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Euailixmdn Q. ' -..L 14.22. if -' 52: 5' w H . ,. V 1 L ,. sn ii.: S-. . l ' - , . f 12.35 .gg ,. , K. f xi! , vin 4 V r 55 . 1 " Q. S, , ' s .. 5 ' -5. 6-V, Y' F9 . 'n .Q pil V: 5.2, lf" J 4.- 1 M. 1 -54:15 I f :Ig w ,, 'S 'e 4- u .- -g L. , gx.,,,,.. f "' , 1 P' fn:-A' A 21 - 'lr-': ? 2 1 ff 1 wr . 5 .i -ga V 1 1. is Q' Q, QQ- 5' ,Q 1 ,' Ck' - Q' ' ,x I , ,I . ' -.APA ' S' v.,.. .. , D, ,W 1-A 1- . ,A , , ,gb I W- :gg 0.2 ,. V V z "'1'5-"Y :',, 1 . Qgyflff if ' , , QI' 61" L4A,,x?i,..e -1+ -N 5-,uw .gym Co' Edffons marlam GTG George 'flgftffllf N fo The Sfubenis of f0WlIfRVlllE HHH '57 '6Wf7f7f4fWf 1? ant erbury Tales J' t D e d n c a 'C no n Mabel Hart n S We, the Journalism Class of 1950-'51 to dedicate this annual to Miss Mabei in appreciation of her outstanding work a leadership during her career of teaching D eserfed Vnllage Superintendent J. S. Munn !IIfll B s -M.s.c., M.s.-- U 0 ADMINISTRATION Principal Donald Kuney nYou were Only Foolingn B.S.--Adrian, M.A.--U of M School Board C. Lepard w.E. Zimmerman J. Lucas S.W. Tomion J. G. Harmon FACULTY John Fitch Enjoy Yourself" Jr. High AoBl""M1SoNcco Mary Gartung Wlf I Knew You were Comingn Home Economics B.A.--Albion Mabel Hart nSchool Days English BsAo'-CoSoToC Charles Hills nIn My Merry Oldsmobile Music B.M.--U of M June Hopkins llwhy? Il Commercial B.A.-M.A.---M.S.C. Riby Holmes nKitten On The Keys' Agriculture B.S.--M.S.C. in-.., fa 'V ,. in ' 3 .- Robert Hopkins nHand Me Down My walking Canen Social Studies B.A.-M.A.--M.S.C. Marc Miller uTake Me Out to the Ball Gameu Coach B.A.--M.S.C. John Wellington nwishinn Social Studies Bus. Ad.--Cleary, B.A. Albion Edward Vorenkamg nToo Fat Polka Science B.S.--M.S.C. Phyllis zbioiak 'Powder Your Face With Sunshinen Mathematics B.A.--M.S.C. Standing: Mrs. VanGorderg Mrs. willisg Mrs. Waldrong Mrs. Hamling Seated: Mrs. Millerg Mrs. Hillsg Mrs. Fredericksong Mrs. Jensen. Absent: Mrs. Fisher STAFF AIDES Gerald Smithg Alfred Jackson "Rags M0pp" Custodians Mildred Humrich nSmilesu Secretary Irene Tesch nHome Cookinn Hot Lunch B. Eastmang C. Lounsberryg J. Germaine Ridin Highn Bus Drivers SENHGDIR X v1mRS W4 H ' X I-,Q Treasurer Betty Ann Hart WHappy Go Luckyu Y-Teens l 2 3 M Monitor 4, , , Librarian 3 M Basketball 1,2 Jr. Play Busi-Type Class Officer 4 Social Comm. 2 Secretary Vice-President Marcia Eckert Tom Butler 'Three Little Words' USomedayn Cheerleading 3,h Football 1,2,3,k Choir M Baseball 1 F.H.A. 2 Basketball l,2,a,k Y-Teens 2,a Varsity Club 2, Monitor 3 Athletic comm. 1 Class officer 2,3,N Class Officer l,k Pep Club H Basketball 2 President Bernard Judd 'Gonna Get a Girl' Class Officer 3,4 Football H Baseball l,2,a,N r.F.A. 1,2,3, Jr. DHI1 l,2,3,l+ June Hopkins Don Kuney Sponsor Sponsor DOADRO Marian Joys W5 Foot 2U F.H.A. 2 Y-Teens 1,2,3 Monitor 3,k Office 4 Assembly Comm. 2 Cheerleader 2,3 Librarian H Mariam DeMond 'A Good Man Is Hard To Find' Annual M Paper Staff H Y-Teens 1,2 Busi-Type 4 Jr. Play Sr. Play F.H.A. 2 Office M Donna Grant 'Smiling' Basketball 1,2 Librarian 3 Class Cfficer 1,2 George Belsert 'Nature Boy' William Davids Football 2,a,k 'Milkman Keep Those Baseball 3, Bottle Quiet F.F.A. 1,2,3,k Jr. DHIA 1 2,a,h Football 2,3,M Annual Staff r.F.A. l,2,3,k Paper Staff M Jr. DHIA l,2,3,H Assembly Comm. 2 Sr. Play Jr. Play Choir U Varsity Club 2,h Baseball H Donnie Glover Bonnie Glover 'My Happinessn 'Make Mine Country Style' Y-Teens 1,2,3,4 Jr. Play Y-Teens l,2,3,k Busi-Type H Jr. Play Busi-Type 4 Russell Elliott 'Hot Rod Race' F.F.A. l,2,3,k Jr. DHIA l,2,3,k Basketball 2,a,k Baseball l,3, Football H Annual Staff 4 Paper Staff 4 Sports Club 1 Class Officer 2 Nelson Greer nG1ve Me Five Minutes More' Band l 2 3 N Football'3:H F.F.A. 1 2 3,4 Annual Staff M Paper Staff 4 Jr. DHIA 1,2,3,H Baseball l Sr. Play Doris Jenkins 'Give Me The Simple Life' Annual Staff N Paper Staff 4 Y-Teens 2 F.H.A. 2,u sr. Play Choir 1 Ruth.Lin0 'She's a Home Girl' Office M Geraldine Harris nnayban Jr. Play Annual Staff M Paper Staff 4 Ambrose Madaj 'I'm Beginning To See The Light' Baseball 2,3,k Football 3 Annual Staff 4 Paper Staff 4 Margaret Hett 'Sentimental Reasons' Band 1 F.H.A. 1 2 Annual staff M Paper Staff H Edith Lewis 'I Can Dream Can't I' Y-Teens 1 2 3 4 Annual stiff 1 Paper Staff H Librarian 3,4 F.H.A. 2 ' David Kitchen 'Just One Of Those Things' F.F.A. 1,2,a Band 1 2,3, Choir 5 Jr. DHIA 2 Joe Mikasa 'What Is This Thing Called Love' Jr. DHIA 1 F F A 1 2,3,H Basketball l,2,3,N Football H cite Comme 