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 ivTRAVELING THRU 77 Twelve years of school is a long time when you look back at it. Friends are made and friends are lost. New faces are coming and going every day. Many times people take each other for granted, but as the end comes we realize what it is all about. Friendship is a possession which most of us cherish. We realize that soon we will be together no longer as a group. Sure some of us will attend college together, and others will try to keep old ties, but times change and people drift. The doors are open and people are leaving, but no matter how many friends we keep or lose, the memories are here, and we can YIELD and look back. FOUNTAIN 1976- LAKE 1977 SCHOOL1977 DEDICATION Mr. Newcomb Because he has been reliable . . . because his advice has helped us through the rough spots along the way . . . Because when our ideas were divided, he helped us choose the right road in life . . . because through thick and through thin he has traveled this bumpy road with us . . . AND because he has been a friend . . . We, the COBRA ANNUAL STAFF, are privileged and honored to dedicate our 1976-77 COBRA YEARBOOK to: Mr. Lewin Newcomb 2d %. and d Z[i,6,± c j-ncjiz cd ia(iazd±on !2z£a±fi£Zi678910Left to Right: President - Becky Howard; Vice-President - Joyce Simpson; Treasurer - Chuck Culpepper; Secretary - Patty Hula; Reporter - Sandy McNeely cz l liHz 'Sxoam ISiL’t Sa rcjoMR. AND MISS FLES Corbett Sanders Tammy Michau Steven Watson Tammy Pike George Breashers Angie Richardson Billy Swafford Robbie Marvel Darrell James Regina Killingsworth Blair Chaney Debbie Sheppard 13J x. an Jloxi (2ootz U znnzt(i c -fzj-tzyjy z. an Jdynn cdf azvjoo Ck uc z dutfzzfifzzzMR. AND MISS FLMS MR. AND MISS FLHS A.SENIOR FOOTBALL MANAGERS Steve Merryman Steve Ragsdale Thomas Allen Mike Bettencourt Back Row, Left to Right: Coach Sovereign, Chuck Reyes, Tim Ford, Alfred Bates, Perry Phillips, Don Burks, David Robertson, Larry Johnson, George Hughes, Coach Reynolds. Middle Row, Left to Right: Steve Merryman, Mike Howerton, Allan Ragsdale, Chris Blocker, Steve Ford, Mark Rodgers, Scott Birdwell, Thomas Allen, Steve Ragsdale. Bottom Row, Left to Right: Todd Cragg, Ted Short, Wesley Van Esler, Doug Curtis, Virgil Burks, and Kevin King. Wfmmm2223JUNIOR HIGH Top Row, Left to Right: Coach Sovereign, Mark Crumpton, Jerry Ware, Gary Tillery, Marion Lancaster, Harold Cook, Raymond Benitez, Greg Ford, Vance Garner, Terry Tucker, Coach Reynolds. Center Row, Left to Right: Billy Damazio, Mike Thomas, Greg Nichols, Monte Curtis, Pepi Benitez, Todd Roller, Karl Cobb, Greg Blake, Brian Bettencourt, Billy Montgomery. Bottom Row, Left to Right: Kevin Richardson, Robert Curtis, Howard Curtis, Steve Roberts, Kurtis Richardson, Jack Murders, and Jeff Curtis. 24FOOTBALL — 76227JUNIOR CHEERLEADERS Cindy Burks Lori Cook Melinda Dickson - Capt. Lajohnna Dougan Rhonda Graves Shari Magby Nancy Orrell Vickie Richardson Stacy Scoggins Charlotte Shaw 29303132SENIOR CHEERLEADERS Judy Braughton Jo Ann Curtis Rhonda Eudy - Co-Capt. Lynn Harwood Gina Hilliard Susan Howard Anmarie Krenzlok Deanna Ramos Debby Rigsby - Capt. 33JUNIOR GIRLS Lori Hefley Helen Hulsey Kim Smedley Cindy Cotnam Rhonda Marvel Sherry Swafford Tammy Tillery Sherry Childress Suzy Bell Kathy Lancaster Holly Irwin Wendy Spears Katrina Gossage Nancy McWilliams Robin Howard 3637SENIOR GIRLS Back Row, Left to Right: Vianne Turbyfill, Sherry Stevens, Joy Bryant, Coach - Ronnie Marvel, Donna Irwin, Teresa Hulsey, Sandy McNeely. Middle Row, Left to Right: Louise Hula, Carla Ritter, Patty Hula, Leann Bates, Lois Hula, Jenny Dougan. Bottom Row, Left to Right: Levon Shell, Joyce Simpson, and Susan Cummins. 4041JUNIOR BOYS Back Row: Brent Me A tie, Harold Cook, Vance Garner, Coach Marvel, Darrell Ellison, and Greg Ford. Middle Row: Kevin Sheppard, Brian Bettencourt, Greg Blake, and Jack Murders. Front Row: Kenny Childress, Lyndon Meyers, Kevin Blake, Gary Hula, Jon Noblett, and Tom Scoggins.45SENIOR BOYS Back Row, Left to Right: Chuck Culpepper Wayne Eastteam Allan Stanley Stuart Smedley Travis Graves Mark Scoggins George Hughes Front Row, Left to Right: Chuck Veazy Buck Neighbors Mark Culpepper Tommy James Barry Chaney Don Burks 4849Quzzn Lp attij cdfutu £.