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Jzzdm 42,-fe '-f-fr4-- 5 I H l l I E I r i F I 5, Q 5 3 Q 3 . AJ Foreword Here it is- As quizzical junior hiqh students, impor- tant treshmen, sophisticated sophomores, and critical juniors, We, the Class of '44, anxiously awaited the day each year the annual would appearfthen, suddenly, we were seniors and the annual was to be our "brain-Child." We, oi Course, believe that we labour under many new difficulties never endured by other staffs-ditiiculties that have made many new Changes imperative. And now, here it is. We hope it will mean everything that an annual should mean to the student body--a constant re- minder ot our class and ot this school year. fTHE EDITOR RED AND oihos PUBLISHED BY The Senior Class oi 1944 Fostoria High School Table of Contents Administration . . . . 5 Faculty .... . l l Student Body ..... . 15 Seniors .... . 16 luniors ..... . 33 Sophomores . . . 38 Freshmen . . . 42 lunior High .... . 46 Sports ......... . 51 Football . . . . . 54 Basketball .. . BO Music ............ . . 65 instrumental .... . . 66 Vocal ........ . . 7l Extra Curricular . . . . . . 77 War Activities ..... . . 78 Publications . . . . 80 Clubs ...... . . 84 Dramatics ......... . . 94 lunior High Clubs .......... . . 98 Advertisements and Features ..... . . . lO5 Calendar ' ................. . . . 106 ADMINISTRATION MR. H. L. FORD Ohio Stczte, M. A Ashland coueqe, A1 B Ohio Stcxte, B. S. t PERI TE DE T ore CHO0L Conqeniod hard working ene t , , rqe ic, ond good-notured. A11 of these definitions come to light whenever one thinks of Superintendent F rd. o His duties carry him to oil the public schools in town ond everyone from kindergarten children cleotr u t ' 1 d' p o exct te Seniors find him d un erstcmdinq ond easy to 'folk with. MR. WM. M. HAWK University of Cincinnati, M. A. ' ' ' ati, A.B. University of Cmcinn PRI i HIG CIPAL 0F F0 TORIA Sometimes when devilment gets the upper hand, students are s to the office for a chat with Principal Hawk. So, shaking with fear, the pupil irudges through the door marked "Private." After a seemingly ' d t comes out beaming all over and endless few minutes, the stu en ' ' " he's a swell fella!" And so he is. exclaiming 'Why, I 4 E IOR HIGH DEA lf a 'friend in need is a friend indeed', then Mr. Nixon is a real pal. Senior High boys call on "Nick" when they're in trouble and need a little help. When he's not acting in his capacity as Dean, Mr. Nixon is lecturing on 'Lepi- doptera and incomplete met- amorphosis' or maybe ex- plaining how to find a square root. "Nick" is on all around fellow. MR. W. W. NIXON MISS MABEL I. BOURQUIN lt has been said that "The first principle of education is not teaching, but love." Evi- dently Miss Bourquin abides by this quotation. A 'real mother' to all girls, she leads them over the stumbling blocks of life. Miss Bourquin's kindness shines like a light and brightens the path for all young women. .UNIOR HIGH DEANS MISS VERA EGER From all sources, we are given to understand that Miss Eger is a 'good eqqf Coop- erative, good-natured, she gives inspiration in guidance and soon makes young ladies out of grammar-school girls. Besides her never-ending worlc at PHS. Miss Eger still finds time for Red Cross and other charitable organiza- tions. Her service is Well- appreciated. O. K. Caldwell is just what the initials imply - plenty okay! When a junior high boy is in need of a helping hand and a bit of understand- ing, he finds his dean a 'regu- lar fella'. Besides his tireless efforts as lunior High Dean, Mr. Caldwell is the general sci- ence 'prof'. And, strictly off the record, can thatman sing! Mn. o. K. CALDWELL . ffftffww . Left to right: Mr. H. L. Ford, Mrs. Ruth Daub, Mr. C. D. Houser, Mr. Floyd Kinnamon, Mr. H. L. Zemer, Mr. R. I. Carter, Mr. D. D. Schlatter. BOARD 0F ED CATIO President ..... ..... M r. H. L. Zemer Vice President ...... ..... M r. R. I. Carter Clerk and Treasurer ........ Mrs. Ruth Daub Members: Mr. C. D. Houser, Mr. Floyd Kinna- mon, Mr. H. L. Ford, and Mr. D. D. Schlatter. Because the schools must have someone to guide them, We have a Board of Education to look out for us and tight our battles. They are the male branch of the organization of Silent Sisters: for though they're always in there pitching tor us, we don't hear much about them. fOr maybe we don't pay much atten- tion to them.i Think where we would be without the Board-yeah, I know-without a Board. All joking aside, we really don't appreciate the Board of Education enough. The men give generously ot their time and receive no pay for their efforts, many times not even thanks. So here's three cheers for the members now. io , F CULTY ag!! 5 xii -QE. fs X Q f f I W f 2 lcff-:il u- - 42.7" " 4555- ' .Y ., L 5155? If v.::, , Q K s - - AEK ""5':-.-. rap. ? ff gE5i:5:5:f ff f , -ze' Q.-2: V -211152155-"I, A f . . V 1- up .I """ fy ENGLISH MISS HELEN CRAFTS Ohio State University, B.A., M.A. Ohio Northern University, B.S. English 9 e English 12 Lambda Sigma dvi MISS MABEL I. BOURQUIN University of Toledo, B.S. English ll Scriveners' Advisor Senior Dean of Girls ENGLISH MISS ISABEL HUNT MISS CATHERINE SNYDER Ohio State University, M.A Bowling Green University, Lake Erie College, B.A. B.S. in Education English 10 Ohio State University Girl Reserves Advisor English 8 Red Cross Club Advisor MHS. MILDRED DAVIS MRS. MALINDA GAGE Bowling Green University, B.S. Ohio Wesleyan, B.A. Battle Creek Northwestern University English 7 English 9 GR. Advisor Speech ll, 12 Science 8 Omicron Lambda Advisor L A N G U A G E S MR. IOHN S. BOWERS MISS PEARL MCCAULEY Ohio State University, B.A. North Central College, B.A Spanish I. II Ohio State University Ioumalism Advisor Latin Ir. Class Play Director Mathematics 3 'tits -ef--y l . 4 ' V., I X .. , is, F 1 Q: .F " ae ff v .E 3. 1 3 , , ,. .V Cx c fu ff gt ' , W gnglba y f f 7 q t Q, J: ' Y 3, MATHEMATICS MISS VERA EGER MISS MARGERY HOFFERT Ohio State University, M.A. Ohio State University, B.S. Bowling Green University, BS. Math 7 University of Chicago Plane and Solid Geometry Math 8 Guidance Ir. Dean of Girls affix:-rar cr-rvwrfrr Ohio State University, M.A. Wooster College, B.A. University of Wisconsin World History Senior Class Advisor National Honor Advisor MISS VIRGINIA CRAWFORD MR. C. D. LQRUE MISS HAZEL STUBBINS Otterbein College, B.A. Mlchiqfm College, MA. Qhig State Bowling Green University, B.S. Bowling Green University COlOfC1d0 Uf1lV9fSllY American History Social Science 8 Problems of Today ' S C I E N C E WX s. X9 vb- B. X lk I if is I 1 t gy ., 5? f - - ------- . cwwlleew A ,.,, it ll ifzmgaii fei. ,sie sa e: 7 29lii.:1rLvYQ32:gr: f - v2i4'Q5if'iff' ' f 115'sieffii?2li2S,2ff,5:.rg2.:.3z5r,g:5.SZ:"iif-. i-' fize MR. O. K. CALDWELL Findlay, B A. Ohio State University, M.A General Science Guidance lr. Dean of Boys Outdoor Life Advisor I2 kl V MISS IEAN GOBLE MR. W. W. NIXON indiana University Extension, Ohio State University, M.A. Fort Wayne Mount Union, B.S. Ball State Teachers College, Wittenberg Muncie, B.S. Biology Science 7, 8 Guidance Science Club Advisor Algebra Athletics Manager Senior Dean of Boys A S c MR. LESTER VAN SANT Findlay College, B.S. Ohio State University, M.A. Algebra Math ll Math 7 Projection Staff Advisor lr. Hi-Y MISS ONEITA WHITEMAN New York, M.A. Bowling Green University, B.S Miami University Social Science 7 Drama 7,8 MH. ALBERT SIEKERES Bowling Green University, BS Ohio State University Physics Chemistry Hi-Y Advisor 1 1 MRS. WELDON sr PHYSICAL EDUCATION LIBRARIAN M X, 55.554 1 - iige' Y, .-'v 1 5' I , Fgiasifi - -, A,.,.: x:v- V I W V!! f .,,,,,.1l-.. y W I , v-.'..-"- -".- MR. THOMAS BENDER MISS MARIETTA KERSHNER MISS MARGUERITE SEIP ' Bethany College Bowling Green University, B.S. Ohio Wesleyan, B.A. Ashland College, A.B, Girls' Gym University of Minnesota, B S., L.S. ,yt Ohio State University Health Librarian - U. of Pittsburgh G.A.A. Advisor H kjx ani' E U. of West Virginia rf, !,,' ,A ,qv f FQ, Ex. f. kg' ,' ' L ef r f Physical Education li J- I ., t fn n , .,,f I Health Football Coach Assist. Basketball Coach Sports Club Advisor M U S I C N D R T MRS. O. K. CALDWELL MR. JAMES MIDDLETON MR. MARK OSBUN MR. OLIVER SCHUMACHER Lawrence College Ohio Northern Oberlin College Institute of Musical Arts University of Wisconsin, B.A. Ohio State University, B.S. Brass Instruments Findlay College Columbia University, N. Y. Public School of Music Orchestrafsecond semester Instructor of String Instruments Ohio State University, M.A. Choir, Chorus, ,Glees Orchestra-second semester Art Ir. High Chorus Operetta Director Science 8 Annual Advisor FRUTH MR. G. D. KNEPPER , B.S. Bliss College, B.S. ping Ohio Northern University Training Bowling Green Campaign Advisor Bookkeeping American Problems Accounting Staff Advisor USINESS EDUCATION Practice Stenography ll Office Practice Ir. Business Training Salesmanship Annual Business Advisor College, A.M.M., M.S. MISS INA SPONSLER Ohio Wesleyan, B.A. Findlay College New York University Business English Business Principles Stenography 1 Ir. Business Training INDUSTRIAL DEPARTMENT , wifi? ,-. 1:?f55- 'l V 'QI 5'f5?iEEi ff X ,4- Tifk' MR. R. L. BOHYER Bowling Green University, B.S. in Education Ohio Northern Mechanical Drawing Shop 7,8,9 Welding INDUSTRIAL DEPARTMENT we iiz' EQ X at MR. CHARLES ZUMPHT Findlay College, BA. - Lowell School Photography MR. WILLIAM IONES Toledo University Ir. 51 Sr. Machine Shop Machine Design Shop Manipulation MR. FLOYD GEHRES Bowling Green University, B.S. Shop 7,8,9,lO Printing Woodworking HOME E MR. KERMIT IONES Toledo University Machine Shop l Machine Shop ll CONOMICS MISS HELEN METTLER Ohio State University, BA., MA. Home Economics Hom EC. Club v' or MRS. ETHEL ZIMMERMAN RITCHEY Bowling Green University, B.S Home Ec. ll Boys' Home EC. Home Ec. Club Advisor PROFESSIONAL, NON INSTRUCTIONAL MISS DONNA BREDIGAN MISS MARY CI-IAMBERLAIN Secretary to the Principal Secretary to the Superintendent I4 W .,,,,. U, A t ft ftsitv Ms, if MISS LUCILLE KANABLE Findlay Hospital, RN. Cincinnati General ' Hospital School Nurse Attendance Officer MRS. O. R. MARCH Cafeteria Manager W 1' IL' DENT B fi? t l l E l0R lt? 1 fhhy N 'L fl f l 1 is , j f an f 4g X .-.Q1.I:.5 4013- X I bw td mi MEMORIES Class of 1944 Time passes on, but memories cling To our hearts, and now they bring Remembrance of our joys and fears- As we grew up with the years. Through these halls our feet have scurried, Up and down the steps have hurried, With our friends we'd stop and chatter, Then on to classes, with a clatter. I-li-Y banquets, G. H. teas, Add these to our memories, Buzzing rooms, as students talk Of announcements by Mr. Hawk. Then comes the day we all regret, The day no one will e'er forget, When caps and gowns in colors blend, And our happy school years end. Goodbye to themes we tried to write, To football games on Friday night, Operettas, plays, assemblies, too: Alma Mater! Good-bye to you. -loyce Rensch ASS 0F 1944 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS First Row: Ed Perl-cms, Presiclentp Helen Wamer, V. President: Ianet O'Brien Girls' Treasurer. Second Row: Mel Bennett Secreta1'Y: lack Woodland Boys' Treasurer. FLOWER: White Carnation COLORS: Green and Tan MOTTO: Wisdom Crowns Those Who Seek Her SAM AURAND He who knows much has many cares, so why study? IOHN BASEHORE As for the Women, though I scorn and flout 'em, I may live with, but, cannot live without 'em. DONNA BAKER Her heart is like the moon- there's a man in it. MELVIN BAXTER Most great men are dead and I'm not feeling so Well myself. BETTY BRANT Allow me to speak what I honestly feel. I8 LETA BRICKLES I am little, but I am I. IACK BAKER This learningvwhat a bore it isl MELVIN BENNETT Built like Atlas, and with the look of Alan Ladd. CATHERINE BULKOWSKI Snappy, happy, full of zest, Always talking like the rest, MARIORIE BAKER A blush is beautiful but often inconvenient. DORIS BERLINGHOFI-' Annihilate but space and time and make two lovers happy. BERLIN BURGBACHER Worry agrees with no man. ALICE BURKART Carry me back to old Virqinie. M, iw PAULINE CHILCOTE The world's no better place if We worry, lite's no longer if we hurry. BEATRICE DELGADO Not that I love study less, but mischief more. DORIS CARMICHAEI. He loves meg he loves me not. RUTH BURKART I make no noise, but I get my money's Worth. HAROLD DAUTERMAN TAY DAVIS Gcrbriels uuclerstudy. Where silence is golden, he would be cr pauper. NORMA ECHELBARGER Smiles are the language of NORMAN ECHELBARGER Every man is a volume if you love. know how to read him. MARGARET CARTER People have more iun than anybody. DONNA DEITER Being all that she is, and nothing that she is not. FLORENCE EMERINE Silence is deep as eternity Speech as shallow as time I9 l E, ,W ,Y, A tag D ly fmt N " fr ff l 5 'Q ..Q:L.-'41 X L K CHARLES FORD There are sages and wise men ,of which I am neither, it New CLYDE HAMMER ESSIE HAMPSHIRE An athlete both strong cmd A grin or a smile-you could Y ' tall. see it a mile. MARGE HARTSEL MARY HARTSEL She just aspires. She aspires to be a hunter, 20 HAROLD FRANCE A man after his own heart. FRED HANLEY Youth comes but once in a lifetime. NATE HATFIELD I put all my troubles in a pocket with holes in it. MILLY GROMAN 'All God's Children Got Rhythm' and l'm no exception. IUNE HARDING It's nice to be natural, when you're naturally nice. CLARA MAE HAYES As fond as an Arab of dates. IEANETTE HEVENER MARY IANE HILL WILLIAM HISER IUNE HOGAN A ihinq seriously pursued I Her red hair is her crowning He doesn't wait to have his One with more ihouqht on her affords true enjoyment. glory. task marked out. face than words on her lips BETTY HOLDEN You can smile if you can'i say a Word. IOHANNE HOUSER She's here, she's there, she's everywhere-having a wonderful time, DORA HUMBERT DORIS HUMBERT Life is what you make ii. Never tell a lie unless it's necessary. TOM HOUSER MARIORY HUFFORD Always ready io smile out I pass through life but once. loud. IOANNE HUTH A maiden with a happy smile -a cheerful personaliiy, HAZEL KIMBLE The sphinx is a chatter-box beside her. 21 L , I. ALDEN KINGERY MARILYN KNEPPER ALLEN KNIGHT BILL KURTZ The better you know him, the What would I do with size There must be some hord work Who soicl I was lute? better you like him. when I do so much without it? in him 'cause it never comes out. AUDREY LAMBRIGHT PAT LANPHEAR DOROTHY LIND GEORGIA MCNUTT Short cmd sweet. She often burns the midnight Lcxuqh your troubles owoy. Her smile hos Won her many oil, but hcxrdly con you coll friends. those letters toil. HAROLD MANECKE IAMES MANSI-'IELD MARILYN MANSFIELD BETTY MARXEN He who minds his own The patient mon olwoys wins. Best things come in smoll Cheerfulness is on offshoot of business hos no time to pockczqes. QOOCIDSSS Gnd wisdom. mind others. 