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Fountain Hill High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Bethlehem, PA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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f 1 PHOTOGRAPHER RYAN STUDIOS ENGRAVER .IAHN AND OLLIER ENGRAVING COMPANY PRINTER . LEHIGH PRINTING CORPORATION 1 if H YW S Q L5QLffv wJQiMafaffg C715 I9 3 q, 1 f'1ff'lf,vl'mf 11-x' If S ll I 1 f I ll ll ll f N f VOLUME THREE NINE-I-EEN THIRTY NINE To MISS ANNA MAY TODD, THE CLASS OF 1939 DEDICATES THEIR EDITION OF MENIOIRS, TO SHOW THEIR APPRECIATION FOR HER GUID- ANCE IN THE PUBLICATION OF THIS BOOK. TO MR. MYRON STETTLER. THE CLASS OF 1939 DEDICATES THEIR EDITION OF MEMOIRS. TO SHOW THEIR APPRECIATION FOR THE WORK HE HAS DONE AS CLASS ADVISER. X1"IVL'4'I 4 To THE PASSENSERS OF THE F. H, '39, ON ITS LAST CRUISE. WE PRESENT MEMOIRS, A COPY OF THE SHIPS LOG. WE HOPE THAT IT WILL KEEP ALIVE IN YOUR MEMORY THE HAPPY EVENTS OF A PLEASANT VOYAGE. VY? Q AA 'I' . vx 3 5QSQffq"3"D,W'WfI" fa vm?-fbs Srffnyf LJ if aff., fs JS S5 7aLle of Gankn-ld I sf? wg? qffe H1-qJj.,,keff9 52532 N-. V-rf-f PASSENGERS ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS FEATURES ADVERTISING an 14 HE Memoirs Staff extends their appreciation for aid in the pro- duction of this yearbook to: Mr. Elmer F. Greene for his advice and cooperation. Miss Margaret Wunderly for her supervision of the art work. Mr. Theodore A. Brown for his literary criticism. Mr. J. J. Ryan, photographer. Mr. R. J. Barton, of Jahn and Ollier Engraving Company. Mr. Earl M. Schaffer, of the Lehigh Printing Corporation. ,f-A V3 5 S 4 1- ' P en 3 Q hav-E-dEfff?JgJQff'IgF4KLJ Q,-J S-VN -'Cx JE U' 5 'b. gf2f5fx,e2,m HJQSLLLY Rx X TAT X y 1 , A 0 X 9 W! XX xfff:-fs QQ V20 X gf if Q 1. X, , 'QZQEEQIQ X f UXQEEZTSN X f' Q. . W! X, ,. QW, fiffif 5 l Stk MEMBERS, Class of 1939: For quite some time in your school life you looked forward to the time when you could participate in Commencement Exercises of your High School, when you would be presented with the School Diploma certifying that you completed the prescribed High School Course. Now that you have attained that goal, may it be to you the satisfac- tion and joy that you anticipated. May this satisfaction and joy, however, mean to you the realization that any worth while achievement in life is possible only by contin- ued study, effort and workg may it mean to you the determination to use the talents and abilities which you possess that you may be truly successful in that which you undertake to dog may all your endeavors be motivated by high ideals and purposes. I extend to each of you, members of the Class of 1939, my sincere Congratulations, and wish you success in your life's work. J OHN S. STETTLER, Supervising Principal VW N 3 f'1vf?l1'r' 3 2 PM JIS! I, Vw sfi QQ? Q ee-f B s5Fn I OW that you have completed your high school days, you will often Nlook back and realize how comparatively short the period has been. It seems but a few days, yet it has been several years. Is it not true that during those years you often wondered whether or not it was going to be Worth your efforts to do the tasks assigned to you. You may not have been able to assure yourself a positive an- swer, but I am sure that now, as you step out from your duties as a class and become each an individual who must rely on oneself to place his or her learning in channels where the most benefit is going to be derived, those learning habits will repay you a hundredfold. The life which you are now going to live will be somewhat different from that which you have enjoyed in the past. You may find many difficulties in this new life. You are about to seek entrance into a careerg I feel sure that each one of you is prepared to enter this new life and should have enough courage to overcome any difficulties that you may encounter in taking your place in society. May your sincerity in all of your undertakings insure you a happy wholesome life. ELMER F. GREENE High School Principal 5 Q all 3 S gvvfp 5 fhirfrcu Faculty Zoltan B. Biro-Social Studies Kathryn Deily Brown-Home Economics Theodore A. Brown-English Charles O. Davies-Industrial Arts Philip E. Ewing-'Physical Education Dorothy L. Foster-Commercial Subjects Herman G. Hartman-Commercial Subjects Verna K. Janevick-Commercial Subjects Mary Robinson Konolige-Music Elwood S. Miller-German and Band Nellie I. Sand-Physical Education Jeanette M. Stehly-Librarian Myron Stettler-Sciences Anna May Todd-Latin and French George W. Webb, Jr.-Mathematics Margaret E. Wunderly-Art Elmer F. Greene-Principal Betty J. Roberts-Secretary to the Principal Vffi 5 tf'0f,f4.fgJfq IIT-ff ,fm If N 3 j mt ll g 5 9 hffflv Q? by if si? ,N if rv , ,- vw 13 . .Q : 'H' . Q A. ra -S gn 'L 524 Tv' .9 -F ,. is if ,I 4 sl 's 5' -v ,1. ,. 1' .,.. r K" MQW' ' .. "Rt -H313 ', . .- 'Yad- M f ,Q C , . 1..- A ' v M ' 'M If ' .V is 'f-.. -4.15 ' ,M af , ,,, . . W nf . 3:57 ,4.' , .L 1 - we ,, . . 2 A I i5 1 'LL .. ,ST 2' -5 W . Av' M f ,W ,gr :PM K , A , X -Q.. 4 : ng-- - 5.7-4-. .- 5 .TP mf- - , X... x',l' .-n , 'S w , l 1 - . l .r ' -Uv w , r '-f" '! ff x -, -Y ' f . fa Q, ,- twuw , 3, ART . f W' when-ifrr V - ,, V 54 fC,1A ,. f -a. - . Y. 1 . .2 -1 . fu. .1 -. , 4.1 4 l I 1 . J s i r ' 1 H f. . V' " y I X I .,., W 1.1 F x v F' 3 V W ' r' X it 5 .V ,. n 2 1 5'-. ,,, . Er- -' g 'V'.- ' ' L v., 4: . " f' P 'Q f 57 yr 'Y ,W . iii., 4. if ff' 4 'V 'A 21. 1 Q f- fy - -,El 1' 4.7: Y J? ,:?-I In ,.,'5 r ' sf' 'Y L 4 I 'A 1 H Q. f ,f za. r ,,..,,,,, , 5, , S-.. W, -AE 'ff ' 1- JN , ' 1 1 T55 A, QA M if--1 - .. u."4 , ly . FWF .J N 1, . ,Ia-ik, :mlm L." ,- L .. 'QQ' ' ,r . , A .A ,si .V . , N ' ..11m1tahL1fmZ-we6.,-zfnswhmm.'.,'-.- lf 5 5 x.,.5a5L'f6EJQf.ffs,,? Us VTE Sb 5" fxa Jhif' J' 'Af Passenger List . . . First Class Bruce Bachert Gerald Bachman Joseph Ballek Henry Baumann Ruth Beardslee Grace Beck Edward Beier Louis Broderick Helen Check Paul Cope Earl Cressman James Eddinger Jean Edwards Lloyd Fatzinger Paul Gilbert Anna Hanner Charles Harlor Rosemary Hartzell Charles Ihle Claire Jacoby Pearl Keck gs wi MBA! .nf 5 ,E "'-eff? rf? if F3 4 af? L3 Helen Klusek Gertrude Konrad Viola Kotz Olga Krivy Jean Kunkle Eleanor Landis Eleanor Manners Edna Marsteller Richard Morrissey William Noctor Samuel Ottinger Walter Pierok Edward Posch V Raymond Ramson Alfred Ronca Madalynne Shurts Philip Vooz Martin Wieand Margaret Yost Warren Zingler am BRUCE BACHERT "Bachy', Mischief is his middle name. If ever a childish prank of any kind occurs, you can be sure that Bruce is its perpetrator. Scientific Course Science Club 2, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Jundra Club 2. GERALD H. BAC HMAN "Dawg" Whenever and wherever there is excitement or commo- tion, you may be sure Datey is in the thick of it. He is usually good, however, between midnight and 8 A. M. Commercial Course Basketball 4g Science Club 25 Dancing Club 39 Athletic Club 23 Memoirs Staff 4g A. A. Council Class Representa- tive 4, Glee Club 35 Industrial Arts Theatre Club 3, 45 Intramural Football. JOSEPH BALLEK Jr. "Joe" Although this is Joe's first year with us, he has made a place for himself through his vivid personality. Scientific Course Science Club 4. HENRY W. BAUMANN "Hen" Who is the big fellow who sank that pretty shotg who scooped up that bad throw to first? Don't you know? That is Hen, our star athlete. Commercial Course Dancing Club 3, 4g Basketball 2, 3, 43 Athletic Club 2, Memoirs Staff 4g A. A. Council Class Representative 3, 43 Baseball 3, 4. WWW X S .. ' i 4 le5ifffifeJt.ficm.mfl... EDWARD BEIER The timid soul of our class, Eddie seldom asserts him- self, but willingly follows where others lead. General Course Home Economics Club 35 Science Club 25 Tatler Staff 4. LOUIS J. BRODERICK Our over-ardent conversationalist, Louie, whose jaw is the nearest approach to perpetual motion, can even out- talk a woman. Commercial Course Basketball 35 Dancing Club 3, 45 Art Club 25 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Intramural Football. 