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Y i V 1 f ffW+ l fig X JOHNSTON COUNTY HERYTAGE If SMlTH'FlELD,N.C. L . , 'QQ-J ' N v 1 E 1? J V' 1 I , ACURN 0 Four Ualfs School 0 1967 Four Oaks, North Carolina o Volume Nineteen June Canaday, editor o Ronnie Wood, business manager w HERITAGE fn fy" 1- 1, K Four Uaks ls G ----the embellished building at the northern end of Main Street ---- the key which opens the door of edu- cation ---- the laboratory for testing new talents. ----the sound of feet walking in the hall----a bell ring- ing as classes change ---- the hum of teachers educating their pupils ---- the loading of children on buses. ----the fall chill in the air----a bonfire at a pep rally ----a winning touchdown----the winter snow----long- awaited Christmas holidays ---- s pr i ng freshness ---- the excitement of the Jr. -Sr. - - - -responsibility, determination, knowl edg e, s kill, achievement, b e a u ty, sportsmanship, understanding, learning . ----identifying insects----studying for tests----cra.m- ming for e x a m s ---- writing term papers ---- voting ---- laughing ---- doing. ---people, dreams, moments, memories. 0. is U nderstamlin -- --knowledg e --- -an agreement-- --conception o f an idea ---- conpromising ---- relenting ---- comprehending . ----a smile received in tim e of trouble----imagining oneself in another's place ---- possessing a listening ear. ----knowing one's fe e ling s and habits----giving the benefit of a doubt ---- helping others through hard times. ----help from a teacher on a particularly difficult sub- ject ---- a smile, instead of a scolding, from a teacher when a student, for some feasible reason, does not do his part. ----when the teachers and principals at F.O.H.S. give a student in trouble a s econd chance to prove to him- self and others that he is a respectable person. v Friendship ----helping others in time of need ---- speaking a kind word ---- inconveniencing oneself for the convenience of others. ----pulling together for a common goal----the depend- ability of a person to do his share of the work ---- hoping for the best for others, as well as oneself ---- standing up for the rights of another. ----seeing another's faults and admiring him despite them. ----being able to give a little and take a little, for only when friendship is a fifty-fifty pa1'tne1ship,is it a success. ----but more than anything else, friendship is promising to g iv e of yourself and your time to help someone else along the long road of life. wel is ,..4l'l ,, 4 is K nawledge WS, 'Q' 4 e ----learning----growing in lov e and Lmderstanding of others ---- a science. ----information gained and preserved----clear percep- tion of a fact or subject ---- that which is known. ----wisdom----understanding and insight coming from experience ---- information gained from books or in- struction. ----an open mind which readily accepts information---- remembering ---- a door opened, giving light to some- thing new. ----knowing that a quirk of Fate placed you in youu' present environment and that you have some power to adjust the situation to yotu' demands. ----realizing that there is a purpose for each life, and striving to fulfill that purpose. ----mastering the use of common sense----the ability to do a job well ---- the chance to progress in life. ----what one has received at Four Oaks School, which can never be taken away by any individual. ,fl- Q f 'WWW - F V W ' ' ' , wwf' "U 0 sf' fu, x 3 - .1 ' ' f y K , , l 1 V, Q I J A J sv. , X t r a - s Q! , , n an - - W of ff 2 -4 ' A IL JL 1' 1' S. .4 Achievement ----having others love and respect you----when young er r students look up to you, admiringly ---- having friends upon Whom you can rely. ----being in the Acorn Club and National Honor Society ---- receiving a scholarship to a university ---- ,, f f" 4 winning a talent trophy. -- --making first s t r i n g basketball -- - -winning Eastern Plains 2A C o n f e r e n c e Championship ---- making all- conference football. ----getting your driver's license ---- obtaining and keep- ing a job ---- being recognized for unusual traits of char- acter and leadership. ----graduating from F. O. l-I. S. ----becoming a pr ou d citizen of tomorrow ---- living a successful, fulfilling, and happy life. 'N 'w,',fi,- 'L- if ' a QR i l F 1 ' is 'all ' D ri 4 If as Sportsmanshlp T s x r" X f ,. ----obeying the rules and playing fair, no matter how hard ---- being victorious without becoming boastful ---- taking defeat without useless complaint. ----giving your all for a common goal ---- working diligently when the going gets rough ---- helping others along the way, even if they are on the opposing team. ----being c areful not to hurt others' feelings by cruel words or deeds ---- l ooking for some good in each indi- vidual ---- pulling together as a complete team. -- --cheerfully admitting your own mistakes- - - -willingly giving others the opportunity to air their own feelings. But above all, it is a feeling that should grow with each new experience. 5 l 3 U .J .M A. Q fe VA ,fx .Y Q 9 ua, i . x , ' ' 1 Y f Ari- , , t A ,,. Xi, .2 A 'f J , A Y J L if f l if W 1' A. 1' - .1 el 51,315 ' 'gps x, , 1 x I af Y, ..f - l ,A School pirit ----cheering at a ball game----wearing red and white on color day ---- putting your name on a victory chain ---- ----taking part in planning sock hops and the home- coming dance ---- eating popcorn, drinking drinks, and yelling ---- ----loyalty to F.O.I-I. S. ----keeping our school cl e an and beautiful ---- pr i d e in our school ---- willingness to display its beauty ---- ----respect for officials and school property----setting examples for freshmen ---- ----and last, but not least, singing the school song with a sense of pride and admiration for F.O.I-I. S. F.0. is School Jr. - Sr. Activitlbs vf 4 Z 2 ,W 21 V Be ore Wa.-fhingwn 2 Ater LXX xfuf' wi COUNTY HERITAGE CENTER SMITHFIELD, NHC, one who. . . Has given. to us, her students, 40 years of her life. . . Has taught us, guided us, understood us. . . Has left upon us an impression of the immensity of knowledge to be gained, And of our own ability to absorb this knowledge if we try. . . Has demons11'ated her devotion through her long years of eEort. . . Has dedicated the gre at est gift - herself - to the development of our personalitiesg With love and appreciation and many thanks for the chance in life she has given us, we sincerely dedi- cate the 1967 Acorn to. . . Miss Jessie Hines Dedication Administration M V Q . if x Q 51 in-.., xx egg, A 'K DA SJ v'+.,,l Rael' www ' As seen through the eyes of Four Oaks School, our administration is an irr e pl a c e a bl e unit-guiding and leading us ever forward toward our far-reaching goals. Their understanding and patience have touched our lives in a way that will never know an end. Mr. E. S. Simpson Johnston County Superintendent Administration . . . guiding Mr. H. J. Beeker Mr. Worley Keene Four Oaks School Principal Four Oaks High School Principal D Mrs. Helen Barbour School Secretary and Treasurer us toward success 1 School Advisory Committee: Mr. O. B. Cogdell, Mr. Cleon Arrington, Mr. Oliver Moore, Mr. james William Lee, Mr. Aubrey Austin, Chair- mang Mr. Carl Lamm, not picturedg Mrs. George Johnson, not pictured. P.T. A. Officers: President-Mr. Rudolph Langdon, not picturedg Vice- President-Mrs. Norman Denningg Secretary-Mrs. R. C. Lassiterg Trea- surer-Mr. Hilton Byrd. French Mrs. Juanita Matthews A. B. Business Ms. Ethel Allen B. S. S. A. B. S. Mrs. Irene Talton Teachers guide and English Mr. Eugene Grigg Mrs. Glenda Lee Mr. George Wilson MIS. Emogene Evans B.A. B.s. B.A. A.B. l MIS' fgutley Physical Education Mr. Tom Jones B. S. direct our lives Social Studies ' , sz. ' ,,'4' W Guidance Mrs. Lois Hood B.S.S.A. Ldzrary Mr. Ed Graham Miss Thelma Harris Mrs. Mareta Moore A.B. B.S., M.A. A B 4 Miss Wilhelmio. Utley B. M. Mr. Harold Burt Miss Iris Scarborough B.S., M.A. A.B., M.A. Art Music Mr. John Mitchell B. A. Math Strengthening and preparing Science .gaw- Mr. John Hatch Miss Patricia Patterson Mr. Worley Keene Mrs. Dorothy Johnson B. S. A. B. ,arf -'UQ' f A.B., M.A. A.B., M.A. Mrs Maylene Sanders Mrs Carolyn W1111ford Mr. John S2-I1d6I'S031 B S B S B S Mr. Kent Beaver B. A. Mr. Woodrow Williams Construction lndustry ,dxf ,ws Nl ' H "ff Q - '- ' l ux Tw L it L' ' 'KV r H kk Miss Jessie Hines Special Education Mrs. Sadie Aycock First Grade ,f as 'KHP' Mrs. Matilda Langdon Second Grade Mrs. Eva Keene Second Grade ' s -. A.I,L i 5- 5 Q ff?" Miss Clarice Barnes Mrs. Mae P. Barnes First Grade s' f"" PM ig--'R X , X, 49' j X l Mrs. Agnes Raynor Second Grade .... A - "3.L . uv. , 4' in 48. Q -. L- , fl QI--a.-nl Q--W-.Q Mrs. Melynda Mrs. Elva Bandy McCarn Fourth Grade Third, Fourth Grade La ,, RR fw--" K if 4 A Ax? ws., ., - 3' I Mrs. Mae Gardner Mrs. Jane Jones Fifth Grade Fifth Grade ,P , 5 Mrs. Addie Hill Fourth Grade ,I 5 ff' 3 Mrs. Carrie Lee Shaw Fifth Grade First Grade Mrs. Laura Faye Canaday Third Grade xx, sf 5: Y K 3 V Mrs. Lillian Williams Fourth Grade M A , '95 Mrs. Margie Godwin First Grade 3 Mrs. Helen K. Johnson Third Grade Mrs. Penny Bullock Fifth Grade Mrs. Betsy Abdalla Mrs. Freda Creech Sixth Grade Sixth Grade Mrs. Lucille Forbes Mrs. Pat Yale Mrs. A. L. Johnson Sixth Grade Sixth Grade Seventh Grade XY, X . W T 1 1 4 .VX ' it 1 SVS' I E 1 'Tut' Mrs. Jean Masseng ill Seventh Grade "QQ-rs' Mrs. Ann Woodall Mrs. Mary Mrs. Betty Mrs. Irene Seventh Grade I-Iamilton Massengill Upchurch Eighth Grade Eighth Grade Eighth Grade Elementar acult Faculty Aides Beatrice Thomas Mavis Holloway Myrtle Lassiter Helen Barefoot Mary Brown Della Avery Ella Martin Rebecca Clifton Elaine Langdon Olivia Barbour Marjorie Lamm lisa 'v-" Miss Mary Jennings Mrs. Alberta Mrs. Alice Lee Mrs Grace Wood Librarian Braswell Reading Teacher Music Special Education -. If A f 'i if S A S X r - .I I gf: i 5 4 . 3 . AAI, , 2.5 Thanks to the lunchroom staff, there is always a hot meal awaiting us when we get to the lunchroom. Staff members are Mrs. Roberta Johnson, Mrs. Carrie S tqf Barnes, Mrs. Elizabeth Gregory, Mrs. Hazel Medlin, Mrs. Paulene Woodall, WS. Clmisie Grady, Thelma ustodians These may be seen, but not heard. They quietly go about sweeping the halls and cleaning our school. Thanks to them, we have a cle an, warm place to attend school. A familiar face which we do not see among the custodians is that of Mr. Roth er Barbour. He was lmown and loved by all students, and everyone misses him this year. The custodians are Mrs. Polly S 1 aug hte r, Mr. Willard Slaug ht er, Mrs. Pearlene Woodall, Mrs. Evelyn Ellis, Mrs. Annie Stanley, and Mr. Charlie Stanley. Parker, Mrs. Esther Brewer, dieticiang and Mrs. Mildred Adams. Seniors BILL ABBOTT BRENDA ADAMS BILL ALLEN e pf Sl iqfwspv Class Officers: Dovie Blackmon, Presidentg Kay Parker, Secretaryg Tim Tarkington, Vice-Presidentg and Carol Johnson, Treasurer. We're Seniors BROOKIE ALLEN DANIEL ALLEN ip-wwwfh 'Q'w1r- 'av if GEORGE RAYVON ALLEN GLORIA ALLEN ROBERT ALLW at last! GLENN BARBOUR LINDA BARBOUR BILLY BARBOUR TED BARBOUR w.J' 'ITM BARBOUR 1 f , allmg class FRIENDLIEST Carol Johnson, David Compton ED BAREFOOT PATRICIA BAREFOOT ROSE BEASLEY 'fi-f..,.w.., ws-qg,,...