1 Robert Moore 'Lucky Ole Sun' Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,H Track 3 Choir 3,h Varsity Club 4 Annual Staff 4 Paper Staff H Jr. Play Sports Club 1 Class Officer 3 George Richmond 'Bew1ldered' Baseball l,3,H Track N F.F4A. 1,2,3,H Jr. DHIA 1 2,a,u Annual Staff Paper Staff 4 ,KO 'ga Joan Mausolf 'Don't Fence He In' Cheerleader H Clyde Munsell Pep Club H 'Lover' Class Officer 3 Basketball 1,2 Jr. Play Choir 1 2 3,k Basketball 1 3 Band 1,5,2,h ' Track 3 F.F.A. l,2,3,N Busi-Type 4 Y-Teena 3,k Jr. DHIA 2,3,h Librarian M Choir 3,N Sr. Play Annual Staff 4 Paper Staff M Doris Rudnioki 'Music Harrx Nemieski Music, Muslcn Ham Ein? 152f13"' 0 1' Band 2L35h office G Studen ouncil 1 Monitor 3 u ssnzzlsizssfs 3 M Jrp Pla Basketba1l.l,2 ' Y Jr. Play Sr.-Play W I Ralph Redinser 'Homework Baseball 1,3 Football 2,3,k Track 3 Jr. Play Shirley Schirmer fHeartbreaker' Jr. Play Band M Choir 2,3 H Assembly domm. 3 Office Monitor 4 Basketball 1 Tk Andrew Simkus nI'm Moving Onn Basketball 1 Track 3 Annual Staff M Paper Staff 4 Jr. Play Sr. Play Sports Club 1 Sharron Saunders nl Got Music' Band 1,2 3'k Marie Simon Annual Staff H 'Sleepy Time Gal Paper Staff 2,4 Office 4 Jr. Play Monitor 2,3,H Librarian 2 Assembly Comm, 2 Elaine Slanker 'Love'Em Alln Jr. Play Albert Stock Assembly Comm. H nQu1ck Silvern Athletic Comm. 3 Monitor M Football 2,3,M Librarian 2 Office 4 Harold Shooter 'Are You Lonely Tonight' Football l,3,k Baseball l,3,k Athletic Com . 1 Jr. Play Sports Club 1 H98 X ' ANG 'Ram -:fit CLASS HISTORY In the fall of 19H8, 59 bright-eyed Freshmen went roaming through the halls wondering where to go. At the first class meeting they elected the following class officers and sponsors. President, Tom Butler Vice-President, Donnie Gloverz Secre- tary Merlin Tomlin, Treasurer, Donna Gran . They elected as sponsors Miss Riemenschneider and Mr. Roudi. For their class motto they chose 'Today's Efforts Bring Tomorrow's Success.' The class flow- er is the white Gardenia, and their colors are Green and White. Then came the dreaded day of in- itiation by the Seniors. They sponsored a hayride which was enjoyed by everyone. The next fall the students were running the halls as Sophomores. The first thing they did was to elect their officers. President, Russell Elli- ottg Vice-President, Dick Dillingham, Secretary, Donna Grant, Treasurer, Nyla Saunders. As for the sponsor, they chose Mrs. Zbiciak. The first dance they sponsored was called, 'The Hunters Hop,n which was well attended. Before the end of the year they ordered their class rings. In the sum- mer they undertook the project of the Junior Stand at the owlerville Fair which was very successful. Before they realised, they were Juniors and still advancing. In December there was a big event for the Junior Play, 'Everyone is Getting Married,u under the direction of M s. Gould and Mr. Dougherty. At the first class meeting they el- ected the following for officers: President, Ber- nard Juddg Vice-President, Joan Mausolfg Secretary Marcia Eckert, Treasurer, Bob Moore, and Mrs. Gould and Mr. Dougherty for sponsors. In February they sponsored the, 'Soc Hop,' and dances after the basketball games. In May they held a recep- tion entertaining Seniors, Members of the Board of Education and the Faculty. The theme was the 'Cir- cus Room of the Stork Club.' This last year they reigned as the mighty Sen- iors, with Bernard Judd as President- Tom Butler, Vice-President, Marcia Eckert, Secretary, and Bet- ty Ann Hart, Treasurer. Senior sponsors were M s. Hopkins and Mr. Ku ey. Senior activities included a magazine drive-not a huge financial success the boys gave the girls a partyg Seniors initiated the Freshmen by first scaring them and then giving them a dance' Marion Joys was selected the Good Citizenship Girl. In May the Seniors were entertained by the Juniors at a reception and the next day they were on their way to Chicago, accompanied by theirspon- scrs. Then, all too soon, came Baccalaureate and Commencement. A major stepping-stone in their liv- es was thus completed. The class of 1951, said good-bye to their teachers, classmates and school. Their high school career has ended but the mem- ories will always remain with them. HY? Ii uN'f'Eq HOP QS' 150 I 1 I 4 3:5 s gswwswq HSI ff 1 E PI I UNDERCLASSMEN 4 i QQHMIQ Q Q X . .