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"""""-up 4 1 Wm 'fx Q A , A i 'x' ' A, Hi Fm an H V ww 53" -i in we-M fx 'ew qv. v .pw 'UL' .vw- 'JM-4., MA H. 1142 " 3235- m, . ' .34 Nf- " 'H uv' ' 31' an ,e--+ ' Wai". rw h ,QL Y Y -.4 'M Xf '- Q we Sit back and relax as the Purple Pride staff takes you on a journey through the past. You will be "Cruisin Thru" the school year 1987- 1988. As you reflect on many wonderful memories you will find yourself reliving the past. The staff feels that these are truly the best of times and as you observe your yearbook We are certain that you will feel the same. Well, we are ready if you are. Let's begin! Fountain Lake School Route 7 BOX 220 Hot Springs, Ar. 71901 Purple Pride, Vol. 49 X f , 1 f 4, ff X Student Life Senior High Junior High Elementary Supporters OOO OOO OOO .O OOO' OOO Opening Page 1 32 124 152 176 A Very Special Lad Who would have thought that when Mary Sargo en- tered the first grade at Fountain Lake she would grow up to become one of our schoolls greatest assets? When you thought of the great productions at school you thought of her. The way she prepared her lesson eryone. She spent hours and hours going over music so that Fountain Lake could stand with pride at the re- gional and state competi- tions. The hard work showed in the number of students that won honors. Professional was the From the opening number to the final crowning, she kept everything flowing like clock- work. Although she was always on the go, she was never too busy to talk with a student or to give them her support. Following the footsteps of another out- standing teacher, her father, Y yearbook to you: Mary Thompson. plans turned her junior high English class into an inter- esting learning experience. Many an early morning found her working with sev- eral girls on a spirited Charmer routine. Practice, practice, practice, so that half-time on the football field was entertaining for ev- 2 word that came to mind when we heard the great choral concerts she brought us. When the cur- tain opened on the Miss Fountain Lake pageants no one would have guessed that one person's ideas could have turned into such a glamorous event. she chose Fountain Lake to display her numerous talents. Words cannot express the thanks from her students, community, and many friends for all the hard work spent turning exciting events into lasting memories for all. With love and appreciation we dedicate the 1987-1988 . Mya- 5, ng .U L, lr. 'hu' shag! sl T 2? ix sv f l " lwa in ur Hearts!" Bill Sargo has an associa- tion with Fountain Lake School that has spanned fourty-four years as a teach- er and a student. During the fall of 1938, he began his days as a Cobra, graduating in 1950. While a student he was a charter member of the FFA and served on a judging team that won the bronze plaque at the National Gen- eral Livestock Judging Competition. he was also ac- tive in 4-H and held several county and state offices as well as being an award-win- ning livestock producer and showman. In the fall of 1956, he re- turned to FL as a fifth grade teacher after attending Hendrix College and Hen- derson State Teacher's Col- lege where he obtained his degree. The following year he began teaching social studies, a position he has held ever since. His social studies classes have made twenty state legislature and capitol tours. During Mr. Sargo's thirty- two years at FL, he has served under four superin- tendents: Roscoe Davis, Roy Rowe, Glenn Ford, and Irvin Bass. He has also worked for seven different principals: John Doster, Gilbert Davis, Lynn Gaston, Howard May- berry, Robbie Hancock, Jerry Clay, and Larry Beck- ham. For twenty years Mr. Sargo served as either Ju- nior or Senior sponsor. Un- der his direction those clas- ses staged twenty class plays. They also held many chicken suppers to raise money for proms and class trips, resulting in the cook- ing of one ton of chicken. As a Senior sponsor he has tak- en twelve class trips, travel- ing 13,300 miles with the students. He has also direct- ed three all-school pro- grams. The last one was an American Bicentennial cele- bration that coincided with his 20th year of teaching. Four hundred students par- ticipated in the program. It is not surprising that Mr. Sargo entered the teach- ing profession. His mother, Vay B. Sargo, was also a teacher at FL in its early days. His love for the FL community has been reflect- ed by the hard work and ef- fort he has put in on behalf of its young people. Mr. Sargo has always been a very giving and caring in- dividual who truly had the welfare and success of his students at heart. On cam- pus Mr. Bill could always be counted on for a winning smile and a friendly greet- ing, as well as a sense of pride and determination that he tried to instill in his students. On April 1, 1988, Mr. Sargo retired from teaching. He will be truly missed by all at Fountain Lake, but after his many years of influence as teacher, friend, and col- league, he will be remem- bered for years to come by all those whose lives he tou- ched. Bill Sargo will always be a part of Fountain Lake School. copy by Mary Thompson x X x ., I Cgttlggnjj C' Life, N im. ,, , Friends Snow Days Fashion Talent Hobbies and Int Fun and Games Achievements Mini-Mag Transportation Lunch Hour Spirit Administration Faculty erests Through Thick and Thin A friend is someone who walks in when the whole world walks out. They laugh when you laugh, cry when you cry, and stand by you through thick and thin. Kelli Qualls, a senior, looked for fun, craziness, and understanding in a friend. Penny Koller, a seventh grade student, said that Gina DeArmon was her very best friend. They had been close companions for about four years. They both played bas- ketball and were very active in school. Pen- ny looked for truthfulness in a friend. Most people agreed that dependability, loyalty, and honesty were the three main charac- teristics that should be considered. As we grew older our friends often changed. Many times our best friend in kindergarten was not our best friend in twelfth grade. Some found that the little boy or girl they disliked so intensely in ear- lier years, became a very special person lat- er on. Melissa Howard, sixth grade, discov- ered that her friends differed through the years. She found herself drawing closer to those with similar goals and interests. Each year she gained more friends. She and her friends enjoyed going to the mall, talking about guys, and just goofing off. When asked the best thing about her friends she lust hangin' around." These fourth graders enjoy hanging around with their friends during spare time. Seniors and lovin' it!" Jeannie Rigsby, Shon DeArmon, and Karen Herrick spend an exciting moment together. . ,gpf Sid- , 6 Student Life stated, "They are very understand- ing and they support the decisions that I make." We chose friends for many dif- ferent reasons. Usually friends had similar interests, social back- grounds, and values. Tightly knitted friendships called cliques formed. Cliques often had the same hair- styles, clothing, and catch phrases. Some of our most meaningful friendships were made during the school years. Many of you who shared important moments during ,Q hy 'Q57 school years may continue to strengthen these relationships throughout your adult years. Time passed quickly but memories made will linger forever. Copy and dc-sign by Angy Richardson "Home-work's a blast!" Lisa Smith, Tanya l.ipp, Tan my Vaughn. and Lee VVarringlon flash friend smiles. "Havin' a ball!" Memories during the senior year a cherished forever. INN ,,..w"'x 4-,av-N , W 'J Xi ha I Z A F M,.,,.....w 'Aren't we cute?" VVill VVilliams, Heather Hansen, Joe Par- tain, and Chris Hulsey go out ol' their way to please their friends. ii ' Qi' j 'ii A'Let's go to the hop!" The sixth grade girls enjoy going back in time, "Guess what l just heard?" Melissa Howard, Allison Graves. Kayla Thacker. April Pierce, and Penny Koller share the latest news. "Let's party!" Kindergarteners share happy times at their party. Friends 7 Snowfall Forces Extended School Closing Second semester lengthened to June 10 Tuesday, January 5, 1988, weather forecasters throughout Arkansas pre- dicted a minimum snowfall of 12 inches over the next two days wth temperatures dipping into the teens in the Garland County area. The Siberian Express that whis- tled through Canada and the northern section of the United States was fast ap- proaching Hot Springs. By Wednesday morning, Janu- ary 6, chilling temperatures and increasingly deteriorat- ing road conditions made "the weather" the number one talked about subject. While some took the news with typically skeptical non- chalance fafter all, it was certain to warm up later and become sunnyl others grave- While not officially closed, High- way 7 north of Hot Springs is usable by only a select few vehicles. ly assessed local conditions, minute by minute, making predictions of their own, betting on outcomes. School superintendents within a one hundred mile radius were faced with school-clos- ing decisions. For Fountain Lake superintendent, Irvin Bass, the decision to run the buses was a logical one given the non-threatening weath- er conditions at dawn. How- ever, within the hour, all bets were off. In the teachers' lounge talk centered around the difficulty of that morning's drive to work. For Kathy Gladden, a typically normal drive down Malvern Avenue became a life-threatening experience. She related to her fellow staff members 8 Student Life how her car skid out of con- trol several times on her way to school. Stress was evident in her voice as she described images of helplessness against oncoming cars. By 8:30 am. it was apparant that the situation would not improve any time soon. The decision was finally made to close school and begin trans- porting students back home. Word spread quickly - "School's closed! Go home!" "What'? Go home in this mess? You've got to be kid- ding!" By noon, Wednesday, three inches of snow blan- keted Garland County. Mountain roads were closed. By noon, Thursday, the Sen- tinel Record reported, "The roads weren't officially closed, but traffic was slow to immobile, Thursday, as Garland County began to dig out from under 11 inches of snow .. ." Between 8:00 am., Wednesday, and 8:00 am., Thursday, 34 automo- bile accidents not involving injuries were reported to lo- cal police. AMI hospital re- ported 10 injuries from falls and slips. Combs and Burks Wrecking Service said they responded to between 60-70 calls, they had a 2V2 hour waiting list. ,K ,EC ' f Wig! To most people the serene beauty of the snow days are overwhelming. ls. aw X. . .. . . . . . 2.::f:'AQ ::. - .:: . A---- - .... ... ig 5 X Q Q.. ' -. .ffsvfwy F .2 .fs " KEY . A fx ' Six X Q 1 x ww' . Q N. .wk .. X .M .. f 559'3??5JM5wM'-'iglffiiim .- '. - .- J: wiv- """ f--- :X "'M' '54359E'A A A""'L"'f'N'fl'IZ2Ts'-"W" "Ziff" - '--- W-wmv---AA ' T V 'if ' ' 1' ....'::'.. .. '...+ r 'wwwf '-12. Sf.-I '55:f::"A' I' -- Sw. , .. H Q .T .,.. ,... .... , . , , . . mm W Q K .. 1 .... W .W fl.. -- '- -'-' f- H my .. .M A 'A Q ' WJ 'lf fiagg 2 .. ...Qy..i.. ,,.Qiw,..3e1 ,- ,my ' '. F - , ww -'?www?!k5w Hmmm- Qffgymfgagggfgiffgf A 53. -.wwf M.-M f fsi - -ff .- . V ik 335. 9525 .--..'..?- .mgfvQ:Efgg,wkgA. Sa g-g iggpgggg -: E 1 -g ",,f5g1gE'Z' k - T537 ' sa w ,Q "' 1'-.-??:r- ::f::.- :: --, --,,,' -- :- , ly Hff' 5:3 2-u i 3 : " 'i 1,:3r:- : :l E- In :fi V amQix:i xx" A ag"i'fess:'e?:sn1as1f :'4232: :." . '-Ee"- " Y A: -: " '-: 'S'. ,, " 5"E I::'5'f"515:g3'5:: g'5A' rz . ::',::"?:'5::',g'- :- pier 'ESMF f?3If5:: E5-if-fi' V :-P' 31' ,, 5 .S -, -- . ig, ef awk? : : X K wfwiwlszf L .Q . : 5 , gy 5555 EA ' ' - 5 Y i . . . .,., N . .. ..,. .. ....,.. ..+.. .. Xe. , J . M.. . .. f.. .. . .. 5 ..,,.. . . . is .. ... .. .. 7 . . nw.. , mg-185. ,ff , ,, , ,, ,,5.:s... 1 ,, ,, H in , ,. , H M, ,,, .,,,,,, ,.,,,,, , ,., K Eg . min g. , -. W if . 5533 , S ag? 3 -W -- .555 5 'HEI :.::: : FA Q? " 1 55552 'HfI!"5I5:I -1- -Eluvzii'- --"5 .. ':. :..: Q ..' .fr F : Ein'5.::1'!?'53iE2,,iEE,iEaEggxaE,914 1 . Qi 15593391 ' :Q:"E:"E:-11'::QggI5IQ:55I+g'II-53:21, , 15,51 335455215 X , :-"-::' ::'C-5:5 Xi , ,:- ":E59??IZE:':E3QfiE2EE.g,EE1,:E,y::, , 1 135415 TI ' Q :. :F f . 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Whether it be slave day, spirit week or just a regular school day the students were always ready and prepared in the latest fashions. When asked about what gave her the idea of wearing a tux to the King and Queen of Hearts Dance, Ashley Williams said, "I al- ways wanted to be different, and I think l did accomplish 421 Danny Beyer shocks Mrs. Warrington in his proper attire. 'Tru Steve, his date, and Jennifer seem happy to show off the prom fash- ions, but where's Darren. 10 Student Life thatf' On hillbilly day for football homecoming spirit week Mrs. Turner was a big hit. On an ordinary day the el- ementary kids showed off their 501's and Reeboks, while the high school girls wore mini's and guys wore tank-tops. Any day you could find students in dresses or shorts and sweats. So it could never be said that Fountain Lake was not "fashionable". Spread by il. Ralston Sherry Speer, Sheryl Roberts, Darla Bean, Kim Dodd, LeAnn Coleman, and Jeri Childress show how junior high dress at their dances. Ashley Williams shows that not Most Loved Teacher Lynn Turner only a guy can look good in a tux. shows her school spirit 5 Y' f .2 .Q if 3 N Anne . Q if 92 fl Q 'gl W During the Halloween Carnival the Elementary learned the latest fash- Crystal Taber seems speechless to ions in face painting. see the 'lwild' of Matthew. Cory DeArmon shows what fashion really is. Fashions H :lFi':ll8l1t ln Moti Multi-talents diSl1lli:lY8d at flbllllllizlili LEIKB When it came to talent, Fountain Lake definitely had its share. Not only did the students display talent through physical or vocal abilities, but also through academics. The elementary students seemed to be well equipped with the ability to entertain at the talent show that was held in the cafetori- um. The talents that were , shown included: singing, lip syncing, surfing lon skate- boardsl, playing the key- board and much more. Other students showed their talent through aca- demics by winning in the sci- ence fair. The ones who en- tered the fair had to do an art project that described their subject. One student did a project on the human eye, going into vivid detail about the muscles that were connected to it. Academic talent was also displayed by the Gifted and Talented class, Each stu- 12 Student Life dent did a commercial for the Kid's Break show on channel 38. They had to tell interesting facts con- cerning different things such as dinosaurs. Sylvarius Smith and Toni Koehler, both sixth graders were chosen to go to Space Camp in Ala- bama. They stayed at the camp for one week and were able to explore the area and visit many his- torical space monuments. Though it seems that we had only academic tal- ent at Ftn. Lake, there was plenty of physical. Heath- er Hansen was one of two girls from Arkansas select- ed to attend the national meet for gyrnnasts. Fountain Lake was well represented with tal- ented people in the 1987- 88 school year. Conv and Design by Lori WVIIIS Hangen Shows 3 perfect back The boys in the band jam while Neil Students on Kids Break: M 3. J 4 " 9 W 'f' . g .. My 1 bla, rr f 1 3- 'x C . 14 eqwxxxi f X V! 4 MJ- fn ff 0 ya :.r-ffinzzwlf-ff .. MW .V f. ,MM K., I 1 - Highnight "surfs" across the stage. -"'lI Howard, A. Graves, J. Powell, K Partain, R. Fason, A. Grissom M. Nobles, J. Yates, S. Smith, A Huckaby, and M. Switzer. N 13" Sylvarius Smith and Toni Koehler attend space camp. Science fair winners: J. Smith, E. Beckwith, J. Herrick, T. Pascoe, K. Partain, M. Howard, C. Fos- ter, C, Milks, J . Powell, A. Black, and M. Girardot. Talent 13 FSPECIL 1 TEREST The students at Fountain Lake were not the average everyday students you might have found at some schools. Almost everyone had a special interest or hob- by that they liked to excel in. Whether it was related to school functions or family life was not important. The stress and peer pres- sure put on a student by friends and school work was greater than most would have liked to believe. A stu- dent needed something that would help him to relax, and straighten out his thoughts - Something that would sat- isfy his or her own expecta- tions, and fulfill the desire to be the best in that area. Fountain Lake students not only had special inter- ests, but they committed themselves to being Hnum- ber one." Copy by Dustin Vaughn Design by Angv Rivhardson "Wanna have a fish fry?" Dustin Vaughn and Dempsey Rhodes show how worthwhile a hobby can be. .pf ,iw L- A 3.- Kenny Harrison's favorite hobby fexcluding meeting girlsj is showing his ribbon-winning hog. '.."l",53L Q ":,i'lf',sx-k -,gi Q 955'-sms sxfl, -Way ta-iff? ' l 5' ' X9 lt Chad Morrow sands his project in wood-working class - a skill that will be useful throughout his life. W.,--f"""iw 'N-M K A W3 f' ' 1 A 'fv ft,-u ,ef L X- 9' ad Qs X "Fun in the sun!" Karen Herrick, Kent Mahan displays his photogra- Vicki Blake and Tarnra Speers phy skills. agree that the lake is a great place to relax. O. ,..., . 'v1""'M ,rf IIII ' M . it l"r ' W M "Like father like sonf' Brian Mrs. Cox helps her daughter Trish Lambert seenis to be taking up learn a new interest - skating. Y his dad's hobbies - crossword puzzles, basketball and coffee. Hobbies and Interests 15 Kyle Robertson, Steven Shell, Chris Hulsey and Jack Smith think relaxing is fun. Elementary students have a variety of fun things to do at the Halloween Carnival. 16 Student Life Steven Shell, Darrick Hogue anc Donnie Morrow show how mucl fun cleaning the shop can be. Anchorman, John Westerman leads his team to victory at the FFA kick- off day. Jerry Turner has fun hanging out on the beach during senior day. ITHI FU. W if Chad Speer seems to be having fun, but is he? Seniors munch out on Matt Dicks0n's hamburgers after a day filled with swimming and skiing. Fun Bed races are a blast! Everyone pre- pares to push Cheyenne Loy down the line. and Games 17 Q53 sa! age Whether it be on the local, state or national level, Foun- tain Lake always appeared to be on top of things. Our students excelled in every- thing from academics to ex- tra-curricular activities. Fountain Lake took pride in seeing its students achieve in the school and community. Angy Richardson was chosen as Saline County Junior Miss. She went to state competition in Pine Bluff where she was a finalist. At graduation she received the Bled- soe Memorial Award. Angy was also selected to attend the FFA Washington Conference Pro- gram in Washington, D.C. She was elected to a state FFA office. X l Missi Ragsdale was selected to at- tend the Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership Seminar which was held in Little Rock, AR. Michele Merwine attended the AEGIS program at Arkansas College during the summer. Mi- chele was also Elks Club Stu- dent of the Month and she re- ceived the VFW Award. Mi- chele received various scholar- ships and honors for her high academic standards and leader- ship qualities. Jennifer Ralston was a partici- coming Queen Contest Matt Dickson received the Berl pant in the Arkansas Home- Anthony Award 18 Student Life Z7 Tamra Speers received the Ameri- can Legion Award for outstanding leadership and patriotism. Julie Tillery was elected FFA Sweetheart. Julie represented the chapter at the Garland County Fair Queen Contest. is u Q Travis Brown was the male recipi- ent of the American Legion Award for graduating seniors. Jared Ware's proficiency in Amer- ican History won him the Wood- men of the World Life Insurance Award. AZ? John Westerman was chosen to at- tend the National Institute on Cooperative Education in St. Louis, MO. N Steve Sisney was the Elk's Club Student of the Month from Foun- tain Lake, along with Michele Mer- wine. Awards 8z Achievements 19 77Zw6 owN A s AVE FOR DAY' Wwe 'Slave U Day Owning a slave for a day was a privilege many of the Fountain Lake students were able to experience. The junior class had both boys! girls and some teachers vol- unteer to be sold as slaves. Tammy Vaughn, Kevin Wylie, and Josephina Qloej Partain model their new clothes before Slave Day activities. Mama Clay fCoach Clayb sings Baby Huey fMr. Mahanj a lullaby. Being a slave required many things such as: bring- ing their Mmastersl' lunch, carrying their books to class, and dressing the way their masters told them. Some slaves had to wear very bizzare and eye-catching clothes which their masters put together. Slave Day brought in more money than ex- pected this year because the slaves sold for so much. Vaughn Garner was the highest priced slave selling at 5565. Only at Fountain Lake would someone spend that much money to "own" a person for a day! 7Z5nJ arried and till ln School Being married and still in school definitely had its ups and downs according to some students at Ftn. Lake. Life was hectic, going to school, taking care of the house, cooking supper, and in Tina and Tony Breshears' case, taking care of baby. Tina, a junior this year, and Tony, a senior, felt that it was hard getting started, but definitely worth it. Tina stated, '4We would not trade what we have for anything in the world!" A while back it was un- heard of for a person in school to get married but in the 1987-88 school year, six seniors and two juniors were married and could not be happier. Phillip Taylor, a ju- nior, and his wife, a senior at Lake Hamilton, are expect- ing a baby in August. Phillip is looking forward to becom- ing a father. He said, "Marrying Verna was the best thing I've ever done!" Being married and still in school can be hard to juggle but these couples seem to have handled it with ease! 20 Student Life Tina Breshears gets a little help from her son as she cooks the eve- ning meal. The Ftn. Lake Danger Zone The high school parking lot received a well-de- served nickname last year - The Danger Zone. When asked if they could think of a better name to de- scribe the parking lot, most students answered, "NO',! Ken Livingston stated that, 4'The parking lot isn't dangerous, it is the people that drive in it." Most students felt that the parking lot should have been put together better. Todd Willis replied, "I'm not able to drive yet, but when I am, I hope that some- thing is done about the way the parking lot is made, it's too confusing." When asked, "If you could change one thing about the parking lot, what would it be?" Melody Fason said, "More driving room. There is not enough room between the front parking row and the wall!" Although there were some wrecks on the parking lot, the students felt that it wasn't "all badv. It could be safe if people would just drive more carefully and buckle up! , , VAYI -,,, VV , V ' , r r , r 77014 "Parking C , iijr Lot" Who would ever think that "Cruisin, Thruv this place could be dangerous? Havin, Fun In School 7 Some happy Students enjoy the Layout design and copy by Lori Willis Halloween Carnival. The 1987-88 school year was a busy one for the ele- mentary students who par- ticipated in many activities from Halloween Carnivals to class projects. They also had Christmas, Valentines, and Easter parties which they enjoyed immenselyl' Some of the class projects were considered fun, even the fifth graders had a good time working on their "Planet Projects". They dis- played their views of the So- lar System by building min- iature models that included the nine planets. The sixth grade class had a 50's party where the girls modeled rol- led-up hair and poodle skirts and the guys, with hair slick- ed back wore their tight, fad- WM 'Eleinentary Entertainment" ed blue jeans. The Halloween Carnival was the highlight of first se- mester activities. With their mothers in attendance and helping out, some students were made up into their fa- vorite Halloween character. The haunted house had its share of screams while some students were "married" and all played games. Mini-Mag 21 THE FAST LAN Ways of transportation get more complex as the child gets ol- der. The three and four years olds go from soaring down hills on tricycles and wagons, to bicycles with training wheels. When they are at the seven to eight year old stage, they take off the training wheels and start experiencing with skate- boards and go-carts. When they get into the preteen years, they want three wheelers and four wheelers, even though they can be danger- ous. When they hit fourteen to eighteen, they are all looking for the ultimate cruising machine, which can range from cars to trucks pro- duced by Ford, Chevy, Dodge, or whichever vehicle is most pre- ferred. However, the one that best suits your needs may be a dangerous way of transportation, for instance, the Arkansas State law has put a ban on the manufacturing and selling of three wheelers. So, if you are going to town or just clowning around, drive safely and "Buckle Up". To C A , NGA Stephen Homan, Chris Poston, Mark Wilson, Mike Funtenatto, Kent Livingston, Fred Green, Kevin Wylie, and Doug Tillery show one of the many uses of a truck. Rickey Rodgers flies through the air on his fa- vorite source of transportation - a skateboard. 22 Senior High 1 fi? N eff x Z ,ssh al' Q vgimgr ' fig: at 47 I . win , W 4 as Q .sa .... r ...sf-Wm.. - Q .- was f,' V, I 5 4' fp? V 5 I -is-.Hi fr ianvfa Jason l-limes closes his eyes in anticipation oi' what is ahead while Jeremy Campbell, Mandy Richardson, and Melissa Howard enjoy the ride. Richie Clift, Cory DeArmon, Dan Beyer, Lance Church, and Nicole James enjoy a day on the lake. Transportation 23 TOPPI G TO REFUEL While stomach grum- blings echoed through study hall, yawns of algebraic pro- portions put a sudden end to late morning math sessions. Elsewhere, neither yearbook deadlines nor stimulating discussions of the periodic table could take students' minds off impending lunch- break. As palatable aromas of turkey and dressing for was it chicken nuggets?J wafted up from the kitchen, thoughts left academics and shifted into mealtime over- drive. Lunchtime at Foun- tain Lake was a welcomed interlude for faculty and students alike, but for dif- ferent reasons. For those students who dined in the cafetorium, lunch meant just that, "lunch". By far the largest group, these students were primarily interested in a wholesome meal. After mak- ing a beeline for the lun- chline, some fought for the first tray, while others wai- ted patiently for theirs, ca- . - 1 1 Heather Hansen and Chanda Welch finally make it to the front of the line. Juniors and Seniors socialize dur- ing a sunny lunch hour. Krystin Cavnor and Diana Horman seem overwhelmingly enthused about todayls menu. sually talking to friends or gossiping over events of the morning. Whether elemen- tary or junior or senior high these students were ready for the afternoon with a fresh new outlook. For another group, those called the "canteen group", eating was only secondary. These students were in a hurry to socialize with as many people as they could before the bell rang. They were not worried about their minimum daily require- ments. They were satisfied with a quick 31.00 burrito and coke. These students mainly wanted a break more than a lunch. The third group was com- prised of those who ate very little and hit the books for a last minute cram. The teachers should have no- ticed that this elite collec- tion of students was by far the smallest of the three. Cheyenne Loy refuels on lun- chroom pizza. , M f U Eel 1 as f 1 H6911 5 L E l in vi 1 V f M., ., J Ny-.A 6 ople in this category had Pe usually procrastinated do- I1 g their homework. This group, needless to say, was the hungriest of the three, hurried and unorganized the T6 st of the day. Lunch-time was more than just a twenty-five min- ute recess from academics. T pl re o some it was a time to re- enish their bodies. Others newed their social life. In addition, some reviewed for upcoming classes. Regard- ss of the many activities pursued, lunchtime provid- ed all students with a chance 0 'P refuel. y and design by Joe Partain Travis Brown crams for a health Elementary students often play test as Phillip Taylor does his best basketball during lunch. to hinder him. Junior High students gather in the gym to chat over their lunch. Baby Huey, fMr. Mahanj always Mike Piatt is amazed by the atten- Coaches, Warrington and Lambert, brings 3 dozen eggs to eat on slave tion he gets from the girls. day. eat lunch while discussing their basketball strategies. 441 I jay, Lunch-Hour 25 LET YCUR Spirit! What is spirit? Webster's Dictionary de- fines it as: 1. A force within a man held to endow his body with life, energy, and power. 2. An emotion, frame of mind, or inclination gov- erning one's actions. Hoyt Allen defines spirit as "an overwhelming force of abun- dant energy that makes you do crazy things." Melody Fason stated that, "Spirit is an enthusiasm for your team or school. A way of showing your pride. Not just anyone can have spirit. There are a few char- acterisitcs that are required. "To have spirit you need a bubbly, enthusiastic person- alityf, stated Shari Wyatt. Chris Hulsey said, "To have spirit you need a big mouth, but above all, you have to have faith in your team and you've got to be involved in the activities? This years "Most Spirit- edi' Seniors were Hoyt Allen and Shari Wyatt and Jun- iors were Chris Hulsey and Melody Fason. They were asked "How does it feel to be elected the "Most Spirited' of their class?" Melody a cheerleader, said that it makes her feel good to know that her spirit is appreciated and not taken for granted. Shari, also a cheerleader, stated that it is nice to know that people recognize that you have spirit. Chris, a bas- ketball player, said that be- ing 'Most Spirited' means that people think that when he is at a game or pep ralley 26 Senior High "hn if .. , ... A .4 he cheers his team on, yet still has good sportsman- ship. Hoyt, also a basketball player, replies that it feels good to know that people re- alize that he has spirit and enjoys the activities. You don't have to be a cheerleader, basketball player, or football player to have spirit. Everyone who believes in and supports their team has spirit. You do need to have pride in what you do. If you have pride, your spirit will shine. Cop-x' and Design by Dannie Lay Q.. H. Is Danny Beyer filled with 'KCobra,' spirit? Cobra football fans show their spir- it at all football games. PIRIT . 