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,"f' 'Ml y Y V f' wk ws W f-'2 v- K h J L i . , ,N L ,, " 1 ,J I 0' , Q D, v up A 1 il x , l . 1 1 V. 4 9 IJ ' . ' r . J , . r X A ,, ' H Q M, v ! - ,, b up Q' 4 5 . 2 I V I . Q'-I I , Q V' ' ' xi .N Z I , b E i ' , 9 .fl :jf - , 1 I 1 XX v x ,.. I 1 A YY W ' ' t E Pj . UXXV-, 4 ,. J' ' V II., N' Ab' 5' if - J.. , vxf- N-X. . 5. A,-1 A jf' fx 'N - LL L ' - ' av rvy l ' I J, 1 gy A 1, , ' .v 4' Y ffl , ,lx "If hrs' N' W J-fb, X av Wi rw M Vi f I' J 9,45 gf X -L In 1 I . b F W U, F5 V 1 my , . ' Q , I .r 'X GA' J- ' P IN V I f' 'Y' S ' 2: If 2 'WH 1 , Yi Z - 7 fl' 'uf' X JV 1, I- x V '- K, ' 1? fl -- T 4' . - ' W X1 , ' f X V ' - 1' A 9 .5 5,5 x .VL V V Wu ' F h ,A A H., Ai, ff u x 5 V V L, 1 Q '. : X Lf 5 AQ 3 " xbu I V F N . a 5 A , -K V' , ,. 1, K "jf, A - - ' - ' ' 4 ., tl Q R - 1. 1 X' Q .T , f it A X V f lf 'K i -f f f K ' -1 T55 ' ,T fg Q 7 1 f ,V 'X f 5 - R' ,V J ' , 4 . I ' ' 1 w- r, K. 1' , W ' Y' M uf E ' 'Z ' f N 1+ ' K Q fs U ky ' ' ' ' V if Ti ' '7 by - V' W v , i I is 14 bf 4 -A x, ., '. s V G A gf V, I I' 'N X 5" 'l , W 'i if ' ASTJ +P , 3 KW D Lx . D 'l x i If K f r ' , . .. V - V I " T' ,. 'U l Q H Y' ,G '? 41 'K .uf Q' L" , N' gb n tv X,V- - A - N ' I .T 7 X W A L X.. 3 ' 1 ,V , .u f'Wf39f ffffv J 'ff' XJ' Lf 9 'f,A, 1HvLlt01'lf1 Ui IQQI L, I-J LN g ff -J LL 1' 1.2 Q N VOLUME xxxn ., 'tl ,mx ,w,,.,,-wiv PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE LITORIA STAFF Fowler llnlon Hugh School FOWLER CALIFORNIA , ,,,,,,f ' ' OF . . X I K f The UFIQIII ul the Puelludt Redcat us the theme of thus 1951 Lutorua ln 1927 a young husky red haured fellow named Dale was born to Pruce Robunson a teacher then at FUHS Shortly after thus Dale became the mascot for Fowler Hugh School Dale had such enthusuasm un hus growung up that he seemed luke a cat Later as mascot at a game Dale started squallung and someone mentuorued Hellcat but wurh hus red haur he came to be known a Reclcat Thus the tutle Redcat was guven to Fowler Unuon Hugh School as theur symbol to represent them un all unterscholastuc actuvutues Thus sym bol Redcat wull follow along wuth us even when we are out of hugh school Top Pueture Llly Yomonoka and Joyce Green hand out Redcats at noon Bottom Picture Fred Lynch Faye McGu re Kenneth Butts ond Juanutu Briscoe odmrre FUHS trophies by trophy case 2 0 o n If Il II ' . . . 1 1 1 ' u - , . . . . ,, . Il - ' I I I ' II II '1 ' ' C I I "' ll 11 ' Il II ' ' ' Il ll ' ' ' I I 5 I I u I . . 1 . Vs' Jw ,' ir' I I 'ff x 2 A 1 li V l I if x P td gf M BN Table Uf Unntente ADMINISTRATION SENIORS LOVVER. CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS SNAPSHOTS AND ADS 3 Page Page Page Page Page Page Sl N7 fltlflll To George Smuth who has been both a teacher and a fruend to the students of Fowler Hugh the staff wushes to deducate thus thurty second volume of the Lutorua Always ready to befruend a student and guve a helpung hand when ut us needed Mr Smuth co operates wuth hus students and fellow teachers He has been the person to whom one and all take theur varuous troubles and he deals wuth them faurly and umpartually a I w a y s wut h a fruendly smule a sense of humor and an encouragung word Mr Smuth us vuce pruncupal here at Fowler Hugh and us un charge ofthe boys attendance Thus us not the only duty Mr Smuth has though He us a very busy man Mr Smuth us also counselor for the senuor class He has taught varuous classes at Fowler Hugh for the past ten years and the past year he has been a teacher of art mechanucal drawung and freshman socual scuence 5 S it is M VQKX f' Q2 HO HUM 9 w V AIIIVIINISTIIATIUN w ' 1 5 - f I fj, fl A rw I V! jf I ff N X I 30 I I I I I I II g I A D WILSON, PRESIDENT AARON BUTTS O C HUTCHINGS EORGE MCCLUPG Blldfll ol Trustees The schools of the Unuted States duffer from those of the other countrues un the respect that they are run by the people The foreugn schools are run by the government Schools un thus country have a board of trustees elected by the people of each communuty to run the school un that com munuty Donatung theur efforts the board spends many long hours on varuous ussues such as handlung school funds hurung faculty members and watchung over the hugh school un general Mr A D Wulson us the Dresudent of the board thus year Mr Wulson a rancher has been on the board for eleven years He has a son and a daughter who are both graduates of thus school Mr Ruchard Goode a graduate of Fowler Hugh us the secretary of the board He was on the board from l94l I944 and was re e'ected un l95O Mr Goode us a local rancher Another trustee who has been on the board for eleven years us Mr O C Hutchungs He us a rancher and has a son now a freshman at tendung Fowler Hugh and a daughter Mr George McClurg us another alumnus of Fowler Hugh He has been on the board for nune years and us also a rancher near Fowler Mr McClurg was the furst Student Body Presudent at Fowler Hugh a n d h a s three chuldren who are all graduates of our school Mr Aaron Butts a member of the board for seven years us the Pacufuc Coast sales manager for T G Schmeuser He has two sons One us a graduate and the other us now a senuor at Fowler Hugh 8 ,- . . 0 . l , u I 1 1 s L I - I I I 1 1 r - ' 1 1 . ' ' u . . . . , - I . , . . . , I RSCHARD GOODE CLERK PRINCIPAL FRANK P SCHROETER THE VICE PRINCIPAL SAYS ThIs school has been known as the Redcats the Flghflng Redcats fo a number of years Yet no one seems to ques tIon the POINT ofa red cat or the pOSSIbIl Ity of such an anImol The reasons why no one QUESTIONS the word from a lIterary vIewpoInt IS obvIous The students and faculty of thIs school have made It so real by ITS loyalty Its tradItIons Its Splflf Its record In all fIelds of school lIfe that no dIctIonary can express nor does one questIon the meanung of the wo d Redcot Our class of l95l has certaInly Increased the fame and power of the word Redcot and ITS emblem They wIll contInue to cherIsh It as classes wIll come and strIve for lfS contInuous growth and fame for decades to come Ulll IlmIIIIstI atm s THE PRINCIPAL SAYS Good schools don t just happen They have to be ea rned usually by the combIned efforts of students laymen and teachers Good schools a e the tra nI g ground for Informed AmerIcan CITIZEN shIp They are our fIrst lIne fo defense Good schools develop an IndIvIduaI who achIeves reasonable compromIses between hIs own aspIratIons and the welfare of SOCIETY as a whole Good schools wIll develop a natIon of better cItIzens more conscnous of theIr blessIngs more resolute In theIr responsIbIIItIes and more dedIcoted to theIr freedom f5'L.W!H0sa!' O I 1 I 1 11 11 I - I I I I r I 'n I I - I " Ui " ' ' " r VICE-PRINCIPAL GEORGE W. SMITH ' ' Q ll Il ' ' - . . I - , , , . . . I I . . I I . I I' Il II Il ll I I O I 9 Ffuult Pe-:sm I sEnll2lltenlledlatf: MR EARL POWE AB and MA degree from Colorado State College of Edu catlan Post graduate work at USC and Fresno State Col lege Teaches begunners regu lar and advanced band Swung band durector I u n I o class sponsor Presldent of Fac ulty club MISS ETHEL ROOSMAN AB degree from Fresno State College Post graduate work at the Unlversuty of Ca I :forma Teaches typlng shorthand business tralnlng English and publlcatlons .lunlor class spon sor CTA representatnve riff MJ' MR HAROLD BARR B S a d Ed M degrees from lndlana State Teachers College and Temple University Post graduate work at Fresno State College Duke Unuverslty Tem ple Unlversrty and Umverslty of Pennsylvanra Teaches typ mg advanced business trarnmg and bookkeepnng Sophomore sponsor Student Body flnonce and publrclty ISS BARBARA WARD- BS degree ln home economucs from Unlverslty of Colorado Post graduate work at Umver stv of Colorado Teaches homemakmg and foods Girls L90Que Trl Hr Y and freshman sponsor Secretary treasurer of Faculty club MRS JACQUELIN AUSTIN A B degree from Fresno State College Post graduate work at Unlversrty of Calutornua Teach e gurls physical educatron GAC and sensor sponsor Dance and lntramural advisor MISS JOSEPHINE BERINE AB degree from Fresno State College Post graduate work at Collee of Pacnfsc and Um verslty of Callfornna Teaches Enqllsh and Sponlsh Jumor class chairman Llbrary A 95' MR RAY BOUCHER- B S degree from Kurksvulle State Teachers College Post graduate work at Kurksvulle State Teachers College and Fresno State College Teaches auto shop metal shop and shop physucs Junuor class spon SOI' MRS GERTRUDE GILLEY B S degree from Texas State College for Women Teaches clothung and homemakung Jun uor Red Cross and senuor class sponsor MR CHARLES HARRIS- B S degree from Calufornua State Polytechnnc College Post graduate work at Colufornua Teaches vocatuonal agruculture Future Farmers of Ameruca and freshman sponsor MR DON IRELAND- B S and M A degree from Butler Unuversuty and Ohuo State Unuversuty Post graduate work at Columbua Unuversuty New York Unuversuty and Unu versuty of Wusconsun Teaches mathematucs and Englush CSF and punuor sponsor MDP-x N 'Sf f , f MR JAY CONDIT B M degree from Chapman College Post graduate work t Bucknell Unuversuty and Fresno State College Teaches gurls chorus and Englush Boys quartet gurls truo maxed char us gurls small ensemble and freshman sponsor MR ROBERT GROSS- A B degree from Fresno State College Post graduate work at Fresno State College Teaches US hustory socual scuence l2 boys physucal tuon b tball track Soph chaurman MR BERRY HILL B S degree from Mussouru State Teachers College Post graduate work at Unuversuty of Fresno State College Teaches woodsh Sophomore sponsor I MR WILSON LANDRUM B S degree from Superuor State College Post graduate work at College of Pacufuc Teaches chemustry physucs ad vanced math and general math Auduo Vusual coordunator end publuc address supervusar Stage assembly mauntenance B football coach Sponsors s nuors pep gurls a d A club . . X G . - 1 V e - I HBH . O 1 - ' o ' , State P o l y t e c h n i c College. Idaho, Washington State, and If I X I. 1 - - ' A YC , ' , n . V. u . l l K MR LLOYD LEEST A B degree from Fresno State College Post graduate work T Fresno State College TeClCh6S boys physical education Var sity football basketball and baseballlcoach Block F and freshman sponsor MR DANIEL PETERSEN B A degree from Fresno State College Post graduate adminls trative ark Teaches social mittee sponsor and freshman science 9 TVOHIC c'ass MR GEORGE SMITH A B degree from San Fran cisco State College Post grad uate work at University of California Fresno State College and Washington State College Teaches art social science 9 and mechanical drawing. Vice Principal attendance and dis- cipline advisor. Rally Club spon- sor senior chairman and swim- ming coach. MISS HELENA JORGENSEN R.N. degree from U.S. School of Nursing. Teaches home nursing, School nurse. MR JOHN PEREIRA A B degree in physical educa tion from Fresno State College Teaches English and freshman physical education Boys feder ation HiY and senior class sponsor B football C bas ketball and track coach MR ADRIAN SANFORD A B and M A degree from Columbia University Teaches English public speaking and publications Drama and swim mng instructor sophomore sponsor MR CLARENCE YODER A B and B S L degree rom Manchester College Post grad uate work at USC Teaches bioogy and mathematics I charge of boys locker keys Sophomore sponsor. MRS. LORENE BIGGERSYAFF- lcenter bottom picturel Secre- tary to principal. MRS HAZIL VOORHEES Financial secre tary, assistant librarian, cofef teria manager. Bus Drivers and Lustullmns Show Hell but Splrlt CUSTODIANS ab one Fot M ell Jones DoOev Horne BUS DRIVERS On Cab Jones Boucher Brandon Stand H ms Hll Pete H II Po e lNot n Pcture Barr Sm th Leest Landrum Gbson Ma well Honner In custod an plcturel BUS DRIVERS Everett Honner dlrector ot the transportation shops had t ftee n bus drlvers under has supervlslon thus year Mr Hanner and these drnvers have taken players rooters and band members to games They also have taken students on tneld trnps and to varuous appearances Fowler busses ran for the Malaga lcwa and Fowler Elementary Schools and Fowler Hugh School CUSTODIANS Do you know why the bunldangs and grounds were always so n eat a n d clean? Its because we had the co operatuon of four tune men and tour hugh school students George Dooley was head custodnan wuth students Wayne Stark Sparky Hanner .l W Kelley and Adnan Harrell helpung hum Bull Stone was In charge of the grounds Gordo n Maxwell shops and Hubert Jones the gym I3 0 Q 0 1 x I 1 I 1 5 5 n K 'I i l ' ' r L, e -InC:St . rn: axw, , X x ,A- 'Af' 1 I I 'll ' 1 f js . 1 - 1 4 4 -fi . ' , ,gzgt , A 9 I Q 1 4' .5 X . , , f. , 1 5 f , I ' ing: a ', i, rsen, a, wll. i i : I , 5 , , , i , X . ' . i . 