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u -I :ff 1 5.5, : 1 ' , , - Q- is If 1 w' :H I X. if . .ga Qu 1 'l'. ' ' 'r 5 1 N r fm- ...Q ff 'z 5 i u M 1 HA KO I VOLUME VIII H 1963 Fox High School, Arnolcl Missouri f o og 2 Pj l 3 X,w,.f" o XX r hail I , x l t s: X f SQA 7 i i 1 Q ' f ' I Published by the Ha-ko Stag? of Fox High School Pathways into v ' Y our 1963 production. "Pathways" is our theme--pathways of administration and faculty, pathways of seniors, pathways of classes, and pathways of sports and activities. Our pathways at Fox High School also lead to the future. The aim of our annual is to spread good will among the students and faculty, which ties in with the title of our yearbook, I-Ia-Ko, and Indian word meaning "inter -tribal good will . " Another purpose is to provide memories of significant high school days . As you explore the pathways of your future, you will look back through the 1963 I-la -Ko and remember the friends, fun, and good times you had in your high school year of 1962-63 . With much pride we of the Ha Ko staff present to the student bod I 22-.. The Future Contents Administration Sports ana' A ctivities Organizations Seniors Classes 4 14 52 76 98 535 , as Q Q? U if 1 X , , if N W , if Km fi jx L 5 Q Y 3. Q' N 0 K nk 5 2 fs E2 Eg 2 Q gk k s ? Q 5 5 5 T E ' Ek k if ggi? s 42 3 EH M iii f mx !1. if: 3 iii! kg 5 an Wg ?mQ ggi? 4 335 E gzgiw 5 Q3 Q ' it is E53 X , W, E , if Cl 35,2 2 gg, N Hz6?7,i,35Qi E2 w if? f 5' 5 325? WE 225 E is 5152 S I S 'Pi 5552! Q 'fx 5 fa 5 Q.. 5 Q, 3 E rj I S E. 5 . 2 36 2 ,E ,S fe ,QQ E Est ii A! S S Egg E s gag si 5 Tl , 'Ji 5 . . E, We . z z K zo 22 5 Egg 3 5 If 2 5 3 'S 3 2? , ii m g 5 k E Q E 1 1 E . i E i z, 1 2 E E i X 5 s 3 23? Q wig 2? Q sig , f 1: Ga 5 5 e qu 5 xv 3 fi 's tive year, holds the position of superintendent of Fox School. He is responsible for directing the operation of the school district. His duties range from hiring teachers to making school improve- bilities and serves our school well . THE SCHOOL BOARD is the main link between the community and the schools. Responsible to the taxpayer, their goal is to provide the students of the C-6 district with a complete education. Pictured left to right are: Mr . Martin Mall, Mr. R , K, Carpenter, Mr, Leo Peck, Mr , Richard Morris, Mr , Charles Lawrence, and Mr . A . C. West. Inset: Mr. Charles Lilly. MR, CHARLES A. NEWMAN, serv ing his second year as principal, previously taught Business Education at Fox High. He received a B .S ., and a B .S . in Education from Southeast Mis- souri State and a Master's degree in Education at Missouri University. Be- fore coming here he taught at Doe Run High School in the lead belt area of Missouri. He has made many friends at Fox and both students and faculty will remember his efficient method of hand- ling school affairs and his friendly manner. 6 MR. GEORGE BAXTER, for the fifth consecu- ments . He very capably carries out his responsi- MRS, BEULAH STRITE, our school nurse, makes many contributions to make Fox High a more health- ful place in which to learn, Not only does she serve Fox High, but also the junior High and elementary schools , Her job includes giving eye and ear tests, weighing students and handling other medical needs , GUIDANCE GERALD ROSS Senior Class Sponsor, Varsity Basketball Coach, Boys' P.E., Guidance Counselor, B.S. in MARIANNE HUFSTEDLER National Honor Society Spon- sor, Guidance Counselor, B.S. in Ed. Ark. State College. Ed. S.E.M.O. With the help of the Guidance Counselors, Mr . Ross and Mrs . Hufstedler, many students have been set upon the road to success . Besides giving achieve ment tests and mental maturity tests, they also answer questions and give guidance to students who request it , 7 MRS. ESTELLE HOFF- MAN, our school secretary, accomplishes many things in a day's work. Her duties in- clude compiling the attendance records, making announce- ment sheets, writing receipts, keeping records of report cards, answering telephone calls, and numberless other things, Her friendliness and courtesy are appreciated by all the students at Fox High, ERMA BOYER Librarian B.S. in Ed. Geo. Peabody College. MRS, ERMA BOYER, our school librarian, has given many dedi- cated years of service to the faculty and stu- dents of F .H ,S . ' "5 F' Q QM Qu DOROTHY CAUTRELL Eng. Il 6: III, Senior Sponsor, B.S. in Education, ,S.E. Mo. State. DONALD E. WISEMAN French I 8:11, Spanish I 8: II, Lang. Arts I, Spanish Club, B.S. in Ed., S.E. Mo. U. of Mo. BRYAN G. HALL English III 8: IV, Journalism Fox Fax, Ha-Ko, Head of English Dept., B.S. in Ed., Ark. State College. Language Is the Basis Qfflll Szfua'z'es DOROTHY HUTCHISON Lang. Arts 18:11, B.S. in Ed., Southeast Mo. St. ROY THOMAS English I, Freshman Advisor, B.S. in Ed., S.E. Mo. State. 8 Growth cy'Dem0craQ1 Was Tfacea' DONALD VISHINO Socialogy, Psychology, Con- temporary Issues, American History, Head of the Social Science Dept., B.S. in Education, S.W. Mo., M.S., U. of Mo. RANDALL COX American History, Citizen- ship, B.S. in Education, S.E. Mo. State. JERRY L. ALLEN Economics, Speech, World History, Debate, Drama Division, B.S. in Ed., S.E. Mo. State, M.S. in Ed., S.I.U in the Social S15ua'z'es Classes TROY A. LINGLE Freshman Advisor, World History, Thunderbirds, B.S. in Education, S.E. Mo. State, M.A. in Administration, George Peabody College. NORMAN IMAN Citizenship, "B" Team Foot- ball Coach, B.S. in Education, S.E. Mo. 9 DALE SUTTON Junior Sponsor, Biology, American History, B.S. in Education, Mo. U. Stua'z'es in Math and Science . EDWARD H. JACKSON, SR. Head of the Math Department, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Math Analysis, and Counse- lor for the Junior High. B.S. in Education, S.W. Mo. M.S., S.I.U. Thunderbirds. ' PAUL F ELDKER Algebra 1, Functional Mathematics 1 and ll, B.S. in Physics, St. Louis U. DONALD C. BACON, JR. Algebra 18:11, Geometry, Sophomore Ad- visor. B.S. in Education, Wash. U. S.W. Mo. RICHARD STRONG Algebra 1, Terminal Math, Functional Math Il, B.A., Central Methodist College. Help Develop Clear Tlzz'nkz'ng. in 3 G . CHESTER B. BOSTON LLOYD WHITLEDGE EDWARD SEABAUGH Chemistry 18:11, Biology, Biology, Physical Science, Biology I 6:11, Physics, Audio Future teachers, Head of the General Science, and Visual. B.S. in Education, Science Department. A.B. Freshman Advisor. B.S. in S.E. Mo. State. S.I.U. Illinois College, M.S. Education, S.E. Mo. State. Arkansas State College. 10 Fine Arts Aequaint Us with Cultural LW - CHARLES BONANO CLIFFORD K. CORRELL Art I,I1, S.E. Mo., S.I.U. in "A" Band, "B" Band, and Education. Elementary Instrumental Instruction. B.S. in Ed., U. of Mo. DAVID BUTLER Girls' Glee Club, Chorus, Fundamentals of Music. B.S in Education, Uviusicj, S.E. Mo. State. GERAID O'CONNER Boys' P.E., Health, Algebra, Football Coach, Basketball Coach. B.S. in Education, U. of Ill., S.E. Mo. BONNIE FIELDS Girls' P.E., Health, Cheer- leaders, Volleyball Coach. B.S. in Education, S.E. Mo. Practical Arts Develop Manual Dexterigf. JAMES OSGOOD Senior Sponsor, Shop, Drafting. B.S. 6: M.S. in Ind. Education, Kansas State. CLARA MESSMER Home Economics. B.S. in Education, S.W. Mo., Iowa S., U. of Mo. 11 Business Courses Develop Skills. GLADYS COMPTON Senior Sponsor, Typing I, Secretarial Practice, Short- hand, Bookkeeping, Head of the Business Department. B.S. in Business Ed., Central MARY GUFFEY Typing, Shorthand, Thunder- bird Sponsor. B.S. in Educa- tion, S.E. Mo. State. VELMA SHARROCK Basic Business, Language Arts II, B.S. in Education, S.E. Mo. State. Mo. state, warrensburg, Mo. Qjjice Hglp an ay Lz'bm1fz'ans Give Assistance Dazbz. Twelve students have a daily job assisting Mrs. Hoffman in the office. Their tasks include collecting slips of attendance, answering the telephone, Assisting Mrs. Boyer in the library are ten students whose job consists of checking out library books for other students, and such other jobs as are necessary to keep our library functioning for the benefit of not only sutdents, but for the faculty as well. I ROW 1: Janet Pulliam, Fern Pflantz, Virginia Livingston, Pat Boston, Audrey Brahnam, Carol Welker. ROW 2: Mrs. Boyer, Betty Rice, Terry Lingle, Sandy Strong. distributing special and daily announce ments, and numerous other jobs . TOP ROW: Durcille Dudash, Sharon Wilkin, Fern Buettner, Kay Bernhardt, Max Oehlert, Gail Zellich, Dennis Cordell. BOTTOM ROW: June Ellis, Kathie Siedler, Kathy Cloninger, Pam Zachary, Linda West. 3 Even on the most gloomy days, our bus drivers are cheerful and friendly to all. With their careful driving they provide the students with safe transpor- tation each day. ROW 1: Mr. Marschel, Mr. Page, Mr. Poignee, Mr. Christ, Mr. Zeigler, Mr. Hallenber 'er Mr g . I-Igemann. ROW 2: Mr. I-Iandlang, Mr. Haggard, Mr. Flamm, Mr. Mall, Mr. Messmer. E Q Fox High cooks not only prepare hot i noon lunches for the majority of the students, but serve them with a friendly ' smile each day. Mr. Roy Smith served his first year fii as head dietician and has proved himself 5 to be capable and efficient. Mrs. Oehlert assists with the snack i bar, which was opened for the first time this year . , ROW 1: Mrs. Oehlert, Mrs. Bertha Brooks, Mrs. Carpenter, Mrs. Angeline Vincent, ROW 2: Mrs. Opal Miller, Mrs. Fouser, Mrs. Dorothy Hollings- worth, Mrs. Mildred Sullins, Mrs. Vada Adami. N We Receive Service Daibf from Cooks, Chaujjers, ana' Custodians . . 1 M t i l The custodians at Fox l g are known by most of the , students as being always ready and willing to help everyone. They are major factors in keeping gt . the halls of FHS sparkling W W O clean and safe. -alt' si'- ng.. f- ist' '. .N .xx f-. ., . -.V-,-.N The 1963 Stalk ig A if-tif., - Stomp The Monsters' Mash Party Our monsters are . . . Shirley DaMeris, Judy Touchette, and Donna Myers! Higher Education? Let's twist again . . . Passin' the apple George, Pam, David, and Joan race down the gym floor during the three-legged race. Entering the gym through a terrifying spook house haunted by three mad ghoulsg Shirley DaMeris, Donna Myers, and Judy Touchette, the 250 students who attended the annual Stalk Stomp began an evening of fun and excitement. They danced, ate, and played games amid corn stalks, pumpkins, and hay. Prizes were awarded to Billy Brown, who blew a ping-pong ball across the gym floor the best fast-dancing couple, Linda Taylor and Kenny Tuckerg and the best slow- dancing couple, Debbie Willingham and john Nichols. They each received a pop record Edward Gamache, the winner of the surprise box, was startled to find a can of baby powder as his prize. Winners of the three -legged race were Pam McClellan and George Frenz . Sponsored by the Ha-Ko staff, the affair helps to finance the yearbook. Spooks, Stalks, Fooai and Fun!! In between games, dancing was enjoyed by many couples. 