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Q W gwim jwWg figfgfwhy NY' W W ,ISU K f SA? fbJVQEl!CL, 'JV - , Mfiyyffwy ani 'UL-. l ' 1 a, 7 77 3 RWUM ,E JS 35+ - """4A' Zozo ,v-L. AL L -MJ73QiMJ1-,,,pf6,'YL Qui 1 -. X iw Q 4 ., . Qw?5w wwwmme X "- 'Q ' ' rg Y 5 4 a aX"""""'1S"'C'-9.fw.1fvs1!l, I x 4 53 Ar!! If M 3 if r Why f Q. ,.. h A ,fl d,r A 1 H,Q KMii 3 x-A-is 34 Tix 3 K1 2, f ibf- SJ Kg 2 - . f 5' -NJ Q44 .,q, q 'Q A Q N ii? 3 3 '2 iii' F X Lx SZ. -Q .JR 'M 3.4 - E? fb ff: 32 Q G gb , '!'i'v u I -,X 7 .gi DT, Y GL . 2 Mu' Jifb Ni 153 lzfiig A ., A EP QQ K 3 gpg iw 1 B qw 1 fi 53241-A f S ,ff W MQ My W wi ww 2 www TJ 3? 'W 0 J V3lm',aQ.i'fZk WwQI2yWjZjafmM7MW wi W an ,g5? 3g23,,fpw QWVEWMQ f MWW ,W jw X ,Rigs ' ' -Qu, 0'-' f .Q QA - 2 QQ 1 3 I A H E E 4 f jMW My PW gf! My W ff Egg W5 ffj0'2ffWff 'cg' ' - I ' 1 W 2 -14 1 - . I ' , 1 1 4 , V. A J W Tr, F .-Jn. wr a . i..4 . ., V. ,, V. .. A , I: IT, ' ' V .Yang QQMVSQW 1' ' . f ' W 'N' ,M L5 9, KZ! an -- 7' WY 'Y 1' " f -'fi' -, 'W " W 7 ' " ,, w:' ffl' my ff M ,Q 5 W .awww M V0 Q M Q ' P Qgajff- Y f'3J,f QQQQWZWN SWE Q JQXX Q, A A 5 gg G3 S551 it - " Vw QW X Q MQ 2 ,gr W3 A WX .FJ ,, 4 55 J, 2 MX N' 1 E yy , Q Q 'P , . . " 7 I V 1 A -1 f M 'X I O x at ' ' 'K 'X Y T ' ' JJ YL' .Q Vx so-3 L A ? J xky! X EU A Q QP oi, ' 4 ' ,:Qblw..Q' . - 91' 9 H A A -gr "?V if ii.: an-W.,-1-.w.-.,....:..-mf-.-m-.-. vffz- -F ' A A Q Y 'Nj 4 A Vi ,. , , , A L f Q , 'QQ F' f 'gf H sf 4 ' ? n f ", 4 ' 1 J ' A 'Z I ' 4.-1' Q , A, K' P f r g 4. , f , , '.L'1r'2' 4,2 F, , I 4, i 46' gk 17' Q G 31 H I i x6 J, gn! I 4 JV- f X , QM! 'V y .jg '4 fv Vg. ,f , : W Q' , Y 5 .31 L ,eq ,I , Q 4- M5 f , , ' I x 'x ,V .A f . A Q 'f , , i gf M11 ,Q , ,uf . W- gg if 1 'f 5" ' , Jw QW l - f .V My y f ' 53. fx , Q f ' ,4 KM, W . f f A pf, A A + 4 A ' p,2,C3Zf R -W W, - - 4 ' ' ' f" . ,-A' - Y , , 3, fur. W J , f 1 1 1 1 Q ' ' Af -'sf A- 1 9 5 8 XNVNJbbR K Aj LITORIA j'S9fKYXY vom 11111 39 K' J JI jj Q4 ' ,XM yn A fu A ,ff QQ,-U gg , mg Aj f' J v -5 wir CWM M 3 J Q Q wmv, 14 N - NN XX f GJ J A' Pahil' dA E5 ! J P ljx Od STA :SWK 'unnuolly by KC M X ,XY Q5 u J-,he ucz Sto f f X5 1 Q,f31YiR.FfUN N ' ' NJ J fowLEri, CAIEIFIQQNX8' G5-'GOL wif? Af v H' W1 l X N xx' N .Y yy fy K Jr: I N F A J J Q 'J 'F X V ff' FOREWORD At the local newsstand, one may obtain magazines giving full coverage to world events. Through the l958 Litoria, "FUHS Newstand", we impart to you a full presentation of an eventful year. Through our magazines, we are sure you will be reminded of the important as well as minor events that will grow even more precious as the years pass by. . We, the editors, truly hope that this 1958 production will be a fitting climax to a most memorable year. EMORI M Kaspey Safyazian mpfai 10,1940 - August 12, 1957l In his quiet unassuming way, Kasper Safrazian made his place in the class of l958. He was always thoughtful and considerate of his fellow students. The tragic drowning accident at Lake Millerton which prevented his graduation with the class of l958 has captured the deepest sympathy of all who knew him. Richayd Goodeinecembef. 19, 1906 - January 10,1958l Mr. Richard Goode was a faithful member of the Fowler Union High School Board of Trustees for l7 years. During that time he served as clerk for six years and as president for four years. He worked unsel- fishly for the betterment of the school, the welfare of the students was always uppermost in his mind. He will be well remembered by everyone for his active community service and his loyal support of our school. - - Y id DEDICATION To you, Mr. Doniel Petersen, we dediccte this l958 Litorio to express to you in this smoll woy our gratitude for -The mogniticent woy in which you hove guided ond sponsored the Closs of l958. -The toir way in which you hove counseled the students of Fowler Union High School. -The odmiroble woy in which you hove developed the strong pride which we oll hold for our school. THE STAFF Table of Contents ADMINISTRATION CLASSES 7-16 17-36 CLUBS SPORTS 37-54 5 5-72 SOCIETY ADVERTISERS 73-80 81-1 OI WI DO JUN: 195: 'N mls ISSUE ADMINSTRATORS AND nmcnsns Give Helpful 1-:Anus uv KEEPING srunsurs' Noses ro cnmnsrous MR. ALLEN KIRBY, Principal MR. DANIEL PETERSEN, Vice Principal LEADERS PAVE OUR WAY "Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom, and with all thy getting get under- standing." iproverbs 4:79 Wisdom is more to be desired than great riches, tor a rich man may not be wise, but a wise man has wealth incorruptible. Schools are not capable ot, nor expected to turn out a finished product. Education is gained by dedicating one's though to the search tor tru h. Our schools are not an end in themselves. No formulas, collections ol data, theories or historical facts can be accumulated and of themselves evolve an educated individual. Only living can bring into being an educated being for education is a journey not a destination. Were it otherwise, lite at eighteen would become climactic and succeed- ing years 0 vain repetition. Schools should prepare well the soil ot receptivitv to truth, provide the seed of right desires, acknowledge the need of the sun of virture to illumine the thoughts ot men that they are brothers, and show the value of the gentle rain of inspiration. Then the students are guided to cultivate good thoughts, pure motives, and noble aims that will leave earth a better place than they found it. arwwy BOARD OF TRUSTEES - Aram Peters, H. W. Nielsen. Devon Ahronion, Som Vucowch and Ted Nix. HELPERS, BOARD BOLSTERS SCHOOL EFFICIENCY Representing the Fowler Union High School District ore five prominent citizens who compose the bocird of trustees. The best in education is provided through the untiring efforts put forth by these men, who ore constantly confronted with such problems os tronsportotion, budget, building focilities, cind school personnel. Aiding the school officiols ore Fowler High's three efficient secretories. Mrs. Lorene Bigger- stoff ossists our principol by ossuming ci voriety of duties in the rnoin office. Mrs. Moriellen Ash- croft rnokes certoin thot ends meet in the hondling of the school's fincinciol motters. Mrs. Ruth Con- verse hcis the never-ending tosk of keeping ottendonce records in order. Miss Morion White, our new counselor, hos been ovoiloble ot oll times to help students with their closses, problems, ond future plcins. Mrs. Lorcne Biggerstotf, Mrs, Ruth Converse. 1Not in Picture: Mrs. Moriellen Ashcroftl mr 11 lif-fi is ld was S K1 Ar. Keith Draughon - English, Al- lebra, Librarian, AV, Freshman FHA, Zloss Sponsor. ' P X ' I0 K lk il Top Right - A few of these English IV college preparatory stu- dents do not seem to be impressed by the English literature which has been assigned to them. Top Left - Da you know haw to take apart a 1957 Pontiac engine? These four prospective mechanics are learning how to do this in Auto Shop II. They are Robert Lucero, Alfred Blancas, Dennis Green, and Manuel Cruz. Mr. Frank Abston - Arithmetic, So- Miss Alice Blayney - Chorus, Eng- cial Studies, English, lush. Physical Education, Tri-l-li-Y, Aeolian Club, Sophomore Class Span' SCF. TEACHERS ENRICH LIVES II Miss Nancy Bowman - Physical Ed- Mr. Ted Converse -1 BOOKKSSDUWQ, ucation, GAA, Circle F, Tennis, Jun- General Business, Typing, Student Fl- i0r Clggg Sponsor, DAOFICE, FBLA, SOpl'1OmOI'e Class Ad- visor. Hom making, Mr. Anthony Garotoli - English, SpOnso E Drama-Speech, Junior Class Spon- SUV. l im ., -is Q fe - , 1, ,Q 5 - vis.: ,:, 4 Egg. ,. ,. Y . -I .- ., v,If':IiZ:, A fg,:f,.-. .af-.Q -53 .sa-: lg' If yi? M W Vx W' fa :gg ' ff' ,Q 5 A S ,if 6 aa Y Su wav' N J ,X gg i? GX ig R62-W '- f E ,qkw ., I, mf E2 we ,M .u , y . , 'Z . R 1 , A 1 ' mg QR ix k W. :V gb a E1 Y. .... 2 .. Y 4 A 3 1.0, 4 E23-iii?-1 Y f :ff , 5 Mm, D ,HL I, Q x ,, xx ,S Wm KU 4: Y g Q X1 if is W f f Q, 4 K f i K .. .Y SE 1. Y w x nm X 4, ,U ggiff f DE' Aj 1'.'S -:':.,: P1 . .: .Q ,.,.:: : f A 1: M z fn Mffsff ,dxf K I X ff mu 3, MQW... fffiifilf , - i A li E55 X ' fv .. 312' ' ,Z-rf F? 55 A Q V, -, 532 1 sw A .,:: ., S2532 .,,, .,,, 4 'Q Q. 2 I -l 5 , , M 2 f Q A , .' A I S Y .Q Y 'g l W 1 224956 gr WW ,N f A I R45 QI ef, W We vii fa wrifsf ai P2 "3 iff' n""?f-iff Y t, :gg ? A 94- Wmlkibx 3 Q A YS. ' " f' X ga-32'f'13 Af7,Wg , lrw gww ,Q -' KLM gf wg ? sl ' ff' 5 ,. :tix nw , x .aww , . ,L V'-wf.,.,. ,X X, Jn, k uf . R v,fzfZ,'l'ff'f?i'Ss" W K U w Hv21Hf"'3 " "?f'iWi4?f3i' 1,.f5f?lw-Wg Qifsfzfw ' wawi.-,2 Hi 1 f'Wfv'Wf if' x ww: A mf ,M fk W fiiiigi ,fig A X 'i '5, EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OFFICIATES OVER STUDENT BCDY RON KAZARIAN, President GLENN NAKAGUCHI, Vice President JANE HORN. SCACYGYUYY NANCY TARTAR, Treasurer Many beneficial accomplishments have been obtained by the i957-58 Executive Council. A new student court, fashioned on a principle similar to that of our nation's Supreme Court was formed for the betterment of the students. The studentsi handbook was revised by adding a history of the school, new yells, and student court rules. An addition was also made to the number of appointed officials - Commissioner of Bill Correspondence. 13 MMISSIONERS - Virginia Krilcorion, commissioner of records, Jeanette Poboojion, nmissionei ot student activites, Jim Fuquo, Commissioner of Sofetyg Horold Loloion, nmissioner of publicity, Shigeru Tokubo. commissioner of welfare, Dorell Peters, nmissioner of athletics, Sylvia E. Smith, commissioner of bill correspondence, r-4--as-...- Dun Petersen and Ted Converse, Sponsors LEADERS GUIDE STUDENTS THROUGH YEAR The council sponsored C1 Morch ot Dimes drive which wos highlighted by clciss competition ond concluded with o donce ot which the King ond Queen ot Dimes were crowned, All proceeds ot the preceding octivities were doncted to the Morch ot Dimes. Student government hos token greot strides this post yeor ond hos proved to be on overwhelm-A ing success. CLASS PRESIDENTS - Ston Storrs, junior closs president, Kenneth Yo- shimoto, sophomore closs president, Gary Dorling, treshmon closs presi- dent, Alden Komikowo, senior cioss president. House Of Representatives Improves Redcat Interest In Legislature HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES - BACK ROW: G. Kozaricin, K. Ka- ian. FRONT ROW: Croig,!L. McGIciughIin, clerk. D, Mooneyham, tmkawa, J. Patwooiion, R. Tsuchiguchi, G. Whitely, P. Mason, G. Sci- F5 FUIIKOWQ l-- Wftlfflf STANDING G- NOKUQUCVH, SDCGKBV- lNOf II'1 komoto. MIDDLE ROW: P Craig, J. Artrip, M Kozarian, R. AhrOn- picture: S. E. Smitnj Two ond one halt years of existance have been completed by the House of Representatives, the lower port ot our bicomerol government. Its members hove enjoyed two retreats, and presented new ideas in bill form, but more specifi- colly, they hove brought the student government closer to the students. The estoblishment of political parties during the last semester of l958 developed the true meoning ot the importonce of being o Representative. By continuing the faithful service exhibited during this lost semester, the House con truly ful- fill its l f . l' ' goo o mocmg o student government successful at Fowler High. SECONDSEMESTER HOUSE - BACK ROW: G. Scikamoto, B. Souza, P. Orphan, L. McGIaughIin, clerk, G. Nakaguchi, speaker, S. E. T. Slmonian, K. Burns. J. Artiip, J. Stenfort, 5. Kirby, M. L. Wilson, Smith, COBC, I. Garcia, H. Loloian, B. Gooel, J. Okamuro, R. Orozco. FRONT ROW SEATED: L. Eubcmks, I L A - . M .. . .N , v,,.5w.s, ,,.-.wvv DRIVERS, COOKL , CU TODIANS, CARRY THE LOAD CUSTODIANS - AI bert McLemore, Hu bert Jones, Joe Acos- fa, Huberf McGIaugh- lin. lNof in picture - Wullnom Sfonel I6 TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT -- John Delgado, Evcroti I-lanrmor, mor in nicfurc -- Carl Conway! 