Fountain Valley High School - Raconteur Yearbook (Fountain Valley, CA)

 - Class of 1976

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Fountain Valley High School - Raconteur Yearbook (Fountain Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Cover

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ae'u"',- rs fm, ' ,I . 1 5 4" Nwmw- , w V J 1 V F 'V s , , . A Q r H ' ' .Wk , x , 1 . 3 K, 011 49m si , -' - -N.. .f 4 , , "We Are the People, We Are the School Le Raconteur 1976 Fountain Valley High School Fountain Valley, California Volume 10 "WE'+'i wr PW f V i 5,f.l.. gf' X. , Nxfs . J, Z 'Rm 'fl' l f ' 1 -...Qi ' - I Wm, .. wr- .xj-gfvf ,wh v -fn - -eq., 11..- - 14., Ig-r,1.J5.i .I .- 5, - ny-,N,. ww , -fhmk. W -xt . 1' -ii.-1 w,,,w Y ., . ,Mage--. , ,Lf , , fu--. ,Mem , , -, , , Hu ,, --,, at -Q . ."fx1 h 1,5 - ,W - SWLWS1 ' 5 ' - L 'fi Q L 3525 W - -vr,4,1 , ., I ,, , M5 gg.1g5,j:'yNCf R:L3jQ7zgf,Egmg,5gq ,mv-TH , . ?,,,,,., .Q-..,,., .,,,Z ,. Ti , Y.. 1 .ww F fg 4. 2 34: ,:QJ5Y,g1q:s1g-:W pg, WM 5 fr . . 4, ,M4,5Qq..,rq.1. ,vp-5. - ,.mM11i L- 1- .- -uw.,,.V 35: 1 gf :HL wbwffffv V ., , . - ,. 9, Q- ' ' L-,,,,g"-:1fa125Q!g:5iU?.-r"f"f-U , , Hf'f'faw Y , ,e f J "'.,,Qa4g:,q My N' ' , , . , 4, A Q-. ' ., , ' "agp . V. gf , f W e iff? SEB 5 dxf' M "3'7F'NE I Y' mia fgf. 4 gmwf 1 wg-E391 Wg, 1 5 Qggiiigk F -Y F, Q , , , . Q 1 ki: H 5, V , .,Jd.1ag..,q-r7,'a -44,-.QV 3 , M: , J Q v . X' V -' ff '5+T1:'s1ff-,Afl-mm "1 1 .1 ,, - . v . V - - -I.. ' 1.1 .:"' 1, :iff-1-11 mr,ivy-1,,,f??.f1f-,w 1 y5,, Q Q' f 25.5 - - Q52-v-f'R"? 'Y r L-Tlwffg- ' ' , r:?"HA gg' -f ,Q M' '-if 1,-f'i'-.rdf-"'5' ,f5 -x-,- f illfff, 5952 flL'f1'f"57e"'1 .,, ,. , .Y., . V,V , . ,,,., ,L ,,,J, . , , wav E ' 1- ,- N :wg ,gf w " ,. w ,g. 1 , , f iv i :iw - .1 .M gee, ' Q wi' f khf'-Ev' fiiii -If' Q1-af,-4Qi?'flf7'Z'T'-' P A-'- 'i i' 'FH ' " . ' Wifi '-liiin' -' .1 7. -1- fs: -:,::,' f:'-,i-a"f, + .nn ,. 1 Q '- , frwi J w.-, z, 1.1 4- g ' , -Q V' f:v, c '-'fm , fx, " . 1: -T 775-2721-LN'-'F -'F . , ' M'-5 N " ' ' 3:53-. L,.Qgs:g:fff-WN" -f11,3-'i5g,Qg,jfe3Fgf- ,fffgfz-5-' x W V V t I ' ' fr: kv lf 2 "We Are the Pe0pIe"!12 David F. Buffington: In emoriam 160 "We Are the SCho0l" 162 The buildings stand, a monument carven of Cold stone And clean steel does proclaim "Built in sixty-six by R. l. Daum Construction Co! l-lere they have stood And so they are now d mere buildings will they ever be f e i Z f 1 ff, 1 XX NN 5 Yet from within these walls burst A life so lively and free It dances amidst the Colors of the sunshine. I, f . x ,:11.,i,i? And only we the human society Can thus rejoice in life and new beginnings. And by our song enchanted The buildings borrovv vitality, lnnitate our human individuality. Yet here they have stood And so they are now And mere buildings will they ever bei for I I X Q.: 1, ,Aw iff .7ff.v , 317, ,--1.-r We are the PEGPLE F' I '--"Quang 'W , . ',.fg:Ln 1 11 K 4a. ,f? , 'si qv and fb 01 We are the SCHOOL was 3 'f-f ff , -A-, it 'Q If I- 4 xx Z ' ,' , V ' A ypff. S0 , , i 'E A JA yriffs . gr' - 4 .4 X 1 ' " A ,., .Y . N ya wa " 5 "We Are the People" Q .V , ,I V ,V 4. i i We are all the same, yet l A " "' ' we are different. 'Aa ,f . . 'hi -I . We are all people, yet t 45.4.-' " gi.. ' W, A, ei ' ' vve have different friends, 4 , . 'Jl,.5h..g jf opinions and personalities. A 'xgl ff .. s,gQ'myg - We are all one, yet ' t- ,g , X X. 1, we are separate. X V. QEA '... ,,y...f , . . . , fri 'tlygf f - f'-M..,f We are the individuals x - 1' 'n that make this school. if . K 7 I X .., . .. X y ,X -1 ' .. V WE ARE THE PEoPLE. x xx . ' i-1 0 X N People i3 14 People UUE IMAGE F.V.H.S.: located on 17816 Bushard Street, Tnat's one definition of our school. But a Fountain Valley, California, Capacity 3062, school becomes more when it begins to reflect Population 4436, the people who go to it, and when it leaves roorn for not only learning, but also for think- ing and expressing. i :X'i 'M Q illxlhblisg iw 'i :L X t tt 'lan' - lit r' . X ' All! "' 4' 1 " . V' at H -1 i, ., me ,t ft, 1 ' Q I l ef l , Q,-,'Q4'.,,ll?K , I 4625- 3 ' ,, fl il ' l ull' ', l ll,-Rpm N, as filler! ll "Like a painter we paint an image to reflect who we are and what we stand for." There are places on campus, if you really look for them, where you can do this - the art hallg the nature center. Areas that are products of us as not just students, but as people. We have reflected ourselves on our school, creating a picture of ourselves as people. By this the school becomes a part of us and we have becomethe school. People 15 jackie Aarons Steve Abel Brian Abrams Pam Abshier Mark Ackley Sylivia Acosta Terri Acosta Emily Adams Mary Sue Adams Robert Adams Kathy Adamson Donald Agnew Trina Agnew Raquel Aguilar Lisa Alaimo Nancy Alaniz Peggy Alford lay Allbaugh Nancy Allchin lane Allen lim Allen Betsy Alonso Polly Ambrose Amita Amin Lori Amundsbn Hector Anaya Kerry Anderson Lisa Anderson Blossom Andong loanne Anello Bruce Annano Donna Annetta Sylvia Anzaidua lanine Appell Manny Aranda Greg Aronoff Ionn Arnold Lorraine Arroyo lohn Arteaga IoanneAstracl1an Carolina Atencio Richard Atkinson Larry Aufill Yvonne Bailey Debbie Ball Derek Bannister Larry Baricuatro Larry Barlar 16 People EASS CCM' 797 V , L, , v . . W Y A in I all "Q l 1. l A -, it , ,f . fb, A I .v i A ' V ' l". l -"gtk, if, N 1 Felipe Barragan Greg Barrios Donald Barron Tony Basgal Sandra Basquez Mark Bastian Shawna Bastian Donald Baugnman lolie Baun Margaret Beall Christy Beaman Patti Beauchamp Christina Beayer loanne Beck Gary Beddow Saundra Beebe William Beeman Leroy Bell Diane Belrnonte Robert Belter Cheryl Belyin Scott Benjamin Alex Bennett Deborah Bennett Karen Bergeyin Cyndi Bergiman Gary Bernard Becky Berner Andrea Berry Caren Berry Sue Berry Laurie Besanceney Cindy Bibleheirner Kristen Bienstadt Kevin Biggs Shari Bilyew Grant Bishop Ricky Blair Frances Block Mike Blommer julie Blow Dennis Bogie Daniel Bolen Rex Bonham Angie Borgstedt Frances Borst Donald Bott Ronnie Bowditch People X17 Iizwr-rly Iicmwvn Marlin Howvn Micl1.1r'I Hrmwfn fnlfly licmwlr- lilll licmwlmg kurnlu-rlvy liowmdn Cgllris Huw rx llvmw Boyd I'c-rry lioyvr Sunmm' lioyvr lim kv Bfllldfdi Iiormiv liradburv 'l7.1rmcI.1limnlmm-rg Bc-wrly l3r.1mion Kvllw Brandt l.1Lm'vr1Branllvy I'vlvrl3mL1n lilmm limxlnm luru limx Ruth limx lhxx I1 lilvxxvr -Xmlhum Iilmulvr I :mia Hmkvlwslwlrv Ianmw Brook lim limlnmm lhwm limxx I1 Xmrm limxx I1 RUM liruxxm 5.1milK1 Hum I1 N11-xv lirmxm NIVXL' Hmm I1 N-x IIN lirummumi Lumix Iivlmmng lxvllvx liruumn lwlvvn lirmrwl lim kx lim-P1.m.m I.xr1m-limhimyglx IVYUMI Hum Iv Nh:-Hx liuruvr R.1m1.1H Iiurrwvll Km vfbvrl IQAAVHVYI XX,NU.lw ULIlV7x lwdmx.: NAM X.l'l'Y 1' UUNN 4,1-AK7vH..'.'u-1 CHN: .1 l9..I'1'v !'.:". HU' wv KX lin' vr Hs ITUUM' Class of 79 ! g , 1. 1' K- 3 Q... at X. B' g.. sv , 1 I ,I l-sv N 1 Q ,-. gf- Y, 1 'N 9 5 'i Y , Q 52' N 4 lv ,., x 1' I A :X A . 1,1 l' -.4 5 'Vf ' 5 mx r xx ,,,, , -.4 ,ml , Q, my 4: 1, - 4 Michele Cagan Debbie Calderon Dena Caldwell Denise Callahan Bob Campbell Catherine Campbell Glen Campbell Scott Campbell The-odora Canete Debbie Canfield Barbara Capoccia james Carl William Carmack Tim Carnahan Wendy Carpenter Karen Carr Laura Carroll David Carry Katherine Carson Danny Carter Susan Carter Martian Carver Russell Case Wendy Case Ricky Caseres Brian Cassidy Mark Casterline Daniel Castrey joe Castrey Cindy Castro Steve Catherman Sam Centofante Curtis Chaney Kathy Chapman Janelle Chase Debbie Chavez joseph Chavez Dannette Cheek joseph Chiarello Peter Chinnici Bunny Choe Tomas Chovv Wayne Christensen Stephanie Christman David Christy Michael Chuchua LumirCizek Clary Clack People X19 lduriv Clarity Cynthia Clark llolmblv Clark lirvncla Clarkv Christinv Clauss Rt-ntftt Clauzvl Scott Clvmvnts Iohn Clinton lill Cloutivr Mtclwvllc- Coats lirvntla Cody Susan Cot- lucltth Cohvn Kvlly Coleman Udrrvn Collins Ric'l1arclCollins lori Combs Ctllwrt Comptom lun Conaway lxall1y'ConnQr Brian Connolly Pamvla Connor Loraine Conrad Cortnnv Conroy l7.1xiclConxx ay llvluora Cook Don Cook Ctngvr Cook Cttrtts Cooper Cllr-n Copper Dvnnts Conv Idrntw Coppotn ldurto Corn Class 01579 C Ty?-j ,Lf L. T-:Y 4. Z fkl l. P1 an a+ x. ,.. v 1-, Donald Cornxx Oll Anno Corson ftl Cota lvrt-xt1CRvxtnp1ton Rolmt-rt Conan lug Con pttr -'tntlmnx Cratg lvvrvll Cram' g FY thnx Crttxvn M flXl1tlXcCldXXltlfIl lon Clnmtortl q XX.ixnt'CrJxxtortl 9 5 ll , I lot Crtptuvrw ' X , Xl it Y, Rtt Rx Cltlll ' V f Y' , X - ,Q , , , fy , A I1 X I.ttnt'N C fuss -Q -. 1 A V-', ,rg ,'.,-3 ,A . Q g H, V . 'K' rr 1 --,,,-Q .A+ y 3 4+ C r- mplv Karen Crouch Tammy Cullen lack Cullison Steve Cummings Linda Cupp David Currier Rick Curtis Carol Czarnetzki lohn DAgostino Denny D Arnall Donna Dahling Kathleen Dalessi Robin Daniels Kim Danish Brenda Darby Lon Darby Mark Davidson Sally Davies Betsy Davis Lisa Davis Mark Davis George Dawson Terry Day Helen De Cambra Teresa Dejong Daniel De Lange Davvn De Long Bob De Soto Linda De Soto Anthony De Winter Richard Dean Denise Decker Maxine Dee Corinne Dekker Debra Deland Doug Delgado Katherine Delladonna Tracy Delling Denise Derners Sue Dempsey Valerie Denes Pat Derry Karen Dever lohn Devich Renee Di Maria Vince Di Macelli Sean Dick loanna Dickerson People X 21 Mvlody Divhm Thonnas Dirnalanlv Karvn Dobyns Timulhy Dodd Mika, Dorian Slow- Dorian Robin Donaldson Snr-ri Donaldson Kim Donalvlli Kathy Doran Sufic- Dmhvr Dania-Ill' Downing Raymond Downs Richard Dranvy Painvla Dmgo Iuan Duong Dr-bra Dubois Elifalnvlh Duddy Ed Dugan Alan Dunn an Pam Dunlap Shvrrv Durham Cindy Dyvr Lori karnvsl loo! Easton Lmliv Eaton Tami Eberhard! Patrick Edd karvn Edvlon inixmmii Edxxards -Xngula Egbars lim kx Human Paul Ellil' lim Eimk Kiiunlx Hdridgv Brian Elkinx kathx lllioll idliuwliilx lulwnllinurv lxvn lllm iw -Xian lim-raid Iuhnlnivrxiin IJi.irm.ilinptini1 i1'rrXir'igm'I Calhx lngvilu' Rullilmlvx ixi'iIiilpiiru1 MIHKifFlH'ii7l'1iT7L'V mph' v fi I 49' all pmzziwv'-f Class of 79 'rv' Y-'Q f 2 , W F' 1 ifa lif 1 n x 7' NX' "'V.ff f t xx 45 X john Erskine Ieffrey Ertle Daniel Espinoza Lori Faff lan Fagergren Matt Fahey William Fahndrich Beverly Farmer Christopher Farren Paula Fast Gregory Fate Catherine Faulkner Bruce Faust Rene Feheley Eric Feltman lim Ferry Chester Fields Michael Fierro Cathy Findler Pamela Findley Robert Finlrock Laurette Finnie Dawn Fish Cheryl Fitzgerald lay Fjastad Terri Flenniken Call Flesher Theresa Flynn David Foreman Jeffrey Fort Laurie Foster Robert Foster Mike Foust Craig Fox Allison Francis Darla Frantom lay Frazier Flaine Fredrickson Robert Frierll Cheryl Friedrich Bobby Frisby Michael Fry Sabrina Frye lohn Fuller Stephanie Caddis Don Calvan Rodney Camlnoa David Cammt-II People X2 I 7 RfllT10l1dfldl'Ild Rosa Carr ia Sophia Clan ia lcmy Clare ia N-oclurr' Gdl'ill1C'I' Cari Clarlivlcl lovl Carroll Cala Clarvm-r llianm' Cjallin Wcfr1clc'llClayc'r liolnlay Clvllman vnisc' Clvmlrvau lirian Clvrlwr Brian Gvrlmclv Sylvia Clvurls lulia Gilman Mark Clicwinp, lUl'IdI1I1l'GIlllL'l'IT1dI1 Rohm Cullam liaxc Clillcwpiv l7Ufl'lL'lx Gsmux Ivrrx Girvin lc-rw Class SL:1vlIOCl0axor1 lxlxmn :ml Coalln-ln-l'0 Rul1C1uclclarcl lax Cululammvr Ramlx Culclvn lxmw Clmvalvz Umm!! Cluuclrxclgc' lXl'lXlTC1UUlx kan-rw Cllxrm-x l7.1xulCm1rIvx Ixawn Gramm X llll U Caamlxlwlml lumla Caax Nluarl Clrax Ilwlwwflrm-11 lulw c:fl'l'l7 l.1LlrwC.wvr1 Xl-ll lI'. u Q ,H'1'r1l1'.lI lmmflff-gwx lm Clrull Nlau 1.1 Cmmmlm' l:N.1CQmw Vaafl Mrmzvx Vlw .!ffL.x'HllM'F ll7:,XCll, DMI 1 plv Class 01579 -Q... L.. RJ v-v X .,4 0, ,W m l l is 5. S x x . I' K J 'R . Qx C K' Class of 79 Z F 6 05 by M5 af i S , if W- , f ' f ,,'- f x -' ' K f r f s at R i M hvh , may 5 13' .f ..V rd? ,paw qs, . ,ir 3 nil C 5 xi 'Lili Lx ls! ,f""' , A' Tx , K--fl Rick Gutierrez Sherry Guy David Guyot Shari Hairabedian Kristie Hale Gregory Hall Michael Hall Tim Hail Debbie Hallett Donna Ham Mike Hamill Charles Hamilton Bryan Haney Lynn Hannasch Curt Hanneman Wes Hansen Ralph Harbottle Sherry Hardin jeff Harlow Deborah Harmon Gretchen Harney Grace Harris james Harrison Nilene Harry Kay Hart Carra Hartman Lori Hartman Deborah Harvey Margaret Harvey Mike Harvey Danny Haskell Robert Hasting james Hatchett Christine Hausler Becky Havel Marian Haveriland Debbie Haviken Pam Hawk Karen Hawkins Kim Hayhurst Douglas Hayman Beth Hazelton lun Kim Healy Wendy Hedge Charles Hegellteimer Russ Heidesch David Heinle Rich Heinle Kristy Hvllx-r Kalhvrinc' Hvlfrifh Marian Hvnclvrson Tim Hr-ndy lim Hr-nigman Conniv Hc-nlvy loriv l-lc-nlvy lori Hvnson Ron l'lc-rdrivh Bob Hvrman Arthur llvrnandoz lorriv Hvrrvra linda Herzog lulio Hvskc-In Nanvllv Hvumann Karla Howill losliv Hickvy Clvnn Hicks Hvidi Higgins Slvvo Hill Both Hillc Dodra Hinson Sandra Hintz Elizabeth Hippler Clay Hirai Bon Hittvsclorf laqum-linv Hlavin Pamvla Hodges kevin Hotrivlwtvr Miclwlv Hoh locld Hoida lov Holland lwnnvllw Holland lXdll1lPPf1 Holman lanai Holmeas lvanniv Holsclaxx lorrw Hollhousvr Slvxvn Hommol Sharon Honma Nlilw Hooxvr Cirvgorx Hopkins Cordon Hopps Bill Hoxxarcl Carol lloxxarcl X ii loria lloxxaril Craig lloxiv Qlorvx llulvliarnl limi v Hiiliix l voplv Class of 79 'Qfia'5 WE at . ll I4 jim Huff Carol Hughes Frank Hughes Keith Hughes Nancy Hughes Anthony Hula Kelli Hulsey Alison Humphrey Grant Hungerford Charlotte Hurtado jewelie Hyland Chris Iansiti Marisa Ibargaray Suzanne Inch Kim lshiki Nancy Iversen Terri Izett Gregory jameson Laura jasmin Sherry jeffries Steve jenkins Mark jennings Richard jensen Wanda johansen Susan johns Alan johnson Craig johnson Eric johnson james johnson jeff johnson Laura johnson Scott johnson Edward johnston Kathie johnston Gary jones Larry jones Robert jones Theresa joyce Tamera Kadel Carla Kahler Tom Kalb Bettina Kallmes Lynn Kaloper Francine Kaplan David Kappos Kelly Karstetter jonathan Kaufman Mary Kay Dave Keen Paul Keen Debbie Kellogg Carol Kelly Toni Kelly Terri Keltner Mark Kendro Brenda Kiers Georgia Kiley Sandra Kiley Ralph Kilgour Denise Killmer Danny Kim Helen Kim Tony Kim Kimberly Kingsbury lulie Kingsland Denise Kingston Tony Klein Michael Kleist Allen Kline Michael Kline leff Klingensmith Teresa Klinger Keith Knighten Deborah Knudsen leff Koff David Kohler Leonard Kohlschmidl Kathy Kohman Walter Kirchesky Mike Kroeger Sheila Krull Gregory Kunis Kary Kuiler Emile L Hoir Patricia La Fleche April La Mon Audette La Roque Linda La Rosa Carrie Labralo Sic-xen Lachance lxexin Lagese Debbie Laine lim Lamb Nuke Lamberison Sharon lambertson 78 People FF' QI r i .NR L Class of 79 iv I Class of 79 1. N 'AES joseph Lammers Terry Landsverk Dearmond Lang David Langford Cindy Lanier Rick Lanphear Tony Larkin Cathy Larr Kevin Larrett Gwen Larsen Daniel Larson David Larson Nicolette Larson Danita Laub Sandy Lavigne Michelle Lavitt Carolyn Lawson Tracy Lawson William Le Valley Ryan Leader David Leal Chris Lear Gary Lee Kevin Lee Sherine Legge Peggy Legus Randy Leivas Kevin Leong Rick Lewis Alex Licudine Cheryl Lind Angel Lindsey Tracy Lindsey john Linn Karen Lipe Lisa Lippard Robert Littrell Perri Lo Cicero jennifer Lockerby Patricia Lopez Lisa Lorey loan Love julia Lovett Karen Luhrs David Lukaszewski Melodie Lumpkins Rose Luna Victoria Luna Sandra Lund Mike Lunetta Mark Lung Brad Lusk Brian Lynn jill Lytle lames Mac Lean Marie Mafayan Alane Macek Terre Maddox Penny Madole joe Magruder Mike Maken lennifer Makino Michael Mallotto Traci Malone Heidi Maloney Sonya Maltby lames Manchin Cheryl Manes Stacy Mann Carey Manos David Mapes Shari Marchionda Rick Mardon Kevin Margerum Kevin Margulies Robert Maris Diana Markin Virginia Marris Ralph Marsh Andy Martin Cynthia Martin Douglas Martin Mike Martin Paul Martin Wendy Martin Lupe Martinez lUdIll'1cN'ldfllf'I9Z Rosanna Martinez Mark Martino Nlarx Maruschak Doug Mason Lance Mason linda Niason lhoinas Nlason Brett Xlassena Bonnie Xlaslen 30 People Michael Mastroiarini Lisa Matkovvski Frances Matsumoto Karen Matthews Mike Matrox Ken Mauldin Mike Maxham Vickie Maxwell Curry Mayer Debby Mayfield leanne McBride Paul McBride Lori McCabe Steve McCamment Pete McCann Kevin McCarthy Christine McClain Kelly McClain joel McClure Theresa McCorrnick Kenneth McDonald Scott McDonough Kenny McGinley Teresa McGinley Mark McGuirl Mike McKenriy Craig McKenzie Denise Mcl.ain Brian McMann Felicia McMeans Scott Medel Herbert Meierl joe Mejia Mike Mello Robert Melvin Mariala Mendez Teresa Mendoza Robin Mercer Michelle Metzger Kelly Meyer Colleen Michael Kelly Michaelis Douglas Mierczynski Stuart Miles Danny Millan Bob Miller Cheryl Miller Mike Miller People X 3 'T 7 Paula Miller Scott Miller Terry Miller Tim Miller Karen Millerd Terry Millirnan Clay Mills Betsy Mills Stephen Mills Denise Minor Tim Misner Scott Mohrhauser lames Mongeau Doug Montgomery Robin Mooneyham Clarence Moore David Moore David Moore Erin Moore Wendy Moothart Carol Morey Guy Morioka Steven Morr Dennis Morrell Cynthia Morris Beth Morrison Richard Morton Kirk Mosher Kevin Moss Steve Mount X icltie Muhs Shannon Mulcahy Michael Mullard Denise Mullen Gloria Munoz Robert Munson Daxid ,N-lurillo Chella Murphy Ianet Murphy lanice Nlurphy lanis Nturphy linda Xlurphy Nlendx Xturphx Robin Nturphx lwri Nturrx Ntdtireen Xturrx Teri Nlurrx llimheth Xluscente l eople it U fx Class of 79 ...if xf Y'-' 'irv' Sf, L-- e-4 Class of 79 , W ,aw 1 ,- if V' ,vw 7 ss, ,. lp M9 5T?5,:-- t-Q 2' Rick Nagura David Napoli julie Narveson jeffrey Natale Andree Naubert Elizabeth Navarrete Vicki Needham Debbie Neer Christopher Nelson Clare Nelson Dean Nelson Terence Nemchik Perry Neu Robert New Don Newell Laura Newman Debby Newmiller Cara Newton Stephen Newton Mike Nichols lim Nicholson Steve Nieves Theresa Nisco Trish Noack jeff Noble Rayner Noble Phillip Nofziger Henry Noppenberger Claudia Norris Matt Nowak Alan Nozaki Charles Nyholm Colleen O'Brien Timothy O'Brien Kenny O'Leary Christine O'Malley Amelia Ogino Mark Olguin Shelley Olhoffer Audrey Olsen Robert Olson Vana Olson Lisa Opfer Christine Oppedisano Susanne Orcholski Donald Ormand Paige Orme Erik Orth Ken Orwig Natalie Osborne Cheryl Oshida Dean Oulela Sandra Oxhorn Cynthia Paas Frank Pacheco Mark Pagano Bobby Page Mark Page Vincent Palacios Edward Panchak llka Paniptchuck Roy Paniptchuck Gloria Parsons Tony Pastizzo Lydia Patino Susan Patrick Allan Patterson Toby Patterson Cherie Paulus Tony Pausy Terrisa Payne Lisa Peacock Bill Peart April Pease Kathryn Peck Freddy Pedersen Karen Peers Michelle Penna leri Perkins Denise Perrault Laura Perron David Pesuvento Bonnie Peters Dennis Petersen Allan Peterson Russel Peterson Tammy Petrie Robert Philbin Christy Phillips Linda Phillips Brent Picano Karen Pikulin Elva Pina Chris Piper Dornnique Piquemal lohn Pitcher 3-lf People Class of 79 Y is ka-f iifmfyi y C A' V' fi iwlw Pk. Q fv'Q 11+ 19 ,ILWKN ' -.. . 1 agx A Sylvia Pohl Eric Pohlke Del Polikretis Mike Ponzio Larry Popken Neil Porte lody Post David Poulsen Laurie Poulsen Nancy Powell Gregory Pratt Drew Prelle Lisa Price Benjamin Prichard Roger Prilliman Randall Ptasznik Mary Puchalski Michael Puente james Quecke Linda Quigley Pablo Quiniano Steve Quinn Nancy Raiche Mary Rainey lody Raley Lisa Ralston john Rameriz jon Ramirez Steven Ramos Charles Ramsay David Rankin Donna Rasmussen Marc Ratner Mike Ratzlaff Susie Rawe Beckie Ray Vickie Ray Darlene Raymond Ramona Reagin Frank Real Ricky Reber Earl Redding Paul Rehm Lorie Reiff Scott Reilly Rolf Reuland Judy Reuscher Cary Rich People X 3 Rene Rich Laura Richards Pam Ricks Craig Ridgers Colette Ries Gregory Rigaud james Rigdon Cathlin Riker Maggie Rippy Monica Risse Sharon Ritchie George Rivera Ralph Rizzo Kelli Roberson Cathy Roberts Cindy Roberts Todd Robertson Heather Robinson lames Robinson Ron Robles Tom Rodgers Lori Roeckl Randy Roehrman Roberta Rogalski Corwin Rogers Marie Rogers Robert Rokes Laura Romey Kevin Romine David Roper Donna Rose lames Rose Richard Rose Sandra Rose Terri Rose Mark Rosner Debra Ross Stephane Rounce louise Rouw Mike Rowan Bradlx' Rowland Yal Ruiz Anthony Runfola Nlatthexx Rupp Margaret Russell lim Rutherford Iohn Rxan Nancx Sabo 36 People Class of 79 B A frm l Q. ,, 5- Q rw Michelle Sadakane Marcella Sakert Bernie Salcedo Jeffrey Salerno Marla Saltman Jeanne Sameshima Daniel Sanchez Darlene Sanchez Denise Sanchez Sylvia Sanchez Jim Sanders Carmen Santa Maria Elisia Santo Laura Santoro Jayne Sarmiento Debbie Satterthwaite Janiene Savoy Stephanie Savvvell Larry Schack Cindy Schaum Chris Schellingerhout Darla Schmuck David Schneider Nancy Schock Bruce Schuster Jeff Scoble Bob Scott Leslie Scott Melinda Seaman Greg Sears Danny See Joan Seipel Sharlene Seki Robynn Sell Cynthia Sells John Severin Keith Seward Myles Shavv Jacqueline Sheela Eddie Shell Karen Shelley Brian Sherrell Melonie Shipley Colleen Shortridge Linda Sianez Mark Siegmann Julie Silva Raymond Silva People f 37 Deborah Simmons Leslie Simon Martin Simurda john Siracusa Mike Sitton james Sivits Keith Skipton jeffrey Slater Lance Slovak Connie Smaglik Thomas Small Chet Smith Elaine Smith james Smith lean Smith Jeannette Smith leffery Smith john Smith Kathy Snith Larry Smith Leanne Smith Mark Smith Rob Smith Ron Smith Steve Smith Suzanne Smith Tim Smith David Smithson Rick Smoot Leslie Smothers Frank Solis Susan Sones jessica Sonoda loseph Soresi Vince Sosa Todd Southxx ard lon Speir Sherri Spencer Sherri Spencer Lori St. Clair Claudine Stadelmann Tammy Staifieri Lam Stafford Norman Stalex Ronald Stalsberg Ron Stanfill karen Stanhagen Dana Stark 38 People D 1 xv U . ' LE. i A!! XX i g Class of 79 as .- 'TI X lyk Si . ik I ! 5 4tx lf.. . ,i - -iff' PM ia-1, ' ' aqsgfy 'iv V 2 Debra Stark Karen Stearns Karin Stearns Stanley Stearns Sheri Steinbach Mark Stephens Charles Sterling jennifer Stevenson Lynne Stevenson Robert Stevenson Sean Stewart Michael Stewmon Amy Stier Alice Stinnett Audrey Stinnett Dean Stockwell Craig Stoll Robert Stollenwerk Soo Stone Patty Storch William Straughan Pamela Stray jennifer Strickland jody Sturner Pamela Styles james Suguitan Erin Sullivan john Sullivan Kim Sullivan Mark Sullivan Steven Sulzby Mary Sumner Deborah Surfas Kathy Susich David Swanson Allin Swartz Steve Swenson Melissa Swift Ron Swink Mark Swagger jack Sykes Mark Szyska Sherry Taber Sam Tang john Tarmas Donna Taylor Elaine Taylor Sarah Taylor Elena Terry Larry Tesdall Steve Tetreault William Thiebert Cindy Thieman james Thomas lanine Thomas Karen Thomas Corey Thompson Diane Thompson Laura Thompson Scott Thompson Terri Thompson Randy Tidwell Robert Tidwell Carolyn Tiermey David Timmering Doralee Tinney Mark Titus Michele Tobey Sean Tobias Doreen Todd Wayne Todd Marie Tomeoni Michael Tooley Lisa Town jeff Tracy lohn Trenerry Christa Tripp Tami Tripp Therese Trisco Linda Truskoski Maureen Tubbiola Lloyd Tuller Gladys Tully Grant Turner Teresa Turner Darla Tuttle Sandra Tymchuck Laurie Ulrich Tina Umbriaco Bryan Umphenour Dax id Underwood Michael Ussmann loseph Valdez Sherman X andeman lxurt X am Ornum Tad X an XX ex -10 People Q 9 ir X ' ,. L' '. ' sfx E Class of 79 Sift f Q ' . 1 .1 B. f sc , A il N1-r wb L1 'Uh s.. , 5- . Q .114 sfgg Et ' 4 r xl' lf 1-r AM l '-1, tr 1 1 L. uv - 1 i. . A .i A . 5 . .., 'SQ . Class of 79 F1 s.- Ak 'N Y., B' 4 1' lr if 'Z-Y T , 3-f . ..-. - 3 . 4 ff R fit! .-I sit X, W I, 7" M f y . as james Veal Shawn Venen Kerry Verble Tom Vernon Gilberto Villareal Denise Vornholt Dana Voss lohn Vrab Maryanne Vreeland April Wacker Amy Wada Dawn Waddell Tuesday Wagner loi Wainscott lo Wainwright Dianna Walker Pam Walker Jeanne Wallace Sharon Walls Madeline Walworth Wanda Warburton Laurie Ward Kelly Warren Richard Wasley Melanie Wathen Diana Watkins Colleen Watson jennie Weathers Mathew Weathers Peter Webb julie Weeden Eric Weiss Donna Weist Kelly Wendt jeff Wennerstrom Bradley Wernli lim Wertz Kenny West Susan West Mark Wetmore Ira Wheeler Marjorie Wheelis Shari White Nadine Whitehouse Danny Whittaker Robin Widdrington Richard Wilhelm Leaha Wilkes People X 4 Kathleen Willahan lell Williams Karen Williams Tammy Williams Pamela Willis Renee Willis Brandon Wilson -Margerel Wilson Tina Willz Daniel Wingard Ken Winkley David Winlermute loann Wiszberger Gary Witt Doug Wojcieclwovvski Mike Wolf Deborah Wolfe Tom Wolfe lanel Wood Robert Wood lames Weedruff Terry Woodson laimie Woodworth Lawrence Woody Dale Worley Dean Worley Donna Wray Teresa Wycinowski Carma Yeales Michael Yoder Drake Yomogida Paul Yontz lerry York Norman York loseph Zambilo X icki Zappia leresa Zaopitelli Denise Ziebartn lm li Ziebarlh Slexe Zizzo Rolmerl Zmuda Nlarx Zxdoxxicz Xlii lwael -Xdler Xliuero Alu ia Anderson XX illiam Anderson Glenn krledge Sandra -Xrinour 1 J 1 l eople GRASS CIW 76 .lla - ' W ' Cheryl Aanestad Wilhelm Aanestad David Abshier Michael Adams Patrick Adams Enrique Aguirre loanne Aguirre Brad Albers David Albin Nancy Aldrich james Alexander Lim Allchin Sheila Alponte Christi Alumbaugh lana Amati Mary Ambrose Cindy Among Cindy Anderson Corrine Anderson Mark Anderson Mark Anderson Rita Anderson Mark Annand- Brian Appell Eric Aranda joseph Aranda julie Archambault David Arking Steve Arledge Cindy Ascarte Tom Ashmead jeff Aulbach Grant Babkow Lori Bachmeier Todd Back Blair Backer Rick Bacon john Bailey Lori Bailey Brian Baker Dale Baker Charles Ballingall Fred Barela Mindi Barish Timothy Barnes Diane Barnett Leslie Barr Roberto Barragan People f Karen Barreto Steve Barreto Dale Baugh Karen Baxter Marisha Beall Cindy Beaman Dianne Beard Rhonda Beaver Robert Bechtold Kim Becker Pam Beckstrom Clive Beevor Richard Begando Tina Bekas Bradley Bekker Peter Belcher Mary Belmonte Garry Bennett Shaton Bennett Don Bent Melinda Berkel Stephen Berry William Besanceney Robert Betts john Beuschlein Susan Bibelheimer Gary Bichel David Biggs Alan Bilyew Debbie Bishop Troy Bishop lill Bissin lody Bissin Beth Black Don Blackburn Rob Block lohn Blornmer Kristi Blow David Blunk Kex in Bogle Carx Bohay Luanne Bola Stephanie Bolin lxex in Bond Stex 0 Bond Corx Bonham Fredrick Borges Sharon Boucher -l-1 People ? Class of 78 Gary Bowen Theresa Bowen jim Bower Loretta Bower Suzanne Bowling leanne Braasch john Bradley Sharon Braman Walter Braun Laura Braunlich Chris Breceda Crystal Brewer Kathleen Brewer Wayne Bristol Todd Britten Kerry Bronson David Brook Barbara Brooks Cheryl Brooks Mike Brouillard Bradley Brown Douglas Brown Karen Brown Vern Brown Danny Brunning Sheri Brusca Mark Bryant Larry Budgen Kirk Buhler Ron Buhler Arlene Bunch Kelly Burdick Mike Burke Sherry Burlew Karen Burnell Rhonda Burton Thomas Burton Tracy Bush Michelle Butcher Craig Butler Craig Butler Mike Butorac Bryan Caldwell Rory Calhoon Marilynn Calkins john Canete Richard Canfield Mary Canzone People I 4 Odile Capdeville Tony Capporicci Vickie Carmack Amy Carothers Ann Carroll Elizabeth Carroll Kristin Carroll Glenn Cartwright Lori Carver jeff Case Yolanda Caseres Rocco Cassaro Sondra Cassity loy Casteel Mari Cerda Claudia Cerrito Kelly Chapman Ken Chapman Nancy Chapman lanet Chase Merril Chassie john Chavez Michael Chavez Bonnie Chermack Patty Cho Travis Chow Eric' Christensen Keith Christensen Tina Christy Daniel Cisneros Ken Clack Danna Clapp Michelle Clements Penny Clinton lames Clinton Crystal Clouse Stephanie Cluck Lizabeth Clukey Danny Clyne Dann Cochran Sharon Cohen Nancy Cole lxathx Coleman Nlarx Coleman Swanson Coleman Ruth Colgren lxathi Collins lan Combs -lb People Sheri Comer Marilyn Connolly james Connor james Conologue Bill Conrad Charles Conway Karen Cook Robert Cook Steven Cook Robert Coopman Christopher Copeland Michael Coppolino Kathleen Corboy john Corday Cathy Corrao Cynthia Cortez Linda Cortez Steve Corwin Stephen Cossairt Theresa Coulombe johnny Coy Rochelle Craft Tamala Crafton Duke Crawford Lisa Cragon Don Croghan Carter Crosby joseph Cross Steven Crouch Felicia Crowder johnny Cruz john Cummings Sheryl Cunningham Steven Cupp Tina Curcio Keith Curtis Susan Curtis julie Custer Susan Dabler Chris Dahl Christie Dahnke Debby Dallas Gwen Dallyn Barbie Damon Rhonda Darbi Susan Davey Kevin Davis joe Dawson People X 4 Henry DeCambra Lauriebeth DeFusco Debbie DeMello Diane Dean Gwendolyn Dean Todd Dean lohn Deaube Lori Decker james Delicce Donna Della Reni Demis Beth Demerchant leanine Demora Daniel Dennis Allison Deskins Donna Dessormeau Kathy Dever Steve Dewan Mark DiBenedetto Rene Diaz Steve Diaz Donald Dietl David Dillahunty Steve Dimiceli Matthew Dinges Darrin Dixon Cynthia Doke Karen Doke lody Donah Laura Donahue Bryan Donnelly David Donnelly Tim Dorioghue Pamela Dooley Thomas Dorame Karin Dornstedt lohn Doronn Rick Dotson Roger Doty Michael Draeger Darin Drake Scott Drouillard Dennis Duddy lulie Dudley Bill Dugan Kathy Dunn Dolores Duvall Patricia Dyas 48 f People V, Class of 78 itlyw lfhrff as i H ',,, ,f-"" " i Susan Dziama Lisa Earl Tom Eddo Robert Edelen Beverley Edgington Rebecca Edwards Elizabeth Eide Tammy Einck Teresa Einck Mark Eisele Brett Eldridge Elizabeth Ellerman Diane Ellis Steven Elrod Bryon Elwell Mike Empting Dolores Enos julia Erdman Mark Eskridge David Espinoza Cindy Evans Orra Evans Tanya Evans Timothy Evans Rhonda Evett Mike Ewing Sandra Ewing Sean Fahey Mike Fanoga Linda Farmer Mark Farme Scot Farquhar Shelley Farquhar Tony Farrar Bruce Farrell Laurie Fellows Brian Feltman Kim Fenimore Lynda Ferguson lim Finfrock Mitch Finklea Dan Finley Teri Fischer Kaye Fisher Dale Flees Michael Flenniken Madonna Flood Larry Focht Gary Folkerts Steven Force Cameron Forsythe Robert Foshay leff Foust Debra Foutch Rhonda Fox lon Frampton Laura Frank Donna Franks Robert Fratzke William Fratzke Mary Fredericks loann Fredrickson Brett Frias Kelly Frisinger Glen Fritzler Sharon Furlong Brenda Galella Tracy Galindo Darren Gallagher Iulia Gallagher Rosie Garcia Eric Gardner Eleanora Garofalo lim Garroutte David Gatlin Stella Gebauer Patrick Geiger Kathleen George Wendy Giannone Michael Gibb Kris Gillan Stephen Gilmer Allen Ginsborg Michael Giron William Gittens Scott Givant Dana Glad Oliver Glisson Don Golwr -Xltwhia Golden Garx Goldman lxdlhltwn Cniltlimm XX illiam Gonzalez XXiIIi.1inCootl Mira Gotitlrnan Nlit hvllt' Ctilllivli 50 X People I -fr -.Q Class of 78 Debbie Gould Maryann Granger Kevin Grant Beverly Grasse Roger Gray Diane Green lerri Green Robert Green Sid Green Roseanne Greenfield john Greenleaf Susan Gregory Nandy Grevlich David Griffin Greg Groff Charles Grover Teresa Gunderson Mary Guerra Vera Grunke George Gutovvski Mike Haaland Debbie Haga David Hall john Hall Karen Hall Kimball Hall Robin Hall Sharon Hall jennifer Halliday lohn Hally Karen Hammer Martha Handy Donald Hannay Cindy Hans Greg Hanson Michael Harbottle Keith Hard Rhonda Hardman Rebecca Hardy Karen Harl Sandra Harlan Hal Harmsen Mike Harris Susan Haskell Deborah Hassett Mary Hatch Brook Hatfield Rochilli Hatfield People X 5 Carole Hauber Paula Hayase Karla Haymes Kathleen Healey Laura Heaps Russ Heffner Holly Heiser Greg Hemmerlin Teresa Hendricks Russ Henry Pete Henson Cindy Hernandez Valens Hernandez laime Herrera Rebecca Hershkowitz Rodney Heumann Larry Heximer Steven Hicks Dennis Higginbotham Melanie Higgins Mary Hill Wendy Hilles Harvey Hilman Ricky Hinson Carol Hinton David Hintz Alan Hirazumi Brett Hodges William Hodnick Richard Hodyson Corliss Hoefener lohn Hoefler Ann Hoffman Robert Hoffman Anthony Hoida Bill Holland Deanna Holland Greg Holland Lucy Hollinden Daxid Holmes Roger Holmes Iill Holzapfel Angel Homer Stephen Hoover Debbie Hoppy Michael Horak Dannx Horgan Thomas Horslex 52 l People ,f"'x Class of 78 X X Jr. I M. 4- W' A ,,.' ,, f f ' 2 ' D , , . ' Q, .,v, - Eff, mar " 'H . Anne Horst Linda Hough Elene Houston Gary Houston Tim Howeth Leanne Hoxie Rhonda Hudson Kevin Huffer Rosemarie Hughes Kerri Hulsey Sammy Hunsaker La Deana Hunt jana Hunter Lezlie Hurt Frank Husk Curtis Husting Tim Hutt Tracy Hyche Michele lansiti Guillermina lbargaray Taryl lgnowski Laura Immediato Lisa Ingels Barbara Isawa Scott Ison Mike lsraelsky Steve jackson Randall james Sherine jammel Andrew janoski Stanly janoski Michelle jarnaqin Mike jeffries Rodrique jeheber Steve jensen Al johns Christine johnson Diane johnson Diane johnson janniece johnson joseph johnson Kimberlyjohnson Linda johnson Lori johnson Mitch johnson Steven johnson Tim johnson jeffjohnson People X 53 Bana jones Karen jones Leroy jones Paula jones Sandra jones Sharon jones Steve jones Anne joyce Tammy Kahler john Kane Dean Kato jose Kaufman Kimberly Kay joe Keedy Mark Keefer Sue Keleher Gregory Kelley Kimberly Kelly Wendy Kelly Linda Kelsh Debborah Kendrick Denise Kendrick Cathy Killeen Karen Kimmel jeff King Raymond Kingsbury Brian Kinnsch Lois Kirby joseph Kissel Rebecca Kleinman Robert Kleppe joseph Knadler Cindy Knapp Lynn Knos Keith Kodera Albert Koenig jennifer Kolesar joseph Konicek jackie Koshar David Koonce Mike Koubeck Carrie Koulouras Kimberly Koxsertz Kimberly Kratsch Letitia Kreutzer Nlitch Kroll hex in lxubo Lisa Kurz 5-1 People Class of 78 tl! J 3 i 4 t it :Q Fw' -Q., L UAH W, VX x .'.f:+ if' A 9 Class of 78 Lisa Kutler john Kyker Rita Kysella Gina La Cabe Ricky La Flamme Michael La Fleche Michael La Grassa Greg Lake Kevin Lake Steven Lambert jim Langford Don Langston Christopher Lankford Ted Lanphear Carl Lara Denise Larkin jim Larr Paul Larsen Sherri Larson Rod Laub Dawn Laven julie Lavoie jill Lawrence joyce Lawrence Michael Lazzaro Kelly Le Blanc Bill Le Valley janet Le Valley Sylvia Leal Dean Leanza Pat Lear Timothy Leeman Robert Legge Susan Lenkner Lori Leslie Scott Level Danna Levy Dave Levy Darci Lewis jim Lewis Patricia Lienert Dione Lieshout Terry Lindow Earl Lindsay jeff Lindsay Gail Linn Thomas Linsday Laurie Linton People f 5 Barbara Lipot Mark Lister Susan Lister Richard Litsch jason Lock Randy Lockart Trent Locke Lee Lomax janet Long Carla Longfellow Teresa Longo Russell Loomis jenny Losack Brenda Lovelady Mary Lovelady jane Lovett Mark Lowe Brenda Lowell Ray Lucero jodi Lukashevsky Tom Lukaszewicz Greggory Lumpkin Kenny Luna Mike Lung Lili Lunsman Cheston Lyau Catherine Lyle Donna Lyons Tracy Maag james Mack janet Mack Dale Maddox Ruby Madrid Nova Mahan Sherry Main Wayne Maizland David Malane Peggy Maldonado Helga Mallicoat juli Mallotto Chris Maloney jeannie Manemann Suki Mangan Tim Mangan joanne Margerum Keith Margolis Vicki Marinelli N-1ichaeIMarkin 561 People , i T -uf M 91,3 l t .. "' ' 1--ir? ,: - 9 ' 5 ' 7 I y 4 " rf Yi 8 .' 1' Y - . ' ' X ,, , - ,I tb,d -axill- i '- A 'FQ ""1.'1'w1if'5'-ii j 1 .Pc .1 ,IN 'g,f'A.Sf., s. 1 'W X' 1 "' . iff' " ' I I ' 2 1 -A : -, f ,ie V - , . - ,ff x '. ' ,K gh ' ' psgfii 'w ' is 7 3 'L' A E f A5257 X 154 - , L,5 gh - 4 -. 1' .. . 'x .' i",-N , 'E' 1- fi ii' ' are K V ' 1'2" "ft AM- X- - - -vu - , fi 1 -9 Ht be . 1 ,rf y .e , y W , . , F' ' fi ' "T . 'G ' A 1- ' W lv' Q A ie f . ftf 4-. 1 sis--ap - I... R! .fm . X ui V ! 'rx I cv R i 1 'M i . ,. it u 3 it alfa.. ,.5 ' 1,5mwf x 'girls 'f.77!.f-Q75-if?5'5-.11:g' 'ra Sl ffr' f ' L Q? - - N, 'lflqrii . 2- + 'Q 9: 2'Qfif97flT455iQ'.' ' i-H" . 9 ' ' ' ' iffy, -.iii Qigzfsibfl. it ei, t - s A - v ,A tl pi: in ..,,v2J1,..i3i-iglisgir, ,w g f . v ,yivxijtf '5g'f.,,f, ?xfil'9S-'if??EQ?g+ifPSa - i. af. 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Merha Mary Merritt Daniel Merry Fred Mertz Steven Metildi Patricia Metzer Gregory Meyers Paul Mikelson Phillip Mikolajek lim Millar Blane Miller Dave Miller jeffrey Miller Karen Miller Kyle Miller Lee Miller Lisa Miller William Miller Barbara Millett Susan Millon Carla Mills Renee Minor Teresa Mirabella Bobby Miranda Eddie Mirth Robert Mitchell Randy Mize janet Moffett lulia Mohr Nova Moisio Terri Monroe Michele Moore Rhonda Moore Farhad Moraffah Thomas Morris Lisa Mortensen Cheryl Motheral Mark Motl Ken Mount Pam Mullen 58 X People Class of 78 Class of 78 Maria Munoz Rhonda Munson Daniel Murphy jay Murray Elmer Murry Tim Muzic Cheri Myers Michael Myers Lei Nagamine Rich Nagler Charles Napoli Gerry Naranjo Clare Naughton Sheryl Neher Linda Nelson Paul Nelson Rodney Nelson Mike Neu Kurt Nevarez Debbie New Anna Newton jonathan Ng john Nicholson Troy Nielsen Alice Niemczyk Kevin Nixon Manuel Nobella Lisa Noble Laurie Nolan Herman Noppenberger Sheila Norling Alden Norris Kathleen O'Brien Matthew O'Brien Karri O'Donnell jaime Ochoa john Odland Monica Oganeku Pam Oliver Mark Olivieri Sonja Olmstead Karen Olsen Carol Olson Kenneth Ooms Patty Oscarson Phil Oster Pat Oswald Mike Oyama People ff Ron Padilla Anthony Page Michelle Page Philip Palacios David Parker Mark Parker Raymond Parks Cheryl Paselk David Pastizzo Laura Paterson Rosalie Patino Ray Patterson Marianne Pavlak Laurie Payne Steve Pecha David Peck Susan Pemberton Virginia Pendleton Tina Perez Ronald Perks Naida lo Perusich Gary Peters Scott Peterson Mark Phillips Michael Piatoni Wendy Pierson Stephen Pinkus Doryce Plumlee Ledeen Poe Teresa Pollard Robert Poole Brenda Poppe Bob Porte Chris Potter Laurie Poulsen Lourene Powell Robin Powers Diane Prebish Charles Prest Grace Price Karen Price Larry Pritchard lim Pull Stexen Quigley Daxid Quilla Lori Quiniano Lisa Rabun Ntichellv Ragozzino 60 People Class of 78 Q. tb 5- --F" CS X Class of 78 Lisa Ramsey Duane Randolph Anna Ras Mike Rauls Eric Raus Terry Ray Cheryl Rayhawk Tobyn Read Kelly Rector loan Redman Susan Reece Daniel Reed Patricia Reed Mark Reese Rick Reese joseph Regan Edward Reguero Carroll Reider Charlie Reiff lane Reiland Debbie Renfro Barbara Reusch Carlos Reyes Dianne Rhoads Joanne Rhoads Leighanne Rhorer Lynda Richards Lori Richardson Scott Richardson Marie Richmond Ted Ridens Linda Ridgeway Linda Riggins Mynda Ring Amy Rippel Janice Risse Patricia Risse Darlayne Rister Wayne Ritchie Kathy Robbins Mark Roberts Susan Rocheleau Lindy Rodgers Deeanna Rodriguez Michelle Rogers Shelly Rolince Patty Rollins Patricia Romero David Roork Patrick Roque David Rose Donna Rose Steven Rosevvitz leffrey Row Mark Pubadue Debbie Rude Patricia Ruiz Sandra Runfola Lawrence Rupiper Rochelle Russo iacque Rust Patty Ryan Barry Sacks Gerry Sains Lori Sakauye Lori Salcido Susanne Salvatore Danny Sanchez Donna Sanchez Mark Sand Denise Sander Edgar Sanders Lisa Sargent Gina Saunders Nancy Schantz lohn Scharback Randx Schauwecker Leonard Scherer lack Schlafer Rachele Schlauch Douglas Schmidt Ntnhael Schmuck Robert Schofield Ed Schroeder Debra Schummer Randx Schwartz Susan Schwartz Greg Scott Kevin Scott Susan Scott Todd Scull Stephanie Scully Debra Seboldt Rathleen Seeks Ienniler Seguine William Sell t People f f f lf 1 ,4 ., , -- ff if Vx. . . 