Four Oaks High School - Acorn Yearbook (Four Oaks, NC)

 - Class of 1957

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Four Oaks High School - Acorn Yearbook (Four Oaks, NC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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I III' IIN ,f gl! jd , .E I' Sr . ,-Wm ' 31" "-im' ak '? ff!-5 Qrrkiai M E933 Z P' L. k....g...J L......, - ,,?,--gb +.L1.' '-Q." ff 4' dulcix' .jj 1.3 'gp I' I fv 2. 154-.Q ' ' as nr.: cum vgwgg-e, P1 2.22.33 "Q'f.2..,..L.. MUSE s ' A-, " u -J X K tj- irvfa I t. u is Lu.- 3Ae 7957 Mime IX 10,,m,4w1 4, .Snior Cfaaa .Syfzirzzy Moore any Jo og! Cz - gcblora Oul' ULIL5 .SZFAOOK Oul' UQLJ, Word Carogna 0l"8l,U0l" "This is your Life," Four Oaks High School. While presenting to you people, events, and activities that have affected your past life, we unfold happenings and names which will become a part of your future. The clamor in the halls, inter-mingled with the shouts and wails of youth on the go .' . . the light of knowledge which shines only as a dim ray now, but must one day burst forth into brightness . . . your pulse beat of activity . . . your heart-throb of gaiety . . . your sides bulging with life--all of these we re-create, never to be recaptured, in retrospect. "This is your life!" 12 To Mrs. Maude Barnes we, the 1957 class of Four Oaks High School, deditate our annual, This is our way to thank her for sharing our hopes and fears, our joys and sorrows, and thus making our high school years more meaningful. 3 ZLL of Confenfa Jdminzdtfatzon .Simian Supeffafzued SPLOMOPQJ juniora jreakmen cf2,LfL grade Organizafiond .fgfkdfica .fdcluerfiaemenfzi 4 x e 4 1 ifibkfdfifssii m!5,z3fw'l15'I' ,fdclminififra fion V 5 i Mr. H. I. Beeker Mrs. Tryon George Principal School Secretary 3cAao! goal: mXMMgx:NY..'w""KN. K I. K 2223 Mr. Bert Lassiter, Chairman ' MR, CHARLIE WOOD MR. J. D. UPCHURCH, Vice-Chairman MR, HUGH BEASLEY, Secretary 6 MR, I, T. CRITCHER am f MRS, IRENE TALTON Commercial MR WORLEY KEENE Scrence MISS GEORGIA TUCK Journalism and English MISS THELMA HARRIS Social Studies MISS CAROLYN LEE Social Studies and Business Arithmetic 7 MRS. MAUDE BARNES French and English U Ml i MRS, DOROTHY JOHNSON 1 Science l uw --nw t I 4 MRS, FLORA JONES Mathematics MR. NORWOOD E. WORLEY Mathematics I MRS, ARAH LEE KORNEGAY i English 1 I I MRS. ETHEL ALLEN Commercial MR. NELSON BEST Physical Ed. , Coach MR, J, L, BARDEN Science and Social Studies MRS. JEAN STEPHENSON Home Economics MR, BRADY RATCHFORD Agriculture MRS, ED F, WARD 8th, Grade MRS, RENA KEENE 8th, Grade MR. JOHN SANDERSON Agriculture C AROLI1 R -K K 7 MRS, CYNTHIA ADAMS 8th, Grade MRS. WILLIE MAE MARSHBOURNE 8th, Grade MISS IRIS SCARBOROUGH Music MR, WADE MASSENGILL Piano MR, and MRS. ROTHER BARBOUR Custodians MISS SUDIE BENTON Librarian MR. HAROLD BURT Band Director MRS, ESTHER BREWER Die tician MISS WILHELMINA UTLEY Piano 3 41 2 3 E 3 2 3 5 2 5 f E S F 5 4, 'N Z1 4. X 3 2 .51 41 if 5: I T ? E fx gi ei 1 -l in 2 -I E M gw Zi gf yn I I 1 i I I I , i Cfada iaforg 1953-1957! Wonderful years! Glorious years! With all the tears, heartaches, and disappointments, they were the happiest and most memorable years of our lives. Years that molded our lives for the future. Q September 1953---weren't we "green" and silly? Remember when we ran over the monitors in the hall, sat in the wrong place in chapel, and didn't know what in the world "x" meant in algebra? That year we were nonchalant and carefree. I Our Sophomore year---the class was really represented in basketball and baseball and doing swell. That was the year we went to William's Lake for our class picnic and forgot the hot dogs. - - Our Junior year was hilarious as are all junior years in high school. To begin with, we topped all magazine sales that any class had reached heretofore. For that we received a bronze plaque. The year was filled with money-making propositions. Those days in the cotton patch were fun. Remember when we sold tobacco? Staging "Our Miss Brooks" was unforgettable. Colonial Williamsburg was magnificient. The girls' basketball team made a record for themselves that year by winning the County Championship. The Junior- Senior was the highlight of our junior year. Remember the fun we had decorating the Country Club, using a Gypsy theme? The important day finally came when we ordered our class rings. Then we were Seniors. A lifetime of waiting, and then all of a sudden you realize , that time and precious moments have slipped through your fingers. Still, with the thoughts of parting, it was a happy time to remember. How about everybody standing up for us in chapel? We picked cotton again and spent hours on the annual. The day we received our class rings everybody was so proud of themselves. The memory of our senior play will always linger and never, will we forget being the guests of honor at the Junior-Senior. Then the day came all too soon. Was it awe or achievement that we felt? The caps and gowns are hung away--all seventy-four of them and ahead of us lies the future. ---Barbara Barefoot 12, afmigwzv " -af Q17--sf My x. A23 1? v f '3 Q33 N J, f. W Missy , 2:17 f f f. ,sy M12 fyxx 'i.. f f .l. Q' I ' K , ' f r i. - 1 1. Nz 1 S - -.,. s 1 x x N Q x Q. ALFRED MASSENGILL LA VERNE PARKER BETTY SUE LEE MARGIE JOHNSON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer ,fx Us 1 GAYLE ADAMS ROY ADAMS fvwi MARGARET ALLEN NORMA ALLEN 'ef' VICTOR ALLEN MELBA BALLANCE BROOKIE BARBOUR FAYE BARBOUR -1. .v"'T, JU' r-A 4"'N Qnmray MARGARET AUSTIN BETTY BARBOUR EVELYN BARBOUR MITCHELL BARBOUR BARBARA BAREFOOT DORIS BAREFOOT LINDA BEASLEY LA RUE CANADAY fiih 'iff BETSY BAREFOOT ROLAND BAREFOOT MYRTLE BLACKMON CAROLYN COATS y , JEANNETTE GARNER SHEILA HOCKADAY CHARLOTTE INGRAM DENNIS JOHNSON 134' FRANCES HARTLEY PATRICIA HONEYCUTT IANICE JACKSON GERALD JOHNSON GLENDA JOHNSON J. W. JOHNSON MARY E. JOHNSON ROY LASSITER ,musk -,, Nl J. W. JOHNSON LEAMON JOHNSON MELINDA JOHNSON SUE LASSITER TONY LASSITER ODELL LEE ELAINE LOVE CLIFFORD MASSENGILL 4?