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f'5x'iNfj5kx K WW, , - - ..1....- ....--.-- -All . f Published By Th. A - Cl-ass of 19142 ' Fowler Union High School VOLUME xxm f - FoQvYir.VCelifF'ornia 1-V . FOWLER UNION HIGH SCHOOL "AU NATUREL" Page Page Page Page I 1: 4 N As we saw ourselves Ilrxrouglwoul . . . OUR LEADERS . . OUR CLASSMATES . . OUR INTIMATES . . OUR TEAMMATES Ilwe year. THE EXECUTIVE STAFF Floyd Willcins, Jr. Ida Salcolfmira Mllciye Teramolo Mary Ocla Rubye Avedlsian Selco I-Ianaslwiro Ray Oliver Rullw I-Iagopian Om mam bunldlng Irorv fhe wesl -.4?, IN MEMOIQIAM We due nof a+ all for our deeds remam To Crown wulh nonor or mar wufh slam Through endless sequence of years 'ro come Our luves shall speak when our lnps are dumb BETTY MQLEMORE Class of l945 A 1 9 'XM A I 1 DEDICATION we of fh f rp L ,yr 'W Ili NNW " O rn rv 'W F ij rw De FFLSF VPC T' - siarrf 9 I942 Lif 4 , ,, , ,. ,. fe3,1:iTM'1y OGG ifvffe 'ws f Q 'Pvc mu. 5 TW- wrwwfi f C1:f'fE Ufifffff SMTQS . f lfwff fi A ii .. ml 3' gi' :' Unizfw HQ Sins T ',J"'hf6-"i::1'FC 1' T5 'Q fafxa ff, A OUR LEADERS We wife' Siw the-se Ceop1e wsfkbg 'n 'He office: Lee Wilkifs E'fzene?Pv Mzfrgaia' M's. Pcvfjerqfass, Pima Doi, Marflyr Avcerscn, M-'s. Kellogg, Davis Erie-rzxar Vde' ?"'c i -nf DEMOCRACY AS A NATURAL DEVELOPMENT IN SCHOOL LIFE Our school rs a business of lrvrng Things Puprls unslruclors parenls and eo le of fh I lc p p e communr y ma e up 'rhe socrely of whrch 11' rs composed Irs malor emohasrs however concerns Ihe growfh of young people The problem of every school sysrem ns +o promore rhe developmenf of 'rhe masses of The parhcular cullure wh ch I S I I serves rnce ours ns a democrahc way ol lrfe our school musl' help our young Tollcs fo grow IU a superror democrahc manner Necessarrly those who conduc+ a school lor The benehf ol all musf have a rafher close concepf of wha? us meanl by democrahc lv d r mg an some rnslghf rnro how The school can ard people of all ages 'ro conhnue fo bd b h emp asuze an re emphasuze fha? ser of belaefs whnch form The basis of our way of I Te e belief an The worlh of The and vrdual as a human berng e belref Thar under favorable condrfr ns everyone has The capacufy fo learn fo manage has own Ile e bellef Thar governmenl resls on The ccnsenl' of The governed e belief rn worlcrng 'rogefher r 'rhe common good e belref 'rhar cullural change s ould be ac onnpl shed 'rnrough socual achon noi Through uncon+roIled vrolence We musl remember Thar safely and securrry such as we nave enloyed an Amerrca have been rare rn The world Peo le ha I b p ve aways een Forced lo Trade lroerly Tor securrry A proud people do no? lnlce +o If h ma e I IS Trade The Torch of lrberly burns hugh rn our counrry ou loving care wall lceep 11' burmng ERWIN A DANN 5 A Our gfrrcbal, E. A. Dann a I e y 'r ese democrafic conceprs. If Is our hooe Thar in our school life we can h ' d - ' I : I. Th ' ' ' E ' ' . 2. Th ' ' ' 'C . ' ' I . 3. Th ' . 4. Th ' ' ' To . . 5. Th ' n c I I ' ' , BOARD OF TRUSTEES Ricluard H. Goode cle'k George H. McClurg, A. D. Wilson, Jr., :resid-:nf R, W. Sfeward, O. C, Hufcnirgs. THE SCHOOL POLICIES ARE FORMED Tlue picfure sluows flue Board of Trusfees af flueir regular meefing, usually lueld flue firsf Monday of eaclu moruflu, buf fluere luave offen been special meefings called fo falce acfion on emergency ifems. Tlue main iob of flue board is fo formulafe flue policies of flue scluool. Eaclu man also luas cluarge of formulafing flue course of acfion for a specific line of dufy, for insfance, flue grounds, flue buildings, finance, and flue busses, wluiclu lue recommends for adopfion by flue enfire board. Tlue imporfaruce of flue group lies in flue facf fluaf fluey male flue policies for flue scluool and ifs adminisfrafion. We luave dedicafed fluis boolq fo flue men from Eowler lmliglu wluo are in flue armed forces of flue Unifed Sfafes, buf Here are fluree alumni, George lvlcclurg, Donaud Wilson, and Ricluard Goode, wluo are serving flueir counfry by educafing ifs cluildren. Tlue enfire board doesnif gef even a buck privafes pay for bearing fluis resbonsibilify, buf is rewarded only by us. flueir finislued producfs. We owe fluem a lof for wluaf fluey are doing in frying fo gef us flue besf possible' educafion in ifs besf form, for fluey know wluaf an educafion means. If we don f capifalize on flueir efforfs for us, fluen flueir work is wasfed in so far as we are concerned. SCHOOL COORDINATOR Mrs. Belle T-T. Pendergrass, The ever-heloTul o5Tice sucervfsor is also Mr. Dannis secreTary. She is in charge oT eleven oTTice assisTanTs who run The errands and help keep records. We can always see her in Tne oTTice cheerTully answering guesTions, signing passes, checking records, and aiding sTudenTs and Teachers in innumerable ways. X ,yi She is an alumna oT Fowler T-ligh who is helping Uncle Sam in her own way and doing a good job oT iT. Mfg HL-dmqms ara 5 sw 'he aff Ts CAMPUS "ENGINEERS" These are The men who help us every day aT school and during vacaTions Too. They keep The buildings com- TorTable and clean, and The grounds neaT. We have oTTen seen Them gassing The busses aTTer They have come in Trom The morning rounds iusT as They appear in This picTure. We have all seen Them aT Their iobs during The day and know Thern as The drivers oT our respecTive bus rouTes. The cusTodians deserve a loT oT commendaTion and crediT, Tor iT is no easy lop Tor Them To keep everyThing in good repair. They have worked hard and have helped us in many CTT The record Tasks Too, such as parTy decoraTions, cleaning up aTTer plays, and in oTher ways. Our careTul drivers who were always on The iob in spiTe oT presenT condiTions are T-lenry MeTzler, Russell Wilkins, and S. T. Graham. CUSTCDTANS Gfzrge K'.' Sirk M3-we Rake" F Ji" Pfnh 1 I D! new LANGUAGE M:Czln, Soarvlsn lj Se" Szarlsn ll' Mrs. 9HYSlCf-,L EDUCAUON Gffsz' Darrfls Kellogg Laval ll. OUIQ FACULTY AND THEIR WCDRK Meefng lor orolessional sfudy and growll- lnfee facully Commlllees carried on rescarcn worlc relaled lo ine oroolems ol Fowler l-lrgn Scnool. Progress ol eacn commlllee was ref porled lo lne wnole group al' pol' luclc suppers. lne currlculum Commlllee con- llnued lne work ol lasl year. bulldiro llwe social science course lor lne renin year. The public relallons comnnrllee made a survey ol lne communlly lo learn Tne lyoes ol sclnool programs preferred. Tney also pwbllelzed eve- MUSlC g Teefer vocal gfouns, olanc CFHCERS Var Porn, 1 sfdenl' DJ' f:'s sezrr Sfafon, l'sf'-"'e'+ar. 'a'vf"eas-'er. nlng scnool and made a lalenl Survey ol Fowler. The evalualion Commlllee worked on a lour-year +es"ng program lor Fowler l-llgn, vvlllw a sludy ol available lesls and llwelr resulls. Social acllvllies ol llwe lacully Included ine annual lali mounlain parly ar Lalce Seguofa, a Cnrlslmas slng and llme June srealc bake. llwey also enlerlained llne lruslees and llwe grammar scnool Teaclwers in lne Spring. CURRICULUM COMFNTTEE S'a':l'g 35736 W. Sn-lr'-N A. O, Pave' DUBUC RELAUONS COMM TTEE S'a' 1 rg JY' Mylar Peav-?' C. H, Yo3e'j Sl"r"q' C. C K-Elbgq M's. 323' C. S'7':n Earl HW U3 " 2" V'--s VQC' ' Ellyn" Kellogg AHL' Var Porn AJS Beirf- " 5 G Tr7e"'a"' c'a1"'a'. Tefve' H F. K eene,--' -I . :fbia- , vi f 7" "ff gzq,i.Qif ,3,',,' fi, A HH' i ' " "' Q 5--Qi A- '14 ,R ' 4 X1 A I . 1 W 1 h A. ag: n 1 ,a an A ,QQ 3Q,...f-4 4 92.4 a,-W A 1 fi Ya gl FEE S ,eb-gi 4A Q ., I 1 I Y Fi ,Wxxzt I km, V , i5-391-9 B P'q ,ii ,sfffllv if EYECUTNE COUNCW Ser- "w Sheoo' Dv" SM,-'e:hT Pursel' Luwszer Ooi, TTo'rLsc' Kmrav Garziar T:-riqiir Dfflriarg Tron' rfw Harasrw Bare, L, W'f's M. Wi kirs Cops. AS CDUTQ PTQESIDENT SAW US NaTuralness. ThaT is The Teeling you meeT when you walk down our halls aT Fowler l-ligh School. When sTuder'Ts and Teachers nneoT, They greeT each oTher naTura v and as Triends, Tor They have a common respecT Tor each oTner, and a common inTeresT in sTudies and exTra-curricular acTiviTies. AlThough The posiTions oT Teacher and pupil remain ouring school Time, The shadow oT The rod is replaced by Triendly counsel, lT is naTural Tor a person To Take his problem To a Triend and iT is easier Tor The Triend To undersTand his problems. Ail oT The problems in school are replicas oT Those in iaTer liTe. Learning selTfgovernmenT by voTing, hold- ing oTTice, and inTroducing and discussing measures To solve The quesTions ThaT arise are all preparaTory Tor TuTure acTiviTy in our government Our sTudies are all pre-senTed wiTh pracTical applicaTion which explain The The many principles. This Training poinTs Toward a naTura TransiTion Trom a good ciTizen in high school To a good ciTizen in laTer liTe. The aTTiTude aT Fowler High School is apparenT in Tne easy and naTural relaTionship beTween insTrucTors and sTudenTs and among sTudenTs Themselves. The Teelirg oT naTuralness is born oT Triendship. Lee Wilkins The PXssociaTed STudenT Body QTTicers: Lee Wilkins, president Marjorie Wilkins, vice-presidenTy Alice Blay- ney, secreTary3 Alice Lumsden, Treasurer: Jackie SchuknechT Ted Sheldon, Jack Thompson, yeil leaders: Seico l-lanashiro, publicify, and l-liroshi Doi arT commissioners. ASB PRESTDENT W - 's YE-- LEADERS She oo' Scrurrechv, T"c"':rs:r. Missa.. TI-TE RED AND WHITE AT WORK The execuTive council managed The Treshman wel- come Sepfember I5-lo, and sponsored Color Weelc bee Tore The Fall FesT'val. In The annual EesTival parade every high school enTry broughT ouT The Theme, V Ter VicTory. In December aTTer The . QEETCEQS Bair 'cw S'e 12' Sih.r'ec" Mr. E "' L." Ce' T'C"' " DZ' 4'5" 'Sw' He"- declaraTion oT war, The Asso- S' V- Biff. L w .ws M W' .-5. A S is 3 ciaTed STudenTs Toolc charge oT The air raid warning observaTion oosT aT eobiee Trom eighT To Tive ocloclc each day. 'ne board included S. Cobb, ChieT Warden: H. DeCrian. and A. Pursell, assisTanTs. They draTTed The observers in pa'rs. Vice-pre-sid4inT Wilkins arranged many amusing and worThwhiie assemblies, assisTed ey The yell-leaders Many clubs and classes preserved sTiTs and music. 0uTside spealcers inc uded Tinlcler, Meux Rizlc Redman. KurTz, Hume. A large delegaTion aTTended The annual Ideals ConTerence held aT Reediey n March. On May T4, aT The Third annual PaTronsi lNlignT, many people viewed The various erhiT:'Ts and oemonsfa Tions. Teachers and coaches presenTed Trophies and pins in The CourT oT Awards. Eollowirig This came The insTallaTion oT oTTicers Tor The coming year. THE JUNIOR RED CRQSS chacTer was organized in OcTober vviTh The Tollowing oT5'iers: Eaine GOOG- rich, presidenT and represenTaTf-ife To The Fresno CounTy Council' Laura Dice, secreTary: EeTTy Beeson Treasf urer. Everybody in school ioined The organizaTion and a represenTaTive Trom each home made up The Council. The group sponsored many helpful acTiviTies. The Treshman maTh-science fgifis seweo :eepers Tcr refugee children. They disTribuTed To needy Tamilies eignTeen boxes oT Tood, Toys, and cloThing do'aTed aT Tne ChrisT- mas enTerTainmenT. The members sold Tubercuiosis seals. collecTed boolcs Tor The Eowier sizuad rocm aT The Fresno Air Base. prepared TirsT-aid viTs co:ecTed rags. TfniTTed Tor The soldiers and ro eo oandages. -JNiC" PED CRQSS CCUNC , uv- "A r' 5-'-1 4' r-lf-H ff E r r T5 Mus., .A.-s -rf 4 '-'TF-2" fm ws- ':'f. f'?"i3 V Pri'2D"9,li2-f!:-Qi.-"DSQ"'1' C"'- CW' Yruri Esfrs 'r-' N P! V' E L J .. . . . , , I . . .1 4. 1' f yg ,ge v, 3,- Diie EJ'9 'S-',z:'ih Be". Na- Sf-f-sz' Nyga Nagar? OUR CLASSMATES PRESNPENTQ X' 5131- 13 Twr: Avi. is Q ff Gan 1 N' Rmbfvvi Kfwffu vt" M Tvfqwaf' 'Nav 1 QEWOPS e'A 2' 4' W: f' N' H ' 1 a JUNNOQ BFG S1S'ERS Hn V' ' F'Hs"'Lv LW: Ss'-'H 1 . 5 Q . sq"-Q :1". ' Les? 1-'uwqf QMHQ2, I5 Y X 4, V -I ' Q95 , ' fm f HQ, V1 H- Q" , ,W 3 if w, fi Q, .Qi A, x . Nw ' M CLASS OF IQLI2 OFFICERS PresidenI Andy PurseII Vice-president JoI'1n Woody Secrefary Maxine CIemen+s Treasurer ' "H" Tom Yonelwara Afhlefic Managers Jackie Sclwuknechf Seico I'IanasI'1iro To: oizmxe' OFFICERS CICWTSHIS, Yonehara Wooof, PurseII. Bofforr picfurez Serb' FaII Fes'ivaI Hoa? faxes firsv prz. MOTTO "Can'I Is UnfAmerican" COLQRS: Blue and SiIyer FLOWER: Carnafion ACTIVITIES FIoaI in FaII Fesfival parade, 'raking Iirsf prize: sIca'rinq parfy on December I aI 'rI'1e Fresno Rolla- Iorium: candy saIes on December I9 and February 20: Senior PIay, "TI'1e Green Ghost" in f'XpriI7 Senior Play Day. BaccaIaureaIe, Graduafion. SPONSORS Sfandinq: I-IiI., Teeferj sifting: Feaver, Bales, Thiernann. SPQINISQRS Marian Feayer. cnairman. execuriye comrnrree, saIes, pnofoqraons' Earl HiI4. I'IiIIca+s, finance FaiI Fesriva' enrryt EIizabeTn Teefer, I-Iepcafs, pro- grams, Sen7or PIay Day? Joan BaIes, Pfufocafs rings FaII FesIiyaI enrryg Fred Tniemann, Arisfocafs, Senior PIay, Sen- ior PIay Day. MARILYN ANDERSON Hobbies: Skating, travelinqi Sports: Plutccati Clubs: Home Economic, Girl Reserves, Drarna: Activities: Mixed chorus, girls' glee, NYA, office assistant. ASHOD ANTRIASIAN lAshl Senior transfer from Watertown, Mass. Hobbies: Movies, collecting airplane pix: Sports: lnterclass basketball, baseball, varsity football: Clubs: Archery, Drama, Block F. CARMEL APODACA lCarriel Hobbies: Sewing, drawinqi Sports: lnterclass volleyball: Clubs: Drama: Activities. Bantluet committee. tloat cornrnittee, girls' glee play costume cornrnittee, "Seven to One," NYA, cafeteria. JACK ASADORIAN Hobbies: Hunting, fishing: SDorts: lnterclass 'ootbalI, basketball, volleyball, baseball, ping pong, horseshoes, boxing interscholastic basketball, varsity football: Clubs: Rifle, Camera vicefpresident: Activities: Orchestra, librarian. RUBYE AVEDISIAN lRul Hobbies: Dancing: tenniSj Sports: lnterclass volleyball, speedball, basketball, baseball, interscholastic ternis: Clubs: G. A. C., rriusic, Circle