'N an 'P af' -H 1. ,. -tqyl - 'Fi "' ggi' 'Wa -if L SHI The Senior High Cheerleaders Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Burns, Mrs. show their spirit in the Football Travis, and Mrs. Warrington are Homecoming Parade. struck with spirit in a pep ralley. 6 5 Li E .- - -'L 5 LJ I a..L. P Vi if Vt' LeAnn Coleman and Todd Willis 'LUtley's Jocks" show their spirit in are Mr. and Miss Basketball Spirit the Homecoming Parade. for Junior High. Yes, even elementary students can have spirit. Spirit Page 27 Committed to Excellence It was once said, "Administration not only has to be good, but has to be felt to be good by the majority of the people affected." The individ- uals pictured on this page make many decisions which have daily im- pact on the students and patrons of Fountain Lake Schools. Those deci- sions are always made with the hope of enhancing the prospects of suc- cess for each student enrolled. All of these people agree that the face of public education has drasti- cally changed in the past few years. Student expectations are higher, teacher and staff accountability is greater, parent involvement has grown, and Federal and State Regu- lations have increased. It is general- ly felt that all these factors should provide a more productive educa- tional system. Our board members and administrators approach their duties and responsibilities with the committment that Fountain Lake Schools will continue to grow, im- prove, and better serve the students and patrons of the district. Larry Beckham, Junior and Charles Clark, Elementary Betty Marie, Elementary Senior High Principal Principal Assistant Principal Robbie Hancock, Irvin Bass, Superintendant Marsha Merwine, School Transportation Coordinator Board President School board members: Mac Oweng Doug Riceg J. R. Fason, secretaryg Terry James, Vice-President. 28 Administration A Special Thank You Have you ever considered what our school would be like without the people on this page? Secretaries, nurses, janitors, bus drivers and cafeteria workers of- ten went unnoticed. Their efforts made life much easier and more convenient for our stu- dents. To the people that brought us in the morning, kept us straight during the day, fed us at lunch, and cleaned up after us when we were gone, we extend a special thank you. ICT- ,W Susan Culpepper, Elementary Wanda Rice, Superintendent's office Brenda Bates, High School Pauletta Beckham, Junior High Linda Bibbs, Junior High L T Maxine Hunter, Elementary Debbie Hardister, Nurse f7 f Qs N Mrs. DeArmon, Housekeeper Bus Drivers L to R: Z. Ault, T. Breshears,K Henderson, J. Vaughn, B. Davis, L. Killing- sworth, J. C. Hope, P. Hendrix, R. Mahan, D Breshears. Lunchroom Ladies L to R: G. Barrick, P Breshears, W. Watson, H. Matlock, S. Garner B. DeArmon, R. Blevins, I. James. Staff 29 Bobbie Akers Jackie Allen Mary Armstrong Ann Bassett Zandra Bates Carol Bilo Bileta Burns Patty Burris Glen Gladwell Jerry Clay Donnice Cowart Dee Cox Andrea Crawford Sandra Currey Betty Davis Marc Davis Mona Davis Rebecca Gearhart Lynn Gibson Kathy Gladden Janice Golden Alene Gray Kimma Harper Nancy Harter Alice Higgins Pat Hines Dunbar Jeffcoat Herman Johnson Joyce Killingworth Lucky Killingsworth Sharon Kyle Sammie Lambert Debra Lee Vicki Lester Roxie Long Sandra Luman Ronnie Mahan Heidi Means Katherine Metcalf Renee Morrison Carolyn Morse D'Ann Pelton 0 Faculty 3 ix 1 E , lx ,irq 57591 Wt if s 46 5 1, Q Q - I r 4 X N A A Q85- 'X NR I I Q '!"' 1' ll' f alfa- LPA Teacher Quiz Changing roles, we de- cided to quiz ten teachers. This quiz covered, "Life after 3:15". Personal time is very limited for most faculty members. Here are their responses: 1. What is your first thought as soon as the 3:15 bell rings? - Carambal Esta bien! - Lynn Turner - What do I do now? - Car- olyn Pierce - What has to be done when I get home? How much has to be done for tomorrow? - Martha Rice 2. How often do you bring your work home? - If you really, really do a good job vou always take work home. - Phyllis Vaughn - Four days a week paper- work, and seven days a week with emotional side effects. - Mary Thompson - I take my school children home every night in my thoughts and try to think of answers to their problems. - Mary Armstrong 3. What does your spouse say when you bring your work home? - How much more do you have to do? - Lee Ann Stroud - Do you need any help? - John Utley 4. Do you have certain time set aside for your family? - Saturday night - Lee Ann Stroud - So far I've been too During homecoming week, the spir- ited senior high faculty members busy with work that I hav- en't had time for a family. It's a possibility that it will keep me from having one. - Mary Thompson 5. What do you do to take your mind off your Work? - Exercise, play with my son and watch Magnum P.I. - Lynn Turner 'A Ltg. P S :, . N . I L: -..,... is . ks .... 044 A is,.... . ,. 'Sa 1 . M S tx. A 'Cf'-"GLOW 0 O 2- ' 2 X I as 9 dressed in cheerleader sweatshirts, and performed a dance routine. - I don't try to get my mind off work. Pm always trying to think of a better way to teach or of a way to motivate children to want to learn. - Brenda Sellers - Watch submarine races. - Dick Warrington Jim Pennington Carolyn Pierce Martha Rice Bill Sargo David Schrader Shirley Sears Brenda Sellers Jill Smedley Cheryl Smith i -1...,, ell- G inny Specht Mina Stephens I , F 3 ig s X S .ki fifa Lee Ann Stroud Michael Sullivan Virginia Thacker Mary Thompson Virgina Staton Debbie Travis Sandie Tucker Lynn Turner John Utley Dick Warrington Elaine Warrington Sandie Whisenant Linda Woodsen -il! y K . .J Faculty 31 C Seniors Prom Juniors Sophomores Who's Who Clubs f Grganizations Sports 194 gg, fKE?iHK M 'aw Being a senior M- what an experi- ence! lt is a feeling that cannot be easi- ly describedg it is a series of fast paced events that ends all too quickly. In the not-too-distant future, many of us will reflect upon this integral part of our lives and relive, if only in our minds, some of our special moments in time: the alma mater at pep assemblies . . . the canteen at lunch . . . homecoming parades . . . wrecks in the parking lot . . . senior pictures . . . sneak day . . . 7044 ffalley ' .ii E Q DMM 'gefw Senior High term papers . . . friendships . . . going on the hill . . . reflections of purple and gold. Twelve years of preparing for the "real world" now ends. We have made the most of our educational years. These moments bring mixed feelings because we've been so much a part of FLHS. Reflections of the best of times will forever linger in our hearts. We are letting go of yesterday and reaching for tomorrow. Widaalf ffdefwzq 706.64 Zaauee 34 6 41 Way! 144624 Quay gecdlam 960490 gualeevw AT THE TOP These bright well-round- ed seniors were involved in several extracurricular ac- tivities. These activities in- cluded football trainer, bas- ketball, cheerleading, band, charmers, tennis and other campus organizations. They were also involved with sev- eral activities out of school such as part-time jobs and church. Top ten consists of the seniors who had the best accumulative grade point averages of their graduating class. Congratulations to these students for their out- standing accomplishments over the past four years, and best of luck as they strive to obtain success in their fu- ture goals and dreams. Copy? 1-x' AI 1'c' hole Illerwine 871 Jennifer Dilatush, Angy Richard- son and Michele Merwine are pic- tured with Sheffield Nelson, Presi- dent of Arkla Gas, at the Chamber 5 A L :rg Q. Fu? Q, ,. be Q ff P' c QD? If R Adi Michele Merwine attended a recep- tion at the Governor's Mansion in f of Commerce All-Star Banquet honoring the top 590 of each senior class in Garland County. 'li x. .v R if honor of the state's Valedictorians and Salutatorians. Shari Wyatt received the Academic Athlete Award given by Bill Clin- ton. Michele Merwine Valedictorian 4.25 Angy Richardson Salutatorian 4.17 Jennifer Shaw 4.10 Shari Wyatt 3.98 Matt Dickson 3.89 Dawn Fulton 3.73 Vicki Blake 3.58 Tamra Speers 3.55 Nhung Nguyen 3.38 Regina Truett 3.29 36 Senior High Regina Truett takes time out of a busy day to get a breath of air. 5 Za, a V ,awww 'A Angy Richardson also attended the 1988. Governor's reception on May 7, ,df 7-----" Dawn Fulton had high academic Nhung Nguyen checks her accuracy achievements at FL and also took with a calculator in Geometry. courses at GCCC. f-'f' Hof. T " 4. 0 MA r..f 5' f I 5 fs, i , t' -a t . t. 67" ry y if . 0 fl f , ' K I8 ,, , ' f - ff V " Sb. f l 1 J ' 2 , f .f V ll 1 ' l ' N Q5 .J IA lf :.. , ' . I if - . . K -. . . . . . we si inf, an lfff Vicki Blake and Tamra Speers are Matt Dickson is hard at work main- A -A I tg "1 ,S . Q, b fc eager to show off their smiles. taining a good grade in Chemistry. 'HK J Q Q K kb WX ' Y ,Mio ' iiii'i iiii Q fig 3 fkhl K. M U ,. , ,. Q X -.k mwkw m it? ii W U "" ' 11 as - f 37 Q ifgif Lasting Impressions . . .Announcements, pictures, rings, prom, memory books, gas, gowns, yearbooks. These were famil- iar words to the seniors of ,88. In fact, when asked what being a senior meant, Michele Merwine and Crys- tal Taber replied, UMONEYY, Yes, being a senior was expensive but well worth it. The class of '88 seemed to hold the key to enjoying life. From the first day of school in 1975 until June 3, 1988, this class left lasting impressions at Fountain Lake School. Lori Willis, Shari Wyatt and Nicole James en- joy showing off their new graduation attire. These students started out together in 1975: John Crumpton, Mark Wilson, Larry Graves Jeannie Rigsby, Shon DeArmon, Karen Herrick, Rhonda Shepard, Clay Hayes, Matt Dickson, Darrick Hogue, Richie Clift, Tony Breshears, Jerry Turner, Steven Shell, Donnie Morrow, Dempsey Rhodes, Todd Ashley, Regina Truett, Tamra Speers, Vicki Blake, Angy Richardson, Nicole James and Shari Wyatt. Tamra Speers, Regina Truett and Karla DeAr- 40 951 ofthe graduating class of 1988 received college mon model their Class of '88 shirts. scholarships. 40 Senior High Q M Wi! 22, . z 1 x 1 ? Q if ' 'fs - 74 . Jw if ,i 5 A 5 K R 1'-uf f:- z o S ' kg 0 9 il Collapsing after an exhausting day are senior Dickson, Vice Presidentg Steve Sisney, Secretaryg class officers: Darren Dauber, Presidentg Matt Vicki Blake, Treasurerg Angy Richardson, Reporter. How ALLEN . FFA 23,45 FHA 41 Baskezb.-glxnsw ssss sn smisseat Flirt '1l,2,3,41 All-District 49 Homecoming Escort 4g Most School Spirit 4. TODD ASHLEY - Tennis l,2,3,4g Football 15 FFA 1,3,4g Choir lg Spanish Club 2,3. MELISSA ATTEBURY - FHA 3,43 FBLA 3,4g Who's Who Among American 1-LS. Students 3,45 Miss Fountain Lake Pageant 3g Finalist 35 Miss Con- geniality 3g Best Personality 3,4g Cutest 45 Honor Rollg Citizens Award: National Merit Literature: Bowling. GARY BECKHAM - Student Council 23 Spanish Club 2. DANNY BEYER - Wittiest 2,3g Class Favorite 3,43 Most Loved Senior 45 Football 1,2,8,4g All-District 3,43 All-State 43 Garland County Athlete of the Month 43 Captain 45 Outstanding Back 4: Most Like- ly to be Remembered 4g Homecoming Escort 4g Bas- ketball 2g Journalism 33 Track 1. VICKI BLAKE - Class Treasurer 1,2,3,4g Most Ath- letic 2,3,4g Most Energetic 4g Class Favorite 2,4g Spanish Club 3g Reporter 35 FHA 1,2,3g FFA 13 Stu- dent Council Representative 1,2,3,4g Homecoming Royalty 25 Harvest Ball Maid lg Volleyball 3,4gA1!- District 3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 All-District 1,2,3,4g Captain 2,3g Best Freethrow Fercentage 25 Track Manager 1: Cardinal Basketball Camp 12,35 Out- standing Camper 3g Hot Shot Champions 31-'Freethf row Champion 2,39 Three on Three Champion 33 Who's Who Among American H.S. Students 3,43 Top Ten 4. 1 2435 :Computers L3- 1,3,4g FHA 2,4g Speech!DraA ma' ABask6tba!1 -1g'Tennis 1: Spanish 25 n CsfHvf1fsfS3+nYs 11 n JOHNCRUMPTON - FFA 1,2,a,4g Vo-Tech 3. DARREN DAUBER - Track 1,2g Class President 23,43 Football 1,2,3,4g Captain 1,43 All-District 4: Outstanding Lineman 43 Golf 3,45 FCA 3,4g FBLA 41 FFA 1,2,3,4g Prom Comm. 35 Student Council 2g Greenhand 1gSpanish Club 2,31 Most Athletic 2,3,4g Mr, FLHS Candidate 3,4g Mr, FLHS 3g Class Favor- ite 2g Homecoming Escort 45 Harvset Ball King 13 Choir 1,2,4. TOMMY DAVIS - FFA 1,2,3,4g FHA 45 Football lg Spanish 15 Choir 1. COBY DeARMON - Football 1, Biggest Flirt 43 Track 4g FFA L KARLA-DeARMON - FHA 1,2, FFA 3: Basketball lg Prom Comm, 33 Journalism 45 Index Edit,or,4. SHON'DeARMON M Spanish Club 2,33 FBLA 2,33 FFA ,ig Choir' 1. MASTTDICKSON s Student Council 3,43 President 4gRep1'QseIitative 3g Boys State 3: Class Vice Presi- 'deny 344238153 Club 1,2,3,4g Vice President 33 Choir L4qlA21JRggi6t1f4i Band' 1,2,3,4g All-Region 1,2,3,4gAl1- Staie'31J?LH+American 43 Whcfs Who in Music i,2,3,4g Footbail lg Spanish Club 23,43 FFA ' A ,,,'V Most Likely to Succeed 2,3,4g GEORGE HRESHEARS V vomech :ag FFA 1,2g3,4Q'j 5 Q t,, .r 3 s l n n n Best Persnnahty 3,43 Most Bashful 2. V , V.,V . i - A12 FHA 43 Track lg 'rom' Bnssumns . vo-Tech ag FHA 2. n Spanish cms 3,45 Gulf 4. TRAVIS BROWN s Band 1,25 Choir 2,3,45A11-Re- gion 2,3,4g State Tryouts 3,41 Life Preservers 45 Spanish Club 2,3,43 Puerta Vallarta Trip 33 FFA 1. LANCE CHURCH - FFA I,3,4g FHA 2,43 Speechf 44 Senior High Class Reporter Ig Sr. Basket- baEi'Managsr lg Band 1,23 Spanish Club 2,34 Speech! Dffimaff- s JUDY-'FREEMAN - FHA 1,2,3,4g choir 1,21 FCA Look What 3,45 Track 1,2,3,4g Speechfllrama Ig Cheerieadeifdg Art 3,43 Spanish Club 3,45 Biggest Flirt 4. ' ii' JEFF FULLER - Football Ig FFA 1: Basketball", 1,2,3,4g All-District 15 Spanish Club 2g Tennis 4, DAWN FULTON - FHA 1,4g Tennis 1,4g Beta Club 1,3,4g FCA 21 Choir 1,23 Charmers 1,24 Spanish Club 2,3,4g Puerta Vallarta Trip 3: FBLA 4: Annuai Staff 4g Layout Editor 43 Top Ten. MIKE FUNTANATO - Transfer from New Yorkg . Track 13 Magic Club 1,25 Football 4g FFA 45 Homes coming Escort 43 Band 1,2,3,4g Band Hall of Fame - 4. LARRY GRAVES - Basketball 12,33 Track 1,2,32' FHA 1,2,3,4: FFA 1,2,3,4g Homecoming Escort 34 KENDRA HARRINGTON - Basketball 15 Drama' Club 35 Spanish Club 3,43 FHA 4g Honor Ru!! 21 Club 4g Miss Fountain Lake Pageant 3. - ,',. KENNETH HARRISON - FFA 1,2,3,1Q Tennis 1,2,3. A K ' L, 1.VV ..'.-,,' Q CLAY HAYES - FHA 23.41 FFA' Tennis 1,2,4g Choir 13 Speechflkamsy i,', i iriiy i ,,l.V J KAREN HERRICK F Charmer 1,2,3g Lieutenant 3? Fountain Lake Pageant 3g Drama lg FHA 1,3,4g FCA 3,4-Q Among American 1-LS. Studsnts DARRICK HOUSE . F0mbs11s 1s,2i .losi 1,2,3g Track 1,2,3g Most Energetic NICOLE JAMES - Cheerleader 43 Corps 13 FHA 1,2,3,45 Treasurer 3,3 lst Viee,Pi4:sidQniQ 43 FBLA 3,41 Reporter 34 Vice President 43 Sphhislif Club 2,45 Activity Director :ig Who's Who Among ".' American H.S. Students 3,43 Basketball and Track . Manager 13 Miss Fountain Lake Pageant 2,35 Beta, Club 13 Homecoming Royalty 2,4, DANIEL JEFFRESS - Golf I,2,3,43 Basketball 13 Heavy Metal Bikers Brigade 1,2,3,4g Spanish Club 35 FFA 4. JIM KAATZ - Football 45 FFA lg Class Favorite 45 Best All Around 4. GENA MCBEE - FHA 1,2,3g FBLA 33. MICHELLE MERWINE - Class President 1gTen- nis 1,2,3,4g Basketball Statistician 1,2,3,4g Football Trainer 3,45 Basketball and Tennis Trainer 3,44 Homecoming Royalty 45 Most Likely to Succeed 2,3,4g Band 1,23 Drum Major 23 Volleyball 11 FHA lg ' FBLA 2,3,4g Historian 33 Conference 2,3g FCA 1,2,3,4g National Conference 25 Secretary-Treasurer' 45 Beta Club 1,2,3,4g Treasurer 43 Spanish Club 23,41 SADD 29 Treasurer 23 Life Preservers 4g Who's Whos Among American HS. Students 3,45 Society for Dis+, tinguished H.S. Students 3,4g Hugh 0'Brien'Leade13. ship Conference 21 Presidential Classroom 33 AEGISVQ 33 Woodmen of the World American Histnry Awmfdl 3g Elk's Club Student of Month 43 Academ'ig.,Al1! American 45 Miss Fountain Lake Pageant Sgyffinzgiisillf 3: Miss Teen of Arkansas Pageant 35 Finalist,3:'ScHQif Iastic Pageant Award 33 Girls State 33 Valdediriigdriiigyli 4 H V,,,A VVV. I NHUNG NGUYEN - Track lg Choi: 33, 1,2.3,4: Top 'Fen 4. f ' n n- LQ nn QSSJQQQ JENNIFER RALSTQN - chesr1eaaefs,4g Basket? ball 1,2,3,4g Golf 1,2,3,4: State Tournament,3,4g-FCM 1,2,3,4: FFA 49 FBLA 23,43 Vice President 3gCoi1f'QrJ ence 2,33 Spanish Club 15 Speech!Drama Club 2,49 Journalism 4g Business Manager 45 Pram Cn1'nm.A3g- We Did. Best Dressed 33 Miss FLHS Candidate 3,43 Miss 1 F LHS 35 Homecoming Queen 43 Arkansas Home- coming Queen Pageant 43 Whols Who Among Amerie - can H.S. Students 3,4, 3.3 .KELLI QUALLS - Transfer from Californiag Track "3g43 Cheerleader 43 FHA 43 SpeechfDrama Club 4. QDEMPSEY RHODES - Basketball 12,34 Football ' 313 Spanish Club 23 Choir 1,2,3,41 All-Region 1,41 FFA 1 ' 2,333 Class Vice President 1,21 Class Favorite 23 Mr. ' FLHS Candidate 23 Most School Spirit 3. ANGY RICHARDSON A Student Council 3,4Q Re- porter 33 Vice President 43 Journalism 3,4g Editor 4g Beta Club 1,2,3,43 Secretary 43 State Convention 23 Class Secretary 1,23 Reporter 3,43 FBLA 2,33 Parlia- mentarian 33 Conference 2,33 Spanish Club 233,43 Secretary 33 Reporter 23 Life Preserver 43 SADD 23 Secretary 23 FCA 1,23 FHA 13 SCA 13 Choir 1,23 FFA 1,2,3,43 President 43 Secretary 3g Reporter 23 Green- hand Treasurer 13 Parliamentary Team 2,3,43 Public Speaking 33 Livestock Judge 3,43 Exhibitor 2,3,43 Garland Cnty. Grand Champ. Bull 3,43 FFA State Leadership Conf. 1,2,33 State Conv. 1,2,41 State Courtesy Corps 23 Nat'l Conv. 2,3Q Washington, D.C. Conf. 3g State Couop Delegate 33 Nat'l Institute on Co-op Educ. Knoxville, TN., 33 Woodmen of the World Amer. Hist. Award 33 Who's Who Among Amer. H.S. Students 3,43 Soc. Disting. H.S. Students ' 3,43 US. Achievement Acad. 3,43 Nat'l Hist. and Govt. Award 23 Acad. All-American 43 Charmers i" '1,2,33Captain 33 Cheerleader 43 Basketball 1,23 Stat- Q, istician 3,43 Track Mgr. 1,23 Tennis 13 Class Favorite A142343 Sr. Most Likely to be Remembered 43 Best - Personality 2: Miss FLHS Candidate 23 Most Loved ' Sr. 43 Grad. Usherette 33 Miss Fountain Lake Pag- eant 23 Miss Fountain Lake 23 Emcee 33 Arkansas Brahman Assoc. Queen 23 Garland Cnty. Fair Queen 33 Dist. Miss Congeniality 33 FFA Sweetheart 3g Har- veet Ball Queen 13 Saline Cnty, Junior Miss 43 State Finalist 43 Homecoming Royalty 2,3343 Queen 43 Girls State 33 Salutatorian 4. JEANNIE RIGSBY A Track 12,3343 Spanish Club 2,33 Speech!Drama 13 FHA 13 Choir 1, LIZ RYNDERS - Basketball 1,2,3,4g Choir 1,33 FHA . 1,2,3,43 Spanish Club 33 Track lg Homecoming Roy- alty 33 Wittiest 2,3. JENNIFER SHAW - Spanish Club 2,33 FHA 1,2333 Choir 23 Cheerleader 1,33 Charmer 23 FCA 2,33 2nd Vice President 33 Basketball 1,21 Track 13 Volleyball 13 Prom Comm. 3g Beta Club 1,2,3,43 Vice President 43 State Convention 23 Office Aide 2,3343 Graduation Usherette 33 Color Guard Co-Captain 13 Who's Who Among American H.S. Students 3,43 Miss Fountain . Lake Pageant 33 First Runner-up 3g Homecoming ' '1BGyEllf,y 33 Top Ten 4. SHELL - FFA 1,2,3,4Q Dairy Products Team 13FHA 4: Cutest 2,3,4g Basketball 1,23 Spanish Club 2,33 FHA Beau 4. RHONDA SHEPARD - FHA 1,2,3,43 FFA 132,33 Beta Club 13 Honor Roll 4. MIKE SISNEY - Basketball 13 Best Personality 23 FFA 1,2,33 Vice President 23 Greenhand President 13 Star Greenhand Award 13 Livestock Exhibitor 1,23 Judging Team 1,22 Parliamentary Team l,2,3g FFA Stat Leadership Conference State Convention 1,23 State Co-op Delegate 33 Fire Marshal 33 Prom Comm. 33 Graduation Usher 33 Prom King 3. STEVE SISNEY v Football 1,2,33 Best Dressed 3,43 Class Favorite 33 Class Secretary 3,42 Student Coun- cil Secretary 43 Fire Marshal 33 Spanish Club 43 FBLA 43 Art 43 Prom Comm. 33 Graduation Usher 3g FFA 1,2,3,4Q Secretary 23 Vice President 33 Green- V7 9, imma, Girls State and Boys State delegates Steve Sisney, UCA June 6-10. They were very active and were Michele Merwine, Angy Richardson and Matt elected to many offices. Dickson represented Fountain Lake at OBU and hand Vice President lg Parliamentary Team Presi- dent 3,43 Livestock Exhibitor 1,23 Judging Team 1,23 Star Greenhand Award 13 FFA State Leadership Conference 1,23 State Convention l,2Q State Co-op Delegate 33 Whcfs Who Among American HS. Stu- dents 3,43 Boys State 33 Elk's Club Student of the Month 4, TAMRA SPEERS - Basketball 12,3343 All-District 1,2,3,43 Track 1g FFA 13 FHA 1,233 Choir 2,33 All-Re- gion 33 Spanish Club 33 Reporter 33 Speech!Drama Club 13 Vice President lg Student Council Represen- tative 4g Most Talented 2,3,4g Best All-Around 43 Homecoming Royalty 2,4Q Honor Roll 2,3,-43 Miss Fountain Lake Pageant 2,33 Honor Roll 2,3,4Q Top Ten 4. DAVID SUTTER - Tennis 12,33 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. CRYSTAL TABER - Transfer Student from Par- ong Pep Club 13 Ski Club lg Key Club 13 French Club 13 Cheerleader lg Class Favorite 23 Homecoming Royalty 2g Science Club 2g Spanish Club 2,3,4g FBLA 2,33 Secretary 33 Cutest 3g Honor Roll 3,43 Who's Who AmongtAmerican HS. Students 3,43 Scholastic All-American Award 43 National Government Hon- ors Award 43 Life Preservers 4. REGINA TRUETT f FHA 1,2,3,43 Photographer 33 3rd Vice President 43 Band 1,2,33 Cheerleader 13 Silk Corps 2,33 Captain 33 Charmers 33 Sergeant 3g Tennis 133,43 Journalism 33 Walsworth Camp 33 FCA 43 Who's Who Among American HS. Students 3,43 Leo's President 33 Top Ten 4. DUSTIN VAUGHN - Track 13 Football 13 FFA lg FHA 2,3,4Q Spanish Club 2.3343 Vice President 3g King of Hearts 13 Speechflflrama 23 President 23 Golf 43 Who's Who Among American H.S, Students 3,43 Journalism 43 Photo Editor 4. LORI WILLIS - Track 1g FHA 1,23 Who's Who Among American H.S. Students 33 Honor Roll 33 Prom Comm. 33 Journalism 3,43 Student Life Editor 3g Walswurth 33 FCA 43 Secretary 4g Wittiest 43 Charmers 4g Volleyball 3,43 Art 43 SADD 23 Leo's Club 23 Vice President 2. MARK WILSON - Tennis 1,2,3,43 Football lg FCA 1,2,3g FFA 1,2,43 Spanish Club 3. MICKEY WILSON - V0-Tech 3. SHARI WYA'l'l' - Cheerleader l,2,3,4Q Captain 133,43 FHA 1,233,113 Treasurer 33 Vice President 43 FCA 1,2,33 Beta Club 1,2,3,4g Vice President 13 FBLA 3,45 Secretary 33 President 43 FFA 33 Journal- ism 4g Copy Editor 43 Tennis 1,2,3,43 Band l,2Q Color Guard 13 1st and 2nd Honor at Band Solo-Ensemble 13 Most School Spirit 12,3343 Speech!Drama 23 Miss Fountain Lake Pageant 2,33 Finalist 33 Spanish Club 2,3,43 Reporter 33 Biggest Flirt 2,33 Play, "The Death and Life of Sneaky Fitch" 23 Who's Who Among American HS. Students 3,43 Hearts Dance Spirit Queen 1g Honor Roll 1,2,3,4g Top Ten 4. Senior Achievements 45 MGD ia X Q X .al fl? 'S M , if ' I V , K' 'I " . . ! .A I X 1 " A .C , J' .5 feng 'Yafuwz Dura, Waaqda .lou 7041264 1 , , , ww W qgnuvaltrt-fr , 1 .....,, 'Lf ,zz-:. , -WW , "' id, if - 'HEP' Y nv.-,-.4....., 46 Senior High tj . P QW un: ,As .A ,F X GH' 'ffl'- It VA. -x x' P' 71fJKf"Mr Q 'm wflyikxfx-4 '1 ' yhiffim a' if f K: Q 4, !. my zTy'1'f. 3,-W ,M Qmfyw fifbf f ffm WZ? ' K 'fr ' ,mfs 1 -5 ,'!w . L . -2 x vi 'Q 4' if Q- fu Y J ? 3 nm -l'l'r1-Scif: Q v fwcnnue gn KX lc r 1 1 . 1 tn 4. e, file c add 0 7988, Iarefienf fo you our fcwf wi A ana! I, HOYT ALLEN, will to CHIP PIKE my car stereo and all my tapes so that he will not have to borrow thern any more. I, TODD ASHLEY, will to MARK JOHNSON my ability to play tennis, and to KEVIN WYLIE, my ability to not get caught skipping school. I, MISSY ATTEBURY, will my ability to read lips to JU- LIE TILLERY and SUZANNE CAVNOR, to be used when they are having a hard time listening in class. I, GEORGE BRESHEARS, will PHILLIP TAYLOR the ability to buy a real -IX4. I, DAN BEYER, will my ability to be a SENIOR both my junior and senior year, and to be able to dish out that big 16 penny to MIKE LAMPINEN. I, VICKI BLAKE, will to ANGELA RITTER and DANA LOY my razor because it shaves the whole leg. I. TRAVIS BROWN, will to TRACI TURNER the ability to stand in a crowded room and overlook all the things she doesn't like. I, LANCE CHURCH, will JOHN WESTERMAN my abili- ty to skip 47 minutes of class and get an eXcused tardy. I, RICHIE CLII"'I', will to CHIP PIKE the ability to have a full can of primer when he needs it. I. JOHN CRUMPTON, will my ability to find a ride home every day to AARON BOYETTE and to MIKE BROWN my ability to take a joke. I. DARREN DAUBER, will JOHN WESTERMAN the ability to not crack under pressure. I, TOMMY DAVIS, will my ability to skip school and deer hunt without feeling guilty to CYNDY WOLFE and to CRYSTAL TABER my driving ability so she won't total her car. WE, KARLA DEARMON and RHONDA SHEPARD. will our ability to be happily married seniors, and our ability to put up with Tony to TINA BRESHEARS. I, SHON DEARMON, will to KEVIN WYLIE the ability not to get throw'n out of windows by girls at parties. I, MATT DICKSON, will to DARREN NIBLETT my abili- ty to be a "Chevy man,', and to JIM KAATZ myjob at Eos- ter's. I, CHRIS DUNCAN, will to DUSTIN VAUGHN, all ot' HIS empty copenhagen cans under my bed. I. MO. will my ability to eat uncanny amounts of food and not gain weight, to ANYONE who needs it. I, JUDY FREEMAN, will my driving ability to ANY JU- NIOR who is daring enough to take it. I, J EFF FULLER, will to GREG WENDI.AND, my basket- ball attitude. I, DAWN FULTON, will to anyone in THE JUNIOR CLASS, my ability to have a good time without getting ine- briated. I, MIKE FUNTENATTO. will my ability to play the drums to JULIE TILLERY, because she wanted to learn so badly at the Christmas parade. I, LARRY GRAVES, will my managing ability to VAUGH N GARNER, and to MO my weight set because he needs it REAL bad. I, KENDRA HARRINGTON, will to WILL WILLIAMS my tutu and tap shoes. I, CLAY HAYES, will to GREG WENDLAND my ability to play street ball like a brother. Y , - fQ5f6tl'l'l8lfli6 . . . I. KAREN HERRICK, will to MRS. MORRISON and MRS. HIGGINS the ability to stay in their own classroom for at least one period. I, DARRICK HOGUE, will to PHILLIP TAYLOR my last can of Copenhagen so that he will remember me. I, NICOLE JAMES, will to SHELIA RIGSBY, the ability to try out for a squad, whether it be cheerleader or charmer, and finally make it her senior year. I, DANIEL JEI"I"RESS. will to DUSTIN RALSTON the knowledge that Cat Scratch Fever does not mean your cat has fleas, also to SCOTT LAMPINEN, the ability to eat clams. I, JIM KAATZ, will with all my love to ANGIE GUNNOE my ability to cause trouble and get away with it. I, GENE McBEE, will KEN LIVINGSTON my ability to hold on to my personal possessions. I, MICHELE MERWINE, will my ability to make good grades in Trigonometry to TRACI TURNER. I, DONNIE MORROW, will my ability to lie my way out of a pink slip to KRISTY BURKS. I, KELLI QUALLS, will to WILL WILLIAMS the ability to effectively wink at someone, so they will have the desire to wink back. I, JENNIFER RALSTON, will JULIE TILLERY my silver shoes and black gloves. I, DEMPSEY RHODES, will SCOTT LAMPINEN my ability not to get caught and to stay out of jail. I, ANGY RICHARDSON, will to all of my friends in THE JUNIOR CLASS a senior year filled with as many wonder- ful memories as they have given me. I, JEANNIE RIGSBY, will to WILL WILLIAMS the one thing he needs for support.. I, LIZ RYNDERS. will to WILL WILLIAMS the ability to let the teacher teach the class. I,:lENNIFER SHAW, will SUZY HESS my Algebra grades. I, STEVEN SHELL, will HEATHER HANSEN my ability to drive the speed limit and not pass six cars at one time. I, MICHAEL SISNEY, will to SCOTT BRESI-IEARS my gold watch and my stupid nickname, so that he will score big with the babes. I, STEVE SISNEY, will to all of my special friends, MIKE, MATT, TRAVIS, DUSTIN, MICHELE. ANGY, LANCE, RICHIE, and KENNY all ofthe best for always being there. I, TAMRA SPEERS. will CHAD the ability to carry on the family name and good looks, I, SHARI WYATT, will MELODY AND KRISTY the abili- ty to make it through one year of cheerleading without any problems. I, DUSTIN VAUGHN, will SCOTT LAMPINEN the abili- ty to find a girlfriend who loves him as much as he loves him- self. I, LORI WILLIS, will DOUG TILLERY the cute nicknames he gave me and lots of love, also to my baby brother TODD, all the brownie points I score with the teachers. I, MARK WILSON, will my ability to play tennis and Lori Mann to MARK JOHNSON. I, REGINA TRUETT, will to TAMMY MICHAU my abili- ty to control myself around George. 7 -r-""""""' -+..L-Q K -r -- A .. .