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XL ' JiliiiJJjjjji oreujori d THE underlying llirrii.- of lii.- 14 1 1 H,;l „n,l Black is an attcni|)l to sIioh liou the tiianv parts of Fostoria High School, wliilc ilis- liiiil unils ill tlii ' nisflvi ' s. can not exist most satisfactorily except in io-o|ieration with each other mcmher of the eiilirelN. This. »e think, is the wav of life itsell. The Annual staff of 1941 has cerlainU livi-il ii| to this idea of co-operation among the parts. The co-oiM-ratiN e pirit ol our laeult ad isers. staff heads, and taff iiieinlier has eonirihiited more to this vohinie than am tiling else. Ihiis. we of the !•) H Rcil iiml liliirii iiniial staff present this picture of our school to on in the hope ilia I sou uill lore er keep il ii)eiiior Iroli ill oiii- iiiiiids. 1941 Red and Black Published by ke J enlor U aJJ of 1941 Fostoria High School Fostoria, Ohio 3 acultu J tudent 9J odi There are two main parls to the IkxIv of I ' osloria High S ' hool. These are the ra iill and the students. In matters of govern- ment, chseiphne, activities, and school advancement, the faculty is always eoinpleti ' iv reailv to give counsel or instruction, (jo-opera- lion. the kev-note in our sch K)l life, is well carried out bv the facidtv in all school prohlems. Fostoria High students present a picture of active participation in classes, clubs, and other school activities. Rather than being sub- ordinate to the faculty, the stud- ents are working with that part of the school body on co-operative basis. Through Student Council, accounting, library, nurses " staff, cafeteria. Journal work, and nu- merous other activities, students are given experience in carrying on affairs. tic ' iieuc:5 USLC To make school litr a iiiill . a I ' rrlain spiril and .ral arc iifi ' tirtJ. Tlir opcralioii of tlit allilflir sqiia ls. iiK ' liiiling -oaoli ' S. man- agers, teams, and rheerlearlers con- trilmli ' s Miiicli lo llil rnd. Here, in llir liindamcnlals anil In liner points, are lileralK realized llii ' bonds that l)in l llie s ' liool in other parts also. Characterizing music are trails of harmony which tend towards iinitv . In any complete school program, a music department is essential. Its usefulness is felt in assemblies, con- certs, plays, and other activities. In music is found culture and a rare truth. Browning said, " I hold no truer truth obtainable by man than comes of music. " C xtra ( umcu iar y ctiUtie6 Lrisiirr tiitir. a iikkKtii [trobU ' iil. is solved in school h rxtra-ciirrir- iilar a li ilics. Ili-re. ihe tendency towards co-o[)crati(»n is cvi«lcnl. As ofliccrs and members, students gain invaluable experience in Icad- ershi|i and service. Some seiiool or- ganizations correspond with courses of study while others are primarily service clubs. All clubs combine pleasure with service and improve- ment. y di •L veniim % This practical and very necessary portion is contributed by the Fos- toria merchants who wished to co-operate in working toward the successful presentation of this an- nual for the school year of 1940-41. Without these people, participating in various school activities when- ever they are needed, many ideas which are formulated ccudd never be realized materiallv. tratU wiiniSlPaUon 111 liariiKinx willi llic Hoard iil I ' ducalidii. whose ini ' inbrrs rc|iirs(nt tli ' (■oinmunit . llic suptrin- li ' iidiMit of schools and ihi ' |iriii(i[ al ol I ' osloria lliflh caiTN on llic idia ol lo-opcralion hy man- aging adniinislralivc situations and sludriit prohlcnis to ronforni to our srliools trachtional practifcs and modern i( minunil slaiidards. The (leans liilji in this respect hv liandhng vocational and educational guidance within the school. This includes actual guidance classes, conferring with students individually, visiting homes, and looking after attendance prohiems. Certain personal relationships are not taken to the principal unless tliev involve matters of s« ' hool polic or discipline. I he program of studies, class room mciliods, tile general guidance and discipline prolilcms are all ilcpcndcnl on the ultimate united spiril and cllicicucv of llii ' whole administral ion uliicli works co-operatiM ' K for the school sxstcm ' s general good. I aii Harrison, rlrrk anil -iijKTinlPTnl ' iil I if iiiiiin- liri.irn r: Sn|.( . II. I.. lunl. H. L. Z.-mri, I), i). Schlalter. vice president: K. J. Carter, ami K. J. Kiiinamaiu president. ke ijoam or L dvicat ion lr. Kiiinainan luianic a iiuiiiliir in I ' liil. Me i llic litail cil the Kinnaman Klectrical Service of I ' Osloria. Mr. Schlatter has been serving since l ' )H2. lie is now retired from an active vocation anil s|ii-nils a piaicl ' iil home lilc. . ( larlcr «as first elecleil in 19:52. lie i llic pn lijciU of (lie Prcsscfl Steel Corporation. Mr. cmcr hicanie a incnilicr in 1932. He manages the (Jco. I ' recse and Sons Oeamerv. Mr. TTarrison came in this vear. lie is an agricniturist and resides north ol loVMI. .v M i: iint 1 1 If Iliiri ' T II. L« ' 4»iiiirtl lli. II. [,. FORD I llli . Sl;il.-, M.V. A.-lilanil tJollcge, A.B. Ohio Stale, B.S. OL e iipenn IDi tendent oi cnooU v ' H. W M II K Ltii ersit ul ' ( iitrinnati. l. . L iiiversilv of (jiu ' iniiuti. .li. fie ostoria J lqk cnooi r nncipa idl I MISS M HI:L J. liol KOLIN Words cannot express all i he means to us. In our thou ihl.s anil dreams her greatness prevails. To her we bring our troubles and from her we receive our encouragement. MR. W. W. M U Cuuperatiun seems to be a car- dinal principle with the Senior Dean ()f Boys. That helps to explain his splendid achieve- ments in the giving of advice and guidance. Jke emor J iak J ckooi =Uji eans 13 MISS VKRA KGKR llrr rt ' inlv w illin ' ricss to guide :iimI aJvisr lias tnude Miss Eger an iih ' iil ilraii ftir sUnlvin ; and IniiMiiii. ' llir linr rharaclers in (lit- uoinrn of hMriorrou. MR. NORMAN WICKS A combiiiatinii of a fatherly dean and a " refiiilar felK)U " Mr. Wicks understands the troubles of hoys of Junior llijjli school a " c. umor J iah J cnooi =Jji ean6 14 Faculty Tllll arir(l |ii ' i ' M iKililii ' s 111 ' (iiir fac- ulty ( ' Slal)li li a lialaticc and har- iiionv ill llic sliulciil ' s heart ami niiiiil and proliaiiU di niort- to round out llic student s own personality than any other factor in thi ' school. itii so many fine examples of ilifferent personalities, the student has a chance to choose traits from eaili one and add llicrn In his own. The facull members, themselves, have been brought closer together this year bv the many committee and sub- comiiiillee iiieeliiif;s rcipiircd to prepare for and anaUze the cvahialion. The increased contact among themselves, aided liv contacts with the iiunibers of the evaluating conimillce. has increased the caliber of the faculty personality as a whole. 2). 2p iwienU eDanwien 111 llu- |)liil )Su[)liN ol Fosloria lli li Scliuol. jiut in writing for the occasion of the evahiation, there is the folli)»ino; passage: " Siiire we maintain tliat eai li slinlent should be prepared for (he most effeetive and aetive citizensliip possihU " . we must affoni a eurricuhim in which the instructors are free to organize the subject matter in the form of activities which encourage the development of ihc ludciu ' s whole personaht . " ' Our teachers carrv oliI lhi philc Miph not. only as individuals but co-operativelv in groups. For instance. Knglish 7, 8. 9, 10. 11. and 12 are separate entities, but not to the extent that an single one can ignore any other one. Therefore, Fostoria High English teachers work as a group known as the Department of F.nglish and Speech. This co-operative effort is carried out through- out the whole facultv and the following pages show the groups or departments into which thcv resolve themselves. The picture below shows scenes from the machine shop, the newest division of the De- partment of Industries. Fostoria High is con- scious of modern trends and also makes efforts to lurthcr national goals. m w . ' I ' lic cullMic anil inli-llicl i r a piT-oii are oftin mi ' asiiriMl liis abilitx to express hiinscll ' c(T( ctivel . Fostoria High has seven instructors in the lliiglisli department for itiis purpose. MISS 1 Al(i;i. J. 111)1 lt(.)t IN L ' niversity of Toledo. U.S. English II Scriveners Senior Dean of Girls MISS ISABEL HUNT Ohio Stale, M.A. Lake Erie, K.A. English 10 Girl Reserves Adviser MKS. MILDRED 111 TCIUNSON Oherlin, B.A. (Columbia English 8 Freshman Players Adviser MIL C. V. LKITEK Kincllay. B.A. Columbia, M..4. Eng. 12, Pub. Speaking Drauialies, Debate Omieron Lambda Adviser MISS HELEN CRAFTS Ohio State, B.A., M.A. Ohio Northern, B.S. English 9 Lambda Sigma Adviser MRS. MILDRED DAVIS Bowling Green, B.S. Battle Creek English 7 i)th anil Sr. G. R. Adviser MR. NORMAN WICKS Ohio l ' niversity, B.S., M.. . Math 7. (riiidanre 7, 9 Sperial l:Mg. 11. Oral Eng. 12 Junior High Dean of Boys IBi ' ptn ' tini ' itt nf liiiliistrifs In a world beeoining more and more aware of mechanical speed and accuracy, it is vital that studettts he acquainti ' d with iIk ' liuidatiicntals of in(hislr . Ml!. STVNLEY LEWIS Miami. B.S. M.-.haui.a! Drawing ,il.. M.-.liani. . Metal .Shop Photographs Ass ' t. Football C]oaeli Camera Club Adviser MK. lOIIN ROI.FES Miami. B.S. W ill.-nberg I. Shop, Priming, Kle.-lririly Basketball Coaeh Boys ' IViendslhp Club Vdviser MK. KEKMIT .lONES Toledo I ni ersitv oeational I ' .il oral ion Shop .Science Shop Math 17 In iiiiiItTstanilin tin lanf;uajrc. litera- tiin-. tht- (iistoiiis. ami traditions of oilier [M ' o|iU ' . we ran liellcr appreciate and ini[ ro e otir own culture. We owe tinirh (o Ireiirl). I. aim. ami SpanisI). iu. c. . vcci )hiu .S|;ih ' . M.S. ill .lournali ni, U.S. ill l.iillylia;:rM W isrim iii .loiiriKiliMii. I ' ri-iirli. S|iiiiii h I ' liMii ' jlioiis Adviser MISS l ' i: Kl, McCAlLF. Norlh Ciiilral, li.A. nliio Slate l.aliii Malliiiiialii-s . l«i I ht ' intit it ' s I 111 ' iMTMlav a|ig lii ' aliiiiis nl arilliiiii ' tii ' in till ' coimnfrcial. imliislrial. ami civic lift- are made real and inlerestiii;; llirougli llic use of graphs and ullier lornis of eoni[)ntation. lli. MiUM M) .MINES lic.wliii;; V,r.. U.S.; Willenberg Malh., l(;.-lira. I ' l. Cemn. Sliiileiil Ccmiiiil Ui-MTVi- lia k,-lliall C.acli MISS I ii i:(;i.K U.mliiH; (;rc. ' ii. H.S. I . ..I Chi.-ap.i. Ohi.i Stall ' Malh K. (Miiilanre » .jr. Ili;;li l)i-a.l ..ftiirls MR. LESTER VA S M Ohio Slate. M.A. FinilUn. U.S. Malh 7 Rcivs " IVi.-niWii|. Chill .jr. Ili(..h C.aih i f .v if til t-Stiii tuititm n athlete has learned the hi ' sl way to develop his phvsieal self. An extension of this program can make a ImIIct liilure generation for the world. MK. l,l. S 1) V|i ilanli. U.S. Ui y.« " I ' liys. lOiliiialidii. lleallh Varsily Trainer Gym ( hih .Adviser MISS jmW I MOM keni Stale. U.S. (iirls ' I ' hvs, l ' ' iliii ' aliiin. lleallh { ' ,. . . ,lvi-.i .%t§isif tiini Xrt " .Music hath eliarins to soothe lh - savage licast " and art i llu- pen that expresses the heartV di ir ' . How can culture be williiiul llicin ' . ' ' Mli . II, RI) UA I.KSS I Mil,, Slale. U.S. Iii lriiiiienl,il Mii-ie Direiliir lli I li K lill.l ,M , lerii Re-eiM ' . U.S. :liM-lanil S.I I of rl An MR. W M.I.VCK T. HS1I1;R I niversitv of ( aiieimiali. U.S. ,ii a( Millie Uireelor Ml! Ill i I li SMI M (;mi;i{ hwliliile ,,l Mii-iiai Vrl I iiKllav i: ,lle;;e |ii lriH-lor of Slriii; lii Irumcnls 13 It II si It I ' ss liilii I ' ll liim Tlic |lI•ill •i|)ll■ oT MiiMlcrii business, lundaiiieiitals ol accoiiiiling. sliortliand, and typing, and the various business r [n cssi )ns arc inM-oniing dail more iMi|ii i ' lanl. Mu. (;i:iiu(;i. KM;n ' i;i{ lili-, C.ll,-,-. U.S. Dill,, ,„llirrii l , »liii;: i;ri ' ' n |{, " ,kkiM-pin;. ' , Law aiitl I ' .ron, ( ' (- iuiilin " Onice MISS IN A SPOiNSLER Kill.. ,-slpyaii. I!. A. rilliii Husiiirss, (ire; .. liiis. Kiifilish. Jr. Bus. Tr. Sl.-M,i ra|.li IU. U. n. s mii Dili.) Slal.-. I.A. Ifowliii;; (;r.-,ii. B.S. Tvp.. Slciio raphv. Jr. Bus. Tr.. Sali ' siiianship niiiial Bits. Adviser MISS W i;i,l)i) BROOKS H.mliii (;n-,-ii. B.S. I ' vpin;;. Bus. Prinriples Jr. Bus. ' rraiiiiii!: » (« ' . lllliillff As Ions; as we live, tliirr uill lir riotbing to be sewed and foods lo lie cooked — lor ibese are necessities ol life and espe- cialK lo a oung growing nalion siicli as ours. MISS K l lir.RINE MAKSIIALL ' rt ' llticssfr. B.S. Kriil Slair I (oiilr l ' ' i-.iii.)rilii-s ( Gratis ami I ' arlv Cliili MISS l.tCV SWINGLE illcillirr;;. B.S. Miiskin iiin lloiilf I ' ronoiiiirs Girls ' Hntnc Ec. Club tfU ' llff riic ili ' |iarliiicrU of science is «licrc one iincoMrs llic mysteries of the universe anil soIms man a trick of llic magician. MU. (;i:ou(;i ' ; |.; s lf,,»lin (;ri- -ii. B.S. Ohio Slali- (!ll ' inislr Sr. SciiMiri ' . mcr. I ' ntlilciiis Sr. Class. Ili. ' i Vilvis.r Ml!. O. K. CM.DW i;i,I. tiiiilko. B. . Olii.i Slal.- (iiMii-ral Scii-nrr Naliirr all. I Oiililiiiir l.ltr .S,i,-ii..- CI,, I, .hiM-r MB. W. W . M () Moiinl 1 iiion. B.S. Ohi.i Slalc. illciilierg Bi.)l.»;. ' . I li -i.-s. (tiiulaiire I ,i.iill llilili.-- Manager S,-iii..r D.Mii .,1 B„vs MB. I) Kill I I Bl BI.V lll.iil..ri!. U.S. C..lliiiil ia Siii-iirc K Vlhli ' lies DiriM ' Ior F.Milliall C.acli MB. I) II) l) IS W ill.iilM-rg. B.S. iliiniml.,ii. I rl.aiia It.. » ling (;r 1 S.i.-ii,,-. 7. 1! Il. llll Cliili V.lvis.-r 19 To fiilU apprcriale llii- laiul nl ours, our iiliist know of thr [icoplr «liii foiivht ari l ilicd thai lliis nation niifilit !»■ tin- most l raulirijl and proiliicl i r of all in till- world. IK. C. I). I. m K (llu-rlHiri. H. . ( liii» Sl;ili-. Ilouliti ' (»reeii iiirrirjii lli Iiirv S.K-ial I ' rc.lil.-iiis s II i;i, si ' i mil Ns Michi-an, . . Mowliii Green, F5.S. C »lorari() Six-ial Scienre, 8 Mnsir niiil) Adviser MISS IU ;iM CK I Dlill Dili.. Si 1. . W.K.-ler. li. .; X irt« oil!iin W.irl.l lli-l.irv Sr. Clas,. all „n, r .lvi-er MISS OM;n WlllIKM w Howling (;reen. It.S. Miami. New ork L. Social Seieiiee. 7 Travel .lvi«er Pmlvssinnul . ini- 1 Hstr lift inniil Mtliou li not dirertiv i-onnfctcil with ihi- actual process of teaching, the secretaries, doctor, nurse, and librarian deserve the appreciation and respect of the stnch ' nis. lliS. M in CIIWIBKIilMN eretarv h. llie Sii[..TinI.-ii.l.- MISS II N Ml scoi r llliio Slale. U.S. ill Kil. Illiii..i-. U.S. in Sci. i)i{. (II ui.i:s !■;. iti:M)i:K I Ihi.i N..rlli«Tii t ni er..itN, IMi.ti. I Ihio Slal. ' I iii%er il i .ll. I.IT r-..ii (Jollejie ..r n.ila.l. ' li.liia, M.I). MISS (Mil II I 1 ll ' l ' l Se.T.-lar I., llie l ' riin-i|.al Miis. I . u. i(irri (;i;u Miami I ni er.,i(N, it. . l.ilirar .Seli.M.I. ( llianlainjiie f.ake. e« ork Siilistiliite I.ilirariaii MISS 1.1 (11. 