45,31 fl 'if -f 204' "f':".zf', 1 Y ., ,415 3613, 7 ,ZVQ41',, ,g 'fyf ': 33 i f f af ' J ' X Z , V , , , f,,f p f , , 4 E , ' if i fa f 1A'A al, ' lr' i .f , 'j A Class of 78 Mark Sena Pamela Sepion Karen Seward Constance Seymour Michael Shattles james Shavv Thomas Shaw Elaine Sheehan Denise Shelley Debbie Sheppard Kim Sheridan Stanley Shibata Rob Shipma Diane Shloub Valerie Shoemaker Charles Sickman Allen Sikorski Greg Silver Scott Simon Camille Simone Christy Simpkinson Sharon Simpson Gary Sinclair Lori Singer Stephen Sistler Kelly Sitler Vera Skaggs Laurie Slaten Denise Slater Teresa Slaton Debbie Sloan Dana Slovak Babara Smaglik Steven Small Annette Smith Darren Smith layne Smith john Smith Kim Smith Lance Smith Robin Smith Tori Smith Tracie Smith Coral Smyth Cynthia Snovvden Collin Sommerfeld Michael Sorensen Dane Southvvick People X 6 Kimberly Spradlin lohn Spreitzer Roger Stadlman Laura Stafford Roger Staggs julie Staley Terri Stallings Donna Stamey Leslie Stanley Robert Stanton Hayden Stark Valerie Starling Karen Stauffer Kathryn Stearns john Sleindlberger Brian Sternberg Craig Stevens Shelley Stevens Robert Stollenwerk David Stone Pamela Storch Carrie Strang Donna Stream jimmy Strelow Kevin Strommen Barbara Strong Cnrtstopher Stuart Robert Sturner Gregg Suarez Mark Sugamele Bruce Summers Karen Susich left Swain Karen Sweet Donna Swel Stark Swenson lames Swink 'mr hole Switzer Lori Szyska Marx Taber Cnrts Tadokoro lltane Takayama Pearl Tanis Leslte Tate ltm Taupin Debbte Taxlor Dennis Taxlor Ntark Taxlor 64 People Class of 78 Darrell Tenny Iris Teplitzky Rick Tercero Eldon Terry jeff Tessier Cindy Therrian Clary Thibeault Richard Thomas Timothy Thomas Tracy Thomas Cheryl Thompson Deborah Thompson Doug Thompson Victor Thompson Farley Thorne Katherine Tierney Tom Tobias Kathleen Tompkins james Tompt Connie Tendeveld Kerry Tracy james Traphofner Beth Trapp laquet Treuhaft Beverly Trotman George Trullinger loan Tully David Turner Laura Turner Michelle Turner Mike Twyman Staci Uloth Cheryl Underwood jimmy Uyekavva Sandra Vacio james Valenti Pauline Valenzuela Ann Valette Peggy Van Huizen Audrey Van Sluis Darrin Vanden Bosch lennie Vandeveer Sally Vasquez Rodney Vaughn Cindy Vega Marie Ver Haar Valerie Ver Steeg Kathy Vezirian People X 65 Nancy Vines Ron Vines Barbara Volzer Theodore Volzer linda Von Hallen Robin Vouga loey Vrab Wilma Vreolantl Timolhy Waddell Kim Wagner Ken Wainwright Monica Wainwright lafqueline Wajs Douglas Walker luxie Walker Tammy Walker Rodney VVarbriCk Daniele Warburton Iames Ward Mark Watfher lay Watson lim Watson Lee Weber lames Webster Debra Wedlock Kent Wehner Tina Welch Pamela Wells Sherry Wendzel Susan Wendzel Scroll Wessa 'XllPl1VYPSlDl73l let! Hettleson Lynne VX etzel Laurie XX heeler Xlit hdel NN l1eeli5 Lori XX nitacre Tlwomax White leltrex Hliitlwam XX retleXXl1itnex DannXXikl1olm lori Hilbert Nlan XX illong SlexeXXilkimon 'Xlex Xhlliamx C'l1erxlXNilliamx Flext' XX llllJl11N Nl.lflt'xxllNtHI1 1 'maple i S S, Class of 78 ,.N , .-.2 Llrz K -sl Dave Wilton Alan Winans Debra Wineinger jeff Wintermute David Withers Claire Wolden David Womer Brad Wood Susan Woods Sylvia Woodson Robin Woodward Fred Woodworth Bradley Wooten Debra Wray Michael Wright Geoffrey Wychgel David Wylie Hyojik Yang Thomas Yasger Tanya Yates Dick Yeager Hyong Yi Cindee Yniguez Tamara Youmans Katie Young Lorie Younger Pam Zeigler Beth Zickgraf Harley Zimmerman Sherry Zimmerman Ricky Zobel Cheryl Zydowicz People X 67 Kevin Abbott Susan Abbott Cary Abel Toni Acosta Beverly Acton Rickey Adame Erin Adams Mike Adams Susan Adams Kimberly Adamson Denise Ahuero Denise Albert Douglas Albin Lisa Alcaraz Richard Aldrich Nina Aleccia lames Allen Oscar Alonso Eric Anderson Gary Anderson Michael Anderson Terri Anderson Cynthia Annand Nancy Annand Kathleen Anno Yvonne Anzaldua lay Aponte David Aranda Bret Archambault Randy Arevalos Melody Ashley Michelle Ashley Marie -Xszterbaum Martha .-Xszterbaum Monica Aszterbaum Sharalee Atkinson lim -'xxerna Bill Babashotf Beth Babkoxx Iillcene Bachman Donna Bal-ter Rin hard Ballard Cathx Bangax Xlttch Barela Donna Barnett George Barrios Can liarroxxs lhomas Barton 68 People Class of 77 Bill Bates Karen Bates Donna Bayhan Paul Bearss Michelle Beattie Ellen Beausang john Becker Lori Becker Susan Beddow Douglas Beebe Debbie Beer Linda Bekas Helen Belna Todd Bender joey Benoit Terri Bergeson Robbin Bersticker Marybeth Bertuco Rhonda Bibelheimer Steven Bieber Scott Biedermann Timothy Bienek Donna Bischoff Cindy Bishop Gisele Bishop Linda Bishop Steven Bishop Wendy Bishop Kathryn Black Eric Blanchard Ronald Blankenship Tim Blount Christine Bobrowski Don Bohay jeff Bolen Bridget Bonham lohn Bonham Mark Borchardt Alida Borst Pamela Boswell Laura Boucher Dave Boutelle Helen Bouwens lack Bowman Charles Boyd Francis Boyd Edward Bradford Toni Brandon People X 6C Brian Braun Sheryl Bray Susan Brewster Cathleen Brier Mark Briggs Debra Brotherton Nancy Brower Gregory Brown Matt Brown Michael Brown Ronald Brown Susan Brown Susan Brown Kristine Bruneer Stefanie Bruno Carla Buddingh Michelle Budman Arlene Bunch Steve Bunge lean-Marie Bunney Richard Burdge Tami Burke Brian Burnam Mark Burns Donald Bush Susan Buss Douglas Butcher Rudy Caballero Stacey Cadenhead Martin Cagan Bruce Caico Alice Callen Edith Cameron Denise Campbell joseph Canfield Michael Capoccia Karen Capper Martha Carl Inga Carmen Monica Carriere William Carroll Cathy Carson Chris Carter Christie Case Monica Case ,Nlerrillee Cash Toni Cassie X ickic Casteel 10 People Class of 77 .-7 I-Q lf. .X 4-8 Class of 77 Marie Cerda jeff Chaney Mindy Chapman Shirley Charley Chris Chauncey Fred Chavez Linda Chinkin Annette Christ Carol Christensen Terri Christman Frank Christy Denise Clarity Richard Clark Stan Clark jeffrey Clarke Sheri Clarke Greg Clenn Danny Cloud Timothy Cloward Sheridith Cluverius Dinah Clyne Deborah Cocco Lynette Cochran Mark Cockayne Robin Cole Dave Coleman Ilene Collier Mike Collins Carol Compton john Conroy lose Contreras Charlotte Conway Debbie Cook Kyoko Cook Lora Cook Timothy Cook Robert Cooney Robert Cooper Thomas Cooper Mark Copenhaver Marie Corboy Scott Correia Robert Cortez Rick Cotton Gerald Coulombe Lisa Cragun Michael Craig Carol Crandall People X 7' Sandra Crane Mary Craven janet Crawford Mike Crawford Deborah Croft Linda Cronin Vincent Crowther Myrna Cunningham Leslie Curren Ron Curtis Debra Dahl Scott Dale Mark Dalessi julie Daniels Pamela Davey lulie Davidson Kevin Davidson Robin Davidson Ruth Davis Scott Davis Tiffany Davis Linda Dawson Michael Dawson Angela Day Russ De Fusco Grace De Groot Richard De Long Diane De Noia Cindy Dean Stacy Dean Terri Decker Mark Dee Annette Demers loe Dempsey Ralph Di Gian Tobie Di Gian Cliff Dibble Deborah Dickerson Kathryn Diggs Mark Dinges l7t'lnlniv Dolvshal llvlxlmf Donvgan loin Donoghuv Chut lt Uolsor' C.1int'rtunDulwnion XlJlll7t1rM'dI1 Carl Dunlap Chlllllltl Dunn 72 7 People Class of 77 'v A ,. . its qi if I as , ,2 WY! tgps 31:4 f"'u Frank Duvall Lori Earl Shoshanna Easton Cynthia Eaton janet Eaton Sharon Eckles Holly Edwards Lee Edwards Rhonda Edwards Scott Edwards Steven Eggert Lorraine Einstoss Michael Ellena Nina Ellerman jerry Elliot Tammera Ellsworth Sherry Elrod Chris Eltrich Keith Emerson Sharon Emerson Kelly Endicott Tammy Engle Larry Enos Mark Erskine Deborah Erwin Catherine Eskridge Steven Fagergren Laurie Fahey Lynda Fasano Daniel Fazio Scott Feil jeff Fenchak Mitch Ferguson Teresa Ferry Mark Fields Carrie Figueredo Steven Fish Diane Fisher Shawn Fitzgerald Kevin Fitzhugh Marianne Fixemer Becky Flake Terry Flanigan Kenneth Flees Mitchell Flores Richard Flowerday Cynthia Flynn Tammy Flynt Warren Fogg Yan Oy Fong john Ford Scott Ford Tina Fort Pamela Fosnight Tom Foster Brenda Frampton Donna Fraser Stephen Fregeau Debbie Friedl Carl Fritts Ed Gaddis jeff Gahring Helen Gajewski Deborah Gallagher Gary Galuert ludy Garcia Maria Garcia Richard Garcia lodi Garfield Lisa Garland Michelle Garroutte Lauribel Gatdula Andrea Geltman Sherry Gendreau Gerry German Fred Geurts Carl Gibbs Duke Gibson Harry Gibson Rick Gibson Hill Gilbert Larrx' Gillespie lim Gillis Christine Gittens lohn Glendinning Xtifhael Gold Ianife Goldman Darlene Gomez -Xrmando Gonzalez Edith Gosnex Dax id Gould lettrex Goxe laura Graham Ntark Graxes Tratex Graxes lfwllit' Great Us People Glass of 77 H Fi f i: . iw C, , , -, W fir fri J' tl , Q . 1' dx.j Q 5 xi. Class of 77 Nicki Greeley Robert Greeley George Gregory Tricia Griffin William Grilz Kim Groff Linda Guy Ramona Haas Margaret Hafeli Mary Hafeli Diwight Haga Dawn Hairabedian Karen Halkovic William Hall Aaron Hamilton Bill Hamilton Larw Hammer Mary Handelsman Kay Hannasch Gary Hansen Richie Hansen Teresa Harmon Bobbie Harrison Larry Hartman lohn Haskell Cynthia Hastings Foy Hastings Rick Hatch Cathy Haviken Debbie Hawley Terry Hayman Erin Healy Nina Heffelman Lisa Helber Kimberly Henderson Roy Hendy Anthony Herdrich Brad Herington Sheila Hershkowitz Jeanne Hesketh Donald Hewitt Robert Hickey Richard Hicks Sherri Hilberg Dana Hill Leslie Hill Stacy Hille Blanche Hilmari People 7 7 Syd Hime Greg Hinton Laura Hinton Kimberly Hintz Michael Hippler Sara Hirshman Mary Hlavin Debbie Hoefler Susan Hofbauer Will Hogue john Holbrook Cheryl Hollis Karen Holmes Robyn Holmes Terry Holmes Steve Holton Lisa Holzapfel Tim Hoover Roberta Hopps Jeffery Horsman Bruce Houston Matt Houston Bonnie Howard Pamela Hudgins Diana Hughes Glenda Hughes Gregg Hughes Kathleen Hughes Susan Hughes Ron Hunter Steve Huppert lerry Hutchings Tory Ikola Bob Israelsky Ava Iackson Mary jackson Thomas lackson lim lacobsen Elizabeth Iames Daline lasper Shireen lavaher Cy nthia leflrey Teresa leffries Scott lenkins Bob lensen Donna lohannsen Hentlx lohansson Clax lohnson 76 People Cynthia johnson Dan johnson Pamela johnson Russell johnson Curtis jones jo Carole jones Kathryn jones Mike jones jane jurisch Norman Kaczorovvski Henry Kaiser john Kalb judy Kamei Annette Kanna Ashley Karstetter Karen Kasperowski Renee Katz Donald Kaufman janet Kay Thomas Keane Annette Kell Shirlee Kelley Thomas Kelley Mark Kellogg Lisa Kelly Michael Kelly Steven Kennebeck Gregg Kerr Lee Kiley james Kilpatrick Craig King Lisa Kingsland Karen Kissel Ron Klaarenbeek Lynn Kleinman Teri Klocker Robin Klopp Peggy Kojima Donna Kotler Susan Koulouras Nancy Kraft john Kramer Mike Kramer Michael Krawcyzk David Krolick Karen Krull Kevin Kubista Keith Kubo People X 7 Randy Kubo Robin L'Hoir lohn La Badie Brent La Flamme Michael La Marche Norman La Mont Heidi Lacey Cynthia Laine Steven Lambden ludy Lambert Dave Landsberg Thomas Lang Patricia Langdon Kathy Langerud Karen Langhammer Christe Larison Waunita Larson Bret Laub Allen Layen Bryan Lavigne Kelly Lawrence Robert Lawson An My Le Patty Le Faiye Richard Leathers Linda Lee Lynda Lee Steven Lee Mark Leeds Debra Lehmann Be-ngie Leibfreid lana Leonard Ntarx lo Leonard Michael Leong Michelle Lepley lim Leslie larnei Lc-xxey Kiki Lexus Lua Lewis Nina Lttudine Bet kt Lindon lxvnneth Ltndsax Carl Linn Robert Linton lerxll Liplw lxathx littrell Pele l twlx Sherri loodvnhac lx People txt I Class of 77 'l' Michelle Lucostic Manuela Ludwig Mike Lumpkins Suzanne Lund Jenny Lyall Debbie Lyons Sherie Lyons Mary Mackin Teresa Mackley David Madje Emad Mahaunz Teresa Malattia Helen Malinick Clay Manchester Clint Manchester Bill Manes Brett Marangi Kenny Margerum Keith Margulies Glen Marinelli Laurie Marinovich Frank Marshall Debora Martin Edward Martin Erin Martin Laurie Martin Steven Martin Casey Martinez Max Martinez Chris Martino Laurie Martino Cynthia Martinson Dan Mason leff Mason Lisa Mason Robert Mason Martin Masten Greg Mategorin Toni Matics Karen Mattson Steve MacMillan Carol McAdoo lohn McAlear Sylvia McCarthy West McCollum Greg McComb Shaun McDonough Vince McGinley People X 74 John McGinnis Robin McGinnis David McLain Robbie McLean loan McMann Thomas McMullen Patrick McSwain Judy McVey Linda Meierl Robert Meifu luanita Mejia Kim Mellon Lisa Melvin Maria Mendoza Lori Mercer leri Merha Linda Merrill Sherri Merrill Cheri Merritt Kenneth Mihelic Lisa Miller Mike Miller Rick Miller Holly Millon Chris Mitcheu Terrie Moffett Keith Moon Bryan Moore Dan Moore Linda Moore Paula Moore Russ Moore Shahrzad Moraffah Karen Morley Dianna Morneau lacquelyn Morris Leigh Morris Susan Morris Tom Morrissey Pam Morrone Susan Morsch Ruth Moser Leslie Mosher Cheryl! Moyle Scott Mueller Lori Mullen lohn Murphy Kexin Nlurphx 80 X People Class of 77 QQ Q YH, i l f'rrfMs-,, ,W l ' r f 'Hn' f - I IAQ' C , 'Iwi' Mi 1110191 W .S l l f Q U, 5 li ' ff a ' f 1 ,f . I , 11: J I P 1' ff' J, o . W I IW "n ff if , , 1 . 1 9 ' K ' r ' , 4 1 I . 'i ffl , .J-iv fn- ' llihvw X 1 X A ' '43 -Q .- . ' -Q 4 I X ' n' N -1-T11 . . . ,O 1- f,.... A .. 4 . , Y l nf ig I l . 1 l . f .4-.. 'Y Class of 77 Mike Murphy Tim Murphy Tina Murphy Richard Murray Thomas Murray Trevor Musso Dan Myers Nancy Nakamura leff Namby Patti Napp Kelli Nash Vicky Natale Doug Neagle Kevin Neal Robert Neal Lawrence Needham Teri Neer Terri Neher Theresa Neitzey David Nelson Ginger Nelson Laura Nelson Mike Nelson Keith Newberg jerry Newhard Martha Newman Mike Newman Teresa Newman Christopher Newton Kathy Nichols Cheryl Niemeyer Lilah Niesley Will Niesley Cori Nipper Douglas Noble Mitchell Nomura Kathy Nordli janine Norton Lisa Nowak Thomas Nowak Ronald Nozaki javier Ochoa Mary Oganeku Roy Ogden Steven Ogle Linda Oh Kurt Olmstead Franklin Orozco People X 81 Laura Orsillo David Oulela Edward Paas Timmy Page lames Palaoro Virginia Panchak Giovanna Panzarella Tony Parham Rich Paris Alan Parnoff leffrey Parsons Leslie Parsons Susan Parsons Debra Patrick Gayle Patrick Dianne Patterson Ron Patterson Christine Paul Rick Paul Fred Paulk Debbie Paulsen Susan Peck Steve Pemberton Al Perez Luis Perez Darleen Perkins Gail Perkins Marcelyn Perkins Sara Perrault lames Perry Mark Peter Pam Peters lames Petersen Kirsten Petersen Lewis Pettit Teresa Philbin lanet Philippsen limmy Philippsen Francis Phillips Alan Piercy larnes Pitchforth X icky Pitts Mark Plum Gary Pollitt lan Popken Drew Poston karen Potes Hugh Powell 87 People W, ,xx N. ,E-4 H, , PIP, ,f Glass of 77 'Ties 'Q- x..- ' x in E.. Michael Powell Debra Power Randall Pozos Kim Pratt Sherri Price Tiffeney Price Cindy Prichard Marie Protzner Mark Pruden John Puchalski Gary Pulford Mitzi Pullen Katherine Putnam Gina Quiniano Adalberte Ramirez Francine Ramirez Manuel Ramirez Rosie Ramirez Annette Ramos Charles Ramsey Keith Rankin David Rasmussen Tom Rauls Alicia Raupp Nick Ravve Norman Rawely Nancy Ray Don Raymond Gina Rea Frank Read Eric Reed john Reed Bill Reeves jill Reid Mark Reilly ludi Reither Dwana Relf Mike Remmers lanice Renes Frank Reuland Rita Revoir David Richards Stacey Richardson Richard Richmond Kathy Ridgers Kay Riley Richard Risse loe Ritari Cynthia Ritchie lulie Robben Mark Roberdes Michael Roberson Michelle Roberson Terry Roberts Ronald Robledo Ralph Robles Cheryl Rodriguez Brian Rofer Mike Rogalski Henry Rogers Kendal Rogers lulie Rogoff Karyl Rolle Reid Roman Patricia Romey Laurie Roork Michelle Roper Pamela Rose Robert Rose Kary Roseberry Careen Rosner Marci Rotcher Eric Roth Ricky Rowe Debra Rowlands Gillette Rowlands Edwards Ruiz Richard Ruiz Steve Rumburg john Runge Michael Rupp Scott Ruscoe Dagrnar Russell Tamara Russell Linda Rustvold lose Salcedo Sallx Sanchez Teri Sanders lohn Sarmiento Tami Saunders Rax mond Saylor Pamela Say re Peggx Sayre Frank St arlata Becln Schaack Tom Scht-nach 8-1 l eople Class of 77 Ronda Schlauch Don Schmier Fred Schmuck Chris Schneider Peggy Schuffert Steve Schultz Paul Schwarike Kelly Scott Susie Scott Mark See Lynette Selvo Gina Senatore Timothy Senzig Kerry Sereno Brigitte Sewell Michael Seymour Margaret Shahinian Rosalind Shapiro Cheryl Shattles jerry Shattles Elaine Shaw Tracy Shechter Mike Sheldrake Robert Sheridan Linda Shimomura Terri Shoemake Tina Shuey Steve Sickman Thomas Silber Debbie Silva Ronald Simko David Simpson Rick Sims Tarry Sims Lawrence Sistler Kenneth Siu Brian Sivits jamie Skare Vicki Slater Susan Smiley Alicia Smith Chris Smith Christine Smith Colin Smith Deborah Smith Fred Smith jeffrey Smith Karen Smith People X 8 Laurie Smith Lisa Smith Michael Smith Michelle Smith Peggy Smith Ronnie Smothers Deann Snipes lerilyn Soderblom Robert Soule Cathie Sparks Frank Sparks Kevin Specker Debra Spencer Hannah Spencer Tina Sponholz lanna Spradlin Paula Stacher Michael Stacy Eric Stahura Tom Stallings Michelle Stanfield Richard Stanton David Stark Carl Stein Shelly Steingraber Steve Steinke Cindy Stephens Debbie Sternberg Melanee Stevens George Steward Pamela Stinebiser Susan Stockman Dan Stockton Charlene Stockwell Kelly Stodgell Stephanie Stray Lea Strickland Nathan Stroh Lu,-Xnn Strother Aim Stupak Melanie Sue Dawn Suei Carolyn Sullixan Nlichelle Sullixan Pat Sullixan Kerrie Sutton lulia Suzuki Gregg Sxalstad 86 People Sheryl Taneyhill Kathy Tarmas Lori Tate Cynthia Taylor Gloria Taylor Patrick Taylor Rhonda Taylor Starlene Taylor Carla Teeples Herschel Tempkins Shelly Tepin lim Testrake Robert Tetreault Bonnie Therian Claire Thomas Dorothy Thomas Erin Thompson Karen Thompson janet Thomsen Tamara Thornton Scott Tingey Michael Tobias Rick Toledo Roger Toledo Eric Tondevold Kathy Tooley Dawn Topalian Lisa Toth Mark Toyra David Tracey Shelly Trabold Alison Trujillo Ramona Trujillo Georgana Trumbull Denise Truskoski Mike Tubbiola Carla Tucker Peter Turner Philip Turner john Ulrich Arthur Uribe Paul Usevitch Linda Vail Theodore Valenzuela Kris Van Dask Mike Vandemore Pam Van Laningham Mark Vance People X 81 Kimberly Varney Tony Vernon Connie Vetter Daniel Videtto Ieanne Viggiano Rudy Vollert Debby Von Hatten Kim Vornholt Renee Vouga Tammy Wagner Kris Wainscott Sherry Waite Colleen Walden Teresa Walker Timothy Walker Gregory Wall Kevin Wall lames Walters Dennis Wampler Gregory Warner Brent Warren Denice Warren Marcia Watson Robin Wear Leian Weaver Robert Weaver lenee Webber Lisa Weedn Darlene Weikart Kathy Weist Robert Welch Kim Welle April West Brian West Mark Wetzel Teresa Whetsell Ron Whipple lohn Whitaker lim X"X'hitcomb Donna White lames X'Xhite Rhonda XX hite Ronald XXhite Sandra XX hiteside Linda XXhitneX DaXidXXhittaker Richard XX iggs Dana XX ikholm 88 People Class of 77 if-Xl. I ,Q N lt if '41, 111 lfx ii.: xt Class of 77 Bret Wilkinson Debra Williams Donna Williams Greg Williams Shari Williams Valerie Williams Sarah Willis lames Wilson jerry Wilson Scott Wilson Gregory Wiltz Russell Wingroye Robert Winn Sharon Winn Vicki Winn jamie Wischnef Linda Wisdom Wendy Wojciechowski Robert Wolchek Vincent Wold Terry Wolf William Wolfe Cinthia Wollman Carey Wood Carter Wood Mark Woodford Sharie Woolard Keith Wright Debby Wychgel Roberta Wynne Hyosung Yang Laurie Yates Wanda Yates Janette Yearley Ki Sung Yi Deanna Yoder Pamela Yomogida Crystal York Richard Youmans Darrell Young Toni Young Tracey Young joseph Zada Michelle Zappitelli Perry Zervas Patrice Ziebarth Melanie Zierold Stephen Zimmer People f 8' Oplv A , v ' l ""-. 'lf A 1 Q H' s, 4' r .male 9 W 41, -- W - .gc - i. ' ,,5 "ii: "5"f', Aff-ij,-'-T-,R-' 1, ', ' df C,i ,I .J I ,.-3 ,u - Y f UV Q1 7 , X A faivadtfs ,i raw SS' gi 'ilk .mx X xt- dents have difficulty in finding a place to meet their friends at snack and lunch. lt is common to see dazed students searching through the "jungle" for their friends. Even so there continues to be many who can't seem to find any group of any kind. Perhaps the great size of the school causes a feeling of alienation, a distant Ionliness. But why dwell only on the negative aspects of overcrowding? There are advantages to a school of such a great size. FVHS is able to offer a greater variety of classes to broaden student interest. FVHS also has many student run organizations like clubs and several forms of students government that encour- age student involvement. As observed, such opportunities are available to all students at FVHS. Perhaps too, FVI-IS with its great size gives a sense of belonging. There are so many stu- dents no one can say they lack acquain- tances. Everyone is exposed to many types of people creating a sense of awareness. Con- cluding then, overcrowding can be summed up as a learning experience. In spite ofthe fact that we are faced with such an impossi- ble situation, it seems that it can only enable us to better ourselxes 92 People MARYELLEN AARUP DAVID ABBOTT RODNEY ACHREM IANICE ADAMS THERESA ADAMS CYNTHIA AGUIRRE VERNON AHLO MARTIN AIELLO STEPHANIE ALLAN SUSAN ALLARD LISA ALLBAUCH LIS,-X ALLISON LAUREEN ANDERSON MICHAEL ANDERSON KRISTAN ANDREWS RUSSELL ANNO SHARON APPELL RHONDA ARELL SANDRA ASBURY KAREN ASCARTE IANA ASHLEY SHARALEE ATKINSON WAN DA AYERS RICHARD E-ACA 9-I Puoplc' IILLCENE BACHMAN SUSAN BACHMEIER ELIZABETH BACKSTROM KELLY BAILEY BRUCE BALEOUR LORA BARANY ANNE BARLAR TRACEY BARLOVV MICHAEL BARRETO CLAIRE BARRETTE KENNETH BASTIAN ROBERT BAXTER BARRY BEALL DIANE BEALS i t"TP sv s.-.1 ?"'T Nl' IQ- 'Ts-rx RENEE BEAVER IOHN BEDROSIAN ALAN BEEKMAN TERRI BECLEY SUSAN BELCHER TIMOTHY BELL DONALD BELLAVANCE IOSEPH BELLER TIM BELVIN DONNA BENNETT IAMES BENVENUTO KATHLEEN BENVVARD IOEY BENZA RICHARD BENZINC BRUCE BERGER DARRYL BERMENDER DELCIO BERTUCCIO THERESA BERTUCO SUSAN BESANCENEY DEBORAH BEUSCHLEIN BELINDA BIEDERMANN IEFEREY BIENSTADT RANDY BILIITERE CURTIS BISHOP DON BISHOP DOUGLAS BLACKBURN DAVID BLAIR DENNIS BLAIR DIANE BLAYLOCK GREG BLOCK SUE BLOCK KEVIN BLOW BRUCE BOEHLER BRIAN BOGLE ROBIN BOIES CHRISTY BOLEN IOHN BOILING IULIE BOSTON P00 p I 0 SUSAN BOXOLD PETER BOYER MIKE BRAMAN WILLIAM BRAY ELAINE BRECEDA DONALD BREHM TONI BRICK IAMES BRINKMAN BARBARA BROWN CAROL B ROWN IANELLE BROWN KATHY BROWN MARIBETH BROWN MARILYN BROWN PATRICIA BROWN TYNA BROWN VICTOR BROWN ERANCESCA BRUNO DOUGLAS BUCKLEY KENNETH BUCOS LESLIE BUHLER IAMES BURDCE DIANA BURKE MARK BURKE WENDY BURLEW STEVE BURNS STEVEN BURNS KEVIN BURT LAURA BUTORAC LINDA BUTORAC KEITH BYERS MICHAEL BYRD 98 Pc oplv MILTON CABALLERO VICTORIA CAFASSO MARK CAITO KEITH CAMPBELL IULANNE CANNON WILLIAM CAPPELLE CYNTHIA CARDINAL DEBORAH CARNAHAN LAURI CARPENTER EILEEN CARROLL JAMES CARTVVRIGHT PATTY CARUANA MICHAEL CARVER ALEX CASTANEDA DENISE CASTANEDA NANCY CATALINA ALVIN CHAMBERS KIRK CHANEY DAWN CHANC KATHY CHAPMAN MICHAEL CHASE SUSAN CHAVARRIA CYNTHIA CHAVEZ PETRONA CHAVEZ EARL CHOATE HAK NAN CHOE TERESA CHOVV LAURA CHRISTENSEN DARREN CHU CINDY CLARK SHERRY CLARK CYNTHIA CLARKE IOL Pc ODIP DYANNA CLUVERIUS EILEEN COLE KAREN COLEMAN WANDA COLEMAN VICKIE COLCREN STEVE COLLIER IOHN COMPTON SHANE CONWAY HM COOPERMAN CHERYL COPELAND STEVE CORDAY CH RISTAL CORRIVEAU 'D DAVID CORTEZ LORI COUNTS MARK COWPER MICHAEL COX PAMELA COX PATRICIA COX SUE COX KATHY CRAFTON KEN CRAIG MARY ANN CRAWFORD MICHAEL CRAWFORD NELLIE CREEGER REBECCA CROCKER WAYNE CROSSLEY DONNA CROWELL DEBY CROWTHER RONDA CROY KEVIN CUMMINCS SUSAN CUMMINCS LUANNE CUPP Z Pcloplv SUZANNE CURLEY DAVID CUTSINGER DONALD DAHLING DAVID DANIELS IOHN DANIELSON MICHELLE DAVENPORT IOHN DAVIDSON EUGENIA DAVIS TRUDY DAVIS TIMOTHY DE LUCA CHERYL DE REGO IUDI DE WITT RANDALL DECKER SHELLY DEE BIFFERY DENNEY RHONDA DENNIS MARIA DESMOND MICHAEL DESROSIERS BENITA DEWAN IOSEPH DIAZ RICHARD DIAZ IOHN DIETL RICKY DICGS RON DILLEY SHARON DINEEN HOLLEY DONALDSON EVE DONNELLY PATRICK DONOCIHUE CATHY DONOVAN MICHAEL DOOLEY KATHRYN DOSCHER BRIAN DOUGLAS CHRIS DOVE MARY DRUMMOND DENISE DUDROW KIRK DLJLIN MICHAEL DUNIEC CATHRYN DUNLAP LINDA DURELL LARENE EDLLJND IO Icoplv ANNE EDWARDS MARTY EI-IMAN MIKE EINSTOSS TERESA ELLIOTT CAROL ERICKSON MARCIA ESPINOZA SCOTT ETHERIDCE VICKIE FAHNDRICH DANIEL FALLON CHARLENE FALZONE PENI FARENICK RICHARD FARQUER BRUCE FARRELL CRAIG FELTMAN RICHARD FENCHAK CAROLE FENDRYCH MARK FENNELL BLAKE FLOOD BOB FLOWER BARBARA FLOWERDAY KIM FOCKLER BRIAN FORCE RICHARD FORCE GLEN FORD PATRICIA FOSNIGHT DAVID FOUST MICHAEL FOUTCH ELIZABETH FRAYNE RICHARD FRENCH IOSEPH FRY MILES FUIIWARA MICHELLE FULTON IO6 P0opIv HOWARD EURLONG MONA GAGNON DOUGLAS GALLAGHER DAVID GARCIA MIKE GARCIA DIANNE GARDINIER TOM GARDNER IUDITH GARNER DE ANN GAROEOLO IULIE GARRETT ERIC GARTEN KELLY GARVIN ILJDY GATES CARL GERVAIS ROBERT GIBSON GREGORY GIESBRECI-IT MARYLOU GILBERT IOI-IN GILBERTSON ANN GILLAN MIKE GILLMORE DEANNA GILPIN DENISEGILPIN IEFEGIORDANI BEGKYGIVANT DAWN G LAD ANDREA GLEASON GREG GLENN MARCO GODOY DIANE GOMEZ FIDEL GONZALEZ RICHARD GOOLD TOM GORNEY LORI GOSNEY TERRIE GOLJRLEY DAVID GRANTHAM KATHY GRAVES KEVIN GREELEY LARRY GREEN PAUL GREEN PEGGY GREEN JAMES GREENE EDWARD GRIFFIN TERRENCE GROGAN KELLY GUELDNER RICHARD GUILD IAMIE CUMMESON LARRY CUTI ERREZ MARTHA GUTIERREZ IOE GUTOWSKI KATHERINE HAFELI DIANA HALL KATHLEEN HALL LAUREEN HALLIDAY VICKIE HALVERSON BRETT HAMILTON LISA HAMILTON KENNETH HAMPSTEN DAVID HAND RUSSELL HAND GARY HANNASCH MERRY HANSEN RUSSELL HANSON DAVID HARDEN TERRI HARLAN 110 f People DEBORAH HARMON ALISON HARNEY LISA HAROLD IUDY HARRISON VAUCHN HARTUNC KATHLEEN HARVEY CARY HARVILL INCEMAR HASSELQUIST CYNTHIA HASSETT MICHAEL HATALSKI DANIEL HATCH ROC-ER HATCH DENISE HAUBER CABRIELE HAUEE PATRICIA HAVENS BRETT HAVIKEN DAVID HAWKINS GORDON HAYASE IERRY HEAD KIMBERLY HEGELHEIME R PQ - X IDD PPO DAVE HENDERSON IOHN HENICMAN IEFF HENNESAY ANDREW HERNANDEZ IOHN HERRIOTT CARY HEXIMER IILL HICKS LARRY HILBERT DANNA HILL DEBBIE HINSON IAN HIRSHMAN PATRICIA HLAVIN CARL HOBKIRK ROGER HOECHSTETTER ION HOLLAND DEBBIE HOLMES JAMES HORAK HOLLY HORGAN plc I' 'mx 1. 6 'G fi ,r-1. Y , 4. f. -'N Qt '-Q 4 fx 44d4,g,L.l' 'N Z qidifl ' ' q4 f V, X3 , 4 fx' t,,, f' ,f-6? Huff! 1 ff' A . F ,, M MM ,HA H K, ge J, fin. 1, v vi fs ,5.M. si 'Y I7 ,.-. .',,. 47. ,L P00 DENISE I-IUMPHREYS PAMELA I-IUNGERLE STACY HURT STEVEN I-ILJSTING BRIAN HYCHE REGINA ITURRA TRACEYIACKSON TODDIASMIN MICI-IAELIENSEN VVALTERIENSEN KYLE IOEFE RICK IOI-IANSSON plc' JEFFREYJOHNSON KERRYJOHNSON NANCYJOHNSON TEDJOHNSON DONALDJOHNSTON JOHN JOHNSTON SHERRIEJOHNSTON CAROLE JONES ELIZABETH JONES LYGAJONES BERNARDJOYCE KATHLEEN JOYCE People X115 NANCY JUMP NANCYILJRISCH IANET KAMISATO SI-IANA KARCH PATRICIA KASPEROVVSKI 6 , Pvu ELAINE KATO NORMA KATZ KEVIN KEANE DAVID KECK BOB KELEI-IER DENISE KELLEY MICHAEL KELLY ' x no V Lx I LISA KELSH WILLIAM KETTS CANDY KEYES WILLIAM KIM MIKE KING RANDY KING TI-IERESA KIRK DAVID KIRKPATRICK ELIZABETH KLEBS STEPHANIE KLEI-IM EREDDY KLINGENSMITI-I IOCAROL KNOS People X II? I I E IOANNE LA ROCCA CAROL LA ROSA RONALD LADE MARIE LAMBERTSON RICHARD LAMMERS KATHY LANG SCOTT LANG EILEEN LANGE CHRISTINE LANGERUD LONNIE LANGLOIS MARIO LARA LAURIE LARSON CALVIN LAUB GREGORY LAUSCH PAUL LAUX DONALD LAVEN MIKE LAYMAN TRACY LE BLANC CRAIG LEANZA DAVID LEE People X119 IOAN LEE THOMAS LEEMAN ROBIN LEIVAS KATRINA LENHAUSEN CI-IRIS LEONARD DAWN LESICKO RONALD LESNICK CHERYL LESSLEY CAROL LEVALLEY ARTURO LEVARIO LINDA LEVIA DERIN LEWIS P00 p I O LEWIS LINGGADIAYA NORMAN LINDSEY DONNA LINDSAY PATRICK LIPOT DAVID LISTER RODNEY LIVINGSTON ROGER LIVINGSTON DAVID LLOYD WILLIAM LLOYD ROSEANNE LOBO ANDREW LOCK LOIS LOMAX BEGKY LONGEELLOVV ROBERT LOPEZ DEANA LOWELL GEORGE LOYO LEONA LUKASZEVVICZ JOHN LUND SHERYL LUND DAVID LUTZ ROSEMARY LYBARGER IOANNE LYNN JANIE LYONS GREGORY MaCMILLAN KATHRYN MaCRILL DORINDA MAGHULDA MILISS MACK AMANDA MAGKIN IIM MADDOX ANTHONY MAGILL GHERYL MAIZLAND SUSAN MAKI 122 People CHRISTINE MANEMANN GLYNETTE MANES BRUCE MARCHIONDA DAN MARCSTROM LAURA MARGARIT STEVE MARISCAL KARLA MARONEY MIKE MARQUEZ PAUL MARTIGNONI DEAN MARTIN DEBRA MARTIN CERI MARTIN People X123 STACEY MARTIN BERTA MARTINEZ CARL MARTZ IIM MASTERS MICHAEL MASTERSON GREGORY MATEGORIN DENISE MATSUO ANNE MAULER IOSEPH MAYNARD MICHELE MCADOO LORI MCCALLSON COLLEEN MCCAMMENT IOI-IN MCCI-IRISTIAN PATRICIA MCCOLLAM VICKI MCGLASSON GRACE MCGOVERN TIM MCINTOSH DARRELL MCKENNEY I Uoplc' gf Q i PATRICK MCLAUCHLIN LAURA MCNAIR JAMES MCNAMARA PETER MEALEY DIANA MEDARIS SHERYL MEIEU JUNE MELLODY DAMIAN MENDOZA DAVID MENDOZA CAROL MERRICK TAMARA MERRY CINDY MEYER RENEE MEYERS SUE MEYERS People T25 CYNTHIA MICHAEL RANDYMICKELSON REBECCA MILLAR ANDY MILLER CLAY MILLER SI-IERYL MILLER WAYNE MILLER TIMOTHY MILLS KENDALL MINER MARK MOI-IRI-IAUSER LOUISE MOLLKOY MIKE MONTIIO RICKY MOORE TERI MOORE YOLAN DA MORA CRAIC. MORABITO TERESA MORENO IANICE MORRELL PERRY MORRIS VICKIE MORRIS I 76 Pm oplc' MARK MORRISON THOMAS MOWDY KAREN MURDOCK CHERI MURRY LEO MUSHETT CINDIE NAAB ANTOINETTE NAPOLI ARLEEN NARANIO ROBERT NASH MICHAEL NEER KATHLEEN NEHER ROBIN NEILSON KAREN NELSON TAMARA NELSON MICHELE NEPURA DEBRA NEUDECKER KARL NEVAREZ JERRY NEVVHARD DAWNA NEWMAN PHILIP NISCO People X127 LESLIE NITKIN ROBERT NOBLE RICHARD NOLAN ROBERT NOLDE HORST NOPPENBERGER DAVID NORLING IOI-IN NOVRATIL DENNIS NOWAK VICTORIA NYI-IOLM KATHY O'BRI EN MARY O'BRI EN BERNADETTE O'CAMPO T28 Pooplv DENIS O'CONNELL MIKE OGANEKU VICKY OODEN NANCY OCINO BJORN OLERUD MARGARET OLSON ELLEN OMMONDSON ROBIN ORCHOLSKI CHERYL ORR MARK OSBORN MICHELE OSBORNE TERRI OSBORNE People A 129 PHILIP OXI-IORN REBECCA PAPPAS DEANN PARRY IAN PARSONS MEGAN PARSONS KEVIN PATTERSON ABIGAIL PAUGI-I SUZANNE PAVLAK MARLA PAVLLJ THERESE PAYNE VICKI PAYNE MARK PEERS DAVE PENNELL WILLIAM PEPPER LALJRI PERRY DOREEN PESAVENTO 130 People MIKE PETERS GREG PETERSEN DON PETERSON LAURI PETERSON STEVEN PETERSON NATHAN PETTUS ELISABETH PEUSER MICHELLE PEEIEEER CYNTHIA PFISTER BRIAN PHILIPPSEN VICTORIA PHILLIPS LYNNDA PIANTONI CINDY PIAZZA PAUL PIERCE DONN PIERSON KAY PITTS KELLY PITTS STACEY PLETZ SUSAN PLUM PETER POLDRUHI MIKE POND BARBARA POOLE DEBORAH POPKEN LORRIE POPKEN People X131 P00 IOHN POWER THERESA POWER ANTHONY POZOS CYNTHIA PRADO IEFFERY PRATT PAUL PRATT MARK PRESLEY MARIE PREST LAUREL PRLJIM LONNIE PTASZNIK DEBRA PLJCHALSKI IODY PLJLLEN DAVID QUECKE CARMEN RAMIREZ ROBERT RAMIREZ MARTIN RAMO5 TERI RAPOZO KAREN RAULS LAURA REDDINC RICHARD REDDINC SHARON RECLJERO CHERYL REHLINC IOHN REILAND NANCY RENES VVENDY REPPE IEANNE REVOIR TIM RICHARDS LEAH RIDSDALE LARRY RIESE LALJRIE RIKER ELAINE RISSE WILLIAM RISTAU People fI I3-I People CATHERINE RITARI LESLIE ROBARGE DANIEL ROBERTSON BARRY ROBIN MARK ROGERS MICHAEL ROGERS BETH ROGOEE SUE ROLINCE ADRIAN ROMERO IACQLJELINE ROPER ROGER ROUNDY DEBBIE ROUTH DANIEL RLJEER KIMBERLY RUPIPER PAMELA RUTHERFORD MARGARET RYAN VICKIE SABO SHELLI SADAKANE DIANNA SALTMAN DEBORAH SAND STEPHEN SANDORS KATHERINE SARCENT MARY ANN SATO ROBERT SATO JERRY SAVOY CASSON DRA SAYLOR JOANNE SAYRE JOHN SAYRE BECKY SCHAAK JOHN SCHENK LINDA SCHMAHL KATHY SCHROEDER LIANE SCHULLER MARK SCHUMACHER COLLEEN SCH USTER SCOTT SCH USTER MINDY SCHVVARTZ KEELI SCOTT VALERIE SCOTT BRANDEE SCU RCI People! I3 GREGORY SEBASTIAN CAROL SECUINE MELENIESEIDL LEOTAH SELBY WAYNE SELVO RICHARD SENDRA RICHARD SENZIC CHRISTINE SEYMGUR PATTY SHAEEER ROSALIND SHAPIRG AMY SHAW ANN SHAW I Ib I70opIv JOELLEN SHEELAR of-WIDSHELTQN FRED SHEPPHIRD Jo SHERIDAN LYNNE SHERIDAN JOYCE SI-IIMOMURA ALONZO SIANEZ JOHN SIMKO KRISTINA SIMON MARK SIMURDA MICHAEL SJOLLEMA JILL SLEEDLEY CHRISTINE SLETTO NADINE SMACLIK CHARLENESMALL SEAN SMALL CAROLYN SMITH DUANE SMITH IULIE SMITH KIM SMITH LARRY CJ. SMITH LARRY L. SMITH MARTIN SMITH MICHAEL SMITH RANDALL SMITH ROBERT SMITH ROGER SMITH SHELLEY SMITH SUSAN SMITH VANESSA SMITH CHARLES SMYTHE ANDREA SOLIS KEN WONG SONG MICHAEL SONODA KATHRYN SOUTHERN TODD SOUTHWICK LINDA SPAAN IOHN SPENCER MICHEAL SPREITZER IEEE ST, CLAIR RONALD STAGGS DOUG STALEY MARLIN STAPLETON IILL STEIDLEY MICHAEL STEPHENSON DAVID STERLING REBECCA STEVENS DOROTHY STOUT CHRISTOPHER STRAIN ELAINE STRAW IANET STREET JAMES STRICKLAND LEANN STROMBERC KELLY STROMMEN VENUSSUCA STEVEN SUTHERLAND SHERRILL SVALSTAD KIM SVVACCER IONI SVVANSON MICHAEL SVVENSON CATHERINE SYKES SUE TADLOCK RICARDO TAFOYA RICHARD TALBOT ARTHUR TANIS IACK TAYLOR WARREN TAYLOR DANIEL TEETER DENNIS TEMPLE BLJRT TEPLITZKY MICHAEL TESSIER DEBRA THOMAS I-I I coplv EDWIN THOMAS MICHAEL THOMAS KAREN THOMPSON TRACY THOMPSON DEBRA THORMAEHLEN DENISE THRASHER JOHN TI DWELL TIMMI LU TIEDY HELEN TIERNEY KATHRYN TIERNEY CARL TIETZ VALERI TIMMERING People 141 LANI TOM DEBRA TOOLEY SUSAN TOPPEN LESLIE TOUTANT IEANINE TRABOLD IANET TRACY CHANCHAI TRENURUK DARLYNDA TROUP RAMONA TRUJILLO DAVID TRUX IOE TURNER TAMRA TYMCHUCK 142 People 'ii 9 x fm' E iv ?Q !"'N ff""T7 sq. LQ NANCY UBALDINI RALPH UMBRIACO JAN USEVITCH RICHARD VALBUENA MICHAEL VAN ITTERSUM ROXANNE VARNEY BECKY VASQU EZ RICHARD VAUCHN RAMI VILLARREAL RICKY VINES SUSAN VOGT KAREN V055 People X14 CHRISTOPHER WACHTEL SAMUEL WAH NON IULIAWAITS COLLEEN WALDEN BRENDA WALKER RANDALL WALL IOHN WALTER KIM WARREN MELISSA WATCHER CHERYL WEATHERSBEE STEVE WEAVER IAMES WEBB I-1-1 Pmmlv Y UH F 4-tb-I . , ,, LV. ,A H f' 'Q I . . nf- . We gy I oz -A ' I .Q 3 1 'f ' . I , a 4 .1 , , -1,1 ,, I if , 'I -I MARK WEBB CARLA WEBER DIANA WEIDA WENDY WERNLI PERRY WESSA DAVID WETMORE KATHY WHEELER TERRY WHEELER DAVE WHITE THOMAS WHITEHEAD DEBBIEWILDER CURT WILLIAMS People I KIMBERLY WILLIAMS MICHAEL WILLIAMS MIGI-IEAL WILLIAMS YOLANDA WILLIAMS IODYWILLIS SHARION WILTON IULIA WINDER IOI-IN WIN KLEY RUSSELL WOLFROM PEGGY WOLLMAN MARK WOOD STEVE WOOD RICK WOOLARD LINDA WRIGHT GILJLIETTA VVYGI-IGEL RAYMOND WYNNE VVINDY YANGY IEEE Y.-XRRINGTON I-I6 Peoplv KATHY YASUOKA ROBERT YEACER CARSON YEUNC CYNTHIA YORK DVVAYNE YOST THOMAS YOUNG KAREN YUTKINS RICKY ZEIC-LER WILLIAM ZICKCRAF MARIO ZITA MICHAEL ZLJMBO Summa Cum Laude 148 X People fWith Highest Honorj Patricia I-llavin Lauri Carpenter Micheal Spreitzer Linda Levia Wai Magna Cum Lauole fVVith Great Honorj Patty Shaffer Laurie Larson Patricia McColIann 1oCarol Knos Christopher Wachtel Debra Martin Philip Oxhorn Susan Meyers Anthony Pozos 150 People Gallery Some of a student's lasting impressions of high school are made by the faculty, administrators and staff members encountered day by day. These 200 plus individuals composed an important group of people at Fountain Valley in 1976. Unfortunately, space prevented everyone from appearing in "People," This Gallery displays 26 of the most appealing, humorous and interesting candids of faculty, administrators and staff. Their contributions to the image of FVHS is more fully covered in "School" firmpfuw' CENTER X?- EWW' .-,JM5 l . S' X Ku i ivisiTOR's PM E C15 D. Penhall fSociaI Studies! taught World History this year. 421 j. Cohen fEngIishJ dons a sweater proclaiming "Woman Power." Q35 M. Barnard fOfficeJ and j. Wilderman fOfficeJ share a light hearted moment, Q41 K. Duddridge fPhysicaI Educationj surveys prospective team members. Q53 T. Parsons fSociaI Studiesj at ease in the classroom. People X151 7 Penn lll R. Anderson fArtl takes a Coffee break between classes, l2l G. Tolman Uvtathl and S. Veenstra Qlforeign Languagel play a friendly game of cards. 135 H. Miller Uytathl devoted much of ber time to Senior School. My G. Reinhard lForeign Languagel after taking German Club pictures. 153 L. Farr lPbysiCal Educationj enjoys racketball at the Fountain Valley Recreation Center. l Gallery l F' X "- r I 1 Y 2 r, ,J .is . '- - ' ,-M, Haw w5!"'1"? R it . :LH M, :,.,fx:'a,:hQf 51 N 1. , I ,. '-lv i -!,,"-pg, D Pe-Ople 153 T5-1 People it Gallery P HJ P. Purnell lPhysical Educationl ponders on a deep, thought provoking question for a moment. 125 I. Borchert Uraffic and Safetyl lunches in the Faculty Dining Room, Q33 H. Horton llvlathl chats with a student and enjoys the sun. 443 I. Coen lSocial Studiesl never liked to have his picture taken. Q55 l. Cole lSocial Studiesl also coached baseball. 5.1, 1 -wwf-1-:-:viii Ar' .ve-3' ,-ur"""" ....-- 9 v-av. 4, -gr. D . K. .5 i 1'- sig,-K. ,.,. .W- -- 6-5.- 4- -f,5. 3 People X155 Nl L Otterllne fArtJ rn a rare moment. 123 K. Friess fAssistant Princrpall strrkes an athletrc pose 133 V Palmer QPhysical Educationj coached Varsity Tennus 145 R Sepulveda tSocnaI Studuesl took lessons on the recorder C53 S Epley fEngllshl IN a pensive moment. Q61 M. Church QMGMJ in her frrst year as MCM Coordlnator 41? lg- .