22 9 fn ll l X l I f E ts F ff ...QjL..fl1J BETTY MENG ALXCE MILLBURN DOROTHY MINARD ff ' Where 'er she meets a Some think the world was Still water runs deep. stranger, there she leaves made for fun and frolicf 0' a friend, and so do I. LA DONNA MOLTER BETTY MOODY IANE MOOTS IUNIOR MOREI. Nice to know wherever The merry love to dance. ls seen but seldom heard. I know Q 101 but I Cqn'1 think she qoes. of it. ROBERT MORRISON IOANNE NEEDLES lust call me "Red" Her ways are Ways of pleasantness. GENE NEWELL He who invented work should finish it. 'lf n i :ffl ',', '- M IANET O'BRlEN Those about her, from her learn the perfect ways of honor. 23 ol COLLEEN OPPERMAN ELEANOR PAINTER ARLENE PAYNE Man has cr will, but woman By the Work one knows the Study and work when you do has her way. Workman. --but don't forget a good time too. if . ..,. ,yyZ. yy 2? ' .. fi Q t EDWARD PERKINS EDNA PERKINS DONNA PETERS I could be better, but it's such Light heart lives long. Charter member of any gum- cx job being good. chewing organization. IOHN PECK Straight down the path of knowledge. Phu .,.. .,,,, iiwfffff 5 ,.g. 4 Ii". L?.2:iS:. , gf : '- s5,. :I. fig-Mzfiif . ..,... , ----- - ' '.' A 9' 3 mf ie? ,E-:V "" 5 22'-.":1..E'.s25' V253 """" '-f 4, . f ,- ffl: 1 2:15541 ., .gf sv - fr Y """' .:' " ' ,'-' '.:-i-':IEZZZ.::-3f.- " GEORGE PE YTON I don't let studies interfere with my edu cation. t CLARENCE PICKETT ANN PRENTICE WALTER REFFNER IOYCE RENSCH Merit is the straight road to. "Don't Ever Change." Silence is a true friend who She is hereg l heard her success. never betrays. giggle. 24 . , 5 HOWARD ROBY ALFRED SCHEIDHAUER REX SCHWAB A rival of Einstein. Handsome is as handsome I like work, but I don't let it does. make a slave of me. IO ANN SCOTT She sings, she dances, she even likes romances. GLENN SOLOMON A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the best of men. DONALD SHERICK Doing no mischief but only thinking of it. EDWARD SOUDER Blessing on him who invented sleep. THAD SMITH The world is blessed most by men who do things, not merely V talk about them. 1 , DALE STODDARD Life, thou art good! DOROTHY SCOTT Poetry, music, love-and the greatest of these is love. WESLYN SNAVELY That faraway look in his eyes. HAROLD STRUBLE Right to the very tolerance: 25 la ,YW Y Ji v ts.. L fee- fnhy N X J is 4 4 ff..Q1,f!i RUBY TALMADGE Let the world slide. HELEN VAN TASSEL A jolly miss, quite full of iung lt's pranks and work 'til day is done. HELEN WARNER RUTH WETHERILL "Don't Ever Change." Gaiety is the souls' wealth. MARVELYN WILLIAMS Mirth, with thee I mean to live. HARVEY WOLFARTH IACK WOODLAND GENE YODER He doth show some sparks The world is nothing without A little learning is a that are like wit. sports. dangerous thing. 26 ROBERT WAGNER He can put a Ford together blindfolded. OLIVE WILLOBY My kingdom for a sailor. DOROTHY ZELLER Dark eyes, but bright prospects. E l0lt ACTIVITIE SAMUEL AURAND Hi-Y 3, 4 lr. Hi-Y 1 Projection Staff 1 DONNA I. BAKER Annual 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Freshman Players l G. R. 2, 3, 4 Journal Salesman 3 Iournal Staff 3, 4 Lambda Sigma 2, 3, 4 Scriveners 3, 4 War Stamp Salesman 4 IACK BAKER Arcadia High l Basketball l, 2, 4 Boys' Glee 4 Choir 47 Sec.-Treas. 4 Football l, 2, 4 Ir. Class Play 3 War Stamp Salesman 4 MARIORIE BAKER Band 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3 Freshman Players l G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Treas. G. R. 2, 3, 4 Little Symphony 2 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Pit Orchestra 3, 4 IOHN BASEHORE 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Capt. 4 Chorus 2 Glee Club 2 lournal Salesman 2, 4 Ir. Hi-Y l War Stamp Committee MELVIN BAXTER Corning High l Annual 4 Band 2,'3, 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 Iournal Salesman 4 Omicron Lambda 4 Orchestra 3, 4 Traffic Patrol 3, 4 MELVIN BENNETT Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 4 Football l, 2, 3, 47 Co-Capt. 4 Freshman Players 1 Hi-Y 3, 4 Student Council 1, 4 DORIS BERLINGHOFF Annual 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Freshman Players lg Pres. G. R. 2, 3, 4 lournal Salesman 3 lournal Staff 3, 4 Lambda Sigma 2, 3, 4 Scholarship Team 3 Student Council 3 BETTY BRANT Annual 4 Freshman Players l G. A. A. 2, 4 Home Ec. Club 3 Scholarship Team 2 LETA BRICKLES Basketball 2, 3 Cafeteria Staff 4 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 G. Ft. 2, 3, 4 Ir, G. R. l War Stamp Salesman 4 CATHERINE BULKOWSKI 3 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 XD G. R13 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Freshman Players l Library Staff 4 Football 3, 4 Freshman Players l Hi-Y '3,4 War Stamp Salesman 4 J X gg BERLIN BURGBACHEB, IR. Aucr: BURKAR1' Annual Staff 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Debate 3 Freshman Players l G. R. 2, 3, 4, A Leader 4 lournal Salesman 2 loumal Staff 4 Ir. Class Play 3 Library Staff 2 Student Nurse 3 Omicron Lambda 3, 47 V, One-Act Play Contest 2 Scriveners 2, 3, 4 RUTH BURKHART G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 lr. G. A, A. l Library Staff 2, 3, 4 War Stamp Salesman 4 DORIS CARMICHAEL All School Play 3 Chorus 2 Freshman Players l G. Ft. 2, 3, 4 Ioumal Staff 4 War Stamp Salesman 4 MARGARET CARTER All School Play 4 Annual Staff 4 Choir 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3 Freshman Players l Girls' Glee 4 G. R. 2, 3, 4 Girls' Trio 4 lr. Class Play 3 Library Staff 4 Little Symphony l, 2 Pres. 4 National Honor 3, 4, V. Pres. 4 Omicron Lambda 2, 3, 4, One-Act Play Contest 2 Operetta 3, 4 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Pit Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Scholarship Team l, Z, 3 Scriveners 2, 3, 4 Student Council 2 War Stamp Salesman 4 PAULINE CHILCOTE Annual 4 Freshman Players l G. R. 2, 3, 4 Library Staff 4 HAROLD DAUTERMAN Band l, 2, 3, 45 Pres. 4 Iunior Class Play 3 lr. Hi-Y 1 Orchestra l, 4 Pep Band 2, 3, 4 Pit Orchestra 4 Pres. 4 Qt il? tl lf IAY DAVIS All School Play 4 Boys' Glee 2, 4 Choir 4 Chorus 2, 4 Hi-Y 3, 47 Treas. 4 lournal Salesman 3 lr. Class Play 3 lr. Hi-Y l Projection Club 3, 4 Traffic Patrol 4 War Stamp Salesman 4 DONNA DEITER Annual 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Freshman Players l G. R. Z, 3, 4 lournal Staff 3 lournal Salesman l Lambda Sigma 3, 4 BEATRICE DELGADO Annual 4 Cafeteria Staff l, Z, 3, 4 G. A. A. Z G. R. 2, 3, 4 Home Ec. Club l NORMA ECHELBARGER Annual 4 Basketball 3 Cheerleader l, 2, 3, 4 Choir 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Freshman Players l Girls' Glee 2, 3, 4 G. R. 2, 3, 4 lournal Salesman 4 Operetta 3, 4 Student Nurse 4 War Stamp Salesman 4 NORMAN ECHELBARGER Boys' Glee 2, 3, 4 Choir 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 l-li-Y 3, 4 Iournal Salesman l, 4 Operetta 3, 4 FLORENCE EMERINE Basketball l, 2 Cafeteria 3, 4 G. A. A. 2, 4 Home Ec. Club 3 Nature Club l Scholarship Team 2 CHARLES FORD Hi-Y 3, 4 Nature Club l Projection Club 2 HAROLD FRANCE Accounting Staff 4 Annual 4 Band Mgr. 4 Band '3,4 Basketball Mgr. l Choir 2, 3 Football l Ir. Class Play 3 lr. I-li-Y l Orchestra Mgr. 4 Pep Band 3, 4 MILLIE GROMAN All School Play 3 Annual 4 Cheerleader l Chorus 2, 3, 4 Freshman Players-l G. R. 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 4 Iournal Salesman 2, 4 lr. Class Play 3 lournal Staff 4 War Stamp Salesman 4 t g 1 il CLYDE HAMMER Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Boys' Glee 2 Choir 2 Football l, 2, 3 Hi-Y 3, 4 Nature Club l ESSIE HAMPSHIRE G. R. 2, 3 lournal Salesman 4 lr. G. R. l Operetta 2 FRED HANLEY Annual Staff 4 Freshman Players l l-li-Y 3, 4 lournal Salesman 4 Traffic Patrol 3, 4 War Stamp Salesman 4 IUNE HARDING Annual 4 Choir 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 G. R. 2, 3, 4 Girls' Glee 2 Home Ec. Club 3 lr. G. R. l Lambda Sigma 4 Operetta 2, 3, 4 MARGE HARTSEL Accounting Staff 3, 4 Annual 4 Choir 4 Chorus 2, 3 Freshman Players l G. R. 2, 3, 4: Sec. 4 lournal Salesman 4 lr. Class Play 3 Operetta 4 War Stamp Salesman 4 MARY HARTSEL Accounting Staff 3, 4 Annual 4 Choir 3, 47 Sec. 4 Chorus 2, 3 Freshman Players l G. R. 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4 loumal Salesman 4 Operetta 3, 4 War Stamp Salesman 4 NATE HATFIELD Annual 4 Boys' Glee 2, 3, 4 Camera Club l Choir 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 3, 45 V. Pres. 4 lournal Salesman 4 Omicron Lambda 3, 4 One Act Play Contest 2 VV'ar Stamp Salesman 4 CLARA MAE HAYES Annual 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Freshman Players l G. A. A. 2 G. R. 2, 3, 4 Girls' Glee 2, 3 Lambda Sigma 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3 War Stamp Salesman 4 IEANETTE HEVENER Annual 4 Chorus 2 G. R. 3, 4 lournal Staff 4 Lambda Sigma 4 Library Staff 3, 4 National Honor 3, 4 Nature Club l Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Pit Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Scholarship Team 2 Scriveners 2, 3, 4 MARY IANE HILL Fulton High l, 2 Fredonia High 3 Annual 4 G. R. 4 Lambda Sigma 4 BILL HISER Basketball Mgr. 2 Football Mgr. 2 IUNE HOGAN Central High l, 2 Annual 4 G. R. 3, 4 Lambda Sigma 3, 4 BETTY HOLDEN Annual 4 G. R. 2, 3, 4 lournal Salesman 4 Ir. G. R. l Lambda Sigma 3 War Stamp Salesman 4 IOHANNE HOUSER All School Play 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Chorus 2, 3 Debate 2 Freshman Players l G. R. 213, 4, Pres. 4 lournal Staff 4 Ir. Class Play 3 Library Staff 4 sf N P. ,L National Honor 3, 4: Sec. 4 Ornicron Lambda 2, 3, 4 One Act Play Contest 2, Scholarship Team l, 2, 3 Scriveners 2, 3, 4 Student Council 4 War Stamp Committee 4 THOMAS HOUSER Annual 4 Band l, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 lr. Class Play 3 lr. Hi-Y l National Honor 3, 4, Pre One Act Play Contest 4 Orchestra 2, 3 Pep Band 3, 4 Scholarship Team l War Stamp Committee 4 MARIORY HUFFORD Choir 2, 4 Chorus 2,4 G. A. A. 2 Girls' Glee 2, 4 Home EC. Club 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 4 DORA HUMBERT G. R. 2, 3, 4 Iournal Salesman 4 Music Club l War Stamp Salesman 4 DORIS HUMBERT G. R. 2, 3, 4 Iournal Salesman 4 Music Club l War Stamp Salesman 4 IOANNE HUTH Annual 4 Chorus 2, 4 G. R. 2, 3, 4 Home EC. Club 3, 4, V. P lournal Salesman 4 lr. G. R. l HAZEL KIMBLE Cafeteria Staff 2, 3 lr. G. R. l 4 s. 4 res. 4 MARILYN KNEPPER All School Play 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Debate 2, 3 G. R. 2, 3, 45 A Leader 4 Freshman Players l Ir. Class Play 3 Omicron Lambda 2, 3, 4 One Act Contest Play 2 ALLEN KNIGHT Band l, 2 Hi-Y 3, 4 Science Club l BILL KURTZ All School Play 3 Annual 4 Basketball 4 Boys' Glee 2, 3, 4 Choir 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Football Mgr. l, 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 Hobby Club l lr. Class Play 3 Operetta 2, 3, 4 Traffic Patrol 3 AUDREY LAMBRIGHT Annual 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 G. A, A. 2 G. R. 2, 3,4 Home Ec. Club Z, 3, 4, Pres. 4 lournal Salesman 4 lr. G. R. l Student Nurse 2, 3 War Stamp Salesman 4 PAT LANPHEAR Accounting Staff 3, 4 Annual 4 Chorus 2, 3 Freshman Players l G. R. 2, 3, 4 Iournal Staff 4 Larnbda Sigma 3, 4: V. Pres. 4 Scholarship Teams l, 2, Scriveners 2, 3, 4 War Stamp Committee 4 DOROTHY LIND Annual Staff 4 Choir 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Freshman Players l Girls' Glee 3 G. R. 2, 3, 47 A Leader 4 Girls' Trio 4 lournal Staff 4 Operetta 3, 4 War Stamp Salesman 4 GEORGIA MCNUTT G. R. 3, 4 Iournal Salesman 2, 4 lr. G. R. l 3 Lambda Sigma 3, 4, Pres. 4 IAMES MANSFIELD lackson High l, 2 Annual Staff 4 Boys' Glee 3, 4 Choir 3, 4 Chorus 3, 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 lr. Class Play 3 Operetta 3, 4 MARILYN MANSFIELD Annual 4 Chorus l, 2 G. R. 2, 3, 4 lournal Staff 3 lr. G. R. 1 X ,X S QW if S l -dv BETTY MARXEN Basketball 3, 4 Band 2, 3, 4 Drum Major 3, 4 Freshman Players l G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4 G. R. Z, 3, 4 Little Symphony 2 Pep Band 3, 4 BETTY MENG Freshman Players 1 G. A. A, 3, 4 G. R. l Ioumal Staff 3 Lambda Sigma 3, 4 Student Nurse 3, 4 l 5 Orchestra 2, 3, 4 LHC ,, LICE MILLBURN Freshman Players l G. R. 2, 3, 4 Iournal Salesman 4 Ir. Class Play 3 One Act Play Contest 2 DOROTHY MINARD Annual 4 Chorus 3 G. R. 3, 4 lr, G. A. A. l lournal Salesman 4 LaDONNA MOLTER Annual 4 Choir 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Girls' Glee 3 G. R. 2, 3, 4 Ir. G. Fl. 1 Lambda Sigma 2, 3, 45 Sec.-Treas. 