-55 A-x EM, l H15 jim lk 4 1 K' W FRANCES LEE PEGGY JO LEE CECIL MASSENGILL FAYE MASSENGILL HAZEL MASSENGILL NANCY R. MASSENGILL KENNETH MCLAMB SUE MITCHELL LOLA MASSENGILL CHARLOTTE .MCLAMB LARRY MEDLIN SHELBY MOORE SHIRLEY MOORE ROTHA OVERBY JIMMY PARKER MARY ELLEN PARKER arg, X-vw ff" if Aqualung SUE MOORE BOBBY PARKER LINWOOD PARKER RMITTIE PARKER ALICE POWELL CAROLYN SMITH FRED STEPHENSON LOIS THORNTON i 4r""'m LAURA F. RHODES MARGIE STANLEY EARL STRICKLAND JEAN WALLACE W. WEST RUTH WILLIAMS GIGJJ Oeln Oh,Four Oaks High-- Through the years I have watched you grow And I have been so proud to have been a part of you. I have strolled along your cement walks And smelled the fragrance of your flowers. I have lingered in your corridors And laughed among your fellow students. I have sat amidst your classrooms And learned from your respective teachers. Your principal has been a man of dignity who shared a heart of love for all mankind. Oh, the precious hours of my school days. Where have they flown? Oh--yes, they have been swallowed up by the years of time. Yet, nevertheless, they lodge within my heart And will forever fill a front seat in my auditorium of memories. --LaRue Canaday Cfa-.45 60!0l'5 Cfadzf j!0Wel' Blue and White White Carnation Gia .4 5 We f f o Climb Though The Rocks Be Rugged 1956 graJuafion elf , KA ' ,lap gl-1, 1-A--Q Q .yfgvav ' Q' ' ' Rd,-,. ,uv va.w..,-. ,,.x . Wa., , ,a W W, " .3 ' 'W xx Mfr ' ' ' f M A 5 ., 2 Q , N 5' Q M" f 1 - 9 f Y . 4 QQQQ egg - , . X1 "1 .... H ff " if L , 't X LA...- p . , 'MAT 2 5. :bf ,fr E, .Q Wx. . ,N ,i L QW Www 1, Ya 4 x 'if X X ' bf? M-, S, 'x 2, A ikgik X ,gf ' :M aww ' ' v 'E 1 1 k . ,,gg.,,1,,.U A' f :uw '73 ,ix + ,. Z Y ' ' '. QW, 'X Y' ' W ' . f V fy. , n 'M vi? , 1 ,, ' f 'I ' , 1 ' Vjkf, ,Q f fy' ' " 1 3 ., A - X , as C55 Q A-' I 51, " - " , N, J 4, ,fu ' ' . ' 4 'f " - , Q31 ,. ' , ',, ' nr 4- ,-.'f,"" ' M' 'f ,N 2 4 ,, 1 guy, fi X LQ ,V , by I ,f Q ,A -. f hm - 'XM 7 2 - f ' , fl 1 ' 1 I n Q Q si' .,, " x - . 4 ' ' af f - 'A S ' "bf 11 '1 ' D rv f 13521 '43 A XX X '94 fs A 2 V 451 A , .KW , Sfwx 53334 W il I V G X. Q uf 'ff' Jw if l , , -Q' . , - I Q5 . . 5 SQW ex x.. 1,15 mf , 19' Q wi 42 AF' Q, K .--,'.- . -In ' n u,.,x 4 - 1 1 li" . v 1 '74-W' " 1-f fyxfsn J 1, 1 nw 1.n, . "Q , xv... ....s N. ' Q --un- Q v 1-.0 ... uux- - 4 , 1 , . Q . 'Z 4 0 w. 5 15? 1 ' 1. qv ,S W6 , mg, f 9 -I' .N -,'+ mann-2 ...., vw-" ...Q Oz 'J 'Ks f -115' gg 'K u .-qv 1-.,. 'ar 4 s 5' A v f n Q 1 if S Q fa" gf , fl.: - .55 - vw z 1 ' 1' 1? 41' gl 6' .Q .Y x , P91 I GAYLE ADAMS Monitor 1, 3 Acorn Club 2,3 Mon. Club 2,3,4 FHA 1,2 FTA 3,4 Dram. Club 3,4 Glee Club 1 Junior Play Basketball l,2,3,4 Q-alt 1.-eel Sports Ed S.C. Rep. 1 FTA Club Treas. 4 ROY ADAMS 933.LEEl Cir- MS' MARGARET ALLEN Acorn Club 2 FHA 1,2 FHA Parl. 2 FTA Hist. 4 NHS 2,3,4 Basketball l,2,3,4 Monitor l,2,3 Mon. Club 4 H.R. Sec. l H,R, Sec. -Treas.! Class Treas. 3 S.C. Treas. 4 NORMA ALLEN FTA 3 Acorn Club l,2,3 Basketball l,2,3,4 Dram. Club 4 H. R, Sec. l, 2, 3, 4 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Monitor 1,2,3,4 Marshal 3 Superlative 4 VICTOR ALLEN Glee Club 2,3,4 S.C. Rep. l Library Staff 4 Monitor 4 MARGARET LEE AUSTIN 4H1 FHA 1,2 ein' :Yee any MELBA BALLANCE 4Hl Glee Club l,2,3,4 Acorn Club 2,3,4 FHA 1,2 Monitor l,2,3 BETTY FAYE BARBOUR H.R, Sec. 1 Monitor 3 BROOKIE BARBOUR Mon. Club 3,4 FTA 3 Cheerleader 2,3,4 Acorn Club l,2,3 Acorn Staff 4 Oak Leaf Staff 2,3 EEE EEE Ed- 4 Basketballl Marshal 3 Glee Club 2 H,R. Sec. 1,2 Junior Play Comm. 3 Ir.. Sr. Banq, Comm. Ch. 3 Monitor 1,3 FHA 1 Dram. Club 4 Superlative 4 EVELYN BARBOUR Glee Club l,2,3 Lib. Staff 3,4 Monitor 2 H,R, Sec. l FAYE BARBOUR Acorn Club 1, 2 NHS 3,4 FHA 1,2 Glee Club 2,3,4 FTA 3 H,R. Ch. 1 FHA V.P. 1 l-l.R. Sec. 2 Glee Club Sec. 3 Marshal 3 Monitor 2,3,4 Junior Play Comm. 3 MITCHELL BARBOUR 38 FFA 1,2,3,4 Bus Drlv. Club 3,4 Junior Play FFA Rep. 2 FFA Pres. 4 S.C. Pres. 4 Qggrn Staff 1, Marshal 3 Superlative 4 BARBARA BAREFOOT Acorn Club 1,2 FHA 1,2 Glee Club 1 Monitor l,2,3 FTA Del. 4 Ir.-Sr. Banq. Comm. Ch Cheerleader 3 Junior Play H,R. Chair. 1 FHA Treas. 2 Class V.P. 2 NHS 2,3,4 NHS Pres. 4 NHS Del. 4 Dram. Club 4, Pres. 4 BETSY BAREFOOT Glee Club 1 Class V. P. 1 Basketball 1 Acorn Club l,2,3 FHA 1 Monitor 1,2,3,4 Dram. Club. 3,4 Cheerleader 3 Jr.-Sr. Banq. Comm Class Treas. 2 Dram. Club V.P. 3 FTA Treas. 3 S.C. Rep. 4 Superlative 4 Junior Play Comm. 3 DORIS PEARL BAREFO Mon. Club 2,3,4 Acorn Club l,2,3, S. C. Rep. 2,3,4 FTA 3 FFA Sweetheart 2,3 Co. Fed. Sweetheart Cheerleader l,2,3,4 S.C. V.P. 4 Home Room Sec. 1,2 . 3 OT 2, 3 4H V.P. 1,2 Oak Leaf Rep. Jr. Sr. Comm. 4H1,2,3 Jr. Sr. Waitress 2 Junior Play Monitor l,2,3 Superlative 4 ROLAND BAREFOOT FFA l,2,3,4 FFA Sent. 3 FFA Sec. 4 Co. Fed. FFA Sent. Bus Drlv. Club 4 Monitor 3 LINDA SUE BEASLEY Library Staff 3,4 Monitor 2,3 MYRTLE BLACKMON Monitor 4 LA RUE CANADAY FTA 3 Dram. Club 3 Glee Club l,2,3,4 S.C. Rep. 4 Junior Play Li.brary staff 2 931' 1-EE! Staff 4 Glee Club Pres. 3,4 Jr. Sr. Banq. Waitress Monitor 2 Superlative 4 CAROLYN COATES Acorn Club 1,2 FHA 1,2 Dram. Club 2.4 NHS 3,4 FTA 3,4 A-corn Asst. Bus Mgr. 9331.5-ai Asst. Ed. 4 FHA Sec. 2 Home Room Ch. 1 Home Room Sec. 2 FTA Pres. 4 Basketball 1 Band 4 Cheerleader 3 4 Monitor 3,4 Junior Play Marshal 3 Superlative 4 Majorette 4 JEANETTE GARNER Glee Club l,2,3,4 Acorn Club 1 FHA l, 2 Monitor 1,2 FRANCES HARTLEY Glee Club 2 Acorn Club 2,3 Monitor 2, 3 Library Staff 2 SHEILA HOCKADAY FHA l,2,3,4 FTA 3 Acorn Club 2,3 4H1 Home Room Sec. 4 Home Room Treas. 