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. --ll I. -rf 1 4 1 1 1 1 .il . .gl '. ' f , "YQ 1 .ar if X 1-,. L, ., ,-F . . '11, ff? , f-'Rf' A! U7.. ' Q '! ff? 1 , , ,Q 5,-f".1 .. v',- gif' x '4- kxee fi'fT,,Q,-ff,,XyV- SQ V .K -5, My al l., aux: 4 ..,N E . A, V - , M v,i,g5q.2,151- 1, - V K. zfliff. u,5M1: .Q-,201 f , , Le WE, .--. 'rv bf 5- W . A ,Q as 1 .fa ".-. ns ,swlh 5 J gg. 'xqeuf - - I if V ,,g,,f'v4 .. . . v,':"f' 'ff ,W . , :Q ,A A., 'kiwi W? .Mft UH. VM 1 , x r ..1 x 1 r f. 56 v x . .v .RX . 9 ,- f j iii 5 4- 1 xp, V. ' ,Mi yn, , 4 M . ,K4,, v . V, 4 x.. X, fx My ,K X ' .L Fwpl-. ,-H .- Q, 4 . fi ' v X . e 1 LIT VOLU XXIV Q, . I F A A . QE wf RIM as I Q. 'P S I? F.,- QS I4 FowIer, CaIifornia' Cla s s of I 9 ll Fowler Unnon Hugh School PRESENTINO FOWLEI2 UNION I-IIOI-I SCHOOL AT WAR Page Page Page Page Page 4 ADMINISTRATION Trus+ees, PrincipaI, EacuI+y, Cusfodians 7 CLASSES Seniors, Juniors, Soplwomores, Freshmen I9 ACTIVITIES Clubs, Publicafions, Music, Drama, Classrooms 39 SPORTS Boys' In1'erscI1oIasJric, Girls' and Boys' Inframurals 48 ADVERTISEMENTS AND SNAPS TH E FRONT STEPS EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ----- GIoria Anfriasian ASSISTANT EDITOR AND PI-IOTOGRAPI-IER - Dick Mainland BUSINESS MANAGER ---- Dorofhy Markarian Tradifional haun? of Seniors INo Freshmen aIIowed.I 2 fm' VICTORY CORPS OFFICIALS: Henry Andersen, Qonald Fearnside, Anita Condoian, Corabelle Atkinson Pauline Pendergrass, Billy Ann Turner, Floyd Wilkins. TO Tl-IE SPIRIT OF VICTORY As shown al Fowler High in all +l'1e acfivilies ol Ihe year, ancl especially flwrougln 'rhe Viclory Corps, l'l1e slall declicales Tl-IE LITORIA CDF IQLI3 3 E 2 E E I S S K ERWIN A, DANN, PRINCIPAL, IN I-IIS OFFICE PRINCIPAL TIELLS OI: WAR AIMS AND ACTIVITIES War has moved in on Ihe campus ol Fowler I-ligh School. For Ihe Iirsl lime we lind ourselves con- lronled wilh Ihe problem ol preparing boys Io lake lheir place in Ihe armed lorces ol lhe Uniled Slales even before gradualion lrom high school. And while major emphasis has been placed on lhe prepara- lion ol The men sludenls, il is becoming increasingly evidenl Ihal lhe women ol lhe communily musl be 'rrained lo lalce up aclivilies abandoned by lhe men. Fowler I-Iigh School sludenls are allempling lo do Iwo Ihings: Firsl, prepare lhemselves as ade- gualely as possible lo be ol lhe mosl immediale value lo lhe armed forces, and second, Io conlinue as nearly as possible The normal course ol sludv so as Io be prepared Io lake lheir place in lhe worlcing our oi lhe problems which will conlronl The world following Ihe end ol lhis conllicl. In addilion Io our preparalion lor mililary service and lor lile, we also have had an even more immediale Iaslc, Communily Service. I-lere also, Ihe Fowler Redcals have proved 'rheir worlh. Boys and girls, loo, have piclced grapes and collon, pruned vines, galhered scrap, and boughl bonds. Our line school spirir has been rellecled as a line nalional spiril, Fowler alumni and sludenls are doing Iheir parl. BOARD OF TRUSTEES A, D. Wilson, Jr., R. W. Sleward, O, C. Hulchings, George H. Mclllurg, Richard H. Goode, l s 4 FACULTY Slanding: Sinead, Dann, Thayer, Yoder K II Th' , e ogg, iemann, Paylong silling: Smilh, Feaver, Van Horn, Kleerneyer, Beckwith, Parion, Pendergrass, Hill, Goode, Kellogg, Bales. TI-IE FACULTY AND OUI2 WAI? TIME CURRICULUM Because of decreased allendance, caused by Ihe evacuaiion of Japanese in lhe s rin I I942 d p g o an wifhdrawal oi many sludenls lo war indusiry regions, ihere were four less leachers Ihis year. Kenneih Gleason was lhe Iirsf Io enler The armed service and Miles McCoIm, 'rhe second. Boih enlered 'rhe Naval Reserve during Ihe summer. In Seplember classes were douloled up and olher courses added Io Til 'rhe need of Iraining sludenls for life under war condilions. The leachers and lheir subiecls were as follows: JOAN BALES Foods, Basic Course 9 ISci.-malhl, Homemaking Metal Shop, Shop 9 IMalh,'Sci.l, Pre-Fliqhl. I2, Cafeteria. JEAN PATTON Spanish, Basic Course 9 ISoc. Sci.l, Basic Course AVIS BECKWITH Homemaking IZ, Basic Course 9 ISupervisor and I0 IEn lishl Soc. Sci.l, Homernaking IMaIh,-sci.l, Hornecrails and Clolhinq. LORRIENE DANIELS GOODE Girls' Physical Educalion, Eirsl Aid, Girls' Sporls. MARIAN K. FEAVER Basic Course IZ, ISupervisor, and Soc. Sci,l, Slenography, Typing. EARLSHILL Typing, Bookkeeping, Boys' Physical Educalion, Boys' pods. MRS. PEARL C. KELLOGG Typing, Aflendance Supervision, Lalin, Basic Course I0 ISupervision and Soc. Sci.l. FRANCIS C. KELLOGG Basic Course Il IAmerican Hisioryl, Geornelry, Advanced Malhemalics, English IZ. HENRY F. KLEEMEYER Elcmenlary and Advanced Mechanics, CUSTODIANS Jack Maxwell, Bue I Philli g . ARTHUR O, PAYTON , , p Malh-Sci., Ari Crafts, RUTH H. SMEAD Library, Journalism, Basic Course 9 IEnglishl, Basic Course ll ISupervisorl, English A. GEORGE W. SMITH Waier and Oil Painlinq, Ari Crafts, Basic Course IO ISoc. Sci.l, Boys' Physical Educalion Boys' Sporls, MICHAEL THAYER Orcheslra, Band, Inslrumenis, Mixed Chorus, Elemenls of Music. FRED G, THIEMANN Agriculfure, ARTHUR VAN HORN Basic Course II IEnqIishl, Drama, Play Coaching. CLARENCE H. YODER Biology, Chernisiry. Physics, Algebra. MRS. BELLE H, PENDERGRASS Office Praciisc, Olfice Secrelary. Woodshop Mechanical Drawing Sho ps, John Robb, Head Cusfodian. 'I ii 2.- S sf www 5 by Muss Feaver Sf N '1 posiers in Ari' c rn geomefry CLASS fmmfww 'Y' E Lafin H siudying Roman weapons Sfudious Mariha S and cosfuming SEINIIORS Class of IQ43 MOTTO: "A quiller never wins and a winner never gulls." COLORS: Fuschia and Amber FLOWERS: Mixed Rosebuds 5. 3ENIOR OFFICERS Leach, Boydslon, Horn, Goodrich, Andersen, Beeson, Piccolo, oung. OFFICERS Elaine Goodrich - e - - President Henry Andersen - - Vice-presidenl Edna I-Iorn - - Secrelary Bellie Mae Beeson - Treasurer Shirley Boydslon - - - Yell Leader Daniel Leach - - - Sergeanl-al-arms Goodrich' Josephine Piccolo, Melvin Young - - Alhlelic Managers Sem' Plesldm' Miss Marian Feaver - - - Chairman of Sponsors ACTIVITIES OF TI-IE SENIOR YEAR The senior class enlered a slcil' "Frankie and Joh nny" in Ihe Fowler Fall Feslival evening program on Oclober 30. The class play, "The Eyes ol Tlalocf' was presenled on April 30 and The Senior Play Day was on May 26. The Baccalaureale service was held on June 6 and Ihe class had ils gradualion exer- cises on June IO. SENIOR ADVISORS Joan Bales, Earl Hill, Fred Thie- rnann, Marian Feaver, Chairman. 8 SENIOR WI-lO'S WI-IO Andersen, Henry M.-HOBBY: Music. CLUBS: Red Cross, ass't. to advisor, treasurer: C.S.F. ACTIVITIES: Student Council rep. senior class vice-president, Boys' Glee, Redcat cub, "The Patsy." l Antriasian, Gloria-lFoggyleHOBBlES: dancing, collecting phonograph records. SPORTS: Intramural volleyball, mixed volleyball, basketball, baseball, speedball, ping pong, bad- minton, swimming, archery. CLUBS: Girl Reserves, Life Saving Corps, Circle F, Quill and Scroll, Masque and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: Guidance chairman, music chairman, "The Patsy," senior program com., "Frankie and Johnny," "The Henpecked Husband." maiorette, orchestra, swing band, Litoria cub, part payment mgr., Editor '43, Aubin, Marguerite--SPORTS: Intramural volleyball, baseball, speedball, badminton. CLUB: Spoon and Spool. ACTIVI- TIES: Freshman party com., program com., "The Patsy," Girls' League courtesy com., iournalism. Beeson, Bettie Mae-lBetsl-HOBBIES: reading, dancing. CLUBS: Red Cross: treasurer, president. ACTIVITIES: sen- ior class treasurer, freshman sextette, A Cappella Choir, Girls' Glee mixed chorus, readings for Book Club, Ass't Editor Redcat Review, Litoria staff, "The Patsy." Bennetts, Robert-elWolfl-HOBBY: stamp collecting. SPORTS: Intramural football, basketball, mixed volleyball. Inter- schoiastic tootball, basketball. CLUBS: Radio Club, Masque and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: Band, Boys' Glee, Guidance chairman, Jr. Sales Com., usher "The Patsy," "Elmer." Blayney, LauriceGlButchl-HOBBIES: Ag proiects, music. SPORTS: Intramural volleyball, baseball, football, swimming. Interscholastic football. CLUBS: Future Farmers, president: Hi-Y, Block F, Masque and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: Freshman vice president, sophomore president, ir. vice president, public speaking, awards for Ag proiects, football mgr., band, Auxiliary band, swing band, orchestra, mixed chorus, Christmas play, "The Patsy," ASB. president. Boghosian, Ireneilll-HOBBY: collecting pictures and recipes. SPORTS: Intramural volleyball. CLUBS: Girl Reserves, Masgue and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: Mixed chorus, Girls' Glee. Boydston, ShirleyflShirttaill-Transfer from San Jose. CLUBS: Girl Reserves, Masouc and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: mixed chorus, Girls' Glee. Bull, Dick--lFritzl-HOBBY: gas model airplanes. SPORTS: Intramural swimming, horseshoes. lnterscholastic Swimming, football, track. CLUBS: Life Saving Corps, Jr. Engineers, Masque and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: Scenery "The Patsy," "Frankie and Johnnie," Christmas play. Cartwright, Kennethilliennyl-HOBBIES: hunting, fishing. SPORTS: Intramural track, football, basketball. Interscholas- tic tootball. CLUBS: Rifle Club, Hi-Y, Masque and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: Student Council rep., public speaking, "The Patsy," "Elmer," "Frankie and Johnny," Christmas play, "l492." Caudle, Morris-fflclimle--HOBBY: hunting. SPORTS: Intramural football, basketball, baseball, track, volleyball, inter- scholastic football, track. CLUBS: Block F, Hi-Y, president: Rifle Club, president: Masouc and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: Baseball mgr., awards for shop proiects, stage mgr. "The Patsy," Christmas play. Clement, Alfred-lBulI Moosel-HOBBIES: hunting, fishing. SPORTS: Intramural football, track, baseball, volleyball, basketball. Interscholastic football, track, basketball. CLUBS: Future Farmers, president: HifY, Block F, president: Masgue and Dagger, president. ACTIVITIES: Guidance chairman, fire and air raid warden, Boys' Glee, "The Patsy," Christmas Dlay. Condoian, Anita-SPORTS: Intramural volleyball, basketball, baseball, ping pong. CLUB: Music club. ACTIVITIES: Student Council, sextette, A Cappella Choir, Band, Swing Band, Band award, "The Social Whirl," usherette "The Patsy." Cowan, Verne-HOBBY: photography. SPORTS: Intramural vol- leyball, football, basketball, baseball. lnterscholastic bas- ketball, tennis. CLUBS: Future Farmers, Masque and Dag- ger. ACTIVITIES: Guidance chairman, Band, president: or- chestra, Swing Band, Hamburger Band, Band Award, awards for Ag proiects, publicity com. "The Patsy," "Frankie and