- JUNIOR CLASS 192 Hgwz E. Pottsg El Hannah, J. Cyr, R. Blair, F. Heard, G. Winegarg L. Wattersg J. Wagner, W. Copeland, R. Dillingham, Second Egg: A. Cieslakg S. Harvey- D. Manningg H. Beduhn- D. Ebert, L. Grover, R. Outwaterg R. Haas- T. Higdong R. Millerg ihlgg Egg: C. Ayersg J. Waltong M. Cieslakg E. Crofootg A. Schadel- R. Morlockg F. Utterg J. Brower, M. Berglunag M. Veithg D. Proper, f.. Teffz- ,Fpgglgh gm: R. Holmesg Advisor, V. Gates, R. Borghig P. Yagog J. fangeg N. Miller, D. Bessertg L. Hicks, K. Grieve, M. Joys' C. Joysg P. Zbiciakg Advisor, Qgttgm Egg: V. BeVierg F. Duncan, D. Eiseleg M. Alleng E. Houseg B. Juddg D. Gloverg P. wright, P. Germaineg D. McPherson Absent: C. Foster, D. Grover, Colleen Harmon President Elliott House Vice-President Bill Judd Secretary Doris Glover Treasurer Mary Lou Allen Advisors Mrs. Zbiciak Mr. Holmes The Junior Class began its most active year by sponsoring the Junior Stand at the Fowlerville Fair. Their social events included a hay ride in October at the home of Bill Judd, and the sponsoring of dances after the basketball games. After long hours of hard work on the part of the cast and directors they presented their play nBashful Bertien in March, which was a great success. In November their class rings arrived. The big event of the year was the Junior, Senior Reception held in May in honor of the Seniors, which marked the end of a successful year. SOPHOMORE CLASS 292 Rgy: N. DeMaraisg F. Spagnuolog R. Van Gorderg D. Dewatersg P Sutton- D. Davidsg R. Kundeg L. Wegienkag G. Geigerg H. Culbertsong Seggnd RQQ: J. Maching D. Herbertg J. Butlerg A. Rathbung J. Benjaming J. Macdonaldg W. Forresterg J. Jensen- N. Phillipsg lhigg Rgy: E. Mooreg J. Harmong H. Eatong G. Campbellg P. Gmithg B. Schadelg P. Millerg V. Ackermang C. Freehlingg H. Wineagarg F. Mikasag Eggrth Boy: M. Millerg Advisor, M. Morlockg M. Wagnerg A. Hibbard- J. Steeleg G. Verelleng G. Jacksong R. Jenkinsg N. Coong F. Lobdellg M. Gartung- Advisor, gggggm gpg: B. Pipolyg N. Perroudg J. Papworth' R. Di linghamg S. Lockwoodg N. Lepard' M. Geerg V. Driverg B. Dartigg W. Rathbun Absent: D. Challissg N. Harmong D. Steeleg G. Grover President Stanley Lockwood Vice-President Bob Dillingham Secretary Nancy Lepard Treasurer Judy Papworth Advisors Miss Gartung Mr. Miller This years Sophomore Class included fifty-three students. During the year they sponsored many social events including a hay ride at the home of Ralph Kunde and an All High dance in November. The theme for the dance was a night club, and in honor of their graduation year the dance was called nClub 53N. Although it wasn't much of a financial success, they did benefit much from the experience of working and planning together. As Sophomores they are looking forward to sponsoring the Junior Stand at the Fowlerville Fair and receiving their class rings nextyear. li FRESHMAN CLASS Egg: K. Dotyg T. Butlerg R. Vines- R. Austing J. Showermang D. Groverg L. Gloverg T. wattersg L. Wallaceg E. Sliderg L. Davids. Egyrjhz R. Rifeg J. Priest' S. Harveyg W. Dysinger- D. Kleing L. Shooterg J. Munsellg N. drillg G. Wakefieldg R. Dopelandg L. Wrightg L.Mascho. Third: P. Sessionsg J. Knappg J. Osborneg M. Bookhamg V. Monroeg L. Millerg L. Nygerng M. Langg J. Galarneaug C. Mockbeeg N. Bowers- P. Hund Qgggng: Agyigggz .Mr. Vorenkampg C. Cookg M. Hannag B. Suttong B. Munson' J. Eckenrodg N. Hibbardg L. Robinsong M. Stollg M. Maxwellg Advisor Mr. Hills. 21351: M. Renderg D. Sessionsg I. Phillipsg M. Lueckg H. Lucasg H. Luchti- D. Greerg W. McPhersong J. Wagnerg M. Mausolf. gpggggz D. Harris. N President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Advisors Hendren Lucas Howard Luchti Diane Greer Marilyn Lueck Mr. Vorenkamp Mr. Hills CL ASSRGDM SNAPS T Y P I N 6 S T u D Y H A L L C H E N1 I S T R 7' Qgg ggyz R. Showerman- G. Farmer, D. Peskeuric' A. Haleg R. Kunde, R. Ford' D. 6sgoodg F. Watters, C. Hale. Qgggnd Loy: M. Borghig K. Simong D. wright, L. Hibbardg J. Gantong R. McChristyg G. Verelleng T. Miller- P. Baker. Ihigd ggy: V. Donal, J. Garvitg C. Collg J. Anderson, J. Bowers, P. Benjaming K. Rudnickig K. Brower, Advisor, Mr. Wellington Bgjjgm Egg: P. Germaine, S. Allen, B. Cameron, E. Justice, . V. Crawford- F. Hissongg M. Meyer, A. Carriger. Absent: R. Hayterg 5. Kelly, C. Simon. President, Allan Haley Vice-President, Phyllis Benjamin, Secretary, Kathryn Rudnicki- Treasurer, Dean Kelly, Advisors, Mr. Wellington, Mr. Hopkins. Qgp gggz B. Crofootg S. Temple, J. BeVierg D. Ackerman, P. Lueck, A. Hillman, R. Ackerman' D. Damman, L. Oliver, J. Chase, D. McCaslin- K. Campbell, R. Haller. Qgggnd 391: R. Grostic' D. Hife' S. Risdong R. Utter- A. Williams, K. Denehy' M. Grill, P. Miller, E. Perroudg