaret Nash, Bill Holstein, Kirby Ashley, Byron Parkin. ROW 51 Ken K0eh19!', Walt MiCh1er, Chuck Huighe, Gene Olsen, MikeWa1lis, jim Siedler, Bill Casnar. 55 Orchestra -:Zrd VIOLIN: Ruth Ruxlow, Pat Jackson, Walter Richmond, Gary Weiss, Tom Bmch, Ralph Bellamy, Kim McCredie, Rita Tucek Linda Moore. VIOLA: Steve Pyatt, Lora Kramme. CELLO: David Smith, Rick McBroom. BASS: Barry Thornell, jim Eame: FLUTE: Pat Hawkins, Laura Duffield. OBOE: Dave Baeumner, Debbie Robison. BASSOON: Pete Wahlig. CLARINET: Nor Morgan, Susan Burgan. SAXOPHONE: john Matlach, Ed Adami. CORNET: jim Muir, Bill Casnar, Doug Hawkins. FRENCH HORN: Pat McKean, Steve Sanchez, Scott Loewe, Terry Bond. TROMBONE: Dale Chott, Charles Huighe, john Melton. PERCUSSION: Walter Michler, Bill Holstein, Margaret Nash. B-Band ROW 1: Terri Stroehmer, Cindy Simpson, Pat Fite, John Shirley, Ken Gravitz, Neil Bradford. ROW 2: Debbie Duncan, Dennis Miner, Steve Wilde, Mike Whiteaker, Bill Fox, Robert Williams, Mark Smith, Billy Prickett. ROW 3: Mr. Butler, Phil Amato, Nolene Sotolar, Pom-Pon Girls Left to Right: Sue Hancock, Kay Blair, Pam Bowman, Marilyn Terry, Sue Fadler, Debbie Enloe, Linda Arendell, Lois Hall. Ma jorette Judi Helrning This was a year of new ideas and innova- tions at Fox, and one of the most popular and successful of them all was the Pom -Pon Squad. Clad in uniform red and carrying white pom - pons, the girls per- formed their routines to popular tunes. The Pom -Pon girls were welcomed by the student body with such enthusiasm that the squad will be doubled next year . Twi rl er Mindy johnson '45 5 Mi Ammw 'WE IW' W 'QL L i'jf.Lg E11 Wahl -F: 1116 z ,. - f E ,NJ , W, , Qkwgf xuxsis ' I r-'X 0 . 1' . rp .xv 'Q ...aa-M' Hsu-. f Wifji' Q 4 1 ijt I 1 We H Fl E s ., rw fga f s. Q . 2' IL S Q 'f' X 4-ef. X Carol Eggleston -, , A Q 5 5 v v 1. A , . ,gui , SPS- mw,,.,,,, ,...,,.....-d ff-, U' -Y. ,x 'w . 1, ,. i jg .,,,,,L .,....,.-f .www :Qps+1.Wf: ,W ,f ,.,.. . .MW K K .- MQ .fy ,ML-umvfw -.HM I-01-nur fxaummzv Melinda johnson ,, Mm . . A W 1 Tm 4.22 fee ef K Susan Hancock WN Q Debbie suite Varsity Cheerleaders ROW 1: fleft to rightj Debbie Bright, Debbie Strite, Carol Eggleston, Henriette de Rozario. ROW 2: Susan Hancock, Sherry Raye, Melinda Johnson. ROW 3: Brenda Baer. This year our cheerleaders attended the National Cheerleaders Associa- tion Summer Cheerleader School. At this camp, they learned several new techniques to use in cheering. They returned with two honorable mentions and a first place. They also received the honor of bringing home a Spirit Stick to Fox High. The cheer- leaders worked hard at assemblies as well as at games . To finance next year's summer camp, they sold candy several times during the year . Fox High School salutes its cheer- leaders for a job well done. 62 2 Bits 4 Bits 6 Bits a Dollar All for Fox High Stand Up and Holler Varsity Football Squad ROW 1: Ed Adami, Howard Stever, Robert Hill, Henry Swallow, Greg King, Ernie Smith, Bill Holstein, Walter Richmond, Steve Sanchez, Tom Turnbourgh, Dave Goforth, Stan Cox. ROW 2: Coach Bishop, Dennis Dillon, Carl Fisk, Richard Mil- ler, Wayne Blindauer, Dave Bauemner, Tim Krapf, Tom Frenz, John Berry, Frank Erb, Danny Zaitz, Gerald Seavey, Jake Seiler, Denny Nash, Don I-lirning, Rick Wicks, Steve Hearst, Coach O'Connor. ROW 3: john Lemmons, Walter Michler, Vernon Cornejo, Lonnie Myers, Unet Brown, David Behrle, Dennis Warner, Ken Enloe, Dan Werner, Don Meyers, Gary DeMeris, Jerry Vance, Mike Arnold, Jeff Layton, Rocky Griffon, Earl Belleville, Jerry Buchanan, Morris Wells, Leon Har- rison fMa.nager J, Paul Cates fMa.nagerJ lNot pictured Don Gruenewaldl. Scores Fox St. Pius Fox Lafayette Fox St. Mary's Fox Northwest Fox Herculaneum Fox Crystal City Fox Festus Fox Hillsboro Fox DeSoto 64 'M' ', 'Q' . wwf' r i, l U TA V, 41 . y z ,SaV'f..-K' , .f wr' 'X ' K L ,"'5?j1'm A fs'5i1i2,iqf4Qlf'5si" . .f iw Pre -season practice began August 15 for the Warriors, with high hopes and bright pros pects for a winning seas on. Fox made school history by stepping out of rural competi- tion to play two urban schools, Lafayette and St . Mary's . Warriors Dazed Lancers 60-O The Warriors won their first game against the St . Pius Lancers, 60--0 . Don Gruene- Wald went charging over for the first touchdown. Then, from the two -yard line, Gruenewald again scored on a quarterback sneak. John Berry and Walter Michler scored twice, while Tom Frenz, Ken Enloe and Vernon Cornejo each scored a touch- down and, Howard Stever kicked for six extra points . The defense sparkled holding the Lancers scoreless . Dan Werner Struggles to gain yardage. 65 Lancers Overcome Warriors 26-6 Fox lost their first home game, 26--6, Tim Krapt ran for 30 yards for the only touch down in the first quarter, while Fox's defense couldn 't stop the strong sweeps of the Lafayette Lancers . Dragons Whipped Warriors 35-6 Fox's offensive team was unable to score against St. Mary's Dragons till late in the fourth quarter when Don Gruenewald passed to Vernon Cornejo . Fox Scores Again . I disagree " Lions Edge Fox 15-72 The Warriors defense and offense sparkled as we were leading at the half, 12--2, However, the Northwest Lions came from behind with 13 points to win, 15--12 . Don Gruenewald passed to Vernon Cornejo for both touchdowns . Tim Krapt was injured and was lost for the rest of the season. an Vw wwe suv -ff:-mm'f.,sm' fo 1 Q K an is M N X ,, If f "N-Q. Q A. ' 67 ,. . 3 lf . 'FV' ,st i I 532 ir , si ,J , , i.,- . A, wi.. Huw r,..,x E. -. Warriors Tie Blackcats 7-7 Tom runs for another touchdown. Quarterback Don Gruenewald scored the only touchdown for Fox in the 3rd quarter . As the game continued, neither Herculaneum nor the Warriors were able to score again . Quarterback Gruenewald was injured and out of action for the rest of the season , Homecoming Ends in Tie 7-7 Though fired up for the Homecoming game, with hundreds of cheering support- ers looking on hoping for victory, the Warriors tied with Crystal City, 7--7 . The Warriors scored in the first quarter when Walter Michler intercepted a pass and ran to the I-Iornet's 35-yard line . Michler then scored on an off -tackle slant. Tigers Humble Warriors 74-0 The scoreboard showed 0--O at the end of the first half, as both teams fought to cross the goal, The Warriors and Festus Tigers took to the field again for the second half and Festus was able to score twice, while the Warriors were unsuccessful in their attempts to score , The final score was 14--0. The Long journey Home. . it Warriors Surpassed Hawks, 33- The Warriors won their second game of the season by beating the Hillsboro Hawks, 33 --7 . Tom Frenz, Dan Werner, David Goforth and Dave Baeumner each scored once The games' final touchdown came as Tom Frenz scored again on an intercepted pass . Howard Stever kicked three extra points . The defense sparkled holding the Hawks scoreless in the second half. Warriors Pound Dragons, 12-0 Fox defeated DeSoto to end the season, with both the offensive and defensive teams living up to their full potential. Tom Frenz scored twice in his final game at Fox. Honored Players Seniors John Berry and Tom Frenz were named to the All Conference Team. john was named Defensive End on the first team. Tom was named Offensive Halfback on the first team . We are proud to have these two boys as stu- dents at Fox and mem- bers of the graduating class of 1969. john Berry 70 Tom Frenz B-Team Football ROW 1: Mike Pleiman, Larry Mouser, Gerald Seavey, Douglas Hawkins, Ricky Null, Chris l-laire, Robert Hill, Steve Lechner. ROW 2: Byron Parkin, Glen Olson, Tom Milne, Malcolm Noll, Tim Cole, Henry Swallow, Don Golden. ROW 3: Gary McKinnon, Unet Brown, Tom Edwards, Dan Duncan, Edwin Dennis, Russell Waugh. ROW 4 Duane Harris, Richard Bollinger, jim Green, Charles Huighe, Andy Buesking, K Strong. B Team Scores Fox Herculaneum Fox Festus Fox Crystal City Fox Hillsboro Fox DeSoto Fox Northwest en Hodges, Steve Gosney. Coach 26 13 13 12 27 33 Freshmen Football ROW 1: Pat O'Too1e, Ron Kramlich, Corbett Hall, Curtis Lamont, David Kerekes, Bill Walker, Jackie Campbell, james Rhodes, james Miller, Roger Hale, Dan Rutledge, Joe Mast, Phillip Amato. ROW 2: Coach jim Lober, Steve Sherrill, Randy Cox, Duane Dennis, Dennis Falcetti, Ken Jenner. ROW 3: Coach David Tidd, Ron Haynes, james Schierhoff, Bob Brown, Mike Ruesh, Paul Terry, Robert Achter, Mike Cox, Ken Gravity, Randy Foust, Clay Fisk, Dan Berry fmanagerj. ROW 4: Mark Paul, joe Scott, Ron Hahn, james Christ, Mark Enloe, Gary Weiss, john Zulpo, Eugune Strubinger, Thomas Elders, Van Campbell fmanagerl. Freshmen Scores Fox 7 Festus 13 Fox 1 2 Herculaneum 6 Fox 3 2 Northwest 0 Fox 0 Winds or O Fox 7 DeSoto 20 Varsity Basketball Left to Right: Bruce West fmanagerjg john Berry, Ron Teddleton, Steve Hearst, Don Gruenewald, Vernon Come jo, Steve Greer lim jones, Dale Buffington, Dennis Mueller, Gary Sherrill, Ken Clark, Ken Enloe, Tom Frenz, Kirby Ashley fmanagerj. CEN- TER: Coach Wilson. The '68-'69 Warriors started their season with a new coach, Mr . George Wilson and was picked to finish last at the annual pre -season conference basketball poll. Finishing in fifth place with a 5--7 record in the Jefferson County Conference proved this a surprising season for the Fox Warriors . 73 Varsity Basketball Scores Opp. Fox Lutheran South 81 51 Perryville 67 63 Northwest 55 39 Crystal City 72 69 Festus 69 75 De Soto 65 67 W Hillsboro 54 64 1 Herculaneum 86 73 'AARMURQ sr. Pius X 58 64 S 4 Crystal City 75 80 De Soto 57 70 Festus 84 74 Northwest 67 62 Hillsboro 83 61 I-Ierculaneum 72 65 The jump . . . The rebound The punch? The Cry of the Warriors The Warriors opened their season November 22 with a 81--51 loss to Lutheran South. They entered the Hillsboro Tournament losing the first game to Northwest, 66--64. They came back with two victories over St. Pius X, 56--55 and De Soto, 57--56, winning the consolation trophy. With a 2--5 record on january 3, they entered our new gym and started a new year with a 75--69 victory over Festus. In the Jeffco Invitational Tournament the Warriors lost to Lutheran North, 78--62, and to Chaminade, 75--64. 1 iw W.. :unnqun-.mis is Ji , 111 Schaff No Place to Go. just a Minute! With hopes of winning our own Fox Tournament, we lost the opener to St. Mary's, 72--71 but finished in 3rd place with a 90--57 victory over Wind- sor. The Warriors continued with victories over Crystal City and De Soto, losing to Festus, Northwest, Hillsboro and Her- culaneum . 