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J 'A '- -4 1 . Z' -. , , is 4 J S!-6 A 'Creati gqfgf 9 0 L9 I Un fjlwsiplfnop you r H if l . fjwbo , li , f emi ft lff!WTis Wwfff I is , jfiif V, avi' W gfal, ,Q We 9 A . ui W if ff? 3 '77 we f S 2 3'f"07 NO PEACE FOR BEIRUT - Twenty-three were killed when a car bomb hit the U.S. Embassy in Beirut. The tragedy was followed by questions about security measures. 5 'fi '08 TOP MOVIES - Robert Duvall won best actor for his role in "Tender Mercies." "Terms of Endearment" won three Oscars: best picture, best actress Shirley MacLaine, and best supporting actor Jack Nicholson. OLYMPIC CHAMPIONS - The U.S. won more Olympic medals than any other country in the Summer Olympics at Los Angeles. Two superstars were Carl Lewis, who won four gold medals in track events, and Mary Lou Retton, the first American woman to win an individual gymnastics Olympic medal. ' Z? 'r lc? , V PURPLE PRINCE - One of the hottest new musical artists of 1984, Prince rocketed to the top with his nationwide tour and his first movie, "Purple Rain." QQ!!! WHERE'S THE BEEF? - Clara Peller, age 80, immortalized the phrase "Where's the beef?" with her TV commercials for Wendy's. .. ll "7 21... SWEET NEWS--Dr. Daniel Azarnoff proudly displayed a molecular model of the artificial sweetener NutraSweet. New to the market, it quickly replaced saccharine in many Iow- calorie foods. V CURIZIENT EVENTS vpgf 17 fy WW 001419 9190 aff? Q ' iv 0 T Q Sfmizjv' 'A PU, p, ,- U' WQNY Lawlc W f ' H , wah A 5 Ufwo UMLUV ut, ffo' OU MM 40 W 355 2525 Q EE 2 3252 if fl ' bv ,W , ,QL Mb ,fy f 070 SJ 7 1fLL'!,X px L 1 A WM fl If fkl JC f A' 175 +f Q 1 L ff! W rf V, 156 ff fu RVVV WB 'O V .-X6 ,vvxvj 41V 'WML ffl! ffffuyhl W if , H71 QL 'fr f AW i ,173 1 jd' J X A Lg 'Wulf' AYVZULVVVUQJ .V I j V A If ,T X qw jf diff? W4, FW ffjff i A X ijt n',E 'Jw fb L0 if f 4 V if mf, ff! dl! j Z 1, W D , if ff? ,L 4 Mf JV, ' -Q M L wif y, Iqwj ,fl fbi! I' N5 lb Q '? bww V rw KJ j -'dk' W Gwbw ffl- pm df W , Q my 1 ff ,f f Jw , In LJ Mug' 'ft E! ,,'L,f A Fx Lf Fl ' ' j If J! , X , ' AV Lf. Y"J 1 M4 ,Q llc! W, J, if L ALL mfwwgf M pl! by ' X150 fj YU fa ' W VCA? '7 117 J 71, 'mf at 4 fi W Iuly tents Q MU W f df CO" , U lid: new lg W 1+ I W 37 L it M 95 W fi F33 gglrts 128 Junfgfz sen' Index ,fff ,, W 'J V , in .ff Z ZZ . hy Z Il Ft' Hig Fe Santelorado 5 N' ' C0 i7:1untalni8 volume 2 Z Top to bottom ll. to Rl Diane Engman shows her pride as being a model in the Fall Fashion Show. Rhonda Mooreland spikes one for the Fountain team. Kent Junglen looks on as the Tro- jans fight to win. Kevin Wheeler striding for the best possible season at Fountain High. Michele Paraday shows her Tro- jan Pride, by cheering her team on. Steve Antill series the ball sky high to win a victory. FFCHS STANDS PRO D Students, teachers, and other staff members, stand proud here at Foun- tain Ft.-Carson High School. All one has to do is walk down the halls of this fine school, and tell how proud all of those within it are. Things at F.F.C.H.S. are very much like the goings on of a family. Take for instance, the fact that everyone knows everyone else, and can usual- ly get along. It's true that everyone has their own circle of friends, but one can get into a group because of common inter- ests with those in the group, or by just being themselves, and letting their true colors show. At Fountain's many sports events, there is always some sort of crowd. Whether it's almost everyone, or just the faithful few, there is always someone at a game to cheer that cer- tain team on to victory. It's great to go to a school where people are so closely knit, and get along fairly well. This is just an- other ofthe many reasons students of F.F.C.H.S. have, to be proud of their school. MBIWW, Doug Elliott stands proud to represent FFCHS's band, while Jill Hammerbeck and Kin DeSimone look on. 3 Students at Fountain- Ft. Carson High School stand together, through thick and thin. The students at FFCHS believe in the school. They stay together for what they believe is right. Friendship at the school is a big thing. Most everyone is friends with everyone. This makes the school one big, happy family. In sports the students stick together. They push each other to achieve their goals. flew N--...........,,,.......--f--'-""' Together 1Righty Kim Dawson, Sherry Randolph, and Suzie Martinez take time out of their busy schedule to pose for the camera. 1BelowJ Steve Hassman and Steve Antill are cool, but serious. We Stand fl.eftJ "Where could it be?" Richard Bowen looks dilligently for a lost item. tBelow1 Floyd Allison takes time to smile pretty for the camera. 'WWW' .f y irrll With students coming from rival schools and new students always be- ing transferred in to join as one whole, it would seem they'd have problems. But, the problem that peo- ple anticipate seems to dwindle away after the first few weeks of school. In short, life at FFCHS consists of many things. lt consists of love, care, kindness, and most of all friendship. Friendship is one emo- tion that generates through most ev- eryone. It generates to show pride in the school. Vi , 4' L 5. ii- ftifdi S s'?'5f?f Nxffcx, M. 5 Y- :tX ...Ay 4.14 are 3 AS? . Tradition I love the Trojans. On Hat and But- ton Day, this phrase could have been seen on many buttons. During Spirit Week, Hat and But- ton Day was on Thursday. Walking down the halls, one could have seen many different phrases. These ranged from "Pd rather be in Par- is," to "I love rodeo." W 7 N Q LN-ss.. Sgzlriiiij K 5' to t gf.. K . Top to bottom ll, to RJ Jeff Rebitski has a head for spirit. Miss Nunn elegantly shows school spirit and participation. New at . wma f' TTI- 5 1 35122 NX . Q 5 13: i .. .X - - :saw f Q Carrys On The day proved to be very interest- ing because of the array of the styles, colors, and phrases, Students as well as teachers, had lots of fun. If nothing else, every- body saw a button that was new, somewhat humorous, or otherwise. Hat and Button Day was one of the wonderful days from a great spirit week. Homely Trojanettes Reign At Fountain Spirit week is full of chaos, but also lots of fun. Some of this comes from the Miss Homely Trojanette contest. At this time male athletes, compete for the best looking girl. To them it's shear beauty, but to the rest of the student body, it's quite the opposite. The contestants were: Eric tEricaJ Soltwedel, escorted by Lynette tLarryJ West, Whitney fWilliminaJ Smoote, escorted by Diana tMean Deanj Ma- chin, Robert tRobertaJ Fowler, escort- ed by Jenny Uammin Joel Ward, Kent 1KentinayJunglen, escorted by Rhonda tRonJ Moreland, Mario tMariettaJ Si- mon, escorted by Diane fDannyi Eng- man, Andy tHusky Jarriettaj Brooks, escorted by Suzanne CStanJ Clark. A popular question asked was, "What is your idea of a perfect evening?" From that question, came quite an ar- ray of answers! Erica Soltwedel an- swered, "A candle light dinner and Scott Baker!" The vote was a popular- ity vote, and it was very close, The new Miss Homely Trojanette 1984-85 was an ecstatic Kent tKentinaJ Junglen. I Li wi if f 15 .1 ,, ss., 2 E 2 A . 4' m ' ,NWN ,L fr- Mr lla iL.W A il. X K K SWQ "- . W - Q . ,,,, .---Q x fax: f mn z x 'ZRQBQR XXXK X X UN 2 f Xmxkwiim L. X S R y N -iv 95 W K X LM .SAM ag X t. Q W , ,f T -so - I --" f ' Q -D f y , mnwfwwaw XX fferkmmyq , , I ff! g , 'Vzs5,s Md iff 2' WL K QT to B l, to Rl Lisa Brown standing proud in her new uniform Doug Elliot looking cool in class. Tony Boles working hard at the books. W ,Sify-af-' . , -- M Qge- - k..?ig..s.g'.ll1'.1-'Q - f. rl . -. f f i . e. . ' e -- - - "I - is kitfliii' 31:1 5iQiT?isF??5ffl.-'ii5551511 T-X .2 Q ' l - E - . s - 'rf iii- ?s2E:el l . ' V' --'- ' 35' i so " - ...., ,. . Pride In The Classroom Pride in the classroom has always been very evident in our school. One thing that all of the teachers and coaches tell the students is, that education should come before anything else, even their sports activities. Students take this quite seriously because if one wants to participate in any sports activi- ties, he or she has to keep their grades up. ln school. it's important to have fun, but good academics come first. Y . K L H: 2. 3 do 5 x at . X, x .... . Dan Moya hamming it up at the board. Marcel Marias looking pretty for the camera Sophomores messing around in class. H0 ECOMING: True Spirit On the evening of September 7, 1984, as the band played "Can You Read My Mind", the nine lovely queen candidates were driven around the field in beautiful convertibles. Each one waited for the moment when the queen would be crowned. Homecoming King Kent Junglen led our Trojans to victory over the Holy Family Tigers. At half- time, after the band had marched out onto the field for their halftime show, the queen candidates were announced and sophomore and junior attendants were announced and crowned. Sophomore Nikki Mills and junior Amy Ransom were attendants. Senior Diane Machin was crowned queen for Homecoming 1984. Top to Bottom 4L to Rl llomecoming Queen Diane Machin, and King Kent Junglen. Escort. Brian Miller, helps Diane at halftime Homecoming activities. Cheryl Johnson returns to crown the new Queen. t0pposite pager Junior Attendant Amy Ransom with escort. Chris Smith. Homecoming Queen Diane Nlachin with escort, Brian Miller. Sophomore Attendant Nikki Nlills with escort, Mike liralie. Queen candidate Wendy Barone with escort, Kevin Wheeler. Queen candidate Kim Molzof with escort, Nelson Finkbeiner. Queen candidate Valerie Aragon with escort, Steve Antill. Queen candidate Mary Varvel with escort, RJ Steer. Queen candidate Lynette West with escort, Whitney Smoote. Queen candidate Vicki King with escort, Mario Simon. 'S' K4 2 4' Wy- 1m!',"hM .xH JUN' lsvi"'f uvmxix .H"::ss '!::.,,va 'U a0":o0' , iv9,",a' ' u JJ if 0' 0 ,U '.z' ' ' gI'. 'Av' ll i"':a0 ,,'.'i l Ol' QC as "' IO o 1 0 :,::',,' ad L, ,a, s :::.-Q : -, ggoci-", ',s N' ".qOl . gt gi, glflf' ' 0.0 gin ...cage Of sstl'o .' .H 1 ALWAYS A D FOREVER What appears to be the end . . . May really be a new beginning. This was the motto of the Senior Class of 1984. It was also the theme of the Junior-Senior Prom of 1983-84. Probably the most important part of Prom is the crown- ing ofthe King, Queen, Prince, and Princess. The King was Craig Barela. The chosen Queen was Peggy Dean. The reinging Prince is Kent Junglen. The reinging Princess is Jenni Ward. The candidates for Prom King were: Craig Barela, Matt Evans, Clayborn Haynie, and Langston Webb. The can- didates for Queen were: Peggy Dean, Essie Crutcher, Linda Musgrave, Kelli O'Neil, Shannon O'Neil, and Wanda Turner. The Class of '85 students were nominated for the Prince and Princess. Those students nominated for Prince were: Yondrick Bailey, Kent Junglen, Mario Simon, Whitney Smoote, and Eric Soltwedel. The junior candi- dates for Princess were Sandy Franco, Diane Machin, Doreen Martinez, Kiki Sutton, and Jenni Ward. The Prom was decorated by the Class of '85. It was decorated with the senior class colors of burgundy and pearl. The atmosphere was set with moons and white roses. Show Brings Out Talent At F.F.C.H.S. The talent show turned to be a great success. It brought out hidden talents in many students around the school. The Gary Carson magic show took first place, Jimmie and Jamie Helton and their dance and comedy routine took second place. The school's brea- kin' group, Fresh Express, came close behind in third. The show was held on November 28 and it lasted for approximately one and a half hours. The acts ranged from Motley Crue, to Pudding in a cloud, the schoolis rendi- tion ofthe group Vanity 6. The sponsor of the show was the Span- ish Club, and the heads of it were Don- na Prien and Getty Nuhn. Top to Bottom tl. to RJ Fresh Express, the school's breakin' group displays all of that natu- ral talent. Donna "YVlaDonna" Prien thanks her "Lucky Star" for her great performance. The Go Go's and their energetic personalities, kept the stage hot during their performance. MLS . , 1' Colorado Real Estate since 1946 I ' I N INVESTMENTS. 