-f fam WAYNE BENSON CARDOVIA BLACKMON DAVID BLACKMON cards 9 MOST POPULAR Linda Barbour, Bill Barbour rin s, ,. 'nn O Plus . . . MARGARET BOYD iv' A M. 'VN JUNE CANADAY DALE CLIFTON WANDA COATS N, BEST ALL ROUND Cathy Evans, W. R. Moore DIANE COLLIER DAVID COMP TON Qian-4.-'Jr . fa 'H' A WALLACE CREECH BETTY DIXON DOROTHY DUNN SCARLETTE DUNN 1""'1. if .,. Remembering the past, SI-IELTON DUNN 9 DANNY ELDRIDGE v 'f SN ,A V1 CATI-1Y EVANS ANN GILBERT WAYNE HAIVHLTON STEVE I-LARGIS SANDRA HAYES gd LARRY GRICE facing the GAYLE HILL V ,rsrli 'iii' N A future . . . CA ROL JOHNSON JANET IERNIGAN JOAN JERNIGAN WITITEST Joyce Lee, Mack Wilkins uv'-,Q Kan, GERALD JOHNSON GLENN JOHNSON KEITH JOHNSON BEST PERSONALITY Kay Parker, Dovie Blackman Un orgettable lastin SUSAN ALENIA JOHNSON f qi SUSAN ELAINE JOHNSON experiences memories BEA TRICE KNIGHT MOST TALENTED Marian Williams, Ronnie Wood JIMNIY LASSITER RANDY LASSITER "ST:':1sn- BEVERLY LEE BRUCE LEE DANNY LEE I. W. LEE 66 Perseverance is failing IACKIE LEE JOYCE LEE KAYE LEE 3' 'v'1-""' Qu--vb 'S-.... Nine PATSY LEE JAMES LUCUS nineteen times, and succeeding the twentieth. MASCOTS Melanie Hamilton and Rivers Lee X GEORGE MCLAMIB 99 i JEANETPE MCLAMB a Q Q.. lakes. H MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED June Canaday, Andy Williams IO ANN MASSENGILL ANWNV LARRY MASSENGILL GEORGE MASSENGILL C lass RONALD MAS SENGILL 1 , and lwe lt to love it. LINDA MIEDIIN DANNY MOORE You have to love lvfe to live 9 9 JO ANN NORRIS "Q""' W. R, MOORE SALLY NOWELL 'QQ 7' x rl' , xl' ,- Q Mig ANN PARKER DIANNE PARKER KAY PARKER PATSY PARRISI-I DANNY RAYNOR GLENN PARKER Class flower: Red Rose Class colors: Red and LAMAR RAYNOR M15 White MOST ATTRACTIVE Susan Johnson, Wallace Creech BARBARA SABIO WAYNE STARLING BETH STEWART BRUCE STEWART DANA STEWART JANICE STEWART RONNIE S TEWAR T BEST DRESSED Linda Medlin, Dale Clifton SANDRA STEWART ., JW F t PHYLLIS STRICKLAND TIM TARKINGTON Places to go, friends BRENDA THOMAS WILLIAM THOMPSON nn, .35 X d X, A New .. Y , ,X ' N' 4 V . T -ww, '-,M Q - X' , . . x 4 Q- Wf gsm Q, x X :Wi my W- Mai fi-If nf, fm M fs A ,, ' X as K w 51" 'si 41 I ' 'R ' ,, RWM, fgxfkix , T ' .. ""'2. A3 'i'Y'173'-LW' V - mf -f Q ,,Q,,:kff,f'f,"gss..m H 2, J 1 , , . 4-r f:s.v'ffg3l',, -N: Q.: ,w-52" V H-1i,M'?'?ksx as ' .3"'fQ + - . I -A YQ Q234. -,J - s, K , ,sph -- , .A f ,- vqlseky k -,-Eg,c-gwifgsj-Q Q5 ,args . ' , - I is fn NQSgf,f.,fgs,Qpz,'N 'f-fm ' xg -, H X X , f gggmgxfs ss 'SS ws , A ' 'Vi ' -. ' ' T7 - K' SX' 251- .. ..1 If-' , P- -L , N.,.1L xv X . A ' X '.iwS5Pw. A T O . The Cardinal was one of the senior con tributions to hom ecoming. to meet REBECCA TooLE GAYLE WELSH MALCOLM WILKINS PHIL WILKINS ANDY WILLIAMS We receive our diplomas MARIAN WILLIAMS WM' j?7'x J 4" x ,ru 5 DANNY WOOD 'R"""' 1l""" RONNIE WOOD X N N SX MOST ATHLETIC Dianne Parker, Ronald Massengill SUSAN WOOD wzth grautude, rellef, joy, and sadness Outstandin Seniors are Chosen jf This year for the first time, the faculty of Four Oaks s el e c t e d seven outstanding Seniors. Thee Seniors were s el e cted on the basis of academic standing , extra-curricular activities, c h a r a c t e r, leadership, and attitude toward school. The Acorn staff congratulates these Seniors and hopes that they will continue to represent the ideals for which they have been selected. June Canaday Jackie Lee ll? W. R. Moore Ronnie Wood Wallace Creech Andy Williams Billy B9-I'b01-TI' Junior 'C I Nr, , , V N W 5 Class Oficers: Betsy Hayes, Secretaryg Patsy Lee, Trea- surerg Tommy jones, Vice-presidentg Cliff Massengill, President. Arlinda Adams 1 I 9 A mad, 3 ll Helen Adams Deborah Allen Donald Allen Gayle Allen Janice Allen Judy Carol Allen Kenneth Allen Norma Allen K 'Why Pat Allen Terry Allen Becky Baker Howard Baker Landis Barbour Mary Barbour Mike Barbour Mike Barefoot Pam Barefoot Shirley Barefoot rushin world O Gary Beasley Yi' 1'- Iohn Beasley Gurnie Bell Sammy Benson Sammy Boyette Nancy Burke 11 ! , , sf' p "N-3 , - Q, 1, -x.: " K l , f X . . V,... . .1 X iz Q' 5, e f, 5 54' ,- Larry Byrd Marshall Byrd Marvin Capps Wayne Capps .XX is 'Wi Alhed Coats Barbour Cobb Wade Cole Leonard Cox Carolyn Creech 9 ff 1 jig' 1 41 , Q " w k - --,.. We f O O I' fzlled wzth homework f1y-T5 , S'5'v,: Y 4 ' 5 3 wg, rv xv ' ' " H Joan Creech l B 7 -4... .-' Y'-A wgf 4: Judy Creech Dennis Dunn Norman Dunn Gail Gilbert Kay Gilbert . ALX5 ,fl A n m ,, . v 5' Laura Grady Elaine Hall Don Hamilton Betsy Hay es Wi 48" lay aaa y . Q X , y It ' ' Q 'lt' if'-'27 ww ffkflm ls. - , fy l W X Y 6 N3 :N 13, ' wi' Sharon Hill Shirley Holly Kay Jackson Wayne jackson Wayne Jeffery Bruce Johnson I V. -X 4 32 ' V' S5 ' 0 0 o :V MV and school actwmes Carol johnson l Chris Johnson George Johnson Joe Johnson julia Johnson Richard johnson Shelby Johnson Susan Johnson Tommy Jones Frances Langdon Diane Lassiter Cathy Sue Lee Charles Lee Johnny W. Lee ..., f f2Z2pg:ff2 11 Kathy Lee Pat Lee Danny Lee Glenn Lee Johnny M. Lee French, chemistry, English, .JWFMQN Patsy Lee Teresa Mclndoo Cliff Massengill V 1' an 'lk Danny Joe Mass eng ill Portia Massengill Ramona Masseng ill Pam Moore 'Yi Jennifer Overcash Lorene Parker Shearon Parrish Don Price U .S. H wtor , geometr Linda Nichols Judy Raynor Margaret Raynor Larry Revels Judy Rhodes Rebecca Rhodes Talmadge Rhodes Nelson Rose Q wff ! ,pix --N .1:..- .:-.I-A-sew' - M Y . ..s ..,.K.s,X..f,. f , dw- X Q S '--' J. P. Sanders, III Brenda Smith Billy Ray Stanley Joyce Stanley Kermit Stanley Q""""s Nancy Stanley Brenda Stewart Danny Stewart Bruce Strickland Denny Taylor May 17, 1946 January 21, 1967 Y and more! Belinda Temple Ll Q 2 , , Ziff :VZ -.-...... 3, 5 "X '.' H' ' . , ' K fw- ., ag ,x 5 ff -QT, Dawn Temple Donnie Thornton Ronald Tyndall Randy Wallace Margaret Williams ophomores 'WT , ' O A 5 8 QI, ,An ,'Q'5 5 .A Immun. i f O ff, A ' . A 0 1 ' 1:9 5 1 I 'I 1 ,E f I-va 'Z nf 4 I Kgqjnf Q Vmxi Z. ,,,.,"5: H I ff" s . ,. gf- 4,1 .5 L Ann Adams Mary Adams Milton Adams Sharon Allen f 'ff' 1-'Z' , Steve All en Priscilla Austin Ashley Barbour W' sginfn 1 'W H x ,4 .r F Michael Atkins Sam Austin Jug. rx. K, ,. -5 , W.. f ' U s,-f X I J .asv . , ,. 4 , ,ix A 1 ff Am is X ,ifnvs 6,W3,-", u ,nil ,335 ' .v 'i x 4 Roger Barbour so u nt Bonnie Austin Carolyn Baker Sue Barbour Judy Carol Paulette Allen All en Phil All en A raid to look forward 'Nas Jane Austin Jean Austin Craig Baker Frank Ballance A 1 ix eng., Q? 2..- A 'f " Dianne Beasley George Beasley 1-:ff Pat Austin 5 at.. 'wg Alice Barbour .. Q5 Y, Qi- Christian Beeker 9 Class Officers: Mike Evans, Vice-presidentg Mary Ruth Weaver, Treasurerg Pat Austin, Secretaryg Edwin Byrd, President. unwillin , ,Q Dorenda Blackrnon ' i fa X 1, 7 vi Gay Chandler to look backward Pat Blackmon Rufus Britt Charles Byrd ' P as C Dennis Coats Pat Coats Sheila Collier Edwin Byrd Durwood Canaday Gene Cox David Crane .- Z Ricky Creech 1 I Mildred Guin Q Charles Hall VON. i. 5 W Karen Johnson Wayne johnson A iii .e R ,, ' vi J' ,Xi za, Janice Dunn Mike Evans Tony Evans Vickie Evans Phyllis Flowers 5 'A A-. Carol Hayes Kenneth jackson .of LE" ix R if 35 Linwood Johnson Wilma Johnson Phyllis Johnson Durwood jones Problems rom bugs Ricky Jackson Y Ex, , 4, 4 s A 'X ' ,W 4 Rodney Johnson Jimmy Jones Connie Johnson Susie Johnson , fx is . -ff R wwf' Alice Keene I-lan'y Johnson Tony johnson junior Lassiter Cecil Lee Debbie Lee Dianne Lee to typewriters l fs. Curtis Matthews Shirley Teresa Masseng ill Masseng ill . D if " Dan Nichols Beverly Kaye Oliver Benny Parker Norman Lee DeLaine Mobl ey nP'Ne 4--L. 7 N rf' g, ,Ay Calvin Parker "ex so My . if iw! . A W 4-ss 21' . lf. ..,,- , Shelva Lee Myra Moore Dale Parker IIA '1 4 Y, 4? M' X Q Si Judy Parker Becky Raynor Billy Raynor Peggy Raynor Wanda Sue Raynor 54 - Q ' ZZ P if y Miriam Mangum Gr eg Mass eng ill Gary Mozingo VV TP .qw fax? ,, , S 'f Q 4 3 x Q if Florie Parker 1 23- 1 :,, P. P y Q Vera Lou Rhodes 'JI' 'T' Danny Roberts Clifton Stanley x Q. Ama X Q , Don Stewart ,WN Jean Stewart War.. Jean Temple ,Qw- ' .lgm A ' 'H F in in 'u T' f? Mary Ruth Weaver Pat Stewart Roger Temple rw Q.,- .w. . ,4- Louis Larry Stanley Linwood Stanley Rickie Stanley Hal wa there! izwrv " N '? -x Dianne Loree Strickland Strickland 4' W L . 194: Ka N is Patricia Thompson Sara Thomas e West Steve john Williams Westbrook Ricky Ray Stanley w E W 'fi Sus an Surles Sharon Thompson Steve Wilson Susan Tarkington ' :Uv wif wwff Nadine Wadsworth Eddie Wood Freshmen 'IL 'Qg,....--J George Adams Dennis W. Allen Barbara Allen Billy Allen Danny Allen Delbert Allen Dennis S. Allen Donald Avery L. B. Allen Ransom Allen Ronnie Allen LaVerne Austin Freshmen in a world of new Class O ffi c e r s: Wilson Lee, Vice-presidentg S t a nl e y Thomas, Presidentg Betty Io B e n s o n, Secretaryg Barbara Parker, Treasurer. problems Brookie Sue Baker Brenda Barefoot Stevie Benson Danny Baker Rhonda Barefoot Homer Blackmon and experiences Johnny Baker Charles Beasley James Blackmon jean Canaday Linda Capps Bobby Chandler Leroy Baker Phyllis Beasley Joyce Britt ' W vt. -pu, b' C 3 , Teresa Coats Susan Crane Durwood Pamela Creech Terry Creech Creech L . Gordon Barbour Betty Jo Benson 'bw-f Kenneth Brown Gordon Byrd Gaynell Cobb Lewis Dowdy Phyllis Barbour Deborah Benson Faye Bryant ,ix Roy Byrd '21 '5 NW' ' r fi., C ' 'f' x "' .r,, yd,,, ysl, s .A Charles Cole Carolyn Dunn Craig Dunn Shirley Hag er Libby Iernig an Danny Johnson Danny W. johnson William Johnson 1' I Susan Eudy Donald Hayes Tommy jernig an Debra johnson Dennis Jones Tim Grady R. M. Hayes Anita johnson Joe Carl Gregory Rebecca Holley Betty Johnson Betty Jane Guy Kay Ingram Brenda johnson Jimmy Guy Dean Jackson Charles Johnson always making mistakes Y .I Donald johnson Gary Johnson Junior Johnson 'K Jim Keene Jimmy Knight Gilbert Lassiter www, an . 1- S Victor Johnson 1 s- Y-'ft Joan Lassiter Ronald Lassiter Roger Lee Glenn McLamb Ann Lee Sherwood Lee Kenneth McLamb but trying hard Ricky Massengill Harvey Parker Roy Lee Massengill jerry Parker Curtis Lee Earl Lee Eddie Lee , gm we--v Wilson Lee Rita McLamb s M Q 'N 'Wim X N N Q Y H I 3-S. jj Jennifer Low ery Cathy Mass eng ill Dianne Massey Randy Parker Glenda Maynard 'WW Ronnie Parker Brenda McLarnb Donald Massengill Shirley Morg an Sheila Parrish Franc es Lee fl f 'K it , Gerald McLamb X , gf- N F' S-. Q W . 