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V.- 1 . a' .-:,1.,.a,1- -y -S . .1,...1 ,J ' '14 ,tN,, ,-.1 .11 1:-,, , 1 -1--. A ., Ll ' U -.1 4 1 12 r--r 5.5. g ,. .1 'U lj' if'-' I -il.. .,. L . -1 2:1--. Wk. fa. ,1, .1 H-i L, iii -4. 1 1 1- 111' fjff 1 ,L , , ,aff -.1 :H 537'- 4211.5 115- W, of? 'M 11 . l . .HAY ff: iii LF .qi 1,- 1 12. - .V.5, 1, - 1. .I- -. 4 tw' Q1' 'l-':I ..+ 5. .IE .5315 11 f" 1 ,N ws.:- .v.... I , , 1,5-.., :,1 1, h.1 , 1-1 -my . ,. ... 275.131, L. 1, . ,,. 4. 1 iz Q1 L L 11, .... 34' afei. ,- -13 1 -Q t .il ful 31, , . -' 5' .ri-7 :Q uv ' , . nm, -143,2- "J1f , , . . , , ., ' '-Lv...-'21 - -. -.1. 4- .-' 1 uw,-1--1 1. -N., L . , ,.. . ,, .. :. 1--' 1.111 1.4--- -'I '1 1' If 11. '--'ML' T 'Q ' . .fs - '- 'fgi 19-' 'X -171.51 gg. ','4'3l:4-.5 - ,, .1 ,L. A., 1 rl.. .44 2, ysi,Ll:fi,-11 2- 1 nfvfi' 31-Lf 11:,,Lg5-.. -Q . 31. ff'.'j":?1N A z'.n--. 5.2, .. , wwf' f. 454:51 1 ' iff -1se1'1f'If-'f T.. f f31.11.s' '12PH:M'f1 1' 1 ' ,I1q,Y.,M,,. -- ' '-'x-MFI' . . , -'QjEl'351if. ":3.. - i' -1.-4-1:53:11 ,,. Vg ,--5.7.1, ' .'fW:.v5:.7 ' - ec-r jf ii. Y -, 1--1 " "W QF . .eww 1 -Q 221 1, ' F -.,,X1'.L' .-,-.I . , ,V-1,,, - : . -L - 1 via, . 7?-:ff 1. 1 51.1 'uf' '1 .. ,-'1- -,f "hglfEZ.i 4 L-fi-' 1' ., ' . v-infix' tr . V.. g-nfg: . Z " "Hi - 1,1-6.25-Fifi, . J .- -:i"'f5': .' - :Jw fr ,3-fmt' k . ,N , , . .W .L ' 1 IQQS111 .2 ' ' jffgkgj ,. -4 :egg-fqg. T' 1 , '- 1. 2. fi!-ff: 2731. r,. .ZJJTE Y 1 "f"'l1-nl' ij - 1' 1 ,-Y., Q: -Q.. J,-15' ' 'lr . 1 IL' mr. J:-.... . 'LMT' 11' ,1 1. .r- W: ' -1 T A ,.. .WA , ..-y., ' 1 WSDL .,,. ,.Q,' ,,-. iii - L H153 -1. - '. xn- . 11 .' mf- A 2 1' 1 Q- 1- -' - ,'-- Q.: Q MVT.. . - vm- .' ,,, 3, A - . :-fi. ' 1 5.11 . '. 1 C '1 . ' ,EJ .jL..1Q- ,F , . 12 . A x' 1 -"HL 3 " 1.'- - ..,, tr. 2: 1-- -1-41 .. ..-5"- ' .1.,-. 1 , H.. , ! 1 '.3l'E71 - -i. .f -Q., ' 1 ' f ' 5:29, ., 5.14: .-L' .-wr '- . '54 -4-+:,.f ' 'flfrx-J. 'A . 1 73951 '1 - Lis. . ,Z'f ' 1 0. ,. 1 k, , 'fini N N 1 :.'1 " Y . 1 nf. 1' '.1: 1 51- ,151 f, ' -, 1 1 -.. 'T ' ' 52. 5.11. ii? ' Af- 1+ 1" W '-I '-1 fx-'g,. ': :.,,1 .I 1-1 -'jwrv 'gy- '1fw1-ff 1, wa - -':,,., J 1,5-M.- , -11-., Wu.. , .-1. 1-Q . 13,25-Q 5.11, .4 Q1-LQ.. ,V '41 -f wwf-ff-" '1jf11' ' Cy- Lyn' .-1,5-. -if . -2:11. 1: . , .."' 1 . - P 4 1.51 .-Qi? 1 31.73, 1: 1 -1: f, , , ' 'nfgillf' , Y ' mi fuk-4,1-n.i1iaL:,A:..z:1 W '5,'.g,' , gun.. -1 FOUL? HU! LLL HIGH QCHO OL ,Y my. -- FUREWARD The warrn,personal and satisfying relationships that have been developed in your years with Fowlerville High School will be cherished by actions and memories as the faces and characters of classmates are recalled, when this book is scanned in the years to come. Mr. John B. Munn Superintendent Mr. Donald R. Kuney Principal "WM 1 L Us FAC LTY STANDING SEATED Mrs. Vaught, Commercialg Mrs. Willis, 5th and 6th grades, Miss Humrich, Secretary, Mrs. Waldron lst grade, Mrs. Hamlin, Nth and 5th grades, Mrs. Gould, Home Economics, Mrs. Bennet, 3rd and bth grades, Mrs. VanGorder, 2nd gradeg Miss Hart, English, Literature, Library. Mrs. Zbicisk, Mathematics, Mr. Hills, Music, Mr. Miller, Coach, History, Occupations, Mr. Munn, Superintendent, Chemistry, Mr. Kuney, Principal, Latin, Sociology, Methematlcsg Mr. Vaught, Science, Biology, Junior High, Mr. Holmes, Agriculture, and Shopg Mrs. Jensen, Kindergarten, Mrs. Buckley, lst grade. BUARD 0F EDUCATIU CECIL LEPARD PRESIDENT M. D. EGGLESTON SECRETARY JAMES LUCAS TREASURER S. W. TOMION J. GORDON HARMON EIEHHBUUH STHFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ASSISTANT EDITORS BUSINESS MANAGERS ART EDITOR SENIOR EDITORS TYPISTS PHOTOGRAPHY ADVISOR MOTTO2 'THE COURAGE TO DARE! THE COLORS! RED AND WHITE FLOWER: RED ROSE Jenny Haas Betty Weglenka Jack Manning Betty Phillips Arden Reyhl Doris Copeland Merwin Steinacker Eldon Risdon Gloria Grill Richard Rudnicki Jean Tomion Betty Perroud Norma Lou Cavanaugh Janet Perkins Darrell Coffey Gerald Kunde June Smith Eileen Franks Richard Stephens Mary Kane Joyce Angell Misa Mabel Hart ENERGY TO DOH SIEMIIDIHE S Nlllll CLASS 0FFlCEll B ucs Russell Gerald Knnde President Vice President Betty Wegienke Doris Copeland Vhlediotorian Treasurer Secretary Richard Stephens Jean Tomion Balutatorisn D.A.R. Good Citizenship Girl Norman Allison nLook at me and be sens1ble.u Band l,2,3,M: Choir 3,b3 soc. Com. 33 Class B.B. 3,U3 B. Glee Club 35 Ann. Staffg Orch. by G. Bandg Jr. Red Cross Norma Lou Cavanaugh nTh1s girl so smart and sweetg one's like Il her are hard to beat. Band 1,2,3,hQ Choir 3,bg Annual Staffg Y-Teens l,2,3,hg Lib. Staff 33 Lang. Club 23 All-high Play 33 Jr. Red Cross Joyce Angell 'She is light hearted and gay, a general favorite so they say. G. Glee Club lg Choir 2,33 Home Ec. Club 23 Soc. Com. 33 Hall Mon. bg Cheerleader Mg S. Paper Mg Lib. Staff M3 Ann, Staffg Jr. Red Cross. Marian Challiss Nwere silence golden she'd be a million- a1re.' G. Glee Club 1,23 JoAnn BeV1er 'Enjoyment is as necessary as labor.u G. Glee Clubg Choir 1,23 Home Eo. Club 23 Soc. Com. 35 Hall Mon. bg Y-Teens l, 2,3,hg S. Paper Mg Lib. Staff Lg Jr. Red Cross Doris Copeland WA quiet nature has she but mischief lurks beneath.U B.B. 1,2,3,bg Cheer- Choir 3,u3 leader Mg Y-Teens Grade Lib. U3 Jr. Red Crossg 2,3,bg Ann. Staffg Home Ec. Club 23 Soc. Con. 33 Choir l,2, 3,bg Jr. Band lg Lib. Staff Z,b3 Class Treas. l,3, 3 Jr. R. Cross Jack Butler uM1lkmen are liked by all the lad1es.' Choir bg Elton Copeland 'A voice from the farm.N Track l,2,33 Foot- ball bg Band l,2, 3,bg Choir Mg F. F.A. l,2,Z,U3 Jr. DHIA 2,3, g Jr. R. Crossg Class B.B. 3,11 Darrell Coffey nTh1s lad so tall and straight and slim--we all like because 1t's h1n.u B.B. lg Baseball 1, 23 F.F.A. 2,3,b5 Jr. Playg Sports Club 33 Football U' Jr DHIA Eileen Franks 'She may look very shy, but you never can tel1.' Choir l,2,3,h3 Jr. Band 13 G. Glee Club' l,2,b5 Annual Staffg School Paper bg Home I 25 Annual Staffg C1t1z.Ec. Club 1,23 Oper. 1: Con. 33 Class B.B. 3, bg'Jr. Red Cross r I Rollie Horton 'I like work. I can sit and watch it all day.' Jr. DHIA 2,3,b5 F.F. A. l,2,3,b3 Class V. Pres. lg Sports Club 3g Varsity Club 3,hg Jr. Red Cross Gloria Grill 'Always happy, never Jenny Haas uln the beginning sad, sometimes naughty God made woman aftm but never bad.u Band 1,2,3,U3 Choir l,2,3,H3 Y-Teens l, 2,3,ug B.B. 3,u, cuz. Com. 33 Jr. Playg Home Ec. Club 1,23 S. Paper My Annual Staffg Jr. Red Cross man, and she's been after him ever sinm Y-Teens l,2,3,Ng CL Treas. 