1, l: K Mil, l ' in.lla ll. |.ilal. K. . (iineiimali (general ll.t |.ilal .SeluMil Nurse Vllenilanee ( flieer 20 student Body THE stiiilnil ImmIx ..I a lii}:li srI I can niaki- or l)ri ' ak llir schools reputation. Thanks lo an inider- slanchng and tactful l ' a(nh . our stud- ents liavc developed characli-rs which would he an assil to an school. The Kvahiatini; (■oniniillee hroufjhl this out in till ' reci ' nl inspection and especially congratulated the sludenls on llicir courles . c are evalualiij li a chosen loni- mittee ver seldom: hul we arc always being evaluated li the puhlic — our severest critic and best appraiser. May the students of Fostoria High School alwavs live up to the highest standards and ever do things worthy of a cili en of the United States of uierica. V tf airii l jou i an if l jou klnk Ujou L an -Senior (hiss Mtilla Col.iis: Kll.l.KY GREEN AM) (;R Y Flon.r: WIITTK CVHWTION W istlftm l iwttft ' rs ' Kniiiclcdi r tiHfirs. hill ni- (hitn liiiiirrs. " — Ti ' iiiivson These walls sliall riiriilili- riiln iIm I. As each tower ol leariiiiif; iiiiisl: Ages hence the roof will fall 4ii(l settle slowh over all. Hut echoes ol learning loiii; will sla Anil ghosts of musty books delay Till Phoenix rise again in (latne. The whih ' onie sag - of fuliirr name Will search the stars until lie fiml The golden gleam of all mankind: Through wisdom llial liurus his liearl and e es. Through life and ilealli he will realize. The answer to I lliniali ' I riilli mii l lie ( ni[)leted in Elcrnit . — Dorothy hrrhrr J enioi i 22 I.efl: Tin. I ' KKW PRESIDES " Jim Iaiircr prt- ' sidirij; over class Ki ' lu: " DO WFi OK DO K DON ' T? " Si-iiinr DiiM«- ' (ominitNT iiu ' Clinj;. I, .-I I: " TIIK i: ()IT riON OF AN E i ' i:ui ii; ' i " Seniiir tiirls iti 4 ' li« ' mislry. KifilU: •RETROSPECT. " Senior ciass prohin ' inlo a pari of (he United Stales. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Janice Coppiis. Rnlharinc FIcrhlner, Jeainie Vtcndel, illmr Franklin. ,Iirn Maurcr. LoMcll Frencli, Holj Fast. aJJ o 23 S eni emors FIRST ROW: Aim.II. Halsai. Basinger. SECOND HOW: Hates, Itercaw, Bidill.-. Itdilay. THIRD ROW: Boroii , ' lif. BrifTfis, Brink, Broiigh. (: RI. lilDDI.K t.vm-ral a -hM. I: Wr.sllinj;. 1. I ' M I l l, IIDDV ' I (.iiumi (;irls ' Bask.-lhall. I; C. R.. .2. i. U Hon..- K -. .2. 3. Du l D liiiRiil i.nv I ' rmlitiil Aiiihilioii Nilcsak. 1.2; Barlielnr Daze. .•!; Haiiil. 1. 2. X t: Boys " Capella Choir. 2. X 4: Boys " (;iee. 1. 2. 3. t: Choir. 2. 3. ' t: Chorn-. 2. 3. I: Ili-V. 3. 4: Juurnal SlafT. 3: Operellii. 2. 3. 1; Hrrhrslra. I; Scriveners, ,3. JANKT ATW KLL (tftlpral Girls ' Baskcthall, I, 2: G. R.. 1, 2, 3, 4; Home Ec. CIiili, 1, 2. Cll Rl.i:s B BB t ' ritt tifitl Annual SlafT, I; Banil. t: Boys " A Capella Choir. 2; Cli iir, ' 2; Pyramids. I: Seriv eners, 3. ARTIIIR BAI.SAI ' Aftidftitir Annual ScalT, I: Ili-Y, 3, 4: SeholarNliip ' IVani, I, 3. w ' i M ' . h sin(;i;k CwftUTttt Bachelor Daze. 3; Wrcsriin;:. 1,2. Kli: liVlES livtwntl Band. 3: Boys ' A Capella ilioir, 1, 2, 3, 4; Boys ' (;iee, 2, 3. 4 Choir, 2, 3, 4; ' Chorus, 2, 3. 4 Ili-Y. 3, 4; Operella. 2. 3, 4 Ori ' heslra, .3: Scriyeners, .3 Traflii I ' arrol. 3. Illl |,|) BIRCVW ( .rllrrni Auduljon Nilcsak. 1.2; Itaclicliir Daze. 3, 4: Band, I, 2. 3. 4 Boys ' Ca[)ella Choir, 2. 3 Boys " Glee, 2: Choir. 2. 4 Chorus, 2: Ojierella. 2. 1; Or cheslra, 3, 4. ROHIORl iinii;(;s (,V jer( nnual SlafT. 4; udnl Nil- csak. l:Ban.l.2.3. I; Baskclhall. 1. 2; i ni Circus. 2; I)ri4ieslra. 3. I; Tr.dli. I ' alr.d. 2. EI.SIE BRINK (Uminwrruil Chorus. 2. 3. 1: (;. R., 2. 3, 4. NN 1 NI llUlll Gil l.,n,n,l iiiHial SialT. 4: i;. R.. I. 2. 3. I: III Kc. Clnh, 1, 2: Sludenl Nur.c. 3. I. 24 CHARI.KS ItROl CII .tradcmir ii liil on iSileHak, I, 2: Itjiiul, 1, 2. 3; Hi-Y, 4; Senior f lass riav, I. i n luiiii: cM.i.iADVii TMu C.liiiiil.iaii II. S.. 1. 2. 3: jiiMial Slall. I: ISanil. I: Drum Major. I: (,. K.. I: Journal Slaff. 1. II.Willll) (11 | ' l ( .ninmri ' t ' iiil Koolliall. 1,2, .i. I. liDlilli I (IK Klh: Haskrihall Manajicr. 3: Hovs " Capi-lla Cliiiir. 2; Koolliall Mana;: r. 3, : Journal SlafT. : W r.-sllin " . 1. FLOKKNCK COOl ' ll! (jHnfiiiTiittl Girls " HaHkftliall, I: (;irl» " VAee, 2: 3, X. J WICK COI ' IM S Annual SlafT, I; Krcnhnian l la - er», I: (;. K., 1,2,3, I: l.amliila Si nia, 3. I; Nalional Honor SfM-icU. 3. t: Oniicron Lainlida, 2; S,l,olar.|n|. I .ain. I, 2, 3; Sinili ' ul CouiK ' il, I, 2, 3, 1. ifc- IMIII.II ' ItlU lt KKK Inulrtnif AII-S,liool I ' lav, 3 t: Vnnual SlafT, 1: uilul)on Nili-«ak, 1,2: llanil. 1.2,3. t; Uov» ' Capella Choir. 2. 3. I: „ CU-e, 1, 2, 3, I: Clioir. 2. 3. l: Cliorns. 2.3, I: Ili-Y. 3. I; l.iuli- Symphony Hrcln ' slra. I; Oinii-ron l.anihda, 3, I: Oiif-Ait I ' lay ConlcAl. 2, 3, i: Operpiia, 2,3, 1: Orchcslra, 2, 3, I: I ' il Orihcsira. 3, i- Senior Class I ' lav, J: ' Iralli.- I ' alrol, 3, I. ii; N cii M)i.i:ii it ittulrrnni lilCII Mil) CI.MiK Cn.nil Vmtiii.iI Sl.ill. I; Wr.-vlliiiK. 2. BKTT cool ' l K (AunmtTfiul nnual SlalT. t: Choir. 2. 3, i: Chorus, 2, 3, 1: Cmu Circus, 2: (;. . .. 2: ;irls ' lia krlhali. 1: (;irls " (; U-f. 2. 3. 1; II V.v. Clnh. 2: Operella. 2. 3. ; Onhcslra. 1, 2. 3. t. DALK flOI ' I ' lS Ainniat .SlafT. 1; Chorus, 2; Hi-V. 3. k Pliolo raphy Cluh. 2: Srholarship Tfani. 3; Si-uior Class I ' lav. I. svi I ci{kk(;kk CnnmnTfiiil Ainnial SlafT. I: Choir. 3. 1; Chorus. 2. 3. 1; (;irls " Gli-.-. 2. 3; (;. I{.. 1.2. 3. 1: Ilonip K.r. Chih, 2; ()|.i-r.-lla, 3, 1. 25 eniors FIRST l{() : Crow. Di-.kiT. Dei-ds. Dreishach. SI ' .COM) lidW : Kilwl- l)arf;cr, Evcrs, l ' ' asl, I ' li-chlri.T. rillHl) ROW : I ' rance, C. FraiikliTi. W . Iraiik- lin, I ' Vcnch. KOIiKRT KAST (W ' liiTal Ml-Si liiiiil IMav. 2; Annual Staff, X: iiiIii1m,ii Nilpsak, 1,2; Hand, I. 2. .i. i: Gvm Circus. 2. 4: Ili-V. 3. 1: Junii.r Class I lay, 3; Ijlll ' S nij hotiv Orrheslra. 1; Orrhislra. 2. 3; I ' il • rrlifs|ra, 3, I;,larslii|, IVam. I. 2. 3; Sluilinl Counril, 3, 1; Trartic I ' aln.k 3, 1. RITIIAWI. I l,i; :ilTM " .R CpiUTal All-Srhool I ' lay, 2. I: Annual Staff. 1: _!lioriis. 2: Freshman I ' laycrs. 1: (i. R.. I. 2. 3. I; .Iimrnal SlafT. 4: .Iniiior ( las.s l lav. .3; Oinicrtm Larnlxia. 2, 3, 4; One-All I ' lav Contest, 2; Senior Class Play. 4: State Contest I ' lay. 3; Sinilent Coun- ril, : Student Nurse, 3; ' I4ies- (fian (Contest Play, 3. IARV FRANCE Cctwral All-Scliool Play, 4; Annual Staff, 4: Chorus, 2, 3. 4: (iyni (Circus, 2: F ' reshinan Pla ers. 1: Girls ' Glee, 2. 3: (i. R.. ' 2. 3. 4: Junior Class Plav. 3: National Honor .Sorielv, 3, : ttmirron l.aniliil.i. 2, 3, 4; One-Art Play Contest, 2; Scholarship Team, I. 2, .3; Senior ( ' lass Plav, 1. t:ll lil4,S lli NK1 IN Vmiual Staff, h liaskcthall. 1. 2; Foothall. 1, 2, 3, 4: Ili-Y. 3, 4: Wrestling. 1. FOREST CROW Acndiunic Annual Staff. 4; liaskethall. 3: Foothall. 3, I: Journal Staff, I. nOROTirV DECKER .iciidrmii: All-School Play, 4; Animal Staff, 4; Chorus, 2, 3, 4; Freshinan Players, 1; Girls ' Glee, 2, 3; G. R., 2, 3, 4; Omicron Lamhiia, 2, 3, 4; Scriveners, 2, 3, 4. DORCAS DEICDS GcHPral Marion II. S., 1, 2, 3; G. R., I. DOIil ' ll l)l!i;iSliACII Comtnvrriat Accounting Staff. !■: (iirls " iJas- kelhall. 2; Scholarship Team, .3. I KID ECIIEI.BAKGER ( ' •f ' nt ' ral All-School Plav, I: Animal Staff. 4: Boys ' A Capella Choir. 1. 2: liovs ' Glee, 3, 4; Choir, 2, 3, 4; Chorus, 2, 3, 4: lli-V, 3, 4; Junior Class Play, 3: One-Act I ' lay Contest, 4: Operetta, 3, 4; Senior (Mass Plav, !■: Slate Contest Play, 1; Tlicspian ( ' on- lesl Plav, 4. ' NN1I. M KVERS t«e ler« Chorus, 3, I: (girls ' Itasketball, 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Glee, 2; G. R., 1. W II, HI R I R NKL1N (,rn,nil ll-SchiHjl ' U . 2: Raskethall, 1, 2, 3, 4: ftovs " A Capella Choir, 3, 4: Rovs " G ec. 2. 3. 4: ( :hoir. 2. 3. 1; ' Cliorns. 2. 3. U Dcltatc. 2. 3. 1; I ' Veshman Pkucrs. I; Foothall. 1. 2. 3. k Ili-V, 3. 4; National Honor Societv, 3. 4: Omicron l.ainlxia, 2, 3. 4; Operetta, 2, 3, I: Sliulenl (Council. 1, 2, 3. 4; Senior (Mass Plav, 4. I.OWKLL FRENCH (Mriirnrrfiiil Vccountin-:. 4; Vnimai -Staff, 4; lto s ' (;ice. 3: Chorus. 2. 3. t; Choir. 3; Foothall. 1. 2. 3. 4: Ili-Y, 3, 4: National Honor Soeietv, 3, t: Operetta, 3; Scliokirsliip Team. 2. 3; Stuilent llouncil. I; Senior Class I ' lay. 1; Junior Mass I ' lay, 3. 26 niiw I in III Chorum. -2: (;irls " Hii»k.-llmll, 1. 2; ;iris- (;kc-. ■:■. ;. k., 3, 4: Stu.lciil NiirM-. . ' !. ROBERT GREENLEE (Icnoral Hand, I, 2, 3, l; Hasi-hall, 1, 1: i ' Vcslliiiail Players, I: Ili-Y, .3, 4; Journal Stair, 1: IMiolo raphv Club, 3, 4; Trallii- I ', 3, i. n I.l, II MilLKV (.ftlrnil Foolhall, 3, . VTKGIMA IIAYNES Commercial M. i{Tii (liintintTiidl G. R., 3, 4. KENNETH IIICI.I ( ' oninnTi ial MERCKDES (iRAHER ( ' .iimmrn-iid (;ynj Cirrus. I: (;. A. A., 3, 4: Girls ' Kaskriliall. I; Sc4ii lar8hii .3. DOW ,ii; II ui{is(( tt tiilrmii Annual Slaff, 4; Gym Circus, 1; I ' rfshnian Players. 1; G. A. A., 3, I; (;. R.. 1, ' 2. 3. I: Ih.rni- V,v. Cluli. 1: l.ildi ' Syniphciny )r- clli ' slra. I: ()|ierclla. 1. 3. 1; Orihi-slra. I, 1. 3. I; I ' ll Or- chestra, 2, 3, 1. COH HATIIAWW (.iiiiinirrriitl Girls ' lia-k.ll,all, 1.2. DKI.RERT HEINZE Practical JAMES IIKJLEY (irtirral Daze. 3; F.Mill.all. 3. 4. KO i:i ' l llol I 1 N (Commercial Chorus, 2. .3; (»yui (arms, 4; Freshman Players, 1: (r. . .A., 3, 4; (;irl.s- Glee, 3; G. R., I, 2, 3, 4. 27 s. emoy ' S .m FIRST ROW: J. Ilol.len, L. Ilol.len, IIiifTmaii, Jaiolis. SKCOM) ROW: Jniips. Jiirnis, Kiriun, Kissell. THIRD ROVk : Kiirpprr. Kiii . ' lit, Kdiiibri ht, l,a|.i.l..s. .|i)M llul.DKN i ' tfiit ' ral i. m Cirius, 2; Hi-Y, 3, I. I.I.O I) HOI. DEN { ' •ftivrtil Itancl. I. 1: lia»k -ll ull. I. 2: K...11I111II. I. 2. 3. : Ili-Y, 3. . HI ' III l ' l l i juntiirri till Aiiiiiiiil Staff, 1: I ' ' rrhlimaii IMav- iTh. I: ;. R.. I. 2. 3. 1: Jmirnal Slaff. U OriiiiToii l.uiiil rla. 2. 3. I; Ollc- (l riay Ci.iil. l. 2; Stuilcnl NiirHf, 3. JANKT JACOBS (ri ' tii-nil All-S(li.,.)l I ' lav. I; rmiial Slaff. t; I ' Vrshiiiaii rlaMT!-. I: (i. It., 1, 2. 3, I; Journal Slaff, 3: l.ainbila .Sijinia, 3, I; Oinicroll Laiiilxla. 2; Onr-Act I ' lay (loti- te»l, 2, 3: Orrln ' .|ra. I, 2. 3. I: Scholarship Ti ' aiii. 2; Sriiior Class Pla . I. r.Rvc ' i 1; MA 1: jom;s (•rlHTflt Aiiiiual SlalT, I; (;irls ' lla ki-l- ball. 1.2: (;. li., I. 2.3: Journal Slaff. 3. 1)1 M- M HKI S Hafhrlor Da i " . 3; (ivui Circus, 2: Wrcstliu " , I. I li K1,I KIKl N C.tunntfn ' ial lia-kcll.all. 1. 2. 3; l ' i».lliall. 1; Hi-V. 3. I. WILLIAM KISSELL Cenrral lli-V.3. t. JK I-: kM:i ' l ' LU ( ' iimtniTfitit (Miorns. 2. 3: (iyul (Circus, I: Frciliinan Players, I: G. A. . ., 3, I: (;. R.. r, 2, 3, t: Journal Staff. 3. i.i,i AHi;rii j l km(;iit (icrwral Tottenvillc H. S.. New York. I: Annual Staff, t: Anilulion Nil- esak. I, 2: Gvin iircus, 2, -ii G. A. .. 3. t: (;. K.. 1, 2,3, 4: Journal Slaff, 3, t: Oniicron Lanihila. 2; S -rivciicrs. 3. CVRI I.WIItRHiirr KootlKill. I. 2.3. 1: ISraini.l-. I. 2: Wrcsllini;. . Kllll Mill I.MMDOS f. ' c lcrti niuijl Staff. I: AmhilMm Nit- csak. 1.2: Kami. 1.2.3: Itaskct- hall Manager. I. 2. 3: IVcliman I lav ' rs, I; FtMithall lanaj;cr, 1. 2. 3. I: IliY, 3. I: Jmirnal Staff, 3, I: little Syiujihony Orchestra. I: National Honor Society. 3. 1: Operetta. 3. 1: I ' it Orilicstra. 3. I; S. holar-hi). Team. I. 2. 3: Stinlent Ci niicil. 1. 28 .1 (:k I.I- : ) rii ' . l|..S.l I Plav. I: iiiiual Slaff. 1; Baiiil, 1, 2; ' Haskelhall Man- ager, 2; Bovs ' A Capella ( hoir. 2: Choir, 2, 3. 4: Chorus, 2. 3, 4: Foolhall. 2, 3: Kocthall lan- af;er. 1: Ili-Y. 3. I: Junior Class Plav. 3: ()|)cri-lla. 4; Senior Class Plav, 4; Stale Contest Plav, 4: Thespian Contest Plav, 4. 1 in } E LEE Cfiicral Annual SlalT. I: Choir, 3, 4: (thorns. 2, 3. 4; Freshman Plavers. I; (Jirls " (ilee. 2. 3, 4: G. S.. 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. Cluh, 3, 4: 0|)eretta. 3. I. ALEX LIND General Baskelhall. 1, 2, 3: Foolhall. 1, 2,3. JACK Lixnsw CcniTtil Hail. I. I. 2, 3: Haskell.all. 3; Ili-V I. FRANK M l.l. Acutlemir Srholarsliiji Team. 2, 3. UKJIMil) M N III V, 3, I; l.ihrarv. I. LA V(). .NE LEE Commercial Annual .StafT, 4: Chorus, 2, 3, 4: Girls " Basketball, L 2, 3. R. YMO n LENTZ General Baehelor Daze. 4: Band, 1; Choir. 3: Chorus, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y, 3, 4; .Journal Staff, 3: Scholar- shi[) Team, 1. 2. 3. KOHERT LI UKK 1AN (•enfr tl liaskelhal I.VKV I.ONGACRE General iinual Staff, U Chorus. 2. 3, 4: Girls ' Haskelhall. 1. 2,3. RoiiKirr i NN GrniTal Annual Staff. U Bovs ' A Caliella Choir, 3: Bovs ' Glee, 2, 3: Choir. .3, U Chorus. 2. 3, 4: Gvni Cirrus. 2: Football. 1: Ili-Y. 3, i: Operetta. 2. 3. 1; Journal Staff. 3. ] :V M WSFIELD tiadeniic AiiiMial Staff, 4: Chorus, 3; Freshman Plavers. 1; G. R., 1, 2, 3. 4: Seholarship Team. 3: Student Nurse, 3. I. 29 Pl lor FIRST R() : March, Manner, Ii);lu, Morris. Sr.C:() I) HOW: Mosi.r. Ni.TMli.r. I ' Hahrij;. IIIIKI) KOW : l(a%rii. ril. KimmI. ;. Itrlnlianl. .1. Kriiiliarcl. KOliKKC Mil. Hi HasL-l.all, 1; liaslirlliall, 1,2,.!, 4: Koolball, I, 2. .i. I: lli- ' . ,i, 4; StudeiU Cinmcil. I; W r.-lling, 1,2. EUGENE PATTERSON General iinual SlafT. : Haii.l, I, 2, 3; H„vs " A Caiulla Cli.ur, 2, 3, 4; lii.vs " Glee, 2, 3, I; Clioir, 2, 3, 4: Chorus, 2, 3. 1: Ili-V, 3, 4; Operetta, 2. 3, 4. GLADYS KKINIIMUI ithilrftiin DONAI.I) MAKCll t ' lnninerciai liahkcll.all !aiia -.-r. I. 1: l-iiiil- l all Mana.M-r. I. 2; llj. . .t. I. ni;i ' i Mosiiii ( .intttili ' rt ' iitt Choir, 2: Home i:r. Clul,, 1. 3; Journal SlalT, 3. M MfCl I Kill ' : H 1UN I ( ninnn ' ii iiil rrounliii;: SlalT, I; (Clioir, 3 ChoruH, 2, 3: (;. A. A.. 3, 4; (;irl.(;iee,2, 3:(;. U., 0| " iella, 3. JWII.S M l ui:n Irilitrmif Ita keLhail, 1, 2. 3; rooll.ali. 1, 3. k Ili-Y. 3. t: Junior Cla s Plav,3: Nalional Honor Soiielv, 3. i: One-All I ' lay Conlrsl. 3: Si-holarslii|i Team, I. 1: Slii.lenI Coumil. I. -Z. 3. I: re.-,llin);. 1, 2: Senior Cla s I ' lav, 4. mini N NIIKSCIIII! i ni ( arrn . J; Home l ,c. !lnh, 3: resllin;;. 2. w i i{i;i:i) (,rnvint Vmnial Slafl ' . h Hi . I: . I. I ' MOKiiis dttrnmerriiil Chorus, 2: Cnrls " Student Nurse, 3. I. HI ll hviiuk; l tnli-niii ' Vnnnal Slaff, 1; (ivm Cirrus, 1: (;. A. A.. I; (iirls " Itaskelhall, 3: Home Ee. Cliih, 2: Sliitlent Nurse, 4. Jl MOU Id l ll l(l) Ctuiuiu ' tfiiil Hoys ' A Catx-ILi ;in ir. 2: Boys (ilop. 2: i llioir. J; C lltonis. 2; luoil.all. . I; Wrr.llin-. I. 2. BO VERTON HIIOM) Cvtwral Bachelor l a .e. 3; Hovs ' A Capella ( " hoir, 2; ISovs ' (fIi ' c, 2; Choir, 2; ( ihoriis. 2; ( )|ierr(ta, 2; Tranir I ' alrol. :t, I. KKX HII)(;K (rftwral Baml, 1, 2, 3, U Haa.-I.all, 1, 2; Bovs ' A Capella (Jhoir, 2; Chor.iB, 2, 3. I: Ili-Y, 3, 1; Little Svni|ihoilv Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, U 0|«.reua, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra, i, 2, 3, U Pit Or- chestra. 1, 2. 3, 1. nORO ' IllV ANN SAll.KR General A[iinial Staff, 1; Choir, 3, 4; (Chorus, 2, I; (ivm CiriMis, 4; Freshniai. Hlaicri, I: (;. A. A., 3, h Journal SlalT. 3; Operetta. 3, 4. iii:i.i, sciii i iy i ' .nnimrrriiil .iniialSlafT. I; Haskcthall, 1,2; G. A. A.. 3, I: Journal StalT. 1; Oiiiicron I.ainhila, 2; Scholar- ship Team, 2. MARJOUM. Slli: UI) Cninrnvniiit Annual Staff. 4: Auiluhon Nit- csak, 1, 2; ( hoir, 2. 3. i; ( ' horns, 2, 3, 4; Gv.n Circus. 2, 4; G. A. A., 2, 3, 1: (iirls " Basket- ball, 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls ' Glee, 2, 3, 4; G. R., 1, 2, 3, 1: Journal Staff, 2. EVKLYN SHIRK (liitnniiTrittI . ccountinj; .Staff, 4; Annual Staff, I; Chorus, 2: Kreshnian Players. I; (;irls ' (ilec. 2; (;. R., 1, 2. 3. I; l,anil»la Sij:n.a, 3, I; -National Honor Societ . 3, 4: Oinicrfnl Laniliila. 2: One-Act Play Contest, 3: Scliolarshiii Team, I. 2. 3; Sin. lent Council. 2, 3, I. KICIl Mill lilDl.Nol K Arcailia II. S.. I. 2. 3. IK NK S l,l) l SKI I ' tinlimnil l!a»k.ll..ill Manaf;er. 3; I ' oot- liall, I. 2, 3, I; IN rami. I-. I; Wrcsllinj;, 1. i; . A S IIIN lirll ' Tlll nnual Staff. I: (;. R.. 1.2.3. I: II. .me Ec. CInh, 2, 3, 4: Journal Staff. 