Fourche Valley High School - Indian Yearbook (Briggsville, AR)

 - Class of 1959

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Fourche Valley High School - Indian Yearbook (Briggsville, AR) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1959 volume:

11 F ., 'H'-' if Wil! VV! ilkus -W in 115 up Zi l 1 ol . 1' ! ii. Six: Ku :finn- dag .--F 1.1 95 gym Bl' U 'IH' Sli! isis 1 Ks. JF? ssl 4 -ls ins! H91 -g -w 4- ar ,.. i vs. U -s amz? UQ s. 3 '1- li ' x +2 Q5 ' : 'fl M . SEA 'fb lj Xa if iifii 3 V .. : .-, 5, 5 5 ' f ' FQ A., 1 L- 'iv 1-- -13.7 v 'YS 'Hz kai '-ffl' 'T""1x5 .4 2 f Kg, 1 , fgif fiii' 'ATI . '-Sa.. , ., um, -i.,,. Y ,fa e qgg fi-i f-:vii Till 5- -Q-i 'T' :!- -f iii gl: ' eif. def 52.5 'ELS x-vt 4 .5 ,. QE! K ,TF" g'f'if! :ly--if riff -iii- 24.5 f 4:4 441, T ie' 1, -as 5, 'LL' Q41 ..:?g, 3373. 'Ig' ,, lf" j Z3 -F THE STAFF PRESENTS THE 59 INDIAN rpflfn ff' X We Volume X FOURCHE VALLEY HIGH SCHCOL BRIGGSVILLE ARKANSAS 5 . 'e' vt 4' fix -Lf, V 'v' 1 '- Q' 4' 'I A ' af Q4 :gn 3- I I great petsomn adversxty and for the gtacxo The Staff wmshes to dedxcate thxs the tenth vohxme of out Yearbook T o Annette Fo the courage and iaxth she has dxspmyed thts past yeat th the face of ushess and courtesy she has awa s mamtamed th het tehmonshxp vnth het assoctates tn out schoot A NNLTTE PHNQN u gg, ,.. . 'ag 1 5 1 QKAQF, , 4 U :: A si." , , mc: -x.: lm ' ,gy-P---.1--rf -wwf - 'fi E 333 QQ ..- , 1, , , 'fi ll ... -,, .. lnl 4,3 K in - lv ,...q ..,hhwdkw?xgf,,,,-. . - ,A .A 5 lag hu-I-ii'r'-' V Y 4 f'- .r ...gig vgalnf .L- ffuxfff .ff-. ,iz A W 'ti 42 'S .47 Ig vQ 1 S v ' Y - . -. A A ,hr g.. Y .2 f ' 1" s - rv ' ' h' ' A 'H .V an Y, .lg , 455 ,I W trai ns . h ' :1?.. 1.' , - 4 , ,,, v' gun f 'jaw' - ru ' . ,1-4' ' ' , 1 ., Juv'-41.1 .G-If - '- 528-... 5,-F4,,,iSf,3!' ' . ' k,'Nil.',v V , V ,- .'-A - .,- , r if 5' a A4 1 r 2.3 W F i q s . . v fix ir, 4 Ut, P- gr? i .. 4 vfi INDIAN QUEEN if x'vP,..f, 'XP Vi: mr Q. 1 3 X 4-xv? Z . l . wg r Lu " 'ro fl 'xc 1 'r Ei' Ji ,wg T7 f 91.451 Pi fu fflk 5- fir 4' INDIAN QUEEN VN! Dear Mrs. Lowe: We, the officers of Co. F. 153rd Inf., are proud to have the honor f l beautiful annual queens. o se ecting these There is no doubt in our minds that each of these nice young girls are potential queens, but in a contest of this kind some must walk behind. After much thought and discussion we have made our choice. The honor is all ours. 6Q.,...fff.,,..f Commanding Officer CO. F. 153 lnf. Dardanelle, Ark. INDIAN BETTY LAWSON PRINCESSES LLXV P-N JOAN Wm WAN QU GOODQON INDIAN BEAUTIES IETTY HUNT LOUISE WHITLOW ,pw K E PAT KATHY QGLESBE RICIA HUTCHINSON INDIAN BEAUTIES LORETTA ARNQLD SAUNDRA AIKMAN -. Q1 inf'-1 N S if-J - X f . , f mfg 14 wwf? il I L 4: ,siege fixing ' F , J. , go ra .Q Q W Y Y gr 'Nz v 5.5, P' f , x at 1 ,F ' ' W 4' ry , ' wa , g V P48 Y -.J . ML .,,g,,. E' gg!! X fi? HOMECOMING QUEEN HOMECOMING ,nuff PRINCESSES HLA HUNNICUTT MARC IA ll XLR COUNTY FAIR ROYALTY BOBBIE KENDRICK MARCIA LENN LUKER CAROLYN YOUNG f I PEGGY GILMORE LINDA