F3 Activities: Girls' glee, orchestra, band, Litoria, gymnasiurn equipment manager, "The Dizzy Baton." ALICE BLAYNEY lAllyi Hobbies: Music, reading: Sports: lnterclass volleyball, basketball, speedball, swimming, baseball, badminton, interscholastic swimming: Clubs: G. A. C.: Activities: Class vice- president, secretary, intramural manager, banguet chairman, school pianist, mixed chorus, sextette, boys' glee pianist, orchestra, business rranager Redcat, secretary ASB, Girls' League treasurer. CHARLES BOORNAZIAN lChuckl Hobby: Raoio: Sports: lnterr class basketball track, football, volleyball: Club: Radio: Activities: Wood shop, cour-ty fair 2nd place. MARTIN BOYAJIAN iMartyl Hobby: Model planes: Sports: Aristo- cat: Clubs: FFA, viceepresident Falcons, Drama: Activities: "Why Angels Sing icir Joy," "Mrs. O'Leary's Cow," stage committee "One Way Out of lt," librarian. PAUL BRITTAIN Sports: Interclass basketball, volleyball, baseball, track, interscholastic football: Clubs: FFA, Block F. DOROTHE BUCHANAN lDotl Hobbies: Music, dancing: Club: Music: Activities: Question box chairman, Girls' Leagueg rvixed chorus, girls' glee, sextette, state director, pianist ASB, Redcat. REVA BURNSIDE Hobbies: Collecting autographs, rtancirigg Sports: Aristocat: Activities: Make-up committee "Huck Finn," ROBERT BURRIS lBobJ Hobbies: Photography, reading: Sports lriterclass football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, track, varsity football: Cluof' Camera Drama, Block F: Activities: "Why Angels Sing for Joy," Redcat staff. BERNHART CEDERBERG lBarneyi Hobby: Electrical work: Sports' lnterclass track, lnterscholastic basketball, track: Clubs: Secretary' treasurer Rifle, secretary treasurer HirY: Activities: Woodshop, county tair 2nd prize, school electrician. MAXINE CLEMENTS ltvtaxiei Hobbies: Collecting rnatch covers sewing, rnaiorette' Sports: lnterclass volleyball, speedball, baseball basketball: Club: Treasurer G. R.: Activities: Class secretary, sex- tette, mixed chorus, girls' glee, "The Christrras Present That Bounceof' "Huck Finn Detective," Litoria cub, librarian, Sl-tlRLEY COBB lCobbiel t-lobbies: Books on airplanes ard China shows: Sports' lnterclass tennis, volleyball, basketball, speedpall DdSEbdll, badminton, piriq pong, st-utfleboarg interscholastic terris- Clubs: G. R. G. A. C., Circle F, secretaryrtreasurer C. S. F.' Activi. 'ies' Public Speaking, Girls' League secretary presidert Junior Rec Cross repreggntative Chief aircraft .yarder-7 D. A. R. representative. JUNE COWAN Hobbies. Coile:'i'q Oi' poerrs: Spr,"s lrterl ass sceeoball oasre'pa'?' Activities: 'Mrs. OLear. s Cow ' Seyen 'Q Ore properties 't-'.ck Fir-r " Publi: Speaking Redca' Reviefv HAROLD DE OfZlAN lpopi Sports: lrterclass yolleyball pasre' :ali swirrrrirq io:tba'l irtersctolastic oaseoall varsity tootcal C ups' Bock F vice-cresizert HLY: Activities: Uresdert Boys Fear: 'aber irtrarnurai manager, vice-president boys glee "Hun F'rr Why Argels Sirg 'cr Joy," Li'oria cub. LAUPA DlCE 'Lolni Hobbies Czllectirg chra rira-vlrg' C.cs Secretary Gi' Reserves secretary Jfior Red Cross Drarra yse- rresldert Latir' Azfwties: Cnarrrar tnerre c:'rr'it'ee ba':.e' :cat ccrnrrvtee gjrxarce program chairrrar nrt-ed :hens :are :na rrrar ticret sales 'Seyer to One ' Redcat Review. 'I A '30 .wg an WY' 'WOW HIROSHI DOl Hobbies: Model airplanes, photograolmg Sporty Irie' class volleyball, cirgoong, tennis, track, lootballq Clubs, Falzcns Carrera, Avivitiesz ASB Art Cornmissioner. KlKUYE DOI lliirl Hobbies: Sewing, knittingg Sports, lnterzlass volleyball, basketball, sbeedballg Clubs: Spoon and Speol proqrar' chairrnan' Activities: Mixer: chorus, costunne committee "Huw Fir'.' RAlPH ERMCIAN Hobbies: Photography, radio' Sbortsr I-terclass basketball, lootball' Clubs Radio, Drarfaj Activitrs Orchestra "One Wav Out ol lt" "Mrs, O'Leary's Cow", mor-erty cornrnwee "Seven to One," 'Whv Angels Sing lor Joy," Honor Roll librarian. DAN FAULKS lDa"inyi Se'icr transter lrorir Lalon, Hobbies Outdoor Shorts, Sbovs: ir'erclass football, volleyball, interschclastic lobtball: Clubs' Archery: Activities: Secretary Guidance Group MELBA FRAME lFrannel Hobbies: Sports, cooking, Spor's: lrterc ass volieyball, sbeedball, basketball, swirnming, bamvintc' baseball ping bong, shutileboawi, tennis, interscholastic swirrrninq 'ranaqer' Clubs: G. A. C., Circle F, Latin, Lile Saving, C. S F., Activities Vice-bresiden' Girls' League, sergeant-at-arrns, girls' glee, " Finn," student cir-actor "The Christmas Present That Ecurcedf Litoria Cub. DORA EUJIMOTO Hobby: Reading: Clubs: Journalisffi A:'i.ntIes Art with Countv Fair ribbons. JOE GARABEDIAN lClarlr Gablel Hobby: Sports: SHOWS, lntefciass loo'ball, basketball, volleyball, baseball, intersche'as'ic lOOVDGll' Clubs: Bloclr F, FFA' Activities: lst in alialla, County Fair, 3rd, State Pain VERNON GINDER Scorts: lnterclass baseball, interscnolastic bas- lcetbailj Clubs: Radio1Activities: Band. ANN GRAPE lRatl Hobbies: Dancing, skating bowlingg Clubs' Girl Reserves, Jcurnalisrnf Activities: Girls' glee gvrf eiuibrren' rranaqer, RUTH HAGOPIAN lDollvl Hobbies: Bowling, sewinqj Sborvs: ln'er- class volleyball, baseball, sbeedball, basketball, Clubs: Girl Reserves Latir, Drarnaj Activities: "Seven to One," usherette Litoria 'ybist. SEICO HANASHlRO Hobbies: Collecting sport clippings, Sbcrts lnterclass football, baseball, volleyball, basketball, swirnrning, irfer scholastic football, basketball, baseball, Clubs: Agriculture, Blocl F Spanish, Journalism Cawera, Activities: Athletic niarfaqer, publicit. cornrrittee ASB, bo-vs' glee, editor Redcat, sport editor Livoria Quill and Scroll, ISUMI HARA Sports' lnterclass basketball, interscholastic football' Clubs: FFA. HOWARD HARDlNG lshortyl Hobby: Raisinq hods' Sborts: liver class volleyball, football, interscholastic basketball, Clubs: Vice nresi den? FFA, Hi-Y, Drarna, Block F1 Activities: Float chairman, "One Way OM ol lt." MARIE HONDA Hobby: Collecting snapshots, Sbor's' Interclnss volleyball, baseball, sbeedball, basketball, pinq Dong badminton saddle tennis, swimrringg Clubs: Circle F, Journalism G. A. C.' Activities: Banquet decorating committee, qyrn erzuiprnent rnaraqer BERNICE HORN lBunny,i Hobbies: Readlinq, collecting recibes' Sports: lnterclass basketball volleyballg Activities: Courtesy cornrni' tee, girls' glee. JOE HUERTA Scorts' lnrerclass football, basketball 'fri :aseral ubs: Rifle Radio Drama, Activities: Stage rnanaqer io' Hutf nn," Why Arqels Sing lor Joy." Ci F. LAZETTA KANDARlAN lgazettel Hobby: Hair swles' SPb"s' l"er :lass baseoa l, sceedball' Clubs: Horne Econoniics M,s c- Ac'ivi'i4'S "l-t-cl Fin- 'D':z. Bator " "Little Shepherd Who Was Lef'Bel""1 'Why 'ne Argefs S"g io' Joy." GLADYS KAZANJlAN lTv.inl Hobbies: Ice sra'inq swirr 'ri-sq' Spartsg lrterclass baseball, volleyball, speedball, hanobal- bagkev ball, badrrfnron, ping porg, tennis: Clubs: Circle F G. A. C Dra"ag Activities: Mixes Chorus, orchestra, Qublic sneaking, Lite'-a cub, librarian "Seven to One," "Mrs, O'Learv's Cow ' Pforrefvies 'O'-e 'Nas Out" NYA. GLORIA KAZANJIAN lTwinl Hobby: Reading: Soortsz lnterclass speedball, volleyball, basketball, bade-intori, ping pong: Clubs: Circle F, G. A. C., CSP Activities: Mixed chorus, orchestra, public speaking, Litoria cub, Lost and Found, Drarna. TOSHIO KATAYAMA lToshl Hobbies' Mooel airplanes, onotcg' raphy: Sports: lcterclass football, baslretball. boxing ,interscholastic ligntweiqht football, tennis: Clubs: Ealcors, Canoera, Journalism. EDWARD KRIKORIAN lEol Hobby: Making rvoael airplanes' SD'D"S' lnterclass football, basketball, baseball tfaclc, volleyball' Club: Raoio: Activities: l'Why the Angels Sing for Joy." HELEN KRIKORIAN Hobbies: Reading, radio, skating: Sports: ln, terclass volleyball, speedball, basketball, baseball: Club: D'ar'a: Activities: Girls' glee, orchestra, "Seven to Or-ef' BENNIE LETIZIO Hobby: Sports: Sports: lnterclass volleybatl, base- ball, interscholastic tootball, basketball: Club: Radio: Activit-es: lrterclass manager Plutocats. AURORA LOPEZ lLopezj Hobbies: Driving, dancing: Sports' Inter' class sbeedball, basketball: Clubs: Carfera, Journalisrr, G, A. C.: Activities: Litoria cub, Redcat, cafeteria service. ALICE LUMSDEN Hobbies: Sewing, reaoinqp Club: Spoon and Spool, Drarra: Activities: Mixed chorus, honor roll, ASB treasirer. NYA. THELMA LUMSDEN Hobby: Making scrap books: Club: Treasurer Spoon and Spool: Activities: Mixed chorus, ASB publicity committee, usherette Christmas play, PHYLLIS MAXWELL lphilj Hobbies: Drawing, collecting 'na'ct' covers: Sports: lnterclass volleyball, basketball, speedball, baseball, badrrintonj Clubs: Girl Reserves, Lating Activities: Yell leader, 'nixeo chorus, girls' glee, "Huck Finn," "Mrs, O'Leary's Cow," Redcat, Litoria cub. THOMAS MAXWELL lMaxiel Hobby: Photography: Sports' ln'r'rf class baseball, tootball basketball volleyball, interscholastic torit ball' Clubs' Camera, Block F: Activities: Mixed chorus, orchestra, JAMES MEALY Llimmiel Hobbies: Fishing, hunting: Clubs: FFA, Rifle: Activities: Property corrirnittee, Journalism, gym erzuiorwrnt manager. JOHN MIKKELSEN Hobbyi Leathercralt: Sports: Interclass football, interscholastic football: Club: FFA. BEDROS MIRIG-IAN lPetel Hobbies: Photoqraphr, hiring' Spo"s' lnterclass baseball, football, basketball, traclr yollerball, handball horseshoes, irterscholastic basketball, baseball: Clubs: Viceloresident Camera, Hi'Y: Activities: Sergeantrat-arrns, Senior portrai' cow- rnittee, editor Journalisfn, Redcat, Litoria cub. CHIYOKO MORITA Hobby: Ernbroiderinq: Sports: interclass base- ball, volleyball, speedball. Ding Dong: Club: Journalisrf' Activities: Girls' glee, reporter Redcat. DOROTHY MUKAI lDotl Hobbies: Reading, sewing- Spr:"s' lcv-r class basketball, speedball. baseball, ning rorg volleyball' Clubs Spoof and Soool, Journalisnig Activities. Redcat Review D?Jo'J spot corrrnittee. SARA NAJARlAN Hobbies' Collecticq ocwres c'og'a"s' Sinus' l-terzlass basketball soeeoball, baseball sing pcrg VCl9tD5' Clucs: G. A. C., CSF, Sbanish Drar'a C"cle F: Actiites Cass budge' cor' 'nittee couple sextette, 'O'e Wa, Out," M's. O Lear. s Cow " Litoria cub. ELEANOR NANCE iElli'?il Hzcoies' Darzrq sN"ff-rg C.:s .:,"als" M,s':' Act-fi' es Red Cfzss 'ec'-2ser'a'ive "1-Q .1 c'a""a'. GRACE NIGOSSIAN 'Grade Hobbies Reao' 'Ja':' ' S:'."s Q Q l"e'cass vcieyoall baseball bdSkE'C3lI'' G' Resewes fx La" Drama: A:tivi'.es Mixed chcus .s'e'ette Seve' 'z .re gg 8 1 A f 'il C-LADYS NINOMIYA Hobbies: Music, reading, Sports: lnterclass vol'eyball, basketball, speedball, baseball, Activities: Senior ring chairman, girls' glee, orchestra, costume committee, "Huck Finn," Honor Roll. YURIKO NITTA Hobby: collecting pictures, Clubs: Journalism, Activities: Gym eouipment manager. ALICE OCHI lAll Hobby: Collecting snapshots, Sports: lnterclass volleyball, basketball, baseball, speedball, paddle tennis, ping pong, oaarninton, Ciubs: Journalism, Spoon and Spool, Activities: Gyf' ecuipmert manager. MARY ODA Hobbies: Interior decorating, collecting snapshots: Sports: lnterclass volleyball, basketball, speedball, badminton, base- ball, Cluks: Journalism, Activities: Organizations editor Litoria, tyoist for Reocat, librarian, gym equipment manager. RAFFlE OHANESSIAN Hobby: Hunting, Sports: lnterclass football, basketball, baseball, track, volleyball, Clubs: Camera, Rifle, Activi- ties: Bard. JAMES OLIVER lJerkyl Hobbies: Vacation trips, fishing, Sports: lnterclass tootball, baseball, basketball, volleyball, interscholastic tootball, baseball, Clubs: FFA, Block F, Activities: Boys' glee. RAY OLIVER tSmokyl Hobbies: Collecting stamps and match covers, Clubs: Journalism, Rifle, Activities: Ad manager Litoria. JOE PEREIRA iJosiel Sports: lnterclass volleyball, baseball, track, basketball, tootball, interscholastic tootball, basketball, track: Clubs: Hi-Y, Block F, Activities: "Huck Finn," "The Christmas Pres- ent That Bounced." VIOLET PINTO IG-abbyl Hobbies: Dancing, shows, skating, Sports: lnterclass volleyball, basketball, swimming, speedbali, Club: G. A. C., Activities: lnt'arriural manager, girls' glee, rnaiorette. CHARLlE PLOUGH lChuckl Hobby: Photography, Sports: lnterclass football, basketball, Clubs: Camera, Journalism. ANNABELLE PROODIAN iAnnl Hobby: Sewing, Clubs: Home Economics, Drama, Activities: Mixed chorus, student director "Seven to One," Litoria cub. ANDY PURSELL Sports: lnterclass football, volleyball, baseball, basketball, interscholastic baseball, basketball, football, Clubs: Block F, vice-oresident FFA, Hi-Y, Activities: Senior president, boys' sports manager, boys' glee, "Huck Finn," "Mrs, O'Leary's Cow," "One Way Out," "Why the Angels Sing tor Joy." GEORGETTE RANDALL-No picture iBubblesl Transter from Paso Robles High School, Hobby: Photography, Clubs: Girl Reserves, Archery: Activities: Chorus, Redcat. MARGARET RASMUSSEN lMargel Hobbies: Sewing, reading, danc- ing, Sports: lnterclass volleyball, Clubs: Home Economics, Music, Drama, Activities: "Huck Finn," "Mrs. O'Leary's Cow." KIYOSHI RENGE Sports: lnterclass track, basketball, baseball, football, interscholastic track, basketball, Clubs: Radio, FFA, Journalism, Activities: Redcat Review. ELIZABETH RUSTIGJAN lElizl Hobbies: Interior decorating, tlower arrangement, Sports: lnterclass volleyball, Club: Girl Reserves, Activities: Foods committee chairman, tloat committee, mixed chorus, girls' glee, "Huck Finn," "Christmas Present That Bounced." MlYOKO SAKODA Sports: lnterclass volleyball, Club: Journalism, Activity: Beginning instrumental. lDA SAKOHIRA ildiel Hobbies: Music, reading, Sports: lnterclass volleyball, basketball, speedballg Clubs: President Spoon and Spool, C. S. F., La'in, Activities: Courtesy committee chairman, prograr' committee oanouet, mixed chorus, girls' glee, advanced orch65trd, assistant editor Litoria. LUCY SORAOKA lLul Hobbies: Collecting toy dogs, souvenirs: Sports: lnterclass volleyball, baseball, basketball, speedball, tennis, Clubs: Vice-president Spoon and Spool, Activities: Advanced orches- tra, band, girls' glee, news editor Ensign, gym service. JACOUELYN SCHUKNECHT lJaclxiel Hobbies: Songboolfs' SDorts: Interclass vollevball, swim-r-ing, baseball, soeedball, basketball badrrinton, nandball, tennis oirg Dawg, irtersclnolastig tennis, swir-'Y r-ning' Clubs: GAC, Circle F: Activities: Mixed cliorus, sextette girs' glee, "Dizzy Baton," "Tne Crristrras Present Tbat Bourceo " ASB ,ell leader. ERNEST SHIRAKAWA lErnie, Hobbies: Model airpla'es bowlirg' Sports: lnterclass basketball, Ding pong, swirnnriing tent-is, boxing, irterscnolastic basxetball, swirnrning, ternis, football: Club: Drarna: Activities: Stcdent director 'One Way Out," "WM 'be Angels Si'g for Jovf YUKIO SOGA Snorts: lrterclass oaslxetba'l' C'ub: F. F. A. TAKASHI SUGIMOTO llaxl Hobbies' Pt-otograbtw. Morne nla'es' Soorts: Interclass basketball iritersct'olas'ic football basketball: Clubs: Presiuent Falcons, Jownalisrn. MlKlYE TERAMOTO lMiclxeyl Hobbies: Corresponding ana exchang- ingg Sports: lnterclass volleyball, basketball, baseball, soeedball, badminton, ping pong: Clubs: Sooon and Spool, Journalisrn, Circle F' Activities: Mixed cnorus, girls' glee, band, Litoria business manager. gyrn service, IRENE TERRY llleniel Hobbies: Reading, listening to 'aoic' Activ'- ties: Girls' glee, cafeteria castiier. JOE TOPOOZIAN Hobbies: Dance orchestra' Soortsz lnterclass bas lxetball, baseball, ioctball' ClJb: F. F. A.: Activities: lrtermediate orclwestra, bano. MARlE TORIGIAN Hobby: Collecting snaps: Sports: lr-terclass volleyball, soeedball, basketball, Clubs: Horne Economics, Music: Activities: Girls' glee, prooerty manager "Huck Finn Detective." TADAO UYEMURA lloddl Hobbies: Pnotoqraotwi Sports: lnterclass basketball, tract, football, interscnolastic 'rack Club' Jounalisrv. OPAL VINYARD Hobbies: Letterwritinq, reading: Sncrts Aristrsggv tearr: Clubs' I E. C., Journalisrng Activities- Girls' glee, advanced orcnestra, ossis'ar-t cornrnittee rrianaqer "Huck Finn," club eflitor lledcat, oflice assistant, NYA, LEE WILKINS lWiskyl Hobbies: Hunting, reaoing: Sports: lnterclass volleyball, tracx, basketball, lootball, baseball, interscholastic loot' Dall, baseball, Clubs: Vice president, president C. S. F. Block F, Hi'Yg Activities: Clwairrrar- Float cornrnittee, rrixed cnorus 1 camiella choir, "Just Wtrat They Wanted," "Huck Firr Detective," "Tne Cnristrnas Present Tliat Bounceof' president A, S. B., otlice assistant. MARJORIE WILKINS, lMargel Hobbies: Music, sewing: Sports' lnterclass vollevball, speedball baseball badminton: Clubs Secre- tary Girl Reserves, G. A, C.: Activities' Mixed chorus, pianist girls glee, sextette, 'Tnree's a Crowd," vice-oresident A. S. B, PAUL WOOD Activities: Banu orcnestra. JOHN WOODY lJolinnvl Soorts' lnterclass football oasxetoall vol evball, interscbolastic lootbal' traclxj Club. HiY: Activities' Ref: Criss renresentatve, 'Wlw 'ne Angels Srg lc' Joi." VIRGIL WYSlNGER lVirqt Sborts: lnterclass football bastetbal vollefball, boxing, interscholastic football tracf: Club: F. F, A. SUE YAMANE lpinlrvi Hobbies' Collec'7rg 'ov dogs srnrsncts so-venirs' SLc"s' inte'class vzllefball basre'ball baseba- sceed cal' Clubs: Secretarv Srccr ard Scccl' Actifities' G"s Glee r:'C'est'a Hoff' Roll, gp' serriie. TOM YONEHAPA Hcccf: 9':'cg'aV.' S::"s l"er-2 ass blsrwrva C'.cs,'- Se:'e'a-. 'reesrer Carrera selcretar, Scar sr Jzxra' sr' Acnvities' Class "easy-er c.c c sbear rg. WALLACE YOUNG lWalfi Hzcoies' Pafrq urns sw rg rrftcrus' Sccrts' I l"erc'ass baseba' basketball 'razx vi' evaa 'rrerr scnziasoc iz:'ca' baslretca' C,3S'5C'3l' C.:s Bloc' E E F A' Ac'ivit'es B:.s gee cegrnirg 'ris'r."er's 004 s-1 MOTTO A Quiffer never wins CRIMSON C1'S B Q4 , ,fr B P, 12.1. . SH' ,,,,1, mf A 3' V 's K'f , KE! my ,. ' 1 CPF CEPS A 35" ,' K. COLQRS: Dark Amber ano Hscnha OFFICERS President Leon Garden' vice-presidenf, L fx w 1 George Toyamat yeH weacers SPONSORS Cnaifrnan, Ruin floaf: F. C. Kedogg, Ynances Muscms my Y A www M J' Myke' an Kewe' 'f- T : 1 Hg" P-4"'ES"1 V avg rf and a wwnnef nevef cum, aw CLASS CDF mm FLQWERS: Mixed Rose-buos Fce Bhayneyi sccrefary, Caroiyn MQQIHQ freasurer Pe'ef Hueffa, Merilyn MENU' a+nNe+ic Managers, Roy Kafo !'idVV:6+f Snhalfawa P-. Snead junbr rings. day Lcffere DanIeNs sexes, bancxe "nance, umenng, eecnons: A. Q. Payfcn, Fes+uvaN f T 1 F 5 F JN 5 P9 s B f B 5 E 1 V Jye MfC!,'q D P .J M ,,.f QM' Q ' -we fm-H' Q '4."'f N" K- 'I Self: ww' J1 ' f sfr- I 3 A - K ' L U? ,Aix , , 'QA Q f 3' 'f T1 " 51243 Q X' QQ 4 N av H A " ' 1 ,, gif . El. V, 1 2 Nfiiukf-1 an "Y . , .K x 'LJ x 111- 1? 1,- Qi- Y T A'k,' Y u u KRAZY KATE Buck row Mnlflcr Ol xc' Dariel Lf-wild Drk Hrs Kf"'rf" Carwwiqm' rnim "iN A 'Hi C Br.:-'ol 5 L-"Lf G-vols' Delsif- Screw' Marg V ss Dvriels' secure raw H111 N sfnz Ma' Svc' .' Mio ' RCSEUE S'JfN Ar' f l-l3q::':' G' 'ff, 'gf 'j, 1- 4' H 'nw Mae Kiulz H' -' pew' Q 3' A ,V Mzrqisizr A'-"1 C ': ia' ln J- we rx- C X ,C '76 :J A RECGRD YEAR The Junior Class entry, 'Spiril of '76,' in lne Fowler Fall Feslival won second place. In Oc+ober 'rne pres- idenl apooinled l-larry Kouno lo head lne rings and pins cornrnillee. lnc- class cnose Tne Palsyw as lneir Junior play and oresenfed if fo a large audience on ine evening ol February 27, Josepnine Piccolo neiped Mr. Van Horn as sludenf direcror. Tlrie Junior-Senior Banguer on April IO nignlignled lneir aclivilies. ll was reid in ine liirsl Presbylerian Cnurcn, willw 'Blossom Tirne'i as lne llwerne. lne general cornmillee included Pauline Penoergrass, Alcilco l-liraf suna. Carolyn Magill, Jimi Qda. Josephine Piccolo, ard George Toyama. llie 'uniors also fad charge of usher, ing lor Baccalaureale and graoualion. CQ?" if-'Q B311 mv. F',q" 939 '-lf". Arif-'Q " ': ',w 5 . 'ff' N' "S CE,1- K' 14' :' Si' ' V Q f 3. ' sf-i"'1 ' A frfvfqf Cp' Q. ' S' , Sql E 1' ': L' v 'gi' 2 H131 " fi" Q Sf, V' 'gn f'-"QU: Nfs3'2' Vo'-:rie Kyviga flwn- NH: E3 re 51,:'3' KJ's,-fo 5:1213 -' '-1 3-':Q'U'2SS of rw 1... 4 1 r l WWLECATS 5- -' ' A -'-' N'::. Eiqfif Wi i' S il' vu" 53's A : 'r' Bri' V'- N' Yfii f"' :iggi-Y nw Rq, "'1"1 Viqi' X ' 'oz F. i"1': Dnliis Hfiq'-ri G1-'v Tasnv' fa L ,1 Woof' ' ' J- K -'fo Kfi'i.'w'- i Ly fe E:"i Sf LTP- 'J ' 2 5 ' rsfi Q," Omfi G fx FFi'flfPg 5 '-w l. ' rvsi 1' ww " il ' ' if 'Q ' if ii A qi Q N Iwi H, A iii, I ii' N'ie'- 1' K '- , CLASS CDF nom MOTTO You Cen? Qiimb The iadder og ,uccesa DY puiiing oiners down. COLORS: Green ard Wniie FLCWER: Gardenia OFFNCERS President Raymond Kimreyq vice-president Gen Tasninne' secrefery, Biiiy Ann Turner' rreasurer, Criariene Hoifoni sergeanffaf-arms, Gene Wiggins: yeii ieeders, fxrfvn Garabedian, Mike GaraoeC1ian'e+nie+iC managers. Rosie Markarien, George Fuiimoio. SPQNSQRS Cnairrnen, Avis Becicwifn, executive cornrnirfee, occorerions for Baccelaureafe and Graduaiiont C. H. Yoder, dues? Peari C, Keiioqg, saies: George VV. Srnwn 'o ii Jonn Sfafon, essernbiy. ALLEYCATS 3211 'iw M' SH 'n Mzre Large" V-'1 of 3. 5 . Ar' ' "Q" o'i'r 'w Vie" Gvg' 9 T1 Kmf Pi", Sy: S 3' He". 'XlV'q in sefii. 'cw M- 'H J' Eff: A"i"3 De Q3 1' 32: Gee' 'SE' -Jwn . "2" ' We en YH" Egg' Visn- Hirifs 'f Her: '1 C.1': f'e'n' 3tg':s 5' 22.3" Csgef 3' Ani- M vi'--1 49 ar? -CJ' .JCE 365 fig 3515. will ?f i K" - A F F -'A "4 'C JU F A v -f F Af V' LQCKS AHEAD Wifh Hand in Heoo Tor f+ wa ' Qmf 'w Foo' m we Fam! Fesf val oarefnc We sophomores won Porofabm menio Soraola. Lufife Sfofm Sfrce Me cess we games me one on Co 5 SUCCESS waS '35 TO'C'W emo Reymoro Maoif QU Jarmay Io We f 5 U CQ L H L QQ no o C-Uvox rfogrf-frm wwfh ev esmro dwammaf 6 wmbefs fc Loeo fwo sf ND JL L fo wp vmvfffary fes T v ca 5 o f Lon emo accordiow solo oy 'fem L-QQ wa, f f 3 f ,vE,ATz Y 'A H 1 K f V E 19 f n,4,,,, fa- QUVVFCRATQ Rf Y ' N Mme T' rr F1 r rv R'wr's ' D ' - Torah Nw' 1' A Q ' A 1 Fw: ",' . rl' fur rf" 1" W' W Vai .-N QV: wx QWVL' S' '1 f fr Nr' H' ' .1' 92. M Nur" PV-' .7 M f L V " 1: OWN' 1' H :If Rr " fr ' X ' 'f 111' pw" np vm, fr, Krrrrwr mmf 1, Mew' N1-e' ' OH'1CVF9 ' -- A N r M C, ' T"1u . Mrlif MC' .' ' ' 'rw Txzr v gxqv . M CLASS QF 1QLr5 MOTTO 'Nof af rne for bw Cyfnnbrng. COLORS: Bue and God FLOWER: Carnelia OFFICERS Presidenf Mnfon Torigian' vicefpresidenf, Jean WINson' secrerary, Marjorie Mcclurqy Treasurer Pafricia MiHer: sergeanr-af-arms, Jack Tanaka: yeU reaoet, HeNen Turpin Vivian Hump: afrneflc managers Carer Sugrmofo ano Roy Niffa. SPONSORS Cnairman, MiNes Mccoim, execufive Cornnnnfee, irnange' Milan Trips, Fa! Fesfival enrry Heiene Senn, candy sales: Kenrefn Gleason, afnlerlc managers. dass ce cfs rnofro, flower' Fxrfnur Van Horn consfifufion and by-laws. XNNLDCATS Exif ' A TLV'-r Vxfrff Our' fn' E: V' K M ss S-" " ': A 41':1'1' 3:2 Tzrceman Jf""' Ytrn Rain 323' N 'J T"q3"' 4 rw. Vrq' 7 5"-'S . r . ' 2 Nvw ' 'f 's DHS Rzrgxi Cn'-s'e' M1122 Na-'-'r Rss" .S4"A 4 CH" Kwai' W' A 3f,"'1f- Krf-' 2 r 4 'N Y V '. E' xx' K' - " Aqres K-Evnne' C,3.gC..,. 23.-L, vysff ',f,',3'3 .., 'N-Q FEVBCAV? B1-' N E:N1':A"' usw' " ' l' 91", 9- ' V' 'Misc' H f: mf, BQ", M M pm MV Vff ,ro " - WVR 5 r Ca" 3" N ' Neg: 1, Q ff-r '- S ' S-'1"': ' A A - V-": 'Ae,,' P. ' 7 "1- Y V' ' 'V 'J 'I fm 1. . H ,. vw ' - Cm ff :1-ff .v 9 I -' 'I S' I W J' :K : VV. f ' Nru GETS STAIQTED NNW elcfffcr Q? rfflcefs YP Se: 'owner Mn fwznrram tags organizes. Seikycu Hanasf"o headed Hue Corw- gflfmlgm Qgmmiffge. THQ dagg had fi FQ-,3Qr'a:'m HPC! Cflfwdy S6163 af 6 foofbali QGVWC. THE31' FGM FSSTIVGN enffy. Vicforx Twou 6 Healfwf' won Honorabb fmerflon. f Q Eacw ffccfmaf mmf, 'com veit: A C"'A3f"'T71', I'CQ'HV'V aff: a bo was rtfepafed for C"'sfmas CWGEBV. The emma! Bash WX Laffy :Mares We f'?G'E soda! f1::iA'5, 'wfifvg L- 'V :V 2 in 1-fy .- -- H :mv 2 '1"".f""7 1, i ':'f. f'." ,w A':-'S' ,'1 ' "": Q ':':32 "x 'Wwe Y " fff- 'ffm YZWJ 4 I'-'gf "F-'rig fur ws rf E ' :4 Bea" I GUR INTIMATES As ihe audience looked io cerformefs. SB ca 1 4 INQ- 51-' 144' E 7. rf A ,V , 5 5 . Vroe 'Nh-Hrs OUR ASSEMBLIES SEPTEMBER Ereshmen mee+ ASB o5ficers ano raculfy. Variefy sfunfs. Pep Rahy. Band and Malorerres. OCTOBER Rahy for game. Oufdoor ral'y on roofball held. Exchange program wE+h Easfon. Skit Inrormarion Weasef' Hallowe en sfunrs. NOVEMBER Eacuhy: HE-Yo, Srlverf' Armisheez Colors and flag sahhe. Jr. Red Cross speakers from Rooseveh' Hi. Gay Nrneries Revue. C. S. E. presenfs Wr1l1am Cooper Meux. DECEMBER Eoofbah awards. Chris+nnas program. JANUARY Lifona srafr begins saWes conresr. Salom R122 speaks. Sophs Fn Jesse James." FEA Haywires. FEBRUARY HIEY LTnco1n Day. Movre, Ski Land. The Parsy' feasers. MARCH Trurh or Consegueniesf O. R. Cafrrohc program. Baske'rba1N awards. Selma Exchange Program. MAY Reedley J. C. program. Wairer Smrlrh and Son. Senior sldr. The Eakons-Keep Em Ewing. : fp Ca' '-'S 1'-r w' A A A -sq , . ... .E B If,-1 QQ, EA. T Meszf s"'1D1Qqf' N ,' ': Lef : I WE CELEBQATED T!-!E EALL FESTIVAL Tis yeaf we fied sorrefhlng vew emo o!?5e'ew+ ln Ve way sf e pfe-game evening fe! X, ree Noise Peraoe. The Boys FEGGVGHC' was W mafge os ff. Every C Jo was Aeviieo 'O soevso' an erwy whiz? wouwo be des!gmeo so!eU,' +o VTVSLQ mo!se and o's o! 'L Tfmefe wefe fwrm wwwers, We Fe!Qoos,!!1e mc!s!es' and We Fufure Farmers. We mos! o"q7na!. Toe Facofvs used e s!"ev emo' Wecgreckefs. The Fufufe Farmef rwo!se wee eoorooiafet They oomoeo OT ofsc oades as shown In foe ef! mana picfwe above, AVC' 'ee no'ser'vaLefs 'ao remfred 'o We Qefmims :ECVTW Mes !owf oareoe fee S'r!s League fool ove' The vang' OF Mc- ioofba! Wed. Mdba Fame was in cwafqe Q? 'wo fo owhwq zifogfamz Ye 2 and sovqs s!wofT fa!!fs of Mm. Pxarov Buffs md D". !-ierry Es ers, 'w'voduc+!on of We mrelfy some oy Coacf G!easom, and We sfea My m 1 'oder' and We t1!s!rw!eq'a!for O5 We Se me Beer. A glemhq V. as s'owr' Em We uxzpef rig!!! !1GVTG nzfefue fouled off a Vey ssccesslu! amd'-. A 'He foe seeco! ewffes if- 'He eioffw avwa! Fowie' Fe! Fesfve pereoe offef New Me Daod wefe bU!!f memo 'oe 'eefwe V :of Vkfofy. !!1e :ou C asses emo roam oi +ve Q ues mace :!evef 5!oe!s fo add +G We coof 55 'fe oay. The zfcfwes oe ow vow :ew of Ve Q uh efw'f!e2. We G"!s! Arn!efA: C!ub ower !e5+ wov Woofer f mevfow' Me HEY caf Ci"'AQ'l Me o55!cfw3' 'ee T-Jhsqw and Dagoe' C ,O 3owef "off Hand foo! !r'fo zinze. H I" ' l'FRlENDSHlP." OTTicers: Harold DeOrian, presidenT: Joe Pereira, vice-president ErnesT Shiralcawa, secre- Tary'Treasurer: Earl Hill, chieT sponsor: O. W. SmiTh, KenneTh Gleason, assisTanTs. PresidenT DeOrian welcomed The new boys and was in charge oT a swim parTy during The Treshman pre- school days. The FederaTion conTinued iTs acTiviTies by sponsoring a Noise Parade Tor The Fall FesTival rally. The TirsT prize oT Three dollars wenT To The Falcons whose enTry was an anTifaircraTT gun. The FuTure Farme ers won The second prize oT Two dollars Tor The mosT original enTry. The members oT The rally commiTTee were Shiralcawa, Joe Pereira, F, Wilkins, Blayney, L. Willcins, Harding, Young, and Oaroian. A movie enTiTled "Diesel Engines." and a sporT movie were shown To The boys. The FederaTion pro- vided ornamenTs Tor The ChrisTmas Tree. They also held a parTy in February. The annual boxing TournamenT sponsored by The boys in March was very successTul. The TournamenT was open To The public wiTh a small admission price. The commiTTee included Andy Pursell, all class boys! aThleTic managers: and The school publiciTy chairmen. OFFICERS BH:-1 row: Tnirasura Kazaniia' ' 4 EHTTE' TTAEUT I WILL STRIVE NOT TO BECOME BETTER THAN OTHERS, BUT BETTER THAN MYSELF." Colors: Purple and Lavendar. Flower: VioleT. OTTicers: Shir- ey Cobb, pvesidenT7 Melba Frame, vice-presidenT: Pauline Pendergrass, secreTary: Elaine Goodrich, 'reasurery Akilco Hirasuna, courTesy commiTTee: Phyllis Vlaxwell, beauTy spoT: DoroThe Buchanan, guesTion box? Vlelba Frame, program: Gloria Kazaniian, losT and Tound: Mrs. Kellogg, Miss Feaver, co-sponsors. The Girls' League gave a Big and LiTTle SisTer Tea during The Treshman pre-school days. ln OcTober They 'ook parT in The Noise Parade wiTh a collecTion oT alarm clocks and had charge oT The rally aTTerward. The League senT de!egaTes To The Valley ConTerence aT YosemiTe. Many girls aTTended The Tall masquerade parTy in TWG gym. The spring picnic came in May. The beauTy spoT commiTTee did good work in The nalls, wiTh a Theme Tor each monTh, The courTesy com- miTTee provided Tlowers Tor The oTTice and Tor sick girls. The guesTion box commiTTee had charge oT The January meeTing. Several losT and Tound sales were held during The year. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Hill, Perei'a, DeO"ar S'i rakawa. SCHOLARSH4 Sf'C'ETV SA 1 . , iz To neu ln" 3-'gr' 1' 'fir' Kr ' o N H lr. EEHUTAHSHIP TTUETTATIUN liSCl'lQl.ARSl'TlP FUR SERVICE! OTTicers: Laurice Blayney, presidenT: Carolyn Magill, secreTary-Treasurer, Mrs. Pearl C. Kellogg, sponsor. ChapTer 56 oT The CaliTornia Scholarship Federa- Tion This year has had a ToTal membership oT 24, one oT The largesT in iTs hisTory, The group held regular meeTings on The TirsT Thursday oT each monTh in room 9. WiTh Gloria Kazaniian as chairman oT The com- miTTee, The group devised The guarTerly T-lonor Roll To give recogniTion To sTudenTs who could noT gualiTy Tor The FederaTion buT who did crediTable worlc in school. ln November The club presenTed an assembly pro- gram aT which William Meux oT Fresno spoke on scholarships aT The UniversiTy oT CaliTornia. "The Torch," The newspaper oT The 2OTh disTricT, was published by The Fowler grouo in January wiTh The Tollowing in charge: T-Tumi T-lanashiro, ediTor: Sara Na- iarian, assisTanT ediTor3 John Bargamian, business man- ager. A bowling parTy was held in Feoruary wiTh supper aT The Willcins home laTer. ln April delegaTes aTTend- ed The sTaTe conTerence aT Sequoia T-ligh in Redwood CiTy. An educaTional Trip To Fresno in May concluded Their acTiviTies. TCURTAIN GOING UPQT Colors: Red, WhiTe, and Blue. Flower: WhiTe carnaTion. OTTicers. Two semes- Ters: FrnesT Shiralcawa, l-Tarold DeOrian, presidenT: Phyllis Maxwell, John Woody, vice-presidenT: Sara Naiarian, Maxine ClemenTs, secreTary-Treasurerg Ar- Thur Van T-Torn, sponsor. WiTh several evening meeTings in The homes oT members or The sponsor, The Masque and Dagger Club had many inTeresTing aTTairs. They enTered a TloaT in The Fall FesTival parade and presenTed a one- acT play, l'0ne Way OUT oT lT' aT The FesTival enTer- TainmenT. OTher acTiviTies included Two one-acT plays, "Mrs. O'Leary's Cow," and l'Seven To One," and The ChrisTmas Play, "VJhy The Angels Sang Tor Joyf The members helped wiTh The malce-up and scenery consTrucTion Tor The Junior and The Senior Plays. Their social acTiviTies also included a slcaTing parTy aT The Fresno RollaTorium. ATTer each evening business meeTing, games were played and reTresh- menTs were served. Those who parTicipaTed in The Senior Play, 'The Green GhosT, were also members oT The club. A ' MTTETTUT ANU UTTEEETT 4 .Jfif ' f- 5. C- :frr--rg F4 T-4-':'g A AH'-is 2' if :,,.-. ::.. ,N 9 Bxrs A Lxse J. Stl. ,.. rs J 'Ay4,,lY J , , ,N E IC ,A H,-M, if D s ss-'r L W 1 rs U. -f s -. F-5321- V' J er-e f- '1 -:N A -' F V.s'g3' . V3 . .. V , 9 P1 F A -V Pwr., ui gnc, V s I "1.I'f. s 'Q-rf if f r K -- -s C F: :rf , T -r Q C L: 5, Pfam' M. B T: 1" 1'2" 'pw 'T -ffyz' Jzra rf' 3' HSPORTSMANSI-IIP.'l Colors: Brown and Yellow, OTTicers: Melba Frame, presidenT3 Sara Naiarian, vice- presidenTg Ramona Lango, secre-Taryg Karleen Maxwell, Treasurer: Lorriene Daniels, sponsor. The Girls' AThleTic Club enTered a TloaT in The Fall FesTival wiTh The "V Tor VicTory" Theme which won honorable menTion. lniTiaTion oT seven girls came aT a ChrisTmas and lniTiaTion parTy. The club pre- senTed an assembly program in January wiTh Sara Naiarian in charge. Each member had a mysTery Triend To whom she presenTed giTTs on various holidays. The club has had numerous social aTTairs: a Roller SlcaTing parTy in Feb- ruaryg a geT-TogeTher wiTh The FuTure Farmers in March: a wiener roasT in April, and a moonIighT swim in May. As a Senior Farewell, The girls wenT To The mounTains Tor a weelc-end camp. EIIIIS' Illllllllll EIIIIJ lil GIRLS' ATHLETIC CLUB Back row: J. Mc' Clurg, K, Raco, Miss Daniels, M. Frame: Third row: S. Naiarian, C. Harada, F. Kanenaga, R. Hagihara, M. Honda, A. Blayneyg second row: P. Pendergrass, V. Pinfo, M. Wilkins: K. Maxwell, S. Cobb, M. KikuTa, K. Teramofo, H. Shirakawa, R. Langog fronT row: Gladys Kazaniian, Soraolca, H. Selvian, E Horn, J. Schuknec , C. Magill, Gloria Kazaniian. D. TTT "SWIM FOR SAFETY." OTTicers: Jaclcie SchulcnechT. presidenTg Pauline Pendergrass, secreTary3 Karleen Max- well, Treasurer: Lorreine Daniels, sponsor. The renewing oT Life-Saving CerTiTicaTes and The earning oT new ones came aTTer The opening of The pool in SepTember. In December The LiTe Saving Corps was organized wiTh eighTeen members. The group held regular supper meeTings on The Third Tues- 32 LIFE SAVING CORPS Sfandingz P. Pen- dergrass, A. Blayney, M. Frame, J. Mc- Clurg, Miss Daniels, R. Thomas, R. Main' land, J. SchuknechTg middle row, G. An- Triasian, K. Maxwell, C. Magill, H. Shira- kawa, B. A. Turner, B. Long, D. Bull, E. Shirakawa: fronT row: 8. Kanenaga, M. McCIurg. IITI SAVING EUIIPS day OT every monTh. One oT The responsibiliTies oT The club has been guarding The pool Tor club parTies and during physical educaTion periods. AT The reopening oT The pool in May, Junior and Senior liTe saving courses were given and many sTudenTs passed The examinaTions. Social acTiviTies included a swimming parTy in Fresno and a senior Tarewell in June. "BE SOUARE." Colors: Pinlc and Green. Officers: Ida Salcohira, presidenfp Lucy Soraolca. vicenpresidenfi Sue Yamane, secrefaryg Thelma Lumsden, Treasurer: Lillian Tripp. sponsor. ln Sepfember 'rhe Home Economics Club changed ifs name fo The Spoon and Spool Club. The group 'roolc parf in fhe Noise Parade wifh a household ufilify band. Af fhe Fall Fesfival Foofball game fhe girls sold modernisfic pompoms. Five new members joined lhe club af fhe l'lal- loween inifiafion parfy. The group enferfained fif- feen needy children wifh games, giffs. and refresh- menfs af fheir annual Chrisfmas parfy. A Valenfine parfy was enioyed in February. Many members affended fhe l-lome Economics Disfricf Convenfion af Fresno Sfafe College in which fhe Omicron Sigma Pi acfed as hoslesses. They found fhe meefings very helpful as well as social. The club enlerfained all fhe freshman girls af a spring fea, and in June fhey held a Senior Farewell. SPIIUN ANII SPUIII SPOON AND SPOOL Back row: Alice Lunnsden, Virginia Bendoski, Miss Trippq second raw: Annie Manfredi, Rosetta Sha- fer, Dorofhy Mukai, Edna Sue Larqenf, Marvelle Greeno, Thelma Lurnsden, Kilcuve Doi, front row: Alice Ochi, Milriye Tera- mofo, Ida Sakohira, Lucy Rodriguez, Do- rene Newberry, Lucy Soraoka, Sue Yarnane. INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP CLUB Sranding: Miss Bales, Jean Ninomiya, Yo shi Hanashiro, Laura Bailey, Kimilro Kara- vamay sirling: Jeanelfe Toyama, Helen Yarnaguichi, Alrilvo I-lirasuna, Lorraine Ma' glio, Humi Hanashiro, June Wearhers. ,- "-lu... INITIINAIITINIII FRIENDSHIP "FRIENDSHIP THROUGH TI-IE YEARS." Officers: I-lumi I-lanashiro, presidenfg Alcilco I-lirasuna, vice-pres- idenf: Lorraine Maglio, secrefary-freasurer: Joan Bales. sponsor. The lnfernafional Friendship Club of Fowler High School was firsf organized in I928 wifh Mrs. Kellogg as advisor. Several years Iafer a charfer was granfed by fhe nafional organizafion. This year fhe club has had fen members. ln November a movie enfifled "A Trip Through Europe, ' which was falcen in I?35, was shown by Miss Smead. Various members of fhe club have con- lribufed enferfainmenf during fhe meefings. ln Feb- ruary Miss Senn spolre fo fhe girls on her fravels in Mexico. The group held a candy sale af one of fhe baseball games. During fne year fhe members corresponded wifh sfudenfs in Soufh Africa, l-lawaii, Swifzerland. and fhe Philippines. Some of The girls also enjoyed Irnifling for fhe Reo Cross. 33 Grzrf- N gfss 2' J . TA3'f1"v Ayres K' fi 'iw' A--' er- N'fss1"a':l"i'f- Petr. ' "V: 'vw' Miss TfAf'fr Grra Anviwsiv Inv' ffsgv rlar Mvwz M Vow' Ar' Hfwgrig-if Baa sw' V-r'n1L-A v'L Ezw G" :rrrr Me' .r A' mr' Su' E :ic"' '7,s"J'1 sf",": ' A Prsf lv' v f, ic'-.V-Q ' S Sirf- 1' Kew" OIQL RESERVES 332' r' V P"'s HEC-' ., . Q..,,.,. HY ., 'ew S' Pr- 'is TAA-we ME' ,' M' V 'er Jxf Cgwa' -axe ice, MJ: rf Cerrens D Emp. pegs' gag, p, ..,,.,',. , PTO FIND AND GIVE THE BEST. Coors: Blue and WhiTe. OTTicers: June Cowan, presidenT' Marilyn Mil- ler, viceApresidenT: Laura Dice, secreTa'y' Maxine ClemenTs, Treasurer: Eleanor Torosian, song leaoer: ElizabeTh TeeTer, sponsor. The Girl Reserves enTered a TloaT in The Fall FesT'val parade, using The Theme, "VicTorious over Self The enTry won honorable menTion. The annual RecogniTion Service Tormally ushered The new members inTo The club. The group made six scrap books Tor The children's ward aT The CounTy HospiTal. AnoTher acTiviTy was an assemby program. The girls iniTiaTed TourTeen new members aT a combined ChrisTmas and lniTiaTion parTy. OTher social acTiviTies included a parTy wiTh The Hi-Y in January, a snow Trip To Shaver Lake wiTh The Hi-Y and Camera Club in February, and a "DaTe NighTl' iri April. The remaining members bade The senior girls Tarewell aT a luncheon in June. YE SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE." OTTicers: Phyllis Maxwell, ci-esidenfp lda Sakohira, secreTary-Treasurer: RuTh Smead, sponsor. The Fow'er chapTer oT The Ouill and Scroll was esTablished in l93C?. The naTional honor socieTy Tor high school iournalisTs was Tormed in IQZ6 To reward 7niTiaTive in nigh scnool iournalism. To be eligible Tor membership a iunior or a senior musT rank in The upper Tnird OT his class and musT be doing disTincTive work Ir some pnase of journalism. He musT be recom- mended To The naTional execuTIve secreTary by his 'ournalism sponsor. During The second sernesTer aT Fowler High School, This year's group organized wifh six members: Seico Hanashiro, Phyllis Maxwell, Mary Oda, Ida Sakohira, Mikiye TerarnoTo. and Floyd Wilkins, Jr. AcTiviTies oT Tfie group included an iniTiaTion cere- 'nonial conducTeo by Lowell C. PraTT OT Selma, and The Fresno Spring Press Day. . ...n nr-ir-xnii oem AND scnou sas-ans. na- s'T"ng: Mifiyv Ter3"O'c Miss Smead lin Sgkehirg, M.1rvOda. i W'll'irs Phyllis hfavwfill S3133 P-lgfgg-aify CLEAN LIVING, CLEAN SPEECH, CLEAN ATHf LETICS, CLEAN SCHOLARSHIP, AND A CONTA- GIOUS CHRISTIAN CHARACTER' Colors: Blue and Gold. OTTicers: Joe Pereira, presidenT, Harold De Orian, vice-presidenT: BernharT Cedarberg, secre- Tary-Treasurer: C. H. Yoder, sponsor. The Hi'Y senT John Woody and BernharT Cedarf berg To The Y. M. C. A, Leaders' ConTerence held aT Lale Sequoia. The club boys were guesTs aT a ioinT meeTing wiTh Kingsburg in November. In March The club was Tavored by a reporT oT The Hi-Y Congress held aT YosemiTe November 2I-23. On December 9Th They sponsored a movie enf TiTIed I'Bring ern Baclc Alivel' sTarring Eranlc Buclr. The club had charge oT The grammar school basIceT- ball TournamenT in Eebruary and The Traclc meeT in May. Their social evenTs included a ChrisTmas parTy, and in January each boy broughT a girl Tor a l'daTe nighT.l A snow Trip was The highlighT Tor Eebruary. The asT social acTiviTy oT Tne group was a ioinT parTy wiTh The Girl Reserves. SUTURE YARMERS OF AMERICA Bai' 'ow Mr 'hif'-'un' H Keri V Ccwar R Pxsei A. ,I--HN. H Ha ifg L .nrfw E. FQ' o'o P. 3ri"iai' J M "S'ISen J. 