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 VwV: yFWr $kt LJ.., - v V £ : - $ ? • o ,o -a 3 - UK ' ” ? ' $ ? '- ' J?- y vt J- ar»c mit 46 dfc- X - jn 4riMr V v, • '» J-fc J ! —- - ■ -Vt’ aV - ®he V n Fitas • V i.. -; % 1 :■ Vi .'♦I V'- - -ra ■■' s-7v V- r--;!$SLj x SM V r ' V - rf . Cas£3Kffl ■ »■ r J '_i $ ’ . • -..-r. . .-jr. A ■ • i mk' SKrf' ■ ■ ri ' » » 'r» a 23 0 • • « v r ». fC V 4 » . ’1 _U « . V Tt: Published by the Cobra Staff of Fountain Lake High School Hot Springs, Arkansas 1966 Cobraforeword Editor DELORES PHILLIPS Our annual is now complete, and we, the annual staff, are proud of our efforts. It has not been an easy task, but we have enjoyed every minute’s work toward the completion of another treasure chest of pleasant memories of the days at Fountain Lake High School. I appreciate the opportunity of serving my school as editor of the ’66 "Cobra” and I will always consider it an honor to have been selected for this position. Sincerely, Editor Assistant Editor ANITA HALEYContents ;Dedication Ministration faculty Juniors Seniors Sophomores freshmen Junior High Elementary favorites Organizations Advertisements Athletics'Dedication For many years she has guided the students of Fountain Lake toward higher goals. She has given selflessly of her time and energy for the good of her students. For these and many more reasons, we gratefully dedicate this 1966 yearbook to our beloved Home Economics teacher, Mrs. Geraldine Newkirk.Superintendent’s Message It is always a pleasure to be allowed to make my small contribution to the school yearbook. All teachers and students place a great value on their school day friendships, and this book keeps them from slipping away into a dim past. When time does dim your memory of these faces and names, the "Cobra” will be especially precious to you. I hope that our friendships will also mean more to us as the years pass. 1 congratulate the staff on this fine book and all the students on successfully completing another year of school; another milestone in life. My sincere best wishes go with you for a long and Mr. Roy A. Roe SuperintendentJh MeMoriam faces ... for the Lord hath spoken it. Isiah 25:8Superintendent MR. ROY A. ROE This is Mr. Roe's first year as Superintendent of Fountain Lake. Already, he has shown himself to be a friend of the students by his helpfulness and his understanding of their problems. The students of Fountain Lake would like to take this opportunity to wish Mr. Roe a long and happy stay at Fountain Lake.MR. JOHN DOSTER High School Principal MRS. FAYE WASHINGTON High School Secretary Ministration MRS. LORETTA LaFEVERS Elementary SecretaryThe ladies like to take time out now and then for a coke and some juicy gossip. Coach LaFevers has to yell a lot to keep the boys in line. Mr. Roe makes good use of the telephone. Typing just ain't that much fun. There's always something funny going on in Mrs. Jones' class.ORVIS HENDERSON General Science MRS. FLO JONES English J. W. BLOCKER Agriculture FRAZIER WATSON English MRS. GERALDINE NEWKIRK Home Economics MRS. BETTY DAVIS Business Education LEWIN NEWCOMB Science BILL SARGO Social Studies C. W. BALE Mathematics JOHNNY LaFEVERS Physical Educationfaculty MRS. WANDA ROE Librarian Counselor MRS. ANNE MYERS First Grade MRS. OWETA DAVIS First Grade MRS. SUSIE HASTINGS Second Grade MRS. LAURA JINSKE Second Grade MRS. BETTY BURROUGHS Third Grade MRS. EDITH CAMPBELL Third Grade MRS. LOU ANNA HILTON Fourth Grade MRS. LESTER FOWLKS Fifth Grade MRS. LINDA CARPENTER Sixth GradeCOOKS: Catherine Washington, Lily Wyatt, Norma Judkins. Cooks and ttus T)mers BUS DRIVERS: Hoyt Tyler, Faber Fason, Harold Haley, Ellis Johnson.JIMMY DON ATTEBURY FFA 1,2, Treasurer 4; Chorus 2,3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Class President 1; Most School Spirit 4; Junior Play. PEGGY NELL ATTEBURY Student Council Treasurer 4; FHA 1,2, Leadership Conference 1, Vice-President 4; Chorus 2,3,4; Library Club Secretary-Treasurer 3, President 4; Basketball 3, Manager 2; Cheerleader 1,4; Athletic Club 3; Class Treasurer 3; Homecoming 3,4; Girls State; Junior Play. JAMES DAVID BURKS FFA 1,2, 3,4. WAYNE CARTER Student Council Reporter 4; FFA 1,4; Chorus 2,3,4; Paper and Annual Staff 4; Basketball 1,3,4; Athletic Club 3; Class President 3,4; Most Talented 1; Most Likely To Succeed 4; Mr. FLHS 4; FHA Sweetheart 4; Boys State; Junior Play. DELOIS SUE CURTIS Student Council 4; Beta Club 2,3, Secretary 4; FHA 1,2,3, Leadership Conference 2; Chorus 2, 3,4; Paper and Annual Staff 4; Library Club 3; Basketball 3,4, Manager 2; Athletic Club 3; Class Reporter 4; Best Personality 4; Homecoming 2; Girls State; DAR Award; Junior Play. FREDDIE EDWARD DICKSON FFA 1,4, Sentinel 2; Chorus 1,2, 3,4; Junior Play. EDWINA LOUISE EAST Transferred from Deer Park High School, Deer Park, Texas. Student Council 3, Vice-President 4; Beta Club Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4; FHA President 3,4, Federation President 4, Leadership Conference 3,4, National Convention 3; Chorus 2,3,4; Basketball Manager 3; Cheerleader 4; Class President 2, Treasurer 4; Most Likely To Succeed 4; Miss FLHS 4; FFA Sweetheart 4; Junior Play.JIMMY GEEO Transferred from Oden High School, Oden, Arkansas. FFA 1,4. ROBERT C. GOODEAUX FFA 4. BRENDA LORETTA GRAVES Transferred from Mark Morris High School, Longview, Washington. FHA 1,4; Chorus 