'A-4. COOKS - Lois Avenal, Non Mirigian, Gol- dir- Hepner, Sandy Yeramiczn, Blanch Bocfh. S N Z , , 3 2 2 Sophisticated Seniors Show Spark In Scholarship And Sports 7R CLASS OFFICERS - BACK ROW: Virginia Krikorian, girl's yell SENIOR SPONSORS - Daneil Peterson, Cameron Woods, Mrs 'j Early Sarkisian, sergeant at-arms, Dixie Johnson, girl's athletic Elva Ehrlich, Earl Powell. gf:-rj loo Moms, boys athletic manager, FRONT ROW: Tom Gong, Urn-siclentg Aldon Ka-nikawo, president, Linda MrGlaughlin, secre- Linrla Euliianlcs, troafurrvr. As the Senior Class pauses to scan the i958 Litoria newsstand, many enjoyable memories greet them from the covers of their favorite magazines. The Junior-Senior Prom, Senior Ditch Day, Career Day, and Dress-up Day all call to mind the fun and frolic of the Senior year, They have shown much enthusiasm and promise of things to come by capturing first place in the Fowler Fall Festival with the winning Junior-Senior float, and earning the intramural trophy dur- ing their Junior year. The motto of the class, "Going Ever, Stopping Never' is a good example of the activity of the Senior Class of l958. SEAL BEARERS - S. Tokubo, J. Berg, G. Nakaquchi, J. Horii, T. Gong, HITOMI ARASUNA- FHA, Senior S c 0 u T s, AV, FBLA. Tri-Hi-Y, Mixed Chorus, Assemblies. ETHEL AUBUCHON- Tri-Hi-Y, FHA, FBLA, Arl Club Inframural. JACK BERG- CSF, Soph play, Bank of America Award. GRETCHEN BOYER- Frosh Treas., Jr. Alh. Mgr., FHA Treas,, FBLA Trcas., Pres, GAA, Tri-Hi-Y, Aeolian Club, Jr. Review, Assemblies, Sludenl' Courf Rec. Sec., Prom Com. Ch., Intramural. CONNIE CASTILLO- FHA, GAA, Tri-Hi-Y, Mixed Chorus, Assemblies, Intramu- mural. ANNIE CONTRERAS- FBLA Treas., Tri-Hi-Y, Bancl, Assemblies, Intramural. EVERETT COWINGS- Hi-Y, Block F, Men's Chorus. Mixed Chorus, Assemblies, Basketball Trophy, Football, Track, Baseball, COP Honor Chorus, West Coast Relays. PAUL COX- Block F Sec,, Knights, Hi-Y, Cross Country, Football, Bas- kelball, Track. PAT CRAIG- House of Rep., Frosh. Sec., Soph. Yell Leader, FBLA Sec., Tri-Hi-Y, FHA, GAA, Redcar Ed, Litoria, Aeolian Club, Head Yell Leader, Jr. Review, Assemblies, Quill 81 Scroll, Swimming. VIRGINIA ADAMS- FHA, FBLA, intramural. iNEZ ANDRADE- GAA, FBLA, Ar? Club, Aeolian Club, Art Award. EIJI ARASUNA-- Block F, CSF, Science and Math Club, Football, Assem- blies, Athletic Awards, Soph. play, I9 I DAVID HANNA- Transfer from Madera in Sr. yr., Scence and Math Club Men's Chorus, Baseball. JOE HARO- Band, Track, Assemblies. ANGELINA HEREDIA- Aeolian Club, FBLA, Tri-Hi-Y, GAA, Band. 20 MANUEL CRUZ- Bosketball, Football, Baseball, intramural, Athletic Awards, Assemblies. ISABEL DELGADO- VI LI Ll JI Tri-Hi-Y, Aeolian Club Mixcfl Chorus, Assemblies. CKIE DELGADO- Transfer from Washinqton Union in Soph. yr., FHA Ec. Rep., FE'l.A, Art Club, Girls League Sr, Rep., Banner Car- rier, Intramural, Tri-Hi-Y. NDA EUBANKS- Sv. Trees., FHA Pres., FBLA Treas., Tri-Hi-Y, Art Club, GAA, Quill 8. Scrcll, Redcat Rcview, Litoria, Jr. Asst, Ed., EJ., Assemblies, House at Rep., intramural. Z FRANCO- Frosh Girls Ath. Mgr., FHA, Tri-Hi-Y, Art Club, FBLA, FFA Sweetheart, Mixed Chorus, As- emblies, M FUQUA- ASLI Comm. of Safety, FFA Pres., V. Pres., Band Assem- blies, Football, Bank of Ameri- ca Award. THOMAS GONG- Sr. V. Pres., Quill 8. Scroll, CSF Treos., Block F, Seal Bear- er, Rertcat, Litoria Asst. Bus. Mgr., Basketball, intramural, Tennis, Student Court Justice, Science and Math Club, Bank OF America Award. EDWARD GRIFFIN- R Comm. of Safety, Student Court Ballitf, Knights, Hi-Y, Math 81 Science Club, Art Club, AV, Soph. play, Assem- blies, Swimming, Football, AMON0 GUERRA- Tri-Hi-Y, FHA, GAA, Mixed Chorus, Transfer from San Joaquin Memorial in Frosh yr. LYDIA HEREDIA- GAA, Tri-Hi-Y, FBLA, FHA, Mixed Chorus, Aeolian Club, Bona, Assemblies, Intramural. EDDIE HERNANDEZ- Football. JANE HORII- ASB Sec., Soph. V. Pres., Girls' Leaaue Soph. Rep., AV Sec., Sr. Scouts Pres., Treas., Prom Ch., Knights Treas., Seal Bear- er. Assemblies, Intramural, BOBBY JACKSON- Block F, Cadets, Assemblies, Men's Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Football, Basketball, Track. DIXIE JOHNSON- Sr. Girls' Athletic Mgr., Tri- Hi-Y V. Pres., FHA Hlst., FBLA, GAA, Aeoliari Club, AS- femlfnlies, Intramural, Bank of America Award. ALDEN KAMIKAWA- Sr Pres., Jr. V. Pres.. Frosh V. Pres., AV publicity co-ch., Science 8. Math Club, Quill 8. Scroll, CSF, Knights, Redcat, Litoria Asst. Bus. Mgr., As- semblies, Soph play, Basket- ball, House of Rep., Prom co- Ch., Intramural, DEE NEECE KANDARIAN- Tri-Hi-Y, FBLA, FHA, GAA, Aeolian Club, Pep Girl, As- semblies, Campus Queen '56- '57, Intramural. GARY KAZARIAN- Jr. Yell Leader, Hi-Y, Block F, Stage Crew, Soph. play, As- semblies, Athletic Awards, football, T r a c k, Baseball, House of Rep, RON KAZARIAN-- Transfer from South Gate Jr. yr., ASB Pres., Hi-Y Pres., AV, Knights, Block F, Jr. Review, .fKf,s.'.:-Pwlirs, Athletic Awards, Footbail, Track, Baseball, ln- tramural, Boys' State Treas. Bt Y's Men Boy of the Year. SYLVIA KIRBY- lransfer from Tuolumne Sr. yr., Assemblies, Aeolian Club, Tri-Hi-Y, GAA, Band, Swim- ming, Mayfair Queen, l958. VIRGINIA KRIKORIAN- ASB Comm. of Rec., Yell Leader, Jr. Treas., Sr. Yell Leader, Tri-Hi-Y Treas., FHA V. Pres., AV, Knights, CSF Soc. Ch., FBLA Treas., V. Pres., GAA, V. Pres., Redcat Ed., Litoricl, Head Pep Girl, Quill S. Scroll, House of Rep. BOB LAIKAM- Block F, Hi-Y, Mixed Chorus, Assemblies, Football, Intramu- ral, Athletic Awards. 21 BARBARA LONG- Mixed Chorus, Assembies. ROBERT LUCERO- Block F, Football, Track. VICTORIA MADSEN- Girls League Pres., Sr. Scouts, Mixed Chorus, Pep Girl, Drama Club, Assemblies. 22 ELIN MAEGLER- Bank of America Award. LINDA MARSHALL- Tri-Hi-Y, Art Club, Aeolian Club, Assemblies, Mixed Cnor- us, Intramural. JACK MAXWELL- Block F, Assemblies, Football, Baseball, Tennis. LINDA MCGLAUGHLIN- House of Rep. Clerk, Sr, Sec., Knights, Quill L Scroll, Trie Hi-Y, FHA Prog. Chr., FBLA Club, Litoria Asst. Ed., Redcat Assemblies, Intramural, Cam- pus Queen '57-58, Prom Gen, Chr., Bank of America Award, MARJORIE MIYASAKI- AV Sec., Hist., FHA Treas.. Assemblies, Tennis, intramur- al. JOE MONIS- Sr. Ath, Mgr., Hi-Y V. Pres., Redcar Soorts Ed., Litoria, Quill 8. Scroll, Football, Sr, Co- Coptain, Basketball, Baseball, Intramural, Athletic Awards. DELORES MO0NEYHAM- Transfer from Arizona in Jr. yr., House of Rep., Tri-Hi-Y, AV, Student Court Clerk, FHA, Girls' League Standing Ch., Redcat Ed., Liloria, Mix- ed Chorus, Assemblies, Quill 8. Scroll. BILLY MORENO- Assemblies, Spring Concert, Track Mgr., Basketball. ELEANOR MUNOZ- GAA, Tri-Ha-Y, FBLA, FHA, Aeolian Club. TAD NAKAMURA- Soph. Treas., AV Pres., Band Pres. Bl V. Pres., CSF V. Pres., Knights, Science 81 Math Club, Assembles, Football, Basket- ball, Track, Student Court Asso Justice, House of Rep. TOM NALIAN- Football, Baseball, FFA. SALVADOR NOVELLA- Track. JOHN NUTT- Mixed Chorus. BOB OROZCO- Transfer from Sanger Jr. yr., H1-Y, Block F, Football, Track, intramural. J EANETTE PABOOJ IAN- ASB Comm. of Student Act., Head Yell Leader, Frosh Yell Leader, Soph Sec., Tri-Hi-Y Pres., Knights, Girls' League V. Pres., GAA Sec., Circle F 8. Stars, Aeollan Club, Pep Girl, Quill 8. Scroll, Redcat, Litoria, Swimming, FHA Sec., CSF, FBLA. Sr. Scouts. ELEANOR PERALTA- FHA, Tri-Hi-Y, FBLA, Art Club, Assemblies. DARRELL PETERS- ASB Comm. of Ath,, Hi-Y Sec. Block F, Assemblies, Football, Basketball, Track, Tennis, ln- tramural. DANIEL RAMIREZ- Soph. Boys' Ath, Mgr., Block F, "edcat, Quill 8. Scroll, Bos- keiaalll, Baseball, Intramural. TED MU NOZ- Frosh Yell Leader, Hi-Y, Art Club, Jr. Review, Mixed Chor- us, COP Honor Chorus. JANIE NAKAGAWA- Jr. Sec., FHA Sec., Girls' League V. Pres., AV Hist,, As- semblies, Intramural. GLENN NAKAGUCHI- ASB V, Pres., AV Pres., CSF V. Pres. 8. Treas., Knights Sec., Block F, Assemblies, Seal Bearer, Football Mgr. 23 2 QM RICHARD SHAHBAZIAN- Quill St Scroll, Knights, Science Bi Math Club, Redcat, Litoria, soph, ploy, Basketball. MARILYN SMITH- Art Club. SYLVIA E. SMITH- Comm. of Bill Corr., House of Rep. Clerk, FHA, CSF, Redcat Ed., Litoria, Band, Jr. Review, COP Honor Bond, Jr. Review, Soph, play, Girls' State, Quill 81 Scroll, Knights, Bank of Arnerlco Award, Betty Crock- er Future Homemaker Award, D.A.R. Good Citizen Award. 24 CORNELIOUS ROBINSON- Frosh. Ath. Mgr., Soph. Yell Leader, Jr, Sgt. at Arms., Block F Pres., and Sec., Hi-Y, Assemblies, Football, Most Valuable Back, Basketball, Track, Baseball. RICHARD RODRIQUEZ- Sr. Yell Leader, Hi-Y, Men's Chorus, Intramural. THERESA ROMERO- Tri-Hi-Y, GAA, FBLA, FHA, Assemblies, Intramural. GEORGE SAKAMOT0- House of Rep., Jr. Boys' Ath. Mgr., Knights, Hi-Y, Quill 8. Scroll, Redcat Assoc. Sports Ed., Litoria, Bond, Swing Band, Soph. play, Jr. Review, Foot- ball, Basketball, Track Mgr. VICKIE SARGENTI- Tri-Hi-Y, FHA, Mixed Chorus, Aeolian Club, Band, Intramur- al. EDDIE SARKISIAN- Jr. Pres., Sr. Sgt. ot Arms, CSF Pres., Knights, Quill 8- Scroll, Redcat, Litoria Bus. Mgr., Band, Swing Band, Soph. play, Student Court Chief Justice, Jr. Review, House of Rep, GILBERT SCHMIDT- Sopn. ploy, Track, Art Club. NANCY SCHULT- Intramural, Bank of America Award. FRED SCHWABENLAND- Knights, Cadets, Assemblies. TONY SOUZA- FFA Reporter, Band, Assem- blies, Baseball Mgr., FFA Award, Calif. Banker's Award, Intramural. NANCY TARTAR- ASB Treas., Tri-Hi-Y, GAA Rec. Sec., FBLA, Quill 81 Scroll, Redcar, Liforia, Aeolian Club, Head Maiorelte, Jr. Review, Assemblies, i958 Carton Prin- cess, Inrramural, COP Honor Chorus, Prom Gen. Chr., Sr. Scouts, FHA Soc. Ch., Song Leader. SHIGERU TOKUBO- ASB Comm. of Welfare, CSF, Knighls, Science 81 Mal'h Club, Assemblies, Baseball, Basker- ball, Track, Athlefic Awards, Seal Bearer, House of Rep., Bank of America Award KATHLEEN VALDEZ- Fresh. Girls' Afh. Mgr., Jr. Yell Leader, GAA Pres., Sr. Scouts Treas, Tri-Hi-Y Treas., FHA, Aeolian Club Pres., Mixed Chorus, Assembles, Girls' Lcaguc lnlhafion Ch. ROSA VASQUEZ- GAA, FHA, Aeolian Club Sec., Treas,, Mixed ChOrus, Band, Assemblies, lnrramural. CORA VELA- FHA, FBLA, Band, Intramural. NICK WATTS- Hi-Y, Arr Club, Mixed Chorus, Band, Swing Band, Pep Band, Assemblies, Football, C OP Honor Band, STEVE WElNBERG- Rerlcal, Liforia Photographer, Assemblies, Soph. Play, Swim- ming, Block F. ROBERT WILSON- Mixed Chorus, Band, Swing Eand, Pep Band, Assemblies, COP Honor Band and Chorus, Cadets. JANICE WISE- Tri-Hi-Y, FHA, Band Treas., Girls' League Sec., Banner Carrier. DON WRIGHT- Black F, AV Sgr. at Arms., Hi- Y, Football Outslanding Line- man, Stage Crew, Bank of America Award. LEE YERAMIAN- Hi-Y, Band, Swing Band, Jr. Review, Drama Play, Assem- blies, Tennis. 25 'I No Pictu re RAYMOND AGUAYO - Football, ALFRED BLANCAS - Football, Basketball, Track, Athletic awards. DENNIS GREEN - Cadets. MARY LOU HEREDIA - JAY LORRIE - FELIX MARTINEZ - LEROY McCLEARY - Transfer from Kingsburg in Sr. year. VINCENT McNAMARA - Transfer from San Joaquin Memorial in Sr. year, Student Court, Science 8- Math Club. .-Senior Dress-Up Day proved to be most successful this year as is demonstrated by these two winners: Linda Eubanks, most original, Ron Kazarian, most comical. 2.-Sylvia Smith seems satisfied with her announcement order taken by Alden Kamikawa, as Linda McGlaughlIn writes up a calling card order for Eddie Sarkisian. 3.-Shades of George and Martha Washington are depicted by Alden Kamikawa and Janie Nakagawa, who were iudged the best couple at Dress-Up Day. Taken BOB OCHOA - CECIL ROGERS - SYLVIA S. SMITH - FHA, Band, Assemblies, Art Award, Intramural Bank of America award. HENRY SUBIA - EDWARD VARGAS - Football, Track, Basketball, captain, Baseball Athletic awards, Mixed Chorus, FLORENCE ZAVALA -- Transfer from Selma in Soph. year. 4.-Hitomi Arasuna, Margie Miyasaki, .and Jane Horii, best char- acter portrayal, donned beautiful Japanese costumes as their dress-up apparel. 5.-"Good morning, dear teacher," an original song by Eddie Sar- kisian, started oft Mr. HuntIey's Senior Problems' class with a musical note on student teaching day. mv ...M Seniors Select Outstanding Personalities SCHOLARSHIP lane Horin, Shigeru Tokubo PERSONALITY PLUS Lindo Eulmonks, Alden Komikowa MOST INDUSTRIOUS Don Wright, Sylvlo S. Smifh 2 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Qon KGZGFIGD, Nancy Tcvtor MOST CO-OPERATIVE erm CI oquc 1 SPORTSMANSHIP UNIOR CLASS OFFICERS - BACK ROW: Russell Smith, boy's athletic manager, Jim Carter, vice president, Paula Cox, yell leader: Stan Stairs, resident. FRONT ROW: Norma Gonsalves, Girl's athletic manager, arolyn I-lenclerson, lreasurer, Aimy Taniguchi, secretary. JUNIOR CLASS SPONSORS - BACK ROW: Anthony Garofoli, Nancy Bowman, FRONT ROW: Mrs, Freda Rainey Phil Patino. fNot in picture: Percy Stanton, Marion Whitel uniors Shine In All ehool Activities Rolling full steam ahead, the Junior Class clirnaxed their rigorous social schedule with the Jun- ior-Senior prom which was enhanced by the theme, "Oriental Dream". Other activities included on the calendar of events tor the class of '58 were slave day, the jun- ior musical, and a junior assembly. Under the guidance at President Stan Stairs, the members ofthe class worked together on foot- ball and basketball concessions and attergame dances. Through these and other money making pro- jects, the juniors raised their treasury to a point sufficient to create o dazzling prom tor the graduat- ing SCVIIOTS. Myron Kerbafan smiles wryly as he pays for the slave girls whom he purchased at the Junior Slave Auction. JUNIOR PROM CHAIRMEN - BACK ROW: J. Carter, R. Ahronian, P Mason, M. Kazarian, MIDDLE ROW: A. Taniguchi, C. Hendersen, H. 5 Laloian. FRONT ROW: J. Stenfort, D. Price, C. Thuesen, J. lshkanian. 28 MISS BOWMAN'S HOMEROOM KANITA EKBERGJ - BACK ROW: D. Blair, J. Flores, R. Ahronian, G, Frazier, J. Bedrosian, J. Carter, M. Franco, D. Burnside, J. Galvan. SECOND ROW: E. Barsamian, R, Fuyrkawa, A, Fujikawa, G Franco, S. Cavazos, B. Biayney, FRONT ROW: J. Garcia, A, Bulaich, M. Easter, P, Cox, F Adargaz, H. Deatherage, W. Anderson. 