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E I qfrfvalbfvxx A '1"'M1W ' xc: My by W gy ' W ,,ff?fff,'Qa-ff"'L iv 'fjwfwiffyjr JM! flgdjfq j W ff! j M7460 QWVDZQQM, WMM of MW! J Wg 6 M W9 wflff if 7 W www L OJ ' iq' f' MMM H- f D, A :J "ff , A WA 'fc if l ' , Cb, wwf f ei J5WM"' M ' f 1 Q U'U x ,- . ,- . 9 f 1 4 M APSA of ff? ' . Q, ,. i , I + . ,W A 4 0 I A W' 5 ff 0 4 HW H M 1 pw. , , I A ' ff' j W'Z'66Uf'A 4 ' 'JU ,mm - iw M, rj ,qw 7'LW"' rxbofypf fwgfw fwjijfwwg A fi Ov MMA' 'CID ' C 0 'B' Q iw MW Www QMMW ,, 'U 'f 'J 1 ff Tndff , v f 515 W w:SffffQff M BQ My wwf W HW 4ffQD 9,ff N9 QR 7? W N x Q 2 Ne x QW Wdpkfilig 2 2 Effgixfi X Cozzfenfs gf E?CZZ4ZR9C9 INTRODUCTION of YEARBOOK DEDICATION and CLASS MESSAGE YEARBOOK STAFF CLASS STATISTICS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY SENIORS CLASS WILL CLASS PROPHECY CLASS I-HSTORY CLASS HISTORY CONT. MISCELLANEOUS .IUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN JUNIOR HIGH SIXTH GRADE FIFTH GRADE FOURTH GRADE THIRD GRADE SECOND GRADE FIRST GRADE MISCELLANEOUS ATHLETICS BOYS' BASEBALL and MEMORIAM GIRLS' SOFTBALL TEAM BOYS' TRACK TEAM GIRLS' TRACK TEAM VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM VARSITY CHEERLEADERS SEVENTH and EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL ACTIVITIES 'BAND MAJORETTES GIRLS' CHORUS BOYS'CHORUS. BUSDMVH ,COOKQ STUDENT'COUNCH. HONORSOCETY HOMECOMING NHSCELLANEOUS ADVERTISERS RHSCELLANEOUS CUSTODIANS C633 yFQSSdyQ Congratulations to Class of 1958. As you go through life meeting ob- stacles and overcoming difficulties remember your motto, "Our Future Lies Within Us. " Also remember that some spiritual help and guidance is needed along the highway of life. Be an asset instead of a liability. Success to each of you. ibeofcafzbn The Senior Class of 1958 is happy to ded- icate this yearbook to Mrs. Arline James. Mrs, James started most of this year's class in first grade. We feel indebted to her for a good beginning in our school life. The Class of 1958 gratefully dedicates this "Golden Memories' to our first grade teacher, Arline James. eargoof QSM DAVE JOHNSON - Editor JOANNE RATHBURN - Assistant Editor FLORENCE NEAL - Class History KAREN ALMBURG - Class History BUD SEABORN - Class Will SHIRLEY McDONALD - Class Will MERLIN CLUTE - Class Prophecy CLAUDIA SWINDLER - Prophecy GEORGE BRADLEY - Prophecy JUDY LAZIER - Assistant Typist LESLIE BEACH - Sports Assistant JANE FOUST - Circulation Manager LAWRENCE WINANS - Sports Editor PAUL CLINGERMAN - Assistant BILL HAUN - Assistant JAMES TRIMBLE - Sports Assistant FRANCES JOHNSON - Typing Assistant BENNY SEEMAN - Art Director RICHARD CARR - Typing Assistant ROBERT PETERSON - Sports Assistant ROGER JONES - Sports Assistant DAN BARFAY - Sports Assistant LARRY SUVERISON - Assistant Gkss csfafzlsfzcs CLASS ROLL David S, Johnson George D. Bradley Joanne Kay Rathburn Florence E. Neal Larry Dean Suverison Claudia Jean Swindler Bud Seaborn Daniel E, Barfay Karen Lee Almburg Roger V. Jones Jane Katherine Foust Leslie Beach Shirley E. McDonald Merlin L. Clute Frances June Johnson Richard Carr Paul K. Clingerman Bill Haun James R. Trimble Benny Seeman Robert Peterson Lawrence Winans Judy Lazier CLASS COLORS CLASS FLOWER Blue and white Yellow Carnation CLASS MOTTO "Our Future Lies Within Us" ,v 1 1 , 2 Class - arch 28, Junior and Senior Prom -------------- - April 25. Baccalaureate ------ - - May 18, Commencement ---- - - - May 23, 1958 1958 1958 1958 " Ju .V 521, M aff .2 2 may r J mzkzzbfrafzbn Seated: Frank Neal, Glenn Johnson, President, Gertrude Lewis, Clerk Treasurer Standing: Maurice Clute, Russell Jarvis, Vice President, John Meeker, Charles Haun. u Z S U P dCZlHy Top row: Arline James, Betty Kushan, Walter Jones, Floyd Waters, Frank Neal Frank Beck, Frank Barbato, First row: Margaret Brocken, Muriel Noftsinger, Lillian Carnes Mazie McBride, Winifred Rosner, Elizabeth Wright, Alberta Griffin, Virginia Roush 7 4, 64122 df ,af f F 6200! Lf' , , , fffyzfg. f X ! K -7 rf ' . ,- ' ev , , 515 :fafpf,:,fv'C Q ffl-4? 'F also 'ff f 41.0, in V A 5 W- at fire JM 1 X K ., , f :K XQ ILDLUA ll-,UL V 1,-A Q , 'f ' , - , X . Iv.. ' - f was W N' '1 xxxvxlfdg .,fi- -.,,f ' ,N A 5-eww , rr K--' X., VOR" l Q Q. Q , v it 1 ' " aw ' 4 gg ., ' - ' -X. 2 3 X 1 , i K Z .Q ,N V WZ' 2 1 1 ' C, 7,-ea. 'ifubfl I r x fr -6 J km fm . J- , .9 ,sg L, ,E Q ff 'Q J X ,S fkwli sz V, , Q . Z Eiwfyy Af9?fE'f5i?ZfQS.l5iCffLj,,3ii'.',gq:'::,..,Af,, W, 5 DAVID JOHNSON fDavej Class President 1-3-4, Vice President 23 Bas- ketball 1-2-33 Track 23 Chorus 1-3-43 Class Play 33 Yearbook Editor 43 Ne spaperfl GEORGE BRADLEY qDad3 Class Vice President 3-43 Boys' Track 1-2-33 Basketball 1'2'3Q Band 1-2-3-43 County Band 2'3: Dance Band 33 Grotto Band 43 Boys' Chorus 3'4Q Yearbook 4. 