3 FHA Pres. 2 Monitor l,2,3 Aizgrn- Art Ed. 4 9331.331 Asst. Art. Ed PATRICIA HONEYCUTT Glee Club 2,3,4 FHA l FTA 3 Monitor 1,3 CHARLOTTE INGRAM FTA 3,4 Dram. Club 3,4 Junior Play Mon. Club 2,3,4 Mon1tor1,2,3,4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Class V. P. 3 Acorn Club 2,3 Mon. Club Sec. 4 Home Room Ch. 1 931' 1-E31 Staff 4 S.C. Rep. 1 Dis. S.C. Del. 1 Home Room Sec. 2 FTA Song Leader 4 Ir. Sr. Banq. Com 4H Club 1 Superlative 4 FTA Rep. 4 NHS 4 Acorn Bus Mgr. 4 JANICE JACKSON Acorn Club 2,3 FHA 1 .Q-al-4 -l.-eu-ni Asst. Ed Home Room Ch. 1 Monitor 1,3 DENNIS JOHNSON m.3 . 4 Home Room Treas. l Superlative 4 GERALD JOHNSON FFA l,2,3,4 Bus Drlv. Club 3, Library staff 2 ' Monitor 2 Home Room Treas Jr.-Sr. Walter 2 Jr.-Sr. Comm. 3 Superlative 4 GLENDA JOHNSON FHA 1,2 Acorn Club 1,2 NHS 2,3,4 Junior Play Basketball 1 Jr.-Sr. Comm. 3 Home Room Sec. NHS Treas. 4 FHA Rep. 1,2 Monitor 2.3.4 Dram. Club 4 FTA Rep. 3,4 4H 1 FTA 3,4 LW. JOHNSON 4H1 FFA1,2,3,4 FFA Sent. 1 S.C. Rep. 1 Monitor 1,2 4 . 2 1 J. W. JOHN FFA l,2,3 Bus. Driv. FFA Comm. 4H 1 Superlatlve Dramatics SON Club 3,4 2 4 LEAMON JOHNSON S.C. Rep. 2,4 MARGIE JOHNSON SUE LASSITER Acorn Club 1,2 NHS 3,4 Dram. Club 3,4 FTA 3,4 Mon. Club l Monitor l,2,3 -Oak Lea-L Staff 4 BLR. Club Pres. Acorn Club V.P. Mon. Club Pres. Basketball l,2,3, S,C, Treas. S.C, Sec. 4 Acorn Club 1,2 5.5. Rep. 1 FHA1.2 NHS State del. 3 Glee Club 3 Junior Play NHS '3.4 Jr.-Sr. Waitress 2 FTA 3.4 A H.R. Sec.-Treas. 3 Dram. Club 4 1-LR, Chair, FHA Rep. 2 'gil-QI-2 staff 3 4H 1 Marshal 3 FTA Rep. 4 Superlative 4 Home Room Ch. 1 Junior Play 935 E222 Sf aff 4 Class Treas. 4 Monitor 1,2 NHS V.P. 4 .3.4 Home Room Sec. 2 Jr.-Sr. Banq. Comm. Marshal 3 MARY ELLEN JOHNSON FHA 1 Acorn Club 2,3 Q33 Le-all News Ed. 4 Home Room Monitor 1, 3 Sec. 1 MELINDA JOHNSON Glee Club 1 4H 1 FHA 2 ROY LEE LASSITER Mon. Club l,2,3,4 FFA l,2,3,4 Bus. Driv. Club 3,4 Superlative Basketball Co.-Capt. 4 TONY LASSITER Bus Driv. Club 3,4 Monitor 3 S.C. 2,4 Superlative 4 BETTY SUE LEE FHA 1,2 FTA 3 4H1 NHS 3,4 Acorn Club 2 Class Sec. 3 Class Sec. 4 Home Room Chair. l Home Room Sec. 2 Marshal 3 FHA V.P. 2 Monitor 1, 2, 3 FRANCES LEE Acorn Club 2,3 Library Staff 2 Monitor 3 4b ODELL LEE FFA1,2,3,4 J Bus Driv. Club 2-,3,4 Bus Driv. Club V.P. 3 Superlative 4 PEGGY JO LEE l NHS 2,3,4 1 Acorn Club 2 Stud. Council 3 FHA 1 Dram. Club 3,4 Junior Play Mon. Club 3,4 5 Basketball l,2,3,4 FTA 3,4 , 4111 1 1 Jr.-Sr. Banq. Comm. 3 Class Pres. 3 Dram. Club Treas. 3 Chief Marshal 3 Class Treas. 1 Acorn Co-Editor 4 33535 Staff 2,3,4 Monitor l,2,3 Acorn Club Treas. 2 Superlative 4 ELAINE LOVE Glee Club 1 Acorn Club 1,2,3 FHA l,2,3 Monitor l,2,3,4 Dram. Club 3,4 FTA 3,4 Junior Play Cheerleader 3,4 Chief Cheerleader 4 .Acorn Staff 3,4 4H 1,2 Mon. Club 4 Home Room V.P. 1 Class Sec. 2 Acorn Club V.P. 3 FHA Song Leader 2 FTA Historian 4 4H Song Leader 2 Jr.-Sr. Banq. Comm. 3 Acorn Snapshot Ed. 2,3,4 FHA Rep. 1,2 Superlative 4 ALFRED MASSENGILL Acorn Club 2 NHS 3,4 S.C. Rep. 4 FTA 4 Dram. Club 3,4 9.93 EEEI Staff 4 Baseball l,2,3 -Ai:-org Staff 1 Marshal 3 Junior Play Home Room Ch, 1 Jr.-Sr. Comm. Ch. 3 Monitor l,2,3 Class Pres. 4 Basketball Scorekeeper 3,4 . Asst. Baseball Scorekeeper 3 Elections Comm. Chair. 4 NHS. Rep. 3 Superlatlve 4 CECIL MASSENGILL Basketballl FFA l,2,3,4 4H1,2 FFA Officers' Club 2 Bus Driv. Club 3 CLIFFORD MASSENGILL Student Council Rep. 1 FFA 1,2 Jr.-Sr. Banq. Waiter 2 Monitorl Basketball l Q33 1.-e-ai Bus. Mgr. 4 4H-Clubl Class Pres. l Jr.-sr. Banq. Comm. 3 Ir. Play Comm. 3 Superlatlve 4 FAYE MASSENGILL Mon. Club 4 FHA l Basketball FTA 3 Dram. Club 3 Acorn Club 2 Jr.-Sr. Banq. Comm. 3 Monitor 1.2.3 Home Room Treas. 1 Superlative 4 HAZEL JEAN MASSENGILL Acorn Club 2,3,4 Monitor 4 LOLA BELLE MASSENGILL Monitor 3 NANCY RUTH MASSENGILL Glee Club 2,3 Acorn Club 3 FTA 3,4 FHA 1,2 Monitor 3 CHARLOTTE MCLAMB Acorn Club 1,2 FTA 3,4 KENNETH MCLAMB FFA l,2,3,4 LARRY MEDLIN Mon. Club l,2,3,4 FFA 1,2 Basketball l,2,3,4 Baseball l,2,3,4 Monitor l,2,3 Junior Play 3 Bus Driv. Club Jr.-Sr. Banq. Waiter Mon. Club Pres. 3 Jr.-Sr. Banq. Comm. Basketball Co.-Capt. .Acorn Snapshot Ed. 1 Home Room Chair. 1 SUE MITCHELL Glee Club l,2,3,4 Acorn Club l,2,3 SHELBY JEAN MOORE FTA 3 FHA 1 Glee Club l,2,4 2 I3 3 Ir.-Sr. Banq. Comm. Chair.3 Stud. Councli Rep. 3 Junior Play Monitor 2 Glee Club Sec.-Treas 4 SHIRLEY MOORE Acorn Club 2,3 NHS 3,4 Glee Club 3 FTA 3,4 Stud. Council Rep. 2 Home Room Reporter 1 Marshal 3 NHS Sec.-Treas. 4 Monitor 3,4 Glee Club Pianist 3 Ir.-Sr. Banq. Comm. Acorn Co-Editor 4 Dram. Club 4 SUE MOORE FTA 3 Acorn Club l,2,3 FHA 1,2 Stud. Council 2 Monitor 4 Jr.-Sr. Banq. Comm. 3 Home Room Sec. l Home Room Chair. 3 FTA Librarian 2 FHA Reporter 2 Scrapbook Chair. 3 Jr.-Sr. Banq. Waitress Home Room Chairman l ROTHA OVERBY FFA 1,2,a,4 Bus Driv. Club 3,4 BOBBY PARKER Bus. Driv. Club 3,4 FFA1,2,3 4Hl Monitor 1 Dram. Club 4 JIMMY PARKER Stud. Council l,2,3 Mon. Club 2,3,4 FFA 1,2 FTA 3,4 Glee Club Oak Leaf Staff 4 Basketball Captain 4 Basketball Co Captain seballl 2 sketballl 2 3 Ba , ,3,4 ' Ba n o v4 Junior Play Monitor 2,3 4Hl Dram. Club Mon. Club V. Pres. 4 Superlative 4 LAVERNE PARKER Bus Driv. Club 3 Acorn Club 2,3 FTA 3,4 Dram. Club 4 Mon. Club 2,3,4 Monitor 1,2, 3,4 Home Room Sec. 2 Home Room Vice-Pres. 4 Class Vice-Pres. 4 Mon. Club Treas. 