-.. ,, S Gallery - "' l 1' ' A, 'V V :LQ 1-'f.uC ,!""ll,.'QQ' , gn 5 People X157 158 Peoplv ill E. l-lubbs tSCiQnCeJ at a faculty meeting, 1251. Reybum tlraffifand Safetyl imitates "tho Babe." 135 D, Tuttlv lSoCial Studiesj in a mellow mood. t-lj D. Dooley tfvledial toils ovvr anotlwr media project for a faculty member. l5l R. Rathmann tSClencel collapses at the end of a strenuous day of registration, 1 I' ,""5 if 1' l ev, -4' 1 'N-.I-s, 2' TE! .L I 'E 1 ,Z - 7 - 5' ' -if 'rx 1f' t 5 f' K. X 1,3 5238 K 'IIN 4 Caller D 'K I People X159 ltvO Memoriam David F. Buffington ln Memoriam David F. Buffington had served Fountain Valley High School since the school opened in 1966. In positions as varied and demanding as Student Activities Coordinator and Assistant Principal in charge of Curriculum, he had shovvn himself to be an ex- ceptionally energetic, yet warm personality. Thus his tragic death inthe summer of 1975 shocked and sad- dened many at FVHS. The 1976 Raconteur Staff here asks that, those who knevv him join us, not to mourn his passing, but rather to rejoice in his memory. Memoriam X 161 Sfhool "We Are the School" BUY HERB , wp. "We are a collection of people, yet an identity. The activities we participate in, the goals vve strive to achieve and the things we enjoy together give us this character, this identity, and say that WE ARE THE SCHOOL." i to be a school we must have a character, School X163 Theseus Hippolyta Philostrate Egeus Hermia Demetrius Lysander Helena Quince Bottom Flute Starveling Snout Snug First Fairy Puck Oberon Titania Moth Mustardseed Peaseblossom Cobvveb Fairies Attendants Craig Morabito Leslie Hill Kevin Wall jeff Bienstadt Kim Fockler john Compton Todd jasmin Cathy Corrao james Kilpatrick Tom Foster David Blair Keith Margolis Robert Legge Glenn Cartwright Linda Levia Marc Ratner ChristopherWaChtel Nansi Brower Melanee Stevens Elizabeth Martin Kayte Pitts Colleen Mahan Denise Albert Alison Humphrey Becky Lindow Carla Tucker Brian Dougles Carol Erickson Taneya Evans Wendy Hilles P. j. Houston Cheryl Manes Cheryl Niemeyer Brandon Wilson St lvtwttl l "A Midsummer Night's Dream" -Enchanting Enchanted mushrooms, giggling fairies, and a little green elf who seemed to appear from nowhere were only a few of the magical happenings to be seen in this year's first drama production "A Midsummer Night's Dream." With characters ranging from mixed-up lovers to a donkey headed "actor", the cast swept the audience into an enchanted forest, the setting of the play. Even with the great performances given by each member of the cast, thenuxtmenmxametmngaboutdnspmysthesetRoWnghHB,gomHngHowemtendedbynymphsandatme that hides elves set the mood for this fantasy-comedy trip. School X165 SR lliltll ati ig. , 'I When else can you stretch bubble gum, race tricycles, toss water balloons, push peanuts, eat jello, smash cars and throw pies? - Only during Spirit Week. Speech Club obtained the most points during Spirit Week and vvon a plaque Mums, buttons, pom poms, ribbons and cotton candy were sold to bring out everyone's Homecoming Spirit. The week was ended with a Pep Assembly honoring the five l-lomecoming Queen finalists, l-lomecoming King Kirt Chaney and the big game against rival Edison l-ligh. Spirit Week U3 Tuttle takes a turn, C23 Selling Spirit, 135 It takes skill, 143 Pick your favorite for Homecoming King, Q55 Mascot Danny Sanchez with the Liberty Bell that goes to the winner of each Edison-Fountain Valley football game. 1 ,f-f, School X167 HJ R, Nolan runs to the finish, l2l R. Nolan leads the way, Q35 Coach B. Thompson watches with pride, 141 j. Sarmiento lleftl and K. Cummings give it all. lo8 School lf I K W -W,-J 5- -1 -. A'--'-,, .1 gf- 7' num- Q l wx hill 1, .M 3 .-, 1 . 4 v W., w,- 3:3 , xi' E! vc 4 U? 3 .2 ,. ..-Q rf gl.. J 'Y A Y I U s :li : lf.- 'Q 'J yr? ,, 3 J. in-"' 'T -3-:Q-3 ,li-9 ' " fat I 'v ' 'g . gm .fm 5 . is ' x W .sg A . 14, Txlg . 'Vi k 1 0 ll' ' . .ak L 1 5 1 A Hia? ' 3 5 - Q ' L .fx . I' - ,114 2 4 arsity Cross Country Trel-Ls To Fourth Fountain Valley put together the best Varsity Cross Country team known in FVfs history. The seven man team, led by senior Rick Nolan and sophomore Brian Appell, started the season by winning their first two meets. With high spirits the team went on to take fourth place in the league. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY Scores FV OPP 20 39 Loara 28 29 Western 31 26 Westminister 43 20 Newport Harbor 23 38 Los Alamitos 36 2'l Marina 45 18 Edison Varsity Cross Country- Front Row: D. Duddy, l. Testrake, R. Sendra, R. Nolan, K. Burt. 2nd Row: Coach Thompson, 1. Sarmiento, R. Orcholski, B. Appell, I. Strickland, K. Cummings. School X169 St he Celebrating the Past Friday night, November 7, Anaheim Stadium was filled with 11,099 people to see Fountain Valley's 1976 Homecoming game against rival Edison High School. The highlight of the evening was the halftime show "As Time Goes On." A decade of history past before us as the themes from Fountain Valley's ten homecomings were performed. After a quick trip through time we finally returned to the present- and Laurie Riker was crowned as the 1976 Homecoming Queen. The show climaxed with a fantastic fireworks display, honoring our school and nation as the FVHS band formed the letters USA and played "This ls My Country" and the Alma Mater. Celebrating the past and looking forward to the future-"As Time Cioes On. . 1 lol Thoroughly Modern Homecoming 1967: This Night Forever 1968: 1969: Arabesque 1970: Golden Revue 1971 1972 1973 1974: 1975 1976 Before The Parade Passes By When Knights Were Bold Once Upon A Dream it Happened One Night Dreams From Long Ago As Time Goes On bchool 7171 FV 15 15 22 18 15 16 19 IV CROSS COUNTRY Scores OPP 50 Loara 50 Western 47 Westminister 47 Newport Harbor SO Los Alamitos 42 Marina 36 Edison The 1975 junior Varsity season was the best they could ever hope They went undefeated in the league dual meets and Captured the title "Sunset League Champions". This year's team was one of the strongest J.V. - Undefeutable umnnpg--, . "" ' an-J4... -4.5. - F? .., t...',"!t , 1 St html ,. . f, 5 IV Cross Country - Front Row: S. Laven, R.Fer1chak, L. Riese, B. Teptitzky, I. johnson, 2nd Row: Coach Thompson, l. Horak, E. Reed, S. Cichon, 1. Hutchings. f l 1 1 L ,.- - 1-.J ,,f..t,. 1 'fi l r-5' -r Y ' 'vs I 5 4-1 ,fn....J H. P - V ' . . . . wicsvn- Y is ff' iw' 4 -.F --we ,,,--,.,,Al ' A 9 f'.g',gq,,,,,,WMe.-.9 1 M, Fl-ash Soph Captures Second The 1975 season went well for the froshfsoph cross country team. They cruised to a second place finish in league with a 6- 1-O record. Their only loss was to a tough Westminister team. za vp. 4' ' FROSHXSOPH CROSS COUNTRY Scores FV 6PP 15 50 Loara 15 50 Western 46 18 Westminister 19 42 Newport Harbor 16 49 Los Alamitos 25 31 Marina 15 49 Edison T19 Coach B. Thompson cheers his team, 131 K. Knighten gets it on, l4J B. Hutchings runs to win, C65 Barons run with pride. w 3 School X173 llll5J Well dressed couples step out for an evening of romance, l2l The 1976 Homecoming Court and Escorts: Keeli Scott and Dave Trux, Marcia Espinoza and lohn Povvers, Homecoming Queen Laurie Riker and Greg Peterson, Cass Savior and Glen Holmes, Doreen Pesivento and Greg Leonard, 135 Newly crowned Queen Laurie Riker happily receives congratulations as her father looks on, 441 Couples danced for hours to the sounds of Function, tbl As a memorable evening at the Newporter Inn comes to a close. -l School I 'ill "As Time Goes On" Held at the Newporter lnn in Newport Beach, the 1976 Homecoming Dance was a blend of FVHS' past and present. Scattered among this year's student body were many alumni, coming back to Fountain Valley and all its memories. "As Time Goes On" was the theme, fitting the mood of our tenth anniversary. The band Function played both the new songs of today and the jazz songs of yesterday, as everyone danced on through midnight. Arriving later in the evening Queen Laurie Riker, her court, and their escorts danced to "All's Fair In Love" the song dedicated to them. This, like all the past Homecomings was a night to be remembered - "As Time Goes On . . School X175 "Get Involyedll" was the cry from Student Council this year. Aside from the usual job of budgeting and appointing commissions, the goal of this years council was more student involvement in the running ofthe school. By sponsoring and planning activities like "loin-a-club" week, spirit week, and various assemblies they promoted involyement and spirit on the Baron campus. l tw Stlwtml Student Administration Student Administration Members- Front Row: 1. Bunney, T. lasmin, 1. Lloyd, S. Meyers, D, Lesicko, S. Lund, B. Lopez, P. Nelson, R. Orcholski, 1. Morrell. 2nd Row: G. Hayase, B. Lindow, C. Erickson, D, Williams, L, Fahey, V. Natale, K. Potes, l. Bachman, C. Chauncey, L. Younger. School X177 115 R. Orcholski and I. Morrell, Q23 L. Younger and I. M. Bunney, Q31 C. Erickson, t-ll S. Lund, 151 D. Williams and K. Potts, 163 T. 8 School Student Administration Aids Student Government Student Administration is a group of students, chosen prior to each new school year by student council, to aid in student government. They act as student representatives, arrange special activities and provide publicity for the Associated Students. The 1975-76 Administration journeyed to UC Santa Barbara for a summer workshop emphasizing leadership, ,S lasmin, 175 l. Lloyd, 183 L. Pettit, 195 P. Nelson, V. Natale, I. Bachman, and C,Chauncey,U1l B.Lindow. Sherry Lund Gordon Hayase Leslie Parsons Rob Orcholski Janice Morrell joe Lloyd Becky Lindow Debbie Williams Karen Potes Paul Nelson Chris Chauncey Vicki Natale jill Bachman Carol Erickson Sue Meyers Dawn Lesicko Bradley Brown Lewie Pettit Valerie Shoemaker Bob Lopez Laurie Fahey lean-Marie Bunney Lorie Younger Associated Students' Manager Operations Officer Activities Chairperson Athletics Officers Clubs' Officer Communications Chairperson Newsletter Editors On-Campus Publicity Off-Campus Publicity Student Concerns Chairperson Faculty!Curriculum Officer SAC Representative CASC! PTSA Representative Campus Concerns Chairperson Ombudsmen Council Clerk Recording Secretary i,l A 4' ,W Ct. V. ' ' School X179 271 "Miracles Performed Here" U5 D. Hagen and K. Fockler have a chat outdoors, 435 D. Hagen dictates notes to his secretary A. Coulter, Q25 D. Hagen - Activities Director, Q45 Oren Ziv, Vice-President Of Edison's Senate, clangs the bell, 155 P. Gross, Edison's Principal, and P. Berger converse, C65 A. Coulter, Secretary to Mr. Hagen, 175 l. Bunney and a member of Edison talk about Student Govern ment, C85 R. Smith tells about the history of the Victory Bell, 195 As D. Hagen looks on. l Yi 312. 1 4 F The position is simply titled "Coordinator of Student Activities," yet every year just "getting it together" is a minor miracle. In his second year as Activities Coordinator, Dave Hagen was one of the most enthusiastic parts of that miracle. Whether on the field at a football game, leading an assembly, in Student Council meetings or in a rare moment spent behind a desk, Mr. Hagen's interest and concern in students was evident. ln1975-76 special emphasis was placed on the goals of upgrading dances, recognizing student groups, organizing fund raisers and making this the "year of the club." While implementing these goals took Mr. Hagen out of the office much of the time, the indispensible Anne Coulter kept things well in hand. lb Qt tool 4 7 1 V if I ta fra.-"aaa UM -My J, N-UQAN A AM' Fountain Vallev's Student Government hosted a breakfast for Edison High School's Senate. Over a filling meal of french toast, sausage, scrambled eggs, coffee and orange hnce,thetmm9groupsgazed upontherecenthfpurchased Liberty Bell, The bell, discovered in an old ship yard, is to beammrdedtothetwinneroftheannualEountau1VaHev- Edison football game in the years to come. Each school hopedtoconunuethelyeakkwtasatmmhuonalacuvuvin thefuture. to Breakfast Guess VVho's Coming J. .nl r E ' wg-fa W , A X uf 2 ls on-School X181 my Q35 Q45 155 The sound of bands like jules provided a backdrop for af 182 SQIWOOI ter-the-football game socializing 42j 163511 FVHS. Better Bands the Bait Better bands were the bait set by Student Council to bring rnore peopmtosocknopsin19WiVVHhbandsHkeBeckeLVVEb,andSnmH Anahgsockhopshadthebestauendanceever I-131 u B un.-df.....,1. ' 7 e V ' f 'zxwwfr 1 W 3 4 1 5 School X183 :f " 'J'7 - ., 9 ,,f.-1. An an ' VJ' .N 1 f f it -- A 'gsm 'lf' I 7 1. ,,.,,. iff,.'vZQ" 'A p 51' we .uf 7' -M ,N 1, 5... VARSITY VVATERPOLO Scores FV OPP 16 5 Western 13 3 Westminster 19 13 Los Alamitos 5 9 Newport 10 5 Marina 8 5 Edison 12 2 Loara U3 1211. Davidson goes for a goal, 135 M. Kelley moves in for the kill, L43 H. Furlong challenges opponent for the ball, 151 K. lo-1 Stl100l Chaney waits for a pass from high-reaching H. Furlong. v r 'U . 4 1' - 'R ' . -35 V jf Aniafgw " 51 ,,,j:L4 ' ,r-ELANY, , ,. 0 'U M. . ., S r' ylk-,','1".,s-r ,, A X I i 5' Q ., 5: ,-'x4g,. fu.. 271. V . - b J. , .Luk .4 , .- , , '-nm' 3 3 - -'-f' .D Y A ., 'r,.' . ,3 " 'A .,,- if -, .wh N1,mke,3t2, I 1-1-f'.' asf' 1 vw.-.sie -' v . , .1 -Vit.- "-'rlf-fn Vw' , ,hifi -Q E, -fr.. f..Nk,x ,LQ 1 - vifyif' -'Emir L Al! J. ,wr ,N . 'fum K U . 1 fy I F. 1 -. , I I 3 H20 Polo Stays Strong To Go CIF The Baron Varsity finished a successful vvaterpolo season with a 6-1 record in league action earning them second place in the Sunset League and a position in the CIF playoffs. This vvas the first waterpolo team from FVHS to gain this honor. Selected as the team's MVP was Howard Furlong for his consistent "heads-up" play throughout the entire season. David Trux was voted team captain. joining Furlong and Trux on the All Sunset League First Team was lim Davidson for his outstanding offensive effort. S .,,N. -M 1--f 4 5 Varsity Waterpolo - Front Row: 1. Davidson, M. W. Kelly, M. Braman, A. Miller, D. Trux, S. Kolitz. 2nd Row: W, Hogue, K. Chaney, R. Lade, H. Furlong, 1. Maynard. School X185 L, if Q ,. -' .. , 1. - , s .5 ne.. , S A Q , 1 - - n if Q ,A U . . A4.i-:bl-Lf:--pd "'QEr...' -.. ... -,, ... .I .,,, xx 1 1 ii- .' FROSH XSOPH VVATE RPOLO Sc ores FV OP P 3 2 Wcislern 6 ES Westminster 6 12 Los Alamitos 3 I5 Newport 4 5 Marina 5 7 Edison 4 9 Loara HS Waierpolo - Front Row: C. Sinflarr, M Niahols, T. Rodgers, R. Nagura, I. Chavez, I Mcndelsohn, N. Porte. 2nd Row: D, Bannister, R, Reber, I. Siniln, S. Hula, I. Mcfleinons, S, Dirk, T. Howvlh. 3rd Row: B. Umnhc-nour, M, Belgen, C. Rowrs L.SChaL'k R. Peterson S. Hicks R. Collins A 1 V f V , B. Frisby. Siu Scliuoi -A 'i Ui FV moves in forthe score, IZJ Coach Acosta, 135 Barons fight for possession ofthe ball, C43 Players race to action. JV Flnd Frosh Soph Holds Bright Future The junior Varsity Waterpolo team finished third in league action, led by Captain Rick Aldrich and MVP Bill Manes. They finished with a 4-3 record. The 1975 Frosh-Soph Waterpolo team finished seventh with a team comprised mainly of first year players. The tremendous improvement of the team at the close of the season indicates a brightened future for FVHS poloists. Leading the team were Captain Gary Sinclair and MVP lay Mendelsohn. lV Waterpolo - Front Row: M. Twvman, I- Pull, R. Nelson. 2nd Row: B. Manes, K. Qogers, S. Sistler, R. Aldrich. JV WATERPOLO Scores FV OPP forfeit Western 6 4 Westminster 1 'VI Los Alamitos 3 T3 Newport 'I1 6 Marina 7 9 Edison forfeit Loara r'4"fQl' IV VOLLEYBALL Scores OPP 2 Newport Harbor 2 Costa Mesa 1 Westminster 2 Huntington Beach 2 Edison 1 Marina 2 Estancia lilo School C543-X- l IV Volleyball - Front Row: D. Bishop, M. l-lafeli. 2nd Row: A. Ogino, S. Tavlor, R. DiMaria4 T. Murrey, 3rd Row: P. Oscarson M. Flood, L. Kaloper, T. loyce, Coach Felando. . I ' E -. ' , 1 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Scores FV OPP 1 2 Newport Harbor O 2 Costa Mesa 2 1 Westminster 1 2 Huntington Beach 1 2 Edison 2 1 Marina 2 1 Estancia GirI's Volleyball Sets Fast Pace Fountain Valley's Spikettes ended their second year of varsity competition dahningthudiMaceintheSunsetLeague.Eachvarytyteanwnuunber demonsUauxlapo9Uvetean1aUHude,aHnespuhandthesUck4o- itiveness to spend many hours after practice in scrimmages. This type of dedication added to the growth and development of both skill level and in conwnunkauonamongteanunembem.Thejumorvamnyprovedtobea team of spirited and young talent. The team consisted of two juniors, two sophomores and five freshmen. The girls were involved in a developmental program in preparation for probable placement on varsity. With four reunmngvawuyrnmnbewandasoHdjumorvamHyFVHSywHhaveasuong foundauonforasuccesdulClFVoHeybaHtemhinl976 if VarsityVolleybalI Front Row D Chang M Hafeli R Schlauch 2nd Row L Anderson S Williams S Clark 3rd Row K l-lafeli N Ogino P Boswell Coach Flora 'B ssl .- c 3 5 Q. Ill IV cheers from the sidelines, l2l R. DiMaria does the bump, Q31 S. Williams pops it over, Q45 K. Hafeli back sets for the spike. -tit. nity School X189 FV OPP 8 8 1 15 3 13 11 5 8 8 9 7 8 8 TENNIS Scores Marina Newport Estancia Costa Mesa Westminster Edison Huntington Beach L --ff' Tennis Singles-Front Row S Vakrlu K Riker, T, Merry, P, Ryan, I, Bac hrnan I Kay 2nd Row: T. Barlow, T. Bush I Basson Acton, L. Riker, R, Moser, M 1 lt onard L Prlum. xr , .. M-we " r""' V .,... GirI's Tennis 5tl"iVES For Perfection TheGHB'CW1ennBtemnconwmedofeghtyngmsandeghtdoubmsm the varsity level. Outstanding school records were established by the numberone9ngegLaumlPnunyandthenumbereghtdoubkxteam, Dawn Grimm and Terri Maddox. The 1975-76 year's players were greatly improved over previous years in terms of skill accomplishment and playing strategy. Tennis Doubles - Front Row: S. Merrill, D. Power, C. Eaton, L. Kelsh, K. Lewis, C. Longfellow. 2nd Row: R. Boies, S. Tepin, K. Welle, D. Donegan, G. Rhea, D. Plumlee, 5. Scott, D. Fraser, S. Loundenback, K. Ridgers, D. Friedl. 3rd Row: Coach Palmer, C. Chauncey, P johnson, D. Martin, W. Ayers, D. Grimm, T. Maddox, G. Saunders, I. Aguirre, S. Sadakane, N. lurisch. School X 191 'u Z 1llL.Beka5"rnunching" away in an eating contest during the Big-Little Sister picnic, Q21 Sisters pile up for a little fun, Q33 1. Lynn sets up picnic tables while L. Boucher nibbles a well-earned cookie, l5J M. Gilbert helping herself to a picnic lunch, Q45 l. Lynn attempts to break through. il i . . ' W" , ik.-rig: ,j if A .' 14" 4 .. . 5 s, .V V, H2 .V ,, WA VI LV .. A 1 .,r-- - . ,af Girls League Board - Front Row: P. Oscarson, B. Lindow, N. Brower, K. Fockler. 2nd Row: L. Bekas, C. Erickson, I. Lynn, M. Gilbert, M. Handy. 3rd Row: G. Tierney, A. West, E. john, M. Saltman. H72 School 7? .1 Girls' League Plunges Into Busy Year After beginning the new school year with the Big-Little Sister Picnic, Girls' League plunged into the Christmas season with a Santa Gram sale ancl a night of Christmas caroling. With the arrival of 1976, they were once again preparing for the Valentines Dance. The Mother-Daughter Tea, an annual get together and fashion show, was the highlight of a busy year. School X 193 19-1f'St'hool Spanish Club - Front Row: I. Horak, 1. Valdaz, R Aldrich, R. Heumann, P. Webb, M. Masterson, R Barragan. 2nd Row: R. Garcia, 1. l-leskelh, C Niemeyer, K. Sutton, C. Sells, L. Levia, P. Alford, R Minor, C. Rouvv, D. Fraser, L. Tom, Advisor B Davis. 3rd Row: M. lbargaray, M. Ciold, D. Albert D. Hughes, D. Sanchez, P. McCollam, C. Brown D. Williams, D. Clarity, C. Clark, S. Richardson Latin Club - Front Row: 5. Atkinson, B. Wilkinson, M. Keefer, Advisor I. Beirne, 2nd Row: K Chapman, W, Vreeland, T. Chrislv, l'M. Bunney, I. Cooper sw-.. Egg' ,, 1 4 I I 'rd us. Language Clubs Fill Empty Stomachs Nineteen seventy-six proved to be a prosperous year for all four language clubs. Throughout the year French Club bargained vvith somewhat penniless Barons, persuading them to invest in buttons denoting the school motto: f'Toujours Avec French Club - Front Row: Advisor, j. Morris, S javaher, L. Barany, L. Kleinman, M. Seamare, L. Boucher. 2nd Row: C. Morris, P. Stacher, L, Morris, G. Hinton, D. Noble, S. Gilmer, B. Babkow, A. Le, E. Lawrence. German Club - Front Row: S, McNamara, A. Smith, M. Ragozzino. 2nd Row: R. Hicks, M. Spreitzer, C. Martz, 1. Lloyd, F. Reyland, D. Rister, S. Pemberton, D. Shelley, Advisor G. Reinhard. Fiertef' Barons translated this phrase as "Always With Pride." Spanish Club held a picnic fiesta and a pinata smash. German and Latin Clubs helped fill the empty stomachs of Barons when German Club sold candy and Latin Club sold popcorn. All four clubs got together to sponsor a successful sock hop. School X195 til D. Sanchez, school mascot, shows off the bell, Q25 Cross Country shows vyho's number one, L33 L. Bailey shows her spirit at the Homecoming Assembly, Q41 Freshman football rep, V. Sosa, loses his balance, Q59 Activities Chairperson, T, lasmin, leads the audience in the "StarvSpangled Banner," f6j Western cowboys gallop around the gym, 171 F. Barnes, Band Director, looks on approvingly. .111 -4:4 :lir- iiblnl l9b ' School ff-531 Pep Assemblies Get New Look Pep assemblies took on a new look in 1976 with an emphasis on other sports, as well as football. The traditional introduction of the Varsity Cridders was followed in later assemblies by the recognition of the Varsity Waterpolo and Cross Country teams. The Hvdyskhsputonbythecheenemingsquadsmwreconuienmntedbythespnnedrwahy of the football team and Varsity Fish. Posters of heroes, Mark Spitz and O. 1. Simpson, were flaunted by both teams, much to the amusement of the crowd. The most spirited group at the pep assemblies, however, was the freshmen. The class of T979 generally turned out in thelmgestandloudeMrnunbem.ThefootbaHtean1provkkxionecitheasawnbhesspecml highlights as Warren Taylor, Steve Pratt, Dave Keen and Vince Sosa raced to put on their football gear defying a four foot drop from the balance beam into a pool of water. School X197 Varsity Yell and Song Spark Baron Pride Baron Spirit took on a new phase this year with the coming of a rarity-a male cheerleader. lohn Smith, a new idea in yell leading at Fountain Valley, enabled the girls to perform new and exciting routines not ordinarily possible with an all female crew. Once again, through an exciting football season, it was these seventeen individuals who continually sparked the pride and enthusiasm resting in every Baron. Varsity Yell Leaders - Robin Boies Cindy Cardinal Laura Christensen Chris Decker Rhonda Dennis Denise Hughes Cheryl Lessley lohn Smith Karen Thompson Qi 8 it litiwl I Songleaders- Carol MCAdoo Michele McAdoo Marcia Espinoza Cindy Prado Leah Ridsdale Keeli Scott Kelly Strarnen Karen Thompson UD L Christensen working for Baron spirit Q21 M Espinoza shouts spirit, 131 Varsity Yell 145 Cardinal ata pep rally, C53 Songleaders 165 L Ridsdale takes time out for a smile 173 The whole gang" doing a CIF fight song C83 Disguised pepster at Halloween pep rally 200 School Lively Personalities on lV, Soph Yell Lively personalities characterized the 1975-76 Sophomore and JV Yell Leaders. The group of nine girls attended every football and basketball game, urging their teams on to victory. On campus they formed a most visible and vivacious group, posing for pictures and even obliging photographers by crowding into phone booths. is l H 4 IV Yell Squad - Michelle Beattie Liz Ellerman Monica Case Michelle Lucostic Debbie Smith 3 ISF ' OHV Yell crowds into a phone booth. 125 T. Bekas urges the players on. Q35 Soph and 1V Yell attentively watch an assembly. I in 5 H- It , 1 , Q1 ill . Q, 1 X Y l 'm Y I t E Sophomore Yell Squad Tina Bekas Linda Vonhatten Dolores Enos Lori Decker ,. 'Q -' r -.n. Ah Un ffjk ' 4- 'ffn ' I gl-J 'r 7 fa , Q ii: ,.,.Y ,. ya' , . Aa lv - . 1, . s I' Q, Al' n A, U. n xx 1, - N1-.1 - 1 ..-n.-. Q ,.. ,Q j 4. g-..,.,!! -Q ' '3 il School X 201 t1l G. Coleman finds his receiver dovvn field. 121 Homecoming line-up at Anaheim Stadium. Q31 Coach Berg -w V Tw wqfw, - f' f 202 School makes a point. 141 Baron headlines tell the story. Q51 B. Havikcn blows out his opponent. Q61 M. Cox looks for daylight as he blasts up the middle. 'I7 'IO 26 13 VARSITY FOOTBALL FV OPP 3 6 Scores Redlands L. B. Wilson Western Westminster Newport Harbor O 0 28 17 14 14 Los Alamitos O Marina 6 19 Edison 42 6 Loara 30 18 L, B. Poly 33 6 Arcadia 17 24 St. Paul No.1 St. Paul l CIF Lights Shine For FV Ligins Hold off Frantic FV 28-26 'WS Mafgelm 9 .,sm:n :mu-:she z-mfmm yn! man no Ku umvm., mn-pup 4- -w.-.-a.-.,-- 'W--f--A---'--W .,...,..,......,. lm I uwm-fa W. V .a N I . M ,.-.,-,.., Q-f1f,..141.-mamnlm. Wm M, 11sa..lZwm"g'gg"l5lfl'n'M? Pgggers, Bafoils . Marin ' - 1 "" ' . .I 1 F Thumps Loara, 42-6 Pas' LB W'L'0"f 17'0 l'3? -H a ' H www-MW 1?f.lifII'T" Ffffffmfvffw ' . ' 'll 'lb I - udzon Sparks Barons to Wm "'1',gfggm -'Inaba-1353355-3 53:-::mm.f:.,.:: Ba! by 'EZ7.'3'2".a'2S..'?S?.2i . :::,::.:::.-.1:x',,,."'f'..." 5-,-.g-r,:,-f--ww-1 '-'swuzfz .'m'.s:s:, ':.-L." lead 005 az-:.-mlm: ..... -'--4- - "" wma fy sn. me-4 .....'1A ""'w"' """""""Fg""f b -,..2"f"'3 g, Q '-ff 'SJ-'T2fff'f""-wf4'? '1' YleslemL10f0 '.:'.f,1.:E.'fE.3f'i'l-":.:."f'- ,..gmy.,u,.,.4..,,. 4 f -WN M 5f2,,.,, V -V H .V - .VYY Y- V-Anhaks.-ee-44---mm A ummm.:-sg V Q , f . . . .., .1 f ,, mm' m"""' 1, h..'k""""7v-15 ' P . ff 5 . ,937 ISS Ol' . B ey 2 s-mm umm mu ,V . 1 " -'.f'- V ' ,uh M ' .,f14.fg.-V'1',- 'Z , ' ' - - "3.7.2'.5.'Z'.7'.f'Z"'fi.' V ,. "" Sf' I B I ' ' ."f...:'g:"""'L"" IV8 'sun B '::-x:'.'2W'- --r6U- aH'es T024-l7Win ' -mmwuaminr. , V f VM - hmi ' .. . 1 "'I""4'w-HI! gunna. 1nlhn..uull- ni , ff hunishmn . """"""""""..':,--..::v.:'..': rx-.:"'---If ev , ' -' H B I H D b t - ' Q ff i-ff 37095. ll FY? ,Q 9 U Barons Rout Poly 30-18. 5 f f mt., A-I-I-I-I---e ' numunmn an-an-n neun-fav. 5 X ' kkbsu :V ""' - in ,MW j- Sophomore Bank ,,,,,,,, ggpfgm 3 lalkswdnnl :eu f 'V ,.T , - ' I a-,Inna fmns.sw:-wgsgwumwfg, Barons In Playoff.Debut 300818 FVAfwwk , ' ., ' -. " V4-muwnxway , , ' WI-I,'m:'..:-:,:-.-.':...,::i'2'h':.".:4'1' :.+'-', -4'-?f1Yf'-iwf.g....+"w.."4f" ff-.I,".2.2'-,,,,,m,,w3',,-'2'1,I,'w,5 a e ua IJ-ffl-Vf'-:gf zrglfffl-lilly , I " V' .. o I-warms-nuns-m ur V --g,.,.f"'3-r-'.... ..:. .....v......,+.4 Q Bafgng-Sur nge '.:.'::::1:..f'-"-'f-'-' .'i:f.":f::'f.9.,':.1-mn '2"".L."y'.,....'T.'Z.'23'B"..'L"1'.'.'1E'i2' 3 V D nfu-4""2'.'2"mf3P'2IZ': "..'5.'5'.A'2'1'Zi:T.'.i:,'.1'Z5iS""' W'-' ' ' 5 ' ldidndnvhhmnmnfv mums v-mm-1 my-rmnam. rnuumnshuulaluuv n-uuvmqHfouanJh-H-w-MHIIIHII'-1 .-u,--1...-m-mln-N-a-I--'41-' A-llnuydl-...sun-1 may-nnvnlmum uumnnquswuvlfilivlllvitwl ,,, lpuuqmnl-u-un u,.hM,...,mm,m nu u-an-mmf, ,,,..-.,.,-,,,.,'s.k:fu-rumfxnnnnruu 4 ,-nu pf 'rum-sum-4 .ifxf--v' wt--, FV ....'ls-muuwb-nwmmuru -dun pm p-ug inn-4 um- 'cuu nn .mga-1 on , hm , Hoffman,--mini 5 ,lypelmhm-awe-rycof Awaifs CIF lnvifafion ' bil Illlfl 073 P1 M1 ,mu-n, um!-U-m Emu. x-I-farm mu-Q, Amman:-nuff-3 Arcadia, 33-6 m Lum rnnmx pm way n , ,rwmluuuummvf 'ru uma mu .mm up vm wnmm nu mann-1 4 cu an hmm v-my um pm, ms- I-mm.. km m fs- . zu-am naman pcxximuwnmmnmu- 'ww mzmnrfaaqy nm mms. 3 no mu dm um """ -.-........... ' ' -..--...--.......... -.-...........-....... -.- mn Img um Pwly Pnday Hman-mann' vm s.-ummm, ' 'N xxwnum-numn-vu-um. hw nn wumy nr nf puwn. .'::'."'. .Q'::,rLm1f :B+ - rum. nnm may u mn 0. Jam., mf mf me -ma. my .. NWT Yfmmwrrlnl Ko Slain Ana YAIFY In levrux ni 'WWI ami mr." .Ap m-arms 'n rf.. uw rumwm- .K nuxufu am an mx. nm: wx mf M1 rm, 9.1 we-+1 .1 mn nm. .1 rnmu-mm.-m fwne :Mmm rm nw H num, 2-mr mmm..-, K.. .-...........,.. .,. , .. 6 ...Ji .M N ,QM , ., ..., . ,, M . .-,..,,, " " 'V 'G .4 ir A AV :-ii' 5, A ,- A 1, N ' s -Nga., . ,Wh , ' .,- , f - f 1' -if . , ws, A, , . f , V - I A ' 1 .-.J..4, l ' ii XI Football - Front Row: M. Chambers, R. Miller, D. Bohay, P. Nisco, C. Boyd, R. Weaver, S. Pratt, S. Steinke, S. Weaver. 2nd Row: l. Mason, M. Marquez, D. Bush, W. Taylor, R. Sims, K. Patterson, M. Collins, T. Wheeler, M. Cox, C. Martino, l. Ulrich. 3rd Row: K. Pitts, B. Niesley, R. Flowerday, K. Margerum, M. Musso, B. Crilz, R. johnson, M. Seymour, P. Lipot, R. Ruiz, M. Aiello, C. Dove, G. Coleman, N. Ravve, R. Keleher. 4th Row: S. Sickmart, R. Stanton, M. Burke, 20-l School F Christy, T. Stallings, M. Cowper, ,-X. Hernandez, D. Beebe, l. Boxold, R. lohansson, B. Haviken, T. Holmes, D. Raymond, T. Bienek, D. Thompson ' iffy 115 W. Taylor 1375 and K. Patterson 1545 move in for the kill. 125 M. Marquez 1275 and M. Burke 1455 tighten their defense as S. Weaver closes in. 135 Playoff stars, C. Dove 1105, K. Patterson 1545, and W.Gittens1445 look on. 145 K Musso rushes past Arcadia defense. 155 K. Margerunn does it again. i37. Vv 1- hi-iLfilL"3M5fL' 54241: zidl 114' - 1 A I Soph Football- Front Row: M. Harbottle, S. Arledge, T. Britten,l Canete, T. Dorame, R. Padilla, T. Shaw, S, Barreto, M, Lung,l johnson, E. Christensen, B. Frias, C. Breceda. 2nd Row: l. Maxham M. Empting, M. Fanoga, D. Lanphear, D. Dennis, I. Nicholson, L Budgen, B. Stanton, C. Reyes, W. Dugan, I. Schlafer, S. Shibata, C Marquez. 3rd Row: L. Smith, M. Rubadue, M, Brouillard, I. Hoefler B. Caldwell, S. johnson, l. Kaufman, S. Sistler, M. Coppolino, G Folkerts, M. Harris, W, Gittens. ' FN A 1 SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL Scores Redlands L. B. Wilson Western Westminster Newport Harbor Los Alamitos Marina Edison Loara l . - ,ul Sophomore Footboll Strikes Flgoin For the second consecutive year Fountain Valley's Sophomore Football team captured the Sunset League crovvn. The 35-O route of Los Alamitos, previously undefeated, was estimated by Coach Reyburn to be the highlight of the season. Captains Ron Padilla, quarterback and Larry Budgen, guard, also lead the team in a 23- 0 shutout of Edison, played on the Charger home field. Willie Gittens racked up 11 touchdowns on the way to being chosen MVP. Tailback Mike Harris was voted Most Improved. U3 R. Padilla U05 looks on as B. Wood points the way. C25 Coach Reyburn advises M. Empting of next play. Q35 R. Padilla leaps for the tackle. 145 Baron dives for the goal, Q53 VV. Cittens turns it up for a big gain. School X 207 Sunset Frosh Football- Front Row: K. McCarthy, K. Winkley, T. Chow, R. Heidesch, D. Cammel, D. Keen, P. Chinnici, D. Baughman. 2nd Row: Coach Bell, E. Cota, D. Delgado, D. Costrey, V. Sosa, M. Lung, D. Patterson, G. Barrios, Coach Rosales, 3rd Row: Coach Fitzpatrick, l. Soresi, B. Olsen, T. Pastizzo, T. l-leningman, M. Wetmore, K. Romine, Coach Malone, 4th Row: 1. Devich, G, Compton, R. Noble, K. Margerum, I. Coppom, S. Centafonle. District Frosh Football - Front Row: S. Tobias, R. Belter, M. Lunnetta, B. Flynn, T. Larkin, R. Gamboa, B. McMann, A. Craig, M. Maxham, S. johnson. 2nd Row: D. Rankin, B. Friedl, l. Zambito, R. Brown, M. Hall, B. Pearl, B. Wernli, B. Page, C. Beddow, D. Gillespie, I. Ritari. 3rd Row: Coach Dunn, L. Diaz, B. Prichard, K. Brummond, S. Tang, B. Campbell, M. Wolf, B. Foster, R. Lanphear, C. Aronoff, Coach Rosales, Coach Malone. 4th Row: R. Burnett, M. Ussman, M. Kliest, A. Bennett, B. Elkins, R. Godbehere, T. Engel, R. Dean, B. Hittersdorf, D. Moore. Sth Row: I. Carl, D. Voss, D. Bott, M. Stephen, R. Wilhelm, M. Bastian, B. Lusk, L. Kohlschmidt, C. Piper. 208 School down field, Q45 M. Wetmore leads the FROSH SUNSET way as T. Pastizzo reads the defense. FOOTBALL Scores Pacifica Workman Lowell Westminster Newport Harbor Sunny Hills Marina Edison La Habra FROSH DISTRICT OPP O 6 0 O 0 6 O 'I4 T4 FOOTBALL Scores Westminster Marina Edison Westminster Marina Edison Westminster Marina Edison "You've Gal: To Love It" The 1975 football season was a great year for the freshman class with two championship teams. Each came away with perfect records. The District team was characterized by exceptional unity, togetherness and team spirit. Enthusiasm for the game made the team motto "you've got to love it." They were led offensively by quarterback Lee Kohlschmidt, running backs Terry Engel, Brad Lusk, Richard Dean and David Rankin. The offensive line stand outs included Mike Hall, Bob Campbell, Kevin Brummond, Mike Maxham and Rick Lanphear. District defense spelled championship for this year's team. Instrumental to its success were Rod Gamboa, Bob Foster, Mike Lunnetta, Dana Voss, Gary Beddow, Chris Piper and David Gillespie. Not to be out done, the Freshman Sunset League team scored 296 points and held their opponents to 20 in season action. Sam Centofante led the offensive thrust, scoring 69 points. He also rushed for 689 yards. The leading receiver, with T8 receptions, was Kevin Margerum. Tony Pastizzo led the defense with 56 tackles. Co-captain Tim Heningman was named MVP and Gil Compton was voted Most Improved. The offensive line was led by Russ Heidesch, Pete Chinnici fcaptainl, Ken Winkley, Greg Barrios and Don Baughman. Raynard Noble, Tony Pastizzo, Doug Delgado, Mark Wetmore, Kevin Romine and Tim Henigman starred on defense. '- 'f1 'Tiaifi "" -V25 ."'7' - ' '. "f . E EL-fi -.. Band Marches to Fame and Fortune Marching their wav to "fame and fortune" all 200 members of the band demonstrated both skill and precision in their performances this year. Besides impressive half-time shows during home football events and an excellent homecoming show, the band also involved their talent in various parades. The highlight of this was their spectacular performance at Disneyland during Christmas vacation. '- 'lh -.,.-nfssfif ' ,.,,..,..--wwf' 1 -ra Q---fnl,,.r gf,-::I1'1U Flutes - Front Row: l. Aulbach, C. Brewer, P. Hodges, S. Easton, K. Holmes, l. McVey, P. LaFIeche, L. Carpenter, V. Colgren, C. L Erickson, T. Philhin. 2nd Row: T. Harmon, Baranv, L. Quiniano, N. Perusich, S Mangan, C. Nipper, l. Bunnev, I. Seguine, L Leslie, D. Rodriquez. 3rd Row: T. Kahler, P Reed, T. Saunders, A. Smith, M. Granger, L Matlcowslci, L. Conrad, B. Mills, P. Tanis, K. Young, S. Burlew, M. Woodworth 210 School Brass-Front Row: D. Boutelle, S. Catherman, D. Yomigida, S. Mohansen, K, Branberg, B. S Redding, A. Licudine. 2nd Row: R. Clark, B. Conrad, M, Eiselle, l. Pitchforth, A. lanoski, B. Lopez. 3rd Kubo, G. Bishop, T. Hall, D. Landsberg, l. Leslie, 4th Row: Mr. Drum Majors- P. Morris, D. Keck, D. Hand. Percussion - Front Row: l. Lund, l. Testrake, T. Mills, B. Manes, l. White, R. Youmans, l. Hoefler. 2nd Row: M. Wainwright, l. lohnson, K. Larritt, P. Turner, E. Weiss, F. Woodworth, S. Brown, R. Smith, K. Henderson, Mr. Barnes. Bass- Front Row: T. Wolfe, G. Williams, D. Gilbert, S. Cluck, M. LaFIeche. 2nd Row: C. Hughes, T. Mangan, A. Tanis, D. Oulela, 1. Holbrook, M. Anderson, D. Swanson, W. Krichesky,l. Erskine, P. Derry. 3rd Row: l. Hlavin, R. Heumann, R. Littrell, M. Hatalski, S. Sistler, D. Brook, Mr, Barnes. 4th Row: D. Worley, T. jackson, H. Belgen, R. Wolfrom, S. Hunsaker, N. Name, C. Hamilton, K. Sereno. School f 211 212. School Clarinets- Front Row: l. Walters, K. Littrell, N. Renes, D. Gardinier, L. Edwards, P. Lipl, l. Matkowski, C. Buddings, P. Hlavin, B Lindow, L. Younger. 2nd Row: R. Morsh, T. Fischer, S. Schlanch, R. Schlanch, I. Kay, L. Thompson, D. Thompson, 1. Staley, L. Eaton, R Katz M. Anderson R. Smith C. Moyle. 3rd Row: R, DeFusco, D, Drake, K. Kubo, S. Rawe, G. Bovyen,L. Thompson, D. Bell, P. Lopez L. Lorie, l. Sheelar,lA. Colden, D. Brewer, S. Hommel. 4th Row: M. Sonoda, T. Rauls, N. Kachorowski, D. Stream, I. Braash, C. Strang' Sth Row: Mr. Barnes PQG..-Tn:-HIIW' l I Lx.-.,,,. 'ffl , SGT! - 1 Mascot That cute character dressed in metallic red and gold often seen screaming and waving his arms was not a being from outer space. Rest assured. It is none other than Sir Morgetroid, Fountain Valley's most spirited Baron, played this year by Danny Sanchez. Danny, in his spotlight roll, has helped to raise spirit among the crowds at pep rallies and games. si' 1, .W-9 ' " a... 1-4 an-f as-' 4 1. 4. LI I f :uf Z! 0 - Q A il A ' 'Cf' Vi,-,,,. 1 ' ,?.K I A - ,, ..- my Banner Leads the Way Leading the way at parades and halftime shows, Banner highlighted the Band and Drill Team. Rated along with Band, Banner scored higher than almost any other year. At a banquet starting a new tradition Sue Vogt, Captain, got Banner Girl of the Year. Banner Squad - Front Row: A. Gleason, D. Von Hatten, S. Vogt, D. Topalian, T. Moore. 2nd Row: A. Newton, C. Tucker, M. Oganeku, L. Chinkin, S. Atkinson. 3rd Row: C. Conway, S. Sullivan, L. Guy, S. Brewster, C. Quiniano, D. Palmer, 4th Row: T. Nelson, L. Stanley, T. Chow, S. Elrod, C, York, S, Roper. Sth Row: M, Crawford, L. McCristian, L. Mullen, L, Counts, S. Wendzel, M. Osborne. 6th Row: S. Wendzel, L. Bailey, S. Miller, D. Hoefler, C, Langerud, S. Lund. Saxaphones-Front Row: M. Dawson, M. Kendro, S. Mills, D. Kaufman, 1. Scobble, D. Roork, M. Mullard, M. Giron. 2nd Row: T. Lindow, T. Carnohan, I. Dawson, J. Gove, S. Brown, S. Kelley. 3rd Row: S. jenkins, l. Kalb, L. Niesley, L. Fahey, C. Crosby, M. Perkins, S. Gilmer. 4th Row: Mr. Barnes. School X 213 Drill Team - Front Row: K. Scott, I Margerum, C. Donovan, T. Mackley, D Haubvr, I. Roither, N. Aloccia, K. Simon, C Crandall, T. Newman, R. Hall, D. Green, P Brown, K. Crafton, G. Taylor. 