Fostoria High School - Red and Black Yearbook (Fostoria, OH)

 - Class of 1940

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Fostoria High School - Red and Black Yearbook (Fostoria, OH) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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'F 1'-I ... . p, ,I . ., , , ,. ,, ...HI -5. I E ,, , ,v,I5,, f,f,f:AI,I.I.III.I 7II,:Ig.II II SEIIIJII. fIIj.. IIII....5, EIIII I TII IIIIIL-IISI .II III I I I II4 g, !. .. .III.II5I I I . . I ,, N: III.3,, I,ILI, -. J' 4 f , Y "K":'1f'. . '5kW?f .545 , I , . . . 4 ' .4 1 X L ' 'lf ' ,M , . 1' f. ,- .- ... . x -f -...-1., ,.. .. , . ..- . . .F -MII. uw, QI XII., -I , 4I.J4Y., .2 4 .,,.., 5 I: ,I-,,,.,, I V IIV .I ,QI ,K.I.,I L U., I .MII ., I, i,- II ,I X 4I.I III XI? . wx! If 1 . E51-X 1, , r ?'gg9mf.1,5 tif ' 1-U, G gf VJ" 3 I. , "S ,wx -3,1 W .v 5-'jI:qfQ,44. .,. y f'p:4,,.:t- ,.i.,I,. rg - I. H '-?7.Q.'.-I..y V' ' -J' 'f ag- W' v ., r.v'wE ,n ' Q we " va ' "L v Rf' i' F ' v---r'- +1 F,"w ' H 2' , V 'VY' 1. I X 41" .gf 1 rw!-' Q il .' ,L J , N "JK 4' P .gm 1" . 1 gfII,g! I . 'L L QI , +,,,,E ii 4-ini gs.-gl I - L44 ri 1 QI . J. mm K- , I '4 I 1 1 I 1 . I, Ia n I a . 'X F ,I , II,1IiiiLI.IvI-IIII.I: qv nd.-3, L' x sf-.2 .e,,I II. . , .Q K P . . . A6 . .11 .F . Nh . ?.I ', '- E -, J. ', .f.z,. , I' "Vw 'bn' 'v.f':. .1 '. j,IA::II CI, , 1 .. j- fI"'Qf,j'Q II 4 1 I 1' w . , A .Q ,-jf--.x 1 ' . 1 . . '-'.- .1 A, I, I - . ..I ,I.I !I3I..' I I I. F .I,0,1IuII-I .' . , . I -.xHI.,. . ,I I! fy, , . Rnd, 5 Mm'-1 I r-H, V ' Q . .. '..f. X I .1 . ,I W II K . L . I . .. .,I .. . , mir. 1, 'Q' TT- " .-' 1 ' " ' ' ' A - X' ,' ' " 'f . . 51' " f-,,',.-LW,-I ....: -"-,:.'-'.,.fr... 1 . j f' . , -1-, .v- .. . V , U5 ' 5- ,. I-L' .Jw 1- .-5 ., - -1. ,. M. ., .fp-bw-.,1 1' s ' uf .,!-.uw K M .' ,4 'ff tqua' '.. ..-.Q 'J 1, 1+:.,- , -. .- 'i 4.-. L.".-.L.-"JW,-".'-4,'.CP",'-w7.'Qiii'4..--A.. '- f M,-,Q .- Puri. h.: - .,'-gal ff.-. .. .1 'I' W: IIT-.f ur ' ffQ w.:,.5g 1-,:' 5T 2' if si-af 1- ,5-r::'.:h"'g? 55"'A1'Eff.p- 'f"f" 3Lf'fei' yigfi' j',,f'iu5j?ji'fY?'Ff f ?.v"' . Wfgfff 131 - A .- ,A . ,.--. -. .:. rr f . .- -- , ,., 1 . Q : w .1 ,- . '. u ., ' . " .:, ,,,.'.,-':.: ,. . .,. , A, '- ' . X - - ' ' T TIIEM -L as, ' , .I-i.1fI"Fg I:Ig',":1:' fi I'1.I--.-4I,,.I.IIf31II--if, Ic:IfL,5-4' Iii' W .,f'w.I?? I-215 II , 15-. 'I :Ii -- -. -Hz" I-,. 4'I'.I ,fs ,. .I.I IJ.:-I.qf'f' :I .34-,' ...ex -,+ , .1 , .1 1 I V -. -"lb A 1, V j-- T ig., ' ' L . ' 1 v.z1 f ,M .-,...'. ,. .. "a ,,,,q..1 - , W ,-, ..,.", ...,.:.' I f,..A,, , -Wi . V PH ., -A1 13 . . -,f . ' V, - V f.. 1 I gif: ,.,:.,.. J -, V- - if A mg, . ..V '. 5 -"'.. 2 4 welt 1 . A f I F 1, X w ,f . . 1 1 A L I -L 1 we 4 .- A , . -. ,!, 1 A -gi-1: ,. I ' 1 . , I- -' J !' . ..f- 1 -3-.. -" -.V , ' . ,. . 1 ' - tv 4, . - Q r TY' ' I . U"-.v L . Q. , L Lv.: . - 'wif , x l 1 x'f , QA XA 'ui -2-3 fi N. A -Q , x 1 if-9 .iw-f lf ., , . PEN - Ffh v::-H, . ' . A-,, ., .xg . .4 , " - , H H I .4 . h - ,R -,, V-. ,fl ., V F 14, , ,' . , . A ,., -, I ,. , X-1 , 1,,,e.3 Y....A - .,-X .u Lu. ,. V- .. vz " XY. .. - ' ' Q -' .v -. 1 2- W- H :-if "f1-- 'Q 1-. . .q: .... -- '95 V .,,.:: '- 'I rl '14, HID MII IIIIIII 194 -ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY -STUDENT BCDY -ATHLETICS -MUSIC n T- wr ---V ' . '51, '-rf .Y I :xiii "3 -I -SR. HIGH ACTIVITIES -JR. I-IIGI-I ACTIVITIES -ADVERTISING 5 LESTER SWITZI-ZR Ass't. Editor , ,VXIEANNE HUNT COLEEN BURSON PAUL SCHAUDER ELAINE SALIERS Editor-in-chief Business Mgr. KATHRYN FORTENEH MAXINE WANK F ., ,Lit. Editor Circu. Mgr. Co-advertising Manager Co-advertising Manager V. Although the staff for the i940 Bed and Black was not chosen until the first part of November, the members, fortified by the experience cmd the guidance of their advisers, Mr. Smith and Mr. Nacci, more than made up for the late start. In fact, they made one of the best records of recent years in meeting the demands of the printers and the engravers. Both the plan of the book and the choice of the cover required many discussions and votes on the part of the staff members, all of Whom had definite ideas of their own. How- ever, as in all other staff problems, once a question was settled, all readily cooperated to put it across. ' and First Row: Ruth Beeson, Ieanne Hunt, Martha France, Marilyn Harter, Anna Rose Lewis, Ioan Kuhlman, lane Davis, Elaine Saliers. Second Row: Ruth Bersted, Donavee Sahs, Virginia Tyler, Marion Cole, Gladys Zeller, 'Tom McDone1, Eileen Niday, Helen Bixler, Thelma Smith. Third Row: Lillian Rader, Betty Bishop, Theodocia Gro- man, lune Welling. Advisers: Mr. Nacci, Mr. Smith. 6' fn First Row: Ruth Bersted, Iune Welling, Lillian Rader, Ruth Beeson, Elota Hayfield, Marilyn Brombley, Maxine Wank, lean Stout, Theodocia Groman, Anna Rose Lewis, Helen Bixler. Second Row: Virginia Tyler, Marilyn Harter, Eunice Flechtner, Lois Miller, Maxine Turner, Eileen Niday, Betty Maye Price, Avis Kint. Third Row: Geraldine Stagger, Kathryn Souder, Donna Buck, Kathryn Fortener, Coleen Burson, Thelma Smith, Mary Louise Samsel, Gladys Zeller, loyce Pillsburg, Darlene Goebel. Fourth Row: Bob F ruth, Lawrence Cramer, Norman Stout. Missing from the picture: Dorothy Deiter, Mary Ellen Madden and lean Soles. ' 'K vw, WH i" QM R if fm 3 mf .Tk Ll 3, in , W? 9 Q .0 Al' Hui ,nw ' Q , w 1 a . N1 1' , I wi? M 9 fs r-.. U , , ri, A, if Y Wk 5 . I I lx , "1 1 - 1. E 5, L . N H by :uw E Q I, A tltttttftllll To preserve the many happy moments shared in the pursuit ot knowledge and with the intention of suggesting the char- acter of the past year's campus activities, We present to the students of Fostoria High School the RED AND BLACK ANNUAL OF 1940. To our faculty advisers, we express a word of qratitude. ' Their untirinq efforts and appreciated suggestions made it possible for us to hope for achievement and individuality. May you like this volume. 'I ' A 'v , 1 . .Jag ,r t X f t , . ai .,r x .., i t r Q A i ali Fostoria Hiqh has been constantly enlarging its facilities to include -not only. the three essentials, 'but also ascore 'of other subjects undreamed of at -the time when schools began. This year we were even more fortunate A ' indeed in having new departments, equipment, and proper quarters added toour school. We are deeply qratefulto t11Qe.persons who made these possilolezttso, TOl THE TAXPAYEBSZ-OErE'OS-, 4 ITORIA, WE',DEDiC1AiTE' THE YEARLBOOK -I or 1940. " l gi V fftf' L 3. ". haf" 1 rl xr I , . is it,-,:1!:: 'H-tes" ..:.-Q . ,K -. .19-91,4 - L, ,.,-,- ' 1 1 N 1 'if 1. I. -v if we ir 'A v .1 Q -lint ff. '. 1 T Li' :Yan we 'IE' ra 'af '41 I 5 W up we - 313-Q' ri? .1 . E .Wig .o g Q. is W' lvwnll, Bhqani lonqgallow Jfnlmu, lcfhittzlelz, jialal Carter, Zemer, Leonurd, Schlattor, Kinnaman. Bnaad. nf, fdzmatzbn PRESIDENT R. I. Carter VICE-PRESIDENT F. I. Kinncxmcm CLERK Harry Leonard H. L. Zemer D. D. Schlatter The Board of Education has worked ceaselessly to bring to completion the building program which was started last year. Through their cooperation with the superintendent, the dreams of faculty members, students, and parents have been realized in the new grade buildings, the gymnasium, the cafeteria, the home economics department, the music rooms, the chemistry laboratory, and the department of industries. For these services and for others rendered during the yeor, the Annual wishes to voice the feelings of students in realizing the debt ot gratitude towards the Board. In Memoriam Mvnrgv Svnntzvr A kmd hand beckoned to hxm And he obeyed 1ts call To cr greater serv1ce GKr In God's own hallowed hall. - . ..I . AUIvllN!SNWIUN Mrs, Mary Chcxrnlucrlciin H. L. FCDRD Chic Stc1te,M.A. Ashland Colleqe, A. B. Chic State, B. S. , 3 relury to thu SU1lJOIlIilPIldGl1' N :mu My 5- ,ff ,. an if J Jffw, Qhzfgazmaiwf VJ 4 M. H fX'X"x7' If Uuivm's2ii'y of CiiHC'QITl.CI.i, I I. Llxluwfmpluy pf Ci31C':Tl'1C,Hi, EK. B mf' Ifffiffllllfi ' Af! j7 Aff? ,, 7 nl., If Sjug-rriwrv 10 WP P! imviruzvl , ,f ,gn fit 1,51 M, Q NA, , 'W H V. xy-7 , ' ' . ,Cf,,fh.fCL- U' f 'L.fwV:,L1qLZm.1:i . - 'TH' ,Q I y X V , x. I5 MISS MBBEI. I. BOURQUIN University of Toledo, B. S. English ll, Oral English 12 Scriveners Many girls have depended upon their Senior High Dean for advice to help them in their various per- sonal and school problems. She has never tired of trying to keep them on the right path. May she be forever honored for her splen- did world W. W. NIXON Mount Union, B. S. Ohio State, Wittenberg Biology, Physics, Guidance Faculty Athletics Manager lunior Class Adviser The job ol being the Senior Dean of Boys is ct tough one, but Mr. Nixon has always come through with flying colors. The student body gives him much credit for his tireless efforts in advising and giving encouragement to nigh school boys who have had probe tems. I6 MISS VERA EGER Bowling Green U., B.S. U. of Chicago, Ohio State Math 8, Guidance 8 A port in the storm for many a seventh, eighth, and ninth grade girl: a friend in need, a person in whom to confide one's troubles: such a one is the Dean of Iunior High girls, Miss Vera Eqer. Q NORMAN WICKS Ohio University, B.S., MA. Math 7, Guidance 7, 9 Companionable, a good sport, an excellent adviser for those in trouble, endowed with a sense of humor and a quick wit -V-so do the Iunior High boys :ind their Dean, Mr. Wicks. 'I7 WE V I Lx... Min Vlrqlnlc Crawford Ohio State, M.A. Wooster, B.A.g Wisconsin History Sr. Class Adviser Nat'l. Honor Club Adviser L AE gl Mr. George Evans Bowling Green, B.S. Ohio State Chem., Sr. Sci., Soc. Sci. Sr. Class, Hi-Y Adviser .S Mr. C. N. Nuccl Ohio State, B.S. in Ioumalismg B.S. in Languages Wisconsin Ioumalism, French, Spanish Publications Adviser Ui ll Miss Lucy Swinqlo Wittenberg, B.S. Muskingum Home Economics Girls' Home Ec. Club Bach. Daze Adviser T" A fl X D-.f MI. C. F. Lllhl' Findlay, B.A.g Columbia, M.A Enq. 12, Pub. Speaking Dramatics, Debate Omicron Lambda Adviser .- 'Em 4 if P ,K I w , , ,,f'v 4 v xl 'R 'N Mr. B. 0. Smith Bowling Green, B.S. 1. 1" U Ohio State . Typ., Bus. Prlnc., mu :mm Hunt A If- Bfgnefs Tfcglgl? Mn. miami Hutchinson Lake Erie, B.A. Umm Us ness V Se' Oberlin, B.A. Ohio State Columbia English 10 Enqllsh 8 Girl Reserves Adviser Freshman Players Adviser lr ' em ffm' . Mr. C. D. LaRue Otterbein, B.A. O. S. U., Bowling Green Hist., Soc. Prob. Mlu Ina Spomlor Ohio Wesleyan, B.A. Tiffin Business, Gregg English, Commercial I' Mr. David Davin Wittenberg, B.S. Wilmington, Urbana Bowling Green Science, 7 6- 8 Hobby Club Adviser 1 A, eu, A tak Mr. Iohn Rollo: Miami, B.S. Wittenberg Industrial Arts Basketball Coach Boys' Friendship, 7 U"" Min Dondda MacDonald Bowling Green, B.S. Typ., Shorthand, Bus. Princ. Commercial Club Adviser ,Q 'I Q 5 'a- J. If f , A 3:5114-'I ur ' Eb-'P x . v X Mr. William Moa Ohio State, B.S. Art Art Club-Adviser Min Hazel Slubblns Michigan, M.A. Bowling Green, B.S. Colorado facial Science Mus' lub Adviser x my A A Mr. Stanley Levin Miami, B.S. Industrial Arts Ass't. Football Coach Baseball Coach Camera Club Adviser ff K t gr Min PoarlMcCaulo1 North Central, B.A. Ohlo State Latin, Mathematics State, M.A. Bluffton, B.S. Instrumental Music Min Helen Crafts Ohio State, B.A., M.A. Ohio Northem, B.S. English Lambda Sigma 8th G. Friendship Club Mr. Dwight Truboy Wittenberg, B.S. Columbia Science Athletics Director Football Coach Min Hannah Scott 991 Mr. Georqe Knepper Bliss College, B.S. Ohio Northem, Bowling Green Commercial I r. Class Adviser Acc' ting Dept. Head M Mr. 0. K. Caldwell Findlay, B.A. Ohio State General Science Audubon Nitesak Adviser Nature G Sci. Club Adviser 5. X? Mlu Katherine Marshall Mr. Lester Van Sant Tennessee, B.S. Ohio State, M.A. Kent State Findlay, B.S. Home Economics English, Mathematics Bach. Daze, Craft Club Adv. Boys' Friendship, 7 L x I w , V es , k wr? X. x N, lb,,' fm 4 A A C .ig Mn. Mildred Davis Mr. Allan Sawdy Bowling Green. B.S. Ypsilanti, B.S. Battle Creek Phys. Education, Health English 7 Varsity Trainer 9th G Sr. G. R. Adviser Gym Club Adviser 5 Ohio State, B.S. in Ed. Illinois. B.S. in Lib. Sci. Librarian Mr. Wallace T. Fisher Univ. of Cincinnati, B.S. Vocal Music Director X .1 A: L Mr. Nonuand lonee Bowling Green, B.S. Wittenberg Mathematics Student Council Ir. Hi. Basketball Coach ... Min Oneikl Whiteman Bowling Green, B.S. Miami, New York U. Social Science Travel Club Adviser Min Lucille lanable Findlay Hospital, R.N. Cincinnati Gen'l. Hospital School Nurse Attendance Officer .