---x Yi-.Mb D 5 Q - ,,.. ' ig l e, flue C0456 0 7989, cfo lceredy prop eng ffzaf in file gear 199 . . . CORY DeARMON will finally find out that he doesn't know everything, and he will be driving a school bus for Jessieville. KENDRA HARRINGTON will be living in Michigan with an Arkansas accent, and will still be dreaming about Dan. RICHIE CLIFT will have his own body shop and own the baddest truck around. People will still be telling CHRIS DUNCAN to get a normal hair cut. GEORGE BRESHEARS will still be saying. "By Christmas, Ol' Green will get a new paint job." MIKE SISNEY will still be picky about the girls that Jim gets for him. MICKEY WILSON will finally find a voice he likes. SHARI WYATT will be married to Vaughn. living in the wilderness, and raising puppies to play with while Vaughn hunts for food. LANCE CHURCH will be the author of the best seller, 101 Wa-vs To Get Out ofa Ticket on West Illoiintain. KENNY HARRISON will be Karate Kid III. REGINA TRUETT will own her own fashion design firm and be the Belching Champion of the World. VICKI I-ILAKE will still be trying to get to K-mart parking lot. TAMRA SPEERS will be Queen of the Oaklawn Jockey Club. DARREN DAUBER will be playing the back nine at Belve- dere with his old pal Bob, and chasing blindly after his high school sweetheart, Jennifer. NHUNG NGUYEN will be enjoying her American citizen- ship to the fullest as a math scholar. MATT DICKSON will still be recovering from his fight with the box bailer at Foster's. JENNIFER DILATUSH will still be living it up. DUSTIN VAUGHN will be the top photographer for Sports Illustrated, specializing in the Swimsuit Edition. MARK WILSON will have been sentenced to traffic court at least twenty times and will eventually become the judge. CLAY HAYES will have severe neck injuries from the weight of his VVV sign. JEFF FULLER will still have his basketball attitude. JEANNIE RIGSBY will still be trying to figure out, one and one is three! DARRICK HOUGE will be married to Jan and will be Work- ing as a carpentry apprentice in H.S.V. DEMPSEY RHODES will be a sergeant in the marines and will be enjoying the wilderness by hunting and fishing. DONNIE MORROW will be the editor of Penthouse maga- zine. STEVEN SHELL will have read every Louis L'Amour pa- perback and he will have his own fish and game show on Channel 2. TOMMY DAVIS will own a stud service for hunting dogs. HOYT ALLEN will be driving his Ford Escort listening to"Open Says Me" in search of a caramel onion. MIKE FUNTENNATO will be conducting Hot Springs band classes. TRAVIS HROVVN will own a clock shop franchise in the midwest called "We-B-Clocks". DAN BEYER will be married to Heather, will have been kicked out of the army and will drive his very own beer truck. LORI WILLIS will be married to Doug with four kids and still trying to get him to buy her a red EXP. GARY HECKHAM will be the manager of Kroger. NICOLE JAMES will have found her mister right. JUDY FREEMAN will be wearing a straight-jacket as a fashion statement, and will be bouncing off rubberwalls. JOHN CRUMPTON will still be trying to scrape up 5515.00 for a Def Leppard ticket. DAVID SUTTER will be making a humble and honest liv- ing reading, teaching, and selling Bibles. CRYSTAL TABER will be the first female to win the Indy 500. JIM KAATZ will be married to Angie and will still be playing Rambo in the woods. TONY I-IRESHEARS will have actually found a transmis- sion with the gear 'AREVERSET STEVE SISNEY will be lost in the jungle, surviving only on what he can kill with his blowgun. DANIEL -IEFFRESS will become the president of Budweiser and will eventually get fired for drinking all of the profits. MISSY ATTEBURY wil be reaching out in the world and her dreams will come true. JERRY TURNER will be married to Marla and they will be the most feared tag team in Pro-wrestling. LARRY ORAVES will own a barber shop. TODD ASHLEY will be driving a Lamborghini with no dents. KARLA DeARMON and her husband Kevin will be raising Karla's brother-in-law Cory. SHON DeARMON Will be president of R.J. Reynolds To- bacco Company, Inc. DAWN FULTON will own her own international travel agency and will meet thousands of gorgeous, eligible men. RHONDA SHEPARD will own a chain of Western Sizzlins. GARRETT ELMORE will be big enough to fit into Colum- bo's trenchcoat. KAREN HERRICK will still be trying to convince her f'Special Someone" to buy her a ring. GENA McEEE will still be living up to her favorite song "Party All the Time". KELLI QUALLS will be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. LIZ RYNDERS will be happily married to her wonderful husband, Clayton. MICHELE MERVVINE will be the first female President of the United States. ANGY RICHARDSON will be the next Vanna VVhite. JENNIFER RALSTON will be Oliver North Jr. secretary. :nv- Z' ff f" .-' ..,,... Xl 'gl J ti V-- Z-F'-p-nn-. ..-.,, ,skis- ,,,......l?... f'Stand B Mei' "Stand By Me" was chosen by thejunior class as the 1987-88 prom theme. The prom was held at the Arlington Crystal Ballroom on May 7, 1988. All of the committees worked hard with the help of the junior class spon- sors to get everything ordered and reserved for a great evening. Decorations began at 10:00 Saturday morning. There were stu- dents blowing up balloons, putting stars on the arch ways, tying ribbons and setting up tables until 1:30. Some couples made stops to see friends and families and to show off their attire be- fore going to eat at places such as Hamilton House, Coy's, and Bonanza. After pictures at 7:00, each girl received a silver rose with pur- ple ribbons at the door. Kyle Robertson opened the ceremonies at eight o'clock with the invocation followed by Cyndy Wolfe wel- coming all who attended the prom. After Traci Turner gave recognition to sponsors and faculty members, it was time to elect prom king and queen. The ballots were hand- ed out by Tina Breshears, Angie Gunnoe, Deena Outler and Julie Tillery. While the ballots were being counted Melody Fason and Sheila Rigsby handed out certificates to the Most Loved Seniors and Most Likely to Be Remembered, Angy Richardson and Dan- ny Beyer received these awards. Afterwards, Tammye Michau entertained us by singing, "Seasons Change". Finally the ballots were counted and John Westerman announced that Dustin Vaughn and Melody Fason were prom king and queen. Then pro- phecies were read by Becky Sears. Next on the agenda was "wills" read by the senior officers. Last, but not least, the garter ceremony, lead by Joe Par- tain and Tammy Vaughn, took place. Everyone looked forward to this activi- ty. When all the ceremonies were com- pleted the D.J., Les Humble of KLAZ 106, played 'gStand By Me' as the first song of the evening. From that song until the end of the evening the dance floor stayed cov- ered with energetic and romantic couples dancing the night away. After it was all over some students went cruising, some went to a movie party, and others went to eat an early break- fast. A common question asked at prom was, UWhat time do you have to be in?,' The answers ranged from 12:30 for some of the younger students to not at all for some of the juniors and se- niors. The evening went off without a hitch and everyone enjoyed them- selves. "Stand By Mel' will be a pleas- ant memory for us all. cu., iviv .md design byJL1lie Tf11f-qv. Regina Truett turns to look for her date, but i stead she finds a camera in her face. LaShawn Neighbors and Nhung Nguyen presenta roses at the door. li' , V' ' we i W Nicole James and Mrs. Morrison seem to enjoy ing with each other instead of their dates. 4 The Prom and food committees work hard on decorations in Mrs. Gladden's office. lennifer Tillery and Danny Loy love being so close. Wing.: After a long day of decorating Julie Tillery and her date Jeremy Gunnoe are ready to enjoy the evening. Daniel Jeffress and Tammy Vaughn enjoy garter ceremof nies more than anyone else. Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Travis keep Jim Kaatz busy on the dance floor while spectators look on. Prom 51 Reaching for Success The eleventh grade is "The most competitive class around," according to them. Whether in academics, sports, 9 . WQGQQA for racing to 'Q QQGCQQQQQ lunch, this , No9P71'z,gox :Agia class is al- -Q,bo'he9el06da,iQ,0 QA ways striv- Qgfbx' 0Kf9L,io0 Q00 do ing to do no -ei m0 of Q their '75 - Oil' sg 59 9,30 ox one 4,0 D 21 4 b e s t. et exhale lv T 0 so ot k 690 1 ma e . 9' t h e s e -, 6' , , Juniors suc- iii g ceed, they have ii g impeccable teachers s to advise them. Their fa- vorite rnaie teacher is Mr. Caldwell. 'S . . a genius at his profes- sion," as Jared Ware evaluated him. Mrs. Turner topped the list of fe- male teachers. These teachers' classes are also the favorites. Extra-curricular activities are important for making a "well-round- ed junior." Spanish Club and FFA are the fast pace organizations that the juniors like to take time out from studying to enjoy. When asked what events were the students, favorites, three answers ruled out the rest. Football players, along with cheer- leaders and fans, agreed that it was agetting to the second round of the state playoffs." On the other hand, the basketball team said that with victories over Ouachita and Jessie- ville, their season was just as exiting. The last rewarding event was being exempt from semester tests. Everyone in the junior class came to one conclusion: they are looking forward to having a senior year that is even better than this one. Tammy Vaughn expressed that the best thing about being a junior is, "you're old enough to know better, and young enough to enjoy it!" Knowing of all the juniors' accom- plishments, a successful senior year is just around the corner. Junior class officers exhibit outstanding lead- ership abilities. They are: John Westerman, Presidentg Doug Tillery, Secretary: Chip Pike, Reporterg Scott Lampinen, Vice Presidentg and Cyndy Wolfe, Treasurer. 6-'Q , JV V gp M ,A 4 V, . il 5.53, N .., 4 .ef . sii' 1 s 1 l 9 , . . W. 4 sl f ...wa N l -4 r' 'tit 'fer V Q , - -,H ,Q I . QQ . , ., A eff asa 4 4 4 1 W 4 v, 6' K - 5 ,- , I :, fi 1 SN' 5 if rr' """"' --fa we Y ,., , on Sally Abaza James Barker Charity Book Aaron Boyette Becky Breshears Scott Breshears I at Tina Breshears Mike Brown Kim Bryant Kristy Burks Suzanne Cavnor Jerry Cowan Lisa Culpepper Melody F ason Jennifer Fuller Greg Furr Vaughn Garner Fred Green in ,, ', ,K W, 5, , , ,iq - , H , z :sn i , ew 1 ff., 6. 'av mls 3 all L 52 Senior High Chris Poston seems upset because he didn't, get to eat his lunch in bed like Ken Livingston. dir wr ,-1, W .,,, M4 . i 1 i Tammy Michau, Brandi Guy, and Jewell Miller like to hop around between classes. Marchelle Milholen, Chris Poston, and Mike Brown are amused as Mrs. Turner's parrot shows his feelings about her personality by leaving a deposit on her shoulder. Angie Gunnoe Brandi Guy Brad Hallbauer Heather Hansen Peggy Harris Melissa Henderson Suzy Hess Stephen Homan Darlene Herman Chris Hulsey Mark Johnson Melissa Jones Scott Lampinen Ken Livingston Dannie Loy Teresa Mann Brian Martinez Laura Martinez J uniors 53 i il' 'X WW WM Travis Maxey Tammy Michau Marchelle Milholen Jewell Miller LaShawn Neighbors Toni Newell Darren Niblett John Norman Deena Outler Joe Partain Chip Pike Chris Poston - j i ' r in - 4-Vx L15 , A 'JW ffm if In 40 M AW ia r if , , , A -' if 4,1 1 1' g , f 1 , , 'i 1 2 , if . Dawn Ragsdale . ' 3 Sheila Rigsby 4' 9' "- Kyle Robertson .T Diana Robinson y K - Becky Sears , ' , Chad Speers 3 , Q h W f V, V 2 y, it . i few of 9 - -. ew" U 5? ,T ,Zi 1 ,, ,fri ,Q 4 at .5 y i l I y f or Suzanne Cavnor, Will Williams, and Melody Fason concentrate hard on the Win, Lose, or Draw game at the basketball homecoming piz- za party. Suzanne and Melody are definitely dressed for the occasion with their homecom- ing sweatshirts, but Will CMcMahonJ Wil- liams couldn't resist wearing his Chicago Bears shirt. , -f ,aw nw-gf' Hey, who says yeountry's not COOY? Heeoliaw girls, their ,spirit during homecoming week Heather Haiisen and Tammy Vaughn, express l QQ ' 'V ' 54 Senior High Phillip Taylor Doug Tillery Julie Tillery Wendy Tillery Traci Turner Tammy Vaughn V 1 ,M Kwfly J' Q V' -JS Y' N. an 4 I. K in 1 L " , nf 'ew 'Q m Juanita Ugartechea Karen Walker Jared Ware Greg Wendland John Westerman Kevin Wylie hi? Q Will Williams Cyndy Wolfe In uf rm W 39:3 QQQA Q 4 ei, Yury, ' . - Ti ,..o, V yryi Vfjz V it J hooo X ee ' i Q is QV 'U' 7' of is . if' ,, ',, . bg inf' J fr 4 fy we , .., I' grff' J W if ' il-Iola, amigos! Jared Ware represents the Spanish Club in the spirit. parade. in Lu Oh no! We've been caught! Joe Partain and John Westerman sneak a pickle. Ain't we cute? Peggy Harris, Greg Furr, and Cyndy Wolfe take a break to give a big grin to the cameraman. J umors 55 Lori Abbott Donnie Arendt Kim Bates Ramona Bates Bill Bryant Lana Cockman Brian Cox Jennifer Cox Lori Culpepper Jason Curtis Missy Davis Luke Dickson Jonah Dodd Heather Driver Jim Duncan Sean Edds DeAnn Harrington Melissa Harrison . I 42 R. J. ca 'Y' 4 ,I X 1 I J i f-S, Sophomores Step Up Most tenth graders agreed that their sophomore year held many spe- f cial moments. o gogxeqb A s t h e y we XS 'QOQ' i stepped up Q 1 CS 9' ' g ge? ,905 to high iooiegzxoxbge school, xotqf C' QD t h e y Q 01 469 f d ,cg Q2 aCB LSA n e w A chal- l e n g - i ei es, privi- r leges, and free- doms. Being a soph- omore was an exciting experience, because the students were able to set up their class schedules themselves. They at- tended classes with juniors and sen- iors, and they were given the oppor- tunity to join all the clubs and orga- nizations that they were not eligible to join previously. When asked the best thing about tenth grade, they all agreed that it was having only two more years of school. They enjoyed going to town, dating, driving legally, se- nior high sports, music, and spend- ing time with friends. Their favorite teacher was Mrs. Burns, and FFA and FHA was the organizations that they liked most. Many sophomores were seen working daily in the canteen sup- porting their favorite group. They excelled in everything from academ- ics to athletics. The class was very active in almost everything that came along. They participated in sports, choir, and band concerts, FFA judging contests, art contests, academic programs, and community service projects. All-around, the class of '90 was a group of over-achievers who had high goals and worthwhile dreams. The highpoints of their sophomore year were winning the first round of the football playoffs and beating Jessieville in the Perryville basket- ball tournament. They also enjoyed the deep snow of '88 and Christmas vacation. As Steven Long stated, "It is the best, coolest bunch of people I've ever met, and I wouldn't trade them for the world." fe. 'Q' 56 Senior High "1.,,1,. " ' 4.3 ff Marty Haynes Christina Hilliard Stacy Himes Wende Hogue Marcy Hutchins Todd James -In ,Mini .kv Carrie Koehler Julie Knowlen Mike Lampinen Steven Long Dana Loy Jerry Milroy if L' ,f I nn ,Z , ,gil 733, , " " I M We K: n 4, it 2 1 , Q g rf K no n Q ,, v o y ,, 'Z iw ' . i.ii Jason Curtis, Marty Haynes, and Jack Smith doing what they do best . . . picking up girls. if I fr The sophomore class officers prove that the females rule. They are Stacy Himes, Presi- dentg Lori Culpepper, Vice-Presidentp Wende Hogue, Secretaryg DeAnn Harrington, Trea- surerg Julie Knowlen, Reporter. Jack Smith and Danny Vaughn donate their extra time to help with a community project. ,fi F 3 ? ., I Sophomores 57 Lori Mann Steven McNeely Bart McWilliams Larry Patrick Michael Piatt Missy Ragsdale Dustin Ralston Kim Rigsby Angela Ritter Tammy Robertson Clyde Rynders Rusty Scroggins Bobby Simms Jack Smith Tommy Thomas Michelle Thompson Tommy Truett Danny Vaughn ,Q L33 Vw 2 Y ,Mimi tw , Ha iwff .- Q. 1415 fb 4 E x gpf,'e Surprise? Someuxiekiwatching you. Larry Pat- rick and Clydeyiiiyndersl enjoy stuffiiiggytheir faces. ",V i t ' 'E D. Danny Vaughn, Jack Smith, Wesley Yates and Bob Sims are apparently up to no good. Does Mr. Sargo know that they've been work- ing on his truck? Sophomore, Tammy Robertson, is trying to figure out what Ken and Chris put in her ham- burger. ' 58 Senior High aft , - ! I W, M Off 'W Al qi, J-. ,QW if if X 1 P '-its-Qi' fil ' --' n-.-13.5.2 .X . v L. , "'f.,..f,flll x , ,H X...-- f. W-A' 1 Did someone say fiesta? Tommy Thomas is ready and waiting. Todd Vaughn Monica Vaughn John Wallace Shelly Watson Chanda Welch Cindy Wilky Cara Wolfe Wesley Yates Who us . . . work? You must be kidding. Shelly Watson, Julie Knowlen, Marcie Hutchins, Monica Vaughn and Chanda Welch enjoy spending time together. Que pasa? Dustin Ralston and Mike Lampi- nen show their excitement about Spanish club initiation, 5 3 3 ' Sophomores 59 X Mr. and Miss Fountain Lake John Wes and Julie Tillery terman ' Man' ' Can idates: arren Dauber S or d D d Jennifer Ralston. 60 Senior High ,,,'I: COBRAS E E sm Sophomore Candidates: R l d Chanda Welch. is . is 39' fs tl Bk'-. fi- -,. Q Y' NMS.. rv 4 f -my N 'N . '11-sf isswf U' UN- s 5 - . 4 ,A X i . ' 7 were ' W A W. 5 I .rf 1 FJ g k'x-fl . ' ., . M- . x ft We ll ever Forget You Not long ago, or so it seemed, Angy Richardson and Danny Beyer began making an everlasting im- pression on Fountain Lake. Angy entered kindergarten in 1975 and soon won the hearts of many with her sweet smile and charming per- sonality. Danny came to our school in 1978 and blessed us with his out- spoken manner and wit. Angy and Dan were involved with everything including FFA, FHA, cheerleading, football and homecoming. Danny will most likely be remembered for his uncanny ability to make people laugh, while Angy will be remem- bered for her sweet nature and her ability to be a good friend. No mat- ter what the reason may be, Danny and Angy will never be forgotten. Hy Lori Willis All-State linebacker, Danny Beyer, will always be remembered for his outstanding personality, his exotic hairstyles and his convertible truck. FFA State Officer, Angy Richard- son, enjoys playing with her Grand Champion Bull, "Baby Ben." Her warm smile and positive outlook on life will never be forgotten. Seniors Most Likely to Be Rei-nembered 61 Tamra Speers and Travis Brown take a break from rehearsing to pose for the cam- era. Charity Book and Aaron Boyette are get- ting ready to create a masterpiece on the chalkboard. Wad aknfecl Monica Vaughn and Larry Patrick are bub- bling with talent. f i Talented - ftal-en-ted! adj. suggested a marked special ability without implying a mind of extraordinary pow- 62 Most Talented Woof nergefic Energetic - Xen- r-'jet-ik! adj. having or showing activenessg , forcefullnessg vigorous. 11-uuwww-e Why are Vicki Blake and Daniel Jeffress standing under the motel sign? Heather Hansen and Darren Niblett decid- ed to put all their energy to good use by cleaning out their locker. Chanda Welch relaxes while Larry Patrick uses all his energy to swing her. Most Energetic 63 Lori Willis and Clay Hayes go to great heights to make you laugh. Dawn Ragsdale and Vaughn Garner are K'Just a Swinging". Julie Knowlen acts innocent while Bob- by Simms plans to puncture Mr. Beck- ham's tire. 64 Wittiest 'lflhffieif Wittiest - f'wit-e-est! adj. marked by or full of quickness and cleverness in handling words and ideas. , 4 ' 'Q Kufeai Cutest - fkyutestf adj. Attrac- tive or pretty by reason of daintiness or delicacy. Missy Attebury loves Steven Shell's cute little cheeks. Melody Fason and Mark Johnson climbed all those stairs and still look cute. Stacey Himes and Mike Piatt always look cute. Cutest 65 Missy Attebury and George Breshears al- ways appear Warm and friendly. Darlene Horman is trying to keep Joe Par- tain from falling on his face again. Marcy Hutchins and Clyde Rynders smile for the camera while resting on the steps. geaf el".'f0l'lClAfy Personality fpers-n-eal-et-ef n. distinction or excellence of personal and social traits. 66 Best Personality gmt jd! '.!4l"0lfll'l Best - fbestf adj. of the highest quality, excellence or stand- ing. Tamra Speers and Jim Kaatz are always at their best. Traci Turner and Greg Wendland are caught playing on the playground equip- ment again. Wesley Yates and Marcy Hutchins are all- around great people. Best All-Around 67 Ha' ab. A nada Cheerleading Captain, Shari Wyatt, and Basketball Captain, Hoyt Allen, display sea nior leadership with their spirit. -1 Wadi Sckoof pirif Melody Fason and Chris Hulsey think that if they switch professions their life would be a lot easier. Deann Harrington and Marty Haynes stand proudly by their school mascot. :UBRA ,,,4-f Spirit - !'spir-et! adj. full of spirit, courage, or energy. CDUNTR' 68 Most School Spirit oaf Aflrbfic Athletic - fath-,let-ik! adj. re- lating to, or characteristic of athletes or athletics. Vicki Blake and Darren Dauber show off the many trophies that they helped win. Jewell Miller and Scott Lampinen are very active in many sports. Shelley Watson and Mike Lampinen con- gratulate each other on a good year. Most Athletic 69 if ygyx in QW? fy .ff Michele Merwine 8a Matt Dickson look as though they could conquer the world. Wadi ol,iLe!y 0 uccee jacrfr! - XML- lun!! VL. lo lurn auf fa Le Jurcuaful Cyndy Wolfe and Jared Ware are looking for a good book to read. Missy Ragsdale gl Wesley Yates look up from studying to smile for the camera. l i Maw 111 70 Most Likely to Succeed alan, - f,Alff Hon or Aeneuagznc noun afkcfian Land on aJm1ra Wea! OU? rzffffflfv Brains and Brawn. Most loved seniors, Angy Richardson and Danny Beyer, love to have fun. You can't help but love Julie Tillery and John Westerman. Monica Vaughn and Mike Lampinen have love written all over their faces. Most Loved 71 igaarrac Cory DeArmon appears to be enjoying Judy Freeman sitting on his lap. iggedf Z7 iff Flirt - f'flertf vb. to behave amorously without serious in- tent. Tammy Vaughn and Joe Partain are ready to start flirting with the students who come to the canteen. Tammy Robertson and Tommy Truett are contemplating who they should flirt with next. 72 Biggest Flirt CVM cworifea Favorites - f'fav-Q31-ret! n. people regarded with special liking or more highly than others. gg' ' 5 Q nm Danny Beyer, Vickie Blake, Jim Kaatz, and Angy Richardson. Phillip Taylor, Julie Tillery, John Wester- man, and Suzanne Cavnor. Mike Lampinen, Marcy Hutchins, Monica Vaughn, and Larry Patrick. Class Favorites 73 'fThe Rhythm of The ight" The eighth annual Miss Fountain Lake Pageant was held in the school cafetori- um on March 26, 1988. Pre- pageant activities officially started Saturday, March 19, with Squmpy Few, choreog- rapher, teaching dance steps to the opening number of "The Rhythm of the Nightf, The sixteen contestants at- tended modeling and make- up sessions, talent practices and dress rehearsals. The big night finally ar- rived as the pageants emcees, Marcy Hansen, Miss Fountain Lake 1984, and Heather Hansen, Miss Fountain Lake 1987, intro- duced the opening number. The judging began as each of the contestants were fea- tured individually in casual wear, which constituted for- 9 ty percent of the girls' total score. Outfits ranged from walking shorts to skirts. The second category for judging was talent. lt consisted of everything from Julie Til- leryis Charleston routine to Shari Wyatt's ventriloquist act. Between categories, Heather Hansen performed her national competition gymnastics routine for en- tertainment. The final event for judging was evening gown, a favorite category among the girls. When asked why, junior Becky Sears re- plied, t'Because the hard parts are over and all you have to worry about is smil- ingf' Before the finalists were announced, Miss Henderson University 1987, Tina Rich- 3 Heather Hansen is proud to award the title of "Miss Fountain Lake" Contestants - FRONT ROW: Tam- mye Michau, Cyndy Wolfe, Shari Wyatt, Jennifer Ralston, Chanda Welch, Traci Turner, Angie Gun- noe, Tammy Vaughn, Missy Atte- to Junior Tammye Michau. bury, Darlene Horman, Michele Merwine, Crystal Taber, Nicole James, Julie Tillery, Becky Sears, and Kristy Burks. 74 Senior High ardson performed a vocal solo t'God Bless the USA." Tina, Miss Fountain Lake 1983, was asked to fill in that evening for a missing judge. While theijudges made their final decisions, Angy Rich- ardson, Saline County Jr. Miss 1987-88 presented an entertaining piano solo. The girls were brought back one last time as the fi- nalists were announced. Then Heather Hansen relin- quished her crown while be- ing serenaded by Travis Brown and Darren Dauber with a song entitled 'tYou,'. Shari Wyatt was selected by her fifteen fellow contes- tants as Miss Congeniality. The award was given as a to- ken of appreciation to a spe- cial person who was always there giving a helping hand and a friendly smile. After a long waiting period the win- ners were announced. Sec- ond runner-up went to Shari Wyatt and first runner-up was Cyndy Wolfe. Then Tammy Michau was crowned Miss Fountain Lake 1988. A special thanks went out to Mary Thompson and An- drea Crawford for organiz- ing the pageant. It was a great success. chpy and Design by Shari W,-an Travis Brown presents Heather reign as "Miss Fountain Lake 1986- Hansen as she steps down from her 87.' .f,, .?, ,. ' E i Cyndy Wolfe ecstatically accepts her Ist runner-up trophy. Chanda Welch, the only sophomore one of the five finalists. who participated in the pageant, is The excited contestants show their dancing capabilities during the opening number. Shari Wyatt is pleased with 2nd honor of "Miss Congenialityf, runnerfup. She also received the Finalist Jennifer Ralston smiles her casual Wear. with contentment as she models The emcees are Heather Hansen great at entertaining the audience and Marcy Hansen. They are Pageant 75 w ing crowned by our Superinten- dent, Mr. Bass. Our 1988-89 Miss Fountain Lake is Junior, Tammye Michau. She is be- "No hird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings." "I can achieve anything in life through work and determination." N QPJ fs e ami Q "Within ourselves lies everything we ever dream of beingf, "I feel it is important for us to value other's opinions." 76 Senior High Darlene I-Iorman, Michele Mer- wine, and Traci Turner agree that I hari "I find that the more I accomplish the better I feel about myself." Cham! HI cannot do all things, but what I can do - I will." will Mu? last minute rehearsals are vital to gain confidence for performing. HI think that everyone needs to treat people with love and kind- ms." - t'Always stand for something, or you will fall for anything." F r ' ta, :xv .f ,ff l r W ' mxq.,-x"' ar.. .--Q K Q x . Q' .. f . , F S R x iw if XXLh K , if Y- f L 5 r . E. L -si :E by.. I QR .. r E.. ings: S K ggi , qxx ,Q .... Wfflfgf . K , 1. . lt Y up , e W K in A .. 1 ?Q'1S?i ' 5 I-Qin 4 ffl? LILLL . Q .. iisgkalif-Q1 . 1- These lovely contestants show off their dancing skills during the as Everyday we spend without learn- ing something is a day lost." Q wmwmwsw-,.-,xwmaas 2 fa it . n The right attitude can help you through almost anything." .. .Ei 3 - g gg ix .... -- 'X-lv a NX xl 5 'gil .sas .gf- opening number to "The Rhythm of the Night." ul hear with my eyes and heart - even though I'm deaf." C ndy Wolfe as t'My philosophy is to remain strong in will and never give upf' f fa. mx Crystal Taber is in no big hurry to start the pageant. She enjoys being Becky Seems 'klf l could give a gift to the world, it would be understanding." 1' S, H farngnye Michgu ' A74 . "My philosophy of life is to be all l can be and nothing less." ,, -, y f iw 'Mm ' ' 4, ..,. egg, Q M .iv . az.. Q .H . , -. , I ' V if pampered by a friend. Q' y i . f ,- - 'W 'K ' A j, 4 W in 2 J f fa f 1 , i it f f Wm J KE ZZ f, ,, SG 3 fi A Q I f . i ,. ff I ,, UThe one gift I would give to the world would be world peace." 5 . 5 1. "We all have to work together to- ward a better tomorrow." Pageant 77 Service Through Leadership Student Council Strives To Improve Campus Life Suzanne C B ky S Matt Dick T y V gh and Steven Shell make their own ladder to hang dance decorations 78 Senior High l x X As with any school, Foun- tain Lake's primary aim was to educate the student body and equip it with the basic skills to function in an in- creasingly technical, com- plex World. But education here attempted to go beyond academics. Through various clubs and organizations, each student had an oppor- tunity to develop Within himself a sense of responsi- bility and committment to democratic principles and a willingness to serve the gen- eral population. Fountain Lake's Student Council worked toward this goal of service through lead- ership. lt gave its members a better understanding of how organizations in general function. Through planning, organizing, and implemen- ting, Student Council mem- bers saw abstract ideas evolve into tangible reali- ties. Regardless of the wide diversity of personalities and broad range of lifestyles, Student Council members put personal demands aside and strove for perfection through group identity. One function of any school organization was to ultimately improve campus life. Student Council met the challenge. It sponsored homecoming dances and do- nated money to help start a new organization, Life Pres- ervers tsee pages 102 and 1033. By working in the can- teen and conducting orga- nized meetings Student Council improved the over- all leadership quality of the student body. Sponsor: Lynn Turner: Senior Re- presentatives: Tamra Speers and Vicki Blake: Representatives at Large: Julie Tillery and John West- ermang Junior Representatives: Tammy Vaughn and Chip Pikeg Sophomore Representatives: Dus- tin Ralston and Marty Haynes: Freshman Representatives: Kevin Noles and Angela McAttee: Spon- sor: Kathy Gladdeng Vice Presi- dent: Angy Richardson: Secretary: Steve Sisneyg Treasurer: Heather Hansen: President: Matt Dicksong Reporter: Suzanne Cavnor. Kathy Gladden, sponsor, takes a break from sending in a news re- lease for the homecoming royalty. iii: :ni Dempsey Rhodes and Matt Dickson play the hits at the home- coming dance. Student Council 79 Headlines to Deadline A year in the life of Fountain Lake For the Purple Pride staff, the 1987-88 year was off to a quick, somewhat confusing start. It began with a 3-day workshop in August at beau- tiful Lake DeGray State Lodge. Here, returning staff members Angy Richardson and Lori Willis and new member Jennifer Ralston met their advisor, Dave Schrader, for the first time. The workshop introduced the staff to new concepts and methods concerning yearbook production, ideas which would soon be put to use in the classroom setting. But implementing what we learned at the workshop was not often easy. Dis- agreements over content and organization had to be resolved. When standard ac- Angy Richardson - editor ceptable design principles came into conflict with how we as a staff wanted to de- sign this year's volumn, a balance had to be reached. Mr. Schrader's dogged insis- tence that certain style guide rules for copy and de- sign be followed forced staff members to continually re- write and redesign their work. Feelings of frustration occasionally turned to re- sentment when hours of work ended finally in unac- ceptable layouts. Clashing egos had to be subdued. Criticism had to be accept- ed. Deadlines were coming. The relationship between journalism and yearbook production was becoming obvious as the year progres- sed. How to conduct inter- Shari Wyatt f copy editor 80 Senior High views, write feature stories, take meaningful photos rep- resentative of the student body, and develop "noses for news" - these were the re- sponsibilities of the staff. These were skills which had to be learned. Time was run- ning out. A few staffers recognized to what extent we were com- mitted. Others never did catch on. Some staffers joi- ned journalism to add to their list of accomplish- ments - the title "photography editor" had a nice ring to it. Others had a genuine interest in record- ing a year in the life of Foun- tain Lake. But none would deny that to produce a qual- ity yearbook required hard work, perseverance, thick Jennifer Ralston - Business editor skin, and a hightened sense of dedication and responsi- bility. To what extent we met the challenge can only be deter- mined by the readers of this edition of the Purple Pride. To what extent we captured the essence of Fountain Lake for the 1987-88 school year will be reflected in the frequency with which you open this volumn in years to come. Its production was an enlightening experience. We hope its perusal will be equally enlightening as you look back on this particular year in the life of Fountain Lake. Julie Tillery - Assistant Editor Joe Partain Y Layout Editor Becky Sears, Mr. Schrader, Shari lery and lhmnie Loy discuss am zlcl Wyatt. Angy Richardson, Julie 'l'il- layout during spirit week. " h , 6 'H ,i Q f , W viva!! 