2nd Row: B Longfellow, V. Marinolli, S. Abbott, L. Perry Sdn L. Larson, N, Cole, D. Croft, S. Dean, R Wear, M. Mafkin, K. Brown, M. Oganfaku A. Shaw, I. Lynn, C. Tcaoplos, C. Fondrych 3rd Row: D. Parry, D. Puchaiski, D. Clyne C. Paul, T. Elliott, T. Harlan, C. Haviden, I Crawford, D. Howald, S. Morscli, B. Lipol T. Dayis, B. Leiblricd, I. Roper, S. Curley, B Backslrom, S. Cunningham, D. Tooley, S Allan, 5. Doe vol Drill Team Rates Well 1- Starting out with a new advisor, Miss Lindfors, Drill team showed once again that it is one ofthe most spirited, active groups on campus. Besides performing at pep rallies and games, Drill Team competed in different competitions. Drill Team participated in the Miss Drill Team U.S.A. contest, entering Debbie Croft in the single competition and a small military precision group. Rating 2nd and winning overall showmanship award at Montclair, Drill Team rated well at all competitions. Qilg-IT'r: I Q Captains - Front Row: B. Longfellow. 2nd Row: S. Dee, C, Fendrych, D. Parry. School X 215 Zlb School Three Spells F Enthusiasm Three enthusiastic groups who strived to A help inject spirit into sometimes lifeless Barons were the Chain Crew, the Baronettes, and Pep Club. Pep Club, under the guidance of Ms. lue, cheered through games and assemblies. Later, during the basketball season, Baronettes worked as both stats and spirit raisers for FVHS basketball teams. While others cheered, Chain Crew worked retrieving footballs during football games. bv QX Y 4 l l . P Club Front Row' D -Xnnetta D 'steer C Zydowicz M. Butcher, K. McNamara,V. Winn, I. Suzuki,Advisor l. lue, M. Marlignoni, N. ep - - -r r -t A ' 1 . Harry, L. Hannasch, L. Henson, L. Conzlez, L. Holthouser, M, Zydowrcz, D. Bennett. 2nd Row: S. Cassily, L. Town, S. Steinbach, l, Hobklrk, 5 Bomammf R, Barragan, Nt. Clements, L. Nagamine, C. Butcher, K. Dever, S. Curtis, D. Empting, S. Smiley, K. Rupiper, R. Bray, S, Carcia,l, R sh 3 d Row: Nt. Nlerntt, P. Romero, l. Sameshima, I. Martinez, P. Storch, L. lohnson, Skaggs, C. McGrew, M. lbargaray, K, Shelley, D- u r Shcllex , C. Bern , C. Neuron, S. Smith, D, Tuttle, A. Wada. 4th Row: L. Ptaszmk, C. McClain, K. Roseberry, M. Stanfreld, D. New, L. Quigley, -x BQrry,K,BotxlUa1rt,l -Xppell, N, Schock, L. Earnest, S, White, C Norris, S. Acosta, L. lmmediato, S. VVest. Sth Row: l. Sheelar, K. lohnston, C lbargarax L Linton, C Ntawr, S Cut, T Kadel, D. Waddell, G, Garxer, L. Frank, M. Greenleaf, P, Legus, C. Yeates, M, Turner, L. Clukey, V, Howard, P. Zeigler. 0 ill Chain Crew - Front Row: 1. Demora, D. Chavez, T, Mirabella, S. Hipler, K. Baxter. 2nd Row: K. Seward, R. Hardman, D. Laven, K. Lyle, B. Hardy, D Frampton, Baronettes Front Row C Lyle K Hulsey D Satterthwarte L Santo 2nd Row Advlsorl Hams K Harl S SyaIstad,L. KeIsh,T.Galindo, N johnson T Ferry K Tompknns P Oscarson P Reed 3rd Row L Bishop C Bishop R Marquis D Wray A Bunch, M. Page, M. i . "' 6 'N . 4'-Av' . h-vQgaJnpnlllvvv""' 218 School ,ff 7 ill T. Tobias designs mural of Elton john. 125 1. Clower leads the orchestra in "Hallelujah Chorus." C35 R. Anderson demonstrates the proper technique of making a pinch-pot. 145 F. Barnes, E. Bowen, F. Cornaby, D. Ickler. 153 L. lacobson conducts orchestra. f6J T. Mennealy prepares oils for hand tinted photographs. Q73 N, Kurfess sits down to lunch. Captain Fantastic Comes to FVHS Student artists continued to brighten the art halls, 353DQMfWKNW3gGOf9DgGVEHODlOhDlOmGd nunmsdepmungthezodmc,HudenHHeatFVHS andtheBkfntenmaLTunTobmsde9gnedand executedthernuralofEHon,aHasChptmn Fantastic, a current campus favorite. A vivid color spectrum stretches across the facing wall. Floyd Cornaby, Department Chairman, said that the Art DepannmntdeconnedthehaHsaspamcMthe Campus Upgrading Program fCUPJ. New carpeting has reportedly been offered to the department that HnBhesdecoraUngtheirhaHfustStudentsaBo donated art to be sold at the Christmas Sale. Held December 16-20, the sale netted S300 to enhance the Art Department budget. The money was spent onnewfadhuesandsupphes The Music Department was active this year. The marching band went to five parades and reviews, winning sweepstakes, two first places, one second andathudpMauaThecNchemrapmnnedatnpto San Francisco from March 4-7. The group traveled by train both ways. The students stayed with the omhemnimembemfmwnPmoAhoandpMyeda concert with them. Under the new direction of Mr. lacobson, the choral arrangements were altered. More singing classes were offered. The choral HUd9DfSg3V93FDUQCCODCSHXNHDYDECHCDGHFHHI an assembly, and performed at various elementary schookinthedianct School X 219 .Aff 'fl A Z 70 94 howl lil J, Barkavvi expresses her love for the film. 123 D. Casino sadly parts with his hard earned dollars. 131 The judge presides over the jefferson Davis trial in simulation program. my Top Row: P. Bovberg, 1. Braithwaite, D. Fitzpatrick, 1. Greenfield, L. Hamp. 2nd Row: 1. Harris, W. Holder, D. Koch, 1. Mentzer, N. Snowden. 3rd Row: T. Weaver, M, Weisbrod, C. Wilson, G. Winters, C. Tolman. 155 G. Pomeroy confers with Social Studies student. 165 W. Lacey conducts history class. C71 The court of the jefferson Davis trial comes to a decision. C83 B. Bartron assists student. Social Studies Plays Charade Students in Mr. Bovberg's and Mr. Lacey's combined American History classes found themselves in the pillories of the Puritan Period when caught in an immoral act. Fortunately for them it was all a charade as part of the simulation program in the Social Studies I eparunent.BasedrantheiohHosphythatastudentcan learn more by recreating history than by readings or lecuues,Qnunadonsuansponedstudenwtothetnmsof jefferson Davis and the Rosenbergs and led them on an archaeological expedition in "Dig" Using the Chinese proverb'W hear,and lforgetglsee,and lrenwenwbergldo, andIunderMandHasarnoUo,SocmlSunhespmnsto makesunumuonsaregumrpancithecurncwunm IncnherSodalSumhescmsx5,Hudentsanmyzedthen behawonandvmnedthecoumroomtovmmdegm proceedings. They also had the opportunity to work with the mentally retarded at Fairview' State Hospital in CIosta A4esa. School X 221 X , 54" T Ci PIN llf S AAT ,H y Zi ' Q L, 4, .,,, WZCM f , , - 1 3 ff 2. , , -4' ' ' 4 9? ffffamf K 5' an 11:14 ' . 4., Ulvl If H .fl 2 , dm 1 5 5 Y ff, M K ill I ' 1 if A v l A s 1 P-U , a' 1 4 3, if .L 4 f it Cll C. Hoist teaches German as well as World History. Q25 M. Emde instructs students in a foreign language. f3j R. Miller greets his students with a broad smile. 445 A, Rodriguez reads his mail. f5J Top Row: D. Barkelew, l. Beirne. 2nd Row: B. Davis, A, Dominguez. 3rd Row: R. Felix, 1. Morris. 4th Row: S. Veenstra, I. Wood. 161 As department chairman D. Giron has a lot of paper work. Q71 Long Le recites to Bilingual class. Vietnamese at FVHS A wide variety of languages are offered by the Foreign Language Department and Bilingual Program at Fountain Valley. Latin, French, Spanish and German are available in Foreign Language. In these courses, during first, second and third year, the students learn the fundamentals of the language: spoken usage, and the proper spellings and forms of words. A class in Linguistics, the origins of language, vvas also offered. Contrary to popular belief, the Bilingual Program is open to all students who wish to master a second language. Vietnamese is taught in addition to Spanish, French and German. Regular classes such as Math, English and Social Studies are taught in these languages. During a lecture bilingual teachers say one sentence in the particular foreign language then repeat the same sentence in English. The Bilingual Program is one of fevv in California. In its third year it also proved of great help to Vietnamese and Spanish-speaking students nevv to FVHS. School X 223 fi G 11' if X I 44, .-N , l 1? xy' U5 S. Goetz instructs English class. 123 l. Montgomery and l. Boswell go over budget. 135 R. Carlson makes herself understood. 445 B. Ellerman checks a photograph. f5l l, Ice helps a student make a decision concerning what English class to take. Q65 Top Row: C. Baron, l. Caforio, lt Calendar, P. Champion, B. Cooper. 2nd Row: D. Feyk, L. Gross, 1. lue, R. Kendall, l. McClatchey. 3rd Row: C. Meeks, M. Scattergood, R. Spencer, A. Vena, M. Wood. C7l B. Meeks discusses an English paper with one of his students. English Gffers Logical Fallacy English introduced a new class in 1975-76 called LogicalFaHacies.CDHeredirithe Enghsh 3X4 pnogmnmthecoumetaughtHudenwtodwungumh false statements and misleading advertising from theobwoustnnh.Uyngexanudeshow adverusenwentsand pohtkjans,studentsbecanwe aware of logically unfit statements and depictions. School X 225 'w 4 .Wa I L.4"X XX. f I 12.1 A! 1 I 2, 'W ' iflljg 1 ,E 2:53 9,71 Z X Zlb School X ll 111 Top Row: l. Blackman, M. Caughey, A. Delvaux, D. Ester, D. Gitschier. 2nd Row: l. l-leese, P. Kay, M. Lindfors, M. McCarthy W. McFarland. 121 S. Goodell peaks through the cage in the welding room. 131 1"Hey, it's the Fonz,"1 R. Crenshaw adds a little nostalgia to his typing class. 1-l1 A. West teaches her class to take notes. 151 W. Grohmann surveys the vvork done by his graphic arts class. 161 A member of the class of 1990 models his nevv hat. 171 S. DeLuca checks circuits. 181 R. Brown files class assignments. 191 l. Gremmel vvorks with students in child care class. 1101 C. Billings looks over print shop orders. 1111 C. Buhman directs food service students. 1121 Top Row: l. McPhee, M. Meacham, B. Miller, B. Mills. 2nd Row: 1. Pitts, L. Sherman, E. Tingey, R. Tritz. 3rd Row: M. Watson, C. Wilson, W. Ybarra, P. Gordon. Munchkins Students at FVHS may have run into what seemed to be a freshman masquerading as a munchkin. These individuals, hovvever, were not members of thecjassof1979,butratherthecjassof199O.The four-year-olds vvere enrolled in the nursery headed DYIDGl4OHN3ECODOHhCSlDQD3FUN9DI.FOFIDGTHQ semester high school students worked vvith the youngMem,wQUnganunkmrofnumewschoobin thearea.Dunngsecondsenmsmwthestudenu opemuedtheucnwnnurxxyschooloncampus fkwneEcononucsofkwedrhanycuhercoumes geared tovvard surviving in society, including Bachelor Living, l-luman Development and hAarnage.Typing,Shorthancland Business Machines are but a fevv of the variety of classes offered by the Business Department. Along with the usual classes, FVHS offers a Certificate Program which can certify a student in any of three areas: Secretarial, Management or General Office. Mr. AAHk,thecMrectorofthisprogranrsaidthatthe certified students are in high demand forjobs in the Orange County area. When the courses in the program are completed the students received a certificate and a card for future job reference. Tvventy-four students took advantage of the opporutnuylastyearandtheirnarnesvveresentto 60 companies in Orange County. The Business Certificate Program also offers on-the-job training atthel4unUngtoriCenterhAaH4AAostofaH,the Business Department provides recognition for its Mudenw. Industrial Education also sponsors a Certificate Program. There are three certificates available under the Graphics Division and three in Woods. Metals offers tvvo certificates and Mechanics has one. Certificates are offered to students who conuieungatxedeuwnwnedsequenceofcoumes mdth atleasta"B"average. School X 227 1 'Q J" .sa, , 4. I ' ,xx l I ir 'L til Brown puts the finishing touches on some important paper work. f2J PE Department displays the interesting sports equipment available. 135 Top Row: B. Amman, R. Bray, S. Clark, 1. Cross. 2nd Row: M. Carman, S. Jennings, D. jones, A. Merriman. 3rd Row: W. Mickaelian, D. Noguchi, C. Strausburg, W. Tompson. 443 M. Milner studies football team. C55 B, Pickford takes a firm stand. C65 Rosales leafs through a sports magazine during a free moment, l7l C. Berg has "one of those days," P.E. Eases Overcrowdin g Fountain Valley started a unique program for the l97576schoolyearaHnedatea9ngtheeaHy morning crowding in Physical Education classes. The late David Buffington organized this new P.E. program, which involved busing students to the newly opened Fountain Valley Recreation Center every other day. tThe Recreation Center is located on Brookhurst just north of VVarner.J For one week class was held first and second periods Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The next week class was held for two hours on Thursday. Students could auendareguhracadenncchwstheahenunedays Approximately 80 students participated in the program, which offered racquetball, badminton, handbaHandsandvoHeybml PhyycalEducauonxwasahoinvowedinthe conuovemyoveropuonalPF.SenawfMH16iNas pasedinChhfonnaenabhngschooldmtncmto makelBE.opUonalRxlughschoolhunorsand seniors. Implementation, however, was left to the discretion of the individual district. The Huntington Beach Union High School District deddedtogmduaHyphmwinopuonalRE,and seniors will be allowed to opt out of P.E. beginning in Septen1ber,i976.Clvercrovvdingiriclassestaken instead of P.E. and the retraining of teachers with majors in P.E. were cited as reasons for the gradual changeover School X 229 U1 E is 230 Sc howl l X ff 'K A J 6 7 'Half 1- 1 , .rt my .i 173 C. Frishholz explains a mathematical problem. 123 T. Maldonado carefully places slide cover on slide, 133 Top Row P. Burke, K. Helmick, D. johnson, H. McVicker. 2nd Row: S. Mittelman, R. Saenz, G. Smith, F. Stewart. 3rd Row: l. Tadakoro, D. Timmer, S. Weaver, l. Sterns. 143 Students observe pond in Nature Center. 153 M. Dreager answers student's question. 163 Dr. 3. White smiles for the photographer. 173 Top Row: L. Armstrong, 3, Burch, P. Dietz, D. Fevergeon. 2nd Row: 3. Kittrell, W. Lundak, R. Rolle, E, Schwartzkopf. 183 S. Rice points out spots of interest to science students. No Housing Tracts at FVHS One of the few vacant lots in Fountain Valley not mmenedforahoudngtmctwasbcmedbehmdthe church at the corner of Slater and Bushard. The Nature Center, sponsored by the Science Department was well on the way to completion in 1976. The pond was in and the soil graded. SudentshadbeguntMannngthechappaneL wildflowers and other plants native to Southern California, under the direction of Steve Rice. A new class incorporated in the math program at FVHS is statistics. lt can be used by students headingforacareeruibudnessorluunaniuesarea AAostcoHegesrequuethiscmsshworderforthe Mudenttograduaueanditohenlwdpstohave taken a class in high school. In the Computer Math class students learn to communicate with computers and write their own programs. FVHS provides boards and terminals. Other math classes included General Math, in which the student spent three weeks at a cash register, and Consumer Math, mkuchtaughtstudentsuncornputetaxreturnsand bmancecheckbooks.TechrucalAAaH1proved helpful to students considering a career in the consuucuonfkdd. School X 231 231 FUUN ENN A ,imaa Aw: J 2 . is . 'sul' ,mhflw 1 , A.-M ,,i,.V'1l ,hx -...ri , ff: 'Pyffyflfsxi-5'tL.A 'tn ,t'.'.l .iff -"ji'r,xx 'fl if ' ' " T 'T .-'-i'tt'5'5I4'T'r' ' ' X' lx' Q '.i ".l.,f 1 fbi - ., ll ,N A "T ff llifff c 1 if lf? Al . clll. Sl.--:fill " 1 . 'Q , 'J f J I f E 'U 1 4' 'D 3: " .'. l A . t, ,Z U ' ' ul Itl f t .V ,A I Q. Q 1 "M - 2 V AI? rl ,X L 4 A i. 1976 is evidently a great year for birthdays. All of America comes together this year to cele- brate America's bicentennial. 1976 also marks the 10th birthday for FVHS. Such an occasion deserves a special name and thus, we can refer to this as our"Fountennial." We might ask ourselves then, in what ways has FVHS changed in ten years? How is it the same? Old editions of the Raconteur offer a map into the past when Fountain Valley as a city was younger and Fountain Valley as a high school was merely a babe. The campus is unchanged except for the addition of trailers used as classrooms. These were added to ease the grow-mg population of students as their number increased progressively with each year. Trees and other shrubbery are larger, greener, absent, or a new addition made by an activelclub. Many of the buildings now sur- rounding the school were nonexistent at its opening. l-low about the students? What were they like? What activities did they take up and enjoy? Activities continue to be pretty much the same. Football games, Homecoming, Sadie Hawkins, basketball games and the Prom are celebrated and enjoyed by every class regard- less of the year. Remember the fashions of the '6O's? Long hair for the gentlemen was primarily left still to rock singers and hippies. Girls wore their skirts pleasingly short. Unlike today, there was a dress code which prohibited girls from wear- ing pants to school. Levis so commonly worn today were unheard of during school hours. Men faculty members came to school in a suit and tie. L A... Classroom attitudes of '66 differ greatly from those found today. The classroom had a more formal attitude. School policies were enforced in the classroom to a stricter extent. We are, unfortunately left to base our observa- tions on only what we can gather through pho- tographs. They are representatives of the past, gathering the life of that moment that never comes again but is never forgotten. ln another ten years, curious Barons will regard the pho- tographs in this annual and will begin to draw up their own conclusions to the way "it was." School X 233 J- ,' Q-' A Lf: fan!! 'QPU 1. .. Q, Vvii: 234 f' Schooi 5 45 QU Top Row: G. Baker, M. Davis. 2nd Row: l. Dunn, C. Felando. 3rd Row: l. Flora, V. Flower. Q29 MGM takes a brief rest while on their way to Little Corona. 135 P. Pankhurst gives aid to a student. C41 W. Torkells computes grades for his Traffic and Safety class. Q53 G. Baker teaches from a wheel chair. 1631. Cook, "Eh?" Q75 Students enjoy a game of wheelchair basketball. Q83 Top Row: S. Frankland, R. Herman, M. Leonard, R Maynard. 2nd Row: l. McNamara, M. Morris, D. Pierce, S. Pyle. Special Programs On Wheels February 2,1976 was the date set for the basketball game. Both teams wheeled into position at center court awaiting the tip off. The Freshman Basketball player got it, placed the ball in his lap and sped away. The game was basketball, but played with a new twist -wheelchairs. Members of the Freshman Basketball team had agreed to play students in the Orthopedically Handicapped program. Clary Baker, an OH instructor, started the athletic competitions two years ago at Plavan Elementary. Mr. Baker believes each student should have an equal opportunity to participate in athletics. Wheelchair basketball was played every Tuesday during third period. Although the OH students lost the game against the freshmen, each team had enthusiastic fun. Mike Brook summed it up after the game saying "They showed us what they could do, and we showed them what we can do " MGM added a new class this year- Field Biology. Guided by Mary Ann Church, students had the opportunity of learning to identify specific plants and animals by sight. The class occasionally experienced the effects that wild plants had on them, such as returning home covered with poison oak or getting a hand full of cactus needles. School X 235 ' 1 LZ1,,,l,kA1 E rv-js,-:al an 5 'L"""!","'Y F'-?n In -- K I I 5 1 5 6 236 ' School ' WZZWWTV' ' c 1' V, r' f ' Q . fe 2' - if ' ww.---Q-w-Q-m O 115 K. Bolinger, W. Brown, A. Frankel, D. Weiss. 125 G. Bone, B. Camp. T. Herda, E. Smith. 135 D. Hoagland, E. Wechder, P. Render, S. Berg. 145 Nurse, L. Nash, and Secretary, D. Davis. 155 A. Frankel enjoys leisure time. 165 W. Ybarra and L. Whelan confer in Counseling Office. 175 G. Mora, G. Grebbian, L. Whelan, and B. Murray. Counselors Team Up Nolongerdoesastudenthavetotmktolus CounydorpenauungcnHytoeducaUon.ThByear Fountain Valleyhas started a new procedure in the Counseling program. There are now three counsekxsforeachstudentEachcounsdorcovem adiHerentareatorneetthestudentsdenmnds.The counsekwscoverEducaUon,Chreem,and Pemonal Modems School X 237 38f School if f,f1z f.wm.a-.-,,.,..., -.,,, .L Af ,flun- I, I' v -, NQ-. 1 T- ' x 1'l5 D. Hagen and l. Halloran chat during a snack break. 125 P. Haynes talks with students in class. 135 Dr. Berger studies action at a home football game. 145 M. Ynigues and L. Ermel pose during break in activity at front office. 155 L. Stoabs surveys work ahead. 165 Dr. Berger discusses point of interest with one of FV's exchange students. 175 G. Bell and D. Hagen confer in campus quad. Administrators Do the "Shuffle" Fountain Valley High School's Administrative Staff was reshuffled this Bicentennial year. Mr. David Hagen, who was previously Director of Student Activities, took on a new job as Assistant Principal, replacing Mr. Bell who left the job earlier in 1976. Dr. Haynes celebrated his own homecoming this year with his position as Assistant Principal 1curricuIum5 after a short leave, of four years. Dr. Berger, also, celebrated his tenth year with Fountain Valley High School. Scf1Sl6'P9'23539 J- W A 2-10 School ,U pf f lil Top Row: R. Davis, M. jones. 2nd Row: P. Neal,l. Odland. 3rd Row: l. Ponce, H. Truax. C25 Media staff confers in library. 133 H. Gaestel repairs cassette recorder. C43 W. Pendleton talks with staff member. 153 1. Aguilar respools film. Q65 C. lednoralski busily at work in Work Experience Office.17jU.Tibbetts directs Media Center book checkout. Media Center Work Experience School X 241 Q fl W.. 5 4, , I-, '-sw, if . 1" If , '19 Qs S H 5' K f -..,, . 1 .W J. Alai: f ,- ,J , . , .:..a I 'A -1,44 f fr F1115 - ,176 gay 1 4-.--f f A1951 'Q 1 :figs F ,H ,- -vt 1 fine'-NA., f' c-g.-x 9 . J NF, J' f YQ: e'-3 ' 5. - 1 fly M. Melendez talks with students in Administration Building, Q23 l, Slaughter, O. Ore, M. McClellan, G. Larton, D. Lagache, A. Harvey, I. Kalhofert, E. Cirillo, D. Porter, l. Eidem. 135 P. Benno checks names in 1975 yearbook. t4i G. Crumbley. J. Frost, L. Frost, G. Knight, G. Bonner, f5l P. Potts ponders records dilemma. 165 W. Daub checks books in Financial Office. Q75 D. Narog checks list of student transfers. C83 Cafeteria staff prepares food for student lunches. Classi-Persons Department School X 243 Z-1-1 School Another Successful Year for Key Club Another year has come and gone, and again Key Club has been there, serving the school and community. In honor of the American Bicentennial, the outstanding service club painted an American eagle on the front of rooms B58 and B59, adding some beauty to our campus. Key Club worked closely with the March-of-Dimes again, distributing March-of-Dimes collection cans throughout the community, and participating in this year's Walkathon in lrvine.1976 marked the beginning of the Builders Club, a service club patterned after out of Key Club at Nieblas School. The Key Club and Kiwanis Club of Fountain Valley are responsible for the chartering of the Builders Club, which is the first of its kind in the United States. This summer, the Fountain Valley Key Club will be one of the host clubs for the International Convention, to be held at the Anaheim convention center on july 4th QU S. Pemberton giving a convincing campaign speech. Q25 C. Martz discusses election strategy with S. Cichon. C35 Key Clubbers contemplate upcoming HCIIVIIIQS. 'ID 65? Twig l ABQ KEY CLUB - Front Row: G. Hayase, C. Marinelli, M. Cagan, S, Conway, T. Matics, L. Pettit, B. Frias, D. Richards, R. Orcholski. 2nd Row: B. Noble, I. Lloyd, C. Marlz, M. Cold, M. Zita, D. Lesicko, B. Nolde, T. Leeman, M. Montijo, R. Brown, S. Kennebeck, C. Hobkirk, SChooI!245 Keywanettes Don't Miss Chances The activities sponsored by Keywanettes for the 1975-76 year were many. Keywanettes, a girls service club sponsored by Fountain Valley Kiwanis, made sure they didn't miss their chance to make the year very enjoyable and fulfilling. Major school activities that headed their agenda include the Holiday Dance and the annual selling of Homecoming mums and Valentine suckers. A list of their many voluntary services include serving at all Sports Award Banquets, dusting school trophies, scoring for a bowling league, work on Fairview Petting Zoo, ushers at school functions and visit and entertain the elderly to name a few. Mrs. Sally Epley is the exuberant advisor to the 40 member organization. Clubs of this are also found throughout California, Nevada, and Hawaii. Sh... 2-l6 K School 4' 5 I 44 xv: img -W.-mn ,yt QU P. Yornogida digging trench at Fairview Petting Zoo. 125 Keyvvanettes helping with March of Dimes picnic at lryine Park. 131 M. Ashley and K. Bates arranging tables at Christmas Dance. 145 P. johnson strings tinsel. Keywanettes-M. Ashley, C. Chauncey, P. Cho, S. Crane, P. Farenick, M. Fixemir, E. Garofalo, L. Guy, L. Hlavin, P. l-llavin, F. Hughes, P. johnson, A. Kanna, L. Kelsh, l. Knos, T. Kysella, 1. Long, I. Lynn, D. Matsuo, S. Myers, L. Nelson, S. Peck, T. Philbin, L. Popken, V. Suga, L. Tom, P. Yomogida, M. Zapitelli, Advisor S. Epley. People f 247 a , if V.. . '. LH r International-AFS Work Together International and American Field Service Clubs worked together this year to raise money for Delcio Bertucci's extra curricular activities which included a class ring, cap and gown, and also graduation announcements. Delcio incidently, was our foreign exchange student from Brazil. However while Delicio was getting comfortable in Fountain Valley, Francesca Bruno dashed off to Bolivia and Lisa Kelsh to South Africaj Aside from aiding AFS, international Club participated in a very profitable candy sale and journeyed toward the mountains for a weekend. 1 , Jay' j I 54. gpg, lg" 7 N I ,WLM 1 International Club - Front Row: L Shimomura, P. Olson, D. Fraser, M Zappitelli, T. McColIam, S. Coe, C. Nelson An My Le, S. Gebauer, lf. Barragan, Bi Babkow, 2nd Row: Advisor 1. Dominguez, , T. McAlear, D. Hall, M. Capoccia, E. , h ni A Leal D Hill B Olerud L Toth Mu 3V f A 1 - , - 1 4 , E. Moreno, D. Marcstrom, l. Ulrich. Ext hangt- Students - -X Leal F N1oreno,D , X V --N A Xian slrom Xl Ct1potcia,B Olerud -- f 74 ht html gk fc? CID C. Erickson waits, starry eyed, to find out which country she-'II journey to as FVHS' second foreign exchange student. AFS - Front Row: D. Bertucci, L. Ke-Ish, I. Moss, L. Kelsh, L. Kelsh. 2nd Row: 1. Smith, G. Martin, C. Erickson, I. Thomsen, C. Potter, S. Richardson, V. Colgren, P. Slush. 1-.3 ? QW: '. 'C42 School X 249 ' V.'A'i ' 1 vt-Qt' i , 1, 1 , -gee-t,.,:g,',. 1 .. Q, visa-'L:.i...4Mvdl I R. nh y,-p,v,v.V.'.9G.'J lV SOCCER Scores FV OPP 1 2 Newport Harbor 4 0 Western 2 1 Westminster 1 0 Huntington Beach 1 O Newport l-larhor 1 1 Marina 0 O Edison 9 1 Western .3 2 Westminster 1 1 Newport Harbor 5 1 Marina 2 3 Edison f 1 AA. A FXS Soccer - Front Row: I. Frayne,1. Murry, B. Brown, L. Miller, I. Tompt, K. Arnold. 2nd Row: F. Mertz, I. Martin, T. Lindow, R. Begando, M. Koubeck, G. Scott, M. Roberts, D. Larson,CCg1ogglgg. FROSHXSOPH SOCCER Scores FV OPP O O Westminster 3 1 Huntington Beach 1 2 Edison 1 5 Edison 3 Z Westminster 1 3 Edison 1 1 Westminster 1 5 Edison School 113 M. lensen challenges defender for the ball. 121 L. Liggadjaya heads the ball. Q31 1. Becker cuts off Marina opponent. 1 X No Justice For Soccer Varsity Soccer's 6-5-1 league finish for 1975-76 "doesn't do ftheml justice," said Coach Ioe Carvana, "considering the fine mid-field performance during all games. . ." Not only did Fountain Valley take fourth place but it was the first team tying league champions Newport Harbor, depriving the Sailors of one of the two wins they lost all season. junior Varsity proved one of the best in their division, tying for second place honors. Their league record stands at 6-2-4. A 5-6-2 overall record earned the FroshfSoph Soccer team second as they won half of the four Sunset League games played. st A , A VARSITY SOCCER Scores FV OPP 1 0 Western 3 1 Westminster 1 2 Huntington Beach 1 2 Newport Harbor 2 1 Marina 1 3 Edison 2 1 Western 4 0 Westminster 0 0 Newport Harbor 4 0 Marina 0 1 Edison JV Soccer - Front Row: F. Cieurts, 1. Yang, F. Orozco, 1. Salcedo, M. Woodford, D. Merry. 2nd Row: A. Laven, R. Burdge, S. Fish, M. Borchardt, C, Newton, M. Leeds, C.. Hinton, Coach I. Caruana. V. Soccer - Front Row: B. Olerud, M. Masterson, C. Turinek, M. Erskine, K. Siu, M. jensen, R. Youmans, 1. Becker. 2nd Row: Coach I. Caruana, E. Blanchard, R. Lockard, D. Marcstrom, D. Beebe, S. Steinky, L. Linggajaya, Coach N. Snowden. Q. Girls' Field Hockey: Tough Competition The 1975 Cirls' Field Hockey teams held their opponents to low scoring games throughout the entire season. The league champion coach from Edison was quoted as saying, "Fountain Valley was the toughest team we faced all season." FVHS recorded one Varsity win and five losses. junior Varsity also won one and lost five. Said Coach Purnell, summarizing the season: "Not a very great record but most certainly a lot of hard work, great spirit, teamwork and fun was shared by all. IV FIELD HOCKEY Scores FV OPP 0 O Estancia O 1 Huntington Beach O 1 Newport Harbor O 1 Marina O 1 Edison 0 2 Westminster 1., and un nw . lV Field Hockey - Front Row: D. Barnett, M, Shortfellow. 2nd Row: R, Hardman, S. Bennett, l. Lawrence, C. Hollis, l. Lawrence, K. Seward. 3rd Row: Coach Clarke, S. Curley, D - ,sv Y ,- - . ' QP hkfto k .ok ,, I If M N I :Nd xhd'.i?,- Btshop,Nf anc Q , es ins,C 0 e ty .' 5 '4-.'-0 'F ' A r N. 'M -4. es .Q aa:-4 ' ' --1 lf" A Y1f:.,':f- ' - . -1 , '-QL 5 1 Kfavf ,sf-vi gh,-iii:-,15tt!'4,:' 4-'21, N "' . 'I tg-ff' " ,ll-. , gill, , ' -Z 4- . " ' . I f ' 'sf "'.'f' ' 'L " " . . -P. '.f."e n X , " ' ." "" IJA' v' Nqr f 'ci in 'J xjv s-1,43 ' I :Y iii. J"-isxqlih 3 ,,- . -. q 1 - A ,.,a f ' .f a , ' ,-'?N':'Y"f.t .Q-.1-QP.-2""' - t- 'ev ' f w fy jf r'u,i , it W r , ' -. S' 'W ,-. I ,Q 711 'fill AJ-fi: ':."Sg,-' 7f5'Lf:f -" 1 -' at-,.rg"Z,. ll V. Field Hockey- Front Row: P. Boswell, N. Ogino, G. Trumbull, 1. Bachman, A. Houston, D. 'Changi A. Barlar. 2nd Row: S. Vogt, K. Bates, M. jackson, T. Pollard, C. Maizland, L. Mollkoy, Coach urne . CII A. Houston blocks drive by Newport. Q23 G. Trumbull pulls a fast one. Q31 I. Bachman drives hard. t4I FV guards the goal against Newport. VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY Scores OPP 0 Estancia 'I Huntington Beach 3 Newport Harbor 2 Marina 2 Edison 1 Westminster School X 253 l 1 , W' ug - .Q N AJ . NJ? E I .f --L P9 -is 4 . I x Q .M s 3 n Varsity Wrestling Pins Championship... Flguin The Varsity Wrestling team had something to brag about in 1976, as they captured third in the CIF Southern Section finals and took three wrestlers to the state tournament. San jose was the first stop of the season, as the Barons took second place at the Cupertino Invitational Meet. Next came the Costa Mesa Tourney, in which they took first. At the Fountain Valley Five Counties Tournament, considered by coaches one of the toughest in the state, the Matmen placed second. The Sunset League champs, the Baron Varsity also won the Sunset League Tournament. Ten Wrestlers went to the CIF Orange County Section meet and five to the CIF finals. Individual league champs were Ron Nozaki, Cary Bohay, Richardo Tafoya, Bob Chase, Mike Marquez, Mike Barreto and Mark Burke. Bob Chase and Ricardo Tafoya placed second in CIF competition and Ron Nozaki placed fift h. W VARSITY WRESTLING Scores FV OPP 55 3 Western 33 20 Westminster 50 6 Newport Harbor forfeit Los Alamitos 41 T7 Marina 54 6 Edison 24 25 Loara V. Wrestling - Front Row: M. Marquez, M K. Nozaki. 2nd Row: M. Barreto, K. Pitts, M Nisco, 1. Fry, S. Weaver, M. Burke. 3rd Row: Coach I. Rosales, Coach W. Mickaelian. .JJ-A -'KLA Lara, B. Chase, R. Tafoya, l. Elliots, G. Bohay JV Takes Title... Flguin During the 1975 76 year the Baron s junior Varsity Wrestlers had a fantastic season The season started with first place finishes at the Buena Park Eight Way and Edison Tournaments The team fought their way to a dual match record of T3 2 With a league season record of 7 O the junior Varsity Wrestlers took the title of Sunset League Champions l. D Bohay 1 Petersen I Kuhns E Anderson i ' IV WRESTLING Scores OPP 3 Western 22 Westminster 0 Newport Harbor 0 Los Alamitos 6 '15 21 Marina Edison Loara , . , ,,..n' Many, ' I H, 1 X 14 U1 A. Marquez at Western meet. 121 M. Lumpkins hard pressed. f3J A. Marquez - 1 ' r 1 M., M,,1 M X . Qi 'C-L Wrmafwfri finishes opponent. Q41 M. Duncan gets into a real tangle at a home meet. Schoolf257 C vo St FXS Wrestling - Front Row: R. Tratzke, D. Ahuero, K, Seward, K, Hughes, P. Boyer, E. Gamboa, I. Girvln, M. Adams, B. Page. 2nd Row: G. Beddow, T. Dorame, M. Lung, T. Chow, M. Maxham, M. Hall, C.. Sears, K, Winkley, A. Patterson, R. Thomas, G. Rivers, 3rd Row: Coach l. Rosales, M. Dale, D. Maddox, A, Bennett, T. Henigman, R. Heidesch, A. Duncan, l. Soresi, P. Chlnnici, D. Baughman, I. Dawson. 4th Row: l. Zambito, M. Finklea, l. Nicholson, M. Wetmore, R. Lanphear, D. Delgado, l, Watson, K. Hall, R. Buhler, S. Barreto, M. Page, T. Dean, R. Hinson, D. Taylor. howl FROSHISOPH t WRESTLING ' ' ,.-arf, . ,P .V Scores --e ' QQ ' 1, ,.,,,f'f"" -' FV OPP ,E 44 14 Western lf., 58 7 Los Alamitos 31 17 Marina 49 8 Edison 31 16 Loara F 5 Leads Sunset Wrestling... Flgain The Frosh!Soph Wrestlers had a Dual match record of 14-4-1. The Frosh!Soph team competed at the Sunny Hills Tournament and captured first. The team wrestled at the Buena Park and Fontana Tournaments. At both tournaments the Frosh!Soph placed fourth. With an overall Sunset League record of 6-0, the Baron Frosh!Soph took the Sunset League championship title. 1? ,f - umm, 1-+ ,,i.,41S" '-A ,ll HJ M. Finklea pins his Marina adversary. 125 1. Nicholson puts the pressure on. 131 T. Henigman at Marina meet. 1451. Nicholson brings his opponent down. 4 F5 i '- L f ' -- ' ' ' '?Z 'd ZOO Sfhot til The sounds of jules vibrated through the room. 125 Barons rock to the sounds of jules. 131 Keyvvanettes serve refreshments to tired dancers. 145 The first energetic couple. Q53 D. Wikhoim sits on a cold seat. 163 M, Cowper played Santa for this year's festivities. .-...X x, A 6 5 ni 'Tis The Weeks To Be lolly Holiday spirit, charm, and romantic atmosphere was reflected in the many activities during Holiday Week. The holiday fun included ice-block sitting, sled races, door decorating and a canned food drive sponsored by Key Club, vvho collected 1,050 cans. The week was enlightened by the Holiday Dance given by the Keyvvanettes. Music vvas supplied by jules as the holiday decorated cafeteria rocked with energetic couples, Santa Claus even made an appearance, bringing along plenty of "good tidings." The climax of Holiday Week, hovvever, was the discovery of mistletoe in the flag poles in the bovvl after a week of difficult clues. The vvinners received a free dinner at the exclusive 94th Arrovv Squadron Restaurant in Newport Beach. School X 261 ",l1llll s ,I L l 1 1 'flw I Blazing Brilliance for Valentines The blazing brilliance ofthe "jeweled Court" at South Coast Plaza was the scene of the 1976 Valentine's Dance. Sponsored by Cirl's League, the annual tribute to love and cupid revolved around the theme "Till There Was You." As the music of lules vvafted through the air, the results ofthe court election were announced. Warren Taylor and Carol Erickson were named King and Queen, Pat Lipot and loAnne Lynn were chosen Senior Prince and Princess. Rounding out the court were Kenny Margerurn and Becky Lindovv for the juniors, Danny Sanchez and Pam Oscarson for the sophomores and freshmen Kevin Margerum and Lisa Matkowski. l 4 ii l I i i UD Senior Prince and Princess, P. Lipot and 1 Lynn. Q21 Couples dance to the sounds of Jules. 135 junior Princess B. Lindow poses with Senior King VV. Taylor. Q45 Sophomore Prince and Princess D. Sanchez and P, Oscarson. 