1.91 X, JOANNE RATHBURN Uoj Class Officer 1-2-3-43 Girls' Track 33 Girls' X Baseball 33 Chorus 1-2-3-43 Sextette 2: MH' jorette 1'2'3'4Q Home Ec Club 13 Cheer- leader 1-2-3-43 Newspaper 43 Honor Society 3-42 Yearbook 4, 4 ,Ja , 'V I J FLORENCE NEAL QFloJ Class Officer 2"3'4: Cheerleader 2-43 Chorus 2-3-43 Majorette 1'2Q Baseball 2'3'4Q Track 2-35 Band 2-3-43 Student Council 23 Class Play 33 Dance Band 33 Newspaper Editor 4, WILLIAM HAUN fBi11j Boys' Chorus 3-4. 7Yi,U2Aww LESLIE BEACH qresy Boys' Chorus 3-45 Newspaper 4g Yearbook 4. rf-J JAMES TRIMBLE gimp JANE FoUs'r ganiey Class Officer 35 Home Ec Club lg Chorus 1- 2-3-43 Cheerleader 3-45 Class' Play 33 News paper 43 Yearbook 4. SHIRLEY MCDONA LD fMacJ Class Officer 25 Class Play 33 Baseball 3-4g Track 2-33 Chorus 1-2-3-4g Band lg Home Ec Club lg Majorette 1-25 Newspaper 4g Yearbook 4. QM W, HOWARD SEABORN qsudy Basketball 1-2-3-43 Baseball 2-3-45 Year- book 4g Track 2-3g Student Council 2-3-43 Class Play 3g Band 1-2. RICHARD CARR fDickJ Track 3g Baseball 2-3-43 Basketball 33 Chorus 2-3-4g Newspaper 43 Yearbook 4, jf E, CA ?l'f'U,LvL! fc' KAREN ALMBURG fKayy Chorus 1-2-3-4g Baseball 1-2-3-43 Track 2-3 Home Ec Club 1g Studentl Council 2g Class Officer lg Newspaper 35 Yearbook 3g Sexrette 35 Basketball Score Keeper 4, 0 1 f' 0 1 X CLAUDIA SWINDLER fClaudJ Girls' Glee Clubg Dramatics Club 15 ACap- pella Choir 23 Dance Band 33 Class Play 33 Cheerleader 3-4g Baseball 3-4g Chorus 3-4g Band 3-45 Student Council 43 Newspaper 4g Yearbook 4. ROBERT PETERSON fBobj Basketball 2-33 Baseball 2-3-43 Boys' Chorus 1-2:-3g Track 1-2-3. DANIEL BARFAY fDanj Boys' Chorus 3. N . I f 6U ,W FRANCES JOHNSON fFranJ Home Ec Club 13 Chorus 1-2-3-43 Select Chorus 3-43 Newspaper 43 Baseball 43 Year- book 4. JUDITH LAZIER Uudyy Home Ec Club 13 Class Play 43 Newspaper 43 Yearbook 4. ' ,407 W . M' LARRY SUVERISON Student Council 33 Newsreporter 43 Basketball 1-2-3-43 Baseball 1'2"3'4: Track 1-2-3-43 Chorus 3"4: Band 1-2-3-43 Dance Band 33 County Band 23 Grotto Band 4g Class Play 33 Newspaper 43 Yearbook 4. 1 fcqwcgj LAWRENCE WINANS qcheesey Boys' Chorus 1-2-41 Baseball 2-3-43 Basket- ball 1-2-31 Class Play 33 Yearbook 4, PAUL CLINGERMAN Basketball 1-25 Class Officer 23 Chorus 13 Yearbook 4. MERLIN CLUTE Baseball 3-42 Basketball 2'3"4: Track 3-43 Class Play 33 Honor Society 3-42 Yearbook 4. ROGER JONES flckj BENNY SEEMAN CHD U SLM-fw 4 ffl! GQSJ if We, the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-eight, being in reasonably good health and of questionably sound mind, do hereby make this, our last will and testament. KAREN leaves her home runs so many to Beverly Haun who hasn't any. JANE leaves her pretty red hair to Mr. Waters who uses Nair. FLORENCE leaves her clothes so neat to Judy Summers with dancing feet. CLAUDIA leaves her size so tall to Bobby Haun who is very small. PAUL leaves his fast red Dodge convertible to Bobby Reinsburrow who moves like a turtle. LESLIE leaves his Chevrolet to Charlotte to drive to school each day. LAWRENCE leaves his wandering big feet to Tom McDonald who is trying to compete. DICK leaves his way with the girls to Dennis Hipple and all his curls. CAROL leaves her happy giggle to Joyce Haun and her fancy wiggle. LARRY leaves his dribbling speed to Bill Meeker who is in great need. JOANNE leaves her pleasant way to Mary Harrison to use each day. MERLIN leaves his holstein dairy to Edith Dennison who is always merry. SHIRLEY leaves her disappearing ways to Joyce Parkhurst for future days. DAVE leaves his manners and speech to Bobby Ferry who can use them each. JUDITH leaves her swimming tricks to anyone who goes to Clarks Creek. BILL leaves his service tests so many to that Freshman boy named Kenny. ROGER leaves his Dodges plenty to Kenny Vaupel who hasn't any. DANNY leaves his English knowledge to any one who wants to go to College. BENNY-leaves his Poultry farm to anyone who has Chicken Charm. ROBERT leaves his old Coon hounds for Paul Luoma to chase around. BUD leaves his Mechanical skill to Dick Szabo who hopes he will. JAMES leaves his faithful romance for someone else to take the chance. GEORGE leaves his sideburns so long to Leroy Bailey who's coming along. FRANCES leaves her speedy ways for Lyle Almburg to use in trackspring days. To MR. JONES we leave our quiet study halls so there will be no more riots or brawls. To MR. BECK we leave a new baseball