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I i . 1 I i r i Q E 5 ? 3 V I J ' K.. JMQ HM6 RED AND BLACK ON Published by the Senior Class FOSTORIA I-HGH SCHOOL Fostoria, Ohio 1 of FOREWORD Theres an old saying that it takes all kinds oi people to make the world. How true this is here at FHS. We have all kinds oi personalitiesw-from the ridiculous to the sublime. These individuals with diverse interests require a variety of courses and activities. To meet these require- ments our high school has an amplitude oi clubs, sports, music and scholastic activities. Within the covers of this issue ot the Red and Black we have tried to present the pictorial versions ot activi- ties oi our Alma Mater. The 1946 staff has attempted to add as much humor as possible to animate certain sections. We wish to express our deepest gratitude to the members oi the faculty, our photographers and printers who have so generously aided us in publishing this, the 1946 Red and Black. Richerd Good, Editor 2 DEDICATION For her high sense of trusteeship, the use of her inheritance for the Welfare of her students, her endeavor to pattern useful lives by constructing visions nothing can erase, her humor, her mellow Wisdom, and her many services rendered to this high school and community, We, the class of nineteen hundred and forty-six, dedicate this Yearbook to Mabel I. Bourquin. 3 TABLE Administration ........ Faculty ..... OF Seniors ..... ..... Personalities .... Activities ..... Unclerclasses . . Iuniors ....... Sophomores ..,. Freshmen ..... Iunior High ......... Senior Class Prophecy. . Sports ............... Football .... Basketball .... Track ...... Music ........... Instrumental .... Vocal ........ Activities .......... War Activities ..... Publications ...... Clubs ............. lunior High Clubs. . . Dramatics ............ Features and Ads ..... Calendar ..... CONTENTS . ..................... 5 11 l5 26 ...27 ...31 32 36 40 44 ...49 ...53 ...55 60 65 67 ...68 ...72 ...77 78 80 ...83 93 99 .....105 .....lO6 XM l 1 wa' if I' X A N ' 0 X Mr. H. L. Ford Ohio State, MA. Ashland College, AB. Ohio State, B.S. Secretary Mrs. Mary Chamberlain SUPERINTENDENT As you, the members of this year's graduating class ap- proach Commencement, it is, we feel sure, with mixed emotions about the past, the present, and the future. No doubt you feel proud of a task Well done. We hope there is a feeling of appreciation for the opportunities offered you by the community, for securing an education designed to equip you to assume harder tasks and greater responsibilities. You will face new and important problems after graduation. We are sure these problems will be met and solved with the same determination and earnestness that you have used in finding solutions to your high school problems. Congratulations to you on the task just completed and much success to you in all your future endeavors. H. L. Ford, Superintendent of Schools 6 PRINCIPAL I consider it a special privilege and an honor to address these few words to you. It has been a pleasure to know you and to work with you for the few short years of your hiqh school career. You are stepping out on a new adventure. The faculty and myself will follow your achievements with pride and joy as We see you put to work the attitudes, ideals, and skills achieved while with us. The peace and prosperity of the future are your challenge. The leadership developed through American educational insti- tutions is one of our riches. This leadership you must rebuild in this era or the war just ended will be lost. We are convinced that the leadership which was evidenced by this class will be equal to this challenge, W. M. Hawk, Principal 7 MR. W. M. HAWK University of Cincinnati, MA University of Cincinnati, A.B. Secretary Miss Ruth Balsd MISS VERA EGER On the third floor of the east Wing one finds an instructor who also serves in many other capacities, she is Miss Vera Eger, junior dean of girls. The girls of the junior high find in her the friend they need When troubles come their Way. Whenever one finds a project of Iunior Red Cross, one also finds this certain lady behind it. To her is given the task of acclimating the very young ladies of the building to the customs of our high school. Miss Eger, in all her interests, deserves the highest praise of her students. She always finds time to listen to her girls' problems. Lgliggffg MISS MABEL I. BOURQUIN ln the room next to the principal's office is a Woman that every student knows, Miss Mabel I. Bourquin, senior dean of girls. She is the guid- ing light that makes the true path of life evident to every girl under her guidance. Kind, yet very firm, she makes one realize that the niceties of life are necessary to everyday living. ln her the growing young Woman finds that certain something which inspires the qualities of a real lady. Her criticism involves her special type of humor that no one can equal. In all the capacities in which she serves us, she is truly an inspiration. To every student she presents an everlasting symbol of good faith. MR. W. W. NIXON Down in the basement there is a certain person who knows everyone, and all the students know him: he is Mr. W. W. Nixon, senior dean of boys. When a fellow has his troubles, and he has to have some advice, that is the person to whom he goes. He is always just chuck full of good solutions for those trivial matters that somehow get under one's skin. When one wonders about anything con- cerning sports around the school, Mr. Nixon can answer your questions. He is the faculty manager of ath- letics and vitally interested in what "his boys" are doing in the way of sports. Mr. Nixon is a good sport, and we couldn't get along without him. A Q ' r W . fi 1 1? yl zf A is X MR. THOMAS E. BENDER ln a small room squeezed between two larger rooms on the second floor in the west wing is a fellow the Iunior High boys know quite Well. He is Mr. Thomas Bender, junior clean of boys. Besides being the one elected to reprimand the younger fellows- when they need it--he is our football coach. For being such a little person he surely has the pep and go that makes the world go 'round. When- ever the student body gets a dull streak and needs pepping up, Bender is the man to do it. Mr. Bender is a very capable person, and we are proud to have him with us. BOARD EDUCATION ll Mrs, Ruth Daub, Floyd I. Kinnaman, H. L. Zemer, R. I. Carter, D, D. Schlatter, C. D. l-louser H. L. Ford President .......... Floyd I. Kinnaman Vice-President .......... D. D. Schlatter Clerk ................. Mrs. Ruth Daub Members: C. D. Houser, H. L. Ford, H. L. Zemer, R. I. Carter Through the decades school boards have nurtured the developments ot a vast public educational program. Members of the board serve Without pay, fanfare, or public acclaim. These people are true representatives ot all the citizens, guardians ot free education for all children, and builders of a better Fostoria through educational means. FACULTY MISS ESTHER BEHRENS Bowling Green State University, B.S. Math 7 MISS WILMA R. COLE Defiance College Bowling Green State University, B.S. Health and Physical Education Junior and Senior G.A.A. MR. THOMAS BENDER Ashland College, A.B. Science 8 Guidance 9 Football Coach Sports Club Junior High Dean of Boys MISS MABEI. I. BOURQUIN MB. R. I.. BOHYIR University of Toledo, B.S. Bowling Green State English II University, B.S. Scriveners Mechanical Drawing Senior Dean of Girls Auto Mechanics Welding and Metal Shop MRS. MILDRED DAVIS Bowling Green State University, B.S. English 10 Girl Reserves what 5 lk V, : ' l"' K ' ' MISS VERA M. ECE! Bowling Green State University, B.S. Ohio State University, M.A. Math 8 Guidance 7-8 Junior High Dean of Girls MIL FLOYD GUESS Bowling Green State University, B.S. Vocational Science Vocational Math Vocational Drafting Junior High Football Miami Univers MISS MIRIAM E. DECREE MISS CAHOLYN DIFIZ ity, B.S. Ohio Wesleyan University, B.S. World History ' ' 'ft Dramatics and Play Production Public Speaking Debate English 9 Omicron Lambda f , ex if www E it v In if lk , .,:.. U T. .A I MISS JEAN M. GOBLE U MII. SIDNEY HAUENSTEIN Indiana University Extension U. of Michigan, Phar. Ch. Ball State Teachers Chicago Music College College, B.S. Stringed Instruments Science 7 Math 8 FACULTY Miss Mgrqery I., Hoiiert ' Mr. Milow R. Howard Findlay College Bowling Green State University, B.S. Typing I and II Ir, Business Training Ohio State University, B.S. Algebra ' Plane Geometry Advanced Math Senior Adviser National Honor Adviser I ', f kftwi, Mr. G. D. Knepper Mr. C. D. LaRue Bliss College, B.S. Otterbein College, A.B. Bookkeeping I and II Ohio State University American Problems Bowling Green State University American History 'Nw Mr. Willimn Iones Toledo University Ir. and Sr. Machine Shop Machine Design Shop Manipulation Miss Marietta Kershner Bowling Green State University, B.S. Art Miss Helen Mettler Ohio State University, B.S., M.A. Home Economics Home Economics Club ' :n i 5 ' -vi, 'F W' fkwgttfi-ei' 4, f . .t Miss Barbara Moore , Miss Lueila Moss Mr. W. W. Nixon Ohio Northern University, A.B. Heidelberg College, A.B. Mount Union, B.S. Ohio State University, M.A. University of Southern Ohio State, M.A. Spanish California Biology French Latin I and II Guidance Ioumalism I and II English 9 and I2 Faculty Athletic Manager Lambda Sigma Mr. Imnes Middleton Ohio State University, B.S. Choir Chorus Glee Clubs Iunior High Choir Mr. Robert O'Nei1l Ohio State, B.S. Health and Physical Education Basketball and Track Coach Ass't. Football Coach Iunior Hi-Y Club Sports Club A Mr. Iess E. Powers Indiana State, B.S. Oklahoma A 6. M, M.S. Shorthand II Retailing Office Practice Mrs. Ethel Ritchey Bowling Green, B.S. Home Economics II Boys' Home Living Home Economics Club Miss Marguerite Selp Ohio Wesleyan, B.A. University of Minnesota, B.S. in Library Science Librarian Mr. Albert Siekeres Bowling Green, B.S. Ohio State Chemistry Physics Senior Science I-Ii-Y, Reserve Basketball Mr. O. E. Smith Ohio State, B.S. Industrial Arts Woodworking Printing Mr. Ralph Tinianow Ohio State, B.S. Instrumental Music Band and Orchestra Miss Catherine Snyder Miss Ina Sponsler Bowling Green, B.S. Ohio Wesleyan, A.B. Ohio State University Findlay College English 8 New York University, MA. Stenography 'f 'J Mr. Lester Van Sant Findlay College, BA. Ohio State, M,A. General Science Ass't. Football Coach Sophomore I-Ii-Y Projection Club Business Principles lunior Business Training Miss Oneita Whiteman Bowling Green, B.S. New York University, M.A. Social Studies Drama Club Miss Hazel Stuhbins Bowling Green, B.S. University of Michigan, MA. Social Studies 8 Music Club rg 5- Q , , art-i Q sf...- ' I --e, .avg i'.-'L 7 ' - '1 ic'ls',t i 1 gr., l, ,,,., , a t i Mrs. Emestine Wiedemmin Ohio Northern University, A.B. Ohio State University English 7 Q,- . f f ' ', 1 OOOO' .. X , I .-G. A fa x 6 ff' 0' 5 'I m " 'sb x N N, X , 3:12 VA . Hfflie - Q 0.0M X X X .,, J Q X w A X X 1 Q g g' Ml X Q Wk 4 M ' Q u Q' f A Q M3 0 l f m we , xN ! o 0 Q if ix . ' kv, o GX on ix A R . 5 , ' 1 1 fryg , fx' ki F, 4 , OJ "":"'4' --- W 5 A W 62: , - In WWW V ,W iw X V I JY ' l"""f"" ' ,,. - Q 2 '-9 - f ws 5 f , X X 'WW A -Md? 'wuuxrxg id A Q? 'Q "A" V f ' .. ? f CM Q K HX'R 'X '1 lk wiflmx s M X . s X 1 an X . . Xb s fax Q if GY xv uxxkfkkk- h QL! XE XXX, ,., x' Q ,E E - MEL f' - V. "N M Si "' L' 5 " 'ui K I gm? .... 'Lf 1 QQ- I , f ,fi 0 , 'V wr - xi M, -5 Mo . - .' , vs 4' N 1 ' 'QS Q Q N ,Qx q""? f ,,g Q? .. 5' 3, Q ,,ikWN ZiiW -x y L W ? Wwe? iw x - Q I4 FULL HOUSE" PRESIDENT VICE-Pm-:s1DEN,T BOYS, T R , P31 GBUS. Boggs , :L k', :,, - V K ' x ' 9' " E . " .- A K E E . RICHARD . ' I-ENHART KENNY MILLER CH ABLE E ' S KO E J' 1 Hx 5 MA ,M E . Wgsvm STFH SUZANN 'R 86935 ESMO1- XIX THREE JACKS...AND A PAIR OF QUEENS I5 ,EA MOTTO Anywhere, provided it be forward. COLORS Brown and White PROCESSIONAL With diplomas in our hands, We leave this place of learning . . . What the future holds for us We will bravely meet. With faith to match our vision We will go somewhere, Anywhere, Provided it be forward. -Richard Lenhart AVE ATQUE VALE To these hallowed halls of learning And the books of ancient lore- The desks with carved initials Of those who went before - To gossip in the locker rooms And laughter in the hall- Parties and formals in the spring, lnitiations in the fall- Classes cut for assemblies, Dances that followed the games- To teachers, ever willing To help us reach our aims- To these, and other memories Too numerous to tell, We close our book of school days And bid our sad farewell. -Dolores Earlie 16 FLOWER White Rose 1 RICHARD ABEI. Doing no mischief but only thinking of it. DeWITTE BARTON On my honor I'll do my best. PHYLLIS BRINK Slow and steady wins the race. N. - emi? YE HELEN BALSAT Wisdom and goodness are twinbom. LOIS BENNETT A gentle disposition brings the owner many friends. TACK BRUBAKER He believes in love at first sight, but believes in taking a second look. is Nytt HELENE BALSAT One heart must hold both sisters, never seen apart.. HARVEY BENTLEY Many things have been hoped for, and I'm still hoping. BETTY IANE BURKHART She couldn't lie if you paid her, and she'd starve before she stole. OLIVE BECKERLEG The simple tastes, The kindly traits. IoANNE BRICKLES Politeness costs nothing and gains everything. WILMA CREPS Life--thou art good! ,eg t-4 wvsigeset me if is-esvM':,sg,,-k .,, k,,k ,ti . 'ziazfegsggm k , . t,,.t,,fzegw,s - A f -f.-isles ttttto-itQ,tx,tegQs - l- 2 if swf ' as get ,: 1: ,f Y , , lf K " tgt www fy f Q I af M 5 ss ,L W it life 'l Q 2 'i e 6' S it -K it new , at g ! 5 L ta .f2.2': ' --1,.n- f 2' ,jsflift E" r .. -F' Llaffl-9 17 51 I ,x x .,,, 3, W Q. yt ' i ax Q H , A ,X 1 ," or '112 1"'Q if-e tt 'X ,Q ,,u, , ','.L Y st, 3 .,,k j ,,,. , .. .t Jl lq AVVA X I ,l,-l IVIA, jf? I zg' A JACK CUMMINGS MARGARET DIBLE DEAN DILLERY Dare him not, lest he do it- Speech is great, but silence A scientist he ought to be is greater. and the world's praise will l be his fee. t o my View :22 Q A BOB DRAY DONNA DULL DOLORES EARLIE His heart is like a streetcar, Her ways are ways of Aren't you glad you're you? always full, but always room pleasantness. for one more. BILL ETZINGER Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings. BEVERLY FLECHTNER Pardon me, l'll die tomorrow. DON FRANCE The greatest may ask foolish questions now and then. I8 ' " .::: if .,,: . , ttey t R ! ALBERTA DIPPELHOFER She has two eyes, so soft, so hazel-Beware! , - ttk li 1 B i x- 5 its' 3? i ,.,, 7"L i 'L V- FE ' ligase Y! il ' VIRGINIA ELSEA Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. HAZEL FRANKS A qay, serene is the source of all that is noble and good. f ...lg I ' ' HWS? ii ma Q K W R GLADYS FREET DALE FRUTH EILEEN FRUTH Blushes Ore the rainbow Of Hold fest to your desire. She mokes sweet music with modesty. th' enc1me1l'd stones. I S PATRICIA GARY RICHERD GOOD IEAN GROVES WILBUR HALL Nothing but may he better One can be or soldier Without EGS9 with diC11'1ilY- TUk9 life 100 SQUOUSIY and every better might be dying, ond Q lover Without Andwhutis itWOri1'1? best. siqhinq. ef' ' R I 1 A f A lf, k r is K. -' " 'tf R . lf ' 4 52 J E7., :g.g,j5ik VVAV M I in ' 'I "fz5fEiQ::f::5?is , BERNARD HANLEY DONNA HARTLEY HERBERT HATHAWAY WANDA HENDERSON Ternpted to let the whole No one is useless in this world Give me the simple lite. l'm full of vim, vigor, and thing slide. who liqhtens the burdens for vitality. ' others. 19 Ln. A SQ .ylz in t 'gk , if ' - Lf, V ef- . .8 I I t J 5. nf , x 'w"f.,, 4.5.5. Wifi" mi "ga Menu- tt 4.lQ:yim avs1W"""': w- t.gjgf.f,iS:6v!4m-4-1-1 wrffi,'i'.'IZf ' .,.,fg,rfiy4v4vewM fvgv 2,f":t?', ,M .wwlffif LQVONNE HENLINE Silence is CI true friend who never betrays. ALICE HOTTENSTEIN The smile, the cheerful, happy smile, were mode for home, ond lireside, peoce and happiness, ac: DEA IO HUTCHINS Mon hos his will--but Womon hos her woty. ",1 BETTY HENRY Allow me to spectk what l honestly feel. IACQUELYN HOUSER wont to lotuqh, love, ond AP ' H " "" Q l 4 l,e, m B B , - f .I lleel . . . . lllll . jf -. ' ' '4 " - Z- ' N-L . ,e,- 1 xi. - " ::: fi . . In ,. p-Q, - . Q .h wy " ' MARILYN HERRIG The better you know her, the better you like her. it A52 IOANNE HUFFMAN Better to be small ond shine, live. thon to be great cmd cost C1 J' it , We " S ' .t i 4' sggihv . Y it . ,,,, if if k ft -I .V- . ' .Ei E' BARBARA IONES lf wed never met -Ah-h-h-h but we did. shadow. RUBY KIMBLE A thought for the future. 20 '-. 'iii rf 3 we ,gat if af S .s X .fm 1 M Q f Mmm. rt, st? A.. ., Ai te ...ftgefgtkgh QQ ,.- mal.. , 42 533 5 " Q. or 1- if f M mf g 5 1 e W 92 ima tt ' A ' Mr.. , gg fart ff! . ...W 5. . t. W "Hat its H 4. ' 5 ft w w M1 53 f MJ A gm S S A ,S , wa 1 COLLEEN HICKERSON A perfect cloyl Where shall no rrton work but ploy, ' f K Y t,, s .Q t V7 L Hike! but-W.,.. 1' ' :f.- V if A if . kt, I h'tvS1.fv X. ALVEHNIS HUTCHINS A Woman is olwctys changeable cmd capricious. ff! 1,1 ' . 'YN'-1 .2 I "M . ' i"k"' X hw.. -rf. ,Q 5-V . . ta f 'A ff' if ti N f 45' CHARLES KOESTER Let knowledqe grow from IHOT9 to IHOIQ. az- iv 'F DELORIS KOPF I don't feel tied down. IEANNINE LANE Dreaming for dreams to come true. fir 3 , 'Q as R? vi ,L ' EVELYN LIND MARILYN LONGFELLOW Always calm and serene. Brightly smile and sweetly sing. Q 1 ROY MCCELLAN Don'l take it out on the men. NORMA MCKBY There is always one leader'-e by which others are judged. RICHARD LENHART A jolly lad so full of fun. And always nice to everyone V I 4:5303 Xxl, T 5 5 VW 'T ff-lgh it ., F 4 by 4,17 L - I ROBERT LUCIUS my fn SALLY LUNDBERG To do nothing is the way to The Efe of cr Woman is full be nothing. it L q - of woe. , i k ., Q, l '5 "1.v . k.'.,, ' l ..2:. FAYE MANSFIELD ROBERT MARQUARDT She is ever fair and proud, Men ot few words are the has a tongue at will and never loud. best men. -R VIRGINIA MAURER Here's to the girl with a heart and a smile, that makes this bubble of life worth While. 