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x V ' 1 1 ,wg r 1, 1 .' vs.,-, 1 H :A , v 4 i .!1. ,Q 21. ,, Agia, .. , gn ov 44 GC: 5 M -9 x . . A 'i' r, ' , A QL., A. x I K V... ' ... I -.sw ..,, N A n 1 - 4 .,4 3 A 'E W 4- F xx fh- 'WO' :mf 'Wi in ' -1 , if -1 A 1 r HI , I M, X 2 :Lg lk N W i , , , TL , THE. . r X - -5? 1 Ig 2 .ES 2 45. E11 4 ' V , WINTER UUARTER5 UE "THE GREATEST SHUW UN EARTH THE QCQRN ,9l"050l'Lt86! Senior Class of l95El Four llol-is High School lfour Ual-is, North Carolina Senior and Superlafive PorJrrai'rs b H lc S cl A b M B B ll E her Fowler Editor ...... Anno Brady ggi: ' ff , 'L mb f , ., wiv us 4 4 t ,,,, I X I ,. 1 -:"1'l9'f ,Aiwa 44 ra N The corn Staff Editor ........... Assistant Editor .......... Business Manager .......... Assistant Business Manager Advertising Manager ....... Sponsor ..... .... . . . . . .Anne Grady Betty Jean McLamb . . .Betty Holloway .. . . . . .Shirley Smith ..Faye Lee Modlin .Mrs. E. V. Wilkins K X X X x E f 'X x X X X 54. X 2 ., rw ,J 1, Z I Mrk j ! va 1 X' an Snopshot Editors. . Wright Longley Comlllo Grady Evo Wood Johnson Typists ......... Junior Editor ..... Sophomore Editor Freshman Editor . lm-Thsiliiw i Thousands name him and acclaim him: love him and know kinship wiTh him. Thousands have liTTed Their sighTs Through him: have seT Their courses by him. His STar guides Them, and down Their ways They mark Time again To Teel his serene presence. his sTeadTasTness, his quieTness: To caTch ThaT look of approval - To remember his Tolerance. We know This man: we work wiTh him: he is our Triend. l-le eases young Tensenesses Through his comradery - Through his over- Tlowing youThTul humor-so magically absorbed. There is deep abiding peace wiThin his hearT in The knowing ThaT YOUTH has been'his C5reaT AssignmenT in liTe: And, ThaT he has given himself. compleTely, To iT. l-le s+ill serves -increasingly nobly. CynThia deFord Adams T MH. J. T. HATIIHEH Principal nf F. U. H. 5. Since 1924 'Gu '-1 ANIIVIAL T . .u .1 Mr. J. T. Hatcher Wg, . ,V,,A, Mrs. Ernesf Allen Mrs. Leamon Barnes Mr. James Bryan Creech Mrss Hazel Dales Mrs Robert Fleming Mrs J T HGfCl1er Mr. Worley Keene Miss Tassie Langley My, Gilbert Lewis HAI EHS Mrs. Norwood Sorrell Mrs. E. V. Wilkins i Mr. Tom Woodard Miss Lenora Patterson Miss Wilhelmina Utley Mr. John Sanderson Mr. J. N. White U! LE You're fhe Queen of our hearlrs, Four Oaks High School, You hold a place which none o+her can fill The years in passing have bound us And bind us closer siill, Like rhe sun in +he Easf when 'Tis rising- A new day is dawning for fhee. And Through sunshine and fears Of our clear high school years- You're ihe Queen of our hearfs, Four Oaks High School. N K N22 W i SL? Prophecy In my traveling about the country as a saleswoman for the Acme Hairpin and Garter Company, I take time out once in a while to enjoy myself and see some excitement. Like the other day when I was wander- ing about Chicagoiand happened to come in contact with the Circus Grounds. I never, never expected when .I entered the gates that I would experience the thrill of meeting my school chums who graduated with me in I953 from'dear 'ol Four Oaks High School. I never for a moment thought that when I saw the names Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, and Langdon before the great signs advertising the circus, that these people were Harold, Joel, Ada Bell, and Carl, and that they were the owners of this vast universe. When my ticket was taken, the first thing that I saw was a barker, Gene Baker by name, who was yelling for me and the thousands of other spectators to come in and see the sword swallower. My curiousity on edge, I wandered into the tent and whom should I see but Mack Johnson with a three foot sword in his mouth up to the hilt. His very energetic assistant, Margie Johnson, was busily keeping various kinds of swords before the performer on a small tabld. After Mack swallowed thirteen swords which gave me indigestion, I walked over to the "Pitch-a-Penny" booth and saw Stanford Adams raking the pennies in. And there, pitching away their week's wages were Jimmy Olive, Elwood Bass, Ralph Jones, Elvin Allen, and Edward Martin. Resisting the temptation to splurge a few pennies here, I left the booth and walked over to James and his "Tunnel of Love". I descended into a love boat and rode into the tunnel. The couple in front of me kept looking back and shortly, to my astonishment, I found them to be Edward Lassiter and Shirley Smith, now a twosome. After a most enjoyable ride, I continued my way along the sawdust-covered pathways, but soon the low whispering chant of a fortune teller lured me away and beckoned me to come inside her tent. I did so and when I saw those eyes, I knew it could be none other than Barbara Stanley. While we chatted she told me all her troubles. She had tried to get a job with Faye's "ModIin Agency" along with Anne Grady and Shirley Haskett, but had been turned down on account of her nose while the others had been taken. I consoled her by having my palm read and when she told me I was to meet a tall dark some- body that day, I was very excited. By this time I was also very hungry, so I stopped in at "Ma's Place" for a hamburger. lwas served a giant hamburger by Ma herself, "Betty Jean Parker, and my drink was poured by her assistant, Ozzie Raynor. After the third hamburger and second drink I was on my way again to see the sights. I ambled over to the Big Top where the evening performance was iust beginning. After buying my ticket and walking over several people, I found my seat. A funny clown, Earthul Clifton, kept trying to turn somer- saults but was having a difficult time because the bottoms of his shoes kept coming off. Finally the per- formance began. First there came the Queen of the Show, Laura Beth Barbour, in her coach drawn by white