302 S Santa Fe Fountam Colo 80817 HOMES SNA LAND RE ACREAGES 382 5662 RANCHES Sel'VlCe INVESTMENTS Featuring Wheel Luft Low Rates Towmg DAYLIGHT DONUTS M4 4 FGUNTIAN 410 N Santa Fe Call Ahead For Plck up Orders 382 7235 A311112 011111 fbi: 1970 Mggngiish Daily 3 f ,J..'f-'L X 102 S Santa Fe J X 382 5055 av? Fo e gn Domes! c car T ck Repa Q Factory t amed Volvo and Mazda mechanics ' 1 , . C sc - as - - - - x N .S 11 , ' -5' x 'sooo I f . ' ff L? . ' ' A I .x , A .,,3 I , i t.. 1.4 Liz rl- 1- -ru ir "1 X I' ' ' , '- I x:"' W X JW .,,fz1fff"-"MW N Z BLIC TIONS Letter From The Editor The 1984-85 school year has been as exciting year for the teachers, and the students. It has been especially good to me. Dawn Surfacel. I was able to learn what great pride and spirit we have here at Fountain Fort Carson High School. l really learned that thru my faithful yearbook staff. We all start- ed out as amateurs. We learned, grew, and worked together. We put pride in your yearbook. We worked together to give you a year- book that will always bring back memories. Dawn Surface 3 l v 5 Ca M i ' J 2. A . f G lst row lL to Rig Yolanda Jordan, Shelly Leonard. Sponsor Renee Kayser. Znd rowg Delores Haines. Jill Hammerbeck. Marci Hop- kins. 3rd row: Tom Epting, Editor Dawn Surface. Paul Watson. Not pictured: Shannen Smith and Chris Smith. JO RN LI Letter From The Editor This year, "The Trojans Times" went through several changes. Our biggest change was be- comming a separate class. That is why you received newspapers since the beginning of the year. Instead of staying with a bi-monthly newspaper we switched over to a monthly for- mat. Speaking of format we did the paper al- most entirely onthe computer this year, defin- ately a change for all. Our staff was small this year. We all became close although at times there were differences on opinions. Of our small staff, only three were returning members. The "rookies" caught on soon enough however, and we were off. Finally l'd like to thank those members who put up with my criticisms all year. My co- editor, Diane Machin who kept me from bur- nout. Al Marcy, Steve Greenlee, Mark Cloer, Pearl Jones, Toni Nothstine and Tom Epting. Thanks, Wendy Barene lst row tL to Rb: Pearl Jones, Steve Greenlee, Tom Epting, Diane Machin, 2nd row: Toni Nothstine, Editor, Wendy Bar- one. 3rd row: Al Marcy, Spon- sor, Renee Kayser, Mark Cloer. 21 PPCC FCA e 3 v 5 Students Start Early The Area Vocational Program, ad- ministered by Pikes Peak Commu- nity College, is designed to serve high school students in all public schools in El Paso County. Twenty- five vocational programs are offered to enrich the education of each par- ticipating student. The objectives of the program are to prepare each stu- dent with the competencies, skills, attitudes, and work capabilities nec- essary to obtain employment in their chosen occupations. QL to Rl tBottom to Top! Sandra Richardson, Donna McLean: Znd row, Jessie Crutcher, Sean Gelsey, Lynette West, Suzanne Clark, Eugene Villeneuva, Mark Dornerg 3rd row, Pat Romero. Brian Geist, Renee Bryant, Cynthia llarding, Fermin Vialpando, Vicki Shiller. Todd Litton. Mary Beth Shaunessy. Paul Stevens, Dawn Materng Top row, Daniel Orozco, Chris Smith, Derek Armstrong, Robert Fowler, Billy lrving, .lim Manley, Robert Patterson. - A 5 r X -Xu ' g or uk WP SZ c 41 Bla Qs' f-'YXA - 1 ' A 7? .' yi' E FCA Is An dventure The Purpose of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is to present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, serving him in their relationships and in the fellowship of church. FCA's 84-85 theme is: "Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint,"-Isaiah 40:31. The Fellowship Of Christian Athletes has cho- sen not to have a picture placed in the 84-85 yearbook because to us it is not a mandatory attendance policy. We want people involved be- cause they are interested in what they can gain. We see a large fluctuation in people attending through the year, and thus felt it better to not have a picture printed. LETTERME ,S CLUB lL to Rb, tBottom to Topj Amy Ransom, Alicia Stewart, Rhonda Moreland, Vicki Kingg 2nd row, Craig Kimball, Amy Maczko, Suzanne Clark, Jenni Ward, Lynette West, Robert Greg Rocha: 3rd row, Kathy Agner, Diane Engman, Valarie Aragon, Sheila Raposa, Yo- landa Jordan, Tessa Roberts, Top, R..l. Steer. 4Bottom, lefty Vice Pres. Alicia Stewart, Pres. Rhonda Moreland, and Sec. Vicki King Examples Set In lub Lettermen's Club is a club for these students who have lettered in any sport or activity. The clubs' purpose is to set examples for the student and the student body in athletics and academics. Lettermen's Club sponsors the athletic Parents' Night. They also sponsor Christmas parties for some of the kids at Lorraine Elementary. e 3 FoRENs Cs IRC 5 Talk Jocks Talk Alot The "talk jocks" were back this year and competed in four meets. These people were known for get- ting up early in the morning to com- pete against many other schools from around the state ranging from single "Av to four "A" schools. They competed in the events of de- bate, duet acting, and interpretation, of poetry, drama, and humor. While representing our school in these meets, they earned points for letter- mg. tL to Rl lst row, Tom Epting, Valerie Ara- gon, Wendy Barone, Monte Davis, 2nd Row, Lynette West, Monica Anderson, Richard Bowen, Tim Morteson. tL to RJ lst row. Guilio Giglio, Whitney Smoote, Valerie Aragon, Robert Greg Rocha, Znd row, Greg Watkins, Roy Hughes, Doug Elliot, Michele Paraday. A f t iitt Vfyf IRC Deals With Model U.N. The club is composed of students with varied backgrounds and exper- iences. One is a citizen of Italy in school hereg and others have visited or lived in foreign lands. The International Relations Club was established to improve students knowledge and understanding of foreign countries by individual or group studies and discussions. There efforts are culminated of Model United Nations Programs. QQ HS QL to Rl tBottom to Topl Amy Ransom. Shei- la Lewis, Wedy Barone. Valerie Aragon, Kim DeSimone, Lisa Brown. Jamie Helton: 2l1d row. Bettv Orton, Diane Engman, Rene Lit- tle, Rogevr Smith, R Steer, Kathy Agner, Amiee Maczko, Jenni Ward, Scott lVlills, Delores Haines, Kris Richards, Dawn Sur- face 1Bottom, Leftl Sec. Wendy Barone, Pres. Kim DeSimone, Hist. Lisa Brown IHS? s,An Ilonor National Honor Society is a special club which "honors" it's individuals for their achievements on the school. Members are chosen by a selection committee based on the four branches of NHS: academics, leadership, character, and service. The purpose of NHS is to uphold these four ideals and to promote academics and scholarship. Toward the end of each year, NHS sponsors Superstars, a field day competition between the classes. This year, NHS held two food drives for the needy. One was held was in the Spring. On Halloween, the club gave treats to an organization helping homeless children. NHS also sponsors the academic awards assembly. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY NS W 5 1 Q 9- v -:r X ,f Z ? Agh 4 C5 'N . v 9 Right: Sponsor Fred Schwartz, QL to R3 tBot- tom to Topb: Kim DeSimone, Robert Rocha, Jill Hammerbeckg Second Row, tL to Rig Kenny Moses, Ed Moore, Mike Shingleton, Richard Bowen, Berenice Kroute, Theresa Rhoten, Matt Swaney, Tim Allen, Tina Gab- lien: Third Row IL to Rig Jimmie Helton, Colleen Westerman, Julie Shafer, Maribeth Bricker, Delores Haines, Suzanne Clark, Carol Cockroft, Brian Geist, Sherri Givens, Fourth Row tL to Rb: Keith Wilson, Paul Barnes, Robert Rocha, Kelly Cooper, Monty Davis. Tammy Shingleton, Janet Palmer, Ja- mie Helton, Chris Smith, Tessa Roberts, Bri- an Whitmier, Byron King, Pam Berry, Alice Houchens: Fifth row tL to Rl Lynette West, Greg Watkins. Alex Brown, Matt Medina, Jeff Jordhal, Richard Martin, Whitney Smoote, Richard Mishko, Doug Elliot, Tony Scott, Lisa Brown, Jay Wilson, Paul Pliszka, Roger Smith, Steve Newton, Harry Knight, Stephanie Mosher. Trojan Band Proudly Marches On Band this year was a whole new ball of wax. With new uniforms and a few faces and equipment, band was a good group. During the past year, band was an active group. Starting in August 1984, this group's hard work paid off. Receiving two first place tro- phies, one in the Fountain Fall Fes- tival on Labor Day, 1984, and one in the Apple Days Parade in Penrose. They also participated in the Air Force Academy Band Day. Jazz Band this year was also very active. They participated in the Ben- nett Jazz Festival. And a few people also tried out for the All-State Jazz Band which was held in April. .. VS wksikif. -. A O .mlm -v Above. Carol Cockroft concentrates on making beautiful music. Left. Jimmie Helton, Doug EI- liot, Keith and .lay Wilson, combine their efforts to make the concert a hit. Chris Smith. Tim Allen, Keith Wilson, Lisa Brown, Doug Elliot, Steve Newton, Pam Berry, all use the concept of the more the musicians. the better the music. C9 N J CHORUS 5' t'l'op Left, Back Row. Left to Right.r Mark Aragon. Robert Tan- ner. Jim Durante, Paul Pliska, Ken Nloses. Jeff Rebitski. Robbie Frank. Sponsor Andy llickensg tMiddIe Rom Laura Ronje, Angel- ica Nothstien. Sherie Morlety, Kim Carrick, Valeria McGraw, Donna McLean, Maria Maria Mattson. Patty Smith. Sue Alex- ander. Deena Dulapg tFront Row! Jill llammerbeck, Michele Para- day. Michele Paraday. Paula Gar- cia. Gail Miller. Jimmie Heltom. Sandra Richardson. Rosalyn Ro- bertys. Trish Roedel. Josette Flo- res. Jenny Hocanson. Chorus singing it out at December concert. Sing, Sing, Sing This year, Chorus is a brand-new talent. With many new voices, and with the help of the new choir director Andy Dickens. Chorus is growing. Chorus is a performing group of about 30 musicians. Styles of music include and range from Renaissance to Jazz - Contemporary music. On December 17, 1984, the Music Department put on a combined concert. Chorus really had a chance to show off their musical talents. With songs ranging from "Memory" from the "Cats", and "Farewell My Love" from the Renaisance period. It was a good concert. Activities for the 1984-85 school year include: Fall Con- cert, a variety show, a district Choral Concert including all the schools in the district, Pikes Peak League Cho- ral Festival. Choir will be involved in the spring musical "Camelot", and there will be a big spring concert. Chorus is a good talent that will hopefully continue to grow. F.H.A. The Future Homemakers of America club has many pur- poses such as providing opportunities for self-development and preparation for family and community living, and for employment. F.H.A. has many school and community service projects. Among these are: putting a fall fashion show with D.E.C.A., hostessing school functions, etc .. The func- tions of F.H.A. vary greatly from year to year. F.H.A. is always on the lookout for energetic, motivated, and sharp newcomers to the club. Students must been enrolled in a Home Economics class or have taken a pre- vious Home Ec. class. F.H.A. builds character, promotes learning, and provides an opportunity for young people to get involved in a worth- while organization. F.H.A.'ers take pride in the closeness and compassion they develop with the other members. The FFCHS chapter of F.H.S. is included in the Spanish Peaks District which encorporates fifteen other high schools. The local chapter is also involved in F.H.A. at the state level which includes thousands of other students throughout the state of Colorado. 