- ,rf ni 'f' .V 5, Miuloanna Thomas Kent State, B.S. Phys. Educa., Health G. A. A. Adviser ETUUHH HHUH xl Huih Be rsied Belly Bishop Helen Bixler Mariorie Brickles Marilyn Brombley TOP: June Anderson. Marcella Amold. Thelma Auqsburger. Robert Bates. Alma Beck. Ruth Beeson. BELOW: Douglas Brown. Donna Buck. Coleen Burson. Marvin Ccmierbury. Rob- ert Carter. Arthur Clark. COLEEN BURSON. Secretary MARTHA FRANCE. Girls' Treasurer EDWIN KUHN. Boys' Treasurer TOP: Gaylord Clark. Betty Clary. Clayton Cole. Marion Cole. Laura Cook. Harry Craley. BELOW: Nonna Deerwester. Dorothy Deiter, Devoia Eqer. Don Estes. Pheobu Feasel, lack Fey. Lawrence Cramer lane Culp Iane Davis Leroy Davis Norman Deer 3' Herbert Hakes 'PUR TOP. FIRST ROW: Eunice Flechtnor. Kathryn Fortener, Malcolm Fouts. Clifford Fox, Martha France. SECOND ROW: Robert Fruth. lunior Fry. Ieanne Hall Vincent Gillespie. Darlene Goebel. Theo- docia Gromcm. Iunior Harrison Marilyn Hartor Vemon Hartley Elota Haytield BELOW, FIRST HOW: Betty Hendricks. George Herriq. Iohn Herriq, Margaret Hill, Robert Hill. SECOND ROW: Hilda House. Beatrice Howard. Ioanne Hunt. Loyal ller. Charles lmber. Six Q xx. TOP. FIRST ROW: Anna Ruih Iohnson. Francis Kimble. Harry Kimble. Avis Kim. Howard Kirian. SECOND ROW: Rolda Kirk. Clair Kisa- beih. George Knepper. Anna Kodor. Ioan Kuhlman. flau, BELOW. FIRST ROW: Lewis Manecke, Betty Marshall, Edna McCullough. Thomas McDonel. Boy McFadden SECOND ROW: Belly Miller. Lois Miller. Patty Miller. Ieanice Moran. Charles Mohrarn. Edwin Kuhn Floyd Luther Charles Leonard Anna Hose Lewis Pauline Lumen Mary Madden ...J Nonna Rainey Mervin Rose Allen Russell Donavee Sahs Elaine Saliers Mary Louise Saxnsel Y TOP. FIRST HOW: Iames Myers. Eileen Niday. Iames Papenlus. Robert Papenlus. George Pappas. SECOND ROW: Ioyce Pillsburg. Ioseph Piotter, Utah Piotter. Betty Maye Price. Lillian Rader. BELOW. FIRST HOW: Paul Schauder. Lois Schlosser. Maxine Schwab. Forrest Slater, Dewey Smith. Ir. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Smith, Phyllis Smith, Thelma Smith. William Smith. Gaylord Snavely. 'Ka TOP, FIRST HOW: lean Soles. Kathryn Souder. Arenabelle Speaker, Geraldine Staqqer. Richard Stark. SECOND ROW: Carl Statler. Iean Stout. lack Thomas Norman Sioui. Lester Switzer. Margaret Tate. 6 BELOW. FIRST ROW: Maxine Tumer. Virginia Tyler. Maxine Wank. Iean Wamer. Harry Warrington. Huber' Tmchl SECOND ROW: Iune Welling Gertrude Whiiia, Marie Yenser. Rachael Young. Gladys Zeller. Ioseph Tidd Dorothy Trudel Robe ri Tidd Q U Y WMV W Wm H I rl J -.1 ,. t 1 ,lfay Academic Audubon Nitesak 1 2- Chorus 1 2 3- Home Ec. 2 3- G.R. 2 3- Commercial Club 4 MARCELLA ARNOLD General Chorusl 2 3 4- Girls Gleel 2 - Girl Reserves 3 4 THIZLMA AUGSBURGI-ZR Commercial RICHARD DOUGLAS BROWN Academic ' Wrestling 2- Gym Circus 1 DONNA BUCK General Audubon Nitesak 1- Omlcron Lambda 2 3 4- Lambda Sigma 2- Student Council 2' Scholarship 2 3- Ioumal Staff 3' Ir. Class Play- Annual Staff COLEEN DURSON Commercial I I I I IUNE ANDERSON Freshman Players: G.R. l, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1 2- G. R. 3 ROBERT BATES Academic Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 2: Football 4 ALMARECI Commercial Chorus l, 2, 3: Girls' Glee 3: Home EC. Club 2 RUTH BBESON General Freshman Players: G. R. 1, 2, 3: G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader 3, 4: Ioumal Staff 4: Annual Staff: Girls' Glee 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4: Gym Circus 1, 3 RUTH BRRBTED General Gym Circus 1, 3: Audubon Nitesak l: G. R. 1, 2, 3, 4: Ornicron Lambda 2, 3: G. A. A. 3, 4: Cholr 3.4: Girls' Glee 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Student Council 1: Ioumal Staff 3, 4: Annual Staff: Operetta 4: All-School Play 3: Schol- arship 3: Girls' Basketball 2 BETTIE BISHOP Commercial Freshman Players: G. R. 1, 2, 3, 4: Audubon Nitesak 1: Annual Staff: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee 4: Omicron Lambda 2 ' HELEN MAE BIXLER Academic G. R. 2, 3, 4: Art Club 3, 4: Scriveners 3: Student Nurse 3: Library 4: Gym Circus l, 3: Girls' Basketball 3, 4: Audubon Nitesak 1: Ioumal Staff 4: Annual Staff: Omicron Lambda 2, 3: G. A. A. I MARIORY BRICKI. Commercial G. A. A. 1 MARILYN BRGMBLEY Commercial Home Ec. Club 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff Freshman Players: G. R. 1, 2, 3, 4: Scholarship 1, 2, 3: Girls' Basketball 3, 4: Lambda Sigma 2, 3, 4: Omicron Lambda 2, 3: Student Council 3, 4: National Honor 3, 4: Annual Staff: Journal Staff 3, 4: Choms 1, 2, 3, 4 MARVIN CANTERBURY Practical ROBERT CARTER Academic Audubon Nltesak 1, 2: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club 4: Hi-Y 4 ARTHUR CLARK Academic Redford Union, Detroit l: Football 2, 3, .4: Chorus 2, 3: Boys' Glee 2, 3: Boys' Choir 2, 3: A Cappella Choir 2, 3: Operetta 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: Ir. Class Play GAYLORD CLARK Academic Redford Union, Detroit l: Football 2, 3, 4: Ht-Y 3, 4: Art Club 3, 4: Photog- raphy Club 3: Band 3: Operetta 3: Choir 3: Chorus 3: Boys' A Cappella Choir 3 BETTY MARIE CLARY Commercial Audubon Nltesak 1, 2: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee l, 2, 3, 4: G.R. 1, 2, 3, 4 CLAYTON COLE General Gym Circus 1 MARION COLE General Annual Staff: Ioumal Staff 4: Football l, 2: Wrestling 1, 2: I-li-Y 4: Gym Circus 2 . LAURA COOK Commercial Audubon Nitesak 1, 2: G. R. 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1: Girls' Glee 4: Commercial Club 4 1 1 l' I l 1 IL HARRY CRALEY General Bachelor Daze 4: Wrestling 3: Basket- ball 1, 2 LAWRENCE CRAMER Academic Band 1, 2, 3: Orchestra 2, 3: Football 1: Wrestling 2: Scholarship 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: Annual Staff IANE CULP Academic Andrews School l: Audubon Nitesak l: Lambda Sigma 2: G. R. 3, 4: Stu- dent Nurse 3: G. A.A. 3, 4 IANE DAVIS Academic G. R. l, Z, 3, 4: Gym Circus I: Fresh- man Players: Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Omi- cron Lambda 2, 3: Lambda Sigma 4: Iournal Staff 3, 4: Annual Staff: Girls' Basketball 3, 4: Student Nurse 3 LEROY DAVIS General Bachelor Daze 4 NORMAN DEER Practical Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 3, 4 NORMA DEERWESTER Commercial G.R. 1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. l, 2, 3: 1-lome'Ec. Club 3, 4: Chorus 1: Gym Circus l, 2, 3 DOROTHY DEITER Commercial l Freshman Players: G. R. 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee 2, 3, 4: Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Ioumal Staff 4: Commercial Club 4 DEVOTA EGER Commercial Audubon Nitesak l, 2: G. R. 4: Chorus l, 2,-3, 4: Girls' Glee 1, 2, 3, 4: Com- mercial Club 4 DON ESTES Commercial Drum Major 4: Boys' Glee 1, 2, 3: Choir Z, 3: Chorus 2, 3: Hi-Y 4: Operetta 3: Bachelor Daze 3: Gym Circus 1, 3 PHOEBA FEASEL General G. R. 3, 4: Library 3, 4: Scholarship Z: Lambda Sigma 3, 4 IAC! FEY Practical Band l, 2, 3, 4: Traffic Patrol 3, 4: Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 EUNICE FLECHTNER Commercial Omicron Lambda 3: National Honor 3, 4: Ioumal Staff 4: Annual Staff: Art Club 4: Accounting Staff 4: Home Ec. Club 2: Gym Circus 3: Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 2, 3, 4: Scriveners 3 KATHRYN FORTENER Commercial Gym Circus l: G. R. l, 2, 3, 4: Omi- cron Lambda 2, 3, 4: Freshman Play- ers: Ir. Class Play: Ioumal Staff 4: Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff: All- School Play 3, 4: State Contest Play 4 MALCOLM FOUTS Commercial Iournal Staff 4: Hi-Y 3, 4 CLIFFORD FOX Academic , Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Ir. Class Play: Basketball 3 MARTHA FRANCE Commercial Freshman Players: G. R. 2, 3, 4: Lambda Sigma 2, 3, 4: Omicron Lambda 2, 3: Girls' Glee 3: Choir 3, 4: Iournal Staff 3: Annual Staff: Student Council 3, 4: National Honor 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Debate 3: Schol- arship 1, 2: All-School Play 3: Oper- etta 3, 4 ROBERT FRUTH General Delaware Willis l, 2, 3: Omicron Lambda 4: Hi-Y 4: Choir 4: Boys' A Cappella Choir 4: Chorus 4: Boys' Glee 4: Annual Staff: Operetta 4: State Contest Play 4 WII.IJAM FRY. IR. Practical Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 VINCENT GILLESPIE Commercial Bachelor Daze 3 DARLENE GOEBEI. Commercial G.R. l: G. A. A. 4: Home Ec. Club 4: Annual Staff IHEODOCIA GROMAN Commercial Freshman Players: G. A. A. 2, 3, 4: Art Club 4: Annual Staff: Ioumal Staff 3, 4: Gym Circus 1, 3: Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Omicron Lambda 2, 3: G. R. 1, 2, 3,- 4: Library 4: Student Nurse 3: Scriveners 3 rr , -.. I T HERBERT HAIR Commercial Chorus 2 3 4- I-li-Y 3 4- Choir - Football 3 IEANNE HALL General Audubon Nitesak 1, Z: Omicron Lambda 2, 3: Lambda Sigma 4: Ll- brary 3, 4: Scrlveners 3: Gym Circus 1, 3: Art Club 4: Girls' Basketball 3, 4: State Contest Play 4 NAN HARRISON. Il. BEATRICE HOWARD Commercial Basketball 3- Commercial Club 4' Home Ec. Club 2 3 4 IEANNE HUNT Academic Freshman Players: G.R. 1, 2, 3, 4: Ornicron Lambda 2, 3, 4: Choir 2, 3: Ioumal Staff 3: Annual Staff: Chorus 1, 2: National Honor 3, 4: Student Council 4: Ir. Class Play: All-School Play 2, 3: Scholarship 1, 2, 3 LOYAI. ILER T h 1 if 51 ,, ., - J l U O I 5' Freshman Players: BOYS' Glee 2. 3. 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Girls' Glee 2, 3: Girls' . . . . , 4, . . G R l 2 3 4 G A A 1 2 3 Academic All-School Play 4: Choir 2, 4: Oper- etta 4: 1-li-Y 3, 4: Boys' Glee 1, Z, 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Boys' A Cappella Choir 4 MARILYN HARTEH Commercial G. R. 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 3: Audubon Nitesak 2: Girls' Glee 3: Freshman Players: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Scriv- eners 3: Pit Orchestra 3, 4: Art Club 4: Annual Staff: Ioumal Staff 4: Lambda Sigma 4 VERNON HAHTIQEY General Bachelor Daze 1 BLOTA HAYPIELD General G. R. l, 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. Club l, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee 2, 3, 4: Choir 1: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff BETTY HENDBICIS Commercial Home Ec. Club l, 2: Commercial Club 4 GEORGE HERRIG Practical Bachelor Daze 3 IOHN IEBIG General Boys' Glee 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, Z, 3, 4: Choir 3, 4: Bachelor Daze 3 MARGARET HILL Commercial Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee 1, Z, 3, 4 RODERT CHARLB HILL General Hi-Y 3: Boys' Choir l HILDA HOUSE Commercial Commercial Club 4 General ' Hi-Y 3, 4: Wrestlinq 1, 2, 3: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee 1, 2, 3, 4 CHARLES IMBBR Commercial Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2: Bachelor Daze 3 ANNA RUTH IOHNSON Commercial G. R. 2: Chorus 2: Gym Circus l: Scholarship Team 3 FRANCIS KIMBLE General Football 2, 3: Bachelor Daze 3 HARRY KIMBLE Practical Bachelor Daze 3 AVIS KINT' Academic Scholarship l, 2: G. A. A. 3, 4: Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: G. R. 3, 4: Scrlveners 3: Student Nurse 4: Ioumal Staff 3, 4: Annual Staff HOWARD KIRIAN Commercial Hi-Y 3, 4: Chorus 1: Commercial Club 4 ROLDA KIRK Academ'c G.R. 1, 2, 3, 4: Lambda Sigma 3, 4: Library 3, 4: Scholarship 3: Ioumal Staff 3, 4 CLAIR KISABETH Academic Audubon Nitesak l: Chorus 1, 2: Boys' Glee Z, 3: Choir 2, 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: Foot- ball l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 3: 4: Scholarship 2 .lang half ,ai O O I l GEORGE KNEPPER. IR. Academic Band l, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: Pit Orchestra 3, 4: All-School Play 2, 3: Freshman Players: Scholarship l, 2: Omicron Lambda 3, 4: Scriven- ers 2, 3, 4: National Honor 3, 4: Stu- dent Council 2, 3, 4: Traffic Patrol 3, 4 ANNA KODOR General IOAN KUHLMAN General Freshman Players: G.R. 1, 2, 3, 4: Audubon Nitesak 1: Orchestra l, 2: All-School Play 2, 3: Ir. Class Play: Iournal Staff 3, 4: Annual Staff: Omi- cron Lambda 3, 4: Chorus 3 EDWIN KUHN General