Four Oaks High School - Acorn Yearbook (Four Oaks, NC)

 - Class of 1956

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4 ? i , x THE Presented BY SENIOR CLASS OF I956 FOUR OAKS HIGH SCHOOL FOUR OAKS, NORTH CAROLINA Co-Editors MYRTLEJOHNSON ANNETTEBASS 4:15 ' lb E ff '27- W 4 f ? FOREWORD In the Four Oaks community one of the leading industries is growing tobacco This growth process pl i gi 55, at is so similar to that of the educational growth of Four T it gil Oaks students that the ACORN for 1955-56 has been H I I V w li' w H jf H 'fl 1 ' ,X 1 ., A ' - - gd' 5 , f A .-er 1 .4 fy ff - A g ff 1, ,gf T 1 5 .Q df' V , ff - B7 ,l ffff' u 5 , q if , -ex , , ..j,..f1?7 v"' V '4Q!:',ff ,' ' ' , Y y' "M fi " 'T HY'- 'f . . . . . xml!! a ' N' 'rl 'il I! "mulls H1 I1 H Wi-I ' me li H T Ii i W 4 i 1 i , gy designed to show this parallelism. Y. , 4 wtf 1 ll N M if T I ly ,f ,lg , 5h p. 5 From the preparation of the seed for sewing until r I " 1 I 3 the presenting of the finished product, there is much ' l Y v activity, The Seniors look back upon that activity - the underclassmen daysg the freshman, sophomore, and junior yearsg the grand senior reign: all hold memories of progress made intellectually and socially, The full-grown leaves - the class of '56 - now are ready for market, They part from Four Oaks High School, cherishing and appreciating all that the school and teachers have done to prepare them for the future. T BLE OF C0 TENTS - U A ,mga 3 ':, . ,-f 1' E1w'I4W'? .I Q ?-M-I 'C f Us 4, .451 If-A, - , 4,m..q:,g,.g,., gwbg, 1, 5. . ,lynn T, ,fy if wah -:pf I 'gifs I G0 e 4 --ga if YI " Y 52 , ' .. . A .I , 7' I f ffffai a"iIf2I .w3I ll ,?,-.lag n ga I I 5, ., W X, ,I gi Q5 . . 4 2 ,I , I Z Mitzi Zu N' In " I 'I' 'K I ,. wi? t , M wi 5 X, "? 'rf' mi SEM f I .U in I T I fag' o ' 'TX u gp I I ' ' ' vi 'UI , M 2. 5"i,.H:-5i'?-?1f?KgZ"- ,iii -,sf kj? , . in ' .. -ff-Wg-,-.:-I-:,..i.. ll, ,EI Nut SENIORS .'.'Q I F R E S H M E N IA A I ' ,A I I f S U P E R LAT I V E S I I .gA a' is f i M UNDERCLASSMEN Q? 1? iv? hw P? INN gif? sa wiwfmf JUNIORS 'V ' N , L Q .?If.5..,,.3, L' - 'Q -' ig .,.. , . Mi .nf-if-. k f 13.1-Q , ' f "f'Y1-f5,'l1"Y3k'- 'A f., I . .-, L- I. EMM 3,7 , -., ,X ' 'Q .Q 792 . ' 'f' fI,"f' M dl ' f- Ax . A, Q W.: 8352 1 WWA t'ygE ..fg' ' B .. . I . I ORGANIZATIONS SOPHOMORES ADVERTISMENTS DEDICATICD We, the 1956 class of Four Oaks High School, wish to dedicate our annual to our HighSchool Principal, H. P. Honeycutt, Jr. With his wonderful personality and leader- ship, he has made a place for himself in the history of Four Oaks High School and in the hearts of all his students, To you, our Acorn. W FOREME MR. H. J. BEEKER Principal Campbell College, Wake Forest, Appalachian State, Duke University QMAJ, University of North Carolina. MRS. TRYON GEORGE School Secretary Woman's College of U.N.C. Smirhdeal-Massey .-v MR. BERT LASSITER, chairman H MR, CHARLIE w00D MR. J. D. UPCHURCH, Vice-Chairman MR. HUGH BEASLEY, Secretary MR. J. T. CRITCHER 6 MRS, DOROTHY PHILLIPS. . .English ' Bob Jones University Free Will Baptist College MRS. ETHEL ALLEN .... Commercial Woman's College MRS. IRENE TALTON. . .Commercial Home Economics East Carolina College MISS CAROLYN LEE. . .American History Business Math, Geography Atlantic Christian College MRS. MAUDE BARNES. .French, English Limestone MR. NORWOOD E. WORLEY. . Mathematics Atlantic Christian College MISS THELMA HARRIS. . . Social Studies East Carolina College MR. JAMES B. CREECH. ..... Science Journalism Wake Forest MR. WORLEY KEENE. . . General Science Atlantic Christian College MR, H. P. HONEYCUTT, IR...English East Carolina College MRS. FLORA JONES ....... Mathematics Meredith MR. BEN HESTER. . . Physical Ed. , Coach East Carolina College MR, LEONARD MANN. . . Librarian, English Atlantic Christian College MRS, JEAN STEPHENSON. .Home Economics Woman's College MR. BRADY RATCHFORD ..... Agriculture Lenoir Rhyne, State MR. JOHN SANDERSON. . .Agriculture State MISS IRIS SCARBOROUGH. . . Music Meredith MISS WILHELMINA UTLEY. . . Piano Southem Conservatory of Music MR. WADE MASSENGILL. . . Piano Wake Forest MRS. CYNTHIA ADAMS. . .8th Grade University of North Carolina MRS. RENA S, KEENE. . .Sth Grade East Carolina College MRS. ED F. WARD ..... 8th Grade Duke MR. TALMADGE KNIGHT. . .8th Grade Elon MR. HAROLD BURT. . . Band Director State MR, ROTHER BARBOUR .... Janitor MRS. ROTHER BARBOUR. . . Janitress MRS. ESTHER BREWER .... Dietician SENIORS 'rfb . 2-S TOBACCO ROAD m It is almost tomorrow ni' A ujfll NM The years have drifted byg As each of us is leaving C'- We breathe a tearful sigh. Oh, how our hearts swell with pride "', -Q :il As we remember our years at Four Oaks Highg Our classmates, our teachers, and activities: All these memories will never die. Together we have shared our problems As we ventured here each dayg Together we have shared our gladness: This we remember as we go away, We bid you farewell, Dear Four Oaks High Schoolg May you remain as you do today, A place that will always be cherished By those fortunates who pass your way. June Marie A W-.i - , - -, - President KELLY LEE Class Treasurer l Home Room Chair. 1 S. C. Rep. 1,2,4 Bus Dr. Club l,2,4 F. F, A. 1,2,3,4 4H Club Pres. 2 Glee Club 1,2 Monitor 2 Junior Play Dramatics Club 4 Superlative 4 Secretary LOTTIE WOOD Home Room Chair. 2 Glee Club 2,3 Monitor 3 Junior Play F. T, A. 3,4 Class Secretary 4 Dramatics Club 4 JOHNNIE ADAMS Basketball 1,2, 3,4 Baseball 1 F. F. A. 2,3 Mon. Club 2,3,4 Pres. Mon. Club 3 F. T. A. 3 Treas. F. T, A. 3 Co-Cap. Bask. Team 3 Class V. Pres. 2 Student Council 3 Monitor 3 Home Room Chair. 4 Superlative 4 JASPER ALLEN F. F. A. 1,2,3,4 Monitor 1 Vice - President JOHNIE JOYCE S. C. Rep 1,2 Monitor 1,2, 3 Dis. S. C. Del. 2 Basketball 2 , 3, 4 F. T. A. 3 Marshal 3 S. C. Sgt. -at-Arms 3 Waiter J. S. 2 Boy's State Rep.3 Junior Play Acorn Club 4 Monogram Club 4 Dramatics Club 4 Treasurer LAURA FAY STANLEY Home Room Sec. 1,3 Home Room Chair. 2 Acorn Club 2 F. H. A. 1, 2,4 Glee Club 1,2 F. T. A. 3,4 F. T. A. Sec. 4 N. H. S. 3,4 Junior Play Oak Leaf Staff 4 Dramatics Club 4 Superlative 4 JANICE ALLEN Monitor 1 Acorn Club 2, 3, 4 MARGIE ALLEN 4H Club 1 Glee Club 1,2 S. C. Rep. 1 Acorn Club 2, 3, 4 Home Room Ch. 2,3 Home Room Sec. 4 Bus Dr. Club 3,4 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Monitor 3 Dramatics Club 4 SANDRA ALLEN F. H. A. 1 4H1 LARRY HUGH BARBOUR 41-I Club 1 Home Room V. C. 1 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3 Mon. Club 3, 4 Dramatics Club 4 S. C. Rep. 4 AVIS BEASLEY Glee Club 1,2, 3,4 Acorn Club 2, 3, 4 BETTIE LOU BENSON Student Council 1 Home Room Treas. 4 Glee Club 4 JERRY BARBOUR F. F, A, 1, 2, 3, 4 ANNETTE BASS Acorn Club 1, 2 Home Room Ch. 1 Cheerleader 1 Glee Club 1,2 Lib. Staff 1,2 F, H. A. Pres. 1 N. H. S, 2,3,4 F. T. A. 3,4 Marshal 3 Student Council 3, 4 flu staff 2,3,4 Acorn Co-Editor 4 Superlative 4 RUTH BEASLEY Home Room Treas. 