'ffl ,nd A 9 1 N 'Q 93, ,V ',iV , A V Q1 , Q :f"ff lbj "1'uW,.,m,0 ' utr 5 " Y? Q. JY. i ws Dustin Vaughn and Danny lioy, Becky Sears, staff Chip Pike, Staff Lori Willis and Doug Tillery, staff staff' Annual Staff 81 In the Right Direction Achievements in the Se- nior Beta Club were many. The Beta Club sponsored the football homecoming program and decorations. Their community project was helping with the Spa 10 K Run. They purchased the graduation stoles for the seniors who graduated with honors. The important lead- ers of Beta Club were the of- ficers: Jared Ware, Pres.g Jennifer Shaw, Vice Pres.g Angy Richardson, Sec., Mi- chele Merwine, Treas. They excelled academically while participating in various ex- Will Williams, Angy Richardson, and a meeting preparing for football Jared Ware spend their lunch hour at homecoming. tracurricular activities. Copy by Mark Johnson and Cvndy Wolfe. De- sign by Angy Richardson. DeAnn Harrington receives her beta pin at the induction from Jen- nifer Shaw. Senior Beta members are: Becky Sears, Traci Turner, Melody Fason, Lisa Culpepper, Marchelle Milho- len, Cyndy Wolfe, Shari Wyatt, Dawn Fulton, John Westerman, Dannie Loy, Joe Partain, Matt Dickson, Will Williams, Kimma Haper, Elaine Warrington, Jen- nifer Dilatush, Angy Richardson, Michele Merwine, Jared Ware. X ...X ,X Beta officers are: president, Jared Ware, vice president, Jennifer ff, .,. .. , 5 M.. V! ' f ,s f, ,r, ,gg 7,7 Shaw, secretary, Angy Richard song treasurer, Michele Mervvine. 82 Senior High l l i l . M 2 Bntasn ,WL 5 Will Williams,Joe Partain,Jared President, Jared Ware presents se- Ware, and John Westerman en- nior, Regina Truett, with her beta joy refreshments after the beta stole. installation. Beta Club 83 Toward New Horizons The Future Homemakers of America has gone through many changes since its na- tional founding in 1945. While its central point of in- terest still focuses on family and home life, it now reaches beyond into the career world. This year FHA had seven- ty-five active members, both male and female and for the first time, a male officer was elected - Scott Lampinen, Historian. The FHA participated in several community activi- ties. Some members baked cookies to raise money for the Easter Seal Foundation. Others fingerprinted ele- mentary students for identi- fication. Nicole James represented our club in the public speak- ing division at Ouachita Baptist University. She qualified to represent Foun- tain Lake on the state level and received a two star honor. For one week the mem- bers were asked to tend to a raw egg. This activity em- phasized the difficulties in- volved in the parental re- sponsibility. Several of them realized that parenting is a big job. Mrs. Rice, the FHA spon- sor, was also there helping each member. She taught and demonstrated the full meaning of out motto: "Towards New Horizons." She guided our activities to- wards the overall goal of helping individuals improve personal, family, and com- munity living. Copy by Sherri Wyatt Design by Julie 'I'illz-ry Don't worry Darlene, we won't tell Mrs. Rice that you're not using the pattern. The members were: W. Hogue, C. Wolfe, M. Milholen, L. Culpepper, M. Ragsdale, R. Truett, S. Wyatt, N. James, S. Cavnor, L. Culpepper, T. Turner, M. Fason, K. Qualls, S. Himes, M. Attebury, J. Freeman, S. Lampinen, S. Hess, S. Rigsny, T. Robertson, K. Dodd, B. Breashers, S. Furr, J. Miller, A. Gunnoe, D. Outler, S. Coburn, L. Abbott, M. Henderson, J. Miller, D. Harrington, K. Bailey, D. Bean, J. Ford, M. Sweeten, M. Switzer, A. Hutchins, K. Chavarria, T. Trusty, K. Walker, L. Coleman, T. Araiza, C. Williams, M. Turner, K. Owens, A. McAtee, C. Pike, V. Garner, D. Vaughn, K. Kiernan, K. Herrick, D. Fulton, M. Davis, A. Caldwell, Ta- nya Lipp, S. Shell, H. Allen, T. Da- vis, K. Rigsby, D. Loy, L. Rynders, A. Ritter, M. Vaughn, J. Knowlen, L. Loy, S. Watson, M. Hutchins, M. Slater, C. Hulsey, P. Taylor, J. Chil- dress, J. Tillery. 84 Senior High Nicole James shows her speaking abilities for which she earned a two star honor in the FHA Public Speaking Division. FHA officers are: Michelle Milho- len, Secretary, Stacy Himes, Execu- tive Council, Lori Culpepper, Re- porter, Missy Ragsdale, Executive Council, Shari Wyatt, 2nd Vice President, Suzanne Cavnor, Presi- dent, Regina Truett, 3rd Vice Presi- dent, Cyndy Wolfe, Treasurer, Ni- cole James, lst Vice President, Scott Lampinen, Historian, Wende Hogueg Songleader. 'Q'- -. VY? if Q A Q 8 ' A V , ' my-i r ' K ' TJRY I . W U45 L. . ,sl fi' y.f,.,, f Niifif' 5 at r pf.. ,, fx 1-"vu v Steven Shell, 1987-88 FHA Beau, would make a great house wife. Lori Culpepper shows oft' her win- ning egg with Stacy Himes last years promising freshman. in' Tommy Davis and Hoyt Allen cook Melissa Jones practices to he a their favorite meal: fried chicken. seamstress or stuffed animal mak- my gc GT, W6"I'8 H01 SUT9, One ol' these women state troopers in Arkansas spoke tothe home eco- nomics classes about the effects ol' drugs and alcohol when driving. EE. 85 EFFA AERIL-ULTURE 5 EN The FFA enrolled eighty rnem- bers - the largest in the ten year his- tory of the Fountain Lake FFA. This record membership increased our state voting delegation to three. The following calender of events reveals a successful and rewarding year filled with honors and achieve- ments. JUNE 160th State Convention John West- erman, Jim Duncan, Luke Dickson and Wesley Yates. JULY 5'Leadership Conference at Camp Couchdale: Angy Richardson, John Westerman, Kyle Robertson, Doug Tillery and Dannie Loy. :kWashington Conference in Wash- ington, D.C. Angy Richardson AUGUST XCo-op Camp: John Westerman se- lected to attend N.l.C.E. in St. Lou- is, MO. XFFA Recreation Camp at Couch- dale: Kenny Harrison, Frankie Sears, Marty Haynes, Jerry Milroy, Johnny Cosby, Luke Dickson and Clyde Rynders. xSaline County Fair: Grand Cham- pion Barrow, Doug Tilleryg Grand Champion Gilt, John Westerman. 'FFA Kick-off Day: Fun games, and food - eighty students joined FFA. SEPTEMBER XGarland County Fair: Julie Til- lery, FFA Sweetheart and Fair Queen contestant: Joe Partain, Showmanship Award: Angy Rich- ardson, Grand Champion Bull. 5kFootball Homecoming Float Con- test, First Place. OCTOBER xState Fair: Jason Curtis, Purple Circle Club. Attended banquet at Ferndale in his honor. Kenny Har- rison and Jason Curtis, premium sale. NOVEMBER :':National FFA Convention in Kan- sas City, MO: Jeri Childress, Kelly Bailey, Jana Ford, Sam Balsters, Brannan Graves, Roy James, Fran- kie Sears, chaperones Mr. Sz Mrs. Marvin Bailey and advisor Jim Pennington. 86 Senior High Roy James, Melissa Slater, Shawn Marlar and Kent Mahan during ini- tiation. John Westerman placed lst in pre- pared public speaking. E .si if FFA members get excited when they hear that they won the football homecoming float con- test. The FFA Christmas party was filled with fun, games, food, and a hayride. Here Hoyt Allen and Jeri Childress are shown in the caramel apple eating contest when Hoyt discovers he is eating an onion. This is the life! Luke Dickson, John Westerman, Dannie Loy, Wesley Yates and Joe Partain re- lax after a successful day at the Garland County Fair. Joe was the recipient of the showmanship award. . sf ... ., Zlz . S sos . , ss. . sg, as it S s .Q :VX ff -is - s s f. ,. Es. Ss . is . ,tt. i ,, sei L. Dickson, D. Vaughn, J. Curtis, T. Vaughn G. Wendland, D. Niblett, J. Crumpton, W Yates, J. Smith, R. James, T. Thomas, D. Ford, M. Funtenatto, M. Wilson, S. Homan, J. Mil roy, C. Hulsey, M. Piatt, S. Breshears, B. Simms, K. Harrison, E. Terry, B. Cox, T. Truett, J. Duncan, B. Nobles, C. Morrow, R. Kiester, J. Plyler, C. Kolasch, C. Rynders, A. Boyette, C. Speers, M. Brown, K. Clem, C. Pos ton, F. Sears, M. Pascoe, S. Marlar, L. Graves, M. Dickson, K. Mahan, C. Blanchard, M. John- son, K. Livingston, K. Bailey, A. Hecke, J. Chil- dress, J. Ford, S. Sisney, D. Morrow, J. Ralston, D. Dauber, B. Graves, J. Norman, P. Taylor, K. Noles, B. Nunes, M. Slater, T. Davis, S. Shell, D. Jeffress, J. Partain, Sentinel, D. Tillery, Re- porter, M. Haynes, Treasurerg D. Loy, Secre- tary, J. Esterman, Vice President, A. Richard- son, President. J. Tillery, Sweetheart, J. Pen- nington, Advisor. DECEMBER tFruit Sale - Big Success! XFFA Christmas Party: Fun, games, food, and hayride for seven- ty-six members and guests. :kRepaired bicycles for needy chil- dren at Christmas. JANUARY 3"Worked in the canteen during bas- ketball homecoming. FEBRUARY :kNational FFA Week a'Greenhand Initiation Week 'kGreenhand Induction AkFoundation Drive MARCH :'tSub-Area Contests: Parliamenta- ry Team 2nd: Steve Sisney, John Westerman, Kevin Noles, Kent Mahan, Shawn Marlar, Joe Partain and Angy Richardson, Prepared Public Speaking: John Westerman lst. xDistrict Speaking Contest: John Westerman, Second Place. :kLivestock Judging in Little Rock. APRIL tDistrict Judging Contests SAU Magnolia- Dairy Cattle 6th place: Joe Partain 4th place individual. MAY akState Farmer Degree: Angy Rich- ardson 'KFFA Banquet: Star Farmer - Angy Richardson, Star Greenhand - Shawn Marlar, Blue and Gold Award - Kenny Harrison, Out- standing Junior - Stephen Homan, Outstanding Sophomore - Jack Smith, Honorary Chapter Farmers - Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Bailey, Awards of Appreciation - Patricia Sisney and Harvey Dauber. JUNE :k61st State Convention: Courtesy Corps- Jeri Childress, Kyle Robert- son, Frankie Sears. Delegates- Joe Partain, Kevin Noles, Kent Mahan. Campaign Manager- John Wester- man. Our year closed at the 61st con- vention held at Camp Couchdale where Angy Richardson was elected to a state office. Angy will serve as a Vice-President for the Arkansas Association. FF 87 FBL :LE DER HIP THAT HOWS! The Future Business Leaders of America had an extra busy and excit- ing year. Campaigning for office posi- tions was held the week of September 14-18. On September 18, the election was held and the results were very close. One of the fun activities that the FBLA members participated in was the football homecoming parade. Pre- parations for decorating the float were tiring andrequired help from many en- ergetic members. Mrs. Morrison and Mrs. Higgins, the advisors, held a christmas party in honor of all the active members on De- cember 16. The members received FBLA pins for their contributions to Steve Sisney, shows Stacy Himes, Becky Bresh- ears, Kim Rigsby, and Lori Culpepper his pro- gram which he used to compete at Henderson. Teachers have spirit, tool President, Shari Wyatt, and Vice-President, Nicole James, along with sponsor, Mrs. Morrison, show their spirit during animal day. FBLA students learn valuable skills that will help them throughout life. 88 Senior High the chapter. Spring time for FBLA members meant a time to let their skills in busi- ness show. Ten members of the chap- ter represented Fountain Lake at the Spring Leadership Conference. The conference was held at Henderson State University. Three of these mem- bers made it in the top ten of their div- isions. These outstanding members were: Steven Sisney, who competed in the Informative Processing Concepts Division, Cyndy Wolfe, in the comput- er Application for Business Division, and Deena Outler, in the Business Law Division. The competitions were tough, but the chapter was rep- resented Well in each division. This was Mrs. Higgins' first year to be an advisor for the FBLA chap- ter. Mrs. Morrison, with help from Mrs. Higgins, have big plans for the years to come, but they agree that this year's chapter was one of the best. copy and design by Shari Wyatt Sfiitfs M" I T 3 5 s 4 f : U if ff, i,gM 3 I r t The FBLA chapter welcomes Mrs. Higgins as a co- advisor. Mrs. Morrison is pleased to have some help. an .xg FBLA officers 1987-1988: President, Shari er, LaShawn Neighbors, Historian, Traci WyattgVice-President, Nicole James, Secretary, Turner, Parliamentarian, Toni Newell. Cyndy Wolfeg Treasurer, Sheila Rigsbyg Report- yx , ' Q, if . ,,,f hwy' , H ' , ll 1' WJ Members show that future business leaders know how to have fun after a long day ofwork. .4-dy" The members who attended the spring leader- ship conference were eager to take a quick pic- ture so they could hurry and eat. Members: Toni Newell, Traci Turner, LaSh- awn Neighbors, Sheila Rigsby, Cyndy Wolfe, Nicole James, Shari Wyatt, Mrs. Higgins, Jer- emy Long, Missy Attebury, Denna Outler, Angie Gunnoe, Suzanne Cavnor, Steven Sis- ney, Michele Merwine, Mrs. Morrison, Wende Hogue, DeAnn Harrington, Becky Hreshears, Wendy Tillery, Melissa Henderson, Dawn Fulton, Karen Herrick, Lori Abbott, Reba McGinnis, Darren Dauber, Jennifer Ralston, Lori Culpepper, Kim Rigshy, Stacy Himes, and Tammy Robertson. FBLA 89 Cobra F.C. . Last years Fellowship of Chris- tian Athlete's prospered into a car- ing, loving, and Christian group that served to nuture to each other and their fellow students. Although they did not attend the traditional Razorback football F.C.A. day, ev- eryone still attended the meetings regularly. They even prospered to the point of having a finalist in the Athlete of the Year. Michele Mer- wine was a finalist for Female Christian Athlete of the Year. The state banquet was in Fairfield Bay. Mrs. Hines, Jeri Childress, Angela McAtee, Michele, and her parents went for the big night. Another lo- cal girl won and Michele was pleased that it was a Christian girl. The meetings of F.C.A. were very productive. They normally consist- ed of a devotion given by Michele or someone who happened to volun- teer. Then they would play some sort of sport. Maybe in future huddles they can grow and partici- pate in more things. F.C.A. had only three officers: President, Michele Merwineg Vice- president, Jared Wareg Secretary, Lori Willis. The sponsor was Mrs. Pat Hines. The F.C.A. would also give a special thanks to a wonderful sponsor for a fun year. Fopy by Michele Merwine Top Right: Vice-president, Jared Ware shows his awesome serve. Above: Secretary, Lori Willis smiles while showing Sr. leadership and a Christian attitude. Above right: Through the years F.C.A. has been a big influence on my life. It has given me a place to express my- self and gain good Christian friends. I feel that I have grown as a person and a Christian. I hope that as I continue my life that I can 'Z 1' if Sherry Speer proves that she is a talented tennis player. Bottom: Jana Ford and Kelley Bailey dis- play a true F.C.A. attitude. give back to the organization what it has given to me. Also being presi- dent has given me an outlet to get practice for speaking in front of people. It will also make my future vocation much easier. 90 Senior High """'f.. c. , . Wa' 1 1 - ' e 0 1 1 'rf xi ,fi I. is QR., ,K ni . 11 Q4 A ft . 115 ,C 11. A K, L., f' gg, jr' fig 41 ',,. Q t iffy, ff gbg 1f,ffW.c.,,k ici? lgff ,cl fifil ,.i.r 1 ..., ,Ll ,fa fi or "rrr ff' wr if. in ie ff f x Y Awgyxw. M, 3 - si x . .. -- .m.,wuw7- , if -:Q , NWN, N 337' Q a ,,. . lf M if E: Kiwi' 09 V 's 4 I Q2 7 5 8 01' .4 'av ww 5 ,Y If ff ,L K . n R n g tzhelle, Jane and shefryipifacuce Ex p e r i e n c e Speech and drama club was an active organization at Fountain Lake. There were eighteen mem- bers. To become a member one must have enrolled in speech and drama class. The main goal of the club was to help members gain self-confidence. First semester students learned about preparing and presenting speeches. During the second semester they studied the background of drama and how to perform in front of a live audi- ence. They also learned different ways to overcome stage fright. Mrs. Warrington tried to teach the members that "you must get be- yond being afraid to act before you can act." In January Davonne Mor- gan, Becky Breshears, and Sherry Speer competed in the state speech tournament. This was the first time in years that anyone from Fountain Lake attended. Sherry and DaVonne performed an im- provisational presentation. Becky performed a monologue. They were in competition with some of the best drama departments in the state. Mrs. Warrington was very proud of them and said they all gained some valuable experience. june 8, the drama club perform- ed some scenes from different plays in the library. First julie Tillery and Sherry Speer did Importance of being Earnest. Then Chanda Welch, Dustin Ralston, Bill Bryant and Marchelle Milholen perform- ed a scene from The Frustrated Corpse. Danny Vaughn and Bill Bryant then did an impersonation of the McKinzy brothers. DaV- onne Morgan performed the monologue she did at the state speech tournament. The next scene was from the movie Grease. Chanda Welch played the part of Sandyp Sherry Speer was Martyg ju- lie Tillery was Ruzzo and Michelle Thompson was lan. Sherry then did her impersonation of Whoopi Goldberg. All agreed that it was one of the funniest impersonations they had ever seen. The last of their performances was the choric reading. The members read from two diffeent pieces, Hector the Collector and Waiting for the Birdie. The members all agreed that the hardest part of the performances was having to change costumes so many times and being nervous. Uopy and design by -lulie Tillery Chanda looks surprised when Mar- chelle finds pearls behind Dustin's legs. Rehearsals can be a blast' Mar their scene. 3 E 1 l li B . Q - ' . ' "" X 92 Senior High Sherry does a great impersonation Whoopi Goldberg. l "' W' v Q? ,, , 4 5 QQ 1 if fm A si, - , we' "iw ,ygglagw Q' we-4 A . 4. I, Bill and Dannie race to finish their root beer during an impersonation of the McKinzy Brothers. ,,"vt14E4.,Jm'iafWf U fn , Marchelle, Julie, Sherry and Mi- chelle try to talk Chanda into smok- ing but she doesn't seem to think it is such a good idea. Angy Richardson, DaVonne Mor- gan, Becky Breshears, Jennifer Ralston, Dempsey Rhodes, Mar- chelle Milholen, Kelli Qualls, Chanda Welch, Sherry Speer, Theresa Mann, Mrs. Warrington, Regina Truett, Heather Hansen, Matt Dickson, Dustin Ralston and Chris Hulsey. Mrs. Warrington shows Dustin his lines one more time. xxx E 3 5 3 Drama Club QQ Choir Goe To State The choral groups at Fountain Lake had a very successful year. Four groups competed at both individ- ual and ensemble levels. The year started with All- Region try-outs. Senior high students who qualified were: Dempsey Rhodes, Travis Brown, and Matthew Dickson. These students also participated in clinics under the direc- tion of some of Arkansas' finest college directors. After All-Region it was Senior Choral Group sings carols to the audi- ence at the annual Christmas concert. They are Travis Brown, Darren Dauber, Dempsey Rhodes, Traci Turner, Jewell Miller, Dawn Ragsdale, Tammye Michau, Cyndy Wolfe, Kyle Robertson, Steven Long, and Matt Dickson. Not pictured: Tamra Speers, Chanda Welch, Sheila Rigsby, Crystal Taber, Jennifer Shaw, and Stephennl-loman. l The evening before the state festi- val some of the choir members ate at the Bamboo Garden. Mrs. Thompson seems happy with her fortune cookie. time for Winter Concert. On the heels of the new year came All-State Try-outs at the senior level. Travis and Matthew attended. Matt became the second FL stu- dent to make Arkansas All- State Choir. He also attend- ed the All-State Music Fes- tival in Pine Bluff. He worked with Rodney Ei- chenburger, director of mu- sic at the University of Southern California. March was Regional Fes- tival month for all the groups. Senior Ensemble qualified for the State Cho- ral Festival held at UCA. They were the second group to attend from FL. For the first time a male ensemble also represented FL. They missed State by one point. In May the senior ensem- ble presented a program for the Hot Springs Village Womens, Club that includ- ed an a cappella number and a gospel-patriotic med- ley. They opened the meet- ing before Secretary of State Bill McCuen made his presentation. The choral year ended with several performances - Pops '88, baccalaureate, and graduation. Thanks to all the students involved who made it a terrific year for choral music. Copy by Mary Thompson. Design by Angy Richardson. A 94 Senior High x x Q'- 5 -N.. k Q ix El- .N-W" fhk R f' I ' ""fwfmr-:im ,- Q f--.,M.-W ff.:-c.. . . fQ""'i" ' ' k M my N- --.. ., -K -.Y .... :azz A x ,NN .,,... .-.. Ml fu Xt? E ff 'f': ig I 2,1 md ,.,, . f.,.., FOU The Fountain Lake Band had many changes this year. lt started off by getting a fresh new band di- rector which came straight from college. He took the place of Mr. Flecher, and made many changes to the band. Mr. Sullivan created some exciting halftime shows that the band has never done before. He started improving the band while Mrs. Sullivan helped the flags. It all ended abruptly when Mr. Sullivan failed to meet certification require- ments. Finding a replacement was a must. The school board and Mr. Beckman found an excellent re- placement in Mary Harrison, a re- cent graduate of Henderson State University. After a warm welcome by the band students, Ms. Harrison took charge and focused her attention on the Spring Concert in May. 'tl was amazed at the interest of the band students in spite of all the changes,', said the new director. "The stu- dents seem to desire a challenge and are willing to work overtime to de- velop their abilitiesfl All of the students were very ac- tive this year. Members of the Ad- vanced Band performed at football games, basketball games, and local parades. On May 24, all of the bands gave a Spring Concert for the community. Many individuals re- ceived recognition this year. Donnie Arendt was drum major, and Kristi Owen was majorette. Junior High All-Region tryouts were held in De- cember and two members of the band received honors: Robbie Goo- deaux, tuba, made 2nd band and Dale Shelton, baritone, made Ist al- ternate. Matt Dickson, alto saxo- phone, made lst band and Kim Bates, baritone, and Steen McNeely, tuba, made 2nd band at Senior High All-Region tryouts held in January. Solo and Ensemble Contest was held in March. Stu- dents in grades 5-12 participated and brought home 44 medals. At the Spring Concert Matt Dickson received certificates for Whois Who in M usic, All-American Hall of Fame Band, and Outstanding Se- nior Musican, along with a S500 cash award from the Fountain Lake Band Boosters. Mike Funtenatto received certificates for All Ameri- can Hall 0fFame Band and Senior Band Award, along with a S200 cash award from the Fountain Lake Band Boosters. Copy and design by Joe Partain 96 Senior High I.. L KE BAN The 5th grade band members, from left to right are: Shannon Downen, Mike McNeely, Jason Machen, Jolie Driver, Myra Crumpton, Am- ber White, Tammy Skinner, Ana drea Long, Alicia Wilson, Angie Bright, Michelle Dickson, Sonja Cummings, Philip Krzak, Courtney Campbell, Chris Rigsby, Fletcher Larkin, Cory Lambert, Jayson Neighbors, Joe Yates, Jon True- love. The 6th grade band members, from left to right, are: James Brown, Bradley Bond, Billy Betchel, Per- nell Mitchell, Kelly Garner, Jeremy Vaughn, Eric Balsters, Robby Reed, Ritchie Manlor, Brook McDaniels, Rusty Wilson, Jamie McAtee, Angela Kitchens, Toni Koehler, Misty Neighbors, Gwynn Dilatush, Kim Wyatt, Allison Graves, Jenny Tabor, Krissy Par- tain, Emily Beckwith, Melissa Howard, Cindy Furr, Rusty Fason, Suzy Hope, Terra Campbell, Jer- emy Miller, David Van Dusen, James Dean, Brian Mahan, Dawn Hesws, David Davis, Britt Hughes, David Akers, Sylvarius Smith, Cheryll Milks, Cindy Foster, Lean- na Ivey. The senior high band members, from left to right, are: Mike Funten- natto, Joe Hunt, Tonja Skinner, Sean Culpepper, Chris Kolasch, Fred Green, Mark Johnson, Steven McNeely, Luke Dickson, Todd James, Wesley Yates, Todd Vaughn, Dale Shelton, Steven Long, Robbie Goodeaux, Lona Cockman, Jeff Plyler, Kent Mahan, Becky Breshears, Diana Robinson, Melissa Henderson, Tommy Tho- mas, Donnie Arendt, Kristi Owen, Kerri Koehler, Kim Bates, Cara Wolf, Jenny Cox, Lori Mann. nn s "MQ- I M . 1 g 4A , 4 1 'K Q 1 nk if what Q K q-gl' 'N .1 V'.:1k . f, , 'Q Q yk Wh il V 'Q fs V4 L ' 1 . 5 f n t M 6 ,,, , , at QM, ' N i"' R W'- ei a Enix? l D ' "uni, N qt H W , , M ,F P Q, H , , ,. rr 35? f 6 if if f ffl -aw' Tonya Skinner and Donnie Arendt A pep rally is another activity that concentrate on playing as a single the band performs at. band. 1 F ' so V -rw H4 ff wuz' my w ' M '--. .M ' V 5 ,V -M. W , ,W V. f A ?,,...,. ,M .Wy-wi .. , . W .L , A f - f Mu I J' 'W ,, , ,Mm Wrafw d .V Q! I I J , A 'A f A 4 'W . ,K L .A A W ' "Z, e -r ,X i few i.f"r T Q tw.. ,J . jx, W M, I Y M fr, Y ,abd-ff-4,,,,' rr , ,im gm-,Ik , rip? fqyvjfrfuimb up ,L iw . Q ,,, W .L M,4r'I1g,,f'f' M'A+'w4w,QmflZCalf-' ,V " 'Kf'wL',,g .Mr A"1tu..,g.M,,,i 'fggg I f'f.fw.,,,-f'K,,.,+e q fniqqm g ' A ' ski. .- zh? , M." fn, . Q 'ff Mm' ,, 4,115 ,,W' L' A rfibvvfr' '13, '- .-" 1 'Z itll, vw. :gn vw5"'? M455-vga: Magik. ' .13 r. ff L4 W.-. aw-JAVQ' it mi., , Y ,,.,, 1' u.::fi:1f1'Mz-a4.t,r'e-ww.'a. ve im-."'Y"-V..,xw-wwf.-. A The Fountain Lake Marching Band The band practices many hours to prepare to preform a halftime show prepare a show. at a football game. Band 97 Que Pasa en el Club de Espanol? CWhat's happening in the Spanish Club'?J The Spanish Club was a club consisting of Spanish one and two students who wanted to do and learn a lit- tle bit more about the Span- ish origin than what was taught in class. This club's purpose was to motivate Spanish students by allow- ing them to learn what Spanish life was really like. The Spanish Club was very active in our communi- ty as well as our school. They visited the Hot Springs Con- valescent Home at Christ- mas to entertain the older people by singing Christmas carols in Spanish. They also tried to strengthen their learning ability by teaching second graders the basics of the Spanish language. The induction to the Spanish Club was the hard- est of all, but it was definite- ly rewarding. The newcom- ers had to dress in Spanish 3-,, . ' gi CW. f .. ww. fi W f. ,V 1 f .yygf ., n b-.hy fn.. rr, .Wk Spanish one and two students enjoy Carols at the Convalescent Home. themselves while singing Christmas clothes and dance to "La Bamba", while singing it in Spanish. During the sum- mer Spanish two students, Mrs. Turner, and other teachers took a trip to Puerta Vallerta. Copy and design by Bevlgy Sears Spanish Club members are: first row - A. Boyette, W. Williams and S. Breashers. Second row - C. Wolfe, M. Fason, N. James, H. Hansen, L. Patterick, T. Vaughn, D. Loy and B. Sears. Third row - C. Tabor, S. Wyatt, T. Mann, T. New- ell, S. Rigsby, J. Freeman, D. Ful- ton, H. Driver, M. Haynes, and B. Martinez. Fourth row - Mrs. Turner, B. Breshears, J. Miller, D. Ragsdale, A. Richardson, L. Cul- pepper, P. Taylor, S. Shell, and J. Ware. Fifth row - W. Tillery, C. Book, M. Merwine, D. Vaughn, M. Vaughn, V. Garner, C. Speers, D. Ralston, M. Brown and J. Partain. Sixth row - T. Brown, S. Sisney, S. Watson, J. Knowlen, C. Welch, M. Hutchins, M. Dickson, and G. Wendland. 98 Senior High n Q.,,.-. kH.griSf Becky Sears tries to explain to Joe Partain that a pinata is supposed to feel that way. Shelley Watson and Tammy Vaughn show off their friendship while Darlene Horman, Chad Speers and Marty Haynes enjoy their trip to go sing carols. Vaughn Garner, Chad Speers, Mike Brown and Greg Wendland show second graders how to color in Spanish. Nicole James, Toni Newell, Melody teach second graders about Span' Fason and Lisa Culpepper try to ish. Spanish Club Officers were: L to R - Monica Vaughn, Spanish one re- porterg Will Williams, Presidentg Judy Freeman, reporter. Second row - Scott Breshears, Vice Presi- .Ji dentg Tammy Vaughn, reporterg Aaron Boyette, treasurer. Third row Nicole James and Melody Fa- son, activity directors. Spanish Club 99 Fo tering Creativity Art Club captures student interest Started two years ago, the Art Club's primary aim was to foster an increased inter- est in art. It took a more per- sonal approach to art than could be achieved in the reg- ular classroom setting. Meeting IV2 hours after school every two weeks, Art Club students had the op- portunity to complete pro- jects begun in class. To be a member of Art Club one had to have taken art in the past or demon- strated intense interest in art or shown exceptional skill in some art medium. According to Heidi Means, the club's sponsor, "the problem with club enroll- ment is that too many stu- dents want to get into the club and currently there is Art Club members: front to back - Sean Edds, Mrs. Means tsponsorl, Brant Williams, Frankie Sears, Kim Chavarria, Kathy Kiernan, Michele Switzer, Amy Hutchins, Jana Ford, Ashley Williams, Tam- my Buxton, Tami Araiza, Jeff Crumpton, Sky Book, Danny Clark, Steve Marlar, Chris Coleman, Jeff Warner, Missy Haley, , Kim Sisney, Angela McAtee, LeAnn Coleman, Mandy Fason, and Pam McWilliams. no adequate way to cut off membership in a fair way. After all, it is difficult to grade art. Art is such a per- sonal, visual comment about life." Probably the two most popular mediums pursued was clay projects and draw- ing. As there were only two pottery wheels in class, be- ing in Art Club gave more students a chance to work with thrown clay objects. Drawing, also very popular among club members, re- quired an understanding of and ability to use propor- tions, shading, perspective, and overall visual composi- tion. According to Mrs. Means, some students like Brant Williams, Ashley Wil- liams, and Tami Araiza have developed a very personal style. "They have worked very hard to project a little of themselves in their work." Art Club members worked on a large club proj- ect this year - a batik wall hanging. Batik is a method of dyeing designs on cloth by coating the cloth with re- movable wax the parts not to be dyed. The hanging was a representation of the vari- ous elements of student life - lockers, desks, books, etc. It was hoped that the wall hanging could be displayed somewhere in school where all could enjoy it. It was the combined effort of most of the Art Club members. 100 Senior High 5?"Z-t-:- '51 kv y 'hw ,,pp4"W""rs.,a was Ai' -Mk Dannielle Capps receives a Life Preserver information card from member Lisa Culpepper. Life preserver members: Kim Rigs- by, Scott Breshears, Traci Turner, Travis Brown, Stacy Himes, Angy Richardson, Crystal Taber, Mi- Life Preserver, Stacy Himes, and Lori Culpepper get their books for the next class. chele Merwine, Angela McAtee, Mrs. Gladden, Tami Araiza, Lisa Culpepper, Jewell Miller, Missy Ragsdale, Mrs. Turner, DeAnn Harrington, John Westerman. Angy Richardson and Travis Brown enjoy a bus ride to a Life Preservers workshop in Malvern. 