horses. After she had departed, the trapeze artists, Lolita Norris, Thena Ivey, and Billy Fowler brought down the house in applause with a wonderful performance. Next came the tight rope walkers, Jean Moore and Zane Grey Thornton. This was marvelous except for one thing. Someone behind me kept putting a candy apple in my hair. After much furious concentration, I whirled around to see Donald Creech with his arms full of candy apples, popcorn, and soda pop. By the time I removed the candy from my hair, the show was over and everyone started out at once. Even in the loud, boisterous laughter of the people, I did not fail to hear a very familiar giggle, and with much work I craned my neck to see three bareback riders, Betty Jean McLamb, Shirley Mayes and Dorothy Blackmon giggling up into the face of the strong man of the circus, Charles McCIenny. Finally I escaped from the crowd and walked along looking at the various booths. One caught my eye, for I saw the head of Leroy Holley sticking from beneath the sign "Hit me with the ball and win a prize". After sixteen misses I moved on. Not particularly looking where I was going, I walked head- I long into four bunches of feathers whom I found to be Jean Massengill, Dorothy Olive, Nellie Beasley, and Kay Barbour. These were on their merry way toward the tent marked "Phil Sanders and His Dancing Girls", for their performance was beginning in about five minutes. They bade me come and see the show, but tired and worried, I refused. I I was lust about ready to head for my car when I spied "The Minstrel Show". This I could not re- sist, however tired or worried I might be. I climbed the steps and found a seat. On came three dancing girls who I found were Shirley Parker, Juanita Woodall, and Florine Johnson. In the middle of their merry- making an elderly gentleman with mustache and sideburns, David Snead, came in and danced circles around them. A "mommy", Jean Baker, brought forth many a laugh and I found I was not as tired as I had seemed. The last, but very enioyable act was a colored trio, Shirley Lee, Polly Slaughter, and Alice Jack- son who sang "Dixie", still a favorite at this time. After this I resumed my way out of the grounds. I passed the numerous trailors and trucks which had brought these fun-makers into our midst. One of the trucks was especially attractive for painted on its side was an act I had failed to see. There was "Margo", the Magician, James Earl Massengill, sawing a body in two in a box, which I knew could be none other than Mavoreen Snead by that flaming red hair. I thought it was too late to go back for just one act so I continued my journey. As I rounded the corner of a trailer, a pan of dishwater missed me by nothing. Looking up through my wet hair, I saw the cook of the show, Betty Holloway and her electric dishwasher, Edna Mahler. This was iust too much and I ran as hard as I could for my car. The evening had been fun, but my energy and all my money were gone. Still happy, nevertheless, I did not notice the tall, dark somebody who was walking toward me as I got into my car. At length how- ever, I did notice him, for when I saw the badge and felt him grasp me by the arm, I immediately rec ognized Wright'LangIey. And without warning, I was dragged away, but still happy at meeting my old school chums, and still wondering who put that "No Parking Sign" where my car was. Christine Hockaday. 9 Xl vi Q sk vs 22 ,QW 1 925,--off'-S R 5? J brown? F N KQV Jgf l W f ' Q, l WWEQQ 9 QQ gf I v IVWQQ? XE in K Q' I f 3-'sf 81 0 i Pglgx f Qi 4' X x A I f Wir Q0 a Xe AF , ik CD ! Q if Qi? 0- STANFORD ADAMS Pet Peeve: Boclcseat drivers. Ambition. To ploy college basketball. GENE BAKER Pet Peeve: English. Ambition: Ministry. KAY BARBOUR Pet Peeve: English Themes. Ambition: Nurse. ELWOOD BASS Pet Peeve: Jealous women. Ambition: Doctor. 'ev-., 4,35 ELVIN ALLEN Pet Peeve: Writing Themes. Ambition: Electrical Engineer. T T l JEAN BAKER Pet Peeve: English. Ambition: Secretory. l I I LAURA BARCOUR Pet Peeve: A big "feeling" l showoff. Ambition: To keep my mor- rioge o success. l 2 NELLIE BEASLEY 1, Pet Peeve: Class criticism. T Ambition: Secretarial work. , DOROTHY BLACKMON Pet Peeve: Home work. Ambition: Secretary. DONALD CREECH V Pet Peeve: Women. Ambition: Farmer. ANNE GRADY Pet Peeve: Work. Ambition: To graduate from Duke. CHRISTINE HOCKADAY Pet Peeve: Walking up or down stairs after each class. Ambition: Traveling Sales- woman. EARTHUL CLIFTON Pet Peeve: Geometric figures. Ambition: Radio T.V. engi- neer. BILLY FOWLER Pet Peeve: Work. Ambition: Be a millionaire and live to enjoy it. SHIRLEY HASKETT Pet Peeve: English Themes. Ambition: Nurse. LEROY HOLLEY Pet Peeve: Writing themes. Ambition: Farming. BETTY HOLLOWAY Pei' Peeve: Themes a nd speeches. Ambition: Go to college. ALICE JACKSON Pet Peeve: Making speeches. Ambition: Business school. FLORINE JOHNSON Pet Peeve: Nosy People. Ambition: To establish a home. JOEL JOHNSON Pet Peeve: Women drivers. Ambition: Captain in Merchant Marines. - 'WW THENA IVEY Pet Peeve: Bow ties. Ambition: Secretary. 1 l l l l l l i l l l ADA JOHNSON Pet Peeve: World History. Ambition: Nurse. l l l HAROLD JOHNSON Pet Peeve: Writing Themes. Ambition: To graduate. I l MACK JOHNSON l Pet Peeve: Work. J l Ambition: To get a red Cadil- lac Convertible. ' 4 MARGIE JOHNSON Pet Peeve: Gossips. Ambition: Secretary. CARL LANGDON Pet Peeve: Women drivers. Ambition: Cattle Farmer. EDWARD LASSITER Pet Peeve: Putting strings in shoes. Ambition: To graduate. JAMES LOVE Pet Peeve: Teachers. Ambition: Aviator. 