1Not in picture: I. Carmnna, M. Corrasco, C. Castaneda, J. Fields, M. Garcia, J, Garnerj MR. STANTON'S HOMEROOM UOHN SAXONJ - BACK ROW: G Smoke, V. Simpson, V, Rogers, S. Stairs, G. Whiteley, A, Rodrlquez, A, Sanchez, B Taylor. SECOND ROW: J. Valde7, C. Vucovich, O. Sherman, L. Stewart, V. Rodriquez, FRONT ROW1 P. Turpin, C. Romero, J. Takahashi, B. Srabian, J. Sienfort, A. Taniguchi, C. Thuesen, J. Wilson, iNot in picture: N. Rodriquez, L. Romero R. Scott, A. Vargas, P, Whittenburgj MR. GAROFOLVS HOMEROOM UAMES DEAN! - BACK ROW: C. Lanningham, J. Heredia, D. Jones, S. Graham, R, Karle, B, Gerber, W. Krueger, G. Krueger. SECOND ROW: L. Gonzales, M. Johnson, H. Horil F. Hashimto, M, Kazarian, G. Hamp, H Laloian, T. Hernandez. FRONT ROW: J Gibson, C. Henderson, N. Gonsalves, J. Ishkanian, L. Hobart, B. Hiyama, W. Law- rence. iNnt in picturei V. Gomez, J. Goo- gooian, V. Heredia, R. Jenson, I. Lopez.J 1 Y LQWWX W! 'fififllffa If ,, L . ,, VW' xi! . N 'Six ww HF A A v E lib 82213235 I Q SOPHOMORE OFFICERS - BACK ROW: Jim Artrip, boys' othietic manager, Joyce Artrip, girls' yell leaderg Lynn Fuiui, buns' yell Ieodeig Ken Yoshimoto, president, Ann Puaua, secretary FRONT ROW: Tamara Nielsen, vicef president, Joyce Toyocla, treasurer, Helen Block, girls' athlstic manager. Leaving their title of "Lower Classmen" behind, the sophomore class has finally reach- ed the realm of being among the upper-cIoss- y hen. The highlight of their eventful year was the selecting and receiving of their class rings. They also have lett a memorable trail of ath- etic and scholastic awards, as well as many activities such as dances and parties. The Class of i960 looks forward with anti- :ipotion to the eventful year ahead of them as urriors SOPHOMORE SPONSORS - BACK ROW: Ethel Roasn' Conxursc. FRONT ROVV' Tom McConnell, Alice Blczynf Ort Wormack. L ophs Reach Halfway s ark Mr. Hobson carefully fries sample rings on Joyce Tdyodo so she may be assured of a perfeci fit before she gives her ring order fo Ann Fuqua. fgirls?l, B. Eubanks, T. Nielsen, and J. Toyoda, when they pi The Sophomore assembly was highlighted by these formed their hilarious GOOP dance, MR. McCONNELL'S HOMEROOM IRICKIE NELSOND - BACK ROW: R. Kazarian, D. Maul, P. Orphan, R. Pisor, T. Kazarian, Pahoogian, R Mayebo, MIDDLE ROW: T. Kerby, B. Oros- C0, E. Mathews, G. Mooyartian, H. Peralta, R. Krikorlan, B. Morrill. FRONT ROW: S. Nie- rneyer, T. Nielsen, K. Omland, E. Kirby, A. Nahigian, M. Nakamura, C. Mallory, lNot in picture: R. Portillo, J. Kincaid, J. Lopez, E. Perez, M. Perez, P: Marshall, R. Moreno, I. Mu- noz, R. Ochoa, M. Pulidol MISS BLAYNEY'S HOMEROOM IELVIS PRESLEY! - BACK ROW: J. Garcia, J. Grilalva, L: Fupii, R. Haller, R. Honda, G. Goshgarian, F. Galvan, M. Harlan, L. Harris. MIDDLE ROW: P. Gomez, J. Galvan, M. Flowers, M. Hurado, N. Harper, B. Jones, A. Flores, J. Hall, D. Gobel. FRONT ROW: M. Gonzales, B. Goble, A. Fuqua, J. Feaver, F, Fijikawa, L. Hall, L. Ikeda, J: Guerra. lNot in picture: C. Gonzales, P, Hanna. A: Hughcy, K. Jeffcrys, E. Griffin.l MISS ROOSMAN'S HOMEROOM lROCK HUDSONI - BACK ROW: D. Alfaro, G. Cornell, J. Artrip, D. Barnes, R. Bagdasar- ian, E, Abernathy, J. Beltran, V: Bedrosian. MIDDLE ROW: P. Chambers, H: Cain, J Artrip, R. Castaneda, M. Butler, O. Avila, A. Blancas, M: Coleman, G. Dykes. FRONT ROWt R. Blancas, J, Dayis, A, Ellis, N. Deatherage, S. Bank, M. Brandon, H. Black, N. Brown. lNot in picture: B. Bel- tencourt, P. Burns, A. Capozzi, B. Eu- bonksl Lynn Fuiii, Paul Orphan, Ted Kazaricn, Joe Soghomonion, and Ronnie Kazorion cut o "cool" can-can at the Sophomore As- sembly. -Dennis Maul m.c.'s the Sophomore Production. MR. WARMACK'S HOMEROOM KPAT BOONE? - BACK ROW: B. Warren, M. Zunuga, R. Rebensdorf, R, Stork, J. Soghomonian, T. Sirnonion, T. Thompson, K. Yohimofo, R. Sokamoto. MIDDLE ROW: B. Vargas, , M. Tokubo, L. White, M. Rodriquez, E, Ramirez, G. Vafquez. FRONT ROW: H. Torres, J. Toyoda, L. Whife, M. York, C. SchmndT, M. Sherman, M. Square. lNot in picture: C. Walker, B, Sande-IH 3.-Assembly snaps also caught Joy Artrip in o pantomime. 4.-Ken Yoshimoto, Jim Artrip, Judy Hull, and Sherry Bank sell "goodies" at the Sophomore concession. 5.-Sophomore Dance found many studenfs enioying the music. - . .r,,:Nw W mmmrgvsw FRESHMEN ZOOM TO FLYI 1 TART FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS - BACK ROW' Ron Peters, vice president, FRESHMAN SPONSORS - Lefford Huntley, Keith Drauqhon, Mrs. Muriel Gary Darling, president, Arbary Robinson, yell leader, Ricky Valdez, Miller, Alfred Leal, John Pereira. Boy's athletic manager, Ruby Montoya, girl's athletic manager, Joyce Kasparian, secretary, Diane Craig, treasurer, Joanne Paboojian, yell leader, With fond memories of initiation behind them, the freshman class not only leave a fine record of activities but show great potentiolity of becoming excellent sophomores next year. Under the motto "Today we follow, tomorrow we lead", the class of l96l hos finally emerged from their lowly title of scrubs. Using the orchid as their flower and blue and silver as their colors, the freshmen held o suc- cessful dance and assembly. They also have done their share in upholding the tradition that the freshmen must decorate the goal posts and clean the field after each football game. Freshman girls frolic at initiation after being re- quested to "make out" with a broom. Barbara Sou- za, Karen Kamikawa, and Elaine Fitsgerald. MR. PEREIRA'S HOMEROOM CSAL MINEOD - BACK ROW: J. Bynum, P. Currier, R. Denham, N. Atchley, G. Darling, P. Franco, A. Easter, F. Corillo, E. Deatherage, F. Carrasco. MIDDLE ROW: J. Beltran, F. Bagdosarian, A. Vargas, K. Eckman, B. Edwards, M. Delgado, C. Elias, P. Bettericourt, A. Duncan. FRONT ROW: J. Doyle, E. Fitzgerald, M. Bagdasarian, J. Biggerstaff, V. Easley, C. Cornell, K. Burns, D. Craig, V. Bagdasarian, D. Castillo. lNot in picture: A. Avila, B. Bradford, J. Cain, T. Cayazus, D. Contreras, W Cowings, J. Flanigan, K. Blanchettej MR. DRAUGHON'S HOMEROOM KTAB HUNTERJ - BACK ROW: J. Smith, R. Reyes, R. Salinas, K. Schmall, C. Powell, D. Pahooiian, F. Muller, V. Pursell, R. Rutledge, B. Nielsen, R. Mirigian. MIDDLE ROW: J. Rogers, A. Robinson, R. Peters, J. Simonian, E. Square, E. Robles, D. More- no, E. Portillo, R. Subia, E. Morill FRONT ROW: S. Nix, J. Sham, J. Paboojian, R. Montoya F. Solomon, B. Souza, M. Price, B. Munoz, K. Pope, M. Ramirez. lNot in picture: T.Munoz, D Robles, G. Sandell, M. Smitlwl l MR. HUNTLEY'S HOMEROOM KLITTLE RICHARDJ - BACK ROW: J. Lopez, J. Laikam, R. Henderson, R. Maul, B. Kin- caid, D. Krikorian, M. Kerbajian, M. Mar- tinez. MIDDLE ROW: G. Gomez, D. Hill, J. Howlett, M. Kcvorkian, J. Kasparian, D. Kawano, K. Kamikawa, G. Lucero, R. Her- nandez FRONT ROW: J. Gutile, P. Garner, M. Lott, J. Jensen, B. Gong, J. Hashizume, M. Meyia, R. Lopez. lNot in picture: A. Go- mez, L. Hurtado, R. Leyya, l. Lovatos, B. Ibarra, R. Lopez, M. Gutierrez, S. McCIea- ry.J ,. wx NW' www. . . f .mm is R-fi Hg? 5 1- QV Ai .5 74 . .,.,. HK. an M AL wi 'WQMI Y, A :MJ 5. 3 4 2 4 9 ,.,:. , M ' 1 Ls. W.- E, P 'n M -,-H., ..... y . , , 4 4 5 ,:.: ,Z :., . qw, QQBSV X June 1958 Urqanrzarruns prrrvrde extra currrcular 2 5 . Litoria Staff Gathers Pictorial Memories 'ORIA EDITORS AND SPONSOR - Linda McGIaughlin, Lindo Eubanks, Miss ol Ruosman. LITORIA BUSINESS MANAGERS - Alden Kamikawa, Eddie Sar kision. "Fowler High NEWSSTANDH, the theme of this year's Litoria, presents in the form of maga zines an accumulation of colorful events ofthe l957-i958 school year. The staff worked hard and met the deadline for publication with the help of their sponsors, Ethel Roosman and Cameron Woods. They were careful not to omit even the tiniest event in their efforts to assure a complete record for students and teachers alike. LITORIA STAFF - BACK ROW STANDING: G. Sakamoto, C. Woods, sponsor, G. l-lamp R Shabazian, J. Stenfort, J Ivtonls, N Tartef, P. Mason, P. Craig, R. Stark, J. Pa- boollan, H. Lalolan. FRONT ROW SEATED: S. E. Smith, V. Krikarian, D. Moarieyham I' ,t I , FOGRAPHERS - Stove Weinberg, Harold LalOio . n I ,MM.,,... 38 FI ST AND SECOND SEMESTER EDiTORf ... BACK ROW' C. Woods, SDOHSOVI J' Moryis, , G.RHamp, V. Krikorian D. lxiwoneyhrim. ,FRONT ROW' J. Stentort, H. Laloian, P. Craig, REDCAT BUSINESS MANAGERS - Gerald Hamp s. E. smith. QW MUSOH REDCAT STAFF - BACK ROW: E. Roosman, sponsor, G Sakamoto, R. Stark, R. Shabazian, A. Kamikawo, D. Maul S. Weinberg. FRONT ROW: L McGIauahIin, L. Eubanks, J, Pa- boopan, N. Tartar, E. Sarklsian. Redcat Taps, News For A B Busily writing stories and making heads are some of the activities of the journalism students which keep them "jumping" in Room l9. Fridays are an exception to this, for that is the day they take lite easy and merely cut their stories out, file them in their string books, and start next week's paper. Page editors are new additions to the Redcat Review this year, This makes publishing the paper a much more simple job. First semester editors were: Joe Monis, Harold Laloian, June Stentort, and Pat Craig. Second semester editors were Sylvia E. Smith, Virginia Krikorian, Delores Monneyham, and Gerald l-lamp who accepted their jobs willingly and successfully published ci Redcat every week there after. Doing a fine job of photography with the New Polaroid Land Camera were Dennis Maul d on Harold Laioian. Steven Weinburg served as photographer for the lst semester with Stan Stairs as his assistant. BAND BRIGHTE S SCHOOL PIRIT SAND - BACK ROW' I. Fuqua, J. Haro P. Chambers, T. Noka- V. Ramirez, R. Karle. SECOND ROW: J Wise, V. Delgado, V. Bog- mura, R. Kazarian, R. Honda, R. Mayebo, T. Souza, FOURTH ROW: dasarian, M, Wilson, S. Nix, A. Heredia, M. R0driquez, S. Covflzos, D. Pabooiian, L. Neramian, J, Easley, J. Garner, J. Biggerstaff, B. G. Franca, R. Wilson, M, Franco, FIRST ROW: L, Harris, B. OrQsco, Gobel, A. Ellis, J, Wilson, S. E. Smith. THIRD ROW: G. Krueger, C. N, Watts, B. Moreno, W. Krueger, B. Gerber. lNot in picture: J. Ra- Poweli, J. Oknmura, M. Smith, D. Hill, R. Tsuchiguchi, D. Pursell, mirez, J. Flores, Barsamiaryl f Working diligently on their effective, heart-warming musical productions, the Fowler Hi Band, under the direction of Earl Powell, has kept "music in the air" during the school year. The bcind is to be commended for doing such a wonderful iob in promoting school spirit. They participated in the Fowler Fall Festival Parade and in the Veteran's Day Parade in Fresno, They also did a very impressive job of representing Fowler at the All VVestern Band Review in Long Beach and at the Music Festival in Clovis. P MARCHING - The Fowler Band steps off in time for the Fowler Fall Festival Parade. Band Director, Mr. Earl E. Powell YELL LEADERS - Paulo Cox, Pof Craig, Vlrgumo Krikorion, PEP GIRLS - Dec Neccc Kondornon, Josie Gorcuo, Jeanette Pobooplon, Chlsfine Thuescn, Joyce Ishkonlon. Ad Girls with Vim and Vigor Sparkle pirit MAJORETTES - Peggy Turpin, Den- vo Prncg, Inez Carmono, Lilo H0- bort, Vnckie Simpson, Nqnqy Tm- tor, Head Majorefte. w Pi? Y any W 'V rw' wwnawamm BOYS' CHORUS - BACK ROW: R. Bynum, B. Haller, B, Morrill, P. Betencourt, J. Beltran, R. Moreno, J. Lopez, J. Griialva. THIRD ROW: A. Hughey, E. Cowings, D. Hanna, T, Thompson, B. Nix, E. Var- gas, R. Sherman, M. Vasquez. SECOND ROW: E, Hernandez, T. AEOLIAN CLUB - BACK ROW: M. Flowers, J. Srabian, M. Me- iia, L. Hcrcclia, M. Butler, A. Fry, L. Marshall. THIRD ROW: M. Robinson, M, Hurada, M. Easter, M. Puiido, L. Pettigrew, S. Kirby, W. Lawrence, Miss Blayney, director. SECOND ROW: E. Robles, J Q . 5 Q , 3 l i l' I , . I Thompson, F, Torres, A. Avila, R. Lopez, B. Levya, D. Gobel, A. Vargas. FRONT ROW: H. Peralta, R. Smith, H. Cain, B. Rebcns- dorf, G. Moorvartian, G. Mathews, P. Hanna. Davis, I. Munoz, A. Rivera, A. Heredia, K. Valdez, l. Delgado, FIRST ROW: V. Gomez, A. Robles, H. Torres, E, Munoz, I. Andrade, R. Vasquez, H. Oakley, L. Romero. Music Makers Combine to Provide Entertainment Among the choral groups awarded excellent ratings at the Clovis Music Festival this year were two Fowler High groups, the Aeolian Club, composed entirely ot young women, and the Men'S Chorus. Under the most capable and expert leadership of Miss Alice Blayney, the students worked long and hard to make the Christmas Pageant a complete success. Following the pageant, the music department presented the annual Spring Concert and participated in the Junior Musicial. 