'hw Linda Masseng ill R .file 'M 4 Owen Mass eng ill Barbara Parker R M Eddie Pollard Bill joe Price Donald Rose R as .sa Albert Stanley Reid Stewart Walter Stewart Mike Wagnon Deborah Price Hel en Ryan 'X K' tw . E4 Q ,M- it .A , .y O H I A 5 Charles Stanley Billy Strickland Ann West Joy Raynor Patricia Sabio janet Stanley Gerald Rhodes Emily Sanders W. Q f se x 'W Janice Stanley Glenda Rhodes Don Smith Willis Stanley Just the beginning! Betty Temple Keith West Lance Temple julie Wood Stanl ey Thomas S n i , , Becky Wynn Sherwood Rhodes Ricky Smith Elaine Stewart Wade Ttunage Doris Young U nderclassmen K mx. .1 .,. 6 ' -s -'Z' 4 Il1111l ICF!! v-J l L -Cymru ,inf IA -jj ix ,.,.. e -ef, - J Nia' s CA. Q ur: v f Q I fl' 1 5 L .. .,.,y 5 3 '1-f"'fL3e :ga ,- . in 'row' Eighth Grade as J' if vii gas' " 1 A- Q. in , X , Y f Q5 1 1 3 5 'OR' ,fs s... .2 1 t if kt: vig is S 4 X 'Sf f W A -.. s 'W , rs S LN S 'Inav-"J X M 4 Y A y f fm ' A x W, 2,19 a Syl- E 4. vlt -'sa '. fs :W , -f if il M .f Vw, .5 , .5 1: E 4:1 , I gr. h A fi-Hi' 'Nj A V' A ' t x 'Y ,cfs Q W -fail' 1. BA. nr., - 1 ' '- ' , , , X 1' ., A , 1 l , 1 . s, b .,.- my f f M I . .-.. , R ',"s vs Ax ' 11-'J ,F .Vw . 72" 1. I Bruce Adams Dianne Adams Kathy Adams Sylvia Adams Becky Allen Dale Allen Dennis Allen Gary Allen Gene Allen Margo Allen Patricia Allen Wilford Allen Alice Baker Carol Barbour Kathy Barbour Rodney Barbour Jennifer Barnes Teresa Barnes Arthur Beasley Charlotte Benson Edward Benson Keith Benson Carolyn Capps Lois Coats Tim Creech Mary jane Denning Gary Dunn Debra 'Evans Sue Flowers Harold Gibson Hilda Hall Margie Hall Robert Hall Richard Hamilton Marcia Hardee Barbara Hayes Vickie Hobbs Elaine Holly Freddy Honeycutt Woody Jackson Johnny Jernigan Angela Johnson Brenda johnson Dallas johnson David Johnson Debra Johnson Donald Johnson Jeanette Johnson jenny Johnson Johnny Johnson Kenneth Johnson Larry Johnson Mable Johnson Mike Johnson Terry Johnson Brenda Jones Travis Lamm I. C. Langdon Andy Lassiter Dean Lassiter Bobby Lee Charles Lee Janice Lee Robert Lee Tony Lee Vickie McCullen Susan McLamb Phillip Mahler Beverly Massengill Jeanette Massengill Phil Massengill Raymond Massengill Stanton Massengill Donald Maynard Danny Moore johnny Nowell Lois Parker Peron Parker Vicki Parker Yvonne Parker Jerry Parrish Jackson Pilkington Gayle Pollard Dianne Price Tim Purvis Kay Raynor Jimmy Register Danny Rhodes Gail Rhodes Roger Rhodes David Smith Dwight Smith Betty Stallings Beth Stanley Beverly Stanley Dianne Stanley Eighth Grade v it Q W? ,Q V if P Y -rraqv .,,'. 5. ,aww , .ig -1 F- V -f 'J , 4 ,rw X ,W . f , .f f 1? x 4 44 ig Sw -nn 5 1. X, -.1 I x R s E M J i if 7, .,.. N 1 . ' all P + ' 1' 5 if fJ .if 4 iifsfffit A KF Nj' Ii I A? at In h my I , ., ED V fn -. X L L Q- l '- ' f 'I ' f izii, w ' Y' W. V i 1 'fa ' Lf? 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M., , a f VV 4 M .P L, ww... L' ., ' L N in-fr is 7 Garry Stanley Opal Stanley Ronnie Stanley Marshall Stewart Amber Strickland Dianne Temple Wanda Temple Robert Thornton Sue Thornton J. B. Weaver Becky Westbrook Eldridge Westbrook Sue Wilkins Carolyn Wood Karen Wood Toby Wood Raeford Woodall La Rue Adams Susie Adams Clarence Allen, Jr. Frances Allen Gayle Allen Johnnie Sue Allen Johnny Daniel Allen Kenneth Austin Donald Lee Baker Kim Baker Patricia Baker Wanda Baker Cynthia Barbour Danny Barbour Jeffery Barbour Keith Barbour Patsy Barbour Phil Barbour Johnnie Barefoot Terry Barefoot Karen Bass Johnny Beasley Beverly Benson Danny Benson Don Winston Benson Gary Benson Jean Bizzell Will Chandler Curtis Childers Betty Cole Jo Ellen Corbett Durwood Dowdy Curtis Wayne Dunn Gary Dunn Ricky Dunn Robert Dunn Sharon Dunn Arlene Gilbert Ben Godwin Bucky Grady Kathy Grady Billy Guin Jesse James Hall Thomas Hall Beverly Hill Mitchell Holloway Russell Ingram J. C. Jernigan Douglas Johnson Gary Johnson Gene Johnson Hal Johnson Jean Johnson Jerry Johnson Jimmie Johnson Ronnie Johnson Michael Knight Annette Langdon Mike Langdon Kathy Langston Gail Lassiter Myrtle Gail Lassiter Randy Lassiter Julia Lee Tony Lee Thomas Mclndoo Charles McLa.mb Porchua McLamb Seventh Grade v C , 'lx- N L ,,,,. n 'wwfif -s-.L .,' re.. ,A ' " ul, ' 4 f L 1 V 'gfi' in '35 wg, f , 'iw -Qs-fffil ,X 'f JJPS'-'31 5 f ' J Je. : 5. sz' N , 51, 'Q Y 8, 5 J fe B 5 'Z fm amid! "' J ff desi,-1--" , gl J . S Qu eff' .A S' f fur. Q :J 1 if ' W. if Jan i fi Q s . fr qw, , s., 3. S. fri ez' 1 , fue, r V V J 4-4 ' I - x' ,L 1 ff ,W Nga ,f ff"f 9 4 P Q F 'if Q54 . f ry 'VRS' M X V V A via K L. ' fr .wma Seventh Grade . L- f ,- ' ., ' .4 ' 4: 3? A-. una! ,.- Jai Ag 5 as X ...s ,g f in A 1 W AA.,. ., .4 K Y jg X wl b S ,X .Y I R . av ,Yf,,,ujif3-gl Ex X X5 fu 1 lg lf W' i. :EH I ,Z T "" jzx, ' S 2 ? ' A' 'K :,'V 1 z 4. V in A L- 6?f"? 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Parker Roger Price Rosemary Price Vicky Raynor Janet Rhodes Lula Grey Rhodes Wayne Rhodes Shirley Fay Roberis Mary Lena Rose Carol Ryan Marjorie Ryan Eddie Smith jerry Smith Dennis Stanley Judy Stanley Lloyd Stanley, Jr. Daniel Stutts Vickie Temple Clark Thornton Mark Thornton Beth West Denise West Gail Wheeler Jewel Wheeler Ernestine Wilkins Gary Wood Patricia Adams Sheila Adams Cathy Lee Allen Derry Allen Garris Allen Kaye Allen L. E. Allen Pattie Sue Allen Phil Allen Dale Austin Johnny Autry Barbara Baker Major Baker Ronnie Baker Diana Barbour Edna Faye Barbour Janice Barbour Pat Barefoot Billy Batten James Addison Beasley James Beasley Jerry Beasley Joseph Beasley Judy Ann Beasley La Vearn Beasley Leon Beasley Melvin Beasley Velda Beasley Vicky Beasley Alan Benson Billy Wayne Benson Ann Blaclcmon Weldon Blackmon Nan Boyette Han'y Brown Donald Browning Dennis Bryant Donald Byrd Dwight Capps Jo Ann Canaday Beverly Dunn Layton Dunn Mike Dunn Lee Ann Eldridge Candy Evans Kathy Godwin Scotty Grady Charles Guin ixth Grade .3 nk Y l Mi hy .. QTL 4-1, 5 QQ, ,111 f i gtg, -rr' . ,ku ll X XC sk! g ,aw ,. .. . li Xi Ex-isis. mms, - ,. " ei ll ,Q F ggi' Q.. J hi - . 2 A ,l TJ wiv ' ss:-L 'rl ,:p.,, ji aa- ,f ' A V. "" D f q ' 5 V5 dimly A A A 1 as is A we 'imsflll l i .s A M so M B t an ' K l X Vx., VA. .1 f.. as 4-'B .. . 4v- gg. ' -sm.. 17' 'fx a K i . bs Q tl 'xt f.a1x , . N A 4 A . 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MN 4' E' 5' 5 W, Q 4 tg a .QN 1 1 Dale Hager Terry Hansley Rose Hargis Jewell Hawley Danny Holmes Charlene Jackson Ricky Jackson Benton Johnson Betsy Johnson David Johnson Debra Johnson Libby Johnson Janice jones Danny Lassiter Kathy Lassiter Bruce Lee Carlton Lee David Lee Donnie Lee Douglas Lee Kenneth Lee Phillip Lee Sheila Ruth Lee Teresa Lee Teresa Ann Lee Debra McCabe Danny McLamb Danny Massengill Ruth Elaine Massey David Earl Messer Billy Mobley Gary Morgan Rhonda Morgan Danny Mozingo Susan Myers Betty Lou Newsome Bonnie Noles Connie Noles Richard Norris Ricky Norris Stephen Oliver Gary Parker Jennifer Parker joan Parker David Parrish I-21'1'Y PGITY Lynn Powell Pam Price Sam Price Danny Raynor Tony Register Joe Rhodes Richard Roberts Freddie Smith Kennie Smith Barbara Stanley Dennis Stanley Eugene Stanley Faye Stanley Gene Stanley Gilbert Stanley Kay Stanley Marlene Stanley Sylvia Stanley Faye Stewart James Stewart Terry Stewart David Strickland Neil Strickland Landis Toole Janet Thompson Terry Thompson Ann West Anthony Westbrook Georgia Wilkins Gary Woodall Jimmy Woodall Kaye Woodall Susan Wynn Willie Young Sixth Grade ' 'Flmi if as Aa ...K - 'ilfgw ails .aw . 1 .1 T kk l u X I ,W Q, at ec-f Q VN, 'sr-1, 1" ,,-J nk X, F' fl , l ' ' '- x , . 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M. Johnson Joy Johnson Steve Johnson Ann Lee J. M. Lee Judy Lee Tina Rose Lowery Rog er McLamb James Daniel Matthews Danny Wayne Moore Gary Moore Paula Narron Ricky Norris Stephen Norris Danny Parker Janet Parker Peggy Jo Parker Teresa Parker Ned Parrish Dianne Peoples Gearl Pilkington Ricky Price Lorraine Ratley James Reardon Brenda Rhodes Walter Rhodes Johnny Roberts Serena Rose Shirley Ryan Steve Ryan Janet Smith Dottie Snead Terri Snead Fi th Grade A .I X E. Fi fx r- ev .ai W , if , A V . N V . A .,, 'x " W .123 nr I V- X Q '52 swf ,A i 'qi i . ww' ' f - X- 'X Y' A.. ,af , X E 1 ' W 5' is . V V . a 953 . is , Q ' may-..s. , ' F at Q ii.. "fri -sv g . .mbsf . fix ff' 5. ,. , x 53'-'sifKf5Vv,', ff -5 V R ,N s t flasks sv at at se e , 19 - .Za ,HPSQF W I U1 32 "-- f BJ, QW -ii' QQ, .--, 2 5 'ANQ ' .' X .- S' if 'P' tkfivariii- 'X M- ,.. X 2 ..EViVg ViV,V V , V it " tt. V. Q? .X we t all V .Q,.t V V '5?J1is:2?2flr3 'K 1g?2a!'Q3?33f5EifiiFQ 'f'eiif1',1?fa'?-f':m 1 " fr 9, tix 2' 3 2 fl ' ', -v4 A -Q- S A , YD..-f f L I s. -9 Yiof fx yy fr V11 ,, , . f Ez' 13 "VH it X Egfr- tg. ., xv--.. sex ,V zest, 5, " N- :. fs..", :vit . .f.'Ef QQAVj1::'V .es e M fx A J 1 ' 4,3 JJ f Q a"'XmH3 f 1 ., Mfg, .V ' - ' 231054 . -V fl, . f Q W cv ,R A I VV . ,- M , V' J YV ,,,, .- 22 . A ,Q H s. V f , E.. la i 5 :VV -f" N' A ' Q K, - - it ' ,iaxwas -Ss has YQ , J la ,,,g in L' ' .ll YW Wx? .4 P- X w jl,:,'iNXgh an limJmsw.a:u'lf Qs ,ag :ns H313 -1-vw sy ' -er" ' Sky, 1 J ey, ' yi .au ' qw V Q., -Lx ww Xxx V S xi 2 A, .X A Y xl'--6 Kiwi., ' Q, .Af . ,A vi? ' 3 W F sy, , 5 ,B N UT N - . - F as 'aw egg t Nix R Q 31243 f-A P 514 2 4 fr' - , ' HC, I9 T1 ' f 124 , f, -a'Nf'f2- 'zz R' .- my f' ' if-vt P H 'S ,J ,P - ' 5 'P ' fi E' l ' Vx 4 X M. 5- E ,Is --r ' ,. 9 Q fvxw V , . . , X ,k s X xx ,Sr - l oc-r. , -- ,N L, -, ., S- is ' P V sa g Nw ,z ' . sk- J X f", . Q-W f N j .5 L F : ' X, yea Q ' K .1 F nt Fas Q' c N ras' 'L LV, Tv Q. ' -Wr- ' Q: c 1 'PF' A A 5 ' ,V i J. . -Q :Q rr' .36 -V V Qin siifsi , P 5-Q' mgbnvpl, V ,. .. ,V ' A . J ' Az: VL1XVVVVj-gui: ,VNV 4 A ul l E 5 , ' 4.9 -wp '-HS' f , -2 s Q il" . M XQVQWQ .,,.,, V , ,V ',.VVVV V . ' 7 I I I, ,Q I . 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I 7 'I , '55-fit' Tsffv Austin eeeeeeef eo Q Tommy Beeelev eee eeoeee eeee ee e J i sf X' e L 'f is J B,' te ! 1 Richard Thomas Beeker Dean Benson Teresa Kay Benson Ricky Blackmon Timothy Blackmon Vickie Britt Kathy Browning Kenneth Burks Jennifer Canaday Curtis Capps Kathy Capps Mary Catherine Carter Jimmy Clifton Sharon Coais Shelia Coats Wilson Lee Coats, Jr. Mary Belle Daughtry Sandra Jo Dupree Gail Ellis Edwin Eudy Doris Jeanette Finley Sharon Grice Jesse Linwood Guin John Holly Gary Jackson Greg Jackson James Jernigan Jerry Johnson Jonah Keith Johnson Jonnie Ruth Johnson Lynn Johnson Vickie Jones Gary Langston Ann Lee Henry Lee ' 'CF' gre-.sf 5 . , w, E !vX- X i i 5 5 R A Xxx K A j s. . 