team with lots more pep and much more steam. To MR. WATERS we leave a lock of hair to prove he didn't use that Nair. To MRS. ROUSH we leave her new machines which are pretty, pink and keen. To MRS. WRIGHT and all her crew we leave the Home Ec Room so clean and new. To MR. BARBATO we leave our sing- ing so loud in hopes he will draw a larger crown. To MR. NEAL for the intercom we leave an instruction sheet to ease his busy days and save his feet. To MRS. CARNES and all her charms we hope that next year her rooms will not be cold as barns. To MISS KUSHAN we leave our throwing arms so when the riots start she can send out alarms. To the COOKS we leave floors very clean in hopes no one will run over the milk machine. To the JANITORS, BOB and RUSS we leave no muss so there will be no fuss. To MRS. LEWIS with her smiling ways we leave high and low grades and busy days. FQ" 6635 9jI"0!0 GGY As we look upon the class of '58 in the prosperous year of 1976, we find our class bums, BARFAY and JONES, at Ralph's for their daily weed break. LESLIE BEACH is now proprietor of his own Fritos Company, a chip off the old block. BILL HAUN has finally made the grade with the Marines after his 75th attempt. Nice going, Bill, we were behind you all the way. PAUL CLINGERMAN has monopolized all the wrecking ser- vice in Northeastern Ohio. QWe always knew you had a knack for collecting junk, Paul.j We find MISS JUDITH LAZIER trapping - that is for men. We find MRS. RICHARDS, the former CAROL SHERRETT, editor of her own gossip column. MRS. SHIRLEY MARKLE is now head of Markle's Kindergarten, Incorporated. QThey're all hers, of course.J The Dahmens, BILL and JANE, are running a close race with the Markle's and what the outcome will be, nobody knows. We could not interview CLAUDIA SWINDLER as she is on tour with her horse show. We find JOANNE RATHBURN has finally realized her lifelong dream as she became Miss America of 1976. BENNY SEEMAN is now owner of his own "Cotton-Picken-Chicken-Plucker" Poultry Business. FRANCES JOHNSON is still waiting for the return of her loved one from the Marines to come home to her. LARRY SUVERISON is now Coach of the Fowler Wolverines which has a 63 game winning streak. As the election of '76 comes up we find DAVE JOHN- SON a strong candidate for President. FLORENCE NEAL is Dave's personal campaign manager and his loving wife. We missed interviewing KAREN ALMBURG as she is participating in the Olympics as the American Champion javelin thrower. We find MERLIN CLUTE as President of the Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, Colorado. BUD SEABORN is now Service Manager of the Imperial Division of the Chrysler Corpora- tion. One of these days he might be able to afford one, a Chrysler, that is. DICK CARR is also attending the Olympics as Karen's private javelin Shiner. LAWRENCE WINANS is now a Champion water skier, he needs no skis, his shoes serve the pur- pose. BOB PETERSON is now President of the National Coon Hunting Association. GEORGE BRADLEY, that crazy goon from Vienna, has finally won the Indianapolis 500 on roller skates. JIM TRIMBEL now owns a house construction company, thanks to our beloved shop teacher, Mr. Waters. V 4 "mill" W, fY vga! GQSS jlglsfory In September of 1946 we entered first grade. Our teacher was Mrs. James. There were 29 students. Karen Almburg, Gene Bowler, Donna Carr, Gwen Clark, Donna Griffin, Frances Johnson, Shirley McDonald, Joanne Rathburn, Norma Beck, Daxmy Barfay, Leroy Bailey, Leslie Beach, Dinnis Brownlee, Teddy Carlton, Merlin Clute, Robert Ferry, Raymond Graham, David Kennedy, Paul Luoma, Johnny Martin, Larry Peters, Bud Seaborn, Larry Suverison, Wallace Hortman, and Harry Keller. We do not remember too much about first grade, but we could never forget the time Mrs. James tied Shirley in her seat because she would not stay in one place. We entered the second grade and on checking our roll call we found that Paul Luoma had decided to stay in the first grade, but as we had one new student our num- ber was the same. Dave Johnson from Niles was our new member. Karen, how did you like Mrs. McRoberts lap? When we entered the third grade we found our class had been divided into two groups. Our teachers were Mrs. McRoberts and Mrs. McBride. We had four new stu- dents, Lillian Cowger, Herman Cowger, Sherrell O'Rourke, and Dick Carr. How about that, Dick? In the fourth grade Alma Callahan, Judith Lazier, Louis Crain, and Howard Mun- ger joined our group. Our teacher was Mr. Procop. He was our first man teacher and WOW! what a teacher! Howard Munger was the only one