±aoxt czrf-[[an cStanby ussn Lpa.tty and cdfzz (2ouxt 50Senior Maid - Joyce Simpson Escort - Chuck Culpepper Junior Maid - JoAnn Curtis Escort - Don Burks Sophomore Maid - Anmarie Knenzlok Escort - Stuart Smedley Freshman Maid - Katrina Gossage Escort - Travis Graves 51 Jo Gzi'j ZUOV3ZUOJ LL61 XIX  53JR. TENNIS TEAMS 76 Left to Right: Robin Howard, Theresa Bates, Windy Katz, Lori Cook, and Lynn Stubblefield. COBRA JR YNIS COBRA JR NNIS COBRA JR COBRA ffNNIJ “ JR | TE N N IS COBRA JR 1ENNS Back Row, Left to Right: Randy Kopt, Harold Cook, lames Brown. Front Row, Left to Right: Donald Loy, Tom Scoggins, Stanley Conrad. 54SR. GIRLS TENNIS TEAM Front Row: Betty Catlett, Patricia Burks, Becky Lucas. Back Row: Deanna Ramos, Becky Howard, Mary Shell, Chris Brown, Melody Powell. 5556SENIOR BOYS TENNIS MANAGER: Russell Harrison. George Hughes, Todd Henderson, Stuart Smedley, Alan Stanley, Paul Huffer, Chuck Veazy, Ted Short, Steven Helton. 5758VOLLEYBALL Chris Brown Cindy Knouse - Manager Karen Oliver Clara Caldwell Betty Curtis Susan Lorton Kim Irwin Vickie Kizer SeRonnia Roark Jackie Frazer Dana Bibbs Betty Catlett Patty Caldwell 59Back Row: Kim Gamer, Patty Caldwell, Lisa Owens. Front Row: Randy Ford, Mike Bettencourt. JR. MANAGERS Back Row: Virgie Sheets, Lynn Stubblefield. Front Row: Marty Massey, Calvin Eastteam. SR. MANAGERS 61COBRA PEP SQUAD 6263 HIGH SCHOOLJUNIORS 77 Thomas Allen Leann Bates Bonnie Benitez Randy Benitez Mike Bettencourt Scott Birdwell Mary Breshears Don Burks Patty Caldwell Jake Cox David Crumpton Susan Cummins Brian Curtis Jo Ann Curtis Susan Davis Wayne Easteam Tim Ford Kim Gamer Keith Gomance Darrell Graves Tammy Graves Steve Helton Gina Hilliard Tony Hoffman 64Barbara Hooper Susan Howard Mike Howerton Teresa Hulsey Scott James Tommy James Larry Johnson Vickie Kizer Tracie Roller Benjy Lynch Ricky Merryman Buck Neighbors Sam Oliver Toni Overton Perry Phillips Steve Ragsdale Deanna Ramos David Robertson Mark Rogers Michael Roston 65President -Susan Cummins Vice-President -Stuart Smedley Reporter -Buck Neighbors Secretary -Jo Ann Curtis Treasurer -Teresa Hulsey 66SOPHOMORES Kelly Theresa Tina Chris Judy Ballard Bates Benitez Blocker Braughton James Joy Virgil Betty Ann Breshears Bryant Burks Catlett Chapman Marlene Clinton Angela Mark Doug Chenault Cobb Compton Culpepper Curtis June David Eugene Carolyn Sharon Dickson Dougan Dunn Emmett Eudy Randy Lesa Pat Darryl Tonya Ford Fryar Gossage Haley Harness 67Joanna Lois Louise Earl Donna Hayward Hula Hula Hunter Irwin Wanda Jackson Larry Kaatz Ronald James William Lisa Roger Lewis Neal Oliver Owens Page 68 Mark Scoggins Nelda Shaw Levon Shell Darla Small Frieda SmithChuck Veazey Jerry Wallace Sherry Stevens Vianne Turbyfill Wesley Van Esler Danny Washington Carol Kenneth Roy Randy Watson Whiley Yates Ziegler President - Sharon Eudy V. President - Sherry Stevens Secretary - Lois Hula Treasurer - Levon Shell Reporter - Doug Curtis Sponsors: Ronnie Marvel Kenneth Edens 69FRESHMEN Raymond Benitez Brian Bettencourt Dana Bibbs Danny Breshears Ronnie Breshears Clara Caldwell Sherry Childress Harold Cook Cindy Cotnam Linda Comer Mark Crumpton Diana Cummins Betty Curtis Cindy Deary Melinda Dickson Darrell Ellison Greg Ford Steve Ford Tommy Fryer Vance Garner Lloyd Garrett Trina Gossage James Graves Rhonda Graves 70Travis Graves Troy Graves Cindy Haley Curtis Hefley Lori Hefley Liz Hooper Robin Howard Helen Hulsey Marion Lancaster Susan Lorton Jeannie Lynch Terri Magby Rhonda Marvel Marty Massey Brent McAtee Norma Meek Greg Meyers James Millner Chalky Neighbors Rodney Nichols Randy Noblett Mike Owens Michelle Page Vickie Partain 71Terry Tucker Diana Vaughn Jerry Ware Danny Perry Kevin Richardson Seronnia Roark Doug