1Back Row: LtoRl Dawn Surface, Sponsor Glenda Daniels: 1Front Row! Trudy Poland, Mary Yarvel, Marcie Hopkins. President Mary Varvel. TRO PE 2176 cf 3 Y' 5 FFCHS Thespians Present 66 R099 "SRO"- Standing Room Only. This is what it has been like for the Thes- pians. Ever since the the troupe sponsor Deborah Annis came, the quality in the productions has gone up. Especially with the production last year of the musical, "The Wiz- ard of OZ". The theatre dept. here at FFCHS really got a standing ova- tion for that one. Thespians sponsor all the theatre activities here at school. Activities for the 1984-85 school year inclu- ded: IJ Attendance at the State Thespian Convention at Cheery Creek H.S. in October 84g 2.3 Arse- nic and Old Lace in Nov. 843 3.3 The Love Knot, a one-act play which was entered in the PPL one-act play competition at Manitou H.S. in Feb. 85g 4.1 Camelot the spring musical in April 85. With all this excellent theatre, Thespians can expect more "SRO" performances to come. tTop Left, Back Row, L to Rl Jeff Rebitski, Monica Anderson, Whitney Smoote, Lynette West, Greg Watkins, Mark Cloer, Al Marcy: tFront Row! Monty Davis, Richard Bowen, Jill Hammerbeck, Crystal Shepeard, Jimmie Helton, Kin DeSimone, D.D. Hull, Sponsor Deborah Annis. A O - THESPIANSU QBottom Left, L to Rb Lynette West, Whitney Smoote, Al Marcy, Sponsor Deborah Annis. Jimmie Helton, Crystal Shepeard, Monica Anderson, Richard Bowen These Thespians went to the state convention at Cherry Creek H.S. 1Top, Left and Righty Scenes from Arsenic and Old Laceg fBottom Right, One of many scenes from the "Wizard of Oz." are in ,Qi ir., ' 31 SPA IH Q 3 Y' Q5 Top to Bottom QL to Rb Pres. Donna Prien, Treas. Sheila Lewis, Vice Pres. Yolanda Jordan, Sec. Yvonne Abyeta. Troy Torres, Sheila Lewis, Yvonne Abeyta, Melvin Henry, Floyd Allison, .lozette Florez, Monica Anderson, Lisa Brown, Matt Woodall, Donna Prien, Tondella Day, Sponsor Getty Nuhn, Yolanda Jordan. A Proud lub Spanish Club is a club to learn and understand the Spanish cultures and traditionsg and to provide our school and community with any help that is needed. Since the Spanish Club be- gan this year, it successfully put on a "Talent Show." The Spanish Club is planning many other activities in the near future. Such activities in store are a bake sale and a dance. All profits from these activities are going to be used for a trip to Casa Bonita in Denver. A O 2 GERMA I German Challenge The German Club was established to promote German culture, and most important of all, to learn the culture as friends and have a good time do- ing it. The two main activities they have done were Christmas caroling and they attended the Oktober Fest on October 25, 1984, at Palmer High School. By the end of the year they hope to have done several things. They had a Volks-march in Manitou Springs this spring. WD Top to Bottom QL to RJ Sec. Brenda Wheaton, Pres, Mike Erallie. Vice Pres. Marcia Hopkins. Mike Erallie, Marcia Hopkins, Paul Watson, Berenice Kroute. Tina Gab- lein, Brenda Wheaton, Tim Morten- sen, Richard Bowen. Marybeth Bricker. Marcell Morias, Matt Woo- dall, Sponsor Getty Nuhn. w 33 - -FRENCH CL B Officers tL to RJ Pres., Whit- ney Smoote, V. Pres. Kathy Agner, Sec. Greg Watkins. Back row QL to RJ: Angela Miller, Kim Hassman, Delores Haines, Sherri Givens. 2nd row:Diana Ramming Pres. Whitney Smoote, V. Pres. Kathy Agner, Sec. Greg Wat- kins, Sponsor Sidney Seaman. e 3 Y' 5 French Club The Language Of Love Being involved in French Club gives students a chance to experience cul- tural differences between France and the United States. In French Club, students learn about a country that is rich in cul- ture, romance, gourmet cooking, and fashion. This year in French Club a French newspaper was started to pass on club news and events. The paper will contain interviews, news, puzzles, and games. The I2 year tradition of an interna- tional dinner, will again be ob- served. Not only will fine food be shared, but prowess will be demon- strated in this chosen language by performing skits, singing, and recit- ing poetry. All of the students in French club share a common interest in learning and mastering a new language. as 18.953 A To o 555333 a, Q Officers KL to RJ: Sec. Mark Cloer, Pres. Nellie Kim, V. Pres. Malvin Henry. Back row QL to RJ: sponsor, John Kalish, Sec. Mark Cloer, R.J. Steer, Scott McGahan. 2nd row: Pres. Nellie Kim, Santez Morrow, V. SJ-Esierlzllglvin H enry TD. ,Hull, Colle? t Ml QfpvX3L'whW'LqmlNeiiwvQigiWW0v , iafi,w.d WW WM vvwxwll W a RT CLUB rt Club! Design 0f Originalit The art club is made up of students who have a genuine interest in art both as individuals and as art students. The purpose of the art club is to show the value of art in school and community by participating in various activities in school. This includes painting a world map on the wall in the library, and in the community, by designing and painting new signs for the Daylight Donut Shop near the building. Plans are also being made to paint a large volleyball mural in the main gym by year's end. The art club plans to sponsor several art shows, or artists in the school, during the winter and spring sessions. DECA C9 N v Q 0fficers tl to rn Pub. Director, Diane Machin Sec. Amy Ransom, Pres. Tony Wilson, No pictured, V. Pres. Bobby Carlisle. t Back row tl to ry: Kim Dawson, Tina Ake, Missy Brathall. Michele Popp, Ken Cole- man, Bill Nancel. 2nd row: Robert Arnold, Theresa Nothstine, Tony Bartow, Tony Wis- lon, Rick Cooper, David Ready, Angela Jen- son Klay Karch, Ermand Royball. 3rd row Scott Orcutt. Diane Machin, Amy Ransom, Lillian Knox, Tom Aguaro, Dean Casey, La von Smith, Dorothy Romero, Charlene Ser geant, April Nichols, Kim Norris. 36 t DECA ork With Pride The purpose of the Distributive Education Club is t allow seniors or juniors spare time to work and earn money for themselves. It also allows them to know that in all situations of work, the customer is number one. It teaches these stu- dents Ieadership, self respect, and respect for others. The club also deals in Marketing Distributive Education. The three parts of this area are : ll on the job training,3 21 class activities, and 33 club activities. The club meets on Mondays, and has had a Christmas party for children in the community and the fashion show. Districts have been held and the winners from Fountain were: Diane Machin, Angela Jasnsen, Amy Ransom, Lillian Know, Scott Orcutt. In the future, the club will go to the mini- conference, state competition, and all of the qualifiers will go on to the National Conference in May. on 0 BLACK STUDE T U I0 BSU And ITS Uniting Efforts lt's true that the purpose of the Black Student union is to unite the minority of Blacks and other minorities in the school. Another purpose is to unite Black students with the rest of the school. The club studies the history and problems of their race. During Black History Week, a display will be assembled in the library window, and announcements will be made throughout the week. Martin Luther King's birthday is observed, and a display announcement will be made that morning. The club unites itself with the school, with activities open to the whole student body. One of these activities was the dance held on January 19, entitled "Bits and Pieces". It is the atmosphere here at F.F.C.H.S. that inspired it, because people are always coming and going. When they come, they are from all parts of the world, since this is a school near a military base. Officers KL to Rl: Pres. Tanya Lewis, Sec. Delores Haines, not pictured V. Pres. Donna McLean Back Row QL to RJ: Sponsor, Mike Rossi, Galen Brown, Scott Coleman, Chris Smith, Monica Anderson, Mike Brown, Martin Brown, Tony Harris, 2nd row: Youndrick Bailey. Tammie Shingleton, Trace Matlock, Michele Little, Tondaleo Day, Byron King, Znd row: Floyd Allison, Rick Cooper, Sec. Delores Haines, Pres. Tanya Lewis, Ken Coleman, Todd Turner, Tony Chalmers. 5 CHESS CLUB 5' Checkmate u In C ess a The Chess Club at Fountain-Ft. Carson High School is open to all students who like to play ! chess and are interested in improving their game. The club plans and runs tournaments for mem- bers and for all interested students to partici- pate in. Members usually play in at least one tournament a year with other high schools in the area. The club also participates in service projects at the high school. ,Awww Top to Bottom QL toRJg President Tim Mortenson. Sponsor Becky Poole, Tim Mortenson, Ron Schnurr, Scott Salomon, R.J. Steer, and .lay Wilson. A r O fe A.-W CL B Law Enforcers Aren't Always Policemen The Law Club was formed to provide a challenge for the students at F.F.C.H.S., not only do they strive to improve rela- tions between students and the police de- partment, but they also try to inform those students who are interested in occu- pations in the law enforcement field. Each year Law Club sponsors the honor guard and parking attendants at home games, along with sponsoring community and school activities. They also take spe- cialized field trips in order to learn more about the law processes. Top to Bottom QL to Rj:Alice Hou- chens, Don Shartran, Valarie Aragon, Mark Gonzales, Jimmie Helton, Keith Wilson, Robert Greg Rocha, Lynette West. Jenny Hocanson, Jamie Helton, Dawn Reed, and Mark Cloer. Sec. Jenny Hocanson, Vice pres. Dawn Reed, Pres. Jamie Helton I 39 C9 6 i STUDE T COUNCIL 5' Top to Bottom 1L to RJ Student Body Sec. Jamie Helton, Student Body Vice Pres. Wendy Barone, Student Body Pres. Valarie Aragon, Senior Class Sec. Rhonda Moreland, Senior Class Vice Pres. Su- zanne Clark, Senior Class Pres. Mario Simon. Proven Leadership Student Council is an organization that strives to achieve many activities for the student body year. Such examples of these are sponsoring Homecoming, conducting assemblies, and being the voice of the student body in school-wide issues. There is however, one activity that student council works hardest to accomplish each yearg this is standing proud and helping the students to enjoy a well rounded and enjoyable high school life. Student Council strives for a feeling of belonging and unity among the stu- dents and their school. The student council is there to voice the opinions of the student body so that Fountain-Ft. Carson High School will continue to stand proudly. STL DENT CUUNCIL Top to Bottom lL to Rl Ju- nior Class Sec. Shelly 0'neil. Junior Class Vice Pres. Alicia Stewart, Junior Class Pres. Diana Senko, Sophomore Class Sec. Alice Hounchens. Sophomore Class Vice Pres. Nikki Mills. Sophomore Pres. Carol Cockroft. Sponsor Marge Stephenson. Kathy Agner. Mark Gonzales, Dawn Surface. Carol Cock- roft, Lee Anne Allen, Lo- retta Manzanares, Tracy Matlock, Youndrick Baily, Yolanda Jordan, Shelly O'Neil, Jeff Kelsen, Kristen Feagler, Diana Senko, Sponsor Roy Hughes, Ali- cia Stewart. Diana Eng- man. Suzanne Clark, Rhonda Moreland. Jamie Helton, Valarie Aragon. Wendy Barone, Mario Si- mon, Jenny Ward, Amy Ransom, Dawn Reed, Lyn- ette West, Nikki Mills, Tammy Zakrewski, and Al- ice Hounchens. C3 6 6 qfix X', WUQ G L , 1 fx I JQQY ffm iff fy K fx U if X fl kA" X Qi fx Yi fo A 155 w J f L .J Of - li f ,U Qpci Q e i'VW'1 ff Q QL to RJ 'liop to Bottom: Mi-, chele Powell, Gail Miller, Angela Miller, Sherri Gi- vens, Kim Hassman, Col- leen Westerman, Sara Grubbs. x L . X Nxlwlrw .Mi i 42 f 1 A SPORT sw- - i ss, .-.f. : . - A Q 4 JV Basketball QL to RJ: Frank Fuchs, Kenny Mo- ses, Greg Watkins, Frank Johnson, Jeff Jordahl, Paul Plizska, Harry Knight, Scott Coleman, Jeff Kelson, Terri Smith, Mike Brown, Gary Lujan, Mgr. Matt Swaney, Coach Evan Dal- rymple. Wrestling QL to RJ Top to Bottom: Coach Jim Welte, Fermin Vialpondo, Richard Christian, Mark Lawson, Richard Martin, Tony Boles, Marvin Jordan, As- sistant Coach, Mitch John- son, Manager Doreen Mar- tinez, Dion Swaney, Steve Jacobi, Gilbert Rodriguez, Sean Gelsey, Krik Noble, Manager Sandy Franco. New 84 Used English Sz Western Tack Rodeo Equipment BINGO'S D 8z SADDLE SHOP 506 Vt. Colo. Ave. Colorado Springs. f'0l.0. 80905 Ray Davenport 634-6070 Owner RON'S CARPET SER ICE Route 3 Box 36-A Fountain, Colorado 382-8666 Become a, . oducer Jrector! Rent a Video camera and go on a backyard adventure epic. Then watch your movie or one ot ours later on a VCR in the comtort ol your own home. We utter daiIy,weekty or monthly rentals with no deposit or credit needed. just tast. triendly and easy service rent with the option to buy now at... Hours 10-8 Mon-Sat Noon-5 Sun 1813 S Nevada lncar Sauthgctcl X X x 635-8444 Pikes Peak 8 Academy tbchmd Popeye! Fried Chicken! 