4 I I I - ' ' I , . - I I 1 - - . ' 1 1 - - I ' I I I I ' llssociatell Student Holly FOWLER UNION HIGH SCHOOL COLORS Cardinal and White EMBLEM The Redcat OFFICERS 5PC'fl4Y Hanner President Ernest Bedrosuan Vrrge Pregrder-rr Floreen Johnson Segretqry Rosemary Sarklslan Treggurer lmojean Garrett Publlclty Commussloner Joe Montoya Art Commissioner Phyllvs Patterson Yell Legder Harold Barr Fnnancnal Advusor Frank Schroeter and George Smuth Sponsors SPARKY HANNER PRESIDENT Durung the past year the student government of the Associated Student Body of Fowler Union Hugh School has taken care of problems and busnness concernlng school and students lt has held nts regular weekly meetings and been busy maknng plans for the year To start the year off wlth Q bong the ASB sponsored a student body card sale contest grvnng the the class wlth the hlghest percentage of cards sold a p r 1 z e Th e contest was pushed by every faculty member and councul member makung lt a worth whale effort The sensor class took fnrst place In the contest by buyung 9290 of theur cards The Fowler Hu student council was host to the annual fall conference ofthe Calnfornua Assoclatuon of Student Councils Sequoua League Eleventh Dustrlct In October Over one hundred student councul members from the varuous schools In the Sequola League attended the meeting Harold Coles the dnrector of athletlcs of Fresno County was the mann speaker and one of the Important duscusslons at the meetung was the prob lem of the relatnonshrps between dlfferent schools M o o ann M a I4 , n k L U , I I I Q ' I - . . . . . , . v I I- . I . ' ' I I I . - Back Row: Lane, Montoya, Bedrosian, Sturaivantg Middle Row: Yamane. Hollabaugh, Garrett, Sarkisian, Patterson, Hein- rich, r. Smnthg Front Row: Mr. Schroeter, J hns n, H er, r. B rr. vp . Jgv , I 1 t , ,Q 3 I V x . l . as-frft ERNEST BEDROSIAN FLOREEN JOHNSON ROSEMARY SARKISIAN The annual Chrnstmas Party was held on December 22 An excellent program was presented and of course Santa Claus was there to gnve out presents Lunch wg 5 served to the entire student body and faculty and a free movie was presented under the dlrectnon of the Audra Visual Club Many fune and excutang assemblies were arranged for The National School Assemblies were presented and enjoyed by everyone The pep rallnes thus year we re better than they have ever been before Outstandlng comical sknts were put on and the whole student body put their whole hearted effort un yelling to back up the teams Various classes also put on assemblues The council organlzed a dance commlttee of student body m e m be r s The orngunal Dance Club was dlscontlnued and the dance committee was put an charge of all school dances lr' Januarv the councll members recelved theur student council puns wh IC h were purchased by the Assocuated Student Body To end a busy successful and excltung year the electron of student body offucers for the comnng year was held un May The councul was an charge of thus actnvuty IMOJEAN GARRETT JOE MONTOYA PHYLLlS PATTERSON l5 f Z 4 1 l , A ,z . , ' Z- f f: . I 1 I l Y 1 r 1 ' I . . , . . - , , . ' . 1 I I I l W ,Z N my Q SENIURS X I f f f H x 1' ' ' XSS? 0 Edde Lane Presdent Laurel Ran ater VsceP Lousse Moody Secretary Eose Ruby treasurer 0lll0l'9 Sensors' The bsg day ss almost here' Four thrsllsng years have gone by ssnce one hundred and thsrty frsghtened freshmen entered the back doors of FUHS We chose as our class motto Not for Ourselves but for Others our flower was the red rose and our colors green and whste As freshmen our float took second place sn the Fowler Fall Festsval parade and we gave an assembly sn May Our sophomore year started out wsth a bsg bang' In the Festsval parade we agasn took second place We had three skatsng partses a snow trsp and a class party whsch were all bsg successes Another hsghlsght of the year was the ordersng of our class rsngs and sweaters Remember all the fun we had sn our sunsor year? Our float took fsrst place sn the Fall Festsval parade We presented the Junsor Play and gave our Junsor Sensor Ban quet We also ushered at Baccalaureate and Graduatson Then came the begsnnsng of our sensor year You never saw a group of prouder Iooksng faces We were the bsg shots of the school now Our sensor offscers Eddse Lane pressdent Laurel Rasnwater vsce pressdent Lousse Moody secretary Elosse Ruby treasurer Naoms McCowan gsrls athletsc mana ger Ernse Barnes boys athletsc manager and Angse Ferresra and George George yell leaders-gusded us through the year They were asded by our fsne group of sponsors headed by George Smsth Our actsvsty calendar was fslled to the top The spectacular sensor float The Freedom Trasn took fsrst place and the sweepstakes award sn the Festsval parade and also took fsrst place at the Reedley Fsesta parade The Sensor Play was gsven sn Decem ber a snow trsp sn February a skatsng party sn March Sensor Costume Day sn Aprsl Career Day was sn May Sensor Day sn May and Sen or Dress up Day sn June And now graduatson ss just around the corner We leave a lot of happy tsmes behsnd but we wsll never forget them John Peresra Mrs Gertrude Gslley George Sm th Mrs Jacquelsn Austsrs Wslson Landrum I8 s , i i w ' - res. ' , 1 Q I i n L 11 ll 1 1 . 1 I ' I I ' 1 ' 1 1 1 .1 . 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 L T l . , , . . . 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 . . . . II ' an 1 - 11 - ' ' , 1 1 I v ' ' 1 1 ' ' I . I . MAIIAN ADOLPH Dance Club assemblues Iubrary oftlce practnce cateterla work MENIY IAIIGIAN Band assemblles track ath letnc awards musnc awards IZOIA IATTLE Trl HI Y Aeollan Club EINEST IEDROSIAN- ASB vice president CSF presl vlce presudent Redcat Revnew edutor L n t o r n a ad manager maxed chorus assemblies foot ball sportscaster b a s k e tball track baseball athletnc awards Seal Bearer GEORGE IETANCOUIT Jumor class yell leader sopho more class yell leader HuY Block F assemblies stage construction football basket ball track baseball swlmmmg athletnc awards EDWARD AIIDIIIOONI HIY presldent CSF maxed chorus band drum mayor jun l0f DIOY sensor play football basketball baseball track ten ms athletac awards uslc award ERNEST BARNES- Semor class athletnc manager FFA presrdent FFA secretary band football manager bas ketball manager b a s k e tball baseball athletuc awards CLARA BEDROSIAN Trnl-llY Dance Club Aeollan Club assemblles library offnce practice FFA treasurer stage construc tnon basketball track JUANITA BRISCOE Trl Hn Y vnce president Trl Hn Y soclal chaurman Dance Club f shman class councnllor semblaes offlce practlce 1- - ' I I . . , , V , ' - I I 1 I ' , , m ' l . I 1 I - . 4 ' I ' , . ' A , . 1 I- Y I ' . . . . I , , 4 - - I , , . - . I ,A dent, Quill and Scroll, Hn-Y STANLEY BENNETTS- I ' l 1 I - I I . I ' ' 1 - I I - , , I 1 ' - l , V - I ' I - - - I ' ' It H - I A ' I 1 , . I - I I ' I I os' I I ' ' I ' l KENNETH BUTTS- Sophomore class presnaent CSF presudent Block F vnce pres: nt H Y Quill and Scr Redcat Revnew and Lltorla business manager mxxed chor u swung band boys quartet assemblues football basketball 1 ck baseball swnmmung tenms athletic awards foot ball statlstncuan seal bearer JANET CAUDLE Glrls League secretary Aeo lnan Club secretary Dance Club Redcal' Review Lltorna assemblues office practuce cafe terra cashier swlmmlng HELEN COOPER Dance Club office practuce MARY ETHEL COX Dance Club Aeollan Club Red Cross representatlve o f f n c e practuce swummmg tennns ath letuc awards H L EADES- Faotball swnmmung a 1 h l c 1 c awards MABEL CARDOZA Dance Club orchestra BOB CONDOIAN Stage constructlon f 0 0 1' b a l I WANDA LOU COULTER Aeollan Club cafeterla work JACKIE DODSON Jumor class treasurer o f f I c prachce JOSEPH ETHRIDGE Boys F e d e r a fron treasurer Block F football basketball track baseball athletlc awards ' 1111 ' I l . . de , i- , ' oll, . ' . n - Sf 1' r I r r ' Y r 1 1 V0 f , , 1 1 - . , A . , .- 1 I 1 . ll 1 I , , ' track, athletic awards. , . 1 I A ' ' ' , . . , A . . , y 1 , , I f 1 - . . . ' ' ' ' l ,. ,V BETTY FAlLS- lrcle GA C S F Dance Club lunlor play student dlrec tor sen or ploy assemblles Red C ross representatlve atnletlc award ANGIE FERREIRA Senlor class yell leader Danct' Club ACOIIOD Club band a semblles offlce practlce mu slc award ARTHUR FUJIKAWA ball track athletlc awards IMOJEAN GARRETT ASB p u b I IC lty commlssloner sophomore C I a s s treasurer ance Club rlHlY e Cross representatlve R e d c a t Revlew Lltorla pep glrl un lor play assemblles llbrary EDWIN GIVENS- AV Club cofeterla work foot ball basketball track athletlc awards CLAIRE FEAVER I-ll Y r e SI e T l Hl Y co respondlng secretary band offl e practlce swnrnmlng oth le lc awards CHARLIE FLORES- Dance Club band swung band football track muslc award atnletlc awards NADINE GARCIA scrnblues stage constructlon CEORGE M GEORGE Sen or class yell leader Block Hl Y secretary Dance Club rrllxed chorus band swlng band orchestra lunlor p I Cl y sensor play assernblles football track baseball athletlc awards muslc award BILL GRISSO- Swlmrnlng stage constructlon C C, I T,. . D d ,,,l ,- . I A I Sq , , , CSF, football, basketball, base- DOHC0 Clubl Aeollflfl Club OS- ' NFHV - V D , T - A- , R d f f V f ' I , l I ' ' ' ' 2l CLAUDE GUERRA Junior c la s s presldent Boys Federatnon presldent Hu Y vlce presldent assemblues s t a g e constructxon CSF to o t b a I I track athletnc awards BILL HALL Mad term Navy enlnstee foot ba MANUEL HARD- Football basketball track oth letlc awards HELEN HAVENS- Lubrary assemblues GLORIA HEINRICH Girls League presldent tresh man class secretary sophomore class counclllor Dance Club Cnrcle F GAC Red Cross reD resentatlve lunuor ploy SGHIOY ploy assemblies athletsc award DOROTHY MAGOPIAN Junnor class yell leader Dance Club assemblles SPARKY HANNER ASB president junsor class oth letuc manager Block F secre ry treasurer Dance Club as blues football basketball track boxing athletic awards ADRIAN HARRELL ance Club Block F :an boxmg football swimming athletlc awards BARBARA HAYES- T HIY program chaurman Curcle F GAC Dance Club band sensor play assemblies offlce practuce swlmmlng ten nas athletic awards muslc award VIRGINIA HELMS- Dance Club senlor play assem offlce practice " l . I . . - V H' ' I 1 1 ' I I D I ., H' CSF, , I I ' office practsce, student custod- nk .- . I A'- 2" M JOAN HENDERSON GAC treasurer Dance Club Tfl Hn Y Aeollan Club ASB yell leader p e p g n rl assemblies swlmmmg athletlc award PAUL JONES- Boys Federatlon auto shop J W KELLEY Band orchestra student cus toduan f o o t ball basketball muslc award EDDIE LANE Senior class presudenf sopho more class vlce presudent CSF Block b a n d D'95'dem swung band maxed C l'l O Y U S boys quartet assemblles foot ba basketball track base ba athletuc awards m u s I C awards LILLY LOPEZ r HIY Raly Club DOFICG Club Aeolllan Club cafeteria work FLOREEN JOHNSON A58 secretary CSF secretary treasurer TrlHnY Red Cross presudent band secretary treas ur r wlng band orchestra lun or pla WANDA JONES- I League vnce presldent Hn Y Aeolnan C I u b Cross representatuve assemblles drull team offlce practlce JHAN M KHAN Boys Federotuon secretary rally club chavrman CSF band sen nor ploy student dlrector semblles cafeterna work BEVERLY LARSEN Sophomore class secretary Quill and Scroll Tr1HuY secretary hand vlce presndent Dance Club Redcat Review Lltorla edntor assemblues offuce doc tice swzmmnng team manager basketball statlstzcnan FRED LYNCH l-ll Y treasurer radlo play jun lor play mlxed chorus Redcat Revlew l. I t o r l a assemblles football basketball t r a c k baseball swummung athletrc awards Block F Quill an Scroll NAOMI MQCOWAN Senuor class athletuc manager Dance Club GAC Curcle Aeoluan Club pep Qlfl CISSCVYV blues LOU ANN McHAM Dance Club band swummIf1Q team co captaun Y l'1l 9 f awards C J MILLER Boys Federatuon auto YeD0'V5 JOE MONTOYA ASB t commussuoner AV Club presudent Hu Y Dan Club Redcat Revuew and Lutorua art edutor senuor play OSSGYYI blues stage constructuon foot ball basketball art awards drarnatuc award all scbO0l mu sucol comedy LEROY JAMES MORGAN Block F band VICE Dfeildem football basketball baseball attuletuc awards musuc award 0 12 FAYE McGUlRE Dance Club Gurls League treasurer Tru Hu Y sergeant of arms Redcot Reyuew Lutorua Aeoluan Club presudent Aeo un Club lubraruan pep ur assemblues lubrary offuce prac tuce Red Cross secretary Qull an Scroll Curcle F CORRINE MILASICH Tru Hu Y Dance Club DARLENE JUNE MIRIGIAN GAC presudent Tru Hu Y secre tary Dance Club Curcle F Aeoluan Club pep gurl uunuor swhnmung tennus LOUISE MOODY Senuor class secretary CSF t fuce practuce stage constructuon PHYLLIS PATTERSON ASB head yell leader sopho more class yell leader GAC secretary Curcle F CSF sec retory Tr Hu Y Dance Club Redcar Revuew Lutorua lower class edutor Aeoluan C l u b swung band drull team uunuor play assemblues offuce prac tuce swummung tennus athletuc award Quull and Scroll I M , I V - 'O ' , l Q ll , l l , I- G , . . I ' I Q ic ' ' , . play, seniorlplay, assemblues, cur l ' ' u ' I '- , ce . Y I I I v V I I O- , u- b , ' f ., xg 24 K VERNA MARIE PELLI-IAM Dance Club assemblles EMILY QUINTANA Dance Club Aeoluan Club MOLLY RAMIREZ lumor class athletlc manager sensor class counclllor GAC Clrcle F Dance Cllub offuce practoce athletrc award ELOISE RUBY Freshman c I a s s yell leader sophomore class athletuc man ager senlor c I a s s treasurer G A C assemblles swummlng tennis Red Cross representatlve athletlc awards ROSEMARY SARKISIAN ASB treasurer Aeolran C I u b presudent CSF Dance C l u b Quull and Scroll Tru Hr Y vrce presldent Trl Hr Y p ro g ram chalrman Redcat Revuew edu tor Lutorla sensor class edrtor lunlar play assemblies basket ball statlstlclhn Seal Bearer PATSY JOAN PHILLIPS- Trl HlY Dance Club Aeolnan Club assemblles LAUREL RAINWATER Freshman class vlce presldent e n 1 o class vlce presndent Block F boys quartet boys c orus un or play sen or play assemblles stage construction basketball swim mlng tennls athletnc awards DOROTHY ROYAL Aeolran Club assemblies TOMMY SAND- Boys Federatuon sentinel a g cass sen mel Black football b a s k et ball track swummrng athletic awards ETTA SCHULT Cafeteria work stage construc tnon T. 4 - I I ' I s r - ' I H H , , .. , , I , h , 1 I , - I I I I I ' f , . , , e ., ,. 