4; Basketball 1,4. MARY SUE HART FHA 1,2,4; Chorus 2,3. WAYNE EUGENE HARVEY FFA 1,2, Sentinel 4; Chorus 2, 3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Athletic Club 3; Junior Play. NORMA LEE HAWKINS Beta Club 2,4, Reporter 3, Marshal 3; FHA 1,2, Second Vice-President 3: Chorus 2,3, 4; Paper and Annual Staff 3, "Times" Editor 4; Library Club 4; Class Reporter 3; Junior Play. DELORES PHILLIPS HENDRIX Student Council 1; FHA 1, Reporter 2, Vice-President 3, Leadership Conference 3; Chorus 2, 3,4; Paper and Annual Staff 3, "Cobra" Editor 4; Class Vice-President 3; Junior Play. DONNIE GLEN HENDRIX FFA 1, Junior Advisor 3, President 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3,4; Class Treasurer 2; Junior Play.SHIRLEY HOLDER Student Council 1; FHA 1,2,4; Chorus 2,3; Cheerleader 3, Captain 4; Homecoming 3; Junior Play. ERNEST W. HOLLAND FFA 1,2,4; Chorus 4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Athletic Club 3; Junior Play. MORRIS ANDREW HUNT Transferred from R. A. Long, Longview, Washington. JACK E. KNOX, JR. Transferred from Hot Springs High School, Hot Springs, Arkansas. Student Council 3; FFA 4, Junior Advisor 1; Chorus 3; Class Vice-President 4; Most Talented 4; Junior Play. WILLIAM TERRY MILLARD FFA 1, Reporter 4. BRENDA MARIE MUNGLE FHA 2,4, Secretary-Treasurer 1, Leadership Conference 1; Chorus 2,3; Library Club 2, Historian 4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Homecoming 2, Queen 4; Junior Play. LARRY WAYNE MURDERS Transferred from Lake Hamilton High School, Hot Springs, Arkansas. FFA 4. HELEN MARIE OUTLER FHA 1,2,4; Chorus 2,3,4; Library Club Vice-President 4; Basketball 3,4; Athletic Club 3; Wittiest 3,4; Junior Play.JANICE VAY SARGO FHA 1,2,4; Chorus 2, 3; Basketball 1; Cheerleader 3,4; Athletic Club 3; Most School Spirit 3; Best All Around 4; Junior Play. GARY SCHOENBORN Transferred from Lakenheath American High School, Lakenheath, England. FFA 4. CHERYL DIANNE SMITH Transferred from Lakeside High School, Hot Springs, Arkansas. Student Council Secretary 4; Paper and Annual Staff 4; Scorekeeper 4; Class Secretary 3,4; Best Personality 3; Most School Spirit 4; Junior Play. TIMOTHY LANE SORRELLS FFA 1,2,4; Chorus 2,3; Basketball 2, Manager 3,4; Junior Play. CHARLES E. OVERTON Student Council President 4; Beta Club President 4; FFA 1, 2,4; Chorus 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3,4; Athletic Club Vice-President 3; Best All Around 3; Most Athletic 4; Junior Play. LARRY R. PAYNE Beta Club 2,3,4; FFA 1,4; Basketball 1,2,3, 4. DANNY PORTER FFA 1,2,4; Chorus 1,2,3; Basketball 1, Manager 2,3; Mr. FLJH 1; Friendliest 1; Mr. FLHS 3; Junior Play. LANNY RAGSDALE FFA 3,4; Reporter 1; Chorus 1; Junior Play.RONALD SPRADLIN FFA 4; Chorus 2,3,4; Paper and Annual Staff 4; Library Club 4. SHIRLEY LEE TAYLOR Transferred from Robert Fulton Junior High School, Van Nuys, California. FHA 2,4; Chorus 2, 3,4; Most Talented 4; Junior Play. HENRIETTA KAYE TYLER FHA 1, 2, 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Library Club 4. YVONNE DIANNE WALTERS FHA 1,2,4; Chorus 2; Library Club 4. DANNY A. WARD Transferred from Ceres Union High School, Ceres, California. FFA 2,3,4. PAULETTE L. WARD FHA 1,2,4; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Basketball 3,4, Manager 1; Junior Play. GARY D. WELCH Beta Club 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Athletic Club 3, Boys State. MIKE WILLIAMS FFA 1,2,4; Basketball 1,4; Athletic Club 3.Failed what test? ! Gushy, Ernie and Gary graciously pose for the photographer.JUNIOR OFFICERS: Sidney Pittman —------ Reporter Eddie Culpepper-------- - President LaVaughn James---------Treasurer Patsy Shell ---------- Secretary Georgetta Parker —Vice-President SPONSOR: Mr. C. VI. BaleBilly Beaird Davey Breshears Mary Burks Randy Cragg Eddie Culpepper Jo Nell Denton Crumpton Ronnie Dunn Loyd Graves Anita Haley Lois Hammond Bobby Hayes Marilyn Hearn Paul Hefley Gerald Hulsey Harold JamesGary Newman Merelene Nichols Georgetta Parker Sidney Pittman Raymond Ritter Patsy Shell Sherman Washington Shirley Wyatt Mr. Newcomb and his senior science class goes on a field trip. LaVaughn James Dennis Millard Helen MillardSOPHOMORE OFFICERS: Stanley Rice - Secretary-Treasurer Jimmy Nobles - President Harold Mungle - - Vice-President SPONSOR: Lewin Newcomb Don Basse Sylvia Boyette Jerry Cantrell Hazel DepriestKathy East Ronnie Ford Steven Frost Eugene Haley Bill Hardesty June Harrison Linda Hefley Jerry Helton Linda Hendrix Ray Hitchens Jo Ann Hunnicutt Onia Jones Sheila Kilgore Cathy McElderry Larry McGeeFletcher Morgan Ethel Lou Norman Shirley Overton Linda Pittman Stanley Rice James Ross Deborah Sorrells Kathy Tillery Clara Trusty Gail Vaughn Paul Wyatt Mike Wylie Greg Young Harold Mungle Jimmy Nobles Johnny NoblesFRESHMAN OFFICERS: Dennis Fason------—-------------------- — President Kent Culpepper...................... Vice-President Bonnie Hope - -- -- -- -- -- -- - -Secretary Shari Nichols-------------------------- Treasurer SPONSOR: Mr. Johnny LaFevers Hue Anna Attebury Jerry Bean Doug Boyette Gail Carter Carin Cleaver Lynda Clem Kent Culpepper Larry DentonDennis Fason Marvin Gamer Roger Graves Amelia Hart Rose Ann Hooper Bonnie Hope Dianne Huddleston Linda James Stanley James Jo Ann Johnson John Paul Jones Arnold Judkins Arville Judkins Donya Kilgore La Donna Larsen Pat Milroy Shari Nichols J. W. Norman