1 Home Room Sec. 2 Acorn Club 1, 2 N. H, S. 2,3,4 F. T. A. 4 Home Room Treas. 3 Marshal 3 Jr.-Sr. Comm. 3 SHELBY BIZZELL F. H, A, 1,2 Home Room Treas, 1, 3 Home Room Ch. 2,4 ALICE FAYE BLACKMAN F. H, A. 1,2 Glee Club 3 THOMAS BLACKMON Home Room Treas. l F. F. A. 1,2,3,4 Student Council 2 Horne Room Ch. 3 Bus Dr. Club 3,4 F, F. A, Pres. 4 CAROLYN M. BUTLER Home Room Ch. 1 F. H, A. 1,2 Glee Club l,2,3,4 Acorn Club 3,4 Jr. Play Comm. 3 Jr.-Sr. Comm. 3 Oak Leaf Staff 4 F. T. A. 4 Glee Club V. P. 4 Drarnatics Club 4 JOSEPH CREECH Class President 1 S. C. Rep. 1 Library Staff 1 N. H. S, 2,3,4 Acorn Club Treas. 1 S. C. Treas. 3 F. T. A. 3 Boy' State Rep. 3 Junior Play S. C. President 4 Superlative 4 Dramatics Club 4 BRUCE BLACKMON Monitor 1, 2 , 3 4H Club 1,2 F. T. A. 3 Student Council 4 S. C. Vice-Pres. 4 Dramatics Club 4 Superlative 4 TONI BROCK Class President 2 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Dis. S. C. Del. 2 s. C. 1,2,4 Acorn Club 2,3 Mon. Club 2,3,4 Mon. Club v, P. 3,4 Acorn staff 3,4 F. T, A. Pres. 4 S. C. Sec. 4 N. H. S. 4 gl-lag staff 4 Superlative 4 IANICE BYRD Glee Club 1,2,3 F. H. A. 2 Monitor 3 Ir.-Sr. Comm. 3 MARGIE FAIRCLOTH Giee Club 1,2,3 Glee Club Sec. 2 S. C. Rep. 2 F. H. A. 2 Monitor 2, 3 Acorn Club 3 Library Staff 3 Basketball 2 F. T. A. 3,4 N. H. S. 4 Acom Staff 4 Superlative 4 Dramatics Club 4 JAMES GRANT Mgr. Bask. Team 1 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Mon. Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Monitor 3 FRANCES HARGIS Glee Club 2,3 Jr.-Sr. Comm. 3 Monitor 3 F. T. A. 3,4 Dramatics Club 4 S. C. Rep. 4 HOWARD HOCKADAY F. F. A. l,2,3,4 JANE INGRAM Home Room Chair. 1 F. H. A. 1,2 Glee Club 1,2,3 Acorn Club 2 Glee Club Plan. 2,3 S. C. Rep. 2,3 Junior Play 3 N. H. S. 3,4 Bus Dr. Club 3,4 Superlative 4 N. H. S. Vice-P. 4 Dramatics Club 4 CECIL GUIN VADEN HARTLEY 4H Club 1,2 F. F. A. 1,2,3,4 Monitor 2,3 Field Day 1,2,3,4 Livestock Jud. C. 4 RAY HOLMES F. F. A. 1, 2,3,4 Bus Dr. Club 3,4 Dramatics Club 4 LOIS JOHNSON F. H. A. 1,2 Home Room Sec. 2 F. H. A. Par. 2 Acorn Club 2 Marshal 3 Junior Play 3 F. T. A. 3,4 N. H. S. 3,4 Library Staff 4 Drarnatics Club 4 Superlative 4 Bus Dr. Club 4 SUE LASSITER President BET SY BAREFOOT Vice -President BARBARA WALLACE Secretary PEGGY JO LEE Treasurer MRS. DOROTHY PHILLIPS Sponsor LQOPER PEGGY STANLEY President JULIA IN GRAM Vice -President LAURA FAYE STANLEY Secre tary MARIORIE BASS Treasurer BETTY ROSE HOCKADAY Parliamentarian SUE HODGES Historian LINDA LASSITER Song Leader MRS. JEAN STEPHENS ON MRS. IRENE TALTON Sponsors nam - l THOMAS BLACKMON President BILL SNEAD Vice -President VANN SHERRILL Secretary CECIL MASSENGILL Treasurer ROLAND BAREFOOT Sentinel CROPER I, W. SANDERSON BRADY RATCHFORD Sponsors 1 ILE T FLAME SHELBY MCLAMB LEONARD MANN Librarian MARGIE MOORE LAURA FAYE STANLEY LIBR RY STAFF VELMA ADAMS LAURA RHODES LA FERNE MASSENGILL HELEN WEBB EVELYN BARBOUR TOP DRESSER SHIRLEY MOORE cARoLYN coATS PEGGY Jo LEE MARGIE JOHNSON SUE LASSITER EAYE BAREOUR NORMA ALLEN MITCHELL BARBOUR BETTY SUE LEE ALFRED MASSENGILL LARRY MEDLIN ALE ME MISS IRIS SCARBOROUGH Public School Music BUYER MR. HAROLD BURT Band Director AU TIO EERS , E , . U,g,,. "" Chief BETSY BAREFOOT MYRTLE JOHNSON ELAINE LOVE DORIS BAREFOOT BARBARA BAREFOOT BROOKIE BARBOUR CAROLYN COATS IJIL JLJ GAYLE ADAMS IOHNNIE ADAMS DARRELL ATKINS DORIS BAREFOOT LARRY BARBOUR HAROLD CLIFTON JAMES GRANT H. M. HINES BOBBY HOCKADAY CHARLOTTE INGRAM PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY-TREASURER A Y,YA,Y,, I R'L' -B-4 LY 2 LARRY MEDLIN TONI BROCK MYRTLE JOHNSON JOHNNY JOYCE ROY LASSITER SUE LASSITER PEGGY JO LEE OTTIS MOORE JIMMY PARKER LAVERN PARKER GENE STEPHENSON JERRY WOOD COACH HESTER NMMKW vngg, 44 CLITTERS COACH BEN HE STER WRAPPERS C OACH BEN HESTER WEIGHER FOUR OAKS BA EB LL TEAM First Row: James Grant, Jimmy Parker, Eddie Johnson, Ottis Moore, Larry Medlin. Second Row: Bobby Stanley, Darrell Atkins, H. M. Hines, Jerry Wood, Toby Lee. Third Row: Coach Ben Hester, Roy Lee Lassiter, Harold Clifton, Alfred Massengill, Carlton Munden, Donald McLamb I 3' U NIOR CL ' ' ay 5 AS THE COTTONPN avvm .M M fqiifiw 5-7 .,'- tw., i - .'-, ... - "" ' - ' Y 7 .. - k .zw- :: Zia!! X , 1' " .-5' "7' - .-f.f- I 'EW-il .. .-,.I:'I':I-5.5. . ' .,.. w .,,. . 9 -V '11, 4 - " - ns' -' -. - ' .-Ip ff .-n-H f 2 .-1 ' P. I .1 - A Q-1,5 f+ gf ' --4. gag-H.--,aff - . . , .. , g. 4, 4,9-gp, f.,,., "" - V Yi ,s 4 11' 2' .us ' iff Q' :hifi "' U Q' . 5 ,ur ' 1 J 'f , . ,V ' ,A,. ,,, V..,, 1 ,, ,. ,fr WT ' N ff 'Vi 4' 4. 1 wwf In wkmgiil 'i' 5, k V 4 'ii Q Q WS . .Q fm :.v - Cl Q , if' K Af I X x . Q, X F if S ,N 5' 'M i W L V fi , 51 ,Aw .. -52. M xg liz ,-:SJ 3 2, .33 :.- ffwf- wig . 4 . M s ., . Q A ., A " F ,flw t - m gvffli- W, . gpg: f, - 23,4 V Y-55E3'rf": ,, , ' N '- F W awww WWW sm My 5? ' .V gl af-n,,f...:......W.L wh WV: J- WPKAWZ iw? Aww, is qv MM' an-P' .........r ,xwma WMWWXM as Km WWW M Y V Wag, , .ibm 1 0 R G AN IZAI S Q firsamf Q' ANNETTE BASS Co-Editor LARRY WILLIAMS Business Manager THE MRS. ALLEN Sponsor S ALKS MRS. PHILLIPS Sponsor MRS . TALT ON Sponsor MYRTLE JOHN SON Co-Editor THE OAK LEAF LEAVE PAT KEENE Editor . v Q Q Q QUA, "" ' V.,'.,',' 3 ' M if is 4' V-" 1,452 MR. CREECH ELDRIDGE PENNY Sponsor Business Manager JOE CREECH President BRUCE BLACKMON Vice -President TONI BROCK Secretary SUE LASSITER Treasurer VANN SHERRLLL Sergeant-at-Arms H. P. HONEYCUTT Sponsor PE T CO. TROL STLIDE T COUNCIL BRIGHT LEAVES PEGGY LANGDON Treasurer LARRY WILLIAMS ANNETTE BASS President Secretary JANE INGRAM WORLEY KEENE PAT KEENE Vice -President Sponsor Reporter ml, V31 , , .i V,M.,..,.,, .Q WWW M.Mwwwwww:pfv.ww1:wewM f1wQwwp:wmmwsEMWv?KWY2?W35w7ffNVi1 V BLGSSGMS EE THELMA STANLEY ELAINE LOVE BILLY L Vice-President President Treasurer LA VERNE PARKER MISS CAROLYN LEE Secretary Sponsor LUG T ONI BROCK President PEGGY LANGDON Vice -President LAURA FAYE STANLEY Secretary BETSY BAREFOOT Treasurer SUE MOORE Librarian MRS, MAUDE BARNES Sponsor FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB DENNIS MASSENGILL CECIL MCLAMB EDNA MCLAMB ERMA MCLAMB HILDA MCLAMB CATHERINE MOORE MAGDALINE MOORE CARLTON MUNDEN BARBARA NORRIS FRANKLIN OLIVE HILDA OVERBY WILMA OVERBY LARRY PARKER IOYCE PENDER LOUISE RHODES VAN DOYE SHERRILL BILL SNEAD CAROLYN STANLEY FLOY MAE STANLEY JOYCE STANLEY 5 zmmgfil 5 A -wgw W ge- ,V , vig, ' ":Z5 fif- j q1.::, ' Y' .:V.,A K i, U .,, g g i.. ,ESV I , 35' ,, .,,, ,W STV' S 'fgl fWS'3Q5 ' ' Lf,,.S', 1 ' f 2 ak 5 Q Y as W 4-'VF X2 bid? ygr A 1 m,,,,H.,,s -K 9 5' Nf gm A ws. 13 X L I at A in ' "N El bg gif muff WM' -.-- - ..... V A .