4 CAROLYN SMITH 4Hl 4H Reporterl FTA 3 S.C, Comm. Chair. 3 FHA l,2,3,4 Bus Driv. Club 3,4 Acorn Club 2,3,4 Home Room Treas. 2,4 Monitor 2,3 MARGIE ANNE STANLEY Glee Club l,2,3,4 Acorn Club-1,2,3,4 Monitor 2 FRED STEPHENSON Basketball Co-Captain 2, 3, 4 Home Room Chairman 3 Acorn Club Parl. 2 Acorn Club Sec. 3 Jr.-Sr. Banq. Waitress 2 Jr.-Sr. Banq. Comm. 3 4H1 Superlative 4 LYNWOOD PARKER FFA l,2,3,4 MARY ELLEN PARKER MITTIE JEAN PARKER Glee Club l,2,3 ALICE POWELL Acorn Club 2,3 Library Staff 2 Monitor 3 LAURA FAYE RHODES FHA l Glee Club 1,2 -A5352 Snapshot Ed. 1 Librarv Staff 3,4 Acorn Club 2,3 Monitor 2 FFA 1,2 Dram. Club 4 Junior Play Oak Leaf Staff 4 ZE'1 "" Jr.-Sr. Banq. Comm. 3 Superlative 4 EARL STRICKLAND FFA 1,2,3,4 Bus Driv. Club 3 Superlative 4 LOIS THORNTON FHA 1 Acorn Club 2,3 FTA 3 Marshal 3 Monitor l,2,3 Home Room Chair. l,2,3 .TEANNE WALLACE 4H 1 Acorn Club l,2,3 Glee Club 3 Junior Play Monitor 3 Glee Club Librarian 3 Library Staff 4 42 Dram. Club 4 I. W, WEST FFA l,2,3,4 Monitorl RUTH WILLIAMS Giee Club 1,2,a,4 Acorn Club 2,3,4 FTA 3 Library Staff 2 9 SE 2-if N . 561 sy 'Qc :A K , 1,1 Q. ,f cf If .ws 5 , vm mmm www SHERWOOD JOHNSON President JULIA INGRAM Vice-President JOYCE STANLEY- Secretary JUDY STEPHENSON Treasurer KENNETH ADAMS MAXINE ADAMS BETSY ALLQEN LOUIE JANE ALLEN NELLIE GREY ALLEN REBECCA ALLEN WADE ALLEN DARRELL ATKINS HUGH BAKER ELINOR BARBOUR JOYCE BARBOUR MARGARET BARBOUR PEGGY BARBOUR BOBBY BAREFOOT EARL BAREFOOT SHERIW OOD BAREFOOT LUBY BLACKMON MATTIE BLACKMON RUBY BLACKMON JIMMY BYRD KENNETH CAPPS CAROLYN CAUDILL CHRISTINE CREECH LEAWOOD EASON JOYCE EVANS GLORIA GoDw1N OPAL HALL VAN HANSLEY, JR, THELMA HAYES H. M. HINES BETTY HOCKADAY BOBBY HOCKADAY SUE HODGES JACKIE HOLLOWAY JULIUS IVEY ANNIE R. JOHNSON rel H: ,055 'CTX YV C7 Plytsn-v grill' :Qu-M fu, if fi Q 17 in Zd"K Z-N . 1'- Q ff-N 4 5 J E 4 - M fc ef ' WZ """'s "Ui Q, an V M K., M 'B K ,X , , 44. ,fx X fb, 12, gl 33-. if iv 14 fuel' JE f f ' ,, xl'7f 5 A 'tv 'E ,S Q f. f, gg fv- L 45" up-.L 'Vx CHARLES JOHNSON WILMA JOHNSON JERRY JONES DELIA KEENE LINDA LANGDON BILLY LASSITER FAYE ALLEN LASSITER LINDA LASSITER PHIL LASSITER SHELBY LASSITER SHERWOOD LASSITER BETTY LOU LEE JOHNNY LEE JOYCE LEE LARRY LEE FAYE MAHLER BRUCE MASSENGILL DENNIS MASSENGILL CECIL MCLAMB ERMAR MCLAMB HILDA MCLAMB CATHERINE MOORE CARLTON MUNDEN FRANKLIN OLIVE HILDA OVERBY WILMA OVERBY JAMES PARKER LARRY PARKER JOYCE PENDER LOUISE RHODES VAN DOYE SHERRILL BILL SNEAD CAROLYN STANLEY FLOY MAE STANLEY PEGGY STANLEY RAY STANLEY GARY LSTEPHENSON BETTY STRICKLAND EDITH STRICKLAND GLENN TEMPLE ,4-,. Wynn' ,gn-C, a ff' Q, ,. 4, , Q ,J-,Y kb V -Q ,. -:eg-f 'fry -L4 . , gg f' -. Wi: ' 'Vi 4 1 A. X ' .ji,:,,,y' A f wg .. g A . di' M' -r.,,..Af "WA in 19h x""w K If uf' pa i 5 ,J-up all QQY rf? 'f""? 4,49 51512. Liga! 39, 'gnu-ov 11" 'E ERMA WILLIAMS JERRY TEMPLE CHARLES THOMAS JERRY THORNTON MARY TYNER WAYNE UPCHURCH HELEN WEBB FAYE WESTBROOK LAFAYETTE WESTBROO RODNEY WILLIAMS Not Pictured: BOBBY BLACKMON, JOHN D. JOHNSON, THOMAS LEE, DONALD UNDERWOOD. CIM, C'.,!.,,-5 Chu, j!0w2l' Royal blue and White Pink Carnation Cfa .4 4 We f I o Be sure you are right, then go ahead. 48L A 0l'I'l area ,fi 4 Q !,, 55' 4. img ,. 3 Q 5 gi. A 47 Nw , i or . ur 1 .i , pu H wa e in 4 ur 5 X gi 1 s x .P W-1?1S11': ?.19f2:fHU'1 A x , 4, ' V 5 1 fw lnif' If W' 'af' .. 4 A A ef, 4 , f 1 , - rx ' A A f fi f A , - Mya R g Q A ' , Q f f 3112? A. f f X Q .1 Wg A x X 11 2 3' ' ge g, la fax ' Lil Mg. ,fn fn. 3.3 ,ju Q I .- ..,,,. ,fx 'ca aw Q 'Q V . z X V A ' 429 LC, " sfw' 4 V """J 1 figs , -, ' "1r"' Q4 4 , A 5 A' 'li' 5, ' 1 if 'i ER ,iw .x sfgvv 2 fx 'if X if ,I f . Q K JERRY ADAMS President EDWARD JONES Vice-President NANCY JOHNSON Secretary MARJORIE BASS Treasurer DANIEL ADAMS DOROTHY ADAMS LARRY ADAMS PEARL ADAMS VELMA ADAMS LARRY ALFORD BARBARA ALLEN DURWOOD ALLEN JANICE ALLEN MARY ANN ALLEN PATSY BAILEY BUTCH BAKER JERRY BAKER JOHNNY BALLANCE BARRY BARBOUR DONALD EARBOUR ELIZABETH EAREOUR . P i GENE BARB OUR L s A RA H E A R B O U R Q A V 1-: A A I fi. '., ,V Ig L .R-X R A 3 V V X. I X1 ' xl Q ' R S ,Y 5 K ' a Xi X ELGIE BAREFOOT JAMES BAREFOOT SHELTON BAREFOOT NQWWM M V I A 'Y'f,,l1,, Rf- f 'X W ,, -rw' , A 'Eff sf 'H f SHERWOOD BAREFOOT CORNELL BATTEN GRACE BEASLEY PHYLLIS BEASLEY MARIORIE BAIZZELL IANICE BLACKMON THOMAS BLACKMON BETH BRITT BETTY BRUNER X fxx Q . EDGAR BRYAN FRANCES BYRD JUDY CHRISTIAN SYLVIA COATES A-QQUS ,,, 454-X EMF QF' Wy' ffil- ' ' fi gy , Q if 5? I by wr A X 74 it I Y' Mg: A W6 W Q 4 if V!i75,1,-W. . 4 ,,,,,, , Nl' ' J: ?-QXJEJJJ J . 'L' -4' 44. 4 PHILLIP CREECH JERRY DURHAM JOYCE EASON LINDA EVANS HILDA GUIN DORIS HALL BRENDA HAYES JOHN LANCE JACKSON ARTEMUS JOHNSON BETTY SUE JOHNSON FAYE JOHNSON GEORGE JOHNSON JERRY JOHNSON JOHNNIE JOHNSON LINDA JOHNSON MILTON JOHNSON NORMA JOHNSON PHOEBE JOHNSON EDWARD LANGDON HILDA LANGDON BETTY LANGSTON RAY LANGSTON JO ANN LASSITER JOYCE LASSITER PHILLIP LASSITER GLENDA LEE GUY LEE HORACE LEE PATRICIA LEE PAUL LEE LA FERNE MASSENGILL LEON MASSENGILL VIVIAN MASSENGILL JOYCE MCLAMB WILLIAM MCLAMB ALONZO MOORE CHARLOTTE MOORE GLENN MOORE KAY CAROL MOORE HILDA MORGAN 'US ZS- .. J Y 'hm .f Q? fe? , ff: if C, 'VN 'ek 59 if F .- ir ff -X 57.3, Q- , , 1- ,44 f 933 47 .. x X As A 'Y Z 4 .I W 'Y ifw vw, iff" f,f,x K f K ? BILLY MOZINGO FAYE NORRIS LANDIS NORRIS' DOROTHY PARKER LINDA PARKER CARSON PEACOCK ELAINE PETERS LOUISE POLLARD CHARLES POWELL DENNIS RAYNOR LLOYD RHODES IANICE RYALS ANN CAROL SANDERS BETTY LOU STANLEY DORIS STANLEY IANICE STANLEY DORA STEPHENSON HELEN STRICKLAND JANE STRICKLAND DONALD TART JANICE THOMPSON LINDA THORNTON PEGGY WALLACE LINDA WELSH IANICE WEST MAYLON WEST BILL WHITENER ANNIE RUTH WOOD in 'W' 1 I' V f fn .g , - '4 k , ' I I v X z , 'fa' ,L 9 MQ I 1 ' MV. . , f O 4 yy A 4? ,,4,.