155 Tired couples sit and rest. Q63 Freshman Prince and Princess, K. Margerurn and L. Matkowski. Q71 Valentines King and Queen, W. Taylor and C. Erickson. Vl V 4 ,f XA! ,-- :r' V' 'if P fl-5 fffaxk Vim i T W ,-L T X! f -l i , c il , l , l LW "lg, 4 . ,X ,.,f if "x., s.! l 'x l H 4.2 . X slat At the conclusion ot every busy school vveelc, tour thousand Barons embark on tvvo days ot freedom. How do they till these forty-eight hours? Members ot' the Racont- eur Staff decided to find out. With camera, pencil and paper in hand, the Copy Staff ventured out into the wilds ot Fountain Val- ley. l-loxveter, clue to technical difficulties on the part ot our taithtul statt, the first set ot' prints tt ere unsuccessful, The tollottiing vteelv we set out again, with a ditterent camera and came baclq with results. The tirst location tx here 'tae tound many Bar- ons "hangin Otllll at the Malibu Race Ctvtmc area locatcti at Riagnolia and lftjarner enties, This netxft elopccl tun center not only consists of a race course but also a skating rink, trampolines, a pinball game room and a golf course. This area provides various fun activities at affordable prices. Once again collecting our equipment and ourselves, vve ventured tovvards Huntington Center, an enclosed shopping mall. lietv i,if een trench tries, calces and miscellaneous toocl items the stalt spotted unaware Barons win- dovv shopping in the malls lnterestingly enough, we noted that the majority ot' the shopers spent most ot their time at l3ob's lr.3 like us, engaging in a complete jaw workout. Finally collected again in our stall' far, Copv Stati' raced over to Back alters Pizza and Piz- zaburger. Similarly to liobls, ' t.t. e noted liar- XVI XI ll ' llll, ,,, ,.,. mm. ,, . ' ons enjoying the savory juices of each mor- sel. At Back Alley, students also enjoyed the electronic games and in all the confusion tried to avoid falling off the curbs thence Back Alley.j Pizzaburger attracts students in much the same way with its goodies from the kitchen plus a jukebox. Both entertain their patrons with several electronic games but Pizzaburger has an additional place for fun, a pool table. As usual, Copy Staff found this extra almost impossible to pass up. After a vicious round of pool, we stopped by Fountain Bowl, a completely mechanical bowling alley. l-lere determined bowlers roll their way to a perfect game for near perfect, anyway.j Barons have such an interest in bowling that there is a successful bowling club on cam- pus. Outside recreation need not involve money. Most Barons, like most residents ofthe com- munity, occasionally partake of a trip to the beaches for water sports anlor merely to "soak up sun." This is somewhat dependent on weather conditions. There are even a few Barons who are members of the Surf Club and take up surfing as a year round sport. Exhausted, Copy Staff discovered what it takes to make many Barons tick. After all, weekends come only once a week . , . too bad they lead up to iyionday. fllCl1arac'l0rs discuss a conflict between them. 121 K. Fockler in a dramatic momenl. Gi l. Lynn ponders over the difficult situation, 145 W. Dean bullying M, Gilbert. l5l A happier moment. lluln Ill Plot Thicken During "The Children's Hour" Audiences remained captivated as the plot thickened when "The Childrens Hour" was staged late in February. Definitely one of the best productions staged in the little theater, it held spectators in awe and suspenseasKiniFocMerandloAnnelqwwwporuayedtvvoyoungschool teachers unjustly accused of being lovers. Wendy Dean delivered an astonishing performance as Young Mary Tilford vvho is the beginning source of the accusation. Commendrnent is awarded to everyone involvediriptnthwgtogetherthisenthraHing prodtniionl School X 267 u 6' I 5. , I 7 5 1 jf Ui Osfar questions the Iady's motives. 121 A "tearful" Felix entertains the girls with his traumas. 135 Oscar attempts to charm B. LiI'1KiOW. 143 A dramatic moment. i5j The boys get together for a sharp game of poker. Q65 Oscar and Felix during a usual fight. L 4 , - --I HL JW 5 ? ,f -,yi ,-,, 3 y LaughterFWevaHs VVHhHTheCDdd Coupmn Clggk5,chuckk5,andlaughterechoedas delighted audiences attended the Drama Departments production of Neil Simon's "The Odd Couple." This delightful comedy is the tale of two divorced New York males attempting to cope with each other-two opposing and conflicting personalities. Keith Margolis offered a charming and neurotic Felix Unger while lim Kilpatrick delighted all with his slobby and heartless Oscar Madison. Supported by a magnificient cast, "The Odd Couple" proved to be entertaining and enjoyable. School X 269 Sudden Death Victory for FVHS The FV gym was filled with shouts of joy and groans of disgust as the FV Band and Drill Team out 'hoofed' the Edison Band and Drill Team in a donkey basketball game. Both teams exercised amazing control over their animals. The game seemed to be in a stalemate at the end of the allotted time, but in the sudden death over- time Randy Smith shot the last basket ensuring FV the 28-30 victory. l li,gj6z',21 392- . Q15 Members of "Hello People" say hello to the people. Q21 L. Bailey stops her donkey for a quick pass. Q3l A talented musician plays his song. Q4l "Hello People" arouse the audience with a dynamic duo. l5J F. Barnes, while slipping ott his donkey, hastily passes to R. Smith. Q61 R. Smith invents a new riding style. '--ii, I 'Lt sex .. E Hello People Rocks Gym HeHoPeopw,arockbandthataccompanmstheuact with a taste of pantomime, performed at an assembly designed for them during March. Ecstatic Barons boogedasthegynimxkedtothernuuc.HeHoPeopm makes their act special and extremely enjoyable with the addition of pantomime, a silent form of drama. Comprised of four talented lads, Hello People created one of the better and more enjoyable assemblies of the year School X 271 Ff t !.!"- U . E' Zfl St lic V. Basketball - Front Row: S. Sadakane, T. l N l B i Roberts, K. Wilson, C. Keyes, C. Longfellow. 2nd , 1 Row: K. Bates, S. Williams, M. Leonard, M. 1 lackson, D. Bishop, l. Bissen, P. Boswell, Coach vol AFTWTTGDD, ' til S. Williams goes up for tipoff. 121 Dovvncourt action. Q31 M. jackson takes it in. Q43 Excitement at game against Costa Mesa. ,enema I Girls' Basketball 1 45' 12 'xt 5 S V. ,X 4 MW , , 1 J' ., IV Basketball - Front Row: 1. Wallace, K. Hart, K. Grams, I. Astrachan, E. Houston, T. Bush. 2nd Row: l M. Puchalski, L. Reiff, G. Flesher, I. Wood, I. Bissin, D. Haviken, C, Roberts, Coach D. Shakarian. A ' Ll ,4 'iz wifi- , i 'Wu I is-P 4 'L' x uf ,L ,lt 1 - 1 i 2 A 5 F -nf :" Wai E ' " B Q Q-,nf Q fy lf. A I J t Wu' ' , 1 VARSITY BASKETBALL Scores FV OPP 65 46 Western 31 37 Westminster 60 54 Newport Harbor 47 45 Los Alamitos 58 68 Marina 59 60 Edison 59 64 Loara 39 38 Westminster 66 41 Western 82 69 Los Alamitos 82 52 Newport Harbor 86 68 Edison 63 74 Marina 82 62 Loara 2 27-4 Salk V. Basketball - C. Barrios, S. Ford, B, Boxold, l. l-lolland, B, Carroll, T. Southwick, S. Tingey, P, Laux, R. Valbuena, , M, Zumbo, M. Tessier, l. Yarrington. mol H HJ M. Zumbo plays a close one-on-one. C23 Buxold looks on as G. Barrios shoots for two, 135 R. Valbuena puts it up. C43 B. Bogcold springs up for the tip-off. C53 Strategy discussion on the sidelines, Five Df Six For Vursity Basketball Varsity Basketball capped an exhilarating season by going to the CIF finals. This marked the fifth time in the last six years that FVHS has competed in the state championships, The 1975-76 Baron team began the season by taking first place in the Arroyo Grande and San Clemente Tournaments. Their year ended with the loss to Verbum Dei in first round CIF competition. lon Holland was chosen for First Team All-Sunset League and All-San Clemente and Arroyo Grande Tournament teams. Mike Zumbo made Second Team All-Sunset League and the All-Arroyo Grande Tournament team. George Barrios was selected for the All-Santiago Tournament team. The Barons recorded 17 wins, 8 losses overall and placed third in the Sunset League. ffc JV Basketball- Still champs! The junior Varsity Basketball team displayed outstanding prowess this season in compiling a 13-1 league record topped off by winning a third straight Sunset League championship. They played well as a unit, but also displayed exceptional individual efforts by Bret Wilkinson and Roger Holmes, who helped make this year's team one of the finest IV teams fielded by FVHS. f11.J"' -rw - '. i -5? - Q ii. Sail !. XEX A - 'I IV Basketball- Coach D. Timmer, M. lsrealsky, C. Albin, C. Mack, B. Rofer, I. Kramer, G. Svalstad, R. Holmes, B. Wilhenson, T. Clouard, K. Margerum. 2 g W"WWww Mana , 1'lJ R. Holmes passing to start the exciting Baron fast break. 125 G. Svalstad and B. Wilkinson rebound as B. Rofer and R. Holmes look on. 135 M. Heide and B. Wilkinson watch the jump ball. 145 Baron player shoots for two. 151 Time out on the sidelines. 16l M. Heide puts it up. IV BASKETBALL Scores OPP 42 Western 37 Westminster 51 Newport Harbor 42 Los Alamitos 40 Marina 50 Edison 42 Loara 48 Westminster 27 Western 23 Los Alamitos 48 Newport Harbor 55 Edison 57 Marina 56 Loara Scnoolf277 SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL S Western Westminster Newport Harbor Los Alamitos Marina Edison Loara Westminster Western Los Alamitos Newport Harbor Edison Marina Loara H' 'ir' " ' ...W Y E3 r !7 at Saphs Dominate Sunset Basketball Fountain Valley's Sophomore Basketball team won the Sunset League Championship with a 12-2 league record TheiroveraHrecordxNasT9-4.Successvvasatuibutedto an outstanding team effort and a tough defense. Tom Tobias, David Espinoza, Scott Simon, and lose Kaufman all scored in double figures most of the season. After loyngthenfnaleagueganwabyonepxinhthesophs wentontoreconi11snmghtvktonestosetanew sophonunerecordforconsecuUvevvnw.ThBisthe secondchanunonshipinaromfkwthesophonunes Ton1TobkwrnadetheFnstTean1AHSunsetLeagueand 1092KauhnanandlDavkiEqMnozarnadetheSecond Team All League. David Tobias was also voted MVPg Espinoza served as the team's captain. Scott Wessa vvas voted h4ostIn1proved. School Zf 5 - vga is Frosh District Basketball- Front Row: 1. Smith, D. Morrell, l. Coppon, T. Milliman, I. Ferry. 2nd Row: I. MacGruder, M, McGuirl, M, Fry, M. Bowen, C. Piper, M. Fahey, F. Real, S. Faust, B. Sherrell, L. Barlar, 1. Manchin. 113 C. Fields on defense. L21 D. Haskell goes up to shoot. 131 D. Haskell beats out opponent in jump. Q41 l. Manchin shoots for two. 155 C. Fields in games against Newport Harbor. 280 St html DISTRICT FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Scores FV OPP 38 24 La Quinta 39 27 Edison 45 36 Westminster 54 29 Anaheim 61 24 Irvine 51 29 LaQuinta 48 36 lrvine 37 18 Westminster 48 44 Anaheim 28 39 Marina 57 48 Edison 76 37 Westminster 48 49 Marina 56 39 Edison sklwlf 5? f,1l.',if W , ,A - , V N, x , " .. 2 ,. 4 -', ,QW v F4 'wut 2' ' it an - 0 fit , ,, 5 . 8 J . ' f ' Q U ' "-. Freshmen- Third Time Is Fl Charm For the third time in a row the Freshman Sunset League Basketball team took the title of League champions. In the course of the season, the frosh set records for the most consecutive wins C281 and the least number of the points allowed Q12 versus Westernl. Instrumental in leading the team to an 11-3 season record was MVP Dennis Cowan. Cowan also was chosen to the First Team All Sunset League. Ralf Reuland andl Danny Haskell made Second Team All Sunset League. Gil Compton was voted Most Improved. Under the coaching of james Morris, the Freshman District team compiled a 12-2 record. lim Coppom was voted Most Valuable Player and MIP was Larry Barlar. Mike Brown led the team as captain. FRESHMAN SUNSET BASKETBALL Scores FV OPP 46 12 Western 46 24 Westminster 49 44 Newport Harbor 28 27 Los Alamitos 54 40 Marina 55 44 Edison 58 17 Loara 56 34 Westminster 37 12 Western 56 45 Los Alamitos 45 47 Newport Harbor 38 41 Edison 38 43 Marina 67 32 Loara Frosh Sunset Basketball- Front Row: Coach j. Harris. 2nd Row: L. jones, G. Compton, R, Reuland, D. Castrey, I. Harlow, C. Fields, M. Eppelheimer, D. Haskell, C. Stoll, B. Levalley, D. Pelikretis, D. Cowan, J. Ramirez, T. Pastizzo, D. Espinoza. 4, QB ,qui Q. , , S 4 1 L, ,V,, ? .V - 1 , V ' Q1 . 44- ma .1 1 .fi f .f 1 , W . V ' A 1 'Q , l 1 , f , . p A : A f , .l 2, 4 Y' I I' ' Q F ur 3 R 3 f 4 l' 1 C7 V. 4,8 M W I '5 , I . ' if ,,.,-f I, I , 1 ml, I . . 1 :rj A A ' ef f- - l ' H , l V H . ls. ' 2 A 1 . "J 'H " '- ' . 1. - , ,J hw. . H , . Y N.: ' .:Q. 141565242513 W A 1 ra. 0 School f 281 19 . FXS Swimming - Coach l. McAdams, L Schack, D. Neagle, l. Natale, N. Porte,l Chavez, L. Bell, R, Nagura, S. Dick, L Tesdall, M, Nichols, T. Rodgers, D Wilhelm, S. jackson, S. Hicks, l McClemmons, C. Bernard, T. l-loweth All-American Swimmers - A. Babashoff, A. Miller, S. Krikl, M, Kelly. 282 School r it A 2-- le , i ,V . 1 . Swim Goes CIF? The 1976 season started out in high spirits for the Swim team as they won a but one of their Sunset League meets. Coach Bray feels that chances are goo that team would finish in the top two in CIF. All Americans Bill Babashof Andy Miller, Mike W. Kelly and Steve Krikl made strong bids for CIF record Other outstanding team members included lim Pull, Ron Lade, Mike P. Kell and Rick Aldricl -i E P3 V. Swimming - M. Twyman, L. Sistler, K. Rogers B. Manes, R. Aldrich, M. P. Kelly, 1. Knowles, R. Lade, W, Hogue, S. Krikl, A. Miller, S. Sutherland, G. Sinclair, l. Pull, R. Nelson, l. Mendlesohn, G. Block. lil R. Lade wears goggles for daily workout in the pool. 1216. Block pours it on. 131 R. Aldrich comes off the starting block at Westminster. awww-www RZ :3h?:..1'-, l -' ' i '35 '. 'L f , 'J . . I I -1 I 3' L v, ji 'Q f F-2 ' f - I 7551 MA'1 , - 1 X I V' J ' ' liz-xl -D I ., 3 1 14- ' A5 f " . I V - W :W . ' Q ' jf E ff K 7' A TJ fi 1 I ' ., W I . HIM ,, A . , V ' . '-41 'f , 1 :D 7 I N!! Q- I Ugg. . 533 , . n b 4. - WH - I K , U v A - .51 - -1 uf ., i .- .ff . gn 381. ,L ff . -1, , ig' Q -. 1 -3 . I HL.: J- E ' ' I, - I -, K5 . I . I z.,:,.j 6 fi' wif f .- L is .2 Q' 4 f ' 2' f Qi vs A. 1. , ' . ,4.- 1 Q, - .f ' , V. L ik 'Pi - f un in -in ' . , 1' " . - 1 'F 6. ' , . y 'A -,I -w qu. V. ,A J L"' Y' 'v-. wg: . i 4 we. I ' f F. K - Lf :X . 1 V I... K U. 1 -,. Z.. i: -- ,I-. Kb V 1 A' . A bw X 'n .. ,4 A , ' .K h , 4 in k.. .A ., X . Y . " jg ,V V an . ' , -5- f Svvim-Front Row: L. Decker S Furlong H Bouwens L Y " V ' ' ' b Rodgers,I. LeVaIIev,j, Kingsland L Frank P Slorch S Theus C - ' ' - Riker,i. Lockerbv.2nd Row S Hall L DeSoto D Brotherten N i Q54 Y X - Aldrich, R. Hughes, K. Dever S Christman L Tom C Donovan N D. Rose. 3rd Row: Coachi Davidson L Kelsh K Hamill D Friedl, D. Carnahan, K. Hughes B Lipot D Smith M Sue F Hughes, Coach S. lennings U 1, n.X' 'N fl . sn x. '--. . .D I ix, F QK7!f "WF, 2 Q11 B. Lipot dashes off a fast lap. 125 Diver L" caught in mid-airtuck. Q31 L. Decker comes up for air. 441 F. Hughes perfects diving technique. .aff 3 . ,. ,nm vf a-.z...r..u. 5 .M v, ci, AL .Isw:..g - Diving - D. Smith, M. Sue, D. Carnahan, L. DeSoto, S. Hall, L. Frank, F. Hughes. Girls' Swimming Mal-Les Big Sp, . ll tr T' if l' 'sl' QU K. Scott enjoys coolness of the fountain water. Q23 Gymnast com etes on balance beam, C33 Gymnast goes through routine on D uneven parallel bars. my Modern dance students cavort through fountain. 78h School Modern Dance - T. Newman, K. Scott, S. Salvatore, R, Davis, C, Piazza, I. Hirshman, l. Allan, C. Corboy, D. Thormalean, D. Lesinko, M Ring, M. McAdoo, P. Ferenick, S. Cadenhead, I. Lovett, L. Bola, C. Crafton, L, Hippler, F. Crowder, C. Simon. 4 Modern Dance. Gymnastics- Hungin' Loose Gymnastics - Front Row: K. Dever, S. Hilberg, L. Sakauye, T. Young, l. Collier. 2nd Row: S. Seki, S. I Brown, D. Takayama, A. Wada, L. Kelsh, L. Richards, L. Helber, P. Cho, D. Empting. 3rd Row: l. Mallotto, M. Murry, C. Phillips, D. Thompson, L. Cowper, D. Satterthwaite, C. Shortridge, A. Wacker, K. Meyer. -.-, .-4 . ,,. ve . ..,..'. ef' , 4 41 ,gf hc' ',..v, l Golf- Front Row: K. Knighten, I. Carl, S. Newton, D. Oulela, R. Cassaro. 2nd Row: M. Gillmore, D. Oulela, R, Lockard, T. Silber, M. Erskine, W. Crossley, Coach D. Feyk. 288 School 1? """' --'v""' .. ., ., Gymnastics Flnd Gul Really Swim til 1. Carl at the point of impact. Q23 D. Crossley displays cle follow through. 433 M. Gillmore keeps his eye on the ball. Q4 Rutherford springs off the horse. 151 Gymnast warms up uneyen parallel bars as Coach L. Armstrong looksf 'lm QU ri Gymnastics - Front Row: R. Leivas, M. Rosner, K. Cummings, T. Dean, G Bohay, I. Watson, C. Kelly, P. Rehm, T. Kalb, D. Agnew. Znd Row: M, Martino, K. Wall, R, Parks, l. Tessier, T. Reed, l. Uyekavva, S. Stewart, D. Bolen, K. Baker. 3rd Row: Coach L. Armstrong, C. Dahl, S. Clark, M. Swagger, D. Baker, R. Staggs, I. Kane, R. Kingsbury, T. Palacios, I. Rutherford, l. Bolen, V. Palacios, C. Karry, M. Hoover, C, Sykes, l. Lund. V. Volleyball - Front Row: I, Power, R, Hanson, S. Burns, S. Ogle. 2nd Row: Coach S. Goodell, R, Valbuena, T. Southwick, G. Svalslad, B. Rofer, Coach B. Lovelace. 290 I Sfhool A , lf. - K . rgl H 1 . QV ,. Q 2 ll 1. a 'X-.Q A +1 l' . ...A A.. l 2 , --,. ., --rr11z1l:.1 Guys Volleyball- "Sel:" To Win U5 S. Ford and B. Rofer go up for the block. Q21 I. Melendez and l. Harlow block hit by del Mar. Q31 l. Melendez hits right on. 141 R. Hanson sets it up for S. Ogle. f5l M. Harris uses JV Volleyball- Front Row: 1. Melendez, M. Ussman, l. Blommer, M. Harris, I. Harlow, P. Roque 2nd Row: Coach S. Goodell, D. Haskel, D. Greenleaf, M. Heide, C. Mack, B. Friedl, B. Caldwell, Coach B. Lovelace. Angelic Voices Fill Choirs The angelic voices heard vvafting out of the music room were Fountain Vallev's three choirs - Troubadours, Concert Choir and VVomen's Concert Choir. Concert Choir sang music ranging from folk to rock to classical. Troubadours, a select group of 21 members performed in concert and at various jazz festivals. VVomen's Concert was a small new group started this year. . f'-,ft ' ?:"'R'XT7r" V ,1Q'."-L"J,vi Troubadours-M. Ashley, I. Aulbach, L. Bekas, D. Brook, N. Brovver, I. Compton, B. Douglas, S. Elrod, M. Gilbert, E. Gosney, C, Hughes, T. Iasmin, VV. Ketts, I. Kilpatrick, B. Lindovv, I. Lynn, C. Mahan, T. Merry, C. Morabito, E. Stahura, M. Stevens, C. Wachtel. lil Concert Choir- Front Row: R. Colgren, L. Brotman, T. Merry, C, Rosner, V. Shoemaker, M. Ashley, G. Bowen, D. Blair, C. Guerner, M. Gilbert, M. Stevens, M, Watson, M. Handy, T. Nelson, B. Harrison. 2nd Row: R. Minor, S. Stone, M. Iarnagin, B Hilman, C, Tucker, C. Wachtel, R. Paul, I. Kilpatrick, W. Ketts, I. Horak, L. Cosney, B. Martinez, S. Lund, C. Mahan. 3rd Row: A. Homer, E. Gosney, I, Lynn, T. McAlear, R, Bersticker, C. Martin, S. Boucher, C. Morabito, B. Reeves, I. Aulbach, D. Lutz, C. Smith, N. Brovver, L. Bekas, L. Eaton, S. Curley, C. Langend. 4th Row: I. Boston, R. Shapiro, L. Harold, B. Hazelton, T. Fort, D. Carnahan, I. Compton, A. Lock, R. Stollenvverk, I. Odland, T. Iasmin, C, Paselk P. Rucker, H. Tuck, C, Campbell, R. Hopps, B. Lindovv. School 297 Stage Band, Qrchestra Delight udiences Comprised of especially selected students, Stage Band delighted all their audiences vvith their many energetic performances. These performances include several jazz festivals, dances and basketball games, Qrchestra also displayed similar talent as they provided the music for the spring musical "The Music Man." Members enjoyed a trip to San Francisco during March. 'l vin .p r Orchestra - Front Row: S. Boyer, l. Braasch, D. Stream, V. Thompson, I. Hlavin, VV. Carpenter, A. LaMon, S. Elrod. 2nd Row: T. delong, D, Matsuyama, R. Colgren, C. Vtolden, E. Beausang, M. Ashley, B. Ltpot, l. Renes, M. Ragozinno, V. Suga, VV. Yancey. 3rd Row: l. Sameshima, S. Burger, l. Martinez, A. Wada, K. lohnston, M. Sadakane, S. Sadakane, C. Quiniano, R. Reagin, M. Osborn, N. Renes, L. Carpenter, C, Buddingh, L. Cosney. 4th Row: S. Corday, P. Butler, M. X1etvrl,l Ng, E. Redding, R. Smoot, S, Easton, l. Miller, C. Hughes, B. Kiers, I. Lynn, M. Haffely, M. Tubbiola. Sth Row: K, Henderson, N, Kaczorowski,T. Mangan, T. Hall, l. Rutherford, M. Belgen, B. Mills, S, Meyer, L. Niesley, l. Aulbach, T, Mills, R, Adams. lf?-l School v-iv. Sf ,L-:5?:4Z2'y5' In sf 1 X X f X :1 -"- 1 "'5'r"-5:25 "5 . . .??'rf ,i" "'l' , A . 'ffl-7"5"'-5 J-35 ,::6S'i-EN? 1 ! A. ' . 5. ,Q Ugifiiffp ' :9y'ZjQw5'N. 5 XZLLQ ' . ,,1.Q g ' -, A ' "!S3I3'f! ?E?I:'515"':'l' V1 K iQSKQ'f X qw-ff 29 3,4 'fx 'QQ 1 M , . -4-gi., 5 S' , J. 5x gk, X K . I '11 Y ---aqgQ 1ns.:ig.eQ,.M3.,,..,,,4 ,fff"V"'-' .--'Q :I--.ff'P":' "N 1 . .f . V . X 1 , Q . X ' I: .rglign ,.,.::EfQ: "5 'f '12 lj: Q, A '. . fi,E::.,.- ff I If up 6' 'E:?2Fff"' f! 27 Saas: - .. ,Q fi' 9521" -- X .22 -' Vi Q9f17',, 4- . P f,fE:s3f:'2eff? in gp- .-155151, '61, W::sQe:Zwf'fw , f.f'ff' xi.-I I , ,:f5:?:i3,5fL fide-. Xt.-?,fE fy' K . - ' ,f td, :r' ttf Ile, g 5 5'-5' f f K XY jf Wx! 11111 ' ' L '. 1 n , x.. i xi l sg- X i i i f ii , li , i -,yf-.,-.ii l -J l-lfxgff l l l l i i i l 2 sl ' 4 mg D0 NOT TAKE FOOD i ,dl ln a high school as large as FVI-lS it is impossi- ble for any individual to meet all fellow stu- dents. Thus students meet and form their ovvn exclusive social groups. These groups are formed on a common interest shared by mem- bers of the group. Common examples are reli- gion, ethnic backgrounds, student govern- ment, sports and similar activities and other on campus organizations. At FV vve can vievv these groups and their activities vvhen seeing them gathered at their regular pre-chosen lib St' li Ool place. A common meeting place prearranged for a group of students affiliated vvith student government is the Activities Office. Another clique meets daily at lunch behind the sci- ence-language building and share a common interest in religion. And a third example of grouping meets together often in the senior patio area and the bovvl area. Although there are several groups vvho have earned their ovvn name tthis is due to their E l I E ' int: ' - -.. P?" f- ' , -W N. - - l Q X ll "" wh-in.. fall ,is-s f 1 e Q11 Q s .B-f - Swim: -ff" i i r-7 ' -W. 1, ' 5 5, w fx l t - ' 1 N -1 'Mfr' fflfhl it-mmwtvrl l A M - Q i"'-- - --... " 4 5' ' - stu-K ' l -'- X-,V 5 .il ffl f ig A to E. l i i 1, ll! la greatness in sizel, there thrives smaller and unrecognized groups that also follow the same ground rules. They continue to remain some- what unknown perhaps because they do not always involve themselves in school related activities. Yet together as an entire student body these are the people vvho comprise the schoolg the people who attend classesg the People who crowd outside the cafeteria and snack bar during lunchg the people who attend games and dancesg the people who are all peo- ple. To the district each student is merely a number -just one out of an excess of four thousand. But in these groups students find their own identity. Each receives a sense of balancing, All of us belong to a group regardless ofthe size. We are all someone. What group are you a member of? School fl 2 Drama Club! Front Row: C, Mahan, L. Kelsh, D. Wikholm. 2nd Row W l-lilles N Brovvc-r, T. lasmin, 1. l-lerriot, M. Gilbert, S. Orcholski, E. Martin. 3rd Row C Manes B Wilson, T. Foster, 1. Lynn, C. Morabito, L. Bekas, G, Suarez, C. Niernyer T Crane B Lindovv, M. Handy, VV. Warburton M Stevens ln the Limelight Fountain Valley students who liked to bask in the limelight found vvhat they vvere looking for in the Drama and Magic Clubs. Magic Club proved the hand vvas quicker than the eye for private groups and at the community center. Drama Club not only helped vvith drama productions on campus, but also vvent to city council meetings to help push the Fountain Valley Cultural Center, F it bt Mlttl Magic Club- Front Row: R. Littrell, Advisor S. Mittelman, T. Kalb, S. Pinkus. 2nd Row: M. l-latalski, R. Cray, S. Cook, R. Stollenyverk. fire into a Magic Club performance at the Fountain Valley Lynn hurries through make-up. 121 S. Pinkus puts a little Recreation Center. C33 C. Niemyer and adds some eyebrows to C, Wachtel. 143 R. Cray demonstrates the "Disappearing Dot." School X 299 300 School FBLA, Speech Leaders in California Fountain Valley's Future Business Leaders of America lFBLAi members showed the rest of the southern section what kind of leaders they were by sweeping top honors at the FBLA competitions. Stephanie Stray dazzled competitors in Spelling and Lisa Toth captured third in Advanced Typing. Tricia fvlcCollam placed in Advanced Typing and also took first in the Miss FBLA category of competition. She went on to compete for state honors. Speech Club continued to maintain FV's excellence in forensics. ln the areas of debate, extemporaneous and expository, the Baron Mouths competed in various state tournaments. vw' QlxO .,x, Speech Club - Front Row: M. Tubbiola, K. Rolle, C. Paselk, I. Sarmiento, R, Aldric h. 2nd Row: 1. Ng, P Oxhorn, S. l-lommel, S. Oxhorn, K. Karstetter, l. Narveson, C. Manes. 3rd Row: D, Schmidt, R. MorI0n,l Konicek, S, Krikl, C. Warner, M, Vandemore, M. Smith, B. Kleppe, C. Ballingall HJ D. Schmidt emphasizes his point. 125 T. MCCoIIarn hard at work in Business Department. C31 FBLA winners S. Stray, T. McCoIIam, L. Toth. x ,J ghws FBLA - Front Row: M. Carriere, K. Punko, D. Linsay, L. Peterson, T. McCoilann, A. Karstetter, M. Zappitelli. 2nd Row: Advisor, A. West, E. Stahura, P. Chavez, L. Riker, D. Spencer,1. Soderblonn, H. Malinick, M. Espinoza, L. Toth, P. Shaffer. School X 301 Over ZOO students joined the Fountain Valley included a conference in San Diego at which Mead spoke. The chapter also gave away two 302 School R. Aldrich R. Greenfield T. Mills D. Alford V. Grunke R. Minor S. Armstrong C. Guibert T. Moffett M. Ashley I. Gutowski M. Montijo M. Aszterbaum I. Hall T. Moore M. Aszterbaum K. Hannasch L. Morris M. Aszterbaum D. Harmon P. Morris L. Bailey G. Harris R. Moser B. Balfour C. Harvill L. Mosher C. Ballingall G. Hayase j. Murray L. Barany P. Hayase L. Muscente R. Barragan L. Helber j. Narveson M. Beall N. Heumann C. Nelson E. Beausang G. Heximer P. Nelson W. Besanceney M. Higgins j. Ng H. Belna B. Hilman C. Nipper D. Bennett S. Hirshman M. Osborne R. Bibelheimer I. Hlavin V. Panchak D. Blaylock M. Hlavin R. Paul G. Block P. l-llavin D. Patterson D. Bohay W. Hodnick S. Peck C. Bohay S. Hofbauer S. Pemberton S. Bolin L. Holthouser S. Pemberton L. Boucher L. Holzapfel S. Peterson j. Braasch A. Homer T. Philbin D. Brook K. Hughes S. Pinkus N. Brower L. lngels K. Pikulin B. Brown S. jackson I. Pitchforth C. Brown A. janowski M. Protzner R. Brown M. jennings D. Puchalski j. Bunney D. johnson K. Punko S. Burger D. johnson D. Quilla W. Burlew P. johnson M. Ragozzino L. Butorac K. jones A. Raupp M. Cagan I. Kalb N. Rawe D. Campbell I. Kamisato L. Redding S. Campbell P. Kanna j. Renes K. Capper A. Karstetter F. Reuland M. Carl I. Kay S. Richardson V. Carmack M. Kay C. Rodriquez L. Carpenter S. Kelley D. Rodriquez W. Carpenter M. Kelly M. Rotcher C. Carter D. Kim S. Sadakane P. Cho T. Kim L. Sakauye T. Chow N. Kleinman D. Saltman T. Chow R. Kleinman S. Salvatore T. Chow j. Knos j. Sameshima P. Christy M. Kobeck T. Saunders T. Christy D. Kotler R. Schofield D. Chu M. Kouns R. Schwartz C. Clark A. LaMon R. Sendra S. Clark L. Larson C. Seymour S. Cluverius S. Larson L. Shimomura j. Cohen K. Lee M. Sjollema R. Cole T. Leeman j. Skare R. Colgren L. Leslie A. Smith S. Cooke R. Lettrell M. Spreltzer C. Corrao L. Levia E. Stahura S. Correia N. Licudine M. Stevens T. Crane j. Lipke C. Stockwell M. Crawford B. Lipot R. Stollenwerk L. Cupp K. Littrell P. Storch R. Davidson D. Lloyd C. Strang T. Dean C. Longfellow S. Stray C. Decker j. Lynn D. Stream R. DeFusco M. Mackin K. Sweet T. Dejong T. Magill M. Swift I. Dempsey B. Manes S. Tang K. Dever K. Margolis L. Tate M. Diehm S. Marsh K. Thompkins M. Dooley B. Martin D. Thompson K. Doscher D. Martin L. Thompson M. Duncan L. Martin V. Thompson D. Dunegan C. Martz j. Thomsen D. Ellis K. Mathews D. Timmering C. Erickson j. Matkowski L. Torn C. Eskridge D. Matsuo K. Tompkins M. Fennell M. McCarthy L. Toth S. Fish P. McCollam S, Vakili M. Fixemer T. McGinley K. VanDask C. Flesher I. McNamara C. Vetter R. Flowerday R. Morton S. Vogt E. FYHVHS l- Meiefl D. Von Hatten M. Fujiwara S. Melanie W. Vreeland B. Callela I. Melendez C. Wachtel B. Cierbode I. Mendelsohn I, Walterg M. Gilbert R. Mendoza A. West L. Gillespie S. Metlldi S. Wendzel A. Cinborg M. Metzager M. Wetzel iN1.CiOld 5. TVTEVGYS D, Williamg L. Cosnev S- Miller H. Yang I. Yang K. Yasuoka K. Yi K. YI P. Yomogida L. Younger M. Zita L.. Photo Club - Front Row: -M. Wood. 2nd Row: l. . . .:ra.,.viiH New Clubs Come to FVI-IS The Fountain Valley Photo Club advised by Mr. Ben Ellerman met every Wednesday in room 129. Members spend endless hours developing and processing pictures in the darkroom. The FV Red Cross Club organized by Bob Lopez and headed by Dr. Paul Berger, Mrs. Elizabeth Schwartzkof and Mrs, Leatrice Nash celebrated a very successful first year. The club participated in the Orange County EXCeptional Games, the Special Olympics and most importantly established FV's first Blood Mobile. L McAlear, K. Wheeler, Advisor B. Ellerman, D. Mason, A. Solis. 3rd Row: D. Buckley, A, McSwain, I. lohnson, S. Cook, G. Pulford, H, DeCambra, V. Hartung. 4th Row: K, Margolies, A. Hirazumi. Red Cross Club - Front Row: C. Chauncey, A, Golden, L. Edwards, M. Kay, M. Diehm, D. Rodrigruz, I. Kay, l. Bunney, M. Cold. 2nd Row: G. Patrick, R. Moser, L, l-lolthouser, B, Bowen. 3rd Row: M. Woodworth, P. Lopez, D. Branberg, Advisor L. Nash, B. Lopez, Advisor E. Schwarlzkof. School f 303 A Division Bowling- Front Row: L. Poe, D. Wikholm, I. Losack, G. Patrick, l, Knos, I. Suzuki, A, Valette, L. Tate, L. Whitacre. 2nd Row: l. Slater, P. Sulewski, D. Gould, M. Fields, G. Hannasch, B, Marchionda, I. Brinkman, D. Horslev, C. Stevens. 3rd Row: VV. Braun, M. Gibb, K. Bugos, K. Hannasch, M. Montijo, L. Gutierrez. B Division Bowling - Front Row: M. Chavez, L. johnson, C. Strang, M. Hoh, C. Cardinal, K, Tierney, K. McNair, D. Lehmann, D. Slovak. 2nd Row: D. nzalez M Sena K Clack S ensen M G0 , . , . , ,I , - Smith, l. Zimmeman, T. Eddo, A. Westphal. 3rd Row: D. Madje, B. Orr, M. Brownv, D. Krolick, S. Bunge C Division Bowling - Front Row: D Bennett, I. Alzert, L, Hix, D. Rodriguez, P Gutierrez, D, Wray, C. Langerud, D. Brehm E. Straw, L. Peterson, D. Hall, S. Woodson 2nd Row: Advisor I. Heese, D. Quilla, D Smith, S. lensen, R. Hoffman, G. l-larvill, D Crowell, M. Borchardt, M. Kellogg, R Armanda. 3rd Row: M. Eisele, D. Yost, H Hilman,V, Brown, G, Mategorin, I. Aranda . ...w,,?' X Surf ii" r' C., fy' v --- - ' .--f ,7 lt St howl ,g . 7' jf' '77L"':1 Y'-"" Ski Club with other local high schools breezed over the slopes on their trip to Utah over Christmas vacation. A blizzard unexpectantly accompanied weary travelers as they returned to Fountain Valley. Other trips took enthusiasts to Alta Park City Snowbird and Parkwest Easter vacation took them once again to the fun and glory of Squaw Valley and the presidents birthdays in February drove them to Mammoth. Ski Club, however, did not furnish the money required to make these trips Students pay on an individual basis. The Club merely planned Every Monday thirty Barons meet at the Fountain Bowl to comprise what is known as Fountain Valley's Bowling club These individuals meet to have fun filled afternoon which involves the thrill and excitement of competition among themselves and other teams There are three divisions with ten team members each. Mrs. leanette Heese the advisor of the club enjoyed herself thoroughly. Ski Club - K. Adamson, D. Albert, I. Allbaugh, L. Allbaugh, D. Anderson, T. Anderson, S. Backmiser, D. Baker, K. Baker, D. Bannister, D. Bayhan, A. Bennett, B. Bozzardi, S. Brusca, M. Case, D. Clarity, D. Cochran, E. Cota, S. Curly, l. Dickerson, K. Donatelli, D. Donegan, E. Donnelly, S. Dziama, S. Eckles, E. Fredrickson, S. Frye, D. Ballagher, R. Garcia, C. Carver, S. Ciebauer, C. Geneker, P. Green, M. Cromme, S. Guy, T. Hendy, l. Hesketh, D. Hill, V. l-lill, E. Hipple, D. Hoppy, A. Horst, l. Hunter, I. lohnson, K. Keane, T. Keane, D. Kirkpatrick, M. Kroll, L. Kutler, 1. Linn, S. Loudenback, K. Luna, D. Marcstrom, K. Margulies, C. Marinelli, V. Marinelli, T. McCallam, L. McCarty D. McKay, I. McClure, S. Merrill, D. Merry, C. Michael, C. Miers, l. Mohr, L. Mullen, P. Mullen, l. Murphy, M. Nichols, M. O'Brian, C. Oppedisamo, E. Orth, D. Parry, C. Patrick, S. Patrick, K. Peck, L. Penna, V. Phillips, M. Ragozzino, M. Rattlaff, K. Rauls, Cl. Rea, l. Roper, T. Rose, R. Rowe, S. Smith, D. Smithson, C. Sparks, K. Stearns, S. Stockman, C. Stockwell, K. Strommen, D. Tabley, K. Tarmas, I. Trabold, C. Underwood, A. Wacker, I. Wainscott, D. Warren, K. Wehner, K. Welle, l. Webster, N. Whitehouse, A. Williams, A. Winans, 1. Winkley. School f 305 Motocross Club - Front Row: R. Zobel, B. Thieloert K McLau hlin R Murry T , . g , , , . McCasland, L. Mason, E. Gardener, W. Ritchie. 2nd Row: B. Hall, R. Bonham, D. Tenny, S. Vanderrnen, H. Stapleton, I. Gilberlson, B. Woody, V. Brown, M. Mohrhauser, K. Brown, C. Bonham. 300 School P' ,Wm 5. .gy IQ" " W QLQQ1- - . ffiiy, ' ,zz ,. 3 4 .. .a. .Aswan- ' az- "'f"':r B r fl . Y 1. r ,, 4 1 'My -.4 .- , 'ff-., 4 .-1., ..t I F41-iff' -.. 1 '? aff' I xv- -A ,1 -g--W ' . . - ,i is -44 1 I .. , ,wijgfs f Zi' 'fy f ua- "J ' 2' "!"ffq5liZf'fq1, if 2 H .ae 1, 'fvv lil H. Stapleton far ahead of the competition. 125 L. Mason takes corner. 131 Members of the club represented FVHS throughout southern California. C45 Biker takes jump. C5l Member of FV team competing at state championships, f" Motocross Gains Popularity Reflecting the popularity of the sport across the nation Motocross Club members found their way down to Orange County International Raceway each weekend. Although not sanctioned by CIF, members have competed in tournaments as representatives of Fountain Valley High School. In 1976 contestants from FVHS took the California State Championship, held at Saddleback Park in Orange County. School X 307 fly H. Noppenberger finishes out the wave. 125 H. Noppenbergercatches the crest. 435 R. Livingston rides the curl. my Team member zings past the pier. Q55 M. Peters in the pipe. 1611. Johnston hangs ten. 'r"'f"' fr , . M.'--.,., -ff ,eve 1:3 . . . 'iff 2, -,i -' - 1 - pg . " ' -, 'Q . f ' . 'S-1 V 'ff .-' ly-Q , . V f 41-:ff ,A 4 . o -mg I' If ' "na J' ' 1,7211 192, J? ,. i:v4,,"'ZC,,'vQ' , KM-N ,'j,,f5f.h wk fzwffiwf , , 534,05 ,fl f1g , ,z , 'f?"' M 115 ,, ,Q , r 4, g ' g . . ' , J iv " -137' ,Worr fn., , ,iii A: -"fn WMQV' " "f ' , , 4 f f 1, 'wp 'fre-39 ,' W, , . .J ., Af, 1' ' , , V. I' W ,M ,, W 4-f '52 M 'War wh fl.,- ' 'V ir' , .,.,. YI 41 A .W - uf' f . MW' 7 .. ,I F ,,, AQ, J Q1 A V 4 , I .AR 1 , A f PM . 'if' A .,,, , A,,, . Surf Comes Dn Strong In its fourth year of competition at FVHS, the Surf team proved as strong as in 1975, when they placed second in the state. Coming off a league championship in 1975, the team started 1976 in style, by winning its first four league meets against Westminster, Marina, Newport Harbor and El Modena. The biggest margin of victory was again Westminster, 71 -28. Top surfers jeff lohnston, Don lohnston, Rodney Livingston, Roger Livingston, Mark Peters and Horst Noppenberger helped make this year's team a success. IL! Surf - Front Row: B. Friedl, H, Noppenberger, 1, Kelley, M, Reilly, I. Johnston, H. Noppenberger. 2nd Row: Coach D, Ester, M. Peters, R. Livingston, K, Wehner, R. Livingston, D. lohnston, H. Noppenberger. 3rd Row: D. Cloud, M. Peters, D. Pierson, L. Weber, Coach D. Fitzpatrick. School X 309 . -N, I it .,.,1,.vfy, 4 fifi " 1 ...LL Baseball Hit. le Big: o behind the plate. CZJ IV player sends it out of the ballpark. Q31 R. Woolard hurls one. 143 M. Crawford bunts to left field. C53 G. Heximer on first base. A-55 I ' L ,,5 'I ll n .ff ' . .. I in ,Jia-... . l l if , ii l ze, ..... -. , fl " ..-.Z , A 1V Baseball- Front Row: M. Empting, S. Delong, M. Swenson, C. Sickman, R. Padilla, B. Gonzalez, I. Smith, S. Shibata, D. Walker, Manager T. Graves, I. Ritari. 2nd Row: Coach S. O'Neil, l. Wettleson, M. Roberts, 1. Connor, D. Thompson, M. Reese, S. Sickman, J. Wilson, G. Hughes, B. Carroll, Coach T. Parsons. Q I , FXS Baseball- Front Row: Coach l. Dunn, C. L ., ' A A , : A L Mills, K. Margerum, Lung, E. Johnston, V. Sosa, M. Lunelta, S. Centofante, B. Tidwell. 2nd Row: G. Barrios, S. Mikes, D. Larson, M. Fahey, D. Cowan, I. Devich, B. Lusk, K. Romlne, I. Ramirez, G. Hungerford. 1 X . 'x . V. Baseball- Front Row: C. Carter, C. Robertson, R. Woolard, M. Swenson, M. Crawford, B, Smith, K. Blow, I. Ritari. 2nd Row: K. Fitzl1ugh,T. l-lolmes, R. lohanson, G. Heximer, B.Boxhold,1. Newhard, M. Aiello, M. Lung. SC hoo! Qttlin SDI IDITITI '76 .U . , M 5. . , , 'L s , . .g.- - ,-,- . .,y4J . Al 'N 1 Q c A .. Y - ..,,- , A I v -. 'f TW -1'., - 'Sf , A . H ,X K. .c X . u , V . .- 'Q-A: V -sy '-+HQ.i"' l' 1 -. . X.. ,c..-. .- .A l. , Y v , ,.. , - 5.41,-, f .. . ---fd!-ni-' 5 -l xiii. ' ' - - ""-- . -W wg. r, ,.- , . . - j '-v- " A N, .wh '. - -. ., 1 .5 'S . 'fr JJ l iii ' N .1 L .45 - as - .-4 ,',,, " M--1 .F- - 4 G . . '-ri' ' .fixiii-Fi ' 1 UV'm"I--153' ' 's f ll a,'. W.: ie. .FQ M 0 s ' ' 1976 brings to all Americans their opportunity to celebrate the Bicentennial. Yet to most Americans the Bicentennial has proven to be much of a disappointment. lt seems that big business has not missed its chance to profit from Bicentennial schemes. In fact the bicen- tennial has become one big purchase. Anyone can buy a piece of it in any storeg it can be found in almost any product on the market. Automobiles are painted with a red, white, mol and blue decor depicting the Bicentennial. Children play with action figures and other toys representing great American heroes. Fab- rics used in making clothing denote a taste of the Bicentennial with their vibrant red, vvhite, and blue stars and stripes. Prime time televi- sion programs conclude with the "Bicenten- nial Minutef' This 60 second documentary offers to its audience a historical moment 200 years ago on that date. Such novelties as col- .. ,.,.,V va V ,Y LM.