Fostoria High School - Red and Black Yearbook (Fostoria, OH)

 - Class of 1983

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-Y- L f v ' ' , N w L J .np Av I r 00+ 11" -'Ti--'QJ X The Year . . It Was A Beginning This is the time and place it all began - the first day of school. It seemed a blur - so many new experiences and so many great moments to remember. This was a time of forming new friend- ships. making strides academi- cally and improving as people. A lot has happened and somehow we all made it through the year, a little older and a lot wiser. Let's take another look at what kind of year it was ...,. Fohirab '33 Fostoria High School l00l Park Ave. Fostoria, Ohio Volume 53 ,QWQ . Q K I ,fi 1 fsw 'Q u 4s..., I 'Q -Q a I was A I , -4 gg i Hia x .V f mf' J, ,ILA M., H X, , 1 'N , fs 'K' M 4 umm if 1 ww 7 l f, . 1 A it 1 'G :r s X v,., w , 5 U I J X . J- It Was Our Destination This is the time to look back upon the year and remember all of the special moments - Spirit Week, Homecoming, Prom, to name a few. So much was learned and so much was shared. For many of us the year will be remembered for its many good times and achievements. We set goals for ourselves and gained maturity as we accom- plished success. ln the years to come, we 'll look back on this as a special time that meant so much and can never be recap- tured. TABLE OF C ON TEN T5 Classes I4 - 63 Academics 54 ' 79 Sports 80 ' lll Organizations ll2 - I45 Activities I45 - l6l Advertisers l52 - l84 Index I85 - l92 3 L-M4 mm, x EN PWA. ,,.- W vw- Q1 , K i Q... ,ff--MQ ,, dhnuIh5,5-gs' It Was Classes . . . What would the year have been without academics? For after all, isn't that what we're here for? The hours we spent leafing through dictionaries, peering through microscopes, pounding on typewriters and puzzling through math classes proved worthwhile as we made the honor roll or scored well on the scholarship tests. We strug- gled through tests and crammed for exams to reach that one ulti- mate goal - our diploma. Yes, it was all worth while! 17 . YS 5-1 mimlxm .AA gg-,gqgjmgm?,,,1 . wr ' Avnan 'Q' 32? QE: i ' 1A U ' iii ff' 5 ,. mSQg.!:: t. "" ml mmm ll It Was Physical Expression Of course, classes didn 't con- sume all of our time during this year. We 've always been noted for our strong tradition from fall to spring. We tackled, spiked, dribbled and pinned the biggest of them all and came out with an all-around great year. With en- durance and determination we have achieved a sense of pride and accomplishment. And just like in the classroom we ha ve taken some giant strides on the athletic field. We can look back on the joy and laughter heard in the stands as the fans watched our teams with pride. This year was, indeed, a year of accom- plishment. x J , mi .gig I It Was Belonging We came from many places and we are undoubtedly headed in different directions. We had so many new things to learn and so many new ideas to share. Sure, everything hasn 't gone smoothly, but when this year is reflected upon we 'll know it wouldn't have been the same without the others around us. For a short time in life we were all as one, all sharing a common bond of belonging to the same group, achieving together and sticking up for one another. Re- membering the crowded locker rows. the jammed lunch periods and even the overloaded deten- tion halls brought us closer to- gether. Perhaps sometimes even closer than we needed. But, as we look back on these years we 'll remember them as the best times of our lives. ef?-f if Ja' -iii ,G Em QXURQ R43 4 R-any!!! " f-,ww Q 4 5. , fb . 1 4 , X 2' 1 f , xii? aw A 1 :L img- F 'A tw 1 L' A -'45 4 ,H 'gc ' ' 1 6? I X A P X S' YK , 9 ' I '. X . . .is X ,- 'V if , 1 .AU - 'L W U 1 .. J, V '.-, 'XX 1. A 3 .- ij? 1- X l I l ge It Was Making Friends . . . For some, this year will ha ve a very special meaning, for it will be remembered as more than just another year in school. Spe- cial moments spent with that certain someone are a major part in everyone 's high school years, Just to be part of the gang or part of the crowd makes everyday seem meaningful. From football games to dances to pep rallies or just to eating lunch with your friends - these are the things that make every day a memorable one. Perhaps these special moments didn 't last, but at least it was a great feeling to share a quiet moment with someone else, and to be welcomed into another person 's life as well. 11 " , If 3 ,f I Q ' ai 1, 1 -an , KS, A f J 1 if A- Q. e il Wa L M 9 3 ,rx I J! F , ,,, It g Was Those Special Days The year will be remembered for all the special happenings it contained. As the year started out everyone was excited for the big moments of Homecom- ing. That busy week spent be- fore that special night. What a time to remember. Many will look towards the romantic dances as the most special times of the year. Others will decide on the many sports events held during the year as the most exciting times. No matter what days are chosen as the most enjoyable, we can all say we were there and a very important part of every event. 13 f I A f' 'MEI Flin Vhnunun Ilan um.- 0.-...... 4. V ,, .. U una- 98,6700 IW. :mm -,.vv MCO 2: 1... uso. us Cr HBO cv B, Cu C 0 C, c fo H cy r. I C ' 0 5. X C r lj Y rr. 1 1, 'Hu u N, 4 . Hu nu, ,Jw .FNJIA zz. CaSc lm Sf Y ll 5 Ba W r, an vvor A 7 'ilk-'W an-... llb .lb Ta W Cr P1 In Pa Y N V H '44, ,,,, N 44' flames enio 'cs ww SJ N 72. z X 'f X .ww K ,l, Us ,M wlmmwgf wh 1-4 QQ MA.Jw ,M A aw ii, 5 j W -vw ,. MA A 1 I W' X,,.,'.1 P 1 5 F ai ?" an 3? ML ww !3'fa . i A .WI ""?' A , if a.4-'Vw Mn, ,wk 'Wm En ,- QA! 3 JOHN BUTLER JOHN CRADDOLPH GREG DAUTERMAN TONY DICESARE WV' ,f f 4 -1 f ' C r I' ' M N17 1 .- ' L .f,,-if ' A-lieu 1 ,V 6 A . . , ,, . 5 241- , A' J! 'ki f igsfmiw .I ":::g5355jf:g': 'wmv ill9 t , ...QF VHA . Ami! fm, ?-ff 1 Nqr, 3 5 Mig! :avg AAYV . swf 'thi "IKM '-W. ,fl ... sv-,V ,, 4 , W -Q an i l is 1 s m Nz 'zu A 1 Ari . w X - af fl' ,. M g 5 Mm i VLA: A I, 'W' gf' T , gk Q 'lf K ... ,Q . N m, .1 5 i J Y ' ' ,Af , W . A -N F 1 QI 'wr 1, , mod M? if 4 hi c in 5 si 'HM ' I 'W Xmifwv. gg 1. ,Eg m 15 ' 3155. f Q, me vx 5 A..f, -.AK gi ,ml 'VZA' V , -14. 'L vw, 5 , xp V A ', ,iw an Q ,VL I ' I' R X3 L lk , N , 4: , ' Eu, www XE, X Www f . A., Am M A MY If 5 L 4 ,.,,fw..,'m x 1 5 Q gi AQ fw- LM" .. ff' 'L' ffygfgzvgmvhwm , Q55 Tm W .w .X 1' V if I 'tv ' .mv ff, , R aw' -1-1 a ,Vg V , M , 'f ., , M M W K ,1- :Ew .Qi YQ . Y ww - , "Q , QQ? 'Q , 5 'M I QQIW kg rggyymwg ,, an I rl--X ,lqrf Q r ' A' wr , uw r ,- W 'FU X ,.f 5 1- s' K W ,A ,VN f 5 .', PARK 393' js, if f'waf"f JF M Y , N 'mf' 'J 'wh-iffiff'-s ' ,H . w .U ,R , . .w 'W -. . V 11 M X mm vm we . n -Q MQ g ,, . vm ff , 'A K , 1, T . , wp .Q . , 'Fwd W1 f ,Q '22 ga was W Q ICNYT PWGINITIK BT! 'A -w K:-v wr .,-1' 'fu All-v JERRY SMITH ef. S H A L 1 5764- 'F ,1 WX1':'wt.'. ,L . . J 3 W M c ,.' 7 ., ,, My I an W vp . , vim. 'V V' 5,1 WW E 'E W' 'ff F WCW 'M 71 L w , Q 'If .4 ' ' x 3 , 1 ,f , .4 X M in ,Q 13 M gk 4, Wir .may W . Ti- ' , '-He' 'Ei' . W M W1 gr. A 1 Ill' , 'x 2 , . ' is A" 'IfYwsw.1 v, " W , ,M 5 f'?'Ni f'iI ' ,Lf my P N,-:ww 4? M, . . .QAM My W Y, :S , , 1, li ff . 'R A 5' J 'M 1 JJ A A 4 5 it JM fc . ' M .gm 'fa E al V ww Rm f 49' 1 , ,W N of 1 Q M A ,W Y J' A K V ' is ,- A A K ,xN!tXQ!XwM' ,xg ,Vg W WW, w J, .4 C - qs ,, rig n,,,,gW 4 'sal' AMW' s we f Class Of l983 Officers PRESIDENT - Sharon l.ewe VICE-PRESIDENT - Maria Simpson SECRETARY-TREASURER - Tina Marshall CLASS COLORSg burgundy and dusty rose CLASS FLOWER: white rose tipped with burgundy CLASS SONG: "Time For Me To Fly" CLASS MOTTO: "We are the future, looking out on the past. We are the present, making old things last. We are tomorrow, thinking of yesterday. We are today, doing things our own 1-155 .373 1 iff iii '+ ., x, r . 'temp I Why. U , ,A way. " me f A Mill' 9- - W L :rr vwxxx M W K ,...a--' Qli WWW Wi X ni. 1 ,.. E 'X S ! -fill " P ii X L ' xi "V' "'A Q fig ,,f', X .. 'v-', . F , .y r ,.. 124 'Wu M' fa!!! f . , 1 Nw ,, ,,,f,... 7 ,,,,,v-- J " " "- I ' ' ,, Jfd a g """ 'Yi W fi ,gfw it ,Q WSW-if K ,VI -' i W it iw iff, ,Z W, Nw KW tj 'w if My ' ,f My WW, , WW - pa- ..,,,, f ,WX H 25 I , .,,f,g,f, , if ,g ,V, 1 mn f km' " :,, ,f -'Z ' ' wi' MA" ' sn, C I-v-N., ix, , , ,IVV W WmN,,...-W. K ?7?7!f9" ,,.V ' 'EP' f , , . ,, - W, nw , ,ff,.,,- ' ,: I , Q z V ff fs., I ,,,,,, JM, WMM ZW f W flwf, 47 f kiwi if 4 MW f V VSGVWM Wy f f QHPIBWQ, 'W W Mm, my - f ff? f W S f 'f ,- Jwwgn Q 4 fl H 5 www , 'H " f ,iff . ' - W QW sg pu PAO mfs , M 4g , M A in YS-7 1 - y 1 fs-... A 1 vu , "' 4 f -,,.f V, M 'Vw .My 4 uw , 9 WM E 1 L Q A 'Q 3 ffm , ,x ,mr Wi ff , , 1 ua N, -www AH 57 4 Q mn 'W' ,,,..,, A, MW, 2,-'Lg Cl ff , , ,hu gdaakr 'M,,?.+ ' A 'af' gunna. ' W9 H me fig? 3 X .1 - me .vfl-Q f - w - .wx ww 445' dl 'LL L 1' l':-:fish ..v5t55.Ygw',-y- ,.:- X - T ie, , KI: ,- 'Q " N-, ,,. ,,,, W... S, I X QU' ,h X , L, Q ww' 5 Ms 'W' any , ,Q N -wr' 5-35, ww'- QM. 'W ?X 'E f- x.. M, V NN Nw- Q X..Xa,Qg 'ia PW K Q51-Niiiiiiik ' ' Q Vsmwsgr L' N 'L -'Q:w.m.:,K... x X ,fp 'Hi 5 E mm Kd Npnp' xw U 'Aff S 31 1 Q x S S . V !"N f f ., 1Ljj..- W x: wi "AAM1 f M A , 1 1. Q Q f 2 ,jg X X f , 4 f X ,g 144 .mwyy . w , f fb W HEL ' ffl gg, , ,, ,Q R1 g, '44 www 'Z 'W ns. , 6 , , ,fW, F' , 1 I -AE ,...,,, .3 f Wm ' :ww sf 13.0, Q gi? , ,, I ', ,mfwqvgffl ' k inf 'fi Xxx.: ww' wif 4,5 hx, 1- -A 5 i ,ww 5 Y' , L , f J L ff I . , frg- gif 1 , 'Q Nm 4 ' f 1, , an W A H . , z ,, Q f..,,V A,Z:, , V I W H ?f f 'f W ,rid 1- Z' W ,W ' 55' +1 ' Q" f :.-Iz f' gk -wif' , A I! if .. 6. E T. 1. f +"v,5H",', . . , . 31, 1 A ., ,VAA , ,-,,, ff -L ,Q,gi V K f ,, ,,,' ,,. Q Pais Q8 S - NN- any MP' W4 ,..- fzs ,.f" wif-wx -6: f., -X i A' f ' wxv...x x.-,. Vlu .A,. ' 'V f I an 905' 'WWTF' 'Q' : ' . xx 1 X. iv' '49 I K M K v mms wf M B ?.,.,v 4094 , is iP"l 1 ,gr 'WWW 4 MMG g.. w '. v 112 :gel 7, 5 5 . YUM , 9 5 lf H ,Q ,, ' eff' 29 - -- fff,-Q, f w , . 142,25 ""' MQ 5 4'-W "'vfj 1 , , 4 'W ' V. 'ws ,,W..,., fn? 3 f,1 , f ,f . ff, rg 5 Mn, iw M94 .ii 'W' X . ,K 1- gi f W if' F. , and md 1 'M Lx A A.,A -, ., ,I , f , ., H Qi V 1, , , . V , ,I , ,, H .,4,.4,.f, . W5Z55M-gU'L2'-' " , A M H K I H gg? i ts lv e,5,,qg..,gl,fQ, ,3, ,. ?,lV y i i g , ' -' L .W I I1 ' . ,Q .wr 1 fy ff N "' -- wk f' I f af 2 fy K 4 , A. V E -5743 'vw I M ,Ko V ' . ,P , 'L 5 A g A ' 5. -......,- ww 'W i ii.. .. L ,ky K: . , 1 ' f "N Q' gm 1 AJ A fl 1' 43: V, WW L , ag W M W4 Y' ptr aw viz Si W n . nwwm, fx-I Qi umm ,S . I 1' i ? Q s Q2 ge 3 Mr Y' ff Nl xg in :SE Ke sw.. 5 gg 2 5 me ' - rn...--az 1-fri. ' f ff , 4525 , ff? P' P 4, ? E , s E325 Q . I 2 W' Mu a -Q . ..- , . -,, W, 1 Q31 W a , I S is 551 Eg? is !s I in 'i ',lE -s:' Q g ' fn, 1 3 if 22 :ai .Vagas E 15 if 55235215 ,H 'IF3 gg F if 5 f 5 fe ig? ws? ew M 5 E531 3' li H aging Eg 4 3 'Y 6 if!! iw s 25325 3 is QS 5 f 5 iii xi in 1, 2 . 1 4 Vefgsi gs sz. 'W " .si ': , EE L, Q 'Q mf Q . , ' 3 Q .Y 19153 3' 3 ,I x Els 1-HE E sg 5 li Y E ,.AA ., 1 v, 5 'L if i sa ' L T S 5 me 1 - 1 1': E ., sf 5 fg , 2 1 : ' M 3 ' AVZ. V F 5 . E, J H 1 E W M . g 1:-,, ,-: 5 5 Q 3 s g I fk 1 ,vw , r NM, ' , , W YQ , Q M? ia H gf? iii E Wgsgfgs l ii .,,,22 3 525232 is 4 2 Qin 522 Vg ,E B 2 ig gig 52 5 1 "Jf'1 , f N- a -, X 3- , , 1 Z 'If W 55 2 ,,.., Q H .Ei 5 P Q? ., E .. ,E ii "N-. 5 1 X5 . 1 3 T :zz 3 SE is E ' f 2 Q 5 5 2 22 - , K fl 3 I w,,...L.,,,- M . 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Tracy Beach Shelly Beigh Lori Bergstrom Mike Bernal Andy Bertog Karen Birkmire Kathy Bohanon Stacie Bohring Ethlyn Bowers Mike Brady ,lim Brooks Jim Brown Jenna Brown Kelly Burrier Debby Carter Joel Clingman Linda Cobb Shelley Cook 56 ll", ' ' A S we sr f s if , 155 , - K NE V. Q., www we HS fl may . S Q Na A R f om :Ffh 2 is 3 in 1 V ,l.h,A ,af Q was We 4 f - ,, , f, 25 J.. T,:,IzI:L,4f',.'f'f "'9:. af" L' '- fw- f f ,L W M,,f we lop- ,J V , V I V ,, M f Z 7' in Av , V EM :W 'W' 1 'J sw ,, ii 55 " . ' gn D 6 4, if' 'wmswv Y , J Mg f "IF: , Steve Coppler Katherina Cousin Chris Creeger Evette Crump Kurt Dauterman Donna Delakosa Randy Deuble Doug Dible Peggy Dillon Illana Dinkins Yolanda Dixie Angie Duffield Eric Dunbar Eric Durst Shawn Durst Yvette Elmore David Epley Mindy Erbland Mike Eynon Leah Feisel Monica Ferguson Ann Fiegelist Tammy Filliarer Paul Flores Jenni Fredericks Kim Frierson Dawn Fugett Rene Galvan .leff Gerritsen Don Gillett FRESHMAN STUDENT COUNCIL President: Steve Trumpler Vice-PresidenlQNikki Helms V Secretary!Treasuren Nancy Tinsman Representatives Mindy Erbland Donovan Lonsway Hope Kaufman Sandy Stinehart Shelly Myers Angie Duffield Donnna Delakosa Darin Goins Scott Goins Chris Gold! larry Grine Joel Hale Kerri Hall Wendell Harris Pam Hartman l Sandy Heath Tina Heath Nikki Helms Amy Hendricks Emma Hernandez Yvette Hernandez Brian Hershey Missy Hidy m Renee Hills Kevin Hoffman 58 ez-.gigs- " swift :.. Qf?:, i 1 X . ,M .. 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'Q I ff. if ' ni- . n.... . ff , we . -5-9-Ti ii Mendy Hutchison Perry Johnson Chip Jones Hope Kauffman Lani Keels Bill King Wendy K irian Jenni K izer Teresa lafferty Joni Lambright Chuck Lawles Kim Liggett Doug Long Scott Longacre Donavon Lonsway Gail Loving Naialie Macknight Lisa Mall 59 Mike Mason Gina McClellan Tammy McConahan Don McCullough Melody McEwen Brian Miller Karen Miller Kim Miller Scott Miller V Sean Mills 'Margaret Montgomery Ed Moore ' Ron Motor, L Carson Myers Shelly Myers Angie Kay Nye Angie Rae Nye Jamie Nye Shelly Patterson Shelly Peak Todd Pelton Vaughan Phillips Bennett Pierce Bob Pierce 60 A 4 wa ww-M ox -4mm-1. ww 122 , X W ff ,gauff " ,i ,, , AM ff ' ,Q 4' Eff. ' ,, ,M X, we f In ..,. f ,, " f .J V , ii 4 vw ,,,, V " ww1w,,.U, w H fy ,Mg 1 "' V Mi 'WWW f be Q His" in 'n ' 2 W I if fi , M . My V . ,M R J, 5 N1--WW 1 7, L , . 7 wwf 1 tiyy it QA.. ,, , I ! 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Searles Dave Shaull Steve Shaull Chris Smith Crystal Smith Danny Smith ,f XR 61 Kim Smiqhf n a i Sfephanie Smith Steve Souderso 1 Linda , Spencer Deen.: Sprau' Sandy Stinehart YN. ,A.v. .lefffSt0rrer L j Ken Stuckey Brad Stump Colleen Stump Carolyn Swartz x X ,V A-S . o aoya . Xm,, ak a Dave Szafraniec Don Szallar ' Andy Thompson Carol Thompson H k i liwswf - ' X 'I f' ' K A 'gn H -' - Lisa Thompson m Nancy Tinsman 5 K, . N-it x K fi X it X ......f-nv' ww. wwf 2 HQ , vf ,V I f ff W 12 A , 6 , "A' M l ,:. 5, " , , ,. " 3 '5 ' 5 , V V - '-" I . W A' V 'M P' , l W, , "A' , W W W 9? V4 , , Jim Zamudio 1 Shannon Zickefoose Kara Wolfrum Don Wonder Susan Wyant Teresa Yambert X x Y Katrina Walker Dana Ward Vickie White Jeff Wilson Kirby Wilson John Tobin John Tolento Steve Trumpler Todd Unkefer Mary Beth Vogel Jeff Waldron 3 m ik Hg ef' .W :Q-M V. I QS Na 7 'W' Q l N if iz: :X L' ' V , 1 4 gf 1 I wu d if , , . Q, 4 , ,Q I- ' W W , I ' Q., N x cademica Administrators, Non-Certified Staff Manage Fl TOP LEFT: Patiently waiting for Mrs. Bartunek and Mrs. Strausbaugh to give her a job is office worker Linda Folkwein. TOP RIGHT: Head guidance counselor, Miss Leitzy. tacks up sign-up sheets for college orientation meetings. Mr. Cramer - Supt. Mr, Baney - Asst, Supt. Mrs. Stahl - Dir, of Special Services x Mr. Griscom - School Board Treasurer Mr. Essman - School Board Q Mr. Vance - School Board is Q is Mrs. Slayton - School Board Wifi is 'Km N-t :f-: -'-f-. 1 . Mrs. Arthur - School Board Mr. Mennel - School Board Mrs. Lehman - School Nurse Mr. Marshall - Principal 3 Mr. May - Asst. Prin. Miss Leitzy - Guid. Counselor Mr. Coburn - Guid. Counselor Mr. Fisher - Guid. Counselor V ,,,, ' V. . z"" '21 4. ., ,wa Z ,,,' ". 1,23 '-ag. """4"r-ww- Mrs. Bartunek - Sec. to Prin. Mrs. Strausbaugh - Sec. 'o Asst. Prin. Mrs. Harrison - H.S. Receptionist Mrs. Brandeberry - Library Asst. Mrs. Longacre - Sec. to Asst. Supt. Mrs. Lewe - Receptionist, Sec, to Treasurer Mrs. Wolfrum - Computer operator Mrs. Sabbagh - Sec. to Supt. Mrs. Stearns - Sec. to Dir. of Special Programs Mrs. Warner - Computer operator Mrs. Vitt - Sec. to Mr. Good Mr. Good - Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, Dir. of Trans. Mr. Pierce - H S. Custodian Mr. Ariza - H S. Custodian Mr. Stahl - H.S, Custodian Mr. Lawson - Attendance Officer Mrs. True - Supervisor of Food Service Mrs. Barbour - Sec. to Food Services Mrs. Bowman - Food Service fqvnujl Mrs. Reeves - Food Service Mrs. Tong - Food Service Miss Rader - Food Service Mrs. Williamson - Food Service f, 1? Q Mrs. McKeever - Food Service Mrs. Weiker - Food Service Mrs Thomas - Food Service Mrs aff" X Hutchins - Food Service 67 English Department Gives Structure To Li' 95 fs? SN E qi English is . . . Grammatical structure? . . . Demonstration speeches . . . 'Triends, Romans, Countrymenl" . . . "Vocabulary, again?" . . essays . . . 'Romeo 8 Juliet" . . . orangutans , . "Murder at Rue what?". . . "Come on folks". . . FETV. . . FOHIRAB . . . "What's a dictionary?" . . . '7-low do you spell". . . Outlining . . . "Spit out the gum" . . . "Name the subject in the sen- tence". . . "Who is William Byrd?" . . . "Not another film strip!" . . . "Test? What test?" . . . "Ladies, this is a library. " . . . "Write it all out. Don't abbreviate" . . . Reading dayl . . . Dia- graming sentences. . . Learning to write letters . . . "Look it up in a dictionary! . . . Learning to write compositions . . . "Bring your literature books" We start poetry tomorrow". . . "Shake- speare, again?" . . . "How do you write a com- plete sentence?" . . . "Ha ve a nice weekend!" . . . Communicating. TOP LEFT: Mrs. Haddix shows a picture of Scratch from "Devil and Daniel Webster." TOP RIGHT: lntently looking for a good picture at the pep rally is Miss Coker. BOTTOM RIGHT: Miss Pelton ponders over a vocabulary list for her class. Mr. Tom Bensman- English IV, Speech and Drama Mr. Robert L. Cobb- English I, General Math Miss Karen Coker- English I. ll, FOHIRAB, Brave Reflec- tions, Tri-Hi-Y adviser Mrs. Patricia Haddix- Eng- lish Ill, I. Am. Studies, Dept. Head Mr. Thomas K. Hoffman- Reading Lab, English ll, Stu- dent Council Adviser Ms. Constance Pelton- Eng- lish ll, lll fee ,ails I TOP RIGHT: Mrs. Haddix's class takes advantage of a reading day. TOP LEFT: Ms. Orlandi explains Dewey decimal system to a freshman English class. MID- DLE RIGHT: Mr. Hoffman referees at a frosh football game. BOTTOM LEFT: Two freshman girls make use of the library during study hall. Ms. E. Ellen Orlandi- Lia brary Media Cenler, FOHI- LIB adviser Mr. Jerry Sisser - Television production, FETV 1:o-ordin- alor 69 Science Encourages Experimentation In New Are Science is . . . "Do what to that cat?". . . "Turn on the Bunsen burner" . . . "What blew up?" . . . "Can we eat it?" . . . "Test tomor- row over your bones" . . . "Turn in your lab reports". . . "What's that squishy stuff ?". . , 'Z4nother leaf collection!" . . , 'look at the critters move" . . . reptiles . . . mammals . . . genes . . . "Does everybody have chromo- somes?". . . 