--- ,. ., , - ' "1 Qezzrwizgif - vw HM? Ql g zjg ei' L L I yang, V ,145 1" M9753 L I ,L -v"- 1 I I +8 M X 1 N M . Q5 2 1 + 1 M if ,ef A I Q , JY 'W 4 . Hi Y H f w -:ff 'fwyx N L Q kg Ai S,., c .Ze-fl, 'key ' if-it wiliiiiwlfiiiilff 3 Not Pictured: 5 5 5 I PEGGY STANLEY RAY STANLEY GARY STEPHENSON JUDY STEPHENSON L J JOYCE BARBOUR, JOYCE EVANS, VANN HANSLEY, THOMAS LE JERRY THORNTON 52 BETTY STRICKLAND EDITH STRICKLAND GLENN TEMPLE JERRY TEMPLE MARY TYNER DONALD UNDERWOOD WAYNE UPCHURCH HELEN WEBB FAYE WESTBROOK LAFEYETTE WESTBROOK ERMA WILLIAMS RODNEY WILLIAMS E, DELANO PARKER, CHARLES POWELL C 4 'et' FRESHME in , X B 1 ? . .,. 5 - - Www , 4 A as ,.: .I Iggy .12 ., ,, -f si E.:-f' I f an Daniel Adams Velma Adams Mary Lou Allen Barry Barbour Sarah Barbour Marjorie Bass A .,,,. . K '-- - J 31 ,, .,,,,h .-,.-, .X , X , , ,y fi? Q' f E 5 ii, 45' W f Vs M , 4 ,, M Q ,F . A 3312 . 2: -A ws ysflf it 'hm News ,. 'Z E , as We 'ass 9 6 Q X M 5 a3,,,i, r ff 'K 1 W bw BY' V N V 5.3 .1V.Q ? h zzlv Q. f A 2: r'af A Isi wsfigsg ' ' ,.ar. :plN'b:.:' , . ro,,- to . gf o,ar Qi as X 4 Dorothy Adams Larry Alford Patsy Bailey Donald Barbour Shelby Barbour Leon Batten Jerry Adams Barbara Allen Butch Baker Gene Barbour Elgie Barefoot Grace Beasley 54 ,i bk E ,, Q as , S my Qi :I fx sr 5 . X i M Q I B. 53 A M f L K f fi Ah 3' 3 s .-if 3 an 'N sn. Q Q6 , k X Larry Adams Janice Allen Jerry Baker Inez Barbour Shelton Barefoot Phyllis Beasley ,Qi lsnfl A 1 A ,ar L '92 5 9, we sf 4 .C Pearl Adams Mary Ann Allen Johnny Ballance Peggy Barbour Sherwood Barefoot Margie Bizzell .:.. ,. was if Ig, .W-if Q.X..,.,.,.,, Janice Blackmon Thomas Blackmorl Frances Byrd Jerry Durham Brenda Hayes Faye Johnson Nancy Johnson Judy Christian Joyce Eason Mildred Higgins Jerry Johnson Norma Johnson ,,, f, , + 2 f M .. -zzf as . .,v.. Z,- Us lllu. I K .. fl A ",- y , I ' '. A 1,51 ' +L J B V.Vs,V,y,.1 i s.sor E sy.yy 35 E 1, . s '5'fs..,. , Beth Britt Sylvia Coats Linda Evans John Jackson Jewel Johnson R. W. Johnson x ! 1' 3' s- si 1 -,QQ J -vffeg. ' , 23541 Betty Bruner Philip Creech Hilda Gum Betty Johnson Johnny Johnson Edward Jones 6? A bs is 13, E5 J. Edgar Bryan Peggy Dowdy Doris Hall Eugene Johnson Linda Johnson Edward Langdon ',.f- fly X i f is I ymnpzga E rw 1 li Ks 'S H' ' am 1 i 5 -f, E if ,, at r 1 J J r gi .48 . .,,.,, .A . , -L 4 . , I - v ' . .... :L - 2 t ,I K V irsy i L L 4 . 3, , . .,.. 1 . ,.,. . . 24' A , gtg . .,.- . L , f- ,,,, , ., , -1 ,I , 4 ' f ',"' W .K gun i, K- In f-Nr .. M K K .- , , all SW 9' are I, X me , 5, ' riir P JIM Q fr E aw ' --5: ..'f L 5. ,, rgfrfzgwrgfasft rgfgrfm-zfasiif--ffrfge ,az ,- . ,, vrr,m,, s P gg af T' 'K ssl! A -.g s "" are .5 gre- L- C li if ly , L . C34 79 Q ,m m, li r ing? - P ,A.. il? Q .,.. fr y' f ' H .f 0 Y E ' :v gf.. r Hilda Langdon Glenda Lee Leon Massengill William McLamb Kay Carol Moore Dorothy Parker Betty Langston Guy Lee Vivian Massengill William Mitchell Hilda Morgan Ira Parker Ray Langston Patricia Lee Don Mayes Alonzo Moore Billy Mozingo Linda Parker Betty Lassiter Joyce Lassiter Sherwood Lee La Verne Massengill Joyce McLamb Lena McLamb Charlotte Moore Glenn Moore Faye Norris Landis Norris Elaine Peters Louise Pollard Judy Price Betty Stanley Jane Suickland Linda Welch Jerry Adams .... Shelton Coats Pearl Adams . Grace Beasley ...- ' " 1, fs? A Wa KN, 3 k N M 1 9 1 1 My R .,., .,,.., ,. it K Y Dennis Raynor Doris Stanley Lee Thomas Janice West I7 1, st L"- l . Lloyd Rhodes Janice Ryals Ann Sanders Janice Stanley Kenneth Stanley Helen Strickland Janice Thompson Linda Thornton Peggy Wallace Maylon West Annie Wood Wilson Wood . . . . President . . . . Vice -President . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer ............-s Not Pictured Charles Allen James Barefoot Shelton Coats Joey Dixon Artemus Johnson George Johnson Philip Lassiter Horace Lee Rebecca Lee i f?SI"5? 'Wk ' v .- N DERCLASSM EN BOBBY A DAMS BONNIE ALLEN CAROL ALLEN ? V , ,fx ., Z ' ' ' ' z ""f 4 Ai MMY ADAMS JE? J H J 3. S A 'K 7 lf" -A , - Z ' . f I .., A L A f " V' E' SL, L, Qsgmm, .. ff L . ,,, . X A -- . I ,lf ' IQ, VA., 1 " , J' I ' K 4:57 I , L. .EA r jg ' 13:11 W' 53 ' j A s A- V A H . ' .-., . EE " I - T A 'ffm ' -4 A - 15 A,-, 7' LM. L- I V ., , ' 'A J AMA wg - A 9' - 'J if Jfi-. JJ . if ' ""'5 -IQ: f ' ,ff L L V .Q 'M I J ' In , f V y ' .fg1-5.11 , ' 'fi-:Q A 1f?'1 V A 2 W- JJ ' A- LW 16,1 'I . a h 3 7 A A' - A A A ' L.,:, A L f V . V Avi V .- , , f,. gAl 2 A K A A 4.,.. , , O S ,,' ' " cfg ffzi- 3, f A ff A, V . i A ' , -A H W I.. A . A X .'.., , , A -- ., A f-,' NL- -31' A3 igfu -, I' L ., L5 I .aff 9, 12 51 A if 'gl' ' - K viii? U dsiisiz za I -, :, : :? EL I F w- 5 jp ' E a Lg A? LX' f -gm? V , 'Si' 5: ,,. ., YA, I X A? ' - 4, 'AA' K if " J , f A "" ' ' , 'W " ' J f ' ,A,V 1 ' A f ff? 'f 51" JL AA I 1 1-Z W 5 f f QL' , 1 ..., A 1' ,,v . I -J ' A ,, ,, A "'- A A J "" "" A ' B31 ' ' A ' 'W 'A if, M CHARLES ALLEN FAYE ALLEN HURLEY ALLEN JEANETTE ALLEN JERRY ALLEN JERRY ALLEN vEL'roN ALLEN DENNIS ASHBY PHYLLIS AUSTIN ANNE BAKER BETTY BARBOUR EUGENE BARBOUR GRADFORD BARBOUR JOHNNY BARBOUR I, C. BAREFOOT MARSHALL BAREFOOT MARY BAREFOOT TUCKER BARNES FAYE BEASLEY EVELYN BENSON BILLY COATS GAYLE COATS JOSEPH CREECH MARGARET CREECH CHARLES DAVIS LARRY De YOUNG THOMAS DIXON BRENDA DUNN J, P., DUNN VERLINE EAIRCLOTH DOROTHY FERRELL JANET GIBSON JANET GRICE CAROLYN HALL BILLY HINES JUDY HOLLAND PEGGY HOLLY THELMA HOLMES LARRY INGRAM THOMAS INGRAM La RUE JACKSON BETTY JOHNSON BRENDA JOHNSON BUTCH JOHNSON DENNIS JOHNSON EUGENE JOHNSON SETH KEENE, JR. RUFUS LANGLEY LOU ANN LASSITER PHIL LASSITER ALICE LEE DONALD LEE GALE LEE I. L, LEE JOYCE LEE RUBY LEE SHELTON LEE FLOY MASSENGILL GEORGE MASSENGII.L GERALD MASSENGILL JOYCE MASSENGILL LINDA MASSENGII..L SUE MASSENGJLL PEGGY MCLAMB DENNIS MEDLIN BRENDA MOORE FAYE MOORE SYLVIA MOORE JERRY NORRIS LUCILLE ORRIN MERLE OWENS BARBARA PARKER CHESTER PARKER GEORGIA PARKER GILBERT PARKER JOE PARKER JOY PARKER LEON PARKER PAUNETLA PARKER MARILYN PENNY JOHN POWELL LUCY PRICE WILSON RAYN OR VIVIAN RHODES WALKER ROBERTS PHIL SHAW MARGARET SHERRILL ELIZABETH SNEAD BETTY STANLEY JEAN STANLEY LINDA STANLEY WILMA STANLEY LINDA STEVENS LINDA STEWART EDNA STRICKLAND K K R A ' 5 ,,., . ,ftfhy h Auf ' J 2 if 'B ' Q ' ' ' , RE T 'ifh if ' , -'1' I M? L f? 'JT 'L ' . R 'J fiflfll ,"',.. 'Q 1 , L L :fx REAR K W , K I ., -f l flkf A ' N E "Y' 1 "V-R ,1'A.. 1 I " b'-fQ- L ,fl .,: ,. , F A A .,V ' ,'., E ..g.1,.2f11IQ. f i,: 135 A-'41 A ' Tv Rx ? M ,. V TH , 5 i ,H RX l N .R - ,- Eff IQ J, fl 'X A f YAIL A A APAI R . xr T ..,, Q si - . . -. q fi vzql A l - E .O A I I f ,YSSS , 1" K' - Ln "" f 'L'1 - In A Q, 1 Q . V , K Q Vg Q Q f I "Q'QQuE,Q .Q X A A EQZ E Q: A A :AA V 'yi f' Q 1' I LJL- QI.2 ' f ky Zii fl ' 2A'A- A JERRY THORNTON A-,VA 3 A . A-YV O' A 1 PAUL THORNTON I -if A A M , vbu GENEVA WADSWORTH A1, I , 1". 