COOPER 1 vw -A KINGS - Par Gillum and Jay Briggs QUEENS - Kay Melton Judy Young 7th GRADE ' Bill Nation Edna Garner 8th GRADE - Buel Lofland Mary Sullivan HALLOWEEN CROWN BEARERS Nic ky Cathy Gregg Holmes PAGES Don McKinnon Larry James ff Y. -wb ,Q-QI' A I s - 5:23 ,Q-it ,,k- F. H. A. BEAU Clinton James F. F. A. 5WEETHEART Rosemary Gilmore SWEETHEART of FEDERATION VII PERRY ' YELL COUNTIES Mary in 'Charleston' costume. Douglas Alan Wagner -gg: Robert Herman Workman Uanette G1llumj Drc key Kaskx fA1ice Quallsj Steve Kordic fPatsy Pottery 4'- l Douglas L11e Potter fDoyce and Butterflyj Mitchel Raymond Harper i Uoan Neighborsj II11I13lC10I1 Day. wav A-. 2 Russell Laquey Uane Carpenterj f 17' -f xxflf N What an INDIAN' een Barbara again' 1 A' iff 1 1 ' . ' -'iff -' ' ' I xv' las , -, . -. ing. ,, 41 Y' - A4 Q I 1 rx, 1 -A ' A ' F 1 1 J,,9,:,N 1, I I ,...........,... .47 ' . ' iii! 2 Y he 13,5 ,J ,Sammi , I.. v A-'LAWN' 'W Qui 'TQXJ . . . f U 1. 50 ,uv- '14 X 5 . u 4 . - 5 1 ' 7 ' L C ,Q I 1 a J' M 'I x n I WI P 0 v ,Q 1 ' I l I Q I 1' s F ' 5 F ll I A Q C fARMERSgF eb , . QQMFRIC f a, f. Q,WL+p" FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA G. T. Willis, Advisor, Pat Gillum, Sentinel, Joe Pickens, Vice President, Virgle James, President, Clin- ton James, Secretary, Rodney Garner, Treasurer, Steve Billingsley, Rep., Paul Sullivan, Junior Advisor, Sam Turner, R. J. Wallace, James Bates, Bruce Frost, Cecil Reed, Donald Mabry, Buel Thompson, I. R Putman, Monty Dishongh, Raymond Qualls, Bobby Melton, Winston Cockburn, C. L. Cockburn, Don Whitlow, Bill Tom Austin, Billy Spears, Jerry Pickens, Jack Gillum, To encourage Democracy in home and 1. 2 3. To promote a growing appreciation of the joys and satisfactions of homemaking. To emphasize the importance for worthy home membership. To promote international good will. To foster the development of creative leadership in home and community life. To provide wholesome individual and group recreation. Community Life. 8. To further interest in home economics. 4, To work for good home and family life for all. f-YA E AKEQA- M +',mv!Il1ag', ? Q K xg, 5 wha qqgg FA' I t 1 , 04? Cv A1490 CQ-x Nfw YN FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA B?3i1 "' ,... vi Mrs. P. J. Condry - - - Sponsor Shelby Luker - - - - President Jane Putman - - - Historian Betty Lawson - - - - Treasurer Peggy Gilmore - - ------ Secretary Sue Young - - - - - 3rd Vice President Joan Goodson - - ------- Reporter ' v. 1 Q f ...- '-'15, ,M :G P. I FUQU rl XAHQ 1 . K .Q X N' 2 ' MW OFFICERS Marshalene Luker ---- Parliamentarian Carolyn Young ----- 2nd Vice President Ola Hunnicutt ----- 1st Vice President Peggy GilmOr6 'Betty Crocker Homemaker PAPER STAFF LK' Co-Editors - Carolyn Young and Peggy Gilmore Business Manager - - - - - Joe Pickens Circulation Manager - - - - Cecil Reed Sports Editors ----- - - - Bill Dishongh C. L. Cockburn Special Feature - - - - Joan Goodson Ola I-lunnicutt ng High School Editor - - - Varnell Martin Grade School Editor - - - - Clinton James Art Editor - - -D ---- - - Ioan Goodson Club Editor ----- ' ' Shelby Luker MIS G T W1111S SPONSORS Miss Gussie Lofland T' ' - . ' sa -V ' , K, i L' - YA: M E M M fi . V' 4' 31 a ,r Qi..