Fountain Lake High School - Cobra Yearbook (Hot Springs, AR)

 - Class of 1965

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ALMA MATER Fountain Lake High to you now we sing Of happy days we spend. We will keep ever our hearts in tune As we face life soon. Our Alma Mater, dear Fountain Lake, School that we love the best, We pledge our love, for Where'er we go, We 'll let our light shine so— Oh— Heads held high, breathe a sigh For all the friendships true Life's ahead, joy we'll spread 'Cause we love Fountain LakeFOREWORD HEIDI WILLIAMS Editor DELORES PHILUPS Assistant The COBRA staff is proud to present the Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-Five COBRA. We have worked long and hard hoping to make this the best COBRA ever published. We hope that its pages may relive for you the many happy memories of the past year. We have enjoyed the friendships, and the care-free, happy times we have had together. We trust that these associations will help us to be better citizens in the world of tomorrow. As you browse through the pages of the COBRA, may the memories depicted in it always be foremost in your hearts and minds. STAFF Patsy Wyatt Mildred Simpson Jimmie Simpson Becky Sargo John Hammond Dan Short Pat Haley Advisor— Norman Hawkins Mrs. Clem Billy GarnerWE DEDICATE As a token of our appreciation for all t ie help that he has given the students of Fountain Lake, we dedicate this year’s Cobra to . . . MR. JOHN DOSTER For the past sixteen years he has given of his time and talent for the betterment of our school. Besides his many duties as principal of the high school, he also serves as assistant coach, substitute teacher, and Geography teacher. He is a friend to all the students; and for this reason, he has been chosen as sponsor of the senior classes for many years. We wish to thank him for the patient assistance, and understanding he has given us always. Mr. Doster and his wife, Patsy.IN MEMORIAM EARL RAY MUNGLE "God calls our loved ones, but we lose not wholly, what He has given. They live on earth, in thought and deed, as truly as in His heaven." John Greenleaf Whittier✓ STANDING: Robert Nichols; Elmer Sidebottom; Conley Culpepper, Secretary ; Debirt Graves, Vice President. SEATED: Roscoe Davis, Superintendent; W. C. Irwin Jr,, President. FOUNTAIN LAKE SCHOOL BOARD AT WORK Cutting of the ribbon at the dedication of the new elementary school building.MR. ROSCOE DAVIS, at present, iS serving his ninth year as Superintendent of Fountain Lake. The results of his labor are obvious, both in the physical plant and in the curriculum of the school. Fountain Lake should be very grateful to him for his deep and abiding interest in the school and the per-severence and dependability which he has demonstrated. MR. JOHN DOSTER has been Principal of Fountain Lake High School for nine years. During this time he has proven himself a friend to all the students. The student body is most appreciative of his interest. MR. GLENN FORD is now serving his first year as Principal of Fountain Lake Elementary School.OUR MRS. RUTH ROSS STELL MRS. MARGARET CLEM BILL SARGO English Business Education Social Studies LEWIN NEWCOMB C. W. BALE FRAZIER WATSON High School Science Mathematics Junior High English ORVIS HENDERSON HETTIE LOU BROOKS JOHN LA FEVERS Junior High Science Music