'W RALPH JONES Pet Peeve: Writing Themes. Ambition: To graduate. WRIGHT LANGLEY Pet Peeve: Giggling girls. Ambition: To be a success in life. SHIRLEY LEE Pet Peeve: Studying. Ambition: Nurse. CHARLES MCCLENNY Pet Peeve: My ialopy. Ambition: To go to William 81 Mary. BETTY JEAN MCLAMB Pet Peeve: Studying. Ambition: Secretary. EDWARD MARTIN Pet Peeve: Women drivers. Ambition: Radio technician. JEAN MASSENGILL Pet Peeve: Waiting. Ambition: Secretary. FAYE MODLIN Pet Peeve: The army. Ambition: To graduate. EDNA MAHLER Pet Peeve: Busy-bodies. Ambition: Private Secretary JAMES MASSENGILL Pet Peeve: Girls. Ambition: Air Force. SHIRLEY MAYES Pet Peeve: Hillbilly music. Ambition: Airline hostess. JEAN MOORE Pet Peeve: Opera singing. Ambition: Beautician. LOLITA NORRIS Pet Peeve: Studying. Ambition: Secretory. JIMMY OLIVE Pet Peeve: Listening to 0 giggling girl trying to talk. Ambition: Veterinarian, SHIRLEY PARKER Pet Peeve: Moustaches. Ambition: Nurse. PHIL SANDERS Pet Peeve: Being called "Blondie". Ambition: Millionaire. fi ""'...'? DOROTHY OLIVE Pet Peeve: Busy-bodies. Ambition: Housewife. BETTY PARKER Pet Peeve: False teeth. Ambition: Go to A. C. C OZZIE RAYNOR Pet Peeve: Girls. Ambition: Patrolman. POLLY SLAUGHTER Pet Peeve: Literature. Ambition: To be c Nurse SHIRLEY SMITH Pet Peeve: Nosy people. Ambition: Nursing. MAVOREEN SNEAD Pet Peeve: Crooked stocking SECITIS. Ambition: Go to Campbell College. ZANE THORNTON Pet Peeve: Grumbling people. Ambition: Pharmacist. xi 0' C- fx' ra? ' da DAVID SNEAD Pet Peeve: English. l Ambition: Join the Navy. il l BARBARA STANLEY Pet Peeve: People who make you feel "not wanted". Ambition: To learn to carry a NNE. i E l l JUANITA WOODALL Pet Peeve: English. Ambition: Nurse. l cpm p ry., 'W - I XQL jvc' dnl Xu, SUPEHLATIVES .35 A Q ,- Q5 Qj xi ,1 N, y wfl + 3: x gw N5 ff-X K 1 i 1 TUP5 IN THE SHUW 45 1 if , Z f -14. , D .'f g,,,3X-W, 5 4313 'Q LM? M gain? - Ifffi-'V' vi? , A533 Q ix Z A 1 V? ,2 ff ia ...AQ 4,-k , sh , qw, QV, . , . Z 1 V Z Vw wwf , f.?'Qyv as 'swag f ', 2 ii wax Y fkizv .iq.::5f:2"f' 1 W, ft" ' rv Gil J., A , 1 'f , Y ga, i'v f f.,.,l D1 '22 Qywh, X X X 21 7-2 15,3 gfixgi, 4 .nu - , x w f, fxx" ,r. .W s :W vw 1 N. ,if "'V.'?ii: 3.. "' . ' 4 "1 92' y fwu., A n 'U -X A, n ,K 5 x 1 . , x 5 - ll .1 'gg , ! ' Q12 . ' SWA, ' y , gf 1 3554" ie , l I 1: JN, , fi fl? I ' :I Z : ' Q. if f 4. S. rx , N KAL' - Y t y s 1' am- Y ' 'asf 1 P 'I W 'I .vm yt- .QQ fl. X -v -. 4 34 1 aw J? ,ffjxa x V F ,If A 'K'3'i, ' ' 1193? QV I 'fx' Q' Ag,-' :3f?fi5r'f,,, , A' ' ' bv H ' fwwszfff, 4 , 'Wi' . : All -, ' ' u :Ci Ep' ", f fi: ,gy ,N , W, .f-:Q Q 1 r JMSI . 2 F5 E e - Y . -5? Sv. . ,.p,.d.' ' 40 ,eu Q Q ff 'J 1. 122 ,, . 'ffaif "i , 13 . 4 ,K ,f ,jf ' , f, pf? W4 -mv V ff' flyfnf ' , ' , KP?" .9-,A ii: '. L ' S Qs' ,' 1,-fl.. 1'-55529, 5:1414 1 fwfzrfjf , I 4'-44?-15: vi' f 'W 5795 " 32.51 - ff, :ww .A 1- f ,, fc.,,qz- if 1 : , f. -fry, ff ff- . . f '4' 011- , 1 , X- !.4z.y?,gl,1 UV! Jr, ',wq,QEi5,4, -' f ,fir ' J asffb x' gfgj M' fl ,fx 1 .:.'. 1 A I,- 1 1 Y 1 ,gb M4-H 'V f Af , ' 1'- '43 ww sf K4 fs vw M5551 K , , ' ' 3 ,155-,wi Q5 1 K- 125,43 . lf A . -f f 't?3?-.A www ' mf T153 - .M V it Y fs. :SF ' f , 1',f ,, 'f ,v , f 1 . -gg .i'i':f' 115,- V-".' 2 :. 31' . - ' '-f:1'. I gm , 'Iii w. ?"7,J'1-7251 "gg ife'Q1.'l,- .v :V A '?,.L,igq ,f , - f 2 I 4'i?':. 1 . . .iff 515.4 f. A, Y, rjn, :- - 1f'a9f?::+lf 7 1,1 f , ' 1 1 ,P 1 ff' f Qi' ' 1 5" we " f 'f ,A A fx .2 , :X , , 9 If x sf sf ' , 11 f 4 ef 339' W' 1 v , 1- 513 ,L ' 1 af-7 , f ,x ,H . 'f,,.,Ha.1 -ufug riff' I 'Vf 1 ' ,' 'lf 1 I I I, I r Z A 7 YJ! ,gn A 'X'-5 .'-if' , a,.eVt,QfK,pi,' ,. ., pe. V -I I r fi ,gf -P? 'z 1 1 4 c 0 Q B5 'mg' 2-255' X , 1- if 3. I! J, vm, lr 5 Q P - we , ' fait, 'WZ .f f 1 I I f- SW rx A Q ' V-fu ' fy fi? EE IDB DIRECTORY STANFORD ADAMS Vice-Pres. Stu. Gov. 4 Sgt.-at-Arms Stu. Gov. 3 NHS 4 Acorn Club 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Monogram Club 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 3 Junior Play Library Slalf 1, 2 ELVIN ALLEN FFA l, 2, 3, 4 Bus Drivers Club 3, 4 GENE BAKER Cheerleader 2 Monogram Club 3, 4 Acorn Club 2 NHS 3, 4 Junior Play Bus Drivers Club 3, 4 Student Council 3 4-H Club l, 2 Bus. Mgr. Oak Leaf 4 Library Staff 2 Marshal JEAN BAKER Class Vice-Pres. 2 Junior Play KAY BARBOUR Glee Club 2, 3 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Acorn Club 4 FHA 2, 3 4-H Club 'l LAURA BETH BARBOUR Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club I, 2, 3 Acorn Club 2, 3, 4 Monogram Club 2, 3, 4 Student Council 4 Bus Drivers Club 3 Junior Play ELWOOD BASS FFA l, 2, 4 4-H Club 2, 3, 4 Bus Drivers Club 4 Baseball 3, 4 Cheerleader 4 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 NELLIE BEASLEY FHA l Glee Club l, 2 DOROTHY BLACKMON Glee Club 3, 4 Junior Play Acorn Club 4 EARTHUL CLIFTON Bus Drivers Club 3, 4 FFA l, 2, 3, 4 DONALD CREECH Class Vice-Pres. 3 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 FFA l, 2, 3, 4 BlLLY FOWLER Library Staff l Student Council 2 Class Treas. 3 Oak Leaf Staff 4 ANNE GRADY Student Council l Oak Leaf Staff l, 2, 3, 4 Acorn Club 2 NHS 3, 4 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 Monogram Club 3, 4 Chief Marshal Editor of Acorn 4 Junior Play Jr. Ed. of Acorn 3 Glee Club l, 2, 3 Library Staff 1, 2 SHIRLEY HASKETT Basketball 2, 3 4-H Club l CHRISTINE HOCKADAY Oak Leaf Staff 2 Library Staff l, 2, 3 Editor of Oak Leaf 4 Student Council 3 Basketball 2 LEROY HOLLEY Glee Club l 4-H Club l, 2, 3, 4 FFA l, 2, 4 Junior Play BETTY HOLLOWAY Library Staff l 4-H Club l FHA 2 Bus. Mgr. of Acorn 4 THENA IVEY Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Junior Play ALICE JACKSON 4-H Club 1, 2, 3 ADA BELL JOHNSON FLORINE JOHNSON HAROLD JOHNSON FFA 1, 2 Bus Drivers Club 3, 4 Student Council 4 JOEL JOHNSON Junior Play MACK JOHNSON Junior Play Monogram Club 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Sgt.-at-Arms Stu. Gov. 4 Bus Drivers Club 4 Central Dist, Rep. of Stu. Gov 3 Glee Club 3 MARGIE JOHNSON Acorn Club 3, 4 Glee Club 3 Bus Drivers Club 4 Library Staff RALPH JONES FFA l, 2, 3, 4 Bus Drivers Club 3, 4 CARL LANGDON Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2 Student Council l, 2, 3 Class President 2 Acorn Club 2, 3, 4 4-H Club l, 2, 3, 4 Bus Drivers Club 2, 3, 4 Monogram Club 3, 4 WRIGHT LANGLEY Class President l Sgt.