5 il 1 . QL-f W af X 'Q wail' R , , 8, er fs -refs en W - We , ,x X Q My eq,-.., Q A i e iies K ef, -si., 49 1 e e ga r. L A 4 J , I If -, .A J A N i W :,- A rg 'F X 1 " . in ll J l x B e L L ex Le.. yy J , NI . V A 511 ,11 ' ee , ' ' e 'ev -e as 4 esaggg-i ' 1... in X , , ' Wx? L4 ,- Jeff? 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Register Mattie Roberts Joan Sanderson John Sanderson Mike Smith Brenda Stanley Elbert Stanley James Randy Stanley Keith Stanley Nancy Stanley Ronald Stanley Ronnie Stanley Gary Dwayne Stewart Roger Strickland Connie Wayne Tart Rose Temple Cathy Ann Thornton Joey Underwood Sylva Weaver Ransom West Timothy All en Westbrook Wanda Wilkins Clipper Sue Woodall Joan Woody Martha Young Steve Valton Adams Brookie Lynn Allen Chris Allen Kathy Allen Mary Ann Allen Ronnie Ellis Allen Dale Baker Forrest Baker David Barbour Homer Dean Barbour Jerry Michael Barbour Michael Barbour Patricia Diane Barbour Steven Leon Barefoot Gary Stanley Barnes Catharine Elizabeth Beasley Jerry Danford Beasley Mitzie La Rue Beasley Sherwin Benson Joyce Bryant Jeannie Darlene Byrd Lawrence Roger Capps Shirley Theresa Coates Clifton Wayne Blackman Ella Cole Linda Gail Crane , Wanda Evans Michael Hansley Kathi Paulette Hawley Pam Hill Timothy Holmes Phoebe Jewell Jackson Donnie Jernigan Curtis Johnson Max Johnson Scott Johncon Third Grade , K fs wg-v sf K X i" if 12 V1 sl L , 1.2, W drift "' ' sw v'5' 1 "' 'lp i Q- , H ,R 1 . 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Danny Wood Joseph Woodall Second Grade James Robert Adams K Judy Adams A A f , 1- 1 Ted Adams X ' ' 'f 2 Jane Allen . ,C Randy Allen f Q, if Teresa Allen .fe R ll Terry Lee Allen Von Allen Jerry Lee Austin Eddie Bachelder Danny Baker Gwen Baker Forrest Barbour Steve Barbour V Marie Batten l ' t A X eww s Debra Beasley ax f jan Beasley ix Martha Beasley 'X Ricky Dale Beasley Julia Blaclcmon Sharon Rose Brown Miles Lynn Childers Tracy Coats Roger Cox Bennie Ellis June Fulkerson Beverly Guin Danny Guin Lisa Rae Hinnant Carl Holloway Sharon Holloway Shelby Holmes Dianne Ivey Dannie Jackson n Q- --I Jeffery C. Jackson V b 2 ! X Linda Kay Jackson 'wif' LA, sa h "fx Q T 2 T ' N' .A Scott Jackson Dean Johnson Stephen Johnson Traci Johnson B' ff... i we-rm' J 'Us -" Q L. ,rs as -K X X sf J, J' f " Q23 W f W 'C N, .- gp-MVS4 5... , vga-u f 14X A is an P. v fi , ' ,fs U WJ, 1. 16 Y ,Q 5, NM? X1 K 31 , . 3 .- . 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K Danny Keene Debra Lawrence Carol Lee Joe Dan Lee Nancy Lee Charlotte McLamb Mike McLamb Carlton Davis Massengill, Jr. Charles Massengill Eddie Messer Sylvia Moore Ricky L. Morgan Kimberly Mozingo Scott A. Myers Beverly Ann Narron Rhonda Nassar Larry Wayne Norris Joyce Page Jay Parker Johnny Parker Libbie Parker Eddie S. Parrish Mitsy Rains Danny K. Stanley Debora T. Stanley Jean Stanley Teresa Fay Stanley Willie Stanley Angela Stewart Charles K. Stewart Lee Stewart Nora Surles Lee Roy Tart ' Lydia. W. Thompson Ricky 'Thompson Steven Thompson Georgia Thornton Raytford Turnage Linda Wilkins Patrice Wilkins Deborah Woodall Kelly Woody Earl Adams Graham Adams , Jr. Joe Tom Adams Anthony Allen Donna Allen Gail Allen Phillip All en Stuart Allen Sylvia Austin Danny Au11'y Debbie Bachelder Eddie Baker Lester Baker Teresa Barber Chris Barbour Eddie Barbour Joseph Barbour, Jr. Randy Barbour Anthony Barefoot Kevin Barefoot Randy Barefoot Steve Batten Beth Beasley Kim Beasley Mike Beaver Melanie Britt Russell Brown Tony Byrd Patricia Capps Stephanie Capps Linda Carter Jacqueline Coates Ray Coates Leon Cobb Ronnie Cobb Vickie Cobb Jeffrey Crane Leroy Evans Richard Evans Timothy Evans EPM :if l.avonne it Gilbert David Hancock Dewitt I-Iardee Ginger I-Iuiman Jerry Ingram Dennis Jackson Melanie johnson First Grade B. 'afar- mini? X ' we iq f Q- fi? X s ...Z ' 4 t a 4' as W 1 2 X ' ' 1- M 'QCA 5 1, . if l A Q ,X ig- up-ff H X i ,. V- 1 , , I E.. Ui Q 1 L ' '. . 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L' .QU 1 ws r Q, an A . -0- . , Xqv-. fs A ""' X XVTTV2 ff ITS 'TX c r pr Q. s if L f r, ' ' 953' W! - ' -""r"""' ' X X , -, 91553422 A Ut, Q -'K im ra L Ev., .P J in U is X N xx A-21 Y - Q' A g., P V . f -. M' S 1 Y ff f at of . I , ,Qi Q gy 'X -UQ, f H 1-'., gf-R .....,,f . ff to S, lawn V 57 " -.iw '. W ., Q' . .- as V A P ,wX.,m,,.,,, 3 ,gk J X xfzlgf 6 F I 8 , , f 1 :X I .ii i V ""'. Q, 'rn ,, 'wr V' "' A -a, 4' 2 ,fm 937 as aff ,,, -rw xr Sp, Sv' iii 9 lu 'valine 51:13 .. 1: ,S x ,, K vp- . . 1 11 at "Y ,QL Q.. f 4 La. 'M f .0 fl.. 'Q' V -v-of l s- 4 fl fa -V ' I Q.: X It ' 5 D, ,hnx MLA, V g 1 V - 5,1 X, giant vNf3t L warts-Qgqfr it -x-.-Mi 5 wi Q12 ' Q- g:J". i-Qjfljfr e xiii' :Q is 'i'1'. 1' E A ' r --:!.,.f4f Tracy Jones Linda Lamm Joseph Langston janet Lassiter Danny Lee Karl Lee Rickey Lee Steven Lee Teresa McFatter Jeffrey McLamb Millard McLamb Nathan McLamb Betty Massengill Dale Massengill Gale Massengill Kimberly Massengill Sammy Massengill Peggy Massey Deborah Matthews Joseph Messer Ronald Moore Lisa Nassar Alan Parker Brenda Parker David Parker Haywood Parker Randy Parker Ronnie Parker Steven Parker Gary Raynor Ginger Raynor Gary Rhodes Larry Rhodes Marcia Rhodes Suzette Roberts William Sanders Kenneth Stancil Danny Stanley Donald Stanley Michael Stanley Sarah Stanley Jesse Stewart Michael Stewart Samuel Strickland Barry Stutts Garry Stutts Gail Surles Jimmy Surles, Ir. Samuel Surles Mitchell Tart Shelia Thomas Marty Thompson Tammy Thompson Patricia Wallace Julia Weldon Deborah West Donnie Wiggins Cheri Wilkins William Woodall Guss Wynn Randy Young Theodore Zuercher Steve Adams Sylvia Adams Roy Autry Debbie Benson Johnnie Capps Linwood Hall David Johnson Sarah Johnson Barbara McCarty Luther Puckett Chris Roberts Charlene Stanley Kenneth Thornhill Charles Woodall T 'F' f Q -t,wa?AM . xv Vlgrs-fi . X ,, Kr! 4 Xi I ' -:Nqr hz. fx?- sf. .lfifv ' X X ,, ,a ., , ,, -, S 1 ." ,',':A-inf' ' A ' ,Q ne -"Q ' .' 1 Iwi "male 1' 35 R , 'H is i ---4 as a wt? iv v 5 X Q, N' W X I Y x ,I i wg ai, X -, pf W, ""' S i lk ll Special Educaukm M-, ,AV 'Q' 5 W .I ,x ..-- f-M 'sets f ne - Q rj Y-, "lf 6 4,-Q, s ,A it , . if ' ,-ff' H 9-x ef, 4 C 5 - sa ,rr.Q- my .nilg 1, 'Q . ,E T lx, M ' 2 ai! 453 , Ki R ' 1 x K x K 0 ' 0 wi sg: ' , E iv. .. ,L V , f spa, 'YY' K. . I 5 ' . 4 Q he f: J-4.-Q A' wmv Q ' ' 1. ,,,... X 177' ' ' 01-7 ,mr .Um -, , - 1 - :rg Z TT f ,xxx 'HQ if , Q ts" xg ' 91, aux try 5 If - Q .", . Qi 6 -4 N ,., h Y y I , Rf, 'W I,...-is-alw ""Q-su--M-1-1.fw"'H""'F in-Y A W r anizations avg., ' 'S -+5 My ...Lf vw' 4 , V . - ' J' 4-fm. 4 -4:-5. ,W 1 +y- . iff' Nm Gd' as . N:-.,.ti" ffl! Student Council Members Billy Barbour W. R. Moore Dianne Parker Gail Gilbert Vickie Evans Betty jo Benson Shirley Hager Pat Sabio Larry Stanley Terry Allen Cliff Massengill Kathy Lee Kay Jackson Alice Keene Jean Temple Dianne Strickland Robert Allen Keith Johnson Kay Parker Stanley Thomas Edwin Byrd Cardovia Blackmon The aims of the Stu- dent Council are to unify the life of the school, to encourage a spirit of co- operation, and to develop a s ens e of responsibility Within the school. Student Council committees tak e charg e of chapel programs, monitors, and plus and minus points. Council members set an example for fellow students. Gail Gilbert, Treasurer, Billy Barbour, President, W. R. Moore, Vice-President, Vickie Evans, Sergeant-at-Arms, Dianne Parker, Secretary. Settin the pace or our school Nb Hg Committee Chairmen: Keith Johnson, justice, W. R. Moore, Assembly, Billy Barbour, President, Cardovia Blaclcmon, Orientation, Vickie Evans, Traffic, Dianne AdVi501'Sf MT- G1'i99, MT- Keene, Ml' parker 1:-ublici Hatch, Mrs. Hood, Mrs. Matthews, Mr , W- Wilson fnot picturedj . june Canaday Editor-in-Chief Mrs. Glenda Lee Sponsor Belinda Temple, joan Creech Charles Lee Junior Editors Snapshot Editor :FQ M15 Joyce Britt, Jean Canaday Freshmen Editors Acorn Staff Mike Barefoot, Betsy Hayes Co-Assistant Editors fem Don Price, Nancy Stanley Co-Assistant Business Managers Phyllis Johnson, Steve Westbrook Sophomore Editors ..-- -----un-nun QNQE Ronnie Wood Business Manag er 5 'bf 3 fi X x 4 X R E f M 1 A K X i ., iv - yr ll an iiri .e s,1s S . A3 .1 I H Mrs, Irene Talton David Compton, Tim Tarkington Betty Dixon, Susan Elaine Johnson Sponsor Photographers Typists Pat Lee, Gayle Welsh Copy Editors ,I p, 5 Cathy Evans W. R. Moore Senior Editor Senior Editor Kay Parker, Barbara Parker Marian Williams Copy Editors Art Editor Laura Grady, J. P. Sanders Co-Assistant Photographers The Oak Leaf as , Jackie Lee Patsy Parrish Mrs. Glenda Lee Editor Business Manager Advisor News of School and xxx A ef4"e-'x.i'-,1,1,, ' "N-K. I 1 , .h . W 6,32 fi: :i A .:'f'if.1?.,-yf' The is Lglf staff, along with Mrs. Lee, works hard each month to bring a.n int er e sting newspaper to the school. It takes a lot of work to publish a newspaper, but the staff does not mind this. The members all pull to- Communit Li e 5 The Qcgkaffs Editor, Jackie Lee, Business Manager, Patsy Parrish, Circulation Manager, Kaye Lee, Sports Editors, W. R. Moore and Linda Barbour, Photographers, Tim Tarkington and Wayne Hamilton, Re - porters: Brookie Allen, Betty Dixon, Janet Jernigan, Ann Gilbert, Susan E. Johnson, Patsy Lee, Io Ann Massengill, Brenda Noles, jo Ann Norris, Sally Now ell and Gayle Welsh, Advisor, Mrs. Glenda Lee. gether to try to bring forth the best results possible We have these people to thank for presenting a clean, whole some newspaper. 15 il 3 Z' 4 Q '.,. -.H AP' rational Honor Society Andy Williams, -President B Tim Tarkington, Vice-president Cathy Evans, Secretary Kay Parlcexg Treasurer Ronnie. Wood, ' Reporter , C L Billy Barbour 'S K June Canaday Wallace Creech ' Gayle Hill' ' ' ' Keith Johnson Susan A, johnson-' Jackie Lee A 4. C K S- Kaye Lee- .h ,- - PatsyLee' . .'.' , Jeanette McLamb C ' V' Linda Medlin ' P , 1 Wg: RJyMoore . L Janice:iSteWart A , ' Missy , Sponsor NIIHX Worley Keene , ' Hon orary Member , ' NATIONAL HONOR soc1ETY QS W J 51. ll l Noblesse Oblige Obliged to be Noble" Rebecca Toole Gayle Welsh New Members: Mike Barefoot Pam Barefoot Betsy Hayes Wayne Jackson Shelby Johnson Susan Johnson Dianne Lassiter Charles Lee Patricia Lee Cliff Massengill Donald Price Nancy Stanley -Danny Stewart Belinda Temple Mrs. Bill Canaday, Chapter Mother Mrs. George Johnson, Chapter Mother 'W Hi S l x Q: v' 1 , x I . f , 1, 1' r, . ' ,y , A, VP 1 'GLX . N w '. z A 'Wlv z 7? ,J' , 1.0 'Lv - 5, xv . -x i -, 0-sg, . '-my an 44' 'S-,f ,f s 11 1 1" 5 F4 gy gi, Q 3355 M A 9? " 1f!'f f gli, L fs .449 .N mfg .4 Wx I if. ,Wow r , VJ Wg-,,, " Q X' 1624 A. , if 4 4! f ff. , J., ,,. , 'S s 'Wm ,v. N, ,E ... 5421. ew... WJ Q 1 kg k V A 0 . K 1' , x-ww-..- '--. .,,. 1. - Q A f . 