102 Senior High fountain Lake High School Life Preservers as ' zz? STEEN 'UQ f'3aLP be a.f.a.a::: Q ' -o 'So So 'Olav' ' TEEN 'Vo 32. ..,. ..L,, ,. , 5 1' " ,, g if K Caring tudents A special group that served our school was the Fire Marshalls. This select group of four worked in con- junction with the Fountain Lake Fire Department. There were two juniors and two seniors. Their duties re- quired them to check fire ex- tinguishers, watch for ha- zards, and provide safety for the school. A new select group was in- troduced to our school called Joe Partain and Phillip Taylor are always ready to help in case of fire. Life Preservers. This organi- zation was designed to pre- vent teen suicide. Sponsored by the Student Council, the Life Preservers' main goal was to serve as a bridge be- tween students and adults and to direct teens with emotional problems to adult counseling services. This re- quired spending several mornings before school, nights and Saturdays in workshops held by profes- sional counselors. Fire Marshalls Mike Sisney and Gary Beckham stop to pose for a picture while checking the fire ex- tinguisher. School Services Catch the Spirit! The high school cheerleader. Tra- ditionally these words bring to mind wool letter-sweaters and tennis shoes and leading enthusiastic crowds in tra- ditional yells. This year's cheerleading squad consisted of six seniors, two juniors, and one sophomore. All nine members cheered for both football and basket- ball seasons. In addition to the prac- tices and cheering at all the home and away games, the squad enjoyed various outings and get-togethers throughout the year. The excitement, the bus rides, the aches and pains, and the hours of work all added to the thrill of being a "Cobra Cheerleader". To all the fans and "Cobra,' supporters who helped cheer the Cob- ras on during the year, the cheerlead- ers say, "Thanks". Go Cobras Go! Above: Mrs. Beckham and Mrs. Bibbs. The cheerleaders would be totally lost without these two dedicated women. The cheerleaders get fired up for the football game during the Homecoming parade. At the right: Spirit posters were just one of the many ways the cheerleaders backed the Cobras. 104 Senior High The 1987-88 football and basketball senior Richardson, Seniorg Melody Fason, Junior - cheerleaders are pictured bottom left to right: basketball captaing Judy Freeman, Senior. Nicole James, Seniorg Shari Wyatt, Senior - foot- Top: DeAnn Harrington, Sophomoreg Kristy ball captain, Jennifer Ralston, Seniorg Angy Burks, Juniorg Kelli Qualls, Senior. "3 Tv' ..-qnnquunn... The cheerleaders shine during pep asemblies by building pyramids and keeping the crowd fired up. X v , sg, Above: DeAnn Harrington and Nicole James show the cameraman just how skilled they are by doing a double stunt. Posing for a magazine? Kristy Burks and Mel- ody Fason have fun at Pleasure Park during a cheerleading party. Right: The seniors of the squad take a break from cheering to smile and impress the cam- era. Shari Wyatt and Angy Richardson spend their practice time by doing what they do best: smiling for the camera. Kristy Burks knows how to relax her cheerlead- ing muscles after a hard practice. Something in the water sure has captured her attention, but what? Which is which? Kelli Qualls and Judy Freeman show their friendship by dressing up for twin day during spirit week. The cherleaders attended camp at Henderson State University. They worked long hard days and were rewarded with many ribbons for their skills and spirit. Cheerleaders 105 "Surpassing Expectations" At the beginning of this year some people weren't very optimistic about our small drill team. Only eight girls made the squad. But through hard work and very long hours they surpassed expecta- tions! They prepared for the long days ahead by condi- tioning practices the week before camp. Finally it was the 29th: the first dayof camp. It was held at the Ar- lington Hotel. They werenit quite sure what to expect. The days started at 7:30 and ended about 9:30 or 10:00 each night. Our girls worked hard and did well. They came home with a sweep- stakes trophy and the spirit bear. It was given to the drill team that showed the best attitude, and of course, the most spirit all through the week. Julie Tillery was cho- sen for a camp star trophy. Only ten girls were honored The 1987-88 charmers seem to put a lot into "the snakef' Brandi Guy and Angie Gunnoe show off their abilities in the Christmas parade. 106 Senior High with this award. The rest of the summer consisted of three-days-a- week practices. Then before they knew it, it was time for football season to start. At football homecoming they showed off their new pom pons as well as their cobra spirit in the parade. Basketball season went just as well for the 1987 -88 charmers. The crowd loved the routine at homecoming. The routine was done with pen lights the lights off. Again this was a time to show off something new: new basketball uniforms. All the girls agreed that none of this could have hap- pened without a great spon- sor: Mary Thompson. The year ended well and with even higher hopes for the next year. top left to right: Lori Willis, Angie Newell, Regina Truettg Sarg., Gunnoe, Julie Tilleryg Captain, Mandy Sweeten. Brandi Guy. bottom: Ltn. Toni I Q I r i l X i n Toni Newell, Brandi Guy, Lori Wil- being in the parade as much as we lis, and Angie Gunnoe seem to enjoy did watching them. Those kicks look pretty good, but let's work on those smiles! ,VVZ, Regina Truett and Julie Tillery look confident about their routine. A. Gunnoe, B. Guy, R. Truett, and L. Willis always enjoy pep assem- blies. Cobra charmers love performing at football games. . M. ..,. E., gg, we , Q its If you love the cobras raise your hands! Lori and Toni are cheering on the cobras while Julie and Brandi have other things on their mind. Charmers 107 Successful Season The 1987 Senior Cobra Football team had a record breaking season. This was the first year that the Cob- ras had ever Won the first round of the state playoffs. Although they were not the largest team in the confer- ence, the Cobra football team surpassed all expecta- tions of team effort and ded- ication. Through vigorous work- outs and practices, the Sr. Cobras prepared for a very successful season. Along with playoff success, the Cobras were District 5A South Conference Cham- pions. The team had several players to win All-District honors. Those players were: Danny Beyer, Darren Daub- er, John Westerman, Kyle All-state running back, Danny Beyer, shows his awesome running ability. Robertson, Greg Furr, Scott Lampinen, and Will Wil- liams. Danny Beyer was also the outstanding back in the conference, and an All-State honoree. Coach Clay summed up the season saying, "It was a great season in which the players exhibited lots of dedication, desire, and hard Work." ,K . . W7 ff' M 697, :QDYXW Junior, James Barker, kicks anoth- Dannie Loy IS eager to get in on the er Cobra field goal as Kyle Robert- action of another exciting Cobra son holds the football. game. 108 Senior High 1 HOW YOU DID! Cobra scores first Mountain Pine 23-06 Lakeside 12-07 Glenwood 33-06 CAC 28-12 Bismarck 20-00 Glen Rose 21-20 Bauxite 15-25 Magnet Cove 28-07 Jessieville 38-08 State Play-offs Murfreesboro 42-14 Augusta 14-25 Record 09-02 Conference Co-Champions as A Cobra players celebrate a victory Jerry Turner and Kyle Robertson against their biggest rival, Moun- prepare to Hkilll' the quarterback. tain Pine. fads . sf Q' C' - Y Sri' K . N 5 - ttslssstts QF . .t.: K was W ... .ff?5f?-.- ss., . as-as . in K' . 5 if s.ZJ"'i"'N-xa- . Y-an .. . . . -nw- Q.. .. . - rf ...usa-... . oss- - Fourth row - L to R - Coach Clay, Coach Davis, Coach Utley. Third row - J. Turner, M. Haynes, D. Nib- lett, M. Funtenatto, D. Tillery, W. Williams, D. Dauber, D. Beyer, J. Kaatz, K. Robertson, D. Ralston Second row - K. Bailey, K. Rigsby, C. Rynders, S. Lampinen, B. Marti- nez, D. Loy, T. Maxey, P. Taylor J. Westerman, M. Lampinen, J Barker. First row - M. Merwine, B. Sims, J. Milroy, C. Morrow, W. Yates, L. Patrick, G. Furr, J. Cow- an, J. Duncan, T. Truett. Football 109 "Something Special " For most students, Octo- ber 2 was just another Fri- day. But for a few it was "Something Special", it was homecoming. Some people came to class for a while. While others stayed home in bed wondering if they would trip that night walking across the field. No matter what they did it definitely was not "just another Fri- dayi' to them. The Homecoming Queen and her Court were as beau- tiful as ever. Jennifer Rals- ton, Queen, was escorted by Darren Dauber, the Captain and center of the Cobra foot- ball team. Representing the Senior class was Michele Merwine, with her escort Jerry Turner, a captain and tackle, and Karen Herrick and her escort Jim Kaatz, linebacker. Heather Hansen and Julie Tillery were the Junior Maids. Their escorts Julie and John enjoy getting dres- sed up together. Chanda and Stacy seem very proud to be representing the Sophomore class. Give up Heather, Dan's NOT Prince Charming. Jerry, Michele, Jim, and Karen are all smiles for the camera. Aren't you, Jerry? HO Sports were Danny Beyer, captain and tailback, and John Westerman, fullback. Proud to represent the Sophomore class were maids Chanda Welch and Stacy Himes. Mi- chael Funtenatto, wide re- ceiver and Scott Lampinen, wide receiver were the escorts. At 7:30 the Cobras kicked off to the Bismarck Lions. Not long after that, the final buzzer went off. The score was 20-0. WE WON! After everyone had showered and changed clothes, they made their way to the cafeteria where the dance was under way. The last song was played at 12:00. It was all over. But it was truly "Something Special." 1987 Football Homecoming Queen: Jennifer Ralston Layout and design by Jennifer Ralston fm.. Stacy, Karen, and Michele seem worried their escorts won't show up. Jennifer, Karen, and Michele collect their thoughts at practice. X Julie and Heather seem more in- XQXK N' terested in the crowd than the hi ' camera. X s Scott, you canlt take Stacy home. l E di' gli Jennifer and Darren sure en- Homecoming Royalty: Scott Lam- en Herrick, Jennifer Ralston, Danny Beyer, Chanda Welch, Mi- joyed Homecoming: pictures, pinen, Stacy Himes, John Wester- Darren Dauber, Michele Merwine, chael Funtenatto. practice, and ceremonies man, Julie Tillery, Jim Kaatz, Kar- Jerry Turner, Heather Hansen, Football Homecoming H1 Cobras Tr To Get the Job Done This year the senior boys basketball team was moti- vated toward the goal "Get the job done" for their coach. Striving toward that goal, the Cobras, coached by Sammie Lambert, encoun- tered one of the toughest schedules they had ever faced. They started the year with a 91-73 win over a tre- mendous shooting Paron team. The Cobras then faced one of the best teams in the area, Lakeside. It came down to the wire but the Cobras fell short. It was a very interesting season for the Cobras. They played teams such as Oua- chita and Guy Perkins who were two of the top teams in the state. Against Ouachita it was a squeaker but they again fell short. In the Guy Perkins match-up they seemed to be intimidated at first, then they got together and had a good game. The Cobras were involved in several tournaments this year. The biggest tourna- ment they participated in was the Arkansas Tech Uni- versity high school tourna- ment. They advanced two rounds. The Garland Coun- ty tournament was an excit- ing one for the Cobras. They beat Ouachita which had al- ready beaten them twice. Then they advanced to the finals to play arch rival Jes- siville. The Cobras wound up fourth in conference with big wins over Magnet Cove and Glen Rose and a super victory over Bauxite on homecoming. The Cobra players ex- pressed some disappoint- ment, but overall were glad they had done so well. They also said that they will be up there with the top teams again next year. This season was one of many changes and to pull out a 16-12 re- cord was something to be very proud of. Copy and design bv Chip Pike 112 Senior High CHIP PIKE "being chased by a Lion" races for a lay-up. WILL WILLAIMS jockeys for pos- tion as CHRIS HULSEY sinks two of his points. s i V .if if e't. 27 . 2 +fweaaaats 35 Iii iif 5 1,. is- -.iee. V M SAS M 51 Fourcllei C' i eff1i'?Etes49 37 C Ouachita C PERRYVILLE TOURN. 50 Perryville 23 - y Jesslevxllec 4 , L61 ccct lg GUY iig 'i 52 Mt. Ida-, to 42 Ouachita 38 Jessieville e 51 l l M HOYT ALLEN shoots a crucial free-throw in the homecoming game against Bauxite. EDBRA lu tUuHYRY 1 ..,. Managers Kent Mahan and Jared Ware, and players Scott Lampinen, Dustin Ralston, Clyde Rynders, Sean Edds, Chip Pike, Chris Hul- sey, Greg Wendland, Hoyt Allen, Will Williams, Luke Dixon, Vaughn U .. Garner, Chad Speers, Scott Bre- shears, John Norman, Michael Piatt, Coach Sammie Lambert, trainer Kim Rigsby, statisticians Michele Merwine and Angy Rich- ardson. Basketball H3 Moving Till the End VICKI BLAKE "Words that came to Co- bra supporters' minds when thinking of the 1987-1988 Lady Cobras were: short, lack of speed, and determi- nation. Being one of the shortest teams in the district was a downfall but having a good shooting team helped. As the years passed every year has been more and more exciting. This year was the most exciting due to a lot of enthusiasm. All the girls worked as a team and that is an important part while playing a game because there is no "I" in TEAM. It was always a Very sad time at the end of the basketball season. Being seniors, it is especially a very trying time. Thru these eight years of playing together, we all agreed we had never had a coach that has given us as much support as Coach Warrington. We wish the best of luck to the Lady Cob- ras in the years to come." Tamra Speers Liz Rynders Vicki Blake Though the year was over the Lady Cobras were in the gym doing their favorite drills and working hard to- ward the 1988-1989 5A- South District Champion- ship and doing their very best to show their "Purple Pride". Jump Angela GUY!!! if nw? .fn Y J Lady Cobras show their block-out ability in the homecoming game. We try harder, yell the ladies. H4 Senior High s Tamra goes up strong against a Magnet Cove defense. Monica and Shelley are late again after primping in the lockeroom. 57 Paron 32 65 Lakeside 77 1 " 60 Mt. Pine 51 4 53 Quachita 65 v, 66 Harmony Grove 43 40 Jessieville 64 X 51 Magnet Cove 39 54 Bauxite 44 81 Wonderview 73 P 38 Jessieville 66 59 Harmony Grove 42 46 Bauxite 49 42 Jessieville 66 36 Quachita 50 . 50 Mt. Pine 47 49 Magnet Cove 52 w A V 4 44 Jessieville 58 u 4 36 C.M.S. 67 .. 27 Glen Rose 33 38 C.M.S. 58 49 Glen Rose 37 54 C.M.S. 69 I Tamra celebrates after a win on her birthday. Liz Rynders shows 5 year starter and year ALL DISTRICT player Vicki Blake what to do. Shelley Watson, Monica Vaughn, Sears, Dana Loy, Wendy Hogue, Angela Ritter, Liz Rynders, Ta- Kim Rigsby. Manager Sherry mara Speers, Coach Warrington, Speer. Statisticians Michelle Mer- Vicki Blake, Jenifer Ralston, Becky wine and Angy Richardson. Copy and design by Jennifer Ralston Senior Girls Basketball H5 A Night To Remember Homecoming was a time for remi- niscing with old friends and making new memories. It was special not only in the hearts ofthe royalty, but also to every indidiual who had ever attended or been associated with Fountain Lake School. Pre-homecoming festivities be- gan Thursday night before home- coming when the royalty, their par- ents and special friends attended the homecoming pizza party at the Richardson's. After the pizza every- one indulged in cheesecake and the homecoming cake which was baked by Sharon James. The kids played pictionary and other crazy games. Probably the most memorable of all was the lifesaver pass. They divided Special moments are best spent with friends. Monica Vaughn, Greg Wendland, Tamra Speers and Chad Speers pause during pictures to watch the game. Scott Lampinen. Melody chose a hot pink dress, Also representing the junior class was Suzanne Cav- nor who was escorted by a junior, Scott Breshears. Suzanne wore a turquoise dress trimmed in hot pink. Our senior class maids were Nicole James and Tamra Speers. Nichole's escorts were juniors, Vaughn Garner and Chip Pike. She selected a mauve gown. Dres- sed in baby blue and white was Tamra Speers. Her escorts were juniors, Will Williams and Chad Speers. As the crowd stood, our 1988 basketball homecoming queen, Angy Richardson, ap- peared in a white cinderella dress accented with white sequins and rhinestones. Angy's escorts were juniors, Chris Hulsey, and senior, Hoyt Allen. Angy was crowned by Mr. Larry Beckham, was pre- sented a bouquet of roses from her into four lines and passed lifesavers with toothpicks. Some lifesavers took longer than others. Especially when the girl in front had a crush on the guy behind her. The party was a great way to begin homecom- ing. Due to continual winter snow, what theme could have been more appropriate than Winterfest? The gym was covered with red poinset- tias and snowflakes. The evening started at 6:00 p.m. with the home- coming ceremony. Our first sophomore maid was Angela Ritter. She wore a blue lame dress, and was escorted by a junior, John Norman. Our second maid was Monica Vaughn. Escor- ted by junior, Greg Wendland, Monica selected a creme gown with gold sequins. The junior class was represented by Melody Fason. Melody was escorted by junior, L-ILIYTIIVNJ WJPWIV Aren't we handsome? The escorts calmly anticipate their royalty. father, Larry Richardson, and re- ceived a kiss from each of her escorts. This was a very special night for the royalty as well as the players and supporters because our junior girls and senior boys went on to crush the miners which made the night complete. W W Suzanne and Melody prepare Angy for the dance. Naot HJR U5 .M haf' James, escorts: Vaughn Garner and Sophomore maid: Angela Ritter, es- Chip Pike: queen: Angy Richard- son, escorts: Chris Hulsey and Hoyt cort: John Norman: junior maid: Suzanne Cavnor, escort: Scott Allen, senior maid: Tamra Speers, Breshearsg senior maid: Nicole escorts: Will Williams and Chad 1 if f Q? , JE, ., ,gg l ff i , Speersg junior maid: Melody Fason, escort: Scott Lampineng sophomore maid: Monica Vaughn, escort: Greg Wendland. H6 Senior High "V, , WL' G f an nf 239 SN . ll 1' -am JE? I I as Scott Breshears, Angy Richardson, Cheers! Angy Richardson and Mel- Greg Wendland and Monica ody Fason take a coke break during Vaughn wonder what teammate the senior boys game. Chris Hulsey is drawing as they en- joy the pizza party. "Homecoming is even better when Queen, Angy Richardson, receives you're a couple" agree Nicole James a kiss from her escort, Hoyt Allen, and Chip Pike as Angela Ritter as Chris Hulsey awaits. looks on. Basketball Homecoming H7 Jared Ware goes for the gusto as he booms a serve. Senior boys: Chip Pike, Jared Ware, Vaughn Garner, Mark Wil- son, Clay Hughes, Frankie Sears, Chris Hulsey, with Coach Hines. H8 Senior High All the Right oves The Fountain Lake Coh- ras Boys' Tennis team had an outstanding year. They were the team champions at the Southern Arkansas Uni- versity lnvitational Tennis Tournament. They ere the 5AA South District Cham- pions. They were the Run- ners-up at the State AA Tennis Tournament at Burns Park in North Little Rock. One would have to say that the boys' team had a glorious year worthy of re- membrance. For starters, Jared Ware had a perfect singles record for the year, going 12-0. He won the SAU Invitational Tournament in the eleventh grade singles and teamed with Clay Hayes to win number won flight doubles. Ware went back the follow- ing week to capture the twelfth grade singles title for AAA and AAAA schools. Jared was the 5AA South District singles champion, and Clay, Jared, Chip and Vaughn all qualified for the State AA tournament. Jared defeated defending singles champion Kevin Holt of McGehee in the finals to emerge as the State AA Champion. The doubles team of Vaughn and Chip was the surprise of the tour- nament, making it to the fi- nals unseeded. Jared, Chip, and Vaughn also qualified for the state overall tourna- ment. A Season Full of Fun This was a fun year for the senior high girls' tennis team. The team consisted of three seniors tMi- chele Merwine, Shari Wyatt, and Regina Truettl, two juniors tDar- lene Herman and Suzi Hessl, and six sophomores tShelley Watson, Lori Mann, Missi Ragsdale, DeAnn Harrington, Tammy Rob- ertson, and Stacy Hirnesl. The team competed in the S.A.U. tournament. I-limes and Ragsdale advanced to the semi-finals No. 3 flight of doubles. The team placed fourth overall. At the District 5AA South tourna- ment, Ragsdale advanced to singles semi-finals. Senior Girls: Stacy Himes, Missi Ragsdale, Darlene Horman, Shari Wyatt, Tammy Robertson, Michele Merwine, Regina Truett, Suzy Hess, DeAnn Harrington, Lori Mann, and Shelley Watson, with Coach Hines. Senior Tennis H9 ut of Sight The Cobra golf team has come a long way the past few years. With the help of Se- nior Cobra golf coach, Marc Davis, the team made a feared name for itself among reputable golf teams around the state. They did not win the state championship, but they did achieve their pri- mary goal of Winning the district and returning to play in the state tourna- ment, where they finished as Runner-Up. Behind the strong play of Jamie Bark- er, Daniel Jeffress, and Dustin Ralston, they com- peted with all other classifi- cations of schools and sur- prisingly at times, defeated some of them. With an in- crease in size of the golf team everyone played in at least one match as a contributing member. New comers Dus- tin Vaughn, Joe Partain, and Mike Piatt along with Darren Dauber, and Tom- my Truett, rounded out the rest of the District Cham- pions Cobra Golf team. At the Ftn. Lake Golf Classic, they defended their role as champions with a tournament record score of 150. Jamie was the Medalist with an even par 72, and Dan and Dustin both shot a 78. They finished fourth among eight teams with higher classification than the Cobras. Dan finished in third place for Medalist in the Bryant Tournament. The Cobras won their first district championship over some stiff competition. Jamie and Dan counted and Jamie was Medalist in the district tournament. At the AA State Tourna- ment at Fairfield Bay which almost proved to be an en- core to last year, they fin- ished Runner-Up. Jamie was third in the Medalist awards and was again invit- ed to the Over all. Congratulations to the players, who by acting as first class individuals, have led Ftn. Lake golf to this high standard. Copy by Dustin Vaughn Senior High Golf Team, left-right: Vaughn, Dan Jeffress, Darren Coach - Marc Davis, Joe Partain, Dauber, Dustin Ralston, Jamie Mike Piatt, Tommy Truett, Dustin Barker. 120 Senior High Dustin Ralston tees off at beautiful Belvedere Country Club. Setting the Pace The senior high girls track team did much better than they expected. In the dis- trict 5-A South meet many ribbons were brought home by the Lady Cobras. Placing first and second in the mile run were Dana Loy and Chanda Welch. Jewell Miller came in fourth in the discus and fifth in the shot. Wende Hogue competed in the shot and Dawn Ragsdale Jewell Miller place 4th in discus and 5th in shot at the district meet. competed in both shot and discus. Jenny Cox had the only four-point long skip at the district meet. Running the two mile in 13 minutes 15.23 seconds, Dana Loy set a new district record. She also came within V2 second of the mile record. Dana and Chanda both qualified to participate in the state meet. The team also did very well in the Lion Relays held at Jessieville. The relay team, consisting of Cara Wolfe, Jenny Cox, Christina Hilliard and Melissa Harri- son, set the record in the two Manager: Angela Ritter, Dana Loy, Chanda Welch, Jewell Miller, Dick Warrington, Dawn Ragsdale, Wende Hogue, Cara Wolfe, manag- mile. Cara Wolfe placed fourth in 400 meter run and Karen Martinez third in the 800. Karen and Kim Dodd placed fifth and sixth in the mile. The whole team had a great season and is already looking forward to next year. Copy by Kim Rigsllv er: Kim Rigsby, Sheila Rigsby, Mel- issa Harrison, Karen Martinez, Tina Noles, Tami Araiza, Christina Hilliard and Jenny Cox 1-2-3 stretch! Sheila Rigsby and Cara Wolfe warm up before a big meet. Golf and Track 121 ulldms of the out with five Juniors, sev- en sophomores, and one freshmen. Although it was a very inexperienced team, Coach Hines said, "the team as a whole improved and grew with each game." "Sportsmanship and the attitude of the players were very positive from the begin- ning. They worked and sup- ported each other during the good times and the bad." The first of the good was the three game victory over C. A. C. that let the team know that they could win. Another was the two game victory over Sheridan, which was runner-up in the conference. The players overcame hardships when key players were out due to illness, but much character and fine at- titude were displayed throughout the year. The team continued to work hard throughout the season. Vicki Blake was elected All-District. M .... M, " all Y --- I V 3-K Kim bumps the ball over as Coach Hines and Melissa watch. Jewell attempts to spike the ball against Malvern while Vicki waits for the results. Chanda returns the ball as Suzanne and Lori watch. 122 Volleyball Standing L. to R: Angie Gunoe, Coach Hines, Tammy Robertson, Welch Maria Wells, Lori Abbot, Kerri Becky Se Koller, Sammye Coghurn, Julie Vicki Blake Loi' Danny Beyer explains that he and Darren Dauber were low in funds Athletes Receive Awards 2563531221'QRL2,gZ.E.I2,f,"'me Coach Clay was leaving Fountain Lake for another local school. The football team went to the second round of the state playoffs - a first for Fountain Lake. The senior tennis team per- formed extremely well this year in tournament play. It was a season to remember athletics at the 1988 Athletic Banquet. Mr. Irvin Bass, superin- tendent, announced that a replacement for Coach Clay had been found. Mr. Doug Rountree and his wife were then introduced. Coach Clay served as host speaker as each coach proudly awarded his or her players their special awards. Coach Clay gave Danny Beyer his All-State Certifi- cate. And Coach Warrington and Coach Lambert pre- sented Vicki Blake, Tamra Speers, Hoyt Allen, and Chris Hulsey their All-Dis- trict awards. As the coaches finished their presentations, most re- ceived gifts from their players which ranged from flowers and balloons to t- shirts. One of the favorites was a poster size picture of the 1987-88 Cobra football team which was given to Coach Clay for his dedica- tion over the past year. Mr. Virgil Green, canteen director, was presented with the award that is given an- nually to a special Cobra supporter who follows the Cobras, rain or shine, win or lose. This award was pre- sented by the president of the Cobra Booster Club, Mr. Frankie Sears. The last awards given were to nine seniors who had participated in a particular sport for three consecutive years. Those seniors were: Danny Beyer, Darren Daub- er, Jennifer Ralston, Tamra Speers, Liz Rynders, Shari Wyatt, Hoyt Allen, Regina Truett, and Vicki Blake. A 1 FA! 4 rl' Q- K , 41- FS Jared Ware receives one of many of his tennis awards from Coach Hines. Coach Clay proudly shows off his picture of his players. Awards Banquet 123 I M 1r gl Freshman 126 Eighth Grade 130 133 Seventh Grade Awards 136 Ch1hslOrganizations 138 Sports 140 Zim 22 Christy Absher Tami Araiza Kelly Bailey Sammy Balsters Christine Baltzall Darla Bean i Q , Wendy Bettis Chris Blanchard Clarissa Book Eric Breshears Anna Brooks Anna Caldwell Kim Chavarria Jeri Childress ' li lu ' V r 1 Kelly Clem LeAnn Coleman Chris Cook Kim Dodd 6 Being in Q 0965, the ninth ,nb 'gig 'ivggiva . grade is were Gai 091109056 b e i n g . w 0 .peg vz3,,s1i-My on the 6 fs t o p 'gifs Qqkfzw f W 0? 0 'W Q, Q0 AX .rg Junior High, but it's 'ust starting off in P Senior High. It's also the first year to be considered a class in- stead of a grade, and it is also the first year to have class officers. Al- though they are going to be at the bottom of the ladder, most of them are looking forward to getting into Senior High. The main reasons were that they will get out of school sooner and will have more to do. When asked, "Who is your fa- vorite teacher? ", there were mixed answers. Over-all the boys said Mr. Pennington and the girls agreed that it was Mrs. Rice. Just like other kids their age, these freshman don't concentrate only on school. When asked what Startin music groups they liked best, there was a wide variety, ranging from ZZ Top and KISS to George Strait. Their favorite pastime was "doing their own thing" like playing sports, riding motorcycles, and watching T.V. When asked what their favorite T.V. show was, their answers were: "Growing Pains", "Cosby Show", "Alf", and "David Letterman". Like most freshmen, they were looking forward to being able to drive by themselves. They think that once you're in Senior High you have more things to do especially if you can drive. The freshmen are not upset about being on the bottom of the lad- der. They are just happy to have made it to high school. Have a coke and a smile! Freshman An ela 1 E McAttee seems to have a coke, hut is missing the smile. 126 Senior High 'SX 43,5-f 535. 