- , '11 I , 'if N, W l,f , SQ "' f W f WILSON WOOD Not Pictured: Don Mayes, William Mitchell, Lee Thomas A W l 1 1 I i I Z i CIM, Cofof, Gian Siam, Red and White Red Rose Cifaaa Walla LOOK FOR THE BEST, WORK FOR THE BEST, AND EXPECT ONLY THE BEST. 55 K ' 44,11 Elf 5 S if 5 W I ,L Q -'kgs :7 Q ,N " . ' 1 5' 7 Y ,l 010786 if 1 .9-g-n-uv-'-'A i D W J J 9 V W X 5, , ff , ' at ,art ' nv V 1 4 - X Q 5' .3 C 1 J ,. ,iw 1 . 1 f J , Q 1 55 4 ,f f 'f', L ff " . , HfIf'iV:fL,' if sa, ,rl , ' ' --"AA A K M r A mmf ff' B 73 QA fy , ' 4:2 - ' , -.Q , sh, M If ,V , ,, ,ik P ' A Q. ' cs ,V , ,,.. " H Hn- 6-lag 1 Q, NY? ,- Nb so . fwf ' y 3 1 A-saw ,,,,,fs sg, sf ' 1 A' f-2 ,1 as A . 23 l ,W , 1 1,0 1 X g .. Qwilrf fl, ' I fl " As ' - " - X, - Wa! is f 'fl s f. 9 - 5 gf 4 1374, ' " s N ' r, so 'Vmaf i B f Betty Adams Charles Allen Jerry T. Allen Betty S. Barbour J. C. Barefoot Evelyn Benson . 5 A 3 V - Y , 'ooo Qi Bobby Adams Faye Allen Velton Allen Carlton Barbour Marshall Barefoot Billy R. Blackrnon A ,.,:::.,:. . 7 ,li X sf xox X , ' . 2 'Ly ,- s - 9 aff X f Y X it ef , ff 3 , X X ,W . 6 X f s' fxxx -A A x 'E J. Vi? 1 x Q. S9 X K A A f as asf-Ss 'f a 3 Q ag "Hr 'Q X , 2' - as I Q , , , M Q 51 x ' ,mr Q 'Wil A A-'XX 5 K N 3 . 1 of yy- a z' 3 XX 'A 2 as XX X f tsf M, xhV,, X y ,, . A 3:4 Y '1fQ'xV"' s , A B' B' - X li K. am if s X " ? s ff , ,...,, , A, Q 1 . fix t - rx Nfl? ,1 ' L .. rgx' 2-X: , 'E . .,,:, 2-ig, 11 Jimmy Adams Bonnie Allen Carol Allen Hurley Allen Jeanette Allen Jerry Allen Denrus Ashby Phyllis Austin Ann Baker Eugene Barbour Gradford Barbour Johnny Barbour Mary A. Barefoot Tucker Bames Faye Beasley Hilda Blackman Bllly Coats Gayle Coats an H ' l .s QQl ,,-fit. f on ,- 4.-XLLQ' Nlygw, yr V, r L "ZW" 2 ' Qtr' 1" 4 I N Q, K Q Mm av f X W ,gh ,, ' 5 6 fi' l hx , ' 3 S 2533 " . J J 'Vxw-M" Q , . . ttf? ss- y "l"Y' V . , 'tif' Joseph Creech Dorothy Ferrell Carolyn Hall Nancy Jackson Eugene Johnson Phillip Lassiter Margaret Creech Janet Gibson Billy Hines Betty S. Johnson Charles Keene Ann Lee 52 ,f 32- s 1 ' af, , fu.. f , 3 r N su V Fr a r- s 'f 4' 1' I - fgl , X-5' f ?Q ff' K ,..-anti, -an 'QYN YQQ gag ' E ,g ,J up - K-is viilgi A J at Sm nf-. M m "' -J 3 I v 'J MM'-wwf' . fy s , AG A.,: fi M 4 , ff . 'Q 1' 1 rg J sa F A " 'NX ,' 44"-W 12" 5 fg Charles Davis Lee Graham Peggy Holley Brenda Johnson Seth Keene. Jr. Donald Lee Lawrence DeYoung Janet Grice Larry Ingram Butch Johnson Rufus Langley Everett Lee Thomas Dixon Gene Guy Thomas Ingram Dennis Johnson Lou Ann Lassiter Joyce Lee 1 fi , 1 gl fl, Q vw' ' 'IM r sv, ' ,, I af ,.. ww AFX .2 N ff ,gy We , r- 11 j L A Q 4 f -xg-N-v ,, "-,' X K ,Ns K 5. sf' ima r . P ag-,Ly .gm ' '27 A3273 M 'YQ.,,1twf2 Q 4 "ZSf'Yy9l . r JKT? QS Y ya fi' 5 GA 1 4 x . uc' 1l lk Ja ag. Gunn -0, V , . f was revel! 'M A',A . 'V 1 1 - waN'- , Q Q N t ' . ' , fi Q ' .V QV-f' ? M- - of , !un.m:aa. Y , a ,, Nq7's"??" QUH www 4 1 'N 3 3 4 if , Vx : .I 'x Am My ' s My VX E Layton Lee Gerald Massengill Peggy McLamb Jerry Norris Georgia Parker Roy Parrish I - assess Ruby Lee Joyce Massengill Dennis Medlin Billy Nowell Joseph Parker Marilyn Penny N o ee M VZV- "YF .LQ ,efmff . J 's . A A i a . 'R ,, af! , 9 X X 4 Q.. xi, A A, I X x M Shelton Lee Larry Massengill Brenda Moore Lucille Orren Joy Parker Don Price Floy Massengill Linda Massengill Faye Moore Merle Owens Leon Parker Wilson Rayner George Massengill Sue Massengill Sylvia Moore Barbara Parker Paunetia Parker Vivian Rhodes "' J 7 F 0' vi, 4 ,. in mv 5 0715 ,Q , Q 4 ' V:- 75 , fall,-E. " jj 1 f. 'IWA F it Q Ag -ik Walker Roberts Phil Shaw Linda Stanley Wilma Stanley Paul Thornton Geneva Wadsworth Clara Williams Skeeter Wilson Margaret Sherrill Linda Stewart Charles West Allen Wood Mary Sue Wood Not Pictured: Bradford Barbour, L. J. Lee Linda Massengill. . . av Betty L. Stanley Edna F. Strickland Judy West Eddie Wood 2, 5, f Wit . 'yzz , "" -"R .' Q Q tif 1 ix X I as ? . f n, 'sq-uv .AK tu: Hai? A' , L Ais"565'Y-V 'Q A - v . -' - ' .f g 'V sf. Kenneth Stanley Jerry Thornton Marie West Glen Wood Lillie Lee, Graylon West . President . . . Vice-President Janet Gibson .... ...... S ecretary Dennis Medlin... ...Treasurer Brenda Johnson. . -i"-VV," '4 . if A af at 1 v ,. ,N CU ca Af' 5 f n' Wwe I H-4-mf ln. , . .. Y-..,. WX I, 1 2: ff- sl P3 1 , M M, A , K 5' A 4 A M, 4-f A fi nf J ' x 1 I V f 4 ' f ia 335' W? -" ' Q, wa x X, f V A if . 1 XV fx V, .A1v,i?, ,, f, 1 1 Q f I Q .. A 2, A ' A ff" A , ' Ist. .ZS V , Eff , Q., BECKY ADAMS JOSEPHINE ADAMS LANDIS ADAMS MIKE ADAMS MARVIN ALFORD GAYLE ALLEN IANICE ALLEN JIMMY ALLEN JOHN ALLEN LARRY STEVE ALLEN LEALON ALLEN LINWOOD ALLEN MAE ELLEN ALLEN PEGGY LEE ALLEN WILLIAM LARRY ALLEN PHILIP AVERETTE CHARLOTTE BAKER ROSCOE BALLANCE BARBARA BARBOUR CARLIE BARBOUR MARIE BARBOUR WILLIS BARBOUR ELOISE BEASLEY LINDA PAYE BEASLEY GLORIA FAY BENSON TOMMY BENSON BILLY BLACKMON FRANK BLACKMON MARY BLACKMON BILLY BREWER DWIGHT BRITT DALLAS BROWN HOWARD BRYAN IO ANN BYRD MACK BYRD JUSTUS CAPPS LORENE CAPPS JACKIE FAYE CHILDERS CARL CHRISTIAN MILDRED ANN COATS BOBBY RAY CREECH CAROL CREECH RICHARD CROCKER ROSLYN DIXON LAURA DUNN MATTIE PEARL DUNN MORRIS DUNN LINDA DUPREE BARBARA EVANS LINDA EVANS HELLON GARNER BETTY GUIN CASSIE MAE HALL ROBERT HARE BOBBY HARPER SHIRLEY HARTLEY BETTY HIGGINS J, E. HIGGINS DONALD HOLLOWAY IDA HOLMES DELMA IVEY ELAINE IVEY