-A A. ,R f ill, 0 X l :lt il gl ini nl lil xflll lector's thimbles add their own touch to the celebration. Historical landmarks are being restored and draw a countless amount of tour- ists wanting to experience the Bicentennial first hand. "Pacific 21" is an international event that will give nations a chance to support the Bicentennial. And even FVHS is graduating the class of '76 in red, vvhite, and blue gowns for a fee. What happened to the spirit of America? Why must Americans empty their pocketbooks to experience the feeling? Perhaps in 50 years these tokens will be worth some extra mone . . Y to anyone willing to store them avva i th , Q y n e attic for avvhile. How sad. . .all that is gained .rom 200 years trying to better the human race isa little extra money. Perhaps vve ought to skip the next ZOO years. School f 313 3 4 v Track Hurdles High Goals f1JK.Margerumlakes hurdle. Q23 C Boyd, D. Raymond and 1. 4W2'5"4'f1 johnson take turn on FVHS track. 135 Runner breaks tape. C41 Snot- ,X f'v1G1ro2,,,M,, Q . put lhrovver at meet, L53 W. Gittens pulls ahead. 465 M. Hosteler PM - A ""'4' heaves nt. 3 -S -Q' f'?1"s rg-laqswffsh -4-tx---u N 3 4 Y. v 2 1: L . . . H -nw ...I 5. ,I 4 k t A an m,l,'.,,,. a ..-Q 'fijg .Q-,451 21-' 'M' ' V ,.j.:1.i.I7 ' .., xiii ii 'R -A .. I 'I 2 .N,.. 1 AL NX NNN li "-Jnn4.l .-an-... 6 A hy- ...x ,A . ...A ' ,xx ' . - f - . I .f K , - W- en.--an -- .,, . r. ., Y ' ..'.:v--al--+5 ,-,Q -.7.L"f'g f .. , K' . V . , . ,A A -A .... . .. , ,. F . . Q' V A , .. K, M3363-K: -f - . . - . .ba - . ..,: - - --'Af .4 ' Y Q.. .1-0'Tl.k r,. . -MAC - . V. Track - Front Row: Coach Pascoe, 1. Strickland, K. Cummings, M. Barela, C. Boyd, T. Bienek, F. Christy, 1. johnson, C. Hostetler, Coach Clark. 2nd Row: Coach D. Ester, K. Margerum, G. Barrios, R. Fenchak, 1. Sarmiento, R. Stanton, B. Gibson, G. Rich, D. Raymond, Coach Thompson. 3rd Row: B. Appel, M. Israelsky, 1. Sprietzer, 1. Testrake, T. Grogan, R. Orcholski, B. Reeves, M. Wetzel, K. Siu. 4th Row: K. Burt, M. Harris, M. Tessier, P. Laux, R. Baca, R. Sengra, K. Buhler, L. Riese, R. Nolan, D. Bus . School X 315 'L-..j Al M L. - IP FXS Track - Front Row: Cota, Clack Bennett, Allbaugh, Hidcisch, Macgruder Baughman, Haskell, Cowan, Bowen Duncan, 2nd Row: Tarmas, Moore, Wood Conroy, Cillispie, Smoot, Henigman, Vrab Allen, Brown, Centofante, Tobias, Quinn 3rd Row: Syska, Stuart, Edd, Lee Hernandez, Adler, Espinoza, Elwell, Reber Sherrell, Tang. 4th Row: Iohnson Corlbehere, Lead, l-loida, Swanson, Keen Wetmore, Romine, Mertz, Schoefield Arnoff, Kyker, 5th Row: Prillrnan, Brewster Pratl, Pitcher, Dean, Gammel, Piper Castrey, Chinicci, Delgado, Cuterriz iiril Jv, Frnshfsnph- Set The Pace ill Barela beats out Estancia runner. C25 Romine streaks ahead in relay. Q33 Greely breaks the tape. C45 Hernandez runs the 880.155 Runner gets ready to thunder out of the starting block, IV Track - Front Row: Burke, Coppolino, Cichon, Gerts, Richardson, Reed, Hutchings, Shipma, Romero. 2nd Row: Hudson, Stanton, Shaw, Buhler, Hall, Greely, Horak, Stone, Masters. 3rd Row: Head, Merry, Cooper, Teplitzky, Case, Hunter, Dugan, Canete, Broulliard. 4th Row: Fennell, johnson, Sistler, Kaufman, Tanis, Beebe, Seymour. fm 94. l ' ' 1 ff gj 1 . l -it . , 4 "',, - 2 -' . 'e--5- ' F- '-- .1 l " 7- - '-if-:-541.,a-'Sift -73 .J if-S-' "-..f',-f'.4s'i. .A ' f ,.......n--' " ..4L37.ff 1.41 v -2 -..A lv- -.. p.. -.. 1- - M- 4' 1,2 J 5 . 5 'Q - -' ' ? , . :,,,:a.-'l- at f S ' ff! t 3 V -' - . V f aaa, L Y S , 'rt' 1 - - R A ft " 'l . ,T School f 3175 r---QL p "mi-an.. ... V. Track - Front Row: P. Hodges, C. Ascarte,l Wiszberger, T. Canete, T. Crafton, M. Mackin K. Anno, L. Anderson, L. Christensen, S Charley. 2nd Row: D. Raymond,K,1ohnsOr1,C. McClain, K. Kingsbury, S. Hardin, K. Sullivan,l Sheelar, 1. Demora, S. Runfola, K. Fritz, K. Varney. 3rd Row: Coach Wilson, F. Borst, B Flake, A. Borst, D. Seboldt, P. Beauchamp,l Green, L. Conrad, L. Carroll, C. Byrne, C. Price, Coach M. Carman .. .-.... -- -,......a-...f-.--.-.1 , . r, 1- -1-f 1, 8 ....'....,..l -i4...y..4-'. ....,..- ,.,-A-Q -- .-....,.: ..,-: A mf? Q 9' aff! I LwsLf..uvl.-J.,-..mQv.rJ nun sun -.Q f"i ' 1133-2f?3",2'i :" V f "1 TT" "' ' 1 539, , , Q, ,,,, . L T ij- :V-4-li, A -. 1. - Q...-wi , 9 L...--. lfiirlg Keep Dn Trucl-sin' U3 D, Seaboldt heaves it. Q23 l. Wisberger and C. McLain get off to a fast start. C33 M, Mackin watches race intently. C45 Team member practices high jump as Coach A. Merriman looks on. 455 Runner stars out of block in relay. Q63 L. Anderson in long jump. School X 319 . 1 . . 1 :riff rs, ,J Jtigfpzfii 17 91 .T F, -n-041 -ff, f 'M :Zag a' IV Tennis - Front Row: M. Peters, C, Silver, I. Reed, C. Prest, R. Borges, R. Schwartz, 5. Sugitan. 2nd Row: Coach A. Deivaux, G. Pulford, S. McDunough, S. Dewan, T. Yasger, S. Peterson, D. Maddox, Coach N, .,,.1'f Snowden. -77 ? Tennis- What Fl Racquet! C15 Varsity player M. Stephenson serves. 125 T. Parham returns volley. 135 D. Chu gives it some "umph." Q45 R. Schwartz and S. Dewan team up for doubles. 2 gr ,Tp . if 5 443 i -l. FXS Tennis - Front Row: Coach 1. Caruana, L. Miltier, B. Gerber, T Evans, 1. Murray, 1. Schlafer, M. Hamill, 1, Foust, M. Koubeck. 2nd Row: C. johnson, Clyne, A, Kline, D. Whittaker, K. Brumrnond, C. Wychgel, W. Maizland, D. Albin. V. Tennis - Front Row: K. Sereno, R. Anno, R. Cooper, M. Stephenson, P. Zervas, A. Linton. 2nd Row: Coach A. Delvaux, 1. Cooperman, M. Cagan, T. Parham, D. Videtto, D. Chu, Coach N. Snovvden. School X 321 Freshman Team Sports - Front Row: I Dickerson, W. Hedge, K. Doran, C. Paas, S. Armour, E. Cook, 2nd Row: K. Coleman, I Blow, D. Harvey, l. Smith, L. St. Clair, P. S Dunlap, C. Lamer. 3rd Row: S. Sones, Caddis, S. Smith, F. Kaplan, I. Wainscott,l C. Clark, T. Thompson, B. Davis. 4th Row Coach A. Merriman, S, Doscher, D. Powell K. Peck, C. Findler, T. loyce, L. Carroll, S Mann. Sth Row: S. Krull, C. Roberts, L. Gray, L. Penna, S. Beebe, M. Rainey, L. Kaloper M. Brown 'll -:a 41f .. Team Sports Work Together Team sports is a sports program designed for girls, giving them competition and involvement. Games were played on sports days against all Beach City League schools. Volleyball, basketball, field hockey and softball were played. During the season each team earned points toward the league all-sport trophy. Team sports showed competition and developed skills and good team work lunior!Senior Team Sports - Front Row: S. Svalstad, C. Davis, K. Thompson, R. Dennis, C. Cardinal, L. Margarit, B. Poole. 2nd Row: B. Stevens, E. Carroll, G. Hughes, S. Sanchez, D. Davis, R. Leivas, I. lones. 3rd Row: V. Panchak, G. Trumbull, T. Burke, C. Rodriguez, R. Schlauch, Coach L. Farr. 4th Row: W. Bishop, M. Cass, K. Ridgers, S. Hughes, K. Lawrence, E. lames. 5th Row: P. LeFaive, D. Cocco, S. Brown C. Bangay, P. Sayre, P, Sayre. Sophomore Team Sports- Front Row: S. Schla, G. Ibargaray, G. Saunders, D. Haga, 1. Rust, S. Uloth. 2nd Row: G. Nelson, Coach B. Ammann, K. Kay, B. Volzer, G. Monaman, J. Moffet, j. Lawrence. 3rd Row: B. Edgington, I. Lawrence, R. Kysella, M. Munoz, AI Deskins. 4th Row: I. Aguirre,j. Margerum, S. Rayhawk, P. Oscarson, T. Moore, 5th Row: T, Hyche, P. Hoolihan, M. Hatch, G, Lynn, M. Wilfong, D. Sloan, K. Finamire. School f 323 .'1.. v 's 3-if A .- W , M 'J 'lf Q X. h . . A .A Environmental Commission - Front Row: 11 D. Dickerson, L. St. Clair, T. Della Donna, L, -, ,. ,z,71-11'-'R Mason, K. Cook. 2nd Row: M, Woodworth, ' 'Yu ' f M, Wright, M. Guerra, 5. Lister, 3rd Row: R. 5, -fgklf .,,,,5-,Ira , Hueman, D. Clamy, B. Cody, L, Hoffman. 'f 'K .. Au..-. -+3--1'1 N . xl, .7 .ig 5 I 'l HJ Q23 433 Environmentalists workin Nature Center. Qr'l'1mrxl Y fu-. f. 4,- ' . 'W ,Z .-,fir ,l n . ' , I -, .., n LQ'-QQfA?:'kk! 5 c a 'F' P Q 'Cd Keeping FV Beautiful "Keep Fountain Valley Beautiful" was Environmental Commissions motto. The organization at Fountain Valley actively supported the idea of keeping America beautiful. The commission worked faithfully in the Nature Center and planned to sponsor an Earth Week, during which the whole school participated in returning the earth to its natural state by planting trees, and collecting old cans, bottles and newspapers for recycling. While the Environmentalists were busy making Fountain Valley beautiful, Honors Commission pointed out some beautifully outstanding students attending Fountain Valley High School, as they chose the Boy and Cirl of the Months and Year. Honor Commission - Front Row: D. Williams, V. Natali, M. Cold, M. Rotcher, B. Mills, L. Einstoss. 2nd Row: D. Sanchez, l. Sequine, B. Lindow, C. Corrao, L. Fahey, L. Younger, C. Chauncey, School X 325 Class Commissions - "Totally Awesome" All four class commissions kept themselves equally busy as they pondered over ideas and plans, for the 1975-76 school year. Senior Commission commemorated the Bicentennial with graduation gowns of little stars and stripes. Meeting in the new Senior Center they designed the senior class button suggestion, "Totally Awesome '76." A little bit of the "hills" was produced when they sponsored Sadie Hawkins. Next in line to the throne, junior Commission sponsored a very profitable Carnation Sale for VaIentine's Day, the 50-60's Week and Dance, and the prom and post prom. Sophomore Commission sponsored their annual "Winter Wonderland" skating party, the Ice Cream Social, and a dance. And finally, Freshman Commission spooked us all with the Great Pumpkin Dance and an Easter Basket Sale. Senior Commission - Front Row: S. Meyers, C. Martz, P, Laux, T. Leeman, K. Tierney, K. Warren, P. Brown. 2nd Row: C. Simon, L. Schuler, 1. Herriott, D. Hughes, T. Brown, P. McColIam, D. Howald, M Halalski, S. Conway, C. Hayase, D. Lloyd, B Noble, M. Sato, S. Besanceney, Freshman Commission - Front Row: l Sameshima, C. Tierney, S. Guy, C. Nelson, S Coe. 2nd Row: I. Tully, 5. leffries, B. Berner C. Flesher, T. Crane, Advisor B. Cooper 326 School f 'sf f 3 ,,.:n-4 'ilii 'fel if T nf! junior Commission - Front Row: S. Hofbauer, 1. Suzuki, S. Richardson, K. Littrell, B. Harrison, D. Fraser, M. Watson, C. Chauncey, R. Davidson, L. Martin, L. Helber, D. Kotler, T. Matics, l. Matkowski, T. Philbin. 2nd Row: Advisor 1. Bovberg, A. West, L. Guy, M. Zappatelli, D. Albert, R. Moser, C. VanDask, C. Niemeyer, C. Marinelli, C. Rolle, L. Edwards, M. Cagan, D. Campbell, Advisor B. Lacey. 3rd Row: R. Brown, W. Bishop, L. gothhi Brown, C. Nipper, D. Clarity, I. Coy, G. Bowen, L. Morris, 1. Thompson, S. Stray, M. Gold, T. Neer, T aun ers. TT i Sophomore Commission - Front Row: S. Cassity, L. Frank, R. Hughes, L. Younger, l. Smith, K. Miller, K. Goldman, T. Galindo, D. Holland, C. Larson, S. Gebaur, L. Mortenson, L. Knos. Znd Row: K. Tierney, C. Corrao,1. Sanguine, G. Suarez, C. Cerrito, B. Kleinman, D. Sanchez, L. Linton, K. Brown, S. Wendzel. 3rd Row: M. Guerra, L. Hoxie, l. McGrew, S. Cunningham, K. Becker, D. Ellis, S. Woods, I. Doe, K. Gillian, K. Chapman, L. Ellerman, V. Grunke, S. Farquar, S. McDermott, Advisor D. Tuttle. School X 327 'T + V 1- if- 44.2, -1,5 "" fit A fra--t HVQ M I - ,fly --X 'ffm " X l 1 X l l l l l t .11 t J in 1 , f ? tT... eg- -4 XE , ,J t a a..Ef3,-51 l 3 d t , 4 t gb.-..4'.:i--X1 ..l . Q '- ' 5 1' v'-gixvgf Wig, -'-X 'J I l Lev:.-.Fff35w"f-'-.ui'- ,- ,fi t N t 1 l l 2 .. P Su.. nn I . f-"U'f if-nl' My ' Q, 1' ' y n 4 n -, ,M .no ' 1,1 5 'gm'-. JY , .r L .- -, D J , . .4-. . 4,3.-'A- . -I .i . X- . . bd 4' Q . r r l 1 , -vw J 3 The DlTUlTOlNtXIWdl gtoxxftlw ot' spells at FVHS more the wars haw lneeh patatlleled lay a growth lh student lntvwst, Thus, sports has Come to he ah lmpmrtaht hart ol' student lite, for better or XX OVFU. lm ltlftw mm' 'tttl how pattitglpatecl lh :me ot' the il teams fielded hy Feuhtiaih Valley, Girl! athletlcs fielded W8 teams with at total ol' 250 glrls pat'ticill3atihgt Sport as varied as St,tt'l.lI'liQ, field hockey ahd gdll, as well as the traditlcmal loethall ahd basketball, saw Competltmh. For the spectators, too, the l'JEt2C5E1IWlVN" ml' lwmr- 2, 9221 , ti 9, ..., ., coming games and Friday night dances lall sports relatedl have become a big part ot stue dent life. Most of the money to finance other School programs comes from sports gate receipts. Yet is all the emphasis on sports valid? It can be argued that sports has no place in a school, essentially a learning institution. Fountain Vale ley students might disagree. CThis is the last in the series of seyen essays exploring the lesser known sides of student life at FVHS. The opinions expressed in these essays are not necessarily those of the Board of Trustees, the District, the school, or the Associ- ated Studentsl School 329 af' Managing Editor!Carol Erickson City Editor!Debbie Williams News Editorfivtarci Rotcher Opinion Editor!Linda Levia Feature Editor!Andie Solis Sports Editor!Kathy Wheeler Exchange Editor!Vickie Natale Staff Writers!Richard Baca, Steve Cooke, Cathy Corrao, Brett Eldridge, Nina Ellerman, Roger Cray, Lee Miller, Ann Valette, Terry Wheeler, Ron Whipple, Scott Wolchek. lllustrators!Sean Fahey, Alan McSwain, Terry Wheeler. Head Photographerflvtark Wood Photographers!Donna Bischoff, Sean Fahey, Alen Hirasumi, Dan Mason, john McAlear, Alan McSwain, Lorrie Popken, Bob Soule. Advisorflvlr. Ellerrnan 330 X School Le Mot Gets the Scoop To keep up with what everyone else in the school was doing this year was made a lot easier by Le Mot. News, views, game scores or just interesting reading could be foundineachiwue.PuHingoutaboutoneisuea month with a special last issue, Le Mot staffers put in extra time and care into each edition. ,iffy U3 L. Levia pastes up opinion page. Q25 Photographer B. Soule displays newspaper hurnor. OJ T. Wheeler and M. Rotcher confer on setting headline. C45 Le Mot staffers in a huddle. Q55 K. Wheeler in deadline rush. 165 Newspaper staff posed for this unique group picture around a fish-eye lens. School f 331 xXx Boy and Girl ofthe Year Randy SmithfSherry Lund 4073 M WT -"W Boy and Girl ofthe Month SEPTEMl3ER!Sherry Lund - Rob Orcholski OCTOBER!Carol Erickson -Todd lasrnin NOVEMBERfloAnne Lynn -loe Lloyd DECEMBER!lanice Morrell- Mario Zita lANUARY!Mary Lou Gilbert - Randy Smith FEBRUARY!Brandee Scurci - Scott McNamara MARCH!Keeli Scott- Chuck Hughes APRILfMarcia Espinoza - Pat Lipot MAY!Sue Meyers - Mike Marquez lUNE!Lorrie Popken -Shane Conway . G.. S fE2'f59"""'.f,, , W ir Qty .,, - GL 1.Q"" ...4K4m..n.,. 'ii in wsu -- , 09. 'Y-kg, IN, G Ljylv- 0 4 , " Q- .o- 45:4 'fs is 1 W , six au.U School if 333 Andong, Blossom: 16 AAAAA Aanestad, Cheryl: 43 Aanestad,VVilhelm: 43 Aarons, jackie: 16 Aarons, Richard Aarup, Maryellen: 92 Abbott, David: 92 Abbott, Kelly Abbott, Kevin: 68 Abbott, Susan: 68, 214 Abel, Gary: 68 Abel, Steve: 16 Abrams: 16 Abshier, David: 43 Abshier, Pam: 16 Achrem, Rodney: 92 Ackley, Mark: 16 Acosta, Sylvia: 16, 216 Acosta, Terri: 16 Acosta, Toni: 68 Acton, Beverly: 68,190 Adame, Rickey: 68 Adams, Emily: 16 Adams, Erin: 68 Adams, janice: 92 Adams, Mary: 16 Adams, Michael: 43 Adams, Mike: 68 Alonso, Betsy: 16 Alonso, Oscar: 68 Alponte, Sheila: 43 Alumbaugh, Christi: 43 Amati, jana: 43 Ambrose, Mary: 43 Ambrose, Pauline: 16 Amin, Amita: 16 Amman, Barbara: 229 Among, Cindy: 43 Amundson, Lori: 16 Anaya, Hector: 16 Adams, Patrick: 43 Adams, Robert: 16, 294 Adams, Susan: 68 Adams, Theresa: 92 Adamson, Kathy: 16 Adamson, Kimberly: 68,305 Adler, Michael: 42,173 Agnew, Agnew, Aguilar, Aguirre, Donald: 16 Trina: 16 Raquel: 16 Cynthia: 92 Anderson, Alicia: 42 Anderson, Cindy: 43 Anderson, Corrine: 43 Anderson, Eric: 68 Anderson, Gary: 68 Anderson, Kerry: 16 Anderson, Laureen: 93,189 Anderson Lisa: 16 Anderson, Mark: 43 Anderson, Mark: 43, 212 Anderson, Michael: 68 Anderson, Michael: 93 Anderson, Rick: 152, 218 Anderson, Rita: 43 Anderson, Terri: 68, 304 Anderson, VVilliam:42 Andrews, Kristan: 93 Anello, joanne: 16 Annand, Bruce: 16 Annand, Cynthia: 68 Annand, Mark: 43 Annand, Nancy: 68 Annetta, Donna: 16,216 Anno, Kathleen: 68 Anno, Russell: 93 Anuero, Douglas: 42 Anzaidua, Sylvia: 16 Ashmead, Tom Astrachan, joanne: 16 Aszterbaum, Marie: 68, 302 Aszterbaum, Martha: 68, 302 Aszterbaum, Monica: 68, 302 Atencio, Carolina: 16 Atkinson, Richard: 16 Atkinson, Sharalee: 68, 194 Atzert, joanne Aufill, Larry: 16 Aulbach, jeff: 43, 293, 294, 210 Averna, jim: 68 Ayers, Wanda: 93 Azarian, Khosrow: 93 BBBBB Babashoff, Bill: 68 Babkow, Beth: 68,195, 248 Babkow, Grant: 43 Baca, Richard: 93 Bachman, jillcene: 94, 68, 177, 190, 253 Bachmeier, Lori: 43 Bachmeier, Susan: 94 Back, Todd: 43 Backer, Blair: 43 Backstrom, Elizabeth: 94, 214 Bacon, Rick: 43 Bailey joe Bailey Bailey Bailey Bailey Baken Baken Bakep Bakep Baken Baken 1 john: 43 Kelly: 94 Lori: 43, 197, 213, 302 Yvonne: 16 Brian: 43 Carol: 234 Cary Dale: 305 Donna: 68 Keith: 305 Aguirre, Enrique: 43 Aguirre, joanne: 43 Aguirre, Ronnie Ahlo, Sandra Ahlo, Vernon: 92 Ahuero, Denise: 68 Ahuero, Douglas Aiello, Martin: 92, 204 Alaimo, Lisa: 16 Alaniz, Nancy: 16 Albers, Brad: 43 Albert, Denise: 68,164,194, 305, 327 Albin, David: 43 Albin, Douglas: 68 Alcaraz, Lisa: 68 Aldrich, Nancy: 43 Aldrich, Richard: 68,187,194, 300, 302 Aleccia, Nina: 68,214 Alexander, james: 43 Alford, Peggy: 16,194 Allan, Stephanie: 92,214 Allard, Susan: 92 Allbaugh, jay: 16,304 Allbaugh, Lisa: 92,304 Allchin,lim: 43 Allchin, Nancy: 16 Allen, james: 68 Allen, jane: 16 Allen, jim: 16,173 Allenbach, Timothy Allison, Lisa: 92 334 f Index Anzaldua, Yvonne: 68 Aponte, jay: 68 Appell, Brian: 43,169 Appell,janine:16, 216 Appell, Sharon: 93 Aranda, Ariselda Aranda, David: 68 Aranda, Eric: 43 Aranda, joseph: 43, 304 Aranda, Manuel: 16 Archambault, Bret: 68 Archambault, julie: 43 Arell, Rhonda: 93 Arevalos, Randy: 68 Ariza, Alejandro Arking, David: 43 Arledge, Glenn: 42 Arledge, Steve: 43, 206 Armour, Sandra: 42 Armstrong, Les: 230, 302 Arnoff, Greg: 16, 208 Arnold, john: 16 Arroyo, Lorraine: 16 Arteaga, john: 16 Asbury, Sandra: 93 Ascarte, Cindy: 43 Ascarte, Karen: 93 Ashley, David: 43 Ashley, jana: 93 Ashley, Melody: 68, 293 Ashley, Michelle: 68, 247, 294, 302 Baker, Gregory: 234 Baker, Michael Baldwin, Sheila Balfour, Bruce: 94, 302 Ball, Cynthia Ball, Debbie: 16 Ballard, Richard: 68 Ballingall, Charles: 300, 302 Bangay, Cathy: 68 Bannister, Derek: 16, 186, 305 Barany, Lora: 94, 195, 310, 302 Barela, Fred Barela, Mitch: 68 Baricuatro, Larry: 16 Barkawi, janet: 220 Barkelew, Diane: 222 Barlar, Anne: 94,253 Barlar, Larry: 16 Barlow, Tracey: 94,190 Barnes, Frank: 196, 210, 219 Barnes, Pamela Barnes, Timothy Barnett, Diane Barnett, Donna: 68,252 Baron, Christine: 224 Barr, Leslie Barragan, Felipe: 17 Barragan, Roberto: 194,216,248 302 Barreto, Karen: 44 Barreto, Michael: 94 Barreto, Steve: 44, 206 Barrette, Claire: 94 Beaver, Christina: 17 Barrios, George: 68 Barrios, Greg: 17, 208 Barron, Donald: 17 Barron, Thomas Barrow, Gary: 68 Bartolone, joey Barton, Thomas: 68 Basgal, Tony: 17 Basquez, Sandra: 17 Bastian, Kenneth: 94 Bastian, Mark: 17, 208 Bastian, Shawna: 17 Bates, Bill: 69 Bates, Karen: 69, 246, 253 Baugh, Dale: 44 Baughman, Donald: 17, 208 Baun,jolie: 17 Baxter, Karen: 44, 216 Baxter, Robert: 94 Bayhan, Donna: 69, 305 Beall, Barry: 94 Beall, Margaret: 17 Beall, Marisha: 44, 302 Beals, Diane: 94 Beaman, Christy: 17 Beaman, Cindy: 44 Beard, Dianne: 44 Bearss, Paul: 69 Beattie, Michelle: 69, 200 Beauchamp, Patti: 17 Beausang, Ellen: 69, 292, 294, 302 Beaver, Renee: 95 Beaver, Rhonda: 44 Bechtold, Robert Beck, joanne: 17 Becker, john: 69 Becker, Kim: 44, 327 Bechtold, Robert: 44 Becker, Lori: 69 Becksrrom, Pam: 44 Beddow, Gary: 17, 206 Beddow, Susan: 69 Bedrosian, john: 95 Beebe, Douglas: 69, 204 Beebe, Saundra: 17 Beekman, Alan: 95 Beeman, William: 17 Beer, Debbie: 69 Beevor, Anthony Beevor, Clive: 44 Begando, Richard: 44 Begley, Terri: 95 Behm, Steve Beirne,james: 222,194 Bekas, Linda: 69, 192, 292, 298 Bekas, Tina: 44, 201 Bekker, Bradley: 44 Belcher, Peter: 44 Belcher, Susan: 95 Belgen, Matthew: 186, 211, 294 Bell, George: 239 Bell, Leroy: 17 Bell, Timothy: 95 Bellavance, Donald: 95 Beller, joseph: 95 Belmonte, Diane: 17 Belmonte, Mary: 44 Belna, Helen: 69, 302 Belter, Robert: 17, 208 Belvin, Cheryl: 17 Belvin, Tim: 95 Bender, Todd: 69 Benjamin, Scott: 17,216 Bennett, Alex: 17, 206, 304 Bennett, Deborah: 17 Bennett, Donna: 95, 302, 304 Bennett, Garry: 44 Bennett, Sharon: 44, 216, 252 Benoit, joey: 69 Bent, Don: 44 Benvenuto, james: 95 Benward, Kathleen: 95 Benza, joey: 95 Benza, Lynn Benzing, Richard: 95 Berg, George: 229, 202 Berger, Bruce: 95 Berger, Dr. Paul: 181, 239 Bergeson, Terri: 69 Bergevin, Karen: 17 Bergiman, Cyndi: 17 Berhard, Gary: 17 Berkel, Melinda: 44 Bermender, Darryl: 95 Berner, Becky: 17, 326 Berry, Andrea: 17, 216 Berry, Caren: 17, 216 Berry, Stephen: 44 Berry, Sue: 17 Bershaw, Chantil Bersticker, Robbin: 69, 293 Bertuccio, Delcio: 95,249 Bertuco, Marybeth: 69 Bertuco, Theresa: 95 Besanceney, Laurie: 17 Besanceney, Susan: 96, 326 Besanceney, William: 44,302 Betts, Robert: 44 Beuschlein, Deborah: 96 Beuschlein, john: 44 Bibelheimer, Rhonda: 69, 302 Bibelheimer, Susan: 44 Bibleheimer, Cindy: 17 Bichel, Gary: 44 Bieber, Steven: 69 Biedermann, Belinda: 96 Biedermann, Scott: 69 Bienek, Timothy: 69, 204 Bienstadt, jeffrey: 96, 164 Bienstadt, Kristen: 17 Biggs, David Biggs, Kevin: 17 Billings, Charles: 226 Billitere, Randy: 96 Black, Beth: 44 Black, Kathryn: 69 Blackburn, Don: 44 Blackburn, Douglas: 96 Blackburn, Richard Blackman, james: 226 Blair, David: 96, 164, 293 Blair, Dennis: 96 Blair, Ricky: 17 Blanchard, Eric: 69 Blankenship, Ronald: 69 Blaylock, Diane: 96, 302 Blish, Brenda Block, Frances: 17 Block, Greg: 96, 302 Block, Rob: 44 Block, Sue: 96 Blommer, john: 44 Blommer, Mike: 17 Blount, Tim: 69 Blow,julie: 17 Blow, Kevin: 96 Blow, Kristi: 44 Blunk, David: 44 Bobrowski, Christine: 69 Boehler, Bruce: 96 Bogie, Brian: 96 Bogie, Dennis: 17 Bogie, Kevin: 44 Bohay, Don: 69, 204, 302 Bohay, Gary: 44, 302 Boies, Robin: 96, 191, 198 Bola, Luanne: 44 Bolen, Christy: 96 Bolen, Daniel: 17 Bolen, jeff: 69 Bolin, Stephanie: 44, 302 Bolinger, Karen: 237 Bolling,john: 96 Bonagofski,jerome Bond, Kevin: 44 Bond, Steve: 44 Bonham, Bridget: 69 Bonham, Cory: 44, 306 Bonham, john: 69 Bonham, Lorna Bonham, Rex: 17, 306 Borchardt, Mark: 69, 304 Borchert, jon: 155 Borges, Fredrick: 44 Borgstedt, Angie: 17 Borst, Alida: 69 Borst, Frances: 17 Boston, julie: 96, 293 Bilyew, Alan: 44 Bilyew, Shari: 17 Bingley, Daniel Bischoff, Donna: 69 Bishop, Cindy: 69, 217 Bishop Curtis: 96 Bishop Debbie: 44,188,252 Bishop Don: 96 Bishop Giselle: 69, 210, 295 Bishop Grant:17 Bishop, Linda: 69, 217 Bishop, Steven: 69 Bishop, Troy: 44 Bisho Wendy: 69, 327 D, Bissell,john Bissin,jiIl: 44 Bissin,jody: 44,190 Boswell, Pamela: 69,189,253 Bott, Donald: 17, 208 Boucher, Laura: 69, 193,195, 302 Boucher, Sharon: 293 Boutelle, Dave: 69, 210 Bouwens, Helen: 69 Bovberg, Philip: 220, 327 Bowditch, Ronnie: 17 Bowen Beverly: 18, 303 Bowen, Ed: 219 Bowen, Gary: 45, 212, 293, 327 Bowen, Martin: 18 Bowen, Michael: 18 Bowen, Theresa: 45 Bower, jim: 45 Bower, Kenneth Bower, Loretta: 45 lndex 7 335 Bowie, Garry: 18 Bowling, Bill: 18 Bowling, Suzanne: 45 Bowman, jack: 69 Bowman, Kimberley: 18, 216 Boxold, james: 204 Boxold, Susan: 97 Boyce, Chris: 18 Boyd, Charles: 69,204 Boyd, Dawn Boyd, Denise: 18 Boyd, Francis: 69 Boyer, Perry: 18 Boyer, Peter: 97 Boyer, Suzanne: 18, 294 Bozzardi, Becky: 18, 305 Braasch, jeanne: 45, 212, 294 Bradbury, Bonnie: 18 Bradford, Edward: 69 Bradley, jonathan: 45 Braithwaite, john: 220 Braman, Mike: 97, 185 Braman, Sharon: 45 Branberg, Dorinda:18, 303 Brandon, Beverly: 18 Brandon, Toni: 69 Brandt, Kellie: 18 Brantley, Laureen: 18 Braun, Brian: 70 Braun, jolie Braun, Peter: 18 Braun, Walter: 45, 304 Braunlich, Laura: 45 Braxton, Bryan: 18 Bray, Lori: 18 Bray, Raymond: 229 Bray, Ruth: 18, 216 Bray, Sheryl: 70 Bray, William: 97 Breceda, Chris: 45, 206 Breceda, Elaine: 97 Brehm, Donald: 97,304 Brewer, Crystal: 45,210 Brewer, Dawn: 18, 212 Brewer, Kathleen: 45 Brewster, Anthony: 18 Brewster, Susan: 70, 213 Brick, Toni: 97 Brier, Cathleen: 70 Brier, Colleen Briggs, Mark: 70 Brinkman, james: 97, 304 Brisbine, David Brissenden, Mitzi Bristol, Wayne: 45 Britten, Todd: 45, 206 Brockett, Douglas Brokenshire, Linda: 18 Bronson, Kerry: 45 , 302 Brown, David: 228 Brown, Delbert Brown, Doni: 18 Brown, Douglas: 45 Brown, Gregory: 70 Brown, janelle: 97, 213 Brown, Karen: 45, 214, 327 Brown, Kathy: 97, 306 Brown, Maria: 18 Brown, Maribeth: 98 Brown, Marilyn: 98 Brown, Matt: 70 Brown, Michael: 70 Burnam, Brian: 70 Burnell, Karen: 45 Burnett, Randall: 18 Burnett, Robert: 18 Burns, Mark: 70 Burns, Steve R.: 98 Burns, Steven W.: 98 Burns, William: 18 Burt, Kevin: 98,169 Burton, Rhonda: 45 Burton, Thomas: 45 Busch, Don Bush, Donald: 70, 204 Bush, joshua: 18 Bush, Tracy: 45,190 Buss, Susan: 70 Buss, Valerie: 18 Butcher, Colette: 18,216 Butcher, Douglas: 70 Butcher, Michelle: 45, 216 Butler, Craig: 45 Butler, Craig: 45 Butler, Gloria: 18 Butler, jeffrey Butler, Patty: 18, 294 Butler, William: 18 Brook, David: 45, 211, 292, 302 Brook, james: 18 Brooks, Barbara: 45 Brooks, Cheryl: 45 Brotherton, Debra: 70 Brotman, Lisa: 18,293 Brouillard, Mike: 45,206 Brower, Nancy: 70,164, 192, 302 Brown, Barbara: 97 Brown, Bradley: 45,179,302 Brown, Carol: 97,19-l, 302 336 7 Index 2 Brown Patricia: 98, 214, 326 Brown Randy Brown Rodney: 226 Brown, Ronald: 70, 245,327 Brown, Russell: 18,208 Brown, Sandra: 18 Brown, Steve j.: 18,173 Brown, Steve L.: 18 Brown, Susan K.: 70 Brown, Susan L.: 70 Brown, Tracy Brown, Tyna: 98 Brown, Vern: 45, 304 Brown, Victor: 98, 306 Brown Brummond, Kevin: 18, 208 Bruneer, Kristine: 70 Brunning, Danny: 45 Brunning, james: 18 Bruno, Francesca: 98 Bruno, Stephanie: 70 Bruns, Robert Brunson, Kelley: 18 Brusca, Sheri: 45, 305 Bryant, Eileen: 18 Bryant, Mark Bryant, Michael: 45 Bucaran, john Buchanan, Becky: 18 Buckley, Douglas: 98, 303 Buddingh, Carla: 70, 212, 294 Buddingh, jamie: 18 Budgen, Larry: 45,206 Budman, Michelle: 70 Bugos, Kenneth: 98, 304 Buhler, Kirk: 45, 173 Buhler, Leslie: 98 Buhler, Ron: 45 Buhman, Carol: 226 Bunch, Arlene: 45, 217 Bunch, Theresa: 18 Bunge, Steve: 70 Bunney,jean-Marie: 70,177,179,181, 194, 210, 302,303 Burch, james: 230 Burdge, Dennis Burdge, james: 98 Burdge, Richard: 70 Burdick, Kelly: 45 Burger, Shelly: 18, 294,302 Burke, Diana: 98 Butorac, Laura: 98 Butorac, Linda: 98, 302 Butorac, Mike: 45 Byers, Keith: 98 Byrd, Michael: 98 Byrne, Caroline CCCCC Caballero, Milton: 99 Caballero, Rudy: 70 Caden head, Stacy: 70 Cafasso, Victoria: 99 Caforio, james: 224 Cagan, Martin: 70, 245, 302, 327 Cagan, Michele: 19 Caico, Bruce: 70 Caico, Mark: 99 Calderon, Debbie: 19 Caldwell, Bryan: 45, 206 Caldwell, Dena: 19 Calendar, julia: 224 Calhoon, Rory: 45 Calkins, Marilynn: 45 Callahan, Denise: 19 Callens, Alice: 70 Calvert, Gary Cameron, Cheryl Cameron, Edith: 70 Campbell Campbell Campbell, Campbell, Bob: 19 208 fcameriile119,293,327 Denise: 70, 302 Glen Campbell, Keith: 99 Campbell, Scott: 19, 302 Canete, john: 45 Canete, Theodora:19, 206 Canfield, Debbie: 19 Canfield, joseph: 70 Burke, Mark: 98,204 Burke, Mike: 45 Burke, Paul: 231 Burke, Tami: 70 Bu rkes, Gregory Burlew, Sherry: 45, 210 Burlew, Wendy: 98, 302 Canfield, Richard: 45 Cannon, julanne: 99 Canzone, Mary: 45 Capdeville, Odile: 46 Capoccia, Barbara: 19 Capoccia, Michael: 70, 248 Caporicci, Tony: 46 Cappelle, William: 99 Capper, Karen: 70, 302 Cardinal, Cynthia: 99, 198, 304 Carl, james: 19, 208 Carl, Martha: 70, 302 Carlson, Rachel: 224 Carmack, Vickie: 46, 217, 302 Carmack, William: 19 Carmen, Inge: 70 Carnahan, Deborah: 99, 293 Carnahan, Tim: 19, 213 Carney, Dave Carothers, Amy: 46 Carpenter, Lauri: 99, 248, 294, 3 02, 210 Carpenter, Wendy: 19, 294, 302 Carr, Karen: 19 Carriere, Monica: 70, 301 Carroll, Ann: 45 Carroll, Eileen: 99 Carroll, Elizabeth: 46 Carroll, Kristin: 46 Carroll, Laura: 19 Carroll, William: 70 Carry, David: 19 Carson, Cathy: 70 Carson, Katherine: 19 Chang, Dawn: 99, 189, 253 Chapman, Kathy G.: 99 Chapman, Kathy M.: 19 Chapman, Kelly: 46, 327 Chapman, Ken: 46 Chapman, Mindy: 71 Chapman, Nancy: 46 Charleston, Richard Charley, Shirley: 71 Chase Chase , jana: 46 , janelle: 19 Chase, Kathleen Chase, Michael: 100 Chase, Robert Chassie, Merrit: 46 Chauncey, Chris: 71,177, 303, Chava 324, 327 rria, Susan: 100 Chavez, Cynthia: 100 Chavez, Debbie: 19, 216 Chavez, Fred: 71 Chavez, Greg Chavez, john: 46 Chave z, joseph: 19 Chavez, Michael: 46, 304 Chavez, Petrona: 100, 301 Carter, Chris: 70, 302 Carter, Danny: 19 Carter, Susan: 19 Carter, Tom Cartwright, Glenn: 46, 164 Cartwright, james: 99 Caruana, Patty: 99 Carver, Lori: 46 Carver, Martian: 19 Carver, Michael: 99 Cheek, Dannette: 19 Chermak, Bonnie: 46 Chevalier, Sharin Chiarello, joseph: 19 Chinkin, Linda: 71 Chinnici, Peter: 19, 208 Cho, Patricia: 46, 247,302 Choate, Earl: 100 Choe, Bunny: 19 Choe, Hak Nan: 100, 292 Case Case Case Christie: 70 Case, ,jeffz 46 Case, , Russel: 19 , Wendy: 19 Monica: 70, 200, 305 Caseres, Ricky: 19 Caseres, Yolanda: 46 Chow, Teresa: 100, 302 Chow Tomas: 208, 302 Chow, Travis: 46, 302 Christ, Annette: 71 Christensen, Carol: 71 Christensen, Eric: 46, 206 Christensen, Keith: 46 Compton, Carol: 71 Cash, Merrilee: 70 Casino, Dennis: 220 Cassaro, joe Cassaro, Rocco: 46 Cassidy, Brian: 19 Cassise, Toni: 70 Cassity, Sondra: 46, 216, 327 Castaneda, Alex: 99 Castaneda, Denise: 99 Casteel, joy: 46 Casteel, Vickie: 70 Casterline, Mark: 19 Castrey, Daniel: 19 Castrey, joe: 19 Castro, Cindy: 19 Castro, Mary Catalina, Nancy: 99 Catherman, Steve: 19, 210 Caughey, Marie: 226 Centofante, Sam: 19, 208 Cerda, Maria: 71 Cerrito, Claudia: 46, 327 Chambers, Alvin: 99, 204 Chambers, Diana Champion, Diane: 224 Chaney, Curtis: 19,185 Chaney, jeff: 71 Chaney, Kirk: 99 Christensen, Laura: 100,198 Christensen, Wayne: 19 Cristman, Stephanie: 19 Christman, Terri: 71, 302 Christy, Dav.d: 19 Christy, Frank: 71, 204 Christy, Tina: 46, 194, 302 Chu, Darren: 100, 302 Chuchua, Michael: 19 Church, Mary Ann: 157 Cichon, Steve: 172, 244 Cisneros, Daniel: 46 Cizek, Lumir: 19 Cizek, Petr: 78 Clack, Gary: 19,173 Clack, Ken: 46, 304 Clapp, Danna: 46 Clarity, Denise: 71,194, 305, Clarity, Laurie: 20 Clark, Cindy: 100 Clark, Cynthia: 20,194, 302 Clark, Debbie: 20 Clark, Derek Clark, Richard: 71, 210 Clark, Sherry: 100,189, 302 Clark, Stan: 71 Clark, Stanley: 229 Clarke, Brenda: 20 178, 247, 324, 327 Clarke, Cynthia: 100 Clarke, jeffrey: 71 Clarke, Sheri: 71 Clary, jeff Clauss, Christine: 20 Clauzel, Renee: 20 Clayton, Darleen Clements, Michelle: 46, 216 Clements, Scott: 20 Clenn, Greg: 71 Clinton, jim: 46 Clinton, john: 20 Clinton, Penny: 46 Clonts, Darren Clonts, Douglas Cloud, Danny: 71 Clouse, Crystal: 46 Clouser, Brian Cloutier, jill: 20 Cloward, Timothy: 71 Clower, jean: 219 Cluck, Stephannie: 46, 210 Clukey, Lizabeth: 46 Cluverius, Dyanna: 101 Cluverius, Sheridith: 71, 302 Clyne, Danny: 46 Clyne, Dinah: 71,214 Coats, Michelle: 20 Cocco, Deborah: 71 Cochran, Dawn: 46, 305 Cochran, Lynette: 71 Cockayne, Mark: 71 Cody, Brenda: 20, 324 Coe, Susan: 20, 248, 326 Coen, james Coggins, julie Cohen, Deborah Cohen, jean: 151, 155, 302 Cohen, judith: 20 Cohen, Sharon: 46 Colborn, Debbie Cole, Eileen: 101 Cole, john: 155, 302 Cole, Nancy: 46, 214 Cole, Robin: 71 Coleman, Dave: 71 Coleman, Gary: 202, 204 Coleman, Karen: 101 Coleman, Kathy: 46 Coleman, Kelly: 20 Coleman, Mary: 46 Coleman, Seawson: 46 Coleman Wanda: 101 Colgren, item: 46, 293,294,302 Colgren, Vickie: 101, 210, 249 Collier, Ilene: 71 Collier, Steve: 101 Collins, Colin Collins, Darren: 20 Collins, Kathy: 46 Collins, Mike: 71, 204 Collins, Richard: 20,186 Collins, Steven Combs, Lari: 46 Combs, Lori: 20 Comer, Sheri: 47 Compton, Gilbert: 20, 208 Compton, john: 101, 71, 164, 292 Conaway, Tim: 20 Conner, Kathy: 20 Index X 337 Connolly, Brian: 20 Connolly, Marilyn: 47 Connor, james: 47 Connor, Pamela: 20 Conologue, james: 47 Conrad, Loraine: 20, 210 Conrad,William: 47,210 Conroy, Corinne: 20 Conroy, john Conroy, Kurt Contreras, jose: 71 Conway, Charles: 47 Conway, Charlotte: 71 Conway, David: 20 Conway, Shane: 101, 245, 326 Cox, Sue: 102 Coy, johnny: 47, 326 Craft, Robin Craft, Rochelle: 47 Crafton, Kathy: 102, 214 Crafton, Tamala: 47 Cragun, Lisa: 71 Craig, Anthony: 20, 208 Craig, Ken: 102 Craig, Michael: 71 Crain, Tommy: 326 Crandall, Carol: 71,214 Crane, Sandra: 72, 247 Crane, Terrell: 20, 298, 302 Craven, Chris: 20 Cook Debbie: 71 Cook, Debora: 20 Cook, Don: 20 Cook, Ginger: 20 Cook, james: 234 Cook, Karen: 47 Cook, Kyoko: 71,324 Cook, Lora: 71 Cook, Robert: 47 Cook, Timothy: 71 Cooke, Steven: 47, 302, 303 Craven, Mary: 72 Craven, Patrick Crawford, Cyndy: 20 Crawford, Duke: 47 Crawford janet: 72, 214 Crawford, jon: 20 Crawford, Mary Ann: 102, 213, 302 Crawford, Michael: 102 Crawford, Mike: 72 Crawford, Wayne: 20 Creeger, Nellie:102 DDDDD D'Agostino, john: 21 D'Arnall, Denny: 21,173 Dabler, Susan: 47 Dahl, Chris: 47 Dahl, Debra: 72 Dahling, Donald: 103 Dahling, Donna: 21 Dahnke, Christie: 47 Dale, Scott: 72 Dalessi, Kathleen: 21 Dalessi, Mark: 72 Dalessi, Thomas Dallas, Debby: 47 Dallyn, Gwen: 47 Damerval, Patricia Damon, Barbie: 47 Damon, Lori Dang, Hoang Dang, Tam Daniels, David: 103 Daniels, julie: 72 Daniels, Robin: 21 Danielson, john: 103 Danish, Kim: 21 Cooney, Robert: 71 Cooper, Bonnie: 224, 326 Cooper, Curtis: 20 Cooper, Glen: 20 Cooper, Robert: 71 Cooper, Thomas: 71 Cooperman, jim: 101 Coopman, Robert: 47 Cope, Dennis: 20 Copeland, Cheryl: 101 Copeland, Christopher: 47 Copenhaver, Mark: 71 Coppolino, Michael: 47,206 Coppom, james: 20, 208 Corboy, Kathleen: 47 Corboy, Marie: 71 Corday, john: 47 Corday, Steve: 101, 294, 295 Corn, Laurie: 20 Cornaby, Floyd: 219 Cornwell, Donald: 20 Cornwell, Roxanne Corrao, Cathy: 47, 164, 302, 325, 327 Correia, Scott: 71,302 Corriveau, Cristal: 101 Corson, Anne: 20 Corson, Kathy Cortez, Cynthia: 47 Cortez, David: 102 Cortez, Linda: 47 Cortez, Robert: 71 Corwin, Steve: 47 Cossairt, Stephen: 47,208 Cota, Ed: 20, 208, 305 Cotton, Rick: 71 Coulombe, Gerald: 71 Coulombe, Theresa: 47 Counts, Lori: 102,213 Covington, Teresa: 20 Cowan, Robert: 20 Cowper, Lisa: 20 Cowper, Mark: 102, 204 Cox, Michael: 102, 203, 204 Cox, Pamela: 102 tc-x, Patricia: 102 338 7 Index Crenshaw, Robert: 226 Crippen, joy: 20 Crocker, Betty Crocker, Rebecca: 102 Croft, Deborah: 72, 214 Croft, Ricky: 20 Croghan, Don: 47 Cronin, Linda: 72 Crosby, Carter: 47, 213 Cross, james: 20 Cross, jean: 229 Cross, joseph: 47 Crossley, Wayne: 102 Crouch, Karen: 21 Crouch, Steven: 47 Crowder, Felicia: 47 Crowell, Donna: 102, 304 Crowther, Deby:102 Crowther, Vincent: 72 Croy, Ronda: 102 Cruz, johnny: 47 Cullen, Tammy: 21 Cullison, jack: 21 Cummings, john: 47 Cummings, Kevin: 102,169 Cummings, Steve: 21 Cummings, Susan: 102 Cunningham, Myrna: 72 Cunningham, Sheryl: 47, 214, 327 Cupp, Linda: 21 Cupp, Luanne: 102, 302 Cupp, Steven: 47 Curcio, Tina: 47 Curley, Suzanne: 103, 214, 252, 293, 305 Curren, Leslie: 72 Currier, David: 21 Curtis, Keith: 47,216 Curtis, Rick: 21 Curtis, Ron: 72 Curtis, Susan: 47 Custer, jim Custer, julie: 47 Cutsinger, David: 103 Czarnetzki, Carol: 21 Darby, Brenda: 21 Darby, Lon: 21 Darby, Rhonda: 47 Davenport, Michele: 103 Davey, Pamela: 72 Davey, Susan: 47 Davey, Toni Davidson,james: 174,175 Davidson, john: 103 Davidson, julie: 72 Davidson, Kevin: 72 Davidson, Mark: 21 Davidson, Robin: 72, 302, 327 Davies, Sally: 21 Davis Berta:222,194 Davis Betsy: 21 Davis, Debbie Davis Eugenia:103 Davis john Davis john Davis Kevin: 47 Davis, Lisa: 21 Davis, Margaret: 234 Davis, Mark: 21 Davis 239 Davis Ruth: 72 Davis, Scott: 72 Davis, Tiffany: 72 Davis, Troy Davis, Trudy: 103 Dawson, George: 21 Dawson, joe: 47, 213 Dawson, Linda: 72 Dawson, Michael: 72, 213, 295 Day, Angela: 72 Day, Terry: 21 De Cambra, Helen: 21 De Cambra, Henry: 48, 303 De Fusco, Lauriebeth: 48 De Fusco, Russ: 72, 212, 302 De Groot, Grace: 72 De long, Teresa: 21, 294, 302 De Lange, Daniel: 21 De Long, Dawn: 21 De Long, Richard: 72 De Luca, Salvatore: 226 De Luca, Timothy: 103 De Massio, Stephanie De Mello, Debbie: 48 De Noia, Diane: 72 De Rego, Cheryl: 103 De Soto, Bob: 21 De Soto, Linda: 21 De Winter, Anthony: 21 De Witt,judi: 103 Dean Dean ,Cindyz 72 , Diane: 48 Dean, Gwendolyn: 48 Dean, Richard: 208 Dean, Stacy: 72, 214 Dean, Todd: 48, 302 Deaube, john: 48 Decker, Christine: 198,302 Decker, Denise: 21 Decker, Lori: 48, 201 Deck Deck Dee, Dee, Dee, Dee, er, Randall: 103 er, Terri: 72 Mark: 72 Maxine: 21 Robin Shelly: 103, 219 Dekker, Corinne: 21 Deland, Debra: 21 Delaney, Becky Delgado, Doug: 21, 208 Delicce, james: 48 Della, Donna: 48, 324 Delladonna, Katherine: 21 Delling, Tracy: 21 Delvaux, Arthur: 226 Demerchant, Beth: 48 Demers, Annette: 72 Demers, Denise: 21 Demers, Rene: 48 Demora, jeanine: 48, 217 Dempsey, joe: 72, 302 Dempsey, Sue: 21 Denes, Valerie: 21 Denney, Biffery:103 Dennis, Daniel: 48, 206 Dennis, Rhonda: 103,198 Deno, Dolly Derry, Pat: 21, 211 Deskins, Allison: 48, 252 Desmond, Maria: 103 Desrosiers, Michael: 103 Dessormeau, Donna: 48 Dever, Karen: 21, 302 Dever, Kathleen: 48, 21 Devich, john: 21, 208 Dewan, Benita:103 Dewan, Steve: 48 DiBenedetto, Mark: 48 Di Gian, Ralph: 72 Di Gian, Tobie: 72 Di Maria, Renee: 21,188 Di Miceli, Vince: 21 Diaz,joseph:103 Diaz, Renee: 48 Diaz, Richard: 104 Diaz, Dibbl Steve: 48 e, Cliff: 72 Dick, Sean: 21,186 Dickerson, Deborah: 72, 324 Dickerson, joanna: 21, 305 Diehm, Melody: 22, 302, 303 Dietl, Donald: 48 Dietl,john:104 Dietz, Phyllis: 230 Diggs, Kathryn: 72 Diggs, Ricky: 104 Dillahunty, David: 48 Dilley, Ron: 104 Dimalante, Thomas: 22 Dimiceli, Steve: 48 Dineen, Sharon: 104 Dinges, Mark: 