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I , I ' - , , A r ' , . 25 LEE SELF- AV Club vnce presndent band swung band football track tennls BETTY JEAN STATON Dance Club GAC Clrcle F Aeolnan Club offlce practuce cafeteria work Red Cross representatlve athletlc award Transferred to Lancaster ln January KIYOSHI TOKU BO- B Ock F o ff IC e practice s t a g e constructuon baseball athletnc awards ELEANOR JEAN WRIGHT Freshman class athletuc manag er punlor class councillor GAC vvce president Trl Hu Y corrcs pondung secretary Circle Dance Club Aeoluan Club semblles Red Cross representa tlve TOMMY YAMANAKA F F A vnce presldent football athletlc awards my 5 ih- Q fv- 17' lg 11 PAT SNYDER- LC1l'In Club Aeollan Club stage construction llbrary offl Droctuce cafeterla work JIM THOMPSON Dance Club stage construction MARY WILLIAMS- Dance Club junior play sen nor play assemblies ffl practice EIJI YAMANE Junror class vlce president H Y Dance Club assemblles ral ly commlttee CSF football athletic awards TSUKIYE YOSHIMOTO-- Dance Club mayorette Rea' Cross representatnve rnalorette award Who s Who In The Senior Lloss Floreen Johnson Most Likely to Succeed Kenneth Butts Rosemary Sarkisian i the Most tor the Class Eddie Lane Eloreen Johnson Best Student Ernie Bedrosian Gloria Heinrich Best Leader Eddie Lane Floreen Johnson Most lndustrious Ernie Bedrosian Phyllis Patterson Best School Spirit George Betancourt Rosemary Sarklsian Most Cooperative Claude Guerra Wanda Jones Best Monnered Sparky Hanner Eloise Ruby Best Personality Eddie Lane Mary Cox Best Athlete Bill Ethridge Rosemary Sarkusian Most Musical Henry Barigian Mary Williams Most Dramatic Laurel Rainwater Tsukiye Yoshimoto Best Artist Joe Montoya Eloise Ruby Prettiest Handsomest I-dare-I Rainwater Mary Cox Best Physique Bill Ethridge Angie Ferreira Biggest Comedian JQQ Montoya JUOIWITCJ BFISCOC BEST Dressed Gegrge George Mary Williams Best Dancer Fred Lynch Darlene Mirigian Biggest Talker Eddie Ardzroom CAMERA SHY ANONA BYRD Girls League Trans ALFONSO OLK AV Club Dance Club ferred from Selma High School in February baseball baseball manager 951 GLYN THOMPSON AV Club ROSE TOYAMA Girls League LOWER LEFT H e M LOWER RIGHT M fophy e c O by 27 f I ' I Y I l l L L 5 5 ' ' . . . D'd . . . . . ' . , - l ' T 1 I I 1 ' . I . UPPER LEFT: Principal F, P. Schroeter presents diplomas ta UPPER RIGHT: John Pereira presents intramural p to three tap seniors. senzor class president, Eddie Lane. 1 , L. Ead s and LeRoy organ finishing : rs, Gertrude Gllley measuring caps and r case pres rated ta s ho I the senior class. gowns on seniors, , .ya . is , K K 'L . 'X 4 5 -V V 044 In - .J T .T f l g. J - Ai Bkgxxgt Qu. LCLTK WXn.xJ,t.I,k 1-f,Jl.Q,,l W 4646 XZ, Qx-YLQUAQ YK? 'Xf4sf",fff '-,zxdfi gffr .'f1f'ffOC4 C3.f, . ' 'Af' ' K", D IN .-ff-fx , vkfljvl,-1,1 Quay . ff,F111D4J ,f b. . 'x Q' I1 1 rg, UM-A wf-41.51-1 '?,Y.'2u,7.-Q, 9.406 E-o.a9u-03 Q00 mi mod vw n.Q,f,,,, Aff' 'Q Lk Mjhhjv fx, V,,lO,'Sf' M 1 5314 dv.. fl. ff kkfv-N.Nc.,g, Zvi 7 X N 7 J4f 'V rf'-Q - V' 1 Q -1 A x f ' ' 1' I, fffr --, 1-va L 1 'I' fab . fuk- fy- 'ff K' 1 S1-7: 1' 'x 11, f ff gc- 'Af 1, up L,,1 fr , -' ' lf. 579 , 'L . , ff , Ld ' L1 A N LLM' i 4 ' F E + QA-1 5 fX . i,-L ' iff f ' 'J if 5 . L, - 0 I f 5 Z V , A 1' " ' "vb 1' ' V1.5 IX 'fb Y 4 , M V'Lfv . L - , D xq V i5.1fv.'-Q K Z 5 5 I Q ' u f 6 , , x .Q X S ' W 'Q Q v f ASQ. .1 -1,35 t ' x9 xv K LUVVEP1 CLASSES f ! Sd I K ,gf i- N' .1 Y 'XD A ,g ? Juniors SPONSOR Back Row Boucher Powell Ireland Front Row Roosman Bernne The junlor class entered their thnrd year of hugh school In good form Entermg a float with the theme Freedom Sends Peace to the Earth to Free the Slaves In the Fowler Fall Festlval parade the yunlors received second place The float was decorated wlth the class colors blue and gold The class flower IS the carnatuon The lunuor sensor prom and banquet held at the Fort Washington Country Club on May 4 was planned by the gunlors The theme for the prom was Bon Voyage an honor of the sensors The committee heads were Shugeko Shlmokubo refreshments Gene Grlll decoratlons Barbara Fortner prunted programs Masako Aruta lnvltatnons Pat Magall program and Donuta Emens general chairman Later In the year the lunlors sponsored the all school musical The commnttee was headed by Pat Maglll The juniors ended their year with usherlng at baccalaureate and graduatson These lunlors wnll scon carry out their motto Today we Follow Tomorrow we Lead by becoming next years sensors OFFICERS Back Row James Colwell bovs oth etuc manager Pat Maglll yell leader Georce Fcavcr vscc president Front Row Arne Hollabaugh presndent Shirley CYOQ SCCVGYOVY Barbara Fortler treasurer Helen Muller gurls athletic manager 30 r . . . - J 1 - f l f r 1 - ' II .II a l I , . I ' ' - I I ' I A ' ' I I I I I I I I I I I - - - - f 11 . I I II ' I ' I , - 3 , l I f I ., , ' 5 2 i , I I ' V I f -K I I ljy J' -1 ' W s f 159, I ' 4 ,fees ' 1 - ',.,,, ' ' ,. Hu' l , , , v falfj ' Y. . 4-K -- cl. nr .VM n MlCI-IICAN Back Row Tony Munoz Arne l-lollabaaqh Bul Barnes Leon Ardzroono Charlne Toyama l-lnra Tsakurnura Ram on Okamara Se and Raw Br lnef Gal eway Lula Dennls Pegny Cox Joyce Sennas Joyce Green Dorls Boothe fea ge Feayer James Ga well Front Raw Marqle Boranlan Aanes Deysn an Margie Momasnan Marilyn Salwasser barbara Partner Llly Yarnana a Kafka Snuga Not nn plc are Charles eoaclfw James Esplnosa Shlgeko Snlmokuboj FRESNO STATE Back Row Johnny Emerzran Leroy Kevorlflan Wayne Stark Harry Fuelds Tom Harlan Pal' Magull Carol Maddex Beverly Martyn Nlek Brown Front Raw Nlckle Lalano Barbara Parker Martha Vuncent Shirley Nacleall Shlrley Craxg Josie Carruon Helen Mlller CALIFORNIA Back Raw Takesn Osalfl Ara Kazanan Rooert Snawden Leslle Ollnger Dlck Hayes Gene Grlll Robert Sinner Wallace Grlsso Second ROW Qcharfl Kada Jlmmy Don Sw rs Ann Belcher Carol Goslanlan LOlsJOI'1Cs Audrey Meade Masaka Arlta Ralpn Gazarlan Fnrst Row Anna L, k Jasze Lopez Connle Velasqaez Ncllle Mena Lucrlle Bue Lo ene Anronlan Snlgeko l-lasnrzanne Betty for Nat ur- pctue Roy Berry Donlta Emens 3 - 1 fl , I K J V 1, y , I , I , I , I , - : l , Franklln Nakayamag Second Raw, Gordon Laagesen, Dennrs Nakagawa, Betty Wnnter, Nadvne Hague, Joanne Burnett, T ' 1 ,k K I xr r V - , ' - VC t r V l Q , X' ' V , fr 1, , , , l oplmmm es OFFICERS Back Row Joe Hernandez boys athletuc manager Brll Sturduvant presndent Stanley Darllng vuce president Gary Smuth yell loader Front Ron Klmlye Tokubo secre tary Frances Havens gurls athletlc manager M a r n I y n Sn,der yell leader Rose Dervlshlan treasurer Already used to the routlne of hugh school lute the sophomores entered thelr SPONSORS k R Second year In good form Bon Gross Bac ow Yoder Hll Sanford Front Row XN1th the motto Theres Room at the Top Lets Go the class ot 53 us doung nts best to reach sts goal The sophomores had many actlvutnes throughout the year two of which we r e choossng thelr class rlngs and sweaters With the theme Let Freedom Ring on thelr float they recelved honorable mention nn the Fowler Fall Festlval parade Blue and whlte, the colors of the class were predominant ln their decoratuons all year TULANE Back Row Abraham Martunez Alfonso Rodrlguez Elpldlo Plzarro Jack Helnruch James Brumbaugh Roy Boggs Eleazar Renterla Vnrgul Rose Second Row Ronald Schmudt Bob Erskln Queenne Chun: Lourse Pellham Mar garet Calwell Pat Parker Adela Adame Jerry Mcl-lam Eddle Valdez Front Row Mary Jane Morrls Beatrnce Lucero Sharon Steed Marnetta Mnrlgnan Nadnne Colley Vnrgunla Cruz Shnrley Pursell Blanche Guerra 32 1 u L 5 l ' I ' . I I f . - . i x- ' ' . , , 5 , Q , . I ' --' I , I, 5 - 1 - 11 1 U I ll , . . . , r 1 . 1 I - 11 . 11 ' - - - I , . 1 7 ' : : I 1 r 1 - OCCIDENTAL Back Raw Duane Harnulton Osama Hashuznnc Eau z e a crnan ez warrcn E rl,a Kurkor Bedroslan Jack Kelly Bully Walker Second Row Cecll S rannc rrvfn Vo 'rz tae Carol Stanton Dellane Harnulton Lucllle Hanner Roland All n Franlf Bcfancf M H Teros Velasauez Grace Vlnyard Marxlyn Snyder Jewel Golston Marnlyn Green Arg STANFORD Back Row Robert Mnrlguan Gerald Baxter Jack Tagawa Ben Betancol fkura Tokuloo Jlm Brownflelr Martnn Srablan Second Row Glen Brown Jlrnmy Clark Ernestnne Wllllarns Mary Wolf: Hlrolfo l Mary Jqlwnson Wala Heun Don Hunton Front Row Kumaye Tokubo Frances H vcns J yce Vvlntu Alta J at no Castro Pc oy nf- Marllyn Llttle Joy Knrnrey lNot In pucture Jeanette Merlo PRINCETON Back Row Ronald Guerra Carl Thompson Gerald Charlton Rl nord Barnes Delrner Terry Harold Sumoson Gary Smlth BIII Sturdlvant Joe Hernandez Second Row Hort Horn Charlott Parker lure Mlrulfl Eexerly Cralg Frances Atchley Jane Ray Stanley Darllng Roy Elm Front Row Barbara Scott Ruby Nakowa 'slaoma Enfvens l-larrlet Castro Josephune Martlnez Estella Malmo Vuctorna Rodruquez Rose Deryushlan 33 - , , m 7 f rl Qu. Ht 1 1 Q F f , , 5 t , 'Tr-ruff Kale-rw-tan Ca M lui N - Fofts , , , Q, t 1372 FMF' R' lf.,-Q pong a , , , I ,lsta Tt1',n'5uf,n. - l . 2 X i l'l as 1.5 ' f . Z V . - 3 r r - , ,rt -. , 1, 5 2 , , r r - 1 t , -G , g I , a , 0 ' ', J Bray, P I Q K .,, , . ' 2 VJ l l l Fl eshmen OFFICERS Back Row Charley Mlssakuan yell leader Hldcr Yamane prcsudcnt Donald Turpn boys athletic manager Front Row Rae E1hrudce C vc :tent F e a v c r reasurer ae Ethndgo gvrls a tnc manager R o s c Ramlrez ccretary One hundred and eughteen freshmen started their hugh school career an September of 1950 They chose maroon and gray for their colors red rose for their flower, and Climbing Ever Ceaslng Never for theur SPONSORS Back Row Leest Harris Petersen Front Row motto Ward Condlt By the flne leadership of their president Hudeo Yamane and officers they s h ow g oo d promlse for the comlng years ln the Fowler Fall Festival parade the freshmen entered a float wnth the theme, Free dom at Work and received third place Some of their actuvutnes Included a snow party several concessions at games and an active part at Mayfaur Looking forward to becoming next years sophomores the freshmen ended thenr school year UCLA Back Row Ruchard M noz Russel Johansen LeRoy Wnllns Rochester Hood Tony Gutnerrez Kenneth Bennetts Jnm Hutchings Second Row Dora Beckwuth Theresa Mayberry Joyce Grenshaw Lydia Valdez Hazel Schult Charles Moore Front Row Sachuko Yamanaka Shurley Ollver Moruan Clark Ruth Cox Carol Feaver Lucille Azarlan Helen Sxnner iNet ln Plcture Johnny Avlla Reba Bagwell Nathanlel Brown Joyce Jones Wade Muller Eugene Rose Patrucna Simpson Mary Louise Vrdana Ronald Pruce Q4 1 1 . , 5 I , r ' , ' 4, .fc -1 Q- 5 Pat , T , M , g ' th.-J Q , I 11 - - - 11 A -ff- l . - A , , , . 1 . I I I I I ' r ll I - 11 - - , . I I . . , . I 3 1 f , , , V , , V f l Q- L Q 'MU Lack Row Ccorge Pneto Ysndro Rlvera Eab Murefa Jo a W ' ranch CIM ar Porsell Eugene Royal Charle Mssak an Joe Feylnger Second Row Kenneth Sm tw Russel Bax! Dennls Galloway Irene Betancourf Dalsy Poe Ethrldge Joyce lwanaga Barbara Watts Hldea Yanane Wa'+er lute Kenneth Yuen Fronf Row Joyce Sfhwcw ncr-cl Arlene Orphan Eerlagene Plpkxn Rachel Jul ez Mane R neo Ruta Reed Par Feayer Jackue Plsar KNOT n Pl to e Ve ma Brown Donald Janes NAVY Back Row Cary Fay kawa Torn Dol Leroy Wehmeyc R He ncn lcz Jr-'vn Men cz Alfon o Romero Leonard s hr I I rams r IC H K xO B rruff lufh r Qmlh Second Row Maurce Fodor Joe Martun Mary Low e Nunes Irene Fulnkawa Leona Battle Charlene Hamrlck Barbara Vy nlcr France Taka o Phxlllp Selrnanol Ma r s Crab an Fran? Row Racheal Alforo Horrence Mello Norma Pe Iharn Mary Lek Christ ne Ruddph Shnrlcy Brom augh Mary Frances Roherls Aurora Lonfreras ARMY ack Pow arnex Sana Paul Noble John Qulnte c Do a'd lu n Qhn o Tokubo John Naklrnura Larry Lynch Jlm Olnyer Gary B'ongren Salvador Esplnosa Secnna Pow Howard Eoo Jo evh fe Cu nfara Nancy Derylshuan Ceculla Soul Mae Ethrndge Pat Hughev Wanda Pond Wu Iuam Contreras Jesse Lulano Front Row Molly Alfaro Rose Ramsrez Rachael Renterla Eleanor Franco Louxse Toor er Helen Montoya Elousa Guerra N t n Puclure Danna Ausfnh Darrs McCowan Nlcky Dervartarnonl 35 ' -v .Y . ' n I I Y 4 l ii 5 M L f , M' fi ' ie-,.fBg ' f' f 57' - -- " A , , l , e Mo' , .Me 5 , f cl , , l C " I' , I 4 .Q I A I M :I I I 4 -. ' - l , ', ' au ' ' 1 . 