-at-Arms Stu. Gov. 2 Acorn Club l, 2 Treas. Stu. Council 3 Marshal NHS 3, 4 Junior Play Snapshot Ed. Acorn 3, 4 State Stu. Gov. Rep. 2, 3, 4 Central Dist. Rep. 2, 3 Pres. Stu. Gov. 4 Pres. N. C. Stu. Gov. Congress 4 Glee Club 2, 3 Stu. Gov. l, 2, 3, 4 if , c I z Y El I5 F E E ..-....,.... I I E EDWARD LASSITER FFA I, 2 4-H Club I, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 3 Class President 3 Acorn Club 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 2, 3 Junior Play SHIRLEY LEE Glee Club 2, 3, 4 FHA I Acorn Club 3, 4 JAMES LOVE FFA 2, 3, 4 Cir. Mgr. Oak Leaf 4 EDNA MAHLER Class Treasurer I Glee Club 2, 3, 4 4-H Club I, 2 Bus Drivers Club 4 EDWARD MARTIN FFA I, 2, 3, 4 JAMES MASSENGILL Glee Club I Student Council I, 2 Bus Drivers Club 3, 4 JEAN MASSENGILL Class Sec.-Treas. I FHA 2 Glee Club 2, 3 Acorn Club 3, 4 Monogram Club 4 Cheerleader 3, 4 Feat. Ed. Oak Leaf 4 Class Vice-Pres. 4 SHIRLEY MAYES FHA 3 Student Council I Acorn Staff 4 Junior Play Glee Club 2 CHARLES MCCLENNY Beta Club 2, 3 Beta Club Play 2, 3 Junior Play Class Treas. 4 BETTY JEAN McLAMB 4-H Club I Library Staff 3 Student Council 3 FHA 3, 4 Junior Piay Literary Ed, Oak Leaf 4 Asst. Ed. Acorn 4 Class Secretary 4 Acorn Club 4 FAYE LEE MODLIN Glee Club I, 2 Acorn Club 2, 3, 4 Student Council 3 Ad-Manager Acorn 4 Bus Drivers Club 4 JEAN MOORE Glee' club 2, 3, 4 Acorn Club 4 Oak Leaf Staff 4 LOLITA NORRIS Glee Club 2, 3, 4 FHA I, 2 Bus Drivers Club 3, 4 Acorn Club 3, 4 DOROTHY TEMPLE OLIVE Student Council I, 2 Library Staff 2 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 FHA I, 2, 3 Oak Leaf Staff I, 3 Acorn Club 3, 4 4-H Club 1 JIMMY OLIVE 4.H Club 1, 2 Wildlife Club 3 FFA 4 BETTY JEAN PARKER Glee Club I 4-H Club I FHA I SHIRLEY PARKER FHA I, 2 Glee Club I OZZIE RAYNOR Junior Play PHIL SANDERS Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 Sports Ed. Oak Leaf 4 Monogram Club 3, 4 Class President 4 FFA I, 2 Bus Drivers Club 3, 4 Student Council 2, 4 POLLY SLAUGHTER SHIRLEY SMITH Library Staff Acorn Staff 4 Acorn Club Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4 FHA I, 2 Bus Drivers Club 3, 4 Junior Play DAVID SNEAD Bus Drivers Club 2 Basketball I, 2, 3 FFA I, 2, 3, 4 MAVOREEN SNEAD Glee Club I FHA I Marshal Art Ed. Oak Leaf 4 BARBARA STANLEY Class Vice-Pres. I Acorn Club 2, 3 NHS 4 Monogram Club 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Marshal Junior Play Student Council 3 Sec. Stu. Council 4 Central. Dist. Stu. Coun. Rep. 3 State Stu. Gov. Rep. 3 Oak Leaf Staff 4 ZANE GREY THORNTON Student Council I Class Secretary 3 Marshal Acorn Club 2, 3 Baseball 3 JUANITA WOODALL il . ,c ff .. ' ff: Sw 'QI -PT A . yy L52 Q .VIR JU I 12 L ST WILL AND TESTAMEIXIT We, the Senior Class of Four Oaks High School, of Johnston County, North Carolina, do hereby revoke all wills and codicils heretofore made by us, and do hereby make, publish, and declare this our last will and testament in manner and form as follows: ITEM I. We, the Senior Class of I953, leave to the Junior Class: IAI Our quiet, orderly, dignified, well-mannered, industrious, intellectual, business-likelambitious, illustrious, impressive, enchanting, captivating, charming, co-operative, and mercenary spirit. IBI Mrs. Wilkins. ITEM ll. We, the Senior Class of I953 leave to the Sophomore Class: IAI Our determination and hope for the future. ITEM Ill. We, the Senior Class of l953 leave to the Freshman Class: IAI The happy thought that "Old School Teachers never die, they're lust around the corner". IBI Our deepest sympathy. ITEM IV. We, the Senior Class of I953 leave to the teachers: LAI Since we realize how they hate to see us go, a promise of future visits. ITEM V. I, Stanford Adams, leave my sweet, innocent appearance to Charles Upchurch. ITEM VI. I, Elvin Allen, leave my speed at the typewriter to Pete Lassiter. ITEM VII. I, Gene Baker, do maliciously leave my position as the meanest boy in the Senior Class to Sherrill Lee in hopes that he will be as mean or even meaner. ITEM VIII, I, Jean Baker, leave my quiet disposition to Lessie Beasley. ITEM IX. I, Kay Barbour, leave my long eyelashes to Margaret Adams, along with a book of instructions. ITEM X. I, Laura Beth Barbour, leave my ability to keep calm in any situation to Peggy Massengill. ITEM XI. I, Elwood Bass, leave my geometric ability to Mr. Hatcher. ITEM XII. I, Nellie Beasley, leave my left-over freckle cream to Dorothy Stanley. ITEM XIII. I, Dorothy Blackmon, leave my dramatic ability to Anne Beasley. ITEM XIV. I, Earthul Clifton, leave my height to John H. Allen. ITEM XV. I, Donald Creech, leave my good looks to Hampton Lee. ITEM XVI. I, Billy Fowler, leave my ability to win friends and influence people to De.Van Ballance. ITEM XVII. I, Shirley Haskett, leave my punctuality to Iris Ruth Johnson. ITEM XVIII. I, Christine Hockaday, leave my flair for writing to Anne Hockaday. ITEM XIX. I, Betty Holloway, leave my artistry at the keyboard to La Rue Stephenson. ITEM XX. I, Leroy Holley, leave my ability to keep away from women to Wilbur Massengill. ITEM XXI. I, Thena Ivey, leave my good humor to Levay Johnson. ITEM XXII. I, Alice Jackson, leave my co-operative spirit to Willie Wilkins. ITEM XXIII. I, Ada Bell Johnson, leave my Congeniality to Magdalene Adams. ITEM XXIV. I, Florine Johnson, leave my ability to surprise people to Hilda Baker. ITEM XXV, I, Harold Johnson, leave my school bus to anyone who can stand it. ITEM XXVI. I, Joel Johnson, leave the thought that Napoleon was short, too. ITEM XXVII. I, Mack Johnson, am just leaving. ITEM XXVIII. I, Margie Johnson, leave my quiet, ladylike decorum to Peggy Mahler. ITEM XXIX I Ralph Jones leave my good behavtor