FAITH IVEY DURWOOD JACKSON BOBBY JOHNSON GLENN JOHNSON IVEY JOHNSON JERRY JOHNSON PEGGY JOHNSON WARREN JOHNSON CAROL KEEN RUSSELL KEEN EARL KINSEY HIRAM LANGDON NICKEY LANGDON BILLY LANGSTON FLYNN LASSITER . LINDA LASSITER LINWOUD LASSITER RONNIE LASSITER WILLIAM LASSITER CAROLYN LEE GLENDON LEE JEANETTE LEE JERRY LEE LARRY WAYNE LEE LOUIS LEE LYNWOOD LEE ROBERT LEE JO ANN LOWERY CHARLES MASON ANNIE ROSE MASSENGILL BARBARA MASSENGILL EDNA LOU MASSENGILL GORDON MASSENGILL KENNETH MASSENGILL LINDA MASSENGILL MAIZIE MASSENGILL ROY MASSENGILL WILBERT MASSENGILL BETTY LOU MAYES TOM MAYES JAMES MCCABE WILLA MCCULLEN BETTY LEE MCLAMB EARLENE MCLAMB JESSE MCLAMB LYNWOOD McLAMB' GEORGIANNE WILSON BARBER WOOD Not Picturedg 66 MARY EVELYN MITCHELL HILDA MOORE WILLIE MOORE Jo ANNE MORGAN JAMES RAY MUNDEN HATTIE SHAW NARRON SUE NORRIS JOE DAVID NOWELL LOUISE NOWELL SYLVIA OVERCASH HENRY OWENS DENNIS PARKER JEAN PARKER JOSEPH PARKER LA RUE PARKER JERRY PEACOCK CURRIE PENDER JAMES PENNY ANN POLLARD BONNIE POWELL KAY ANN PURVIS JOHNNY RAYNOR RAYFQRD RAYNOR WANDA REGISTER GLENDA REVELS LARRY RHODES ELSIE STANLEY JOSEPHINE STANLEY JUDITH STANLEY LAWRENCE STANLEY TOMMY STANLEY HELEN STRICKLAND LOIS STRICKLAND JANET TAYLOR CAROLYN TEMPLE GEORGE THOMAS KAYE THOMAS C. P. THOMPSON HELEN THOMPSON JOYCE FAYE THOMPSON JOYCE MAE THOMPSON LOIS THOMPSON BILLY THORNTON PHILLIP THORNTON DONNIE TWIGG KENNETH WEST TOMMY WEST IDA.WILKINS W. C.A11en Eugene Hayes Doris Massey Jerry Tew Q. R1 - ix :L f 3,55- Zi Q N, -.........-W. ,W f d Q 2Z', www' of i 2034-2 -was -F21 C0l'll PEGGY IO LEE Co-Editor CHARLOTTE INGRAM Business Manager Depicting scenes of your high school life fancies from these "ever green years" and finally combining them into a lasting treasure for your future memories has been the task of your Acorn Staff. This is our souvenir for you. T MRS. ETHEL ALLEN Sponsor ELAINE LOVE, JOYCE LEE CHARLOTTE INGRAM, CAROLYN COATES BETTY ROSE HOCKADAY Sfa R 4 SHIRLEY MOORE Co-Editor CAROLYN COATES Assistant Bus. Mgr. W Miss sums BENTON Sponsor Nj 1 W I L1 W SKEETER WILSON BRENDA JOHNSON BROOKIE BARBOUR, REBECCA ALLEN L LINDA PARKER MARIORIE BASS JOY PARKER j is M H L1 Ls H N JR A wt! y, M Ln L L R 4 R in has R BROOKIE BARBOUR Editor ,W-V.-,,..,. , . cm Jw! staff The Q25-Qggi endeavom to give an over-all picture of school activities as 'a real news- paper publication. c S MISS GEORGIA TUICK Sponsor K agp Skudenf Counci! MR. WORLEY KEENE Sponsor Pres. --------------- Mitchell Barbour Vice-Pres.-- ---- Doris Barefoot Sec, -------- ---- S ue Lassiter Treas. -"' "' ---Margaret Allen Sgt,-at-Arms-- ------ Bill Snead A valuable step toward more efficient citizenship, the Student Council or co-operative governing body of the school, and one of the oldest such organizations in this part of the state, is an aid, not so much in reprimand ing offenders, but in teaching principles of sound judgment, justice, and equality. FACULTY ADVISERSg Mr. Worley, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Barnes, Mrs, Talton vw- f"' cfvm' Wafiona onor Sociefy MISS Tl-IELMA HARRIS Sponsor , Pres, ----------------- Barbara Barefoot Vice-Pres. - Sec. ------ Treas. - ---Margie Johnson ---Shirley Moore ---Glenda Johnson Scholarship, character, leadership, service, loyalty, principle-H these are the high purposes of the National Honor Society that we strive to maintain and encourage. a llc- U if ,Vg E ....4....- A C0l'll 1 ts..-.. .--.... ..- President --------- Betty Rose Hockaday Vice-President ------- ---Jerry Durham Secretary ------ -- Marjorie Bass Treasurer-H --.Grace Beasley The Acorn Club recognizes and promotes leadership, citizenship, and sound scholarship. It is the stepping stone to the NHS, L.-.1-1-xl Miss Carolyn Lee Sponsor jutllfe Olnelna efd 0 lneflfa . of ff' ,QJ'L'Hf's, it Q A Qfmltcafgff I' e-Qitizrhuaeffiijfi M65 - t fr -owe 1 ew- ,X ff 'WPNEW HQ? get wnmtfwm , :fix ' 4 fs Kgar' gAMERICA President ----- ----- M arjorie Bass Vice-President--Floy Iolae Stanley Secretary ------------ Sue Hodges Treasurer--- -Janet Grice Historian ------- --Julia Ingram Parliamentarianu -------- Joyce Lee Song Leader ---- -Betty Lou Stanley The FHA promotes a growing appreciation of the Joys and satisfactions of homemaking, encouraging democracy 1n home and community 11fe S f 'C 'Sw ' A wtf W2 lvffzxifw 'www , ,if K 44: ' Q93 S fi Gy jufure garmera of .America Pres. ------------------ Mitchell Barbour Vice-Pres.-- ------- Jimmy Byrd Sec. ----- ---Roland Barefoot Treas,--- ---Johnnie Johnson Reporter--- --George Johnson Sentine1--- ------ Larry Lee ,Ns , 1 MR, JOHN SANDERSON MR, BRADY RATCHFORD Sponsor Sponsor A PAYE MOORE Sweetheart The FFA develops leadership, cooperation, citizenship, and patriotism in the farmers of tomorrow. Its aim is to train present and prospective ifarmers for proficiency in farming ,. V , ,,......i-........1.. --...........,,... ODELL LEE President JULIA INGRAM Secretary ua riu The Bus Drivers' Club seeks to guide and inspire the operators of the largest fleet of publicly owned and operated school buses in the world--with greater attention to service W and safety TONY LASSITER Vice -President 3' GERALD JOHN SON Treasurer GERALD JOHNSON TONY LASSITER ODELL LEE JULIA INGRAM ROTHA OVERBY BRUCE MASSENGILL JIMMY BYRD BILLY MOZINGO HORACE LEE WADE ALLEN DARRELL ATKINS DONALD TART ffl, MR, WORLEY KEENE Advisor MR, H, J, BEEKER Principal ROLAND BAREFOOT LINWOOD PARKER I. W. JOHNSON CAROLYN SMITH LOUIE JANE ALLEN MITCHELL BARBOUR BILL SNEAD ROY LEE LASSITER BOBBY PARKER H. M, HINES BOBBY HOCKADAY LARRY LEE MR. J, L, BARDEN Dispatcher 77 MR, NORWOOD