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- . um.m..m-,mm-1mm,,. 1 -M 1 - 5 F 5 3 E s I i F 3 5 5 s E 3 2 3 D lk? J--....-.---,....X--- EEE . Present School - 1956 Proposed Addition - 1957 gi,.:Q4--4 off A aff no ,,.,--l,. H E J A""---"' - h -AP A? ,j,..l.l-,..l K ng -l E ' Q HN' , 355315, ,, x A - Q A' A " ww' "W 'fwffg XX -, ..---""""' ' ' E Q . o -S d lx QQQ " lifll""' d 'f ' nm' su ox d ' . ddoo' ff- 1 - H Xxx ' K K Q X h xx X1 X Q ' - ,- XX xx 1 - XX- ii' YS R 'QE X ,. A r -, X f-. x, - X ' ' . - wx CSX X + J NX x - . . . ' I - M , -. Xo,xX,??Q55 E E gn, -. X Fixx-'X f' I' ,V-ff' ' Sin L 1 fn ,WI -X ,ff I "' X X 'gf' d Inv, Tax 2 .w. XX KMJVF' - . 1 FOWLER Editor - - ....... Assistant Editor --- Class History --,.- Assistant ...... Assistant .... Class Will --- Assistant ---- Assistant .... ..-.-- Class Prophecy --..- Assistant -,. ..,... Assistant ...,---- Sports Editor ---.- Assistant ...... Assistant .... Art Editor .... .- Assistant .... Assistant .... -.- Picture Editor --- Assistant ...... Assistant ....... Typing Editor .... Assistant ....... Assistant .......... Business Manager - AIIUAl STAFF ---- Donna Kinleyside -..-..---- Bill Wason ---- Florence Dahmen -------- Lois Castle ----- Eileen Mullen ----- Lillian McCarthy ----- Sam Marshall Charles Bradley Barbara Phillips Cheri Crain Howard Sherrett ---- Kathryn Rudge Donna Stewart Jim Carr ----- Danny McCarthy ------ Joe Crawford ------- Chuck Almburg --- Mary Frances Klavzar ------ Marjorie Phillips ------- Doris Davis ---- Betty Parkhurst --------- Jackie Carr ----- Carolyn Callahan ------ Nancy Neal 2 Hank Neal ..i. .gi , DEDlCAlI0ll We the members of the Senior Class of 1956 wish to dedicate this annual to Mrs. Virginia Roush and to Mr. Frank Neal with whom we have happily been associated through our four years of high school. Mrs. Roush was our sponsor in the ninth, tenth, and eleventh grades and she also directed our Junior and Senior class plays. Mr. Neal helped us through twelve years of schooling, assisted us with this annual, and was our Senior class sponsor. 3 x Xl, Virginia Roush -L, BUARD OF EDUCATION The Fowler Board of Education presented a bond issue of S199,000., last November, which the voters of the Township approved. This bond issue is to be used for much needed im- provements in the school, including a music room, shop, cafeteria, teacher's room, and class rooms. 4 CLASS MESSASE CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE SENIOR cmss or 1956. Seniors' you are almost at the beginning of a new day, leaving your high school days behind you. You must look into the future with active minds and bodies. Your future contains a vital challenge You do not know just what the future holds for you but you do know that you will no longer be guided and sheltered as you have been in the past. Seniors' may you always strive to be a credit to this institution which graduated you-Fowler High School. 5 BACK ROW--L Mr. Pack Mr. Jones , Mrs. McBride N, . Mr. Neal -, Mr. Barbato . .- . Mrs. James , ,in Mr. Waters Mr. Vuchak , , ,- FRONT ROW- Miss Kupensky Mrs. Rosner -,,,. Mrs. Carnes .... Miss Likens .H.... Mis. Noftsinger Mrs. Roush --..- FACUHY cft to right- Mathematics ., Principal, Science -, ,. ,,,, , Grade Four Superintendent, Civics --,-. -.,- ,N ., , Music ,, ,A . Grade One . .,.. A.-- ,.,, . Manual Arts ., -. . Physical Education, Coach 6 ., , Grade Six Home Economics ---- .-,- Grade Five - --- English A-- Grade Three A .... Grade Two ---- Commercial ,www 1955 f XJW Q 7 Charles Almburg lChuckl Baseball , Basketball Track , . A County Chorus Boys Chorus , Select Chorus Class Play . Annual , Audrey Gene Barker High School Chorus . Select Chorus Annual . . School Paper Hi-Teens :ML ri: ,lhe 3 lCh uckl Charles Bradley Band .,l.. .. .. .- We V . News Reporter -.. , ,, . . Basketball ,..-, Class Play -. H.-. Track .-,, - Annual -If . ' 4 ll 3 y Ba 3 I .P V M, Jim Carr l"Fronk Buck"l Baseball - -7 . High School Chorus Annual -- . 8 Basketball ., . , 1,2,3,4 1,2,a 1,2,a 4-24 4 3,4 3 4 1,2,3,4 2,3 4 3,4 1 1 ,2,3,4, 3 3,4 3,4 3,4 4 2,3 1,2,3,4 4 4 Jack Carr High School Chours - -..--- 1 Annual . 4 School Newspaper . - 3,4 Carolyn Callahan Annual .. . . -e 4 High School Chorus .M A V 3,4 Hi-Teens .. . , 1 Newspaper , , . - 3,4 Lois Castle High School Chorus .... ..... 1 ,2,3,4 Select Chorus -.. , .... 1,2 Band -..-.-.,,--,. 1,2,3,4. Soft ball -- .-- 1,2 Hi-Teens --,-. 1 County Band -.. 4 Annual ....... 4 Cheri Crain Baseball . -. -. ....... ,.--- ., -- 1 High School Chorus U..- - - 1,2,3,4 Select Chorus ,-,-,,..- 1,2,3,4 Hi-Teens .... M. .... W 1 Home Ec. Club --..,-- 3 Band ...... .. ............ .-.- , 1,2,3,4 Class Vice.-President ---- ..- 2 A.nnual ........,.,.., 4 School Paper --., ..... , 4 National Honor Society 4. County Chorus .........., . , - 2 County Band ........... - 4 Class Play .... 3 Joseph Crawford Uoel Class Play .. ,.., -..-, Chorus , ,. . County Chorus Annual . , School Paper '- .,..- Florence Dohmen Honor Society County Chorus School Newspa Pe Softball ., .. .-.. lSisl I' . .,.. , Select Chorus . ,. . .. Annual , .. , High School Chorus -,... News Reporter ,...--, Home Ee. Club . .... Hi-Teens .. , - .,- Doris Davis fDoriel Class Play --.-.. ........ ..- Softball , , ,--..-,--..- Class Secretary .... News Reporter -- ,--- Select Chorus - .. Hign School Chorusuli Cheer Leader - . ..... Home Ee. Club Hx-Teens . ,,., ..