1' .15 -Q , M. , CATHERINE MEDLEY TUNE MERGENTHALHI We can live with love. A girl with more soul in her face than words on her tongue. KENNETH MILLER Wonder what this old place would be like without me. ,-rl I SL . Y 2 fie I .7V'f , s fi 1 y LV y H y ff' it 7-59 DORIS MOOTS A MARY IO MOREHART FRANCES MULLHOLAND ELEANOR MUNGER Such is one of many pleasant The time to be happy is now, Home is Where the heart is. I have neither wit nor words WUYS' nor Worth-l only speak right on. RICHARD MUTER Laugh where We must Be candid where we can But vindicate the Ways oi God to man. E tn. if A 2 if xii ss L gk ',i. ' I :',- ,- 'fa - if ipti ispip - . ,,i, is T x Vt, . T, Liii.-fvj.t K W ',.n 7 , . g ypsipi 5. afafw 3 . iip I A ' :T I '3 -ii- l Q fi - Q . .iii BETTY NIDAY NORMA NISWANDER Smooth job-- Silence is more eloquent than Outshines 'ern all. words. 2,2 IFITY OPPERMAN Have more than thou showest, Speak less than thou knowest, Lend less than thou owest. BEVON PRINTER Character is the beacon to success. PAT POST The voice with a smile always wins. DORIS REIDLING Only cz life of love while we are here. 2' is ,l,. gh lax Q' M ,.. . ' N' K , , gi it f T 'sll T T - ROBERT PEYTON THELMA PICKETT Surel smiling is not sinning. 'Tis just what ou are and Y do. - is , iftsgiik' , V f issl T It 1 .L,L Qi .s-"l . fs? --kg, t T JV 1 T - , Psgf if g 44 ,Qi I rg A ROIERT PREBLE A little learning is a VIRGINIA PBITCHARD What ever is worth doing at GARLYN RADER A promise for all her dangerous thing. all is worth doing well. tomorrows. , IRC! BCHWAI HIHMAN SEBI. PHYLLIS SENDELBACH I am the master of my fate, Easy come, easy go. Quiet and unassuming The captain of my soul. 23 J ri , .A 55, Rf 5 , 'fig 1' gg i Q, Q Z 5 QQ . ,xr W i. A gf fn 1' 't ' x N H 5 I 3 f V , .1 ,..,,,,5.ff X 12,3 t '- :'. gf . "Win n ,Q 12, 1 y ROBERT SHEETS A sure pace-maker. ,L s A we A., 5. 3 I it ,l ,W E 57" am' IANICE SHUMAKER Not that I love study less, But that I love fun more, ,J -x Q K- L 1 X 1 -RN R ,ff 4 2? fig I LAURA SHERICK Mistaken by many to be of a meek disposition. - an if oiii ARLENE SHUMAN To begin is half the work. SUZANNE SMOTHERS NAOMI SPEELMAN Faithful is she in every way, What could l do with size Always the same from day to when l do so much without it. day. BETTY IO SHIRK So near and yet so far. LOIS SLAUGHTERBECK Content to follow when the Way is lead. 1 131 f fl f :ig ggtfj gm Ffh- -, . IOANNE SPROUT Could anythinq be more delightful than beauty combined with cheerfulness? 24 'a PATRICIA SHIRK ln her the grave and playful mixed. I yyyyty it R l st yy . K ki'7 fgff E btysttt .ylet R X . . T sst CARROLL SMITH Enjoy what you cam endure what you must. if X as if jay " .35 AUDREY STATLER And the light of heaven transtiqures her golden hair. fx f ELTON STEINMAN Every man has his devilish moments. DOROTHY TAYLOR Better to be out of this World than out of fashion. JACK WATTS O world! O life! O time! i, s53'm tis I -ow... Q if i ' ' N'-.,f -1 my i as "Qs: r F5 ., - ff ia. -fm , f A -A A . 1' - L FLG 5'-4 ' K,fi"if S O-.W f'k.,,Lr 'L ' ,V 1 ' . If jf .-.gfgf 'L ,I -'fr ff.: f -- . ii t . . I ,i w-Y f ix v ' gg. 9 tw. in -XP! ,g ggur Qi Q Wi: 'tw , -W . , . 3 32 5343 3-t 3 I J 'fe 'fllfff r is 'R tt SLE if -is -- .ag -fry-3: 1 t I ffl ft. SEN." . f ROBERT STEVENS The easiest person to deceiv is one's self. -1 X X X 5 1' X, Q52 v X' 1 ' f' 4 i is .Q wtf, , . -Q B I . gr:-5,,.l'2, 'Sag 'f 'f ' fairs: A lm.. ."fNm,.H' . O55 F ff Wx,."' MILDRED TRAUSCH What e'er I do, what e'er I say, Rest assured, I'll qet my way. KEITH WETHERILL fi tttt K Izg - if K I I f if E .SQ 7 . . .xi THOMAS STEVENSON A little nonsense now and then Is relished by the best of men. it .,'tt ix 1 t i . , - 1 15-I .rg l... j IOAN WAGNER Deliqhtfully different. MARY ALICE WILLOBY Life is HO lonqer if We ht-1ITy, Sometimes glad, sometimes Life is not better if We Worry. sad, sometimes mischievous, Z5 but never bad. IESSIE LOU WALTERMIRE Serious in every endeavor, Pleasant whatever the weather. 'Y' . . Z -vi" . , l I ft 1 X .K 5: , . lg is . - I ' Ea A , BARBARA YODER Everyone is crazy but me and thee, and sometimes I suspect thee a little. X-F 9 M ' 9 ox ' 'J er P! Q' "' sf 0 B .'w H .fwfdx 3 1' 4 I V AQAV Y jp ,U A M 4 xxx gf Q IQ! I' K I 1 Ex I ,D 9 ydw N A 3,26 -K U f 11 1 'iw fy NQSQXX my V0 I J f In 0 9 . AMW? , K .R , V mg Iimumv,.xw1,r' gg ,im lrgqg X w K Q 1 me if 1 I EMVYQAYMBIE Ahlgxxkvf Z V. 7 fx 'X . 11 ,X ' 1 S12 iicxxwi X.1vlY1,d ,xgm,wQ,,rkM Q wm,,M ,WXLQQ M!!-V M s F 1 'fi.i"fXkHMx ijidfxz' ZA' A Q ,Uwe Nfmkcpn wh ?5n:.x'ur' Q f N GW Cx, Fw A KH-N . , J ' A V uw,-im Vlpvoai 5 Vmvwy cmfkaq X ,Q Q x 1 ig 1 , 5 X LX uhm , Mxhbfx PX-Jbbg PEQSIUNALITI E5 wr' X X E ' Q D 4 giiiw -Q iliijfxl gras P VV qgggn . 1 'A " r K gl Xu! Q' my W -,- . . 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SENIOR ACTIVITIES Chorus 2 Football Team 4,3 Bowling League 4 Boys' Sports l Helen Balsat Annual Staff 4 All-School Play 4 Cheerleader l Chorus 4,3,2 One-Act Play Contest 3 Girls' Glee 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 lournal Staff 4 Iournal Salesman 4 Omicron Lambda 4,3,2 Scholarship Test 3 Freshmen Players l War Stamps 4 Girls' Basketball 4,3 Volleyball Team 4 Helene Balsat Annual Staff 4 Cheerleader l Chorus 4,3,2, Girls' Glee 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 lournal Staff 4,3 lournal Salesman 4 lunior Class Play 3 War Stamps 4 Girls' Basketball 4,3 Volleyball Team 4 Omicron Lambda 4,3,2 Freshmen Players 1 De Witte Barton A Cappella Choir 4,3 All-School Play 4 Annual Staff 4 Boys' Glee 4,3,2 Chorus 4,3 Hi-Y 4,3 Operetta 3,2 Science Club l Olive Ann Beckerleg Bellevue, Pennsylvania 2,1 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 3 Lois Bennett Annual Staff 4 Cafeteria Staff 4 Chorus 2 One-Act Play Contest 2 Girls' Glee 2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 Salesmanship Club 4 lournal Salesman 4 Library Staff 4 Music Club l War Stamps 4 Annual Staff .4 A Cappella Choir 4,3,2 Boys' Glee Z Chorus 3,2 Football Team 4,3 Hi-Y 4,3 Operetta 4,3,2 Boys' Sports 4,3,2 Music Club l IoAnne Brickles Chorus 4,3,2 G. A. A. 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 lunior G. A. A. l Phyllis Brink Annual Staff 4 Home EC 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 Home Arts Club I lack Brubaker Annual 4 All-School Play 4 Marching Band 3,2,l Concert Band 3,2,l Hi-Y 4,3 lunior Class Play 3 Scholarship Test 3 Freshmen Players l Betty lane Burkhart Annual Staff 4 A Cappella Choir 4,3,2 Chorus 4,3,2,l Home Ec 4 G. A, A. 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 4 Operetta 3,2 lunior G. A. A. l Wilma Creps Annual Staff 4 A Cappella Choir 4 Cheerleader 2 Chorus 4,3,2,l G. A. A. 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 War Stamps 4 Girls' Basketball 4 Scholarship Test 2 Iunior G. A. A. l Freshmen Players 1 Annual Staff 4 A Cappella Choir 4,3 Vice Pres. Basketball 4,3,2 Boys' Glee 4,3,2 Chorus 4,3,2,l One-Act Play Contest 3 Football Team 4,3,2 I-li-Y 4,3 lunior Class Play 3 War Stamps 4 Omicron Lambda 4,3 Operetta 4,3,2 Projection Staff 4,3,2 Scholarship Test 2 Freshmen Players l Margaret Dible Annual Staff 4 Chorus 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 Music Club l Dean Dillery Annual Staff 4 All-School Play 4 Hi-Y 4,3 Scholarship Test 4,3,2,l Alberta Dippelhoier Annual Staff 4 Chorus 2, 1 One-Act Play Contest 3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 lournal Staii 4 loumal Salesman 4 Iunior High Choir 1 Lambda Sigma 4,3 Secretary Treasurer Library Staff 3 Scholarship Test 3,2,l Scriveners 4,3,2 Freshmen Players 1 Bob Dray Annual Staff 4 Accounting Staff 4 Marching Band 2,1 Boys' Basketball l Football Team 4,3 I-li-Y 4,3 War Stamps 4,3 Student Council 3 Science Club 2,1 Bowling League 4 Donna Dull Annual Staff 4 A Cappella Choir 4,3,2 Chorus 4,3,2 Home Ec 4,2, G. A. A. 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 Operetta 4,3,2 Music Club 1 27 Dolores Edrlie Findlay High School 3,2,l Annual Staff 4 G. A. A. 4 Lambda Sigma 4 Scholarship Test 3,2,l Scriveners 4 Bowling League 4 Girls' Basketball 4 Virginia Elsea Annual Staff 4 Home Ec 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 Home Arts Club l Bill Etzinger Boys' Basketball Manager Football Manager 4,3,2 Track Manager 3 Hi-Y 4,3 Boys' Sports l Don France Annual Staff 4 A Cappella Choir 4,3,2 Boys' Glee 4,3,2 Chorus 4,3,2 Football Team 4,3,2 Hi-Y 4,3 Operetta 3,2,l Boys' Sports l Beverly Flechtner Annual Staff 4 Chorus 2,1 Girls' Glee 2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 Ioumal Staff 4,3 loumal Salesman 4 Girls' Basketball 4,3 Volleyball Team 4 Omicron Lambda 4,3 Scholarship Test 2 Freshmen Players l Hazel Franks Annual Staff 4 Chorus 2 Home Ec 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 Drama Club l Iunior High Choir 1 Bowling League 4 Gladys Free! Annual Staff 4 A Cappella Choir 4,3,2 Chorus 4,3,2 Home Ec 4,3,2: Treasurer Girls' Glee 4,3,2 Operetta 4,3,2 Freshmen Players l Iunior High Chorus l 3,2,l ,JA Dale Fruth Wayne High School 3,2 Hi-Y 4 Annual Staff 4 Boys' Sports l Eileen Fruth Annual Stait 4 A Cappella Choir 4,3 Chorus 4,3,2,l Girls' Glee 4,2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 Omicron Lamdba 4,3,2 Operetta 3 Scholarship Test 3,2 Scriveners 2 Music Club l Freshmen Players l War Stamps 4 Pat Gary Annual Staff 4 Marching Band l Chorus 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2:A Leader lournal Staff 3 Iournal Salesman 3 Omicron Lambda 4,3,2: Secretary-Treasurer Concert Orchestra l Scholarship Test 3,2,l Freshmen Players l Richerd Good Annual Staff 4 Hi-Y 4,3: Treasurer lournal Staff 4,3,2 Iournal Salesman 4,3 National Honor 4,3 Scholarship Test 3,2,l Science Club l lean Groves Annual Staff 4 A Cappella Choir 4,3 Chorus 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 Lambda Sigma 4,3,2 Operetta 3 Scholarship Test 4,3,2,l Student Nurse 4,3 Freshmen Players l Bill Hall Annual Staff 4 Hi-Y 4,3 Boys' Sports 1 Bemard Hanley Annual Staff 4 Hi-Y 4,3 Iunior Hi-Y 2,1 Donna lean Hartley Annual Staff 4 Chorus 4,3,2 Home Ec 4,3,2,l War Stamps 4 lunior G. A. A. l Salesmanship Club 4 Herbert Hathaway A Cappella Choir 4,3,2 Boys' Glee 2 Chorus 2 Hi-Y 3 Operetta 3,2 Boys' Sports l Wanda Henderson Annual Staff 4 Cheerleader 4,3,2,l Chorus 4,3,2,l G. A. A. 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 4,3,2 Iournal Staff 4,3 lunior Class Play 3 Bowling League 4 Volleyball Team 4 Girls' Basketball 4 lunior High Choir l Scholarship Test 2 Student Council 3,1 Salesmanship Club 4 Iacquelyn Houser Annual Staff 4 All-School Play 4 Chorus 4,3,2 Debate 4 G. A. A. 4,3: President Girls' Glee 4 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 lournal Salesman 4 lunior Class Play 3 Girls' Basketball 4,3 Bowling League 4 Library Staff 4 National Honor 4,3 Science Club l Volleyball Team 4 Alice Hottenstein Annual Staff 4 Chorus 3 Home EC 4,3,2 Library Staff 4,3,2 Iunior G. A. A. 1 Alvemis Hutchins Annual Staff 4 Chorus 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 War Stamps 4 Girl Reserves 4,3,2:A Leader Sslssmsnship Club 4 LaVonne Henline Annual Staff 4 Chorus l Home Ec 4,3,2,l G. A. A. 4 Salesmanship Club 4 Betty Henry Annual Staff 4 Chorus 4,3 Home Ec. 4,3,2,l: Secretary War Stamps 4 Salesmanship Club 4 lunior G. A. A. l Marilyn Herrig Annual Staff 4 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 lournal Staff 4,3,2 Iournal Salesman 4 Lambda Sigma 4,3,2: Program Chairman Scholarship Test 2 Student Nurse 4,3 lunior Girl Reserves 1 Colleen Hickerson Annual Staff 4 A Cappella Choir 4,3,2 Chorus 4,3,2 G. A. A. 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 4,3,2 Bowling League 4 lunior High Choir l War Stamps 4 Operetta 3,2 Scholarship Test l Student Nurse 3 lunior G. A. A. l Music Club l Ioanne Huffman Annual Staff 4 A Cappella Choir 4,3 Chorus 4,3,Z Girls' Glee 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2: Treasurer Omicron Lambda 4,3 Operetta 3 Scholarship Test 3 Student Council 4 lunior Girl Reserves l lunior High Choir l Dea Io Hutchins Annual Staff 4 Accounting Staff 4,3 Cafeteria Staff 4,3 Chorus 2 One-Act Play Contest 2 Girls' Glee 2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2: Secretary lournal Staff 4,3 lournal Salesman 4,3 Student Council 4 Music Club l Barbara Iones Annual Stall 4 Cafeteria Staff 3 Chorus 4,3,2,l One-Act Play Contest 2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 lournal Staff 4,3: Editor Iournal Salesman 3 War Stamps 4 National Honor 4,3: Vice President 28 Omicron Lambda 4,3,2: Program Chairman Scholarship Test 4,3,2,l Scriveners 4,3,2 Iunior Girl Reserves l Ruby Kimble Home Ec 4,3,2,l Library Staff 4,3,2,l Charles Koester D Annual Staff 4 Marching Band 4,3,2,l One-Act1Play Contest 3 Debate 4 Hi4Y 4,3 Iunior Class Play 3 War Stamps 4 Pep Band 4,3,2,l National Honor 4, 3: President Concert Orchestra 4,3,2, Pit Orchestra 4,3,2,l Scholarship Test 4,3,2,l Student Council 4,3 Science- Club 1 eLoris Kopt Annual Staff 4 A Cappella Choir 4,3,2 Chorus 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 War Stamps 4 Operetta 4,3,2 Music Club l Iecmnine Lane Annual Staff 4 A Cappella Choir 4 Chorus 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 War Stamps 4 Girls' Basketball 4 Volleyball Team 4 Operetta 4 Freshmen Players l Richard Lenhart Annual Staff 4 A Cappella Choir 4,3,2 All-School Play 4,2 Boys' Glee 4,3,2 Chorus 4,3,2 One-Act Play Contest 2 Hi-Y 4,3:Secretary lournal Staff 4,3 Iournal Salesman 4,3 Iunior Class Play 3 Magazine Campaign 4: Student Manager Omicron Lambda 4,3,2 Operetta 4,3,2 Scholarship Test l Scriveners 4,3 Student Council 4,3 Freshmen Players l War Stamps 4 Boys' Octette 4 l Evelyn Lind Annual Staff 4 A Cappella Choir 4,3,2 Chorus 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 4,3,2 Operetta 4,3,2 Boys' Sports 2 Iunior Hi-Y 1 Track Team 4,3 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 virginia Mum-er lournal Staff 4 Iournal Salesman 4 Omicron Lambda 4,3:President Operetta 4,3,2 Student Council I War Stamps 4 Iunior High Choir l Marilyn Longfellow Frankfort, Indiana 3,2,l A Cappella Choir 4 Chorus 4 Girls' Glee 4 Girls' Sextette 4 Operetta 4 Bob Lucius Football Team 3 I-li-Y 4,3 Track Team 4,3 Operetta l Science Club 1 Sally Lundberg Annual Staff 4 A Cappella Choir 4 Chorus 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3 Operetta 4 Iournal Staff 3 Music Club l Roy McClellan Annual 4 Boys' Sports 2,1 Norma lane McKay Girl Reserves 3,2 Omicron Lambda 3,2: Secretary-Treasurer Scriveners 3,2 lournal Staff 3 Magazine Campaign 3: Student Manager lunior Class Play 3 Band 1 Science Club 1 Chorus 3,2 Faye Mansfield Annual Staff 4 Chorus 4,2 Home Ec 4,3,2 :President Girl 'Reserves 4,3,2 Student Nurse 3 lunior Girl Reserves 1 Robert Marquardt Annual Staff 4 A Cappella Choir 4,3,2 Boys' Glee 4,3,2 Boys' Basketball 4,3,2 Chorus 4,3,2 Hi-Y 4,3 Annual Staff 4 A Cappella Choir 4,3 Marching Band l Cafeteria Staff 2 Cheerleader 4,3 Chorus 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2:A Leader lournal Staff 3 lournal Salesman 3 Omicron Lambda 3 Operetta 3 Concert Grchestra l Student Council 4 Volleyball Team 4 Freshmen Players 1 Catherine Medley Annual Staff 4 Chorus 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 War Stamps 4 Library Staff 4 Student Nurse 3 Iunior Girl Reserves l Iune Mergenthaler Annual Staff 4 Chorus 4,2 Home Ec 4,3 Girls' Glee 2 Girl Reserves 4,3 lunior G. A. A. l Kenny Miller Annual Staff 4 Boys' Basketball 4,3,2,l One-Act Play Contest 3 Hi-Y 4,3:Vice President War Stamps 4 Student Council 4,3,2 Boys' Sports l Magazine Campaign 4: Student Manager Doris Moots Annual Staff 4 Chorus 2 Home EC 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 Iunior Girl Reserves l Mary Io Morehart Annual Staff 4 Chorus 2 Home Ec 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 Bowling League 4 Iunior Girl Reserves 1 29 Frances Mullholand Annual Staff 4 G. A. A. 4,3,2 lunior G. A. A. l Eleanor Munger Annual Staff 4 Chorus 4,3,2 Debate 4 G. A. A. 4,3 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 Journal Staff 4,3 lournal Salesman 4 Library Staff 4 Scholarship Test 3 lunior Girl Reserves l Richard Muter A Cappella Choir 4,3,2,l Annual Staff 4 Boys' Basketball l Boys' Glee 4,3,2,l Cheerleader 4,3 Chorus 4,3,2,l lunior Class Play 3 Operetta 3,2,l Projection Staff 2 Student Council l Traffic Patrol 3 lunior I-li-Y l Salesmanship Club 4: President Betty Niday A Cappella Choir 4,3 Annual Staff 4 Cafeteria Staff 2 Cheerleader 4,3,2,l Chorus 4,3,2 One-Act Play Contest 3 G. A. A. 4 Girls' Glee 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 Iournal Staff 3 Iournal Salesman 3 Volleyball Team 4 Girls' Basketball 4,3 Omicron Lambda 3,2 Operetta 3 Freshman Players l Norma Niswander Home EC 4,3,2,l Girl Reserves 4 Annual 4 lunior G. A. A. l Betty Oppenna-n Annual Staff 4 Cafeteria Staff 4,3 Chorus 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 Iournal Stalt 4,3 Iournal Salesman 4 Concert Orchestra l Freshmen Players l Salesmanship Club 4 Secretary Bevon Painter Annual Staff 4 Hi-Y 4,3: Chaplain Traffic Patrol 4,3 Captain Boys' Sports 1 Bob Peyton Annual Staff 4 Hi-Y 4,3 Bowling League 4 Trattic Patrol 4,3: Captain Thelma Pickett Annual Staff 4 A Cappella Choir 4,3,2 Chorus 4,3,2 Home Ec 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 Operetta 3,2 Music Club l Pat Post Annual Stati 4 Chorus 4,3,2 G. A. A. 4 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 lournal Staff 4,3 Ioumal Salesman 4,3 Volleyball Team 4 Omicron Lambda 3 Robert Preble Annual Staff 4 Hi-Y 4,3 Bowling League 4 Traltic Patrol 4 lunior Hi-Y l Virginia Pritchard Annual Staff 4 Chorus 4,3,2 Debate 4 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 Iournal Salesman 4 Lambda Sigma 4,3 National Honor 4,3: Secretary Scholarship Test 3,2,l Science Club l Garlyn Rader Annual Statt 4 Chorus 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 Drama Club l Salesmanship Club 4: Program Chairman War Stamps 4 Lambda Sigma 4,3 Library Staff 4,3,2 Doris Reidling Burgoon High School 2 l Annual Staff 4 Chorus 4 Girl Reserves 4,3 Salesmanship Club 4: Treasurer I A lack Schwab Annual Staff 4 A Cappella Choir 4,3,2 Boys' Glee 4,3,Z Cafeteria Staff 3 Chorus 4,3,2 I-li-Y 4,3 Operetta 3,2 Boys' Sports 1 Herman Seel Annual Staff 4 A Cappella Choir 4,3,2 Boys' Glee 4,3,2 Chorus 4,3,2 Drama Club l Operetta 3,2 Phyllis Sendelbach Annual Staff 4 Home Ec 4,3,2,l: News Reporter Iunior G. A. A. 3,2,l Robert Sheets Annual Staff 4 Marching Band 2,1 Boys' Basketball 4,3,2: Captain Football Team 3 Hi-Y 4,3: President Concert Band 2,1 Track Team 4 Science Club l Student Council 4 Pit Orchestra 2,1 Concert Orchestra 2,1 Laura Sherick Chorus 2,1 G. A. A. 