6? i U M7 fl -ef? Q 'l fa W' if lsfaf 5 W5 . gs S2 sffu 5 - 1 RUTH BEARDSLEE "Ruthie"' The class artist, an artist not only in painting or draw- ing pictures, Ruth is an artist too in the art of making friends. Academic Course Masque Club 45 Junior Oratorical Contestg Memoirs Staff 45 Class Vice President 45 Typing Club 35 Assistant Secre- tary A. A. 3: Jundra Club 25 Class Play 3. GRACE BECK "Becky,, "And she shall have music wherever she goes." Grace is one of those fortunate few who can play the piano by ear. Commercial Course Memoirs Staff 45 Music Club 3, 45 Tatler Staff 45 Art Club 25 Glee Club 2, 3, 4. "Eddle', "Lou" ttt'w11y-0114 5s,.k group in stitches. Commercial Course PAUL COPE Commercial Course Tatler Staff 3, 4. EARL P. CRESSMAN "Squi'rrelly" Rhythm is his business. He has it in his feet when danc- ing and in his hands when playing the drums. Commercial Course Basketball 35 Masque Club 45 Science Club 25 Dancing Club 3, 45 Athletic Club 25 Band 2, 3, 45 Class President 25 A. A. Vice President 3, President 45 Glee Club 25 Baseball 35 Industrial Arts Theatre Club 3, 4. JAMES EDDINGER "Jimmy" A typical man about town, Jimmy attends all social functions and is well acquainted with the members of the fairer sex. General Course Debate Club 45 Science Club 45 Dancing Club 4. t1urn!y-mfn HELEN ELIZABETH CHECK "Checkie,' There's never a boring moment when Helen is around. Always laughing and joking, she keeps the rest of the Basketball 2, 3, 45 Masque Club 45 Home Economics Club 25 Memoirs Staff 45 Tatler Staff 45 Class Play 3. racopeyxs "Still waters run deep." Although he is quite bashful, Paul is very popular with his classmates. 'E-fr? N . B S iQfQffw,,f ,ffg jg-Q4 Pr 5 8 l calf tl Ufcl LP bf kf .C,,,,,e Q? .mf Q3 JEAN E. EDWARDS "Short and sweet" doesn't apply here, at least not the "short" part, for Jean is definitely the tallest girl in the class. Academic Course Home Economics Club 23 Typing Club 4, Jundra Club 2. LLOYD A. FATZINGER "Fats" We introduce our dissenter Lloyd, an ardent arguer, who profoundly believes there are two sides to every question, his own side and the wrong side. Scientific Course Masque Club 43 Debate Club 23 Dancing Club 33 Band 2, 33 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 23 Jundra Club 25 Class Play 3g Track 33 Intramural Football. PAUL GILBERT some day. Commercial Course ANNA M. HANNER Commercial Course 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Class Secretary 2. 5 iei f Science Club 2, Dancing Club 3g Tatler Staff 4. s5FH I 'Gilbic' Paul is a noisy but unassuming chap. We believe he has some hidden talent with which he will astonish the world "Midge, What! another book? Anna is one of the very few literary-minded students in our class. She derives a great deal of pleasure from reading one book after another. Dancing Club 35 Junior Oratorical Contestg Tatler Stalf tmmiiy-tlr1'P Ss e ll CHARLES HARLOR "Snuff" The Mystery of the Medical World-he amazes doctors. Mention a test or notebook due to Snuff and he suddenly becomes violently ill. Genvral Course Home Economics Club 33 Debate Club 2, 43 Band 2, 3, 43 Track 3. ROSEMARY K. HARTZELL ,."R0ma,' A group of girls, a lot of chattering interrupted by gig'- gles, and we can be sure that Roma is in the midst, amus- ing herself and her cohorts with choice tidbits of F. H. gossip. Commercial Course Basketball Manager 3, 43 Masque Club 43 Home Economics Club 23 Dancing Club 33 Junior Oratorical Contest3 Mem- oirs Staff 43 Tatler Staff 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Jundra Club 2: Girl Reserves 4. CHARLES RUDOLPH IHLE "Butch', He's the Robert Taylor of our class. To the girls he's UThe Butcher Boy for Me". Maybe it's all the money he handles. Commercial Course Basketball 2, 33 Dancing Club 3, 43 Athletic Club 23 Mem- oirs Staff 43 Class Treasurer 3, 43 A. A. Treasurer 43 Glee Club 43 Industrial Arts Theatre Club 43 Baseball 2, 33 In- tramural Football. CLAIRE G. JACOBY "Jackie" This tiny brown-eyed blonde has enough pep for two. Her lively wit and zest lend conviviality to all friendly gatherings. Commercial Course Basketball 43 Dancing Club 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Jundra Club 2. 'lflfl x 5 . 3 3 QA gl? fu A fffvq ,swf 93 we, 4,f'5Ml.J,.fi.,.4, fl sfd 1 PEARL S. KECK To the girl with a sunny smile, hazel eyes, and school- girl complexion, our advice is to "stay as sweet as you are." Commercial Course Home Economics Club 2g Music Club 3, 43 Tatler Staff 4. HELEN KLUSEK Actions speak louder than words. By the look in her big brown eyes anyone can tell just what Helen has to say. Commercial Course Debate Club 25 Dancing Club 3g Tatler Staff 3, 4, Art Club 3. GERTRUDE M. KONRAD "Dolly,' Achew!! In the language of your forefathers, Dolly, "Gesundheit". May your melodious sneeze never develop into a more serious ailment. Commercial Course Basketball 33 Masque Club 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Jundra Club 23 Dancing Club 3. VIOLA MILDRED KOTZ "K0tZie" Viola is a rare being, a person who keeps herself to her- self, an admirable and singular virtue. Commercial Course Art Club 4g Glee Club 4. 'S Q Sfns W7 W3 55 5,8 f S -eff Q 'E at V5 id x-'VV' I E trumzfy-fir-1 sb an OLGA KRIVY Commercial Course Commercial Course ELEANOR JEAN LANDIS "Ecljel" Eleanor possesses all of the qualifications we should hope to find in an American school girl. She's sweet, chic, talented, and refined. Academic Course Basketball Manager 4, Dancing Club 35 Glee Club 3, 4: Jundra Club 25 Handbook StaH 3, Masque Club 4. ELEANOR CRAIG MANNERS "Ellie,', "C'raig,' Do you hear that wonderful singing? The ether waves are looking for voices like hers. Yes, that's right, Eleanor is exercising her vocal cords again. Commercial Course Dancing Club 3, 4g Art Club 2, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Cheer- leader 3, 4g Girl Reserves 4. f1'l'l'llf-l".VI.,l' 3 Here she comes, boys, swerving around the corner in that new maroon Dodge. A beautiful girl and a beautiful car-what more could you ask? Debate Club 2, Dancing Club 3, Memoirs Staff 4, Class Secretary 43 Tatler Staff 3, 43 Art Club 3. J EANNE ELIZABETH KUNKLE "Betty', Dots and dashes-news flashes! When you hear a con- tinuous How of chatter followed by a succession of giggles, you know Betty is at hand. Dancing Club 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 43 A. A. Council Class Rep- resentative 2g Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Junior Red Cross Representative 4, Girl Reserves 4. lfffifi N . 