76 if f KW' hw : R , if -A 'mg Q + A , ., Ag N Q U R 5 S' K ...,. -t 1 ' 'E " - - . as is 5, if -if-ffl Y I H- KV -DFS. AL .xxx .. '15, Q, Q U, rw Q S. AQ 5, is f 'ig-Q . weft? E im 'ix is at W 'rn Q fa A 5 is lb W . Ti 3' A tru an i G KN .. Sis, Sf ,aku lm l 5' nk 'ggi . X .- ' , 1 M oder ,XX X One That Got Away. Finishing the regular season with a 9--13 record, the Warriors entered the State Regional Tournament. Losing to Herculaneurn 66--63, Fox ended the season with a 9--14 record in what was the last game for the Senior boys. The boys were proud of their 3rd place trophy. in mx tug Q? . 1 N 3 Q M Q ,f Wg Ju fs he' A V 54' 4,6 2-1 A x a , ,sf SW V. 'ntl' E 4 an 3 jf' is L .x www fx S5 A S. A Q 1-21 LT?-": "' - EEL V . , .,. . , . K E 5"?.--f-:Q ffx 2: ' fs!! - -' 1-lf ' 9 iw" '-'Q """ , K '-fn- T ' 5-.:fQ kflf' X' w X 'W W '37 W rr 'Z S K ,A142 K Y AQAQJ ff-H, A vb' ,qv l '5 fmg'f V ' 1 gE"5 A X' fr? as, Y M ' 1 X I f A ge A y-qw: . - 1 x G i ' f Z , , , ag , ' " B 4 , ' M 4 x if ig ' X fl. vw 5 ,J p V p x 1. I . t , . A A I v A ,. V Y f n X I i .. a . m ,Y M , , . W ll 1 , - S m 'I 1 :gg 2 A 3 wi ' 5 - 5 . , ' . ' f m, - ,, sg . - if 2 , -i ? i LkLw 1 K Q ,. N 3 X h 2, 214 me QM. l nxw1""44 Z Fir 'if f in a .P 355-K, 4' B-Team Basketball ROW 1: Glen Olson, Coach Strong, Gary McKinnon. ROW 2: Ray Ehret, Chris Haire. ROW 3 Phillip Gyurxca Howard Stever, Mike Wallace. ROW 4: Richard Bollinger, Gerald Seavey. ROW 5: Donald Walter Robert H111 ROW 6: Kirk johnson fmanagerj, Steve jennemann, Tom Utz, Bill Brown, Larry Mouser fmanagerj 49 26 29 55 50 52 37 53 36 52 60 59 58 48 56 80 .a.u..zn:nA r is-maxi nag: ' msn 1-uni 1 Opp . 'B' Team Scores Lutheran South Perryville Northwest Crystal City Festus DeSoto Hillsboro Herculaneum St . Pius Crystal City DeSoto Festus Northwest Hillsboro I-lerculaneum Freshmen Tie for First ROW 1: Alan Greer, fmanagerjg Bob Brown, Philip Amato, Randy Foust, Tom Walters, Gary Adams Joe Mast Ken Jenner, Qmanagerj. ROW 2: Mike Boyer, Qmanagerjg Jim Colburn, john Kaiser, Gary Weiss Tom Kemper Mark Enloe, Cliff Saunchegrow, Dan Wick, Bill Garner, Coach Cookson. Opp. We 1 33 Nordnwest 69 n 43 De Soto 64 38 Festus 53 40 St. Pius 75 30 Hillsboro 101 50 Herculaneum 46 59 Lutesville 67 30 Northwest 63 23 Windsor 61 33 St. Pius 57 42 Festus 52 31 Hillsboro 75 Jefferson County Tournament 47 Herculaneum 48 61 De Soto 62 Season Scores 1 First Place B1 Baseball QLeft to rightj ROW 1: Richard Miller, John Berry, captaing Ernie Smith, Wayne Blindauer, Joe Mast Randy Foust, Rich Wicks, Wayne Johnson, Bruce Smith. ROW 2: Coach O'Connor, Ron Teddleton, Jim Meese john Guthmiller, Ed Blair, Kenny Clark, Jim Voss, Tom Utz, Unet Brown, Howard Stever, Mark Enloe Dennis Mueller Lonnie Myers. The Warriors had another successful year with 8 wins, 4 losses and 1 tie. The team ended with a .297 batting aver- age and a .881 fielding average . The top five batting aver- ages were made by Rod Teddleton with .407, Dennis Muel- ler with .400, Wayne Blindauer with .389, Vernon Cornejo with .385, and Tom Utz with .27O. PITCHING SUMMARY Win Lost Tie Guthmiller 3 l 0 Voss 1 0 0 Brown 2 1 0 Utz 2 2 1 Enloe 0 O 0 82 Fox Fox Fox Fox Fox Fox Fox Fox Fox Fox Fox Fox Fox John throws one in. SCORES St . Pius Windsor Hillsboro Northwest Crystal City Ste . Genevieve Windsor Crystal City Festus Northwest Crystal City Hillsboro Festus 1. Track ASW' VW lLeft to rightj ROW 1: Charles Huighe, Ken Koehler, Tom Frenz, Walter Michler, Terry Felty, Kenny Enloe, Kirby Ashley, Roy Markotay, Fred Sullentrop, Dennis Sullentrop, Carl Fisk. ROW 2: Charles Sebold, Robert Dane, Gary McLean, Don I-Iirning, Steve Hearst, Don Meyer, Arthur Hahn, Dennis Nash, David Behrle, Steve Greer, Bill Casnar, Dave Goforth, Coach Bishop, Coach Howell. The 1969 Track Team brought home many honors and new school records . The high point men were: Walter Michler of Senior Division with 40, and Ray Ehret of junior Division with 63 114 . We had two boys going to State Indoor: David Goforth and Don Gruenewaldg and five boys to State Outdoor: Ray Ehret, Bill Casnar, Walter Michler David Goforth, Roy Markotay. Our Track Team? 4f'fi'iaiS'M 'I v- , f T v....,b! K wr -Q A f 1 5 .5 W 5 fy .:KV . ." , ffl af X H 5 Jafmqt .. Y . M my K 'J 5 ff rf", ij -4, ,.AV X, 5 FS' .. -Y vw? QQ .ll Atv , .,.....,W:,-N.-M.. W... rqcfr J . . X ROW 1: Gerald Hearst, Louis Hittler, Stan Fox-bush, Dennis Sullentrop, Steve Suellentrop, Fred Suellentrop, Allen Greer, Danny Hancock, Stan Roach. ROW 2: jim Hawkins, Ray Ehret, Bill Gamer, Bill Altnether, Phillip Gyurica, Steve Greer, Bill Casnar, Roy Markotay, Ed Zeller, Kirby Ashley. f Not pictured Dennis Huffman J. Cross-Country Cross-Country is a race over a varied courses which is a distance of two miles . Fox's Cross -Country team, under Coach Howell, earned 3rd place at the North- west meet. The team's 1968-1969 sea- son ended with a 3rd place and Ray Ehret finishing 10th place at the District meet at Cape Girardeau. Varsity Volleyball The 1968-1969 Volleyball season started Sept. 10 with a greatly improved team and great hopes of victory. This year the rules were changed to determine the win- ner . Three games were played for 15 points or 8 minutes and the winner of 2 out of 3 games was the victorious team. Led by Miss Nicolussi, the girls played hard and won sev- eral sets of a game but never came out on top . ROW 1: Chris Parsons, Janet Deems lCaptainJ, Holly Maschmann Uvianagerl, Sherry Christ. ROW 2: Miss Nicolussi, Nelda Hundhausen lCo- captainy, Linda Baer, Linda Bauer. ROW 3: Peggy Newman, Monica Cauley, Debbie Oliver, Patty Long. Top Scores were - - Linda Bauer 24 points Sherry Christ 23 points Monica Cauley 20 points Peggy Newman 18 points Janet Deems 16 points 87 B-Team Left to right. ROW 1: Valerie Morris. ROW 2: Virginia Hill, Karen May- field, Pat Cole. ROW 3: Pat Jackson, Miss Nicolussi, Judy West. The team was led by Miss Nicolussi, who is prepar- ing these girls for their time on the varsity squad. These girls practice many long hours and played hard at the games. We would like to wish these girls the best of luck in the 1969 season. Freshmen Volleyball Left to right. ROW 1: Kathy Daniels, Linda Pennington, Nancy Strite, Chris Rauth, Debbie Enloe. ROW 2: Dana Ragsdale, Terry Siedler, Barbara Obermeyer, Barb Conder, Pam Stever. Missing in picture: Bev Plymal. The Freshmen team was coached by Miss Ragsdale. The girls came home with just one victory, but were the only Fox volleyball team to gain a victory for the 1968 season. These girls will be the Varsity of the Future. , ACTIVITIES Q Si Vi AAVVV wQmwl!"H"mMm Nw' .SRM :xl T H5 filkxgi :Qs-34' www . . i I xnfiffzf 5:11 wr Q vm-aw: wmv K 4 fl. K Www' wi' ,alfa P ,4- as ' Q X ,gf 5. we I ,, T g l f Nw-xb X . ,. X , . - ' . E: 1 , a K, ngi,l4zrsw1L iilgni, ' - ,lx J X 1 A l W Debbie Enloe Liz Cottmgham Anita Lewis Pat Craven, Rose Slover, Tory Roper, Connie Goodrich, Tom Turnbough, Tom Frenz Dave Baeumner john Berry john Lemmons, Frank Erb, Dave Goforth, Rose Brewer, Sue Hancock, Bill Holstien, Ed Football Coronation The 1968-69 Football Coronation was one that will long be remem- bered. An Hawaiian atmosphere prevailed at this last formal dance held in the old gymnasium. This night was also to become the scene of a history-making event at Fox--a tie in the election of Homecoming Queen. The two queens were Pat Craven and Tory Roper. The Dynamic Soul Revue provided music for the Royal Court and guests, adding the finishing touch to a perfect evening. -...., 'Q 'NIS I my 5 -....... A o 4 i - W ffl!! ff Rose Brewer Kin L. Q ' RS SMQ "" h Anita ' Lewis Debbie gg .. ,wg f ,,, :fix -..,..-......,.. ,Q g x, 3' , if 1. A QWUP Pat Frnvnn 1, " wi :fer -J15241?Ff. ,A, x EH K 'Z Q uf Q , .. W, .. . 3 ff 3 . . ...ff .VV L .. ' . V VVVV ' ..V w. iffy? ..,. 1, . EQQNNW I 2"sgy1sii1N"""tV' ' X . px 'I-f? JK V ,'V?R-,,- eh Jvlwi' iifrflgigi V- . . 'ffw i 51' SSW . 'Kwik f ?.Q?fi22b1 . 'Tai ' rf ., '?3'ig, .gi 'fV'5'V",f"l,fQff, 1?ifii31EQQSix - Xxx V V 5:1 gg, A.. , ' ,gp gi ' pq :ef -. . 1' . .Q rw wiv 3 4. ,. ' , ,. V V. ,.., NL V . M ig V .4 S., if g4V,!nx:,t91Y+5.g-L av K V giajf 5 'RISE if-KZ?'iH"xN'43'VNZFQ-f'i'fp Qskak siiwwiiiwiisf Vw.-V J --gs. . yqwgi -JV..'gs,mSf. P.w.f3'i Fgfwki' -. - - 'if 'F W. . uimia Q K Q93 1 5 Wg. xp fm-.121--fs' .AH 'QV ,iwQf'4if . N1-Vg qqgy . wg V , L 553 VM., Ju xgi,V,g-.. any as . i., V . .I ye H Y .- ' i ' Q QM-gif vig!! V- gf-:ii - 4, ...- .hw - if . U ' .egg iii.-:9'w3 V- , V - - - 599' f gh J A ' fY"l'E'iuxf5:2iQi" ami! V. . V? 'TW2"3ii V mxqbg ' ii , " Hb, paf'J,Q' .'ia'3f"-.L!,S,- wif' in is Xmliwxsixie Lu- f F .., V33'?Jgf.Q:'.i'1feVs.fWigwam1i?v5TiV.QstVk 4' F 2 fs ., i q I , ffkfi Ryze' . Ziyi,-Sli. ' '. V L S3 :SQL Jia, -xg. .,', I V. f 13 wwuw -, xt V ww W VS . I Y krsivi .Av yr V V.,... ' V ph M N :QQ , w W ' atgllfi ,f'gsS',4V'gkg.S5s4' ygti, P 2 'QNX .Q .fs 'M' 1 AW V . X , g,"5. gjhhifii ,,,fx4-'155U,Q,-g4i'V P Q "',.. . If ag 'ga gmws-V1 ...W 111.5-S3miis1525-.1kV3fi:,53fti,E5m3i5'4k ...Q 9iIg,fg1,i1?'gi2X2g1i1if2i '5 g rf... W J 'H-Hiijiieisii i.'.i'Q,aiwY4P"-faiffk "3- W " ,lkiqwi I - MS .. M . Vx . -V YN A' ,V -fi'-45 .. ., ".. 8 .. . ,V VVQ. ' i. X "f'i 'f i f Tm' Rope' iff . . 'f f' QQ? .jig-ff 5 .V Q, p b 5-Q Lx z f, . VV. , -V A ,V V- V' .1 A . f ig kwgv T. Sq' .N'iiQ3f ' fi sw SEV nf ki .V PW 29513 W? xr It'5 Carnival Time is QQ 'X Xf' TOP ROW Left to Right fEscortsj Dale Buffington, Vernon Cornejo, Don Hirning, Steve Hearst, Don Brown, Robbie Payne, Kenny Ramsey, P1111 Newson ROW 2: Queen Candidates: Janet Deems, Gayle Kenny, Brenda Baer, Sue Hancock, Retiring Queen Connie Goodrich Retiring Princess Diane Hildebrandt, Debbie Hall, Princess Yvonne Wichmer. Despite the rain, the evening of No- vember 2, 1968 proved to be an over- whelming success. This was the night of the annual Fox High School P.T.A. Carnival. Funds obtained from the event were used to purchase the Stage curtain for the new gymnasium. As time wore on, suspense of who would be our next queen increased. The cli- matic moment was reached as the Pres- ident of the Student Council, Don Gruen- ewald, announced Janet Deems as the 1968-69 Carnival Queen and Yvonne Wichmer as Princess. The crowning was followed by an hour of delightful music presented by the Fox High School Stage Band. J 5 . Q L ,.M ,,.A, Q. is Q, P, ' Q-W ff- i . ... -,rv sf Q. , L ?s5i ', ST . f , :i1""Q x . A. 5 v f ' h 50 . r .v ,K V i f' L A: V j K up ,3 ik i .x il fx Q f- ' 4 QS.. 1 ' 1 'KWH 'W' ' "Y 4 fri ' '- 24 ' . Q , . .:?. -4 'X - W '- , 'f A-1 , 'R-Q fv , M11 ,gd - a . N 5 ',,,, ' q " wry' VI! 543' Av! ?'23 ., ji - f ' A ww-ssf.Q' + ur 23'x'x2w W - i ,gf ' ,iv .. s ' X g f ,A if 4kLt, 2 A" x ' . T - - Q- A ffwgl' ,bg Q? 1 gitixmfx , gf ., ' " uf A ' ,- fs' Mag' X xx j. E . xi an Q vw sas.