Freshman Players: Hi-Y 3, 4: Omi- cron Lambda 3, 4: Audubon Nitesak 1: Student Council l, 4: Cheerleader 3, 4: Ir. Class Play: Operetta 4: All- School Play 3 FLOYD LATHER Commercial Hi-Y 3, 4: Wrestling l: Bachelor Daze 3 CHARLES LEONARD General Orchestra l, 2, 4: Band l, 2, 4: Bache- lor Daze 3 ANNA ROSE LEWIS Academic Freshman Players: G.R. l, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 2: Lambda Sigma 3, 4: Gym Circus l, 3: Scholarship 1, 2, 3: Ac- counting Staif 4 PAULINE LUMAN Commercial EDNA McCULLOUGH Commercial Girls' Basketball 2, 3 Commercial Club 4 THOMAS MeDONEL Commercial - Freshman Players: Hi-Y 3, 4: Choir 4: Chorus 1, 2, 4: Boys' Glee 4: Operetta 4: Ioumal Staff 4: 'Annual Staff: Basketball Manager 4: Football Man- ager 4 ROY Mcl"ADDEN Commercial Bachelor Daze 3 4 MARY ELLEN MADDEN Commercial Home Ec. Club l: G. A. A. 2: Com- mercial Club 4: G. R, 1, 2, 4 LOUIS RALPH MANECKE Commercial Scriveners 3: Bachelor Daze 3: Ac- counting Staff 4: Scholarship l, 2, 3: Annual Staff BETIY MARSHALL Commercial Chorus 2, 3, 4: G. R. 1, 2, 3, 4: Fresh- man Players: Omicron Lambda 3: Library 3, 4: Student Council l BETTY MILLER Academic Freshman Players: G. R. 1, 2, 3, 4: Audubon Nitesak l, 2: Choir 2, 3, 4: Omicron Lambda 2, 3: Operetta 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee 2, 3, 4 LOIS MILLER Commercial Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3: Girls' Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4 PATTY MILLER Academic Freshman Players: G.R. l, 2, 3, 4: Audubon Nitesak l, 2: Omicron Lamb- da Z: Operetta 3, 4: Choir 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee 2, 3, 4 IEANICE MORAN Commercial Sycamore l, 2, 3: G. R. 4 CHARLES MOTTRAM Academic Freshman Players: Boys' Glee 2, 4: Choir 1, 2, 4: Basketball Manager 3: Football Manager 3, 4: Operetta 4: Hi-Y 3, 4 IAMES MYERS Academic Wrestling 2: Freshman Players: Hi-Y 3, 4: Boys' Glee 2, 3: Ir. Class Play: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Choir 3, 4: All- School Play 3: Operetta 4: State Contest Play 3, 4: Gym Circus 2 EILEEN NIDAY Commercial Freshman Players: G. R. 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee 1, 2, 3, 4: Choir 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Lambda Sigma 4: Operetta 4: Home Ec. Club 3: Annual Staff: Gym Circus 1 IAM PAPENPUS Practical Football 3, 4 , . - " ,' - . -- ... . rv- fw- . . J 7' E t " l X ROBERT PAPENFUS General Football Manager 1 2 Basketball GEORGE PAPPAS Academic l-liY 4 Orchestra 2 3 Audubon MARY LOUISE SAMSEL Commercial Commercial Club 4 PAUL SCHAUDER Commercial O X I I I Manager 1: Bachelor bugs 3 Freshman Players: Annual Staff: Nitesak 1 2 IOYCE PILLSBURG Academic , Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee 2, 3, 4: Choir 2, 3, 4: Omicron Lambda 2 IOE PIO'l'l'ER Commercial Commercial Club 4 UTAH PIOTTER Commercial Commercial Club 4 BETTY MAYE PRICE Commercial G. R. l, 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. Club 2, 3, 4: Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff LILLIAN RADER Commercial G. A. A. l, 2, 3. 4: Audubon Nltesak 1, 2: Gym Circus 1, 3: Chorus 4: Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3: Girls' Glee 4: Annual Staff: Ioumal Staff 3, 4: Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 NORMA RAINEY Commercial Ioumal Staff 4 MERVIN ROSE . " General ' Freshman Players: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee l, 2, 3, 4: l-It-Y 4: Boys' A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3. 4: Wrestling 2, 3: Bachelor Daze 3 ALLEN RUSSELL Academic Football 2, 3, 4: H1-Y 3, 4: National Honor 3, 4 DONAVEE .SAHS Academic Freshman Players: Gym Circus 1, 3: Audubon Nltesak 2: Chorus 2: Orni- cron Lambda 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee 2 ELAINE SALIERS Academic Freshman Players: Cheerleader 3, 4: Audubon Nltesak l, 2: Chorus 1, 2: Ioumal Staff 3, 4: Annual Staff: Stu- dent Council 2, 3, 4: G. R. 1, 2, 3, 4: Omicron Lambda 2, 3: Lambda Sigma 2, 3, 4: National Honor 3, 4: Scholar- ship l, 2, 3: Girls' Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 2: Art Club 3 Chorusl 2 Boys Glee 2 3 HiY 3 4 Operetta 3: Omicron Lambda 3: An- nual Staff: Scholarship 3: All-School Play 3: Ir. Class Play LOIS IEAN SCHLOSSER Commercial Home Ec. Club 1, 2: Choir 2, 3. 4: Operetta 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee 2, 3, 4 MAXINE SCHWAR General Freshman Players: G.R. 1, 2, 3, 4: Lambda Sigma 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2, 4: Student Nurse 3, 4 FORREST SLATH Commercial Bachelor Daze 3: Wrestling 3 DEWEY SMITH. IR. Commercial Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4: H1-Y 3, 4: Gym Circus 1, 3 DOROTHY SMITH General Choir 3, 4: Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: G. R. 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3, 4 PHYLLIS SMITH General G. R. 1, Z, 3, 4: Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3, 4 THELMA SMITH Academic Freshman Players: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Home Ec. Club 1: Girls' Basketball l, 2: G. A. A. 4: Ioumal Staff 4: Annual Staff: G. R. 4 ' WILLIAM SMITH General Football 2, 3, 4: Ir. Class Play: Audu- bon Nitesak 1: Thespian Contest Play 4 GAYLORD SNAVELY General ' Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Boys' Glee 1: Wrestling 2: Ir. Class Play: Hi-Y 3, 4: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 3, 4: Operetta 3, 4 IEAN SOLES General Student Nurse 4: Chorus 2: Girls' Glee 2: Annual Staff: Home Ec. Club l, 2, 3, 4 .JL KATHRYN SOUDER Commercial Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee 4: Lambda Sigma 4: Annual Staff: G. R. 1, 2, 3, 4 ARENABELLE SPEAKER Commercial G. R. 2, 4: Commercial Club 4 GERALDINE STAGGER Commercial Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee 4: G. R. 1, 2, 3, 4: Lambda Sigma 4: Annual Staff RICHARD STARR Commercial Commercial Club 4: Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4: Bachelor Daze 3: Gym Circus 1, 3 CARI. STATLER Commercial Bachelor Daze 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: Gym Circus 1, 3: Freshman Players IEAN STOUT General Freshman Players: G.R. 1, 2, 3: Omi- cron Lambda 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Choir 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee 2,. 3, 4: Girls' Basketball 2: Stu- dent Council 2: Annual Staff: Orches- tra 3, 4: Scriveners 3 NORMAN STOUT Academic Scholarship 1: Freshman Players: Radio Club 1, 2: Chorus 2: Boys' Glee 2: Traffic Patrol 3, 4: Annual Staff: Ioumal Staff 3, 4 LESTER SWITZER.. IR. Academic Audubon Nitesak 1: Choir l: Boys' Glee l, 2, 3: Annual Staff: Basketball ' 2: Football 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4 MARGARET TATE Commercial G. H. l, 2, 3, 4: Audubon Nitesak 2 TACK THOMAS Commercial Vanlue 1 IOSEPH TIDD General . Arcadia 1, 2, 3 ROBERT 'HDD General Arcadia l, 2, 3 rtonmu' 'rnncrrr General Marion Harding 1, 2, 3: Drum Major 4: Ioumal Staff 4: All-School Play 4: Hi-Y 4 DOROTHY TRUDEI. General G. R. 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Choir 2, 3, 4 MARINE TURNER Commercial G. R. 3, 4: Lambda Sigma 4: Ioumal Staff 3: Chorus 2, 3: Freshman Play- ers: Annual Staff: Girls' Basketball 2: Scriveners 3: Accounting Staff 4 YIRGINIA TYLER Academic Chorus 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee 2, 3, 4: Choir l, 2, 3, 4: G. R. 1, 2, 3, 4: Or- chestra l, 2, 3. 4: Scholarship 1, 2, 3: Pit Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff: National Honor 3, 4: Operetta 3, 4: Omicron Lambda 2, 3, 4: Iournal Staff 4: All-School Play 3: Audubon Nitesak 1, 2 MAXINEINANK 'Academic G. R. 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 3: Library 3, 4: Omicron Lambda 2, 3: Lambda Sigma 3, 4: loumal Staff 3, 4: Annual Staff: Student Nurse 4: Gym Circus 1, 3: Girls' Basketball 3, 4: Chorus 1 g 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee 1, 2: Freshman Players IEAN WARNER Commercial G.R. 4: Commercial Club 4: Orches- tra l, 2: Audubon Nitesak 1, 2 HARRY WARRINGTON General - IUNE WEILING Commercial Orrville 1: Gym Circus 3: G. R. 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff: Ioumal Staff 4: -Chorus 3, 4: Choir 3, 4: Girls' Glee 3: Girls' Basketball 3, 4: Scholarship 3: Oper- etta 3, 4: Student Council 2 GERTRUDE WI-IITTA Commercial G. A. A. l: Home EC. Club: G.R. 4: Commercial Club 4: Iournal Staff 3 MARIE YENSER Commercial G. H. 4: Commercial Club 4: Home Ee. Club l,2,3 " ' "1- RACHEL YOUNG Commercial Home EC. Club 1, 2, 3: G.. R. 3, 4: Commercial Club 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee 4 'J Wm GLADYS ZELLER ' Academic G. R. 4: Freshman Players: Omicron Lambda Z: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee 2, 3, 4: Choir 2, 3, 4: loumal Staff 4: Annual Staff ,-.,.-..a.ins-mx.. wg-pr vv-pq-ng--1 -u.,---,.,....-., ,- ,Q 1 5. -'15 wr . ,, - , ,,,-H., , .,,,.2..,Ii.... , I . ..,, ,,. .,..,.,.-!,.,-, N. 34- V- . W2 WM Mf,y 5 .gl NW E sw KL gba, My Wjl yjymp U i1 Q37 Mafia 1 X Mew E W W WW' ""7"T"F'H re' v-Q. 93 ABOVE. left lo right: lane! Atwell. Charles Babb. Arthur Balsat. Wayne Baeinqor. Ioe Bales. Don Bercaw. Pauline Boday. Carl Biddle. SIDE. reading down: Don Borouqhi, Robert Briqqs. Elsie Brink. Anna Brough. Charles Brouqh. Phil Bmbaker. lean Chandler. Elwood Chapman. Richard Clark. ""P w orrlcsnsz i Evelyn Shirk. vice-pres. lim Maurer. pres. ' Bob Fast. treas. 4 Ianice Coppus. sec'y. 1 I w BELOW. lei! to rlqht: Wanda Clark. Bob Cockie. Betty Cooper. Florence Cooper. Denzil Coppler. Dale Coppus. Ianice Coppus. Sylvia Creeqer. -o 'Q- ,... ax 'C lf' 'Q F'f?S,T HOW. wblnffvz Farms? KIPUJE-.0 T?rrvi::bm:C,x. 'Fx-vd Lf ',,,-Jlxhwx, L.m.::: Fc-.sau Ci:-"f, 72013-T7f1' Uffrtkir. aio?-rcf .,!1f,,.,a..1N vxmxrxxrt .wx-.'-1 7: -N 2iE,ICOffIU !.5UVu': 33:3 tiff rhsrm, 3.1.v-.ry 1"1"f",ce, lf'1.-7-J'.f,:s 1"z'Quf-:EK f':m11:Ein, Lo'i'::!,1 Frcexach. Dcmmc, Y'.u.l: Thferccdcs Cf! Gfaoulac. THIRD HOXV: Donna Imam Z-Iorrrison, lvlxzy T-,cvllez-, Euqe Comm Hcu'm:xvwg1j', Ads-llnerx ff-ieiuzze, 'ftvqiwaz Flojrzws, luv lim:-, Pvirlcic Y-Ilciza. FlRL:'14 HOKE", b3'fo"r Damn: fum'-gal 1:1911 'ff-Ind, X155 l1'i::i:1v1, Kern'-P Iirxeppcr, B?f.i'gY' Kid W, Carl ?.:"'nhfiq'12i, '95 H, E Tmizfidos. SECOND HOV-f: y0'x'T1i Lsflfvwlxz. fi-71','x'no'-111 111122, A1321 ll. T.iw:lsc1'gf, Ticuwy Lm,1EL'M i,y'.'a Lm'1Q'af:'c'2, Iezsry Y.yi",3. lfrczw'-: 1-"f',1. J AN c u 4 u 4 ku! .u 'Q ffm Hicgloyf, "2 i. .1 ra .1 .1 , :Lck Fiolcl " '. V L!-. Uxujfu ..H H'xjf3iT-':5?fT'1 . 2111521 Llqmilu H f fun.:-I I: 1-5 'tv Q .- -D 1- ,3 4 '53- 4, Q '17 33 5 'Q 'E' A-9' -4 .,-v' vm an I -,SQ --'r .Jf:'1xf3:l-,m,.r+, new- ww- UQ'-w wx' Q Iwi lucmc . --"-.. .. r., ICLITCRTHC:H1Ki"ff,.1', ,,w.,LJr 1 X , f L 4J'C,Li'. Q .-v V 1 'gif' -vu mxazif.. 413' Helen SLhui'Lu, FIRST PCTV, cgbcvc: Iieiiy Nnsier, :.i'ii'fci 3'Y:'.-:- -,-- Lzcazzims Seqnez, Herman Nierescher, Sugar.: E?z'iiorscn, Eoliy Perh- XH-fuxjorie Sineward. rig, Mcxrqueriic Rczymoni. Viczyne Rami. Cfifrfiyfn Rcinhcwd. SECOND ROYY: Ennio: Rei-Jlwfxrd. 'xfcrlotu 155006. Richard Eidenour, Rex Ridge, Pom! Rupors, Fxonli Scidcrusky, fC'o1'r-Thy Savior, Viv:-If-t Smcron. lfiomizz Islhifi, ?:."QY.y:i Shift, ifulyxt 'afic-tif. mg' 2.5--L'f"211-. FEHST EUXVJ. .nclowz Em-:si TE:ornp:s:.'.1,, lflcroklxj f77T'7f-L--fi' TKZTTIOI, Kenra:-S1 Hrs:-nw, Iffcvvzni- Wfrvziw, Cr? '1O?7C'1 53'-Wit:-TICIC1' 7.'f:lf:Qr,' Bessie Vifnrskler, ffclwcfrcl 'fJ0l'xivt1j. Io-:"fr:': Y5'C:xu1lQ1. SECOND ?LfIf"'sf: Chm-Hs: W."i?r.o:f, .nlfmcl " -iN- 06:33, E?-2.-ry Vfoofh-zrrrd, ine Vfcnqcw, Kcxflviccu Ycwuqor, Maris Holler, forms: Loc. IJZQYAY LO-1, w--,I Perform: -:al-.:sn v,"zr-': nmxwji7CYw7-3-: Erik C ,g Liniig-rrnugz and D -, icy. V' fm 'Q , ,,,, 55, ' WA'-I iiff.-CitCT'11 495: 5 4' ',a x "WY ,ay -Q 115 ,few ww A 'ai . 3 ffvy' '-I FIRST ROW. above: Howard Alge. Ray Alqe. Arline Anderson. Beatrice Anderson. Betty Ander- IOD. SECOND ROW: Wilbur Anderson. Goldie Augs- burqer. Dwight Baker. Vemon Baker, Carl Barbour. THIRD ROW: Constance Basehore. Lois Bates. Mary Ellen Bea. lack Beeson. Wayne Bennett. FOURTH ROW: Ralph Birdwhistell. Charles Bixler. Leta Bostic. Dale Bourie. Dorothy Bradner. 