5 w -'dt qs if 14-M5 real' lm i Siti A iam. ,wi Jana Ford Jason Frost Shelia Furr Shelley Garrett Robby Goodeaux Brannon Graves Phillip Harris Shawna Harrison Alan Hecke Brian Hill Justin Hulsey Joe Hunt Susan Irwin Jason Jacoby Roy James Kathy Kiernan Brian Kisida Chris Kolasch Neil Krzak John Lambert Freshmen class favorites peek through to say hello. They are: Kathy Kiernan, LeAnn Cole- man, Kevin Noles, and Eddie Terry. v Jeri Childress adds another name to her already thick black book. Freshmen 127 A h X u-wwe-w-mammary-uw Kun Chavarria gets all exited as Kevin Noles bends over to pick up his pen. Sherry Speer shows her dedlcated sp1r1t by mon keying around during sp1r1t week 55- on ff? Tanya Llpp Lynn Loy Kent Mahan Tiffany Manning Shawn Marlar Tammy Marrow Karen Martinez Angela McAtee Joyce Miller Naomi Mitchell Ronny Mitchell Stacy Morgan Chad Marrow Brian Nobles Kevin Noles Catina Norman Brian Nunes Kristi Owens Wm 28 Junior High VT Wi l l Franky Sears and Tanya Lipp seem interested in what Kim Dodd has to say. "Near The freshman class officers are: Sherry Speer, reporterg Joe Hunt, Secretaryg Kristi Owen, Treasurerg Franky Sears, vice-presidentg and Tami Araiza, president. Roy James and Kevin Noles are in heaven when their "dream girl" is around. Monte Pascoe Jeff Plyer Sheryl Roberts Billy Scroggins Franky Sears ' Dale Shelton Tonja Skinner Melissa Slater Lisa Smith Mandy Sweeten Michelle Switzer Eddie Terry Tina Trusty Mike Turner L'-Y Missi Turner Maria Wells Brant Williams Christy Williams Freshmen 129 Brian Alford Jennifer Attebury Sean Barron Jeremy Bass Melissa Bates Terry Bechtel Chris Bond Tracy Boyette Donnie Brawdy Danielle Capps Trey Castleberry Kristyn Cavnor Greg Clark Tony Culpepper Chuck Evans Jeremy Frost Sean Garrett Chris Graves Robin Graves Chris Grissom Daniel Harris , . 42:3 V f U' i'i1 9? 4,0 ww W X 4.1 One of the most active 09' groups of kids G Cf , 0550 in the school ,Geox 639 6, was the OX gi 0 eighth .Q 69'QQJqiy'c9 grade. -' QK55' 09 Their oe 60-i -.909 in- ir. KP ,G s ag, 'Xzibit .r it wears ge' Eggers.. iii, staff .,,r. V, . iii gore, .- volve- ' ment in- cluded every- thing frorn sports to participating in school auctions. Going to concerts, cruising town, and spending time with friends were also among their favorite things todo. Revenge was inevitable as the eighth grade boys could not resist purchasing their favorite junior, Jared Ware. Dres- sed in a banana suit and a lovely pink straw hat, Jared "Banana Man" Ware, Eighth Grade In Action was one of the most fashionable bache- lors on campus. Talent and creativity were dis- played as the eighth grade careers class made tye die shirts, wooden paddles, and mug racks to sell to other students. . The eighth gradersthink school is okay, but they would much rather be do- ing other things, such as skateboarding, going to the mall, cruising town with ol- der friends and bowling. The guys enjoy skateboarding while the girls prefer cruising. Also, every other Friday, Les Humble was the disc jockey at the Derby Dinner Theatre where a dance was held for junior and senior high school stu- dents. Todd Willis said, "It was a lot of fun even if I didn't go to dance. It was a good opportunity to meet people from other schools." The eighth graders proved that they were a hardworking class, but they still knew how to have fun. 130 Junior High .vf A ' ei... ' " it .. .if . .LL, . r N X lk X 5. ' - ' f 2 '.122z111:fff. . ' ig 5 . L it ., P. he it I 'S 1 'L wg...gggff', - Q.. he H.. "" -' K. L , '-:is . . Q ' xx' i K ' . . 1 - W 'N M Ki. is X X AQ r Q i S i if 4 2 .3 r if 2 X X X XX? si Z gg, k i 35,5 S is S 5 x fm X sg f xx gf X as is 3 I H 'iifis i' , ,K is . ' , gens X -- is 1 .. .... . T Robert Harris David Henderson April Hibbs Chris Hicks Kim Hill Diana Herman .7 Laura Howell Misty Howie Valerie Hulsey David Jeffers April Jennings Ray Kara Angela Ledbetter Jeremy Long Reba McGinnis Natalie Metcalf Jason Miller Justin Miller Johnnie Minton Pernell Mitchell Micah Morrison Stepanie Niblett Michelle Neighbors Ty Payne Chris Grissom, Ray Kara, Trey Castleberry, Sean Barron, Joel Ware, Jeremy Long and Taylor Welch could. not 'resist purchasing the fzishionableg J ated f'Benana Men' Wareg L at flfffeitimfiueli SIHVf5'E9iHCtiO13f.i.JE lisi yiiy i no Todd Willis rises to the top as the junior boys The eighth grade ieless favorites. ere lounging grasp the first place trophy of the district around the office. They are: Joel Ware, Krys- tournament. ' tin Cavnor, Jennifer Attebury, and Keith Rice. Eighth Grade 131 Micah Morrison, Justin Miller, and Terry Bechtel take time out to ponder on the past semester of the 8th grade. Jason Miller, and Stephanie Niblett, seem to be in a contest to see who can finish the cafete- ria food first. Landon Patterson Shane Phillips Keith Rice Joe Rigsby Sue Roberts Ricky Rodgers Chris Rosenthal Florence Smith Frankie Smith Lillian Stover Chris Taylor Terry Taylor Chris Vann Ronnie Vaughn Regina Walker Wayne Ward Joel Ware Lee Warrington i f Carrie Watson Natasha Webb Taylor Welch Doug Willis Todd Willis Don Yates Y 132 junior High Starting over . . . again. Guess what I just heard'??? Michelle Funten- atto can't keep this secret any longer. The Seventh graders realized that they were no longer the "BOSSES" of school. "We can not break in the lunch lines or take can- dy from the younger kids," Mandy Fason complained. But on the other hand, football player Heath Ralston, stated, "It has been great being able to play football with Danny and Darren everyday. They were able to participate in more activities which included: cheerleading, football, basketball, tennis, and for the first time repre- sent Fountain Lake in the Math Counts competition. Seventh grad- ers got the opportunity to join Junior High Beta Club during the second semester. They really enjoyed sci- ence class but could have done with out math class. Nicole Rice and Tammye Ford both agreed that Mrs. Thompson and Coach Warrinton were the class's favorite teachers. This class does deserve credit for their response to "Where's your homework?" Some reasons were: "I ate it for breakfastv, "It was on my desk by the open window and it flew out", "I put it on my hamburger at lunch", and even the old response of "My dog Ellie llln. LQ 'P 0e,y.OQ1fv 8006, GFP -iv ,. is fe , f Jennifer Allen Subrena Ault Melody Baker ' Tim Beckham Cory Bellamy Rodney Blocker 4 v Sky Book Betsy Brock Berry Brown Tammy Buxton April Crane Jeffrey Crumpton X Rusty Cowart Chris Cox Chris Coleman Sean Culpepper Gina DeArmon Shawn Dooley ' 2 . 4 Y , S 4 Tracey Downen Chris Ellison Mandy Fason M Hollie Ford Tammie Ford Frankie Fowlks Seventh Grade 133 134 Jerod Freeman Tyler Fryer Michelle Funtenatto David Gilmore Tammy Gould Melissa Haley Teresa Harris Robert House John Hudnall Bobby Hulsey Amy Huckaby Tonya James Will Kemnow Melany Kolasch Penny Koller Erin Larkin Amanda Loy Sandra McAtee Jackie McElwain Pam McWilliams Steven Marlar Mike Miles Branden Mills Khanh Nguyen Jason Nobles Skip Ulsen and Cory Bellamy are prime ex Bobby Hulsey engoys a healthful lunch from amples of how much fun seventh grade can the canteen Junior High Tina Noles Skip Olsen April Pierce Heath Ralston Nicole Rice Karmen Rogers 'T 6 t T Amanda Ross Gt 'M A Bob Scoggins Kim Sisney Terra Skinner Ernest Stevens ' Mike Taylor 5 f ,,, f 1 r Mike Tillery "' 5 Y Angie Turner . , Joe Turner , Claudia Ugartechia :W-' g Becky Upton i 5 Jeff Warner n Q me Sarah Walters Jeremy Wendland John Werst Ashley Williams Melissa Wilson Jonathan Wright Jeremy Wendland, Erin Larkin, Penny Kol- ler, and Nicole Rice are thrilled about another L day in Mr. Schradefs geography class. ip ' syn-1' infix Seventh grade class favorites enjoy taking a A e Q, break during a busy day. They are: Heath , I Ralston, Michelle Funtenatto, Tim Beckham, ,,.,- H 'Nm Q and Mandy Fason. 1 a....a M. .I iff Seventh Grade 135 Junior High and Elementary Awards There were numerous ju- nior high and elementary awards this year. We are sor- ry that we were unable to use them all. Copy and design by Berkv Sears Science fair winners are: Jamie McAltee, Terra Campbell, Cindy Furr, Kristy Walker, Willie Morris, David Akers, Sylvarius Smith, Kelly Garner. Lee Warrington is the winner of the Woodmen ofthe World Award. S --ss .--.. K .ms--,,,. , get A X i QW fa Ee - f . x X 'hmrusyiibi t?!Hekszm-9585 ! 1 . .... il .W X is QS, . Courtney Campbell wins lst prise His poem is titled, 'tThe Dragon Melissa Bates is the winner of the in the poetry contest sponsored by Who Was Braggingf' Math Counts contest. Roundtable Poets of Hot Springs, 136 Junior High Tami Araiza is the winner of the Jennifer Kendrick is a winner of Weather. Good Citizen Award, Ronald McDonald,s Color the ...S Sean Barron, Brian Alford, Chuck Howell are participating in the Evans, Jeremy Long and Laura AEIGIS program this summer. Awards 137 Hard ork Pays ff The eight junior high cheerleaders could often be seen hanging spirit posters, spending endless hours at practice, and working in the canteen at lunch. S300 was earned by selling cookbooks and barbeque sauce. This money was used to help fi- nance camp. These girls rep- resented Fountain Lake very well at the cheerleading camp held at Henderson last summer. They brought home numerous ribbons and made friends from all over the state. Their accomplish- ments included: superior ribbons in sidelines, evalua- tion, pom pon routine, cheering, and partner stuntsg and ribbons for 11052 and sparkle and shine. They were also the recipi- ents of the spirit stick. The cheerleaders were led by captains Angela McAtee and LeAnn Coleman. Co- captains were Kristyn Cav- nor and April Jennings. The girls retained their old uni- forms, but they acquired many new faces. Four of the girls were new to cheerlead- ing, but after working with the former cheerleaders, they were outstanding. The junior cheerleaders motivate the fans as they entertain at half- Jennifer Attebury wears two watches so that she will make it to the game on time. 140 junior High time. Freshmen,Jeri Childress,jumps for other victory against Jessieville. joy as the junior boys complete an- jt sc 'E' J The cheerleaders pause to take a breath as they begin another cheer. Cheerleaders 1987 junior cheerleaders: Jennifer tain, 95 April Jennings, basketball Attebury, 8g Kristyn Cavnor, foot- co-captain, 85 Angela McAtee, ball co-captain, 8g Jeri Childress, 93 football captain, 99 Tina Noles, 7g LeAnn Coleman, basketball cap- and Michelle Funtenatto, 7. In The Right Direction As another year has come and gone, Jr. Beta Club has made it through. This year we had a very dedicated and spirited club. We had 21 members, 11 of whom were new members. The whole club participated and each member played a very im- portant part. At the beginning of the year we elected officers to guide us through the year. They were: Kristi Owen, presidentg Tami Ariza, vice president, Pam McWil- liams, secretary, Melissa Bates, treasurer, and Franky Sears, reporter. Kristi did a fantastic job as president. She was very sup- portive of the club and its members. She also treated every one with respect. As a club we did a lot of work. We decorated both of the Jr. High dances. The time before the dances was very hectic for the club, since members started deco- rating a week before. During this time all of the members missed classes and stayed after school, giving up their time, so that the dances would be the best possible. Even with all of our work, like most teens, we antici- pated having some fun too. So we planned a bowling competition, after which we gave a trophy to the best girl and boy bowlers, Nicole Rice and Franky Sears. This was one of the great- est years and Beta Club members looked forward to an equally rewarding future. Fupy and design by Beck-i' Sears inn fl ' Jr. Beta Club members are first row, L to R: P. McWilliams, Secre- taryg K. Owen, presidentgM. Bates, treasurerg and F. Sears, reporter.- Second row: Mr. Killingsworth, A. Pierce, A. Williams, T. James, N. Rice, S. Garret, and S. McAtee. Third row: M. Haley, P. Koller, M. Fason, J. Allen, S. Barron and K. Sisney. Kim Sisney, Tami Ariaza, and smile to a happy customer at the Franky Sears sell a coke with a Beta Club sponsored Hearts Dance. Nicole Rice, a Beta Club member a snap shot as Brian Alford looks and seventh grade maid, poses for on. Jr. Beta Club 139 Hard ork Pays ff The eight junior high cheerleaders could often be seen hanging spirit posters, spending endless hours at practice, and working in the canteen at lunch. S300 was earned by selling cookbooks and barbeque sauce. This money was used to help fi- nance camp. These girls rep- resented Fountain Lake very well at the cheerleading camp held at Henderson last summer. They brought home numerous ribbons and made friends from all over the state. Their accomplish- ments included: superior ribbons in sidelines, evalua- The junior cheerleaders motivate the fans as they entertain at half- Jennifer Attebury wears two watches so that she will make it to the game on time. 140 junior High tion, porn pon routine, cheering, and partner stunts, and ribbons for 11095 and sparkle and shine. They were also the recipi- ents of the spirit stick. The cheerleaders were led by captains Angela McAtee and LeAnn Coleman. Co- captains were Kristyn Cav- nor and April Jennings. The girls retained their old uni- forms, but they acquired many new faces. Four of the girls were new to cheerlead- ing, but after working with the former cheerleaders, they were outstanding. time. -wa, Freshmen, Jeri Childress,jumps for other victory against Jessieville. joy as the junior boys complete an- The cheerleaders pause to take a breath as they begin another cheer. Cheerleaders 1987 junior cheerleaders: Jennifer tain, 95 April Jennings, basketball Attebury, 8, Kristyn Cavnor, foot- co-captain, 85 Angela McAtee, ball co-captain, 8g Jeri Childress, 95 football captain, 9, Tina Noles, 7, LeAnn Coleman, basketball cap- and Michelle Funtenatto, 7. The Unex The Junior Cobras started the season on shaky terms. They did not think that they would accomplish much this year. As the season pro- gressed, this pessimism changed. The boys got their act together. Through good leadership, proper at- titude, and confidence in team and self, the Junior Cobras finished the season as co-champions in confer- ence play. "We had a group of great kids with good attitudes. They played their best and got co-cham- pions for their efforts." - Coach Da- vis. J I r ... S- iiee 3 If ii.tti g .,.k , rret ..,,. .,,,.. ... . ,.,,,, ,., . , . .,... . , .. , , , st. .,,,.... .,., ,, ,. . ected Junior Cobras down. first down. Back row, L to R - Coach Clay, M. Merwine K. Rigsby, K. Bailey, S. Barron, T. Willis, S Balsters, C. Vann, J. Ware, F. Sears, R. James A. Hecke, D. Henderson, D. Shelton, S. Mor- gan, D. Brawdy, Coach Utley, Coach Davis Middle row - J. Frost, B. Kisida, J. Miller, S Marlar, D. Jeffers, E. Terry, B. Nobles, B Graves, T. Bechtel, R. Helms. First row V J Rigsby, J. Frost, J. Long, J. Miller, D. Yates L. Warrington, J. Minton, K. Noles, T. Castle- berry, L. Patterson. Jr. High Football M, Todd Willis catches the ball as the Cobras move for another touch- Justin Miller drives his way through the defense for a Cobra wzWW5:wwm,W6y, fm COBRA The Jr. boys from left to right are: lmanagersl Kent Mahan and Kim Rigshy, lstatisticiansl Michele Merwine and Angy Richardson, tplayersl Kevin Noles, Todd Willis, Trey Castleberry, Brian Nunes, Chris Grissom, Kelly Clem, Joel Roy James manages to get a shot un- der heavy pressure from J-ville. Jr. boysscores ' K 41-22 Paron V Lake Hamilton K ., ' H Mountain Pine , 2332 Q. . -aa-.av Ouachita .. I 21 28-35 Sheridan 34-4-2 .-,r K 14,523 Ha1monyGrove .lx -,-'-' - Lake Hamilton - 13? Lake Hamilton if-If -' K' K 1i1?fTi4g12P?8 , , I I swat? I , . . . Jesaxeville 'rii fi ..,,..,,. ,.,. 1 3-15 - Perrwillv M too r re . ' H300 V93 -.-h ..,k., , ,K Jessiaville if I FT3i'F ,. 1f?iSf'f?fi5E3I5E1?-19V 1 J ,,:.,,.. I .26-23 Cutter Morning,S1:ap' , -'l'..:.1r:. - I Lake Hamililwi f'fff1E1 . . Glen Rme s 3 ff' - 26-29 Magnet Cove 29-27 Glen Rose , I 25-25 Jessieville 33-29 lvl Ware, Robin Graves, Roy James, Brent Williams, Ty Paine, Tim Beckham, Shawn Marlar, Justin Miller, Keith Rice, Lee Warrington, Ricky Rodgers, and Coach Lam- bert. UNIGR BA KETB LL... The junior boys and girls basketball teams were two hard-Working teams this year. Roy James and Catina Norman sum up the years achievements in the follow- ing paragraphs: "This year the Jr. Cobras finished great. We became the district champs, and were runners-up in the Gar- land County Invitational Tournament. Our first game against Paron was difficult, but We managed to Win. In the Gar- land County Tournament we played Lake Hamilton. Unfortunately, we lost the final, and finished runners- up. The first game of the Fountain Lake Tournament was against Magnet Cove. We didn't play Well the first half, but we pulled it togeth- er in the second half and won 22-20. Next we played Glen Rose. It was a close game, we Won by one point. Next was the big one, the final against Jessieville. We were all ner- vous, but we stayed on top the Whole game, and won 33- 30. I don't think I'll ever for- get that night We became district champs. The whole rv I 142 Junior High ..ADVA CEI team would like to thank our coach, Sammy Lambert, who stayed behind us all the way. We dedicate our win to coach. Thanks coachf, By Roy James "This year the Fountain Lake Jr. Girls had their share of ups and downs. We had plenty of exciting games, but the most stress- ful was against Jessieville. We struggled the whole game and could never get it together. Somehow we man- aged to have fun the whole game, and came out smiling no matter what the results were. We always had good sup- port from our fans and coach. Coach Warrington al- ways showed us how to im- prove our game, and gave us the little extra push we needed. I definitely appreciated all the hard work we put in as a team, and the hustle we all showed at the games. I thank all the players for that, and I wish next years' Jr. Cobras good luck." By Catina Norman Junior Girls Team: Kim Rigsby and Sherry Speer fmanagersjg Michele Merwine and Angy Richardson fstatisticiansjg Catina Norman, Kristi Owen, Wendy Bettis, Carrie ri, , iyooy ,,,,,,,, 5 Watson, Kim Chavarria, Kim Hill, Angela Ledbetter, Valerie Hulsey, Tracy Boyette, Michelle Switzer, Kathy Kiernan, Missi Turner, Kim Dodd, and Coach Warrington. uackitas isiss 26 , it, iol ssi, S fii, fii iiiiii Q ffjfj giii ,i..i -J11 igfiii iiiiiip iiifi,iiggsi2M iiiii Valerie Hulsey squeezes off a shot while Angela Ledbetter and Missy Turner waits for the rebound. Keith Rice takes the last loop off the net for the Jr. championship as the Cobras celebrate their win over Jes sieville. Mandy Sweeten, Natasha Webb, and Angela McAttee fell out after a tough workout. Danielle Capps and Diana Hor- man look anxious to start the match as they end their warm- up. ,--'PKR 'W' Qi. Angela McAttee, Taylor Welch, Justin Miller, Bryan Nunes, and Sherry Speer enjoy the bus ride to Belvedere. Pat Hines, Tammy Buxton, Sarah Diana Horman, Mandy Sweeten, Pat Hines, Brian Nunes, Shawn Welch R1ckyRodgers Trey Cas Walters, Sherry Speer, Natasha and Angela McAttee. Marlar, Justin Miller, Taylor tleberry and Lee Warrington Webb, Danielle Capps, Kim Sisney, 144 Junior High wt Biggs? X? ov Q0 Tennis got off to a slow start for both junior teams. The girls team seemed inexperienced, with three freshmen, three eighth graders, and three seventh graders. The boys team contained two freshmen, and six eighth graders. Mrs. Hines started working with the teams at the beginning of March. They practiced hard on forehands, backhands, and the key to their game, "the serven. After three weeks of practice, it was time for the first match against Hamilton. The match was an up- set for the girls who end- ed up with only one win, while the boys tied the match. As the season progress- ed the players became closer as a team. They learned a lot from Mrs. Hines about the game of tennis and how to act to- ward other teams. They had their wins and losses, but they held their heads high. You could say they had "Purple Pridef' f1lsAg1M1ttDg,l Jy L' 11 ea lv 011 esifn IAVAIIKVIU I rlson Joel Ware and Mandy Sweeten en joy the ride to the Perryville match Tennis 145 n the Right Track The junior Cobra's track team did not exactly follow the set pattern for past track teams. This team was more inclined to the shot put, dis- cuss and pole vault. They seemed to capture the inter- est of the stronger athletes instead of the fast, graceful ones. There were a few ex- ceptions. Brant McWilliams did well in the running events. Roy James, Brannan Graves, and Eddie Terry gave this team a powerful look. Overall, they had a good year. Copy hy Chip Pike Design hy Angy Richardson L . hh Q N., , s .r K iqigs- me 'SY' 'L ' . . Q . , , hw M. ,.. . . se K' , . .--.f- 'K' ' 'A' Q . . , , ,W s ' at I F. My .. J 1, 0+ " 'ff' . .sp pas-ff KA, 5 r Hs. , .3 . K V ,rf Q .. S s , , S Q, . ,V K sr --ff ' 5-K . it K K NX Q ' 'Dwi . .T s X - is J T Hn Ni. . - """ffs't J J J ,ST ,QMS-, X 1 s- . 1. - Q, 5. Q - is . 1, - 4.5 . .h , 1 .,:- ,hz , xxx vm A , K p . . t ., he - .. f,?',c...,s -. -H Sam Balsters, Stacy Morgan, Phil- lip Harris, Roy James, Brant Wil- liams, Dale Shelton, David Hender- son, Greg Clark, Monte Pascoe Eric Breshears, Brannan Graves, k,,,,,,,,H,W,,, , , , ,, ,, n '.".fJ , I ,ZW f ' Brian Nobles, Eddie Terry, Justin Miller, Johnny Minton, Jason Miller, Allen Hecke, Donnie Brawdy, Micah Morrison, Landon Patterson, Todd Willis, Jason As David Henderson throws the Frost, Terry Bechtel, and Neil Krzak. Coach: John Utley i Roy James seems excited about discus, Eddie Terry cheers him on. going to the track meet at Mag- net Cove. 146 Junior High Q. . am. ' x ... .. - w- ' ' ' f , ,nv ' A qw, I K -ax . . A' -' -as i... K V -an Y -fi' f- . ., +A .- .. X WWA.: . "K-,rf ' .1,. .- - . ,fats ,.-. k . ., . i A W. ,,,, ,, s ,,,, + ,QQ ' 5- , x H , -. r ' . Q .. , . . ' - - . ri. QW ...'.-,- -. - ws. .gay-M, A .Tr - -f t ' .. t 5, h " . i -"Vis J in H ' .ai ff 1 '- 'nf-T 'ii-Mfg J' A az ' J t, t- , . A , - .5?'1,i: V t M, . 4 Q a t VLQ. M. ,. , SP' 4 - ,e , -N ..,.. fs ei-ew-W.fsi5 +s,Q,ffsefVfhf sv A ,K Q y I .gi . .K ' . , ww, .Q -- ks A s..- . K fy-..s,,.w+ .-Q. +5 ' Msmxq-ig N mf gpg t' T .fi s A X H i 'fisir-I r ' - A -.via-. ' rf ff 1 j .sg .- . 'X fcfsrf ws -'..4q 1 ' f G ' " u - . f f we f ' w if ' W ' . X. f- '-.- .' .. " af. 5 0-'rfximfiiw . , N .1..'f,e s f .- 43 4-'N'3?':TZ':' l m -- A M... Keith Rice, eighth gradeg Trey Cas- Welch, eighth gradeg Heath Rals- gradeg Marc Davis, coach. tleberry, eighth gradeg Lee ton, seventh gradeg Justin Miller, Warrington, eighth gradeg Taylor eighth gradeg Jason Miller, eighth ew Tradition Traditionally, the Cobra golf team had been exclu- sively senior high. This year a new tradition was started. Junior high golf coach, Marc Davis, ventured out and gathered up seven guys to represent Fountain Lake as a junior golf powerhouse. The team played two matches this year. With one win and one loss, the Cobra teams did extremely well for their first year. With all sev- en golfers returning, they were optimistic about the future. Heath Ralston displays his form as he tees off. Track and Golf 147 7th Graders Start On Their Athletic Journey The seventh graders learned early in the year that it was going to be a very dif- ferent year. It could have been because of the change from elementary to junior high or because it was their first year to be Hreal" Cob- ras. Whether it was cheerlead- ing, football, basketball, tennis or golf, the seventh graders were always willing to participate. There was quite a bit more class partic- ipation this year than in the years past. Seventh grader, Heath Ralston said, 'AI enjoyed sev- enth grade but am excited about going on to eighth Frankie Fowlks rests after football practice. Tina Noles works hard her first year of cheerleading. Basketball players show off for the camera during practice. 148 Junior gradef, Most of the class felt this way and were excited to be going on to be junior high cobra. Xl! thi 3 "LL, 3 'Lil ' Il lvmng Fupy and deslgfn IW Jennifer Ralston. Football players seem happy to get attention from camera 7th grade girls work on set shots. S N sg Junior High 149 'SW D M00 ali N34 The 1987 Harvest Ball dance was a great success. The evening be- gan with Mr. Beckham reading the names of the royalty candidates. Anxiety filled the room as the names were announced. These were the representatives: Tim Beckham and Mandy Fason fseventh gradel, Joel Ware and Krystin Cavnor feighth gradej, Chad Morrow and Kathy Kiernan fninth gradel. The King and Queen were Kevin Noles and Kristi Owen. The King and Queen of Spirit were: Eddie Terry and Mi- chelle Funtenatto. When asked how she felt when her name was announced, Kristi re- plied, "I waited anxiously and then believe it or not, it was me. I was so excited and overwhelmed with joy . . . I was so surprised. I thought this time would be just like every other time. It would be someone else in- stead of me. I hope that my class- mates were as pleased with having me as their queen as I was happy to represent them." Queen Kristi Owen and her escort Kevin Noles look nervous as they dance the tradi- tional first dance. 150 Harvest Ball Mr. and Mrs. Beckham enjoy chaperoning the Harvest Ball. Kim Chavaria, Kristi Owen, and Jeri Chil- dress wait in great anticipation for Mr. Beck- ham to call the queen. I at 'li 6 Seventh grader Mandy Fason and Eighth grader Krystin Cavnor smile and enjoy the dance. xv Q ,Av V, we 3 .Q v rx. , fa' "Y iqs,96v f49wIo"o 49040 94904 064' eifff' Q 014 1 'neva ,tang vaai 90 AQ Q40 Harvest Ball royalty: Mandy Fason, Tim Beckham, Krystin Cavnor, Joel Ware, Kristi Owen, Kevin Noles, Chad Morrow, Kathy Kiernan, Eddie Terry, and Michelle Funtenatto. efuitb e fi f I ' .if ' A1 11, Q , ii t If 1 I v 1 VLC I Z, if King and Queen of Hearts Roy James and Cute and cuddly. Eighth grade royalty Jenni- Kim Chayarria dance the night away, fer Attebury and Keith Rice seem to he en- joying the evening. Hearts Royalty: Heath Ralston. Nicole Rice, varria, Roy James, Jennifer Attebury. Keith Frankie Sears, Mandy Sweeten, Kim Cha- Rice, LeAnn Coleman and Todd Willis. OW N58 The 5th annual Hearts Dance was an outstanding event. The dance floor was filled until the last song. Since only junior high was allowed this was a chance for students to spend time with kids their own age. The students danced for a while, but then everything came to a halt and the royalty was announced. When asked his reaction to being voted as King of Hearts ROY JAMES replied, "I couldnit believe it. I was really shocked. I thought that surely they had made a mis- take." Luke Dickson served as disc jockey and the music was great. It ranged from 5O,s songs to the very latest top hits of 1988. Slow dancing seemed to be the favorite. Girls were often seen asking guys to dance, but as TIM BECKHAM stated, "I didn,t mind at all." Jana Ford and Dale Shelton show how much fun dancing can he as they dance to "Hey, Baby." Hearts Dance 151 E2 . 9' X E D I X,w,? K 6 I "-. Xb'-1. had M br if V, ,,. in M9 I X x iii 57 it 1.33 nv ,1 X 'xx 81 , , A C5 Q?',fl'Wf, Wiz? iUf"'Q'f"-'W V74 W f W ' Mm Sixth Grade Fifth Grade Fourth Grade Third Grade Second Grade First Grade Kindergarten Self-Contained Q V V Tp . :"' t.. 7 fugeyapi wg-egrvh 154 157 160 163 166 169 172 175 .. few-'F' ,wh 'Rs' bww! ew Experience This was quite a year for the sixth One of the activities the sixth graders participated grade. Many new experiences and ac- in was Grandparents Day. On this day, the grandparents tivities had the sixth grade excited. were invited to eat lunch with their grandchildren. They One of their favorite new experi- ate lunch on the stage and were later toured around the ences was changing classes. This school. The day was enjoyed by everyone. e,g,9'ix5f gave them the opportunity to Another activity they were involved in was the mum- .gff G0 encounter different teachers my wrap. This project was done when they began study- l 45.1525 9' dents all agree that it mummies to see what it was like. They all said, "It was VC' 255 p made the day go by fast- fun! All in all, it was a great year for the sixth grade. s a gc y p.iy.ipi er. It also made them feel .prsr'r Q. 3 riris ' more mature and grown 7 T up. The only drawback was r gyvg -r.sf. l iiyii i that they hated having only one re- irf ,V', l" o V 6 wgelfiig W 8 and classrooms. The stu- ing Egypt. The students wrapped themselves up like Q 77 .Qs I . , David Akers s I 'Barbara Ault V ' I Melynda Baker V ' . , Eric Balters v y Billy 'Bechtel y Emily Beckwith Allen Black , BradleyBond , r 'f' ' EllenBreshears s .il I' . K r y Jf1enieisBr0SheHfSs. v - James Brown r f - '- ,. , ' - KHSEQ3-X ,sf Ef""if: I 1 Tem?+C3mPbf31l5" i i V , Michelle Carlson i Srl' T r D'Ann1C1ark ' s ,x ypyr S' , Patr1ckjCockman. Zi. Q 5' Typ, s ' T .rve i g,- " , 'g'- ,f,lizri.4f14x . . , lr V i I ' I i i : .E :'.. v it , K.1mCoferg T I .t snwidrnmyiysi rr.yr sie - s Q 's' r Ig' V' ji V,yy K VV,y . Y . ' . ' Dilatush' V 1 3 X -we .N l E K 9, S ' 1 " ' K ' -i n TVN. , . 'V I f' c K " ..,. :-: W V iiii X. ig X l 1 ,Jason'Easth r -X .. ,..., ' ii"T QQ . . rm p y - Q. , Kel1yiGarner' L' ' R , 1 X . y . . Rebcfica ' iii' fr S ...T ' 'V - r -.Q 'T' -......... 'T f .L I . i . ' ' y r r 154 Elementary The 6th grade boys rock and roll at the 50's Jason East and Kayla Thacker get all Christmas party. wrapped up in their work. f .nl lilif. 'n f., , W , f ' . V 1 K Lb w N Y f r 552, , 4' 'N ' ' ' iff-fer R 'Sr Allison Graves Amanda Grissom Steven Hallbauer Jennifer Herrick Dawn Hess Danny Holland Mary Hollinger Suzy Hope Melissa Howard Ronnie Howie Britt Hughes LeAnna Ivey Wade Johnson Wesley Keener Angela Kitchens Kenny Kizer Toni Koehler Bryan Lambert Marty Langley Brian Mahan Richie Marlar Jamie McAtee Brook McDaniels Regina Metcalf Shannon Miles Cheryl Mill-is Jeremiah Miller Tara Milroy Dee Moore Misty Morgan Sixth Grade 6th grade class favorites: Bryan Lambert, Kim Wyatt, Krissy Partain and David Akers. Below: Group studying is a lot more fun. 3 55 V Michelle Morris Willie Morris Shawn Morton Misty Neighbors Rachel Owens Krissy Partain TyLynn Pascoe Preston Patterson Lavonda Payne Jenny Powell Robby Reed Jason Ripley April Shumaker Jamie Smith Sylvarius Smith Jimmy Standridge Jenny Taber Kayla Thacker Chris Tillery Christina Tillery Andres Ugartechea Maria Ugartechea Rosario Ugartechea David Van Dusen Jeremy Vaughn Angie Wehunt Rusty Wilson Tony Wisdom Kim Wyatt Michael Yates V .4 Qs. xv' , xr ' N . in ....... xx X it W N NN NX mr is.. Q31 A ar of -4. fu, Q- -p s... .V . A,- , l. ,5 xv. J ,Le ei i J i X ix, ' 'lil num, X ts i .S 1 Q ,ff io' we it - " ' .Q TLP' Q5 , y .i . 15? 