3, 4: .State Newspaper Contest. 3. i wim: si:(;m.i(,.,l I ' lav, 3, I; nnu al Staff. U Ch.crlca.lcr. I: 3. 4: Cli.,rii . 2. 3. I; ■, m (arcus, 1; I ' Veslunan Plav.-rs. 1; G. A. A., 2: (;irls- Baskethall. 1. 2, .3, 4: Girls ' (;i.-.-. 2. 3. 4; G. R.. 1. 2, 3. I: ll. mc Ec. Cluli. 2: Little S niplion Or- chestra, t: Omicron Lanilxla, f; I Iperclla. 3, 4: On heslra. I, 2, 3, I; I ' ll Orchestra, 2. 3, 4; Senior Class I ' lav. I. MAMIE SIIIFF ( ' ommerrial Annual Staff, 4: Au.liili. n it- esak, l:Ch.)rus,2,3. I; (;. . A.. 2. 3. 4: (Jvni ]ircus, 2, 4; (iirls ' Haskethall I, 2, 3. 4: (;irls ' (;i.e, 3, 4: (;. R., 3, I: J.nirnal Staff, I. EVELYN SHOCK C.iimnuTcutt ll-Sch.Hil I ' lav, 3: nnnal Staff. I; (ivin t ' ircns. 2: Kr. ' shinan I ' lav.-rs. I; (iirls " Baskethall, 2: G. li.. I. 2; II. .me Ei-. Cuh, 2, 3. 31 s. enLor6 g l-lHSr now ; It. Sniilli. II. Siiiilli. K. Siiiilli. l. SiTiilh. SICnM) KOW : Sna i-I , Siivilrr. Slalil. Sli- .-ii«. TlllUi) KOW ' : Sl.Mldanl. Sl.m.liii-ir, SiiiiiiiHT . Thomas. KIGK.NF. STMII, Annual SlafT. I: Han.l. I, i U AudiilM.n il.--ak. I. ni-y, 3. 1. m k(; ri;t stkvkns C.ofnnuTi ' itil nnnal SrafT. 4: Choir, 2. 3, 4: (Chorus. 2. 3. I: Gym (amis, 2; Freshman Players. 1 : Girls ' Baskelhall, 1: Girls " (ilee. 2. 3 4: G. R.. ], 2. 3, 4: l.itlle Sym- phony Orchestra, t: OmiiTon Lamhcia, 2; ()|.erella. 2. 3, 4; Orrhestra. 2. 3. 4; I ' il Orches- tra, 2, 3. 4; Scholar.shi| Team, 3. BETTY STODDAUn C.omnifTt ' iiil Annual StafT. : ViiihilHin Nit- esak. 1.2; ( :hr,rus. 2, 3; G. . .. 3, 4; (;. K., I, 2. 3, 4. IIKIT ' SMII ' ll (Mtnrnt ' nidt Chi.rns, 2, 3; G. R.. I; U„ I ' .c. CInl), 2. MADGK SMITH ( jniiniiTritil (:ii. riis, 2; Home Kc. Cluh. ROBERT STori)IN(;i H Ce ier« HARRY SMI ' llI Itaskethall. 1.2.3. U lli-Y,3. 4. KATIIRYN SMITH C.unitinTriiil AII-Srlio,,l l lav. . nnMal Staff, 4; Choir. I; Chorus. 2, 3. 4; Freshtnan IMavers, I; (Girls ' Glee, 2, 3, 4; G. H., I. 2, 3, 4; Home Va Chih, 2; Journal Staff, 3; l.amhfla Si :ma, 3, 4; Sluih ' nl Council. I . FRANCES S WFI.Y Annual Staff, t: (iirls ' Uaskel- hall. 2. 3. U G. R.. I. 2. 3. 1; Home i:c. Cluh. 2. 3. U .I.Hirnal Staff. I; 0|ierclla. I; Orchestra. 1. 2, 3. I. Ji; N SN I)I.I{ ( ' .fiintni-rt ' itil Annual Staff. U (iirls ' llaskel- ball, 1, 2. 3, 1; Home Ivc. Clnh. 2,3. 4: Journal Staff. K WIIIVRO SIMMFRS l,,„ c,M„- lt.-llc ne 11. S.. 1; l!,.ii.l. 1, 2, 3; Journal Staff. 3; Orchestra, 1, 2. 3: I ' it Orchestra. 2, 3; Railio Cluh. 2. RFRM TV IIIOM S CVmimercin Chorus, 2, 3, 4: i,. A. A., Girls " (;i.-.-, t: (;. R., 3. Ho.ue I ' .c. Cluh, 2. 32 JUNIOR THOM S General Aiiiliilioii itesak, 1. IMiKoTHY Tt H i:ii (ienrntl Ml-Scliool l ' la . 1: iiniijl Staff. 1; Choir, f: Chcirii . 1. 3. t: (ivril (Mrcus, 2: Girls Haskrrliall. 1.2: Girls- Glee. 2, 3. t: (;. K.. 1. 2, .3, I: Home I ' .r. Club, 2: I.aiiilnla Si ' ina. h l)|HTetla, 2. 3. 4. Ki; M;rii w (;m n I ' urntneniiit Ili-V. 3. I; Sluileiit C.iiiHil. I; Wr.-.lliii . i. I iiw AKi) w i:i,i.i (; tcdtlernir iicIiiImmi Nilesak. 1. 2; [i[nial Slafl. 1; ( liorus, 2, 3, I: S lu lar- -lii[» Ti-am. 2, 3; Scriveners. 3. Al,l-|{i;i) WOODS i ' .oiltfiliTridl li.i-.-l,.,ll. I; liovs ' Capella ( 2. 3; lil. s■ (iiee. 2. 3. I; llioir. 2, 3. 1; Chorus. 2. 3. I; Oiierella. 2. 3. I; W n-liili;;. I. . icudelliu Annual Staff. 4; Gym Cirrus. 2. I: G. A. A., 2, .3, 4: GirU ' llaskelhall. 2: Home Ke. Chih. 2; Sliiilenl lirse. 3. I ' .RNRST TliOMi ' SON (reneral Hariil, 1,2.3. (; lillle Svin| honv Oriheslra. I: Oreliesira, 2, 3. 4; Pit Orchestra. 3. 4. JEAN W AOi; Genenil Staff. 4: Chorus, 2. 3; I re-hniail Players. 1: G. R., 1. 2, 3. U Journal Staff, 3. 4: Omicroii Lainhrla. 2: Srholar- sllip Team. 3; Seriveners. 3; Student Nurse, 3, 4. HKSSIK W MiSrilli CenerdI Home Ke. Chili, 2, 3. jKANNE vh;m)i:i, Academir ll.Sehool Play, 4; Annual Staff, I: rJloriis, 2, ' 3; Deliate, 3, 4: 1- reshiiiaii Players. 1; Girls ' liaskelhall, 2. ,3: Girls ' (;iee. 2: (;. U.. 1. 2, 3. 4; Journal Staff. 3. 1: Junior Clas- Pkn . 3: Orchestra, 2, 3, f; Seliolar-lii|i Team, 2, 3: Slate Contest Play, 1: .Stuilent Council, 4; .Senior Class Play, 4. KATiii.KiJN yea(;i;r ( ' .omnifrriat Xnnual Staff, f: Choir, 2, 3. 1: ( llioiii,., 2. .3. 4: Freshman I ' kner,. 1: Girls ' Cilec, 2, 3, I: (;. I{., 1, 2. .3, 4: Junior Class Play, 3; Library, 4; Omicron l.ariibihi, 2: Operetta, 2, 3, 4: Seliolar-lii|i Team, 3; .Stuilent Niirs.., 3. PIC 11 Ri:S NOT MI.AItl.i;: 1)1 N IL COI ' PI.KR (,,ti n,l . IAI( IN SMI 111 General 33 y u toarapki i {• V umor:i l,.-fl: •■() (:k upon a timk " III Miss Bnurqiiiirs lilcriiliirr i-las: Ki|.-lll: ■ IFK S.WKHS. " .Iiiiiior Hovs " sewiii " class. l..-n: " TIIIKD TEinir Jiiiiiiirs elecliiif; class odirers. Ki :lil: " FUTURE BACHELORS OF AMERICA. " JtlTiiiir Hovs cookin;: in lluiiic Ec. IKlMi: ROOM I ' UESIDENTS: Hill McDanicI, Jiiy .Sliiinian, W illiiir Amlcrsdii, Jraii (Jraf. Cia66ofl942 35 unLor6 riKST KOW: Ih.wanl l-r, Ka Vlj:.-. rltiu- Vii l.-rs ni. II.n Anderson. l itlmr Atulrrsoii, Dw it. ' lit I taker. eriion Baker, ( arl itarlioiir. SKCOM) KOVl : Consianre Basehore, l.ois Bales. Mary Kllen Bea. Jack Beeson, Vt ayne Bennell, Hal|ili Bir l- whislrll, Charles Bixler, U-la Bostir. TmUD R(» X: Dale Bourie. l)( rolli Bratlner. (Iharles Brandeherrv. I.aiiren Branile- herrv. Donna Brei ]i :aii, Dick Bniliaker. Helliea Buehrr, Mfreil Biilkowski. KOI KTII HDW: Mary Jn Bullock, John Burj;- harher, Paul Burj haeher. (rioria Mae Burjier, Evelvii Buller, Carl Church, Mildred Clark. Bill ( FIKTII K V : Uoherl Ok!, Forrest Cole, (iharles ( iondis, Paul Cook, Kdna Cou ' h, Kllen Cramer. Karl (irarner. Dirk ( " row. Vk ilhdrau ii 36 FlUST ROV;: Kvt ' lyii naiitilierty, Mary Jarw Davin, Audrey I ) ' kar)i. lU ' lly I )ciiisiii »re, Koiialil 1 )ilile. Hoi) Disni ' v, Mary Dray, Don Klrheii. SECOM ROW: llrlrn VUw , Ali.-.- June Ford. Marie Freeman, Mary Freiieh. I ' elyn Kose (iair, AIImtI Gardner, Karl (iaskalla, Wanda Geyer. ' I ' HIKD ROW: Kosella Gihal, Diek (Mllilanil, James (Toekerman. Jean (iraf. Anna (ireeidield, Sanuiel (Jrogg, William (iroonit-. Mahel Gn vei4. FUl KTII HOW: Flelly llaldeman, Dnnna Hall. Kenneth llanley, Vt illard Hay, Paul Mendrirks. Mar . ' arel Mill, Doris Uolden. Hill llonse. FIFTH UOW: Mar-nerile llnnkrr. Mason HunI, Joan llnslon, Jime Jarohw Doris JolitistMi. J. ( !. Johnson, Gerlrnde Jones, Joe Jones. iimorj 37 FIRS ' I ' HOW: liiilli Kimble, Ivadell Knepper, .lu.-.(ii.liii.- Kiioulfn, Vii iihla KiiDX, Marjrarel Kooiis, ormaii Kooii . Kila Krcsfji-. llaroKI KafTiTly. SICCOM) ROW: Kucilli- Unci. Paul Loarli, Hclly Lord, I- ' loreiu-e LvTirli, Korrainc Madden, Joe Malnny, Wayne Iani-ikc Norman Iar i-n. THIRD ROW : liill I.I)ani -l. larj;ari-l McDonel. Orlo Mckean. Joan Mer- ■:enlliah r. iMi i ' ne Miclianx. Joan Mi rht, Diek Miller, liee MoHil. I ' OI HTM ROW: crnon Newlionse. Leona Ms»aniler. Aliee Oppennan. Joan Oyler. Kallierine Pappas, Mike Pappa,., Maxine Perkins. Wayne Piekell. FII ' I ' II ROW : Helen Poorinan. itelly Powelson. M:ireel Preis. Nedra nn Ranliencdi. Dale R 1. Itellv Riller, Leilia Rollienhnlder. Dorothea Rowe. FlliSr HOW: I ' al Kiilil. G.-iie HusmII. IluHanl Kll h.■ll. All.ii Saiii|isiiii. .Ii ' an Shiillz. I)(»ii Sr iH. Maiirirr Sripic, Joy Sluiman. SI ' .COM) HOW: Dali- Smilh. Jane Sriiilli . ai nii Smilli. Joliii Sriavelv, (ip( r ;ianna Solomon. Hilila Solomon, JoHcphinr S|iill. r. l)r)ri«Slainlian ' h. I ' ll I HI) ROW : Lois Sli-inllour. Wilma Sloni ' , Donna Sloul. Roberl Slrnlili ' . Jean Slnhlili-liilil. Dan S«ilzer. Jum.-s ' I ' irnanus. Donj;la» IVi-ll s. KOrHTII HOW: liflly IndiTM 1, Boll Vi a(;ner. I ' at Walsh. Margie allcrB, l)i n Ward, (ieor ic Ward. Itarliara Warner. Melvin V cllicrill. I ' ll ' Til HOW: Mr ' inia W illi.lm. Holi Williams. H. Williams, (;i,-n Winilsor. Mauri c ..mi ' . Jaiii.r t-m.-r. I ' lor.ti.e ii.lzkc-. Ilol. Kirk. •,n ii 39 ii toarapks v i J. oyv-O J Left: " PAST. PKKSKNT. vm. FUTURE " S iphoniore Vt »rl(l Ihslory class. Right: " BOOK LARMN " " A Si ph«nin)rc class sliiil viii ' . HOME ROOM I ' RESIDE.NTS: Gene Reiilz. Junior ilcox, R()ger Hill. Pal Mvcrs. I)..n Smilli. S opk oDnomorei T a66 o 41 howioms 1-, fc Wli l-rHST HOW: .Mill ll.v. Hill ll,-ii. Ili ' li ' ii ii.l.r-.iii. (:iiurli- . i mII, Icmill liiirkicy. KiiliiTl Harrinj; r. .Iiiiiim ltabiii;;iT. Hrlnw. Dalr lieniii ' ll. Gime }!iril . SI ' .COM) FiOW : Marry Itiis-lir. Iti-lly Hruiln.-r. ll.iManl Callriular. Kirliaril ' alllrrliiirN . Mijluil (iarilvM ' lI. John Cliaii.lli ' r. li.-lly Cliiirili. Carli ' r Clark. Kiilli Clark. Di.ri.lhy CliiK. I ' lllKI) KOW: Kill Ciinr. Irini ' (: ., lr . W arriTi (!u}i} ii . Cimiiir Co|iuk. Carolyn Cnrwin . HrM Co Mlrirk. ir inia ]riTt;rr. Marilyn ( ovrrll. Ilarolrl Davii-s. l.oiiiM ' Davin. I ' OI KIM HOW: Carolr Di ' tkir. Kifharil l)« ' rr. X aviu ' Driiitis. I ' iii rni Dixiiii. KIraiior Drrnniii;:. T arlr ) )iiki-x. Marrrlla Kiiu ' ritic. 1ar;:arrl I ' .mi-riiii-. nil. Ill I ni.riiir. .lam-l Fast. KII ' I ' M l () : DniiaM I ri.rl. Mar;;ir Kiiiih. Coii.laiK ' r I ' l.-rli I iiir. loliii lliin-a, irjiiiiia Kox. .loaniH " Krcifiirr, Drlorr ( allaiil. hoiin.i (filial. Manila (hIisoii. Mar Cilison. .SI I ' M KnW : I ,iic (rlrasiiti. Marrrlla (ioflirl. tr inia (rooilalo, M.K- (.r.i r . .loliii llallfiiiail, (!arl llarilin-:. Sii aiilie Harris. Dali ' llarri-oii. Dorlha llarllt ' y. I.iiiilli ' llarlli ' y. SI.NKNTM KOW: Kr.-il,-riik May. John Malhai.a . Ko i-inary lla lrll. ( !harli ' Ih ' rkalhnriif. l-aifri-iir llrliiis. l ori Mitilry. Mark Hill. K i;rr Mill. Kill lli i ' r. Mar llorn.r. l ' :i(;ll ' l ' M KdW : Koh llornrr. .m llo„-hlon. Jai ' k lloii.r. Iraiirr- lliiiil. ( .-ralil llii.l Kol. Iliilihiiir.. KolH-rl liiih.r. lirM-rlix K i. ' f.r. Ila il Kiiihlr. lor.Mla Km;;, ■ 42 IIUSI ' HOW: J..f Kirk, Iarv K.ivarli. DoiiaM l.aiii. Iirii:li(. Jt v ' ' Laiiiliri :li(, Mililrrtl l.atnliri lil. .Iiinii r l.i ' f. ir . ' iiiia Leiilz, Donna L ' « is, l)onna la« " l. is, liarhara Lot-. SKCOM) 1{I ) : Itirllia Mall, D.irolliv lan.-ckc-. I!..ImtI Mani-.k.-, Ivan lanr.r. I ..n M.Clun;;. Dran M.-CnlLni ' -li. i ' aul Mi " lil. Mar ' Mn-l lilli;:an. .lark M plirr, rrn M.Mnpli.r. rilllil) IjoW : IIUii Mo rr. loliri Mntlfirr, Jnnii)r Mnn on. l,rMi» l fr-,. I ' alncia h.r , l.ila i(h. ls, Jiini- i.lav. U..I..H ( )nil.r. I.ilm l ' .ll..n, llan.l.l l ' i|. T. H )l Kill Hi » : llar.,1.1 I ,.L1.. lean I ' .iM.ll. ir;;,ne Hahri;;, lian -.-I.T. W .Mulill K.ITn.-r, ll»Tl l{h.,a.l, CaKin l{„l,rrls. Carl KouM-. ;l ,Ul, [{.•».: MaxiiH ' Kn. ' lili ' . I ' II ' I ' ll ROW: W ilLnr Si-liauf ' t ' llMT ' rr, Kolirrl SohlijsMT, Hralrii-i Srrnlrll»arli, Kill Shiriilan, Jim Sheward. Carl .SliilT, lli-li-n Slniilcr, , aMi Slin|M-. Mar SialiT, Clinl.Hi Sniilli. SIX ' I ' ll lidW : Don Sniilli, Mailonna Sniilli. Husm-II Snnlli, l ' li%llis Sninlhcrs, Miriam Snavciv, Wrllon SnaM ' U, l{ralri " i Siilis, Haymonil Si)n(l T, K. ' Spi-ilinan. Si; lA I ' ll l{l) : Ku ' :i ' ni ' Icvcnson, Satii Srijip. W ilda Sli»nr. Durri-n Sl.Min ' i ' r. Don Siir " I.coiiani ' I ' lii-irv. (;t ' raM riininas. MarN I ' lioma- ' . Ilcli-n W a ii.r. Illi.l W ani. IK.IIIII li( l : ( :harl(- W arriiij;l. n, Jim W liiLinaii, Mar W i.k.rl, Jmnor ilr.i , Marjoric illulrn, John ftollarlli, Jnni- W imilirliii, mialii ' ll ' yli-y, Millon Gorier. Jim oiin ' (oii. illj lra»n J opk ophotnore T 43 mskvi%en — Jim lliiiilt-r. Mri lirnncll. Helen arnrr. I ' M l ' «TkiTi . I.rmiard .larkson. FIRST KO)X : Sjiiiiiiel AiiraiiH, Carohii Baker. Dtiiinu itaker. Marj irie Baker, (mis Bali at, joliii Basehore. Belly Buiiman. Ronald Berry. Mel Beiineri. I) »ri Berlin ' hoff. Belly Brant. Leia Brirkles. SKCOM) ROW: Laura Bronitile . Callierine Bulku «ski. Maxiiie Biirrlitield. Berlin Biiri:liurh« ' r. Aliee Biirkliarl. Rulli Biirkliarl. lar;:arel ( iarler. larv (!askie. Doris ]ar- tilH-huel. Paiitinr (]liili-ole. Ivatline (looper. Ilurolil I aiiteriiKiri. TMIRI) ROW: I iiatie Davis. Jav Davih. Liieille Davis. Ri -har l Davis. Doiiiia DeiU ' t, lleiir Deiler, Bealrire Del;. ' ailo. Ilellr Delj ado. ornia Mchelharjier. Norman l ehelltar ' er. Mire Knianiiek Kli reiice Kineriiie. KOIRTII ROW : Waller Keisel. Rolu-rl Florca. Charles Konl. Bill Korjrel, Aliee I ' osier. C.iral Touts. Ilaruld Kruiiec. Joyee Frederick. Ksllier (iaie. Aliee tiroj; ;, Mililred (Froniaii, lamina llaase. FIFTH ROW: iMi ene Mall. Clyde Maiiinier. Fssio Ilaiiipshire. Charles llaiiey, Fretleriek llanley. June Harding. elm a llarrold. Marjorv llarlsel. Mar Marlsel. ale llatlield. Clara Haves, Karl HayneH. SIXTH ROW: Uahelle Haynes. f harle Ha lell. Paul Helm . Dale Hendrieks. Jean- iielle Hevener, Kiijrene Hilver .. Faid Hiner. llddie 1 1 ilehr... k. B.I1 Holdeii. Joan Honker. Marjory HufTtird. 44 FIKST KOW : Dnra IIumiImtI. Doris Iliiinlierl. Jim lliiiiter, Nina Huston. JoaniK ' lliilli, Lconanl Jarkson, Ih ' lrii Juliii oii, ' riH liiia Jinx ' s, (lliarles Joseph, Jim kahel , (!liffor l k ' cklcr. l- ' rank Kelley. SKCONI) ROW: Jaiiu-s Kin -. Alden Kinj. ' ery. 11imi Ktii;.-!.!, Marilyn kiirppcr. Hill Kurtz. Audrey l.ainliri;. ' lil. [ al I,ain|i)iear. I ' luooil Lee. Jimmy l.ihiiy. Junior l.thlty, Dorothy iJnd, June Lusk. rill KD H) : HaroM Mai.erke. Marilyn Manslield, Marjiaret Marlin. Itelly Marxen. Belly Men;:. Mire Millmrn, Donald Miller. Koherl MeGahey, Georj ia Mr Null LaDonna Moller. IJetly Moody. Jane Moots. FOl KTH KOW : Betty M .rel. Junior Morel, Marv Morford. Hohert Morrison, Lois Mvers, (iene Newell, Lneille Newhonse, lt d erl .Niswander, Janet O ' Brien. Coleen Oppermun. Kleanor Painter. Millieenl Paslorius. KIFTIi HOVl : Arlen e Payne, Ldward Perkins. Nadine Peruudl, Donnahclle Pt?lers, (ieorj e Peyton, (ilareni-e Pii-kell, Koseniary Poller , Ann Prenlite. Vi alter Keffner. (ilenn Heinhard. John Reitdiard. SIXTH KOVi : Joyee Rens ' h. Domia Bineharl. Howard Bohy, . ndrew Salrlansky, Alfred Seheirlliauer, Geraldine Selndlz. Ki ' x Sehwali. Dorolln ' Srott, Jo Ann Scott, Gerald Sendelhaeh, Howard Sendell)aih. Donalrl Sheriek. SL KM ' H HOVi : Belle Slater, Weslyn Suavely, Bealrire Snyder, Charles Snvder. (ileun Soloman, I ' .dward Si uder, Harrv Slephenson, Dale Sloddard, Harold Struble. Ruhy Talmadjre, Norman Tyson. Roherl Warner. KIGHTH KO% : Helen % arm-r. Junior Vt eiker. ir iinia W elsrh. Koherl en I. Kulh ellierill. Marvelyn W illiauis. Forrest Wilson. Harvev Wolfarth, Jack oodlan l. Warren W underlin, Lu rene Yoder, I orolhv Zcllcr. ' illidraun O o a A 11 ntnen 45 On - Vrlma AIIihoii Jran AiidcrHuii Miirilvii AiikI " Mil AnKle l ' „iru,« Harlr K.ll ll..rr.r.K.r lli.k ll. ' .r.. Jjiii Kogcr BuoiiierHliini! ForfBi U i8tic L niiH ItouchFr Iloy.l iriiiiun llruliukrr « illiiiiii Ciilliaiiii (irnt- ( iirrrl Hill l.liiirlr. Kollt-n CniipiT 1) ...hI.I (:.,|,pl, ' r j,..,-i :„|,-,-, IIC ' I... Cu.lMI. (irr.ihl Davi. Mu Kll.n l)..vriim.r D.ikir H.lll,,-;. l).-.k.r Kult ' ifia Diiran I ' rttriciu Dye inli-t Eminon Oirk l- ' a.t KniiK-lli r »iit ' Dal. ' K. rl.. ' .« ll.ill I ' nx D..rl. ' . ;..r.l... ' r ll, ' r..ii.. i; lal. ' Il.irr. ;rav.-» K..l..rl i.reiiti Myr.... Hall Warr.-.. Ilarri. Il.r! Ilalli. ' l.l M. ' l.v Ha. ll„rolh. H..II..r.l . ' liiia II.I..I irK...ia ll.iMt ll. ' l. ' i. H..i l.i....... I,. ' II... J.. I. ........ nill.. ' J..h....... I).... )vah. ' . l.a. ' l. K.lna Kcyc» Alice Krosslcr Jam.-M L.- ( (;i .l.- l..