Robertson Bill Safley Eugene Sheets Larry Simmons Tommy Small Kim Smedley Mike Smith Jeff Sorrells Lynn Stubblefield Anna Sutter Carl Thomas Mike Thomas Bruce Trammel Dana Bibbs - Reporter Sponsors: Tom Reynolds, Donna Harvey. Trina Gossage - Treasurer-Secretary Brian Bettencourt - Vice-President Greg Ford - President 727374. Sanely zzly Jlyncfi J- zzio nudity Pattij czHuta zA [l(zz H E-ttzncourt 7778 zA o±,t (2ouxtzom Uyiznzztofz Uyznnztfi Wf-LiUzy JloLi czHuHa Xansff czHci’irLion. A [o±t zStucl( LOU± 7980 .otjciE J Lmfuon. !Z O 2 ?A [o±t zSc(i oot czSfiL’iLt zA [o±t c ft(i[z.tLc c f[[an zStanCzy 81 zA [o±t J2i(zz[.y to dSllCCEEcl tSscfzij cJ-fovjaxJ. dllUcfz du[f2£.llfl£.X Bz t effl c frounA U abiCna 'Dodd dzcujcj A [o±t (fDutitcLnAinj SazLox tSec zy c ioiuaxd. dtiuclz duffiefifier 82SCHOOL ZONE FACULTYFOUNTAIN LAKE FACULTY Tobey Gentuso Lewin Newcomb Patricia Newman Glen Caldwell Kenneth Davis "Maybe his brains will run to his head." . . . "Taco Belly?" . . . Kenneth Edens Donna Harvey Ronnie Marvel Jeraldine Newkirk June Smedley 84Debbie Badali Zandra Ann Rebecca Bates Biidwell Conrad Ramona Davis Tanna Kaye Debra Dennis Foshee Francis Martha Joyce Hicks Killingsworth Nancy Pitts Mary Pugh Judy Pierce Shirley Steed Lean Killingsworth Glenda Meredith Thelma Reiss Sarah Reynolds Virginia Brenda Thacker Wootton Sharon Wynn 85 Do you wanna HOP with me?!!! . .SUPERINTENDENT IR VINJ. BASS 86PRINCIPALS ROBBIE HANCOCK VIRGINIA WALKER88 MRS. NEIGHBORSFOUNTAIN LAKE BOARD Andy Westerman, Secretary Stanley Watson, President Clyde Short, Member G. W. Hendrix, Member Larry Sorrells, Member 89Cooks: Nancy Ragsdale Joyce James Linda Watson Jean Shesler Delores Brown Ida Ford Linda Bibbs Custodian l Mr. Fason C UStodI a n : Mr. Washington Bus Drivers: Front Row: Lucky Killingsworth, Frank Geurin, Junior Fason, and Robbie Hancock. Back Row: Kenneth Edens, Lonnie Ault, Kenneth Davis, and Claude Washington. 90DO NOT MIDDLE SCHOOL ENTEREIGHTH GRADE Billy Barker David Blaylock Gregg Breshears Jamie Brown Cindy Burks Leonard Catlet Kenny Childress Todd Childress Angela Cook Lori Johnny Cook Cotner Stanley Conrad Richard Cox Mark Cragg Monte Curtis Robert Melinda Curtis Dauber 92Tammy DePriest LaJohnna Dougan Calvin Eastteam Robin Gideon David Graves Kenneth Hefley Suzanne Hodge Gary Sheila Holly Hula Hunnicutt Irwin Sharon Lusty Mark Larsen Shari Magby Theresa Mathews Gloria Miller Jeanette Jack Minton Murders Steve Neighbors l Greg Nickeles Jimmy Overton 93Regina Steve Owens Polston Kim Powell Vicki Richardson Theresa Romano Charlotte Kevin Dale Lane Shaw Sheppard Smith Tillery Norma Turner Ricky Williams Lisa Witmer Tracy Ziegler 94SEVENTH GRADE John Brent Jeff Pam Paula Bradley Breshears Breshears Clift Cotton Chip Crystal Howard Jeff Paula Culpepper Curtis Curtis Curtis Cock man Donny Ricky W. C. Garrett Garrett HefleyCharlie Audrey Hill Hodge Darrell Holder Theresa Hulsey Keith Hunter Charlene Jackson Roxana James Euvone Johnston Chris Lorton Elva McAllister Nancy McWilliams Nora Angie Neil Newcomb Donna Nobles Cindy Neighbors Lyndon Meyers Jon Noblet Kelly Page Rhonda Crystal Parker Richardson 96Wendy Dorothy Susan Sharrie Tammy Spears Starnes Stubblefield Swafford Tillery Linda Thomas Stacie Stuart VanLandingham Vaughn 97Cindy Bret Laura Loretta David Bibbs Blankenship Burks Burks Breshears 5 X T H Joel Jody Eddie Corbet Bryant Catlett Conrad Deary Lisa Jack Julie Gordon Dougan Fields Gamer Golding Cyndi Graves Teresa Harness Susie Holder Jeff Hooper Theresa Tom Sheila Richard Sandra Humphreys Johnston King Knowlen Roller 98E Sheila Tina Donnie Margaret Polston Richardson Sanders Shaw Tresa Chandra Robert Sherri Lola Sheets Shell Shuffield Simmons Sorter 99Douglas Kenna Chuck Jason Sherri Tillery Tillery VanLandingham Wave Watson 100 CO0RRS W V 101102103 CLUBSANNUAL STAFF Standing: Asst. Photographer - Vickie Kizer, Typist - Jo Ann Curtis, Patty Hula, Chris Brown, Susan Davis, Mary Shell, Sponsor - Patty Newman. Sitting: Photographer - Todd Cragg, Business Manager - Patricia Burks, Asst. Editor - Stuart Smedley, Editor - Becky Howard. 