'How do flies fly upside down?" . . . "They're doing what?" . . . spiders . . . "Let's blow up the school" . . . "Don't drink itl". . . Extra Credit . . . "Those poor little mice!" . . . cell divisions . . . mitosis . . . tidal waves . . . "Do we get to watch TV today?". . . central core . . . "Can you roll tongue?" . . . Discovering! C0Dmfv 22 gurium Cm YNY' 05111 Erhium m 2? Eummum Eu Fiuor mv K Emncium pr Gsnoun.wm cd Galiinm QA fifffmsvnum Qoxd Au 523.94 63,54 I2-QS! 162.51 167.27 x52.0 18 00 22232 157.71 60 1? ?2.60 197.0 Nickel Niobium ' NI!! agen Gsmium Oxygen P3IIBds 'um Phosphorus Piatinum Plutonium Polonium Potassium F'raseodymiumPr your ,J 1 Z8 58.71 45 92491 76 B 46 15 78 94 84 19 S9 ---W 111.05 25,96 111718 47.9 13116 13107 50.95 131 .M 173,90 M32 65.38 91.22 TOP RIGHT: Chemistry students observe their ex- periments, MIDDLE LEFT: Brad Drenning mixes his chemicals in chemistry class. MIDDLE RIGHT: Gina McClellan listens while reviewing her notes. BOT- TOM! Biology students dissect their cat. Mr. Drew Kirian- Biol- ogy I, Earth Science. Asst. Wrestling Coach. 7th grade Football coach. Mr. James Macko- Biol- ogy I. ll 70 Mr. Dennis Ferguson Earth Science ,gm ,IL , ,4A:U Q FK-lu. Tit! Q-B TOP LEFT: Fixing the planetarium is Mr. Ferguson. TOP RIGHT: Chris Hoffman weighs his chemicals. MIDDLE LEFT: Mr, Mase! hands back notebooks during class. MIDDLE RIGHT: lecturing on planets is Mr. Kirian. BOTTOM RIGHT: Freshman earth science students take notes. Q M st, ILUHNT5 , . Mr. Tim Masel- Chemistry I, ll 'ity Mr. Lawrence Topor- Elem. Algebra, Intro, Algebra, Physics, Head Coach, Girls Track. Art, Music Bring Out Talent In Students Art is . . . "Watch your color combinations" . . . "I want those erasers back" . . . throwing paint on your classmates . . . erasing. erasing, and more erasing. Music is . . . "No crossed legs! . . "Sit up straight". . . "Build it!" . . . "Blow in that instrument. Don't play with it" . . . "Sing out" , . . "Forward March. " TOP LEFT: E vette Dunbar and Cheryl Hampton sketch their ideas onto paper. TOP RIGHT: Playing at a football game is Nicole Moore. BOTTOM RIGHT: Concert choir girls rehearse during class for an upcoming concert, Mrs, Eunice Fruth- Basic Design I ' L . V "fi ",f' 531 7,,4',9 A .r :..: ,.V k:lQ:r:.4:'r-,,:,,v:. 5.5 " fa , Mr. William P. Schwepe- Chorale, Concert Choir Mr. Charles Suler- Art. Pen S Brush Mr. David J, Zoll- Band Director, Music Dept, Chairman .P' Mathematics s Not As Easy As Pi ,S i I I ' R 1 f W1 :S Q A -Q! ZZ 5254 T Q21 if 4 Zi il Math is . . . having homework almost ev- ery night . . . angles . . . protractors and compasses . . . Pythagorean Theorem . . . "Math is the root of all knowledge" . graphs . . . diagrams . . . right triangles . . . c: 5x+ 2+ 8+ d . . . '7sn't pie round?" . . . listening to Mr. Mathews' jokes . . . "Can I use your calculator?" . . . 2+ 2: ?. . . "How do you work this problem?" . . . "What is the square root of 36 and l52?" . . . 'Are there any questions?" IOP LEFT: Rusty Drumm works a difficult problem, TOP MIDDLE: Rick Zimmerman cautiously does his math problem. TOP RIGHT! Mr. Mathews listens as an answer is read. LEFT, Sue Smith quietly works, BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Topor relaxs. Mr. Robert Feisel- Comput- er Basics, Algebra I, Intro- duction to Algebra, Mr. Donald l.. Mathews- Al- gebra ll, Math IV, NHS Advi- sor, Mr. Steve Russell- Geome- try, Algebra I, Boys Basket- ball-Head Coach. 73 Social Studies Reminds Us Of Past Our History is . . . "What are today's current events?". . . Harve?. . . "What year was the war of l8l2 fought??". . . essay tests . . . "Moving right along". . . "Of course, history repeats itself and if you don 't pass this test you'll repeat historyll . . . 'Vlre you a cheer- leader??" . . . "The civil war again?" . . . "Outline the next three chaptersl" . . . "I don 't know Mr. Bailey. What is Marxism?" . . . The Crime Index Report . . . "Extra credit reports are due Monday before". . . "I wish we lived in the Golden Age, maybe then I could get a job" . . . "Can we go to the library?". . . "Did you hear the main topic of the news last night? . . . TOP LEFT: His walking around the room while lecturing keeps Mr. Eynon's class on their toes. TOP RIGHT. Mr. Fox reads during American Studies. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Haddix's Law! Mr. John H. Fox- American Studies, American History, Boys Tennis. Mr. Rick Haddix- Psycholo- gy. Sociology, Boys Track Coach. Mr. Dave Thompson- Social Studies, American History, Technical Theater, Speech. . as ...Qi .. .. kk 1sX?g- K 5 NX .C K - WX'?flfQ?" Q5T.f,iZ'541IgPi'Xi?Q 5:72515-lk Q - - K' - -may 'flip -fl -' J ' 1 ....... 5, ,xx K i ...sf .gzssf 535131 Mr. James Bailey- Senior Civics, American Histo- A ry. Senior Class Advi- sor, Girls Varsity Has- ketball. Mr. William K. Eynon- hw 1 ,fe I Am 7' '4 4 .... 5 is 7 Aff .ff V7 World Histor , World .- Geography, Senior Ci- 5, A ' ..f-- i-.sais "" L: as "' ' 'il A' . Q -5 X lm Eli' N ., 1. 1. t . , SQ V .,,. A In , X , A ..., , as .t,ttl . X-a'i i ., Y' K 2 IK. 3 ' 1 ff 0 - W , .. ik Lzrk ,.. 167 H Vzggg . ' V 'f 5 , I -,Ax O I Q 14' V .. . .,. 'Q :K 'W 'W M How , ',,, , " ., A reign Language Ensures Cultural Enrichment Www French is . . . playing with theearphones in the lab . . . "BonjourI Ca va?" . . . spitting in your mirror to learn the pronunciation of the French . . Mardi Gras. . . Viva la France! . . . practice tests . . . "Get that snail away from mel" Spanish is . . . making pinatas . . . cultural enrich- ment . . . preguntas . . . "Silencio, por favor" . . . "Hasta luego" . . . "Vive Espanal". . . enchilada . . Nuestro Mundo . . . "Que'les? contesta ?". . . taco . . . Preguntas . . . uno . . . dos . . . tres. Latin is. . . 'puella". . . suffering through almost impossible tests . . . being a slave . . . derivatives . . . and more derivatives . . . and even more deriva- tives . . . "lsn't Latin a dead language?" . . . Latin lives on! TOP: Advanced French students take a break from their work. MIDDLE: Mrs. Zaruba starts a record for her class, BOTTOM: Bundling up from the cold is Mrs. Bartunek. Mrs. Sue Bartunek- French Ill, IV. Mr. Joseph Collet- English l. Latin I, ll, Ill, JCL. Mrs. Carol Reffner- French I, Il, French Club. Sophomore Class Advisor. Mrs. Frances Zaruba- Spanish I. ll, Ill, IV, Spanish Club. 75 Physical Education Improves Stamii We 1 ......... """--n-,,,,,,, RW TOP LEFT: Mr. Bartley sorts his papers as his assistant, Angie Deuble. awaits further instructions. TOP RIGHT: Julie Johnson winds up for a crucial serve during a tight match. BOTTOM LEFT: Taking a break from the intense game is Guy DeMars and Todd Feucht, BOTTOM - RIGHT: Freshman girls learn the basics of archery dur- ing their gym class. Mr. Rodger Bartley - Boys Phys. Ed., Athletic Director I Miss Janet Dalrymple - Phys. Ed., Health, Driver's Ed., Girls Tennis Coach Mr, John Tinsman - Health, Phys. Ed., Athletic Trainer 76 ueational Courses Put Students To Work ..C3, Gym is . . . beautiful bodies . . . obstacle course . . . archery . . . gymnastics . . . wrestling . . . volleyball. . . golf . . . "Don't get a cutl" . . . 'Hit the showers" . . . ping pong . . . shuffleboard . . . "What's B.O. mean ?". . . basketball. . . hockey . . . "I don't want to change my clothes" . . . tournaments . . . "I feel sick" . . . losing your temper . . . pain . . . Winning! Vocational education is . . . "Where does the oil go?" . . . "How do you stop this thing?". . . vice grips . . . "What's that machine do?". . . "The car won't start" . . . 'Put your safety glasses on!" . . . transmission . . . auto parts . . . architectural design . . . Machine shop . . . carburetor . . . sanding boards . . . grinders . . . "keep your motor running!" . . . "FilI'er up" . . . Growing! Mr. Bruce Bibbee- E WE TOP LEFT: Gret Hatfield quietly works on his project hoping to Mr. Richard Brown- OWF finish before the bell. TOP RIGHT: Supervising Mike Hopkinson s Lab work during class is Mr. Fruth. Mr, John Dull- Auto Mechanics Relat- ed I, II. VICA Mr, Franklin Fruth- Vocational Ma- chine Shop, Mach. Sci., Mach. Math Mr. William Gillogy- Sr. EWE Work Study Mrs. Elizabeth Gooding- SBH Mr. Dick Kidwell- OWE, Football Head Coach Mrs. Susan Lawless- SLD Tutoring Mr. John Marshall- Dist. Ed, I, Il, DECA Mr. James Myers- OWF, OWE I class club. OWE I JA adviser, 8th grade Football Coach Mr. Ben Pohlman- OWAt Related-Gem eral Math-English Mr. Randy Richardson- Ind. Arts. Drafting, Architectural Design. Head Wrestling Coach. Varsity Assistant Football Mrs. Marcia Smith- SBH Aide Mr. Fred Wilch- OWE III Teacher- Coordinator Program Director. Junior Achievement. Golf Coach 77 ,.Ti , Business Pro vides The Basics Of Job Trainin gy 5 LQ . Af' Business is . . . improving personal and office skills . . . "Clear your carriages". . . carriage release levers . . . "Set a tab at 2Oand 6O". . .asdfjklf . . . check stubs . . . "Did you finish?" . . . accounting . . . letterhead . . . 'Don't forget your workbooksl" . . . manuscripts . . . timed writings . . . "Feet flat on the floor". . . 'Be quietI". . . "Stop looking at your keys". . . margin release . . . dollars, cents . . . percentages . . . paper balls . . . corrections . . . SUCCESS. TOP LEFT: Grading papers is typing teacher, Mrs. Jacobs. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Smith listens to his students. MIDDLE LEFT: Typing ll student Tammy Pletcher checks her work. MIDDLE RIGHT: IOE class is hard at work. Mrs. .lean Jacob- Typing I, ll. Mrs. Carol Pahl- Sr. IOE. Mr. William Smith- Accounting I, ll, Recordkeeping, Business Math. 78 Mrs. Sue Daniels- COE. Shorthand I, COE Club. Junior Class Advisor. Mrs. Vickie Echelbarger- Jr. IOE, Personal Typing, Bus. Princhwles. Home Ec. Teaches Skills For The Future ,NA ww.: Xi, 'Wy WMMW ' 3' T Home Ec. is . . . food. . . sewing . . . child care . . . cookies. . . eggs . . . "Turn off the oven". . . more food . . . interior decorating, career opportunities . . . more food. . . "Uh, oh". . , "Oops", . . "Exams in home ec ?". . . "When do we start cooking ?". . . "You want me to change its diaper?". . . "What's that smell? Oh no, it's our cookiesl" . . . "Watch my cookie bounce off the wall, want to play fris- bee?". . . "You call that a dress?". . . "How do you put the zipper on?" . . . "Uh oh, I definitely think something is wrong herel". . . GROWING TOP LEFT: Trying to get all the olives out of the can are Amy K inble and Vivian Young. TOP RIGHT: Jeanne Swartz and Ka- trina Montgomery wait in line for the food they made. BOT- TOM LEFT: Mrs. Tinsman taste a cooking project. 51"- Mrs. Ruth Anne Musgrave- Home Ec. ll, Quest, Inde- pendent Living, Interior Decorating, Career Oppor- tunities, FHAXHERO. Mrs. Ethel Ritchey- Home Ec. I, IL Miss Diane Zimmerly- Home Ec., Child Development, Advanced Foods, FHA, As- sistant Girls Track Coach, Assistant Cross Country Coach. ,MJ wiv' RIA 1' X.. ,S - .2 5' H X X has 1 5555! Elf' 54 50023 Redmen Achieve Co Championship Honors In Gl.l. For slxth year Head Coach Duck Kldwell another fine season was obtained as his Red men capped off the season with a very re spectable record of 7 3 and were the GLL Co Champions along with Oregon Clay Wlth most of the players being juniors the Redmen came along beautifully after a shaky start On the opening game of the season the Bowling Green Bobcats were no match for the Redmen as the boys came home with a 25 I6 victory Willard was next on the list for the team Hard times fell upon the team as they were defeated I8 I6 An intercepted pass right at the end of the game sealed the win for Wil lard A tough Tlffln Columbian team invaded the stadium as the Tornadoes came up with a hard fought win IOO Oregon Clay was the next opponent ln a key GLI. match up The Redmen won 60 with the lone score coming on a 45 yd TD run The team kept the winning going as they beat Toledo Woodward In the Homecoming game 36-O Next up was Columbus Bishop Hartley It was a fine defensive game as the Redmen were winning 7 0 with Hartley scored on a flea flicker with less than a mln ute to go The two point conversion failed With the last three games being GLI. matches all the Redmen had to do was win the rest and become the outright champions Sylvania was the first as they went down I4 6 Napoleon proved to be a tough foe as their strong running game proved to be just too much A last minute field goal attempt was wide giving the Wildcats their second straight victory IH the past two years Hap less Bedford was beaten 42 6 giving the Red men a share of the GLL championship with Clay THIS PAGE Top Quarterback Guy Demars lets fly with a fine pass while Jim Norman IS ready for an incoming defender Middle Co Captains Greg Trumpler and Mike Hopkinson meet with the official and opposing captain for the com toss Lower Left Junior Brian Brles readies to punt the football away Lower Right Leading the rest of the Redmen out on to the field IS Dave Hare OPPOSITE PAGE Top Left Coach Kldwell with plays ln hand prepares to meet with the team during a time out Top Rlght Receiving plenty of protection on this pass IS sophomore quarterback Tom Latham O O O giving the home crowd a close 7-6 win. 1-fi-fa K "' if --1 A , gwuiw-, , if ' f 1 - W 1- W -bluen- 3-mm A il ff 'J "' . T ..,5- Qgia D ak- W ig QA U ,Av 4: ' N '52 if I 'M J? , f . . 3 PW! f J' S.- x P' """XMlr 2 fa. xl , -L Am ayfyf ,,,,,,,A, ,,,, , 7. W. , y 3' ,, ..Q"':1 ,L 1 l Q, lr gf . , Y Q 2 12 5? I ,Q , 5 iw? V i s E V"S4lP a.: , X Reserve Gridders Cop Gl.l. Title The reserve football squad, coached bl Dave Danhoff and Randy Richardson, fin ished the season at 6-2 and were the outrigh GLL champs, In the first game the Redmen were beatei soundly by Fremont, 32-6. Their next gam, brought Willard. The reserves beat them 6-4 in a fine defensive game. Next up for thi gridders was Tiffin Columbian, A strong Til fin team was too much for the j. v. 's as Ihej were beaten 24-Q The loss to Tiffin would be the last one, a the reserves then won five games in a roi outscoring their opponents for a total of II7 6, RESERVE SCORES FHS , OPP 6 Fremont 132 , ' 6 Willard 0 A 0 Columbian 24 A 36 Lakota 0 I4 Clay 0 29 Sylvania 5 I3 Napoleon 0 25 Bedford O 1 THIS PAGE-Top- The Redmen defense 5 l ready for the play, Middle- Todd Feucht . ' Mark Boas discuss the game plan with coach. Lower Left- This Napoleon r sweeps by the unsuspecting defense, Lo' Right- Watching the game on the side line sophomore, Brian Hampton. EHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM-Kneeling-Ed Moore, Randy Deuble, Don Szallar, Chris Smith, Don McCullough, Scott Longacre, Chris Creeger, Standing- ch Ed Hanley, Jeff Wilson, Kelly Burrier, Stacey Schubert, Bob Ray. Shannon Zickefoose, Brian Miller, Donovan Lonsway, Perry Johnson. Tracey ibert, Steve Trumpler, Coach John Eisenhour. Frosh Hnish Season A t 5-2 The freshman team opened the season ith five league games in a row, The young edmen played tough as they won the first fur games while recording three shutouts rd only allowing IO points. The last league rme was for the championship but the Red- en could not quite pull it out as they were rfeated I2-O by Tiffin East. Bounding back, the freshman defeated Or- 'on Eisenhour 27-Q but then fell in a tough me to Mohawk I6-l3. The Redmen finished e year at 5-2. FRESHMAN SCORES FHS OPP 28 Findlay Glenwood 0 24 Findlay Donnell IO 28 Tiffin West 0 I8 Findlay Central 0 0 Tiffin East I2 27 Eisenhour 0 I3 Mohawk I6 IS PAGE-Bottom Left Quarterback Steve impler readies to hit an open receiver. tom Right-Taliback Bob Ray sweeps und the end. 'C-"9 E955-'v iv l AN f wiv ul h v n . I bg M3 ,L Ifllii FSR' SHMAN CHEERLEADERS-SittingToni Huston. Nikki Helms. Kneeling-Kim Frierson, Marga- Montgomery. Standing-Missy Hidy, Angie Duffield, Roni Huffman. Enthusiastic Cheerleaders Stir Up Spirit Unbellevably the l982 season for the foot ball cheerleaders began early ln June The varslt y cheerleaders practiced almost every day in preparation for attending the United States Cheerleading Association Camp held in Findlay Ohio Members of the squad were seniors Shar on Lewe Linda Folkweln Angle Deuble and Terr: Todd and juniors Lon Folkwetn and Suprena Baker For these girls their dedlca tion and hard work paid off as they returned home with a second place plaque which qualified the team for national competition and two individual awards were won by Shar on Lewe and Lori Folkwetn The girls not only cheered during the foot ball season but they also had the task of decorating lockers baking cookies and painting spirit signs All the pep rallies are arranged by the girls and many of the cheers they performed were learned at camp The varsity cheerleaders are not the only ones who spend a lot of time Involved In football activities The reserve and freshman gals do similar tasks also to help out during the season Mrs Sherry Kauffman took over as the new adviser UNITED STATES CHEERLEADING ASSOCIATION CAMP 2nd Place Team Award Sharon Lewe Linda Folkwem Lori Folkwem Angie Deuble Terri Todd Suprena Baker Individual A wards Sharon Lewe lon Folkweln OPPOSITE PAGE Middle The varsity cheer leaders prepare for the bonfire Bottom Lori Folkwein practices a cheer for the nationals THIS PAGE Bottom Left Freshman Tom Hus ton cheers at the Homecoming game Bottom Right Senior Sharon Lewe leads the cheer leaders off the flretruck during the pre S-31116 festivities 0 0 o o 0 ' . ' . . , I 1 . , - t , 1 t ' 1 W - - . Lady Netters Fall Short In Gl.l. Bid The l982 girls varsity tennls team led by Coach Janet Dalrymple fought hard this year but seemed to always end up on the short side as they ended the year 5 9 The gals just couldn t clinch the close games as they lost six matches by a score of 3 2 Defending league champ Sylvania North view once again ruled the league while the Redmen placed 5th No lsmgles player Lorne Krupp flnlshed the year with a respectable record of 8 5 Lorie placed In the top three In the sectional meet and advanced to the dlstrlcts for the second year IH a row and made a good show Ing before bowing out rn the second round Bobbl Plper 2nd singles finished the sea son with a 5 9mark Holly Helser 3rd singles ended the year at lll which IS a new FHS record for the most wlns In a season The lst doubles team of Mary Monasmllh andlulle Johnson recordeda 5 9record The 2nd doubles team was constantly being switched between Debbi Bartchletl Jenny Eynon ,lOdI Fleming and Allcla Burns These four combined for a 5 I3 mark at the end of the year Piper and Helser GIRLS VARSITY TENNIS OPP Calvert Sylvania Calvert Bowling Green Clay Clyde Napoleon Willard Bedford Maumee Valley Whltmer Maumee Valley Sandusky Perkins THIS PAGE Upper Rnght No lsmgles Lorie Krupp sho ws determlna tlon on this fine back hand return Lower Rught Stretching for this net shot IS senior Bobbi Piper OPPOSITE PAGE Lower Rlght Mary Monasmlth watch es on as her lst doubles partner Julie Johnson attempts a trlck y return Lower Left Putting a llttle extra effort on this shot IS senior Holly Helser O Graduating for the Redmen will be Krupp, FHS 4 I 0 ' 5 3 2 2 ' ' 3 3 2 2 3 2 3 2 ' 3 l ' 4 5 0 J ' 3 5 O 2 ' 3 5th GU ii Q T T , T k VIL sip I My K - A ' X T N W :., Ff+saffgfSeaew1:+ams Q,saaag?u,ssgtwa.e aas sasa as ga I.. '. - gemxeseesaseggggifi :-' a,, E. - Tgiiigiggixsnl t.