17 Coach O'Connor drilled this year's team hard in after-school practices, developing the players into an out- standing team. His knowledge of football, and the ability to apply it to our team paid off in excellent playing. The 1963 Warriors were a spirited team, providing a very exciting season for the football fans. Many students who pre- viously lacked interest in the sport came to see the Warriors play. The record of two wins, two ties, and five losses does not show the fine playing and sports manship displayed by the team during the season. Win or lose, both the Varsity and "B" Warriors played excellent foot- ball and battled for each game. Coach lman began his first year at Fox as line coach for the varsity. He also very capably coached the "B" Warriors, leading them through an excellent season. His teaching has prepared many boys for the varsity next year. The FHS Warrz'0rs Won Two, Teammates, coaches, and spectators line the side- lines at one of the varsity games. TOM BYRNE-- Co-Captain, Senior, WARRIOR SCOREBOARD FHS 6 . . . . Lutheran Central 0 FHS O . . . . Festus 22 FHS 20 . . . . St. Francis Borgia 21 FHS 0 . . . . Northwest 40 FHS 13 . . . . Lutheran South 13 FHS 13 . . . . Wellston 13 FHS 26 . . . . Potosi 14 FHS 6 . . . . Wentzville 26 FHS 0 . . . . Herculaneum 6 F RFD MELTON-- Co-Captain, Senior, Guard Tackle LLOYD BECKER- - Junior, Center handed Fox its first de- feat of the season on Friday, September 28 . The Warriors were un- able to score as the Tigers ran their score higher and higher. On October 6, l962, the Fox Warriors faced the St. Francis Borgia Knights in their third game of the season. On their own hunting grounds, the Warriors were defeated by one point, the final score being 21-20. The game was very close right down to the last play. In the fourth quarter, just be- fore the Warriors scored their last touchdown, Jim Reynolds made a tremen- dous catch after Dockery fumbled. However, the Knights won in spite of the Warriors' fine show. The Fox Warriors opened their 1962 football season with a thrill- ing victory over Lutheran Central, September fifteenth. The touchdown was scored when Gerald Dockery caught a twenty- seven yard pass hurled by Ken History was in the making because it was the first time the Warriors had ever defeated the By scoring a 22 to 0 ViCt01'Y over the Warriors, the Festus Tigers Tied Two, and The Warriors get into formation for a fight on the scrimmage line Battledjbr F ive JIM BROWN- BOB BUESKING- BILL CHII.DS-- JOE CULLEN Junior, Quarterback Sophomore, Tackle Junior, I-Ialiback Senior End PHIL BLANKENSHIP Sophomore Tackle October 13 brought a crushing defeat to the brave Warriors who did battle with the Northwest Lions. In rapid succession, our opponents broke loose and overpowered the Warriors to bring the score to a final 40- 0 victory over Fox. RON CHILTON- Sophomore, Right End JOHNNY HUGHES- - Sophomore, Halib ack GERALD DOCKERY-- EDDIE DOVE-- DAVID FRANK-- Sophomore, Halfback Junior, Halfback Senior, Tackle Sjnzrzt and v 1 he X? A , , i- Q f Sa .. '1 taxis? . 1 -,' i s A QQ l ,, 1 v .,4'5:.: .ji 7,6 if W, , ,, p ,-- gl, .6 ,!Y, .T 1, ' . fr ooft K .. l or , t i tes . 5 ww. K' K 4, Fyrfiklf' A 1 ' ':-2 John Nichols kicks off in the Homecoming game against Wellston. The ROGER LYNDE-- BUDDY MONTGOM.ERY-- HENRY MOOY-- Junior, Guard Freshman, Halfback Senior, Center Warriors fought to a 13-13 tie. Made the 1963 Team FOX vs. LUTHERAN SOUTH LANCERS October 20, 1962 By adding hustle, determi- nation, and guts to our team, the Warriors recovered from last week's crushing defeat and tied the Lutheran Lancers 13-13, in one of the most thrilling games of the season. Led by our cheerleaders, the Thunderbirds and other spectators cheered our team loud and strong during the entire game. DON NEY-- JOHN NlCHOLS-- BOB POWERS-- Freshman, Center Junior, Guard Sophomore, End Determination Fox players tackle prevent the opponent from scoring in a close game. CHARLIE LANG - - Sophomore, Fullb ack One to Remember. GARY PR1CKm-- Fox vs. WELLSTON TROJANS October 27, 1962 A large, enthusiastic crowd of alumni and stu- dents watched a thrilling competition between the Fox Warriors and the Well ston Trojans in the Home- coming game on October 27. Sparked by the bon- fire and pep rally the night before, the Warriors fought to a 13-13 tie with the Trojans. Junior, Tackle JIM REYNOI.DS-- RANDY ROBERTS-- RON SITZE-- Junior, End Freshman, Guard JI-1l'li01', Tackle KEN TUCK.ER-- Junior, Quarterback FOX vs. POTOSI TROJANS In a slow, steady driz- zle of rain, the Warriors upset the Potosi Trojan's Homecoming by winning 26- 14. Gerald Dockery scored the first touchdown by rambling through the mid- dle of the defense line to the goal line. The War- riors again marched into scoring position and Kenny Tucker completed a 12- yard run to score. Potosi showed running threats, but two more touchdowns were scored by the War- riors to spoil their hopes. FRED WALDROP-- Freshman, Tackle DAVID TAFT-- Freshman, Fullb ack Fox fans show varying emotions during a lull in the game. Warriors fight to a standstill with little time left to play. MIKE WATKlNS-- Sophomore, Halfback TOM WECKER-- Sophomore, End ROW 1: Wayne Seabaugh, Perry Wells, Gary Brammer, Fred Waldrop, Frank Sotolar, Larry Seward. ROW 2: Danny Carpenter, Delane Skinner, Dennis Spoerry, Frank Kratky, Mick O'Neal, Jerry Harmon. ROW 3: Manager Buddy Jackson, Jim Gherardini, David Taft, Mr. Iman, Coach, Mike Marty, Greg Marye, Manager, Ed Gamache. Not Pictured: David Praul "B" Warrz'0rs Show Great Prom ise. Drilling hard in practices after school, the "B" football team, coached by Mr. Iman and Mr. O'Connor, made the practice pay off by coming in second place for the season. The "Little Warriors" received their awards for good teamwork along with the Varsity players. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. "B" Team Schedule Q1962j .....Desoto O.. . . . . . Crystal City . . . . . . Mehville . . . .....Northwest .....Hercu1aneum0... . .....Fest:us .....Herculaneum0..... . Fox 18 . Fox 0 . Fox 12 Ur. Varsity, . Fox 0 . Fox 13 . Fox 7 . Fox 19 Ur. Varsityj 'X Y 6 5 W The "B" Warriors showed their ability in many games. n x s ' . .,,. r ,Q , - l Q' Q-fi in .F yk ' 5 s ss- .. 15' . ,. .X ,gf ' gg- o Q- . i s , .T if ' 35' 5 f . i:A ,,-.f "fe eefre r"'?'i ,f Home v'I5fT0 f 1 ' I I 'T " 5 7, I A :I N -xref, e fa.. 5-We T so ,. The Homecoming week-end opened up with the lighting of the traditional bonfire on Friday night, October 26. As the sparks flew high overhead, the cheerleaders led the enthusiastic assembly of stu- dents and alumni in spirited yells, to boost hopes of winning the game the next day. Bright and early the next morning, class floats were brought from their hiding places to be judged The Senior float, a colorful red locomotive, captured first place 5 followed by the sophomore float. Thenbegan the longest Homecoming parade in the history of our school. Local residents emerged from their homes to watch as honking cars, covered with gaily colored streamers and banners, passed by. The mighty Wellston Trojans did battle with the Warriors that afternoon. Although hopes were high for a homecoming victory and the Trojans battled fiercely, and the game ended in a 13-13 tie. 2 4 That evening, students and alumni re- turned to attend the annual Homecoming Dance. Throughout the evening, suspension mounted as to who would be queen. Finally, amid a medieval royal court set- ting, last year's queen, Miss Judy Walsh, relinquished her crown to the new queen, Miss Barbara Schmidt. The 1963 , Homecomzng 5' gf in The band playing the introduction of the maids and queen candidates, the yells of the cheerleaders and fans, the last- minute plans by the coaches, and of course, the game-- a11 were part of the 1963 Fox Homecom- ing. Two Event-Filled Days Mark Annual Homecomzng. is A i i if 'K i Q ST' ,g h 5 j , s 2 s V gn -we is ?iTQ gf a ofa es ef fa A 'Tasmin W N :T - 3 w w' . Q U . . R l i A i i,. Q . . H X5 .a A an if .1 Y vclb Q5 , 1 XX. , Q: M .. i Zek E E , gf -P gc . , , . , , fzl A ' L . ivu ,ua Q ff me ffcfnaeffa W J Q s Q 5136. f M V A A , ff: k,...,,,g 5 ' .f ,D Q - ' M , . at ., - .Q , W am ,. ws,,A.,,,, ,. , ,J .-ff . agfm-.,,.,' X, X ,. ff f 3JfXiE'5N,,,fs1: ef ' 5251 352' "z a , a W 'Q , AKI' NW- ., Senior Maidg Bernice Se ab augh Senior Maids Karen Simcox ,. Qs , Queeng Barb ara Schmidt 26 Senior Maid5 Terry Lingle Senior Maid 5 Sandy Strong W E Y Junior Maid 3 Je anne Stuckm eyer Freshman Maid 5 Colleen Adams Sophomore Maid 5 Barbara Linde Lovebf Maz'ds Graceaf the Medieval Court Settmg. Left to Right: David Frank, Colleen Adams, Fred Melton, Jeanne Stuckmeyer, Jim Reynolds, Terry Lingleg Joe Cullen, Judy Walsh, Sonny Vincent, Barbara Schmidt, Henry Mooy, Karen Simcoxg Tom Burn, Sandy Strong, Kenny Tucker, Bernice Seabaughg John Nichols, Barbara Lynde. 27 "Come on Team, We're Backing You." "Fight, Warriors, Fight!" These words are very well known to most Fox High students, especially the Thunder- birds. This year's pep club was the largest ever. Their spirit and en- thusiasm in backing the team had a tremendous effect on the results of the games. This year the members purchased sweatshirts and proudly wore them to school and games. The Thunderbirds learned many new cheers, introduced to them by the cheerleaders, and loudly voiced their enthusiasm at all of the games. FHS can be proud of the soaring school spirit that has been shown in the Thunderbirds Thunderbird Officers: Kenny Tucker--President Doug N esslein--Vice-President Bernice Seabaugh--Secretary Jim Brown--Treasurer 28 KARBXI ECKMAN BERN ICE SEABAUGH Captain., Senior, Co-captain, Senior, 4 letters 4 letters 1 A e . , ' Hooray for the team! Hooray for the cheerleaders too! Our cheerleaders de- serve a cheer for themselves once in a while. They have practiced all summer long to perfect the cheers for this year's basketball and football seasons and now at- tend every game to help urge our boys on to victory. Tell Thunderbzrds and JEDDA HEINEMANN LINDA WARREN Junior, 2 letters Junior, 1 letter Cheerleaders to Boost -- Ergo . if x S , SHIRLEY LYNCH MABLE BLAKE BARBARA LYNDE COLLEEN ADAMS Freshman, 1 letter Sophomore, 1 letter 29 Sophomore, 2 letters Freshman, 1 letter ' ,ikj K -L t if a ' TERRY LINGLE Captain, Senior, 1 letter LINDA MEISINGER Senior, 2 letters Spirit at Athletic Events. Coached by Mrs. Bonnie Fields, the "B" cheerleaders have led the Thunder- birds in urging the boys to victory . They are members of the National Cheer- leaders Association, as is the Varsity squad. Their peppy cheers and en- thusiasm shown at the assemblies and games are appreciated by the team and the students as well. . V ? I MARLYN WITTE Co-captain, Junior, 2 letters VICKI VOGLER Junior, 1 letter get F554 SANDY MORRIS Freshman, 1 letter LOIS LAUX1v1AN VICKI BASDEN BECKY TUSHER Sophomore, 1 letter Sophomore, 2 letters Freshman, 1 letter M43 T as 1 1' ' r 1-5 T u Q s A 5 ' . , 94. . , s. i A s S 'Q f L ! 