104Left to Right: Sponsor -Patty Newman Secretary -Jo Ann Curtis Vice-President -Todd Cragg President -Patricia Burks Reporter -Patty Hula Treasurer -Rhonda Eudy Sponsor -June SmedleyGIRLS' STATE Becky Howard Rhonda EudyBOYS' STATE Chuck Culpepper Russell hlarrisonLeft to Right: Sponsor - Mr. Glen Caldwell, Reporter - Jo Ann Curtis, Vice-President - Todd Cragg, Secretary - Joyce Simpson, Rep. at Large - Tina Benitez, Treasurer - Sandy McNeely, Rep. at Large - Mary Shell. Seated: President - Becky Howard. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS S.C. REPRESENTATIVES Standing: Brian Curtis, Mark Scoggins, Jeannie Lynch, Darryl Rigsby. Seated: Lesa Fryer, Chris Brown, Rhonda Eudy. 108FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS Not Pictured: Lynn Harwood, Secretary. Standing, From Left: Kim Gamer, Historian, Teresa Hulsey, Song Leader, Sandy McNeely, Treasurer, Susan Cummins, Reporter. Seated, From Left: Joyce Simpson, 2nd V.P., Rhonda Eudy, President Patty Hula, 1st V.P. FIRST YEAR MEMBERS Mrs. Geraldine Newkirk noSECOND YEAR MEMBERS THIRD YEAR MEMBERSSCA OFFICERS Back Row: Stuart Smedley. Rita Spears, Gina Hilliard, Allan Stanley, Joy Bryant, and Tammy Graves. Front Row: Becky Lucas, Debby Rigsby, Russell Harrison, Teresa Hulsey, Patty Caldwell, and Mr. Newcomb, sponsor. The students at Fountain Lake have a rare and priceless freedom that many people around the world would gladly give their lives to obtain. We have the privilege of worshipping and learning about God and what He stands for. The student Christian Association is an outlet to a better understanding of God. It supplies us with a well rounded education, for God is the basis of all things, including higher learning. It is the SCA's hope that each and every student has enjoyed bringing them to you and that everyone received a blessing from attending. On behalf of the SCA officers I would like to thank all who have participated and enriched this year's activities. Russell Harrison President, SCA 76-77 112113THESPIANS 114 President - Stuart Smedley Secretary-Treasurer - Becky Howard Reporter - Patty Hula Sponsor - Mrs. SmedleyBOOSTER CLUB Officers President - Jerry Bryant Vice-President - Jim Scoggins Secretary - Faye Garner 116The Library Club is made up of students who enjoy working in the Library. They study about the various parts of the library, and the materials that are available. They take a test over what they have studied. In this way they are able to help students and teachers in finding and checking out materials. The Library Club seeks to promote usage of the Library through their interest and assistance. The Library Club also collects yearly dues which are used to purchase more materials for the Library. LIBRARY CLUB President - Buck Neighbors Vice President - Doug Robertson Secretary - Ann Chapman Treasurer - Karen Oliver 117Back Row: Susan Howard, Treasurer; Cindy Knouse, Reporter; Miss Harvey, Sponsor. Front Row: Mary Shell, Vice Pres.; Debby Rigsby, Pres.; and Kim Garner, Secretary. SPANISH CLUB La porra de espartoI Los Amigos (Friends) The Spanish Club consists of students talking Spanish and those students who have taken Spanish in the past. The members are exposed not only to a different language but to a different type of people as well. Being exposed to different people and different ideas help the student understand and appreciate other cultures.T O P Chuck Culpepper 3.75 Patricia Hula 3.60 Russell Harrison 3.58 119INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB "Peek-a-boo! I see you . . . ” "Mr. Edens: HARD AT WORK?...” "The punishment at F. L. is unreal.” . . . OFFICERS Pres. - Chuck Culpepper V. Pres. - Robert Crumpton Sec. - Todd Henderson Treas. - Thomas Allen Sponsor - Mr. Kenneth Edens 120 PTA OFFICERS President - Norma Michau Vice-President - Roy Hickman Secretary - Carolyn Meyers Treasurer - Aileen Ramona 122TRUCK STOP Roar