- ' FMF' xwsxsxshx Wiggins s N we K X QNX X N' Neis- N X X If si-SRM A Ties X tgc-5,n3,1V,xQ,QQwgg V NQ44fFf5fSFQNXS5eewr sw. A A - .- - as st. ss. of- .P r. -. : 4 9 .. A., K - T ii A K A, ss. . S K .age Q Q . 2 .. .. .. . .Q .X N g14eeeeaiiESeS5a? ? yrviaxeify:+fmSQ3a W R 6' N N x Nw N xx X Xu xx N Qi ' ' f -T ss 4. mme Mg 'S S TENNIS TEAM: Sitting- Shelly Beigh, Laney Popei Kneeling-Lorie Krupp, Julie Johnson, Debbi Bartchlett, Holly Heiser, Mary Monasmith, Standing- 'y Tinsman, Chrissy Spittler, Jenny Eynon. Jodi Fleming, Alicia Burns, Bobbi Piper, Coach Janet Dalrymple. ,,. ,, ,w,.b,,.. , a A., .. W R- M--9' im' A vw-w.a...,.?,,,,,M K mail S Lady Spikers Experience Disappointing Losing Season The i982 girls varsity volleyball team ra into trouble this year as they posted a dismz 0-I9 record. With the loss of seven seniors t last year's graduation, Coach Corrine Cahli was left with the task of rebuilding the vars, ty team. Lori Runion. though in her first year, did fine job keeping up with the more expel ienced players. She ended up being one o the teams leading scorers With Angi Moye . e and Ann Gomez setting up the ball, sophc more Francine Kimble, was able to spike th ball many times during the season. The varsity team consisted of Nancy Schmitz and Jill Birkmire: Moyer and Gomez, sophomores, senior: junior: Bre nd. Cousin. Jenny Ramsey, and Kimble while Run ion was the lone representative from tht freshman class. Receiving awards from the GLL wer! Schmitz and Kimble as they were placed o. the Honorable Mention list. With the loss of only two players from thi year 's squad the team gained considerabl experience for next season. VOLLEYBALL TEAM Varsity Reserve lost Arcadia Won Lost Oak Harbor Lost Lost Whitmer Lost lost Willard Lost 'Lost Calvert Lost Lost Napoleon lost Lost Bo wling Green Lost Lost Columbian lost Lost Lakota lost Lost Vanlue A Won Lost Clay Lost' Lost Clyde Lost. Lost Northview Lost Lost Whitmer Lost Last Napoleon Lost V Lost New Riegel Lost Lost St. Wendelin Lost Lost Northview lost Lost Clay W Lost Sectionals Lost Elm wood THIS PAGE-Top-Shelly Meyers prepares enter the game in place of Stephanie Smit Middle Left-Concentrating hard on the ball is Senior Nancy Schmitz. Right- Brenda Cousin warms up b game, Bottom-The varsity team ta floor after some encouraging wor ds Coach Cahlik. setti Middl efore kes t fro 3. , Q f-vs f, .W Sv..-L..-' xg, U Q -1 pg YE: k . , X F. TU S' 'ff gran 49 79 4 RE' QSBTURQ vmnnnzf UMEN 59151011 4' ST I UWA AQSTUIQ 4'-' 9 1. 5 18? WEN REDMEII ll REDMEB ff? 412 ' .CV ,VJ M 3332 nw' Q ! " K' A ' my w Q M .:,Q W9 1 5, ' . 9lb...,,,- H A as 'Hx Us M01-M 4 A QS' my . X M4 . I .3 ml. Sm I wfeiiiwr ' 3 S X E 7 Q.. ,WUI , 4 I 5 , fm it .QQ f. . f+1iN,N, w f is ,V JW ,. Y wx Qt A was R 4 5' E 'SSS-M I! 3"9.ff-5f1'?fy.5?' 'W-3 . ' ' ' M M 25, .sf g-5 K,-g tqfkii? i A f WWI' 1 1 it ki Ai K' f A - .L ga I ,ts ixvli 5 oung Golfers Tnish 5th n GLL The young FHS golf team had a fsappointing season as they fin- hed the year with a 2-9 record. The two wins the golfers picked ere both by one stroke as they Jwned Genoa and Lakota. Leading re way for the Redmen was medal- t Rick Zimmerman with Bob Sheets ght behind him. Jim Garner, Brad ump, andDuncan Cameron round- 1 out the scoring for the youthful alfers. After winning back-to-back atches the Redmen lost a tough atch to Lima Central Catholic as rey were defeated by 9 strokes. reels was medalist. Leading the team was junior co- rptains Sheets and Zimmerman as iey recorded averages of 44 and 5 respectively. Ga rner played con- stently good as he ended the year ith an average of 49. Stump and ameron rounded out the varsity -am as they shot for averages of 2 and 59. BOYS VARSITY GOLF DUAL MATCHES FHS OPP M Fremont l7i 205 Napleon l6'0 l86 Lakota I87 IBO Genoa l8l 379 Findlay 312 TRI MATCHES 363 Oak Harbor 329 363 Lake 349 385 Willard 368 385 Van Buren 332 1 375 Clay 348 ' 3 75 Eastwood 334 l8l Sylvania l60 l8l Bedford l59 6th GLL llth Sectionals 'POSITE PAGE-Top Left -Rick Zimmerman ives into the fairway. Top Right-Jim Gar- rpractices his chip shot. THIS PAGE-Lower gh!-Coach Fred Wilch sizes up the reserve lyers for their yearbook picture. VARSITY GOLF TEAM: Left to Right-Duncan Cameron, Rick Zimmerman. Bob Sheets, .lim Garner, Brad Stump. -N r . -x 5 xy. +4 Q Q Q . 6 , ,H A YS X . X y 5 A fu , . , vw N R 3 5 , x M mg ,- , ,, ,dw ' .Pk 'il' Q K wwf' arf -vg7"v?hxw,i5L'f,1:iVq ww - T 7' lm., fr .. ,. ' ,' K 74, ,Z 'fa m f 5vf'?7?L M 9' Y 'h 5 5? .f,F.,' X . 2 K. f 1-pg .-., :UK E5 Y 3- Harriers Post Mixed Season For the flrst time In FHS history the glrls offlclally has a cross coun try team The gals dld a fme job as they ended the season with a 5 4 mark The boys were less fortunate as they were winless In I5 meets With all underclassmen running for both teams Coach Carl Flsher hopes to get the program golng strong agaln Despite not wmnlng a match the boys were very success ful In gaming experience Injuries plagued the girls at the beginning of the season but the gals regrouped to place lst In the Shaw nee Relays 2nd at the Lakota lnvlta tional and just missed a dlstrlct bld by placing 3rd at sectlonals Beth Leonard made her second trlp to dlstrlcts as she put In a good show Ing but fell just short of a state bld CROSS C OUN TR Y FHS OPP Boys Gtr s Boys Gsrls Clyde Ttffln Oak Harbor Rossford Fremont 25th t Tlffm Carnrval Syl vanla th Perr ysbur g In vit rd s Shawnee Relays Wtllard Bucyrus St Wendelm Napoleon I5 Whrtmer St Wendelln t nd Lakota Invrt Bedford Findlay 2t rd Sectronals 6 Old Fort lnvlt OPPOSITE PAGE Top Left Junior Bob Moran puts a llttle extra effort Into his stride Top Rnght Kevin Hoffman shows strong determl nation as he pumps toward the fInIsh line THIS PAGE Top Coach Zlmmerly and Mr Haddlx take down times for a home meet Mnddle Geana Reiter flnlshes coming up ag ony hlll IH Perrysburg Bottom A tired Beth Leonard places llth at the Perrysburg lnva tlonal at Fort Melgs O O . I L 45 -- I9 -- 38 -- ' ' I5 -- 46 30 I6 25 47 28 I6 27 37 -- 20 -- I7 h ' ' 36 28 ' 2I 29 I3 8th 40 -- Clay I9 -- 3 I t 42 I2 ' I5 24 42 I8 I7 I9 34 37 . ' 25 I8 50 26 I5 29 28 27 ' 21 28 33 -- . ' 26 -- I4 h 2 A 50 46 I5 I5 50 -- ' I5 -- I h 3 ' 6th 5th LL -- 7th Varsity Team Shows Much Improvement After losing their first seven games, the l982-83 varsity basket- ball team turned things around and won nlne out of their last fifteen games flnlshmg the season with a 9 I3 record With only one senior on the team most would think that a lack of ex perlence and depth would be a problem Just the opposite was true Second year Head Coach Steve Rus sell consistently used between 8 9 players effectively throughout the year One of the highlights of the year was that for the flrst time In over ten years the boys beat Sylvania Northvlew both times during the season Also the Redmen finished 3rd In the league and played for the sectional tltle THIS PAGE! Top The Redmen bench looks on as Coach Leforge shouts out Instructions Mlddle Co Captains Steve Glenn and Kent Smith speak at a pep rally Bottom The varsl ty takes its warm ups before the Bedford Game OPPOSITE PAGE! Top left Taking a charge is .llm Norman as Chris Hoover pre pares to grab the loose ball Top right Walt mg for the foul shot along with two Bedford defenders are juniors Dan Hampton and Steve Glenn VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES H OPP Fremont C ay Ottawa Glandorf Wlutmer Napoleon Upper Sandusky Tiffin Columbian Bedford Lakota Sylvania New Rlegel C ay Whnmer Eastwood Napoleon Van Buren Bedford Elmwood Sylvania Lima Shawnee Sectional Tournament Elmwood Port Clinton t it 1-.A ,, . .,.:, N... 2 -mn A . - i f a 4 , . . GW!! A ill xi FR..- S!TY BASKETBALL TEAM: Kneeling-Coach Chris Leforge, Bob Crawford, .lim Garner, Kent Smith, Chris Hoover, Tom Latham, Trainer Chuck Boyd. dung-Dan Hampton, Mitch Mitchell, Brett Cousin, Bob Sheets, .lim Norman, Steve Glenn, Roger Dunbar, Coach Steve Russell 99 Many Players Gain Honors P eM05TgjYALUABl5 PLAYER 1 P P if f i 5 i5'?VeiG'ef"'1 9 i 5 9 H H VFW M957 1 VP-LUPQBLE5 as H INSPIRATIONAL PLAYER7 l H P eChr1SaHoQsV?IV rver P P - lmcsri 4 Q if all i Zi Q 5 iaobisheers ig! if fi it as 5 as poosten- AWARD all g H s , in .lim Normans i 4 P THIS PAGE! Top-Steve Glenn fires a short jumper from the corner. Bottom left-Looking for the loose ball is Dan Hampton and Chris Hoover, Bottom right-Concentrating hard on this shot is sophomore Bob Crawford. OPPO- SITE PAGE Top left-Applying strong defen- sive pressure is Chris Hoover. Top nior Jim Norman readies to slam one home during practice, Bottom-The Redmen appear to have the lane all blocked out. ' Q , ,MW . , A ,, has l i,,, P iirig, , X, 1 Z X K E mi an ar., it 1 if uii:i'ii l ff S2555 4 -- .':.k- -:.. . ,pw Spf' K. K A A . A V .,.. .Rafi 4 hui W 1 Reserve Squad Works Hard The junior varsity team struggle through the i982-83 season as the compiled a record of 4-I6. The lack of height and depth d, not help the Redmen much. The fought hard throughout the seas: and worked hard to learn. THIS PAGE: Top Left: Bill Blake floats in for tu Top Right: Junior .lim Garner tries a shc jumper in heavy traffic. V RESERVE SCORES T E FHS - T T OPP of V 42 T Fremont TT C f47 H 45 Clay V V V - 5l V 25 Ottawa Glandorf V-66 23' V Whitmer ' ' ' 39 24 T Napoleon. T H 143 42 V Upper Sandusky T 48 , 4f ' Tiffin Columbian V 52 35 ' Bedford 57 V 38 Lakota 59 4i Sylvania ' L 43 ' 1 44 New Riegel 48 45 Clay 50 33 Whitmer E 57 48 Eastwood 46 45 Napoleon 40 38 Van Buren 49 To 45 Bedford 48 64 Elmwood ' 48 39 Sylvania ' 45 43 Lima Shawnee L 42 Nj MJ Xu 3' LJ DN EUNE T X wiki We RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM: First Row-Delbert Hutchinson, Mike Brandeberry, Joel Clay, Felix Cantu. Brian Hampton. Second Row-Coach Shugars Tom Latham, Mitch Mitchell, Bill Blake, Gabe Sierra, Dave Coburn, Manager Jeff Frederick. :HMAN BASKETBALL TEAMI First Row-Tracey Schubert. Jamie Nye. Billy K ing, Wendell Harris, Steve Trumpler, Jeff Wilson, Dennis Pool Second Coach Mike Naus. Perry Johnson, Jeff Storrer, Stacey Schubert, Renee Galvan, Brian Miller, Donovan Lonsway, Joel Hale, Manager Dana Ward -u-...Q -rosh Team ,hows 9 if 0 x il- to - we W Promise The freshman basketball squad fin- ed a disappointing season with a al mark of 2-I2. A lack of consisten- and overall depth was the team 's n fall espite these problems the players rked hard and showed hustle oughout the year. The Redmen re lead by first year Coach Mike us. S PAGE: Bottom Left: Brian Miller drives for hoop. Bottom Right: Pulling down a tough ound is Renee Galvan. FROSH BASKETBALL SCORES FHS ovv 20 Eisenhower 39 36 Tiffin East I8 44 Donnell 35 38 Glenwood 36 27 Tiffin West 25 50 Tiffin East 22 43 Central 2 JI 40 Donnell ll 33 Glenwood 3l 45 Tiffin West 39 55 Central 47 47 Elmwood 33 32 Sylvania 28 54 Fanett 27 QQ E 'SN'-i55iT5 - 5'fX C ttu,ttftu.y, 'ln L S if , ww N as Q 9 -- -M .: A ' ' ' "'.. .. - .iii 1'Q A Q h f .im A ,. Q E L, in ,A,.. . . . t QF f 4 Wag 'N Q Q 3 E? " Ri sl 'Ii' f S E we K f U N , H S . A in n F542 Q5 ,iff 1 'rhyg 5 fx eg X- ",,1.w X. as Egg? X Q SQ 'xv 5 1 X v s 4 3 xxx E x X 'X X L Us-Q Q x wff 1 if Q 2. A .K X y q ,K V . V ' Q iii-iggf q -.M ' . . '-N-. J-A, A.:--......,....---f x g - "f '- -J' 'W ..- f E - .M A -. fiiif wg ""' " ' gg A -' --.Q . ,,, ,.. QE ggggwggz wr - 'A K+ Af' L' ,,o"'-I ' 'A : , "3 Q , M" fm, . aff: "--. ., . gi I Eff A . fig, ,, , it 555 1 Q.: 5 A f 1 2 i Piper Tacey Reed Debbie M F f 1 an M N W , . m g iwwwf- ..:f-:i Q --:f. .. ...-:. .sf x,- M . . 1-,:f5::i K A ? fp Hi A- 5 g -E 4 g s-V 1 g, if V W 2 2 i , I I 7' X ' b W Q X k ,:-:' . Af b 2 ' ' ' an Q , - 1-' f frzi, "'. f L fi? 'N - A if P gm, A ew, 2 2 W . 1 D , A A gg in gf A .I if ,Qi ,. 16 7 4' 5 H 1 'v 1 r' 'U-.MMM .- 5-ri "fp ' 'l r M ,,,. Q'8 'vt "'i"5,?P . Aft!! n W. '74 'J 'f 'QQ Cf Y f "'7ff'-Wu' - yy.. If .w L- K! A in X , 'IM 'K W 9. sg" 1, ., . W Q, ., - ,M - X.-f5',,.,:f3' W,.4. , A Hy, '51 .:f.':?Ai.Ka'gQ,,r7 - f' ',. 1 +,,s.i'f .gtprwj g..w'.-1i'g y"'i. ',-Y, -arfl' Eff' 'Lf . 5 KAKYES-'.:Qh's5A5x5Q5:q:' L' " . viii , . f , ,I -5-...'5-.mj"h123-fr f""1gp',-'."ff',at-if mf 'aff -rn' 1 ""'-Q' 1 s - ' , . 1 .4 f w -- , 3,-.rf-Qi' W".-' 'Q-.Quia 'jfy 'Av ii: fi s-if I F, A, W W ,If 1' Q. -iv QR-L'-Q'! . ,nf Q., ,AQR Q- +o- -. f ff .y 1" 4 -1 ' -Y.. 5 rf ff'.f Q X ,-1.-sfffs if or Q -wlpa. f f.:..f-- ri 'zgjjgvlvgik 8 Despite Losses, Lady Redmen Gain Experience The girls varsity basketball team had a frustrating year falling with a record of 2 I9 Leading the team with assists re bounds scoring and steals was sophomore Francine Kimble Even though the team suffered many defeats they still worked hard and gained experience Coach ing the varsity team was James Bal e The junior varsity team came across bigger and tougher teams this year The reserve team consist ed of all freshman with little pre vious experience As the season progressed they became stronger and more knowledgeable in the game Coaching the reserve team was Mrs DIXIE Kldwell This year was a learning exper :ence for both teams who played against stronger more seasoned teams which taught the girls to be come more competitive THIS PAGE Upper Left- Reserve player Steph- anie Smith concentrates on getting the ball back in bounds, Upper Right- Attempting to block a shot is freshman Karen Miller, OPPO- SITE PAGE Lower Left- Varsity player Brenda Cousin passes the ball to a team mate. Middle Right- Varsity squad tries to gain possession of a jumpbalL Lower Right- Beth Leonard and ,lennie Ramsey show sportsmanship before the game. A E 1 gvxiisnv scones I S ,I , ,,THfVl Mohawk ' ' ' , V-gV Afcadia.. ,A V, , , gg Clay, , I , , - Clyde . . , . ' ' Whitmer - ' I New Riegel ' Northview Vanlue . S I t Willard, at Van Buren ' I Lakota Napoleon t , , ,Findlay , Clay , . St. Wendelin ' ' Whitmer Elmw00d , Napoleon I Fremont Northview ' 27 Sectionals 54 RESERVE GIRLS BASKETBALL-Front Row: Caroline Alexander, Karen Birkmire, Stephanie Smi Karen Miller: Second Row: Coach Dixie K idwell, Margaret Montgomery. Nancy Tinsman, Da Fugett, Gena McClellan, Jenna Brown. 'K-3' LSQTURQ Q5'Y33S7f gimp! rg' 335, ,M ,W w.:u.fn:N DY ' C'v51,Q! ,Jw Q4 5 ar e A B SITY GIRLS BASKETBALL, First Row: Sonjia lindsey, Faith Marshall, Beth Leonard, Second Row: Jim Bailey, Brenda Cousin, Jennie Ramsey. Francine ble. Katrina Montgomery, Laura Hoppe. Manager Bobbi Davis QQSX P .. 4-BE1i..,5 i . wiv Youn , But Eager Wrestlers Suffer Losing Season The varsity wrestling team ende a tough disappointing season with final record of I-II. Greg Trumpleu wrestling at I67, qualified for th district meet and also placed fift at the Mohawk tournament. Scott Kraylek, l32, placed fifth i the sectionals, first at Mohawk an second at the Fostoria New Year tournament, Others who took fift at sectionals were David Under wood. I45, Shawn Shaw Heavyweight, and Tony Filliater, I5 placed sixth. Other varsity matmen were Rar dy Deuble, 98, Robbie Pingle, ll2,Jir Zamudio, ll91 Brian Bethel, D6, Dav Dennison and Guy Demars, I3 Todd Feucht, l75f and Ray Cruni I85. The wrestlers were coached first-year head coach Randy Ric ardson with Drew Kirian as his a sistant and reserve coach. THIS PAGE: Upper Left-Greg Trumpler eas controls his opponent. Middle Left-Worki for a takedown is junior Scott Kraylek. low Left-Guy Demars throws a cross-face on l opponent, OPPOSITE PAGE: Left-Fighting I control is Ruben Tolento. Right-Coach Richardson and K irian try to give some he ful advice, vxrtzsirv Wkesrtiivo scokftioakof Perrysburg it ' ' 'Lost' fflffiirevdi lf it iw , Napoleon f D 'Lost Rossford Lost Genoa T- . Lost Woodmore - Lost R Whirmer T Lost V Clay Lost Mohawk Lost Sylvania , , , 'Won Sandusky St. Mary-'s t , Lost Margaretta t Lost W4 , Z 1 K weak? ga 1 'ff n s ma v g -WW W V, z ,,V W ,V 6 if 2 Reserves Finish Season At 2-3 The reserve wrestlers finishe with a final record of 2-3 this sea son. The J. V. 's captured secon place at Woodmore and also at th Hopewell-Loudon tournaments. Th junior Redmen placed fifth at Tifh Columbian. Best records for the J. V. 's wer Dave Dennison, I2-I, and Guy D4 Mars, 5-0 Fastest pins were recon ed by Dennison with a 32 secon pin and DeMars who pinned a ma ll1 I:32. Top left: Tony Filliater prepares for a tal down. Bottom left: Tying up his opponent Dave Dennison. m Reserve Scores ' 4l Genoa 30 22 Woodmore I5 29 Whitmer 44 I2 Clay 21 N 0 Mohawk 48 1 RESERVE WRESTLERS: Front Row- Jeff Gerritsen, Mark Long, Dave Michaels, Dave Dennison, Darrel Sprau. Robbie Pingle, and John Tolentol Back Dean Hottenstein, Tony Filliater. Bennett Pierce, Ray Crump, Jeff Morrison, Todd Feucht, Tyrone Simms. Brian Bethel, and Coach Drew Kir SWIM TEAM: John Schaufelberger Judy Johns Barb Gllberg Ryan Hanson Pat Baker Fwimmers ork foward District Officially FHS does not have a wim team. So interested students 1ust swim with the YMCA team. he only time the swimmers com- ete against other schools is at the Vistrict meet. Judy Johns almost 'ualified for the state meet as she ist missed by two-tenths of a sec- 'nd in the freestyle. Other members of the team in- Jluded John Schaufelberger, back- roke, Barb Gilberg and Ryan Han- n, freestyle, and Pat Baker breast- troke. Baker owned the best time or the team. The swim team was oached by Dr. Robert Schroeter. gh!! Pat Baker practices his breast stroke rchnique during practice. , 5 ma-, af I w 'Q 1, ' ' Wi iip ffig ff ff Wy W me , , N, W wx 'ia : 2. , mm . : W7 Q ., W ,eu .J x 1 L 9? 1? X :Nl -, .. 5 3 R ::.. K M- -3 .5 " -I-6 .h .4 .. . X be .. xx . sw- 5 .,,, ?- -I i .5 K 5 N - .. .. if "' k " Il . 