596-EASY W f , W Wg? IN SPITE UF HARDSHIPS CHEERLEADERS CGME THROUGH Xs wg. The Fall Varsity Cheerleading Squad was quite a surprise for some. It was made up of cheerleaders who never had prior varsity experience. This year's fall varsity squad was last year's winter J. V. squad. This year some school traditions were broken. The traditional first- day-of-school routine wasn't ob- served, because the girls needed more practice together. This year, the varsity cheerleaders only performed one per assembly. That satisfied most everyone. A rou- tine to "Shackles" was done to open the assembly, and "We're Not Gonna Take It" was done to close it. One tradition brought back this year, was the spirit stick. The stu- dent body was very enthusiastic, be- cause it gave them a chance to show school spirit. Fall cheerleaders had a good season, and they improved immensely. Q . Top to Bottom CL to RJ Opposite Page: Head Coach John Brainard, and Assistant Coach Kathy Zenthoefer keep smiling, but coaching isn't always easy. Varsity front row CL to RJ: Delores Haines, Michele Paraday, Lisa Brown. Back row QL to RJ: Captain, Lenore Mayfield, Curtistine Watkins, Dawn Reed. Left, J.V. Front Row L to R: Monica Johnson, Tammie Zakrzewski. Back Row QL to Rh: Kim Hassman, Trace Matlock, Michelle Powell. J. V. cheerleaders Tammie Zakrzewski, Trace Matlock, and Michelle Powell, get in some before game practice. Q .. - 5 . wa? Top to Bottom QL to Rl Rhonda Moreland, Anita Rentas, Alicia Stewart, Suzanne Clark, Amy Maszko, Diana Senko, Alice Houchens, Cris Malone, Loretta Manzanares, Twyla Crossley, Yolanda Jordan, Mgr. Jenny Ward, Tessa Roberts, and Diana Engman. Yolanda Jordan spikes the ball to score a point for the Trojans. rap.-+-.1-me 48 N TROJANS VOLLEYBALL RANKS'EM This years Fountain Ft. Carson girls Varsity Volleyball Team had a great season. Their overall record for the season was 8-7 and their overall league record for the season was 6-5. Though they were young, the girls var- sity volleyball team excelled to the height of 3rd place in the league for the 1984-85 season. With only three sen- iors on the team this year, experience was commonly exhibited. Seniors Ai- mee Maczko and Rhonda Moreland were co-captains as well as very impor- tant contributors to the team's success. Aimee Maczko was also on the all con- ference team, the all area Gazette Tele- graph team and was a nominee for all- state team from our league. While Rhonda Moreland got honorable men- tion for the all conference team and the all area Gazette Telegraph team. Overall, this was a great year for the F.F.C.H.S. Volleyball Team, and their performance was greatly appreciated by the students and faculty of Fountain Ft. Carson High. , . fi i'X""q ' f 5 i 7 ' . . v School Florence Woodland Park Manitou Springs Falcon Canon City Lewis-Palmer St. Mary's Florence WoodlandPark Manitou Springs Falcon Lewis-Palmer Elizabeth Bennett Elizabeth Falcon 1984 Stats 1 Opponent 10-15-16 12-15-13 16-15 3-14 15-14-6 15-9-16 15-15 15-0-14 3-2 15-15 15-ll-9 7-7 6-11 12-15-15 15-15 15-9-15 Fountain 15-13-14 15-13-15 14-5 15-16 2-16-15 12-15-14 5-7 12-15-16 15-15 8-6 10-15-15 15-15 15-15 15-7-12 13-4 9-15-4 Top to Bottom: Suzanne Clark goes up for the block. Loretta Manzanares returnes the ball to the opponent. -'T po- ,Q5 V , if is 1M'21 ff!- vga? w if W Q. , , 12 ', 25 Q 9' M . '- V -? , 1 W M , - ff. J X D l X as an 'D 22 as 'inullif Z XJR! Top to Bottom CL to RJ Veronica Trujillo waits for the serve. Twyla Crossley saves the day. F tn. 6 21 7 14 19 7 13 14 27 s l 3 1984 Stats Salida Holy Family Florence Woodland Park Weld Central Manitou Springs Falcon Lewis-Palmer St. Mary's as 'I gl I A Opp, .- -iz... 12 x I 0 X 'N 0 f' 13 3 M' 28 ' ii, .,,.-- 6 I 4' 32 if 0 , t' X' U TROJAN DEFENSE STANDS O T The Fountain Ft.-Carson High School Foot-1 ball team was outstanding. The team kept thj crowd on their toes and gave the students reason to have pride in the Trojan Football Team. The Trojans practiced hard and strived for greatness. The team started off slow but re gained their control to become 6-3 for th! year. The Trojans missed the state play-offs by on game, which was played against the Manito Mustangs. Trojan defense was strong and de termined, but just wasn't enough to hold back the offense of the Mustangs. Eric Soltwedel was honored with this yearj Golden Helmet Award. This signifies that Eri was the player of the year for Fountain. X Offense awards were given to Kent Junglej and Cedric Smith. Defense awards were give to Ricky Marshall and Mike Shingleton. Ricky Marshall, Kent Junglen, Eric Soltwei del, and Cedric Smith were selected for thg Pikes Peak League All-Conference Team. f X, . i- M, -,HN -Y Q. . in , . . ,,.. ., , . ff,. , .. . 5, lBottoml Santez Morrow runs alone to gain Trojan yardage. 1OppositeJ Cedric Smith gets tackled after a quick rush. Top to bottom, L to R, Managers Dawn Surface, Renee Fer- nandez, Coaches Art Hassler, Mitch Johnson, Richens Smith, Jim Welte, Mike Rossi, Managers Vicki King, Ron Goeman. Gilbert Rodriquez, Lance Loffink, Gary Lujan, Mark Clawson, Floyd Allison, Richard Christian, Jeff Kelsen, Jeff Jordal, Richard Miskho, Kevin Richards, Youndrick Baily, Marvin Jordan, Robert Rocha, Richard Martin, San- tez Morrow, Greg Watkins, Matt Woodall, Mike Brown, Galen Brown, Cedric Smith, Tony Boles, Mike Shingleton, Scott Mills, Derek Arm- strong, Ricky Marshall, Eric Soltwe- del, Kent Junglen, Andy Brooks, Rob- ert Fowler, Don Kane. g 53 f2,0jQ . . FIGHTS , f 59,1 WWI Q t TO THE E D Fountain Ft.-Carson High School Junior Varsity Foot- ball Team accomplished great feats during the season. The J. V. team started off a little confused, but soon, Though the scoreboards may not have shown it, the J. V. team played well and hard. A few of the Trojans J. V. games were cancelled due to weather, but the Trojans I Q -. jbwtill practiced for the upcoming games. The Trojans Coach Mike Rossi, Lance Loffink, Gary Lujan, Jeff Kelsen, Richard Martin, Jeff Jordal, Kevin Richards, Coach Mitch Johnson. Manager f? I X Lf L' Qld VQC' N, A ac! y Ufziqa 7 VCMT L Clf. gf Nagy, U52 'dry ' , they pulled things together. C . f ,X zap by '7 fig! 33 Q 0 nded up being l 4 Gang f Top to bottom, L to R: 3, L VF G- riff Renee Fernandez, Mark Clawson, Richard Christian, Matt Woodall, Galen Brown, Cedric Smith, Mike Brown, Tony Boles, Manager Ronald Goeman. Manager Vicki King, Santez Morrow, Gilbert Rodi- quez, Floyd Allison, Richard Miskho, Greg Watkins, Manager Dawn Surface. .X ,W wfww.5fv.i - f, 4,1 3 ,iuygigsxqg ' .fy l 55 Rhoda Long, Angie Pritchett, and Kevin Wheeler rest after a hard workout. 56 ' fb, rg 21 x X, f A f 4' 1 J I l 1 Zfw JU W X , W ' ,bj w,-' If " ' 4 , I ff , Y ,V 2 , I . n , I I 'U , Coach David Helm Scott Love Mike Clawson Whitney Smoote Kevin Wheeler Asst Coach .lame Schlefflm Rho da Long Colleen Westerman Berenlce Krout Shelly Leon ard Dlon Swaney Angle Pritchett and Matt Svvaney 10, V x 1111 Boys C Tennis Pueblo County 7 Fountain Salida 3 Fountain Colorado Springs Fountain Christian 3 Pueblo lm. Fountain Tournament Fountain l.a Junta 7 Colorado Springs Fountain Christian 5 Pueblo Fast 7 Fountain Canon City Abbey 5 F0lHlt2!in Canon City Abbey 4 FOUHIHTII Dist. 6 Tournament l"0Ulll2lill SZIWQ... or V I -- lm .rattan is . egg ll T lvlili ml - : ,,.:' fi-ij 1 s 'IM I Eli ' if + 1 592- 4 - BOYS TENN S CRE TES A RACKET 1984 boys tennis has had there shares of wins and loses. They may have not succeed as they have would like to, but they did there best. Giulio Giglio set a Fountain-Fort Carson High School tennis record by winning six matches as the Tro- jans' No. 1 singles players. The best players from each team face one an- other in dual matches and tourna- ments. Among FFCHS No. 1 singles players, Bryan West has the record for best winning percentage of .454 when he compiled a 5-6 record in 1981. Giulio was also one of two individual matches the Trojans won at the district tournament Foun- tain's No. 1 doubles team of RJ. Steer and Darrin Soleau were also victorious in the first round. The young Trojans finished with a 2-6 dual-match record. ll, to Rl Top to Bottom R.J. Steer studies the ball. Darron Soleau smiles to his opponent. Guilio Giglio makes his plans to get the next point. Paul Pliszka gets ready to swing to a limit. Coach Richard Pound, Paul Pliszka, Nelson Finkbinder, Mike Erallie. R.J. Steer, Steve Antil, Guilio Giglio, Kirk Noble. Darrin So- leau, Steve llassman, Eddie Smith, Tim Al- len, Tim Long. l 59 Top to bottom ll. to Rl JN. cheerleader, Michelle Powell, take a peek at the crowd before joining the chant with the rest ofthe squad. Varsity cheerleaders, Yolanda .lordan and Lenorc Mayfield, perform one of their many routines. Yarsity cheerleaders, Lisa Brown and Yolanda Jordan use the bands music to have fun. CHEERLEADERS EEP TRCJAN SPIRIT GOI The 1984-85 Winter Varsity Cheerleading Squad start- ed off the season with real style. The first event they ever cheered was a professional basketball game of the Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz at McNichols Arena in Denver. There were cheerleaders from Denver area schools, and there were also some single and double A schools pre- sent at the Spirit Spectacular. The Cheerleaders, 50 at a time, did four parts of the halftime show for the game. J.V. started out with a six girl squad at the seasons beginning, but within a few weeks, the squad dwindled down to just three girls. Being in need of more cheer- leaders, Coach John Brainard hand-picked four girls from around the school who he felt had promise in that area. The girls have done a good job and they stuck together. The varsity squad competed in the State Spirit Contest on January 26. Competing against ten other single and double A schools in the cheer division, the Trojans performed tenth out of eleven. The Trojans had an all around excellent rating, which is equal to second place in the state. The cheerleaders had a very eventful year and stuck together through thick and thin. Top to bottom lL to Rb: Tammic Zakrazewski, the newest varsity addition, shows her spirit as she cheers the Trojans on to a victory over the Mustangs. Varsity cheerleader, Stacy McLachlan proudly an- nounces her Trojan spirit. Top to bottom: Varsity cheerleader Curtistine Watkins has lots of fun as the Trojans beat the Mustangs. Varsity cheerleaders Lisa Brown, Delores Haines, and Dawn Reed make cheering fun at one of the Trojans many home basketball games. W 61 V r 1984 Stats Home Opponent Fowler tournament 6th Out Of I0 Buena Vista Tournament 8th out of 8 Fountain Colo. Deaf 8: Blind Fountain Buena Vista Fountain Burlington Fountain Limon Fountain Rye Fountain Palmer Fountain Lewis Plamer Fountain Falcon Fountain St. Mary's Fountain Florence 4 " 9' 3 i s 3 ff if at 5 S Q 8 W, .A ,fx i fr Q39 WN, 0 -Wu . 11 ,fx K Q04 t ttatt 2 M iv , fl.. TROJANS PI THEIR ME By taking sixth place out of ten team at the Fowler Tournament, the FFCHS Boys Wrestling Team shares some of there best moments together. Practicing almost everyday helped the fine young men keep and maintain a minimum weight. According to the players, wrestling is no easy job. Though wins are seldom this season, we know that our Trofans gave the other teams there best. Although wres- tling is a very competitive sport, but it consists of a lot of inside experience and skill. Head Coach Jim Welte, showed the Wrestlers the meaning of good sportsmanship, and reasured them that, even if they won or lost, they were still number one. The coaches gave the teammates support, and benefit- ting to make wrestling fun and competitive. Most of the support, and leadership came from within the team. IL to Rb Top to Bottom: Marvin Jordan uses all of his strength to get his opponent flat on the mat. Assistant Coach Mitch Johnson is determined to make the Trojans pin their man. No matter how big Marvin Jordan's opponents are, they'll fall to the mat. Gilbert Rodriquez makes his mark to defeat his defending oppo- nent. Darrin Soleau gets a good grip and takes his opponent to the mat. ,,....,,. 