50,ZZh0I'l'l.0!l.QA., HOME ROOM PRESIDENTS: Ioy Shuman Glenn Windsor Wanda Geyer Bill McDaniel Wilbur Anderson FIRST ROW. below: Charles Brandeberry. Lauren Brandeberry. Donna Breidigan. Dick Brubaker. Bethea Bucher. SECOND ROW: Alfred Bulkowslti. Mary Io Bullock. Gloria Burger. Iohn Burgbacher. Evelyn Butler. THIRD ROW: Carl Church. Mildred Clark. Bill Clore. Robert Coe. Forrest Cole. FOURTH ROW: Charles Combs. Paul Cook. Edna Couch, Ellen Cramer. Karl Cramer. First Row. Below: Dick Crow, Evelyn Dtiuqherty, Charles Diivis, M-iry llxno Davis, Bob Williams, Audrey Deckcird, Honuld Dilwlc, Bob Disney, Evelyn Dixon, Mary Dmy. Second Row: Senfiido Duron, Don Etclien, Helen Flinq, Alive lunw Ford, Mfirie Frvemtm, Mtiry French, lorry Fintli, Allwrt Gtirdnwr, FtirlGtislcnllri,NVtmrlt1 Gov-Dr. Third Row: Hiclmrd Gillilrind, Inn-is Gmikeriimn, le- in Grit, Anna Greenfield, Samuel Gmgq, lvlilnla Groves, Williqin Grooms, Betty Holdeinin, Dtvnni Hill, Kenneth Hcinloy. Fourth Row: 'Nillurd Hsiy, LQRoy Hiynes Ptiul Hendricks, lvltlrquret Hill, Doris Holden, Hill Hyusfb, lfitiiqiifhrito Hunlcf-wr, M :son Hunt, Iune Itisolvy, 'Juris ltvlinson. 'D f -t -t 5 X V , , .-l ' v tt Q, ' Q A gi 'f , s., I ,414 ilys: ' . 1 j- ..." ' 'K , . , t pf, . . 'v'. . . i K 'A i "' , f . gf - ' A lrv-i t l -"' -A2-3A , I L, .'-' -at 9 ' " ,, 'F 'l A ' , ZVQ , I K. ' "" j i Q, EQ A I N ,., L H " 1 k K KH" ' -' Q- ,.fQ i vi ' I , . . , ,A ll ,X . gg y x A N f : fl , vv,v -Q 1 ,CQ -,1- . A A s1l F t ,i t i . if - n .Q First How. Above: I. C. Iolinson, Gertrudee Iones, loe- lonos, Ruth Kimble, Bob Kirk, Ivndell Knepper, lacque- linv Knowlos, Auqustu Knox, Mnrqnret Koons, Normnn Koons. Second Row: Rim Krehsqe, Harold L-xfferty, Evelyn l.L1illf5I',' Lucille Lind, Maurice Younq, Betty Lord, Florence Lynch, Bill McDaniel, Murqriret Mcllonel, Lorraine Mcxdclon. Third Row: Orlo Mrflioon, los- Malony, IV xyne Munocke, Norman Mnrxen, Ioan Merqentlmler, G-Ana Miclinux, Dick Miller, Alice Moffat, Don Molter, Vfernon Nowliousv. Fourth Row: Leona Niswonder, Betty Olini, Don Olin, Alice Opguerin-in, Iotm Oyler, Ktltlierine Pipptis, Miko Pappcis, Bmtliti Pitterson, Mixinef Perkins, Wtryrie Pickett. First Row, Below: P11111 P111c:1e, Helen Poo1n1u111, Cmrence Don Scott, Maurice Seipie, LeRoy Shviiel. Poslon, Muieel Preis, NG-dm H11L1l911o11, Dole RPPCI, Beffy Third Row Icy Shum m D619 Smith N mm! Qmm : 1 , , , 1 1 1, Rltior, LGLITIIII ROHIPYIINXIIIIGI, DOIKLWIIIGCI Howe. second How: Pkmicm Rum' Eugene Russell' Howard Thomas Smnh, Iohn Snovely, Georqmnnu bc1lc1111n11, H1111-1 H11sse11I, Alle-11 S1::1'11'sor1, Myrtle Suxion, Ifeun Schultz, SO10mOf111OS'2vhmf' 5Pi'1H1DOfiS Smfnlmmm- First Row. Above: 1.115 Sis-111l111111, W1111111 S'c'11b, Dcmm A115 '.'1'+1.1i:s, M-'1v111 W1f'E1f111li, V1111111111 'N1lr1f1111. SKWLH Hwlwz' 511111 I4 , 1111111 STll1'k!1Of1Qld, P1111 Swxtrf-1, Third Row: LVLIIVE V.'il1111111s4 Hflx VV1ll1-11115, Q31l3I1 Wxwism 111111115 T1111.11111s I 111111115 Tweflls, F.ubw1'1 VY:1q11v1. fiellty P'c1wvlsc111, I111111'- QU-111111, IQRLFIPIKF' Zv14f!1:k-, 13111 Second Row: Fun ' 'W11ll11v1-, P11!4y 'dfzlsiz I-1-111,111 Mucrm-. '1'X'11l!-'15 1X1:1.11.1 1' 11.1 G11-1111' 'xA'111ri, 14:11.11 .'.' 111111, ?'y1PfllI' 11111:'.' 11.1ll'.F'I kf1r1:11. .1 First How. Top: B111 All-in, I1111 Allay, H151-11 A111iQ1S1111, Ch.1rl11s A'w-1ll, Urns Binh. Second Row: Lowell B Ifkififivf H1111 H-111111111-1 11111101 B11si11q12r, V-11111 Hoi nw, D11-1 Bv1111w't Third Row: G111112 H9111 R1y111:11'i H1511 111' 21111131 Bfpstif, Bwty H1 :'i1w1', 921111111 Hi' 111 '121l111r',', Fourth Row: 11111 1 1f,'111111'1: 11-fl ivili'1!1 .711wi wall, IUE111 Ch11111i1'11, N IY'0l 'T11k, RIFE! fl 11k. J .QIL Home Room Presidents: 111 511111, D1 'k Usher, N1111'y S11'11w, Fm 101 HHH, P1111 S1111'I1. First Row. Bottom: B111 1fI111f1, 3111111151 f'l1111' Rudy Colx11,' 111221151 'Twp N1111111 sfitliilifl. Second Row: L'T1111s' 111 H ng-'15, 1 ' II w5ff1: '.'OI'WlK'1, M1111Ey11 iw' buy 1',.w1i11'k 1'i1111lv111Q lif 11-Dy. Third Row: Nm-1' 111 1111f-1, V11 11111 1 'wxfee-111-1, 11111150 Y7 1v1s, F111 U-2'k1-: V' -1 17 D111 11:01. Fourth Row: R1 '11 .1 1 I7 E111,1f-119 D1x1'11, 111011 h111Q1111-H. 'i.V11l11i1'1'.v11 '.Y1y11-1 iVXV'IlIl13 WH111111 '1 1' 1.1.1, 1+ li "' .1 Fin! How. Below: lvlurqyirei limerine, Vinvent Eriiemi-2, llinclt Frist, Don Feisel, Mriurive Ferquson, Mqrqie Finch, Lriwivrirw Finn, Constmice Flechtner, Iohn Floreri, Vir- qiniri Fox. Second Row: Lenwood Freernrin, Iolirine Freisner, Dolores Gulllinl, Donna Gilmt, Martha Gibson, Mary Gibson, Lucy Glexison, lvlrirvellii Goebel, Virqinili Goodule, Moe Grrivfls. -1 -A -Q Third How: Mary Gr-ives, Ishii H-iliieriiiiirx, Helier! Hump shire, Curl Hurdinq, Suzanne Hirris, Dfile Harrison, Dor thi Hirtl-sy, Lucille Hfiriley, Iohn Hiilhuwiiy, Frnderiflc Hay. Fourth Row: Churles Heckarhome, Eugene Helms, Miirk Hill, Roger Hill, I-wk Hilvers, Iirn Hilvers, Billy Hisvr, Boil Horner, Mary Horner, Lois Houghton. ilu -gn an ps V lf, .11 W-Ng. 5 1 333 r-1 1.4 A ' 'l v 'l ,fy fa 3 -uv J l " Q32 if ,Q s J a- r . f Q A Hirr L ff- : gl i . ' ,Q .:, 5 ii V First How, Above: lurk House, Frrinres Hunt, Gerald Third How: Bwrtlin Mrill, Dorothy Mwnefkv, Don Mf'Clun 1, Hu:-Jilin, Robert Hutrhins, Boll lrnber, Liwrence lonos, loli l'Qvr'lf:lvr Anni BP-llw Vlfylpy, Beverly Kiefer, Hrizzol Devin Mcfullriuqh, Hobprl Miiriflfke, lviin Mliurvr, Piiul Miqhl, Bwlitri-wh Millvr, B'-Wy Mill'-wr, Mirlllirfbf Milliqliri, Kinil-lv. second now- iumli, Kinq rw Kirk Don r,,u1mwl,, Founh How: wk Mfwiihhfif, V-hm rmnlprwfr fi11+mMOyr-1, ' I ' f f ' L sf A , l-HY-'P luriiiiliriqlil, Mildivd L-irnlariqht, Esther LAJHGYI lim Munlwl' Hlfwlfi Mufwlvfil Cl'U'?nf"' MYQYSN INR W lunior Leo Dunrirx Lewis, Donn.: Mrie Lewis, Brirluriri LM. Nlyvrs, P itriuii My-Hrs, Li'i Niuhuls, lunf: Nifliiy, First Row. Below: Robert Omlor, Iohn Pelton, Harold Eugene Schultz, Beatrice Sendelbach, Bill Sheridan, Pyser, Harold Potts, Ioan Powell, Virqene Rahriq, Mary Rais, Neil Ranqeler, Albert Rhoad, Wendell Reffner. Second Row: Calvin Roberts, Carl Rouse, Hayden Rowe, Maxine Rue-hle, Wilbur Schaufelberqer, Robert Schlosser, Iames Third Shrider, Nancy Shupe, Mary Slater, Bill Smith, Clinton Smith, Don Paul Smith. S- is ha dv ,ft First Row, Above: Doreen Stoulter, Phyllis Smothers, Mrrirrrn Snfrveiy, Welton Snavely, Beatrice Soles, Russell Smith, lean Sewers, Carl Staley, Srrrrrmy Stipp, Martorre lNilhelrn. Second Row: Lerorrwrtl Theiry, Gerald Thcrnfrs, Mary vw., Thomas, VVildr Stone, Helen Wagner, Ethel Ward, Charles Warrington, Mary Wtckert. Third How: lirn VVhr1man, Dori Vlfrdmer, Iunior Wilcox, Georqe Wilson,' Icfhn Woltrzrih, Iune Wunderlin, Milton Yoder, lim Younqston. 'Vlfithdrawn ightliymde First Row. Top: Samuel Aurand, Carolyn Baker, Donna Baker, lack Baker, Marjorie Baker, Gus Balsat, lohn Basehore, Dorothy Zeller, Ronald Beery, Melvin Bennett, Doris Berlinghofi, Edna Biddle, Betty Brant, Leta Brickles, Laura Brombley, Catherine Bulkowski, Alice Burlcart, Ruth Burkhart. Second Row: Mary Calhoun, Doris Carmichael, Margaret Carter, Mary Caskie, Pauline Chilcote, Ivadine Cooper, Harold Dauterman, Deuane Davis, Iay Davis, Lucille Davis, Richard Davis, Donna Deiter, Henry Delgado, Beatrice Delgado, Henry Deiter, Norma Echelbarger, Norman Echelbarger, Florence Emerine. Third How: Tim Enright,' Walter Feisel, Robert Florea, Charles Ford, Alice Foster, loyce Frederick, Ieannette Fruth, Ruth Fry, Coral Fouts, Harold France, Esther Gale, Alice Grogg, Martin Groman, Mildred Gromcrn, Emma Haase, Essie Hampshire, Eugene Hall, Charles Haney. Fourth Row: Fredrick Hanley, Nate Hatfield, Earl Haynes, lune Harding, Marjorie Huflord, Mary iiirtsel, Marjory Hartsel, Clara Hayes, Isabelle Haynes, Paul Helms, Dale Hendricks, Ieannette Hevener, Eugene Hilvers, Paul Hiser, Edd.e Hitchcock, Betty Holden, Ioan Hauser, Tcm Hauser. Fifth Row: Dora Humbert, Doris Humbert, lim Hunter, loanne Huth, Leonard lackson, Helen Iohnson, Thelma lones, Charles Ioseph, Clifford Keckler, Frank Kelley, Alden Kingery, Marilyn Knepper, Allen Knight, Bill Kurtz, Audrey Lambright, Patty Lamphear, Chester Laytonf Elwood Lee. Sixth How: Ida Lewis, limmy Libby, Iunior Libby, Dorothy Lind, Iune Lusk, Iunior Lytle, Kenneth McDonald, Robert McGahey, Harold Manecke, Betty Marxen, Mar- garet Martin, Betty Meng, Alice Milburn, Donald Miller, LaDonna Moller, Betty Moody, lane Moots, Iunior Morel. Seventh Row: Betty Morel, Mary Moriord, Lois Myers, Lucille Newhouse, Gene Newell, Robert Niswander, Ianet O'Brien, Coleen Opperman, Millicent Pastorius, Violet Patterson, Arlene Payne, lack Peck, Nadine Pennell, Ed Perkins, George Peyton, Clarence Pickett, Ann Prentice, Walter Reffner. Eighth Row: loyce Rensch, Donna Rinehart, Glenn Rein- hard, Iohn Reinhard, Howard Roby, Andrew Saldausky, Alfred Scheidhauer, Rex Schwab, Geraldine Schultz, Io Ann Scott, Gerald Sendelbach, Howard Sendelbach, Donald Sherick, Bette Slater, Richard Slater, Weslyn Snavely. Ninth Row: Virginia Slaughterbeck, Beatrice Snyder, Charles Snyder, Glenn Soloman, Edward Souder, Harry Stephenson, Dale Stoddard, Harold Struble, Ruby Tale madge, Norman Thompson, Norman Tyson, Bobby Wag- ner, Charles Wallace, Helen Warner. Tenth Row: Iunior Weiker, Virginia Welsh, Robert Went, Ruth Wetherill, Marvelyn Williams, Bertha Wyley, Lea Belle Wyley, Forrest Wilson, Harvey Woltarth, lack Woodland. Eleventh Row: Warren Wunderlin, Eugene Yoder, Dorothy Zeller, Yvonne Valenti. 'Withdrawn ,Swnnfh Hnadv. First Row: Billy Alley, Louise Alley, Velma Allison, Orpha lean Yeager, Marilyn Angles, Milton Angles, Doris Baker, Ruth Balsat, Harold Barchus, Iulia Barchus, Patricia Barley, Billy Barringer, Richard Beers, lim Beeson, Shirley Bennett, Phyllis Benson, Iimmy Bentz, Elbert Biddle. Second Row: Barbara Bishop, Cathlena Bolin, Roger Boomershine, Forest Bostic, Louise Boucher, Wilma Boyd, Kathryn Bradner, Iune Brandeberry, Helen Brombley, Betty Bronson, Lois Brown, Virginia Brubaker, William Calhoun, Bill Charles, Ann Clark, Pauline Clark, Raymond Clark, Clifford Cookie. Third Row: Robert Cooper, Donald Coppler, Iewel Copsey, Helen Cousin, Stanley Cramer, Bob Currier, Don Danner, Gerald Davis, Mary Ellen Dayringer, Welthea Decker, Charles Degan, Dorothy Devore, lane Dicken, Valearno Deiter, Clayton Doll, Eulogia Duran, Patricia Dye, Violet Emmon. Fourth Row: Richard Fast, Bob Feisel, Donald Ferguson, Iean Fey, Virginia Fillhart, Ida Mae Finkenbinder, Mary Fish, Eugene Fisher, Robert Foltz, Dale Forbess, Ruth Fox, Barbara Fruth, Betty Fry, Thelma Fuller, lack Gang- way, Dolores Gardner, Bernita Goodale, Harry Graves. Fifth Row: Donald Greenwood, Glen Groves, Harold Gruber, Myron Hall, Warren Harris, Bert Hatfield, Betty Hay, Eula Heckathorn, Mary Louise Heinze, Delbert Horner, lane Hough, Dorothy Hufford, Velma Hunt, Virginia Hunt, Helen Hutchinson, Doris lmber, Edwin Iackson, Iohn Jacoby. Sixth Row: Virginia Williams, LeRoy Iohnson, William lohnson, Don Kaltenbach, Edna Keyes, Charles Kimble. Clyde Kimble, Robert Knowles, Charlotte Kramer, Dorothy Lather,' Iim LeComte, Clyde Lentz, Virginia Lewis, Iack McClellan, Betty McClung, Delores McCullough, Betty lane McCurdy, lean McDonel. Seventh Row: Elsie McEntire, Betty McPeek, lean McPher- son, Iim Madden, Iames Mall, Ethel Manecke, George Miller, William Miller, Gloria Morgan, Ioan Mumma, Iunior Mundorf, Addie Myers, Howard Myers, lvan Myers, Wayne Myers, Robert Nierescher, Imogene Nis- wander, Iames Nusser, Eighth Row: Helen Nye, lo Ann O'Brien, Robert Ogg, Ianet Page, Allegra Pasgualetti, Mary Perez, Raymond Perez, Iack Perkins, Marjorie Peters, Iunior Pickens, Betty Piotter, Ianet Preis, Ianice Fiensch, Barbara Rhude, Robert Quaintance, Kenneth Reinhard, Raymond Reine hard, Carl Rhoades. Ninth Row: Harold Ritter, William Saldausky, Carl Sampson, Harold Saxton, Donald Schlosser, Helen Scott, Billy Sheets, Iune Sheffel, Abbie Shiff, Myer Shiff, Ioan Shuman, Iimmie Silfven, Dick Smith, Ernest Smith, Iessie Smith, Maxine Smith, Dick Spitler, Paul Stagger. Tenth Row: Howard Staggers, Elaine Stalter, Gordon Stouffer, Ruth Stowers, lack Switzer, Margaret Tarris, Clara Tate, Charles Taylor,' Florence Thomas, Gerald Thompson, Betty lane Tidd, Don Turner, Gertrude Turner, Greetham Twells, Phyllis Vogel, Harry Wells. Eleventh Row: Virginia Brubaker, Herbert Yenser, Mary lo Ann Wilcox, Charles Wyans, Bill Westerlund, Betty Walters, Richard Wright, Robert Wolfe, Norman Young, 'Withdrawn AHHHCEI Top Y 'Vlllmzr AI1Cik'IiQCWIi, Ed Kuhn, Sihing: Dick Lxxpidos, B011 Corlciw, fi'll'lIl9S Mmtr ruic:Gvy+1I,Flx1ir1e Sqlisrs, Sicmdinq: Tom MFDCHQI, Fmril-1 Smfrhzusky. 