Johnny," "Elmer," "l492," Christmas Play. Danielian, Stephen-HOBBY: Stamps. CLUBS: Rifle club, Masque and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: Librarian, awards for shop p'oiects, usher "The Patsy," stage crew "Elmer." Deaton, Allene Raye-lShortyl-Transfer from Texas. HOB- BIES: Collecting snapshots and post cards. SPORTS: Intra- mural volleyball, mixed volleyball. CLUBS: Spoon and Spool Club, Masque and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: cooking class, properties com. "Elmer." DcOrian, George-HOBBY: model airplanes. SPORTS: Intra- mural football, CLUBS: Jr. Engineers, Masque and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: Band, orchestra, Swing band, model airplane award, usher "The Patsy," electrician "EImer." Donabedian, Louise-lLoul-Transfer, HOBBY: collecting pic- tures. SPORTS: Intramural volleyball, basketball. ACTIVIV TIES' Mixed chorus. Emerzian, Doris-lDodolGI-IOBBIES: Horseback riding, stamp collecting. SPORTS: Intramural volleyball. basketball, speedball, baseball. CLUB: Camera Club. ACTIVITIES: Jr. sales com., Journalism, Girls' Glee, usherette "The Patsy." Evans, Dow-HOBBIES: hunting, fishing. SPORTS: Intramural basketball. Interscholastic football. CLUBS: Future Farmers, Rifle Club, Block F., Masque and Dagger. Garcia, Jessie-Transfer from Sanger. HOBBIES: Collecting movie star pictures, poems, and iokes. SPORTS: intramural volleyball, basketball, speedball, ping pong, baseball, tennis CLUB: Masque and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: properties "Elrner." Garoian, Leon--lLeel-HOBBY: hunting. SPORTS: Intramural volleyball. baseball, tootball, track. lnterscholastic tootball, basketball. CLUB: Masoue and Dagger, ACTIVITIES: Soph' omore vice president, Jr. president, A.S.B. vice president, public speaking, "Elmer," Christmas play, Litoria club. Goodrich, Elaine-HOBBIES: giving monologues, knitting. CLUBS: Red Cross, president: Girl Reserves, Masque and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: Senior president, Guidance Chairman, Jr. Play general chairman, public speaking, "The Patsy." Hagopian, AnnfI'IOBBY: collecting recipes. SPORTS: Intramural volleyball, mixed volleyball, speedball, basketball, ping pong, baseball. lnterscholastic play day. CLUBS: Girl Re' serves, Music club, Circle F, Masgue and Dagger, Red Cross, secretary: Quill and Scroll. ACTIVITIES: Freshman Sextette, Band, "The Patsy," student director "Elmer," Business Mgr. Redcat Review, ads mgr. Litoria, typist Litoria. Flagopian, Virginia-lGinnyl-FIOBBIES: Music, art. SPORTS: Intramural volleyball, mixed volleyball, speedball. AC TIVITIES: properties Christmas play, programs "The Patsy." Ftorn, Ednae-lEddiel-HOBBIES: sports, SPORTS: Intramural volleyball, baseball, speedball, ping pong. CLUBS: Girls, Athletic Club, Circle F, Latin Club, Quill and Scroll. AC' TIVITIES: Freshman girls' sports mgr., Senior secretary, Journalism, Redcat Review statt, Litoria statt, programs chairnan "The Patsy." I-luerta, Peter-lPetelfI-IOBBIES: dancing, singing, SPORTS: Intramural football, basketball, volleyball, baseball. ln- terscholastic basketball, baseball, tootball. CLUBS: Block F, Masgue and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: mixed chorus, Boys' Glee. Kandarian, HarryfSPORTS: Intramural baseball, Iootball. AC- TIVITIES: usher "The Patsy." Kinnrey, Betty-HOBBIES: writing letters, dancing. SPORTS: In- tramural vollevball, basketball, baseball, badminton. CLUBS: Girl Reserves, Masgue and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: NYA, maiorette. Krikorian, Agnes -lBabeleHOBBIES: Reading, singing. SPORTS: Intramural speedball, volleyball. CLUBS: Girl Reserves, ACTIVITIES: Girls' League Decoration com., Girls' Glee, mixed chorus, Sextette, usherette "The Patsy," "Elmer," Lango, Ramona-lLangolfl'IOBBlES: playing piano, dancing. SPORTS: handball, basketball, baseball, speedball, bad- minton, volleyball, ping pong. lnterscholastic tennis. CLUBS: Girls' Athletic Club, Spanish Club, C.S.F., Circle F, Masque and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: Freshman yell leader, sophomore sports manager, Red Cross rep., sophomore sales com., costumes "The Patsy," librarian, A.S.B. yell leader, Christmas play, "Elmer," "Frankie and Johnny." Leach, Daniel-lDannyl-HOBBIES: hunting, dancing. SPORTS: Intramural basketball, football, volleyball, baseball, hand- ball, horseshoes, track, toul shooting. lnterscholastic bas- betball, track, football. CLUBS: Latin Club, Spanish Club, Masque and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: Senior yell leader. Licon, Edmund'lEddyl-SPORTS: Intramural checkers, basket' ball, track, boxing, football. Interscholastic basketball, track. CLUB: Radio Club, Lopez, I-lenry-ll-lanklf-l-IOBBY: dancing, SPORTS: Intramural basketball, checkers. CLUB: Masque and Dagger. ACTIVI' TIES: scenery and clean-up "The Patsy," stage crew "EImer." Magill, Carolyn-lGillyl-HOBBIES: piano, sports. SPORTS: Intramural volleyball, speedball, basketball, ping pong, badminton, swimming, shuttleboard, baseball, tennis, hand- ball, Lite Saving. Interscholastic swimming. tennis, valley playday. CLUBS: Girls' Athletic Club, Circle F, Lite Saving Corps, Masgue and Dagger, C.S.F. ACTIVITIES: Freshman yell leader and party com., Jr. class secretary, chairman ushering "The Patsy" and graduation. Sextette, school pianist. Girls' League vice president, air raid warden, air post warden, "The Christmas That Bouncedf' Mainland, RichardflDickl-HOBBIES: photography, swimming, SPORTS: Intramural swimming, baseball, interscholastic swimming, track. CLUBS: Camera Club, Lite Saving Corps. ACTIVITIES: Boys' Federation secretary, treasurer, Guidance chairman, Bano, orchestra, Swing Band, Pep Band, "Thr: Patsy," 'Frankie and Johnny," Litoria photographer, as sistant editor: Redcat Review, cartoonist, Margosian, Alice-HOBBY: photographs. SPORTS: Intramural volleyball, ping pong, basketball, baseball. CLUBS: Ca- mera Club, Masgue and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: Sophomore Sextette head maiorette, program com. "The Patsy." Markarian, DorothyflDotlfI-IOBBY: Driving a car. SPORTS: Intramural volleyball, mixed volleyball, speedball, basket- ball, baseball, ping pong, handball, badminton, checkers, shuttleboard. CLUBS: Music Club, Girl Reserves, Circle F, Masque and Dagger, vice president, Jr. Red Cross, Quill and Scroll. ACTIVITIES: Chairman, Lost and Found Corn.: chairman, Girls' League "Mayfair," Freshman Chorus, Band, ticket com., "The Patsy," "Elmer," Christmas Play, Redcat statf, Litoria Business Mgr. Maxwell, Karleen--lMaxiel-I-IOBBY: singing. SPORTS: volley- ball, mixed volleyball, basketball, baseball, speedball, badminton, tennis, checkers, shuttleboard, Lite Saving. In terscholastic volleyball playday. CLUBS: Circle F, Lite Sav ing Corps, Girls' Athletic Club. ACTIVITIES: Girls' League president, Guidance chairman, A Cappella Choir, Sextette, Band, Property chairman "The Patsy," "The Christmas That Bounced," "Sherman Said lt," A.S.B. Cards mgr. McClurg, JaneflJaniel--HOBBIES: Horseback riding, swim- ming. SPORTS: Intramural volleyball, mixed volleyball, badminton, speedball, ping pong, basketball, tennis, swim- ming. Interscholastic tennis. CLUBS: Jr. Life Saving Corps, Circle F, Girls' Athletic Club. ACTIVITIES: A Cappella Choir, sextette, band. Miller, Marilyn-lSI'iorIylftrlOBBY: looking. CLUB: Girl Ref serve. ACTIVITIES: Jr. class yell leader, Redcat Statt, Litoria. Mirigian, Martha-HOBBY: dancing. SPORTS: Intramural vol Ieyball, basketball, speedball, baseball, ping pong, shuttle- board, badminton, tennis. CLUBS: Girl Reserves, Circle F, Masque and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: Guidance War Stamp salesman, public speaking, "The Patsy." Niksarian, Annabvlfl-IOBBY: reading. SPORTS: Intramural volleyball, basketball, speedball, baseball, ping pong, mixed volleyball. CLUBS: Girl Reserves. ACTIVITIES: Prop- erties and costumes "The Patsy," Journalism, Redcat Review Features editor, Litoria classes editor, A.S.B. Publicity Com- missioner ass't. Oliver, Mahlon-HOBBIES: hunting, dancing. SPORTS: Intra- rnural volleyball, basketball, football, baseball, horseshoes, Interscholastic football, basketball, baseball. CLUB: Block F. ACTIVITIES: Cateteria. Pendergrass, Pauline-lPendieje-SPORTS: Intramural volleyball, mixed volleyball, speedball, basketball, baseball, swim- ming. CLUBS: Girls' Athletic Club, C.S.F., Life Saving Corps, Masgue and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: Freshman class treasurer, general chairman Jr.-Sr. Banguet, general chair- man "Frankie and Johnny," A,S.B. secretary, Sextette, band, auxiliary band, usherette "The Patsy." Peterson, Helen-HOBBIES: dancing, bowling. SPORTS: Intra- mural volleyball. CLUB: Music Club. ACTIVITIES: Mixed Chorus, orchestra, usherette "The Patsy," journalism. Pircs, Preston--HOBBIES: hunting, fishing. Transfer from Roose- velt. SPORTS: baseball and track at Roosevelt. Piccolo, JosephineilJoieI-tOBBlES: reading, sewing. SPORTS: Intramural volleyball, mixed volleyball, basketball, bad- minton, baseball, speedball, handball, ping pong, tennis, shuffleboard. CLUBS: Girl Reserves, Circle F, Masgue and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: Student council member, Senior class girls' sports mgr., Fashion show chairman "Mayfair," chair- man of Menu com. for Jr.