Lucian Parker Everett PhillipsBarbara Posey Mary Ross Danny Severs Pamela Shaw Clarisse Shell James Smith Terry Smith Priscilla Teague Virginia Thomasson Freddie Woodall Shirley Wylie Gary YoungEighth Wade Allen Alan Ault Robert Beaird Mike Bissell Patsy Black Ricky Black Gary Breshears Steve Breshears Pete Brown Loretta Burks Irene Byers William Cleaver Duane Cottman Linda Crumpton Susan Depriest Carolyn Dunn Darryl Dunn Debora Farrell Barbara Fason Gary FrostQrade Howard Graves Henry Harper Timmy Hassell Annie Helton Vickie James Janice Judkins Brenda Knighten Linda Larson Sandra Louton Jim Marks Herman McAtee Bill McElderry Russell Meek Patsy Millard Jerry Milroy Terry Milroy Leonard Neighbors Gary Overton Bruce Parker Brenda PhillipsMonte Pascoe Phillip Pittman Johnny Potter Gary Ragsdale Doyle Ritter Calvin Scott Linda Severs Jimmy Sidebottom Mike T aylor Brenda Thomasson Belinda Vaughn Beverly V aughn Anthony Ward Gerald Ward Winford Ward Timmy Weaver Lucy Westerman Susie Westerman Kenneth Wood Junior WynnSmile girls, here he comes! Lunch time is always fun for elementary students. Could you guess whose wash is whiter? Beta Convention Bound.Seventh Linda Blake Betty Breshears Brenda Breshears Gerald Breshears Frances Brown Jack Culpepper Doris Dickson Jay Dunn Ralph Edds Glen Farrar Junior Fason Joyce Ferrell Bill Fiser Dwight Ford Horace Goodwin Dennis Graves Paula Harris Billie HayesQnuie Joetta Hefley Lonnie Hitchens Bill Howard Russell Howard Brenda Irwin Brad Jones Kathleene Kidd Kenneth Kidd Pamela Kilgore Delores Killian Mary Knox Leah Leonard Carolyn Lovell Dianne McCage Brenda McNeil Elizabeth NewmanRichard Owens John Payne Tommy Poda Janet Porter Thomas Rigsby Margurette Robbins Gary Shaw Marilyn Simpson Donna Talent David T aylor Lanny Tillery David Trusty Steven Washington Danny Wells Steven Williams James Wood Donna WoodallSixth Mary Lou Ault Allen Bates Billy Bates Roger Black Ronnie Boyette Carolyn Breshears Debra Burks Debra Kay Chenault Brenda Clemets Barbara Cook Tommie Davis James Denton Ricky Dunn Ann Eudy Dennis Ford Alta Lee Graves Dudley Hampton Deborah Hass Linda Hearn Rickey Hendrix Carol Hope Laverne Hunnicutt Joe James Kieth James Deborah Jewell Donald JohnsonGrade June Johnston Cheryl Knox Arlen Lawson Tommy May Jon McLean John McNett Billie Millard Denese Millard Johnnie Minton Beverly Murders Barbara Newman Judy Nobles Gary Phillips Glenda Phillips Gail Pittman Carlene Pizzolato Carlo Pizzolato Timmy Ragsdale Raymond Robbins Leonard Tatro Phillip Taylor Cheryl Thomasson Terry Threadgill Rebbecca Washington Regina Woodard O. A. WynnRonald Allen Benny A re go Paul Burks Wanda Burks James Cantrell Hubert Chenault Betty Jo Church Scott Culpepper Agnes Dean Alan Edwards Ricky Ellison V —» Michael Frost Billy Graves Susan Graves Jeffery Hansen Myrtle Harris Debbie Henderson Debra Hilton Clyde HopeQmde David Huddleston Valli James John Kara Sandra Larson Beathney Lawrence Windoyle Louton Coye McCage Connie McNiel Scot McNiely Tommie Nieghbors Michael Rigsby Wanda Ritter Janice Scoggins Sandra Simpson Louie Sorter Michael Taylor Nelda Tillery Debbie Ward Elizabeth Wellsfourth Connie Sue Ault Jeff Bates Linda Branum Donnie Breshears Tim Brooks Janet Burks Jimmy Burks Vickie Burks Bill Chaney, Jr. Sally Chenault Robecky Church Mike Clements Judy Dunn Kenneth Ferrell Billy Ray Fincher Janie Helton Sidney Howard Donald James Robert James Sandra Johnson Venita Judkins Susan Katz Emegine Kent Debra KilgoreGrade Ricky Killian Donnice King Debra Kopf Debbie Larson Brenda McCage Donna McGee Samuel McLean David Morgan Leah Newnam Virgil Norman Brad Phillips Michael Ragsdale Chester Rigsby Robin Robbins Bill Sanders Gregory Shell John Teague Debora Tillery Paul Tillery Georgetta Tyler Debora Watson Sandra WatsonZhird Harold Alford Sammy Breshears Elvis Cleaver Kerry Davis Terry Ford Jim Freeman Howard Garner Terry Gossage Jimmy Hassell Randolf Graves Beth Hefley Mary Jo Helton Wanda Henderson Regie Howard Eugene Hulsey Joanie James Delania Jewell Robbie Lisa Jewell Billie Fred Jones Ray JudkinsQrade Winona Kara Deborah Knighten Patty Larson Rennet Lewis Tommy Loper David Louton Cynthia McFee Freda Middleton Debbie Neighbors 'VS i Peggy Neighbors Mary Ann Porter Theresa Lynn Pruitt Janet Lynn Robbins Mary Sargo Kenneth Shelton Ricky Shelton Nancy Simpson Linda Sorter Raymond Taylor Kathie Sue Washington Tresea Washington Jeffery Wells Lyle Wells Linda Williams Robin WoodardSecond Peggy Ault Bonnie Barclay Debra Breshears Marilyn Breshears Marlon Breshears Janet Burks James Chaney Judy Chenault Betty Jo Cross Cathy Cummins Danny Davis Mary Dean Ike Eudy Freda Fewell Janice Diane Ford Linda Fryar Johnny Garner Ramona Graves Timmy Graves Mike HansenQrade Betty Hayes Mark Holland Barbara Hope Bobby Hope John Howard Barbara Hulsey Donnie Hulsey Gordon Irwin Brenda James Linda Johnson Tim Johnson Scot King Deborah Lawson Glenda Louton Sandra McCage Gail McNett Janice Newnam Barry Owens Patricia Porter Larry PoseyDebbie Rigsby David Ragsdale Dale Stone Mark Terry Nancy Thomasson Rickey Thomas Janice Threadgil Debbie Tillery Jackie Tillery Susan Tillery Sandra Tyler Mona Kay Washington Stanley Watson Billy Weldon Kenneth Wright Vicki Wyattdirst Qwde George A lford Roy Barclay Chip Blocker Mary Breshears Sandra Breshears Missie Lue Brooks Barry Chaney Todd Cragg Robert Crumpton