5 3 l,f3..ffefffaJe,..i:rff,., io Jw ,f gf? Q3 EDNA M. MARSTELLER No, that's no mystery car. That's just Lulu, driving her big Terraplane down the street. HoW's your life insur- ance? Paid up? Academic Course Masque Club 4, Dancing Club 33 Junior Oratorical Con- testg Memoirs Staff 43 Jundra Club 2g Class Play 3. RICHARD PATRICK MORRISSEY "Dykes" Our Irish wisecracker-his motto is "a wisecrack for every occasion." His jokes provoke laughter, from himself always and from others occasionally. Commercial Course Basketball 3, 45 Memoirs Staff 4g Tatler Staff 3. isis If-eff - s5Fn l "Lulu" WILLIAM J. NOCTOR "N0cty" Last but not least, but always last. Nocty is seldom on time and has a distinct dislike for labor of any kind. Scientific Course Masque Club 43 Science Club 2g Dancing Club 3g Memoirs Staff 4g Industrial Arts Theatre Club 45 Class Play 33 In- tramural Football. SAMUEL H OTTINGER "Sa'm', Flash!! Rumor has it that Ottinger is the veritable dicta- tor of the Senior Class. Yes, he too spends his leisure time at his mountain retreat overlooking his domain. Scientific Course Basketball Manager 3, 43 Masque Club 4, Debate Club 3g Science Club 2g Dancing Club 33 Junior Oratorical Con- testg Memoirs Staff 4g Class President 3, 4g A. A. Council Representative 2, 33 Glee Club 2g Class Play 35 Intramural Football. tivfnty-.w'1'1'r1 San WALTER A. PIEROK "Porky" Walter's bid to fame is his trumpet playing. He has played in several orchestras, and in doing so has gathered much valuable experience. Scientific Course Science Club 2, 3, 43 Band 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2. EDWARD POSCH "Wally" Anybody need a helping hand? If you do, just call on Poschie. He might well be called a jack of all trades for Poschie can help at anything. Commercial Course Art Club 23 Home Economics 3. RAYMOND RAMSON "Ramief' Raymond is the strong silent type. His silence is no doubt due to the fact that he is saving his wind to play the tuba. Commercial Course Home Economics Club 33 Science Club 23 Band 2, 3, 43 Industrial Arts Theatre Club 3, 4, Track 3. ALFRED PHILIP RONCA "AZ" Mrs. Ronca's favorite thought is "Where is my wander- ing boy tonight?". The answer is "California bound". A1 usually travels by means of his educated thumb. Scientific Course Science Club 25 Dancing Club 39 Glee Club 2, Intramural Footballg Debate Club 4. lfwfl H l , A ' 1 5 l ?JEJQ,Jfi,!lc4vr'iml,JLjqlwg twenty-ciy lt li? gi sift' 53 M s5F MARTIN WIEAND Our Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-judged by most to be virtually talentless, after three years of investigation We find him an excellent writer, violinist and student of aero- nautics. General Course Science Club 2, Industrial Arts Theatre Club 3, 4. MARGARET S. YOST Behold this maid! Peggy is what is known as the All- American girl: scholarly, pretty, athletic, vivacious. Gosh, some people get everything! Commercial Course Basketball 2, 3, 4g Memoirs Staff 4, Class Secretary 33 A. A. Secretary 4, Tatler Staff 2, 3, 45 Bloomsburg Commer- cial Contest 2, 3. I-,4, cy! S i Q, f M410 lsr-,if Vs? MADALYNNE SHURTS "Nan" "Oh, did you see that shot!"-Only Nan could have made such a beautiful shot. She's rated as one of the best forwards who has ever played on our court. Commercial Course Basketball 2, 3, 43 Home Economics Club 35 Tatler Staff 43 Girl Reserves 43 Jundra Club 25 Class Play 3. PHILIP E. VOOZ "Phil" Collegiate Rah, Rah, Rah-Slicked hair, beer jacket, rolled-up green pants, striped socks, super-sophistication crown him King of the Fountain Hill High J itterbugs. Scientific Course Basketball 2, 3, 45 Science Club 2, 33 Dancing Club 3, 43 Junior Oratorical Contestg Memoirs Staff 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Baseball Manager 3, 45 Class Play 3. "Mm" rsiyegv twmlty-ninr hasn't. Commercial Course ,fK K E WARREN ZINGLER "Diapc'rs" Hail the class midget! Have you heard the old saying, 'Little boys should be seen and not heard" Well, Warren Junior Oratorical Contestg Glee Club 35 Industrial Arts Theatre Club 3, 45 Intramural Football. vw 3 iq gf? fu JK Inf-4 lv' 3 Q ,Akifff lg Dfw! L15 ,- k 3 J! V Q 3 M, ,Vw f my ff HMS K xyb Sf vcgfxs Q Q Qvff4Qfn,,,5Q,JAfJ,ff'Lj3 Q mm, 1 fa-4 if pi ff? Y w S 5 N I! Q J ffjjiyvg S! A, I9 JSE fi M N , xfpivff L.4z,,JXffi, E 2 x K Vfwfw N N Q- 5? ff"J Jf' ' vfipf Q E Qfjfgy'-1-QL,ji"gdJf5 -C ' M 'E .mf S9 sfpn Passenger List . NAME Catherine Andrasko Anita Bender Katherine Billingska Bessie Bradford Donald Bramwell Dorothy Brown Mildred Brown Richard Brown William Brown Miriam Clark Geraldine Clauser Ruth Cornfeld Grace Cressman Joseph Csrnko Phyllis Decker John Fatzinger Robert Ford Walter Frick Leona Friedman Geraldine Hahn Anita Harle Lester Himmelwright Amelia Iasiello Marie Janie Erwin Johnson Charles Kuhns Stephen Kutosh J'-1 CPQJ' F5 Q eg 5 ww? NICKNAME Kitty Baby Kitty Shrimpie Brannie Dot Mickey Dick Mike Mim Gerry Cornie Gacie Mouse Phil Fatz Rob Frickie Fifi Gerry ' Sparky Himmie Baby Mazie Archie Chas Steve . . Second Class AMBITION Stenographer Stenographer Nurse Stenographer Chemist Stenographer Secretary Drummer A Olympic Star Doctor Stenographer Sociologist Stenographer Male Nurse Stenographer Actor Chemist Swimming Champion Pianist Secretary Opera Singer Bookkeeper Secretary Stenographer Crooner Accordionist Chemist thirty-th rel' 'EY Ltlllavi S351 Passenger List . . . Second Class NAME James Maley Eleanor McLaughlin Gloria Meese Louis Mirro Diana Morganello Margaret Overdorf Florence Pachter Jennie Perrett Anna Pierok William Rice Ruth Ross Jean Ruth LeRoy Schaller Norman Schuler David Scoblionko William Seifert Doris Shaner Doris Silfles Wilson Sloyer Guy Smith Alma Sprague Florence Stehly Raymond Strahlo Francis Wagner William Walp William Ward Wanda Williams Florence Yerk NICKNAME Bud M ac Meesey Louis Diane Peggy Florrie Jennie Annie Will Ruthie Jeanie Lee Steamboat Scobey Sach Doris Dolly Shifty Smitty Jackie Flossie Shrimp Waggie Duck Bill Wanda Flossie AMBITION Dentist Hairdresser Secretary Aviator Secretary Nurse Secretary Band Leader Nurse Forester Art Teacher Hairdresser Forester Saxophonist Social Service Worker Trombonist History Teacher Teacher Accountant Band Leader Hairdresser Beautician Commercial Artist Mail Clerk Accountant Chemist Secretary Secretary VY? 2 fn 4 ,. 94, e t wffws or thirty four 5 VJQP 3 by L. Lf bf E S in 2 55 Q nf jx 'yfgw 5m W fn 5 523, cf , pw V he W up H W Wy! NL!!! 'ifff ik A j xi Xi VMQ ffx gf N, 4555 5,59 g xii J 'Q I I 3 Q Q ,Biff f gif? J? 24 o !A s 94 jf 5, Q bij We gl .VJ Lb SV' Q .L..L., gif? il ...J Passenger List . . . Ruth Adams Lila Alexander Raymond Allen Wilson Andrew Althea Barick Georgine Barick Robert Bauer Warren Best Frances Bicking John Bicking Edward Boehm George Bruno Edward Buckvitz Grace Castellucci Margaret Chladny Harold Cornfeld Earl Cortright Albert DeClemente Josephine DeSieno Richard Devine Lucille Devlin Ruth Dickinson Adlee Finkbeiner Caroline Frederick Raymond Frederick Leonard Frick William Fritz Carl Fuenfstueck Bernadine Hafner Roberta Harter Virginia Himmelwright Pauline Hince June Hoffman Morris Hulsizer Thelma Hunt Cvcf' JS 7' ff as Ci x-'vtqfp Steerage Arlene Kauffman John Kipila Marguerite Koehler Stella Kosman Helen Kramer Marjorie Leidig William Lunglhofer Jeanette Miller William Morrissey Gordon Moyer Helen Nansteel Joseph Orbin James Ottinger Richard Petfield Elizabeth Pduegler Lawrence Rapp Helen Redline Calvin Reiss William Reppert Pasquale Ronca Betty Schuler Anna Shine Lorraine Sipple Virginia Steffen Althea Steinke Mary Stine Doris Stuber Isabel Taylor Gloria Torda Howard Urello Carl Weil Charles Wolk Emma Yeager Francis Yeager sid I thirty-:even f QQEF QQ. QW H Rm X X X yarn-S LQ K M xqx X K X N C. S if-l-'1f.Jflf"',.J:jD E Editor-in-Chief . Junior Editor Associate Editors Assistant Editors Administration Classes Activities. Features Art Editor Photograph Editor Business Manager Memoirs Staff Assistant Business Manager Typists A Faculty Adviser V35 x s i X Samuel Ottinger David Scoblionko Olga Krivv Richard Morrissey , . Margaret Yost . . Gerald Bachman Rosemary Hartzell . William Noctor Ruth Beardslee A Philip Vooz , , Charles lhle Edna Marstellei' Henry Baumann Helen Checl-L Grace Beck Anna May Todd f'5 ' vs ai.fLfffi'f3"Lf30'?J bfi Jus-Q Tatler Staff Izdltm' ........,. . .........,,.. lfditor .. jlYHil'f' lllglh ffclilvr ..,,,....., . . . . . . . . . ,xl1l.l'gZH't'I Yost ., ...... Helen Klusek . . . . lmlzs May Kuppingcr li'u.vim'.v.v fllunaffcr ....,...,..,.. ,...... I 'uul Clillxcrt A.v.vistnr1! Igllil-IIFXS fllalluyfvr . . . ..Rwsvn1ary llzn'tzL'll I.iIw'ary fidiiur ........,....... ,,.. A nna llnnner Sfmrtx lflilftllll . ............ .,.. h luseph Csrnlxu Illrmur lirlffnrs . .-Illmzni lfxfitnr lin-l141r1yr Iidifor . .. Nvwv lfd:'tur.v .. l'41'uf1H'1' ffllitnrs flfilfl1'ug11'r1l"ll .. .11 rf Iflil-fill' ..,,.......,... ,! Art lfditur ,SlfUVll'fi'A' ., , ..,. .4... . Jennie Perrctt Diana Murganclln Florence Pzuclner i"m'f11ty .'!1l7'f.vrr.r Stella Kosrnun ... .Francis VVagner Marjorie l.c-irlig ... ..,llI2lrju1'ic Help , . . . Florence l'achtcr ....liex'al4line Hahn Ruth Allznns ..,.......,lFll'I1lS Perrctt Virginia l'lll'llHll'lVVl'lgl'lt Arlene Kauffman ,....,....l'z1ul Cope liclwarcl lleier ....Rusen1ary Hzxrtzell .. . .Leona I:1'iecln1zn1 ..,...llvlsn Vhcck Marjnrie llelp Olga Krivy Annu llznnner Mzululynnc Sllllffi ' llclcn Klusvk Typzsts Alrmlm Fatzinger Grace Beck Pearl Keck iss lJmn'0tl1y l.. Foster . . . . . . . . N Miss Margaret xYllllllC'1'lj'. Art 'nf 3 QL aff? 53 ggfq l S ""1-ff? J l 59 ls 2 W if W ,J '1 3 5: '14 Academic Typing Club HE Academic Typing Club meets once a week throughout the year. This year its members were Academic or General students who felt the need for the ability to use a typewriter for their per- sonal benefit. The club aims, first of all, to master the keyboard so that the members may type by touch. Secondly, it attempts to acquaint the participants with accepted and established practices in the physical construction of letters, manuscripts, notebooks, and tabulations. There is no intention of becoming vocationally skilled in the use of the machine inasmuch as the group meets but thirty-six times a year. Anyone who can benefit by the knowledge outlined and who is not enrolled in a regular typing class is eligible to join. The club is direct- cd by Mr. Hartman. tlrucc l'zlstm-llurci XYilli:xm Remwcrt john Kipiln Riclmrtl llcvim- llctty SCIIHICI' Ilelcn Redline ,lt-:ui lirlwarmls Miriam flark Pasquale Rmlvil Maruzirct Ove-l'4lm'f Ruth Dickinson lininm Yeager ty-ffm J W . a 3 iufifffrfEJt,ffLCt'tffLrftWf if 9F 1 Photography Club small but active club is the Photography Club which is super- vised by Myron Stettler. This club proved of definite value to all in our school. The mem-- bers took many candid camera shots which We enjoyed seeing after they were developed. They also conducted a contest to help increase interest in photography. V Many persons made use of the developing and printing service offered by this club. Rzxymoml Allen XYiIliam l.llll2lllHfL'I' K2llllCY'lllE llillinglslcn Gordon Xloycr ,lznucs Ottingur .Q of fi gi 2 sfg 7 4 5 If gy QJQQX kan? Q55 5 5 -.W 9 Q MJ Qgfw -'J wr Q3 Sa a- N Masque Club C HE Masque Club, directed by Mr. Brown, has completed a very successful season, having produced two splendid plays. Their first production was the Junior Class play, "Tom Sawyer", in which the majority of the members of the cast were club members. A few of the minor parts were taken by Juniors who were not mem- bers ol' the club. The second production of the club, given in spring. was the Senior Class play, "Girl Shy", a comedy about college life at graduation time. The story was centered about a boy who had no interest in girls, and the girl who was out to get him, by hook or crook. She succeeded in a very novel way. As usual, many of the roles were played by Mas- que Club members. l'rL'sl1l4-nt .. .,... Yin- I'rrsi1li-nt Srrrrtury ...,. 'l'rn-zisurvx ..... Ruth lin-ardslee llclcn Checl: lfczrl 1'rL'sslmul john Ifatzingcr Lemizl Frierlnlzlli fitlillllllll' llzilm liusr-rmmi'y llarlzcll furty-four ..... .XYilliz1m Ricc- ,....U:1vid Scolrlinnku , . . . . .Ruth lhrnfelel .. ........Ma1l:nlym1e Slmrts GL'l'll'lllIt' Konraul Eleanor Lamlis lilm-zulor NICl.illlLlhllll lVilliani Noctor Szmmcl Ultingvr Flmxrrnru l'zu-htcr l"Im'r-ner Strhly 'wi H Q Q C 'x J' . 5 5 lvieifffyildbffiflcgfo swf ,iii Q3 554 Si Industrial Arts Theatre Club HE Industrial Arts Theatre Club is one ol' the few clubs in our school which has been organized for the primary purpose of helping other clubs, The members of this club, under the supervision of Mr. Davies, built the scenery for the Junior Class play, "Tom Sawyer", the Sen- ior Class play, "Girl Shy", and the Christmas Cantata, "Why the Chimes Rang". That there are many boys in school interested in this type of work is shown by the number of names on the waiting list. Applicants are admitted to this club by vote of the members. .Rziymoml Rzimson Xlanzigcr ..,..,.,.......,....,,.......,........ Smith Assi stunt M zmziger , Gerald llziclinvm XVilliam Mnrrissc lYillizun Nottur jzinies Ottinger Vt'z1lter Frick lfzirl Pressman fhurles Harlm' Alfrm-cl Runcgi fhurlcs lhle Howard Vrellu Louis Mirrn XY:n'rci1 Zinglcr 55FHv I Q sn W7 fff' tn agp? gi S ""v:f.Lg 5 W if-.x fo Vfy-ffm' 5: 'u Dauciu Club NE of our newer clubs is the Dancing Club which has now completed its second year of existence. This club, under the direction of Miss Nellie I. Sand, has aided many students to gain poise and a new sense of rhythm. It teaches the fundamental dance steps necessary for anyone who wishes to Win a place for him- self socially. Music for dancing collection of modern l'i'L'sirlcll! 'I'rv1isxirer .Xli-xamlc-1' Xllilson .Xmlrcw .Xlllu-zi llxiricli lla-iiry llziunianin john llirking lirlwaril lloclmi limlis lll'oilvi'iCk Nirltzirsl llrnwii I-filuzirzl lhickvitz lfnrl Vrcssliizill l':iroli1iv l"l'l'Klt'!'ll'l'i XY:ilicr Ifrick lxlllllfllll Ifritz Vzirl l'All1'llfSlllk'Ck Ili-iwixuliiic llafncr ..s.mYf,t,, ,, A .L.,.....,t.s:... 1 , was provided by Philip Vooz who owns a large dance recordings. Vllzlrlcs Hzirlor Rolla-rm llarlci' ,luuc Ilotlnizin I':iulii1e llinue- I.nwi'c'iicc Hutchinson l'luir1' ,lzncolny lfrwiii .loliiison llclcn Kraiiiur ,ln-zxnnc Kuiiklc l-lla-:nior Mminers Iilorin Neuse llizuia lllmgziiicllu AlL'1llll'fll' Miller ,lIYSt'1!ll Orliiu .,.....l'li:u'lcs llilc ... .XVilli:im Brown ,lciinic Pcrrett lilizalietli l'tlun'glcr Anna Picroli Doris Siltics l,uri'z1iiic Sipplc VVilsmi Sloycr Altliczi Steiulw Doris Stub:-r Iszilmel Taylor Pliilip Vooz XYilli:mi NY:ilp Uarl XYQ-il fliziiiles lVolk lfrzmcis Ycugcr Elcziiioru Yost ?ff'i"'i S lla A .ivy l Q wfffsfidtiftirtf ofiwf Among the other articles made were marionettes and the painting all X53 SWF Q3 s5FH I Art Club HE Work of the Art Club has been progressing rapidly. The stu- dents, under the direction of Miss Margaret Wunderly, were en- gaged in making numerous articles in handicraft. The members of the club have been making amberol rings of various colors and vegetable pins. Several of the boys have been interested in pen and ink drawings and in making book ends. A novelty introduced to the club was the making of jungle pins. These pins were carved out of soft wood, stained, painted and trim- med with wire. of salad bowls. li:-urgiilu llarick I'll'ZlllC1'S Ilicking Ilr1rotl1y Brown Margaret K'l1ladm-y Adlee Finklmeincr Anita Harle Lester Himms-lwriglit 'l'h1-Ima Hunt Xmlzx lxutz llc-lon Nzlllstv.-rl l.z1wrcnce Rapp Yirginizl Steffen Mary Stine ixllllil Sprague Rtiymoml Strzlhlo Virginia VVall:1ce Marguerite Koehler IV' WJ? fn M ag L3 S sz- P 5'zxvr1 YJ 5: 'u llii'i-Umr l'URNlC'l'S Rulmi-rt llehr NUTIHZIII Carl lbaviul liilglisli Kennctli Fulmcr ,lvamctte Miller l'ziul Nluscr Oliver Nmmcnizlclier VV:nltm-r l'ieruk Gvurgc XYilkinsun IIURNS ,lulm Altlwc-nn lflvvuucl Nmmcmuclicr SA X.