Physical Education ChemistryFACULTY MRS. GERALDINE NEWKIRK Home Economics J. W. BLOCKER Agriculture DARRELL BAKER Sixth Grade MRS. LOU ANNA HILTON MRS. LESTER FOLKS Fifth and Sixth Grade Fifth Grade MRS. LENA HARPER Fourth Grade MRS. LAURA JINSKE MRS. BETTY BURROUGHS MRS. SUSIE B. HASTINGS Third and Fourth Grades Third Grade Second GradeMRS. OWETA DAVIS First Grade MRS. ANNE MYERS First Grade SECRETARIES Lily Wyatt, Norma Judkins, Katherine Washington Nancy Tillery High School Linda Scott Elementary BUS DRIVERS Dale Gomance. George Parker Ellis Johnson Ernest Smith Alton Payne Faber FasonODIS JUNIOR BRESHEARS F.F.A. 1, Vice President 4; Most Talented 4; Junior Play; Baseball 2, 3. GLENDA JEAN DEPRIEST F.H.A. 1.2,4; Library Club 3, Reporter 4; Chorus 1; Basketball 3,4; Junior Play. SANDY RAY BAIR Transferred from Cutter Morning Star. F.F.A. 2, 4; Library 4; Chorus 1; Junior Play. JOHNNY ELROY BASSE F.F.A. 1,2,4, Junior Advisor 3; Basketball Manager 1, 4; Most School Spirit 4; Boy’s State 3.DOROTHEA KAREN FORD Student Council 4, Treasurer 3; Basketball 1,2,3, 4; Chorus 3,4; Homecoming 1,2, Queen 4; Miss FLHS 3; Best All Around 4. BILLY LEE GARNER FFA 1; Beta Club 3, President 4; Student Council 1,2,3, Treasurer 4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Mr. FLHS 4; FHA Sweetheart 4; Most Likely to Succeed 1,2, 3; Best All Around 1; Junior Play; Paper and Annual Staff 4; Class President 4. 7% PATRICIA CAROL HALEY Transferred from Hot Springs. Lib. 3,4, Pres. 4; Beta Cl. 3,4, Sec. 4; Chor. 1; Most Likely To Succeed 4; Jr. PI.; Paper and Ann. St. 3,4; "Fountain Lake Times" Ed. 4; Class Treas. 2, 3, 4; Basketball Scorekeeper 3,4. JOHN MORRIS HAMMOND Transferred from Benton, Arkansas. FFA 2,4, Pres. 4; Beta Cl. 3,4, Vice Pres. 4; Stu. Coun. 4; Most Likely To Succeed 4; Paper and Ann. St. 4. CANDACE SUE HARMON Transferred from Garden Grove, California. Library Club 3; Chorus 4. JOHN ROBERT HENDRIX FFA 1, 3,4, Sentinel 3; Chorus Jl, 3; Wittiest 3, 4; Junior Play; Baseball 2.LINDA SHARON LOWDER FHA 1,2, President 3; Chorus 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Most Talented 1; Homecoming Queen 4; Class Secretary 4; Reporter 3. LYN ROBERT LYNCH FFA 1,2,4; Student Council 1; Chorus 1, 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3, 4; Wittiest 2. JAMES AUSTIN MILLARD FFA 1, Sentinel 4; Basketball Manager 4; Chorus 1,3. NORMA LEE PARKER FHA 1,2i Student Council 3; Chorus 1, 3; Basketball 1,2. RUTH ELLA HITCHENS FHA 1,2,4; Chorus 1,4. CAROLYN JANE LOY FHA 1, 2,4; Library Club 3,4; Chorus 1; Junior Play.SUSAN LYNN PASCOE Transferred from McPherson, Kansas, F.H.A. 3; Library Club Vice President 4; Chorus 1; Cheerleader 4; Homecoming 4; F.F.A. Sweetheart 3, Most Talented 4; Junior Play. ANNA SUE PHILLIPS F.H.A. 1, 2, 3; Library Club 1, 3,4; Chorus 1. MARILYN SUE PIKE F.H.A. 1, 2, 3; Library Club 1; Chorus 2, 3; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Most Athletic 4; Junior Play. PATSY RITTER MITCHELL F.H.A. 1,2; Student Council 3; Chorus 3; Basketball 1; Wittiest 1,2, 3. VIRGINIA ANN ROSS F.H.A. 2, 4; Library Club 4; Basketball 2. REBECCA ANN SARGO F.H.A. Secretary 1; Library Club 3; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Chorus 3, 4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Miss FLHS 4; Paper and Annual Staff 4; Class