23 Lib. Staf 3,h3 Cheerleader 3g Lang Club 1,25 B.B. l,2,3,b3 Choir 1,2J Ann. Staffg Jr. Red Crossg Robert Huston 'I've gone through the line all right-- why can't I tackle l1fe.' Jr. Playg All-high Play 33 Varsity Club 1l2I3!LL: F'B' 112131113 B.B. l,2,3,M5 Track l,2,3,4g Class Pres. 25 S. Paper bg Jr. Red Cross Mary Kane UA blush is beaut- iful but often in- conven1ent.u Band l,2,3,bg Choir l,2,3,bg B.B. l,2,3, bg Jr. Playg S. Paper M3 Cheerleader 3,b5 Ann. Staffg O er. lg Lib. Staff 3,55 Ath. Con. 3,bg Class Sec. 25 Jr. Red Cross Gerald Kunde 'Today I an a Man.' Choir l,2,3,bg F.F. A. l,2,3,bg B.B. 1, 2,3,Mg Student Councilg Vice Pres. Mg Jr. DHIA 2,3,h3 Jr. Red Cross X Isadore Latuvgky nGen1us is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent persp1rat1on.n School Paperg Foot- ball 3,M3 Track Basketball 1,2,3,bg F.F.A. l,2,3p Jr. Red Cross Mary Jean Llllywhite 'Do I worry, do I fret? Never will and haven't yet.n Choir 3,bg Home Ee. Club 1,23 Cafeteria 33 School Paper My Jr. Red Cross Jack Manning nHold the fort--I'n com1ng.u Baseball l,2,3,Mg Football l,2.3,bg Basketball l,2,3,Uj Sports Club 33 Varsity Club 3,bg Jr. Playg Jr. Red Crossg Sr. Playg Annual Staff! Elizabeth Moore 'When the roll is called up yonder she'1l be late.' Band 1,2,3,ug Cholr 1,23 Librarian 2,33 Home Ee. Club 15 Y- Teene l,2,33 Jr. Playg Jr. Red Cross Erancis Nemlnski 'Why study, the more we study the more we forget. F.F.A. 1,2,3,b3 Baseball 3,b: Annual Staff Class Basketball by Jr. Red Cross Janet Perkins Harold Mikasa 'He who rises early does a good days workl Football bg Track 33 Basketball 2,3,bg Varsity Club 3,hg Jr. Red Cross Leo Perkins NI! there is nothing 'A little nonsense to laugh about just g1ggle.' Choir 2,3,h3 B.B. U: Librarian 3,b3 Ann. Staff, 8. Paper U3 now and then, is relished by the best of men.' Choir 3,bg Glee Club 35 Latin Club 25 Cheer- Latin Club Zp leader 3,hg Jr. Red Cross Class B.B. 3,h9 Jr. Red Cross ' 1 3 . JJ, ,X 4 K Betty Perroud Betty Phillips Lolabell Redinger UNo matter what the 'My ambition, to 'If this is liberty question she always have the nerve to then give me death.u has an answer.n be naughty.n Home E. Club 1,23 Home Ec. Club M3 Librarian uf Latin Club 23 Latin Club 13 Y-Teena 3,b3 Hall Monitor M3 Choir 13 Choir 1,23 Y-Teens 3,U3 Annual Staff by Annual Staff M3 Richard Rudnicki the great- man ln the world, am I?' l,2,3,U3 Band ,2,M3 Football l,2, 3,U3 B.B. 1,22 B.B. Mgr. 33 All High Play 33 Jr. Play 33 Var. Club 2,3,uQ Annual Staff Comm. 31 3 Bruce Russell ult isn't what you do. It's what you get away w1th.u F.F.A. 1,2,3,uQ Choir 1,3,ug Jr. DHIA 2,3, M3 Claes Pres. 3,b3 Student council 33 Cltiz. Comm. 33 B.B. 2,Mg track 23 Jr. Red Cross, Sports 33 Latin Club 23 Norma Roberts 'I am willing to bg convinced, but show me the one who can do 1t.' Band 2,3,uQ Choir 1,2,3,uQ Y-Teena 1, 2,3,b3 Presg 33 Jr. Playg Operettag S. Paper M3 Home Ee. Club 13 Ath. Comm. Librarian 2,33 Hall Mon. 43 Jr. Red Cro f Arden Reyhl uEat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we go to school.' B.B. 13 F.B. 2,b3 Track l,2,3,uQ Sports Club 33 F.F.A. 2,3,bQ Choir l,2,3,U3 Band 1,2: Vernetta Richmond 'The sincere alone can recognize sin- cer1ty.n Band 1,2,3,u3 Lib. 1,2,3,43 Home Ec. Club l,2,3,U3 Lat. Club 2,33 Hall Mor 33 Y-Teena 2,E,bg Annual Staff 3 S. Paper B3 Eldon Rlsdon- Bob Sessions Jane Showerman 'What no girls in 'Not that I love 'She crawls in on heaven? Well then study less, but that one side of her bed just leave me heref. I love fun more.u and out on the other to give herself the Banu 1,2,3,U: B.B. B.B. lg Track lg impression of a good 1,2,35 F.B. l,2,3,b3 'Athletic Conn. 3: nights sleep.u Sports Club 33 Var. Sports Club 31 Club 3,33 School Home Ec. Club lg S, paper by Annual Staff Paper bg C. Leader 2,33 choir 1,2,3,1+g Hall Mon. 45 G. Glee Club lg y Dale Sober , Richard Stevens Merwin Steinacker Wwhat is this thing uh9's E1enst1en.u uLessons do not called Educat1on.u bother mej and neither do women.u F.F.A. l,2,3,H3 Jr. B.B. lf Track 23 Jr. D.H.I.A. 2,35 Jr. Playg School Paper B.B. l,2,3,Ug F.B. Play Staffg Annual Staff: 2,33 F.F.A. l,2,3,M3 Ass. Committee 33 Band 1,2,3,bg Ann. Photography Clubg Staffg Jr. Red Cross Jr. Red Cross June Smith 'A mighty hunter and her prey was a nan.u Band l,2,3,U3 Y- Teens l,2,3,Dg H. Ec. Club lg Jr. Playg Choir l,2,M3 All High Play: Ann. Staffg Operettag Jr. Red Crossg B.B. l,2, 3,Hg Class Presg Marilyn Tubbs ii 'You know I say H just what I th1nk.' 9 Band l,3,b3 Mixed Q Choir l,2,Ug Yi F Teens l,2,3,b3 Girls Glee Club 33 Home Ec. Club 33 Home Ecg 1,23 Jr. Red Cross Dorothy Jean Tomlon 'Synonym for school sp1r1t.n Band l,2,3,Ug Choir l,2,h5 Y-Teens l,2, 3.11: B.B- 1.2.3.H: School Paper 2,3,b3 H. Ee. Club lg Jr. Play 33 Ath. Com. 3: Annual Staffg Jr. R. Cross, Class V. Pres. E Beverly Williams 'Why doesn't some- one tell me these thlngs?' Girls Glee Club 1,2 Mixed Choir 3,hg Jr Red Cross l,2,3,bg Elizabeth Strong Betty Wegienka 'A live wire never UShe knows music U gets stepped on.n and that's not all. B.B. l,2,3,hg Home