72 Dinges, Matthew: 48 Dixon, Darrin: 48 Doan, Hoang Dobyns, Karen: 22 Dodd, Timothy: 22 Doke, Cynthia: 48, 252 Doke, Karen: 48 Doleshal, Debbie: 72 Domingues, Adriana: 222, 248 Donah, jodi: 48 Donah, Mike: 22 Donah, Steve: 22 Donahue, Cynthia Donahue, Laura: 48 Donaldson, Holley: 104 Donaldson, Robin: 22 Donaldson, Sheri: 22 Donatelli, Kim: 22, 305 Donegan, Debbie: 72, 191, 305 Donelly, Bryan: 48 Donnelly, David: 48 Donnelly, Eve: 104, 305 Donnelly, j. Donoghue, Patrick: 104 Donoghue, Tim: 48 Donoghue, Tom: 72 Donovan, Cathy: 104, 213 Dooley, Michael: 104, 302 Dooley, Pamela: 48 Dorame, Thomas: 48, 206 Doran, Kathy: 22 Dorcsak, Laura Dornstedt, Karin: 48 Doronn, john: 48 Doscher, Kathryn: 104, 302 Doscher, Suzie: 22 Dotson, Chuck: 72 Dotson, Rick: 48 Doty, Roger: 48 Douglas, Brian: 104,164,292 Dove, Chris: 104,204 Downing, Danielle: 22 Downs, Raymond: 22 Draeger, Michael: 48 Drake, Darin: 48,212 Draney, Richard: 22 Dreager, Margaret: 230 Drenk, Denise Dreyer, Sjana Drogo, joe Drogo, Pamela: 22 Drong, Tuan: 22 Drouillard, Scott: 48 Drummond, Mary: 104 Dubois, Carolyn Dubois, Debra: 22 Dubonion, Cameron Duddridge, Kenneth: 150 Duddy, Dennis: 48,169 Duddy, Elizabeth: 22 Dudley,julie: 48 Dudrow, Denise: 104 Dugan, Bill: 48,206 Dugan, Ed: 22 Dulin, Kirk: 104 Duncan, Alan: 22 Duncan, Matt: 72 Duniec, Michael: 104, 302 Dunlap, Carl: 72 Dunlap, Cathryn: 104 Dunlap, Pam: 22 Dunn, Cynthia: 72 Dunn, james: 234, 208 Dunn, Kathy: 48 Durell, Linda: 104 Durham, Sherry: 22 Duron, joseph Duvall, Dolores: 48 Duvall, Frank: 73 Dyas, Patricia: 48 Dyer, Cindy: 22 Dziama, Mark Dziama, Susan: 49, 305 EEEEE Earl, Lisa: 49 Earl, Lori: 73 Earnest, jerry Earnest, Lori: 22, 216 Easton, joel: 22 Easton, Shoshanna: 73, 294, 210 Eaton, Cynthia: 73,191 Eaton, janet: 73 Eaton, Leslie: 22, 212, 293 Eberhardt, Tami: 22 Eckles, Sharon: 73, 305 Edd, Patrick: 22 Eddo, Tom: 49,304 Edelen, Karen: 22 Edelen, Robert: 49 Edgington, Beverly: 49 Edlund, Larene:104 Edwards, Anne: 105 Edwards, Deborah: 22 Edwards, Holly: 73 Edwards, Lee: 73, 212, 303, Edwards, Rebecca: 49 Edwards, Rhonda: 73 Edwards, Scott: 73 Egbars, Angela: 22 Eggert, Steven: 73 Ehman, Becky: 22 Ehman, Marty: 105 Ehrenfried, Robert Eide, Elizabeth: 49 Eide, Paul: 22 Einck, Tammy: 49 Einck, Teresa: 49 Einck, Tim: 22 Einstoss, Lorraine: 73,325 Einstoss, Mike: 105 Eiselle, Mark: 49, 210, 304 Eldridge, Brett: 49 Eldridge, Chuck: 22 Elkins, Brian: 22,208 Ellena, Michael: 73 Ellerman, Benson: 225, 303 Ellerman, Elizabeth: 49, 200, 327 Ellerman, Nina: 73 Elliot, jerry: 73 Elliott, jerry: 22 Elliott, Kathy Elliott, Teresa: 105, 214 Ellis, Diane: 49,302,327 Ellis, james: 22 Ellsworth, Tammera: 73 Elmore, john: 22 Elrod, Sherry: 73, 292, 294 Elrod, Steven: 49, 213 Eltrich, Chris: 73 Eltrich, Ken: 22 Elwell, Bryon: 49,173 Elwell, David Emde, Martha: 222 Emerald, Alan: 22 Emerson, john: 22 Emerson, Keith: 73 Emerson, Sharon: 73 Empting, Diane: 22, 216 Empting, Mike: 49, 206 Endicott, Kelly: 73 Engel, Terry: 22, 208 Engelke, Cathy: 22 Engle, Tammy: 73 Enos, Dolores: 49,201 Enos, Larry: 73 Ensley, Ruth: 22 Epley, Sally: 157, 247 Epling, Keith: 22 Eppelheimer, Frank: 22 Erdman, julia: 49 Erickson, Carol: 105, 164, 177, 178, 192, 210, 249, 302 Erskine, john: 23, 211 Erskine, Mark: 73 Ertle, jeffrey: 23 Erwin, Deborah: 73 Eskridge, Catherine: 73,302 Eskridge, Mark: 49 Espinoza, Daniel: 23 Espinoza, David: 49 Espinoza, Marcia: 105, 174, 199, 301 Ester, David: 226 Etheridge, Scott: 105 Evans, Cindy: 49 Evans, john Evans, Orra: 49 Evans, Tanya: 49,164 Evans, Timothy: 49 Evett, Rhonda: 49 Ewing, Mike: 49 Ewing, Sandra: 49 FFFFF Faff, Lori: 23, 292 Fagergren, jan: 23 Fagergren, Steven: 73 Fahey, Laurie: 73, 177, 213, 325 Fahey, Matt: 23 Fahey, Sean: 49 Fahndrich, Vickie: 105 Fahndrich, William: 23 Fallon, Daniel: 105 Falzone, Charlene: 105 Fanoga, Mike: 49,206 Farenick, Peni: 105,247 Farmer, Beverly: 23 Farmer, Linda: 49 Farmer, Mark: 49 Farquer, Richard: 105 Farquhar, Scot: 49, 327 Farquhar, Shelley: 49 340 7 Index Farr, Lila: 153 Farrar, Tony: 49 Farrell, Bruce: 106 Farrell, Bruce: 49 Farrell, Christopher: 23 Fasano, Bryan Fasano, Lynda: 73 Fast, Paula: 23 Fate, Gregory: 23 Faulkner, Catherine: 23 Faust, Bruce: 23 Fazio, Daniel: 73 Feheley, Rene: 23 Feil, Scott: 73 Felando, Caryl: 234,188 Felix, Roslyn: 222 Fellows, Laurie: 49 Feltman, Brian: 49 Feltman, Craig: 106 Feltman, Eric: 23 Fenchak, jeff: 73 Fenchak, Richard: 106,172 Fendrych, Carole: 106,214 Fenimore, Kim: 49 Fennell, Mark: 106, 302 Ferguson, Lynda: 49 Ferguson, Mitch: 73 Fernandez, Mike Ferry, jim: 23 Ferry, Teresa: 73,217 Fevergeon, Darrell: 230 Feyk, David: 224 Fields, Chester: 23 Fields, Mark: 73,304 Fierro, Michael: 23 Figueredo, Carrie: 73 Findler, Cathy: 23 Findley, Pamela: 23 Finfrock, jim: 49 Finfrock, Robert: 23 Finklea, Mitch Finley, Dan: 49 Finnie, Laurette: 23 Fischer, Teri: 49,212 Fish, Dawn: 23 Fish, Steven: 73,302 Fisher, Diane: 73 Fisher, Kaye: 49 Fitzgerald, Cheryl: 23 Fitzgerald, Shawn: 73 Fitzhugh, Kevin: 73 Fitzpatrick, David: 220, 208 Fixemer, Marianne: 73, 247, 302 Fjastad, jay: 23 Flake, Becky: 73 Flake, Paula Flanigan, Terry: 73 Flees, Dale: 49 Flees, Kenneth: 73 Fleming, William Flenniken, Michael: 49 Flenniken,Terri: 23 Flesher, Gail: 23,302,326 Flood, Blake: 106 Flood, Madonna: 49,188 Flora,janice: 234,189 Flores, Mitchell: 13 Flory, Gene Flower, Bob: 106 Flower,Virginia: 234 Fowerday, Barbara: 106 Flowerday, Richard: 73,204 302 Flynn, Cynthia: 73 Flynn, Theresa: 23 Flynn, William: 208 Flynt, Tammy: 73 Focht, Larry: 49 Fockler, Kimberly: 106,164,180 192 290 Fogg, Warren: 74 Folkerts, Gary: 50,206 Fong, Yan Force, Brian: 106 Force, Richard: 106 Force, Steven: 50 Ford, Glen: 106 Ford, janet Ford, john: 74 Ford, Scott: 74 Foreman, David: 23 Forsythe, Cameron: 50 Fort, jeffrey: 23 Fort, Tina: 74, 293 Foshay, Robert: 50 Fosnight, Pamela: 74 Fosnight, Patricia: 106 Foster, Laurie: 23 Foster, Robert: 23, 208 Foster, Scott Foster, Tom: 74, 164, 298 Foust, David: 106 Foust, jeff: 50 Foust, Mike: 23 Foutch, Debra: 50 Foutch, Michael: 106 Fox, Craig: 23 Fox, Lisa Fox, Rhonda: 50 Frampton, Brenda: 74, 216 Frampton, jon: 50 Francis, Allison: 23 Frank, Laura: 50, 327 Frankel, Art: 237 Frankland, Sandra Franks, Donna: 50 Frantom, Darla: 23 Fraser, Donna: 74,191,194, 248 327 Fratzke, Robert: 50 Fratzke, William: 50 Frayne, Brian Frayne, Elizabeth: 106, 302 Frayne, john Frazier, jav: 23 Fredericks, Mary: 50 Fredrickson, Elaine: 23, 305 Fredrickson, joann: 50 Fregeau, Stephen: 74 Freiwald, Dawn French, Richard: 106 Frias, Brett: 50, 206, 245 Friedl, Debbie: 74,191 Friedl, Robert: 23, 208 Friess, Ken: 156 Friedrich, Cheryl: 23 Frisby, Bobby: 23,186 Frishholz, Clyde: 230 Frisinger, Kelly: 50 Fritts, Carl: 74 Fritzler, Glen: 50 Frost, jeff Fry, joseph: 106 Fry, Michael: 23 Frye, Sabrina: 23, 305 Fucile, Greg Fujiwara, Miles: 106, 302 Fuller, john: 23 Fulton, Michelle: 106 Furlong, Howard: 107,185 Furlong, Sharon: 50 GGGGG Gabaldon, Arthur Gaddis, Ed: 74 Gaddis, Stephanie: 23 Gagnon, Mona: 107 Gahring, jeff: 74 Gaestel: 239 Gajewski, Helen: 74 Galbraith, Duane Galella, Brenda: 50, 302 Galindo, Tracy: 50, 217, 327 Gallagher, Darren: 50, 305 Gallagher, Deborah: 74 Galuert, Gary: 74 Gallagher, Douglas: 107 Gallagher, julia: 50 Galvan, Don: 23 Galvin, Steve Gamboa, Rodney: 23, 208 Gammell, David: 208 Garcia, David: 107 Garcia, judy: 74 Garcia, Maria: 74 Garcia, Mike: 107 Garcia, Ramona: 24 Garcia, Richard: 74, 305 Garcia, Rosa: 24 Garcia, Rosie: 50 Carcia, Sophia: 216 Garcia, Tony: 24 Gardinier, Dianne: 107, 212 Gardner, Eric: 50, 306 Gardner, Theodore: 24 Gardner, Tom: 107 Garfield, Cari: 24 Garfield, jodi: 74 Garland, Lisa: 74 Garman, Marcia: 229 Garner,judith:107 Garofalo, Eleanora: 50, 247 Garofolo, De Ann: 107 Garrett, julie: 107 Garrott, joel: 24 Garroutte, jim: 50 Garroutte, Michelle: 74 Garten, Eric: 107 Garver, Gaia: 24, 305 Garvin, Kelly: 107 Gatdula, Lauribel: 74 Gates, judy: 107 Gatlin, David: 50 Gatlin, Dianne: 24 Gayer, Wendell: 24 Gebauer, Stella: 50, 248, 305, 327 Geiger, Patrick: 50 Geltman, Andrea: 74 Geltman, Bobby: 24 Gendreau, Denise: 24 Gendreau, Sherry: 74 George, Kathleen: 50 Gerber, Brian: 24 Gerbode, Brian: 24, 302 German, Gerry: 74 Gervais, Carl: 107 Geurts, Fred: 74 Geurts, Sylvia: 24 Giannone, Wendy: 50 Gibbs, Michael: 50, 304 Gibbs, Carl: 74 Gibson, Duke: 74 Gibson, Harry: 74 Gibson, julia Gibson, Rick: 74 Gibson, Robert: 107 Giesbrecht, Gregory: 107 Giesing, Mark: 24 Gilbert, Dean: 210 Gilbert, Mary Lou: 107, 192, 2 302 Gilbert, Will: 74 Gilbertson, john: 107, 306 Gilderman, johanne: 24 Gillam, Robin: 24,292 Gillan,Ann:107 Gillan, Kris: 50, 327 Gillespie, Dave: 24, 208 Gillespie, Larry: 74, 302 Gillis, jim: 74 Gillmore, Michael: 107 Gilmer, Stephen: 50, 195, 213 Gilpin, Deanna: 108 Gilpin, Denise: 108 Ginsborg, Allen: 50, 302 Giordani,jeff:108 Giron, Daniel: 222 Giron, Michael: 50 Giroux, Derrick: 24 Girvin, jerry: 24 Gitschier, Denis: 226 Gittens, Christine: 74 Gittens, William: 50, 206 Givant, Becky: 108 Givant, Scott: 50 Glad, Dana: 50 Glad, Dawn: 108 Glass, jerry: 24 Gleason, Andrea: 108, 213 Gleason, Suzette: 24 Glendinning,john: 74 Glenn, Greg: 108 Glisson, Oliver: 50 Gober, Don: 50 92, 298, Godbehere, Raymond: 24, 208 Goddard, Rich: 24,173 Godoy, Marco: 108 Goetz, Steven: 224 Gold, Michael: 74,176, 194, 2 303, 329, 327 Goldammer,jay: 24,173 Golden, Aleshia: 50, 212, 303 Golden, Randy: 24 Goldman, Gary: 50 Goldman, janice: 74 Goldman, Kathleen: 50 Gomez, Darlene: 74 Gomez, Diane: 108 Gomez, Gabriel Gonzalez, Armondo: 74, 216 Gonzalez, Fidel: 108 Gonzalez, Lynn: 24 Gonzalez, William: 50 Good, William: 50 Goodell, Stuart: 226 Goodman, Nora: 50 45, 302, Goodnight, Gregory Goodridge, Geoff: 24 Gook, Evelyn: 24 Goold, Richard: 108 Gorney, Karen: 24 Gorney, Tom: 108 Gosney, Edith: 74,292 Gosney, Lori: 109, 293, Gottlieb, Michelle: 50 Gould, David: 74, 304 Gould, Debbie: 51 Gourley, David: 24 Gourley, Terrie: 109 Gove, jeffrey: 74, 213 Graham, Laura: 74 Grams, Karen: 24 Grandshold, Vinee: 24 302 Granger, Maryann: 51, 210 Grant, Kevin: 51 Grantham, David: 109 Grasse, Beverly: 51 Graves, Kathy: 109 Graves, Mark: 74 Graves, Tracey: 74 Gray, Linda: 24 Gray, Robert Gray, Roger: 51 Gray, Stuart: 24 Greaves, Kellie: 74 Greaves, Tony Greeley, Kevin: 109 Greeley, Nicki: 75 Greeley, Robert: 75 Green, Diane: 51, 214 Green, jerri: 51 Green, john: 24 Green, julie: 24, 292 Green, Larry: 109 Green, Laurie: 24 Green, Paul: 109,305 Green, Peggy: 109 Green, Robert: 51 Green, Sidney: 51 Greene, james: 109 Greenfield, john: 220 Greenfield, Roseanne: Greenhow, Diana Greenleaf, john: 51 Green Green leaf, Marilyn well, Sheila Greer, Kathy Gregory, George: 75 Gregory, Susan: 51 Gregory, Tom: 24 Gremmel, judith: 226 Greuli ch, Nancy: 51 Griese, Carrie Griffin, David: 51 Griffin, Edward: 109 Griffin, Tricia: 75 Grilz, William: 75, 204 Grimm, Dawn Groff, Eric: 24 Groff, Greg: 51 Groff, Groge Kim: 75 n, Terrence: 109 Grohman, Will: 226 Gromme, Marcia: 24,305 Gross, Lagayle: 224 Gross, Lisa: 24 Grove r, Charles: 51 51, 302 Grunke,Vera: 51,302,327 Grusin, Stuart: 24 Guelder, Kelly: 109 Guenthler, Leticia: 24 Guerra, Mary: 51, 324, 327 Guibert, Chris: 24, 302 Guild, Richard: 110 Gummeson, jamie: 110 Gunderson, Teresa: 51 Gutierrez, Larry: 110,304 Gutierrez, Martha: 110 Hannasch, Lynn: 25,216 Hannay, Donald: 51 Hanneman, Curt: 25 Hans, Cindy: 51 Hansen Gary: 75 Hansen Merry: 110 Hansen Richie: 75 Hansen Vickie Hansen, Wes: 25 Hanson, Greg: 51 Hanson, Russell: 110 Gutowski Rick: 25 Gutierrez, ,George: 51, 302 Gutowski, joe: 110 Guy, Linda: 75, 213, 247, 327 Guy, Sherry: 25, 305, 326 Guyot, David: 25 HHHHH Haaland, Mike: 51 Haas, Ramona: 75 Hackerott, Beverly Hafeli, Katherine: 110,189 Hafeli, Margaret: 75,188 Hafeli, Mary: 75,189 Haga, Debbie: 51 Haga, Diwight: 75 Hagen, Mr. Dave: 180,181,239 Hairabedian, Dawn: 75 Hairabedian, Shari: 25 Hale, Kristie: 25 Halkovic, Karen: 75 Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall David: 51,304 Diana: 110 Greogory: 25 john: 51,302 Karen: 51 Kathleen: 110 Kimball: 51 Michael: 25,208 Robin: 51,214 Sharon: 51 Tim: 25 210 294 295 iwiiliarfigzs' ' Hallett, Debbie: 25 Halliday, jennifer: 51 Halliday, Laureen: 110 Halloran: 239 Hally, john: 51 Halverson, Vickie: 110 Ham, Donna: 25 Harbottle, Michael: 51, 206 Harbottle, Ralph: 25 Hard, Keith: 51 Harden, David: 110 Hardin, Sherry: 25 Hardman, Rhonda: 51,216,252 Hardy, Rebecca: 51 Harl, Karen: 51, 217 Harlan, Sandra: 51 Harlan, Terri: 110,214 Harlow, jeff: 25 Harmon, Deborah: 25,302 Harmon, Deborah: 111 Harmon, Teresa: 75, 210 Harmsen, Hal: 51 Harmsen, Sally Harney, Alison: 111 Harney, Gretchen: 25,292 Harold, Lisa: 111 Harper, Bethaney Harrington, john Harris, Grace: 25, 292, 302 Harris, james: 217, 220 Harris, Mike: 51,206 Harrison, Bobbie: 75, 293, 327 Harrison, james: 25 Harrison, judy: 111 Harry, Nilene: 25,216 Hart, Kay: 25 Hartley, Robert Hartley, Sheryl Hartman, Carra: 25 Hartman, Larry: 75 Hartman, Lori: 25 Hartung, Vaughn: 111, 303 Hauber, Denise: 111,213 Hauff, Gabriele: 111 Hausler, Christina: 25 Havel, Rebecca: 25 Havens, Patricia: 111 Haveriland, Marian: 25 Haviken, Brett: 111,203,204 Haviken, Cathy: 75, 214 Haviken, Debbie: 25 Hawk, Pam: 25 Hawkins, David: 111 Hawkins, Karen: 25 Hawley, Debbie: 75 Hayase, Gordon: 111, 177, 245, 302 326 Hayase, Paula: 52,302 Hayes, Cynthia Hayhurst, Kim: 25 Hayman, Douglas: 25 Hayman, Terry: 75 Haymes, Karla: 52 Haynes: 239 Hazelton, Beth: 25, 293 Head, jerry: 111 Healey, Kathleen: 52 Healy, Erin: 75 Healy, Kim: 25 Heaps, Laura: 52 Hebert, Nanette Hedge, Wendy: 25 Heese, jeannette: 226 Heffelman, Nina: 75 Heffner, Russ: 52 Hegelheimer, Kim: 111 Hegellteimer, Charles: 25 Heide, David Heidesch, Russ: 25,208 Heinle, Rich: 25 Heiser, Holly: 52 Helber, Kristy: 26 Helber, Lisa: 75, 302,327 Helfrich, Katherine: 26, 292 Helmick, Keith: 231 Hemmerlin, Greg: 52 Harvey, Deborah: 25 Harvey, Kathleen: 111 Harvey, Margaret: 25 Harvey, Mike: 25 Harvey, Tonya Hamby,jeff Hamill, Kelly Hamill, M Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton, ichael: 25 Aaron: 75 Bill: 75 Brett: 110 Charles: 25,211 Lisa: 110 Hammer, Karen: 51 Hammer, Larry: 75 Hamp, Leigh: 220 Hampsten, Kenneth: 110 Hamry, Paul Hand, David: 110,210,295 Hand, Russell: 110 Handelsman, Mary: 75 Handy, Martha: 51 , 192, 293, 298 Haney, Bryan: 25 Hannasch, Gary: 110, 304 Hannasch, Kay:75,302,30-1 342 7 Index Harvill, Gary: 111, 302,304 Haskell, Danny: 25 Haskell, john: 75 Haskell, Susan: 51 Hasselquist, lngamar:111,304 Hassett, Cythia: 111 Hassett, Deborah: 51 Hassett, Richard Hastings, Cynthia: 75 Hastings, Foy: 75 Hastings, Robert: 25 Hatalski, Michael: 111, 211, 299, 326 Hatch, Daniel: 111 Henderson, Dave: 112 Henderson, Kimberly: 75,210,294 Henderson, Marian: 26 Hendricks, Donald Hendricks, Teresa: 52 Hendy, Roy: 75 Hendy, Tim: 26, 305 Henigman, john: 112 Henigman, Tim: 26, 208 Henley, Connie: 26 Henley, Lorie: 26 Hennes, Rosemary Hennesay, jeff: 112 Henry, Russell: 52 Henson, Lori: 26, 216 Henson, Pete: 52 Herdrich, Anthony: 75 Herdrich, Ron: 26 Herington, Brad: 75 Herman, Bob: 26 Hatch, Mary: 51 Hatch, Rick: 75 Hatch, Roger: 111 Hatchett, james: 25 Hatfield, Brooke: 51 Hatfield, Rochelle: 51 Herman, Robert Hernandez, Andrew: 112,204 Hernandez, Arthur: 26 Hernandez, Cindy: 52 Hernandez, Sam Hernandez, Valens: 52,173 Hauber, Carole: 52 Herrera, jaime: 52 Herrera, Lorrie: 26 Herriott, john: 112, 298, 326 Hershkowitz, Rebecca: 52 Hershkowitz, Sheila: 75 Hertz, Bobby Herzog, Linda: 26 Hesketh, jeanne: 75, 305 Hesketh, julie: 26 Heumann, Nanette: 26, 302 Heumann, Rodney: 52,194,211 Hewitt, Donald: 75 Hewitt, Karla: 26 Heximer, Gary: 112, 302 Heximer, Larry: 52 Hickam, james Hickey, Leslie: 26 Hickey, Robert: 75 Hicks, Daniel Hoefler, Debbie: 76, 213 Hoefler, john: 52, 206, 215, 295 Hofbauer, Susan: 76, 302, 327 Hoffman, Ann: 52 Hoffman, Robert: 52, 304 Hoffman, Steve Hofrichter, Kevin: 26 Hogue, Will: 76,185 Hoh, Michelle: 26, 304 Heida, Anthony: 52 Heida, Todd: 26 Hoist, Carl: 222 Holato, Frank Holbrook, james Holbrook, john: 76, 211 Hicks Hicks,Glenn: 26 jill'112 Hicks Hicks Hicks Hicksi iKeith , Richard: 75,195 Steven: 52,186 Thomas Holder, William: 220 Holland, Deanna: 52, 327 Holland, Greg: 52 Holland,joe: 26 Holland,jon: 112 Holland, Holland, Kenneth: 26 William: 52 Higginbotham, Dennis: 52 Higgins, Heidi: 26 Hollinden, Cari Hollinden, Lucy: 52 Hollis, Cheryl: 76, 252 1 Higgins, Melanie: 52, 302 Hightower, Pamela Hilberg, Sherri: 75 Hilbert, Larry: 112 Hill, Cathy Hill Dana: 75 Hill, Danna: 112, 248,305 Hill, Leslie: 75,164 Hill, Mary: 52 Hill, Steve: 26 Hille, Beth: 26 Hille, Stacy: 75 Hilles, Wendy: 52, 164, 298 Hilman, Blanche: 75, 293 Hilman, Harvey: 52,304 Hime, Syd: 76 Holman, Kathleen: 26 Holmes, David: 52 Holmes, Debbie: 112 Holmes, janai: 26 Holmes, Karen: 76,302 Holmes, Robyn: 76 Holmes, Roger: 52 Holmes, Terry: 76 Holmes, Tim: 204 Hinson, Debbie: 112 Hinson, Debra: 26 Hinson, Ricky: 52 Hinton, Carol: 52 Hinton, Greg: 76, 195 Hinton, Laura: 76 Hintz, David: 52 Hintz, Kimberly: 76 Hintz, Sandra: 26 Hippler, Elizabeth: 26 Hippler, Michael: 76 Holsclaw, jeannie: 26 Holseth, Dorothy Holthouser, Lorrie: 26, 216, 302, Holton, Steve: 76 Holzapfel,jill: 52 Holzapfel, Lisa: 76, 302 Homer, Angel: 52, 293, 302 Hommel, Steven: 26, 212, 300 Honma, Sharon:,26 Hoover, Michael: 26 Hoover, Stephen: 52 Hoover, Stephen Hoover, Tim: 76 Hopkins, Gregory: 26 Hopkins, Karen Hopps, Gordon: 26, 293 Hopps, Roberta: 76 Hoppy, Debbie: 52, 305 Horak, james: 112,172, 194, 293 Houston Hirai, Clay Hirazumi, Alan: 52, 303 Hirschfield, Gary Hirshman,jan:112 Hirshman, Sara: 76,302 Hittesdorf, Ben: 26, 208 Hlavin, jacqueline: 26, 210, 294,302 Hlavin, Mary: 76, 247,302 Hlavin, Patricia: 112, 148, 212, 247, 302 Hobkirk, Carl: 112, 245 Hobkirk, james: 214 Hodges, Brett: 52 Hodges, Pamela: 26, 302 Hodgson, Richard Hodnick, William: 52, 302 Hodyson, Richard: 52 Hoechstetter, Koser2112 Hoefener, Corliss: 52 Horak, Michael: 52 Horgan, Danny: 52 Horgan, Holly: 112 Horsley, Thomas: 52 Horsman, janet: 113 Horsman, jeffery: 76 Horst, Anne: 53, 305 Horton, Henry: 154 Hostetler, Gregg: 113 Hough, Cynthia: 113 Hough, Linda: 53 Houston, Bruce: 76 Houston, Elene: 53 ,Gary: 53 Houston, Matt: 76 Houston, Patti jo: 113,164 Howald, David: 113,214 Howald, Debbie: 113, 324 3 Howard, Bill: 26 Howard, Bonnie: 76 Howard, Carol: 26 Howard, Victoria: 26 Howell, Mark Howeth, Tim: 53,186 Hoxie, Craig: 26 Hoxie, Leanne: 53, 327 Hubbard, Corey: 26 Hubbs, Earl: 158 Hubis, Bruce: 26 Hudgins, Pamela: 76 Hudson, Dorre Hudson, Rhonda: 53 Hudson, Tammy Hudson, William: 113 Huff, jim: 27 Huffer, joseph: 113 Huffer, Kevin: 53 Hughes, Hughes, Carol: 27, 293 Chuck: 113, 210, 294, 295 Hughes, Denise: 113, 194, 198, 326 Hughes, Diana: 76 Hughes, Francie: 113, 247 Hughes, Frank: 27 Hughes, Glenda: 76 Hughes, Gregg: 76 Hughes, Kathleen: 76,302 Hughes, Keith: 27 Hughes, Nancy: 27 Hughes, Rosemarie: 53,327 Hughes, Susan: 76 Hula, Anthony: 27,186 Hula, Robert: 113 Hulsey, Karri: 53,217 Hulsey, Kelli: 27 Hummel, Rai: 113 Humphrey, Alison: 27,164 Humphrey, Thomas: 113 Humphreys, Denise: 114 Humphreys, Steve Hungerford, Grant: 27 Hungerford, Vince Hungerle, Pamela: 114 Hunsaker, Sammy: 53, 211, 295 Hunt, La Deana: 53 Hunter, jana: 53, 305 Hunter, Ron: 76 Huppert, Steve: 76 Hurt, Lezlie: 53 Hurt, Stacy: 114 Hurtado, Charlotte: 27 Husk, Frank: 53 Husting, Curtis: 53 Husting, Steven: 114 Hutchings, jerry: 76,172 Hutchinson, Cynthia Hutt, Sally Hutt, Tim: 53 Hyche, Brian: 114 Hyche, Tracy: 53 Hyland, jewelie: 27 Hynes, joe lansiti, Christina: 27 lansiti, Michele: 53 lbargaray,Guillermina: 53,194 lbargaray, Marisa: 27,216 lce, jane: 224 lckler, Dolly: 219 Index 7 343 johnston, Kathie: 27, 292,294 lgnowski, Taryl: 53 lhli, Steven lkola, Tory: 76 Immediate, Laura: 53, 216 lmperiali, Vincent Inch, Suzanne: 27 lngels, Lisa: 53,302 lsavva, Barbara: 53 Ishiki, Kim: 27 lson, Scott: 53 Israelsky, Bob: 76 Israelsky, Mike: 53 Iturra, Regina: 114 lversen, Nancy: 27 lzett, Terri: 27 lllll jackson, Ava: 76 jackson, Mary: 76, 253 jackson, Schuyler jackson, Steve: 53, 302 jackson, Thomas: 76, 211 jackson, Tracey: 114 jacobsen, jim: 76 jacobson, Lee: 218 james, Elizabeth: 76 james, Randall: 53 jameson, Gregory: 27 jammal, Osamah jammal, Sherine: 53 janoski, Andrew: 53,210,302 janoski, Stanley: 53 jarnagin, Michelle: 53, 293 jasmin, Laura: 27 jasmin, Todd: 114, 164, 177, 179, 197, 293, 298 jasper, Daline: 76 javaher, Shireen: 76,195 jednor, Alisici: 239 jeffrey, Cynthia: 76 jeffries, Mike: 53 jeffries, Sherry: 27, 326 jeffries, Teresa: 76 jeheber, Christopher: 27 jeheber, Rodrique: 53 jenkins, Scott: 76, 213 jenkins, Steve: 27 jennings, Mark: 27, 302 jennings, Susan: 229 jensen, Bob: 76 jensen, Michael: 114 jensen, Richard: 27 jensen, Steve: 53, 304 jensen, Walter: 114 joffe, Kyle: 114 johannsen, Donna: 76 johansen, Wanda: 27 johansson, Rick: 114, 204 johansson, Wendy: 76 johnson, Diane: 53, 302 johnson, Diane: 53 johnson, Eric: 27 johnson, james: 27 johnson, janniece: 53 johnson, jeff: 27, 303 johnson, jeffrey: 115, 172 johnson, joseph: 53, 206, 210 johnson, Kerry: 115 johnson, Kimberly: 53 johnson, Laura: 27 johnson, Linda: 53, 304 johnson, Lori: 53 johnson, Lori johnson, Mitch: 53 johnson, Nancy: 115,217 johnson, Pamela: 77, 247,302 johnson, Patrick johnson, Russell: 77,204 johnson, Scott: 27 johnson, Steven: 53, 206,208 johnson, Ted: 115 johnson,Tim: 53 johnston, Donald: 115 johnston, Edvvard: 27 johnston, jeff: 53 johnston,john:115 Kamei, Stephen Kamisato,janet: 116,149,302 Kane, john: 54 Kan na, Annette: 77, 247, 302 Kaplan, Francene: 27 Kappos, David: 27 Karch, Shana: 116 Karstetter, Ashley: 77,301,302 Karstetter, Kelly: 27, 300 Kasperowski, Karen: 77 Kasperowski, Patricia: 116 Kato, Dean: 54 Kato, Elaine: 116 Katz, Norma: 116 Katz, Renee: 77,212 Kaufman, Donald: 77, 213 Kaufman, jonathan: 27, 206 Kaufman, jose Kay, janet: 77, 190, 212,302,303 Kay, Kimberly: 54 Kay, Mary: 28, 302, 303 Kay, Patricia: 226 Keane, Kevin: 116,305 Keane, Thomas: 77,305 Keck, David: 116,210 Keedy, joe: 54 Keefer, Mark: 54,194 Keen, Dave: 28, 208 johnston, Sherrie: 115 jones jones jones, jones jones jones jones, jones jones jones jones jones jones jones jones jones jones jones jones joyce, , Carole: 115 Curtis: 77 Dana: 54 Donna: 229 Elizabeth: 115 Gary: 27 jones, jones, ,Gordon ,jo Carole: 77 john Karen: 54, 302 Kathryn: 77 Larry: 27 Leroy: 54 Lyga: 115 Margaret: 241 Mike: 77 Paula: 54 Robert: 27 Sandra: 54 Sharon: 54 Steve: 54 Anne: 54 Keep, Paul: 28 Keil, Annette: 77 Keleher, Bob: 116, 204 Keleher, Sue: 54 Kelley, Denise: 116 Kelley, Gregory: 54 Kelley, Shirlee: 77, 213, 295, 302 Kelley, Thomas: 77 Kellogg, Debbie: 28 Kellogg, Mark: 77, 304 Kelly, Carol: 28 Kelly, Kimberly: 54 Kelly, Lisa: 77 Kelly, Michael P.: 116 Kelly, Michael W.: 77,184,185 Kelly, Toni: 28 Kelly, Wendy: 54 Kelsh, Leslie Kelsh, Leslie: 249 Kelsh, Linda: 54, 191, 217, 247, 249 298 Kelsh, Lisa: 117, 249 f joyce, Bernard: 115 joyce, Kathleen: 115 joyce, Theresa: 27,188 jue, janet: 216, 229 jump, Nancy: 116 junyszek, Tom jurisch, jane: 77 Keltner, Terri: 28 Kendall Kendrick, Debborah: 54 Kendrick, Denise: 54 Kendro, Mark: 28, 213 Kennebeck, Steven: 77, 245 Kennon, Lance Kerr, Gregg: 77 jurisch, Nancy: 116 KKKKK Kaczorowski, Norman: 77, 21 johns, Al: 53 johns, Susan: 27 johns, Tony johnson, Alan: 27 johnson, Christine: 53 johnson, Cindy johnson, Clay: 76 johnson, Craig: 27 johnson, Cynthia: 77 johnson Dan: 77,302 johnson David johnson Debra: 231 344 f lndex Kadel, Tamera: 27 Kahler, Carla: 27 Kahler, Tammy: 54, 210 Kaiser, Henry: 77 Kalb, john: 77, 213, 295, 302 Kalb, Tom: 27, 299 Kallmes, Bettina: 27 Kaloper, Lynn: 27,188 Kamei, judy: 77 Ketts, William: 117, 293 Keyes, Candy: 117 Kiers, Kiers Brenda: 28, 294 Daryl: 292 Kileyi Georgia: 28 Kiley, Kiley, Lee: 77 Sandra: 28 Kilgour, Ralph: 28 Killeen, Cathy: 54 Kilmer, Denise: 28 Kilpatrick, james: 77, 164, 293 Kim, Danny: 28, 302 Kim, Helen: 28 Kim, Tony: 28, 302 Kim, William: 117 Kimmel, Karen: 54 Kimmel, Kimberley King, Craig: 77 King, jeff: 54 King, Mike: 117 King, Randy: 117 Kingsbury, Kimberly: 28 Kingsbury, Raymond: 54 Kingsland, james Kingsland, julie: 28 Kingsland, Karen Kingsland, Lisa: 77 Kingston, Denise: 28 Kinnsch, Brian: 54 Kirby, Lois: 54 Kirk, Theresa: 117 Kirkpatrick, David: 117, 305 Kissel, joseph: 54 Kissel, Karen: 77 Kittrell, jack: 230 Klaarenbeek, Ron: 77 Klebs, Elizabeth: 117 Klehm, Stephanie: 117 Klein, Tony: 28 Kleinman, Lynn: 77,195, 302 Kleinman, Rebecca: 54, 302,327 Kleist, Michael: 28, 208 Kleppe, Robert: 54, 300 Kline, Allen: 28 Kline, Michael: 28 Klingensmith, Ereddy:117 Klingensmith, jeff: 28 Klinger, Teresa: 28 Klocker, Teri: 77 Klopp, Michael Klopp, Robin: 77 Knadler, joseph: 54 Knapp, Cindy: 54 Knight, Burton Knight, Marilee Knighten, Keith: 28,173 Knos, joCarol: 117, 247, 304 Knos, Lynn: 54, 302, 327 Knowlton, Lori: 118 Knudsen, Deborah: 28 Koch, Donald: 220 Kocher, Donald: 118 Kodera, Keith: 54 Koehler, Ross Koenig, Albert: 54 Koff, jeff: 28 Kohler, David: 28 Kohlschmidt, Leonard: 28, 208 Kohman, Kathy: 28 Kohman, Mary Kojima, Peggy: 77 Kolesar, jennifer: 54 Kolitz,Steve: 118,185 Konicek, joseph: 54, 300 Kontra, Darlene: 118 Koonce, David: 54 Koonce, Michael Koppes, Mary: 118 Koshar, jackie Koshar, joseph: 118 Kotler, Donna: 77, 302, 327 Koubeck, Mike: 54 Koulouras, Carfiei 54 Koulouras, Susan: 77 Kowertz, Kimberly: 54 Kraft, Nancy: 77 Kramer, john: 77 Kramer, Mike: 77 Kratsch, Kimberly: 54 Krawczyk, Michael: 77 Kreutzer, Letitia: 54 Krichesky, Walter: 28, 211 Krikl, Steve: 118,300 Kroeger, Mike: 28 Krolick, David: 77, 304 Kroll, Mitch: 54, 305 Krull, Karen: 77 Krull, Sheila: 28 Kubista, Kevin: 77 Kubo, Keith: 77,210 Kubo, Kevin: 54,212 Kubo, Randy: 78 Kubo, Tamara: 118 Kucik, Sandra: 118 Kuhns, jeffrey: 118 Kunis, Gregory: 28 Kurfess, Nancy: 219 Kurz, Lisa: 54 Kutler, Kary: 28 Kutler, Lisa: 55, 305 Kyker, john: 55 Kysella, Christina: 118,247 Kysella, Rita: 55 LLLLL L'Hoir, Emile: 28 L'Hoir, Robin: 78 La Badie,john: 78 La Cabe, Gina: 55 La Flamme, Brent: 78 La Flamme, Ricky: 55 La Fleche, Michael: 55, 210 La Fleche, Patricia: 28,210 La Grassa, Michael: 55 La Marche, Michael: 78 La Mon, April: 28, 294, 302 La Mont, Norman: 78 La Pan, Sandra: 118 La Rocca,joanne:119 La Rocque, Audette: 28 La Rocque, Marcelle La Rosa, Carol: 119 La Rosa, Linda: 28 Labrato, Carrie: 28 Lacey, Heidi: 78 Lacey, William: 220, 327 Lachance, Steven: 28 Lade, Ronald: 119,185 Lafferty, Marla Lagese, Kevin: 28 Laine, Cynthia: 78 Laine, Deborah: 28 Lakeschus, Roland Lake, Greg: 55 Lake, Kevin: 55 Lakin, Kaye Lamb, jim: 28 Lambden, Steven: 78 Lambert, judy: 78 Lambert, Steven: 55 Lambertson, Marie: 119 Lambertson, Mike: 28 Lambertson, Sharon Lammers, joseph: 29 Lammers, Richard: 119 Landsberg, Dave: 78,210 Landsverk, Terry: 29 Lang, Dearmond: 29 Lang, Kathy: 119 Lang, Scott: 119 Lang, Thomas: 78 Langdon, Patricia: 78 Lange, Eileen: 119 Langerud, Christine: 119, 21 Langerud, Kathy: 78 Langford, David: 29, 206 Langford, jim: 55 Langhammer, Karen: 78 Langlois, Lonnie: 119 Langston, Don: 55 Lanier, Cindy: 29 Lankford, Christopher: 55 Lanphear, Rick: 29,208 Lanphear, Ted: 55 Lara, Carl: 55 Lara, Mario: 119 Larison, Christe: 78 Larkin, Tony: 29 Larkin, Denise: 55 Larr, Cathy: 29 Larr, jim: 55 Larrett, Kevin: 29, 210 Larsen, Gwen: 29 Larsen, Paul: 55 Larson, Daniel: 29 Larson, David: 29 Larson, Laurie: 119, 214, 302 Larson, Nicolette: 29 Larson, Sherri: 55, 302, 327 Larson, Waunita: 78 Laub, Brett: 78 Laub, Calvin: 119 Laub, Danita: 29 Laub, Rod: 55 Lausch, Gregory: 119 Laux, Gary Laux, Paul: 119, 326 Laven, Allen: 78,172 Laven, Dawn: 55 Laven, Donald: 119 Lavigne, Bryan: 78 Lavigne, Sandy: 29 Lavitt, Michelle: 29 Lavoie, julie: 55 Lawrence, jill: 55 Lawrence, joyce: 55, 252 Lawrence, Kelly: 78 Lawson, Carolyn: 29 Lawson, Robert: 78 Lawson, Tracy: 29 Layman, Mike: 119 Lazzaro, Michael: 55 Le, Anmy: 78,195, 248 Le Blanc, Kelly: 55 Le Blanc,Tracy:119 Le Diem Le Faive, Patty: 78 Le Khiem Le, Long: 223 Le Valley, Bill: 55 Le Valley, janet: 55 Le Valley, William: 29 Leader, Ryan: 29 Leal, David: 29 Leal, Sylvia: 55,248 Leanza, Craig: 119 3, 30 4 Index 7 345 Leanza, Dean: 55 Lear, Chris: 29 Lear, Pat: 55 Leathers, Richard: 78 Leddy, Thomas Lee, David: 119 Lee, Gary: 29 Lee, joan: 120 Lee, Kevin: 29,302 Lee, Linda: 78 Lee, Lynda: 78 Lee, Steven: 78 Leeds, Mark: 78 Leeman, Thomas: 120, 245, 302, 326 Leeman, Timothy: 55 Legge, Robert: 55,164 Legge, Sherine: 29 Legus, Peggy: 29 Lehmann, Debra: 78,304 Leibfreid, Benjie: 78,214 Leivas, Randy: 29 Leivas, Robin: 120 Lenhausen, Katrina: 120 Lenkner, Robert Lenkner, Susan: 55 Leonard, Chris: 120 Leonard, jana: 78 Leonard, Mary jo: 190 Leong, Kevin: 29 Leong, Michael: 78 Lepley, Michelle Lesicko, Dawn: 120,177,245 Leslie, jim: 78, 210, 295 Leslie, Lori: 55, 210, 302 Lesnick, Ronald: 120 Lessley, Cheryl: 120,198 LeValley, Bill LeValley, Carol: 120 Levario, Arturo: 120 Level, Scott: 55 Levia, Linda: 120,148,164, Levy, Danna: 55 Levy, David: 55 Lewey, james: 78 Lewis, Darci: 55 Lewis, Derin:120 Lewis, jeffrey Lewis, jim: 55 Lewis, Kiki: 78,191 Lewis, Lisa: 78 Lewis, Rick: 29 Licudine, Alex: 29, 210 Licudine, Nina: 78, 302 Lienert, Patricia: 55,292 Lieshout, Dione: 55 Lind, Cheryl: 29 Lindfors, Mary Lee: 226 194, 302 Lindow, Becky: 78,16-4,177,179,192, 212, 293, 298, 324 Lindow, Terry: 55, 213 Lindsay, Earl: 55 Lindsay, jeffy: 55 Lindsay, Kenneth: 78 Lindsey, Norman Lindsey, Tracy: 29 Linggadjaya, Lewis: 121 Linn, Carl: 78 Linn, Ciail: 55 Linn, john: 29, 305 Linn, Mike Linsdax , Carl 346 4 lndex Linsday, Donna: 121, 301 Linsday, Thomas: 55 Linton, Laurie: 55,327 Linton, Robert: 78 Lipe, Karen: 29 Lipke,jeryll: 78,302 Lipot, Barbara: 56, 213, 294, 302 Lipot, Patrick: 121, 204,212,295 Lippard, Lisa: 29 Lister, David: 121 Lister, Mark: 56 Lister, Susan: 56, 324 Litsch, Richard: 56 Litscher, Leo Littrell, Kathleen: 78, 211, 302, 327 Littrell, Robert: 29, 211, 299 Livingston, Rodney: 121 Livingston, Roger: 121 Lloyd, David: 121, 177, 179, 195, 245, 302,326 Lloyd,VVilliam:121 LoCicero, Perri: 29 Loar, Kurt Lobo, Roseanne: 121 Lock,Andrew:121, 293 Lock, jason: 56 Lockard, Randall: 56 Locke, Trent: 56 Lockerby, jennifer: 29 Lomax, Lee: 56 Lomax, Lois: 121 Long, janet: 56, 247 Longfellow, Becky: 122, 214 Longfellow, Carla: 56, 191, 302 Longo, Teresa: 56 Loomis, Russell: 56 Lopez, Patricia: 29, 212, 303 Lopez, Robert: 122,177,210 Lorey, Lisa: 29 Losack, jenny: 56, 304 Loudenback,Sherri: 78,191,305 Love, joan: 29 Lovelady, Brenda: 56 Lovelady, Mary: 56 Lovett, jane: 56 Lovett, julia: 29 Lowe, Mark: 56 Lowell, Brenda: 56 Lowell, Deana: 122 Loyo, George: 122 Lucero, Ray: 56 Lucostic, Michele: 79, 200 Ludwig, Manuela: 79 Lugo, Paul Luhrs, Karen: 29 Lukashevsky, jodi: 56 Ludaszewicz, Leona: 122 Lukaszewicz, Tom: 56 Lukaszewski, David: 29 Lumpkin, Greggory: 56 Lumpkins, Melodie: 29 Lumpkins, Michael: 79 Luna, Cruz Luna, Kenny: 56, 305 Luna, Rose: 29 Luna, Victoria: 29 Lund, john: 122, 210 Lund, Sandra: 30, 293 Lund, Sheryl: 122,176,177, 178 Lund,Suzanne: 79,213 Lundak,VVilliam: 230 Lunetta, Mike: 30,208 Lung, Mark: 30, 208 Lung, Mike: 56,206 Lunsman, Kurt Lunsman, Lili: 56 Lusk, Brad: 30,208 Lutz, David: 122, 293 Lyall, jennifer: 79 Lyau, Cheston: 56 Lybarger, Rosemary: 122 Lyle, Catherine: 56, 217 Lynn, Brian: 30 Lynn, joanne: 122, 192, 214, 294 ,298, 302 Lyons, Debbie: 79 Lyons, Donna: 56 Lyons, janie: 122 Lyons, Sheri: 79 Lytle, jill: 30 MMMMM Maag, Tracy: 56 MacLean, james: 30 MacMillan, Gregory: 122 MacMillan, Kevin MacRill, Kathryn: 122 Macayan, Marie: 30 Macek, Alane: 30 Machulda, Dorinda:122 Mack, james: 56 Mack, janet: 56 Mack,MiIiss:122 Mackin, Amanda: 122 Mackin, Mary: 79,214,302 Mackley, Teresa: 79, 213 Maddox, Dale: 56 Maddox, jim: 122 Moddox, Terre: 30 Madje, David: 79, 304 Madole, Penny: 30 Madrid, Ruby: 56 Magill, Anthony: 122, 302 Magruder, joe: 30 247, 293 Mahan, Colleen: 56, 164, 293, 298 Mahaunz, Emad: 79 Main, Sherry: 56 Maizland, Cheryl: 122, 253 Maizland, Wayne: 56 Maken, Mike: 30 Maki, Susan: 122 Makino, jennifer: 30 Malane, Ann Malane, David: 56 Malattia, Teresa: 79 Maldonado, Peggy: 56 Maldonado, Thomas: 230 Malinick, Helen: 79, 301 Mallicoat, Helga: 56 Mallotto, juli Mallotto, Michael: 30 Malone, Traci: 30 Maloney, Chris: 56 Maloney, Heidi: 30 Maltby, Raymond Maltby, Sonya: 30 Manchester, Clay: 79 Manchester, Clint: 79 Manchin, james: 30 Manemann, Christine: 1 'j Manemann, jeannine: f Manes, Cheryl: 30, 164, '15, 500 A Manes, Glynette:123 Manes, William: 79, 187, 210, 302 Mangan, Suki, 56,210 Mangan, Tim: 56, 210, 294, 295 Mann, Stacy: 30 Manos, Carey: 30 Mapes, David: 30 Marangi, Brett: 79 Marchionda, Bruce: 123,304 Marchionda, Shari: 30 Marcstrom, Dan: 123, 248, 305 Mardon, Rick Margarit, Laura: 123 Margerum, joanne: 56, 213 Margerum, Kenny: 79, 204 Margerum, Kevin: 30, 208 Margolis, Keith: 56,164, 302, 303 Margulies, Keith: 79 Margulies, Kevin: 30, 305 Marinelli, Glen: 79, 176, 245, 305, 327 Marinelli, Vicki: 56, 214 Marinovich, Laurie: 79 Maris, Robert: 30 Mariscal, Steve: 123 Markin, Diana: 30 Markin, Michael: 56 Maroney, Karla: 123 Marquez, Alfonso: 57, 206 Marquez, Mike: 123, 204 Marquis, Rhonda: 57 Marrale, joanne: 57 Marris, Virginia: 30 Marsh, Ralph: 30 Marsh, Steve: 57, 302 Marshall, Frank: 79 Marshall, Gina: 57 Martignoni, Mary: 57, 216 Martignoni, Paul: 123 Martin, Andy: 30 Martin, Beth: 57, 164, 302 Martin, Cynthia: 30 Martin, Dean: 123 Martin, Debora: 79,302 Martin, Debra: 123, 302 Martin, Douglas: 30 Martin, Edward: 79 Martin, Erin: 79 Martin, Geri: 23, 249, 293 Martin, john: 57 Martin, john: 57 Martin, Laurie: 79, 327 Martin, Lorraine: 57 Martin, Mike: 30 Martin, Paul: 30,173 Martin, Sheri: 57 Martin, Stacey: 124 Martin, Steven: 79 Martin, Wendy: 30 Martinez, Betty: 124, 293 Martinez, Casey: 79 Martinez, Darlene Martinez, Guadalupe: 30 Martinez, judith: 30, 216 Martinez, Max: 79 Martinez, Rita: 57 Martinez, Rosanna: 30 Martino, Chris: 79, 204 Martino, Laurie: 79 Martino, Mark: 30 Martinson, Cynthia: 79 Martz, Carl: 124,195, 245, 302, 326 Martz, Karen: 57 Maruschak, Mary: 30 Mason Dan: 79, 303 Mason, Doug: 30 Mason, jeff: 79, 204 Mason Lance: 30 Mason Linda: 30 Mason, Lisa: 79, 324 Mason, Mark: 57 Mason, Robert: 79 Mason, Thomas: 30 Massena, Brett: 30 Masten, Andrew McChristian,john:124 McChristian, Leslie: 57 McClain, Christine: 31, 216 McClane, Cassandra: 57 McClane, Kelly: 31 McCIatchey, jean: 224 McClemons, jeffrey: 57, 186 McClure, joel: 31 McCollam McCollam 302, 326 ,Chris: 57 , Patricia: 124, 194, 2 McCollum, Lisa McCollum, West: 79 Masten, Bonnie: 30 Masten, Martin: 79 Masters, jim: 124 Masterson, Michael: 124,194 Mastin, Barbara: 57 Mastroianni, Michael: 31 Mategorin, Gregory: 124, 79, 304 Mathews, Karen: 292, 302 Matics, Anton: 79,176, 245, 327 Matics, Kathy: 57 Matkowski, jeanine: 57, 212, 302, 327 Matkowski, Lisa: 31, 210 Matney, Dianna Matney, Dwight Matney, Michelle: 57 Matsumoto, Frances: 31 Matsuo, Denise: 124, 149, 247, 302 Matsuyama, Dori: 57, 294 Mattern, William: 57 Matthews, Dave: 57 Matthews, Karen: 31 Matthews, Kelley Mattox, Mike: 31 Mattox, Susan: 57 Mattson, Karen: 79 Mauldin, Ken: 31 Mauler, Anne: 124 Maxham, james: 57, 206 Maxham, Michael: 31, 208 Maxwell, Vickie: 31 May, Eric: 57 Mayer, Curry: 31 Mayfield, Debby: 31 Maynard, joseph: 124, 185 Maynard, Richard MacMillan, Steve: 79 McAdoo, Carol: 79, 199 McAdoo, Michele: 124,199 McAlear, Patricia: 57 McAlear, john: 79, 303 McAlear, Tom: 248 McArdle, Michael McArthur, Fiona McBride, jeanne: 31 McBride, Paul: 31 McCabe, Lori: 31 McCallson, Lori: 124 McCamment, Collen:124 McCamment, Steve: 31 McCann, Peter: 31 McCarthy, Carrie: 57 McCarthy, jerome: 57 McCarthy, Kevin: 31,208 McCarthy, Mary: 226 McCarthy, Michael: 57, 302 McCarthy, Sylvia: 79 McCarty, Linda McCasland, Tim: 57, 306 McComb, Greg: 79 McComb, Michael McCormick, Theresa: 31 McCubbin, Tina McCullough, jeff: 57 McDermott, Shannon: 57, 327 McDonald, Kenneth: 31 McDonough, Scott: 31 McDonough, Shaun: 79 McEwen, jim: 57 McFarland, William: 226 McGeever, Gary McGehee, Kelly: 57 McGinley, Kenny: 31 McGinley, Teresa: 31, 302 McGinley, Vince: 79 McGinnis,john: 80 McGinnis, Lucy McGinnis, Robin: 80 McGlasson, Vicki: 124 McGovern, Grace: 124 McGrew, Geneice: 57, 216,327 MCC-uirl, Mark: 31 Mclntosh, Tim: 124 McKay, Deborah: 57 McKee, Kathy: 57 McKenney, Darrell: 124 McKenney, Mike: 31 McKenzie, Craig: 31 McKenzie, Mark McKown, Daryl: 57 McLain, David: 80 McLain, Marlyin: 31 McLaughlin, Kevin: 57, 306 McLaughlin, Patrick: 125 McLean, Robbie: 80 McLeod, Karon: 57 McMann, Brian: 31, 208 McMann, joan: 80 McMeans, Cathy: 57 McMeans, Felicia: 31 McMullen, Thomas: 80 McMurry, john McNair, Laura: 125, 304 McNamara, james McNamara, james: 125, 176, 195, 302 McNamara, Kathleen: 57, 216 McPhee, jane: 227 McSwain, Alan: 303 McSwain, Patrick: 80 McVey, judy: 80,210 McVicker, Howard: 231 McWherter, Cheryl: 57 Meacham, Margaret: 227 Meade, Susan: 57 Mealey, Patty: 57 Mealey, Peter: 125 Medaris, Diana: 125 index 7 3 Mills, Morris, Virginia Medaris, Rozanne Medel, Scott: 31 Meeker, Kathy Meeks, Billy: 225 Meeks, Charlene: 224 Megeff, Mark Meierl, Herbert: 31 Meierl, Linda: 80,294,302 Meifu, Robert: 80 Meifu, Sheryl: 125 Mejia, George: 58 Mejia, joe: 31 Mejia, juanita: 80 Melendez,jody: 