'J' . T 9 11 A ' 'JE' "' H. ,, ,,": CHAR'-ES WEST I-2 1. Q - . .,., 1 . O . H v 1 Ex JUDY WEST f 4 -zz , L, "': i 'El ' -fr XR ' I - R A MARIE WEST 2- F 5 ' vOIf XV A THEODORE WILKINS , jf- U CLARA WILLIAMS A T ' I A SKEETER WII.SON ROAT I R':' L LSQQ , -' AHSH A 7 ALLEN WOOD V GLENN WOOD SUE WOOD 61 BANQUI-21' i955 MARY ANNE JOHNSON F. H. A. 1,2 Glee Club 1,2,3,4 4H Club 1,2,3,4 Acorn Club 2,3,4 F. T. A. 4 JIMMY JONES 4H Club 1,2 Monitor 1, 3 Jr.-Sr. Comm. 3 Superlative 4 MARLENE KEENE F, H. A. 1 Glee Club 1 Home Room Treas. 2 IANICE LANGDON F. H, A. 1,2 Monitor 1,2,3 Glee Club 2 Acorn Club 2, 3 Jr. Play Prompter 3 Jr.-Sr. Comm. 3 F. T. A. 3,4 Home Room Sec. 3 N. H. S. 3,4 Home Room Sec. 4 Supcrlative 4 MYRTLE JOHNSON Class Secretary 1 Acorn Club 1, 2, 3,4 41-I Club 1,2,3,4 Monogram Club 3,4 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Dramatics Club 4 Co-Ed. of Acorn 4 Mon. Club Sec. 4 Superlative 4 S. C. Rep. 2,3,4 Home Room Chair. LOUISE KEENE 4H Club 1 Glee Club 1,2,3 Ir.-Sr. Comm. 3 F. H. A. 4 Horne Room Sec. 4 Monitor 4 PAT KEENE F. H, A. Pres. 2 Acorn Club 2 F. T. A. V.P. 3 Acorn staff 3 Student Council 3 Junior Play 3 Class Pres. 3 N. H, S. 3,4 F. T. A. 4 Dramatics Club 4 Superlative 4 Oak Leaf Editor 4 PEGGY LANGDON F. H. A. Sec. 1 Home Room Sec. 1 F. H. A. Rep. 2 S. C. Rep. 2 Ir. Class Treas. 3 Junior Play Comm. F. T. A. 3,4 F. T. A. V.P.4 N. H. s. 4 N. H, S. Treas. 4 Q35 Leaf staff 4 Acom staff 4 2 3 ANN LANGSTON Glee Club 1,2,3 Home Room Treas. 1 Home Room Sec. 2,3 Home Room Chair. 3 BILLY LEE Monitor 1, 2 Acorn Club 3 Acorn Club Pres. 4 Q55 Leaf staff 4 Supefigve 4 ESTON LEE F, F, A, 1,2,3,4 FRANK LEE F. F. A. 1,2,3,4 Student Council 1 4H 1,2 BETSY RUTH LEE Student Council 1 Glee Club 1,2 F. H. A. 1,2,4 Acorn Club 2, 3, 4 Bus Dr. Club 4 CLELMA LEE 4H Club 1 F. H, A, 1 FRANCES LEE Monitor 1 Home Room Sec. 1 GRAHAM LEE F, F, A. 1,2,3,4 4H Club 1,2 Monitor 3 S. C. Rep. 3 Egg staff 4 MAXINE LEE F. H. A. 1 F. H. A. V.P. 1 w, T. LEE F. F. A. 1,2 GILBERT MASSEN GILL F. F. A. 1,2,3 Home Room Chair. 3 KATIE MASSENGILL Home Room Sec. 1,2 F. H. A. 1,2 Monitor 2 Acorn Club 2, 3,4 T. W. LEE 41-I Club 1 Home Room Chair. 1 F. F. A. 1,2,3 F. F. A. Treas. 2 Bus Dr. Club 3,4 DURWOOD MASSENGILL F. F. A. 1,2 F. T. A. 3,4 Home Room Chair. 4 Dramatics Club 4 JAMES MASSENGILL F. F. A. 1,2,s,4 PEARL MASSENGILL Glee Club 1,2 Acorn Club 1,2 Monitor 3 Drarnatics Club 4 DONALD MCLAMB F. F. A. 1,2 Monitor 3 Baseball 3,4 Q35 Leif staff 4 Home Room V.P. 4 MARGIE MOORE 4H Club 1 F. H. A. 1,2 Home Room V.P. 2 Monitor 3 Home Room Treas. 3 Superlative 4 F. T. A. 4 Library Staff 4 S. C. Rep. 4 ELIZABETH NORRIS F. H. A. 1 Glee Club 1,2,3 Home Room Treas. 2 JERRY PARKER Home Room Treas. 1 F. F. A. 1,2,3 SHELBY MCLAMB Home Room Chair. 4H Club 1, 2, 3 F. H. A. 1,2,3 Library Staff 4 S. C. Rep. 4 F. T. A. 4 Superlative 4 DORIS JEAN NORRIS Home Room Sec. 1 F. H. A. Sec. 2 Library Staff 2 Home Room Treas. 2 Acorn Club 2, 3, 4 Monitor 3 Dramatics Club 4 Superlative 4 MARIE OWENS 4-H Club 1 Glee Club 3 Ir.-Sr. Comm. 3 F. H. A. 4 JOYCE PARKER Library Staff 3 Glee Club 3, 4 Dramatics Club 4 1 WADE PARKER Bus Dr. Club 3,4 IANICE PARRISH Home Room Sec. 1 F. H. A. 1,2 Glee Club 1,2,3 Monitor 2,3 Home Room Treas. Irmior Play 3 F. T. A. 3,4 ELDRIDGE PENNY Acorn Club 1,2 Monitor 2, 3 2,4 Jr. Play Stage Mgr. F. T. 'A. 3,4 N. H. S. 3,4 Dramatics Club 4 Qalikf-fstaff4 GILBERT PRICE F. F. A. 1,2,3,4 Monitor 2,3 FELIX PARRISH 4H Club 1,2 S. C. Rep. 1,4 Basketball 1, 3,4 Dramatics Club 4 HOLICE PENDER S. C. Rep. 1 Glee Club 1 Monitor 3 Acorn Club Pres. 3 Acorn Club 3,4 Bus Dr. Club 3,4 JOHN PENNY 4H 1,2 F. F. A. 1,2 Monitor 1, 3 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1,4 CHARLES RAYNOR F. F. A.3 Hall. Car. King 4 MARGIE ROSE Library Staff 3 Glee Club 3,4 Dramatics Club 4 RAEFORD STANLEY F. F. A. 1,2 Monitor 2 S. C. Rep. 2 Home Room Sec. 2 Superlative 4 GENE STEPHENSON S. C. Rep. 2 Monogram Club 3 JANICE THORNTON 4H Club 1 F. H. A. 1 Monitor 1 Home Room Treas. 1 Jr.-Sr. Comm. 3 Dramatics Club 4 GLENN SMITH 4H 1, 2 4H Officer 1 F. F. A. l,2,3,4 Home Room Treas. F. F. A. Officer 2 Monitor 3 Home Room Chair. 3 THELMA STANLEY Glee Club 1 4H Club 1, 2 Monitor 2 Home Room Chair. 2 Acorn Club 2, 3, 4 Library Staff 3 Acorn Club Treas. 4 Acorn staff 4 KATIE STRICKLAND Glee Club 1, 2, 3 BARBARA WALLACE 41-I Club 1 Home Room Sec. 1,3 Acorn Club 2, 3 Monitor 2, 3 Junior Play 3 S. C. Rep. 4 Dramatics Club 4 Dramatics Club Sec. 4 ANNIE WESTER Home Room Sec. 2 LARRY WILLIAMS Class Vice-Pres. l Acorn Club 2 S. C. Rep. 2 Class Sec. 3 Chief Marshal 3 N. H. S. 3.4 Bus Dr. Club 3,4 F. T. A. 3,4 N. H. S. Pres. 4 A291 staff 4 Dramatics Club 4 Superlatlve 4 Library Staff 2 MARTHA WOOD Glee Club 1,2,3 Acorn Club 3 Library Staff 4 CLASS COLORS Red and White CLASS MOTTO GERTRUDE WILLIAMS Glee Club l,2, 3,4 JERRY WOOD F. F. A. 1,2,3 Class Sec. 2 Baseball 2, 3,4 Monogram Club 2, 3,4 Marshal 3 Superlative 4 LARRY WOODALL F. F. A. 1,2 Ir.-Sr. Comm. 3 Q35-L-eif staff 4 Bus Dr. Club 4 CLASS FLOWER Red Rose From this day forward--dare,dream and grow 21 HI TGRY "Within the halls of FOHS the memories of these happy years will linger on. " The halls are silent now, the last tassel has been turned, and the class of '56 have gone out to seek their places in the world. September 1952--ahead lay the four most important years of our lives. Remember that first day and how "green" we were. Then came our clubs and changing classes. How proud we were to walk down the aisle in chapel and oh, how we stared at the seniors. What about the monitor system we had to get used to. There was no doubt now that we were a part of FOHS. Our Sophomore year--membership in the Acorn Club for many of us. This was the year that many of our class members joined the Cardinals. Remember those days of struggling through algebra II and history. How we enjoyed the homecoming game and the dance. Then came our sophomore social--picnic at Holt's Lake. Our Junior year turned out to be a big one. We started off with a bang by reaching our goal in the magazine drive. Then those warm days in the cotton patch. There was that wonderful week end we spent in Colonial Williamsburg. Did it feel good, sitting in the center section of the auditorium. Our Junior play, "Nearly Beloved, was really a success. The Junior -Senior was the crowning event of our junior year. Remember all those hours spent decorating the gym. Our Saint PaUick's theme was really on schedule. Then came the day we were fitted for class rings, all 90 of us. Overnight it seems we became seniors. Now it was our year and we started it off by making a clean sweep of the annual ad drive. The days were spent in hard work and the nights had their share of work. Hours were spent working on the annual. The day arrived and we proudly flashed our class rings. Did it feel