In class to Bobby Bass ITEM XXX I Carl Langdon leave my abrlrty to know a lattle but about everbody to Marvm Dodd ITEM XXXI I Wrrght Langley .Ir leave my fatal charm to Bobby Blackmon ITEM XXXII I Edward Lasslter leave my happy go lucky sprrlt to Roy Johnson ITEM XXXIII I Shurley Lee leave my neatness to Jo Ann Massengull ITEM XXXIV I James Love leave my wtllmgness to work to Thomas Parker ITEM XXXV I Edna Mahler leave my bug smrle to Marlene Adams ITEM XXXVI I Edward Martin leave my frlendlmess to Carlyle Upchurch ITEM XXXVII I James Massenglll leave my grrl trrends to Zeke Cox ITEM XXXVII I Jean Massenglll leave my deep love of cameras to Eva Wood Johnson ITEM XXXIX I Shrrley Mayes leave my boundless energy to Betty Langdon ITEM XL I Charles McClenny leave my car along with plenty of adhesive tape and tobacco twine to Re becca Lee ITEM XLI I Betty Jean McLamb leave my sweetnes to Margaret Creech ITEM XLII I Faye Modlln leave my medrtatlveness to Barbara Benson ITEM XLIII I Jean Moore leave my abrlrty to get along wlth others to Jeanette Allen TEM XLIV I Lollta Norris leave my compatability to Betty Barbour TEM XLV I Dorothy Oluve leave my drmples to Dorothy Sanders TEM XLVI I Jimmy Olrve leave my abllrty to accept lute as It as to Charles Massenglll TEM XLVIII I Shrrley Parker leave my ready smile to Betty Jean Whaley ITEM XLIX I Ozzle Raynor leave my helpfulness to Talmadge Snead TEM L I Phnl Sanders leave my determrnatnon to Joe Lassrter ITEM LI I Polly Slaughter leave my pleasant dlsposmon to Maverrne McCabe TEM LII I Shirley Smrth leave my popularity to Mary Lou Lee TEM Llll I David Snead leave my bashtulness to Leroy Parker TEM LIV I Movereen Snead leave my preclseness to Jo Lmda Moore ITEM LV I Zane Thornton leave my reputation as a ladies man to Levon Wood ITEM LVI I Juanita Woodall leave my seat by the door to anybody who lnkes to be the Iurst out of class ITEM LVII We Anne Grady and Barbara Stanley being of sound mrnd and realrznng that we need every thrng we have leave nothlng to anybody In testimony whereof We the sand Semor Class of Four Oaks Hugh School have srgned the precedlng page whrch together wrth this page constitutes thus our last wrll and testament and do hereunto set our hands this thirteenth day of January I953 The Semor Class of Four Oaks Hrgh School Signed sealed publlshed and declared by the sand Semor Class to be thetr last wall and testament In the presence of us who at their request and tn therr presence and an the presence of each other do hereto set our hands as witnesses Mr C G Grady Mrs C G Grady Mrs E V Wrlkrns ATTORNEYS Anne Grady Barbara Stanley ' I I ' - 1 1 ' ' I . I 'I ' . I . I ' - . . I . , , . . , , . . , , . . , , . . , , . . , , . . , , . ' I I - . , , 3 . . , , . I I I . . . I I . I . . I . . I I . , ' , ' . I I I . . I .. . . . . I ITEM XLVII. I, Betty Parker, leave my industriousness to Annette Ingram. I . , ' , ' . a I 1 I u I I I . I . . . c I I I . . I . I I . , ' , . I . , , ' ' . . , , . . , , . - r 1. ' , . . I I . . . I . . , . . I I . II . . . . . 1 3 Q f f 7" A ' My ' "Qi - ' 'lf M :M 2' ' ' Q 1 f 'ik 0 4 5, ff 4, ' K 4 1 1, 4 R, A, 'gi L E ' H .,,. ml' , A :eu f .,z M ', , 1, , 1- 2 V, H lx i - f " ' I9 4 , f' , ? 5 Kg, 951 W ' 2 Q JA o A f I fn-M' Q ' ff ' Q -4 12' ' f M T W Q 12, 9 9 ' VA . ,, T , I 2 .3 5 - ,V ' g ' , f i 2 J 1 ' - JN Z 4 ey M . A' Q W 4 H V ef '- ' f 1, if 9' fi -1 Axis e 1 1 I . '54 SQ swiv w. l 'iff s I if? H A 1, 3 . NNW . Q 'N Q X K, f E f 4 ia A , 4 Jn., 2? : Q Q. .1 i SX H .S I 'fi 1 N , 5: .4,,.. -.. M ,Q ai? we .Q dm V fl If Q QM 'Nunuunqp 1 gr - ' , My f " QL rf' J ml, 3 3 ,. -Q H ,Q , 'N X, K -f" IF' , L ' , -ia M M K fs 1-Mig: 1. . , . i II, X: 'milf I1 1 f Ig E f 'N Y ! xy., + A0-lx fx - A , ww N Wm '5Q'iL.Lu--Q, V Q, , . - " 1 - fs X , 'S s -ififi Q-f-"2 NX 'P S f do Q o o O o cb can if f. M f auf. 0000 .fo 0 115110 0 35 1 5? 31231 K ggi, 333 1 1,0lgg 1 3301 2 12 0 ,Igloo 17 8 I 52 1 31:31 321 1 0 o', 0 00 Oo inf!! V MARGARET ADAMS MARLENE ADAMS JEANETTE ALLEN JOHN HAYWOOD ALLEN N I-IILDA BAKER "' DeVAN BALLANCE BETTY BARBOUR BETTY BAREFOOT Q 2 'S ro 1? 'li'-.., LAWRENCE BAREFOOT ANNE BEASLEY C l - LESSIE BEASLEY "T - BARBARA BENSON if A Q, XY ,. A-. if -1 'Nunn-f' ST' -NF -s Q BOBBY BLACKMON JACKIE BLACKMON DELORES BOYD ALICE BOYKIN MARTHA CORN EZEKIEL COX MARGARET CREECH JUNIUH EL 55 MARVIN DODD HILDA DURHAM GLORIA EVANS RENA HAYES ANNE HOCKADAY I BETTY HOLLEY JEAN HOLMES ANNETTE INGRAM JEAN JACKSON EVA WOOD JOHNSON IRIS RUTH JOHNSON KENNETH JOHNSON LEVAY JOHNSON META FAYE JOHNSON RETA MAE JOHNSON ROY JOHNSON SHIRLEY JOHNSON SPOTTSWOOD JOHNSON BETTY LANGDON 1' .4-Q Yf JUNIIJH CLASS l 1 1' 5-.-v if f 9 JOE LASSITER fag, PETE LASSITER HAMPTON LEE MARY LOU LEE s---mug, A My Zh' REBECCA LEE SHERRILL LEE MAVERENE MCCABE PEGGY MAHLER CHARLES MASSENGILL 1WWQ9, 'W' EVELYN MASSENGILL JOANNE MASSENGILL PEGGY MASSENGILL WILBUR MASSENGILL ANNE MOORE JO LINDA MOORE VERNON NORRIS LEROY PARKER NANCY PARKER THOMAS PARKER JUNIUH CLASS JAMES ROBERTS DOROTHY SANDERS TALMADGE SNEAD ' '39 DOROTHY STANLEY FAYE STANLEY -u FLOSSIE STANLEY LA RUE STEPHENSON EVELYN STRICKLAND f 1 51 jg ww ,,2.,.-our SHELBY STRICKLAND SHERRILL THOMPSON IRENE THORNTON CARLYLE UPCHURCH CHARLES UPCHURCH BETTY JEAN WHALEY WILLIE WILKINS LEVON WOOD LOIS WOOD SHIRLEY WOOD JU IUPT CLASS Q49 I I ,gsaoqvi .fin l ,-,,, , . qw f f 491 if 7 Q J 1 A 5 ,, v 1 .M .