3 , Ros, P llo Wll , Wll odge, el a , 2 s . g 1 , , - B 1 B J , , , n, 1 rp , , , f , V V, V , L I , I , l f l OV l I ' 1 Art students prepare s 1 g n for Fowler Fall Festival Second year Spannsn class study for test Hell Cats Busy B i o I o Q y students discuss plant lite. Mr Landrum revuews stu dents an chemustrv -Xt Work Mr. Barr helps girls with mimeogrophing Auto shop b o y s exomme motor 'Aff Shorthand stu d e rm f S ef reody for dnctotlon if 'K Second peruod hnstory stu dents stort doys ossugnment XVN ,flqjlfcjf Q flzylj fcxffll CL LJAJ5 f f HN fm I M LU ,1 1111 1 I v-A X 7 f ' b lm! f w 1 1 X if f Q f ' ', " X M Vx-127 X ' J W f f J Mg , w , 'A ff' , xl W, A MKIQIL lyf xi! 'MLI 1- I' ,W ' X - I 1 f 1 fy 7 J' ' ' 4 J!! M l 1, I .. . an l X l A 'xl f I ff f f f' 1 ' I ' ' , . I N fl f X , f .' ,A ' f . 'A ,Xf I f 1 ,fl 1, f, I ll ' ' - 1 'l ' 1 ' ff' V . ' l. ' I 1 I fl I f in fl :H I , X, I U L ,.. ,-, V, ,, , , . f X x T ,, ' flf, "' K' ,.,ff',,' f ff H r ', J fl' ' I Y' I , .,, A - , ' ,f ' 1 f 1,1 A11 f K ' 0" I I x I ,U444.27I.444Q,v 12? M5 -W, WM Jaya!! 061.4-ol! amclaaafloaq -949-1 LZ.. ZF """'7"""' ORGANIZATIONS All v RLY LARSEN Lltorla Edltor QW' SCM af-919155059 LITORIA AD MANAGER BUSINESS MANAGER CLUBS BOYS SPORTS DRAMA AND PUBLICATIONS CLUBS ASSISTANT EDITOR BOYS SPORTS TYPIST EDITOR BOYS SPORTS CLUBS GIRLS SPORTS TYPIST ART EDITOR LOWER CLASSES SENIORS GIRLS SPORTS Lrtt rua The Lltm Id Chafteft '5'.??T"' JT Member JOYCE GREEN ERNEST BEDROSIAN fDRlAN SANFORD Assistant Editor ' Iolo Ad Manager And Lltorlo And Redcat Redcat Review Edutor Review Sponsor STAFF MEMBER THE REDCAT REVIEW ERNEST BEDROSIAN EDITOR 2ND QUARTER KENNETH BUTTS BUSINESS MANAGER JANET CAUDLE GENERAL STAFF JAMES COLWELL GENERAL STAFF BARBARA FORTIER EDITOR 4TH QUARTER IMOJEAN GARRETT JOYCE GREEN ARNIE HOLLABOUGH VIRGINIA HELMS BEVERLY LARSEN FRED LYNCH CAROL MADDEX FAYE MCGUIRE LOUISE MOODY JOE MONTOYA PHYLLIS PATTERSO N GENERAL STAFF GENERAL STAFF GENERAL STAFF TYPIST GENERAL STAFF GENERAL STAFF GENERAL STAFF GENERAL STAFF TYPIST ART EDITOR GENERAL STAFF D 3RD QUARTER ROSEMARY SARKISIAN EDITOR IST AN LILLY YAMANAKA GENERAL STAFF Bock Row Yomanako Green McGuure Mr Sanford Muss Roosmon Coude Montoya Lynch Patterson Front Row For t Larsen Bedrosran Sarklsuon Garrett Butts INot In plctue James Cowell Arnc, HOIIabougI'1 Vlrglnua Helms Lo.: sc Moody Carol Maddexj 40 The Hedlat Preview RO EMARY SARKISIAN R dca Revew Edtor N1 AT 'VW " 11. 5 , ETHEL ROOSMAN JOE MONTOYA KENNETH BUTTS i Redcar Revlew and Ltona Redcar Re e ana Lutona Lltorlo and Redcar S R LL Sponsor Art Ed for Re ew Business Manager C O The publications Class was buster than ever thus year gatherlng news for the school paper and plannmg the yearbook Snnce the school s emblem ns the Redcat the Lltorla staff decided that a good theme for the book would be Redcat The fall and sprung conferences of the San Joaquln Valley Scholastic Press Asso class The social affairs of the group were a Christmas celebratlon w I t h n a m e s drawn for gifts a Qulll and Scroll Installation and a grand celebration when the last copy of the Lutorla went to the prlnters 1112 1 4 T65 DEAD una 2 PM TUESDFY S 41 X O I U ciation that were held at Fresno State College, were attended by delegates from the 0 1 9 3 s 'P X U l , y l - f ' - . I I . 1 1 A u - T ND V f e e ., ff' ' E Qs C I ,S up lf ,tr-E - ig - " l l. xl S Yi' I DRIAN SAN ORD JHAN KHAN cated Ba bara Hayes NIVQIHIO Helms Laurel Ra1n ater Dar ene M r g an Mary W II ams Stand ng George George Glor a Helnruch Betty Fa ls Edd e Ardzroon sk Me N0 Uuestmns A three act mystery comedy Ask Me No Questlons was the sen1or class play g1ven under the d1rect1on of Adnan Sanford coach and Jhan Khan student cllrec tor A mat1nee was held on December 7 and an evennng performance on December 8 The action all took place an the home ot Perry Thornhlll overlooking the Atlan TIC Ocean somewhere near Groton Connectlcut The cast Perry Thornhull mystery novellst Laurel Rannwater Phyll1s Dnxon young southern belle Vnrgunua Helms Mrs Jennuter Baxter a shrewd woman Darlene Mlrnguan Dr John Pllsbury a psychuatrvst Eddue Ardzroonu Mathllda a very nnsolent woman Betty Falls Mrs Constance Parsons a deaf mute Mary Wnllrams Mrs Hulde gard Benson a schem ng woman Glorua Helnrlch Gene Potter a young career gurl Barbara Hayes Flrst Detectlve George George Second Detectuve Joe Montoya The commuttee chaurmen construct1on J1m Thompson electrucuan Jhan Khan make up Janet Caudle program Beverly Larsen properties Fred Lynch pub l1c1ty lmojean Garrett tlckets Kenneth Butts usherettes Jean Wrnght clean up Ernest Bedrosuan H nr ch Dalcne M ng an Laurel Ra nwater Mar Wlllams Darlene MrQCm V gna Helms May llla s Betty Fals l-Ol-IFC' R0 rvwofer 42 - F 1 S : r , X 1 w , l 1- 1 1 , 1 1 1 . 1 1 - , I I 1 , 1 1. 0 . L 11 - 11 . 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' I . ' I I I I I I ' I I 1 - 1 1 1 1 I I ' I I I ' - G . . . . 1 ' 1 1 "' 1 1 , I . A . . . I I I I ' ' I I I 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 50710 Q1 1 , r lr I I , v I , ll ' 1 ,r 1 , r NV: m , 1 1 . 4 g Q J , 4 5353+ Nil e s a school mus cal tc Bottom A dz oan Sark s an Ra n OTC Llle Is Wh lt You M Ike It Slnce the lunuor class play was omntted thus year the yu nl o rs sponsored an all school muslcal comedy Lufe ls What You Make lt by Lawrence Prescott The cast con snsted of over one hundred partncupants The play was under the dlrectlon of Adnan Sanford and Jay Condut The student directors were Jhan Khan and Wanda Jones I. was presented on Aprll 26 and 27 The comedy was about the day to day llfe of the Mc:Guffey famnly Bull McGuffey played by Eddie Ardzroonu was the stern father and the dnstruct attorney who was runnung for re election l-lns young daughter Mary played by Donlta Emens complicated matters by falling In love wlth the son of her fathers opponent played by Laurel Rannwater Katherlne McGuffey the kundly mother played by Rosernary Sarkusuan always had a tame gettnng her carefree son Chester olayed by Pat Maglll to eat has mornnng cereal Joe Draco and Connle Curan two students played by Joe Montoya and Phyllis Patterson also added Interest to the production by theur songs and dances Other members of the cast were Kenny Bu ts Ralph Gazaruan Waldo l-lean Bob Katzakran Mary Wnllnams an Jean Wrlght The productlon cast chalrmen who were under the durectuon of general chairman Pat Maglll were Tom rlarlan stage constructlon Marllyn Salwawsser decorations Barbara Fortler publuclty Wayne Stark property Jhan Khan sound effects Janet Caudle make Shngeko Shlmokubo tlckets and Shlrley Craig programs Damatc Cast Back R Stand ng Sanford W ght Horn Ram atcr Kat k Khan Ga Ptt J za a 1 za a c son ones Cond t owst uct on Cro Emo z a H 0 Montoya ont tt ng Bu ts Emens Sa k s a Ardz oon Maq II Ian Ca f Montoya and J :hnson 97 43 D ' 9 t fs -AQ 1 9' . Q 1 ' ' P , 7 A. J , . . ,, l ' A I v Vf' , Mnx rl Chorus sung ln ll I , Ton rs r n, l l , l - w Emens I I 1 1 f I . I . I . 1 I . . ,, . 11 I I ' T . .I F . ' A 1 ' ' 1 1 1 . . . 1 , . , . 1 1 ' 1 V - 1 1 . f ' I 7 I c . B . K , A . . . I I I I I 1 ' 1 I ' I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' UPI 1 I 1 - r r -- ow l 1 3 , rr , , - w , I r, , rlcm, r , , 1 j I r w 7 r 1 Vt Cy s, , Fr Row KSI i f , , r lv n, r I, I , l-lar , - ll1way , L f W 1 1, , l 9,- . Ui 'at . 11 p 1 Y Q ' h ' f" I X ' . , .. , ' 1 F , X a ,f T . f' ,Q , .3 1 i I r ' . i r . ' Wa. Z' ' up ,' , I 'ul ' 5-r we NAR JAY CONlDlT DlRECTOR BOYS QUARTEI' Laurcl Raxnvvater Pat Magll Eddie Lane Kenneth Butts lun Hell Lat nnf' III ds The Aeoluan Club composed of the thzrd and fourth pernod chorus classes re celved vocal tralnmg from Jgy Condlt The purpose of the club as trannung for lelsure tnme actuvutnes and enjoyment of good music The club showed their talent by appearing nn m a n y performances Actuvntnes participated In were the Chrustmas concert attendance at the 5l muslc festnval band concerts the all school musncal Baccalaureate and Graduatlon Otfucers for the fnrst and second semesters respectlvely we r e Faye McGuire, Rosemary Sarknsuan presidents Wanda Jones Barbara Scott secretary treasurers Patsy Phlllups Angle Ferreira Dansy Mae Ethrndge Dansy Rae Ethrndge lubrarlans The gurls wore new unnforms navy blue jumpers and long sleeved whnte blouses New addntuons to the musnc group thus year were the boys chorus mixed chorus gurls small ensemble and gurls trio The boys quartette has been very popular around the town thus year besudes being very well llked at school They sang for the Lnon s Club Harvest Home Dlnner, Unnted Presbyterian Church the Father Son Banquet, as well as many school tunctnons AEOLIAN CLUB Back Row Bac Martyn Purscll Atchley F lds Llllle Quintana Snyder Bedrosuan Winter Chant Merlo Ferre r MrCuurc Jones 'vtnddle Row Guerra Huerta Ste d C am M rnaran Coy Bray Bankhead Sumpson Kung Scott Thomp on D McCowan Front Row Franco Clark Velasq lez Montc a Castro Havens Reed TODDCV ROVY109 Bfllm hauwh Her-der on Patto on KNO? un plcturel Anderson B3 I "'a te R rd C uz M Fthrldge R Ethndgc Hagopran nrc ne ty w n N O :vcr P lips P ercc Ro al 'iarknsuan Wnc 44 7 ,- f"' ,f 0' , 1 hfii' rl , K t , 1 l , ' 4- ' , t , I i I . ' 1 f 1 1 5 5 . - . . I . . . , , I- - 1 1 . F. . I I I ' ., I 1 I - I I I I I A I - . . . . . , . I - 1 - 1 - I I ' , . . ' ' ' I II ' II ' 1 I - . 4 ' f f , , I' , l , C , , l , I f B., , 10 .- T ' , , 1 r ., ' , . , , . , , , ' r f - , , 'l - -T f f f ' . Y rs . , 'Ur' , - ' l, v r ' , , , , HC ' K c , N MCCa 'c , Mfllcr, utt, I' , h I l : , y , , ' ' , iht. 6 -. SWING BAND Back Row John on Rose Flores Muddle row Abramow Ardzroon: MR EARL POWELL Self George Betancourt La no Front row Hnton Lane Mr Powell DIRECTOR Hell I at lldml Performs THE FUHS BAND dtregted by Earl Powell and drum major Ed Ardzroonn has played an Important part nn our school lute lt has helped to strmulate pep at assemblles and games Three of the top band members were sent as representatlves to the Stockton Band Clrnuc and representatuves also were seat 'IO The l'lOr1Or Band In l:reSr1O Other Gcflvl tles were the Chrlsrmas Program Band Festlval and the Sprung Concert The band offrcers were Ed Lane, presldent Leroy Morgan vnce presudent and Floreen Johnson secretary treasurer day and Thursday durlng actrvlty perlod They played for a few darces ln the sprung Bock Row James KeI'ey L Ardzroonl Self B Betoncourt G Vccver E Bo nes Fev nger Nofanwro Jack Kelley Thrrd Row QEYUOHCI H Be encourt Valdez Couch Khan Haye E00 Turpn P Feaxer Mr Powell E Ardzroonn Second Row C Feaver J McHam Hnton Morgan Barlgran Lone John on kuda Wada Frrst Row Flores L Mcl-lam Berry errea v nt l lo Stv rs George Lal c Ronne ol 45 1. , 4 l I , c t val if x I I W If . THE SWING BAND had very few activities this year, but rehearsed every Tues- F 2: r, Sturdl cnt. lx :'inlp,:1lJ:e1 t , I , lf ,L C, lr I I T 1 I I I l l Bock Row Caudle Jones Pnsor Ramlrez F nt o MCGure Mss Ward Helnrrch Craig Emcns GIRLS LEAGUE OFFICERS Glor: nnrlch resldept Wanda Jones vuce presldent Janet Caudle secretary Faye McGunre o y Ramnrez sensor councullor Shrrlev Craug lunlor councullor NaOma Emens sophomore councullor Jackie Pusor freshman councillor Barbara Ward sponsor The Glrls League with colors of lavender and purple has strlven to foster a teellna of unuty and to uphold hugh :deals among the gurls of FUHS and to serve the school The actmvutues have mcluded a freshman tea a fall party Blossom Day a Christmas party Mayfair a Twnrp dance and o senior farewell party BOYS FEDERATION OFFICERS Claude Guerra president Gene Grill vnce presadent Jhan Khan secretary Bull Ethndge treasurer Tommy Sano and Nuck Brown sergeants at arms John Pereira sponsor Thus year the Boys Federataon under the gurdance of Mr Pereira undertook to organize the freshman party help wuth the ASB Chrnstmas party the boxung tournament and the stag party as annual events The purpose of the organuzatuon as to work for the Improvement of FUI-IS and the motto as Do Ou Share Mr Pere ra Khan Grll Bro n Ethrsdge Sano lNot n pcture Guerral 46 ,'V 2 , , , 5 ro R wx I 5 I , , ', . . ' ' ' - - . 