who left us in the fifth grade. Our class was divided again that year. The teachers were Mr. Allshouse and Mrs. Rosner. In the sixth grade we had four new students: Bob Winans, Lawrence Winans, Paul Clingerman, and Jane Foust. This was the year the boys started noticing the girls are different. As we entered the seventh grade, we were really pleased with ourselves because we thought we were hot stuff and almost grown up. So we began the tedious task of saving money for our trip to Washington. Our first money making project was the magazine sales contest which we won. Our sponsor this year was Miss Kerola. We lost one member, Louis Crain, because of an accidental death. Eddie Smith moved to Vienna this year. Our only new student was Pete Evinsky. No one could stand to leave us in the eighth grade. We lost the magazine sales contest this year. Our sponsor was Mr. Wise. Pete Evinsky departed at the end of the year. We are now in high school. This was the year we were all waiting for. Our home room was study hall. This was the year that the one and only Roger Jones of Sharon entered our class. Our sponsor was Mr. Wise. Cfzss jflsfory fcjonlj In the tenth grade Florence Neal joined us, and Bob Winans and Alma Callahan left. I guess Bob decided that army life was safer. Hey class, how about that hay ride we had when two boys attacked a girl with a pumpkin? Our sponsor was Mr. Jones. In our eleventh year of school, Romance was the main subject. We had a number of projects this year which set our bank account booming. In the spring we gave the Seniors a prom. Our class play was entitled, 'The Whiz Kids. " We had two new students Claudia Swindler and Jim Trimble. Mrs. Roush was our sponsor. We entered our Senior year in 1957. We find that Gwen Clark and Ruth Uber have left us with a ring on their left hand finger. This year our sponsor is Mr. Neal, our teachers are Mrs. Carnes, Mrs, Roush, Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Kushan, Mr. Jones, Mr. Neal Mr, Beck, Mr, Waters, Mr. Barbato. The Juniors gave a prom in our honor in May. Our Senior play was in May also. Shirley and Jane are planning on changing their names in the near future, We are eagerly looking forward to commencement, and the trip to Washington. Although we may be glad to be out of school, but we will never forget all the good times we have had together. gn mm orzdm On October 12, 1952, our hearts were saddened by the news ofthe death of our fellow-student and friend, Louis Crain. Louis entered our school in 1949 as a first grader. He was killed by an accident in the seventh grade. It is hard for us to realize that his place is now empty. 1940-1952 WA-M 2 e E 5 E 5 s ' 1 1 su ' 1 X gf MN N-5 fvilffy 'Lf I, K- 9 rl JVZXJMMJK -' IZCKMZQ Z? Virginia Roush Don Spencer David Griffin Tom James Jim Haun Peggy Byerly Windsor Anderson Beverly Haun Kenneth Vaupel M. Barry Clute Larry Peters Chester Smith Carol Boyles Donna Griffin Virginia Scott Margaret Summers Donald Melius Daniel Highland Raymond Graham LeRoy Bailey Nancy Groves Frances Sutter Ellen Bloomstine Joyce Parkhurst Robert Ferry John Gallatin Paul Luoma Robert Reinsburrow Robert Herriott Gary Blascak fr Q Q., 1, 2 Q Q" f f .ww Q H N fx sm. ' M 3 . L, ' . , ,N .N , , ,M I A vw, , , ,ix 0. 1 , in - WP f . , fe , s : I . ' 1 ,.,,, L,--, H , - , -L 4 K 3 M 4 -Q A ff , 1 3 . y " m ,whims 14' M f H y y .. . an 'Y 1 ""'f,, L f'5?': . Wg: 'f 4" 'A' -W ' , kk -K "awSxa1i4,'g.a , fm , K Lf , mm- QV I .wvwf.4f'p,1m,a',., ,, '-.. Mr. Walter Jones Darryl James Harvey Gress Charlotte Culver Edith Dennison John Rudge Peggy Meister Jim Stein Dennis Jewell Carla Clark James Gress Jackie Tunstall Herbert Thompson Paul Marshall Judy Summers Lyle Almburg Jack Rhine Carol Uber Terry Coates Dennis Hippie Dick Szabo Janet Martin Tom McDonald Rose Dezick Joe Kish Katy Cole Gary Patterson Bill Davis IQ aff: I zfhkzf if ,iff ,Mein,1- :M 122.1 A.: x1L,,,.,, ,,.. Nm .,., U,,Lh, K M is X M fag 1 51 V, ,lg . Wg , K , ,L A L Q- 1-,lfaf i m ,sa - ff ie- Ai . ., 'fzfgizgigzfzsilgiig-1mef P? W K7 ' ' .1w.,1.fs71f9f ii bffk3p'??f'f-7:1 k .- 9,111 kgs K wc F 5-5515 .J gg , .. ,, fs 1 V - f 355452 x - f , --viii '3"sfA wf , . ' V' ' U 2,1 W f vw mi QSQQHQ Wumiie-L25 :xii A-W "' " 'V V H -1 A vvz,.