G. Strong, N. Campbell, R. Dye, c. Kiley. mm gm. J. Kent- R. Davis, A. Lang, M. Hissongg B. Maleitzkeg J. P01-Ear, E. wegienka, A. McPherson, D. Forrester, J. Rogers, P. Papworthg Advisor, Mr. Hopkins. Qgttgm Egg: D. Lynn, K. Slankerg R. Farmer, G. Postiffg D. Franks, J. Johnson, R. Burnie' R. Carlson, H. Maleitzke, P. Lowe. Absent: A. La., fs. aj... X ,ll A feature attraction of the year for the 7th graders was a hayride which occurred in November. Two wagons loaded with straw, pulled by two tractors transported the students to Peter Lowe's home for a weiner roast. At Christmas time the seventh graders exchanged names. Early in the spring the Junior High sponsored al all high dance. Due to the overly crowdedness of the Junior High a new teacher, Mr. John Fitch, was added to the staff at the beginning of the second semester. H A I1 f 'E P E R S R Q 5' T n c G Q ,un :pk Sd, Grade Hansel and GY'fZ'fal. OPczv'Q1'l'a Howclli Hopf! and 'FouJl2v'U'lHa.'s 'Fan ff xx L... 2 ...X ,L - -. " " EMUSIC F is Nw 4 RWE' INTERMEDIATE BAND ggn Bgg: J. Lucasg J. Florenceg P. Zarkovichg K. Campbellg R. Davisg J. Gampbellg Director Mr. Hillsg R. Dye' H. Meleitzke. Egggng ggg: R. Grosticg J. Rogersg G. gtrongg F. Palmerg R. McCristyg B. Crofootg G. Eatong A. Zimmermang L. Wright. Qgjpgm gggz J. BeV1erg D. Schultzg D. Liveranceg P. Benjamin. OFFICERS Student Manager Phyllis Benjamin President Kurt Campbell Secretary Betty Crofoot Librarian Janet BeVier Equipment Manager Richard Davis The Intermediate Band was comprised of students who have passed certain music requirements both in reading and playing. It's purpose is to develop players for the Senior Concert Band. The members gain the group experience and responsibility that is so necessary for the proper functioning of a musical organization. , CCNCERT BAND Ign ggyz B. Crofootg M. Borghig N. Lepardg D. Haas, D. Glover, L. Wegienka- R. Miller, D. Rudnickig H. Liechti- D. Kitchen- L. Wright, J. Eckenrod. Ihigd Qgy: J. Campbell, P. Zarkovitchg P. Lepardg P. Lowe, K. Campbell- B. Schadelg G. Wakefield- N. Greer, R. Damman- E. Moore- J. Wakefield, D. Liverance. Qgggng igg: G. Campbell, J. BeVlerg J. Harmon- N. DeMaraisg A. Rathbung A. Hill- man, K. Dotyg A. Schadelg M. Berglundg R. Dye, R. Davisg R. Peckinsg Director, Mr. Hills. Eirst Egg: J. Mausolfg M. Grill, H. Eaton' S. Saunders, V. BeVierg S. Schirmerg H. Neminskig J. Browerg K. Bud- nickig P. Benjamin, F. Duncan, J. Benjamin. The Marching Band, led by Drum Majorette June Benjamin and baton twirler Joan Mausolf, was very active during the football season, playing for two away games, Leslie and Howell and all home games. On October 7 the band was fortunate to join 36 other bands for the Sec- ond Annual High School Band Day at Ann Arbor where they formed the letters MICH and USA. The Concert Band presented two home Concerts, Spring and M1d-Win- ter and an exchange concert with Holt High School. Then in early spring it entered the Michigan Band and Orchestra Association Festi- ve. So Some of the pieces that were played this year included Mountain Majesty, the Thunderer, Gypsy Life Some Enchanted Evening Chimes of Victory and Aurora. Cne outstand- ing social event of the year was the Marching Band party at the close of the football season. A supper and dancing was enjoyed by everyone. President Norman DeMarais Vice President Nelson Greer Student Manager Bob Miller Secretary Barbara Schadel Librarian Nancy Lepard Equipment Manager LaVerne Wegienka Assistant Equipment Managers Howard Liechti James Eckenrod DIRECTOR AND OFFICERS Iggx N. DeMaraisg W. Copelandg L. Davids C. Munsellg B. Mooreg B. Davidsg D. Gloverg D. Morlockg D. Rudnlckig K. Doty Ihigdz D. Haas- L. wrightg G. Geigerg J. Benjaminl S. Schirmerg J. Mausolfg A. Schadelg D. Fora, G. wakefislag c. nan Sgggggi M. Maxwellg B. Suttong C. Freehlingg D. Greerg B. Schadelg J. Papworthg V. BeV1erg M. Eckertg K. Rudnicki' H. Eaton Bottom: Mr. Hlllsg N. Perroudg M. Meyerg B. Eiseleg V. Donaldg P. Germaineg M. Coong D. Properg N. Lepardg F. Duncan OFFICERS Student Manager Doris Glover President Wayne Copeland Sec't. 5 Tres. June Benjamin Accompanist Francine Duncan The High School Choir has become a stable part of the school music program. In spite of several losses in the past two years they have maintained their number and have improved the quality of their performance. This year the Christmas Concert was put on entirely by the vocal departments. Other activities consisted of the Annual Spring Concert and participation