Vice President 4.MILDRED LUE SIMPSON FHA 1, Vice-President 3j Student Council Vice-President 4; Chorus 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3, 4; Most School Spirit 3; Homecoming 4; Junior Play; Paper and Annual Staff 3, 4; Class Secretary 3. JERRY WAYNE VAUGHN FFA 1,2, Treasurer 4; Chorus 1; Library Club 1. HEIDI KAY WILLIAMS Transferred from Eyota, Minnesota. Beta Cl. 3, 4; Stu. Coun. 1,2, Sec. 4; Chor. 1,3,4; Cheerleader 3,4; Best Personality 3; FFA Sweetheart 4; Jr. PI.; "Cobra" Ed.; Class Sec. 2, Vice-Pres. 3. PATSY ANN WYATT FHA 1; Sec. 2,3; Lib. 1; Chor. 3; Basketball 1; Cheerleader 3, 4; Homecoming 2; Most Likely To Succeed 1; Jr. PI.; Paper and Annual St. 3,4, Business Manager 4. DANNY CLYDE SHORT FFA 1; Beta Club 3,4; Stu. Coun. 1,3,4, Pres. 4; Chorus 1; Basketball 1, 2,3,4; Most Courteous 4; Jr. Play; Paper and Ann. .Staff 4; Class Rep 4. JIMMIE SUE SIMPSON FHA 1, 3; Treas. 3; Chorus 1,3,4; Cheerleader 2, 3,4; Friendliest 3; Most Courteous 4; Jr. Play; Paper and Ann. Staff 3,4; Homecoming 3. IWayne Carter Sue Curtis Fred Dickson Winn East Donnie Hendrix Shirley Holder Ernest Holland Jackie Knox Carolyn Millard Terry Millard Brenda Mungle Robert Goodeaux Mary Sue Hart Wayne Harvey Norma HawkinsLarry Murders Helen Outler Charles Overton Larry Payne Delores Phillips Lanny Ragsdale Jan Sargo Henrietta Tyler Kathy Vaughn Dianne Walters Danny Ward Paulette Ward Gary Welch Mike WilliamsSOPHOMORES 1'. n «V-v “ - '' Sv Z 'Xt ' f-» CLASS OFFICERS President ------ David Rhiddlehoover Vice-President ----- Georgetta Parker Secretary - — - -- -- - Linda Partain Treasurer - -- -- -- - Eddie Culpepper Reporter........................Anita HaleyI Billy Beaird David Bresheats Mary Burks Randall Cragg Eddie Culpepper Jo Nell Denton Ronnie Dunn Anita Haley Lois Hammond Bobby Hayes Marilyn Hearn Paul Hefley Gerald Hulsey Harold James La Vaughn James Dennis Millard Helen Millard Gary Newman Merelene Nichols Linda PartainJeff Pawelczak Lorna Pawelczak David Rhiddlehoover Raymond Ritter Danny Tillery Patsy Shell Judy Ward Wayne Warwick Sherman Washington Debbie Wood Shirley Wyatt Clifford Wylie The Office Production class helps the March of Dimes fight against Birth Defects by stuffing and addressing envelopes. It seems that Mr. Sargo is the center of attraction in his government class.It looks like a costume party, but actually it's the FHA initi ation. Yeah-Yeah-Yeah Winn's hard at work painting the cabinets in the Home Ec. buildine. Whistler's mother?Hazel Depriest Kathy East Ronnie Ford Steven Frost Jerry Helton Linda Gail Hendrix Ray Hitchens Barbara Jenkins Eugene Haley Billy Hardesty June Harrison Linda Hefley NINTHOnia Jones Cathy McElderry Fletcher Morgan Harold Mungle Jimmy Nobles Johnny Nobles Ethel Lou Norman GRADE Sandy Sanders Debbie Sorrells Kathy Tillery Clara Trusty Shirley Overton Alicia Propst Stanley Rice James Ross Gail Vaughn Mae Ward Dwight Weaver Paul WyattHue Anna Attebury Jerry Dale Bean Mike Bissell Douglas Boyette Shirley Burnett Gail Carter Kent Culpepper Larry Denton Dennis Fason Marvin Garner Roger Graves Tommy Haley EIGHTH Diane Huddleston Linda James Stanley James Jo Anne Johnson John Paul Jones Arnold Judkins Arvil Judkins La Donna LarsenShari Nichols John Norman Lucian Parker Monte Pascoe Everett Phillips Barbara Posey Marcia Ragsdale