'wqwwwxwwmww SHOWING MUSICAL TALENT . . Band Keeps Busy This Yeai Under the direction of Mr. David Zoll and assistant director, Mr. Don Perrine. the marching band made many appearances at both home and away football games throughout the season. To hehn keep the band better orga- nized, officers were elected at the be- ginning of the school year. This year the officers are Carrie Widmer. presi- dent, Lori Wyans, vice-president, and Craig Lynch, secretary-treasurer. Some of the band 's activities include seasonal concerts and marching in pa- rades. The concert band attended con- test located in Upper Sandusky. The flag corps and majorettes did their part, too, by attending Defiance Col- lege during the summer and learned new mutines and more flag twirling techniques. BAND1 Front Row, Carla Haney, Dave Shaull, Eric Dunbar, Rod Schubert, Mark Dunfee, Lori Runion, Rich Barringer, Wendi Gibbons. Second R Rodney Babb, Tania K iesil, Da ve Halsey, Da vid Kelley, Steve Trumpler, Jim Garner, Third Row: Joel Clingman, Ke vin Hoffman, Criag L ynch, Doug Ru Brad Smith, Dave Barlekamp, Kami Harman, Karen Birkmire, Todd Unkefer. Fourth Row, Hope Kauffman, Kathy Bohanon, Nancy Tinsman, Terjl Bohanon, Kim Collins, Kim Matthews, Jenny Ryman, Kris Spangler, Kendra Fishburn, Jackie Gray, Carrie Criss. Fifth Row! Jim Andrezjewski, Johns, Colleen Stump, Marla Rasp, Wendy Bohanon, Lori Wyans, Sandy Stinehart, Nicole Moore, Kathy HowelL Carol Thompson, Evette Dunbar. Si Row! Pamela Stinehart, Brenda Blose, Debbi Vitt, Kathy Faust, John Schaufelberger, Tacey Reed, Carrie Widmer, Jill Birkmire, Bennett Pierce. Sevj Row: Rhonda Creeger, Gena West, Lynda Zeigler, Teresa Smith, Ria Suzuki, Greg Dauterman, Tracie Dunfee, Renee Hills, Wendy K irian, Marilee D American Legion . 114 I34 W. Tifhn St. 435-3335 ,f'E'3" vMA'uW,,,,g,,.,....,,.-- V ,.......---A'-"""""' 4 THIS PAGE: Upper Left- Junior Tacey Reed, handling her saxophone with expertise, an- ticipates field practice for marching band. Upper Right- The flute section practices for an upcoming concert. Middle Left- Freshman l.ori Runion and junior Mark Dunfee wait patiently for their cue. Middle Right- Show- ing enthusiasm during a routine is senior flag corps member, Lynda Ziegler. Lower Left- Pep band gets rowdie at a rally. OPPO- SITE PAGE: Freshman majorette Renee Hills displays her talent during halftime at a var- sity football game. II8 W. Center St. Duane Alt, Proprietor 435-543 7 115 PERFORMING FOR THE COMMUNITY Choirs Present Numerous Concer Under the supervision of William Schwepe, the high school choral depart- ment is divided into three units. In the spring of each year auditions are held. Those students who perform well are placed in concert choir or Chorale. Cho- rale is an even more select group of the best singers. From Chorale a special chamber choir is formed with those sing- ers who must try out again. This group is chosen by their vocal ability and avail- ability. The choirs did various performances this year including a fall, winter, Christ- mas and spring concert. The chamber choir sang for Rotary, Shepherd Center and other community organizations. THIS PAGE: Top Right- Rhonda Creeger sings out during a Chorale rehearsal in the PA C. N05- Q Side-J sei I . vb K , 'JH 5 J Q V M W.. W., ,,,, , ,an- OFFICE WORKERS: Front Row-Lori Folkwein, Kristi Pear, Eloisa Gonzales, Cindy Boucher, Karen Martinez, Second Row-Amy Vance, Strausbaugh, Third Row-Julie Layman, Laura Thompson, Mrs, Bartunek, Terri Todd, Mrs. Harrison, Fourth Row -L inda Folkwein, Sharon Lewe Deerwester, John Schaufelberger, Eric Hutchins, Kim Bartley. Laurie Wedge 118 Gilbert Tool 8 Abrasives ill05 N. Main St. 435-859 ARNING RESPONSIBILITY ffice Workers, Aides Show Dedication O O O CHER'S AIDESx First Row' Claudia Tate, Angie Deuble, Doug Walton. Sharon Lewe, Cindy Boucher. Eric Eynon, Holly Heiser, Maria Simpson, Eric :hins, Tammy Ritter, Randy Laney, Terri Hill, Marilee Dunn, Pam Hansen, Kim Bartley, Lori Mason, Second Row-L isa Faust, Laurie Falbush, Cheryl Idle, Sondra Wade, Tina Patterson, David Corey. Jenna Brown, Beth Leonard, Michelle Douglas, Stella Pierce, Cami Smarr, Gena Pierce, Nancy nitz, Laurie Wedge, Darcy Kidwelh Shelly Patterson, Ann Gomez, Lori Wyans, Kim Matthews Wi' ii 242 W. Tiffin St. Thomas C Hoening Hoening Funeral Home Office workers assist the administra- tion by filing papers, making copies, run- ning errands, typing forms, and deliver- ing absence lists. These workers function in a dignified business-like manner as they represent the office. They are expected to maintain an acceptable grade point average. Being a teachers' aide can be both en- joyable and a difficult job. Aides assist teachers by grading papers, putting up bulletin boards, running errands and do- ing other odd jobs. Because the job offers freedom, most teachers' aides are selected for their trustworthiness. OPPOSITE PAGE! Far Left- .lackie Eilers and Laurie Wedge heb by folding "Our Schools in Action" pamphlets. Near Left- Kim Bartley looks up students' schedules for Mr. May. THIS PAGE: left- Office worker Kristi Peak listens to Miss Leitzy while Mike Deerwester gets instructions from Mrs, Straus- baugh, 435-82617 U9 Robert L. Turner Mi r 1 PREPARING FOR THE .IOB M RKET . IOE Develops A Sense Of Busine The purpose of junior Intensive ' Office Education is to develop an awareness of business education by l visiting area businesses and by ha v- L ing guest speakers, as well as per- forming hands-on experiences. Elected officers included Presi- dent Jana Molineauxa Vice-presi- dent Dawn Johnson: Secretary Sherry Moore: Treasurer Tina Pat- terson. Advising the club is Mrs. Vickie Echelbarger. Senior IOE is a continuation of the junior IOE to further develop skills. One of their activities was having local business people talk about de- veloping interpersonal relation- ships. Their officers were President Eric Hutchins: Vice-president Mar- tha Lopez: Secretary Tina Marshall: Treasurer Tracie Dunfee. The advis- er is Mrs. Carol Pahl. Ss S .S .aw , . .. ,. if in ,- M I SENIOR IOE! First Row! Lisa Faust, Tracie Dunfee, Lisa Woodruff, Eric Hutchins, Robin Sullenberger, Martha Lopez, Second Row: Mrs Cathy Kepp, Lisa Bell, Tammy Ritter, Linda Ditslear, Claudia Tate, Tina Marshall, Denise Burress, Mr. B 's Cleaners 8 Laundry ll31W.y sqm sig 435-57l5 IOE: "'I" Patty Warner, Debbie Myers, Tina Patterson, Sue Watkins, Cheryl Weddle, Sondra Wade, Luwana Foutsf "0"- Tracy Winter, lva Essex, thy Mitchem, Debbie Szafraniec, Sherry Moore, Mrs, Echelbarger, Stella Pierce, "Ex"- Tracy Rochester, Jana Molineaux, Dawn Johnson, Shelley Nye, visa Gonzales. Jolene Giesey, Donna Derr, Jacki Runion M , W4 W Norton Manufacturing Co ' 9 J f ' 6, ' , fl f L , 4 12 Li W g, Jw, , rf, as My OPPOSITE PAGE: Upper Left- Senior IOE students calculate problems with Mrs. Pahl during class. THIS PAGE: Lower Left- Participating in bingo at Edgewood Manor, is junior, Luwana Fouts. Lower Middle- Patty Warner listens attentively at a meet- ing at Edgewood Manor. Lower Right- Juniors, Tina Patterson and Kathy Mitchem take time out to visit the elderly at Edgewood Manor, ll0 W. Jones Rd. ' 435.04,I m PROMOTING SALESMANSHIP . . Distributive Education is a co-cur- ricular activity which consists of ju- niors and seniors who are trying to promote themselves in the community. DE students provide several pro- grams for the community - such as a shoplifting prevention program for the junior high and the ".Iobs For Fostoria" program. As a service project. they picked up canned goods and delivered them to the Bureau of Concern. The president of DE is Senior Angela Woodley. Assisting Woodley was Missy Walters, vice-president, Kris Brandeberry, secretary, Kim Pullom, treasurer, Lauri Waltermyer, parlia- mentariam and Debbie Mitchem, re- porter. Advising this group is Mr. .lohn Marshall. sl taut ...- . ,Af til SENIOR D.E.: Front Row-Karl Glasman, Mr. Marshall, Randy Thompson, Second Row- Terri Hill, Kris Brandeberry. Angie Woodley, Cindy Pullom, Martha Hohman, Carole Raye, Brenda Fruth, Third Row- Tim White, Barrett Blose, Greg Dauterman, Randy Endicott, Dave Thompson, Stahl 122 DE Students Learn About Caree H ,L X .., .. QA, JUNIOR D.E.: First Row-Kathy Cochran, Suzie Bullock, Maureen Braman, Mandy Bailey. Marshall: Second Row-Karen Martinez, Laurie Waltermyer, Michelle Hoffman, Phil Kramb, B, Cousin, Gary Owens, Debbie Mitchem, Missy Walters. ld R.C. Hill sign co, II6 E. Clark sf. 435-2867 LECTING ACADEMIC .IU IORS . . . onor Society Chooses Qualified Scholars JIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: First Row- Marnie Opitz, Holly Heiser, Greg Hutchison, Kim Bartley, Cindy Boucherf Second Row-Karyn Bergstrom, bbi Piper, Lorie Krupp, Glenna Leedy, Kim Matthews, Marilee Dunn, Cindy Gabel, Third Row-Mr. Mathews, Brian Baumbarger, Randy George, Carrie idmer, Lori Wyans, Jill Birkmire, Lynda Zeigler, Lori Mason, Eric Hutchins, Sharon Lewe, Lisa Bell I National Honor Society is an organi- zation for students who ha ve achieved good grades and have shown leader- ship and good character. Faculty no- s minated juniors must meet high quali- fications. Several activities in school involve NHS. At the end of every grading peri- od, members passed out pencils to all students who made the honor roll, and pens to those who got straight A's. be NHS members also chaperoned a week-long trip taken by the sixth grad- at ers. A scholarship is provided annually by NHS to one deserving senior, who is not a member of the organization. NWS Officers elected after last year 's in- duction ceremony were Greg Hutchi- son, presidentt Holly Heiser, vice- president, and Kim Bartley, secretary- ftreasurer. A . 1 wh ,, st. Near Left- Organizing the pens and pencils for N honor roll is NHS member Cindy Boucher. X Reinhart Auto Body i628 N. Countyline 435-8040 123 PROVIDING CAREER EDUCATIO . . OWE Orients Students In Working Communil OWE If Lisa Craddolph, Lori Thornsberry, Kelly Fetro, Angie Nye, Tina Hill. Kim Stevens, Bonnee Fruth, Second Row: Roy Sensabaugh, Charlie GI Todd Barchus, Ricardo Anez, Dwyane Foster, Mr. .lim Myers Occupational Work Experience encour- ages participation in school and commu- nity service. An aspect of O.W.E. is to provide the club members with an opportunity to learn, practice and use parliamentary procedure in conducting a meeting. Officers for ll and III were Charles Groves. president, Charlotte Drenning, vice-president, Lisa Garbe. secretary: Frank Brown, treasurer, Carl Wilson, par- Iiamentarian. and Kris Tucker, reporter. Selected for I were Lori Thornsberry. president, Lisa Craddolph. vice-presi- dent, Sue Adams, secretary-treasurer, and Chuck Shackelford, activity chair- man. OWE students view the display set up for Vocation- al Week. 1 iiai I ' g 5 l i fl Q to , I is f 23051555 eDffV94li1f i C I I I I I RQ 1 i I 5 is g u y 124' 'tii I 'iis 6335 LW-liklflgistil i f pf l I I ll ii Y 435232395 Qwgysss . 1 L ' A f J 1 f X BWE, First Row: Bev Sprau, Dorcas Mundorfh Lisa Garbe, Charlotte Drenning, Charlie Groves, Kris Tucker, Stephanie North, Gwandean Harris, nd Row! Jason Everly, Trevord Doe, Tom Bryant, Emilio Hernandez, Mike Haynes, Don Hoffman, Terry Lee, Third Row: Mark Scroth, Ercel lrus, Charles Robinson, Carl Wilson, Shane Wheeler, Jeff Shatzer ge My B L 4 - ,s.' if--. VWEX First Row: Albert Gonzales, Mark Calwell, Lisa Wagner, Kath y Szallar, Carol Nye, Jodi Weaks, Gail Loving, Danny Lowe, Darrin Roush, Second ve Rupp 's Parti-Mart l32l Perrysburg Rd, 435-6551 125 9 S John Butler, Mark Rochester, Dewey Forbess, Mick Stahl. Brian Welly, Bob Hammer, Mike DolL Harry Miller, Mike Myers, Dennis Glover, Mr- Il KEEPING IN SHAPE . . FHA Sponsors School Aerobics Pro rar Future Homemakers of America, FHA. gives students the opportunity to use the skills gained in home economic classes. Other goals of this organiza- tion are to promote cooking and sew- ing skills, and pro vide school and com- munity service. Club advisers Mrs. Ruth Ann Mus- grave and Miss Diane Zimmerly de- signed a FHA-sponsored aerobic dance program for students and faculty taught by Nancy Houtz from the Y.M.C.A. This class was created to help the students and faculty keep in shape. Nearly 40people were involved in aerobics. Fund raising projects for F.H.A. were a jewelry sale and they also operated the concession stand at home basketball games. Lower Right-FHA members Susan March, Sonjia Lindsey. Evette Dunbar, Cheryl Hampton and Angela Woodley take a break. Lower Left-Junior Iva Essex particqnates in Aerobics. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA: First Row, Miss Zimmerly, Nancy Tinsman, Donna Dela asa, Second Row! Wendy Hickle, Tina Glover. Susan March, Carla Haney, Third Row! Kar Martinez, Darcy KidwelL Laura Thompson, Glenna Leedy. t A .5auber's Meats .Nm 5265 li H ilil n Columbuse-Ave. A A s A A A F435-2513 -as jx ,Sri 'YN 5 f Av .- 'Wh 'W ". D+- ., A Q A R' sift .ms ARNING LA Tl vnior Classical League Expands Knowledge 3 as ' , .9 'X sm V Air JR CLASSICAL LEAGUE, First Row -Julie Johnson, Stacie Bohring, Deanna Hill, Judy Johns. Jenny Ryman, Lynn Wobwh, Sandy Stinehart, Angie eld, Hope Ann Kauffman, Amy Hendricks, Tammy Filliater, Stephanie Smith, Pamela Stinehart. Deanna Ma ysf Second Row-Rob Goldt, Bob Dible, ldams, Rusty Drumm, Scott Duffield, Felix Cantu, Tom Latham, Mr. Collet, Mark Boas, Jeff Frederick, Gareth Green, Dave Michaels, Kent Smith, Johnson, Tony Filliater, Daryl Pierce. 9 3. . tm... za .5 .. L., , s.,,. ..,.. Q WX is 339 W. L ytle St. Side Door Inn The Junior Classical League is an or- ganization for students who believe that a familiarity with the civilization of Greece and Rome will help them to understand and value the world of to- day. Activities of the JCL include the in- duction slave salef a Saturnalia, which is a thanks for harvest and blessings, a Roman banquet, and senior farewell. Adviser of JCL is Mr. Joseph Collet. Officers were David Michaels. presi- dent, Julie Johnson, vice-president: Pam Stinehart, secretary: and Kent Smith, treasurer. Lower Left-Mr. Collet's Latin students work on derivatives. 435-9995 H, ,WY , PROVIDING CAREER EDUCATIO . . OWA Students Orientated To Working Communil OCCUPATIONAL WORK ADJUST- MENT is designed to broaden opportu- nities for student recognition. The goal of O. W.A. is to produce educated, pro- ductive, and responsible students into the community. Emphasis is placed on vocational orientation and in-school andfor out-of-school work experience. The program strives to make school more enjoyable and meaningful. The O. W.A. officers were Doug Long, president, .lohn Roelle, vice president, and Tina Heath, secretary. Advisor and instructor for the group is Mr. Ben Pohlman. Activities included visitations to Io- cal industries, bowling, a trip to Cedar Point, and canoeing. Upper Right: OWA student Tina Heath helps clean up the cafeteria by carting away boxes. OCCUPATIONAL WORK ADJUSTMENT, First Rowx Andy Thompson, Lisa Thompson, Cherie Lenz, Sandy Heath, Angie Coleman, Lori Bergstrom, Heath, Second Row: Rick Poland, Gary Zimmerman, Doug Long, David Epley Lee, .lim Ramirez, Darrel Bentz, Jimmy Brown, Tracy Marshall. Miller, Third Row: Eric Thompson, Jeff Waldron, John Roelle, Mr. Pohlman. H Waifereansscogj R '44 W' T'ff"' st' Certified Public Accountants i 435482, 128, i Fihdl2y..423-1165. i O . i tssi A A Tiffin 447-1808. O O O DE Students Gain Office Knowledge Cooperative Office Education is a senior level course designed to heh: a student enter the business world. The goal of this course is to graduate an office worker who is well versed in the necessary skills, knowledge and atti- tude to perform well in the business world. All COE students are required to at- tend school one-half day and work one-half day with teacher-employer supervision. Students joining this program must be able to show the maturity to handle both school and work. Coordinating the program is Mrs. Sue Daniels. www ,yy M' i i lower Left. Senior, Gena Pierce types. Upper Right, Senior Laura Thompson files papers. fry sf. 435-83ml 129 in EXPA DING TALENTS OF DR MA STUDENTS . Love Accepts Adviser Ro After the resignation of Mr. Tom Bensman. the theatrics department experienced some major setbacks. The play that was originally planned for January was cancelled. The search for the new advisor was one of the reasons for the cancella- tion. Mr. Richard Love, a science teacher at Emer- son Junior High, accepted the position of advisor. This organization is divided into three groups: Omicron Lambda, Thespians and stage crew. Thespians is a select group who ha ve achieved 20 work points. Stage crew is for anyone who wants to work behind the stage on make-up, lighting and sound Elected to office for Omicron Lambda were Jason Carter, president, Gareth Green, vice-presi- dent, Brenda Blose, secretary, and Jenny Ryman, treasurer. Officers of Thespians were Dan Johnson, presi- dent, Ken Cooper, vice-president, Barb Gilberg, secretary, and Lisa Bell, treasurer. RIGHTX Rob Goldt intently watches for lighting cues during a performance. STAGE CREWx Kneeling - Rob Goldt, Darrin Wagner, Jason Carter, Kent Smith, Chris Christensen, Glen Wenzinger. Don Adams, Abel Garcia: S Row - Dan Johnson, Kris Peiffer, Kim Dolch, Brenda Blose, Lisa BelL Julie Johnson, Jenny Ryman, Suzanne Fiedler, Marilee Dunn, Daryl Pierce, Williams, Helen Gonyer, Third Row - Julie Layman, Glenda Kenner, Back Row - John Benedict, Ken Cooper, Bill Moyer, Wendy Hickle. Monica Un Dee Dee Sigler, Amy Gillian. A Q A 1 Copeland Corporation fy A E f S r rDelI's Restaurant- t t ll50-State Sta stseas B as B at . 435-850l B . t 224 Main 514 if t y g s ...... t 1 5 BMA' una Rag? ' L x Q mm . X'5',.:. 'Y - pf ' wig?-3 5339- i is ,M M -K . B' ix! l 'awww xKafN asf as as 'sr 3 Sabi .wiix Qgftil W 132 i W ll040 Columbus Ave. 435-El ll L L I60lN. Countyline 435-5950 GOVERNING THE SCHOOL O Student Council Pro vides Leadersh it O O J Student Council is an organization j,Q ittfff 1 designed to enhance students leader- llll illl A A ship qualities. It is one of the most fi active and important groups in the school. Council members plan most of the y student activities. Bloodmobile Day by the America Red Cross gives eligible W A students the opportunity to donate blood. The Homecoming, Christmas and other dances are sponsored by Student Council Assemblies are also hosted by Student Council. Student Council president was Terri Todd: Holly Heiser, vice-president, Sharon Lewe. secretary, and Dennis Jackson, treasurer. Adviser to the council is Mr. Tom Hoffman. JUNIOR-SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL: Sitting- Tina Marshall, Maria Simpson, Sharon Lewe. Terri Todd, Holly Heiser. Dennis Jackson. Kim Standing- Lynda Zeigler, Carla Weddle, Lori Folkwein, Dave Barlekamp, Brad Drenning, Laurie Falbush, Angie Deuble, Tracie Dunfee. T T Flo wetland A L A Vi FostoriaeLaundrymat A A 555 ' i wg +1 J,-an wig X 1 E4 -4, .4 Ma. rggim gx Q, X f'vf-iI'S'lr3 1 k i if N Nw in 8 -. .a .