5 5 l i Warriorettes Coach Mrs. Fields and Student Manager, Barbara Schmidt. Not pictured is Mr. Lingle, the second Varsity Coach. Clzampionshzlb Vollgzball Bringing their record to seventeen wins and one loss over a period of two years, our Warriorettes captured the first place trophy for the Championship of Jefferson County. And well deserved it was, since the team spent long hours practicing and learning new skills from their coaches, Mrs. Fields and Mr. Lingle . Seniors Bernice Seabaugh and Terry Lingle were high scorers for the team, Bernice with a total of 75 points and Terry with 68 . We are very proud of our reigning champ ions and wish them continued success in the year s to follow. THE 1963 WARRIORET TES Ruth Ann Bucholz . . . . Bernice Seabaugh Barbara Lynde . . Gwen Gogarn .... . Janet Downey . . Terry Lingle . . . Madelaine Benz . Binnie Byrnes . . Golda Rohman . . Sharon Clause . . 32 Position Set-Up Spiker Spiker Spiker Set-Up Spiker Set-Up Set-Up Set-Up Set-Up TERRY LIN GLE- Spiker, 4 letters -Senior VARSITY WARRIORETTE SCOREBOARD FHS . .33 Hillsboro ..... 31 FHS . .32 Festus ...... 17 FHS. .62 Potosi ....... 17 FHS . .59 Herculaneum. . .21 FHS . .35 Northwest .... 16 FHS. .28 Crystal City . . .28 FHS . .42 DeSoto ...... 18 Team Is Pride Q' Fox H igh mt 2 JANET DOWNEY--Senior Set-up, 2 letters The Warriorettes practice to perfect teamwork. BERNLCE SEABAUGH- -Senior, Spike r, 2 letters GWEN GOGA RN- - Junior, Spiker, 3 letters 33 Gwen spikes a point as team watches. BARBARA LYNDE--Sophomore, Spiker, 1 letter. RUTH ANN BUCHOLZ--Sophomore, Set-up, 1 letter. Warrz'0rettes Win Second Con The County Volleyball Tournament, held at Crystal City, again provided excitement for the spectators and a first-place trophy for Fox's trophy case. After defeating Herculaneum in the first round and Festus in the second, the Warrior- ettes again battled Crystal City for the cham- pionship. After a close, nerve-wracking game, the Warriorettes won by the score of 26 to 21 . 34 GOLDA ROHMAN--Senior, Set-up, 1 letter. BINNIE BYRNES--Senior, Set-up, 1 letter. SHARON CLAUSE-- Junior, Set-up, 1 letter. secutive Conkrence Trophy. MADELAINE BENZ Junior, Set-up, 1 letter. 1 Terry and Gwen provide the action as the rest of the team looks on anxiously. ROW 1: Pat Boston, Set-upg Peggy Sisco, Set-upg Charlotte Stevenson, Set-upg Mary Hill, Spikerg Bonnie Wick Set-ups Laurene Kelly, Set-up. ROW 2: Jackie Baker, Spikerg Cheryl Nichols, Spikerg Jeanne Miller, Spiker Betty Bieller, Spikerg Jessica Oestricker, Set-upg Marilyn Mottert, Spiker. 'B' Warrz'0rettes Gain Valuable Jeanne watches as Jackie scores a point for the Wartiorettes. Experience THE "B" WARRIORETTE SCOREBOARD FHS. . 9 Hillsboro .... 92 FHS . .15 Festus ...... 65 FHS . .33 Potosi ...... 30 FHS. . 9 I-lerculaneurn . . 62 FHS . .35 Northwest .... 42 FHS. . 7 Crystal City. . . 56 FHS . .27 DeSoto ...... 37 Handicapped by lack of experience, the "B" Warriorettes, with Mrs. Fields as their coach, won one game and barely lost two others . With a year behind them filled with practices and drills, big things will be expected of them in the future. 36 Carnival time for FHS in 1962 was a gay and fun-filled affair. Early in the evening suspense began to mount as to who would be the 1962-63 Carnival Queen. People mingled through the gym playing the coke tosses, shooting galleries, a hoopla game, bowling lanes and fishing ponds . The cake walks were popular with everyone, especially those who proudly carried off a cake . The variety show and one -act plays performed before houses filled to capacity. Highlighting the evening was the Coronation of Miss Rita Dennert as the 1962-63 Carnival Queen. Miss Karen McClelland reigned as princess. Attending the Queen were Linda Warren junior: Pat DeLisle, Sophomoreg and Linda Taylor, Freshman. Miss Debbie Lynch attended the junior High princess Miss Rita Dennert, 1962-63 Carnival Queen and Mr. Dennis Canova, her escort. Carnival Time Brings Fun and Excitement. Examples of two of the many varieties of games at the Carnival. Queen Rita and part of her Royal Court. I -if .t Retiring Queen Miss Gail McManus Junior Maid Linda Warren and her Sophomore Maid Pat Del,isle and and her escort, Scott Hawkins. escort, Bill Childs. Virgil Neymeyer, her escort. V l h h Freshman Maid Linda Taylor and Karen McClelland, 1962-63 Junior Debbie Lynch, Junior High Maid, her escort, Kennith Tucker. High Princess and her escort Joe and her escort, Dennis Adams. Hill. Part of the Royal Court for the Carnival 1962-63. 38 Freshmen Present Festive Chrzktmas Dance Twisting to the music of the Spiders, many students enjoyed the Christmas Dance. In a setting of festive holiday decorations, the Freshman class presented the annual Christmas Dance to the school. The dancers, who twisted and rocked the hours away, took advantage of the music provided by the Spiders The Freshmen put a lot of hard work into the advertise- ments, decorations, refresh- ments and entertainment, and succeeded in making the 1962 Christmas Dance one to remember. With mixed expressions, students sitting at tables watch the rocking dancers. 39 In-between dances, dancers gather at tables and enjoy refreshments. E Looks like Butch is having a swinging time! K if?ewa A:- 5 7 Listen to the guitar men! Jim Douglas and Barbara West enjoy a slow dance. 40 Q Q ii? , is in if , . sit? if VW V W XQGV ROW 1: Don Warnell, Student Managerg Bob Neheiser, Bill Childs, Eddie Dove, Richard Dickson, Ronnie Freeman Mike O'Nei1l, Student Manager, Bill Rouse, Student Manager. ROW 2: Mr. Ross, Bob Benz, Kenny Becker, Jim Douglas, Roy Hindle, Tom Smith, Gerald Dockery, Kenny Tucker, Mr. Jackson. Varsigf Team Is Source qfPria'e. Varsity scores in the Festus game. The Fox High Warriors played some excellent basketball this year, boasting an ll-6 record, as ofthe game with Festus, February l. The Fox "A" team captured two trophies for our school this season-- a consolation trophy in the Hillsboro Tournament and a consolation trophy in the Desloge Tournament. As of the Festus game, the high-point men were Gerald Dockery with 288 points, Tom Smith with 230 points, Ronnie Free- man with 99 points, Bob Benz with 82 points, and Roy Hindle with 78 points. In the seventeen games they played to February 1, the Warriors accumulated 965 points as compared to 849 for their opponents. The Fox fans can be proud of the Warriors for their fine sportsmanship as well as their skill on the court. 41 ROY HINDLE, Senior, 1 letter. '-I RON FREEMAN, Senior, 1 letter. ' Spirit andthe Wz'll to Wz'n Made BOB NEIHEISER, Senior, 1 letter. FOX VS ST. FRANCIS DE SALES The Warriors began their 1963 season with a victory over St. Francis. Close during all four quarters, suspense in- creased at the game's end as the team tied 59-59 . The score after one overtime was 61-615 for the second it was 63-63. In the third overtime, Fox defeated the Crusaders 69-65 . TOTALS: Smith 14, Douglas 7, Dockery 18, Benz 4, Dickison 3, Becker 2, Hindle 4, Freeman 11, Neiheiser 6. Excited fans voice their enthusiasm at the St. Pius X game. FOX VS. CRYSTAL CITY Crystal City handed the Warriors their first conference defeat of the season. A1- though Fox led by three points at the half, the Hornets rallied in the last two quarters As time ran out, the Warriors were over- come by a score of 46-35. TOTALS: Smith 9, Douglas 4, Dockery 11, Benz 4, Dickison 2, Becker 1, Hindle 2, Neiheiser 2 . RICH DICKISON, Senior, 2 letters. The B025 A ggressive. The boys pose with the consolation trophy they won by defeating the Leadwood Pups in the Hillsboro Tournament. TOURNAMENT TALLY HILLSBORO INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT The Hillsboro Tournament was played December 4-8 at the Hillsboro High gym. In the Warriors' first game, they bowed to St. joseph in a pinch defeat of one point, 48-47. The Warriors then faced the Hawks of Hillsboro, gaining a 39-21 victory which led to a chance for the consolation trophy in the tournament. The play-off for the Consolation Trophy was battled with the Leadwood Pups. The Warriors won the game with an easy scalping 58-38. FLAT RIVER CHRISTMAS TOURNAMENT On the second night of the Flat River Tourney in the opening game, the Warriors edged out the Bonne Terre Bulldogs in a close 61-59 tangle. The game went into a three-minute over- time when the two teams each had 47 after four quarters. Fox battled it out with the Esther Pirates in their second game, but in the end it was the Pirates that held the upper hand, claiming a 59-51 victory, removing Fox from the Tourney. DESLOGE INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT In the first game of the Desloge Tournament, january 19-26, DeSoto slid past Fox with a Score of 54-51. The Warriors gave up their eight -point lead at the half and failed to conquer the Dragons. Leading all the way through were the Fox Warriors when they placed Arcadia Valley in the second game of the tournament. Arcadia Valley trailed at the half 18-8 and were trounced by the time of the final whistle 65-42. The Warriors repaid the Herky Blackcats for an earlier defeat in the season by scalping them in the third tournament game 52-44, coming from behind at the half. With two victories and one defeat, the Warriors won the consolation trophy in the Blck division of the Desloge Tourna- ment. TOM SMITH, Junior, 2 letters. EDDIE DOVE, Junior, 1 letter. KENNY BECK:-:R, senior, 1 letter. FOX VS. DESOTO The season's second conference game found the Warriors pitted against the Dragons at DeSoto . Fox trailed by four points at the half but fought back to win 63-52, cooling the fire of the Dragons. TOTALS: Smith 17, Dockery 14, Benz 14, Becker 2, Hindle 16. FOX VS. NORTHWEST The Warriors avenged last fall's football defeat by trouncing Northwest 53-49. Fox was in control all four quarters and led 26-23 at the half. The Warriors continued scoring in the second half, and the Lions saw time slip away in a 53-49 Warrior victory. TOTALS: Smith 13, Dockery 15, Benz 5, Becker 7, Hindle 5, Freeman 8 . Close Games Made 0 44- FOX VS. ST. PIUS X At Festus, St. Pius X held an im- posing half-time lead of eleven points in Fox's fifth game. However, in the last half it was the Langers' turn to feel the Warriors' Wrath. Battling back, Fox won by a score of 48-44. TOTALS: Smith 11, Dockery 25, Benz 2, Dickison 3, Becker 1, Hindle 4, Neiheiser 2 . FOX VS. HERCULANEUM At Arnold, Herky grabbed a 17-11 lead in the first quarter over the War- riors, and held off a last-quarter rally to win 53-51. The Fox quintet lost the game at the free throw line, where they could connect only 7 of 21 charity tosses TOTALS: Smith 18, Hindle 3, Becker 8, Dockery 6, Benz 4, Neiheiser 5, Freeman 6, Dickison 1. This Season One Excitement. BOB BENZ, Junior, 1 letter. GEORGE BOSTER, Senior, 1 letter. GERALD DOCKERY, Soph omore, 1 letter. JIM REYNOLDS, Junior, 1 letter. FOX VS. ESTHER In the seventh game of the season, Esther handed Fox an 85-70 defeat at Esther. The Warriors got off to a slow start, and Esther scored 41 points in the first half to gain a 10 point halftime advantage. Fox battled back in the re- maining quarter, but was unable to catch the Pirate quintet. TOTALS: Smith 25, Dockery 17, Neiheiser 12, Hindle 2, Becker 2, Dove 2, Boster 2, Freeman 7. 