-..-.. County Chorus Newspaper ...... Jrrn Griffith Basketball Band ..... .... Track 3 4 4 4 3,4 4 4 4 4 3,4 3,4 1.2,3,4 .-- 1 3 ....-- 3 .---- 1 4 1 ,2 1 3 2 3 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 3 1 4 4 3,4 3,4 4 Alvin Harris CAD Band . - Basketball . Play . . . . , Annual . Donna Kinleyside lCleml High School Chorus , Select Chorus ,., County Chorus Hi-Teens . Class Play .. , , , Honor Society .. Annual , , ,. -, Baseball , Student Council , Cheerleader . ,, Band Track .. County Band , Newspaper Mary Frances Klavxar Honor Society , , Class Play , ., , Band ,,---, ., , A High School Chorus Select Chorus ,.-.-, -.. Baseball ,, Hn, , , ,, Cheer Leader , , County Chorus . 7 Student Council President Annual U. ,,,,, W , ,., Secretary of Class , Hi-Teens ,.,, W- ,- Sam Marshall CSqmJ Class VicePresident -A , ,. Band ...,, , Track N-, , ,,,,,,,-M High School Chorus W Annual ,-, ,,,,,,, , Y, lMorel 1 -l 2,3 . 3,4 4 1,2,3,4 1,2,3.4 2 1 3 4 4 1,2,3,4 2 4 3,4 1,2.3,4 4 4 4 3,4 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 2,3,4 1 1 ,2,3,4 2 4 4 3,4 3 1 4 1,2,3,4 3,4 1,2,3,4, 4 Donny McCarthy CDanl Track .. .-....-.. ,..--- Basketball Class President , . Chorus ..--. .. County Chorus . Select Chorus .,-.-....- Student Council . .--., Lillian McCarthy lLilyl High School Chorus --.-.... Select Chorus . 4. ,.,,,,,,, Hi-Teens - ..,,A, ...-..-,, ...,. ,-,, Softball ,--.-- .... .----- Student Council -...-- Annual . School Paper -..- Home Ee. Club -- County Chorus .... Eileen Morris Mullen Newspaper ...,-,---. ...- High sch 1 0 oo Ch --,. Baseball ---. .----. Majorettes ........... Track .,...,--,--....... l'l.lS Hi-Teens ...... Select Chorus --- Annual ......,-..-- Class Play --.. County Chorus --..- Home Ec. Club -..-- Nancy Neel lNanl H' h School Chorus Selfect Chorus ........ .. Band .. ......... ., .... - Cheer Leader --- Track ......... Softball ---.----- Hi-Teens .... .---. - Class President .... glass Secretary .,-,.- tudent Council - Home Ec. Club ..-..- County Band ....-- annual ..... ,.-- ewspa r --,.- Class Pla? ..., . 4,--.. Honor Society .-- 1,2,3,-l 1 2 1,2,3,4 2 2 1 142134 3,4 3,4 3,4 3,4 4 3 4 1 3,4 142,33 12.3.4 1,2 1 1,2 4 3 4 3 1,z,3,4 3,4 1,2,3,4 3,4 2,3,4 1.2,3,4 1 3 4 2 - 3 4 4 3,4 3,4 4 Betty Parkhurst lBettel Band ., , ..... -,- High School Chorus Select Chorus ...., Honor Society . .. . Class Play ,, . Home Ee. Club , Y County Chorus . County Band . . Newspaper Annual Mariorie Phillips lButchl Class Play 4 , --.i.,,-.-vv----v - High School Chorus ., ..,. -. .... -, M, Annual .. ..-..-..., Home Ec. Club -.-, Hi-Teens ,. . Select Chorus ,.-, Baseball - W-, -U Newspaper , Barbara Phillips lBarbl Class Play ., 7 Baseball -. ,,A,,,,,, , ,, , Student Council ,, Home Ec. Club -.,,t Hi-Teens ,,,,-..- Newspaper , A High School Chorus -. Annual . . ,,,-,, Kathryn Rudge lKothyl Select Chorus H- , High School Chorus , . Band ,, ., , , , , County Band C. , -, Cheerleader , Class News Reporter , , Annual . Newspaper ,,.,, M, Hi-Teens , . Home Ee. Club . .. 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 3,4 3,4 3 2 4 3,4 4 4 1,2,3,-i 4 3 1 3 1 3,4 -1 1 3,4 3 1 3,4 1 ,2,3,4 3,4 3,4 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 4 4 4 3,4 3,4 l 3 JY. Howard Sherrett CHowiel Chorus ,, . . Select Chorus . , Band Basketball . Track . , .. Boys Chorus .. County Chorus Class Play , . Thomas Schwartz CToml Chorus .. . . A Class President ., . . . . Annual , Donna Stewart Majorettes - Track , ,, Baseball . -. .. . ., -M Band...,. , Pres. Home Ec. Club . Pres. of Music Club Select Chorus - . High School Chorus 4. . County Chorus .. Annual . .. Bill Wason Class President -, Basketball ..,... , Class Play . .... Annual -,.- --.. Newspaper .... 1,2,3,4 1,2 1.2344 3,4 3,4 4 2 4 4 1,2 4 4 4 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 3 4 3,4 1,2,3,4 4 4 1 1 3,4 3,4 4 HSI Wlll MID TESTAMEIIT Her diamond ring wills Dorie, To Lois Johnson for the glo'ry. Mary Fran will lend her charm. U ' On Verna Hunter it will do no harm. Jackie Carr leaves his intellect In all the halls for Dickie to collect. His books of Western, leaves Howard To Jerry Hake who is no coward. Danny leaves his Ford of blue To anyone who wants it. Do you? Tommy wills his farming knowledge To Bill Ferry. Maybe he'll go to college. Carolyns quietness we must confess Would be a great asset to Jimmy Gress. Donna Stewart with her twirling strut Leaves it to Beverly Gray who's in a rut. Audrey Barker leaves her Kinsman boys To Carolyn Gail and all her toys. Alvin leaves his California flame. To Jack Parkhurst to play the game. Her opinions so many. leaves Eileen To Florence Neal who thinks they're so keen. Jim Griffith leaves his absent days To Chester Smith who's in a daze. Lily leaves her eyes of green To the lower grade hepcats for Halloween. Lois wills her married life To Shirley Mac. in all her strife. A boy to every girl leaves Nan From whom to collect trinkets whenever they can Marjorie wills her one romance To Peggy Byerly who'd like a chance. Sammy leaves his personality divine To anyone who cusses all the time. Joe leaves his female suggestions To all the boys to make impressions. To Sandra, Bill leaves his dictionary ln hopes she'1l continue her vocabulary. Barbie lends her shape and cute smile On Beverly Haun it'd be worth while. Cheri leaves her giggle so merry To a Sophomore boy named Larry. Her clothes so neat, Florence will offer On Pat Benning they will prosper. 