3 Operetta 3, 4 BETTY MOODY Annual- 4 Basketball 3 Cheerleader l, 4 Choir 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Freshman Players l G. R. 2, 3, 4 Iournal Salesman 3, 4 lournal Staff 3 Operetta 4 War Stamp Salesman 4 IANE MOOTS Annual 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 G. R. 2, 3, 4 Home EC. Club 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4 lournal Salesman 4 lr. G. R. l War Stamp Salesman 4 IUNIOR MOREL Gym Club l Football 2, 3, 4 War Stamp Salesman 4 ROBERT MORRISON Boys' Glee 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2, '3, 4 Hi-Y 4 IOANNE NEEDLES Bascom High l Cheerleader 3, 4 Choir 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 2 Girls' Glee 2, 3, 4 G. R. 2, 3, 4 lournal Salesman 4 Lambda Sigma 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 4 c ..f xt? Qt 4 lt? IBNET LOUISE 0'BRIEN Annual Staff 4 Choir 2 Chorus 2 G. R. 2, 3, 47 A Leader 4 lr. G. R. 1 Lambda Sigma 4 Scriveners 3, 4 Student Council Z, 4 Student Nurse 3 War Stamp Salesman 4 COLLEEN OPPERMAN Annual 4 G. R. 3, 4 Iournal Salesman 4 Lambda Sigma 3, 4 Music Club l ELEANOR PAINTER Annual 4 Basketball 2, 3 Chorus 2 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 G. R. 2, 3, 4 lr. G. R. l Scholarship Teams 1, 2, Scriveners 2, 3, 4 ARLENE PAYNE Annual 4 Freshman Players l G. A. A. 3, 4 Iournal Staff 3, 4 Lambda Sigma 3, 4 Student Nurse 4 TACK PECK Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 3, 41 Sec. 4 Hobby Club l Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Scholarship Teams l, 2 Traffic Patrol 4, Capt. 4 ED PERKINS Annual Staff 4 Basketball 3, 4 Camera Club l Hi-Y 3, 4, Pres. 4 National Honor 3, 4 Projection Staff 4 Scholarship Team l Student Council l, 3, 4 War Stamp Committee 4 EDNA PERKINS D G Iackson-Liberty High l, 2 3 Choir 4 Chorus 4 Girls' Glee 4 G. R. 4 - Lambda Sigma 4 Operetta 4 ONNA PETERS Annual 4 Choir 3, 4 Chorus 3, 4 Debate 2 Freshman Players l Girls' Glee 2 G. R. 3, 4 Iournal Salesman 4 Lambda Sigma 4 Operetta 3, 4 EORGE PEYTON All School Play 4 Annual 4 I-li-Y 3, 4 Iournal Staff 3 Ir. Class Play 3 Nature Club l One Act Contest Play 4 Traffic Patrol 4 Opefem 2' 3' 4 CLARENCE PICKETT War Stamp Salesman 4 BOYSA Glee 3 4 GENE NEWELL Choir 2' 3' 44 Football 2, 3, 4 if 3' Operetta 2, 3, 4 ANN PRENTICE Annual Staff 4 Cheerleader l Choir 2, 3, 4 Freshman Players l G, R. 2, 3, 4 Girls' Trio Iournal Salesman 4 Lambda Sigma 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3, 4 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Pit Orchestra 3, 4 Scriveners 3, 4 Student Nurse 3 War Stamp Salesman 4 WALTER REFFNER Camera Club l IOYCE RENSCH Basketball 4 1 Choir 3, 4 Cl'1OI'uS 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 G. R. Z, 3, 4 Girls' Glee 3 lr. G. R. l Operetta 3, 4 HOWARD ROBY All School Play 2 Annual 4 Freshman Players l Hi-Y 3, 4 National Honor 3, 4 Ornicron Lambda 2, 3, 4 Projection Staff 2, 3, 4 Scholarship Team 2 War Stamp Salesman 4 ALFRED SCHEIDHAUER Boys' Glee 2, 3, 4 Boys' Quartet 3, 4 Choir 2, 3, 4: Pres. 4 Chorus 2, 3 Football 3, 4 Freshman Players l l-li"Y 3, 4 REX G. SCHWAB Annual 4 Boys' Glee Z, 3 Choir 2, 3 Chorus 2 Freshman Players l Hi-Y 4 ' Ir. Class Play 3 Operetta 2, 3 Traffic Patrol 2, 3 DOROTHY SCOTT Annual 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Freshman Players l G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4 G. R. 2, 3, 4 lournal Salesman 4 Scriveners 3, 4 IO ANN SCOTT Annual 4 Choir 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Freshman Players 1 Girls' Glee 2 G. R. 2, 3, 4 Girls' Trio 3, 4 Operetta 3, 4 Student Council 2 War Stamp Salesman 4 DON SHERICK Gym Club l Projection Club 3 Traffic Patrol 3 THAD SMITH Hi-Y 3, 4 lr. Hi-Y l Scholarship Team l wnsum sNAvr:1.Y Hi-Y 3, 4 lf. Hi-Y 1 GLENN SOLOMON Annual 4 Hi-Y 4 lr. I-li-Y l Scholarship Teams l, 2 ED SOUDER Hi-Y 4 DALE STODDARD Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Gym Club l Football l, 2, 3, 4 HAROLD STRUBLE Boys' Choir l Band 2, 4, Treas. 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 Ir. Hi-Y l Traffic Patrol Z, '37 Capt. 4 RUBY TALMADGE Annual 4 Cafeteria Staff 2, 4 G. A. A. 2 G. R. 2, 3, 4, A Leader 4 Ir. G. R. l HELEN VAN TASSEL Deshler High l, 2, 3 G. R. 4 BOB WAGNER Basketball 2 Football 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 HELEN WARNER Annual Staff 4 Choir 2 Chorus 2 Debate Z Freshman Players l G. R. Z, 3, 4 lournal Staff 3, 4 Lambda Sigma 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2 Student Council l, 3, 4 Student Nurse 3 RUTH WETHERILI. Annual 4 Cafeteria Staff 3 Home Ec. Club 2, 3, 4 Iournal Salesman 3, 4 lr. G. A. A. 1 MARVELYN WILLIAMS Annual 4 Camera Club l Home EC. Club 3, 4 OLIVE WILLOBY Findlay High l, 2 Annual 4 G. R. 3, 47 A Leader 4 Home Ec. Club 3, 4 lournal Salesman 4 Student Nurse 4 HARVEY WOLFARTH Annual Staff 4 Boys' Choir l, 2 Hi-Y 3 lournal Salesman 4 Ir. Hi-Y l IACK WOODLAND Basketball l, 2, 3 Football l, 2, 3, 45 Co-Capt. Student Council 4 GENE YODER Choir l Chorus l DOROTHY ZELLER Basketball 3 Chorus 3 Freshman Players l G, A. A. 2, 3, 45 V. Pres. ,-Z V w 43? tj . L-. L - J CL SS 0F '45 ,U ,Nb IUNIOR OFFICERS Sitting: Bill Charles, 3265 lock Perkins, 3285 Mary Io Arm Wilcox, 2147 Delbert Horner, 324. Standing: Dick Fast, Trecxsurerg Ann Clark, Secreicxryg Io Ann OBrien, Vice Presidentg Bob Restemeyer, President. To SENIOR 1 ,Z S l AX S X il? 5 vllslk--A f I 5 xr 'o4w3e, ""' g 5 H , S Cl' FC X Z' K' fi 'N fr fi .'3"L'b J' lune Brcmdeberry lone Dicken Greqq Delbert H mer Gene Hughes Richard Grove Don Singleton lim Beeson Phillis Benson Doris Baker lim Mull lim Nusser lim Needles Helen Brombley Velmcr Allison Phyllis Vogel Iune Sheffel Betty Walters Dick Smith Gene Fxsher Charles Deqczn Robert Cooper Don Danner Robert Baxter l 3 Dan McGinnis Bill Miller lack Perkins Bob Restemeyer Zlara Tate Bernice Tarver l Bennetta Stovall Bill Charles Gene Carrel Gerald Davis Stanley Cramer Betty Fry Thelma Fuller Pat Dye Ruth Fox Nancy Mattox ' Marqie Peters Mary Lou Myers Barbara Rhude M Dick Fast Bob Foltz Bob Feisel Bob Quaintance Herby Ye-nser Virginia Lewis Mary lo Ann Wilcox I ,1 ,J N Chgrrles Wonders J Norman Seebon sa Q 1. ,New lack Ganqway Don Greenwood Iohn lacoby Myron Hall loan Mumma Allegra Pasqualetti lanet Preis S Glenn Walker lack Switzer Bill Sheets Greetham Twells Virgil Stotts I Pat Barley Ann Gloria Morgan Io Anne O'B Ianet Page Iewel Copsey Bob Nierescher Robert Oqq Ioe Payne Kenny Reinhard Robert Wolfe Charles Wyans Harry Wells Clark rien Forrest Bostic llm Bentz Mike Clark Roger Bo omershine lim Silveri t lim Le Comte ,harles Kimble Bob Stovall elen Hutchinson Mary Louise Heinze Ralph Sherman Wayne Myers witti Alva Dolch Barbara Bishop Clyde Lentz Gordon Stouffer -larold Saxton Gene Stearns Harold Winq Mark Munn Bill Barringer Cliff Co ckie Clyde Decker Abie Shift Howard Myers Imogene Niswander lean McDonel Ethel Manecke Beity McCurdy Virginia Brubaker Ruth Balsat Esther Emerson W Florence Thomas Ioan Shurnan Elaine Sialier Margaret 'Farris ,U , To QQ SE N109 -""" xii. 77, X as I Q5 , 'IU F- 'V -Q X in l r ga X 'lu , 'Q-Q N OX 'N-Q .I X fe -N Q l Q N fw FN A I Viola Brown Eileen Deweese Eula Hecicathorn Doris lmber Beatrice Leedy Gladys He-isermqri sw Bob Currier B , Barbara Fruih iq- L 7 'fr f"" A V, Nj , fl , fr, v 3' T 'Amin 4 V Sis R M' 5253 ,"vxiL'. 'F' 'E ,mu . , MY, g 3 SOPHOMORES CLASS 0F'46 J ...-Z f f-P fax gig ESQ my QQXQ ,M HOME ROOM PRESIDENTS M 4 -9 E, l 5 2 Q S Bill Etzinqer Laura Sherick Norma Niswander Bob Dray Dick Abel Phyllis Sendelbach Arlene Shurnan Iune Merqenthaler Ruby Roesch lack Cumminas Dorothy Myers Frances Mullholand QQ . ,CN ggi L -W' X45 learinine Lane Evelyn Lind W'anda Henderson Bill Williamson lim Tyson Gene Talbert Keith Wetherill Robert Stevens Ioanne Huffman Wilma Creps Eileen Fruth Richard Good 'Tommy Gray Barbara Iones lacquelyn Houser Doris Moots MGYY lo Morehari Bettyrgiliday Virginia Maurer .I - -ls", wu- ,-. . Bill Preble Don Reiter Bob Sheets Suzanne Smothers La Vonne Henline Bob Preble Betty Oppermori Carroll Smith lessie Lou 'Waltermire lean Groves Alice Hottenstein Bevon Painter Leonard Russell Garland Rader Thelma Pickett Marilyn Herriq Catherine edley Pat Post , A L f. Qi Qi., A Y 39 1 er '- ffl Q 'iff A .R , , r l t ,t ,ve ! 1 , 'if' ,f , Q - Virqinia Elsea Lucille Keeton Mildred Trausch Gladys Freet Donna Dull Alvernis Hutchins Coleen I-lickerson Ioan Waqner Ruth Williams Phvllis Brink Corinna Chapman Ruth Keetori Evelyn DeVore U Eleanor Munqer Marjorie Tidd Naomi Speelman Willard Myers Faye Mansfield Ardith Smith Barbara Yoder Norma McKay Virginia Pritchard Dick Nierescher Roy McClellan Robert Marquardt lim Talbert Helene Balsat Richard Muter Dwight Tyson Gerald Zuern Clare Alexander Helen Balsat Kenny Miller Herman Seel Beverly Flechtner Irene Smith 40 Ioanne Sprout E Pat Gary Audrey Statler Iack Watts lack Schwab lanice Shumaker Mary Willoby Eugene Warrington Elton Steinman Tom Stevenson Pat Shirk Betty lo Shirk Mona Lee Smith fbx ffm ff' -ro JUNIOR Q . t S q, 1 A EF , Q? X S frwfg' rg new 'V Aphv , A X f- A Betty Henry Mary King lack Brubaker DeWitte Barton 'X FN Rose Gillum Paul Staqqer X fi Z3 "5 Donna Hartley Q s S s Bill Hall Iohn McKinney Orvill Lynch Charles Koester Donald Haynes Bob Lucius Richard Lenhart Herbert Hathaway Robert Peyton Betty Burkhart Ruby Kimble Dean Dillery Sally Lundburq Charlotte Slater Dea Io Hutchins DeLoris Kopf' Bernard Hanley Diclc larrard LeRoy Valenti 4 Lois Bennett Margaret Dible LaDonna Feindel IoAnn Brickles Don Watkins Hclrvey Bentley Don France Ronald Forbess Don Deuble 41 i I FRE HME HOME ROOM PRESIDENTS CLASS OF Siiiinqz Donna Ieczn Sprow, 3215 Margaret Reber, 212. Standing: Iohn Bowman, 3207 Don Miqhi, 103: Don France, 322. ,J To N n SOPHQMORE Na fx 9,1 is I ,1 0 4,3 Q O Q0 Q .0 Ogaw, Q 5' ig-4' gf? : " f of gi 'X' K o?f4x 5 94.7 N 4 b YS 'Ip J 2- . f X KZ, 72 F' ,-Sf'N f- ,., Roger Cole George Bruggemarm , Mary Flechtner ' Kfpz Z ,f f -K ArTine Fouls Allen Rasey Bulon Pratt Al Reinhard Iames Pierce LeRoy Pohlman rw ..,4rvl46"w lg., Wendell Conley Marv Allison Lois Deeds 2 Buth Baker Gene Beeson fi i V1.1 it F Don Showalter lack Stearns Don True Bob Young Floyd Emerine Louis Bulkowski Charles Buchholtz 62, 'L , Wm Donna Brombley Ioanne Farthing Erma Stoddard Margaret Yeager Ioan Smith Charleen Stump Don Might Margaret Reber LaDonna Bader Duane Might fW Don Burgbacher Harry Buckingham lunror Daugherty hm Richard Beulah Roesch Marilyn Ressler Treva Dreisbach Geneva Emahiser Esta Sheridan 5-P H9 Nina Bomer ?i!l.5E5iiEfH2fiiS5l3tl2.itl 51? 33 WW O V 'Ss Glen Durst locmne Rothenbuhler' , ' U. v Leo Morel Marvine Thomas Bob Marks ' Sherick Bob Myers Shirley Walter McClellan Donna Buckingham Pat Hunker x'i'f!:l'uf'J y ,Eleanoii Fox Kathaleen Kirkendall fn - K A F, A - ' Ida Brown Ie-an Engle Betty Harliss Norma Lambrighi Wwmuth Henlme 3 , ww ,:,, f ,,1,.1. H hr fyfq rw 19 5 fi L Beverly Hessey , A - Z' Iean Shultz Anna Housley 9 ,lj 5 A ft f i" Mary Ann Shultz A 4 t ilt - ":"-' -.'. .5 ' May Lowery - E if Betty SiI1Ql9TOI1 leannine Harter fbi., A in ""1' I iw 'P Gwenn Wolfelt Qi 5 J A, A ::,.. - .'-:- , :Wi ,, . '2'-, ::, ....., .,f: 1 ---' "-'--' , H Q y r -V J ,I , 222.2 ' Z ,'. 'Ei E 'Z ' B ' ' l ' Don Vogel 5 . A D :HPHZ -af Anna Rose Torn Ward Lucille McCullough My Wanda Spangler W in Y, "" f Lydia Moyer it at Donna lean Sprow it , 1:11 sf? it . V Helen Myers Lab' R " --'P' .yr,, ' x gmgal 'L' 1 .,.. ..... . X ,Ma , M4 'ie .LQ tif? WMW ' loyce Needles E , I ' Esther Moftet ,al Gertrude Mc Cubbin . ?,, Y ,'..1 A ' tl loyce Mansfield r Dorothy Koons Louise lohnson Buck Alley Don DeVore Verna Boucher Marvel Ash i 4 J 'bl-4 cl, lunior Ward Paul Vogel less Torres Iohn Sharp Iohn Bowman Margie Feisel loyce Borrnuth Linden Brooks l Betty W yans Wilda Tate 'L f ,. LM Evelyn Rust Ruth Osterholt Betty Purdy Eileen Richard Iim Williams Harold Souder Charles Volkmer Wendell Snavely LaDonna Larson Arvetta Kopf loan Lapidos Gene Dunfee Clifton Emahise Lois Franklin Virginia Babb YJ, ' Arline McComb Z 5 Roberta Maqley Iuanita Mosier Ioan Mutchler '. '-nn 1 u Don Kisabeth David Hollenbauqh Frank Gary limmy Hanover Gene Nusser Don Ostrosky Art Wolfarth lr. Shumaker Alice Manecke Carolyn Peaqs Vw-QQ bc. We ' Dick Holden l Sally Crosby I Sally Ullery Betty OJ . fi .4 arbara Stainbrook Q A . 1 ek, Aurora Mendez Don Renolds Don Mall Leota Donaldson Georgia Ann Apple X. 4 li fu' fffl i f 1 Harlan Homer Eleanor Pattersoi Ianet Ramsey Luella Miller Roberta Reec B tty Harler Iackie Sny r y Betty Smith Marilyn Keefe Marilyn Ressler loan Harler Roland Hower Ronald Hyte Phyliss Gillette Betty Coclcie E loan Groves Helen Haase Anna Haynes Betty Lorah Ross Worcester fl fer' . Q . XR X rw ary ec N LA M D k El", .2 Maxine Bhd n ayle Burke Lynn Leedy Norman Gibat Roger Marietta Merle McGee Kenny Matz Duane Peters George Hill Sherry Hayiield i MJ' LLL. AK4, L, 'A 1 Marlyn Farrell LeRoy Lyburtus Ralph Hummel Z 6 SW i i A EIGHTH First Row: Goldie Aurand, leanette Cook, Wanda Bovee, Betty Mclntyre, Barbara Et- zinger, Dorothy Ward, Patsy Travis, Ianet' Newhouse. Second Row: lunior Romig, Duane Crow, Paul Preble, Richard Harding, Wayne Kingery, Duane Munger, Raymond Pastorius, Paul Weaks Charles Rahrig. First Row: Dorothy lohnson, Iosephine Szallar, Anna lane De Vore, Helen Rose, Iearinine Pierce, Sharon Saddoris. Second Row: Paul I-leckathorn, Harold Davis, Bob Minard, Garland Terry, Ed De Walt, Albert lones, Bill Brown, lim Purdy, Richard Iordon. First Row: Barbara Barth, Colleen Walsch, Mildred Groves, Ioann Smith, Betty Cooper, Rheta Loach, Carla lean Earle, Betty lean Rose, Georgia Smith. Second Row: Mildred English, Wanda Bames, Virginia Williamson, Dolores Harsh, Garland Allison, LaDonna Valenti, Doris Drenninq. Greta House, loAnne Woodland. First Row: Ilene Lindenman, Ruthann Layton, Stella Snyder, loan Mattox, Elsie Moore, Doris Opperman, Pat Lalfountain. Second Row: Gordon Lewis, lack Tillapaugh, Norman Deiter, Charles Switzer, Bill Stevenson, Bim Thrailkill, Iohnny Brant, Roy Moon. First Row: Paul Evers, Harold lohnson, Bill Maclntyre, leannine Stienhurst, Barbara Myers, lune Carson, Ruth Guthrie, Beverly Roose, Genevieve Baker, loe Kaylor. Second Row': lim Bob Warner, Bill Yeager, Charles Gaertner, Irene Pratt, Mildred Buck- ingham, Bruce Groves, Mary Lo Harper, Rose- mary Tate, Tom Miller, lohnnie Gunder. 