5 The two Varsity Co-Captains, Roy Hindle and Rich Dickson. BILL CHILDS, Junior, 1 letter. JIM DOUGLAS, Junior. After five games, Jim transferred to Mehlville. He has 1 letter. FOX VS. FESTUS Fox collected its fourth conference victory with a win over the Festus Tigers . The Warriors accumulated a fourteen-point halftime lead, and al- though Festus tried to catch the speed- ing Warriors, the game ended with a 80-62 scalping of the Tigers . TOTALS: Hindle 2, Dockery 27, Smith 17, Freeman 20, Dickison 10, Neiheiser 4 . '55 ROW 1: Don Warnell, Jerry Harmon, Bill Brown, Mike Watkins, Larry Seward, Buddy Jackson, Buddy Montgomery, Jim Gherardini, David Taft, Bill Rouse, Mike O'Neal. ROW 2: Mr. Jackson, Coach, Wayne Paul, Edward Gamache, Ricky Schmitz, Gary Mueller, Ralph Damon, Don Ney, Harold Jester, Steve Starr, John Hughes, Mr. Ross, Coach. "Little Warriors" Display Fine Teamwork. The Fox "Little Warriors" showed fine teamwork and determination this year, resulting in an accumulation of 369 points, as of the Festus game. The "B" team, gaining valuable experi- ence, won five and lost four. Although the "B" boys did not play in any tournaments, their ability to cope with tough teams was well dis- played. The boys were very capably coached by Mr. Jackson and Mr. Ross . The score goes up another notch as a "Little Warrior" attempts a goal. 4-7 game. Warm up for "B" team before a "B" Warriors fight for the ball Brzght Season or "B" Warriors flame, s , xi , i S 3 5 S ., ,S ' ' cgi ,L ' .Qi 1 fvffa. of 3M as 4 e rs sr 6 , X ii 5 L S , ,,' Q L p 5, ' The two "B" team captains, Larry Seward and Ricky Schmitz. Coach Jackson gives encouragement at time out FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS "B" TEAM SCOREBOARD 45 . DeSa1es ..... . 36 Crystal ..... . 46 DeSoto ..... . 36 Northwest .... . 27 St. Pius ..... . 50 Herculaneum . . . 37 Esther ...... . 36 Hillsboro .... . 56 Festus ..... ROW 1, Bob Benz, Jim Brown, Kenny Tucker, John Nichols, Jim Reynolds, Kenny Becker, Bill Childs, Roger Lynde, Tom Smith, Mr. O'Connor, coach. ROW 2, Fred Melton, Tom Byrne, Gerald Dockery, Mike Watkins, John Hughes, Ron Chilton, Eddie Dove, Henry Mooy, Charlie Lang, Ron Sitze. ROW 3, David Frank, Tom Wecker, Richard Dickison, Ron Freeman, Roy Hindle, Randy Roberts, Don Ney, George Boster, Bob Powers, Buddy Montgomery. Lettermen Lead Athletes The members of this year's Letterrnen's Club represent the finest athletes from each of the sports Fox High offers. Eligibility for the Lettermen's Club requires a varsity letter in football, basketball OFFICERS: QI. to r., Tom Byrnes, Vice- or track . President, Fred Melton, President, Tom Smith, Secretary. Ken Becker, Treasurer, was not present , I ' , for the Picture The Lettermen assembled in a "V" for "V1ctory' formation. 49 Sophomores Students and alumni anxiously await the entrance of the new Queen. Basketball Sophomores find that the dance is not all fun. Students take time out to relax in-between dances. 50 Sponsor Gala Dance. Charlie Beache and the Playboys provided music at the dance. BASKETBALL CORONATION In a setting of japanese lanterns, colorful crepe paper, and music provided by Charlie Beache's band, Miss Deatra McGary was crowned l963 Basketball Queen. Students and alumni watched as Miss Eva Kravat, retiring queen, relinquished her crown to the new royalty. Serving as special maid to the queen was Miss Susan joannes . Representing the classes were Miss Beth Graham, junior maidg Miss Paula Faulkner, Sophomore maidg and Miss jackie Baker, Freshman maid. Students either relaxed and talked or twisted and danced before and after the crowning of the Queen. 5 1 W Miss Susan Joannes, special maid, makes her bow. Queen Deatra makes her bow. ueen Deatm Begins Her Rezlgn. Miss Eva Kravat, retiring queen, and her escort, Roy Hindle. - Miss Eva Kravat relinquishes her crown in favor of the royal court. , 1 gi ? is 3 i 52 4 i Junior Maid, Miss Beth Graham, and her escort, Jim Reynolds. Sophomore Maid, Miss Paula Faulkner, and her escort, George Boster. Freshman Maid, Miss Jackie Baker, and her escort, Bill Childs. -NA u-A l-..--Nf'--x- jp -f-N ---' X, . "' T. 'i'r"'i"T "V: M F sf f f if 5 if s i v J Y 5 if f .-. 4 i 5 ' 9 5 J ' ' r 15 3 ' r . s 2 J 5 dog' 5 H mi, K' ' L A J fl! ei ,f,.- ....w...- 1..- , ,.,. v.. .sfirfll-w...r Q err, v Q is ff si 'I' ky y it is 3 'LZ' Wig Um- , The royal court. Tammy Simcox, flower girl, and Paul 53 Rickles, crown bearer. 1 in . 3. VVVVVRV sf in -VV f Q S f',?xE?33 3 ,js 12.559 ' Sifif A Fzf ' Y 1 g ' Y Ldv -f gg: f mm 5 V ,,, f. ' 55 1? i 'f ' 5 3 K5 Q T , fi flgiffsr gm , 2 ginwf' i . , 5 LQ 1,13 Vim V A Q-if 7 gig if , vs f i Q eesswimi K, f , 4 nf Q w My W I Vigifg' guy Af Ag V 5,1 kb V '19 'if 5,3153 4 5 gf, fl K V Qyiffx , M H- . . xl' Y 5 'Vgw 12 H 3 v -f g :iw - A , V . V . V Pg VV,gMfgg , V V VV, Q f-ss: Q V ,f j x Q QV ' 'ASW 2' ' - ,.f. -A 1- , ,mg . 'E fi f, lm ',f, flmiif Y Tx VVVVQVV 5 V - N L ' ,, 5257 L Kg, iii, Rr. wr? QV W Vg, V Q: 1 A ' ' A X., I X W 'W' H. 1-if , :V g --- t . is Z Mm V W QI, V V. VV? V V :V V . VV , , 2 X ,A VVV , v . , V ,, V- - ,E 3V34,,g.:VV V QV ,V V' ' ' f 4 . , . W N Y R 1 x A L 1 Y " - i f 1 Q ' - 'Q i ' . . ,f.iQ,-- 3 , f, .g H K -93-Qs: sz, S 1. , , ,, - ,jg -Q V wx V tw VVVV , V V Q, V' ,V K V gg: . Q, w M '- V LV A ff,-f' - .EP gmiifviz l V 'V . 3 ix, it ' 31 f 5?i . - W I -nw K 'ff V, , 2 H S is 3 4' 9 , my up xi Q BY PAW Vx, M ,,, af- , 'ff ,Qi X gg, fp- - Si R MQ. .fl nw Q ae-- ,.j.1g fQ' ,, .. ,, X NWS 5-Q3-15 gi 3:53 M-, . ,WV -V ,.,,, V bm. 11:32, ---M ,Z . X . K Q, 55'-liwiiliii f- , 1:1-s---3-r.-Sir -' ffl: g-5 k 'L f :wwf 76332751 lil . . . , - Q 7, A. . ss Aiaisfiimx 1 asap-hQ,s1w'z :- N mx X .g. Q TW , .psf .91 -iiia-Hia-af -a,w..q,,5-ga .-:X -1 5 F" fi -.425 'l,f'fE,MfE . N-Lei: Qs'-f f,,. ., ef Y ff, ,.fQigsW,f+ L 11,7 . M S-, Y ?- fit - F ' "1v39hfi2E. M VI-ix -M . ,XI 5 M 3 ,K . wing ff' igiff :ff N ' wif. far' -11 ,ef , ... 5 I, ,K Q.. ,, , L S -K 1 ' "'L 'W . 1- 0 - W, .1 -..- - -ww ,zz -:-131-.-4. .-. -.x ,mr --Wag' . va, 253 kk-' f , ,YL .3 ,, iles z--ig" 1-1 ....,. ,... .. ,, , , . .5-eg. . Q... Wi' Ji. mv ,-'-gm..-1. . we I 'KK-' if .. Q gn, --Q 2 ....,.. , , ,.--Ji ,X --M. my 4 .sl :Gi K: x JE W . Xxx, :Q -' .sa .,,. ,gg ..... S , "Hx W .. My -- N- A . zgg..-IM. S Q .. . . f 1 fmiil ? ,HN ,.,. .Q if f W., Q. 1 ,,, 515113:- ,fi Q 4 1 f, ,,,. , QT , X 4 Q' WYE? 15,9 ,,"i?'v iii main , ,.... W. . B. 27. .vi 4.11 . .,,, .. . n W-f w- k 5451241 ' sm, ,,., . f s,, . :ai Liifffv E 553' 5-10 .., ,T M ,,,, . , rail.-" . .. , -'vw 1 .fivfn 4- 3 .wig ,.,. X -Q. ,QW X N. M., ...w,....s Q-mm M - .av 3, qw ,.. A, f 2 2-1 'EL 1- fx W , is 23 ff 2 ii ' Tl ZZQ - 725 1525 f ' it 5"?f1 ,: -4- zzmvff iw 1-Q.. f - 1 .-V gi, my--.gz,, 9. ffpfgrgg , Ig, ,ip tr s-if 'W X 'iii' exif? jgfifziw. 5 .5 f SEN .iz N -gszgfpag ceggw, .. ,g5,.g-frfqgggsgg-:asa .- f- - ,-W is- .- Maki 4.11. -sr ,sq .., Mn'-wif, 125 - ifiiiiie'-5152515 H Wx? -Risssfafg , -wwe--,-..fgq',fWV?E:':f 72.1.13 17'-P':ff'f"a , f if-V 1 . si gif f Q 1'-vw 232:-', 1 . an 12' fx, ff. -,, 2 fwu m we -. K -if I N W QfS?ffff.i igli-,es few3g3i:iB1ff'-vw 3.45 x-..f . .Q F -- :.s.s?1:'t::e1lQi.1 1. ffgi 1.- . VJ, -3553-k.,,,,1-,M , , ,,.. ig N. fy. M.- Q ,M -ff wfffawf- Fi if V 3:-iff":v :ff w w.,-94.11. '-2:1 iiii 615555 Q Q ,, ...,S. 'YL '?Jh..w - li.. Q.: ' miffffz--1.5 5 gs- - My g--Q, 1 . f-gg N fff. 4 f- - 1 'ivy-k ,wp :Mc ,,1,:.-Qgfwl. T333 ,l 45351555 ii ' ' 1, ' ?g:iiu2"9iIm'f'ff2! Q, me ,JG .., ,. fl .'H1fV5iill. 22 T, Si M-1 - ,, , :N 42? , .Wy Q1-2-: -5 -Hi-lfrefbf .l 15' 1 fi.: , .- - Jn' 1. Z 1 - . H ,Q ..M..., , Q L fe f gb. A-1 1 ': trxw. Q,,,, . 5. -. .ef ,M nap a -s 1 - C N ? ROW 1: Billy Brown, Maxine Oehlert, John Hughes, Janet Scott, Janet Downey, Margie Rickles, Jim Reynolds ROW 25 Jim Gheradini, Mike Boyles, Barbara Lynde, Gay Parker, Betty Manskey, Linda Taylor, Elaine Evans, Cathy Counsell, Terry Lingo, Dianne Volk, Gail Zellich, Shirley Ferguson. ROW 3: Ricky Tudor, Arnold Manskey, Dennis Canova, Bill Childs, Ricky Schmidt, John Nichols, Eddie Dove, Perry Wells, John Carton, Mike Joest, Frank Kratky. The Student Council - Is Injluentzal I. sn 5 S f""i-S The Student Council is the backbone of the F ox High School student body . The Student Council, next to Mr. New- man, really keeps the high school moving. The Council consists of two pupils from every advisory--a repre- sentative and an alternate . The Student Council sponsors many school functions, one of which is the annual Football Coronation. FRONT ROW: Margie Rickles--Secretary, Janet Downy--President, Janet Scott--Vice President, SECOND ROW: John Hughes, Treasurer, Jim Reynolds, Reporter. 56 John Hubbs and Janet Downey decorate for the annual Homecoming Dance sponsored by the Student Council. Members of the Student Council conduct a locker inspection. In Advancement qv FHS Activities. Student Council alternates: ROW 1: Doris Carpenter, Roberta Powers, Linda Meisinger, Pat Boston, Linda Witte, Colda Rohman. ROW 2: Ronnie Long, Jedda Heinemann, Carol Lansing, Juanita Novotny, Rita Dennett, Glenda Sherrill, Ken Tucker. ROW 3: Del:-me Skinner, Jerry Harmon, John Hubbs, Mike O'Nea1, Terry Coggins, Buddy Montgomery. 