April Rhiddlehoover GRADE Clarisse Shell Terry Smith Mike Taylor Priscilla Teague Virginia Thomasson Anita Tillery Jimmy Ward Freddie WoodallRicky Black Gary Breshears Steve Breshears Susan Depriest Carolyn Dunn Darrell Dunn Wade Allen Alan Ault Robert Beaird Patsy Black Edgar Brown Duane Cotman Larry Crumpton Leon Crumpton SEVENTH Barbara Fason Deborah Ferrell Gary Frost Howard GravesJudkins i Knighten Larsen Henry Harper Timmy Hassel Billy Helex Annie Helton Sandra Louton Herman McAtee Russell Meeks Patsy Millard Gary Overton Bruce Parker Philip Pawelczak Brenda Phillips GRADE Jerry Milroy Terry Milroy Leonard NeighborsJohnnie Porter Gary Ragsdale Doyle Ritter Calvin Scott Belinda Vaughn Beverly Vaughn Anthony Ward Gerald Ward Winford Ward Cathy Warwick Timmy Weaver Lucy Westerm an Susie Westerm an Kenneth Wood Horace Wynn, Jr.FHA BEAU BILLY LEE GARNER FFA SWEETHEART HEIDI WILLIAMSBEST ALL AROUND Charles Overton Karen Ford MOST TALENTED Junior Breshears Susan Pascoe WHO’S MOST ATHLETIC WITTIEST Billy Gamer Marilyn Pike Helen Outler J. R. Hendrix vMOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT John Hammond Pat Haley Johnny Basse Jan Sargo WHO MOST COURTEOUS Jimmie Simpson Dan Short BEST PERSONALITY Cheryl Smith Billy GarnerHOMECOMING ROYALTY LINDA LOWDER KAREN FORD Queen Queen FOUNTAIN LAKE MAIDS: Shirley Overton Merelene Nichols Shirley Holder Mildred Simpson MAGNET COVE MAIDS: Linda Hefley Patsy Shell Peggy Attebury Susan PascoeSTUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is composed of two representatives from each class and four officers elected in the fall. The purpose of this organization is to serve as a channel of cooperation between the students and faculty, to assist in the development of school spirit, to encourage thoughtful observance of school regulations, and to carry out projects which will benefit the school as a whole. SEATED: Winn East, John Hammond, Georgetta Parker, Mildred Simpson, Dan Short, Heidi Williams, Billy Garner, Karen Ford, Jackie Knox. STANDING: Johnny Porter, Jimmy Ward, Paul Wyatt, Mary Burks, Mr. Bale, Sponsor, David Breshears, Debbie Sorrells, Bonnie Hope, Susie Westerman.THE BETA CLUB The Beta Club is a national organization for senior high school students. Its purpose is the promotion of honesty, service, and leadership. New members, chosen by the faculty and approved by the Beta Club, are installed each year. They are judged on the basis of scholarship, achievement, leadership, and character. SEATED: Norma Hawkins, Reporter; Pat Haley, Secretary; Billie Lee Garner, President; John Hammond, Vice President; Winn East, Treasurer. STANDING: Sue Curtis, Norma Parker, Heidi Williams, Dan Short, Larry Payne, Mrs. Stell, Sponsor.President ------- V. President - -2nd V. President Secretary ------- Treasurer-------- Sponsor---------- ------Winn East • Delores Phillips - Norma Hawkins Georgetta Parker - - Linda Hefley - - Mrs. Newkirk FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA WINN EAST was installed as Federation 15 President at the 1964 FHA District Meeting. Her official duties will begin at the next district meeting in September. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA President -V. President Secretary -Treasurer -Sr. Advisor Reporter -Jr. Advisor Sentinel - John Hammond Junior Bteshears ■ Jeff Pawelczak - Jerry Vaughn - J. W. Blocker David Breshears Donnie Hendrix - Jim MillardJUNIOR CHORUS SENIOR CHORUSHeidi Williams, Editor of the "Cobra," and Delores Phillips, Assistant Editor, are busy thinking of new and different layouts for this year's yearbook. Mildred Simpson, Advertising Manager, and Patsy Wyatt, Business Manager, are working on the advertising section of the "Cobra. " PAPER AND ANNUAL STAFF Pat Haley, Editor of the "Fountain Lake Times," and Norma Hawkins, her assistant, are making out the next "Times" Edition.Making headings for the "Times" and drawing up layouts for the "Cobra" are John Hammond and Becky Sargo. Dan Short and Billy Garner report the sports news for the "Times." Jimmie Simpson, Subscription Manager for the "Cobra," consults with Mrs, Clem, Sponsor.LIBRARY CLUB The members of the Library Club are a very busy group. Many of their duties include: keeping the library in order, repairing and ordering books, assisting students in their research, and keeping the records. OFFICERS: Susan Pascoe, Vice-President; Peggy Atte-bury. Secretary-Treasurer; Glenda Depriest, Reporter; Pat Haley, President. SENIOR BOYS BASKETBALL Jimmy Attebury, Tim Sorrells, Wayne Carter, Gary Welch, Charles Overton, Lyn Lynch, Larry Payne, Billy Garner, Johnny Nobles, Dan Short, Wayne Harvey, COACH Lafevers. MANAGERS: Johnny Basse, Jim MillardSENIOR GIRLS BASKETBALL STOREKEEPERS AND MANAGERS: Delores Phillips, Pat Haley, Winn East Paulette Ward, Sue Curtis, Glenda Depriest, Helen Outler, Mildred Simpson, Karen Ford, Becky Sargo, Linda Lowder, Marilyn Pike, Peggy Attebury, Brenda Mungle, Merelene Nichols, Patsy Shell, COACH LaFevers.SENIOR CHEERLEADERS HEIDI WILLIAMS JIMMIE SUE SIMPSON Captain JAN SARGO SUSAN PASCOE PATSY WYATT SHIRLEY HOLDERJUNIOR BOYS Stanley Rice, Steven Frost, Ray Hitchens, Paul Wyatt, Harold Mungle, Don Basse, Jimmy NoDies, Bill Hardesty, Kenneth Ashley, Jimmy Ward, Dennis Fason. STANDING: Lucy Westerman, Manager; April Rhiddlehoover, Shari Nichols, Clara Trusty, Kathy East, Priscilla Teague, Joan Vaughn, Cathy McElderry, Shirley Overton, Debbie Sorrells, Linda Hefley, Clarisse Shell, Alicia Propst, Joyce Neighbors. KNEELING: Hue Anna Attebury, Onia Jones, Pamela Shaw, Sylvia Boyette, Gail Carter, Linda Gail Hendrix. JUNIOR GIRLSJUNIOR CHEERLEADERS BARBARA FASON BONNIE HOPE LINDA LARSEN PAT MILROY LINDA JAMES LA DONNA LARSENQueen Linda and Queen Karen Karen, Patsy, Linda, Mildred, Beckv. JimmieLinda Blake Betty Bresheats Brenda Breshears Gerald Breshears Frances Brown Deborah Crumpton Jack Culpepper Billy Dexter Dorris Dickson Jay Dunn SIXTH GRADE Tom Dunn Ralph Edds Junior Fason Joyce Ferrell Bill Fiser Dwight Ford Horace GoodwinBillie Howard Russell Howard Brenda Irwin Brad Jones SIXTH Mike Kopf Leah Leonard Diane Me Cage Yvonne McCluskey Brenda McNeal Elizabeth Newman Richard OwensTommy Pod a Janet Porter Jon Rhiddlehoover Thomas Rigsby Bonnie Partain John Payne Gary Phillips Donna Talent David Taylor Lanny Tillery David Trusty GRADE Steven Williams James Wood Donna WoodallMary Lou Ault Allen Bates Billy Bates Roger Black Ronnie Boyette Carolyn Breshears Patty Bryant Debora Burks ■ ® «• Joanie Chambers Debra Chenault Tommy Davis James Denton FIFTH Theodore Dexter Rickey Dunn Ann Eudy Dennis Ford Alta Lee Graves Debra Hass Linda Hearn