-i.lz ir.iii.ia I.ewia J...k M.Cl.llai. 11.11. M.i;i...i« l . ' l.,r. ' - M ' (:i.ll...iKli l!.|l Ja.ii- (;i..r.a M,.rKa.. J. aii M.iiiiiiia Ju»i..r M.iii l. rf Mvi-r.» I.....II • Ni. " r J«. N.i-. ' r ll.l... N.. ' J.. ..... ' O ' llr.. ' .. Ja. ' lc IVrkiii. Marj.iri.- T.-l.Tn Jiinii.r l ' i. ' k. ' ii lli ' tl. I ' i.iltrr « 9t It a 46 li.l H. ' Ja..i.. H.-....1i Carl llli.,.l. ' llarl.ari. Dili. S.lil...»rr Hill .Slii-rl. Sl.iir M .r Sl.ill Siiiill. Matiiii- Siiiith Di. ' k SiiilliT Sli.KK.T M.irKar.-l Tarri " Cliira lali- |-|..r.-.i..- Ilii.iiia. Ileral.l 11.... .i llrilv Walli-r.. Ilarr. Will. Hill Wr.irrl I Mar. «il...« l .. ' «riKli I ' .l.arlr. «. Dri.lia .aKcr Qiti iM MU A ?• [-i u m » ? f- mBB. MEU mm nnsm l ..ri - llaki-r Itiilli llari.l.l llarrhiis a llarchu ' I ' li.ll.. Ilr.i.i.ii jirii,... It...l Ell.. ' ri II. .1.11.- Ilarl...ra lli.l Kall.r.n Kra.lner J. in.- Hran.lrl.i.rry llrlr.i llri.mblry nelt) Bri.iiHOii nn Clark l-ai.linr r.lark lla..ii...i.l Clark Cl,nf..r.l Cockie Slanli-. Craiiii-r l.iii- Criiwrll K.»lii-rl Crrii-r Di... ' r I l.arl. ' . Ili-itaii l .r .ll.. D,- .,r. ' Ja.i.- D.i-k.-n Cla.K.n I ..ll Hi. I. h. ' i.. l Di.nal.l KcrfEUHnn J,-an Key Euiiene Ki.lier llarl.ara Fruth Hell. Frv ll.el.„a Fuller Jaik Ganuway Diiiial.t (Greenwood Glen Groves Kiehiir.1 Groves Harolil Griiber ll. . ' katl...rn Mar. I....ii.e Ileiiixe Di-ll.i-rl Horner IL.ukI. I)..ri. h.Ui.. J...k.. n J.,l.„ J...-..I.V t;l. ' nii Johnson Cl.arle. k.M.l.le CU.Ie kin.l.le K..l.erl Kno»le Cl.arlolle Kramer I.vlle Ji.n Ma.l.le.. Ja.i.. ' - Mall Flh.-I M ke MeD. nel Helly MelVek Jea.i Mrl ' lierson William Miller ll..war.l M..-r- Ivan Wa.l.e Hi. I. Niereschcr II..I.i-rt Uiiii Janet I ' aiie VlleKra I as.)ualelli Ha m..i)il I ' eret lone H..11.. Jane! IVei Onainlanee Krn..eil. K.-inharil liar. .1.1 H.ll.-r Vlill.ji.. al.lan.kv larl va.n|....n llar..1.l Sa lon J.ian Sh.inian Jiminie Silf.en Diek Sni.lh KriieHl Sinilli Klaiiie Slaller G..r.l..n SL.nlTer lli.ll. Jaek S»il,iT Helly liilil Gn-elliain ' I ' welU I ' lxllis o|Iel Glenn « alker iminia « illiani. Hariil.l Winn H..I. W ..Ife J.inn.r W ..n.ler. Ilerl..rl ..unji Mar. I ' erei W illidruMn Elliot iuliT Il. ' lriu ' K,i .nt llrlrii Itnl.ul U,.l,.rl„l I., ' I n Ilia).. ' Arlhi.r ll..».r Krii. ' -t llr.x.kiii.iii (;.-m- Iliir, hfi.l.l llrllt ll.jrklu.rl lm.»:. ' iir IliilUr Kiilh CarniirlKu ' l Ki( ' liiir l l)a i l ' n»i ' ilhi l . ' fU.aii|ih l) .r..lli I). ' „l.l,- Val Di.l.r l).an Dillirv AlWrla Ma.- Dif.,..!- liofT.r Alin ' Riich Dnun Virginia KIsfa I-Mwartl English La Donna Krm.lrl William Killliiirt Ilai. ' l Krank. Kr.-,-t liarv Hr. ' ii. ' li l ' :il. ' . ' n Fnilh lli. ' liar.l (;.....! ' j ' " a " n ' (ir.?vr. n ill. or Hall |)..nna II .rll.v llru. ' . ' Ilaxl. ' ll SiarliiiK Ilavnr.. n.uinl.l Ilayno. (:.,ll. ' . ' n All..- ll. ll.-nHt.-iii Ja.-.|,i.l,., ll.,u».T J.,an.i. ' llulTmun Di.-k Jarrar.l llarhara Ionr Cli.-irlr« Jonc. Elinor Jordan liuby Kimblr Marv Kinii Cl.arl.-. K...-HI.T i)..l..r. ' « K..| f Orville l,vn.-li Itoli.TI Mar.iuardt All.-n Marriolt VirKinia Manrrr Catlu-rin.- M.-.ll.-y jun.- t.Tm-inliuler K. ' nn. ' lh MilLr Diian. ' MolLr Eloanor Munu.r . Kirhar.l Miil. ' r l)..r.nli My.T« Krnn.-lli Myera Dotty Oppcrnian Bevon I ' aintor Hohon rVvton liaymon.l I ' iikcnn Garland Ka.l.r Wanda l a l . n..l.l. Ail. ' . ' .i Kill.r Harold .S .rl Hrrnian S.-.d l ' l.ylli S. ' n.l(dl.a l t:,:,ru,- Shank [■atriria Shirk Hob Slu ' . ' l. Janir.- ShnmakiT Arlcni ' Shuman Dale Smith Irrnp Smith Jimmy Smith Mona Smith " Kaliih Slahl Slatbr Elton Strininan Robi-rl Sli-vi-iiB Joan Wannrr J... W alLTinir.- Eiiit.-nr Jaik Watt. Ruth Williama Barbara Yodpr mtmmm. " f BBWt WM 1PM ,n ' i . i iwj l . ' Will. ' Marlon L..I. ll.-nii.H llarvi ' v B.-nllv Katliryn B.lli. I I., nn Dri. kl.-. I ' l.ilh. Ilr.i.k IM.I..1. Ilr...wi Ja.k Br.ibak.r Harold Caaki. ' Corrina Chapman Willard Coo|i. r CbarlcB Cniijilcr EoB.n.- I),- .,r.- K..l n I). X.,r.- l ..Mal.l Dil.h ' Marcar.l Dibb- ll. b.rt I)ra Donna Dull Flort-nrc Earl Dolore. Earlie I ' a.ib. l-lore. K.mal.l Korbc»» .l. n.-H Form?v D.inabl Fran.-. ' Howl (;al.- I ' .itriria (;arv hio.i- Mari.- Cilloni Hoberl Coid.. I Jim Ilanini.r D.rnar.l llanl.v Miriam Mard.n B.MIV llarbr Wanda llend.-raon La onni- H.nlin.- Beltv llinry Marilyn IKrrig llar.dd IIiMil Ah.ri.i. Il.ii.diins D.a J., lliii.binii I ' bad. ' .iB Ja.;ka.,n Joan Kecklcr Marilyn Ki.efor I. mill. ' K. ' . ' t.m K.itb K. ' .t.m J.annino Lano Kv. ' hn Find Sally Lnndbrrii Marpi.r Liiak Rov Mi ' Cb ' llan Chaiin. ' i. ' M. ' Iiilvrc N ' .irma M. ' Ka D.d..r. ' Harold Moor. ' D. ris Moot« Bertha Morfor.l Franri ' s Mullh..lan.l Willar.l M . ' ri• Ki.bard Nii ' r, ' .c ' hcr B. ' tty M.lay Norma Niawandi.r I ' lu ' lma Piokctt Rob.ri I ' r. ' l.l, ' ttilliam I ' r. ' blr V.rB.oia I ' ritcbard F ar.l U,m-l J... ' Hill Savior Jack Srhwab Leslie Sheridan Laura Sheriek Charb. Sho»alter Bell Jo Shirk t.harlotte Slater Hiehar.l Slater Ardith Smith Carn.ll Smith Sii .ann. ' S, her. Beverly S.mnrr. Joan Sprout Paul Stagger Tboma- S|. ' ven»..n Ira 1. Marj..ri. ' I la K..) alenli Robert Weoka Lorain W eiker Keith Weiherill Paul nilliani Riebar.l iegler (ierald Znern t u NO On 47 Berl TTanlfV. janilor: Charles Harris, en»;ineer; Harold Swil- zer and Troy Rantieler, janitors. I amlenance Till- iintiriii ' ; efforts of our inaiiitcnaiice lieu lia r indrnl aildi ' d lo tin- charm and bi ' aut of this school. X illiin ihrsc walls, spacious icirridors aii l iiicMJcru ciassrooms ki(|i llii- lustre and clcaidincss that mark a school ol the first degree. The well-heated rooni . oilnl floors, anil varnisheil ilisks i;i i ' suhslance to the idea that our huilding is a fortress of learnin :. On the outside i a liraulifullx landsi ' aped rain|ius. To those who kee|) our school in such cjocmI condition c owe a great deht ol Kralitndi ' . 48 Athletics THE atliktic (Icpailiiiiiil i l Fosloria High School has not onlystrived for surcessfuhiess in athletics, but for the betterment of the individuals in such wavs as the plusieal de (•l(i[ nient of the body, the abililv to follow orders, and the promotion of cooperation. In an indirect way. the whole student bodv takes part in the athletic system of our school. As spectators from the side- lines the have made our school noted for its courtesy towards visitors. The students ha c not onK shown the pep and spirit that push the team on to victory, but also an ability to take defeat in stride and to congratulate the winners. Our school can well be proud of these qualities. So, orchids to the athletic department and the young men who have helped our school ' s good name this season. y t ' m FINDLAY i Z DOWN FOSTORIA I I O YDS TO TIME I i 4 QUARTER . ' SKT footb all (!i)arli I). . TiiiImn is a {jradiiate 111 il Icniiirf; I iilM ' rsit where he leil ail emiahli- record in loiilliall. Stressiiii;. for ihe iiiosi pari, straight fdothalL he is an aihoiale ol the single-wiiii; Iciriiialion. " Ike " has |)ro(lnee i teams ol which the school can well 1m |iroii(l. ssislaiit ( lach Lewis is a grail uale ol Miami Lniversitv where he was well known as a I ' oothall player. He is a goDil hai ' klielil coach and a pal li iMr Im on the squad. alllioii " h III- i a hard ilrix er. " Iki: " TKl BKV i w (;i-:rs and i k im:k I I KM KllW: link l..i|M.I. -. Itill Cliarli-. .hlik LiCiiiili-. si;(:(iM) l C( : Mr. Siiu.1%. Hull Ciikii-. Dale ll. ' Miic ' ll. Ilill Kinl . Mr. Mm.ii. •ST.VN " LKW IS AssU C.wich (ieltini; ticket salesinen for games, arranginj; lor trips, and supervis- ing stndenl managers are a few of the johs of j ' acnltN Manager . . i oM. I hese have hcell done e ceptionall well. Much of the Mlcies of ihe team nuisl he atlrilinled to " W " Sawilv lor his line joh as trainer, . ' showing his regard for the ho s h keeping iheiii in good shape was his joh. . " sneli a man is lriil an asset to aii team. The stNilenl managers ar ' the Ixns who are in charge ol the equipment and nuisl keep it in faultless shape Thev ileserM- all ihe credit hir the liin ' appearance ol the team. 51 I ' lHSf HOW: WdMii- lip II. Dfiizil Coiipler, Llovd llol.liii. Carl (.ainhri hl. i:ii;;erii- Ru M-ll. .liTfl Maur.-r. Krank Salilaii k . junior Ht-inharil. I ' hvooil ]ha|(iiian. SKCOM) HOW: ,1. C. .IchiiM.ii, H..1) liiilirr. Charles Franklin. I..,« -I1 Hren.h. Hoi. Iif;lil. Mfr.-il Bnlkowski, IVanklin. .liin Alley. TIIIHI) ROW: lunior Lee, Hob ( oe. Dale Harlley. Haul Hurf barher. Fores! Crow. James Hi ;Iey, .lames (ioekermail. u arditu oota a It ST. WENDELIN Th - R.-.lnirn opi-nr.i thr fonthall ra oM llii- rar t iM-ariii ' llu ' Si. W I ' liilrliti M lia Nks a;;ain. l»v a s( ' ire of 12 to 7, alllioii !h Si. Wen- «leliii ha l a very siroii;: leain. mo()Si;h-4rt Moitwrliarl is vcrv well known fnr ■ 111 ' rouiliall rcatns it puis oui. Kosloria rnliTrd llic ■;anir as uinlcr- ilo : iti llir niiriils of inn r of rhr fall : ImiI iukIit ihr a[ lainshi| of Jim Maurrr aiul I ' Vaiik Sal(laii ky. ( arh ' rruhey ' rt boys ended the frav uilli u viclorv of 26-6. DKFIANCi: Allium;;!! Kosloria liil iiol srore until after lialf time, the hoys ran ranijianl n er I )i-lianre to si-ore 7 |Hiint- in llie lliinl period and 12 in llie fourth for a :rand total of 1 " J lo Delianre ' s 0. BUCYRUS The mueh talkeil ' ii|i Hiir rns 11 took a soliil Irounrini; lo ihe Inne of :;:,-(). Hoi Mi-hi o| i Fos- lorias scoriiifi attack liv inlerrepl- iii : a pass in the first few minutes. TourliiloM ns uere made hv R. Mi-lil. W. Franklin. C. Fraiiklin. ami . Hnlk..wski. KKKMONT The Kretiionl eotitesi went erv deridediv in (he fa or of H isloria. ' l ' ourhdr)U ns uere inaih ' li Ii;:hl. ut tallied 2: :ha|Mtian. ' I: Itnl- kouski. I; ami .1. ( !. .lolm on. 1: for u total of .i, " ) |ioiul i l- ' reniotit pit only 12 point-. I5() M (; (;ki:i: Fosloria ' s II men look the Itouliu;: Ureeti Bol eal into eauip uilhout much trouhle. l- ' oxloria rolled up 3K points utule the jtolxal- failed tu (ally a sin;:li- point. FINDI.VY rier Fostoria hail score.l a I h- (lown in the fonrlli |narler lo make the ,c-. re Ft-lL ' in fa%.,r of the Re.l- men. the HIne anil (iolil marilieil ilouii the lielil for another tally to make the seore I8-I. ' i in faxor of Finillav. I.I I sol Til llhouL ' h hadlv ouI M-i;ihed h the hea Lima Soutli team, the Ked- men cMitpla ed Lima at almost e er turn. The nii hlv arm of Itoh li;:ht i)roveil a jireal asset to V. II. S. itM ' ause he eompleted (» out of II . The Kediiien oid tallied 7 points lull kept Lima from nellin;: a sin rle point. JIMOK llOMi; .Imiior Nome j:ave the Kedmeii their hrsi defeat of the reason hy a -score of I I-O. TIFFIN COM Mid In a erv tit:lil ipieeze. the lu-. toria II fou;:ht out a hard virlor o er Titlin ( !oluudiian to the turn of 11-12. a tu- Henm-tl u a- the hero of the •xanie Imn-uum ' of hi expert l ev ork for points after touehdoutw. 52 football cU etL eVWien cu-i. roukkt Mi ;in CIIAUr.KS I KWKI.IN GLKNN HKIMIARD FRWk SM.DM Sk LOW 1.1.1. I ri:n(;h • ' Wlir KRANKLrN .MM MAIRER JAMKS Hl(;i.K CAKi. i. Mii i(;iri ij.o I) ii()i,i)i: i;i,tt(«ii) (11 M ' i v DAI.K IIAHTLEY KORKST CKdVl I)|;N II. Cdl ' I ' I.KR Ki (;i; K m sski.i. aii aJ ett e men DICK ClidW K J. C. JOHNSON WAYNE BENNKTT M.FKKI) HI I.KOWSkI JIM M.I.KV iim! " -? . esen e FIRST ROW: J. Wliiliiiaii. 1). McCill.m h. J. Florea, J. Kirk, D. (;illilaiiil, B. Iliitrliins, J. Beeson. SECOND ROW: H. RussrII. J. Biir(;l.a.ll(r. B. kirk, H. Piper, C. Rouse, C. lleckaChorne. J. Moinpher. THIRD ROW: J. Munson, L. Tlieiry. J. Wolfarlli, II. Rouse, C. Roberts, M. Bennett, i ' .. Church. Hieiic h The incmhtTs of the llilftic Boaril are not so well known as the players and the coache.i. They shoiilil be given some credit for our fine showing in athletics this year. llir in ' ti who make this hoaril are Coach Dwight Trnbey. . W . Nixon, Kaeiilt Managi ' r. IVineipal . I. llauk. . ' ii| l. II. I.. I ' ord, Treasurer (J. I). kiic|p|ier. atiil li. J. Carter, niein- ber of till ' Koarii of Kiliieation. Tliev are the ones who ilireii athletics from the backgroimd ami lr to keep the school ' s good natiie in heiiig. 56 football Jr. Order . . . . 12 Fosloria . Arcadia Fostoria •1 fVfinoiil . . . . 12 Fostoria . Viayiif 1.? Fostoria . I ' iniii (!i luii]lii;iii Fostoria 1 Mr. I.cwis reserve loolball scjiiad did vir well tins ear considering ihc I ' diii- [letition tlie ran into. One of the liigli- lifjlits of tile year was the no-score ileadlock with the Arcadia varsity eleven. (Ljoam FIR.ST KdW: Mr. Win. I. Ilauk. Ir. I). W. In. Lev, Mr. II. I,. I ' SKCOM) ROW: Mr. ;. I). Kiie, |,.r, Mr. W. W. Nixon. Mr. It. .1. Carter. 57 Jim fniiiysloii. Junior Lee, Ivan Iaurer. HoK Mijihi. Ku;:ene Kussell. Ilarrv Sniilh. Hnh Iriilier. W ih " Franklin. Carl Kmihe, Frank Kirian. liASKKTBALL SCORES Though not winning a great numhcr of liaii ' Teams Opf}. h ' .H.S. games this year, the varsitv repeatedly Dec. 0— Springfield 30 l. pla e(l close, fast games and sometimes 10 -Defiance 4,-, 3r. onlv lost bv 1 point. Much to oiir satls- 13 -L ' pper Sandusky. . 2 For. 17- Lima Central.. ' 3(. 32 faction, and theirs, they won the city 20-Bo« ling Green .36 32 championship from St. W endeHn by 21 — Itiicyru8 . 7 10 ' ' playing some of the best games of the Jan. 3 — Fremont 53 3.S " 7-Sl. Wen.lelin M 46 . « " a ' " - Throughout all the games the 10— Finiilay 41 19 boys pla cd fairly good ball and liild 17— Jr. Order 29 32 I 1 1 .1 r . i- ,, -,.„, „, ,„ and showed the hue sporlsinanslii| 24 — I mm 26 22 ' ' 31— Fremonl 4.5 20 which has been eyident in Kostoria Feb. 7-Findlay 37 27 High ' s inlerscholastic competition of 11 St. Wendeliu .S7 U the past years. 14 — Bowling Green. 29 23 17— St. Wendelin 20 31 ' " • " nc t tradition, the Redmen played 2 J ' ' - Order .30 27 each same vigorously until the final 28— Tiffin 40 19 ,.., ' . gun, playing and hojiing to add pomts DISTRICT TOURNAMENT f„ .1, ;. 1 . I , .i i e to their lead or to assure themseues of Lima .South 43 31 a victory or close defeat. 59 FRANK KIKI i Dasketbali llMilC SMITH ■ Hi ■ I UWM.IN (MT. null Mi ;nr GKNK lUSSKLI. cU etL ei men i;i ' i:n M III rVAN MALRER i: (:ii n(ii.ri;s f e6erue (l aikeWall By their preliminary games, many reserve teams tend to keep the spectators and varsity learns in spirit when the varsity isn ' t having a very successful vcar and our own papooses deserve a hand in this cr ihing. Tlic K. H. S. papooses had tin- spectators on their fi-i ' l many a time in manv a game this year and fmishcii as the winners. thcrch keeping I lie people in spirits and giving ihein ronliilciu c lor the next game. Coach NoniiaiHl Jones FIRST ROW: II. I)avi . .1 Haldetnan, 11. Harrinfier. 1) Deer, D. Feisel, S. Slipp, SECOND ROW: C. Coikie C. Sampson, J. Youn . ' toii B. Iniber, C. Rouse. it sKiri! i,i. scuKi ' s IhlU ' Irums ' V ' ' - nec. fi - S|iiin ' iiclil no j; III Dclian.-e 29 ' I pp»T .Saniliisky.. . ,31 17— l.niia C.iilral 29 20— Ho«liiiL ' (irecn 34 27- Hni-v " 16 Jan. 3 — Fremont 59 7— Si. Wenilelin 2h 10— Fimllav 35 17— Jr. Order 15 24-Timii 22 31 l " 29 1. ' !,. 7 lnulla 21 I I Si. Wrnili-lin 29 I I lto lin i;r I .36 17 Si. Wen.lillii 37 21 Jr. Or.l.r 2f. 28— Tiniii . .10 I .U.S. .11111 ' 30 31 22 36 25 29 35 30 27 21 19 23 23 31 26 2. ' ' . IK 62 L keeneaders SKMOK men CIIIKKI.KVDERS Kal. Uiirkl.y, ( ;.vi-r. laxinc Sff;ner, % ilt»iir inlrr- mi I ' rciUiif. liiMly l I . Norma Eehelharj er, MiMrctI (rroinail, Florpiirp Thomas, llrlly MrfMuiij:, ir ' inia ,| liulh W.llii-rill. .11 Muli CIIKI.HI.IvMJKKS es iimor J iak ti eUc6 riKSI ' ROft: Jack VI ...HiiarMi, Cly.l.