15 Katie wills her eyes of brown To Aurdey to bring Johnny around. Jim Carr offers his temper and scorn To the cute Sophomore Buddy Seaborn. To the Kinsman girls funless joys The Fowler girls leave the Fowler boys. Donna lends her pitching arm To Karen, it may help out in an alarm. Charles Bradley wills his hair so red For he thinks Mr. Waters would like it instead. Her voice and sex appeal leaves Betty To Mr. Barbarto and his spaghetti. Charlie Almburg leaves his catman slacks To that mathematical wizard Mr. Pack. To our superintendent, Mr. Neal Who helped to get us over the hill We leave the books that used to be so new And who's pages now are very few. To Mr. Jones, throughout the years Better students without any fears We lend them encouragement on January 7 From our Julius Caesar escapade in Grade 11 Though Mr. Jones thought we made a fool of him We had forgotten Mr. Neal wasn't: in. We offer Mrs. Roush's room more heat So that she won't have to freeze her poor feet. Our catman jive to Mrs. Carnes For a hepcat dialect in her yarns. '1'o Mrs. Wasik who teaches Home Ec. We leave our wild tales for her to collect and inspect We leave a track team of great speed To Mr. Vuchak who is greatly in need We hope they'll come through with flying colors Instead of black and blue and yellers. This is the end of our Senior year Now that we've graduated we have no fear So let's have a party to show our good cheer You bring the pretzels and we'll bring Along the memories of yester-year. To Mr. Griffin a set of escalators Instead of each long, high step, So when you reach the top at last, You'll have some of your pep. To Mrs. Lynn and Mrs. Suverison, We leave appetites small, So their willing helpers can eat it all. 16 CUSS PROPHECY As the class of '56 was interviewed in the year of 1970. We find that Alvin Harris is now the owner of the Strong Aroma Perfume factory located in Fowler. Audrey Barker, who was once Queen of the Auctions in her day, is now Mr. Neals private secretary. n To our surprise William Wason discovered a new way of sav- mg gas. His motto is "One Pill Will Make Every Hill." Betty Parkhurst is still attending college where she has just been promoted to a Sophomore after fourteen years of trying. Nancy Neal is now married and is furnishing lots of music with her own little band. But-no clarinets ! ! ! Eileen Morris is now Mrs. Robert Mullen. By the way she still drivies her blue Henry J. One thing to notice is that the rear fender is fixed and the back seat is just full of little Bobs. Sammy Marshall has gone a long way in the world of en- tertainment since '56. He is still playing with the Polka Jets who can be seen on T.V. every week. Jim Griffith is a traveling salesman for the Fuller Brush Company. But we're sorry to say he still has his '55 Oldsmobile. Jim Carr is now the owner of Jim's Tavern, located in Fow- tlielr Center. Fowler was once a dry town but Jim sure changed at! It was unfortunate that we were unable to interview Chuck Almburg for he is on tour with the Barnum and Bailey Circus as their head muscle man. We are glad to see Charles Bradley as a very famous author. He is noted for his weird imagination. As we looked in on the Crawford ranch in Utah we found that Joe and Beverly are finally married. Joe has finally reform- ed from drinking and writing crazy poems about Audrey Barker. Jackie Carr is the bookkeeper for the Strong Aroma Perfume Factory. He better be sure that he fixes the books the way he was taught by Mrs. Roush in high school. Frank and Lois Castle are getting along fine in their new home at,Long Beach. They said they and the two children just love their own private swimming pool. Donna Kinleyside has taken over the Martha Raye Show and the critics seem to think she can go even further. Donna Stewart is now the majorette teacher at good old Fow- ler Hi and has been for t.he last five years. Her students are the best in the County. Mary Klavzar is now a pop singer. She was last seen on the Polka Jets show and on the Arthur Godfrey Talent Scouts show. Doris Davis now goes by the name of Mrs. Richard Murray. They are living in Greenland where they're raising a bunch of little Eskimoes. Marjorie Phillips and Doug King are still going steady but haven't thought about tying the 'knot yet. They said they didn't want to rush things. 17 Barbara Phillips is eagerly looking for the return of her hus- band who is still a mystery to all of us. Cheri Crain is now the Private Secretary of the Strong Aroma Perfume Company. One thing she never does is sit on the bosses lap. We found Lillian McCarthy in Hollywood looking for her knight in shining armor. She didn't find her knight but she did lind a Broadway producer. She said the armor would be too hard to keep clean anyway. Florence Dahmen, while studying nursing in Cleveland, was having a hard time keeping her mind on her work and not on the interns. Carolyn Callahan and Bob Hill have been married for ten years now. She said her honeymoon has never ended yet. Howard Sherrett hasn't been heard from for several years. He is now on the moon and his only way of communicating is by smoke signals. He must have run out of matches or forgotten what he was taught as a boyscout. Danny McCarthy has obtained the late Einsteins position and is advancing still further. Tommy Schwartz is now the owner of one of the largest farms in Ohio. His cows sure are bringing in the money. By the bags full. Kathryn Rudge is a famous Brenton Model in New York. She can be seen modeling any of the latest French designs. 