-" A 'tr I , n. , 3455, 'rw-fbQ-,.'. -' 'U ,-If - ff- - , 'K 1 3, , 1 Y . TP. M ? iw 'Ji wi fi 4- ,Ei John W. Lowe, Sponsor Billy G. Holmes, Sponsor STUDENT COUNCIL nv ' I ' 'gg' Peggy Gilmore Jack Larry Gillum Shirley wauace Joe Pickens Secretary Reporter 3 J 1 I Y H7 I Linda Young Rodney Gamer Bobbie Kendrick Jean Luker f A 'yi z f.. .4 x I L ix X, x ms x .,., ,QQQSP1 -ff fl H 'hi 'Q 1 J fi I i . ,Q .J -Q K ... . . , 4. wx xx , -E 5, w kg, 4.3" 1 1? if x -mtg ' . 99 A fa f 'AY als' . 1 E ' if '. 1 I Lu S , . xwllt .., ll .1 krllllii 1 Xl VA.. I, fvllllf' 9 r'lL' rL"l 5 . l AHA ll.. . . MPH 1 l.- .AAU lm val fl U 1 Tcstur JUNIOR TEAMS Putman Goodson B Young J Nlelton B Sull1van Nl Hunt J. Golden E. Garner R. Young l.. Swaim P. Gilmore M Wallace S. Coach Tester Putman Young Gilmore Coach Ken Tester Kendrick Luker Hunnxcutt Putman Kendrick l-lunnicutt Luker Manager Cecil Reed Gilmore Young Coach Ken Tester , 4 ,J Q V L UQ . 5: , N 545 '1 1 Sammy 'viltchell Larry Mxtchell -il 0 ,---u-n Greg Holmes Wendell and Jerrx Burks .,-5, fCaro1yn Mlllerj Q Lmda Summxt Jesse Morgan fCyclone Jonesp Sharon Cavrness Cynthla Clements Judy Lynn Lawson Lavoma Jones 'Lo f 111 Betty O Bryant Judy Gillum Robm Turley and Denise Damel -1 5 v 1 'F r ni. . ' .'f.Q i 1 . The s tb'- ' u f """"'W"wu-wp-...,,.-..,. -M ' ' 1 , FIRST GRADE Jerry Jones Mrs. Velma Thompson ei nf' Nb t.-.9 I Pr, ' 1 J ' I If NIP , ffl 1 S . i , 15 tix Ivy,- J .. rr-1 1 .-J. -.- . '. f-. -P ,Q .. la, K. N., 4 . ,Y Y. ,,m, L-ef 'U '-all 'Q ' U J T.- V 3 1 l ,. Alai?-I ' Ji' -40 Danny Mclntyre Susan Southard Carney Wade Potter Dorothy Jean Smith Eddie Dean Franklin Keith Caviness Lula Belle Potter Patricia Hutchinson X ' 5,2 " ,-'gg , . .1 35 3, ' I- . ' ar! . t, 3'1" 4922, " " Q 1' - -T2-.' .5 I I-' I Katherine Emerson Mark Pierce Linda Garner Herbert E. Person Kathy Mitchell Daniel Ingle Carrol Potter Carle J. Potter Reba Burch Linda Cockburn Cathy Robinson Randy Smith Tony Don Spears Judy Strancer Kathleen Potter fi Li? '17 Q 1 .11 ' 'Er 5Wf..,.V ., Bah Qiff -r-:Q S 'T A.Hb is af? ' 'Q Y-Ex -.J -GQ '4' -ll 'YZ' -f +1 r- Gary James Barbara James Joe L. Franklin Loretta Arn Carol Summit Billy Melton Pauletta Garner Carl Jones J if' SECOND GRADE D old 2, Dwight Burch Carolyn Smith Loyd Porter Johnnie Cathey Mrs. Tom Daniel Patricia Hunnicutt Teny Sullivan Jeannine Clements "I D A 1 Q" J - .,. A :,jH':zk,. :ff 31 A B' I' . ,QQ- 'igi n A .If 1 1 fr: i A 'YI O 6 .11 A 1 I Q! O Uqprxr M L I , .v f. ' 'N if' -Y 9 ,mx If I5 U .gg . 4, ,J s Q. . . 