- 3 ? 15, .V e, X Q -iff Q- L' ,. if if - ff' ,QW ig? W A ,SMM its I 1 -5aV : .,4gf..gX ,.g,QlQ,v, , if .K ,YQ Agfa A. kpw Q STRIVING FOR QUALITY . FE TV Expands Coverag Striving for more technical and vid- eo quality, Fostoria Educational televi- it ,ff ft sion is enlarging its coverage of shows in color. But due to scheduling problems, the more advanced students are not all in one class. Therefore, the broadcasters and crew spend extra hours after school to work on their productions. New programs were still to the best of their ability, programs as in "People in the News'Z Inside F.H.S. 2" a second year veteran, along with the "Superin- tendant's Report", and "Sports Recap 'Z were done on a week by week basis, Other shows being done were "Video Yearbook'2 and "Orientation," Co-or- dinating the crew is instructor Jerry Sisser. S, THIS PAGE Lower Left- Before taking this pic- ture, our FOHIRAB photographer had to ask "who is that behind those Foster Grants?" M Z FETV: Front Row: Joe Kelley. Second Row, Mr. Sisser, Pat Baker, Randy Thompson, Kent Smith Dennis Jackson, Rod Schubert, Robbie Pryor, Dt. Barlekamp, Da ve Roy 13, a rssr ,Good ShepherdsHome S S . S Holman? Garage, S S S y w 3 2 A - 725 Columbus Aves w 354 W. South St.. S SS y S 435-35 DI G MEDI CENTER HEAD5 O O O udents Participate In LMC Organization LIB, First Rowx Mary MacDonald, Abel Garcia, Mark Dunfee, Kent Smith, Tacey Reed, Brenda Blose, Randy Zimmerman, Laura Thompson, Darcy ell, Glenna Leedy, Darrin Wagner, Greg K isaberth, Eric E ynon, Joel Correll, Second Row: Scott Miller, Adam Tyson, Laurie Wedge, .lenny E ynon, tt Blose, Karyn Bergstrom, Nicole Aken, Mike Kroetz, Third Row: Kai Lee Hanley, Jolene Giesey, Melanie Shultz, Brad Gerritsen. , EN-sf . 1 is 3 rf- ii . so I Ad-Mar Printing Buckley sf. 435-1593 323 N. Main sf. Fohilib is an organization for those students in the library-media center. Opportunities for leadership, group in- teraction, and project organization are offered for library aides. In order to finance their annual field trip, Fohilib holds two fund raisers, a paper back and poster sale and a can- dy sale. The group also holds a Political Week for which a series of candidates who discuss election issues. A spring National Library Week celebrates the art of reading. The officers for Fohilib are presi- dent, Barrett Blose: vice-president, Mike Stahl, and program chairman, Jo- lene Giesey. The advisers for the li- brary club are Ms. Ellen Orlandi and Mrs. Evelyn Brandeberry. THIS PAGE: Lower Left - FOHILIB member, Greg Kisaberth, attempts to put the finishing touches on the Christmas Tree. Candy Corner 435-I 758 OMBINING STAFFS . Yearbook, Newspaper Staffs Oversee N For many years the Brave Reflec- tions and Fohirab staffs have been two separate organizations. But due to scheduling problems the skills from both were combined into one class known as Publications, Fohirab yearbook was led by co- editors Sharon Lewe and Maria Simpson. Assisting them was junior Angela Ritchey, The staff was given a series of four deadlines to get the i l92 page book finished. Brave Reflections staff was re- sponsible for producing six separate issues. Completing these papers was the task of editor Dennis Jack- son and his assistant, Randy Laney. Advising both publications was Miss Karen Coker. ,X DQ i PLQNLY! PUBLICATIONS STAFF! First Row Imp to bottom 2 - Jeff Fry. Dennis Jackson, David Corey, Donnie Hampton, Randy Laney, Dave Dennison, Joey Mig and Maria Simpson. Second Row- Jenny E ynon, Ann Gomez, Gena Pierce, Holly Heiser, Kris Peiffer, Joni Lambright, Glenda Kenner, Jenna Br Sharon Lewe, Nikki Helms, Jennie Morgan. J J b Lakeland Golf Course L , f M00l'6'5 M6815 LHC. D 3770 CO. Rd. 23 s J J J J 894-5440 228 79 State Rte. 513 L 435-7' i"Q"'--H Q 3 Y OPPOSITE PAGE- Upper Right Selling Christmas wishes are Holly Heiser, Dennis Jackson and Jennie Morgan. THIS PAGE- Upper Left- Editorial staff members Angela Ritchey and Maria Simp- son discusses the '82 supplements with adviser Miss Coker. Middle Left- Dennis Jackson is busy at work putting up a photo schedule. Middle Right- Reporter Randy Laney interviews Mr. Marshall Lower left- Junior photographer. Glen- da Kenner, experiments with a mirror reflec- tions self-portrait. Lower Right- '7?eally, Maria. can 't you be more careful?" 3 rrrr ws- s "' H , G a ., Q Q . ss .ts 2' -ev Open Pantry s J North Street 435-2488 .255 W. South St. 435-9854 Tri-Hi- Y was formed three years ago to fill the gap left by the no longer functioning Y- Teens. Sponsored by West Virginia-Ohio YMCA organiza- tion, Tri-Hi- Y strives to give service to the school and community. At the annual candlelight induction ceremony I4 new members were for- mally inducted into the club. For their first big project of the year, the girls donated S207 to the Fos- toria Food Pantry. Members went 'Krogeringn to buy the food needed for the pantry. Chosen to preside over Tri-Hi- Y was junior Stella Pierce. Other officers se- lected were Helen Gonyer, vice-presi- dent, Kai Lee Hanley, secretaryftrea- suren Carrie Criss, reporter, Mandy Bailey, chaplain, and Kristy Kroetz, pro- gram director. SERVING THE COMMUNITY . . ri-Hi-Y Donates Money, Tim TRI-Hl-Y, Front Row- Ann Fiegelist, Susan March, Hope Ann Kauffman, Kai Lee Hanley, Kristy Kroetz, Helen Gonyer, Stella Pierce. Mandy Bailey, Criss, Tammy Pletcher. Tamitha Watson, Second Row- Tina Glover, Jenni Frederick, Nicole Aken, Karen Martinez, Lisa Wolph, Debbi Vitt, Gena Kim Dolch, Chrissy Spittler, Cheryl Weddle, Cathy Kepp, Mary MacDonald, Third Row- Angie Aspell, Amy Hendricks, Pam Hansen, Cami Smarr, L Wayan. ' y Payne Bros, Greenhousei A Red's Carry Out Y A i A A 138, Q ,325 5, Union Stg A f435Q43J4 A A 4,25 WL Tifhn St. fiii 4 35-434i as A 1 , V if U V .A Q Q ff I P M eg 2 Q av any Viv-.. Risser-Hossler Insurance Agency l0l 7 N. Union St. 435-2694 1090 N. H .. . OPPOSITE PAGE: Top Right During the candlelight induction ceremony incoming members prepare to repeat the Tri-Hi-Y pledge. THIS PAGE: Top Left- While '7Crogering" for the Red Cross Food Pantry donation, Tammy Pletcher compares prices. Top Right: Preparing to serve the emblemed Tri-Hi-Y cake at the induction ceremony sophomore hostess Tina Glover is assisted by Tami Watson. Middle Right: Helping to kick off the United Way campaign is president Stella Pierce and new member Angie Aspell hand out balloons. Bottom Left: Contributing to the Red Cross Food Pantry, Tri-Hi- Yer 's Pam Han- sen. Carrie Criss and Amy Hendricks discuss prices. Seneca Lanes US RTE. 23 435-3990 139 LEARNING CULTURE Students Enjoy French Experienc The French Club had a busy but enjoyable year. Highlighting the year was the Mardi Gras which was put on by the French and Spanish clubs. This event was held on Valentines Day. Mrs. Carol Reffner and Mrs. Sue Bartunek along with the French Club, took many exciting and interesting trips this year. They visited the Tole- do Art ,Museum where they saw the El Greco exhibit. Also, in Toledo they ate at "The Magic Pan'C French restaurant. During the spring, FH5 French students partici- pated in language contests at Heidelberg, Kent Stage, and Toledo University. Along with the usual grammar lessons during class there are cooking demonstrations, slide shows, movies, and even history lessons. THIS PAGE: Upper right-Consulting with each other about their translation during French class are Juniors Kristi Peak and Steve Glenn. KH' FUSTORIA , 4 N C glzkiiows FRENCH CLUB: Kneeling- Chris Hoover, Steve Glenn, Mitch Mitchell. Second Row- Mrs. Reffner, Barb Gilberg, Kristi Peak, Mary Monasmlth J Todd, Tacey Reed, Brenda Blose, Lori Folkwein, Kristy Kroetz, Kim Collins, Mrs. Bartunek. Third Row- Pam Hansen, Bill Burrus, Randy George l Zimmerman, Ken Cooper, Julie Layman, Bobbi Piper, Kerry Dolch, Lori Wyans, Jim Garner. Fourth Row- l.ori Tucker, Kevin Strohl, Karyn Bergstr Teresa Bohanon, Lisa Faust, Dea Ann Eatherton. T - f Sprinkling Can g C White Front Market 140 G 110 15. North sf.. 435-7ll2 T I25lWZ South sf. 435-3101 , K 1 EAKING Fl.UENTl.Y . . . udents Progress ln Learning Spanish NISH CLUB: Sitting -Mary MacDonald, Robin Sullenberger, Arthur Slayton. Cindy Boucher, Ann Gomez, Ron Reinhard, Laurie Falbush, Guy DeMars, Lee Hanley, Michelle Payne, Bill Burrus. Standing-Frances M, Zaruba, Maestrar Abel Garcia, Jason Carter, Kim Bartley, David Underwood, Jeff kr, Pam Bertog. fr i -uv. - ,..,t Promoting language, fellowship, cul- tural enrichment and ethnic differ- ences is this years Spanish Club. Being involved in Spanish Club con- sists of taking trips to Spanish restau- rants and to art museums. To finance Mardi Gras, club mem- bers sold candy. Also club members share the responsibilities of manning the concession stand during basketball games and wrestling tournaments. Club dues help cover the cost of cul- tural enrichment. The Spanish students sample various Mexican dishes such as enchiladas, ta- cos. and tostadas. Adviser of the Spanish Club is Mrs. Frances Zaruba. Lower Left- Mrs. Zaruba listens attentively to one of her Spanish students during a class period. 141 . , Auto Mechanics is a two-year voca- tional program designed for students on the junior and senior Ie vel The pur- pose of the course is to provide the students with a thorough understand- ing of the construction and operation of automatic units, In addition, the stu- dents also learn the essential technol- ogy and underlying principles neces- sary to perform basic scientific diag- nosis and repair. Because of this inten- sive training, a student is able to en- ter the job market immediately after graduation. The course format for both levels is one and a half hours of study in the classroom and three hours of actual work in the shop downtown each day. Teaching the course are Mr. John Dull, who instructs the classroom or related part of the class here at the high school and Mr. John Wilson, who trains the students at the shop. s WORKING O AUTOMOBILES . . Shop Students Train For Futui is f it M JUNIOR AUTO SHOP! Kneeling-Brian Lewis, Mike Reynolds. Larry Caudilh Clockm Left to Right-Steve Cook. Tim Cramer, Dan Cassidy, Steve Robbins, Tracey Sheri. Scott Kraylek, Ray Parks, Jeff Morrison, German Galvan. o I SENIOR AUTO SHOP1 Front Row -Dwayne VogeL Craig Moore, Dave Crawford, Erwin Szafraniec, Second Row-Phiel Lewis, John Reiter, Mark Col Steve Haase, Matt Custer, Third Row-Jim Leitch, Rick Weiker, Chris Sheridan, Back Row-Rick Gillespie, Joe Samudia, John Craddobh. FARNING A TRADE . . . fudents Qualify To Become Machinists OR MACHINE SHOP: Front Row-Joe Martinez, Rob Ludwig, Brad Smith, Second Row-Doug . Rick Scott, Mike Hopkinson, Alan McGirr. IOR MACHINE SHOP! Left to Right-Tim Sarreshteh, Janos Szabo, Dave Mills, Reuben Tolento. id Stein. Greg Hatfield, Steve Lang. Machine shop is a vocational class given for all students interested in preparation for employment in the in- dustrial community. It is a two-year course made up of actual shop practice as well as related classroom work. In the class, students learn the basic fundamentals of reading a blueprint and accurately following the direc- tions as put down on paper. The ma- chine trades science is the study of each machine, its parts, how they are operated and the correct way to shar- pen the cutting tools. In the afternoon the students actual- ly apply what they ha ve learned to the machines in the shop area. The types of machines they use are grinders. lathes, shapers, and milling machines. lnstructing both the junior and sen- ior levels is Mr. Franklin Fruth. Lower Right-Shawn Keels measures the dimen- sions of threads while cutting them. ---1 STARTING A EW TRADITION Wrestling Spiriters Keep Enthusiasm Hi To promote wrestling spirit. nine girls were chosen for the first time to help support the wrestlers. The new assistant wrestling coach. Drew Kirian. was the head of the Spiriters. Decorating the wrestlers' lockers was just one way the Spiriters raised the grapplers' spirits. They also baked cookies for the wrestlers for their away meets. During the meets. the Spiriters were responsible for keeping statis- tics and timing the periods. For the tournaments they took turns keep- ing the charts, working the clocks. and keeping statistics. They also sold wrestling spirit pins at the door of the matches. Since this was the first year for having Spiriters, it was a new ex- periment for everyone involved. THIS PAGE: Upper Right- Cindy Boucher an- nounces the wrestling Spiriters while An- nette Reynolds, Shelly Myers. and Amy Kim- ble look on. Lower Right- During the Hopewell- Loudon tournament, Deanna Mays takes stat- istics as Coach Kirian anxiously watches the match and Bennett Pierce cools off ww-Ta. WRESTLING SPIRITERSX Left to right-Linda Spencer, Shelly Myers, Nikki Helms, Cindy Boucher, Amy Kimble, Deanna Mays Annette ONORING THEIR ANCESTORS . . . linority Culture Celebrates Heritage if K'.. WK: L... QIDING TEACHERS . . . 4V Crew Distributes E ui ment The audio visual CA V2 crew is omposed of students who assist pachers with all types of AV quipment. Such equipment as rovie and overhead projectors rake teaching easier for the rachers and class more enjoy- ble for the students. The use of V materials provides a variety 'om the daily routine of lec- rres, note taking and typical Lassroom work. The equipment is distributed y the crew at the request of the bssroom teacher and a chart in re A Vroom makes it convenient v keep track of Mr. Tom Hoffman is the coor- inator of the AV and crew. JDIO-VISUALS CREW: First Row-Eric 'non, Holly Heiser, Laurie Falbush, Back tw-Chris Hoffman, Bob Sheets, Mr. vffman. rf' ,J ...A A The annual Minority Culture Week was held March JI-25. To earn money, the group hosted a fund- raising dance which Dennis Jackson and Kenny Holmes D..l.'d. All through the week, history re- ports were read during the morning announcements. Gene Sanders, a history instructor from Sandusky. discussed minority history. Next a film was shown at an assembly. The week ended with a dance and a ban- quet on Saturday night. MINORITY CULTURE! Denise Burress, vice- president, Dennis Jackson, president, Su- prena Baker, secretary, Lisa Brownlow, trea- Sllfef. Q gui? 4 i Q 3 S wg 2 K Sh 4 X TUES. K THU-IS, SHOWS S150 WED NIGHT ALL STUSENTS K ,m 7' ,,, ,, 4. ,L f V f'. i. ' . 0' , 1 I-1 ' mam I 5 E' M W Jw QW,-91 wisv ,, .-Q-.,,,..Q..., r f- , . ., uf' 'W' . 'i. if ' , ' '.-' A 1 X 3:3 1 P, ., .t I Nr . :gg SQ . iii K ,MJT A A Jw- Q93 X ,x Mfx ig X w. . r' X si" 4 iw 'H . -" 'Q W . 3, if if X X. X .Q X S f' 5543, k w E X 1 mf V my lw W, , 'W ,W ,, , , gm, , 'M ,f,. Mg, 3 .., nz A.A , Liza I-V 'N A ...W A..kL K is . 1: fi: '- SL X X ,N ,gg wk .. "ff ,V ' ,,,, ctivitiea I Homecoming I C N ' Inne l 1 V :1 ' , I I' ,. ' N 2?f'Z,' ' I M ' SENIOR ATTENDANTS: Holly HEISEF and Tim White JUNIOR ATTENDANTS1 Beth Leonard and Steve Gle vaf vi I SENIOR ATTENDANTSI Julie Layman and Eric Eynon KING AND QUEEN: Terri Todd and Chuck 148 ann' 0 :- YQ, fx? ' ' Q Q-ff' Wi ga ' in 1" 'sc f - K.- 3 a' iw J' ww. W S. Q. .Q AL hi! .5 Three big wins capped off the Homecoming fes- ivities. To start things off, the sophomore class ion the spirit stick for their second year in a row, ater that evening the second big win was the selec- ion of King and Oueen Chuck K eels and Terri Todd. o end the evening in great spirits, our mighty edmen team shutout the Toledo Woodward Polar ears with a score of 36-O During the week prior to the big game. the school 'as busy with many spirit activities. Many students falked the halls in many different outfits, the days vcluded 'Tifties Day", "Too Big for a Redmen Vic- Jry Day", "Clash Day", and the traditional "Red nd Black Day". A stadium pep rally and bonfire was also held the ight before the game. Each class was responsible vr making a dummy to be thrown in the fire that ight, Many students participated in the special vents and relays. "'s Get Fired Up" was the theme chosen by 'udent Council for the i982 Homecoming. The at- 'ndants rode in convertible cars lead by the cheer- aders who rode in an old-fashioned fire truck. As re air filled with excitement. it was finally time for rat special moment as Chuck Keels and Terri Todd ere announced as this year's King and Oueen. To vp it off, the Redmen came through with a win over aledo Woodward. PPOSITE PAGE: Upper Left- Sophomore Wendy ickle displays her spirit at the bonfire. Upper ght- Arousing senior class spirit are Pam Hansen 1d Diane Miesle. Lower Left- Oops! How'd this get ' here? Lower Right- Kristi Peak and Mary Monas- ith put forth their best effort for the junior class the three-legged race. THIS PAGE: Upper Left- vlly Keckler stops to pose for a picture on the way v the bonfire. Upper Right- Gina Todd says, "Don't 'op it. .lerryl"MiddIe Right- The senior attendants ixiously await the announcement of the l982-83 ing and Queen. Lower Right- Tommy Latham and 'ark Boos throw the winning sophomore dummy to the bonfire. KING AND QUEEN: Kent Dauterman and Laura Thompson 4057 SENIOR ATTENDANTSX Randy George and Bobbi Piper 152 Winter Festival G SENIOR ATTENDANTS: Rick Gillespie and Sharon Leu mauve JUNIOR ATTENDANTSI Greg Trumpler and .lacki Rui I ' 4 X +V Tim A Tis Ex' .ll ,K 3 df' .. - 2' .5 "' 1 we ,f 'H A A"A A ff V :f 'Y' 1 H5 "H Z if A, 5 I'-v fu JI 4 A X- 'Y , Q F sf 9 ii r Q Ek . :l.I' 5"1f5X1 .. ' . F5491 5 ffif aa-., f.rsf..- gf A 'ATSQ k' 51 kfifl, vm - aff . ig ' 41 E za , Sf Qi? E? 3 , xx H X 9 Q x, A ' ,in ,., X . ,J 1 wi fa 5 QW TJ 122 ., A1 J ' ' fx Q Y iyk 'Q ff ' 5 , 5 4 ' Y ' 5 e , ',, W Q Q sf' 'm S i .l,. 