58,125,302 Melendez: 243 Mellinger, Cheryl: 58 Mello, Mike: 31 Mellody, june Mellon, Kim: 80 Melott, Tammy: 58 Melvin, Lisa: 80 Melvin, Rhonda: 58 Melvin, Robert: 31 Mendelsohn, jay: 58, 186, 302 Mendez, Marialia: 31 Mendoza, Damian: 125 Mendoza, David: 125 Mendoza, Maria: 80 Mendoza, Robert: 58,302 Mendoza, Teresa: 31 Mennealy, Timothy: 218 Mentzer, joanne: 220 Menze, Anthony: 58 Mercer, Lori: 80 Mercer, Robin: 31 Merha, jeri: 80 Merha, Kimber: 58 Merrick, Carol: 125 Merrill, Linda: 80 Merrill, Sherri: 80, 191 Merriman, Anna: 229 Merritt, Cheri: 80 Merritt, Mary: 58, 216 Merry, Daniel: 58,305 Merry, Tamara: 125, 190, 293 Mertz, Fred: 58 Metildi, Steven: 58, 302 Metzer, Patricia: 58, 302 Metzger, Michelle: 31 Miller, Andy: 126,185 Miller, Barry: 227 Miller, Blane: 58 Miller, Bob: 31 Miller, Cheryl: 31,126 Miller, Clay: 126 Miller, Dave: 58 Miller, Don Miller, Helen: 152 Miller, jeffrey: 58, 294 Miller, Karen: 58,327 Miller, Kyle: 58 Miller, Lee: 58 Miller, Lisa E.: 80 Miller, Lisa j.: 58 Miller, Mike: 31 Miller, Mike: 80 Miller, Paula: 32 Miller, Rick: 80, 204 Miller, Roy: 222 Miller, Scott: 32, 302 Miller, Sheryl: 213 Miller, Terry: 32 Miller,Tim: 32,302 Miller ,Wayne:126 Miller, William: 58 Miller Millet d, Karen: 32 t, Barbara: 58 Milliman, Terry: 32 Millon, Holly: 80 Millon, Susan: 58 Mills, Carla: 58 Mills, Clay: 32 Mills, Elizabeth: 32, 294 Mills, Stephen: 32, 213 Mills, Timothy: 126, 210, 294, 325 William: 227 Meyer, Cindy: 125 Meyer, Kelly: 31 Meyer, Susan: 294, 302 Meyers, Danny Meyers, Gregory: 58 Meyers, jeffery Meyers, Renee:125 Meyers, Sue: 125, 177, 247, 326 Michael, Colleen: 31 Michael, Cynthia: 126, 305 Michaelis, Kelly: 31 Mickaelian, Wayne: 229 Mickelson, Randy: 126 Mierczynski, Douglas: 31 Miers, Daniel: 305 Mihelic, Kenneth: 80 Mikelson, Paul: 58 Mikolajek, Phillip: 58 Miles, Stuart: 31 Millan, Danny: 31 Millar, jim: 58 Millar, Rebecca: 126 348 7 Index Milner, Michael: 228 Miltier, Leland Miner, Kendall: 126 Minor, Denise: 32,302 Minor, Renee: 58, 194, 293 Mirabella, Teresa: 58,216 Miranda, Bobby: 58 Mirth, Eddie: 58 Misner, Timothy: 32 Mitchell, Cathy Mitchell, Robert: 58 Mitcheu, Chris: 80 Mittelman, Stanley: 231, 299 Mize, Randy: 58 Moffett, janet: 58 Moffett, Terrie: 80, 302 Mohr,julia: 58,305 Mohrhauser, Mark: 126, 306 Mohrhauser, Scott: 32 Moisio, Nova: 58 Mollkoy, Alex Mollkoy, Louise: 126, 253 Mongeau, james: 32 Monroe, Terri: 58 Montgomery, Doug: 32 Montgomery, james: 224 Moore, David B.: 32 Moore, Erin: 32 Moore, Linda: 80 Moore, Lyman Moore, Michelle: 58 Moore, Paula: 80 Moore, Randy Moore, Rhonda: 58 Moore, Ricky: 126 Moore Russ: 80 Moore, Teri: 126, 302 Moore, Thomas: 213 Moothart, Wendy: 32 Mora, Yolanda: 126 Morabito, Craig: 126, 164, 293 Moraffah, Farhad: 58 Moraffah, Shahrzad: 80 Moreland, Leslie Moreno, Teresa: 126 Morey, Carol: 32 Morioka, Guy Morley, Karen: 80 Morneau, Dianna: 80 Morr, Steven: 32 Morrell, Dennis: 32 Morrell,janice: 126,177,178 Morris, Cynthia: 32,195 Morris, jacquelyn: 80 Morris, janet: 222, 195, 302 Morris, Leigh: 80,195, 327 Morris, Linda Morris, Martin Morris, Perry: 126, 210, 295, 302 Morris, Susan: 80 Morris, Thomas: 58 Morris, Vickie: 126 Morrison, Elizabeth: 32 Morrison, Mark: 127 Morrissey, Tom: 80 Morrone, Pam: 80 Morsch, Susan: 80,214 Mortensen, Lisa: 58, 327 Morton, Richard: 32, 300, 302 Moser, Ruth: 80, 190, 302, 303, 327 Mosher, Kirk: 32 Mosher, Leslie: 80 Moss, Kevin: 32 Motheral, Cheryl: 58 Motl, Mark: 58 Mount, Ken: 58 Mount, Steve: 32 Mowdy, Thomas: 127 Moyle, Cheryll: 80, 212 Mueller, Scott: 80 Muhs, Vickie: 32 Mulcahy, Shannon: 32 Mullard, Michael: 32, 213 Mullen, Denise: 32 Mullen, Lori: 80, 213, 305 Mullen, Pam: 58, 305 Munoz, Gloria: 32 Munoz, Maria E.: 59 Munoz, Maria F. Montijo, Mike:126, 245, 302, 304 Moon, Keith: 80 Mooneyham, Robin: 32 Mooneyham, Scott Moore , Bryan: 80 Moore, Clarence: 32 Moore, Dan: 80 Moore, David A.: 32 Munson, Rhonda: 59 Munson, Robert: 32 Murdock, Karen: 127 Murillo, David: 32 Murphy, Chella: 32 Murphy, Daniel: 59 Murphy, janet: 32 Murphy, janice: 32 Murphy, janis: 32 Murphy, john: 80 Murphy, Kevin: 80 Murphy, Linda: 32 Murphy, Mendy: 32 Murphy, Mike: 81 Murphy, Robin: 32 Murphy, Tim: 81 Murphy, Tina: 81 Murray, jay: 59, 302 Murray, Richard: 81 Murray, Thomas: 81 Murry, Cheri: 127 Murry, Elmer: 59 Murry, Keri: 32 Murry, Maureen: 32 Murry, Teri: 32,188 Muscente, Elizabeth: 32, 302 Mushett, Leo: 127 Musser, Bill Nelson, Linda: 59,247 Nelson, Mike: 81 Nelson, Paul: 59,177,178, 302 Nelson, Rodney: 59,187 Nelson, Tamara: 127, 213, 293 Nemchik, Terence: 33 Nepura, Michele: 127 Nesslin, Kathy Nesslin, Tony Neu, Mike: 59 Neu, Perry: 33 Neudecker, Debra: 127 Nevarez, Karl: 127 Nevarez, Kurt: 59 New, Debbie: 59, 216 New, Robert: 33 Newberg, Keith: 81 Newell, Don: 33 Newhard,jerry: 81,123 Novratil, john: 128 Nowak, Dennis: 128 Nowak, Lisa: 81 Nowak, Matt: 33 Nowak, Thomas: 81 Nozaki, Alan: 33 Nozaki, Ronald: 81 Nuna, Rose Nyholm, Charles: 33 Nyholm, Victoria: 128 OOOOO O'l3rien, Colleen: 33 O'l3rien, Kathleen: 59 O'l3rien, Kathy: 128 O'l3rien, Mary: 128 O'l3rien, Mathew: 59 O'l3rien, Timothy: 33 Newman Newman 1 Dawna:127 Laura: 33 Musso, Michael: 204 Musso, Trevor: 81 Muzic, Tim: 59 Myers, Cheri: 59 Myers, Dan: 81 Myers, Michael: 59 Newman Martha: 81 1 Newman Mike: 81 1 Newman, Monte Newman,Teresa: 81, 214 Newmiller, Debby: 33 Newton, Ahna: 59, 213 Oppendisano, Christine: 33 NNNNN Naab, Cindi:127 Nagamine, Lei: 59,216 Nagler, Rich: 59 Nagura, Rick: 33,186 Nakamura, Nancy: 81 Namby, jeff: 81 Napoli, Antoinette: 127 Napoli, Charles: 59 Napoli, David: 33 Napp, Patti: 81 Naranjo,Arleen:127 Naranjo, Gerry: 59 Narveson, julie: 33, 300,302 Narveson, Scott Nash, Kelli: 81 Nash, Robert: 127 Natale, jeffrey: 33 Natale, Vicky: 81, 177, 178, 324 Naubert, Andree: 33 Naughton, Clare: 59 Navarrete, Elizabeth: 33 Neagle, Doug: 81 Neal, Kevin: 81 Neal, Robert: 81 Needham, Lawrence: 81 Needham, Vicki: 33, 216 Neer, Debbie: 33 Neer, Michael: 127 Neer, Teri: 81,327 Neff, Mel Neher, Kathleen: 127 Neher, Sheryl: 59 Neher, Terri: 81 Neilson, Robin: 127 Neitzey, Theresa: 81 Nelson, Christopher: 33 Nelson, Clare: 33, 248, 302, 326 Nelson, David: 81 Nelson, Dean: 33 Nelson, Ginger: 81 Nelson, Karen: 127 Nelson, Laura: 81 Newton, Cara: 33,216 Newton, Christopher: 81 Newton, Stephen: 33 Ng, jonathan: 59, 300,302 Nichols, Kathy: 81 Nichols, Mike: 33,186 Nicholson, jim: 33 Nicholson, john: 59, 206 Nielsen,Troy: 59 Niemczyk, Alice: 59 Niemeyer, Cheryl: 81,164,194, 298, 327 Niesley, Lilah: 81, 213, 294 Niesley, Will: 81, 204 Nieves, Steve: 33 Nipper, con: 81, 210, 302, 327 Nisco, Philip: 127, 204 O'Campo, Bernadette: 128 O'Connell, Denis: 129 O'Donnell, Karri: 59 O'Leary, Kenneth: 33 O'Malley, Christine: 33 Ochda, jaime: 59 Ochoa, javier: 81 Odlan: 239 Odland,john: 59,293 Oganeku, Mary: 81,214 Oganeku, Mike: 129 Oganeku, Monica: 59, 213 Ogden, Roy: 81 Ogden, Vicky: 129 Ogino, Amelia: 188 Ogino, Nancy: 129,189, 253 Nisco, Theresa: 33 Nitkin, Leslie: 128 Nixon, Kevin: 59 Noack, Trish: 33 Nobella, Manuel: 59 Noble, Douglas: 81,195 Noble, james Noble, jeff: 33 Noble, Lisa: 59 Noble, Raynor: 33,208 Noble, Robert: 128, 326 Ogle, Steven: 81 Oh, Linda: 81 Olerud, l3jorn:129, 248 Olguin, Mark: 33 Olhoffer, Shelley: 33 Oliver, Pam: 59 Olivieri, Mark: 59 Olmstead, Kurt: 81 Olmstead, Sonja: 59 Olsen, Audrey: 33 Olsen, Karen: 59 Olson, Carol: 59 Olson, Lee Olson, Margaret: 129, 248 Olson, Robert: 33, 208 Olson, Vana: 33, 292 Ommondson, Ellen: 129 Ooms, Kenneth: 59 Opfer, Lisa: 33 Nofziger, Phillip: 33 Noguchi, Donna: 229 Nolan, Laurie: 59 Nolan, Richard: 128,168,169 Nolde, Robert: 128, 245 Nomura, Mitchell: 81 Noppenberger, Henry: 33 Noppenberger, Herman: 59 Noppenberger, Horst: 128 Nordli, Kathy: 81 Norling, David: 128 Norling, Sheila: 59 Norrick, Kimberly Norris, Alden: 59 Norris, Claudia: 33, 216 Norton, janine: 81 Orcholski, Robin: 129,169,1 245 Orcholski, Suzanne: 33,298 Ormand, Donald: 33 Orme, Paige: 33 Ornellas, Richard Orozco, Franklin: 81 Orr, Cheryl: 129, 304 Orsillo, Laura: 82 Orth, Erik: 33 Orwig, Ken: 34 Osborn, Mark: 129,294 Osborne, Michele: 129, 302 Osborne, Natalie: 34 Osborne, Terri: 129 Oscarson, Patty: 59,188, 192, Oshida, Cheryl: 34 8, lndex X 349 Dster, Phil: 59 Oswald, Pat: 59 Otterline, Lawrence: 157 Oulela, David: 82,210,295 Oulela, Dean: 34 Oxhorn, Philip:130, 300 Oxhorn, Sandra: 34,300 Oyama, Mike: 59 PPPPP Paas, Cynthia: 34 Paas, Edward: 82 Pacheco, Frank: 34 Padilla, Ron: 60, 206 Pagano, Mark: 34 Page, Anthony: 60 Page, Bobby: 34, 208 Page, Mark: 34 Page, Michelle: 60, 217 Page, Timmy: 82 Palacios, Philip: 60 Palacios, Vincent: 34 Palaoro, james: 82 Palmer, Darla Palmer, Vicki: 151, 213 Panchak, Edward: 34 Panchak, Virginia: 82, 252, 302 Paniptchuck, llka: 34 Paniptchuck, Roy: 34 Pankhurst, Paul: 235 Panzarella, Giovanna: 82 Pappas, Rebecca: 130 Parham, Tony: 82 Paris, Rich: 82 Parker, David: 60 Parker, Deana: 130 Parker, Mark: 60 Parks, Raymond: 60 Parnoff, Alan: 82 Parry, Deann: 214 Parsons, Gloria: 34 Parsons, jan: 130 Parsons, jeffrey: 82 Parsons, Leslie: 82 Parsons, Megan: 130 Parsons, Susan: 82 Parsons, Thomas: 151 Paselk, Cheryl: 60, 293, 300 Pastizzo, David: 60 Pastizzo, Tony: 34, 208 Paterson, Laura: 60 Patino, Lydia: 34 Patino, Rosalie: 60 Patrick, Debra: 82 Patrick, Gayle: 82, 303, 304 Patrick, Susan: 34 Patterson, Allan: 34, 208 Patterson, Dianne: 82, 302 Patterson, Kevin: 130, 204 Patterson, Ray: 60 Patterson, Ron: 82 Patterson, Toby: 34 Paugh, Abigail: 130 Paul, Christine: 82,214 Paul, Rick: 82, 293, 302 Paulk, Fred: 82 Paulsen, Debbie: 82 Paulus, Cherie: 34 Pausy, Tony: 34 Pauwels, Eric Pavlak, Marianne: 60 350 7 Index Pavlak, Suzanne: 130 Pavlu, Marla: 130 Payne, Laurie: 60 Payne, Terrisa: 34 Payne, Therese: 130 Payne, Vicki: 130 Peacock, Lisa: 34 Peart, Bill: 31, 208 Pecha, Steve: 60 Peck, David: 60 Peck, Kathryn: 34,305 Peck, Susan: 82, 247, 302 Pedersen, Freddy: 34 Peers, Karen: 34 Peers, Mark: 130 Pelley, Stephen Pemberton, Steve: 82, 195, 245 Pemberton, Susan: 60,302 Pendleton: 239 Pendleton, Virginia: 60 Penhall, David: 150 Penna, Lisa: 34,305 Pennell, Dave: 130 Pepper, William: 130 Perez, Al: 82 Perez, Luis: 82 Perez, Tina: 60 Perkins, Darleen: 82 Perkins, Gail: 82 Perkins, jeri: 34 Perkins, Marcelyn: 82, 213 Perks, Ronald: 60 Perrault, Denise: 34 Perrault, Sara: 82 Perron, Laura: 34 Perry, james: 82 , 302 Phillips, Linda: 34 Phillips, Mark: 60 Phillips, Victoria: 131, 305 Piantoni, Lynnda: 131 Piantoni, Michael: 60 Piazza, Cindy: 131 Picano, Brent: 34 Pickford, Bruce: 228 Pierce, Denise Pierce, Paul:131 Piercy, Alan: 82 Pierson, Donn: 131 Pierson, Wendy: 60 Pikulin, Karen: 34,302 Pillar, David Pina, Elva: 34 Pinkus, Stephen: 60, 299, 302 Piper, Chris: 34,208 Piquemal, Dominique: 34 Pitcher, john: 34 Pitchforth, james: 82, 210, 302 Pitts, jerry: 227 Pitts, Kayte: 131,164 Pitts, Kelly: 131,204 Pitts, Vicky: 82 Pletz, Stacey: 131 Plum, Mark: 82 Plum, Susan: 131 Plumlee, Doryce: 60,191 Poe, Ledeen: 60,304 Pohl, Sylvia: 35 Pohlke, Eric: 35 Poldruhi, Peter: 131 Polikretis, Del: 35 Pollard, Teresa: 60, 253 Pollitt, Gary: 82 Perry, Lauri: 130, 214 Perusich, Naidajo: 60,210 Pesavento, Doreen: 130,174 Pesuvento, David: 34 Pomeroy, Gerald: 220 Ponce: 239 Pond, Mike: 131 Ponzio, Mike: 35 Peters, Bonnie: 34 Peters, Craig Peters, Gary: 60 Peters, Mark: 82 Peters, Mike: 130 Peters, Pam: 82 Petersen, Dennis: 34 Petersen, Greg: 130,174 Petersen, james: 82 Petersen, Kirsten: 82 Peterson Allan: 34 Peterson Don: 130 Peterson, Laura: 130, 301, 304 Peterson Russell: 34,186 Peterson Peterson Scott: 60, 302 Steven: 131 Poole, Barbara: 131 Poole, Robert: 60 Pooler, james Popken, Deborah: 131 Popken, Ian: 82 Popken, Larry: 35 Popken, Lorrie: 131, 247 Poppe, Brenda: 60 Porte, Bob: 60 Porte, Neil: 35,186 Post, jody: 35 Poston, Drew: 82 Potes, Karen: 82,177,178 Potter, Chris: 60, 249 Potter, Michael Potts, jeff Petrie, Tammy: 34 Petrone, Mike Pettit, Lewis: 82, 179, 245 Pettus, Nathan: 131 Peukert, Debra Peuser, Elisabeth: 131 Pfeiffer, Michelle: 131 Pfister, Cynthia: 131 Philbin, Robert: 34 Philbin, Teresa: 82, 247, 210, 302, 327 Philippsen, Brian: 131 Philippsen, janet: 82 Philippsen, jimmy: 82 Phillips, Christy: 34 Phillips, Francis: 82 Poulsen, David: 35 Poulsen, Laurie: 60 Poulsen, Susan Powell, Hugh: 82 Powell, Lourene: 60 Powell, Michael: 83 Powell, Nancy: 35 Power, Debra: 83,191 Power, john: 132, 174 Power, Theresa: 132 Powers, Robin: 60 Pozos, Anthony: 132 Pozos, Randall: 83 Prado, Cynthia: 132,199 Pratt, Gregory: 35 Pratt, jeffery: 132 Pratt, Kim: 83 Pratt, Paul: 132 Pratt, Steve: 204 Prebish, Diane: 60 Prelle, Chris: 35 Presley, Mark: 132 Prest, Charles: 60 Prest, Marie: 132 Price, Grace: 60 Price, Karen: 60 Price, Lisa: 35 Price, Sherri: 83 Price, Tiffeney: 83 Prichard, Benjamin: 35, 208 Prichard, Cindy: 83 Prilliman, Roger: 35 Pritchard, Larry: 60 Pritchard, Michelle Protzner, Marie: 83, 302 Pruden, Mark: 83 Pruim, Laurel: 132, 190 Ptasznik, Lonnie: 132, 216 Ptasznik, Randall: 35 Puchalski, Debra: 132, 214, 302 Puchalski, john: 83 Puchalski, Mary: 35 Puente, Michael: 35 Pulford, Gary: 83, 303 Pull,jim: 60,187 Pullen, jody: 132 Pullen, Mitzi: 83 Punko, Kathleen: 301,302 Purkiewicz, Ramona Purnell, Patricia: 154, 253 Putnam, Brenda Putnam, Katharine: 83 Putnam, Margaret Pyle, Shirley QQQQQ Quecke, David: 133 Quecke, james: 35 Quigley, Linda: 35, 216 Quigley, Steven: 60 Quilla, David: 60, 295, 302, 304 Quiniano, Gina: 83, 213, 294 Quiniano, Lori: 60, 210 Quiniano, Pablo: 35 Quinn, Steve: 35 RRRRR Rabun, Lisa: 60 Radabaugh, Deanna Ragozzino, Michelle: 60, 195, 302, 305 Raiche, Nancy: 35 Rainey, Mary: 35 Rainey, Norman Raley, jody: 35 Ralston, Lisa: 35 Rameriz, john: 35 Ramiraz, Adalberte: 83 Ramirez, Carmen: 133 Ramirez, Francine: 83 Ramirez, jon: 35 Ramirez, Manuel: 83 Ramirez, Mona Ramirez, Robert: 133 Ramirez, Rosie: 83 Ramos, Angela 2 94, Ramos, Annette: 83 Ramos, Cynthia Ramos, Martin: 133 Ramos, Steven: 35 Ramsay, Charles: 35 Ramsey, Charles: 83 Ramsey, Lisa: 61 Randolph, Duane: 61 Rankin, David: 35,208 Rankin, Keith: 83 Rapozo, Teri: 133 Ras, Anna: 61 Rash, Gregory Rasmussen, David: 83 Rasmussen, Donna: 35 Rathman, Robert: 159 Ratner, Marc: 35,164 Ratzlaff, Mike: 35,305 Rauls, Karen: 133, 305 Rauls, Mike: 61 Rauls, Thomas: 83, 212 Raupp, Alicia: 83, 302 Raus, Eric: 61 Raus, Rey Ravve, Nick: 83, 204, 212, 302 Ravve, Susie: 35 Ravvely, Norman: 83 Ray, Nancy: 83 Ray, Terry: 61 Ray, Vickie: 35 Rayhawk, Cheryl: 61 Raymond, Darlene: 35 Raymond, Donald: 83,204 Rea, Gina: 83, 191, 305 Read, Frank: 83 Read, Tobyn: 61 Reagin, Ramona: 35,294 Real, Frank: 35 Reber, Ricky: 35,186 Rector, Kelly: 61 Redding, Earl: 35,210 Redding, Laura: 133, 294, 302 Redding, Richard: 133 Redman, joan: 61 Reece, Susan: 61 Reed, Daniel: 61 Reed, Eric: 83,172 Reed, john: 83 Reed, Patricia: 61, 210, 217 Reese, Mark: 61 Reese, Rick: 61 Reeves, Bill: 83, 293 Regan, joseph: 61 Reguero, Edvvard: 61 Reguero, Sharon: 133 Rehling, Cheryl: 133 Rehm, Harold Rehm, Paul: 35 Reid, jill: 83 Reider, Carroll: 61 Reiff, Charlie: 61 Reiff, Lorie: 35 Reiland, jane: 61 Reiland, john: 133 Reilly, Mark: 83 Reilly, Scott: 35 Reinhard, Guido: 152,195 Reither, judi: 83, 213 Relf, Dwana: 83 Remmers, Mike: 83 Renes,janice: 83,294,302 Renes, Nancy: 133, 211, 294 Renfro, Debbie: 61 Rentas, james Reppe, Wendy: 133 Reuland, Frank: 83, 302 Reuland, Ralf: 35 Reusch, Barbara: 61 Reuscher, judy: 35 Revoir, jeanne: 133 Revoir, Rita: 83 Reyburn, jeffrey: 159, 207 Reyes, Carlos: 61,206 Reyes, Victor Rhoades, Mark Rhoades, Victor Rhoads, Dianne: 61 Rhoads, joanne: 61 Rhorer, Leighanne: 61 Rice, Stevan: 231 Rich, Cary: 35 Rich, Christina Rich, Gerry Rich, Rene: 36 Richards, David: 83, 245 Richards, Laura: 36 Richards, Lynda: 61 Richarsd, Pam Richards, Tim: 133 Richardson, Guy Richardson, Lori: 61 Richardson, Scott Richardson, Stacey: 83, 194, 2 49 327 Richmond, Marie: 61 Richmond, Richard: 83 Richmond, Ron Ricks, Pam: 36 Ridens, Ted: 61 Ridgers, Craig: 36 Ridgers, Kathy: 83,191 Ridgevvay, Linda: 61 Ridsdale, Leah: 133,199 Ries, Colette: 36 Riese, Larry: 133,172 Riganti, Dolores Rigaud, Gregory: 36 Rigdon, james: 36 Riggins, Linda: 61 Riker, Cathlin: 36,190 Riker, Laurie: 133, 174,190, 301 Riley, Kay: 83 Ring, Mynda: 61 Rippel, Amy: 61 Rippy, Marjorie: 36 Risse, Elaine: 133 Risse, janice: 61 Risse, Monica: 36 Risse, Patricia: 61 Risse, Richard: 83 Ristau, William: 133 Rister, Darlayne: 61,195 Ritari, Catherine: 134 Ritari, joseph: 83, 208 Ritchie, Cynthia: 84 Ritchie, Sharon: 36 Ritchie, Wayne: 61 Rivera, George: 36 Rizzo, Ralph: 36 Roach, Russell Robarge, Leslie: 134 Robben, julie: 84 ,3 02 Robbins, Kathy: 61 Roberdes, Mark: 84 Roberson, Kelli: 36 Roberson, Michael: 84 Roberson, Michelle: 84 Roberts, Cathy: 36 Roberts, Cindy: 36 Roberts, julie Roberts, Mark: 61 Roberts, Terry: 84 Robertson, Charles Robertson Daniel: 134 Robertson Danny Robertson, Kristine Robertson, Terris Robertson, Tim Robertson, Todd: 36 Robin, Barry: 134 Robinson, Glenn Robinson, Heather: 36 Robinson, james: 36 Robledo, Ronald: 84 Robles, Ralph: 84 Robles, Ronnie: 36 Rocheleau, Robert Rocheleau, Susan: 61 Rodgers, Lindy: 61 Rodgers, Tom: 36,186 Rodriguez, Cheryl: 84, 302 Rodriguez, Antonio: 223 Rodriguez, Deeanna: 61, 303, 304 Roeckl, Lori: 36 Roehrman, Randy: 36 Rofer, Brian: 84 Rogalski, Mike: 84 Rogalski, Roberta: 36 Rogers, Corwin: 36,186 Rogers, Henry: 84 Rogers, Marie: 36 Rogers, Kendal: 84,187 Rogers Mark: 134 Rogers, Michael: 134 Rogers, Michelle: 61 Rogoff, l3eth:134 Rogoff, julie: 84 Rojas, johanna Rojas, Mario Rokes, Robert: 36 Rolince, Shelly: 61 Rolle, Karyl: 84,300,327 Rolle, Robert: 230 Rolince, Sue: 134 Rollins, Patty: 61 Roman, Reid: 84 Romero, Adrian: 134 Romero, Patricia: 61,216 Romey, Laura: 36 Romey, Patricia: 84 Romine, Kevin: 36,208 Roork, David: 62, 213 Roork, Laurie: 84 Roper, David: 36 Roper, jacqueline: 134, 2 Roper, Michelle: 84 Roque, Patrick: 62 Roque, Teresa Rosales, john: 228,208 Rose, David: 62 Rose, Donna L.: 62 Rose, Donna M.: 36 352 X Index 210, 302, 14, 305 Rose Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose, , Sandra: 36 , Terri: 36, 305 Rose Rose ,jamesz 36 Laura Pamela: 84 Richard: 36 Robert: 84 Roseberry, Kary: 84, 216 Rosewitz, Steven: 62 Rosner, Careen: 84,293 Rosner, Mark: 36 Ross, Debra: 36 Rotcher, Marci: 84, 176, 302, Roth, Eric: 84 Rounce, Stephane: 36 Roundy, Roger: 134 Routh, Debbie: 134 Rouw, Cindy: 36, 194, 292 Row, jeffrey: 62 Rowan, Mike: 36,173 Rowe, Ricky: 84,305 Rowland, Bradly: 36 Rowlands, Debra: 84 Rowlands, Gillette: 84 Rubadue, Mark: 62, 206 Rude, Debbie: 62 Rufer, Daniel: 134 Ruiz, Edward: 84 Ruiz, Patricia: 62 Ruiz, Richard: 84, 204 Ruiz, Val: 36 Rumburg, Steve: 84 Runfola, Anthony: 36 Runfola, Sandra: 62 Runge,john: 84 Rupiper, Kimberly: 134,216 Rupiper, Lawrence: 62 Rupp, Matthew: 36 Rupp, Michael: 84 Ruscoe, Scott: 84 Russell, Dagmar: 84 Russell, Margaret: 36 Russell, Tamara: 84 Russo, Rochelle: 62 Rust, jacque: 62, 216 Rustvold, Linda: 84 Rutherford, jim: 36, 294 Rutherford, Pamela: 134 Rutledge, Lori Ryan,john: 36 Ryan, Margaret: 134 Ryan, Patty: 62,190 SSSSS Sabo, Nanci: 36 Sabo, Vickie: 134 Sacks, Barry: 62 Sadakane, Michelle: 37,294 3 Sameshima, jeanne: 37, 216, 294, 302 326 Sanchez, Daniel: 37 Sanchez, Danny: 62, 167, 194,196, 325, 327 Sanchez, Darlene: 37 Sanchez, David Sanchez, Denise: 37 Sanchez, Donna: 62 Sanchez, Sally: 84 Sanchez, Sylvia: 37, 292 Sanchez, Tommy Sand, Deborah: 134 Sand, Mark: 62 Sander, Denise: 62 Sander, Gary Sanders, Doug Sanders, Edgar: 62 Sanders, jim: 37 Sanders, Teri: 84 Sandors, Stephen: 135 Santamaria, Carmen: 37 Santiago, lan Santo, Elisia: 37, 217 Santoro, Laura: 37 Sargent, Katherine: 135 Sargent, Lisa: 62 Sarmiento, jayne: 37 Sarmiento, john: 84, 169 Sato, Mary Ann: 135, 326 Sato, Robert: 135 Satterthwaite, Debbie: 37, 217 Saunders, Gina: 62 Saunders, Tami: 84, 210,302,327 Savoy, janiene: 37 Savoy, jerry: 135 Sawvell, Stephanie: 37 Saylor, Cassondra: 135,174 Saylor, Raymond: 84 Sayre, joanne: 135 Sayre, john: 135 Sayre, Pamela: 84 Sadakane, Shelli: 134,294,302 Saenz, Rafael: 231 Sains, Gerry: 62 Sakauye, Lori: 62,302 Sakert, Marcella: 37 Salas, Glenn Salcedo, Bernie: 37 Salcedo, jose: 84 Salcido, Lori: 62,217 Salerno, jeffrey: 37 Saltman, Dianna: 134,302 Saltman, Marla: 37,192 Salvatore, Susanne: 62,302 Sayre, Peggy: 84 Scarlata, Frank: 84 Scattergood, Marilou: 224 Schaack, Becky: 84 Schaak, Becky: 135 Schack, Larry: 37,186 Schantz, Cynthia Schantz, Nancy: 62 Scharbach, john: 62 Schaum, Cindy: 37 Schauwecker, Randy: 62 Schellingerhout, Chris: 37 Schenach, Tony: 84 Schenk, john: 135 Scherer, Glenda Scherer, Leonard: 62 Schlafer,jack: 62,206 Schlauch, Rachele: 62,189 Schlanch, Ronda: 85, 212 Schmahl, Linda: 135 Schmidt, Douglas: 62,300 Schmier, Don: 85 Schmuck, Darla: 37 Schmuck, Fred: 85 Schmuck, Michael: 62 Schneider, Chris: 85 Schneider, David: 37 Schock, Nancy: 37, 216 Schofield, Robert: 62,302 Schriefer, Michael Schroeder, Ed: 62 Schroeder, Kathy: 135 Schuffert, Peggy: 85 Schuller, Liane:135, 326 Schultz, Steve: 85 Schumacher, Mark: 135 Schummer, Debra: 62 Schuster, Bruce: 37 Schuster, Colleen: 135 Schuster, Scott: 135 Schwanke, Paul: 85 Schwartz, Mindy: 135 Schwartz, Randy: 62, 302 Schwartz, Susan: 62 Schwartzkopf, Eliz.: 230, 303 Scoble, jeff: 37, 213 Scott, Bob: 37 Scott, Greg: 62 Scott, Keeli: 135,174,199 Scott, Kelly: 85, 213 Scott Kevin: 62 Scott, Leslie: 37 Scott, Susan: 62,191 Scott, Susie: 85 Scott, Valerie: 135 Scull, Todd: 62 Scully, Stephanie: 62 Scurci, Brandee: 135,176 Seaman, Melinda: 37,195 Sears, Greg: 37 Sebastian, Gregory: 136 Seboldt, Debra: 62 See, Danny: 37 See, Mark: 85 Seeks, Kathleen: 62 Seguine, Carol: 136 Seguine, jennifer: 62, 210, 325 Seidl, Melenie:136 Seipel, joan: 37 Seki, Sharlene: 37 Selby, Leotah: 136 Sell, Robynn: 37 Sells, Cynthia: 37, 194 Sells, William: 62 Selvo, Lynette: 85 Selvo, Wayne: 136 Sena, Mark: 63, 304 Senatore, Gina: 85 Sendra, Richard: 136,169, 302 Senzig, Richard: 136 Senzig,Timothy: 85 Sepion, Pamela: 63 Shaw, Ann: 136,214 Shaw, Elaine: 85 Shaw, james: 63 Shaw, Myles: 37 Shaw, Thomas: 63,206 Shearin, john Shechter, Tracy: 85 Sheehan, Elaine: 63 Sheelar, jacqueline: 37, 212 Sheelar, joellen: 137 Sheldrake, Mike: 85 Shell, Eddie: 37 Shelley, Denise: 63, 195, 216 Shelley, Karen: 37, 216 Shelton, David: 137 Sheppard, Debbie: 63 Shepphird, Fred: 137 Sheridan, jo Ann: 137 Sheridan, Kim: 63 Sheridan, Lynne: 137 Sheridan, Robert: 85 Sherman, Lynn: 227 Sherrell, Brian: 37, 210 Shibata, Stanley: 63, 206 Shimomura,joyce:137 Skaggs, Vera: 63, 216 Skare, jamie: 85, 302 Skipton, Keith: 38 Slaten, Laurie: 63 Slater, Denise: 63 Slater, jeffrey: 38,304 Slater, Vicki: 85 Slaton, Teresa: 63 Sleedley, jill: 137 Sletto, Christine: 138 Sloan, Debbie: 63 Slovak, Dana: 63, 304 Slovak, Lance: 38 Smaglik, Barbara: 63 Smaglik, Connie: 38 Smaglik, Nadine: 138 Small, Charlene: 138 Small, Kathlene Small, Sean: 138 Small, Steven: 63 Small, Thomas: 38 Smiley, Susan: 85, 216 Shimomura, Linda: 85, 248, 302 Shipley, Melonie: 37 Shipma, Rob: 63 Shloub, Diane: 63 Shoemake, Terri: 85 Shoemaker, Valerie: 63, 179, 293 Shokouhi, Behnaz Shortridge, Colleen: 37 Shuey, Tina: 85 Sianez, Alonzo Sianez, Linda: 37 Sickman, Charles: 63 Sickman, Steve: 85, 204 Siegmann, Mark: 37 Sikorski, Allen: 63 Silber, Thomas: 85 Silva, Debbie: 85 Silva, julie: 37 Silva, Raymond: 37 Silver, Greg: 63 Simcox, Carrie Simko, john: 137 Simko, Ronald: 85 Simmons, Deborah: 38 Simon, Kristina: 137, 214, 326 Simon, Leslie: 38 Simon, Scott: 63 Simone, Camille: 63 Sepulveda, Ruben: 156 Sereno, Kerry: 85, 295 Severin, john: 37 Seward, Karen: 63, 216, 252 Seward, Keith: 37 Sewell, Ann Sewell, Brigitte: 85 Seymour, Christine: 136, 302 Seymour, Constance: 63 Seymour, Michael: 85, 204 Simpkinson, Christy: 63 Simpson, David: 85 Simpson, Sharon: 63 Sims, Rick: 85,204 Sims, Tarry: 85 Simurda, Mark: 137 Simurda, Martin: 38 Sinclair, Gary: 63,186 Singer, Lori: 63 Siracusa, john: 38 Shaffer, Patty: 136,301 Shahinian, Margaret: 85 Shapiro, jared Shapiro, Rosalind: 85,136,293 Shattles, Cheryl: 85, 176 Shattles, jerry: 85 Shattles, Michael: 63 Shaw, Amy: 136 Sistler, Lawrence: 85 Sistler, Stephen: 63, 187, 206, Sitler, Kelly: 63 Sitton, Mike: 38 Siu, Kenneth: 85 Sivits, Brian: 85 Sivits, james: 38 Sjollema, Michael: 137, 302 2 Smith Smith Smith Smith Alicia: 85 Smith, , Annette: 63, 210, 302 , Carolyn: 138 Chet: 38 Smith, ,Chris: 85, 293 , Christine: 85 Smith, Colin: 85 Smith, Darren: 63 Smith, David Smith, Deborah: 85, 200,304 Smith, Duane: 138 Smith, Elaine: 38 Smith, Fred: 85 Smith, Gerald: 231 Smith, jayne: 63, 327 Smith, james: 38 Smith, jean: 38 Smith, jeannette: 38 Smith, jeffrey T.: 38 Smith, jeffrey L.: 85 Smith, john F,: 63, 198 Smith, john H.: 38 Smith,julie:138 Smith, Karen: 85 Smith, Kathy: 38 Smith, Kim: 138 Smith, Kim: 63 Smith, Lance: 63,206 Smith Larry G.: 38,138 smimf Larry L1138 Smith, Laurie: 86 Smith, Leanne: 38 Smith, Lisa: 86 Smith, Mark: 38 Smith, Martin Smith, Michael D.: 86, 304 Smith, Michael P.: 138 Smith, Michelle: 86 Smith, Peggy: 86 Smith, Randall: 138,176,181, 210 Smith, Richard Smith, Rob: 38 Smith, Robert: 138 Smith, Robin: 63 Smith, Roger: 138 Smith, Ron: 38 Smith, Shelley: 138 Smith, Steve: 38 Smith, Susan: 138 Index X 3 Smith Smith, Smith, f Suzanne: 38 Tim: 38 Tori: 63 Smith,Tracie: 63 Smith, Smiths Vanessa: 138 on, David: 38, 305 Smoot, Rick: 38,294 Smothers, Leslie: 38 Smothers, Ronnie: 86 Smyth, Coral: 63 Smythe, Charles: 138 Snell, Tim Snipes, Deann: 86 Snowden, Cynthia: 63 Snowden, Neil: 220 Soderblom, jerilyn: 86, 301 Solis, Andrea: 138, 303 Solis, Frank: 38 Sommerfeld, Collin: 63 Sones, Susan: 38 Song, Ken: 139 Sonoda, jessica: 38 Sonoda, Michael: 139 Sorensen, Michael: 63, 212 Soresi, joseph: 38, 208 Sosa, Vince: 38, 197, 208 Soule, Robert: 86 Southern, Kathryn: 139 Southward,Todd: 38,139 Southwick, Dane: 63 Southwick, Todd Spaan, Sparks, Linda: 139 Bill Sparks, Cathy: 86, 305 Sparks, Frank: 86 Sparks, Robert Speir, jon: 38 Spencer, Debra: 86, 301 Spencer, Hannah: 86 Spencer, john: 139 Spencer, Robert: 224 Spencer, Sherry: 38 Spencer, Sherry: 38 Spiecker, Kevin: 86 Sponholz, Tina: 86 Spradlin, janna: 86 Spradlin, Kimberly: 64 Spreitzer, john: 64 Spreitzer, Micheal: 139, 248, 195, 302 St. Clair, jeff: 139 St. Clair, Lori: 38, 324 Stabile, Scott Stacher, Paula: 86,195 Stacy, Michael: 86 Stadelmann, Claudine: 38 Stadlman, Roger: 64 Staffieri, Tammy: 38 Stafford, Larry: 38 Stafford, Laura: 64 Staggs, Roger: 64 Staggs, Ronald: 139 Stahura, Eric: 86, 293, 301,302 Staley, Doug: 139 Staley, julie: 64, 212 Staley, Norman: 38 Stalians, Greg Stallings, Terri: 64 Stallings, Tom: 86, 204 Stalsberg, Ronald: 38 Stamey, Donna: 64 Stanfield, Michelle: 86,216 354 7 Index Stanfill, Ron: 38 Stanhagen, Karen Stanley, Leslie: 64,213 Stanton, Richard: 86,204 Stanton, Robert: 64, 206 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Theodore: 66 Von l-latten, Debby: 88, 213,302 Von Hatten, Linda: 66, 201 Vornholt, Denise: 41 Vornholt, Kim: 88 Voss, Dana: 41, 208 Voss, Karen: 143 Vouga, Renee: 88 Vouga, Robin: 66 Vrab, joey: 66, 173 Vrab, john: 41 Vreeland, Maryanne: 41 Vreeland,Wilma: 66,194,302 WWWWW Wachtel, Christopher: 144,164, 3 Wacker, April: 41, 305 Wada, Amy: 41, 216, 294 Waddell, Dawn: 41 Waddell, Timothy: 66 Wagner, Kim: 66 Wagner, Tammy: 88 Wagner, Tuesday: 41 Wahnon, Samuel: 144 Wainscott, joi: 41, 305 Wainscott, Kris: 88 Wainwright, lo: 41 Wainxi right, Ken: 66 356 X Index Wainwright, Monica: 66,210 Wainwright, Peter Waite, Sherry: 88 Waits,julia: 144 Wajs, jacqueline: 66 Wajs, Mark Walden, Colleen: 88,144 Walker, Brenda L.:144 Walker, Brenda R. Walker, Dianna: 41 Walker, Douglas: 66 Walker, Luxie: 66 Walker, Michael Walker, Pamela: 41 Walker, Tammy: 66 Walker, Teresa: 88 Walker, Timothy: 88 Wehner, Kent: 66,305 Weida, Diana: 145 Weide, Mitchell Weikart, Darlene: 88 Weiler, Gregory Weisbrod, Martha: 220 Weiss, Eric: 41,210 Weiss: 237 Weist, Donna: 41 Weist, Kathy: 88 Welch, Robert: 88 Welch, Tina: 66 Welle, Kim: 88, 191, 305 Wells, Lori Wells, Pamela: 66 Wendt, Kelly: 41 Wendzel, Sherry: 66, 213, 302 Wall, Randall: 144 Wall, Gregory: 88 Wall, Kevin: 88,164 Wallace, jeanne: 41 Walls, Sharon: 41 Walter, john: 144 Walters, Denise Walters, james: 88, 211, 302 Walworth, Madeline: 41 Wampler, Dennis: 88 Warbrick, Rodney: 66 Warburton, Daniele: 66 Warburton, Wanda: 41,298 Ward, james: 66 Ward, Laurie: 41 Wendzel, Susan: 66 Wennerstrom, jeff: 41 Wernli, Bradley: 41, 208 Wernli, Wendy: 145 Wertz, jim: 41 Wessa, Perry: 145 Wessa, Scott: 66 West, Allee: 226, 301 West, April: 88, 192, 302, 327 West, West, Brian: 88 Kenny: 41 Warner, Gregory: 88,300 Warren, Brent: 88 Warren, Denice: 88,305 Warren, Kelly: 41 Warren, Kim: 144, 326 Wasley, Richard: 41 Watcher, Mark: 66 Watcher, Melissa: 144 Wathen, Melanie: 41 Watkins, Diana: 41 Watson, Colleen: 41 Watson, jay: 66 Watson, jim: 66 Watson, Marcia: 88, 293, 327 , Marilyn: 227 West, Susan: 41, 216 Westphal, Allen: 66, 304 Wetmore, David: 145 Wetmore, Mark: 41, 208 Wettleson, jeff: 66 Wetzel, Lynne: 66 Wetzel, Mark: 88, 302 Wheeler, Ira: 41 Wheeler, Kathy: 145, 303 Wheeler, Laurie: 66 Wheeler, Terry: 145,204 Wheelis, Marjorie: 41 Wheelis, Michael: 66 Whetsell, Teresa: 88 Whipple, Ron: 88, 295 Whitacre, Lori: 66, 304 Whitaker, john: 88 Whitcomb,jim: 88, 210 Whitcomb, Steve Wear, Robin: 88, 214 Weathers, jennie: 41 Weathers, Mathew: 41 Weathersbee, Cheryl: 144 Weaver, Leian: 88 Weaver, Robert: 88, 204 Weaver, Scott: 231 Weaver, Steve: 144,204 Weaver, Terry: 220 Webb, james: 144 Webb, Mark: 145 Webb, Peter: 41,194 Webber, jenee: 88 Weber, Carla: 145 Weber, Lee: 66 Webster, james: 66, 305 Wedlock, Debra: 66 Weeden, julie: 41 Weedn, Lisa: 88 White , Dave: 145 White, Donna: 88 White, james: 88, 295 White, james: 230 White, Marianne White, Rhonda: 88 White, Ronald: 88 White, Sean White, Shari: 41,216 , Thomas: 66 Whitehead, Thomas: 145 Whitehouse, Nadine: 41, 305 Whiteside, Sandra: 88 Whiteside, Shelley Whitham, jeffrey: 66 Whitney, Linda: 88 Whitney, Wrede: 66, 173 Whittaker, Danny: 41 Whittaker, David: 88 Widdrington, Robin: 41 Wieman, Sherrie Wiggs, Myrna Wiggs, Richard: 88 Wikholm, Dana: 88 Wikholm, Daryn: 66, Wilbert, Lori: 66 Wilder, Debbie: 145 Wilfong, Mary: 66 Wilhelm, Richard: 41,208 Wilkes, Leaha: 41 Wilkinson, Bret: 89,194 Wilkinson, Steve: 66 Willadsen, Lee Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Kathleen: 42 Willahan, ,Alex: 66, 305 , Cheryl: 66 ,Curtz 145 , David Debra: 89, 177, 302, 324 Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Donald Donna: 89 , Greg: 89, 210 , jeff: 42 Karen: 42 Kimberly: 146 Michael: 146 Williamsi Micheal: 146 , Shari: 89, 189 Steve: 66 ,Tammy: 42 Valerie: 89 Williams, , Yolanda: 146 Willis,jody:146 Willis, Pamela: 42 Willis, Renee: 42 Willis, Sarah: 89 Wilson, Branden: 42, 164, 298 Wilson, Corlett: 220 Wilson, Debbie Wilson, james: 89 298, 304 178, 194, Wisdom, Linda: 89 Wiszberger, joann: 42 Withers, David: 67 Witt, Gary: 42 Wojciechowski, Doug: 42 Wojciechowski, Wendy: 89 Wolchek, Robert: 89 Wold, Vincent: 89 Wolden, Claire: 67, 294 Wolf, Mike: 42, 208 Wolf, Terry: 89 Wolfe, Deborah: 42 Wolfe, Dennis Wolfe, Thomas: 42,210 Wolfe, William: 89 Wolfrom, Russell: 146, 211 Wollman, Cinthia: 89 Wollman, Peggy: 146 Womer, David: 67 Wood Brad: 67 Wood, Carey: 89 Wood, Carter: 89 Wood, jack: 222 Wood, janet: 42 Wood, Mark: 224, 303 Wood, Mark: 146 Wood Robert: 42 Wilson jerry: 89 Wilson,john: 227 Wilson, Kim Wilson Margaret:42 Wilson Marte: 66 Wilson Sott: 89 Wilson,Teri Wilton, Dave: 67 Wilton, Sharion:146 Wiltz, Gregory: 89 Wiltz, Tina: 42 Winans, Alan: 67, 305 Winder,julia:146 Wineinger, Debra: 67 Wingard, Daniel: 42 Wingrove, Russell: 89 Winkley,john:146, 305 Winkley, Ken: 42, 208 Winn, Robert: 89 Winn, Sharon: 89 Winn, Vicki: 89, 216 Wintermute, David: 42 Wintermute, jeff: 67 Winters, Gary: 220 Wischnef, jamie: 89 Wood, Steve: 146 Woodford, Mark: 89 Woodruff, james: 42 Woods, Susan: 67, 327 Woodson, Sylvia: 67, 304 Woodson, Terry: 42 Woodward, Robin: 67 Woodworth, Fred: 67, 210 Woodworth, jaimie: 42 Woodworth, Mary: 210, 303 Woody, Lawrence: 42, 306 Woolard, Rick: 146 Woolard, Shari: 89 Wooten, Bradley: 67 Worley, Dale: 42 Worley, Dean: 42, 211 Woznick, Randy Wray, Debra: 67, 217 Wray, Donna: 42, 304 Wright, Deanna Wright, Keith: 89 Wright, Linda: 146 Wright, Michael: 67, 324 Wychgel, Debby: 89 Wychgel, Geoffrey: 67 Wychgel, Giulietta:146 Wycinowski, Teresa: 42 Wylie, David: 67 Wynne, Raymond: 146 Wynne, Roberta: 89 YYYYY Yancey, Windy: 146, 294 Yang, Hyojik: 67, 302 Yang, Hyosung: 89, 302 Yard, Don Yarrington, jeff: 146 Yasger, Thomas: 67 Yasuoka, Kathy: 147, 302 ,3 Yates, Laurie: 89 Yates, Tanya: 67 Yates, Tracy Yates, Wanda: 89 Ybarra, William: 227 Yeager, Dick: 67 Yeager, Robert: 147 Yearley, janette: 89 Yeates, Carma: 42 Yeung, Carson: 147 Yi Ki, Hyong: 67, 302 Yi Ki, Sung: 89, 302 Yniguez, Cindee: 67 Yoder, Deanna: 89 Yoder, Michael: 42 Yomogida, Drake: 42,210 Yomogida, Pamela: 89, 247, Yontz, Paul: 42 York, Crystal: 89, 213 York, Cynthia: 147 York, jerry: 42 York, Norman: 42,173 Yost, Dwayne: 147, 304 Youmans, Richard: 210 Youmans, Tamara: 67 Young, Antoinette Young, Darrell Young, jerry Young Katie: 67 Young, Thomas: 147 Young, Toni: 89 Young, Tracey: 89 Younger, Lorie: 67, 177, 179, 324, 327 Yurick, Mark Yutkins, Karen: 147 ZZZZZ Zada, joseph: 89 Zagol, Scot Zambito, joseph: 42, 208 Zappia, Vicki: 42 Zappitelli, Michelle: 89, 247, 327 Zappitelli,Teresa: 42 Zeigler, Pam: 67 Zeigler, Ricky: 147 Zeno, Richard Zervas, Perry: 89 Zickgraf, Beth: 67 Zickgraf, William: 147 Ziebarth, Denise: 42, 292 Ziebarth, Erich: 42 Ziebarth, Patrice: 89 Zierold, Melanie: 89 Zimmer, Stephen: 89 Zimmerman, Harley: 67 Zimmerman, Meri Zimmerman, Sherry: 67 Zita, Mario: 147, 245, 302 Zizzo, Steve: 42 Zmuda, Robert: 42 Zobel, Ricky: 67, 306 Zumbo, Michael: 147 Zydowicz, Cheryl: 67, 216 Zydowicz, Mary: 42,216 302 212, 302, 248, 301, Index 7 3 til E. Anderson takes aim with "the Canon" - the Raconteur's veteran staff camera. 125 Colorful graffiti decorates the paper covered desk tops. C35 T. Philbin stuffs one of 4000 envelopes mailed for the One Day Sale. Q-1jSIafferS caught in the usual deadline rush to get out of the Yearbook Office. 153 T. Mirabella, R, Patino and 5. McNamara at the Sale. f if ff ,4 .,-rg P-, i74' 7--V K P iw i Le Raconteurs- Front Row: T. Mennealy. 2nd Row: C. Annand, R. Lopez, R. Patino, T. Mirabella, L. Shimomura, S. Schwartz, A. McSwain. 3rd Row: E. Anderson, G. Loyo, G. Petersen, S. Bolin, K. Doscher, M. Ragozzino, T. Philbin, L. Kleinman, D. Matsuo, I. Lipke, 1-M. Bunney, C. Smith, I. Kamisato, M. Gillmore. 4th Row: S. Clark C. Piazza, S Convxiay, G. Block. TR 2 ,av- E 0 9 my .558 -IQQ xv' 5 4 50' 1 li n ig Ai? ia-tfffs' as Raconteurs Hold One Day Sale Ordering deadlines forced the 1976 Raconteur Staff to hold a One Day Sale on October 21. Over 600 books were sold that day, bringing the total number of books sold to over 3000, Uvfany students took advantage of special student body card discountsl The Sale also allowed the staff to skip the advertisement section because it was known well in advance that enough books had been sold to pay printing costs. Four members of the editorial staff began the year early by traveling to Pepperdine University, Malibu, for a week of yearbook conferences. Format changes and graphic lettering were two innovations brought to FVHS from the conference. Each deadline was met by fanatical staff members who toiled to as late as 10 p.m. Yet Le Raconteurs still found time to enjoy life, and hosted several birthday celebrations and a spontaneous Christmas Party featuring potato chips, cinnamon cake, ice cream, pizza and chop suey. A special feature of this year's staff were t-shirts designed by Alan McSwain. The most anticipated and important day of the year, however, remained the same: Distribution Day. t Ne? 'x i f l' A .....t,k- a Q J ff' '- X"' 1-wL,"' all 5 36 PRODUCTION T. Shane Convvay!Copy Kathy DosCherfArt Teresa tvtiraheIIafCopy Rosaiie Patino!Copy Suzanne SChvvartz!Copy PHOTOGRAPHY George Loyo Alan K. fyICSvvain Eric Anderson Greg Block Mike Gillmore Robert Lopez SECTION DIRECTORS Teresa PhiIbinfCIasses Linda Shimomura!CIasses Cindy PiazzafSeniors Linda ShimonnurafSeniors Ieryll LipkefFaCuIty and Staff jean-Marie Bunneyffltctivities Greg Petersen!Sports Sherry CIarkfSports Stephanie BoIinfCIubs Lynne KIeinman!CIubs Denise Matsuo!SeCtion Editor Cynthia Annand!Art Editor Lynne KIeinman!Copy Editor Stephanie BoIin!Copy Editor Michelle Ragozzino!Photo Editor lanet Kamisato! Editor-in-Chief Tim MenneaIy!Advisor ,1 I' WI

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Fountain Valley High School - Raconteur Yearbook (Fountain Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Fountain Valley High School - Raconteur Yearbook (Fountain Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Fountain Valley High School - Raconteur Yearbook (Fountain Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


Fountain Valley High School - Raconteur Yearbook (Fountain Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


Fountain Valley High School - Raconteur Yearbook (Fountain Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


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