from the interstate. Tables and booths. Cigarettes by the carton -Cigars by the boxful. Flies. Special of the day: Chili: 75© Sign: TRUCK DRIVERS SERVED FIRST. Strange salt shakers on every table, that can be Purchased at the cash register - Assuming you want a souvenir of this place . . . The menu suggests dinner at $1.95 - Ham and grits, beef stew, chicken and dressing. Or the Double-Burger Trucker Special, Onion 15© extra scribbled into the margin. An all-you-can-drink deal on the coffee. Home-made pies for dessert. To the side is a small gift shop offering more Varied items than most department stores -Dungarees - Plastic flowers. Jewelry. Radios. Motor oil. Playing cards. Most of the items are geared toward the interests Of the truck drivers, but also to attract the eye With thoughts in mind of his lady. Perfume. Nylons. Boxes of candy. All the souvenirs one can imagine - and then some. Arkansas ashtrays. Arkansas glass sets. Arkansas Bubble gum. Post cards galore . . . and amidst all, a ceramic Milk dispenser In the form of a cow; with the word ARKANSAS Stamped in Great block letters on its forehead. The dialect of the area is present. Ice cold beer is served to go. Are you ready to leave? There's another one 80 miles up the road. 124ELEMENTARYFIFTH GRADE Tommy Janet Alford Breshears Karen Breshears Patty Breshears Teresa Bryant Tonya Bryant Blair Chaney Dale Clift Paulette Cockman Kerry Compton Mike Cook Stephen Dauber Scott DeArmon Ricky Dougan Johnny Eidson Teresa Robin Marcy Larry Lori Fields Ford Hansen Hefley Helton 126Bill Brett Brenda Cheryl Sherry Howell Howell Hulsey Hunter Hunnicutt Daren Robin Tammie Gary Pat Hutchingson Johnson Kizer Ledbetter Tipton Patty Kenton Richard Charlotte Johnny Mabry Massey McWilliams McWilliams Millard Jeannie Lisa David Jackie Jerry Miller Miller Neighbors Newcomb Nobles Julie Nooner Tammy Overton Jimmy Overton Karen Perry Sherri Polston 127Dodie Rhodes Stacy Richardson Johnny Robertson Dana Sheppard Debbie Sheppard Junior Laura Randy Dale Charles Smith Smith Sorrells Speers Spencer 128 Johnny Woods Jennifer Yates Tonia YieldingFOURTH GRADE Darrell Beals Donna Beals Kevin Bell Rueben Benitez Missy Blake Johnna Blocker Bob Calvert June Cavnor Tavonda Cochran 129Susie Robby Jackie Vicki Angela Garrett Gossage Graves Gray Harness Larry Helton Paula Homan Layden Irwin Julie Lorton Stephen Kristin James Mattie Kim McEarl Meyers Miller Mitchell Neighbors Tracy Jake Tracy Tom Carmen Neighbors Newcomb Nelson Phelps Quinlan Jeffrey Robinson Jay Shuffield Jerry Simmons Edward Studer Terry Smith 130 Billy Swafford Gordon Tillery Marsha Truelove Kenneth Stan Brian David Allen Vaughn Veazey Vest Whiley Whitworth Randy Doug Williams Witham 131132 THIRD GRADE Dickie Judy Andrews Bates La Donna Jon Timmy Daniel Blaylock Bryant Childress Cooper Deris Danny Joe Kevin Cooper Cowan DeArmon DeArmon Rhonda Laura Tammy Joel Ford Garner Garrett Gold Kristi Tim Todd Linda Graves Grisham Homaday HowardKim Huchingson Gary Jackson Ronald James 0. •' Howell Terry Kilby Alicia Scot Knowlen Massey Sean McCraw Carole Miller Wayne Lauri Neighbors Nobles Andi Paulette Floyd Tammy Pearce Pike Sandra Pau Posey Quinlan Don Rhodes Michael Riley Michael Romano Melanie Russell 133Sandra Sanders Todd Sanders David Schaffner Keith Scott Charlotte Lonnie Tammy Daren Sears Simmons Sorter Speers Teresa Pam Steven Bruce Turner Watson Watson Westerman Dale Williams Darrel Wilson Lori Randy Wilson Wyatt SECOND GRADE Lynn Allen Joyce Allen Karin Aslett Kim Bryant Brian Breshears Vicky Byrd Debbie Curtis Timothy Kaye Lynne John Coleman Cooper Crumpton Shon DeArmon Melissa Curtis 135Tracie Sharon Jimmy Troy Brett Fields Fleissner Gamer Gamer Graves Michelle Hooper Shawn Susie Karen Garrick Graves Hickman Hines Hogue John Shannon Jeff Darrell Regina Howard Hunnicutt Hunter James Killingsworth Rhonda Loy James McFarlane Brett McWilliams Angela Michau Wayne Miller 136David Montgomery Donnie Morrow Kenneth Neighborns Barry Niblett Jo Anna