Charles Culpepper Allen Dean Karen Ferrell Lloyd Garrett, Jr. Beverly Hayes Tony Helton Anthony Hendrix Maurice Hilton Rebecca Howard Roger Howard George HughesSharon Hulsey Patricia Katz Willie Mae Kent Jimmy Loper Scott McFee Melody Powell Kenneth Richardson Vernon Rigsby Sam Sargo Dannie Shelton Joyce Simpson Eddie Stafford Darrell Tillery Bessie Kay Ward Sharon Ward Cynthia Webb Margaret Winford Mike Witherell Britton Wood Debbie Wylie Randall ZeiglerMr. and MissU.M.S. ICH.S. :JY . $ Wayne CarterHomecoming Flowers were presented to the queen, Brenda Mun-gle, by Coach LaFevers. Her escort was Jimmy At-tebury. Senior Maid PEGGY ATTEBURY Escort GARY WELCH Junior Maid CONNIE WOOD Escort CHARLES OVERTONSophomore Maid Escort SHEILA KILGORE ERNIE HOLLAND Freshman Maid Escort HUE ANNA ATTEBURY LARRY PAYNE The queen and her court.Best AH Mound Freddie Dickson Jan Sargo Most Athletic Charles Overton Debby Sorrells Who’s Most jCikely to Succeed Winn East Wayne Carter Cheryl Smith Jimmy AtteburyWho Wittiest Helen Outler Ronnie Dunn Most Zalented Jackie Knox Shirley Taylor Best Personality Johnny Nobles Sue Curtis Most Courteous Harold Mungle Bonnie Hopem SweetheartNorma Hawkins Advertising Manager Sue Curtis Business Manager Cheryl Smith “Cobra” Staff Merelene Nichols Ronald Spradlin Wayne CarterSTANDING: Brenda Irwin, Gary Young, Sherman Washington, Harold James, Ronald Spradlin, Dianne Walters, Henrietta Tyler, Linda Blake, Fthel Lou Normon, Linda Hefley, Shirley Overton, Norma Hawkins. SEATED: Peggy Attebury, Brenda Mungle, Clarisse Shell, Barbara Fason.Student Council OFFICERS: STANDING: Winn East — Vice-President Wayne Carter----Reporter Peggy Attebury----------- Assistant Treasurer SEATED: Georgetta Parker - Treasurer Charles Overton — President Cheryl Smith-----Secretary 1st ROW: Ray Hitchens, Anita Haley, Dennis Millard, Wayne Carter, Charles Overton, Larry Payne, Gary Frost, Marvin Garner, Jim Marks. 2nd ROW: Doris Dickson, Linda Larson, Susie Westerman, Hue Anna Attebury. 3rd ROW: Linda Pittman, Georgetta Parker, Sue Curtis, Winn East. Peggy Attebury, Cheryl Smith.Beta Club SPONSOR: Mrs. Flo Jones OFFICERS: SEATED: Charles Overton Winn East STANDING: Sue Curtis Lois Hammond Georgetta Parker SEATED: Lois Hammond, Marilyn Hearn, Norma Hawkins, Sue Curtis, Connie Wood. STANDING: Georgetta Parker, Larry Payne, Gary Welch, Charles Overton, Winn East, Anita Haley.fountain Cake Zimes EDITOR Norma Hawkins ASSISTANT EDITOR Merelene Nichols y y TYPISTS Delores Phillips Cheryl Smith REPORTERS Ronald Spradlin Anita Haley S A_ ■ - REPORTER Sue Curtis SPONSOR Mrs. Betty Davism SPONSOR: Mr. John Blocker OFFICERS: Donnie Hendrix----------------— - Sidney Pittman------------------ ■ Davey Breshears------------------ Jimmy Attebury -- --------------- Wayne Harvey---------------------- Terry Millard - ----------------- Gerald Hulsey - - - -- -------- -----President Vice-President — Secretary - - Treasurer - - - Sentinel -----Reporter -Junior Advisor 1st ROW: R. Goodeaux, L. Payne, J. Cantrell, W. Harvey, M. Williams, A. Judkins, D. Ward, R. Spradlin, J. Nobles, H. Mungle, J. Helton, D. Breshears, J. Nobles, T. Millard, S. Rice, C. Overton, P. Hefley, S. Pittman, E. Holland, E. Taylor, R. Cragg, G. Hulsey, E. Culpepper, H. James. 2nd ROW: R. Hitchens, T. Sorrells, L. Ault, D. Boyette, J. Attebury, R. Graves, J. Bean, M. Garner, B. Hardesty, S. James, E. Haley, J. Norman, D. Millard, J. Smith, L. Graves, K. Ashley, J. Geeo, R. Allen, R. Ritter, T. Smith, G. Young, F. Dickson. 3rd ROW: P. Wyatt, J. Jones, E. Phillips, K. Culpepper, R. Geeo, L. Denton, D. Fason, A. Judkins, M. Utley, D. Severs, L. Parker, F. Woodall, D. Hendrix, Mr. Blocker.FRONT ROW: Jan Sargo, Barbara Posey, Mary Ross, Amelia Hart, Henrietta Tyler, Taylor, Diane Huddleston, Merelene Nichols, Thompson, JoAnn Johnson, Donya Kilgore, JoAnn Hunnicut, Pat Milroy, La Donna 3rd ROW: Bobby Hayes, Pam Shaw, Gail East, Linda Pittman, Debbie Sorrells, Hazel Depriest, Clara Trusty, Sylvia Merelene Nichols and Winn East earned their State Degree by working to achieve the goals set up for them. Winn East, Delores Phillips, and Merelene Nichols represented Fountain Lake at leadership conference last June. As part of F. H. A. initiation, freshmen girls wore homemade hats to school.Bonnie Hope, Brenda Mungle, Shari Nichols, Linda James. 2nd ROW: Linda Partain, Shirley Shirley Holder, Peggy Attebury, Virginia Debbie Wood, Linda Clem, Hue Anna Attebury, Larsen, Diane Walters, Mary Sue Hart. Carter, Clarrissa Shell, Priscilla Teague, Kathy Linda Hefley, Shirley Overton, Cathy McEl-derry, Boyette, Rose Ann Hooper, Janet Edwards. MRS. GERALDINE NEWKIRK OFFICERS Advisor Linda Hefley, Treasurer; Merelene Nichols, Secretary; Winn East, President; Peggy Attebury, Vice-President; Debbie Sorrells, Historian.Settlor High Chorus 1st ROW: Ault, Wyatt, Nobles, Mungle, Ford, Washington, Dickson, Carter, Harvey. 2nd ROW: Millard, East, Graves, Wyatt, Hayes, Attebury, Hendrix, East, Curtis, Outler. 3rd ROW: Ward, Kilgore, Norman, Sorrells, Boyette, Parker, James, Hendrix, Tyler. Sponsor: Mrs. Hettie Lou Brooks junior High Chorus 1st ROW: Woodall, Lovell, Hefley, Denton, Beaird, Fiser, Marks, Graves, Neighbors. Irwin, Hooper, Clem, Johnson, Ferrell. 2nd ROW: James, Talent, Depriest, Ward, Wood, Grave' Wood, Parker, Taylor, Edds, Ford, Harper, Ferrell, Kidd, Breshears. 