-g,-Hwy? AM, ,154 F' H , . .,, ,FQ : ff I QQ- - '55 243 GHS? S " Q59-L' b" "W ' ' I .WH-V -S " 5.1 f .. yd - 'W f 22 Q V Qqflu A 6 , M i f -H, -3. f'.,y4Qg :FiLv ?QiQQggQgiQ35jj: 1 ::"fr?'f 5:5 53? Qefdmm N-,f,,:2H.wpf2:1:zv'Q 2 1 me if llwiff ' - 5 Floyd Waters Kenneth Webber Charlotte Peters Judy Wilson Marilyn James Arden Scott Robert Stewart Clarence Johnson John Duff Nancy Clute Jeffrey Crain Carol Meister Nancy Clute Edward Meeker Sally Kilgore Ted Rhine Kenneth Miller Carolyn Gail William Meeker Paula Smigrocky Mary Dennison James Schwartz Joyce Haun Alan McCarthy Glenn Johnson Joyce Vaupel David Lazier Betty Williams xT- mc 7K M Miss Kushan, Tim Jarvis, Ruthanne Bettiker, Gaylene Crain, James Bequeath, Bonnie Uber, Marion Candelore, Gary Hippie, Jeanne Coates, Wayne Sigler, Gary Rising, Judy Groves, Mary Harrison, Jerrylynn Thumm, Barbara Haun, Louise Yungbuuth, Betty Quimby, Howard Melius, Donald Haun, Joyce Barker, Alex Czako, Linda Jewell, Gary Lee, Lois Spencer, Roy Rhine, Herman Stephens, Inez Gosnell. 6' 215 QFGOQ 725 gfdk Mrs. Carnes, Mrs, Wright, Jim McDonald Donna Wissinger, Vera Jean Jarvis, Russel Dennison, Jim Meeker, Dennis Beach, Ronald Howell, Susan Campbell, Jane Lewis, Wesley Duff, Patty Bettiker, Mike Kish, Tom Barfay, Carlynn Anderson, Joe Scott, Andy Thomas. Hx.. nl 'B 1 fN Af A In X M! f': UW J 6M gfdk l , , Judy Schwartz Lois Powell David Yungbluth Sharyn Peters Mrs. Brocken Cynthia Preston Pete Mizicko Robert Czako James Whipkey Paul Brown Garry Sprankle Richard Engler Edward Luzier Sheryl Stinson Richard Moy James Alderman Janis Clark Thomas Rudge Janet Coates Orville Morrison Caroline Kerns Shirley Meeker Sharlene Penrose Jerry Rhine Larry Blanchard Betty Stephens Harry Roberts Dennis Moy Tommy Uber Raymond Riley Larry Culver Janet Thompson James Luoma Margaret Cleland Eileen Webber Kenny Richardson Lawrence Gmucs Larry Roberts ,iff QIUOQ First row, left to right: Mrs. Rosner, Richard Rock, Claudia Gail, John Rudy, Norma Jean Smigrocky. Second row: Frances Engler, Linda Silk, Richard Luoma, Charles Gaylog, David Rausch. Third row: Kim Bert- iker, Judith Sheward, Larry Sigler, Terry Wike, Larry Mc- Donald, Fourth row: John Gosnell, Richard Noderer, Margaret Brainard, Patricia Culver, Catherine Cook. Fifth row: Marlene Geis, David Kerns, Sixth row: Donald Stauf- fer, Joline Simmerman, David Biglow, Mary Cleland, Carl Bloomstine, Seventh row: Phyllis Clute, Carol Wilson, Mary Jane Vaupel, Michael Phillips, Mary Lou Haun. Eighth row: Kathy Goodhart, Dale Richardson, Louise Micha- lec, David Kinleyside, Joe Cetar. Ninth row: Carol Sum- mers, Janet Davis, Cynthia Hewirt, Pat Riley, Jeannette Meister, L.Q ' 4M QIUOQ First row, left to right: Bobby Eastwood, Terry Morrison, Larry Powell, Curtis Penrose, Don' J Noderer, Second row: Lynda Wike, Karen Bowser, Janet Vargo, Alan Hill, Charlene Cook. Third row: James Good- hart, Patty Wissinger, Kathy Mlzicko, Janet Thumm, Cathy Luoma. Fourth row: Wanda Rhine, Bobby Hewitt, Richard Williams, John Bicinnotti, Pat Phillips. Fifth row: William McCallion, Violet Ferry, Lynn Keith, Paul Carr, Sixth row: Mrs. McBride, Paula Carr, Peter Harrison, Kathy Nicula. 3r0f gfdk Left Side, left to right: Scott Simmerrnan, Jeffery Parent, Frank Graziano, Dorian Quinn, Charles Foust, Kathy Martin- owski, Brynith Rausch, Billy Moy, James Martin, Irene Gayloy, Ronald Ferry, Fred Youngbluth, Ricky Meister, Timothy Gmucs. Right Side, left to right: Donna Silk, Frank Czako, Ardaith Alderman, Loretta Noderer, Billy Cleland, Janice Griffin, Mary Ann Brown, Tim Good- hart, Ronald Seaborn, Jane Micholec, Mrs. Griffin, Jeri Quinn. First row, left to right: Freidrick Morrison, Leilani Hichcock, Spencer Kilgore, Nancy Rising, Eleanor Suverison, Rose Martinowski. Second row: Philip Trough, Karen Wike, Marilyn Griffin, Terry Almburg, Dale Coates, Robert Marshall. Third row: Barbara Jones, Robert Fabrey, Marsha Woods, Mrs. Muriel Noftsinger, Linda Summers, Kenneth Brainard. QIZJQFGOQ First row: Ronald Jewell, Betty Siembieda, Betty Rudy. Second row: Cheryl White, William Rausch, Maria Trumbull, Carl Grote, Linda Williams, Wolf- gang Grote. Third row: Cheryl Gowdy, Robert Greenier, Darlene Dennison, Cynthia Anderson, Lorena Biglow, Sharen Barker, lsf QJUQQ First row, left to right- Susan Vargo, Jeffrey Stein, Frank Kish, George Gosnell, Eugene BSU. KHINYH Lazier, Richard Yungbluth, Michael Richardson. Second row: William Summers, Linda Duirba, Edward Grote, Deborah Moffitt, John Nicula, Linda Wissinger, Gertrude Harrison, David Powell. Third row: Kathy Siembieda, Patricia Tustin, Paul Armstrong, Mark Meister, Judy Penrose, James Seaborn, Douglas Bowser, Shaye Hitch- cock, Fourth row: Deborah Pickens, Michael Greenier, Alan Meister, Fifth row: Patricia Luoma, Shirley Campbell, John Czako, Arline Bettiker, Roger Williams, Kathy Gosnell, Charles Dahman, Robert Prentice. Sixth row: Gary Doak, Roger