63 X f,,,.,......,.,...t-X I, --N Q..-. -. -we--M--W The Trojans huddle to plan more of their effective defense. Alicia Stewart shoots from the baseline, while Rhonda More- land guards for a rebound. Alice Houchens out-jumps her opponent for a tip to a Trojan. 'W- 5 l,.......... 'i 1- L...... Gifts, mar' 'Lf- .,,......-----""""" Q ' Girls Basketball: A Transitional Year. This years girls basketball team was a surprise to lots of people. There wasn't a really good turn out, but the girls had a good team. Although there wasn't a large turn out, Coach Craig Kimball said he was quite pleased with the girls that went out for the team. This year the team had lots of potential and ability, but as stated by Coach Kimball, "it wasn't always consis- tent. This years team was struggling, and could have been in second place, instead of sixth." Kimball also said the team worked hard in practice to accomplish skills, and at games they always wanted to do well. The team showed lots of pride, and were very spirited before all of their games. During games they concen- trated and worked hard toward their goal of victory. As a team, there was lots of moral support, but indivi- duals also gave one another support when it was needed. There were underclassmen and upperclassmen on the team, so there have been adjustments from each side, so the team got along better. For the girls, this year was one of transition but they stuck together until the end. Z w A.. I.. 'Im - .:k 2' v l .,' Q K . 5 96 , R T C ir' 4 N Q , .lfiv f kd, i, C C, ii' at .. X ...N Top to bottom CL to RJ: Coach, Craig Kimball, Rho- da Long, Tanya Lewis, Tammie Shingleton, Jenni Ward, Betty Crout, Mgr, Linda Frethiem, Coach, Jane Schieffelin. front row: Mgr., Reva Holloway, Alicia Stewart, Rhonda Moreland, Alice Houu- chens, Stats: Kim Carrick. Tammie Singleton drib- bles circles around her opponent. Home Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain 1984-85 Stats Opponent Custer County 35 Pueblo Centennial 68 Rocky Ford 46 Sierra 52 Walsenburg 35 Florence 46 Woodland Park 47 Manitou Springs 37 Rye 43 Falcon 22 Lewis-Palmer 34 St. Mary's 42 Florence 62 Woodland Park 34 Manitou Springs 32 Falcon 29 Lewis-Palmer 27 St. Mary's 39 y as 4.2 if ' g , X 'S X 'QNX N X 9 X 5, E 'P as is Y aw ' . I f" en . W VV All 7 Tammie Shingleton makes a turnover hoping for two more points. N1 H ' Rhonda Moreland jumps high at the quarter's beginning, for a tip to a fellow Trojan. ' l Alicia Stewart shoots a free throw to add to the Trojan score. Tanya Lewis makes a hook shot, for two more Trojan points. Tanya Lewis passes over her opponents head to Rhonda Moreland, hoping for another two points. xgwx . Mm w,5,,3,,,Qg.g1e,Qes.,.Mwm-mfg Q L - 56 5712 V 1 ig-I5 .xg OT. ,X ,-ie? - ' . -A ff':L 4 1 h 1 "Q I .aS'.,- Q17 , "S ey- - ' "1 1 Ig.: -at ., i r '1 ., 5' lf' 4 ., "Ph 9 Ki- 3?-, i 1 . - ri., ,, .?s 'X .,.--' d ' -A .A -. ,..-, nal. 4 -1, --,Q -y u . ' 4.1 'fn -' ' Ml!!! . ,-f if , 1 - 'nl J' ai . sk Q, Q Jenny Ward puts on some aim, and shoots for that serious extra point. Alice Houchens, Rhonda Moreland, and Tanya Lewis put the heavy defense on the Huskies number 45. ..,..,---""' .,----'f""- . ,,...im3,Z1. If -NM, ,Q ,yew W .Vw ,uv xy B-A ' 1-ra? QL to RJ Top to Bottom: Harry Knight strives to make the shot. Kenny Coleman displays concentration. Scott Baker towers over his oppo- nent. ..-+G" sinks 5 .yii TRUJ ANS COMPETE FOR if Q Q ww VICTORY Basketball was fun and exciting for everyone. The season was a good one. This years team put forth all their efforts to do their best. Leadership came from the seniors. Each and every player supported the team with spirit when games were close. Coach Pat Kane, Assistant Evan Dalrymple, Shelly Leon- ard, and Jessie Cruther helped boost the team with the guidance they needed to become a winning team. Juniors Galen Brown, Terry Smith, Cedric Smith, and Frank Johnson played for the Junior Varsity, and Varsity basketball teams, proving there outstanding abilities as team players. The team support came not only from the coaches and team itself, but from Trojan fans, faculty, and parents. The team ended the season with a record of 9-3, and overall score was I3-5. QL to RJ Top to Bottom: Mike Shingleton leaps to gain control. Jessie Crutcher, Assistant Coach Evan Dalyrmple, Mario Simon, Galen Brown, Don Kane, Scott Baker, R.J. Steer, Terry Smith, Coach Pat Kane, Shelly Leonard, Cedric Smith, Jim Durantee, Frank Johnson, Todd Tuner, Kenny Coleman, and Mike Shingleton. LXWJAYF ll? VMS ' 112131518 3 Home Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Stats Opponent 7 42 f ii 1984-85 7 4 is 71 Estes Park 46 Alamosa 55 42 Weld Central 49 66 Sierra 60 80 Salida 55 46 Florence 74 73 Woodland Park 35 73 Manitou Springs 43 78 Falcon 62 74 Lewis-Palmer 78 66 St. Mary's 62 69 Florence 66 78 Woodland Park 41 75 Manitou Springs 34 72 Falcon 70 57 Lewis-Palmei' 70 78 St. Mary's 59 4 me .Wy Q s .. N .egg at an 4 H pa pzqhsz p . - 1 pv he , - ' Q Viiiiwvwwqw ibn Ewa QL to RJ Top to Bottom: All eyes are on Cedric Smith as he shoots the ball. Cedrick Smith searches for someone to pass the ball to. Galen Brown attempts to steal the ball from an opposing player. Scott Bak r and Todd Turner keep their opponent active. Scott Baker leaps high to add two points to Trojans, score. 'NU' ,135 42520 ,glib af' 00 - f 'L 1 NWN U Q X7 ,K AU 'Q' Se , XV , l I p if of X0 K ggi' XXV' 1 -HL QJ , NU BUF' gf, 1 QQ , 5 '95 XX wt,-Q9 nv? A iw H "' L1-NW UU Q G7 N' 5' Q 7 x M k ,Qt 'ul QL to RJ Top to Bottom Ruth Mclrvin, Inge Van Os, Linda Musgrave, Peggy Dean, Cyndi Hardin, Sheila Raposa, Renee Fernandez, Amy Ransom, Diane Ma- chin, Valarie Aragon, Dawn Reed, Coach Dick Pound. Ruth Mclrvin, and Dawn Reed, figure out how they're going to beat their opponents. Peggy Dean adds a little funk to her forward swing. TALENT IS HARD TO BEAT The girls tennis team completed the 1984 season with a 5-4 record. Two matches were not played because of bad weather. The team knew what ever happened they couldn't let it get them down. All of the girls were good but there were some best players among the girls. The best record for the season in singles was Valerie Aragon at number three singles player. The best doubles was Amy Ransom, and Sheila Raposa. The "Miss Tennis" award was given to the three year letterman, Linda Musgrave, for her outstanding sportsmanship, and cooperation. Each girls showed their skills, tal- ent, and the good sportsmanship on the court, and hoped that the team should be much improved for next season with seven returning letter- men. Amy Ransom throws herself in to the ball, to get her match point. Sheila Raposa concentrates on the angle of the ball. 1984-85 Stats Home 0PP0f'e'1t Fountain 0 Pueblo Centennial 7 Fountain 5 Rye 2 Fountain 0 Fountain Valley 7 Fountain 6 Harrison I Fountain 0 Canon City 7 Fountain l C0f0ll21d0 6 Fountain 4 Co. Spgs. Christian 3 Fountain 4 Salida V3 Fountain 4 Rye 3 Dist, 6 Tournament I2 Ollf of 12 Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain 0 I 9 I3 14 0 I4 14 l I3 5 l l 0 6 1984 Stats Florence Florence Widefield .IV Fowler Manitou Manitou Woodland Park Co. Spgs. Christian Woodland Park Cheyenne Mountain St. Mary's St. Mary's Lewis-Palmer Lewis-Palmer Falcon , 6 f 1 A i v r 1 , ye, 4 an Q WK 4 , l X Q F J HPF?-1 f' -1 " uf: , - 970 z, Hgfff X ,- f f , , J Ze 1 , 1' ' 3 ? X ' . -"f N4 H.A. BASEBALL TEAM MAKES THE BASES With a new team and equipment, the players made a valid effort to play hard against good competition. Even though everything about the game was new, although the record was 4- ll, the team did not finish last in the conference and gained a great deal of experience for the coming season. There were only three senior graduates, so the returning letter- men were stronger for the Spring 85' season. Receiving honors were Bruce Wil- lert and Kent Junglen, who received All Area Honors and Robert Rocha who was voted by the team and coaches as the Most Valuable All- Around Player. I 5 ' nb ewan tude. Robert Rocha gained experience as a Trojan catcher. .AM Wammmw aw: ' wf was M3212 f Mia swam --'- "1 fff' 2 B if J e it , , f , Z H a, f:7,,,,:,4 ,,,,WM V , M ,, W, , e Top Row QL to RJ Coach Evan Dalrymple, Assistant Coach Mitch Johnson, Marvin Jordan, Robert Rocha, Bruce Willert, James Brown, David Ready? Andy Brooks, Tony Cruz, Jimmie Vaughn, Kent Junglen. Bottom Row QL to Rl Mgr. Cheryl Johnson, Chris Smith, Dean Case" ' Watkins, Jim Manley, Ricky Marshall, Scott Harveston, David Johnson, Eric Saltwedel, Brian Miller, Mgr. Doreen Mar' Mike Brown, a 1984 Sophomore, takes baseball with a serious atti- QL to R, Top to Bottomj Doreen Daniels strides for that extra inch. Wanda Turner shows them how it is done. Wendy Nash gives it all she's got! 1Facing Pagel Wanda Turner and Doreen Daniels in the process of making another school record. S x GIRLS' TRACK: PRIDE RUNS FAR The 1984 track season saw an awesome Girl's Track Team. These girls did a really excellent job going all the way to the State AA Track Meet in Pueblo. The track team put forth a valiant effort in bringing back to FFCHS their first state title in six years. With much assistance from Head Coach Diana 4 Fredric and Assistant Coach Anita Rentas, girls track did run far. Around the first part of March last spring, just after an awesome basketball season, sophomore, junior, and senior girls piled into the locker room for the first practices of the season. One quote from a former team member said that the 84 track team was a really good team that worked gIEETin 2nd together well. Besides the coaching, the girls helped coach each Fgggtgin Rela S 3rd out of 10 other. Senior Brandie Chenowith set a school discus record. Sen- Fountain y 2nd out of 4 iors Sam Jones, Tonya Stafford, Doreen Daniels, and Wanda Fort Lupton 7th out of 14 Turner set a school record in the 400 meter relay. They also set Denver Sheridan lst out of 3 another school record in the 800 meter relay. As a result, the Windsor Inv- Can. :984 Girl s Track Team was superior to any other team in the Fountain lst out of 3 eague' Rampart Call- Canon City Inv. llth out of 20 PPL Districts lst Ollt of 7 State AA Meet lst Ollt of 36 QL to R, Top to Bottomj QL to R3 Back Rowg Head Coach Diana Fredric, Diana Senko, Judy Flynn, Doreen Daniels, Stephanie Watkins, Tonya Staf- ford, Wanda Turner, Sam Jones, Brandie Chenowith, Yolanda Jordan, Lisa Brown, Virginia Johnson, Melanie Crisp, Jenny Wardg fFront Rowl Joanna Miller, Candie Finch, Loretta Manzaneres, Debbie Aukema, Kim Norris, Patricia Davis, Angie Prichett, Curtisine Watkins, Wendy Nash, Donna Franco, Holy Hultman, Mary Thorne. Holly pushes for the limit. 522' ,W , W K' I 1 Mwnw 91 an ..,., nf A V 1 . MJ . ww Aww irl's Track Team Member Curtistine Watkins really sweats it out against a tough Woodland Park Member for the finish. l we W Q?" ,, ,,0,,.,f-iamuof QL to Rb Top to Bottom: Cedrick Smith gets off to a good start in the 100 meter race. He shows great concentration as he passes a Canyon City competitor. He pushes his effort to be first to the finish line. ,X i 4 ,. BOYS TRACK: THIRD TIMES A CHARM 1984 Boys Track was a success. They won the state championship for the third straight year. The team spent many hours working and training for these meets. They stride for their goal, to be number one, and that they did. During this time of the year. There had been some records made by these athletes, Cedric Smith, Clayborn Haynie, Youndrick Bailey, and John Brookins who all set a state record in the 400 meter relay. Allen Jones set a school record in 110 meter high hurdles, and Kevin Wheeler in the 3200 meter race. The 1600 meter relay team set a state record. The team consisted of: Darwin Thomas, Tim Daily, and Derrek Guster. Derrek Guster was the state champion in the 800 meters race. The state champion for the triple jump was Clayborn MEET 0 Haynie, Cedrick Smith placed fourth in the 100 meters race. Allen Pueblo Cfllmty i Jones placed second in the 400 meters, third in the 110 high hurdles, Ad2mS.CI1y and fourth in the long jump. Tim Daily placed fourth in the 800 Fountain meter race. Allen Jones, Derrek Guster, Darwin Thomas, and Ce- Eoulltafn Relays oun ann drick Smith placed third in the 800 meter relay team. ' Fort Lupton Denver Sheridan Berthoud La Junta Rampart Canon City Inv. QL to RJ Whitney Smoote flies to victory. Kevin Wheeler soars to the Finish line. ' X PPL Dist. Toorn. ST. AA TR. Meet' L g . 