3rd ROW; Henderson, Huddleson, McCage, Thompson, Hayes, Brown, Newman, Ross, Hart, Partain, Millard. 4th ROW: Robbins, Simpson, Leonard, Porter, Howard, Dickson, McNiel, Westerman, Killian, Westerman.( iris State Sue Curtis and Peggy At-tebury represented Fountain Lake at Girls State for 1965, which was held at Camp Robinson. Boys State Gary Welch and Wayne Carter were Fountain Lake's delegates to Boys State last June.Taking five minute timings requires concentration. Keep wishing, Donnie, maybe it will snow yet! Part of the annual staff goes outside for a break. Ronald found the answer for John and Morris. No wonder there’s never a coke in the coke machine!Senior JIMMY NOBLES WAYNE CARTER GARY WELCH MIKE WILLIAMS ERNIE HOLLAND m JIMMY ATTEBURYCHARLES OVERTON HAROLD MUNGLE JOHNNY NOBLES LARRY PAYNE SIDNEY PITTMAN WAYNE HARVEY PAUL WYATTCLARA TRUSTYGEORGETTA PARKER BRENDA MUNGLE LINDA PITTMAN SHEILA KILGORE KATHY McELDERRYSenior Cheerleaders WINN EAST SHIRLEY HOLDER PEGGY ATTEBURY Captain JAN SARGQ ANITA HALEY KATHY EAST ‘Junior Hoys STANDING: Coach LaFevers, Danny Severs, J. W. Norman, Marvin Gamer, Johnny Porter, Bill McElderry, Arvil Judkins, Gary Frost; Manager: Arnold Judkins. KNEELING: Doyle Ritter, Phillip Pittman, Lanny Tillery, Dennis Fason, Stanley James, John Payne, Kent Culpepper, Jimmy Sidebottom. Junior (Jirls STANDING: Coach LaFevers, Gail Carter, Shari Nichols, Clarisse Shell, Priscilla Teague, Janice Judkins, Belinda Vaughn, Pam Shaw, Brenda Irwin; Manager; Rose Ann Hooper. KNEELING: Linda Severs, Linda Larsen, Barbara Fason, Hue Anna Attebury, Debbie Wood, Pamela Kilgore, Dianne McCage, District 11 ChampionsLinda James, Captain; Bonnie Hope, Co-captain; LaDonna Larsen, Mary Knox, Pat Milroy, Lucy Westerman. Storekeeper and Managers EDDIE CULPEPPER Medic CHERYL SMITH Scorekeeper LOIS HAMMOND TIM SORRELLS. Senior ManagersMrs. Davis returns to class after taking a break. Learning to cook is also part of the Home Econom -ics course. Mrs. Brooks and a few of the mothers work like mad getting ready for the festival. The staff takes their work on the yearbook very seriously.Jimmy gets ready for a free shot during practice. Queen Brenda is the center of attraction on Homecoming night. Paper and Annual Staff is a very busy class, especially with Mrs. Davis watching over them. For reasons like these, Gary Welch, number 31, was chosen for A11-District for 1966.ADVERA-R-A Air Conditioner Sales and Service "LET’S COOL IT" “RED” MILLARD’S GENERAL AUTO SERVICE Speedometer Service 1001 Central Hot Springs, Arkansas Dial NA 3-4652 Ti i, Batteries, AccessoriesNO. 1 RAZORBACK STORES INC. No. 1 - LARRY SEARCY: Owner 2010 Central NA 3-6541 No. 3 - T. J. HARRIS: Owner 1013 Malvern NA 4-1661 No. 5 - TRACY RUTHERFORD: Owner 639 Malvern NA 3-2241 No. 10 - EARL APPLETOWN: Owner 246 Ouachita NA 3-4651 No. 11 - GEORGE LENINGTON: Owner 300 Whittington NA 3-5741 No. 14 - NORVALEE HERRING: Mgr. 1010 Park NA 3-7862 No. 15 - ROSCOE BLANKENSHIP: Owner 3rd and Hobson NA 3-2741 No. 19 - JOE LINGO: Owner 1005 Albert Pike NA 3-6605COMPLIMENTS OF ARKANSAS BANK TRUST COMPANY "Bringing Progressive Banking to Hot Springs" Broadway Square Compliments of VAUGHAN HARDWARE Phone NA 3-1341SMITH BROTHERS MODEL MARKET Junction Highways 5 and 7 Phone 3-2088 Home of Quality Meats and Better Grocery Values Best Wishes to Fountain Lake Annual Staff From ARKANSAS FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Hot Springs, Ark. Your Friendly Bank Educational Loans Central Avenue and Court Street Television - Tubes and Parts RADIONIC SERVICE CO. RADtO THEVtSKMT SERVICE Phone 3-6462 OLIN STEVEN 1002 Park Avenue Hot Springs, ArkansasTHE ARLINGTON HOTEL Hot Springs National Park Arkansas EDGAR A. MAY Manager Agent for NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES World Wide Movers RAY O. MARTIN MANAGER LEWIS TRANSFER STORAGE CO. , INC. 111 Third St. , Hot Springs, Ark. Phone: NA 3-6624 Local and Long Distance Moving Packing - Storage GLENWOOD MOTORS SALES AND SERVICE Glenwood, Arkansas Your Friendly Ford Dealer WROX'S BORDENS 2100 Albert Pike Hot Springs, ArkansasMOSS YARNS Arkansas' Largest Supply of Imported and Domestic Knitting Yarn, Needle Point and Tapestry Wool 225 Pinewood Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas TEAGUE FURNITURE APPLIANCE STORES NA 3-1653 TEAGUE UPHOLSTERY SHOP NA 3-4425 605 Albert Pike 817 Central Dial WA 3-7751DIERKS FOREST, INC. 810 Whittington Avenue Hot Springs, Arkansas CHITWOOD MOTORS "Serving you yCHEVROLET j since '22" Sales and Service 530 Ouachita Hot Springs Ph. NA 3-5533 THE COUNTRY BOY STORE MR. AND MRS. JOHNNIE TEAGUE, Props. "Where Neighbors Trade" Route 7, Box 58 Hot Springs, Arkansas Compliments of HOT SPRINGS PACKING CO., INC. Hot Springs, ArkansasVisit the I.Q. ZOO 380 Whittington Avenue Hot Springs, A rkansas HOWARD JOHNSON’S MOTOR LODGE Recreational Facilities, Pool, and Room Service A REAL RESORT! on the new Hot Springs Highway 70 East Dial NA 4-4436 RESTAURANT Drink HO. U. S. PAT. Off. COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF HOT SPRINGS, INC. 322 Market Street Hot Springs, Ark. Phone NA 3-7707 things go better,! with Coke Listen to THE “TOP 20” KBHS-FM 96. 