1 1 1 r -1 , I 1 1 x 1 1 , 1 1 ' . , . . A I I .J I I I - 11 - 11 - I I I ' I . l . . . , 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' - I I ' . , . . . , 1 - 1 1 1 1 bl I . ,, 11 I . - I , , 1, W, , - I I , V 9 P411 C Back row Guerra Khan Mr Ireland Bcdros an Butts F aver Lane L. Ardzroonl E Ardzroonn Ful kawa Mnnglan Mlddle row Okarnura Ful ara Sh mokubo Ar ta Boothe Patterson Sarklsaan Johnson Yansane Front row Scott Havens Ram rez Nakaga a Dervlshxan and Stanton CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION CHAPTER 56 T e m o tto of thus c I u b ns Scholarshlp for Servlce Their purpose as to foster a hlgher standard of scholarshlp and broader :deals of service on the part of the STUCICHTS of FUHS The ottucers for the flrst semester were as follows George Feaver presxdent Ken neth Butts vuce presrdenf Phyllls Patterson secretary treasurer For the second semester they were Ernest Bedroslan presldent Kenneth Butts vlce pres dent Hldeo Ya ma n e secretarvt asurer Don Ireland us the sponsor Actuvutles thus last school year Included a Christmas dinner and movie and a fare wel' plcnlc for the seruors Seal Bearers for I95I were Ernest Bedroslan Kenneth Butts Jhan Khan and Rose mary Sarkusnan QUILL AND SCROLL Fowler Chapter of the National Journalustlc Honor Soclety for hugh schools Those who qualuty for membershlp are rankung In the upper thlrd In their class and doung superuor work IH publlcatlons Beverly Larsen edutor of the Lltorna was presldent Members from lost year Included Beverly Larsen Rosemary Sarklslan Kenneth Butts a rnes ros Members who entered Qurll and Scroll thus year were Phyllus Potter n Faye McGulre arbara Fortler Joyce Green and Fred Lynch The sponsors are Mass Roo nd Mr Adnan San ord QUILL AND SCROLL Back row Mr Sanford Bedroslan Larsen Butts Mass Roosman Lynch Front row Forter Green NAcGu re Patterson Sarkuslan 47 V- We . X Q1-2 'LL ' ,, 4 p ITT' F 1 . 11 I MI 1, . , SF- I 1 1 - 1 I 1 1 2 1 1 . Q . 1 ' 1 In I 3 1 'W 1 I 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' I 3 1 1 I 1 W1 1 1 , 1 - I1 11 . . U . . . . ' 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 , 1 - ' - A. ' ' . ' - Z - ' ' 4 , 1 1 ' 1 1 -rr-'-' ' ' I .-C . . I - I . 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 ' . , 1 1 ' Y ' - - 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 I , ,1 1 , , . ' r I. Back Row Mrs Gul'ey Hughey Crang Betancourt Cox Macaox Fulnwara Front Row Muruglan Vmeyard McGuire Johnson Ahronuan Wada lNot an picture Feaver Statonl JUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL Making the annual Red Cross collection a success was e mann actlvrty of the Junior Red Cross for the year ot l95O 5l A member from each homeroom was chosen to represent hrs homeroom at the Jun nor Red Cross meetlngs There were fourteen members In all The officers were as follows Floreen Johnson presudent Faye McGuire secretary Lorene Ahronuan treasurer The Junlor Red Cross was sponsored by Mrs Gertrude Gulley THE FUTURE FARMERS sponsored by Charles G Horns had a very successful year wlth varuous actuvutles throughout the term The actlvltues were as follows Greenhand nnltnatnon entrance of float ln Fowler Fall Festnval Parade on October 20 the showing of lavestock at the Fresno Dnstrnct Farr and at the Cow Palace ln San Francisco and packing cotton for ralsmg funds ln addltlon the FFA held a skating party a snow party and partlcnpated an the FFA basketball tournament The fnnal actlvuty of the group was the Father Son Banquet held In fvlay The offucers for the year were Ernest Barnes, president Tom Yamanaka vnce preszdent Stanley Darlung secretary Roland Allen treasurer Wayne Stark reporter and Tommy Sono sentlnel Back Row Terry Ruchard Ba nes Hall Hamllton Erumbaugh Thompson Ruvera Morrus Srabuan Valdez Heinrich Beggs Kaloostlan Guerra Mr Harris Second Row Yarnanaka Emerzvan Martun Srabuan Vlfgll Rose Mora Futzgercld Allen Stark Earnest Barnes Darlnng Front Row Blomgren Wade Muller K Smnth Eugene Rose Wehrneyer Hernandez G Smnth Oluver Lutten Hutchnngs Pursell lNot nn Pucture Avula Erskun C J Muller Romero Ruuz Sono Snmpson Strange Thompson Tovarl .H I .A 45 I . - , 1 f r V 1 . I , l ' I I I I , . , -, ' I I , . I I I ' 4 ' I I - l I I I I I I , . A f l ' ,V - l l 5. Back Row Jones Johnson Bue Morrns Hoguc Mae Eth dge Mllcr Second R Orphan P Ilps Psor Feaver Roberts Ol er Th rd R e os an ae Ethrdge Ruby rga o Q Mgg Ward Lugano Lopez Falardo Front Ro Wr ght Emcns Larsen Sarksan Fea e Hayes Brscoe Crag THE TRI HI Y under the sponsorship of Barbara Ward has had a good year Some of theur actlvutnes have been sendlng delegates to the Sequora Lake Conference helping Ys Men Club wlth childrens Hallloween party holdung a Chrlstmas party redecoratung g 1 rl lounge gnvung toys to needy chrldren and sponsoring the March of Dames campaign The Tru Hu Ys motto IS Pure Words Pure Thoughts and Pure Actions The colors are red white and blue The purpose ns to create malntaln and extend through out the home and communuty hugh standards of Chrrstlan character The offlcers are Claire Feaver president Rosemary Sarkrsuan vuce presrdent Bev erly Larsen sceretary Shirley Craug treasurer Jean Wrmght corresponding se cretary Barbara Ward sponsor THE HI Y under the drrectlon of .lohn Pereira has had several actnvutres durnng the year rncludmg representatives attendlng the Tralnung Session at Sequoua Lake and State Tram :ng Session at Stanford Unnversrty afloat nn the Fowler Fall Festuval Parade basketball concession skating party Clean Scholarshlp Week and sending a delegate to Hn Y Youth and Government Conference The Motto rs Clean Speech Clean Sports Clean Scholarship Clean Luvung The purpose IS to create and malntaun throughout the school and communuty hugh standards of Chrnstlan character The otfscers are Eddre Ardzroonu presedent Claude Guerra vlce presndent George George secretary Leon Ardzroonu treasurer Ernest Bedroslan sergeant at arms Ken neth Butts chaplaln Mr Pereura sponsor Back Row E Ardzroonu Butts Galloway Erne Bedroslon Montoya Kay Bedrossan Gazaran Front Ro L Ardzroon George Maglll Yamane Mr Perelra 49 l l Z , 1 1 1 1 VI , l Owi , hr I , I , , , nv 5 I ow: B dr I , R 1 , , Ml I I n, F rt: r, 1 , , , . wi I , , , ll V v r, , l I I . ' ' 1 , . . . . . , , I I . . , . . , . J ' 1 ' 1 D 1 1 - A - 1 - 11 . ,, ' ' 1 1 - 1 1 ' 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 ' 1 ' N' I I I 1 1 u 1 , . ' 1 1 , I 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - 11 4 - - 11 I I I ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 ' - 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 . ,A 1 ' 1 1 1 l I W3 . I1 1 1 1 - ' DANCE COMMITTEE Back Ro Mrs Austn butts Maglll Mowtoya Front Ro Salwas Stu D Austm DANCE COMMITTEE Since the dance club was dlscontlnced thls year It was declded by the student council that a dance committee should be apponnted The committee conslsted of Kenneth Butts chairman Jimmy Stlvers Pat Maglll Marllyn Salwasser and Donna Austln with Mrs Austrn sponsorlng the group The purpose of the group was to plan all school dances and set rules and regula tions for them The actlvltles completed thls year an luded the Vlctory dance an honor ofthe varsnty AUDIO VISUAL CLUB oftncers thus past year w re Joe Montoya presldent L e Self v IC e president Robert Mlrnguan secretary treas.urer Charles Couch program chalrman The clubs purpose IS to brlng better education to students by their use of auduo visual materials The color for the club IS technxcolor Thelr actlvltles for the past year were noon movles a Chrnstmas program movie provldlng and trasnlng AV operators for teachers use and psarchase of equupment to r school use AUDIO VISUAL CLUB Back Row Magnll Osak Mr Landrum M gnan Thompson Mddle Row Brown Bagwell Cox Self Couch Bro nfneld Tomas Gvens Blomgrcn Front Row Bedrosnan Nakagawc Montoya 50 X .I X g , AA Q .4 I i 4 - . ' ,f - wi , r , " , , . Q w: ser, vers, T ' I I I ' ' ' l . I . . ' . ' , l I l I I I ' . football team, the Sock Hop, the Sadie Hawkins dance, and numerous noon dances. - ' ' ' S I ' 2 e I ' - I I I I ' , . . . . . . . . . . I . A , I . . - 1 - I I 1 I - - : , n, . , 'rr , g l 1 I , ', . , , W , , l , 1 I penu- CIRCLE F Back Row Wrught Shumokubo Henderson Hayes Muruguan Fauls Heunruch Nakagawa Tokubo Mrs Austun Muddle Row Ruby N Emens Mller P C x D Emens Boothe Ramurez Patterson Front Row Hashuzume M Cox McCowan Fortuer McGuure Ferreura THE CIRCLE F, sponsored by Mrs Jacquelyn Austun us an honorary gurls athletuc organuzatuon whuch does not functuon as a club To qualufy for membershup the gurls have to earn one hundred pounts takung part un untramural and unter school sports Each addutuonal fufty pounts enables a gurl to get a star to be worn on the emblem Star wunners were as follows One Star Dorus Boothe Donuta Emens, Shugeko Shumokubo Molly Ramurez Barbara Fortuer NaOma Emens Two Stars Betty Staton Naomu McCowan Barbara Hayes Betty Fauls Joan Hen derson Glorua Heunruch Elouse Ruby Jean Wrught Three Stars Darlene Muruguan Phyllus Patterson BLOCK F Thus years Block F club, under strong new leadershup us endeovorung to be come an advusory board to the student councul concernung letter awards etc The Block F members feel that they should not control the awardung of letters but that they should make suggestuons to the student councul Thus years offucers were Adruan Harrell, presudent Laurel Raunwater, vuce presu dent and Gene Grull secretary treasurer Mr Lloyd Leest us the sponsor Actuvutues on the schedule uncluded an unutuatuon party and Mayfaur concessuons BLOCK F Baal' Row Yamanaka Grull Lane Sono Hollabaugh Thompson Harrell Ethrudge Brown Mr Leest Front Row Baruguan Hayes Horn Guerra Butts George Betancourt Galloway Tsukumura 4- Nu 5l f I u r .gg A Y - l V Q ' 0 F' 1 4, .lf ' T Ml, 4 ,,. , . J V 2 . . , I.. - O., . I , . , I 3 , - V 1 u u - . . . , . . . ' I ' I I I I I , . : I I I I - I I I ' . , . ' I II II ' ' ' 1 I , . II II ' I ' I Q , - . . . - - I I, , ', , , , , , ' ,W , - I 5 u 1 u u u 1 u 1 - llll , ll , -' I ll u f --- , s - . - T Ely - - '- . ' gs 1 g 1 ,x . T F K: GAC Back Row Fortuer Ram rez Sh mokubo Bootha Mrguan Heun ch Nakagawa Fauls McCowan Mrs Austn Furst Row Takulno Henderson Wrught N Emens Ruby Hayes Patterson D Emcns GIRLS ATHLETIC CLUB OFFICERS Darlene Muruguan presudent Jean Wrught vuce presudent Phyllus Patterson secretary Joan Henderson treasurer Mrs Jacquelyn Austun sponsor The purpose of the Gurls Athletuc Club us to promote a more general un t e re s t un athletuc sports to develop an understandung of true sportsmanshup and to produce gurls who have a wude curcle of unterests raduant health and co operatuon The colors are red and whute Gurls who have earned 50 pounts un sports as freshmen 80 as sophomores and ll0 as uunuors are eluguble to uoun ln order to retaun membershup un the club 30 pounts are requured each year The actuvutues of the Gurls Athletuc Club thus year have uncluded Playday Fowler Fall Festuval concessuon unutuatuon partles, a Chrustmas party and farewell party for the senuor gurls THE YELL LEADERS headed by Phyllus Patterson have done a wonderful rob thus year un pep rallues and game spurut Assusted by Donuta Emens and Joan Henderson Phyllus planned and put over some very successful assemblies The yell leaders wore new red Corduroy skurts whute sweaters and red c o r d u ro y beanue hats THE MAJORETTE TRIO headed by Tsukuye Yoshumoto and completed by Marulyn Green and Marulyn Snyder have done an excellent job thus year They led the band un the Fowler Fall Festuval parade the Clovus parade and the Lemoore parade as well as performung durung football games 'oan Henderson Phyllus Patterson and Donuta Emens Marulyn Green Tsukuye Yoshlmoto and Marulyn SnYdC' D2 I , l,u V ,uu', ru, , , - 'I I u u 1- 1 1 1 1- r 1 1 1 ' I 1 1 1 1 - , ., . . , . 1 1 I - . l I . I I 1 1 I 1 ' I I I 1 I I f ' I . . . , 1 , - stun Shmokubo Mrgan Bro n N Emcns Not n pcturc McCo THE PEP GIRLS sponsored by Wulson Landrum performed at football and basketball games thus year to maintain pep and Splrlt The gurls were selected by a commuttee chosen by the student councul Those selec ted were NaOma Emens Darlene Murrguan Velma Brown Donna Austun Shugeko Shu mokubo and Naam: McCowan who was head Pep Gurl A whute pleated skurt and whute wool sweater served as theur unuforms wuth one red pam pam and one whute pam pam for each gurl The student councul bought and presented emblems to the gurls to wear on theur sweaters THE RALLY CLUB Usherung and decoratung at the games were the dutues performed thus year by the Rally Club sponsored by G orge Smuth The purpose of the c I u b us to create sportsmanshup among the spectatars and students and to keep crowds under con trol A red and whute jacket served as the unuform for the group The offucers for thus year were Jhan M Khan presudent and Carol Maddex secre tary treasurer Lack Row Maddc C Mr Smuth Khan Noble Blarngren Front Row Orphan Der ushuan Lopez l.u1ano Muller 53 Au , I , u r u , w , , 5 u 1 wan. 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 - I I ' I , Q . . I ... . ' I I I - l 1 Xu OX, V u , u I 3 , V u fu j sin. I ' ' ' ' .yx I . Y I 5 . ,. X X I X 1. ' . .1 I V , I X N , S x .. . ATTENDANCE SECRETARIES Vu fkcr M' fm W Fooxfv FJV1' CC.. 'r J-?'CJf1' Q- gf' emtwnq Mrs Amt rx - 555- N,-. Fr-ff: '42 LW 1 M :tc F A .:f.,'c- Hr rw 'Jw E4 - V, 3 , gh' F' 'xv if v. xgw JL Hgwf f f Ein Qcsk How Vw '4 Q X'.c':" 'Aw Vnc, NMS "OwHcc, F t RL , ic -W Mr? ' 'f ' , OFFICE ASSISTANTS Rormrcz Swx lc CAFETERIA PERSONNEL Adolph Coudlc H H VLA uf 9,5 'v' Harm FCS K on s Tuner Uqcrgmff Fcrrqf V fx S VOD A D4 Floats Slmre Honors In Full Fe-stiwll I'arfuIe 'Q Q.. I N95 'J A T Left F rs? D ze and sweepstakes wrnmng Freedom Tra rx erm:-ren rr ser- o class Too Rrght Sophomore float Let Freedom R na MwddNe Left Freshman Hoot wrfh Fr ee rom ofm left Second place wxnner en tered Dv 'he iamor class sbowmg the Goddess and D ve f Peo e Lcfe R of aaeea D mfo Erfens and her oftendonfs 55 , -V -vt .M 5 f ,,. .v I , X , " . . -, - 1 xnflfj gif A , .fv'73n.l' f- w X. l' ', . ,hy ,, W ., M '..