-Sr. Banguet, mixed chorus, sex- tettc, "The Tub," student director "The Patsy," Christmas play, Litoria part payment mgr. Proodian, lsabelit-IOBBIES: dancing, bowling. SPORTS: Intra- mural volleyball. ACTIVITIES: Refreshment com. "Mayfair," usherette "The Patsy." Pursell, Roger-lRockyt-SPORTS: Intramural football, mixed volleyball, basketball, horseshoes. interscholastic basketball, baseball. CLUBS: Block F, I-li-Y, Future Farmers. ACTIVITIES: Guidance chairman, freshman class boys' sports mgr., usher "The Patsy," Ag awards. Ouintana, Albert-HOBBIES: hunting, fishing. SPORTS: Intra- mural football, baseball. interscholastic football. CLUBS: Rifle Club, Archery Club. ACTIVITIES: Band. Rare, Katherineelliavl-HOBBIES: Collecting stamps, base ball. SPORTS: volleyball, mixed volleyball, basketball, speedball, baseball, badminton, shuffleboard, handball, ping pong. CLUBS: Circle F, Music Club, Girls' Athletic Club. ACTIVITIES: Journalism, usherette 'The Patsy." Santikian, George-HOBBIES: photography, airplane modeling. SPORTS: Intramural football, basketball, track, baseball. CLUB: Camera Club, ACTIVITIES: typing award. Sarkisian, Carl-HOBBIES: hunting, drawing. SPORTS: Intra- mural football, mixed volleyball, basketball, track. Inter- scholastic track. CLUBS: Radio Club, Block F, Masgue and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: Freshman party com., ticket com., "The Patsy," "Why the Angels Sang lor Joy," public speak- ing, track awards. Scheidt, Delsiew HOBBIES: Skating, reading. SPORTS: volleyball, mixed volleyball, basketball, speedball, baseball, ping pong, badminton, checkers, handball, tennis. CLUBS: Music Club. Girls' Athletic Club, Circle F, Masgue and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: Mixed chorus, sextette, chairman ot properties and costumes, "Elmer." Selvian, Hasmig-lMickeyt--HOBBY: sports. SPORTS: Volley- ball, nnixed volleyball, basketball, speedball, baseball, ping pong, badminton, checkers, handball, tennis. CLUBS: Music Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Circle F, Masgue and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: Mixed chorus, sextette, chairman ot proper- ties and costumes, "EImer." Shafer, Rosetta-lEttalil-IOBBIES: collecting snapshots and stamps. SPORTS: Intramural volleyball, basketball, speed- ball, baseball, ping Uong, badminton. CLUBS: Spoon and Spool, ACTIVITIES: Girls' Glee, band, ticket com. "The Patsy." Smith, Lila--Transfer from Lc Grande-HOBBIES: collecting knick-knacks. CLUBS: Masgue and Dagger. ACTIVITIES: cos- tumes "Elmer." Tikiiian, I-IarryilTikI-HOBBIES: anything new and adventu- rous. SPORTS: Intramural football, basketball, baseball, track, horseshoes. Interscholastic tennis, basketball, CLUBS: Camera Club, Ritle Club, Block E. ACTIVITIES: Freshman constitution com., sophomore party com., intramural sports mgr., ticket com. "The Patsy," public speaking. Thomas, Roberta-lBobi-HOBBIES: model aircraft, music, arch- ery. SPORTS: Intramural swimming, baseball. Interscholastic football, swimming. CLUBS: Junior Engineers, I-Ii-Y, Jr. Red Cross, Lite Saving Corps, Masgue and Dagger, ACTIVI- TIES' Student Council, band, auxiliary band, Swing Band, understudy "The Patsy." Thompkinson, Thelma-lTommyifTransfer from Washington Union. I-IOBBIES: singing, tennis, swimming. CLUBS: Girl Reserves, Ouill and Scroll. ACTIVITIES: Piano. Junior Sex- tette, Girls' Glee, mixed chorus, Redcat Review business mgr. and editor, Litoria staff. Wilkins, Floyd, Jr.-lSunnyjfI-IOBBY-Stamp collecting. SPORTS: Intramural football, basketball, volleyball, base- ball, track. Interscholastic football, tennis, track. CLUBS: Camera Club, Block F, Masgue and Dagger, C.S.F., Ouill and Scroll. ACTIVITIES: Student Council, public speaking, "The Patsy," Litoria part payment mgr., editor '42. Young, Melvin-HOBBIES: hunting, fishing. SPORTS: Intramural football, basketball, volleyball, baseball. interscholastic basketball, baseball, football rngr. CLUBS: Rifle Club. ACTIVITIES: Intramural sports mgr., usher, "The Patsy," shop aware. JUNIORS Class of l944 OFFICERS Evans, Holfon, Bulls, Aaronian, Long, Turner. COLORS: Green and While FLOWER: Gardenia lv1OTTO:"You can'l' climb flue ladder ol success by pulling ollwers down." OFFICERS: Donovan Bulls - I Presidenl' Charlene l'lol+on - Vice-presidenl Irene Aaronian - - Secrelary Belly Long - - Treasurer Gene Wiggins - Sergeanl-al-arms Rufh Evans - - - Yell Leader Miss Rullw Smead - - - - - Chairman ol Sponsors Mrs. Lorriene D. Goode, F. C. Kellogg, A. O. Paylon - - Sponsors ARMY AIR CORPS Top row: Billy Ann Turner, Elias Gonzales, Charles Keyahian, John Pereira, Gene Woody, Marie Largenlgfronf row: Aram Garabedian, Lorraine Maglio, Marynell Olsen, Lurline Sform, Virginia Bendosici, Rose Kayarian, Zavarl Osganiang nol ID piclure: Bob Allen, Harold Cudd, Henry Nahigian, Don Malwaffey, Earl Achord. I2 ,gqinu .. vjgms 2 0:1 ' N I Q JJ aj W E . 'aw NEI' 'io A I wwf MARINES Top row: Charlene Hollon, Phyllis Hagen, Ray Magill, Vincenl Giorgini, John Bargamian, Roselfa Jones: fron? row: Rose Mare lcarian, Rufh Evans, Eleanor Torosian, Edna Sue Largenl, Lyle Thompson, Florence Kavarian, Dick Nilcsarian. ACTIVITIES OF Tl-IE YEAR The execuiive commillee, acling as a financial commilrlee, presenled The Ioudgei in Seplember and 'rhe class voled dues of 51.00. In lhe Fall Feslival program, 'rhe junior enlry, "A Waller Winchell" loroaclcasi, look Ihircl prize. John Bargamian and Phyllis Hagen were 'rhe chairmen of The sales commil- lees al 'rhe Feslival Ioolball game and lhe dance. The class chose Hlvlislalces al Ihe BlaIces" for The Junior Play. A+ 'rhe all-school Chrislmas parly, John Pereira was in charge of The sale of colces and ice cream. lnslead of lhe annual Junior-Senior Banquet The juniors decided lo hold lhe Junior-Senior Prom wilh lhe lheme, Tropics, ai lhe I'lolel Californian in Fresno. Phyllis Hagen was The general chairman. The juniors were in charge ol decoralions for Baccalaureale and acled as ushers al Baccalaureale andcommencemenl. NAVY Top row: Mr. Paylon, Jack Thonioson, Gordon Hanner, Donovan Bulls. Ray Kirnrey, Gene Wiggins, Iirsl row: Beverly Poindexler, Sam Kirkorian, Peler Boghosian, Marvelle Greeno, Belly Long, Irene Aaronian, Dorenc Newberry: nof in piclure: Anlonia Delgado, Mike Garabedian, George Surabian. W SQ' jx . 2, , ,, 'ie , ,nf ,A A niggas , f 3.59 jean-ng, J' rw, M, if 1 I3 SOPI-IOMORES Class of l945 OFFICERS Oslergaard, Topoozian, Guerra, Wilson, Galloway, McCIurq, Wey- gandl, Pursell. COLORS: Blue and Gold FLOWER: Camellia MOTTO: "Noi al lhe lop bul climbingf OFFICERS: Richard Galloway - Presidenl Mariorie McClurg - Vice-presiclenl Jean Wilson - - Secrelary Wanda Weygandl ---- Treasurer Kennelh Oslergaarel and Bob Topoozian - - Yell Leaders Alice Malinzo, Colleen Semas - - Girls' Alhlelic Manager Sieve Guerra - - - Boys' Alhlelric Manager Don Pursell - - - Sergeanl-af-arms Mrs. Pearl C. Kellogg ---' -' Chairman ol Sponsors George W. Smilh, C. l-l. Yoder, H. Fi lileemeyer - - - Sponsors HURRICANES Back row: Richard Claylon, Don Slanley, James York, Jay Smilli, Richard Galloway, George Ouinlana, Mr. Snnilh, middle row: Armen Kandarian, Vivian Hupp, Melvin Green, Sleve Guerra, Jean Wilson, Pauline Birdsell, Jane Andersen: fron? row: Violel Booloo- dian, Madeline Tikiiian, Charlolle Pouller, Eleanor Kirlcorian, Waller Rasmussen, Billy Penninger, Wanda Weygandlg noi in piclure: Manuel Garcia, Lucille McEll1aney, Waller Rasmussen. I4 - SPITFIRES Back row: Glenn Wyrick, Tom Sfanley, Lee Olinger, Mariorie McClurg, Virginia Osborn, Mr. Yoder: middle row: Bob Topoo- zian, Kay Cholalcian, Donald Pursell, Lee Hamillon, Nadine Mallory, Marjorie Vineyard: fronl row: Virginia Booloodian, Alice Maflnzo, Alberf Kandarian, Donald Fearnside, Lorene Thompson, Evelyn Ma masian, Belly Rodgers, nof in piclurer Leona Gourley, Chesler Mallory. ACTIVITIES OI: TI-IE YEAR The Sophomore Class won second prize for ils slcil, "A Quiz Program," al lhe annual Fall Feslival evening enlerlainmenl in November. The class assembly program on November 25 included a flule solo by Agnes Keyahian, and Ihe slcil, "Once a Sailor, Always a Sailor." The commillee 'rhaf planned if consisled of Marjorie McCIurg, chairman, Millon Torigian, Armen Kandarian, Ola Mae Hopper, and Vivian I-lupp. . .f Q The class also sold relreshmenls al a loolball game. Those on The sales commillee were Lee Olin- ger, chairman, Mary Kalhryn I-Iolsleller, Glenn W,yrick, Agnes Keyahian, Donald Pursell, and Ralph Bacon. vii THUNDERBOLTS Back row: Leonard Palmafeer, Milton Torigian, Ralph Bacon, Ed Fields, Rosalind Sleffens, Colleen Semas, Ouida Ray, middle row: Joseph Bealriz, Joseph Pasquale, Rhonda Crisp, Kennelh Osfergaard, Nadine Perkins, Rulh Ford, Millicenl Parker, fronf row: Palricia Miller, Roy Francis, Annabel Mosesian, Raul Hernandez, Lois Mahalfey, Mary Kalhryn Hofsleller, Agnes Keyahiang nol in picture: Alfred Marlin. I c ILL, I 5 FRESI-IMEN Class of I946 OFFICERS Terry, Daugherty, Sarkisian, Steer, Aivazian, Lee, Atkinson. COLORS: Blue and While FLOWERS: Glaalioli MOTTO: "Be Prepared." OFFICERS: Ralph Sleer - Presidenl Anna Aivazian Vice-presidenlr Eleanor Sarlcisian - Secrelary Peggy Lee ---- Treasurer Ray I-larding, Cerabelle Allcinson - Yell Leaders I-Ielen Daugherly, Bill Terry A Alhlelic Managers Miss Avis Beekwirh ----- Chairman of Sponsors Jean Parlon, Arlhur Van I-lorn, Michael Thayer Sponsors HOT DOGS Top row: Russell Woody, Gregorio Nunez, Evelyn Karlie, Evelyn Tashiian, Richard Ahlberg, Alfred Wilkins, Gary Marlinez, Charles Parkerq middle row: Vincenle Jararnillo. Georqe Mclfeehan, Leo Bendoski, Eleanor Mirigian, Helen Daugherry, Lorraine Proodian, Harry Horomian, Louis Shaler, Miss Pallong fron? row: Virginia Krikorian, Edwin Huber, Bernice Garrelf, Eileen German, Gerry Snowden, Garldeen Cliflon, Charles Moore, Arlo Ro Penninger. I6 ' r l -.I SEADOGS Top row: Mr. Thayer, Rudy Quintana, Jimmy Neely, Delmar Hanner, Ray Harding, Paul Ohannesian, Jewel Mann, Minnie Follettg middle row: Raymond Ramirez, Jimmy Montgomery, Nancy Stanton, Coreen Allen, Peggy Lee, Jim Watts, Ralgmond Parker, Jimmy Letiziog bottom row: Pearl Milasick, Bernice Mora, Paul Peterson, Gregory Cherezian, Eldon Garrett, George irkorian, Mae Jeffries, Margaret Kayaianiang not in picture: Arthur Tufenkiian, Barbara Achord. ACTIVITIES Ol: Tl-IE YEAR Meeting to organize in September, the class elected officers and made plans for the Fall Festival program. The freshman slcit, "Stage Door Canteen," toolc the first prize of Sl5.00 at the Lions' Clulo entertainment. At a class meeting in December, the flower, motto, and colors were chosen. Alfred Willcins was chairman ofthe constitution committee, Peggy Lee, ofthe budget, and Anna Aivazian, of the program committee. On January 22, the class presented an assembly program, "True Love Rewardedf' The annual freshman class party came in May. The theme was Mexico and the committee chairmen included Minnie Follett, Helen Daugherty, Peggy Lee, Jim Neeley, Nancy Stanton, and Bill Terry. DEVILDOGS Top row: Mr. Van Horn, Sam Donabedian, Albert Peacock, Anna Aivazian, Bill Terry, Ed Naiariang middle row: Ramona Biggers, Corabelle Atkinson, Mildred Frazier, Eleanor Sarlcisian, Annie Lopez, Ralph Steer, Henry Winter, Lewis Langog bottom row: Alice Kayian, Grace Kazarian, Alice Maciel, Edwin Ostergaard, Delfie Hernandez, Jerry Turner, Grace McNamara, Bertha Gomes: not in picture: George Fereira, David Fereira, Donald Ballard. 'MW 5 qv..