1984 Stats PLACE Cancelled 5th out of 10 lst out of 3 lst out of 12 lst out of 4 lst out of 14 lst out of 3 1st out of 12 5th out of 12 Cancelled 4th out of 18 lst out of 7 lst out of 42 W.. f ,"f," , 0 ti ..--"""" .--"""'a,A ,,-f""' 'J' If ,ff-'J V X .SV ' ,,,' Q- v QL to RJ Top to Bottom: Coach 4 Hassler, Cedrick Smith, Galen Bro.. , John Brookins, Ed Moore, Mike Shingle- ton, Byron King, Whitney Smoote, Ken- ney Moses, Tim Kielman, Youndrick Bai- ley, Guilio Giglio, Robert Fowler, Tony Boles Assistant Coach Craig Kimball, Ke- vin Wheeler, Assistant Coach David Helm, Scott Baker, Don Manley, Clay- born Haynie, A.J. Jones, Darrek Guster, Tim Daily, Darwin Thomas, Jerry Coun- cil, Mark Horme. Tony Boles throws to the limit. Tim Kielman shows his effort to win. .lohn Brookins, Doreen Daniels, Byron King, and Jim Durante take time between events to pose for the camera. John Brookins takes a leap to victory in the broad jump at the Fountain Relays meet. in K WW n,,, ., . ,ww I I 3 w ,WQVK vu .WW ,, N W A, wa, vg,,w,f,, , 47-vw , Y ,,,, ff i 4, ,, 4 , V , .ff Jg In W ,WMO AW, W M, ' '- - f 5 ,f'vf,,-we-"-f'12f 1'-' ,, A H W A, Y,,,MWWw, Y 3 V, if A A , MOVIE RENTALS IDEO ""' onzty 6540 S Hwy 85 87 F ountam Colorado 80817 lJust South ol K Marty 390 8200 X 390 8958 O e D n7DaySaWeek rw Thurs1030AM8PM F A 50 Pl Sum Noon 6 P M IVI B E R S HIP S ' EVERYONE A PREFERRE N D CUSTOMER o more clubs to joln n o more membershlp fees no more hassles Must low prxoes great seleotron and super servmel ns Graduating Class of 85 PAT S FOUNTAIN SUPERMARKET Meat Produce Groceries Fountam s only full llne grocery store and full service Best Wlshes an Congratulations Class of 85 SIRLDIN s'rocxAnr: 1710 Monterey Colo Sgps Co 80910 471 9259 Fantastic Steaks at Super prlces All u can eat Buffet every Mon Thurs with Salad Bar I Mo - , 1 . - , ,X VI -S'l., 1030 A M 'EI .4 I 9 5 ' ' N ffl- x ..I ' ,yy glff ,' -l ' Q' 'l'k!'ll'v.r-lf' d Congratulatio "' I E - I' f 1 l ' 'll ' . slnq l' ,I IQ , , ' l-,,:, l Rd. . ., , . . , . . - - - x ...X ,A x u Durban ELECTRIC N Congratulatlons to the Class of 1985 FOUNTAIN FORT CARSON TROJ AN BOOSTER CLUB PO BOX 5506 SECURITY CO 80931 t rf I O QE ' O 9 R p S Radio Dispa ched Tainlflvvffgc Se erna or up 8: C t t Trucks Remodelin 8: A After Hours Emergencies 635-865 - ' After Hours 392-8478 I I - I I I C 1 H S A -S w ...L S 1. - W L..L - . , , .. . KK . . 'H 'K W- S. .www-.-.gifmtfrs : - .'i?i23S53NNs9EQ52wsWwm5,. if ,s. nwhw f r-e-' N, M- ... .m...wfKfM' .W W MW 'K WNW N RWM ' X 9' K " "fW'KKf"-YKKKW ' K' 'K ' Q !"'5 "K .,..'s?.iiK11':KKifKK-535336-Q - --IV - , . ' " -- .- .. .- KK L , .. f -K S -.K -J wg. -.ff 3-if. Q-my 1 .442-.f, -Q- - - -iw Ku ex -:mr rw-Q-Q-X-523-226 vb -KH Q! --fiwwg-1 ,af v ag,.3-fgL,5fgg--.R-X... . , f . , N I . ' - ---- K- .. ' W K KK V L. ' . , - ' 'K 1 - ,, V' 'ffm --W" -ff -Ji -ww fag- 'Wi' 15- :Z-V1 '-.rg- if . . S, K- KK' ' ' ' if - - . Q .. g -S . f S - .S 7 X S 1 K1 iff' -1 .N -. viii' 1-'if-'sf' -2,-.--ia '1eff..5 'K' K .,,. , S -f ' Egf vg -gyiwgifr ds?3ws-3553. 5.iEz.w---21 -Q,e-- ff ref- -will -9 'c fm n f I -'gif' K Ki' --Q K 1 2-K K-2? - -- .- K '3 f mid? .. ti f -f as mm Q Q fy '-N:..EFf5 K T' '- - i?MMi!1-. 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ML "" 1'- ww 3 5 . 5 .4 an 5. ,MMM- W MW!" .,ll W W W ,, WW' , I ,.1lW Administration Proudly Serves District 8 The proud staff and administration of Fountain-Ft. Carson main role in the schools district. Due to the small district in which FFCHS is in, the students and teachers are able to have a close re- lationship with each other. The teachers are there for the students, and the students are there for the teachers when they are needed. There high school administration helps in making FFCHS stand proud, this includes keeping the dis- trict together, by writing the school bulletins and informing the parents Campbell, Hassler, Pam Art Dalrymple, Hearn, Evan Patricia Daniels, Hughes, Glenda Roy 1 1 intl! p D Q i Q . 3 ist! xi 1 . LQ 54 Roger Johnston the Vice Principal of Orton, Pound, the school, runs the Betty Richard attendance office, Peterson, Powell, and helps keep the Gerald Jod students in line, y when they mess , around in school. He is a good administrator. .. Yo,o Nuhn, Getty I QHWA U ggi? of the school, what is going on in and around FFCHS. There are a few people who are not well known with the students of the schools district, they are the ones who do the most work to keep the schools in and around this area standing on their feet. This includes hiring the teachers, bus drivers and every one else in the district. The school and the people in it take very much pride in keeping the school together as one happy family. Rentas, Schieffelin, Anita Janie Riley, Schwartz, Marla Fred Rossi, Seaman, Micheal Sydney ar Y V , Q 1 I if Smith, Richens Stephenson, Majorie Welte, Jim Zenthoefer, Kathy Top to bottom, L to R: Superintendent Dr. Dean Fleischauer. Administration personel, Treva Polley, Jackie Leach, Brenda Runkle, Jane Clutter, Scott Wooldridge, Anita Gage. Business manager. Guy Barickman. Secretaries, Lois Wise, Peggy Maczko. L , Slant, " " Nw . www .. , ,fi ffvi r " ' A53 ,I , , AL H J wwf ' ,V ,Lvj ,L 'f , Top to bottom, L to r: Custodians, Larry Daugherty, Elmer Gil- liam, Ken Diggs. Assistant Superintendent, Orv Jordal. Bus dri- vers, Joe Martinez, Virginia Daniels, Cynthia Girard, Melbadean Canape, Russ Johnson, Linda Coon, Darliene Kemper, Annie Gil- liam, Ann Dunlap, Janice Absher, Jim Orange, George Farwell, James Stang, Chuck Stalcup. WW it Kiwis my V V -QM, WW, f n gl A A, ' 5 'f 4 g ,g , " -,ff f ., - , .1 , , 5 1 V 5' . " i'7:. ,, -1' -, ,Q , '-if wif we " it ' ' ' ' smu g Hg u' of my SCHOOL LIFE: AN EXPERIENCE! fOpp0site. Top, Lefty: Janie Schiefflin makes chemistry class a little more fun. l0pposite, Bottom, Lefty: Jody Powell calls out for a pizza. 10pposite, Righty: Van Adams counts with his fingers. yAbove, Lefty: Kevin Wheeler portrays a young scientist. 4Above. Righty: Gerald Kozak explains basic Algebra. fBelow. Righty: Todd Turner, Marvin Jordan and Matt Woodall concentrate on their artis- tic abiliy. W Jaws magma mast Malo 1 5 - , I 303f392-1755 A 0' lk f te- 101 wnoEFvELo BLVD. .3 XXX cotomxoo ao911 . 1 n V 5 HAu.MAnx cAnos I ,aku ,al Bmuwm wxovs JANET HALEY Ufnh anuqmmw RSV CITY AND WORLD WIDE DELIVERY. ' F LS 7 ig A AOVFIYS CQ Congratulations Class Of 85 FOUNTAIN VIDEO ' 309 N. Sante Fe Fountain Co 382-7390 ' 309 N. Sante Fe. Fountain Co. l 382-7590 PIZZA SHUTTLE 390-4040 P zza Th ts Out Of This World No one makes pizza as fresh, as fast, as cheesy, or delivers it so fast tand freej. OPEN DAILY AT ll:00 7070 Hwy. 85f87 Fountain, Co. 80817 Qri' QM 5 X JM WN N 25 XW bRX 'N Xb ham N -N ,W UVXCHQ , I Q X x me ,fp CWQ fc mf 35 Qi xx X X0 www M J Gif? QGEJXEFQQZ 557-. Jiffy ww My Q W ,WW .w 7 if v ,W .NW Z JW tl 1 , E g F 'L J'i 1 syoo ,E 'f 1 E 5 Alexander, Sue Allen, LeAnne Top to Bottom QL to RJ "Mrs." Gilbert Rodriguez grimaces as emer- gency labor begins on Halloween. LeAnne Allen chews her pencil and dreams of lunchg which can't come fast enough. Ake, Ali, Chuck Elas Alison, Floyd Archuleta, A Shirley W-:IRQ Atwell, Berry, Kim Pam Barnes, Bricker, Paul Meribeth Barrett, Brown, Carl Alex We e V3 Qif R kevin Richards. smiles sweetly and shows his school spirit. Clawson, Mark Clawson, Mike Cockroft Carol Collier, Patrick Anthony i fq X 5,4 Davis, Lottie Davis, Monty Day, Tondeleo Dickey, Lisa Dockum, Richard , -v Dougherty Robert Ellis, Jeannie Eralie, Michael Ferreira, Leilani Ferrell, Donna S Finkbiener, Nelson Fleagle, Matthew Flynn, Brian Fortune, Fichard Frank, Robby Fretheim, Linda Gablein, Tina Gillott, Rita Gipson, Lisa Grubbs, Sara RIVALS GREAT t Being from rival junior high schools was hard for most sopho- 1 Harris, Tony Harveston, Leah Hassman, Kim Henry, Malvin :Of Hopson, Coit Houchens, Alice Huff, Richard Jacobi Steve mores in the beginning. As they year went on they became the, combined class of 1987. J Since sports is such a big part of Fountains livelihood, lots of them v went out for many sports teams, there are 20 clubs to choose from. i Some of these are: Foreign Lan- guage, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Art Club, Thespians, l etc. Jacobs, Johnson, Scott Joe Jacques, Johnson, Shannan Monica Jacques, Jordahl, Toni Jeff 'CoMB1 E SPIRIT Since sports are such a big part of Fountain's livelihood, many sophomores have gone out for various sports activities. A few of these are: football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, and track. As the year goes on, the sopho- mores become the combined class of 1987 instead of two separate causes. Keele, Kissel, Penny Larry Kelson, Lee, Jeff Christine Kinsman, Laussen, Shayne Andrew f umm. i K f ' f , e , L ,J ,V W . ,. ', 4 W, , ,, if , i ' 43 wi 4 f i, . ' Li W if 1 , f mf ..,. n,,, , , W 4, .W M, , ff., , f Lf.. 0 f 3...1 X ,. 'Gif ii is Q xx Q Q , X X X Q XX X wi :Li X W X H X :has X X e s ,M K e Q4 V Q few fs- 1 3 Lyda, Marijo Lyman, Michael Marias, Marcell Martinez, Terri Matlock, Meeks, Trace Brad McCullough, Meier, Lesa Katrina Kristen Feagler and Junior Diane Senko get a nice surprise as they enjoy personal manicure. Miller, Angela Miller, Gail Mills, Nicki HPI their lunch and a Mishko, Richard Moya, Daniel Mullins Bill ,F I i an me Orozco, Delores Orozco, Enrique Palmer, Janet Pliska, Paul Powell, Michele Prentice, Michelle Price, Tina Quinlivan, Jane Rainwater, Bud Ramming, Diana Rhoten, Thersa Richards, Kevin Roberts, Shannon Rodriquez, Gilbert Ronje, Laura ,wc ww P 1 T7 'il .W it 2, r 2. Rowe, Leon Roybal, Christina Ruedinger, Roxanne Salazar, Joe Scott, Antonio 4 wr, Selvage, Tony Sexton, William Shartran, Donald Shatterly, Frank Shingleton, Tammie rf.. A-24 Sims, Tony Smith, Troy Stapish, Matt Strickland Thomas Syms, Ladel x 4 t ,ffm X 4 Arnold, Becky Barden, Otis Bell, Brian Bould, Stephanie Brazil, Serena Bush, Kelly Dawson, Stacy Feagler, Kristen Holloway, Reva Shatterly, Jason Suh, Heather Tafoya, Adelmo Talkington, Jeff Tanner, Mike Tanner, Robert V Thomas, Mark Trujillo, Veronica Turnball, Seldon Varvel, Aron Vialpondo Angie Viapondo, Sabrina Whitmire, Brian Westerman Colleen ,E fl ft N NOX Jmx N K 5f ,,,5QgJ ,T fp. ?5 fpQ3,m ,X L5 W W ,LW .. QJQQ IQNKQLNX' XEICOJX NGA? ' 'C D U99 is L' 'www L f J ip fgvf LM V kv" 1 E939 I ZA'fWiC',,,,W? LQ0-0 qg'g,o,g-SK ' E 1 LJ6 2.1.9-9-A19-J 3J5,qYu VYN . bmgkp- O.,-md! ggnx, 5 E5 w0.ovL,.,Q,QQQ-LEAD? Q-0-0x0vx.o.0 Sing-dw ,Jo-5 :Go-ougglgcl 3 r 10 U Hwaww mmxw yen x a . M dd? J o-Xi WEN " vf is 7 a Q J v7f',i V .J 87 Q55 of .,, 6' -3s3e3S'w '9 'Iwi f ,f mmf' 'MW UNIOR JA The Junior Class is the middle class of this big family. They have to introduce the sophomores into the school and when graduation comes, let the seniors go. The main thing the juniors work for all year is Prom. They have to raise money for the class so prom will be a success. In doing so, they work concession for the vol- leyball, football, basketball games and the wrestling matches. Besides prom, the junior try to get involved in other activities. Most of Aikalai them are involved in sports. Some Grant like to get on student council so they Andel'S0lli can organize things for us to do, Frank while others join clubs so they can have a sense of belonging, not only to the club, but also to the school. They also join so they can do activi- ties with people that have the same interests that they do. Abeyta, Yvonne -N, M , .5 As Marcie Hopkins studies last years yearbook Shannen Smith tries to figure out a layout. Barclay, Darrin Beech, Kenita Boles, Tony Bowen, Richard Brown. Galen M. Brown, h Lisa i Brown, h Mike A Bryant, i Rene i Bukowski, Alan Anderson, Monica Aragon, Mark Arnold, Robert F X QV! K xr.. W. N if ei .. f 5 h A3 1- . fm Burk, l Keith Carlisle, Bobby Carson, Lewis Cash, Lori Cloer, Mark Cockrum, Keith Coleman, Scott Copper, John Crossley, Twyla N.. ...wwe .5 0 .I ix 1 3. N. . ,di- am, Q.. . XM 4 sf- 'A ax. . X K7 'X ::'i f x"""'1 , i'1 I 1f,,,-a' i .. S aass dwijx .,L: -sy kkhgf E ,sf Mark Gonzales and Donna Pr thused about the school's lunch Evans, Eric Mrs'--w...,,,,,, Faler, Sherry lleft, top! Matt X Woodall kicks hackfx Finch in the library as hekl g checks his report. Candy 4left, bottom! Ken XXX Flores, Moses and Mike Josette Brown stand in they Flynn, hallway in the " fl - morning talking XT, Stephanie and telling you who , is number one: the Junior Class of 86fQQ Fernande Renee f' Fifer, Lori Franco, Givens, Sherri Gonzales, Mark Greene, Tammia Greenlee, Steve Grubbs, Lisa Donna Fuchs, Frank Garcia, Paula Gast, Charlie R 1 ? Haines, Delores Harviston Scott Hassman, Steve Helton, Jimmie Hester, Scott w ' N S X, Hill, Randi Hopkins, Marcie Irwin, Billy Jensen, Angela Johnson, Virginia Jordan, Yolanda Karch, Clay King, Bryon Knight, Harry itop, righta Stacy Nlcl,achIan thinks about what she is going to brew up for dinner. ltop. rights Nlark Dorner- "G.I. Joe" shows off his Army pride. Kozak, Tony A-.Mia Junior Class President, Diana Senko, leads the class of "86" through algjeat junior year. L WU' ,eww -fl 1 Af. 