5 , XM- ii if r Xa 'E 0,01 2 ' V.. . A ,J I . f A . X ' S I- J j A A KL K 4' 'A , 3, . A 'Q1,-f ' 4' M - 3,251 IU -K 4' i 34" Mrs. Kell TCSIG! FOURTH GRADE X .,. I . J 1 ' f - J 1 r I , Sandra Bob Jimmy Patricia Linda Larry Person Pendergrass Emerson Nation Smith James Gary Barbara Robert Mary Hutchinson Smith O'Bryam Spears .4 Kathy Lonnie Nadine Ray Kathy Johnnie Oglesbee Melton Potter Rhoades James Summit David Janice Frankie Don Becky Jerry Billingsley Potter Young McKinnon Lewis Spears 'O 3d"k.I3 A .U K Our, N Sdnnhk A -l Ui 51 Q "" LX JO 'Jhfk L L NYS? S ax 5 x ""7 lawn OC Beadex Dxshongh Xiax 1 Larrx Xiabrx XicC1e11and CSLIICYIPC Q Q RIC xex FIFTH TQQFTS GRADE E811 Lxhan :wav Bobo ilhoaoes e -1 Wallace .A.L. Arlene Summit Ronnie Wagner Bobby Rice Bobby A. Lewis Jay Briggs Edith Harvey Judy Lambert Alvie J. Hunt Kay Melton James Gaston Rita J. Potter Kathleen McConnel Dale Pierce Billy Beasley Jack Hearell Linda Melton Juanita Spears Una Burch Alonzo George Grady L. Hunnicutt Betty Qualls Raymond George Mary Person Vickie Rhoades Geraldine Potter Bobby Austin Linda Inman John McClelland Linda Young Donald Carrouth Patsy McCafferty James Aikman Sonny Woodruff Allen Scruggs Louise Whitlow Berry Potter Blll Nation Jimmy Pickens SEVENTH Mrs. Cjondry Billy Ray Hill Rodney Garner Raymond Qualls Ronnie Lemons bolyd Lewis "3 14 . J 55 L . 4. GRADE 'Y ,,-1 .1 A ' - , Xt- - 4 V. .30 .35 'l Q.: ,Ct I '? Q 10" E U -AV 5 !'f' .1 lux ll..s!nln if 'W 41' 57 N? 'Fir' 1 wg.. '34 1 ,, ,ks , ,,. H n Y' --2, n, .. -va. its 5 ki X .R ll xy '15- WG .Jw0, Mrs Twarn Wrllls Butch Garner Jaclue Aikman Sandra Putman Student Counctl Rep Judy Young H M Jetty Lou Hunt Bonnie Potter Pat Gillum Eleves Golden Jack Larry Gillum Lucille George Jerry Dean Potter Ruby Joyce Potter Margie McCelland Monty Dxshongh Patsy Potter Barbara Melton Rosemary Gilmore R. J. Wallace Judy Young Linda Cooper pq "9 Billie Lawson Betty Lawson Rodney Garner Patsy Rabjohli Jerry Pickens Paul Sullivan Jane Putman Don Whitlow 43? Q C l 41 Q ..- yu 5 l .- - 5 Q I 2 at ,Q -pi ' si .I 'T ' x OFFICERS Bobby Melton ------------ President Betty Lawson ---- - - Secretary-Treasurer Marcia Lenn Luker - - ------- Reporter Rodney Garner ------ Student Council Rep. Winston Cockburn - - - - Vice President Bill Holmes ---- ---- S ponsor Greg Holmes - - - Mascot SOPHOMORES Raymond Qualls Marcia Lenn Lul-:er Winston Cockburn it Bobby Melton Billy Spears Donald Mabry B111 Holmes Sponsor 'F ' ills-,. 1 , 4 iw I ft . . JA ' A . In I 3: -" JUNIORS 'ns' President JOAN GOODSON Vice President BUEL THOMPSON Secretary OLA HUNNICUTT Reporter SAM TURNER Student Council BOBBIE KENDRICK Treasurer VIRGLE JAMES Sponsor MR. TESTER BILL TOM AUSTIN BUNIA ROSE KENTON TESTER, Sponsor BUEL THOMPSON OLA JEAN HUNNICUTT J. D. JOHNSON BOBBIE KENDRICK SAM TURNER JOAN GOODSON SENIORS JAMES BATES CLINTON JAMES STEVE BILLINGSLEY BRUCE FROST JOE PICKENS SUE YOUNG SHELBY LUKER CAROLYN YOUNG BILLY DISHONGH VARNELL MARTIN CECIL REED C. L. COCKBURN ilyll OFFICERS President STEVE BILLINGSLEY Vice President JAMES BATES Secretary CAROLYN YOUNG Treasurer PEGGY GILMORE Rep. BILL DISHONGH Student Council Rep. SHELBY LUKER Sponsor MRS. J. W. LOWE MRS. JOHN W. LOWE PEGGY GILMORE if--f 1' 'qv OPAL MELTON NORMAN MITCHELL an 4' FACULTY KEN TESTER MRS. KEN TESTER 'TWAIN WILLIS MRS. TWAIN WILLIS