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 2,1 Student Nurses 3 lunior G.A.A. l ' Music Club l Betty lo Shirk A Cappella Choir 4,3 Annual Staff 4 Chorus 4,3,Z Girls' Glee 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 Journal Staff 4 Iournal Salesman 4 Omicron Lambda 2 Operetta 4,3 Student Council l Freshman Players l Pat Shirk A Cappella Choir 4,3,2 Chorus 4,3,2 G. A. A. 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 Bowling League 4 Girls' Basketball 3 lunior G. A. A. l Salesmanship Club 4 Ianice Shumaker Annual Staff 4 Cafeteria Staff 2 Chorus 4,3,2 One-Act Play Contest 3 Girls' Glee 2 Girl Reserves 4,3,Z Iournal Staff 4 lournal Salesman 4 War Stamps 4 Omicron Lambda 4,3 Freshman Players l Arlene Shuman Annual Staff 4 Chorus Z G. A. A. 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 2 lunior G. A. A. l Lois Sluuqhterbeck Bloomdale High School 2,1 Annual Staff 4 Chorus 4,3 G. A. A. 4 Girl Reserves 4,3 Salesmanship Club 4 Student Nurse 3 Carroll Smith A Cappella Choir 4,3,Z Boys' Glee 4,3,2 Cafeteria Staff 2 Chorus 4,3,2 Football Team 3 Hi-Y 4,3 Operetta 3,2 Boys' Sports l Suzy Smothers Annual Staff 4 Chorus 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 4 Girl Reserves 4,3,2: Vice-President lunior Class Play 3 Magazine Campaign 4: Student Manager Bowling League 4: President Omicron Lambda 4,3 Student Council 4,3 Science Club l Naomi Speelman Annual Staff 4 Ioanne Sprout Annual Staff 4 Accounting Staff 4,3 Chorus 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 3 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 Iournal Salesman 2 Lambda Sigma 4,3,Z: Vice-President Scholarship Test 4,3,2,l Student Council 2,1 Student Nurse 4,3 Iunior Girl Reserves l .Audrey Statler Lambda Sigma 4,3,2: President Girl Reserves 4,3,2: A Leader Girls' Glee 4,3,2 Accounting Staff 4 Chorus 4,3,2 Scholarship Test 3,2,l lunior Class Play 3 Annual Staff 4 lunior Girl Reserves l Elton Steinman Annual Staff 4 Football Team 3,2,l Concert Band 3,2,l Boys' Sports 1 Robert Stevens Annual Staff 4 Marching Band 4,3,2,l Concert Band 4,3,2,l: President Hi-Y 4,3 Pep Band 4,3 Bowling League 4: Secretary War Stamps 4 Scholarship Test 2 Tom Stevenson Boys' Basketball l Football Team 3,2,l Football Manager 4 Bowling League 4 Student Council 2 Boys' Sports l Dotty Taylor Sidney High School 3,2,l Annual Staff 4 Chorus 4 Girls' Glee 4 Girl Reserves 4 Iournal Staff 4 lournal Salesman 4 War Stamps 4 Volleyball Team 4 Omicron Lambda 4 Mildred Trausch Annual Staff 4 Chorus l Girls' Glee l Girl Reserves 4,3,Z lunior Girl Reserves l Ioan Wagner Accounting Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Cafeteria Staff 4 Chorus 4,3,2 Home EC 3,2,l G. A. A. 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 4,3,2 Iournal Staff 3 Iunior G. A. A. l Iessie Lou Waltermire A Cappella Choir 4,3 All-School ,Play 4 Annual Staff 4 Chorus 4,3,2 Girls' Glee 4,3 Girl Reserves 4,3,2: President Drama Club l lunior Class Play 3 National Honor 4,3 Operetta 4,3 Omicron Lambda 4,3,2 Scholarship Test 3 Scriveners 4,3,2 Student Council 4 lack Watts Hi-Y 4,3 Basketball Manager 2 Projection Staff 2,1 Traffic Patrol 4 Boys' Sports l Keith Wetherill A Cappella Choir 4,3,2 Marching Band 3,2,l Drum Major 4 Boys' Glee 4,3,2 Cafeteria Staff 3,2 Cheerleader l Chorus 4,3,2 Football Manager 2,1 Hi-Y 3 Journal Staff 2,1 Iunior Class Play 3 Pep Band 4,3,2,l War Stamps 4 Concert Band 4,3,2,l Boys' Octette 4 Ornicron Lambda 2 Operetta 4,3,2 Concert Orchestra 4,3,2 l Pit Orchestra 4,3,2,l Projection Staff l Freshman Players l Mary Alice Willoby Chorus l G. A. A. 4 Girl Reserves 4,3,2 Iunior Girl Reserves l Student Nurse 4,3,2 Barbara Yoder Annual Staff 4 Chorus 4,3,2 G. A. A. 4,3,2,l: Vice-President Girls' Glee 3,2 War Stamps 4 Salesmanship Club 4 We point with pride to the Iunior class of Fostoria High School. This outstanding group has shown increasingly steady progress. This year the Class of '47 has had more and bigger responsibilities than they had ever had before. To begin With, the Iuniors have been affiliated with a great many of the activities around our school. They have taken active parts in nearly every one of the many organizations of Fostoria High. The Iunior class play was a very Worthwhile production performed by this class. lt showed evi- dence of much hard study and a lot of dramatic ability. Upon them, the task of planning and presenting the Iunior-Senior Prom was placed. This difficult job was carried out in a very efficient manner. The lunior class has been active in all kinds of sports. A splendid performance by each of the Iunior players helped carry our teams through many occasions. In music and art, also, this class has Hent. The students have had leading parts in the operetta, ghd their artistic ability has been praised by many. This class has shown that next year the difficult problems that will be facing the students as seniors will be met in a capable Way by this group. JUNIOR OFFICERS Spike Hill, Class President, President of 324 Iunior Shumaker, Vice-President, President of 326 Phyllis Gillett, Treasurer, Don Might, President of 328 Margaret Reber, Secretary 32 IUNIORS 'Ji ig t L 4 4 . 3 .P A :.,I , .,kL i, kr f 5 i 5 l, B Q lane Allison Robert Alley Virginia Babb Ruth Baker Marvel Ash Georgia Apple Ioyce Bormuth Gene Beeson ,tx E DOH Burqbccher Betty Cockie We,-M3911 Conley Roger Cole Gayle Burke 'Harry Buckingham Sally Crosby 'Eileen De Barr swf' -J, -4 fa Fox Phyllis Gillett lim Hanover Ted Hanson Norman Gibat Frank Gary Betty Harler Ioan Groves 33 Maxine Brant Verna Boucher Donna Brombley Iohn Bowman lean Engle Floyd Emerine Geneva Emahiser Mary Deckard Ruth Henline Mildred Herbert Ioan Harler leannine I-larter Donna Buckingham Charles Buchholtz Beverly Brown lda Brown MOTIYH FGITSU 'Arline Foufs Marjorie Feisel Mary Flechtner Beverly Hessey Harlen Homer Anna Mae Housley David Hollenbaugh 'Vtfithclrawn JUNIORS Pat l-lunker Ronald Hyte Marilyn Keele 'W se' 'at exwfs. 4, Dorothy Koons Don Kisabeth Kathleen Kirkenclall I-Xrvetta Kopf Norma Lambriqht it tgt we Paul Laurence Lynn Leedy Roberta Maqley Alice Mane lOCI1'1 Lcfpidos La Donna Larson Mary Lewis Betty Lorah S Roger Marietta Bob Marks Lucille McCullough Bonnie Morqart Leo Morel Bob Myers loyce l loyce Mansfield Kenny Matz Geflfude Mccubbin luanita Mosier Esther Moffitt Lydia Moyer loAnne Luclla Miller Walter McClellan ,ls y L -also Q, , - Xt.- fx, , L .tag - P PM 'I - Q , W 1 V K :g:,,iJ" V I., V W J , ,... .1 I A Gene Nusser Don Ostrosky Rnlon Pratt Duane Peters LaDonna Rader Allan Rasey MCYTQUTGT Reber Robert Betty Ortega Elenore Patterson lim Pierce Carolyn Peaas 'Betty Purdy liinet Ramsey lvlfancla Rae Eileen 'Withdrawn 34 , g it , si 2 1 ff' fi, i 1 2' 5 9 42 jf W all at Q ,f If it ,S .1 v Q J' 'lt -Q 4 ff a 54 .... K lumons ll K, M . i 5 tn Richards Ioanne Roihenbuhler Iohn Sharp Marilyn Sherlock loan Sm'th I ' Sh 1 unior urnaker Harold Souder WCIUCIG SPCIUQIGY 'Evelyn Rust Elma Robinson Josephine Shultz Mary Shultz Betty Sinqleion Beflie Smilh Iackie Snyder Donna Sprow Q-4-.. Wilda Tate lack Sieams less Torres Don True Paul Vogel Charles Volkmer Tom Ward lim Williams arbura Stainbrook Marvine Thomas Sally Ullery Don Vogel Kathleen Walsh Marianne Warner Iunior Ward Wiihdramm I Charleen Stump H, Gwen ?' iw Art Wolfarth Don Might Arlene McComb Wolfelt Linden Brooks Spike Hill Esta Sheridan Duane Might Ralph Hummell 35 This Class of '48 has taken another great stride forward during the past school year. They have assumed their places as students of Senior High with the confidence and capability of well-informed students. ln virtually every Senior High project, one finds that this group is very well represented. ln the fields of sports, music, and dramatics, as well as in the scholastic field, this sophomore class has played an extremely important part. The Class of '48 has shown the rest of us that they really do possess the ability and initiative to handle the many responsibilities that will be placed upon them next year as Iuniors. Some of these responsi- bilities will be the Iunior Class play, the Iunior-Senior prom, and a number of other extra-curricular activi- ties. We know that these will all be carried out in the same efficient manner that the sophomores have always shown. SOPHOMORE OFFICERS HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS Pat Travis, Byron Niswender, lack Bateson, Ruth Hattendorf 36 SOPHOMORES fs .. a Floyd Allison Duane Angles Genevieve Baker Goldie Aurand Francis Batdorff Patsy Beiqh Bob Bomer Don Bollinger 'anice Anderson Garland Allison Barbara Barth Betty Basehore Helen Baxter Bill Basinqer Nancy Berlinqhoff Dick Blosser L, ,ll.,, Liyqy i if J fgi : : 3 .. , Peary Bollinger Iohn Brant Mary Lou Burkhart Gene Claypool Bob Compton Duane Crow Mary Lou Davis 'Wanda Bovee Bill Brown Lgvonne Browning Nancy Carter Doris Cole Mary Ann Cook Betty Cooper Pat Carson Hazel Buckingham . A 1 Ed Dewalt Norman Dieter Donna Earlie Pat Deuble Paul Evers Bob Forster Mildred Groves Vera' Groves qry Devore Aung Iqng Devore Iggngite England Mildred English Mardell France LaVon Grooms Ruth Guthrie Barbara Etzinqer 37 SOPHOMCRES G , 3 si ,vu f ,, 3 -:ff:ff..- fi ? " Fw - L Hiiflfl K Li Fr ,- A 1 .V ' i , . , . . ,ssl V ,ws - -, K , ,QP 1 L r f L R Q " 5 we A Q. .rest Dick Harding Nelson Harris Alyce Henning Dwight Hazeltine lim Hicks Herb Horn Don Hutchins Larry lckes Gene Hanley Ann Harrold Deloris Harsh Ruth Hattendorf Donna Hoffbaurer Greta House Mary Io Howell Dorothy lohnsa Robert lohnson lahnnie lohnson Wayne Kingery lack Lambright Gib Lane Frazer Leuck Arden Lockhart Gordon Lewis A1 lOHGS Cherrie lCICkSO1'1 loan lordan Allan Kimble Mary Lentz Norna lane Lee Ilene Lindernan Rheta Loach Dick Lowmaster Charles LyBurtus Robert Meng Bill Mottram Duane Munger Richard Musser Paul Preble Charles Pat Lunsford Marilyn Martin Paula Molter Elsie Moore Barbara Myers lanet Newhouse leannine Pierce lflne- 38 SOPHOMbRES we 1 I 'rf Arkr ,i W "'t1,.e iU fr f 325 S 2 ' W 5 2 . V, , K, VV iiir- 215-A Q it 'fr' ,rf 7' . 7 ' .,eQ i f 't" '1fiff'9f"fl,1ifr?i'4ti if ,ii h fr .v i z 5 -. Cliff Reinhard Arthur Reinhard Iohn Boyer Beverly Pioose Iunior Romiq Helen Rose Natacha Rowe Harvey Saxton Lowell Shrider Sharon Saddoris Georgia Smith Stella Snyder sw' V ,fs , ge we I ,, ,Q A ,V f, . 5, 4 - + f ,li K 1 'F-N , .' get If X, i i il ' ' A i , i.eit ill Stevenson Bob Weidemann . Claudia Strawbridqe Kenny Whiteman Rlchmd Young Clyde Zuem Cmcy SOWFY IOADH Woodland Pat Workman Eugene Young Ieannine Steinhurst Virginia Williamson K, ii, A 2, gli, R X 1- , 2 ' 71,54 lt 'E' wi 2 is "-iii I .. " ,.v: E K by K, , , loan Smith Phyllis Statler Viola Baker Virqinia Stowers Zvi! it . z., ' 'KT l if 13 Y N' Q ,Q X' W., t 5 lilv M 5 ,xx 4 , MQ '34, argkxiiiii I Howard Wyatt lim Peyton Arlene Baker Betty Rose A, .M . -Q 171 nl, .L it gif . x 1 ' QQ, V , M 4 , -3 . , 4. 4 , . 'a",iTa1L?lG,2,iif U , ,M..iV , wie Wwiiw., fx lx ,My A V if Qf1f'A55ii2'::j2iV Ri ,A ,WM , ,Wx 35 ,, . ills I - at mi' ti 1 n 3 5 S gr, ,Q i we , 5 3 . - Yff f f,um:i: Elini? Tom Elkinqton lack Bateson Dave Mompher Byron Niswender Charles Switzer Bim Thrailkill Coleen Walsh Richard Vogel arla lean Earl lunior Haffbaurer losephlne SZUHG1' lack Stroman Bob Stuckey Pat Travis Dorothy Ward Virginia Williamson 39 Successfully preparing themselves for their long- awaited entry into Senior High, the up-and-coming freshmen of this year, have definitely proved their ability and eagerness to handle numerous new re- sponsibilities that Will be placed upon them during their next school years. The students of the Class of '49 have taken the leading posts in the lunior l-ligh clubs. They have also been outstanding participants in the sports, music, and dramatic fields. As Freshmen they have had to assume the honorable position of big brothers and sisters to the seventh and eighth graders. They have performed this duty very successfully. The courage, leadership, and cooperation that the Freshmen have shown during the past year will, without doubt, prove to be an extremely valuable asset in their many Senior High activities. FRESHMAN OFFICERS HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS Bob Gillespie, Howard Dieter Stanley Roberts, Louise Zeigler, Ierry Knepper 40 X T FRESH MAN Robert Babb Lou Ellen Baurer Susan Bates Carol Barnes Phyllis Blackford Charles Brant Don Brickles Mary Arwood Rose Ann Banks David Busick Eugene Bennmghoff Mildred Buckingham Betty Lou Barton Pat Carson Velma Bullock Ioyce Bennett Neva Bomer Earl Bronson Dwight Buchholtz Anna Blake M . fi . ' v ' , -A I. A A ' i. y C Roland Cook lack Coburn Everett Daugherty Howard Dieter Robert Dunfee Carl Emmons Robert Gillett Robert Gillespie Nancy Charles Helen Cook Mary Davis Roderick Emahiser lack Feisel David Fittro L lim Cotter Edith Cramer Ruth Dickhaut lim Emerson Daniel Eoltz Lila Mae Prayer Robert Hall ,lim Harden Laurence Haver lunior Helms Donald Groves Robert Hanley Mary lo Harper Etta Hgrris Ralph Henry Milo Hathaway 41 Pat Holcomb Bob Hogan Carlos lackson Huqo Ibarra loan Hill Laura Hostottle lim Hurtt Diane Hillier lda Hunker loyce Huth FRESHMAN Lawrence IOHGS D619 lucoby Franklin Iordan lim Keckler Russell Keckler Robert Kroetz lack Larmbriqht Robert Lee I-SOHC! ICIY Mary Alyce Jones Carolyn Ioseph lerry Knepper Norma Lewis Virqinia Lowery Geraldine Iackson Vida Iohnson Ieanette lordan Gloria Keele Vivian Knie-rim Richard Lewis . t fi ,ect lack Lytle Byron Madden Ioe McAnaney Norman Might Tom Miller George Molter Carl Mosier Pat Nusser Annabelle Manaceke Lu Barbara MacDonald lane Marietta FQ" 14, ' 1 if S were cy Ann May Evelyn McRoberts Victor Moon Doris Niswander Donna N Francis McCullough Betty Molter Mari ory Mornpher Maxine Niswander Raymond Pastorius Dick Payne Mary Post Ianette Peters Fred Raymont Lillian Reidlinq lim Reinhard Mildred Vifqiflifi Persell H Iohn Pierce lean Purdy Marilyn Rathburn Vivian Richards Betty Betty Painter Sue Porter Elva Mae Rasp Iar1etRay MCU'i1Y1'1 Ricksecker Betty lean Patterson 42 L FRESH MAN S1011 Roberts lohn Shatzer Glenn Sheridan Glenn Sheriff Marilyn Schmidt Lucille Shultz Betty Slayter Ruth Segner Verna Schultz Ioe Shank Thomas Virginia Thompson Charles Walker Pat Valenti Rosemary Tate Lou Thompson Gwen Tumer Swinehart Ianet Tcmnyhill Maxine Tribby Woodmancy Ogle Yates Robert Zuem Charles Gaertner Bill Yeager Louise Zeiqler anette Wyans Betty Zeiqler 43 L: , 'L fy L , :' 'Q 6 ..,. ,. ' ,f iw Q Q ,L f N . li J ix il H A Q ' Hi lll' lames Slosser Ray Smith Bill Stein Ianice Stoudinqer Rosena Smith Marilyn Snyder Mary Lou Stainbrook Patricia Smith lean Snyder Wanda Souder ::1sm..'- . ' 2.:f35,5f- W5 ,ff , ' f1 ' K f"""'4 1 i f its 5 . W M, ' Bi ig li is ii, 3 iff' Wayne Walls Bob Wolters Orson Wiltzo Niles Woodley Robert Waltermyer Geneva Willoby Barbara Wolfelt Marilyn Walsh Margaret Walters lim Bob Wamer iw?" Wanda DeWeiss Betty Mclntyre Bertha Thomas Marvin Vitte Gordon Shiflet Florence Soals Ellen Thompson FIRST ROW: Norma Mortimer, Nancy Beers, Rita Baumgartner, Valerie Iones, Patty Dauterman, Marcella Kimble, Beverly Dixon, Patty Fillhart, Patty Williams. SECOND ROW: Carol Decker, Ianet Gregory, IoAnne Bryd, lane McNutt, Marjorie Post, Pattie Scharr, Iaretta Snyder, Doris Wallace. FIRST ROW: Sally Seiple, Adrianne Hawk, Edna Ibarra, Betty Gonyer, Gwendolyn Gove, Doris Barnett, Edith Searles, Silver Purkey. SECOND ROW: Nadine Wells, Ruth Yates, Helen Snyder, Ann Tsantles, Louann Keath, Mary Ortega, Ianie Hill. FIRST ROW: Shirley Bateson, Connie Atha, Io Ann Kopf, Marlene Phillips, Ioan Weber, Ruby Cramer, Media Blan- kenship, Ethel Keckler. SECOND ROW: Patsy Williams, Mar- cella Emmons, Ioan Warner, Lucille Yenser, Carolyn Woltarth, Eloise Thompson, Dorothy Hattendorf, Cathie Lewis, Barbara Tate, Vera Iackson. FIRST ROW: Virginia Carter, Eleanor Scott, Shirley McFadden, lane David- son, Rosemary Dye, loan Vogel, Mary Hagerman, lean Musser. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Baker, Donna Bradner, Blanche Haynes, Ioyce Beach, Nancy Hollenbaugh, Beverly Richards, Pat Hollenbaugh, Barbara Stevenson. FIRST ROW: Betty Burch, Nancy Hay- lette, Marilyn Heckathorn, Mildred Hull, Vera Kreais, Eleanor Maxwell, Io Ann Shumaker, Dorothy Romig. SECOND ROW: Ioanne Crosby, Iacquin Degan, Lucy Hale, Ioyce Stevenson, Betty Turner, Dorothy Wyans, Velma Wriqht. FIRST ROW: Charles Allison, Richard Gee, Kurt Hennig, Clarence Banks, Paul Nusser, Orman Hoschar, Fred Sprow. SECOND ROW: Alan Gregg, Richard Banks, Watson Hardin, Iirn Harris, Glen Law, Billie Morgan, lack Zeigler. FIRST ROW: Robert Ash, Roger Carter, Iames Doll, lim Miller, David Fruth, Donald Perrine, Tom Link, Paul Slaugh- terback. SECOND ROW: Iohn Allison, David Basehore, Iack Earl, Lynn Eckleberry, Iohn Groves, Dean Vogel, Mahlon Stow- ers, Charles Hess, Robert Law, Robert Foltz, Gerald Copier. FIRST ROW: Iames Munger, Shelby Hutchins, Edward Harrold, Iirn Patter- son, Bill Cook, Richard Gonyer, Paul Moon, Donald Stein, Bill Hirsh. SECOND ROW: Raymond Haase, lack Ressler, Walter Dickhaut, George Sher- ick, Donald Fout, Donald Dotson, Ralph Mitchell, Paul Davis, Carl Stagger, Donald Sanders. FIRST ROW: Robert Loach, Iirn Cook, Ierry Broyles, Don Peeler, Allen Kiser, Paul Herbert, Kenneth Gaertner, Paul Moon. SECOND ROW: Bill Yengling, Ronald Wedge, Donald Goshe, Robert Gonyer, Iirn Shumaker, Donald Rhude, Dwight Rangeler, Charles Underwood, Idck Feasel, Charles Iohnson, FIRST ROW: Gene Law, Earl Cooper, Donald Graft, Bill Horn, Gene Logan, Gilbert Myers. SECOND ROW: Albert Weiker, Donald Beck, Wayne Poorrnan, Pete Dyer, Carl F illhart, Lester Walters. 9 7 " :QL . .. b 1uq y V I 1 Q :,. , , 5, ,J , . , , . , ,...... , K. . L L , ,. .G ,E,,: -- ,' 46 f ' - - ' 'L - . ' - 1 5 lil-iw. - Qusfffllsf' ffff. " -h , -12-.1134 'K 1 'iff' 'ff aiiiilfy . Y f ii" ' ' T . 