-Xl'll0NlC Nnrniun Schiller lil'I'llUNll'MS Rzuynmml lfruelcrick Lewis liass l'liRC'l'SSlUN Riclmrml Rrnwn Hvm'gc- lflllllll lfarl f'i'cssin:ll1 just-pli Orliin Ricliurcl Skclly forty-riglrt Band . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,Mix lilwnml Miller Fl.l"l'liS Virginia llrnwii ,lrlmcs Mensc l'l,.XRlNli'l'S Wlilsou Aiulrcw llzlrry llemlvi' l,luyil lfatzingcr ,luhn llzirrlcnln-i'g flaire Harrison llfiruthy lluttlc Albert n6'll!llll1l!4 ,lezmnc Kunklc Gordon Moyer Elizabeth Oriclm ,lean Overdurf Helen Redline ,lean Ruth 'l'RUllll!UNl'fS lluviil Alla-il Albert lffsclmlnzicll ,lulm Kipila VVilliam Seifert Charles Wolk IIASSES Fllzxrlrs I'lzl1'lur Fm-I llerlmld Lutliu' l.m1g0nlwi'gci' Rnynimul Ram5un Nfffwfl 3 x Q . l 61',ffv WR ffm F ,gg S l ?ELJf-:fx Lf M 55p Glee Club HE Glee Club, directed by Mary Robinson Konoligc, presented many fine programs throughout the year. They rendered several selections at the annual school directors meeting, which was held in the auditorium of our high scnool in fall. Another program, for which they provided the music, was the annual Christmas Cantata, 'tWhy the Chimes Rang". This was given in coop- eration with the Masque Club. In May their music festival, which has become an annual affair, was well enjoyed by all who had the privilege of attending. Vrcsirlcnt ......,. ..... ...,........ l ' hilip Yooz Vim- IM-egidgm , ,, , .,... Eleanor Lmnlis Secretary ....,. ........ . . ..,. Gertrude Konrad 'l'reasurer . ..... ,....... ..,... ,...... N N ' illiznn Rica' Bruce llziclicrt Althczi Barick Graco lieclc Mildred Brown john lfzitzinger Lloyd lfzitzingcr lmona Friedmzin Geraldine Hahn Anna llunner Anita Harle Rosemary Hartzell Amelia Iasiello Charles lhle Vlziire ,lzxcolmy Viola Kotz lla-:nine Knnklc Eleanor Manners Gloria Meese Margznret Uvcrflnrf Florence Pachter Jennie Pcrrett LeRoy Schaller Doris Sillics Alma Sprague Florence Stehly VV1in1l:i VVillizuns Florence Yerk Doris Shziner qw-fs gi Q Qi? TZ, Q Q 6 S N-vc,-J? 5 fnriy-nim 53 5,51 is Home Economics Club HE girls of the Home Economics Club under the capable direction of Kathryn Deily Brown have constructed many garments during club periods this year. They have studied about the construction of garments from the buying of patterns and materials to the final step of making the arti- cle. They also learned how to buy ready-made garments wisely. This will prove of great value to all the girls when they really choose their own clothes. l,I't'Siflt'lll ...... ...... l irace l'l'CSSIllilll Vivo l'i'i'siil4-ill ., ....... Florelicu Yrrk Su-ri'1:ii'y - 'l'reasuri'1' .........,.... lllziric jmiir l':i1lu'i'ii1c Anclrasko joscpliiiie l7cSieno Anita lleiulcr Lucille Devlin licssic lirzulforml Amelia Insicllo 124-ralelinv Vlzilisvl' ,iran Ruth lm nm' 5 3 ll glJ'gJ2E,,,fQ3"'4LlsM6bjlf3Vvf ji is gif, Q3 n sf? Science Club HE Science Club, under the capable direction of Mr. Myron Stcttler, was one of our most active clubs. This club had a program every other Week in the Science Lab. These programs consisted chiefly of talks, skits, demonstrations, and scientific movies. A program for our weekly assembly Was arranged by this club in the second semester. Another interesting feature. pre- sented by this club was the Science Fair, which was held in the spring of the year, It proved of interest to all who attended it. As a final event, the members enjoyed a three day trip to the Woi'1d's Fair in New York. I'1'esnlL'iit .. .... iiriiee i4ziehs'rt Secretary ...,. tiny Smith 'l'reasnrei ..,........ ..., ......... I Q olrrrt iforrl Raynionsl Alien XYzilter Ifrielx XY:ilter Vierok XY:irreii Best Morris Hulsizer .Xifrerl Rouen Ilonalcl Iirzmiwell Stephen Kutosli Robert Rothrm-k George Bruno XYilliam I.ungli1ot'er Leiiuy Sehzillr-r Albert llefiemeuti ,lzmies Mziley XYiIii:im Seifert Raymmirl Freileriek liorcioii Moyer VYillizim XX'zu'rl Riclizirfl Pettielsl S 5 If Q JS hrs QA, Neff.: 5 25 xqvrffge' 5 fifty-ull Music Club HIS club, although very small, is quite active. Mary Robinson Konolige, the adviser in charge of the club, teaches the members many things about music which are not included in the regular music courses. In club periods reports on l'amous musicians are given by the diff- erent members, and models of musical intrurnents, including violins and drums, are made. In order to help students appreciate good music, the members listen to recordings. Students in the club also play instruments which they have be- come skilled in using. lir.u'm- Ilvrk l'n'zu'l Km-clt l'l15Ilis IM-rkcr f'llZlI'lt'S Kuhns S fs x-fl 2 N 5 Q l riffs-fg1f1 ffri,fn ,f fluff Stn, f 5 Lrftl Q Q-Jmjvvf ,iii 53 isfdf B is'-W 55FH 1 I Girl Reserves I will try To Face Life Squarely and To Find and Give the Best I will try to be G racious in Manner I mpartial in Judgment R eady for Service L oyal to Friends R eaching toward the Best E arnest in Purpose S eeing the Beautiful E ager for Knowledge R everent to God V ictorious over Self E ver Dependable S incere at All Times l"r:1ncCs llivlcing .in-:nine Knnklc' firnci- flfl9iJ3llllCCl lulezmm' Mziiiiiws ,lusephiue lJeSic'im Mzulalyime Sliurts Lucille Devlin ifnlnm Yeager Rosenmry llxirlzell Girl Reserves Se-cret:i1'y--Y. XY. C. Ap.. .,.. .Xmizi Petrrsmx Girl Resciwus lfuculty .Xiiviser ....,..... .......... , .juzuiette Stelily UQQZQ 'E we I JJ J liffy-Hn ff Yff 72 + 9 A 5 x 1' Q . J A 32 4x ,,'J .fxyx-,Zn Qifxj kv,-.fcfx x'Q'Q, rw Q cf: 0.12- Q I I A w I Q Q3 53 QR A Riff, E, X-vfji-,ffl im!! ff! 'Aw-fx -W4 5: :- N Athletic Association Prvsidvnt Vice Prasiclmzt Svcrvlary , Assistant Secwtary Treasurer , l'x'wirlm-III . Su'l'm-iznrx ADVISORY COUNCIL . Earl Crcssmrm . ,. Wilson Sloyer . . ,. Margaret Yost Geraldine Hahn , Charles lhle Xlr l'ln1L'r Ia I-rn-mln ................,.,.,,..,,,....Xl1lrg:l1'n-IY-lst FACULTY MEMBERS Miss 'Xullic Sand Hr. fullgm Ihm Mr. Mvrml N14-ttlvr HI. Vhllllr ltulllg Huw .Xlmu Huy 'llnlll CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Nrfum Jzlumr K.:-vzllll lixlrlllllzul llulll 1'ru'1lI'vlzl Ill-1n'x llxallinnml Rnvlllvnul Slrzllllu ,Ynfflwnzwl Riclmrfl IM-vilw lllmlim- Frcllwiclx ...r.. ..-.. ..- if ..- me 'VQJQ 3 S iq 5? fu A ffswf ,YM If , 3 i Mbifff LJIM Lf Girls' Basketball l'ozich .... Miss Nellie I. Sami Rlaimgcr ,4,...., . . , . Ross-xn:iry llnrtzn-ll .Nssistmlt Xlailngux' . ...... lflezumr Lzmllis Faculty illzuiagcr ...,.,...,.............,...... Mr. Myron Slettlcr HE girls, basketball team has completed a fairly successful sea son, with four victories, one tie, and six losses. Four girls, Mar- garet Yost, Madalynne Shurts, Claire Jacoby, and Helen Check, will be lost through graduation. Girls, who made the varsity squad this year and who will be back next year, are Grace Cressman, Isabel Taylor, Geraldine Hahn, Caroline Frederick, Amelia Iasiello, Althea Steinke, and Catherine Andrasko. The team lost the services of Mad- alynne Shurts, a varsity forward, early in the season due to injuries suffered during the Quakertown game. l".ll. Off. l".ll. Opp. .ll Alunmzte lil .ill XXlnrax'i:iii Prep. 43 36 Quxikertuxxwi 26 .lb llYilsoii lirirmigli SU 15 l"Quaker!mvn 15 -H ' Hcllertown 21 RG llluraviau Prep. Z8 IS +Bt'lllll'llE'll'l ilutliolir ZW 27 XYilson lllifllllgll 41 IZ Iicthlclu-ni Catholic Zh ZH lllrllertnwii 38 "away gzuuus I-13 cvcx' ff! an af ij KJ lf 'Cv 59 all ir is 52,5 6 s'-Pa , X-Xl' Sak fff Iy-rfgzllf Boys, Basketball loiicli ..... ..,. IX lr. Philip li. Ewing Nlznlzigcr ..... ...... S :imuel tlttinger Assistant M:iu:igt-i ...... lX'ilIizun XYzilp Ifziriilty AIllllIljlL'i' . ...Mix Myron Ste-ttlri' HE boysl basketball team has completed very successfully their third year in the Lehigh-Northampton League. They won twelve games, and lost only seven. Five