43 GIRLS LEAGUE OFFICERS - BACK ROW: J, Wise, sec.: A. Fuqua, soph rep., Miss M. White, sponsor, V. Delgado, sr. rep., C. Henderson, treas. FRONT ROW: R. M, Lo- pez, frosh. rep., A. Bulaich, jr. rep., V. Madsen, pres. CNot in Picture: J. Nakaga- wa, y. pres.i MAYFAIR COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN - FRONT ROW: Virginia Krikorian, Army Taniguchi, Denva Price, Christine Thuesen. BACK ROW: Janie Nakagowa, Vicki Madsen, Carolyn Hender' son, Nancy Schult. lNot in picture: Nancy Tartari Many activities lined the calendar ot the i958 Girls' League Organization. Vicki Madsen, counselled by Miss White, led the girls through such annual events as Twirp Season, Frosh Initiation, and Blossom Day. The Big and Little Sister program assured the underclassmen of ioining the fun, Mayfair, the feature attraction of the year, carried out the theme "Around the World in 80 Minutes." lt was held in connection with public school's week and included a program, concessions, and o dance. Vicki Madsen, Girls' League president, presents the prizes for the Blossom Day winners to Miss Roosman, faculty, Peggy Turpin, mode by herself Gretchen Boyer, purchased dress, and Mary Louise Wilson, mode by someone else. Festivities Galore Featured By Girls' League TRI-HI-Y - BACK ROW: J. Artrip, G. Muller, J. Tiller, V. Easley Gonsalves, chap., G. Franca, P. Turpin, sec., J. Paboojian, pres., D. R. Guerra, L. Heredia, D. Mooneyham, N. Tartar, P. Craig, R. Mon- Johnson, v. pres., J. lshkanian, L. Eubanks, V. Krikorian, L. Mc- toya, D. Craig, J. Paboojian, T. Nielsen, E. Kirby, B. Eubanks, B, Glaughlin, G. Boyer, E. Fitzgerald. FRONT ROW: P. Cox, D. Price, C, Edwards, M. Butler, K. Valdez, treas., I. Delgado, R. Robinson. Vucovich, B. Machado, J. Kasparian, K. Burns, D. Kandarian, B. THIRD ROW: J. Biggerstatt, S. Nix, J. Shamshoian, B. Munoz, J, Jen- Souza, M. Bagdasarion, L, White, B. Maxwell. tNot in picture: Miss sen, W. Lawrence, D. Pursell, J. Stentort, V. Simpson, L. Franco, E. Blayney, sponsor, M. Brandon, J. Wise, G. Smoke, M. Rodriguez, J. Aubuchon, M. Lott, S. Kirby, C. Thuesen, E. Peralta, M. Easter, Mrs. Takahashi, S. Kirby, E. Munoz, A. Heredia, P. Garner, M, Turner, Ehrlich, sponsor. SECOND ROW: M. Price, C. Castillo, T. Romero, N. W. Anderson. Boy-Girl 'Tv Clubs Strengthen Christian Character The past year has been a most comendable one for the Fowler High "Y" Clubs. Under the direction ot Jeanette Paboojian, president, and Miss Alice Blayney and Mrs. Elva Ehrlich, sponsors, the Tri-Hi-Y initiated many activities ot service to the community. Looking toward the lighter side, the club held a Mother-Daughter potluck and several recrea- tional meetings with neighboring school clubs. The Hi-Y, headed by President Stan Stairs and Sponsor Lefford Huntley, undertook the task ot improving various school facilities. They also participated in the recreational meetings with the Tri- Hi-Y. Concluding each meeting, members joined together in the benediction and each ot them was reminded of the true meaning of the clubs through their motto, "Pure Thoughts! Pure Words! Pure Actions!" I-Y - BACK ROW: N. otts, D. Barnes, T. Kazar- X n, T. Munoz, J. Carter M. anco, R. Smith, D. Mar- 1ez, B, Arozco, F. Sanchez, Orphan. THIRD ROW: J. iikam, G. Darling, B. Nix, Valdez, J. Bedrosian, D. eters, treas.j S. Stairs, pres., Wright, M. Kazarian, un. rep.: K. Paboojian, L. intley, sponsor. SECOND JW: H. Cain, B. Laikam, D. Jul, A. Easter, V. McNa- Jra, D. Peters, G. Kazar- 1, V. Bedrosian, sec.: P. Json, v. pres., J. Sogho- Jnian, L. Yeramian. FRONT JW: P. Cox, G. Whiteley, un. rep., R. Rodriguez, G. imp, J. Monis, G, Sokamo- R. Kazarian, J. Fuqua, Kazarian. tNot in picture: Rodriguez, A. Robinsonj, 45 Honor Societies Encourage Students to Excel A candlelight ceremony which took place after the first semester was the scene of the induction of the new Quill and Scroll members. The activities of the organization were trips to press Conferences and the annual spring picnic. The bookworms ofthe California Scholarship Federa- tion refused to be call "egg-heads" as they took ample time off from their studies to participate in the many activities cf their club. Some of the activities were CSF conferences, a party for the seniors, a pot-luck dinner, and the annual week- end trip to San Francisco. Following the trend that is sweeping the nation toward better grade standard, the CSF raised its entrance points from eight to nine points this year. -W- QUILL AND SCROLL - BACK ROW: standing: P. Mason, E. Sarkisian, l-i. Laloian, A. Kamikawa, J, Stenfort, Miss Roosman, sponsor. MIDDLE ROW: seated: G. Hamp, J. Mcnis, Mr. Woods, sponsor, G, Sakamoto, N. Tartar, R. Shabazian, L. lvlcGlaughlin, V. Krikorian, P. Craig, J. Paboojian, D. Mooneyham, S, E. Smith, front on floor: Linda Eubanks, Pat Craig and Linda Eubanks present her with a Qi and Scroll membership card and pen Linda McGalughIin seems to be getting the works Glenn Nakaguchi chews his bubblegum while present- ing an enioyable pantomime at the CSF assembly. CSF - BACK ROW: C. Henderson, A. Tanaguchi, R. Ahronian, S. Stairs, P. Mason, lst sem. v. pres., A. Ka- mikawa, G, Goshgarian, T. Nakamura, L. Fuii, E. Ara- suna, C. Powell, 2nd sem. v. pres. MIDDLE ROW: B. Hi- yima, R. Tsuchiguchi, B, Gobel, J. Stenfort, 2nd sem. sOC. ch., A. Ellis, J. Toyoda, F. Fuiikawo, M. Nakamura, M. Tokubo, G. Nakaguchi, S. Tokubo, T. Gong, lst sem. treos., 2nd sem, pres., J. Berg, 2nd sem. treas. FRONT ROW: A. Fuqua, lst sem, soc. ch., 2nd sem. sec., S. E, Smith, J. Pahoojian, H. Laloian, lst sem. pres., IL. Mc- Glaughlin. lsi sem, sec., 2nd sem. soc. ch., V. Krikorian, lst som. soc. ch., D. Johnson, M. Brandon, S, Nix, J. Ckamura, Mrs. M. Miller, sponsor. A.V. CLUB. - BACK RONN: T, Nakamura, D. Mcrigiari, P, Whitten- berg, M. Harlan, R. Kazarian, V. Krikorian, D. Mooneyham, D. Wright, T. Simonian, E. Suikisian, l-I. Laloian, F. Galvan, R. Kriicor- tan, G. Mooavaitirni. SECOND ROWt Mr Draughon, sponsor, M. Mi- yasnaki, J. Horii, H Arasuria, F. Fugilfawa, M. Nakamura, G. White- 'y, i-l. Horii, E. Nakaguyhi, A. Kamiknwa, F. Hashimoto. FRONT ROW: J. Feaver, T. Nielsen, l. Stonfort, M, Price, B. Souza, M. Bag- dascrian, E. Maxwell, B. Machado, J. Hull, J. Nakagawa. iNot in pctxiie: R. Merigiani Cametramen Forge Ahead in Year of 57-58 Under the leadership of president Tad Nakamura and sponsor Keith Draughon, the Audio- Visual Club has continued to be an active organization at Fowler High. By enlarging the membership, the club was able to take part in numerous activities. Among them were a car wash, l'lallowe'en party, picnic, the annual trip to Santa Cruz, and a reunion dinner which also served as the club's Christmas party. Because of the short lunch period, the AV Club was unable to present many noon films One outstanding motion picture shown, however, was the Academy Award winning "Mr. Roberts." Learning how to run a movie projector in the Audio-Visual Club are H. Horii, V. Krikorian, E. Scrkisiun, D. Mooneyham, H. Arasuna, J. Horii, -1: Mr- w X uni :A - BACK ROW: J. Rogers, J. Galvan, R. Rebensdorf, F. Galvan, J. Galvan. T. Nalian, T. Souza, D. 'right, R, Petrillo, R. Srnith, Mr. Stanton. SECOND ROW: M. Franco, sec., D. Blair, treas,j R. Pendergrass, nfinel, J. Fuqua, pres., R. Sherman, V. pres., D, Jones, reporterj M. Johnson, C. Rogers. THIRD ROW: L. 3rd, K. Schmall, F, Bagdasarian, B, Kincaid, J. Simonian, R. Maul, lf. Young. CNot in picture: R. Mirigian, Bagdasarian, A, Capozzi, E. Hernandez, B. Sandell, C. Smith, D. Petersj si The art of hog raising comes naturally for star farmer, Tony Souza. Proof of this is the five out- standing hogs shown here. Future .Farmers Stud F ur, Fowl, and Farm "Furthering Activities in Agriculture" has indeed proven to be a suitable motto for the FFA this past year. Tony Souza and Jim Fuqua traveled to Chowchilla to sweep first and second places respectively in the Fresno-Madera Section Co-op Quiz. Under the capable supervision of Mr. Stanton, advisor, and Jim Fuqua, president, the club has been to almost every fair and livestock judging contest in California. The Cow Palace was visited in the spring and provided a thrill for the boys as they saw their animals judged and sold. ln addition to farm activities, the FFA, in collaboration with the FHA, put on a very success- ful assembly. 48 FHA - BACK ROW: M. Brandon, J. Feaver, L. Romero, T. Nielsen. B Eubanks, V. Adamo, C. Vela, V. Simpson, P. Turpin, E. Aubu- chon, P. Cox, Mrs. Ehrlich, sponsor. THIRD ROW: J. Nakagawa, M. Miyasaki, A. Ncihigian, A. Heredia, V. Heredia, L. Heredna, R. Guer- ra, R. Vasquez, K. Valdez, L. Franco. SECOND ROW: C. Castillo, H. Arasuna, V. Delgado, E. Peralta, L. Eubanks, Pres, J. Paboojian Sec., J. lshkanian, D. Johnson, historian, D. Mooneyham, S. Smith. FRONT ROW: T. Romero, E. Munoz, V. Krikorian, Vice-Pres., L. McGlaughlin, Program Chairman, N. Tartar, song leader, G. Boyer, treas., D. Kanclarian, C. Thuesen, C. Bank, L. White. Future Homemakers Learn Household Traits Under the capable leadership of President l.-inaa Eubanlfs and Sponsor Mrs. Elva Ehrlich, the Future Homemakers of America have Carried out their motto, "Toward New Horizons." Having several cake sales, presenting another well-received assembly, raising money for the March of Dimes, sponsoring a Valentine dance, holding a candlelight ceremony for new members, and giving a mother-daughter banquet were just a few of the many activities accomplished by this club. All in all, each FHA member has learned to appreciate the joys and satisfactions of homemak- ing, thus contributing to the true purpose of the club. 4- 1. .ld J.n.:..., ,. ,... .. . . . . Riding in the Fall Festival Parade in the beautifully decorated F.H.A. car ire: Virginia Krikorian, Gretchen Boyer, and Mrs. Ehrlich, sponsor. JA4-9 c'Top Notchv tudents Support School KNIGHTS AND LADIES - BACK ROW: D. Peters, T. Nakamura, R. Kazarian, P, Mo- son, B. Orozco, H. Laloian, K. Paboojian, P. Cox, S. Tokubo, c0-chairman. MIDDLE ROW: G, Nakaguchi, G, Sakarnoto, S. Stairs, R. Ahronian, E. Sarkisian, R. Kazar- lan, A. Kamikawa, J. Artrip, H. Black, T. Nielsen, treas. FRONT ROW: A. Fuqua, C. Henderson, L. McGIoughIin, C, Thuesen, V. Krikorian, .l. Paboojian, J, ishkanian, sec., J. Fuqua, co-chairman, R. Shahbazian, J. l-lorii, This year, with the newly adopted Student Court, Fowler l-ligh's service organization, the Knights and La- dies, have taken up the iob of being "policemen." They have worked efficiently patrolling the halls and cateteria, issuing citations to any student violating the laws set up by the Court. Completing a successful year as a service club, the Senior Scouts have earned money through babysitting and various concessions to finance their service projects. Their activities included purchasing a new typewriter for the Fowler Library, courtesy babysitting for the March of Dimes dinner at Bruces Lodge, and assisting in I You shouldn't have thrown those papers on the cam- Fowler S All Department' t you know that a brave Knight like Richard Shabazian 2 you a citation? SENIOR SCOUTS -- BACK ROW: S. Nix, K. Valdez, T. Nielsen, v. led.: Miss Rainey, sponsor. FRONT ROW: J. Horii, trees., B. Blay- pres.: J. Feaver, L. White, J. Artrip, V. Madsen, H. Arasuna. MID- nov, C. Henderson, A. Tanigurhi, B. Hiyama, J. Okamura, G, Fran- DLE RONV. V. Baqdclsririan, .l, Jensen, patrol lead., K. Oinianti, L co. Clslot in piitursr' S. Nahigiun, presq M. l3randon.J llaedci, J. Toyoda, sec., B. Goble, patrol lead., J. Stentort, patrol , y. V4 g W 3 E QQ, ' - 1. ' 6 A , f v ' . 1 'fi wa W Af, W Hr. gg by 1, fy h x ,L , . Future Business Leaders Feature "Business Knowhowv E FBLA - BACK ROW: Mr. Converse, sponsor, E. Peralta, D. Kandarian, P. Craig, N. FBLA mcmbers strike a pretty pose in Mr. Woods' Fartar, J. Paboojian, V. Kinkorian, L. Eubanks, G. Boyer, C. Thuesen, L. McGlaughlln, cor which they decorated for the Fowler Fall Festival . Artrip. THIRD ROW: M. Pullao, G. Franco, W. Anderson, D. Pursell, J. Wilson, C. Parade. fucovich, V. Adanie, C. Vela, J. lshkanlan, L. Wnite. SECOND ROW: A. Heredla, F. Adargas, E. Munoz, treas.: V. Ramrrez, pres., H. Arasu-na, v. pres., S. Bank, L. Hall X. Fujikawa, J. Garcla, sec. FRONT ROW: fvt. Rodrrquez, A. Contreras, P. Orphan, R. iazarlan, J. Soghomanian, B Machado, G. Mul!er. INOt in Picture: P. Turpin, D. Price, . Andrade, B. Eubanks, M. Roclriquezl The Future Business Leaders ot America, under the experienced leadership of Mr. Ted Converse, have completed their second full year in existence at Fowler High. They have done their part in developing business interest among the students at Fowler High by sponsoring the annual typing contest, and maintaining a business training bulletin board in the business department. Art Club Sketches New Ideas The beauty at the stained-glass window used tor the winning entry of the decoration contest at Christmas time was typical at the Art Club motto, "Art For Fun's Sake". The enjoyment received by the artists from various activities proved that their success stemmed from the pleasure ot the mem- bers' participation. The original pompoms, hat, and school banners sold as a money making project put them on the road to an eventful year. ART CLUB - BACK ROW: T. Munoz, N. Watts, sgt.