'fl wwf I WJ ' eb Q, ,OW tl for Q af wk fo X X K , vi ' dj , fx, ' My Al ffflc ,V ' Y tw ,-Liv ,JOW QQQHM f ' A , K A 1 fjwxav J dl I' Jw Leonard gif fl Shelly, 108 Morrow, Santez Moses, Kenneth Mosher, Stephenie Nance, Bill Nash, Wendy Lewis, Tonya Light, Kevin Little, Michele Manzanares Loretta 9 McCandless, Lori McLachlan, Stacy Miller, Brian Moore, Ed Morley, Sherie Noble, Kirk Noffsinger, Helen 0'Neil, Shelly Paraday, Michele Poland, Trudy Prien, Donna Pritchett, Angie Ransom, Amy Ransom, Bridgette - .r.- 5, ,NV , N , L. ,- if i . ,X 5 Raposa, Sheila Ready, David Reffel, David aw "I TF' 1 i ff Vice President, Alicia Stewart and Secretary Shellv O Neil assist in helping to add to the image of the Junior Class Richards, Kristopher Ruttray, Jack Ruybal, Ermand fi L", 4 , Doug Elliott pays close attention in class. Frank Johnson and Galen Brown work hard in Algebra Two to get their assignments done. Shaughnessy, Mary Beth Shear, Mary Shearer, Georgi Shepeard, Crystal Silcocks, John Smith, Chris Smith, Eddie -ss. vm, Smith. i Sandia Smith, Shannen Soleau, Darrin Steer, R.J. Stephenson, Paul Stewart, Alicia Surface, Dawn Swaney, Matt Talkingt Carrie Torres, Troy ff I 'MP 0 Turner, Todd Valino, Vener Vialpando, Fermin Washington, Hilton l -1 H Y' S .X ,lf f,,",, Watkins, Greg Watson, Paul Wheeler, Kevin Zu , ttopb Celesta Abeyta relaxes at one of Fountains local businesses, Loaf and Jug. after school. tbottomj Tony Kozak stands in the teachers' parking lot telling everyone to have a great year, and what Tony says he means and that is a fact. Wilson, .lay Woodall, Matt dw- 9 was J, I 0 f- -94 Worrell, Tracy Abeyta, Charboneau, Celesta Juanita Agner, Dunlap, Kathy Deena .lunior frystal Shepeard, proudly participates in hat and bottom day. Hildebrandt, Rick Howells, Peris Martin, Richard T j 'Vw 4 Nothstine, Toni Patterson, Robert Richardson Vernilla Senko, Diana 9 Mattson, Maria Medina, Matt Mortensen, Tim Nothstine, Angelica 'idk ,K W? T, 7, M W W , wffzffffgf I lg' 1 j 1 ,ff W W 4 Fale Tim Tony Afo Tom Aguero Tina Ake Q0 Allen Bartow Matt Denise Amos Black Valerie Missy Aragon Brathal Derek Andy Armstrong Brooks Youndkick Bally Scott Baker Wendy Barone 1 I1 hm., A Y . , n!',??h asf! .MA sy, I 'Di Brian Collier Ricky Cooper Linda Copper Kimberly Clark Dawson Kim CD-L Desimone Diane Engman Michael Fay l 115 CLASS OF DEDICATION To describe the Class of '85 you would use words like dedicated, spirited, friendly, and close. The Class of ,85 works together as a team to get things done. The Senior Class accomplished the feat of starting a new tradition for Fountain-Ft. Carson High School. They started the tradition of the Bon Fire. To uphold the goodness of the class, the class elected three good people to hold class offices. They elected Mario Simon as Class President, Suzanne Clark as Class Vice-President, and Rhonda More- land as Class Secretary. , Q. Top QRightJ President Mario Simon puts pride in his work for the school. Top tleftl Suzanne Clark involves herself in school activities. Bottom 1Leftl Rhonda Moreland works hard for fer school. Top qLeftl Mario Smon converses with a colleague in "Arsenic and Old Lacef' Top 1RightJ Suzanne Clark poses as Be- linda Carlisle for the talent show. Bottom 1Left3 Rhonda Moreland jams on the keyboards in the talent show. Robert Diane Gaxiola Sean Gelsey Giulio Giglio Jill Hammerbeck Cindy Fowler Sandy Franco Carl Furstenwerth Harrison Twana Harrison Jamie Helton ix X D.D Lilian Rene HuH Knox Pearl Betty Jones Krout Nlarvin 'Ted Jordan Lawver Kent SheHa Jungkn LewB Don Kane Kim Young Vicki King Lhde Todd ljtton Rhoda Long L lla.. 0-Q. 'Q' . , P N 1 tl' so Q ' M, ,gf ,gg eq I 'f 1 1:1 5, . ik Tom Aguero Deca 12 Tim Allen Stage Band 10.11.12 Sym. Band 10,11,12 Tennis 10,11,12 Forensics 10 Thespians 10 Matt Amos P.P.C.C. 12 Steve Antill Tennis 10,11,12 Spanish Club 11 FllAfDeca Fashion Show Vnlzlrie Aragon Student Council 11,12 NHS 10,11,12 Letterman's Club 11,12 Spanish Club 11 French Club 10,11 IRC 11,12 FCA 12 Law Club 12 Tennis 10,l1,l2 Volleyball 10 Derek A rmstrong Football 10,l1,l2 Baseball 11,12 Letterman's Club 12 Art Club 10,12 P.P.C.C. 11,12 Yondrick Bailey Track 11,12 Football 12 Student Council 12 Scott Baker Football 10,11 Basketball 10,11.12 Track 10,11 Letterman's Club 10,12 Law Club 10,12 Wendy Barone Student Council 10,11,12 NHS 11,12 Law Club 10 Trojan of the Month 11 Newspaper 10 Newspaper Editor 11.12 Yearbook 11 Homecoming Royalty 12 Gymnastics 10 Forensics 10 Missj' Bmlhnll Choir 11 MDE ll 12 Andy Brooks Football 10,11,12 Wrestling 10,11 Baseball 11.12 P.P.C.C.11,12 Letterman's Club 11,12 Track 10 FCA 10 Il. Dean Casey Baseball 11,12 Deca 12 Suzanne Clark Volleyball 10,l1,l2 Tennis 10,12 Band 10,l1,l2 German Club 11 Student Council 10,12 Letterman's Club 12 P.P.C.C. 12 Erin C lcffstzld Deca 12 Patricia Clelfstnd Deca 12 Kenny Coleman Basketball 10,12 BSU 11,12 Band 10 Track 12 Deca 12 Ricky Cooper Basketball 10,l1,l2 BSU 11,12 Linda Cooper NHS 11,12 French Club 11 Chess Club 10 Newspaper 10 Kim Dawson Deca 12 Chorus 11 Kim DeSimone Band 10,l1,l2 Drum Major 12 Jazz Band 11,12 Thespians 11,12 The Mousetrap 11 The Lottery 11 NHS 11,12 Wizard of Oz 11, Arsenic and Old Lace 12 Diane Engmnn Track 10 Volleyball Sata. 11,12 Lettermans club 12 Student council 12 FHAfDeca Fashion Show Aurora Ettlemzin P.P.C.C. 12 Micheal I-21-s' Deca 12 Chess Club 12 Thespians 12 Robert Fowler Football 10.11.12 Wrestling 10 Track 11,12 Sandy I-'rzineo Spanish Club 10 Pep Club 10 Prom Royalty 11 Carl Fursmnnerth P.P.C.C. 12 Sean Gelsey Football 11 Wrestling 11,12 BSU 11,122 Guilio Giglio Tennis 11,12 Track 11 Model United Nations Jill HZ1ll7I11CfbCClC Band 10.11.12 Drum Major 12 Stage Band 11,12 Thespians 11,12 Tribute to Broadway 10 Mousetrap 11 The Lottery 11 11 Wizard of Oz 11 Arsenic and Old Lace 12 The Love Knot 12 Camelot 12 Chorus 11.12 Cynthia Harrison .la FHA 10.11.12 P.P.C.C. 12 mic Helton Student Council 10.11.12 Law Club 10.11.12 Pep Club 10 FCA 10.11.12 NHS 10.11.12 Thespians 11,12 Band 10.11.12 The Wizard of Oz 11 Camelot 12 Patty Hite l Je D. Track 10.11.12 Basketball 12 nnifer Hocanson Chorus 10.11.12 Volleyball 10 Letterman's Club 12 Student Council 10 D. Hull Thespians 10.11.12 Marvin Jordan Football 10.11.12 Baseball 11.12 Wrestling 10.11.12 Letterman's Club 12 Kent .lunglen Football 10.11.12 Wrestling 10.11 Baseball 11.12 Letterman's Club 10.11 Student Council 10 Prom Prince 11 Homecoming King 12 Homely Trojanette 12 Donald Kane Football 10.11.12 Basketball 10.11.12 Track 10 State Basketball 11 Vicki King Cheerleading 10.11 Football mgr. 12 Letterman's Club 12 Homecoming Royalty 12 FHAfDeca Fashion Show 12 Bernice Krout C.C. 10.11.12 Basketball 10.11.12 Band 12 Ted Lawvcr PPCC 11.12 Sheila Lewis Newspaper 10 Basketball 10 Track 10 Student Council 10 Homecoming Royalty 10 Volleyball 10.11 NHS 10.11.12 'Tennis 10 BSU 11 Art Club 11 Spanish Club 12 Dragula 10 FHAjDeca Fashion Show 12 A Tribute to Broadway 10 Pom P011 11 The Mousetrap 11 Cll0l'US 10 The Lottery ll RCHC UIUC The Wizard of Oz ll P-P-C-C ll Arsenic and Old Lace 12 French Club ll Camelot 12 Todd Litton The Love Knot I2 P.P.C.C. 10.11.12 Pearl Jones Rhoda Long BSU 12 Student Council 10.11 Journalism 12 NHS 11.12 Track 12 FCA 10.11.12 Letterman's Club 11.12 CC 10.11.12 Basketball 10.11.12 Track 10.12 Diane Machin Student Council 11 Homecoming Queen 12 Journalism 11.12 Yearbook 11 Cheerleading 11 Tennis 11 Pub. Director of Deca 12 Homecoming Attendant 11 FHAfDeca Fashion Show 11 John Machin FCA 11 Wrestling 11 Aimee Mzzezko Volleyball 11.12 Basketball 10.11 Pep Club 10 NHS 11.12 Letterman's Club 12 Cnthi Mallory Tennis Mgr. 12 Chris Malone FHAfDeca Fashion Show 12 Volleyball 12 AI Marcy Thespians 11.12 Spanish Club 10.11.12 German Club 11 Ricky Marshall Football 10.11.12 Baseball 11.12 Deca 11 Letterman's Club 11 P.P.C.C. 11 Doreen Martinez Cheerleading 10.11 Prom Royalty 11 Student Council 11 Baseball Mgr. 11 hm. Diane Jeff Meece Joanna Miller Scott Mills Kim Martinez Molzof Machin John Machin Aimee Maczko ma . ...Laid mlm Rhonda Moreland Steve Newton Kim Norris Theresa Nothstine 'ef fe B r 1 1 IQ Tex X .1 of we W ,pt' i ,X , k All ,xrtilgwiw like t O i lijwsyll it to l A Lcnore Waytield Wizard of Oz 11 Spanish Club 10 Cheerleading 10,11,12 Donna McLean BSU 11,12 Track 11,12 Jeff Meece P.P.C.C.11,12 .loanna Miller FHA 10,11 Track 11 Deca 12 Scott Mills Wrestling 10.11.12 Football 12 NHS 10,11,12 FCA 11 Rhonda Moreland Volleyball 10,11.12 Basketball 10,11,12 Letterman's Club 12 Student Council 12 Steve Newton Band 10,l1,12 Stage Band 11,12 Chess Club 11,12 Thespians 12 Kim Norris BSU 10,11,12 P.P.C.C. 11 Basketball 10 Forensics 11,12 Track 10,11,12 Thespians 12 Deca 12 Scott Orcutt Deca 12 Stage Band 10.11.12 Sym. Band 10,11 Daniel Orozko Spanish Club 11 Art club 10 PPCC 12 Carla Orr Gymnastics 10 C C 10 Track 10 Dawn Reed Gymnastics 10 Tennis 10,11,12 Band 10,11 Cheerleading 11,12 Student Council 10,11,12 Law Club 10,11,12 FCA 10,11,12 Pep Club 10 Letterman 10,11,12 Tessa Roberts Basketball 10 Band 10,11,122 Volleyball 12 Robert George Rocha Band 12 Robert Greg Rocha Football 10,11,12 Baseball 11.12 Wrestling 10,11 Band 10,11,12 Letterman's Club 12 IRC 12 Law Club 12 Patricia Roedcl Spanish Club 11 Pep Club ll FHA 11 Chorus 11,12 Dorothy Romero Pep Club 9,10,11,12 Football Stat. 10,11 Track 9,10 Wrestling Stat. 9,10,11 Cheerleader 9 Deca 12 Pat Romero Basketball 10.11.12 Football 10 Vicki Schiller Deca 11,12 P.P.C.C. 12 Forensics 10 Football Stat. 10,11.12 Thespians 11,12 Arsenic and Old Lace 12 Baseball Mgr. 12 Charlene Sergcnt Deca 11 Mike Shingleton Band 10,11,12 Basketball 11,12 Track 11,12 Stage Band 11,12 .lim Sikes PPCC 11,12 Mario Simon Football 10,11 Basketball 10,11,12 Track 10,12 Letterman's Club 10.11 Thespians 11.12 Student Council 11,12 FHAXDECA Fashion S Chris Smith Stage Band 10.11.12 FCA 10,11 PPCC 11,12 Letterman's Club 10 Tennis 10.11.12 Baseball 11,122 Chess Club 10 Band 10 Lavone Smith PPCC 11,12 Deca 12 Roger Smith NHS 11,12 Band 10.11,12 FCA 11,12 Whitney Smootcf Sym. Band 10,11,12 Jazz Band 10.11 , Track 10.11.12 Thespians 10.11.12 CC 11,122 Student Council 10,11 French Club 12 Letterman's Club 11,12 IRC 10 Dracula 10 Mousetrap 11 Wizard of Oz 11 The Lottery 11 Arsenic 84 Old Lace 12 how 12 FHAfDeca Fashion Show 12 Eric Soltwedel Football 10.11,12 Baseball 11,12 Letterman's Club 10,11 Miss Homely Trojanette Candidate 12 Lee Tanner CC 9.10 Football 10,12 Soccer 9,10,1l,12 Track 9,10 Basketball 10 Joseph Thorton Art Club 12 Mary Vare! FHA 11.12 FCA 11 Track 11 Eugene Villanuevzi Football 10.11 Baseball 11,12 French Club 10.11 Richard Viramontes P.P.C.C. 11,12 IRC 11 Jenni Ward Basketball 10.11.12 CC 11 Letterman's Club 12 NHS 11,12 Tennis 10 Track 11.12 Student Council 12 Lynette Westt Homecoming Royalty 12 FHAfDeca Fashion Show 12 Flag Corp 12 Winter Guard 12 Law Club 12 Letterman's Club 12 Thespians 10,11.12 The Mousetrap 11 Grease 10 Arsenic and Old Lace 12 Student Council 12 P.P.C.C. 11.12 Basketball 10 Brenda Wheaton FHA 10 Spanish Club 10.11.12 German Club 10.11.12 Keith Wilson Band 9,10,11.12 Stage Band 10.11.12 Audio Visual Club 11 Pep Club 9,10 Tony Wilson Football 10 Baseball 11 MDE l and ll 11.12 FHAfDeca Fashion Show 12 Christopher Smith Lavone Smith Roger Smith Whitney Smoote' -f .., 2321 ,y Eric Soltwedel Lee Tanner Rose Tatroe John Thompson Brenda Joseph Jenni Thornton Ward Eugene Dee Villanueva Washinton Richard Lynette Viramontes West fr :OW A, ,,. , .1 . Wheaton Anthony Wilson Keith Wilson 40" ik- ..