WORLEY Dispatcher Jlilrarg Sfa!! Striving to meet the needs of students and teachers in the area of supplementary and resource materials, the library is an aid in developing reading skills and interests 7 day life. MISS SUDIE BENTON Librarian LAURA FAYE RHODES, EVELYN BARBOUR, HILDA MCLAMB, VICTOR ALLEN IEANNE WALLACE, SHEILA HOCKADAY, LINDA BEASLEY, FLOY STANLEY thus encouraging continued use of printed matter in every- jufure laciera of .xdmerica President ----------- Carolyn Coates Vice-President-H ---Peggy Stanley Secretary ------ ---Erma Williams Treasurer--- ---- Gayle Adams Mrs. Maude Barnes Sponsor The FTA seeks to enable the teaching profession by offering potential teachers appropriate experiences to help them develop readiness for college programs of teacher education. V 1 A' gee cm i MISS IRIS SCA RBOROUGH Sponsor The Glee Club strives to give each member an appreciation of good music and adds to the total enjoyment of the'schoo1 program and ions gall-tl mafbreffe5 BRENDA JOHNSON FAYE MOORE JUDY STANLEY CAROLYN COATES FAYE MAHLER MR, HAROLD BURT Director The Band is a means for expressing creativeness through music, promoting and representing the school in various musical funct- ramaficri MISS GEORGIA TUCK Sponsor Pres. -------- 1-----Barbara Barefoot Vice-Pres. -- --Catherine Moore Sec.-Treas.-- ---Margaret Allen Reporter ---- ----- N orma Allen The Dramatics Club is a group which ls interested in learning some of the fundamentals of dramatic artsg reviewing, critically, playsg and delving into some of the techniques of play production. . ' ' V l GPJAGZJ i'9f is ? Joyce Stanley Helen Webb Linda Lassiter B111 Snead Sherwood Johnson Gary Stephenson Judy Stephenson Rodney Williams Hilda McLamb Jerry Jones Franklin Olive 83 URM -1v""" -rwo .JOLLY GSRLS CU1-5.1, Go To SLEEP' OUR FLAG' N QEPON Osfflfa TKE WQN -I , ,' ,. ,,. w .t - ,T --W , 5 , -Q .-'-wwvfzmqt H M , ,-, -- 2' V '45, V ' - -fan 1 " saw: ax 'sz Q ' , 1 r.. ...LK 'Wy au ,gray 4 ',-TQ-P'5-5' r , X 3. -' - .-1 3 5 H3512-viii, yskrw I if :- 0Il0gl'dhl The Monogram Club stimulates interest in athletics. Each member has made achievements in a field of athletics. x I i I I I I x pres, ..------- - Sue Lassiter I Vice-Pres.-- ----Jimmy Parker Sec. ------ ---Charlotte Ingram Treas.-- ---LaVerne Parker FAYE MASSENGILL BROOKIE BARBOUR DORIS BAREFOOT MARGARET ALLEN PEGGY JO LEE JULIA INGRAM LARRY MEDLIN H,M. HINES DARRELL ATKINS WADE ALLEN ROY LEE LASSITER BOBBY GENE HOCKADAY LANDIS NORRIS MATTIE BLACKMON GAYLE ADAMS JUDY STEPHENSON JIMMY PARKER COACH BEST LAVERNE PARKER CHARLOTTE INGRAM SUE LASSITER 86 MR. NELSON BEST Sponsor 0aC J .22 MR. NELSON BEST 87 Our coach works hard to in- still in young athletes the im- portance of self-pride, cooperat- ion, competition and team work gm 'aurefraf Co-ordination in basketball develops school SPIIII The oblrgatron of our girls is greater this year because they are defendrng champrons of the county gli? Faye Massengill Sue Lassiter Sylvia Coats Judy West Faye Moore Marjorie Bass Phyllis Austin Norma Allen Julia Ingram Coach Best Gayle Adams Judy Stephenson Mattie Blackmon LaVerne Parker Peggy Jo Lee Margaret Allen LaFerr1 Massengill Charlotte Ingram My , Zgaalfefgaf Basketball teaches our boys to be good competitors. They fight hard each year, striving to reach the top. R 00? gill? QM 04 RU 54 Qc W QR 0 17 URL? 3 4+ 'E ww' SOR 04 GLENN WOOD BUTCH JOHNSON EDWARD LANGDON SKEETER WILSON DENNIS MEDLIN COACH BEST BOBBY HOCRADAY LARRY MEDLIN GUY LEE WADE ALLEN JIMMY PARKER H. M. HINES ROY LEE LASSITER GENE BARBOUR Not Pictured: Landis Norris Donnie Lee Jerry Durham 89 QQQPLQJQF6 The Cheerleaders inspire our teams to greater victories. V A L, I ,xl ,... O A in A ,hy yu W ' ' we 'f fi ee. DZ? A ,WYQEX 'V , A 7- f f , W '54 N Q ,A , bf A N 5 X LINDA LASSITER BROOKIE BARBOUR ELAINE LOVE PEGGY STANLEY JOYCE LEE DORIS BAREFOOT NANCY JOHNSON CAROLYN STANLEY 90 M LARRY MEDLIN ALFRED MASSENGILL Fresh air and warm sunshine are the distinguishing features of baseball as a healthful activity. Competition is keen on the diamond and in the bull pen. i3Qi?, awww M-f ROY LEE LASSITER JIMMY PARKER VEN- qua...-n-. BOBBY GENE HOCKADAY GENE RAY BARBOUR JERRY ADAMS WILSON WOOD , . MARSHALL BAREFOOT x - 1 vw?" .1 .5. ,M-., it W5 mm I W ,V 1 , s . , x J 14. Q. my N - ,.. A , ,z 'V-V, " Wi E ' . ' gg' 'J 9' . Q ' I' l E n xi L Q .Q . f", I . 4, ' 1 '53 14. ' ' ' -. fu - , , f. ' p 'ff' ,f s ' . , .W V ,, If -. A -. 'Q ' .X y Ji, 'lpgr "' ' ' A . A , W , , x, I H , y. , , .L 3,-, Q , x , 5 I U Qwylfg ., -11,5-ff." I' EJ' .I 9 , uf! -"r,Q . "fx'q,y2, ' - ,Y A ,X , .. ,. 1. 1 Q : .tl .L ' 'f : -.4 ff .1 tn, ,Ag : 1 H, Qf- va. 1 . . . 23, 54 ' f iii ' W X. N .4 1,1- Qfkf' , ' ,X F r. Q ' I , vf. Zi yy A 4 5-. Qc! wav Q' l ,, M' 4 Y 4 ,,f' 'x If E. ff' .1 as 4' . 'cw ' , , R v " 'N 1 9 . 1 --If ffl" Q 'f, 1 , 'fn' 33122 t k A . K " -Jw," 'K ' pw .4 1, , 5 . 0' .fx ,ff 1 . Agf -v " . jay, 1 I an 111 . 1' ' 'P xo L 43 "vw: 4' , 1., '. if 'W- f.,, 4.2 ""axg,,,z dal' 6 . A4V . 1 f,'8if2"f"'w ,, ,, QE? 'ff ...I c if wk 'S 'if 5. bf b fx " 3 we ir ., -. H. 0 4 -,N .'- 1'4 'tO 'i' lx.. i ,ar ,N ... 1 . s ix hfmv X19 V it 1 hc AV an . f 9' u w I ' sk ,A . X, fr, xx 'ix 7 ' x . I . ., w - i 7' .P sg v I ' 1 x 'I Q -W. 