-at-arms, Ar. Gomez, J. Lorrie, R, Wilson, G. Schmidt, A. Contreras, S. Smith, M. Smith, J. Hull, Miss Rainey, sponsor, MIDDLE ROW: C. Laningham, L. Marshall, L. Kzng, B. Machado, G. Muller, A. Kulikawa, S. Banks, M. Toku- Moncy, money, money for the Art Club from bo, treas. FRONT ROW: E. Peralta, G. Guerra, C, Thuesz--n, V. Delgado, pres., J. Ishkanian, V. the sale of pom-poms. These Art Club members pres., L. Eubanks, T, Nielsen, sec., B. Eubanks. fNot in picture: A. Fry, T. Hernandez, C seem to be working industriously. Pope, F. Zazala, G, Kazarian, D. Price, D. Peters, M. Melia, M. Butlerl I 51 GAA - BACK ROW: M. Robinson, A. Taniguchi, J. Okamura, sec., Cox, N. Tartar, rec. sec., L. Eubanks, L. McGlauglhlin, V. Krikorian, B. l-liyama, C. Hendersen, L. Heredia, J. Paboojian, J. Artrip, B. v. pres., R. Vasquez, R. Guerra. FRONT ROW: Miss Bowman, spon- Maxwell, P. Turpin, V. Simpson, G. Franco, A. Fulikawa, V. Ramcriz. sor, S. Smith, L. King, A. Heredio, E. Munoz, P. Craig, D. Kandar- MIDDLE ROW: A. Bulaich, treas., C. Castillo, K. Valdez, pres., P. ion, G. Boyer, T. Romero. ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENT AWARDED BY MEMBERSHIP IN BLOCK F, GAA The Girls' Athletic Association, under the sponsorship of Miss Nancy Bowman, has completed a very successful year organizing and participating in intramural sports. Two of the outstanding events of the GAA were the sock hop in the gym and the play day held at Fowler l-ligh. The girls have done a very successful job of supporting the purpose of the GAA by promoting a more general interest in sports, developing an understanding of true sportsmanship, and encourag- ing girls to have a wide circle of interest. The Block F has served as an incentive for the students to stimulate school spirit in athletics this year. To be considered a Block F member, a boy must acquire a Varsity letter in any of the lead- ing sports. Cornelius Robinson and Joe Monis were the club's leaders, holding the offices of president and vice president respectively. BLOCK F - BACK ROW: B. Lucero, G. Saisamoto, F. HasF'Q1to, B. Laikam, E. Sar- kisian, D. Wright, J. Maxwell, J. Carter, G. Galvin, R. Sn" Maul, P. Mason, V., McNamara, R. Kazarian. MIDDLE ROW: D. l-lanna, R. lilikawa, M. Kazarian, J. Monis, D. Ramirez, G. Whiteley, S. Stairs, J. Bedrosian, B. Nix, D. Peters. FRONT . ROW: T. Gong, E. Arasuna, D. Martinez, G. Kazarian, E. Vargas, B. Jackson, R, Ahron- ion, E. Cowings, B. Orozco. OUTSTANDING ATHLETES - BACK ROW: Don Wright, Most Valuable Linemang Dan- iel Ramirez, Most improved Player lBasket- baill, Russell Smith, Most Improved Player tFootbaIIl. FRONT ROW: Everett Cowings, Most Valuable Player lBasketballl, Robert Lucero, 20-30 All Stars fFootballl. CADETS: BACK ROW: B. Moreno, R. Pisor, J. Garner, F, Echwabenland, R. Wilson, R. Scott, B..Tciylor, B. Jensen. FRONT ROW: P, Chambers, R. Moreno, E, Griffin, C. Woods, sponsor, R. Munoz, F. Coria, G, Cor- nell. New Facilities Highlight Cadet Year The Cadet Corp, although small in number this year, made excellent progress towards becoming a "sharp" unit. This year the cadets had Mr. C. E. Woods as their commandant. The Cadet's biggest project was the repairing and remodeling ot the house next to the football tield. This was done to provide ci permanent headquarter building. With the help of the PTA and the Board of Trustees the Cadets were able to repaint, furnish, and decorate this building. The Cadets have many constructive plans for the tu- ture, including recruiting drives for next year's fresh- men. P. Chambers, E. Griffin, R. Pisor, F. Corin, B. Taylor, B. Moreno a having inspection of firearms. E. Griffin, R. Pisor, Frank Coria and P. Cham- bers ure seen receiving their promotions from B. Moreno. 53 2 1 Q lf :gr ii 1 'ma sew X' 5 5 Pg L? 6 2 Q wi f X F Q X Here ls A Story Of Sports That Will Enthrall All Our Readers Lam f - e fEf-nz.. 1 2 1. 3 lv-,E 3 f 4, I-V15 4 5 .32 35 ,. ,. . VARSITY TEAM - BACK ROW: Coach J, Pereira, A. Blancas, S. dez, B. Nix, E. Barsamicn, J. Galvan. FRONT ROW: R. Smith, M Stairs, J. Carter, J. Valdez, P. Mason, N. Watts, B. Laikam, E. Kazarian, C. B. Robinson, G. l-lamp, B. Orozco, D, Wright, P, Cox, Gritfen, M. Cruz, D, Martinez, G. Whitely, B. Lucero, E, Cowings, D, Peters, G, Kazarian, J. Rameriz, J. Fuqua. lNot in picture - B. Manager E. Arasuna. MIDDLE ROW: H, Subia, T. Nalian, J. Max- Jensen, V. Rogers, J. Garnerl well, C. Lanningham, J. Bedrosian, J. Monis, R. Kozarian, E. Hernan- ROUGH C.S.L. SCHEDULE FINDS VARSITY ELEVEN NEAR THE TOP Fowler's rampaging Redcats dropped their initial game of the 1957 season to Shaffer, 25-31, but came back strongly in league play to compensate for the early loss. Under the masterful leader- ship of Coaches John Periera and Robert Warmack, the Redcats spanked Tranquillity 20-6 in an easy practice tilt. The first Central Sequoia League game resulted in a scoreless duel with Exeter which thrilled all the gridiron fans. ln the traditional Fowler Fall Festival game, scatback Gerald Hamp lead the 'Cats' over highly vaunted Dinuba, 26-6, 'rallying three touchdowns. In a tremendous struggle for CSL supremacy, FowIer's cross country rival, Kingsburg, halted the Redcats 26-12 in a well fought bottle. Angered by the previous loss, the Roaring Redcats roared loud by rambling over Selma, 26- 13, walloping Sanger, 46-21, and winding up their first season in the CSL by annihilating Lemoore, 35-13. Right hclfbuck, Ron Kazarlan, No. 10, fights way for o good goin in a non-league game :zinst Shaffer. FowIer's star halfback, Gerald Hump, No. 14, shakes ol u Selma mon and scampers for a touchdown. V GARY ZARIAN Grid Stars Depa1'tAfter Sensational Seasonal Climax BOB L hompson iumps high io grab an aerial for the Fowler B Team. Arhry Robinson, star halfback fOr the Kittens, is finally tackled after a 30 yard gain. THE SCOREBOARD SHAFTER TRANQUILLITY f EXETER E DINUBA f KINGSBURG E SELMA 'f SANGER E LEMOORE 'Y League Games 20 7 6 6 20 25 21 26 FOWLER FOWLER FOWLER FOWLER FOWLER FOWLER FOWLER FOWLER KITTENS KILL SOME, COOLED BY OTHERS B TEAM - RACK ROW: E. Young, R. Lienham, K. Pabooiian, CJ. E. Vargas, G. Sakamoio, F. Galvan, H. Cain, T. Thompson, R. Kazar Frazier, T, Simonian, D. Maul, D. Barnes, R. Pisor, B. Cowungs, L. ian, F. Hashimoto, Manager J. Galvan. FRONT ROW: T. Vela T Thompson, M. Franco, J. Soghornonian, P. Orphan, R, Ahronian, D. Nakamura. R. Fujikawa, R. Wilkins, R. Peters, V. Bedros A Pahooiian, L. Fuiii, Coach P. Patina, MIDDLE ROW: Coach A. Leal, Robinson, E. M0rriIl, R, Sakamofo, M. Kerbajian, R. Henderso J. Laikam, G, Darling, R. Muller, L. Lucero, R. Mlrigian, H. Mayebo, is B TEAM GAINS EXPERIENCE B LINEUP - BACKFIELD: Quarterback, A. Rodriguez, Left Half, A. F. Galvanp Center, R. Ahronian, Left Guard, D. Maul, Left Tackle, Robinson, Right Half, R. Mayebo, Fullback, K. Pabooiianj LINE- D. Paboojicin, Left End, D. Barnes. MEN: Right End, L. Thompson, Right Tackle, L. Fujii, Right Guard, Fowler's "never say die" Kittens wound up their season with a scant two wins and seven losses. Although the Kittens didn't sparkle in the winning column, they received valuable experience for the next year. At the start of the season coaches Leal and Patina found themselves with a flock of inexperi- enced players. In spite of this handicap, the Kittens were always able to put up a good battle even though the odds were against them. George Sakamoto, a senior, was the spark of the backfield, while freshman halfback Arbry Robinson proved that he was an able ball carrier. Eddie Vargas, Richard Ahronian, and Leon Thompson were the line standouts for the Kittens this season. Frank Hashimoto advances around end while line practices provid- GRADUATING B LETTERMEN -- Tad Nakamura, Eddie Vargas, Ge ing protection. Sakanicfo. E 2 S VARSITY - BACK ROW: P. fviason, E. Cowings, B, Laikam, M. Cruz, FRONT ROW: J. Monis, C. Robinson, E. Vargas, J. Ramirez, A. D. Ramirez, G. Whiteley, J. Garner, A. Capozzi, A. Duncan, Mgr. Blancas, P. Orphan. Coach Patina. Varsity Highlights Season with Two Overtime Wins The Fowler Redcat cagers, under the coaching of Mr, Phil Patina, had some thrilling and exciting games this season, playing three overtime games. Fowler started oft slowly, but finished up faster, as they lost some close games which could have gone either way. Fowler beat Selma and Lemoore in two overtime thrillers, but lost to Kingsburg in another overtime. Everett Cowings captured the C.S.L. scoring title by scoring 260 paints in l2 games for an average ot 2l.7 Joints per game. He also had an average of l5 rebounds J game. Joe Monis also placed high in the C.S.L. scoring :Incl was a top rebounder in many at the games played this. year. Pete Mason shoots a free throw as some of the Redcat regulars prepare 1 rebound during practice. Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Everett Cowings, this year's C.S.L. scoring leader, goes higt for two points in the Lemoore game. VARSITY SCOREBOARD 44 ....... Lemoore 48 42 . . . Kingsburg 46 64 . . . Selma 54 54 . . Dinuba 68 35 . . Exeter 53 57 . . Sanger 50 65 . . Lemoore 63 57 . . Kingsburg 66 65 . . Selma 59 73 . . Dinuba 78 48 . . . Exeter 80 53 . . . Sanger 54 B Cagers Add Excitement to School Activities Fowler's B Kittens found it difficult to achieve victory as they were placed in a new league, the strong Central Sequoia League. lt consequently matched them with taller opponents, the deciding factor in their debut for hoop supremacy. The Kittens showed improvement as they clawed within three or tour points oi victory in their final games in their desperate uphill drive. Signs are that they should become a formidable force in their second campaign next year in the powerful Central Sequoia League. George Sakamoto and Ernest Young go high to secure u rebound from two Kitten opponents in the Kingsburg game. TEAM - BACK ROW: T. Thompson, Mgr.: R, Hernandez, R. Stark, Cowings, T. Vorgas, D. Barnes, J Flores, D. Burnside, G. Sakamoto Young, L. Thompson, H. Cain, Coach Huntley. FRONT ROW: B. Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Leon Thompson is fouled in the pursuit of two Sanger players as John Lemoore 40 Kingsburg 33 Selma 38 Dinuba 34 Exeter 44 'L Sanger 43 Lemoore 50 Kingsburg 29 Selma 43 Dinuba 42 Exeter 44 Sanger 45 .1w--P C, D HOOPSTERS ARE VARSITY REDCATS OF TOMORROW C AND D BASKETBALL TEA BACK ROW: A. Vargas, D. l- Deatherage, V. Pursell R. Vald Thompson, C. Walker, P. F FRONT ROW: R, Hernande Carlasco R. Stark, A. Varg Bynum, Coach Huntley. lNat i ture: K. Yoshimotoj Raymond Stark, No. 10, leaps high to grab rebound from host of diminuative cagers while Coach Huntley looks on. The FUHS C team had a rather shaky season this year in C.S.l.. competition. Although they did not place too high in the loop, the C hoopsters un- veiled several new and improved players such as Ruben Hernandez, Raymond Stark, Anthony Var- gas, and Ricky Valdez. The C team was under the guidance of Coach Letforcl Huntley. The D's emerged victorious in the new C.S.l.. loop with a well won championship. The back bone of the team was centered around Thomas Thomp- son ond Ernest Deatherage, C team begins intcr-scrimmage with championship D team. VARSITY BASEBALL - BACK ROW: Coach John Pereira, M ' agerg T. Souza, J, Galvan, H. Horii, F. Hashamoto, J. Carter, D. ROW: D. Hanna, G. Nakaguchi, G. Ramirez, V. McNamara, M. Kazarian, Manager, E. Arasuma. FRONT ' ' Monis, R. Kazaria Kazarian, B. Nix, S St J H show their game Pitchers, Frank Hashimoto, Dan Ramirez, and Dave anna, winning form as they warm up for a CSL game. 9 az R K arian batting, Jerry Go d d b Vincent McN Il5el'l'lCl1 FowIer's varsity baseball team under the guidance of Skipper John Pereira, awarded the en thusiastic baseball fans of Fowler a season deserving ot their praise. The Redcat's possessed a strong pitching staff in David Hanna, Frank Hashimoto, and Dan Ramirez, but lacked hitting power which has hampered the talented "diamond dustersf' FOWLER 3. . . FOWLER 6. . . FOWLER 2. . . ' FOWLER l " FOWLER 6 . . 