- ,, . V1 .. rn' ,. I I vW . 127 ' . - " I sf' Q , .- - . ,, X 'J lf","'." V . , , , , ,Yu Lv, A ',x,,!,,.yf4V x 1 1 f aff' f ve 1 me ' Q 4- IJ, If-wtf' "gl .' 5' . A ' ' ' I x H! z ' . A ' -A on I ,X H X. 'O V , . f " : V." ' " :'C'r'n or how" fm 0 r. ' .' a ' - ., o 5 C .r wg " o r 1-7- 'Vx ffl nf ,gg AM gfulfif ,ff Z .-1-W xv- J f """' X D Wal I JA YW N, pi' 1 W 2 1? 24" fX X PORT , i -flf?!Wff'zM.14fW X ,Q-' I ..-'fa 'L' ' " ' ' ff "A ' I N X f Q '- , . L I , , .Oo -4 ,L-K ?'-" .294 ff x I 1!l'f 5 , 1-I' f 45'ff75jff-5 j ' 11:11-:-: -'-' l L x . ' ,.g:,.5 ? fm . ---4.-I -V--V V I - n .,., S :1E5E2EfE121Ei:4. ' ' ,TF .-E2Z2E12ZE2E:f:f:1'2:f'- - ','4 Ig:2:E:E:2:f:fE5E5EQEfEgEIEIE'f'2:E:f:2:E2fS2SfZQ, A"-- fab, , H f- ,Q f I """"' M X ' r I .,:3:::,:,g:g,g:g' '-:-:5:::-:-' f Q I , I, - ML as f 2 wh. -.V , f - - , fi' 2' 'li ,, l :A,Y3,lvj!,Zff fQ Q I "-'17 74 I 'L Q A'i.f-Zz' W 4. 4 'Q 1,1 ef ,,,,,l,,4, .MK U vs e Top Row: George, Morgan, Ethridge, G. Betancourt, J. Clark, Mid A10 Row: Hohabaugh, Yamanaka, Snowden, Galloway, Hall, First Row: Sono, Laugesen, Gazarian, Self, B. Barnes. Varsity Football The FIRST STRING PLAYERS were Galloway, Harrell, Brown, Grill, Yamanaka, Mor- gan, Sana, Efhridge, Hanner, Lane, Betancourt. Co-Captains were Ethridge and Hanner. FIRST STRING 58 l L A op Ro o n aves eta co ero Ea e e Ha I F t R Thompson COI ell Manage Ba n Manage Coach Telford Coach Leet buh an-.4 '91,e..n',1fZ..,.1JL.. Rell Lats Are Clmlnps Welcoming twenty four varslty hopefuls at the begunnlng of the season Coach Leest took control and more than coached the Redcats to the r turst Seauona League Champlonshup since the war Although lacknng ln depth the varsity had what at took ln the turst to u r t e e n players and when the pressure was on the Redcats were supreme In two games before league play started the Redcats d u m ped the Washlngton Unlon Panthers 38 O and the Oros: Cardunals 6 O The Redcats started the league p l a y by dumpnng the Reedley Plrates l9 O and then stopping the Lemoore Tigers 24 I3 In the Fow ler Fall Festuval clash Fowler defeated Selma 27 6 and then the tollowlng Fruday r a n ave r Clovis 47 O By now the battle de luxe was brew ng and the next game on Fowlers schedule was wnth the Sanger Apaches who also were uwdefeated In league play After a hard fought battle the Redcats emerced the vrctors 21 I3 Th S proved to be the turning polnt of the season as the Redcats took thelr tlnal games from Dos Palos and Knngsburg I3 O and 26 l9 The Redcats rolled up an average of 428 total yards per game In League play as compared wlth 245 for thelr opponents They also scored an average ot 25 polnts per game as compared wnth 7 for thenr opponents No one player could be named as the leader of the quad as every man on the startung eleven was more than outstandung ln his own personal positron Many of the players had to know the plavs for more than one posltlon All of thus adds up to show t h a t the Redcats had a team thot was worthy of the Seq Jana League Champuonshlp 59 I f . t f T w: Br w , H , F. B n urt, Lane, Rom g Middle R2 Row: Hanner, Grill, d s, Gu rra, rrclg urs ow: l w , r, r es, r, , s, a 5 , I . X 1 1 1 1 T I , ' I A , . I . Q . , - A - , I , . . - Q , , I -.1 . - I ' I . S I 6 1 41-1 D.. To 'xhbm ,U September 22 September 29 October 6 October 13 October 20 October 27 November 3 November 10 November 17 FOWLER Reedley Dos Polos Klngsburg Selmo Lemoore Clovus K1 b IC g 9 P VARSITY LEAGUE STANDINGS FOR 1950 WON VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Washington Orosn Reedley Lemoore Selmo Clovls So nger Dos Polos Kmgsburg LOST PCT 1000 4 9 FOR 'I950 Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Clovis man about to be stopped by Hayes OJ for a short gain. Hanner CU reoks away for a score oaoins lovis, as Mor an 1307, Geor e 1203, and Galloway 181 repare to block. . . . . . . 7 0 . Sanger ....... 6 1 .857 . . . . . . 4 3 .571 . . . . . . 4 3 .571 ' ...... 3 4 . 2 . . , . . . . 3 4 .429 . . . . . . l 6 .143 ' ....... O 7 .OOO A ' ..... ..... O . . . . . . . . . . 13 . . . . . . . . . . 13 . . . . . . . . . . 13 . . . . ' . . . . 19 60 dge17lp 0 Sy th CI yB Efhidge c esf Clo ad ne s h I NAME Hanner G Betancourt Snowden Ethrldge Galloway Hayes Harrell Sano Yamanaka l-lollabaugh Thompson De ofe Ietfe VARSITY ROSTER NAME Eades Barnes George e Laugesen Romero Brown Guerra Ga zarlan Clark Morgan 61 - 4- A Jn . J.. . . .-,.- A.. Ethri s rin s 6 urds for o score in e ovis game as Gallowa r s or rom the vis 20 y r Ii a Morgan 1301 and Sono 1121 :le p f . HT. WT. NO. . ' 5-8 163 16. ' 3. 'Lane 5-9 152 18. 'Grill 4. " . 5-3 155 19. 6. 5-9 137 20. " 7. " ' 5-8 156 21. S If 8. ' 6-2 173 22. ' 10. ' 6-1 160 24. . " 6-2 155 25. ' 12. " 6-1 185 26. 13. 1' 5-8 150 27. ' 14. 1' 5-7 146 29. 15. ' 5-9 137 20. 1 B SllUi:lllil:00lIlilIl FIRST -:wp 1 THE B LETTERMEN are Allen Boos Brown Darling Feaver lco captuml Fevlnger Flores Fupkowa Givens Hernandez Hnnton Kelly Mrs saklan Munoz Osaka lmanagerb Puzarro Ross Sturdnvant Terry Tsuklmura fco captaml Valdez Wrlluams Yamane COACH JOHN PEREIRA Back Row Coach Perelra Wulllams Beggs Valdez Munoz Kelly Allen Feczver Hlnton Hodge Ross R Hernandez J Hernandez Darling OSCKI Mgr Asslsfant Coach Landrum Muddle Row Fodor Puzarro Pursell Tagawa Bennetts Mussaknon Gnvens Flores Renterua Dormnguez Lynch Front Row Terry Brown Fevmger Yamane Sfurdvanf Ruiz Boos Fuglkawa Tsukumura Barngnan STRING ASSISTANT COACH WILSON LANDRUM 62 C' 1 . x 1 , 'sm 1'5 A 11 - I - 5 1 U , Q 1 1 1 1 ' 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' , 1 1 l - 1 1 1 1 - I I I ' A . 'U - ' . I X I ' 1 ' . ' " ,' , 1 . 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 . ' ' , ' , ' ., ' ' 'l I 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 1 i, , , .,,.. V L . . I V 1 e :,. F' ' I . V 3 - , . . 4 , 1 . , .x ' ,Y - L ' 1 . . v' 1- ' 'I' A. . . , ,, - .l,x,.,1, ... . . . .K ,, ..,- - .., A V -- I 1 rf 1- ir - ..A -.Ta R . U J 1 v-- Nw-'11 -' , '.1f- si. T rt good ga t 141111-:ns Show Fighting Splrlt The FUHS B football squad without much veteran strength went through a fanrly respectable season wnnnmg three games losung four and tynng one The team was coached thus year by John Pereura wuth Wilson Landrum assisting September October October October November November November B FOOTBALL SCHEDULE FOR 'I950 Orosn Reedley Lemoore Selma Sanger Dos Palos Klngsburg 1' u Fe Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler -Q ll YYY sukimuro C43 ski s the end for o in ogalns Clovis. 29 ..... , ' ..... 6 6 ..... ..... l 8 l3 ..... ..... l 4 20 ..... ...... O October 27 ..... Clovis ..... l3 Fowler 3 ..... ...... O 10 ..... .... l 9 l7 ..... ' ..... l3 Darling lforcgroundl, sukimura MJ, an over 657, mov in to stop Clovis La II 63 Sequoua League Lluaunps The Fowler Unuon Hugh School Redcats coached by Lloyd Leest tunushed a very sugccessful season by representung the Sequoua League un the Fresno County tunals March 2 l 5l Although the Redcots lost the County play off game to a strong Fresno Hugh ball club they made a grand exut from the Sequoa League Because of league shuttung Fowler wull not play un the Sequoua League un the future Kenny Butts and Laurel Raunwater s nuor sparkplugs of the Fowler team deserve much of the credut for puttung Fowler back on the Sequoua League map These boys ended up hugh scorers for the season wuth l4l and H9 re pectuvely Honorable mentuon goes to Bull Ethrudge and Duck Hayes stellar guards of the squad and to luttle 5 4 George Betancourt and Rodney Galloway two forwards who played a bug part un the Redcat wunnung streak Of course we cannot forget the reserves who gave the regular boys the competutuon they needed to put them on top ond Coach Leest who developed each boy s obuluty to a pount where each was a champuon un humself Congratulatuons team may your success contunue as you start out on a clean slate un a brand new league next year RESULTS OF LEAGUE GAMES LEAGUE STANDINGS Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler 4 6 5 5 5 6 4 Reedley 46 Selma 39 Clovus 27 Sanger 38 Dos Palos 37 Kungsburg 55 Fresno Hu 57 Selma Dos Palos Reedley Lemoore Kungsburg Sanger County Champuonshup Game Clovus WON LOST GALLOWAY RAINWATER BUTTS ETHRIDGE HAYES BETANCOURT LANE MAGILL BEDROSIAN HANNER BROWN THOMPSON BARNES COLWELL COACH LEEST 1 ' 1 N8 .... Fowler 60 .... Lemoore 40 Fowler ..... 7 O l . . . . . . . . . 5 2 6 ..... ' ..,. 4 3 3 .... ..... 4 3 2 . . . . . . . 3 4 9 . . . ' ' . . . . 3 .4 " 5 . . . ' . . . . . 2 5 " ' ' ' ..... O 7 614. Butts blocks o Lemoore shot os Hayes prepares in rake Galloway Ieops fo block a Lemoore shot as Ramwafer and the rebound Efhrldge stand by These Buys IQ Un The IS all THE VARSITY FIRST STRING PLAYERS ARE Galloway forwad Rainwater forward Buffs Icapfowm center Ethrudge guard Hayes guard Betancourt guard Lloyd Lees? rs The coach FIRST 65 .' , Q' ' i STRING rg ,rr f freras T Osakl Front Row Coach Gross H Tsukumura Bee quad Basketball THE BEE FIRST STRING PLAYERS are Feaver guard Allen guard Barne confer Terry forward Tsukurnura lcapfaunj forward Robet Gross IS the coach HRST STRING 66 A D 7 l ' T - X 11 5 M l "B" BASKETBALL+Back Row: D. Terry, T. Munoz, N.. Brown, R. Barnes, R, Allen, G. Feaver, P. Williams, S. Darling, W. Con p eo o oL ooeme O k dAlIenlmpf afoultho b d o Alle n oth ooe n loo o W a s look o Klttens Capture League Tltle For the thlrd tlme In four years Mr Gross B basketball team won the Sequola League Champuonshup At the end ot the regular season the Knttens w re In a three way tue with Dos Palos and Sanger for the tltle Knttens out scrapped the bug Edison team but they flnally lost by elghteen polnts When Mr Gross sent out a call for players elghteen boys came out for the team After a few weeks practice the team was narrowed to twelve players Then one of them checked out of school Wlth these eleven players Mr Gross completed the season Nlne of these players made thelr letters There were two players returnlng fron last years champlonshlp team Huro Tsukl mura was the only letterman returnlng George Feaver was also a member of last year s team Captaun Tsukumura was the playmaker and spark plug of the club George Feaver Rolly Allen Delmer Terry and Duck Barnes were other startlng members of the team The eught players who recelved thelr letters and sllver basketballs were Captain Tsuklmura Terry Barnes Feaver Allen Wnlllams Brown and Osak: LEAGUE STANDINGS RESULTS OF LEAGUE GAMES Team Won Lost Fowler Reedley FOWLER Fowler Lemooore DQS PQIQS l:OWlGI' Sell'l'lCl SQ,-,ger Fowler Clovis Selmg Fowler Sanger Reedley Fowler Dos Palos Lemggre Fowler KIt'lQSlDLJ Q Kgnggburg Fowler EdlSOt'l Clovis C County Champlonshlp Gamel 67 l Barnes les s higzntio girabgr bLeunl:d if :atv kemn. r n, so i an as 'uim mor S n' r w re oun Mr. Gross won on a coin flip and the right to play Edison for the County title. The 26 4O 5 2 49 43 5 2 45 37 5 2 7l ' 40 4 3 my 43 37 4 3 39 4l .4 3 77 ' r 44 ' l 6 " 49 ' 67 1' O 7 " ' ' Lee quail Ihlsketllflll CEE FH? JTRNNQ PWAYERS ARE Murruefa Forward Silvers Forward Yuen Forward and Guard Hernandez captaun enfe Ournfcro Guard John Pereara IS The coach FIRST STRING C BASKETBALL Bock Row Coach Perevra Qunnfero J Fevlnger S Tokubo K Yuen K Barrett D Galloway R Hernandez L Noble Front Row B Murwefta J Esplnosa R Munoz L Smlfh T GUYIGVVGZ H YCIVTWOYW9 J STWCVS W M"e' - r:.':Ti"' 68 H l 1 4 1 1 L n THE ET ' " e , : , J , 5 r ' C f FC-v'fCQ' Guard . " - ' , , . I, .' A, - I f - U f - l I ,I '- . x , Lees Wlml llp Season Seurml Wlth about Twenty young basketball hopefuls turning out at the beglnnung of basketball season Coach John Pereora buult a C class basketball team from all freshmen except for two gunnors whlch was the best that Fowler Hugh has seen for some years The lnghtweughts had a record of tnve wlns and two losses and ended up In second place an the Sequoia League Dehmd only the Lemoore Tugers who had a seven wins and no loss record Ray Hernandez scored 76 polnts durxng the seven league games for an eleven ponnt average He was followed closely by Bob Murnetta wlth 65 points for a nine pount average Joe Fevunger and John Qulntero were the best rebounders on the squad that helped keep the team an many of the games Those boys who reCeIved letters Ore as follow Bcb Murnetta Ray Hernandez Kenny Yuen Joe Fevlnger John Quantero Jimmy Don Stlver Altcn o Romero and Ruchard Munoz RESULTS OF LEAGUE GAMES FOWlGf Reedley FOWlef Lemoore Fowler Selmg l:OWl9l' CIOVIS Fowler Sanger Fowler Dos Palos LEAGUE STANDINGS TEAM won Lost LEMOORE FOWLER CLOVIS SANGER SELMA REEDLEY KINGSBURG DOS PALOS Lelnooc ss ho k hot as He d Yue o hg b d 4 9 th bou d 69 X I ' l I 1 I I 38 .........,,, 26 23 ...,........ 30 34 .l...t....., 32 39 ........,,,, ' 33 23 ............ 29 36 ............ 27 Fowler 43 ............ Kingsburg 30 . . . . . . 7 O . . . . . . . 5 2 . . . . . . . 4 3 . . . . . . . 