- I7 . Qs-vw GAROIAN, Who Planned Assembly Programs. IMPORTANT DATES IN OUR WAR YEAR SEPTEMBER Freshmen begin school: Big Sisler Tea: boys' Swim Parly. Eirsl day Assembly: enrollmenl, 253: work permils issued lor grape harvesl: pre-llighl course begins. OCTOBER Cardslunls in assembly. Edison game: variely assembly. Facully barbecue. FFA scrap drive begins: Junior Red Cross plans slamp sales: Masque and Dagger parly. Seniors sludy marriage licenses in Basic IZ. Band assembly: Hurricanes win Redcal sales candy award: lead in scrap drive. -, Home Ec. Club election. Variely assembly: "The Redcal Visils lhe Washinglon Woods." Boys visil Lemoore Airbase: music sludenls enlerlain al counly lruslees' dinner. FFA G-reenhand inilialion. Junior Navy cops volleyball lille. Fowler Fall Feslival: Selma game, FUI-IS classes enler slunls in evening enlerlainmenl, Feslival Dance, wilh iunior class sale. NOVEMBER Nighl school opens: Masque and Dagger scavenger hunl. G. S. C. inilialion. Reporl cards oul. Warren Tinlcler al Armislice assembly. Ann Ashley assembly. Goodrich lilm, "Keep 'Em Rolling." Seniors lalne Schorlinq malh lesls. FFA Junior Farmer inilialion. Girls' League "Ralion" parly: Boys' Fed. hears Yeoman Abboll ol Coasl Guard. Facully Barn Jig and Frolic. Wolves deleal Danncals in volleyball: I-lome Ec Club inilialion. Soph assembly slcil, "Once a Sailor." Thanksgiving vacalion begins. DECEMBER Liloria Sales conlesl begins. FUI-IS Fire Wardens named by Execulive Council: singing as- sembly. Foul lhrowing inlramurals begin. Girl Reserve assembly, "School Days" slcil: FFA begins pruning coaching: Don Pursell wins Sears Roebuclc prize lor gill. Girls' League Chrislmas meeling. Foolball assembly: Columbus slcil. Chrislmas enlerlainmenl: Chorologue. Firsl All-School Chrislmas parly, wilh dancing, games, Sanla. Girls' League Assembly. JANUARY Vacalion over: Minule Man flag flies over campus. Liforia picrure fairing day, Tuberculosis film shown. Lf. Devine in Boys' Federalionp Sara Devine in Girls' League. CSF lwayride and supper al McClurg's. Soplws and seniors lwave X-Rav fuberculosis fesls. Mrs. Henley lells of lwer Sou'rl'i American Trip. Freslnman assembly: "True Love." Freslnmen begin slnop and lwome exclnange programs. C. F. Mueller lallcs 'ro l-li-Y. Girls' League assembly: "Old and New Fashioned." FEBRUARY End ol semeslerg Kingsburq baskelball, llnere. Viclory Corps inducrion by Cap'1' Monlgomery of Hammer Field. Cap'+ Doug Monrell in Boys' Fecleralion: Selma garnet Lions' Disfricl' oralorical meer willi Garoian, firsl, B, A. Turner, second, Bulls, flwird. Boys' Federalion program in Girls' League. Junior Play, "Mis+alces al llwe Blakesf' FUI-iS lacully lwelps in rarion bool: dislribufion. G. A. C. barn parly. G. R. Recoqnilion Service. MARCH Jeep confesr begun by Jr. Red Cross. Spanish Club dinner al Fslrada's and movie in Fresno. New Home roomfvclub-acrivily sclwedule begins. Lions' Club zone conlesl won by Garoiang Hi-Y slmaling pariy. Boxing lournamenl prelirninaries Boxing lournamenl linals. Faculryflrusree dinner, willi Dr. Tlfiomas, spealcer. Firsl meeling of new clubs: Tennis, dancing, leisure games: new niclcelodeon inslalledq Spring Concerl, "True Voice of Freedom." Jr. Red Cross pays sludenls for scrap conrribufions. All Ready for Graduation. APRIL Viclory Corps inducfion in special services, with in- signia given: Masque and Dagger parly. lvan Jacobsen lells ol Norway and llie Nazis. Dr. l-larl assembly: "Flying Tomorrow." Enougln slamps and bonds bougl1+for'rwoJeeps. LT. Firzimmons lallcs on WAACS lo Girls' League: Quill and Scroll inifialion and dinner in Fresno. G. R.'s conducl Worship Service al Fresno confer- ence. Nominalion pelilions our lor ASB elecrionsi l-lorne Ec Club Easier parly for lcindergarlen: inlerclass fraclc rneel. G. R. dale niglwl scavenger lwunl. l-li-Y dale niglwf picnic al Roeding Rarlr, ASB elecrion, willn officers named as lollows: Ray Kimrey, presidenlg Belly Long, vice-presidenlq Billie Ann Turner, secrelaryq Zavarf Osganian, Treasurer: Jaclc Thompson, Vivian l-lupp, Patricia Miller, yell leaders. MAY Boys' Federalion parfy. Freslwman Basic 9 parryg girls' baseball playday al Kingsburgy Reedley J. C. assembly. CSF educalional Trip lo Fresno. I Eiqhllw Grade Dayy Liforia Slafi Parly. Sequoia League lraclc meel, Selma: G. R. lnay ride. Pafrons' Niglil and May Fair. Girls' League Senior Farewell. Senior Play Day. Junior-Senior Prom. Tennis meel al Kingsburg. JUNE Faculfy brealxiaslg Baccalaureale. Gradua+ion. Senior Farewell Talenl assembly: close of scliool. Girls' Camp al' Lake Sequoia: Boys' Camp al' Cedar Grove. ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Slanding: Blayney, sifting: Garoian, Hupp, Osganian, Thompson, Pendergrass, Lango, I-Iollon, Kimrey, Nilcsarian, Mr. Dann. OFFICERS Laurice Blayney R - Presidenl Jaclc Thompson - - Yell Leader Leon Garoian - - Vice-presidenl Ramona Lango - Yell Leader Pauline Pendergrass - Secrelary Vivian I-lupp - - Yell Leader Zavarl Osganian - Treasurer Ray Kimrey - Publicily Manager Charlene I-lollon - - Assislanl Annabelle Nilcsarian - - Assisfanl Carolyn Magill - - ASB Pianisl , PRACTISI NG DEMOCRACY in A WAR YEAR AS re I en . The Associaled Sludenl Body began a very lrying bul successful year by planning for Civilian and School Defense. A commillee was appoinled +o plan schedules for The girls of lhe school lo man The new observalion posl. The Air Raid commillee loolc charge ol air raid praclices and 'fried lo malce lhem as realislic as possible lor lhe benefil ol lhe sludenls in case ol lulure danger. A+ lhe beginning of lhe second semesler, lhe ASB sponsored lhe Viclory Corps and held an induclion service for all members. Throughoul' lhe year, Jrhe Sludenl' Body was enlerlained in assemblies by many guesls who in- cluded Anne Ashley, singer, Warren C. Tinlder, Dr. Polloclc, George Schleyer, Miss Slarling, and Ivan Ja- cobsen, Olher aclivilies ol 'rhe year were The evening program for lhe Fowler Fall Feslival, a Chrislmas dance, eleclion ol ASB officers lor nexl year, and Boys' and Girls' Camp lor Ihe execulive commillee members. ASB EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Back vow: Blayney, Pursell, Bulls, Galloway, Kinney, Garoian, Mr, Dann, Thonvpso 5 Ilinq: Sleci, Pendergras, Hupp, Lange, Goodrich, Maxwell, Osqanian, Holton, Niksarian. I A 2 2 THE VICTORY CORPS, aTTer The TirsT inclucfion wh WORKING FOR VICTORY The VICTORY CORPS was TirsT begun aT FUI-IS in February, wiTh The inducTion oT 92 sTu- denTs. CapTain MonTgomery oT I-Iammer Field aided in The ceremony. On April 2 a second gen- eral inducTion was held and old members were received inTo special service groups, open only To sophomores, iuniors, and seniors. The purpose oT The Corps is To enable high school sTudenTs To Train Tor and To parTicipaTe in The war eTTorT eTTecTiveIy. To remain in The spe- cial services, each member had To earn 25 poinTs every Two weeks by collecTing scrap, buying sTamps, doing Tarm aid or care OT children or observaTion posT worlq, malcing a vicTory garden, building model planes, carrying on school ser- vice, or conTribuTing To paTrioTic programs. Each special service group was headed by an eIecTed oTTicer as Tollows: ProducTion, D. Fearn- side: Land, B. A. Turner: CommuniTy, P. Pender- grass and A. Condoiang Sea, F. Willcinsg Air, I-I. Andersen. Michael Thayer was head sponsor, JUNIOR RED CROSS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Miss Beclcwiih, Henry Andersen, Zavarl Osganian. ich included 92 members, and Mr, Thayer, head sponsor. EI NATIONAL SERVICE The JUNIOR RED CROSS was one oT The busiesT organizaTions oT The school This year. In November, The STamp and Bond drive was sTarTed in The home rooms. During This monTh also The club senT ChrisTmas de-coraTions To Alaslca and menu Tolders To The Marine Base aT San Diego. AT Chrislmas, boxes oT Tood were Talcen To needy Tamilies oT The Town. ATTer new year be- gan, iT was Tound ThaT The sTudenTs had gone over The 9070 ToTaI in December To win The Treasury Flag. This record was lcepT up Tor The resT oT The year. In March and April a Jeep Drive broughT in enough To pay Tor Two Jeeps. The drive closed in May wiTh a prize To The home room purchasing The mosT sTamps and bonds during The year. OFFICERS: BeTTie Mae Beeson, presidenT, DoroThy Marlcarian, vice-presidenTq Ann I-Iago- pian, secreTaryy I-Ienry Andersen, Treasurer, Elaine Goodrich, ch. sTamp commiTTee, Miss Beclc- wiTh, sponsor. Goodrich, Dorolhy Marlcarian, BOTIIC Mau Beeson, Ann I-Iagopian, 23 GIRLS' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Kellogg, Maxwell, Siorm, Feaver, Long, Magill. FRIENDLINESS TI-IE GIRLS' LEAGUE has encouraged Triendship and cooperaTion in all iTs acTiviTies oT The year. To begin school, a Freshman Tea was held on The TronT lawn To acguainT The Treshman girls wiTh Their Big SisTers. In November The annual Tall parTy was given in The gym, wiTh The Theme, "RaTioning." AT ChrisTmas, a decoraTed Tree was placed in The TronT hall. In May, The second annual "May Fair" was sponsored by The League, wiTh BeTTy Long as general chairman. AT The Senior Earef well, graduaTing girls received corsages. COLORS: Purple and Lavendar. OEEICERS: Karleen Maxwell, presidenTg Carolyn Magill, vice' presidenT7 Lurline STorm, secreTary7 BeTTe Long, Treasurer: Jane Andersen, ch. BeauTy SpoT com.: DoroThy Marlcarian, ch. LosT and Found: Eleanor Torosian, ch. CourTesy com.: Delsie ScheidT, ch. OuesTion Boxp Carolyn Magill, ch. Program com.: Mrs. Kellogg and Miss Eeaver, sponsors. COOPERATION TI-IE BOYS' FEDERATION This pasT year has been inTeresTed in various phases oT The service. This was evidenT in The many meeTings aT which spealcers Talked oT The various branches oT The armed Torces. Some oT These were Bill Magill, an alumnus in The Navy, CapTain Blair oT The Lemoore Air Base, Yeoman AbboTT oT The CoasT Guard, Allen Devine, Navy Air Force, Rev. J. W. Beck, and CapT. Doug MonTeII. Also several oT The boys visiTecI The Lemoore Air Base in Novem- ber. The TirsT acTiviTy was a swimming parTy Tor The Treshman boys on Their TirsT day oT school. In March The club was in charge OT The annual Boxing TournamenT, wiTh John Pereira acTing as chairman. The IasT geT-To-geTher was a sTag parTy in May. MOTTO: "Do our sharefl OEEICERS: Roger Pursell, presidenTg KenneTh CarTwrighT, vice-presi- denT7 Diclc Mainland, secreTary-Treasurerp Mr. I-Till, Mr. SmiTh, Mr, Thayer, sponsors. BOYS' FEDERATION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Siniih, CarTwrighT, Mainland, Hill, Thayerg noT in piciure, Pursell. - im IXII i' Nlx SPANISH CLUB Back row: Donovan Bulls, Richard Galloway, Jlrn York, Ralph Bacon, Wanda Weygandl, Jessie Garcia, Agnes Mary Kalhf-fine I-lolslefler, Jean Wilson, Daniel Leach. GOOD NEIGHBORS Tl-IE SPANISH CLUB, Los conquisladores espanoles, has sludied lhe lile as well as lhe language ol our LalinfAmerican neighbors. The aclivilies ol lhe year included a Columbus pro- gram in Oclober and a Chrislmas parly. The new year was begun wilh a Spanish dinner in February. The year ended wilh a larewell parly in June. MOTTO: "Adelanle, siempre adelanlef' COLORS: Reol, while, and green. OFFICERS: Ralph Bacon, presidenlg Jessie Garcia, vice-presi- denl: Jean Wilson, secrelary-lreasurerq Mary K. I-lolsleller and Richard Galloway, pianislsg Miss Pallon, sponsor. BLOCK F Back row: Donovan Bulls, Lauricc Blayney, John Pereir , e I l Thompson, Henry