5 I5 4 T FOWLER . . . FOWLER . . . T FOWLER . . " League Ga mes VARSITY SCOREBOARD FRESNO HIGH WASHINGTON CENTRAL SANGER LEMOORE KINGSBURG LATON SELMA FOWLER FOWLER FOWLER FOWLER FOWLER FOWLER FOWLER FOWLER DINUBA EXETER SANGER LEMOORE KINGSBURG SELMA DINUBA EXETER Varsity Hitters Bat Away During Hard Schedule I.Vfs Have Bats ' WVill Travel J.V. BASEBALL TEAM - BACK ROW: Coach Bob Warmack, D. Martinez, E. Young, P. Orphan, D. Barnes, C Powell, J. Soghamon- ian, Mgr. E, Morrill. MIDDLE ROW: L. Lucer A Robinson, H. Cain, The Fowler High School Junior Varsity base- ball team had a comparatively good season this year, as they held up their end in the new C.S.L. with a 2-4 record. Among the team leaders were outfielder, Herb Cain, pitcher, Ron Mayebo, and third baseman, Dan Martinez. Outfielder Herb Cain is showing sliding tech q e as D d Barnes is ready to put the tag on him. K P Maye uk -A' 'k 'k 'k ul' -k 'A' 'k -k 'k 'k 'k aboojian, R. Salinas, A. Duncan. FRONT ROW: P. Hanna, R bo R Peters, D. Krikorian, T. Thompson. , , THE JV SCOREBOARD FOWLER O . . . WASHINGTON 5 FOWLER 2 . . . CENTRAL lO FOWLER 2 . . . LATON 6 FOWLER 8 . . . SELMA 3 FOWLER ll . . . DINUBA 4 FOWLER 4 . . . SANGER l8 FOWLER 7 . . . EXETER 4 FOWLER O . . . SANGER h l6 FOWLER 2 . . , LEMOORE 9 FOWLER 9 . . . KINGSBURG 8 FOWLER 3 . . . KINGSBURG 2 FOWLER l . . SELMA lO FOWLER 2 . . DINUBA l4 FOWLER l3 . . EXETER l League Games Hurlers, R to fire into h M y b and Phillip Hanna are gettin an o e o , g dy omeplate while warming up before the game. VARSITY TRACK TEAM - BACK ROW: B. Orozco, A, Blancas, E. B. Jackson, D. Martinez, Coach Alfred Leal. Cowings, J. Ramirez, R. Smith. FRONT ROW: J, Bedrosian, S. Stairs, VARSITY SPRINTMEN PARTICIPATE IN MANY MEETS FowIer's Varsity track team proved not too strong as the season progressed but Jack Bedros- ian and Bob Jackson stood out as individual performers. Bedrosian ran the sprints where he tied the schooI's lOO yard dash record with a time of 10.2. Bob Jackson turned in some good times in the 880 yard run. Russel Smith ran the 440 and broadjumped. This junior athlete could do anything well in track and field. Everett Cowings and Stan Stairs were both hampered with muscle injuries but at the end of the season they were able to participate. The Redcat team didn't win any trophies this season, but Fowler was well represented. Redcat Medley Team strides out in preparation for West Coast Relays. B. Jackson, G. Hump, J. Bedrasian E. Jack Bedrosian and Stan Stairs are on their mark for Cqwingg, the 'I00 vard dash. wwwmmmmmmm-v rmMNWMQmvmwmw rf ivmwmr ww ws . W W , sm. inmuamzwnmv . wwwshf-www B TRACK TEAM - BACK ROW: T. Simoniain, L. Thompson, B. Rodriquez, G. Hamp, E. Vargas, T. Nakamura, R. Kazarian. Cowings, L. Harris, L. Fujii, Coach Alfred Leal. FRONT ROW: A. B piksters Take Indiwgirlualfflonors X ri . Wi L.. Sprinter Gerald Hamp, distance runner Edward Vafgas, dhot put and discus heaver, Al Rodriguez paced Fowler's 'small but nifty' Kittens for irldividucilxperformances. A Speedy G. Hamp, who had a very successful season, swept both the l00 and 200 yard dashes in the majority of the meets and broke Fowler's schooltrpcords with times of l0.2 and 20.0 respective- ly in B class competition. X , Other outstanding performances. were made by Al Rodriguez. "Ed Vargas set a record in the 1320 yard race with a time of 3:29, breaking his olclwtime of',l3:30. Otherwisle, the B team had a medio- cre season. U g. ,fi 'K . X W Gerald Hamp steps away from starting line as he practices ford, he coming meets. i , AI Rodriguez shows good form in the discuss C Tracksters Lack Experience, Passess Desire Fowler's class C track team was comparatively weak in manpower this year, thus lacking the nec- cessary talent to be of any dangerous competition in the larger track meets. Senior lightning hurdler, Shigeru Tokubo, established a Fowler High School track and field rec- ord by breezing to a l3.7 seconds in the l2O yard low hurdle race, eclipsing .6 seconds off his previous record of l4:3 set last year as a Junior. Another shining beacon for his individual performance was Gary Darling in the 660 yard race. Otherwise, the C team were under par as compared to the championship teams of the past. :Qin ..l. -- C TRACK TEAM - BACK ROW: Manager, B. Nielsen, A. Vargas, V. Bedrosian, J. Bynum, G. Darling, G. Gomez, A, Robinson, T. Vargas, E. Abernathy, Manager. lNot in Picture: S. Tokubal lv- ' Gary -Darling vaultslover th.e high iump with ease, as tall Distance runners, Alfred Vargas, John Bynum, Tony Vargas, Billy Cowmgs watches his technique in the background. turn the cinders as they warm up for a speedy 660 yard race. 67 Fowler High's netters "tore up" the tennis courts this year with a commendable six win, seven loss record. Backed up by stalwarts Tom Gong, Jack Maxwell, and Dan Burnside, the team proved to be rugged competitors in the Central Sequoia League. The Iuckless Redcats lost nearly three-quarters of their league matches by 4-3 margin. The team has surely gained ten fold in valuable experience, what it lost in actual play. 1958 TENNIS SCHEDULE Won Lost Feb. 2l - Roosevelt 5 2 March 4 - Washington 6 3 A March ll - Selma 3 4 A March i8 - Dinuba 3 4 ' March 25 - Sanger 3 4 March 26 - Tranquillity 3 2 A March 28 - Kingsburg 2 5 A April 8 - Sanger 4 3 A April ll - Kingsburg 2 5 J' April l5 -- Selma 3 4 'A April l6 - Lemoore 3 4 A April l8 - Dinuba 4 3 April l9 - Central Union High Tournament ' April - Lemoore 4 3 May - Divisional Meet May - Central Section Meet League Matches 22 April 26 - League Meet 3 lO Top: Fowler High's tennis "racketeers" prepare fo embark for a league match. Bottom: Jock Maxwell "labs" the ball over the net, as Tom Gong prepares to smash it, if it is returned. TENNIS TEAM TOPS MANY RIV AL NETTERS TENNIS TEAM - BACK ROW: Miss Bowman, Coachg E. Sarkisian, ROW: J. Okomura, A, Fuivikawa, B. Hiyama, J. Biggerstaff, A, Tana- R. Ahronian, J, Maxwell, D. Burnside, M. Harlan, T. Gong. FRONT guchi, A. Bulaich, M. Miyasokl. April April April April April April - Fowler at Dinuba SWIMMING TEAM - BACK ROW: Coach Lefty Huntley, Dennis Green, Bob Laikam, Dennis Maul, Jim Laikam, Tom Simonian, Russell Merigian, Ted Kazarian. MIDDLE ROW: Ron Sherman, Russ Smith, Steve Weinburg, Renko Tsuchiguchi, Helen Black, Dennis Pabooiian, Russ Henderson, Richard Fujikawa. FRONT ROW: Joy Ar- trip, Beverly Maxwell, Carolyn Henderson, Karen Burns, Shelly Nix, Tamara Nielson, Judy Hull, Sherry Bank, Anita Ellis, Barba- ra Gobel, Barbara Blayney. Above - This group of girls seems anxious to begin practice for a coming meet. Left - R. Smith, S. Weinburg, R. Fuiikawa, R. Sherman, and D. Maul, respond to the gun shot as they begin a swift practice race. - Kingsburg at Fowler May 3 - Sanger Invitational Relays at Sanger - Fowler at Exeter May 6 - Sanger at Fowler - Fowler at Selma May 9 - Central Sequoia League Meet at - Lemoore at Fowler Exeter - lnter-class Meet' May l7 - North Divisional Meet at Lindsay May 24 - Valley Meet at Bullard " Intramural Meet Results: Sophomores lst, Juniors, 2nd, Freshmen, 3rd, Seniors, 4th, SWIMMERS SPLASH HARD TO FIND THEIR SHARE OF SUCCESS f f ,ze . . 4, . .W wr V mg Yfre f' :A rw A 1 Q! 3' 3 Q xi if ? . :E ,, A I ' we ig w 'ractice In Female Phys. Ed Top: Demonstrating why they were chosen to represent their classes in the Posture Queen Contest are these six girls: N. Tartar, J. Stenfort, M. Bagdasarian, M. York, N. Gonsalves, R. Lopez, KNot in picture: H. Black.J Center left: Budding Robinhoods? No, just twenty freshman girls practicing their newly acquired skills. Center right : Eleanor Munoz, Cora Vela, and Virginia Adame get ready to swing under par on the FUHS Golfing Green. Bottom: "Mine!" shouts M. York as she prepares to spike the ball and earn a point for her side. ...e.uu ,H ldv ...W yuan .Dag A A 4 .s - . ' 3 mmwwmzmzww-m.q4Q:1f+,fwwwWMfw1a+m1mmfM mwfwf+wM,1fwnww1: , A My ,W M l.-Pa, G. Hamp scolds son, H. Laloian for being a straight A the "Exit Laughing" skit. student in "Why Johnny Can't Read". Poor Ma, C. Thuesen, 4.-Included in the program of festivities was a tribute to the looks on. American Showgirl. Illustrating their glamorous lite are D. Kan- 2.-Brave white man, P. Mason convinces Indians, A. Taniguchi, J. darian, L. McGlaughIin, J. Garcia, P. Turpin, J. lshknnian, D. Carter, and D. Blair that the white man is here to stay in skit Price, entitled "Revenge of the Redman". 5.-"And it was only 55.95," says H. Laloian to his card mates, R. 3.-B. Blayney, V. Simpson, M. Kazarian, C. Thuesen, R. Ahronian, Ahronian, M. Kazarian, and D. Merigian during "It Men Played and C. Henderson make a toast "to Tracy", L. McGlaughIin, in Cards as Women Do." I I. I 5 ' P Y 3 T M ' I juniors resent ear 5, op uszca . "That's Entertainment" is depicted by these cheerful chorus Orozco, D. Kcndarian, P. Turpin. Front row: B. Blayney, J. Artrip, members in the Junior Musical entitled, "Another Opening, Another T. Munoz, L. McGlaughlin, N. Wotls, B. Laikam, J. Pobooiian, K. Show". Back row: D. Pricc, J. lshkanian, H. Cain, E. Vargas, D. Han- Valdez. na, R. Kazarian, J. Nutt, C. Powell, R. Smith, E. Hernandez, B. .V V ..-..- . .. ., . - M... .. s games, Queen Linda McGlaughlin rides maiestically ata beautiful float, which was prepared for her and her ly attendants. They are from left to right, Queen I Glenna Muller, Elaine Fitzgerald, Barbara Machado, en Burns, Vicki Madsen, Helen Black, and Eloise Kil FLEET FLOAT FARE WELL I FE TIVAL FU Linda Eubanks stands stately as the Statue of Liberty on the Junior-Senior float, which took top honors in the High School division at the Fowler Fall Festival Parade. "Wine, Women, and Song" is portrayed an the Freshman-Sophomore float, which placed second in the parade. Jim Artrip seems to be enioying the company of Diane Craig, Ruby Montoya, and Judy Shamshoian. EW? if W 'UB 2 Q L .2.- A zwmfzu- A . 5,3 A 413 wo mf I iii x -Sylvia Kirby is still stunned as Vicki Madsen, Girls' League Pres- 2.-Mayfair Queen Sylvia, seated with her happy court, smiles ident, places upon her head, the crown that assures her ot her down on her subiects from her throne. Back row: G. Darling, S. title as Mayfair Queen. Stairs, R. Kazarian, A. Kamikawa, K. Yoshimoto. Front row: J. Kasparian, N. Martinez, Queen Sylvia, C. Vela, J. Hull. Mayfair Activities Hilight Spring Semester 3.-Barbara Blayney sings a smooth song at the annual Mayfair 6.-"Malogania" a piano and bongo number by Nick Watts and to please the audience. Nancy Tartar proved to be one of the most enioyable parts of 4.-"The Little Blue Man" and Joy Artrip, a most interesting novel- the program. ty pantomine, merited applause. 7,-"LoIIypop, LoIlypop" sing J. Pabooiian, E. Kirby, C. Henderson, 5.--M. C. Dennis Maul seems to be pleased with the response he accompclniSt N. Tdrfdr, and 9- Price, 0 fdlenfed VOCGI QYUUP received from one of his "funny" iokes. included in the Mayfair program.,, . . m m1,w.mmnw-.1 V f..,... STUDENT COURT BACK ROW P M T G - 2 . oson, . ong, G. Homp, S. Sarkisfcn, R, Ahronicn, J. Carter, G. Boyer, l, Toniguchi, A. Fuqua. Stairs, M, Kazarion, J, lshkanian, FRONT ROW: T. Nakamura, E. Justice Prevails Thru tuclent Court Under the guidance ofthe student council, Fowler l-ligh's newly enacted student court has had a very successful debut. Although not many cases were brought to court, those cases that were tried have mode the students realize the importance of good behavior. An amendment to the constitution was passed earlier in the year, providing for the student court. At first, many of the students were skeptical, but fair and impartial handling ot its activities has convinced the student body that the court benefits the majority of the students. Richard Shahbazian stands before Justice Eddie Sarkisian and his associate iudges, Jim Carter and Richard Ahronian, to re- ceive his sentence for throwing papers on the grass. n ee A mm S Q I I 9 L 2 E i -uh 2 V Q MAvm....a 'iL"?"'t-H... ' :.':.:,e5 ..5S' ' 5 ,,.x...,A., gf ew gg ,Jian-"" ' -Wim I, :'n4..,-um I :Y 'BW-mm. .1 We a y., , 3. fc - Awww evifgi S4 1 ' -was A ,V y?,fs,,3, K fm- V V. 7 ww W, N , ,sv ,Wi W MW V WW WWWMW 1 M2511 ?52'i?wQfw0f mgffjgibdffe wWl5,3yffpWf? W WMU MM Q ff if. I Z ij. L-. . 1 E. F, L BYE-LINES EIQAM C0 IDANY 92' liiggjltlfgg Ill mini wllwqqf X Ellllllllrtilmrllltlll Ye ram Co. Steel Construction of All Types Commercial Building ANDY YERAM Telephone AMherst 4-6392 4291 South Highway 99 V2 Mile South at Mal-aga Fresno, California Congratulations to the Class of '58 HARDING'S Hardware 81 Appliances Furniture 81 Appliances 118 North 6th St. 2018 Second St. Phone TEmpIe 4-2318 Fowler, Calif. Phone TWinoaks 6-2228 Selma, Calif. FOWLER 5-10-l5c VARIETY School Supplies - Candies Household Needs M ced and Seventh T l ph TE pl 4 35l2 FOWLER Congratulations to the Class of 1958 I. Cartwright And Son h AD 7-6l9l MALAGA, CALlFORNlA To The Graduating Class Of 1958 . . . Our Sincere e L N15 WLM ghd 011 All honor to you, graduates af l958, and all good wishes too. We'd like to express our friendly congratulations on your graduation . . . and our confidence that you will meet the challenge of the tuture with success. I 'L U auf f f u I A in 1 15137111 MR. 8. MRS, RAY MAGILL - OWNER-PUBLISHERS A. T. Huxley, Advt. Mgr. Seico Hanashiro, Sports Editor Lydia Valdez, Society Editor Julio Saenz, Pressman Don Neumann, Linotype Opr. Charles Jackson, Printer Pete Togami, Linotype Opr. Ernest Lastra, Helper 85 '- Compliments Congratulations To The Class Of '58 of Compliments Of HEPPNER IRON 81 METAL CO. ' BRUCES LODGE Phone Fresno ADams 7-4209 ' i MALAGA, CALIF. FOWLER Telephone TEmple 4-9011 ' Compliments Of I Valley Fqundry 81 Machinery Works, Inc. Engineers and Manufacturers Troy Thompson and Tommie Kerby are measured for their class rigigs by hegpfgfh Mrs Joe Iicidson. Ann Fuqua appiy assists y i ing out or er anks. . I l LEON S. PETERS, President WESTERN BALFOUR ' Class Rings Jos 5. Hooson . 