'Seventh Graders GRADE First Row: lanice Andersong Betty Basehore, Mardell France, Ann Harrold, Arlene Baker, Mary Lou Davis, Nancy Carter, Helen Baxter. Second Row: limmy Hicks, Bob Compton, Dwight Hazeltine, Byron Niswender, Gilbert Lane, Herbert Horn, Bob Forster, Billy Mottram, Dick Blosser, James Peyton. First Row: Don Hutchins, Francis McEntire, Helen Bronson, Helen Alley, Virginia Stower, LaVon Grooms, Floyd Allison. Second Row: Iunior Helms, Richard Young, Clair Manecke, Richard Musser, Bemal Below, Bob Meng, Charles Lybertus, lunior Myers, Iohn lohnson, First Row: Pat Lunsford, Paf VVorkman, Eilene Watts, Hazel Buckingham, Mary Ellen Lentz, Nancy Sowry, Natacha Rowe. Second Row: Arden Lockhart, Florence Dudley, Ieanette England, Mary Ann Cook, Pliyllis Statler, Marcia Roy, Mary lo Howell, Norma lean Lee, Alyce Hennig, lane Payne. First Row: Arthur Reinhard, lim Senn, Harvey Saxton, Duane Angles, Bill Basinger, Bob Bomer, lack Bateson, Dick Vogel. Second Row: lack Stroman, Robert lohnson, lack Mohn, David Mompher, Richard Low- master, Larry Ickes, Clifford Reinhard, Nelson Harris, Gene Hanley, First Row: Mary Lou Burkhart, Viola Baker, Ioan lordan, Marilyn Martin, Cherie Lou lack- son, Vera Groves, Doris Cole, Pat Deubel. Second Row: Allan Kimble, Eugene Young, Lowell Shricler, lack Lambright, Gene Claypool, Clyde Zuern, Bob Barchus, Howard Wyatt. S ETH First Row: Dale lacoby, Howard Dieter, Robert Hogan, Charles Brant. Second Row: Annabelle Manecke, Wanda DeWeese, Laura Hostottle, Margie Milliqarx, Betty lean Patterson, Betty Haynes, Geraldine lackson, Donna Musser, Velma Wright. Third Row: Charles Dusseau, William Swine- hart, Glenn Sheridan, Leona lay, Olqe Yates, Robert Gillespie, Ronald Wedge, Roy Seckinqer. First Row: Sally Clemens, Evelyn lqckson, Betty Cousin, lennette lordan, Bernadine Clark, Caroline loseph, Bertha Thomas, Mary Alice Head. Second Row: Carl Henry, Floyd King, Everett Keckler, Billy Boyd, Gilbert Mall, Bill Mull- holand, Robert Ganyer, George Molter. Carlos lackson. First Row: Bill Eckard, Robert Gillett, David Busick, lack Lambriqht, Fred Raymont, lohn David Pennell, Robert Hanley, Harold Fuller. Second Row: Rose Ann Banks, Betty Gonyer, Thelma Bullock, layce Bennett, Darlene Davis, Nancy Charles, Vida lohnson, loan Smith, Frances McCullough, Virqinia Lowry, Elva Mae Rasp. First Row: Mary Post, lanet Peters, lean Purdy, Patty Valenti, Pauline Breitiqan, Neva Bomer, Esther Yates, Patty Nusser. Second Row: lames Hardin, William Stein, lack Ziealer, loe Shank, loe McAnaney, Ralph Henry, Bill Harliss, lim Keckler, Lawrence lones, Byron Madden. First Row: Patricia Alley, Betty Scott, Elizabeth Yates, Edith Cramer, Maxine Niswender, Mary Ellen Hunt, Evelyn McRoberts. Second Row: lohn Shatzer, Richard Banks, Albert Blake, LeRoy Hurtt, Kenneth Cousin, lack Coburn, Allan Greqq. Third Row: Charles Gilliland, Bob Walters GR DE First Row: Susan Bates, loyce Huth, Barbara MacDonald, Lila Mae Fraver, Diane Hillier, Ieannette Tannyhill, Betty Lou Barton, Sue Porter, Lou Ellen Bower, Mary Alyce Iones, lane Marietta. Second Row: lean Snyder, Bill Duffy, Everett Daugherty, lerry Knepper, Stanley Roberts. lim Cotter, Eugene Benninghoif, lohn Pierce, lay Alexander. First Row: Mildred Reinhard Robert Lee, Dick Payne, Donald Groves, Carl Mosier, lim Schosser, lack Feisel, Norman Might, Patty Carson. Second Row: Rose Anna Yates, Wanda Lou Sauder, Betty lean Ziegler, Louise Ziegler, Marilynn Walsh, Gwen Tumer, Geneva Willo- by, Ruth Segner, Marilyn Snyder, Marilynn Schmidt. First Row: Virginia Thompson, Virginia Parsell, Gloria Keefe, Marilyn Riclcseclcer, Etta Harris, Mariorie Momoher, loyce Stiles, Mary Alice Arwood Vivian Knierim, Vivian Richard. Second Rqw: Franklin lordan, Richard Lewis, James Reinhard, Bill Morgan, Glenn Sheriff, Robert Kroetz, Don Brickles, Laurence I-laver, Robert Zuern. First Row: Margaret Pressette, Irene Soles, Marv Lou Stainbrook, Betty Lou Reinhard, Florence Soles, Betty Slayter, Margaret Walters, Verna Shulz, Maxine Tribby. Second Row: David Fittro, Ray Smith, Robert Law, Victor Moon, Ed Myers, Arthur Marker, Charles Walker, Niles Vfoodley, Robert Waltere myer, Russell Keckler. First Row: Earl Bronson, Carol Bames, Barbara Wolfelt. Barbara Burch, Doris Niswander, Lucy Ann May, Mary Blake, Lucille Shultz, Eugene Young. Second Row: Dwight Buchholtz, Robert Hull, Gordon Shiflet, Marvin Vitte, Hugo lbarro, Dan Foltz, Robert Duniee, lim Emerson, Robert Kiefer. MW YMDQ Fw? A MQ M! jp 4X"y:g'gWi56W02mf2f w px J ff' Q ig Kiwi? sy f EMMWW 56 Axigqz G 1 Wx XM 3 3 A ogy CM Q ai Y? 1 sf WW A Wigm Maxi Q YY? 5f' fiy i W SPORTS Athletic Board Sitting: Mr. George Knepper, Wm. Hawk, Mr. Tom Bender Standing: Mr. Russell Carter, W. W. Nixon, Mr. H. L. Ford M M Betty Niduy, Betty Moody, Norma Echelborqer, Ioan Needles, Wanda Hender- son, Wilmcr Creps. Cheerleader First Row Dale Stoddard B111 Bamnger Al Scheidhaurer Gene Newell, Bob Currier, Norm Seebon, Kenny Reinhard Iunior Morel Dick Smith lack Woodland Mel Bennett., Second Row Don Haynes W1ll1e Iohnson hm Le Comte Charlie Wyans, Cal Schmitz, Jack Baker, George Hill Berlin Burgbacher Gene Warrington Don Might. Tlurd Row Orville Lynch Carl Sampson Bob Myers Elton Steinman, Bob Marks, Tom Stevenson, f Ivan Myers hm Beeson Leonard Russell Charles Kimble Iimrnie Williams, Bob Wagner, Don France, Fourth Row Tom Gray lack Cummings Iohn Swearingen Lester Van Sant. ASSISTANT COACH LESTER VAN SANT The tlme. Frlday, 1.00 P. M. The occasion: Pep meeting. The rn.c. calls on Mr. Torn Bender, football coach, to say a few words. Mr. Bender rises and begins his short talk with a joke. Time passes. Mr. Bender is still telling the joke. Everyone is waiting. Eyes begin looking at the clock. Fifteen minutes have gone by. The joke apparently is a good one-it takes so long to tell. At exactly 1:25 P. M. Bender sits down- his speech is made. But he certainly can get eleven men to play a fast game of football. STUDENT TRAINER MANAGER TRAINEE STUDENT MANAGER l l l l CARL SAMSON SWEARINGEN NIXON BILL KURTZ Signals 54-86-32-193134. Hike! And that's exact- ly what the fellows did-hiked right to the top of the Buckeye League. Honors were shared, with notexceptions, by every man on the team: halfback, fullback, quarterback, and wayback. The following is a brief resume of the 1943 season: Perfect record! Undefeated! Untied! Opponents shook in their shoes when they faced our mighty eleven. Crowds flocked from miles around to see the spectacular passes and thrilling runs of Bender's Bull- dozers. With Coach Tommy Bender at the wheel, our boys drove down the gridiron to one of the most successful seasons Fostoria fans have seen for some time. Sept. l7 Sept. 24 Oct. -1 Oct. 8 Oct. 15 Oct. 22 Nov. 5 Nov. l2 FOOTBALL SCORES Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria. . Fostoria . . Fostoria 48 25 20 21 7 27 32 l4 St. Wendelin's . .. O Lima South ...... 7 Fremont St. loseph O Fremont Ross .... 12 Tiffin Columbian . U Defiance ........ O Bowling Green. . . O Findlay U L 4 :A 3' if it IUNIOR MOREL Senior AL SCHIEDHAUER Senior After a few opening games, Al became one of our strongest and toughest de- fensive men. He is already an Air Cadet and will be in the armed forces before long, Iunior played left end. He was a fine defensive man, a good pass receiver, and had ability as an offensive blocker. GENE NEWELL Senior Gene's position was left guard, and opponents foundffhey could not make Gene get out of the way. Might as well add that his team mates call him "Tubby." M: xi 3 1 BERLIN BURGBACHER Senior Berlin had a pretty tough time getting started this year. First, he sprained his ankle, then he injured his shoulder fcomes from leaning too hardl. But once he got under way, there was no stopping him. LETTERME DALE STODDARD Senior "Gaity" called the signals this year. He was an expert place kicker and likewise was an expert at intercepting passes. Dale is already in the Navy, playing on an even bigger team. tkb 1 X - "IH f '5::i, C 2:1 .Q A-"n 'a f ,P-Ju. - , ,glitz G :ze-is-X :gg l3'.'4.g '-, . 1 i:E3L.,.qg.g t F., f,'.'.-5... , -wklffxkq-jig. 'Q 4 9 2-:ew :ff .,,v,'q M213 Q, i :wa-1 'Wil -gn '50 .-,- ll' -Q., x" 4555, 'l -n Q :NV '-1 1:11 Q, 155525. ,h xc .A .. MELVIN BENNETT Senior Mel played tail back position and was really a speedy boy. He did most of the kicking and passing for the team. Mel shared with Woody the honor of being elected as a co-captain. His main ambition is to be in the Air Forces. IACK WOODLAND Senior "Woody," F.H.S. fullback, was the only unanimous choice for the All-Ohio 'Team chosen by Associated Press, United Press, and International News Service. lack is a powerful runner with a lot of ability as a spinner. lack was elected as one of the honorary co-captains. ' f J 'YY BILL BARRINGER lunior Bill Barringer Won his first football letter this year. He was a good blocking back and played defensive left end. We might add that most of Bill's training came from throwing dishes around in the cafeteria. DICK SMITH Iunior Dick played center this year. He did a good job at pivot position. ln order for plays to work, there must be a good ' ' in pass from center, and with Smittie there all of the time, the fellows could always count on a good pass. GENE WARRINGTON Sophomore Gene played as a tackle or guard and was strong on defense. I-Ie is a Sopho- more and will be back next year for more football. ' KENNY REINHARD Iunior Kenny played left guard and he was the smallest lineman on the team. But re- member the old saying "The biggest surprises often come in the smallest packages." Lettermen ,. Q . fi i J".-.33 'uw ' -' ,. if 'ff 1' S: ' ' r it BOB CURRIER Iuniofr Bob has been cited as one of the best guards on any high school team. He was elected to the All-Ohio Team as a guard. Bob is a scrapper if there ever was one--or so the opposing teams always said. Il 0 :'-147' Q I " . - mg: . .6 I 1, . -3 5 1 '.,l a "- :-Il 1' . l'u,l 'i ' a f .ur x :' AE .-ESX v :..:.q,g.,. l 3:-nm, -.3 rx ' 3,-1.3. V 4 e 0, mfr., ,ff Z-Iagj C Q: :fofl . . V ,gq ef" .GJ-7 . . I . . l I 1:2 Q4 "1 . 1 . e -Q-ru ff- W - '. .'Z'-ng t. X , A n.. 1 3 1 NORMAN SEEBON Iunior Every team has a' clown and "Mush" is the one for our football squad. You will recall the time Norm forgot part of his equipment-the most important part in fact-his hip pads. Vlfhen he gets down to business, he is a very good ball player. CAL SCHMITZ Sophomore Cal was a reserve guard. I-le saw a good deal of service and was a strong defensive player. Cal still has two more years for football and no doubt will see plenty of action. 59 Kenny Miller, Mel Bennett, Bill Barringer, Dick Fast, Ed Perkins, Iohn Bdsehore, lack Perkins, lack - Baker, Able Shift, Bob Sheets. SCORES Lima Central . . . Galion ......... Bowling Green. . . 'Willard ...... Fremont ........ Findlay ......... Fremont St. loseph .... . . St. Wendeli.n ..... Tiffin Columbian . Fremont ....... Findlay ...... Bowling Green. . . St. Wendelin ..... Upper Sandusky. Tiffin Columbian . arsity Basketball We They 37 30 25 35 35 27 43 21 16 27 18 51 36 30 35 19 28 33 36 47 16 49 23 22 40 32 18 27 26 44 Our varsity squad has decided to better the rules of basketball in order to make the game a little less complicated. They submit the fol- lowing for your approval: l. Lower the baskets to about three feet above the floor. 2. Play only one-man teams. 3. Do away with referees. 4. Use five basketballs. But, even without these new rules, our fellows did pretty well for themselves. They might be called a "point-a-minute" club. Well, maybe you could lengthen the time a little! According to Webster, 'reserve' means to withhold or keep back. But, our Reserve Basket- ball team certainly was not kept back once they got on the floor. Every boy played good ball and gave their opponents something to worry about. MAN AG?-R5 COACH IACK WATTS. IOHN SWEARINGEN Mr. Swearingen Clohnnie to 'most everybodyl came to F.H.S. as Basketball coach this year. Although he's new here, he certainly isn't new at the game . mu. ETUNGER Next to Tommy Bender, Mr. Swearingen is the long- est speech maker. He can really talk, especially when he gets mad--l hear. I understand that next year when basketball season gets under Way, they are going to rope off the coach's box. Seems Iohnny gets a little over anxious. And we are all anxious to have him back again next term. Reserve Be ketbell Kenny Miller, Tom Gray, lack Cummings, Bob Feisel, Gerald Davis, Bob Nierescher, Robert Mar quardt, Leonard Russell, Bob Sheets. Bcrrringer: Bill played a good defensive game and Was rewarded by being named one of the state's best guards by a group of outstanding coaches. MISSING: BOB CURRIER Currier: A hard hitting, and otten times h . . ard hit forward. If Uncle Sam will allow, Bob will retum next year to play on the squad. G5 i -5:22. ull' --:'f 4 :Ll o 4.:g. " . ::::l::l C .4 '--dv -.1-F. NSS! wif' w-I ' - . :. -remain: l 7 . .1155--ffgems 1, 4 s 555:01-2:-1-f ,pf '8,0,C,lAQ',fgj N. 1 co My .'v1'oIf., 95' Q. '. o of' ,,- Fizz, any v " -'fo' ual N Q .flu -1. Jie' f Xl' ll lfizg. :nf ' Ngxhfqf, 43' 5- .- :H-.:. Q "?tgQE33t7:" LETTERME . tw it , lack Perkins: lack played a good game of ball this year and shows great prom- ise tor his Sr, year. Baker: lack was awarded his first letter this season through his tireless ettort and ability. E, Q 21 X, J Q, H1 tiff t rned this year to con- Bennett: Mel re u tinue his place as one of our best basketball players on the squad, K. S 4 rf' I :gin 'nn . . II' r I 4 .. 4 C ,1-.Iii N in E i, yu.: In ', in u " ' X N- : mf- X Aznep . Q .sit-fav?-w JL b .sw ,'..2'...-.' Zn 1"-:in f aj " "4 ' 61 ., , f 's, , :tl "W ' . it ll if'-'. , . ' .1 '::,,v..'1. Q . . V 'i 'fu T '...,, 'N .1 1 ,,..1- 'eff 'L .531 W LETTERME ?5jf5if in Ed Perkins: The Sr. member of the t d who will bequeath Perkins incorpora e ' the Ir. his basketball technique to member. if it if fi GQNWQEL 'i'. 