Tabery, Margaret Sutter, Timothy Walsh, Patricia Cetar, Robert James, Robert Cleland, Barbara Gowdy. VY T' gg' njgg mmm SIN .M ' rs1zw?m .HZMZQZ4 Top row, left to right: Kenneth Webber, Lawrence Winans, Don Spencer, Merlin Clute Second row: Coach Frank Beck, Bill Meeker, Bud Seaborn, Tom James, Windsor Ander son, Ed Meeker, Dick Carr, Kenneth Vaupel. First row: Lyle Almburg, Darryl James, James Gress, Chester Smith, Maurice Clute, Larry Suverison. SMA 7 QS eam , Top row: Karen Almburg, Shirley McDonald, Beverly Haun, Virginia Scott, Peggy Byerly, Joyce Haun, Nancy Clute, Frank Beck, Coach. First row: Carol Boyles, Claudia Sfvindler, Carol Sherrett, Frances Johnson, Charlotte Peters, Florence Neal, Judy Wilson. J SV "Z J LARRY SUVERISON BUD SEABORN LARRY PETERS fd C .TAMES GRESS 2913 MERLIN C LUTE GEORGE BRADLEY KENNY WEBBER RICHARD CARR QUIZ? ED MEEKER CHESTER SMITH WINDSOR ANDERSON ROBERT PETERSON X R LEROY BAILEY X Nm 1 , , -- X4 f LYLE A LMBURG Mia FLORENCE NEAL Qfrf 7 yracf CAROL BOYLES PEGGY BYERLY CHARLOTTE PETERS BEVERLY HAUN JUDY WILSON CHARLOTTE CULVER KAREN ALMBURG SHIRLEY MCDONALD CLAUDIA SWINDLER FRANCES JOHNSON JANE FOUST VIRGINIA SCOTT af E 1' NANCY CLUTE X 2 Q. I ,SX i I If QI: - If GFSIQ ygasfefgaf jeam, Top row: James Haun, Robert Stewart, Windsor Anderson, Arden Scott, LeRoy Bailey, Don Spencer, Dick Szabo, Middle row: Coach Frank Beck, Clarence Johnson, Bill Meeker, Lyle Almburg, James Gress, Tom James, John Rudge, Barry Clute. First row: Kenneth Webber, Larry Suverison, Ed Meeker, Darryl James, Merlin Clute, Bud Seaborn Bill Davis. A o e VX A 1 :J I 1 if H 4. an -5 :J e l .vu Left to right: Peggy Byerly, Joyce Haun, Joanne Rathburn, Florence Neal, Jane Foust Claudia Swindler, I 17 sm Z 99 i- ' V 51' . x 9 s xQs6 w 5 W5 4 1' A , -Lk -'I In , ' 19' ffff Q I , I 51'miEae..'lbZ::- ' ' F J 2155- bis: z--UV .,., . 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TQ H , mf, y S, wif J 5, J, fi 5 mi y V, W' V, P1 fs S , HERMAN STEPHENS ,eps-,S+-V-,-+:,.,W,. -, w.,.M.,-H+, 'Q Q ' ' LV Y-:Hy K 6 2 E 2 E I N L,z4cZ2Wf2ZL Back row: Jeffery Crain, Claudia Swindler, Judy Wilson, Larry Suverison, Lyle Almburg John Rudge, Donald Haun, Terry Wike, Robert McDonald, Joe Kish, Arden Scott, Alan McCarthy. Middle row: Gaylene Crain, Jeanne Coates, Margaret Summers, Paul Mar- shall, Florence Neal, Carol Meister, Tom James, Frank Barbato, Director, Linda Jewell Jackie Tunstall, Louise Yungbluth, Mary Harrison, Barbara Haun, Dennis Jewell, Carl Bloomstine, Larry Blanchard, David Yungbluth, Kenneth Vaupel. First row: Marilyn James, Ruthanne Bettiker, Joyce Vaupel, George Bradley, Joyce Haun, Ellen Bloomstine Frances Sutter, Harvey Gress, Paula Smigrocky, Carol Sherrett, Carolyn Gail, Darryl James, Joyce Parkhurst. Center: Nancy Clute, Joanne Rathburu, Carole Uber, yyzoczjbreffes Top row: Nancy Clute, Judy Schwartz, Janet Thompson, Mary Jane Vanpel, Cynthia Hewitt. Joanne Rathburn, leader, Janice Coates, Phyllis Clute, Janice Clark, Sharlene Penrose. Front row: Mary Lou Haun, Mary Cleland, Caroline Kerns, Janet Vargo, Marsha Dennison, Sheryl Stinson, Linda Wike, Kathy Mizicko, Patty Wissinger, Kathy Goodhart, Carol Jean Wilson. ,"'4wwww"' 1 x 'J Q flillf J f A JM 9246 7 orus Claudia Swindler Shirley McDonald Joanne Rathburn Joyce Parkhurst Frances Johnson Florence Neal Karen Almburg Jane Foust Bev Haun Frances Sutter Nancy Clute Carol Uber Joyce Vaupel Judy Wilson Katie Cole Charlotte Culver Joyce Haun Peggy Byerly Marilyn James Betty Williams Carla Clark Judy Summers Janet Martin Ellen Bloomstine Judy Lazier Mary Dennison Charlotte Peters Nancy Summers Carolyn Gail Sally Kilgore Carol Boyles Peggy Meister Carol Meister Donna Griffin Margaret Summers Jackie Tunstall GEORGE DA VE JOHNSON Vice President BRADLEY President LA RRY 7 fi' joys 'J OFUS SUVERISON Treasurer Dal-fly Jamgg jack Rhine Leslie Beach Windson Anderson :avr-we ,,.:. :: , an , vs ,, -1 :,,, 455,-Ji, , AW wie: we ' '-'ww-.2 Mvfffz "A "'w'h'fEE29E3A'-Yi " -- " "W - WZ E .::"a:' :Wires .'-:: if : Lars?" 2 .:. wg MQ-535 .. fl:-Q" ---1 9:51522-:: .. I " f V 7, 25513112 -, fe: ::'1F'::!H'.i1F i ' :..' 354, ,QOL A ' ,, , '1iI,5,,,35:: Q :::11EEIsaa1 .21 IEi..,- iz V " .- Lf 'GZ ,, ., V ,. :L . Ely 53,5 ,V i if 55 .