- 'S' 7 I , - 4 4? I . av ? ' ? MARVIN J. JORDAN Congratulation Marvin, best of luck to you. Mom and Dad MATT AMOS ,- Lots of love, luck, and happiness. We're very proud of your achieve-- ments. Mom and Dad CARLA JANE ORR Your sisters, your grandmother, and your parents are so very proud ot' you for taking up where you left off. We love you dearly. Mom and Dad JENNIFER WARD We are extremely proud of the good job you have done. Good luck! l Mom and Dad KEITH ALLEN WILSON JR. When you have given your best, no one has the right to ask for more. Continue to give life your best and life will give back the best it has to offer. We love you Mom and Butch PATTI AND ERIN CLEFSTAD We are very proud of you both and wish you all the very best. Congratulations. All our love always. Wayne and Eileen STEVE NEWTON lt's taken a lot of time and hard work, but it's worth it. We are very proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad JOSEPH THORNTON Thank you for all of your hard work. You have done so much for us. You are a true joy to our heart. Love, Mom and Dad SUZANNE CLARK Congratulations sis. We hope you will make us even more proud by completing college. With love, Mom and Dad KENT C. JUNGLEN Good job son. We are proud ol' your individual and team accomplish- ments. Love, Mom and Dad M 7 11 Q ,WM W Smith, O R PROUD F Seniors Afo, Fale 114 Augero, Tom 36, 114 Ake, Tina 36, 114 Allen, Tim 26, 27, 59, 114 Amos, Matt 114 Antill, Steve 2, 4, 14, 59 Aragon, Val 7, 14, 23, 23, 38, 40, 41, 72, 114 Armstrong, Derek 22, 53, 114 Baily, Youndrick 37, 41, 53, 82, 114 Baker, Scott 7, 71, 82, 114 Barone, Wendy 14, 21, 23, 24, 40, 41, 114 Bartow, Tony 36, 114 Black, Denise 114 Brathal, Missy 36, 114 Brooks, Andy 11, 53, 75, 114 Casey, Dean 36, 115 Casey, Sheri 115 Chalmers, Tony 37, 115 Charboneau, Juanita 112 Clark, Suzanne 22, 23, 26, 40, 41, 48, 49, 115, 116, 117 Clefstad, Erin 115 Clefstad, Patricia 115 Coleman, Kenny 36, 37, 71, 115 Collier, Brian 115 Cooper, Ricky 36, 37, 115 Copper, Linda 8, 115 Dawson, Kim 4, 36, 115 DeSimone, Kim 23, 26, 30, 115, 134 Engman, Diane 2, 11, 23, 41, 48, 115 Fay, Micheal 115 Fowler, Robert 22, 53, 82, 118 Franco, Sandy 43, 118 Furstenwerth, Carl 118 Gaxiola, Diana 118 Martinez, Susie 4, 122 Mattson, Maria 28, 122 Mayfield, Lenore 22, 42, 60, 122 Mcfadden, Cheryl 122 McLean, Donna 22, 28, 122, 135 Meece, Jeff 122 Miller, Joanna 78, 122 Mills, Scott 7, 23, 53, 122 Molzof, Kim 14, 122 Moreland, Rhonda 11, 23, 40, 41, 48, 65, 116, 117, 123 Newton, Steve 26, 27, 123 Nichols, April 36 Norris, Kim 36, 78, 123 Nothstine, Theresa 36, 123 Orcutt, Scott 36, 123 Orozco, Daniel 22, 123 Orr, Carla 123 POPP, Michele 36, 123 Randolph, Sherry 4, 123 Rebitski, Jeff 9, 28, 30, 123 Reed, Dawn 39, 41, 42, 46, 61, 72, 123 Roberts, Tessa 23, 26, 48, 123 Rocha, Robert George 26, 123 Rocha, Robert Greg 23, 24, 26, 39, 53, 74, 75, 123 Roedel, Patricia 28, 126 ' Romero, Dorothy 36, 126 Romero, Pat 22, 126 Schiller, Vicki 22, 126 Sergent, Charlene 36, 126 Shingleton, Mike 11, 26, 53, 71, 82, 126 Sikes, .lim 126 Simon, Mario 11, 14, 40, 41, 71,116, 117, 126 Smith, Chris 14, 22, 75, 126 Smith, Lavonne 36, 126 Roger 23, 26, 126 Gelsey, Sean 22, 43, 118 Giglio, Guilo 24, 59, 82, 118 Hammerbeck, Jill 20, 26, 28, 30, 118 Harrison, Twana 118 Harrison, Cindy 22, 118 Helton, Jamie 7, 23, 26, 39, 40, 41, 118 Higgins, Markus 118 Hite, Patricia 118 Hocanson, Jenny 28, 39, 118 Holloway, David 118 Hull, D.D. 30, 35, 119 Jones, Pearl 21, 119 Jordan, Marvin 43, 53, 63, 75, 119 Junglen, Kent 2, 11, 14, 16, 53, 74, 75, 119 Kane, Don 53, 71, 119 Kim, Young 35, 119 King, Vicki 14, 23, 53, 54, 119 Knox, Lilian 36, 119 Krout, Betty 26, 33, 57, 65, 119 Lawver, Ted 119 Lewis, Shelia 23, 32, 119 Little, Rene 23, 119 Litton, Tod 22, 119 Long, Rhoda 7, 56, 57, 65, 119 Machin, Diane 11, 14, 21, 36, 72, 122 Machin, John 122 Maczko, Amiee 23, 48, 122 Mallory, Cathy 122 Malone, Cris 48 Marcy, AI 21, 30, 31, 122 Marshall, Ricky 7, 53, 75 Martinez, Doreen 43, 75, 122 Smoote, Whitney 14, 24, 26, 30, 31, 34, 57, 82, 126 Soltwedel, Eric 7, 11, 53, 75, 127 Tanner, Lee 127 Tatroe, Rose 127 Thompson, John 127 Thorne, Mary 78 Thornton, Joseph 127 Varel, Mary 14, 29 Villanueva, Eugene 22, 127 Viramontes, Richard 127 Ward, Jenny 11, 16, 41, 48, 65, 78, 127 Washington, Dee 127 West, Lynette 11, 14, 17, 22, 23, 24, 26, 30, 31, 39, 41, 127 Wheaton, Brenda 33, 127 Wilson, Tony 36, 127 Wilson, Keith 26, 27, 39, 127 Juniors Abeyta, Celesta 111, 112 Abeyta, Yvonne 32, 104 Agner, Kathy 23, 34, 41, 112 Aikala, Grant 104 Anderson, Frank 104 Anderson, Monica 30, 31, 32, 37, 104 Aragon, Mark 28, 104 Arnold, Robert 36, 104 Barclay, Darrin 104 Beech, Kentia 104 IL Boles, Tony 12, 43, 53, 54, 82, 104 Bowen, Richard 5, 24, 26, 30, 31, 33, 104 Brown, Galen 37, 53, 54, 71, 82, 104, 110 Brown, Lisa 12, 23, 26, 27, 32, 42, 46, 60, 61, 104 Brown, Mike 37, 43, 53, 54, 75, 104, 106, Bryant, Rene 22, 104 Bukowski, Alan 104 Burk, Keith 105 Carlisle, Bobby 105 Carson, Lewis 105 Cash, Lori 105 Cloer, Mark 21, 30, 35, 39, 104 Cockrum, Keith 105 Coleman, Scott 37, 43, 105 Copper, John 105 Crossley, Twyla 48, 50, 51, 105 Crutcher, Jesse 22, 71 Domina, Vicki 105 Dorner, Mark 22, 105, 107 Dunlap, Deena 28, 112 Duran, Bobby 105 Durante, Jim 28, 71, 82, 105, 135 Elliot, Doug 3, 12, 24, 26, 27, 105, 110 Evans, Eric 105 Faler, Sherry 106 Fernandez, Renee 53, 54, 72, 106 Fifer, Lori 106 Finch, Candie 78, 106 Flores, Jozette 28, 32, 106 Flynn, Stephanie 106 Franco, Donna 65, 78, 106 Fuchs, Frank 43, 106 Garcia, Paula 28, 106, 135 Gast, Charlie 106 Geist, Brian 22, 26 Givens, Sherri 26, 34, 42, 106 Gonzales, Mark 39, 41, 105, 106 Greene, Tammia 106 Greenlee, Steve 21, 106 Grubbs, Lisa 106 Haines, Delores 7, 20, 23, 26, 34, 37, 41, 43, 61, 107 Harviston, Scott 75, 107 Hassman, Steve 4, 59, 104 Helton, Jimmie 26, 27, 28, 30, 31, 39, 107 135 Hester, Scott 107 Hildebrandt, Rick 112 Hill, Randy 107 Hopkins, Marcie 20, 29, 33, 104, 107 Howells, Peris 112 lrwin, Billy 107 Jensen, Angela 36, 107 Johnson, Virginia 78, 107 Jordan, Yolanda 20, 23, 32, 41, 43, 48, 60, 78, 107 Karch, Clay 36, 107 King, Bryon 26, 37, 82, 107 Knight, Harry 26, 43, 107 Kozak, Tony 107, 111 Leonard, Shelly 20, 57, 71, 108 Lewis, Tonya 37, 65, 108 Light, Kevin 108 Little, Michele 37, 108 Manley, Jim 22, 43, 75 Manzaneres, Loretta 41, 48, 49, 78, 108 Martin, Richard 26, 43, 53, 54, 112 McCandless, Lori 108 McLachan, Stacy 61, 107, 108 Medina, Matt 26, 112 Miller, Brian 14, 75, 108 Moore, Ed 26, 82, 108 Morley, Sherie 28, 108, 135 Morrow, Santez 35, 53, 54, 55, 108 Mortensen, Tim 24, 33, 38, 112 Mosher, Stephenie 26, 108 Nance, Bill 36, 108 Nash, Wendy 76, 78, 108 Noble, Kirk 43, 59, 109 Noffsinger, Helen 109 Nothstine, Angelica 28, 112 Nothstine, Toni 21, 112 0'Neil, Shelly 41, 50, 109 Paraday, Michele 2, 7, 24, 28, 42, 46, 109 Patterson, Robert 22, 112 Poland, Trudy 29, 109 Prichett, Angie 56, 57, 78, 109 Prien, Donna 17, 32, 105, 109 Ransom, Amy 14, 23, 36, 41, 72. 73, 109, 134 Ransom, Bridgette 109 Raposa, Sheila 23, 72, 73, 109, 1434 Ready, David 36, 75, 109 Reffel, David 109 Barden, Otis 102 Barnes, Paul 26, 96 Barrett, Carl 96 Bell, Brian 102 Berry, Pam 26, 27, 96 Brazil, Serena 102 Bricker, Marybeth 25, 33, 96 Brown, Alex 26, 96 Brown, Donna 97 Brown, Markita 96 Brown, Marytin 37 Bush, Kelly 102 Carrick, Kim 28, 65, 97 Carrico, Sammuel 97 Carson, Gary 97 Christian, Richard 43, 53, 54, 97, 134 Clawson, Mark 43, 53, 54, 57, 97 Clawson, Mike 97 Cockroft, Carol 26, 27, 41, 50, 97 Collier, Patrick 97 Cooper Kelly 26 Cox, Bill 97 Criss, Melissa 97 Crofutt, John 97 Crutcher, Tony 97 Lujan, Gary 43, 53, 54, 99 Lyda, Marijo 100 Lyman, Mike 100 Marias, Marcel 13, 100 Martinez, Terri 100 Matern, Dawn 22 Matlock, Tracy 37, 41, 47, 100 McCullough, Lesa 100 McGahan, Scott 35 McGraw, Valeria 28 Meeks, Brad 100 Meier, Katrina 100 Miller, Angie 34, 42, 100 MiIIer,Gail 28, 42. 100, 135 Mills, Nikki 14, 41, 50, 100 Mishko, Richard 26, 53, 54, 100 Morias, Marcell 33 Moses, Kenny 26, 28, 43, 82, 106, 108 Moya, Dan 13, 100 Mullins, Bill 101 Orozco, Delores 101 Orozco, Enrique 101 Palmer, Janet 26, 50, 101 Pliszka, Powell, Paul 26, 28, 43, 59, 101 Michele 42, 47, 60, 101 Richards, Kris 23, 109 Richardson, Sandra 22, 28, 112, 135 Ruttray, Jack 109 Ruybal, 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Angie 50, 102 Vialpondo, Sabrina 102 Westerman, Colleen 26, 35, 42, 57, 102 Whitmire, Brian 26, 102 Zakzewski, Tammie 41, 42, 47, 61, 102 Zimmerman, Bill 102 Zolinger, Richard Fountain-Ft. Carson High School's 1984-85 school year started out slow, but once I . V f I v X ' , U 0' KR things got together, and students got to know one another, the school came alive. In sports, the students school participation was prime. They . ,,, k 'Q s ' ,, , Suv 5,1 .N-mjix rbvq t W' 311 A 7-7 - X is freely X A 1, XJ 'fW.Vk,fg, -V, X53 x. - f X . xx X. N N W xd ' A a' sf Vx e HQ t .J t fx! fi ff ' 'x X, , VJ R . new NFJX ,LQN ky yy W, J tu , ' Ulyh l . Jae Q JN ee l, UM eff X 'SQ' Q' Y I f X, . sa T9 we X Q? MW lg V, vxj K V V ,J ,X mf I 1 if jx s Lg 'Yi .NX V 7 'J . fps- rgblgafxx X Q3 UP' N JQXM J 19 gljyh .gferg ,, ey LXUJSM v 4 Xb Q AVL ' 'fpp7W'?A will fl reached state qualification in many ,fl IJ-Alf' frglbftjat y ' i ,I areas. As the school year went on, the il V , Af l x WV' l JL students ' . I a ,V J , and administration became closert LWV' X jf R q U each other. Through these reward- O, ,LQ ing experiences, the school year end- ed up being a good one. ew, z fy . . Y , 2 E V ff Q: 133 X ks 'x W , i 'Q LJ? i A19 4 For the juniors and sophomores, it was a time for thinking about the upcoming year. 'grvi' if .Sink "M ii 'W X l y- Q' ' ff' As the Chemistry students put away their chemicals, and the Band put away their music, ev- eryone thought of summer. The seniors thought of graduation, they thought of Prom, Homecoming, and all the fun times they had during the year. I 1 The halls at Fountain-Ft. Carson were quiet and the school year was coming to an end. .. r .-'K K... i I 119 1 lg HQ as K , -.. a . I - W ..... .t """'i .,.. - ' U V A 1984-85 was an awesome year. The school saw its quiet times and tis rowdy times. Jai? ., 2. -'wwf This was a time for remembering the past years and thinking of the future. 135 A 2 1 7f f ,f .17 1-,., V' wg 7 . X . may .W ,eg 4 WN R MU 2 w A KV "' E ,elhliwflx L l A A M . T 5 be o , .V ,T X 'fx "T 9 , ..f' I ' 1 X fl if U 7311! Q X ' L X' , f , fi, if' 'Q 1 if rf? lk. 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X'??fijQ1?? my O9 ,D X fx XM O33 Qfigfiig WND X by 3 QP '5 i V 2 4 232 Qin Q f X I 4 I fa- pngmfc R mmm WWW Agglff Aww? v0 me Q5 jx' 3 KX LCSW' ESUW Q Cjgbw '71CCCfffapj6' E -X pflmffk SQ jffepfffb .QUQQPTIQQQZ ,. ' A 'QC f XJQ Q QQ ffrXjajci:!?Zf7U1 Q Z, at YN 5 Q3 in Kali!! MQ 2230 bd-CS Q 9 MQ, So Pmjff ,Q 5 ,gl -Q 3 Q-3 gi 3 3 390003 ffffwl A4 mmf! X ,Q C 3 J 0 K eiudff- 7f'DaJL03o,nw, O 935 ffg Q 5 -:J j plc, ,Um 7l0,U7f3w7b!ij0LJPjf ,f GJ ,wr ' 'f "' ' 4 -.- A ' JMD W g Q S WW' I XQZHJ ovu1ZC'f!,E-M'Q K"-1CDC9CVf Cocdfff f'.fTQfVf4

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