- rif? W4 Z P Q x ma? X ' W W if ll I N41 vu? F 'Q 5 , 'gf ,, ,I I .4 FIRST ROW: Graham Adams, Jeanette Adams, Magdalene Adams, Billy Dan Allen, Ella Allen. SECOND ROW: Gladys Allen, Lloyd Allen, Patricia Allen, Tommy Allen, Grady Atkins. THIRD ROW: Eugene Baker, Joseph Baker, Charlotte Barbour. FOURTH ROW: Joe Carl Barbour, Kay Barbour, Doris Barefoot. FIFTH ROW: Barbara Barnes, Patty Barnhill, Bobby Bass. SIXTH ROW: Charlie Batten, Cooper Beasley, Margie Beasley. SEVENTH ROW: Robert Beasley, Faye Ben- son, Billy Blackmon. SUPHUMU llsi FIRST ROW: Jeanette Blackmon, Billy Brown, Terry Brown, Jo Ann Childers, Rufus Coats. SECOND ROW: Betty Lou Cobb, Cecil Cobb, Earl Cobb, Cornell Cox, Linwood Creech. THIRD ROW: Rebecca Critcher, Shirley Eason, Alice Guin. FOURTH ROW: Dorothy Hargis, Vaden Hartley, Sherwood Hayes. FIFTH ROW: Curtis Hines, La Verne Ingram, Betty Jane Jackson. SIXTH ROW: Bobby Jernigan, Eddie Ray Johnson, Elvin Johnson. SEVENTH ROW: Linwood Johnson, Maybel Johnson, Raymond Johnson. HE CLASS Ns 'VM ! 1 39" 16" f 'B f Qu. X., 1 lx V '1:?iAgiw2-Y - 1 i 4-Yi Qv M We rm- 'YI' FIRST ROW Anne Keen Mary Keene, Nathan King Ruth Langdon Thel Langdon. SECOND ROW DeWitt Langley Genevieve Lassiter Sylvia Lassiter Albert Lee Faye Lee. THIRD ROW: Helen Lee Jacqueline Lee, Veatrice Lee. FOURTH ROW: Melba McLamb, Anne Massengill, Carolyn Massengill. FIFTH ROW: Durwood Massengill, Harold Mayo, Nancy Mitchell. SIXTH ROW: Fondzo Moore, Raeford Moore, Annie Mozingo. SEVENTH ROW: Billy Munden, Jean Parker, Larry Parker. Meg. gp N ,Iggy A SUPHU L J -i ,HE fi? M FIRST ROW: Edith Parrish, Felix Parrish, Caroline Powell, Gilbert Price, Jerry Revels. SECOND ROW: Jo Ann Snead, Alease Stan- ley, Bobby Stanley, Gene Stephenson, Bill Joe Strickland. THIRD ROW: David Earl Strickland, Larry Strickland, Shirley Ann Thompson. FOURTH ROW: Shirley Lee Thompson, Glenn Upchurch, Roena Wadsworth. FIFTH ROW: Janet West, Janice Wilson. T f wa F ' P fl i fl J QS. f' ohiwo W ii , 2 '25- ii. I :ZW , K , , -.. ::j ,!r ':-I. -, I I A 5 "' ' S 3 4' E l A ,W ' 'M .. I ' AQ J K X ., - l ,,, ,,- sp' pw p 2: V' N- 9 . . s ff ,, f :-: -g ' - jg ii' 2 ...., 1 , . : ,..m,w- I lam' 4 Q .nm S 5 . ?i f Q. 1 :I , .1 T. r JR' 1-Q ,, X S ...X , my ,.,...3. ...W .1 I .VX W1 fz fQ 4 ysy f wwf, .,,. is 3 f f I I X .dw , , 9 f E: 'lf 4 ,. ,iw f 1 VW X , X ! Y . Q 5 X K. f s fm' Ty? ' is P5 N465 A-QQ cf Ai E www l Q l l ii if 1 1: Sl z i .4 J: QUICK. 1 i 1 vd":w. .1 li .. WA,- 7, 415 y X 5 1 1 af 5 f , i f 45, ,.P,,., J , ,. I ,Zf 5,3 , if ff Y ff 'AQ 2 'Ta-3' FHESHM FIRST ROW: Johnnie Adams, Charles Allen, Janice Allen, Jasper Allen, Mariorie Allen, Ray Allen. SECOND ROW: Sandra Allen, Sher- rill Allen, Sandra Austin, Jerry Bar- bour, Larry Hugh Barbour, Neta Barbour. THIRD ROW: Patricia Barbour, Law- son Barefoot, Annette Bass, Avis Beasley, Bobby Beasley, Gaynelle Beasley. FOURTH ROW: Ruth Lee Beasley, Thomas E. Beasley, Betty Lou Benson, Walter Benson. FIFTH ROW: Shelby Bizzell, Alice Blackmon, Alice F. Blackmon, Bruce Blackmon. SIXTH ROW: Evelyn Blackman, Thomas E. Blackmon, Toni Brock, Betty Lou Boyd. SEVENTH ROW: Janice F. Byrd, Emogene Clifton, Norman Coats, Durwood Cobb. , ' ,W Z . fi i 9 . ' -f ey" ij ii , ig , J L, Zzz 4 awww A13 . if P s f 'w s ' J? QM' f -Ty' 6 E 1 Q We is? L, .i ,QE I-, Will.. , 1 'Tay 'WL QV fam. ' ,, .cv- JUN' el.. CLASS FIRST ROW: Joseph Creech, Gwen- dolyn Dodd, Elgie Evans, Jeanette Garner, Camilla Grady, James Grant. SECOND ROW: Cecil Guin, Van Hansley, Frances Hargis, Howard Hockaday, Ray Holmes, Jane In- gram. THIRD ROW: Braxton Johnson, Den- nis Johnson, John Dee Johnson, Lois Johnson, Mary Ann Johnson, Myrtle Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Wilma Jean John- son, Willie Johnson, W. H. Johnson, Jimmie Jones. FIFTH ROW: Johnie Joyce, Edward Keen, Louise Keen, Patricia Keen. SIXTH ROW: Jewel King, Hurley Langdon, Janice Langdon, Peggy Langdon. SEVENTH ROW: Betsy Ruth Lee, Billy Lee, Clelma Gray Lee, Eston Lee. 'mer' f L ' , , f -emeaeg 'f A f v ,Q - ff 'I' Q2 2 If TSP' .' -. ' 'er ' 5 , 5, 'lv N f V . ' K "wee 'A ,' .Q L L , ::f'i V Xt. I if 1-fi A 9 Z.. 'KX 2 ibm nu ,i ,g ,NW , , Mft' 133. ,i f ,,-f eg, ,r f 'f , ..,,: 5 j 2 . 5-J' , 2 vii' 3-N--gli' sw ill L vlf MQR. M n IQX 'ff ""'-fir' - .L fa JQ 'ii' A 4 4 V: ,Q il ,fy g ,gf f ,wif K My ' ff 4 .., w .,a:.:,, . 1 s , I K K ' N ., i -4g,.x 7 1- 'ef ,yr-4 Bw y Q M 4, ag ,Q f. J all I I . 'G as nur. if gf I :fig Q 6:12 , X gp WM r f 1 f f I I , s is -.. ff 'Q' I I ,V -.....,.v A - , ,, , f A 542' ' RL g , g A ,,' . F ' 1 I FHESHM FIRST ROW: Frank Lee, Graham Lee, Jerry Lee, Jimmy Lee, Kelly Earl Lee, Maxine Lee. SECOND ROW: Odell Lee, Peggy A. Lee, Ruby Frances Lee, Seth Lee, T. W. Lee, W. T. Lee. THIRD ROW: Effie Pearl Massengill, James E. Massengill, Norman Mas- sengill, Lena Massengill, Donald McLamb. FOURTH ROW: Shelby McLamb, Barbara Moore, Carolyn Moore, Margie Moore, FIFTH ROW: Doris Jean Norris, Elizabeth Norris, Rofha Overby, June Marie Owens. SIXTH ROW: Dennis Parker, Ethel Mae Parker, Jerry Parker, Joyce Parker. SEVENTH ROW: Joyce A. Parker, Lynwood Parker, Mirtie Jean Parker, Norman Parker. K' AN CLASS FIRST ROW: Ray Parker, Wade Parker, Holice Pender, Eldridge Penny, John A. Penny, Charles Phelps. SECOND ROW: Margie Roynor, Carleton Roberts, Margie F. Rose, Glenn Smith, John Smith, Grace Snead. THIRD ROW: Laura F. Stanley, Lyda Frances Stanley, Raeford Stanley, Thelma Stanley, Walter Stanley. FOURTH ROW: Shirley F. Stephen- son, Geraldine Strickland, Herman Strickland, Katie Gray Strickland. FIFTH ROW: Janice Thornton, Betty J. Tyner, Barbara Wallace, J. W. West. SIXTH ROW: Annie Jean Wester, Gertrude Williams, Larry Williams, Jerry Wood. SEVENTH ROW: Lottie Wood, Martha Wood, Billy Woodall, Jerry Woodall, 25 L 's n 'A 55547 Q , x ' Xia 25 f Q vf if X I V O 'A ax 2' K? N I . 4 - ' Y I R A f X 4---I-- N- 5 3 5 E 5 E 3 ? 5 5 Ig QE 1 g I i 4 I ,f M x x XC - Vg! XgX. ,,, N -ss . 1 if M 394 i HW! K7 NXN I ' ,SEZ ,' ra:-11 571979: E3 fy 5 ee "LL ,.ff"""""! M' x :X v 7 fx H239 MQYSWS A I X ,, X9 Xu wit, ? . Q O QEFE-fkeerfclder B645 45" 0 Fl C T I V f Q11 4-Q ' JEW30 X xt J 'N Sidi Qf f Q MQ 23 + Vg M xxx pox X !f X9 M.vflZ,Q0f' H37 fx w f' QL M .0 6 "qw f .SQQ M Spa.