-rw 11' ru - , Q Q- f',: ' x . ,gl ,f,,- ' fi xi' Mfk,' Xxx, 2 'i-Lim! k .A ily! YC -'X i3 7 fl 542 15 5 -ys .x, .J ..,,.?-' 'Q' - 2c',,v'l .'fm ,.l"Ef'Wf'-- ' 1 gs . hWj.wAXN !i 55 KN- i ' 4 5 4 ' . K . K I f SHAW' 15' . 1 EQ 1 . 3 f - K g . V gi. , 'WQ3 ,ge ,. K ,f 2 'f-'f5f'3!ii"' nf 'Sfxx-mfg! ffw-,-f 1 mn? 2 fi, ,, Egg -1 ,:N.:.r'.:7 1-- 5, :Q px ,, , ,,-I ,Ns-X s I ' K A , , x iv 5 K V A nf W 1 T ' if 5 K.. U lv in f VY! by Y 5 Q A Ali it Q.. v., X I x Q 'W' .1 1, f 5, ii S' if f 7 3 -'Fil U 1' 's ! A - K I W LQ Af Y L, tQ M -- , f -es f p , ,, -- X 4 v,,. 1 Lit bg i A lla --vim QQ- , 5 M N ' I I ' 2 - , . .. 'gh ,iv 1 V gr t , I ' Q, A -n it K' 1 5 ' Q w 9 in 3 QQ. C iii Z ff -1 L 5 'Q ' M Q eg 3 R Q 'LT 3 , V 1? ' 'QP' - . f 3 l"" 4 A ,Nu ww, ' 'x fx A mg mv r , krk,v 1 V ,,. .. , , qt ,TV ,gl i liz,-! 'rf i Q W T ,QT 1'-' lf w,2'vQ1 gn " ' xvgggri ii I-QU 'VY' Rws? Ji'1l:!"i AV YW "- WW' . sk , .L ' L Q, ,, X.,1.' ,, xxx, kxtljjgx. M fi, Q f WM w-MA M 4 itil S534 1-If af 'EQ A is 5 'Wi 'K 7' ' a 4 V4 fi'?-W ffW, f' wg f 051 ,. Q1 Q ,L ,,, ,, ,, Nix , ix ' ' f flf VFX -Nffxl ' 2 i , 14,1 W my Ji, ' 3 'N-M -Q 1, ? ' z 2 I, '1 Q S' is .lf- AF by K sg l 1 52 ,ff , 1 4 5 5 V' t . i N3 K 5 + A v ,x , f Q 5397 , wigs . X,,. . 4. - Q. gi: 1735 -I k,k,.,. Q wg, v ,, A X- '12, X21 x ' 1 x w Q 'T .MA - 'xiii .,, 35 .73 , 75, Pam y 'Q J ' 5 , H X , Q xkgqfe. fl , - .. 's f- ff Y , K V 7 1,2 , K 1' g 5 K 2 'I lm . , 4 f . , - fra, r. if . Q , . wiv 1-F ,' , i f' F , , Yifffff ' a Peggy Parker f K A V ZLVV AL LI 1 "u If il K f sv, ' wa 4' N 'lx ' it ig f A fr 'A i E Q Q Monika Schlott Debme If ,?? tgg AL 355 ff X . S Q Honor Choir sings at Basketball Coronation. Basketball Coronation The Japanese scenery set an atmo- sphere of peace and beauty on January 18 as the 1968-1969 Basketball Corona- tion began to the music of the Dynamic Soul Revue. ln the first few tense moments of this exciting evening, Carl Buchholz announced the new queen, Miss Pam Kinder. The Court then en- joyed a brief interlude of 'entertainment provided by Frank Erb, Dennis Huff- man, Jane Bock, Donita Benck, and the Honor Choir. This highlight of the Basketball season brought excitement into the lives of all those attending. fleft to rightj junior Maid Debbie Bright, Senior Maid Kathy Pisciotta, Retiring Queen Mona Olsen, Queen Pam Kinder, Senior Maid Monika Schlott, Senior Maid Peggy Parker, Senior Maid Linda Henson, Sophomore Maid Donna Lenzen, Freshman Maid Debbie Lane. Escorts: Kenny Enloe, Don Gruenewald, Gary Sherrill, Vernon Comejo, Ron Tettleton, Dale Buffington, john Berry, Tom Frenz, Steve Hearst. 102 Science Fair The annual Science Fair was held this year on Feb- ruary 19 in the high school cafeteria. Along with the numerous science projects entered by science, chemistry, and physics students were exhibits pre- pared by the drafting and shop classes and the Art Club. We were honored to have many of our stu- dents go on to win scholarships at the Greater St. Louis Post Dispatch Science Fair. Alumni Reunion This year marked the tenth anniversary of the first graduation of Fox High School. The event was celebrated by a reunion of all the alumni of Fox since 1959. The meeting opened with an as- sembly at which it was decided to pre- sent an organ to the school. Entertain- ment was then provided by the Concert Band, Concert Choir, and Honor Choir with accompaniment by Dave Baeumner on the new organ. Honored Students The following students, Danny Crosby, Sandy Reifsteck, and Linda Henson received the honor of being designated as Curator Scholars by the University of Missouri. This award was based upon their superior scholastic achievement. 3 X Don Gruenewald, David Tucek, John Guthmiller, and Eddie Clau- sen were chosen to attend Boys' State at Central Missouri State College, Warrensburg, Missouri. Pat Long and Marilyn Brewer were selected to attend Girls' State at Stephen's College, Columbia, Missouri. These outstanding stu- dents were chosen on the basis of their leadership and scholastic ability. These students received Letters of Recognition from the University of Missouri because of their high scholastic promise. The students are: Mary Whatley, Pat Harmon, Gwen Leach, Laura Duffield, Anita Lewis, Rose Brewer, Carolyn Kuntz, Jeanette Manes, Kathy Lackey, Sandy Beller, Brenda Lackey, Arlene Scherrer. ROW 2: Connie Goodrich, Holly Masch- mann, Billy Hawk, Rick Counts, Nona Morgan, and Richard Deason. Fox High School takes pride in having so many outstanding students in its student body. The famous KXOK A11-Stars appeared at the Fox High School on February 8, 1969 to challenge our faculty. The game proved to be an interesting one as the Faculty battled to regain their title as victors. The effort was in vain, however, as the All-Stars edged the Faculty, 65--62. Ql.eft to Righty julie Beller, Pam Childs, Lois Hall, janet McKean, Denice Noll, Richard Wicks, jake Seller, Tom Nichols, Richard Mueller, Dave Goforth, Mr. Pulford. X Student Exchange An unprecedented event took place this year at Fox. The Fox students pictured above, and the New London students below enjoyed a week's exchange between schools. Our group left for New London, Iowa on Sunday, April 20, to spend a week. The group from Iowa returned the visit on Sunday, May 4. The students enjoyed field trips, parties, and new homes during their stays. With the suc- cess of this year's program, it is hoped the exchange program will be enjoyed j for many more years to come. j JG , i 5 I 'iflzz tif ROW 1: fleft to rightj Peggy Shelledy, Roberta Wolfe, Martha McNeeley, Karen Drevland, Barb Coberley. ROW 2: Rick Shacklett, Dave Collins, Bill Brumm, Don Greulich, Ray Grinstead, Mr. Chubb. 106 w is 'ff Ex ? 'fr P ik jf M l I ,L .M ff, 6' QF ff' ates f N D W and 27 5 FY Q, Mates ffffff 9 15 f f 'X A A f an 1 M, l 3255 3 5. . A hlnlqlfwv x Q. Q? if 'Q 4 Q 451 . PQ f bt Qw .mfaw Q 9 -vs' A but .-K. Mg at , . ,mm fl .. ' 17 .ly W , 2 ' 1. 5 , g - . . w I l if gf. 395.5 e ,Q ffl 2 has 45,5 ffl Q. E 65531 Yz ffiwx :A ' w QI it Q, -ww Yi , 2 M. WM, we W. hiv -k 5 5 V25 fl, I 5, ak +5 no -eff' 1:3 . fe. 1' it, 3' W WSW ,Mt E 493 'V . if 34?,fvQvf9jf5!?Q .f fi -arf liffrb -ef Y iff' .1 it g ' TLA lil 1 ,A,. .Inf 1 fgdfd in QQ: sg.. ld: S5-g""v fi 1 ieifsffa-a I fi Xl 5 1 'Q W . Q' kk 75 F 's' 1 :Tub 11 5' W Q ' 4 0 gf vs Q H9 ' N 1 Q , ' mmQw WEEE 3563 fm gfwwx M 5 all WWM5 6 , ings? . 54 I w. 0 mMi 5 sg fm f 7' ,'l... an M .?'gfg T, g , ,ff ,J My-f 4 -' Mfg' xxfx ,,-1-" l F!! . X 'nf-Q E 4 . . ,y, . ' ' 'L 5 - vi Q' I I - ' ' " ' LQKL nu . . -f I I JD an E vas 'ff pu I Ti. .,:,. Q' gg wg, G 'Q w 9 ' m I 1 V r -M-r Q if Y I V my . , , Q rg "gi, U x 2 P Am' , YA, QP J .gg 1 1? H 1 Q ' K ' ,f ffli K fm 5 R' , f i f w jg 5, ff Q K! x y I 0 Q Q . -'N 'R f 3 N. lg H QQ. wg! 'v 5 - Q ,K 35 -as S my ' X M N sf 'i Kiki li, ,. im: W .sg V . Q? ,z V :fs . H 1 '5, H5igfA1 Aff? Z . ' , Y S L, ng- .- Xi- - , A 1 f A Q if' 2 wg f - ' ' 'TQ .l. ,Q ' E ff A" f'--fifij' 'Eg K sY-?'f?XXf- -4 Y11',I"ffsrI,fwN V x my ,- ' W ' ' , , W 2 I 'A 1 2 ' c xg - W ?J3.g'Q K N 1 fig, K 5 ,S ., ' N 5 1 ' N K ,M iw, I Q. ,. 1, ,mi 5, A Q . W L Tv il I , 1 55 A W K L A ,. A,5q, .... X, N. f- Mf N1 gm- Q Y iw? 5 ,fy 4 ig Q 5 , Tig 53 'Q' A! A 'MQ-,ww ., ., A, . 2 L K ,:??1.fwq' T ' 115' H, 1 ,,. Y Y Class of '72 Nw Jil f X """-nuw..., -QN- Starting a New Year K Q 'fb wg ,Sei a was L if-X we x ,Q f S' X ifigf I "All right, who threw that spitwad ?" II7 Robert Achten Gary Adams Tim Adkerson Gene Allen Rosemarie Allen Phillip Amato Carol Ambuel Rhonda Anderson Elaine Armbruster Fayette Askren Denise Baeumner Phillip Bain joy Balmer Tobby Barron Sherl Bauer Dennis Bauer Joyce Becker Karen Beers Lois Behrle Dennis Bell Rich Berry Michael Best Roger Biggs Ray Blair Sherry Bold Terry Bond joan Boxdorfer june Boxdorfer Mike Boyer Michael Boyer Michele Bradbury Neil Bradford Deborah Brainer Brenda Bratcher Billy Brewer Brenda Brinkley Mary Beth Britton Cathy BIOWD Don Brown Bobby Brown Tony Brucker Robin Bryder Dennis Bulloch Robert Burgard Mike Burgess Pat Burns Diane Buskuehl Sherry Buskuehl Dennis Cain Terry Cameron Jackie Campbell Norman Carter Darrell Casteel Brenda Chambers Ronnie Chatman james Christ Terri Christ Steve Cissell Monty Clement johnny Coats With Hopes of Success it is-wg? sw f' is 5 v "x-is 3, .W ., 1 X Q fanni- To Cain New Friends ws? sms "I think this problem's easy." . V wwf Ek 3311 3' we 'ff James Colburn Britt Cole Regenia Coleman Reda Collins Barbara Condor Brad Conway Randy Cox Jim Cravens Bob Croeton Gloria Crutchfield Herbert Cummings Robert Curtis Kathy Daniels Debbie Dautenhahn Dana Davis jeryl Davis Thomas DeC1ue Nancy DeDear Kevin Dees Duane Dennis Barbara Degonia Georgette De Rozario Mary Dietl Cynthia Dillard Norbert Dively Kathy Doan Steve Doggendorf Debbie Drennen Debra Duncan Norman Dunn Mike Eachs Carol Ehret Dale Ellis Patricia Ellis Gary Emily Terry Engel Debbie Ehloe Mark Enloe Dennis Falcetti Jean Fisher Clay Fisk Bert Fite Pat Fite Dennis Forbush Donald For she e Ricky Fountain Randy Foust Billy Fowler David Gahr Sharon Gaines Mike Gambill Sharon G an Breaking in New Teachers U, :af..'w,g-QQ. : -51 ,:.1EiJff. 1- , , .. . I ,ii i w Q 'Z Q fed A W ' - i n ,... , - P.: N. si X fe N, f 'x ek fi YW g ,Qing f. - 525-enf gfl - x V 7 , X Q . ::. lf: ,, is 1 U, . ,T7f ,,,, S Q Q' W 'a -f-M ef X iv - f if Ns 'iy in x "English is interesting? 120 as They Break Us in v Q,-w A . 