Ronny Francy Allison Dempsey Nickels Nobles Outler Paulette Rhodes Corey Robinson Clayton Rynders Shelley Shaw Kathy Soner Terry Stevens Robert Teal Leann Turner Jack Vaughn Matt Vaughn Scott Vaughn John Watson Jimmy Wyatt Mark Young 137FIRST GRADE Todd Vicki George Tony Susan Ashley Blake Breshears Breshears Canada Richard Clift Donny Cooper Jerry Cowah Tommy Davis Darren Dauber 138Nancy Clay Virgil Lee Karen Darrick Hamilton Hayes Helton Herrick Hogue Steven Mamie Lynn Steven Dale Homan Howell Humphrey Humphreys James Nicole James Ban Lucas Noveline Markham Kelly Morgan Darren Niblett John Deena Jimmy Chris Angy Nooner Outler Polston Randolph Richardson Jeannie Shelly Bobby Steven Jerry Rigsby Sanders Seewald Shell Sisney 139Debra Rhonda Smith Smith Tamra Speers Rachael Standridge Kevin Studer David Phillip Jeff Dalynda Regina Sutter Taylor Thomas Tillery Truett Jerry Turner Kimberly Charlie Vaughn Wilkinson Lisa Williams Debrah Wilson 140KINDERGARTEN Jennifer Aslett Aaron Boyette Becky Breshears Scott Breshears Renee Brown Kristy Burks Deana Byrd Suzanne Cavnor Dollie Chew Johnnie Cozby Lisa Culpepper Jason Curtis Sarah Curtis Vaughn Gamer George Gideon Heather Hansen Darlene Horman Chris Hulsey Dannie Loy Crissy Markham 141Dory McCraw Tammye Michau Jewell Miller Mark Milner Cheryl Moore DaVone Morgan Michael Morrow Bobby Neighbors La Shawn Neighbors Toni Newell Michelle Oglesby Keri Ouiler Chip Pike Terri Polston Dawn Ragsdale Stephanie Randolph Shelia Rigsby Ann Roberts Kyle Robertson Clyde Rynders Becky Sears Amy Seewald Hilder Sorter Chad Speers 142Shannon Tillery Mary Beth Tinkes Danny Vaughn Melissa Vaughn Tammy Vaughn Todd Vaughn John Westerman Jared Ware 143ADVERTISEMENTSEARL GILL RECORD SHOP Cigarette and Candy Machines Full Line Vending We Rent Jukeboxes for Parties "First with the top hits." 632-3335 810 Hobson MID-SOUTH ENGINEERING CO., INC. Engineers and Constructors 2513 Malvern Avenue Complete Kitchens and Home Decorating "We Do It All" 655 Broadway NA 3-4401 Hot Springs, Arkansas MIXON-TUCKER FURNITURE COMPANY, INC. High Quality Furniture • Carpet - Appliances 2506-20 Albert Pike - Phone 624-5301 Highway 270 West Hot Springs, Ark. 71901 y___________—-C MICHAU INSURANCE AGENCY Norma and Allen Michau Indiandale Shopping Center P. O. Box 2331 Hot Springs, AR 71901 (501) 623-4489 r WHOLESALE, INC 716 Hobson Avenue P. O. Box 2277 Phone:623-2502 Hot Springs, Ark. 71901 Western Auto 149 East Grand Hot Springs, Arkansas Compliments of National Dental Lab. 231 Woodbine St. Owner - Warden Crawford 146M Primers and m mm mm M Stationers, Inc. PHONE 623-1646 P. 0. Box 969 610 West Grand Hot Springs, Ark. 71901 c ijnJtcxA. c hito vmOOaALI AUTOMOTIVE PARTS 403 Albert Pike Phone 623-7796 PAINT SUPPLY COMPANY. INC. k p. CAIN MI axiot in - room in iwi Compliments of LITTLE PRODUCE CO. Convention Blvd. and Palm f EPHAN’C Valme-First Stores REPHANS' MEN'S STORE 808 Central Ave. REPHAN'S FASHION CENTER 623 Albert Pike BERNARD REPHAN Home Office P. O. Box 2279 Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901 REPHAN'S DEPT. STORES 120 Ouachita Ave. 214 Albert Pike Hilton's Furniture Albert Pike Compliments of: Katherine Manas rarvdo fV Furniture Co. TV -Appl iances-Bedd ing 605 ALBERT PIKE 604 MALVERN Discount Shoes Men's and Ladies’ Name Brand Shoes 2504 Albert Pike Phone 623-3880 147Duke Fabric Center Watch and Jewelry Repairing • Engraving Diamond Setting 720 Central 624-1851 Holiday Jewelers Sewing notions and material for all your sewing needs. 