Lopez, Millon Torigiang rniddle row: Miss Pallon Kevahian, Pcler Boghosiang lronl row: Mariorie Vineyard, John Pereira, ATHLETIC ACI-IIEVEMENT 'll-IE BLOCK E has lor years slood lor oulf slandingness in sporls. Allhough lhe club has nol been very aclive lhis pasl year, ils imporlance lies in whal il slands lor. ll is lhe goal ol all boys who are inleresled in alhlelics. The club's principal aclivilies began in Jan' uary wilh lhe sale ol varsily swealers and T shirls. ln March, lhe Block E had a gel-logelher al lhe school. and lhe lasl aclivily ol lhe school year was an exchange parly wilh anolher club. OFFICERS: Allred Clernenl, presidenlg Mor- ris Caudle, secrelary-lreasurer, Mr. I-lill, sponsor. ,3 P19 Huerlg, Ggrnlgu l-ldnnor, iiiiclrllr' row, Mr. Hill, Slew' Guvira, Allred Clernenl, I-lerry Nahigian, Dow Evans, Elias Gonzales, George Surabiang Iron? row: Raymond Magill, Ray Kirnrey, Morris Caudle. v C. S. F. Slandingz John Bargarnian, Henry Lopez, Lee Olinger, Armen Kandarian, Floyd Wilkins, Billie Ann Turner, Kay Cholalrian, Laurice Blayney, Marjorie McClurg, Henry Andersen, Richard Galloway, Mrs. Kellogg: silling: Zavarl Osganian, Jean Wilson, Mary K. Hofsleller, Peggy Lee, Corabelle Afkinson, Madeline Tilcijian, Carolyn Magill, Pauline Pendergrass, Nancy Sfanlon. SCHOLARSHIP FOR SERVICE THE CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FED! ERATION CHAPTER 56, al Fowler High School, slands nol only for lhe highesl in grades, bul also lor all around parlicipalion in school affairs. Aclivilies begin in January wilh a dale nighl. In February, officers lor Ihe new semesler were elecled and an assembly was sponsored in March. The annual educalional Irip Io Fresno was in May: in June came Ihe Senior Farewell. MOTTO: Scholarship for Service. COLORS: Black and Gold. OFFICERS: Mary K. I-lolsleller, presidenlq Marjorie McClurg. vice-presidenlg Jean Wilson, secrelary-lreasurer: Mrs- Kellogg, sponsor. FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Tl-IE OUILL AND SCROLL chapler al Fow- ler High of lhe nalional high school journalism honor sociely began ils aclivilies in March when six members ol lhe publicalions class became eligible. Four of lhem senl in 'rheir applicalions Io nalional headguarlers and were accepled. Pins and membership cards were presenled Iormally on April I6 by lhe sponsor, Miss Smead, Io Gloria Anlriasian, Bellie Mae Beeson, Ann I-lagopian, and Dorolhy Marlcarian. Thal evening Ihey enjoyed a dinner al Ihe Basque Holel in Fresno and lalei wenl Io a molion piclure show. These Tour iniliales wilh lheir sponsor enjoyed a dinner Ihal same evening al lhe Basque lj'lo'rel in Fresno and laler wenl lo a molion piclure show. Floyd Willcins, edilor ol Ihe l942 Liloria, be- came a member lasl year. QUILL AND SCROLL lMernbers and Ihose eligiblel Dick Mainland, Dorolhy Marlcarian, BeIlie Mae Beeson, Gloria Anlriasian, Ann Hagopian, Floyd Wilkins. KNOI in piclure, Thelma Thompkinsonl. 26 CTRL RESERVES Back row: lrene Aaronian, Eleanor Torosian, Gloria Antriasian, Rosie Marlcarian, Agnes Krikorian, Ann Haqopian D olhy M lm 'w M' Puff Bs-TT K"ne V' is H V' la Ka Sh'l B dsT Lu l'n ST l T o J h' P' I O' aruun, rss . on, -y ii ry, rvlin upp, io r 'nerz lrey ov. on, ri r- orrng 'on r wi osrp snr- icrnn, Eliine voourich, Phyllis Hagen, Marilyn Miller, Jane Andersen, Beverly Poirffener. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT THE GIRL RESERVES have Tried To sTress The spiriTual side oT liTe This year. Their Tormal candle- lighT ceremony was held in Eebruary. Their new members were iniTiaTed aT a parTy in November and They brouqhT Tood and Toys Tor The needy aT Their ChrisTrnas parTy. The annual MoTher-DaughTer Tea came in May. Money was raised aT a candy sale in OcTober. An assembly program on December Il showed The acTiviTies oT The club and The TalenT oT The members. A lldaTe nighT" was held in April. The senior members were honored iusT beTore qradu' aTion. MOTTO: 'To find and give The besT.ll COLQRSZ Blue and WhiTe. OEEICERSZ Elaine Goodrich, presidenTp Phyllis l-laqen, vice-presi- denTq Marilyn Miller, secreTary: Josephine Pic' colo, Treasurer: Miss PaTTon, sponsor. Hl Y Bart fav. l.ii.rirgp Bldyney, Raymond Maqill, Henry Nahi ran Rfsrsar Q 'ew Ra, Kuvrrw Mwr S Cuudlc, John Pereira, Al Clemenh Me CLEAN LIVING THE T-ll-Y This year was noT able To meeT as TrequenTly as beTore because oT raTioning. YeT The members carried ouT some worThwhile worlc, including The elemenTary school Traclc mee-T. Their TirsT geT-To-geTher was in December, when They had a Thearer parTy in Eresno. The club has had as quesT spealcers, Rev. T'loTsTeTTer, A. V. Buel, C. E. Mueller, and Judge KleTTe. In March and April were a "daTe niqhT" and a parTy, and in May a ioinT meeTinq was held wiTh The Qirls' AThleTic Club. MQTTO: "Clean living, speech, aThleTics. scholarship, and a conTaqious ChrisTian char- acTer." COLORS: Blue and Gold. OEEICERS: Morris Caudle, presidenTg RoberT Thomas, vice presidenT7 John Pereira, secreTary-Treasurer: Mr. Yoder, sponsor. i rnfiirrn, Kvrirrefli c,..r+W,.am, rmni w.aa...g, Mr mir,-Q ii HJ. xo! lL 1 MON is GlRLS' ATHLETIC CLUB Back row: Edna Horn, Mariorie McClurq, Jean Wilsonj middle row: Ramona Lango, Hasrnig Selvian, Carolyn Magill, Alice MaTinzo, Billy Ann Turner, Belfe Long, Pauline Pendergrass, Kaiherine Racog firsl row: Mrs. Goode, Karleen Maxwell, Made- line Tikiiian, Mary Kalhryn l-lofsTel'ler. SPORTSMANSHIP THE eims' ATHLETIC CLUB has followed iTs moTTo in The many acTiviTies oT The year, New members were iniTiaTed in OcTober and in November came a ioinT parTy wiTh The FuTure Farmers. A ChrisTmas luncheon was enjoyed, wiTh The "mysTery Triends" exchanging giTTs. The club began The new year wiTh a "daTe nighT" which was held in February and a reTurn parTy wiTh The FuTure Farmers came laTer. ln April and May The members wenT bicycling and swimming. The club year ended wiTh The Senior Farewell. MOTTO: "SporTsmanship." COLORS: Yel- low and Brown. OFFICERS: Jane McClurg, pres- idenTg BeTTe Long, vice-president Madeline Ti- lciiian, secreTary7 Ramona Lango, Treasurer: Mrs. Goode, sponsor. FOOD FOR VICTORY THE FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA. ChapTer 48, has been an acTive organizaTion oT The school. ln OCTober This club gaThered scrap and sorTed and sold iT. OTher paTrioTic iobs were VicTory Pruning and The Spring Salvage Drive. The annual proiecT conTesT was held in April. Social acTiviTies included The Greenhand and Junior Farmer iniTiaTions, a ioinT parTy wiTh The Girls' AThleTiC Club, and a Round-up NighT. MOTTO: "Learning To do: Doing To learn, Learning To livey Living To serve." COLORS: Blue and Gold. OFFICERS: AlTred ClemenT, president Harold Cudd, vice-president Bob Allen, secreTary7 Dow Evans, Treasurer: Jack Thompson, reporTer7 Roger Pursell, waTch dog: Mr. Thiemann, sponsor. FUTURE FARMERS Back row Ed Huber, Joe Beairiz, Richard Clayl Laurice Blayney, Lee Olinger, Don Pursell, Verne Cowan, Leo Bencloslci, Bill Terry, Joe Pasquale, lronl row: Roger Pursell, Jack Thompson, Bob Allen, Alfred ClernenT, Harold Cudd, Dow Evans, Mr. Thiemann. .. ww... . -'ww-T-T-f -A mm- ' ay .NND AW Ci. ,N , ln... Y f-. ltluig SPOON AND SPOOL CLUB Back row: Velma Leach, Virginia Osborn, Nadine Mallory, .Nadine Perkins, Belly Rodgers, Lorene Thompson, Rhonda Crisp, Millicenf Parker, Marynell Olsen, Edna Sue Largenl, Rosalind Sleffensg silling: Miss Bales, Rosella Shafer, Lorraine Maglio, Maryelle Greene, Raye Deafon, Dorene Newberry, Marie Largenf. HOMEMAKING FOR DEFENSE THE spoon AND sPooL cLuB is lhe home economics club of ihe school and has been quile aclive. On The Fall Feslival Day, in Ocfoe ber, pompoms were sold +0 lhe sludenls before lhe Toolball game. The new members were ini- 'rialed al a parly in November. Near Chrisimas, a+ a ge'r-logefher, myslery friends exchanged giils: la+er lhey presenled a program for assem- bly. In April, a parly was given for The kinder- garfen children wilh Easier as 'rhe lheme. MOTTO: "Be square." COLORS: Pink and Green. FLOWERS: Pink rose-buds and rose leaves. OFFICERS: Marvelle Greene, presiclenlq Lorraine Maglio, vice-presidenlg Raye Dealon, secrelaryg Roselra Shafer, lreasurerg Dorene New- berry, hisloriang Miss Bales, sponsor. THE PLAY'S THE THING THE Mfxsoue AND Dfxeeeia, ire drama club of ihe school, slarled The Tirsl semesler wilh a gel-logelher in Oclober and November. They presenled The play "Elmer" in assembly on No- vember ZO and ihe annual Chrislmas play for 'rhe communily on December 23. The se-mesl'er was ended wilh anorher parry in January. The second semesler group slarled wilh a parly in April. They also did a considerable amounl ol work on The senior play. OFFICERS: Firsl semesler: Alfred Clemenl, presidenlg Verne Cowan, vice-presidenl: Ramona Lango, secrelary-Treasurer, Leon Garoian, ser- geanl-al-arms. Second semesler: Roberl Thomas, president Roger Pursell, vice-presidenlg Carolyn Magill, secrelary-lreasurerg Gloria Aniriasian, sergeanl-af-armsq Mr. Van I-lorn, sponsor. MASOUE AND DAGGER Back row: Mr. Van Horn, Steve Danielian, Morris Caudle, Daniel Leach, Roger Pursell, Harry Kandarian, Dow Evans, Pele Huerla, Roberi Thomas, Bob Bennells, Carl Sarkisian, Albert Quinlanag Ihird row: Laurice Blayney, Floyd Wilkins, Jane McClurg, Marlha Mirigian, Irene Boghosian, Ann Hagopian, Virginia Hagopian, Isabel Proodian, Kennelh Carlwrighl, Dick Bull, Leon Garoian, Henry Andersen, second row: George DeOrian, Carolyn Magill, Pauline Pendergrass, Shirley Boyclslon, Elaine Goodrich, Ro- seiia Shafer, Viola Kramer, Jessie Garcia, Hasmig Selvian, Verne Cowang fronf row: Gloria Anfriasian, Alice Margosian, Agnes Krikorian, Dorolhy Markarian, Josephine Piccolo, Karleen Maxwell, Lila Srnilh, Raye Deaion, Belly Kimrey, Anila Condoian, Ramona Lango. i Thomplcinson, REDCAT RFVlEVif STAFF STanding: Magill, Thompson, AnTriasian, Hagopian, Horn, Main- EdiTor. land, Donnoedian, Srneadg sillingr Beeson, Miller, Thornpkinsonl Niksarian, Morkorian Kinnrey. REDCAT IQEVIEW PRESENTS Tl-lE SCHOOL AT ITS BEST The RecTcaT Review has again been a greaT success, wiTh Thelma Thonnplcinson as ediTor and Miss Smead as sponsor. The policy oT The paper has been To reTlecT The besT in Fowler High. The paper conTained news oT The classes, acTiviTies, and sporTs, and Timely ecliTorials, well-Tlavored wiTh TeaTure ancl gossip columns. The paper has been valuable in emphasizing imporTanT evenTs oT The school year. ln adcliTion To The regular sTaTT There have been sTudenTs who have conTribuTecl To The paper as cubs. Also, Two oT The members oT The sTaTT have wriTTen Tor The Fowler Ensign. The RedcaT Review sTaTT has been as Tollows: FdiTor in ChieT - Thelma Thornplcinson Features - AssisTanT EdiTor BeTTie Mae Beeson AssisTanTs Business Manager - Ann