1 4 :WM K: k Sees., Q aw me Ia 5 Y lx. SF Q M , S x Bill Garner William Gaynor Jane Geringer Verna Germain Barbara Gerst Dorothy Gerst Nancy Getting David Gilbert Debra Gitchell Donald Goldkuhl Pat Goldkuhl Richard Goodeman Cathy Gordon Ken Gravitz John Grey Alan Greer Darrell Grimes Donna Grisham Mike Griswold joy Gross Keith Guehne Dawn Haas Ronnie -Hahn Roger Hale Mike Hall Dan Hancock Linda Hankins Randy Hardesty Kathy Harmon Melinda Harris Bruce Hawk Ken Hayes Greg Hearst Diane Heimos Susan Henry Deborah I-leskett William Hill Vicki Hitt Louis Hitler Glenna Hodge Dennis I-Iollnagel Mary Howe Joan Howell Mary Huff Rena Huitt Nancy Ifland Richard Isbell Kennett Isreal Marilyn Jarred Ken Jenner Kirk Johnson Lloyd Jones Rickie jones Mike jordan Jerry Joyce John Kaiser Brenda Keenan Janet Keilholz Krista Kelam Tom Kemper Kathy Kennedy David Kerekes Roy Ketcherside Brenda Kimble Fern King Eileen Kinney Kent Kinsey Debbie Kirkpatrick Terry Klamert Donna Kneff Ronnie Kuntz Elmer LaBee Debra Lashley Donna Leffler Ray Litzau Donna Loethen Randy Long Linda Louisda Vivian Lowden Frank Lowe Scott Lowe Karen Lowery Sandy Malone Ann Marion Gaining Victories A-in :QQ iq afar tm ""' '19 ff N 1 M l Fm '1 Q- 'fi -za.: if 2 5 352 Q- 1ZlL-lit f 4' 3 -at QQ? E an f ifsee fn if - L. -.X Ns V9 122 . - new sv, '32 V an , ..LA ii' K .. at Football and Basketball QQ Nye l fir as "Five more minutes to go." ,- ,,:S XX 2 1 es X L, 5' X i 13 5-11 assi- Harry Markotay John Matlach Theresa Matthews Herbert Medley Susan Meinz Dorothy Messmer Sheryl Metzger Karen McG1aughin Dan McGonag1e Orville Mclntrye Ramona McNulty Dennis Miner Raymond Montgomery Carol Moore David Moran Gail Moyer Ellen Naes Jackie Nanna Dan Nelson Debbie Nesbitt Ralph N ewhouse Marla Noakes Mark Norris John Ottomeyer Richard Parham Shelly Parker Carolyn Parolin Mark Paul Linda Pennington Greg Perry Rick Perry Ricky Petrie Paul Pizzo Carol Placht Helen Pogue Mary Politte janet Polston john Polston Billy Prickett Cathy Probst Steven Pyatt Dawn Quitmeyer Dana Ragsdale Kathy Ralston janet Rambicourt Paula Randolph Donna Rasnic Chris Rauth Dan Reed Linda Reichert Cynthia Rendon Denise Repple William Revelle Debbie Reynolds james Rhodes Karen Richards Tony Riebold Deborah Riehn Bill Reiser Stan Roach' David Roberts Yvonne Rogers Sandie Rohlfing Nancy Roland Tom Rose Sandy Ross james Rosson Mike Ruesch Proving ur Rights 5 , S K 'We 'R .. 1155: is 5 4 2 X .J I as, 124 To Become Sophomores , , 2 si E ,fit . 4 ,rl s amp' ..., , , . ,..: s . Q, . Q S . sz. g 43? 5 72 I ' 'Z MR? s at ,E fi 3 X t 3 l s TQT 1 xizef- xv if , f . iii ' 3 ' '-f A R! Q 0- -. X if xxx! 3: A as . .. Q 1 nieii in S . .Ri 5 ,ya , . 2 'K ,wi 5 on L rs, .SL at M. ii PQ wa- 1- - e Y, ak. , . C ,: y t if ,Q if 5: l i , . 'fu' nov Wwe: ii ,gm .N we 1 l 4 'tha ' lf: i an in Eyre ,S ,F Dan Rutledge Celeste Rutledge Terry Sago Mary Ann Sanders Cliff Saunchegrow Ioan Saunchgrow James Schierhoff Marie Schlotterbeck Ruth Schmaltz Cynthia Scates John Schaedler Keith Schaefer Pam Schaefer Melanie Schicker Paul Schneider James Schuette Joe Sciotto Mary Sciotto Bob Scoby Joe Scott Marilyn Scott Terry Seiler Nancy Sellers Dennis Sellers Christine Senyard Danny Seward Mike Sexton Scott Sharp Steve Sherrill Wayne Shoemaker Mickie Shrum Jim Siebe Mark Sigman Cindy Simpson Janice Simpson Steve Simpson Dolores Smallwood Bill Smith Mark Smith Robert Smith Susan Smith Nolene Sololar To Be Students at Fox Eddie Spengler Geroge Spiess Wilbert Sprock Judy Stallard Linda Standfield Ken Standlee Iim Stelling Vicki Stephens Pam Stever David Steward Glenna Stewart jenny Stewart Teryl Street Bill Stokes Nancy Strite Terry Stroehmer John Strubinger Brenda Sutton Paul Terry Robert Terry Bill Tibbs Mae Tiemann Mary Timmerma Janice Tincknell John Thierath Donna Thomell Joni Trauclt Toby Tucker Mike Tyner I1 gi 2 ' 1 46" 5 . 5 jim Vanl-Ioogstraat Terry Vogt Roberta Voightman I Brenda Wadlow Debbiewaggoner Pat Walker William Walker Barbara Waller Carol Warren ,ix , Q Q1 5 1 1 Y air ig - . X at I26 Sherl Baker William Bond Matt Braun Marta Brown Robert Browning Mary Buchanan Mike Cox Diane Edney Beverly Ehlen Robin Eiche Thomas Elders Rick Eldridge Debra Faller Stanley Fears James Griffon Pat Grissom Carol Groves Sharon Hampton Debra Hatcher Ronald Haynes Jeannie Howard Gerald Hurst Chris Jackson Vicki Jenkins Pat Jennewein Cynthia Johnson Ron Johnston Kathy Jones Michael Kessler ua? q 1' 3 if , in 1: . sv NO PICTURES AVAILABLE Ernest Kettrell Pameal Knuckles JoAnn Koch David Kopp Ron Kramlich Frank Kretz Virgil Lamar Curtis Lamont Peggy Land Debbie Lane Mark Long Becky Lawson Deborah Lawson Herbert Lewis LuAnn Lindwedel Virgil Logan Lora Loggins Julie Lash Dennis Lowell Kathy Marche Rita Martin Dan McNulty Melissa McNabb Joe Mast Marsha Matthews Danny Mayfield James Melton Leslie Messmer Phillip Miller Special Education I27 Robert Miller Elizabeth Millikan Yvonne Mall Linda Mottert Steve Muser Barbara Oberrneyer Brenda Osgood Patrick O'Toole Vicki Otto Linda Parker Michelle Parlow Dale Payne Kenneth Price Richard Pruett Linda Rigger David Russell Margie Scott Robert Staten Teryl Street Sandy Taylor Teresa Ulrech Joanne Walsh Richard Watkins Sharon Wenom Dan Wech Kathy Williams Tom Wilson William Zelch Frank Blomker Tom Courtois Larry Eads Danny Holladay Paul McNeal Donald Miller Patricia Naes Jerry Nickels Marilyn Nyga Kenny Nosser James Radford Calvin Reed Dwight Ott Timothy Webb Sophomores 5 ff .N al , x g! n B is L 1 Monette Adair Glenda Adams Janet Adams Steve Akridge James Askins Barbara Baker Diane Barnes Rhonda Barnicle Dennis Barron Denise Barton Karen Bates Peggy Baum Cindy Baumgartner Debbie Baynes Susan Beard Rosemarie Beil Norma Beishir joy Belfield Beverly Berry jane Birkenbach Judy Blair Pam Blunt Paula Blyze Fred Boggs Richard Bollinger Kathy Bone Pam Bowman Debbie Boyer Glenda Boyer John Boyer Colette Bradley Derek Branham Carl Braun Denise Briggs Bill Brown Pat Brown Unet Brown Andrew Buesking Susan Burch Tom Burch Susan Burgan Being a Sophomore Means . .. T erry Burgess Vemon Burnett T eresa Busch Christin e Buskuehl Jackie Cadenhead Yvonne Cain Van Campbell Russell Carrico Carmen Carrow janet Chaffin Lennie Chandler Pam Childs Anne Chott t Rich Christman Carol Clark Richard Clark ails 'Q " . 1 i Bella Clausen Pat Clybum Pat Cole ,ip MQ, Tim Cole Harvey Cook john Counts mud- .,,, Larry Craft Fr ank Cravens Clarence Cresswell Jo Ann Curtis John Dace Brenda Dake Robert Dane H4 ,B 4 K H 1? , f A 130 in-nn-un Linda Davis Debbie Dehart Sherry Dehner Jeanette Dell Paul DeLong Edwin Dennis Sharon Dever if git K Wayne Dielschneider ' ' --Q " - ESQ Pat Drinnin Pat Easley Dennis Edney Ricky Edwards Tom Edwards Sue Eggleston Geralyn Ehlen Ray Ehret Debra Erslon Linda Estell Robert Evans ff Jem' Downing , I of Karen Dublo John Duffield Rebecca Dunard Danny Duncan Jim Duncan Brenda Dunn Sandy Dunn Linda Eakins jim Eames -1: U Q1 QQ ' Q 5 asks st wt Qi As X -1 K W Xe x ' 5, X 9' R 2 l3l Steve Evans Suzanne Fadler Herbert Faulstich Sherry Fisher David Fogelbach Shelby Fout Danny Franke Dennis Freeman Evelyn Fuhrman Danny Gallagher Denice Gambill Roy Gan Jeanne Geist Cheryl Goforth Don Golden Rosemary Gonzalez Steve Gosney Diana Gravitz Donna Green James Green Richard Grose Jo Ann Guthmiller Phil Gyurica Dennis Hadley Linda Hager William Hager Chris Haire Larry Haley Dale Hampton Ramona Hancock Susan Hancock jeff Hanks Linda Hargrove Diane Harrison Duane Harris Dan4Hash Ben Hasty Douglas Hawkins James Hawkins Mike Heller Cliff Hensley Linda Hicks Going Out on Dates EM .. ., .. K I i m V' r a r S all S iw yy ig af.. ' Alis a - L , an F gr A 'X ff f as W P. N we gt mga f , fe, - yay Q lg i ,. r. K ,S Us K J ii- r, . G 21 l W U E X ws 5 ' . . gig mf, S. xc iff .. K A L' 5" W ,,., .,::g"'f55':kffi:5 P472 1 2 if - I ..15, j ' , 4 QQ . A A A awai-in f " ' f at 'L K F ff l 'W H ' l Q ig i f ff - me , ' 'i in .'-' WH 'ri' lsr - KT fir? - F E Na . Q X l is all A W' f , . . . , G r l32 fi jar, sz. V. ggi 'R Wifw, 13- W ,Q ..... 1 fr f so fi r X .. if 'J . ? ... - g X W Q in 5, if al Q ii ., ! ik S lv ml' - is -v K, . K , A f K, W ,m y it ,mv ,,::, ec. E r - ' Eg ryiw 5- 5 R KN Q A is be 4' K jerry Kaemmerer Doug Keane Karen Keller Leland Keller Melvin Keller Mark Kemper Linda Heibel Robert Hill Ginny Hill Paula Hiller Kenneth Hodges Gwen Hoerner Pat Holstein Yvonne Howard Joanne Hoybook Cheryl Huckfeldt Debbie Huff jim Hughes Chuck I-Iuighe Elaine Huss Darlene Hutchison Deborah Isbell Pat Jackson Jerry Janis Ron jenkins Steve Jennemann Robin Johnson Sandy johnson Zoe Ann Jones Tim Jurkowski 133 Dee Kerekes Steve Kimble Iris King Tim Kirchoff Debbie Klausner Bob Kleugel Gary Kopp David Kraft Sherry Kraft Lora Kramme Kim Krepps Gary Lackey Gary Lang Joyce Lawson Steven Lechner Donna Lenzen Debra Leriche Stephen Liljenberg Monte Little Debby Lockhart Gloria Lockhart Debbie Loethen David Iogan Joan Logan Taking Sophomore Tests 'D xr lf ' x"' 552 af , D ' 3' Ali Marty Iouisda Sandra Mayabb Karen Mayfield Kenneth McCarthy Danny McCarty Elizabeth McFadde X1 Q55 Us S fu mf ish Ie "' X i ,E Q X X fi I , rk. 1 Y, Qt K i " ff X 'We i Wx Ricky McFall Gary McKinnon Linda McLean janet Meade john Melton Richard Melton Christine Merta Steve Meyer Bill Michler Alan Miller Tom Milne Cindy Miodunski janet Mitchell Barbara Moore jay Moore Valerie Morris Janet Mosier Larry Mouser Dan Mueller Dennis Mueller Roxann Mullins Margaret Nash Roger Nenninger Tom Nichols Calvin Nicholson Tommy Nickless Malcolm Noll Donna Nuspl Keith Oestricker Rich Oestricker Maureen O'Loughl1n Glen Olson john O'Rei11y Craig Orrick Linda Osborn Teresa Owen Richard Palmer Ronnie Parham Ronnie Parker Byron Parkin Mike Pfeffer Io Ellen Pifer Cheering for the B-Team Ricky Pinnell Sharon Pitts Mike Pleimann Margie Poeppel Nora jean Poitras Gay Ponder Gary Pryzgoda Kevin Ragan Robert Ragan Rich Ragsdale V Kirk 'X n W ' 4 cg Diana Ramsey ' Barbara Randolph Connie Rath at f 1 -M' X4 K 1 -, ' K s V 'g - , I , W',f L Shannen Raye Betty Reichardt Janice Reifsteck Anna Reinhold 02 Q 2 Sl 'nt gh vw I36 Trent Reynolds Ruth Rhodes Ruth Rice Gary Richmond Michael Rickert Gail Riddle Victor Riebold Carol Ringhofer Betty Roberts Mike Roberts Steve Roberts Tim Robinson Shirley Ross Arthur Ruessing Kevin Rutledge Ruth Ruxlow Elaine Sansegx-aw Patty Savalick Virginia Schaper Pamela Schenk D e nnis S itze D awn Sk a g gs Linda Smith Ronnie Sm ith Karen Stahl Debbie Standlee Evan Steck Randy Steffens Sharon Stemler Brenda Stevens W"-er 7 Scott Schmidt Gary Schutz Carol Scott Gerald Seavey Shelia Seward John Sexton Mike Sexton