4 3 . . . . . . . 4 3 . . . . . . 2 5 . . . . . 2 5 . . . . . . l 6 Preraremsg :tubes core s n rnandez an n Qulmfraslfsczgiceli ll for o re oun os Stivers stan s by l Varsity Nine Plays Ball Thus year the varsuty baseball team completed a faurly successful season Wuth cu record of three wuns and four losses un league play they tued for th rd place un league standungs Two weecs of practuce were mussed because of the basketball play offs All of the other teams un the league had fuve weeks or more ot practuce under theur belts before the season s arted The Redcats had only practuced three weeks and they weren t up to par when the ch clule started Sux of last eason s starters had graduated so Coach Leest had to full up the gap wu h s phomores and uunuors George Betoncourt stellar unfuelder from last years team was called unto the our force early un the season Rodney Galloway and Duck Hayes took over the putchung uob and performed well Putcher and out fuelder Duck Hayes was the bug gun at the plate for the Cats The furst league game of the season was lost to Sanger by the score of 6 0 Dos Palos squeezed out a 5 4 wun over the Redcats un the eughth unnung of theur thrullung game Late un the season the Cats beat Selma 7 l and walloped the Clovus Cougars 4 O There were thurteen boys out for the team and nune of them made theur letter The lettermen were Akura Tokubo Kuyoshu Tokubo Rodney Galloway Duck Hayes Clement Romero Carl Thompson Rolly Allen Huro Tsukumura and Pat Magull VARSITY BASEBALL Back R w R Bones D Hunton R Allen R Galloway D Hayes C Thompson C Romero Coach Lloyd Leest Front Row R Hernandez P Magull A Tokubo K Tokubo H Tsukumura G Betoncourt B Condouon tNot un Pucture-G Laugesenl 70 e 0 . . . : , I , . I ' ' ,- , - L ' , I , . , r Q .., C . ' c ' ' - ' r 3 .: n . . . . I . OT . , . . . I A . - ' 1 1 I I ' 1 I I I ' - o : . r , . ' , . , . , . 4 , - , - yu F . j I . , . , . , . , - u - , - - I J K 'YQ' ' - f, L N E , .., 2:1 - , E U ,R,, . 1 - ' , . Q I .- A" ,... 01V Dc H y ell a curv a ts f sf 9 Rally Alle lo 9 hit hlle catcher Tsuklmu 0 o ney G II o k hi at f flu p gots ready to receive the ball Ccfcho Tluklmu o guts set March March March March Aprul Aprll Aprll Aprll Aprll Ap ral Moy Moy Leog VARSITY BASEBALL SCHEDULE Dmuba Dmubo Washlngton San Jooqum Sanger Reedley Selma Dos Polos Clovls Lemoore Kmgsburg Woshmgton Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler Fowler 5' JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL SQUAD Back Row J H lnrlh B Murletta Qurntero K Yuen l. Ross M Fordor S Tokubo L Noble R Johan en L Wehmeyer Front Row J Fevln er J Martln J Nakamura B Sono R Baxter Junior Varslty Gams Experlence Although the junior varsuty baseball squad drdnt play a ny interscholastic games throughout the season at was Important In the scrlmmages that It g a ve the Redcat varslty The coachless squad has gone a long way to gave themselves the valu able experience that they wall need to play on the varslty squad next year Several JV players Improved enough to make the varsity squad thus year The varsrty coach Lloyd Leest was very pleased to see the JV squad produce these few payers Wnth the excellent progress that the Fowler junior varsity baseball team made thus year the prospects for a coach and a JV squad are very good for next year Wrth a lnttle coachnng Fowlers lunlor varsity can go a long way In the Shasta League Joe Fev nger gets ready for the patch Maunce Fordor catches a fast stralght ball 72 I tl 7 I 8 A 1 - I Q - A . - l 1' rt ' A .. .. 1 . e' ':, . I' , J. 'V , . , . , , , l-l, Yamane, QK. Bennetts. v I l ' E l ' I 4 I E ' l ' l ' a o n o ' , 1 - - ' I - . I I I l . . I . 1 . . , . ' , . VARSITY TRACK Back Row H Horn T Sono N Brown K Butts E Bedroncn A Holabaugh Coach John Pereira Front Row Coach Bob Gross B Ethrldge G Georce t: Ardzroonu Lane Hanner Not picture H Barlglan R Galloway C Guerra D Hayesl Sequola League Track Champs The FUHS Redcat varsnty track squad coached by Robert Gross and John Perelra went through a very successful season thus year The first contest of the season was at Dos Palos where several boys won tlrsts In theur events and the team as a whole ended up ln thurd place Second on the track schedule was the Reedley Relays on Apnl l4th where he Fowler cundermen copped lst place In class A The thurd meet of the season was the Sequoua League meet held an Lemoore In whuch Fowler agam won Class A Tom Sono proved has worth by throwing the discus a dlstance of l44 feet for an automatlc Sequoia League record with the new type duscus Bull Ethrudge won the broad jump and placed second an the 120 yd hurdles In the Fresno county meet held nn Coallnga Tuesday May l the Redcat speedsters copped 2nd place and several boys won gold track shoes Bull Ethrudge cap tured both the hugh and low hurdles and Claude Guerra ran a beautfuul race to wan the mule run Star spnnter Bull Ethrldge opens up the O Quartermulers Arnxe Hollabaugh and Sparky Hanner yard dash approach the tape neck and neck me fm 73 l l l - 1 . , -. , . - , . -, . 3 , . . A, I ' 5 1 , . , . g , . , E. , S. . 1 nn - , , . , . , . . 0 ' 5 I , . I , . , - - 11 ll l . I . . . ,, ,, . ' . I I I I ' - I ' ' ' in lO ' A f - T F A " if L - ' "N . 1' 9 1 In :,,. W . M ,f-. V . .ff A fy , ,A 1 , -W r , h 4: Q3 V. 1 5 I , , , A I f nf: ff 3' ' "' ., ., - , - f' -.ff V f' L.-p...L.. ' - 'T .19 7 'f ' mmm gym I ,,,.,,r.wa-4" 4-4 '11 4 BEE TRACK SQUAD ck R w Ke cf S Darlmg P William R Barnes R Hxmhrlck Front Dow B Sturdlvant E Gven T Munoz C Mrssaklan D 'le y, llxct ln plcture R Kuda C Flores W Contreral Hee Lee Lindermen l'r0Qress ltdpnlly The Bee team was short on moterla but made a taxr season of It The out standmg men were Kelly Barnes and Munoz Kelly was a standout ID the lOO yard The members of the relay team were The Cee team was composed largely team members were R Hernandez hugh lump broadjump The members of the 440 relay team Hood dash and helped the relay team Sturdlvant Kelley Flores and Wulllams of freshmen Some of the outstandlng O l-aashlzume dash J Qumtero dlscus were Hashlzume Nakayama Baxter and Mr Perelra worked hard to develop the cmdermen, who sn future years wall be the mamstays on the varslty Duck Barnes and Ray l-lambnck get ready to assault poe vault records Shot Putter Tony Munoz gets away a long heave of the IO Ib ball 74 ' ' H rv- A -. ' -t '! V? . .re-"ff " ' .V , 'V 1" 1 ' "4 Q, A ,. ,. 4 ' ',, ,,,,, 1-A 4. W.: ' . ' ' ,V A414 lilhzw' fy. A rw wgm, Q 1 1 3, 1 . an HW" 1 V K n ' ' K2 - , 2.1 'I' If I 5 -Bo o 3 J. II X, . ' , -. "' s, . , , ', ' , .X 3 , ' , . i 3, . , . ' , . "rr '. , ' ' - . , , , , 5 Y Y ' 1 1 f , I L L . . , . , A I - 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 ' ' 1 l 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 L' X X Jlvifw C TRACK SQUAD-Back Row: L, Nob'e, R. Hernandez, J. Fev nfcr, D. Ca'Iowa'y, R. Hood, O. Haslmzume, Coach John Pcrcxag Front Row: J. Quzntcro, B. Busch, B. Murrieta, F. Nokaycma, R. Ccxfcz, R. Munoz, J Nakamura. lfl5l Tramk Lhellule March lnterclass meet sophomore first treshrmn second sensors thlrd tumors fourth Apnl Dos Palos Relays th rd nn cass A Apnl Reedley Relays first In c ass A April League meet a Lemoore furst In c ass A Aprnl County meet at Coalrnga second In class A May Valley meet Slerra duvus on ar Coalmga third ln class A May West Coast Re O s a Fresno th rd In 880 yd relay Moy All valley meet at Fresno Ethrldge second nn l8O L H May State meet Clst and 2nd p'ace wmnners In all valleyl at Berkeley Roy Hernandez easxly cears the hugh jump bar 7,1 yo d "1 mon O amu Hash zume flnlshes strcngly if - Q mix gg 4' 4 adm ,gkmiw 'Q 9 "'4',,,w1iv af 75 l x . ' g 29 ..... . z V 3, ' ., - Ho., , ' , I 1 - ' 7 ..... A Z ? ' ' . ' l4 ..... 5 ' ' T . ' 2l ..... T Z ' ' ' ' . ' 28 ..... ' 1 ' . 5 ..... - ' ' ' E ' ' I ' ' . 12 ..... f T 2 5 ' . . ' l9 ..... ' . ' ' . . 26 ..... . ' ' I ' ' . ' r das. 5 . ' ' - . A ini, X , ,, . . sQ ' . J ' ' . fr , H' ' , , lj, ' v I ,, ,Vg s A- A , -I , ,,, lvhnf. I 5 , ,V . lf 'A 'AL ,.,,, " ' ' -4, " , V- . "7 " ' Y. - ' J ' 1 ' .,, v....r-F" gf? TENNIS SQUAD-Back Row Tom Harlan, Arnue Hollabaugh, Albert Abramow, George Feaver, Laurel Rannwater James Colwell, Kenneth Butts, Front Rowt Darlene Mirnguan, managerg Phyllns Patterson, NaOma Emens, Mary Colm, Jean Wrught, Donuta Emens, Barbara Hayes, Jacquelyn Austnn, Coach. Ile-I but ettels lel,nl,Imlnplnns The tennls team under the coaching of Mrs Austrn had a good 1951 season Playung Sanger Reedley Selma Dos Palos Clovns and Lemoore, respectnvely the team came out wuth a three way tue tor turst place wrth Reedley and Sanger Besides the team championship NaOma Emens r lrl s singles won every match rn the Sequoaa League and went on to the county matches LETTERMEN OF 1951 were Kenneth Butts Laurel Ralnwater Tom Harlan Phyllls Patterson George Feaver, NaOma Emens Donato Emens and Mary Cox The only letterman on the team from last year was Mary Cox Phyllus Patterson watts for Tom Harlan to serve NaOma Emens ready for delwery of ball .nf-wi.. 76 X X 1 ' I 11 1 1 1 I . , I ' I ' I I I I I I . . . I. , . I I -' I I I I I I I ' M" tl ,ZQQZ Ftzztttttii "'- 21'IfZYfI ' gzzanlig '222??:Eg'Z:' -1' - fifif 1 1121112131533-.5,33 3. -if-'T' -,V ,. -. ,..,,,. ""' 'A'-sr'v"-- . ,...,.. .. ,'1"Qf Z'ilillt'.1'.Z3:i1:111:."" " A-f" 1 1..JuY""W.wP' SWIMMING SQUAD Back Row Coacn Sm th Grnsso Lynch Grll D Hayes Emerzran R Galoway Magull Butts G Smlth Turpm T Sono Boas G Feover L Lynch Darlrnq Mrssakxan Coach Sanford G Betoncourt Maddie Row Bue Burnett N Emens Patterson P Snyder Fortrer Salwasscr Plsor C reaver B Hayes D Mlrrgucn Front Row Stanton D Emens Ray M Cox Plpkm Azarlan Roberts C Fcavcr M Snyde Franco ate: Lilllchlllllfi lletl Lats The swlmmlng team coached by Georg Smlth and Adnan Sanford made excellent showmgs ln the tuve meets scheduled for thus year Co managmg the swam team were Lou Ann McHam and Beverly Larsen, who also was the timer and statlstucuan at the meets Dlvers and swlmmers returnung from last year Included F Lynch G Smith M Snyder Grasso Grnll D Hayes Emerzlan, R Galloway Magrll Butts T Sana G Feaver Darling Bue N Emens Patterson, B Hayes Stanton D Emens Ray C Feaver 1951 SWIMMING SCHEDULE Interclass meet May Fowler Practrce meet wrth Fresno Hu and Hanford May Fowler County meet May Coalmga Valley meet May Lemoore Sequola League meet May Kmgsburg C Feaver B Hayes P Patterson glade across pool Fred Lynch ln the peak a swan 1 ?"!"'N":f"""F ,erfwvxs -wha gf 77 1 , , , l , - , V . - " - V 1 r I 'V . - r 1 - I f 1 I - I , . , . . , . - , ,, , . . . y y 1 1 , , I ' I I I I ' I ' :I ' n I 1 l I 1 1 I 1 5 . H . . . O . . I " I - A . 4 . . . A I . , . I I I ' I ' I I I ' I ' I I I ' I ' -I I ' I I ' ' . , . , . . ' of dlve. , P I - f f-1 fr...-.-fm-.-M...., - 2' nf " H X ffl ,, .V I N . - 5 . -1, .. . lf-33' ,, Ellis 5 - Y 1 4 yy ,. , 4 i, v KK 1 , t In - we L, f , y.- h 1... vw, 'Q -A ,I V . 'L -- I r Q . 5: Qu 4 jf f as Hell Cats Play Top' Scmor Beauty College gurls orc volleyball champsg Sensor Beauty College used great skull to wxn muxed volleyball, Nrxt tc Top' Sensor Beauty College sweeps to vuctory an boys' volleyballg luneors wm hard bottle for spccdball chompnonshup. Ne-t tc Boffornz Sensor Beauty College are ynclors nn footbollg Sen or Beau'y College repeats vrctory by wmnlng bays' basketball. 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S. 9 C outh o Motor-in TheotreD Phone - COMPLIMENTS OF TH E California Ralsln Company FOWLER CALIFORNIA C W MARDWEDEL hdI TOOLS INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES METALS 1235 M SAN FRANCISCO 3 CALIFORNIA OAKLAND 7 CALIFORNIA PHONE 9141 AIVAZIAN BROS P p FOWLER U S 99 Truck Terminal Ind Cafe GAS DIESEL BUTANE O L TIRES AND ACCESSORIES TWENTY YEARS OF EFFICIENT AND COURTEOUS S R IC TO TI-IE PUBLIC HIIIUHIIII SHIES IIIIIIIPHIIU 86 O I O O O O Estoblis e 872 ission Street 11th ond Alice UNderhiII 1'-2125 Tsmpaebef 2-3800 ., ro riefors - - - I E V E OF ehamvlfms .I 795 f , xp 1 , if 1 FPQQY ff M There rs no better weapon than hard work no flner armor than the courage of youth The record your school attained thus year an a Ietlc and scholastic accompllshments proves that you have used both well Congratulatlons to your Head Coach Lloyd E Leest hrs asslstants and to all members ofthe Fowler Unnon Hugh School facul ty for their unhrmg efforts In helping to brmg about thus championship year The Fowler Ensign W J MUENZER P bl h PUBLISHED IN THE INTERESTS OF THE FOWLER DISTRICT I I5 N SIXTH ST TELEPHONE 2231 87 ' .1 , -J ' I wks I 'F il XQA ,.,.,:,. , V-:.-' I lzll' E, I 1 I I Y .,.:. ii: cy 1 r I A "E l'? - . . ' I 1 LI'-2:' I I I ' " 'I , 1 ,Q i i I 31" hunyyy' 633 ZZQ y lyu A.: I I I ff ' 'I ..A1 I . .. I I I . ,I ...,,r I-fI' i3ZIlf " " . Il.. .. ,rI..,.',,... ,..f I ., .:4-I ' ...