'wrffxivi sf' '1 'rw G "Ti H. C-1: I Uye we D. Pxse J. Tho"':v r R KEN: Y Mowfd, K Rerqe J. Gyaceiian J. Mf-Ale, M 55,3 ir' Wo" "ws Tv' N'1fY'.'3 R -iv--f I O R. cs, ini, M Mwmriavasm M, If- TIIIIIIIT IAIIIVITIIE UT IIIVITIIIIIA 'LEARNING TO DO' DOING TO LEARN: EARNA ING TO LIVE: AND LIVING TO SERVE.'l Colors: Blue and Gold. Flower: Pansy. OTTicers: Laurice Blay- ney, president Howard Harding, vice-president Harry Kouno, secreTaryg Roy KaTo, Treasurer: Andy Pursell, reporTerg AITred ClemenT, waTch dog: Ered Tniemann, sponsor. WiTh individual proiecTs The boys enTered The Eresno DisTricT Eair and The STaTe Eair and Toolc many ribbons and over SIOO in money. Jaclc Thompson, Ted Kondo. and Roy KaTo placed TirsT, second, and Third in The Fair Ticl4eT selling conTesT. In The early spring Two conTesTs were held: vine pruning, and a chapTer proie-cT conTesT. The group played several inTer-chapTer baslceTbalI and baseball games. Social evenTs oT The Eowler ChapTer No. 48 in- cluded iniTiaTion oT eleven Greenhands, a slcaTing parTy aT The Eresno RoIIaTorium, an exciTing snow Trip, and a Tishing Trip in The early spring. A Tarewell parTy To The graduaTing FEA boys ended Their acTiviTies. TIIIIIITII III-Y "LEARNlN6 BY EXPERlMENTlNG." OTTicers: George Toyama, presidenT: Jaclc Asadorian, vice-presidenTZ Edmund Licon, secreTary-Treasurer: C. l-l. Yoder, spon- sor. Several members oT The Radio Club improved Their radio seTs or builT new ones. During The spring, They spenT a Tew evenings on DX hunTs. The club sponsored a movie sTarring Joe E. Brown on January lllllllll Elllll lll TllllE I4. The group had a candy sale al' one OT The bas- keTball games. Social acTiviTles oT The group included a parTy Tor The new members. Several baslceTball games were played wiTh various clubs of The school. ln March The boys Toolc a Trip wiTh Their sponsor To a radio sTaTion, KARM, in Fresno. RADIO CLUB Back row: C. Boornazian J. Oda, L. Fosfer. V. Ginder, Mr. Yoderg middle row: J. Asa- dorian, B. Lefizio, V, Gior- qini, C. Sarlrisianj Tron? row: S. Kirkoriany N. Ni' shina, R. Frrnoian C Kc vahianl T. Saga, E. Licon, E. Krilcorian! G. Toyama. MSAFETY FIRST IN Sl-lOOTlNG.ll Colors: Sage Green. OTTicers: Ted Sheldon, president Melvin Young, vice- presidenT: Morris Caudle, secreTary-Treasurer: A. Q. PayTon, sponsor. This year The RiTle and Archery clubs have connf bined Their acTiviTies. OuTsTanding evenTs oT The year consislred OT several hunTing Trips. The TirsT was on November I5 in The area oT MendoTa. They enjoyed 36 RIFLE AND ARCHERY CLUB Back row: Mr. Paylon, J. Mealy, K, Carfwrighf, T. Sheldon, M, Young, F. Frechow, Mr. S'af Tong middle row: A. Garabedian, H,Tik1, iran, D, Nilrssarian, G. Surabuan, F. BuSf lar'anTe, J. Williamson A. An'-iasiar-3 lrc'T row: R. Kirnrey, S. Danielian, R. Ohanneslar, D, Evans, M. Caudls-. sexeral oTner spring hunTs in The viciniTy OT Lafon. TargeT shooTing was pracTiced aT Their regular rnonThly meeTings. Some oT The members compleTed The archery equipment The boys also helped malce a bookcase and Tur- nished boolcs Tor The Fowler squad room aT The Fresno Air Base. KEEP EM FLYlNG.N Qfffcersi Tween? Snginoro an ann-alrorafl om wnron won We Yrs+ prize of Tnree Pfeidenf' Marfin BOYGUM, vizercresoenr' Robor' odiers for We rnosf nose rnnV'WC5 SUNY- Toe? cornrc Tnonnas, secrcfaryfrreasurer' Henry Keerncf' non' enrr, of fa ocornoive 'n 're Fa! :esf'vaW parade ako SOV- wo' rwo oo fax. DUFXVIQ fig iirsf qudner fng Jup-C, EFQTUQQ-1 M, rV1a,CL,. fn? boys ,.e,Oe,J fine Fowler American Ch5nQ9d WSW Home To We Fa1COrWS QGWQSL TW Legion he d a kno :lying confesf Jo' 'he grammar scnoo' Club 'S WIC' bOY5 who are 959955 'Y mferegfea IP mode cniloren. Tne duo Helo a rubber pane confesf in Aprn. airplanes. Tne cmb enfered We Noise Paraoo wfn CAMEPA CLQ5 32'-f I M. Non... 1 Mrqif Q X... Q ,fav ,. give? 1 V Y K ,,L,,., ., ,. MA W VFLCONS Stardingz R. "owes, M. Bovaiiar, T. N skid, G. Fpfrrnoro Mr. K ee-"ever: sf""g: T. S.- : "'o'o P. Boonosiar M. ?5'abe:ian P-4. Dol, N. f':r:'s D. Bo 1. S"z . 3212" 2' F' Us ' 'r ' KYLE DEVELQP. Coors: Ben arc VVn"e. Cwiersi :onff-fr. ff' fre flofemoer rneyro Rknaro Mai- Ernesf Srrwfowe sresoenr' Eienros 'f'r'g5" Xie era oennorrr eo r,r7'fAnq avi n Decernoer Jonn Ores oerr' Torn forenera zeirewrffrees rer' D rf Birgnnnin snohei now 'Q oeve op 5 Wm. Me" ano oar?r5:rr eucerfzor' 'fee '-'fiC-rr Ve iofl 'eo 5 Zero. sae of J5"U5'Xf '6 af rne SON Lerrwre rn-e. T'e,f ewerez fne 'Merduo oesPe+ba Efffeef , 'ree' 'os were ret 5. 're farrerff F r :ire e 're g':,:, iziznzoreu e Campos snacsror VT V6 'GENES E2Cf'Ci"'. T'Q" Lili? Si ii '."'. nee- rj" 'fan' 2.6 M" 55153 5mf3r'35g 'ne whners, consbwo 35 ooers. 13" 'onerara gates no F gr ' 'n Semper, are a :arf 'r May enoeo 'ne Jrmmf' K-'i'5 9'?iC'C ' 'ro Fen ra Fee" fe' ai' fre., 'W of 4 1 5 ? IEQCAT QFVWEVV STAF5 'f'1':'q X-VLC! Gr' 1e' V"'3'1S' ' .f'.' F?--'qv Hedfsnri i."S' s"'g Dif Cfwfi M," 'J-,M ', ,," 'E 31s- Mrqzr Ltrfr VJ3 M321 Sf' 'CURNAL SM 1 ENSNQN STAFCS Len' she. ' 4 ' sian ,f SCHCDCDI. JCDURNALISTS Working aHevnaTeNy, iv-fQC'aHSn'i1dF3 up of Miss Rurn Srnead 5 firsr year joufn a rsnn dass5L1"nisHOdfnceCOpy'rC'Wenrqr1SClnOONnOreSfn +ne Fovvier Ensign. Unrouqn ne C0uvfesyorVV1r.and Mrs, Rr! Brock, ine owners Q5 fne Ensign, ine dass rnaoe a fnoouqn Engpecfion of Tnc ioce r-Janf +0 le-grn 'rne rnecranta processes Invoiveo Tn news oroducnon. Tne Reima? Re-vrew nas be-an Q grea' success rnrodgnouf fne year vvI+1 Serco Henasnro as ecnor ano M553 Herene Senn as sponscr. Tne reoorfers Cer+aEnv Qcverea +ve meer rnorcegnly. The sape' Contained news of scorfs creme. musk :Leg and crner adiviries. we favored wrfn gossio columns and orner 'earurea Ve ceoer gave 51 ind! fe 'fe smcewfs every Friday ans nas been vabade 'F Shing Me Ernecrranf eve"s C'Jff9SChOO1yE'6'. Tne Rec1caTRevIew S1555 ii ce-en as iorrows: Eglfgv , V Y - Serco Hanasnne Fvivanr Eqngr - Robeff Buns Sr - MISS He ene Sem 5 ff, w5,fv,Qf, v - TneNma Trernri17ns:n U' H' 51" Pg ,' 1, Eqnqzr, Georg-3+'e Ranoedr Pn,'W 'Q Va-v.'e3 Cup Effgf Y -'-' Cuff V'n,a-'1 Fasnens Qi-1 QMH-r - June Cowan Mwlg"f.r Y - Laura Die Spyfi 1 Gwen SHH,JKn'1rn-,f Kurara GHS S: 1- 7 HUM Hanasniro, Aurora Lose: Tyrjifg fllcrofne BuCnanen,Marj,fOC1a 38 .Yin vN"3Q" "f5'X'L:x 3-- 'T X-V L? Vw V: 3 M1-NL x .. .,-..-.,q-,- ,,, .1 J nf' VAN, 4 K 'fr'-'fK1.w,v T'F'A E1i',jT JE ' 5 ,,..1 WGRKING TCDGETI-IEP? 1-1 pu vw'-""1 FO 'cwkg 'we same Aoea of CC3DC'GT'O'V 95 we L'+crEa asf yeaf We swf? has mace grew feacvvafx fcwafc A -Amefcaw Hcrcfs again, Urgerdaesmen wno are Cubs have fader: Ve efecm've 5'6" emo Fave wcffed 5aI+hfu-Wy and Faro To pm ou? A we1f0r'gafTZQd annual. Twq rm,-rzzrwg' C: Me ervivc smff is as fdlowsi ECTTZ' - - - - - F15 Q VWHcIm3, Jr, f Ais':'an' E':"3' - Ida SGLCOVWVVB 0fgan'3a":'1 - May C615 AcrQ7"fJ. QLCJ6 fkveuizkr Deva PHyQ 33 Mafwe 'fqsf - Kafieife Tozfdf PMOPQG'-C'C Qddfs Kazavfef Sr,1,"'1 f - f f S6423 Hawishiro fA1:':Tar'3 - Geyge Tzama Qafmcni Ki'T7'E,f S751 f1.1'1'2w'1 - SYZ"fiK':.':1"H5:" Ja'Q 'JCC wg Q ' f Qffafu 'fi' wi : . 5,iA'e11 'ir - - - - 'ff ,Q Te F' fi fri' - S75 Aff" 'ef Jzfzf' P4 H n 1!n,,', Q I F . . - F 5, ,L T23 we 2 TI: "' :','n V121 Suri' Q, 0 H fr 'iVY'C'C ,-,,, ,- QVJQV gzzfa' Smeefl QYBWT-Cp T P1 T S0012 Mm., al Ns BPND 'T A' Tl' STH' ' 'J L. Var V Ciwxf C B345 M B'."""" '7 NWA, .T W' Tmsrr L, Bower C Ken' wr' 'r ff ww M Nglfg " .'T A c.1'.1T"'.1i.i' VL J. F3 Sha"-r V. Hlocf 3' J De Pas:-.1 1' A C min" T Q2 ' C JZ' :' se:fi"': 'fm H K' , l, Tm: fi'-:ian R A.- '1 s Trgi i' I SWL 'V F?.B.1rar R. G3 mm. 5 Defzergrass D Tlx'-' vlan A Two L 1" "1" ':N'.l.Ei'J:e1 1' J Fir' ' ip, 4 Niki' sh ha u Nirch in M, Te'2"c" M, K'-ua C T'a"V:a A Kzuhr: K Sa V12 F. Kaveraga 9 'Tigirfi BAND Sl-IOWS ITS CQLCDTQS The l2edcaT band direcTed by John VV. STaTon, played an imporTanT ro.e during The scnool year in rallies, games, assemblies, and in many parades. The TorTy acTive members were always willing To do whaT They could BuT The people alone d?d noT malce The band so successTul' Their brighT red and whiTe uniTorms, precise march- ing, and peppy music helped To make a big hiT. Several new insTrumenTs and a drum corps oT Ten members direcTed by Mr. STaTon were an imporTanT addiTion To Tne organi1aTion This year. The oTTicers oT The band have been Joe Garabedian, presidenT: Dolsie ScheidT, secreTaryg Verna Lee Viau, Treasurer. The band has produced several 'SpoTlighT l"liTs" such as The Hamburger Band oT The FuTure Farmers, die recTed by F. G, Thiemann, and The Toy Band, led by Drum Major, MarTin Boyaiian. These really gave pep To several rallies and assemblies. Our six high-sTruTTing maioreTTes were led by Maxine ClemenTs. NNiTh The addiTion oT new red and whiTe haTs Topping Their colorTul cosTumes, They made Their TirsT public appearance oT The year in The Fall FesTival. Besfdes oTher parades In which They led Tne band, The Arm'sTice Day celebraTion in Fresno was The greaTesT, and There also The maioreTTes gave much color To The Fowler ldgh School enTry. The drum corps, a new group This year, also direcTed oy Mr. STaTon ard consisTing oT Ten members, meT everyday second period, They have been learning new cadences consTanTiy. They have marched wiTh The band in several evenTs and will be a big addiTion To iTs cerTormances nexT year. TJAJCRETTES Evfs Ke'-2' TAa'gcsa' D"': A""asa" Treelirg Cef'e"'s. The anmhalspfmg band Con- cerT was presenTed To a Tull house. The sliT, The Social Whirl,l had The Tollowing casT: Mr. SmyThe AniTa Condoian? Jerlcins, Ralon Bacon: CounT Boresky, Joe Qarabedian, PeTe JiTTy, Joe Topoozian' Mrs. Van SnooTy, Rubye Avedesian, The musical numbers included marches, overTures. and walTzes by The band, a TrumpeT Trio, a TluTe solo, GWO The naTional an- Thems. ESCYS GLEE S'3'3irg'H,Ar1e'ser A. Pxsci F Brrr-,HS :QEST-'MAN SEXTETTE K, His'-e"er V, T-'.::i ,.VJi'szr V. TWC ,rg P. T,r:En S, Avi 3 9. ''a' SYNPQ e-. De-Orizr J"' Pr-rfirf Use . A' :rrs-ar W. Ne.qar:'. i T .io v cw uousw SEXTETTE 52 . 'W v eww V c war 11 PM warm esufow SEXTETTE S cn: J, sew N D B, rr ii :HN if Van,-T5 H Se v V J. Mfc ,ra B we wer.-iii.-'rf H fi-,N T. Kr1"lril'iil' iNiThT'S M Cf"'L"'S' Y'I 17" A E f.' v TA f 'I l' J 3,14 T B :Z 'TIQYTH' A '4"V74A'! A K' " ' l'. HATQMQNIES IN ASSEMBLIES In orienTaT cosTurne on The sTage durino The Crv'sTmas pTay, The boys glee mace cne oT -ner nr1osT success' added much To iTs ful appearances oT The year, They sang BeauTiTu Savior! during The rnanger scene and irnpressiveness. Two oTher oT Their rnosT narrnonfoua ieTecTions This year 'wave beer STrike Lp The Band, i and STouTfhearTed Men. In The picTure They are seen sTudying The Shepcerdsi Serenade! The Tresnrnan sefTeTTe enTerTained 'he sTLdenT eody aT ocening day assemo!y These ers sang TogeTher L in The eig- Th grade and have carried on Their harrnon beToveo BeTTy Mclcernore wno died in Cc'ooer. T and Town enTerTainrn nigh schoo. The fur' ChrisTrnas oagearT a The girs giee C cTner very succeesTu mined wiTn Trwe OTW6' robes HFC carried ig TogeTner wiTn T Tra The gee cfuo soring cor:erT very i Among rurnoeri were se- eghcns 'rcrn The Flmcracrer Su'Te arranged Torgirs vo'cez, Sefe'a 'cof 'are de 'dr'eo ,Q zurirc: 'he :e'Ta Kariariir Serie' Fn"a Czrdoiar Kadeer 'faffwe f-goes Kr'-:rar arc Pe'er H,e'Ta lx :re hafe1'r':" Mi1', 2i"' ':"'J Z ,funni- 'r in nign school, 'Wanda Vviexyigdmdf 'ook The ra ace oT nf- renior sefTeTTe nas been heard in mary crurch ser-Jces enTs as we as oTTen here aT scrCoT, TTS members rave beer TcgeTner for :our yearg in or sexTeTTe whose girs have worfed TogeT'er :or Trree years Tool an acTve oarT in Trwe swef: as r The June' fxesencc, crogrann. uo whose rnernbere usuahy aririear in or'gnT red and whiTe cniiornrws 'as 'lCYTTL16'6C an- year under The cacasfe d'rei"oi of M52 TeeTer, In The Crrirrnas cagea'T They com' rnusic groucs To rrare an irnzff-'ave rnusca seTTirg Tor The zTa,. Here They wore reo nTeo cano'ea Tor Tnr. rfocezicna and Tne rece-zsiona. he Omesr ipki., fi 4517, 'QXQBQLQQQ f 5QS52,'5f J El-2iQ.AvgQ'Q 1 . Q made fqe A. T-Trasqz - 'lyme A143213 'f '-:ra'z'3 L Szresra, nTeresTing. -l' - ... cj .1 ,-ffwfvx , CHESTRA ST J g R :sa Tao G- Nl 5 Kkula H adaOV ma e N a N oJWIlan DU RI NG REI-I EAIQSAI. Much oT The enTerTaunmenT oT our school year should be credrTed To The splendid cooperaTuon OT The advanced orchesTra Under The careTul dlrecTuon oT Mr STaTon :T has had a successTul year Turnush :ng The musical baclgrounds Tor The various school plays On The n ghT oT The ChrusTmas play The orchesTra gave several selecTuons uncludmng AT ChrlsTmas Trde and Whale Shepherds WaTched Their Floclcs by NlghT and Th processuonal and recessuonal musrc Tor The Gurls Glee Club and chorus OTher programs aT ww h Th orchesTra and a Tune piece oT worlc rncluded The Junuor Play The Sensor Play an The Baccalau C T servvce WrTh The Gurls Glee Club The orchesTra also prosenTed a sprung concerT oT choral and ln T umenTal mus c oT very Tune qualuTy Mr STaTon also conducTed a course IU orchesTraTuon on Tuesday and Thursday nughTs Tor Those who were unable To aTTend The class durrng The day Thus group asslsTed The regular orchesTra during plays and programs guven aT school The orchesTra somehmes played songs arranged by The members oT The ElemenTs oT Tvlusnc Clas These sTudenTs have done remarkably Trne wor an composrTron and :T as an advanTage especially To The sTudenT as w ll as The Teachers To be able To frrTe songs NfVe surely have a Tune group oT musucuans aT our school AT r The resugnanon oT sch ol pranlsT Allce Blayney becaus oT her many oTher acTrvuTres :T was necessary Tor The sTudenT body To selecT anoTher person Tor permanenT pranrsT ThereTore TryouTs were held rn OcTober Trom The Thxrd perrod prano class Each member played a selecTron and several yudg s hose Th mosT capable person T The posrTuon DoroThe Buchanan was appounTed wnTh l-larrueTT Shrralcawa and Carolyn Magrll assusTanTs These gurls have played TauTnTully Tor assemblxes al nes and many oTher sTudenT body aTTa rs SCHCOL PTANTSTS STa d g Magll S J a a 5 g B c a a 42 T l T OR A anfin 3 .-Mamland, G. Arm? I nu Mr, S T ng slTTIng: R. Errnoian, ,T lnomiya ,A, Blavnev, S. Y mane. M. Ai! , C. ar , . mesard, M, Nrnornlya, K. Kam' ma, T. Maxwell, P. Birdsell, B, Karr naga, H, TTT , M. aicamura, Y. Hanashir , . T I wson. T f v ' I 4 T .I , . ,, - T. . . . ,. . . . . 3 . . . ,.f A ,. . . . , . , 1 . . . , "4 f X5 'H , , .. , . c . . . . . S. S e , xy . I I . . . LF . L. A . , . A T. e , , V . . Y . F F D , c. o Cr 4 . . l . 1 . . r l v . , . . . , r , , I . n Tn : T , V' - .N- TWP! WI-IY TI-IE ANGELS SANG PQI? JOY The drama are Decembef17 Tre se Hafan Heron! Ha Ralph Ermoman Qume or Padvmg Pemdevqm Q Pmqrf e orw and Nw r wvmw, S owe fc Cwrmrs 0 qvvm Hu +ve muswc of: arfmcfvs + r rmf in 1 1 s FU oh warm' or Coen A ur Cab? of WW he AWQQ 9 Tor Pcuofu LL rw Smear man AIO Car! Sa swim Ofe W Zf+6 irfmrfm Ma WOM Wcfnoy JCQ fswr ofnfrf u' O Edwa G K wformfw Q Nav rw Bfya ar CR P F f Pawn if JfNH'f" Hwdmg A I w?Bfw'fef1 ArJFV'V' ru V ma c VET 5 ff! 'X VT1CfV! f md au we-me Vmqbed Qonfwrwousy Tw cm mf wie 'VwHf1V'L omg + dm fwf Hewes Jog Pe-rewfa Jerry Paw fr Q Za QM f w fw Wf Jam f CHFPM f vwff Jae' Jac 6- F U f PHP 3 f-vfj Mr ww Aw D W H 'me qrg f rwee new q mu ,5 ,yjp 0 A+ ff IVJC5 am O CGVOS 'WAV HUVTWUQ 5 WLVP pcdg f 'yr Aaofer J n Pr 4,21 r: in r- .Q + nays C: LL JL HWY fn G NUS f"TLG V Vrwa Nf Pfff' "Vx J r Q r 'XVYW GOWN fx V' an r J NL: fw 3 1 rv' 4 4 "1 ':" 3 K- 'g' 1' 32'-si' K3":J':'. W ' Q1 1. , We yea' C ,,J'1dd f C emma CM? 