- Mamni.T. Hill Forj;.-!, Dale- Slinlilanl, Junior Pickens. GIfnii Riiu ' liard. Hill VI ,-sterlciiiil. Boh Currier. SKCOM) HOW: llarolil Franie. Diik Siiiill), ) illiaiii Saldaiisky. Ronald Barry. ISornian Tyeon, Jim I ibhey. Boli Klorea, Jake Sen.lelbaoh. THIRD ROW: Coral Fouls, Jim LeConite. Eugene Vi arrin ;ton, Kdward English, Ernest Smith, Harold (rruher. Bill Barringer. FOFH ' lll ROW; Mr. Nor- man Wieks, Donald Ferguson, Flovtl Gale, Kenneth Rinehard, Clifford Corkie, Mr. Lester an Saul. Huskt ' tlmll FFRST ROW: Bill Barringer. Ja.k Perkins, Junior I irkens. Alihie Shiff. SECOND ROW : Dale Stoddard. Jack Woodland, Clyde Hanimer, Mel Ben- nett, John Hase hore. THIRD ROW: Harolil France, Boh fiurrier. Paul Hiser, Jim Hunter, Jake .Sendelhach, Harokl (iruber. Coach Lester an San I. Mr. all Saul was coarli in Kisiiij;siiii liilori- coming to Fostoria. illi wlial in- has laiiglit them the foolhall papoose.s expect lo go places next ear, e en llinugli tlie did have toiitfti hiek this ear. Oel. 18 lMiidla Oct. 26 BowMiig Green. Nov. 2 . . I- rciuoiil .12-0 lost 0-0 tied l.i-r. lost Phe haski ' lliall liiiiriiaiiieiit liild here Mareli I and .5 was won hv the papooses of Fostoria High. Hals off to Coach an .Saul and ihc Icaiii lor llicir fine show itig. 12 Dale I-. o. - :i-t(i N. Ualliinore here -W 21 I.S - ()-K) ' nilin Jr. High here -1. ' ) i:» -in-n I ' rcinoril here -W 21 IH -20-1(1 N. |{:iltini rc here -W 1. " . 10 -21i-ll I ' Indlas here -1. 20 2. ' . -:il-ll liow ling (ircrii here -1. 2.i 21 - l-ll ■j ' illin Jr. Order here -1. l l .!2 - 7-11 l!i « ling (Jreen here -W .(2 20 -11-11 1 iiidlav here -1. l ) .{T -11-11 Irlliri Ir. High here -1. z: :r -21-11 Tilliri .Ir. Order here -W 12 ) 64 Music WHEN Longfollo« wroh- llic quo- tation. " Music is tlic- iiiiiviTsal language of iiiaiikiiul. ' lie spokr a liMlli ihal has iirvcr hccii (liiijlilcil. I ' Afii lieloro (llirisl ' s hirlli, singing and playing aliiiity was very great. Mans liislorical facts have hern hanilcd iloHii llirougli the various lyrics and ballads. The livilizalion il tmlas liscs ami thrives on music, both classical and popular. There is music for every mood: sadness, war. weddings, happiness, and death. Music is a part of oneself. illioul music one is figuratively dead. As a result, music is necessariK a pari ol school, which is part of life itself. 66 J. I nilP ' iAvyien taini ViSiC IK. A. JERD I{ YM;SS. Din.tor Kiiicr ;iiig lliis year for llir lir l liiiii ' «iic Iwd (lislinil orpanizations: llir lilllr iii|ilii n ori ' lii ' slra anil tin- Iiaskrlliall IiuikI. The little syiii|)li m made the riiiiiiiis of the i;ra(le schools to show the Youngsters how the (lifferinl instru- ments are plaved {which end to blow in. what to press down or to push and pull, and the moans and groans that emerge from the bell when the preceding directions are followed). The liaskelball band addi-d lo lln- 1 11 col I he crowd in addition to the task of lilling ihi ' i llc niiiiuli ' S belweeii periijds and games. Director Bavless " pasi record pro cs that he is an accomplished lingerer of the gobstick (clarinet lo ou). This should be a dclinilc asset to llie wood-wind section, who Iki c iitth- expe- rience in ihc looting ol ihcir horns. The signs of a dance band, which has been missing from the s4 " bool lor some lime. showi d promise ibis ear. The bo s backing ibis much- necdi ' d movement, which adds lo ihc experience of each and evcrv inili iilual parlakiiig in it. lcser e a ebinik of misused ra.siii. a bottle of 3-in-one oil. a spitoon and a ballered pigskin for ibeir efforts. We trust that such an organization will, in I be near future, furnish music for the brawls ami balls in " oim- dear olc Mnia Mater. " ' DRUM MAJORS: I) iii Siiiilh Miirjiirir ( :;il[( ' nilur Mrlviii Wi ' llieriil 67 LJrcnedra -Jand 68 €0 4 it €».sir4t ' ' rs » « f « iittnti »r ' .voM f Maxitie Sej ner I )iiiina I larrisoii l inlcll Kiu ' |»[»er Miir art ' l Slcvens l ' !llt-ii ( !raiiit r ralriria WaMi Charles llazlcll Bruce Hazlett VKH.IX II Itill Mien Marj arel (iarlcr Miriam Siiaveh ' Dontia (rihat Dim Danner tin I ' reiilire lltlt-11 lliilrhin oti J.MM Mrr .Milhal.T lOLA Jaiiel Ju - )bs Jeuiine Wendel Mary Heinze CELLO Jaiiu ' H Tiiiianu FraiM ' cs Snuvelv JfuriiK ' Hc llevoner .liiMc l{rariclt ' lierr Tttin Hoiiser .Idliii Suavely BASS I ' llil KrulMkrr Veriiuii Itakt ' r Lcla lloslie Betty Cooper Sam Grojji; Marjorie Baker KLITKS Bic-liaril Lupidos JaiiM ' s Hunter CLAKINKTS Howaril Ivers Kriiesl Ttionipsoii {;i.-iiii w jik,T KBOh, MaroM I )aiih-riiKili BASSOON Neil RanjieliT Jack I ' eck I KL MPKT Hex Kidge Nurmaii Marxen I )elores (rallant IIOKNS MeM,. Wellnrill I ) li las rw4-lls Betty l ouelsoii laiirire Seiple IliDMBoM ' . Bill l Daniel Don lii-naw l). ii BorMn(;lir TVMI ' AM I )oii Smith I ' lvRCt SSION Boh Bri ! :s Junior l.ihhv llov.ani Calleinlar CI.MilNF.TS llouarti lyer8 (ileiMi % alker I ' lniest Thompson iliarles Koesler Ho :er Hill l n;:ene Fisher Bill Clore Biiharil Beers Boherl h(;alie Jinnnv Hanover Fllon Sleinnian llerherl Venser Kileen Watts Boherl Dray Bel lie Talherl (ieorgianna Solomon OBOE Harold Daiiterman ItASSOONS cil Kaiigclcr .lark IVck LT( SWOIMIOM-: Mike I ' apiKi . Paul Mi-hl [• ' .iif riic Slalil Jark Itruliakrr TKNOll SA (HMI( M: I )alr I larrison BARITONE SAXOPHONE Don Ktehen BASS SAXOPHONE James Nnsser ELITES Jami ' s Hunter Th niias (iray Jimior Won.ier Man Kni;;hl i ' i;b(.i ssion Don Smith Boh Bri ' t:s Ihnvarfl (.!alleutlar Boh East Bill Allen sri{l (; BASS ernon Baker Bettv (lonper Leta Bostie CORM ' .TS Rex Riil ' e Norman Marxen Delores (rallant Betty MePeek BohStruhle Howard Stajjigers TRl MPETS I )ale Bourie Boherl Nierscher Boherl Stevens ShilT IIOBNS Mehin Wetherill I )ouj:las rvvells Bett Pouelson Iauriee Seiple TBOMBONFS Bill MeDaniel Don Berea s Don Borou;;hr John Halileman llaroM WiuK B l{l TONES JaiiH ' s ' I ' iiiiaiiiis ' I ' om llouf-iT .|iriiin Kii-lianls II lUS Sam (fTo;; IMiil Itnihakrr h.ufirnc Sl( ' veii8 l ' !url (riiskalla Kriinrlli Maiilev OKI I MAJORS Don Smith Marjorif lalleriilar MrKin W.-llirrill 69 Driiin.: Ii .l. Fast. FIK r now : Miriam Snav.-ly, Pal W al li. Mar ' ar.-l Carler. Hill Ml.... Don DaiituT. Margaret SU ' vrii . Ivailcll Kiiepper. Donna Jean Harrison. 1 1X111.- S.-ii.r SICOM) K(l : Raii .l..r. Di.k l.api.l..-. Kriicst lli..iii|.-..n. ll..i ani N.r-. N..rMiail Marx.ii. R.X Riclce. Hill M.Daniel, M.Kin W .llierill. Jam.-.-. Timaim .. riMKD ROW: Smilli. irnon Hak.-r. Phil Unihaker. ' I iimpnonu CIIOKI -. I ' l RSUWKI. FIRST KOW: Sopranos M. Perkins. 1). Tiirn.r. L. Davis, D. Ro«e. J. Sowers, I!. Soles. l. 1illisan. Tenors . SnaveN. R. Hill. 1. .Seiiil.-. I). Keisel. J. W ileox. Hnssi ' s — n. Sniilll. C Sliilt. . Coppiis. J. Itasin;:er. J. Ilalliauav. li. Slieri.lan. ltus II. n.l T-. n. L. 1). Si. .111. N. Smilli. It. Keefer. M. Se- ner. N. Slni[H ' . I.. Lee. I.. l..mL ' a.Te. L. Rolhenlmliler. M. Sniilli. SKCOM) liOW : Sofiranos I. (Jr.ives. W . (iever. . ( r.-«-n(iel.l. M. Riiehle. k. Sniilll. M, l..-e. . (:.. rell. 7 ' :.|.. . Rlioa.l.-s. (;. Ilioinas. J. ( liaii.ll.-r. J. Timanu-. Itossrs . W.hhU. D. Si il er. W . Denni-. 1)., C. Muell. D. R.-.-.l. Itlos 1). Slaiiil.auL-li. . Cr.-eL ' .T. J. I.aiiiliri;;lil. . (;.»mI- ale. . Raulieii.ill. I). Saiiler. li. (:.Mi|..r. .1. 0 ler. M. Davis, J. Ilouslon, I. Coplev. IIIIRD ROW: Sopranos . Slieuar.l. R, Clark. H I li..m.i-. . Willielm. I.. I.iii.l. J. Ja.■..l. . H. llal.l.-ni.ii. .-,i..r. -D. MeClini.;. D. I!r Man.-.-ke. J. I! K. S. Slipp. li. llllK- iiliaker. ( ' . Me.-katli.irne, B. . irainer. Itassi-s J. Mnnper. K. Sleveilson. J. l.edointe. J. lial.-s. P. C.M.k. I ..S K. V.-a-er. I-., liriiik. C. !.ipns. N. P.-iiii.-ll a.-.-..iiipaiii-.t ' . P. M .-r-. J. Kries.ier. M. Sli.lT. M Hill. 11. Po..riiiaii. HU R TH ROW: S„,,m;i..-. li. I...«.-. M. K.».ii-. M. Clark. II. W ai ' ii.-r. . Raliri::. P. Riilil. .1. .-m.-r. t ' rnors P. I.lielliar-er. R. Mann. P. liniliaker. R. I.enU, (i. W Itassi-s W . n.lers.iii. li. W a-zner, N. K. Mills, D. Roroiiixlif. K. Pallerson. R. Al e, C. R..ii-e. C. Clark. I-:. W ellin::. Illos D. Sl..ii(rer, D. I.. Kill-, l:. Dreiiniiii. F. Iliiiil. J. Kll.n.l.- . . t;. S..i..iii..ii. M. MeD.mel. Mtseiil from pieliir.-: Sti intims J. Sliilil.letiel.l. . . Cr.-eijer. K. Pappa-. M. Fran.-e. . Opp.riiian. 1 " . Stiiolli.-rs. Illos H. P.iuelson. li. Ixinl. D. J.ilin- -on. M. Stevens, D. De.-ker. Trnors D. ( :anter liiir . Hassi ' S I.. Fren.-li, J. Mtimplier, W. Fr.inklin, 11. Potts. 70 oca iASlC l ' ' ri) in llii- (lali- nl ils iiir( ' | lii ii. six years ago. llir vocal musii- ilcparliuenl has licrii realizing a gradual im- provenii-nl. resulting Ironi laliorioiis. serious work by till ' stiuli-nl eliorislers. To(la . our seliool is |)roiiil ol llie (!a|i|M ' lla clioir. the boys " and girls " glee eluhs. the chorus, and a hoys " (!a|i|ii ' lla ihoir. These organizations create color, atmosphere, and leeling in our productions. The nienihers of these organizations arc alwavs work- ing lor ihe iiltiuiatc goal of perfection and style. Lndcr the continued direction of allaee P. Fisher, future singers will undoublidK realize still finer things in the school choral lidd. The progress thus achieved is the result of the spontaneous and inspira- tional attitude toward music h the singers and their director. Ck orud W.-VLLACE T. FISHKR. Direcior I J 0V16 CA FrRST KOW : Sopranos Keilh W rdirrill. i;.- on I aiiiler. Kiiiiald h ' orlM-ss. Tonnny (iray. Jack Suilzcr. Klliott Anderrtori, Rjchiinl Slater. Altos Jack SrhuaK. Rirhar.l Miiler, Donal.l France. Hi -liartl i ' r ' srlir r. Dii-k Sjullcr, Carroll Smrlli. SECOND ROW: Sopr.iuo%- Myrnii Mali. Vk ayiu- Myers, HerluTt tMiser. Harvev Hfiitley. Harold Siriiiile, Ho er Hooinershiiie. Utos Harnld WiiiK. Jark Perkins. (Charles Dr ' an. (iarl .Satii|)- soii. (reralil Tlioiiipson. W il- lard Myers. illaril (hooper. Jay Davis, Carl Rlioarles. THIRD ROW: Hnssvs W il- Imr IVanklin. (. ' riioii Itaki-r. Euficnc Parierson. (iarh-r Clark. Donald IJoroii;;lir. Wdhiir iirlrrsf.n. ' W-nors ;i M. Wind.snr. Phili]. Itrii- hakcr. Cliarlc . IIeckalliorrn-. James Tim an us. XJaurirr Seiple. Rojier Hill. Ahsenl Ironi piriure: Sopiatii —Floyd (;ale. Uto I ' aid Stagger. Basa — Joe Rales. J OLr W M.LACE T. KISIIKR. )ir«- or FIRST ROW: Sernml S.iimin.iy Sylvia Crcr- " er, Vir;;inia ' illieliji. .Iiiiir .larohx. Marjnric Shcward. Mildrcil (Mark, r ' irsl Sn tmnns Kuril Clark, larv I I ' alrl.ia Uulil. Mr. I ' islii-r (diriTlorl. Si-rniiil lllii lar;;ari-l Mil)on.-l. Nciira nii l{aiil..-ii.ill. ,;«( ( . s li,i- .Inn.- Kor l. I.orclla Kiiiy. ( rur :iana Suloriinn. Lort ' lla .loliii oii. Kallilecii rajiiT. j ' Vanri ' s Muni. SI. COM) ROW: Smmrl Sn iramix Mar ariM Milli ' .in. I)circilli i ' liriifr. KallirMi Sinirli, l!ill lain- llalil.iiiaii. Ma iiic- I ' lrkins. 7 % Sniiinil-is l)i nilliea Uo«i-. .Iran Sliililil -lic-[il. iiiia (irrrnlit ' M. i.urijli- Liriil. Srttititl Mtos Maxiiir . " rjinrr. Irrur (!(i|»Ii ' . .loan () h ' r. 1ar ari-l Hill. Hprl Co..|Hr. lari lam- l).ivi . lir t lllas Don.lln Sanlrr. ll.-r,-M n.l.T . n. Mar -ar.l I ' IIIHI) I(() : li„ril„n, ' s 72 w Will.iir IVaiikliii. Ii..l, a;;ri,-r. I ' aiil C„„k. Ku ' cnt- I ' alliTs.iii. CarliT Clark. Ilii -.i- Niir- man Komi,.. Donald Itoruu dil. Will. in n.l. ' rM n. • ' .Vs 7V;n,r,s l!(.li lan,-.k.-. Ilol, Mann. IV.-d lahflliar i-r. Sriwul Trn rs (il.-nn W in.l-..r. I liilli|i Itruhakrr. Karl ainrr. .lark Itcr nn. Ilan.l.l I ' .ills. I ' OIRIII HOW; llnrlh.m-s liill Slicri laii. Carl Sliiff. Donald H.r.a«. IliissfS -Wa nr Dcnni . .lai-k LrCaHiiIr. rrnoii liakcr. irr.-,l W I . Dal.- R I. Vrw Vnors .laiiir- rinKiini . (!arl R.iIhtI . .Iiniior W ilcov, ll..rl,,.. S,.,.,n. .■ Cliarl.- Il.-.ka- lliornr. Donald MrClun;:. Matirire Seiplc, Rirliaril ( ' anierlturv, Ri . ' 4 ' r Hill. lisenl from pit-ture: Sti-tinil So tntno -Jaiiirc I ' liuT. liiirilonr Joe Rales, liass Jark Moni- i l.,-r. _yv ( appeiia L k totr vDoui f I ' 1I{.ST ROW : yirs.1 ' Iviutr J. Cliaiiilli-r. Uiisf. K. Sicvenson. Hariltmes — J. hinger, R. Sinilli. I ' .. ;lark. 1 . I ' allcrs m. (, ' . Rouse. Sprond Trnor — M. Seiple. SECOND ROW: Ursl Trimr J. liinanus. Ilassts W. Denniji, . Kooiis, I). H«irou;;lif. Iltiriltittfs R. % a ' ner. H. Ilntcliiils. Smiiid Ti-nors . X inii .)r. ,1. lii-,- I ' lllKI) ROW: hirst Tinors— . Rhoail, P. Bniliaker, K. I ' -liclliar icr. Hiirittnu ' s - . Franklin, J- Kates. P. Cook. Second Trnors— K. Oanii-r. ( ' .. Ileckalliorne. FOLIRTII ROW: I ' irsi Tmors—G. Thomas. .1. W ilrox. C. Roherls. (— D. Rwil. A. Woods, riarilones- H. .Sluriilaii. ( .. SliilT. Smmil Tenors — R. Hill. I). M.-Clnn ' . Aliscnt l ' r »tn [»i " lnrr: liinittntr I). Rrrraw. J. Ioin|ili T. FIRST ROW : First Sopranos — L. l.iiiil. It. liaMenian. J. Sliilililfficlfl. SerontI Soitronos 1. Milli an. R. Thomas, I). Roue. ( «M 1. Slevcns, . .Shupr. H. Powflson. SEC- OX I ) ROW : hirst Sopranos— Wilh.lm, R. Clark, P. Kiihl. Si ' i-ond Sojironos — K. ' t ' a;ier, .A. FonI, F. Hunt. ( «M I,, kins;, M. MiDonel, . Ranlienolt, II. ( iofiper. THIRD ROW: lirst Sopra- N l. Perkins. I . Turner, M. Srtontl Sopranos — W . (.ever. K. Sniilh, J. .1.1. (.!. . II. il.lersou. .( (OS — M Davis. I,. Rollieuhuhlcr, M. Hill. I. Copley. . lisenl f ' roMi pielure: h ' irst Sopranos A. (ireeiiiielil, J. Zeiner. Sti-otld Soprano — M, Clark. .Iltns J. Oyler, M. Se;{ner. 1). Johnson. 73 FIRST HOW: Mr. L.ilir. Ireiif (;..|.li . Maxine Sooner, Alire l- ' orcl. Pat Ruhl. Liii-ille Lillll. Dorothy Turner, Ir. Fisher. SKCf) I) ROW: Roper Hill, Vernon Haker, Phil Bru- baker, ( lenn Windsor, Wilhur Anderson, Wilhur Franklin, .lark LeComte. 0, r ttc emiia I Ira B. Wilson ' s " The Forest Prince " was pre- sented bv a oast of 70 vocal students. It was a great pleasure to hear the choir sing with orchestral accompaniment sucli familiar Tsrhai- kowski songs as " Wild and Free " (Trepak). " Sweet to Remciiihcr " (Andante Cantahile. from the Fifth S mphonv). anil manx nttmhers from " The iit-Oacker Suite " , the granil finale being " Mall In ( ttr Forest I ' riiici- " (Heroic March). The- sludiril- Mill iiiiU liu«cd llnir laletit in sitigitig utiilir lr. I i lnrV ilireitioti. Iiiil also in llic speaking and ailing siiperx i,-cd h ihr diallialir Icarliir. 1 r. I rilcr. 74 Extra-Curricular Activities T. HE extra-curricular aclivitics of the school are created to build and strengthen a ludeiil s mind so that he may have a hctler kn )« ledge ol how to cope with didicull s lualions ihal may confront him after pradualion from Fostoria High School. The activities are enough in number and sufficiently varied in purpose to give the stuilent a well rounded educa- tion other than mere hook learning; but even over and above education are the life-long friends one makes while par- ticipating in llie aclivitics. Extra-curricular aclivitics arc not onlv bcncfiiial to ihe student, but they also provide I ' nlcrlainmi ' iit for thi ' eoni- munitv and help l adverlise our com- niMiiilN i er llic slale. 