-'1IQ I I I I I I I I I - . - I I ' Y I I I . . . th- I I - . . ' I I ' I I ' . . - I I I I I I I "I ""' I I I I I dI I . I E i ::,:,:, I 'ZIZ Mah qlilh. -All A ,., '9 1 12-:" gf A O M. . , u as er CONGRATULATIONS h PRODUCERS COTTON OIL COMPANY FR NO CALIFORNIA PACIFIC RAISIN COMPANY INC QUALITY PACKERS OF DRIED RAISINS AND FRUITS eampluneni Of MAXWELL STUDIUS FRESNO, CALIFORNIA 88 TQ t e Closs of '51 ES ' r.v.f. V - , I j , , if . v I I 0 I I 1 A Quarter of a Century of I 5 Progressive Square Dealing I n . Fowler Coliforrii ' 4 Iiliriqian Transportation Ilnmpanu Wishes Congratulations and Success to the Class of '5l MR, AND MRS. KIRK MIRIGIAN Corner First and Main Streets Fowler, California , '2"4'A -,,- J - , . , 'Lt' ,M ' 'hfaifv-ff T iwm ,-W A ,- M f ' lQ..v:!'i','Y,f' , V V. N I L. ,, IZ- ., 1 FOWLER FLORAL SHOP FLOWERS FOR EVERY MOOD Always Send the Perfect Gift FLOWERS Merced Street Fowler Phone 2552 CH EERFUL CORNERS For Cheerful Service and Real Bargains TRADE WITH US Evelyn and George Heinrich Fowler Avenue and Fresno Street FOWLER CALIFORNIA JORGENSEN BYRON B HALLER FUNERAL HOME BYRON B HALLER Funeral Durector FOWLER CALIFORNIA Phone 255l or 577I 89 I . 3 , 0 I .A I- I . 1 ,V Vi 3 Congrotulotuons ond Success SENIOR CLASS I F Lynch, DlStYlbUtOY 6 I STANDARD OF CALIFORNIA BIAUKBURN AUIU PARIS IIIINIPIINY TRUCKS AUTOMOBILES TRAILERS TRACTOR PA RTS 428I7 Hgh y FRESNO CALIFORNIA COVERS Snlvuus II Schnenhackler JSt ELL 3 coMPLIMENTs IQAPE TO THE cLAss CALIF OF 51 90 O O O O I1 ne 2 O Fowler, Colf - 99 ' t O By t Socromenf C If M' 1 l I LHFVROLET Nu llllly Baxter Chevrolet, Inc 1926 3841 C o CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Pl-llLL S MARKET our Hgh y 9 FOWLER CALIFORNIA Comollments :lrlIlL:lU Bilrf 9 Hnghwy resno, a o Congratulations To The Class of '51 JOHN ALLRED 6- SON Phone 3896 or 4676 Fowler, Calnfor a 91 nun! C Since Phone Fowler, olif I From I Where ua i y Comes First ' 9 At Ada A Ot r r ' JI rr' -5 9 ' F C lit Congratulations From STAR CASH GROCERY Where The Wise Economize Lee Johnson, Prop. Fowler GILLIG BROS. Manufacturers of School Buses Hayward California SIG S MEN S AND BOYS WEAR 824 Merced Street FOWLER CALIFORNIA COMMERCIAL MANUFACTURING 81 SUPPLY CO Desngners and Manufacturers of Packing House Drled Fruits and Specnal Machmery HAGOPIAN BROS JOE STUCKEY INSURANCE Fowler Calufornua HAROLD S SUPER MARKET Grocernes Produce Fresh Meat Fresh Fnsh Poultry Frozen Foods Saxth and Merced St Phone 2701 GENERAL SWEATER Class Sweaters Letterman Sweaters tl, ' I FGUIPAIEIIQ co vm m L Q mums 1 mx H24 FULTON ST FRESNO CALIF PH 4 5585 92 1 1 1 I A l A' conronnlou 1' wtg.,4,, .1 ' 'X' J V . 5 ' ' ' B .C - Q e-. ss. of ww cm.1'z.m,r Compliments ot Utlllty Traller Sales Co Corner of Orange 81 Railroad Avenues Fresno Calufornla SERVICE IS OUR MOTTO CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE GRADUATING CLASS Ilutane 8. Prupane Supplv Company Fowler Representatlve AI Koolman Phone Fresno 3 4171 D-'frlll Pl Ullljlllb LD I-ree Estnmates Gwen Contract 81 Cost Plus Plumbung HALF MILE SOUTH OF OVERPASS ON U S HIGHWAY 99 Rrchard D Arslan P O Box 309 O V Overstreet Fresno Calrfornna LLEIIGE mm 93 I I O I 9 4 1 r r r vw I r 1 J .I .I r 4 State Licensed Contractors G U P COMPLIMENTS Rue lllafuf Shop Becouse You Love Nnce Thungs Iose Kondornon ond Mory Ahronlon Prop Fowler Colltornso A R Dankworth, Inc I4I4 West Seventh St I26 Post Street COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS CORRECT PERSONAL CARDS CLUB PINS MEDALS FAMOUS HERFF JONES CLASS RINGS Le Moss Smith Tire Company THE RUBBER MEN GENERAL TIRES WILLARD BATTERIES SEAT COVERS KRAFT SYSTEM RECAPPING I625 BROADWAY FRESNO CALIFORNIA Honda S Garage GENERAL AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRING WHEEL ALIGNINC1 AND BALANCING SPECIALIZE IN MOTOR TUNE UP Phone 464I Fowler Colnfomao 94 OF I'l ' ' ll O O I O LOS ANGELES I7 SAN FRANCISCO 8 I ' I I I 9 LEMONVILLE MARKET 81 CLUB RURAL FOWLER'S ONE STOP SHOPPING CENTER OPEN SUNDAYS - HOLIDAYS Phone 2640 Fowler - Floral Aves. GENERAL MERCHANDISE AT BLUElAN'S De Wolfe and Central Phone 4-75I6 Fresno, California FOWLER FIVE AND TEN CENT STORE SCHOOL SUPPLIES CANDIES HOUSEHOLD NEEDS Phone 2I9I Fowler Calnf Merced and Seventh THE FOOD MART Fresh Meat and Groceries Corner Fowler 81 Adams Avenues Sonny and Barbara Esland Fowler Colrf CALIFORNIA FRESNO OIL COMPANY Rao Grande Rust Proof Gasoline Weed Spray Onl Dnesel OII Stove Oul Lubrlcatnon Onls Offnce 8. Plant 3080 Ranlrood Ave Phone 3 62II Fresno Calif TESTED PRODUCTS CO KNAPP S THE MAN Los Angeles 4 Calnfornua HOLLENBECK BUSH PLANING MILL CO Wholesale and Retall WINDOWS DOORS MOULDINGS on GENERAL MILL WORK Phone 3 2696 Fresno 9 Calufornla Spotbuth Shoes Rawlungs Athletic Equspment MacGreger Athletuc Equspment Pennsylvania Rubber Balls MID VALLEY moz N , J W . . . d 3478 West First Street . . Van Ness 'l"'A- --an -I 'IZIIQLIIEB 95 We Specialize in the Repair ot all Models ot Goble Discs .IUIIS -'LIUIPII1 III' LDIIIRIIIII Goble D'sc I-larrows FAIRBANKS-MORSE AND POMONA PUMPS Phone 4041 P. O. Box 415 U. S. 99 at Manning Avenue FOWLER CALIFORNIA Compliments T Class ot 51 From C D Simonian 6- Cecil Melilcian GENERAL INSURANCE Bank of America Bldg Phone 5751 Best Wishes From San Joaquin Baking U0 Bakers Of DUTCH TOAST BETSY ROSS AND ROMAN MEAL BREADS Valleu Inundru II Illachine Illurks nc Engineers and Manufacturers LEON S PETERS President 710 734 H Street 2718 East Avenue Fresno California 96 r"rJr' rr"J'rrI f .. 5 I 'o ,I. CONGRATULATIONS We wnslrw every member of the Fowler Urnon Hugh School Closs of Sl contmued success an has future endeovors os he 'rrovels through llfe The llortler Transportation Co Fortler Rigging llo FORTIER DIVISION CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 51 COMPLIMENTS or MUD? IUDEJF 97 Petroleum Sales, loo. f r 4 1 r i I -I i INSULATION POCKWOOL OR FIBERGLAS STEEL WINDOWS En GARAGE DOORS WOOD DOORS 6 PLYWOOD KENDAL':.?.Rlll,Z'P'C2,Ei 4--I General Electruc Dutch Boy Pamts Wedgewood Ranges Coleman Furnaces CONGRATULATIONS AND SUCCESS SENIOR CLASS llardmgs Hardware 81 Appllance Howard H Hardnng L H Hardlng Phone 2036 622 Snxth Street Offace l963 Hugh St Selma Theater Bunldlng Phone 98W Cor Nebraska and Thlrd Sts JHlllllll lIlEllllEllS Alterotsons and Repanrnng Zapper Repourmg All Work Guaranteed 35 Years In Servuce Selma Cahfornua CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK From Jlcvuuf Geffen Fresno Bakersfield Hanford 98 Phone - O O Fowler, California I I Offuce Supplues Stahonery Typewnters School Supplaes SELMA STATIONERY P e O 1917 Hgh St eet J B STEVENS SELMA CALIFORNIA GONG S FOOD MARKET Grocery Meats Vegetables 5441 cd8-9 31271 2244 Ralood A e THE DIAMOND MATCH CO Bu1ld1ng Matenols a OBO M COMPLIMENTS VOORHEES MARKET C penn d x SHELBURNE S STATIONERY Stot1onery and Offuce Supplles JACK SHELBURNE M 9 G Ow 6 I M Phone 4 5007 SAVING CENTER GROCERY AND MARKET GROCERIES MEATS PRODUCE ced Sf e f Ca Pho e 2731 SAN JOAQUIN PAPER AND JANITORIAL SUPPLIES Good Luck to the Sennors memo CALIFORNIA NISEI PARLOR HAMIURGERS SOFT DRINKS SHAKES CREAM CANDY e oSe th8.ManSte 4 0391 conannunrnons NEELY S Je ele and S Ivenmnhs F Iton 8. Mar posa ARTHUR P YORDON F e no Col fo n o Complnments SPIC AND SPAN Col fo Bags Glovn Llngovla Hosluy Ylrlllo LUFTENBURG S Pho e 4 5331 Pho e 2 1296 o Mo 8 F Ito V ala Col fo n a F esno Cal fo Comphments of LEES TOWN 81 COUNTRY D sl nc! ve Lad es Apparel 1960 Hgh St 708 C o PEDERSENS JEWELERS W Iches D1 mo d Jowll y Thi d Flon Holm lulldllg FRESNO CALIFORNIA comrnmmrs MAN U EL S Comphments EDDIE S LUNCH WHERE FINE FOOD IS SERVED ON HIGHWAY 99 NORTH OF SELMA MARDY S BODY AND FENDER SHOP 99 Hghway and Merced PHONE 5481 FOWLER CALIFORNIA . . - . I hon 73 I ' Phone Mer e 9 Hnwoy Phone - ir v. . Of Louls T. Fr me P. . x 1027 ' Yard onager Fresno, California ' Ten e" ed Hen I , ana er n r - . Mer r e Fowler, lifornia 193 ariposa - n Fresno, Calnfornia - ICE - Corn r I ven 1 r et Phone - From Of I w ls I ' U I . Fowler i rnio . r s , i r i l I i i i i n - n - , Ph 'J 101 E st ln sr. 57 U n sf. ' Selma om mio one IS 1, 1 ru r , 1 rnia ' a - 'a n s - r Of I r I I Of I ll 11 1 . f . A li' I ' I xr ' I J ' COMPLIMENTS I .. Of Kestly Buick Co SALES 8: SERVICE Selma Colufornmo Phone 4 SELIILI DIIUIJ LU JOHN R PATTERSON Proprietor SELMA CALIFORNIA Phone 50 Best Wnshes To The Closs of 1951 PEERLESS PIMP IIIIISIIN FOOD MACHINERY AND CHEMICAL CORPORATION EIIIIES 1755 Brood y UMP Fresno Colnfornuo do Tulare 8. L Streets Smce 1874 Fresno 3 5188 IOO A . . I .1 . . pf ' 'V " r r 1 J ' .9 f 7 T M l wo' , 0 i f fe I off 'KS A All321lEllIl.lli SA ILIES Selma, California Dealers DODGE AND PLYMOUTH GOODRICH AND TEXACO PRODUCTS Phone 682 and 556 l99O Whntson From LOU BERKSON STRABLE Musical lnstruments Accessorn COMPANY Oakland California es Complete Repair Shop Fresno Callfornla GOOD FOOD FOR l ll PLEASED GUESTS Jam: SBXTUII af co CHICAGO LONGISLANDCIIV PHIIJDILPIIII DAIIAS ATLANTA-PITTSIUIGII-DETROIT-IOSTOI Complnments FOWLER FARM SUPPLIES Fowler California FOWLER FEED STORE Feed Seed and Fertullzers Poultry Equupment Mfxcnsr 3391 5 Hgh Fowler Calufornla ALMONDS PEcANs w wuts cJsToM Huu.lNc3 AND SHELLING Route l Box l5 Phone 4l7l Fowler Callfornla Compliments of PAUL NOBLES AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE 3661 H Fowler Callfornla Compliments SELMA FLORAL SHOP Ph e 2l4W Ray C Bollun FRESNO AUTO PARTS C0 Complete Automotive Supplies 560 Broadway Phone 6 8261 FRESNO l Of ' JOE , Prop. ' -' Phone I U. I. 99 i way FLOYD wlucms NUT COMPANY ' -'- -2- A ' ' l U Phone 99 A iway- and Maln ST Of - - lOl b' N 2 I I U Compliments Of FOWLER LUMBER CO LUMBER HARDWARE PAINTS Monoger PETE ERANZ PHONE 2671 CORNER 7TH AND MERCED eanglzafufafeon '70 '7fze 61644 Qf 1951 f. Umiauaiqhf 8 San MALAGA, CALIFORNIA IO2 j A 1 Xl I lf nj :EI-jk! ,Url JDJ I E FF I H YJ, 3 af O. Nt NIR AX! ky! , J' . f JJ A f If 2 .N A V aj yf A df . f Rf J' I fx 0 lf IJ' Av - Congratulatlons Sensors From EARL HILL FORD SALES You Can Pay More But You Cant Buy Better EASLEY 8. CAU DLE YOUR CHEVRON DEALERS Adams and U S Hghway Phone 932I Fcw er Leon WRIGHT S SERVICE 81 APPLIANCE Ph ne 3302 Corner 6th 8. Mann BISE AND TIPPIT COMPANY d Avv We Feature ONLY Famous Products FRIGIDAIRE MAYTAG Hotpoint KROEHLER EASY BEAUTY RES OKEEEE AND MERRIT ETC Fcw er California Jf' Compliments From NESTOR'S BEAUTY SALON ACE SERVICE INCORPORATED EREsNo's LARGEST RECAPPING Amo coMMERc1AL TIRE CENTER BROADWAY a. VENTURA Fresno, Cahfornia Telephone: 4-3087 ' COMPLIME NTS OF L R TORESON Shell Service Motel Fowler BAKERS WELDING SUPPLY CO 5 V l'1 DRINK HIRES REAL ROOT BEER Arm BIRELEY S D VALLEY OXYGEN PRODUCTS NATIONAL WELDING EQUIPMENT FRESNO OXYGEN AND WELDING SUPPLIERS ern n ree 5 4-l - WE HAVE IT L. J. "POP' BARNES MANAGER O d G W E WHITE DDS 35 Huosou RICHART MOTORS SALES AND SERVICE 1919 wH1TsoN IHIWAY 991 M M RED RICHART OWNER GMC 662 ALLIED EQUIPMENT CO INTERNATIONAL CRAWLERS MTERNATIONAL NW V McCormack Farm Machinery FARMALL TRACTORS TRUCKS REFRIGERATION REEDLEY MADERA FIVE POINTS l824 Santo Clara 2 G Hiwoy 99 South Lassen Ave Phone 2 3lO7 Phone 25 Phone l52l Phone 30 Y 22 FRESNO f'f 67 kumar! ftkyottbhgvvll Effm, A K J A 7970 HJFRESILMILK SD A - - K a d P Sf f Call 952 1 H Phone 135 ffice Phone l Me ical Bu1ld1ng 170 T A Selma, California en ura ve. Fresno, California - . . , . . . "Serving f e Entire Son Joaquin Valley" ll Il I Selma, California "Real Fruit Taste" I, H Orange, Grape, Berry, ' ' Gro efront and Pineapple Phone . J, I Allllllllllll. f l 11 11111111 ' ' 'Ill ' IITIIIIIATIOIIAL nnvzsvn V l 30 " " St. ' . -K-v Sf-J -V .X L A R i J xx 135 Ru' -F I 4 AA X , . l XX' ' ' -' ,:,'-... E . -. If l ,fu - 2 , X b 1 . . , ,f -4 .Q Xb IL .'.Y ' , Q - 46 V K .L I . , , " F 155 9 ' -P EI E l V FA Y, U 1- el.. A 6' '. QTL X X ' '.J ' V , X 4 J 5 .. I - xx 'La A A -W K I co ' L lx :u , 0 TNI bvnuui L A -. 3 - 1, T'-iiqf . I-I -J 5 ' ' .4 H X1 X I 5. - Eh, .X If 'J f F.. li. EJ -L 1. ., -hx g - 1- 104 1 1 eelw 'H FK fofsszllhfigaffm PHILLIPS MARKET Cor Central and Hwy 99 At Entrance to Motor ln Theatre QQ? Sales and Servi Rex Malaga Callfornla QQ M Robert H Brown D D S Phone Selma 24W Medacal Bldg Selma Calufornaa FRESNO CAUFORNQAAJJD PHOTOGRAPHY John Maxwell Maxwell Studlo Fresno Calnfornna ENGRAVING Jam Bartel Valley Engravers Fresno Calnfornua PRINTING Wm J Muenzer The Fowler Ensign Fowler California COVERS Sulvlus and Schoenbackler fx Sacramento Calnfornna l. 814 Broadway 0 2 72 RX fl . 'll . . I I ' .1 UZ . , . .. Ph 1 , Ackfnowledlgenlents ll M W 'v fax wwff I ! ffflflf ' 1.1 V Xf' I ,jf 1 4 ,Lx Us fwlff' X X ,,l' f-4K KMA- If .fig 'if II--9 1 1 ffl' :X fi 4.1 4 ff 'Q K ffbli J ,Z R L fl .1 Ku 'e J' A , - Z 'Ll , A- 'If 1 . I-'j 'QM in Af I "A-'fi' 'ff - 1 1 'i L 1 , Alrl 1 l ' ' 1 - ' 1 I, A ff! ' 7, I p it 4 'ff L 'fb fp, Ai! - ' 1 if .fl ,A J , X , fgflf, ,175 7,2 iv Lx, 4-7 if L , V V dgzix Ir h4,,4 Eff k,t V ,A t 1' . .,.., M Z-- I, h'- Fx , fb L L X f .- , 4, .. . , A I bf f L . ,b f 1 fl Q , - ,F -X' ' y ,X I I 1 -V 1 L .' ,-.JA V 1 . J . X J I' n 1 I , I., L X 1 ' I fb 9' .1 L, .1 by , W af 'f , , , . 1 Y ' J 1 L' ,U C, 'if .if .f"" nh! 'I 'K' fx I f 1, I' M V4 v . W Hi? 4 , AN , A' N x

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