'b anim 31 Mardi Gras Valentine's Day Chosen For Then The major event of the French and Spanish students' year was the Mardi Gras. The Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday. was held on Valentine's Day. The evening began with dinner music provided by the stage band under the direction of David Zoll Next, the opening remarks and wel- come were presented by the master of ceremonies. Representing the French classes were Brenda Blose 5 and Bill Burris while Cindy Boucher E I and Abel Garcia held the honors for 5 the Spanish classes. The Royalty for the French classes were Bobbi Piper and Jim Fugett, for the Spanish classes were Monise Fernandez and Ron Rein- hard ' 1 r-f" ,I N 4' 156 in -as sw ,- .4" Nl., 'ip '55-1 31 E --37-1 lv-N85 ...W 3 gif f H guise, 3 V" i W X -a S .. ,m. 6 ,E s L L, W vb ,.r".2V' ZX. Senior Personalities QW H, 1245? iiiii B61 LOOKlNGx Dan Johnson, Holly Heiser n X, . gl.: .3 CLASS CLOWN: R fPeachiej Dunbar i W, ffffL'ff A ,V ,,,,, WW mWw,fW,W,, ,,,,, ,, ,W ,, W HW., ' W , W , andy Thompson, Ev -M .WM X W 54,1 ,f f x fy W ' IW, ff ,,,, :, f .W ,hyffmgif-qfq mgm- 5, M i-.My f :qv , gf, Q ' fam, U f ini A., M, AWA v if My , , W ,W L .,,,, V V, W I ,,,, if W , -,,5 , ,, ! f 1131! if , ,, ,,,, f , .. Q, ' 5? 11 J? f ,,.i, Q ,,, .. 1,,: 4 mmww ,, " 7 FHL' , , 7 ,H 1, , ,,,, 1?-Wiiqf, "1 X ,,,, f , V ass 1 i 'MOUTHIESTH' l.eR0yiReZa, Merci eMills K M Z ' f , ff Q 9 7 fm f ' f -- " 1 ' v f " X ,f , , .M ' - - 1 -he 'f ZW 17 W My MW , ' ' " V ' A af , . V ,:,.ffn, ,3,f,.:515',,.Zf5:. ,.' 'WW A WV' ,,,,. 3, V 5, l -f A -. A W -, ,VIVAA f ff A W "" 5 5 W f f "h' ' uf, V ww f, 4 , , W nw ,A X BEST All AROUND: Julie Layman, Randy George gf? My ,F ' 3 VE'MiddIe Leftf MOST MUSICAL: Craig lynch, .Iill Birkmire r-Lenz SHYEST: Cathy Kepp, Bm Bumls MOST ATHLETIC: Marty Johnson, Nancy Schmitz -4 . nn Q -- pf Upper Left' BIGGEST FLIRT: Sharon Lewe, Chuck Keels Upper Right- BEST DRESSEDT Eric Hutchins Tammyf Not Pictured: ' TEAC!-lER'S PET: Bobbi Pqner, T Eric Hutchins, CUTEST COU- PLE: laura Anez, Mike Baker, DIZZIEST: Sharon Lewe, Eric Eynom FUNNIEST LAUGH: Lori MasonfTracie Dunfee, Tim White, PREPPIEST1 Lorie Krupp, Dave Kelleyg PRETTIEST T EYES: Angie Deuble, Kent Dau- termamWiLDEST DRIVER: Ma- ' ria Simpson, Rusty Drumm ml 1-uunnusll1l ' Bottom Right- MOST DARINGX LeRoy Reza, Linda Folkwein . Vfr L 'O 'W 'VM HIV' .f wr 2 i , r 7, ii if-M Upper Right- MOST LIKELY T0 SUCCEEDf Greg Hutchison, Bobbi Piper Upper Left- PRETTIEST HAIR, Lori Mason, Kent Dauterman opopnp n ,npp , pooo5opoppoo o o,op, p pn My WW if A L nnonp L A r 4946? 'IE' z' Q W Wan Lower Left- BIGGEST PARTlERSx Maria Simpson. Shaun Flipse Bottom Right- SEXIESL Tim White, Holly Heiser I f 7 I Q A W SRWFM I . Ii ' A E, gi A -M W ,tg - ft 'arf' f Q' 4 Q ......,'-' Q v , 31? didveztiaincg Because f You are interested 75, ' in a great fi 6. to many things 1 sw ta ' XQW ffl mf J J K gjll X R E' 1 We 0ffer-- 'IRA Accounts 'Auto Loans 'Regular Savings 'Christ-mas Clubs f 'Share Drafts 'Loans 'Certificates 'Travelers Checks 'Free Notary Public 'Insured Savings to S100,000. 'Golden Service V.l.P. Club ' VISA Credit Card FOSTORIA AREA FEDERAL CREDIT UNION 1505 N. UNION STREET ' P.O. BOX 963 ' IFOSTORIA, OHIO 44830 PHONE 14191435-8513 W A COMMUNITY CREDIT UNION rv" yv' 1' 0 oi 1983 CXGSS X 51019 'of me' 561' Oeva . Q l nk Chiang iw 06500 cw ,,ef2-ii we're big on people 9 1113 of Com 'Y 0 m 'I O wo 550 Plaza Dr. Fostori Ohio uality. says it allfor Athletic I Eq ipment and App 9 qua 9 SPORTING GOOD 315 S. Mmm Strooi - Downtown 422 2244 BIG BEAR MUFFLERS INC. 1313 N. Countyline St Fostoria, Ohio 435-9611 665 West Miami St. Tiffin, Ohio 448-9808 Q Sh E Your School Spirit OW Congratulations Redmen Jackets Redmen Hats To The Redmen Gym Bags gags Of ,983 Redmen T-Shirts Converse Shoes Available At: C1m1pIur11cr1IsoI 9 B I L L' s "WS 17 lllilll BOYS' WEAR f V. Fostoria'sLeadiJl4.'.10welc'r's 103 S. Main Fostoria, Ohio 44830 X Phone 419-435-3864 Phone 435-2555 FOSTORIA, OHIO 44830 First Church of the Nazarene A Witnessing Church Where Everybody ls .Somebody and Jesus Christ ls Lord SCHEDULE OF SERVICES Sunday School ........... 9:30 am. Morning Worship W Adult and Chaldren , . . . 10:30 a.m. f . .W -A -'-- XY' w Sunday Evening ..... . . 6:00 pm - , Y ifix 'V JJ ' " Wednesday Prayer 8: Praise X L, M E If gf X I ff Youth Services ..... . . 7:00 p.m 3 pa f , Q NLM F 'X f r 1 .f ying 120311 , 55 A Wy x wi ,f' V jf ,, 'fflfwk 1 ' H! , 4: 'X-kflhf ,.'f ' SYN xy . 'gr -I w""-- . N' ,'Q"'Mys M 1 " -Tl, 'hifi' 1 'gfix' H1 i H fv: .r fo r , '--1,5 '-' f 1 X fr V , 2 U as ,V E 339 Sandusky sz. 1 v , A ' fn, gr W Y' " L in Q, X 4' 'M' FOSIOI'i8, Ohio ' , , -IV' 1 7 41 W ,Y.,,, , , i -I ' .M T 1 in - f - f Q- ' lf 5912, liixi - - - -.--- . , .-.-QHSQQ l-:vi-Q.-J-Q 7- M4 f X! l Xt LX X X Q at 5 at rg? 2 X Z l fire Best wishes to the Class of 1983 THE AND SAVINGS COMPANY AHOME C owweo VOS'OHlA BASLUM NEWWEGEL ' MEMBEFQFDKI BANK D A N I E L A K Electric Inc. NECA Electrical Contractors Motor Control Transformers Cai... 428 E. North St. Fostoria, Ohio .C 820 Sandusky Street Fostoria. Ohio 44830 Phone 419 435-2685 Open 7 Days A Week CarI's Refrigeration 8. Air Conditioning Commercial, Industrial, Domestic 435 6382 Ilvfrige1'z1Iior1 'Air iiii it Hydr-o-blitz Window Air Conditioning Phone 435 6382 RALPH'S SHOES 1020 Sandusky St. Busrfk BROWN Husl-I-PUPPIES CONNIE5 FL oRsHE1Ms DA YLITE5 FRED PERRY 1441 N. COUNTYLINE ST cosslfs Erozwc FUSION' 0H'0 son spors QUALITY SERVICE SINCE I899 435 - 22ss - 122 s. Main sf. fm' if 101m Fostoria, Ohio Ballrgjch Ph. 435-4212 ATLAS CRANKSHAFT CCDRPORATION Congratulations To the Class of l983 PRODUCERS OF CRANKSHAFTS, VALVES, PISTON PINS, CAPSCREWS, CAMSHAFTS and GEARS Route 23 South, Fostoria Subsidiary of Cummins Engine Company, Inc. Staley FRUTH A.E. STALEY COMQNY MANUFACTURING C rtified Public Accountant F t B cyrus-Upper Sandusky Fostoria' Ohio 435-6633 Special Rates for Safe Drivers and Good Students COMPLETE REALTOR SERVICE xv X 'Mum Sy, Phone: 435-6604 Buckeye Auto Parts, Inc The Auto Parts And Auto Paint Experts Fostoria Tiffin Fremont Our Best Wishes and Highest Hopes To The Class of l983l HIGH STREET Family Restaurants and Motels UNITED Mfmoolsr CHURCH Bef' Wffflff Class Of 83 High and U,,i0,, gtg, There's An LK Near By. Fostoria, Ohio 60, Findlay Rd. 435-8833 ,X PACKING CO Fostoria, Ohio Q -ami: QF M 5 MM' 1 Congratulations Class Of '83 The future is in your hands . Handle it Gently! a ffff HAIR DESIGNERS LTD. south Main And Tiffin sts. 707 N. vine sr. Foffvffa' Ohio Fostoria, OH 435-8410 THE DOESHIRE Rooms - Apartment CONTINENTAL Diner - 435-5518 Used Books At Book Den G R CA B 51 Cociclgil Lcoczgrrge Greyhound Bus Service II9 N. Main St. II4-I20 E Tiffin St. Fostoria, 01,10 Fostoria, Ohio 435-4I44 435-8565 of Northwest Ohio L61 Our team of "Pros" help you reach your savings goal . s o Ohio Savings ANO LOAN ASSOCIATION 133 West Tiffin Street! Fostoria Shopping Plaza! Fostoria, Ohio 44830 2101 WEEE? IU E 'UD EEE 222 S. Main St., Fostoria YQUR lldtptlldfflf lf'-fllfllflft KGENT Sl U FIRST established in 1930 -- 435-6653 Congratulations To The 118 W. Tiftin Sf. Class Of l983 UAMERON.FRU'l'H 82 GREE AGE CY,l U. Complete Insurance Coverage U ce storna lNDUSTRHS,INU 1200 N. Main St., Box E, Fostoria, Ohlo 44830 419 X435-9201 Serving industry since 1917 Manufactures of -Infared Process Heating -Critical Work Area Lighting -Infared Comfort Heating -Commercial Portable Lighting -Display Lighting 42 Photo ra h By Doc 3 P g Dan Henley, Professional Photographer A Linda Henley, Assistant Photographer Specializing ln Senior Family And Wedding Portraits 310 W. Fremont St. 435-9049 Q o p p RUBBER CURPORATION Best Wshes Ng ZX To 83 I602 N. Union St. Fostoria. Ohio 44830 Senior Parent Patrons Mr. 5 Mrs. Gumecindo Anez for Laura Mr. Eugene Baker for Vernoica Mr. E Mrs. Walter Haney for Rie Suzuki Mr. 5 Mrs. Charles E. Bauman for Dave Corey Mr. 5 Mrs. Lewis Baumbarger for Brian Mr. 5 Mrs. Roger Bell for Lisa Mr. 5 Mrs. Harry A. Bennett for Cindy Mr. 5 Mrs. Robert Birkmire for Jill Mr. 5 Mrs. David Bohanon for Wendy Mr. 8 Mrs. Ronald K. Boucher for Cindy Mr. 5 Mrs. C.K. Brandeberry for Kris Mr. 5 Mrs. Ernest E. Burress for Denise Mr. 5 Mrs. Merle Cook for Beverly Sprau Mr. 5 Mrs. Gary R. Craddohrh for Gary Mr. E Mrs. John Craddolph for John Mr. 5 Mrs. Warner Cramer for Joanne Mrs. Sue A. Custer for Matt Mrs. Helen Cusworth for Rick Gillespie Mr. 6 Mrs. James L. Dauterman Sr. for Greg Mr. 5 Mrs. William D. Dauterman for Kent Mrs. Judy Double for Angie Mrs. Glenna M. Doe for Trevord Mrs. Marilyn Drenning for Charlotte Mr. 5 Mrs. Harold C. Dunfee for Tracie Mr. 5 Mrs. Milton Dunn for Marilee Mr. E Mrs. George W. Dyer for Joe Kelley Mr. 5 Mrs. William K. Eynon for Eric Mr. S Mrs. Harold Faust for Lisa Mr. 5 Mrs. Dwight Fruth for Brenda Mr. S Mrs. Jim Garner for Jeff Mr. 5 Mrs. Robert Goldt for Rob Mr. 6 Mrs. Donald Hampton for Cheryl Mr. S Mrs. Paul Heiser for Holly Mr. 5 Mrs. Gary Hopkinson for Mike Mr. 6 Mrs. Robert Hubbard for Bob Mr. 8 Mrs. Roland Hutchins for Eric Mr. E Mrs. James Hutchisson for Greg Mr. 8 Mrs. Harold Jackson for Dennis Mr. 6 Mrs. James Johnson for Jamie Mr. 5 Mrs. Lyman B. Johnson for Dan Mr. 8 Mrs. Roland C . Johnson for Ken Mrs. Shirley Keels for Audrey Mr. E Mrs. Eldon Kepp for Cathy Mrs. Delores Kinn for Linda Folkwein Mr. 5 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 5 Mrs. Mr. 5 Mrs. Mr. Kermit Mr. 5 Mrs. Mr. 5 Mrs. Tom L. Krupp for Lorie Howard Laney for Randy Hugh D. Lanning for Lynda Zeigler William Lee for Terry Leedy for Glenna Robert B. Lewe Jr. for Sharon Claude Long for Michael Baker Mrs. Benita Lopez for Martha Mr. 8 Mrs, Mr. 5 Mrs. Mr. 5 Mrs. Mr. 5 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 5 Mrs. Orville R. Lynch for Craig Khalil Mansour for Dale John Machir for Kris John Marshall for Tina Frederick A. Matthews for Kim Gene Moore for Craig Robert Morgan for Jennie Mr. S Mrs. Martin Nissley for Carole Ray Mr. 6 Mrs. Herb Opitz for Marnie Mr. 5 Mrs. Robert L. Pierce for Gena Mrs. Rachel Pullorn for Kim Mr. 5 Mrs. LeRoy Rhoad for Pam Hansen Mr. 5 Mrs. Tom Rietzke for Don Adams Mrs. Lupe M, Sanchez for Monica Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. E Mrs. Mr. 5 Mrs. Alonzo Shank for Cindy Baeder Gene Shatzer for Jeff Marion L. Simpson for Maria Mr. 6 Mrs. Edward C. Smarr for Cami Mr. 5 Mrs. K.M. Smith for Brad Mr. 5 Mrs. Paul Stahl for Mike Mr. 8 Mrs. Walter Sullenburger for Robin Mrs. Carol S. Thompson for Laura Mr. 5 Mrs. James Thompson for Randy Mr. E Mrs. Joe Todd for Terri Mrs. Nancy Tucker for Kris Mr. 5 Mrs. Ralph lBilDTucker for Lorelli Mr. E Mrs. Mr. S Mrs. Mrs. Emma Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 6 Mrs. Georgianna Mr. 5 Mrs. Mr. 6 Mrs. Mr. S Mrs. Lowell L. Tyson for Adam Marlowe F. Wagner for Darrin Lou Wakefield for Deanna Kenneth Walton for Doug Tom Weddle for Carla Gerald R. Wenzinger for Glenn Widmer for Carrie Earl W. Wood for Rusty Drumm Richard Woodley for Angie Curis L. Wyans for Lori FINDLAY l22 Clinton Ct. F' dl y Oh' Compliments of: UNION CARBIDE Corporation Carbon Products Division , 4 as Best Wishes From DAN'S MARATHON MARATHON N C untyline And Elm 8. 166 E. Lytle F t Ohi Svrhaufrlhrrgvr 3: 571111 lnsunmce 131 W. North St. Fostoria, Ohio 435-6606 POR TER 'S DRY CLEANING Y Y' VC: Ng!! CURTAI CAROUSEL II3 Perry St. 435 - 8280 Sherida Ifft- Manager SACKETT'S GIFTS ef 'f i CCE aoo North Main st. equlpmen Lisfldfiw ERT-L2-.fiL on ,SR C P ' 'E' iii v-'Zi' f' Q f a 1 ,fjia 422-5145 Jcgntygajiripuzzrd Congratulations Class of 83 GAINS MEN'S WEAR 5 SPORTING GOODS IO3 N, Main St. Fostoria, Ohio 44830 43 5-3 I 74 School Jackets School Bags Complete Line Of Athletic Sports Wear THE MENNEL MILLING COMPANY Fostoria, Ohio THE 0Hl0 Fostoria F A R M E PAINT a SUPPLY, :Nc FOSTORIA, OHIO zzo Elm s1..1-bsiorau-435-1817 Serving Agriculture l Y dy Tdy T COUITITU ITIILBM Best Wishes To The Class of 1983 W Ei. Downtown Fostoria Distinctive Jr. And Misses Apparel Best Wishes To The Class of '83 Congratulations Class of '83 WESLEY CHURCH E00 Van Buren SUNDAY HOURS -ostoria, Ohio 9:30 - Church School 10:30 - Worship SENECA LUMBER 8t MILLWORK, INC. A SHERWOOD PLASTICS, INC. 425 South Countyline Street PO. Box 67 Fostoria, Ohio 44830 Phonei Area M1 91 435-1811 Rotational Molded Plastics Tanks and Duct Assemblies a Specialty Custom Molders SENECA WIRE AND MANUFACTURING, Zffiiif C0- FO.g?gRIA CONCRETE PRODUCTS, INC. kk ,O ,fa l ,Nu ' wp' A 5-fqllll A ,L ff fill, A y , Complete Body And Fender Repairing MOES BODY SHOP I247 N. Countyline Street Fostoria, Ohio 44830 Steven J. Moes Phone 4l9!435-6297 We feature the Chief E-Z Liner Body and Frame Alignment System 319 South Vine St. Fostoria, Ohio 44830 Fostoria FUNERAL DIRECTORS Harold-Baker Funeral Home Mann-Hare Funeral Home Congratulations To The Class Of '83 WHEN A PRICE GOES DOWN, A RED ARROW rosronm No. 430 5055 UP AT Fratemal 0rcIer of Eagles F000 TOWN! 1049 North Countyline Street FOSTORIA, OHIO 44830 I Best Of Luck 'O 'he Class Of '83 HOME OF RED ARROW SPECIALS C4192 435-1600 I I R I .tg Voatozrkz Spazta Qomzectrbfz "ALL YOUR SPORTING NEEDS" Congratulations And Best Wishes T Th 0 e Class Of l983! 516 SPRINGVILLE AVE. QSOUTH UAS. 23, FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH F T R OS O IA' OHIO 44830 Center 5 Union Sts, Fostoria, Oh. 44830 Rev. Robert L McVicar, Pastor 183 N s :FQ James Bailey MA, Kent State BS Ohio State Rodger Bartley BS, Ohio Northern MA, BGSU Sue Bartunek BA, Denison Bruce Bibbee BS, MA Defiance College Richard Brown ME, BGSU Robert Cobb BS, BGSU Coby Coburn BS, Defiance College ME, BGSU Karen Coker BS, Rio Grande College Joseph Collet BS, Univ. Dayton Janet Dalrymple BS, Manchester MA, BGSU Sue Daniels BS, BGSU John Dull Auto Mechanics Vocational Vickie Echelbarger BS, BGSU William Eynon BS, BGSU MA, BGSU Robert Feisel BS, BGSU ME, BGSU Dennis Ferguson BS, BGSU Carl Fisher BS, Findlay College M, in Guid., BGSU John Fox BS, BGSU Eunice Fruth BS, BGSU Franklin Fruth 55, Voc. ECL Univ. Toledo MS Ed Adm., Univ. Akron Faculty Roster William Gillogly BS, OSU Sp. Ed- Work Study-BGSU Libby Gooding BS, Ohio University Patricia Haddix BA, USC MA, BGSU Rick Haddix BS, OSU Thomas Hoffman BS, Findlay College MA. BGSU Jean Jacob BS, OSU Thomas Kagy AB, English and Business Heidelberg College Richard Kidwell BS, Wilmington College Drew Kirian BA, OSU Susan Lawless BA, Bluffton College Kathleen Leitzy BA, Findlay College MA, in Guid., BGSU James Macko BS, Defiance College John Marshall BS Univ. of Tampa ME, BGSU Walter Marshall BS. Ohio Northern MA, Indiana Univ. Tim Masel B52 BGSU MA, Indiana Univ. Donald Mathews BS, Ohio Univ, MA, Ind. Univ. Charles May BS, BGSU Ed. Specialist, BGSU Ruth Anne Musgrave BS, BGSU Jim Myers BS, BGSU E. Ellen Orlandi BA, Eastern Mich. Univ. MA. BGSU Carol Pahl BS, BGSU Constance Pelton BA, English MA in Ed, Allegheny Coll. Ben Pohlman BS, BGSU Carol Reffner BA, Univ. of Mich. la Sorbonne, Paris Randy Richardson BS, BGSU Ethel Ritchey BS, BGSU Steve Russell BS, Defiance Coll William Schwepe BM, MM in Ed., BGSU Jerry Sisser BS. Ohio Univ. MA, Kent State William Smith BS, ME in Ed., BGSU Charles Suter BA, Bluffton Coll BS, MA OSU David Thompson BS. BGSU BA. BGSU John Tinsman BA, Findlay Coll MS Indiana Univ. Larry Topor BS, Univ. of Toledo Fred Wilch BA, Mt. Union College ME, Univ. of Toledo John Wilson Auto Mechanics Vocational Frances Zaruba BS, .lohn Carroll Univ, MA, BGSU Diane Zimmerly BS, BGSU David Zoll BS, BGSU ME, Indiana Univ. SENIOR PROFILES I ADAMS, Stage Crew I, 2, 3, 4, Omicron ada I, 2. 3, 4, JCL l, 2, 3, 4. JRA ANN ANEZ, Flag Corp. 3, Basketball L 2, udent Council I, Track I, 2, Volleyball 2. 3, inority Culture 3. 4, COE 4. NTHIA L. BAEDER, Choir L 2, 3, 4, Flag Corps 3, 4. CHAEL BAKER, COE 4, Minority Culture. RONICA BAKER Memory of DO YLE DEAN BARKLEKAMP i4-I979 Concert S Marching Band, PHILIB, Frosh Football, JA MBERLY ANN BARTLEY, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, mcert Band L 2, Marching Band I, Spanish uh 4, JCL 3, Student Council 3, Teacher's de 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi- Y I, 2, MH.S. 4, Office Work- 4. IAN C. BAUMBARGER, Boys Tennis L 2, 3, 4, I-LS 4, French Club 3, Boys Basketball L 2. PA LYNN BELL, Band I, 2, 3, IOE 3, 4, Student runcil 2, Job 's Daughters I. 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew 3, 4, Thespians 2, 3. 4, Omicron Lambda 2, 3, Ml-LS. 3, 4, FOHILIB 3. NIDY BENNETT, Brave Reflections 2, 3, Stu- 'nt Council 2, FHA I, 2. 3, Teacher's Aide 2, E. 3, 4. ,RYN BERGSTROM, NJ-LS. 3, 4, Student vuncil 4, Librarian 2, 3, 4, Teacher 's Aide 2, 3, ench Club 4. MBERLY BETHEL, Candy Striper l, 2, Job's ,ughters I, Student Council I, Office Worker 4, Ml-LS. lFindlay1 4, Junior Achievement 2, -counting Computer Specialist 3. 4. L KATHLEEN BIRKMIRE, Marching Band I. 2. 4, Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Thespians 3, 4, Omicron mbda 3, 4, Concert Band L 2, 3, 4, Volleyball I, 3, 4, Swim Team I, Chamber Choir I, 2. 3, 4, 'Is Ensemble I, L MHS. 3, 4. RRETT BLOSE, Tennis I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 4, ' 4, FOHIUB 2, 3, 4, Basketball Manager L ENDY L. BOHANON, Concert Band l, 2, 3. 4, ,rching Band I, 2, 3, 4, Choir I, 2, 3. 4. NTHIA RAE BOUCHER, NHS 3, 4, Cross untry I, A-Club 2, 3, Mu Ahwha Theta 3, lm- essions 3, Teacher 's Aide 4, Office Worker Spiriter 4, Spanish Club l, 2, 3. 4, Student uncil 2, 3. LY BOVEE HN JOSEPH BRANDEBERRY, DE 4, Machine ap 3. IS M. BRANDEBERRY, DE 4, Machine Shop 3, fice Worker 2, Flag Corp 2. FRANK BROWN LISA BROWNLOW, Flag Corps 2, Volleyball 2. 3, COE 4, Minority Culture I, 2, 3, 4. TOM BRYANT DENISE BURRESS, Flag Corps l, Cheerleader 2, 3, Basketball l, Candy Striper L 2. 3, IOE 3, 4, Minority Culture I, 2, 3, 4, Girls Track I, Spanish Club I, 2. DEBRA BURRIS BILLIE RANFORD BURRUS, Choir I, 2. 3, 4, French Club 4, Spanish Club 3. 4, Scholarship Team I. 2, 3. EDDIE CAMPOS, Varsity Wrestling I. 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3 JASON ANDREW CARTER, Omicron Lambda I, 2, 3, 4, Thespians I, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 4. MARK COLEMAN, Baseball l. Stage Crew I, 2, Auto Mechanics 3, 4. DAVID COREY, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, Teacher's Aide 4, Football Statistician 2, 3, 4, Brave Reflections 4, FOHIRAB 3. 4, Sports Edi- tor 4. GARY RONALD CRADDOLPH, JR., JA I. 2, 3, DE 3. 4, FETV I. JOHN CRADDOLPH GREG CRAMER JOANNE MARIE CRAMER, JA 2, 3. 4. DAVID M. CRAWFORD, Auto Mechanics 3, 4, Football I, 2, Band I. 2. MATT CUSTER, Auto Mechanics 3, 4, FETV 2, JA I. GREG DAUTERMAN, Football l, Wrestling I, Concert Band I, 1 3, 4, Marching Band l, 2, 3, 4, DE 3, 4, JA I, 3, 4. KENT WILLIAM DAUTERMAN, Cross Country 2, Basketball 2, Winter Festival Attendant 3, Demolay I, 2. 3. 4, Stage Crew I, Winter Festival King 4. DOUG DAY, Machine Shop 3, 4. MARK DENNIS, Golf I, 2. 3. ANGELA SUE DEUBLE, Cheerleader I. 4, Stu- dent Council 2. 