Rickey Hendrix Carol Hope Laveme Hunnicut Joe James Keith JamesDonald Johnson June Johnston Cheryl Knox Arlen Lawson John McNett Billie Millard Denese Millard Darlene Miller Sharon Miller Johnnie Minton Barbara Newman Judy Nobles Glenda Phillips GRADE Carlene Pizzalato Carlo Pizzalato Timothy Ragsdale Raymond Robbins Billy Smith Leonard Tatro Phillip Taylor Cheryl Thomasson Rebecca Washington Regina Woodard O. A. Wynn Ellen YoungRonald Allen Paul Burks Wanda Burks James Cantrell Hubert Chenault Scott Culpepper Agnes Dean Alan Edwards Ricky Ellison Mike Frost Billy Graves Jeffery Hansen FOURTH Debbie Henderson Deborah Hilton Joyce Hogue Eddie Hood Clyde Hope David Huddleston Ronald Hughes John KaraSandra Larsen Bethany Lawrence Windoyle Louton Coy Me Cage Scott Me Neely Connie McNeil Tommie Neighbors Gail Noles Virgil Norman Tommy Rhiddlehoover Michael Rigsby Wanda Ritter GRADE Larry Sabourin Janice Scoggins Brenda Shaw Sandra Simpson Louie Sorter Marcus Taylor Nelda Tillery Debbie WardConnie Ault Jeff Bates Donnie Breshears Tim Brooks Doyce Burks Jimmy Burks Vickie Burks Bill Eugene Chaney Sally Chenault Judy Dunn Waymon Edmunds Billy Ray Fincher THIRD Kenneth Ferrell Terry Ford Sidney How arc Donald James Robert James Sandra Johnson Venita Judkins Donnice KingDebra Kopf Deborah Lee Larsen Brenda McCage Virginia Miller Paul David Morgan Leah Newnam Brad Phillips Michael Ragsdale Chester Rigsby Robin Robbins Bill Sanders Gregory Shell GRADEKerry Davis Sharon Deal Paul East Randy Ellison Cathy Eudy Larry Fincher Howard Garner Terry Gossage Randolph Graves Jimmy Brad Hassell Elizabeth Hefley Mary Jo Helton SECOND Wanda Henderson Regie Howard Eugene Hulsey Joannie James Billy Fred Jones Ray Judkins Winona Kara Deborah Knighten Jay Kuhn Patty Larson Rennet Lewis David LoutonAnn Miller Charles Miller Gary Miller Paul Miller DeDrah Neighbors Peggy Neighbors Elaine Noles Mary Ann Porter Vickie Propst Theresa Pruitt Annette Rhiddlehoover Janet Robbins GRADE Peggy Jo Sabourin Mary Sargo Linda Lou Shaw Kenneth Shelton Ricky Shelton Nancy Simpson Linda Sorter Raymond Taylor Kathy Sue Washington Robin Woodard Linda Yates Steven YatesPeggy Ault Debra Breshears Marilyn Breshears Marlon Breshears Sandra Breshears Judy Bryant Gary Burks Janet Burks James Chaney Judy Chenault Cathy Cummings Allen Ray Dean Mary Dean Mary Ann Diehl FIRST Roy Edmonds Ike Eudy Diane Ford Linda Fryar Johnny Garner Romona Graves Mike Hansen Betty Jo HayesTony Helton Carlos Hogue Betty Hood Barbara Hope Bobby Hope John Howard Barbara Hulsey Donnie Ray Hulsey Gordon Irwin Brenda James Jesse Johnson Linda Johnson Tim Johnson Scot King GRADE Deborah Lawson Glenda Louton Sandra Me Cage Gail McNett Patricia Miller Robert Morrow Janice Newnam Barry OwensLila Phillips Patricia Porter Larry Posey David Ragsdale Debbie Rigsby Dixie Sandes Alvin Shaw Sheila Sorter Dale Stone Mark Terry Danny Thomas Ricky Thomas Nancy Thomasson Jackie Tillery Susan Tillery Sandra Tyler Sharon Ward Mona Kay Washington Junior Watson Kenneth Wright Vicki Wyatt Jeannie YoungCOMPLIMENTS OF ARKANSAS BANK TRUST COMPANY "Bringing Progressive Banking to Hot Springs" Broadway Square VAUGHAN HARDWARE 510 Ouachita Avenue Hot Springs, ArkansasBest Wishes From OF HOT SPRINGS ARK Your Friendly Bank Educational Loans Central Avenue and Court Street A-R-A-Auto