11' X lim-:sw1'1, Lowell B-ukluy. r' - - t - my I M ,. may f Q t 1 jnoflvall, First Row: I. C. Iolinson, I. Papenfus, D. Crow, C. Fox, L, French, A. Bulkowski, G. Russell, C. lmber, W. Frxnlc lin, L. Holden, A. Lind, C. Franklin. Second Row: A. Clark, G. Clark, B. Smith, C, Lambright I. Alley, F. Saldausky, C. Kisabeth, B. Might, I. Maurer A. Russell, B. Bates, E. Chapman. Third Row: Ass't. Coach Lewis, I. Gockerman, F. Crow G. Lee, I. LeComte, G. Herriq, C. Walker, I. Higley, D and H Jriley, D. Coppler, trainer. Fourth Row: Coach Echelbarger, B. Kirk Delgado, Ir. Church fr fulty manager. Fifth Row: B. Cockie H. Russell, S. Switzer, Al Srwdy Trubey, L. Hendricks, F. M-rrtin, F , l. Maurer, I. Reinhard, C, Rouse, H D. Switzer, B. linber, W. XV. Nixon , D. Lap1dos,C. Nlottriirii, A. Gardner' Opp. FHS Opp. FHS St. Wendelin .... . 0 l3 Ir. Home ........ . . l3 6 Bucyrus ..... . U 19 Bowling Green . . . . 26 0 Lima South ..... . l3 O Tiffin Columbian . . . . . 20 7 Columbus East. . . . l4 7 Bryan ........... . . l2 l4 Fremont ........ . 7 O Findlay . . . . 25 U The l939-40 football team went into its regular season with the terrific handicap of trying to hold the l938-39 squad's perfect record against rivals who were literally "laying" for Fostoria. The spirit of this year's ball team was most prevalent in the Fremont Ross game, in which the boys proved that fellowship and loyalty are the strongest bonds. With the realization that they were facing one of the strongest teams in Northwestern Ohio, they went into this game not with the defeatist attitude, but with the fire and zeal that so characterizes athletics in Fostoria. I. fnaclzm, i t .7 Ike Trubey Stan Lewis. Ass'L Head Coach Dwight "Ike" Trubey and his assistant, Stan Lewis, have come to be known as something more than just football coaches in Fostoria High School. During the four years Mr. Trubey has served as mentor and the three years Mr. Lewis has been his assistant, they have done more than their share of teaching in Fostoria High. Not only have they been thorough in their teachings of football fundamentals and the finer points of the game, but they have taught many of Fostoria l-ligh's students other lessons which they will remember throughout their lives. 3-r ' A l 9 l ,. E 1 AIS d Jafldilff W. W. Nixon 11,5 'O v Z s 1 rang t " mn IIM PAPENFUS End Weigh! 148. Senior "Puppy" VV1IS 1 v-ity '1131,1iws sivrsimii pl1ywr. Hr-1 w1s11tt1s -efficient -H1111 1111i 11 iw1,1Iw11k tn! fi'-vtfvrisw. ALLEN RUSSELL Center Weight 220. Senior Russ it-f-iii tiowii funn ot tit toughest gmsititviis :nf tiw mini md did 11 VQIY vw-dit 1l1io mb He got time only tm111'i1tiow11 n his 1:1110-11' when im imfcuvoiw' -1 blociwd punt for iiCbSY'7i'l 1': sirmle touriificmwit ltt :tw Titfir Cmluriiiuiwii -1-111112 BILL SMITH End Weight 144. Senior Desprti his iIt'k oi wfiifgilt "Smitty" s-1w 1'o11s1'io111i1iv 111' 'ion 11111i w IS 1 i-1gw11fit1i1it p1.1y+H1. this was shawn iw the fr1ct ti1v1t iw 1iifi11'! misss simqin p1.11"11'e 111i sw-1sf111, LESTER SWITZER Bcckfield Weigh! 125. Senior 17111111111 ivutitiwi L11 tiw VAIISIW' 111 s1t1'1m11111qw s11ss1m1,"S1111lvy' was 111 o11!i1l,1sit1st1r 1111111111131 at the sqtitwl, -1lwt1ys ready to t',1II'Y Fmt iiis 11ss111ri11i'-tits 'O the bus? ni his 11iwility. ELWOOD CHAPMAN Backiield Weight 142, Iunior "Rini" wus 11 very piomisiril iu.1tikfi+2id 111.111 until he Wm i'11ffl 1111 ii--11'111isv of lttlLlI'lr'S SUSt.IiI1E'ti 111 tiw Limti South j4II'Iir?v1'iti w11,s ioirwci to spwiii the 'qrffitwr I,l'IIi oi 'ite 1111111111 1111.4 season mu tits? benfii. HJ siicuithi iw 1 iirw zwrfwsp -11' t tn rwxf vent. E 'fi na' X . . M,-v mv' N.: Q XX Tv' K It I 4 x 'Ni ' . 1 dim, , -an gf! Ex? 5' V if is f x 'H J . 'M X ,N . 4 1 . A 4 .. 'X V 'H -.hz me Q :-.Aa fe A , 1 6 Q 1' Q , .Q ' 0 f UMM "NW" rt.:2'5'af- wifi' M i ,, .. V . ., PVQ. , . KW' ,,,, , N t, ' v LZZI , . H H I t , . . lnagt. 4, I Www VW :san , I HM K X .,..,,,., k , 1 Iunior Lee, Gene Russell, lim Maurer, Harry Smith, Stretch Kisabeth, Wayne Bennett, Bob Might, Wib Franklin, Alex Lind, Frankie Kirian. F. H. S.'s 1939-1940 basketball team was often described as "The Brooklyn Dodgers" of the Buckeye League. "A surprise in every pack- age,"-that's the way they operated. Une never knew what they would do from one game to the next. Although their season's record was not one of the best in Fostoria history, they won one honor at least,-that of being the "upsettingest" team in the Buckeye League. Northwestern Ohio basketball fans were more than mildly surprised when the Redmen handed Bee Gee a pair of defeats and knocked the Bobcats out of consideration for the league title: but the big bombshell of the season was tossed when Fostoria's "Brooklyn Dodgers" admin- istered the first defeat of the season to the highly-touted Fremont Ross aggregation. After losing three games at the end of their regular season, the Hedmen again wrecked the form sheets breezing through a pair of district tournament games to the semi-finals. 1 1111 CLAIR KISABETH Height B' S"-Cenier Y I M111 1, . .11 . J 11 1 -1. ..11 - 111 l1LLI11l11f1V' 11 I x 1111 2117 I 1511" zz. 11111. 1 ...' il 1 7111 Il 111117- 111 1 1 11. '11 1 1-:1:1p1'1 FRANKLIN KIHIAN Heigh1 5' 6" -Forward IR !l1kl' C1121 'f.' T 111' ' ' 1' 1 1 XX 1 1 P 1. ::.1.1 1 1,-11 11 ALEX LIND Heiqh1 5' B" -Guard 111-1...,.. BOB MIGHT Heiqh1 6' 0" -Guard 111:-1: ' 1 '1:1111 1 x 1 HARRY SMITH Heiqht 6' 2"---Center 11 :: ZIT1 1, 1- Y'1I1"1.tx f 1- '111 I,1!'14'1lY1 1111' '11'Z11 1 ':1 ' '1 Efflf. liz" 2-1111 VE' 1, 1'1'11 IS : 'I WILBUR FRANKLIN Height 5' 9"--Forward 1 1 . xwllif 11 - 11,1 ."'E'1 7111311 11 ':1:11- 1, Vt' 11 1 ..1.1 1 1I1"I .VUL '1 v, W.. - , ' 11111-1 :WL 151-1 ' 11 If T EUGENE RUSSELL Height 5' 10"--Guard '.'J1,: P11111 ,L '1.4' 1 ' '1 1 ,MV 11:12 1 a ,'1f'1' 1.l:1' l1'Tl1'i1,l1 1111: 'tx ' "1 'Il ""lYf1. 1 1-fs'-' H1 1 1.,1 1 1 2112 , 1121--11.1.2 1 Il111"A,' 111' 11111-1111 7: ,'::11:,::1 il 111 '1z1-1:1111 Z. 1 '.-JILV11 '111 1:1---1111. 11--11N w :fs .fi H114 -1'-1 Il llli 1 211 Ili '1 1s111w J -:1111- '--111114 1 1:1 1111 11 1','-- '1 ff11s1c+1tt1:f1. F- " i N. IW, -T.,f, o..,,,,,.,i,.T... t...,,.m,, W, .,, Y Y in L'na,clm.4, Normand Iones, Ir. High Coach Iohn Piolfes, Varsity Coach David Davis, Ass't. Coach 5aAlmtI2alL and Hamilton .......... 46 F.H.S. ....... . Upper Sandusky .... 33 F.H.S.. . . Lima Central ....... 25 F.H.S.. . . Willard ........... 23 F.H,S.. . . Bowling Green ..... 23 F.H.S.. . . Fremont Ross ....... 43 F.H.S,. . . Findlay ........... 37 F.H.S.. . . St. Wendelin ....... 34 F.H.S.. . . lr. Home ........... 25 F.H.S.. .. Tiffin Columbian .... 39 F,H.S.. . . Bucyrus ........... 27 F.H.S.. . . Fremont Ross ....... 59 F.H.S.. . . Bowling Green ..... 30 F.H.S.. . . Findlay ........... 30 F.H.S.. . . Si. Wendelin ....... 37 F.H.S.. . . lr. Home ........... 48 F.H.S.. .. Port Clinton ........ 26 F.H.S.. .. Tifiin Columbian .... 62 F.H.S.. . . TOURNAMENT Wapakoneta ....... 23 F.H.S.. . . Galion ............ 28 F.H.S.. . . Findlay .... ..... 3 8 F.H.S.. . . Ft First Row: Forrest Crow, Glen Windsor, Wilbur Anderson, Bob Briggs, Don Molter. Second Row: Tom McDonel, Dick Crowe, Don Scott, Iames Timanus, Coach Davis. Bascom ........ Upper Sandusky .... .... Lima Central . . . Willard ........ Bowling Green. . Fremont ..... Findlay ...... St. Wendelin .... Tiffin lr. Order.. Tiffin Columbian Bucyrus ....... Fremont ....... Bowling Green . . Findlay ........ St. Wende1in .... Tiffin Ir. Order.. Port Clinton ..... Tiffin Columbian and OPP. FHS 1 1 37 25 15 46 12 22 20 24 7 29 22 27 19 19 26 26 31 32 21 40 24 36 18 27 25 32 10 21 18 16 29 1 1 20 27 22 The 1939-40 Reserve basketball team was a better than average squad. The members varied in height from 6 feet 2 inches to 5 feet 5 inches. This gave them both the advantage of height for rebounding and speed for a fast break- ing offense. Because of the lack of experience, this up-and-coming ball team lost several games by less than three points. The squad shows signs of developing into a real ball club because of the spirit and the fine coaching of both David Davis and Iohnny Rolfes. The material for next season seems bright. F. H. S, can't help but feel jubi- lant over the prospect of really going to town in the 1940-41 season. 91-f7ff4fL54Mi First Row: A. Shift, Ir. Basinger, D. Stoddard, H. Strubel, D. Deer, B. Barringer, C. Sampson. Second Row: B. Currier, H. Bitter, D. McClellan, B, Hampshire, I. Basehore, M. Bennett, D. Fiesel, S. Stipp, I. Haldeman. Third Row: I. Woodland, 1. Wolfarth, D. Fast, l. Maurer, C. Rouse, B, lmber, H. France, B. Hutchins. School Tiffin .... Fremont . . . Amsden ..... Tiffin .............. Bowling Green Ir. Order ........... Wayne .... Findlay . . . Fremont ..... Bowling Green lr. Order ..... and Place F.H.S. OPP. . . .There 21 20 . Here 29 9 . ...There 34 6 .Here 19 13 .Here 8 24 .Here 9 17 .Here 26 13 ...There 19 28 ......There 32 8 ......There 15 18 ......There 15 21 Findlay ............ Here 25 17 TOURNAMENT Amsden ............ Here 44 20 Wayne .... .... H ere 19 12 Fremont . .. .... Here 2l 23 "Every cloud has a silver lining," even in athletics. The proverbial sil- ver lining in F.H.S.'s dark cloud is the 1939-40 Ir. High basketball team, one of the most promising squads in years. Going through its regular season with nine wins and six losses, the squad showed that it had the ability to make a winning ball club. Then came the climax: The Ir. High district tournament. The F.H.S. cagers breezed through the first two games to go to the finals, only to drop a heart- breaker, 23-21 to a more experienced Fremont Ross quintet. Congratulations to Mr. Wicks, who supervises and encourages home room basketball. ww... . -- . . "rx" QL. .I 4-...L.a...g.,.,,.4 1,4 MW 7.5.6. First Row: Le-tha Bc-thenlgiuhler, Mtinnrie Sheward, Ruth Bersted, 'fliectctocia Groman, Eunice Flecht- zier, Mamie Shift, Thelma Smith, Dorfitliy Saulr-1, Mttrauerite Bay- mont. Second Row: Betty Stoddard, Boy- etti: Hottm-rn, Ieanne Knepper, Betty Kniaht, Bernita Thomas, Forint: lean Harrison, Mercedes Gmtier, Helen Schultz. Third Row: Buth Beeson, Lillian Rader, Darlene Goebel, Hilda Soloinon, lane Culp, Marie Zeller, Avis Kint, hampzb First How: lean Snyder, Frances Snrively, Maxine Segner, Captain, Mamie Shift, Mariorie She-ward. Second Row: Lois Miller, Betty Bahria, Betty Knight, Jeanne 'v'Veridel. This was a full year ot good times tor the Senior Girls' Athletic Association under the leadership ot Miss Thomas. The Box Lunch, which the girls sponsored, was most entertaining. Besides this, several girls attended the Play Day at Ghio Northern University. The year's project was to earn letters and pins by successfully passing athletic tests. The aim ot the girls is to teach their class- mates to be "good sports" in games and other school activities. The "Killerdillers", the team made up oi luniors, came through with an overwhelming victory in the Girls' Basketball this year. There were two rounds ot basketball, the winner ot the first round playing the winner of the second round. By winning both rounds, the "Killerdillers" became the champions. Let's say "Orchids to the 'Killerdillers' " for they set a good example in playing fair and showed good sportsmanship throughout the contest. 54nu1.aAium.and, Q1z,tzaAflrmn.LvbZ9nd1ufJzic.4, u 1 1 ef.. . x aw.. '4 . I Q my 2 A 'xg .I 4 ,, 4, , v o Q , A tain...,.,, ..4.Ai'B..JA-.-f-, A,..,uwiiaim.n..,,.'