Ec. Club 1,23 Latin Club 29 School Paper Staff UQ Jr. Red Cross Y-Teens 3,45 Band l,2,3,Ug G. Glee Club 2,3,Mg Home Eo. 3 lsecr.Jg School paper staff bg Class secretary Mg Jr. Red l Donald Xuney Maro Miller Advisor Advisor Miss Mabel Hart Advisor Laurence Weglenka 'Life is a serious proposition, so are g1rls.' sand' 1,2,3,Dg F.B. 3.43 F.F.A- 2.3: Club 1,25 St. Council Jr. Red Cross Edwin Wright 'You can tell him by the noise he does not make.' Jr. Red Cross CLASS III 'l'0llY In the fall of l9b5, fifty-nine Freshmen began their four year ' career at Fowlerville High School. At our first class meeting we elect- ed our officers: June Smith, President: Arthur Lewis, Vice-President, Rollin Horton, Secretary: and Doris Copeland, Treasurer. As sponsor we chose Miss Laughlin. We selected 'The Courage to Dare--The Energy To Do' as our motto, red rose as our flower and red and white as our colors. After a few weeks of wandering through strange halls, our superiors, the Seniors, initiated us. In spite of the cruelty thrust upon us by them, we enjoyed ourselves immensely. We began our high school career with a flying start by sponsoring two highly successful parties--roller skating at the Howell rink and an All-High Dance. Not quite so green around the gills, the next fall we trudged into school as sophomores. We chose as officers: Robert Ruston, President: JeanjTem1on, Vice-President, Mary Kane, Secretaryg and Genevieve Haas, Treasurer. As sponsors, we elected Miss Riemenschneider and Miss Litch- field. Getting ready for the Junior-Senior Reception, we specialized ln social events--sponsoring two all school dances and several dances after basketball games, which were well attended. In August, we had a new experience, that ef sponsoring the Junior Stand at the Fair. With the help of our sponsors, it was very successful. After a long vacation, we entered school Bruce Russell headed the class as president. as prosperous Juniors. Harold Mikasa was elected Vice-President, Margie Kinney, Secretary and Doris Copeland, Treasurer. Under the splendid direction of Miss Smith and Mr. Miller, our class sponsors, the Junior Play, 'Girls Will Be Boys,' was a successful affair. The high light of the year was the annual Junior-Senior Reception. At this event we entertained the Seniors, the Faculty and the Members of the Board of Education with a dinner, followed by a program and dancing. The theme was an aquarium. At last the long-awaited year had come and forty-seven dignified Seniors once more mounted the steps of Fowlerville High. We re-elected Bruce Russell as President and Doris Copeland as Treasurer. Gerald Xunde was chosen an Vice-President, Betty Wegienka as Secretary and Miss Hart, Mr. Miller and Mr. Kuney as sponsors. Then came the happy day of entertaining the frightened and bewildered Freshmen at the Initiation Party. Everyone, including the Freshmen, had In March, the actors of the class put on Under the direction of the sponsors, the play success. Our Annual was a successful project Miss Hart with the co-operation of the Annual a good time. 'The Campbells Are Com1ng.' was none other than another under the supervision of Staff. Jean Tomion was chosen as D. A. R. Good Citizenship Girl. Our Valedictorian was Betty Wsgienka and Salutatorian was Richard Stephens. Jean Tomion, June Smith, Jack Manning, Norma Lou Cavanaugh, Gloria Grill, Richard Rudn1ck1,'Elden Rlsdon, Norman Allison, Vernetta Rlchmond and Elizabeth Moore In May, we tion. Suddenly have never attended any other school except Fowlerville. were entertained by the Juniors at the traditional Recep- we found ourselves on an exciting voyage to Mackinac Island, sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Kuney and Miss Hart. Then, all too soon, came Baccalaurate and Commencement. A major stepping-stone in our lives was thus completed. We, the Class of l9b9, said good-bye to our teachers, classmates, and school. Our high school career has ended but the memories shall always remain in our hearts. SNAPS UTS fifwfihgs GD K 3 Qfligfww IULAEEIEE 9 vw I h Q ij mi! it JJUNIORS Tog Row: Horton, larenioh, Ives, B. Eisele, Ferguson, Gabris, Iago, Jenkins, Duty eco asa Advisor, lr. Hills, Winsgar, Lewis, Davies, Lucas, Liddiooatt, Delarsis, Lintemuth, RedIEEer, lasterson, Germaine, Harris, Ku de, Brewers, Advisor, lr. Holmes. Seated: Kelly, Sherwood, Florence, Curtis, Kleinschmidt, Elliott, Driver, Pierson, Showernan, lygren OFFICERS President Dick Elliott Vice-President Bob Kleinschmidt Secretary June Driver Treasurer May June Curtis Advisors Hr. Holmes Mr. Hills The Junior Class began a successful year by sponsoring the Junior Stand at the Fowlerville Fair. The next great event was our Junior Play, 'Home for Christmas' which was ' enjoyed by everyone and a great success. . The class sponsored several dances after basketball games which were enjoyed by many students. We also sponsored a dance in March which was well attended. The last and the greatest event of our Junior year was the Junior and Senior reception. The Juniors entertained the Seniors at a banquet followed by an enjoy- able evening of dancing. W SOPHOMORES ,f ., , ,,.c, ,...,, K. 1, V, I To Rows Redinger, Simkus, Tomlin, Wilcox, Bessert, Grover, Veneska, Hockbee, Fowler, Humsell, Feeder, Kitchen, Dombecki, Stock. Second Roi: Advisor, Mrs. Zbiciak, ledaj, Richmond, St. Charles, Hutt, D. Glover, H. Phillips, Lewis, Eoore, Butler, Bergin, Davids, Gates, Perroud, B. Glover, Demond, Harris, leminski, E. Phillips. Seated: Monroe, Mikasa, Jenkins, Hart, Eckert, Slanker, I. Saunders, Dillingham, Elliott, Grant, Joys, S. Saunders, Sohirmer, Rudnicki, Shooter, loGowen OFFICERS President Russell Elliott Vice President Dick Dillingham Secretary Donna Grant Treasurer Nyla