boys will be lost through grad- uation. They are Baumann, Bachman, Vooz, Broderick, and Morris- sey. Bill Rice and Joe Csrnko Will not be in the line-up next year due to the P. I. A. A. semester ruling. Next year Foutain Hill will compete in the new western division of the Lehigh-Northampton League. The teams in this division are Hellertown, Coplay, South Whitehall, and Fountain Hill. l".lI, Uffv. l".ll. Off .ln Alunmi .H 27 South NVhitc-hall 21, JS 'lhistmi 44 .13 Ven Argyl Zn 37 !jllJIlXL'l'lIlWll 15 20 'liast Sti'mnlslmiirg 30 .37 "Q11:ikt-i'towi1 I6 24 Nazareth .Zl .lj faitzlsziiillliri 34 -ll 'XYils0ii llnru 25 .ill Iinst Strululslnirg 1.4 Zl Hcllertuwn 27 IN "Xziz:irvtl1 37 .Zta 'foplziy 23 W XYilson llwro 21 28 'South XYl1iieli:ill 43 .EN 'lit-lla-rtown .il .44 "Ven Avgyl 21 JT l'upl:iy 29 ' away games we x Q . l 3 Q LL Q? IIQJEJQ 115'-Q4 ,wbffg Mflf' S LJ 2,1 Lf deb.,-ff H FF Baseball Coach .......,... ..... M r. Philip E, Ewing Manager ...............,.. .............. P hilip Vooz Faculty Manager .....,..... . . . . .......... M r. Myron Stl-ttler ITH the teams of the Two-County League campaigning for the first time in two divisions, the Fountain Hill baseball team faced a decidedly curtailed schedule. Coach Ewing began the season with only three veteransg namely, Broderick, Cressman, and Csrnko. The large number of candidates, including several promising players, gave us a favorable forecast of the season. The schedule was as follows: April 19 Coplay 26 'Hellertown May 3 South Nvhitehall 5 'KEUIYIIZILIS 10 ffoplay 17 Hellertown 24 "South W'hitchnll 'away games is QQ iii qsinf xg Ee' fifty-nin 59 5: 'rf Cheerleaders HROUGHOUT the basketball season our team was cheered on to victory by our cheerleaders. Dressed in their shiny maroon and white uniforms, they made a very striking appearance. The three varsity cheerleaders were Eleanor Manners and Jeanne Kunkle, seniors, and Gloria Meese, a junior. The new addition to the cheering squad was Erwin Johnson, a junior. Several new cheers, including a jitterbug cheer, were developed. To the energetic and spirited leadership of our cheerleaders, must be credited the display ol' school spirit and enthusiasm on the part ol' our student body at all athletic events. :xii S 5 S wwf 9 3 offs, v Lf SA 55? f'1.J'lJ'Q mei F I' V ' an Y T, . QQ JY f K 1 Q f ,-4 5L,.,,i,k,,,f7K,Jiwi?5wL 0 O O O CXO UO CLQQXK balk Rf? 5: 'H Class Poem In stormy seas and quiet bays Our school ship sailed through these brief years. The final port in view appearsg Stored knowledge well our sail repays. While on we sailed for many days With knowledge gained at each class pier, A few away from us did steer To other roads of life's highways. Our harbor reached our ways we partg Each will his cruise of life begin. To distant shores in journeys long, On treacherous seas we now depart. But armed with youth we're sure to win A worth while port 'mid life's great throng. VIOLA KOT: '39 Eff? N . 3 S Q f 4 A r 4 s l mlfffvfi-fmrt,ffmtafawi at Q-f B tiff' Q3 Class History BAND of carefree passengers set sail on the good ship F. H. '39 in September 1936 on the first lap of what proved to be an ad- venturous voyage. The first stage of the trip was rather un- eventful. Since nothing could keep us depressed, We enthusiastically set out on the second lap in September of 1937. This proved to be an inter- esting and exciting part of the voyage. The cruise leaders this year were Samuel Ottinger, presidentg Margaret Yost, secretaryg and Charles Ihle, treasurer. Under their supervision everyone enjoyed himself. Mr. Myron Stettler and Miss S. Ruth Funk were chosen as advisers by the class. The trip was climaxed by the arrival of class ringsg an excellent play, "China Boy"g and the annual dance held in the ship's ballroom. Miss Funk left shortly after the play, leaving Mr. Stettler the burden of being class adviser for the rest of the voyage. After a short period in port for necessary repairs, we set out on the third and final stage of the voyage, which was directed by Sam Ott- inger, presidentg Ruth Beardslee, vice presidentg Olga Krivy, secre- taryg and Charles Ihle, treasurer. Immediately after We started, the ship rocked with busy people running to and fro, arguing, compro- mising, and airing their views on how the Variety Show should be conducted and the ship's log compiled. Several nights after the Var- iety Show we ran into a storm, and found, to our deep dismay, that the brig had sprung a leak. A bake sale was held to help pay for the damage incurred. One of the social highlights of the cruise was a ball held for every- one on board from the first class passengers to those in the steerage. It was a brilliant affair and was well attended. This was followed by a theater benefit and the class play "Girl Shy." We finally headed for home. The rest of the trip was smooth sail- ing except for the inevitable differences that arise among fellow pass- engers. Before we reached our goal, we docked for a night and were given a farewell ball by the second class passengers. A few days later We got our first glimpse of our long awaited destination, "Commence- ment." OLGA KRIVY, Secretary 5 S X-Vaci? 5 surty three Last Will and Testament E, the members of the Class of 1939 of the Fountain Hill High School, having learned everything worth learning fand a lot that wasn'tb, now realizing that we must leave behind forever these beloved portals, hereby make known our last will and testament, declaring all previous documents of similar type null, void and no good. We, the members of the Class of 1939, leave to our heirs, the Class of 1940, all unwrecked furniture and fixtures Cteachers includedb. May they rest in pieces! We will them also our ability in copying notebooks and homework and in using ponies as only Seniors can. Besides, we give them the privilege of occupying the first floor of this wonderful building. Various members of the class also will their individual talents and abilities as follows: Our swingster, Bruce Bachert, leaves his ivory tickling talents to classicist Leona Friedman. Henry Baumann bestows his ability to make the basketball swish through the net to Wilson Sloyer. Lou Broderick unwillingly hands over his gift of gab to Dave Scob- lionko who, we think, doesn't need it much. Squirrelly Cressman drops his title as the "Drummer Man in the Band" so that it may be taken up by Dick Brown. Paul Cope wills his brilliant blush to any and all anemic Juniors. "Fats" Fatzinger leaves his love of carrying on an argument Cno special subject necessaryb to Ruth Cornfeld. The ladies' man, Joe Ballek, gives his title fand the ladiesj to Ray- mond Strahlo. Madalynne Shurts and Margaret Yost zip the ball through the bas- ket for the last time and permit Grace Cressman and Amelia Iasiello to follow up the shots. Eleanor Manners, the Fountain Hill songbird, ceases warbling so that Florence Pachter and Anita Harle may be heard. Our star guard, Helen Check, bequeaths her ability to prevent the other team from making baskets to Miriam Clark and Geraldine Hahn. - The timid soul, Edward Beier, places his title in the hands of Fran- cis Wagner. Martin Wieand, our class Rubinoif, hands over his ability as a vio- linist to Steve Kutosh. xvf'Y'E X S ,Q ci 1 M fnnr S 5 QfJIE,,?