1 ' -Q I SQ , X, 9 Q16 . Q , E, ,ig Q FIRST BOW: Helen Lewis, Iohna Knep- per, Marion Kooken, Norma Banks, Ruth Davison, Henrietta Paqe, Sue Hartman. SECOND BOW: Ianet Ash, Deloris Waltermyer, Laura Couch, Patty Baker, Ethel Baker, Ioan House, Ianet Charles, Pauline Baker. FIRST BOW: Nancy Herbert, Kathleen Henry, Cynthia Payne, Mary Lowery, Maxine Gutherie, lanet Woodland. SECOND ROW: Mawelle Brink, Pat Dull, Constance Sheets, Emmalyn Dil- lon, Suze-tte Baker, Shirley Henqsteler, Iosephine Wagner. " FIRST BOW: Norma Fetro, Kay Willi- son, Ora Hoschar, Alice Harris, Norma Peyton, Mary Yates, Pat Bennett, Nancy Cameron. SECOND BOW: Bose Cousin, Luella Black, Mildred Haynes, Gloria Horner, Winifred Shultz, Mary Fruth, Betty Woodley, Io Ann Claypoolf FIBST BOW: Carol Merritt, Norma Har- per, Karol Earlie, Elsie Lanninq, ludy Hill, Doris Fouts. SECOND BOW: Maraaret Elsea, Gloria Morqart, Pat LyBurtus, Mary Ann Bee- son, Thelma Weiker, Betty Thompson, Betsy Evans. FIRST BOW: Donna Iordan, Floella Bethel, Kathleen Myers, Shirley Clary, Mary Etzinaer, Norma Banks. SECOND BOW: Mary Tidd, lanice Sum- mers, Beverly Blake, Betty Greek, Bar- bara Allison, Marilyn Fox. FIRST ROW: Don Davis, Richard Ger- ritsen, lack Kingery, Teddy Rinehart, Kenneth Parsell, Edwin Stevenson, Iames Thomas, Gene Decker. SECOND ROW: Douglas Murdock, Roger I-lottenstein, Ronald Shumaker, Harlowe Dixon, Don Bomer, Willie Piggue, Iames Hanna, Iames Riser, Ralph Iohnson. FIRST ROW: Franklin Szallar, Rickey Steve, Floyd Bostic, Marvin Reiss, Gene Carson, Ierry Dillon, SECOND ROW: Wesley Roose, Billy Beers, Lawrence Malls, Robert Bacon, Donnie Graber, Iohn Mergenthaler, Thomas Kinn. FIRST ROW: lim Yockey, Iim Slater, Paul Donaldson, Bill Mansfield, Iere Baxter, Phillip Snyder, Iarnes Zemer, Dale McCullough, SECOND ROW: Leighton Stahl, Charles Schmidt, George Flechtner, Richard Lewis, Bob Koester, Bob Perry, Charles Zumpft. FIRST ROW: Donald Shultz, Clayton Rasp, Maynard Beigh, lim Shultz, Roger May, Ronald Might, Ronald Molter, lack Riggs. SECOND ROW: Gene Walters, Harold Warner, Robert Groves, Bob Basinger, lack Burke, Bill Page, Gilbert David, Lowell Tyson, Leonard Coppler, Donald Yoder. FIRST ROW: Gordon Schutt, Roland Hutchins, Don Miller, Bill Cook, Tom Pastorius, Curtiss Thompson, David Keckler, Layton Yockey, Ir. SECOND ROW: Edward Babb, Floyd Devore, Melvin Yates, Iunior Cousin, George Burkhart, Charles Zuelzke, Eu- gene Poole, Russell Clark. ifIffU-5LLf,,5M,.m ,.l A , NX'-K "' ''f"5Ef,gUgUWi-,X'fLffrf'w MM-ayff ..,...s4.-u.,g+w ,. K- ii i f , f K K, ' Q3 5 gf : 1 f ' - r' f E ' 1 H i X " ' ' 2 ' 2 1 , ', j M, f - 1 1 ' 'S i 4 ZH ', x ui 315' fn 4 L , if" 5 A - 2. -- J V' " 'N - 7 M. My -Q A' V, ii ' i:?i,:m' - ' 1 - ' .. A . ig ' 3 .W F 'V-.N --p .. Nh .. F ,E ai .,.,. , u . -Q :fs e s ' K -- -I . . K U . " E, V, N ff V.. 1 ' fI,3" 'ffZ Q E 'Sf A S - ::',.::i","5'a4 inf" K W ,. 5. ' 'fu M wi ' sail 5 " "'7:i ' .Q ' 4 A ' 1 f f . W , . n,LW , W - A- "'viw- '1' M H Q' ff .avi . ., Q- " ""' 1 g" s9f'Q'. . . 5 .5 QM ? ' gi: I . 55 fy 5 ' ,Q . H ' . - - , 1 L H?+ffii Q lv R 5 gf. , Lg, N , g g iv' -- . --df 55 f , . "' 4'-' ' 4,47 if 4 ffl " :'?".:',:.'f?-EQEFJ ' ,.. .5 ' ' E ,- ', , :""' W .mf ---f - ' ' . L, -'if'-1 'fffvw 2-'ifsff ' f :Etsy K A 5 , , - -x -. . ff 1-55511. 1 S z., Lll'i'1s"ff'f,w ,,L,,A AA,, , .. , - K . 'wff'FF iffy' 'if' 'il' "' ., Rlkii, ,. ,' f S ' ' ' 2 - if ' 1" "YV ff? lv . ff 5' g ' 1 f K , ' A gm, A- A--Ni .twin V N W ., .. .. 1 3' -A+-:wg in H , ,. L, ,L 5 , . 'L ':5WWEi3QL'54f I f L ' ' " ggi-vkf7i.T 42,5513 M . 'Ui' fvgg3nQ:f5v:.g':E f ' , My if 2 " .- ' Q 1 Q - zz " - fx iszgiwz' J ' ' 3 . ' -- . , ' H ITP' :'5 --N .. ,- 3A .1 1 - ' . . 1 - ' 3 '? . h I7 1 I -1 Y - SR ,-:g:t'.W3iSf I K1 gk Q A .K :V K . in X S , . - ,N .,Q:...,.,,A,L,, - XX K E 3 3' -fit f K: f .-fikffw ' Q' - if . if Lk 'K , , . jeff S . , . , . yy . Y, , ink 5 -X., 4, , M , - W f f ' - .,...,q , 4 ww Lf .wean 1, -xx as my x x f f ww ' 1 ,R 4 f -fs QF-.,: ' M wi 1' ' 'ki w f if , ' , 3 A Ab 1 Ql ' ' M.. , 31, 'fs A ' ff- Aj 1 r -1 2 'ffl-'F' ls' Q 5 -1+ fi 'H , ' ffif Krug Lg, 'Y 1 If -if 'P H AM 1 -,LY .. gk B-'ostnria ailg llliirrnr OLUME 1 PINT MAY 20, 1960 WHATSITWORTH lass of '46 Holds Reunion! Old Faithfu ls Get Together The Class of 1946 held a class reunion yesterday, May 20, 1960, at l :he Cummings, estate north of this city. All the early arrivers njoyed swimming in the diamond-studded pool which was designed Ey Jack: Schwab, one of the world's leading architects. All but three members of the Class of '46 were present. Regrets ivere received from Richerd Good ho was covering the Olympics or his newspaper GOOD'S AILY GRIPES. Coach Bob heets was unable to attend the eunion since one of his athletes as entered in the Olympic ames. Bob Lucius is hoping to op the wor1d's record for the ile run. Beverly Flechtner arrived just n time for the program by flying n from Arabia in her new heli- 'opter. She has currently been onducting a survey among the atives of Arabia. Entertainment for the reunion as provided by Marilyn Long- ellow who is starred at the Silver tar Nite Club in Miami, Florida. ally Lundberg directed her two undred voice choir in three ocal arrangements. The songs ere written especially for the ccasion by Keith Wetherill, the amous Broadway song writer. otty Taylor entertained with er new water ballet. She is the eader, directress and star of this nderwater ballet. Gladys Freet ccompanied by Eileen Fruth ang two songs beautifully. Miss ruth has been the arranger of he musical programs that Mar- aret Dible, also of the class of Gahas been presenting over the a io. Doloris Earlie, social worker in e Hawaiian Islands, and Bar- ara Jones, social worker in exico City, gave short talks on ome of their experiences. Richard Muter, Baptist preach- r, offered thanks before the inner was served. Milk and ice ream was supplied by Don rance from his Wisconsin Dairy arm. All the guests had a splendid me and were sad to leave the eautiful estate of Jack Cum- ings. EGRETARIES 0METOSCH00l Joanne Sprout and Joanne ujfman who have been secre- ries for a number of years ave opened a school for girls ho have had shorthand, typing, d bookkeeping work and want be efficient private secretaries. here will be a nominal fee -arged for the services. Classes 1ll be held in the Professional uilding. I . . l Writing Book Jeannine Lane who is writing ia book "Things Not Needed in American History" and secretary, Virginia Maurer, will go to Phila- delphia for further research. They will visit Alice Hottenstein who is assistant librarian at the Philadelphia Public Library. l HAIR SWEEPS Donna Dull and Thelma Pickett have just returned from Paris. They have been consulting with leading hair stylists from all over the world on new hair styles. In their shop in Chicago they have been satisfying customers with .their styles and up to date de- ,signs for prettier hair arrange- W ments. l Explains Theory of Evolution Elton Steinman was graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology last week with hon- ors and will lead a discussion of "Steinman's Theory of Evolution" next week in Fostoria's new Municipal Hall. ESCIENTIST FLIES HOME The eminent physicist, Dr. Charles Koester, flew to Fostoria to attend the reunion of the class of '46. He is at the present time teaching in Oxford University. As you recall he was awarded a 1 Rhodes Scholarship for his work 'in the field of science. His sec- retary, Audrey Statler, accom- panied him to this city. Fismon oesloruzn l Norma Jane McKay, who is doing fashion designing in Holly- wood, has sent word to friends here that she will arrive in Fos- toria next week for a short visit with friends. Miss McKay has been doing fashion designing since her graduation. Virginia Elsea, her assistant, collects in- formation on the most popular styles of the week and sends her reports to Hollywood. 49 1 l l l 1 l l Change of Management Lois Slaughterbeclc is the new manager of the Blue Goose Shoe Store. She is a graduate of the Class of '46 and has had previous experience in shoe fitting. She is replacing June Mergenthaler who was the former manager, Miss Mergenthaler is being transferred to the Blue Goose Shoe Store in Bowling Green, where she will study merchandising, Miss Slaughterbeck announces that Marilyn Herrig will remain as store secretary. Traveler To Be Here! Word has been received by friends in Fostoria that Phyllis Brink will return to town from her latest tour of the world. She has been living in Cuba for the last three years. Betty Burkhart who accompanies her on her trips as private secretary also takes notes for Miss Brinks new book. Noami Speelman accom- panies them on their trips in an advisory capacity. Dr. Smalldose . Employs Receptionist Joanne Briclcles has been em- ployed as the new receptionist for Dr. Smalldose. Virginia Pritchard is the laboratory tech- nician in this office and Mildred Trausch is the office secretary. Dr. Smalldose has completely redecorated his offices and is now ready for practice. Unusual Window Designs Alvernis Hutchins and Garlyn Rader have received state recog- nition for their unusual window designs. Evelyn Lind, author of the book "How to Be a Success," was the judge of the contest. The winners will receive a free trip to New York. To Confer Dean Dillery, noted aeronau- tical engineer and inventor of the new combination fiying ship which is guaranteed to float, fly, and sink, and Lt. Jack: Brubaker will confer sometime in the near future. Lt. Brubaker has been in the Army for the last ten years and has spent most of his time studying conditons at the U. S. Training Center, Juneau, Alaska. Conferring with them will be Lt. Bob Peyton and Lt. Roy Mc- Clellan of the U. S. Navy. These two men have seen service in Pacific Fleet Offices at Tokyo Bay. The men will discuss con- ditions of the Armed Forces. l i l TOUR WORLD Lt. Comm. Jack Watts and Lt. Comm. Harvey Bentley will leave in August on the U.S.S. Fostoria. This ship will stop at ports throughout the world and will not be back in the States for two years. TEADHES KINDERGARTEN Pat Gary is teaching kinder- garten in Nursery Rhyme School in Fostoria, She has the daugh- ters of Pat Shirlc and Bette Jo Shirk, Deloris Kopfis and Betty Henry's sons are also enrolled 'in the kindergarten under Miss Gary's supervision. Latest edu- cational advantages are offered in this school, Jean Groves, noted educational authority, supervises the entire workings of the school. Accepts New Joh The noted chemist, DeWitte Barton, has accepted a position at the new laboratories S.T.I.N.K. at P.U. New York. His secre- taries, Helen Balsat and Helene Balsat, have been of invaluable service to him in the past and will accompany him to Fostoria. Doris Moots, his typist, arranges all new plans to be sent to the Department of Commerce. BANKER RETURNS T0 FUSTURIA The prominent Wall Street financier and banker, Bill Hall, is visiting Fostoria over the holi- days. He is accompanied by his orivate secretary, Pat Post. Mr. Hall owns a chain of banks throughout the United States, including the Hall National Bank in Fostoria. His personal secre- tary, Betty Niday, informs us that he is planning to make his home in Fostoria and manage the bank here. A graduate of F.H.S. in '46, he attended the reunion at the Cummings' estate on May 20. A New York boy went to live in Texas. One day in school the teacher asked him to tell about the Alamo "That's pie with ice cream on it," he said. How realistic that painting is! It fairly makes my mouth water. "A sunset makes your mouth water?" "Oh, it's a sunset, is it? I thought it was a fried egg! There may be such a thing as ,the "Age of Discretion" but no one has ever lived long enough lto reach it. TO THE EDITOR... Dear Editor: The fourth floor students have taken me into their confidence to make a request for a coke machine to be installed on the fourth floor. The students have found that it takes too much of the fifteen minute rest period between classes to take the escalator down to the third floor to use the coke machine there. On behalf of my fellow students I am asking that this is looked into immediately. Awful Thirsty VETERANS OPEN NEW OFFICE Bob Florea and Jake Senclel- bach, graduates of the class of '46, have set up a tool shop in which they guarantee to repair anything that might be out of order. Both served in the Armed Forces during the war and had to delay graduation a few years. Having had much practical experience, they do a good job of repair work on any- thing from a clock to an auto- mobile. They guarantee their work to last from one day to one year. SPEED OUEEN Olive Beckerleg who took up commercial work after high school graduation is at the present time doing secretarial work in the offices of Smart Fashions, Inc. in Detroit. She is well-known because of the speed at which she can transcribe shorthand notes. NEW PLANE FLIES Herbert Hathaway, test pilot, is making the first test of the new super-duper plane designed by Bill Etzinger and Bevan Painter. This new plane has been found to Hy rapidly and with compara- tive safety. GO TO EUROPE Jessie Lou Waltermire, artist, and Eleanor Munger, Camp Fire Executive from New York City, will leave for Paris where Miss Waltermire will continue her painting and Miss Munger will work with Camp Fire authorities to help extend Camp Fire work to the children of Europe. They will make the trip on the ocean liner Superfioat on which Wilma Creps operates a modern and exclusive beauty parlor. The Nude Shop Has Everything For The New Baby Just Received A New Shipment of Plastic Diapers 1-1 NONSENSE I. M. FUNNY l No woman ever does really make a fool of a man, she mere- ly gives him the opportunity to develop his natural capacities. Three-year-old Dorothy, hav- ing lived in Southern California, had never seen snow. "What is it, Mother?" she shouted, press- ing her nose against the window pane. "Why, that's snow, Dottie. Whatever did you think it was?" asked her mother. "Snow?" Dorothy cried in- credulously. "Why, it looks like popped rain." Walking will reduce your weight, and jaywalking will re- duce your years. "And now, gentlemen," con- tinued the Congressman at his press conference, "I wish to tax your memory." "Good heavens," muttered the reporter, "has it come to that." "Your engine is coughing again." "Shouldn't wonder. I had its muffler off last night." Wise: What is a pig doing when he is eating? Otherwise: He is making a hog of himself. Dude: "Did you take my tooth paste?" Hillybilly: "No, I didn't take no tooth paste," came the an- swer. "I don't need no tooth paste, my teeth ain't loose." Jeanie: "Why did you quit teaching school to join the chorus?" Queenie: "I figured out there is more money in showing fi- gures to older boys." Here again is one of those triangles. The idea is not particu- larly new, but yet it is amazing that despite its staleness and its lack of hu- mor, most everyone will read this all the way down to the very, very end, DALE FRUTH ALBERTA DIPPELHOFER Commercial Art Work Low Price! Superior Workmanship! Excursions 130 the M I L L E R. M O O N Via lhe Radar Adults 50c Child. 20C R U G G I S T l-il ik Prescriptions BE A M A N Filled Charles Arias iii' recommends Fgumgin TOM STEVENSON Service os his successor 5? l'LL BUILD YOU UP! Kumupandseemesumtime Does your crirplorne need reservicinq? ls your helicopter slow in tokinq off? 00010 to ABEL'S GARAGE Let him reservice your oirplone. Proprietor-DICK ABEL Bookkeeper-DORIS REIDLING Mechanic-l-IERMAN SEEL FRIENDS ENTERTAIN WITH TIN SHOWER Barbara Yoder, sales manager at Tinker Toy Works, entertained with a party in her home last vening honoring Catherine Med- ey, Ruby Kimble, and Faye .ansfield who are celebrating :heir tin wedding anniversaries this month. Bridge provides the entertain- nent for the evening. Lois Bert- tett who is moving to Dayton nd LaVonne Henline, manager f the Woolworth Co., won high coring honors. Arlene Shumarz, waitress, and ary Jo Morehart, wolf tamer at ihe Cincinnati Zoo, were also resent at the party. Refreshments were obtained rom Carroll Smith's Hobo Snack ouse in Tin Can Alley. His oods are all precooked in that pecial hobo style. The guests were honored with Tin Shower. LEAN-UP CAMPAIGN Bob Stevens, Bob Preble, and ernard Hanley, members of the ostoria Police Force, have been iven citations for their untiring fforts in the last ten years to id Fostoria of crime. Mayor Bob arquardt has been cleaning up he city of Fostoria. Wanda enderson, City Auditor, has een advising the Mayor. The ayor stated that Janice Schu- aker, newspaper reporter, has een very helpful in this cam- aign. "Thousands of Chinese hogs ere used last year to make aint bru h ." s es "Isn't it wonderful how they re training animals to make hings!" Qs. THE SOCIAL WORLD Q. Goes To California Frances Mulholand, Norma Niswander, and Phyllis Sendel- bach, employees of the National Carbon Office, held a going away party for Mary Alice Willoby who is leaving to live in Cali- fornia. She will be employed at the Jewel Cook, Inc. as a buyer. Professor: "What was Thomas Edison noted for?" Freshman: t'He invented the phonograph and the indecent light." Self is what you are when no one is looking. Suzy Smothers and Icrckie Houser announce SCHOOL of Occupational Therapy Make use ot STIFF MUSCLES Office: Sec.-Coleen l-lickerson 4440 Occupational Bldg. DO YOUR ACCOUNTS BALANCE? If not--seo B011 IIHA Y. ll, P..l. Located in Oreenback Square ROLLER GARDENS presents BOOM! OARN THOSE SPLINTERS! starring JOAN WAGNER---DONNA HARTLEY Professional Roller Skaters GRAND OPENIN THE OPPERMAN BEAUTY SALON ph. Curley Hair 3456 Permanent Waves, Manicures, Facials, Sets WE DYE AND BLEACH HAIR Guarantee to hide all grey locks ir I COSMETOLOGIST X t,,, i fgi. New Hair Styles 1 'sfw y ' For Appointments Phone l23 Ili Sec.