-+5 5.117 mmf"-, ' Cov,,dX Mfm.,f,,.,,. QM, X Q! vN'H'3' cyQxA'C' 4 Ay-Z? QQ137 K 5' lvyv ff-215 x 0 ITIES 5 STUDE T EUUNEIL 5 ff 5 Treasurer Secretary President Vice President 5e'9e0nf'Uf'AVmS Pete Lassiter Barbara Stanley Wright Langley Stanford Adams MUCk J0hnS0f" -1 X v Ar , 2? Q I x .1 X. I I 3 ? I. xx X- ! ' M 1 'K ,vhs 2 fr f 13 Egg?" 5 il 1 c 8 Q I it J. Allen M. Allen J. Baker L. Barbour A. Beasley B. Benson T. Brock C. Cox J. Creech A. Hockaday H. Johnson J. Joyce G. Lassiter B. Lee F. Lee S. Lee A. Massengill B. Moore J. Parker P. Sanders M. Snead B. Stanley G. Stephenscn L. Stephenson Z. Thornton C. Upchurch L. Wood J. Woodall f 3' NHTIUNHL HUNUR SUUETY President Gene Baker Sponsor Mrs. J. T. Hatcher Margaret Adams Stanford Adams Jeanette Al!en Anne BeasleY Margaret Creech -'4' Anne Grady Anne Hogkqdqy Annette Ingram Wright Langley ,IA -1 J' J-2. Jo Linda Moore fi. fair? Pete Lassiter Mary Lou Lee Jo Ann Massengill . ACE ' . , -ww f ' :IV ' .,,, li' V ' .-an ' Barbara Stanley Dorothy Stanley l.aRue Stephenson 4 6 2 3 Z J 5 El Q gl , 3 xp--ff-5 hnfr",'-N J X-',,,:4VbdQgQiW'Vr y Nw 4,qfhqpgQgo 40N 4 " QA: L X... XX AEUHN ,agggggue J W 'Q Q,QfMaaalzm, ' 9 J ' Agn' C ff mama ' ln 1 ff, 4.6 , l ' 5 A . W 1055-' 40 B Q l fs Q!! A f , , Q45 ' Q 'r ' CLUB A A' M3555 v A 0 l mv ly i ' ' V X L., L QAM Wt, ' ff N, 4 l , AX il Bw 4 X l f X J 1 D g? 44" nl l l El , 'I l S4 V E fl V 5 sl :ll ll ll l lil Ki.. ll ll l l I NN . Lxxmm ! L gl wif' l Mfe Baan A 4 gy! ,Z - 35 P bf f V4 ,f X . 'fi ,lf 4 A 3-.' X P ident-Charles Uph h Vice President-DeVa B ll e Secretory-Barbara Benso Treasurer-Bobby Blackm Sponsor-Miss Lenora Part MEMBERS: Lloyd Alle L B h B b r, B b B D hy Blk Al fC EzkIC L dC h D h H Vd H ly B ykin .Ru us oats, y g L V lngram, E W d J h , Kenneth J h L d J h M g J h Sh l y J h M ry Keen, Carl Langdon, R h L gd Ed d L Syl L R b L Sh l y Lee, Betty McLamb, P ggy M hl C ly M g ll J M g II W Ib M ssengill, Jean Moore, Lol N D hy Ol D hy S d Sh I y S h J A ne Snead, Bobby Stanley F y S l y Ev lyn S lcl d Z Th J WI n Lois Wood. " J 4890 MRS. FLEMING GENE BAKER CHRISTINE HOCKADAY Sponsor Business Manager Editor U H LEAP ST PP MR. HATCHER v , WAY 1 W Sponsor MRS. NORWOOD SORRELL .- uf- E Q, 0' 1. - .-L"', zfif ' C Q.: . M FA c 'Pi"5'f,-to 5 li u EMM? Sponsors MR, JOHN SANDERSON MR. GILBERT LEWIS AHSH L5 D. Stanley, P. Lassiter, M. Creech, B. Blackmon, Chief-A. Beasley, D. Ballance, J. L. Moore. r a ir Elee Klub W 1 V ' 1731 222, -V V H in if K g ' f rf M 1 2 Q Ik 'Yu gf-if v 1 if V 'MW vw P" n-4" 11 f ., - pg: .KH A0603 A , ,I wil, L 4 pyw, ,, ' H D ., , , an . - vrrrl 1 1 74 ,Sn 1 Q ibll X I' il9"4"fg"??45 V7 .af . XJ an ,RY al-x , , 'LA N flg J, . 'lag f,.f3,' A W 4 J , 1 1 1 1 .,l ai A. ' . f S lr VM? , . . X x fm . ' X- fx fs ,q 75. fffiwfarvu-Y ' Sglfgdgggaaf4x,ffg'Ww1fw U - i ' V. pi 1? -Q H1 il' H, I lg' A il ZF-. Irs: Iaf-gf: 4 A: 1 1 Lx yt VA, BASEB I I N f- . raw:-- " ,,-nv. A I .I -A ' 'HL vw . 1 , Kay Barbour Laura Barbour Toni Brock -A E xx. : H. ,. F663 ' xg-MM? '11 '+- a ,N KKK l SPAIN OFFTJU LACllEf uczvsmmfv' ll Emogene Clifton Margaret Creech Gwendolyn Dodd 4' "ar NYM-"" W i L I -I S 2' Genevieve Lassiter Sylvia Lassiter Rebecca Lee Peggy Mahler Anne Mgggerggillr Jo Linda Moore Barbara Stanley .lanice Wilson i i ...4.,.-:sq ' ,:s,,a.i,v K :NB P ,-1 Q "o"!+ 'J A .. L pin ' f- 1 li" JAL .E S S rausvllil ,.' 'r' I 1 P ...PG -4.4 Mr. J. N. White I Curtis Hines s 2 x. .. . 7 1 N so 1 Joseph Lassiter gain! I-IU' IRQ.. C, .. Q If 5 1' ' I 1 L ,- 1 Q5 fin FI. Talmadge Snead 1, vw-Ag., Johnny Adams N. Mack Johnson J 'bi I K E A, X X. .7 ,J Q' 5 Pere Lassifer fl? R .,,,,,,N K6 Charles Upchurch .rw Sranford Adams " qs-1. ' Y "" fun y Nw, Carl Langdon gr f Z 4 IA wi? Phil Sanders AW' 'J ' fp , ' 57, Q fx A, , 462' , f James Grant, Mgr. . -c. V II, , g 1 V 4 , r QEHEEHLEADEHS E E- ! N 3 S A S A 5 ...,...- T Q , L VE.-NE NGRAM 1 fl if 5' A E is 5 Q B Q' ,V st 4. ll Y N . A wx 'zu Ag EE gg 21 151 K- . E i i Q3 is ii E 'r Y 1 El Eu Ev ,M fi H w SD 2 ff 3 14' 1 f ,' Q JEAN MASSENGILL ii 5 ' ' JACKIE BLACKMON 3 A1123 ,f ANNETTE BASS 'E LJ A , I E ANNE GRADY ,X E ELWOOD BASS V 9' 1 A F . 0 ' 1' 1 'L , - "oA is X a c NX S x G2 Q 5, X Qi, NX a X " 7' SNAPSHUTS K gs v l ff lk . ff 7 K X A! Z, """""-ll X , 'W' 7 ' ' K . fn V .Q S2 xfxf' i MMI I X ffl I EQQX VX-,VXHJ 'ff' -1-5 ff E' xsmx fr . - 4 .1 ' x f X - A g , f-N A , , ,if J X X , PHEAHS Z1 I E J XX W i g-,J s if ? ,gf in W f pw ., v W, ,V . N --'itf'rmf1:-f1i.: :s,..,x.xx X' ' . X vs . rw Q?'f4'? 4zsui2sf? Q M YQ, X ,-"--W-A-age? ,-v--Q4 ,, Y 1 E ' ' Ax ' v 37 2 1 M Iwzwniaawzi-3 'fum .Qs -, , NN, 1 .N . 1 ,sg B ' N.. V ' mf, -1,1 R Q I J P U L N A , 1 Y U I H I 1 I 751, J, Q 'Y w ' . A 1 1 71,4 'A I f I V1 ' W 265' ' .g if , ' S, - , 1?1?'? ii' 4 f' ef ,,.,f - f NC ' -' I, flfifwff' mm ,M , gt . 4 A ff in M36 55 35 4 , gf, 2-fi' i' f 1 2' g el fx xy lv Wim- ' IZ, 'XWWK Maas f x Mug wma a 'A , 04 fe-4 Yu Inf 1 9, Q X v-A7fy9.-w.,-W lm. -V .A 1 'I ' :W4'va..l:v . . v - . ' r fs 35 ?5k,,,. I myj' ,V u ing-1.2 'fi 1. .1 .f W' Y ,- .sv . ix, Ks' xi wx rf Al ,W , 'Ng 9 S W 39 1-wing, 4 W 9 1 x ei. ,1- U? 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M,,V Q, My bd!! 1 h ! H W fx, W K f',,'3h5 ' If EA If N rg 3, ? 