1-1 Yak ' 'H f 'H A 1:35 4, 5 A f ,Q I ji!! O ..-Mn" ,, uw' uunql, t, 533' If 'ww' gf..m':l3f ggunnu 'Q .. :!:......-wzrzi.. l Today's librar - A materials center Front Row: Joyce Lee, Gail Allen, Joyce Stanley, Deborah Allen, Janice Allen, Ann Parker, Kay Gilbert, Elaine Stewart, Jackie Lee. Back Row: Mrs. Mareta Moore, Librarian, Danny Stewart, Rita McLamb, Sharon Allen, Christian Beeker, Susan Tarkington, Pat Austin, Loree Strickland, Brenda Johnson, Mrs. Ella Martin, Aide. Jo Ann Massengill, President, Brenda Noles, Secretary, Jo Ann Norris, Reporter, Sue Barbour, Vice-President. The Library Club is an organization to increase stu- dent interest and participation in the school library and to encourage community and home libraries. The club's purpose is to show the relationship of library resources to economic and cultural opportunities. Some of the activities of the Library Club are house- keeping duties, mechanical work concerning book pro- cessing, charging bo oks, shelving, shelf reading, and working with audiovisual materials. Mending, clipping and filing mag azines, and finding materials are also duties of the Library Club. With their assistance, students are able to learn more about their library and how to use it. Library Club Acorn lub ..... Promoting A A Officers: Linwood johnson, President, Alice Keene, Trea- surer, I. P. Sanders, Reporter, Steve Westbrook, Vice- President, Dianne Strickland, Secretary, Miss Patterson, Sponsor, Janice Allen, Program Chairman fnot picturedj. Members of the Acorn Club have a scholastic aver- age of 90 and 250 plus points as entrance requirements. The purposes of this c lub are to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate the de sir e to render service, and to promote leadership. The Acorn Club encourages the development of character in pu pil s as a stepping stone to the N atio n al Honor Society. scholastic excellence Z One of the Acorn Club activities is to raise and lower the flag. Bus 'EFSQWL Officers:Carol johnson, Secretaryg Dianne Parker, Presi- dentg Leonard Cox, Vice-Presidentg Joyce Lee, Treasurerg jackie Lee, Reporter. The purpose of the Bus Drivers Club is so all the bus drivers can assemble tog ether and discuss problems in order for drivers to provide the safest and best transpor- tation of school children. Our sponsor, Mr. Keene, is always nearby to help us that arise. The contribution of these students is seen in the service to their school. Drivers solve the many problems Z U , Q , 5 X ,, Qs L lay 2 , 5' ,4- ,WS M, School bus drivers are often used for various trips sponsored by the school. 4 1 I + J 1 Prospective teachers Mrs. Ethel Allen Sponsor Committee C h a ir m e nz Gail Gilbert, S us a n Johnson, Beatrice Kn i g ht, Kaye Lee, and Mike B ar e fo o t fnot picturedj. The John T. Hatcher Chapter of Future Teachers of America is composed of juniors and seniors interested in becoming teachers. The purpose of the organization is to further these students' interest in the teaching profession. Through the programs and activities of the club, the members le arn some of the advantages and disadvantages of the teaching profession. thinking about the future F.T.A A-mf' 2 Mm f Officers:Nancy Burke, Reporterg Sandra Hayes, Secretaryg Janet Jernigan, Treasurerg Ronnie Wood, Vice-Presidentg and Ann Gilbert, President. l Learning by debating ' :ff ' ,M ,J . , Q r Vw Front Row: Mr. Grigg, Sponsor, Peggy R aynor, Vice-President, K e n n e t h Brown, Carol Johnson, and Brenda Johnson, Secretary. Back Row: Albert Stanley, I. P. Sanders, President, and Chris Johnson. Guidance Department - Student Assistants Guidance D e part rn e nt Helpers: Kaye Lee, Susan Elaine jo hns o n, Brenda Thomas, Ramona Massen- gill, Barbara Alle n, Barbara Sabio, and Arlinda A d a m s. Counselor: Mrs. Lois I-Iood. l P M it l 5.13 I Future Homemakers 0 America F. H. A. Creed We are the Future I-Iomemakers of America. We face the future with warm courage And high hope. For we have the clear consciousness of seeking Old and precious values. For we are the builders of homes, Homes for America's future, Homes where living will be the ex- pression of everything That is good and fair Homes where truth and love and security and faith Will be realities, not dreams. We are the Future I-Iomemakers of America We face the future with warm courage And high hope. 11" .NFB '19 QLKKF. PM no Q- ', 4' 'fs 5, I 2 'Em f . 3' 9, No 0NfwtF'o The Futur e Home- makers of America helps promote the joys and sat- isf actions of hom emaking , emphasizes the importance of worthy home member- ship, encourages democ- racy in hom e and com- munity life, works for good home and family life for all, promotes international g o o d will, develops leadership, pro- vides recre ation, and furthers interest in home economics. Officers: Ann Gilbert, Reporter, Gayle Welsh, Vice-President, Scarlette Dunn, Parliamentarian, Susan Surles, President, Frances Langdon, Historian, Pat Stewart, Secretary, Libby Jernigan, Tre asur er, Sheila Parrish, Song Leader, and Sponsors, WS. Williford and Mrs. Sanders. HUMEMAKFQ s Homemakm m Actwn Selecting patterns and sewing are an important part of the homemaking classes. Girls enjoy talking about homernaking activities. Future Farmers 0 America Officers: Le on ard Cox, Vice-President, John Beasley, Re- porter, L. B. Allen, Sentinel, James Lucus, President, Norman Dunn, S ecretaryg Gene Cox, Treasurer, and Mr. John Sanderson, Sponsor. The purpose of the F. F. A. is to develop leader- ship, co-operation, c i ti z e n s hi p, and vocational training in a g r i c u l t u r e and related agricultural occupations. The F. F. A. boys know all about the table saw and how to use 1t. MUN fr.,, if AIA? 51 Y I if za ,f .5 S315 dag, R .5525 Kathy Lee Tools and their uses play a larg e part in the knowledge of F. F. A. Sweetheart these boys. Who else would know about welding besides the F. F.A. boys? To stay health , and to heh? others - - - '1"he Health Careers Club gives members an inside View to many he alth ca- reers. The officers for this ye ar are Kaye Le e, Presi- dent, Kathy Le e, Tr e a surerg Cathy Ev a n s, Secretary, Susan Elaine John- son, Reporterg and S h e 1 b y Johnson, Vice-President. Health Careers The members of the Health Careers Club show interest in the world of health careers that teach us to help others. The sponsors, Mrs. Hood and Mrs. Utley, help to make membership in the club enjoyable and alearn- ing process for all. Ht v-dan-. Members take informative field trips and gather information from people already engaged in a health career. .ll l Ensemble members are chosen for the quality of their voices, their ability to read music, their attitude toward school activities in general, and their stage personality. This group serves as the touring choir for the school and represents Four Oaks School all over our area. f. ,xv . Ensemble Semhr Chorus Upon reaching the e 1 ev enth grade, chorus members become p a rt of the S e n i or Chorus. The Senior Chorus performs on special occasions and holi- days.Their musical selec- tions range from form al chur c h pieces to bits of nonsense sung just for fun. Working with the Mix e d Chorus, they make a com- bined choir of 1 13 voices. Officers:Kay Parker, Librar1an, Linda Medlin, Pianist, Joyce Lee, Pr es identg Dianne Park er, Secretary, Ga1lG1lberI:, Librarian, Mike Barefoot, Vice President Carol Johnson, Treasurer, and Beairice Knlght, Librarian 2 1 V f E A , ' 2 ,, , ... . fn.. rn. L If ixed Chorus Composed entirely of freshmen and sophomores, the Mixed Chorus lays the foundation for later work ea to ,gizni I ,gm Officers: Gay Chandler, Secretary, Linwood Johnson, Vice- Presidentg Jean Canaday, Pianist, Steve Westbrook, President, Sheila Parrish, T r e a s u r e rg Becky Wynn, Librarian, Shirley Hager, Librarian, and Mike Evans, Librarian. .,,..,-n- il 'yy 1 in music.Chorus members g a in experience by per- forming for the s t u d e n t body on holidays and special occasions. Miss Iris Scarborough Director Presenting the Four Uaks Drum Major Ronnie Wood Student Director Marian Williams Chief Ma jorette Belinda Temple Senior "tu .--li Bannerettes: Miriam Mangum, Susan Surles, Pat Lee, Gay Chandler, Patsy Lee, Phyllis Johnson. Marching Band . . . , - 1 W , ,Vx X ey .' X' -, ' a 's . S r . ' K I ' X , V r.:"4ff'f?b'r , f -' -. , '- r S Q ,. V ' 2 K G .3 ' 3 - A 4 4 , S . ' . f A - V , , . ' ' ' '97 ' ,w , Q' ' t it ' ,. , - . V ' . . , , ., fr- ' 1 . ' 'yi-vii ' Band 'H Q gl..+..K..:1i w ,Ji ,gl P ' i i' 'Q'-'33 ' h X A., ii'-t, "N' ' r-39' ,,.V 3- 5 Aj? ' . "'t,' 5? .vs " X J q',Qgj Section Leaders: Mike Barefoot, Tim Tarkington, V , Billy Barbour, Jean Stewart, Wallace Creech. : Q 'L g P K N '--a no - .',-fri 7 9 A Q gp, - , :X I Xf- ,QQ is Q it .lures H- - ' ' , I ,.,, -, ' A 'H:.::'::- Q A ,i 7' we ,K-1 'C ' X 'X' ' . P sf W.-Q-. , 1 f W '- ' " "i ff" ' ' ', s , W rf. ,. - www-, r f g 'W 1 6 , Q , ' 1 I-lj 0 Q. 'Y I r V I wmmfa-an ...4s--.' ' 'lk' ,, P Ma jorettes: Phyllis Barbour, Phyllis Flowers, Dianne Strickland, Jennifer Low ery, jean Stewart, Belinda Temple, Barbara Parker Glenda Maynard, Rhonda Barefoot, Debra Price, Pat Blackmon. 7 Stage Band :Q ,x. .A 1 Q :,- 3 'S Q0 E JN X., KX 4 X 0 1 i ff kj .Z f X hi ' I 4 iv A, afsk - ' ' 1X , Y-1' Ml: 2 xx 'NN' ,I ' B d Mr. Harold Burt Director Q z "' cv Athletics Q I a A :X xx KN' 5 "'x mi 5 'Y if Sis bw N. , Ngifg. if 1 'A ' NN'-.X i . ,W ' ' s' ' Q' if .Q M A 1 yi 4 K.-1' 1 XV, Q .iv my , . 1' A am., 6? S N "NN 'W . - -any fnmx , . g-fx. Q1 ,mm f wg.Qg,'Q-r A 1 Q ' K, : O' X..- - , 41 X w ....x... --Q 5143145-2 n ' 'Z 5' 5 ii 4 Ai ,il Q ' ,iff -Q iw ' ,gf - , -- - - X - .' W. 2 v f -' ff- 3 -x - 1. .9 f 73 3 ,4 t Y ,,., Q v. ,.Mg4,f , X if :I :..- ' - V . -A -4' 5 ., -fix-N, 1-f'lrV'xff -- -yi ' ,i 3--V C-x.jfL1"1', . Hkfff Q- vii' ' -f '."' -1:2 1 . EL L' N .. J ' T' , ,gg , -i W. R. Moore Wayne Hamilton Captain All Conference All Conference f Front Row: Dovie Blac km on, Wallace C r ee ch, Bill Barbour, Ronald Massengill, Tim Barbour, W. R. Moore, Danny Lee, David Compton, Wayne Hamilton, Wayne Starling. Second Row: Don Price, Cliff Massengill, Mike Evans , Dennis Jones, Alfred Coats, Mike Barefoot, Sammy Boyette, Phil Allen, Rick Creech, Harold Lassiter. Back Eastern Plains Class AA Wallace Creech C0-Captain Clif Massengill All Conference All COI1fe1'e11Ce aff , I fa K A, as-:n:"r""'r' 'MA'.'TT"'N If f K K-...I 3 was L, syn rf' uid 'f?'uq:S M K awtgs M 42- ' f' ' ' N' f--1' 'E' .az 'f f "' "3 ' xfmf' t -Q.. wa s r L t V- SML ff' ,f - 5 ' M ' w 5 -:M M f i ' .l '. H ' af' ., 'QW ,WASTE ' ' W X - a n ' -Q ,gg rg, f s' 'i . , 1 V- -5, t,,gg,f- 4 w g, . ,ass vw -7, . .3 .arf m f' ' Tiff. -x Q-':.A.,d-2 Z ' ,iw-f-d-.