-Dea Io Hutchins L N 5, DICK LEN HART VE E presents S E gggiiii MBAR YARD BREEZE H 3 Smeno ALL-STAB CAST W Square Curtain 8:30 5I ri UJHIIT HDS r Wanted: Recorded music during lunch hour. Wanted: Small dog wants home for himself and mas- ter-both are very well behaved. Found: Shorter school hours C10 a.m. to 2 p,m.D. Wanted: New teaching staif for Fostoria High School. .l.l...1-...1.l 11. PAT YOUR ADVERTISERS Tl-lEY'LL PAT YOU - , The New State HAZEL FRANKS cnnounces New Book " HOW T0 Eal Steak" New in stock Owner please claim. Breakfast in Buenos Aires - Theatre At the new Caballero Hotel - Presents Planes leave every hour on the hour -Q . . ot From the FosToRiA Airport A Davld O' Smellsnlck See: Wingless Harry Productlon 339 juicy Squgfe Planes for Sale-32495. HAH! THAT FACEH Fostoria High School Music: Department Presents Twentyffifth Annual Spanish Uperetta "EL L0 QTHE wotrp i P 97 Program to he presented on the N ew Revolving Stage 52 fi S w NEW ATHLETIC FIELD AND STADIUM On November 6, 1945, the voters of the city ot Fostoriartrekked to the polls to pass a 55130000 school bond issue. Eighty-tive thousand ot this amount will go to build a new athletic stadium to be located behind the Longfellow school at Sandusky and Town Streets. Ot the 2,839 votes cast only 638 voted No, to pass the issue with 77.5 per cent. In order to keep the athletic department running financially, cooperatively, and successfully, six men devote much time and etiort. Everyone has his job from fielding the team, making the schedule, to paying the bills, advising, and keeping good relations. ATHLETIC BOARD '.gf'a tte R. I. Carter, H. L. Ford, W. M. Hawk, W. W. Nixon, T. E. Bender, G. Knepper 54 COACHING STAFF 3 2 N? -' A .L,f, 1 'sa When it comes to the game of football, we all pretend to know something about it, even those who play it. Our efforts on the gridiron would be in vain if it weren't for the four men who rack their brains every fall for new ideas and hunt new material to make a winning team. It takes time and effort and above all, patience. The game couldn't go on if it weren't for the managers. lt's getting the suits out, packing and unpacking, checking to see that everything is fit and ready week in-week out. These four boys consist of the trainer, the doc, the water boy and Mr. Fixit. M A N A G E R S 55 1945 FOOTBALL TEAM FIRST ROW: Gehres, Bentley, Torres, Dray, Abel, France, Might, Marks, Hanover, Bateson, Bomer Saxton, O'Neill. SECOND ROW: Thrailkill, C. Reinhard, LyBurtus, Kingery, N. Deiter, Cummings, Williams, Shu- maker, Alley, Hill, Jackson, Crow. THIRD ROW: Van Sant, Preble, Lane, Forster, Gillett, Burgbacher, Allison, Nusser, Pastorious Switzer, Woodley, Evers, Beeson, Hutchins, Lowmaster, Bender. TOP ROW: Dewalt, Buchholtz, lacoby, Settles, True, Weidemann, lohnson, Volkmer, Richards, H Deiter, Gillispie, l. Reinhard, Pratt, Molter, Niswander, Kroetz, Hogan. With only five seniors out for football and a great deal of young and inexperienced material on hand, Coach Bender attempted to field a winning team. After routing St. Wendelin in the grid opener, the Red- l945 RECORD men traveled to Lima and lost to South. The biggest crowd Team We that Lima had had for some time turned out to see Fostoria St Wendelin . . I I D . 25 lose G thriller' Lima South .... . . . 12 The third game was against unbeaten Port Clinton. Port Clinton . I i D . 0 The Redskins scored early in the first half, and then the Fremont H O high heavens opened up and really soaked things. The Tiffin . i . u O players were all saying, "1-lere's mud in your eye," and Defiance i . 0 it really WGS' Sandusky ...... . . U The officials gave Fremont an undeserved win, but we Bowling Green 0 still had heads high going to Tiffin. Hill was scratched for Findlay ' U i n . ' 6 the rest of the season by a head injury, and Might was hurt on the fourth play, putting him out until the last game. With the grid final against Findlay, Bender sent his injury-riddled kids against a veteran team. They played their very best, and statistically beat the Trojans, but old Lady Luck gave Findlay the winning break. 56 They 0 19 7 7 13 6 31 26 14 IN FOOTBALL SQUADS 'fn G M 57 , , 2 V Giving me Saints only thfec L T E plays, the Redman began mr . I 1' il A q - 1 ' L fLaFgann. '1Lhis time Iiazwcys' V VL 9 , 1 2 W I N' pm-uw a. 13 yard pass to Q 'V V , , M .V Vizmkson, who just caught it L 7!f'O11Hd and Vscoredg This 9 ' , was first opportunity to L , 'mffw . L VV ban, Ifeehan blocked ,V ' WW., ffef' f Battle Delights ' L??'.3'f and the final Sm ' M L L iff"'Ef5 in First ma to i V V V? V nv-, an V V -w. . . V ZZ V' G' V S I-MBIS H0155 f Recimen,',Bar'.s,f.i 1, 'f 0v1P0XimHiQ1" 'H Jfnnlfxgn ZSLWG, 1ViCgm-Y Q ' it ' 'and to v, ' ' un blows ffnivhdw, X W..- V .. V PUC S T00 1 Q, It was gif, m A , W VV V f -Power Fc ' w s to Lum b, ' skinn of Port. xighi 51,13-1 RV? mi than 4,0003 I V z' in many years. xc! Ffnsturia hw me '51, md . -mgmng P N,,X-Alu Wehdefl' ecimvn WQH travel to xl hundred i" pwmi 'Q ny mil-1 ' flfgwt-55-. hm 251415 V . Vwbmh - My Soglth Hxgh while Sf. storin, nnfl. Lemptfifd X Ifwlnrizz U. V, i Q. VV gy ,,.,,2 I V wxll entertain Fremont demgod Fox 1,,g,gQd 1, J K U. tx L-7A Yfm, .3 ,-'., f-ii ..A. IDL A 'mme' with me MW Jupil led All me H2 y J " ,frih fm ,xms 5 ,Shing , , , 951 ' deiuged F0 if WN H-. .md 5' night 4 , nw 38 .. . Yau :mg .,,w 87 35 i xii ' Wen: ng its tcnrs sm: iflfi W Whig O,5fWlVV 1 V V35 Nei gnrnlf, -mn immage 14122. 3yg"""'18 " Walwfm Q-1.3 ljuf V' VV A V M: ks, ol 13335595 n1,i,V -fed lkl11......-ltnm-4... ,mug Off, 'li Wm- N 4 I ..., l':xs::v:s vo' Qd .4 . ,, 6 ""' ' ' ' " 'lg 11 keanu. Lfifniff I7hG'iv1xrzm5mQc1'nL gh ii-V ' -Y 33331595 im-01 A' f H bmw -"' 1,5 L lk ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' C M is L' 'h'L I '1 f .' ,cw M if Ifwf 5-3 V V V V V VV Fumbmi V V V V Eh ',,4k9rV,, , . , , rg tO'195EY!3ESdx,nl2Xi mind e the mmuai Sm fx' Y '3 .. . Fuznblsis we H351 - ' - ' 'rt . ' . ' we S gm iw ivan we . 3 W -4.A, Nuxszlyen' oi lim Hanover Y" """re mgiliigm-1 iliimgmw - lhofjlg' lmuf the vin-M A Z tba?f3Qi ,,fx'VSlv2'i?fC yiiriifg X f- 'LM-'qb gf ijfmii jimrm x Junior Shumake' his an 'f'ifif"-Ml' Pizrys. EU? ..,. Xznxin punts 1'2t1,n'n:d ,.,, EEA p'faY"" "' ' H1 V dmm., r"""' "M me Pm' 111 U10 mind mmgis V L.,, 1,,n . . igiezwrg n,.. V,... . Q P13253--V -,Q--+211 . 'L WSW in Tw Ni'-P aflm wg- H . .fXYcimge2 yards per kin' .U Blu' ' 17" "V" " f ' ' ' ' ' ' uw ' s nn Snnth on f me sk .Wards kickoff rein: 'S F05t01'13 f. 5 7 12 . ,V , fgedmm 8 fm Vhsirg.35,.V KAAO VVV -mm pmmmeg V Q ,V Subs: Willxams e, Abel gg men of P LMVON3- n to 51 -1V 42, 5.1gL.M wh pass 3 Vyuvds by WHS mmm - V-Qbg Reinhard eg Lyburtuspig while wekre of Mui! ljray who wa Quflys 282' W4., Net gain over an A ' YIHDOVCI' gg Bateson I nld have was 1 MQQM? and hu NS OL" Wim Q1 baclslfielci Lb? Homme: b Captam 1945 3' fake wpimnmrcs playin: A A 'C' ' Don Might L5 CVVV ,B uv 2513222 and txzmigg V ,dummz Eatesvnk I Va!-Q in iiw VV VV V M QM' i3gfiY121i1C'CV . Q K -,X V , .. , ... mi nmi,3n21- lm fcgsmff Recgfqn I N. I " after touchdown: B inn Sfmtizk- QQM 'rl , lf? mum? ,mf fe- L me-ntl. , ,MV 31.32, 4303134 .3 St. We11f12+li11 Fr W -' HSI' 6 -L L Q L sms on fha' 22 az A -hc. lhcy Clipped Uff ' 2 picked up 131' PW-ing TS yards - . Q55 M11 in Y-hi' S6391' 'L Q. , . "I g and 33 ,yarn I? the n 'wmzkcef .4 V 1. " 4' . ' ,img VM'h,J,, V M K ' g,W,.. vo the 26 A N450 Fas . -in may , ut me sp. iorwked second WO like biuck. Ba r , tu SQL 0, flfvwn pl upped 'SHG for The IIOHM' E 2 air when L its Qvst mf' fffinf I , , ime. 5 Od the ihv Wd 0119 BOS! WIIIICIHS ne, cmnpos- 05 get vheu Joe K oy pm-ing th V fig Inn nd 'Gwen had I Wjthgfgqd md if mama U N5fhf'l,'S P11125 'went funn' Ltack fairlyf back mm 11, Qi i,V.tV?V 39 ar ,V ,gnyia came f f:.-1Q,, ,K , W the nrst g.i,,Q'i,,,6,,f0I .. V.. Buck Alley .warm on n agnin ami Nm " ,QL 19.6121 ICICI! Cummings 34gV:V'lYgEViginS. ' - umm ' Q. mu B make the first quarter score T-U. I made four if LOCELT tu 122, fivg HYSYS for Clintomfs only half xv" ' ' P. .fm 'HV I1 maxed less Ton game 4 5 .L 'Gun M095 Refund Scflfe 1 none oi, them being ,A jDpening the second permd Port, -' wx,-ga Q ,QT J Clintorfs great defense V forced n 5' wg . ,UH Efostoria to punt early, and in V V Vim qt . Q fm S261 153313 marclned. to the Fositmwa L W jg - 1' ."' Q .. . ' V VJ g V " V4--. 'H bcnng Stoppcfi. Fmt C af 11. 4 '11 stepped C-nhl, but 3 ,- P , ' , L ff!" , , Q, Stem L fumlaked V E .wwfnff .5 F ' ' n W L A, Crwnr: ' M4 L 1 ' X ' LL Cfmii fufdlff' v ' RV W1 505455 MW' "4 'L L Q . -ere force: L' 45-245 fwsgr-f 4 rw . - A - L. f ky 5551! Surg .ff ' x ' 21'-'WX '-"I+ Tight s... M 373591, I f' .. ..,. gr' - A 3 to gain, I K ' ' " Z V VL Xxkh S' Ao FoS4401'i:" an -qw W' V .ini-r . ..., .. . nm .Q WWC later Port " Y"' it.. 5 we I ' ' f32fLV?Qlf ciwex fmhhe ogg' L L MM V ......., 1 V V, V F Q A . . . 5 mm Might son In up : x, Uwn 55 S U 5' ---'JV' . 'H2f'f'Lya1'mi:a i iirsf cimvz. -an the MQ qu. i M L ' gf? Yami Lima . Q more. With tune' VV! E QV m,-or Lmxdmmy ,YN V253 ru'nningV , Jon Mauko pusascd , V L:V,VVVVTmVV .mg laying gf .. gm,,mf,W,,:g,to Cousm Masks to advance, Vi qlmmn ff Q 2 ipmmf ,. Snhsfiw'f5t.f1 the 4 vfwik Foe Iffinckn tw Y . X ' L 0 f i' 'L ' ' I'L"'M' ' 5 Fm. " Hanover. uc ' , A . 1 7 ' .VV 'fesvonm Q.,,g:.n. Mm in me me mi M fm We 1 P q 4 Q 1 W. 5' n . ' ,Q 1 , A A . - i marw of th used bv i cxyne Kmgery L Splke H111 E' UfiUl'11f. 3 lliflllif highzfi YIGQQXIS defeated Fohmria 14-G hm-g . Ch 1 L Wfuffx fm Cuff Reinhard 'S and concluded the cr es Y 8fffI3'fiiB5SP gfffege? ifrrra, Fkmszrlty' Manager W. W. N512- on stased yesterday that one thoiz, mr cumo iES V- OIN rters Recove 'puL4:xpex'ienccf:d, UV "tile Recimcw . M FHS cami out 'lmtle in Sandusky V end of a fit ro D same, Q4 f fe' mm 'Q- L. fun mm Uh? :mum Lxxfiv winupfy has f A . A ,'t-up 'ge ef and thou' bac'kt'ief 5, K, M, 1 Vonsiaie-rablp OLIfWCif'l'5Lfd and, 4' A w C' ZZ' .K , , 'I , ,V Cum :sf-x ,Ll 1 th 5 1 L Q N + xix .1 is 5 f Ln: x A pfum X Ihr Mfg-. V 15 yards to the 50. A ' 9 and Bot:-er 6 for a -Ng me 36. Drfay advanc- ' at 12 and chey were .ncisfor clipping, Sax- . next. try in was good to ,. the Bobcat 6 yard line? :un barkeci the and of? ' 5 the play was cunclud- ii And itz was incomplvte RQMEHALM1 53345 tickets were sen: to Yindlay 2IrCQdU1i1lt FOSfQI'iHI1S, wishing to BVU! F C game time rush, could , purchase them at Drwigw Y Drug rlktai Sferre. Pig reserve seats will he ' I had. so fast some 3fig'5tWg,ervgd if comin BENDEY5 u 'H' , V , . A , bang, DQPE H mymg I0 fp' AL,YE?3'T. Q V 1V V " ' 14 , amd t1'sc:2:5 -1- pf " Tslng 5f0flU me Realism: couhl do q'EU'mTS ' x A in H Y d L' 1: ,Q ci uxualiv xviwiz we 2 xe Bmmng Gwen Gnfichf F01'wf"51 Y l T V A,.-.- - iuwns V. ur sue' im. 5T1vl3Dc5fi xl took UH' V 4 " Clma,SOn' Calmd H Jersey of S' f r 34 vm wgmng fe Over E07 ' J jddsm him, Xvyfm 5: , rg. . ,igxielizigieggifgiZfsicgxgilekgg-5at jx kfgayl- Q A emi? mghmg wed their first str' A ,wie LVN, X' ' .2 A B 'el ? A ' 'wxayfg - 'SSRN ontesf W i 5 X I 'c dxlx'e1'cm'.V- an df'O:ldi zg35st3Qca?iiitZ'z1?tI:7g" Bfiialjjif Niltisin i as K Qi-4 Nm yiircls fn, -riingn arf Cm QQ il-iii. 1 ' .f 3 ' V fi V f. K K . 5 1 'K K 2' A HSSQZSR Xtm' HY ,,W,m,,h,gi 1 A Mm N51 an M' iy ho was kxlled last summezfm wah Fan. f Game Perm-5 cg, Vwd :sion lin :iskswm 513' M "gA ' """" ' ff 1 'HIHG this WHY 1133303 93?-f L I "' ,7 Pznsses irxtercetpfcxi 51331012 imc- 2 I V . Tiiikl 'L 5330? 6113905 OVC? h155!,z5 Qng F A .. L. Fumbles K, Q ,, Lux IJlL1Nt?3'S H1 , , A tm. fmory of THS P0T"""'5i! B Rlgngnmxgz , .Umm fumbles rccuvcrc as za vlmuiin. ' Q-Q ,yon :,,,.. A ' , Y . 0115 V " " ' Lpufxis -1 C 1 Ief 1 f WV V A f if -- V - V ' Ef,I?,n1,Hwf?5A' Mow tm... 2,500 P60125 Vigoach Tom Bender undodbted Ccrptcun 1946 I':FlE1'l?:! mg 2311555-'Nagy U S1 B b B 'whns Green stadxum 3 X V1 mm me mm. pmble Bob Marks is V f l, Zi! x ' 0 Omer --- b V wn whex? heattempfs L- it M .. , . ., . 'i' Q' vm ms 1-u mcfmuou' fd1H:V:Qm:L+f -1051 mul umcfmm x ' A Q Via V , , , Vfday fflghfs batflfi 'Yrsriis 113513355 inte-rmgxpi hw mnpglx. . 5 A Q ' , I LO" ,,.,NeL,wa" if , Vi? 1 GF rox om S , V, X Q V J V , , K -... 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Pat Travis Helen Baxter Barbara Etzinqer SENIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS E aa., Q Roger Cole Richard Muter Marjorie Feisel Betty Niday Virginia Maurer Wanda Henderson MANAGERS RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM Frank Gary KNEELING: Byron Niswender, Carlos Iackson, Pug Lowmaster, Jack Bateson, David Hollenbauqh Harvey Saxton. Hamld SOuCle1' STANDING: Herb Hom, Duane Crowe, Bim Thrailkill, lohn Boyer, Charles Switzer, Gib Lane. 61 F S V k ,--, , , kk L V V k V K .,.,,,,,,,gQ,W ,.,. VV ,LM , , MVVV .raw YL My W M KV KV kk,Vkh ,V'f g -kkvk I V 1 y LV masse M , f Vf V L'.V f l 1,- ff, V, ,g,, ig: ,Vgria high? ,y 31-559345. , y g , ,khk V '3,A K ,VM it 911136 an Vuesday 'LLF ,,'L, 2' ' V, , A 'A-. ' ,V an xv 4 V sill be a bmw- ' A A KAXVA A' I A I 'VV K A V V V , M .WJ ., V exceeds gilihg A ,g L Liyh V LVW- g V V K, Cl bpfmi VVV gVV alysis mmr ,gg , 5,7 V , LLVL' K xLVV 1 I A V A V V q VV FOSTORIQ - Leadingfr VVVV V V 5 A V 1 . .h 5, i A out the entire game, Fostori. , m, Y V L V ? 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V 1 h.V e leg Vtqggg? to 25 at the ew "FQ eight thirty for the Buckeye League Uh I V' V ji h N gthefggilgaxiiixidf i'VV Bf1cYi2UQV adpmlimmary beg Nffailing the entire game 'ff' Q V, -Vf V G-F-TV m 1 ' an Cowm' teams 'M SM V V V , V ,. ,V ,, ,V 01122 fwm Mans A Hxihi 3 o a Hubbvf.1 VV .shiand hngh has an pstama Iughs Rsfimen V1 if if YfLVUmVVV 'gQ,1g5 f, Q ifggfgaix Vg gig?" 2 ard for the 194, 46 Heir iirsat BucQfmye Leaziu if JM of thVefV,gI,ea5f5'?r51a1VqVisfrfamg 2 gif' A 31 ' ,in ,H te 537 Bm-fiinil Gfefen last. ni L Al W Ag J between ithe twuf kg gr V5 tegnfmgili' gbtgi' ,VV 'k VMQVVVVVQQY1 Vw! fiO1'V -if V1 aw? 3 ff V' V ' 22 .. 1 ? wi. 2 'V I V1 ,VIDA A XV ,' fi Z1 VK Q5 ',V. f ,V jg 5, VVL ' L1P6fFim' height Drmfed tc flex V 6 :iiecmexinfwiai Lxxiisiig I . V VV L 3 5 bf m'1?BefiH1HHV, ,V yj b1 ,4,giAted Vfgamesnizhar has? VV V V V V .V VV ,F V Siarimg aut m we fur playdlgjffgh Q55 Fp3gi'fj0Oxgfi5?g3A 4, V5 Vi, VU V VV f th? 5ea5'?9Q th? 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Neat 35-27 Vaci-ary' 3 ' 'lulars on Fouls. fo Take 5 N eiiwg F7 F31 53 MOTBVTQXCID 100 F: K! e.... iubs' Rcsliy and 521495 V .... 5 3' i 15? TUrhe6e.Awuye.u1 Ca e . 'Q if .PviY1Game fffeeeoehawks 'W . 3 5 4 7? B5'.B'1f33mRD 9999. . . e e ' High Rednfg gg , k ' 3 2 3 Sf At Iagt,liilatelnng-axvaited 5 e . j 44 . Seemed Mohawk Seb? - f f- H.-'Flo U e U .2 owhen "F95t9fi3?5QA Ream? A"" -l fl ef Spike Hin' D em: ffh3I1'iPi0I1ShiIJ,.' fy' eg 0 2 0V Ogsettle and really Iienny Miller on fo: is y 5. QV V 5 0 - -,.----M-----ketballcame. Not a beth , 75 ,L. Ni'L ,I 3 ,,- .end oi the third qu jgigltnlygfiiingvgul I A ..,.. ,.,.8 11 12 10 25:ouId they have chosen e opening of the fir 59,5 by Q mgligiz of 1, V e by periods: F night against Bowiing Greee MQ Festeiia high a hea 'an wemme period e f R -N.....10 12 6 7-3aFHS hardened. After the fxrstm 5-37 defeat at Kent e .' V Q. e V 1 6 3 7 6-271xQe geqgzzeemeexee eu fheway ' . im. V .I th V U e . -,. e , , e e mn -Q. ' i , aore-pare a e conf 3 5S3NiY'gf1i?b?eC3fxeS?f A The game was marked by thx A V ex' af questionable fm 5138. night was by A 1 e . excellent ell-around play of the K V died against the Redm ming, 05 the two EW Q e V , Redmen. They worked the ball gm: .sent most ef the starti: eV1'.i.i?z1tize1' eve1'v.Seeb1 E about me Cam-'t in neat fashifmv, mf 33? 5Ph0W9i'B when U1 Q paefkea and rim of I f e wmhgfffad faking g'e1??r than al? te gk, V A ,L . 4 l M Qgame ns seaeee. err re oun - e f f my Vp3.V..e , gg 51253 did P3 eiiE5ei.i?e112efiE10X?egfn1 M e Hue shaved fe dew Improvement e..e ew .ef haskeibi the sezitisf fiom yfhe' f Z K, gs Hifi' .scngpedgihe 'gan Off both X ': ' Q3f???12iiE3Q.Vi313Y'9i1f5f301'Bd iz 1" f xx e .e e if l Q . ' ack Oafdse emeefenf Y- . 11Fie'Sf1l, fe.je1even, while mn? 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' point foray, Fostoria high schoolxs in 811 BXC831i2Di 8X1'f1b1QlO11 of VPC- Marquardt, 1: ..... 2 2 0 2 ,ef Swye guy, ihe mum' Redwnen dropped a 57 to 40 deeis'ib0U11CiiHg mid held 3315 high SCDXVXUSZ Miller, g ...,... ..4 0 0 5 gy 3 my-QQ mizmiv me-,.. ima io Amend high school in a po,fvim0r1e1'ft, DOH Lee. io we held Williams, g ....., 3 3 2 2 me gn Mm-1, gggmg me-ggi iiepenefit game in Ashland Tues-2026. V V V .CummingS, E .'f-, 0 0 Ge 0 Q ji egcfeve amd sent tix nightf . Captain .Kenny Mme? was m5Haf10"'efMg Hur"--U 9 9 .9 ' eime, 'rue 211151101 my e Stevie hieh, selected by the ihfffe. kQ'ff1"1f'-'G We haf? IPOVM 211 . e e... ggwd mgeieng and tg, ' V 'nd county poiie committee to U16 HIRE, ?115iV5UH .W1H12iI'iiS, wha Totals ,.. ,V.,.4 .1 . j,j. IVf1' 9 3 19 fi 51 i?2I'fflUgh me mme mi af, the Ashland high schoolers D153 dffY610P1!'1S 'e'. 1P1i0 21 10213 Sho' 'ENTUN i332fi ' P,j gems, .331-gppgcg in gnc fyn Q ' ezeture ettreciion of the sports iifgie SCVUFCKQ5 3132. Dei WIUIV M ei psdeii, 2.5 e2 '1 -2 LZ 339 Qiflfiy Bggqgamq my 4 ' . A QV! gave a good performance l3Ud'C'GH1'i. DBQHKQQS5 GCSE T1 Q f' S fes, f ...,.. ...., 2 5 1 0. gum me mn uf e 2 misforwne to Stack 1111 Wh? feP?30Bd.fV!u131?xS m me s Sunil C "--fff 1 .4 1 4 :ent ahead ixm poi H am that hi? a hot streak D91'10ff,Vb3ffCd' H1 V3 H109 0112 Ht wwn, g . .11 Z 1 3 I ,gqwgig mm, we at NV its. gonelusaon of the game. fxx li'-w.'V'son, g ....,. 1 3 1 3 Q and attempted :':' ' ' - '+ fc L e miseed amd the ' ' 1: OP? , iq' ""' 'En 16 5 12 V? 1'-Pbmxml and 5. -Q MQ? 7. .Pts. . . V ' mpeyiq S: i ezesmmg down the iz. ' -- ....,.. 3 0 107 78 13 9 mesa was weiiing un' fe Q 5 E11 .--2 1 37 83 V - M ' H11 10 3 Ti amd he iippesii in M ----w- 2 2 125 125 ' ' ,Q if peinfe jim before Q -'---- 1 2 38 95 X 1 e.1mie1,E me emi Q' en 1, , ....., 0 3 101 127 I' .1 Fl Q h V me periml :mai the ' e I ees Next Week 0 281-fzl fi 1 Q h "'e ed me eiiy eimmpi e F0 X. ' at Findlay- e e 4 :Lei 4.53 ie 415, D gf Fri V, i lnki eg Bowling Green. V V , e, A .Qe . e 2 E K 1 V ef pf 'fwfmw-W --Y'-- '-eY-V -A '-WW A by , -QEXWM 1 .V -W-1-fm. -W WW., eAW-. ,.,, M 5 Despef sg VAWK V . - I - V' , I V11 EH WAT ff e Last-Minute Rally l 3' " Fans Shen. - f I - e e I V g 7 Q zi, IA Witt: less than forty secs fa f i amen falter Affer. " 3 j 1 e f Tiffin attempted to bring e ral' Si V M-dw Maw. I ,, 51 i Aw' VV doxgn the fieer, bg? the ra ini 5 A 065 STCIH' Gnd Dfbpi A11 "" .gfgmwn e ,5 fm. Several mgggg Re men sto e it. eets ws Vi Vou V dgfafcinsgscgh Iiisyalgxlt thi .lot prove Loo success- U? 5110043 midway bcfwegn ii 'VQUIV nies, To V mm Fmtoua hight.V2?111. Kg.. miller opened the snow- CIFCIC and the center nyark we ieggdenfg V ,V imm had bcjwed DON Mmm. ff me second h:.n'.V dfibbliztg precious seconds remamer V 'Ying te Marion Saturv: in ,Q .U O Om ' a sucker-smot., Thus md wage Just as he peek-cl his L V 'lgx the Fostoria high R ,.., 1,.4f.,.,, A Y. .V M V i TV, V, V. Vt e . 