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LANGLEY'S JEWELRY l "We Hove A Gift For Any Occasion" FOUR OAKS, NORTH CAROLINA HUGH AUSTIN'S ONE OF NORTH CAROLINA'S BETTER MEN'S AND BOYS' STORES "A TrioII ls AII We Ask" SMITHFIELD, NORTH CAROLINA 1 , I COMPLIMENTS of PARRISH CLOTHING STORE and THe KIDDIE SHOP Complete line of ladies 'l'HORNTON'S LUNCH HOT DOGS - HAMBURGERS BAR-B-Q You Will Always Find and Your Friends Chi1dren's Ready To Wear Here Smithfield, North Carolina G W E N 'S MAY SUCCESS BE YOURS WADE H. STANLEY SMITH-DOUGLAS FERTILIZER Ladies and Chi1dren's Ready to Wear Gifts for A11 Occasions FOUR OAKS, NORTH CAROLINA Phone 2261 Benson- N- COMPLIMENTS CQMPEIM ENTS OF CR EECH 's JORDAN'S JEWELRY Fuel Groceries Cafe SMITHFIELD, NORTH CAROLINA FOUI 021145. North Carolina COMPLIMENTS OF OAKS MILLING CORPORATION FOUR OAKS, NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF FIRST CITIZENS BANK COMPLIMENTS I OF CUMBERLAND DAIRY PRODUCTS, INC. MILK AND ICE CREAM HOT DOGS HAMBURGERS ALL SANDWICHES JIFFY LUNCH JORDAN AND HOLT, INC HARDWARE , Plate Lunches and Snort Orders MR- cmd MRS. CARLTON AAASSENGILL Plumbing and Heating Contractors Proprietors Phone 2616 SMITHFIELD, N. C. SMITHFIELD, N. C. SMITHFIELD G. G. GAINES AUTOMOBILE DEALERS WILSON CHEVROLET CO. BUIE MOTORS, INC. GARDNER MOTOR CO PIPPIN MOTORS, INC. B 8. R WILSON, INC. WILLIAMS MOTOR CO. LITTLE'S PONTIAC, INC. WHITLEY AUTO SALES LUMBER COMPANY Manufacturers and Buyers of North Carolina Pine Timber If You Have Standing Timber or Logs to Sell, SEE US. 'Phone 476i BENSON, N. C. WE BUY GRAIN BENSON FEED MILLS, INC. Custom Grinding and Mixing Purina Chows and Sanitation Phone 4IOI BENSON, N. C. LANDON'S I N B E N S O N CIothes for aII the Family Phone 293I BENSON, N. C. JEROLD CORPORATION BEST WISHES ! SMITHFIELD, N-ORTH CAROLINA W. C. ALLEN, JR. AMOCO GAS GROCERIES - MEATS HOT DOGS - HAMBURGERS DRY GOODS Route 2 BENSON, N. C. THE OPEN AIR MARKET FRESH FRUITS ond PRODUCE DAILY Phone 3913 Dunn-Erwin Highway Dunn Norfh Corolino J. H. ,MASSENGILL cmd SON GARAGE GENERAL REPAIRS and AUTO PARTS Telephone-Smifhfield N C 9241 Route 1, Four Ooks N C BANNER MOTOR CO., COMPUMENTS INC. OF GENUINE CHEVROLET SERVICE JORDAN S OPEN AIR MARKFT 'Phone 2021 BENSON, NoRTH CAROLINA SMITHFIELD, NoRTH CARoLINA CoIvIPLIIvIENTs OF THE SMITHFIELD HERALD . . I I ,..I Smithfield CENTRAL CAROLINA GAS COMPANY I . . I.II Smithfield UPCHURCH'S PHARMACY III,. , . ,,.. Smithfield, IRVlNG'S DEPARTMENT STORE . . .L., Smithfield ROSE'S FIVE a. TEN CENT STORE . . .Smithfield HOOD'S DRUG STORE CI.DCE I I . IIII Smithfield COMPLIMENTS OF DR. VON E. RHOADES, Chiroprocfor , . . , . BINGHAM 81 PARRISH INSURANCE AGENCY MEDLIN PRINTING COMPANY . , . . . . . . .Smithfield N 'Smithfield N Smithfield, N BATT JOHNSON BAR - B - QUI: PLACE ..,. Buffalo Road, Smithfield N C. W. FLOWERS' GROCERY STORE .,.. .... R oufe 1, Four Oclks N SANDERS' AUTO PARTS Most Anything For Your Car WHOLESALE - RETAIL FRED M. SANDERS Four Oaks, North Carolina AUSTIN - PARKER Men 81 Boys' Wear Nationally Known Brands Of Quality Clothing 8m Accessories JOHNSTON COUNTY'S FINEST Four Oaks, North Carolina 1 I K 81 H TEXACO SERVICE Tire Recapping - Wrecker Service Martax Lubrication - Washing NETA'S Gifts-China-Crystal-Sportswear Chilo!ren's Wear Ladies' Ready-To-Wear Distributor of U. S. Royal Tires Lingerie Four Oaks, North Carolina BENSON, NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF C. M. BLACKMON Nationwide Insurance Farm Supplies Phones 403-I 8g 222-I BENSON, NORTH CAROLINA TOMMY'S GRI LL Short Orders - Ice Cream Sandwiches - Milk Shakes Curb Service Truck Lane Smithfield, N. C. LEE 81 JOHNSON Statesville Feeds Fancy Groceries and Seeds Country Produce Baby Chicks Fertilizer Phone 2316 Res. 'Phone 3096 BENSON, N, C, CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '57 T H E J E W E L B O X SMITHFIELD, NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF FOUR OAKS Chamber Of Commerce WORLEY BROTHERS PHILCO ELECTRIC APPLIANCES RADIO AND TELEVISION SALES and SERVICE I28 South Third Street Smithfield, North Carolina lf. , GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR FUTURE SENIORS D. H. SANDERS HARDWARE COMPANY Everything in Hardware Four Oaks, North Carolina MEDLIN 8. DORMAN, INC Hardware - Feeds - Groceries Cotton - Fertilizers - Wagons Electrical Appliances BENSON, NORTH CAROLINA PARRISH MOTOR CO. Your Friendly Ford Dealer SMITH WAREHOUSE A B c Teleeheee 2594 WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA BENSON, Noratii CAROLINA '3 'N 'sbiog Jnoj 'g einog coIvIPLIIvIEIxIts OF wa 01 SODICI P009 v FAY'S SANDWICH CO. SMITHFIELD, INORTH CAROLINA TIIEIO CINV AEIEIDOHO W 'S W smew Among ,Io aug eraldwog V 'DNI "OD EIOVSTTVS 'W 'S W IF IT'S BORDEN'S ITS GOT TO BE GOOD ! THE BORDEN COMPANY WHITE DAIRY PRODUCTS DIVISION High Point, North Carolina CHARM BEAUTY SHOP Permonents - 55.00 Up C omplimenfs of GRAN1'HAM'S Cold Waves - 55.00 Up Complefe Line of Revlon Cosmefics Phone 3281 Four oaks, N. c. BOYS' AND YOUNG MENS SHOP MARGARET BOYETTE, Owner SMITHFIELD MEET THE GANG AT JACK'S DRIVE-IN SMITHFIELD, IXIQIQTII CAROLINA l I ' 1 l i fgememiw pafmqan D fgememiw pafzaqan D Qemefnden 1 l l Yll ll llllilll ATIO Qil,lllf4! 0 oday slime are printers of the is yearbook of your school. kb Tomorrow as you seek your future in the professions, industry and commerce we at Paragon hope to serve you with -L M the essential Printing and Lithography you will need in the pursuit of your career, Many of our best customers came to us through friendships 4 A formed around the annual planning table or from former X grads like yourself who first saw our work in their annual X I be aragnn rms , - MoN1'eoMEnY, ALABAMA A,-:J 7A I . 1 , ' .. - ...nh . . . . 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Suggestions in the Four Oaks High School - Acorn Yearbook (Four Oaks, NC) collection:

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