3, 4, FHA l, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Teach- er's Aide 3, 4, IOE, Vice-President, 3, COE 4. ROBERT V. DIBLE, French Club I, 2, Spanish Club 3, Latin Club 4. ANTHONY JOSEPH DICESARE, Track 4. LINDA DITSLEAR, IOE 3, 4, Teachers Aide 4, Junior Achievement I, 2, FOHILIB I. 2. TREVORD DOE SCOT C. DOUGLAS, Minority Culture I, 2, 3, 4. CHARLOTTE DRENNING RUSTY DRUMM, Stage Crew 4, Latin Club I. 2, 3. LEA TRICE E VE TTE DUNBAR, Track I, 2, 3, Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4, Candy Striper, Junior Achievement I, FHA l, Minority Culture I, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band I. 2, 3, 4. TRACIE LYNNE DUNFEE, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Choir I, 2. 3, IOE 3, 4, FHA 2, Student Council 4, Junior Achievement 2, 4, Majorette 3, 4. MARILEE ANN DUNN, Band CMarching, Con- cert, I, 2, 3, 4, Majorette I, 2, 3, Field Com- mander 4, Thespians 4, Teacher 's Aide 4, NHS 4, Stage Crew 4, Omicron Lambda 4, Spanish Club 3, FHA 3, Pep Band. DEE ANN EATHERTON, French Club 4, Junior Achievement 3. RANDY moscow, Basketball L DE 3. 4, Foot- ball l, Spanish Club l. JASON RAY EVERLY, Demolay I, 2, 3, 4, JA I, 2, 3, 4, OWE 3, 4. ERIC J. EYNON, Football I. 3, Basketball l, 2, AV Crew 4, FOHILIB 3. 4, Band l, 2, Homecoming Escort 3, 4, CZY.O. 3, 4. LISA LYNN FAUST, Basketball 2, 3, Teacher's Aide 2, 3, 4, IOE 3. 4, French Club 4, Tri-Hi-Y2. 3, FHA 3, Girls Basketball Stats. 4. MONISE MARIA FERNANDES Junior Achieve- ment 4, Girls Basketball 3 Mardi Gras Oueen SHAUN FLIPSE, Homecoming Escort 2, C Y.O. 3. 4, 4 Football I, Basketball 2. LINDA MARIE FOLKWEIN, Cheerleader 3. 4, Student Council I, Teacher's Aide 2, Office Worker 4, Track 2, Band I, 2, 3. BRENDA D. FRUTH, DE 3, 4. JEFF A. FRY cvnmm LYNNE GABEL, ,of 3, Cor 4, Girls Volleyball 2. GERMAN A. GALVAN, Boys Track I, 2, 3, Span- ish Club I, 2. 3, JA 2, 4, Auto Mechanics 3, Office Worker 3, Choir 3. LISA MARIE GARBE, FHA I, 2, OWE 3, 4, FOHI- LIB I. 2. 185 ABEL GARCIA, FOHILIB 2, 3. 4, Spanish Ciub 3, 4, Stage Crew 4, Omicron Lambda 4, JA I, 2, Minority Culture 4, Mardi Gras Attendant 4, Teacher's Aide 4, JEFF GARNER, Basketball L 2, Choir I, 2, 3, Football L 3, Track 4. RANDY GEORGE, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, French Club 4, Winter Festival Attendant 4, Wrestling I. 2, NHS 3, 4. RICHARD P. GILLESPIE, Auto Mechanics 3, 4, Winter Festival Escort 4. KARL W. GLASMAN, Track Manager 3, .IA I, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew I, Omicron Lambda I. ROB GOLDT, Football 4, Choir I, 2, Stage Crew I, 2, 3. 4, Thespians I, 2, 3, 4, Omicron Lambda I, 2, 3, 4, JCL 3, 4. CHARLIE GROVES, Football I, OWA I, 2, OWE 3, 4, Stage Crew 2. STEVE HAASE, Auto Mechanics 3, 4, Wrestling I, 2. 3, FETV I. CHERYL L. HAMPTON, Flag Corps 2, 3, Track 3, Volleyball 2, 3, JA I, Minority Culture I, 2, 3, 4. DOUGLAS HANSEN, Cross Country 2, 3, Track I, 2, Band I, FE TV 3, FOHILIB I, 2. PAMELA JEAN HANSEN, Brave Reflections 3, Choir L 2, 3, 4, FHA I, Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Teacher's Aide 2, 3, 4, Thespians 3, 4, Omicron Lambda I, 2, 3. 4, JA 2. HOLLY ANN HIEISER, FOHIRAB 3, 4, NHS Vice- President, 4, Mardi Gras Queen 2, Homecom- ing Attendant 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, Vice-President, 4, Teacher's Aide 3, Tennis 2, 3, 4, A V Crew 4, Band I, 2, 3, Brave Reflections 4. EMILIO HERNANDEZ THERESA JANE HILL, Basketball 2, DE 3, 4, Teachers Aide 3, 4, JA 3. MARTHA JANE HOHMAN, DE 3, 4, Teacher's Aide 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2. MIKE HOPKINSON, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Machine Shop 3, 4. BOBBY HUBBARD TIM I-IUFF ERIC ALLEN HUTCHINS, IOE 3, 4, Teacher's Aide 4, Boys Tennis L 2, Junior Achievement I, 2, 3, 4, Office Worker I, 2. 3, 4 GREGORY JON HUTCHISON, NHS-PRESIDENT 3. 4, Demolay I, 2, 3, 4, Boys Basketball I, 2, Buckeye Boys State 3, Stage Crew I DENNIS DARNELL JACKSON, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, Student Council I, 2, 3, 4, FE TV 3, 4, Brave Reflections 3, 4, FOHIRAB 4, Teacher's Aide 2, Minority Culture I, 2, 3, 4 T86 DAN JOHNSON, Baseball I, 2. 3, 4, Thespians 3, 4, Stage crew I, 2. 3, 4, Omicron Lambda I, 2, 3, 4. ED JOHNSON, Football I, 3, Wrestling 2, 3, Track 4. JAMIE ALLEN JOHNSON, COE 4, Minority Cul- ture I, 2, 3, 4, KEN JOHNSON, JCL I, 2, 3. 4, Demolay I, 2, 3, 4. MARTY JOHNSON, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, Football I, 2, 3 AUDREY KEELS, JA I, 2, FOHILIB, COE 4. CHARLES WHITNEY KEELS, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, Homecoming King 4, Track I, 2, 3, Wrestling 4, Minority Culture 4. DAVID R. KELLEY, Band I. 2, 3, 4, Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Demolay I, 2. 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3. JOSEPH ALAN KELLEY, Marching Band I, Con- cert Band I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2. 3, 4, Mardi Gras King I, FE TV I, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling I, 2, 3, 4. CATHY KEPP, IOE 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3, 4, Basket- ball I, 2, 3, Choir I. DARCY LINN KIDWELL: Choir I, 2, Cheerlead- ing I, 2, 3, FHA I, 2, 3, 4, A V Crew 4, Mardi Gras Queen I, Student Council I, 2, Teacher's Aide I, 2, 3, 4, Office Worker I, FOHILIB 4. LORIE ANNE KRUPP, Band I, 2, Tennis I, 2, 3, 4, NHS 4, Brave Reflections 3. ERCEL LANDRUS RANDY LANEY 1 Brave Reflections 3, 4, Manag- ing Editor 4, Concert Choir I, 2, Chorale 3, 4, Teacher's Aide 2, 3, 4,, FOHIRAB 3, 4, Junior Classical League I, 2, 3. JULIE M. LAYMAN, Concert Band I, 2, 3, Marching Band I, 2, 3, Cheerleader 3, Choir I, Girls'EnsembIe I, 2, Chorale 2, FHA I, 2, French Club 4, Homecoming Attendant 4, Student Council I, 2, Teacher's Aide 2, Thespians, Omi- cron Lambda I. 2, 3. 4, Tri-Hi- YI, Office Worker 4. TERRY LEE, Football I, Wrestling I, OWA 2, OWE 3, 4. GLENNA M. LEEDY, NHS 3, 4, FHA 2, 3. 4, FOHILIB 3, 4. JIM LEITCH, Auto Mechanics 3, 4, FETV I, Ju- nior Achievement I. SHARON ELIZABETH LEWE, Cheerleader I, 2, 4, FOHIRAB I, 2, 3, 4, Business Manager 3, Editor in Chief 4, Brave Reflections 3, Student Council 3, 4, Vice-President, 3, Class President 4, Sec- retary of Council 4, Teacher's Aide I, 2, 3, 4, Office Worker 4, Winter Festival Attendant 2. 4, NHS 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y I. 2. PHIL LEWIS, Auto Mechanics 3, 4. MARTHA LOPEZ, IOE :L 4, Student Council I. Teacher 's Aide 2, 3, Tri-Hi- Y I, 3, Bra ve Refle tions 3, ROBIN LUDWIG CRAIG LYNCH, Marching Band L 2, 3, 4, Co cert Band I. 2, 3, 4, Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Ban Stage Band Demolay. KRIS MACHIR DALE KHALIL MANSOUR, FOHILIB 3, Basebai 2, Basketball I, 2, Football I. VIOLET MARKER TINA MARSHALL, IOE 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, J nior Achievement I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Volleyball 2, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Girls' Track 4, Teacher 's Aix 2, 3, Volleyball stats 2, 3. 4, Student Council 3, 4, Choir I, 2, 3, FHA 2, Basketball stats 4. JOE MARTINEZ, Machine Shop 3, 4. LORI MASON, Choir I, Chorale 2, French Ch 3, Teacher's Aide 2, 3, 4, NHS 4. KIMBERLY KAY MATTHEWS, Concert Band I, 3, 4, Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4, Choir I, 2, Frem Club 3, Student Council 4, NHS 3, 4, Teachel Aide 4. ALAN MCGIRR, Machine Shop 3, 4. DIANA MIESLE, Candy Striper I, 2, 3, COE FHA I. 2, Stage Crew I, Junior Achievement I, 3, Teacher's Aide I. 2. MERCY LAVON MILLS, Volleybalb Choir, Mu: cals, Plays, Junior Achievement, Minority Ct ture. CRAIG MOORE, Auto Mechanics 3, 4. JENNIFER JANE MORGAN, Cheerleader I, Tri-Hi- Y I, Concert Band I, 2, Marching Band 2, Brave Reflections 4, FOHIRAB 3, 4, Seni Section Editor 4, Teacher 's Aide I, 3, Spiriter KIM MORRIS, Junior Achievement 4. GREGORY A. MLILLINS, FOHILIB 4, French Cli. 4, Boys Track A Track Manager 2. DORCAS MUNDORFF BRIAN NEWCOME, Reserve Baseball I, Stag Crew I, 2, Office Worker I, 2. STEPHANIE NORTH, Flag Corps 2, 3, OWE 3, A Track I, Minority Culture I, 2, 3, 4, Juni: Achievement 2. MARNIE ANN OPITZ, Cheerleader 3, 4, NHS - Student Council 2. 3, Marching Band I, 2. Concert Band I, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, IOC 3. TAMMY PARK, Cheerleader 2, FOHIRAB . FHA 3, Track I, 3, COE 4. .A PIERCE, Teacher's Aide 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi- Y I, ', Junior Achievement I, COE 4, FHA I. 'WI-JEAN PIPER, Concert Band I. 2, 3, .ing Band I, 2, 3, Cheerleader I, 2, 3, 4, :ale I, 2, Ensemble I, 2, Chamber Choir I, 2, IIRAB 2, French Club 4, Mardi Gras Queen 1, Tennis 2, 3, 4, NHS 3, 4, Winter Festival endant 4. DENISE PULLOM, Basketball I, 2, DE 4, Flag ps 2, 3, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, Machine p 3, OWA I. , MARIE PULLOM: Candy Striper L 2, FHA I, 'Iinority Culture I, 2, Junior Achievement I, A 3, Cosmetology 3, 4. IOLE CHRISTINE RAY, DE 3, 4, FHA I, French 5 I, 2, Junior Achievement I, 2. 3. IN REITER, Auto Mechanics 3, 4. E REYNOLDS, Welding 3, Auto Mechanics 4 REYNOLDS, Football I, Track I, Office fker I. 2. DY REZA, Football I, 2, 3, Homecoming At- iant 2. AMY KATHERINE RITTER, Choir I. 2, IOE 3, eacher 's Aide 3, 4, Tri-Hi- Y 3, Bra ve Reflec- fs 3, FHA I, 2. KRLES ROBINSON IN ROUSH .IGLAS BRENT RLITANx Concert Band I, 2, 3, darching Band I, 2, 3, 4, Demolay I, 2, 3, ck I, 2, 3, Tennis 4. NIFER LINN RYMAN, Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4, 'ching Band I, 2, 3, 4, Choir I, 2, FOHILIB 2, 'spians 3, 4, Stage Crew 2, 3, 4, Omicron rbda 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2. NICA ANN SANCHEZ, Cheerleader l, 2, FO- AB 2, COE 4, FHA 3, Teacher's Aide 3. 4CY SCHMITZ, Basketball I, Teacher's Aide 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 4. 'IN SCHREINER RK S. SCROTH, Concert Choir I, 2, Video er 2, 3, Cross Country Manager 4, OWE 4, ior Achievement 2, 3, 4, Teacher's Aide 3, JNEY ALAN SCHLIBERT, Concert Band I, 2, I, Marching Band I, 2, 3. 4, FE TV 2, 3, 4, ior Achievement 2, 3, 4 K SCOTT, Machine Shop 3, 4, Baseball I, 4. F SHATZER, OWA I, OWE 2, 3, 4. IIS SHERIDAN, OWE 2, Auto Mechanics 3, ANGIE ROSE SHERLOCK, VICA 3, 4, Cosmetolo- gy 3, 4. MARIA LYNN SIMPSON, Concert Band I, 2, 3, Marching Band I, 2. 3, Brave Reflections 4, FOHIRAB 3, 4, Editor-in-Chief 4, Student Coun- cil 2, 3, 4, Senior Class Vice-President 4, Teacher's Aide 3, 4, Winter Festival Attendant 3. CAMI ELIZABETH SMARR, FHA 2, Spanish Club 3, Teacher's Aide 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Junior Achievement 2, 3, 4, Office Worker 4. BRAD SMITH, Concert Band I. 2. 4, Pep Band 4, Marching Band I. 2, 4, Machine Shop 3, 4. JERRY SMITH KENT SMITH, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, FE TV 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew I, 2, Omicron Lamb- da I, 2, Junior Achievement I, Choir I. SUE SMITH, FHA I. 2, Junior Achievement I. ANGIE SNOWDEN BEVERLY SPRAU MIKE STAHL ROBIN SULLENBERGER, IOC 3, 4, Spanish Club I, 2, 4. RIE SUZUKI, Flag Corps 4. ERWIN SZAFRANIEC, Auto Mechanics 3. 4. WESLEY TANNER, Football I, Minority Culture I, 2, 3, 4, Track 4. CLAUDIA ELIZABETH TATE, FOHILIB 3, IOE 3, 4, Teacher's Aide 4. BILL TATE, Football 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Teacher's Aide 3, 4, FETV 3, Minority Culture 3, 4. ANGELA M. THOMPSON, COE 4, FOHILIB 3, Teacher's Aide 2. DAVID THOMPSON, Basketball I, Baseball 2, 3, 4, DE 4, Spanish Club 3. LAURA THOMPSON, Cheerleader 2, COE 4, FHA I, 2, 3, 4, FOHILIB I, 2. 3, 4, Spiriter 4, Student Council I, Junior Achievement L, Win- ter Festival Oueen 4. LAURIE ANNE THOMPSON, FHA I, 2, VICA 3, 4, Cosmetology 3, 4. RANDY SCOTT THOMPSON, Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Band 2, Choir I, DE 4, FE TV I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, Junior Achievement I, 2, 3, 4, Class President 2. TERRI S. TODD, Student Council I, 2, 3, 4, Coun- cil President I, Cheerleading I, 3. 4, Homecom- ing attendant I. Queen 4, Teacher's Aide 2. 3, Junior Achievement 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Office Worker 4, Brave Reflections 3, COE 4, Class President I, 3. KRISTINE TUCKER, DE 3, 4, FHA 2, 3, OWE 2, 4, OWA I, 2, Candy Strqzer I, 2, 3, 4, Minority Culture I, 2. 3, 4, JA 4. LORELII TUCKER, French Club 3, 4. ADAM TYSON, French Club I, 2. DWAYNE VOGEI., Auto Mechanics 3, 4, Bas- ketball I, Track I. DARRIN DAVID WAGNER, Baseball I, Demolay I, 2, 3, 4, Omicron Lambda I, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew I, 2, 3, 4, Thespians 3, 4. DEANNA WAKEFIELD, Teacher's Aide 2, 3. 4. DOUGLAS ,IAY WALTON, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, JA I, FE TV I, 2. CARLA JO WEDDLE, Cheerleading I, 2, 3, 4, COE 4, FOHILIB 2, Bra ve Reflections 3, Student Council 3, 4, JA I, 2, Teacher's Aide 2. 3, Stage Crew I, 2. LAURIE JO WEDGE, Office Worker 3, 4, FOHI- LIB 4, Teacher's Aide 4. RICK WEIKER GLEN WENZINGER Track 2, FE TV 4, Thespians I. 2. 3, 4, Omicron Lambda I, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew I. 2, 3, 4, JA I, 2, 3, 4. SHANE WHEELER, Baseball I. 2, 3, 4, OWE 2, 3, 4, JA 4. TIMOTHY E. WHITE, Football I, 2, 3, Track I, 2, 3, Homecoming Escort I, 4, DE 4, Winter Festi- val Escort 2. CARRIE LYNN WIDMER, Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band I, 2, 3. 4, Band President 4, NHS 4, Stage Band 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 3. ANGELA WOODLEY, DE 3. 4, French Club 4, Minority Culture I, 3, 4, Librarian I, Flag Corps 2, JA I, FOHIRAB 2, Teacher's Aide 3, 4, Presi- dent of DECA Club 4. LISA WOODRUFF, IOE 3, 4, Teacher's Aide 4, JA 2. LORI ANN WYANS, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band I. 2. 3, 4, Pep Band I, 2, 3, 4, FOHILIB I, French Club 4, Teach- er's Aide I, 2, 3, 4, JA I, 2, 3, 4, NHS 3, 4, Scholarship Team 3, 4. .IOE ZAMUDIO, Auto Mechanics 3, 4. LYNDA KAY ZEIGLER, Chorale 2, 3, 4, President 4, Chamber Choir I, 3, 4, Concert Choir I, Flag Corps 2, 3. 4, Girl's Ensemble I, 2, Student Council 4, NHS 3, 4, JA I, 2, French Club 3, FHA 3. 187 Ad Mar Printing-D9 Allison, Paul W.-I77 American Legion-II4 Anvari, Dr. Mohammad-I77 Atlas Crankshaft-l69 Ballreich Brothers Furniture-168 Baney, Mr. and Mrs. Walter-I77 J. B. Baseshore-I77 Bauer, Dr. John' C.-I77 Bello, Dr. Rosario D.-I77 Bentley Masonry-I77 Big Bear Mufflers-l65 Big Wheel-l65 Bill's Men 's 5 Boy 's Wear-l66 Black Cat-l67 Buckeye Auto Parts-I7I Cameron, Fruth E Green-I75 Candy Corner-D9 Candyland-ll6 Carl Droll's Refrigeration-I68 Chapman 's-l66 Coker, Miss Karen M.-I77 Collins, Mr. and Mrs. William D.-l77 The Commercial Bank-I6 7 Continental Cablevision-l73 Cooper 's Insurance Agency-I 77 Copeland Corporation, l30 Cramer, Mr. and Mrs. Paul H., Jr.-I77 Danielak Electric-I6 7 Dan 's Countyline Marathon-l78 Dean E Donna 's Carryout-I7 7 Dell's Restaurant-l30 The Doeshire-I73 Droll's Auto Upholstering-l3I Duffield's Music Center-II5 Dunn 's Lanes-l3l Eagle 's 3430-182 Elsea TV-I77 Evans Office Equipment-l79 Findlay Coca Cola-I78 Findlay College l88 ADVERTISEMENT I DEX First Christian Church-l83 First Church of the Nazarene-l66 Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. Donald-I77 Flechtner Packaging Co.-I72 Flowerland-l32 Foodtown Supermarket-I83 Fostoria Area Federal Credit Union-I64 Fostoria Auto- Truck, Inc.-l 77 Fostoria Beverage Center, Tri-County Beverage-II7 Fostoria Concrete-l83 Fostoria Funeral Directors-l82 Fostoria Industries-I 75 Fostoria Laundrymat-l32 Fostoria Monument-l33 Fostoria Paint 5 Supply-I80 Fostoria Fostoria Power Equipment-l33 Sports Connection-l83 Fruth E Company-170 Fruth Hardware-I75 Gary's Men's Wear 5 Sporting Goods-l8O Gilbert Tools 8 Abrasives, lnc.-Il8 Gillig Electric Co.-I 77 Good, Dr. Lowell-l7 7 Good Shepherd Home-D9 Hadacek, Dr. Robert C.-I77 Haddix, Mr. and Mrs. Rick-I77 Hair Designers-I 72 Heinsman, Bill-I77 High Street United Methodist Church-l7l Hipsher, Dr. Michael D.-I77 Hoening Funeral Home-ll9 Hollinger Insurance-l 7 7 Holman's Garage-D9 Jaqua 's Sporting Goods-l65 J. Miller 5 Co.-l8I Jolly 's Drive In-I29 Kauffman, Mr. and Mrs. Robert-l77 Kentris, Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas-I77 Kidd, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas-I77 Kinn S Theobald-l70 Kroger's-l29 La Nier, Weber and Henry Realty Co.-l Lakeland Golf Course-l36 Lewe, Mr. and Mrs. Roberts B., Jr.-I7 7 L-K Restaurants-l7I McCracken, Dr. David R.-I7 7 McVicar, Rev. and Mrs. Robert L.-I77 Maranatha Books 5 Gifts-I7 7 Marilynn 's Floral Boutique-I 7 7 Marley, Marley 5 Marley Law Offices-I Marshall, Mr. John-I77 Mennel Milling-I80 Moe's Body Shop-l82 Moore 's Meats, Inc.-l36 Mr. B's Cleaners 5 Laundry-DO North Street Styling Shop-I77 Norton Manufacturing-l2l Ohio Farmers-I80 Ohio Savings S Loan-I74 Ohio State Beverage Store-l37 Open Pantry-l37 Payne Bros. Greenhouse-I38 Peggy's Beauty Salon-I77 Pelton, June and Harold-I77 Photography by Doc-I76 Plaza Barber Shop-I77 Porter's Dry Cleaning-l79 Preis Store-l72 Rahwh 's Shoe Store-l68 R. C. Hill Sign Co.-I22 Red's Carry Out-l38 Reinhart Auto Body-I23 Review Times-I7 7 Risser-Hossler Insurance-l39 Roblic 's Drive ln-I24 Roppe Rubber-I76 Roth Furniture Co.-I77 Rupp 's Parti Mart-D5 Rutan, Dr. W. Ray-I7 7 5ackett's Gifts-l79 Sauber 's Meats S Deli-I26 ? l U opportunities at Findla College , 'f ' 2 4 ' E 'Ill- ii X K Q, Considering College? If you're looklng for ij a SrT1allOhlO school, conslder Flndlay College. Students come from all over the US. for the Upersonallzed waters" and friendly atmosphere, Call us or vlslt the Q campus Admlsslons Offlce for enrollment II details. llflnanclal and avaulablel 7 D l- .. 188 waufelberger 5 Son-178 idler, Dr. and Mrs. Chris A,-177 iler, Dr. and Mrs. R. .L-177 veca Lanes-139 faeca Lumber E Millwork-181 Eeca Wire and Manufacturing-182 ior Parent Patrons-17 7 Erwood Plastics, Inc.-181 e Door Inn-127 ith's Hallmark and Office Supply- iupplement ciety National Bank-173 inning Wheel Knit Shop-17 7 'inkling Can-140 E. Staley-170 'itzer's Wholesale Flower Supply-177 Empler, Mr. and Mrs. Jed-177 Z Construction-177 ion Carbide-178 vlter Gans E Co.-128 rdge Lumber 8 Supply-17 7 rsley United Methodist Church-181 'OB-Supplement rite Front Supermarket-140 nston D. Underwood 5 Co.-17 7 1ker 's Insurance-177 1, Mr, and Mrs. David-177 Index A :IL Bryan 46 lms. Cheryl 56 AMS. DON 17, 127, 130 ams. Susan 33 en, Nicole 46, 129, 138 a, Rlta 46 xander, Caroline 56, K5 drzelewskl, Jim 33, 114, 116 izelewski. Steve 46. 116 ez. Casimlro 56 EZ, LAURA 17, 129 ez, Rlcardo 46, 124 La, Joe 67 hur, Mary Ellen 66 Pell, Angela 56. 138 bb. Rodney 56. 114 ley, James 74, K77, 154. 155 ley, Samantha 33. 122, 138 KER, MIKE 17, 129 ter, Pat 46, 83, 111 ter, Regina 46 rer, Suprena 33, 88, 146 ter, Tonya 33 rer. Veronica 17 ney, Darcy 46, 104, 133 uey. Walter 66 bour, Nina 67 'chus. Kimberly 46 chus, Todd 124 lekamp, David 33, 114, 132. 