1.1 ri;nAKV UKAOS FIRST ROW: I)..ri iln Decker. Mary I ' rance. Dirk La) i(li)s. Janice Cop- pus. SECOND ROW : Mr. Nacci, Ijowell French. Eti Wellin-. BUSINESS MEADS ElliSI ' HOW: Jaiiel Jacolii , Hull I ' asl, EveUii Shirk. SECOND ROVi : Evelyn Saxlon, Di»roth Saiiler, Viilhur ErankMn. Mr. Sinilli. LITERARY STAFF FIRST ROW: Cracey M aye Junes. lively nSliock. Belly kniiihl. Iletly Sinllh. liiilh lliifriiian. Riilh Elcclilner.Sl;( :oM ) ROW: Arllnir Halsal. CharlesIiahli.Dc.ii March, Freil Echclhar icr. Charles Franklin, I ' hil Itrnhaker. THIRD ROW: Boh Briggs. Joe Bales, Bill Kiitseli. i94iReJianlELclz LITERARY HEADS BUSINESS HEADS LiTEKAK i:() i inri:i; 76 nnvia ADVERTISING COMMITTEE jP r rr ADVERTISING flOMMITTEE I lUSr liO : Maxinc S» ' ;:ner. Jraii Snyder, Kalhlerii 4 ' a er, Anna .laiif Itrfiu;:li. Donna Jean IlarriMiri. I ' raiices Snave- K. lii-lly :iH.|M-r. SEC- IIM) KOVi: Kn -ene Pal- Icr-oii, .lark l,e( ' onitp. It. ill Maiiii. I ' liri ' sl Crow. (lUCI l, ri(lN COMMIIIi;!-, I liiSI ' |{() : larii- .il- 1.1. I!.ll Kaliric, Mar- Jnric (iallrtiilar. Jeanne W fn lrl. Mamie Sliiff, Kallllcen 4 ' af:er, Kalh- rMi Sniilli. SECOND H : La nnne I ee, Lyra luii ' aire. Belly Sloil- iliiril. Helen .Srhullz, Mar- jorie Sheward, Sylvia { ' ree;;er, Jeanne Knepper, Donilliy liirner. THIRD lioW : Dun ItenaM, Eu- :;.-iie Slalil, WaMir liee.l. ciRci i, ri()N (;(» i m " i ' i.K 77 1940-41 Red anl THK MCI.KLS Tin: lOl KWl.lSM CLASS FHS Newspa per Wins National Hoiioi •OSTORIA HI ' " I ' CrUiwd RED AND BLACI PAPER WINS ; ii -- JOURNAL GET, U.S. HONORS, ted Ami Black Takeaf PriM For News And Makv-L ' |i s:;oRY L. rDEii .:-; ,.: • " - jr-T ' ; ,r ., " ' ' ' ■ " •ntim Mn 1 |.ntor. iHUch 4 H to t lw4 OtfMi MM atOuM ' l «1» -M Ik xrati ' .MLtM - .- •.;- ' »l 1 CONTEST AWA School Taper, Winr_- of Ohio I riz«. H ' ln- orpd hjt Cii]umt)i:i Scholastic Prcw ;mtl Nutionul Tubernilti- sis AflMciation S NATIONAL HONORS STATE OFFICE SENDS JOURNAL ' TO COLUMBIA U. ili- W the p«p r in £ iM itoRed And Bli Prize ' " «t Um M Tdrt r nk 1. UuUn. aefaooi . . ' - vi. WfU H. FdCOsU AND BLACK- ■a™._m JOURNAL WINS TATE HONORS ■llBlack Journal f (» F ' l ' st In Contest • isored By I.B. Assn.j - ' „ " r.£t ' C F ' .Moria " Hich Schoolt l-iililication A»;irdt ' d. First Place in Nc - SUiry Competition « riicle About Tuher tulosi -Ka txan- inaliunN ticis ( its- t ' OII KKI AM» m.A(K (.KTSTII AWARn ■ L H W ' r KIKST COLUMN: Oirk Lap- illoB, Hoi. CiH-kic. SKCOM) COl.lMN: Wilma Sl.iii.-, IIIMa Solomon. Joan lluslon. I IIIKI) COl.lMN: I ' or.sC Cro«, Doris Slamliau ' li. i ' Ol ' HTII COL- 1 IN: Kvelyn SuMon. Hilly kni;;hl, Jeanni- W Ii-I. Ml ' I ' ll COLIM.N: Wail.-. .SIMM COI.IM.N: I ' al WaUli, l,oi« Sleinliuur, Dii-k Hriihakcr. A iialional winner after being " to| s " in Ohio for two eonseciilive yars thai is ihi- .lonrnal |iul li hi ' (l a- a projeil of the journahsni elass. The r {ilana(ion i not Iiartl: I ' lir tiiiliiil ol I ' osloria lli;:li. umlir ihr guiilance ami iii |iiralioii of lr. aeei. an ' |ir- rii ' iiieil ni ' U | a|ierinan :iii l |iro ln ' t of th. ' I iii rr il ol W iM-oii in anil the (Miio Stale 78 ac ouirna Tin; coMi ' i. i: iK T SCIKioi, T L KGK Third iVriod Typists; lr. C. N. Nacci Si lli I ' rriod Tv|iisls. I iiiMTsil Schuiil 111 .|iiiirn;ili-rii. liaM ' iiliaiLilorinl llir cliililisli " jossiii lii-cl anil ari ' iiiiiccnlraliiif; on nrws anil Iralurr aliirs. Till ' liriirlil- 111 lliis |ii lir Ii l ' ii li«ria llifjli arr nianilnlil: m Imnl liinrliiins rrri ' iM ' xaliialilr aihanrr |iiililiiil . rffnlivr anil fjiioil liii;li li is foslrrril ami llir mural lum- ul llii- -iIkiuI is lii-l| i ' il. IIOMKKOOVl SALKSVIIiiN IIKSr HOW: .1. IIii» i:. Saxl.m. .1. W. ' ii.lri. it. Kill-Ill. M. Ciill.n.lar. v. Sii;i iK, 1. SliilT. K. Siiiiili. 1.. Ual. , I. Wiih.r-. SICDM) l n V: H. lliifTinaii, (;. Itlir;;ir. I ' . S liir.. A. KiKix, J. Sin.lir. li. I ' lii liliiir. C. Jonis.r. Shiill .C. IliilliaMiiv. I ' lllHl) ROW; I . l.riiiilMr-ir. !■ . On " . II. Kiiwf-. .1. M 1111 .1111. J. llaliliMiiaii, 1 ' . I)urkl ' . . Krlli ' lliurKlT, (). Fn ll», I). W aril. 79 ii)ijiiMfMf«ffii|yuAJii an9. KIKST ROW : J. S. Il;irri . li. C.K)|Mr. 1). Dim kir. I. Ii;i riicii I. l, I ' Vaiic-... J. C.i.iiu-. .1. W.-n.l.l. i:. Shirk. .1. ,laiol. . 1. S.-iur. li. Kl,-. In- ner. A. Ford. L. M. Ku.lil,-. 1. (: ,|,k- . 1. Hill. SKCOM) HOW: n. Lewis, J. Ierj;eiilhaler. A. liniu ' h, 1). Ilarrl i.ii. 1. .SliilT. K. MiilTiiiaii. G. Hufer. J. Hiislnii. It. knight. M. Calleii.lar. K. .SnaveU. K. Smilh. S. Crccfier. ].. Bates. M. Vi allers. .1. Ktie|.|Mr. TIIIUI) ItOW ; II. AiiclerM ii. R. Clark. ;. Ciipus. J. I,ariilirij;lil. I. W ilhelin. H. llll.■r ..ln. A. Aiulersoii. C. Hasehore. J. Ovier. I). Ii..«.-. M. I ' r.i-. I ' . li.,.laN. .1. l ell. E. Sa lon. M. Korinil KOW : I). Tiiniir. .Siiii(li. I- . I,. icli..l . 1. Iiiill,.,k. I). (;il.a(. I). (;allalil. . Dr.kanl. K. (; 1.. ( rain.-r. . 0|.|..-r- ma... I.. Hr.Mir. 1. K„„n . I!. W ar.lrr. I " . W al li. I II III KOW; I), rriilll. . W illi.liii. l. MeDdiiel. li. I mlerwiKMl. II. .S,,l,,iiinn. .1. Fast. E. Gair. I. Kii.niMr. I. Sowers. . I ' nx. I). Cline. M. Ileiiliiie. II. Klin;;. W. Stone. I). Sauler. K. Iloffman. SIXI ' ll HOW: B. Sloclilani, li. l,or,l. W . Ge er. B. ' Ihoinas. J. Klioviles. I). Si. ml. ,1. (Jraf. I ' , liillil. . Cree .er. M. SluneK. W. Stone, B. l.oe. . lev. 11. I) Is. SKMCNTII ROW: M. Clark. J. Zenier. J. Jaeol v, K. Vea;:er; M. W iekerl. li. Ilouten, C. .lones. 1. Koiarli. 1). Stanihanfih. B. Cowilriek. II. W aijner. 1 ' . lvers. B. keefer. . Shup.-. I . Sni..thers. KKniTII ROW: ii. llal.leniaii. . I{ M. Perkins. . (;reerillel.l. k. [ ' a|i|.ns. I.. Rollirnlinlller. K. Brink. . IolTell. K. uelzke. 1). Hrei.lif:an. J. S|.itler. M. Davis. .1. Kreisner. li. Clnirrli. D. SDulTer. I). l. Lewis. f: BINKT FIRST ROW: Kvelyn Shirk. Marv Franee. Janet JaeoKs, lar«;uerile Ravniont, Alice June Fonl. SFCOM) ROW: Maxine Sejrner. Jeaiuie W eiulel. Janet Manslielil. Jaiiic e Coppus. Rlllll- anne Flerhtner. eden e: i MISS IS. BEL HINT, Adviser . nolhcr vcar lias fiuiiid llic (iirl Ucsrrvrs li iiii; up to their oodi ' and | iir|i )sr. ' I ' liclr ilri»iiilal ilil and williii{;ncss to servo will fvcr he rcinrnilicrt ' il ill llie hearts of the weak and stron " . The atmos- phere of the school prox es thai the eontrihiite with their ever firaiious iiianners and ili nilv. Kaeli meiiiher of this orfianizalion holds a chal- lenge to every girl in I ' " . II. .S. 80 1 A i ift ' UVi ' r ' V II l- ' Ol I ICKUS HKSI ' lidW ; It., I, Michi. Wil, r ' rankliii, I ' litiik Kiriuii. Ke ' Kill;;!-. SKIJO.M) now : l,,,v,,ll Krcnrh, Hick Lapido . Jim Maurer. KIKST KOW: llarr Sniilh. I ,„i Si„[[. I .,.i.,hl l!..r..ut ' hf. Maiiric- Seipic, Joe Hates. Franklin Kirian, Kirliarcl Maiui. riiilip liriiltakrr. Koliert lanii. Koberl ;reenl.-e. Charles IVanklin. SKCOM) l{( l : l)..Tial,l lanli, (miii- Klissell, I..lin liiir. ' lia.h.r. W aMli- H.-e.l. Charles ItrMii h. Xrrhur lialsal. Ja.k I.eCoinl,-. liohirl li;:hl. Wilhiir I- raiiklin. lames Maiirer. l.l.n.l Moj.len, Jaek ll.ililen. rilllill U( ) : Dan Suil er. liill Clnre. Charles Hranilihirr , lames Tinianns. Carl Ifarhonr. Uohirl Disney. Itill K iss,-|l. Dale- limirie, Kniierl Coe. laijiene l al l.rsoji. Hex Hi.lue. MM Hill l(() : John Siia% elv. Ravmimil Lenlz. Charles Hi ler. Dwi hl liaker. I ' anl Bnr;;hacher. Ilcnaril |i;e. Mike I ' appas. Karl (;ask,illa.;las Ittells. leKin W ellierill. a ne I ' iekell. Kreil Kehelhar er. Ill ' I ' ll UOW : KeTmelll W a;;ner. James (Joeker- nian. William (rrctmns. ernon e vliimsr. Kenneth llaiite . laiiriee mm;;. liol.erl Wauner. Dale l{ I. llar..M l.alTerl%. I{..herl I ' li-ene Slalil. SI Til HOW : Uoherl I ' asr, l.i.well I- reneh. Samp-c.Tl. Il.nvar.l Kiissell. Uick Lapklos. rilOSK NOT IN I ' ICIl Kl;: Jaek lin.lsey. Dale C.ppcis. Jack Hecsoii, Aorinan Marxen, Diek Miller. ll{. GEORGF. I ' .VANS. Adviser riic iiuiiilurslii| 1)1 ihc lli- rliili lias hrcii steadily growing. I ' licri ' «irr this M-ar ' .i Seniors and . ' !7 .Juniors. The lli- and G. U. workeil JoiiilK al tlir loolliall anil liaskctball games and logetlier s|i()Ms irrd se eral a(ti llii " S. rile dull lias iiiaile il a |iip|ii In isil a differenl iliurili III lostoria fa ' li niontli. To he a nieiiilier id lliis iMilstanding organizatiiiii is a |iri ilege and liiniiir. 81 FIRST ROW : M. Carler. D. ne.ker. S. Creeper. .1. Wade, S. Harris. M. Kiielili-. M. Callemlar, 1. Preis, J. Ja,-.,l, . I!. I ..».ls.)ii. H. W arni-r. T. Siiiilh, J. Peck. .SKCdNJ) EiOW : I ' . I.ainplii-ar. .1. f:.)|i|,iis. ,1. Uerulel. I». Kirhl. M. Clark. . Sriiilli. 1. Perkins. J. (;raf. W. .Sltme. T. Iloiiser. ( ' .. llratHlel err . It. Fasl. 1), Lapidos. TIirKI) U()%: ,1. Havener. N. Peiwiell. .1. Kreisner. P. Sniolliers. J. I ' asl. li. H. P.. Us. P. Myers. R. Hill. C. Sliiir. !•;. Perkins. R. Uinl« hisrell. I ' Ol RTH ROW: II. Warner. .1. Ilonser. K. Painler. J. W ileox. W . Piekell, . lar I), lii.urie. I,. Kreiieli. A. Halsal. VI . Snniniers. K. Wellinj;. (;. S., " n. II. MeDaniel. J ckolarm earn l ' UI ( II ' M W . l. II K I, m ,-, ( liiiiiiinaliii lln- si iiola-lli ' | r(if;rain. sliiiii ' iil whose firadcs ucii ' liii;li iri iiif;li lo make tliriii I ' ligibli- participated in srlmlarsliip tests at ISowling Green State I niversit on May 15. Tlie tests were iven not oiil in llie Irailitional aeaileniie sulijeets sneli as nia I lieinaties anil lanf;iiaf;es. Iiiil also in the eoniniereial sii|,jeets. I |iin ;. shorthand, and l oi kke ' pin !. 82 KIKSiT KOW : .1. MiMirer. )i. Fasl. I). Lapid s. L. Krciich. 1. Kranre, J. Copim.., C. Hraiiilolierry, I). Baker, W. Kraiikliii. SKCOM) ROW: D. Coppiis. R. A. Klechliier, S. Creeper. I ' . Hriil)ak T. F. Suavely, K. Saxlon, I. Raymonl. ,1. Wer.ilcl, P. Knhl. TIIIKI) ROW: V. Baker, J. Jaci.l.y, . j. I ' or.l. I. Knepper, J. (iraf. W . Si. me. O. Decker. J. Maniilielil I). Sauler, M. Segiier. tlonat . y onor J ociet .MISS VIRGI.M. CKAWFORO. AdvUtr ' Miir. all lii l iil ill llii- ii|i|i(r lliini ol the ; .liinior ami Si ' iiior rla M ' s (ilK «i out a slircl on uliirh ihc following inlornialioM was given: clul) mi ' MiUrrship, odices held, advisers, home room sinee ninth grade, and any other information one wisiied to eontrihiite. Teaehers were iiermilleil lo rite statements con- 1.1 eerning the indi i lnal on llie e sheets which were ihin givi ' ii to the faeiill eonimiltee to aid them in I heir ( lioiee. 83 2), rawiaUcS tu MR. C. F. I.i;ni;i . IHr Uir Thv " Land ' s End " , a drama Hritlcn 1) Dniis I ' liiii- mer, was the f nr-a»l play contrsl iiili llii year. It hail three separate easts. The pla won a rating of exeeUent at the Thespian eonlest in Cleveland. CONTEST PLAY " LANDS END " FIR.ST ROW: Jeanne )X ' einlpl, .loan Ovler, Ar- line Anderson. SECOND ROW: Diek Ilrnl.aker, Eugene Mirhanx, Jaek LeComtP, Fred Eeliel- barger. ALL-SCHOOL I ' LAY FIRST ROW: Maleel Preis, Maxine Segiier. Jeanne Wendel, Marv Franee, Janel Jacobs, Ar- line Anderson, Ivadell knepper. SECOND ROW: Lo«p|l Rarkley. Put Kuhl. Janice enier. t)..roll.y Decker. Rntli- anne Flechlner. Hcdv An- derson. Vk ilhnr Anderson. TlllUr) ROW: Ro er Mill. Harold Polls, Carl Shiff, Philip Itriibakcr. Jack LeComle. I ' Vcd EchelliarKcr. FOl Rill ROW: Dalellarris in. liill McDaiiicl. Paul Mi lil. John M linger. Mclvin Wcllicrill. .l -.SV »o " Tlie Two ( Irplwms " . a iiiclodraiiia . was i cii Tor ihe all-si ' hiiol pla . 1 1 eonlaiiied liolli drama atid i ' oini ' d which hilil ihe close allcnliiin ol llie aiidii ' iice. lii ' caiise of ihe eo-operalion of the playrs and (he c |ierl direetin;;. the pla «as a complete IrinmpI). 84 1 111- Junior i-lass proseiilrd llu- cMtlliiil )infil , " VMial a l.itV " . featuring Henry Aldrich. the typical high scliDol boy who is always getting into some kind of inisehief. I ' ach eharacterization was dom- uilli [lerfcclion an l ivrcllenic. As Ih.-ir liiud |irrroriiianr.- I lie i-nior pi SmIIoii anr " s ilrania " Oiilward Mound " , with its lh.(ir of itnni irlalil . The alniosplirre. aliMi;; »ilh exielli-nl ailing, produrid a iispniM ' the final curtain. Juninr i hiss l " ir S ' l ' KDW: Pal Ruhl, Jean Griif, Jaiiico Zeiner, I ' al Walsh, Mary Jo Hullofk. Si:C()M) ROW: Conslance Kaaeliore, Joan Oyler, Mary Jam- Davis. Evelyn Rose Gair. Till Kl) KDW: Don- ald Elrhen. Carl Chureli, John liur-liaih.r. Hill McDaniel. FOLR ' PII ROW: Dale Reed, Allen Sampson, Norman Marxen. KIRST ROW: Jack l Comtc, Janet Jacobs, Rnlhanne Flechl- ner, Jeanne Vt ' cndel, Maxiiie Seiner, Marv France, Wilbur Franklin. SECOND ROW: I ' liillip liruhaker. James Maurer, (Charles Rroilfrh. Lowell French. Fred Echelharger. Thv St ' ninr fitiss PItiff that la-tr ml III B5 rJJ)ebate IK. C. F. LEITER, Coach riiirr ciJiiiplctc squads laiin- lliniiif;li lln ' season «illi ll iii colors in dihaling an cxlrcmdv liinclx topic, " Resolved: Tlial llie I ' owers of tlic Federal Government Slmidd IJe Increased. " t t This chih sponsors the Maih drama contest in which the Sophoinore. Jiiiiinr. ami Senior classes participate, it awaMU a medal to llie Ix ' St actor ill I he contest. Q (;|R1,S: Jaiicl Ka,l. J.aiine emlet. Iar Jane Duxi- . lalefl I ' rei . Plixllis Siinilli.r-. HOYS: llari.lii P.ills. (. ' art SliilT. Kojrer Mill. K. S|ieelinaii, Don Mutijrer. I ) vell narklex. Dale Harrison. Paul IiL:lil. Ji»v Sluiniaii. I- IKS I ' K ) : M. Iran.-,-. U. Huflman, 1. (:.i|ilcy. l. Hill. M. Si-f:ncr, W. Frankhn. I!. Flcelllner. ,1. W .-niU-l. 1). l).-,k. r, I. Preis, I). Ruv ,-. SKCOMI HOW: J. Mun .r, H. Mill. II. Polls. C. SIlilT. II. K..VM-. I. Harkley. K. K. Gair. . An.l.-r son, H. n.l.-rsi)n. li. I.or.1 THIRD ROW: P. Ii;:lii. P. Ruhl. I). Harrison. P. llrnl.akcr, I). .SlonlTir. M. Ku.-hle. (;. M -liols. li. Man.-.-ke. J.Snai.-U. lot Rill ROW: J. ..-tner. .1. Jacoby, A. Ford. .1. S})uinan« 1!. i,Dani.l. 1. .S,-i|,le. J. Craf. C. lia-.-lior,-. IH. C. F. 1,1 ITIK. d%iser m.Lcmn bdc am oaa 86 J tuident PKINCII ' M. . M. HAW K 1K. NOKMAM) JO MS AdvisiTs ouincL Sludrril ( ] 1lllril i r rr rradv In work uilll llir rhool orgaiiizaliims ami to srrvr l) )lli larnli and liidciits. Tlic iiii ' IiiImts arc llie real Iradrr i ainiin ' r llii ' slmlcrits. I ' lHSI ' Hl) : liiii l;iiir,r. IOn.-Imi Shirk. I.M .II |-,,-,ul,. Jdlli. ' . ' :m|.|.ii . Itol. Mii;lil. Kulli rk ' rhliH ' r.Wlll.url ' rii.ikliii. JeuiiiK ' Wrri.lrl. ItolMrl I ' lisl. StCOM) HOW : U.I IV Jo Shirk, Vian.hi lli-ri.l.r-...n. IruTi (ir.if. Hill MrDailirl. .l.. ShiiiM.MI. l) Mi Siiiilh. liMi; ' r Hill. .Iiiiii r W ilio . V.i-m- Hinlz. I ' al 1 M-r . Krn. ' sl Siiiilh. I ' ll IK 1) lt( : AKi-rni lliilrhin . .liiii Iluiilcr. Ilelfn Warner. Leonard .larksmi, lOil IVrkins. Mfliin liiiMicll. I!ill Shii ' Is. Ccrl Sarii|it.c)n. .lai ' k IVrkin-. Hill Charlr.. li.iiial.l Ff»rlic». Li-r( _ alciili. MUST ROW: . I)i|,|,l,.h„fr.r. I. C.vr.-ir. l. Slii«anl. I. (:,.|.l.■ . I), l..■ i-. I,. Kirij;. 1. W,ll„l,„. !. ShilT. . lc■ a . w. ii,ii,i,rM.ii. i. iiipr. si;( ' :- n l) now : H. :,,«,lri.k. H. War-ll.r. . (;r.villi,-l.l. l. I ' rrkiii . N. Smilh. .1. laiiri r. l:. Shirk. H. (:.,.,|Mr. . I!n.ii " h. A. I ' r.-iilici-. . linrkharl. .1 I ' r.i-. nilHDHOW :H. l,l ' ,-.k. I. 0»l,r. ,1. Wr.„l,-I. H. Hall. . Marrii.ll. I). I )alirirr. H. O;;;;. I). Ilarri...,,. I). I)„ll. ,| . I,.,,r-. M. Ilun..r.l. lOl IM II HOW : l . ll.nan, H. lam-i:kr, .1. Siia cU, MK. (tini l) .HtM-.S. Dircrtoi f)[i[i( rlMiiilv for llic prai ' lical a| |ilic ' alion of sulcsman- ! lii|i and prrsoiialil ir prrsr-iilcd li tlu ' Magazine (!ain|iai . ' ii. Mal ' riall . llic laiiiiiaigii brings purchas- ing ad antag( ' s to llic school. aaazine ai npaian 87 cJLavYibda S i lawia FIRST RO X: laiil.