'ZfI'?I1F3:1- f ? iii 4 il Bcxsehore: "Iohnny" was the high scor- ing letterman on the team. He was noted for always being on the ball. 63 Jr. High Ba ketball First How: R. Bomer, W. McClellan, C. Buchholtz, G. Beeson, I. Hanover, B. Basinqer, H. Saxton, C. Switzer. Second Row: E. Souders, manager: I. Bateson, E. DeWalt, D. Crowe, D. Might, G. Hill, I. Williams, G. Thrailkill. Bowling Green .... Findlay .......... Bascom . . . . . . Findlay .......... New Riegel ....... Bowling Green .... Bascom .......... Fostoria... . . .. Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Toumament Findlay , ......... l8 Fostoria. . . . . . . Bowling Green .... 23 Fostoria. . . . . . . COACH: MR. TOM BENDER A group of eighth and ninth year boys made known their desire for a Ir. High Basketball team. So, immediately, plans got under way to organize a squad. The young fellows even went so far as to play in a tournament, at which time they displayed their talents as future prospects for "Iohnny" Swearingen. All in all, the boys won tive out of nine games which isn't a bad average at all for beginners. of MUSIC First Row: Howard Myers, Charles Koester, Glenn Walker Eugene Fisher, Stella Snyder, Harold Dauterman, Don Vogel.. Sue Porter, Don Kisabeth, Charles Wonders, Tom Gray. Second Row: Allen Basey, Frank Gary, Elton Steinman, lohn lacoby, Bob Nierscher, Abie Shift, Robert Stevens, Larry Ickes, Eugene Benninghoff, lay Alexander, Norman Might, Harold Struble, Tom Houser, lack Peck, Herbie Yenser. Third Row: Duane Might, Ruth Segner, Gwen Turner, Harold Barnes, Bob Restemeyer, Don Bollinger, Charles Buchholtz, Gordon Lewis, loe McAnaney, Melvin Baxter, Keith Wetherill, Paul Stagger, Iohn Bowman, lack Brubaker. Fourth Row: Dwight Buchholtz, Bob Foltz, Bob Sheets, Don Danner, lune Sheffel, Barbara Rhucle, Betty Cockie, Harold France, Iimmie Richards, Iean Snyder, Bill Morgan, Eugenia Lusk, Betty Marxen, Marjorie Baker. Band "Um-pah, um-pah." Sounds just like a band, Well, what do you know, it is a band! 'With drums beating, bells ringing, and music blowing all over the field, our band came marching down the gridiron, personifying the crowds school spirit during the football season. Time moves on, and we now find the band using every spare moment preparing for their annual concert. On the appointed day, all was in readiness, and the auditorium was filled with melodies and harmonious music. Lilies-of the-valley, Mr. Downes, nice work. With "Pistol Packin' Mama" as their theme song, the pep band banged their Way through the basketball season. They did manage to do a lot of rousing though-after all, how can you sleep with all that noise? lust try to beat our band-if you canl 66 Clarinets I-loward Myers Charles Koester Glenn Walker Eugene Fisher Allen Rasey Frank Gary Elton Steinman Duane Might Iohn Iacoby Ruth Segner Gwen Turner Carol Barnes Bass Clarinet Herbert Yenser Flutes Tommy Gray Charles Wonders Don Kisabeth Sue Porter Oboe Harold Dauterman Bassoon lack Peck Alto Scncophones lack Brubaker Iohn Bowman Per onnel Tenor Saxophone Paul Stagger Comets Bob Restemeyer Don Bollinger Charles Buchholtz Bob Nierscher Abie Shift Trumpets Robert Stevens Larry Ickes Eugene Benninghoff French Homs Don Vogel Stella Snyder Trombones Keith Wetherill Melvin Baxter Ioe McAnaney Gordon Lewis Baritones Tom l-louser Harold Struble Norman Might Tubas Harold France Iimmy Richards lean Snyder Bill Morgan Percussion Bob Sheets Don Donner Bob Foltz Dwight Buchholtz Iune Sheffel Barbara Rhude Tympcmi Betty Marxen String Bass Marjorie Baker Pep itll First Row Margaret Carter, Anne Prentice, Betty Cockxe, Colleen Second Row: Helen Hutchinson, Adrianne Hawk Arlene Baker Walsh Harold Dauterman, Bill Wonders, Tom Gray, Iune Charles Koester, Glenn Walker, lack Peck, Don Vogel 'Don Brandeberry Ieanette Hevener. Bollinger, Bob Restemeyer, Mary Louise Heinze Third Row: Don Danner, Eugenia Lusk, Kathleen Walsh, Ben- netta Stovall, Robert Sheets, Iimmy Richards, Marjorie Baker, Betty Marxen, Mel Baxter, Keith Wetherill, tlrche tra, At the signal from Director Downs, the strings and brasses begin to toss it lightly to and fro. Then, all oi a sudden, a harsh note breaks into the magic harmony-a note that is not written in the music. Now the tables are turned. Director Downs is tossing the players lightly to and fro. Such is a hectic morn- ing at orchestra practice. But when concert time rolls around, the orchestra is fully prepared, and, barring the snapping of any violin strings, everything goes smoothly. No music department is complete Without a pit orchestra. Therefore, F.H.S. has one. Whether it is an addition or not, We hesitate to say, but it is Well appreciated. Besides rendering their services at assembly programs, the organization played for school plays and numerous other school activities. Another bunch of posies, to you, Director Downs. First Violins Margaret Carter Ann Prentice Helen Hutchinson Adrianne Hawk Second Violins Don Danner Eugenia Lusk Betty Cockie Arlene Baker Sharon Saddoris Colleen Walsh Kathleen Walsh Bennetta Stovall Viola Mary Louise Heinze Cellos leanette Hevener Iune Brandeberry String Bass Marjorie Baker Per onnel Oboe Harold Dauterrnan Flutes Tommy Gray Charles Wonders Clarinets Charles Koester Glenn Walker Bassoon lack Peck Tympuni Betty Marxen Comets Bob Restemeyer Don Bollinger Trombones Keith Wetherill Melvin Baxter Percussion lames Richards Robert Sheets French Horns Don Vogel Stella Snyder Pit llrche tra Richard Downs, the musical magician, came to us this year from Gallipolis, Ohio. He studied both at Miami University and Ohio State University where he received his B.S. in education. He likewise holds a degree in music. Mr. Downs is a member of Phi Kappa Tau fraternity and Phi Mu Alpha, a national music fraternity. Under Mr. Down's able direction the band and orchestra triumphed. Then one day, Mr. Downs got a letter which politely requested that he serve in the Army of the United States. Mr. Downs replied with a friendly note explaining he was really too busy to come. Maybe his letter was never received--at any rate, Mr. Downs became Private Downs. In our opinion, he should soon become a general. He certainly did top our list here at F.H.S. . MR. DOWNS Twirling her baton in grand fashion, Miss Betty Marxen led the band in its march to Victory across the gridiron. DRUM MA 10115-Us BRT? MARXEN VOC L MUSIC I First Row: I. Shuman, L. Feindel, F. Thomas, D. Dull, A. Rein hard, L. Brooks, H. Buckingham, C. Smith. Mr. Middleton, R. Muter, H. Seel, G. Heiserman, D. Lind, I. Brandeberry, D. Baker, G. Freet, C. Alexander. Second Row: V. Brubaker, E. Stalter, P. Vogel, R. Lenhart, T. Ward, K. Wetherill, N. Hatfield, M. Hall, T. Gray, N. Echelbarqer, B. Moody, I. Page, I. Needles, G Morgan, A. Clark, I. Copsey Third Row: D, Peters, M. Huftord, P. Dye, I. Davis, I. Mansfield L. Valenti, G. Nusser, C. Pickett, H. Hathaway, D. France, I Ganqway, B. Marquardt, C. Hickerson, T. Pickett, E. Lind, L Molter, B. Bishop. A Fourth Row: P. Benson, M Hartsel, M. Hartsel, M. Carter, A Scheidhauer, I. Baker, N. Echelloarqer, R. Boomershine, H Yenser, B. Ouaintance, B. Kurtz, H. Bentley, P. Shirk, I. Hctrdinq I. Scott, A. Prentice, P. Harper. CMH 'll First Raw: I. Shuinan, D. Dull, V. Brubaker, D. Myers, P. Gary, I. Shumaker, D. Baker, F. Thomas, G. Morgan, I. Needles, N Echelbarger, C. Alegcander, B. Bishop, I. Copsey, I . Brandeberry Second Rofw: E. Stalter, P. Vogel, S. Lundberg, C. Chapman, L. Feindel, B. Flechtner, I. Mergenthaler, M. Tarris, I. Page, H. Franks, L. Sherick, C. Hickerson, T. Pickett, G. Freet. Third Row: A. Hutchins, R. Williams, R. Gillum, P. Dye, M Girl ' Glee Eeeeee! No, you're wrong: it's not a mouse- rnerely the girls' glee club warming up. A strictly feminine outfit that croons sweet tunes on Monday afternoons. Whenever you have a good supply ot cotton, drop around for awhile. The girls are very easy on the eyes at least. But seriously, they are good and they can sing. And then there is the girls' trio - better known as the Andrews Sisters of F.H.S. Nice thing about a trio, you have three chances to hit the right note. 72 Trausch, P.,I-larper, P. Shirk, A. Clark, I. Wagner, L. Bennett C. Medley, F. Mansfield, D. Hutchins, B. Niday, E, Iind, I Huffman, W, Henderson, V. Maurer. Fourth Row: M. Carter, P. Benson, B. Yoder, M. Dible, H. Balsat B. Shirk, H. Balsat, D. Moots, M. Morehart, L. Keaton, I. Lane B. Opperman, R. Keeton, G. Rader, D. Kopt, B. Fry, I. Scott M. Huttord. GIRL M arqarer Cane O r, A S' TRI Ilfl PFSHUCSI Doroth Y Lind Hrs! Row: H. Buckingham, C. Smith, L. Brooks, A. Reinhard, Second Row: S. Cramer, K. Wetherill, R. Lenhart, H. Seel, I. T. Ward, D. France, R. Muter, H. Hathaway, N. Hatfield. Davis, D. Barton, T. Gray, M Hall, C. Pickett. new Third Rofw: A. Scheidhaurer, N. Echelbarger, G. Nusser, I. Mansfield, H. Yenser, B. Quaintance, B. Kurtz, I. Cummings, B. Marquardt, I. Schwab, I. Gangway, H. Bentley. PSHE-'Y e, U . X505 BOYS' Q om Bob Quom 'HOW eidvovetl Y ease! . PA SCXU Boys' Glee The fellows spent part of the season painting signs to be tacked on the music room door. One sign read "Do not disturb", another, "Gentlemen only" which was, after numerous comments, replaced by one which read "Boys only." Rumor has it that the boys preferred singing love ditties. How 'bout that! "Right combination for your listening pleasure." Such is the boys' quartet. lust give them any old note and they can make a song of it. Tom, Al, Bob, and Herbie-the sentimental gentlemen of swing. 73. First Row: K. Wetherill, I. Schwab, H. Buckingham, T. Ward, L. Brooks, H. Yenser, T. Gray, C. Smith, B. Muter, D. Abel, N Hatfield, D. Barton, I. Davis, I. Mansfield, I. Cummings. Second Row: H. Seel, G. Nusser, B. Quaintance, G. Stearns, S. Cramer, B. Lenhvrt, M. Hall, A. Reinhard, B. Marquardt D. Horner, H. Hathaway, I. Gangway, B. Kurtz, N. Echelbarger, H. Bentley, D. France, B. Preble, C. Pickett. Third Row: P. Vogel, V. Brubaker, A. Shuman, D. Dull, P. Gary A. Statler, I. Shumaker, A. Larnbright, M. Knepper, Mr. Middle ton, D. Lind, B. Moody, N. Echelbarger, E. Fruth, I. Waltermire I. Sprout, I. Copsey, I. Harding, I. Brandeberry, L. Molter B. Bishop. Fourth Row: A. Hottenstein, D. Hartley, B. Iones, S. Smothers S. Lundberg, C. Chapman, M. Vtfilloby, L, Feindet, A. Clark I. Mergenthaler, A. Burkart, M. Tarris, I. Page, I, Needles R. Balsat, L. Sherick, C. Hickerson, T. Pickett, G. Freet, W Henderson, E. Munger. Fifth Row: L. Hentine, D. Myers, H. Gillum, I. Hauser, R. Wil llams, A. Hutchins, B, Fletchner, P. Harper, A. Prentice, G Morgan, I. Wagner, L. Bennett, C. Medley, D. Hutchins, F Mansfield, H. Franks, B. Niday, E. Lind, I. Huffman, P. Post V. Maurer, Sixth Row: P, Benson, L. Boucher, B. Yoder, M. Dible, M Trausch, P. Dye, H. Balsat, F, Thomas, B. Shirk, H. Balsat P. Shirk, D. Moots, M. Morehart, L. Keeton, I. Lane, B. Opperman R. Keeton, G. Rader, D. Kopf, I. Scott, B. Fry, M. Hufford, ct Hayes, I. Groves. Mixed Choru 74 f First Row: D. Angles, B. Basinger, L. Shrider, G. Sheridan, I. Hicks, I. Pierce, B. Hanley, S, Roberts, I. Knepper, R. Seckinger, I. Warner, I. Cotter, E. Daugherty, I. Ward, R. Lee, I. Larnbright E. Bennehoff, I. Pennell. Second Row: D. Hollenbaugh, I. Tillapaugh, W. Conley, N Gibat, G. Beeson, B. Gillespie. ' Third Row: V. Shultz, A. Rose, B. Roesch, I. Needles, M. Reber I. Anderson, M. France, F. Dudley. M. Sowry, N. Carter, I Kaylor, B. Harliss, I. Sharp, G. Terry, Fourth Row: D. Buckingham, I. Farthing, D. Musser, M. Ash, E Moffitt, A. Harrold, V. Baker, G. Willoby, R. Segner, S. Bates S. Porter, B. Zeigler, M. Buckingham, I. Iordan, l. Lindenman A. DeVore, I. Pierce, H. Rose, D. Opperman, W. Bovee, L: Valenti, E. Sheridan, M. Davis, I. Mosier. 1 Fifth Row: B. Cockie, D. Bromhly, I. Brown, I. Engle, L. Miller R. Yates, I. Marietta, M. Schmidt, L. Bower, D. Davis, B. Barton I. Peters, M. Post, M. Reinhard, R. Reed, I. Steinhurst, L. Franklin I. Groves, I. Payne, I, Newhouse, R, Baker, I. Lapidos. Sixth Row: L. Deeds, D. Cole, P. Deuble, V. Groves, R. Guthrie B. MacDonald, M. Walsh, G. Smith, B. Rose, B. Barth, I, Snyder C. Iackson, M. Tribby, P. Sherick, G. Aurand, M. Martin, B Hessey, B. Ortega, B. Harler, R. Magley. Seventh Row: M. Deckard, E. Richard, E. Stoddard, I, Smith, I Bormuth, A. Kopf, M. Brant, E. Patterson, M. Burkart, R. Layton B. Forster, D, DeVore, B. Alley, H. Horner, I. Williams, I Richard, B. Thrailkill, C. Switzer, G. Claypool, R. Cole, R Harding, I. Romig, G. Molter, D. Mompher, C. Reinhard, A Reinhard, I. Hanover, I. McAnaney. Junior High Choru 75 I 1 1 1 MR. IAMES MIDDLETON A fellow with a quick wit, a good sense of humor, and with a keen ear for music. According to pop- ular report, Mr. Middleton's favorite and most- used expression is "I'll be doggoned!" Ah, a gentleman in the crowd! When Uncle Sam finally caught up with Mr. Downs, a portion of the in- strumental department was bequeathed to Mr. Middleton. CA thoughtful gesturej But, with all of his responsibilities, l. W. came through with flying colors. Dandelions to you, Mr. Middleton, you're all right. One of the most important events in this school year was the one night stand of "The Belle of Barcelona" which was, by the way, an operetta- not a person. Both the cast and the director spent long hours practicing, blood, sweat, and tears all went into the production. That Mr. Middleton is a hard man-they say. But when the curtain rang up and the music rang out, the sweat and tears changed to admiration and applause. The curtain came down on a highly successful performance. Left to right: Ioan Needles, Elaine Stalter, Iune Harding, Richard Muter, Iames Mansfield, Ann Prentice, Al Scheidhauer, Keith Wetherill, Tom Gray, Doris Baker, lack Gangway, Herbert Yenser, Margaret Carter, Robert Quaintance. 