- .ff 1. " A L at ,',""f:f-- is f-Q ., an lg.: -figs , ' . , , - 'U-:peas I' F - ' .-'2'2,',,-?",QJg. Jlf-vial. l'1'i,frjq.?:,1q 'W-, a, A Q ., ,nl '1 f A . 'jk' 1f.5'1I1,.: "F fgfw- ,""?t'T.f'- " J ,MH . rfffffvf' -if X' A J'?ijgff'1'.f1,g,.fu2f:B"-A-flg,,?rI,t.-gf.. ,w-gi., .:3fqq2., I l , Y -. ai, F .3,,5,.,,,,-,. ,J,vi,,, .N . ,H , , sf- v ' -UM 3 :- ,A 1 z X Y ' a O gf 5 Jr-. ' - f ' ' I -1 f Row: Coach, Ed Graham, Larry Massengill, Sammy Benson, Tommy Jones, Tim Tarkington, Manager, Keith Johnson, Manager, Steve Wilson, Manager, Durwood Jones, Curtis Matthews, Larry Revels, Cecil Lee, Ashley Barbour, Coach, Tom Jones. humps Again! David Compton All Conference Tim Barbour All Conference Honorable Mention Bill Barbour Ronald Massengill Dovie Blackmon ff X- ...H 4 s ff ' H a N A lx 5. ju ,, 1 aa- .LQ1, 2 " ' " Nt ..,,. ga, V - 1 ifluf ' - .. 1 " ' ', .4 me - ,W , 'I K bg. ' il'1"QJ-2-Q ,Q ji' ,SX A f, , ' f .-'r-'Mn V 1 2 , x3Q,viCf'7 ff ' gf, 9,5 , K H ,gf .. ,171 peg" felis., , B C, Q igiyggjw milk .ie V5 Qz,4?:.,1', , I' jgfim 4s , , 3 'V K f' ,.fgawg6xi 1, ff -f fl. , " , -I qkjjisma t 11 , Q V, if iiiwiiwufil- fa, ,. 'mf f I I 15K5?H5L5.,,, ,gmrn KN, 5-',g.s.,,,,3i54.x,,.. QYZ3 NH -f Ns . 5, 5, a- f:.e,,,f,Nl.-,Q,m..ra Im' i was A2 3555 3 ,559 132. q Four Oaks Four Oaks Four Oaks Four Oaks Four Oaks Four Oaks Four Oaks Four Oaks Four Oaks Four Oaks Four Oaks was Varsity Football 6 Benson 7 Clayton 19 Union 7 Hobbton 31 New Hope 26 Greene Central 19 Northern Nash 7 C. B. Aycock 14 North Lenoir 19 Farmville Regional Playoffs 14 Clayton The 1966 Cardinal team cannot be called a Cinderella team. Every inch they gained and every victorythey won took hard work and good old-fashioned fortitude. It was their ability to come from behind and to play their best, even when they were outsized, that proved them cham- pions. It was a fire of determination inside them which kindled their appetites to win even when some said it couldn't be done. Then their desire was transformed into action by the state's best coach, Tom Jones, aided by John I-latch and Ed Graham. Time and again Cardinal fans were brought to their feet as Wallace Creech trick- ily maneuvered downfieldg or as Bill Barbour and Ronald Massengill leaped high over a defender with hands out- stretched to receive a passg or as lin e b a c k e rs Cliff Massengill and W. R. Moore bli1zed into the backfield to tackle the opposing team for a lossg or as the entire forward line led by Dovie Blackmon, Tim Barbour,Wayne Starling, and David Compton cl e a r e d the way for our locomotive-like fullbacks, Danny Lee and Tommy Jones. Senior 11 1 ii: f N ,, ,,, .,, ,, .f .1 ., 1. V K , .1-:MM ' . f Larry Massengill Danny' L66 Dovie Blackmon David Compton Fullback F11UbHCk Guard Center Honorable Mention All -East I Fans cannot soon forg et the aggressive playing of end Wayne Hamilton as he knocked down interference while protecting his area. It took a tremendous amount of "blood, sweat, toil, and tears," not only by these men, but by the entire team's working to- gether to bring pride and honor to our s c h o o 1. But most important is the pride which they have acquired in knowing that they have "finished their course, fought a good fight" and achieved the goal which they set for themselves. layers U' ,Q-.. , . rf? 1 W. R. Moore Guard Honorable Mention All-East Wallace Creech Billy Barbour Halfback Halfback All-East Honorable Mention All -East ,aria ff' V in f in . P .R K Tim Barbour Wayne Starling Ronald Massengill Wayne Hamilton Tackle Tackle End End Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Honorable Mention All-East All -East All -East Junior Varsity Football 125314 D . .E A sm P WH 'U I z fl ,Qt .inf QS?" Front Row: Eddie Pollard, Ronald La ss it er, Stanley Thomas, Bobby Chandler, Terry Creech, Craig Dunn, Jerry Parker, Reid Stewart, Lance Temple. Second Row: Albert Stanley, Peron Parker, Donald Maynard, Danny 'l A.-A. 4. P Coach John Hatch with co-captains Stanley Thomas and Terry Creech. W W to C .-1 's L- " x he-' . 1. .. 'sw' - 'kk A V-all 6 Q A f U ,ff 1 F1 'X e ' , 4 ' U '. xv " y , , 2.-5 ' is s sp :g w, 1,3 ' , X sm,-gli tr- fQ,vg:.f, s as Q. as ,r K, , , X , a, ,MJESQX 1 V X, 3, :tw Q, .iff ,x ,A xg All K . . ii ,. ,s i 1 .Y 4 A I ,ing Wi. as -5 --5 , , mv Ji. r. iii 1-Akfsv '1 X :N s. Moore, Johnny johnson, Woody Jackson, Hal Johnson, Charles McLeno. Back Row: M.r. Hatch, John Sanderson, Richard Hamilton, Mike Johnson, Will Chandler, Curtis Childers. Scores Four Oaks 6 Benson 13 Four Oaks 6 Selma O Four Oaks 6 Selma 0 Four Oaks 19 Benson 6 Four Oaks 27 Farmville 6 Four Oaks 20 New Hope O Four Oaks 7 North Johnston 13 Homecoming Highli hts - 1 66 "That Was The Week That Was." Homecoming week brought with it fires of school spirit fl am ing up spontaneously about the campus and town. Ideas were transformed into realities as each one "pitched in" to make it the best homecoming ever. Juniors and seniors could be found going hom door to door around town coll e cting napkins and tissue for floats bearing the titles, "Senior Spirit of '67" and "Flush the Falcons. " Megaphones, pom- poms, and victory cardinals were made for the series of pre-game pep rallies and parades. The 28th Junior Battalion was an important part of the Homecoming spirit. The long-awaited night finally came and the nom in e es for queen rode majestically onto the field at the halftime of the spine- tingling 7-6 victory over Charles B. Aycock. Our fifth Homecoming Queen, Susan Alenia Johnson, was crowned. Following the victorious game for the cardinals, a homecoming dance was held in the gym. ,V af Linda Barbour Sharon Hill Junior Attendant Scarlette Dunn Brenda A Senior Nominees Gay Chandler Sophomore Attendant dams Patsy Parrish Betty Io Benson Freshman Attendant Homecoming Court 'fp Margaret Boyd First Runner -up , if gg. K ,aff , Y, G 56. Q' ' q xx 391 Cathy Evans Second Runner -up X 5. N -l S T 4f11,Zi: Q33 ' 2 1225 ' 'Nev' H omecomin ueen Susan Alenia johnson Kay jackson Jane Austin Sharon Hill Laura Grady Judy Raynor Pam Moore Linda Barbour, Co-chief Janice Stewart, Co-chief The Monogram Club is an honor society dedicated to recognizing outstanding athl et e s and students, to striving for school and com- munity improvement, and to promoting good sportsmanship, fair play, wholesome recreation, and lasting friendship among its mem- bers. It sponsors h o m e c om i ng and a d a nc e afterward, sock-hops, powder-puff football games, intramural games, pep rallies, the con- cession stand, and raising of money by various projects for the benefit of F. O. H. S . -ffl, F Kenneth Brown, Dennis jones, Tim Grady, Joe Carl Gregory, Junior Lassiter, Ronald Lassiter, John Williams, Mike Evans, Terry Creech, Cecil Lee, Bobby Chandler, Trigger Byrd, and Mr. john I-Iatch,Coach. Junior Varsity Basketball First Row: Candy Evans, Beth Stanley, Wanda Temple, Cathy Barbour, Sue Flowers. Second Row: Emily Sanders, Brenda Johnson, Marsha Hardee, Dianne Adams, Debbie Evans, Susan McLamb. Third Row: Libby Jernigan, Becky Wynn, Amber Strickland, and Mr. Edwin Graham, Coach. Fi, gtf -an HW!! , Q r , ,V fsig f A 4 ' in " Have you got thatspirit? tw- V4 ,W V, 1- Q my if WJ ' J ? 4-.Ffa - f" 7' 1 X, .1 1 The girls' basketball team of 1966-67 started the season lacking one ingredient which is necessary to have a winning team. That ingredient is confidence, however, with the new coach, Mrs. Mary Alice Hamilton, the Four Oaks Cardinals are more determined than ever to be win- ners as well as good sports. With only three seniors on the squad, the girls feel inexperienced but the future is looking better all the time. Phyllis johnson, Vickie Evans, Phyllis Flowers, Susan Tarkington, Pat Austin, Dorenda Blackmon, Alice Keene, Mrs. Hamilton, Coach, PatsyLee, Nancy Stanley, Belinda Temple, Pam Barefoot, Janice Allen, Becky Wynn, Shelva Lee, and Brenda Stewart. Kneeling are tri-captains: Brenda Adams, Dianne Parker, and Dianne Collier. D1 anne Co111er D1anne Parker Tr1 Captams D1arme Parker, Brenda Adams, and Dlanne Colher 1 if -, lil' -J UR nflg i Tommy Jones, Norman Dunn, Charles Lee, Cliff Massen- and Mr. Edwin Graham, Coach. Kne eling are tri gill, Larry Massengill, Wayne Hamilton, James Lucas, captains: Billy Barbour, Andy Williams, and Wallace Wayne Jackson, George Marshall Johnson, Steve Wilson, Creech. ,,.....--2 ,....-x 3 ......-..........-4 ,,...,.....-a--- Cardinals are dynamite! . .sl RE ,s .Tw Q 'JS fl' 1 1' w ,ll 3 if emors NUR Bw 1 2 Q, a 2 2 2 L E F- S' - 1 --va. , 1 1, .Vp 51,451 .: X 7 iN ? C JF, -f , l , ,j::,-:-'-- r ., : l ii i ' ' ' 1 3' u ll ni v ff 5 N f ' -Q 3 .. ,,,, Wallace Creech Billy Barbour ,,':4 X . an r E wi ' .WXQCX it f X, KRW., X X , 2 H 1 ff XV, xx ff gf I, W, ' 1, W W V 4, I l 1 W v "" W l I MW' ' ' , Q fn V jg , y ., fi, X ffm iw. , ,, I X . , W , 5, L I :N Q 1 0- Q I I Z Q 1 ' Lf X . 5 5 1 2 'I I S , 4, ., r , if ' I V r is Y if , .y : E? Q I is I ' The 1966-67 Four Oaks Cardinals basketball team .V I , be WWA displayed much hustle and spirit, but be c aus e of the A f W ' 0 , y quality of teams played, they sometimes came out on " 3 A A' f the short end. After a slow st art they rallied to play A if " , 1' fivig' A I some fine games. ' i,'a - "f" I -' Q 3 " i s , W 2 4 4 W A Tri-Ca tains: W all a c e Creech A n d Williams and 7 i Let's go! if if :E . ff' 41331, 1 A , fy 's Billy Barbour. r s. y QEKS 5 X ' W , A . , - 3.15 3 Q ,,, i y r 3 . lx 3 l . 7, 1 I s 1 . 5 -Za, - . , 'H M W' sr s A ' W -Y A. - Lar Massen ill ames Lucus Wa e Hamilton 9 YU X N I XX Q .if is la Q 36 x A 3 X. v ,A Q X 3 A y . is 13 Q, I' C I l , 41 . 1, Y , Y ,, X. , ' I- ,Qi ' v ii' - X A A 'tj ' br t3..g', - , ff , . -: Q sl F051 rm' ' .-so so Andy Williams . if-L, v 1 Q , 1-ref Track members participate in First Row: Keith Johnson, Larry Mass eng ill, Kenneth Third Row: Cardovia Blackmon, Tommy Lee, Wayn e Parker, Charles Lee, Robert Allen, W. R. Moore, Cliff Stewart, Milton Collier, Mac Wilkins, Coach John Hatch, Massengill. Second Row: Danny Lee, Ronald Massengill, Qnot pictured, Billy Barbourj. Dale Clifton, Phil Allen, Norman Dunn, George Johnson. L, I r r 1 a i 'wa 5 W- R ' 2 mf man m88t8. Record Setters ag -MW 7 A ff f ,-' - ' C,,, -' 'i , lr 'I I vw V, 1 ', ,, 5- f m a ,M hf fw , ,, WW: H 'w ' 4 - f 'W ' if Mffqy,-,,,yf f , 2 v: ' ' ,f -v ,, ,m22,t,f,,,W,?,-w ,L ,Y ,, - 'L ac, , f ,, Wa ff First Row: Larry Massengill, Cliff Massengill, Ronald Tommy Lee, Charles Lee, W. R. Moore, and Coach Massengill, Dale Clifton, Milton Collier, Wayne Stewart, john Hatch. 