7 MG.Hot Springs Nat'l Park, Arkansas PRES. RONALD CAZORT MiupujtJJikL-- NA 4-3335 DL Wi9 HAIR FASHIONS 326 Ouachita Hot Springs, Arkansas TERMITE PEST CONTROL CO. 736 ALBERT PIKE HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS "Catering to Those Who Care" NAtional 4-1271, Area Code 501 CONNELLY PRESS INCORPORATED printers lithographers s'tationers office supplies . office furniture 536 Ouachita Hot Springs, Arkansas Royal Crown COLA ROYAL CROWN BOTTLING CO. 514 Ouachita Avenue Hot Springs, Arkansas Good Food Is Our Specialty Phone NA 3-0434 LIBERTY CAFE 204 Ouachita Ave. Hot Springs, ArkansasE. R. BROOKS ELECTRICAL WHOLESALE SUPPLIES Manager: DON BROOKS 1209 Malvern Avenue Phone: NA 4-1562 NA 3-6251 Compliments of ZERO BUTANE GAS MUSE COMPANY LAUNDRY - CLEANERS, INC. 620 Ouachita Avenue Hot Springs National Park Linen Supply A rkansas JACK MUSE ERNIE MUSE TIP-TOP STORES Compliments of MATHEW HARRIS Stop and Shop TAX COLLECTOR at Tip-Top SPAULDING ATHLETIC-GOODS COMPANY Wholesale Retail All Nationally Advertised Lines Little Rock, Arkansas 513 Center Street FR 2-2218Compliments of I. GRANGER McDANIEL CARUTH FUNERAL HOME PETERS PAINT COMPANY DICK CLEM, Owner HERBERT HOLMES, Director 655 Park Avenue Hot Springs LuminalL Paint and Dutch Boy Paint Phone NA 3-1800 328 Ouachita Hot Springs firestone under wood _ [Yl BALES SERVICE SUPPLIES jBMn, Better Rubber From Start to Finish DAVIS COX OFFICE MACHINES, INC. 301-302 Ouachita Avenue Phone NA 3-4466 Hot Springs, Arkansas Complete Office Machines - Equipment - Furniture Telephone NA 4-4474 117-119 Third Street Hot Springs, Arkansas Telephone NA 3-9501 Howell Printers Photo Offset • Letterpress •••••••••• HERMAN D. HOWELL 1118 Malvern Avenue — P O Box 3 7 Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas 71902Compliments of BEASLEY MOTOR CO. Telephone NA 3-4632 Air-Conditioned CLYDE'S IMPORTS INTERNATIONALE VERNON’S HAIR STYLING VELDA ROSE Trained at Clairol 616 West Grand Hot Springs, Arkansas TOWERS Nationally Famous Sportswear Ladies and Men WALKER’S BARBER ERNEST J. HOLDEN DICK HOLDEN SHOP HOT SPRINGS 1016 Malvern Ave. MONUMENT COMPANY "We need your head in our business!" JOE WALKER: Proprietor 2017 Central NA 3-4711 5th and Greenwood Avenue NA 3-1272 Hot Springs, Arkansas GARLAND COUNTY FARMERS ASSOCIATION Telephone NA 3-6696 111 Winans Hot Springs, ArkansasPrescription Service Cosmetics - Jewelry Cameras 304 Albert Pike NA 4-2568 KIMBELL-HOT SPRINGS COMPANY F eaturing Kimbell's Fine Foods lift Worrou, »L bennett Hurt (Company PHONE NA 3-ISIt 1312 CENTRAL AVENUE HOT SPRINGE. ARK. Phone NA 4-1851 Fabrics and Notions for All Sewing Needs 818 Central Ave. RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL • CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING b HEATING s GUTTERS FABRIC CENTER GRACE DUKE Hot Springs HALL PRINTER AND STATIONERS 610 West Grande Hot Springs, Arkansas NA 3-1646 s DUCT WORK TURBINE Authorized TRANE Dealer NA4 TRAN | HOT SPRINGS SHEET METAL EQP. I N C 1122 MALVERNCanlen'i y For Home Delivery— Dial LA 5-8645 BURCHWOOD BAY Compliments of THE SUPERIOR BATHS Under Regulation of the United States Government "Superior in Service" ERNEST HOUSLEY Manager Telephone NA 3-3491 Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas DIAMOND llridal Set Specially Priced From $19. 95 Up HOLIDAY JEWELERS 816 Central Hot Springs VIOLET’S FASHION SHOP 209 Hobson Ave. (Corner Central and Hobson) CASUAL AND DRESSY CLOTHES FOR ALL AGES! Sportswear and Accessories STEIGLER BOOK STORE Headquarters for School Books and Supplies Portable Typewriters 520 Central and 419 Albert Pike Hot Springs CENTRAL BOWLING LANES 4825 Central Ave. Ph. NA 4-3366 BOWL "For Fun and Recreation" 1 kt 2000 CENTRAL AVENUE • HOT SPRINGS. ARKANSAS • National 4-4664 JpPQo, Insurance - Loans jTMhFAj) Bonds - Notary Public Ssij o BILL PORTER AGENT 806 Albert Pike Hot Springs, Arkansas Phone: NA 3-7061 MFA Mutual Insurance Co. Countryside Casualty Co. MFA Life Insurance Co. BRIAN’S HOT SPRINGS BUSINESS COLLEGE Approved by State Department of Education Veterans Administration United Business Schools A ssociation 315 West Grand Hot Springs Phone: NA 3-2651 Telephone NA 4-1521 Compliments of ALBERT J. LASKY AND SON eerie c MAURICE BATH Ladies Apparel HOUSE 702 Central Ave. Hot Springs, Ark. VAN SMITH, Manager COUCH MARINE “BOATS AND MOTORS” Route 7, Box 75 7 4" • CRAWFORD’S DRUGS 'v2y 2630 Central radoMMfPH SSBnH 108 Ouachita fJlitS A 2240 Malvern Central City SPA FURNITURE COMPANY, INC. Fine Furniture Rugs Appliances DRINK 1821 Central Hot Springs, Arkansas Phone NA 4-1761 "The Friendly Pepper Upper" THE SPORTING GOODS Elect INC. Everything for the Sportsman B. Q. BRATTON Basketball - Football SHERIFF All Sports Equipment 200 Ouachita Dial NA 3-6991 "Service Comes First" SKYCO Compliments of CONSTRUCTORS, INC. Phone NAtional 4-5191 P. O. Box 2250 HIK’RY PIT 701 Belding Avenue Hot Springs, Ark. "Yum, Yum"Residence Phone RO 7-2213 BAKER’S DX SERVICE CENTER SELDON G. BAKER Owner 310 Park Avenue Hot Springs, Arkansas 4716 Central Ave. Hot Springs, Arkansas Hiway 7, South THE ORIGINAL JOSIE'S Gzec iosfouaJiian Ui a Dining Room MR. AND MRS. JOSEFINA FRELICH, Managers Ph. NA 3-0182 Res. Ph. NA 4-2178 Mvrtv jky 10 17 AVE. HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK. ARK. "Come in to see us" "UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT" Operators of Southwestern Burial Assn. 925 Central Hot Springs, Arkansas NA 3-5923 COOLEY’S AG STORE NO. 1 THE HOUSE OF FLOWERS Phone 3-1351 ( 1 7 One-Hundred-ELeven Hollywood Lane Hot