76 qgflgffd 115 v , 4 f I sv ' gg? .FAB .o 50 K N'x9 1 530: 415' Va 0 !0 wm a' 4" And 3. 96,30 bg, 22: Qi W MPS 'I 'Q A 'Q' O 0 gay, vga" 'za J bd' QQ. Q X E' ""' , . W -M 5? .e-.-5' ' EXTRA CURRICULAR CTIVITIE H All ACTIVITIE l N, . War tamp Sale men First Row: Ann Prentice, Miss Crawford, Iohanne Houser, Tom Houser, Ed Perkins, lohn Base- hore, Pat Lanphear, Betty Moody, Norma Echelbarger. Second Row: Clara Mae Hayes, Doris Humbert, Dora Humbert, Alice Burkart, Mary Hartsel, Marge Hartsel, Millie Gromcm, Olive Willoby, Dorothy Lind, Ianet O'Brien, loan Needles. Third Row: Audrey Lambright, Iane Moots, lay Davis, lack Baker, Berlin Burgbacher, Iunior Morel, Nate Hatfield, Fred Hanley, Howard Roby, Betty Holden, Jr. High Red Cross Donna Baker. ln a time When everyone is Working all-out for victory, our school has shown its patriotism and loyalty. Sometimes, because We are younger, we feel We have no place in the War effort, but We can and have made our place. Every Tuesday the students have purchased War stamps and bonds. The first semester We bought enough stamps to purchase a flying jeep, and the second semester We had the purchase of a training plane to our credit. We not only dug down in our pockets, but also have given time and energy to War Work. Boys from the student body help in the monthly salvage drive, girls are working as nurses' aides in our City Hospital. Students make surgical dressings for the Red Cross: boys are taking the course sponsored by the VFW for those wishing to become air cadets: and some boys, belonging to the CAP reserve cadet corps, are studying for their future air corps training. Finally, We must not forget those boys who have been drafted from school directly into the armed forces. We Who stay at home feel smug when We make sacrifices for the War effort, but those boys have given something beyond price -their youth and education. Di play ROLL OF H0 OR Killed Corp. Charles W. Mottram-Class of 1940 U. S. Marine Corps, October 9, 1942, Southwest Pacific. Donald D. Estes-Class of 1940 U. S. Navy, March, 1943, North Atlantic. Lieut. Ernest M. Eckert-Class of 1939 U. S. Army Air Force, September ll, 1943, Spartanburg, S. C. Missing Flight Officer Charles E. LeComte-Class of 1939 U. S. Army Air Force, missing since Ian- uary 22, 1944, in Italy. Staff Sergeant Robert I. Might-Class of 1941 U. S. Army Air Force, missing since February 22, 1944, in Germany. William M. Mosier, Ir., S 2-C-Class of 1939 U. S. Coast Guard, missing at sea in North Atlantic since March 9, 1944. Our country has called to its service hundreds of Fostoria High graduates to fight for the American way of life. Knowing that they are fighting for us and for our school, we would like to pay tribute to all of them-and pray for those Who sacrifice their lives. MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1944 NOW SERVING IN THE ARMED FORCES People made the properly horrified noises when boys of high school age were admitted in the armed forces-and then promptly forgot about ity but these boys will never forget, for they have given up part of their heritage as Americansl a high school diploma-so that others could receive their heritage in peace. Gus Basal! Bob Florecr Frank Kelley Elwood Lee Icxke Sendelbcch Norman Tyson 4 n t .. 2 r i it C . if if ll . -ff-it A 4' . .... ,... MARGARET CARTER IOHANNE HOUSER ,NNUAL Armed with hundreds of pencils and erasers, and with several bales of paper on hand, the staff proceeded to compose the annual. Time passed. With one stubby pencil, one eraser, and two sheets of paper left, and with no fingernails and plenty of gray hairs, the job Was completed. We present it now to you. ANN PRENTICE, HELEN wanmzn LITERARY COMMITTEE PAT LANPHEAR, DORIS BERLINGHOFF, ALICE MILBURN. IEANETTE HEVENER, DONNA BAKER MR. I. E. POWERS MRS. WELDON I-'RUTH MARILYN KNEPPER, MISS INA SPONSLER. ED PERKINS TAFF IANET O'BRIEN ALICE BURKAHT IAMES MANSFIELD, DOROTHY LIND, HARVEY WOLFARTH ADVERTISING COMMITTEE ' Seated: P. Chilcote, I. Hogan, O. Willoby, M. Groman, N. Echelbarger, B. Moody 'E B. Brant, R. Wetherill. Standing: G. Solomon, H. France, G. Peyton, M. Baxter, R. Schwab, N. Hatfield T. Houser. CIRCULATION COMMITTEE First Row: M. Hartsel, H. Roby, F. Hanley, B. Kurtz. Second Row: E. Hampshire, D. Deiter, I. Moots, I. Huth, A. Lam- bright, D. Minard, M. Mansiield. Third Row: C. Hayes, D. Scott, I. Harding, M. Hill, L. Moller, A. Payne, M. Williams. STAFF Editor-in-Chief. . . . . .Margaret Carter Assistant Editor. . . .... Iohanne Houser Literary Editor ...... . . .Helen Warner Ass't. Literary Editor. . . . . .Ann Prentice Business Manager .......... Ianet O'Brien Ass't, Business Manager .... Alice Burkart Advertising Manager ....... Dorothy Lind Ass't Advertising Mgr.. . .Harvey Wolfarth Ass't. Advertising Mgr. ..... Iirn Mansfield Circulation Manager ..... Edward Perkins Ass't. Circulation Mgr.. . .Marilyn Knepper Editorial Advisor ...... Mrs. Weldon Fruth Business Advisor .... .... M r. less Powers Circulation Advisor- . . .Miss lna Sponsler 81 K We 4 55 S l 2 th Aw? 5 X xx X X ,K if vm g , li Q sg X X 1 2, X Mk w Q 1 st ,K Q . FG , K , X si, 2? Rims, :ff Y i r 'Q K . X? l if 3 W' ll, 'yi X . . ., ws i f agus if 1 ,Rm :rx :. X 9 s gg ,fy Qt " 11' my WM! Q, i i , f t v-3, .mi N W 5 5, WS' t 1 X ' K In 1 Q WMM Q wa ,zpzzigrzsf a Liars Q, ': , .' 1'-753121 "xiii H322 mp5e,3,1ziwmz M., . ...., 1, Jig? :1A Siu., ,, -W. JACK PERKINS DONNA BAKER. ALLEGRA PASQUALETTI DORIS BERLINGHOFF IOYCE BORMUTH, HELEN WARNER, IEANETTE HEVENER I RED AND BLACK IOURNAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief .... .... I ack Perkins Managing Editor ...... Doris Berlinghoti News Editor ............. Donna Baker Literary Editor ..... Allegra Pasqualetti Sports Editors .... ...... R ichard Good Keith Wetherill Special Features ........ Helen Warner leanette Hevener loyce Borrnuth Business Manager ....... Arlene Payne Circulation Manager ..... Pat Lanphear Adviser ............ Mr. lohn S. Bowers 82 KEITH WE'1'HERII.L, RICHARD Goon REPORTERS I-'uit Row: Ruth Fox, Helen Hutchinson, Alice Burkart, Barbara Fruth, Mary Louise Heinze. Second Row: Millie Groman, Ianet Preis. Third Row: Marilyn Herrig, Mary Lou Myers, Dorothy Lind, Io Ann O'Brien. Fourth Row: Eugene Fisher, Dan McGinnis. Fl! ...inn PAT LANPHEAR The following is a glimpse into the life of a lournal reporter. Time: One hour before the deadline. Cast: One typical reporter Whom we shall cal! "Scoop" H Scene: "Scoop" is in a serious bit of trouble. His feet keep sliding off the desk every time he goes to sleep. My, my, what to do. Curtain. "Well, 'spose l oughta' get that story writdit's almost press time. Ho-hum. lust must get it First Row: N. Echelbaraer B Holden G McNutt M H MR. IOHN S. BOWERS ARLENE PAYNE done. Bzzzzzf' Approximately fifty-five minutes elapse. "Help, help!" Oh, I must have been dreamin'. I thought somebody was going to scalp me because my story wasn't in. Help! Help! Gee Whiz-I ain't dreamin'!" But, seriously, the paper this year hit a new high. With a completely new set-up and under new leadership, the paper Went over with a bang. There was only one complaint and that was that there Weren't half enough issues to satisfy the eager public. g , . , . , . artsel, I. Houser, M. Hartsel, O. Willoby, A. Prentice, H. Warner. Second Row: E. Hampshire, D. Hunbert, D. Humbert, D. Scott, I. Moots, I. Huth, A. Lambright, D. Minard, I. Needles. Third Row: A. Milburn, F. Hanley, M. Baxter, H. Wolfarth, I. Basehore, N, Hatfield, B. Moody. IOURNAL SALESMEN 83 First Row: B. Kurtz, A. Scheidhauer, R. Schwab, C. Hammer, N. Echelbarger, I. Davis, N, Hattield, E. Perkins, I. Perkins, D. Fast, I. l..eCornte, G. Peyton, H. Roby. Second Row: B. Sheets, D. Horner, B. Gregg, G. Stearns, B. Baxter, B. Morrison, W. Snavely, C. Pickett, C. Ford, S. Aurand, T. Smith, I. Mansfield, M. Munn. Third Row: G. Twells, G. Stoutter, D, Greenwood, B. Miller, R. Sherman, I. Gangway, D. McGinnis, A. Dolch, I. Switzer, G. Soloman, F. Hanley, H. Myers, H. Yenser. Fourth Row: B. Quaintance, C. Wonders, B. Resternyer, G. Walker, I. Peck, C. Lentz, T. Houser, M. Baxter, G. Fisher, A. Shift, M. Bennett, B. Wagner, H. Struble, D. Danner. H I - ADVISOR. Mn. ALBERT snzxnnss "Look at the sissy with the big bow tie on!" "Sissy, nothin'! That's a Hi-Y Neophytef' Time passes. "Ooh, look at that man!" "Thats the same Neo- phyte, but he is now ct full-fledged member of Hi-Y." The 'club must really have something, for when a Iunior or Senior fellow wants to have lots of fun and, at the same time develop a better character, he thinks first of joining Hi-Y. OFFICERS I First Row: Nate Hatfield, Ed Perkins. ,N Second Row: Iay Davis, Iack Peck. 84 First Row: I. Needles, P. Lanphear, M. Carter, A. Burkart, M. Hartsel, I. Houser, M. Hartsel, M. Groman, D. Lind, O1 Willoby, M. Knepper, I. O'Brien, R. Talmadge, A. Lambright, D. Minard, B. Marxen, I. Hevener, E. Painter, M. Hill, N. Echelbarger, B. Moody, H, Warner, A. Prentice. ADVISOR, MISS ISABELLE HUNT Hartsel. Willoby. Groman. First Row: Mary Hartsel, Iohanne Houser, Marge Second Row: Alice Burkart, Dorothy Lind, Olive 'I'hird Row: Ianet O'Brien, Marilyn Knepper, Mildred Second Row: I. Scott, A. Milburn, E. Hampshire, C. Hayes, D. Humbert, D. Humbert, P. Chilcote, D. Deiter, I. Huth, G. McNutt, B. Holden, I. Moots, M. Mansfield, I. Harding, M. Baker, D, Scott, D. Berlinghoif, D. Baker, I.,Hogan, L. Molter, H. Van Tassel, L. Brickles. Third Row: E. Munger, S. Smothers, A. Pasqualetti, B. Fruth, I. Copsey, F. Thomas, L. Boucher, B. McCurdy, M. Peters, E. Statler, P. Barley, A. Clark, B. Stovall, B. Tarver, C. Tate, B. Rhude, I. Sheftel, E. Manecke, R. Fox, G. Morgan, V. Brubaker. Fourth Row: V. Pritchard, N. McKay, V. Elsea, P. Brink, B. Leedy, P. Dye, R. Balsat, P. Vogel, D. Baker, B. Fry, T. Fuller, I. Schuman, I. Brandeberry, I. Preis, M. Heinze, I. Mumma, H. Hutchinson, I. O'Brien, V. Lewis, I. Dicken, B. Bishop. Filth Row: M. Dible, I. Groves, M. Herrig, F. Mansfield, M. Morehart, D. Moots, H. Balsat, M, Trausch, L. Keeton, P. Shirk, H. Balsat, A. Statler, I. Waltermire, A. Dipplehofier, I. Huffman, P. Gary, I. Shurnaker, V. Maurer, W. Henderson, B. Iones, B. Flechtner, E. Lind, M. Willoby. Sixth Row: L. Iohnson, W. Tate, D. Hutchins, B. Opperrnan D. Dull, T. Pickett, P. Harper, B. Snirk, L. Feindel, L. Bennett, I. Brickles, W. Creeps, D. Kopf, P. Post, H. Franks, I. Lane, K. Medley, I. Sprout, I. Houser, E. Fruth, B. Niday. 1 G. R. Overheard in a conversation: "Say, Ioe, what is the G. B. Club?" "Oh, I guess you might call it a te- male Hi-Y group." Well, now, l wouldn't say that. Its purpose is to "Face lite squarely: to tind and give the best." The girls did much to brighten the World about them. The old saying "A Woman's Work is never done" applies to. all members of G. B. "Ready for service: ever dependable" -this is a part of the code Girl Reserves live by. Q ' L as NATIONAL H0 OR This year, as in the past, the Ida L. McDermott Chapter of the National Honor Society has carried out its duties. The continuation of the High School history and of the Society's records are two of the services the Society performs. Because of the paper shortage, the members didn't make a handbook this year: but, just to have something to do, they hunted up the addresses of all former mem- bers now in service and sent letters to them. MISS VIRGINIA CRAWFORD INDUCTED FEBRUARY. 1944 Sitting: Betty Marxen, lanet O'Brien, Iune Brandeberry, Ann Prentice, Helen Warner, Mary Louise Heinze, Barbara Fruth, Helen Hutchinson. Standing: lack Peck, Bob Rest- meyer, Alice Burkart, Marge I-laltsel, lack Perkins, Mary Hart- sel, Pat Lanphear, Arlene Payne, Clarence Pickett, Gene Newell. Sitting: Ed Perkins, Mar- garet Carter, Tom Houser, Iohanne Houser, Ieanette Hevener. Standing: Howard Roby. 86 Sitting: Mark Munn, Ruth Fox, Don Danner, Ann Prentice, Dorothy Scott, Eleanor Painter, Barbara Fruth, Clara Alexander, Iohanne Houser, Alice Burkart, Barbara Iones, Norma lane McKay. . Standing: Ianet Preis, Donna Baker, Helen Hutchinson, Allegra Pasqualetti, Margaret Carter, Ioan Mumma, Mary Lou Heinze, Ann Clark, Iewel Copsey, Ianet O'Brien. CRIVE Scriveners CScribblers to the students in general? is supposed to be the creative literary club of the high school. Every Thursday noon they meet for lunch in the cafeteria and then retire to Miss Bourquin's room for discussion of their work. This is the point at which things come to a stand-still. Miss Bourquin becomes eloquent over the tailings of the members and claims she would sell the "kit and kaboodle" tor two cents. When asked for comments on the club, she produced the following: "Come write! Come Write!" the sponsor cries: "Bring wordage when we meet!" "No write! No write!" each one replies, "We scribble not -We EAT!" ER Oh, yes! One curious tact about the club is that it isn't a club at all-it's a "dictatorship" There are no officers at all, only Miss Bourquin, the advisor. Seriously though, the Scriveners have pro- duced sorne fine work this year. Many poems have been printed in the lournal, and the crowning achievement of all was the Poem by Barbara Fruth entitled "Thanksgiving Chant'f which Won first prize in the Campfire Girls National Poetry contest. Miss Bourquin, to spur members on to glory, stated that they could write a poem every week ii they tried. Since she was the most consistent writer, let's give three cheers tor the best Scrivener of all! t Knepper, I. Hauser, D. Fast, H. Yenser. Second Row: T. Gray, K. Wetherill, M. Baxter, I. Switzer, H. Hutchinson, A, Pasqualetti, I. Preis B. Fruth, V. Brubaker, G. Morgan, A. Clark. Third How: R. Lenhart, I. Waltermire, N. McKay, B. Iones, H. Balsat, E. Pruth, P. Gary, P. Harper B. Shirk, H. Balsat, R. Balsat. 