'mfs J f- In ,Q . 1 ' 7 W 1: Sing F Jcy ' 1 ',: ' f Lf ' Psy P 1 H, ' ' Defl' , " f F,J,p'Le,.T K1 7 wfv, ,. q - f i ' Cipiyt R B We He' d' x ' "' 'H B HH' -Mfwi rw ALI C W T I , 1 :' C 7,1 E' f,-J Swlrw ' Lf Ry' V w .Q f 'F Tx' Him. Th ,Y ,f- Ch 4 3 ff PESQVWT UW 1 xii' JI , ' TVN f VM. Cfwrluf S fwugm bfy. ff 5 d H1 1, " f ' i Q I ff yi f, r 'Q anis VIS tea. To Ci six, '13 ww!! f1.,ff-6 - X We d' " 7 ' 5, 2, ff ' , . :d ' V Cl, Q" 2 C' ' HJ Loo WIN F, ,T ' ' ' YG" Kfig!:C:VT V' wg!! C rn " Li 3,1 UUJCW Slfrlgrd' ful- G- gill, Sffa Cfafk' EI PD, RU,+4Q"3 Jane 355, ' Jia P HT Q SLAM EvQx"v'. 1+ if fc' VIPCJ V A fe vfes Q,.' , -QU+ CVSCGZS- 'wa sf." 6-3 Hu 1 f I W, 0+ , F f' ., L, Qlzfy 'ro G53 H we Hpfee' iz Ve A ' 'mm Seec of We C M .Ly dvd Bffffcarf 3: a King :f+ J QFS g ,, if Qfefgd A K f, 1 Sdfyn- Swh- 5: TM: 'Cf bf L'3L'Ef'P1 KfvfJa"1f anti 'fc 'e 5, N pr, a 3 BAJJIJ Sify Q, "Q A eff, f mf' nf 5-wwf: qzffx -Lrffq an fz,: iz f.Z'f:'j fl: f1':"1'esAff ff We 0:7 X A 5, Q 'CJ 'Mc ma'-2 Va' 573-0 PNAS., 2 warez NVQ' ' we 24:"'sJfei 'Z -QM 451 ,Nez 3: Fzfff,-'L TLC JIV' Q C"3EClC,'CQ!L:1'f iffwgf- Q5 1-ff' fi 'ff- C'r's'me1erQ'Tf:'f"f'i PATSY A W RODUCTIONT STAFF B C M JUNICDTQ PLAY The PaTsf 3 Three acT comedy was presenTed by The Tumor cla s To a qood house on February 27 I The play PaTrrcra played by Elaune Goodruch and Grace her older srsTer BeTTy Mae Beeson gave many Thrrlls and laughs wTTh Theur argumenTs Tony Anderson Lauruce Blayney ToJnd ThaT TT wasnT Grace buT PaTsy ThaT he loved Mrs l-larrlngTon Delsle ScheudT Tavored Grace more Than Pa+sy and permTTTed her To go wherever she desnred and even To wear PaTsy s cloThes Mr T-TarrTngTon Floyd Wrlkuns a ouueT man bossed around by has wrTe ThoughT a loT oT PaTsy Mrs l-TarrunqTon and Grace were qreaTly upseT when Mr l-larrTnqTon Tnnally de clded To Talce over The Tamuly dTTTnculTres and he solved Them To The saTTsTacTuon o PaTsy and Tony The oTher members oT The casT Included KenneTh CarTwruqhT as Bully Caldwell MarTha Murnquan as Sadue Buchanan l-lenry Anderson as PaT O l:laherTy and Drclc Marnland as Tnp BusTy Due To The TacT ThaT T-Tenry Anderson was ull AlTred ClemenT subsTrruT d Tor hum 44 The oTher undersTudues who worlced hard consTanTly To and The casT whenever a member was Tll were Marllyn Muller Paulune Penderorass Thelma Thomplcunson Ted Sheldon RoberT Thomas and Drcx Bull Workunq wrTh Coach Ar Thur Van Horn was Josebn ne Puccolo as sTudenT dlrecTor A arqe number of Tumors wor ed on The vanous comrnTTTees Tor The play Tnerr charrmen wer as Tollows Properhes lfarleen Marfel Scenery and Clean up Morrls Caudle and Edmund Lcon Usherunq Carolyn Pagnll PublucTTy llumn hTanTshTro Tnc eTs Harry Kouno Programs Edna l-Torn Masrc Glorua AnTrTasuan General Elaune Goodruch TAY CCMMTTTEE CHATRMEN S df , Q " I 3 . r 4 T R THE . Clemenfs L, Blamrw E. Goorifihx M. Mlrrqmr K - C Camwrlgnl B. Bf--fqsn' F, Tllns, D Schelii' 9. Minlanrz, 1 I P T face r:,w M, JJTTO FZ. Larqw iv 'rT f, Q Q R E, Gcczrch J. lhccc-o K. .T-M4 'J 1 TT X XT. r - I . . A S . n . . . N . . . . T , N l ul 4 I . - ' . T 'Te . Q . . T ' - . if T f . . T . T ., . ' T ' ' 5 , ' . T X T TT' TT ' T S, T ' ' T Y 7 ' T I . I . . I . . . D . I4 I ll 1 T I X T I . 5, 'yd-'qi T-T. Kounc H. Harnshlro T ' G. An"T'1s VT- sT'Tinq' E, Gofrrfly E HQ'-, Tl-IE GREEN GHOST On Aprrl 24 fhe Sen or Class presen+ d lhe 'rhree acl mySTery Th Green Ghosf 'ro a lull house Arfhur Van Horn was coach and Eluzabelh Rushgran was slu enl drreclor Carolrne Van Wes? Marrorre Wrlr ns a lyrannrcal sp nsrer rn her s v nhcs rnvrle al her lrvrng relafrves o her home lo helo her ma e her wrll Among her proper les were The amoLs Van Wesr pears ofvned oy 'rhe lamry for more Than one hundred years Carolrne Al' Lee Joe Perelra The puller and Magnolra Al ce Bayney her mard had lrved alone lor years n lhe old house PLM COMM T ECHMRMEQ l D H H H as fhoughl fo be haunled The sprrrl ol old General Van Wesl who disappeared rn The Cuvrl War was sard lo relurn lo meer has dead wife When 'rhe guesls all assem bled 'rhe pearls were slolenl Lreure-nan+ Crarg Harold DeOrran and hrs comrc parlner Sergean+ Frlz Marhn Boyarran arrrved on 'rhe scene Susplcron cenlered an lurn on each of lhe guesfs lncludrng Reggae Van Wesl Lee Wrllcrns gusl' rerurned lrom Alruca Dora Van Wesl Lazelra Kandaruan an ex show gurl Eric John Woody The blaclc sheep ol The lamuly Carol Par er lvlaxrne Clemenls Carolrne s charmrng nrece and Dr Barr Bern harm' Cederberg her physrcran To prove whrch or rhese was gurlly Craig made a number of blrnd end clues which larer we e solved by The appearance ol The Green Ghosr Mrs Parker lvlellba Frame a nervous and lllghly woman always worrred abour her daughfer Janrce Phyllrs Maxwell A large group ol sensors worlced on drllerenl commrfrees 'or +he olay The charrmen were as follows Properhes Sara Nalaruan scenery Joe l-luerfa cosfumes Carmel Apodaca usherrng Howard l-lardrng publrcrly Serco l-lanashrro lrclcefs Laura Drce programs Lazeffa Kandarran THE REEN 'Tr-TOST W s B Ce er M J P A D Vv ,,s1 4:1 H yy f A ,. 4 ' , I -e - ' . . V3 - K ,l ' V ,, ' . SVT 1 , ' I x V V - - -ri H . V K I ' 3 e ' ' ' d l ' ' ' 'r l, ' , . 5 l 1 l X ' 'l . l r - ' . T E r I . ce . afoirq, S, an hlro, ' l . l K1"1ar3'. l ' ' r r V I I . A . I V . . . V - , . . , . . .1 , . . . , . . . I - r ' 1 . F I . 4 , . X . : Q PRODUCT 'DN CAST l4.s'lgran, Na'n'ar' Anorxrva, How?-1. 'V' - Cr lv Swrdrng: L. Kanrmriany L. lllrlr . d - N nvq ,Cf-'rf-n's J Wccff, P. Mawr-'lx . rafwell H eOrlan, J 3-fr-'vm M Bryn-Y' giving: M F'-1r'f', M. 'rlbins A Blaynev. 0 . X ' X, 1 rxfl' ZW? A 'Z Q 'C y V - u V f N - K" " H i .g' X CAUGHT AT WORK IN CLASSROOMS Jack and Ben learn Clralling slcills wilh A. G. Payfon in mechanical drawing. Girls 'foo SlUC1'J funda- menlals of phfsics in C. H. Yoders class. "Barney" demen- srrales his slcill wE+h woodshop power sew. Jaclc and Sieve, parl- ners in boys leeds, pref pare apple pies. Roy and Bernice wafch Ernie pul finish- ing louches on his corn- mercial posler. Freshman girls malce sleepers for +he Red Cross in Miss Tripp's homernalcing - nnalh - scif ence class. These senior boys are checking a Subiec' A examinelion in Miss Srneadis English A. Miss Teeler 's super- vising her piano slu- denls. Q. W, Snnifhs cesic X group checlcs up on currenl evenls in rhe Weekly News Review. Charlie Plough pre- pares for defense al his lalhe. 46 THE FIRST HALF SEPTEMBER Freshman pre-school days. Big Sislers en+er+ain LiI+Ie Sislers a+ Iea: Irosh boys swim. Opening assembly: Two new Ieachers. Frosh and iuniors Iead ASB card sales: church council receplion Tor Ieachers. Assembly: ASB card skif and band. FUHS adiourns for Fresno Fair. OCTOBER FUI-IS band concerr aI Fair. New Redcar banner in assembly. I-Iarding and Woody al Lake Sequoia I-Ii-Y mee+. Faculfy pol-luck supper and vocalional guidance discussion. Assembly: FFA awards: bleacher rally. Facully week-end Irip, Lake Sequoia. Color Week: Caps, banner, slickers everywhere. FFA inilialion of Greenhands. 20 Exchange program al Easion. 28 Easlon program here. Lighlweighf Selma game: Noise Parade. 29 Fall Feslivalz Selma game: one-acl play in evening program: Girls' League Yosemile meel. Evening school begins. I-IaIlowe'en assembly: aifernoon rally: Spool and Spoon parlry. I 4 fl NOVEMBER Liforia delegales aI Fresno Slafe Press Day. S Tryouls held Tor school pianisls. E. Goodrich elecfed Junior Red Cross Presidenl. l l I-Ii-Yo Silver! in faculiy assembly: underweighl girls begin milk drinking campaign. lb W. C. Tinkler speaker, Armislice assembly. Band marches in Fresno parade. l7 Masque and Dagger gives Gay Ninefies Revue. I8 Thanksgiving vacalion. Armisfice Assembly, pfese-i?aIion of The colors: borlomz my encamps on The Ioolball Iield. 9 I2 I3 I4 I6 I9 E 23 ' 29 30 F 1' 'T V' R fi yi 5.5, Hall Beaufy Spofs: I-IaIIowe'en and Foorball. Teachers aI insrilule. CSF assembly, wi'rh W. C. Meux speaker on U. C. scholarships. CSF Disfricl convenlion al Roosevelt DECEMBER Bus roufes reversed: senior skaling parly. Shirley Cobb named D. A. R. represenIa+ive. Assembly: Foolball awards: Drama Club evening program: One-acl' plays and music. Chrisfmas cheer Iellers wri++en in home rooms. Hi-Y movie, "Bring 'em Back Alive." Aircrafr Iookouls begin dufies Tor civilian defense al Goble's slalion. Guidance film: The Common Cold: G. R. iniiia- Iion parfy. I-Iome room parries: Chrislmas evening enier- Iainmenlz Sophomore candy sale. G. A. C. mysrery par+y: Girls' League hears Mrs. Voorhees read "GifI of Magi": Chrisfmas Iood boxes dislribuled. Chrislmas assembly: "Bouncing" Chrisfmas gifIs7 Spool and Spoon chiIdren's parly. JANUARY Liloria assembly and beginning of sales conIes'r. FFA skaling parly. Salom Rizk assembly. V. C. Rodman addresses Tacully on Personal Guidance. Sophomore assembly: Two skils, music. Dr. Campbell of USC speaks Io seniors. FFA assembly: Hamburger band and skifs. Midlerm exams begin. Preliminaries, Lions' Oralorical, wilh Garoian. I-Iirasuna. and F. Wilkins placing: Liforia sales confesf won by M. Mirigian's Krazy Kafs. G. A. C. enrerfains Fulure Farmers. FUHS faculfy on "R-Day"p bofrorr: L. Wilkins presiding af 6 c ia League con efen e. THE SECOND HALF FEBRUARY Girls' League assembly, T. Sugimofo makes new record in model planes wifh 2 min., 36 sec. Garoian wins Lions Oraforical. Hi-Y Lincoln assembly: CSF bowling parfy. Spool and Spoon Valenfine parfy. FUHS faculfy in Selecfive Service regisfrafion job. Spring fennis begins. Girls' safefy driving class fakes exam for permifs. Flinf Hanner shows frack film in Boys' Federafion. Vlashingfon assembly: Fowler wins second place in league baskefball. Camera Club-G. R.-Hi-Y snow frip fo Shaver Lake. Seniors selecf "The Green Ghosfu for fheir play. Sam Hume speaks fo ASB on Defense Sfamps and Bonds. The Junior Play, "The Pafsyfi MARCH ASB execufive pofluck supper fo plan inferschool conference. Boys' Federafion assembly, "Truth or Conse- que-nces." Tryoufs for Senior Play. Soph roller skafing parfy. Sequoia League conference fo discuss sporfs problems in our nafional emergency. I. F. C. enjoys Alaska film. G. R. assembly: "Whaf We Can Do in Time of N'Var": YMCA Fafher-Son banguef: frosh presenf 4 defense sfamp books fo ASB. I-IiAY baskefball fournamenf in Fresno, Masque and Dagger S+. Pafrick 5 parfy. Seniors choose graduafion announcemenfs. Firsf nighf of fourfh annual boxing fournamenf. Finals of boxing fournamenf wifh Young Corbeff Ill as referee. FFA meefs fo discuss communify labor needs. Arf sfudenfs send work 'ro Scholasfic confesf. Quarfer exams begin. Assembly: Kasparian speaks on Tire Conservafion. Spring vacafion begins. APRIL Quill and Scroll inifiafion: G. A. C. skafing parfy. Judge Colley addresses ASB on Fowler ordinances. Junior'Senicr Banguef. 'Blossom Tirnef in Firsf Presbyferian Church, Fowler. FUHS faculfy enferfain Fowler Elemenfary feach- ers. Band concerf, "Musical Rendezvous ': G. R. Recognifion Service. Annual inferclass Track meef won by iuniors, and dual meefs by mail wifh Sanger and Kingsburg: Spoon and Spool pliofilm sale. Camera Club phofographic assembly: Boys Camp film: Varsify vs. Faculfy in soffloall. ASB elecfion. Resulfsz Laurice Blayney, presi- denf: Leon Garoian, vice-presidenf: Pauline Pen- dergrass, secrefary: Izumi Nalcashima, freasurert Ted Sheldon, Ramona Lango, Jack Thompson, yell leaders: Owen Sfill and Jack Mori, publicify com- missioners. Senior Play feasers. Blayney. Harding, Pursell af Cal Poly FFA meef. Freshman assembly: Sequoia League frack and field meef: Senior Play, "The Green Ghosff' G. A. C. bicycle parfy. Grammar school frack meef: Freshman parfy, "Spring Rendezvous." IVIAY Assembly: F. B. I. represenfafive speaks. G. R. Dafe Nighf. Masque and Dagger one-acf plays: "The Inn of Refurnu and l'FImer": Spoon and Spool annual Freshman Tea: Radio Club parfy. Blind concerf: Zylophonisf Pearce Knox. Hi-Y parfy. Pafrons' Nighf: Fxhibifs, ASB insfallafion, Girls' League May Fair. Girls' League Senior Farewell. l'Ii-Y Skafing Parfy. JUNE Baccalaureafe. Commencement - i' 5 C ' ff ff-Ja C b Top. A frigid truck load or Q. R., Hi Y, ai: Ca. 1. lu snow enfhusiasfs' bofforr: a vensff ri avian? in "Thr: Sncial Wnirlf' ski? af band concerf. 3 OUR TEAMMATES C' 'fs onsiwaiicn posh JOSIE HELEN 355 3' 6' Mfg" -f Liwjfsgfwf' 32355 f gif! 3 rv! ii W' vii? 3 9 5 J' 19 'Y 1312! X51 41411 if M1 2 WALLY TWIN ww-, 'iffy' W , P I fa P. '."fjL2f43fV,:fy5",, I :iff ,mg . W0- Y +2 H- YJ'-2""fi55 My-?2+ ,ff M , ' z 'wx ' - -ui? 4 ' , F' - 4 ww W.1 f 2 1?xW' 'l rw xwwfw- f I ' V ,-,-swan ' fghjrw ' .-Nw?-Y-1 LEEZY OP S JACKIE gg fir? fffrjvl ' 1 gf , , W, 2 SEIC :9 6 1 la 11 5,1 ra' ,ffx fb 3 r f 5' 'fag MAR6 ANDY "COBBlE" "TWIN" If , Q ,v -qw E my L i HEAVV'NEiGHT SQUAD Back row Li'f- Coach Hi Afliv 's Vzsmg v'.',srgf-Q Oiiver, BASS A"riasi1" 'LHS O, n'a'1 C'e"e'f Coach Gieosof 'Wifidie raw Slave. "-Vigffr' Sxir " Nwhigmn DeO'ia' Joe Paw-ira Wiif rs 'ch' P-e'e": Hwravff- Nfixvveii You'Q,n'3rw1qF"i'Lf"'w Asaira' E ni-fs, Gee-ne Caddie Hs:-"1 Sycifar Qawc-ada" ' Mitre' Pu'se'i. REDCATS FINISH ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL SEASON Mouiding a firsf rafe 'ream ou'r of 28 candidafes, fhe Redcars, direcied by Coaches Gieason and Hill, won four games fo ciace second in fhe Sequoia League. Alfhough fhe '4l feam did noi dupiicafe 'rhe record 5? fheir predecessor, an exceilenr performance was furned in. Eowlers aggression began Ociober if? when 'rhey masrerfuiiy vanquished ine Reeoiey Pie raies I2 'ro O. The 'Big' game wirn Vfashingfon was canceiied because oi pre-game rowdy- isrn: ooih schoois were charged wifn a ioss by fhe League Council. Somewhar dishearfened fhe Redcafs me? fheir second reverse in the Fail Eesfivai game wi+h Selma. Despire +he 7 fo 6 score, fhey oufpiayed 'rheir opponenis according +o srahsfics. From fhis poinf, The Fowler eleven produced landslide vicfories over Lemoore, 20 To O Kingsburg, 27 io O, and wound up fhe season by upseffing Sanger, 6 +o O. LETTERMEN Page 52, Top to ooifomg Young. Joe Pereira, Wysinger, Wiikins, Maxweii Asaoorian, Garabedian, Buffs: page 53 top To boffom: Pxniriasian, Ciiver, John Pereira De Crian, Ciemenf, Hanashiro, Burris, Brihainq page 47: Caudie, Nahigian, Huerfa, Eauiks' no picfure: Purseii. LEFT J' Km- V -Q 5 gi e .