134 ringer, Richard 56, 114 tchlett, Debbi 33, 91 KTLEY. KIM 17, 104, 118, 119, 123. 141 tley. 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JOHN 17 BRANDEBERRY, KRIS 18, 122 Brandeberry, Mike 47, 102 Brigham, Brett 34, 83 Brookman, Connie 34, 116 Brooks, James 56 Brown, James 56, 128 Brown, Jenna 56. KU, 119, 136 Brown. Richard 77 Brown. Todd 34 Brownlow. Cheryl 47 BROWNLOW. LISA 18. 129, 146 Bryant. Tom 125 Bullock, Suzie 34, 122 Burns, Alicia 47. 91. 104 BLIRRESS. DENISE 18, 120 146 Burrier. Kelly 56, 87, 116 BURRUS, Bill 18, 116, 140 141, 159 Burrus, Julia 34 Butler, Jeffrey 34, 141 Butler. John 19, 125 C Cain. Rhoda 34 Cameron. Duncan 47, 94, 95 CAMPOS. EDWARD 83. 109 Cannon, Devlyn 47 Cantu, Felix 47. 102, 127 Carter, Debra 56 CARTER. JASON 18. 130 141 Cassidy, Daniel 34, 142 CaudilL l.arry 34, 142 Chalins, Keith 34 Chafins, Kevin 47 Christensen. Chris 4 7, 130 Clay, Joel 47. 83, 102, 116, 153 Clinger, Sadie 4 7, 104 Clingman, Joel 56, 114, 116 Cobb, Linda 56 Cobb. Robert 68 Cobum, Coby 66, 83 Coburn, David 4 7, 83, 84, 102 Cochran, Cindy 47 Cochran, Kathy 34, 122 Coker. Karen 68, 137 Coleman, Angela 128 COLEMAN, MARK 18. 142 Collet, Joe 75, 127 Collins, Kimberly 34. 116, 140 Colwell, Mark 34, 125 Cook, Rodger 47 Cook, Shelley 56 145 Cook. Steven 34. 142 Cooper. Ken 35. I3Q 140 Coppler, Steve 57 COREY. DAVID 18, 119, 136 Corre1L Joel 35, 129 Cousin, Cousin. Brenda 47, 92. 93, W. 107 Brett 35. 99. 122, 154 Cousin, Katherina 5 7 CRADDOLPH. GARY 18 CRADDOLPH, JOHN 19, 142 Craddolph, Lisa 124 Craig, Harold 47 Cramer, Bill 48 CRAMER, GREG 18 CRAMER, JOANNE I8 Cramer. Paul H., Jr. 66 Cramer, Tim 35, 142 CRAWFORD, DAVID 18, 142 Crawford, Robert 48, 99 Crawford, Todd 48 Creeger, Christopher 57, 87 Creeger, Rhonda 35, 114, 116 Criss. Carrie 48, 114, 132 139 Crump. Evette 57 Crump, Ray 35, 83, 110 CUSTER, MATT 18 142 D Dakymple. Janet 76, 91 Danhoff, Dave 83 Daniels. Sue 78, 129 Darr, Tim 48 DAUTERMAN, GREG 19, 114. 122 DAUTERMAN. KENT 18, 152, 154, 155, 161 Dauterman, Kurt 57. 94 Davis, Bobbie Jean 48, 93. 107 DAY. DOUG 18, 143 Dearsman. Deb 35 Deerwester. Mike 35, 83, 118 DeLaRasa, Donna 5 7, 93, 126, 133 DeLaRosa, John 48 DeMars, Guy 35, 76, 82, 83, 84, 85. 109, 141 Dennison, Dave 48. 1lQ 136 Derr, Donna 121 DEUBLE, ANGIE 18, 76. 88 119, 129, 132 Deuble. Randy 57, 87. 109 Diaz, Debbie 35 Dible. Douglas 57 DIBLE, ROBERT 18, 127 DICESARE. TONY 19 Dillon. Peggy 57 Dinkins, lllana 57 DITSLEAR, LINDA 2Q 120 Dixie, Yolanda 57 DOE, TREVORD 21, 125 Dolch, Kerry 35, 83, 140 Dolch, Kimberly 48, 130 133, 138 Doll, Mike 125 Douglas, Michelle 35, 119 DOUGLAS, SCOT 21 Drenning. Brad 35, 83, 132 DRENNING. CHARLOTTE 21, 125 DRUMM. RUSTY 21, 73. 127 Duffield, Angela 5 7. 89, 127. 133 Duffield, Scott 48, 94, 116. 127 Dull, John 77 Dunbar, Eric 57 114 DUNBAR. EVETTE 21, 72, 114. 126, 158 Dunbar, Roger 35, 83. 99 Dunfee. Mark 35, 114, 115, 129 DUNFEE, TRACIE 20 114, 1241 132 DUNN. MARILEE 21, 114, 119. 123, 130 Durst, Shawn 57 Dyer. Jodi 35 Earl, Rick 83 EATHERTON. DEE ANN 21, 140 Echelbarger, Vickie 78 121 Edmunds, luke 48 Eilers, Jackie 36. 119 Eisenhour, John 87 Elmore. Yvette 57 ENDICOTT, RANDY 21, 122 Lugena 59, ll 7 Epley, David 57 Erbland, Mindy 57, l33 Essex, lva 35, l2I, D6 Essman, Doug 66 Etzinger, Andy 36 EVERLY. JASON I25 Eynon, Bill 47 EYNON, ERIC 2l, II9, I29. I46, I48, I49 Eynon, Jennifer 36, 9l, I29, l3l, I36 Eynon, Michael 57 F Falbush. Laurie 36, II6, II9, I32, I4I, I46 Faust, Kathy 48, II4 FAUST, USA 2l, II9, D0 I40 Feisel, Leah 5 7, II7 Feisel, Robert 73, 83 Ferbrache, Dana 48 Ferguson, Dennis 70 7l Ferguson, Monica 57 Ferguson, Roseann 48 FERNANDES, MONISE MARIA 6. l5, 20 Fetro, Kelly 48, I24 Feucht, Todd 36, 76, 83, 84, 86, IIO Fiedler, Suzanne 48, I30 Fiegelist, Ann 57, I38 Filliater, Tammy 57, II6, I27 Filliater, Tony 36, IKZ II6, I27 Fishburn, Kendra 48, II4 Fisher, Carl 66, 5, 97 Fleetwood, Robbie 48 Fleming, Jodi 48, 9l FLIPSE. SHAUN 2L l6l Flores, Paul 57 Folk, Steven 49 FOLKWEIN, LINDA 2l, 66, 88, II8, I60 Folkwein, Lori 36, 88, 89, II8, l32, I40 Forbess, Dewey 49, I25 Faster Dwayne I24 Foster Owen 36, 83 Fouts, Luwana 36, I2I Fouts, Ricky 49 Fox, John 74 Fraley, Jennifer 49 Frederick, Jeffrey 49, 96, IO2, I27 Frederick, Jennifer 58, I38 Frederick, Tammy 36 Frierson, Kimberly 58, 89 FRLITH, BRENDA 2l, l22, I24 Fruth, Bonnee I24 Fnnh. Eunice 72 Fnith. Franklin 77 FRY. JEFF 21, I36 Fugett, Dawn 58, 93, ICE Fugett, James 36, 83, l56 G GABEL, CINDY 2l, I23, D9 Galan, Lisa 36 Gallentine, Shannon 49 GALVAN, GERMAN 20 l42 Galvan, Lupita 49, II7 Galvan, Rene 58, IO3 GARBE. LISA II, I25 GARCIA. ABEL 22, I29, I30 l4l Garcia, Maria 36 Gardner, Michael 49 Garner, James 36, 94, 95, 99, II4, I40 GARNER. JEFF 22, 83 Geary, Dawn 49 GEORGE, RANDY 22, I23, I40 l52, I59 Gerritsen, Brad 49, D9 Gerritsen, Jeff 58, ll0 Gibbons, Wendi 49, ll4 Giesey, Jolene 36, l2l, I29 Gilberg, Barbara 37, 96, II6. I40 lll GILLESPIE, RICK 22, I42, I52 Goins, Darin 58 Goins, Scott 58 Goldt, Crissy 58 GOLDT. ROBERT 22, 83, I27, I30 Gomez, Ann 3 7, 93, II9, I36, l4I Gomez, Sonia 49 Gonyer, Helen 49, 93, I30 I38 Gonzales, Albert I25 Gonzales, Cindy 49 Gonzales, Eloisa 37, 88, II8, l2I Good, Robert 67 Gooding, Libby 77 Graves, Robin 49 Gray, Jacqueline 49, II4 Green, Gareth 3 7, I27 Greeno, Lennie 49 Greeno, Theresa 50 Grine, Larry 58 Griscom. Dan 66 GROVES. CHARLES 22, I24, I25 H HAASE. STEVE 22, 83, I42 Haddiz, Palsy 68 Haddix, Rick 74 Hale, Joel 58, 96, l03, II6 Hale, Mary 50 Hale, Ronda 50 N, II6 HaIL Keith 37 Hall Kerri 58 Halsey, David 50 II4 Hammer, Bob D5 Hampton, Bryan 50 83, 86, l02 HAMPTON, CHERYL 22. 72, D6 Hampton Dan 3 7, 83, 84, 99 Hampton, Don 37, I36 Haney, Carla 50 II4, D6 Hanley, Ed 87 Hanley, Kai Lee 3 7, I29, I38, l4l HANSEN. DOUG 23 HANSEN, PAM 22, II6, II9, I38, I39, I40 I49, I30 Hanson, Ryan 50 lll . Hare, David 3 7, 83 Harman, Kami 3 7, II4 Harmon, Marlene 50 Harmon, Ron 37 Harris. Brian 50 Harris, Gwandean D5 Harris, Shelley 37 Harris, Tammy 50 Harris, Wayne 50 Harris, Wendell 58, IO3 Harrison, Lois 67, ll8 Hatfield, Greg 3 7, 77, 83, I43 Haudenshild, Esther 3 7, II7 Haynes, Mike 38, I25 Heath, Sandra 58, I28 32 HEISER. HOLLY 22, 90 91, II9, I23, I I47, I48, I49, I58, l6l Helms, Nikki 58. 89, l33, I36, I44 Hendricks, Amy 58, II6, D7, I38, l39 Hensley, Kristine 50 93 HERNANDEZ, EMILIO I25 Hernandez, Ema 58 Hernandez, Eva 50 ll7 Hernandez, Yvette 58 Hershey. Brian 58 Hickle, Wendy 50 IO4, II6, D6, I30 I33, I49 Hidy, Melissa 58, 89 Hill Deanna 50 HILL, TERRI 22, II9, l22 Hill, Tina 38, I24 Hills, Renee 58, II4, lI5 Hoffman, Chris 39, 7l, I46 Hoffman, Don 22, I25 Hoffman, Kevin 58, 96, 97, ll4, II6 Hoffman, Gilletl, Donald 58 Gillian, Amy 49, I30 Gillogly, William 77 GLASMAN, KARL 23, l22 Glenn, Steve 3 7, 83, 99, I40 I46, I48, I49 Glover, Charles 49 Glover, Dennie 37, I25 T90 Glover, Tina 49, l26, I38 Hoffman. Tom 68, 69, I33, I46 HOHMAN. MARTHA D2 Holmes, Susie 38 Honesto, Marcy 59 Hoover, Chris 38, 83, 84, 99, I40 HOPKINSON, MIKE 23, 77. 82, 83, I43 Hoppe, Laura 50 5, D7, I53 Hottensteln, Dean 59, IIO I36, I3 7, I46, Hough, Camela 38 Howel, Kathy 50 II4 Hoyer, Wendy 38 HUBBARD. BOBBY 22 Hufh Kathy 50 Huffman, Melony 59 Huffman, Michelle l22 Huffman, Veronique 89, I4 Z I49 Hughes, Steven 50 II6 Hunker, Davld 5l Hunker, Jim 5l, 83 Hurley, Christopher 38 Huston, Toni 59, 89 HUTCHINS, ERIC 22, II8, II9, I20 I23, l60 Hutchins, Barbara 67 HUTCHISON, GREG 22, I23, l6l Hutchison, Melynde 59, 96 Hutchlsson, Delbert 5l, 83, IO2, I33, l57 J JACKSON. DENNIS 22, 83. l32, I34, I36, I37, I46 Jacob, Jean 78 JARRETT, ANNA 23 Johns, Judith 5l, 96, II4, I27, lll JOHNSON. DAN 24, I30 I58 Johnson, Dawn 38, D0 l2l JOHNSON, JAMES 23, I29 Johnson, Julie 5l, 76, 91 9l, I27, I30 JOHNSON, KEN 24, I27 JOHNSON. MARTY 24, 83, I59 Johnson, Perry 59, 87, IO3 Jones, Jena 5l Jones, Robert 59 K Kauffman, Hope 59, IOS, II4, II7, I27, l33, I38 Keckler, Sally 5l, I49, I50 KEELS, AUDREY 24, D9 KEELS. CHARLES 24, 83, I46, I48, I49, l60 l09 Keels. Lanny 59 Keels, Shawn 38, 83, I43 KELLEY. DAVID 24, II4, II6, II7 KELLEY, JOE 24, 83, l09, I34 Kenner, Glenda 38, IO4, l05, I30 I36, I3 7, I54 Kent, Steve 38, l09 KEPP. CATHY 24, I20 II9, l26, I29 Kepp, Timothy 5l KIDWELL, DARCY 24, II9, D6, I29 Kidwell, Dixie KX Kidwell. Richard 77, 83, I25 Kiesel, Tania 38, II4 Kimble, Amy 5l, 79, I44, l45 Kimble, Francine 5l, 93, IO7 Kimble, Kristine 38, II7 Kimble, Richie 51 K ing, Darla 5l King, Gerald 5l, I49 King, Bill 59, 94, l03 Kinn, Katrina 5l Kirian, Drew 70 7I, ll0 l45 Kirian, Wendy 59, l05, II4 Kisaberth, Greg 38, 83, I29 Kizer, Jennifer 59 Kramb, Meg 38 Kramb, Phil 40 83, l22 Kraylek, Scott 40 IO9, l42 Kroetz, Kristine 40 I38, I40 Kroetz, Mike 5l, I29 KRUPP, LORIE 24, 90.91, l23 L. Lafferty, Lisa 5l Lafferty, Teresa 59 Lambright, Joni 59, U, l36 LANDRUS. ERCEL I25 LANEY. RANDY 24, II6, II9, I36, I37 Lang, Steven 40 I43 Latham, Tom 5l, 53, 82, l02, I47, I49, I50 99, I27 Lawless, Chuck 59 lawless, Susan 77 Lawson, Bill 67 LAYMAN. JULIE 25, II8, I40 I46, I48, I49, I59, I30 Lee, Jeff 93, l28 LEE, TERRY 25, D5 LEEDY, GLENNA 25, I23, l26, I29 LeForge, Chris 99 O Iehman, Grace 66 ehmann, Rick 40 EITCH. JIM 25, I42 eitch. Teresa 40 iuy, Kathy 66 ' wnley. Denise 5l Feonard, Beth 4096, 97, KE, l07, II9, l30 l46, I48. I49 lewe. Ann 67 .EWE. SHARON 25, 32, 88, 89, ll8. ll9. I23. I32, I36, I52, l50 l60 ewis. Brian 40 I42 EWIS, PHIL I42 iggett, Kim 59, 93 Hndsey, Sonjia 40 l07, l26 Long. Danny 5l Long. Doug 59. 128 long. Mark 5l, ll0 long. Yolanda 40 .ongacre. Carol 67 longacre, Scott 87 Ionsway, Donovan 59, 87. l03, I33 .OPEZ. MARTHA 25. l20 loving, Gail 59, I25 Lowe. Danny 40 I25 .UDWIG, ROBIN 25, l43 .YNCH. CRAIG 25, II4, ll6, II7, I59 ' Mc McClanahan, Tracey 52 McClellan. Gina 60 KF, II7 McCullough, Donald 60 87 McEwen, Melody 60 McGIRR, ALAN 26, I43 McKeever, Donna 67 vlacDonald. Mary 40 I29, l38, l4l AACHIR, KRIS 25 vfacknight, Natalie 59 Aaclno. James 70 vfalagon. Annette 52 v1alL Lisa 59 AANSOUR. DALE 25 March, Susan 52. l26. I38 AARKER. VIOLET 25 Marshall Faith 52, 93. l07, ll6, l33 Aarshall, John 77, I22 AARSHALL. TINA 25, JI, 93, l20 I32 Marshall. Tracey I28 Aanhall. Waller 66, II9, I37 Martin, Kim 52 AARTINEZ, JOE I43 Martinez, Karen 40 ll8, I22, l26, I38 Martinez. Ray 52 Iasel. Tim 7I AASON. LORI 26, II9, I23. l6l Mason, Marci 52 Mason. Mike 60 Aathews. Don 73, l23 AATTHEW5. KIM 26. II9, I23. I32 Montgomery. Katrina 52. 79, 88, IO7 Montgomery, Margaret 89, K5 Moore. Ava 39 Moore, Craig 26, I42 Moore. Eddy 60 87 Moore, Kenny 39 Moore, l.isa 52 Moore, Nicole 72, 93. II4 Moore. Sherry 39, l20 l2l Moran. Brian 83 Moran. Bob 39, 83, 96, 97 MORGAN, JENNIFER 26, I36, I37 Morrison. Jeff 39, ll0 I42 Motot, Ronnie 60 Moyer, Angie 39, 93 Moyer, Bill l30 MULLINS, GREG 26 MUNDORFF, DORCAS I25 Munoz. Bonnie 88, 52, l33 Munoz, Joey 39, l36 Musgrave, Ruth Ann 78. 79 Myers, Myers. Myers. M yers, Amber 52 Carson 60 Debra 39, IO4, l2l Jim 77, l24 Myers, Mike 52, I25 Mym. siwuy so 92, 93. iss. I44. 146 b N Naus, Jim 39 Naus, Mike l03 Niswander, Kelly 4l Norman, Jim 4l, 82, 83, 99 NORTH. STEPHANIE 26, I25 Nye, Angela Kay 60 Nye, Angela Rae 60 Nye, Carol 52, I25 Nye, James l03 Nye, Kathy 52 Nye, Michelle 4l, 88. l2l Nye, Timothy 52 Pletcher. Tammy 53. I38. I39 Aay, Charles 66 Hays. Deanna 40 I27, I44, l45 Meagher. Kelly lennel. Jim 66 Michaels, David 40 ll0 I27 MESLE, DIANE 26, I29. l49 Miller, Brian 60 87, IO3. l53. Wler. Harry 52, I25 Hller, Karen 50. KF. l54 Wler, Kim II7 Wller, Pam 40 Miler. Paul 52. 83. ll6 Idller. Scott 60 I28. I29 Wller, Suzette 52 Wilie. Mark 39, 83 Mill. David 39, l43 AILIS, MERCY Il6, l58 Mlls, Sean 60 94 Mitchel. Mitch 39, 99. l02 Mitchem, Debbie 39, l2l, I22 Mltchem, Kathy 39 l2l Idollneaux, Jana 39. I20 l2l Honasmlth, Mary 39, 9.2 9l, I40 I49 Monterrey. Maricela 52 OPITZ. MARNIE 27. IO4, I23 Orlandi, Ellen 69, I29 Osterberg, Tim 4l Owens. Gary 4l, I22 P Pahl. Carol 78, DQ l2l Painter. Tom 4l PARK, TAMMY 27. I29. l60 Parks, Raymond 4l, I42 Patterson. Chris ll9. I20 l2l, l4l Patterson, Shelly 4l, 60 ll9 Paul, Jamie 4l Payne, Michelle 4l, l4I Peak. Kristine 4l, II8. I40 l49 Peak, Michelle 60 Peiffer. Kristine 53, 93, l30 l36 Pelton, Connie 68 Pelton, Tlm 4l Pelton, Tod 60 Peppers. Edward 53, 83 Perflne, Don ll4 Philips. Vaughan 60 Pierce, Bennett 50. IIO II4. ll6. l46 Plerce,,Daryl 4l, ll6, I27, l30 PIERCE. EUGENA II9, I29. l36, 27 Pierce, Robert, Jr. 60 Pierce. Robert 67 Pierce, Stela 4l, II9, l2l, 138. l39 Plngle. Robbie 53, Il0 PIPER. BOBBI 27, M 9l. DI, l23. I40 l52, l56. l6l Pohlman, Ben 77, l28 Pohlman. Cleff 6l Poland. Ricky 6l. I28 Pool. Dennis 6l, IO3 Pope, Laney 6l, 9l. II7 Pope. September 61 Pryor. Robert 4l, I34 PULLOM. KIM 27, I22 PULLOM, MIA 27 Pullom. Sean 4l, 83 O Ouinlin. Kelly 42 Ouinlin, Lisa 42 R Rader. Marcia 6 7 Ramirez. James I28 Ramsey, Angela 53 Ramsey, Jennifer 53. 92. ICB. l07, Il6 Rasp. Marla 6l, II4, II7 RAY. CAROLE 27, I22 Ray, Robert El. 87 Reed. Tacey 42, IO4. ll4, ll5. I29, I40 Reeves, Glayds 67 Reflner. Carol 75, I40 Reidling. Jeff 61. Il6 Reidling. Loretta 53 Reinhard, Ronald 42. I4l, l56 Reinhart, Rhonda 53 Reiter, Geana 6l, M, 97 REITER, JOHN 27. I42 Reynolds, Annette 53, I44, I46 REYNOLDS. MIKE 28, I42 REYNOLDS. RICKY 29 REZA. lEROY 29 83, l58, l60 Rice, Lori 53 Rice. Norma 6l Rice. Tim 42 Richatdson. Randy 7 7, 83, l09, l54 Riedel. Michael 6l Ritchey, Angela 42, l36, I37 Ritchey. Ethel 78, 79 Ritchey, Shelia 53 RITTER. TAMMY 29. II9, l20 Robbins. Steven 42, I42 Roberts. Sharon 53 Robinson, Amy 6I ROBINSON. CHARLES I25 Rochester, Mark 53. I25 Rochester, Tracy 42, l2l Roelle. John l28 Roush. Darrin I25 ROUSH. JOHN Roy, David 42. I34 Runion, Jacki 42, l2l. l52, l54 Runion, Lori 6l. 93. II4. lI5 Russell. Steve 73. 99 RUTAN. DOUG 29, II4 RYMAN, JENNY 28. I27, I30 S. Sabbagh. Joanne 67 Salter. James 53 Salduslry. Jamie Sl Salisbury, Kevin 6l Sanchez. Joe 53 SANCHEZ. MONICA I5, I29 Sarreshteh, Tlm I43 Schaufeberger. .lohn 53. II4, ll8, l33. lll Schetter, Edward 6l, Il6 SCHMITZ, NANCY 29. 92, 93. II9, I59 SCHROTH. MARK I25 SCHUBERT. RODNEY 29, II4, I34, I5 7 Schubert, Stacey 87, IO3, 6l Schubert, Tracey Sl. 87, l03 Schwepe, William 72 SCOTT, RICK 29, I43 Searles. Jimmy 6l Sensabaugh, Roy I24 Shank, Clndy 53 SHATZER. JEFF I25 Shaul. Davld 6l, II4 Shaul, Steven 6l Shaw, Shawn 53. l09 Sheen, Bob 42, 95. 99, l46 SHERIDAN, CHRIS 28, I42 Sheridan. Tracy 43. I42 SHERLOCK. ANGIE 29 Sherman. Jessie 43 Shugars, Jim D2 Shultz. Melanie 53. I29 Sierra. Gabe 53, 83, IO2, Il6 2 Sigler, Danene 54, I30 Simms, Tyrone ll0 SIMPSON. MARIA 29, 3l, ll9. Slner, Jerry 69, I34 Slayton, Alice 66 Slayton, Arthur 43, 83, l4l SMARR. CAMI 43, ll9. l38 Smith, Bobbie Jo 54 SMITH, BRAD 29, II4, I43 Smith, Christopher 87 Smith. Crystal 6l Smith, Dan 6l Smith, Don 54 SMITH. JERRY 28 Smith, Kelly 43 SMITH. KENT 29. 86, 99 Smith, Kent 43, I29. I30 I27, Smith, Kim 62 Smith, Marcia 77 l32, I36, I3 7, l6l l34 Smith, Stephanie 62. 92, 93, I27, KS SMITH. SUE 29, 73 Smith, Teresa 54, II4 Smith. William 78 SNOWDEN, ANGIE 29 Souders. Steve 62 Spangler, Dristine 43, ll6 Spencer, Belinda 62, 93, I44 spfmef, Chrissy 54. 91, 1o4. 13s, 154 SPRAU. BEVERLY 29, I25 Sprau, Darrel 54, ll0 Sprau. Deena 62 StahL Jim 67 StahL Mick 43, I25 STAHL, MIKE 30 l22, l29 Stahl, Shirley 66 Steams, Lana 67 Stein, David 43, l43 Stevens, Garry 43 Stevens, Kimberly 43, I24 Stewart, Mike 43 Stinehart, Pamela 43. II4, I27 Stinehart, Sandra 62. l05, II4, Storrer, Jeffrey 62. l03 Stowers, Candi 54 Slrausbaugh, Helen 67, ll8 Strohl, Kevin 44, l40 Stuckey. Ken 62 Stump. Brad 62, 95. ll6 Stump. Coleen 62. II4, ll7 II7, I27, l33 SULLENBERGER. ROBIN 3Q l2Q l4l Suler. Charles 72 SUZUKI. RIE 361 II4 SWARTZ, CAROLYN 62 Swartz, Jeanne 54, 79 Szabo, Janos 44, I43 Szafraniec, David 62 Szafraniec. Debra l2l SZAFRANIEC, ERWIN 30 I42 Szallar. Kathy 44, I25 Szaller, Don 62, 87 T TATE, CLAUDIA 3Q ll9, l20 TATE. WILBUR 30 83 Thomas. Betty 67 Thompson, Andy 62, I28 THOMPSON, ANGIE 3Q l29 Thompson. Becky 44 Thompson, Carol 62, II4, II7 Thompson, Dave 74 THOMPSON, DAVID 3Q l22 Thompson, Eric 54. I28 THOMPSON, LAURA 3Q ll8, THOMPSON. LAURIE 30 Thompson, Lisa 62, I28 l26, l29, l52, I54, l55 THOMPSON, RANDY 30 l09, ill 134, 55 Thornsberry, Laura 44, l24 Tiell, Camille 44 Tlnsman. John 76, 83, l33 Tinsman, Nancy 62, 91, ICS, II4, l26, l56 Tinsman, Sally 79 Tobin, John 63 Tolento, Gloria 44 Tolento, John 63, 96, llO l09 Tolento, Ruben 44, 96, , I43 Todd' Joh,-, 44' gg, 140 ZAMUDIO, JOE I42 Tgdd, Gin, 54, 150 Zamudio, Jim 63, 109 tooo. mlm so ss, ll8, l29. 132. 133, 146, 14s, 149 Zimhi' Ffmff 75- '41 rang, v,,,d,, 67 ZEIGLER. LYNDA 31. ll4, 115. ll6, l23, 132 Topgy, La,-fy 71, 73 Zlckefoose, Shannon 63, 87 Img, Joycg 57 Zlmmerly, Diane 78, 79, 96, l26 rmmpler, Greg 44. 32, sa, 152, 154. 155 Zimmerman- Ffmdr 45 rfumpkf. steven 63, 97, 1o3, 114, 133, I4 7, 149 Zimmffmfm Pick 45' 73' 941951 '-'91 '40 TUCKER. Kms ga 125 Zoll, Dave 72, II4, 157 TUCKER, LORI ja 140 Zuelzke, Eric 45 TYSON, ADAM pg Zuelzke, Guy 55 U Uballe, Ray 44 Underwood David 44 83 IO9 , , , , I4 Unkefer. Monica IJQ I4 7. I49 Unkefer. Todd 63, II4 V Vance, Amy 54, II8 Vance, Nathan 66 Vitt, Deborah 54, ll4, I38 Vin, Judy 67 VOGEL. DWAYNE 30 I42 Vogeh Mary Beth 63 W Wade. Sondra 44, Il9. I2I WAGNER, DARRIN 30 I29, I30 Wagner. lisa 45, I25 WAKEFIELD, DEANNA 3l Waldron, Jeff 63, I28 Walker, Brian 45 Walker. Katrina 63 Waltermyer, Laurie l22 Walters, Missy 45, l22 WALTON. DOUG 3l, 83, ll9 Walton, Steve 54 Ward, Dana 63, IO3 Warner, Barbara 67 Warner, Patty 45, I2l Watkins, Susan 45, I2l Watson. Tamitha 55, l38. I39 Weaks, Jodi 55. I25 I WEDDLE, CARLA 3l, KJ4, l29. l32 Weddle, Cheryl 45, ll9, l2l, l38 WEDGE, LAURIE 3l. ll8. ll9, l29 Weiker, Dawn 67 WEIKER, RICK I42 Welly, Brian I25 WENZINGER. GLEN 3l, I30 West. Gena 55, ll4, ll6, l38 Westenbarger. Sheri 55 WHEELER, SHANE I25 White, Cindy 55, 93 WHITE. TIM 3l, 83. l22, l46, l48, White, Vickie 63 WIDMER. CARRIE 3l, II4, l23 Vlilch, Fred 77, 95 Williams, Aaron 45, IO9, ll6, I30 Wilson, Brian 55 WILSON, CARL 3l, I25 Wilson, Debra 55 Wilson, Jeffrey 63. 87. l03 Wilson, Kirby 63 Winter, Tracy l2l Wolh Shannon 55, IO4 Wolfrum, Fran 67 Wolfrum, Kara 63 Wolph, Lisa 55, ll6, l38 Wolph, Lynn 55, Il6, I38' Wonder, Donald 63 WOODLEY. ANGIE 3l, l22, l26 WOODRUFF, LISA 3l, l20 WYANS. LORI 31, II4, ll9, l23, l40 Wyant. Frank 45 Wyant. Susan 63 Y Yambert, Teresa 63 Yarbrough, Dion 55 Young, Vivian 55, 79 Z I49, l6l Zummerman. Gary I28 Acknowledgements Chuck Campbell Dan and Linda Henley Dick Thatcher Fostoria Area Businesses fo support Studio of Wonders Senior parents for senior section

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