320 West Walnut I STOCKTONI CAUFGRNIA 2718 East Avenue FRESNO, CALIFORNIA Q86 K J f , X A 1 M lvl U ,lj ,R f i L fWJO,,L1, MV My Lp , my M2 Compliments of V A i 4 Lf New X l 113 lui! WW jll ,f . ix f' jf .TU , XL U Wu NJ' My , . , U Q13 ij xwlsu. Tumo J J ,uw Gu 1 FRESNO, CALIFORNIA Alden Kamikawa seems pleased with the sweater that Clerk Kathy Valdez is showing him at Sig's Men's Wear. 824 Merced Street Telephone TEmpIe 4-211 I 87 Compliments Of .l. M. 81 Leon Ohanesian - Real Estate - - Financing - - Appraisals - Phone AMherst 4-3009 2044 Mariposa Street FRESNO Your Graduation Announcements, Club Pins and Ring Representative HERMAN BEST WISHES L.T. TIRE SHOP LEMMON ELW IN TURPIN JULIUS DOMINICI, JR. 524 North "G" St. Phone ORchard 4-4029 MADERA, CALIFORNIA JOE STUCKEY General Insurance Telephone TEmple 4-321 l FOWLER COMPLIMENTS OF UTILITY TRAILER SALES COMPANY "Service ls Our Motto" 2660 S. Roilrood Ave. Pl1Ol'16 ADGMS 7-2l3l FRESNO, CALIFORNIA 88 917 F Street Ufmma-ici JEWELRY - GIFTS FRESNO CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! Compliments of DRS. NISHIO AND MIYAKE IORGENSEN AND C0. Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hoses, T I T OPTOME R S S Reels, and Nozzles George Nishio, 0.D. - George Miyake, 0.D. 818 Broodwoy Phone AMherst 8-6241 1 160 Broadway Phone AMherst 6-461 1 FRESNO FRESNO I KoMoTo nEPAR'rMEN1' stone BLOSSERS SPORTS EQUIPMENT C0. Proprietor, Kan Komoto Athletic Equipment Specialists Telephone ADoms 7-6688 1528-1536 Kern Street 1424 Fulton St. Phone AMherst 4-5585 FRESNO, CALIFORNIA FRESNO, CALIFORNIA BEST WISHES FROM SAN IOAQUIN BAKERIESJNC. BAKERS OF RAINBO, DUTCH TOAST, AND ROMAN MEAL BREAD 89 HAN0lAN'S MARKET "IT'S THE SHOPPER'S DREAM" Open 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. Compliments of Fowler Lumber Co. LUMBER - HARDWARE - PAINTS Phone TEmpIe 4-2415 7th and Merced The finger of suspicion is pointed at this plank of wood which, along with others, is on sale at the Fowler Lumber Company. Inspecting this quality piece of lumber are Harold Laloiano. Richard Shabazian, and Manager, Mr. Pete Frantz. V 81 M'S American Furniture Company Sunday 9 A.M. to 8 P.M. Proprietors, VAHAN AND MIHRON MAZGEDIAN 439 South Cedar Corner of Butler and Cedar 848 B d Ph AMh f 6 4087 FRESNO roa way one ers - FRESNO COMPLIMENTS OF HODGE 81 SONS. INC. TED'S HOME APPLIANCE The home of better deals. 108 Merced TEmple 4-3413 Fowler, California Fresno Camera Exchange Complete Photographic Supplies Cameras and Equipment Professional and Amateur We Welcome trade-ins 99 CA F E PROPRIETOR, DIANA AVAZIAN 2035 Merced St. Fresno, California South Hiwov 99 - Vine St' Fowler Aff 5 uxdlfifl commzncm. , eng 8 MANUFACTURING nl, AND suPPLY co. H Designers and Manufacturers of 8- E AX Special Machinery For Packing Houses Q? , L And Dried Fruits - . I . ' HAGOPIAN BROTHERS 120 N, 4th Street Fowler, California 90 2432 S. Railroad Ave. Fresno, Calif. VICTOR KNITTING MILL THE S- K- SMITH OF KNITTED SUITS AND DRESSES 601 Blackstone Ave. Phone ADoms 7-3783 Designers and Creators Fresno of Quality Yearbook Covers Compliments of 5260 West 104th St. Ph. ORegon 8-4145 ROY JOSEPH Los Angeles 45, California Bmlfbglilis' L"li'l!1liG'E"' L U , T E N ,, U R G , S GATEWAY FURNITURE Phone REdwood 4-533l!ISAI-IA, CALIFORNIA 101 E. Main Street . Phone ADams 7-1296 857 Fulton Fnesmo, cAuFoRNuA Charles and Clyde Baumback Compliments of Props. LEN'S MOBIL SERVICE GAS - OIL - TIRES ACCESSORIES 121 E. Merced Phone TEmple 4-2311 Phone Temple 4-9015 Fowler Fow'-ER' CA'-'FORNM FOWLER FLORAL SHOP Flowers Always F 01' Send The I Evefll Perfect Gift Mood Flowers Sylvia E. Smith and Nancy Tartar admire one of the clever flora knick-knocks available at the Fowler Floral Shop. FOWLER 310 E. Merced Street Phone TEmple 4-2505 Q1 Congratulations Seniors From FOWLER SNACK SHACK At the Snack Shack, Jeanette Paboojian and Mr. Woods wait patiently for a record to begin while Virginia Krilcorian presses the coin return button I just in case J. Compliments of I 1' C"""""'e"tS of FRESNO MOTOR SALES MISSION SHEET METAL cAon.LAc AND OLDSMOBILE AND senvlce co" INC' 700 Von Ness Phone AMherst 6-8141 rnssuo Congratulations Seniors From PHILL'S MARKET I WHERE QUALITY COMES FIRST Highway 99 at Adams Avenue Telephone TEmple 4-2619 FOWLER, CALIFORNIA LOU BERKSON Bach - Martin Band Instruments Compliments Of Singerland - Ludwig Drums High Grade Repairs 4211 E. Tulare Ph, cunfon 1-7224 FOWLEH FEED STORE rnesuo 92 "How many horse powefre does the new 1958 Ford have?" inquires Pat Craig. "Gee, youive got me on that one," states Linda Eialianks as they examine a Ford at Earl Hi 's. Congratulations Seniors From Earl Hill Ford Sales Worth More When You Buy Il- Worth More When You Sell It Telephone TEmple 4-2118 FOWLER, CALIFORNIA Compliments of Fowler Farm Supplies Telephone TEmple 4-3213 Fowler Congratulations to the Senior Class JOHN'S GROCERY FOWLER 111 Congratulations to the Class of "58" Pisor's Decorative Laminators S. Seventh St. Phone TEmple 4-2541 FOWLER, CALIFORNIA Compliments of ELVA'S WOMEN'S APPAREL Shelburne's Stationery 81 Office Equipment Two Stores to Serve You 115 E. Merced 1827 I 193 nyo 1 Mariposa FOVJLER' CALIFORNIA Office Display Rooms Phone AMhersl' 8-8444 Compliments of N estoris Beauty Salon 220 East Adams FOWLER TEmple 4-3316 93 MIRIGIAN ELECTRIC SERVICE Kamikawa Food Store Groceries - Mecits - Vegetables Fresh Fish 129 So. Seventh Street TErnpfe 4-3319 FOWLER, CALIFORNIA Congratulations Seniors Gong's Market RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL - INDUSTRIAL WIRING Meats - Groceries Vegetables INSTALLATION AND GENERAL REPAIR Phone TEmpIe 4-2891 FOWLER Phone TEmpIe 4-2807 Fowler GRISHAM DRUG STORE ROLAND AND GLADYS GRISHAM Good Luck Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen See You Next Year 127 Eost Merced Street Phone TEmpIe 4-2812 FOWLER 94 1 I Pete Mason seems to have gotten used to haircuts. He takes them with a smile from such an experienced barber as Mrs. Faye Avedisian of Faye's Barber Shop. Compliments of FAYE'S BARBER SHOP Two Barbers To Serve You 107 E. Merced Street TErnp1e 4-2772 FOWLER Flowers For All Occasions " A' Com- l'ments Flowers pl of 458 N. Fulton - Fresno Phone AMherst 6-9777 Bring Your Troubles To 7ll'1 Gnd Nl6rC6Cl -l-Efflple Service and Soles Fowler, California 117 E. Merced Congratulations From lEE'S MARKET "Where The Wise Economizev Compliments of GIenn's Bakery And Coffee Shop LEE JoHNsoN, Prop. Corner Merced and 6th Street FOWLER, CALIFORNIA V Phone TEmple 4-3213 FOWLER For JUNIOR BAIT F OR "58,' And Priceless Young Fashions lT'S The Model Dress Shop Slyvia Kirby admires the lovely robe shown her by Phone TEmple 4-3260 210 East Merced Stre Mrs. Fellers as she hopefully looks into her handbag for money. FOWLER, CALIFORNIA 95 Phone TEmple 4-2614 Congratulations to the Seniors WRIGHT OIL COMPANY Weed Oils - Heating Oils Butane - Gasoline Fowler, California MAllL AND POLLASTRINI Land Leveling - Subsoiling Land Grading - Orchard Removing Bull Dozing Joe Monis ami Gerald Hamp admire a sleek 58 Im- pala, one of Americais' fastest selling cars. Phone Office CLinton l-l833 Congratulations Graduates 5404 Shields Avenue FRESNO 96 BAXTER CHEVROLET. INC. Dependable Dealings Since 1926 TEmple 4-2911 FOWLER Compliments of HONDA'S GARAGE General Automotive Repairing Wheel Aligning and Balancing Specializing in Motor Tune-up Phone TEmple 4-29l3 Fowler ACE SERVICE INCORPORATED FRESNO AUTO PARTS E Farm Tractor Tire Headquarters n Field service Complete Auto Supplies Broadway and Ventura Ph.AMhers'r 8-531 l 560 BVOUCIWUY phone AMl'le"5f 6'826l Fresno Fwsno HOLLENBECK-BUSH PLANING Mlll CO. I Wholesale and Retail Windows -- Doors - Mouldings - and General Mill Work Phone AMherst 6-9566 Fresno, California Blackburn Auto Parts Co. Used Trucks and Trailers Auto and Truck Wrecking 3l83 So. Hwy. 99 Phone AMherst 4-2817 97 IORGENSEN FUNERAL HOME Byron B. Holler Funerol Director Telephone TEmpIe 4-2531 Fowler, California FRESNO OXYGEN And..Welding Suppliers L. J. "Pop" Barnes Kern ond "P" Streets P.O. Box l427 Phone AMherst 4-l952 or AMherst 4-9985 Fresno, California Compliments Ot HARRY COFfEE'S lO25 Fulton Street FRESNO "Since 19109 STEWART CLEAN ERS 1465 No. Von Ness Fresno LEMOSS AN D SMITH "The Rubber Meri, l 625 Fresno, ADams 3-5293 Broodwoy California Phone Goodyear Tires and Batteries Passenger and Truck Tire Recapping G.E. Appliances Wheel Alignment and Brake Service DON BUICK CO. 1939 Whitson TWinooks 6-1865 Selma, California The air Born B-58 seems to have stolen the hearts of Linda McGlaughlin and Delores Mooneyham as they get ready for a test drive at Don Buiclc's in Selma. 98 FOWLER COFFEE SHOP "Open 24 Hours a Day" Highway 99 and Adams Phone TEmple 4-9034 Fowler, California Compliments Of L. R. Toreson SHELL SERVICE Phone TEmpIe 4-9016 Fowler, California Free Estimates FOWLER CABINET AND MILLWORK lBuiIding Hardware? Glen D. Tharp, Proprietor ll7 So. Seventh Phone TEmple 4-36l9 FOWLER COMPLIMENTS OF PAUL NOBLE'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Phone, TEmpIe 4-33l2 99 Highway and Main FOWLER Buy-Rite WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTING CO. Food and Sanitation Supplies For Restaurants, Cafeterias, Institutions Jack Helm Phone AMherst 8-5727 Kern and U Sts. FRESNO 99 for local freshness Buy The Most ff-1'pi E ' , Popular " ' 1' . 'M K .1 INC. Dairy Foods WM VERY- , --ai- DFL' ln Town! iffy' 144 Belmont, Fresno AMhersf 4-6583 G'--Mlklglzb Compliments Of C. D. IMONIAN GENERAL INSURANCE 125 E. Merced St, Phones: TEmple 4-36l 5 or Tlfmple 4-3302 FOWLER, CALIFORNIA PRODUCEPUS Cotton Oil Co. BEST WISHES From MARION CASE Gin Manager Producefs Fresno Gin Clovis and North Avenues Phone: ADoms 7-1773 100 I Compliments Of SPIC AND SPAN CAFE Cong rat ulations to the Senior Class PETERS BRO c BRUSH SH REDDING Phone TEmple 4-3170 FOWLER Sam's Luggage And Mid Valley Leather Goods Sports center 1928 Mariposa FS1lene:,ElI:go:?aADams 7-3918 Von Ness Gt Merced Fresno S ucce ss to the Grads: our sincere best wishes in all your future endeavors. Laikam Plow Compan Manufacturing of Automatic French Plow for Tractor North East Corner of South 8. Leonard TEmple 4-3583 Fowler, California SURPRISE l 1 l Courtesy of Pot Craig Richard Shabazian Alden Kamikawa Delores Mooneyham Virginia Krikorian lWe Graduatedll Linda McGlaughlin Sylvia E. Smith Linda Eubanks Nancy Tcirtor Jeanette Paboojian ACKNOWLEDGMENTS PHOTOGRAPHY PRINTING JOHN MAXWELL RAY AAAGILL Maxwell Slfudll? Ensign Publishing Company FVGSDO, C0lif0m'0 Fowler, California ENGRAVING JIM BARTEL COVERS Valley Engravers Fresno, California S. K. SMITH COMPANY Los Angeles, California 101 NIORS ADAME, VIRGINIA, - 19, 49, 51, 1 ANDRADE, INEz - 19, 43, 72, 80 ARABSUNA, EIJI - 19, 46, 52, 56, ARASUNA, HITOMII - 19, 26, 47, 49, 50, 51, 70 AUBUCHON, ETHEL - 19, 45 BERG, JACK - 18, 19, 46 BLANCAS, ALFRED - 10, 56, 57, 60, 65 BOYER, GRETCHEN - 19, 44, 45, 49, 51, 52, 79 CASTILLO, CONNIE - 19, 27, 42, 45, 49, 52 CONTRERAS, ANNIE - 19, 42, 51 COWINGS, EVERETT - 19, 42, 43, 52, 56, 57, 60, 65 COX, PAUL - 19, 45, 50, 56, 57 CRAIG, PAT - 15, 19, 33, 39, 41, 45, 46, 51, 52, 93 CRUZ, MANUEL - 10, 20, 56, 60, 80 DEIigADO, ISABEL - 20, 42, 43, DELGADO, VICKIE - 20, 40, 44, 49,51 EUBANKS, LINDA - 15, 13, 20, 26, 27, 36, 37, 33, 39, 45, 46, 49, 50, 51, 52, 75, 93 - FRAQNICO, LIZ - 11, 20, 42, 45, 49, FUQUA, JIM - 14, 20, 40, 45, 48, 50, 54, 56, 76 GONG, THOMAS - 18, 20, 46, 52, 68, 79 GREEN, DENNIS 4 10, 69 GRIFFIN, EDWARD - 20, 56, 57 GUERRA, RAMONA - 20, 42, 45, 49, 51, 52 HAILNA, DAVID - 20, 43, 52, 63, HARO, JOE - 20, 40 HEREDIA, ANGELINA - 20, 40, 43, 45, 49, 51, 52 HEREDIA, LYDIA .- 21, 42, 43, 49, 52 HERNANDEZ, EDDIE - 21, 43, 56, 74 , HORII, JANE - 13, 13, 21, 26, 27, 47, 50 DEX JOHNSON, DIXIE, 13, 21, 45, 46, 49 KAMIKAWA, ALDEN - 14, 17, 13, 31, 26, 27, 33, 39, 46, 47, 50, 73, 7 KANDARIAN, DEE NEECE - 211 41, 45, 49, 51, 52, 74 KAZARIAN, GARY - 7,.15, 21 26, 45, 52, 56, 63 KAZARIAN, RON - 13, 21, 27, 45, 47, 50, 52, 55, 57, 63, 66, 78 . KIRBY, SYLVIA - 15, 21, 43, 45, 76, 73, 30, 95 KRIKORIAN, VIRGINIA - 14, 13, 21, 36, 33, 39, 41, 44, 45, 46, 47, 49, 50, 51, 52, 30, 92 LAIKAM, BOB - 21, 42, 45, 52, 56, 57, 60, 69, 74 LONG, BARBARA - 22, 42 LORRIE, JAY - 12, 51 LUCERO, ROBERT - 10, 22, 52, 56,57 MADSEN, VICTORIA -- 11 22, 42, 44, 50, 75, 78 MAEGLER, ELIN - 22 MARSHALL, LINDA -A 22, 42, 43, 51 , , . MAXWELL, JACK - 22, 52, 56, 57, 68 MCGLAUGHLIN, LINDA 4 15, 13, 22, 26, 27, 36, 33, 39, 45, 46, 49, 50, 51, 52, 74, 75, 76, 98 MCNAMARA, VINCENT - 45, 52, I x I 63,, .. MIYASAKI, MARJORIE - 22, 26, 47, 49, 68 MONIS, JOE - 13, 22, 27, 33, 39 45, 52, 55, 56, 57, 60, 63, 96, MORENO, BILLY - 40, 53, MOONEYHAM, DELORES - 22, 38, 39, 45, 46, 47, 49, 80, MUNOZ, ELEAN-OR 4 22, 43, 49, 51, 52, 71 I MUNOZ, TED - 23, 42, 45, 51, 54, 74 15, 98 NAKAGAWA, JANE - 23, 26, 44, 47, 49 ' NAKAGUCHI, GLENN - 13, 15, 18, 23, 27, 46, 47, 50, 63 NAKAMURA, TAD - 23,. 