Saunders Advisor Mrs. Zbiciak Our Sophomore year started out with a bang. The first thing we did was to elect our class officers. . The main social event for our class was a dance which we called uHuntere Hop.' It was a big success. , Before the end of the year we made plans to order our class rings. This summer we will undertake one of the greatest projects of our school years, the Junior Stand at the Fowlerville Fair. We are all looking forward to it and hope lt will be a great success. FRESHMEN To Row: Higdon, St. Charles, Outwater, Blair, Harvey, Lange, Albright, Watters, Utter, Wilcox, ESESIEKH, Haas, Zietz, House, R. Killer, Hannah, A. Cieslak. Second Row: Advisor, Irs. Vaught, m. Joys, u. Allen, Germaine, Knight, wright, Betterly, BesssfEf'UT'IIIEh, Heard, Ebert, Manning, Berglund, Duncan, Bevier, Schadel, Cheney, Richmond, Gates, llrs. Gould, Advisor. Seated: Brower, Hoag, Chase, Hannah, Ayers, Priest, Crofoot, Harmon, Judd, N. Hiller, lorlook, Eisele, Yhgo, Steele, Franks, Taft, M. Cieelak OFFICERS President Richard Morlock Vice-President Norman Miller Secretary Elizabeth Eisele Treasurer William Judd Assembly Committee Doris Glover Advisors Mrs. Vaught Mrs. Gould Hurrylng, scurrying through the halls, trying to get to our lockers and to the English class before last bell rang, we freshman found school a busy life. With our members numbering sixty three, we had the largest class in school. Our class sponsored a hay ride in the fall, that almost turned out to be a splash party ibut alas! we had no bathing suits alongi. However, Cup1d's Crawl, a dance which our class put on, was a great success. Gay colors for decorations, beautiful music by a school orchestra, and thrills of fun filled the gym. For our colors we selected Blue and White, and for our class flower, we cnose tne White Rose. Our class motto is, HTHUB enas our first lesson.' ElGi-lTi-I GRADE ToE Rav: Advisor, Mr. Vaught, Moore, VanGorder, Spagnuolo, Noll, Benjamin, Rathbun, Harris, egienka, Verellen, Richmond. Seatedg Harmon, Eaton, Jackson, DeMarais, Lepard, Perroud,Sohade1, Davis EVENT!-I GRADE Standing: Manco, Render, Waknfield, Watters, Copeland, Johnson, Showerman, Hutt, Ford, Lieohti, Lange, Munsell, McPherson, Advisor, Mr, Vaught. Seatedx Knapp, Hannah, D. Sessions, Monroe, Greer, P. Sessions, Leuck, Miller, Munson. JUNIOR HIGH OFFICERS President Norman DeHara1e Vice-President Gary Wakefield Secretary Nancy Lepard Treasurer Lynwood Jackson Advisors Hrs. Eilber Mr. Vaught Junior High students have had a busy, happy year under the guidance of the officers listed above. The first big event of the year was the initiation of seventh graders into junior high per- formed by the 'mighty' eighth graders. The phrase, packed in like sard1nes,' took on new meaning on the fall hayride, for on that night seventh and eighth graders eagerly awaited the arriv- al of the hay wagons. Only one wagon came! Junio High members clung from every straw on that one wagon. And this was not all. The horses pulled a 'Cinderella' act and turned'lnto a Jeep which was driven by Hr. Wakefield. The night was wet, but the singing was gay. When the wagon reached Nadine Perroud s, Messrs. Vaught and Eilber provided a fire, and the gang roasted hot dogs. Junior High boys, determined not to waste one precious moment of practice time, changed into gym shoes almost any place. Reason? Basketball teams were organized under the supervision of Hr. Iuney. Very popular were the evening dances when eighth graders taught seventh graders fundamental dance steps. fx GIRL ,GLEE UL ll A th Standi 4 Advisor, lr. Hills, Chase, Perroud, Sohadel, Rathbun, Doty, Franks, Crofoot, Greer, 5avIs. Seated: Render, Monroe, Knight, Psrroud, Wegienkn, Lepard, Eaton, Moore OFFICERS Librarian Arlene Rathbun Accompanlsts Betty Wegienka Doris Rudnickl The Girls' Glee Club consists mostly of seventh, eighth and ninth graders, although we do have three upperclassmen. We have sung many songs this year, including, Carmen-Carmela, Spring Breezes Children of the Heavenly King, the Judges' Dance, and many others. Activities throughout the year consisted of appearances in the Fall Concert, Assembly programs and the Annual Spring Concert. Some time in class was devoted to the problems of choral conducting and each member was given an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. Also a brief study of chordal structure and intervals was outlined to the group, thus better preparing them for their future experiences in Senior Chorus. umm T6 Row: Allison, W. Copeland, Russell, Rudnicki, Reyhl, B. Copels d, Butler, Kunde, L. Perkins, ilsohen, Dombeoki, Hiller, Wakefield, Germaine. Third Rows Toulon. J. Perkins. 8. Sholerlam, Roberts, V. Bevier, Sohadel, Duncan, Kane, Sohirmer, D5ty,lTlnks, Glover. Second Reis I . Hills, Director, Smith, J. Bsvier, B ower, Driver, Haas, D. Copeland, Gr111, L111,'hig.. Tubbs, Winpgmr, Seated: Allen, Harris, Williams, Pierson, Sherwood, Knight, Wegienks, Cavanamgh, Grieve-Challiss, Elsele, Betterly OFFICERS Secretary Eileen Franks Aocompanlst Betty Weglenka Librarians Francine Duncan Betty Betterly Our cholr began last September with fifty two members. Many new composi- tions were added to this year's repertoire which made choir much more interesting. Our activities during the year consisted of a Harvest Concert followed by an auction which proved to be successful, oarollng through town on a hay wagon, three assembly programs, and a formal spring concert. The first semester a group from the choir attended the Mid-Western confer- ence at Ann Arbor, and the second semester the choir entered the Michigan State Vocal Association Festival. It has been a number of years since the vocal groups have entered ln Festival competition. We