-.- f:.,|,|Mls. nordlhv ' riinnT. Kallir iiSiiiilli. ainla (r« ' v T, (■! ' I ti Shirk. Jaiii-I .la.olls. SKOJNI) KOW: Joan Oylpr. .loan Kreisner. .loan Huston, W ilina Slon.-. Hclly l oM» ' lson, Sn aiMH- Karris. iMa Slonr. I ' llllil) liOW : Maxim- Perkins, Mi,,- (l|.|.,rnian. Klleii OaintT, Margie I ' iiK-li. licllv Cm.lriik. Ili ' l, ' ii llin ' , Miklreil Clark. 1(11 FCni HOW: Donna Hn ' iilifxan, .|,»sC[,hinc Spitler. Barbara Warner, aoini Sniilli. e(lra Ann Ftanlienoll. FIRST ROW: Kvelyn Rose Gair, I)or,)lliea Rowe, ionstance Has,-li,ire. ,liin,- ,)a«-, l» . I),)r,i()iv l e,k,r. ha,l.ll Kn,|.|.,r. Si:(:. OM) HOW: Mar anl Hill. Ileir I ' , Helsoii, l. iis Sl inh,iur. I ' al ■ Rnlil, Harliara W arn,r. Wilnia Sliini ' . I.,iri ' ira Kin " . MISS HELEN CR.AFTS, .-IrfiiVr S CI i cnueneirs 88 MISS .VI ABEL J. noi RQl l. . .Jrfii.str 2), inner II ( i »;( I i,i, KIKST K( )W : Conslanee Fleil.l- ncr, Mary Lee, KriiiioPb Snuvely, Kvelvii Saxluii. Marjorie % il- hi-iiii ' . Jean Smrler. Si:( :()%[) KOW: Uirella Kin . l.iiiiNe llarlley, lililred l.anil,ri:;lil, Joyce Lainliri tit. (itmnie (. ' op- us. ' Mailoniia Siiiilh. TIIIUIJ ROW: D.iiina ( Carole Deeker. Iarv iekerr, June - iilay, Jac(|iieline Knowles. KinST H )W : ( :ons|an.e Heehl- rier. Lorella Kin;, ' . Miriam .Snavelv. Marie eller. Dorolhv Saiiler. Jteltv Kiii hl. Helhea Huelier. Si:(:()M) K( l : Vir- ;;inia (ioodale, Marjoric Slie s - ani, Kellv Slo.Manl, MiMa Solomon, Helen Shiillz, Mer- cedes (iralier. I) inna Jean Har- rison. Tllllil) HOW: Mar rner- ile Havmonl. Jean SlnlililelieM. lielly Jam- Hal.lenian. Mary I i risSlainl aii;rll. I.ellia Kolliinliiililer. l!fll I niler- wcMiil. I ' ( )l U I ' ll 1(1 )Vi : I ' lorenee nel .ke. Hells ( ilnirell, Mamie SImIT. Hell, liahric Pal Walsh. MI.SS .in.WW T1IOM.V.S. Adiher Si n 89 traffic l atwi I ' KINCII ' M W . I. II K. h I- ' IK.ST KOW : Mfivin W clii.rill. Ver- ton ){lu url. I i)ii Sroll. Iliiivanl Al ;c- SECOM) HOW: Douglas Tvvells, Philip lirukaber, Jim Tiiiiaiius, Bob Fast, Wayiie Maneoke. J tiiden urdej MIS S l,l( II I I K N lil.L, Adtiser FIRST l{ ) : Donna S(c.iil. Jean Wailf, Iarv .lo Hiillo.k. ,lnM-|,liini- Spiller, Donna Hrcidigan. SKCOND ROW: ] aoini Siiiilh, Jean Stoiil, Betty Powelson. TIIIKD ROW: Mar- joric Wallirs, Billy Rahrig, Betliea Biirher, I ' liylli Morris. Anna Jane Itroiigli, Joan Miglil, Kllen (Cramer. ccounun f iM. (;i:()K(;k km:ppi:[{. .- rfii.w 1 )orllia l rcisl at:ii, Mur iuerilc l{ay- iiioMl, IjuwcII French, Kvolvii Shirk. 90 i afeteri ta NIKS. (). R. l K(:il. Miinnrn ' r Kvrhii Saxloii, Mrs. March, ]k-tly Cimlicr. I). ris.|c)lins(,ii, Marj.iri.- Slii-« ' - arii, Harry Sriiilli, laii.l l i.ll, Mar;;uerilc KayriiiiiU. Mis Canilyii !o|i|nis. cJ ibram tcu ¥ Mary Dray-. Kalhleen Vcatrer, Dirk Mann, Vi ayne Reed. Florence (. ociper, Harlmra Warner. Maxine Biircfllielrl. I wlectlon f o oom 1K. .NOKMAM) JONKS. Adviser I ' lKSI ' KDW: Hoi) (;reonlee, Mike l ' a|.i,a . Dal,- K I. Rex Williams, Joe Mal..M,v. Wavn.- Maneckc. SECOND K(l : l ilianl llav. 91 Vr. J lak L iiw6 f ' lintt ' i ' ti f ' iuh MR. STANLEY LEWIS, Adviser FIRST ROW: A. Knight. N ' . IlalfieUI, H. IVel.l.-. II. Stephenson, D. MrClellan, R. Kolt .. C. Snyiler. R. Slater. SKCOM) ROW: J. Mnn.lorf. W. Mvers. L. Crowell, I. Haines. I,. lver». J. Lusk, S. Haines. It. V, illianis. li. Kalherl. It. Weelcs. THIRD RO X: A. liiihlle, R. Vienl. J. Cnniniinf s, I.. Slieridan, J. ' onite. . Reffner, C. Pickett, H. Saylor. FOURTH ROW: D. Smith, J. Nusser. J. Smith, N. Tyson, L. Johnson, E. Jackson, K. Perkins. Mfniirtti filth MR. NORMAN WICKS, Adviser FIR.ST ROW: P. Barley, M. Dayrinper, F. Thomas, E. Stalter, F. lienson, V. Lewis, B. Fry, P. Clark, D. Gardner. E. Brailner. V. Williams, D. Hiil.hins. SECOND ROW : I. Uraii.leherrv. R. Balsal. (). Yea;;er, H. (;,..,.lal.-. I., lincher. R. Fox, H. MrClnnf;, . Fry. II. I Innsin. ( ;. Tate, B. Ilay, C. Cramer. THIRD ROW; M. Angles, B. Slorfonl. L. Feidel. C. Hii-kerson. P. Dye, A. Clark, B. Shirk. I. Huffman. K. Mc.llev, A. DipplehofTer, ,1. Hi.user. .1 Waller- mire. FOURTH ROW: II. 1. Peek, P. Deli- haugh, B. J. Somers. l. Dielile. . Pasipialelli, It. Fnilh, M. Ileinze. J. Mnnnna. H. l!isho|i. 11. Hutohinson, J. McDonel. J. Dieken. FIFTH ROW: J. Reynolds. H. Franks. I). Danner, C. Smith, D. Fast, J. .S vilzer, B. Feisel. C. .Samson, H. Yenser, A. Marriott, (i. Thompson. J. Itrnhaker. Jr. Iliffh Imirl Mtfsfrfi ' s MRS. MILDRED DAVIS. Advisrr FIRST ROW: E. Hampshire. E. Ilaase. li. Morel, A. Foster, T. Jones. M. Morford, l. Mansfield, J. Huth, J. Harding. SECOND ROW: H. Johnson. I,. Bromblev. R. Talmadge, J. Rens.h. I). M,,ller. J. looK. . I.aml.righl, .1. IIHri,,,. I,. Hri.kl.-. IIIIRD ROW: li. II. .Men. (;. SInillz. M. I ' a, {.. l. nlt. V. Ihirn.l.l. I.. Da is. I,. ,n,li, E. Painli- ' f«» » .v ff tinti 4 ' htirnt MISS vi;i{ i;(;i,K. f iiv; FIRST ROW: A. Ilnlihins. D. Kopf. J. Lane. J. SInimaker. SECOND ROW: .1. liri.kles. L. K.ah.n. M. Kiii ' . . Ilnill. D. I). M.Mahan. IIIIRD ROW: R. ( i.irnii.lia.l. II. N .•, J. li-rg. ' i.llnil.r, I. K.elV. I(. K.-.-l..ii. 92 rlr T ft r Jiininr lii-Y MR. LESTER VAN SANT, AdvUer KIHSI ' lil) : It. Iljniii, W . CoopcT. A. ShifT, l:. Anilrrsim, K. lillir, J. Ilariiinir. I). I ' rance, U. Coiliil. K. F ' lvlDTi, J. Sriiuali, K. ieresrher, li. I i.rli.», H. Ndil.r, C. Decker, C. I)e;;an, M. ii;;li-s. Si;(: »M) liOW: II. Caskie, D. Ilayiies, K. Slalil. C. ShiiMallcr, :. Cojipler, ( ' .. Junes, II. PaiiUer, U. lan|iianll, I :. I ' lml . I), leiranl, K. Warriiicloii, E., (i. .iK-rii, I{. Davis. TIIIKD ROW: O. Lynch, II. Harlius, G. Tallicrl, .1. Watts, T. Stevenson, L. Russell, H Ilinit, K. Kn " lisli. S. M. liter, H. liarrin er. ,1. Davis, J. Basehorr. U. Ilelliel. . I!..«er. lOL KIM ROW: G. Krench, H. KmomIcs. .1. .latoliy. R. I ' i.kens, D. Miller, C. ,l..s.|.li. .1. Saiini, I.. lilake, G. Solomon, E. Ri.hiiian. R. I ' relile, T. Iloiiser, J. Madden. FIFTH KOVl : K. Hall, II. Dauter- man, I). Forliess, D. Sclilosser, H. France, II. Stnilile, S. iiranil, H. Dieter, F. (Jale, II. Renllev, I ' . Flores, I ' . W illiams. MISS ONEITA WIIITEMAN, Advher FIRST ROW : J. keckler. B., H. Henry, I., llev, A. Smith. K. Jordan, F. Henline, M. Liisk, I;. Bethel. F. Brown. SKCOM) ROW: 1. Moreharl. A. I )on iis. J. Consev, B. Rhude, v. Allison, I). MeCull.iii rh, F. Nlanecke, D. I)c M. Traiise. W . Bovd. J. liarehns. IIIIUI) ROW: R. ;lark. B. Jiall. R. .ie rler, K Welherill. ( i. Rhodes, J. Silven, II. Saxlon, C. Kimhle. IF (iraves. R. McClellan. KOFRTII ROW ; C. Kimhle, D. Horner, V. Deiter. titiirv tinti Onitlnnr Life MR. O. K. CALDVi El.l.. AMs,-,- FIRST ROW : . Pennell. J. Ilevener, B. Ilarler, M. Peters, B. Titld. R. Burkhart, M. Smith, B Baimian. SFfiOM) ROW: F. Frnerine. M. Martin. l. Caskie, II. Wolfarlh, B. Sheets. C. I or.l. I. Mall. (;. IVvton. ( :. Co.kie. TIIIRD now : ;. Doll. W. Ilarris. W. W underlin. R. Ouaintance. B. Nierescher. 1. Shiff. FOl RTII ROW: J. Reiiiliard. C. Hanev. C. Ilanmier. (;. Stoiiffer. IF M%.r . II. Slat:|. ' er, IF Win;;, B. Sheets. . -. €mirl.s ' Athli ' iif A.s.s ' n MISS .|() N TIKtM S. Iihispr IIUSIROW: p. Sendelhaeh, M. Tidd. W. Ilcndirsoii. S. Smothers. IF Balsat, H. Niday, II Italsal. R. W illiams. P. Brink. N. Ni-Mander, I Smith. SFCOM) ROW: It. Burkharl. K. Kevs. I. McPhersoll. . I ' lnaimal. M. Itiirch- held. F. Weikert, B. Del .ad... F. Navarro. A. Riller. I). Farlie. TIIIKD ROW: T. Pickett, . i:isea. D. MarllcN. P. Shirk. J. Pa -e, I). linlier. J. OBrieii. . lliiiil. R. Slimers. J. Smith. 93 MRS. MII,DRRD IILTCHINSON, Adi ' isvr KIRST ROW: . . Hiisson, J. Scon, . . Krhel- harper, V. Wclsth, B. Moody. 1). Carmicliael, M. lliilTonl, V. CliHcolc. C. Hak-T, 1). IVlcrs. I. Cooper. .SKCOM) KOW : I). Deiler, I), Haker, D. Hcrlinphoff, II. Marxeii. I), l.imi, . Grof;;:, M. Harlael, M. Groman, M. Ilarlsel, II. Warner, A. Prentice, M. Carter, . liurkharl. THIRD ROW: C. Hays, I!. Itranl, A. Payne, I!, Menp, D. Zeller, V., I ', .1. Ilouser, I. Knepper, A. Milllnirn, P. Karnpliear, E. Gale, I). .Sroll, M. liakcr. FOI RTII ROW: D. Ilemlri, ks. M. liennelt, R. Sclnial), F. Kellev, . . Scheidhaiier, J. Ilunlcr, F. Ilanlev, II. Sohy, G. Balsal. FIFTH ROW: J. KinJ;, H. liiirfiliachcr, J. Lih- Ley, C. Hazlelt, B. MeGahey. Hwhhff il„h MR. DAVID DAVIS, .4( !)i r FIR.ST ROW: R. Ocf;, G. BnrelifieM. G. Freel. S. I.mulherf;, (;. Baker, . Speeinian. R. (Jiliuin. B. Plotter, F. Mulliollanil. A. .Sliuinan, I). Kai- tenbaeh, V.. .Sleinrnan. SFCO.M) ROW: I). Dillory, W. Miller, C. Lentz, R. (;ooil, I). Barton, H. Moore, L. Valenli, B. Kurtz. B. Forget, J. Zeigler, S. Cramer. THIRD ROW: G. Twells, n. Coppler, J. .Shank, H. Seel, I). Smith, J. Peek, G. Johnson. 1. Hall. H. Seel FOIRTH ROW: K. Fisher, F. Brooknian, C. Melntyre, F. DeVore, B . Talhert, P. Stagger, J. Forney, k. Myers, I). Greenwood, K. Fogt. i ' rtiti.s tiitft l tirtff MISS K.4THRY MARSHALL, Adviser FIRST ROW: I. M. Niswander, R. Kind,!,-. I. Butler, J. Sprout, B. Opperman, A. Slallir. B. Jones, J. (irohes, B. 1 oder. SECOND ROW: B. Prileharil. B. H,-ekathorn, J. Hough, T. Fuller, H. Bromhlev, B. Wallers, B. Mcfairdv, K. Find. THIRD ROW: E. Fruih, N. MeKai, M. Herrig, W. Rav, V. Maiirer. P. Gary, 1). Slater, I. Broun, F. Mimger, M. Hardin, A. Iloltenstein. liffin 1 III h MR. AL SAWDY, Adviser FIRST ROW: D. Spiller, J. Perkins, I. Myers, n. Currier, R. Berry, J. Wooilland, R. Davis, W. F ' eisel, E. Haines. F. Wilson, G. Groyes, A. Doleh, G. Walker. SECOND ROW: F. Boslic, J. Wonders, P. Helms. J. li.niz, II. lilli..aii. B. Hiser, B. Wagn.T. . l:,l,ell,arg,-r. 1). .Sh„|. dar,l. It. Calhonn, R. Keinlianl, W . Sahlauskv 1). Sh,-ri.k. THIRD ROW: D. Ferguson, (!. Halliel.l, I). Beers, N. Vomig, R. Gregg, E. Ililvers, R. Davis, Vr. Dinsni, re. II. la„,-,k,-. n. Niswander, R. Jaekson. FOI UTII HOW C. Wyans, B. Wolfe, G. Car,,ll. .1. l!,-,-..,.,,. J. M,,r,-I. I. RilliT, I). Davis. E. Soii.ler, V,. V, ,l .r J. S,„,l,.ll,a.l,. If. Fl„n-a, J. W eik,-r. FIFTH ROW: II. Wells, J. Pi.kens. II. (;rul„r, J. D. Johnson, K. Smith, W. .hilmson, E. Diiran, C. Kcekler, II. Sen,lell,aili, T. Eiiulerman, B. Westerluud. .Mils if 1 ' liih MLSS IIA KL STl HIUNS. Adviser FIRST ROW : J. R,„s,l,. P. ogel, J. Fr,-derick W. Di-iker, 1). llulT,,r,l. . lirid.aker, M. Tarris, G. Morgan, J. Slnmiau. 1). Humherl, I). Ilum- herl. SECOND ROW: . Kr.-ssl,r, I,. W ilev B. Wiley, I). Sli,ri,k. I,. Bemutl. J. W ag„,r. R. Will„rill, C. Opp,Tman, B. Snv,l,-r. TIUUD HOW: B, llazhll, K. Heiidiar,l, .1. (;allgl :, . K. Boimiershine, (;. Davis, R. Ci oper. l ' ' OlT{T)I R(JW : J. Eihhy, (;. Reinharil, A. Salilnusky. Advertisements THI ' I, toria. tlii ' in. IIdu ipiij atlvcrtisiTs make Kos- Tlic inak - us an l « ■ make II Fostoria tlidnt have these concerns, there would be no city of Fosloria as we see it 10(la . Instead, there would be a small village with no l eautiful homes, streets, and public buildings. 1 1 is these factories, stores, and offices that " makes us " ; but, if they didn ' t have help from us, they couldn ' t exist. We must not oulv work for and in these concerns, but we should patronize ihem so the can keep going and support an ever-increasing population, making Fos- toria a bigger and better town. We thank our patrons. 96 Compliments 0 E t Al|bmu0 (En. The Dependable Store 97 • ■ ,.• Shrik ,. Urn t liazzii ' . II h,r,-,l I ,„„ Ihal iiirki,-! JhiL NIC-NAC Congratulates and Wishes You Success, Class of 1941 + + + FOUNTAIN SERVICE and LIGHT LUNCHEONS CoinpliinL ' nts of »K. A. o. rou: JhiL (DhQAA. SPwfL HAYS HOTEL BUILDING " Ladies Dresses for All Occasions " CurM Wmu ' rus o GLEN SMITH CHEUROLET AUTO SALES 98 C(imf) imc ' nt.s of Charles E. Bender, M. D. Graduate of 1921 109 W. North St. Fostoria, Ohio FIFTY-EIGHT YEARS OF SOUND BANKING The First National Bank of Fostoria Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. C-iini ilim ' . ' ni t STflHL ' S HI-SPEED flUTO SERUICE GEO. C. STAHL, Manager 1 1 3 VC ' . South Street Telephone 7 1 Skptk-mbkr 2 Firsl ftMitball prarlire. luo weeks hcforr llii- lirsl frame. 3 Srliool opeinMl, J60 sMideiils re|nirlr)i l t ihe lii;:li mIiooI. . ' ) lodlhall . ' ' rriiiiiiia ' e with TifTiti (lahert. H Deailliiie lo :fl liicy le laj:s. o riiort- ri linj: " ilimlile " . 13 Kirfst assemliK. pep for ihe Si. etideliii ;:amr. F.H.S. 12. Si. Weiuieliti 7: aliii(. i lo- t ihal (iiie. Hi Tlie Kev. Uirhartl II. llalcv, assembly speaker on lemperaiiee. 20 vriiiIiU pro-iram in which Mi-Y oflierrs luM of iheir siiminer ramp. Krtlmrii seal|KMl hin- ni. ' - 2. ' » lo i) in a fasi ;raiiie. 27 Lima .Soiilh liealeii hv the Hetlmen 7 lo (t. COOK ELECTRICALLY THE OHIO POWER COMPANY 99 Compliments of Pa JJmsL SiUiahd. ficudifi. 204 South Main John F. Williams Earl F. Williams l lOitKK I Srrvr Crl.nhur, assrinl.K s|MMk(T ..ii MoIUu.mmI. ' 1 " lj--l -ii l,;iiliry. " K. uf ( " . ' . Iioiin- ultiil | lav, in ihc fvpiunj;. Mnosrlurl roulr.l h ill.- U.-.ltt»-ii lU lu U ' ) K riickrrlKKkrr (,)iiarlfl. Iirni ol Ijori Krciiiti. in the eveiiin-i. 1 I (i. I{. (iaitiiirl lotd of -iiiiitiiiT rdiii|i ) ' |H ' riiMHTs in as cinlilv |»roj;ram. l-rcnionl fatiril imiI a Ki-dnirn w«tn 2 ' lo 12. 1(»- l ' ir-l i %» ' ckH ;;railr-. rami- oiil; l(o ! llio -t- r and I n-alK hurt! 17 — K. %. I ' rnlim. (Ajiiililic cnrniv Ni . I.a»rridd {»cakrr on irinir. 18- Jniiii»r llonir rndrd llif Iti-dnimV uinninj: slrrak a I " . - rrai lit. I ' .K.S. I0-.I in a I l-O • 21— iNi hl riasscs fur adiills .i|Mnrd. Compliments of THE MENNEL MILLING COMPANY BERT ' S RESTflURRIIT Special Plate Lunches, Sandwiches for Students and Teachers OPEN DAY AND NIGHT The Best in Food Try Our Sunday Dinner: too ODENWELLER ' S FURNITURE, RUGS, CARPETS Phone 4201 Compliments of 116 W. North Street CLEONE J, WALTERS, Mgr. h ' ufiilh i ' null ihr nun liinr slutjt Compliments of The Commercial Bank Savings Company Complete Line of Men ' s and Boys ' CLOTHES AND EURNLSHINGS ART CLOTHES SHOP 124 S. M.iin Stri-ct lOI A. H. Yonker Insurance Agency Exclusively Insurance 108 E. Center Street Phone 2573 Compliments of The OHIO FflRmeRS ' GRflin SUPPLV RSS ' n FOSTORIA, OHIO JOHnnV LEE ' S RESTflURflnr 440 S. Main Street NEVER CLOSED lii-utis! Sorf i-ft! Compliments of PETER ' S, INC. Fostoria ' s Finest Men ' s Store 102 F«»wi«»ria lc e and ! ' «»»! Co. Ice Refrigerator and Stokol Coal Stokers " Where Fostoria Buys its Coal " 410 E. North Street Phone 3686 Comphments of S. S. KRESGE COMPANY OnoBKR 2.% TUf Keilrnen won l J lo from Defianre. They raiue back afler a bad first half, . ' to riniial HalloweVn Parade. 31 Mo% lin ; (ireen fell before the Kedtiieii 38 ! 0. November I- I o school. Northwestern Ohio Teachern Ass ' ii. in Toledo. 