21 ny, :an me bo-munem im Co.u.h 3113232115212 55? Ci32iifif?Crfeasonfs wagers, H39 reef, of Uwe' ' ht, HZ If 1 'bhl the bucket he saw little Gena. .. sen' epen and under. A sharp men mexr fourth defeat of the S ey huwedf 52-34 tok! wish Alben, which 'dsc mg. ' ' ees. ffl SP W .97 A ef' wanna Beeeim had the been on in GENE 'mon 1i8hgg?1TeSi'3e?1f5e e..e 3 has fx. dseeeptwe speedy g'lf3'.fd0555U intl? U15 HQOJ ' t ' .. f Ya' , . jf tl ' 4 fc 1 'X f Gt, ' 'Ai 'Q M P3 .ef Ma,.MAH Qmxfaahgla The fiihf-11313 JCI' i5"v'QY'9f2.1.?.,.L.3g SIS? 1 J' ag 1 Ani Ar iff: ' J TRACK TEAM 1 X g A i vi I - Y FIRST ROW: Dewalt, Iackson, Williams, Torres Dray SECOND ROW: Sheets, Lucius, Richards THIRD ROW: Shumaker, Marquardt 1 A new sport, at least to the athletes of Fostoria High, was added to the sports list last spring. Since spring football was abandoned by the state, our athletic directors thought it wise to introduce track to help build for football. Mr. O'Neill was chosen head track coach, and eighteen boys formed his team, The boys were new at the game and most of the season was spent in learning the fundamentals of track. Coach O'Neill attempted to enter someone in every event, but due to the number of participants, there Weren't enough points won to capture a meet. However, the boys went all out on the last one to whip Tiffin for their first win. The events which the cinderpath boys entered were the high hurdles, 100 and 440 yard dash, mile run, 880 yard relay, low hurdles, 880 yard run, 220 yard dash, discus toss, shot put, mile relay, and broad jump. This spring a few more boys are expected to turn out and with last seasons experience, the track team should be off to a successful start on the cinderpath. 65 Bob O'Neil1 Coach We 28 18 28 21 18 17 29 23 21 44 28 20 24 JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL lim Hardin, Stanley Roberts, Dale Iacoby, Bob Gillett, Lawrence Haver, lack Fiesel, Iim Cotter, Ierry Knepper, Gene Hanley. Coach Tom Bender, Dwight Buchholtz, lack Lambright, Richard Lewis, David Fittro. Record They Tiffin ........... . . 21 Bowling Green .... . . 38 Findlay ......... . . 43 Findlay ....... . . 18 Fremont ........ . . 25 Bowling Green .... . . 24 Bascorn ........... . . 24 Tiffin ................ . . 16 Findlay Glenwood .... . . 20 Bascom .............. . . 22 Findlay Glenwood .... . . 25 Fremont ........... . . 30 North Baltimore .... . . 26 CHEERLEADERS Dick Gee, loAnne Kopf, Dwight Rangler. Louanne Keath, Gwen Turner, Francis Post Lou Ellen Bauer, Ianet Gregory. fr We FIRST ROW: C. Earl, D. Bollinger, D. Buchholtz, S, Hutchins, B. Cockie, T. Elkington, I. Allison, W. Dickhaut, K. Wetherill, B. MacDonald. OND ROW' Mr. Tinianow, P. Bennett, B. Perry, B. Koester, T. Hansen, M. Phillips, D. Pierene, S ner D Kisabeth, S. Porter, M. Fruth, V. SEC . ' C. Barnes. , D. Rangler, H. eg , . E. Benninghopf. T. Ling, W: C. Koester, A. Rasey , l. Broyles, L. lckes, ' , O. Wells THIRD RO l E. Scott. B. Stevens, C. Staggar i t l. Brown, D. Rudie . ' Earl, S. Carter, I. Claypoo, FCURTH ROW: D. Bollinger, C. Buchholtz, FIFTH ROW: D. Vogel, S. Snyder, B. Reinhard, E. Harold, P. Herber, ' Howl, I. MacAnney, I. Basehore, C. Underwood, I. Snyder, I. Richards, I. BAN D Tweet tweet, toot toot, bim, biff, bang, boom, CRASH! When you hear these noises every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning, it isn't the school falling apart, it's just band practice. The band room is usually a very cheery and pleasant place. Of course, when the director loses his temper and starts banging heads together-but what are we saying? lt's a well known fact that band directors never lose their tempers. This past year the members of the band worked together to complete lt was a good marching band, gave concerts, TOP ROW. l. Snyder, C. Zumpt. N- a very successful season. and played everything from jazz to the classics. They went out in the cold mornings of the football season to practice formations and marched at the games in all kinds of weather with no thought of quitting. The pep band, too, has done a splendid job furnishing the music for basketball games. Heres to the personnel of the bands and the director. Good luck in the years to come. 68 Ralph Tinicmdw 2'-UO'-!OI.1'.l.'Il'-'U ORCHESTRA Turn on the lights! Sit down, everybody! Ouiet! What was a violin string? Assured that no one was dead, the director and students settled back to begin again with "Dramatic Overture." Yes, there they are, far off in ' ' ' ' l ed doors, peering through velvet- the corner of this huge building, behind c os ' ts of all shapes and sizes are going draped windows. Students and instrumen through the motions of making sweet music. Throughout the year on Tuesdays and Thursdays, through the halls, float ' d then by a squeak or a snap of a the strains of music-interrupted now an t' e the music is shaped into something string. During the long weeks of prac ic really beautiful. Struggling along with the students is their director, Who, about the time for the concert, has torn out his hair and chewed his finger nails down to the quick. But, when the concerts are over and the satisfied audience has left the auditorium, he sighs with relief knowing that all went Well. "Come back here-where do you think you're going?" The student smiles and replies, he is excused five minutes early for pit. Pit? Oh, yes, that part of ' blies. the orchestra whic th t? Only a h furnishes music for assem RST ROW: C. Zumpft, l. Kopf, S. Seiple, S. Sadcloris, A. Baker, B. Cockie, E. Lusk, A. Hawk. CONI ROW: V. Carter, R. Cole, K. Walsh, C. Koester, D. Rangler, R. Perrine, R. Segner, C. Walsh, . Groves, B. Barth, G. Gove, V. Parsell, G. House, S. McFadden. IRD ROW tSittingJ: M. Fruth, S. Porter, D. Kisabeth, E. Benninghoff, C. Buchholtz, D. Bollinger. IRD ROW CStandingl: l. Richard, I. Brovxm, L. Franklin, C. Earl, I. Snyder, D. Buchholtz, Mr. w auenstein, S. Hutchins, Mr. Tinianow, I. Allison, D. Vogel, B. Reinhard, S. Bates, S. Snyder, 'jig l' h I. McAnaney, K. Wetherill. A i I in Underwood, D. Base ore, 69 Mr. Hauens o :UO-1Orf:'.1dv-'U PEP BAND slide lil FIRST ROW: K. Wetherill, S. Hutchins, B. Coclcie, W, Dickhcrui, l. Brown SECOND ROW: A. Rcsey, C. Buchhollz, D. Rcxnqler, D. Pe-rrlne, C. Koester THIRD ROW: D, Bollinger, R. Stevens, E. Benninqhoff TOP ROW: S. Snyder, I. McAncmey, G. Snyder, D. Busehore, D. Vogel, I. Richards PIT ORCHESTRA FIRST ROW: S. Seiple, S. Saddoris, A. Baker, V. Carter, B, Cockie, E. Lusk, A, Hawk I SECOND ROW: I. Allison, S. Hutchins, D. Buchholtz, D, Rcnqler, C, Koester, C. Earl, D. Bollmger, S. Snyder, D, Vogel, D, Bczsehore, I, lVlcAnQney i 00 MN va new IA CLAYPOOL CARTER tt, G' DRUM MAIOR AND MAIORETTES Three drum majorettes and a drum major gave up much of their time and put forth great efforts to lead the band to a successful season. The drum major Was a senior boy who has been in band ever since he entered junior high, For five years he blew a trombone, and then moved into the path which his brother made. The three girls are eighth graders, Who, though just beginners, gave a fine performance during the football season. If these twirlers stick it out their remaining four years and make as much progress as they did during the grid season, FHS is in store for some baton experts. s l 71 I , l , XX' I A . gi, s' - V .V Q- , fx Zi ' M. 5.15 ff ef -rt. 1.1 . - zi T T V -xr . .. igfw . Us. .fa X' i l If - 'W' I Neeunum B math I Huffman, N. Carter, lr Maurer 33, vvuw-1 1' I BI Myers, U- """ ' I FOURTH Roig Ward, R. Reinhard' BI Basinqer, H. Hath .. I I I I I , II I rift Siwilaemi B- MrdQzs.:.. 1. Grvsz- 2r.2s2.22imi af-visit R- , W - Un 2 ' Hessen ' ' ' Burkhart, . - H5961 - ' c le H.BeY1leY' ' - - S I B k1nqhGm.B' . I Harter, B.I - I aWGYf I P CQI R. I0 1 I II William QECSTD SOWQ Itwsigliftilll li. DullkIIE1'SdT21TggS'Vif.Ng:6lZQ' Botti? atDg.,JS3f, rII,gQighGL?g.liiZZe?. Schwab, G VOTSUM' mm: ' l G Freet, l. U ' ' " s G- Thmi 1 ' ' Wethertll. h, S. Lundberg, - I I II Cummlncig DI Barton, K. Ei. . d BI Moqart, M. Qavis, l.ISmxtE1,CCl':.IEIf3IZgQI: Nusser, l- Richards. RCW. E. Lin , I Sh kI T, Picket . rlllllllgelaisel, A. Kopf, R. MGQ19Y- P U CHOIR From the first gentle downbeat, to the roaring climax: from a sarcastic, "Be quiet," to a sinister "Shut-up", it's Mr. Middleton and his Worn-out choir. We say Worn-out because they are just recuperating from their encounter with "Carrnelita" Which, by the Way, was a success. It took rnuch hard work and many Monday nights to produce the perfection exhibited by both the cast and the chorus. The choir's first semester activities consisted of musical selections wound around Santa and his holiday antics. Among these were "The Sleigh" and "The First Noel." Our music lovers also mastered a negro spiritual, -"The Ole Arles A'Moverin'," and a peaceful hymn "None Other Lamb." As the year grows rapidly to a close, the choir turns again to one of their old-faithfuls "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" and for a lot of singing pleasure, to "Old Susanna." The choir has made a striking appearance in new robes this year. They have performed ably at both school and community functions. 72 MUSIC DIRECTO1 f M .FQ Nr. James N ielcl lrlbh ACCOMPANISTS ,qu X K ,iz qol Clll I , f ffwz . af.. .W +L. no-mn aiiikmumn MIXED CHORUS "O. Kaget quiet-let's go! The Voice oi Mr. Middleton rings out over the heads of the chorus as members put away English, biology, and history books to settle down to Work. "Cielito Lindo," "Bendemeer's Dream," "Mariannina" are public favorites. Much fun and satisfaction are derived from Working on that kind of music After a few measures of "'l:his I M s y Country" or "The Star Spangled Banner," a genuine thrill comes from hearing such music. The chorus takes part in the spring concert. Audiences are assured that a dull moment doesn't arise when this group of students appears. it il- lil GIRLS' GLEE FIRST ROW: H. Balsat, N. Carter, I. Anderson, M. Dible, A. Hermia, G. Smith, I-I. Balsat, S. Iackson, B. Stainbrook, T. Pickett, I. Groves, D. Buckingham, B. Niday, D. Taylor SECOND ROW H Rose Newhouse G Emahiser I Huffman : . ,I. , . , . , I. Mansiield, M. France, M. Tribbey, E. Sheridan, W. Creps, I. Ramsey, G. Freet, I. Waltennire, I... Grooms, I. Snyder, H. Baxter, I. Pierce, B. Smith THIRD ROW: B. Burkhart, P. Travis, G, Rader, C. Medley, D. Dull, S, Smothers, D. Hoffbauer, I. Mosier, N. Lee, I. Lindernan. L. Molter, B. Basehore, I. Woodland FOURTH ROW: A. Devore, D. Harsh, E. Lusk, B. Opperman M. Williams, E. Lind, I. Smith, I. Wagner, E. Patterson, I England, M. Burkhart, G. Burke, W. Henderson, N. Berlinqhoff I-I. Buckingham FIFTH ROW: I. Lane, D. Sprow, D. Earlie, B. Shirk, I. Brown I. Allison, C. I-Iickerson, B. Hessey, D, Brombley, I. Brickles H. Cook, V. Maurer, M. Longfellow, D. Kopf GIRLS' SEXTET ,... 12 x X. r , is 1 I Iuanita Mosier Gayle Burke Nancy Carter Arvetta Kopf Marilyn Lonqfellow Gladys Freet 1 BOYS'GLEE . . --- 1 1 - 1 . FIRST ROW: D. Vogel, I. Ward, C. Zuern, I. Stroman, B. Basinger, I. Hicks, R. Lenhart, R. Muter, B, Myers, R. Marietta, R. Wiede- mann, B. Brown, D. Angles, D. Might, B. Stuckey, H. Bucking- ham, B. Compton, G. Lewis SECOND ROW: L. Brooks, R. Cole, D. Barton, D. France, L Morel, W, Kinqery, T. Ward, H. Sauder, C. Reinhard, I. Royer I. Williams, I. Cummings, B. Thraillcill, R. Marquardt, D. Harding N. Harris, I. Richards, D. Might, C. Switzer, I. Schwab, B Reinhard, K. Wetherill, H. Seel BOYS'OCTET 1 M l A , tif 'bs " 4' , . I, , , je-5 , . QQ ii iw, ll I t wwe, ' . I E 'ff Iim Richards Richard Lenhart Richard Muter Keith Wetherill Linden Brooks Tom Ward Roger Marietta Roger Cole 75 OPERETTA KNEEUNG: B. Thrailkill, R. Lenhart, N. Carter. M. France, I. Bomiuth, Ft. Marietta. SECOND ROW: T. Ward, H1 Souder, I. Williams, K. Wetherill, I. Waltermire, G. Freet, R. Cole. THIRD ROW: G. Burke, I. Cummings, I. Richards, I. Mosier, D. Buckingham, B. Hessey, M. I-'iesel L Brooks. This year the choir, under the direction of Mr. Middleton, presented Carmelila, a gay Spanish musical, February 21. The action is based mainly upon the romance of Carmelita Valverde. The arrogant Don Pablo is the unwanted fiance, who has the approval of the family, but the handsome American stranger is the choice of the beautiful Carmelita. As one little qirl in the audience remarked, "They didn't stay strangers long." The personnel for the performance was supplied by the choir. The pit orchestra provided the instrumental background. 76 NNAFIACITVHWES zmgmmrdwm Sofeaffafarsffl 55-61 U",':"',.,Q fp'-Q r-'- O 'E Q. ITLQO- QU? wgebo Swan QTJCCELQQPKFEQOE-mm 5'-F,-.Q QA,-.-:SQOII-'T D.oE?1""'5S 5' H25 Q52'3522E2QC3Qf QCDDJ Q'-1994323 BB9.2qT0C'4w'cD 'U 'QUJCM RU. Sf1Qf2rf"UfDQ5-'fDE mmzeaagagm QD s: :TGA fDfD ,-Q-OIXEQ-fDQQ,,,:3-15 ,Ugg5CUl'14mQ"' Q LQQ"f-o- MQ HC CDQ agp- 'Hmfeu Be. o:ffT5d"5ctnE""4 MQQQMUEQUQ Qvrvifvgggtga L2389OfL2s.Se 3fDc'S?SA?Q.SfDfD HDADJQ45 mg-'DP' 2'3QfDfDQ5wE Scf'f'2Q8U,6'OC OHDUAQ 3 E09 Dmgmg grsbw Hixgjgggjg-mCD5' OSBDSGTHSQHH Qsnwemesge gg-'Q-,fDkQw--Q :S Hr..fDQ.3mU,U3CDLQ 5'::e+"'o40"'gOTf rf' Off Gs: 5gmjh:rE-2'E3sQjg wfflmcotuf-'IDE' Q5g:59,oH5g 400.9-mme-DKLGJ we U1"' :see- D gmomerefl QQHOOOSMDKQCL U1'1E""m C UQQHWQMDAQE. -4 hers. H325 T5'-f1fD5U'U1u'T2'LQ U9-CQ EE' Z" Co.9.n5H-o4Q5'U 'S-+QaET5gOw8 O,... EHQEQKHEQQ SEATED: B. Yoder, G. Rader, L. Bennett, Miss Hoftert, adviser. CROUCHING: R. Stevens, B. Dray, C. Koester. FIRST ROW: H. Balsat, H. Balsat, W. Henderson, C. Hickerson, W. Creps, C. Medley, A. Hutchins, E. Lind, D, Taylor, B. Iones. SECOND ROW: R, Lenhart, K. Miller, I. Shurnaker, D. Kopf, E. Fruth, D. Hartley, B. Henry, D. Earlie, I. Cummings, H. Bentley. 78 "This memorial dedicated by Fostoria High School Class of Nineteen Forty-Five to honor those Valiant men and Women who gave themselves in service and sacrifice for God and country in memoriamn is the inscription on the bronze plaque on the second floor. The names of twenty-three boys, Who gave their lives in the service, appear on this plaque. We pay homage to those valiant dead. Many more fortunate boys have returned and are endeavoring to further their education, The class of nineteen hundred and forty-six is proud and privileged to have a number of ex-servicemen receive their high- school diplomas at the graduation exercises. 79 AN N UAL STAFF EDITORIAL LITERARY Editor Editor Richerd Good Virginia Pritchard Assistants Assistants Jackie Houser, Eleanor Munqer Dolores Earlie, Pat Gary ADVERTISING BUSINESS CIRCULATION Assistants Assistants Assistants Evelyn Lind, Charles Koester Ioan Sprout, Dea Io Hutchins Iessie Lou Waltermire, lack Cummings Manager Manager Manager Dean Dillery Audrey Statler tabsentl Richard Muter ADVISERS Miss Moore, Literary, Miss Sponsler, Circulation, Mr, Powers, Business, Mr. Howard, Advertising. 80 LITERARY COMMI'I'TEE ADVERTISING COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: V. Maurer, L. Bennett, D. Taylor, B. Iones, M. Herrig, A. Dippelhoter SECOND ROW: I. Lane, B. Hanley, R. Lenhart, I. Groves BUSINESS COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: T. Pickett, I. Mergenthaler, B. Yoder, D. Reidling L. Slaughterbeck, N. Speelman, P. Brink, F. Mansfield SECOND ROW: I. Huffman, I. Shumaker, W. Creps, E. Fruth, L l-lenline, P. Sendelbach, N. Niswander, I. Schwab TOP ROW: B. Sheets, D. France, D. Fruth, B. Preble, B. Painter B. Peyton, R. Stevens, E. Steinman CIRCULATION COMMITTEE I. Brubaker, B. Hall, I. Wagner, B. Dray, H. Bentley Who are those people going around pulling their hair about February? Annual Staff? How did you guess? From the editor, that tough looking person, who beats a path to your desk asking, "Is this done? Well, it better be!" to the committee member who feels he has been shoved around a wee bit too rnuch and can't quite decide what to do about it, there had 'been a constant strain Wondering whether We were going to meet FIRST ROW: D. Moots, H. Balsat, P. Post, B. Flechtner, B. Niday W. Henderson, S. Smothers, H. Balsat, C. Hickerson, H. Franks SECOND ROW: G. Freet, B. Opperman, C. Medley, B. Shirk A. Hottenstein, A. Shuman, F. Mullholand, B. Burkhart, M. Dible S. Lundberg THIRD ROW: D. Kopf, D. Dull, M. Morehart, M. Trausch, B Henry, A. Hutchins, G. Rader, V. Elsea, D. Hartley TOP ROW: K. Miller, B. Marquardt, H. Seel that final deadline. Anyone poking his nose into the journal room during the hectic days ot the annual's preparation would probably have seen a mess-paper here, a coke bottle there-and somebody must have forgotten her shoe 'cause there's one Without an owner. Well, those days are over and here is our yearbook. We present this, our annual, to you with our deepest sympathy-and some pride. RED AND BLACK JOURNAL STAFF HEADS . . .Barbara Iones lim Williams . . .Beverly Hessey Special Features ....... Marilyn Herrig Sports Editor ....... . . .Richerd Good Asst. Sports Editor ........ Dotty Taylor Business Manager ..... Richard Lenhart Circulation Mgr. .... Wanda Henderson Assistant Manager .... Arlene McComb Advertising Managers. . .Harold Sauder David Hollenbaugh Faculty Adviser ........... Miss Moore Co-Editors. . . News Editor ...... FIRST ROW: D. Hoilenbauqh, B. Hessey, D. Taylor, A. McComb, B. lanes, R. Good STANDING: I. Williams, H. Souder, W. Henderson, M. Herrig, R. Lenhart "Iournal out Friday!" That's been a very familiar announcement to all the kids at F. H. S. all year. lt's something we've looked forward to each month, for We knew it would be packed full of everything from fashions, sports, and assemblies to juicy gossip. Quite frequently it was tough to make ends meet but, with the cooperation of the entire Ioumal staff, the Iournal managed to pull through. This year, the Red and Black Iournal was bigger and better than ever. An unusually large staff supplied plenty of material, with even some to spare. Several new features were introduced and most of the old ones were brought back. So, as all good things must come to an end so must the Iournal for this year. How can we live without it all summer? But look for it next fall. It will be back with new ideas and will be waiting for you, and you, and especially YOU! IOURNALISM CLASSES FIRST ROW: G. Burke, M. Flechtner, I, Mosier, I. Lapidos, I. Mutchler, L. Larson, P. Post, H. Balsat, B. Shirk, H. Balsat, A. Dipplehofer SECOND ROW: E. Munger, I... Miller, I. Snyder, A. Housley, B. Cockie, M. Deckard, P. Gillett, C. Walsh TOP ROW: I. I-Iouser, E. Lind, I. Shumaker, B. Flechtner, V. Pritchard, B. Opperman, I.. Bennett, D. Hutchins, W. McClellan SALESMANSHIP Anvism X ,"!!. less E. Powers I x 'F 'K x ' 'f ' m A 46. FIRST ROW: B. Yoder, L. Slaughterbeck, D. Reidling, C. Medley, W. Henderson, G. Rader, A. Hutchins. SECOND ROW: P. Shirk, L. Bennett, B. Opperman, I. Mergenthaler, R. Muter, L. l-Ienline, D. Hartley, B. Henry. Mr. Charles Zumpll Mr. Mark Osbun Our book would not be complete unless we included two teachers who are seen only a few times a week around the building, but whose influence is greatly felt. Mr. Charles Zumpft, a graduate of Bowling Green State University, comes to the high school from Lowell three times a week in order to teach a photography class. Mr. Zumpft has done a noteworthy job on the pictures for this year's annual. The staff is appreciative of the time he spent and the efforts he has put forth to make these pictures. Another teacher, a man who's everywhere, is Mr. Mark Osbun. He instructs some division of music in Fremont, Lorain and Woodville along with Fostoria. He sees that our brass instruments are kept polished, and the sounds not so flat. The success of the brass quartet is mainly attributed to Mr. Osbun's efforts. 83 OFFICERS - ADVISER GIRL RESERVES TRIANGLE LEADERS - .W fit. v, W , 3 .., . .L,. .,. ,,. 5.,...s, .,Mwfwww5iQffwm?n3 fi. . fi A :Im ' S f ,Eu I i i . ma , ,sg 1 1.14 -"Y -.4 'Ik '- - 'I ip, wi ft ., ' .T V" "' :I 'fi ff' 'ff N li ' 1 wxwevr Mwmfwx i.M .f -ai Ii. -' L ' ' Q ,gp " 'Q 1' 4 I l - I X I N . 55, 1 -' , Yi - - Tx .fn -""' 3.5555 -ggi. ,j ' . ay. ' -' 5. t g., . W. s K. v W M qw 3 1 .. I .3 . A g V, , A, wwwaffiwiwww mfwwwwwwawww 1 f '. . if . " . . 1':ft.:'v . I f' l - :Q t ..rgQ..3.4q!l Dea Io Hutchins Ioanne Huffman Suzanne Smothers Wanda Henderson Mrs. Davis Pat Gary Iessie Lou Waltermire Suzanne Srnothers Beverly Flechtner Virginia Maurer FIRST ROW: C. Medley, M. Lentz, P. Workman, I. Mutchler, I. Sprout, S. Smothers, L. Larson, R. Magley, P. Gillett, I. Rothenbuler SECOND ROW: G. Apple, G. Rader, L. Slaughterbeck, D, Buckingham, B. Basehore, M. Cook, V. Williamson, I. Smith, I. Newhouse, M. Sherlock THIRD ROW: S. Crosby, B, Shirk, P. Shirk, D. Ward, I. Woodland B. Myers, E. Fruth, D. Moots, M, Davis FOURTH ROW: M. Shultz, M. Lewis ' "". it . Q. " I ..V4 3 Q A J Q 7 Ql.. V z ' V,x. ' ., ' -.. , . . Q Wg... FIRST ROW: N. Berlinghoff, I. Lindemann, A. Harrold, A. Lockhart, S. Saddoris, W. Henderson, S. Smothers, A. Baker, P. Post, I. Groves SECOND ROW: I. Groves, H. Franks, D. Kopf, M. Dible, I, Waltermire, D. Reidling, R. Baker, I. Bormuth, D. Tcrylor, M. Flechtner, A. Kept THIRD ROW: B, Singleton, E. Fox, S. Ullery, L. Miller, A. I-Iousley, G. Smith, P. Beigh, N. Lee, M. Reber, L. McCullough A Di lehoter Hauser B Nida FIRST ROW: B, Iones, . pp , I. , . y, , I. Anderson, I. Lcipidos, I. Mosier, I. Shumaker, P. Gary I. Mansfield SECOND ROW: I. Iordan, I. Harter, D. Dull, M. Opperman THIRD ROW: C. Peggs Mansfield, L. Bennett, W. Creps, B. Hessey, M. Howell, E. Lusk. FOURTH ROW: V. Groves, B. Cooper, T. Pickett P. Workman, P. Statler, H. Buckingham, Trauch, L. Browning, B. Molter, B. , I. Harler, A. Hutchins, M. Herrig, F. A w w Z Q t" m m UI-"OO S I L V E R MHHEE Q- -F 5 M , W... I Zi: rg t..' f',WqQ :ti -.M 1 J . .Mg V13 at I -Q .." . ,..Q Q I i.l:t I ...... iff: .. ....t . a .t: : - S : 4 E,. . ' 1:.Q ,.. .. ,,.. . is . I f ,.,,:, ' 'Wai f I:l1CII."U1 mr- 'dn-1c:'u R E D 84 "EXW FIRST ROW: Helen I. Snyder, M. France, B. Flechtner, H. Baxter, N. K. Walsh SECOND ROW: W. Spangler, N. V. Elsea THIRD ROW: M. R. Hattendori, P. B. Burkhart FIRST ROW: M. Travis, I. Smith, K. Kirkendall, I. Balsat, P. Groves, E. Munger, S. Iackson, M, Burkhart, M. Brant, I Sowery, M. Thomas, I. Shultz, P Ash, L. Franklin, B. Rose F Morehart, G. Lane, B. Lind, D. V. Maurer, H. Balsat, H. Rose, D. Harsh, C. Strawbridge SECOND ROW: V. Pritchard, V. Boucher, G. McCubbin L. Rader, M. Herbert, G. Burke, B. Brown, M. Feisel, N M. Warner THIRD ROW: G. House, B. Barth, D. Koons, A. McComb, M. Deckard, N, Rowe, A. Hennig, I. Stainbrook, I. Snyder .f.e1...if if Rose Ann Banks, Geraldine Iackson, Barbara Burch, Rose Tate, Wilda Tate, Triangle Leader HI-Y OFFICERS IVIEIVIIBERS mf.. , , f Q I 5. l 2 'S' 5872. if' emwsf Jf3WiwLeyg.?Q A "L" 'E-f A . ? 1? f Mfl4i? X, h t S ' .. ff f E ' I I wt gig ' E if M . Q. ....s J I 1 i, 'F f 5? ' "' 2' W' .,:. O .I - -fs. if 'f1Q , ,A ,fy If . 3. ,j ::g,, . M .. R I S ' .V 12:12 A n xr Cl S L. we .xM.v f lob Sheets ............... ........ P resident Kenny Mme' "" ""' V 1Ce'P'eS1d9n' FIRST Row. D. Barton, R. Good, R. Lenhart, K. Miner, 1. Cummings, B. licherd Good. . . ....... Treasurer Sheeqsl B. Lucius' B. Peyton 1ir.Siekeres ........................ ....... A dviser SECOND ROW: In Bmbckerl D. Dmery' BA Mmqumdil C- Koesier' R- lichard Lenhart .................. . ......... Secretary Xbsent: Bob Chaplain. Dray, Service Chairman, Bevon Painter, OFFICERS O Neill . ....... Adviser Rasey ................................ President 1 ........ Chaplain R'chards .... Gary .... ..... V ice-president Brooks .... ........... S ecretary Cole ..... ..... S ervice Chairman Kisabeth. . . ....................... Treasurer .. W -f"'Rx .f Switzer ............................ Secretary .........Adviser Van Sant .... Thrailkill Horn. . . . . . . . . . . .Vice-president . . . . .' . Service Chairman Lewis .... .......... - Chaplain Bateson ....... .... T reasurer yron Niswender, .... ..... P resident mw0H2G' mmwO30Ew0m Stevens, B. Dray, B. Painter, B. Preble, B. Etzinger Top Row: D. Fruth, D. France, B. Hanley, B. Hall, I. Schwab, H, Bentley, I. Watts MEMBERS FIRST ROW: H. Buckingham, I. Ward, D. Hollenbaugh, F. Gary, C. Buchholtz, I. Williams, S. Hill, B. Alley SECOND ROW: A. Rasey, D. Burgbacher, B. Reinhard, R. Cole, I. Hanover, D. Kisabeth, T. Ward, I. Torres, L. Morel TOP ROW: B. Marietta, I. Sharp, B. Myers, D. Might, I. Shumaker, I. Richards, H. Souder MEMBERS FIRST ROW: L. Shrider, T. Elkington, B. Compton, B. Forster, B. Mottram H. Horn, G. Lewis, B. Wiedemann, B. Niswender, I. Hicks, P. Preble SECOND ROW: H. Wyatt, B. Vogel, B. Stuckey, I. Boyer, B. Thrailkill C. Switzer, D. Hazeltine, A. lones, R. Harding, I. Romiq, C. Reinhard THIRD ROW: I. Stroman, B. Basinger, D. Angles, D. Bollinger, L. Ickes N. Harris, G. Hanley, I. Peyton, H. Saxton, A. Kimble TOP ROW: G. Lane, D. Blosser, C. Rahriq, D. Munger, B. Stevenson, B Brovm, P. Bollinger I NATIONAL HCNOR INDUCTED FEBRUARY 1945 ADVISER Margery Hoifert STANDING: Richerd Good, Barbara Iones. sf ,-.. SITTING: Iacquelyn Houser, Charles Koester, Virginia Pritchard. KNEELING: Iessie Lou Waltermire. SCHOLARSHIP iff LEADERSHIP if CHARACTER sk SERVICE INDUCTED MARCH 1946 gf J Lvl. FIRST ROW: Ioyce Bormuth, Millie I-Ierberi, Richard Muter, Phyllis Gillett, Donna Buckingham. SITTING: Gladys Freet, Ioanne Sprout, Marilyn I-Ierrig, Dea Io Hutchins, Garlyn Rader, lean Groves. STANDING: lim Hanover, Dean Dillery, Allen Rasey, DeWitte Barton, Iack Cummings, Roger Cole. 86 N81-oqwng pgoyqgq SOCIE 'I' Y 2 : JL ' fill Mabel I. Bourquln WROSKNB Of? FGA., , Nanxclfiz are loxucf , llemle l'lr:,v 'Arlo Qmuunl 'Dwfk M. gan .-1 FIRST ROW: D. Ecxrlie, A. Dippelhofer, B. Jones, I. Wcrltermire, B. Cookie, M. Deckcrrd, P. Gillett, I... Larson SECOND ROW: S. Scxddoris, M. Herbert, M. Howell, R. Lenhart, R. Cole, I. Mosier, M. Lentz ADVISER Luellc Moss LAMBDA SIGMA FIRST ROW: D. Earlie, M. He-rriq, I. Sproul, A. Dippelhofer, G. Rader, W. Spcmqler, I, Mansfield SECOND ROW: L, Miller, M. Hcrberi, V. Prilclwrd, I. Gwves, D. Buckinqlxum, I. Halter, B. He-ssey C. Peqqs THIRD ROW: I. Snyder, B. Sluinbrook 87 ADVISER Carolyn Di!!! s if . x V r i FIRST ROW: P. Gary, I. Shumaker, I. Lindeman, I. Bormuth, L. Larson, A. Kopf, I. Lapidos M Flechtner, I. Mosier, G. Burke, N. Rowe. SECOND ROW: I. Huffman, E. Lind, B. Iones, I. Waltermire, K. Kirkendall, N. Sowry, N. Lee A Housley, B. Flechtner, A. Lockhart, M. France. THIRD ROW: E. Fruth, D. Taylor, B. Brown, M. Feisel, S. Smothers, I. Engle, S. Ullery, N. Carter A. Harrold, H. Baxter. FOURTH ROW: F. Gary, D. Hollenbauqh, I. Cummings, I. Richards, I. Williams, S. Hill, R. Lenhart GIRLS' ATHLETIC AssoclA'rloN ADVISER FIRST ROW: C. Hickerson, W. Creps, B. Niday, I. Lane, W. Henderson, B. Etzinger, B. Cookie, M. Deckard, P. Gillett, A. McComb, M. Reber. SECOND ROW: S. Crosby, D. Dull, D. Earlie, B. Yoder, L. Slauqhterbeck, E. Robinson, M. Brant, E. Patterson, I. Brown, M. Dible, P. Travis. THIRD ROW: M. Lewis, M. Schultz, G. Apple, B. Singleton, E. Fox, P. I-Iunker, A. Shuman, F. Mullholand, L. Sherick, M. Warner, I. Ramsey, R. Henline, L. Heniine. FOURTH ROW: E. Munqer, I. Smith, I. Wagner, B. Burkhart, G. Aurand, R. Loach, B. Iordan, G. Wolfelt, M. Martin, D. Earlie, D. Hoffbauer, S. Snyder. FIFTH ROW: I. Hauser, V. Boucher, G. McCubbin, A. DeVore, V. Groves, B. Smith, G. Emahiser, I. Harler, N. Lambriqht, D. Brombley, 88 Wilma Cole 5 . IH lf' , I X J 4 F HOME ECONOMICS Anvmssns Helen Mettler Ethel Ritchey Lew-'f ' N V WI itll' jj 'v t l ll Q, H 0 . FIRST ROW: N. Niswander, P. Sendelbach, H. Franks, D. Moots, M. Morehart, E. Richards, B. Barth, i M. Groves, I. Groves, L. Franklin. SECOND ROW: I. Szallars, E. Sheridan, L. Lancaster, B. Lorah, H. Rose, L. Grooms, P. Hunker, R. Henline, L. Henline, I. Brown. THIRD ROW: G. Freet, T. Pickett, I. Schultz, R. Baker, A. Hottenstein, B. Burkhart, G. Emahiser, B. Smith, N. Lambright, D. Brombley. , FOURTH ROW: D. Ward, B. Henry, P. Brink, D. Hartley, V. Groves, A. DeVore. Anwsm LIBRARY STAFF t E Q Q Q i a Marguerite Solp E 'vtrf' gi 5 I P 5 -. I H 'I Pt FIRST ROW: L. Rader, D. Ward, G. Rader, H. Baxter, M. Howell, N. Carter, I. Anderson, M. Herbert. SECOND ROW: I. Mansfield, I. Houser, L. Bennett, C. Medley, A. Hottenstein, M, Lentz, I. Marietta, N A. Housley. , THIRD ROW: R. Kimble, G. Lewis, E. Munqer, B. Basinger. ' 89 .,.1.,.,Y, Anwszn STUDENT COUNCIL Wllkam M. Hawk 6. Q ' l ..f , 2 MAGAZINE CAMPAIGN MANAGERS I a 5 FIRST ROW: D. Mighi, I. Shumaker, S. Hill, S. Smothers, P. Travis, K. Miller, R. Lenhart, C. Koester. SECOND ROW: I. Knepper, B. Niswender, V. Carter, L. Zeiqler, R. Hattendori, N. Peyton, S. Hartman, G. Logan. THIRD ROW: I. Allison, S. Roberts, V. Maurer, I. Huffman, D. l-luichins, I. Walterrnire, T. Mills, B. Gillespie. 1. Mx. Senkeros FIRST ROW: P. Dcmner, V. Carter, I. Borrnuth, I. Lapidos, I. Marietta, S. Hartman, I. Anderson, I. Sprout, L. Keath, S. Seiple, B. Iones, D. Nusser, D. I-lillier. SECOND ROW: P. Nusser, M. Howell, V. Maurer, A. Housley, B., Koesler, I. Allison, K. Miller, I. Williams, D. Hutchins, S. Smothers, R. Lenhart, M. Iones, W. Souder. THIRD ROW: I. Lindernan, I. Steinhursi, B, Hiser, S. Baker, I. Ash, I. Knepper, L. Hoitenstein I. Zemer, C. Zumpft, P. Nusser, S. Iackson, M. Snyder. FOURTH ROW: N. Rowe, I. Iordcm, I. Rcmqeler, D. Fruth, A. Kiser, I. Broyles, R. Les, D. Garber, B. Basehore, S. McFadden, B. Richards, B. Ioseph, I. Warner. Lenhart. Miller Maurer. Hutchins Smothers. Huiiman 90 SS S ...I STUDENT NURSES 'W' FIRST ROW: I. Mutchler, I. Groves, M. Herriq, I. Lcxpidos, I. Sprout, V. Boucher, G. McCubbin. SECOND ROW: S. Crosby, I. Roihenbuler, I. Bormuth, B. Singleton, K. Kirkendoll. MANAGERS . L. J Q f ff. . ef . - K 'HM A1422 - ,, W 'Q - A CAFETERIA STAFF ADVISEB Lucillo Kendall . I wg, Q 5 , ISEI J EN 6 - my M' , M11-MC1'Ch FIRST ROW: M. Lentz, B. Barth, I. Steinhurst, L. Iones, I. Shumoker, A. McComb, P. Gillett. Mrs. Iones SECOND ROW: I. Wagner, G. Apple, B. Sinqlelon, E, Fox, I. Bormuth, P, Workman, I. England H. Rose. THIRD ROW: R. Hummel, D. Hutchins, L. Bennett, B. Oppermcm. I. Steoms. 91 DEBATE ACCOUNTING STAFF Miss Dietz Dea Io Hutchins, Ioanne Sprout Eleanor Munqer, Virginia Pritchard loan Wagner Bob Dray Iackie Houser Charles Koester PROIECTION STAFF TRAFFIC PATROL FIRST ROW: Stanley Roberts, Don Burqbacher, Don FIRST ROW: lack Watts, Kenny Matz, Charley Buchholtz Kisabeth, lack Cummings, lim Hanover, Bob Forster SECOND ROW: Bevon Painter, Iirn Pierce, Rulon Pratt SECOND ROW: Bob Compton, Duane Crowe, Dick Payne, TOP ROW: Bob Peyton, Bob Preble, Leo Morel Iim Hicks, Bob Weidemann THIRD ROW: Dick Harding, Peary Bollinger 92 Bovs' SPORTS ,,,,,,,S,,,, Robert O'Neill FIRST ROW I Kinshaw I Burke B. Basinqer, I. Shultz, L. Stahl, W. Harden, B. Clark, C. Schmidt, G Flechtner G Carson I Merqenthaler, R. Mitchell, D. Doison, D. Four. SECOND ROW D Graber C Zuelzke, L. Tyson, I. Dillon, D. Groves, G. Coppler, D. Miller, I. Hurit, M Vitie O Hoschar I Thomas R Iohnson, P. Williams, M. Stowers, G. Sherick. THIRD ROW C Underwood M Moon, I. Feasel, C. Iohnson, R. Zuern, V. Moon, I. Reinhard, B. Walters O Wiliso R Pastorius T Pasiorius, R. Loach, B. Yinqlinq. FOURTH ROW I Groves P Moon, R. Wedge, A. Weiker. FIRST ROW: F. Musser, P. I-lollen SECOND ROW: P. Williams, D. B. Moller. JUNIOR G. A. A. Moore, D. Haitendori, M. Wolfelt, M. Chamherlain, B. Gonyer, R, Yaies, I bauqh, N, Hollenhauqh, M. Hagerman, E. Baird, R. Dye, M. Hcckatharn, B, Haynes T. Weiker, I. Snyder, M. Schroeder, D. Fout, M. Ortega, E. Searles, K. Keckler Wallace, I. Weber, L. Thompson, P. Williams, S. Baieson, B. Wolfelt, P. Nusser THIRD ROW: P. Banker, E. Baker, D. Baker, I. Neiveson, B. Burch, R. Banks, B. Tate, K. Lewis G. Iaclcson, V. I FOURTH ROW: M. Tidd, T. McC ackson, R. Tate, I. Purdy, M. Haynes, L. Black, N. Lewis. M. Walters, M. Etzinqer, L. Hale, D, Wyans, B. Woodley, P. LyBurtus, H. Page ullouqh, M. Niswander, D. Niswander, V. Lowery, V. Thompson, E. Rasp, I. Ray. 93 i f A Anvrsm JUNIOR HI-Y . fm' f ff W - X FIRST ROW: R. Keckler, L. Yockey, I. Emahiser, D. Murdock, D. Perrine, I. Broyles, M. Woodley I. McAnaney, C. Iackson, I. Logan, A. Kiser, B. Horen, B. Morgan, G. Schutt, R. Hutchins, G Sheridan, F. Raymont, I. Satzer, F. Sprow, R. Babb. SECOND ROW: E. Benningholl, M. Martin, C. Mosier, M. Yates, C. Allison, E. Myers, B. Madden C. Fillhart, D. Beck, W. Poorrnan, I. Riggs, R. Moller, G. David, I. Hannah, I. Howell, T. Kinn I. Shank, R Smith. THIRD ROW: B. Hull, I. Harris, I. Cook, D. Peeler, I. Yockey, D. Iacoby, S. Roberts, R. Shurnaker I. Knepper, H. lbarra, I. Feisel, D. Rhude, I. Shumaker, G. Sherrill, P. Slaughterbeck, V. Pickens' C. King. FOURTH ROW: R. Lewis, B. Yeager, P. Danner, P. Nusser, H. Dixon, R. Garrison, T. Rinehart, R. Waltermire, B. Dunlee, P. Davis, S. Hutchins, I. Allison, D. Fruth, W. Dickhaut, E. Harrold, D. Basehore, R. Steve. FIFTH ROW: I. Nirider, D. Fittro, I. Harden, B. Swinehart, G. Burkhart, B. Cook, B. Hirsch, D. Vogel, R. Hottenstein, K. Parsell, D. Davis, I. Doll, D. Goshe, L, Walters, C. Banks, B. Stein, D. Blessing, L. Haver. SIXTH ROW: D. Foltz, R. Lee, F, Iordan, I. Lambright, I. Slater, C. Thompson, D. Keckler, I. Keckler, B. Hogan, H. Dieter, B. Gillett, C. Brant, B. Gillespie, G. Shillet, C. Gaertner, M. Hathaway. 1 1 JUNIOR GIRL RESERVES Anvrsnns FIRST ROW: M. Rinehart, V. Richards, I. Davison, S. McFadden, E. Scott, A. Hawk, I. Byrd, V Carter, I. Shumaker, B. Allison, I. Kopt, S. Seiple, P. Dauterman, I. Snyder, M. Phillips, L. Zeigler G. Keele. SECOND ROW: B. Turner, I. McNutt, I, Vogel, B. Richards, I. Hill, R. Davison, S. Hartman, S. Baker C. Payne, B. Stevenson, I. Beach, K. Myers, S. Clary, C. Sheets, N. Herbert, M. L. Lowery. THIRD ROW: I, Charles, I. Knepper, I. Claypool, M. Fruth, N. Cameron, M. Fox, I. Zeigler, E. Lanninq N. Harper, B. Thompson, E. Dillon, I. Wagner, K. Willison, G. Horner, L. Thompson, L. Shultz R. Cramer. FOURTH ROW: M. Brink, M, Elsea, C. Merritt, N. Haylett, M. Hull, D. Romiq, P, Maxwell, D. Iordan N. Wells, G. Gove, R. Yates, B. Blake, I. Somers, I. Crosby, V. Bullock, N. Bomer, R. Smith, L. Yenser 94 FRESH MAN PLAYERS Amnsm Carolyn Dietz 3 . 1, IQ I xx 7 .ts T W ll 'O FIRST ROW: C. Barnes, D I-lillier, M. Iones, L. Bauer, G. Turner, G. Willoby, S. Bates, M. Rathbum, M. Milligan, B. Painter, L. Reidlinq, M. Post, B. Patterson, I. Peters, V. Shultz. SECOND ROW: L. May, I. Tannyhill, W. Souder, L. Fraver, I. Huth, P. Blackford, M. Buckingham L. Zeiqler, L. I-Iostottle, M. Ricksecker, I, Stoudinqer, M. Tribby, M. Stainbrook, W. DeWeese. THIRD ROW: E. McRoberts, V. Parsell, P. Smith, M. Arwoocl, M. Walsh, M. Harper, O. Yates, D. Payne, I. Warner, R, Seaner, S. Porter, B. McDonald, V. Iohnson, M. Schmidt. FOURTH ROW: I. Hill, V. Knierim, H. Cook, I. Marietta, I, Dickhaut, P. Carson, I. Bennett, B. Barton B. Reinhart, I. Hunker, M. Mompher, L. Iay. 1 Anvrsnn DRAMA CLUB I t Onsite: Whiteman FIRST ROW: I. Hill, D. Waltermyer, H. Lewis, K. Earlie, G. Morqart, B. Evans, O. I-Ioschar, F. Bostic, I P. Dyer, D. Rangler, C. Staqger, P. Baker, I. Ash, N. Peyton. SECOND ROW: N. Mortimer, M. Kimble, V. Iones, M. Kooken, E. Ibarro, P. Fillhart, M. Post, A. W Tsantles, I. Deqan, L. Keath, I. Gregory, N. Beers, R. Baumqartner, C. Decker, V. Kreais. THIRD ROW: W. Shultz, A. Harris, I. Woodland, B. Koester, T, Mills, D. Gee, I. Young, N. Petro, D. Barnett, N. Banks, S. I-Iengsteler. 95 Amnsnn AIRPLANE CLUB , 2 W me 2 , lean Goble Il Xi 9 I If FHS J J elk 7 . FIRST ROW: P. Snyder, B. Mansfield, R. Gonyer, C. Rasp, D. Yoder, I. Patterson, D. Stein, I. Munqer D. Sanders, F. Szcxllcxrs, M. Reiss, B, Beers, W. Roose. SECOND ROW: B. Foultz, R. Graves, R. Ash, I. Miller, I. Ressler, R. House, M. Beiqh, D. Shultz I. Zemer, B. Perry, C. Zumpft, D. McCullough, R. Lewis. THIRD ROW: E. Poole, H. Warner, G. Wolters, P. Donaldson, B. Gonyer, E. Bronson, A. Woodmcrncy R. Miqhl, R. Babb, E. Stevenson, D. Bowmcm, I. Kinqery, G. Decker. 4HNl9F.N E9."'AN'C5 - ADVISERS f . 