57 Lzlglzt QF Knowledge . . X J The Sequoia Chapter of the National Honor Society has been growing vigor- ously over the past few years . Mem- bership requires a "B" average . The society sponsored the school play. 3 The outstanding event of the year came when the probationary members were initiated into full membership. r ational Honor Sociegz Officers--QSEATEDQ Janet Scott, Vice-President, Roy Hindle, President, QSTANDINGJ Bill Lueckel, Treasurer, Terry Lingle, Secretary. ROW 1: Carol Noll, Barbara Riggs, Marsha Noakes, Fern Buettner, Adina Johnson, Janet Scott, Durcille DuDash, Pat Carver, Glenda Sherrill, Laura Gouge, Laurene Benz. ROW 2: Judy Day, Cheryl Werner, Ann Vincent, Jedda Heinemann, DeeDee McGary, Dianne Volk, Golda Rohman, Phillis Roan, Laura Fansher, Margie Rickles, Diana Brethhold. ROW 3: Carol Weaver, Gloria Morris, Gayle Morris, Kenny Tucker, Dennis Cordell, Jim Douglas, Janis Knoll, Gwen Gogarn, Linda Brewer, Terry Lingle, Sandra Strong, Fern Pflantz. ROW 4: Roger Ramsey, David Joest, Tom Crabtree, Mike Joest, Gary Behrns, Ronnie Freeman, Roy I-Iindle, Eddie Dove, Bill Leuckel, Jens Brammer, Rich Painter, Bill Matlach. 58 The fascination and gay atmosphere of Spain and Mexico have become a significant feature of the Spanish Club. First or second year Spanish students or those who have already taken two years of Spanish are eligible for mem- bership. The club celebrated Christ- mas by singing Christmas carols in class. They plan a "fiesta" in the spring . 0 "Siesta" 0 ROW 1: Bill Matlach, Jedda Heinemann, Laura Gogue Golda Rohman ROW 2 Karen Slover, Linda Brewer, Diana Brethold, Carol Logan, Janice Knoll, Fern Pflantz, Janet Scott ROW 3 Ralph Damon, Roy Hindle, Carl Roeder, Joseph Kemper, Alan Morehouse, MI. Wiseman, sponsor as :Z ROW 1: Jean Maxey, Pat Lesch, Dianne LeFarth, Sandra Morris, Judy Thomas, Elaine Evans, Dianne Volk, Micki Michler, Darlene Seabaugh, Margie Roberts, Gloria Cheatem, Ora Sue Lineberry. ROW 2: Phyllis Blake, Nancy Salven, Barbara Mimi, Connie Bernhardt, Evelyn Marler, Sandra Boyles Margie Rickles, Charlene Cobb, Hazel Uelsmann, Carolyn Graves, Gail Zellich, Johnna Sue Anderson. ROW 3: Linda Laird, Peggy King, Detra Knight, Dixie Ellis, Bonnie Burgard, Joyce Noble, Fern Pflantz, Donna Brown, Cheryl Weinstein, Joan Zerovogel, Janet Spradling, Jeri Barron, Becky Browne. ROW 4: Sharon Wilken, Lois Miller, Effa Jo Crabtree, Bonnie Wick, Patty Poole, Darlene Gibson, Judy Heine, Patsy Lathem, Cathy Sabatino, Lynn Lester, Carol Boesel, Betty Lambert, Beverly Ehlers. Future urses and Teachers A191952 The Future Nurses of America is composed of students who plan to pursue medical careers . The F .N.A. makes its members aware of medical scholarships available. Members also gained practical experience in first aid and toured several hospitals to learn what would be expected of them in their chosen field. Mrs. Strite, the school nurse, and Mrs. Zellich Sponsored the organization. The climax of the year came when the club obtained a charter from the National Chapter, located in New York City. 60 Left to right: ROW 1: Judy Thomas, President, Micki Michler, Treasurer. ROW 2: Dianne Volk, Secretary, Elaine Evans, Vice President. Students desiring to enter the teaching pro- fession show their interest in education by participating in the Future Teachers of Ameri- ca. The club offers interested students a chance to learn more about teaching and some interesting variations of the profession. Jun- iors and Seniors in the club give teaching a try in the elementary school to gain experience . In April five members of the club and Mr . Boston, their sponsor, journeyed to Cape Girardeau to attend the Teachers' Convention. Beautiful membership pins were also purchased during the School year. OFFICERS: ROW 1: Janet Downey, President, Barbara Schmidt, Vice -President. ROW 2: Joan Stahl, Correspond- ent--Reporter, Laura Gogue, Secretary-Treasurer. Teclzniques in Prospective F ielafs. ROW 1: Mary Golightly, Joan Stahl, Laura Gogue, Janet Downey, Barbara Schmidt, Carole Weaver, Georgia Williams, Anna Vincent. ROW 2: Christa Poeppel, Janet Hyde, Ella Tate, Linda Brewer, Jedda Heinemann, Judy Heine, Jean Langston, Beth Grahm, Laurene Benz, Pam Little, Nancy Balmer. ROW 3: Mr. Boston, Sponsor, Donna Brown, Betty Brooks, Joan Mooy, Janice Osthof, Jean Freiner, Joan Knickmeyer, Nancy Redmond, Shirley Wishon, Phillis Roan, Steve Starr, Ralph Damon, Denny Karr. 61 1963 Ha-Ko Staff: FRONT ROW, left to right: Janet Hyde, June Ellis, Kathy Cloninger, Barbara Keller, Judy Touchette, Shirley DaMeris, Pat Boston, Nancy Rothermich. SECOND ROW: Dennis Cordell, Diane Volk, Janet Scott, Mr. Hall, sponsor, Barbara West, Gayle Morris, Gloria Morris, Gary Behrns. THIRD ROW: David Wilheim, David Politte, Tom Crabtree, Paul Poitras, Ralph Damon, Jim Douglas, Jerry Thorton, David Praul, Kenny Noakes. Ha-K0 Staff Records the Tear '62-'63. Every year the Ha-Ko staff faces the task of producing a better annual than that of the previous year. While com- posing the yearbook, staff members acquired technical skill and learned to apply team work and cooperation. Members of the staff Worked hard to record the pathways of the school in this year's annual. l Little Nell screams on the railroad tracks as members of the staff present a skit in the assembly to kick-off the annual year- book sales campaign. The picture at the left is of the various editors. ROW ONE: Layout Editor, Editorg Mr. Hallg Co-editor, Art Editor, BACK ROW: Business Manager, Litera- ture Editor, and Darkroom Editor. 5 FRONT ROW: Mr. Hall, sponsor, Kathie Geisler, Gail Morris, Garnetta Johnson, Sandy Temm, Terry Lingle, Linda Meisinger, Judy Thomas. SECOND ROW: Karen Eckman, Pat Carver, Goida Rohman, Binnie Burns, Duxcille DuDash, Roberta Powers, Patty McCoy, Bernice Seabaugh, Rita Dennert, Barbara West, Linda Warren. THIRD ROW: Don Tate, John Hummel, Jow Arena, Larry Young, Henry Mooey. Writing stories and editing the Fox Fax is the task of this organization. Their monthly issues of the paper provide information and entertainment to the student readers . This organization makes up the journalism class, taught by Mr. Hall. Their field trip to the POST-DISPATCH building proved to be interesting and informative. Pictures taken at the newspaper building are shown below. T, Fox Fax Prints P School ews 63 ROW1 Karen Simcox, Judy Parks Kathie Geisler, Shirley Wishon, Joan Kmckmeyer, Glenda Sherrill, Janet Scott, Durcille Dudash ROW 2 Joan Stahl, Bernice Seabaugh, Georgia Williams, Terry Lingle, Cheryl Werner, Anna Vincent, Pat Carver, Ruth Ann Buchholz. ROW 3: Richard Painter, Dennis Cordell Jens Bramrner Karen Eckman, Cheryl Bennett, Linda Meisinger, Judy Thomas, Mike Mock, Diana Land, Denny Canova, Eddie Dove, Jumor Salger Danny Dement, Mr Allen sponsor. The Curtain Goes Up on the Drama Club The drama club is made up of students who have partici- pated in one or more plays during the school year. This year they have performed on several occasions. At the school carnival they put on two one-act plays--"Oil Wells and Wedding Bells." dealt with the antics of a husband-hunting opera star in a little towng the other, "Father Lives with Seven Women" concerned the frus- trations of a would-be writer who has six mischievious daughters . Both of these plays were hits and were en- joyed by the audiences . 64 ' wg Q lg syrii, fp : , ,. t , : i Y 3 V ! i 4 ? Members of the Audio-Visual pictured left to right are: ROW 1: Ronald Redfaixjn, Gary Baumgartner, Gerald Waggoner, Charles Riggins, Billy Ellis, Paul Chasten, Charles Kestermont. ROW 2: David Berry, Mike Donathon, Gary Behrns, Edward Garnache, Randy Rice, Edward Henke, Oliver Simino, Ralph Chrismer, and Mr. Seabaugh. AUDIO- VISUAL - ETESA D EARS OF THE SCHOOL. l i Providing music for before school dancing, assisting in sound and light- ing for school musical and dramatic productions, and constructing audio- visual aids are familiar tasks to the members of Audio-Visual . Serving the school and aiding civic organizations are some of the club's activities . 1 1 Audio-Visual provides such duties as adjusting lights for a school dance and providing music for dancing in the morning. 65 Planned Progress is a contest sponsored by Union Electric Com- pany . Each school in the area de- cides what improvements could be made in their community and plans and presents the material in a pro- gram in which they are judged. Winners are awarded a guided trip to a place of their choice in the St. Louis area . This year the Fox High Planned Progress planned to bring industry into our community. They showed how and why industry would benefit our community and constructed a large map of our district showing industrial, residential, business, and recreational areas. Material for their presentation is gathered by the citizenship classes. The five students who presented the material are pictured at the left. ROW l: Becky Browne, Jo Anne Wind. ROW 2: Mr. Allen, Fran Kenny, Dennis Cordell, Perry Wells PLANNED PRUGRESS MEMBERS BECOME BETTER CI TIZEN S. Progress at Work Resolved, that the United States l should adopt the policy of reciprocal free trade with non-Communist na- tions . The debate club members de- bated the above statement this year. Led by Mr. Allen, the club's co- captains include Kathy Geisler and Dennis Cordell. They participated in several de- bate tournaments, including the Dis- trict State Tournament at Southeast Missouri State College. Pictured at the right are the club members. ROW l: Kathy Geisler, Becky Browne, Jo Anne Wind, Janet Hyde. ROW 2: Fern Pflantz, Judy Day, Fran Kenny, Jackie Seiler. ROW 3: Mr. Allen, Dennis Cordell, Jens Brammer, Richard Lambert, Gerald Waggener. Debote Memberr Develop Hzgher Tlzznkzng . . . Students at School Store Sell eedea' Suyololzes. 67 Five students have a daily task of selling school supplies to students who find them- selves out of paper or missing a pencil For added con- venience, the Store was opened during lunch hours for the first time this year . Pictured at the left are: Tom Hanes, Gerald Chapman, Janice Chrismer, Donna Pryz- goda, and Jack Lilly. Sdjkly Patrols Keep Basses Safe and Enjcyfable. Safety Patrol members are well acquainted with the rules and regulations which made a safe bus. Each one of them strives to make the trips to and from school safe and enjoyable. Their officers are President Maxine Oehlert, Vice -President june Ellis, Secretary Judy Alleng Treasurer Sharon Clause. The club is sponsored by Mr. Mall. Mr. Ma11's bus patrols help him to keep order on his bus. 68 . . s f 1 warm? 4 KNEELING: Linda Reiser, Laura Gouge, Mary Golightly. ROW 1: Donna Brown, Sandra Boyles, Colleen Adams, Becky Tusher, Susie Roberts, Bev Hill, Jill Eckman, Doris DeLong, Hazel Uelsman, Becky Browne, Linda Flowers, Pat Boston, Ellie Matthews, Dawn Behrens, Sharon Riggs, Judy Heine. ROW 2: Beth Graham, Elaine Evans, Ronnie Long, David Schaefer, Billy Matlach, Joyce Placht, Jerry Thornton, Jerry Kraft, Fran Kenny, Larry Pinnell, Lucas Brennecke. ROW 3: Tom Crabtree, Bob Brennecke, Steve Prokasky, Gary Wilimeck, David Corse, Rich Painter, Buddy Montgomery, Janet Hyde, Elaine Jackson, Steve Broshears, Gary Layton, Dennis Cordell. ROW 4: Jim Gher- ardini, David Cryts, Tom Painter, Scott Hawkins, Denny Karr, Buny Daume, George Frenz, Rosie Roberts, Danny Carpenter. FHS Band Proves to Be a cc J: , ote- Worthy Urganzzation. T Under the direction of Mr. Kenneth Correll the Fox High School "A" Band provided entertainment and enjoyment for the students, faculty, and parents during the past year. For the first year the band elected officers. The officers were Tom Crabtree, President: Denny Karr, Vice -Presidentg David Schaefer, Secretary -Treasurer. The band marched in two parades the first semester of the year. The first parade was the Fireman's Rodeo Parade in St. Louis and the second was the Christmas Parade in Festus and Crystal City. This may iook like mass havoc, but really the band is PRACTICING! 