'fail Q. , . fa- 1 41 X .4 ,, , ' WW' ' v Varsity Baseball First Row: Wayne Ie ffery, David Parker, Durwood Jones, Dean Adams. Second Row: Wallace Creech, Harold Keene, Alfred Coats, Wayne Starling. Third Row: Coach, Tom Jones, Tommy Jones. fnot pictured Craig Jones, Craig Johnson, and Linwood Parkerj. ii Q- Saas' 154 Q, X1 aug? F - up I ,I.V. - Tomorroufs Varsity First Row: Eddie Pollard, Cecil Lee, Tony Evans, Edwin Byrd, Linwood Johnson, Bill Joe Price, David Johnson. Second Row: Peron Parker, Curtis Matthews, Terry Creech, Bobby Chandler, John Williams, Junior Lassiter, Eddie Wood, and Coach, Edwin Graham. ui 'Nl' Q ra A I 3 f sggrmul will ---new Ii si-i Rl Time or Patronizin 4 Q 1 M g :Mgt QL. fFOUR,OAKS , H1 v a? 3 J 1 5 4 ' i f . Js X 9 "' ' " w '.'-' S L hi Q . f i r, , W H 7, 1: D OW, X 5 -xr The Most Modern, Up-to-Date Banking Service Drive-ln Window Large enough Yet small enough for your every to take a personal banking need- interest in you and your family. Member F. D. l. C. Our 55th Year Four Oaks North Carolina H K8f KTEXACO SERVICE 0 24-hr. Wrecker Service - I Wheel Alignment 8. Balancing Tires 8. Batteries Firestone Tires Exiale Batteries TE co Washing, Oreasing 'HIE DOCTORS 8s -unu- Four Oaks North Carolina Telephone 963-9l26 Tractor 8. Auto Parts Paint 8. Sporting Goods Tire Recapping - Wholesale 8. Retail Maraaret Boyette O. J. Holloway, Jr. 963-3281 TR 963-3951 Four Oaks N . C. Four Oaks, North Carolina CANADAY FEED CO., INC. .435 5 gg? em W' W, 1 4 .,.,- :lg ,::-.L.:.,Q-,-,. X V, Y i .. ' 'WJ m"ff'r""W A ' 'K ' E'-1' Feeds ond Form Supplies Custom Grinding ond Mixing We Buy ond Sell Groins Snelling Telephone 963-309i Four Oolcs North Corolino FOUR OAKS CYCLE CENTER Weleeme to F O k , N. C. our O S RED AND VVHITE "Where you meet the nicest peop1e" Y . d our patronage is appreciate . 963-3951 963-6681 R. C. C d , J . 1 O. J. Hcfilirgwcxli Jrr. Four Oaks North Carolina 1 f COmP'ime"fS of KEEN Aivioco STATION Gas and Oil 1 BARNES FURNITURE COMPANY Live B011 I S 8. H Oreenstamps with all Phone 963-3556 Pufcfwses Highway 301 Phone 934-4581 Four Oaks North Carolina 2 miles north OT Four Oaks North Carolina "We Specialize in Tabierite Meats!" S 81 1-1 Stamps The Big '4': -A Four Oaks IGA 1 Selma IOA Kerliy IGA Princeton IGA 52 Telephone 963-3531 Four Oaks North Carolina FOUR OAKS DRUG COMPANY ln Business For Your Health 1 Telephone 963-326i Four Ogks North Carolina THE BURGER PALACE RESTAURANT Hamburgers - Hot Dogs Austin-Parker Clothiers Sandwiches Soft Drinks Foul, Oaks North Carolina Quality Clothing and Accessories for Men Sr Boys Our Ladies' Sportswear Department Features Compliments of Lqdt' Mcmllollcm .lantzen THE CITY BARBER SHOP A. B. Starling Landis Baker Four Oaks. N. C. L. . l Chapel Hill Classics "Johnston County's Finest" Four Oaks North Carolina THORNTON'S LU NC H Austin 'S Drug Stgre Hof Dogs Milkshakes Hamburgers Bar-B-Q THE BEST IN EATS Four Oaks North Carolina Fountain Service, Sundries Compliments of "Let us fill your doctor's next prescriptions" Four Oaks North Carolina Men and Boys V. W.. . . . .Four Oaks STANLEY-WILSON CO., INC. Spartan Quality Feeds - Smith-Douglas Fertilizer Custom Grinding 8. 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Royol's Jewelers Former's Hordwclre Rose's Nofionol School ond lndusfriol Corp. 7"'U'l'F-rua-1 BILL ABBOTT BRENDA ADAMS F.H.A. 1, 2,3,45 Monogram Club 45 Varsity Basketball 2,3,45 H.R. Sec. 1, 45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Monitor 1,2,3,45 LV. Scorekeeper 15 Library Club 15 Jr. -Sr. Committee 35 Homecoming Nominee 4. BILL ALLEN F. F. A. 1, 2. BROOKIE SUE ALLEN F.H.A. 2,3,45 Acorn Club 3,-1l5Ei,If2' staff 45 Monitor 45113-Sr. Com- mittee 3. DANIEL ALLEN F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Bus Drivers' Club 3,45 Bus Driver 3,45 Monitor 1,2,3,4. GLORIA ALLEN Monitor 2, 4. RAYVON ALLEN F. F. A. 4. ROBERT ALLEN Track l,2,3,45 Student Council Rep. 2,-4. BILLY BARBOUR LV. Football 15 Varsity Football 2, 3,4, All-Conference Honorable Mention 3,4, All-East Honorable Mention 45 LV. Basketball lg Varsity Basketball 2, 3,45 Track 1,2, 3,45 Band 1, 2, 3,45 Dance Band 2,3,45 Glee Club 3, 45 Mono- gram Club 2,3,45 N.H.S. 3,45 Acorn Club 25 LV. Baseball 15 Student Council 1, 2, 3-Sergeant-at-Arms, 4-President5 Student Council Committee Chairman 3,45 Monitor 1, 2,45 County Band 25 Class Vice-Pres. 15 Ir. - Sr. Waiter 25 Superlative 4. GLENN BARBOUR F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Ir. -Sr. Committee 35 Bus Monitor 1, 2. LINDA BARBOUR -Q-1 Qstaff 1,45 LV. Cheerleader 15 Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3, 4-Co-Chief5 H. R. Chairman 1, 25 H. R. Sec. 35 Library Club 2,3-Pres. 5 Monitor 1, 2,3,45 Monogram Club 45 F.I-l. A. 1, 2,45 Band 15 jr. -Sr. Committe e 35 Home- coming Nominee 45 Superlative 4. TED BARBOUR, JR. Band 15 Glee Club lg jr. -Sr. Committee 35 Monitor 1, 2,3,45 Bus Monitor 1, 2, 3,4. TIM BARBOUR LV. Football 15Varsity Football 2, 3,4-All-Conference, Honorable Mention All-East5 Tra ck 1, 2,3,45 Monogram Club 2, 3,45 Monitor 1, 2, 3,45 H.R. Pres. 3. ED BAREFOOT PATRICIA BAREFOOT F.H.A. 15 F.T.A. 1,2,3. ROSE BEASLEY Glee Club 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 1,25 Monitor 1, 25 Bus Monitor 1. WAYNE BENSON Band 1, 2, 3. CARDOVIA BLACKMON LV. Football 15 Varsity Football 2,3,4-Honorable Mention All-Conference5 Track 1, 2, 35 Monog ram Club 2, 3,45 Baseball 45 Monitor 1, 2, 3, 45 H. R. Chairman 25 Student Council Rep. 4-Orientation Committee5 jr. -Sr. Com- mittee 35 Class President 45 Superlative 4. DAVID BLACKMON Bus Drivers' Club 3,45 Bus Driver 4. MARGARET BOYD F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Libra ry Club 35 Homecoming-First Runner-up 45 Monitor 1,3,45 Bus Monitor 15 H.R. Sec. 1.2. Eva Tsuquiashi, our exchange student from Peru JUNE CANADAY - Acorn staff 1, 2,3,4-Editor-In-Chief5 F.H.A. 1,2,3-State Degree,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Library Club l,2,35 LV. Cheerleader 15 Acorn Club 2-Pro- gram Chairman5 N.H.S. 3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Monitor 1, 2,45 jr.-Sr. Waitress 25 Ir. -Sr. Decorating Committee 35 Governor's School Nominee 35 Marshal 35 Superlative 4. DALE CLIFTON Track l,2,3,4, Record Setter 2,35 Student Council 35 Class Vice-Pres. 35 Monogram Club 2,3,45 LV. Football 15 Jr.-Sr. Committee 35 Monitor 1,2, 3,45 Superlative 4. WANDA COATS Monitor 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4. DIANNE COLLIER Monogram Club 3,45 Monitor 45 Varsity Basketball 2, 3,4. DAVID COMPTON Band 1,25 Glee Club 2,3,45 Ensemble 2,3,45 Monogram Club 3,45 Student Council 15 Monitor 1, 25 Basketball Mgr. 35 Acorn staff 3,45 Track 35 Jr. -Sr. Committee 35 LV. Football 15 Varsity Football2,3,4-All-Conference, Honorable Mention All-East5 Superlative 4. WALLACE CREECH LV. Football 15 Varsity Football 2,3-Honorable MentionAll-Conference, 4-Co-Captain, All-Conference, All-East5 Track 15 LV. Basketball 15 Var- sity Basketball 2, 3-Co-Captain, 45Baseball 1, 2, 3,45 Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Monitor 1, 2,3,45 Band 1, 2,3,45 Dance Band 2, 3,45 Glee Club 1, 2,3,45 Ensemble 3,45 Acorn Club 25 N.H. S. 3,45 Ir. -Sr. Waiter 25113 -Sr.Band Com- mittee 35 Commended Student1National Merit Test5 Superlative 4. BETTY DIXON F.H.A. 1, 25 Library Club 35Glee Club 1,2,45 Monitor l,2,3,45 Ir. -Sr. Com- mittee 35 Q4 iii staff 45 Acorn staff 45 Bus Monitor 3. DOROTHY DUNN Library Club 3. SCARLETTE DUNN Glee Club 1-Vice Pres.,2, 3,455 Student Council 35 Monitor 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3-State Degree, 4-Parliamentarian5 Jr. -Sr. Committee 35 Homecoming Nominee 4. Sl-IELTON DUNN Monogram Club 35 Track 35 LV. Basketball 15 Bus Monitor 15 FFA 1, 2,3,4. DANNY ELDRIDGE CATI-TY EVANS Glee Club 25 Acorn Club 2-Sec.5 N.H. S. 3,4-Sec.5 Acorn staff 3,45 Health Club 4-Sec. 5 Monogram Club 4-Sec. 5 F.H.A. 15 F.T.A. 35 LV. Basketball 15 Homecoming 2nd runner-up 45 Superlative 45 Varsity Basketball 2,3,4. ANN GILBERT F.H.A. 1,2,3,4-Reporter5 Glee Club 1, 2,3,45 Oak Leaf staff 1,2,45Monitor' 2, 3,45 Bus Monitor 2,45 Debate Club 2,3-Sec.-Treas. 2, 35 World Peace Speaking Contest 35Jr. -Sr. Committee 35 F.T.A. 3-Vice-Pres. , 4-President. LARRY GRICE 5 Student Council Rep. 15 Monitor 1,25 Bus Drivers' Club 2, 3 ,45 Bus Driver 3,4. WAYNE HAMILTON Monogram Club 2,3,45 Varsity Baseball 45 Track 25 Varsity Football 2,3,4- All-Conference,Honorable Mention All-East5 LV. Basketball 25 Varsity Bas- ketball 3,45 Monitor 2, 3,45 wc Leaf sta.ff 45113 -Sr. Committee 35 Band 2, 3, 4. STEVE 1-IARGIS enior Director SANDRA HAYES D Acorn Club 25 H.R. Vice-Pres. 1,35 H.R. Treas. 45 F.T.A. 3,4-Sec.5 F.H.A. 1, 2-Chapter Degree,3,45 Glee Club 1-Librarian,2, 354513115 Drivers' Club 3,45 Bus Driver 45 Jr. -Sr. Committee 35 Monitor 1, 2, 3,45 Bus Monitor 3. GAYLE Hl1.L Acorn Club 25 N.H.S. 3,45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 H.R. Devotion Chairman 15 Monitor 25 Health Club 3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Glee Club 1. JANET JERNIGAN F.H.A. 1-Jr. Degree, 2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Acorn Club 253,45 Health Club 45 Monitor 1, 2,3,45 F.T.A. 3,4-Treas.5 Jr.-Sr. Committee 35 kc Leaf staff 4. -' JoAN JEXNIGAN F.H.A. 1-Jr. Degree, 25 Glee Club 1, 2,3,45 Health Club 45 Monitor 1,2, 3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Jr. -Sr. Committee 3. CAROL JOHNSON Glee Club 1, 2-President, 3,4-Treas.5 H.R. Treas. 25 H. R. Sec. 35F.H..A. 1, 2, 3-State Degree 45 Monitor 1,2, 3,45 Bus Monitor 25 Bus Drivers' Club 3, 4-Sec.5 Bus Driver 45 Bookkeeping Award 35 Acorn Club 2,3-Sec. ,45 J.V. Cheerleader 15 Jr. -Sr. Committee 35 Class Treasurer 45 Superlative 4. GERALD JOHNSON Monitor 1. GLENN JOHNSON Bus Drivers' Club 3,45 Bus Driver 4. KEITH JOHNSON Acorn Club 25 N.H.S. 3,45 Monitor 1,2,3,45 Marshal-Chief 35 Jr. -Sr.Prom Committee 35 Monogram Club 3,45 Student Coimcil Rep. 2,3,45 Jr.-Sr. Waiter 25Track Mgr. 3, 45 Football Mgr.45 Baseball Mgr. 35 Basketball Mgr. 1. SUSAN ALEN'lA JOHNSON J.V. Cheerleader 1-Ch.ief5 American Legion Auxiliary Contest Essay 25 Acorn Club 25 N.H.S. 3,45 Homecoming Rep. 2,35 Homecoming Queen 45 Piano 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Bus Monitor 1, 2,35 Monitor 1,2,3,45 Jr. -Sr. Committee 35 Exchange Student to Peru5 Su- perlative 4. SUSAN ELAINE JOHNSON F.l-l. A. 1,25 3,45 Bus Drivers' Club 3,45 Bus Driver 45 Monitor 1, 2, 3, 45 Health Club 3, Reporter-45 Acorn staff 45 Qik if staff 1,45 H.R. Chairman 15 Student Council 25 Jr. -Sr. Committee 35 Guidance Helper 4. BEATRICE KNIGHT F.T.A. 3,45 F.H.A. 