...,m. M U E I E aganclp OFFICERS Bob Fast .,.,... lack Fey .....,. Willard Summers .......,....... Robert Struble an DRUMS Bill Allen Bob Briqqs Bob Disney Bob Fast Robert Greenlee Georqe Knepper Don Smith Gaylord Snavely Iohn Snavely CLARINETS Dick Beers Bill Clore Euqene Fisher Roqer Hill Charles Koester lack Lindsay d Mike Pappas. . . . . . . .president . . . .vice-president . ..... secretary ...Hlibrarians Howard Myers Euaene Patterson Georaianna Solomon Willard Summers Ernest Thompson Glen Walker HORN Melvin Wetherill Bob Bates Ioe Bates Tom Hauser Charles Leonard Betty Powelson Maurice Seiple Iames Timanus Douglas Twells Rudy Walters Glen Windsor OBOE Robert Carter Harold Dauterman STRING BASS Vernon Baker Leta Bostic Betty Cooper TROMBONES Don Bercaw Don Borouqhf Norman Deer Lawrence Iones Bill McDaniel LeRoy Sheffel TRUMPET Dale Bourie Betty McPeek TUBE Phil Brubaker lack Fey William Fry, Ir. Earl Gaskalla Sam Groaq Don Kinnaman CORNET Charles Brough Dolores Gallant lack LeComte Norman Marxen Rex Ridqe Howard Stag-geis Bob Struble Harry Woodward BASSOON Edwin Kuhn Neil Ranqeler SAXOPHONE Don Etchen Dale Harrison Paul Miqht Mike Pappas Euqene Stahl FLUTE Iirn Hunter Dick Lapidos DRUM MIUOBS Don Estes Bob Trawht t , i M . 6 I if Ligila . ga Q? Q 'S. Bob Trachi. Mr. Smith. Don Estes. QIULIYL fmajofm, Bugles calling, drums beating, gay uni- forms, strutting drum majors! You guessed it! It's the F. H. S. band, one of the two all-boy marching bands in the state. This year there were two drum majors: Don Estes, a Fostoria product, and Bob Tracht who had already been drum major at Marion and had participated in the State Contest the previous year. Thanks to Mr. E. E. Smith, its very cap- able director, the band has given many tine shows at the football games and on parade, playing tunes of encouragement and victory. 4 By its melodious rhythm, the concert band, as usual, drew crowds to the audi- torium this year. An innovation was the opening of membership to girls. 11 0 W OFFICERS Hcfx Hiciue ...,, ......, 1 lIl-SICIQIII f5e1r11111A 1'CIlF'IUIWI . .. ., , . ,,...,. vivfl-presiderlt V11c1111111 '1iy1e1 ,..,.,...,.........,.,...,.. serretury I'111l111 RII11 111:11 frnri 11-'1"1V1Il Wv111Hi11 ...,,,. 111.-1111111115 VIOLIN STRING BASS H1IlAl1efn Vernon Bukm E11L'II fjI41II'lffI P11i1ip Brufmkc-1 1'f 171 1111111 Gilmzt 1111111 1111111 Harris M111i1y111111r1e1 1 V Iwi M M 1 ' 1 1'11 1111e'11Kn1f111pe21 55111111191 Grows Bell!y1L111fl Cociyw Le-111 Bosiir 111151: Fwy 11x1111- S1-1111101 111111111 31111vf11y CLARINET Ammmt Sigvvfns Wi1111rdS11111111+1s if W'1,1511 E'rnQs1'1n11o11151Sc'11 111yV'1'111t1y5: FLUTE lim Hunter Dick Lupidms BASSOON Edwin KIIIIII N011 Hunqeier CORNET Hex Fiidqe Ncr1'11c1r1Mu1xe'11 FRENCH HORN Ioef Ente-s Bob Bute-s B12-My Pcxwelscvn Douqlus Tweiis Melvin WFIIIFQII11 OBOE PIu1'1e'1t QSTKIIUEI H1IIIO1Ki 13411111-11n1.111 VIOLA I1-1111 L 1111111111-1 1:.1116A1I11c'c1LS 1421111310112 If-11r1r1s1 XNr-r111c11 BASS VIOI. Hmty 111110 C1101-1 TROMBONE NCBIiIIIKIII Dov-1 H111 1V11'V7f1n1111 DRUM H511 1.1151 Rrwl if-12 G1vwr1l+1f- Gmyicw Knf'-ppf'-1 Don SIIIIIII 1L11I'f1OIl1 SII-1V4'1Q 1511111 31111vv-iy CELLO 10111 H:111s1-1 Icfyff-1"111s1:111w1 111111-'ws fw1111vv1y 111111-5 '1'i111.11111:: X:1I',IIII1'Ii1i'y'1'II .gg-Q ini K X. . . . . SA, . x. V x ft' . is .- -' 4. sn- .--t 6911, U Pmwmml First How: Howard Myers, Ioyce Pillsburg, Virginia Tyler, Marilyn Hatter, Margaret Stevens, Donna lean Harrison, Maxine Segner. Second Row: Phil Brubaker, George Knepper, lim Hunter, Norman Marxen, Rex Ridge, Bill McDaniel, Melvin Wetherill. g . F.H.S. had some of the most versatile musicians and one ot the finest orchestras in the state this year. Even the famous Rubinott threw out compliments to this group. Under the very able leadership of Director Earl E. Smith, the orchestra thought nothing ot playing Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, and many other celebrated composers, and did an excellent job. One often wondered where Mr. Smith got all of his patiencey but somehow he kept the organization in hand and patiently explained and Worked out every minute detail. To him goes one hundred per cent of the credit received by the instrumental music department. The "take-off" or "side-kick" of the orchestra, the Pit Orchestra, played as usual for the various plays, assemblies and generally made itselt useful throughout the entire public school system. Sometimes referred to as the "cream of the crop" these l4 or l5 musicians were the best product of the instrumental department. To them goes a good deal of praise and "pats on the back," for they did a splendid piece ol work under some of the most adverse conditions. " ,k ,, MMK Q ,,. .,,,. - WMM-.N .......f,- M 1 'lim-q.,w-q-A M4 sv ' Wagga f.fW,. , x V..-Q . ,. g l K , , ' 2 :hi xii ,f . . - A I . A . A, .,-4... -. . . .. .. +1-AJ. -. - . .---x. .. l i Y 3 In Immun. First Row Sopranos G Burger W Geyer M Lee I Welling M France B Miller P Miller K Pappas M Perkins R Bersted L Lind B Marshall R Huffman R Young D Turner Tenors M Youn .v .' ' ' Cooper D Stambaugh L Cook G Stagger I Knepper L Lee M Stevens I Pillsburg I Wendel B Lord M Bullock M McDonel D Trudel Third Row Sopranos: I Zemer A Greenfield B -tr - . 3. its Center: Mr. Wallace T. Fisher, Director I... Myers. Altos: B. Price, D. Smith, M. Segner, B. 'fg . . . A . g I. Munger, B. Manecke, W. Pickett, D. Switzer. Basses: B. Fruth, D. Reed, F. Echelbarger, B. Smith, P. Loach, A. Woods, P. Cook, B. Williams. Altos: K. Souder, I. Oyler, C. Burson, I. Davis, N. Raubenolt, N. Smith, L. Madden, H. Poorman, N. Evers, B. Smith, D. Hall, M. Hill, L. Rothenbuhler, R. Beeson, L. Rader. Seeond Rev. Sopranos: P. Hicks, M. Hill, M. Saxton, B. Bishop, S. Creeger, M. Raymont, M. Bea, L. Bostic, M. Amold, B. Stoddard, B. Haldernan, A. Opperman, M. Groves, D. Iohnson, M. Sheward, M. France, K. Smith. Toners: H. Russell, C. Crarner, R. Lentz, I. Beeson. Basses: C. Mottram, C. Brandeberry, R. Alge, D. Molter, T. Kabel, W. Franklin, L. French, BmpL'6luuJL First Row, Sopranos: C. Cockie, I. Switzer, H. Yenser, M. Hall, D. Danner. Altos: R. Boday, Mr. Wallace Fisher, H. Wolfarth, B. Feisel, B. Barringer, B. Ogg, C. Rhoades, E. Davis, D. Spitler. Second Row. Sopranos: F. Bostic, R. Boomershine, H. Struble, G. Newell, D. Homer. Altos: M. Groman, D. Smith, R. Hill, A. Rhoades, D. Fast, B. Quaintance, I. Wilcox, C. Degan, H. Wing. Third Row. Basses: B. Fnith, A. Woods, W. Franklin, M. Rose, I. Harrison, I. Herrig, D. Boroughf, W. Anderson. Tenors: G. Windsor, E. Patterson, T. McDonel. P. Brubaker, B. Mann, I. Timanus, W. Pickett. ' Absent from picture, Sopranos: C. Fouts, W. Myers. Basses: B. Kirk, A. Clark. Uflvlfb' First Row: Sopranos: B. Anderson, B. Clary, M. Sheward, I. Knepper. M. Bea, R. Bersted, B. Miller, P. Miller, Mr. Wallace Fisher. Altos: G. Zeller, V. Tyler, G. Solomon, A. Anderson, K. Yeager, I. Chandler, D. Trudel. Second Row. Sopranos: M. France, I. Welling, A. Greenfield, L. Lind, M. Lee, S. Creeger, I. Stout, E. Niday, M. Raymont. Altos: D. Sauler, I. Pillsburg, M. Stevens, B. Cooper, L. Schlosser, D. Smith, D. Hall, I. Oyler, M. Segner. Third Row. Basses: M. Rose, H. Hakes, I. Harrison, I. Herrig, I. Myers, W. Anderson, D. Boroughf, L. ller, D. Klnnamon. Tenors: G. Windsor, T. McDonel, P. Bmbaker, B. Mann, R. Dible, R. Lentz, W. Pickett, G. Snavely. Fourth Row. Basses: B. Fruth, F. Echelbarger, C. Mottram, I.: LeComte, W. Franklin, L. French, A. Woods, B. Smith, B. Kirk. Tenors: I. Beeson, I. Timanus, E. Patterson, M. Seiple, I. Munger, R. Manecke. Absent from picture. Sopranos: P. Ruhl, Acoompanlst: A. Ford. Alto: M. Bullock. Tenors: D. Brubaker, H. Russell. Basses: I. Burgbacher, A. Clark. Thomas, M. Clark, P. Walsh, L. Bates, V. Wilhelm, E. Niday, I. Stout, B. Clary, B. Anderson, M. Shift, B. Wiltse, M. Koons. Tenors: P. Brubaker, R. Dible, T. McDonel, E. Patterson, E. Welling, G. Windsor. Basses: I. I-lerrlg, I. Harrison, L. ller, D. Kinnamon, D. Boroughf, B. Kirk, M. Rose, H. Hakes, W. Anderson. Altos: K. Fortener, M. Schwab, D. Eger, K. Yeager, D. Deiter, V. Tyler, G. Zeller, D. Decker, M. Wank, I. Chandler, E. Brink, C. Williams, G. Solomon, D. Breidigan, I. Spitler, L. Schlosser, Absent from picture. Sopranos: A. Ford, I. Knepper, I. Iacoby, I. Knowles, L. Longacrie, P. Ruhl. Altos: A. Anderson, E. Hayfield, D. Stout, D. Rowe, D. Sauler. Tenorss B. Mann, D. Brubaker, G. Snavely, I. Timanus, V. Newhouse. Basses: I. Burgbacher, A. Clark. This was the high school A Cappella Choir's fifth year of successful work under the director, Mr. Fisher. The group, along with the community and the high school chorus presented Handel's "Messiah" at Christmas time. Numerous public appearances featured the remainder of the year, among which was the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, "Mikado", presented in December. It was a pleasure to hear choir members singing the majestic "Haill Nanki Poo", and the Iapanese anthem "Miya Sama, Miya Sama". The students not only showed their talent in singing under Mr. Fisher's direction, but alsoin the speaking and acting supervised by the dramatic teacher, Mr. Leiter. A new event introduced into the choir was the monthly rendition in assembly. The chorus, composed of 155 students from the upper three grades, met every Tuesday in the auditorium for the weekly choral rehearsal. Participation in "The Messiah" and in the annual spring concert ended the first and second semesters respectively. V . The Girls' Glee and the Boys' Glee clubs also composed of students in the upper three grades, gave public Cippegrances at contest time. 'l'he Boys' A Cappella Choir was brought together at the beginning of the second semester. As there was no special period set aside 'for this organization, the music- minded boys came out at 7:30 in the morning. I :4 of it ,li I .. - .u' ..1. Qi 4 we fi . .ri ii' ti it I -1 2 4 H ln I 4 13 .. i..-. ..u..l.a..zsi Iljhi ' ll First Row: Luwille Lind, Pot Buhl, Kathleen Yeager, lvadell Knepper, Bulli Bwrsted, Maxine Seqner. Second Row: Arline Anderson, Iunior Harrison, Wilbur Franklin, lim Myers, Iodn Oyler. Third Row: Bolx Frutli, Gaylord Snavwly, Toni Mc'Don0l, Don Bor- oualil, Fld Kulin. Dzlaf gm gm First Row: B. Clary, B. Anderson, A, Ford, G. Zeller, D. Deiter, L. Bates, I. Chandler, K. Ye-iqer, A. Anderson. Second Row: L. Lind, B. Bishop, F. Saxton, H. Poorman, M. Slev- ens, l. Pillslwurq, M. Bea, K. Soud' er, I. Oyler, B, Lord, B. Cooper, L. Cook. Third Row: A. Greenfield, M. Hill, M. Slieward, D. Turner, K. Srnilli, W. Geyer, G. Burqer, M. Groves., M. Arnold, I. Spitler, L. Bvlilosser, D. Smith, N. Baulwenolt, G. SlxiqfJL"l'. Fourth Row: B. Huilinari, M. Lee, M. Perkins, L. Botlienbuhler, B. Miller, P. Miller, B. Bersled, B. Youuq, B. Beeson, L. Bader, E. Haytield, M. l-lill, M. Seqrier. Fifth Row: P. Bulil, P, Hiifks, V. Willmlin, M. Clark, I. Zemer, E. Niday, M. Baymont, S. Creeqer, I. Stout, D. Breidiqan, M. Bullock, G. Solomon, V. Tyler, D, F-Jer. 59141 lan. 6111.6 First Row: Bob Munn, Ir. Harrison, Mervin Bose, Iolin Herriq, Loynil Iler, Don Borouqhf, Wilbur Anderl son, Glen Windsor. Second Row: Wayne Pickett, Boli- ert Dible, Fred Errlielbarqer, Wil- lwur Franklin, Iohn Burqbuclier, Lowell French, Tom McDoriel, Pliil Brubaker, Maurice Seiple. Third Row: Maurice Young, How- ard Russell, Bob Frulh, Dale Reed, Paul Cook, Bob Kirk, Alfred Woods. luck Beeson, Dick Bru- baker, Dun Switzer. SHIHH MH W VME M HO'1,.1: 1L'f1 1 . 1- v1111, ' 1.1.-1, 1-1. l.11Q'11,11.1, '11:1, 1 1I11--1, V 11-112'1:2f11!11, 1 1:1125 ' 1'111f:: 1, 1.. .1111., 11 '5L1or.:E ".Q1,.r 1 x -- 1 'K1'1'111E1 , , 11111111 1x'1111, 1 1 1,11f 11 2 .1 . 11.11. 11. -"f1.J:11-1, , 111.11 11111 'EQ1-,': . 1 11 1, 11:.11.11: , Lf, 1112, 1 11111 1 1 1 1 1. ff 1' I f 'l1.11111,1'. T11'f':111' "1 1 .211 TILA' 1'11i1111,7 1 11, 1 ' . '1'v1'1 1 1 1' " :'1I11'.'."l 1 1 '1:1,. 1-11 2 '111:'1,r Kiln 1 .'1111111 ,I .A K K VN M ,. . , ,.. ,.. ..V. ...--1-J' 1.. 1, V HTH", . f'1f11xQf1. -,1,, . .uf . f'.. ,. .' . 1 1, Jf "f"1A1'1: .'.. . ,, 'Q' ,'I1' 'fA1"' 1 '11, , ,, , . Y' 1 1 .1111-,,.,,-.11-,. ,1 1 11, 11. 11.11. --11 1.111 11 ' 1 '11 . 1,.'11,1 f11"111. L7 lY':7f'1i1'1,", 21:1 11, ff: 11 15l1dV1'1'11S1F11, fi. 1 1 ' 1 Tifif, W Y in Y, -viffffi ' ' - 1 V X 1- -W '11 iw- vR7fF Fx W.."":' '.'w"f. 77. 1 Y ff-,-ww 1 5" 1-1. fu, v 1' A 'YT f. ' 1v1r11111C!1.f1, 11. 51111111.'1' ', ....f, .1 .J 1 111 -111 1 Q 1 .5r111,111,,., 1 , ,1,, , ' 1 Y .. if' ' ,, 1-1 1' ,,, 1 - 1 1 i X1 111111'1f1' 1'1'11'1,, 1-1 . 