40, 46, 47, 50, 58,,59, 66, 79 NALIAN, TOM - 23, 48, 54, 56 NOVELLA, SALVADOR - 23 NUTT, JOHN - 23, 74 OROZCO, ROBERT - 15, 23, 45, JACKSON, BOBBY - 21, 42, 52, 65 50, 52, 56, 57, 65 D2 PABOOJIAN, JEANETTE - 7, 14, 23, 38, 39, 46, 49, 50, 51, 52, 55, 74, 78, 92 PERALTA, ELEANOR - 23, 49, 51 PETERS, DARRELL - 14, 23, 45, 50, 52, 56, 57 ' RAMIREZ, DANIEL - 23, 52, 60, 63 ROBINSON, CORNELIOUS - 24, 37, 42, 56, 57, 60 ROEEIQUEZ, RICHARD - 18, 24, ROGERS, CECIL - 48 ROMERO, THERESA - 24, 45, 49, 52 SAKAMOTO, GEORGE - 15, 24, 36, 38, 39, 45, 50, 52, 58, 59, 61 SARGENTI, VICKIE - 24, 42 SARKISIAN, EDDIE - 13, 24, 26, 33, 39, 46, 47, 50, 52, 63, 79, 81 SCHMIDT, GILBERT - 24, 42, 51 SCHULT, NANCY - 11, 24, 44 SCHWABENLAND, FRED - 24, 53 SHAHBAZIAN, RICHARD - 24, 38, 39, 50, 90 SMITH, MARILYN - 24, 40, 51 SMITH, SYLVIA E. - 14, 15, 24, I 26, 33, 39, 40, 46, 49, 91 SMITH, SYLVIA S. - 27, 51, 52 sOUzA, TONY - 25, 40, 43, 54, 63 SAUBIA, HENRY - 56, 57 TARTAR NANCY - 13, 25, 27 39, 41 42, 45, 49, 51, 52, 70, 77, 73, 91 TOKUBO, SHIGERU - 14, 13, 27, 46, 50, 67 VALDEZ KATHLEEN - 25, 42, 43, 45, 49, 50, 52, 74, 30, VARGAS, EDWARD - 43, 52, 59, 60, 66, 74 VASQUEZ, ROSA - 25, 42, 43, 49, 52 WATTS, NICK - 25, 40, 42, 45, 51, 56, 74, 78 WEINBERG, STEVE - 25, 33, 39, 69 ' VELA, CORA - 25, 49, 51, 71, 78 WILSON, ROBERT - 25, 30, 40, 42, 51, 53 WISE, JANICE - 25, 40, 44 WRIGHT, DON - 25, 27, 47, 48, 52, 56, 57 YERAMIAN, LEE -- 25, 40, 45 JUNIORS ADARGAZ, FLORA - 29, 51 AHRONIAN, RICHARD - 15, 28, 29, 30, 37, 46, 50, 52, 58, 59, 69, I 74, 79 ANDERSON, WANDA - 29, 51 BARSAMIAN, EDDIE - 29, 56 BEDROSIAN, JACK - 29, 45, 52, 56, 65 BLAIR, DOYLE - 29, 48, 74, 80 BLAYNEY, BARBARA -- 29, 42, 50, 69, 74, 78, 80 BULAICH, ANN - 12, 29, 44, 52, 68 BURNSIDE, DANNY - 29, 61, 68 CARMONA, INEz - 41 CARTER, JIMMY - 28, 29, 30, 45, 52, 56, 63, 74, 77, 79 CAVAZOS, SOFIA - 29, 40 COX, PAULA - 28, 29, 41, 45, 49, 56, 72, 76 DEATHERAGE, HELEN - 29, 42 EASTER, MAYBELLE - 29, 43, 45 FLORES, JOHNNY - 29, 61 FRANCO, GENEVIEVE - 29, 40, 45, 50, 51, 52 FRANCO, MARCUS - 29, 40, 45, 50, 51, 52 FRAZIER, GARY - 29, 58 FUJIKAWA, AMY - 29, 51, 52, 68 FUJIKAWA, RICHARD - 29, 52, 58, 69 FRY, ARLENE - 43 GALVAN, JERRY - 29, 43, 48, 52, 56, 63 GARCIA, JOSEPHINE - 15, 29, 41, 51, 74, 80 GARNER, JAMES - 40, 53, 60 GERBER BENNIE - 29, 40 GIBSON, JANET - 29 GOMEZ, VIRGINIA - 43 GONZALES, LOUIE - 29 GONSALVES, NORMA - 28, 29, 45, 71, 80 GRAHAM, STEVEN - 29 GOOGOOIAN, JOANN - 42 HAMP, GERALD - 29, 38, 39, 45, 46, 56, 66, 74, 79, 96 HASHIMOTO, FRANK - 29, 47, 59, 63 HENDERSON, CAROLYN - 28, 29, 44, 46, 50, 52, 69, 74, 78 HEREDIA, VICTORIA - 42, 49 HEREDIA, JOAQUIN - 29 HERNANDEZ, TOMMIE - 29 HIYAMA, BERNICE - 12, 29, 46, 50, 52, 69 HOBART, LILA - 29, 41 HORII, HOWARD - 29, 47, 63 JENSEN, ROBERT - 53 JOHNSON, MERLE - 29, 48 JONES, DON - 29, 48 INDEX I C ontinued I ISHKANIAN, JOYCE - 28, 29, 41, 45, 50, 51, 74, 79 KARLE, RICHARD - 29, 40 KAZARIAN, MELVIN - 15, 28, 29, 30, 37, 45, 50, 52, 56, 63, 74, 79 KRUEGER, GUNTER - 29, 40 KRUEGER, WERNER - 12, 29, 40 LAIEEIENESHAM, CHARLES -- 29, LALOIAN, HAROLD - 14, 15, 28, 29, 30, 38, 39, 46, 47, 50, 74, 90 LAWRENCE, WANDA - 29, 30, 43 45 MACHADO, BARBARA - 30, 42, 45, 47, 51, 75 MARTINEZ, DANIEL - 30, 45, 52, 56, 64, 65 MARTINEZ, NELLIE - 30, 78 MASON, PETER - 15, 28, 30, 38, 39, 45, 46, 50, 52, 56, 60, 74, 79, 94 MAXWELL, BEVERLY - 30, 45, 47, 52, 69 MERIGIAN, DON - 30, 47, 74 MUIELER, GLENNA - 30, 45, 51, 7 NDS? BARRY - 30, 43, 45, 52, 56, NORD, LEROY - 30, 48 OAKLEY, HANNAH - 43 OKAMURA, JOYCE - 12, 15, 30, 40, 46, 50, 52, 69 PENDERGRASS, ROY - 48 PETERS, DAVID -. 45 PETRIILLE, RICHARD - 30, 48 PRICE, DENVA - 28, 30, 41, 44, 45, 78, 80 PURSELL, DONNA - 30, 40, 42, 45, 51 RAMERIZ, JOE - 30, 56, 60, 65 RAMIREZ, VIRGINIA -. 30, 40, 52 RANGEL, RICHARD - 30 ROBINSON, MARY ANN - 30, 42, 43, 45, 52 ROBLES, CELIA - 30 ROIggiIGUEZ, ALFRED - 29, 59, ROQRIQUEZ, MARGARET - 40, 1 RODRIQUEZ, VIRGINIA - 29, 51 ROGERS, VAUGHN - 29, 42, 80 ROMERO, CELIA 4 29 ROMERO, LOUISE - 43, 49 SANCHEZ, ALFRED - 29, 45 SCOTT, RONALD - 53 , SHERMAN, OPHELIA - 29 SIIIQRMAN, RONALD - 43, 48, 54, SIMPSON, VICTORIA - 12, 29, 41, 45, 49, 52, 74 SMITH, RUSSELL - 28, 43, 45, 43, 52, 56, 65, 69, 74 SMOKE, GWENDOILYN - 29 SRABIAN, BEVERLY - 29, 43 STAIRS, STAN - 14, 17, 28, 29, 30, 45, 46, 50, 52, 56, 63, 65, 78, 79 STENFORT, JUNE - 15, 28, 29, 38, 39, 45, 47, 56, 71, 77 STEWART, LILLIE -2129 TAKs?HASHI, JANICE - 29, 30, 6 TANIGUCHI, AIMY - 28, 29, 44, 46, 50, 52, 74, 79 TAYLOR, BILLY - 29, 53 THUESEN, CHRISTINE - 28, 29, 41, 44, 45, 49, 50, 51, 74 TURPIN, PEGGY - 29, 41, 44, 45, 49, 52, 74 VALDEZ, JOHN - 29, 42, 45, 46 VALTIERRA, ESTHER - 80 VARGAS, ALFRED - 67 WHITELEY, GARY - 15, 29, 30, 45, 47, 52, 56, 60 WHITTENBURG, PHILLIP - 47 WILSON, JANICE - 29, 40, 51 VUCOVICH, CAROL ANN - 29, 45, 51, 70 SOPHOMORES ABERNATHY, EDWARD - 32, 67 ALFARO, DANIEL - 32 ARTRIP, JAMES - 15, 31, 32, 33, 50, 75, 78 ARTRIP, JOYCE - 30, 31, 32, 33, 45, 50, 52, 69, 74 AVILA, OLIVIA - 32 BAGDASARIAN, RALPH - 32 BARBATO, LINDA - 42 BARNES, DAVID - 32, 45, 58, 59, 61, 64 BEDROSIAN, VERNON - 32, 45, 58, 67 BELTRAN, JUNIOR - 32, 43 BANK, SHERRY - 30, 32, 33, 49, 51, 69, 70 BETANCOURT, BARBARA - 42 BLAgK, HELEN - 31, 32, 50, 69, BLANCAS, ARMIDA - 32 BLANCAS, RACHEL - 32 BRANDON, MAXINE - 32, 46, 49 BROWN, NANCY - 32, 42 BUTLER, MINNIE - 32, 43, 45 CAIN, HERB, JR. - 32, 43, 45, 61, 64, 74 CAPOZZI, ANGETLO - 60 CASTENADA, RAMONA - 32 CH.:-EVIBERS, PHIDLIP - 32, 40, COLEMAN, MARYON - 32 CORNELL, GEORGE - 32, 53 DAVIS, JEANETTE - 32, 43 DEATHERAGE, NINA - 32 DYKES, GWENDOLYN - 32 ELLIS, ANITA - 32, 40, 46, 59 EUESXNKS, BARBARA - 31, 45, 103 FEAVER, JOYCE - 32, 47, 49, 50 FLORES, ANGIE - 32 FUJII, LYNN - 31, 32, 33, 46, 58, 59, 66 FUJIKAWA, FRANCES - 15, 32, 46, 47 FUQUA, ANN - 31, 32, 44, 46, 50, 79, 30, 86 FLOWERS, MAZADA - 32, 43 GALVAN, FERMIN - 32, 47, 43, 53, 59 GALVAN, JOHN - 32, 48 GARCIA, JOE - 32 GOBBEL, DAVID - 32, 43 GOBLE, BARBARA - 15, 32, 40, 46, 50, 69 GOMEZ, PHIL - 32 GONZALES, MADELINE - 32 GOSHGARIAN, GEORGE - 32, 46 GRIJILVA, JOE - 32 GRIFFIN, ERNEST - 53 GUERRA, JOSIE - 32 HALL, LINDA - 32, 51 HALLER, ROBERT - 32, 43 HANNA, PHILLIP - 43, 64 HARLAN, MELVIN - 32, 47, 68 HARPER, NORMA - 32 HARRIS, LEE - 32, 40, 66 HONDA, RONALD - 32, 40 HUGHEY, ALLEN - 43 HULL, JUDY - 30, 32, 33, 47, 51, 69, 78 HURADO, MARY - 32, 43 IKEDA, LAUREIN - 32, 50 KAZARIAN, TED - 32, 33, 45, 69 KAZARIAN, RONALD - 32, 33, 40, 42, 45, 50, 51, 74 KERBY, TOM - 32, 86 KIRKORIAN, RICHARD - 32, 47 JONES, BETTY - 32 KIRBY, ELOISE - 32, 45, 75, 78 LOPEZ, JOE - 43 MALLORY, CAROLYN - 32 MATHEWS, EUGENE - 32, 43 MAUL, DENNIS - 32, 33, 38, 39, 45, 52, 53, 59, 69, 78, 84 MAYEBO RONALD - 32, 40, 53, 59, 64 MOOVARTIAN, GEORGE - 32, 43, 47 MORENO, RUBEN - 43, 53 MORRILL, BOBBY - 30, 32, 58 MUNOZ, IRENE -- 43 NAHIGIAN, ARMELITA - 32, 49 NAKAMURA, MARLENE - 32, 46, 47 NIELSEN, TAMARA -- 31, 32, 45, 47, 49, 50, 69 NIEMEYER, SHARON - 32 OMLAND, KAREN - 32, 50 OROSCO, BOBBY - 32, 40, 42, 74 O4 INDEX fContinuedQ ORPHAN, PAUL - 15, 32, 33, 45, 51, 58, 60, 64 PABOOJIAN, KAY - 32, 45, 50, 58, 59, 64 PERALTA, HENRY - 32, 43 PETTIGREW, LORETTA - 43 PISOR, RUSSELL - 32, 53, 58 PULIDO, MARY - 43, 51 RAMIREZ, EVA - 33 REEZEEINSDORF, ROBERT - 33, 43, RIVERA, CLARA - 43 RIVERA, RUTH - 43 RODRIQUEZ, MARY LOU - 33 SCHMIDT, CAROL - 33 SHERMAN, MAYBELLE - 33 SIMONIAN, THOMAS - 15, 47, 53, 66, 69 SAKAMOTO, ROY - 33, 58 SOGHOMONIAN, JOE - 33, 45, 51, 53, 64 SQUARE, MARGARET - 33, 45 STARK, RAYMOND - 33, 33, 39, 61, 62 THOMPSON, TROY - 33, 43, 64, 66, 86 TOKUBO, MICHIKO - 33, 46, 51 TORRES, HOP E- 33, 43 TOYODA, JOYCE - 31, 33, 46, 50 VARGAS, BETTY - 33 VASQUEZ, GEORGIA - 33, 42 WALKER, CALVIN - 62 WARREN, BILLY - 33 WHITE, LINDA - 15, 33, 45, 49, 50, 51 WHITE, LURA LINDA - 33 YORK, MARY - 33, 71 YOSHIMOTO, KENNETH - 14, 17, 31, 33, 78 ZUNIGA, MARCELINO - 33 FRESHMEN ATCHLEY, NATHAN - 35 AVILA, ALFRED - 43 BAGDASARIAN, MARTHA - 35, 45, 47, 71 BAEDASARIAN, FRANCIS - 35, 8 BAGDASARIAN, VALARIE - 35, 40, 50 BELTRAN, JUNIOR - 35, 43 BETANCOURT, PHILLIP - 35, 43 BIGGERSTAFF, JO ANN - 35, 40, 45, 68 BURNS, KAREN - 15, 35, 45, 69, 75 BYNUM, JOHN - 35, 43, 62, 67 CARRASCO, FREDDIE - 35, 62 CASTILLO, DELORES - 35, 42 CORIA, FRANK - 35, 53 CORNELL, KATHRYN - 35 COWINGS, WILLIAM - 42, 58, 61, 66 CRAIG, DIANNE - 15, 34, 35, 36, 75, 77 CURRIER, PATRICK - 35 DARLING, GARY - 14, 17, 34, 35, 45, 53, 67, 78 DELGADO, MARY - 35 DEATHERAGE, ERNEST - 35, 42, 62 DENHAM, RICHARD - 35, 58 DOYEL, JEWEL KBOBBIEJ - 35 DUNCAN, ARCHIE - 35, 60, 64 EASLEY, VIRGINIA - 35, 40 EASTER, AARON - 35, 45 ECKMAN, KAREN - 35 EDWARDS, BUELAH - 35, 45 ELIAS, CLARA - 35 FITZGERALD, ELAINE - 34, 35, 45, 75 FRANCO, PETER - 35, 62 FRY, DARLENE - 42 GARNER, PATSY - 35 GOMEZ, AVEL -151 GOMEZ, GEORGE - 35, 67 GONG, BESSIE - 35 GUTILE, JANICE - 35 HASHIZUMI, JOYCE - 35 HEINLDERSON, RUSSELL - 35, 53, 6 HERNANDEZ, REUBEN - 35, 42, 61, 62 HILL, DAVID - 35, 40, 62 HOWLETT, JERRY - 35 JENSEN, JUDY - 35, 45, 50 KAMIKAWA, KAREN - 15, 34, 35 KASQDARIAN, JOYCE - 34, 35, 45, KAWANO, DARLENE -1 35 KERBAJIAN, MYRON - 35, 58 KEVORKIAN, MELVIN - 35 KINCAID, BERT - 35, 48 KRIKORIAN, DOUGLAS - 35, 64 LAIKAM, JAMES - 35, 45, 53, 69 LEYVA, ROBERT - 43 LOPEZ, JESSE - 35 LOPEZ, ROBERT - 35, 43 LOPEZ, ROSEMARY - 44, 71 LOTT, MAVA JO - 35, 45 LUCERO, GUADALUPE .- 35, 53, 64 MARTINEZ, MANUEL - 35 MAUL, RAYMOND - 35, 48 MEJIA, MARY - 35, 43 MIRIGIAN, RUSSELL - 35, 58, 69 MONTOYA, RUBY - 34, 35, 36, 45, 75 MORENO, DELORES - 35 MORRILL, EARL EUGENE - 35, 58, 64 MULLER, FREDERICK - 35, 58 MUNOZ, BETTY - 35, 45 MUNOZ, ROBERT - 53 NIELSEN, BILL - 35, 67 NIX. SHELLEY - 35, 40, 45, 46, 50, 69 PABOOJIAN, DENNIS - 35, 36, 40, 58, 59, 69 PABOOJIAN, JOANNE - 15, 34, 35, 45, 70 PETERS, RONALD - 34, 35, 36, 58, 64 POPE. CATHY - 35 PORTILLO, ERMENIA - 35, 42 POWELL, CHARLES - 35, 40, 46, 64, 74 PRICE, MARGARET - 35, 45, 47 PURSELL, VERNON - 35, 62 RAMIREZ, M. - 35 REYES, RALPH - 35 ROBINSON, ARBRY - 34, 35, 42, 58, 59, 64, 67 ROBLES, DELIA - 43 ROBLES, EMILY - 35, 43 ROGERS, JEFFERSON - 35, 48 ROMERO, MARY - 42 RUTLEDGE, ROBERT - 35 SALINAS, RICHARD - 35, 36, 64 SCHMALL, KENNETH - 35, 48 SHAMSHOIAN, JUDY - 35, 45, 75 SIMONIAN, JIMMIE - 35, 48 SOLOMAN, FRANSCINE - 35 SOUZA, BARBARA - 15, 34, 35, 45, 47, 70 SMITH, JIMMIE - 35 SQUIRE, ERNESTINE - 35, 42 SUBIA, ROBERT - 35 TANIGUCHI, MICHI - 36 TANNERS, ELDON - 36 THOMPSON, ALICE - 36 THOMPSON, LEON - 36, 42, 58, 59, 61, 66 THOMPSON, THOMAS - 36, 43, 61, 62 TILLER, JANICE - 36, 45, 47 TOFOYA, LORENZA - 36 TORRES, CHAN - 36 TORRES, FREDDIE - 43 TSUCHIGUCHI, RENKO - 15, 36, 40, 46, 69 TRINIDAD, CECIL - 36 TURNER, MARY JANE - 36 VALDEZ, RICHARD - 34, 36, 62 VARGAS, ANTHONY - 35, 36, 43, 61, 62, 67, 77 VASQUEZ, CONNIE - 36 VASQUEZ, MANUEL - 43 VELA, TONY - 36, 58, 66 WATKINS, CHARLES - 36 WESTBROOK, LOIS - 36 WHITTENBURG, STEPHEN - 36 WILKINS, RUSSELL - 36, 58 INDEX K C ontinuedj WILSON, MARY LOUISE - 15, 36, 40, 44, so YORK, ELMER - 36 1'Og4NG, ERNEST - 36, 48, 59, 61, ZAMORA, LINDA - 36 SCHOOL PERSONNEL MR. FRANK ABSTON - 10 MR. JOE ACOSTA - 16 MR. DERON AHRONIAN - 9 MRS. LOIS AVENAL - 16 MRS. LORENE BIGGERSTAFF - 9, so MISS ALICE BLAYNEY - 10, 31, 42, 43, 45 MRS. BLANCH BOOTH - 16 MISS NANCY BOWMAN - 10, 29, 52, 68, 70 MRS. RUTH CONVERSE - 9 MR. THEODORE CONVERSE - 10, 14, 31, 51 MR. JOHN DELGADO - 16 MRRIEITH DRAUGHON - 10, 34, MRS. ELVA EHRLICH - 10, 18, 45, 49 MR2 ANTHONY GAROFOLI - 10, 8 MR. EVERETT HANNER - 16 MRS. GOLDIE HEPNER - 16 MR. BERRY HILL - 11 MR. LEFFORD HUNTLEY - 11, 26, 34, 45, 61, 62, 69 MR. HUBERT JONES - 16 MISS HELENA JORGENSEN - 11 MR. ALLEN KIRBY - 7, 8, 80 MR. ALFRED LEAL - 11, 34, 58, 65, 66 MR. THOMAS MCCONNELL - 11, 31 MR. HUBERT MCGLAUGHLIN - 16 MR. ALBERT MQLEMORE - 16 MRS. MURRIEL MILLER - 11, 34, 46 MRS. NAN MIRIGIAN - 16 DR. H. W. NIELSEN - 9 MR. TED NIX - 9 MR. PHILLIP PATINO - 11, 28, 58, 60 MR. JOHN PEREIRA - 12, 34, 56, 63 MR. ARAM PETERS - 9 MR. DANIEL PETERSEN - 5, 8, 14, 18 MR. EARL POWELL - 12, 14, 18 MRS. FREDA RAINEY - 12, 28, 50, 51 MISS ETHEL ROOSMAN - 12, 31, 38, 39, 44, 46 MR. PERCY STANTON - 12, 48 MR. BERNARD TUCK - 80 MR. SAM VUCOVICH - 9 MR. ROBERT WARMACK - 12, 36, 64 MISS MARIAN WHITE - 9, 44 MR. CAMERON WOODS - 12, 18, sa, 39, 53, 92 MRS. SANDY YERAZIAN - 16 CLUB INDEX I - CLASSES SENIORS - 18 JUNIORS - 28 SOPHOMORES - 31 FRESHMEN - 34 II - ORGANIZATIONS ART CLUB - 51 AUDIO VISUAL CLUB - 47 BAND AND MAJORETTES - 40, 41 BLOCK F - 52 BOARD OF TRUSTEES - 9 CADETS - 53 CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION - 46 CHORAL GROUPS - 42, 43 FACULTY - 10 FUTURE BUSINESS LEAD- ERS OF AMERICA - 51 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA - 48 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA - 49 GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIA- TION - 52 GIRLS' LEAGUE - 44 HI-Y - 45 HOUSE OIF REPRESENTA- TIVES - 15 KNIGHTS AND LADIES - 50 LITORIA - 38 MAINTENANCE P E R S O N- NEL - 16 PEPSTERS - 41 QUILL AND SCROLL - 46 REDCAT REVIEW - 39 STUDENT COUNCIL -- 13, 14 TRI-HI-Y - 45 III - ACTIVITIES BASEBALL - 63, 64 BASKETBALL - 60, 61, 62 FOOTBALL - 56, 57, 59, 59 FOIMIEER FALL FESTIVAL - GIRLS' P.E. - 70, 71, 72 HIT AND MISS SNAPS - 80 JUNIOR MUSICAL - 74 MAYFAIR - 78 QUEENS - 76, 77 STUDENT COURT - 79 SWIMMING - 69 TENNIS - 68 TRACK - 65, 66, 67 105 3 4 rgxx.- , : '1-!jj'- New "'r1"--,rv-'-vf-'tv-wavy'-qu. 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