hope lt will be encouraged and contin- ued ln years to come. A project was initiated to purchase robes for the chorus in hopes that these robes will have been acquired before the end of the year. U0 CERT BA ll Back Row: Allison, Germaine, Steinacker, Pierson. Third Rev: Benjamin, Eaton, Bevier, Harmon, 'FTTHEH5ond, E. Moore, lasterson, L. Wegienkn, Greer, ffntenuth, Copeland, R. Rudnicki, Kitchen, Risdon, N. Saunders, D. Rudnicki. Second Row: S. Saunders, Lucas, Harris, Delnrais, B. legienkl, Dillingham, Sohadel, Betterly, Haas, Moore, Roberts, Smith. First Rav: Tamion, Cavennugh, Grill, Kane, Florence, Burglund, Duncan, V. Richmond, Glover, Director, E. Hills OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Assistant Secretary Librarian Assistant Librarian Student Manager Equipment Manager Assistant Equipment Manager Eugene Llntemuth June Smith Betty Wegienka Lois Pierson Doris Glover Vernetta Richmond Jean Tomion Merwin Steinacker Elden Risdon The Marching Band was very active during the fall playing for all the Home football games and traveling to one away game at Howell. The spirit and pre- cision of the Band reflected the interest and individual effort of every member. High stepping in front of the Band were Drum Marjorette, Elizabeth Moore and Twirlers, Marrilyn Tubbs and Carol Harris. The Concert Band revived a tradition discontinued for a few years, of having a fall concert with a 'Harvest Auct1on.' They also put on two assemblies for the student body, a spring concert, and entered in the Michigan Band and Orchestra Association Festivals. 'ome of the pieces played this year wereg nPrelude and Fugue,' Bachg 'Carnival of noses,' Olividateg 'At1lla,' Karolyg and many marches. This year will see a number of outstanding musicians graduate from the band and it is with great regret that we see these people leave. We wish them contin- ued success and hope that their future musical experience will bring increased musical growth and help them to a fuller and more enjoyable life. JU lllll BA ll Beck Rows Beck, Borghi, Carlson, Johnson, C. Teach, Munson, Lang, Brower, Neminlki, Killer, iegienii, Rudnicki. Third Rows Schultz, Rogers, Crofcot, G. Wakefield, Burnie, Varkcvitz, Lynn, Davie, Penzein, H. Teach, Grover, Grostio, J. Wakefield, lorherson, Lieohte. Second Rows Germaine, Peckins, Grill, Bevier, A. Schadel, Betterly, S. Cam ron, Lepard, Albright:'if'E3HEde1, First Row: Davis, Eieele, Perroud, Simpson, Hillman, Rathbun OFFICERS Student Manager Nancy Lepard Librarian Alberta Schadel Assistant Librarian Barbara Schadel Equipment Manager Duane Albright Assistant Manager Richard Davis Secretary Nadine Perroud Assistant Secretary Arlene Rathbun The Junior Band is comprised of all of the students from the fourth to tenth grades, who began taking instrumental lessons this year. The band was organized at the beginning of the second semester. We are learning to play together as a group, after our separate lessons during the first semester. The purpose of the Junior Band is to develop players for the Senior Concert Band. This is done by providing a training ground in which each individual gains the group experience and individual responsibility so necessary to the functioning of a musical ensemble. The flrst public appearance of the group was at the Annual Spring Concert given by the Concert Band. These young musicians show great promise and will soon be taking their places in the Concert Band. 5PMH1I'5 nF00'l'BALL To Rows Stock, I. Wilco , Render, Davide, Moore, liller, Fowler, Utter, R. Redinger, House 33E3EH'Rols Elsele, Dessert, Lintemuth, Klelnschmidt, L. Redinger, Coffey, Elliott, B. Copeland, IITTNIIZSET D. Henning, Llddieoett, Lucas, W. Copeland, Coach, lr. Hiller. Seated: likala, Latovsky, T. Butler, Delsraie, Sutton, Rudnioki, Horton, Risdon, Reyhl, Huston, J. leaning, lgrs., Ferguson, Lange SEASON'B RECORD Fowlerville Okemos Fowlerville Stockbridge Fowlerville Haslett Fowlerville Williamston Fowlerville Leslie Fowlerville Dansville Fowlervllle Holt Fowlerville Howell A squad of forty two boys, among them nine letter winners, turned out for the 19b8 football season. The football season was not too successful this year, due to injuries that hampered the team, and the inexperienced players that replaced them. After a hard three weeks of practice we played Okemos in a thrilling game that ended in defeat 7 to o. The two bright spots of the season were: our game with Holt, which ended in a scoreless tie, and the dedication of the new lighted field. Our traditional game with Howell was played in the mud and rain to a 12 to 6 defeat. Rollin Horton Robert Huston Isadore Latovsky Elden Risdon Richard Rudnicki David Sutton Jack Manning Harold Mikasa Elton Copeland LETTER WINNERS CAP B Arden Reyhl Darrell Coffey James DeMara1s Bernard Elsele Dick Liddlcbatt B C 3 Eugene Lintemuth B B Y Jack Lucas Dick Elliott Lee Redinger BA EBALL To Ron Redinger, Maetereon, Steimoker, Miller, Butler, Gebris, M. Wilcox, Lange, Cioslak 33E5EH'RoIa B. Bemineki, Madaj, Monroe, Bessert, Utter, D. Wilcox, Shooter, Copeland, F. leninlki, House, Coach, Mr. Miller. Seated: D. Manning, Judd, lleinsohmidt, Letovsky, Kunde, Russell, Lintenuth, J. Manning, Delarals, Liddiooatt SEASON'S RECORD Fowlervllle Howell Fowlerville Okemos Fowlerville Eastern B Fowlerville Dansville Fowlerville Williamston Fowlerville Leslie Fowlerville Stockbridge Fowlervllle Holt The l9b8 Baseball Team was formed of returning letter winners, Freshmen and Sophomores. There was a large turn out for baseball assuring a good squad for years to come. Our first league game was played with Okenos. The game was very thrilling and the Gladiators won by the score of five to four. After that we lost to the Eastern B team. Our next game we played with Dansville and won ten to two. After that we lost to Stockbridge, Williamston, and Leslie. Our last game was with Holt, which we lost by the close score of eleven to nine. Fowlerville played two non-league games with Howell and Eastern B team, los- ing both of them. The following boys received letter awards for their achiev- ments. LETTER WINNERS Catchers J. Manning, D. Nelson Pitchers I. Latovsky, B. Russell, G. Roath First Base C. Westin, J. DeMara1s Second Base E. Llntemuth Short Stop S. Westmoreland, D. Llddlcoatt Third Base C. Smalley Outfield M. Bessert, E. Marenich, G. Shooter VAR ITY BASKETBALL ...........a-.