Kathy Shy Cathy Singleto fe i 1 , 3-32:4 ,ge , S if ' im, 'inf STA' Q ...X ,S , e X gy x ,K t If 15 ..i' J ii Xl S 6 .J,.:,., 'S' , K wi S J -ri 'fm' egg! XE 1 Howard Stever Cheryl Stoyeff Dennis Street Debbie Strite Dan Strohmeyer Dennis Suellentrop Henry Swallow Larry Sweeney John Tallent Linda Talley Mike Tatalovich John Taylor Sandy Taylor Debra Terrill Brenda Terry Robert Theiss Don Thomlinson Genna Thornton Mary Topping Gary Turner Kristy Ulmer Tom Utz Adeline Van DeVen Dian Vandiver Karen Wagganer John Wallace Mike Wallis Peggy Wallis Richard Wallis Donald Walter Gary Walter Karen Walther Dan Ward Cathy Watkins Fred Watson Ted Watson Russell Waugh Frank Wecker Linda Wells Janis Weidler Pam Wendt Judy West Two Years To Co iw' T 4' if L W Y xiii: 975 at rr S T iw S ' Q, s, HF' - M133 LQ - ' -f J , I I M' . xifhfjx I puifff l f I iff' f -' if-xv , ' A . I ...uf-f ' RN ' . aw. A , ,,. . . .eq A , V fs f ygggggi X fx 5 X fx 1 abr if 55' ,. .Q gf 3 si' X 'll' aw Q WMI J' QA! if! 138 mfg Linda Woodruff Rita Worley Karen Yeager jeanye Yocum NO PICTURES AVAILABLE Cynthia Acker Brenda Baer Clovis Black Robert Byington Mark Carroll Linda Cosgrove Dale Cregar Robert Divine Mary Eilers Barbara Elkins Charles Ellis Cynthia Frank Larry Gamache Rick Godfrey Bob Gray Kathy Hampton Pat I-Iankins Sue Hanne Cathy Harris Mike Henson Dale Jennewein Carol Jennings Ken Koehler Jeannie Lehnig Terry Morgan Ray Oldham Linda Pfeiffer Bill Ryan Ken Schierhoff Darla Schultz Madonna Siecinski Terry Streckfuss Brenda Tallent William Tedrick Bruce Topping Donna Turner Gary Wiegert Rick Williams Cleidus White Pat White Sharon Wichmer Raneen Wilhelm Kathy Wilhite Vicky Williams Linda Wilt Dan Wind David Witte Carol Wood In Memoriam ins juniors' Class junior Cabinet ROW 1: Qleft to right, Debbie Daniels fSec.j, Vernon Cornejo fPres.j, Anthony Guerrick fVice-Pres.j, Eddie Clausen fBoy's Treas.J, Denise Noll fGirl's Treas.J. ROW 2: Mary Rambicourt, Linda Collins, Anne Wooldridge, Lois Hall, Debbie Bright. ROW 3: Lonnie Meyers, Don Meyers, Bill Green, Paul Cates, Richard Mueller. ROW 4: Walter Rich mond, Don Hirning, Knot shown: Hal Muserj. 141 Diane Altnether Beverly Anderson Linda Arendale Mike Amold Kirby Ashley Steve Barron Dona Bates Debbie Bauer Dave Behrle Julie Beller Earl Belleville Donita Benck Donald Bender Dave Bender Steven Benko Brenda Bennett Linda Bennett Steve Bemhardt Danny Berry Debbie Berry Peggy Biggs Edward Blair Mary Blankenship Wayne Blindauer Paula Boesel Tom Boggs Donna Boyer Dave Bradbury Charles Brainer Martha Breckenridge Marilyn Brewer Donna Bridges Don Brown Juanita Brown John Brown Terry Brown Roxanne Brutcher jerry Buchanan Carl Buchholz Kathy Carter Judy Casteel Monica Cauley Class of '70 X K g . - 'fr as ' Q9 g .- K is , f r A , f Q I ss' m 4 y . of are f Ya-'fp 4. X F 5+ Kc I . ,n ,, -if i . 1 my ' -A-ramad' , -. :Q .fr 1 W 2 r ,we wk- lf .- fake, gr ae,-.,vm - ' X - N l , 1 K 5:- 142 X 5 ' s H 3 5? r all s 'X fix Q s Upperclassmen at Last l "'1 C A - .. MN, t..,,. We I Q-,,ss ' Bill Casnar Paul Cates Henry Chatman Mike Chilton Carol Cissell Kenny Clark Eddie Clausen Bettye Clement Sue Coats Andy Cole Sara Conner Pat Conway Debbie Conway Vernon Cornejo Danny Corse Liz Cottingham Stanley Cox Bill Crafton Alfred Creamer Larry Craft Debbie Daniels Mike Daniels Randy Dean Debbie De Clue Mary Dedear Gary Demeris Dennis Dees John Densmore I-Ienriette de Rozario janet Dietl Dennie Dillon Sharon Dobbs Susan Dockery Jeannie Downing Debbie Dublo Shiela DuBois Brenda Eakins Raymond East Gayle Ecker Judy Edwards Carol Eggleston Pam Ehlen Steve Eldridge David Emily Arthur Ems Ken Enloe Ruth Ann Faulkner Terry Felty Jo Ann Fink Ellen Fischer Carl Fisk Ronnie Fountain Bobette Gardner Steve Gebhardt Christine Geist Dan Giacoletto Bill Goodall Robert Goodall John Graf jane Grass Assume Responsibility Y 1' V K '- . :K .., 1 D I V 5 is.L. 'P - , ' A F i S F , F :Z S ss S -4. --i. -., " . . 1 ,f ' A Q .- i i ' , 4 X . 144 M: 3ul....,: Take a Step Toward Leadership . i 3 as . s -xv a asa 1' K --5153: Qiir s W. 5 'W in . 1, e1e,::,,.. X K 5 . WX S! L as , K sa. 'N V A f - alyssa ii' si 1 i Y Q as-if we X -:Q - X ' few h. Bi fx is ge W if ' , . 4 -'M ,,,r ig . V M -ik. ' 'iz' "G fa r 1 5 - Q -'-- i -- mea . X la exif ,-kk S' sl F: X Q8 pu. X .. . W -V W vim Q ,gb K if Fai "gay, i 553 gg ,,.wvLi.f, 'Nz W sv s Q ii? sh fi A it tr fs as be L ., , t 145 Linda Gray Bill Green Steve Lynn Greer Emily Grier Rocky Griffin Sylvester Grissom Tom Grote Don Gruenewald Anthony Guerich john Guthmiller John Haas Charles Hager Joyce Hall Lois Hall Dave Halleman Mike I-lallenburger Carol I-Iankins Wayne Hanks Mark Haring Steve Harmon Vicki Harmon Leo Harrison Steve Hartzell Tom Hayes Steve Hearst Larry Heffel Don Heimos Gary Helling Glen Hensel Melodie Hicks Debbie Hill Don Hirning Rick Hoelzer Donna Hollnagel Sandy Huett Linda james Nancy Jenner Mindy Johnson Wayne johnson Jim Jones Kathy Jones Marvin jones Earning Money for Our Treasury Debbie Keller Loren Kemper Sue Kerht Tom Kerekes Terry Key Greg King Ron Kingery Gayle Kinney Joan Klahs Kathy Klamert Steve Knapp Janet Koch Ron Krapf Gary La Bee Mike Lacey Nancy Lang Rowena Lato Pat Lay Jeffery Layton Judy Leach Janet Leavitt Joe Lefarth Vicki Lenau Gerard Lenzen Diane Lesch Jim Lesch Dave Leutzinger Claire Lewis Neils Liberoth Carol Lindwidel Pat long Gerald Longhibler James Lowe Gail Lunte Camille Marion Robert Max-ler Carol Martin Mark Mast Linda Mayfield Joyce McBroom Susan McClain Janet McKean 15 . a Hard but Rewarding Task has A 1' . im 'H 'ls FQ x 51 qw i s. 1f'i2i'w :f 3, A 45 X ex Y Q, 3+ as W Q 5 as W mga K f . ' 'X J ni. M, Q n K R., 1 2 1 sr Af . Q ,L is as er S, x muy, , v A fy, Q :, ,K :tfki W I if Niiif b XX 1.55 , q , ,4 if C 5 V? aaaa ,. rs l ,fi A mi 6 X gi Q Ra X . .4 , w i !igg!Q?i 147 Sharon McLean Connie McNabb Cheryl McPhai1 Ray Messmer Don Meyer Linda Michael Walt Michler Richard Miller Frances Mills Bunny Morehouse Rich Mueller Hal Muser lonnie Myers Dennis Nash Elizabeth Nelson David Nesbitt Peggy Newman Daryl Nichless Kurt Niswonger Denise Noll Ray Novotny Gene Olsen Ronnie Olsen Pamela Oster Patricia Parham Chris Parsons Judy Parsons Dot Partney Nancy Pashia Sandy Pennington Linda Pinnell Marilyn Pitts Edward Pogue Judi Politte jim Pounds Judy Presswood Deborah Price Holly Prokasky Joe Pyle Mary Queen Sharon Rains Mary Rambicourt Sherry Raye june Rice Marilyn Rickman Walter Richmond Terry Riggs Charles Reichardt Larry Reichert Connie Reinhold Dean Reynolds Leon Riddle Linda Ritterbusch Debbie Robison ur Standardized Ring Brings Kenny Roland Sharon Roper Phyllis Rose Donald Ross Sheila Rosson Sharon Rudy -, wi' .. 51" if B f -gi X' Steve Sanchez James Sanders Robert Sanders Linda Sansegraw Gene Sawdy Geraldine Scheman Janice Scates Mike Schlett Mike Schmidt JoAnn Schneider Trudy Schneider Mike Schroeder David Seabaugh Charles Sebold jake Seiler Barb Sexton Dave Sherrill James Siedler Dorothy Simpson Diane Skabialka Bruce Smith David Smith Ernie Smith Roxanne Smith Debbie Stamm Kathy Standlee Mike Stawizynski Kim Stephens Mike Stevens Sharon Strong Steve Sullenthrop Herman Swallow Duain Taylor Tim Taylor Diane Teddleton Richard Tello Marilyn Terry Larry Tesson Steve Thomlinson Lonnie Tilley Bob Tomlinson Dennie Touchette Glenda Traudt Pat Travis David Tucek Virginia Tucker Charlotte Tudor Katie Usery Bob Uthoff Jerry Vance Harold Van Deven Roger Vincent Joyce Vogt Gene Voigtmann Carl Vuylsteke Karen Wagener Karen Wagner David Wall Fran Ward Dennis Warner Donnita Webb Timothy Webb Alice Weber Mike Wedepohl Morris Wells Karl Werkman Our junior Year ,w ugh 'as Ae, W Q W 5 ' X 1 ':- .... ' L ' D , , , " T, Q- rg ' ' f af -- t. ' -a f,Fi1,fgJ gr I--9. 5 5, V' f J T? D 2 I ex 5 3.9 " 5- V' a R I J 1:- -ix: K 4 f K uso .-1 ,1 One Step Closer to the Top Frank Adams Bill Allen Mike Allen David Baumle Marsha Beil Chester Bridges Debbie Bright Robert Brinkley Arthur Brouk Pat Conway Pat Coursen Bruce Donnelly Rebecca Erb Linda Fieser David J. Fite Terry Gillis Jim Goodrum Robert Gorman Bob Gott Denice Curley Don Haas Gary Hampton Cheryl Harris june Hurley Laura Hutson Joyce Isreal George Jacobs Gil York Danny Zaitz Clara Ziegelmeyer Terry McKinnon janet jokisch Debbie Kiryes Donna Lebbing Beverly Lewis Sharon Lowell Debbie Markotay Susan McClain Russell Nanna Robert Nichols Brenda Potter Connie Price Norma Rendon Ken Sackman Earl Schaper Roy Scurlock Tim Shelly John Shirley Albert Spaite Duane Stranghoener Susan Su-eckfuss Steve Weltig Dan Werner Erwin Wick Dennis Wood Bruce Starley Doris Young Debbie Zukowski Bruce West Nancy Whatley John Whitehead Richard Wicks Sandra Williams Barbara Williams Jeff Willimeck Jamie Wilson Linda Wilt Anne Wooldridge Mike Worley Tracy Yonce sewrons ABOVE: Connie Goodrich, Girl's Treasurer, Bill Hawk, Boy's Treasurer, Dave Baeumner, President, Holly Masch- mann, Secretaryg Dale Buffington, Vice -president, BELOW: KSTANDING1 Linda Saunchegrow, Gwen Leach, Mon- ika Schlott, Dave Goforthg fSEATEDy Brenda Boyers, Dale Buffington, Connie Jackson, Richard Deason, Chris Morrison, Ron McCracken, Connie Goodrich, Bill Hawk, Sandy Reifsteck, Dave Baeumner, Holly Maschrnann. 1, lv S 152 or-' 69 Linda Bauer Derek Baughman Rick Baughman Kathy Baumgartner Clara Beard Eddie Adami Linda Baer Mike Adkerson Dave Baeumner William Altnether Gene Barbagallo Nancy Armbruster joe Bamiszewski if -. ii We A ii ! Larry Bilbrey Jim Birkenbach Danny Black jane Bock Andrew Boehm james Boggs Verna Becker Sandra Beller jerry Bennett Madalynne Bennett Phil Benson John Berry Meredith Bommer William Brinkley Brenda Boyers Gloria Brown Barb Breckinridge Cliff Brumit Rosalie Brewer Glenn Buchanan Dale Buffington Tom Burns Sandra Bullerdick Kevin Burris 'X Dale Chott Dave Christman Sherry Christ Elliott Clark .L K , h ,, Diana Clinger Ricky Counts Gerald Coleman Mike Cox jules Cottet Patty Craven George Couch Roberta Cresswell Danny Crosby Jerry Davis Barbara Davis Kenneth Dawson Richard Deason Gail Dohack janet Deems Sandra Douglas Donna Dielschneider Laura Duffield Ronnie Dobbs Paul Ehlers Virginia Ehert Kathleen Eilers julie Ellis Leslie Ellis Frank Erb Lynn Farrell X P EQ.. Q23 Glenn Faulkner Gary Fink Beverly Fox Mary Kay Fox Lonnie Freeman Tom Frenz 5 f. Bob Gallagher Dennis Geist Sharon Gamlin H1 Gerhardt Gary Garnett Lori Gilbert Dora Gaskin David Goforth anuw COL Connie Goodrich Frank Grass Bonnie Graff Pamela Gray 9f3U9!?g Arthur Hahn Karen Hargis Alice Handlang Patricia Harmon Sharon Hash Henry Hatcher Bill Hawk Patricia Hawkins Diane Haynes Allen Heffel judi Helming Janice Henson Linda Henson Thomas l-Iuckfeldt Mike Heskett Dennis Huffman William Holstein Nelda Hundhausen June Howell Suzanne Imboden Connie jackson Linda jacks on Mark Jaschke Miles jaschl-ce fn, 9 I ii l Q A xx Pam Kinder Clara Kohler Glenn Krafft David Kramlich Tim Krapf Daniel Kunkel 2 .. 