18 CLASS HISTORY ln September of 1944 we entered the first grade. Our teach- er was Miss Guatschi. There were 25 students: Audrey Barker, Nancy Neal. Mary Frances Klavzar, Kathryn Rudge, Florence Dahmen, Betty Parkhurst, Kathryn Banning, Phyllis Kerns, Na- dine Lewis. Donna Lou White, Medina Whitmore, Marlene Yank- ee, Mildred Smith, Jack Carr, Jim Carr, Tom Schwartz, Charles Almburg. Bill Ferry, Jerry Hake, Jimmy Rabold, and Maurice Wazelle. We do not remember to much about our first year of school. but who could. forget Kathryn Rudge sitting on Miss Guatschi's lap? We entered the second grade, and checking our roll call, we found that eight students had left us. They were Wayne Crain, Kenneth Frazer. Jerry Hake, Maurice Wazelle, Bill Ferry, John Bechtel, Charles Bradley, and Phyllis Kerns. New students were Lois Morrison, Eileen Morris, Jackie Snow, and Jim Kovalak. This year our class was divided. Our teachers were Miss Guat- schi and Mrs. McRoberts. Gee, Mary, wasn't Jackie Snow cute? As we entered the third grade, we found Mary sad, Jackie Snow had moved away. Nadine Lewis, Jim Kovalak, Donna Lou White, Medina Whitmore, and Marlene Yankee also left. New students this year were Danny McCarthy, Lillian McCarthy, Donna Kinleyside, Rita Skinner, Peggy Schmittau, Steve Zolner, and Janet Stein. But Steve Zolner stayed with us only a short time. This was the year that Danny and Lillian told everyone that they were twins. Our teacher was Mrs. McRoberts. In the fourth grade, Doris Davis, Alvin Harris, Bill Wason, LaDonna McClellan, Donald Woods, Sue Dunlap, Leroy Arm- strong, Tommy Sprankle, were the new students. But Sue Dun- lap, and Donald Woods stayed only half a year. Rita Skinner also left this year. Our teacher was Mrs. Bequeath. Cheri Crain was the only new student in our fifth grade. Jim Rabold and Mildred Smith left us. Our class was divided again this year. Our teachers were Mrs. Block and Mrs. Mc- Bride. Mrs. Block tried to teach us the 'Virginia Reel'. but . . . In the sixth grade Carolyn Callahan, Marjorie Phillips, and Barbara Phillips came to our school. No students could bear to leave us by now. Our teacher was Mrs. McBride. We thought we had acquired our maximum knowledge as we left grade school. As we entered the seventh grade, we had brand-new desks to write our names on. This was because we were the first class in the rooms which had been burned in the fire of the previous year. George Ball came, and left this year. LaDonna McClellan also left this year. We began saving money for our Senior trip. Our first project was the magazine sales contest which we won. Our patient sponsor was Mr. Kurkura. After he left for the Army Mr. Brannon took over. Our eighth grade gave us only one new student, Howard Sherrett. Lewis Hake and Tommy Sprankle left. We won the magazine contest again this year. We were in the same room as last year. Our sponsor was Mrs. Jones. Eileen Morris was going to "leave this place for good", but after two months in Arizona, she came back. 19 We were now in high school. This was the year we had been waiting for. because our home room was now study hall. Carol Starky was our only new student, and she stayed only a short time. Peggy Schmittau, went to St. Mary's in Warren. Florence Dahmen was absent from school for two months. The girls in our clam were initiated by the Hi-Teens in the school gym. Our teachers were: Mr. Jones, Mr. Savka, Mr. Wise, Mr. Prell, Mrs. Harris, and Mrs. Jones. No new students came to our class in the tenth grade. Kath- ryn Banning left in the middle of the year. Mrs. Roush was our sponsor again this year. Our teachers were: Miss Kerola, Mrs. Roush. Mrs. Hollingshead. Mrs. Carnes, Mr. Jones, Mr. Wise, and Mr. Prell. Our class and the Spanish class sponsored a Christmas program. directed by Miss Kenola, for the assembly. We didn't make any money, but it was fun. Mr. Wise taught us to spell 'sophomoi-e'. Five new students came in our Junior year. They were Charles Bradley. Jim Griiiitth, Joe Crawford, Sam Marshall and Donna Stewart. Janet Stein left in the middle of the year. Our sponsor was again Mrs. Roush. Our teachers were Mrs. DeFede, Mrs. Carnes. Mrs. Roush, Mr. McGintey, Mr. Jones, Mr. Webb, and Miss Mantas. Our Junior Play was entitled "The Eager Miss Beaver." We had a number of projects which gave us a bank account, at the end of the year, of nearly 51200. In the spring we gave a prom for the Seniors. This was the year that the romance between Donna Stewart and Danny McCarthy began. Nancy Neal and Sam Marshall also fell this year. In the summer between our Junior and Senior years, the girls in our class spent a week vacation at Lake Erie with Mrs. Carnes and Mrs. DeFede. Mrs. Carnes, don't you think our ser- enade the last night was truly beautiful? There's something about hitting rocks together at 2 a. in. that is so exciting. By the way Lillian, who were we serenading? We entered our Senior year in 1955. Since Ed Wessinger had left, our enrollment was 28. This year our sponsor was Mr. Neal. Our teachers were