30 FIRST ROW: D. Graft, E. Cooper, C. l!Vc1lker, I. Cotier, L. Iones, R. Hanley, D. Buchholtz, B. Kroetz, I. Emerson, K. Gcxertner. SECOND ROW: I. Slosser, I. Pierce, A. Gordon, E. Dduqhtery, R. Cook, R. Henry, G. Myers, I. Eclrl, L. Eckelberry, T. Link. 96 William Ionea Floyd BOWLING FIRST ROW: A. McComb, M. Deckarcl, I. Houser, S. Smothers, I. Brown, B. Cockie, W Creps W Henderson, D. Abel, B. Preble, B, Dray, R. Alley, R. Peyton. SECOND ROW: P. Gillett, M. Reber, B. Wollelt, P. Nusser, C. Hickerson, M. Groves, H. Franks M Morehart, D. Earlie, E. Robinson, P. Shirk, R. Stevens, C. Buchholtz, TOP ROW: D. Munger, B. Stevenson, B. Brown, I. Cotter, P. Preble, B. Compton, I. Romig T Stevenson, R. Harding, A. Rasey, H. Souder. A new sport, bowling, has taken its place in our school. Last fall under the direction of the two physical education instructors, some of the senior high students organized themselves into teams. Every Wednesday evening Without fail you were sure to find these people at a local bowling alley trying to raise their averages. Everyone surely had a super-swell time and it looks as though bowling has really found a place for itself among the sports of Fostoria High. 1. L . mil' X x fl I X yt J-f 97 CUSTODIANS Bert Hanley, janitor, Troy Ranqeler, janitor, Charles Harris, firemczny Harold Switzer, janitor, Mrs. Wilda Upthegrove Cabsenti. Students, there are several persons who make up our statt ot custodians, seen around this building. They are an integral part of our school lite. Who is it that cleans up after our basketball games and after the many school dances? Who is it that looks after the school building over the Weekend so that it is ready for you to come back to on Monday morning? One lady, Mrs. Wilda Upthegrove, is always seen hustling around the upper floors early in the morning. Thanks to the keepers of the building for a job Well done. " 'Q-. N mf N Q B 5 .T 5 3. fr. mg . J low ,. " 98 QQ AQ Z X f ALL-SCHOCL PLAY SITTING: Gayle Burke, Helen Balsat, Linden Brooks, Iessie Lou Waltermire, Dean Dillery, Mardell France STANDING: Roger Marietta, David Hollenbaugh, Richard Lenhart, Iackie Houser, Iim Richards, lack Brubaker A thrilling mystery captivated the student body in attendance at the play, "Double Doors," enacted December 7, l945. It was a modern mystery, Written by Elizabeth Mc- Fadden, concerning the exceedingly wealthy and eccentric Van Bret family. Victoria Van Bret tried to break up the marriage of her brother Rip, to Ann Darrow, his former nurse, so that Victoria may have the pearl necklace, a family heirloom. Rip had qiven it to Ann as a Wedding present. Victoria's vicious schemes for the recovery of the pearls pro- vided the chills and thrills of the dramatic production. Congratulations, Cast! JUNIOR CLASS PLAY STANDING: B. Hessey, L. Larson, R. Cole. SEATED: L. Brooks, D. Hollenbczugh, I. Mosier, K. Kirkendall. PIM PASSES BY" The lunior class presented for their class play on March 22, the three-act comedy, "Mr. Pim Passes By" by A. A. Milne. Mr. Pim caused general confusion in the Marden household by the mention of a name that seemed to be that of Mrs. Marden's first husband, whom she believed was dead. Therefore, Mrs. Marden had been living ille- gally with her present husband. As the plot unfolds, it is found that Mr. Pim, the rattle-brained English gentleman, had mixed names. The romantic interest was sup- plied by Dinah, the flirt, and Brian, the care- free artist. As the curtain falls, Mr. Pim is still trying to rectify his mistake. ONE - ACT PLAY CONTEST "Bathroom Door" This play takes place in a large hotel. All the characters gather in the hall outside the bathroom to wait for the suppose-to-be occupant. Everyone suspects the prima donna's husband to be the de- tainer. As they had had an argument, she thought he would surely take his life and the bathroom would be the proper place in which to do that. Finally the scrubwoman solves the mystery by proving that the door was only stuck and the bath- room was empty. The cast gave a delightful per- formance of the comedy. "Bobby Sox" This play is about Bobby Sox, a fourteen year old girl, who is not satisfied with the boys of her own age. No Sireel She likes them older and more like Norton Brown who happens to be her older sister Margie's special boy friend. This is where the trouble begins, but it comes to a climax when Margie has Norton come to spend the evening before he leaves for military school. Margie thinks she is going to have Norton all to herself! But Bobby Sox decides to entertain him too! So-she invites three Bomeos to spend the evening with Margie! When they arrive, the fun begins. It was a play full of chuckles for young and old, and well portrayed by the cast. S E N I O R S I U N I O R S S O P H O M O R E S F R E S H M E N 102 "Comin' 'Round the Mountain" The ludkin's Cabin in a remote section of the Ozark Moutains furnished the setting for the Senior contest play, "Comin' 'Bound the Mountain." Daisy and Zeke were two screamingly funny characters. The scene in which one of Zeke's friends stands behind a sofa and blows a horn in Daisy's ear t keep her awake while Zeke proposes will long b remembered. lt was typical hillbilly entertainmen with a plot filled with real suspense. The furnitur was all roughly made--kegs and soap boxes. Th parts were well done by the members of the cast "Suitable for Charity" Psychologists tell us that fear of losing one' clothes is instinctive. lf there's anything designe to strike terror to the heart, it's the prospect of bein deprived of corporeal covering, as in the Soph more contest play, "Suitable for Charity." Balp Claire's fiance, while visiting her, sent his suit t be pressed. Of course, the suspense is heightene no end by Ralph's being barricaded in his be girl's guest room while waiting for his suit. lt woul have been worth losing a suit of clothes if Mr Greenway had learned her lesson. But she didn' The cast performed admirably all the roles. E M Q N D 465.9 Y 5 U 'E' BW, S 63- H T 6 I X fifs If E, Q, f ? Q ...SH 1? . , ,pm - , X . gi gf ki . .5 X J-5 A, EE ' A . V. , ,M L f J X W WM-f2M. Y W SENIUQ, xiii? 75 aw., 7?7llE.Ts1'm,Q.- M5!Aut0fgfrw:1ph,6 Wig? .2 W ,M 9 ww' . KJV ilynjj j"3,WA 92. XE A Wife. QE? gd QR? K 'fx Apgffwwnfgy 5 S? jsp? Smzkwgjiiyfgfiw fn., ak M9W"'qof,5Q1"7o'0fvlef.:9. WJ 0 Aka: ww Wg QXWAKMMMQ R 4 UQ ff my WWW lv C2 -0- 0 Wm-Iiyikw Hzfgfw an W MWLMMM vi Y W' W '5"QLQffffMf7f-mf Wfxxj September 4-Opening day ot schoolMOh, happy day? l3'fMr. Dunn from Ohio Wesleyan talked to Seniors. First pep rally and snake dance-Beat St. Wendelin! l4-St. Wendelin game--We did! 21-Lima South thereflitugged game! 27-Pep Ballyfvlt We only could- 28-Assembly-Charles Lum in Shake- spearean scenes. lournal out. Annual staff announced. Port Clinton here - Pluvius really opened up! October 4eeAssembly-Atomic bomb. 5-Pep meetingfBender's hopes. Fremont Boss here-what officials! ll-Annual magazine assembly. l2fTiffin Columbian there--nice trip! l5-Y.M.C.A. Brotherhood assembly speaker. 26-Teachers' meeting!-For once we ap- preciate them. Sandusky game there-Beautiful sta- dium and what a team. Those lake breezes--brrrr. November 2fBowling Green wins league champion- ship. 9-eljinished football season strong against Findlayfwheres our luck? ll-l7--National Book Week. l6-Grade school operetta4Oh, tor the good old days- 2lfSenior Dance, Harvest Hopf!-low about it, kids? I 22-23-1-Thanksgiving vacation--At last. 30-AssemblyiBobert Weider, speaker. here-Some very nice basketball. December 7-All-School Play, "Double Doors." Columbus Central therep-Pretty rugged, eh? l4AFremont Boss heree-Guess We showed them! l7-St. Wendelin here-Cut them up in little pieces! l8eeFootball BanquetfWhat a battle! 21-Bowling Greenftheree-l'm beginning to see the light. Beginning of Christmas vacation- Please, Santa Claus. Christmas Assembly. Iournal out. 25-ChristmasfGee, that was nice of you. 284-Bucyrus game here-All good things come in biq packages. Ianucxry lfNeW Year's DayfAre We kidding? 4fSandusky here- ---- Too bad, fellowsee 5---Marion Harding there-Guess it must be the town. lO--Assembly. llfrfitfin herevOh, for two points! l5ffSt. Wendelin there-What a game! Won the city championship. 16-l8eEXamsWThe traditional headache! Why didn't we study? 18-Findlay thereHWhat no seats! We'll get even, just Wait. 2l-Assembly. 25-Fremont there-Kill the refs! Assembly-eAnother so soon? 27fBand Concert-Big toot ot the year. February ln, Bee Gee herefOur revenge! 8-Kenton there-Was that close! 9-Debate tournament at Sylvania-if l2f lllf 15 only- Lima Central here - Early spring plowing! Lincoln's Birthday--Waiting for the nextone-A Valentines Day-Hearts and flowers? Tiffin there-Fostoria crowd oificiatesy we return the compliment. l6fPublic speaking class ventures as far 20 21 22 as Lima. fAssemblyYOtto Schacht. -Iournal out! Operetta, "Carme1ita." -Washington's Birthday-At last! Findlay here - Poor people - They looked tired after that stand. March l 7 9 13 14 21 -dAnnual assembly-Oh, those songs! Basketball tournament at Kenton -P Wapakonetauput the balls away for next year. fNational Honor Induction-quiet please. -Senior Scholarship tests at Tiffin- Einsteins show their stuff. -Faculty somewhat stiii after encounter with seniors. -Assembly. eillssemblye-Gee whiz! 7 "Peter Pan," a Clare Tree major pro- duction. 22-lunior Class Play, "Mr, Pim Passes By"-crowd passes out fatter per- formancel. 29vlournal out! April 5-Sweetheart Banquetelt was a tough battle, girls. 8-Girls' Athletic Assocation Banquet l-2-3-l-2-3. 9-fOne-Act-Play contest. l5-Assembly-Lt. Iames Whitaker. 18-19-22-Easter Vacation. 25M-Instrumental Music Festival at Bee Gee, 26-Iuniors' Sadie Hawkin's Day Dance. 27-Band, Orchestra and Choir at Fremont. MQY 2-Assembly-Vincent Burns. 3iVocal festival at Fostoria. 4-Solo and ensemble at Oberlin. 9-Assembly-GB. Installation. lliTrack Meet-Come on, fellows! 13-Girl Reserve Tea. l7-lournal out. 20'-Home Ec. Banquet-Some good food? 22-Senior Assembly-Here you are, luniors. 26-Baccalaureate. 27-fProm-The last fling. 28-Commencement. 29wClosing of school-been a good year. 51112 Ahlvnius Glu Tfw Dq,enJa1,1e sm 0 jff6,,,,-iw 0 ,Y df Fostoria Ice and foal C0 Ice Refrigerator and Stokol Coal Stokers "Wl1cre Fostoria Buys its Coal" 410 E. North Strwt Phone 3686 109 in glam of W6 CIVIC NIC-NAC of course HOVI SEED GOIIIPHIW PURE FIELD SEEDS, WooL, ETC. Office and Warehouse 147-149 West North Street FOSTORIA. OHIO iii? "-: ' 'W' ' - M . ' Q ,:.- ' M- , f' .- , is 'f t .:" , .V+ if t ft Q I Q I , if Z? , . :vigil , I ' as fn 'S I f M ,S . Vtfhat a time for , ,1,. ,, h , Tlif " . ,ey . SHOW bcdlmql . ' i - , t "" .Q LQ-Q, ,k.,, ig' A I . ' fr k I ,V f Compliments ot THE FUSIUHIH RUIHIW EllIB MANN FUNERAL ll0l5lE 217 West Center Street FOSTORIA, OHIO C. J. STAHL WAYNE, OHIO Distributor of TEXACO GASOLINE - OILS - GREASES Wayne Fostoria Bowling Green Rudolph 14, Bwzbm, Slwp, lO7 E. Center St. My Aim. Your Scrtisiaction! Across the street from A. H. Yonkers lns. THE BRENNEN WALLPAPER AND PAINT 00. C. M. PEGGS 312 North Morin Digi 2703 the trees it's either fgll or spring. But Which? l know but l'll never te Since there gre no leaves on GREETINGS PRQM . . . THE BOCK AND GIFT SHOP Compliments of DELLS RESTAURANT Fostoria WELDING Company Electric and Acetylene Welding George C. Wolph, Welding Engineer Res. Phone 2985 peiw Glolfning, .Slade FOSTORlA'S FINEST MEN'S STORE 201 S MA N ST FOSTORIA OHIO 51314 ELECTRIC STORE Compliments of BLOSE GULF SERVICE Batteries, Car Wash, Tire Repairs, Grease 6 Repairs on 6 Perry Streets Dial 969 MOSE LAIVIFROM CLOTHING COMPANY "DRESS BETTER AND YOULL FEEL BETTER" 1 BILLS 1 , QUALITY AT LOW PPICE Fostoria, Ohio MORRIS STORES 5c to 551.00 'IIZ EDISON Cut Rate Drug QUICK CQURTEOUS SERVICE Complete Stock Lowest Prices A "down-under" room at New Years. ALUQI' 6LIfL NSZOIO "Gifts and flowers for all occasions" RHOENNA IACKERS Compliments of Feasefs Market FOR BETTER BOWLING I New Center Recreation 159 E. South St. D. W. Iohnson, Prop. 'Mans 777 ma-222 so. REE MAIN ST DELIVERY I S S I ll G FURNITURE CDl11PFll1'nl 105 107 S MAIN ORWIG'S UNION DRUG STORE "THE REXALL STORE" CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1946 LLOYD BRUTHERS INSURANCE SERVICE 104-105 First National Bank B1dg. POSTORIA Phone 4242 OH1O The Commercial Press PRINTING: OFFICE SUPPLIES 123 East Tiffin Street Phone 4234 114 TIIE VAL-U DRESS Sll0P 121 S. Main Street Compliments of THE COMMERCIAL BANK AND SAVINGS COMPANY Member Federal Reserve Deposit Insurance Corporation BUY WAR BONDS! OHIO FHRIIIERS' GRHIII 81 SUPPW RSS'll Paints -- Wallpaper - Window Shades - Glass -- Picture Fra g PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CU. 119 N. Main Street-'Phone 3405 Flowers For All Occasions H au, ' fwznlw 115 JOHN B. ROGERS PRODUCING CUMPANY World's Largest Producers of Amateur Theatricals. Pageants. Spectacles and Centennial Celebrations The 0hi0 Savings 6: Loan Association for INSURED SAVINGS 61 HOME LOANS Fostoria, Ohio The place Where our Triumphant? football boys GITIGTQG. Compliments of RosE's BARBER sHoP lO9 W. North St. REED INSURANCE AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE I BOND SERVICE Phone Office 225i 1 13 West Center Street Fostoria, Ohio ALWAYS THE BEST Bishop's CLEAN ING ' PRESSING DYEING CLEANING COMPANYJ 118 Weist North Street L. A. BISHOP, Proprietor Phone 25i5 THE PREIS STORE SMART CLOTHES FOR THE MISS IOHNNY 6 LEE'S CAFE One of the Good Places to Eat 440 So. Main Street Phone 987 We believe We too are an institution in Fostoria - 54 years ot furnishing homes with good furniture and three graduates from F. H. S. with one more coming up -- definitely place us as a part oi the schools and ati they stand tor in our community. We ap- preciate your parents' patronage and when the time comes tor you to need things tor the home - We invite you to cali upon us- CAIIBQS Good Furniture Since 1890 111 V ,,,. .. YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR NATIONALLY ADVERTISED WATCHES STEVENS The Diamond Store oi Fostoria A11 over the Nation EY? is the watchword of value. CLOTHING, SHOES AND DRY GOODS for all the family from baby to grandparents. I. C. PENNEY CO. INC. l l J. B. BASEHORE 8: CO. COAL AND BUILDERS' SUPPLIES Chi-Namel Palms "OP" Automatic Coal Burners Phone 567 HAROLD EMERSUN GARAGE 509 College Avenue Phone 226l FOSTGRIA, OHIO 1 I8 NYE'S Ill-IVAY DIKT. Home of Better Foods For Less North County Line at City Limits This is qood old F.H.S. in 1895. Looks different now, dOGSI'1'l it? See if your folks remember. Compliments of NATIONAL CARBON CO.. INC. l iw "The pearls, my pearls, mine." Remember? Compliments of DR. G. H. BRUGGEMANN Qfompktc Linc of Mclfs :md Boys' KYLOIIIES ANU FURNISHINGS ART CLOTHES SHOP Il-I S. Main Struct OLDEST LARGEST BEST ll0ll1'Ell'S CLEANERS, PRESSERS, DYERS HAT CLEANING --- RUG CLEANING Phone 864 113 PQTTY Sf Portrait Commerxziai THE DICKEN STUDIO 'Ifhe Iprofessionai Photographer 120 BUCKEYE AUTO PARTS Auto, Truck di Tractor Parts 138 E. Tiffin St. Phone 2284 Q D. O. WATTS, N. D. - NATUROPATH - 101 Perry St. Fostoria, Ohio 56L y 55 DAIRY PRODUCTS LUNCHES ART and YARN SHOP' Yarns and Stamped Goods Ernerine Bldq. Mrs. Chas. Griffin THE TOWN HOUSE GOOD FOOD 120 W. Center Phone 995 The Fostoria Monument Company Opposite Fountain Cemetery + + + Phone 3872 wt MAZSAQ6 l"0l4'L THE SENECA WIRE AND MEG. C0. Ity k 11 tht Best Wishes from C, W Ny EPQQKS 00 I QV' ' g,E2..:L.. ,x A 7 ' ' lm 4 . v A N 56 1:45 0 'QA ffflirqw Im ml The Community Center of Fostoria I. H. IONES ,AND SON GENERAL CONTRACTORS I. P. Iones COAL l-LA. Mumrna Builders' Supplies Cement Blocks Ready Mixed Concrete Barrett Roofing Truscon Products Winkler Stoker jluz, QJLQAA, Shop HAYS HOTEL BUILDING "Ladies Dresses for All Occasio s BERT'S RESTHURRIIT Special Plate Lunches, Sandwiches for Students and Teachers OPEN DAY AND NIGHT The Best in Food Try Our Sunday Dinners PAYNE BROTHERS FLORISTS We Telegraph Flowers South Union Street Phone 4324 Compliments of DDR. L. C. GERLINGER 123 jluz, Snwlm, Jlouu, CONGRATULATIONS! CLASS OF '46 From Fostoria's Newest Women's' Shop Fostorids Smart Shop 1 16 ' E. N nh S M IT H S skier APPAREL sHoP "THE SHOP WITH YOU IN MIND" Always the latest in Women's, misses' and juniors' coats, dresses, suits, sportswear, millinery, lingerie, hosiery, foundations, and accessories. Skyline View Cor somethirfl 1 Compliments of NEW HOME RESTAURANT 230 North Main A Good Place To Eat HARRIS Ellllll FUUDS Compliments of THE MENNEL MILLING CUMPANY Your Fostoria Newspaper Review-Times I. N. S. and U. P. Wire Service Home Town News of Home Folks 125 The FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Fostoria First in Community Service since l882 A GOOD BANK to deal with! smsww 9 if fe ff Q asses: H 32, 3 . ls v 'F l Q AVEMBE9 Visit our Catalog Order Department. See actual samples ot materials listed in our current catalogs. Save on postal rates by placing your orders with us either in person or by phone. Prompt, courteous service. SEARS, ROEBUCK 6. CO. Phone 696 Fostoria, Ohio Compliments of THE FOSTORIA MACHINE AND TOOL COMPANY 126 FOSTORIA SERVICE LAUNDRY, INC. We are again PICKING UP and DELIVERING. Phone 2582 and We'll be glad to call. Frigidaire Electric Appliances NYE IMPLEMENT CO.. INC. McCormick Deering Implements Phone 2366 FOSTORIA l49 E. South St. FOSTORIA IRON AND METAL We Buy All Kinds of Scrap Pay Highest Market Prices Myer Shift Call 3291 7 CA6Ll9l'l'L6'LlfL6 oEoRGE ROBERT Successors to Lowery 6: Chapman Fostoricfs Leading Iewelers Compliments of FRED'S RECREATION 105 N. Main Phone 966 A. H. Yonker Insurance Agency INSURANCE For 31 Years 108 E. Center Phone 2523 Foundry Division Spark Plug Division ELECTRIC AUTO-LITE CO. lU7 Perry I HOMERICK STUDIO 'Portraits as You Like Them" Phone 565 Compliments of DR. I. L. MURPHY Compliments of 02112, BEST WISHES TO EACH MEMBER OF THE CLASS OF 1946 B. P. U. ELKS 129 Did you know that the chapel Windows look like this from above? SENECA LUIVIBEH and IVIILLWURK EU. PATRONS Cameron Insurance Agency Dr. M. E. Seiple Iohn Bender Dr. I. N. Kiebel Dr. A. O. Cole New Ohio Hotel F. Waltermyer Greqory's Dry Cleaners Dr. Buble Hedges Dry Cleaners BEST WISI-IES TG THE CLASS OF 1946 7 CKUWL 15 AM Best Wishes To The Class- Of 1946 THE FOSTORIA PRESSED STEEL CORP. Fostoria, Qhio Manufacturers of Lighting Equipment, Infrared Equipment, Coolant Filters 131 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF l946 WHITNEY'S DRUG STORE "Reliable prescriptions by prescription druqqist' Compliments of the LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE Compliments of BERSTED MFG. COMPANY S. S. KRESGE COMPANY 132

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