-v54l"p4i,,,ff J 11 I ' ' Warren Zingler leaves his dry humor to Buddy Maley. , Jean Edwards bestows some of her abundance of height upon Jennie Perrett Qhow she needs itlh. Anna Hanner and Ruth Beardslee will their abililty to study to the unambitious members of the class. Our bashful little girl, Pearl Keck, hands down her shyness to Catherine Andrasko. Bill Noctor leaves his knack of getting past with the least amount of effort to Rob Ford. Snuffy Harlor bequeaths his enormous lung pressure, built up by playing the tuba in the F. H. H. S. Band, to our future clarinetists and trombonists. Alfred Ronca, the All-American Hitchhiker, wills his wandering instinct to LeRoy Schaller who, he thinks, stays too much in one place. Edna Marsteller leaves her ability to be little and like it to Bessie Bradford. Raymond Ramson, the Marconi of our class, gives all his knowledge about radios to William Seifert. Our head cheerleader, Jeanne Kunkle, leaves to Erwin Johnson her voice, so that he may carry on in her place and announce the cheers at the basketball games next year. The basketball managers, Samuel Ottinger and Rosemary Hartzell leave their scorebooks and pencils to William Walp and Helen Red line. To Guy Smith, Charles Ihle wills his checkbooks and balance sheets so that the Junior Class may know how much money they have to spend before they leave our high school. The ability to look neat always and to Win from his classmates the title of "best dressed" goes from Gerald Bachman to Joe Csrnko. Gertrude Konrad hands down her funny little sneeze, which always comes at embarrassing moments, to Walter Frick. Richard Morrissey, who delights in mimicking Mr. Brown, leaves this task for pleasurej to Mike Brown. Walter Pierok gives to Norman Schuler his love of music and hopes that he may Win as much admiration from Mr. Miller as he thought he did. Signed and sealed on this, the fifteenth day of March, in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred thirty-nine. SAMUEL OTTINGER WARREN ZINGLI-:R ROSEMARY HARTZELL ECTYQ 'B we J-Af 3 S k"":fJf J .nxty five B Ss 'u -I ye! at Ste the Stun 5 "vi v' "Nu" I VMS I' .gl Calendar 5- 53,7 Y The Fen Hes-1.50:-:IR S l F -v""2 9 51 1 E 2:5 if 5 RV 1 A A F A IK PK 3 ,17 X X X X It E Bank in Semi Variety Show H t 0 Y V J lf' . . W if A -4 ' E 9.25 P Q, E C sy A -if BQSK I n E T S Q1 E - 2 IN! 'i f bill 5 l X I 5 B y X T qggna 5 ff Rc R vf L 2 r N 2 Mm-li L 'A ' E VE W H 5 X f9X ?v'iiSF E 5 :MESL-i Q H J 2'E:EI'f.'fgg3 ...: .... ... ::1j,1.::', , w 3 Y:11-f'- laiiiio. 1112-1:1 .Lf J Cv If The al er- Ben efut og.. no 3-re Oni-vp mm, but wall .,,, ' "'--.....,,,.u- " 'their st ashes keep Vhem, 8" ':::,::':.a.::::T..:q: O". CLA55 PLAY Xa PU mwbw AI I' , 2 iwdfff lf J 1 7 '1 ITITDDI 'V BA - A-jiri T I' I -4 FT! ,MQ 4Cf'l.f-4 U7 af' H, o K C 2 31 'X D -ji' z fs F S s Q LM QE MIM Lf 913.4 mfg? Q s if gf, Senior Superlatives Did Most for Fountain Hill Most Beautiful Most Popular Most Bashful Most Talkative Most Studious Most Likely to Succeed Most Conceited Most Sophisticated Best Dressed Best Natured Best Athlete Wittiest Laziest Did Most for Fountain Most Handsome Most Popular Most Bashful Most Talkative Most Studious Most Likely to Succeed Most Conceited Most Sophisticated Best Dressed Best Natured Best Athlete Wittiest Laziest fy, cy-J fJ5 Q S S F 4 5 55.23 kufg S 'Rafi Hi GIRLS Margaret Yost Pearl Keck Margaret Yost Pearl Keck Jeanne Kunkle Ruth Beardslee Ruth Beardslee Eleanor Manners Eleanor Manners Eleanor Landis Rosemary Hartzell Madalynne Shurts Helen Check Helen Klusek BOYS Samuel Ottinger Charles Ihle Earl Cressman Edward Beier Louis Broderick Samuel Ottinger Samuel Ottinger Lloyd Fatzinger Philip Vooz Gerald Bachman Edward Posch Henry Baumann Warren Zingler William Noctor M 55? sixty-seven Sam The Hit Parade of 939 ONGS, their words and music, can be associated with many things. Here we attempt to connect the titles of songs with mem- bers of the Class of '39. "She'l1 be Coming 'Round the Mountain", but not driving six white horses. It's a maroon Dodge for Olga Krivy. "I Love to Whistle" Bill Noctor's whistling isn't the type to receive applause, but it has its value. It's so much better than his singing. "The Lambeth Walk" will live in our memories and remind us of our Variety Show. "San Francisco" A1 Ronca's been there twice. He seems to like the West Coast. "My Margarita" Not quite right, but close. We'd say it's for our own Margaret Yost. t'Lu1laby in Rhythm" reminds us of Phil Vooz's ability to "strut his stuff" on the dance floor. "Oh Ma Ma! It's the butcher boy for me", clamor the girls. The reason? Why, handsome Charles Ihle, of course. "So Help Me", whispers Bachert, "and lend me your notebook." "Toy trumpet" reminds us of Walter Pierok. Of course, Walter we know yours is no toy. "A Shack in the Back of the Hills" Although it's not a shack Mar- tin Wieand lives in, it certainly is back in the hills. "Every Day's a Holiday" seems to be Charles Harlor's concep- tion of life. And, after all, why go to school on holidays? "Hilltop Rendezvous" Sam Ottinger's place of abode makes him a natural for this song. His house overlooks the proud domain of Foun- tain Hill. "It's the Little Things That Count" Taking note of this, we say that Edna Marsteller and Warren Zingler count quite a lot. "Joseph! Joseph!" Paging - - Joseph Ballek. "Little Drummer Boy" Earl Cressman's beating the skins earns him this title. "Deep in a Dream" Our theme song for all study periods. "Jeepers Creepers" Where'd Helen get those eyes is the question asked by most everyone about Miss K1usek's glamorous glimmers. "How Can We Be Wrong" The class of '39. Raef? E W . l l r is sixty-viylxl VJLJ S LWHV L1 'C vvf PM I I hle in Action Three Musketeers Fountain Hill Visits Bloomsbury Nan Shurts Steps Out The Lady Killers Ihle out of Action o lg? 5 QT? TZ Q 4-es 5 'Q X, 3 g t Q S 'NEI .vfxiy-1 B seventy Class Prophecy ANY years after graduation two members of the Class of '39 met on an ocean voyage. That evening, while strolling on the upper deck beneath the stars, their conversation turned to for- mer years when they had roamed the halls of dear old F. H. H. S. Wondering how fate had treated their classmates, they turned to the stars, as they were both quite fond of star gazing. These are the se- crets the stars revealed to them. Grace Beck is posing for coilfures which outdo any of the Mid- Victorian Era. Jeanne Kunkle is President of the Gossip, Gum, and Giggles Club. Louis Broderick has just won the title of wor1d's champion tobacco auctioneer. Gerald Bachman is tracking down spies for the Secret Service. His disguise as a woman is said to be impenetrable. Lloyd Fatzinger, now a lieutenant in the U. S. Army, is spending considerable time in the hoosegow due to arguments with superior officers. Eleanor Manners is sending musical hellos over the wire for the Bell Telephone Company. Henry Baumann is using his height to advantage in washing win- dows of the Empire State Building. Jean Edwards is teaching the three R's to a group of numskulls. Edward Beier has the role of the henpecked husband in the stage production 'iWives versus Husbands." Helen Klusek is posing for advertisements for a prominent eye wash manufacturer. William Noctor, a former captain in the U. S. Army, has resigned to become president of the Noctorsky Aircraft Corporation. Madalynne Shurts, our professed man hater, is keeping house for the hubby. Joe Ballek has just been crowned wor1d's heavy-weight wrestling champion. Paul Cope is operating a beauty parlor for men, specializing in hair waving. Pearl Keck is being featured on the Olive Palm Soap program as "Accordie Anne." Richard Morrissey is now on a trip to Ireland to kiss the Blarney Stone. Vim X H i 2 ier.a.fffaJt..f:e., rt, 3... Claire Jacoby is a creator of new steps for Jitterbugs. Jimmy Eddinger is the latest screen discovery for R. O. K. Films. Paul Gilbert is getting up and down in this world as an elevator boy. Charles Ihle, the exception to the rule, is