T-Taqopian ReporTer - TypisT- - DoroThy Marlcarian SocieTy - AssisTanT - - Gloria AnTriasian Ag ReporTer Girls' SporTs - Edna Horn ColumnisT Boys' SporTs - Ray Kirnrey Cub PrinTer AssisTanT Raymond Magill CarToonisT - Ann Hagopian, Typing RCR sTencil. Kirnrey, Beeson, 30 - Annabel Nilzsarian Gloria AnTriasian, Dick Mainland and Miller, running off - BeTTie Mae Beeson - Marilyn Miller Jack Thompson Henry Andersen - Sam Donabedian - Diclc Mainland The Tinal edifion. LITORIA STAFF Back row: Beeson, Miller, Thomplrinson, Nilrsarian, Kirnrey, Horn, Edilor, Anlriasisn Mainland, lronl row: Anlriasian, Smead, Marlcarian, Hagopian. LITOIQIA STAFF RECORDS WAI? ACTIVITIES AT FUI-IS The LiToria sTaTT again compleTed a year oT successTul worlc in spiTe oT The many problems which war condiTions broughT abouT, such as raTioning OT gas and rubber, prioriTies, ceilings, and Treezing oT meTal, paper, eTc., and labor shorTages aT The engraving and prinTing planTs. Also The same sTaTT had To puT ouT boTh The annual and The school newspaper, working one period a day on The Two. BuT wiTh The splendid cooperaTion oT The sTaTT members and The help oT The willing cubs and The backing oT The TaculTy, The principal, and The TrusTees The worlc on This annual was carried Through. The enTire sTaTT in- cluded The Tollowing members: EdiTor in ChieT - - - Gloria AnTriasian AssisTanT EdiTor - Business Manager Sales AssisTanT - Ad Manager - AssisTanTs - PhoTographer - AssisTanT Classes - - AssisTanls - Richard Mainland - DoroThy Marlcarian Josephine Piccolo - - Ann Hagopian - Delsie ScheidT, Viola Kramer - - Richard Mainland - - George Mclfeehan - Annabelle Nilcsarian Corabelle ATlcinson, Jean Wilson, ZavarT Osganiari, Florence Kavarian OrganizaTions - - Business Manager, Do? Marlcarian. - - Marilyn Miller leen Maxwell, Marie Larg row: Virginia Krilcorian, V Poindexller, Pafricia Mille Delsie Scheidl, Josephine ,-as AssisTanT - Beverly PoindexTer AcTiviTies - BeTTie Mae Beeson AssisTanT Music - - Palricia Miller AssisTanT Drama - - Lurline STorm Calendar - Thelma Thomplcinson AssisTanT - Leon Garoian Girls' SporTs - Edna Horn AssisTanT - Ramona Lango Boys' SporTs - Ray Kirnrey AssisTanT - Ray Magill TypisT - - Ann l-laqopian Sponsor - Miss RuTh Smead LITORIA HOME ROOM SELLERS AND CUBS Bock row: RJVYIOIIH Biggvrs, Corabcllc Allrinson, Kar- enl, Rav Magill, George Mcliechan, Leon Garoian, Jcan Wilson: middle irginia Booloodian, Beffy Kimrey, Rosie Marlmrian, Lurline Slorni, Beverly r, Florence Kavarianj lrcnl' row: Peggy Lee, Rhonda Crisp, Vivian Hupp, Piccolo, Zavari Osganian BUT WI 3 I r T' Qing' fic? BAND Back row: George Mclieehan, Laurice Blayney, Roberl Thomas, Al Ouinfana, Charles Keyahian, Mr. Thayerg middle row: George DeOrian, Aram Garabedian, Verne Cowan, Kay Cholakian, Hasmig Selvian, Lorraine Proodian, Ed Naiarian, Leo Bendoski, Velma Leachj fron? row: Pauline Pendergrass, Jim Monlgornery, Richard Ahlberg, Richard Galloway, Eleanor Mirigian, Roselfa Shafer, Anifa Condoian. BAND BUILDS UP MORALE Allhough nor so large an organizarion as lasl year, The band has been Tull ol enlhusiasm and has given pep fo sporls assemblies and pugnacily 'ro reams of FUHS in several games. Since many sluclenls who wished lo play could nor find The period Tree for band, an auxiliary band mel for regular praclice afler school on cerlain days. They appeared wilh +he regular band al public performances. The maiorelles were a colorful group. A+ The Fall Feslival game and evening program, The band enlerlained and The maiorelles gave specially numbers. The band played service songs and nalional hymns al The Viclory Corps Induc- lions. The group also had a large parl in lhe spring concerl. If included American band marches, a nnaiorelle number, spiriluals, and modern lyrics wilh Thelma Thomplcinson and Anila Condoian as solo- isis. The ensemble of band, orcheslra, and chorus was "The Voice of Freedom." The band ollicers have been Verne Cowan, presidenlg Ralph Bacon, vice-president Anila Condoiar, secrelary-lreasurer. MAJORETTES Slanding: Belly Kinney, Helen Daugherly, Rulh Evans, Ramona Bigqers, Evelyn Mamasiang kneeling Alice Marqosian. 32 ORCHESTRA STandinq: Richard Galloway, Mr. Thayer, Gloria Anfriasian, Carolyn Magillg silfing: Ouida Ray, Minnie Follefl, Pauline Birdsell, Waller Rasmussen, Marilyn Miller, Ralph Bacon, Pauline Pendergrass, Karleen Maxwell, Lurline Sform, Verne Cowan, Phyllis Hagen, Alfred Wilkins. MUSIC BRINGS RECREATION The vocal groups oT The music deparTmenT, direcTed by Michael Thayer, have had a very busy year. They have given much To The enTerTainmenT oT The sTudenT body in assemblies and Tormal pro- grams and have also assisTed in many communiTyaTTairs. ChieT acTiviTies oT The mixed chorus were The "ChrisTmas Chorologueu and The spring concerT, "The Voice oT Freedom." The group also appeared aT The TrusTees' dinner, in The ArmisTice and The VicTory Corps assemblies, and aT Baccalaurealre. The Tour sexTeTTes also prepared many numbers Tor assemblies, The Junior and Senior Plays, and Tor meeTings oT The Lions' Club, The Grange, and several church groups. They also Toolc parT in The ChrisTmas program, The spring concerT, and Commencement The orchesTra has played in many assemblies and aT The Junior and Senior Plays. Individual members oT The orchesTra have enTerTained in assembly and aT many programs oT The communiTy. These sTudenTs have included Pauline Pendergrass, vviTh her TIuTeq AITred Willcins, wiTh his Icelloq Ralph Bacon, wiTh his clarineTg Eddie Naiarian, wiTh his Trumpet and Carolyn Magill aT The piano. SEXTETTES Top: Senior sexTeTTeg middle: Sophomore sexTeTTeg boTlom: Freshman sexfelle. Carolyn Magill, ASB pianist 33 CHRISTMAS PANTOMIME Angel, Ramona Langog Shepherds, Kennelh Car'rwrighT, Leon Garoian, AITred CIemenTg Mary, Josephine Piccolo PEACE OI: CI-IIQISTIVIAS IN PLAY AND CAROLS The drama and music deparTmenTs presenTed The annual ChrisTmas enTerTainmenT on The evening oT December 22. The Choroloque was in The Torm OT a panTomirne by The drama II class wiTh musical background by The mixed chorus and The orchesrra. AniTa Condoian and Josephine Piccolo were solo- isTs. The sexTeTTes were combined wiTh The chorus. The casr was as Tollowsz INlarraTor, Morris Caudleg Angels, Ramona Lango, Irene Boghosian, DoroThy Marlrarian, Ann I-lagopiang Mary, Josephine Piccolog Old Woman, Agnes Krikoriang Shepherds, Diclc Bull, AI CIemenT, KenneTh CarTwrighT: Joseph, STephen Danieliany Wisemen, I-lenry Lopez, Daniel Leach, Verne Cowan: Scribes, Richard Mainland, RoberT Thomas: Soldier, Laurice Blayney. The program began wiTh carol singing, and a candle-IighT processional by The mixed chorus in Their red robes, singing, HC, Come, All Ye FaiThTul." The oTher numbers were as Tollowsz AnnunciaTiong TIuTe solo, 'II-Ie Shall Feed l'Iis lzloclcf' by Pauline Pendergrass, accompanied by Carolyn Magillg Vision oT The Shepherds: vocal solo, "O I-Ioly NighT," by AniTa Condoiang I'lerod's CourT3 "We Three Kings," by The chorusg VisiT oT The Magi: Recessional, "Joy To The World." Cans oT TruiT, cIoThing, and oTher arTicIes were conTribuIed by Those who aTTended The enTerTain- menT and six boxes were disTribuTed To The needy oT Fowler by The Junior Red Cross The nexT day. MIXED CHORUS Baclc row: Florence Kaxarian, Corabelle Alkinson, Pele Huerm. Roberl Bennell, Richard Galloway, Ray Mnqill, Lf-I: Olinqer Elias Gonzales MilTon Torigian John Pereira, Henry Andersen, Carolyn Magill, Pauline Pendergrassp middle row: Mr. Thayer, Jewel Mann, Peggy lseel, Shirley Boydsfon, Mariorie McClurg, RuTh-Evans, Marvelle C-reeno, Rose Kavarian, Beili-e Mae Beeson, Jann Andersen, Vivian Flupp, Evelyn Tashiiang fronl row: Anila Condolan, Wanda Weygandl, Eleanor Sarlclsian-, Bernice Carrnll, Madnlinr iilciiian, Karleen Maxwell, Alice Maciel, Thelma Thornpkinson, Jean Wilson, Mary Kalhryn Holsleller, Marilyn Miller, 34 ,rs 1 f s s , I . sf sk, if I 5553 s 3,'5ss sf- Wi. mb, gs 7 X 2. X sf JUNIOR PLAY CAST Slanding: Mlarie Largenl, Vincen1Giorgini, Rose Markarian, Harold Cudd, Rav Kirnreyg silling: Phyllis Hagen, Belly Long, Billie Ann Turner, Lurline Slorm, Beverly Poindexler, Raymond Magill, Aram Garabedian, Donovan Bulls. JUN IORS PRESENT COMEDY THE MISTAKES AT THE BLAKES was pre- senled lo a lull house on February l9. ln lhe play, Tom Blake, young nephew ol Casper, Mac- Donald, inherils lilly million dollars, lell 'ro him by his uncle. Bul lrouble slarls when Judy, "Ducky Lucky" Larson, a very slrong-minded young lady wilh a prize lighler brolher begins pursuing him. Those in 'rhe casl were Ray Kimrey as Tom Blake, Ray Magill as Gary Blake, Beverly Poin- dexler as Roberla Simms, Phyllis Hagen as Mrs. Perkins, Lurline Slorm as Mrs. Carler, Belly Long as Judy Larson: Harold Cudd as Herman Carler, Marie Largenl as Mrs. Greengas, Billie Ann Turner as Mrs. Pinkle, Donovan Bulls as Ike, Aram Ciara- bedian as Mike, and Rosie Markarian as a nurse. Charlene l-lollon was lhe sludenl direclor, assisl- ed by Zavarl Osganian. . SEN IORS GIVE MYSTERY PLAY THE EYES OE TLALAC was given To a capacily crowd on April 30. The play involved hidden lreasure and myslerious disappearances. The arlislic selrling, The idol ol Tlalac, and sound ellecls added lo lhe myslery. ll was finally solved when Professor Hallel found lhe hidden spring and lell inlo a pil in lronl ol lhe idol- The casl included Karleen Maxwell as Amanda Simpkins, Floyd Wilkins as Ezra Simpkins, Laurice Blayney as Pudge Roberls, Henry Ander- sen as 'rhe Professor, Roberl Thomas as Tommy Tinker, Elaine Goodrich as Nancy Howe, Pauline Pendergrass as Virginia Lee Byrd, Marilyn Miller as Pal Gillis, Allred Clemenl as Nawa, Roberl Bennells as Salvador de Sanlos, Ramona Lango as Pepila. and Kennelh Carlwrighl' as John Wayne. Carolyn Magill was sludenl direclor, assisled by Josephine Piccolo. SENIOR PLAY CAST Rainora Lango, Robert Bennells, Elaine Goodrich. Roberl Thomas, Henry Andersen, Allred Clernenl, Kennelh Carlwrighl, Karleen Maxwell, Floyd Wilkins, Pauline Pendergrass, Laurice Blaynev, Carolyn Magill, Josephine Piccolo. 