-.....-...-..---.w Standi 1 Ferguson, Mgr , Lucas, Manning, Elliott, Russell, Coach, lr. Hiller Seated: Butler, Delarais, Huston, Lintemnth, Mikasa SEASON'S RESULTS They We They We Stockbridge 29 22 Stockbridge 30 34 Howell 30 31 Howell 6b 30 Okemos Z7 U4 Okemos bl E0 Leslie 6 36 Leslie 66 3 Haslett U9 27 Haslett 60 23 Dansvllle 6U HU Williamston 49 U7 Holt U5 no Dansville 32 U5 Williamston u3 L42 Holt 55 29 The 19M8 Varsity team was chosen from a turnout of thirty-two boys and was formed around six returning letter winners. The season record was three wins and thirteen defeats. This year the State Basketball Tournament was played on a different bases. The league was divided up into two the other in Williamston. In the first game, Fowlervllle played game. The Gladiators came out on top with seven. In the finals, we were defeated by tournaments, one played in Lansing, Williamston in a very thrilling a score of thirty-one to twenty- Dansville forty-six to thirty-four, RESERVE BASKETBALL To Row: Outlater, House, Utter, Ieeterson, Fowler, Germaine. Second Revs Mikasa, Dillingham, Elgfott, Hiller, Manning, K. Wilcox. Seated: Coach, lr. Hills, ioore, Monroe, Copeland, Liddicoatt, D. Wilcox, Shooter, Mgr. SEASON'S RESULTS They We They we Stockbridge Zh ll Stockbridge 30 2b Howell 38 26 Howell 20 37 Okenos 29 27 Okemos 36 30 Leslie M3 19 Leslie 6 28 Haslett 30 21 Haslett 29 21 Dansvllle 25 11 Williamston 30 38 Holt 50 17 Dansvllle 19 32 Williamston 24 18 Holt 39 2b The reserve squad finished the season with a record of three wins and thirteen defeats. The reserve squad was made up mostly of Freshmen, and Sophomores. These boys will form the foundation of a good team for years to come. The individual scorers were: Duane Wilcox, 105 pointsg Dick Llddicoatt, 60 polntsg Wayne Copeland, U8 points: and Shirley Monroe, U5 points. TRACK Standing: Germaine, Perkins, Mookbee, Moore, Delarais, Lintemuth, Render, Liddiooatt ea e 1 Huston, Horton, Sutton, Reyhl, Mikasa, Lucas, Coach, lr. Miller EVENTS Hasting Relays Hastings River Rouge Ann Arbor Invitational Meet Albion Regional Meet Ypsilanti League Meet East Lansing Dual Meet Howell The l9b8 Track team competed in six meets during the season. Of the four invitational meets, the boys did very well again with outside competition. In the league meet at East Lansing, Fowlerville took second place, and Jack Sander- son was high individual scorer with lbi points. In the Regional Meet at Ypsilanti, Jack Sanderson set a new school high Jump record of 5 feet 5 inches, breaking his last year record of 5 feet bi inches. Sanderson was the only boy to qualify at the Regional meet to compete in the State finals. LETTER WINNERS Jack Sanderson David Sutton Jack Tomion Arden Reyhl Edward Eisele Harold Mikasa Donald Cheney Jack Lucas Robert Huston Dick Elliott GIRL ' BASKETBALL - Standings Showermsn, Grant, Devil, Rudnioki, Driver, Grill, Hart, Bessert, Mgr. Seatedf Hall, Kane, Smith, Tomion, Strong, Copeland, Coach, Hrs. Zbioiek SEASON'S RESULTS Fowlerville 10 Stockbridge 11 Fowlerville ll Dansville 214 Fowlerville 12 Stockbridge 15 Fowlerville 9 Dansville 10 Although the girls' basketball team had a record of tour losses and no wins, they played three, very olose, exciting games. Two of the games were lost by only one point. The last game with Dansville was lost after the final buzzer has sounded. One of our girls fouled, and a player made the free throw after the game was over. The final score was ten to nine. The high scorer for the year was Elizabeth Strong with 17 points, second was Doris Copeland with 13 points, and third was Jean Tomion with 12 points. Our team was coached this year by Mrs. Zbioiak. Dorothy Bessert was our oap- able and helpful student manager. LETTER WINNERS C12-JMU DOI-40 DgP'1 B NP '4 WU BU' g00O id'O DI-'bud CDO 0 Dm!-' :+P '15 'EDI 0"1'4'S Q Z I-'C-lg OC 5:10 PO'-4 D UQ QSM "Sl-"4N L-'4l"P I-40023 l""5l 0 9010 E' o m B H d U GI ti 0 H o E td 0 m Q o H er O ...--..-....1................ CIIEEII LEADERS Joys, Copeland, lane, Angell, Perkins, Horton The six cheerleaders this Mary Kane and Doris Copeland. Mary Kane was the only one who was an entirely new experience They led uns yells at an' at the basketball tournaments. CHEERLEADERS year were: Seniors--Janet Perkins, Joyce Angell, Junior--Norma Horton. Sophomore--Marian Joys. was a cheerleader last year. To the others it of the basketball and football games and also During the year they planned pep meetings and worked hard to put enthusiasm into the crowds. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL Intramural basketball of class teams was again used as a noon hour activity A schedule of eighteen games was played from December twentieth to February twenty-third, with the Seniors again wlnnlng the championship, having a record of nine wins and no losses. The Sophomores finished ln second place with four wins and tive losses. The Juniors were in third plaoe with three wins and six losses, and the Freshmen, who lost all nine of their games, were in last place. NITHIVIHVIIIEE .M FWZ!!! LEQMYNG. --............., To! Ron St0Ph6I!.l, Russell, Banning, Huston, Copeland, Butler, Coffey, Reyhl, Rudnicld., Second an lr. Kuney, Director, Tubbs, Franks, Richmond, Williams, Pcrrcud, Copeland, Advisor, Hu Hart, Mr. Hiller. Seated: Tmion, Smith, Cavanaugh, Grill, Kane, llooro, Perldnl, Lillywhite QLEL ',9R'Em!Z!:AY Standigz Mr. 111118, Director, Horton, Lucas, Sherwood, Lintemuth, Driver, Germaine, Hr. Holmes, rector. Seated: Curtis, Spegnuolo, Liddiooatt GIRL UOU'l' ISIHIWHE T02 Row: Leader, Mrs. Linman, Simpson, Benjamin, B. Cameron, S. Cameron, G1-111, Borghi. Second Rav: pagnuolo, Rogers, Risaman, Strong, lonroe, Munson, Dombec-ki, Hillman, Rudnioki, Risdon, Evfer, Leader, Hrs. Austin. Seated: Coaelman, Hauser, Tobin, Cheney, Burnie, Howe, Maleitzke, Lucas, Schultz, J. Cameron, Carison, Peckens, Paskeurio, McClure, Curtis, Campbell, Delaarais Y -T EEN 3 Tag Rows S. Lewis, E. Lewin, Copeland, Redinger, Curtis, Haas, Grill, V. Bevier, D. Glover, Cavanaugh, Perroud. Second Ron Demand, Sherwood, Duncan, Tomion, Smith, V. Richmond, Roberts, Beswftn Rudnioki. Svhadvi, B. Richmond, Advisor, lisa Hart. Seated: Tubbs, Wegienlm., Harmon, Hannah, Phillips, J. Bevier, B. Glover, Hart, Joys, Wright, Germaine, Knight, Eckprt SUIIIIIIL PAPER TAFF Editoral Staff Norma Roberts Elden Rlsdon Joyce Angell Donna Nygren Columnists Richard Stephens Jean Toulon Mary Jean Lillywhlte Janet Perkins Robert Huston Jo Ann BeV1er Jack Lucas May June Curtis Sharron Saunders Carol Joys Doris Glover Nancy Lepard Anna Spagnuolo Elizabeth Strong Vernetta Richmond Lois Pierson Eileen Franks Barbara Schadel Betty Phillips Mary Alice Sherwood Marian Joys Francine Duncan Betty Wegienka Gloria Grill Advisor Mrs. Vaught The Student Press staff began this year's work with little or no experience, but under the advisorehip of Mrs. Vaught and the splendid oo-operation of all work ing on the paper, we strove ever onward to make a paper both interesting and help- ful to the student body. Everything seemed to go wrong for awhile but eventually things began to run a little more smoothly. We used new ideas such as using different colored inks. Our Christmas cover was especially colorful with a cheerful Santa in red ink on white paper. Working on the paper has been very helpful. It has not only given us an idea of journal- ism but, lt has trained us to work together to put out a good paper. SSEMBLY COMM! 'IT E E ,. , , ts- fo-weft' " A Wffih: .- , A X. in Zh fin sis Wgfhi' H ws' E mg J Reyhl, Rathbun, Advisor, lr. Kunoy, Driver, Bessert, Lieohte Senior Class Junior Class Sophomore Class Freshman Class Eighth Grade Seventh Grade Advisor MEMBERS Arden Reyhl June Driver George Bessert Doris Glover Arlene Rathbun Howard Liechti Mr. Kuney The Assembly Committee for this school year was composed of one member from each class. The classes elected their own member to represent them. The members and their advisor, Mr. Kuney, met regularly every two weeks. They made a schedule chart to show in advance the order in which class meetings and assembly programs would be held. The assembly programs were as followsg several paid assembly programs for entertainment and educational purposes, three programs put on by the music department, program! sponsored by each class using only school talent The Parent Teacher Association was entertained on a Family night meeting, by the Assembly Committee using talent of local students. Funds for paid assembly programs were established by taking a collect- ion at each program. This was very suco ful ith th - operation of the students. ess W e generous oo FF log Row: MeGcwn, Richmond, Jenkins, Albright, Yhgo, xloinlohmidt, lands, Russell, Judd, lumsell, lor ook, R. Elliott, Dillingham. Second Rows H. Mikasa, W. Copeland, Bessert, Ebert, Davids, Sutton, Steinscker, E. Copeland, Allen, Ve asks, Horton. Seatedg Advisor, lr. Holmes, Blair, sms, neminski, sober, R. Elliott, Coffey, Reyhl, Kitoheijffllor, House, J. nun OFFICERS President Richard Elliott Vice-President Dale Sobers Secretary Francis Neminski Treasurer Darrel Coffey Reporter Arden Reyhl Advisor Mr. Holmes The Fowlervllle Future Farmers of America held their meetings this year on the first Monday of every month at noon, and on the third Monday at night, with basketball games or practice after the meetings. They played in the basketball league composed of Ingham and Livingston Counties. The F. F. A. boys have mixed minerals which were sold to the members. They sprayed barns with D. D. T., and white washed them. We also sprey'c Jaffa. In the summer of 'MB the F. F. A. sponsored a softball team whisk was success ful in winning five games, and also provided a lot of fun for tue Lays. This year thirteen boys were initiated into the F. F. A. as sresnsswds and twelve members as Chapter farmers. DHI To Rclg Jenkins, Rich ond, lego, lunde, Judd, lunsell, Russell, Morlcck. Second Rows Mikasa, film, Ebert, Davide, Steinaoker, E. Copeland, Venaskn, Horton, Dillingham. Seated: Advisor, Holmes, Haas, Blair, Albright, W. Copeland, Ileinschmidt, Bessert, R. Elliott, Allen, Hiller, OFFICERS President George Bessert Vice-President Russell Elliott Secretary Bob Kleinschmidt Treasurer Wayne Copeland Advisor Mr. Holmes The Junior D. H. I. A. was formed in l9U6 and has been a growing organiza- tion ever since. This is not a money making organization but is just to help improve the herds of surrounding farmers. At our first annual meeting we elected officers. We decided to charge a nickel for each cow tested. At a later meeting we moved to double that amount for outsiders or the people who d1dn't have a boy in the Junior D. H. I. A. This year we have tested around three hundred and fifty cows. Every year we have a banquet with the boys who test milk and the owners of the herd they