in the Michigan State Vocal Association Festivals. Membership in choir is open to any student in grades 7-12 who is interested in music and singing and shows the necessary proficiency for ensemble singing. Top: J. Andersong P. Lueckg P. Benjaming K. Browerg A. Hillmang D. Herbertg D. Ackermang M. Vieth' L. Hicksg J. Brewers Migglgi R. Grosticg E. Perroud' A. Carrigerg J. Garirtg G. Strongg c. can. J. Bevierg K. Denehy- xi. Utter ggjggmi J. Porterg P. Papworthg S. Alleng S. Risdong A. Germaineg B. Camerong D. Rifeg E. Justice OFFICERS 4 Student Manager Ann Hillman 7 Library Shirley Allen ' Accompanist Edith Moore - 4'-PA '7 At ,N-. ' A 5. , J The Girl's Glee Club came is-s. into its own this year with a 'rxixiikf membership of twenty-seven. 'bg Activities throughout the i year consisted of appearances ,,, in the Christmas concert High School assembly concert I and the spring concert. J This group serves as a 1 training ground for singers who will be taking their places in the Senior Mixed Chorus. 9552170 'U W Q? f 2 BBW , U13' '-12002 X, ,N Y EE , E Q Q V .' gfxgfeli :J -!':" :'f , 1 Li f, - ,, e i QL J 1 rg 5 I V M -P , :A ' , ,S - W? JF Q M I' as W. 236552 "" ek, ff if Y 3 ' iififw Ni s.-nf-:f..1.,.1:J ' ws - 4 K? :--cf -. fx 'fa . ,.. :.':-:p,gag:.::g,L55f X N, g,:: af. 1 , .N .V .www X ,M -as HoH' 'Phu-1 Rmscruc Saud zo-Img.:-rv--g -urn G O 4 YI 5 o m e w H e Y' Eucrv O VIC HS all in 'Ma I9 G- M fl- u n 'sn'-r .+? Sfocll IH a lnurrq 39 4 .33 ' 2 -I if 15 I K 5 UQ? 'Qs 4? gy A HD, in FOOTBALL gggggm ggy: gggggyg, L. Shooterg D. Davidsg J. Priestg L. Wallaceg J. MacDonaldg D. Kleing G. Giegerg G. Wakefieldg N. Grillg Qgggpg Egg: lgggijy, N. Millerg L. Glover' H. Shooterg D. Manningg N. Greerg Capt. George Bessertg W. Copelandg N. DeMaraisg B. Borghi' B. Mooreg T. Butlerg gmgg gg: Lu-5131 Mr. Miller coachg Mgr. B. Copelandg M. Stockg R. Redingerg R. Elllottg B. Davidsg P. Suttong F. Utterg D. Morlockg Mgr. L. Wegienkag Mr. Wellington Coachg Top Egg: Bggggyg, B. Bartig- R. Austing J. Showermang H. Liechtig T. Wattersg B. Dillinghamg R. Rifeg 6. Verellen. A very large squad of 52 boys turned out for the 51 football season and among them were 11 letter winners of 1950. They had both varsity and reserve teams that played scheduled games. Unfortunately the bleachers collapsed on the last home game. This incident broke the boys morale and resulted in the worst defeat of the season. S E A S 0 N ' S R E C O R D L E T T E R W I N N E R S Visitors Home George Bessert, Captain Okemos O 19 Wayne Copeland Nelson Greer Stockbridge 7 7 Tom Butler L. Roy Glover Norman Miller Ralph Redinger Haslett 12 13+ Williamston 2 19 Harold Shooter B111 Davids Durwood Manning Frank Utter Leslie 6 25 Bob Borghi Pat Sutton Dansville 12 13 Bob Moore Bill Judd Holt 27 O Norman DeMarais Bernard Judd Howell 19 7 Mike Stock Elliott House BASEBALL Tgg ggg: R. Van Gorder, Mgr.5 M. Mausolfg B. Bartigg J. Munsellg J. Wagnerg D. Davidsg D. Groverg R. Kundeg L. Wrightg H. Culbertsong L. Shooterg W. Dysingerg J. Eckenrod. Qggggg Egg: Mr. Miller Coachg L. Wallaceg A. Timmermang D. Klien' P. Suttong H. Liechtig T. Butlerg G. Groverg J. MacDonaldg R. Dilllnghamg L. Wegienka, Mgr.g Mr. Wellington, Ass't. Coach. gagged: S. Lockwoodg N. DeMerais- W. Copeland' G. Bessertg A. Madajg B. Jndag D. Manningg w. Jndag F. fitter. N. Miller. The 1950 baseball season found the Gladiators a hard-to-beat team. They started the year with 7 letter winners. Meeting 8 opponents, they were victorious over all but 2 of them. The Williamston game became a pitchers' battle with Williamston giving up 2 runs while Fowlerville relinquished only 1. The season finished with 13 letter winners. Bernard Judd and Durwood Manning led the team batting over .uoo. At the close of the season the Gladiators led the other teams by bring- ing home 69 runs while only no runs were scored against them. '50 SEASON RECORD L E T T E R W I N N E R S THEY Catcher Durwood Manning Pitcher Bill Juddg James DeMarais Okemos 10 Dansville 1 First Base Gordon Masterson Second Base Wayne Copeland Leslie 6 Williamston 1 Short Stop Eugene Lintimuthg Norm DeMarais Third Base Bernard Judd Holt 15 Haslett 1 Outfield Dick Liddicoatg George Bessertg Harold Shooterg Frank Utterg Stockbridge 2 Ambrose Madaj Howell 1+ Manager Bob Van Gorder VARSITY BASKETBALL .13 ,,,, E. Qjgggingz Mgr. J. Eckenrodg N. DeMaraisg R. Elliottg R. Mooreg J Langeg D. Manningg Mgr. W. Dysingerg Qggjggz T Butlerg N. Millerg W. Copelandg Coach Miller F. Utterg W. Judd es' GAMES