2 1.'1,1.1'1!L.Rw11, 11 '1 x 'K , 1 . . 551111, '1'.1! ' 1 W .' V1 1,-1, 1 1771 H t1.,',-,.-11. 1 ,W 1,, ' rm, A , .4 - 1 .1.-1 '. 1. 1x11..,,,11.111..,-1 c:,.1,,:-, 111 1- F11 1- H111 k'111 1 N ,. rw -R1 1 1 " , - ,, " :r.- -1f---5 115 I -1 1 U, 1'111111, N1 Vff-,1e1. -411 101,111 L1.:11w 1 ' 1 1 1. X1'1'f.1:19, J. 1-q51'111.1o11. 1 uf ,: 1 :31'11.f1-11, 1 , .V I 1 . A111 . .-1 1 1 1111111-1. 1111: lx, Niiklki' 1. 11' 1.11111 ' 1 1111111 First Row: Gelorqv Krlvppel, Malt tlm limrirv, Eunluw l'-l9L'l1ll'lE'I, Co leon Rurson, Elaine Suliers, Vir- qimlm Tyledr, lPlHll'lP Hum, Allen Hussvll. Second Row: lrilllffl Ccwppus, Mury Fmrlup, lnuv Davis, FG-tty Mm- slmll, lvlllxixlv- Srllwnll, Kulluyn l'o1lm1m', Amm Hclsf' Lwwis, Evel- lyrx Sllixklc. Third How: hmm VVvll1m1, Dwrum liuvk, Huldlx Kirk, Cllll Fox, lim Myers, Clmr Kisnlvellw, lim Mriurer. Fourth Row: Will-ur Franklin, Paul Sulmuclel, lr. Harrison, Dick Lliplnlos, Lwuls lv'lc1r1vulc+Q, Lowell Flvrlvll, licl Kulm. Miss Crawford Mr. Leiter 0 . lambda, First How: lwy Slllllllllll, Hulplx llixdwlxistvll, Huw Fllllll, Ruth Bc-I shwl, lmm Gml, ill Kulm, Xlvlllilll l'rl1r1lcl1r1, G-wlciv Krxehpp-or, Dom- lllw: Hlwww, L'wmsl.xm'f' lillsvlww. Second Row: liutlx Arm l'I-wlxlxmf-1, lllll lrlrflmnwl, Vimiuiq lylox, lWvr1.1v+w- Salas, lv-in Slwul, Plul lirlllmkl-1, lNlr'lV1ll 'Welll0rill, lvlluy l'rl1nv1-, llllmtlly ll-rl-101. Third Row: lmumff Vlfefrlclvl, llullx llullmlm, lkllxry llmv llxvis, Knxlll- ryu FUllOlll'l, Fu-tty l.o1c'l, 'lhm Klilwl, lmivw Zvrnm, l'll11'l1-1141 NV-zrum, lxllzlw'-l llrvls. Fourih How: lvulllllkl lllml, llwrlrlw llurlz, lulm liulxlmlm, Allww ll1IlC' lulll, l+'.xt llulll, llvlly All-lfllsml, Allllh' Axlwll-mslwl. gp! vw-po-,,..,, 2, H w x. .4 .l 3 A L ,- .A tfga, W " ' t 5 -F ' t J First Row: Howard Kirian, Carl Statler, Gaylord Snavely, Bob Bates, Allen Russell, Lawrence Cramer, Iim Myers, Bob Fruth. Second Ron: Floyd Lather, Bill Smith, Lester Switzer, Gaylord Clark, Tom McDonel, Charles Mottram, Herbert. Hakes. Third Row: Malcolm Fouts, Iunlor Harrison, Arthur Clark, Paul Schauder, Clair Kisabeth, Clifford Fox, Ed Kuhn. Flrll Row: Bob Carter, Raymond Lentz. Frank Kirian, Bill Ktssel, Harry Smith, Don Estes, Bob Forbess, Dick Mann. sums new Donald Mmh, wnbur Franklin. Tom Kabel, Lowell French, Bob Might, Rex Ridge, Robert Balsat, Bob Tracht. Third Row: Robert Greenlee, Fred Echelbarger, Lloyd Holden, Bob Mann, Phil Brubaker, Mervin Rose, George Pappas, Marlon Cole. Fourth Row: Eugene Stahl, Iim Maurer, Dale Coppus, Don Boroughf. Kenneth Wagner, Charles Franklin, lack LeComte. OFFICERS HDD HDVISCR First Row: Ed Kuhn, president: Bob Fruth, program chairman: Mr. Evans, adviser: Clair Kisabeth, sergeant-at-arms. Second Row: Iim Myers, vice-president: Allen Russell, program chairman: Lester Switzer, treasurerp Charles Mottrarn, vice-president: Paul Schaudensecretary. ' Ever since its organization, the Hi-Y Club has been steadily growing. This year there were 24 Senior members and 35 Iuniors. During the first semester, the club met and ate at the Church of Christ every Wednesday noon: but since the opening of the cafeteria, the eat- ing was transferred there and the meeting in the vocal music room. Following the policy started last year, officers were elected by semes- ters only. As usual, the club enjoyed several occasions sponsored jointly with the Girl Reserves. Included in this were pot luck dinners with dances, school assemblies, and many others. In the spring, a formal Hi-Y Sweet- heart Banquet was planned and sponsored by the club. It was consid- ered one of the outstanding festivities of the school year. To be a member of this fine school and community organization is to be in honor and distinction. OFFICERS AND ADVISERS First Row: Miss Hunt, Coleen Burson, Elaine Soliers, Kathryn Fortener, Martha France, Mrs. Davis. Second Row: Maxine Schwab, Icme Davis, Betty Murshuli, Iecmne Hunt, Anno Rose Lewis. Third Row: Putty Miller, Betty Miller, Virqinlct Tyler. ft' P1 Q Fl J l t ,lx v r F ny F., 5, . tit lf.. 4. w , ll l F t t t Y t li: iZ..trfx.r,,., M "'1JtL na, Fin! Row: Ioan Mergenthaler, Patsy Walsh, Kathryn Smith, Maxine Tumer, Betty Marshall, Maxine -Schwab, Anna Rose Lewis, Kathryn Fortener, Co- leen Burson, Jeanne Hunt, Virginia Tyler, Patty Miller, Iane Davis, Martha France, Mary Ellen Madden, Theodocta Groman, Ruth Bersted, Arline Anderson, Maxine Wank, Mar- garet Stevens. Second Row: Martha Henline, Elota I-layfield, Iosephine Spitler, Evelyn Shlrk, Con- stance Basehore, Dorothea Rowe, Ioyce Pillsburg, Gladys Zeller, Frances Snavelyf Mar- iorie Sheward, Sylvia Creeger, Helen Bixler, Ieanne Hall, Barbara Wamer, I une Welling, Marilyn Harter, Avis Klnt, Maxine Tumer, Dorothy Trudel, Patsy Hicks. - Third Row: Dorothy Smith, Florence Cooper, Bernita Tho- mas, Kathleen Yeager, Betty Knight, Rbyetta Hoffman, Donna Iean Harrison, Gloria. Mae Burger, Mary Io Bullock, Evelyn Saxton, lean Wade, Alice Iune Ford, Patricia Ruhl, Betty Lord, Ruth Huffman, Ruth Ann Flechtner, Maxine Perkins, Kathryn Pappas, I'eanne Knepper. l Fourth Row: Donna Breidigcm, Wanda Geyer, Lois Bates, Virginia Wilhelm, Margie Walters, Evelyn Shock, Mary Lee, Ioan Kuhlman, Donna Buck, Betty Bishop, Ianet At- well, Pauline Boday, Naomi Smith, Hilda Solomon, lane Culp, Iean Chandler, Donna Fruth, Thelma Smith. Fifth Row: Gertrude Whltta, Kathryn Souder, Betty Maye Price, Eileen Niday, Alice Opperman, Letha Rothenbuh- ler, Ieanice Moran, Helen Fling, Mamie Shiff, Maxine Segner, Ivadell Knepper, Betty Anderson, Donna Stout, Mary lane Davis, lean Graf, Mateel Preis, Margaret McDonel, Mil- dred Clark, Ianice Zemer. Sixth Row: Marcella Amold, Dorothy Deiter, Betty Clary, Anna Iane Brough, Mary France, Dorothy Decker, Betty Stoddard, Marguerite Baymont, Dorothy Sauler, Janice Coppus, Ieanne Wendel, Ianet Iacobs, Ioan Oyler, - lean- Stubblefleld, Wanda Clark, Phoeba Feasel, Margaret Koons, Doris Stam- baugh, Arenabelle Speaker. Seventh Row: Iean Wamer, Laura Cook, Elsie Brink, De- vota Eger, Marie Yenser, Geraldine Stagger, Florence Zuelzke, Wilma Stone, Georgi- anna Solomon, Margaret Hill, Lucille Lind, Rolda Kirk, Mar- garet Tate, Louise Iones, Leta Bostlc, Anna Greenfield, Betty Iane Haldeman. "Come onl Let's have a hike or party." Always full of pep, vim, and vigor, the girls' service club of Fostoria High, the G. R., carried ,on this year theirs and the I-li-Y's tradition of always looking for ideas and projects by which to give happiness and joy to older folks and shut-ins. They gave presents to the needy children for Christmas, sold tags for the benefit of the Hospital Guild, and helped officiate the opening of the new hospital addition. They also took care of the hot dog stand and the candy counter at the football and basketball games in cooperation with the Hi-Y. As in other years, the money they earned was used to send next year's officers -of the club to the G. R. camp in the summer. Regular monthly meetings were held in which much fun and frolic' prevailed. Each triangle had charge of at least one of the meetings, which were held in the music room. Besides the excellent meetings presented hy the girls, two townswomen gave talks, one of which was supplemented with piano selections to illustrate the main points. A new feature this year was the presentation of official rings to the officers and triangle leaders by the club. ,.t ,nhl-.Asn lambda, Miss Crctts. Adviser First Row: Maxine Schwab, Coleen Burson, Elaine Stiliers, Anna Rose Lewis, Rolda Kirk, Marilyn Halter, Maxine Wank, Martha France. Second How: Evelyn Shirk, Maxine Turner, Kathryn Srnitli, lanice Coppus, Phoeba Feasel, Geraldine Sraqaer, Kathryn Souder, Naomi Smith. Third Row: Eileen Niday, Iennne Hall, lane Davis, Ianel Jacobs, losepliine Spitler, Donna Breidiqan, l.'Vi1IlC'lfI Geyer, loan Oyler. K Ei - :iii i ff' i 155. :r.i,gVkVgg,?, Q Mr. Leiter, Adviser First Row: lefinne Vfendel, lvlateel Preis. Second Row: Ralpli Birdwhistell, Bill MvDaniel. Missing from Picture: 'Wilbur Franklin and lay Sl'1Ui'Tif,ITl. F. .... . I l r if 'iw i , paw First How: Ve-rton Rlior1c'l,lc1mPs Tirnunus, lrxck Fey, Pliiliru Brubaker. Second Row: George Knepper Ir., Doug- lrrs Twellls, XVuynQ Mnnsclw, Norman Stout. annul Advisers: Mr. Iones and Mr. Hawk First Row: Ed Kuhn, Murtliu France, lerrnnv Hunt, Clriir Kiscrbetli, Coleen Burson, Elrrinfl Sfrliers, Georqe Knepper Ir. Second Row: lrzy Sliumcrn, Wnndr: Geyer, Bill MvDrrniQl, Glen Windsor, Wilbur Anderson, lim lvlrrurer, Evelyn Sliirk, Bob Frist, lunics Coppus. Third How: Curl Shift, Roger Hill, Dale Bonnr-tf, Mrzrcxrret Crrrter, leurinette Fruth, Ann Prnntice. Fourth How: Edwcrrd Perkins, Henry Deitfar, Bill Straits, Don Smitli, Bsl, Qiirxintrrncwa KA H... Avis Kint .... .... B usiness Manager Bob Tracht ..... ...... S ports Editor Malcolm Fouts ...... .... N ews Editor Ioan ,Kuhlman and lane Davis ........ .... F eature Editors The lournal, under the professional skill and guidance of Mr. Nacci, won All-Ohio honors in competition with 30 other schools this year for the best news story on the 'tu- berculosis carnpaign. Due to its new and interestinghfeatures, including illustrations, many other compliments have streamed in from outside sources. Here are some of them: ' "l wish to personally congratulate the staff on the high type of joumalism por- trayed in your Red and Black Iournal and sincerely wish you continued success." ' E. I. Kreischer, Business Manager Bowling Green State University "Thank you for this valuable opportunity to advertise in your valuable paper." S. H., DeLong, Vice-President 'Ifhe Marion Business College i Q i' "l believe that you are doing a fine job." Allen M. Bailey, Secretary , Publicity Bureau, Oberlin College 91' 511514 Flnt Row: Donavee Sahs, Wanda Geyer, Mary lane Davis, Eunice Flechtner, Maxine Wank, Bob Tracht, Iane Davis, Don Estes, Ioan Kuhlman, Malcolm Fouts, Avis Kint, Betty Knight. A Slcond Row: Leroy Davis, Helen Iohnson, Kathryn Smith, Iosephine Spltler, Iune Welling, Marilyn Harter, Theodocia Groman, Virginia .Tyler, Ruth Beeson, Lillian Rader, Alice Burkart, Ruth Bersted. Third Row: Carl Shift, Pat.Walsh, Florence Zuelzke, Melvin Wetherill, Dick Brubaker, Gladys Zeller, Dorothy Sauler, lean Wade, Ianet Iacobs, Dorothy Deiter, Evelyn Saxton. Fourthilioivz Dwight Baker, Kenneth Hanley, Raymond Lentz, 'Bob Mann, Bill Smith', Tom McDone1, Kathryn J... leanne Knepper ..... Circulation Manager Norma Rainey .... Ass't. Circula. Manager Mr. Nacci . . . . . . ............. .Supervisor Eunice Flechtner. . . .......... Staff Artist Don Estes ...... . . .Exchange Manager "Following the practice of this institution for the past few years, of advertising in a select, limited number of high school papers . . . It will interest you to know that the Red and Black has been chosen as one of the five high school papers." ' F. I. Miller, President Tiffin University i l' i "In my estimation, it is one of the ,best ever published. The pictures do wonders for the paper. The headlines are very effective, varied and alive. Also, the dif- ferent features and columns are very interesting." Carol Fruth Wittenberg, '42 t t i "You have a very fine paper and should be very proud of the work that your staff tums out." ' Wm. E. Harbottle, Ir., Registrar Miami-Iacobs College Fortener, Coleen Burson, Rolda Kirk, Elaine Saliers. Fifth Row: Bill Clore, Mateel Preis. lean Stubblefield, Georgianna Solomon, Thelma Smith, Beverly Kiefer, Phyllis Smothers, Betty Cowdrick, Ianet Fast, Maxine Ruehle. - I Sixth Raw: Margaret Carter, Patty Lamphear, Alice Millbum, Norma Rainey, Rosella Gibat, lean Knepper, Wilma Stone, Betty I-laldeman, Donna Stout, Ioan Mergenthaler. , Seventh Row: Charles Wilcox, Don Boroughf, Ioy Shuman, Ralph Birdwhistell, Maurice Seiple, Norman Stout. ' . t ' Withdrawn The ED A D LACK JOURNAL V l XI, No. I0 FOSTORIA, OHIO, WEDNESDAY, MAY ZZ, I94O Price- 'Su 85 86 f1:11'.x'f-1 1 L -'M y M I .1 " xl"C'I v- y, 1 W uk-,1-Law , x 1' 1 lf2'L.wv , if ' x wx L., 1 nail!! 1 1 I lilfilvu rw ' 87 'FD . ' ww A wwf, rw' mf, rmxfgzigiz w ,,frw-.