MRS. JOHN W. LOWE MRS. DURAI-I BELLEW MRS. TOM DANIEL MR. BILL HOLMES MRS. P. J. CONDRY MR. ALVIE EMERSON MISS GUSSIE LOFLAND MISS ANNA JEWEL SULLIVAN MRS. VELMA THOMPSON P.T.A. OFFICEIS Presrdent Mrs Ned Swarm Vrce Presrdent Mrs Herman Arkman Treasurer Mrs B111 Spears Secretary Anna Jewel Sullrvan Parhamentarran John W Lowe Devotronal Mrs Pat O Bryant Famrly Lrfe Mrs Odell Lewrs Jr Health Mrs Herman Clements Ir Reporter Mrs M811CClC Lemons ROOM MOTHERS Mrs. Jim Caviness Mrs. Jake Rice Mrs. Billy Seth Lofland Mrs. Mrs ...' Mrs. ' Mrs. ' Mrs. ' Mrs. ' Mrs. ' Mrs. ' ' Mrs. . , r. Mrs. . Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. ' . Mrs. ' Mrs. ' ' . ' ' Mrs. ' Mrs. Mrs. ' ' . ' Mrs. ' MIS. ' Mrs. ' Mrs. Mrs. ' MIS. Mrs. . . Mrs. ' Mrs. ' . . Mrs. ' Mrs Mrs Neal Person Ardrth Mclntyre Farrrs Jones Herman Clements Orgel Jones John Cathey Marvrn Sullrvan Norman Mrtchell Melrccre Lemons Pat O Bryant Charles McK1nnon Lonnre Young Perry james Jr Odell Lewrs Ir J Mrs Mrs O L Bnggs Herman A1kman B111 Arkman Harold Carrouth Homer Woodruff Tom Sullrvan Arlrs Natron Oscar Goodson B111 Marshall Ned Swarm Baxter Hunt Cecil Gilmore Jack Grllum John Grllum Mrs B111 Holmes B111 Spears Grady Luker Floyd Young Lonnte Young 'i Xml ii I 1 5 :- 5 fir I T E We crown the Queen! C? e .. e Wee Carter We x, Betty Goodson SNAPS Robert and Randy Fltzsrmmons Wow! Look what happened Cold in Alaska, Marvin? fs to Mack. Linda Carter Fishing or cuttin bait, Betty? I 5, Xa xv Q, z 1. ' r .1- .f' sw, an -1 , Y. xxx , . F. L . M 3' 4 I n Kg 'W , . 72" SW? .-' . v. v-. k'? fx U .sn I f 'H -. . 5 gf, V H. if -mn ur 1 fl' Qs. f. I A , I . - N- fini' 'r"-..- R ' . up-x I 'V' Q - ,. . . .- - .5 Q- , Q.. X.. 3 1 .vu I ,- B I 'Q ' H n D-D n 4' , J Q, I qc.. ,- , U.- i f ' ' 'fn 4 ' 1.5423 ..f'ff. f .W H J. , :x fx -.,,,-. . : .i,:,"'+s 11:52 '-'Jr-,A ,Sig -Aw 1 'SEI '5 4 A 2.5- 9 Bl I!! I!! In T.- ..,,, -- D. Mfn ..-NL 4 s "3 1 - ,AU C174 :T E' Ks' 'ge-2 ,.g- I in .ml .-gi ' pid' MQ- A v . f - -+ wid I . V., I uk,-E 34. ,K ,uf 1.-Y:-1. ,- .4 y 4: I - f V, 8,575 ' ,'-A-gee--L-'-W -f pf- ws -- V .. . - Eff V ' ' ' . -' " , ' ',':" . ' ' . . 'fc A4-5"'r',' M. ' , - ' ADVERTISING V - L .,.- , 4,5 . .f , ' U 5 , 1 . 4 -u. ' , A 'V ', ' ..'-H-L2 , A iv.-5. ., "' W5 .'7'j5i'?'Zb1f?v,--- -: . , x V .,- .'-- . --..T' , , .'Hr:. '5 U .4 LT," - 1 R, . .,f-'3.'x,5x'fg:'T fra A' WV.-PT' xiii 31 T"-ixnssfi-Q! 2559 sg-:UE ff' 'iff'-,,,, .A 'f ' i 'fi '.,'..,'n5"'-Eff "Lf -5 X354 , 3':F.,L' 2-5:51 '- -if fi57fn"if.' 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DALE D1str1butor of Esso Products Tues Batter1es and Accessomes Tractor Fuel and D1esel Fuel Danv11le Arkansas 1 l 5 V6 A - 4. Q 4. . 7 ' n Q A "' Tilt' Moana fuzz -f 74. . sf 0 , Q 1 Ivianufacturers and Wholesalers of Yellow P1ne Lumber Pla1nv1ew Arkansas TNQ! I' N as Nik' Phone 3234 E D BUCKMAN QSHORTYD Re s Phone 349 6 C PSIHILIWIB Y Jfnpaaduz XC 19 SAM TURNER Phone 3414 W1ng Arkansas suv: Youn CAR 4 l iowa Ei. All XJ G C COST LION STATION Gravelly Arkansas Compl1ments of B AND LUCY CAVINESS Gravelly Ark Compl1ments of MR AND MRS JOHN W LOWE Comphm ents of MORRISS MOORE COUNTY JUDGE Compl1ments of Co Ll BUFORD'S STORE YELL COUNTY Br1ggsv1lle, Arkansas 1 un. ....... .Hun . --...I -..