7 , fs fc. ' -'ff 4' +1 v W 5' 5 I Y wb Q. 1, Y M347 37 ff, 7 1 41 ff., AMW? j Z L. aeveattsttxts Egg i Hume U11 X e an f if C ff, J V t Htght . K The Way . , M Dent Miss The Greatest Shaw an Earth ::::::-4- : ::::::p-.4-:::: : OAKS MILLINC5 CORPORATION MANUFACTURERS OF HIGH GRADE FLOUR AND FEEDS PHONE 266-I FOUR OAKS, NORTH CAROLINA -J I I I I I I I 'I 'I I I I I I I I I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I 'I I I 'I I 'I 'I 'I J -.a---- COMPLIMENTS OF I ' IIIIIIII TIIR WHITMAN'S CHOCOLATES 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I I I I I I I I I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I J II Compliments Of I REBEL ourPoSr I A. H. WHITE, Owner I I u. S. Highway NO. Soi Between Four Ooks ond Smithfield 4 In 4 I I4 4 Il 4.. p -:::::::::: ::::::::::::::: :A I w. w. LANGLEY Ii I WATCH MAKER 4 I I Ii II Genercil Repoiring -- Ring Sizing Twenty-Three Yeors Experience I Il Four Qoks, North Corolino Ii I L. -------AA- 'AAAAA -AA--AA-AA-,,,,,A---------A--,,q ., :::::::::::::.1-0-::::e: BARNES FURNITURE COMPANY Four Ooks, North Corolino Phone 335-6 OUR HEARTIEST GOOD WISHES to EACH OF THE GRADUATING CLASS Good Heolth ond Reol Hoppiness HOODS DRUG STORE :E FOUR OAKS I CASH oRoCERY I WE ALM TO PLEASE 'I COMPLETE Eooo STORE FROZEN rooms Phone 268i Ii II Ii I '4 II Four Ooks, North Corolino I4 L, A---A--A--AAA--' AAAAAAA JOHNSON 8. ELDRIDGE GENERAL MERCHANDISE GAS AND OIL V. C. FERTILIZER R. F. D. Four Ooks, N. C. ::::A.1-A--A A-'A"""A"" F '4 I J. S. MOORE 4, RADIO SHOP Il 4, PHILCO RADIOS - TELEVISION SETS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES SALES AND SERVICE Ii In I4 II II In II 4 I Four Ooks, North Corolino I Ii I4 L ....... -A FOR. GRADUATION The Gift Thot Only You Con Give YOUR PORTRAIT ll by I HOOKS' STUDIO SMITHFIELD NORTH CAROLINA J I, A::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::' Compliments of O A K 5 T H E A T R E Four Ooks, North Corolino STANLEY'S Groceries Feeds Hordwore Four Ooks, North Corolino :- ::::::::::::::::: - -:::: A - -:::: q l Congrotulotions to the Closs ot '53 THE JEWEL BOX H6 South 3rd Street Smithfield, North Corolino J. B. CREECH cmd SONS a'We give full volue in everything we sell." Four Ooks, North Corolino 1 no' unoen Aumomv or me cocA-cout COMPANY IV Coca-Colo Bottling Co-, Inc., Dunn, North Carolina Have Coke v 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 1 1 1 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 1 1. r THORNTONS' LUNCH HOT DOGS - HAMBURGERS BAR-B-Q FOUR OAKS, NORTH CAROLINA ---A--------- .... A------,------- D. H. SANDERS HARDWARE COMPANY EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE FOUR OAKS, NORTH CAROLINA I + 4+ 4+ 4+ 1 1 1 1 1 4+ 1 1 1 1 1 4+ + 4+ 4 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 1 1 1 + 4+ 4+ 1 1 + 4+ 1 1 I I., FOUR OAKS DRUG CO. TWO REGISTERED PHARMACISTS YOU CAN DEPEND ON ANY DRUG PRODUCT THAT BEARS THE NAME REXALL PHONE 326-I FOUR OAKS, NORTH CAROLINA ---,---- 4+ I 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ I T. A. LASSITER GROCERY QUALITY GROCERIES FRUITS COUNTRY PRODUCE VEGETABLES FEEDS AND SEEDS FOUR OAKS ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. Complete Lines Hotpoint ond Coolerotor Applionces G. E. Television T. C. Hollingsworth Phone 332-I Four Oolcs, N. C. AJoocA'-'Jc':oc---A AUSTIN'S FEED STORE HARDWARE FARMINO IMPLEMENTS FEED SEED COAL Phone 3341 Four Oaks, North Carolina -:::::J-t:::::::: .f - II II II If V ----v-' ---vv--: : ::-1-:ef-1 I I ., II J: OAKS ESSO SERVICE I I Il Four Oaks, North Carolina Il I I I I Phone 9I7I I Ig I II II A. vv. GRADY, Prop. I,mxmmeeeeem,,xm,,x,:-I +':x:::xxH":H:::C::::::C:::x::'I I CHARM BEAUTY SHOP I II I :I Permanents - 54.50 Up I I Cold Waves - ssso Up I I, I :E Complete Line of Revlon Cosmetics :I I I Il Phone 3281 Four Oaks, N. C. ll 4, 4 I: MARGARET BoYETTE, Owner I I :4-:o4::::.v-c::J-4r:::: -:Y - Compliments Of LEWIS' MEN'S AND BOY'S WEAR FOUR OAKS, NORTH CAROLINA --J-0-0-0cAQb ::::::::::::::::::::::::::!f::::::Q I:Cc::x:::x:x:xxx:::x:xxxTI I I ll Canaday's Johnston County Yams Il In II Rich Puerto Rican Sweet Potatoes Il I Z Washed, Waxed and Graded :I I I Packed and Distributed by I I I In 'I 1: CANADAY PRODUCE ll I, I, COMPANY 5, I :I I GPOWEPS ga b I II 15 Phone 2246 - 326-I I, I, I I 1: Four Oaks, North Carolina I I II QQIIJEJJJEJJIII -I::Jt:J'!f:J'C'f:J'??'6Q :::::::::.v-0-out ::::::::J..c:J-c:J'-0.0-0: ::: :::: WADE STANLEY Smith Douglas Fertilizer , FOUR OAKS, NORTH CAROLINA JOHNSON COTTON C0. COMPLETE FARM 81 HOME SUPPLIES HARDWARE FURNITURE FERTILIZER FARM MACHINERY JOHN DEERE SALES AND SERVICE Diol 270i Cash If You Hove IT, Credit If You Need IT A I0 AL Cll00L PICTURE I C PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR YOUR 1953 ANNUAL ERNEST JOHNSON Oenerol Merchonduse Ho rdwore Feeds Seeds Poultry Supplies Ferfilizer- Swift Wilmingfon Wolloce Agrico Line Stock RT No. 2, Four Ooks, North Corolmo on 701 Highwoy ::::::::-e::::::: Qememim pmaqan D f2 pafnqan D Qememim pafzaqcm Yll ll ot, llllllll llllll l L Qxl,IIlA4! . oday Sli-.we are printers of the yearbook of your school. Q Tomorrow as you seek your future ln 0 th professions, industry and commerce 1.4. -if we at Paragon hope to serve you with -A Mr the essential Printing and Lithography you will need in the pursuit of your career, Many of our best customers came to us through friendships formed around the annual planning table or from former 1' I grads like yourself who first saw our work in their annual. .322 - 5 E - . N rg 22. .5 NR -IH - '37 sa -1 e aragun re Q , ll . in , -,mg -P Momsonsnv, ALABAMA LEE H. BLACKWELL Eastern Carolina Representative GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA AUTUGHAPHS AUTUEHAPHS A TDGR PHS ' A i 1 li , - , ' , .S ., N i a 1 l i V , 1 I L J ,V Lf' LL' . f. 1 -'. f' 1, , 1:-Q. 4 fm, 1 1 1 ' 1 H V+. ',v'.'?u'3-' 4 - k " V .H Qu- - N" , 'Im fa-3 2""Q .4-vw-, X 1 '-" my- V. ,',,f"f5,'.- V JN f- , fy.f.V'f:1'f'gV' L X V 'Vf 3' 'I' 1'.'-Slfvfztj' .,'u1V'-r Jil' . 'f"1f4, Q fi.. . m. .w-ny, 4,,a,,,g+- A ' V, J I-,,-A-V A ,IA-4--f V ,I lg , 1 .-' V .gy MOE.. -L. 5Il".':. ' 4 S kg, jg-,Qin f. . , :iii ,- X 1' x , ,TYJ M Ht, 'fx "-.I I' . Ny 3 ,'25"5'TFf'-t M x ' J' f.,1Q,r1,:.L lf ' ,-I x.K ,rZA,,.!F,-If 4 ',, fij . I -'Q fa JA Vw- '15 J . A k l If , 9 2 f' V ' 5. .W -, Q7 A V f '-lxfzx. L' ' '. - . I, X, , W V, -W ,I A . -1- fvzzi' ' ,- H ,,..e,, -. f .' '---- ,ignk .Mgy '16 4 -f. f . 4. - 1 44,50 ,, -x. ,A 'inf 41, ye gl , 159 -. rm-,. 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