'msgs EDUCATION "Mills and eggs provide vilamins and fuel lor lighling bodies," say Anifa Condoian and Jo Piccolo in Miss Bales' Food Class. Speed and accuracy counf in lyping and also in war produciion. Dorolhy Marlqarian, Belly Kirnrey, and Ann l'la- gopian are in Miss Feaver's advanced lyping class. A 'rhorough underslanding oi Eng' lish slcills is necessary lor advancemenf in lile, whelher in war or peace. Shirley Boydslon, Laurice Blayney, and Elaine Goodrich checlc an English A exercise. Leon Garoian, Pauline Pendergrass, Karleen Maxwell, and l-larry Tilciiian learn in lhe physics laboralory principles ol science Thar will help 'them in defense iobs or war sfralregies or life alfer lhe war. FOR VICTORY The ag boys, direcfed by Mr. Thie- mann, collecf and sorf 'rons of scrap from farms around Fowler as a parf of 'rheir war efforf. The Pre-Flighf course is fhe founda- 'rion of modern aviafion and gives ad- vanfages fo fhose who have had The worlc before enfering fhe Service. George Surabian, Dick Bull and Bob Thomas explain fhe cross secfion of a wing. Freshmen Garldean Cliffon and George Mclieehari, work hard af mul- fiplicafion problems, realizing fhe basic imporfance of mafhemafics in all shop fraining, whefher for jobs or for The Service. This is iusf one hazard of fhe Ob- sfacle Course required of all fhe boys as a foughener before enfering 'rhe Service. Evidenfly Gene Woody and Bob Allen can 'rake if. SPORTSl Q Boys' daily dozen Life Savmg Corps Girls' 7fl1 perigd baslreiball Girls' Speedball Balancing on obstacle course Bullmoose, our ace fullback r,.,..,,,,,,,,,,.,... ... V, . - , . r Ak ds 'B TA 4 - -uns, H pre r - ,www , ave, 'gli W kgs-eg? Lmjfx Iam is-ip.: xi -W 'fi' 'pf'-Q16 3 S, .... 9' eu Wi? MT VARSITY FOOTBALL SOUAD Back row: Dick Bull, George Surabian, Gordon Hanner, Bob Bennelfs, Donovan Bulls, Gene Woody, Daniel Leach, Alberl Ouinfanag Third row: George Srnilh, Ass'l Coach, Kennelh Carrwrighl Refer Huerla, Dow Evans, Morris Caudle. Laurice Blayney, Ralph Bacon, Alfred Clemenl, Earl Hill, Head Coa ch, second row: Roberf Thomas, Bob Allen, Verne Cowan, John Pereira, Ray Maqill, Ray Kimrey, Millon Torigianj fronl row: George lvlclfeehan, Mgr., Alfred Wilkins, Delmar Hanner, Ed Naiarian. Bill Terry, Ralph Sleer, Charles Keyahian. WAI? TIME PHYSICAL EDUCATION AT FOWLEI2 I-IIGI-I Realizing The sudden emergency lhal' conlronled our narion when lhe war was declared and knowing 'rhaf our boys mighr soon loe called inlo aclive duly, E. A. Dann called rhe physical educalion coaches lo a conference. As a resull, a more vigorous program was iormulaled rhan lhis school has ever had loefore in ils whole hislory. The Obslacle Course, which has proved very popular in lhe schools ol lhe valley, was adopled. The obieclives of 'rhis course were as follows: I. To inspire lhe youngslers lo lrain Ihemselves 'ro lheir ulrnosl capacify, 2. To develop slrenqfh, endurance, skill in all lhe basic rnovemenls required by our arrned forces. 3. To inslill courage, daring, inilialive, and self-reliance. 4, To leach sell-defense and offensive Iiqhlinq. 5 Due 'fo a sharp curlailrnenl of inlerscholaslic sporls, lo equip boys wirh such ideals, knowledge, and skills as lo produce a high level of morale. 6, To Train boys fo be bolh leaders and followers. 7. To prepare lhe boys lo oulrun, ouliiqhl, ouliump, oulclimb, oulendure, and lo oulsmarf any and every enemy of ours. VARSITY LINE-UP Line: R. E., Bulls, R. T., Surabiang R. G., Candle, L, G., Evans, C., Biayrieyg L, T., Magillg l. L., Nahigiang laacklield. R. H., Kirnrey, F. B.,Clemen1g O. B., Huerla, L. H., Pereira. 40 LETTERMEN Too row: Donovan BuTTs, Floyd Wilkins, Gordon Hanner, Ray Magillg middle row: Morris Caudle, Laurice Blayney, Sfeve Guerra, George Surabian, Elias Gonzales, boTTovn row: John Pereira, Alfred ClemenT, PeTer HuerTa, Ray Kimrey. REDCAT ELEVEN ENJOYS A SUCCESSFUL SEASCDN The RedcaT eleven, coached by Earl Hill and George SmiTh, baTTled Through a sTrong "war sched- ule" wiTh one oT The smallesT squads in The hisTory oT Fowler High, To rank as one OT The sTrongesT Teams in The Sequoia League. Because oT The war condiTions, The League was disconTinued, so There was no regular sTanding scheduled. The RedcaTs opened The season againsT The highly Tavored Edison Tigers, Trouncing Them I4-7. They again surprised The Tans in Their nexT game when They upseT The Fresno Tech Wolves, who were supposed To run all over The RedcaTs. by The score oT I3-O. They Tied wiTh Sanger 7 To 7. ln Their Third game They made iT Three vicTories in a row when They deTeaTed The sTrong Reedley PiraTes 7-O. BuT in Their nexT, They losT To WashingTon Union I3-6 in The "Big Game" OT The year. They came baclc from The PanTher deTeaT and walloped The Selma Bears I3-0 beTore a large Fall FesTival crowd. They losT To The Lemoore Tigers 7-6 in a Tough and exciTing game. Pereira punfing in WashingTon game. Kimrey on a reverse wiTh Hanner running inTerference. X Via .. .. . .... -,.,.-,,4,?-I 4l 7 Zgaxi 'N ' . rf-Y, , " gf V , N,.. W,.w.-Www --A-M-WNW R .,,. I T , . VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM STanding: Manager Keyahiah, HuerTa, Magill, BuTTs, F. Wilkins, Huerfa abouT To make BenneTTs, R. Pursell, Oliver, Young, siTTing: Pereira, Cowan, Coach Hill. .1 basket. VARSITY QUINTETS TIE IN MYTI-IICAL LEAGUE The RedcaT varsiTy baskeTball Team Tied Tor The Sequoia League championship wiTh boTh Sanger and Reedley, winning Tour games and losing one. The RedcaTs opened The season by deTeaTing The Sanger Apaches, IasT year's Sequoia League champions, wiTh a score oT l9fI7. Then They wenT on To Trounce The Kingsburg Vikings by The one-sided score oT 30-2l. The Third game oT The season was a disappoinTing one Tor The RedcaTs as They were deTeaTed by The TasT breaking Reedley Team wiTh a close score oT 28-25. They came back Trom This deTeaT To win Their lasT Two games Trom Selma and WashingTon wiTh scores oT 20-I8 and 27-I5 respecTively. AT The end oT The season, a Team composed oT The leTTermen oT all Three Teams played a beneTiT game wiTh The champion Team oT The Lemoore Air Base. The B Team, composed mosTly oT inexperienced players, had a Tair season, winning Two games and losing Three. The C Team, because WashingTon had no C Team, was able To play only Tour games Through The season. The Team had a preTTy good season, winning Two games and losing Two. The baskeTball leTTermen were as Tollows: VarsiTy: BuTTs, R. Pursell, Magill, Pereira, Young, Oliver, I-luerTaq B Team: Torigian, D. Pursell, L. Thompson, R. I-Iernandez, Gonzales, L. Lango, Leach, Kimreyp C Team: Eearnside, Naiarian, Terry, Depasguale, A. Garabedian, Boghosian, STeer. B. BASKETBALL TEAM STanding: Manager Keyahian, D, Pursell, S G. QuinTana, Leach, D. Hannnr, Kimrey, Coach Hillq second row: C BASKETBALL TEAM .Tandingz Manager Francis, LeTizio, Terry, Cholakian, Terigian, R. Hernandw, Gonzalesq from row: Lango, Naiarian, Fearnside, STeer, Coach Smiihg kneeling: M. Gara- Giierra, L. Thompson. bedian, De Pasduale, Boghosian, GarreTT, A. Garabedian. 42 F 'f9LQl F F T i F - Lx T T Tr is of T , . y W 55 F' F' y j AXF YT Tv Sl , we W f "W use X . Tlx Q. TRACK TEAM Back row: Pereira, Caudle, Surabian, Sarkisian, Buffs, Leach, Gonzales, Dires, Coach Hillj second row: Ohannesian, A. Wilkins, Achord, Allen, Giargini, Torigian, Kimrey, front row: Manager Keyahian, NaTarian, Terry, NVGTTS, H. Avcdisian, Ballard, L. Thompson, Guerra, Horomian, INTTQAMUIQAI. AND INTEIQSCI-IGLASIC TRACK MEETS KEEP BOYS EIT The iunior class, sweeping The A and B classes, deTeaTed The seniors and wenT on To capTure The championship in The annual inTerclass Traclc meeT wifh a ToTal score oT lO9 poinTs To The Tavored seniors' 77 poinTs. The Treshmen also upseT The sophomores and capTured The C class division and Third place in The meeT. Pereira led The A's in individual scores Tallying 20 poinTs wiTh TirsTs in The broad iump, dashes, and The high iump. ln The B class, Leach, a senior wiTh IZV2 poinTs led. Talcing TirsT place in The IZO and The highiump and second place in The relays. T-le also Tied in The IOO yard dash. The C class leader. scoring 20 poinTs. was The sophomore sTar Depasquale who capTured TirsTs in The broad jump, shol puT, and The Two dashes. The RedcaTs enioyed a successTul inTerscholasTic Track season This year compeTing in Tive diTTerenT meeTs. Two were Tri-meeTs held in Fresno which included all Fresno schools. They also aTTended an inviTaTional meeT held aT Reedley and The Sequoia League meeT held aT Selma. OuTsTanding sTars in The A's were ClemenT, BuTTs, Pereira, Giorgini, and Leachq Those in The Bis were Gonzales, Achord, Torigian, and Kimreyg and ouTsTanding in The Cs were Depasquale, CliTTon, Fearnside, STeer, and Terry. Clenrcnf, pulhnq The 5hoT. Pereira, G-Qrgrnr, Torrgian on Their inarlrs, Bulls, windlnq ucv lm disrus Throw, 43 nw fn if we W - -"- 1 is ' ,ji ' 53,15- GIRLS' VOl.L4EYBALL.Cl-IAMPS Slandingz Viola Kramer, Virginia I-Iagopian, Jane McCIurg, Doris- Emerzran, Ramona Langog kneeling: Anila Condoian, Isabel Proodian, Dorolhy Marlcarian, Agnes Krikorian. TENNIS DOUBLES CHAMPS Belly Long, Billic Ann Turner. ' Q 1 GIRLS WIN lit-rvzwr The girls slarled Iheir inlramural sporls lournamenls, Ihis year, wilh volleyball. ll pul lhe lighling spiril in The girls wilh each guidance group 'frying lo reach 'rhe lop. Firsl place wenl lo The Senior Wolves and lhe Junior Marines loolc second. The girls pro- vided many lhrills for sludenls assembled Io walch lhe games. Tennis and badminlon doubles were played off on lhe elimi- nalion ladder during lhe monlh ol Oclober wilh compelilion be- lween lhe classes. Belly Long and Billie Ann Turner, juniors, were Ts? V lhe lennis champions, and Edna Horn and I-lasmig Selvian, seniors. I K were lhe badminlon champions. Y Z ' Mixed volleyball was a series ol exciling games lhal were played during 'rhe Tirsl perl ol November wilh bolh boys and girls """' .V,:, slriving for lop honors. The championship wenl 'ro Ihe Senior 'P ' .,,k ,-,,. 1 . . fig fi ...liijf Wolves and second place Io lhe Junior Navy. BADMINTON DOUBLES CHAMPS Edna Horn, HBWIQ Selvlan- MIXED VOLLEYBALL cHAMPs Slanding: Isabel Pnsoaann, vanza Kramer, Virginia Hs- gopian, Jane McClurg, Doris Emerzian, Dorofhy Marlrarian, Agnes Krikoriang kneeling: Anita Condoian, Melvin Young, Kenneth Carfwrighf, Verne Cowan, Ramona Lango. .gr in galil 44 BASKETBALL Cl-lAMPlONS, Senior lalls. STanr'linq: K. Race, J. Gare :iaj kneeling: C. Magill, E. Horn, nol in piclure. H. Selvian, J. Mc- Clurq, BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS, Senior mediums. Slarifling: G, AnTriasian, D. Markarian, P. Pen dergrass, K. Maxwell, kneeling: R. Lange, J. Piccolo, A, Condoian, B. Kiinrey, A. l-laqopian. INTl2AlflUl2AL VICTGIQIES A large number oT girls signed up Tor The mediums and Talls in baslceTball This year. The games were played oTT aT noon wiTh The Treshmen playing Three courT baslceTball and The upperclassmen playing Two courT. The undeTeaTed senior Talls and mediums Tool The championships. The juniors and The seniors bowed To The sophomores This year. when The sophomores Toolc The TiTles in boTh ping pong singles and doubles. Virginia Booloodian won The singles championship and Jean Wilson and Madeline lilciiian Toolc The doubles TOurnamenT. The Circle F is The girls' aThleTic honor socieTy aT FUI-lS. lo become a member, one musT earn a loTal oT IOO poinTs in compeTi- Tiye sporTs. Each addiTional 50 poinTs brings a sTar To be worn wiTh The emblem. PoinTs are earned by parTicipaTion in inTerscholasTic or inTerclass sporTs, eiTher by individual or Team compeTiTion. CIRCLE F Back row' D, Marlfarian, K. Rare, J. Wilson, C, Magill, M. McClurq, M. Mirigian, B. long, J. MfClurg, B. Turner, l-T. Selyiarg lion? row- G. Anlriasian, R. Mar lfarian, R, Lange, M. Holsleller, A Hagopian, P. Pbnderqmss, K. Maxwell, M. Tikiiian, J, Piccolo, PING PONG DOUBLES CHAMPTONSZ M lilcilian, J. Wilscrv. PING PONG SlNGLES CHAMPION: Viv qinia Booloodian. 