5 3 33, jerry Jester Tom jurkowski Steve Kassmann Bonnie Keefe Anita Keenan janet Keenan A DIWDLOMFK -s-'L-S,-Q fs..fs...,N.,f-g, I-+f+,-..--ri. -L,-..'+-fx., fs.:-,-s..z---, Na Carolyn Kuntz Brenda Lackey Katherine Lackey janet Lansing Rowena Lato Bill Lawrence Gwendolyn Leach Irene Lefarth Z Rosa Lenzen Anita Lewis Alan Leutzinger Joyce Lilly Q if Stephen Long Carol McEneny Ronald McCracken Melvin McGlaughlin X ,H ii.. , M 3 EN Patricia McKean Janice Martin Gary McLean Holly Maschmann Jeanette Manes Larry Mayfield Roy Markotay Sus an Maxey llm Meese Pamela Melster Ken Memz Gary Marta Bob Mitchell Chris Morrison Dennis Moore Paul Mueller Nona Morgan Ronald Mueller Sandra Morgan James Muir I 66 W Debbie Oliver Layne O'Lough1in Patty Pace Steven Paray Donna Parker Peggy Parker Gocd Luck Kathy Pisciotta Barbara Pizzo Nichol Poitras Alan Probst Cheryl Quitmeyer Linda Ratliff 'Wilt Li Debbie Roach Tory Roper i Bill Rohlfing Don Ross N i N 1 Terry Rauth Clifford Alan Ray Brenda Reeves Sandy Reifsteck Linda Rhodes Nathaniel Rice Fred Rickert Debbie Rieser Donna Rosson Dennis Rushing Jeanette Rupp Connie Ruxlow .,k.mQa5 ., ky, , . 1 I Cindy Ryan Linda Saunchegrow Allen Schell Arlene Scherrer Nw - f 111 .k..k sz if S-fa we Michael Schicker Monika Schlott Kurt Schmitz John Schmoll 7, - ,4 l i t Roy Spangenberg Shirleen Stahl N Dwight Spoerry Chris Stamm X Karen Scholar Margie Seward Gary Sherrill Linda Shy Martin Sikes Kay Sitze Patricia Smith Ruth Smith I70 W H Paulette Tardiff Becky Taylor Lester Tilley Jeanne Traina Tom Turnbough Ronnie Vandiver -Ki" Debbie Steffens Gary Stemler Ronnie Stemler Tony Streckfuss Ken Street Fred Suellentrop I.. .gpg . . . , ,fig 5 WRX Norma Vogt Mary Westlake Michael Wagganer Mary Whatlel' pete Wahli Ronald Wheeler S Lan-Y Watson Deward Williams l Susie Wilson Karen Windle Nancy Wood Judy Ziegler Roger Ziegler Keith Zeitler Shirley Ziegelmeyer l Senior Directory EDWARD ADAMI--Concert Band 9,l0,11,125 ,Stage Band 9,10,11, 125 Key Club 9,1O,11, Pres. 125 Football 1O,11,125 Basketball 105 Track 9,1O,11,125 Baseball 105 Football Escort 125 Letterman's Club 9,10,11,12. ELIZABETH ANYAN--NOT PIC- TURED--Drama Club 115 Spanish Club 11,125 Library Worker 12. NANCY ARMBRUSTER--Senior Girl's Glee 11, Mixed Chorus 95 Student Teacher 125 Office Worker 125 Safety Patrol 9,10,11. LINDA BAER- -Student Council 95 Mixed Chorus 95 HA-KO 125 Arch- ery Club Reporter 125 F.T.A. 125 Student Teacher 125 Volleyball "B" Team 105 Varsity 11,125 Bas- ketball Maid 115 Pep Club 105 Senior Superlative "Most Attrac- tive". DAVE BAEUMNER--Senior Class President5 Junior Cabinet Boy's Treasurer5 Student Coimcil 9,105 Orchestra 1O,11,125 Concert Band 9,10,11,125 Stage Band 9,10,11,125 French Club 125 Key Club 95 Student Teacher 105 Safety Patrol 95 Track 9,10,11,125 Football "B" Team and Varsity5 "B" Baseba1l5 Basketball 95 Football Escort 125 Carnival Escort 115 Pep Band 9, 10,11,125 Letterman's Club Pres. 125 Senior Superlative "Most Pop- ular". LINDA BAUER--Honor Society 10,11,125 Senior Girl's Glee Sec- tion Leader 125 Mixed Chorus 9, 105 Fox Fax 125 Spanish Club 11, Treasurer 125 F.N.A. 95 Volleyball "B" Team 95 Varsity 10,11,125 Honor Roll 9,1O,11,12. DEREK BAUGHMAN - -S eni or Super- lative "Best Dressed". KATHY BAUMGARTNER- -NOT PICTURED. CLARA BEARD--Senior Girl's Glee 11,125 Mixed Chorus 10. JOHN BECKER--NOT PICTURED. SANDY BELLER--Roosevelt High School 9,105 Fox Fax 115 Drama Club 115 Safety Patrol 11. JERRY BENNETT--Office Worker 12. LYNNE BENNETT--Safety Patrol 9,105 Pep ciub 105 Debate ciub 10. PHIL BENSON- -Junior Cabinet5 Concert Choir 9,10,115 Mixed Chorus 95 Chess Club 95 Safety Patrol 95 Football 95 Baseball 105 Letterrnen's Club 9,10. CHERYL BERRY--NOT PICTURED. JOHN BERRY--Junior Class Presi- dent5 Student Council Alt. 105 HA-KO 125 Football "B" Team 95 Varsity 10,11,125 Track 95 Base- ball 10,11,125 Basketball 9,105 Varsity 11,125 Football Escort 125 Basketball 11,125 Joe's Health Club5 11096 Club5 Letterman's Club. LARRY BILBREY- -Safety Patrol 105 Outdoor Track 105 Library Worker 12. JIM BIRKENBACH--Honor Society 11,12. DANNY BLACK--Men's Choir 105 Football 105 Wrestling 10,11 fLee's SummitJ. JANE BOCK--Student Council 125 Concert Choir 10,11,125 Honor Choir 125 Concert Band 9,10,11,125 Stage Band 95 Archery Club 125 Science Club 9,105 Safety Patrol 125 Pep Club 9. ANDY BOEHM--Student Council Alt. 95 Art Club 125 "B" Baseball 10. JIM BOGGS--Men's Choir 125 Mixed Chorus 95 F.T.A. 125 Stu- dent Teachers 125 Audio Visual 10,11,125 "B" Baseball 105 Track 11,125 Indoor Track 125 Cross Country 125 Lettermen's Club 12. MEREDITH BOMMER--Student Council Alt. 115 Honor Society 11,125 Senior Girl's Glee 105 Mixed Chorus 95 F.T.A. 125 Office Worker 11,125 Honor Roll 9,1O, 11,12. BRENDA BOYERS--Senior Cabinet5 Student Council 95 Honor Society 11,125 Concert Choir 11,125 Mixed Chorus 95 Spanish Club 115 Mr. Mall Office Worker 125 Senior Superlative " Prettiest l-lair" . DIANNE BRECKINRIDGE--Mixed Chorus 9,105 Pep Club 12. ROSALIE BREWER - - Student Coun - cil 9,105 Chess Club Secretary 115 Debate Club 115 French Club 115 Science Club President 11,125 Writers Club 115 F.T.A. 11,125 Counselor's Worker 125 Football Maid 12. BILL BRINKLEY--Mixed Chorus 95 Chess Club 105 Track 9. GLORIA BROWN--Concert Band 9,10,11,125 F.N.A. 11. RICHARD BRUTCHER--NOT PIC- TURED. DALE BUFFINGTON--Senior Class Vice -President5 Student Council Alt. 95 Honor Society 115 Archery Club 12, Board of Directors5 Key Club 11,125 "B" Baseball 10, Captain5 Varsity Baseball5 Indoor Ti-ack5 Outdoor Trackg Basketball 11,125 "B" Basketball5 Basketball Escort 125 Carnival Escort 125 Boys' State 115 Honor Rol15 Letter- man's Club5 Senior Superlative "Best All Around". SANDRA BULLERDICK--Archery Club 125 "B" Band 9,105 Library Worker 12. TOM BURNS--Fox Fax 125 Safety Patrol 10,11,12. DALE CHOTT--Junior Cabinet5 Concert Band 9,1O,11,l25 Stage 'I74 Band 9,10,11,125 Office Worker 10,115 Safety Patrol 10,11. RAYMOND CHOTT- -NOT PIC- TURED. SHERRY CHRIST--Student Council Alt. 125 HA-KO 125 Archery Club 12, Board of Directors5 Spanish Club 115 F.T.A. 11, Recorder 125 Girls Track 115 "B" Volleyball 10, Co-Captain5 Varsity 11,125 Pep Club 1O,11,125 Senior Superlative "Most Athletic". DIANA CLINGER--Student Council Alt. 115 Concert Choir 11,125 Drama Club 125 Senior Girl's Glee 105 School Play 115 Ensemble 115 Roosevelt High School 9. MIKE COLE--NOT PICTURED. GERALD COLEMAN--Chess Club. GEORGE COLWELL- -Student Coun- cil Alt. 105 Concert Band 10,115 Stage Band 105 Chess Club 11, Vice-President5 Key Club 10,115 Writers Club 115 F.T.A. 115 Stu- dent Teacher 115 Football 95 "B" Football 105 Track 11. JULES COTTET--Student Council 105 Mixed Chorus 9. GEORGE COUCH--Fox Fax 115 Drama Club 11, President 125 Key Club 125 Writers Club 11,125 Audio Visual 105 School Play 10,11,125 Senior Superlative "Most Talented" RICKY COUNTS--Honor Society 10,11,125 Concert Band 9,10,11,125 Outdoor Track 115 Honor Roll 9, 10,11. MIKE COX--Men's Choir 11,125 Mixed Chorus 9,105 Chess Club 105 Pep Club 125 Senior Superlative "Prettiest Smile". ROBERTA CRESSWELL--Art Club 125 Spanish Club 11,12. DANNY CROSBY--Student Council Alt. 125 Honor Society 11,125 Or- chestra 115 Concert Band 10,11,125 Honor Roll 9,10,11,12. DANNY DANIELS--NOT PIC- TURED. JUDY DANIELS--Safety Patrol 11. NOT PICTURED. BARB DAVIS--Junior Cabinet5 Stu- dent Council 9,115 Senior Girl's Glee 10, Secretary 11,125 Mixed Chorus 95 Pep Club 9. RICHARD DEASON--Senior Cab- inet5 Student Council Alt. 125 Concert Choir 10,115 Mixed Chorus 95 Honor Society 11, President 125 Boy's Stateg Senior Superlative "Most Studious". JANET DEEMS--Concert Choir 115 Senior Girls Glee 105 Mixed Cho- rus 95 Volleyball "B" Team 95 Varsity 10,11,125 Carnival Queen 125 Pep Club 95 Youth Leadership Seminar. GARY DIEL DONNA DIELSCHNEIDER--Honor Society 11,125 F.T.A. 11,125 Stu- dent Teacher 125 Office Worker 125 Counselor's Worker 12. KENNY DuBOIS--NOT PICTURED. LAURA DUFFIELD--Honor Society 11, Secretary 125 Concert Band 9, 10,11,12, Historian5 Writers Club Secretary 115 F.T.A. 105 Coun- selor's Worker 125 American Youth Foundation Camp 11. BERNARD EHLEN--NOT PIC- TURED. Mixed Chorus 12. VIRGINIA EHRET--Mixed Chorus 125 Safety Patrol 9,10,11,12. CHARLES EILERS--NOT PIC- TURED. DAVID ELDERS--Football 95 Trans- fer from Farmington5 NOT PIC- TURED. JULIE ELLIS--Safety Patrol 10. FRANK ERB--Archery Club 125 Basketball 95 Cross Country 105 Varsity Football 11,125 Football Escort 125 Pep Club President 115 Senior Superlative "Best Sense of Humor". GLENN FAULKNER--Fox Fax 12. GARY FINK--Student Council Alt. 105 Football 9,105 Track 9. BEVERLY FOX--Honor Society 11, 125 Senior Girl's Glee 10,115 Mixed Chorus 95 F.T.A. 10,11,125 Student Teacher 125 Safety Patrol 9,10,11, 125 Honor Roll 10,11,12. MARY KAY FOX--Student Council 125 Student Council Alt. 115 Mixed Chorus 10. LONNIE FREEMAN--Men's Choir 12. TOM FRENZ--Honor Society 10, 11,125 Student Council 9,125 Stu- dent Council Alt. 105 Concert Band 9,1O,115 Stage Band 9,1O,115 Fox Fax 125 Track 9,10,11,125 Football "B" Team 9,105 Varsity 11,125 Basketball Varsity 11,125 Baseball 115 Boy's State 115 Letter- man's Club 10,11,125 Football Es- cort 125 Basketball Escort 11,125 Senior Superlative "Most Athletic". SHARON GAMLIN--Southwest High School 9,105 Concert Choir 125 Senior Girl's Glee 115 Honor Choir 125 Senior Girl's Sextet 115 Honor Roll 11,12. DARLENE CANDY--Pep Club 9,105 NOT PICTURED. GARY GARNETT--Honor Society 10,11,125 Honor Roll 9,10,11,12. DORA GASKIN--Senior Girl's Glee 125 Drama Club 125 Counselor's Worker 125 Pep Club 12. LORI GILBERT--junior Girl's Glee 10,115 Mixed Chorus 9. DAVID GOFORTH--Senior Cabinet5 Honor Society 10,11,125 Chess Club 10,115 Key Club 10,11, Secretary 125 Science Club 