- ' H --- W " ,.,, . .. Q , , V . Y .V K H Qs .. will si res? re fs Y Dennis Jewell Paul Marshal James Gress Tom James John Rudge Kenny Vaupel Lyle Almburg Bill Haun 525222253 i w' A " .,..., , , 5 X34 ,izf:f,,,:a',,aau,aQ" " wwe New 5:,,aaf2,,,f2-m1fs:, Q ,, , sf ve- , 'sw , wi E ' :5 f'eae ,nfsf1-ws 1 -f ,g--,ig -1 ME- ggzf vw megan ',5M,::4.::2NE.' :miw4ZLiE749fm7i??VfVi 371, .1 V' . . . Hfrfwe ff., 1 '--- e- Wzrefsgyges sm x v M ,x W ss n f , .v ,:.,:: ::: - 3 www' vffyg i15s37f5gY,r5g3f'lAlf , ,,5. ,. if 1- 3:-iw, Aqgigzy ,Avfly fm f '55H155'.::5:i2 X ,SE ,. . BUS DRIVERS Clifford Taylor Robert Griffin Ralph Rathburn 1 GUS-1-ODI A NS 'i,+::' ,gi , ' - :' , ,, li'!6Z:11SI:..": If" .- ' ""' - V V - V:--5 Russell Gallatm ' ' 'ii'f5,I7:1sf?2 53: --f' '?":1ff'5Ei?'ff:f?'7 .. .,:l!:Z.f Eg.:.1' -.H s 7'f' k" r1 -J Robert Grlffrn ,. ' MW COOKS Mrs, Durth Lynn fit GWENDOLYN CLARK BUTLER Chorus 1-2-33 Band 1-2-33 Select Chorus 2- 3g Sextette 2g Cheerleader 3g Majorette 2- 3g Class Play 3. Mrs . Albert Suverison ,HW MMM QSfu0Q12f Gouncz BUD SEABORN - President CLAUDIA SWINDLER - V1ce President PEGGY BYERLY JAMES HAUN Secretary-Treasurer LYLE ALMBURG JAMES GRESS TED RHINE JOYCE HAUN T55-Q - " il l. :ff ll -..f - I, V i S 7 f n' X LINDA IEvvELL GARY LEE Zb H025 AvAuIABIz..: DENNIS BEACH LINDA MEISTER QQ 1 I FLORENCE NEAL .TA MES TRIMBLE MERLIN CLUTE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 2 S f X N f Q 'f :E ff E' xx O s tf The student body would like to extend its congratulations to these students. gowfer cgcfoof 012 or OCIQ9 IOANNE RATHBURN FRANCES JOHNSON TOM .TA MES CAROL BOYLES omecomzlrzy Fowler High School made history this year by holding its first Homecoming. Joanne Rathburn was elected Homecoming queen by the student body and Claudia Swindler was chosen Maid of Honor, A dance was held following the Homecoming. Attendants, left to right: Charlotte Culver, Peggy Byerly, Florence Neal, Shirley McDonald, Joanne Rathburn QQueenj, Claudia Swindler fMaid of Honorj, Jane Foust, Beverly Haun, Carla Clark. Escorts, left to right: Leslie Beach, Herbie Thompson, Jim Haun, Dave Johnson, George Bradley, Merlin Cute, Bud Seaborn, Larry Suverison, Jim Stewart, Windsor Anderson, Lyle Almburg. First row - Attendants, left to right: Linda Meister, Jerryln Thumms, Charlotte Peters, Bonnie Uber, Vera Jean Jarvis. Escorts - left to right: Allen McCarthy, James Gress, Tim Jarvis. Patty Tunstin fFlower girly, Robert Jones QCrown Bearerj, Penny Bettiker QTrain Bearerj, Linda Diurba QTrain Bearerj, Shay Hitchock fFlower Girll. DICK LESLIE JUDITH LARRY . l Ky L E . 4 if K A . -." ,sk LL PLO JANE BILL N ik L-'f'-" f A-N1 'f-"-ff -.-4 MLW x X ww -- :wan ZJWFVH Q AMA eq. ,, XA. V V W KH. f'-vp ,rf W . X 'fm Wx V ' ..,, I,-f . . ,L www - - :f-, 1q,x g9x,,L. 1 ','H,wH - wwf fz, 'Y 1, 5 'x N ' f , .12 ' . 'xx 444 4 f L R -. , N Wxk .W, ,A " 'xv-W 4 'x',f. ' -, N, N , f Q' . . Rf. , 7 - . , , H -. www Mm, ww yan MN xmv XJ, LW 1 MW. NN Nxv ff,-:'7 -by .. N, 'tw N-W ,-:tg V m.gX I, . ,WQM 4 . . ,w ,rg ,Q , K. f fi, Q , gigg ,V-lx' Q' H .wwf e WA , , X. ' Vis UM Wx ., if . :FRE , 11,13 my KINSMAN ISLAYS DAIRY MEDICAL CENTER CLINIC Kinsman, Ohio Greenville, Ohio FRED ELSTON, INSURANCE AGENCY C, L, ARNER, INTERNATIONAL Kinsman, Ohio HARVESTER PRODUCTS Orangeville, Ohio FIRST NATIONAL BANK VIENNA LUMBER COMPANY Kinsman, Ohio Rt, 90 Vienna, Ohio A, G, BIRRELL, FORD AGENCY HOWARD JOHNSTON RESTAURANT Kinsman, Ohio U, S. 422 8: 46 Junction Open 'I A.M. to 1 A.M. BRADNER FORD AGENCY CAFE 422 Bristolville, Ohio East of Warren Fine Foods PASSEK'S "MEATS FOR YOUR FREEZER" WARREN SANITARY MILK COMPANY Bristolville, Ohio Warren, Ohio CAUSEWAY SPORT SHOP PEPSI-COLA DISTRIBUTORS Route 88 "GOLDEN AGE BEVERAGES" East Mecca Warren, Ohio KEDDIE CHEVROLET GREENWOOD AUTO SA LES Sales - Service Cortland, Ohio Transfer, Pa. CRESTWOOD HOMES COMPANY SERVICE ELECTRIC CO, Rt. 18 Proprietor, LAWRENCE SUVERISON RENOLDS DEVELOPMENT Cortland, Ohio Greenville, Ohio KONOLDS CLEANERS CASH AND CARRY LUMBER COMPANY 1134 Summit St, Cortland, Ohio Warren, Ohio RADIO STATION WHHI-I CORTLAND TRACTOR SALES Music, News, Sports Cortland, Ohio Second National Bank Building Warren, Ohio WARREN MUSIC CENTER Compliments of TRIANGLE RESTAURANT 158 High St, Cortland, Ohio Warren, Ohio SPORTLAND SHIVELY'S ORCHARDS Everything in Sportswear Rt, 90 104 High St. Zi Miles North of Fowler Warren, Ohio Compliments of J, A, MEEK,, M, D, Compliments of PAUL'S UPHOLSTERY Vienna, Ohio Phone NE-74102 Cortland, Ohio PAUL SMITH'S MARKET NATIONWIDE INSURANCE Vienna, Ohio Auto, Life, Fire, Hospitalization L, E, l-IAWLEY Vienna, Ohio PHILLIPS MARKET AND WILLIAMS FOR MEATS ROOTS SUNOCO SERVICE Vienna, Ohio Vienna, Ohio CORTLAND FUEL AND SUPPLY SACH'S JEWELRY Cortland, Ohio 118 E. Market St, Warren, Ohio CORTLAND LUMBER COMPANY H. G. DOWNS STUDIO Cortland, Ohio 120 Market St. Warren, Ohio CORTLAND RETAIL MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION Cortland, Ohio BIGGINS ELECTRIC CO, Cortland, Ohio WOLLAM INSURANCE AGENCY Cortland, Ohio Compliments, DR, AND MRS, SHAFER Cortland, Ohio LOVE'S FUNERAL HOME Established 1892 Cortland, Ohio RAY'S PAINT AND BODY SHOP Cortlnd, Ohio KEN PAYNE AUTO SALES Cortland, Ohio Compliments of R, W, COOK Cortland, Ohio Compliments of RUITER'S GREEN HOUSE Cortland, Ohio SMELKO'S SWIMMING CLUB Swimming at the Best Rt. 46 Cortland, Ohio COVER LUMBER AND SUPPLY Rt. 90 3 Miles North of Fowler MCDONALDS SERVICE AND GENERAL REPAIRING Fowler, Ohio PETRAK AND WOLLAM OIL COMPANY Cortland, Ohio HALL'S ASHLAND SERVICE Corner RS and North River Rd. LAY'S FIVE AND TEN CENT STORE Vienna, Ohio H, L, SCOTT, GAS AND OIL Vienna, Ohio Compliments of VIENNA PHARMACY Route 90 Ph. 82062 Compliments of FRANK STEELE Vienna, Ohio WARREN FLORISTS ASSOCIATION Warren, Ohio WARREN MAYTAG COMPANY 312 E. Market St. Warren, Ohio STROUSS HIRSHBERG'S STORE 103 W. Market St. Warren, Ohio A, G, BIRRELL FORD AGENCY Kinsman, Ohio FIRST NATIONAL BANK Kinsman, Ohio FARMDA LE HARDWARE Farrndale, Ohio "Deming Pumps" Compliments of DR, DON I, CHIONCHIO Cortland, Ohio KINSMAN PLUMBING AND HEATING Kinsman, Ohio KINSMAN ZERO LOCKERS Kinsman, Ohio BOYD PONTIAC Kinsman, Ohio LEWIS MILLER AND SON, FLORISTS Corner High and Vine Warren, Ohio GOVERNOR'S INSURANCE AGENCY Vienna, Ohio WILSON'S ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Vienna, Ohio HOFFMAN IRON AND STEEL CO, Vienna, Ohio HART'S JEWELRY CO, , INC, 1"l0 North Park Ave. Warren, Ohio GENES JEWELRY 140 North Park Ave, Warren, Ohio WARREN AUTOMOTIVE COMPANY 147 Pine St. Warren, Ohio ALLEN'S HOME BAKERY 2500 Mahoning Ave. Warren, Ohio J. S. Durig Company Excavating and Landscaping 3680 North River Road Roger's Lumber Company 3638 Belmont Ave. Youngstown 4, Ohio William A, Gail General Merchandise Fowler, Ohio Rathburn's Sohio Service Ph. Ne. 7-2227 Fowler, Ohio Parkhurst's Grocery Fowler, Ohio Hood's Supply Electrical Appliances Fowler, Ohio Schusters Fine Foods Greenville, Pa. Jack Strange, Sohio Service Johnston, Ohio Newrnaster's General Store Johnston, Ohio Bidwell, The Optician North Park Ave. Warren, Ohio Guarnieri's Candies and Tobacco East Market Warren, Ohio Klazvar Greenhouse Fowler, Ohio W, W, Lawrence Paint and Wallpaper Store 299 W. Market St. Warren, Ohio Eaton-Conley Insurance Agency Ph, Ne. 74661 Cortland, Ohio Adams Insurance Agency Co. Since 1857 Warren, Ohio Albert Guarnieri 8: Co. Candy, Cigars, Cigarettes 1133 E, Market Warren, Ohio Warren Business College Cortland Savings 8: Banking Co, Cortland, Ohio Boyd Electric, Inc. East Market Warren, Ohio W, I, Lewis Electric Niles Ave. Warren, Ohio 15 ggi, Q-my ' 'ki W' 15, 5 9,6 Q If Hg 1 bfwb fl A mf .4J,nggmmnwxg ,,wa,z, ,, W i ma, xai525g,' I if , ,Wm TA LOR PUBLISHING CO. DALLAS 0 TEXAS The Best Yearbooks are TAYLOR-MADE Q LITHOGRAPHED BY l 1 X, , .Wi ,- , ,, , '+w'.w' -a..f'z'HVVw,,VwLV, , V, 1 , , V, m f: -vb . , 'wx .f',,,,,,N . . ,. , . . , ' 'f-W:f"fT '-'AW-U' 3WfV::v: "1.u.iqrVV5-np"-iLd,1',,V: J Jw' ' ' , , .. , - - ' ' WVU. V--953' . 3 6-..f 'f 'WL'x:?l -. V. .' - 1 , V21 Vp-VL . 4 :--nz: ,: '. . 2 .. , , ' . ' ,, 5. . ,, V .- V. -1:-V-an -ue. .um V A - we-A JM., . .fi ., 5-11.-.f. gf- wi: X,-, uw. :Vw .ffm .1-,441fv1Mc.f - ,.-.L ,1f...i::f.,V- .w - , - , V. V V ,Q-.lf-3 V Xanax.,:,kA,,,,,Q,.-,Sq,-ang, V V1 -.4-Qwr'!-wV.,3,m,wg ,L .nm ,Nu--V - V.,uf-:.w- .-VV Vff k Ax, 4 .V V-V rug wllkff vjf- an ff F.-am, M V : -51 - ,, V V . . . , , 1 V , -6, V F, J: fig ,Mag -V .V 1, . 1, A W l. ,W 7,5 , .. 3 Y:,Vf'.-,- A-L f.--1 V1-t V,,1v 5, ,.,, , ,- ,-pgi,f5a3:,k 5 V, 1, -- . - is -9' n, f 4 1 1 i 4 5 if-M +-A174 J' N . ..,+,.,,,, ,A 'M 1 1 -SR J., X , V, 2 V1 Q . .. ,,., , , .. , H . .,, . .V r, .,f...k.,, .Q,m,,.,,. , , . , -'f' - V, -, uvu. - -V . . . L. f .-:V.gaffw- -Va:HxV.fV.-V,fVrw1U V- .. , VV Q., ., gag ww--. ,pw V - , r , . . , f ' 1, ,' .3 1 . V--.- ez-5' F1 W , ., 1' Vf ix "-a V' 1 Vi '- ' ' '. I V ',.1--.3,'w,fwV' 1, 'fl ,.- , i q QS 21" , ML ' VN 'fV-1: - pw-V U 53 2 V',,Q,3V-Agri 13,3 L"'K'f" :fb ne w "2 1: -5 VV :-.,-:..- A. . ft . 'P-H-F' "-'S',Vs3:,.ff','k ff' ', V' 4. mal-" iii' V V, -, '. Z'a"i2 W'-4 ' V ' WW.E'f'V-if'-'?fFi"T5'5'1- 71? -"l4?Q5g?1ZY"'-Var VM5,,2?49V-,.f1V ,w g - "L " il l ' " ' " ' ' , .,,- gfwl, ...,?,W,g,, , M P l A. . ,I 4 I, , .31 ,.A.,.V:,7:,:-gif? V ,.im4,,,.?,W3,,J,.,,,,,,,,, ,, :V H V. 'Q , 1 , ., H 1 153 ' "- "

Suggestions in the Fowler High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Fowler, OH) collection:

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