816 Central Ave. - Phone 624-2662 Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901 Ten percent discount to all Home Economic Students. Clarence Edwards, Owner Watchmaker, W. E. Phillips ELTA'S RU'EL SHOP afi "Ladies' Ready-to-Wear" Phone NA 4-2231 514 Central Ave. Hot Springs, Ark. The House of Flowers We Have Ladies' Sizes 3 - 20. Juniors' Sizes 3-15 One Hundred Eleven Hollywood Lane Hot Springs, Ark. 71901 Phone:623-1351 Phone 623-8005 'g 'g "a CALDWELL HARDWARE 1010 Central Avenue Rt. 7, Box 135 Hot Springs, Ark. 71901 Hwy. 5 Y Mile East of Hwy. No. 7 Phone 623-0624 HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK, ARKANSAS VALLEY LUMBER AND SUPPLY INC. GENE BOGGS TWIN CINEMA "The Department Store of Building Material" 105 West Grand Avenue Phone 3-3394 P. O. Box 229 Hot Springs, Ark. Located Behind K-Mart. 148AUTO PARTS AND BEARINGS INC. Automotive Industrial Machine Shop 600 Ouachita Ave. 3220 Central THE SPORTING GOODS STORE 501-624-5518 Res. 623-2579 623-4494 Mis Everything for the Sportsman All Athletic Equipment Converse All-Star Basketball Shoes 200 Ouachita A. Teague Broker TEAGUE REALTY, INC. 450 West Grand Hot Springs. Arkansas 71901 Compliments of Phone 623-2533 COOLEY'S FOOD MARKET Caruth FUNERAL HOME, INC. Hot Springs, Arkansas MARTIN SENOUR PAINTS Peters Paint Co. 328 Ouachita 623-1800 □ REALTOR 655 Park Avenue Hot Springs, Arkansas LOYD REAL ESTATE MLS and Dutch Boy Paints Dick and June Clem 623-4446 321-1647 624 Park Avenue Hot Springs, Ark. 149GARNER'S RADIATOR SHOP VALLEY LUMBER AND SUPPLY INC. 18 Years Experience Motors Descaled Internally Gas Tank Repair Highway 7 North Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901 624-1066 'The Department Store of Building Material" 105 West Grand Avenue Phone 3-3394 Joe W. Cunningham Vice President - Operations mhdd ARKANSAS ABRASIVES, INC. P. O. Box 1298, Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901 Ph. 501-624-5677 CENTRAL BOWLING LANES INC. 4825 Central Ave., Phone 624-3366 Hot Springs, Arkansas THE Goliseum ■ BOWLING CENTER 306 Winans Avenue • Phone 624-4466 Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901 HMD STtfl fflBRICRTORS DIVISION OF WEYLAND MACHINE SHOP, INC. Phone 501 623-6659 836 Valley Street Hot Springs, Ark. 71901 THE NET SHOP SANDER'S GROCERY MARKET Hours 9-6 Belvedere Country Club For All Your Tennis Needs Mon. Thru. Sat. 623-0815 or 623-8938 429 Park Ave. 150James D. Sanders Hot Springs District Manager MUTUAL OF OMAHA UNITED OF OMAHA aHaxfxin czNoe. iSattde Co. Maurice and Railroad 623-3328 Hot Springs District Office P. O. Box 1437, Hot Springs, Ark. 71901 Off. 624-1857 Hospitalization, Life, Disability Hot Springs, Arkansas Income YOUR FAVORITE Telephone 623-7068 Rector Heights Liquor Store Rector Heights Shopping Center Imported and Domestic Wines -Cold Beer Sam D. Snead, Owner How Many Keys to Your Home or Business are Held by Strangers Ace Lock Shop 106 Prospect Hot Springs, Ark. Keys Made Without Pattern - Lock Combinations Changed - Safes Opened, Repaired and Combination Changed - Luggage and Door Closer Repair Locks Repaired and New Locks Installed 24 Hour Service Calls Bus. Phone 321-1495 Home Phone 767-3637 pc.K rAkHIOMCO Hammers Featuring Chili and Frosty B BENTON SAVINGS LOAN 249 West Grand Benton, Arkansas 72015 403 North Market Insured Savings Home Loans Two Locations 3303 Central Ave. and 1214 Albert Pike Hot Springs, Ark. RIVERSIDE GROCERY Hours: 7:00 am to 11:00 Mon. Thru Thurs. 7:00 am to 12:00 Fri. and Sat. Rt. 2, Benton Breakfast - 7:00 am to 11:00 am Daily 151SHARON'S CHALET OF BEAUTY Vt Mile East of Crows Station on Highway 5 Sharon lames - Operator Open 5 Days a Week 778-0045 y Karen McDonnell Jean Ligon The Trellis Sh p Gifts With a Personal Touch 102 North East Street Benton, Arkansas 72015 Telephone 501 778 6716. Lovell Insurance Agency Corner of Sevier and Lillian Streets P. O. Box 1019 Benton, Arkansas 72015 AIL kOADS LEAD TO FURNITURE COMPANY 206 SOUTH MARKET BENTON. ARKANSAS 72015 778-7482 847-0025 CLEMMIE WHITE rarvdorv Furniture Co. 