8 — Arline Smith, (National A. A. U. divin;; champion, in assembly program. First basketball practice, onlv a month until the first game. Redmen won a thriller from Fiffin dol. 14 to 12. II The Rev. Fdward J. Ilaldcman spoke in the Arniistice a seniblv. O. F. BROI (;il- |iiarr f ' rusht ' tl .Stttnf West Millgrove, Ohio CLEANING PRESSING DYEING ALWAYS THE BEST ) Bishop ' s RUG, HAT FURNITURE CLEANING CLEANING COMPANYj 110-112 West North Street F. A. BISHOP SON, Proprietors Phone 2515 COPLEY ELECTRICAL STORE BICYCLES 105 Perry Street 103 SERVBL Gas RctriKcr.itors TAPPAN Gas Ranges The Ohio Fuel Gas Company " Your Gas Ci;nt, Is Well Spent " Gas Heating Rc Auwmati " Water Hcalcrs LOWERY CHAPMAN Fostoria ' s Leading Jewelers Credit at Cash Prices 103 South Main .NuV I Mill- n 12- Open Hoiisf iii;:lil. Our pyrrnis -id llic 1()H -ilow ii. ir Niilional H m«.r asseiiilily fur H.iok W»«k. ' " I ' wK ( ►r|»liiin . " ;ill-srJnM»l pU . v, an a liii ' c sii ri ss. 1 ) )tr;ilKiiii Liiirutn i a in asHt ' riitil y. (lie nttnatMi- of I.iiiroln ariif iiii Kiitli- l ; 21 hiiifllaN l»ar ' lv lieal ihc Kp«iiii« ' ii in an exfitinj aiiir; scorr. IH lo 13. 28- ScrorMi ;-i wrrks jiratie ranis raiiie nul. 29 Kirsl or ln ' stra rom ' tTl was well received. I tl ' t Mill- It I Annual fouiliall haru(nei; 20 players ;;ol lellers. " . Ki ' -liartI SrrfTrl. a nalive Czerho lovakian. in assernlilv. THE GEORGE FREESE ' S SONS COMPANY Churners of FANCY CREAMERY BUTTER — EGGS 404 S. Union Street Fostorio, Ohio MOSE LAMFROM CLOTHING COMPANY • DRESS BETTER AND YOU LL FEEL BETTER " 104 FOSTORIA IRON METAL COMPANY LOWEST PRICES New and Used Auto Parts and New and Used Tires New and Used Auto Glass Installed While You Wait We. Buy All Makes of Cars and All Kinds of Junk Quality Grades of Coal at Reasonable Prices PHONE 3291 MYER SHIFF. Mgr. -Where ' s that key? Coin ' home! TyiamL J ' urwJioL diomsL + + + 217 W. Center Street FOSTORIA, OHIO GRAYS HI -SPEED STATION CLIFFORD GRA " ' , M r. Tune-up V ork Corner Countylinc and Cuihcrtson Sts. Phone 933 Comp itncTits o rhomas D. McLaughlin Associates 105 Music fit j instnuiwrits. Thf first art. McARTHURS 378 Perry Street The Only Cash Independent Food Market in Fostoria ORWIG S UNION DRUG STORE " THE REXALL STORE " J. B. BASEHORE CO. COAL AND BUILDERS ' SUPPLIES Chi-Namel Paints " OP " Automatic Coal Burners Phone 667 Compliments of NATIONAL CARBON CO., INC. 106 December 7 — " Laiurs End, " F.H.S. conlesi play, won a rating of exrelleni at (Cleveland. 8 — VeH| rr ronrerl: Lillle Symphony, Hovs ' Choir, and Mixed Choir partirijialinj . " Prinr« of Prare " rnnlesC for rilv held. 6— Slroiig Sprinfillrld qiiiiitrl hral tlir Itedmen in the first hanketball game. 10 — F.II.S. rhoir an I iiistniinenlal solos at Kiwanis niceling. nefiance heat the Kedinen in an exciliii;; fjanie. 12 — Henth ' v trio in a nu»riiin ; asseini ly: marimba-xylophone players. 13 — IjtptT Sandusky forfeited j:am - to Kedtnen, eoaeh protested against the oflirials IS Thf annual prrsfnlation of " The Messiah. " 17 An improved Kednien team was defeated hv Lima (Central in a elose j, ' ame. Compliments of Red Flart " i ii iial Corp. South Poplar Street FOSTORIA, OHIO Compliments of BERSTED MANUFACTURING COMPANY Compliments of THE FOSTORIA LUMBER SUPPLY CO. DEALERS IN LUMBER AND MILLWORK BUILDERS ' HARDWARE, PAINTS 240 W. North Street Phone 727 GUY T. BEATTY HARDWARE, LUMBER, AND DIMENSION STOCK Phone 3527 Res. J 216 N. Union Mill 208 E. Culbertson 107 Paints — Wallpaper — Window Shades — Glass — Picture Framing PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO. 114 N. Main Street Phone M05 Compliments of lis Perry Street GOOD EATS Decbmbek 20 (lliri-rmas yraliuii licf an: a seinlily with IIl-Y fi. R. devotions and " Lamr Knd " . r.ll.S. lo-.f rhc (irsi Itiickcve l,rat;iir jia-ric wilh Itow lin-j; Green, 36 to 32. 27 l{ K.-dinrn " .7 lo 10; Hn yriis , ' 7, K .sIoria 40. j Ml I(V 3 I ' Veirioiil lio s dt ' fcali-d ihe Kosloria Kedinen 53 to 35. U Back Id ihnol and lh«Mi-.dits of semester exams. 7 Sam (!atii[d» ' ll and lii r il(»r movies j ave F.H.S. stndents a taste of llie out -i f-dt)ors. n riasl, : • ' ! ! rin- K. dm -M St. Vt ' endelin U to W. The Fostoria Monument Company Opposite Fountain Cemetery + + + Phone 3872 Compliments of The Fostoria Serum Company Fostoria, Ohio ConKratiilations ' 41 . ii( Ki:v s GRILL AND COFFEE SHOP 331 S. Main Street Fostoria, Ohio 108 Compliments of HARROLDS FUNERAL HOME OLDEST LARGEST PORTER S CLEANERS, PRESSERS, DYERS HAT CLEANING — RUG CLEANING Phone 864 BEST 113 Perry St. REED INSURANCE AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE 113 West Center Street Phone Office 2 ' 51 BOND SERVICE Fostoria, Ohio WALTERS ' BEAUTY SHOP Fostoria ' s Most Modern Shop of Beauty Culture 118 E. riifin Street Phone 501 llh- surker See tfliiil Ytut fiel! 109 DR. K. S. ROWE OPTOMETRIST Room 101-102 First Nat ' l. Bank Bldg. Phone 3601 For Dependable Lumber and Millwork Call The Lumber Number —671— The Seneca Lumber Millwork Co West Tiffin St. Fostoria, Ohio Compliments of — Quipt Please. Thf fii-fiirininfi of " lit ' ans ' ' QUALITY AT LOW PRICE 110 Compliments of DR. G. H. BRUGGEMANN IIAVEXS ! RI. E SALES Boats, Motors, Paints, and Accessories Phone 2621 312 W. Fourth St. CLIFF WALT- Barbers 107 E. Center St. Our Aim, Your Satisfaction HummEL moTOR sales co. PONTIAC— CADILLAC — G.M.C. TRUCKS Sales Service. . .Txventy-Four Hour Wrecking Service 135 W. North St. Phone 3116 Fostoria, Ohio Compliments of DR. F. H. PENNELL DR. H. L. PERRY J M KV 10 IVk.-ir ;iiirt Findlav beat the KeJiniMi VI lo M). 17 Mt-ilinrti h ' at Junior Drder 2 lo 2 ) in sffoinl slraijrhl win. 23 l HI KID M) ItrVCK M LraiMpai{:ini|iriHMl %uih a " Tak - Ii or Ki-avr I r " pn. ra ii, 21 ' linin (..»l. hrul ihc Ke iiiii-ri 2f) l i 22 in a very rl(» r ;:anM ' . ■{| I r.irioiii Kus dcffaled thr Kodinon 1 " . lo 20. Imid m 1 iiilrr llaml ( " onrerl, stirriil ' : niarrlic atiil Kirillitii: ovcrCiires, : Kr.lmrn w.rr .Jrfralrrl l.v 1 in lla i:i a riHi;:h jia-nr. .- 7 to 27. in Koltrrr Ka ni;i rr, a kt ' Pii [mljlical analv-l. in an a— cnhK |irr»;. ' raMi. in NO RENT MEANS LOW PRICES CARR ' S ESTABLISHED— 50 YEARS AGO Complimrnts of SENECA OIL CO. DiSTKIBUTORS OF Hi-Speed Products Febriury I I Si. W.-n.lrliM .:. r.n.: . U, se-ri.-s rveueil. lA (!o SriMii cfk iissemlilv. srcml- lolil of trip to !f iiirnbiis. i 1 itoulHij: Crr.M. .IrfraKMl lUr HviUuru 29 lo 33. 17 The K.II.S. Hriliiicn Wdii llic cilv rha ' iipionship hv hfaliri;; the Saiiils 31 to ' 2 ' ). 21 .Irssr Phillips ({..L.Tlson jxavr us iIh- popular rnnsir of IQIO (B.C.I. 27-2M- Hi;:h srhool (»-aI music ilrparliiirnl optTclla. " Tlu ' Forest Pririfi-. " " M iu:n 7 Uiir ret tc. llic iiia;:ician. assciriMv. 10 III. pi Itiilian svrriil.l . IK moriltis oM haby stole the show. BOOK nno GIFT SHOP Books, Gilts, and Greetings for All Occasions ZADA E. VAN HORN — MARGARET H. THOMAS i.oniplinwnts t»f HOTEL HAYS AND THE HAYS COFFEE SHOP 112 Salv, ' i DAIRY PRODUCTS LUNCHKS —Let ' s see the horst ' opera. The whinny. ti€(WWi PHONE 1218 2Q2SO MAIN ST. HARDWARE CO. [DELIVER HOMERICK STUDIO I ' llOTIl l ' lMSillN ; PORTRAITS 107 IVrrv .Strei-t Phone .S65 KLEI] IIE iSOIV 110 East Center St. Phone 2356 " Real Service in Real Estate " 113 (.(jiiiiiliniiiila of Monis oiiic rr Ward UIOLfl ' S BERUTV SHOP Spi ' cidtizi-s in Pftninni ' nt ' i and Hair Sivtina I ' M) W . Fourlli Street Phone l 8A J Jul SmokiL diDUASL POOL BILLIARDS Barber Shop in Connection 0. Q. Hahdinq SQUARE DEAL JEWELER Someone You Know Knows Me — Marytro CopfiUs ' . ' Sttrw it ' s ti tiati 114 March 1 I Mr. MasUiwski willi roloreil movies of iiatnrr siihjccls in aMseiiihly. Senior-Farultv haskelliall jiJinr. lln- Seniors won f«ir the (irwt lirne. It " Sliow lloal " Dance, sponsored hv llie Seniors; inurtic liy Krnie DiifHeli). 17-2(1 Kvalualion Week. %e ;;()l llie ' lou (l iun " on ourselves. I ' ) alional Honor indurlictn eeretnonies, 23 proud sludenls sporled new pins 21 Henry Alrlrich was portrayed in llir Junior class play, " Wlial A Life " . 22 - DislricI solo and ensendde conlcnj ;ii OjnTlin. vocal and inslrnnienlal. 2.S — Ili- an l (f. R. held a pol-luck sn|»|H ' r and vsalkin-; scavenger Ininl. 2 ) - Senior sch«»larship tests at Tiflin, llirce-hoiir lest. Compliments of. MORRIS STORES 5c to $1.00 Eleelric Aiii€»-IJte 4Jo. USE AUTO-LITE SPARK PLUGS and AUTO HEATERS MADE IN FOSTORIA (iimplimvnlfi PETER PAN 115 SHIFFS AUTO WRECKING BUYiNQ ALL KINDS OF CARS AND JUNK 427 Rear South Main Street Phone 2262 For Hifih Quality Food at a Modi ' ralc [ ' rice TRY YOUR FAVORITK CLOVER FARM STORES We Must Please You or Your Moue Will be Cheerfully Refunded Alt Storpx J ndividually Owned COPPIS ' CKOVKR FARM FRUTirS CLOVER FARM KINKKRS CI.OVKK K H 1 DRAY ' S Cl.OVKR F H I HAIJHS Cl.OVKR F li I RL ' SSKLL " S Cl.OVKR FARM Al-K I - 1 7- 1(1 l.i-l 17- 18- IQ Itallirid flf ' in( t)slral . il Spuiiish unci lcxiran lan " es in asst»iii1 Juniors lirld the " " Tr(i[»ic M«i|». " ' ilan -in;r un-Icr a " lrit|(ii ' nioi A ( ' roalian urrlirslra wilh ,ln;:o slav folk nni -ii Senior Hislnrv t-lass rri|» (o iolinnhns. «■ sa%v llir (.ovrriiur 8 Nalional Iloniir (ionrlcsv Week. Win not tnake il ronrlc -Anu ' riran liislory class asscrnlily. The month of April iti hist ' Slate voeal eontest in ' oIuiiiImis. some classes se-inej eTn|»l Slate orc-hestra contest in (iojiinihus. a h ' j. (irevhoiiinl! Lanilnla Si ina tea. Mr-, nios I.. Conn speakin;; on tiierie )1V. rv. ek all lli- Sx.celh. It li.i ,-t. h! Onr C.oniiriiliiliiliim Id TIIK CI,AS.S OF l ' )U LLOYD BROTHERS ' INSURANCE Firs! National Bunk Building 116 Style Plus Quality at Great Savings For the Entire Family at J. C. PENNEY CO., INC. 120-22 K. Tiffin Street The Riihl Motor Co. BuiCK — Oldsmobile Sales — Service Better Used Cars Phone 2131 Compliments of SERVICE LAUNDRY Phone ;5:58i MCII ITZLER .SO. Stora(;e — Packing — Shipping MOVING — Loeal and I-ong Distanee Every Load Insured — ( ' rrlijuate Haulers OfTici ' and Warehouse 1 1 " » Caples Street Plion. ' 3381 —Did you say " Hold it. " Fans tih ' artion. 117 White House Hamburger Shop Day and Night Service Vnder New Mimajiemcnt West Center Street Kostorla. ( ). Complimrnlf. of Sahnsjiu cimL coc l Corner Fremont and Perrv I ' honr ' » " I7 Devulion to Fosloria High. Ht ' adv: gol Complimenlf: of U-SAVE OIL COMPANY l?()M)Ei) Gasoline am Motok Oils Coliinibns Ave. anil Crorker St. . ||. 1{, ii,,l(l . I ' n, CAMIVLAXD llomr Mdilr C.anih Our S XTiolly LLGIIT LUNCHES 224 N. Main Street Dial ' IH 118 FLE€IITI KK IIROTIIUII5V WHOLESALE MEATS Dial 646 and 647 435 Nortli ( ountyline Street Fostoria. Oliid Singer Sewing Center Headquarters for Sewing Machines and Vacuum Cleaners 118 W. North Street Fostoria, ()hi« April 30 — Omicron Lambda one acl play ronlest; tfirer for llic price oi one. May I — Hif;h school band in the assembly profiraiii. 2-- Gym Circus; also stale solo and ensemble contest at (.lulutnlius. 3 — District-State scholarship tests al Bowling; Green. S-9 - National Music Week; elenienlary concert in auditorium. 6 Hif;h school vocal music department concert. 7 — High school instrumental concert. 8 - Fostoria Community Chorus concert. Satisfaction Guaranteed mm MARKET FRESH AND SMOKED MEATS 12 North Main Street Quality Mmis Fosto Ohi. — Soi dL — Fishing and Hunting Licenses Open Evenirifis anil Sundays Fremont and Sanduskv Streets Fostoria. Ohio " Ol K I ' K I ENDS " We appreciatf ' (nir Imsiness CUNNINGHAMS A Cood Drufi Slorr Sinrr 1888 Congratulations and Success to the Class of 1941 119 Compliments of FEASELS WHITE FRONT MARKET Main and South Sts. 288 N. Main St ZEIGLER BROS. DAIRY Pure Pasteurized Dairy Products Phone 2154 }iii(klcv Street Phone 726 320 N. Main Street Mrs. Carl Sheffler Mrs. Chas. Griffin ART and YARN SHOP KMERINK KLOCK Needle Point . Tapestry Yarns Knitting Yarns . Stamped Linens sr - ' i - ; i, for a Slingshot! One-a- penny; tnHj-a ' pcnny, JOHN B. ROGERS PRODUCING CO. World ' s Largest Producers of Amateur Theatricals Pageants, Spectacles and Centennial Celebrations 120 PATRONS Seebon Storage aiiW Transfer. I.lil. Pegg ' s Wall Paper Tiinaniis Ilarilware Fostoria Business and Professional Women ' s Club Dad ' s Home Grocery G. A. Fountaine ' s Confertionarv and Radios Rose ' s Barber Shop C. H. Mergenthaler, Watchmaker Art ' s Appliance Store E. V. Tiel! Sohio Service Station Helen M. Hindmon Cameron Insurance Agency Sertell A elding Shop Artistic Beauty Shop Erma ' s Beauty Shop Fostoria Welding Co. Fred ' s Recreation The Star Glass and Supply Co. McCormic Motor Sales Co. Esther ' s Beauty Shop T.uella A. Render Babcock and Huss P dwards Dry Cleaners Neuhauser Chick Hatcheries Cluiriz and Rosenburger Coal Co. State Restaurant Marietta Beaut Salon Hollenbaugh ' s Greenhouse Will l.eatherinan Champion Dry Cleaners Nye lMi|ileMiriit Co.. Inc. Red Goose Shoe Store Dr. J. W . (iartrr Phoenix Coal Co. Stewart Auto Shop Harold A. Burton Mrs. Anna Vi Cigel Dr. N. Kiebel T. J. Knright Dr. II. I ). Huntrr Y. M. C. A. Dr. M. E. Seiple Dr. .1. .1. Blur Neil R. Swope Sunshine Point Ki sell Furnace l dgar C. Belt Wayne Price I.eona k. Gross V. illi, (;. Ki II. . Heller D aiul M Service Station ( arl Smith 121 FOX ( ' ( nii timcnt itj DAIRY PASTEURIZED PRODUCTS Or w f 1 if (iiir W I K Norlli Slri- IT KK SiMNKTTK l ' l M S IKlulil lllllkc ihr best finidiKUillli voii iiiiild jKis ' .ihly si ' Iccl. t ' iKNO ll MN . M) KKI IKINr. l I ' ll.). rsvm U04 I{ M;|i ItKITKIt Hy DONUTS KOI, IS COOKIKS (; ni ■r Tilliii jiK Cover ' s Hi-Speed Station Dllk (!() KI(. ll.ll. 1 I ' oplar Siri-i-ls | |i. 111! ' )7() ' f ' o Viistff (111(1 PcrpcliKitc (I One IhiiKlicd I ' crci ' iil intcrirdnisin AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY l. ni. I ' orsi I Ml i . T.f II r.- ■)- 2(1 ■:« 1 ' ) II (. Si- ll; Si- In :. i- ' i i.k.-x,- l,,-., ,„ 1- -li..i,i-,l ,,(T 1 OulWiircl II. nior ji si-riilil ri-.ll.nin-;il.- M liur iilrrir,il liiir-St-niiir I ' r llllllrllr -iiM-tl( ill.ll -IliiM- iiit ;il ;;r.i.l. ' . ir.l Mii H ' ill Kn-iiioiij. nl.l . till- ailllll.ll lli;:li -.1-1 t rvliiliil. iliiil. " iIk- Si-iiior rl.iN [.Li . ' I ' h - I ' UI Kill ;in.l lll.i.k ..,1 1 T ici-. IIisIor rlas- wciil in 1 i-;irlii rii. mil ;il Mi-iiilow lironk. Dr. I ' ri-li.n llrii.ili- . ol l ' ,-,,|il,- . (Iiiir.l,. i.i Clii,-; ...,,,. ,|,,. s 1 llii- .ru.-i. iliirk iiirlil - r.lliir mil, Nn iii.tri- .i )|....l nil iirM M-.if. -Ill irK ;i 122 I ' raprZAtitly Sf lflsh. ,S «.s i ' (jtrnpiimcnts ttj iiARRi« oi ' s iionv SIIOI Wheel Alignment MrDdiitral and Town Strcrts Phone 973 FOSTORIR UniTED SPORTSfllEn, IRC. BKTTER AND CLEANER OUTDOOR SPORTS ( ' omplimpnts of SEARS, ROEBUCK CO. Kosloria. Ohio Phone 696 Coinfj ijjicnts of FRIEND 123 w. HETHER it be the most colorful and intricate catalog, a multi-colored broadside, or a simple calling card. The Gray Printing Co. has the necessary modern facilities, both letterpress and offset, to produce your job in a limited time, yet retaining the best in quality and skilled craftsmanship. Modern and highly diversified attracting advertising. The corn- equipment, including our new bination of 52 years of priceless Cerlox binding, Varitype Mo- experience with the constant chine, and new type faces, plus introduction of new ideas and capable and loyal personnel, methods, adds up to give you enable Gray ' s to offer you a superior quality and complete wide range of unique, business- satisfaction. THE GRAY PRINTING COMPANY FOSTOBU. OHIO PHONE 638 LARGEST PRODUCERS OF SCHOOL ANNUALS IN THE STATE PoRTR. IT ( )MMKK :i l. KoDAK F ' iMSHINC. IT ben Thinkinp, of Pholofiraphs Remember " Marchion " of the Dickon Studio QUALITY .S KVKRYTHING 121 Perry Stre.-t Fostoria. Ohio 1- divisiim. OifT thf t ' ti 124 iM4 ' - i I J Ik i. f

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