test. loGowa Ir. Hmue FUTURE i-IOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Standings Advisor, l s. Gould, B. Lewis, Phillips, 8. Lewis, lygren, E uler, Demand, Sherwood Seats z Sholermnn, Eckert, Joys, Driver, lright, Cieslek OFFICERS President June Driver Secretary Marcia Eckert Treasurer Marian Joys Advisor Mrs. Gould The Future Homemakers of America Club was organized on January 13, 1949 in the Home Economics room. We elected the officers, and selected a planning commit- tee consisting of Vernetta Richmond, Eleanor Showerman, Marion Demend and Rosemary Brower. We formed a clean up committee and redecorated the First Aid Room. The program for the ensuing year was planned and carried out as follows: Feb- ruary we sponsored the Junior D. H. I. A. Banquet, in April we sponsored a dance called the 'Cotton Fabric' which included dancing, a program and refreshments. In May we enjoyed a skating party held at Island Lake. BUY SCOU'l' Sta diggg Wright, H. lePherson, Paskeruie, Watters, E. Wright, Delaraie, Hale ea e s aknfield, Jackson, VanGorder, Spagnuolo, Richmond, Johnson, W. loPherson, Copeland, 'sfftters ADYIBORS Scout Master Hr. Jack Bennett Assistant Scout Master George Tate Advisory Committee Holland Harris Harold Ames Roger Liddiceatt Krause VanGorder The Scout Troop f52 in Fewlerville is coming to the front in the Scout circle in the Washtenaw and Livingston District. Having been dormant for some time, they started a year ago without a charter, but under the leadership of Mr. Jack Bennett, Scout Master and George Tate, assistant Scout Master, the troop has been built up eo that it now has twenty five registered members and more boys are get- ting ready tc join. The troop which is sponsored by the Fowlerville Commercial Club now has its own building located at 150 Scout Drive, in the north part of the village. The troop attended the Camporiee at Bruin Lake last fall, and all boys re- ported having a good time. Plane are being made for greater activities this com- ing year. The committee is making extensive plans for the coming year which will in- clude the parents, as well as the boys. VARSITY CLUB Standlgig Copeland, Lucas, L1ddiooatt,.Forgulon, Elliott, Dessert, D. Manning, Goao , . Miller Seated: J. Manning, Rudnioki, Dollarais, Huston, Lintomuth, Risdon, Horton LllIliARY,S'l'AFF 0 , fi 'J i, ' , -K 'fog Raw: Copeland, Hua, Grill, Kun, Saunders, Berglund, B. Richmond soon Run Advisor, lliss Hart, Challiss, Redingor, V. Richmond, Lewin, Perroud, Slankar 50693: iogienka, Bevier, Harris, Psrkino, Angell, Gates ----..+.........,.., if BUEINEEEMEN y ..- ta i 2. -'bg if '- Clarence Allen Clessan Allen Mobil Gas Congratulations Class of U9' Mr. and Mrs. Chas. G, Allen H. A. Ames Gamble Store Bent Tube Inc. Blaokmer's Clothing 6 Shoes G. D. Bossard 'Meat Market Compliments of John Bradley and Bob Smith Haystaok Compliments of Bud's Jewelry nnougn Burnie Hardware Joe Burrell Byerly Store Chet Hall, Mgr. Campbell's Farm Supply J. I. Case Farm Implements Rev. Ira. W. Cargo, Pastor Methodist Church Casady's Gulf Service Elwood C. Cheney H1-Speed Congratulations to all of you, Community State Bank, Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Cope1and's Barber Shop Craig Elevator Co. Fowlerville C. A. Currier Coal Lumber and Bu11der's Supply Frank Curtis Grocery .Mrs. Davis Grant DeForest Standard 011 Detroit Creamery Ford Grostic, Mgr. Compliments of Don's Tavern Stirling Douglass Doug's Superette Market Wayne Eaton Standard O11 Dr. M. D. Eggleston Veterinarian Clayton Fenton Drug Store C. W. Flegal Farmer's Gas and 011 Fowler Chair Co. Russell Tubbs, Mgr. Fowlervllle Sheet Metal Shop Ken U'Ren and Sons Fowlerville Equipment Co. Omaha Standard Truck Bodies Fowlerville Co-op Co. Farmer Owned Floss Fretz Personality Beauty Shoppe Rev. J. W. Germaine Pastor, Baptist Church Dr. Glenn, M. D. H. M. and G. Feed and Grain Co. Compliments of Hamllton's Store J. Gordon Harmon Ford Sales and Service R. 0. Harris Lafayette Life Insurance Co. Best Wishes of Hav'a look Gardens Harold Heinrich Gas Station J. J. Hendren, M. D. .Ered,Hillmanl Insurance Agent Ernest Lang D. and C. Store Cecil Lepard Chevrolet Sales Compliments of R. C. Liddicoatt A. L1nman's Radio and Appliance Shop M. L. Lintemuth L. C. Liverance Funeral Home and Ambulance Service M . and Mrs. Geo. Lucas Sr. Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. James Lucas Mack and Sommer John Deere Sales and Service Goodyear Tires and Tubes Le Eu Mo De G. A. McClure Mac's Barber and Beauty Shop Compliments of Grand Recreation Mr. and Mrs. Roy McDonald Miner Bros. Groceries and Meats Floyd Moore Motor Sales J. B. Munsell, Jr. John Oliver Jr. Trucking Your Entertainment Center 'Orr Theatern R. O. Harris Dr. Gerald J. Pelkey Dentist Compliments of Peter's Jewelry Public Library Fowlerville Railroad Express Agency C. and O. Railroad V. E. Priest Agent Best Wishes Redf1e1d's Flower Shop Good Luck Class of M9' Review Office Risdon Brothers Contractors Ross Robb Insurance Bill Rogers Hitohing Post After the Game Your Local Sheep Dipper Jack Sanderson Best Wishes Class of 49' Lula Belle and Scotty Showerman's Restaurant Will Sldell and Son Hardware and Appliances Luke Slmich Repairs Shoes and Sells New Ones For the Whole Family William Smith Garage G. C. Spagnuolo Candy and Ice Cream Ee He Plumbing and Electrical App'l Compliments of Hubert Strong The Grand Agency Inc. Insurance and Bonds Alexander Tait Tom1on's Dairy Leo Van Amberg Barber Shop The Vogts Wayside Market, Fruits Vegetables and Groceries Father Joseph Wleber Saint Agnes Parish Tom Woods Woods' Drug Store Fowlerville Lumber Co. N. H. Zimmerman, Owner . 5 E x 4 Q ,fx -...wh Q -W. 1T""1

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