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 3,4-Librarian5 Health Club 45 Library Club 35 H. R. Sec. 45 Monitor 2,3545 Bus Monitor 2,35 Bus Drivers' Club 45 Bus Driver 45 Jr. -Sr. Committee 3. JIM LASSITER J.V. Football 15 Varsity Football 35 Monogram Club 4. RANDY LASSITER F.F.A. 1,25 Monitor 2. BEVERLY LEE F.H.A. 1,25 Glee Club 1,2,3,4. BRUCE LEE F.F.A.1,2,3. DANNY LEE J.V. Football 15Va.rsity Football 3,45 Track 2, 35 Baseball 45 Monogram Club 3,45 Monitor 3,45 Jr. -Sr. Committee 3. 'ei QWUE, iw' J. W. LEE, JR. F.F.A. 1,2,3-Sec.5 Band 1,2,3,45 Dance Band 2,3,45 Monitor 2,3,45 J.V. Football 15 H.R. Vice-Pres. 45 Track 1. JACKIE LEE Student Council Rep. 15 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3,45 F.T.A. 45 Health Club 3, 45 Library Club 45 Bus Drivers' Club 3,4-R eport er5 Bus Driver 45 Bus Monitor 1',2, 35 Monitor 1, 2,3, 45 Acorn Club 25 N.H.S. 3, 45 Class Treasurer 25 H.R. Chair- man 3,45 EQ L eaf staff 4-Editor5 Glee Club 15 J.V. Basketball 15 Varsity Basketball 1,25 Marshal 35 Acorn staff 35 Jr. -Sr. Waitress 25 Jr.-Sr. Com- mittee 35 F.H.A. Committee Chairman 2, 3. JOYCE LEE Class President 15Glee Club 1-Sec. , 2-Sec., 3-Sec. , 4-President5 Ensemble 3,45 Library Club 3,45 F.H.A. 1,2, 3,45 Bus Drivers' Club 3,4-Treas.5 H. R. Sec. 3,45 H. R. Chairman 25 Jr. -Sr. Committee 35 F.H.A. Committee Chair- man 1,35 Superlative 4. KAYE LEE F.H.A. 1, 2-Chapter Degree 3,45 F.T.A. 3-Treas., 4-Program Chairman5 Acorn Club 25N.H.S. 3,45 Health Club 3,4-President5 Student Council Rep. 35Glee Club 15J.V. Cheerleader 15 H.R. Sec. 35 Guidance Helper 45 Mon- itor1,2, 3,45Bus Monitor 1,2, 3,45 Jr.-Sr. Committee 3524 Li staff 1,4. PATSY LEE F.H.A. 15 Acorn Club 25 N.H.S. 3,45 Monitor 1,2,3,45 J.V. Basketball 1, 25 QQ staff 4. JAMES LUCUS F.F.A. 1, 2,4-President, Federation Sentinel5 Glee Club 2,3,45 Ensemble 2, 3,45 J.V. Basketball 25 Varsity Basketball 45 Monitor 1, 2, 3,45 Bus Monitor4. GEORGE MCLAMB Varsity Football 1,2,35 Track 1,2, 35 Monogram Club 2, 35 F.F.A. 1, 25 Bus Drivers' Club 2,35 Bus Driver 3. JEANETTE MCLAMB F.H.A. 1,2-Reporter, 3-State Degree 45 F.'l'.A. 3,45 Acorn Club 25 N.H.S. 3,45 Bus Drivers' Club 3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,4. GEORGE MASSENGILL Monitor 1, 25 Bus Monitor 2, 3,4. JO ANN MASSENGILL J.V. Basketball 15 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3,45Ec staff 45 Monitor 1, 2, 3,45 Library Club 2, 3-Vice-President, 4-President5 Bus Monitor 3. LARRY MASSENGILL Varsity Football 3,45 J.V. Basketball 1, 25 Varsity Basketball 45 Track 2, 3,45 Bus Monitor 2, 3,45 Student Cotmcil 1,35 Health Club 35 F.T.A. 45 Monogram Club 3,45 Monitor 1, 2, 3,4. RONALD MASSENGILL Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 J.V. Football 15 Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4-Honorable Mention All-Conference, Honorable Mention All-East5 J.V. Basketball 1, 25 Varsity Basketball 3,45 Track 1,2,35 Student Council 25 H. R. Chairman 2, 3,45 Superlative 4. LINDA MEDLIN F.H.A. 1,2-President, Crisco Award, 3-State Degree,45 F.T.A.3,45 Acorn Club 25 N.H.S. 3,45 Library Club 15 Bus Drivers' Club 3,45 Bus Driver 45 Glee Club 1, 2,3,4, Pianist 1, 2,3,45Ensemble 2,3,45 Marshal 35 Jr. -Sr. Waitress 25 J.V. Basketball 15 Monitor 1,2,3,45 Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee 35 Superla- tive 4. DANNY MOORE Varsity Football 3. Q WILLIAM R. MOORE Q1-.k staff 45 Acorn staff 3,45 Student Council 3, 4-Vice-President5 Monitor 1,2,3,45 Class President 35 H.R. Chairman 15 Marshal 35 Acorn Club 2- President5 jr. -Sr. Waiter 25 Debate Club 25 Monogram Club 2,3-Vice- President, 4-President5 LV. Football 15 Varsity Football 2,3-Co-Captain, 4-Captain, All Conference 2,3,4, Honorable Mention All-East 3,45 LV. Basketball 15 Track 2, 3,45 N.H.S.3,45 Ir. -Sr. Prom Committee 35 Govemor's School Nominee 35 World Peace Winner 1, 2 , 35A1'l'1e1'iC3.1'1LEgiOI1CO1.1I11'y Win- ner 35 American L e g ion School Award for Patriotism 35 School and County nominee for Morehead Scholarship 45 Superlative 4. BRENDA NOLES Library Club 3 ,4-Sec. -Treas. 5 Bus Monitor 3,45 Monitor 25 'Q-ik keg staff 45 F. H. A. 4. JO ANN NORRIS F. H. A. 1, 2, 35 Monitor 25 Library Club 3, 4-Reporter5 Qa-lc staff 4. SALLY NOWELL F.l-l.A. 1, 2,45 gale E staff 45 Monitor 1,2, 35 Bus Monitor 1. ANN PARKER Library Club 3,45 H. R. Treas. 45 Bus Monitor 45 Ir. -Sr. Committee 3. DIANNE PARKER Student Council 1,2, 3-Treas. , 4-Sec.5 Bus Drivers' Club 3,4-P1-esident5 Bus Driver 3,45 Bus Monitor 1,25 Monitor 1, 2,3,45 Library Club 1, 2-Reporter5 F.H.A. 1, 2,3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Acorn Club 2, 3-Treas.45 it staff 1,25 H.R. Treas. 15 Glee Club 1,2-Vice-Pres. 3, 4-Sec.5 LV. Basketball 15 Monogram Club 2,3 ,45 Jr. -Sr. Committee 35 Superlative 45 Varsity Basket- ball 2,3,4. GLENN PARKER KAY PARKER F.H.A.1,2,3,45Glee Club 1, 2,3,45 Librarian 1,2,45 Monitor 1,2,3,45 Bus Monitor 1,25 LV. Basketball 15 Acorn Club 25 N.H.S. 3, 4-Treas.5 Bus Drivers' Club 3,45 Bus Driver 3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Marshal 35 Ir. -Sr. Waitress 25 H.R. Treas. 25 H.R. Chairman 35 Class Treasurer 35 Class Secretary 45 Student Council 45 Acorn staff 45 Govemor's School Nominee 25 Halloween Queen 25 jr. -Sr. Committee 35 Superlative 4. PATSY PARRISH F.H.A. 1,2, 3,45 Acorn Club Mkt staff 1, 2,4-Business Manager5 LV. 'Basketball 1,25 Varsity Cheerleader 35 Bannerette 25 Monitor 1,2, 3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Ir. -Sr. Decorating Committee 35 Homecoming Nominee 45 Scorekeeper 4. DANNY RAYNOR F.F.A.1,2,3,4. LAMAR RAYNOR LV. Football 15 Varsity Football 25 LV. Basketball 15 Varsity Basketball 25 Baseball 1, 25 Student Council 25 Monogram Club 25Glee Club 35 Class Presi- dent 2. BARBARA SABIO G. A.A. fGirls' Athletic Assoc. 5 1,35 CSF fCalif. Scholarship Fed.j 1, 25Latin Club 15 Guidance Helper 4. WAYNE STARLING LV. Football 15 Varsity Football 2,3,45 LV. Baseball 15 Varsity Baseball 2, 3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,4. BETH STEWART Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Monitor'1,2,3,4. ' BRUCE STEWART Bus Drivers' Club 3, 45 Bus Monitor 2,35 F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Bus Driver 4. DANA STEWART F.H.A. 1, 25 Glee Club 2,45 Library Club 35 jr.-Sr. Committee 35Monitor 1,2, 3,4. f ry -5-if IAN ICE STEWART F.H.A. 1, 2,3,45 LV. Cheerleader 15 Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3,4-Co-Chief5 Monogram Club 3,45 Homecoming Committee 45 F. T.A. 3,45 Glee Club 1- Vice-Pres. 25 Library Club 1,2, 35 Acorn Club 25 N.H.S. 3,45 H. R. Chair- man 25 H.R. Treas. 3,45 Bus Monitor 25 Monitor 1,2, 3,4. RONNIE STEWART SANDRA STEWART F. H. A. 1. TIM TARKINGTON N.H.S. 3,4-Vice-Pres.5 Acorn Club 25 Acorn staff 3,45 Football Mgr. 3,45 Monogram Club 45 Class Vice -President 45LV. Basketball 15 Monitor 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Dance Band 1, 2,3,45 Q24 staff 45 Jr. -Sr. Committee 35 Homecoming Committee 3,4. BRENDA THOMAS F.H.A. 1,25 Jr. -Sr. Committee 3. WILLIAM THOMPSON REBECCA TOOLE F.l-l.A. 1,2,35 Acorn Club 25 Ir.-Sr. Waitre ss 25 Marshal 35 Monitor 25 N.H. S. 3, 4. GAYLE WELSH F. H. A. 1, 2-Sec. , 3-Parliamentarian, State Degree, Crisco Award, 4-Vice- Pres. 5 Student Council Rep. 25 Acorn Club 25 Co-ed Correspondent 35N.H.S. 3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Health Club 35 Bus Drivers' Club 3,45 Bus Driver 45 Acorn staff 4524 Li staff 45 H. R. Sec. 15 Monitor 1, 2, 3, 45113 -Sr. Committee 3. MACK WILKINS Glee Club 1. 2: Track 2,3,45 Monitor 2,35 Superlative 4. PI-D1 WILKINS Glee Club 1. ANDY WILLIAMS N.H.S. 3,4-President5 Student Council 25 Acorn Club 25 Monitor 1,2,3,45 Monogram Club 3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 H. R. Chairman 2,45 LV. Basketball 1, 25 Varsity Basketball 3, 45 Marshal-Asst. Chief 35Ir. -Sr. Waiter 25jr. -Sr. Com- mittee 35 School Nominee for Morehead Scholarship 45 Governor's School Nominee 25 Superlative 4. MARIAN WILLIAMS Marching Band 1, 2, 3,45 C on ce rt Band 1,2, 3,45 Section leader 3,45 Asst. Conductor 45 Dance Band 1, 2, 3,45 Pep Band Conductor 3,45 Acorn Club 2, 35 Acorn staff 3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 H.R. Chairman 1, 25 Student Council 35 Health Club 45 Band Award 35 All-County Band 1, 2,45 Band Librarian 35 Monitor 1, 2,3,45 Ir. -Sr. Committee 35 Superlative 4. DANNY WOOD LV. Baseball 1. RONNIE WOOD Band 1,2,3,45Drum Major 2, 3,45 County Band 25 Acorn staff1,2,3,4-Busi- ness Manager5 Glee Club 2,3,45 Ensemble 2,3,45 F.F.A. 15 Acorn Club 25 N.H.S. 3,4-Reporter5 F.T.A. 3,4-Vice-Pres.5 Jr. -Sr. Waiter 25 Marshal 35 Monitor 1,2,3,45 Bus Monitor 45 Student Council 2,35 H.R. Treas. 15 Su- perlative 4. SUSAN WOOD F.H.A. 1-Songleader, 25 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 H.R. Sec. 2. For You This Acorn is for you. It is a re cord of your studies, activities, teachers, friends. It is the experiences of the year 1966-67 at Four Oaks School. It is the effort of every Acorn staff member. Though it is only one edition, the work started in May and did not end until January. At times it's been rather exasperating-but it's also been quite satis- fying. We have trie cl to give you this year as it really happene d-but remember, each one of you helped to make the Acorn what it is. We hope that this Acorn will mean much to you as you reminisce in the future. Thanks to every member of the Acorn staff, to the photographers who took the mountain of n e e de d snapshots, to the assistant editors who helped with their ideas, to the business managers who looked after the finances, to the class editors who compiled pictures, names, and wrote headlines, to the copy editors who spent many hours writing copy, captions, and headlines, to the art and snapshot editors who helped in any way, to the typists who typed anything handed to them without question or complaint, to every- one who met the deadline, to Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Talton who helped at all times, to Jackie who, although not on the A corn staff, was always near when ne e d e d, to Mr. Grigg and to Mr. Wilson who shared with us their ideas, to Dot Hooks for taking the superlative and homecoming picttues, to Reuben Johnson for coming any time we needed him and getting the pictures back on time, to School Picture s who made our club pictures, to I. B. Edwards for the day with the layout, to I-Iunter Publishing Co. for all their co-operation, to all the teachers for their help, understanding, and co-operation, to Mr. Beeker for his patience, to the advertisers who made this Acorn possible, to my family and friends, to each person who has helped in his own way. MIERCI BEAUCOUP! Four Oaks is forever ez mixture of the past, present, and future. f f 1 JOHNSTON COUNTY HERITAGE CENTER SMITHFIELD, N.C.

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