6 Elementary n the Right Direction The fifth graders were really busy this year. They started out by making posters for National Book Week. This was to encourage students to read. Their favorite slogan was, "Get hooked on reading books." National Book Week was a big success because of the many stu- dents who participated in it. In the first week of November, the fifth graders cop- ied a poem and colored it for Veteran's Day. For a special gift, from the fifth grade, they honored a veteran with the poem. This made them more aware of the many different holidays that are celebrated Mrs Long s gifted and talented class worked on many projects. One of their favorite projects was making a video. This video consisted of a scientific study. The class did a lot of research and ended up with a well orga nized scientific study. Whenever there was a project to be done, they were willing to donate their time and do '.f, !G6QZI6?Gl 6 O 60043460 J Oo .0 'Si X,- I ll g sf awk . M Xt. J- 44 1: Z .gi Aaron Appler John Araiza I Holly Attebury Angela Barker Clifford Beckwith Nichola Beckwith J 5 Angela Bright?2f.5'5Ti'ffifI' David Buxton 'fiiiid Mary Caldwell f J Courtney Campbell Jeremy Campbell Joshua Castleberry Bo Chambers is .5 511, , I Joy Crumpton 1 Matthew Crompton Myra Crumpton Sonja Cummings Jeff Dean Katherine Denger Michelle Dickson Shannon Downen r Jolie Driver ' I Lee Engle Kim Ferrell ll' Fifth Grade 157 158 fi 'kly 1 kif' tt o eititfyfzfericobfrarik t Sf.:ottie1 Garrett' ' K T Jessica '-Hendrix Heatiiezfflfiignight m V ' L 1 ,". 1, r'15H53i535ie?? 2J1D?4QSqr,1 if :,': i tit l, iiiit 1 otoo oitottoeie D avid J 33591315 Neigiibqii f i i 1,TQby.N1b1ett ' i'Miiis' Nobies I .Hyi 1- , 'f Chafleiie itoi o o i ,yy yy45pJ0ey.Ph1I1ws ioiitt Bivkey t'itP Dwell 1 ttio ifhD315fZ?iieR13Q4eStiitt iiti l l a ttte eit ieite A if N LJ' .. Usitv 4 W' ai X X ,fi QR s NX sl M it X . i ::. - . If f , 1 x 5 Elementary Y nzeimw U ,, ,, ' A ' V:.,,,,,V,,.f:':f Demonstrating his creative writing ability is Eric Warrington. Fifth grade class favorites: Jason Himes, Heath- er Hignight, Nichoia Beckwith, and Darby Rhodes. 'T X X N T5 K ,-. - Kr Q mlilllll s Sw l ss fbi? lim se Li? ' an its iv- W r, 5 kg? . Us i 'ff ,SNXQM ra - - iii are K .. 1 gz , . , ,., sr' X X or Q ssss so , r X X 2 an W : , I X . I 5 i N it ll, CEL fi ..5 Chris Rodgers Kelly Rowton Tammy Skinner Adam Slater Robin Standridge Tina Stevens Nathan Stover Jeremy Taylor Josh Tillery Jon Truelove Roy Ugartechea Holly Vaughn Eric Warrington Amber White Loretta Wilder Alicia Wilson Jennifer Wilson Kevin Wilson Jeremy Wright Michael Wright Joe Yates Mama Yates Tracy Zander 'mf Ji? , Cai Fletcher Larkin, who won third place in the first annual Columbus Essay Contest, proudly wears his prize, a Columbus T-shirt. Heather Hignight takes a break from her Christmas project to smile ' for the camera. Education The Fourth grade year was a very educational one. For some of the students, it was the first time they had ever worked on a computer. Each room was equipped with one computer. The teachers taught the students how to play games on them. Mrs. Kyle's class was involved in a mini- whaling expedition. This was a scientific study game for computers. Computers were definitely the neatest thing that the fourth graders learned about. In Mrs. Morse's room, the students had a unique way of getting rewards. That's Fun and also had fun doing it. vos Q5 geisb 462, Q sew K Adam Ault Michael Akers Martin Ault Bridget Bates ce Bates Codi Bellamy Shelley Black Chris Bradford David Breshears Scotty Brock Dusty Brown Christy Burchfzeld Angela Crabtree Jodi Dean Chad DeArmon David DeArmori DeLecm Davis Adam Dickson Christy Dilatush Damon Evans Jon Fawn Autumn Fei-nald Theresa Fleming Mandy Ford The class picked a word and each time they were good they got a let G09 ter When the word was complet be d th t d t received the re e es u en s ward that was spelled out The students were also involved in a Book It program This encouraged the students to read If the students read so many books they got a free pan pizza The fourth graders learned a lot !,,,fY ,vw 'nfs wiv'- 'knsf ii 3023 as vs Q 355-ii 0 Elementary A jg Students 1n Mrs Morse s class enjoy havlng Chrlstmas parties Fourth grade class favorltes Penny Plerce Chrls Outler Jon Fason and Mandy R1chardson NWN I .sssfs' A i Raebema Fowlkes Cody Garner Sheily Gnessman Josh Gossage Jason Haley Anthony Hatter Jay Holland Stephame Holhngei' Alisa Huckab Jennifer Irwin J J Irwm Nick James ZasklavyoV-f5iIS Sh?1P5fM?4w1f1Slo nsys M Birrbarni Morganl s 9 - She11Y1oMG1frOWf s Chrxasy Neweily 4 M f1v? l ghlllfps snss M Fourth Grade 161 1 'pls' z WW-f m.-www ff 21' i liliiiiffiifjg Cheyenne Loy and Cody Garner like playing games on the new computers. Lucehia Harrel and her friends put their pres ents under the Christmas tree. i 'i,Penny Pierce 1 e Dale Phillips Kristie Pewell- Chuck Ragsdale Eric: Reed Mandy Richardson I i l Jody Ries Darin Ritter Randy Rogers Todd Scrimshire Bobby Seaberg Jennifer Shaw . Gina Sheets i 'Becky' Shell Kenny Shelton - Jessica Smith L V Suzanne Smith I f Jennifer St-:me ' Amanda Stove: Steven Taylor ' Rebecca Terry . Johnny Tillery L David Trusty I L Cindy Ugartechea Jirn Walker Shelley Wheetley Jeremy Whiley V Jamie Willis Gegit Woodruff . H! " , Vit, i 5 ,, ,,,,ll. V, H , i ,ii i- if new few:--Q,,a:f 412 Leer' F' 1 , ' 1 W f H , f We I ,,,,, 7 f f w 1 , . X 'W' 'll i te, 5 . , 'Mt 'ff 1, ,H We , ' :,su1Jf , , ,,,, I BW , fi ,,,, f ,MM W 1 ' y L if w f if 1-We 6, .A 5 e z W 7 , ,v 'ir , 4 X X 'W " my 4, 1 ,,,:zgf,f,s.maz """"" W H are ' M fy.e, ' in in ' ,,?'2v7'E2? 9 fl it 2, 1 41 mi ,"'lwWfIy,2:,, .fb 9, 2 162 Elementary Preparing For the Future The third graders have worked hard this year. They had to prepare themselves for the Minimum Per- formance Test. This took a long time, but was accomplished. In Mrs. Thacker's room the stu- dents put on plays for special occa- sions. The plays were enjoyed by everyone. Writing and illustrating stories was something they did a lot of. Choral reading was their favorite activity. This was their first year for So- cial Studies and Science. Many of the students learned that Fountain Lake is in Hot Springs and that Hot Springs is in Arkansas. They also found that there are other conti- nents besides ours. These new sub- jects had the students excited The teachers tried to teach the students to beamore responsible and .afggg ima act more grown up. They also devel- oped better study habits and better co- operation With others. Perhaps the most important thing they learned was "Life's a lot easier with a smilef' 1 3 if iii f rw M r' 5 .rfsV .oy My S S rrrr ,, ,,, ri Q. it N gl Meaiaszgva M g X ,fbi Third Grade 163 164 Bobby Fun' Brian Gibson Mitchell Goseett Whitney Gregory Nikki Hardin April Harris Joey Harris Jeremy Hendrix Josh Hendrix Lisa I-Iibbs Neil Hignight Tami James Becky Jennings John Kara Jennifer Kendrick Brandy Kerr Tanya Kizer Summer Langley Dereck Loy Justin Manning Nathan Manning Mike Marshall Jennifer Milroy Brandy Morgan l": is W wi. sn N S 0 2 N' , li X on r S V 9 'A Q M J r a s Mk 9, , W aa N D' 'Ria t 2 ' . p 1 f in s 3 ' 1 .1 - -J .s.t.L.:.:N.,.., . ., H Www F X H X 4 ibxxxn NX 5 5 ' - 1 timid ,iiii K B ,iv M . B. ,,,i N rg I E X if f B f J I ' ' . g X iF'- s' ... g .J J 3 .uf K Q as " J JCL' ' lr.. Students in Mrs. Thacker's class are filled with J K excitement as they tear open their presents. Third grade class favorites: Clint Bryant, Jenni- xx fer Nobles, Meredith Switzer, and Neil Hig- N night. Elementary .. .. X is N X X ,. se -' ,xy :-'M Xi X Ng yi il i Q K ss i xx fi W r X i-- -,- ,, -H kkkk, . .. .ii 1 if , P. , .ii -- X ' , . NSW T? we SF M - x we N J x x N X x X M Q , if e . W 5 as 5 K R N R my Y i N vg a el X i' , iy. W I Ass , ' " ,, ,,,, , ey elid -. ie'-ffl -se ':""A:: .... , --eff 21 ?- . SQ - .s .hw ,. X A 5 X h A , 'fTf'7 Q1 is cj is I mel 25 M'-nu ie 4 H ? Heather Muncrief Carrie Neighbors Jennifer Nobles Chris Pascoe Chrissy Phillips Devry Rhodes Jeremy Rigshy Kristie Rigsby Gloria Salazar Amy Skinner Rachel Skinner Johnny Starnes Meredith Switzer Michael' Taber Roberta Thomason Tina Travis Jennifer Vaughn Christy Walls Aaron Wehunt Josh White Brad Willis Renee Wright Kathrina Yates Helpful students put up a bulletin board for their teacher. While the teacher is away, the children will play. Third Grade X. 165 The second grade had a busy and exciting year. Many new things were experienced. Getting to learn Spanish was the most interesting ac- tivity that they got to learn. The Spanish Il students from High School came over and X, taught the ' go .-A046 ' second grad- ,5Qe?2x,q,'b e rs on qfl-0 Thursday of every other week. They were taught colors, numbers, I parts of the body, and 09 The second graders were in- volved in making dioramas. These were made with shoe boxes and pa- per figures. They made aquariums for science and also made them for the holidays. This was fun because everyone participated. For Christmas Mrs. Bilo s stu- dents created a nativity scene. They each had a figure to color and donat- ed them to making the best nativity scene ever. There were always pro- jects during Christmas, but everyone was excited to get out for the holiday. Mrs. Bilo's room was a treat to visit. Her windows were always painted for each holiday. That al- ways seemed to make the room more econd Grade on t-he ove they were given Spanish names. Ev- eryone looked forward to having Spanish and it made the week go by faster. I Michael Alford Andrew Appler I Aaron Ault Chris Awana John Baker Janet Bair I Candi Breshears Shannon Broadway ' M -N Jordan Campbell xi JL Q Nathan Chaney - Britney Church Shannon Long N' i H. Sing . s A xx N X N .E ..-- cf s LF 3 cheerful. All in all second grade year was a productive one. FQ-Zi. .2 vw Q,f"'fb My :.. .. Lk: 'ad in A x K qs, . -N . Cz? Y 1 I Christopher Davis Forest Denger f 'W "' Faith Duncan Christina Marshall Tony Moore Nichole Edmonds Lv' I Robert Farrer Kenny Fryar I 166 Elementary Second grade class favorites: Matt Wendland, The second graders were very proud of Mrs. Christina Marshall, Tasha Kaatz and Nathan Bilo's Winter Wonderland windows. Chaney. Auf? xx i W ii.' eiii 'A ea f f , s' 1 g i 1 1.5 'V is -- H ax' Q . '- 'Q . . 1. se. Us X Qs S x -X X is ff Q .5 X -s X - ,:.,., lu iw -s I i s r N: -we X N X ss ss Zli is R .Qi so ff W in -is Q r -as- C7 Ks-if 1 2 N? .1 J.. 2 W s i Q Ii- 13 rj - - . Q NM W L ,,ll mm A xx iii. - ' -X ' - , ' ., 'W si-ss - ,..zf:. 5 1 f N :aw ssixsss. .. l ,,... V liirr . in - 1,,g"" 'ef ,, ,Wx . as X Elizabeth Furr Aaron Grissom Pamela Henderson Jake Hendrix Joshua James Jenifer Jennings Aaron Johnson Robin Jones Tasha Kaatz Robbie Keith Roxanne Kemp . Dillon Nichols April Nobles Vanessa Oliver Casey Orrell Jonathan Overton Court Palmer Aaron Perry Davina Pickens Terri Rigsby -3-gn 1 u ann- 1 an uinnnun llllll Ili Second Grade 167 Benjamin Riley Christina Rodgers Mandy Rostan Tonya Seaberg Alicia Sinclair Josh Skinner Aaron Smith Donnie Smith Joseph Switzer Carrie Talley Matthew Tillery Alma Ugartechea Jason Ungerer Justin Vik Missy Wallace Matt Wendland Justin Whiley Laurie Williams Tim Wilson Steven Wylie ix Cf -.:..-1 Q"Y Q.: HF. t',, , .1 Kevin Moore and Nathan Chaney pause for a moment during their test. The Christmas displayg one of the many decorative settings surround- ing the second grade classes. fir ,ff H-. ' my 5 I if X -vi M G5 168 Elementary y ,::L,:: X Q Hr as F T W 3 W J S 32 A N. in as 'f Q ll if f. ff' . ............, mag.-ss.g.f. 1 VLLZ i ,, X HW if up X . leases. . s " . Mike Allen Trevor Armstrong Christina Awana Amy Bates Shawn Bates Travis Bell ' 1.-..., J ennifelf .Bennett MiCh9l9l'B18Ck t stephanie cereshears Cody Brown V Nickie Burl-res X K i -:ig . X.. fe :S A :bl it RQ' . kkt I X X T Johnie Cargill ,K ,, if is Matt Cargill A "' X. X g "' " , Trisha Cox T I . Jennifer .Dial it ky. 'Q,,: s Luke Dickson 4 .f-6 l. Moving Along With Style The first graders were very active this year. They al- ways seemed to be working on a project. The Thanks- giving feast was the most exciting. Each class contributed food to the meal. Mrs. Lee's class made their own butter and made pumpkin whip. Johnny cakes were made in Mrs. Currey's class. Mrs. Harter's students prepared cranberry salad, and Mrs. Stroud's class made popcorn. For authenticity, the boys wore Indian headbands. The girls wore pilgrim hats. The students all said it was neat. This year the first grade gave a Christmas play called "The Elf Factory." Hard work and a lot of practice made it a success. The students really enjoyed performing in this play. Learning was something the first grade did a lot of. In Mrs. Lee's class, they had a learning center. It was di- vided into five sections. They were labeled: Discovery, Math, Reading, Games, and Sound. Getting to go to these centers was exciting for them. The learning center made it fun to learn. 'im I vi fr . ll, Tra Dougan s cherish Behalf. .L Jessica Edmonds X - Jessica Eudy Amy Fernalcl lj, o GQYQGB e 06893 E Q' 0 'i' tr' lr LQ I 12 .n fr " 6 715: 1? 01, 66 of 6 49 . if , I First Grade 169 170 iikff und' paper. ,i 5 1 Trisha Cox enjoys making her own wrapping If the teacher could see us now' Joel Don Frank Shelly Gibson Matthew Hallbauer Justin Harwood Jon Mark Haynes Anthony Hendrix Kristi Hepa Billy Huckaby Kristy Hulsey Melissa Irwin Sean Jacoby Melissa Kaney T,J. Keith Angie Lacy Anna Lowe Bo Marlow Samantha Merryman Amanda Montgomery Danny Montgomery Amanda Morgan Johnny Mullinax Richard Mullinax Roy Myers Adam Neighbors -f Q fr i 51 "... - J:75:u - or A 'X A 1' ax 3 -x Q1 ue' Na ' W me ff W 'K E ' 7' V Q Q5 , x 'J :Q , iii, . I . A as X se A by ,-Q a A Sl 4-.29 -1 . sa' 6 K e 3' -X A M f rf 5' ,, ' A i l 1 'Q ' Fw -'l . Q - I 'l N 3 be 1 in . ,,.ff7S Nwlflggf N A X 3 ' Q59 as ' i i ' ' " 3-.4 X L " 9,-2 . ,, X , W i- f ef' ' . gi i ' rex 5-Ir I . .. 1' M 4 A as M 5 M 555 3 M i, A lies Elementary Nathan Neighbors is right on target! ' i ' A ' K I f , - .sf wrwf- sf :i'1lg21- 5 if k, kr P -' - M ,, i . ESM - 1 I E :Q K ..... A fi x K ' K Q . , 1 M 'ifffgggh A j . 5' . . . sE'g ,m H , gg 'Ei L ,A 3 , .. .- ....- - . x :-,, ff ....,. gf H: 1 W- ' x. .. gxjiqfln -. 1-, i IQ x X X f k Q K QS 'FIN 1 , ,. g X at SXX is 4 . E56-1 Y if - X. ff X LLL--. L' Q Clifm Pearce stephaniel Phi11sp5 Chris Powers ' Brandon Rascoe 1 Emilyklleed V V L Kevin Reed ' Sf4fven l RQggg3 Mmalidisalazarl T3PP Brandi Taylor Blant Tillery Heather Tillery , ' Melissa Tiileiry ' Crystal Wallace , Spencer Wendland Amanda West Diane Wheatley Julia Wilhelm Jessica Womble Nathan Yates Crystal Young l 1 Qual I 7 i n First Grade 171 ' . David Absher Shannon Ashtiani 'Tony Bailey Cory Bates f Amanda Bean f Aaron Bishop was V, XY! X any B:-:Ar is-NK, 1' vain... .si-as Q ! A..x E Michael Blackburn Kenny Breshears Shane Breshears Amanda Brown Courtney Bryant Samantha Burks s 'ri 'F 5 0- El u.,,,,,,, rris. Tjirgie Tommy Cash X i Ryan Culpepper Justin Craig 1 A W' Patrick Crawford X Richard Crue X Paul Dean if Q Cosmo Denger Sheila Ferrell Kerry Furr Rafael Garcia Vanessa Garcia Tiffany Gaston F v sql! N. . , f, " ' -nts 4, if "gh "' if leee if cz:- V' 1 A gfQ' ull Speed Ahead The most frightening day for the kindergarten chil- dren was the first day of school. For most, it was the first experience of being away from home. Learning where to go and what bus to ride was a difficult adjustment. When asked what frightened them the most, one boy replied, "I , thought my momma was gonna 53 1006290 give me away!" GQQQVZ-gQX"?' In kindergarten, the i ,yoke 4390 children learned the num- -", rife bers and the alphabet. GT,-sal uhyg They enjoyed listening llll to stories and singing Q .:,.. carols at Christmas. Z.. . ,.,. . 'iE:'i Some of their favorite activi- ties were going to the library, P.E., and music. "" The children disliked taking naps ev- eryday. They also did not like having their name in the sad box. If they got a check by their name, they had to stay in at recess. Recess was something they really en- joyed. During the fall the animal shelter came and talked to the children. They were taught not to touch any dog they did not know. They also learned how to take care of their own pets. This was the highlight of their first year at Fountain Lake. 172 Elementary ""X 1 I -. amz- J- f :-' ' xg gf-.- -0 Q. -- 4 ,. " if x f l' 'rx W E x fn... :- - v W I 1 53. Q . di ' L K. Qi, f-I ,lr ik .'.: Y ggi- 'QF KW X N 2 ff' f ,ES -.f Sr Q' V N 1, , .X ., " J Jn? Q li Q L 'Q X as " X 'Fr Q 'E ff,"-5-L lieu 82,1 tsl Jeremy Garrett Jackson Gaston Johnny Graves Angie Harris Jonathan Harris Jeremiah Hibbs - BJ. House it Jason House Seth Hulsey L Paul Johnson Trinity Johnson Kenneth Jones Vo Laura Jones Rebekah Kaney Samantha Keith?" Shawna Kendrick Courtney Kerr Shawna Lawson Brooks Lee Chris Lee Jennifer Magar Mandy Marshall Candyce Mason ' Robin Miller all ,,- rd Bean and Jonathon Harris. That chocolate Santa sure does look good. Kindergarten class favorites: Corey Overton, Sheenna Wyatt, Amanda Kindergarten 173 Kristin Morrow Jennifer Manger Corey Overton Sherri Owens Zak Powers Bradley Ragsdale Layne Ragsdale Robbie Reston Monica Salazar Betty Joe Scroggins Tracy Shell Amber Stanley Roxana Staines Amanda Stewart Elizabeth Stover Kevin Tapp Rebecca Thompson Alen Tillery Sarah Tillery Aaron Ungerer Shawn Van G01-dan Tasha Walston Joshua Watson Brandy Willis Stephanie Wright Sheena Wyatt B, E- ' 5 X x x X n XX xx helm f, I f ... M- ,,....,.,.. W .Q ' W -X .rr--L X -I-,.ei:':-ne. we A - as-g,,,., -.1 A9 -4 4-lily .. Y, -2 we K 5 A 1 3 Q- i '-.Y y r 1 V I X of , W' ,Qi th K W fr' I R ,gkggzzi k , "' .U .L H g , Qefw ' ,,,, .... 1 - ,.' .aku We Qliwg X .. , it M ,Q ' X X X Qs .4 Qt. eeear eeelllee e r - X X' s fern? . ,, , NB' f '- K i" "er, 'K e 7' f -- Q w e-2 I' ' .WN'F,'Y':f""'1nu O . Y 1 lu-I + Q 5152 r K F, I Ms. Allen's students are filled with anxiety as they draw names for The kindergarteners take a break after a tough day. Christmas. 174 Elementary l 1 l l ELF- CO TAINED Special is the word that best describes the self-con- tained class. They all strive for different goals in life. These students donlt believe in doing things half Way. They put their all into everything they do. Our self-con- tained students get to show off all their physical abilities as they participate in the special olympics. While partici- pating in special olympics, they learn many valuable skills that they can use in life and they had a lot of fun. Wt , Now that's the Christmas spirit! Karrie French Jamie Griffin Greta Henriksen George Shell Billy Taylor, Kristy Walker Missy Ward gil ' si - X r N r , . '. ,H 1 . f ' - 'Y ' L1 as , . --af ., L " i A A r ,, t ae' 2.01, s-, ,. s'ir f ' 'mn Self-Contained taking a break. 'Z Hard at work. Self-Contained 175 iff--f.-,-,.c,-.ffm .,,A V --i --zfvf -ri-,egfi:s2i:sf.safs1ft2.11,, - -- -2:-uwfig-wssewffw-ff wf,Qu15-if-y'-a.f-12usfemf'wfaiMsr 'V W fffizllftiwelfi , W if H .- W if we,f..:,v-vggiszgieeaswgffwg- ,,msM.easel-images'a--,,.3,,a,.l:.-avg?-for f fgswlai , A. ,C sf fs as-,,.maA. as f, me W N- . - ,, . -V 1-1, 1s--afaeififawfsszwiif f 5-Q 1 H9 Q35grami,g1g32mggiMgggg.s-115 . X ,. A91 islgizibrilib A 'if'A5n'gi'2' '11 S 3 1: Stiff-f?Js'. gfafff' Qftgsaggsy as f Q A if fi Ei 3316515 Wg.. 1252 ? fl? '..3:' S , . X A ,:.-- ' , ' . awaE5af.asz kay.. Eg , 1 1 HW ,E s..-rn 3- I3 i l, 5 5.5 ' 2 Q E . ..,1 L-1,5 21 C x , s' ' .s ia., 0 1 5 Ziff' ' ' l E -2 H 5 E r sg H 5? J? - if Q, i '2 .. 5 Qzgi gglg "M - ' E S , as .55 i- gm. .2 I l Egg E if - . 5 5 S g K ig E Q , E L K in ,.t.,i .,..,,M ..kM,.W... ,,.. .ww s-.wMM...Z-m x dai. H . wg! -- - fi-rw f':TWv3m-m-sa L 'M - 'LW4.Mws-'rf""-- -- .5 L. .. M. ...W- i , 5 . 2 S .-. l. we-M-W .... .. s W -W .. 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A arg '7' V5 55' as- M H-.. ..:saH..::- ug, .ima-fm.s,s-mm s amass? . 35 mmzggzsa ifeisawigf-ways 5:5255 , .1 .. isfeseiigaassiafe me Q g,f.s.g.,ijfE3QQ.:aM,, W2.. V,.v .. ,.L,.N,g z52weif2sYf!?Qifesf'izewiwvsz. iasfs .. .. M T551-EQ':5x:5fE5zsW5!Yfv4iis112532155253 fgsgfgffaesgafgieiraxarsifirssgstggb-1 aaaeiwrsisws A-faissli Sis .5-. is 1 we ,f - wg K f ,-ffssfss - sieve-21 . : M aww S W sta gge--wwf, ieiffaefssisl agzffigg SHE Q21 Limusmswissmsviss A 5 1 :, 42 3. .sw we wifi W fS'5efs.s9?i.sf 7.7, l.. H' r 3 8 3iiewi-wwe-zaiswfaaialaewasfi. ' wav' f I 5 - gt, istsaiea,.51g3,g4k-was-Qs, sm: ef 12-mf. gsfggwfgsiigy fgfsggilsz-:.f7f2.sisl ig! agfiiai- ifxfwz-fzz: zz 1' ares, -Y -993-Ai?-iirtiic, , 7, .V . . .. V, ., . . . , .. . ,,,.f , , V, .W .N . 'HMTQY1 am- exwg-1fa-vasazssilssgegwsff2fffwf.- r fri-in -1155 -were Weiss wasfegw-fg-.:,:..:2fAgiggagusazafsrifsrzgirfe-Qlalie 1 -- f '- -, V gg -Wif?ii1fiQ?a112zfaS:i"?2:fSi??-mgiiwffSax' -5 W ii f . :elf ti.:-, 5 rx- 12 'S :S 'film - 42 ei' 2- '. '- i.F:s..3g.-.. V . Q-12529525 55335 asiqsigaigspglegesiawgyze555522f .wig s ft L faa..zz.f,-is ,M w e :M .,f M ,. Q,, ,x ,,, yf ,. Q . , i .. Q'-iqsgfmws if,2-15272Qz3523EL55:2Qvi11sa?2.i.geizf53zs'5ai:si53fZs'f5:12251iiiQgiiiia,-5H2ESQRE2QH1i2fiIiiQfi15F5if5f255if5?ieS5i1EQFf313Sia?f5?i32?f5 . 176 Pee' 69 THE MIGHTY SMALL CGBRAS The elementary basket- ball team Was taken lightly by many people, but the ac- tual truth to the matter was that it was just as important to some people as college ball. The fans were serious about their children winning the games. The players were especially excited about be- ing able to play other schools for the first time. This was the first opportunity to be competing with other teams their age. They enjoyed the ,M .,s,,,N,,,N W, competition and prac- tices. The Pee-Wee teams were seriously inclined to become a great team someday and win the state championship when they get to be the "Senior Cob- ras". The kids were young, but they had great expec- tations. Fnpv and photographs by .Inn 1,iiI'fiiI'H, s V Coaches, Lynn Lambert and Gene Allen Black gets a fast break and Watson, prepare their startingline- puts in a lay-up. up with a few encouraging words. M W. , f jg ,, WM , f X 2 :wmfsife SQ .Wiii EE: iss? iq smzgfsi A , .Wig ,gfsi in .M rggsvffwx ..,, . , , F I SR 1. 2' 'liif'ffliii'lfY?iflfV: fi 5 1 if J . 21 V' lzfl , ' f . ? it N t, f 0 .ix ,pu ,mg .Ji -gsm .21 Zi-M-m3M,m5,,me,k.EnM5,i,:,,,5 M, 5yfm,Ef,,fw gtgmeas-.ggifforffe.rfiffi:q,sganyifea21wgszzifz1fm+1.f2e.w :fi,4Qe:ifff:-we if-fSw,iQ2.!2ii1f1m+i Akk,,,,,,L , ,L., ,:,,.:, Z M .L.,,. Y ,,.i. L, t,...,, i..,i:,,:: Q ,M ,,t..,.v,,.. SLM . .,..,., ,,, .vryhi M ,..,i,. vryh Q me it,.i,. ,,.. 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L 5 -ii -mn .. -f-:SMm.f, L-f fQz.n:f5-1-firmM-wwf-951my:w:M:wg:2'.s221fizffrff-fvifwislff,'fiiif2'iQf:52fif3255-iiifliiW-f?f55fi'.!:Ef?ei' W i f .,,.. . if 1 Q- 1 1 Lei5121ifegg22551155974gg5QQQQQEQEiisgijfliizikgrgfkliifggi-'QsvSgi5fQ,i:i'fi4iligigfjgifliiyvis,ff3g.1i.1f,,i''EVEEi?EilTffli11'g:fEfS?''fiigffl iii-T921ff?-illf5f'1flf--iiT11-'iff '11-f75T ff ffffflz 5-5'rj-Qwane''z'--is-:1f:f'.1vv 1-f my V -1- - K- - f 1 to U 1 5 2 5 i C ON GRA TULA TIONS SHARI, lf there could be only one thing in life that we could teach you, we would teach you to love. . . To learn to appreciate the people who love you, the simple beauty that God ga ve you, and to End peace and security within yourself Love, Dad, Mom, Jimmy, 8: Kim 178 Supporters GOJ IIQUZI' cfoaea One JOOI' ll!l!AOM, Opening anoflzer. lMAAlley Wal1Jy Lbuol, mom ana, 'N- lf. e o fm: N, k H2 . 1. ongrafufafiorw fo flee .geniom 0 7988! gongrafufafiond, Judy Cfairef ,W f y u anal WMA you fhe Leaf of eueryfAing in fl' mm, .basl una, JeroJ Lri , .9 lzope your furna oul f greuf. .3 Joni Lnow wlz .9 woufcl Le wiflzouf you. .Angie gongrafufafionri, Jar jim, you are very apeciaf fo me. .9 Awe you ufwayaf .xdngie ,..A,l 9. ,M l Supporters 179 CONGRATULATIONS MISSY! We are very proud of you. You have worked so very hard. We real- ly admire you. May your future be as suc- cessful as your past. We love you very much. Pa 8: Granny Attebury CONGRATULATIONS MISSY! "All things are possible through Christ Jesus." We taught you to believe in this and in your ability to succeed. The doctors said, "it couldn't be done." You showed the world it could. We love you so much and we are very proud of you! All our love, Dad, Mom, Jennifer, and Holly CONGRATULATIONS MISSY! Our "Special" granddaughter is graduating today. You have fought many battles, but today you claim your victory very sucessfully! Our prayers go with you for a very bright future. We are proud of you. We love you so very much. Pa Sz Granny Mungle 180 Supporters Michele.- You changed our lives the day you were born . , . you brought us joy, you brought us laughter, and sometimes there were tears: We watched proudly as our "miracle baby" fthe one they said would never be! met each challenge with strength, courage, and determination and we remember each and every accomplishment that your efforts have brought forth. Tomorrow is an adventure . . . you will travel many un- known roads, feel endless new emotions, and experience victory and defeat. Contin- ue to love the Lord, choose wisely, smile, and trust in the person you have become and you will find success and happiness in all of your tomorrows. Mom and Dad s JS, .ki if szswfssfib.. 1 , Tift: :..":7w.. ,.:.,,...c:,,,, X:,,.c. . Congratulations Michele! Congratulations Son, We are Very proud of you. You always seem to make our sun shine a little brighter. Love, Mom, Dad, and Tim T X E X 5 if up K Q1 ff? Ss Supporters 181 Full Service - AAA V Wrecker Service - Hot Springs Village I C. 1. Horner Co. Inc Concrete Plant 321-9600 Supporte COOPER COMMUNITIES, INC. dlvlslon P.O. BOX 1419 HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE. AR 71909-1419 Supporters 183 Hot Springs Arkansas Shop D FQ P v 7 wwf' FLOWERS F4 " .jvforne of flue 1987-88 ,fgrlfunaai 61411 winner 623-8847 'J ..., my ml rf Y D84F ONE-STOP I :cf a ' mg 2'ucs Dickson's Country Mart Congratulations Matt We love you! Mom 84 Dad, Luke, Adam and Lacey 184 Supporters ' TTT- I If ll are lllE,h'lE17 fl fc. One Hour Processing Guaranteed Lowest Camera Prices Satisfaction Guaranteed Hot Springs Mall 525-4033 Good Luck in the Future The Kiernan Famil PeIton's Upholstery upports The Cobras! OLDSMOBILE - BUICK ' GMC TRUCKS, INC. 4901 CENTRAL AVENUE HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK, ARKANSAS 71913 Office: 525-4591 Residence: 624-2205 WATS 1-800-632-8788 ARKANSAS GLASS CO., INC. 1324 Central Avenue HOT SPRINGS, ARK. 71901 KAWNEER STORE FRONTS - AUTO GLASS - MIRRORS 434 GEURIN HONDA 5328 Central Ave. HOT SPRINGS, ARK 71913 HOLLOW METAL DOORS 8: FRAMES 0 FURNITURE TOPS PLEXIGLAS Civic ' Prelude - Accord ' Civic Wagon OVERHEAD DOORS 8a OPERATORS Phone 623-3305 LARRY BECKWITH Bus. Phone 525-4565 Sales Representative Res. Phone 624-0038 CENTRAL BOWLING LANES - AMF Automatic, Scorers - Latest Video Games - Snack Bar . - Pool Room 4825 Central Village Square Barbershop For Appointment Call 984-5544 QWaIk in also welcomey 8:00 to 5:00 Johnny Roe, Owner Monday thru Saturday Supporters 185 Congrotulotions Shori! Thonks for o job well done! Cooper Communities lnc. Lot Soles we T- Shirts bb 'Ckory Pit Siubby's Too S bb ' b HCT SPRINGS 00 k venue 3024 Central Ave 0 lb k 5701 C t l A . 6 624-1552 9 H tsp Q M 11 QOPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK at all location 5 I-I t Sp g A k 71913 501 525 3986 Marcia 8: Dick Good h O Curtis lIllllllllllllIllllMalhes HOME ENTERTAINMENT CENTER Cobras are i' 1 Good Luck Graduates! 186 Supporters ' 'I COMPLETE BODY REPAIR Cobra Grocery DUNAWAY'S BODY SHOP Rt. 7 Box 369 623-2040 LLOYD DUNAWAY, OWNER Owners Doyle and Mary Anne ALLEN TILLERY CHEVROLET Churchill CENTRAL Sz WINANS FREE ESTIMATES HOT SPRINGS, AR 71901 321-1813 - V I conronanou 4 H 9 Rephan s Stores , Rephan's Dept. Stores PHOPANE - Moron FUEL - Hv's 214 Alben pike BOTTLES 8 HOME USE Hot Springs, AR Rephan's Fashion 623 Albert Pike Hot Springs, AR 767-9167 Address: 3922 Albert Pike Three Pines Restaurant Home Cooking" Owners: Roy and Juanita Smith A P E I M E Hwy. 7 N I 623-6502 "Hot Springs Total Movie ,-In Store" ' NO MEMBERSHIP FEE CHILDRENS ENTERTAINMENT CENTER MOVIE PASS - H MOVIE RENTALS ONLY S40 g , vmeo RECORDER RENTALS g AMPLE PARKING ALL RATINGS - I FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS SERVICE 1 1 1 1 : , , 624-6767 4405 CENTRAL PAK PLAZA EE Supporters 187 .115 ..-A x INC. R EAL ESTATE 4709 Central Ammo Not Springs, Ariana: 71913 ,gl Mfiiff I . Rum. g -arg Tommy Truett G R I , IC A, B rg ke r Auctioneering Res: 501-623-8109 Off: 501-525-4571 Residentialg Commercialg Investmentsg Appraisals: Property Managementj 188 Supporters Bob Ralston Belvedere Country Club Golf Professional 623-4701 ::Lessons:: ::by Appointmentrz Hi-Tech Improvement Co. Experience, Quality, Craftsmansnip Rt. 7 Box 352 Hot Springs, AR 71901 Morris Garner, Owner 15013 624-7932 "HUNDREDS OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS" Quality siding and Insulation - Q20 Coronado l .iroprac ES- xx If -L: Ch t - - Clinic Kurt Larsen, D. C. Chiropractor 501!922-3377 2 Ponderosa Way Res. 922-3260 Hot Springs Village, AR 71909 1 Q i ,,l ,,W,f Smedley Cabinet Star Route 10, Box 185 Hot Springs, Ar 71901 it Supporters 189 J. 81 J. HEATING 81 AIR CONDITIONING COMPLETE SERVICE, REPAIR AND INSTALLATION ON ALL MAKES 84 MODELS. COMMERCIAL, RESIDENTIAL, Sm MOBILE HOMES Compliments of JESSE TILLERV 821-2552 COO'-EYIS FOOD MARKET I V V I Larry D. Balentine Hot S ' A k SALES REPRESENTATIVE prmgs' r ansas Office: 525-5797 Home: 767-1698 4612 Central Ave ' 28 Bo d IkV II Q 0 Ho1Spnngs. AR 71903 . uani a I J t 759 Park Avenue Hours: Mon. - Fri. Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901 8:30 to 5:00 THE CLOTHES DOCTOR MEN'S Sz WOMEN'S APPAREL C ED 15015 624-2323 LEATHER IN LUD EXPERT ALTERATIONS ' 30 YEARS Bud's Car Center 4723 Central Hot Springs, AR 71913 Phone: C5011 525-1900 TACKETT'SS FLOWERS 624-0710 769 Park Chicken Country 1124 Malvern Peanut Fried Chicken THE VILLAGE APOTH ECARY New Life Upholstery We give new life to old furniture HWY 7 North 623-2312 922.0777 I. C. Penney OPEN: Mon - Fri 4 10:00-9:00 SUN 1-5 Hot Springs Mall 525-4551 BOBIS FARM FRESH GO-COBRAS-GO PRODUCE 624-7447 One mile past Belvedere on Hwys 5 and 7N before Snow Springs Top Quality - Low Prices THE GREEN FAMILY The Hair Business Market Place Tuesday - Thursday 9:00-8:00 Saturday 9:00-2:00 1 190 Supporters Cobra Supporters Hot Springs Monument CO. Robert and Mary Jordan Bob and Betty Lutes Catfish-n-Seafood Express Loren Furnes Family Pat Hines Duke Fabric Center Joe J. Poe, County Treasurer Heidi Means Glen Caldwell Kathy Gladden Betty Davis Brenda Bates Becky Sears-Loves-John Furnas David and Mike Schrader Angy Loves Jon Shari Loves Vaughn Larry and Paulette Beckham Fred and Linda Bibbs Renee, Mitzi, Jessica, Rusty Morrison Bobby, Alica, Harold, Rebecca Higgins Sammy, Lynn, Brian Lambert THEARII GTO Resort Hotel 88 Spa Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas I' . 