good, front seats in chapel and first in line for lunch. The selection of superlatives and senior play became memories. Then it was our time tobe guests of honor at the Junior-Senior. Later, signing the 1956 Acorn, and last minute cramming for examinations day. Finally came our last march down the aisle. Gone are the happy carefree days we knew so well. Ahead lies the future and there we must take our places. We, the seniors of 1956, have realized that we cannot always remain in Four Oaks High School, and so we have tried to prepare ourselves to face the future. T-o you we leave our knowledge and heritage gained by experience. Coats. Article I To the Principal and faculty members we leave PEACE. Article II To the Juniors we leave our honorable position of having other students rise for us in chapel. Article III To the Sophomores we leave our ability to procrastinate. Article IV To the Freshmen we leave our ability to keep things going. Article V 1. I, Johnnie Adams, leave my height to Julius Ivey. 2. I, Janice Allen, leave my size to Magdalene Moore. 3. I, Jasper Allen, leave my ability to squeeze through small holes to JoAnnLassiter 4. I Margie Allen, leave my ability to blush to Mary Ellen Johnson. 5. I Sandra Allen, leave nothing because I have nothing but Frank. 6. I Jerry Barbour, leave my ability to get minus points to Linwood Parker. 7, I Larry H, Barbour, leave my loud mouth to Fred Stephenson. 8. I Annette Bass, leave my popularity to Peggy Jo Lee. 9. I Avis Beasley, leave my height to Hazel Massengill. 10. I, Ruth Beasley, leave my "husband" to any Junior who can find him. ll. I Betty L. Benson, leave my quietness to Betty Sue Lee. 12, I Shelby Bizzell, leave my nervousness to anyone who can't overcome it. 13. I Alice F. Blackmon, leave my talkativeness to Betty Faye Barbour. 14. I Bruce Blackrnon, leave my ragged clothes to some Junior. 15. I Thomas Blackmon, leave my '50 Ford mufflers to Roy Lee Lassiter. 16. I Toni Brock, leave my 'love for sports to Norma Allen. 17. I Carolyn M. Butler, leave my title of "Mrs. " to Shelby Jean Moore. 18. I Janice Byrd, leave my shyness to Elaine Love. 19. I Joe Creech, leave my non-ability to ask a girl for a date to Alfred Massengill. 20, I, Margie Faircloth, leave my ability to act crazy to Lola Massengill. 21. I, James Grant, leave my ability to play baseball to Ottis Moore, Jr. 22. I, Cecil Guin, leave my talkativeness to Annie Ruth Johnson. 23. I Frances Hargis, leave my haircut to Evelyn Barbour. 24. I, Vaden Hartley, leave this old school with a satisfied mind. 25. I, Howard Hockaday, leave my ability to observe speed limits to Carolyn 26. I Ray Holmes, leave my big feet to Gerald Johnson. 27. I Jane Ingram, leave my ability to play a piano to Shirley J. Moore. 28. I Lois Johnson, leave my dependability to Faye Massengill. 29. I Mary A. Johnson, leave my "hog raising" ability to Barbara Barefoot. 30. I Myrtle Johnson, leave my love for Math to LaVerne Parker. 31. I, Jimmie Jones, leave my cute remarks to J. W. Johnson. 32. I, Johnie Joyce, leave my originality to M. E. Johnson. 33. I, Louise Keene, leave my love for Fords to Frances Hartley. 34. I Marlene Keene, just leave---hoping never to return. 35. I Pat Keene, leave my job as Oak Leaf editor to Brookie Barbour. 36. I Janice Langdon, leave my shorthand equipment to anyone who wants it, 37. I Peggy Langdon, leave my knack for getting in trouble to Glenda Johnson. 38. I Anne Langston, leave my fondness for Goldsboro to everyone. I, Betsy Ruth Lee, leave my "hotrod" ability to Sue Mitchell. l, Billy Lee, leave my worn-out alarm clock to just anyone. I, Clelma Lee, leave my love for the Air Force to Margie Johnson. I, Eston 'Lee, leave my control over a typewriter to Tony Lassiter. I, Frances Lee, leave my wavy hair to Joyce Evans, I, Frank Lee, leave my "pokie" ways to Victor Allen, I, Graham Lee, leave my ability to play hookie to Herman E. Strickland. I, Kelly Lee, leave my ability as cartoonist to Rebecca Allen. I, Maxine Lee, leave my blond hair to Linda Sue Beasley. I, T. W. Lee, leave my idea to look at the World Series to Larry Medlin. I, W. T. Lee, leave keeping the record of Chevrolets high to just anyone. I, Durwood Massengill, leave my ability to get out of work to any Junior. I, Gilbert Massengill, leave my ability to go downtown without getting caught to Rotha Overby. I, James Earl Massengill, leave my "railroad" car to Darrell Atkins. I, Katie Massengill, leave my love for red convertibles to any Junior. I, Pearl Massengill, leave my ability to capture Ft. Bragg paratroopers to Jeanette Garner. I, Donald McLamb, leave my decision to become a mechanical engineer to some other ambitious fellow who wants to leave the farm. I, Shelby McLamb, leave my title as best dressed to Charlotte Ingram. I, Margie Moore, leave my title of best personality to Sue Lassiter. I, Doris J. Norris, leave my love for Jack's and Gerald's to Sue Moore. I, Elizabeth Norris, leave my pony's tail to Brookie Barbour. I, June Marie Owens, leave my dimples to Nancy Johnson. I, Jerry Parker, leave my pink, baggy pants to Kenneth McLamb. I, Joyce Parker, leave my freckles to Jean Parker. I, Wade Parker, leave my troubles to anyone who can drive Bus No. 32. I, Felix Parrish, leave this school with a job well done. ' I, Janice Parrish, leave my "fastidious" ways to Judy Stephenson. I, Holice Pender, leave my "Golden Chariot" to Cecil Massengill. I, Eldridge Penny leave my duals to Donald Allen. I, John Penny, leave my "voice" to Bobby Parker. I, Gilbert Price, leave my ability to read to Van Hansley, Jr. I, Charles Raynor, leave my physique to Roy Adams, I, Margie Rose, leave my power to control men to Doris P. Barefoot. I, Glenn Smith, leave my ability to drive to school without Mr. Beeker catching me to J. W. Johnson. I, Laura Fay Stanley, leave my ability to get along with teachers to Margaret Allen. I, Raeford Stanley, leave my laugh to Jimmy Parker. I, Thelma Stanley, leave everything but Raeford to any Junior. I, Gene D. Stephenson, leave my spot at the radiator to Mrs. Barnes. I, Katie Strickland, leave my middle name, "Go" to Nancy Massengill. I, Janice Thornton, leave hoping that I'll accomplish something. I, Barbara Wallace, leave my sympathy with any girl who waits for a soldier. I, Annie Jean Wester, leave all of my worries to anyone who wants them. I, Gertrude Williams, leave my bashful ways to Margie Stanley. I, Larry Williams, leave nothing, because I'm stingy. I, Jerry Wood, leave my right field position to Harold Clifton. I, Lottie Wood, leave my motto, "Love'em and leave'em" to Judy Price. I, Martha Wood, leave my reducing pills to Sheila Hockaday. I, Larry Woodall, leave my ability to keep out of trouble to James Parker. Witnesses: Aftorneysz Mrs. Ernest M, Allen Margie Faircloth Larry Williams Jane Ingram LIPERLATIVES WSH? 