- w J, mf, f. .V H MQ, Xi' Q in ,. ,,. any-L' ., -ri A. f Aff ,f Lf f' 'Wlodazm ' Fin! How: Evelyn Saxton, Elota Hayfield, Dorothy Smith, Marilyn Brombley. Betty Maye Price, lean Soles, Norma Deerwester, Evelyn Shock. Second Row: Marie Freeman, Mary French, Augusta Knox, Frances Snavely, lean Snyder, Audrey Deckard, Mary Dray, Mary Lee. Third Row: Betty Ritter, Alice Moffitt, Nedra Ann Raubenolt, lacqueline Knowles, Darlene Goebel. Jim Kdllfwi The cafeteria, managed by Mrs. O. R. March, was opened Ianuary 10, giving to the students and faculty one of the greatest benefits from Fostoria's school expansion program. The average meal, balanced to contain all essential vitamins, cost about fifteen cents a day this year, according to Miss Katherine Marshall and Miss Lucy Swingle, of the Home EC. department. The teachers were especially in- terested in the social advantage to the students. The cafeteria was just as orderly a place as any first class restaurant. The students used their very best manners and were coopera- tive in every way. Two women were assigned to F. H. S. on a Federal W.P.A. project to assist Mrs. March. Four high school girls and three boys also helped each day. The girls served the food while the boys pre- pared the used dishes for the auto- matic dish washer. It was a real thrill to see the modern and adequate kitchen equipment: the automatic dish washer, the butter cutter, the large potato masher, the fruit juicers, the electric whippers, and the huge gas stove. A 1 .- - lv: . u. -. , . . ,..I,. I , ,i. .Wx ,l, L- V- V c M ,,w,,, , , W , , Y 1 if X t1' S"' ff' - . ' - 1 M . -.. i 1 ,wifi : , -- A t i' 6'lfwL'P!w l I-'trst Row: Ioan Kuhlman, Jim Myers, Coleen Burson, Ieanne Hunt, Donavee Sahs, Maxine Turner, Theo Groman, Ruth Bersted, Bob Fruth, Norma Rainey. Second Row: Iane Davis, Martha France, Donna Buck, Kathryn Fortener, Ieanne Hall, Eileen Niday, Gladys Zeller, Ioyce Pillsburg, Virginia Tyler, Avis Kint. Third Row: Ir. Harrison, Bob Tracht, Cliff Fox, Lillian Rader, Ruth Beeson, lean Stout, Betty Miller, Tom McDonel, Charles Mottram. Fourth Row: Ed Kuhn, George Knepper, Paul Schauder, Arthur Clark, Bill Smith, Allen Russell, Gaylord Snavely, Carl Statler, Lester Switzer. Left to Right: Kathryn Fortener, Ieanne Hall, Ruth Ann Flechtner, Bob Fruth, Cliff Fox, Iim Myers. , First Row: Dick Brubaker, Pat Ruhl, Donna Buck, Kathryn Fortener, Maxine Segner, Arline Anderson, Bill McDa'ntel. Second Row: Phil Brubaker, Iunior Harrison, Bob' Tracht, Glen Windsor, Ralph Birdwhtstell, loy Shuman, Melvin Wetherill. Absent from Picture: Iean Graf and Mary lane Davis. Seated: lack LeComte, Ieanne Wendel. Standing: Mary France, Lowell French, Bob Fast, Tom Kable, Fred Echelbarger, lim Maurer, Kathleen Yeager, Ruth Ann Flechtner, Hugh Ridenour. For their' class play this year, the Seniors chose a very popular hit of the professional stage for the last two seasons. It was Thorton Wilder's "Our Town", a thrilling human play appealing to everyone's heart. The play was presented as in the legitimate theatre-on an almost bare stage. This pecu- liarity added to the beauty of the production rather than detracted from it. The realistic roles were taken by some of the finest actors in the class. "Requiem", a one-act play written by Walter Stone, was the drama chosen for the state contest this year. When the play was presented in the F. H. S. auditorium the night of the district contest, its merits Could really be appreciated. The char- acters portrayed their tense roles with a presence of mind that showed fullest preparation. They were rewarded by receiving first place in the contest. ML-,School Play, A T The All-School Play this year was the well- known comedy, "Peck's Bad Boy." The very amusing characters were portrayed by some oi the younger F.H.S. aspirants to the stage. The pranks of Henry Peck, Ir. and Minnie his, girl friend, played by Bill McDaniel and lean Graf kept the audience convulsed repeatedly. .9w?fL6laMP1wf' "The Skull", written by Bernard I. McOwen and Harry E. Hurnphery, proved a huge success when presented by the class of "41". U Can't you still visualize that gloomy, forbid- ding atmosphere of the deserted church and recapture all its ghostliness? The "Skull", alias Captain Allenby, kept every one in suspense, and wasn't everyone surprised to learn Professor Vorheese's true identity! Mary France, as the English stool-pigeon, Hugh Ridenour as the mysterious Dr. Vorheese, and lack LeComte as the scared young reporter did much to make the play a' success. Miss Donuldcr MacDonald. Adviser First Row: Arenabelle Speaker, Gertrude Whitta, Mriry Louise Samsel, Hilda House, Utoh Piotter, Mary Ellen Madden, Edna MCCullouqh, Second How: Bea Howard, Marie Yenser, Iune Anderson, Laura Cook, leon Warner, Devota Eqer, Dorothy Deiter. Third Row: Howard Kirian, Dick Stork, Loyal ller, Ioe Piotter. I 6 I Mr. Normand Iones. Adviser First Row: Ioan Shuman, Marjorie Finch, Marjory Huiford, Marlorie Sheward, Donavee Sahs, Evelyn Shirk, Ruth Berstod, Marjorie Wilhelm, Irene Copley, Marilyn Coverett, Alice Burkort. Second Row: Virqinia Welsh, Iecrnnette Fruth, lonet Page, Patricia Barley, Dorothy Trudel, Eileen Nidoy, Virqinia Tyler, lacqueline Knowles, Marcella Arnold, Phyllis Benson. Third Row: Dorothy Lind, Helen Iohnson, Pat Hicks, Naomi Smith, Loretta King, Lois Miller, lean Warner, Ianice Zemer, Ioan Oyler, lane Moois. Fourth Row: Bob Oqq, Iohn Snavely, Dick Brubaker, Howard Russell, Don Bercaw, Dwiqht Baker, Rudy Wculters, Bob Manecke, Fifth Row: Clifford Cookie, Forest Bostic, Gene Newell, Iohn Basehore. JLNHU51 HHH H1 , WEE J 5.6. Upper Left: Mrs. Davis. Adviser. Firsi Row: H. Clark, L. Davis, M. Graves M. Goebel, I. Niday, B, Kiefer, P Smothers, D. Cline, M. Wilhelm, M Covrett. Second Row: I. Carmichael, W. Stone M. Finch, B. Cowdrick, I. Lambriqht, D Lewis, M. Smith, S. Harris, V. Creeqer. Third Row: M. Thomas, I. Wunderlin, B Loe, M. Bais, C. Craley, D. Babb, I.. Gleason, H. Kimbel, M. Graves. 17114, Advisers: Miss Eqer cmd Miss Cralts. First Row: A. Pasqualetti, P. Dye, B Rhude, I. Rensch, I. Paqe, I. O'Brien, B Fox, C. Cramer, C. Bradner, P. Clark, B Fry, M. Anqles, L. Alley, I. Barchus. Second Row: V. Welsch, M. Wilcox, Ft Fruth, M. Heinze, I. Mumma, I. Dicken S. Bennett, P. Voqel, V. Hunt, I. McPher son, V. Emmons, H. Nye, L. Davis. Third Row: D. Carmichael, V. Slaughter beck, C. Baker, I. Frederick, P. Chilcote A. Lambriqhi, I. Hutli, I. Preis, I. McDon- el, B, McPeek, V. Brubaker, B. Tidd, I Cooper. Fourth Row: E. Gale, I. Housor, I. Hov ener, N. Pennell, B. Talmadqe, I. Moots D. Zeller, L. Brickles, M. Martin, D Baker, M. Baker, D. Deiter, A. Prentice. Fifth Row: B. Holden, D. Berlinqhoff, B Brant, A. Groqq, D. Lind, I. Rensch, l. Molter, B. Marxen, C. Hayes, E. I-lamp shire, I. Lusk, L. Myers, M. Williams, E Haase. Sixih Row: C. Bulkowski. Emp, Advisers, Top: Mr. Wicks and Mr. Rolfes: Lower Left. Mr. Van Scmt Firs! Row: C. Rhoades, K. Sampson, D Ferguson, K. Reinhard, W. Myers, B Nierescher, I. Switzer, A. Shiff, F. Bostic Second Row: B. Wolfe, M. Angles, E Iackson, H. Bitter, I. Madden, H. Barchus D. Schlosser, G. Thompson. Third Row: Ir. Mundorf, Ir. Pickens, G. Davis, H. Graves, C. Wyans, B. Feisel H. Seel, C. Doll. Fourth Row: B. Westerlund, W. Harris H. Gruber, B. Barrinqer, H. Reinhard, W Saldausky. mm, gm Upper Leh: Mr. Davis. Adviser First Row: C. Lentz, W. Miller. G. Iohn- son, I. Mall, l. Myers, H. Winq, I. Silfven, D. Kaltonlwavh, B. Alley, W. Wunderlin. Second Row: D. Turner, R. Clark, D. Smith, V. Mompher, W. Schaufelberqer, M. Hall, H. Boomershine, Ir. Wilcox, F. Kelley. Third Row: I. Scott, I. Fey, M. Morford, I. Yeaqer, M. Caskie, M. Carter, Mary Hartsel, M. Grornan, Mariory Hartsel, P. Lanphear, A. Milburn. Fourth Row: H. Roby, M. Cardwell, D. Widmer, D. Greenwood, B. Hatfield, G. Twells, M. Knepper, A. Burkart, H. Wamer. ' gm Upper Left: Mr. Caldwell. Adviser First Row: H. Saxton, E. Duran, B. Allen, B. Oqq, I. Bentz, H. Wells, B. Sheets, C. Coq-kie, L. Barkley. Second Row: H. Myers, G. Stoutier, W. Dennis, I. Slieward, C. Atwell, A. Knight, G. Peyton, B. Ouaintanre. Third Row: B. Hay, G. Morgan, P.Barley, D. Hartley, D. Smith, D. Fast. Upper Left: Mr. Lewis, Adviser First How: D. Spitler, I. McClellan, G. Groves, N, Hatfield, R. Schwab, I. Iacoby, G. Balsat, F. Hanley, D, Forbess, E, Calhoun. Second Row: F. Wilson, C. Degan, Ir. Wonders, I. LeComte, G. Huston, H. Stephenson, I. House, B. Horner, L. Myers. Third Row: E. Hitchcock, N. Tyson, W Iohnson, L. Iohnson, E. Smith, P. Smith C. Snyder, B. Sheridan. Fourth Row: C. Haney, M. Groman, D. Wiltse'. 'Withdrawn. Upper Lett: Mrs. Hutchinson, Adviser. First How: P. Myers, M. Milliqan, I. Fast H. Wagner, R. Hill, P. Might, C. Shift M. Wickert, I. Copley. Second Row: V. Rahriq, I. Friesner, D Stouffer, B. Miller, M. Ruehle, D. Lewis C. Decker, D. Gallant, L. Houghton. Third Row: A. Wyley, C. Smith, R. Smith D. McClunq, I. Mompher, C. Herka thorne, H. Rowe. Fourth Row: R. Manecke, I. Pelton, I Kirk, C. Rouse, B. Hay. Jfwwrr gm Upper Leit: Miss Whiteman. Adviser. First Row: I. Copsey, I. Shumcin, E. Stal ter, D. Devore, B. McCurdy, B. Walters D. Hufford, B. Piotter. Second Row: G. Miller, I. Beeson, R Wright, S. Cramer, F. Hunt, D. Mr'Cul lough, M. Finch, W. Decker, V. Allison Third Row: D. Coppler, C. Kimble, D Horner, V. Deiter, C. Kimble, P. Staqqer C. Pickett, Ir. Libbey. 0 6 5 5 Upper Lett: Miss Stubbins. Adviser. First Row: R. Fry, M. Calhoun, M. Pastor- ius, D. Baker, A. Clark, Doris l-lumbert Dora Humbert. Second Row: A. Paqe, I. Brandeberry, I O'Brien, I. Fruth, B. Snyder, H. Iohnson M. Hufiord, I. Smith. Third Row: E. Perkins, C. Ioseph. Dila! Limit 61146 Upper Lett: Miss Marshall, Adviser. First How: H. Moyer, M. Emerine, M. Lambriqlit, F. Emerine, B. Soles, T. Iones, B. Burkhart. Second Row: I. Powell, M. Slater, B. Senclelliacli, B. Mall, V. liunt, E. Heck.:- tliorno. Third Row: ll. Bronibley, E. Manecke, T. Fuller, D. Manevke, I, Houqh, E. Ward, I. Niswandor. 5. Q. Q. Upper Lett: Miss Thomas, Adviser. First Row: D. lmber, B. Goodale, B. Bradner, C. Corwin, M. Snavely, T. Kina, C, Fleclitner, N. Echelbarqer, B. Moody, L. Newliouse. Second Row: B. Stowers, H. Cousin, C. Tate, B. Wyley, L. Lyley, E, Keyes, E, McEntire, M. Smith, G. Turner, E. Keckler, E. Drenninq. Third Row: D. Gardner, A. Myers, l. Finkenlninder, T. Boucher, I. Sheifel, ll. Scott, W. Boyd, C. Bolin, M. Tarris, P. Benson. Fourth Row: M. Perez, B. Delgado, B. Slater, B. Wetherill, I. Harding, B. Bron- son, L. Crowell, B. Balsat, V. Lewis, B. MuClunq, F, Thomas. Fifth Row: V. Filhart, D. Rinehart, A. Foster, L. Broinbley, B. Morel, E. Laney. I aa-Q4 Klub Upper Lett: Mr. Wicks, Adviser. First Row: Ir. Basinqer, G. Bentz, H Potts, D. Feisel, S. Stipp, I. Younqston ll. Bostiu, D. Laniliriqlit, B. Hiser. Second Row: W. Coppus, li. Piper, G llelms, D. MuCullouqh, S. Aurand, D Sherrick, ll. Sendelbacli, P. Hiser, I Davis. Third Row: li. Woltartli, H. Dauterman l'. l-louse, H. France, I. Basehoie, B Wendt, E. Shultz, Ir. Munson, I. Peck. Fourth Row: K. McDonald, A, Shank, I Reinhard, C. Wallace, G. Reinhard, D Stoddard, H. Struble, G. Newell, I Munqer. 6'rup,'5,uozzt4,, 8 - 9 Editor's Note: We regret that we did not have the picture of the following boys at the time of publication. Our apologies to them and to their adviser, Mr. Sawdy. Eugene Hilvers, lack Woodland, Weslyn Snavely, Norman Thompson, Henry Delgado, Paul Helms, Iunior Lytle, Robert Florea, Rob- ert Wagner, Eugene Yoder, Edward Souder, Alfred Scheidhauer, Harold Manecke, Iimmy Libby, Alden Kingery, Elwood Lee, Walter Feisel, Norman Echelbarger, Dick Davis, Ronald Berry, Leonard Iackson, and Iack Hilvers, Bill Smith, Welton Snavely, Calvin Roberts, Lawrence lones, Mark Hill, Iim Hilvers, Iohn Hathaway, Robert Hampshire, Lenwood Freeman, Iohn Florea, Eugene Dixon, Richard Canterbury, Iohn Chandler, Robert Barringer, Iohn Haldeman, Carl Harding, Richard Deer, Ivan Maurer, Robert Imber, Carl Staley, Leonard Thiery, Gerald Thomas, Albert Rhoad, Robert Omlor, Milton Yoder, Dale Bennett, Vemal Below, Iunior Lee, Iohn Wolfarth, Chas. Warrington, Raymond Sou- den' Clarence Myers, Vince Emerine, Iim Alley, Maurice Ferguson. ,V-, AUVHWEINE

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