PLAYED - lslhaa Will-.Ihl-If Stockbridge 32i53 Stockbridge 57 51+ HQVQ11 M9250 Okemos 57 63 Okemos 62 535 Leslie 70 60 Leslie 36 '61 Haslett 39 78 Heelenu M1175 Howell l+8 56 Dansville 57 39 Dansville 79 56 Holt 51 78 Holt l+1 59 Williamston 60 53 Williamston 85 141+ ' A J v RESERVE BASKETBALL Reserve Schedule Each game played twice Stockbridge Howell Okemoe Leslie Haslett Dansville Holt Williamston gggggiggi Mgr. J. Eckenrodg R. Jenkinsg L. Jaoksong L. Wallaceg P. Suttong R. Austin- B. VanGorderg L. Shooterg Mgr. W. Dysinger. Eijgingi M. Mausolfg H. Liechtig T. Butlerg J. Showermang J. Munsellg R. Dillinghamg Coach Wellington VARSITY CLUB Vice-Pres. Coach Hiller W. Copeland H. Shooter R. Redinger P. Sutton N. DeMareis D. Manning J. Lange G. Bessert B. Davids L. Glover F. Utter N. Miller B. Judd R. Moore President: Tom Butler Sec'y-Treasx R. Borghi ORGANIZED T0 FOSTER BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF ALL ATHLETICS AND T0 INCREASE SCHOOL SPIRIT AMONG THE STUDENTS TRACK Qggk Rgy: J. Eckenrodg B. Bartigg H. Culbertson, L. Gloverg H. Liechtig L. Wallace, W. Dysingerg J. Munsellg M. Mausolfg L. Jackson, Mgr.g Eggnt Bgyi M. Miller Coach, B. Borghig P. Sutton, D. Davids, N. Miller, J. Lange, M. Lucasg F. Utter, J. Wellington, Coach. CHEER LEADERS Nancy Lepard Joan Mausolf Nadine Perroud Virginia BeVier Gaye Campbell Marcia Eckert This year, the bright gold sweaters glowed as the cheerleaders went through their various motions, leading fellow students in cheers to encourage the home team on to victory. ZMTWHTHES Jw G. 'iii' X Ili 6 Qfqg ' 1. '- - - e sf k ' ' - 13, Q F. F. A. Tgp ggy: G. Bessertg C. Munsellg E. Slider- P. Suttong G. Winegarg W. Davidsg H. Lucasg R. Kundeg L. Glover. Sgggpd 391: J. Cyrg J. Wagnerg L. Davidsg W. Foresterg J. Jenseng R. Morlockg D. Dewatersg G. Richmond- T. Watters. Zhigg Egg: B. Bartigg R. Miller- N. Grillg G. Geigerg J. McDonaldg R. Blair- S. Lockwoodg R. Haasg 5. Mikasag H. winegar. Bm-,gh gm: J. Steele- R. Jenkinsg W. Dysingerg N. Bowersg J. Priestg G. Verelleng R. Dilllnghamg D. Kleing R. Rifeg Advisor- Mr. Holmes. Qggtgga W. Rathbung w. Copelandg T1-ess.. w. Juddg Pres.- B. Judas v. P1-es.g N. Greerg sewyg E. Houseg R. Elliottg R. Dillingham. The Fowlerville Future Farmers of America held their meetings this year on the first and the third Monday of each month. They had two basketball teams and the games pro- vided a good recreation for the players. The F. F. A. started a pig-ring this year with the hope of provid- ing the boys with purebred pigs. A new Allis Chalmers tractor was purchased by this group during the year from M. L. Lintemuth. President, E. House and L. Glover looking over the start of the pig-ring. Jr.D.H.l.A. ggtggmz W. Rathbun, W. Judd, R. Dillingham- Trees., W. Copeland, Presg . essert, Vice Pres.g E. House, Sec.g B. Judd, N. Greer. Sgggng: R. Jenkins- W. Dysingerg N. Bowers, J. Priest, G. Verelleng D. Klein' R. Hire, 13. Dillingham, Mr. Holmes, Advisor. 53111: H. Bartigg R. Miller, N. Grill, G. Geiger, R. Blair, S. Lockwood, Haas, H Winegar Egggjhz J. Cyrg J. Wagner, L. Daivdsg J. Jensen, R. Morlockg G. Richmond, J. Steele. Tgg: C. Munsellz P. Sutton, G. Winegarg H. Lucas, R. Kundeg L. Gloverg T. Watters. Last year the Junior D.H.I.A. tested an average of 250 cows per month. They hope to maintain this number in succeeding years. Officers for the year were elected at the annual meeting which was held in November. This year the annual banquet for tester and herd owner was held December 6, in the High School gymnasium. The guest speaker was Dr. Quackenbush from Agricultural Economics Mich- igan State College. Dr. Quacken- bush gave a very interesting talk on dairy outlook and the Federal Milk Order. President Copeland Testa Milk V Standing: Chapter Mother, Mrs. G. Davis, L. Tefft, C. Ayers, P. Smith V. Gates, Advisor, Miss Gartung. Seated: L. Nygren, V. Ackerman, J. Walton, D. Jenkins, V. Driver. Absent: Joan Machin, Judy Papworth Colleen Harmon. Future Homemakers of America reopened their chapter this year with the selection of two projectsg namely, the making of Jackets for them selves and sending Christmas boxes to the children of Foreign Coun tries. The purpose of this organization is the furtherance of home making in the school and the surrounding community. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE R. Dillingham, E. Slanker, D. Kuney-Advisor, N. Perroud, P. Papworth, M. Mausolf The purpose of the Assembly Committee is to provide the students with more and better assembl- ies. They work with lim- ited funds, but through- out the year they have presented several paid and non-paid assemblies that scored high with the student body. Y TEENS -lmbaucn--r' Qgg: S. Risdon- C. Cook- M. Grillg A. Hillmang D. Greeri J. Waitong B. Disele Qgggngz . Tefft- D. Herbertg D. Bessertg A. Schadelg M. Bergiundg F. Duncan- D. Proper lhiggz V. BeV1erg J. Mausolfg D. Lewisg B. Hartg M. Joysg K. Grieveg Miss Hart U NUDE 1 one Q L'-IDIICI' F' WWI-' O d"1O 4"Od'4Ll .fs nuns! '02 U3-v-U3 nge Q 4 " Ud' 'F' CDO!-' 050 O 'U'UCDD"r11"1 "fmfm0'0' OH!-59151 mn-mmcrb vowtwol-las IPW4 d'C0 aoozng. ZUQU 9 ml"""lw Qu d'Ol"'0 0 3443 I-' U'00UQ '0' g"3"ll-' Quuungoop UIUC- V-30'-"Sim '10 'O 05940 In "'33'E3 WWW '1 P-1'1I-"'1'Ud' "4UCDC'-H 'Ummm 3 "D'l-'C-I gU.ul-"I-" 0 n H vg U3 OSU UQFO vosuonb Dig LI- KU L'-Us l"'P'0 I-5 mag QP' uk PTD zu.:-has mvo N 4 .C-I 130 uQu 0 -Om Z mo'-ab!! bl-"4'QC3 QIQIH' WM 4005100 I-"D"!SD"5i"' Ulc.'l""lB"5 gen be wo 'HA 'WJ 'fl BOY SCOUTS ggg Egg: L. Jackson- B. Van Gorderg B. Copelandg F. Spagnuolog if!! ll 4. I N ivy, Q 'll vi' ,QJ 1- ayfv blhb,.v1 d ' 1,1 f 5 I 1. A 91,1 4 r X 'fl , f. lbw' il6V S,91:,fZQ2?i "WL 11 " B. Ackermang D. Dewatters' F. Watters. Qgggng ggyz B. Beckg D. Lynng T. Campbellg J. kentg D. Fordg C. Hale- D. Haleg D. Florence, Thlgg ggyz B. Burnieg H. Maleitzki- D. Davidg 5. Johnsong G. Wakefield- D. Wrightg N. Teschg C. Farmerg D. Liverance- J. Cook. Qggtggz K. Campbell- L. Wegienkag Scout Master, w. Campbellg Advisory Committee, f. Harrisg District Supervisorg Mr. Junker, A. Haleg D. Paskeuricg R. Peckins. ADVISORS Scout Master Mr. Campbell I Assistant Scout Master Mr. Benjamin Advisory Committee Mr. Harris Mr. Campbell Mr. Benjamin L ' if - 1, v 'f'f7fl,1 77115, n- ' , :I I f ' vip ij During the school year of 1950-51 the Boy Scouts of Fowler- ville changed Scout Masters. Mr. Campbell took over the duties of Mr. Harris. The Scouts attended Camp Marie in the spring. Two members of the Scouts attended Valley Forge. They were Dennis Paskeruic and Dave Dewatters. Two other members, Allen Hale and Kurt Camp- bell attended Camp Bruim. B usi-Tvve gggggiggz F. Duncang M. Berglundg D. Gloverg D. Rudnickig D. Gloverg J. Mausolf- B. Hartg M. DeMondg B. Eisele. Qjjyiggi J. Browers- M. Joysg Mrs. Hopkins CAdv1sorJg A. Schadel, Vice Presidentg D. Besseri, Presidentg V. BeVier, Secretaryg D. Properg ' D. McPhersong P. Wright. Per CI-.L Charlotte Freehling Diane Greer Joanne Browers Harriet Eaton Judy Papworth Martha Berglund Nw "SS'C""""'+S BEHIND THE SHIELD Mimeoqraphnnq Typing 'H1o. S1-enclls IE! M ' . Hall Mom-I-or-s Imemcopmq H , 9 V E -P 4 E sgfflgliig if-L7 - M E E E ff E :Tiff ,-,ipmg-3iQw77iz'j A uf .4 , ' wwj.?wqg kk V, Qi Eriigt - . A E 'Z .1 " .ew 'bw V A 55.1 wi3'Ezfg5b7'f"l5 1'- I 'L -I w L .wrfw f2if.1gQ5ij,yf'5 ' ' ? ' - is Q if , . 1' ' V L gk Ziff Y' 1 E 5 , .rA ff is E 2 52,54.'. 7 h Q I Kea p +o+lw. rnqh-I' Please Ho'l' Lunch -hr Nm' h+Ha. ones' Jug? R1 laxlne - A4., S 0. n no r- ,gp C 0 I1 C C S S I an .L i-:Fig lqiu, : f ' A Frzld Trrp w f J E+ u I. ,ro F, ur 1 rpg f if I S Z f f, 3 .SA S T CC U 6 4 o 1-o5n+QF or VII'-Wlhq n K Moi- 'ro Evfrcr- ?u+urf- bacon ?s B r cT wr' lo nu 'I b Y ' 2 'Pancake Supper fmocj SHIOJW LMCKERS 1 aj Q A A J U ig ff. Q, " f ,au Byerly Store Chet Hall, Mgr. Compliments of Lorraine Grill Mobil Gas Cecil Lepard Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Sales 8 Ford 6 Sales And Service W. Bruce Campbell Best Wishes Class of '51 narold Ames Gamble Store 'My Best To You' Bud Douglass Congratulations, Class of 1951 Hubert Cobley Congratulations and Best Wishes Community State Bank Father Conklin Saint Agnes Parish L.E. Copeland Barber Shop C.A. Currier C?ggg :Qs?gi Coal-Lumber-Builders Clarence Allen Supplies Frank Curtis Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Chas. G. Allen Grocery Store Compliments of Art and Joyce's Barber and Beauty Shop Rev. Bayes Baptist Church My Best To You S.J. Beck Barber Shop Bent Tube Inc. Congratulations Class of '51 B1ackmer's G.D. Bossard Quality Meats Only Wbougn Burnie Hardware Campbell's Farm Supply Rev. Ira W. Cargo, Pastor Methodist Church Davis Convalescent Home Mrs. Gladys Davis Grant De Forest Standard Oil Detroit Creamery Compliments of Farmers Gas and Oil Earl R. Flegel Casady's Gulf Service 4 All of The Best Sidell Hardware Good Luck Class of 'Sl' Review'Office Risdon Brothers Contractors Harold Robb Hi-Speed Ross Robb Insurance Hitching Post Bill Rogers Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. James