-.--,. X ',lngl ,Hill lu.. ' K .nhl nun... li. x 1' ,-' '-.I 'll 'I- ,I ,' ., -, I s, ,. X x ', "I, 'H .M A rn. - i ,fl A X. NN. if QR I D U 4 A IJ f- Q . +1 " -- X . 4' A ' s - . - . T . C ' C u ri vi, r N Y A.- L 1 J :K 1 ' "' . 9 I ' 0 O , I T cw am M 111' JIMMY LADD'S N DARDANELLE TRADING POST A . bf-. xp., M. , :,fl:l'I " I Phone Castle 9- 3205 Q I 67 wffjgf-.Fi KN wif ' ' s. I Dardanelle, Arkansas Compliments of T V JONES LUMBER AND BLDG SUPPLIES Dardanelle Arkansas Compliments of CORNWELL S DRESS SHOP Dardanelle Arkansas TRI COUNTY MOTOR CO 1hSob P o Box 238 "' Dardanelle Arkansas Y :U R E WARREN W W WARREN Comphments of NEBO LUMBER COMPANY Phone 81 83 Dardanelle Arkansas KEENAN COTTON GIN Sz GRAIN ELEVATOR Ph CA 9 3217 Egg: ' L I1 Dardanelle Ark JAGGERS DRUG STORE Phone CA9 3300 Dardanelle Arkansas , I f ' ' Puff. 1 T f- ' ...ff , 1, in - I X ' T4 'avr 5+ " - Q Q?-3 A ' , . Comphm ents of HAWKINS NORMAN GOOONER WELDING SHOP Compllments of SCOTT COUNTY CLERK Waldron Arkansas Waldron Ark Comphments of So Maln on Hwy 71 Clean Used Cars Wholesale Reta1l HARBERSON MOTOR SALES See OPAL OR TERREL HARBERSOIN SCOTT COUNTY TAX ASSESSOR Off1Ce Tel 7 3021 CHARLIE NICHOLS TERREL IRes 5 I 4441 WALDRON BUTANE SERVICE CO Tappan Ranges Servel Refmgerators Amana Freezers Dearborn Gas Heaters Sales and Serv1Ce Telephone Mercury 7 6541 N1ght I 6:31 TED AUDAS Mvr Waldron Arkansas Propane Butane OPAL 4ReS.p 7- 5129 I Compllments of BANK OF WALDRON Member of Federal Depos1t Insurance Corporatlon and Federal Reserve System Cornphrnents of HARRIS CASH STORE Nola Arkansas Compllm ents of PESTERFIELD S FAMILY SHOE STORE Waldron Arkansas Compllrnents of FRED HARRIS MOTOR CO Waldron Arkansas Cornphrnents of OKLAHOMA TIRE 8: SUPPLY Home of Better Values Waldron Arkansas 1 Good Luck, Seniors of '59 , ll COX S GENERAL MERCHANDISE Everythumg for the Farm ESRUM ROGER AND GLADYS COX Bluffton Arkans as O HARA AND MAJORS 5 10 8: 254 STORE Danv1Ile Arkansas Congratulahons Sen1ors 59 For the Best IH Merchand1se See THOMAS DEPT STORE Danvllle Arkansas DANVILLE FURNITURE Sr APPLIANCE Where Your Dollar Buys More ELMER SWATZEL Mgr Phone HY 52535 CompI1ments MAYBERRY S GENERAL MERCHANDISE Story Arkansas Phone TO 7 2973 Compl1ments of AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION OFFICE HAROLD OAKS MRS EVELYN WELCH DOROTHY BENNETT DAYTON THOMAS GLEN THROGMORTON Danvllle, Arkansas Comphme nts of PARKER AND MOBLEY Russe1lv111e, Arkansas 1 1 ! 