Mr. Jones, Mr. Pack, Mr. Waters, Mr. Neal, Mr. Vuchak, Mrs. Carnes, Mrs. Wasik, Mrs. Roush, and Mr. Barbato. Our Senior play was in May. The Juniors had a prom in our honor in May also. Lois Morrison decided to change her name to Castle. Doris Davis is thinking of a name change too. This was the year of pajama parties. Nancy Neal and Flor- ence Dahmen alternated every few weeks. How about that one when the entire class cameg plus the Polka Jets! We hear everyone talking about the college that they want to attend in the fall, but we know they secretly want to get a 5100 a-week job, or a marriage license. Our class is eagerly looking forward to commencement, and the trip to Washington. But although we will be glad to be out of school, we will really miss the wonderful times we have had together. THE END 20 CLASS POEM WHISPERIN G HOPE Honored guests on the Silver Belle, Seniors at Fowler, Class of '56, Passing time soon will tell If our course and life will mix. The waves may be choppy and rough, We might even ride out a storm: But if we try valiantly enough, To keep "Whispering Hope" warm. Our ship will surely come in And glide to a sheltering dock, Loaded and jilled to the top of each bin With well-earned world's precious stock. We have held a happy four year berth On this our high school ship, We'd exchange for nothing on earth What we've gained on our educational trip For you, the underclassmen A simple word from the wise, Keep your course straight and true Because you will soon realize. Your own personal success Depends on cargo and crew, May God speed you on your trip, And the best of luck to you! 21 22 MW!! 5 Y ' Jun . ..-..-..,.... , - .K rv -m-1. fvq ,,... ..lF'!.,,. . 68 BAQQ M CW 4 I X 3, fIi"f'r -I Qhll X ELEVEIITH GRADE BACK ROW-Left to Right-Bill Ferry, Kenneth Wade, Don Byerly. SECOND ROW-Left to Rightelerry Hake, Robert Rathburn, Corwin Scott, Mrs. Roush, Jack Parkhuxst. Bill Dahmen. Leonard Luoma. FIRST ROW-Left to Right-Eleanor Sprankle. Beverly Griffin, Sandra Noderer, Patty Benning, Marilyn Stein, Ethel Stein, Audrey Duff. Sponsor-Mrs. Roush CLASS OFFICERS President . A- , . ..A. ...,.... . A ,..,,. . ..,. , Bill Dahmen Vice President , W , Donald Byerly Secretary and Treasurer , , Bob Rathbrun Student Council , H, , Patty Benning and Beverly Griffin News Reporter C W, , Ethel Stein 26 TEIITH GRADE BACK ROW-Left to Right-Merlin Clute, Bob Peterson, Bud Seabom, Lawrence Winans, Roger Jones, Harold Hudson, Robert Winans, Paul Clingerman, Bill Haun. SECOND ROW-Left to Right-Leslie Beach, Larry Suverison, David Johnson, Jane Foust, Mr. Jones, Judy Lazier, Dick Carr, Benny Seaman, George Bradley. FIRST ROW-Left to Right-Alma Callahan, Shirley McDonald, Florence Neal, Karen Alm- burg, Frances Johnson, Joanne Rathbum, Gwen Clark, Carol Sherrett. Sponsor-Mr. Jones CLASS OFFICERS President ....... ..vY.e,...,. , ,. UW-, ..,. Paul Clingerman Vice President ........... 7 David Johnson Secretary and Treasurer --- , , Joanne Rathburn Student Council ....,... Karen Almbiug and Bud Seabom News Reporter --- --- Shirley McDonald 27 IIIIITH GRADE BACK ROW-Loft to Right-Johnny Martin, Gary Blascak, Chester Smith, Donald Melius, Bob Reinsburrow, Don Spencer, Larry Peters, Bob Ferry. THIRD ROW-Left to Right-Kenneth Vaupel, Margaret Summers, Lois Johnson, Mrs. Carnes, Mrs. Wasik, Verna Hunter. Windsor Anderson, Tom James, Raymond Graham. SECOND ROW-Left to Right-Frances Sutter, Ellen Bloomstine, Carol Boyles, Joyce Park- hurst, Virginia Scott, Peggy Byerly, Donna Griffin, Beverly Haun. FIRST ROW-Left to Right-Bobby Herriott, Maurice Clute, Kenneth Fenton, Paul Luoma. Johnny Gallatin, Jimmy Haun, David Griiiin. Sponsors-Mrs. Wasik and Mrs. Ca1'nes CLASS OFFICERS President ,., .,.., ,. .... .,.. e . --, ,,, Paul Luoma Vice President , ,A H H We . , Jim H3110 Secretary and Treasurer ,, ,, W, Tom James Student Council ,,,, . - . . Peggy Byerly and Johnny Gallitin News Reporter , ne, Windsor Anderson Z8 E I G ll I ll G R A D E BACK ROW-Left to Right-Paul Marshall, Dennis Hipple, James Gress, Lyle Almburg. Bob Fenton, Jack Rhine. THIRD ROW-Left to Right-Jimmy Stein, James Stewart, Dennis Jewell, Judy Summers, Mr. Vuchak, Janet Stinson, Billy Davis, Darryl James, Herbie Thompson. SECOND ROW-Left to Right-Beverly Gray, Carol Uber, Carla Clark, Rose Dezith, Jackie Tunstall, Ruth Stewart, Peggy Meister. FIRST ROW--Left to Right-Johnny Rudge, Terry Coates, Dick Szabo, Harvey Gress, Dan- iel Kish, Gary Patterson, Tommy McDonald. Sponsor-Mr. Vuchak CLASS OFFICERS President ....... , ..,................ --- Carla Clark Vice President .,.... W-.- ..., Rose Dezith Secretary and Treasurer --.- .... Judy Summers Student Council - ........ ..... C arol Uber and Billy Davis News Reporter .... --- Bob Fenton 29 SEVENTH GRADE BACK ROW-Left to Right-Alan McCarthy, Kenneth Webber, William Meeker, Edward Meeker, John Duff. THIRD ROW-Left to Right-David Lazier, Joyce Vaupel, Charlotte Peters, Mr. Waters, Mr. Pack, Nancy Summers, Nancy Clute, Arden Scott. SECOND ROW-Left to Right-Judy Wilson, Joyce Haun, Paula Smigrocky, Marilyn James, Carol Meister, Betty Williams, Carolyn Gail, Sally Kilgore. FIRST ROW-Left to Right-Clarence Johnson, Theodore Rhine, Robert Stewart, Glen Johnson, Jeffrey Crain, James Schwartz. Sponsors-.lVIr. Waters and Mr. Pack CLASS OFFICERS President . ..,, . ......, W ..,..... ,. ........ .Y,, M arilyn James Vice President .......... VV Betty Williams Secretary and Treasurer ii-.. W.- Judy Wilson Student Council -..--,,,- ,,,,.. Nancy Clute and Carolyn Gail News Reporter .... --- Theodore Rhine 30 6 4 RA -'Fr' '- y i NK 'XX Q9 H U fig UL 31 UE Q CH SIXTH GRADE BACK ROW-Left to Right-Tim Jarvis, Alex Czako, Roger Carroll, Raymond Winans, Gary Rising. Gary Hipple, Howard Melius. THIRD ROW-Lvjt to Right-Jeanne Coates, Joyce Barker, Mary Harrison, Miss Kupensky, l'1'vncln-rl: Jerry Thumms. Louise Yungbluth, Bonnie Uber. SECOND ROW-Left to Right-Ruthanne Bevttiker, Judy Groves, Gaylene Crain, Linda J ewcll. Patricia Callahan. Barbara Haun, Lois Spencer. FIRST ROW-Left to Right-Roy Rhine, Donnie Haun, James Bequeath, Gary Lee, Wayne Sigler. Billy Stinson. 32, HHH GRADE BACK ROW-Left to Right-Carolyn Anderson, James Meeker, Joseph Scott, Mrs. Rosner. Thomas Barfay. Ronald Howell, Jane Lewis. SECOND ROW-Left to Right-Donna Wissinger, Linda Meister, Vera Jean Jarvis, Pat Bettiker, Virginia Campbell. FIRST ROW-Left to Right-.Andy Thomas, Charles Love, Michael Kish, James McDonald, Wesley Duff, Dennis Beach. 33 FDURTH GRADE BACK ROW-Left to Right-Jerry Rhine, Paul Brown, Kenneth Richardson, Edward Laz- ier. Orville Morrison. James Alderman. THIRD ROW-Left to Right-Sharon Peters, Thomas Uber, Larry Blanchard, Cynthia Pres- wn, Mrs. McBride QTeac-herb. Lois Powell, Robert Czako, Larry Robert, Sharryl Stinson. SECOND ROW-Left to Right-Shirley Meeker. Caroline Kerns. Janet Thompson, Janet Coates. Charlene Penrose. Janice Clark. Nancy Phillips. Eileen Webber, Margaret Cleland. FIRST ROW-Left to Right-James Whipkey, James Luoma, Richard Englar, Raymond Riley. Gary Sprankle, Thomas Rudge, Peter Mizicko, Harry Roberts, Richard Moy. David Youngbluth was not present the day pictures were taken. 34 THIRD GRADE BACK ROW-Left to Right--Tommy Stinson, Richard Luoma, Pat Riley, Charles Gaylog, Kim Bettiker. Dick Rock, Carl Bloomstine, Larry Sigler, David Kinleyside, David Kerns. THIRD ROW-Left to Right-Rebecca Rarick, Louise Micholec, Carol Summers, Janet Davis. Linda Silk, Miss Likens 1Teache1J, Joline Simmerman, Frances Engler, Margaret Brainard, Jeannette Meister, Mary Cleland. SECOND ROW-Left to Right-Claudia Gail, Kathy Goodhart., Phyllis Clute, Mary Lou Haun, Mary Jane Vaupel, Carol Wilson, Norma Smigrocky, Sandy Witbeck, Judy Sheward. FIRST ROW-Left to Right-Dale Richardson, Donald Stauffer, John Rudy, Gerald Moy. Terry Wike, Larry McDonald, Billy McCallian, Michael Phillips, Richard Noderer. 35 SECOND GRADE SECOND GRADE-Left to Right-Paul Sherrettn James Goodhart George Stinson, Jon Bequeath. Curtis Penrose, Charles Noderer. THIRD ROW-Left to Right-Terry Morrison, Addie Grinell, Lynda Wike, Wanda Rhine, Mrs. Noftsinger fTeacherl, Jackie Rarick, Karen Bowser, Patty Wissinger, Kathy Nicula. SECOND ROW-Left to Right-Paula Carr, Janet Vargo, Cathy Luoma, Kathy Mizicko, Gynthia Wolff. Violet Ferry. FIRST ROW-Left to Right--Lynn Keith, Patrick Phillips, David Phillips, Paul Carr, Larry Powell. Robert Smith. Robert Eastwood, Peter Harrison. Abscnt+Ianct Thumm, John Bidinotti. 36 FIRST GRADE BACK ROW-Left to Right-Bobby Marshall, William Cleland, Ronald Seaborn, Frank Cmko, Mrs. James 1TeachcrJ, Jeffery Parent, John Stinson, Noel Sherrett, Albert Grinnell, Jr. SECOND ROW-Left to Right-Mary Ann Brown, Donna Silk, Ardaith Alderman, Ircnc Gaylog. Arline Fenton. Jane Michalec. Julia Prentice, Marilyn Love, Loretta Noderer. FIRST ROW-Left to Right-Ricky Meister, Ronald Ferry, James Martin, Scott Simmer- man. Charles Foust, Timothy Goodhart, Franklin Graziano, Bill Moy. Absent,-Fred Youngbluth. 37 CO0KS Mrs. Durth Lynn and Mrs. Albert Suverison are the cooks. They have been employed by the Board of Educa- tion for eight years. On an average 230 children are served daily. They are looking forward to when they can serve in the new cafeteria. n DRIYERKS, ' CliH'ord'Taylor has driven bus for thirteen years. He has driven Interna- tionals, Dodges, and Fords. Clarence Haun has driven bus for fourteen years. He drove horse drawn vans for four years. Dave Kinleyside has driven for sev- en years. The bus drivers make two trips daily,.transporting 230 pupils. It takes about thirty-five minutes to make a round trip with busses. CUSTODIAN John Griffin, the custodian, has been here for nine years. He has had fiye boys and one girl graduate from Fow- ler High School. Eight boys have serv- ed in the U. S. Military Service. Six boys served in World War II and two in the Korean conflict. 2- fr ba -- . Q. F474 H, XC' of rf ' -9 BOYS BASEBAll TEAM RACK ROW-l.4'j! tu Right-Dickie Curr, Right Field: Robert Rnihburn, Third Bascg Law ri-nov Winans, Sulrslitutv. SECOND RON'-lwft to Rvghf Paul Luumau. La-ll Fivldg Clwslcr Smith. Substiluicg Mr V1l1'll1llC. icwlllllqlll Buddy Sunburn. Sm-cond Bnsv: llnmld lludsmx. First Base. FIRST ROW---Imfl tu RlQllfA'l.ill'l'j' SllX'0l'iSUl1. Slmrl Ship: l,zn'ry Pvtcrs, Cciilcl' Ficlclg Don nld Byorly. Cntclwr: I.vunau'Cl Luumu, Pitclivrg Bill Dulimen, Cutclier. 40 BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM BACK ROW-Left to Right-Kenneth Fenton, Paul Luoma, Maurice Clutc, David Johnson, Don Spencer. SECOND ROW-Left to Right-Howard Sherrett. Charles Bradley, Larry Suverison, Mr: Vuchnk QCoach5. Robert Rathburn, Harold Hudson, George Bradley, FIRST ROW-Left to Right-Paul Clingerman. Jim Griffith. Lawrence Winans. Richard Carr iManagerD, Bud Seaborn, William Dahmen, Robert Winans. 