45 ' T'f"'.vm:n. Foulfhrow champion, Ray Kirnrey. R' 'Wil ' -. -:':-.4 , if Q ' L -T VQ- f Gigs - -wr: :,::, A- ':' , , Y, ,,.,:, B, , T , r Q. , X i-X .. sg s f .ass 1 M ,F T Mr' 'T 5 I 3 '39 i W. Q5 ,Y az . s s 0- hx i S1 is. ss W H' .3 , X, ., as as f . fxagym if N ,A Q fm ,A E, 2 my s is S , as CHAMPION FOUL-THROW TEAM. Senior Burros: Blaynev, Oaroian, Sanfikian, Kanda Andersen. rian .eiai FOOTBALL CHAMPS, Junior Navv. Back row: J. Thompson, BuTTs, G. Hanner, Kimrey, TronT row: Manager Krikorian, Wiggins, Boghosian. BASKETBALL CHAMPS, Junior Navy. Back row: Wiggins, Magill, BuTTs, G, Hanner TronT row: M. Garabedian, Kimrey, Boghosian, Bargarnian. INTRAMLJIQAL The Junior Navy Team Tipped The iuniors OTT To a Tlying sTarT when They deTeaTed The seniors 24-I8 To Talce The inTramural TooT- ball championship and Then remained unbeaTen, Trouncing The TaculTy DanncaTs 30-24. The seniors evened The race Tor TirsT place Tor The Trophy by capTuring The Foul-Throwing conTesT, a new sporT inTroduced aT Fowler High by Coach Hill. The Team sanlc 2I7 digiTs ouT oT a possible 500. Individual Toul-Throwing honors wenT To Ray Kimrey oT The Junior Navy, and Lyle Thompson and Ray Magill oT The Junior Marines. The Junior Navy casaba Team placed Their class ahead again in boys' sporTs by edging The senors I6-I5 in a Turious game. The Navy again wenT undeTeaTed ThroughouT The baslceTbaIl season, walloping all oT The oTher Teams by big margins. The seniors placed second, The Treshmen, Third, and The sophomores, TourTh. The inTramural swimming meeT wenT oTT very well This year wiTh diTTerenT races, relays, and compeTiTion in diving. The besT swimmers oT each class compeTed Tor The inTramural championship Tor Their Team. INTRAMURAL SWIMMING TEAMS SENIORS Back row: Thomas, F. Wilkins, Mainland, Blavrev, Bully fronT row: McCIurg. C. Maqill, Maxwell, Piccolo, AnTriasian. JUNIORS Back row: Georgini, Pereira, R. Magill, Kinney, E Achordg Ironl rowi M. Garabedian, Boghosian, A. Garabedian, B. Turner, B. Long. SOPHOMORES Back row: I-Iarnilfon, Torigian, Topoozian, Osfergaard, York, Cholakian, Baconj fronT row: DePasguaIe, R. Francis, Rodgers, M, Tikiiian, J. Andersen, M, McClurg. FIZESHMEN Back row: L, Lango, STanTon, Atkinson, B. Achord, Terry, fron? row: Biggers, Penninger, German, E. Sarlcisian. s., 46 BOXING TEAM Back row: Coach Srniih, Roger Pursell, Daniel Leach, Earl Achord, VincenT Giorqini RoberT Allen Bill Terrv Coach Hill' fronT row' George Fereira David Fereira, Lee Hamilton, Ralph STeer, Raulll-lernandez, Joe DePasQi1ale, Sfeve Guerra. HORSESHOE5: Dlcll Bull and Roqsr pulsell CONTESTS The seniors and Treshmen, winning Two Tinal bouTs, Tied Tor TirsT place in The boxing TournamenT This year. The highlighT OT The TournamenT was Delmar l-lanner, a Freshman who made a Technical lcnoclcouT over VincenT Giorgini. OTher class winners were: IIO- l2O, David Pereira, Treshmang I2O-I3O, STeve Guerra, sophomore: l3O-l4O, Daniel Leach, senior: l4O-l5O, Gene Woody, junior: I5O- l6O, Roger Pursell, seniorg l7O-over, AlTred ClemenT, senior. AlThough no inTramural conTesT was run OTT in boys' Tennis, Those inTeresTed in This sporT oTTen parTicipaTed in iT during Their P. E. period. During The laTTer joarT OT The year an inTramural con- TesT was run oTT Tor horseshoes and handball. The junior class increased iTs lead over The seniors in The inTra- mural race when They deTeaTed The seniors 3-O in The exciTing speedball Tinals. The junior Team composed oT Marine and Army home room members had liTTle Trouble winning earlier games oT The series as They scored aT will. Mixed soTTball played by home rooms was won by The seniors in a Tough game wiTh The runners-up The juniors. Boys' soTTball came nexT on The inTramural schedule. The season ended wiTh inTramural swimming. INTRAMURAL SPEEDBALL RUN NERS UP Seniors: Roberl Ben neHs, Roger Pursell, Daniel Leach Alfred ciemem, Maman Oliverj Melvin Young. INTRAMURAL SPEEDBALL CHAMPTONS Juniors: Back row: Gene Woody, Elias Gonzales, John Bar- garnian, Lyle Thompson, Henry Nahigiang Tron? row: Charles Kevahian, John Pereira, Aram Gara- bedian, Dick Nilcsarian, Harold Cudd. NIS: Reber? Bvnnc'TTs and Verne Cowan 47 J ,ge Qi -ww Funny-face" Bennelfs Who s lronm g-out your pfoblems, gurls? ill? Rernnanfs ff: 32 ii Bi aw u Taking if easy before roll c Girls' League fell N,'I O, .I-,l-g . s 4, C XY! . C' 5 , x, 4. ' ,. f , 5- 9 A ,f W 1' 1 Ib ff W W, MZ... xx. ' s Q: QM - N Q :f YJ- - gl 5" ff' ' x ' -s . l.: . bf-w 1, -' .. ,Am "1 .iff I' l 3, .1 S , 5 ' M-I Profile of a yo 'X . 14 iv- -I-. -If, 2. l SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF ..43.. We Have Enjoyed Working Wilh You MAXWELL STUDIO Fresno, California Phone3-2629 's H49 Fulfansi. VALLEY OFFICE AND SCHOOL EQUIPMENT COMPANY Fowler High School has loeen pleased wi'rh The slerlirig producis of +he Valley Office and School Equipmenf Company for many years. I62I Ninefeenlh Sfreel Bakersfield California SKU DUI B11 NH ful Dsdn? wan? ihevr pucfurss faken """"1' Wanixn for 'Phe bell eHer P E QW 'Q 44353, SE 5 my 'W A 5 i 4 we in E 3 E wk ,B Q FOWLER ENSIGN Fowler CaliTornia YOUR l-IOMETOWN NEWSPAPER BELIEVES . ., Today's imporTanT iob is To win The war-and To Thaf end iT is more imporTanT Than ever ThaT ALL of The people be inTormed. The people musT lcnow how They can besT aid The war eTTorT-musT be made To undersTand The perplexing problems OT war and oT The peace ThaT will come. To ThaT end we sTrive. 99 SERVICE STATION Phone 9l4l 99 Highway Aivazian Bros., ProprieTors Fowler, CaliTornia If iTls Tor gas, oil, buTane, or diesel Tuel, we have Them. Our 24-hour Tow car service is also available. See us Tor your Tire inspecTion and recapping. GOBLE DISC WORKS Fowler Phone 295l Califnmia Come To Goble's Tor new discs, harrows, parTs, and oTher Tarrn Tools. l-lave your Tarrn equipmenT re- paired here. During war Time good equipmenT is essenTial Tor eTTecTive worla' "BuilT by a farmer Tor a farmer." BAXTER BROTHERS Phone 384I ' 99 Highway "The Service You ExpecT" Fowler, California We are equipped To do alrnosl' any lcind oT over- hauling and repairing oT auTomobiles, Truclcs, and TracTors. See us Tor your moTor Troubles. 5l For fhe besf of all kinds of fresh fruifs and v e g e T a ble s every day . . . Also fruif and v e g e f a b I e zfarfers. FOWLER FRUIT G VEGETABLE MARKET 99 Highway, Between Adams and Clay Fowler, California i Have your au- fomobile lubri- cafed and your fires checked. Sfop af Ben- son's on fhe 97 Highway al' Adams Avenue. Enioy special Sfandard Ser- vice. BENSON'S SERVICE STATION Phone 932l Fowler, California M. BRADY AND COMPANY Fowler's Modern Deparfrnenf Store "For Over 50 Years" FOWLER LUMBER COMPANY Phone 267I v We specialize in groceries, hard- ware, Fuller painfs, dry-goods, and no- tions. Merced Sfreef Fowler California For experf ambu- lance service for fhe Fowler dislricf, if !i!3f5!!!.l?fL!?5iS1 Fowler, California Lumber - Hardware Painf Sash and Doors Millwork Cemenf - Brick Buy groceries, meals, canned food af prices consisfenf fo ceiling prices. Also help on your poinf-rationing problems. CALL .IORGENSEN FUNERAL HOME 99 TRADING POST Phone 255i Corner Merced and Fiffh Fowler, California Phone 259l 99 Highway Fowler, California PACIFIC RAISIN CO., INC. Fowler California Fresno California Qualify Packers of Dried Fruifs Brands: SELMORE, Pacific, Monogram, Non Pareil I 4? Congrafulafions and Good Luck fo fhe Seniors. 52 r FUI-IS. alerlal A. R, DANKWORTH, INC. I J. CARTWRIGHT C1 SON Malaga Califo CII Cf runin wif D 9 wriqhl Iools. Shop boys' bas? .s..usm...n..s..x........ wriqhfs have ma I vice, phone 96II II f d d STRABLE HARDWOOD CO. I STEARNS' SERVICE STATION sl and Clav Sfreels Oakland California 99 Highway and Adams Avenue I Fowler, Calilor FARMERS OFTEN FORGET Io Iile refund claims wilh Slale COn+rOlIer's Ollice for lax relurn on gasoline used in pumping planls, Iraclors, spray rigs, elc. THE VOUCHERS OUTLAVV IN ONE YEAR and a year slips by before one realizes il. LET us TAKE CARE OF rEiis WORK FOR YOU-WE SPECIALIZE IN ir HOWARD A. HARRIS Nolary Public 7l4 Merced Sfreef FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE Fowler, California DROP IN AT JUDGE'S BARBER SHOP EOR YOUR TONSORIAL WORK Fowler California ROGERS SHOE SHOP POLISHES - LACES GENERAL SHOE REBUILDING 804 Merced Slreel Fowler, California C. H. WILLIAMS FIRE AND AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE NOTARY Phone 235I 626 Sixlh Slreef Fowler, California OOMPLIMENTS OF FRESNO TOWEL COMPANY Phone 4-4677 I I5 Thesla Slreel Fresno, California FOWLER FIVE AND TEN SHOP AT HOME AND SAVE Merced and Sevenlh l Phone 2l9I Fowler, Calif. COMPLIMENTS AND SUCCESS TO THE SENIOR CLASS ROXIE-ROSE DRESS SHOP W. T. DICE GENERAL ELECTRIC DEALER RADIO AND APPLIANCE REPAIRS 82I Merced Slreel Phone 26I I Fowler, Calif. A. R. JUDY CANDY - U-WANT-EM POTATO CHIPS All Maior Companies Represenied I393 Farris Avenue Fresno Calif FOWLER BAKERY' ALL KINDS OF ROLLS, CAKES AND PASTRIES Phone 296i Fowler, Calif. STAR CASH GROCERY FowIer's Pioneer Grocery Sfore GROCERIES - VEGETABLES - GRAINS Fowler Calif. FRESNO DRY GOODS CO. Tulare and Van Ness Phone 3-I2l I Fresno, Calif. H. WAXMAN, Prop. PACIFIC FURNITURE CO. Phone 2-0223 I4I 7 Fullon Sf. Fresno, Calif. WALTER BYDE CO., LTD. HARDWARE - HOUSEWARE - CROCKERY PAINTS - SPORTING GOODS II22 Fullon Slreel and I33I Fulfon SI. Fresno Calif. VERDA D. CALDWELL INSURANCE- NOTARY Telephone Building Fowler Calif. FOWLER FEED STORE Service plus Oualily GRAINS - FEEDS - SEEDS - SULPHUR TRAY PAPER - FERTILIZER 99 Highway Belween Clay and Adams Phone 339I SAVING CENTER GROCERIES SOLD HERE SAVE YOU MONEY Across from Dice on Merced Sireef Fowler Calif. -'H ' ,.' ' "B" . ff, 1. 14 gy, ,.,! f 4, .Nj Q, 1,"v.:-5. .-r' ff W . 1 1 A ,JQEQ ,-R153 51? 1-- - -"a.hf-3 4 A ' ,, , my, ig:i"iiEFf T r l .V--3:3-avi V-umm ,1 'R :R ' -P iff? ' ' js. -'m.i'L 55" irxk .' 5, i, V-,Qty ,f a Q -f wx 'W A 1' 3. fi' ,, , X' N . ff gggun - ,ff ,. mf-,, ,. .Hg 4 -s .- Pi 'M -iff?-F W: ' :'L1?fj.fV faq S5152 . . . .f Yfmww .1 ,A -V . 1 , . r -mn , '-' ., . M., c.,,l,t ' 9+ ' ' Vu.!'f.,,. V.-' tiff:-,t""'nf,.f-, 1 : Fx. I f . " . . NA me 'f 3 c 1 I + k 4 Q 1 , .l. , if X Q 1 E E s

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