practicing farming in- stead of butchering. Viola Kotz is teaching do re mi's at the Kotz Academy of Music. Edna Marsteller is an authority on How to Lose Pounds the Correct Way. Rosemary Hartzell is pursuing the advice given by Edna Mar- steller. Ruth Beardslee's sketches are now appearing in two magazines. Bruce Bachert, Earl Cressman and Walter Pierok are starring as pianist, drummer, and trumpeter, respectively, in their orchestra. Olga Krivy is modeling bathing suits for the Perfect-Fit Corpor- ation. Anna Hanner has just succeeded Alexander Woolcott as our fore- most literary critic. Helen Check is doing research work on a proposed universal lan- guage of groans, growls, and grunts. Samuel Ottinger has gone into business and is an executive for a ham importing concern. Warren Zingler is a heckler on Bill Faker's Radio Program. Margaret Yost is dancing her Way into the hearts of men at the most beautiful ballrooms in New York. Eleanor Landis is coming out this spring as leading debutante of Fountain Hill. Gertrude Konrad's lovely singing voice is yours at the twist of a radio dial. Edward Posch is becoming prominent these days as a street cleaner. Martin Wieand is designing airplanes for the Noctorsky Corpor- ation. Charles Harlor is a tuba soloist in the United States Army. Prohibition has returned and Phil Vooz is running a speakeasy on Delaware Avenue. His "beverages" are being supplied by Alfred Ron- ca. Raymond Ramson is manufacturing the radios of the nation. Thus the stars have been read. The readers, being simply amateurs who star gaze merely for pleasure, ask the leniency of the class if certain facts be slightly distorted or misinterpreted. HELEN KLUSEK WILLIAM Nocroa gs 3 eg at or 0? 5 S is 5 sezenty one we ff si? ff ff X ffff T2 ,sf Q Q Q VL, Q Q S f S f Q N H5 fax YK 'LW "fd 9 fi HV fffmq RA .f.ffZ.EbJJf!SivffI E415 Yivfl? i,.f.ffjm-ffJXN,Jf.,iJ3f-flair!! Q Eff!! X'-ff? is aff-06 KEMMERER PAPER COMPANY Distributors of Standard Products of America's Foremost Manufacturers Representing the entire range of qualities for every requirement of the modern schoolroom BLACKBOARD ACCESSORIES PASTE COMPOSITION BOOKS LEAD PENCILS CONSTRUCTION PAPER PENHOLDERS DRAWING PAPER PRACTICE PAPERS DRINKING CUPS RULERS ERASERS SWEEPING COMPOUND FLAGS TABLETS INKS TOILET PAPERS NOTE BOOKS PAPER TOWELS WASTE BASKETS We also carry in stock a complete line of Milton Bradley Compa.ny's KINDERGARTEN and PRIMARY SUPPLIES 355-357 Hamilton Street Allentown, Pa. fe1'L'nty-fi EARL H. GIER ,I E W E L E R 129 West Fourth Street Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Next to Post Office . . . Phone 1067 BETHLEHEM BUSINESS COLLEGE Established 1897 APPROVED BY THE Committee on Standards of Practice for Pennsylvania Business Schools and the National Association of Accredited Commercial Schools Complete Secretarial, Stenographic, Accounting, and Business Administration courses, planned for high school graduates. Advanced, Review, and Civil Service Courses. DAY and EVENING SESSIONS EFFECTIVE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE For Complete Catalog, address W. F. MAGEE, President Union Bank Building Telephone 987 ll ly-xii' Compliments of Bethlehem Sporting Goods Harry Tachovsky 213 West Fourth Street Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Ph0Ile 5512 FOR QUALITY and SERVICE THE New Way Laundry "A Wonderful Record" Phono 70 COURTESY SATISFACTION Compliments of Fountain Hill American Levion Auxiliary U l No. 406 Shanerls Economy Store FRESH MEATS and GROCERIES Seneca and Holfert Streets Phone 545 I-L i C. S. Walter Flowers for Every School Event WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS Greenhouses . . . 817 Seneca Street X Telephone Bethlehem 17 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania W 7 Reppert's Drug Store 1061 Seneca Street Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Prescriptions Carefully Compounelecl Full Line of Greeting Cards PHONE 9147 Agency Whitman's Chocolates Rexall Agency CIRCULATING LIBRARY Compliments of W Y Gray Beauty Salon W l 210 West Fourth Street Bethlehem, Pennsylvania i PHONE 625 Compliments of R 1 Lovelace 81 Spillman ' Q Iyfrigllrt Wm. Ihle 81 Sons Seneca and Bishopthorpe 00 A Complete cyl! Market 274 on X Ol, the Hill 4? C4 fb 0 The Best the Chiapest Q10 Economize With Quality 27 Phone 178 The Memoirs Photographs are by R Y A N 80 West Broad Street . . . Bethlehem COMPLIIVIENTS Thomas F. Weaver, Estate I44444 Broadway Bethlehem, Pa. F . E. Weinland Hardware, Glass, Paint . . . Sporting Goods WHOLESALE . . . RETAIL Broad and Main Streets Bethlehem, Pa. Phone 748 The M. Sz M. 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Phone 708 The Promotion Rule The development of personality plus GROWTH The acquisition of knowledge EQUAL and plus ACHIEVEMENT The direction of energy IT'S UP T0 YOU! Allentown Business College 920 and 927 Hamilton Street . . . Allentown, Pa. ql tg tl 55 Il l.!lllf.'V'f1l1If X W W SOUND managerial policies and long, successful experience have provided us wirh sufficient equipment, adequate personnel, and ample resources to render dependable aervice as anists and makers ol fine printing plates. That you will be lecure from chance, is ourfirst promise. JAHN A OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. 811 West Washington Blvd., - Chicago, Illinols ln the foreground' Fr. Dearborn re-erected an Gram Park on Chicago's lake From. Illustration by Jahn 6-,Ollier Ar: Studios. This Memoirs was printed by the Lehigh Printing Company of Bethlehem Penna. eighty-fi PATRON JACK HOOF COMPLIMENTS of the Ladies' Auxiliary of the Fountain Hill Beneficial Society ..- ra -r-1 'L xi A N 51 'Vu -Q. '9 , L : .pn .1 ' H, ' ffl A :?f - ,A A 51,--:, -t . .M- .5V . - W . , A , , 151 Q 4 ' Rf . ,. A- 1 ,A XL hi A -agfg,-, ' 9 " 1 .- fa. ,Y . I up ,. , ' ' avg ' " '75'r"Z 3 I a 4 4 g ng 212+--.A iw. ' "' , Y-- f -Q ,J 1 1 - ilflgi ' ri M " - 1 -3 - , -. Zan. , :iz Gi? -gw,5.- 1' . ,-'EP ' x H .HV H 13 ,,.,- .' ' ' ,M -,J"' f a. W..-' - 4 5- ,.L -. 17 .,- qv -, '1 3 -q 4" 51 . . , MT, Av C -W'-3 - ,kgfuw 1 ,E 5: . rf - , -1, 5 , f , f- . Q.. gr , Y nv , 1 , Lf, 4 ' ' 1- iw ff. EL.. ' -tl , A 4' A 3-,, Y . .hw if N Il - f I .x Y' ' H B I 4 VF ii' 1 J s 1 ti f r V 4- - 'ffl - aim. ' f 1. .- .n,- K Y 9 , - fn :pq k'rl:f.La1'fi5 1' ' - Z' 0 'X ".'j'fi l " if Lg' U '!.Z- ,l uw- ' .vf',fs' " ' !."55'!'..F 1 -i'i.,"'I 41- 1. .39 fl ' all L , , , , V iff., -1: 5 :Iv : 5 421 f? A zxf' ,rf VF' 5 ' -jf w'lff1: .J Ak- 'vf"1:-Li' U41 .MQ 'f..u , " " 'C .1 f 1 . ' I L as.-If X -HU Q .saga , -..,.1 1 -'EZ A ' ' .Hu 'rf' 1 If I. AH NWL'-QL - fy..-.I ,'L'23 3135-5: 15' ' ,He-2-F , . L- -ff au! Y, NH qi 1, . , in V-g 4- 13 . ' : ' a'aE"" L 1 5. ' Ja? iff- A , ji? -5 H!! f I , .V .ag- ,,, UNM ,V .Vis 5 ' 1 .-"ati gi 11: ', 165: . .. . , , M, ,W -N ' 1 wif in ' -1501. ff' ma- " .- f 1 "f' 11' - ' 'I ':,3.,'A. 1 , L ' I I ry' .ij - 1 :f ear W' J .gf.-,, V ,ef f 3 ff 5 'll f.:QA. A - 6 '-N , V, 54, . f'bi..3 "fri jj. 'R 1- . 3. 'iii' ' ' bfrugr' l ,ax 1-. r- ' V ' ,,.' 5143 ' :'1?"' " fb: .' ,L ,. iv 5"-IX 331- ' ', ,yup ,. 1-INK. -- , 'fix , .4 X1 '-',t"'-' ?- I-uf' A -R713 '1' ,, . ." if' ',,. . . 115.31231 rx ' , f wi Q4 3 '-, Q' X-, A"-L USB , 2-ff? cj., .lfl Z. gjywgv' 'I 'L:'. ,Q I?-73 5 -ji A-55 ' -h -'fyi 4- 13"f 1 viii' -,g . fs? ,-fb H 1' ': Q". : I .::.'i" ' ' . .,, Avi., V WT' 1.74, iii?" 'X if , 2 N" vhslv " riff, ' ' m '3:- 1,131 if y y- . 'vii 1 Ln-- r . 5 2 ' L-Q.. 1 iii: V ,, x--. , .. ,. . ,, ,i -:.'ffffw.' wx .- --J ,. .Y--'1 YJ 14. '.'5 1 . .-ffm. 1-Q,-.ff-L fm - --I , , ' 'fb 1' f I .

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