4 xg 1 Ex. K, sg ' 9, M tit mmm L 1 31e1'11FIU t"i -' g. .- - .5 1 5 I ,A I Q1-I . I S .fb . is Q i X 1 f , A , .. . I , 'I 1 .fi ..: uf3"'51H'9L"B h -it l it I ZA X ,fu I M "T l,.... 11.5 . . IH ri 1 rl A aw .-52 .11 xl.-U .- L., , 1 .L -21:-.any ,,, uh I W ff, '.- I . ul ' I I .1 .ni Ig- EQIHILE 41 EN. , af.. It ,jngfllisit Fl " 'lk I " .. qu I 2 ,IH-,mxtg vt at ,. , I .f 'fa-.5 - wrt -I x, ', QL" ' T I It I2 P-'xjtgrggzz 1. , ' '1 I , U , 7 . . 3 1ufjlt"""'sT"l'i'XTYTT' at l 1 J I U I , 1 , . K I ' , ,Le i- ,ff f IL Tzu fI'. 1-sillh .ba v. I ,I M' xl HOT SPRINGS I.5?NY S11 IOSEPH'S REGIONAL HEALTH CENTER I 100 Whittington Avenue Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901 Congratulations Seniors! Department of Human Services REHABILITATION SERVICES 115 MARKET HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS 71901 RAY AKRIDGE Job Development Placement PHONE: 623-4479 Fred Serrett TENNIS PRO HOT SPRINGS RADIOLOGY 911 West Grand Hot Springs, Arkansas 191 Supporters ' COFFEY-CLIFTON, INC. BRYANT, AR 847-0242 CONWAY, AR 329-8562 LITTLE O R CK, AR 375-9322 HOT SPRINGS, AR 767-2104 LARRY G. RICHARDSON President COFFEY CLIFTON MOBILE HOMES, INC CONGRATULATES THE JUNIOR LIVESTOCK PRODUCERS! 192 Supporters 624-6188 625-2027 Tues. - Sat. Home BUS. Barbies Beauty Salon Rt. 7, Box 154 Hot Springs, AR Barbara Nobles Freda Allen Owner Operator I ld Mill For an exotic shopping experience Created by Arkansas Artisans 2116 Park Ave., Hwy. 7 North 2Vz miles from Bathhouse, Row glut Gqwazcfi L-- and if 'hw M Spaciaffizi Custom fbcsigrzecf me TROPHIES 0 PLAQUES ' RIBBONS ' CERTIFICATES NAME TAGS ' DESK PLATES ' LAMINATING GAVELS 'fngiaumg S01-624-1890 zzo ALBERT PIKE GORDON sf DEAN GRAVES Hof spmmss AR 71913 owner: BOSSON Sz DELANEY SERVICE STATION "Full Servicei' Mechanics Road Service 311 PARK AVENUE CCLOSED SUNDAYSJ HOT SPRINGS, AR. 71901 501-623-1811 Supporters 193 Custom Building or Remodeling Cabinets are our Specialty Freeman Sears 8. Sons, Inc. L 501!262-2083 234 Colonial Drive 50l!939-2259 Hot Springs, Ark. 71901 TI-IE CCDBRAS . R. K. Arkansas Restored Kars 203 Rock Creek Road Hot Springs, AR 71913 501-767-8144 194 Supporters we Supporf flze Cpogma Handyman Hardware sumv comm 223 THIRD STREET 1130 MILITARY ROAD HOT SPRINGS, AR 71913 BENTON, AR 72105 501f321-1231 5011778-6750 WHOLESALE PLUMBING 8a INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES 3Yf5331521iff'EP1532Iii5E 9 ' RESTAURANT ' OPEN: Rt. Tues. - Sat. - 4:00 p.m. Mt. Valley S d -IIIOO..-8:00.. H .71N. CI1e?1yMonday a In p m 5033321-19160 Supporters 195 TEXQACO COUNTRY BOY ONE STOP Rv 7 Box IBO HOT SPRINGS, ARK 7I9Ol PHONE 624-4370 GAS - GROCEQ - BAITS - BEER DALE AMO SI-ure ROS M M' 23'f'2 HR. WRECKE S , ' I LEAVE WITH THE NATURAL LOOK HYQU Cqn CQUQ1' Cn Us" sPORTsMAN's I Styling and Barber Shop T018 MALVERN AVE. HOT SPRINGS, AR. f 623-9404 IN lOE WILLIAMS Nucleic A I DAN WILLIAMS Retail Center X MARK WILLIAMS N Shirleen, Ken 8: Ron Adcock I - Tay10r'S Cleaners 8: Laundry Inc. I Hot Springs, Arkansas 71913 501 Albert Pike 714 Malvern Ave. , ilf3f3.". - - I 623 6940 624 0313 There s One Neor You Hot Springs, API 196 Supporters X ,IMI f-AAN' ifi ,ii3: Like a good neighbor, RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL State Farm is there. f,7WJ JAMES Agent :UIMYJIPZI C IATA MII? ri C Q N T 805 W. Grand Ave. 14 ISM Ig Hot Springs, AR 71913 IE' Q f HHS. Phone: 1501! 321-1165 STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES I I HOME OFFICES1 Tefmlfe Ri- 2 BOX 505B Res.Phone:15013623-3456 BI,ooIvIINI1ToN, ILLINOIS Control Benton, AR 72015 ik PHONE 623-2422 IF BUSY 623-8253 Ed Foshee Automotive "COOLING CLINIC" 279 SHADY GROVE ROAD HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS 71901 CONGRATULATIONS peak 5 perlormancejnc. - EXCELLENCE IN AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE 227 CASTLEBERRY STREET - HOT SPRINGS ARKANSAS 71901 TELEPHONE 501 624-2722 LE IORS! Supporters 197 Village Bal-ierq and Sandwiches Hot Springs Village Congratulations, Seniors! i"Go Cobrasx The Ralstons F HOT SPRINGS I FUNERAL HOME 7 CENTRAL AVENUE - POST OFFICE BOX 477 HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS 71902 501-623-8820 IOE CIOMPOLETTI PRESIDENT Joe JIOMPDLETTI CONSTRUCTION r:oMpANv,lNc:. P Off B 8279 501-624-1476 Hot Sp g V ll g A Ii 71909 Susan's Bridal and Tux Shop Founiain Lake Package Siore NATIONAL BANK WWW? Arkansas Bank 8r'Irust HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK 198 Supporters Mid-South Engineering Company ,ff - NIifl'S0llfll l'1l1gill0Cl'il'lg' Cmnpuny 281-1 Mzllvem Avenue Q Hot Springs, Arkzlnsils 71901 - mon 221-2276 Supporters 199 I1-1.I1as211,1 mess Y fu , X jjb pf gpnic mana!! gjrouglt, Clearing 11 Leveling v Footings SeptIcTa11Izs 0 French Drains 0 TODSOII 624-3851 f00O of ,Kink gym, ,Aid ,grin 4, .xdrhzndad 71901 P 9 501-624-5516 11 2' I I4 sam "SOMETHING SPECIALM Just FOI' You C5011 922-0111 DE SOTO CENTER DOTTIE RICHARDSON I-IOT SPRINGS VILLAGE. AR WELCOME FRIENDS Billie's gm ppqggg Southern Accents 4612 Central Avenue - Suite ii3 Phone 15011 525-4001 Hot Springs, Arkansas 71913 Russell Dunn Auto Sales 1225 ALBERT PIKE . Hor SPRINGS, ARK. 71901 Qfuh CLBGIQL- RUSSELL DUNN Office Phone 1010 Central Avenue Phone 624-9624 Home Ph. 525-9042 t 624-5471 ' HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK, ARKANSAS We Capture Your Beautiful World! , . BW S Studlo CYPHERS VETERINARY HOSPITAL PHOTOGRAPHY Drs. Lee and Viki Cyphers BOBBY AND WYONA JINES 823 HOBSON AVE. I3,nsfgmfy 111 TEMPERANCE I-IILL ROAD T51-who 623-8412 HOT SPRINGS, AR 71913 521-A951 Hor SPRINGS, ARKANSAS 71913 525 5723 ES SQQMII 'I To help meet the high expectations 1 Q of today s home buyers-as Well as your . . N I I gOLDlII7ELL,,q own-look into Coldwell Banker's Best I 'g E5f Seller Plan? CQ'-Uwe'-L y IQYVOITFHA You'll find dramatic savings of 10 BANKBR D PIEOCQQSEII percent to 30 percent on Sears home Improvement Items and services. BIG RED Along with good advice on how to use these savings REALTY' INC' to enhance your home's appeal to buyers. 1.1c .1,1., ....11 I Butafter all, with over 80 years of real estate expenence, you would expect Americas largest full- ect service real estate company to help you get the very th f- best price for your house. e es ' BOX 369 STAR ROUTE IFIO PHONES: HOT SPRINGS 624-4448 HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS VILLAGE 922-0055 200 Supporters fi Fountain Lake Auto Parts Rt. 'I8 Box 'I50 Congratulations Seniors Steve, Glennie, Aaron, Tanya 3 1 ,I ttttttttttt wma ,LLL ,,,, , W FOUNTAI LAKE it A W .,.. ,, ,,,. r I: B M Im i T H E A 17 iessaevme A ph' 9845619 A .a.Wg,, ,tttt Gabriel I A A i A eteit tQ to S b Sa A h Razorback Camper Sales, Inc.. flavzrld, sae? 2920 Albert Plke Main Office iSeasonaIJ Hot Springs, Ark. 71913 2121 Albert Pike - 270W The Dive Shop - HtS' ,AR 71913 LkQ in Phone 767 3486 56i.62Zf1?5E2 20i-75522'e3 E-ifovxins REXALL DRUGS, INC. mem Aww 510 AIRPORT RD - HWY, 70 WEST l5OII623-4249 624-4491 -' j 627 ALBERT PIKE ,ESI we DELIVER Hor SPRINGS, ARKANSAS IMAIN WAREHOUSES IN KEO-HWY.165I RETAILAWHOLESALE RUBY HENDERSON M g 525 sees 2 Locations in Hot Springs C5015 321-1422 .iam FAMILY DISCOUNT PHARMACY "Serving Your Prescription Needs in Arkansas" CUSTOM 1101 Albert Pike EXHAUST II-Iwy. 270 SHOCKS H t S ' , A k. RANDON USE MUFFLER BRAKES 0 'mis ' QUICK LUBE CAR Paul W. G FURNITURE PLUS CARE 15013 623-T333 605 Albert Pike - Hot Springs, Arkansas 71913 - 624-2586 CEN1 ER Supporters 201 Jarrell Plumbing Co., Inc. 918 Malvern Avenue HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS 71901 L0C?ted H? RONALD JARRELL 235131232 Hot Sprmgs Vrllage Featuring Char-Burgers and 1 X Id Ice Cream if IQ a 101 WHITTINGTON AVENUE Y BURTON-EISELE CLINIC, P.A. 7 HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK, ARKANSAS 71901 Open a'm' to 9 GENERAL SURGERY OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY W, MARTIN EISELE, MD. JOHN L. HAGGARD, M,D. 7 a'm' to Summer JOHN H. BRUNNER, M.D. DENO P. PAPPAS, M.D. JAMES W. SLEZAK, M.D. W. SLOAN RAINWATER, M.D. 9 2 2 - 2 3 3 3 CARDIOVASCULAR SURGERY UROLOGY H. JOE HOWE, M.D. JAMES F. BURTON, M.D. Village Office - 118 Cor doba Center Earn an Ssocjate egree at Garland County Community College ONE COLLEGE DRIVE - MID-AMERICA PARK v HOT SPRINGS, AR 71913 202 Supporters 7 GJ E GJ CU A 1 A 3 CALDWELL HARDWARE 1.5 cu U 3 Y cu I Hwy. 5 and 7 N. 623-80 05 NE 501 -525-ze-14 KOA, Omce lMJe0 Rt. 7 Box 207 ED. go Q3.C!1a a , ,Z OPZOMETRIST pm H Sprlngs, CHIROPRAQTIC HEALTH CLINIC Dr. Larry L. Grinder 9 A.M. 1810 CENTRAL AVE SUITE F TO HOT SPRINGS AR 71901 6 P.M. f501J 623-2664 Supporters 203 LOGGING LARGE TRUCK EQUIPMENT TRAILERS BACKHOES SCOT KING'S DOCKS S TAT E FA R M DOZERS BOATS Office WELDING SERVICE QLD 623-8878 HELI-ARC gl GENERAL WELDING Q Residence FABRICATION if F"'i ,'f' 767-4641 Shop and Portable Millcreek Road I N S U R A N C ED Route 7, Box 717 624-4362 ' Hot Springs, Ark. 71901 624-2075 Agent Sanders Plumbing Supply, Inc. 1 4 0 3 C E N T R A I- RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL 'INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES H 0 T S P Rl N G S , n-SOS fiff1g9A995 HPtgpQffIe1 Ek. 57322 A R K A N S A S 719 O 'I Bob and Joyce Piatt, Owners Efeaaewflmuzdzq I70l-I703 Central Ave. 624-3242 Hot Springs, Ar. 7l90l Live Steam Carpet Cleaning Alterations 204 Supporters CUNCRETE PBODUCTS,INC. " ...- W .c -9 ' I ,Q ,I G .-r ' 'S A . A .5 - ' '- 5 1 s ' -hi"'x-if SERVICE IS OUR SPECIALTY Masonry Units Concrete Sf Lightweight - Architectural - Pavers Masonry Coloring - Waterproofing - Reinforce- ment Insulation - Cement 15011623-6685 Special Precast Hot Springs, AR 71902 Stepping Stones - Bumper Blocks - 15013 663-2530 Steps P.O. Box 1239 Splash Blocks - Air Conditioner Pads Little Rock, AR 72204 Hwy. 7 North Fireplace Units 4421 Asher Ave. FOR THE PAST FEW YEARS, wE'vE BEEN QUIETLY GOING ABOUT THE WORK OF BUILDING A FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS. NOW WERE READY TO DELIVER SOME OF THE FINEST QUALITY PRINTED PRODUCTS IN THE INDUSTRY. H0 Well Pl'illf2l'5, IHC. 1118 Malvern Avenue - P O Box 347 H01 SPRINGS, ARKANSAS 71902 501-624-5331 "For the latest in Experienced Automobilesl' AUT? A ART 803 Albert Pike Hot Springs, Arkansas 71913 A A . f. I L MID ARKANSAS TIRE 1601 Central H01 Springs, AR 71913 623-2212 Supporters 205 1 M PARK PLACE BAPTIST CHURCH 721 Park Avenue 623-2545 "Sharing God's Message of Hope" Dr. Torn Harris, Pastor Dr. Harold Elder, Minister of Education - Youth Eddie Hardister, Minister of Music Associate Supporters COURTESY OF YOUR NEW CAR Jeep MID-AMERICAN MOTORS, INC. 420 HOBSON AVENUE HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS 71913 EDWARD MOTOR COMPANY, INC. 600 Malvern Avenue Hot Springs, Arkansas CHUCK FRAZIER NISSAN, INC. 5211 CENTRAL AVE. HOT SPRINGS, AR 71913 ALLEN TILLERY CHEVROLET, INC. Central SL Winans Hot Springs, Arkansas Lindell Trimble PONTIAC, CADILLAC, TOYOTA, INC. 115 WINANS AVE. - HOT SPRINGS, AR 71901 DEALERS in Hot Springs Arkansas - JAMES MOTOR CO . M 4311 CENTRAL AVE. EQ HOT SPRINGS, AR 71913 RESORT FORD 1239 CENTRAL AVENUE HOT SPRINGS, AR 71901 Jordan OLDSMOBILE - BUICK - GMC TRUCK, INC. 4901 CENTRAL AVENUE - HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS 71913 MEREDITH MOTORS, INC 916 Hobson Ave. P.O. Box 2159 Hot Springs, Arkansas 71913 Geurin Honda 5328 Central Avenue Hot Springs, AR 71913 A A v HV EEEEE MEXESEQI Otwllwhoq gl, v g " 1 bb Qi , C A ,5 0, H5011 310111111019 Erdliirifuuuni Dyke Industries, Inc. Harlan, Noe Battle Lumber Div. Serving the Building Industry Since 1866 Building Materials WATS 1-800-342-7775 Bus. C5011 623-3328 201 MAURICE Your Weekly HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS 71901 501-525-1335 4807 Central 115 Hot Springs, AR 71913 Supporters 207 W ,-::,,:,, as You're Welcome in Weyerhaeuser's Woods Our business is growing trees. But a healthy, growing forest is also a good place for birds and animals to live. And for people to enjoy. From browse-filled clearcut to mature forest, our pine plantations provide food and cover for most Arkansas species of wildlife. . Our streamside zones and "Special Wildlife Enhancement Areas" - more than 145,000 Arkansas acres - provide hardwood habitat for others And our logging roads provide more than 4,000 miles of free access to the Arkansas out-of-doors for you. If you'd like a map of our lands in Arkansas, or would like to know more about what we're doing in Arkansas, write Weyerhaeuser, P.O. Box 1060, Hot Springs, Arkansas 71902. Weyerhaeuser The Tree Growing Company 208 Supporters Go Cobros! RONNlE'S STEEL GUITAR AND GUITAR SHOP 501f623-4603 881 PARK AVENUE 501f623-5028 HOT SPRINGS, AR 71901 Congratulations Karen! We're so proud of you and love you very much. Best of luck with all your future plans! Love Mom, Dad, and jennifer Congratulations Richie! You have made us very proud. Love you, Mom, Dad, Randy, Dale, and Sheila 5 3 You mean more to me Than words can say just to hold your hand And to know our love Will stay Feels so right When you're in my arms My love, tonight. You mean more to me Than any love l've ever known Andl want to give you All my love lust you alone. You're all my dreams come true There's so much joy in your eyes And all the love you give. you finally made me realize You're all I need. You mean more to me Than words can say . . . Love Mendy Supporters 209 Hollinger, Mary 155 Hollinger, Stephanie 161 Homan, Stephen 22, 53, 94 Hook, Derrick Hope, J.C. 29 Hope, Kristi 170 Jennings, April 131, 140 Jennings, Becky 164 Jeffress, Daniel 44, 48, 49, 51, 63, Lambert, 120 Lambert, Lambert, Lambert, Bryan 13, 155, 156, 176 Corey 96, 158 John 127 Sammye 25, 30, 112, 113, Hope, Suzy 96, 155 Jennings, Jennifer 167 123, 142 Johnson, Aaron 167 Lampinen, Mike 57, 59, 69, 71, 73, Johnson, H 30 109, 113 Horman, Darlene 53, 66, 74, 76, 119 Horman, Diana 24, 131, 144 House, B.J. 173 House, Jason 173 House, Robert 134 Howard, Beth Ann Howard, Melissa 7, 13, 23, 96, 155 Howell, Laura 19, 131 Howie, Misty 131 Howie, Ronnie 155 Huckaby, Alisa 13, 161 Huckaby, Amy 134, 138 Huckaby, B.J. 170 Hudnall, John 134 Huffman, Daniel Hughes, Britt 96, 155, 176 Hulsey, Bobby 134 Hulsey, Chris 7, 26, 53, 68, 84, 112, 113, 116, 118, 123 Johnson, Mark 53, 65, 96 Johnson, Paul 173 Johnson, Trinity 173 Johnson, Wade 155 Jones, Heather 158 Jones, Kenneth 173 Jones, Laura 13 Jones, Melissa 53, 85 Jones, Robin 167 Z Lampinen, Scott 52, 53, 69, 84, 108, 109,110,111,116 Langley, Marty 155 Langley, Summer 164 Larkin, Erin 134, 135 Larkin, Fletcher 96, 158 Lawson, Shawna 173 Ledbetter, Angela 131, 142 Ledbetter, Jill Lee, Brooks 173 Lee, Chris 173 Lee, D 30 Lester, Vicki 30 Lipp, Tanya 6, 84, 91, 128, 129 Livingston, Ken 21, 22, 53 Long, Andrea 96, 158 Long, Jeremy 19, 89, 131, 141 Long, Roxie 30 Long, Shannon 166 Mahan, Kent 13, 96, 128, 142 Hulsey, Justin 127 Hulsey, Kristy 170 Hulsey, Seth 173 Hulsey, Valerie 131, 143 Hunt, Joseph 96, 127, 129 Hunter, Maxine 29 Hutchins, Amy Hutchins, Marcy 57, 59, 66, 67, 73, 84, 98, 122 Irwin, Elizabeth Irwin, Jennifer 161 Irwin, J.J. 161 Irwin, Melissa 170 Irwin, Susan 127 Ivey, LeAnn 96, 155 Kaatz, Jim 44, 48, 49, 51, 67, 73, 110, 111, 179 Kaatz, Tasha 167 Kaney, Melissa 170 Kaney, Rebekah 173 Kara, John 164 Kara, Ray 131 Keener, Wesley 155, 176 Keister, Randy Keith, Robbie 167 Keith, Samantha 173 Keith, T.J. Kemnow, William 134 Kemp, Roxanne 167 Kendrick, Jennifer 18, 19, 164 Kendrick, Shawna 173 Kerr, Brandy 164 Kerr, Courtney 173 Kiernan, Kathy 84, 91, 127, 143 Killingsworth, Aaron 161, 176 Killingsworth, J 30 Killingsworth, L 30, 139 Kisida, Brian 127, 141 Kitchens, Angela 96, 155 Kizer, Kenny 155, 176 Kizer, Tonya 164 Long, Steven 56, 57, 94, 96 Love, Rodney Lowe, Anna 170 Loy, Amanda 134 Loy, Cheyenne 24, 161 Loy, Dana 57, 84, 115, 121 Loy, Dannie Loy, Dereck 164 Loy, Lynn 84, 128 Loman, S 30 Machen, Jason 96, 158 Magar, Jennifer 173 Mahan, Brian 96, 155 Jacoby, Jason 127 Jacoby, Sean James, I 29 James, Joshua 167 James, Nick 161, 176 James, Nicole 23, 39, 44, 48, 49, 50, 74, 76, 84, 88, 89, 98, 104, 105, 116 James, Roy 127, 129, 141, 142, 146, 151 James, Tami 164 James, Terry 28 James, Todd 57, 96 James, Tonya 134, 139 Jeffers, David 131, 141 Knowlen, Julie 57, 59, 64, 84, 98, 122 Mahan, Ronnie 25, 26, 29 Koehler, Kerri 57, 96, 122 Koehler, Toni 12, 13, 96, 155, 177 Kolasch, Chris 96, 127 Kolasch, Melany 134, 138 Koller Koller Krzak Krzak David 158, 176 Koller, , Jeremy 158, 176 , Penny 6, 7, 134, 135, 139 , Neil 127, 146 , Phillip 96, 157 Kyle, S 30 1 Mann, Lori 58, 96, 119 Mann, Teresa 53, 98 Mann, Tiffany 161 Manning, Justin 164 Manning, Nathan 164 Manning, Shaleen 161 Manning, Shiloh 161 Manning, Tiffany 128 Marie, Betty 28 Marlar, Richie 96, 155, 176 Marlar, Shawn 128, 138, 141, 142, 144 Marlar, Steven 134 Marlow, Bo 170 Marrow, Shelly 161 Marrow, Tammy 128 Marshall, Christina 166 Marshall, Mandy 173 Marshall, Mike 164 Martinez, Brian 53, 98, 109 128 Lacy, Angie 170 Martinez, Karen 121, Lacy, Angela Martinez, Laura 53 Lacy, Zachary 161, 176 Mason, Candyce 173 Matlock, H 29 Maxey, Travis 54, 109 McAtee, Angela 79, 84, 90, 91, 102, 126, 128, 138, 140, 144, 145 McAtee, Jaime 18, 96, 155, 177 McAtee, Sandra 134, 139 McBee, Gena 39, 44, 48, 49 McDaniels, Brook 96, 155 McElwain, Jackie 134 McGinnis, Reba 89, 131, 138 McNeely, Mike 96, 157 McNeely, Steve 58, 96 McWilliams, Bart 58 McWilliams, Pam 134 Means, Heidi 30 Merryman, Samantha 170 Merwine, Marsha 28 Merwine, Michele 18, 36, 42, 44, 45, 48, 49, 70, 74, 76, 82, 89, 90, 91, 98, 102, 109, 110, 111, 113, 115 119, 141, 142, 143 Metcalf, K 30 Metcalf, Natalie 131 Metcalf, Regina 155, 177 Michau, Tammye 50, 53, 54, 74, 76 77, 94 Miles, Christina 161 Miles, Mike 134 Miles, Shannon 155 Milholen, Marchell 53, 54, 82, 84 Milks, Cheryll 13, 96, 155, 177 Miller, Christina Miller, Jason 131,132,141, 146, 147 Miller, Jeremy 96, 155, 176 Miller, Jewell 53, 54, 69, 84, 94, 95, 98, 102, 121, 122 Miller, Joyce Miller, Justin 131, 132, 141, 142, 144, 146, 147 Miller, Robin 173 Mills, Brandon 134 Milroy, Jennifer 164 Milroy, Jerry 57, 109 Milroy, Tara 155, 177 Milroy, Terry 158, 176 Minton, Johnnie 131, 141, 146 Minton, Justin 158 Mitchell, Naomi 128 Mitchell, Pernell 96, 131 Mitchell, Ronnie 128 Montgomery, Amanda 170 Montgomery, Danny 170 Moore, David 158, 176 Moore, Dee 155, 177 Moore, Tony 166 Morgan, Amanda 170 Morgan, Barbara 161 Morgan, Brandy 164 Morgan, Davone 122 Morgan, Misty 155 Morgan, Stacy 128, 141, 146 Morris, Michelle 156, 177 Morris, Willie 18, 156 Morrison, Micah 131, 132, 146 Morrison, Renee 36, 50, 88, 89 Morrow, Chad 12, 109, 128 Morrow, Donnie 48, 49, 116 Morrow, Kristin 174 Morse, C 30, 160 Morton, Shawn 156 Mullinax, Johnny 170 Mullinax, Richard 170 Muncrief, Heather 165 Munger, Jennifer 174 Murders, Alesha Myers, Roy 170 s 1 Q Neighbors, Adam 170 Neighbors, Carrie 165 Neighbors, Jayson 96, 158 Neighbors, LaShawn 50, 54, 89 Neighbors, Michelle 131 Neighbors , Misty 96, 156, 177 Neighbors, Nathan 171 Newell, Christina 161 Newell, Toni 54, 89, 98, 106, 107 Newingham, Brook Darren 54, 63, 109 Niblett, Niblett, Stephanie 131, 132 Nobles Niblett, Toby 158, 176 Nichols, Dillon 167 Nguyen, Khahn 134 Nguyen, Nhung 36, 37, 45, 49, 50 Nobles, April 167 Nobles, Brian 128, 141, 146 Nobles, Jason 134 Nobles, Jennifer 165 Nobles, Noles, Kevin 79, 127, 128, 129 , Missy 13, 158, 177 Kevin 142 Noles, Tina 121, 135, 133, 140 Nooner, John Norman, Catina 128, 142, 143 Norman, John 54, 113, 116 Nunes, Brian 128, 142, 144 Odom, Diana Odom, Ernest Odom, Linda Odom, William Oliver, Vanessa 167 Olsen, Skip 134, 135 Orrell, Casey 167 Orrell, Charlene 158 Outler, Chris 161, 176 Outler, Deena 50, 54, 84, 88, 89 Overton, Corey 173, 174 Overton, Jonathan 167 Owen, Kristi 84, 96, 128, 129, 139, 143 Owen, Mac 28 Owens, Rachel 156 Owens, Sherri 174 n 98, 103, 120 Partain, Krissy 13, 96, 156, 177 Pasco, B Pascoe, Pascoe, randon 171 Chris 165 Monte 129, 146 Pascoe, Torie 158 Pascoe, TyLynn 13, 156, 177 Patrick, Larry 56, 58, 62, 63, 73, 98, 109 Patterson, Landon 132, 141, 146 Patterson, Preston 156 Payne, Lavonda 156 Payne, Ty 131, 142 Pearce, Clifton 171 Pelton, D1Ann 30 Pendergraft, Jamey Pendergraft, Lyndsey Pennington, Jim 31 Perry, Aaron 167 Phillips, Phillips, Amanda Antoinette 161 Phillips, Chrissy 165 Phillips, Dale 162 Phillips, Joey 157 Phillips, Shane 132 Phillips, Stephanie 171 Piatt, Michael 25, 58, 65, 98, 120 Pickins, Davina 167 Pierce, 31 Pierce, April 7, 135, 139 Pierce, Penny 161, 162 Pike, Chip Plyler, Jeff 96, 129 Poston, Chris 22, 53, 54 Powell, Jenny 13, 156, 177 Krisiti 162 Powell, Powell, Ricky 157 Chris 171 Zak 174 Powers, Powers, Qualls, Kelli 6, 42, 45, 46, 49, 64, 104, 105 l Rhodes, Darby 158, 176 Rhodes, Dempsey 12, 42, 45, 47, 48, 49, 79, 94 Rhodes, Devry 165 Rice, Doug 28 Rice, Keith 131, 132, 142, 147, 151 Rice, Martha 31 Rice, Nicole 133, 135, 139, 151 Rice, Wanda 29 Richardson, Angy 37, 42, 45, 71, 73, 74, 32, 104 Richardson, Mandy 23, 161, 162 Rigsby, Chris 96, 158 Rigsby, Jeannie 6, 42, 45, 48, 49 Rigsby, Jeremy 165 Rigsby, Joe 132, 141 Rigsby, Kim 58, 84, 88, 89, 102, 108, 113 115, 121, 141, 142, 143 Rigsby, Kristie 165 Rigsby, Sheila 50, 54, 84, 89, 94, 98, 121 Rigsby, Terry 167 Riley, Benjamin 168 Riley, Paul 158 Rios, Jody 162 Rios, Johnny 158 Ripley, Jason 156 Ritter, Angela 58, 84, 115, 116, 121 Ritter, Darin 162, 176 Roberts, Sheryl 10, 129 Roberts, Sue 132 Robertson, Kyle 50, 54, 94, 109, 116 Robertson, Tammy 58, 72, 84, 89, 119, 122 Robinson, Diana 54, 96 Rodgers, Chris 159, 176 Rodgers, Christina 168 Rodgers, Karmon 135 Rodgers, Rickey 22, 132, 142, 144 Rogers, Randall 162 Rogers, Steven 171 Romero, Denise Romero, Juan Ross, Amanda 135 Rosenthal, Chris 132 Roston, Mandy 168 Rostan, Bobbie 174 Rowton, Brandy 171 Rowton, Kelly 159 Rynders, Clyde 58, 66, 109, 113 Rynders, Liz 45, 43, 49, 34, 115, 123 139, 141, 151 Sears, Shirley Sellers, 31 Shaw, Jennifer 36, 43, 45, 48, 49, 94 Shaw, Jennifer 162 Sheets, Jeanna 162 Shell, Becky 162 Shell, George 175 Shell, Paula 175 Shell, Steven 43, 45, 48, 49, 65, 78, 34, 65, 93, 116 Shelton, Dale 96, 129, 141, 146, 151 Shelton, Kenny 162 Shepard, Rhonda 45, 49 Shumaker, April 156 Simpson, Shawna Sims, Bob 58, 64, 109 Sinclair, Alicia 168 Sisney, Andrea 162 Sisney, Kim 135, 139, 144 Sisney, Mike 43, 45, 48, 49, 103 Sisney, Steve 10, 19, 43, 44, 45, 46, 48, 49, 79, 88, 89, 98 Skinner, Amy 165 Skinner, Joshua 168 Skinner, Rachel 165 Skinner, Tammy 96, 159, 177 Skinner, Terra 135 Skinner, Tonya 96, 97, 129 Slater, Adam 159 Slater, Melissa 129 Smedley, J 31 Smith, Aaron 168 Smith, C 31 Smith, Donnie 168 Smith, Florence 132 Smith, Frankie 132 Smith, Jack 58, 116 Smith, Jaime 156 Smith, Jessica 162 Smith, Lisa 6, 129 Smith, Suzanne 162 Smith Sylvarius 12, 13, 18, 96, 156 Snell, Tracy 174 Specht, G 31 Speer, Sherry 90, 91, 95, 115, 128, 129, 136, 143, 144 Salazar, Gloria 165 Salazar, Manual 171 Salazar, Monica 174 Sargo, Bill 3, 31 Schrader, David 31, 80, 81, 135 Speers, Chad 17, 54, 98, 113, 116 Speers, Tamra 13, 19, 36, 37, 43, 45, 46, 49, 62, 67, 79, 94, 95, 114, 116, 123 Standridge, Christina 129 ' Standridge, James Standridge, Standridge, Jimmy 156 Robin 159 Stanley, Amber 174 Starnes, Johnny 165 Starnes, Rosann 174 Staton, 31 Stephens, M 31 Stevens, Ernest 135 Stevens, Tina 159 Stewart, Amanda 174 Stinson, Gary Stinson, Jimmy Stone, Jennifer 162 Palmer, Court 167 Partain, Joe 20, 50, 54, 66, 72, 82, 83, Ragsdale, Bradley 174 Ragsdale, Chuck 162 Ragsdale, Dawn 54, 64, 94, 98, 121 Ragsdale, Layne 174 Ragsdale, Missy 18, 58, 70, 91, 102, 119 Ralston, Dustin 58, 59, 60, 79, 91, 98, 109, 113, 120 Ralston, Heath 133, 135, 147, 151 Ralston, Jennifer 10, 42, 45, 48, 49, 60, 74, 75, 76, 91, 104, 110, 111 Reed, Emily 171 Scoggins, Rusty 58 Scrimshire, Joshua 171 Scrimshire, Todd 162 Scroggins, Bettyjoe 174 Scroggins, Billy Seaberg, Bobby 162 Seaberg, Robin 171 Stover, Amanda 162 Stover, Lillian 132 Stover, Lizzy 174 Stover, Nathan 159 Stroud, L 31 Sutter, David 43, 45, 49 Sullivan, Mike 31, 96 Reed, Eric 162, 176 Reed, Kevin 171 Reed, Robby 96, 156 Seaberg, Tanya 168 Sears, Becky 7, 50, 54 Sears, Frankie 91, 118, 129, 138, Sweeten, Mandy 84, 106, 129, 144, 145 Switzer, Joseph 168 Index 213 Switzer, Meredith 13, 164, 185 Switzer, Michelle 84, 91, 129, 143 1 Taber, Crystal 11, 43, 45, 49, 74, 76, 77, 94, 98, 102 Taber, Jenny 96, 156, 177 Ugartechea, Alma 168 Ugartechea, Ugartechea, Cindy 162 Ugartechea, Claudia 135 Ugartechea, Juanita 55 Andres 156, 176 Taber, Michael 165 Tapp, Kevin 174 Tapp, Rachel 171 Thompson, Rebecca 174 Taylor, Brandi 171 Talley, Carrie Taylor, Chris 132 Taylor Mike 135 Taylor, Phillip 20, 25, 55, 78, 84, 98, 103 109 Taylor, Steven 162 Taylor, Jeremy 159 Terry, Eddie 127, 129, 141, 146 Terry, Rebecca 162 Thacker, Kayla 155, 156 Thacker, Virginia 31, 164 Thomas, Tommy 58, 59, 96 Thompson, Mary 2, 3, 31, 74, 106, 133 Thompson, Robert 165 Thomson, Michelle 58 Tillery, Alen 174 Tillery, Blant 171 Ugartechea, Maria 156 Ugartechea, Rosario 156 Roy 159 Ugartechea, Upton, Becky 135 Ungerer, Aaron 174 Ungerer, Jason 168 Utley, John 31, 109, 141, 146 Van Dusen, David 96, 156, 176 Van Gordon, Shawn 174 Vann, Chris 132, 138, 141 Vaughn, Danny 58, 98 Vaughn, Dustin Vaughn, Holly 159 Vaughn, Jeremy 96, 156 Tillery, Chris 156 Tillery, Christina 156, 177 Tillery, Doug Tillery, Heather 171 Tillery, Johnny 162 Tillery, Josh 159, 176 Tillery, Julie 50, 51, 55, 71, 73, 74, 76, 79, 84, 106, 107, 110, 111 Tillery, Matthew 168 Tillery, Melissa 171 Tillery, Mike 135 Tillery, Sarah 174 Tillery, Wendy 55, 89, 98 Tolar, Jim Travis, Debbie 27, 31, 51 Travis, Tina 165 Truelove, Jon 96, 159 Truett, Regina 36, 37, 43, 45, 48, 49, 1 50, 84, 91, 108, 107, 118, 122 Truett, Tommy 58, 72, 109, 120 Trusty, David 162 Trusty, Terry Trusty, Tina 84 Tucker, S 31 Turner, Angie 135 Turner, Jerry 46, 49, 109, 110, 111, 116 Turner Joe 135 Vaughn, J 29 Vaughn, Jennifer 165 Vaughn, Monica 59, 62, 71, 73, 84, 98, 115, 116 Vaughn, Ronnie 132 Vaughn, Tammy 6, 20, 50, 51, 52, 54, 55, 72, 74, 77, 78, 79, 91, 98 Vaughn, Todd 59, 96 Vik, Justin 168 1 Wagner, Lee Walker, Jim 162, 176 Karen 84 Walker, Walker, Kristy 18, 175 Walker, Regina 132 Wallace, Crystal 171 Wallace, Jon 59 91, 98, 118, 123 Ware, Joel 131, 132, 141, 142, 145 Warfel, Jamie Warner, Jeff 135 Warrington, Dick 25, 31, 115, 121, 123, 133, 142 Warrington, Elaine 10, 27, 31, 82 Warrington, Eric 158, 159, 176 Warrington, Lee 6,18,132,141, 142, 144, 147 Watson, Carrie 132, 143 Watson, Joshua 174 Watson, Shelley 59, 69, 84, 98, 115, 118, 119 Watson, W 29 Webb, B.J. Webb, Natasha 132, Webster, David Wehunt, Aaron 165 Wehunt, Angie 156 Welch, Chanda 24, 59, 60, 63, 74, 75, 94, 95, 98, 110, 111,121, 122 Welch, Taylor 131, 132, 144, 147 Wells, Maria Wendland, Greg 55, 57, 98, 113, 116 Wendland, Jeremy 135 Wendland, Matt 168 Wendland, Spencer 171 Werst, John 135 West, Amanda 171 Westerman, John 19, 50, 52, 55, 60, 71, 73, 79, 82, 83, 91, 102, 108, 109, 110, 111, 118 Wheetley, Diane 171 Wheetley, Shelley 162 Whiley, Jeremy 162 Whiley, Justin 168 Wisenant, J 31 White, Amber 96, 159 White, Joshua 165 Whitecar, Lynn Wilder, Loretta 159 Wilhelm, Julia 171 Wilkey, Cindy 59 138, 144 Wood, Jennifer Wood, Stefan Woodruff, Gegit Woodsen, L 31 Wright, Jeremy 159, 176 Wright, Jonathan 135 Wright, Michael 159, 176 Wright, Renee 165 Wright, Stephanie 174 Wyatt, Kim 96, 156, 177 Wyatt, Shari 36, 123 Wyatt, Sheena 173, 174 Wylie, Kevin 20, 22, 55 Wylie, Steven 168 1 Yates Yates Don 132 Yates, ,Joe 13, 96, 159 Yates, Kathrina 165 , Marna 159 Yates, Michael 156 Yates, Nathan 171 Yates, Wess 59, 67, 70, 96 Young, Crystal 171 Williams, Ashley 10, 135, 139 Williams, Brant 129, 142, 146 Williams, Christy 84, 129 Williams Donnie Williams, Laurie 168 Williams, Will 7, 54, 55, 82, 83, 91, 98, 108, 109, 112, 113, 116 Willis, Brad 165 Willis, Brandy 174 Willis, Doug 132 Willis, Jammie 162 Willis, Lori 45, 48, 49, 64, 90 Willis, 142 Todd 21, 27, 130, 132, 141, , 146, 151 Wilson, Alicia 18, 96, 159, 177 Wilson, Jennifer 159, 177 Wilson, Kevin 159 Wilson, Mark 22, 45, 47, 48, 49, 91 Wilson, Melissa 135 Wilson Wilson , Mickey 45, 47, 49 , Rusty 96, 156 Wilson, Tim 168 Turner Lynn 10, 27, 31, 51, 53, 78, 98, 102 Turner, Mike 129 Turner, Missi 84, 129, 138, 142 Turner, Traci 50, 55, 67, 74, 76, 77, 82, 84, 89, 94, 102 21,, Index Wallace , Missy 168 Walls, Christy 165 Walston, Tasha 174 Walters, Sarah 135, 144 Ward, Missy 175 Ward, Wayne 132 Ware, Jared 19, 53, 55, 70, 82, 83, 90, Wisdom, Tony 156 Wolfe, Cara 59, 121 Wolfe, Cyndy 50, 52, 55, 70, 74, 75, 77, 82, 84, 88, 89, 94, 95, 98 Womble, Jessica 171 Wood, David Zander Tracy 159 One Last Loo ,, Q guna!!! a rui in' .M Thru We hope that you enjoyed HCruisin' Thru ,887 Many individuals made the ride go smoother for our Purple Pride staff through their help and cooperation. A spe- cial thanks to Suzanne Cav- nor for the cover and divider designs, Gary Meek for his pictures, all those outside of journalism who helped with copy, and the teachers and administration who were so understanding. Hopefully 'tCruisin' Thru' has given you a glimpse of those precious moments that you will want to remember. Even though the journey is over, the memories that we have made will linger forever. Angy Richards avri, Editor Seniors celebrate reaching their destination at the lake. FFA members get all fired up as they cruise through homecoming FT' 'M wr g,,ff-'V Q 14" if Jeannie Rigsby and Shon De Ar- Keith Rice stands by his mom's new mon reflect on a wonderful year. car and dreams of the day when he will he ahle to cruise. me 4W"h""':.:mi 216 2' fl? 312, F 1 Q A .,i, , f f E Q' Ci Q i if "Come on, Coach. I'm taller than grade WHVQ that!" says Scott Breshears as he re- they leave School 21115 ceives his growing instructions for Gllter ,llllllflf high. next season. What a match! Chris Hulsey's multi-talents helped him enjoy a very successful year. 217 WALSWORTH PUBLISHING COMPANY MARCELINE MISSOVRI lf S A 2 ? 5 g 1 .- 1 1 ut! v WW! ,mm ,A M, A S I' - w 4 v , - - M - -fn: f-rn ' -+, ,-gk ,,. ' If M W X W , W "Ji-2Ill"fif' I A V , . ' I M V M MW V M , 'F' ,, A rgwr:'W"'-X 'fm 4-5,-.4 78-,100

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