'bw Q 4 ww M w W. Hg. , ap N 1255 - ,ffm , 524535 w QW Q .V ' nfgya 5 yrs! 252 - if Q-L f W f' vm21?WSWs ' .X Nm B L5 1 K ,gf sgmfff' 4f,gf?hgmf,sil33?4V,1,sgf ff -V yifigrl x Moi 1 W.. Aa. Iii! M ww , N ,gg ,QQ . , Y L, 1 N5 AJ' - - an? HA M, ' fl A M Q' f H -Q. - Mww ' ,W ' 5 w if A ' J ww- bin: ,Q -,ff ' , c:W,,,,', . ,..k ly? 42 .2 Hg. Z ff' N Q' ' fam it 222 il 'T wi Ska W E N V , ig. Q V f K, My 1 Q' z , ,gf ,,,93x iggxgajmg S . WR ff 'wi g x ix ,K a, Q f f'fX , M ,,5'Q , X I ' - I Q Y Q 'iw V iflqtw A ' 7 - 3 .yfgaww ..., It , . 1 1 . 7 k 5 , , . . 'Wil by 1 'rw' I if Y A 2 L y X . .' I 'as ,. ,Q.,, Q bra " ff LS'-gg a A V 'QUE' 1 K ! .X if - . . Q ' Q Y a '+ r ' I' 5 N1 if 1 3 , 7343 5 ' as , , ' -+4 . ' fx 'R , JJ. :M 4 ' Q, Zh 'Q 9 4 ' N . ur K 4' ' A A ,K ' ,3 1 ' " X 'K , ', 'Q in Ain' :vK'a",' A' Jin, , 2' ,B r, N , 1 vii I Q V W V fl' -, A qnimy' . Q W in Q Y '-1 x, 1: .Wi l ' ' fa ' " M- 11' K ' A A , ,, . P If .1 2 E Y I 4 ' Q 'S 4-sg., 'aff H . 2 , v. . -V1 yzgffn in aa AM ?'4rQ!f , af! 4' -5 . D ,W I Av Q Q 'A X fx ifwjffpglxt' . 4:51 M546 Q X. ir' ,bv fr! Iw i ',.Y',xVAv.f , L, I limi? 'Y ., . 4" 1 x dxf' K, Q- 4 Q K' 5 Q . A N 6 ,QF --1. lv qi NWA- H ya Q: Q Q X 4, Y V J . ,g up KA fig' at gk , 8 x av 5' N 4? ,ffm 1 V EW' x, ' Y Q ' ,. 1 X qt' A .3 mmf 5 , .M?,1, . 5' Q ,. if gt f 4 Q . ,f? ml kyfji Y. , ' V ga. ve ,i,N0,.,,, xi 4, A 'T-.F q. Q , 'L fd MLW , 5,3552 . 48 . f A 'V' "'Q3Jv I 7?1',,v X. K , , 7 'xi ml 3 ff ..'fv - W. 1, fy ,A J Agjblxvs 4. .5 dwg , V ii!! ,- ,' 531 545, . flfii md Vi. 'mi N5 Q, 3, , N S , high' Qi Q 5351! 1. q Q li: ' 5' "Lx PQ" r in 'Q V1 f-fy? gmt A .ye y 1145 A 1 Na, 5 g , ,V I , f.. .-. F Q , x it 3 Q Qui ki inf nf :v k 'tx "':.y:f7? L 'Z Q 3 if ,VN , rg- W -.y"""v'9'.f ' QQ? ' '18 W U YK, g ' , 17 E 1? M ,ni 5 .-A ,ijgs 'j 5. ' -,gf 3.75 4 4 x 'Z S. fry -' '93 - g'5"' S3935 "1 5 MW. 'i 2 'sig ' r V -,PQ Q gp 'v , v 8 . 5 ' D., T39 -N "': 5 " ff .wc E -af. Q-ii , , -4 , -'44 A ggwwwwwvzlfflg .J ag f 'af ' Q A xii Q ,wg 2 L E Q BEST LOOKING Johnny Adams Doris Jean Norris MOST POPULAR Annette Bass Jerry Wood J-my ' ah V -.. , mrs ,, .ff .gh ...L W . 5. M. QCP' 'WA E M Af' 'E'1,.i. K 3,5 gl A S 'tv A . "?1T',..' Y! 'mix x,-u,r .XV Q. in N f"V1i5-' 'm 1- J. awk WW, mm. J' J.. W 4? . .- MN? N'--P. if 2 , M51 " , r,l,vJ 4:-fu. + 4 : 2645 a. Vs. zip? .N gf s, df JH" . an ., 4 MLK. 1, .,,..j,,,..., J -1 - 1 fx ::"'7,dx 'jf LN . 1. , 6 x 'f- :N Y' .ind , ' Nt? 1.-M" 143'-J, 1 ' 151 "rf -- , "iff-v.d'r"f'014 -it ' " . wig: ,fa..-f- , ':,-,- ' .Lv -f Vw .A .ff-.1 VAL" "'4.l.'f"E', 343 A.-. .Tw '1- 3 .-.6 ,GSW ws. x ly, lgmga AH- MOST ATHLETIC Toni Brock James Grant bp... MOST ORIGINAL .Tohnie Joyce Pat Keene n BEST SPORT Glenn Smith Laura Faye Stanley A.m.LAMm? vtfaw fr 4 ,K ,ai Q.. , 51? 7235 qw ' E , .,.,. Am My '5 5, f . -'ii if 2 law: 'Zfvgg , a V 4 2 ' if 'WM 3 345 EE Ew aifsg mga L is? p 3.112 , Q N :a::.:-.'- ' D QW ' MS 5 OBACCO FUTURES Once early in 1966, Johnnie Adams and I, news correspondents for the k Times, were sent to cover the Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Before we went into the mad scramble, we dropped off at Radio Station WWL, where Kelly Lee was head disc jockey. We were met by his receptionist, Annie Jean Wester, and were asked to be seated in his private office where his private secretary, Lottie Wood, was at work. To pass the while, I picked up a copy of Time magazine and noticed on the cover a picture of Dr. Joseph Creech who had just brought the President out of a serious illness. About that time the head statistician of the station came into the room, and we recognized him to be a fine acquaintance, Billy Larry Woodall. After we had passed a wonderful visit with these friends, we left for the hotel where Durwood Massengill was the manager. His two assistants were Eldridge Penny and Gilbert Massengill. When we had dressed for dinner, we went into the street to join the merrymaking. There we ran into tiilly Lee, Texas oil man, Annette dass, "Miss Mardi Gras of l966", and James Grant, first baseman for the St. Louis Cards. James, who was heading for spring training camp, had stopped in New Orleans for a few hours to see three famous surgeons,Jasper Allen, Jimmie Jones, and Frank Lee. Holice Pender and Janice Thornton, bride and groom-to-be, were taking in the sights. We spied a group of people on a corner, and sauntering over that way, we saw that they were being led in song by two Salvation Army workers, Dr. and Mrs. Raeford Stanley QRaeford and Thelmaj. After making our way to a well-known restaurant, we joined a banquet which had been prepared by the world- renowned chef, Larry Hugh Barbour. His staff included Gertrude Williams, Anne Langston, Donald McLamb, and Gilbert Price. The principal address was given by a famous Baltimore heart specialist, Dr. Thomas Blackman, who was introduced by the Toastmaster of America, Jerry Wood. Johnnie and Ihad to fly to Chicago the following day to cover a meeting of American Sportswriters at the University of Chicago. Before the meeting, as we walked around we recognized some of the professors as former classmates. There were T. W. Lee, Professor of Psychology, Pat Keene, Head of the Journalism Department, and W. T. Lee, Economics and Sociology Professor. After we had interviewed two of the outstanding sports- writers of the day, Margie Faircloth, Lady Sports Editor of the Chicago Tribune, and Graham Lee, Sports Caster, the meeting was called to order by Glenn Smith, who was president of the Sports Writers of America. We noticed reporters who had come from all over the country to cover this event. Some of them were Laura Faye Stanley of a Detroit paper, Clelma Lee of the Raleigh 1:1-elzsugj Observer, and Janice Langdon of the Durham Morning Herald. After the meeting we were treated to a much acclaimed play which was running in downtown Chicago. It was "Week to Week" and in the cast were three young ladies that we knew very well, Frances Lee, Myrtle Johnson, and Peggy Langdon. Joyce Parker, who had married a wealthy young Chicago playboy, was in the audience. The next week on our way to Miami, Florida, we decided to drop in on Four Oaks, and as we passed the main street, we noticed on the bank window that Wade Parker was head cashier. We later learned that he and Jerry Barbour were well-known business partners of the country. Vaden Hartley, Mayor of Four Oaks, insisted that we drop by his office for a chat, and while at the city hall, we met James Earl Massengill, city alderman, Jane Ingram, a well-known lady judge, Betsy Ruth Lee, a secretary in that building, and John Aaron Penny, criminal lawyer. The mayor's private secretaries were Shelby McLamb and Katie Strickland. After our visit with his Honor, we went to the post office to mail some news stories and there we met Martha Wood, the post- mistress, and Eston Lee, the recruiting sergeant for the army. As we started to leave town a strange thing happened. The Governor of the state, Larry Williams, stopped to dine at a beanery owned by Felix Parrish and was immediately rushed upon and interviewed by the Q-Qs ' star reporter, Toni Brock. The owners of the paper even came for the interview. They were Jerry Parker, Avis Beasley, and Ray Holmes. 