Springs, Arkansas | Phone: NA 3-0154 Hot Springs Arkansas DORIS BEAUTY CENTRE Specialist in Haircutting, Shaping, Styling, and Waving. DORIS LEGGE, Owner AVINELL RICE, Operator MILDRED DAVIS, Operator Compliments of THRASH BUILDERS SUPPLYA W DRIVE-IN MO 3-5575 UNIFORM [ SHOP UNIVERSITY AT MARKHAM LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS JARREL PLUMBING Culligan Water Conditioning 918 Malvern NA 3-4562 Compliments of ROCK COURT 1032 Malvern Avenue Hot Springs, Arkansas Compliments of MR. AND MRS. J. J. MILLER Compliments of J. J. NEWBERRY, CO. 5-10-25£ Store 600 Central Hot Springs, Ark. q ues Telephone NA 3-3737 Residence: LA 5-1147 lonrraft FINE ANTIQUE FURNITURE REFINISHING AND REPAIRING ANTIQUES GLASSWARE • FURNITURE UPHOLSTERY DON and JAYNE NEW 906 Hobson Ave. — P O. Box 2 Hwy. 70 270 West HOT SPRINGS. ARKANSAS MEDICAL ARTS DRUG STORE, INC. 89 Years Service Over 3, 500, 000 Prescriptions Filled Medical Arts Bldg. Phone NA 4-1223Compliments of BEEF BAR 534 Park Avenue NA 4-4085 Burgers - Malts - Shakes SERVISOFT of Hot Springs Complete Water Conditioning Pumps, Rental Units, Chlorinators 421 Hobson Phone NA 3-9431 ($3£ GAY’S £y TEXACO SERVICE ’’Trust Your Car to the Man Who Wears the Star" Featuring Top Quality Texaco Products Phone E. Grand NA 3-0144 and Vine Ronnie Gay Hot Springs, Dealer Ark. Compliments of REPHAN’S DEPT. STORES 214 Albert Pike 120 Ouachita PAINT SUPPLY COMPANY CAIN’S DRUG STORE K. P. "HAPPY" CAIN Hot Springs, Arkansas Congratulations, Seniors! Distributor of Benjamin Moore Paints 404 Albert Pike Hot Springs 303 Albert Pike Ph. NA 3-6614 Phone NA 3-1601 Compliments Compliments of of CRAIGHEAD LAUNDRY MARKET BASKET Fur Storage Dry Cleaning 2134 Albert Pike Phone NA 3-2501 NA 4-3375Booth Fish and Seafoods Highest Quality Products WHITE DAIRY ICE CREAM CO. "Birds Eye Frosted Foods" Highway 270 West Hot Springs, Arkansas Prompt Courteous Service Phone NA 3-4241 NA 3-3741 Unique Hot Springs. Ark. . Jennie Louise Beeuty is Your Duty THE BAKERY Compliments of GEORGE HUBBARD SON 618 Albert Pike NA 3-6862 110 East Grand Avenue Hot Springs, Arkansas PHONE: NA 3-140 1 1 «4 LEADER RECOGNITION Compliments of Gene Coombe 1403 CENTRAL. HOT SPRINGS. ARKANSAS 71 01 RtPRKSCNTINO State Farm Insurance Companies AUTO . LIFE . FIRE SAM L. ANDERSON Alhambra Bath Bmisi', 3lnr. SOUTHLAND INSURANCE G. H. LEACH, Manager 214 Ouachita Avenue Phone NA 3-1001 Hot Springs National Park, A rkansas THERMAL BATHS UNDER U. S. GOVT. REGULATIONS 1819 Central Ave. "For Insurance Needs - See Us" Phone: NA 3-1640 JIM RANDALL H. L. SHUFFIELDROSENTHAL’S SHOE STORE --Since 1915-- Hot Springs' Largest Shoe Store U23CCHTAAI AVC. PH.NAM 2I • Hobson Motor Co. ROBERT’S SMALL ENGINE SERVICE McCulloch Chain Saws 1 1 612 Broadway NA 4-5272 HURST FLORAL COMPANY Complete Floral Service Phone NA 3-2312 1327 Central Avenue DAVID AND LILLIAN HURST, Owners Phone NA 3-3133 WHITE BROTHERS TEXACO SERVICE "Trust Your Car To The Man Who Wears The Star" East Grand and Spring Street Hot Springs, Arkansas BILLY JOE SAM WHITE, WHITE JR. Res. Phone Res. NA 3-6585 Phone 4-2344 J. A. WILSON SON New and Used Furniture 805 Hobson Avenue Phone NA 3-8401 FALK SUPPLY COMPANY Wholesale Pipe - Plumbing - Mill Welding Supplies NA 4-1231 223 Third Street Hot Springs National Park ArkansasHOT SPRINGS BEAUTY COLLEGE HOTEL PULLMAN, INC. MRS. MAXINE TOTH MR. ANDREW TOTH For a career you can be proud of Opposite Bath House Row Central Ave. and Bath Street Phone NA 3-9826 Hot Springs, Arkansas 819 Central Avenue Hot Springs, Arkansas MR. AND MRS. JASON HULL, Managers ptopli on tht go... Compliments of BURGER chef TWIN OAKS CLUB K. C. Meats and Sea Foods Our Specialty "We Feed You, Not Fool You" ROSS MADDOX FEED COMPANY, INC. NATIONAL CAFE Courteous Service MRS. JOHN ORFANOS, Prop. (Same Owners Since 1927) Open 24 Hrs. Phone 3-2131 332 Central Avenue Hot Springs National Park Arkansas Prime Quality Feed All Kinds of Fertilizer Baby Chicks Custom Mix Feed Vit-A-Way Minerals 515 Broadway, Phone NA 3-7758 Scljr afore, pint. HOT SPRINGS PLUMBING HARDWARE CO. 330 Central Ave. Phone NA 4-2811 720 Hobson Avenue Hot Springs, Arkansas Phone NA 3-7361 Distinguished Men's Wear Hot Springs, Arkansas Air Conditioned Phone NA 3-0752 REPHAN’S SPEEDY’S CAFE FASHION Home Cooked Dinners Lunches - Homemade Pies MR. AND MRS. AMBERS Proprietors 240 Ouachita Ave. Hot Springs, Ark. CENTER 623 Albert Pike NA 4-2224 VALLEY LUMBER NEON PLASTIC AND SUPPLY COMPANY ■ SEIZ ■ "The Department Store of Building Material" SIGNS 105 West Grand Avenue Phone 3-3394 1231 Central Ph. NA 3-3181 Compliments of Compliments of AVANELLE MOBILE STATION SUGAR SHACK Compliments of M. N. AUTO SALES WILSON TRIM SHOP 302 Third Street Hot Springs, Arkansas H. V. "NICK" NICHOLS Owner Phone NA 3-2726FLOOR COVERING INSTALLATION Carpet - Linoleum - Tile DESOTO HOTEL VILLA Thermal Baths Luxurious Suites in the Villa Kitchenettes, Air Conditioned Guest Activities T. V. - Parking HAROLD B, HALEY Year Round Swimming REED EGG CO. BROADWAY CLEANERS AND HATTERS Grade "A" Eggs Wholesale and Retail "Get them at your favorite food store" Individual Cleaning and Alterations 110 East Grand Ph. 4-3491 CHICK AND TOMMIE SMITH Operators Compliments 1125 E. Grand of Ph. 4-3321 EDITH’S BEAUTY SHOP 602 Woodlawn Hot Springs, Arkansas Phone NA 3-2940 REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. Phone NA 