0micmn Lambda ADVISOR, MRS. MALINDA GAGE ADVISOR. MISS HELEN CRAFTS Lambda Sigma First Row: Ieanette Hevener, Pat Lanphear, Ioanne Needles, Georgia McNutt, Ann Prentice, Helen Warner, Mary lane Hill, Iune Harding, Elaine Stalter. Second Row: Ianet O'Brien, Ioan Sprout, Audrey Statler, Marilyn Herriq, lean Groves, Arlene Payne, Donna Baker, Doris Berlinqhoff, Clara Mae Hayes, Claire Alexander, La Donna Molter, Betty Meng. First Row: D. McGinnis, B. Quaintance, D. Danner, H. Roby, M. Heinze, M. Carter, A. Burkart, M, First Row: I. Shuman, E. Heckathorn, E. DeWeese. D. lmber, A. Lambright, P. Sendeback, N. Nis- wander, V. Byrd, M. Pastorious, H. Franks, F. Mansiield, F. Thornas, V. Allison. Second Row: M. Tarris, M. Morehart, D. Moots, R. Kimble, M. King, L. Henline, C. Tate, l. Niswander, M. Williams, M. Huiford, O, Willoby, M. Peters, B. Walter. 'I'hird Row: G. Hiserrnan, I. McDonel, V. Elsea, M. Tidd, A. Hottenstein, B. Henry, D. Hartley, P. Brink, G. Freet, T. Pickett, R. Roesch, A. Smith, C. Slater. Home Economic Club ADVISORS, MISS HELEN MET'I'LER MRS. ETHEI. RITCHEY ADVISOR. MISS MARIETTA KERSHNER Girls' Athletic Association First Row: W. Creps, B. Stovall, R. Burkhart, C. Bulkowski, L. Brickles, D. Zeller, M. Baker, D. Scott, B. Marxen, I. Sheffel, B. Rhude, D. Dull. V Second Row: L. Sherick, I. Page, B. McCurdy, W. Henderson, P. Benson, B. Brant, F. Ernerine, H. Brombley, G. Hisemian, I. McDonel, D. Imber, F. Mullholand, A. Shuman, l. Smith. Third Row: T. Fuller, V. Byrd, M. Pastorius, E. Painter, B. Menq, A. Payne, C. I-lickerson, R. Keeton, B. Yoder, I. Briclcles, P. Shirk, L. Keeton. l First Row: Mel Bennett, Ed Perkins, Ianet O'Brien, Helen Warner, Iohanne Hauser, Pat Barley, Iack Perkins, Bob Restemeyer. Second Row: Bill Duffy, Tom Gray, Kenny Miller, Tom Stevenson, LeRoy Valenti, Dick Holden, Iohn Bowman, Don Might. Third Row: Byron Niswander, Charles Switzer, Bill Basinger, Margaret Reber, Donna Sprow, Don Brickles, Iunior Helms, Paul Heckathorn, Howard Deiter. Magazine Campaign Student Manager: Margaret Carter. Assistant Managers: Iohanne Houser, Mary Louise Heinze. indent Council First Row: A. Harrold, A. Baker, B. Iones, A. Dippelhoter,.I. Sprout, B. Niday, I. Cummings, I. Hanover, B. Morrison, P. Lanphear, M. Groman, B. Mottram, R. Good, B. Dray, R. Worcester, I. Williams, G. Brugqemann, A. Reinhard. - Second Row: I. Bormuth, C. Iackson, P. LaFountaine, I. Lindenman, I Iordan, l. Brown, M. Heinze, R. Lewis, B. Fruth, D. Watkins, C. Koester B. Stevens, M. Howell, N. Carter, M. France, I. Steinhurst, L. Boucher. 'l'hird Row: A. Henniq, B. Basehore, I. Anderson, D. Imber, H. Brombley I. McDonel, B. McCurdy, P. Benson, C. Hayes, D. Harsh, B. Myers, B Burch. Fourth Row: B. Kroetz, R. Lewis, H. Horn, C. Lane, H. Saxton, S. Bates D. Hillier, M. Iones, B. Zeigler, L. Fraver, I. Marietta, N. Rowe, P Nusser, I. Cook. Fifth Row: I. Hicks, B. Niswander, B. Basinqer, I. Tillapauqh, H, Deiter R. Seckinger, W. Swinehart, B. Roose, M. Keete, M. Reber, R. Heed, F Thomas, E. Heckathorn. ADVISOR. MR. WILLIAM HAWK I 1 ccounting tail Sitting: Mary Hartsel, Pat Lanphear, Marge Hartsel. Standing: Harold France. Library Staff First Row: Pat Lalfountain, Helen Bromley, Jeanette I-levener, Miss Step, lane Marietta. Second Row: Ruby Kimble, Dean Dillery, Roger Marietta, Iariice Anderson, Alice Hottenstein, Iohanne Hauser, Margaret Carter, lean Smith, Garland Rader. Absent from Picture: Ruth Burkhart, Pauline Chilcote. Cateteria tatt Left to right: Mrs. March, Mrs. ' ' B ' kles, Charles, Don Might, Leta ric Dwight Tyson, Ruby Talmadge, Ph llis Benson, Kenny Reinhard, Y Lawrence Iones, Bob Restemeyer, ' R Val- Gladys Heiserman, Le oy enti, Al Reinhard, Ruth Balsat. 92 First Row: Norma Echelbarqer, Olive Willoby, Arlene Payne, Betty Seco Shum Bouc Menq, Audrey Lambriqht. nd Row: Betty Plotter, Ioan an, Betty McCurdy, Louise her, Mary Lou Myers, Bea- trice Leedy. tudent Nurses Wim ' it Charles Wyans, Gerald Davis, Fred Hanley, rold Struble. Needles, l-la Wayne Myers I im LM , wav VL?-t Traffic Patrol Projection taff Row- Mr. Van Sant, Dick ghes Eugene m Third Row Roby, Gordon Stouffer, E lim Bentz, Myron Hall, Mike Cla First . Iarrard, Gene Hu , Fisher, lack Cummings, Ii Hanover. Second Row: Roberi Gregg, Bob Peyton. : lay Davis, Howard dPerkins, rk DRAMATIC All chool Pla, pl'-"" "But Mama, he said-but, Mama, he said-" He probably said that the all school play, "Seventeen," was the best production ot its kind in many years. With Bob Foltz in the title role growing gray with adolescent Worries, Marilyn Knepper getting big ears from listening' to- other people's conversationsg Ioh- anne Hauser and Rudy Cole as bewildered parents, Ruth Fox as the baby-talking bellep Dick Fast as the Step-in-tetchit maintenance man, Margaret Carter as the Wall-flowery and, the rest of the cast all adding their bit, the play Was highly successful. Much of the credit goes to Mrs. Gage, Fostoria High dramatic coach. This was her tirst production in that capacity and much to our satisfaction it Will certainly not be the last. 94 Sittinq: Mel Baxter, Ruth Fox, lay Davis, Pat Harper, Iohanne Hauser, Dan Mc- Ginnis, Marilyn Knepper, lack Switzer. Standing: Margaret Carter, Dick Fast, George Peyton, Dick Iarrard, Helen Hutch- inson, Barbara Fruth. Absent from picture: Bob Foltz, Bob Feisel, Rudy Cole. MRS. MALINDA GAGE "Papa Is All"-all What, we don't know Cyou can come to your own conclusionsl. However, the play was exceptionally well given by the Seniors as their class play. While mama and pape argue about the upbringing of their children, the daughter is hopeless- ly in love with a young surveyor and the son is busily thinking up new ways of improving the farm: all of which is much to the disgust of father. At the climax, papa draws his gun-but Why tell you- you all saw it for yourself! Citizens of Fostoria were inclined to move in with people in Podunk after they witnessed the frightening Ir. Class play "The Ghost Train." lt was really hair-raising! The police department was kept very busy, for every time a train whistle blew, people called on them for protection. In fact it was some months later that citizens dis- covered that the Ghost Train had been re-routed and no longer would pass through Fostoria. A big star was planted on the door of each of the players' dress- ing rooms and the honors were shared by all-on stage and behind. Siftinq: Margaret Carter Ioh Standing: Gem P , anne Houser, Mm-Hyn Knep er Qe eyton, Tom Houser. P enior Class Pla Junior Class Pla Dick Fast, Mark Munn, Howar yer , , Yenser, Bob Quaintance, Allegra Pasqualetti, Helen Hutchinson, lanet Preis, Barbara Fruth. DIRECTOR DHN S. BOWERS 95 One Act Plays A SENIORS Y FIRST PLACE - - George Peyton, lohanne Houser, Tom Hauser, Jay Davis. . SOPHOMORES Firsi Row: Dick Iarrard, Dea Io Hutchins. ' Second Row: Alberta Dipplehofer, Barbara lones, Richard Lenhart. -rmwwmms IUNIORS Sitting: Alva Dolch. Slcrnding: lack Switzer, Gene 'Fisher, Dan McGinnis, Howard Myers, Bob Quainlance, Bob Foltz, Gerald Davis. FRESHMAN Mrs. Davis, Anna Housley, Gayle Bruke, Roger Cole, lim Hanover. 3 za if 23,3 im W Q W N325 Q 4, ADVISOR. MRS. MALINDA GAGE First Row: M. Shultz, A. Fouls, I. Mutchler, I. Mosier, H. Souder, I. Williams, I. Hanover, G. Brugge- mann, F. Gary, D. Kisabeth. Second Row: R. Magly, S. Ullery, I. Lapidos, A. Kopf, M, Feisel, D. Hollenbaugh, I. Bormuth, R. Cole, B. Cookie, B. Roesch, I. Sharp. Third Row: I. Needles, L. McCullough, K. Kirkendall, C. Peggs, K. Walsh, B, Hessey, G. Burke, R. Reed, P. Sherick, L. Brooks. Fourth Row: E. Sheridan, B. Harler, E. Prichard, E. Patterson, M. Farrel, M. Brant, P. Yeager, Junior G. R. Fre hmen Player First Row: Mrs. Davis, M. France, N. Carter, N. Rowe, I. Mansfield, M. Deckard, P. Gillett, D. Buckingham, M. Reber, H. Baxter, I. Pierce. Second Row: W. C. Spangler, D. l-lillier, S. Bates, S. Porter, G. Willoby, R. Segner, B. McDonald, B. Bullock, B. Rinehard, B. Schultz, L. Rader, E. Lincleman. Third Row: I. Harler, I. Groves, H. Haase, V. Iohnson, I. Hill, I. Farthing, M. Ricksecker, G. Keefe, P. Breidigan, A. Manecke, H. Buckingham, M. Cook. Fourth Row: E. McRoberts, B. Patterson, M. Atwood, I. Styles, L. Deeds, I, Smith, N. Lee, A. Hennig, B. Basehore, N. Sowry, P. Statler. ADVISOR, MRS. MILDRED DAVIS 98 l ADVISOR, MISS WHITEMAN Drama Club First Row: B. Cousins, S. Clemons, P. Carson, l. Tannyhill, M. Blake, P. Alley, l. Peters, M. Post. Second Row: R. Yates, P. Blackford, L, May, M. Harper, V. Richards, I. Marietta, M. Iones, L. Bauer, M. Walsh, B. Barton, B. Barth. Junior Hi-Y First Row: I-I. Deiter, I. Keckler, B. Stein, C. Switzer, I. Lambright, N. Deiter, S. I-Iayiield, G, Duntee, L. Morel, D. Showalter, Mr. Van Sant. Second Row: R. Kroetz, G. Shiflet, l. Shank, l. Emerson, L. Haver, D. Briclcles, B. Mclntyre, G. Sherill, B. Myers, B. Lewis. Third Row: D. Foltz, C. Gaertner, B. Gillette, G. Sheridan, B. Madden, B. Durifee, l. Harden, B. Hogan, B. Gillespie, D. lacoby, A. Marker. ADVISOR. MR. VAN SANT 99 First Row: G. Allison, B. Cooper, F. McCullough, P. Soals B. Etzinger, I. Newhouse, S. Snyder, B. Waltelt, I. Steinhurst M. Martin, P. La Pountaine, C. Iackson, V. Groves. Second Row: E. Yates, B. Zeigler, M. Head, R. Guthrie, F. McEntire, W. De Weese, G, Turner, I. Huth, V. Parsell, C Barnes, M. Mompher, W. Bovie, P. Nusser, G. Iockson. Third Row: D, Nusser, M. English, V. Williamson, M. Rein' hard, L. Grooms, I. Carson, D. Earlie, I. Purdy, P. Valenti, A. Haynes, B. Ortega, G. Smith, M. Stainbrook, I. Ramsey. ' pla e Cl b Fourth Row: M. Walters, L. Hastofle, D. Niswander, E. Harris l. Soals, A. Mathias, D. Sprow, I. Brown, B. Osterholt, C Earl, D. Davis, V. Thompson, N. Borner, L. Zeigler, E, Rasp Fifth Row: V. Wright, P. Travis, B. Mclfntire, B. Scott, S Crasley, G. Emahiser, B. Smith, G. Walfelt, D. Bromhley L. Iohnson, L. Franklin, H. Myers, W. Tate. Sixth Row: S. Tillapaugh, M. Xftfarner, I. Iordan, E. Yates, M. Niswender, V. Baker, V. Lowery, V. Stowes, D. Iohnson, M. Milligan, B. Haynes, L. Iay. First Row: D. Munger, G. Claypool, N. Harris, H, Walker, B. Henry, F. Iordan, B. Mottram, D. Buch- holtz, B. Forester, D. Hazeltine, D. Pittro. Second Row: R. Moon, A. Rasey, B. Stuckey, A. Smith, B. Eckard, E. Bronson, A. Woodmaney, I. Coburn, B. Keiter, T. Miller. Third Row: B. Gonyer, I. Pennell, I. Myers, C. Brant, B, Harding, W. Kingery, B. Brown, C. Rahrig, C. Emmons, Mr. Siekeres, ADVISOR, MISS KERSHNER ADVISOR. MR. SIEKERES 100 ADVISOR. MR. BENDER First Row: E. Daugherty, C, Mosier, C. Zuern, D. Iones, E. DeWalt, R. Law, E. Young, G. Nusser, D. Ostrosky, W. McClellan, D. Lewis, H. Horn, D. Crow, B. Meng, B. Basinger, R. Angles. Second Row: I. Torres, B. Barchus, H. Fuller, B. Lowmaster B. Below, D. Might, B. Marks, C. Rinehard, G. Terry, C Helms, M. Gray, F. Allison, I. Iohnson, C. Manecke, H. Buckingham. Third Row: G. Durst, M. McGee, C. Buchholtz, R, Musser B. Compton, N. Might, S. Roberts, S. Knepper, I. Lambright I. Cotter, I. Feisel, R. Babb, R. Lee, D. DeVore, B. Alley R. Lewis. Fourth Row: D. Hutchins, I. Ward, I. Alexander, E. Keckler, 1 1 I 1 B. Mulholand, K. Cousin, B. Boyd, F. King, K. Kaylor, B. Harless, P. Weaks, D. True, B. Minard, P. Heckathorn, I. Tillapaugh. Fifth Row: H. Saxton, I. Bateson, D. Bomer, G, Lane, B. Niswander, I. Hicks, B. Duffy, D. Banks, A. Blake, I. Purdy, B, Walters, N. Vitt, I. Rinehard, R. Zuem, R. Hummel, I. Stems. Sixth Row: B. Iohnson, L. Lyburtus, C. Lyburtus, P. Evers, B. Iohnson, C. Iackson, R. Gillum, D. Peters, D. Reynolds, G. Beeson, D. Holden, Mr. Bender. Seventh Row: A, Kimble, I. Peyton, I. Bowman, H. Horner, S. Hill, D. Vogel, L. Pohlman, C. Emahiser, A. Molter, D Mompher, B. Stevenson, D. Blosser, A. Sheridan, I. Zeigler P. Preble. Boys' Sport F First How: G. Goodale, E. Moftit, E. Stoddard, M, Fletchner, G. McCubbin, V. Boucher, R. Henline, E. Fox, M. Gibat, I Pierce, D. Mall. Second Row: I. Shumalcer, I. DaughertYf I. Engle, I. Harter, B. Singleton, B. Hunker, A. Manecke, D. Koons, I. Pierce, F, Emerine, Mr. Caldwell. Third Row: R. Pratt, D. Might, R. Hyte, R. Marietta, W. Con- ley, D. Burgbacher, W. Snavely, M. Herbert, M. Keefe, L. Leedy, R. Hower. Outdoor Club ADVISOR. MR. CALDWELL IO! ADVISCR. MISS SNYDER First Row: I. England, G. House, I. Iordan, P. Workman, M. Lentz, I. Payne, A. Harrold, A. Baker, Miss Snyder. Second Row: P. Lunsford, E. Moore, D. Cole, M. Buckingham, L. Fraver, M. Snyder, W. Sowers, S. Saddoris, E. Watts, N. Berlinqhoff. Third Row: M. Burkhart, D. Harsh, B. Myers, H. Smith, M. Ressler, B. Purdy, C. Stumpp, N. Lambriqht, B. Lorah. Fourth Row: A. Rose, R. Baker, I. Cook, R. Deuble, M. Davis, M. Boy, M. Howell, A. Lockhart, G. Aurcrnd. Red Cross Club Junior Home Ee. Club First Row: M. Schmidt, I. Snyder, L. Miller, I. Rothenbuhler, B. Stainbrook, L. Schultz, I. Shultz Second Row: B. Rose, I. Woodland, M. Groves, F. Dudley, Miss Mettler. Third Row: R. Banks, I. Bennett, R. Loach, I. Smith. ADVISOR, MISS METTLER l02 t 7.7 1 l l ADVISOR. MISS GOBLE First Row: R. Seckinqer, E. Benninqhoff, D. Graves, L. Hurtt, I. Shatzer, D. Payne Second Row: Miss Goble, I. Snyder, H. lbarra, I. Slosser, L. Jones. Third Row: B. Morgan, I. Brant, E..Thrailkill, K. Matz. cience Club rt Club First Row: I. Slrornan, G. Hanley, I. Mohn, A. Rineharcl, G. Vogel, R. Hanley, F. Rayrnont, H. Wyatl. Secofnd Row: Mrs. Caldwell, I. Wyans, H. Brunson, C. Ioseph, E. Cramer, V. Moon, E. Mybis, R. Keckler, R. Waltermyer. Third Row: M. Hunt, B. Clark, G, Mall, B. Graves, Fl. Young. ADVISOR, MRS. CALDWELL IOS Salesmanship Classes The salesrnanship class, con- sisting of fifteen seniors Cthere were more, but they had sorne casualtiesl set out to rnake super-salesmen of themselves- with a little help from Mr. Pow- ers, of course. They dabble in advertising, selling, and display work. The main thing is that they get out of school at three o'clock every afternoon to go to work. CThat, no doubt, is Why they joined the class.l Seriously, though, they have gone a long way toward relieving the short- age of clerks in the stores. W QE? . - , nv , 54 v, wffaasmes 10949 999 ,44ddvp,,b 0' OWOOQQOQ, 9+ 'Sig' ' 'f ' 54: 4pdqaxQ5 O, 60840 ,,, OOO : 0, 'S v lP5PK,, f "sms ,xtktttzgg Nviddp dy, fggfp 1 wx 3' OOCO 1 ug lfggavii, WP , llll ' 1 ' 5. Lx Y l f 'Wm 'nagpca ' N X fa, s ,vp ki Q rv , on I ? gt ,yank v X Ov 4 Ur' gas ' Q 3 ' f KU 1: .ah ' 'll " xx : I I ' 3 5, , ' f x 1 53 gb' ity K Wa if ' G -i ,151 A x x ,Q 'E bags . M0 -. '-,AAS ! . 