39 We noticed how the outskirts of town had grown. There was Howard Hockaday's Oil Company. Near it was a famous clothing and millinery shop which featured two world-famous designers, Mademoiselles Maxine Lee and Janice Parrish. The shop was owned by Doris J. Norris and operated by Margie Moore and Carolyn Moore Butler. We arrived in Miami the following night and decided to see the town. At the first night club we ran into a group of celebrities who we knew. They were Betty Lou Benson, well-known model, Marlene Keene, wife of a Texas oil man, Marie Owens, ballerinag and Elizabeth Norris, heiress to a million-dollar fortune left her by a secret admirer. We arose at noon the next day and covered a three o'clock meeting of famous American authors. Among these writers were several of our former classmates. Margie Rose was a syndicated columnist for the Miami Herald and was hostess for the affair. Cecil Guin had written a best seller named To Live to Die, Ruth Beasley had written a biography of Mr. Henry Becker, and Shelby Bizzell had written two Broadway hits. A11 four ladies were presented awards for their outstanding work. On our flight from Miami back I0 New York, OUI hostesses were Sandra Allen and Frances Hargis. Seated across the aisle was Barbara Wallace, who was a representative for a clothing firm in Boston. After we returned to New York, Alice Fay Blackman and Effie Pearl Massengill came to us and offered us better jobs: therefore, we returned to Four Oaks and bought houses near each other. Our neighbors were Margie Allen, a teacher in the Four Oaks School, and Bruce Blackman, Superintendent of Johnston County Public Schools. Life was sort of uneventful in Four Oaks, and about all the reporting consisted of was social news about Four Oaks' Society leaders, Janice Allen, Janice Byrd, and Lois Johnson. Mary Anne Johnson had a big wedding, marrying a graduate of West Point, and Louise Keene eloped with a man who had been graduated from Annapolis. Gene David Stephenson moved into our neighborhood. Being a married man he found that he could not play golf with us as often as he would have liked, but he found consolation in a fellow-sufferer, Charles Raynor. All in all, the "grads" of '56 seemed to have done fairly well for themselves. Prophet ----- ---- J ohnie Joyce 40 WMM 4.-1 stalks appear 1n e boys and guls advance m the Iumor Class ' iw 4 T' 1 Ju Ions M.w""""'w-N.. fa -4 i,..,,i1WMiZ ""jjf-M-.W ff " fi"if5'55i2523225523293-1--s.,'rIEZl:.f3'..'if a s ' his L1fl.':'ai:'5EEf.If.Q-J ""'nf"f'5"'ef:2f:'I' .V ',51?'E-' ,' H ,-fn-'11 42'-'121:Z1,1Z-Ivxikv' 1. 5532.4-.s i f iifff 2 " . 6 3 fgfsiixk i if 55 2 :i g . 1 , H .531 -JK' fax X Eff' 3' Wigs, :., .,,.,A,. .. 5, 3 - I E ,Q w e gf' 4 is + A j9"1'fz'f+. QQ"-vV'??g35fK?L ,MUN v.1,,, -A. we 1 ,L X . M vu. U' A JMR 2 wglfalxge af,fg,m ,,,-HR Unk-a,,H,x www Qi...-A L",, Hays I GAYLE ADAMS ROY ADAMS DONALD ALLEN MARGARET ALLEN Treasurer N ORMA ALLEN VICTOR ALLEN MELBA BALLANCE BETTY BARBOUR BROOKLE BARBOUR EVELYN BARBOUR FAYE BARBOUR JOHN BARBOUR MITCHELL BARBOUR BARBARA BAREFOOT BETSY BAREFOOT DORIS BAREFOOT LINDA BEASLEY MYRTLE BLACKMON LA RUE CANADAY CAROLYN COATS J. B. DUNN JEANNETTE GARNER FRANCES HARTLEY SHEILA HOCKADAY PATRICIA HONEYCUTT CHARLOTTE INGRAM Vice -President JULIUS IVEY JANICE JACKSON ANNIE R. JOHNSON GERALD JOHNSON GLENDA JOHNSON J, W, JOHNSON LEAMON JOHNSON MARGIE JOHNSON MARY E. JOHNSON ROY LASSITER SUE LASSITER TONY LASSITER BETTY SUE LEE Secretary FRANCES LEE ODELL LEE PEGGY LEE President ELAINE LOVE ALFRED MA SSEN GILL CECIL MASSENGILL CLIFFORD MASSENGILL PAYE MASSENGILL HAZEL MASSENGILL LOLA MASSENGILL NANCY MASSENGILL CHARLOTTE MCLAMB KENNETH MCLAMB LARRY MEDLIN SUE MITCHELL OTTIS MOORE, IR. SHELBY MOORE SHIRLEY MOORE SUE MOORE ROTHA OVERBY BOBBY PARKER JAMES PARKER JIMMY PARKER LHVERNE PARKER LINWOOD PARKER MARY ELLEN PARKER MITTIE PARKER ALICE POWELL LAURA F. RHODES CAROLYN SMITH MARGIE STANLEY FRED STEPHENSON EARL STRICKLAND LOIS THORNTON JEAN WALLACE I. W, WEST RUTH WILLIAMS Not Pictured MARGARET AUSTIN I W JOHNSON MELINDA JOHNSON Class Colors Class Flowl Blue and White White Carnat Climb Though The Rocks Be Rugged X ,,V'f',,.-ww SCJPHCJMORES , Q D .lf U ff NZ ffl 14 - K , fzf-:gi-ffbwfiaffz vevggzsygfzgq 1 4. if ' B ' ' 9' X 'MQ' f I II, ' MH 'i',g 25' ggi? 2 . 221"1f" V ifii .9 Z 5'-2 ,ifgii we-2233357 A - 1 A , .1 ff A W z A A A f:sQf32: Q A.A , S Wh W W - ' 31 , ezsiqwm Af A R, ff A., gf A " '.V' , 1'A5 ,gm A if? Wx I L. f n' ' -f-w if A l4 4, A lm .M ., , , 5 , A A 1 i KENNETH ADAMS MAXINE ADAMS NANCY ADAMS BETSY ALLEN DURWOOD ALLEN LOULE JANE ALLEN NELLIE GRAY ALLEN REBECCA ALLEN SYLVIA ALLEN WADE ALLEN DARRELL ATKINS HUGH BAKER MARGARET BARBOUR PEGGY HARBOUR RUTH BARBOUR BOBBY BAREFOOT EARL BAREFOOT ROLAND BAREFOOT SHERWOOD BAREFOOT BOBBY BLACKMON LUBY BLACKMON MATTIE BLACKMON RUBY BLACKMON JIMMY BRITT JIMMY BYRD CAROLYN CAUDILL HAROLD CLIFTON CHRISTINE CREECH GENELL EASON LEAWOOD EASON IOYCE FLOWERS GLORIA GODWIN OPAL HALL THELMA HAYES H. M. HINES BETTY ROSE HOCKADAY President BOBBY HOCKADAY SUE HODGES Treasurer JACKIE HOLLOWAY IULIA INGRAM Secretary 221f: rf 'M rr . ., W fr ,..WwmMW yrfezirziszmggmzzsi iw 3 ,zmgg md, rwqwekflwmffiegbxg ,EWMZQ WWSQQ ff 1 zezsszsswr FSM in GT, 64.556 Q I r f rg E rg: P, X 591555 ,sir f I 2 , ' ' r -a..i3Hs.:V1 ,r,,,.. , A A ff ww A J Q. i IGM? fig I W ji K aww WWW Q? 1 441916 zz 1 rm 'W VW A--wwmfvu'-3' .- r A I 155522351 I .dw - www N . , V Z . 5:.,,f:,5fg,.g.gg4, fffjz f2:',-lm. , V, 1" A-I ,,,. 1 Q - mi I H1214 ' 'xnxx' 5 , , " '1'Z,z rZ?3f.T1.f YE I i s Q Q . 5 4 , . 