4-3742 BURROUGHS CABINET WORKS You Name it, We Make It 319 Third Street Hot Springs, Ark. Compliments of HILTON CARPET FURNITURE CO. 113-119 Phone Albert Pike NA 3-3377 Hot Springs, Arkansas "Complete Home Furnishers"Phone NA 4-1273 EL RANCHO MOTEL SHIPLEY DONUT FRED HARPER - - Owner - Mgr. With 18 Varieties of Do-Nuts 1611 Central "Open 24 Hours a Day" Hot Springs, Arkansas 6 Top Mechanic Minor and Ma|or Tune-ups Road Service Delco Batteries 18 Ouachita Dial NA 3-8385 Compliments of VAUGHN'S TEXACO "Oruit your car to llir man who wrari ill star ” Top Quality Taxaco Products and Accassorias B. F. Goodrich Tiros and Tubas OZARK BATHS Phone NAtional 3-8A51 East Grand Ave. and Vine St. L. F. VAUGHN, Owner HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS PYRON-PLUMLEE CONSTRUCTION CO. P. O. Box D. D. - 330 Winona Hot Springs, Arkansas Specializing TELEPHONE Aerial and Direct Burial CONSTRUCTION RALPH PYRON CARROLL PLUMLEE Phone NA 3-3341 DAIRY QUEEN "Home of MR. Misty" 708 West Grand NA 3-6422 Compliments of NATIONAL SALES Title Insurance 120 Court Abstracts Street Escrows Phone NA 3-2281 NATIONAL ABSTRACT COMPANY -Approved Member-American Title Association Arkansas Land Title Association LOIS M. HOWARD, Owner Hot Springs, Ark.ARKANSAS DOOR TAYLOR’S WINDOW CO. LAUNDRY CLEANERS A Luminum Jalousies - Windows Door and Screens 501 Albert Pike Phone NA 3-7211 815 Hobson Street Phone NAtional 3-5761 Hot Springs, Arkansas Compxisu Compliments of HOT SPRINGS. ARKANSAS HOWARD JOHNSON VITROLUX DECALCOMANIAS DRIVE-IN FRANK HART PH. MAdisOn 5-8347 Junction 70 and 270 West fafMky Art 1 We«dtuMwyt 3 1 YHah dp inf) na 0 7107) V 5 J A icrAffsmk •? ] Hamilton7 Hot Serinas Hefl. LA 5-851 Is Rt. 1 Box 605 Rocks ROBBINS MARKET ST. GARAGE General Repairing Wrecker Service Storage Phone 3-6644 333 Market Street Hot Springs, Arkansas Welcome to Hot Springs . . . MARTIN’S RECREATION SMEDLEY'S 831 Central Hot Springs, Arkansas | USTOM K 1 T c H E N IXa B 1 n e t s Ph. NA 3-5791 New Homes and Remodeling NA 4-1951 930 ValleyCompliments of OAKLAWN SUPPLY G-E Frigidaire Hot Point JOHNSON APPLIANCE Factory Authorized Service Phone NA 3-3621 721 Hobson Avenue Hot Springs, Arkansas Insurance Real Estate READER .tt ’ 10" «•«.» INSURANCE AGENCY CENTRAL CITY SHOPPING CENTER Phone NAtional 3-4072 Complete Insurance Protection 3330 Central Avenue 813 Hobson Ave. Hot Springs, Ark. Hot Springs, Arkansas WORLD-FAMOUS LAMAR BATHS Since 1888 "Ladies' Ready-to-Wear" CY M. KING, Pres., Mgr. At the South End of Phone NA 4-2231 514 Central BATH HOUSE ROW Hot Springs, Arkansas McCLARD’S KEITH SMITH BAR-B-Q CO., INC. Always Good Phone NA 3-8828 505 Albert Pike Ave. 911-915 Gaines Hot Springs, Arkansas Hot Springs, ArkansasCOY’S STEAK HOUSE SERVICE STATION Choice Grade "A" U.S. Beef (tsso) V. DIMM East Grand on Hiway 70E J. R. LAWRENCE, Operator Hot Springs, Arkansas Highway 5 Hot Springs NOBLE’S INC. EARL GILL RECORD SHOP Complete Kitchens "We Do It All" Floor Covering - Paneling Carpet - Draperies Phones: 3-4401 - 3-4402 227 Broadway Hot Springs Coin-Operated Amusement Machines Cigarette and Candy Machines Full Line Vending We Rent Jukeboxes for Parties "First with the top hits" NA 3-3335 810 Hobson Compliments of Ignition Carburation J. V. HORNE MARY CARTER General Auto Repair PAINT STORES 201 West Grand Wheel Alignment Phone NA 3-7822 LEO CASTLEBERRY ENTERPRISES 2 1 2 Miles on the Higdon Road P. O. Box 445 Hot Springs, Arkansas K. B.H. S. Radio 6:30-7:30 Sunday 5:30-6:00 Monday Through Saturday TEAGUE’S SUPER SERVICE Tires on Time - No Money Down American Oil Products G r 9 R“r Wheel Balancing (AMERICAN I Wash " P°IISh Wheel Alignment Road Service Tune-Up Lubrication Phone NA 4-3192 Corner Central and Hobson Hot Springs, Ark.MOBIL OIL COMPANY A Division of Socony Mobil Oil Co. , Inc. 1920 Central Avenue Phone NA 3-5771 JAMES LACY, Consignee I ARKANSAS ’ POWER LIGHT COMPANY HELPING BUILD ARKANSAS •flfi !■ Helen and Gary vjc, . chat between classes. Mr. Roe, our secretary? Sue and Charles have recess.L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Class Rings Yearbooks Attleboro, Massachusetts ROY NEW, Representative Announcements Awards BOOSTER PAGE Renee's Beauty Shop Rowe Drug Store Browns Department Store OakLawn Sportswear Hot Springs Maytag Company Prince Electronics Company Vista Heights Roller Rink Pates Shoe Store Hot Springs 7 Minute Car Wash Hanson Radiator Works Sidney's Shoe Store Mortons Foods Albert Pike Mill Works Myers Janitor Supplies Bel Rose Beauty Shop Holmes' Service Center F ros-T-Tr eat Southern Radio T V Center Morton Brewer Hardware Rectors Jewelers Brown Matlock Wholesalers MacLane Hardware Carl Yearby, Kroger Home Furniture Company Sug Wilson Duke Mattress Factory 922 Hobson Used Furniture Appliance Hefley Sanitary Company Stanly Roach Johnson Cleaners AARA Rental Center Parrish Drive-In Cleaners Rowell McLane Shoe Service W, H. Magby JewelersTAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made"■ • . k A. ' •.v (5. • r ■ WL0: « vSH - HI VI . • • -i ■S' 'T -'‘j UTj •’tv. r ' r . •» V « -i ■ .» ■ A '• • » . «. r V«l - _ irf ’V V •• •" . • ■-• .,• -•• ... ' •:. •. - • i r • -, ■ . v 1 ■ fe-.. i . UV U ' ’7 " ,7. w• A Vs .. ■ 9 3r 9 6TJ ' ;• ... J J WJ'

Suggestions in the Fountain Lake High School - Cobra Yearbook (Hot Springs, AR) collection:

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