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BOB S GARAGE Waldron, Arkansas comphmenrs of WALDRON TRACTOR CO wammn Arkansas mms mm ICE Compllments of MARSH 8. MCCRAW W aldron Arkansas Comphments of GLEN S SUPERETTE Waldron Arkansas Comphments of DAIRY KREME WINFORD AND JUNE OLIVER Waldron Arkansas Comphments of FERGUSON STORE Bluffton, Arkansas WARDS SERVICE STATION HY 52225 Danv111e, Arkansas hillips ro o ' ll 4-KX lyk, yr . f: 4 K 1: I fl 1 ' I EZ gf apt f Kllllfrldllfll 1:6 E ' - l C E V T TY' V L, A , 7 Q D FIRST STATE BANK OF PLAINVIEW Member of Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporat1on Serv1ng Fourche Valley Off1C e s at Pla1nv1ew and Ola Arkansas Pla1nv1ew 3221 Ola Z2 FRED S BARBER SHOP WE KEEP U N TRIM Pla1nv1ew Arkansas Phone 3346 Comphments of BARTON S CLEANERS Phone 3680 Pla1nv1ew Arkansas Serv1ce on All Makes and Models of Telev1s1on and Rad1os All Work and Parts Guaranteed DUGGAR RADIO SERVICE B1g Enough to Serve You and Not Too B1g to Know You Pla1nv1ew Call 3641 STRICKLAND PHARMACY Plalnvrew Arkansas Comphments of BUFORD 8. ETHEL COMPTON W1ng Arkansas 9' TURNER'S STATION W1ng Arkansas s ! IV ' VY ' ' 1 . . 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KEATHLEY CLEMENTS BROILER CCMPANY Ig:-Q0 With Broilers Produced in Fourche Valley SONNY CLEMENTS Owner Phone Plainview 3320 Grave lly Arkansas Better Feeds, Better Chicks, Better Living 9 BOOSTERS Baxter Gatlrn Danvrlle G81E Watch Shop Danvtlle Hams and Roberson Parks Olrverlewelry Waldron Lee Roy Shores Harvey Van Dover s Plarnvrew Lmma Whxte Plamvrew Ola Cleaners E O Woodward Plarnvrew Peck Sloan s Conoco Statron Plarnvlew Davrs Servrce Station Plamvtew Clydes Place Plainvrew 63 Otto Damel Grocery Store Ola Jack Humphrey Borden s Mllk Burris Office Machrnes Russellvrlle Lemrng s Rexall Drug Russellvrlle Peoples Exchange Bank Russellvrlle Jameson s Conoco Statxon Needmore Luke Monroe Rummage Sale Waldron Partarn s Grocery and Snack Bar Story Danvrlle Locker Plant Danvrlle George s Servrce Station Ola T G McCoy Statron Nola White s Grocery Station Statlon Washita Clyde Douthltt s Store Gravelly Tatum Food Store Plarnvrew Mrs Loyd Sanders Cedar Creek Anson Aikman Fee Dobbs Karen Tester Shelton Dxshongh Alja and Elors Hunntcutt Powers Grocery Danvrlle Wells Gulf Servtce Statron Looper Nelson Cedar Creek Atcheley s Barber Waldron Smrth s SIZIIOH Aly Roy Mathrs Plarnvrew Valley Hatchery Plarnvrew Dr Scroggrn Ola Mr and Mrs Gerald Castleberry Charles Jerry Castleberry Mr and Mrs Roy Blankenshrp Mr and Mrs Hobart Hunt O l and Roberta Briggs Irby Betty and Becky Cathey Bosco Blagg Beverly Hunt Homer Lee Lofland Sonny and Bobby Clements Ted and Eulene Buford DANVILLE FEED STORE L90 Qeeds D1str1butor of Larro Feeds BOSS MITCHELL, Owner Telephone Hy 5 2427 Danv1l1e Arkansas Congratulatmons and Best W1shes From JACK AND MARY ANN DODD Spnngfmeld, M1s s our1 Cowan-Goodwin, Russellville Dr. Harry A. Herr, Plainview . 