11,125 Track 9, 10,11,125 Football 9,10,11,125 Football Escort 125 Boy's State 115 Letterman's Club 10,11, Vice- President 125 Senior Superlative "Best Personality ". CONNIE GOODRICI-I--Senior Class Treasu"er5 Senior Cabinet5 Student Council 95 Honor Society 11,125 Senior Girl's Glee 105 Mixed Cho- rus 95 Fox Fax 11, Layout Editor 125 Spanish Club Vice-President 125 F.T.A. 11, Treasurer 125 Stu- dent Teacher 1l,125 Safety Patrol 105 Carnival Queen 115 Football Maid 125 Pep Club 11. BONNIE GRAFF--Honor Society 10,11,125 Senior Gir1's Glee 10, 11,125 Mixed Chorus 95 Safety Patrol 11. FRANK GRASS--Men's Choir5 Mixed Chorus5 Office Worker. DONNA GRAY--NOT PICTURED. PAMELA GRAY--Senior Girl's Glee 125 Art Club 12. ART HAHN--Audio Visual 105 Outdoor Track 11,125 Indoor Track 12. ALICE HANDLANG- -Honor Society 10,11,125 Spanish Club 125 Safety Patrol 1O,11,125 Library Worker 11,125 Honor Roll 9,10,11,12. KAREN I-IARGIS--Mixed Chorus 125 Concert Band 9,1O,115 Archery Club 125 Safety Patrol 12. PATRICIA I-IARMON--Honor So- ciety 10,11,125 Spanish Club 125 F.H.A. 10,115 Safety Patrol 95 Honor Roll 9,10,11,12. SHARON HASH BILL HAWK--Senior Class Treas- urer5 Student Council Alt. 115 Honor Society 10,11,125 Drama Club 11,125 Writers Club 115 Safety Patrol 11,125 Basketball 95 Senior Superlative "Most Likely To Suc- ceed"5 Honor Roll 9,10,11,12. PAT HAWKINS--junior Class Treasurer5 Student Council 10,115 Concert Band 9,10,11,125 Stage Band 9,10,11,125 Archery Club Treasurer 125 French Club 125 Cheerleader 95 Girls Track Team 11. DIANE I-IAYNES--Mixed Chorus 125 Fox Fax 115 Drama Club 115 Writers Club 115 F.H.A. 9,105 Pep Club 9. ALLEN HEFFEL--Football 10. JUDI HELMING--Student Council 9,10, Vice President 115 Honor Society 10,11,125 Concert Band 9,105 Baton Twirler 115 Drum Ma- jorette 125 I-IA-KO125 F.T.A. 10 11,125 Cheerleader 95 Girl's Trac 115 Pep Club 10. LINDA HENSON- -Junior Class Vice -Presidentg Student Council 125 Honor Society Junior Repre- sentative 11, Vice-President 125 Concert Choir 11,125 Girls Glee 105 Mixed Chorus 95 HA-KO 10,125 7 k French Club 125 Writer's Club Vice- President 11, President 125 Coun- selor's Worker 11,125 Safety Patrol 11,125 Basketball Maid 125 Girls State 115 Senior Superlative "Most Likely To Succeed"5 Honor Roll 9,10,11,12. BILL I-IOLSTEIN--Orchestra 11,125 Concert Band 9,10,11,125 Fox Fax 125 Debate Club 95 French Club l75 115 "B" Football 9,105 Varsity Foot- ball 11,125 Track 95 Basketball Manager 105 Football Escort 125 joe's Health Club 11,125 Marching Band 105 Pep Band 10,11,125 Senior Superlative "Cutest Dimples". JUNE HOWELL--Senior Girl's Glee 11,125 Archery Club 125 F.T.A. 11,125 Student Teacher 125 Safety Patrol 10,125 Pep Club 9,10. DENNIS HUFFMAN--Student Council 125 Concert Choir 125 Men's Choir 115 Honor Choir 125 Fox Fax 12 Sports Editor5 Archery Club 125 Chess Club President 115 Drama Club 11,125 Key Club 11, 125 Science Club 11,125 Spanish Club 125 Writer's Club 115 F.T.A. 125 Student Teacher 125 "B" Base- ball 105 Outdoor Track 9,10,11,125 Indoor Track 10,125 Cross Country 11,125 Pep Club 11,125 Letterrnen's Club 11,125 School Play 11,125 Original Spirit Indian 11096 Club5 Honor Roll. N ELDA HUNDHAUSEN- -Student Council Alt. 105 Concert Choir 115 Senior Gir1's Glee President 125 junior Girl's Glee 105 Mixed Chorus 95 Fox Fax 115 Volleyball 9,10, 11,12 Co-Captain5 Pep Club 10. DAN HUTSON--NOT PICTURED. SUZANNE IMBODEN--Student Council Alt. 105 Concert Band 9, 10, Secretary 11,125 Archery Club 125 French Club 125 Student Teacher 9,1O,115 CoLmselor's Worker 125 Safety Patrol 9,1O,115 Pep Club 105 Pep Band 9,10,11,12. CONNIE JACKSON--Senior Cabinet Junior Cabinet, Secretary5 Student Council Alt. 9,105 Concert Band 9, 10,11 Vice-President, 125 Archery Club 125 F.H.A. 9,105 F.T. A. 9,105 Student Teacher 9,10,11,125 Office Worker 10,11,125 School Play 115 Pep Band 9,10,11,125 Marching Band 9,10,11,12. MILES IASCHKE- -Chess Club 115 Senior Superlative "Prettiest Eyes". MARK IASCHKE- -Student Council Alt. 95 Fox Fax 125 Track 105 Bas- ketball 9,1O,115 Football 95 Base- ball 10,1,15 Letterman's Club. IERRY JESTER--Fox Fax 125 Bas- ketball 9. LINDA JOKISCH- -NOT PICTURED. LARRY IUERGENS--NOT PIC- TURED. PAM KINDER--Senior Girl's Glee 115 junior Girl's Glee 105 Mixed Chorus 95 Fox Fax 11,125 Archery Club 125 Spanish Club 125 F.N.A. 95 Counselor's Worker 125 "B" Volleyball 9,105 Varsity Volley- ball 115 Basketball Queen 125 Pep Club 9,10,11,12 President. JOHN KNOLLHOFF--NOT PIC- TURED. TIM KRAPF--junior Cabinet5 Stu- dent Council 10,115 Student Coun- cil Alt. 95 Football 9,10,11,125 Basketball 9,1O,115 Baseball 9,1O, 11,125 Indoor Track 95 Outdoor ! Track 9,105 Basketball Escort 115 Letterman's Club 10,11,125 Senior Superlative "Most Attractive". CAROLYN KUNTZ--Honor Society 10,11,125 Spanish Club 11. BRENDA LACKEY--Junior Cabinet5 Honor Society 10,11,125 Concert Choir 125 Senior Girls Glee 105 Mixed Chorus 95 Drama Club 115 Spanish Club 10,115 Writer's Club 11. KATHY LACKEY--Honor Society 10,11,125 Mixed Chorus 95 Spanish Club 115 Girl's Glee 105 Pep Club 12. JANET LANSING- -Honor Society 10,11,125 Senior Girl's Glee 11 Treasurer 125 Mixed Chorus 125 HA-KO 125 Pep Club 9,105 Honor Roll 9,10,11,12. DOROTHY LAMBERT--NOT PIC- TURED5 F.N.A. 10,115 Nurse's Help, ROWENA LATO- -Archery Club 12. GWEN LEACI-I--Senior Cabinet5 Honor Society 11 ,125 Concert Choir 10,11,125 Senior Girls Glee 105 Mixed Chorus 95 Fox Fax 11,125 Art Club 115 Debate Club 95 Safety Patrol 9,10. IRENE LEFARTH--Safety Patrol 11. JOHN LEMMONS--NOT PICTURED5 Football 11,125 Football Escort 125 Senior Superlative "Most Shy". ROSE LENZEN ALAN LEUTZINGER--Concert Band 10,11,125 Football 10,115 Track 10,11,125 Pep Band 10,11,12. ANITA LEWIS --Student Council 9,10 Reporter 11,125 Honor Society 10,11,125 Girl's Glee 105 Mixed Chorus 95 HA-KO 125 Fox Fax 115 Debate Club 115 Drama Club 115 French Club 115 F.T.A. 10,11 Sec- retary 11,125 Student Teacher 11, 125 Safety Patrol 10,11,125 Cheer- leader 95 Track 115 Football Maid 10,11,125 Carnival 105 Pep Club 105 Senior Superlative "Most Pop- ular". JOYCE LILLY- -Student Council Alt. 125 Honor Society 11,125 Spanish Club Secretary 125 F.T.A. 125 Student Teacher 125 Safety Patrol 9,10,115 Volleyball 9, Cap- tain 10. JOHN LIVESAY--NOT PICTURED. JAMES LONG--Spanish Club 125 Audio Visual 10,11,125 Safety Pa- trol 115 Indoor Track 105 Outdoor Track 10. TOM McCOY- -NOT PICTURED5 Senior Superlative "Prettiest Hair" CAROL MCENENY--Concert Band 9,10,11,125 HA-KO 125 Fox Fax 11,125 Archery Club 125 Art Club 125 Drama Club 11,125 Science Club 9,105 F.N.A. 9,10,11 Vice- President5 F.T.A. 10,11,125 Pep Club 125 Nurse's Office 9,10,11,125 School Play 115 Marching Band 10, 11,125 Pep Band 10,11,12. PAT MCKEAN--Student Council 125 Concert Band 10,11,125 Writer's Club 115 Volleyball 105 Pep Club 10. GARY MCLEAN--Honor Society 11,125 Track 10,11,125 Letter- men's Club 11,12. KATHY MAI-ILER--NOT PIC- TURED5 Art Club 125 Safety Patrol 9,10,11,12. JEANETTE MANES--Honor Society 11,125 HA-KO 11,12 Editor5 F.N.A. 115 Counselor's Worker 11,125 Safety Patrol 115 Honor Roll 9,10, 11,125 Senior Superlative "Most Studious "5 French Club 11. DALE MANGIN--NOT PICTURED. ROY MARKOTAY--Student Coun- cil 95 Student Council Alt. 11,125 Honor Society 11,125 Outdoor Track 9,10,115 Indoor Track 125 Cross Country 11 ,12. JANICE MARTIN--Honor Society 10,11,125 Pep Club 125 Senior Superlative "Most Shy". HOLLY MASCHMANN--Senior Class Secretary5 Student Council 10,11,125 Student Council Alt. 95 Honor Society 10,11,125 Concert Choir 11,125 Reporter-5 Senior Girl's Glee 105 Mixed Chorus 95 HA-KO 115 Fox Fax 10,11,12 Editor5 Span- ish Club 11,12 President5 Writers Club 11,125 F.T.A. 10,11 Recorder, 125 Student Teacher 125 Safety Patrol 105 School Play 115 Honor Roll 9,10,11,125 Girl's State 11. SUSAN MAXEY--Honor Society 10,11,125 Art Club 115 Spanish Club 125 F.N.A. 9,10,115 Pep Club 9,105 Honor Roll 9,10,11,12. CAROL MAYABB--NOT PIC- TURED5 Safety Patrol 12. MARSH MAYABB--NOT PIC- TURED5 Senior Girl's Glee 11,12. LARRY MAYFIELD- -Concert Band 9,l0,11,125 Archery Club 125 Base- ball 9,105 Basketball 10. JIM MEESE--Student Council 125 Honor Society 11,125 Baseball 10, 12. KEN MEINZ PAM MEISTER--Junior Cabinet 115 Concert Choir 115 Junior Girl's Glee 105 Mixed Chorus 95 F.H.A. 9,105 Student Teacher 9,10,11,125 Senior Superlative "Cutest Dim- ples". BOB MITCHELL--Concert Band 9, 10,11 ,12. DENNIS MOORE--Student Council Alt. 95 Chess Club 9,105 Key Club 9,10,115 Officer Worker 115 Safety Patrol 9,10,11. SANDRA MORGAN--Girls Glee 105 Mixed Chorus 95 Student Teacher 9,10. CHRIS MORRISON--Senior Cab- inet5 Student Council 115 HA-KO 125 F.N.A. 11 Secretary5 F.H.A. 115 Office Worker, Mr. Mall 12. PAUL MUELLER RON MUELLER JIM MUIR- -Concert Band 9,10, 11,12, Student Director5 Orchestra 115 Stage Band 10,11,125 Drama 176 Club 125 Letterman's Club 11,125 Student Teacher 115 Audio Visual 105 Cross Cou.ntry5 Track5 Pep Band 9,10,11,125 Marching Band 9,10,11,12. SHIRLEY NANNA--Fox Fax. DEBBIE OLIVER--Senior Girl's Glee 10,115 Mixed Chorus 95 Fox Fax 115 Archery Club 125 F.N.A. 95 F.T.A. 125 Student Teacher 125 Volleyball 10,11,125 Library Worker 115 Pep Club 9,10,11,12. LAYNE O'LOUGI-ILIN --Debate Club 105 Safety Patrol 10,115 Pep Club 10. PAT PACE- -Art Club 12. STEVE PARAY DONNA PARKER--Student Council 10,115 Student Council Alt. 125 Senior Girl's Glee 10,115 Mixed Chorus 95 Fox Fax 125 Writer's Club 11,125 Office Worker, Mr. Mall 12. PEGGY PARKER--Student Council Alt. 125 F.H.A. 115 Basketball Maid 12. KATHY PISCIOTTA--Concert Choir 10,11,125 Mixed Chorus 95 Honor Choir 125 Safety Patrol 10, 115 Basketball Maid 125 Pep Club 12. B.ARB PIZZO--Student Council Alt. 95 Senior Girl's Glee 9,10,115 I-IA-KO 11,125 Office Worker 10, 11,125 Safety Patrol 12. NICHOL POITRAS--HA-KO 125 Fox Fax 11,125 Art Club 11,12 President5 F.T.A. 9,10,11,12 His- torian5 Student Teacher 11,125 Li- brary Worker 105 Senior Superla- tive "Most Talented". KAREN PYATT--NOT PICTURED. CHERYL QUITMEYER-Chess Club 95 Writer's Club 115 Spanish Club 115 F.N.A. 10,11. MARSHA RASCH--NOT PIC- TURED. LINDA RATLIFF- -Mixed Chorus 125 Concert Band 9,10,11,l25 Art Club 125 Safety Patrol 11. TERRY RAUTH--Student Council 115 Student Council Alt. 105 Safety Patrol 9,10,11. PAULA REEDER- -NOT PICTURED. BRENDA REEVES--Student