69 1 Q "A" Band Twirlersz Linda Reiserg Donna Browng Laura Gouge, Drum Majoretteg Mary Golightlyg Judy Heine. FHS Twirlers Lead Our Bandit Marchzng Pewrmances. Dressed in new red and White uniforms, the Fox twirlers brighten up the FHS band when performing at football games and in parades . Their twirling ability and gymnastic techniques are impres sive and are appreciated by the band and the students of Fox High. A . Q. e Al B x 3 l 'X X I "B" Band Twirlersz Sandy Carverg Beth Bostong Beth Greenwood Elaine Imboden, Drum Majorette. 70 .nebnasw-ee, " gf 5? . Q' H l l all ROW 1: Mr. Butler, Mabel Blake, Vicke Basden, Donna Hildebrandt, Susie Lineberry, Becky Thompson, Judy Parks, Connie Bemhardt, Oenee Kertermont, Phyllis Houston, Jean Maxey, Kathy Counsell. ROW 2: Karen Wie- land, Bonnie Leuchel, Joan Fergueson, Marlyn Witte, Cheryl Winhien, Sherry Turner, Effa Jo Crabtree, Linda Cartwright, Joan Best, Doris Carpenter, Dianna Zorr, Sandra Orrich, Kathy Siedler, Christa Poeppel. ROW 3: Bonnie Burgard, Carol Brannon, Bernice Seabaugh, Judy Thomas, Jennifer Bean, Gail Zellich, Sharon Debro, Ruth Ann Buchholz, Barbara Lynde, Sue Boch, Shirly DaMeris, Donna Myers, Sharon Layton. ROW 4: Evona GiSell, Jeanne Miller, Beth Beiller, Jeanne Brakefield, Deatra Knight, Kathy Sabatino, Kathy Isbell, Phyllis Blake, Shir- ley Lynch, Nancy Salveson, Linda Heller, Emily Mueller. Accompanists: Margie Cowan, Gail Muir. "Glee Club Members The girls who compose the Glee Club are an important part of the music depart- ment. Their songs added a lighter touch to the annual Christmas program in Decem- ber. Everyone who enjoys singing and music always enjoys listening to the Glee Club perform. Under the direction of Mr. Butler, the girls are able to increase their own interest in music by joining the Glee Club. Blend Their Voices. JJ l is .s -einem.. 'V Hal' Y 3' Q i ,vt is ar lv '1 ROW 1: Mr. Burler, Randy Woodruff, Richard Sansegraw, Gary Baumgartner, Joye Cheatham, Jean Freiner, San- dra Dace, Carol Bollinger, Joan Stahl, Pat Carver, Janet Brace, Charlotte Stevenson, Joyce Winniger, Fred Wal- drop, Lawrence Freckes, Buddy Jackson. ROW 2: Perry Wells, Charles Parkes, John Hughes, Betty Airondale, Judy Allen, Lynn Lester, Betty Lambert, Myra Knight, Joan Mooy, Ralph Damon, Dan Sutterfield, Charles Rig- gens. ROW 3: Gary Bolderdick, Danny Fanner, Nancy Balmer, Janice Osterloff, Pat Voss, Connie Whitehead, Glenda Sherrill, Joan Knicluneyer, Gerald Waggner, Oliver Simino, Richard Lambert. ROW 4: Roger Dodge, Kennth Noakes, Denny Fanter, Margie Bates, Paula Faulkner, Janet Spradling, Cleda Smith, Georgia Williams, Phylis Roan, Elaine Evans, Steve Starr, Mike Donathan. "Tlzere's cz Song This year our senior chorus, composed of both boys and girls, sang their first con cert at the annual Christmas program, which consisted of sacred and secular music. Sharing honors with the girls' glee club and band, the chorus impressed the audience with the melodious blending of their voices. Under the direction of Mr. Butler, in the spring the chorus traveled to Cape Girar- deau to compete in a music contest. New robes were also purchased this year, and were proudly worn by the chorus members . in the A ir." 72 Tom, Scott, and Denny practice their trumpet solos during the third period band practice. FHS Boasts an Outstcznding M uszc Department. Mr. Butler rehearses with the chorus. 73 The Eighth Grade accompanist practices his music in his spare time. 8 QW ik T unq- ,4 X WW , mnnnz- - - ,W mnmmmwviivpg ,ui ami 5 ' W1 .-.: J 7523 ff . -mf -H, .. ., : ,,,E,1k,1Q k W, M Aw N5fw2, ,f .Q1XXfv - YARN? SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: Joan Mooy, G. Treas.3 Terry Lingle, Sec., Doug Nesslein, Pres., Jim Lacy, V. Pres., Ron Freeman, B. Treas. SENIOR CABINET ROW 1: Deatra McGary, Sandy Strong, Terry Lingle, Joan Mooy. ROW 2: Ron Freeman, Ken Becker, Doug Nesslein, Jim Lacy. Not pictured is Milton Johnson. CLASS OF 1963 Four years ago, lll freshmen entered Fox High. Spiritedly we entered in the whirl of high-school activities. Much of our energy was directed toward the vari- ous service, honor, and academic organi zations, where our leadership qualities were developed. Student Council repre- sentatives added much to our school . We contributed to the writing of the Constitu- tion in our junior year, and our junior and senior years were marked by the number of council leaders we supplied. Drama, F .T.A. , F .N.A. , Spanish Club, Honor Society, and Safety Patrol found many long- term members and leaders from our class. Sportsmanship was another area of outstanding ability. In our freshman, sophomore, and junior year, our boys distinguished themselves in football, track, and basketball. As juniors, our girls helped the volleyball team win the title of All -County Conference Champs in 1962, an honor 'which we repeated at the Crystal Tournament as Seniors in 1963 . Our boys added their plays to the winning of the Consolation trophy in the Hillsboro Tournament our Senior year . Scholastically our class ranks high. Several members are habitually on the Honor Roll and are the leaders of the Honor Society. Although we had no finalists for the National Merit Scholarships Test, many ranked very high. We Seniors of 1963 found another outlet for our talents in extracurricular activities. Our "Locomotion" float won first place at the Homecoming parade this year. Our Junior-Senior Prom, "Shangri-La, " was a beautiful dance, long to be remembered. The works of our artistic-minded classmates have been seen at school many times in our high-school career, and the enthusiastic support we gave made memorable occasions of many dances. Senior Thunderbirds added the spark to many sport events this year, and in years past. Our tal- ents were on display as we participated in acting and behind-the-scene activities in four school plays. Our class colors are blue and whiteg our flower, the orchid. The class selected "Less Than Our Best is Failure" as the class motto. We broke from tradition this year to become the first Senior Class with round rings. "Little Warrior, " the Indian on the Senior Button, was seen throughout the school . As we look to graduation, our future unknown, all that we have done and learned these four years will help us as we travel on in the world. 76 CHERYL BALTZELL--Glee Club 10,115 Carnival Maid 105 Student Council 95 Safety Patrol 95 Office Help 115 Thunderbirds 9,10,11,12. NORMAN BAST DAVID BATES Seniors Behold the End Qfa begzhning . MARY ANN BATES--Girls' Choir 10. JENNIFER BEAN--Honor Society 95 Honor Ro119,115 Girls' Choir 11,125 Safety Patrol 105 Thunder- birds 9,12. 77 KENNETH BECKER--"B" Basket ball 9,105 Varsity Basketball 11,12, Letter 12. CHERYL BENNETT--Cheryl transferred from Roosevelt in her Junior year. GEORGE BOSTER--Thunderbirds 10,12 "B" Football 95 "B" Basketball 9,105 Var- sity Basketball 11,123 Track 9. JENS BRAMMER--Honor Society 11,125 Honor Rol19,10,115 Senior Band 9,105 Drama Club 1O,11,12g Debate Team 1o,11,12. JOHN BRUTCHER TOM BYRNE--Lettermen's Club 123 Thunderbnrds 12, Vaxslty Football 11 ,12, Letter 125 Co-captain 125 Track 11,12. The Pathways qfF0x Hzgh School BINNIE BYRNES--Binnie transferred in her senior year from Cleveland. Fox Fax 125 Thimderbirds 125 Varsity Volleyball 125 Letter "A" 12. KATHY CLONINCER- -Honor Roll 125 Spanish Club 105 Safety Patrol 9,10,11,1 Fox Fax 115 HA-KO 10,11,125 Planned Progress 105 Thunderbirds 125 Office Help 10,11,12. 25 DENNIS CANOVA--Class Officer 11, Boys Treasurer 115 Student Council 125 Carni- val Queen Escort 125 Thunderbirds 9,105 11,125 Drama Club 11,125 Senior Chorus 10511. RAYMOND CHRIST JOSEPH CULLEN--Lettermen's Club 11,1 Thunderbirds 10,11,125 Varsity Foorbau 1o,11,12, Letter 1O,11,125 "B" Basketball 9,105 Varsity Basketball 11, Letter 11. 2s Remind Us qv Good Times. ALBERT DAUME--Senior Band 9,l0,11,l25 Audio Visual 9,lO,125 Varsity Football 115 Manager-- Lettered 1 1 . DANNY DEMENT--Spanish Club 105 Drama Club 12. 5 RITA DENNERT--Student Coun- cil l25 Spanish Club 10,115 Fox Fax 125 Thunderbirds 9,1o,11,125 Basketball Maid 115 Library Assistant 95 Carnival Queen 12. 1 4,55 , 5 RICHARD DIC KISON- -Thunder - birds 125 "B" Basketball 9,105 Varsity Basketball 11,125 Track 9,1o. JANET DOWNEY--Student Council 10,11,l25 Treasurer 11, President 125 Honor Society 95 Honor Roll 9,125 Drama Club 115 Future Teachers 11,125 Vice- President 11, President 125 "B" Cheerleader 115 Thunderbirds 9,l0,11,125 Class Officer 95 President 95 "B" Volleyball 9,105 Co-Captain 105 Varsity Volley- ball ll,l2, Co-Captain 125 Track 9. DURCILLE DUDASH--Durcille transferred from Mehlville her sophomore year. Honor Society 11,125 Honor Roll 10,1l,125 Drama Club 10,11,l25 Future Teachers 11, Fox Fax 125 Office Help 11. Halls Filled with Laughter, 80 KAREN ECKMAN- -Honor Roll 9,11,125 Drama Club 125 Safety Patrol 11,125 Varsity Cheer- leader 9,10,11,125 Co-captain 11, Captain 125 Fox Fax125 Thunderbirds 9,10,11,125 Class Officer 95 Secretary 95 Library Assistant 9. JUNE ELLIS--Spanish Club 105 Safety Patrol 9,10,l1,l25 Vice President 125 Outstanding Patrol Award 115 Ha-Ko 11,125 Office Help 125 Library Assistant 11. DAVID FAHNESTOCH RONALD FREEMAN --Student Council 95 Honor Society 9510, 11,125 Honor Roll 9,10,1l,125 "B" Basketball 105 letter 105 Thunderbirds 125 Class Officer 9,125 Vice-President 9, Boys' Treasurer 125 Senior Cabinet 12 Varsity Basketball 11,125 Letter 12. SHIRLEY FREEMAN--cms' choir 10,115 Safety Patrol 10,11,125 Thunderbirds 12. DAVID FRANK- -Thunderbirds 9,10,1l5 Letterman's Club 125 "B" Football 10. Lockers Sumo' with Books. 