Air Conditioner Sales and Service "LET'S COOL IT" “RED” MILLARD’S GENERAL AUTO SERVICE Speedometer Service 1001 Central Hot Springs, Arkansas Dial NA 3-4652 Tires, Batteries, AccessoriesCRAWFORD’S DRUGS 2630 Central - NA 3-3326 1041 Malvern - NA 4-1321 109 Ouachita - NA 3-6642 114 Central - NA 3-2471 E. R. BROOKS ELECTRICAL WHOLESALE SUPPLIES Manager: DON BROOKS 1209 Malvern Avenue Phone: NA 4-1562 L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Class Rings Yearbooks Attleboro, Massachusetts ROY NEW, Representative Announcements AwardsTHE COUNTRY BOY STORE MR. AND MRS. JOHNNIE TEAGUE, Props. "Where Neighbors Trade" Route 7, Box 58 Hot Springs, Arkansas ERNEST J. HOLDEN DICK HOLDEN KEMPNER’S HOT SPRINGS Fine Shoes MONUMENT COMPANY Women's Apparel - Millinery 2017 Central NA 3-4711 5th and Greenwood Avenue NA 3-1272 Phone NA 3-3631 420 Central Ave. Hot Springs Hot Springs, Arkansas Welcome to Hot Springs . . . SMEDLEY'S Business Phone 3-1675 Resident Phone 3-2674 DOUGLASS i USTOM K 1 T C H E N l AB 1 N E T S FLOWER SHOP Member of F. T. D. New Homes and Remodeling MR. AND MRS. K. W. DOUGLASS 136 Central Ave. NA 4-1951 930 Valley Hot Springs, Ark. Best Wishes From Your CONOCO DEALERS Ralph Dodd Ralph Beason lack Hale 311 Park 3228 Central 1101 Albert Pike Doyle Houser Mac1 s Conoco Fred Southerland Gulpha Street 2324 Malvern Williams Conoco Malvern and Grand 1900 CentralMAMOXII llridal Sot Specially Priced From $19. 95 Up HOLIDAY JEWELERS 816 Central Hot Springs ELECTRICITY POWERS ARKANSAS' PROGRESS ARKANSAS power a light ..COMPANY RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL • CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING HEATING • GUTTERS • DUCT WORK Authorized TRANE Dealer - HOODS TURBINE NA 4-2125 HOT SPRINGS SHEET METAL EQP. I N C 1122 MALVERN THE OYSTER BAR Fresh Oysters and Shrimp All Orders to Go 126 Central Avenue Hot Springs ArkansasHOT SPRINGS TRANSFER STORAGE CO. 114 Garden St. Hot Springs, Ark. Phone: NA 4-4633 MYRON L. ROSS Owner AGENT Allied Van Lines C S MOTORS International Truck, Tractor, and Farm Equipment Complete Part and Service Facilities 500 Ouachita Avenue Hot Springs, Arkansas BRIDGES DX SERVICE Spring and E. Grand Ph. NA 3-6763 Hot Springs, Ark. Where Tomorrow Is Now STUEART’S STORE 10 246 Ouachita Ave. Phone NA 3-4651 jgteljrator s, 3«r. 330 Central Ave. Phone NA 4-2811 Hot Springs, Arkansas Distinguished Men's Wear Prescription Service Cosmetics - Jewelry Cameras 304 Albert Pike NA 4-2568THE ARLINGTON HOTEL Hot Springs National Park Arkansas COY’S STEAK HOUSE Choice Grade "A" U. S. Beef EDGAR A. MAY Manager East Grand on Hiway 70E Hot Springs, Arkansas DIERKS FOREST, INC. 810 Whittington Avenue Hot Springs, Arkansas Drink COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF HOT SPRINGS, INC. things go better,! with Coke 322 Market Street Hot Springs, Ark. Phone NA 3-7707HOME OF QUALITY MEATS AND Junction Highways 5 and 7 Phone 3-2088 BETTER GROCERY VALUES SMITH BROTHERS MODEL MARKET AUTO PARTS BEARINGS, INC. Compliments of Phone NA 3-4494 SONNY’S ESSO 540 Ouachita Ave. Hot Springs, Arkansas GLENWOOD MOTORS SALES AND SERVICE Glenwood, Arkansas Your Friendly Ford Dealer Telephone NA 3-9501 Howell Printers Photo Offset • Letterpress •••••••••• HERMAN D. HOWELL mi Malvern Avenue — P 0. Box 3 7 Hof Springs National