Council 105 Student Council Alt. 95 Fox Fax 115 Safety Patrol 95 Senior Superlative "Best Sense Of Humor". SANDY REIFSTECK- -Senior Cab- inet5 Junior Cabinet5 Honor Society 11,125 Girls Glee 105 Mixed Chorus 95 HA-KO 12 Editor5 F.T.A. 125 Student Teacher 125 Senior Super- lative "Best All Around"5 Spanish Club 11. RACHEL RENDON--NOT PIC- TURED. NATHANIEL RICE FRED RICKERT- -Mixed Chorus 125 Track 10. DEBBIE RIESER--Senior Girl's Glee 115 Junior Girl's Glee 9,105 Mixed Chorus 12 Section Leader5 F.N.A. 95 Safety Patrol 10,11. LINDA RHODES--Honor Society 10,11,123 Safety Patrol 11. TORY ROPER--Student Council 93 Student Council Alt. 113 Senior Girl's Glee 10,11 President, 12 Section Leader3 Mixed Chorus 93 Fox Fax 11,123 Office Worker 123 Volleyball 103 Pep Club 9s Football Queen 123 Senior Superlative "Best Personality". DONNA ROSSON--Fox Fax 123 F.H.A. 93 Safety Patrol 12. JEANETTE RUPP- -Senior Gir1's Glee 123 Archery Club 12. CONNIE RULOW- -HA-KO 123 F.N.A. 113 F.H.A. 10,11 Treasurer3 Office Worker 123 Counselor's Worker 123 Safety Patrol 11,123 Pep Club 10. CINDY RYAN--Mixed Chorus 123 Safety Patrol 11,12. LINDA SAUNCHEGROW--Roose- velt High 9,103 Senior Cabinet 125 Honor Society 11,12 Treasurer3 Concert Choir 123 Senior Girl's Glee 11 Section Leader3 Honor Choir 123 HA-KO 12g F.T.A. 11,12 Secretaryg Student Teacher 123 Girl's Sextet 113 Honor Roll 11,125 Senior Superlative "Prettiest Smile". ARLENE SCHERRER--junior Cab- inetg Student Council 93 Student Council Alt. 123 Honor Society 11, 123 Archery Club 123 F.H.A. 10,11 Vice-President3 Pep Club 11. MIKE SCHICKER--Student Council 123 Archery Club 123 Chess Club 103 Debate Club 11,123 Drama Club 123 Writer's Club 123 Audio Visual 113 Baseball 1O,12. MONIKA SCHLOTT- -Senior Cab- inetg junior Cabinets Student Coun- cil 9,10,113 Fox Fax 123 Drama Club 11,123 Office Worker 123 Counselor's Worker 11,123 Safety Patrol 11,123 Football Maid 123 Senior Superlative "Best Dressed". KARL SCI-ILOTTERBECK--NOT PICTURED. KURT SCHMITZ- -Student Council 103 "B" Football 10. GLENN SCHNEIDER- -NOT PIC- TURED3 Archery Club 12. KAREN SCHOLAR--Student Coun- cil Alt. 10,113 Mixed Chorus 123 Office Worker, Mr. Mall 123 Safety Patrol 9,1O,11,123 Pep Club 10,11. MARGIE SEWARD--Concert Choir 11,123 Senior Girls Glee 103 Mixed Chorus 93 Honor Choir 123 Coun- selor's Worker 11,123 Safety Patrol 9,10. GARY SHERRILL--Concert Choir 10,11,12 President3 Men's Choir 113 Mixed Chorus 93 Honor Choir 125 Archery Club 123 Chess Club 93 French Club 113 F.T.A. 123 Student Teacher 123 Audio Visual 9,1031 13 Basketball 9,105 Varsity Basketball 11,123 Track 9,10,11,123 Basketball 11,123 Pep Club 123 School Play 9,1O,11,123 Lettermen's Club 10, 11,12. LINDA Sl-IY--Concert Choir 123 Junior Girl's Glee3 Mixed Chorus 93 Honor Choir 12. DON SIKES--NOT PICTURED. KENNETH SMITH--NOT PIC- TURED. PAT SMITH ROY SPANGENBERG--Archery Club 123 Track 11. SHIRLEEN STAI-IL--F.T.A. 10,11 Vice-President 12 President3 Stu- dent Teacher 123 Senior Girls Glee 11,12. CHRIS STAMM--Senior Gir1's Glee 11,123 Junior Girl's Glee 103 Mixed Chorus 93 Archery Club 123 F.N.A. 113 Officer Worker 123 Nurse's Help 10,11. KEN STREET- -Track 11. JAMES STUM- -NOT PICTURED. FRED SUELLENTROP--Cross Coun- try 123 Track 12. PAULETTE TARDIFF REBECCA TAYLOR--junior Cab- inet3 Counselor's Worker 12. RON TEDDLETON --NOT PIC- TUREDQ Student Teacher 113 Of- fice Worker 113 Audio Visual 103 Safety Patrol 93 Footbal13 Baseballg 177 Basketbal13 Basketball Escort 12. RONALD TEVLON--NOT PIC- TURED. LESTER TILLEY- -Men's Choir 11, 123 Fox Fax 123 Archery Club 123 Chess Club 113 Audio Visual 11,12. IEANNE TRAINA--Student Council Alt. 9g Safety Patrol 9,103 Pep Club 9,103 Senior Superlative "Prettiest Eyes". TOM TURNBOUGH- -Audio Visual 103 Football "B" 103 Varsity Football 11,125 Football Escort 123 joe's Health Club 113 Le'cterman's Club 12. NORMA VOGT--Art Club 12. STANLEY WADLOW--NOT PIC- TURED. PETE WAHLIG--Orchestra 10,11, 123 Concert Band 9,10,11,123 Safety Patrol 10,11. PAUL WEBER--NOT PICTURED. MIKE -WECKER--NOT PICTURED. SUE WEIGERT--NOT PICTURED3 Fox Fax 123 Safety Patrol 123 Pep Club 12. GARY WILHELM- -NOT PICTURED. KAREN VVILLIAMS--NOT PIC- TURED3 junior Girls' Glee 10. KAREN WINDLE--Dallas 9,103 Archery Club 12 Secretary3 Drama Club 12. STERLING WINTERS--NOT PIC- TURED. CHARLES WOODY--NOT PIC- TURED. DALE WUERTZ--NOT PICTURED. BRUCE YOCHIM--NOT PIC- TURED. ROGER YOUNT- -NOT PICTURED. JUDY ZIEGLER--Student Council 103 Student Council Alt. 9,113 Honor Society 10,11,123 Art Club 11,123 Spanish Club 103 Pep Club 103 Honor Roll 9,10,11,12. ROGER ZIEGLER--Student Council 9. KEITH ZEITLER--Student Council 93 Archery Club 125 Chess Club 9. SSIIRLEY 'ZIEGELMEYERH F.N.A. Most Popular D ve Baeumner Anita Le W 178 wis Best Personality Tory Roper Dave Goforth Prettiest Eyes Miles jascke Jeannie Traina Best All Around Dale Buffington Sandy Reifsteck Prettiest Smile Mike Cox Linda Saunchegrow Most Talented George Couch Nichol Poitx-as Most Attractive Linda Baer Tim Krapf Prettiest Hair Brenda Boyexs Steve Kassm Best Sense of Humor Brenda Reeves Frank i wa Most Shy john Lemmons Janice Martin Most Likely to Succeed Bill Hawk Linda Henson Most Athletic Sherry Christ Q 1 2 W Most Studious Best Dressed Richard De3S01'1 Derek Baughman Jeanette Manes Monika Schlott Cutest Dimples Bill Holstein Pam Meister 182 1 N N W Senior Week fe-59 The boys then played the men faculty members in a game of cage ball. It was a close and very exciting game . Toward the end of the game the girls joined the boys for one last attempt at victory. Even though the Seniors lost, it was a delightful event for everyone. Senior-Faculty Games This year to begin the ac- tivities of the Senior Week, ball games were planned by the Senior Cab inet for the Seniors and the faculty members . First of all the Senior girls played the women faculty members in a game of volleyball. It was a two out of three match. The girls won the first game but the teachers came back and won the next two games and the match. Senior Trip This year for the annual Senior trip the Sen- iors went to Ranch Roy-L. There was a va- riety of entertainment and activities provided at the Ranch. Included among the activities were horse back riding, boating, fishing, swimming, and skeet shooting. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable day for everyone . 5 i X 1 ,'w 1- f 184 A luncheon at "Le Chateau" was held for the Seniors dur- ing their Senior week. The restaurant was a beautiful place and the meal was de- licious . An after dinner speech was given by Sandy Reifsteckg Frank Erb entertained every- one with a lively actg and Dave Baeumner delivered a farewell note . The luncheon added a touch of sophistication to the ac- tivities of this year's Seniors E GC RH Q21 'ua 'R u 5 .469 an E.. W. f 3 m I E , Y, air'-1 me x Q Q .f.. A if EYE V Q31 - My wkgx.-. , H IX? . X51 K H-. ,v gg - Y 7 Q , ii 6 ? S m. A 5 , X XRWN X . is! Xia S5 X S ,f . fx X W! Q- NA-E"1 X. Wm Xxx A V -. 1 Y N75 X W f xx I X x Q LM. N 3-fi' . 5 4 W 'K X ""f ka. ' 'fy .xsx,,5MXXi1t li wxx 1 Q-' .gi Ja 5 . N . - 1 l iw fx- K if ?' . M,,,.,Q RA' -iif QS w-'BQ ,. 1 'V 9 , "' A auf? 'T N11 X :sf -M J ,a Q ff E 'Q gjscwr R 9 V 3 'N"7'!' i"4 1. v L. I Y 1 ' Q. - rlvllilx' Hail to Thee Fox High School A song of praise we bring For the years we will cherish A tribute now we sing. Our flags are flying high We proudly hail thy name . All honor, love, and loyalty Are yours this day to bring. Hail to the Fox High School With your hallowed halls so dear May our hearts be with you always To serve you through the years . - I'-1. :w . ' V!'j5w:g.f-v-Vw-LV, I I . . .- - . ,.,...., .. , 'V . i . ...H A',' K1- ...........,' V+-H-.MV-V-' . 1 f""k-i""4 'Mi f.11.i1.- M -M ,,,,,.,,g . V 5 - , n A-ag.-t.:i.V-'sv A--1-1 ' '-A wwf- -.-, 'TVX X "" g N45:e':L:?gp,.. V- H+ I, x " - T' 22.1.3 - "V-'f-L.f,'ip,.'.,..'e42 Y - f Q - --1+ V V-c :VV-4-V A gy ' , L. A Y U 5.11 U - .. 4 -mm 'M-W fx? , ' - ' r " f , 1. -f if ,p 51--g."f1 f' is 1.4, . ff :sf . 'Q' YQ.. W" vb Q 3' Q, . " .' .. - 95' ,-" M T Xi? ' ' -' A ' Y. nV I -"Q-'H 'Ylamgrv-34 'VV V. . -Vg 'r -V - ' ' ' ' ' " V: " V , . LM. D, 5 2. . 34. Q :si K I .L'.,b?!s . 0 ,V :V fx Q 1. x -.' J. - , - rx A x A 4 , iq" , KA' ,V , 3' ,R wi se i -V H J ,441 ,I I V.: U I . M : 'I E., I-4, x ' ,N I . N ', , . K' -X Q 4 .H if A ' V 6 if 'f "NF si an ,' 'fi E' D A ft! 5 1 Q N. 'NA' N 'Y i ' I 3 -9 "' 1 o ..'1-' . ' 9 'V av , ' -1 xshi, 'H:?"v:',.." .V I. V 5 g N' C! " if' -fa ," 9. ".f - I --0 f--- Q I ra.: I H S A 1 LV Q: -. :-1' 'a aa 1 -zwffh-V 'il VQ ' f VA ..'. .L f ' x ' V-1 ik V351 .sw-vial! ...nm-I . , --avr . M .1 !!'.-F' , ,H V-. J' ' .V Th.. mm. V, . .,V - ..,.- V V- - --vm . .. ,. . . ..q p? W4.- ,...1.... 1 -:ful A -'N,-v-fx-1' V. v N Y Rx N.: , f ' H." I ' , 1 1 V ' n '-45,1 V 4' ,I ' ,V , A it. V 1 ' .w 4 V D rr ' - :- an 0 . , , . ,. , , Si '17 Y ' " ' gf.-' 'T' "1 " H' ' fig Q 1 kv RA A' ?5 Q . 13-QU' K P -f . 'V 1- , 1 ,, L". ' ' V V , ,Q - A -ww H787 1 1V.V'f ' .rf Vw 5 , V ,..Af,--D ' V' ' , V ti an 'f Q ,lv 'li ' A ,- Q SJ S V ' Viv , v V ' ' ' 3 l S' ' K ..' 6, .1 .gzw M-V Q ?t,'14 V , fn., . J kit! K Q Q ' 5 H' ,. 5,1 sd , Y.-ijt' 1' N ' Y.. 'ltr 4 , ff I ,A 1 5 -F S ' 9. V., 4 K Q ' V' 'Q' W i iff' "J ge' ,,.- V .QM ' A3 V :Q .- e :V 5' u z .. . V g K fx 'zu v. y Q ai fm 1 ' ' r -A q 4 I' - , A ,,. f' F, 9 1 5,5 ., ,.. - ,n M. I - A- ---,--- - 2-4 'f A nur A F. YQ . ,f ,I ' 9 P , ' "' Q, 1 ' ' ' if J 'iv " 3 F. Pi ' 'X A I 5 53, "1 . 'lynx A L A F .. ,fl 'Vg n . .. 353 Zpfil A' if 'N Lx 1 'I mf gg. ,H wtf, Q' wg: ,fn .A Vr f V A. . '. 5- Y. 7 ' I ...... L g..,4.34..,..k...,,.g, ,1 u i, ,, 4-4 , ig X I 5 1 , S ' ,VVYPU QQ? 2 -if L 5 124-- Aafsn' A n,A AA ,s ,- .. X ' f - 0 nd- ,Af - 3+ A f- f- ' P7 ' .V 1- U.. f I a qi ' P. A , QDTYIQ 115 Vw Fl 'fibre N . fb . . ' 31,-., r, ,. YQ, 4. I ,. , gl., i , EBF' th fx riff-jjg 'ij 'Qi f- A f 'N ' - f + '- il' f -5 His 1' 4: J ' Y' , r- f-- vvx AA ' V ' ,. - ,Yr 6 'H' 'mn r-."r- rt Q5 9 -.iff ..,. f ERE: n Q Q1 .bv 59, A I, n I! .. P A 2 , K' it 1 I -ffx f . ff: 4 f ' - 1 - .Q ' I, . Q 5 . f A . , al v 4 Q" , X I YR , lg , , - . ' U 315 F5'. 'f'. ' - 4 wi jfs ig A , Il 2 A 5 , I 4 X-H ' v I M ' , X , - ,- -- .... ,, . . , ,. ., ,A .. , .. ,- -.. , -..-...A-.4

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