41 VARSITY CHEEREEADERS Donna Kinlcysido. Doris Davis. Mary Frances Klavznr, Nancy Ncul RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Joanne Rathburn. Audrey Duff, Kathryn Rudgc, Florence Nea'1. 42f BUYS TRACK TEAM llAf'K HOW Iwlf rn High! Alvin Harris. SIGVHNIJ HOW lm!! In lfrglrf-Viflnrwtc-r Smillm, Nolwrt I"mry, Ilurrvlcl Hurlmn, Hnwml Shvlrr-H, Ml Vmlmk flhrwlrj. Gvurgc Hl'art1lcy, Paul l'liup1e'rxn:m, Lmvnzuql Immun. Danny Ml'Cnrthy FIRST RUN' Iwyl In Hvufvl C'hm'lvS Brndll'y, David Jnhrmm, I1ill'l'y 5llI'Vl'l'i9l1ll, Williin Dnlunvn. Burl S1-nlmlzn, .hm llrinith, Sum lVfm'slmll. 43 GIRLS TRACK TEAM BACK ROW-Left to Right--Eileen Mullen, Donna Stewart, Nancy Neal. SECOND ROW-Left to Right-Joanne Rathbum, Gwen Clark, Sandy Noderer, Shirley McDonald, Mr. Vuchak fCoachl, Alma Callahan, Karen Almburg, Ethel Stein, Donna Kinleyside. FIRST ROW-Left to Right--Carol Boyles, Pat Benning, Beverly Haun, Peggy Byerly, Aud- rey Duff, Marilyn Stein, Florence Neal. 44 GIRLS BASEBALL TELM BACK ROW-Left to Right,-Nancy Neal, First Baseg Domma Stewart, Right Fieldg Florence Dahmen, Substitute. SECOND ROW-Left to Right-Peggy Byerly, Substituteg Joanne Rathburn, Substituteg Donna Kinleyside, Pitcherg Mr. Vuchak, Coachg Karen Almburg, Left Fieldg Ethel Stein, Second Baseg Carol Boyles, Substitute. FIRST ROW-Left to Right-Beverly Hamm, Substituteg Eileen Morris Mullen, Short Stopg Patricia Benning, Third Baseg Audrey Duff, Catcherg Florence Neal, Substituteg Kathryn Rudge, Score Keeperg Saundra Noderer, Center Field. 45 TIEIGBIIIGRADE BASKEIBME TEAM 6. CHEERLEADERS BACK ROW-Left to Right--Joyce Haun, Charlotte Peters, Marilyn James, Mr. Vuchak QCoacM, Peggy Meister, Carol Uber, Carla Clark. SECOND ROW-Left to Right--Dick Szabo, Harvey Gress, James Stewart, Jimmy Stein, Johnny Rudge, Bob Fenton, Bill Meeker. FIRST ROW--Left to Right-Ed Meeker, Herbie Thompson, Billy Davis, Lyle Almburg, James Gress, Darryl James, Tommy McDonald. 46 J' SE if QT fo J N MUOREITES BACK ROW-Left to Right-Joanne Rathburn, Gwendolyn Clark, Shirley McDonald, Flor- ence Neal, Alma Callahan. Leaders-Donna Stewart, Eileen Morris Mullen. 48 BAND BACK ROW-Left to Right-Florence Neal, Tom James, Gwendolyn Clark, Donna Stewart, Buddy Seabom, Samuel Marshall, Howard Sherett, Jim Griflith, Betty Parkhurst, Donna Kinleyside, Johnny Rudge, Audrey Duff. SECOND ROW-Left to Right-Robert Herriott, George Bradley, Margaret Summers, Joyce Haun, Ellen Bloomstine, Corwin Scott, Mr. Barbato, CConductorb, Charles Bradley, Den- nis Jewell, Carol Sherett, Lois Castle, Larry Suverison, Kathryn Rudge. FIRST ROW-Left to Right-Nancy Neal, Cheri Crain, Darryl James, Kenneth Vaupel, Alvin Harris, Carolyn Gail, Barbara Ann Haun, Paula Smegrocky, Joyce Parkhurst, Pat Benning, Mary Frances Klavzar, Marilyn James. 49 SELECT CHURUS BACK ROW-Left to Right-Eileen Mullen, Donna Stewart, Betty Parkhurst fPianistJ, Donna Kinleyside. Cheri Crain. SECOND ROW-Left to Right-Lillian McCarthy, Lois Castle, Mr. Barbato CCo'nducto'rD. Sandy Noderer, Pat Benning. FIRST ROW-Left to Right-Kathryn Rudge, Mary Frances Klavzar, Nancy Neal, Florence Dahmen. 50 STUDENT COUNCIL BACK ROW-Loft to Right-Iohn Gallatin, Buddy Seaborn, Patricia Benning, Mr. Neal lSuperin!endent5, Beverly Grillin, Nancy Clute, Billy Davis. FIRST ROW-Left to Right-Carol Uber. Peggy Byerly, Lillian McCarthy, Karen Almburg, Mary Klavzar, Carolyn Gail, Barbara Phillips. 51 SEXTETTE Left to Right-loannc Rathburn, Audrey Duff, Karen Almburg, Carol Boyles, Mr. Barbatu fConductorD, Ethel Stein. Gwendolyn Clark. 52 HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS BACK ROW-Left to Right-Dick Carr, Raymond Graham, Carol Boyles, Margaret Sum- mers. Frances Johnson, Karen Almburg. Gwendolyn Clark, Virginia Scott, Audrey Barker, Joanne Rathburn, Kathryn Rudge, Nancy Neal, Carol Sherrett, Ellen Bloomstine, Frances Sutter, David Griffin, Chester Smith. THIRD ROW-Left to Right-Joe Crawford, Judith Lazier, Beverly Griffin, Saundra Nodera er, Jane Foust, Shirley McDonald, Lois Morrison Castle, Eileen Morris Mullen, Mr. Barbato 1ConductorJ, Patricia Benning, Ethel Stein, Marilyn Stein, Peggy Byerly, Beverly Haun, Donna Griffin, Charles Almburg. SECOND ROW-Left to Right-Audrey Duff, Mary Klavzar, Florence Neal, Lillian Mc- Carthy, Joyce Parkhurst, Florence Dahmen, Donna Stewart, Barbara Phillips, Donna Kin- leyside, Betty Parkhurst, Marjorie Phillips, Cheri Crain. FIRST ROW-Left to Right-John Martin, Sam Marshall, James Carr, Daniel McCarthy, Robert Peterson, Kenneth Vaupel, Corwin Scott, Charles Bradley, Tom Schwartz, Howard Sherrett, Robert Winans. 53 llh 6. 8Ih GRADE CHORUS BACK ROW-Left to Right-Eddie Meeker, Jimmy Stein, Bill Meeker, Jack Rhine, Harvey Gress, Dennis Jewell, Arden Scott. FOURTH ROW-Left to Right-Gary Patterson, Dennis Hippie, Herbie Thompson, James Stewart, Johnny Rudge, Lyle Almburg, James Gress, Billy Davis, Robert Fenton, Tommy McDonald, Darryl James, Daniel Kish, Paul Marshall. THIRD ROW-Left to Right-David Lazier, Paula Smigrocky, Marilyn James, Betty Williams, Nancy Summers, Carol Meister, Charlotte Peters, Judy Summers, Joyce Haun, Carol Uber, Judy Wilson, Joyce Vaupel, Glenn Johnson. SECOND ROW-Left to Right-Carolyn Gail, Beverly Gray, Ruth Stewart, Janet Martin, Janet Stinson, Jackie Tunstall, Peggy Meister, Rose Dezich, Carla Clark, Nancy Clute, Sally Kilgore. FIRST ROW-Left to Right-John Duff, Clarence Johnson, Terry Coates, Theodore Rhine, Robert Stewart, Kenneth Webber, James Schwartz, Richard Szabo, Jeffery Crain, Allan McCarthy. 