Park. Arkansas 71902CHITWOOD MOTORS Sales and Service 530 Ouachita Hot Springs Ph. NA 3-5533 HOTEL PULLMAN, INC. HUBERT MENDELL INC. Opposite Bath House Row Central Ave. and Bath Street Phone NA 3-9826 Hot Springs, Arkansas MR. AND MRS. JASON HULL Managers EWING POULTRY AND EGG COMPANY 424 Central Avenue yiats S ts C°atS preS AC°e Spot se vs' ' eat Telephone NA 4-2100 Hot Springs, Arkansas Compliments of HILTON FURNITURE CO. NA 3-5255 Hot Springs, Arkansas EL 6-4162 Glenwood, Arkansas 113-119 Phone Albert Pike NA 3-3377 Hot Springs, Arkansas "Complete Home Furnishers" Compliments of HOT SPRINGS PACKING CO., INC. Hot Springs, ArkansasTEAGUE FURNITURE STORES Teague Fashion Furniture Carpets 2036 Central---- 3-2575 Teague Furniture Appliances 605 Albert Pike --- 3-1653 Teague Furniture Warehouse Store 400 Third---- 3-4425 Teague Furniture Upholstery Shop 400 Third Street --- 3-4425 Compliments of THE COMO HOTEL GEORGE HUBBARD "Hot Springs' favorite SON Dining Spot" 110 East Grand Avenue Hot Springs, Arkansas CLAUDE B. WACASTER, Mgr. CAIN’S STEIGLER BROTHERS DRUG STORE BOOK STORE Congratulations, Seniors! Headquarters for 404 Albert Pike Hot Springs School Books and Supplies Portable Typewriters Ph. NA 3-6614 520 Central Hot Springs MOBIL OIL COMPANY A Division of Socony Mobil Oil Co., Inc. 1920 Central Avenue Phone NA 3-5771 JAMES LACY, Consignee604 E. Grand A. C. “CHIEF” MITCHELL Plumbing and Electricity-Contractors No Job Too Large or Small Licensed and Experienced Give Us a Call Phone NA 3-7408 NOBLE’S INC. Complete Kitchens "We Do It All" Floor Covering - Paneling Carpet - Draperies Phones: 3-4401 - 3-4402 227 Broadway Hot Springs M. N. AUTO SALES 302 Third Street Hot Springs, Arkansas H. V. "NICK" NICHOLS. Co-Owner Phone NA 3-2726 RAYMOND AND MARIE MEADOWS Owners - Managers GIBSON MOTEL "A Home Away From Home" With or Without Kitchen Maid Service Phone NA 3-0451 901-903 Park Avenue Hot Springs Natl. Park, Arkansas C(vUm'» Vatoy For Home Delivery— Dial LA 5-8645 BURCHWOOD BAYSPAULDING ATHLETIC-GOODS COMPANY Wholesale Retail All Nationally Advertised Lines 583 Center Street Little Rock, Arkansas FR 2-2218 Compliments of ROCK COURT 1032 Malvern Avenue Hot Springs, Arkansas Frigidaire Tappan Kroehler SAM SMITH FURNITURE COMPANY "No Carrying Charge" Ph. 3-8866 414-418 Ouachita Hot Springs, Arkansas Compliments Compliments of of MUSE WILKERSON’S DX SERVICE LAUNDRY - CLEANERS, INC. 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Sheets, County Supervisor Virginia Livingston, County Treasurer Southland Insurance Oaklawn Sportswear Paris Drive-in Cleaners White Bros. Texaco Service Leo Castleberry Enterprizes Stanley Roach Hot Springs 7 Minute Car Wash Holmes Furniture Sisk Electric Myers Janitor Supplies W. H. Magby Jewelers J essie's United Rent-Alls Hefley's Sanitary Service Rector Jewelers Southern Radio and TV Center Bennett Auto Service The Malt Shop Pates Shoe StoreJOSEPH D. ECKERT 92 3 Central Avenue Hot Springs, Arkansas ECKERT’S Studio of Photography-Hot Springs, Arkansas '65-SENIOR CLASS PHOTOGRAPHER Fountain Lake has two fine artists: SHIRLEY TAYLOR JACKIE KNOXTAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" 

Suggestions in the Fountain Lake High School - Cobra Yearbook (Hot Springs, AR) collection:

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