9 BEST WISHES FROM FOURCHE VALLEY FACULTY AND EMPLOYEES and Mrs Twarn Wxllls r and Mrs John W Lowe Mxss Gussle Lofland B111 Holmes Mrs P .I Condry r and Mrs lxenton Tester rs Velma Thompson M1ss Anna Jewel Sullrvan rs Durah Bellew Mrs Tom Daniel Norman Mxtchell Harley Blagg France Mabry Opal Melton Lola Bogle Molllca Lemons bee Klng cv Z ' ni .dll IU Televrsron Furnrture Everythlng for the Home Phone HY 5 2233 Danvrlle Arkansas YELL COUNTY HARDWARE WE T APPLIANCES S5 'J' afchenes GUAUIY BRUILER CIIICKSC ID TURKEY PDUL TS Da.nv1lle Arkansas ITS THE STRAIN THAT COUNTS VANTRESS CROSS BROILER CHICKS KI37 KIMBERCHIK LAYERS NICHOLAS B B B POULTS JAMES STEVE, BILL, PEGGY C L CLINTON SHELBY VARNELI, Compliments of BRUCE. Jog CAROLYN CECIL, SENIOR CLASS SUE, Sammv Turner Bobble lxendrlck Lawonra and Cyclone Jones Doc Hester and Kathy Oglesbee Jewel Johnson Farms and Sue Bell Jones Betty Kendnck Nlooner Bellew B111 and Anna Arkman Ina Blagg Grace Mrtchell Brlly Ray and Callle Ann Krng Mac and Vlfglflla McCartney Eunlce lung Loulse Person Nlr P J Con ry Nlrs Rubv Holmes Mr and Mrs Paul Pledger Lynn and Maude Wrlson Mr Bee Oualls Mr Bob Ward M D K1l an Peelq Arkman Mr and Mrs Ed1sonKxlgore Jay Rrta and Kerth Brrggs J W Marcum Mr and Mrs Robert Glllespre Wanda and Pnscllla Swarm Don Sarah and Buddle Turner Fay and Juamta Turner Check Garrett Troyce and Abble Sue Jones Mr and Mrs Frank Thompson Ezeal Jones Dewel and Onexta May Pat and Ralph May George Barley Mr and Mrs Roy Dow an rs Denver Keathley an rs Carl Rowland an rs jrm Hood john Oualls George Hawklns Earl Hawkins Columbus Groves Qharles H, Fqsg TAYLOR PU QLISHING COMPANY Mr. . ' ' ' , M . . . ' Mr. ' M , . ' M . ' M . fr S-s .fir-fl I1 I ' C-'-1-5 ' ' I 3 . C , 4, 1 C- uv L A r axv. 7 .I Cf 4 C -. . . Q . - ' . ' B . . . .L . . . . d Mr. d M . I , 1 Mr, d M . . . Mr. d M . ' ' Mr. . . ' li P M 1 hw- 1 ,..,-f .ww -1v'q-4. .,.- .... ..,.. -vu . - . " "rw-of-ff ' 4 hu. ' I .4..4rHfz-4-.W-mann, . .,.4.4.... ,.,,- ..... ...... ..-v, . ., - - 4 AJ- k ...-.,,f.H 4 ,... -..f.,... N ,. --...J , ,N 15 1 4W'rf': -.423 4 4, ' ' 2' A M 5-5 , ? Lg A ff ,AMW A-G34 ,, . f .- ug 'F ' H 4? A fi g. E 5+ 1 if ' 5 132 22521 M . Hg? ' T' ii: Emi' 6 H5 Q rf -, f , -555 7. af' ?"'iV' , nur , 563 5555" fu-gi? n rr- .ffgl 2-5-:u i :T ' 2.5- 5 2 .. ,J 924' emi 4138 mg?-es 'fun 1-rar ,mf 4.5- nvrf' -1- gg, ,gif sisvg? 4.-I -5-i, f.?,!aw ii-rs 5.22. 'f' Fe? 1-.-1: 4-eg, .fri ' Z-fr, .Ef- 29-9 liz: Leg, 1 rw xr rL- fi , "TT, 'fFf'a . ,Q -- -..I- va. ima. ,.-ur' jdnff .Lp ,A. -FL 22.55 ,pf P" ,Z es- we -ee,, ,1:1. rr r, M21 r,3.,. ,ua- ,7 H511 L- , -il.: ks.

Suggestions in the Fourche Valley High School - Indian Yearbook (Briggsville, AR) collection:

Fourche Valley High School - Indian Yearbook (Briggsville, AR) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Fourche Valley High School - Indian Yearbook (Briggsville, AR) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Fourche Valley High School - Indian Yearbook (Briggsville, AR) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Fourche Valley High School - Indian Yearbook (Briggsville, AR) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Fourche Valley High School - Indian Yearbook (Briggsville, AR) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Fourche Valley High School - Indian Yearbook (Briggsville, AR) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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