- -,wg we T-SL'-V 44 vi 1. Rei-if ,- E-'e"3 3 Y. f" Q-"ri ww D-LC' 2' A 0 "H Srwgfi' owne. 5-I s .fin az 1 EARL HILL KENNETH LEASON .E -:E KITTENS IMPROVE THEIR RECORD The Red KiTTens, coached by George SmiTh, opened The grid season wiTh Tour leTTermen reTurning. From The many new prospect Coa ch SmiTh developed a TasT moving squad. Speed was an imporTanT TacTor since The Team was Iaclcing in heighT and weighT. The IiTes wiTh a varied ground and aerial aTTacIc, consTanTIy improved as The season progressed. Taclcling The Reedley PiraTes on OcTober IO, The hard TighTing KiTTens were shaded 6 To O. They IosT The nexT conTesT, To WashingTon, on a Technical counT, and were edged ouT 7 To 6 by Selma. AIThough leading Lemoore unIil The halT in Their TourTh league game. The locals meT deTeaT I2 To 6. The KiTTens showed Their Hclawsii in The Kingsburg game by scraTching The much Taller and heavier Vikings 20 To O. They ended Their "4I' season by losing To The sTrong Sanger eleven I3 To O. LETTERMEN: Evans, E. FuiirnoTo, Gonzales, Guerra, KaTayama, KaTo, Kimrey, Leach, Magill. Qda. Sarlrisian, Shiralcawa, SugimoTo, Tashima, Torigian, Toyama. Wiggins, and Woody. LIST-ITNEIGHT SQUAD Bac' 'cu Harish-'Z Qzclales E F.1".'i Kat E.'a'S N T:'gi3 Fifi' S"'iT", . . D 'T ?'jLf2f'7 'nicole 'sw Gina SLQIIWVC De asvuaie Vacil Snizrawn Kew. Tma-Y A -ne '-lam' F F.""2YC Niva KaTaJa"a Conie. Tasfma Naiamva Sawsa' Ona VARQJT Z y Q-, , , ., K rr, N Y ly, "3"3L 'JL1' S '4r'1gA"'v c, INN., 75" V-Rrsr VARMTY SAW A GOOD SEASON Suirering on y one oefear 'n Neague pray wnre ive :verwne 'ning yrcforles were bfougfn 'r ve N942 FowNer R6flCdf vaferr, :agers annexed second bace in rne Secueia League baskerbau crrcuif rrwus fe'rn'na"ng FE Successm: seasdr. Tnerr ecenrng reague game January W6. was a Oefea' 3l rc 22 by Sanger, buf Worn rnen cn rne Fewwe' Redcars were unbea'ao:e. Abef knocking over Lemoore 36 +0 16 In Jrne second Neague enceunfc-r 'ne eca 4 'U fo Qt jc If noobsfers won Me nel' four conference confesrs In quick zuccesscn bearing Wasnirgron 37 To 43' Sc- nna 36 RG6OiGy 4E fc 2I' and KYngsbu"g 34 ro Qi. . A i , XX Q ,.- M if JS" H 9 uf ,WN X .,.3.. N 4 in ., I v W Q 4 M S9 Na+ 'ne Red and Wfrvrre showed yas? 'nw roycrnef' Fee 'ne ason progressed was evidenced by We rnrasniwg inc :ca "ye nandeo rne Rooseyerf Hign Scboor wifn a ecore or 44 rd 22 cn January 2' ard 22 +0 IS dereaf over rne favored Fresno Srare Fr esnnnen Casaba men on February IO. This year fre FowNer courr squad was sparked by yerear Andy Purse , senror cenrer, who was aiways in ine rnlcn of rrwe fray, faking rbe ba C4 ine backboard consrandy en dc-fenge as M ' D, DuLEv.EfafS 3,..V-11.3 f F Srulvrwrre rx 1 K k- -, L - 'r-'1Fk"-Rx,wg,'Nf1-F rqfi'-K wgf- -f w , ., ,r rn ,,.L , VA, gm, . ,' en TQ- WW' REDKWTENS Snrcra F, '. if 1.0, 3 BEES AND CEES ARE AVERAGE well as on offense and doing lremendous damage under lhe opponenfs' buclcel when fhe Redcals needed poinls. Scoring 75 lallies in six league games, Pursell caplured poinl honors. The oerlormance ol Roger Rursell, Pele l-luerla, Donovan Bulls, and Howard Harding, were ol lhe linesl caliber. Wifh rhe relurning live lelfermen and addilional men from lhe B squad, lhe prosoecls lor nexl year are ouife exceplional. The following men made lheir lellers: D. Bulls, l-l. Harding, L. Huber, B. Lelizio, R. l-luerla, lvl. Oliver A. Pursell, R. Purse-ll, and W. Young. The orzening ol 'rhe I942 baslcefball season lound lhe Fowler Bees' wilh only one ielferman reluining. But sd ol lasl year s division chamoion C leam graduafed lo lhe B squad. Aller losing Their lirsl 'wo eague games fo Sanger 22-I4, and Lemoore, 27-24, lhe Team buclcred down and oelealed Se'ma 27-2l sea reed Washingfon, 40-27, losr, 35-22, To a lasl-brealcing Reedley ouliil, and whipped fne Kingsburg Vflfings 34' O. The iellermenz R. Kalo, John Pe'eifa, E. Srffalcawa, T. Uyeniura, D. Le-ac' R. Greene evil R. Magill. Earl l-lfll s Killens had a lairly successful season, lieing for secono place w'+n me Se ma Coos. Excepr lor if-we oi las? year s cnampionsho leam, fne souao was composed of inefoerierc-eo men. ine Cs eoened The season w7fn Sanger, ou? nanoicaooed by laclc oi neighl, lney los? rnis innoooao' game I5-lc. Serlling gown lo olay suoerb oais, lhey delealed Lemoore and Selma in iwO very ercgiring games, walloseo Viasningfon Unon, 34,l4 ano downed Reedley, 22Al4, an were dumced Haro oy lne sceedy Kingsourg 've 23,11 The fo? owing made Their Block Es: D. Eearnsioe, G. Euiimofo, R. Kimrey, J. Depasooa e, T. Sega, G. Tanara, J. Tanalra G. Tashima, M. Torigian. and G. Toyama. aevifars s-, Q f- ., M , io H 3 fe" fee 'Q P. ,x "J ' Q'Je':,s'g SENIORS COP BASKETBALL ln 're Tnhamwa scneoue ine senbf hlfeziifz win 'n 'oo fiE"3'C'3l C'i'YlEiOf'S'iC l2f9 :'2'Y'l fne 'sfo' Conf tai ' 3' f eowesfeo game. ine senofa was io ' gafnei are ine. The sonnemde Rc eifvz furor: et 'fe Lo" for ,I wi 12' J 5 zeionz :1 ae, Qozgnzmre Rcefa "1 I 'nfze fit' :and foie .i. The QQ: ,fra f do ff' we ns and 'nf f Q-1 ffn ' Wf 'rn , r . , . r. f '1'1':: J 'T If R ni fC""?E' 7' Q ' 'Fi 1. BASEBALL SOLMKD S'a"'1irq' Conch Q S'i'i'h A. Pars-EI E, Gzznmles R. Pursell, P. I'Ii.e'Ya S. I-Iffnlsn 'c B. Lelilio, A. F-nviasiiarix I".Gfs'f'a'1 G. Cnulf. "q' s+"'g' M. Oliver! W. Yong G, Suaoia' F, Buslanienlr-, L. I-IarniI'on H, De-O' 3' L Wilbirsx D. Rursell. REVISED SPRING SPORTS Since Ine league schedules in Iraclc. baseball, Iennis. and swimming 'iao Io be cancelled. a revised sporls schedule was aoop-led in March. Several pracrice meels, and fhe Sequoia League and Ihe counry Iraclc and field meers were held by mail. Each school conducled 'Is con'res+ on its own campus on a designaled dale. The resu Is were exchanged and Ihe winners ol each even' class, and meef were delermined. The coaches ol Ihe individual schools decided who should receive awards for parficipaiior in Ihe meels. In baseoalb ii Ihe Sequoia League had nol been dissolved. Fowler would have been one ol fhe lop conf lenders lor rhe -eague pennant len velrerans, plus a large number oi sguadmen and roolcies reporled al 'rhe beginning oi Ihe season. Eighl ol Ihe nine lellermen had had Iwo or Ihree years ol experience Io Iheir credil. Insleao ol hard baseball, a soilball Ieam was organized which represenled The school in various local games. Coach George Smifh had charge. Leffers and emblems were given fo Ihe members ol an all-school Ieam selocled o, sludenls and coaches. Cn April I7 Ihe Varsiry deleaied Ihe Iacullv I7'I in an inferesling Ihough one sided dame mailced bv Ihe variely oi pifchers and Iheir eliorfs and slyies ol worlc. Cn May I Ihe Eulure Farmers oe4ea'ed ine Redcals. Mfim eague Iennis also cancelled. empnasis was olaced on inframural compeliliori, I-Ioweveil meme bers ol Ine scnool squad! were delermineo and Iellers and emblems were awarded 'rhe live boys and live girls wno rocceo 'rhe Iennis pyramid ladder. WINN V SQUA 51- ' f. I Air " 1' S ffm H. Ira' M Miffliirq , Qfviiyffjg-' M'C sq B Iwo J C ww' B Ti' '-'-' R Au is I IJ- ' 1' : ' A A. I'i,'f1'1f'-Vh H, I--f v C wa' R. buff" E. SI'i'aIawx I-I Si--'Q I Kifrniiv-fi Q. Hxvilw' Z.ffsc1'a' II Shwiiwf M Ifri' If 'qi j I' v" '- A R Lwqc R I-I'iqhir.i M Tiviiiir Vive' Bob r'-:nr Vfqw I B'oIcrifIi1r C Miqill K. Ilffsw' A M'-'in' fl S"i"'U J INIIGHM. ,,,.... 4 . Q 5 hi.. 11 V. 'N ig 'I 6 1. - E VAXATAM 'I I I 1332? Q I N' gi' :- 1 D. "rv, 'A fl .Q -,--- A -,r . -, 0 rf . N' X iv' Y FA ' 'V E ' '4 ' N' v SW1 V.:-4 , N "' - . '-5 -I ' - L ' - 1 AL , 5 s E -' 3 E f ,fm ' E - if -. , We Gff . , ,,., , " I . P A Sf. VV NF- SCJUAE 531 ref. 2' 'Mawr ' r' 2.3 ' 'E S' 'X " 2 1' D B. ' it 1 H 'ew 1 S 'Ex-2 5 , '3 'f Ex e A NH' ' H E' -:wa 'J '- 3' S 4-' ' E A ', , S", fr' K, 'fp-W H wi 'Q M if- Ava, -1 f -r C vga 'rf May. SCHEDULES ARE ADOPTED nrersenoiasric swimming meers were aiso Qonoucreo of mai! our-ire Ma, A wafer ea Ribbons were awarded me winners in fiie various eveers. rnivai was neid in ine varsify There eira In me discus. n Trad rnis year, Eowier had one af me 'arqesf rurroufs in me nisroiy o' fre senoor. in were several sure-poinr winners in rne fasr Comwefirioni Ciemenr in Tnr wir! 1 if and Joe Per The Bs aiso nad many ace performers, Tney inciudeo Roy Km, jrf-r Pr-if M, Taoao ogemura, Norman Eraneis Jonn Bar-qamian, Vincenf Gicwoe' and Pnii Gorman. Qufnifwfiinfr C men were 26-n iaznima, Miir Toriqiar George fanawa Frank Kfaraffama Qeorqe Pui'mf,,'f, anr'1Ra,'K'nn"-,. Duai meeis were Helo by maii on A: ri io wirn Kirqgrhxo new Qfanw-Q ii'f eeai iran-gffmi won sweep' srakes from 1neViifiFqS Of puirinq a H8135 eiore over rnern, Trf .fw'f', ':,f:i1 wen 72 1-4 ve Bar Sl-46 wniie ree Fowier Cs were dC:VJfiif:'l 45 35, Tre Sanje' FM if riff, f-'mf i aff Qffreare er? i ffffzrff P46 I39 'n fre Seeenfu sua meer. Vrfifn Gfgvfgfi 3C'CC3 'IC,'YHi6:iiVTCl i" "Lv f,fY3f1UQ,iFi Lifrilf, my "rf "fy 'f are rlgqgjg Eye 'np BS! 3rd GPU i"E C S. 2"O. Tm? Eowier WHCV 'C .CZ "'f:V" Q"1fC"i'3 "'f 'J frif','f,i iffy, 79 W"iiLW www' A jj ngfrj hy mgii, 'pf.jr'J"JAr 5,,, j 2. ,. 3,1 ' , 5 4 1 -,V jj uf, 'Sf A F, - I-,gy y-4 fi,f A U ',,l,, L,5,..v '::fV,Tm,,, EL 'f, f, -.fwfr fy .,,-fl 1.-, f rf' vm ..fi4C,,pK,,, Y J. Bwg if V. V-' 5 . - E. V' u. 'f ' 5 gn as Q 'H Q 'L' v U I U mu.. ,4- fix ox! Q. wiv FCZCTBALL CTTAMVS SODA , VECATS TNTRAMURAL MANASEPS 53 - rw R NAU: BV- "vw f3fwv'I.1f's Pe'e"3 f.r.1Liarij fr Pj -'T R K if ' ' A T' Snir3f3v-H 4' " "ff Kwvir' riifssve Vvcruz C S.o " J S'h.--- " S H1-sri' r r V 1 ' ' V- R rfvfefw CLASSES WIN HONORS So Tha+ more COUTG 'alce parT in inirarrurais, The seT ur: was changed by having inTer-homeroom winners represenT Their dass 'n The 5inaTs. Each guidance ground cnose 1 'caTi narwe, as: ATleycaT PiiisTocaT, MuucaT eTc. Tnis scring The progrann 'iovered oricTicaf-T, aT sporTs. In TooTbalT, The JiveiaTs Took The 5cnooT TiT.e. wiTn 4 wins, no Tosses: The CopycaTs were second, and The BobcaTs, Tnird. DanncaTs deTeaTed The Jive- caTs, 40 To O. Vfinners oT rnixed ve eyball were The T-TiTlcaTs, wiTh The CopvcaTs second, and The PoVeeaTs, Third. DeTeaTine The fXrisTocaTs 26 To Zi, Tne CopycaTs copoed The boys foileyean crown. The PolecaTs were Third G73 Tne Super' caTs, TourTh. Tn The inTerclass Tracr rneeT Aprii To, a vicTory in The A crass, a second in The B dass, and a Third n The C evenTs earned IO6 ooinTs Tor The juniors To Take The sweepsTaTces. 'ne sophs 'ook QSXQ ooinTs, The seniors were Thiro wiTh 73'f7 ooinTs, and The freshmen, TourTn wiTh 53. Poinfs were earneo 'oward The cup, as Tohowsz Winning eignT ouT o4 ThirTeen evenTs and amassing 7I po'nTs in Tne A dass cornoeTiTFon The sTrong iunior sguad capTured TFQT, The seniors piaced second wiTh STV? poinTs, ano The sophs, Third wiTh 14' 3 poinTs. 3 Tearn nonors wenT To Tne sophs wiTh ST ooinTs. The iuniors scored 27 To edge The seniors wiTh221'aTTieS. The Treshrner chncned The C crown wan S3 oo'rTs, The soons Tohowed wiTn 29, and The juniors rang up 8 poinTs ii" Tnird. Une new schooi record was esTabhsheo. Gorman, dass A, vauTTed 9 9 To be-TTer The record oT 8 4' held by RaTTie Qhannesian. KaTo was high rnan in The A class wiTh l3T,,'2 :oinTs. John Pereira wiTh I7'f3 poinTs won indiviouai nonors in The B dass ano -igh ooinTs in The ilass C wenT To Gen Tashinfxa wno scored I3. ' 1 A TRAQKMETX. Jr--, Pen '- C -'T B,"s' ' 1" - C TRAQKMFVN 35" " C, re L" ' Tas" "1 :j"'w"iZ B TRACKMEN Q11, Giwrgir Svgr' 2 KET' Jr-h" 3' 'r M YET VULLEYBAIL CFTAMLS SENTCR HTLLCAvS 31-' A TUANNLAT VT 'SSTTTATT TEAM V 7' 1 1' B TTU' J Sci- n' S Nalaf 1' R. A.- SH vw T' vw TT r' T'- rs 1 uw T V --he , 3f'f'1 C B ' 1: -' 1' " 1 S' 'n E-rf .3 '-1 U:C':' Fi.Cm"esa'. sy ' ' va.- .-f.,V,,,- -, ,.