1 L ---. i 'J ,gp Q -M .ed - 5- RE A ND A T O as o Koss sta, O1 5 ,' Q I 05 CALENDAR Sept. 7-School opened-need we say more? Sept. 10-Class elections--the majority won: Sept. 17-St. Wendelin game-the usual result. Sept. 24-Our tirst out oi town game made "Lima Southians" wish they lived in Fostoria. Oct, l-They picked on St. Ioe this week. Oct. 4-G. B. recognition service, but you couldn't recognize anyone by candle- light. Oct. 8-Boss came here to TRY to uphold Fremont's honor on the gridiron. Oct. 15-Did Tittin love us that night?- trankly no. Super-salesmen were tired with ambition at magazine campaign assembly. Oct. 20-The year's tirst mass murder- grade cards. Oct. 22-First journal came out-make way tor the gossip column! Five down and three to go-we beat De- fiance tonight. Oct. 26-Night school-proud parents heard beaming children reciteC?D Oct. 29-Northwest Teachers' Conference -we were so unhappy-no school. Nov. 5-Tonight we beat B. G.-gets mo- notonous, doesn't it? Nov. 6-District G. R. Hen Party here. Nov. 7-Choir broadcast-who in the 'M invented radio. Nov. l2-And Findlay allowed us to re- main undeteated-white of them! Nov. 19-Booth Tarkington never thought f'Seventeen" would come to this: all- school play. Nov. 24-Thanksgiving Assembly - good opportunity to sleep. Senior Dance-a lovely time was had by all twho wentl. Nov. 25, 26-Thanksgiving vacation-tur- keys were hard to get, but there were plenty oi chickens. N ov. 29 - Psychological tests - my king- dom for a dictionary. Dec. l-The rest were killed off-grade cards. Dec. 2-Football Banquet-To the victor belongs the spoils. Dec. 3-Beat Lima Central and got oft "on the ibasketlballf' Dec. 10 - Can you imagine it? - Galion beat us. Dec. 17--Beat B. G.--we were at the head ot the Buckeye League-for a night. Dec. l9-Orchestra concert and cantata- musicf?l filled the air. Dec. 22-Christmas present tor the basket- ball team-we beat Willard. Dec. 23 -- Christmas assembly - see Dec. 19. Dec. 24-Ian. 3-Christmas vacation--edi- tor's thoughts not printable. Ian. 7-How could Boss do this to us on our own home court? lan. 10-14-Exams-We could say plenty, but Won't. Ian. ll-li you really Want to know, We had a basketball game at Findlay. Ian. 14-We beat St. Ioe here-in case of doubt, We add that the referees Were approved. I an. 18 - St. Wendelin game - another good set of referees. Ian. 19--Grade cards-We Were ghosts of our former selves. lan. 21-Tiffin Columbian game-impru- dent Fostoria bettors came out broke. Ia1k28 - Fremont game -- We lost, didn't We. Feb. 4-Findlay had a reason to pack our gym. Feb. 6-Band Concert-DoWn's last stand. Feb. ll-We beat B. G. so that they could keep their standing-last place. Feb, 15-Tonight we became the ClTY'S basketball champs. Feb. l8HOperetta--and so We rang "The Belle of Barcelona"-bong! Feb. 21-Music Booster Dance-free dance, big crowd. Feb. 22-No school, and the Upper San- dusky basketball game-the day had its good points and its bad. Feb. 25-National Honor assembly-inter esting to see who dressed up. March l-We decided not to be the dark horse in the basketball tournament. 'liwllarch 3 - Annual Assembly - but We're not in the position to criticize it. March lU-One Act Play Contest-seniors versus sophomores. March ll-Senior Scholarship tests-We knew We should have studied when We were Freshmen - Sophomores, Iuniors, and Seniors. March l7-G. B. Iig-Sophomores, Where do you get those dates? 'March 2l-Basketball Banquet-were the non-lettermen surprised! 'March 20 - Last annual deadline - see page l3U-we still had hair! March 24-Iunior Class Play-"The Ghost Train" speeded into Fostoria High. April 6, 7, lU-Spring Vacation-Halleluja. April 14-Hi-Y Sweetheart-"And every lover must meet his fate." April 28-Scholarship Tests-Scholars? May A12-"Papa is All"-what happened to the Seniors? May 19-Senior Assembly-who threw that tear gas bomb? Annual comes out-real example of poor Wit. May 21 - Baccalaureate - Seniors com- pelled to attend. May 24-lunior-Senior Prom-darn incon- siderate oi the Iunior not to let the annual staff in on the plans. May 25 - Commencement- We now be- long to the alumni. Ghz Ahlvnius Glu Tile Dependable StO1'e Fostoria Ice and Coal C0 Ice Refrigerator and Stokol Coal Stokers "Where Fostoria Buys its Coal" 410 E. North Street Phone 3686 10 Compliments of THE COMMERCIAL BANK AND SAVINGS COMPANY Member Federal Reserve Deposit Insurance Corporation BUY WAR BONDS! lr . 1 l Did the balls go through? Wouldn't you like to know! C. J. STAH L WAYNE, OHIO Distributor of TEXACO GASOLINE - OILS - GREASES A Wayne Fostoria Bowling Green Rudolph Electric Au to-Lite C0 USE AUTO-LITE SPARK PLUGS cmd AUTO HEATERS MADE IN FOSTORIA Compliments of THE FRANK KELLY EXPLOSIVE CO. MOSE LAMFROM CLOTHING COMPANY HDRESS BETTER AND YOUTLL FEEL BETTER" J. B. BASEHORE 8: CO. COAL AND BUILDERS' SUPPLIES ChifNQme1 Paints "OP" Automatic Coal Burners Phone 667 2 Billiards Candy Tobacco FRED'S RECREATION Barber Shop Phone 2143 Compliments of DR. I. L. MURPHY THE NIC-NAC Conqratulates and Wish You Success, Class of 1944 Fountain Service and Light Luncheons 320-322 N. Main Dial 916 Paints-Wallpaper-Window Shades-Glass-Picture Framing PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CU. 119 N. Main Street-Phone 3405 SERVICE LAUNDRY ' TELEPHONE zssz Compliments of DR. L. GERLINGER PHONE 777 2l8'92'2 SO. MAIN ST oeuvsny NYE'S III-WVAY NIKT. Home of Better Foods For Less North County Line at City Limits jluz, QJLQML cSlw,tL HAYS HOTEL BUILDING "Ladies Dresses for AH Occosiorlsu Compliments of NATIONAL CARBON CO.. INC. L E E B. L U C K E Y Insurance - Tax - Notary - Bonds Phone 547 Main and Center Fostoria, Ohio Conqratulations to the Class of 1944 WHITNEY'S DRUG STORE "Reliable prescriptions by prescription druqgistu THE CHARM SHOP Cforrnerly Walters Beauty Shopl 118 East Tiffin Luella Bender Dietsch Phone 501 PAYNE BROTHERS FLORISTS We Telegraph Flowers South Union Street PhOr1e 4324 ORWIG'S UNION DRUG STORE "THE REXALL s'ronr:" Compliments of THE CITY LOAN AND GUARANTY CO. To prove that someone works at Fostoria High . . . KLEINHEN AND SON "Recd Service in Real Estate" 2356 - phones - 3163 Serving With Youth 1844 Y. M. C. A. 1944 Throughout The World Compliments of THE FCSTORIA MACHINE AND TOOL COMPANY I. H. I O N E S A N D S O N GENERAL' CCNTRACTORS I. P. Iones COAL l-I. A. Mumma Builders' Supplies Cement Blocks Ready Mixed Concrete Barrett Roofing Truscon Products Winkler Stoker The Commercial Press PRINTING: OFFICE SUPPLIES 123 East Tiffin Street Phone 4234 new ezazw, sm FOSTORlA'S FINEST MEN'S STORE 201 S. MAIN ST FOSTORIA. OHIO LOWERY 8: CHAPMAN Fostorids Leading Jewelers Credit at Cash Prices 103 South Main Compliments of BERSTED MFG. COMPANY Compliments of 02151, 7 ROSE'S BARBER SHOP New Location 109 W. North St. Your Patronaqe Will be Appreciated Smile purtyl We don't all dress tluat Way at F. H. S. ART and YARN SHOP - Yarns and Stamped Goods Emerine Bldg. Mrs. Chas. Griffin X YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR NATIONALLY ADVERTISED WATCHES STEVENS The Diamond Store of Fostoria Qs.. ELECTRIC STORE Compliments of Pmhhuz. Billzkuwl Pafzlm, 204 South Main Iohn F. Williams Earl F. Williams HUVT SEED COMPHHV PURE FIELD SEEDS, wooL, ETC. Office and Warehouse 147-149 West North Street FOSTORIA. OHIO Compliments of DR. G. H. BRUGGEMANN HARULD EMERSUN GARAGE 509 College Avenue Phone 2261 FOSTORIA. OHIO CORL'S Fountain Service and Light Lunches 9 SENECA LUIVIBER and IVIILLWUHK EU. AMERICAN RAILWAY SIGNAL co. MORRIS STORES 5c to S1.00 The annual heads at Work! THE TOWN HOUSE GOOD FOOD BERT'S RESTRURHIIT Special Plate Lunches, Sandwiches for Students and Teachers OPEN DAY AND NIGHT The Best in Food Try Our Sunday Dinner MANN F UNEBAL ll0NlE 217 West Center Street FOSTORIA, OHIO Hard at work, Burky? Compliments of THE FOSTORIA LUMBER 81 SUPPLY CO. DEALERS IN LUMBER AND MILLWORK BUILDERS' HARDWARE, PAINTS 240 W. North street Phone 727 Compliments of HARROLD'S FUNERAL HOME Phone 553 HOMERICK STUDIO PHOTO FINISHING PORTRAITS 107 Perry Street Phone 565 ERMA'S BEAUTY SHOP Our Congratulations to C1ass of 1944 LLUYD BRUTHERS INSURANCE SERVICE 104-105 First National Bank Bldg. POSTORIA Phone 4242 OHIO THE STATE RESTAURANT 111 N. Main St. Phone 3065 CLIFF 6 WALT-Barbers 107 E. Center St. Our Aim, Your Satisfaction! Across the street Lrorn A. H. Yonker's Insurance A. H. YONKER INSURANCE AGENCY EXc1usive1y Insurance 108 E. Center Street Phone 2573 Across the street from Cliff G Walt 2 Compliments of LT. COL. W. 0. BULGEB POST 11121 VETERANS 0F F 0llEl GN Wi I IIS Fostoria, Ohio BOUH HIID GIFT SHOP Books, Gifts, and Greetings for All Occasions ZADA E. VAN HORN - MARGARET H. THOMAS Mr. Middleton and his headache S. S. KRESGE COMPANY EDWARDS' CLEANING SHOP "SERVICE WITH A SMILE" 111 Perry S11-eei Phone 2802 THE PREIS STORE SMART CLOTHES FOR THE MISS The Fostoria Monument Company Opposite Fountain Cemetery + + + Phone 3872 BUCKEYE AUTO PARTS Auto, Truck ci Tractor Ports 138 E. Tiffin St. Phone 2284 THE DTCKEN STUDTQ S5532 I2 For . ictory T119 131111111111 Wall Paper 81 Paint Co. 312 North Mdi.n C. M. PEGGS Dial 2703 REED INSURANCE AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE BOND SERVICE Phone Office 2251 113 West Center Street Fostoria, Ohio 561, 7 if DAIRY PRODUCTS LUNCHES 1 9 BILLS 1 l QUALITY AT LUW PRICE ' 2 GLEN SMITH GHEVRULET 00. Hower Bros.-Mgrs. 306 N. Main St. Ph. 4525, Fostoria, Ohio Try Our Blue Ribbon Service Our Congratulations to C1ass ot 1944 HOME PASTRY SHOPPE 207 N. Main Street DiCI1 3240 lJ.Cl'WUYTTS,bLlD. - NATUROPATH - lOl Perry St. Fostoria, Ohio The "Better Thom Ever" Hi-Y Neophites Rainy Week! EDISDH CUT RHTE DRUG LOWEST PRICES IN OHIO Complete Stock Excellent Service I2 THE EOSTORIA PRESSED STEEL CORP Manufacturers of Products for the War Effort "Balanced" Lighting Infrared Coolant Filter Equally as useful for the Post War Era All over the Nation is the wcrtchword of value. CLOTHING, SHOES AND DRY GOODS for all the family from baby to grandparents. I. C. PENNEY CO. INC. SEARS, RUEBUGK AND 00. Fostoria, Ohio Visit Our Catalog Order Desk 100,000 Items to Choose From , X X-4 Q? XT' VN X2 We are Proud of Our Modern. Progressive School System Congratulations, and Best Wishes to All of you 7 and Especially to the Senior Class of l943-44. Whenever and However We may be able to Serve You - lt Will be our Pleasure. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK We believe We too are an institution in Fostoria - 54 years of furnishing homes with good furniture and three graduates from F. l-l. S. with one more coming up -- definately place us as a part of the schools and all they stand for in our community. We ap- preciate your parents' patronage and when the time comes for you to need things for the home - We invite you to call upon us- C A B ll 9 S Good Furniture Since 1890 OHIO FFIRIIIERS' GRHIII 81 SUPPW I-l5S'll PATRONS American Leqion Auxiliary Flower and Gift Shop Iohn Bender R. C. Guernsey Ray Burson Hedges Cleaners Dr. A. O. Cole B. F. Kissell Dr. and Mrs. N. C. Hatfield New Ohio Hotel Dr. H. D. Hunter Carl Smith Dr. Buble Sorq Mattress Co. Dr. Seiple F., Waltermeyer Feasel's Market Weaks - The Historical Point of View ALWAYS' THE BEST B' ho ' CLEANING S B P S ' RUG, HAT PRESSING Q1 I1 I I FURNITURE DYEING QLIQL CLEANING CLEANING COMPANYJ llO-112 West North Street L. A. BISHOP, Proprietor Phone 2515 Compliments of the LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE IOHNNY 6 LEE'S CAFE One of the Good Places to Eat 440 So. Moin Street Phone 987 Compliments of THE FUSTURIH RUTHIW HUB Complete Line of Meds and Boys' CLOTHES AND FURNISHINGS ART CLOTHES SHOP 124 S. Main Strcct I S S I I1 G FURNITURE CDITIPFIFIH' " ,' ilonwLK " V' 105-107 S. MAIN Flowers For All Occasions I yamnhounz 4 Your Fostoria Newspaper Review-Times I. N. S. and U. P. Wire Service Home Town News of Home Folks B.P.0. ELKS Success to the Class of 1944 TIIE VAL-U DRESS Sll0P 121 S. Main Street BOB HOMER CHEVROLET CO. 306 N. Main St. Ph. 4525 Fostoria, Qhio Chevrolet Sales and Service -Congratulations to the Graduates of 1944 from The Business and Pruiessiunal Womens Club Fostoria, Ohio Compliments of EARL FAUST POS'l' N0. 73 ANIIEIIICAIV LEGIUN OLDEST LARGEST BEST P0ll'l'lll'5 CLEANERS, PRESSERS, DYERS HAT CLEANING M RUG CLEANING Phone 864 113 Perry St Compliments of BLOSE GULF SERVICE Batteries, Cm' Wash, Tire Repairs. Grease 6 Repairs Corner Union 6. Perry Streets Dial 969 Oil-5 Gold Cross KN Zabel Deliso Debs View ' Judy Lee Debs Oomphies Cobblers Hollywood Scooters For Smdrt Shoes That Fit Compliments ot l-liqh time ot the Hi-spot THE FINDLAY TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE Findlay, Ohio . N., I ij-'. . ' "fi, fYff'1x.,., 2- f:.' if-. 'Z . Q ,A 1,4 Wm is 1,- f I Qtr A: v '53- 'Hi-Vx mx F' W , :kg 44--.+"' ' Vg. A in 4' -ff: . 51: lr W .FL fx. . f , H gf'Lrl' I. - ie: 155 N E5,'fY-Q' X if 1 , Ysf.p,, V 'Q -' Xfap,.,,, , 3 -'-'-ggfiqx , v15Q.,f- xlqsq 15 :fl X7 4? f gg5,:,,.: ' . , gt JH rj fj. "Rf ' 52 -ff'.f:":?1L ' Qffxi -4 :Inf-'SS2?f4f2f1' ' fgim-gm ' V L 15-vfrjf , ,Z , , .. nf, , lm ISV 5 '27 1. '55 :J -T -X fi 'g'z'1ti'-', L mA-jgx A - ssrzw A ' f-11 H1-154 f' - ' M13 ' ' vf I ing if: . :AJ 4. . rf' 553 fgqtaffh - f f17xf'fil7 Qi K 1 -3. ' , . ,vq,, , ,.,.

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