81 " H ' ' I i ' .X ANDREA cn.L1AM--safety Patrol 1 1 . LARRY GILLIAM MIKE GOSSETT- -Planned A Varieqy Q' Activz'tz'es Accented Y MARTIN HAu.ENBERcER-- GARY GREEN Safety Patrol 9,1o,11,12. 82 553925593 , . R., ,, ,, - .L Progress 125 'Thunderbirds 12. .N WILLIAM HAMBLEN MARY HARRINGTON The Senzor s Fmal Tear at Fox. ROY HINDLE--Honor Society 1O,ll,12, President 125 Honor Roll 10,115 Spanish Club 10,11, 125 Letten'nen's Club 125 Thun- derbirds 125 "B" Basketball 10, Letter 105 Varsity Basketball l1,12, Letter 125 Boys' State ll. Roy transferred from Beaumont his sophomore year. 83 GEORGE HARSCH- -Thunderbirds 105 Audio -Visual 9 ,l0. WILLIAM Honor--Boys' clee Club 10. JOHN HUMMELL DORIS JACKSON--Glee Club 9,105 Safety Patrol 1l,12. SUSAN JOHANNES--Student Council 115 Honor Roll 105 Fu- ture Teachers 115 Safety Patrol GARNETTA JOHNSON--Fox Fax 9,12. 125 Thunderbirds 12. SHELBY JAMES--Girls' Choir 10,115 Safety Patrol 10,115 Thunderbirds 9,10,11,125 "B" Volleyball 10, Letter 10. We Stmgglea' MILTON JOHNSON--Audio- Visual 9,105 Senior Cabinet 12 "B" Football 10, Letter 10. 84 XJ DENNY KARR--Senior Band BARBARA KELLER--Ha-Ko 123 JOAN KN1CKMEYER,,Drama 9,10,11,12g Lenered 9,10,11,125 Thunderbirds 12s Office Help 11- Club 125 Senior Chorus 125 cms' Assistant Director, Vice President Choir 10,115 Future Teachers 12. 11,125 Tlrrrrrderbirds 11,12. Through Asszgnments JANIS KNOLL--Honor SocietY JDV1 LACY--Thunderbirds 125 12g Honor R011 11,123 SPHIliSh JERRY KRAFT--Senior Band Class Officer 123 Vice President Club 12. 9,1o,11,1z. 123 senior cabinet 12. 1 N r 85 TIM LACEY--Safety Patrol 95 Thunder- birds 1 1 . GARY LAYTON--Gary transferred to Fox from Cleveland in his Senior year. WILLIAM LEUCKEL--Honor Roll 115 Honor Society 11,125 Treasurer 125 Thunderbirds 12. TERRY LINGLE---Terry transferred from Doe Run in her Junior year. Student Council 125 Honor Society 11,125 Secre- tary 125 Honor Ro1l11,125 Drama Club 125 Senior Chorus 115 "B" Cheerleader 12, Captain 125 Fox Fax 125 Class Officer 12, Officer 12, Secretary 125 Thunder- birds 11,125 Senior Cabinet 125 Horne- coming Maid 125 Library Assistant 125 Camival Maid 115 Varsity Volleyball 11,125 Track 11. HAROLD MCCOY--Student Council 115 Vice President 115 Senior Chorus 10,11,125 Thunderbirds 9,10,11, Class Officer, Vice President 115 Carnival Escort 11. 86 We Enjqzea' a Successful Prom l l DEATRA MCGARY--Honor Society 11,125 Honor Roll 125 Thunderbirds 115 Senior Cabinet 125 Dee Dee transferred from Herky in her junior year. LINDA MEISINGER--Student Council 9,10,125 Drama Club 11,125 Senior Chorus 10,115 Safety Patrol 9,115 Treasurer 115 "B" Cheerleader 9,125 Letter 9,125 Fox Fax 125 Thunderbirds 9,10,11,125 Class Officer 105 Vice-President 105 Office Help 11,125 "B" Volleyball 105 Letter 105 Co-captain 105 Varsity Volleyball 115 Letter 11. FRED MELTON--Lettermen's Club 10, 11,125 Thunderbirds 9,10,11,125 "B" Foot- ball 9,10 5 Lettered 9,105 Varsity Football 11,125 Lettered 11,125 Co-captain 125 Track 10. CLYDE MEYER RUTH MELTON --Student Council 95 Spanish Club 105 Safety Patrol 125 Planned Progress 105 Carnival Maid 10. 87 ROBERT MILLER--Thunderbirds 1 1 ,12. HENRI MOOY--Lettermen's Club 125 Fox Fax 12, Thunderbirds 125 "B" Football 105 Varsity Football 11,12, Letter 125 Track 9,10,11. JOAN MOOY--Spanish Club 11 Senior Chorus 9,1O,11,12, Future Nurses 95 Future Teachers 11,1 Safety Patrol 9,l0,11, Outstanding Patrol Award 11, Planned Progress 10, Thunderbirds 9,lO,11,12, Class Officer 12, Girls' Treasurer 12, Senior Cabinet 12. MICHAEL MORGAN 88 JAN MORRIS--Honor Roll 11,125 Spanish Club 11, Senior Band 9,1O,1l. ROBERT NEIHEISER--Senior Band 9,105 Thunderbirds lO,1l,123 Var- sity Basketball, Letter 12. Our Athletes Played DOUGLAS NESSLEIN--Honor Roll 95 Audio-Visual 95 Lettermen's Club 11,125 Thunderbirds 12, Vice-President 125 Class Officer 10,11,125 Treasurer 10, President 11,125 Senior Cabinet 125 "B" Football 9,105 Varsity Football 10,115 Boys' State 115 Track 9,lO. MAXINE OEHLERT- -Student Coun- cil 125 Safety Patrol l0,1l,125 President 125 Fox Fax 115 Thunder- birds 9,10,l1,125 Office Help 125 Library Assistant 105 "B" Volley- ball 105 Letter 10,115 Manager, Varsity Volleyball, 11, Manager. GARY NEWMAN--Safety 9,105 Audio-Visual 9,10,125 "B" Foot- bal19,10. CAROL NOLL--Honor Society 1O,11,12, Honor Ro119,lO,11,12, Spanish Club 10, Thunderbirds 9,l0,11,12. RICHARD PAINTER--Student Council 95 Honor Society 11,125 Honor Roll 9,105 Senior Band 9,10,11,l25 Junior Band 115 Drama 105 Safety Patrol 95 Audio-Visual 10,115 Thunderbirds 12. Their Last Games, JAMES NOSSER 89 ROY QUINN--Roy transferred NANCY REDMOND--Nancy trans- ELIZABETH RICE--Drama 125 W from Bishop Du Burg High his ferred from Farmington her Junior Girls' Choir 10,113 Future Nurses Senior year. year. Senior Chorus 125 Future 105 Safety Patrol 125 Library CHARLES RICHARDS--Charles transferred from Marysville High in California his Senior year. Teachers 123 Thunderbirds 11,12. Assistant 1 2 . PHILLIS ROAN--Honor Society 11,125 Honor Roll 9,10,115 Senior Chorus 10,11 ,12g Future Teachers 11,123 Thunderbirds 9,1l,12. 90 1 1 Our Scholars Passed GOLDA ROHMAN--Student Colm- JUNIOR SALGER--Drama Club WILLIAM SANSEGRAW cil 125 Honor Society 1O,11,125 12, Honor Roll 9,10,11,125 Spanish Club l1,12, Secretary 125 Fox Fax 125 Varsity Volleyball 12, Letter 125 Girls' State 11. BARBARA SCHMIDT--Student Council 95 Girls' Choir 10,115 Future Teachers l1,12, Vice President 125 Thunderbirds 9,1O, 11,125 Homecoming Queen 125 Homecoming Maid 95 "B" Volley- ball 105 Varsity Volleyball Man- ager 12, Letter 125 Track 9, Car- nival Maid 11. Their Last Exams. 91 TOM SCHMITT--Tom transferred from Hancock in his senior year. JANET SCOTT--Student Council 9,11 ,125 Vice-President 125 Honor Society 9,10,11 ,125 Vice-President 125 Honor Roll 9,lO,11,125 Span- ish Club 10,11,125 Vice-President 115 Drama Club 10,1l,125 Safety Patrol 9,10,115 President 115 Out- standing Patrol Award 115 Ha-Ko 1o,11,125 Art Editor 11, Editor 125 Thunderbirds 9,12. KAREN SIMCOX--Student Coun- cil 10,115 Drama Club 9,10,11,125 Girls' Choir 10,115 Safety Patrol 9,105 Planned Progress 105 Thun- derbirds 95 Homecoming Maid 125 Library Assistant 9. BERNICE SEABAUGH--Drama Club 11,125 Girls' Choir 11,125 Future Nurses 115 Varsity Cheer- leader 1O,1l,125 Co-Captain 125 Fox Fax 125 Thunderbirds 9,10, 11,125 Secretary 125 Class Officer 115 Treasurer 115 Homecoming Maid 10,125 Basketball Maid 95 Office Help 10, Camival Maid 105 "B" Volleyball 105 Letter 10, Var- sity Volleyball 11,125 Letter 11, 125 Track 9511. CLEDA SMITH--Senior Chorus 125 Girls' Choir 9,115 Thunderbirds 11,12. GLENDA SHERRILL--Honor Society 11,125 Honor Roll 9,125 Drama Club 125 Senior Chorus 125 Girls' Choir 10,115 Letter 115 Future Nurses 105 Planned Progress 105 Thunderbirds 12. JOAN STAHL--Drama Club 125 Senior Chorus 9,10,11,125 Letter 10,115 Future Teachers 9,10,11 ,125 Reporter 125 Thunderbirds 11,125 Library Assistant 9. We Hopejbr Success, SANDRA STRONG - -Honor So- MARY STATON--Library Assist- ant 9,10. ciety 11,125 Honor Roll 9,10,115 Senior Cabinet 125 Homecoming Maid 125 Library Assistant 9510, 11 ,12. JUDY THOMAS--Student Council 95 Drama Club 10,11,125 Girls' Choir 10,11,125 Future Nurses 11,125 Vice President 11, President 125 Safety Patrol 9,10,115 Out- standing Patrol Award 115 Fox Fax 125 Thunderbirds 9,10,11,125 Class Officer 9,105 Treasurer 95 Secre- tary 105 "B" Volleyball letter birds 125 Library Assistant 12. 9,10. SANDRA TEMM--Sandra trans- ferred from Kirkwood in her Sen- ior year. Fox Fax 125 Thunder- Haplbzhess, and Prosperzy. DON TATE--Audio-Visual 9 5 Fox Fax 125 Thunderbirds 115 Planned Progress 105 Library Assistant 11. I-IAZEL UELSMANN--Senior Band 9,10,11,125 Future Nurses 11,125 Safety Patrol 10. DIANNE VOLK--Student CO1-U'1C11 12g Honor Society 11,125 Honor Roll 93 Future Nurses 11 ,125 Secretary 12g Safety Patrol 125 Ha-Ko 12, Layout Editor 12. JOAN WAGN ER CHARLES WELDELE--Senior Band 11. LONN IE WELKER- -Thunderbirds 1 2 . JOHN WERNER--"B" Basketball 9,10, Letter 10. Final Memorz'es Linger on As 94 BARBARA WEST--Honor R011 125 Spanish Club 103 Thunderbirds 10,115 Fox Fax 12, Editor 12, Co-Editor 123 Ha-Ko 11,12, Co-Editor 12. DAVID WILLARD--Student Council 10 3 Honor Roll 113 Thunderbirds 12. SHIRLEY WISHON--Shirley transferred from Bishop DuBurg High her Junior year Drama Club 11,12. LAWRENCE YOUNG--Fox Fax 125 Thun- derbirds 1 2. Recall the Pathways qf 1963. Seniors 0 BEST PERSQNALITY: Ron Freeman, MOST STUDIOUS: Durcille Dudash, Bill Leuckel. Karen Simcox. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Roy Hmdle, Dxanne Volk BEST ALL AROUND: Maxine Oehlert, Lonnie Welker. BEST DRESSED: Harold McCoy, Barbara Keller. -f W -W PRETTIEST HAIR: Rich Dickson, Ruth Melton. 7 Distinction MOST POPULAR: Doug Nesslein, Bernice Seabaugh. BEST SENSE OF HUMOR: Joan Mooy, Larry Gilliam. PRETTIEST EYES: Rita Dennett, Denny Karr. MOST TALENT ED: ' Janet Scott, Jens X Brammer. Mosr ATHLETIC: Janet Downey, Joe Cullen. PRETTEST SMU-E: CWI Nou- Bm Hamblen. -1 Q A unions' r BOTTOM ROW: Cheryl Werner, Secretaryg Jim Brown, Presidentg Carole Weaver, Vice-Presidentg TOP ROW: Donna Neiters, Girls' Treasurerg John Canon, Boys' Tre asurer. juniors keep their senior year in sight as they undertake a rush of activities--ordering rings, taking part in school functions, and staging a suc- cessful junior-Senior Prom. Next year as exalted seniors, they will inherit many responsibilities. With the same enthusiasm and confidence that they started this year, they will go forth as the class of Fox High School '64 Madeleine Benz Robert Benz Kay Bernhardt David Berry Janet Brase Di ana Brethold Linda Brewer Diana Brine Betty Brooks Russell Broshears Donna Brown Sharon Buchholz Ronald Anderson Joe Arena Barbara Aslinger Nancy Balmer James Basden Lloyd Becker Thomas Becker Gary Behrns Russell Bennett Laurene Benz Fem Buettner Kathleen Bums Dianne Capstick Pat Carver Barbara Cates Dennis Cavness Ann Childress Bill Childs Ronald Chilton Ralph Chrismer Sharon Clause Rick Colburn Dennis Cordell Ronald Counts Tom Crabtree Gary Cross Shirley DeMeris Ken Dankel Judith Day Robert Dielschneider James Douglas Edgar Dove Leroy Dubre Dennis Edgar Jeanette Ehlen Dudley Ehrenreich Billy Ellis George Engel Lora Fansher Gary Gansmann Kathryn Geisler Connie Gilliam Morris Glatt Gwen Gogarn Laura Gogue Marjorie Cowan Beth Graham Carolyn Graves Scott Hawkins Judy Heine Jedda Heinemann Edward Henke David Holliday Phyllis Howton Maynard Ives Edward Jackson Sandra Jarboe David Joest Michael Joest Adina Johnson Mary Juhlin Herbert Kohler Larry Laird Diana Land Betty Langston Gabriele Lauer Dorothy Lee Pamela Little Our Time Is Passing Gwen intently experiments with a balancing problem. kuznevw- Wg: 1 pa,-555+-f-v1,MQw.y.fmJ:-Q wfff MM- -Mane'-1-1,-M -M--V --M afw-.a www,--BMW 3 Liffm- 'H' isa.. rwffgilw'wifi''liwilfrieQgefl-ea-wfililiiifigQi1.,j1LiLgF-f 1 " 1 ' ' W1 .,., -'f1ff1H?f------M- M'Xrf.W: .arm or -W,,,,w,r. -,...Wna,,.r, ,,,, , J.. --.aa NMm.a,..i- v.,a , an o L r.f,W..a on The Senior Tear Awaits. Think they'11 make it to Hollywood? Kathy, Bernice, Jens, Georgia, and Cheryl rehearse for the play. Ronald Long Barbara Lovera Carol Luebke John Lunsford Roger Lynde Glen McClain Pat McCoy Bill Matlach Eloise Matthews Delores Michler John Miller Sandra Minks Michael Mock Brenda Montgomery Eugene Moore Gayle Morris Gloria Morris David Mueller Glen Mueller Greg Mueller i Donna Myers Carol Neuhaus John Nichols I Marsha Noakes Cecilia Novomy Sharon O'Keefe Paul Ossenfort Thomas Painter Clara Parish Judy Parks Fern Pflantz Paul Poitras Roberta. Power Danny Praul Gary Prickett Ronald Probst Dean Pruett Janet Pulliam Roger Ramsey Minette Reinhold James Reynolm J oAnne Rice Barbara Riggs Norman Rittenbush Elaine Messmer Carl Roeder N ancy Rothermich Donna Schmoll Rose Marie Schopp Dorothy Sebold Oliver Simino Dennis and Mr. Allen prepare for burial f r 1 , Q ,1 -,.