54 Mrs Rathburn . .-, . -.. Sec. 81 Treas. Mr Benning . ..- Vice President Mrs Rudge President BAND BOOSTERS In October of this year the Band Boosters Club was organ- ized with the following officers: President, Mrs. Carrie Rudgeg Vice President, Mrs. Julia Benningg Secretary and Treasurer, Mrs. Helen Rathburn. Membership is open to anyone interested in promoting the band interests in our school. We now have thirty-six members. This year we have purchased eight band coats and caps at a cost of S308.75. Also we have bought a Glockenspiel, a conduct- or's stand, two snare drum stands, a base drum stand, a wood block and holder and a new beater at a cost of 513316. We also paid the entry fee of 820.00 for our band to participate in the music contest. We have raised money through a spaghetti supper, serving lunch at a sale, a donkey basketball game, a Christmas raffle, a lamb supper and a bake sale. 55 Q 2 2 -if , q 5 -.Tv X nm: V A Y", ' ' K- 9' I S 1- HJ -sr' E . 56 www A l , 4 AIITUGRAPHS 58 Hartford Orchards Hartford, Ohio Medical Clinic Greenville, Pa. Chestwood Homes Co. Greenville, Pa. Greenville Tubes Greenville, Pu. George King Service S aron. Pa. Champion Bargain Center Warren, O io The Bristolville Oil and Gas Co. Bristolville, Ohio Sach's Jewelry Warren, Ohio Fred Elson Kinsman. Ohio Dr. R. A. Hanawalt Kinsman, Ohio Lenarcic and Benard Sharon, Pa. The Sharon Store Sharon, Pa. Nichols Bakery Girard, Ohio Dr. James E. Shaffer Cortland, Ohio Petrak 8: Wollam Cortland, Ohio Cortland Retail Merchants Association Wollam Insurance Agency Cortland, Ohio Hood's Supply Co. Fowler, Ohio Bcnning's Minnow Hatchery Fowler, Ohio Compliments of Fowler First Butler Typewriter Co. Warren, Ohio Plaza Motor Sales Warren, Ohio Gene's Jewelry Warren, Ohio Sport-Land Warren, Ohio Lord Chesterfields Tailors Warren, Ohio Ratliff Sohio Service Warren, Ohio Warren Music Store Warren, Ohio Shy Lockson Tailors Warren, Ohio Rogers Jewelry Warren, Ohio S. A. Bames Co. Warren, Ohio Miyfal Warren, Ohio Bidwell Optical Warren, Ohio Grade 0llR SP0llSORS 59 James Veterinary Hospital Warren, Ohio Griliin's Mill Fowler, Ohio Wason Acres Cortland, Ohio Hebenstreit's Yankee Valley Outht Fowler, Ohio Cortland Fuel 8: Supply Cortland, Ohio Johnny's Barber Shop Cortland, Ohio Greenwood Auto Sales Cortland, Ohio T 8: M Market Cortland, Ohio Cortland Radio 8: T. V. Cortland, Ohio Ruiter's Flowers Cortland, Ohio Allen's Bakery Warren, Ohio Jack's Sohio Service Station Farmdale, Ohio Servise Electric Company Cortland, Ohio Compliments of a friend Cortland Tractor Sales Cortland, Ohio Glenn Sigler Cortland, Ohio Shively Orchards Fowler, Ohio Szabo's Garage Cortland, Ohio Parkhurst Grocery Store Fowler Center Rathburn's Service Station Fowler Center Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Galloway Hartford, Ohio Boycans Hartford, Ohio Schuster's Fine Foods Greenville, Ohio Bloomneld Livestock Auction North Bloomfield, Ohio B 8: J Super Market Champion, Ohio J 81 J Laundromat Warren, Ohio Joe's Radiator and Glass Service Co Warren, Ohio Downs Studio Warren, Ohio E1 Rio Warren, Ohio Trumbull County Free Fair Albert Guamieri 81 Co. Warren, Ohio Boyd Auto Sales Orangeville, Ohio 0UR SPDISORS Vallev Florist shawn. Pa. Dlmllk Candies Sharon. Pa. Herbert M. Downs. Optieian Warnrn. Ohio Virgils Dari Kreme and Snack Bar Kinsnian. Ohio Farlnclale Hardware Farnxdale, Ohio Rodney Ann's Girard. Ohio Lantis Restaurant C ortland. Ohio Ruiter's Golden Dawn Store Cortland. Ohio MrDonald's Garage Fowler. Ohio Champion Bargain Center Warren. Ohio Chatnpion lleights llardware Warren. Ohio Mahoning l.tnnlver and Supply Co. Warren. Ohio Cortland Wiring and Appliance Cortland. Ohio Cortland Body Shop Cortland. Ohio Cortland Roller Rink C ortland. Ohio Clif? 422 Warren. Ohio Rodney Ann's Warren. Ohio Halwood Farm Kinsman. Ohio Alice Logan Kinsman. Ohio Kinsman Plumbing and Heating Kinsman, Ohio Klavzafs Greenhouse Fowler. Ohio Browns Service Station Burghill. Ohio Cover's Lumber Co. Cortland. Ohio be In . Bar Warren, Ohio SENIDR BABY PICTURES Joe Crawford Betty Parkhurst. Lois Castle Chuck Almburg Audrey Barker Alvin Harris Donna Kinleyside Eileen Mullen Howard Sherrett Cheri Crain Margie Phillips Tonnny Schwartz Donna Stewart Barbara Phillips Chuck Bradley Carolyn Callahan Bill Wason Lillian McCarthy Danny McCarthy Lillian K Danny McCarthy Jack 8: Jim Carr 21 Jack Carr 21 Jim Carr 1, Florence Dalunen E g 51 vi ' 't : H X, FDWLER vox.. gm: DEPT. - IEII TO THE RESIDENTS OF FOWLER How to report a. Fire or Emergency 1. Tell the operator you wish to report a fire or emergency in Fowler Twp. She will know in advance which phones to ring, so you will not have any numbers to remember. 2.. When connected with the person designated to receive calls, be prepared to give the following information: a. Your name b. Location of property or emergency c. Name of road or any land mark to identify the exact location. 61 R 1 2 5 e 4 Z ! 5 2 1 F 5 s E 5 i 4 I 5 .. E 2 W I i f U 1 I F 3 3 i .X S E 1 2 . I 9 5 H S 5 3 . L a 2 . e 1 9 i 5 2 4 s 3 1 i i

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