Lucas Compliments Showerman's Restaurant Grand Recreation Mr. and Mrs. Roy McDonald Luke Simich Shoe Repairs Orill L. Mack John Deere Equipment William Smith Garage Miner Brothers Groceries and Meat E. H. Stephens Plumbing and Electrical Appliances Good Luck J. B. Munsell, Jr. Hubert Strong John Oliver, Jr. Trucking Dr. Gerald Pelkey Dentist Peter's Jewelry Elgin, Hamilton, Bulova watches Alfred Pierson Insurance Agent R. R. Express Agency Vern Priest Best Wishes Redfield's Flower Shop Alex J. Tait Insurance and Bonds Spagnuolo's Confectionary Retail and Wholesale Fowlerville Co-op Best Wishes Fowlerville Public Library Floss Fretz Personality Beauty Shop Gilbert's Grocery N. Fowlerville Rd. B. H. Glenn M. D. Best Wishes to the Class of 1951 Moore Motor Sales Gruber's Variety Store Harold Heinrich Gas Station Best Wishes Harmon Real Estate ' Best wishes J. J. Hendren M. D. Compliments of The Orr Theatre Leading Entertainment Center R. 0. Harris, Mgr. Fred Hillman Insurance Agent Lafayette Life Ins. Co. R. 0. Harris H. M. and G. Feed and Grain Co. Congratulations, Class of 1951 Hav-a-look Gardens Congratulations Kane's Mobil Service Compliments of Hay Stack Tavern wayne Eaton Standard Oil K and F Bump Shop Compliments of Ernest Lange D. and C. Store Best wishes R. C. Liddicoatt Linman-Haire Appliances-Furniture M. L. Lintemuth Congratulations Liverance Funeral Home ff! f ,, 5 WM! R Tom Woods Woods' Drug Store Thomas Hotel Fowler Chair Co. Russell Tubbs, Mgr. Fowlerville Sheet Metal Shop Ken U'Ren OFF GUI-IRD SNFIPS Congratulations Loo Van Amberg Barber Shop Compliments of Vogt'l Locker Fowlerville Lumber Co. N. H. Zimmerman, Owner n X as -- .. 5 ,D y v n'5p,iz:4 H ,An?..vw . fwfwa ew 4 w 1 , 5 .. iw C3 Compliments Tomion's Dairy Store M, W ,,,..t.M,.... ' . C , P? fi t 3 . Q' BNN! Q 1. L a V at R J l 'Q I 5 ' " 51 ywwwy 5 tg 'if M, V1 gf. 5 I ANN UAL 'PAGE Standing: E. Lewisg S. Harveyg H. Neminskig G. Richmond- A. Simkusg R. Elliottg N. Greerg M. Hattg Mrs. Hopkins CAdvisorDg 6. Jenkinsg G. Harris. Siggingz J. Mausolfg R. Mooreg M. DeMondg G. Bessertg S. Saundersg A. Madaj. Doris Rudnicki, Marie Simon and Ralph Redinger making posters for annual ad- vertising. Orders of the day. YEAR BCOK STAFF M. DeMond Editor-in-Chief G. Bessert Co-Editor N. Greer Art Editor H. Neminski Art Editor B. Moore Business Manager A. Madaj Circulation J. Mausolf Copy Editor S. Saunders Typing Supervisor D. Jenkins Snapshots Senior Class Salesman 'Jar IT PAGE " Fu'l'u re Coach? H-3 all fhfhc waq qua look. 8+ rl-, Developing Muscles? H H Rhea:-dl f 'if fI,.,I 9' . .1.11 9 ,f, , .4 15.1, rI rv L.: 5 12" .J . 1. my . t 1 1 f ' f 1 yk 4:1 , J1- . mira 5. :".' F -' '- 1 .V . .A.nI., 6.--AI 1.- '1': 36.-' . A im -11? 1. ' 1 'x. t.-if , .. - . ...ww .iii " ' 1 ,..- n :Jn .im.i1i.aS15.'gJ'f Ti 'Lf' - :rl 1-...I it I.IIL - an 5.1 . -. I ..I,,,I,,.I In x ,L .1 i, . .. ,IN 1.. 1 g-za'F-- ' , ',f .ir 1 1 rf .-'Tv . 'Iv .,J I.. 1 , I. II. ',. , .. .1 .. . ff.,- Jw' 1. 1 f ' ' +1 ' 5.35 f . . M . I -' Ja" A 1I1."s.,' P' I I. , . ,Ia 4 A .V U1 wk 1 ..:1.I. . fff.. I TIL-:4 -' -. 1. M- .,1 . A-1 , :- 1 H s. .-I 1 11 1 . 1 4 s 1 I 1-1 1 1 , .-+781 ' . f I 1 . ',1' 1 1' .' - . I I 1 , v: . , - . -- I I I, .II,1 .. . .1II,s 1 1' If 5 , - gg 34, j., ,iai- : fy-f.'H" 11 , -.5 .., '- 'ff'-1'fu'liy:: ' i"Lf'.Q"'5?if5:1- ,JV ' 'bf '-41 14 I, , -15' , 1, "QQ 5-57 1 -... f M351 -5 'I , I ,J Xi. I' ' 1- aa, ,I I , I I. I .,..I..t,.I. W 'Y QlT'7??g, , f2."fQi?' fl3, . .50 AM "Thi:-51? 1' " 31 ' -'H -N 1 .1 .,. - . 11" 1: '1 wiia X I3 . , I. .Isp .33 113+-E314 II.II I. - II . 3 1... " Q 1'T:. ,n Au---.'n. I": ", . .1-sw . gif i' :F ' . 7 issiff 137 ',553:'5 1 -. . .1-,I 1, ,... , .. .,. 1 1 .'.' ir' 11- S W' r 2. ,Q : 1 L 1.1 N J .i ' ' J , I 11 51 AA I I 1 1 Q . 1,X v 14, I 1 12 Y ' A J' ..f- I , I- 4 1 41. I . H , L 5 .1 -1. - 1 , ' 1 ' ' ' L5 ' M 2 wh , I L. 1 " 'Y 'w 1 nf- ,, 1 Lug, I ff' 1 7 1 1 ,gy 1 1 I A S I, I I ' 4, 1 1 , ,Q 1 QM! 1 ' 1 ' L' 1 A 'I Z I I I r 1 . . 1 L f 'Q A 23 Nt I ,A L u J A IQ! J J I ' N Pm 1 1 2 I ' T1 'I I I ' T' , .., . .I 1 5 1, I A 1.4 ,...: -..Q-:FII51-I1m9IIai,g,,'..,w....-If ,H I 1 trj . , .-',. '1 .J-Xe 1 :fa iih,xE"f1f'L,,-1'5:4'.Z.3 :Q',:. 4.1 . P' -,.. , 1 1' f 1 1- N1 A "1-"Fv'1:mfQ1'P--, .- H. if-f!c".1 1:51.-'haw " 1 f f .1 H . ,. ,iw 1 - P 113,15 fi nf. 2' 1 . 1-1 1 J lr 4, t I -x 1 i 5 ,I -1 1. 4.4,-ft 'lr-...I llllkib IV mm Hliki, DIVISION Cl LYNDON STUDIO PHOTOS DIKYII MICHIGAN

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