-, "'Q',' Q ""-, V ,.,-1 7 sg '1-' ,:'1 Journalism students tour the Post-Dispatch Building. Linda Warren and Terry Lingle find the sights interesting. -, , . 51 . . " fr 4, - '... 'ff ' Ronald Sitze Tom Smith Teddi Snelson Janet Spradling James Spriggs Jeanne Struckmeyer Ella Tate Janice Tayloe Carol Thweatt Judy Touchette Kennith Tucker Richard Van De Van Anna Vincent Howard Vincent Linda Vogler Linda Warren Carole Weaver John Weaver Cheryl Werner Gary Wilimeck Georgia Williams J eau Williams Joyce Wininger Marlyn Witte John Wyman Cheryl Zachary Gail Zellich Ronald Adkerson Nicholas Armbruster Gerald Arnold Jerry Askren Judy Averbeck Daryl Baker Jeri Barron Joseph Bates Gary Baumgartner Donna Beatty Stephanie Becker Richard Bender Connie Bernhardt Marla Berry Joan Best Betty Bieller Mabel Blake Phil Blankenship Diane Blumer Carolyn Bock Carol Boesel Elmer Bollinger Kathie Bolm Elaine Evans Class Officers Top to Bottom: Donald Michael Perry Wells Delane Skinner Shirley Fergueson Vicki Basten Sophomores 106 In their second successful year the sophomores mark the midpoint of their high school career, with the happiest yet to come. The sophomores sponsored the annual Basketball Corona- tion and published the student telephone directory. Their social activity widened their concepts of living, and now the second half of high school beckons. We Achieved Uur Expectations Q' Last 1' ear. 107 Pat Boston Stephen Bottorff Mike Boyles Margaret Brakefie ld Gary Brammer Carol Brannon Robert Brennecke Kathleen Brouk Charles Brown Ruth Ann Buchholz Robert Buesking Gary Bullerdick Doris Carpenter Roger Carpenter Paul Chasten Janice Chrismer Aline Cloninger Charlene Cobb Stanley Collier David Corse Ralph Damon Mary Jane Dawson James Dean Terry Dean Sha.ron Debro Pat DeLis1e Doris DeLong Pamela Denoyer Margie Dickinson Gerald Dockery Michael Donathon Larry Douglas Mike Eaton Allen Effan Michael Engel Paula Faulkner Jim Fink David Flannigan Linda Frankenreiter Donnie Freeman Edward G amache Ronald G amblet Robert Garnett Darlene Gibson Grace Clatt Mary Golightly Sharon Hamblen Nora Hankins These are the cat's pajamas! Diane, Sharon, Connie, and Linda do the Charleston. We Mounted the Stairs 0 Hzlgher Learning in This, Uur Second Tear. Larry Hargrove Terry Hargrove Sharon Hart Susan Hasty Claudia Hayhuxst Sue Heise Margo Hendricks Fred Hill Norman Hindricks Madeline Hobson John Hubbs John Hughes Linda Hutchison Janet Hyde Elaine Imboden 109 Billy Irwin Catherine Isbell Betty Jackson Buddy Jackson Sherry J arboe J arnes Joplin Joseph Kemper Dennis Kelch Frances Kenny Charles Kestermont Delmas Kisner Myra Knight Anita Knowles Frances Kohler Jackie Koste Diane Lefarth Kenneth Lefarth Karolyn Leicht David Lesch Pat Lesch Bonita Leuckel Harold Lindner Virginia Livingston Carol Logan Larry Logan Linda Lunsford Barbara Lynde Pamela McClellan Marla McG1augh1in Evelyn Marier Mike Marty Gregory Marye Di ana Mayfield Phillip Kramper Frank Kratky Susan Kremer Richard Kruegger Richard Lambert Charles Lang Carol Lansing Lois Lauxman Sharon Layton Billy Leach Robert Lee Ronald Lee This Marks the Mid Point 110 Of Our High School Career. lll Edward O'I-Iara Sandra Orrick Jane Ovelstreet Bobby Overton Linda Palmer Charlie Parker Michael Parks Linda Partain Wayne Paul Jim Petty Lan'y Pinnell Robert Pipkin Ina Melton Robert Melton Stephen Merrick Vivian Metzger Charles Meyer Jeanne Miller John Milner Allen Morehouse Elizabeth Morgan G ary Mueller Gail Muir Georgia Nichols Virgil Neimeyer Kenneth Noakes Joyce Noble Sharon Noll Paul Nosser Juanita Novotny Christa Poeppel Robert Poucher Robert Power Donna Przygoda Carolyn Reichert Margie Rickles Linda Re iser Charles Riggins Jerry Ringhofer Rosie Roberts Linda Rohlfing Jackie Rosner Bill Rouse Paulette Rupp Bill Sago Ron Sanford Dick Sansegraw David Schaefer Bertha Schaper Rita Schmaltz Rick Schmitz Bob Schneider Elmer Schopp Terry Schwinn Jackie Seiler Larry Seward Wonder what these will turn out to be! The Second Hay N. s E i 0 Hzgh School Beckons. .3 Kenny Welker Connie Whitehead Karen Wieland Sharon Wilken Gloria Williams Kenny Williams Robert Williams John Willis JoAnn Wind David Winheirn Randy Woodruff Diana Zorr Larry Sidberry Kathie Siedler Peggy Sisco James Smith Buddy Sotolar Pat Spencer Steven Starr Sheila Stephens Dan Sutterfield Sheryn Turner Larry Van Meter Jeffrey Voelpel Patricia Voss Gerald Waggener Donald Warnell Mike Watkins Tom Wecker Carol Welker Freshmen I P V l Colleen Adams Donna Ahrens Patrick Andell Class Officers: ROW Ig Brenda Douglas, Girls' Treasurerg Joyce Placht, Presidentg Becky Browne, Secretaryg ROW 25 Gary Bgltzell Lucas Brennecke, Vice-Presidentg Joel Cooperman, Boys' Treasurer. Margie Bates Stephen Berger Phillis Blake Pam Blankenship James Bledsoe Carol Bollinger Diana Bollinger Terry Bottorff Frieda Bowerman Richard Boyer Audrey Branham William Braun Richard Brown Harold Brutcher Maria Brutcher X 114 Class cyf '66 Kenneth Christ Laverne Christ James Christopher Teddy Coggins Sondra Cook Catherine Counsell Eugene Buettner Alvin Burkard Robert Byrnes Robert Capstick David Carlyon Danny Carpenter Lynda Cartwright Richard Carver Gerald Chapman Gloria Cheatham Joye Cheatham lleen Christ Entering high school with happy an- ticipation and awe, the freshmen were initiated into their confusing schedules. They met new faces and dug diligently into their first year's share of hard Work. They delighted everyone with their gala Christmas Dance. By this and other experiences throughout the year, they became in- doctrinated by participating in and appreciating the good life of Fox High School. Effa Crabtree - David Cryts Sandra Dace Bob Damouth Jake Delashmit Carol Dockery Freda Eastabrook Jill Eckman David Ehlen Beverly Ehlers Dixie Ellis Denny Fanner 115 Sherry F elty Joan Ferguson Jeanette Filer Linda Flowers Christine Fouser Kenneth Frank Jean Freiner George F renz Gene Frenzel Paul Gaines Patrick Galvin Wayne Gamble f Jim Gherardini Christine Gilliam Linda Coggin Louis Gogue Lois Gore Charlotte Green Two puzzled office helpers . . . Linda West and Pam Zachary, Howard Green Allen Hagemann Deloris Handlang Michael Hanes Thom as Hanes Erick Hating Jerry Harmon James Harrington Sandra Harris Gregory Hazelwood Linda Heller Richard Hemmer Entering Fox H zlgh We Passed Linda I-lorch Linda Horner Jerry Huckfeldt Kenny Hurst Donald Hutchison Helen James K J Through the Doors o Knowledge. Daniel Hilkemeyer Fred Hill Brent Hill Mary Hill Donna Hildebrandt Norman Hindricks Keith Hipkins Linda Hobsen Steven Hollingsworth Stephanie Keane Sl10uldn't you be studying, Al? Harold Jester Phillis Jester Harold Johnson Patricia Keller Walter Keller Laureen Kelly Robert Kensler Renna Kestermont Wayne Key Beverly Kinin Peggy King William Knickmeyer Dee Dee Knight Donald Koehler George Korth Joyce Kuenker Frederick Kuntz Terry La Brot Linda Laird Talk! Talk! Talk! When do we eat? Michael Lindner Jack Lilly Ora Sue Lineberry Richard Litzau Gerald Long Elaine Longhibler Eddie Lowhman V Raymond Luebke Rhonda Lunsford Shirley Lynch I Betty Lambert Pat Lathim Charles Leach James Lentz Lynn Lester Mary Lewis , 'E t rife 3, 119 We Learn New Ideas and r Raymond Moore Michelle Morgan Sandra Morris Linda Morrow Marilyn Mottert Emily Muerer Antzczlbate Coming Tears. 119 Wayne McClain John McCracken Arnold Manskey Betty Manskey Jean Maxey Russel Michler Diana Miller Barbara Mimix Howard Montgomery Jimmie Moore Typical Freshman girls talk over the day's happenings during lunch. Janice Neuhaus Donald Ney Cheryl Nichols Norman Noll Jessica Oestricker Judith O'Jile Michael O'Neal Janis Osthof Lois Miller Gaye Parker Roger Phegley Terry Pogorzelski David Politte Mike Pisciotta Patricia Poole David Praul Steve Prokasky Dennis Pnygoda Steven Read Ronald Recar Ji ,, 'ff i? -- , L ff ' "x' 1 . iljf -'fi 'H Q, 1 ' .Nigga K- Smear .A N Ronald Redfaim V Phyllis Rice Randy Rice Diane Roberts Before school, boys play basketball on one end of Margie Roberts the gym, while . . . Randy Roberts Linda Ruble Carlos Rutledge Kathleen Sabatino Chris Sanner Kerry Schaper 120 Gayle Schneider Darleen Seabaugh We Became Acquazmfea' Sw 5353- Su 5 rx Lee Tayloe Linda Taylor Becky Thompson David Towns Randy Trumbo Ricky Tudor Fred Waldrop Jerry Waller Wzth the Ulbperclassmen. 121 Wayne Seabaugh Steven Shelton James Sherrill Dari Smith Marvin Smith Dennis Spoerry Carolyn Stevenson Charlotte Stevenson Rose Strecker Arty Strubel Glenn Stuckmeyer David Taff . . . girls dance to hit records on the other end. Becky Tusher Pat Uthoff Michael Vassel Delores Voss Sandra Waggoner Vicki Wald Cathy Watkins Ronnie Watkins David Weaver Cheryl Weinstein John Wendt Jacque Werkmann Linda West Bonnie Wick James Williams Steven Winheim Linda Witte Gary Wortman Sharon Yates John Yates Betty Young Pamela Zachary Joan Zierrogel Larry Ziegler Kenneth LaBee Nancy Salveson Larry Schledt Jerry Thorton Eleanor Stevenson QE? W, Eu ,ge Find the freshman umbering 275, We Freshmen FHS in this picture ! ! Are the Largest Class in H istopf. Margie Bates Gary Beatty Bill Bone Alfred Buschman Cszl Chaney James Christopher Peggy Collier Sonja. Cook Gary Evans Gary Grimms Pat Hayden Sharon Hill Patsy Lathem Phyllis Rice Darlene Seabaugh F ran Tilly Debby Willingham J ohu Workm an Teddy Coggins Belonging to the Past, but. Q remembered in the Future. The Pathways M1963 ..-nn.. www- : G..-...v 7 ! N ! ' W N x i ,I i 4 Z. if ,U he

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