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Springer, M.D. BURTON-EISELE CLINIC PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION 101 Whittington Avenue Phone 321-2229 Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas 71901 Obstetrics and Gynecology John L. Haggard, M.D. Deno P. Pappas. M.D. Thomas P. Thompson, Jr., M.D. W. Sloan Rainwater, M.D. Internal Medicine John B. Bond, Jr., M.D. Administrator Gene H. Brooks Compliments of SOUTHWEST SPORTING GOODS Congratulations Seniors Compliments of REYNOLDS METALS COMPANY Malvern Cable PlantBRATTON SERVICE COMPANY Highway 70 Hot Springs, Ark. Call 624-5223 for Prompt, Expert Repair Service on All Major Appliances. LARGE Or small . . . "We Do Them All" KEN'S FARM SUPPLY, INC. Headquarters for P.Q. Feeds 2225 Albert Pike Hot Springs, Ark. 71901 501-623-5487 John Lucas - Owner 162THE BENTON STATE BANK Branches in Bryant and Bauxite FERGUSON MOTORS Int. 30 Benton, Ark. Quality Used Cars and Trucks Your Business AppreciatedTHE UNION BANK OF BENTON A bank you can depend on. Member FDIC Main Office: Market and Conway Branches: Military Street Bryant and Shannon Hills MLS m REALTOR® HODGE REALTY COMPANY Office Phone 624-2535 Jerry Hodge Residence 624-1098 881 Park Ave. Hot Springs, Ark. 71901 164E. R. BROOKS Bud Taylor, Inc. Masonry Contractors P. O. Box 1507 608 Convention Boulevard Hot Springs, Ark. 71901 165AUTO REPAIRS ALL MAKES MODELS Speedometer Service UNITED MOTOR SERVICE A.R.A. Auto Air Conditioners Soles Service dial 623-4652 "Let's Cool It" RED MILLARD GENERAL AUTO SERVICE 1001 CENTRALWLWant urRank Let us prove it to you. FIRST NATIONAL BANK'JAMES INSURANCE AGENCY Derrel James, CLU Roland James All Kinds of Insurance 102 W. South Street Phone 778-1700 Benton, Ark. 72015 Featuring the best from Mexico . . . 119 CENTRAL AVENUE 623-0316 Sponsored by: raitn fabernacle 721 Convention • WROUGHT IRON FURNITURE • WALL DECOR ITEMS • GLASS • BRASS • ONYX CHESS SETS • NATIVE CLAY POTS • PLANT HANGERS • HANDCRAFTED KNIVES Hours: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday Close at 5 p.m. 168BUD'S CABINET SHOP KING COBRA DRIVE-IN CAFE Hwy. 7 North Phone: 624-0081 Owners: Doyle and Evelene Roller Open Daily - 5:00-10:00 Closed on Sundays SMITH BROS. AFFILIATED GROCERY Located on the Corner of Jet. 5 and 7 Phone: 624-2727 HOME OF QUALITY MEATS 169K)GL-8Z9 OMia md mRussell Harrison Tracie Roller Tim Ford Mark Rodgers Rhonda Eudy Kempners BOOSTERS »wA“lo 77 Seiz Signs Parkway Motel Mickey Theobalt Home Furniture Co. Girard’s Antiques Dolores C. Webb Vernon Shuffield The Butterfly The Letter Shoppe The Basket House Pate’s Shoe Store The Bible Book Store Permanent Casting Inc. SPA Sport Shop Cain’s Drug Store Allied Glass Wayne's TV Service Moenster Insurance Hot Springs Monument Co. Reader Insurance Real Estate Standard Fence Company Skips Custom Body Shop Sara’s Antiques Gifts Mor Electric Supply, Inc. Ace Plumbing Heating Co. J. R. Prince Exxon Auto Parts Pyron-Plumblee Con. Inc. LeBlanc's Fine Jewelry Gifts Clifts' Glass Trim, Benton Broadway Cleaners Hatters Sim Alexander's Cycle Center Hot Springs Surgical Supply, Inc. Dr. Louis McFarland Dr. Glen R. Reynolds Dr. Koppel Daniel Dr. James O. Harrod Dr. Donald J. Burrough Dr. Donald R. Callicott Todd Henderson Patty Caldwell Anmarie Krenzelok Judy Braughton Teresa Hulsey Tammy Graves Mary Jane Shell 171QUALITY AUTO PARTS AUTO PARTS SUPPLIES ACCESSORIES 200 E. Sevier 778-2961 1212 Military 778-0461 COMPLIMENTS OF JOHNSON'S CLEANERS Good Luck to the Ft. Lake Seniors 324 Ouachita Congratulations Seniors COMPLIMENTS OF CITY HARDWARE 211 East Grand 623-4301 OWNER Laro and Bill Heaton PARK AVENUE EXXON - 701 Park Southwest Plaza 600-J Main Street Hot Springs, Arkansas Norma Bowers Pat Doster Whatever size Eve is . . . We can fit her!!! Phone 623-6388 ARKANSAS GLASS CO., INC. 1324 Central Ave. Hot Springs, Arkansas Phone 623-3306 Compliments of HUBBARD SON 110 East Grand Avenue Hot Springs, Arkansas First Federal Savings Home Office: 723 Central Avenue, Downtown Hot Springs Branch Office: 700 Albert Pike, South Hot Springs 172The Student’s BankAfter spending twelve years of your life in one place, it becomes hard to finally say goodbye. The memories will always be there but they face in time. There needs to be something which will help us recall those years; something to help us STOP and look back.v. mfcfi

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