-ss Av",-'f , . Qlzfyw. S'ii'?1rq eghjg '19, . M" f 'fur w. '9 P x if' HM ' A ' M A ' I , .0 ,,,.4,m5f,hl 1. if-, ,, V -A , ., M ' ' , ',T'1"'Q:2,"""' "' -M-:,w,, , . ' 'W lf aww! f"?'f9f1i'1l' - 'fi' iff. W-'.1'? "' M ' " "'.'I....eff'f-A4,,r."f' ' ' ' .,f,4r7fwi'vf , -'L PA FFP? SFA MA., RCCJ9' pwse' avi D404 Bumfe11fesef"'cfnefw'or Ccpfcafs, C az-eo +fe'f J xr way Tc We Goree-woe He. D,s:iwaX,f1nq mcamw '3CCUVGC,' fhese Days 'ac A MAJ MHQ fv'm,:u:e wlwwm aw Qames. Fwd- Pmsd' mo WQNL Young came M 5 , , y f J secovo 'cf Me P wocafs. if , r , , U V i S5154 CCM 'vw fee a'o cog was we cf 've mos? en'' ca v skmf 543 Coffee Qfaffes Q' we sufirq Kmfr'a'm1rafs, ff we fifa 5 ve Hczzcafs Uefeawc . me Musiafs, 9-N +0 benj 'he bone HHQ, THQ Bcrviafs wow who and 'N Polecafs gowfh. To ciefe-'mine we sdwocw Mile, Ve Darmcafs shaded Wwe Heocafs 9-8. TW- 5',x:r'4" fvwua, Fuixfg TUu"famffrw+ izamiprr-1 by Tw: Bvyz Eifdff'faT'f 'LQK : fait: 5' NWC" 20 w M Yzkmg Ccfcc-H HI 'fgrfer wif fefwff QW Chew :jon ac wlefee. THQ GEMS' 'Qaffcv fhrowefs awe-ed 'meh mira ff,"S'5'CU+-Vi: inamgfofswip, w"'wEmq aff Cows our of We mime. PvFf"1fFW6r"7f:fqVwfS were S-fiQCf1 Cn Mmfif NO. TH? afficm :adam r voqvam wa: rl mens SJCCF-sa. Tfofe ww, fl 'NCQ way 'ic drvznq The :'EShf7'V:V" 'cz Lmrfvgws fmi1AL:Fic"5 faif WVWMQ gm J-QLWJV ag'-232. in ffe .mHm"e1 f1ivTsIc',Joe Pefffra Qfiwqqez Fawn D60"'in bv 'fe f "We, Fffzlf Pugw managed rc 'Pale MQ C4-fgisbw 'fofn VVa y Yang in We Ming, semi Uma Jam Asadoflafw oufrvamfgwefec Joe fiefabedam +0 wb aifef wldmg Hafg l6T+S 5151 'iQ'TLS In We 'WSW fCufU, Vffgh WfS?VQ?VA 5 "WEE-f-'YUQ ffnfef ZQLEFC-'63 'As +32 zwcffc ow a f72f3",' over QCGE' Puse , I' fa 7 326 C33 QQ' 54693 wi' ire' Fifi" 'Pg Pe, B""i,'. Uwe' -'!:'x'xQ'Q"'1L.C':'l Ewa? Qfakawe Tori Ke'e,'frf1a Leofewg pi1'7fi'E'3" vc +'+Q"7'iA Hp: My ,Al fa I -, , , sf s " 'o ' G 4 1 ' ' Zig 9 5 X f ' H I 'IQIMQ H Q-9" . ,Q f V .Q -,A if VW. , JUNT-GR KRAZY KATS STarr1"g Shafer, Auoin, A. Hagerman Daniels, Siheidr Mifgiar, Pe'-rss" Peelvg' La-rg-0, Shrraxawa Cor zoian, KikuTa, Ninorriya, Magill Margosian. SOPH SPEEDBALL Bac- 'cw' M. Niriifavva, B. Long S, Kwvaoha B A.T1rnerg fror' 'ow' D Soraora, E. Doi, l. Aarrvrian, INTERESTING DAYS The girls' inTramura sporTs program was unusually successTul. ExciTing conTesTs developed Tor The TiTle in several evenTs. Volleyball showed The TighTing spiriT oT The girls, wiTh each home room sTriving Tor Top honors. EirsT place was carried oTT by The Junior Krazy KaTs, wiTh The T-TillcaTs as runners-up. The games broughT ouT large crowds and The players provided Tine enTerTainmenT Tull oT Thrills. BaslceTbaII was an irverclass compeTiTion. WiTh The mosT vicTories To Their crediT, The senior Talls won highesT honors. Though The iuniors Tried hard To place TirsT, aT The end They Trailed The seniors. The Medium Teams played splendidly during Their season, wiTh The iuniors excelling. ATTer playing a Tie- oTT wiTh The seniors, The Team oT '43 proved The besT in The school. WiTh no inTerrupTions, The Midge' series was carried Through, The iuniors again coming ouT ahead. NexT were The seniors, and crediT should go To The sophs and scrubs Tor Trying Their besT. Through The rain and cold OT January and February. speedball games were played on The TooTball Tield. ATTer several Ties, The sophomore ScaTs emerged as winners. and The iunior MuscaTs came second. The girls ToughT hard and lcepT up Their spiriT ThrocghouT The longedrawn ouT schedule. JUNTOR MEDIUMS Bair 'iff 3 3'-arderqrass, K. Maxwel l. Namsn "J H. NiTTa, J. Fi.ii'roTn-j "i3'J-- "aw C, Magill, A. Marqosiar, F Kareraqa, K Salfcda A C"r1:-1" "'r' T row' A. T-Taqorian, D Ma' Kyra", R. Lnnqc. JUNTOR M JGETS Smnning' J. Tcyyna A Hera H Shi'akaw3, C. Hamm K. Tr-ranrovog kneeling: J. Piccolo r-T, T-Tarzashiro R. Haqihara J, Ninor'-isa SENIOR TALLS Back row' A Blavnev S Cobb M Frame J Qchuknech' Tron' 'ew' H K'ilco'iar' M. Wilkins, D. Fuiirrow. DTNG PON6-J. Fuiimoroi K.Te'amo'c'D. Soraokla F, Doi EAD-MINTON Lango, S. Naiarian. ll'll2 ll Ill II ll' I Ili :Mill Q1 SHIT fl TH? nv 'fr-'rw' s""f'7i7" M-vw ,,,. ..- ,,.,....,s. Q Cbl" l . ,,,.a..A, gfawy .. 1. f-lv"" " sf .. h' V' bf .Ari 1 . , 1 4,-nj' -,gf 11.4 yi H Shr .sq FZ.l1'q 'A r-Tv? r1"'g:'i - F Ni. J NMC rd IN GIRLS' SPORTS Tenris was a copular sporT wifh borh gifs and ooys. El7minaTion ladders Tor OOUl3lSS and singles and mixed Teams were se' up To de'ermine The win- ners oT The inTer-nome room and inTerclass compeTiTions. Tne courTs were busy every period daily aT noon and aTTer schooi wnenever possiole. BadminTon and archery sTeadily gained In populariTy wiT'i The girls, The schedules were run OTT in laTe April and May in The same way The Tennis series was managed. ln The qirls soTTball schedule, The heavy-hiTTing senier l-leocaT-PluTocaT Team proved Themselves superior To The lower classrnen by malcinq a cear sweep oT Tne series. The Krazy KaTs, who gave Tne chamr ions a real TignT ior Tneir money. were second. They were deTeaTed by The l-lepcaT-PluTocaT com' binaTion in a TignT game which saw The iuniors Q0 down To deTeaT oy a IO-9 score. ATTer paying To a Tie Two Times. Third place was GGCICGU as a Tie oe' Tween The WildcaTfSupercaTs and The ScaT-JivecaTs. The Circle F comes as an award To Those girls who nave earned lOO inTramural proinTs. ATTer winning her Circle li The girl may win addiTionai sTars. To become a member of The Bioclr F a ooy rncsT mare ns farsiT,f leTTe' in some sperm lf 's a real achieve-menT To possess a Block F as 'T Talces severe fears To oecome e iqibie Tor The socieTy. ': .S EF-SlfE'EA,, 'f fe Hwq : 3' 42g3r a' f-VCHE5 SNAPKS F- E ' .. 1 'S 52,5 I 53.1 ' f- . V C nz V N 'rs ELC -V Eff "A a V H.-V2 f'- . Si' "ii" 9 F 2 s 1' U Fra'-fa 'S C '-" w T Mme f, 53's A I-"' 32 ' '-' 'GW' 3' E HW' S N: ir 1' L, Derfs ".r. 1 .fl 53s L H re' P7 3.", v 3 4:.3' 3' 'T SA 1 1' F Kwr-'3'g3 F N 1 ' S ' A ' Q B L'-' -f larva, rf v'f,f,' J rl L V if 1,1-.f rf ay., ' ' A M T"'3' ' '3 rlvxra lf 'rw 'i Y "H-s" J Suriv: 2-in A, r -f,.N- il-'V 2 rf-a Q 'V U I .': f, S , A911 5 3 - V F, ,51- Q s r 1 ' i ' '1-5.-,f ,- VALLEY OFFICE AND SCHOOL EQUIPMENT COMPANY Ower I-IIQ S I ased W L1 Va ey Q Tae are S 0 Eomcmemf Comme y ew , 5 'I exe eo Cam ,Pi Success To The Class Of XNe Have Enloye-CI Workung VVIIH You MAXWELL STUDIO Fresno CaIIIorma Pfwaee 3 2629 I I49 Fmfor SI SAVING CENTER M. BRADY AND CO. True Io ils narrie, the "Saving Cenlerf' The Q'OCE'iES sold here will save you rroney in dollars and cenls. The 'fresh' veqefables this side esn s ld h 'l es? of Fr o o ere dau y. Across lrorn Dice on Merced SI. Fowler Calif. I f I !.: I! -11 if 'I 1 la.. JORGENSEN FUNERAL HOME For experl arnlnlanc service Io fhe Fowler dnsfrlcl call Jorgense Funeral Horne Corner Merced 8 Filth Phone 255l Fowler Ca II Do you ne cl a window wa5h7 An oxl Chsrlr p7 Then sfoo aI Bensons H e I way Adarns Avenu special Standard Service Phon 932l Fowle "A general slore lor the general people" Our qroceries, hardware. drygoods, and notions have Oleased Ihe Fowler cornrnunify for many years, Merced Sf. Fowle' Phone 270I GOBLE DISC WORKS Why waste oower o old Iype discs when you save Irorn one to five horsepower and do bel fer work wulh a Goble bull? Glsc harrow an oarIs7 Bull? by a Farrn or the Farmer Phone 295I Fowl Ca II M I serves ou lhe I rry h a S earns el S rvuce Iallon I. ll Droll? fad ng h Phone 96ll Hi way 99 al Adarns Fow'e Ca ll in BENSON S SERVICE STATION STEARNS SERVICE STATION FOWLER BAKERY FOWLER LUMBER COMPANY OV P S v ' sc olls 5 r s F 3 IFRS .,,x Q .A vi QI -cl l..r' 63 A I-Ia dware M lu a Service 67 Ca' I V n , 9 ' ' . . ' i F . C V , ,. 5 d I ! , ef I . li. er l'. J. E. il e y ' - -L I Io las delail in a ' 5- llu wlf rnile aI ' - fs -U ,A Sf ' Sh I e 'V ' -- ' S ' . Yo " OU fh 99 ' 07 by r i ere. F . e. Eqoy 5 T V r li. I I Dv!! Dac My df wiv 0' L, ba, , , mx 'owe balrew, Dis to s , ledges I' r , Pai-r yd glgrghes, All Irirfis 9 L' Veao and roll .ala 71 or' , PI r , 'a ard :avr-es Soeciol t ,N ,cc sQ , - G- Tel,:':'e2 I '-........--- , - ' -'Q 3 ' Grew-295i Fc-ale' Cav. ' V I --I 5 , Famer I. , ig- S ' F fi- i T ' is . 4 1 1 - ..1 ' IN NG THEM O vim 1 vER IDA? wg "FROG" WHATS THE JOKE? GSBURG ST ASSEMBLY DlA 5 Q 've' 9 .zo sy M X "T '."v',N f RUGGLE LOG-UE 'QQ' ,1 NOCN TTME ON THE uik! S Sf TEE f WE ALL WATCHED HERE THE OBSERVATION POST ' .x,. I ,f .v ll! W, W, ,. , A ,, A CADTA N5 -xxkb. .-gf-oi' -,..l4-- :T ' S X if CLINE WAREHOUSE Russ CLEMENTS M715 J CARTWRIGHT AND SON OLIVE INN HARRY COFFEE PATTI S STRABLE HARDWOOD COMPANY A R DANKWORTI-I INC 6J ' . 1" I 9-Q-F II X 7 '- A N " I ' ' MQ' I E f":'f 'E'-AV: I 1 H I., ,, n 3,7 V 1 I, , .fn I in , iw., ' QWQ, C, :, ,.,. A-. gm ,I , :,, .2 I. , ', ,A 7-27 N - - I A May, .af E, 'W . ' 5,5 +59 I U ',. C 33,7 5.5, 4 H 3 .5 - qs,-,X ' fc. C " V ' E E ':'::, :, ic' E 'E 3' "'3"4f 'QI,",j ' 4" "', , 9 " 'I' Vi' sI':e I8 '. 'fi Q '.' 6- 'Z . N,-E. aq cm ,' 32' f.- R i :":E 5-'1 'ff- sI."s cj' J' We Vx- L- '- C: :cfs M' 'f-Q A -4 ,-'dv-X wr? V 4. 'lv vf!r Mwwoz If 'G " ,U 5 ,gg 1 ., V' R gn , Q ' E. ,Q CW W I, A "-OJ, C Rei' I A S V J ' .1 1. ' '-S" ..,.S. In , A, HAH M L . .- ,WW N, 1,- l . . I . .N '51 ef OCH I'S GARAGE A modern garage learuring modern aulomobiles. Economical Plymoulhs, luxurious Dodges, and powerful Dodge lruclcs are on display for your approval al Ochis. Buy your family car from George Fujiwara a+ 4OI Main Slreel. Phone Fowler 3578 Fowler, Calif. is 'E 99 TRADING POST 211 K6- Sloclc up on groceries meals and canned food Q al our low prices R W Sleward also carries a cornplere line ol magazines ice cream candy and soil drinlcs Localed on l-li way 99 ai Slearnsville Telephone 259i Fowler Calif - 66 OCHI BROS. I DODGL' A" VMOUTH DODGE TRUCKS 99 SERVICE If if s for gas oil burane or diesel fuel we have fhem Our 24 hour 'row car s rvlce is also available AIVAZIAN BROS Proprlelors Phone 9I4I On 99 Highway Fowler BAXTER BROS The Service You Expec+ Our car conservalion plan lceeps your car rolling larfher l-lave us checlc your car regularly s 4+ will lasl fhe duralion Phone 384l Fowler Calif "H . i . H l , - e Ns, ' , ii . 1, . o' . T T l Q U A V., A f 2 ' .4 .. ' in . y If i l i . . A . . i 3 V' Egg , y . A -5.14 '1 Ages - . i i . . . -0 .- Mx . , . N y H, . . ' , 2 . ' g,nrn'is., 1 'G , . . K ' M f Y-- BRAGGS BUTANE SERVICE A R J DY 1:-.4 F R A LLEGE WALTER SMITH AND SON CENTRALCAL' O P'5g359TQQ'fEj3Eg,5gO CAROLE K DRESSE I AWD 'NI FEED C 3? 65 GOTTSCI-IALKS FOWLER FEED STORE CI-IIMO AND OLIVER HOLLAND DAIRY FARM c 67 ' U . 1 ,....... T I ' A S"l ' , ' 2. 'L v V I :ff-1"7x: -' vi. U' F"-C' 1' Bw ' , '2 ' ", Aces , - if S 'f 1 af: 1 " 1 ." ' "1 'fn' U Na" E' E :Yes LJ . 3 1' 1 - '1' ,":,. A '- 1" Sf., .,, , , , 1 ,, twvr, ,, ,,L,,,5,.,.,,: 1 T I. ,, Q. V, . ' ' 'fu'-fs w' 1 "'f' .3 '." A.-. 'J-,rn-" E,'1'L':f V '97 ,fi Sm, A. - za f-4 ,- I TPEEFP ECU? C. C' 'I' . - 1 H ' -' w,"Is I I, ,: ,F .. M Ifqfeavq - I ' Mfffs WH' XL? L ,S fe-ss "9" WJ, '4 'JG I?3"F'T1 'Q CCH-5-f , ' ., pd, C3 11, gg Tjgre e'J 4,4 ',.,: if dfq -wg' efq 5 5'1f1'1fff- --f-f B.s'ff-es wee. , X V: ,, , V V ,4,I,i,.4,,.55 pfnsv-V Q3 .I V, rd. B U lr f fjigg :,,. :,,l,,.. pm, x f ' , 4' Fyye. C3 W. I .4 Q. Sfil :M 3, O e'1"A.:3"S S":.', 'N' C 'Q' DME: 333' V 1.9 NL, S' m tg .2 O.: '. x W, :Lx z 'Lj1sfSee:s S J.. Lei.. -:1e.,,.I-, SQ 3 -Grips'-f-2 , 1' ,.' EL, Wrpp.. 4 M2 Q" MISS SM.: ,I ST ,EE I' E'eS': En an N W 'I FEV? I6 ' . I . rr X .Jn ., .r,,-,,Lvlv..:f If' I-fi ' ! F r F i if -. ffi, I f -- ?- fp: L-. H I FI :V I N "--f I." ,,,. 1,,, 'V V- mia FJMW ,...5 4: - 4 . A S SHADOW JEWELER I I34 Fulfon Gradualron Jewelry DR KARL KALLMAN E GOTTSCHALK AND CO Bus Phone 3 736l Fresno Call Res Phone 2 9548 WISHING YOU THE BEST OF EVERYTHING Here Smce I899 SCANDINAVIAN MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE ASS N I805 Fulfon Fresno CHANSLOR AND LYON CO Aulomofrve Supplies Rep acemenl Paris Shop Equ pmenf Phone 3 727l I328 Bro wdway Fresno Calul FRESNO BEAUTY COLLEGE The Oufsfandung Beauly Cullure Inshrule of fhe Wesf Fresnos Mosl Modern Beaufy College Phone 4 4760 2037 Tuolumne Experl' Repairing Bicycles MARUKO CYCLERY Spovlrng Goods Tel 2 7825 4 F Slreel Fresno Calrlornra THE RELIABLE Graduahon Shoes Bags Hosuerres I I55 Fulfon Sf Phone 3 SI44 Fresno Calnforma Brsr wrsnrs MONA LISA Personalury Modes Phone 2 2748 935 Van Ness Fresno Calif Our Repufalron Plus Experl Worlrmanshup Guaranlees Sahsfachon SAM S RE NU AL REPAIRING Phone 2 66lO I94O Marnposa Sfreer esno Ca If Puf FAMOUS Savnngs n Defense Bonds FAMOUS DEPARTMENT STORE Fulfon and Tulare Srreefs Y MINER S HONEY Del Rey Galllornaa GEORGE TERAOKA Fowler Calnforma MISSION CHAPEL The Mssuon Chapel s very convemenl and helolul :he d reclors Warren C Tlnlcler and George Clemenls wall prov de a beau? ful serv ce when your loved one has passed away An ambulance servrce IS also avarlable Call Fresno 3 2lOI or Fowler 3B6I 'x 69 . . , , I . . - , I - i I S F . I ' , - 9 7 1 I ' A Fr , I' . TR Besf Wishes 'ro The Senior Class I . . "39" 5 ' 1 ' sf ar I - s I ' T ' ' 7 KTTTTF' F I X I X. . MP Dm-Tu SPEAKS AT JR, SR. BANOUET ' I I :OMETHQNG gi' kygq -, 557 i Ta T avg' M R 4, Q 'UI ' 'V ' u',L 4 -.53 1, X MORE smues . 5- AJ i T A", ' O, 4 T 'oi' x . M. 5 'Qt TTER V 'Y QT , A:L L, UP AND oven I 5 fl AS WE LEAVE YOU Ainn - Q THEIR LAST DAYS ,f RUTH , h I 'TFL ,,.T BLE, "LOTTY" THING STIRRING ----1--... HOWARD A HARRIS Nofary Publnc Telephone 375I 7I4 Merced S+ Fowler Callf Drop In AI JUDGES BARBER SHOP for Your Tonsorual Work Fowler Ca If cowumeurs PACIFIC RAISIN CO Fowler Ca If H N CALDWELL Insurance Real Esrafe Nofary Bank of Amernca Bunldmq Fowler California THE FOWLER ENSIGN The Home Town Newspaper A Cornplefe and Dependable Prnnllng Service Fowler Ca If C H WILLIAMS Fare and Aufomobule Insurance Nofary Snxfh Sfreef Fowler Phone 235I ED WILLIAMS Experf Haurcufs Merced SI Fowler Callf BALDWIN S CREDIT JEWELERS I IO7 Fu 'ron Phone 3 O7OI Fresno Ca If WALTER BYDE CO LTD I22 Fulron Sfre Iand I33I Fulfon Sfreef Easy Parlczng Space Fresno Ca II W T DICE General EIecInc Dealer G E Phulco and Zenufh Raduos Pabco PaIn+s Eleclrnc Wnrmg Service Radro and Applnance Repaars Merced SI Fowler Phone 26lI FOWLER FIVE AND TEN Shop af Horne and Save Merced and Sevenfh Phone 2I9I Fowler alnf FRESNO DRY GDODS CO Tulare and Van Ness one 3 I2I Fresno Calif H WAXMAN Propr elor PACIFIC FURNITURE CO Pnone 2 0223 I4I7 Fulfon Sfreef Fresno Calf NEALS SILK SHOPPE Hoslery Gloves Bags Lngene Snlks Coffons Woolens I258 Fulfon Fresno Caluf . I . , ' , I' . of - . I. U . . I' . 626 I I I . , . . I V I- . 0, 0 I F ' Hardware - Sporllnq Goods - Gills I . - ' - I' . ' 821 . Ph - I , ' . , C ' . . I I A 5 . . ' - 7I E ISII1 d Q07 TI h 3 Sm 'S 9 ' Sep one W2 Compliments and Success S P FURNITURE C0 I-I Panosman Prop ISQ3 TuIare SI Fresno CaIu , THE SENIOR cLASS In Acknowledgment of their and Co operatnon MAXWELL STUDIO Phofography BEE ENGRAVING En rav nq TRIANGLE PRESS Inf ng SILVIUS 81 SCI-IOENBACKLER Covers Service 72 QW, PFI.

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