'A I J 3 , Q53 , 33. I, . Mfr' ' f Q I -Sw 1 Si? rm Sxgim CHARLES JOHNSON DENNIS JOHNSON M. E. JOHNSON SHERWOOD JOHNSON WILMA JOHNSON .TERRY JONES DELIA KEENE LINDA LANGDON BILLY LASSITER JO ANN LASSITER LINDA LASSITER Vice -President PHIL LASSITER SHELBY LASSITER SHERWOOD LASSITER BETTY LOU LEE JOHNNY LEE JOYCE LEE LARRY LEE FAY MAHLER BRUCE MASSENGILL sw: Q3 Q my , , X Q Q , WINS' ' Q . viwq A ,wQ5i?fS?'f'97Ly' X , , vw iii is ' 2 XifniMQwW we 0 .JN A, ff f A, 44 -ima ff fag e P 1 ,, h M 4 W M, ,MX xfvwgfikwl' Wm, 4' ww QQ ozucs MILLI G CORPORATIO MANUFACTURERS OF OMICO FEEDS SUPREME, OAKS BEST, DIXIE PRIDE FLOUR RED HEART CORNMEAL CUSTOM GRINDING AND MIXING BUYERS OF FARMERS' GRAINS THE FARMER'S FRIEND PHONE 266-I FOUR OAKS, N. C 0F FIRST CITIZENS BANK F 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I I S I HFIE 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I "'AA-"'----A---------+----------A-A----AAAAAAA-A---AAA----A-----A----J ' ""'--- -v---- v --vvv--- vvv- : I :::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::-1 AI2MouR'S EERTILIZERS THARRINGTON I TOBACCO CURERS DELTA FLOOR FURNACES I and I I 'I 'I 'I ALLEN JOHNSON FERTILIZER 8 OIL CO. Phone 2936 Benson, North Carolina 'I 'I 'I NO TH CA OLINA 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I I I HEATING SYSTEMS gf KEROSENE I 'I I FUEL OIL I GASOLINE gg BANK OF FOUR OAKS "A Dependable Bank" TIME TO SAVE QW INTEREST ON SAVINGS Member F. D. I. C. AUSTIN'S FEED STORE SEEDS, FEEDS, INSECTICIDES HARDWARE, FARM IMPLEMENTS, COAL PHONE 3341 FOUR OAKS, NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF H. M. JOHNSON 8g CO. GENERAL SUPPLY FERGUSON TRACTORS 81 IMPLEMENTS DOZER SERVICE PHONES 240-I - 336-I FOUR OAKS, NORTH CAROLINA SMITHFIELD AUTOMOBILE DEALERS Organized 'I946 M E M B E R S WILSON CHEVROLET CO. STANLEY MOTORS, INC. BUIE MOTORS, INC. B 8g R WILSON, INC. GARDNER MOTOR CO. WILLIAMS MOTOR CO. PIPPIN MOTORS, INC. LITTLE'S PONTIAC, INC. IF IT'S BORDEN'S ITS GOT TO BE GOOD ! THE BORDEN COMPANY WHITE DAIRY PRODUCTS DIVISION High Point, 'E5'M'bIiDKAErQ'fE'5F I . E. Gregory 8: Company Smithfield, Stevens' Young Men Shop Benson, N. The Fashion Shop Smithfield, Dance's Department Store Smithfield I.tving's Department Store Smithfield --vv---vv---v----vv--- -jf v-----------vv--v------v--vvv- oooo Lucic sarxuoies 'I : LASSITER'S MARKET I I And R. H. TEMPLE 'III GROCERY MERCHANT 1 y QUALITY MEATS and GROCERIES I, M Phone 2446 We Deliver Four Ooks, North Corolino if If 1: 1: Four Ooks, N. C. II::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::0,k ?f ::: -:::::::::::::::::::- :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::,., f:- ::::::::::::::::: CHARM BEAUTY SHOP II It Compliments of il il Permonents - 55.00 Up I Cold waves- 55.00 Up if Ig GRANTHANVS Compleie Line of Revlon Cosmetics : Phone 3281 Four Oaks, N. C. BOYS' AND YOUNG MEN'S SHOP MARGARET BOYETTE, Owner I , 4 SMITHFIELD , - iiiiiiifiiifffiffi - - " " - -ffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie, v v,..vv,vv G V -v v v CONGRATULATIONS ' THORNTON'S LUNCH SENIORS i I Hor Doos - HAMBuRoERs I IL 'E BAR-B-Q SMITHFIELD LUMBER CO. 1' You Will Always Find 'y i Your Friends SiVIITI'IFIELD', NORTH CAROLINA Here In Ii ------v-f- ----- 4,::::.4-f.-.-: IIAK MILLI II CIIRPURATIII J' Is COMPLIMENTS OF CECIL WHITEHURST'S SERVICE STATION WASHING GREASING LUBRICATION COMPLIMENTS OF JORDAN'S JEWELRY SMITHFIELD, NORTH CAROLINA """"""" "'1: SEE I WILLIE HOCKADAY FOR DEPENDABLE HEATING CURING OIL GENERAL MERCHANDISE Phone 357I FOUR OAKS, NORTH CAROLINA SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE AT LEDER BROTHERS AND WEAR WITH PRIDE The Mos? Complefe Department Store JI, ....... ......,...... - - ........,, - 'YF """"""A'A'""""""""' M 8L M MEAT COMPANY A COMPLETE, LINE OF QUALITY MEATS Roufe 2 FOUR OAKS, NORTH CAROLINA GOOD LUCK SENIORS HOCKADAY'S MARKET 81 GROCERY FOUR OAKS, NORTH CAROLINA MEET THE GANG AT JACK'S DRIVE-IN SMITHFIELD, NORTH CAROLINA DUNN'S GROCERY AND FEEDS FOUR OAKS, NORTH CAROLINA 'I AI I P P 'I P P P P P P P P P T :::::r:::::: 19 :::::::::::::J:::::::::::' 7 I EAT IN STYLE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE EAT THE SOLITH'S BEST FOOD CLASS OF '56 :I 'I CAFE LINDA , THE JEWEL BOX IE FOUR OAKS, NORTH CAROLINA SMITHFIELD, NORTH CAROLINA fx:x::x:::x,:x:,,xx:x:,,,:v L ,,,,,:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:,,,,,,,, r:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::v Q :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I I TART'S VARIETY STORE , LANQLEYIS JEWELRY I I QI OROCERIES CLOTHING I P MEAT-5 ' "We Hove A Gift For Any , "You'lI Be Smcxrf ' Occqsionu 1, When You Shop AT ToIrI's" :I , FOUR OAKS, NORTH CAROUNA , FOUR OAKS, NORTH CAROLINA ILxL,xxx:x::x:x:::x::::xx L ,,,,,,,,,,,, :,,,,,,,:,,:,,,.,, K -:::::::1L:::::::::::::, ::3::::::::111::::::::::::::- I THE RLACETOBLIY I HUGH AU TINIS I DEPENDABLE MERCHANDISE I S I, AT ATTRACTIVE PRICES P "We Give Full Value In Everything I1 ONE OF NORTH CAROLINAIS We Sell" BETTER IvIEN'S AND BOYS' STORES I, :I 3, 8K E "A Trial ls All We Ask" I I If FQUR OAKS, NORTH CAROLINA I SMITHFIELD, NORTH CAROLINA I, 'I iii::::::::::21lmW::::::::::::::::::1v LAr::::::v211::::::::::::::::::::::: f::::::v1::::::::::::x:::::::::x:::::: E :::::r:z:::::::::::::1z::::::::::: l MAY SUCCESS BE YOURS I B. B. WALKER SHOE CO. I I I, I WADE H, STANLEY I DISTRIBUTORS OF I "WALKER BRAND" SHOES SIVIITH-DOUOLAS FERTILIZER Phone 4-944 'I 'I I FOUR OAKS, NORTH CAROLINA I ASHEBOROI NORTH CAROLINA I, I, I, I, b:::::5:::f: Aiffifffiiiriffiff 4r'35:3::5:5: "A"AA' AA"'A'AA P I I I I I I I I 'I 'I I I I I 'I I I 'I I I I I I I I I, ' """"""""""' "" ' ' '7 Yxxi:::":::::::::::'::x::x:x:: 2' COMPLIMENTS QIQIKSH TEXACO SERVICE 7 o f Q: Q: I I 2, CREECH'S 5:5 1 5: Tire Recappingv Washing I I I If :I Fuel Groceries Cafe QI Marfax Lubrication. I EI I I I I I ff Four Oaks, North Carolina E Pom Oaks' North Carohna 9:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::,qV:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ffmf:":xffmffmemmmmnv .ffm-1ee-'fmxfmffemmexeee COMPLIMENTS of 122: MOORE'S SHELL 4, ,I I LPARRISH CLOTHING 535 SERWCE :I STORE and If ' 4 II T H e K I D E S H O P 'I Washing Recapping Complete line of ladies :I I' and 'I 1, Minor Auto Repairs , Chi1dren's Ready To Wear ,, ' I 1, 'I Smithfield, North Carolina If Four Oaks, North Carolina :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::A::A IN::::,:::::::::,:::,:::::::,::::::- 1 GWEN s II LEE SJOHNSON 'I I' II E: Ladies and Chi1dren's Statesvme Feeds 1 I' Fan G e' andSeed Ready fn wen CY Cfxnxsproduce S 'I :I II Fertilizer II fl Gifts for Au Occasions Phone 2316--Res. Phone 3096 I 1 Phone 2261 Benson, N. I I 1 Bgngon, North C3l701il'18J L::::::ff:::::::f::::::::::::::::::jL::::,t:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: If:::::::::::::::':::::::::::: f-f::::::f:::::: :ff:::::ff::::f:::::::fffff 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I l 4 I I 1 'I 0 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4, I I I ' ' ' ' - - - v v v v v v :::::::::::::::,.--::,-::4p.0.4: f Y' 1 xg? iv 4 K A f f 'Q f 'QQQT 7 7 , www J , A pn, wig swf? ,q I I? 125 ,BQ , , 'W 1 ' . ff 530 ' if F5 2 f fi? N" 'WGSU L' ' ' f-nw. - QM Q33 ' k -5-l 5 . Wm, M, , A yn Q , , ima ...ww q- Q - R f . ,f f 4, 5 S E 5 AUTGGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS M 1 Q L 1 ,T s 3, ' K W f I 4 . 1 3' 'H 'W , -. 1, I T5 E .gf . , I ! wg 1 ' al il. 'x S23 4-ful M1 4 if! I. -"Y X , 'i v'

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